1. Young Jake was played by Tom Eplin's nephew, Jamie Hager. Young Vicky was played by the younger sister of Ellen Wheeler (then-Vicky), Danielle Wheeler
2. (b) Adam
3. Josie, John, Jason, Jake, Julie Ann, and Jamie
4. Mac and Rachel, and Felicia and Zane
5. Marley. While helping to build Caroline Stafford's art gallery, she noticed a large space was being set aside to be a storeroom. She suggested the space be used for a restaurant
6. Northwoods Inn, Mary's Place, and the Love Mansion
7. Rachel, John, and Sam
8. She was running a P.I. business out of shopping mall in Chicago
9. Cheryl, Evan, Kelsey, and Jake
10. (a) True
(b) True
(c) True
(d) True

11. (a) Prometheus
(b) Daisy
(c) Riley
12. It's her first scene ever
13. Evan
14. Sam and Amanda found Matthew hiding in their loft after their honeymoon. Frankie and Cass found Dean hiding in their house after their honeymoon.
15. Cass was kidnapped during his first wedding to Kathleen. Frankie was kidnapped during her first wedding to Cass.
16. It made Stacey and Nicole strangers, even though there was once a Jamie, Nicole and Stacey triangle.
17. Cass and Frankie
18. Michael
19. Michael Spencer Hudson's biological parents.
20. Spencer

21. Cass was accused of murdering all three women
22. 4 years and 7 months: March 1985-August 1985, July 1987-March 1991, November 1991-May 1992
23. Evil Cass-lookalike
24. Cadwallader
25. Loretta Fowler, shoplifting
26. Louis St. George, Zane Lindquist, Mitch Blake, and Lucas.
27. Garrison
28. Molly Ordway
29. Howard Battis
30. Henry Frame

31. Michael Joseph
32. Ben McKinnon
33. Jake and Marley
34. Neal
35. Annie Lindquist
36. Lucy Anderson
37. (a) Visions
(b) Michael's pad, then Evan's before him
(c) Stacey and Courtney
(d) Michael
(e) The Design House
(f) Stacey's law office
38. Cecile
39. Reginald Love
40. Michael

41. Evan
42. A drug habit
43. Julia Trent
44. Jamie, sexual discrimination
45. Cindy Woods
46. Josie Watts
47. The Chief
48. The Vulture
49. Amanda
50. Visions

51. Lucas
52. Hotshot
53. A medic and a pilot
54. Catlin and Sally
55. Ronnie Lawrence
56. Sam and Amanda
57. The station house, Felicia's apt., Donna's apt., Frame farmhouse
58. The McKinnon household
59. It was across the street from the house that Jamie and Lisa were going to buy
60. Cory House, Mary's Place, hospital, (Kelsey?), Iris's apt., Cory Publishing

61. Grant and Spencer
62. Felicia and Lucas, Jamie and Kelsey, Stacey and Derek
63. Stacey and Derek
64. Noah Grady
65. Cass, John, Dean, Lucas, Ryan, Reuben, Morgan, and Joe
66. Caroline
67. Dennis and Cecile
68. The Odyssey
69. Liz Matthews crying on her bed over the death of her husband
70. Paulina was Mac's daughter

71. Carl wanted her to infiltrate the organization and get Matthew in his debt because he was a Cory.
72. Jerry
73. The herb Christy used to poison Douglas
74. Kirkland
75. Donna learned of Iris's past affair with Michael
76. Lucas
77. The Connection
78. (a) June Martin - a prostitute Kevin was accused of killing
(b) Roger Jackson - president of Ace Records
(c) Mara - a singing star paired with Dean
(d) Doctor O'Neill - a doctor that harassed Kelsey
(e) Christina McCale - Christy Carson's maiden name
(f) Sloan Wallace - a producer at KBAY
(g) Andrew Stark - a "good guy" record producer
(h) Helen D'Angelo - Lorna's adoptive grandmother
(i) Suzanne Jeffries - Ryan's girlfriend before he came to Bay City
(j) David Campbell - Olivia's physical therapist
(k) Morgan Graves - the district attorney from 1989-1991
79. Tommy Kent
80. The convent

81. Jenna, "Wild Child"
82. Sunburst
83. The Tuxedo Club
84. Olivia's
85. Information on a crime boss who was suspected of being Jenna's father
86. Dennis bet Jake that he could win Marley away from Jamie
87. Dennis and Marley's
88. Cass and Frankie, and Rachel and Ken - Valentine's Day; Jamie and Marley - Christmas
89. He was in the courtroom when Cass put Sharlene on the stand and badgered the truth out of her.
90. Taylor Benson, who paid a prostitute to get an abortion under John's name

