Jerry Fitzpatrick as Willis


Leon Russom as WillisFirst Appearance: January 14, 1975
Last Appearance: June 17, 1980
Portrayers: John (Jerry) Fitzpatrick, January 14, 1975 - September 20, 1976.
Leon Russom, September 24, 1976 - June 17, 1980.
Introduction Scenes: (John Fitzpatrick) To Alice Matthews Frame, who's answered the door to him, "What's the matter?"
(Leon Russom) To Dave Gilchrist in his hospital room, "I'm just bored sitting around here all day."
Exit Scenes: (John Fitzpatrick) To Angie Perrini from his hospital bed, "As far as I'm concerned, you don't exist..."
(Leon Russom) Walked out on Gwen Frame because she had no intentions of giving up her career in Bay City.
Birthplace: Chadwell, Oklahoma.
Last Known Whereabouts: Melbourne, Australia.
Relatives: Jenny Frame (RIP), mother. Henry Frame (RIP), father. Emma Frame Ordway, sister. Steve Frame (RIP), brother. Jason Frame (RIP), brother. Vince Frame, brother. Janice Frame (RIP), sister. Norman Frame, brother. Sharlene Frame, sister. Henry Frame, brother. Rose *, grandmother. Frankie Frame (RIP), niece. Molly Ordway, niece. Wade Ordway, nephew. Sterling Ordway, nephew. Jamie Frame, nephew. Evan Frame, nephew. Josie Watts, niece. Gregory Hudson, nephew. Dean Frame, nephew. Sharlene *, cousin. Steven Frame, great-nephew. Charlie Frame Winthrop, great-niece. Gary Sinclair Jr. (RIP), great-nephew.
Spouses: Gwen Frame (married on August 2, 1978).
Lovers: Angie Perrini (1975-1979), Carol Lamonte (1975-1976), and Alice Matthews Frame (fiance).
Flirtations: Marianne Randolph (1975) and Cecile DePoulignac (1980).
Medical History: Hospitalized after being beaten by Russ Matthews.
Former Occupations: Merchant Marine. Contractor at Frame Enterprises. Head of Construction Division, Cory Publishing. President of Frame Enterprises.