With Vicky (Freeze Frame)In 1988 and 1989, Amanda found herself very attracted to Evan Frame (then known as Evan Bates), her co-worker at Cory Publishing. Evan was originally hired by Iris Wheeler to seduce Amanda and break up her marriage. His seduction failed at first. When he admitted everything to Amanda, she eventually forgave him and the two became closer.

Freeze FrameIn early 1990, Amanda succumbed to Evan and slept with him, committing adultery on her husband Sam. Guilt-ridden, Amanda eventually confessed everything to Sam and they reconciled. Desperate to reclaim her, Evan began framing Sam, making it look as if Sam were plotting to kill Amanda. Evan's scheme succeeded. Amanda believed her life was in danger from Sam and left him for Evan. In late 1990, Sam uncovered enough proof to convince Amanda of his innocence. Amanda immediately broke off her relationship with Evan, and he left town with his tail between his legs.

Freeze FrameWhen Evan returned to town in 1994, it was on his agenda to win Amanda back. At first he schemed and plotted, which just drove Amanda further away. But by early 1995, Evan had somewhat reformed. He was able to help Amanda with her physical therapy and with her divorce from Grant. The two shared some tender moments in the spring, but, while Amanda actually encouraged him to court her, Evan left town to look for a job.

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