JANUARY 4, 1965 (EP. #166)
Jim and Mary assured Dru they wouldn't hide the existence of a grandchild from him. Dru assured John he had done everything he could for Pat. Adams considered Phil's "a woman wronged" approach melodramatic, but Phil anticipated it as John's strategy and was ready to deny Tom as the baby's father if John trotted a baby into court. Larry recommended that Tony should have had a psychiatrist look at Pat, and even wanted to bet $5 that one would be brought in to the trial. Pat speculated on the jury's thought processes before being led back into the courtroom.

JANUARY 5, 1965 (EP. #167)
There was a loud murmur as Pat was brought into court. In his opening remarks, John instructed the jury that the picture puzzle of the trial would not be complete until the last piece was fitted into its proper place. John objected to Phil's attempt to arouse the jury's sympathy for the first witness, Ken. Ken told Phil he looked at his son's dead body at the County Morgue on November 7th. The judge sustained Phil's objection to John's characterization of Tom as a ladies' man. John harped on Ken's separation from Laura until Phil objected. The coroner, Dr. Robert Wolf, testified that Tom died from a massive hemorrhage of the abdominal cavity (in other words, he bled to death) from a gunshot beneath the sternum. Wolf identified the bullet (State's Exhibit No. 1) and estimated time of death as between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m.


JANUARY 6, 1965 (EP. #168)
A furious Pat rebuked John for smearing Tom's name, and he warned her not to testify Tom was a paragon of virtue. Dru couldn't fathom why John insisted on telling off and antagonizing Pat. The following morning, John begged Pat to have the same faith in him she had in Dr. Warren. Judge Sutherland berated John and Phil for playing on the jury's emotions yesterday. The crime lab technician, Peter Jordan, testified he found Pat's fingerprints on Exhibit No. 2, the 32-caliber pistol. John declined to question Jordan. On the stand, Adams recounted what happened when he went to Tom's apartment. As Adams described telling Mary and Jim he believed their daughter was with Tom Baxter that night, Pat stood up and shouted she wasn't there, to ensuing court hubbub.

Pat was acquitted, and she and John fell in love. Janet ended her relationship with Ken. Ken began spending more time with Laura in hopes that she would grant him a divorce. Janet began seeing Ernest romantically. Lee got very upset when she learned John was falling in love with Pat.

FEBRUARY 8, 1965 (EP. #190)
Pat’s abortionist, Robert Alberts, appears on the witness stand.

FEBRUARY 11, 1965 (EP. #193)
Pat was found not guilty by reason of temporary insanity.

Pat: “Temporary insanity? Was I- Was I insane?”

MARCH 31, 1965 (EP. #269)
Pat found a seedy motel after having run away when she no longer felt she belonged in polite society. Pat let seedy Larry talk to her in a coffee shop and then follow her back to her room.

Larry: (To Pat) "You cool, or cold? Nothin' wrong with cool! But cold! Man, that's nowhere!"

APRIL 14, 1965
Appearance by Joey Trent as Russ Matthews.

JUNE 1, 1965 (EP. #270)
Larry got violent when Pat spurned his advances, but he left after shoving her around a little. A distraught Pat decided to fill out her prescription for sleeping pills when she felt she didn't belong in either world. John arrived in the nick of time and convinced her to come home. After dropping Pat off at her parents' house, John returned to her hotel room where he found her suicide note. John came back and proposed to Pat, but she insisted on telling him everything. When he said he already knew, and that he'd burned her note, she accepted his proposal.

John: "Will you marry me?"
Pat: "Yes, John, I'll marry you. I want to marry you more than anything in the world."

JUNE 21, 1965 (EP. #284)
Liz didn't share Bill's enthusiasm over Pat's upcoming wedding. She reminded him that Pat's inability to have children came out in court, and that it will create problems for John. Jim confided in Janet that he may have been wrong not to tell Mary that John had tried to make love to Pat before she ran away. He said he was distrustful of John for other reasons, including that he was 17 years older than Pat. Jim wasn't angry when Janet said she'd told Pat she'd approved of her marriage plans because then Pat wouldn't be alone like Janet was. Alice sulked when Pat ignored her idea and chose Mary's idea of having the wedding in front of the fireplace in the living room. Pat joked about Alice's enthusiasm as maid of honor. Everyone was impressed when Pat described her honeymoon in Miami. Pat reassured Jim she loved John.

