MAY 4, 1964 (EP. #1)
Jim and Mary were curious when Tom stopped by briefly to speak to their daughter Pat. Mary preferred to remain home when Jim went to comfort Liz over the death of her husband Will, his brother. Granny gently chided Mary for not having accompanied her husband. Jim and Liz broached the subject of the business now that Will was dead and Liz was still involved. A glum Susan couldn't bring herself to talk to her mother Liz about her father's death. Liz was relieved when son Bill arrived home from the university campus.

MAY 5, 1964 (EP. #2)
Bill, home from campus because he felt he was needed, spent the time trying to reconcile Susan and their mother, Liz. Susan grew despondent remembering how she had been at her father's side when he died. Susan told Bill she's felt lonely since their father's funeral on Saturday, because she and her father had been very close. Bill tried to console Susan when she groaned that Liz never needed her. Susan said Liz was too possessive, but Bill said it was "just competition" between a mother and a daughter. Pat was irked at Alice for being suspicious that their father, Jim, was spending a lot of time at Liz's house that evening. Alice needled Pat that because she bought a car, she can't afford to live on campus and so was forced to share a room with Alice at home. Pat called Alice "youngster" every time Alice ruffled her feathers. Alice reminded Pat that Bill doesn't like her new boyfriend, Tom. Alice worried about Russ's reaction to Will's death. Mary thought Pat was being insensitive when she said it's time for the family to start living again.

Pat: "Stop saying 'Aunt Elizabeth.' Everyone calls her 'Aunt Liz.'"
Alice: "But she doesn't like that."

MAY 6, 1964 (EP. #3)
Mary was waiting for Jim when he finally came home from Liz's. Mary teased Jim that Alice was his favorite child. When Mary disapproved of Tom, Jim told her it would only end in disaster if they tried to dictate whom Pat could or could not see. Jim suspected something happened between Liz and Mary when Jim and Will had gone into partnership, but Mary said the reason they never got along was because they never had anything in common. Granny was upset Mary didn't accompany Jim to visit Liz. Granny assured Jim that in time they would get over Will's death. Jim remarked that Janet has never been close to the rest of the family. Granny worried that Janet has no life outside of her work, but Jim told her that Janet seems to prefer her life that way. Ken, an executive at Janet's place but not her boss, was shaken when Janet was brusque with him during an intimate evening at her downtown apartment, but chalked it up to the recent death of her brother. Ken told Janet his family was a closed subject. Janet reflected that she'd always kept her family at a distance. She remarked upon her mother's "steely quality" and recalled how Granny never shed a tear when Janet's father died, or when Jim went to war. Janet revealed to Granny that Will had financed her college education, but that she had eventually paid him back in full.

Granny: (About Janet) "She kind of lives in... I guess you might say another world."

Janet: "I don't want that world (,) that so-called woman's world. I've chosen another world to live in."

MAY 7, 1964 (EP. #4)
Jim and Janet discussed Will's death. Janet was melancholy, and asked after Jim's children. Janet was afraid that she's getting old, and hasn't accomplished anything of value. Later, Jim and Mary hoped that neither of their daughters grows up to be an unfulfilled career woman like Janet. Liz advised Bill to take the necessary coursework to become a CPA, despite his desire to pursue law. She warned him that life is uncertain, and if he becomes an accountant, he'd always have a place in his father's company. Janet continued to look on her life with regret: she's successful, but she's never really been in love. She told this to Ken, who thought she was being silly. When Janet brought up his marriage, Ken warned her that his wife and son are off limits. Liz told Sue that she disapproves of Janet's lifestyle, but Sue admired her. Sue wanted to move out on her own, and Liz asked her not to. Sue bitterly told Liz she doubts Liz really cares one way or the other where Sue lives.

MAY 8, 1964 (EP. #5)
Bill ran into Missy on the college campus next to an old wooden bridge leading to the law library, the same place where he first met her. Legend had it than a woman student had jumped in and drowned because of a failed love affair. Missy told Bill she hasn't seen him at the Kopper Kettle, where she waitresses, since his father died. Liz told Bill that yesterday Susan came to her to ask for money to leave home. Bill tried to comfort Liz and told her her life isn't over since his father's death. Granny tried to calm Alice's fears about dying. Alice had been curious about what happens when we died ever since Granny's husband died five years ago and she came to live with them. Granny advised Susan not to leave home when she came to visit Granny. Susan told Bill she feels more at home at Jim and Mary's house than at their house. Bill was evasive when Susan questioned him about his new girlfriend.


Bill: "Oh it's you, I didn't recognize you. I just wondered who it was who threw something into the creek."
Missy (Intro Line): "Yes, it's me. Did you think I was-- one of the students?"

Alice: "Mom and Dad and Russ drove to Oakdale."
Granny: "Don't they have some friends who live in Oakdale?"
Alice: "They know people there but not friends, Granny."

MAY 11, 1964 (EP. #6)
Alice joked to Jim about the "Keep out" sign that used to hang in his den. Alice tried to convince Jim she was perfectly capable of being a junior counselor at camp that summer. Later, Jim pled her case to Mary. Tom told Pat his plans to pursue an M.A., then possibly a Ph.D., in psychology rather than enroll for a stint in the army. Mary told Jim she thinks Russ needs more attention. Jim decided it was the right time to question Pat about Tom when Pat came home from a date floating on cloud 9. Pat asked Jim to have a little faith in her when he expressed concern over how far she and Tom might go.

Alice: "You know that, Jim."
Jim: "Alice, not 'Jim,' please."

Pat: (About Janet) "Someday she'll find another world, a special world where they'll be a man."

MAY 12, 1964 (EP. #7)
Pat and Tom ran into Missy near the bridge and speculated about whether she and Bill were "making out." Tom asked Pat to spend Memorial Day weekend with him at his parent's lake house, but Pat worried about her parents' reaction. Bill had an exasperating time trying to get Missy to agree to a dinner date, and when he failed, accused her of not liking him. Ken made a tentative gesture towards Janet at work. Janet refused to be mollified when Ken explained he couldn't have dinner with her that night because it was the day of his monthly dinner with his son. Tom assured Ken he has no intention of marrying the new girl he was seeing.

MAY 13, 1964 (EP. #8)
Missy confided in her social worker Ann Fuller that she got all flustered when Bill asked her to dinner, and that she would gladly trade places with Pat Matthews, whom she considers a real lady. Mary laughed when Pat complained about Alice's youthful exuberance. A lonely Liz came over to visit Granny and complained that she and Susan never seem to talk. Pat told Mary that Russ resents Alice for being a honor student when he will be forced to go to summer school. Pat was sketchy about the details when she broached the subject of her Memorial Day plans to Mary.

