Walter and Lenore First Appearance: February 14, 1967
Last Appearance: February 4, 1972
Portrayer: Val Dufour, February 14, 1967 - February 4, 1972.
Introduction Scene: To Lt. Buckley from within his office, "Come in!"
Exit Scene: To himself while driving, "My wife... my son! I've lost them all."
Birthday: November 3.
Date of Death: February 4, 1972.
Cause of Death: Killed in a car crash.
Place of Death: Overlook Pass.
Other Aliases: Walter Joseph Curtin (full name).
Relatives: Wally Curtin, son. Walter's father was a poet and English Lit. professor who died at age 72. Walter was an only child.
with Alice Spouses: Lenore Moore (married on July 1, 1968. Dissolved in February 1972).
Lovers: Lydia [originally Carrie] Jordan (fiance), who dumped him for his best friend Arnold Lee.
Medical History: Hospitalized with viral hepatitis (1969).
Legal History: Murdered Wayne Addison (RIP) (1970).
Former Occupations: Law partner in firm of Randolph, Dru, and Curtin. District Attorney.

with Lenore