Headline of Newspaper: "Matthews Girl Marrying Attorney Who Defended Her In Murder Trial."

Pat: (To Jim) "I honestly believe I'm going to have as good a marriage as yours and Mom's."

JUNE 22, 1965 (EP. #285)
Dru and John reminisced on their 20-year friendship. John was touched that Dru considered Pat a daughter to replace his ward/daughter who was very far away. Lee was the only unhappy participant at the wedding rehearsal at the Matthews house. The night before the wedding, Lee tried to beg off attending, but John wouldn't hear of it. Alice ran to get Mary when Pat had night terrors, and Mary hummed Pat to sleep.

Dru: (To John) "I never had a son, until I met you."

Mary: (To the sleeping form of her daughter Pat) "Goodbye, my baby. Goodbye, my Pat."

JUNE 23, 1965 (EP. #286)
After Mrs. Weber (Randolph housekeeper and "German Mother Earth") assured John she would look after Lee during his honeymoon, he told Lee he would always love her. Dru scolded Lee about ruining John's big day with her sulking. Pat assured a forlorn Alice they will always be a part of each other's lives. Missy blushed when Pat told her she was going to throw the bouquet her way. John and his best man Dru waited by the fireplace while down the staircase came Mary, Missy, Alice, and finally Pat in her wedding dress escorted by Jim.

Pat: (Upon waking up) "It's my wedding day!"

JUNE 24, 1965 (EP. #287)
Reverend Carlson conducted Pat and John's emotional and lovely wedding. The wedding was attended by Jim, Mary, Janet, Ernest, Alice, Russ, Liz, Bill, Missy, Dru, and Lee. Dru then Jim toasted the bride and groom, who led the first dance. Pat and John left for their honeymoon under a hail of rice. Dru tried to comfort an unconsolable Lee, whom he calls "Rosebud" affectionately.

John: "I, John Anthony Randolph, take thee, Patricia, to be my wedded wife..."
Pat: "I, Patricia Ellen Matthews, take thee, John, to be my wedded husband..."

John: "This ring I give thee, in token and pledge, of our constant faith and abiding love."

Jim: "Take good care of her."
John: "I will."

Pat: "Through half the ceremony all I could hear was Alice sniffing in my ear."
Alice: "What!?"

JUNE 25, 1965 (EP. #288)
Pat and John arrived at their private honeymoon cottage in Santa Isabella. Lee had a nightmare about the wedding. Dru rushed over when Lee phoned him that she was genuinely ill. Dru was alarmed when Dr. Henry Lewis's tentative diagnosis was for virus pneumonia, which doesn't respond to antibiotics. Feeling miserable about interrupting their honeymoon, Dru finally brought himself to telephone John.

JUNE 28, 1965 (PRE-EMPTED)

JUNE 29, 1965 (EP. #289)
John felt guilty when Dru phoned him about Lee's illness, and felt guiltier still when Pat suggested they return immediately to Bay City. Dru tried to calm Lee's fears of going to the hospital for tests. Bert came to see his son Ernest at his office to complain about his medical treatment and to praise Ernest's new lady love, Janet. Bert tied to reconcile Ernest with Alex and Karen, with whom he's been on bad terms for over 10 years, since both Alex and Karen recently returned home to Bay City to live. Jim and Mary's happy morning was dashed by Pat's phone call saying she was at the airport.

JUNE 30, 1965 (EP. #290)
Mary's tears flowed freely when Pat told her her honeymoon had been interrupted. Missy clammed up when Bill pressed her about the sociology books she was studying. Dr. Lewis filled Pat and John in when they arrived at the hospital. The doctor was alarmed when Nurse Conway reported Lee showed signs of cyanosis and dyspnea. He used nail polish remover on a fingernail to confirm Lee's nails were blue. An oxygen tent was set up around Lee. John was tortured by feelings of guilt despite Dru's attempts to make him feel better. John had no choice but to agree when Dr. Lewis told him it would upset Lee too much if she saw him and realized she'd ruined his honeymoon.