Pat: "A part of that phase includes his very brilliant sister, Alice in Wonderland."

MAY 14, 1964 (EP. #9)
Russ finally admitted to Jim and Mary that he's been doing poorly in school and is failing math and science. Russ balked at the idea of summer school and said he wants to quit school and get a job. Mary told Jim she thought Pat was being devious in formulating her plans for Memorial Day. Jim reassured her that he would put the screws to Tom if he and Pat got serious. Bill and Liz cleared the air about Susan's attitude toward her, and Bill hypothesized that Susan feels Liz doesn't believe anyone misses Will as much as she does. Bill protested he could never fill Will's shoes when Liz asked him to ask Susan not to leave home. Bill was puzzled when Liz rejected his idea of visiting the campus with him even though she was a graduate. Liz was very interested when Bill broached the subject of Missy Palmer. Alone in her small boarding room, Missy spoke to herself at length about her feelings for Bill.

MAY 15, 1964 (EP. #10)
Pat reamed Bill out for blabbing to Jim that Tom has a reputation as a ladies' man. Tom defended his interest in girls to Pat. Tom was happily planning their Memorial Day weekend when Pat said she still hadn't cleared it with her family. Pat begged Alice to dip into her savings account to loan her enough money to buy a new bathing suit. Alice asked Pat if it would be a good idea to invite their Aunt Janet to her high school graduation and home party celebration in June. Ken dropped by Janet's place on impulse to explain his relationship with Tom, but Janet got defensive when Ken pointed out she couldn't be expected to understand a parent-child bond.

MAY 18, 1964 (EP. #11)
Missy was ecstatic when Ann surprised her with an icebox. Missy cried on Ann's shoulder about being illegitimate. A hapless Bill botched his visit with Missy at the Kopper Kettle when he asked her about her birthday. Tom came into the restaurant, and Bill chastised him for his treatment of Missy as his waitress. Tom feigned politeness to Missy, which she saw through right away. Tom blasted his fraternity brother Bill for talking badly about him to Jim. Alice told Mary she may not be going to university in the fall. Mary pumped Bill for info on Tom and Pat, but he maintained it was Pat's business not his.

Alice: (To Bill about him and Pat) "Both of you are forever calling me youngster."

MAY 19, 1964 (EP. #12)
Liz told Bill she won't give Susan money to buy her own place because it might make Susan believe Liz didn't want her at home. Bill pressed Liz for details of what happened to Susan when she was 17/18, but Liz claimed it was nothing more than a case of mononucleosis that required her to be hospitalized at Memorial Hospital for over three months. Dr. John Bradford visited Liz and told her Susan was an excellent technician at Memorial. Liz implied she'd rather Bill follow in his father's shoes and become an accountant rather than a criminal lawyer. Janet requested a meeting with Dr. Bradford because he had been Will's doctor and learned Will had had a cardiac condition for the past five years that he'd kept a secret from his family. Janet was mortified when Ken used the key she had given him to enter her apartment during her meeting with Dr. Bradford. Ken tried to apologize, but was forced to give the key back when Janet demanded it.

Bill: "Someday I'm going to defend someone in a court of law."

Janet: "I'm sometimes referred to as the very odd one in the Matthews family."

MAY 20, 1964 (EP. #13)
Bill surprised Missy by dropping by her room to see her new icebox. Missy told Bill she thinks Pat is too nice for Tom, whose reputation she's heard people gossiping about. Susan was close-lipped when Pat inquired why she never went to college. When Susan told Pat she'd always considered that Jim and Mary kept their children on tight reins, Pat decided to go ahead with her and Tom's Memorial Day plans. Bill and Sue dished about Dr. Bradford, that he's about 40, and lived with his mother until she died a couple years ago. The inner Missy reminded her she was just a nobody. Pat tried to convince Mary that things have changed since she was Pat's age. Mary voiced her disapproval when Pat finally revealed her Memorial Day plans.

Bill: (About Liz) "She going to have to make another world for herself."

MAY 21, 1964 (EP. #14)
When Pat told Missy about her overprotective mother, Missy remarked that she wished she had a mother like Mary. Pat was amused when Tom told her he just realized Missy doesn't like him. Russ confided in Pat that he's afraid of being a disappointment to their parents. Pat confided in him that though her degree will be in education, she isn't sure if she'll become a teacher after graduation. Mary bowed out of talking to Russ with Jim, saying he might be more comfortable having a man-to-man talk with his father. Jim convinced Russ not to quit school and to attend summer school. Pat wouldn't budge when Jim refused to approve of her holiday plans.

MAY 22, 1964 (EP. #15)
Janet hinted to Ken that she wants a raise, or she might find employment elsewhere. Janet and Ken considered that it might be to their mutual benefit if they ended their affair. Susan told Liz she had dinner with Dave Wilson to inquire about the terms of Will's will as she was hoping an inheritance would fund a new place to live, but Liz said all money went to her. Liz refused when Susan asked to borrow $1,000. Liz told Bill she suspected Sue was always jealous of her, but he said there was some secret reason for their estrangement that Sue hinted she might tell him about. Liz made Bill promise to fill her in if Susan was forthcoming. Sue filled Janet in on the rest of the family when she visited her to ask for advice, since Janet had left home when she was younger than Sue. Janet agreed to give Sue her loan (even increasing it to $2,000) when Sue agreed to retain close ties to the family (unlike a regretful Janet).

MAY 25, 1964 (EP. #16)
Jim made full disclosure to Mary of the details of his fatherly talks with Russ and Pat. He admitted he may be a little jealous of Pat's growing feelings for Tom. Jim cautioned her not to forbid Pat to do something else risk losing her. Laura was delighted her "two men" (son Tom and husband Ken) were both home for dinner. Tom laughed when his mother mentioned that the mothers of his many girlfriends had been talking to her about him. Laura fretted that Ken wasn't happy living in the suburbs and would prefer a place in the city. Ken tried to get Laura interested in the "real world" when she reminisced about the death of their daughter Judy, aged 10, ten years ago from polio. Mary pleaded with Pat to get a chaperone for her weekend with Tom.

Notes: First appearance of Augusta Dabney as Laura Baxter.
Introduction Scene: The Baxter residence patio
Laura: "Tom, it was rather nice having my two men at home for dinner tonight."

