Daily Synopses: January - June / July - December

JULY 3, 1967 (EP. #780)
Ada paced the floor and chain-smoked as she worried that Sam may resort to illegal activities for income. Helen confessed to Lenore that she knew that Katherine was Missy's mother, which precipitated Missy running away to Chicago and hastily marrying Danny. Helen urged Lenore to put Bill in the past and determine whether her misgivings towards Missy's innocence are colored by her unrequited love for Bill. Sam grimly told Ada that they committed a crime by enabling Missy to be sent to prison for a murder she didn't commit. Missy realized that her nightmares have become reality while looking out from her jail cell. Lenore confirmed for Helen that Walter encouraged her to get over Bill and took her out to dinner. Helen wasn't amused when Lenore wryly surmised that Liz wants her to remain in reserve should Bill fall out of love with Missy and Liz feels that Walter is threatening her plans. Walter told Lt. Buckley that he isn't plagued by guilt over Missy's conviction or bothered by the perception that he is cold and calculating, but expressed remorse over forcing Lenore to testify since she was trying to protect the man she loves. Lt. Buckley advised Walter to expect an invitation to his upcoming wedding and suggested that Walter consider marriage. Sam tried to assure Ada that Rachel will get the same medical care whether she is in the hospital ward or a private room. Ada lamely tried to make excuses for Liz visiting Danny, prompting Sam to accuse Ada of wishing he killed Danny so that her conscience would be clear over taking Liz's money. Sam told Ada that they cannot continue to shield themselves and Liz and must tell the authorities everything they know.


Note: Last appearance of Stratton Walling as Lt. Ira Buckley. The character replaced Assistant D.A. Ted Marsh in this episode and assumed his lines. Buckley mentions that he is getting married to his fiance, Betty during the third week of August.

JULY 4, 1967 (EP. #781)
Bill daydreamed of Missy, who reminisced about their first meeting and implored Bill to promise that they will always be together. Liz cheerfully showed Bill some travel brochures and suggested that they take an extended trip. Bill reproached Liz for wanting him to take a vacation instead of unearthing new evidence to justify the motion of a retrial for Missy. Liz was floored by Bill's intentions to start a new investigation into Danny's murder. Pat and Lee exchanged mutually challenging, hostile glances as John mentioned his appointment with Dr. Robinson. Lee asked John to reconsider getting the operation, but John maintained that he wants the chance to regain his mobility. John insisted that he would never ask Pat to share the responsibility to counter Lee's veiled remarks about Pat influencing him into seeing Dr. Robinson. Pat told John that Lee firmly believes that he is acquiescing to Pat's wishes by having the operation. Liz barged into the Randolph living room to vehemently accuse John of building false hopes in Bill. Dru grew despondent while telling Mary that he failed to sway the jury to believe in Missy's innocence. Bill laid out his plans to Dru and was pleased when he readily agreed to accompany him to Chicago. Liz berated John for sending Bill on wild goose chases, prompting John and Pat to reveal Bill's initial strategy to falsely confess to Danny's murder. John took Liz to task for insisting that everyone accept Missy's conviction and that evidence that would prove her innocence does not exist. Bill berated Liz for trying to persuade John into talking him out of going to Chicago and warned Liz that he won't tolerate her hindering his efforts to clear Missy.

Missy: (SMILING, NOSTALGIC:) "Remember how we met, Bill? You came into the Kopper Kettle that time and -- and afterwards I used to watch for you -- I was so shy. I couldn't believe that someone like you could really be interested in me. But I think I fell in love with you the first time I saw you."
Bill's Voice: (AN AGONIZED WHISPER:) "Missy--"
Missy: "If anyone had told us back then all the things that were going to happen --" (STOPS) "I guess it's good we can't see the future...I don't want to, do you Bill? I just want things to be the way they are now, with the two of us together...Promise me, Bill. Promise me it will always be that way."

JULY 5, 1967 (EP. #782)
Sam guessed rightly that Ada was frazzled over taking Liz's money while Missy languishes in prison. Ada told Sam that she cannot allow Liz to get away with murder, but conceded that she is apprehensive towards taking action. Lenore told Lee that she sincerely hopes that Bill accomplishes his goals in Chicago. Lee proclaimed to Lenore that she and Pat will never reconcile, despite Lenore's advice against holding a grudge. Lenore was quietly appalled, but incredulous once Lee revealed that Pat had an affair with Michael. Liz griped to Fred that Bill is running himself ragged chasing after new evidence to clear Missy. Fred advised Liz not to interfere in Bill's personal matters. Liz derisively told Fred that he shares John and Dru's delusions over Sam's existence and Flo being a reliable source of information. Ada called Liz to arrange an urgent meeting. Fred bought Liz's fib that she needed to sit with an elderly neighbor once she gets home from their date. Lee told Lenore that John's unconditional love for Pat is tragic, that Michael never reciprocated her feelings, and that she saw Pat and Michael together. Lenore was aghast as Lee asserted that John would be spared from wasting his life with someone who holds him in contempt by learning of Pat's indiscretion. Lee vowed to Lenore that John will reject Pat once she exposes her as an unfaithful, deceitful woman. Ada confessed to Sam that she is giving Liz a chance to explain her presence in Danny's suite on the night of his death. Sam warned Ada that Liz may resort to drastic measures should she suspect that Ada may want to incriminate her. Ada nervously waited for Liz while Sam hid in the bedroom.

