Edmund Hashim as WayneWAYNE ADDISON Robert Milli as Wayne

First Appearance: September 4, 1969
Last Appearance: March 16, 1971
Portrayers: Edmund Hashim, September 4, 1969 - November 25, 1969.
Robert Milli, December 1, 1969 - November 27, 1970; January 13, 1971 - March 16, 1971.
Arrival: Came to ostensibly conduct business with Steve Frame.
Introduction Scenes: (Edmund Hashim) Over the phone to Steve Frame, "Cousin Steve?"
(Robert Milli) To Liz Matthews' maid, "Oh, hello. I'm Mr. Addison, and this is Miss Robinson."
Exit Scenes: (Edmund Hashim) To Bernice Robinson about Steve Frame, "Oh, he is; he is...but our friend Mr. Curtin is handling all his legal business, my dear..."
(Robert Milli) In flashback to Walter Curtin about Lenore Moore, "Here, Walter, take the scarf. I'm through with it...and with her now."
Date of Death: November 24, 1970.
Cause of Death: Walter Curtin (RIP) struck him on the head with a statuette.
Spouses: Bernice Robinson (RIP) (divorced by 1969).
Lovers: Liz Matthews (fiance) (1969-1970).
Flirtations: Lenore Moore (1970).
Occupation: Con man who got people to invest in phony companies.
Note: The character's appearances in 1971 were scenes pre-taped in November 1970 that aired as flashbacks during Lenore Moore's trial.