91. Windswept, Taylor's yacht
92. Susannah Lucas
93. Nancy McGowan and Pammy Davis
94. The judge who married Mac and Rachel the first time
95. The Hair Affair
96. Michael, Ben, Catlin, and Neal
97. Kathleen
98. Mark Singleton
99. Lily Mason
100. Vicky convinced Michael to buy it for Jake

101. Grant Todd II's
102. Julia Shearer
103. Steve Frame
104. Donna and Vicky
105. Liz Matthews
106. Sharlene
107. Ronnie Lawrence
108. Cheryl
109. Nicole
110. Frame Construction

111. Carl
112. Carlos
113. Jamie was upset that Marley was trying to adopt Dennis's baby
114. Vicky was trying to get close to Carl to get information on the murder of Rick Madison, so that Ryan would be cleared of the crime
115. Donna and Iris. Donna tried to seduce Grant to keep him away from Vicky; Iris and Grant dated several times. (He also flirted with Caroline and Kathleen, and was the object of Stephanie's, his assistant, crush)
116. Ryan believed that Jake was working for Spencer in the death threats against Grant
117. In the Cory rose garden
118. A rock
119. Spencer and Jake
120. Jenna was injured when driving Lucas's car

121. Outside Vicky's cave in Canada, where Carl left Ian for dead
122. A combination of three formulas would cure the jungle disease
123. He thought it would help him get custody of his child
124. Cass, Marley, Dennis, Cecile, and Maggie
125. Lisa and Paulina
126. Jake had cheated on Marley. This unnamed seductress was one of Jake's video-business clients
127. Spencer
128. Vicky
129. Olivia
130. Megan Singleton died in a car crash with her father

131. Model, singer, and fashion designer
132. The stationhouse (circa late 1970s)
133. Cass, from May 1989 to May 1990, bedded Nicole, Caroline, Cecile, and Frankie
134. Mitch and Felicia, Dean and Jenna, Michael and Donna ('87 to '89), Stacey and Derek
135. Felicia, Lucas, Derek, Paulina, and Hannah
136. Nobody knows (Grady is her adoptive name)
137. Vicky
138. Steve, Peter, M.J., and Grant
139. He thought that being seen with Rachel in public would improve his image with Ryan
140. Trick-or-treaters at the Cory mansion one Hallowe'en

141. Cecile
142. James
143. Philip Lyons
144. The show's bible was written on August 26, 1963
145. Russ and Tracey Matthews, because she feared Mac would not want to raise a child that wasn't his
146. Dennis's first wife Paige was a porno queen
147. Marianne (miscarried), Stacey (Megan), and Cecile (Maggie)
148. Sandy and Sharlene
149. Julia Shearer
150. He restored a mansion, the same one that Rachel passed on her way to school and dreamed of living in

151. The Perrinis, who made their debut in 1977. About 1973, Ada used to send little Jamie off to play with Joey Perrini from next door. In 1974, Rose Perrini babysat baby Nancy
152. Nancy McGowan was named after Nancy Wickwire, a friend of Constance Ford's who played Liz Matthews
153. Pasham
154. It was auctioned off along with other soap stuff to raise money for charity
155. Michael Randolph
156. Sylvie Kosloff, which would have meant Iris and Dennis were Jewish as well. Although the idea was vetoed by the network, the actress and the head writer still interpreted the character as if she were Jewish
157. Vanessa and Archie
158. Black King, White Knight, and White Rook
159. Tenneessee Williams
160. The 21st

161. With her "grandson" Rick Fargo and his mother Missy Palmer in San Diego
162. In a restaurant
163. Wallingford
164. The night she shot Kyle Barkley and when Walter Trask duped her into drinking
165. The night before her wedding to John, Sharlene went to the video loft and saw Josie modelling for Lucas, who encouraged her to flaunt her sexuality. This pushed Sharlene over the edge and she went missing for the rest of the night
166. A flashback to the first time that Jake and Marley made love, on their honeymoon night
167. Carl
168. He snooped in a box of letters that had belonged to Ryan's mother and discerned the truth
169. Carl was hanging onto Ryan's arm suspended over a construction site when Carl blurted out the truth
170. He questioned Grant's aide Stephanie about the night in question and she told him what she had seen