JULY 6, 1967 (EP. #783)
Ada beckoned for Liz to enter the apartment after assuring herself of Sam's protection should the need arise. Liz cast herself as charitable by stating that she understood Ada's reasons for approaching her for money to help Rachel, that she offered the check to spare Ada embarrassment, and was genuinely pleased to pay for her hospital expenses. Ada was flabbergasted yet conflicted when Liz handed her a check for one thousand dollars. Liz was nonplussed once Ada shoved the check into Liz's purse and proclaimed that they had something important to discuss. Russ urged Rachel to count her blessings and have patience with her medical treatment rather than wallow in self-pity. Rachel surmised that Liz preferred Lenore over Missy because of their different backgrounds, prompting Russ to contend that he won't seek his family's approval in choosing a prospective wife. Rachel smiled insouciantly as Russ left the room so she could get some rest. Mary sided with Alice as she debated with Jim on whether Russ is aware that Rachel is pursuing him romantically. Jim hoped that Bill would be permitted to visit Missy in jail since he was one of her attorneys. Alice speculated to Jim and Mary that Liz is secretly happy about Missy's conviction. Ada told Liz that she suspects that she killed Danny and had placed the mysterious call to Dru with the intention of incriminating her before she lost the nerve. Liz frantically invented a story that Danny was relentlessly pestering her about financing his music publishing business in a failed effort to placate Ada. Ada asked Liz whether she intends to stop her from contacting the authorities by killing her the way she silenced Danny.

JULY 7, 1967 (EP. #784)
The jail matron told Missy that she is being transferred to prison tomorrow. Missy requested writing material from the jail matron and composed a letter in which she implored Bill to forget her, thanked everyone for their help and support, and wished for Bill to find happiness with someone else. Lenore smiled wryly when Helen guessed correctly that she and Lee have bonded because they both yearn for men who don't reciprocate their affections. Helen respected Lenore's choice to keep Lee's confidence, but was intrigued as Lenore hinted that Lee is distancing herself from someone she loves. John conceded to Pat that the prospects of gathering new evidence to clear Missy are slim. Pat thought Lee was preparing to tell John about her and Michael as Lee mused that Bill and Missy are clinging to hope that their separation is temporary. John reassured Lee that he is willingly taking the risk of the operation for a chance to walk again. Lee coldly informed Pat that she will expose her to John while she is absent so that Pat cannot downplay the severity of her actions. Pat insisted to Lee that she and Michael were never intimate to no avail. Helen disapproved when Lenore accepted a date with Walter over the phone. Fred told Helen that Lenore should socialize again, but understood Helen's concerns that Lenore is vulnerable because she still loves Bill. Dru outlined his and Bill's plans in Chicago for Missy, then left to give Bill and Missy a few moments alone. Missy fought her emotions while trying to relate the contents of her letter to Bill, who refused to accept defeat and reiterated his faith in proving Missy's innocence and sharing his life with her.

Bill: (to Missy) "...Can faith move mountains? Can love move mountains? Then I'm going to move mountains for you -- for us. Believe me, darling, I will." (AND HE TILTS HER CHIN UP AND KISSES HER, AS THOUGH TO SEAL THIS FACT, AS WE FADE OUT).

Missy's letter to Bill: "Dear Bill -- they tell me I'm leaving here tomorrow. I am going out of your life, and there is no reason why you should feel bound by any of the promises we have made to each other. I release you from them all. You must put this whole part of your life -- the part you and I shared together -- behind you, as though it never happened. You must forget me, you must find a new existence for yourself, with someone else -- and I hope you will, because I know you would be happier that way." (AND NOW AS SHE WRITES, HER FACE IS STILL EXPRESSIONLESS, BUT SHE IS BEGINNING TO CRY SILENTLY) "And it will give me a measure of satisfaction that way, because all I want or have ever wanted is your happiness. You see, Bill, I love you. I will always love you, even if we never see each other again. And it would be best if we never did..." (SHE DETERMINEDLY BRUSHES AWAY A TEAR AND CONTINUES) "...And then, if you want to write me one letter, write and tell me that you will do as I have asked -- that you will not grieve for me, nor deny yourself the full and happy life which you still can have. All my love -- Missy." (AND AS SHE, CRYING AGAIN NOW, FOLDS THE LETTER AND SLOWLY PUTS IT IN THE ENVELOPE, WE FADE OUT).

JULY 10, 1967 (EP. #785)
Ada admitted that Liz gave her incentive to suppress her suspicions that she killed Danny by paying for Rachel's private room. Liz emphasized to Ada that Missy was prosecuted by the formidable Walter and that she was convicted by a jury. Ada was implacable in pressing Liz to reveal the true nature of her meeting with Danny. Pat tried to stifle her distressed thoughts of Lee, but dissembled when John assumed she was dwelling on testifying against Missy. Pat was anguished when John expressed certainty towards Pat's love because of her unwavering patience and devotion while he was self-absorbed and tyrannical due to his paralysis. John and Pat marveled at Liz's egocentrism, ability to rationalize everything according to her wishes, and speculated that they would be shocked to know the depth of Liz's feelings. Pat was troubled that Lee decided against talking to John in her presence. Ada repeated her resolve in calling the police when Liz harped on Ada's claims of Danny knowing her family and seeing Liz enter Danny's suite. Ada was dubious towards Liz's assertions that she paid Danny to leave town with Missy to ensure Bill's future happiness. Liz felt trapped once Ada recalled that Bill and Missy had reunited and warned Liz not to insult her intelligence by telling lies. Ada was appalled once she deduced that Liz had hounded Missy out of town by revealing Katherine as her mother in a perfidious effort to ostensibly protect Bill. Liz took advantage of Ada's shock by returning the check, reiterating their understanding, and left the apartment. Sam lambasted Ada for allowing Liz to have her anonymity and dodge proving her innocence. Ada contemplated providing for Rachel while Sam urged Ada to destroy the check and contact Dru and the authorities.

