In 1991, Amanda was more kind to Jake than the rest of her family. She had just botched big time with Evan Frame and wasn't so quick to judge Jake.

In 1992, Jake and Amanda were both involved in the D&M music business. One day in Cincinatti when Amanda got really upset over Sam's lack of attention, Jake went to her at the park bench she had run to and spoke some gentle comforting words to her.

In late 1993 and early 1994, Amanda found herself working very closely with her partner running Cory Publishing, Jake. Amanda once tried to seduce Jake in order to get her hands on an important document in his possession. On his part, Jake once proposed marriage to Amanda to solidify their partnership, which she refused. Needless to say, there was never any real feelings between these two.

In 1997 Amanda renewed ties with Jake, much to his dismay. She seemed to have taken over Paulina's role of Jake's verbal sparring partner. Amanda joined The Herald as much to bait Jake as to help out her brother.