171. Lorna had possession of the mercury dime that Lucas had given his daughter shortly after she was born. [Which doesn't jibe. Felicia's step-father Noah gave Lorna to his church cleaning lady Helen D'Angelo and destroyed all traces that the child even lived. Why would he allow the baby to keep that necklace with the mercury dime since it could establish her as Felicia's daughter? It seems Lucas insisted on seeing the baby, dead or alive, and since Noah couldn't produce a dead baby, he was forced to show him his real daughter with the condition that Lucas leave Felicia forever. It then makes sense that Noah used Lucas's act as a diversionary tactic by then giving the dime to another baby (probably one up for adoption) and letting Helen take her to be raised by Helen's daughter and husband (who were unable to have kids) and letting Felicia's real daughter disappear somewhere completely different, all the while letting Lucas think he had made contact with his real daughter. There never were any genetic tests done between Felicia and Lorna. Maybe they aren't related after all...
172. When Felicia went to dry out at a clinic, the show conducted a nationwide search for a Felicia-lookalike who was then shown in a small scene where Cass and Frankie mistook her for their friend
173. Beau Wexler was an agent who met Felicia during her rehab and got her a role in a Perry Mason movie
174. A background role (usually a waiter) during all three of Felicia's weddings
175. After Lorna's rape (and to a lesser extent, Lucas's murder), she found she couldn't write in the gothic romance genre with its many "seduction" scenes
176. (1) To alert Rachel to various myths associated with swans. One was of two lovers who died, and one then being allowed to come back to life as a swan. Another was of a lover who chose a new mate for its partner before dying. (2) It symbolized what Mac and Ken went through in San Cristobal years ago, for one of the spots they frequented was El Cisne Rojo (the Red Swan Tavern). (3) Mac wanted to alert Rachel to the painting in the Cory cabin that had a Red Swan in the lower right corner for there was a photograph of him and Ken sealed behind it that would lead Rachel to discovering that he had had a daughter in Central America
177. Lucas went to Mac's hotel room the night before he died and attempted to buy the Red Swan from him. When Mac refused, the two argued, then Lucas left
178. Zack and Julie Ann Edwards. When Adam recognized Zack in 1986, he told the story of how Zack had fallen in the creek and how Jamie had fallen in himself trying to pull him out and had taken Adam with him
179. Leon Rain, Mac Cory, and Andrew Hutchins didn't trust each other, so they had three keys made that had to be used together in order to open a safe containing various documents relating to their research. When Leon was dying he told Ian to find the three keys. Ian misunderstood him and began a search for the two other actual keys, instead of realizing that his father was talking about the three formulas being the three keys. Ian tracked Carl down in the cave in Canada where Carl was seeing to Vicky's imprisonment and they struggled and Ian was left for dead. A few days later, a helicopter crashed, and since Carl's Black-King chess piece was found at the helicopter lift-off site, the world presumed Carl dead. So Ian went to San Francisco and, calling himself Carter, got a job with the West Coast Corys, headed by Sandy. Maggie got a crush on him and followed him to Bay City when his search in SF proved fruitless. In Bay City, Ian found one of the keys in an envelope in a book of Mac's. When he confronted Carl, Carl found the key in the same Black-King chess piece that had been returned to him by Ryan when Ryan saw him for the first time after returning from the dead
180. Mac and Ken worked together in San Cristobal, where Mac was a journalist covering the revolution. They both fell in love with Maria DeSilva, but much to Ken's disappointment she chose Mac. Later, both men were in a plane crash and Mac, presuming Ken dead, left for the States. But Ken hadn't died; he was captured by the rebels and put in prison for a long horrible stay. Believing Mac left him on purpose, Ken vowed revenge