JULY 11, 1967 (EP. #786)
Flo screamed while having a nightmare about Danny. Madge was stunned to unexpectedly receive Dru and Bill at her front door. Alice attributed her foul mood to Missy's incarceration and apologized to Rachel for being brusque towards her. Rachel purposefully told Alice that she appreciates her and Russ's kindness and expressed optimism that Bill will uncover evidence to free Missy. Alice affectionately patted Rachel's hand before leaving her hospital room. Rachel smiled with satisfaction over successfully buttering up Alice. Madge was sympathetic and understanding to Bill, who was contrite over losing his temper with Flo and requested another chance to speak with her. Dru informed Madge that Flo might identify Danny's associates and enemies and promised Madge that Bill will maintain his decorum with Flo. Lee told Lenore that she won't overcome her hostility towards Pat. Lenore tried unsuccessfully to convince Lee that John will survive the surgery and begged her not to reveal Pat's infidelity before the operation. Russ laughed heartily when Rachel complimented his bedside manner and bashfully admitted that he treats her differently than his other patients. Flo scoffed at Dru and Bill's work on Missy's behalf and reprised her fervent belief that Missy killed Danny. Dru postponed questioning Flo further once she denied knowledge of Sam. Madge felt sick when Dru stated that he and Bill hired a private investigator to check the passenger lists of available flights from Chicago to Bay City that occurred on the day of Danny's death. Flo was puzzled by Madge's certainty on Missy's innocence. Madge recalled that Danny failed to gain access to Missy's inheritance.

JULY 12, 1967 (EP. #787)
Dru and Bill were surprised to spot a familiar name while perusing the passenger lists of flights from Chicago to Bay City on the day of Danny's murder. Bill conceded that he is too emotionally invested in the situation and agreed that Dru should pursue the lead alone. Charlie reminded Madge that it was logical for Dru and Bill to question Flo and noted that Madge's fears of being implicated proved to be unfounded. Madge told Charlie that she may be jailed once Dru and Bill discover that she was in Bay City after finding her name on an airline flight's passenger list. Dru wore down Flo's defenses by adopting a chivalrous, empathetic, and gentle demeanor and treated Flo like a lady. Flo advised Dru to pass on her apologies to Bill for making disparaging remarks about Missy, though she maintained that she still believes Missy murdered Danny. Dru listened intently as Flo reminisced about Danny being the love of her life and sang "Under The Moon With You," which Danny had dedicated to her. Dru comforted a despondent Flo. Charlie grew suspicious when Bill was evasive over Dru's whereabouts and expressed confidence in extracting useful information from Flo. Bill went to interview other staff members of The Alley, prompting Charlie to signal for Madge to come out of hiding. Dru was intrigued as Flo complained that Madge cuts her off every time she mentions Danny. Flo told Dru that she and Danny had planned to get married and move to New York once he had secured a loan from Missy to finance his business. Dru became pensive as Flo recalled that Madge was furious that Danny had married Missy and had expressed desire to harm him.


JULY 13, 1967 (EP. #788)
Pat told Lee that she cannot be bullied into talking John out of getting the operation. Lee dismissed Pat's contentions that the benefits of the surgery outweigh the risks and vowed to do everything possible to stop John. Dru informed Bill that he didn't tell John about finding Madge's name on the passenger lists because John would dutifully postpone the operation to wait for new developments. Bill told Dru that Charlie seemed anxious and was vague about Madge returning to work. Pat accused Lee of acting out of pure vindictiveness and selfishness by condemning John to a life in a wheelchair, prompting Lee to clap her hands in mock applause. Lee retaliated by ridiculing Pat for being unfaithful to John and willfully sending Missy to prison due to her damning testimony. Pat looked directly and steadily at Lee when John asked whether he had cause to delay having major surgery. Charlie tried to assure Madge that she has nothing to fear and encouraged her to face Dru and Bill. Madge speculated to Charlie that Dru and Bill will discover that she was in Bay City, had confronted Danny, and was at the Barclay Hotel on the night of Danny's murder. Flo advised Dru and Bill that she is uncertain whether Madge will be coming home. Lenore hypothesized to Lee that Walter is trying to make amends by taking her out on dates. Lee wasn't mollified, despite Lenore stressing that Dr. Robinson was forthright with John about the risks of the operation. Lee deduced that John would cancel his operation if Dru and Bill found new leads in Danny's murder. Flo told Dru and Bill that Madge hated Danny and would have done anything to hurt him as Madge walked through the door.