MAY 26, 1964 (EP. #17)
Ann tried to make Missy feel better about her life by relating that even though she herself had parents, they didn't get along because they come from Europe and still retained old world values. Bill defended Pat's holiday plans to Sue. In a family blowup, Susan revealed to Bill that when she was 18 she was engaged to George Bowman. Then she found out the truth: her mother had been pushing them to get married, especially George. When she was recovering from mono, she had the time to realize this and broke off the engagement to George (who has since remarried). Susan said she was left feeling that her mother had been trying to get rid of her, but Liz maintained that she was just like any other mother who wanted to see her daughter married. Missy was engrossed when Bill talked about his family. Missy told Bill not to call her Melissa, and panicked and ran off when he put his arm around her in a friendly fashion.

MAY 27, 1964 (EP. #18)
Mary was skeptical when Liz said she and Will had wanted Granny to come live with them when Granny's husband died. Mary didn't think it was a good idea when Liz requested that Jim talk to Susan about not leaving home. Liz looked up Janet's address, ostensibly so she could thank her for the sympathy flowers in person. Ken and Janet flirted while relaxing over cocktails after work, and he tried to get Janet to give him his key back.

MAY 28, 1964 (EP. #19)
Alice noticed Pat seemed in a blue funk while getting ready to go away with Tom, so she tried to cheer her up by telling Pat she liked her. Pat was desperate for Mary to give her blessing to her holiday plans, but Mary was firm in her belief of right and wrong. Alice told Pat she had been accepted at Sarah Lawrence College and revealed she wants to make her mark before she marries. Dreaming of Tom, Pat said she's more concerned about marriage than a career. Janet made no apologies to Liz for not visiting after Will died. Liz confronted her about giving Susan a check for $2,000 and tempers immediately flared.

Janet: "Liz, this is proving to be a most disagreeable visit."

MAY 29, 1964 (EP. #20)
Jim told Mary he hoped Bill would take his father's place at the accounting agency, since he's been overworked since losing Will. Jim and Mary stayed up till midnight discussing Russ, Pat, and Susan. Pat and Tom and friends Phil and Rita discussed activity plans while breakfasting at Tom's lake house. Mary and Jim enjoyed Memorial Day evening alone, but Mary had pangs of loneliness for Pat. Romantic stargazing turned steamy for Pat and Tom.

Mary: "We're doing a lot of talking about nothing, aren't we?"

JUNE 1, 1964 (EP. #21)
Ann suggested Missy go to counseling to help her understand why she's afraid of boys. Jim tried to calm Russ's fears when he admitted he doesn't feel smart enough to succeed in school. Mary wanted to know what happened between Pat and Tom over the weekend, but Pat deflected the issue by talking about seeing Missy and Bill on campus. While Mary sensed that Pat was a "changed woman," Jim was oblivious to any change in his daughter.

JUNE 2, 1964 (EP. #22)
Liz pumped Pat for info on Missy. Sue quizzed Pat about her weekend with Tom but Pat changed the subject. Sue said if she wrote her autobiography, she would title it, "All My Yesterdays." Granny was upset that someone was uprooting her vegetable garden, and got further upset when Mary didn't take it seriously. Mary entertained Tom when he stopped by to see if Pat was in. Tom later apologized to Pat for telling Mary that Pat and her friend Eileen were looking into sharing an apartment next year.

JUNE 3, 1964 (EP. #23)
Bill told Liz not to get her hopes up that Sue would change her mind about not leaving home. Bill explained to Missy that he hadn't meant any harm when he'd impulsively put his arm around her. Susan insisted on calling Dr. Bradford when Liz complained of chest pains. Bill and Susan worried that what happened to their father might be happening to their mother.

JUNE 4, 1964 (EP. #24)
Dr. Bradford told Liz her episode last night was likely the result of anxiety and loneliness, as all the tests showed her to be in perfect health. He admonished Bill for not spending enough time with Liz. Susan wasn't agreeable when Bill tried to convince her they needed to spend more time with their mother. Susan worried that Liz, unconscious or otherwise, was using her health scare to retain her grip on her children, and hoped Bill was smart enough to stay out of her trap. Susan, Bill, and Liz dropped in and visited with Mary, Pat, and Alice. Alice made a pest of herself trying to worm her way into Pat and Susan's conversation. Alice broke the family taboo by mentioning Janet when she speculated about joining an art school. Bill refused to admit the possibility when Susan suggested Liz was exaggerating her condition as a sympathy ploy.

JUNE 5, 1964 (EP. #25)
Jim tried to get Mary to tell him what went down between her and Liz 15 years ago, but she couldn't be persuaded. Mary was adamant that Alice not pass up the opportunity of a college education. Alice phoned Janet to invite her to her graduation. Janet refused to give an answer when Ken pressed her again on why she never married. Pat and Jim disagreed over their versions of right and wrong. Alice brought her art portfolio over to Janet's for a critique. Buoyed by Janet's praise, Alice decided to enter the Institute of Art at her recommendation.

JUNE 8, 1964 (EP. #26)
Pat complained to Mary that she and Jim didn't accept their kids as they are. Mary was laid low when Alice told her that she'd been to see Janet, and was crushed when Alice said Janet advised her to enroll at the Institute. Janet admitted to Ken she may have been too free with her advice to Alice. Ken and Janet discussed the career woman of today. Jim and Mary agreed they shouldn't try to stand in Alice's way. Alice and Pat wondered why Janet never married.

Alice: "Aunt Liz can leave a lot to your imagination."

JUNE 9, 1964 (EP. #27)
When Missy asked Ann when her own birthday was, Ann speculated it was December since she had been a few months old when she was left at the orphanage in February. Missy chose Valentine's Day as her new birthday. Susan refused when Liz asked her to return Janet's money. Missy tried to explain to Ann about the two people she was, Missy and Melissa. Missy was the normal one, and Melissa was the poor little girl nobody wanted. Missy was happy she finally got to introduce Bill and Ann. Ann told Missy she didn't need Ann's approval of Bill. When Bill realized how important Ann was to her, he told Missy he wanted her to meet his mother and sister.

JUNE 10, 1964 (EP. #28)
Missy was worried about his reaction when Bill pried it out of her that Ann is a social welfare worker, but he didn't make the connection that Missy was one of Ann's cases. Bill wanted to take Missy to the Pink Poodle, but she insisted on going to the Green Gables Restaurant, because she had "practiced" going there once before with Ann. Tom said he was best man at Phil and Rita's civic ceremony wedding at city hall, and that they had to get married because Rita was pregnant. Pat chided Tom for not paying enough attention to her. Pat didn't know how to answer when Mary asked if she was in love with Tom.

