(Married on November 21, 1994. Divorced on June 26, 1995.)

Freeze Frame Amanda's relationship with Grant developed slowly over a two-year period. Amanda first felt drawn to Grant in 1992 when she wrote his memoirs for Cory Publishing. It wasn't until late 1993, when Grant separated from his then-wife, Vicky Hudson, that they got closer and revealed their feelings of affection for each other. Grant appealed to Amanda because he was a "safe choice," offering stability and centerdness. They got engaged in May of 1994.

Freeze FrameWith Spencer (Freeze Frame)Grant became paranoid when Amanda's old lover, Evan Frame, returned to Bay City in the fall of 1994. Even though Amanda tried to convince Grant that she no longer had feelings for Evan, Grant refused to believe this. He was torn between worry and anger when Amanda and Evan were in a car accident which left Amanda paralyzed. Evan's embittered former associate Trent Forbes lied to Grant that Amanda and Evan were carrying on an affair under his nose and Grant believed him. Now vengeful and bitter, Grant married Amanda in her hospital room in November 1994, believing that he would look like a fool if Amanda were to leave him for Evan.

With Evan (Freeze Frame)With Evan (Freeze Frame)During Amanda's convalescence, he refused to touch her, and carried on an affair with Lorna Devon. Grant even went so far as to sabotage Amanda's recovery so that she would remain confined to a wheelchair and be easier to control.

Freeze FrameFreeze FrameAmanda discovered Grant's infidelity when she overheard an argument between him and Morgan Winthrop. She was shocked, telling Grant that she had loved him more than Evan and even Sam. Amanda left Grant that same night, and they were divorced several months later in the summer of 1995.