JULY 14, 1967 (EP. #789)
Dru and Bill faced Madge as Flo unknowingly blabbed that Madge wanted revenge against Danny while she was in the kitchen. Bill told Madge that he and Dru know about her trip to Bay City on the day Danny was killed. Lenore told Walter that she is distressed by Missy's conviction and Lee's problem. Walter urged Lenore not to blame herself because she obeyed his subpoena and testified truthfully, but offended Lenore when he surmised that she is miffed that Bill is solely focused on Missy. Walter offered Lenore his assistance in getting her through a difficult time. Dru interposed between Bill and Madge, who fretted that Danny had robbed Flo of her self-respect and filled her head with empty promises of marriage. Madge confessed that she confronted Danny in hopes that he would repay Flo the money he swindled, but Danny callously stated that Flo meant nothing to him and that he married Missy for her money. Flo pushed Madge against the wall and shouted that Madge was a liar. Madge told Dru and Bill that she went to the Barclay Hotel to confront Danny again, but fled once she overheard a woman screaming that Danny was dead and saw staff members rush into the suite. Bill berated Madge for concealing information, prompting Madge to accuse Bill of pinning Danny's murder onto her. Dru guided Bill out of the apartment while Flo stared daggers at Madge. Walter stopped nagging Lenore about her discontentment, proclaimed that she deserves happiness, and gradually prodded Lenore into cutting loose on the dance floor. Dru told Bill that he wants Madge to squirm and potentially indict herself since he believes that Madge may have killed Danny.

JULY 17, 1967 (EP. #790)
Lenore told Walter that she wasn't mortified that people stared while they danced at the Top of the Tower. Walter chastised himself for mentioning Bill to Lenore and conceded that his character flaws are that he is never satisfied until he gets a final answer and is very meticulous. Lenore told Walter that she is coping with her broken engagement to Bill and helping to put Missy in prison, but commended Walter for his valiant effort in making amends. Walter tried to mask deep-seated insecurities while asking Lenore whether she forgot about Bill for a few moments. Walter told Lenore that he didn't believe Missy's story of Danny being frightened of someone named Sam. Sam was impressed that Lefty Burns had knowledge of him staying with Ada, Rachel's hospitalization, and Danny's murder. Sam declined Lefty's offer to join his numbers racket, but bristled with fury as Lefty recalled that Sam spoke of getting revenge against Danny in prison. Madge had Charlie reaffirm his trust in her and was slightly mollified when Charlie stressed that Bill is motivated to clear Missy because of his love for her. Charlie predicted to Madge that Dru and Bill will find someone who will lead them directly to Sam. Lefty cited Sam's presence in Bay City, Missy's testimony about him, and Rachel having a private room to insinuate that he killed Danny, which Sam angrily denied. Madge was flabbergasted when Flo accused her of killing Danny after Flo woke from having a terrible nightmare about him. Flo wrenched a bottle away from Madge during a struggle, which caused Madge to fall against a table. Flo apologized profusely and promised not to tell a soul that Madge killed Danny.

Lefty: (Introduction Line) (On a deserted pier) "I thought you were never going to get here, Sam..."
Sam: "Hi, Lefty."
Lefty: "What took you so long?"
Sam: "Just got tied up."
Lefty: "Some big deal."
Sam: "No big deal. How did you know I was in Bay City?"
Lefty: "I always keep track of old buddies, Sammy, you know that." (THIS IS A FEELER TO GET SAM'S REACTION) "And remember back in stir, I always told you if I ever got hold of a good thing, I'd cut you in on it."
Sam: (WE SEE THIS MAKES HIM LOOK UNEASY) "You on parole, Lefty?"
Lefty: "Parole? ....No, man, I paid my debt like the law says. I'm free as a breeze."
Sam: "It's nice to be free, isn't it? Makes you want to stay that way."
Lefty: "Makes you want to stay that way and stay on top of the game, that's what it makes you want."

Notes: First appearance of Lawrence Keith as Lefty Burns.

JULY 18, 1967 (EP. #791)
Ada gifted Rachel a new bedjacket, slippers, and a makeup vanity, then stated that she will buy Rachel a new wardrobe once she leaves the hospital. Rachel was placated when Ada fibbed that Sam was their benefactor since her income pays for rent and groceries. Ada asked Rachel whether she planned to exhaust herself working at Bryant's or Pierre's when Rachel hinted about having alternatives to becoming a famous actress. Rachel alluded to Russ as she mused about finding a man from an affluent family to marry, causing Ada to stare at Rachel quizzically. Ada noticed Rachel's insouciant smile as Russ examined her. Mary was thrilled to learn from Pat that John is having the operation. Pat tried to cover her trepidation when Mary assumed that Lee will be relieved should John regain the use of his legs. Alice told Mary and Pat that Walter and Lenore were seen at the Top of the Tower and criticized her dating Walter. Mary was interested while Pat was too distracted to listen as Alice gossiped about Russ being oblivious to Rachel's wiles. Mary and Alice were perplexed when Pat abruptly insisted on heading home. Rachel became coquettish while teasing Russ about the two of them parting ways once she is discharged from the hospital and moves to Hollywood. Russ offered to take Rachel to the hospital Benefit Ball should she change her plans, which pleased Rachel greatly. Sam contended that Lefty was incapable of killing anyone and accused Ada of taking Liz's money while ignoring her culpability in Danny's murder after Ada lectured him about Lefty. Ada deflected Sam's questions on cashing Liz's check, prompting a furious Sam to storm out.

Notes: Rachel mentions that her birthday takes place in September in this episode. Rachel's room was #534 at Memorial Hospital.