JULY 1, 1965 (EP. #291)
Pat revealed to Dru that Lee probably got sick over a week ago. During her and Missy's graduation party, Lee had got upset and ran out into the rain without a coat. Dru tried to console Pat when she fingered herself as the cause of Lee's distress that night. Pat agreed to go home for awhile when John worried about her. Janet felt bad for Pat when Ernest told her about Lee's illness. Janet suspected Ernest was afraid to face Alex and Karen because he and Karen had been in love and engaged to be married when she and his brother Alex had run off. Ernest maintained that was in the past and that he loved Janet now. Mary and Jim tried to console Pat over her honeymoon being cut short.

Mary: "Dear God, please give my Pat the happiness she deserves."

JULY 2, 1965 (EP. #292)
Alice visited Pat at the hospital and remembered that the last time she was there, Pat was the one in hospital. Bill beamed when Missy informed him she passed her test and won a scholarship to study Social Sciences in college that fall. Missy thanked him for helping her get her high school diploma, but refused to take another cent from him. Bert and his wife Cora were all flustered waiting for the arrival of Alex and Karen, but things went smoothly once their son and daughter-in-law showed up. Dr. Lewis told John and Pat that Lee's condition was worsening.

JULY 5, 1965 (EP. #293)
Mary, Jim, and Alice worried about Lee, but mostly about Pat. Liz and Bill also discussed the "paramount topic." Liz surprised Bill by complimenting Mary's wedding arrangements. Liz hid her distaste when Bill said Missy will study to be a social worker. Cora and Bert wondered if Karen still had feelings for Ernest, whom they worried is still upset that Karen and Alex ran off and eloped without his knowledge. Pat and John flashbacked to happier times while they kept vigil over Lee's bedside.

Bill: (About Missy) "It's hard to believe this is a girl who was working as a waitress and hiding from the world in a little furnished room a year ago."

JULY 6, 1965 (EP. #294)
John fought back tears as he phoned Dru to come sit with him by Lee's bed during her final hours. Karen assured Alex she has no qualms about moving back to Bay City because Alex received a partnership and vice-presidency at a management consultant firm. Alex failed to notice Karen got upset when he talked about his desire to see Ernest again. Ernest comforted Janet when she was close to tears over Lee's condition. Dru was ecstatic when Pat and John told him Lee had been able to say one word, "Daddy." Dr. Lewis told them that hearing her father's voice on the phone to Dru must have given Lee strength to fight the disease, as her condition started to improve.

Dru: "If a life must be taken, take mine, but spare hers, spare my Rosebud."

Janet: "It's what happened to Pat, it drew the whole family together."

JULY 7, 1965 (EP. #295)
Jim and Mary were thrilled when Pat came to tell them Lee's crisis was over, and to relate how hearing John's voice had saved her. Later, Jim confided to Mary that Lee's love of her father was too strong and might cause problems for Pat once the three of them were living together. Pat was unsure when John insisted they both go into Lee's room to visit her. John shrugged off Pat's concern that she was responsible for Lee's illness. Lee told John she feels guilty she had to deprive him of his honeymoon.

Lee: (To her nurse) "That was my father... Isn't he wonderful?"

JULY 8, 1965 (EP. #296)
Bill visited Missy at the Kopper Kettle to express his disapproval over her resumption of her waitressing duties. Missy found excuses to turn down Bill's idea that they could get married after he graduates from law school next June. Janet and Ernest oohed and ahed over the story of Lee regaining consciousness upon hearing her father's voice. Ernest was uncomfortable when Janet tried to pin him down on his feelings about the return of Alex and Karen. John apologized to Lee for not believing she was sick when she complained before the wedding of not feeling well. Pat noticed Lee was uneasy when John rambled on about the three of them spending the summer together.

Ernest: (To Janet) "I feel nothing for Karen! Nothing!"

JULY 9, 1965 (EP. #297)
Janet received a call from Ken in California informing her he'd be back in town next week. Janet realized Jim still has misgivings about John and Pat's marriage. Jim tried not to let his pleasure show when Janet admitted that for the first time she was thinking of marriage. With a rueful smile, Janet denied that her new man was married. Ernest reprimanded Bert for not taking care of his health after his heart attack. Ernest refused to attend a family gathering. Lee wasn't moved when Dru told her it was Pat's idea, not John's, to return home from the honeymoon.

Janet: (To Jim) "What a marvelous big brother you always were."