JUNE 11, 1964 (EP. #29)
When Ken worried that Janet would leave the agency despite receiving her raise, she told him it might be best considering it was no longer a secret among their co-workers that they were an item. Tom ran into Janet coming out of his father's office, and commented to Ken about his attractive co-worker. Tom asked his father if he was disappointed in him, and Ken tried to reassure him he wasn't. Tom asked him for money for various school expenses. Tom began questioning Ken about the state of his relationship with his mother, but dropped that line of questioning. Ken gleaned that Tom was aware that Ken was seeing someone else. Ken tried to explain to Janet that he and Laura have separate interests. While she tried on her dress for the senior prom, Pat flashbacked to her and Tom making love under the stars.

JUNE 12, 1964 (EP. #30)
Jim and Mary tried not to rain on Pat's parade the day of the prom. Pat's orchid corsage was delivered, and her parents noticed she ignored the card from Tom that came with it. Bill came over to tell Jim and Mary that Susan finally moved out of the house, and to ask them for advice. Mary was quick to tell Jim not to get involved. Tom arrived to take Pat to the prom, and his eyes lit up when he saw her descend the stairs in her virginal white dress. At the prom, Tom and Pat danced to "The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi." Pat wanted to stay longer, but he hustled her out of there and up to his lake house as quick as he could. Pat remarked that the lake house, about 100 miles from Bay City, was close to the town of Oakdale. Pat put on the breaks when Tom became amorous and requested that he take her home.

JUNE 15, 1964 (EP. #31)
Ken failed to weasel out of Laura's upcoming dinner party in honor of Tom's graduation. Laura ignored him when Ken pointed out Tom wasn't really keen on the idea. Ken was uncomfortable when Laura said she hadn't been able to reach him recently when she'd phoned him to say her bank account was low on funds. Jim tried to assuage Mary's fears of Alice joining the Institute, where she worried a lax lifestyle would have a bad influence on their daughter. Mary was sure something was wrong when Pat returned home earlier than expected. Tom was defiant when Ken told him Laura intends to find out who his new girl is.

Jim: "How often do we have to go over the same thing?"

JUNE 16, 1964 (EP. #32)
Missy lamented that she'll never get to attend a prom. Bill showed Missy the sketch that Alice drew of him. Ken and Janet found it tough to wind down after a long day at the office. Janet wasn't convinced when Ken told her his life was with her, not out in the suburbs with his wife. Janet tried to reassure Mary that Alice was indeed talented and could likely be successful as a commercial artist.

JUNE 17, 1964 (EP. #33)
Tom was flip when he and Laura talked about his upcoming graduation, and tried to cut down his appearance time at her party. Laura and Ken shared a private toast to the boy's future. Pat tried to make Missy feel better about never being able to experience the pomp and ceremony of a graduation. Pat defended Tom when Missy tried to warn her about him. Pat declined Tom's invite to Laura's party.

Pat: "Alice, you get to be a little pesty, you know?"

JUNE 18, 1964 (EP. #34)
Mary tried to explain to Alice about the other world that Janet lived in. Then they both tried to figure out Tom and Pat's relationship. Bill tried to discourage Liz from visiting Janet, and from returning her loan to Sue. Ken commented that Janet's affection for her young niece Alice wasn't in keeping with her claims of not being interested in children. Janet refused to introduce Ken when Liz dropped by unexpectedly. Ken vamoosed, but not before Liz discerned he was a married man. Janet tore up Liz's check, yelled at her that she emasculated her men, hoped Bill wouldn't fall victim, then broke down in tears after Liz left.

Alice: "Sometimes, Mom, I get a little confused about this family."

Liz: "You were positively insulting."
Janet: "Coming from you, Liz, I consider that a compliment."

JUNE 19, 1964 (EP. #35)
Pat asked Mary to explain why she doesn't like Tom, and suggested she and Jim get to know him over the summer. Pat and Missy talked about Sinatra and the Beatles while she waited for Tom at the Kopper Kettle. Missy took time off work to be able to accompany Pat home when she felt unwell. Mary invited Missy to dinner as thanks for being so nice to Pat. Missy complimented Alice on the sketch she drew of Bill, but declined Alice's idea of doing a sketch of her. Missy broke bread with Jim, Mary, and their children, and could barely hold back her tears of joy at watching them all interact. Pat was well enough to join the rest of the family, but could barely bring herself to pick at her food. Missy looked around uncomfortably when everyone bowed their heads and Jim said grace.

JUNE 22, 1964 (EP. #36)
Missy met Ann on the bench near the campus bridge and, after gushing about her dinner last night with the Matthews, fumed that if she ever met her mother she would kill her for abandoning her. When Jim wondered why Granny wasn't going to stick around for Alice's graduation, Mary reminded him Granny's niece Jane was having her first baby. Mary said she had been flattered by Missy's attention. Tom wasn't impressed when Pat related how Missy had helped her. Tom pressured Pat into going for a ride. Jim told Mary he was showing Liz some kindness because Will took him into the accounting business as a full partner when he was going through a hard time. Pat suggested to Mary that they have Tom over to dinner so she and Jim could get to know him better.

Jim: "Mary, that's about the third time you've said that."

JUNE 23, 1964 (EP. #37)
Liz wouldn't elaborate when she told Bill she disapproved of Janet. Liz tried to poison Jim's mind against Janet, but he had deaf ears when she came to the part about Janet's proclivity for married men, and her bad influence over Alice. Bill dropped by Missy's after Jim told him she'd been by for dinner last night. Bill vehemently denied the possibility when Missy said there were things about her he wouldn't approve of. Ken advised Janet to get married when she complained that Mary warned her away from Alice. Ken was skeptical when Janet maintained she'd never been hurt by a man.

Missy: "Where did you come from?"
Bill: "Out of the nowhere into the here."

Missy: (To Bill) "I don't think I want to meet your mother."

JUNE 24, 1964 (EP. #38)
Alice told Pat she's worried Janet won't come to her Open House party. Pat criticized Mary's choice of dress for Alice's graduation as being too juvenile. Pat told Mary she'd like to have more than one child when she was married. Mary was shocked when Pat actually found something about Tom to criticize. Tom immediately regretted it when he agreed to Pat's invitation to dinner with her family. When Alice said she'd changed her mind about going to camp that summer, she and Mary got into an argument about whether she should spend the summer in college or at the Institute. After Alice called her, Janet told Ken no deadlines would keep her from Alice's party.

Alice: "As the saying goes, my dear Patricia, you and Tom are as thick as thieves."

Alice: "That was my first love, acting."

Mary: "Just wait until you have daughters of your own."
Pat: "There'll be no daughters, all boys."