JULY 19, 1967 (EP. #792)
Sam smiled sheepishly when Rachel gently chided him for coming to see her after visiting hours. Rachel blithely thanked Sam for the gifts and asked whether he was serious about her buying a new wardrobe. Sam resolved to speak with Ada immediately and left Rachel's room rather than keep her company. Ada chastised herself for causing Sam to associate with Lefty by nagging him about money, allowing Liz to keep her quiet, and ignoring the possibility that Liz is a murderer. Sam badgered Ada into admitting that she cashed Liz's check, but Ada maintained that she needed the money to pay for Rachel's medical bills. Ada felt tortured by agonized indecision as Sam implored her to quit taking money from Liz and tell the police everything they know. Alice good-naturedly gave her approval towards Russ taking Rachel to the hospital Benefit Ball that Rachel shyly requested. Rachel fretted that she is inferior to Alice because she is attending college, belongs to a prominent family, and holds memberships in clubs, leading Alice to admonish Rachel for considering such things important. Rachel feigned excitement over Russ gifting her the novel "Wuthering Heights," and expressed hopes that Bill proves Missy's innocence. Madge admitted to Bill that she had motive and opportunity to kill Danny, but insisted that she has been truthful with him. Bill restrained himself when Madge accused him of pushing her for a confession. Ada and Sam debated on incriminating Liz without placing Sam at the Barclay Hotel. Sam told Ada that Lefty wants to discuss his proposition again. Ada grew pensive after Sam noted that they are being pressured by Liz and Lefty.

Madge: (SHE TURNS TO DANNY'S OLD LOCKER, WHICH STILL BEARS SOME TRACES OF HIS NAME - AND THUMPS IT) "Boy, that guy sure left a trail of tears behind him, didn't he? You'd never know he's dead, the kind of ruckus he's raising. It's almost worse than it was when he was alive..." (LOOKS AROUND THE ROOM, DISTRAIGHT) " can almost feel him here -- he's in that lousy prison with Missy, he's still bugging you, he might bug us all the rest of our lives --"

JULY 20, 1967 (EP. #793)
Sam bitterly griped about experiencing setbacks in his concerted efforts to go straight and Ada practically being addicted to Liz's money. Ada walked back into the apartment feeling defeated because she failed to deter Sam from meeting with Lefty. John noted to Mary the irony of Missy's misfortune being his own salvation since it forced him to stop wallowing in self-pity and realize that he could lead a useful life. Mary stayed neutral when John took responsibility for being a miserable person who mistreated Pat and Lee. John was moved by Mary offering the family's hopes and prayers to him. Pat anxiously interjected when Mary and Lee had a difference of opinion over the surgery improving John's condition. Ernie was impressed by Sam's urgent response to his job advertisement, that he figured out his daily earnings in high test gasoline, and was forthright in revealing that he studied mechanics and accounting in prison. Sam discussed his work experience with Ernie, who explained he wants a mechanic on duty twenty four hours a day to stay competitive. Sam pointed out that he got a legitimate job and built a rapport with Ernie rather than join Lefty's numbers racket to counter Ada's pessimistic attitude. Ada felt tormented as Sam promised to contribute to paying Rachel's medical expenses so that Ada won't need Liz's money or feel obligated to remain quiet about her association to Danny. Mary lectured Pat on allowing Lee's premonition that John will die during surgery to question whether she had rushed John into taking unnecessary risks. Lee fiercely clung to John while Pat radiated composure and confidence as John prepared to leave for the hospital.

Sid: (Introduction Line) (CHOMPING DOWN ON THE STUB OF A CIGAR HE HAS, THUMBING THROUGH THE PAPERS IN FRONT OF HIM:) "All right, I pumped twelve hundred gallons of high test at thirty five cents a gallon. How much is that? I did the arithmetic three times and it never comes out right." (SWIVELS IN HIS CHAIR TO FACE SAM:)
Sam: (A WRY SMILE) "Sounds like you need an accountant instead of a mechanic.”
Sid: "Huh? Yeah, I need a night mechanic, I need a lot of things --" (STOPS, LOOKS AT HIM:) "Boy, you get up early, don't you? That just came out in this morning's paper."
Sam: (GRINNING, WITH A CONFIDENCE HE DOESN'T REALLY FEEL:) "You mean I'm the first one?"
Sid: "Yeah."
Sam: "Then I ought to get the job, right?"
Sid: "We'll see about that..."

Notes: First appearance of Harry Bellaver as Ernie Downs, referred to as "Sid" in this episode, though the first reference to that name is crossed out and replaced with "Ernie."

JULY 21, 1967 (EP. #794)
Pat braced herself and assumed a brave smile as she entered John's hospital room. Mary asked Jim, Russ, and Alice to quell Pat's jitters since they have been bolstered by Lee's morbid and unhealthy fears that John will die during the operation. Ada grew apprehensive as Russ introduced her to Jim and Mary. Mary and Alice exchanged glances when Ada innocuously remarked that Rachel is a patient of Dr. MacCurdy's and speaks highly of Russ. Ada and Mary awkwardly discussed Jim owning an accounting firm and Liz being a customer of Ada's at Pierre's, prompting Ada to make a hasty retreat to visit Rachel once the conversation languished. Mary decided to meet Rachel after she and Alice debated on whether Ada is aware of Rachel's pursuit of Russ. Rachel manicured her nails while bragging to Ada that Russ asked her to the hospital Benefit Ball. Ada refused to accompany Rachel, who resolved to introduce herself upon learning that Jim and Mary were at the hospital. Rachel was flummoxed upon meeting Mary. Mary was reserved and noncommittal as Rachel effusively praised Russ as a doctor and mentioned his invitation in an apparent, heavy-handed endeavor to make a good impression. Alice disagreed with Mary's contention that Rachel is not Russ's type. Rachel outlined plans to marry Russ, much to Ada's chagrin. Jim proudly commended John for pulling through his self-loathing and resuming his law practice. John reassured Jim that he has put his personal affairs in order and asked Jim to help Pat move forward with her life should he not survive the surgery. Pat dropped her courageous facade and asked Russ to watch and take care of John.