JULY 12, 1965 (EP. #298)
Ernest reminisced to Janet about his time in the orphanage. He has no idea who his parents were, just that he and Alex were left in the waiting room of the clinic when he was two and Alex was less than a week old. Alex was very outgoing, and now Ernest blamed himself for having asked him to take Karen out when he was tied up at the hospital. Ernest realized Ken intends to fight him for Janet's affections. Janet assured him it was all over between her and Ken. John's secretary, Peggy Harris, "a good-looking young negro woman of about twenty-five," speculated on her plans when she graduates from law school in three years. Ken reminded Janet that he and Laura are separated. Ken was resigned when Janet rebuffed his advances, but got upset when she said she might marry Ernest.

John: "Here, let me help you."
Peggy: (Intro Line) "[SMILING] It's all right, they're balanced."

Janet: (To Ernest) "Ken and I were never that close."

JULY 13, 1965 (EP. #299)
Laura nervously awaited Ken's visit after his six weeks working in California. She was immediately apologetic after he got angry over her asking if he'd been to see Janet. Pat visited Janet. Missy visited Lee in hospital, and Lee insisted they share a room when they both start college in the fall. Missy showed off Bill's class ring to Lee, but insisted he couldn't be anything more than her best friend. Lee wasn't thrilled when Dr. Lewis said she could go home at the end of the week.

JULY 14, 1965 (EP. #300)
Dr. Lewis suspected Lee wasn't eating so that she wouldn't be well enough to go home. When informed of Lee's hunger strike, John speculated that Lee resented Pat because she first knew her as a client of his, a criminal and a woman accused of murder. Cora told Ernest she blamed Bert's dedication to medicine for his current ill health. John persuaded Lee home life would be all right.

JULY 15, 1965 (EP. #301)
Mrs. Weber fussed over Lee when John and Pat brought her home from the hospital. Mrs. Weber was confused when Lee got angry for calling Pat Lee's new mother. Pat and John assured Lee they would rather spend the next few weeks with Lee rather than resuming their honeymoon. Alex reminisced about the first time he saw Karen, walking into his parents' living room. Karen wondered whether Ernest had changed over the years. Alex and Karen told his parents they were settling into Bay City just fine after so many years away. Karen told Bert she had decided to be a nurse when her sister died when she was only nine. The four of them patiently waited for Ernest to arrive for dinner.

JULY 16, 1965 (EP. #302)
Alex and Karen and Cora and Bert killed time waiting for an overdue Ernest to show for their dinner party. Ernest finally phoned to say he was running late at the hospital and wouldn't be able to make it. After hanging up, Ernest berated himself for lying to his mother. Over dinner, Lee brought up her desire that Pat and John resume their honeymoon. Lee begged off when John and Pat wanted to play Scrabble. Back at home, Karen and Alex speculated on why Ernest was a no-show. Karen tried to laugh it off when Alex asked if she had been nervous at the prospect of seeing Ernest again. John gazed raptly at Pat as she brushed her hair at the new peignoir John got her.

JULY 19, 1965 (EP. #303)
Bert chided Cora that after being married to a doctor for 42 years she shouldn't be cross with Ernest for having stayed overtime at work. But Cora realized Ernest was just making an excuse. Janet finally dragged it out of Ernest that he chickened out of attending his family dinner. John went to Jim's office to thank him for the wedding, and Jim (though without warmth) told him he'd been able to get over a lot of his misgivings. Lee was mum when Pat pressed her on why she doesn't like her.

Ernest: "I remember what happened, Janet. You don't have to review it."

John: (To Jim) "I give you my word of honor that I'll never consciously or willfully do anything to bring unhappiness to Pat."

Pat: (To Lee) "There was a baby, alive in me. It would have been born by now. It would have been alive. But I killed it."

Pat: (To Lee) "I killed Tom Baxter. I pulled the trigger. He died, because of me. I haven't forgiven myself for that. I never will."

JULY 20, 1965 (EP. #304)
Liz could barely disguise her disapproval when she surprised Missy with a visit at the Kopper Kettle. Missy was terrified when Liz noticed Bill's class ring on her finger, a ring Liz had bought for him. Liz made Bill feel guilty about not working in his father's office that summer, and that she and Bill didn't have plans to vacation together. She got upset when Bill said Pat's wedding put him in a marrying mood. Mary raved about John to Jim, then told him she still wonders what happened to Pat when she ran away for five days. Dru told Pat the real reason Lee dislikes her is because it forces Lee to share the love of her father, a man she worships and adores.

