Another World Video Library

April 1996 - August 1996 Highlights (T-160)

Freeze Frames

Sharlene ushered in a new trend of hit-and-runs

Jake and Steven have a great idea, but Vicky isn't so sure

Donna gets herself into deep trouble not once...

... not twice...

...but thrice...

... before being released

Maggie throws a monkey wrench into Nick and Sofia's elopement plans

Sofia's was just one
accident among MANY

Matt finds Sofia hot with
a tube up her nose

The Hudson men
gang up on Joe

Maggie proves herself Cass's friend if not his daughter

A chilling freeze frame

Miscellaneous Highlights

Josie was jealous of Matt and Blair's hot love scene

Nick: "I made love to you, Maggie."
Maggie: "Yes. Thank you"

Matthew's hatred
for Carl is born

Doom and gloom pervaded Bay City this spring

Carl's hatred of Grant makes him ruin a perfectly good TV

Grant to Sharlene:
"This is the part when someone usually throws a drink in my face"

Michael takes Vicky
out with the trash

Grant finds forgiveness
at the train trestle

The BCPD hires a psychic

Vicky and Jake's first kiss happened in a dream sequence, as is AW's wont

Even now John won't show any emotion over Frankie's death

Vicky hires a new nanny

"And the itsy-bitsy spider went down the drain again..."