Ada: "Rachel, honey, with people like the Matthews' you've just got to take time." (VAGUELY UNEASY) "Anyway, I just don't like the idea."
Rachel: "What idea?'
Ada: "You and her son."
Rachel: "Well, I like the idea just fine."
Ada: "Rachel, I don't want anything to happen between you and Dr. Matthews."
Rachel: "Mom, nothing's going to happen that I don't want to have happen."
Ada: "What're you talking about."
Rachel: "I'm talking about marriage, Mom. About me marrying Dr. Russell Matthews." (TAKE ADA'S SHOCK AND FADE OUT)

JULY 24, 1967 (EP. #795)
Missy told Dr. Burrows that she only cares about delivering a healthy baby. Bill complained to Dru that Missy wants him to be free of her and that Madge concealed that she was in Bay City on the night of Danny's death. Dru told Bill that they must find proof of Madge killing Danny before presenting such evidence to Walter and emphasized that Madge explained her reasons for confronting Danny. Bill admonished Dru for focusing on legal facts while Missy languishes in prison. Dru ordered Bill not to burden John with questions since he is having surgery. Dr. Burrows diagnosed Missy with a virus and urged her to take the sedatives she prescribed to help her sleep. Missy told Dr. Burrows that she has arranged for her baby to be adopted by a dear friend of hers. Missy felt Bill was dwelling on the delusion of clearing her and sunk into despair after reading Bill's letter. Dru took Bill to task for accusing him of being cold and calculating and rashly blaming Madge for Danny's murder. Bill felt conflicted when Dru pointed out that John would immediately postpone his operation should they tell him about Madge. John told Pat that he suspects that Dru and Bill are purposely keeping recent developments in Chicago from him. Russ completed a record of John's medical history. Bill refrained from grabbing the phone from Dru, who fibbed to John about not having any new leads. Charlie reiterated his belief in Madge's innocence, despite Dru and Bill's efforts to test his trust in Madge's story. Charlie urged Dru and Bill to locate Sam. Bill raised the theory that Flo started drinking to cope with Danny's death, but may be trying to suppress memories of knowing that Madge killed him.

JULY 25, 1967 (EP. #796)
Ada asked Sam to stop pressuring her on turning Liz over to the authorities. Sam was startled when Ada groused that Rachel plans to marry Russ. Pat graciously accepted Rachel's wishes that John's operation is successful, but winced when Rachel mentioned Pat's lingering guilt over testifying against Missy. Pat told Rachel that Dru and Bill are in Chicago searching for new evidence, then noted the coincidence of Liz being a customer of Ada's at Pierre's and Russ being assigned to Rachel's case. Rachel shared Pat's surprise as she displayed the bedjacket that Liz gifted her, despite the fact that they have yet to meet and Liz never bought Ada anything since she has been a customer. Pat dissembled when Rachel insisted on reading John's and Russ's horoscopes. Sam told Ada that her dream of Rachel becoming a famous actress is unrealistic, but Ada maintained that the Matthews would consider Rachel inadequate for Russ and cited Liz's mistreatment of Missy as a prime example. Sam told Ada that Rachel should marry Russ if she has genuine feelings for him. Bill had Flo acknowledge that Madge confronted Danny in Bay City, that she hated Danny, and that Madge was at the Barclay Hotel on the night in question. Bill tried to pressure Flo into admitting her own suspicions of Madge. Russ imparted strength and determination in Pat over Missy being freed and John getting through his surgery. Pat dodged giving Russ an assessment on Rachel. Rachel pretended to faint, prompting Russ to catch her before she fell to the floor. Russ was mesmerized as Rachel placed her arm around his neck and gazed into his eyes, which lead to Russ kissing her passionately.

Notes: Pat gives John's birthday as July 19th and Russ's birthday as April 20th in this episode.

JULY 26, 1967 (EP. #797)
Flo was deeply shaken by Bill's relentless declarations that Missy was wrongly convicted of murder. Jim told Mary that John and Pat may have a solid marriage after all and complimented John's realistic attitude towards having major surgery. Jim speculated to Mary that Pat and Lee were counting on Dru and Bill to find new leads in Chicago so that John would delay getting his operation. Jim ribbed Mary for acting somewhat possessive like Liz in response to Mary's worries over Russ coming home and neutral opinion that Rachel is beautiful and seems like a nice, decent girl. Liz practically leaped with joy and felt renewed hope towards Bill and Lenore having a future together after reading Missy's letter to Bill. Flo downplayed her reactions to overhearing that Madge had confronted Danny in Bay City to dismiss Bill's belief that Madge killed Danny. Bill told Flo that people can block traumatic events from their minds without realizing it and implored Flo to convince Madge to confess. Liz dissembled approval towards Walter's interest in Lenore, but denied that she ever took a stance on Missy's guilt. Walter emphasized that Liz was integral to confirming Missy's pregnancy, getting her convicted, and hinted that it would be disastrous should Bill unearth Walter's source of information. Liz appreciated that she could rely on Walter's discretion, but became discomfited as Walter implied that Lenore's personal life is none of her business. Sam accused Ada of trying to stall implicating Liz for murder and allowing money to influence her. Ada claimed she was protecting Sam, prompting Sam to assert that he is willing to risk being arrested to free Missy from prison.