181. Paulina had a necklace that belonged to her mother. Iris broke it by accident and discovered a lock of hair of both Mac and Maria, from which she was able to conduct genetic tests
182. Lucas stole it and gave it to Griffen Sanders for safekeeping. He painted it white and yellow to disguise it as a music box. Without his approval, Iris took it then gave it to Vicky for Steven to play with
183. John grew the beard in Vietnam as a way to hide from all the horror he saw there, as well as that within himself
184. In a bar in Saigon, John tried to tell Michael that he had slept with Donna but an explosion separated them. Michael was left holding his brother's dogtags and presumed him dead. John took the opportunity and remained MIA to his family as a way to sever all ties with his old life and the complications it held. He was also very bitter toward his mother because she had forced him to not pursue Donna. That same explosion put enough shrapnel in his leg to force John to use a cane for the next 20 years. In 1987, Michael tracked down a criminal named "El Gordo," or the Fat Man, who led him to his brother (who had been going by the name Jerry Haupt) in a jungle hut in a spot in Singapore called the Rising Sun Parameter
185. John's nickname for his mother. Also, a boat of John's that he had named in honor of his mother
186. Methodist
187. Kate was arrested for trying to help Tomas abscond with Luisa. Being in jail brought Sharly to the surface
188. Jake's shooting by Paulina
189. In 1987, Adam and the Sin Stalker communicated by computer
190. Walter Trask told Felicia there was a Felicia Gallant newsgroup

191. Don Scardino, who played Chris Chapin from 1985-1986
192. Bette Davis. She telephoned Val DuFour when his character Walter Curtin died in the 1972. (Other actor fans were/are Lena Horne, Judy Garland, Harry Belafonte, Crystal Gayle, Liberace, and Ronnie Milsap)
193. Grant Harrison: The Jeffersonian Legacy
194. John proposed to Kelsey by putting a ring in a slice of pie, but Brett ended up with the piece instead
195. He was passed from relative to relative, but spent most of his childhood with his uncle Willis and aunt Gwen
196. A book on what a woman really wants from a man, based on "Advice for Jake"
197. The old mill
198. Ed McClain and Martin Callahan, although there was nothing sexual between her and the latter
199. The jury was composed of real people, who were instructed by the producers to act as real jurors, weigh the evidence presented to them during the trial, and return the verdict they deemed fit, which would be incorporated into the story as is. According to a SOD article, they were going to vote "not guilty," but that one among them, a lawyer himself, convinced them all to vote "guilty." Also, a real-life former judge played the judge
200. Mitch engineered a prison break that turned violent and failed

201. Reginald Love
202. Nicole Love. It was also where she made her singing debut
203. Alan Glaser was Lisa Grady's mother's psychiatrist. He became obessed with Lisa when her mother kept talking about her "purity." Years later, when Lisa was old enough (about the time she turned 21), he began killing women he considered sinful so that he would be worthy of her
204. The pressure-point killer
205. Mitch, who was on an assignment from Rachel on behalf of Brava
206. They arranged to get married as a business deal because Nicole wanted to get her hands on her trust fund, and she couldn't access it until she was 35 or married. Cass, who was really Rex Allingham, wanted to marry Nicole so he could kill her, steal her money, and let Cass go to prison for his crime
207. Catlin proposed to Brittany during her attempted-murder trial
208. Rachel and Jamie. Also possibly Brittany and Catlin Jr.
209. She was the first middle-aged woman on a soap to get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby. She was also the first to undergo amniocentesis to determine if the baby would be born healthy
210. Erica Kane. Even though AMC didn't start until 1970 and Rachel debuted in 1967, Another World head writer Agnes Nixon had the backstory of AMC written in 1965. It was also rumored that Susan Lucci was going to be given the role of Rachel when Robin Strasser left the second time

211. Channel 4
212. Felicia and Cass found Wally's hat
213. Who so loves believes the impossible
214. Paulina brought back from San Cristobal a religious ornament that had been placed at her mother's grave site. On handling it, Carl discovered a letter by Mac sealed on the back. The letter described how he had bought but did not sell the land. It was established that Andrew Hutchins forged Mac's signature onto a deed
215. Mac and Rachel visited Point Clair, the town of "For Richer, For Poorer," an NBC soap created by the same people then in charge of Another World
216. Mac left the cabin on Crane Lake (!) to Matthew, because they had spent a lot of time there fishing
217. He found it on the same day that he and Felicia first met
218. Aside from trust funds for each of them, Mac left Jamie (to be passed down to his son) the Cory family ring, made in Scotland 200 years ago
219. Vicky coerced Marley into impersonating her during a press conference with Grant, where he tried to kiss her
220. Vicky was in a car accident, had a nightmare about losing her baby, and when she came to she was resolved to keeping the baby

