Amanda is the only child of MacKenzie Cory and Rachel Cory Hutchins.
Amanda enjoyed a close relationship with her father, right up until his death in 1989.

Freeze FrameAmanda is close with her mother, but every once in a while they find themselves at odds over an issue. In 1994, they had a major falling out. Amanda felt betrayed because her mother had started a relationship with Carl Hutchins. Rachel was hurt because she felt Amanda had betrayed her father's memory by believing the lies about him spread by Ian Rain. They had reconciled in 1995 by the time Amanda left town.

In 1997 Amanda decided she hated Carl, even though she had been one of his strongest supporters when she left town in 1995. Determined to drive him out of her mother's life, she masqueraded as Carl's secret lover, Hadley Prescott. Despite the pain this caused Rachel, Amanda took a savage glee in her role. Eventually remorse overcame her and she confessed all to Rachel.

Mother and daughter were on strained terms for the next few months. To make it up to her mother, Amanda investigated Scott Guthrie's role in Carl's death. She almost lost her life in the process, but it healed the rift between her and Rachel.

Amanda has a daughter named Alli (full name, Alexandra Cory-Fowler), whom she had with her ex-husband, Sam Fowler. She and Alli are close.

Strains were put on the relationship in 1994. Alli missed her father, who left town in January 1993, and felt threatened by her mother's relationship with Grant Harrison.

Amanda has seven half-siblings. On her father's side, they are:
Her half-brother Sandy Cory. Amanda doesn't have much of a relationship with Sandy because he left town in 1985, when she was still only six years old.

Freeze FrameHer half-sister Iris Wheeler. Iris was very jealous of Amanda when she was born because she felt that Amanda was replacing her in her father's affections. When Iris returned to Bay City in 1988, she plotted to break up Amanda's marriage to Sam, thereby disgracing Amanda in their father's eyes. Amanda and Iris have come a long way since then. They respect each other now, but could in no way be considered sisterly.

Freeze FrameHer half-sister Paulina Cory Carlino. Amanda and Paulina enjoy a happy relationship.

On her mother's side:
Jamie Frame. While they had their ups and downs, Amanda and Jamie were very close by the time he left town in 1993.

Freeze FrameMatthew Cory. Matthew and Amanda have seen each other through a lot and are very close.

Elizabeth and Cory Hutchins.

Other Relatives
Ada Hobson (RIP), maternal grandmother. Gerald Davis, maternal grandfather. Alfred Cory, uncle. Pammy Davis, half-aunt. Nancy McGowan, half-aunt. Dennis Wheeler, half-nephew. Maggie Cory, half-niece. Alex Cory, half-nephew. Remy Woods, half-niece. Steven Frame, half-nephew. Dante Carlino, half-nephew. Jasmine Cory, half-niece. Neal Cory, cousin. Adam Cory, cousin. Sam Lucas, great-uncle. Susannah Lucas, second cousin.