Anderson, Kevin 39 Bainbridge St., Apt. 3D, 3rd Floor, Bay City, IL
Baker, Kate 777 South 18th Street, Bay City, IL
Bancroft, Ted 555-7751
Baxter, Ken 440 Linden Avenue, Bay City, IL
Baxter, Tom, and Frank Andrews 815 Highland Avenue, Bay City, IL
Bay City Adoption Center 228-7873
Bay City Court House 32-27 Jefferson Circle, Bay City, IL
Bay City General Hospital 1300 Center Street, Bay City, IL (alternate address: 400 Tipton Avenue). 555-6400
Bay City Motel, Spring Street
Bay City Police Department 555-1449
Bay City Police Department, Detective Joe Carlino 555-6320
Bay City Police Department, Specialized Hotlines 555-8880, 555-7288, 555-2099
Bayview Towers 2723 Bayview Terrace, Bay City, IL
Bishop, Miranda 14 Merrivale Road, Bay City, IL
Boarding house 321 Market Street, Bay City, IL
Brooke, Cindy 347 Chase Ave., Apt. 6, Bay City, IL
Burrell Florence Street. 555-0928
Campbell, Ben 555-2130 (Atlantic City)
Carlino, Joe and Paulina Cory 307 Anderson Street, Bay City, Illinois. 555-3532. (The number on the front door was 328)
Carlino, Sofia, Tomas Rivera, and Emily Maddux 2246 Pine St., 4th Floor, Bay City, IL
Carlino's Restaurant 384 Center St., Bay City, IL
Carson, Christy 611 Greendale Road, Bay City, IL
Church Andover Street, Bay City, IL
Clark, Cindy 12 Bennett Street, Bay City, IL
Community center West Bay Street, one block from Bayview and Main
Colton, Zachary 555-8932
Connely, Rita 555-1927
Connely, Paul 555-9462 (home), 555-1257 (work)
Cory cabin Route 23 to westbrooke to Willow Creek Bridge, to Willow Creek Road on Route 4, on Crane Lake (555-9680 [1981])
Cory estate 10 Underhill Terrace, Bay City, IL (near Lakeview Drive) (formerly 4 Bayview Drive, 21 Bayshore Drive [1976], and 57 Bayview Drive [1980]). The carriage house is at 15 Underhill Terrace
Cory studio 555-7923
Cory, Amanda 555-3400 (cellular)
Cory, Paulina and Jake McKinnon 68 Mill Road, Bay City, IL. 555-6428
Cory Publishing 1 Cory Plaza, Bay City, IL
Cory Publishing, Marshall Kramer 555-24**
Cottage 3, Hathaway Inn, Cumberland Road, 555-8163
Curtin, Walter 555-3434
D & M Productions 1001 Pine, 6th Floor, Bay City, IL. 555-7172
Delaney, Olivia 8th and Glenwood, Bay City, IL
DePoulignac, Cecile 30 Meadow Lane, Bay City, IL
Devon, Lorna 555-6968
DeWitt, Tracy 1-212-555-8000 (hotel room)
Downs, Ernie 1855 Lantenango Street (1967-1968)
Dru, Mitchell 254-8344
Duka's 68 Hutington St.
The old docks Front Street, Bay City, IL
Ewing, Larry and Clarice 555-7761
Ewing, Larry 555-3500
The Fireside Inn Market Street, Bay City, IL
Fowler, Sam 39 Bainbridge St., 3rd Floor, Bay City, IL
Frame, Dean Bayview Court, Bay City, IL
Frame, Frankie and Cass Winthrop 88 Longridge Road, Bay City, IL. 555-9530
Frame, Jamie 105 Water Street, Apt. 4, Bay City, IL (1981). 555-2435 (beeper)
Frame, Janice 115 Spruce Street, Bay City, IL
Frame, Sharlene 431 Drivick Street, Bay City, IL
Fun and Frolic Land Route 42
Gallant, Felicia Suite 2416, 100 Bayview Avenue, Love Towers, Bay City, IL
Gardner, Brett Apt. 4D, Bayview Court, Bay City, IL
Jason Gwynn (photographer) 555-7662
Alan Glaser's office 578 Park Lane Drive
Grady, Lisa 1322 Tompkins Place Apt. 3A, Bay City, IL
Grove, Jerry 426 1/2 Eastern Blvd, Bay City, IL. 555-3397
Harrison, Grant 273 Bayberry Drive, Bay City, IL
Harrison, Grant Apt. 836, 100 Bayview Avenue South, Love Towers, Bay City, IL (also 32 Southwood Blvd., Suite 1556. Also 240 Bay St., Suite 848)
Harrison, Kelsey Apt. 5G, Bayview Court, Bay City, IL