221. To get Grant off their backs after Grant learned about Vicky's pregnancy, Ryan looked Grant straight in the eye and said, "Vicky is carrying my child," even though he knew it wasn't his
222. In 1987, Grant accepted illegal campaign funds from noted crook Carl Hutchins, which gave Grant access to the details of some of Carl's dealings. Grant adopted the codename "Signet" and passed on the incriminating information to journalist Kathleen McKinnon. She came forward with it and Carl was sentenced to four years in jail. When Ryan found out that Grant had accepted money from Carl, Spencer stepped forward and took the blame, which resulted in Spencer being brought up on charges. That same year, Carl followed Kathleen to Bay City in hopes of flushing out the snitch in his organization. At one point he suspected Lucas, who had once worked in one of Carl's organizations but claimed to have had no knowledge of that fact. Carl disbelieved him and tampered with the brakes on his car in an attempt on his life, but Jenna and Dean were the ones injured in the car
223. Sandra Reindhardt auditioned for the role of Vicky but landed the part of Amanda instead
224. False: In order to terrorize Kathleen into revealing who Signet was, he ordered that Cass be shot. However, the hitman encountered Ryan in Cass's darkened office and shot him by accident
225. Officer Tibbs
226. Early plans called for the introduction of Victor Rodriguez's cousin
227. They appeared on the March 10, 1989 episode of Tattingers
228. Derek, in a minor scuffle
229. Jamie and Lisa
230. The Wentworth Tower and The Top of the Bay (you were able to see across the Bay to Chicago from the restaurant's balcony)

231. In 1991, Josie was in a movie where her character gets shot in the first five minutes
232. Riley found one of Blair's gloves that was used to prove she had assaulted Gary in the barn
233. Josie was the weather girl at KBAY and an assistant at Wallingford's
234. Cass brought them to the Frame farm and hung them on the back porch
235. Her wind chimes gave a tinkle
236. Nurse Switchit...
237. Ryan was busy negotiating a hostage situation at the Daily Grind
238. When Carl was in a coma after Iris shot him
239. Jones. (The phonetic spelling of Rocco's last name is Chivanelli)
240. Carolyn

241. Catlin
242. They were shipmates for many years
243. "Katie" and "Mike"
244. At the beginning of a scene, Rachel was waiting for Beatrice, her housekeeper. Victoria Wyndham asked the director if Rachel could have something to busy herself with. He suggested needlepoint, but she chose sculpting instead. A small horse would be the first sculpture she would make for the show.
245. Judith Barcroft's father, the Reverend James Williams, married Lenore and Walter. Ralph Camargo, Victoria Wyndham's father, married Mac and Rachel
246. Charles Baxter (Fred Douglas) and Geoffrey Lumb (Mitchell Dru)
247. Carl and Ryan shared Lorna and Amanda; Donna and Marley and Vicky shared Jake; Elena and Cecile shared Dennis; Felicia and Lorna shared Carl
248. Break the fourth wall. Mac when he included the viewer in his holiday toast, and Carl when he smirked at the viewer while in evil mode
249. According to Ellen Holly's (Carla, OLTL) biography, Micki Grant was the first black actor to be cast in a contract role on a soap. Peggy was originally written as a white character, but they cast Grant instead
250. He believed Justine had sent it

251. In 9/89, Donna freaked to see Vicky and Jake becoming buddy-buddy again. Jake told her if she paid him enough to start a video-production company he would leave Vicky alone
252. Ravenna, Italy
253. Carol Lamonte and Neil Johnson
254. The idea was dropped when Stephen Schnetzer (Cass) and Julie Osburn (Kathleen) voiced their disapproval
255. Brittany's father and son were killed while they were all on a boat during a storm. Lila watched her mother be stabbed to death during a storm
256. Wally Curtin
257. Kitten
258. Baby
259. Mac Cory and Ada Hobson
260. "Love is as strong as death"

261. Lady, Pronto, and Lightning, respectively
262. A Sally/Kevin montage
263. John and Pat Randolph
264. Jamie was team captain and Dennis was assistant coach
265. A fortune teller
266. She came to tend a great-aunt who'd taken ill, so she spent her final year at an Illinois high school
267. Business
268. Carol Roux (Missy)
269. Josie
270. In 1990, Vicky wrote an article on Grant for The Herald.

271. Frankie dated Antonio Alma, who died of a heart attack after she caught him in flagrante delicto with another woman. During his funeral, Tony's aunt cast the evil eye on Frankie, condemning every man she would become involved with to a dire fate
272. Josie, who'd had a recent nose job
273. Rachel accompanied Ken on a dig near Tucson, Arizona. There they uncovered sacred vessels from the Lumina, a three hundred year old Indian tribe
274. Zack
275. Vicky
276. Irna Phillip's assistant, Rose Cooperman