First Appearance: September 9, 1980
Last Appearance: July 17, 1981
Portrayer: Curt Dawson, September 9, 1980 - July 17, 1981.
Arrival: Replaced Scott Bradley as the District Attorney.
Departure: Went to jail.
Introduction Scene: To Jordan Scott (RIP) at the Arena, "Oh, hey, Jordan, hi."
Exit Scene: In the courtroom to himself, "So there wasn't any choice, Jordan. You had to die."
Last Known Whereabouts: In jail.
Relatives: Zachary comes from a poor family.
Spouses: Divorced from a woman he met in high school.
Dates: Miranda Bishop (1980).
Flirtations: Alice Matthews Frame (1981).
Legal History: Murdered Jordan Scott (RIP) (1981).
Occupation: District Attorney.