Harrison, Ryan Apt. 3, Bay City, IL. 555-6245
Ryan Harrison's office 77 West Bay St., Bay City, IL
Harrison, Spencer Apt. 808, 100 Bayview Avenue South, Love Towers, Bay City, IL
Hobson, Clarice Cliffwood Drive, Bay City, IL
Hudson, John and Sharlene East, Route 18, Bay City, IL
Hudson, Vicky 73 Knollwood Drive, Bay City, IL [Referred to as 1407 Knoll, in Hampton Hills west of town in 1988] 555-6425, 555-2745, and 555-8691
Hudson, Vicky 711 Meadowlark Lane, Bay City, IL
Johnson, Neil 120 White Avenue, Bay City, IL
KBAY Studio 555-3604
Kramer, Marshall Apt. 1802, 28 Lakeshore Drive, Bay City, IL
Love, Donna Apt. 10A, Bayview Towers, 1512 Heartsdale, Bay City, IL. 555-6892
Love mansion Hillside Avenue. 101 Lakeshore Drive, Bay City, IL
Love Tower 2117 (Rex/Cass), 2416 (Felicia), 2516 (Lucas)
Lyons, Philip 16 Rue de Buci, Paris, France
Mary's Place 322 Bayside Avenue, Bay City, IL
Matthews, Janet 95 River Drive, Bay City, IL
Matthews, Jim and Mary 1221 North Somerset Drive, Bay City, IL (also known as 53 Hill Road in 1985)
Matthews, Liz 5 Crescent Drive, Bay City, IL (60s and 70s). 757 *, Bay City, IL
Matthews, Russ (212) 555-3369, New York City, NY
McKinnon, Jake Suite 1200, Harbor Hotel, Bay City, IL. 555-3649 (cellular) and 555-3549 (1995)
McKinnon, Vince and Mary 141 Grove Street, Bay City, IL (Was 328 Elm)
McNamara, Gabe Apt. 2B, Bay City, IL (same building as Gary Sinclair). 555-8294
Memorial Hospital 52-1-1000 (general number)
Moore, Helen 940 Longwood Terrace
Moore, Lenore 534-5099
Morning Sun 1216 Bay Boulevard
Norris, Jenna Bayview Court, Bay City, IL
North Woods Inn Near 27 North Woods Road (a chapel)
The old mill Route 19, Bay City, IL
Palmer, Missy Meadow 8-3099 (1964). 2040 Sherman St., Bay City, IL (1964-1966)
Paradise Lounge 61 Austin Drive, Bay City, IL
Pelican Club Central Avenue, Bay City, IL
Pig and Whistle Water Street, Bay City, IL
Pirate Pete's Corner of Maple and Broad, Bay City, IL
Prescott, Hadley 555-6451
Rachel's Art Gallery 1432 Addison Street. 555-2673
Randolph, John and Lee 1432 Crescent Drive, Bay City, IL
Randolph, John and Pat 326 Bay View Drive, Bay City, IL
Randolph, Lee 787-8069
Randolph, Marianne 343 Kenmore Street, Bay City, IL
Randolph, Michael 555-1267
Randolph, Olive 555-3322
Rivera, Tomas 777 South 18th Street, Bay City, IL
Roberts, Shane Room 21, Bay City, IL
Sassy's near Fulton Street
Sinclair, Cameron 255 Tourin, Apt. 15, Bay City, IL
Sinclair, Gary Apt. 2C, Bay City, IL (same building as Gabe McNamara). 555-8734 (1998)
Smiley's Diner Corner of Powell Road and Springfield Avenue, Bay City, IL
Smitty's Pizza 132 Orange Grove Street
Stone, Jeff 555-6017
Summer Garden Inn Route 12
The Surf Bar 167 Fleton Street, Bay City, IL
TOPS 100 Bayview Avenue, Love Towers, Bay City, IL
Watts, Josie 4910 Addison Street, Apt. 16C, Bay City, IL
Watts, Josie and Gary Sinclair 5 Bayview Court, Bay City, IL. 555-4502 (1995) and 555-6796 (1996)
Welles Jewelry 10th and Bay, Bay City, IL
Cass Winthrop's Office 141 Oxford, Bay City, IL
Miscellaneous "Having trouble losing weight?", 1-800-555-1769. Grant's number in Lassiter, 1 (215) 555-2497. Paulina and Dante hotline, 1 (800) 555-8880. Clients of John Randolph: Randall Jenkins (555-6782), Bob Johnson (555-2912). Mrs. Cranston, 483 Mulberry. Mr. Parnell, 555-6782. Joe's P.I. friend, 555-1270. Hotline: 1-800-555-KIRK. Info on Josh Peterson, (503) 555-0986. Warehouse, 657 Fairmont St. Pay phone, 555-8690. Dr. William Moore, 555-8972.