JULY 21, 1965 (EP. #305)
Ken and Laura could both barely hold back their anger when she dropped in at his office and interrupted him asking Janet to dinner. Ken brought up divorce when Laura brought up reconciliation. Janet complained to Ernest about Ken's persistence. Alice and Pat wondered if Russ enjoyed the private school he was attending outside of Bay City, and commented on how much they miss him. Alice stopped herself from telling Pat about the new painting she was working on. After Jim and Mary coddled Pat over her troubles with Lee, they got up enough courage to ask her about the time she was missing.

Laura: (To Ken) "Divorce isn't a solution, it's a dissolution."

Alice: "He's the most heavenly man I ever met."
Pat: "I'm not so sure I should let you near John."

JULY 22, 1965 (EP. #306)
Pat flashbacked to her days in Bedfordtown and related to Jim and Mary everything that happened to her there. She said that Mary's idea, that Liz drove her away by saying Pat should be sent to Europe until people forget what happened, was wrong.

JULY 23, 1965 (PRE-EMPTED)

JULY 26, 1965 (EP. #307)
John and Peggy were working on the Carrington case when Jim arrived to thank John for saving Pat's life in Bedfordtown. Lee advised Missy not to expect Bill to wait for her for too long. Dru boasted to Ken about his new job teaching a class in trial techniques at the university. Ken told Dru his advice of befriending Laura in hopes of achieving an amicable divorce backfired because Laura misunderstood his intentions. Pat and John reaffirmed their love despite their problems.

JULY 27, 1965 (EP. #308)
Laura wailed to Dr. Eric Hilker that her life was falling apart, and refused to face the fact that Ken doesn't love her anymore. Mary didn't share Liz's distaste when Liz told her Missy and Bill are only inches way from being engaged. Liz was sure that Missy was only an operator who was playing Bill for every cent she could get. Bill was understanding when Missy couldn't return his "I love you's". Lee got a visit from her boyfriend Mike Quinn. After he told her about how friends of theirs got married and moved to their own place, Lee decided to pop the question to him.

Liz: "Mary, I'm the last person to want to interfere in her children's lives."

JULY 28, 1965 (EP. #309)
Lee was furious when Mike turned down her proposal, but readily admitted she wants to get married only to get out of the house and away from Pat and John. Pat was in tears when Alice presented her with one of her paintings as a wedding gift. Janet apologized to Ken for her rudeness, but the "inchoate joy drain(ed) from his face" when she told him she's in love with Ernest now. Karen reassured Cora she can have children, just that she and Alex haven't gotten around to it yet.

Pat: "Just being Alice is wonderful enough. I hope some things about you never change."

JULY 29, 1965 (EP. #310)
Karen ran into the bedroom when Ernest dropped by to see Cora. Cora made up an excuse when he noticed a lit cigarette in the living room. Karen almost brought on apoplexy trying to catch a glimpse of Ernest's face from the bedroom door. Mary tried to console Pat over her problems with Lee. Janet told Ernest she loved him, but that they could consider mariage only when he'd put his past behind him. Alex was perplexed when Karen told him about hiding in another room and spying on Ernest.

JULY 30, 1965 (EP. #311)
Mary told Alice they shouldn't be too hard on Lee, because she grew up without a mother. Lee tried to be on her best behavior when Pat insisted they have breakfast together. Pat was stung when Lee gushed about her father's love of her mother, who died when she was very young. Janet filled Jim in on Ernest's family situation.
Janet revealed her big secret to Jim: When she was in hospital 10 years ago, it wasn't for an appendectomy, it was for a hysterectomy. She'd had a tumor, so she'd had no choice but to have the operation. Ernest was the surgeon, and that was how they first met. When she told her fiancé, Mike Connors, that she'd never be able to have children, he broke off the engagement. It was an experience that made her decide never to leave herself open to hurt again. She'd spent the last ten years involved with "unavailable" men for that reason.


Jim: "Since when is a visit from my favorite sister a disturbance?"
Janet: "I'd consider that a flattering compliment if I weren't your only sister."

