First Appearance: October 6, 1986
Last Appearance: March 29, 1990
Portrayer: James Pickens Jr., October 6, 1986 - March 29, 1990.
Departure: Accepted a job from Grant Harrison to work for the Office of Equal Opportunity in Washington.
Introduction Scene: Mary's Place, to Al Edwards and Julie Ann Edwards, "Where's all the dazzle? Where's the party?"
Exit Scene: The Cafe Paradise to Cass Winthrop and Frankie Frame, "Thanks for a hell of a party."
Last Known Whereabouts: Washington.
Relatives: Ruth Edwards, mother. Al Edwards, father. Julie Ann Edwards, sister.
Lovers: Quinn Harding (RIP) (1986-1987).
Dates: Ronnie Lawrence (1988-1990).
Flirtations: Courtney Walker (1988).
Medical History: Wears glasses. Grew a beard in September 1989.
Occupation: Attorney.
Former Occupation: Parole officer.