All Streets Mentioned
1st (intersects Maple and Fremont Avenue)
2nd (intersects Euclid)
3rd (intersects Main, Riverdale, Bayside Ave. S., and Commerce Avenue)
4th (intersects Lane and Grand)
8th (intersects Glenwood)
10th (intersects Bay and Jefferson)
13th (intersects Main)
South 18th Street
20th (intersects Univeristy Ave)
West 73rd
Addison Street
Allen Street
Anderson Street
Andover Street
Austin Drive
Bainbridge Street
Bank (intersects Main)
Barclay Street
Bayberry Drive
Bay Boulevard
Bay Road
Bayshore Drive (last exit in Bay City)
Bayside Ave. S. (intersects 3rd)
Bay Street (intersects 10th)
West Bay Street
Bayview Avenue (intersects Main and State)
Bayview Avenue South
Bayview Boulevard
Bayview Drive
Bayview Terrace
Bennett Street
Brady Street (intersects Third Street)
Bridge Street
Broad (intersects Maple)
Brook Road
Carpenter Street
Cedar Place
Center (intersects Vince)
Central Avenue
Chase Ave.
Chestnut Street
Churchhill Road
Cliffwood Drive
Clyde (intersects Delancey)
Colton Road
Commerce Avenue (intersects 3rd)
Conesta (intersects Exchange)
Crescent Drive
Dodge (intersects Main)
Dover Street
Doyer Street
Drivick Street
Duvall Road
Eastern Blvd
Elm Street (intersects River and Mercury)
Euclid (intersects 2nd)
Fairmont Street
Fern Drive
Fleton Street
Florence Street
Forest Avenue
Fremont Avenue (intersects 1st)
Front Street
Fulton Street
Garden Place
Gerard Street
Glenwood (intersects 8th)
Grand Road (intersects 4th)
Granger Street
Greendale Road
Grove Street
Haggerty (intersects Morton)
Halstead (intersects State)
Heartsdale (intersects Mill)
Henderson (intersects Rosemont)
Highland Avenue
Highway 61(outside BC)
Highway 109
Hill Street (between 3rd and 4th)
Huron (intersects Lakewood)
Hutington St.
Jefferson Boulevard (intersects 10th)
Kenmore Street
Ladderhill Road
Lakeshore Drive
Lakeview Drive
Lakewood (intersects Huron)
Lane (intersects 4th)
Lantenango Street
Linden Avenue
Longridge Road
Longwood Terrace
Main (intersects 3rd, 13th, Bank, Bayview, and Dodge)
Maple (intersects Broad and 1st)
Marblehead Road
Marigold Place
Market Street (ends near the beach)
Meadow Lane
Meadowlark Lane (in the country)
Mercury (intersects Elm)
Merrivale Road
Michigan Avenue
Michigan Street
Mill Creek Road
Mill Road (intersects Heartsdale)
Morton (intersects Haggerty)
North Woods Road
Ogden Road
Orange Grove Street
Orchard Street
Overlook Pass
Palmer Road
Park Boulevard
Park Lane Drive
Piedmont Street
Pine Street (intersects Victoria and Taylor)
Pinecrest Road
Powell Road
Prune Street
River Drive
River Street (intersects Elm)
River Road
Riverdale (intersects 3rd)
Rosemont (intersects Henderson)
Route 3
Route 4 North
Route 7
Route 9 (near French Lake)
Route 11
Route 12
Route 12W
Route 16 (runs East/West)
Route 17
Route 18 (near the train trestle)
Route 19
Route 20
Route 22 (next county)
Route 29
Route 34
Route 42
Route 43
Route 47
Route 48
Route 60
Route 80
Route 191
Rush Street
Sherman Street
Shoreline Drive
Skylark Lane
Somerset Drive
Southwood Blvd.
Spring Street
Springfield Avenue
Spruce Street
State (intersects Halstead and Bayview)
Summit Road
Taylor (intersects Pine)
Tipton Avenue
Underhill Terrace
University Avenue (intersects 20th)
University Place
Victoria (intersects Pine Street)
Vine Street (intersects Center)
Warren Street (has a bridge)
Washington Boulevard
Water Street
White Avenue
White Bear Drive
White Oak Avenue
Whitney Lane
Willow Creek Road
Willow Crest Road
Willow Street