Pat discovered she was pregnant with Tom's child. Tom pressured her into a back-alley abortion in New York City. Missy accepted a loan from Bill so she could finish school at the university high school, and she went to live in a nice room at the Sawyers, an older couple. Alice entered the art institute after her high school graduation. Ken and Laura got a legal separation. Susan stuck around all summer chafing at Liz's involvement in her life and trying to help Pat through her pregnancy/abortion.

JULY 6, 1964 (EP. #46)
First and only appearance of Mike Connors, Janet’s former fiancé. Age “38 or 40.” Married (to “someone from the East”) with three children.

JULY 14-15, 1964: Pre-Empted.

JULY 17, 1964 (EP. #53)
First appearance of Peter Brandon as Frank Andrews, who was Tom Baxter's roommate.

JULY 30, 1964 (EP. #62)
Notes: A "kine" (kinescope) flashback (to a July 27, 1964 scene) used.

AUGUST 21, 1964 (EP. #78)
Pat’s birthday.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1964 (EP. #86)
Pat went in to the abortionist’s.

Tom: ”You have nothing to be afraid of, darling. I told you that. You have to trust me now – and believe me.”
Pat: “(RAISING HER FACE TO HIS) I do trust you, Tom. That’s why I’m here!”

SEPTEMBER 3, 1964 (EP. #87)
Pat had a terrible nightmare about having the abortion. She woke up feeling ill and called Tom.

Notes: First appearance of Kathy Grayson, Frank’s girlfriend.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1964 (EP. #91)
Janet learned Pat is ill due to a back-alley abortion. She called Dr. Ernest Gregory to come tend to the sick girl. Ernest is described throughout the scene as being very compassionate towards Pat and her situation.

Note: First appearance of Mark Lenard as Dr. Ernest Gregory.
Ernest (Intro Line): "[EXAMINING PAT'S ABDOMEN] When was this done, Patricia?"

SEPTEMBER 11, 1964 (EP. #93)
Appearance by Joey Trent as Russ Matthews.

On Labor Day, Pat became ill from complications of the abortion. With her parents away, she turned to Janet for help. Janet asked old friend Dr. Ernest Gregory, an obstetrician, to help her. Though Pat almost died from her pelvic infection, she made Janet and Ernest swear they wouldn't tell Mary or Jim what really was the cause of her illness or that she was even ever pregnant. Tom was deathly afraid for Pat's condition, and confessed everything to his father, but then was relieved Pat pulled through and he wasn't obligated to her anymore.

OCTOBER 7, 1964 (EP. #111)
In Pat and Alice's room, Sue told Pat she's going to Baltimore to attend Johns Hopkins, and Pat told her she expected to hear from Sue very soon.

Susan (Roni Dengel, Exit Line): "You will, Pat. And take care of yourself."

OCTOBER 12, 1964 (EP. #114)
Pat assured Mary that she and Tom had an "understanding."

OCTOBER 21, 22, 26, 28, and 29, 1964: Pre-empted.

OCTOBER 30, 1964 (EP. #123)
Pat learned her infection left her unable to have children.

Pat: "I can't have children."
Ernest: "I doubt it."
Pat: "My God."

NOVEMBER 6, 1964 (EP. #128)
Pat confronted Tom.

Tom: “I never told you I loved you, Pat.”
Pat: “You mean you mean we’re – we’re not going to be married?”
Tom: “I never mentioned marriage to you.”
Pat: “But you said – I thought you said –“
Tom: “I can’t help what you thought. I never mentioned the word love, nor marriage.”
Pat: “Oh God.”
Tom: “Look Pat –“
Pat: “I’m – I’m not – not really a whole woman to you anymore, am I. I’m sterile – sterile –”
Pat: “I lost – something. I lost – something –”
Pat: “(SOFTLY) Stop it, oh God, stop it. I’m sterile – I’m sterile – (QUIETLY CRYING).”
Tom: “Hurting yourself won’t solve anything, Pat, not anything. (HE TAKES ONE MORE STEP TOWARD HER. HE’S NOT REAL CLOSE TO HER. HE HOLDS OUT HIS HAND.)”

Notes: Last appearance of Leon Janney as Jim Matthews.

NOVEMBER 9, 1964 (EP. #129)
Carol waited for her date with Tom, but unbeknownst to her, he lay dead from a gunshot wound. Tom's roommate Frank Andrews arrived home where he found Pat standing over Tom's body. Pat left the apartment when Frank's back was turned. Laura begged Ken not to divorce her, but her efforts were in vain. Frank told the police what happened. Ken arrived at the scene of the crime and saw Tom's dead body.

NOVEMBER 10, 1964 (EP. #130)
Mary expressed concern to Jim over Pat's relationship with Tom, a relationship Mary senses is falling apart. Pat arrived home that evening looking exhausted and Mary told Jim she thinks Pat has been overworking herself since her recent recovery from illness. Laura was further stricken when Ken returned home to inform her that Tom had been killed. Alice made big party plans. Sergeant Adams arrived at the Matthews home to question Pat about Tom's shooting.

Notes: First appearance of Shepperd Strudwick as Jim Matthews.
Introduction Scene: The Matthews living room to Mary Matthews, "I think I heard what you said, Mary...something about Thanksgiving."

NOVEMBER 11, 1964 (EP. #131)
Pat was questioned by the police about Tom's shooting. Pat, with no recollection of the night Tom was killed, firmly believed in her innocence and in Tom's goodness. Retired attorney Mitchell Dru, a client of Jim's for 10-20 years, was in his bedroom, dozing in an easy chair in his bathrobe. He answered the phone to Jim Matthews, asking him to help Patricia, who's accused of shooting Tom.

Dru (Intro Line): "[STARTLED AWAKE BY THE PHONE] Must have fallen asleep again."

Notes: Dru's name is spelled consistently as "Drew" until November 20th when it becomes "Dru."

NOVEMBER 12, 1964 (EP. #132)
Alice told Bill that Tom was shot. Dru arrived at the police department to represent Pat. Pat was booked, fingerprinted, and had a paraffin test. Dru questioned Pat, then advised her to remain silent during police questioning.

NOVEMBER 13, 1964 (EP. #133)
Lee Randolph ("pretty" but "not sophisticated") waited up at midnight with coffee and sandwiches for her beloved father, John. Lee is expecting her father, but when the doorbell rang, it's Mitchell Dru at the door. John arrived a few minutes later. Dru asked John to look into the matter and represent Pat. Dru advised him to "treat her as you would your own daughter."

Lee Randolph (Gaye Huston, Intro line): "Uncle Mitch. I thought it was Dad."

