You stroll into Mary's Place, tripping over Prometheus, the McKinnon's dog, who nips your heel in return. You find a safe table in the corner and admire the horse-racing photographs and the painting of Mary herself adorning the walls.

Looking around, you see Vince McKinnon behind the bar, stubbornly attacking an evil-looking stain on a glass. Nearby, his youngest daughter Cheryl is serving Mitch Blake some potato fritters. Evan Frame is brooding over a cup of coffee at a corner table.

Cheryl serves you with a vapid smile and you linger over the meal, wondering who you should question.

Half-an-hour later you pat a satisfied belly, push back your chair, and go over and talk to:

(1) Vince

(2) Cheryl

(3) Mitch

(4) Evan