Jim: (about Rachel) "Wish I could meet her. Is she as pretty as Alice says?"
Mary: "Yes, she is. And...she seems perfectly all right I guess...I suppose she's a nice girl, really."
Jim: (A HEARTY LAUGH) "Is this Mary Matthews or Liz Matthews? A while ago you said 'Men!' Well now I say Women! Women all have a little of Liz in them, haven't they? Your son likes a pretty girl, Mary. And as a man I say 'Bully for him.'" (HE'S GRINNING BROADLY, BUT MARY LOOKS WORRIED, HESITATES, THEN TURNS AND GOES INTO THE KITCHEN. PERHAPS JIM HAS A LAUGH AS WE FADE OUT).

JULY 27, 1967 (EP. #798)
Flo boasted to Madge that she had resisted the urge to take a drink. Madge was upset when Flo begged her to tell Bill, Dru, or the D.A. that she killed Danny. Lenore tried to comfort Lee when Lee obsessed that John would die because of his upcoming operation. Lee pondered over whether she should have told John about Michael and Pat, but had feared it would take away his will to live. Lee told Lenore she blames Pat for losing the only two people she's ever loved: Michael and John. Sunk into her black mood, Lee advised Lenore to get over her feelings for Bill. Madge told Flo she didn't kill Danny, even though she admits she went to Bay City and argued with him before he was killed. Flo admitted Bill encouraged her to believe that someone (Madge) could have done the deed then blacked it out of memory. Madge insisted that Bill was just trying to get Missy off the hook by placing the blame on her. Madge resented Flo's continuing accusations, especially since she's been taking care of Flo all these months. Lee told Lenore she had a premonition that John will die. Lenore got flustered when Pat arrived home, but Lee covered for her so that Pat wouldn't know the women had been having a private conversation. Lee fell to pieces when Pat blamed her for John's accident, since John had been hit by a truck trying to protect Lee, who had run off during an argument and jumped in a car. Madge began to wonder if she really did kill Danny and blacked it out. Flo had a nightmare about Danny, and shocked Madge with the violence of her outbursts.

JULY 28, 1967 (EP. #799)
Pat and John shared a tender moment in his hospital room the morning of his operation. Alice reassured Pat that John's hypodermics were only to give him Vitamin K to help coagulate his blood. John and Pat shared a long lingering look before the elevator whisked him away to surgery. Ada visited Rachel in her hospital room. She told her the Matthews family, to which Rachel aspires, was "society" and tried to get her interested again in going to Hollywood. But Rachel told her as Mrs. Matthews she would command the same respect and power, such as the Mrs. Matthews that frequents Ada's beauty parlor. Ada had wanted to send Rachel to Hollywood after she won a beauty contest at age fifteen and a half, but didn't have the money. When Rachel reminded Ada that it was Ada's brother, Sam, who paid for her private room, Ada kept mum that it had been her money, which she received when Liz paid her for her silence and discretion. Ada was tortured by the voices of Sam and Liz pounding in her head: Sam screaming that Liz had killed Danny Fargo, and Liz murmuring how much she appreciated Ada's silence. Alice came in to tend to Rachel as part of her nursing duties. Alice tried to take Pat's mind off the operation by gossiping about Russ and Rachel. Ada was about to reprimand Rachel for pursuing Russ for his money, but had to clam up when Rachel pointed out that Ada had brought her up that way. Ada had paid for diction, drama, and dancing lessons, as well as charm school, but to help her daughter stand on her own two feet, not so she could aspire to high society. Since it was the day she worked at the hospital thrift shop, Liz came to inquire about John, but only served to make Pat more anxious. Liz was uncomfortable when she ran into Ada in front of others, and worried that people would wonder where Rachel and Ada got the money for Rachel's private hospital room. Dr. Robinson and his assistant Dr. Heath both freaked out when John's breathing, then his heart, stopped during surgery.

Sam: "You don't care what you do, Ada, just so long as you get money and clothes for Rachel."

Rachel: (Preening before a mirror) "How do I look?"
Ada: "Elizabeth Taylor should look so good."

Alice: "Russ and Rachel strike me as pickles and ice cream."

Liz: "Are you going my way?"

JULY 31, 1967 (EP. #800)
Mary and Alice patted Pat's hands during John's operation. When Mary noticed Lee snubbing Pat, Pat admitted she confronted Lee over Lee's guilt in John's accident. Lenore helped Liz out at the thrift shop since Helen had a dentist appointment. Liz said she had been surprised to see Lenore out with Walter at the Top of the Tower. Russ broke the news to the family that while the operation was a success, John's heart stopped briefly during surgery. Russ couldn't restrain Lee when she went into hysterics at the news and ran off. Pat broke down and admitted to Mary that she and Michael thought they were in love, but that neither wanted anything to happen between them. Lee had caught them kissing goodbye in the park the day before he left town, but it was the only time he had ever touched her. Mary insisted that what happened was understandable because last year John had resigned from life and made a slave out of Pat.

Mary: "You know Dru... he's a real slyboots."

AUGUST 1, 1967 (EP. #801)
In Chicago searching for clues to Danny's real killer, Dru warned Bill not to jump to conclusions about Madge, while Bill griped their investigation was leading nowhere. Mary told Jim about Pat's guilt over her wavering devotion to John. Mary and Jim flared up at Liz for suggesting John wasn't well enough for his operation because he had exhausted himself conferring with Dru over Missy's case. Bill and Dru considered returning to Bay City when Jim called with news of John's improved condition. Madge was despondent when Charlie discovered that Flo had pried the liquor cabinet open to get a drink. Charlie was morbidly fascinated when he heard Flo mumbling in her sleep about Danny.