John Randolph (Intro Line): "[ENTERING HIS HOME] You still up, Lee?"

NOVEMBER 16, 1964 (EP. #134)
Out of pity for Laura, Ken gave up hope of a life with Janet and promised his wife they'd put their life in order without Tom, the two of them together.

NOVEMBER 18, 1964 (EP. #136)
Dru arranged for a private meeting in a visiting room in the county jail. John wasn't sure he would to take the case. He claimed he defends only the innocent, though Lee recalled that her late mother used to chide John for taking on guilty clients. Lee thought Pat was guilty, but Dru insisted what a sweet kid Pat was. The jail matron delivered Pat to the visiting room and left her alone with John and Dru. Dru introduced the two, telling Pat that John was one of the finest attorneys in the city. John's first words to Pat were, "Don't let him tell you that, Miss Matthews." Pat virtually ignored him and seemed surprised that Dru thought she needed a lawyer. John told Pat a little bit about his daughter, whom he said, likes to call herself "sixteen, going on seventeen." Then he said, "I understand you have a sister." And her first words to him was an answer, "Yes, she was just eighteen. I have a brother, he's your daughter's age, sixteen going on seventeen." Pat went on to lie like a rug about where she was when Tom was shot. John started cross-examining her, and she flipped out and claimed to love Tom deeply. Later, John and Dru seemed to agree that she did it, but she didn't mean to and she doesn't remember that she did. They also agreed on how pretty Pat is.

NOVEMBER 20, 1964 (EP. #138)
Missy told Bill that Pat couldn't have killed Tom because she was too much in love with him. Liz (helping with dinner since Pat was taken to county jail two nights ago) told Alice that Will had known Dru for years. Mary saw through Jim's brave facade. Janet denied intimate knowledge when Jim asked about the Baxter working in her agency. Jim and Mary questioned Bill about the legal aspects of the case. John replied enthusiastically when Lee asked if Pat was pretty. John told Dru that when he saw Pat in her cell she asked if she could write a letter of condolence to the Baxters. In her cell, Pat wondered if she was there because she killed her baby.

NOVEMBER 23, 1964 (EP. #139)
Upon request, Alice visited John in his office to hint at a lover's quarrel between Tom and Pat. Dru advised John to begin formulating his defense since Pat's hearing was soon. Laura told Ken she had crossed paths with Pat at the elevator the night she went to visit Janet. Laura wasn't happy when Ken admitted visiting Janet after leaving the morgue. Pat told John she wants another lawyer after he discouraged her from sending her letter. Dru, who believes Pat killed Tom, urged John to keep an open mind to Pat's motives and to believe in her. As they worried about Pat's letter in which she claims she didn't kill Tom, Pat gave another copy of the letter to her matron, Mrs. Rogers, to deliver to the Baxters.

NOVEMBER 24, 1964 (EP. #140)
The States Attorney (the D.A.), Paul Masters, speculated to Sgt. Adams that the sly old fox Dru would pull a surprise and come out of retirement to defend Pat. Adams advised Paul to concentrate on Laura. Ken told Janet it would have served no purpose if he had told her that Tom admitted to him he was responsible for Pat's abortion, as Tom would never be "trapped" by a pregnancy. Janet felt Pat should be made to tell the truth if she's to have any chance, and that her abortion doctor should be brought to trial. Paul was keenly interested when Laura told him Ken knew Pat's aunt quite well. Later, Paul speculated that the association of the aunt to the father of the dead boy might reveal Pat's motive for killing Tom. Pat wouldn't hear of it when Janet begged her to reveal the pregnancy, illegal abortion, and the resulting infection that left her unable to have children.

Paul: "What is this, a quadrangle or a triangle? A father and an aunt, a son and a niece."

NOVEMBER 25, 1964 (EP. #141)
Mary insisted to a discouraged Jim that Pat couldn't have murdered Tom. Dru instructed Jim to make Pat face the fact that she killed Tom. Pat's hope dwindled when, after a hard look from Dru, Jim told Pat in exact words that she shot and killed Tom. In the corridor outside the grand jury room, Frank verified for Ken that the couple who just came in were Pat's parents. Despite Mary's misgivings, Jim offered Ken his condolences. Paul told John that since he, John, used to be assistant D.A., he knows full well Mary and Jim can be called to testify today. Later, Mary fainted when Paul came out to reveal, "Murder. Murder in the first degree."The scene dissolved to a printing press, with the newspaper's headline "Co-ed indicted for murder." John visited Pat to tell her the news.



Pat: "Then it's over."
John: "No, Patricia. It's just begun. You and I have just... begun."

NOVEMBER 27, 1964 (EP. #142)
Bill kissed Missy on the bridge when she worried about becoming too fond of him. Ann told Missy to keep her secret from Bill until he gets to know and love her. Liz defended to Bill not having invited Missy or Janet to her Thanksgiving dinner. Bill was excited when Liz told him John wanted to see him. John discouraged Lee from taking up law, her interest in the profession due to her exposure to John and Dru, who had introduced John to Lee's mother, who was working as his legal secretary. Bill told John that Tom was poison to girls and assured him Pat wasn't the type of girl to "grant privileges." John told Dru, who bumped into Bill on his way out, that he's decided to base his case on self-defense.

NOVEMBER 30, 1964 (EP. #143)
Ken advocated compassion, not hate, to Laura, who looked forward to Pat's arraignment. Ken warned Janet about Laura's statement to Paul about them, reiterated his newfound loyalty to Laura (though he admits there is no love involved), and assured her he wouldn't tell Laura or anyone else Pat's true story as it would destroy Laura's image of her son. Paul felt Janet knew more about the case than she let on during an unfruitful interview. Pat ran sobbing for the door when John said she would have been justified in shooting Tom if he had tried to do something to her. Judge Sutherland convened the case of the "People vs. Patricia Matthews." Pat was brought in and, when asked how she pleaded, shouted, "I didn't! I didn't! I didn't kill Tom... I wasn't there!" John requested a jury (as opposed to bench) trial, and the judge set the start of the trail for the 16th.

Clerk: "All rise. Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye. The Circuit Court, Criminal Division, is now in session pursuant to adjournment."

Laura: "You killed my son. You killed my son. How can you plead not guilty. How can you plead not guilty!"

Notes: The courtroom had the same design as the 1990s version.