Ken and Laura reconciled. Janet and Ernest got engaged. John and Pat argued when she said Tom's name in her sleep a few times. John resented Janet's closeness to Pat because he felt it prevented Pat from forgetting the past. Life seemed to go more smoothly for John, Pat, and Lee. Alice began dating Tony Douglas, a big football star. Missy confessed being an abandoned child to Pat.
Forced to provide a background for herself, Missy told Bill the fabricated tale that she was brought up by her Aunt Dorothy in San Diego after her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Palmer, were killed in an auto accident. She cut out pictures of two strangers in a magazine and displayed them as her parents. She got a job as hostess at the Homestead restaurant.

OCTOBER 29, 1965 (EP. #376)
Alice had a big fight with Tony, who ran off in a huff over his frustration with her timid attitude toward even harmless intimacy.

NOVEMBER 1, 1965 (EP. #377)
Janet tried to cheer Alice up when she revealed that she constantly worried that what happened to Pat and Tom would happen to her and Tony. Pat couldn't figure out why Lee was asking so many questions about Alice and Tony. Lee said she wasn't interested in inviting Hal Keefer to the party Pat and John are throwing for her. Lee was furious when John let it slip that Pat wants to let Mrs. Weber go so she would be able to take care of the house on her own. John criticized Pat's apologetic air with Lee and told her to take a firmer hand with her. Lee was more defensive than apologetic when Pat innocently stumbled across Lee's scrapbook with a newspaper clipping of Pat from her murder trial.

Newspaper Headline in Lee's Scrapbook: "Guilty or Not Guilty?"

NOVEMBER 2, 1965 (EP. #378)
Janet dropped by Pat and John's to invite them to her and Ernest's wedding on December 11th. Pat told Janet she feels guilty that Alice has difficulty letting boys get close to her because of what happened to Pat. Janet said she doesn't mind that Ernest loved Karen more than he does Janet now. Liz was surprised when she went to John's office and ran into Bill, whom John had hired to work part-time. Liz apologized to John for having gotten on his case about giving Bill the job when she wanted him to follow in Will's footsteps. Janet told Karen she won't work after she's married if Ernest doesn't want her to. Karen wished Janet every happiness, but made excuses for not being able to attend the wedding.

Pat: "It was just a year ago this time that I killed Tom Baxter."


NOVEMBER 8, 1965 (EP. #379)
Liz told Mary that Bill issued her an ultimatum: the very next time Liz says or does anything that encroaches on his personal life, he'll move out of the house. "Mary marvel(ed) at Liz's ability to dissemble." Janet accepted Mary's offer of having her wedding at Mary and Jim's house. Mary was sure Alice wouldn't mind that Janet plans to ask Pat to be her attendant. As "Spanish Flea," "Ticket to Ride," "Yesterday," and "Going Place" played on the jukebox at the Kopper Kettle, Bill pressed Missy to marry him, but had no luck. When Tony came in, Missy wondered if he really was a nice guy or not, but Bill felt that he was, or he would never have introduced him to Alice. Bill's eyebrows were raised when Lee came in to meet with Tony. Tony declared to Lee that he wasn't Alice's personal property.

NOVEMBER 22, 1965 (EP. #386)
Appearance by Karen Gregory.

NOVEMBER 24, 1965 (EP. #388)
Jim and Mary offer Dru a room in their house after he has a stay in hospital. Janet receives a phone call from Ernest (unseen)- Alex and Karen had been driving east to meet friends in New York. They were just outside Toledo when Alex was killed. Karen, in hospital, wasn’t hurt badly. It is implied, though never stated, that they were in a car accident. This dispels the long-held AW legend that the entire Gregory family was killed off in a plane crash.

DECEMBER 7, 1965 (EP. #397)
Janet called off her engagement to Ernest because of his past involvement, and perhaps lingering feelings, for Karen.

Ernest: (Exit Line) “Janet, what are you saying?”
Janet: “That I’m not holding you to anything, Ernest. I-I’m breaking our engagement.”

Recognizing the similarity to her marriage to John, Pat was upset when Janet decided not to marry Ernest since gratitude, respect, and goodness are not the things on which to base a marriage.
Lee met Dru in front of the Student Union building, where she told him Tony had invited her to the Sigma Chi fraternity dance. Dru, realizing Lee wanted to hurt Pat by breaking up her sister's relationship, warned her revenge was like a boomerang that gives the one who hurled it the hardest blow of all.
John was more concerned about his relationship with Pat when Dru, just before Christmas, tried to explain to him that Lee felt left out of the family.
Missy finally consented to marry Bill, and they became engaged on Christmas day.