Alexander Nikos
Felicia was stunned when she first met Alexander aboard his plane in 1997, for he bore an uncanny resemblance to Lucas, the love of her life. Alexander was immediately smitten with Felicia, and even proposed to her the next day.

Felicia dove headlong into a relationship with him and they quickly became engaged. Though Alexander was domineering and obsessed with gaining revenge upon Carl Hutchins, Felicia was blind to his true nature.

The Nikos/Hutchins feud escalated and claimed Felicia as its victim when she was accidentally pushed through Alexander's skylight.

Felicia was given a wake-up call to Alex's true nature when he kidnapped Rachel and stuffed her in a tomb in an abandoned church. She called off their romance. Alexander vowed to get Felicia back, but he was shot to death in Rachel's studio in early 1998. He stayed alive long enough to say goodbye to Felicia.