DECEMBER 1, 1964 (EP. #144)
Frank told fiancé Kathy Grayson he's set December 16th as their wedding date. Kathy, a student nurse, insisted Pat wasn't guilty because she knew her when she was dying from her abortion infection, and encouraged Frank to tell the whole story as Tom had told it to him. Mary agreed when Jim wanted the family to stop dwelling on Pat's predicament. Jim said he phoned his Ma and told her under no circumstances is she to return. Ken still wanted to stay longer at Janet's apartment despite her declaration of hatred for Tom Baxter and the notion of love. Janet insisted to Ernest she didn't love Ken and never did. Janet cautioned Ernest that he would have a suicide on his conscience if he indulged his "moral responsibility" to come forward.

Mary: "I know as well as you do that little or nothing is accomplished by a constant repetition of words."

Notes: Abortion crossed out and replaced with operation here and elsewhere, but not everywhere.

DECEMBER 2, 1964 (EP. #145)
Dru and John speculated it may have been rape that made Pat block out the night of the murder. Frank told John and Dru that he'd know Pat longer than Tom did and thought her a pleasant girl. Dru felt his theory was vindicated when Frank said Pat acted like she was unaware there was a dead man lying on the floor. Paul confided to Adams he's afraid Tom may have attacked Pat that night. John told Dru he's having an analyst, Dr. Ralph Hubert, speak with Pat. Dru advised John to use his charm on Pat when John admitted being afraid she won't cooperate. Pat agreed to see a psychiatrist after John changed his approach from soft to hard sell.

Notes: Crossed-out dialogue, Dru's reference to a lawyer friend named Hughes.

DECEMBER 3, 1964 (EP. #146)
Lee revealed to Dru her dreams of becoming a prosecutor, as she wouldn't want to defend the guilty. John didn't want to talk about it when Dru advised him to put a stop to Lee's notions of taking over his life. Jim encouraged a hesitant Alice to visit Pat. The next day, Alice tried to snap Pat out of her despondency over being put on trial for killing the man she loved. After John begged her to care more about her situation, Pat insisted she'll walk out of jail a free woman or she won't want to live.

DECEMBER 4, 1964 (EP. #147)
Bill and Missy felt guilty talking about Christmas plans while Pat was still in jail. Bill offered Jim advice about Russ's lack of scholastic aptitude. Jim turned down Bill's offer to drop a semester to work in Jim's office, and assured him he wouldn't have been able to prevent anything by having been more explicit in his warnings about Tom. John told Ralph that Pat was a pretty natural blonde with lovely coloring and no makeup. With an expressionless face and voice, Pat told Ralph that she and Tom were to be married, but that now she's become someone she doesn't want to know anymore.

DECEMBER 7, 1964 (EP. #148)
Pat insisted to Ralph that she doubts she'll ever care for anyone as much as she did for Tom. After assuring John that Pat wasn't acting, Ralph proposed using sodium pentothal on Pat, then rejected his self-defense theory on the grounds that Pat loved Tom too much to kill him. Family friend and physician Dr. Eric Hilker suggested Laura was closing her eyes to Tom's true nature. Ken warned Janet that Laura will likely invent stories about Pat for the press. Taking off the kids gloves with Pat didn't help Bill shatter Pat's image of Tom.

DECEMBER 8, 1964 (EP. #149)
Mary was alarmed when Pat said it doesn't matter she doesn't like John as her attorney as she doesn't care what happens to her. Alice predicted to Mary that Missy would be a Matthews someday. Mary badgered Jim into phoning Dru about recommending another lawyer. John and Dru squared off over Dru's growing interest, and encroachment, in Pat's case. They were annoyed when Lee claimed that if she were Pat she'd plead guilty and throw herself on the mercy of the court.

DECEMBER 9, 1964 (EP. #150)
Pat dreamed of her abortionist, Mr. Alberts, while "The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi" played and a baby cried in the distance. Pat told Missy during her visit that Missy's mother did the right thing by having her even though she was illegitimate. Pat refused the truth serum as she was wary of the potential questions she might be asked. Pat got angry when John, fed up with her evasiveness, demanded to know what she was hiding. She got even angrier when he criticized Tom.

Pat: (Waking from a nightmare) "Don't take my baby! Don't take my baby! It's murder, it's murder!"

DECEMBER 10, 1964 (EP. #151)
Tired and frustrated, John suggested Dru take over Pat's case. Dru agreed to come out of his well-deserved retirement if he could persuade Pat to change her mind about the sodium pentothal. But Dru failed to change Pat's mind. Dru suggested a plea of temporary insanity when John complained about the danger of pleading self-defense when the accused will swear she was never at the scene. John accepted Dru's advice to seek the help of Pat's family in making Pat face the truth. Janet realized she knew why Pat wouldn't take the drug when John explained his predicament to her, Jim, and Mary.

DECEMBER 14, 1964: Pre-empted.

DECEMBER 15, 1964 (EP. #153)
Janet suggested hiring another attorney while Jim and Mary tried to muddle through why Pat refused to take the serum. Alice told Mary she'd swear that when the phone rang in their bedroom the night Tom was shot, and Pat said she'd talk to Tom if it were him, Pat didn't know he was dead. The night before the start of the trial, Ken flipped through "The American Tragedy" and Laura gazed at the smoke coming from her cigarette. Janet debated telling John everything she knew, but hung up the phone after Lee went to get John. Lee insisted John needed taking care of when John worried about her trying to take her mother's place. Pat wouldn't let Jim's tough stance change her mind about taking the drug.

DECEMBER 16, 1964 (EP. #154)
Adams was surprised that Paul was heading out of town and handing Pat's case over to the assistant D.A., Phil Martin, who regretted the Matthews case presented no challenge to him. The next day, In the defendant's room, Pat tried to get to know her matron better. The prosecution and defense sat on opposite sides of the same table while the judge instructed the jury candidates. Phil questioned Martha Johanson (about her children), Ralph Sherman (his divorce), Sylvia Dowling (her age and employment), and Walter Ryan (his arrest record). The judge denied Phil's request to excuse Sylvia because she opposes the death penalty. John then questioned the first panel of four jurors and got Ralph dismissed since he bore his ex-wife a grudge. Dru detected John's resignation when he found him sitting in an empty courtroom. John dreaded having to put Pat on the stand.

Notes: Frank Andrews married his girlfriend, student Nurse Kathy Grayson [off-camera]. First day of Pat's trial for Tom's murder.

DECEMBER 17, 1964 (EP. #155)
Adams phoned Ken to tell him the jury will be impaneled by the afternoon. Ken apologized to Janet for Laura's interview in the paper. Laura came into the office and Janet confronted her with the article, declaring she had no interest in Ken, and begged her not to continue telling stories about Pat. John prepared Pat for the prosecution's opening remarks, then the matron questioned her about her nightmares and her headache. In the pews, Mary and Jim and Ken and Laura felt overwhelmed. There was a hubbub in the courtroom and John cried for a doctor when Pat stood up and cried out it wasn't true, then fainted, when Phil told the jury she deliberately intended to murder Tom.

DECEMBER 18, 1964 (EP. #156)
In the judge's chambers, John argued with Phil and asked the judge for a recess until the doctor could diagnose Pat. John told Mary and Jim that the infirmary resident will decide whether Pat can continue to stand trial. Dr. Tony Warren told John that a patch of pneumonia on Pat's left lung will keep her in bed for ten days. John told Jim and Mary that he's excited by the extra time the continuance will give him. Tony chastised John for disregarding his orders by speaking to Pat. Pat explained to Tony her scar was from an ovarian cyst, and commented she liked Tony better than John.

DECEMBER 21, 1964 (EP. #157)
Adams told Phil that the matron reports Pat has been having nightmares of a baby. Tony encouraged Pat with his optimism over her trial. Pat discouraged John from seeing the Baxters today since it was Tom's 24th birthday, and defended her use of the present tense in referring to Tom. Ken and Laura morbidly discussed their lives with two dead children. Dru assured John that Pat only feared and not disliked him. As Tony flirted with Pat, John made plans to talk to Frank and Janet.

DECEMBER 22, 1964 (EP. #158)
Adams reminded Phil Mary had said Pat had been ill the night he went to arrest her. Pat had Jim visit her so she could officially apologize for smearing the Matthews name. Laura scoffed when John came over and suggested Pat may have had a good reason for killing Tom. Adams showed Tony's medical history report on Pat to Phil and they learned Dr. Gregory treated her for a ruptured ovarian cyst.. Pat admired Tony's dedication to his patients. Laura was suspicious when Ken firmly denied Tom told him about Pat.

DECEMBER 23, 1964 (EP. #159)
Pat panicked when her former night nurse, Ellie Oster, told her her other nurse Kathy just married Frank Andrews, Tom's roommate. At Memorial Hospital, Ellie and Kathy vowed they nor Frank would breathe a word of Pat's illness, and wondered if Pat knew she was sterile. Tony felt Pat's condition was improving. Janet told Pat to stop comparing her baby to the Christ child. Janet painted a cynical picture for Ken of single women / married men office romances. Ernest worried to Janet that Phil might be suspicious since a cyst rarely causes a pelvic infection.

DECEMBER 24, 1964 (EP. #160)
Ernest informed Phil he'd need a subpoena to view Pat's medical records, but he volunteered that Pat had not been a maternity case. Phil conjectured to Adams that Pat had her baby well before her admittance to the hospital in September. Nurse Johnson's excessive Christmas cheer was a puzzle to Pat. Alice worried to Jim that Russ was keeping his feelings hidden from her, but Jim assured her one day the two of them will be very close. As carolers sung in the background, Mary visited Pat, who called her by name as Mary was very much like the "Mother Mary." Clasping Pat's hands with tears in her eyes, Mary spoke of the dream of Christ deep within all of us. Pat heard the cry of a small baby "inside her mind down to the depths of her soul," and then, finally, the last few lines of "Sleep in Heavenly Peace."

DECEMBER 25, 1964 (EP. #161)
With a Madonna-like expression on her face, Pat maintained she had no hope despite Tony's admonishment that it was the birthday of the Christ child. In their quarters, Tony's roommate, OB Larry Young, perceived that Pat was getting under Tony's skin. Alice brought a table-sized tree with small electric lights to Pat in the infirmary. Alice noticed how emotional Pat became when a new-born baby cried in the distance. Dru teased Lee about being a modern Portia, and told her he did intend to marry someday. Lee was upset when John ran out the door with a package. John brought Pat some perfume Lee had picked out, and Pat extolled the virtues of her family.

Larry: "It's Christmas, Tony. And when I bopped that kid on the fanny and heard it squall, I said, 'Merry Christmas, young man, and welcome to the best of all worlds.'"

DECEMBER 28, 1964 (EP. #162)
Lee inquired about Pat, but Dru changed the subject and criticized her unfeminine pants. Lee told John of her New Year's Eve plans with college sophomore Jerry. The next day, in the dining room of the bar association, Phil felt he hit the bullseye when he slowly led up to telling John about Pat having a baby. Dru disagreed with John's suspicion of a baby. Jim again asked Pat what she was hiding. Jim firmly denied John's idea that Pat could have had a baby.

John: "Who knows what 1965 will bring for Patricia Matthews?"

Notes: First appearance of Mike [originally Jerry] Quinn, a college sophomore who dated Lee Randolph.

DECEMBER 29, 1964 (EP. #163)
John enthused to Dru what it could do for the case if he could bring Pat's baby into the courtroom. Tony told Pat she can't hide behind an illness she no longer has. At the university medical records library, the librarian forbade Adams from reading Pat's file. In the pathology lab, Dr. Jenkins confirmed for him that there would be a report on any cyst he examined. Adams then reported to Phil that Pat likely never had a cyst as the library had no such report. Pat was frightened when John brought up "baby" as she associated it with "abortion," but then was able to cooly deny everything when she realized he was talking of a living child. Pat told Nurse Johnson we can live in many worlds, but not necessarily in the best of all worlds, then she nightmared of being back in the abortionist's apartment.

Notes: John's references to Pat's sexual relations were replaced with intimate relations.

DECEMBER 30, 1964 (EP. #164)
An angry Phil confronted Ernest but got nowhere. Kathy was tight-lipped when John made friendly inquiries about her work. Frank came home and answered some questions, but John believed he knew more than he was telling. Frank and Kathy felt miserable that Pat wouldn't want them to tell John what Tom had done to her. Ernest tried to convince John that he never delivered Pat's baby. Pat refused to give John permission to access her medical records claiming they had nothing to do with the trial.

DECEMBER 31, 1964 (EP. #165)
Pat was curious to know why Janet was seeing Ernest on New Year's Eve. John thought Lee looked transformed in her sophisticated dress she planned to wear to the house party being given by a friend of Michael Quinn [formerly Jerry]. John was sad but had a smiling face as he said goodbye to Lee. Dru told John it wouldn't be good for him to be alone once Lee goes to university in September and lives on campus, despite that Dru's ward got married five years ago and moved to England. As the clock chimed twelve and "Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot" played, Dru and John wished each other well, then John received a phone call from Lee. Ernest remarked to Janet that they wouldn't be sharing New Year's Eve together if it hadn't been for Pat. Janet reiterated her lack of feelings for Ken to Ernest after a rather pathetic phone call from Ken. Tony told Pat he believed in her innocence.