AUGUST 2, 1967 (EP. #802)
Ada panicked when Sam threatened to phone the D.A. and spill the beans. Liz tried to find out if Alice suspected who Rachel's rich benefactor was, and was relieved when Alice thought it was Sam. Liz then quizzed Alice about Sam when Alice mentioned he was Ada's brother. Russ was evasive when Rachel brought up the kiss they shared the day before yesterday. Rachel was "implacable and ominous" when Ada tried to explain that she could no longer afford Rachel's private room. Ada pleaded with Rachel to understand that her salary at Pierre's was all they had, but Rachel threatened to leave the hospital despite the health risk if she lost her room. Rachel railed at Ada for lying to her that her father was dead, but Ada wouldn't say anything about it. Liz read over Missy's trial transcripts at the library and seethed to learn that Danny had known a man named Sam, whom Liz realized was Ada's brother.

Rachel: "Everybody lies when they have to. I know I do."

Sam: "Ada, Raitch is a nice kid, but she's spoiled, she's spoiled rotten..."

Old Newspaper Headline: "Defendant On Stand In Fargo Trial"

AUGUST 3, 1967 (EP. #803)
Bill phoned Walter to tell him they were close to finding the real culprit. Bill swore to Dru he wouldn't lay off pressuring Madge. Flo told Madge she believes in Madge's innocence and Missy's guilt. While sharing a pre-dinner cocktail, Walter told Lenore about his father: a poet who taught English Lit. at a small college in Illinois, then died at age 72. Walter told Lenore that Bill was falling victim to wishful thinking, and scoffed at Bill's idea of Madge being Danny's killer. Bill visited Flo, and she told him his suspicions of Madge were tearing her up. Madge made excuses when Charlie suggested Flo had been to see Danny in Bay City the night of the murder, but the awful truth sunk in when they overheard Flo suffering from a nightmare about an argument with Danny.

Lenore: "You're uncanny."
Walter: "Now, there's a cryptic remark."

AUGUST 4, 1967 (EP. #804)
In the Women's Correctional Institute infirmary where she recovered from a virus, Missy told Dr. Burrows that Pat and John would adopt her baby when it was born. Walter good-naturedly dismissed Lee's premonitions when Lenore described them to him. Walter said he wished Missy had been acquitted so that she and Bill would be married by now, and Lenore would be free of him. Russ said his invitation to the hospital ball still stands when Rachel mentioned that Ada had her doubts about Russ's interest in her. The shadow of Lee's threat to tell John about Pat and Michael manifested when John told Pat they could now start their life over again.

Russ: (To Rachel) "You're kind of a challenge to me, you know that?"

AUGUST 7, 1967 (EP. #805)
Flo's nightmares interrupted Madge and Charlie's argument about her possible guilt. Liz feigned a headache when Fred wanted to know why she was so out-of-sorts during dinner. Madge refused when Charlie suggested she ask Dr. Hansen, a psychiatrist, about whether suppressed memories could resurface in one's dreams. Sam implored Ada to tell the D.A. that "Duchess" Matthews (Liz) was in Danny's room the night he was killed. Sam reminded Ada that she took care of all her brothers and sisters, so she shouldn't say that Rachel has it so rough. Liz confronted Ada about trying to cover up the fact that not only was Sam her brother but that he was at Danny's that fateful night and was probably the one who killed him. She accused Ada of blackmail since it was Sam, not Ada, who saw her at Danny's.

AUGUST 8, 1967 (EP. #806)
Charlie pressured Madge into agreeing to see Dr. Hansen. Sam was relieved when Ada told him everything was out in the open between them and Liz, but had to agree with Liz that Ada was a blackmailer, and therefore might be arrested if they went to the D.A. with their information. Sam was confident Liz would keep her mouth shut about his presence in Danny's room since it would only implicate herself. Russ had to fib a little when Rachel asked him if Pat and Mary liked her when they met her, as they really didn't have any opinion of her. Ada worried that Sam would end up back in jail if they told the truth, but he was willing to take his chances as he couldn't stand the idea of Missy rotting in prison. Dr. Hansen described hysterical amnesia to Madge, who got upset when he mentioned the role of dreams in the condition.

AUGUST 9, 1967 (EP. #807)
Jim told Pat that Missy would understand if Pat forewent a visit in favor of staying by John's side. Jim was fully on Pat's side when she tried to cast guilt on herself over her and Michael's relationship. Mary visited Missy in prison in Pat's place and passed along Bill's "great, great love" to her, but Missy insisted he should forget her and find another girl, like Lenore. Lee left the room when Pat came to visit John. Lenore warned Lee it would be bad for John's health for him to catch on to the bad blood between Lee and Pat. Lee got terribly agitated when Lenore quizzed her about John's accident last spring.

Lee: (To Pat) "I have nothing but hatred and contempt for you."

Lenore: "Bill went out of my life... But not out of my heart."

AUGUST 10, 1967 (EP. #808)
Jim was optimistic when Mary worried about what will happen when Pat has to take on Missy's child and has to face the music when Lee tells John about Pat and Michael. Ada was terribly upset when Rachel ranted and raved that Russ and Alice would think little of her if she lost her private room. Liz relished telling Jim and Mary that Missy should resign herself to staying in prison the rest of her life. Russ wondered why Rachel was so eager to be out of the hospital, not knowing she wanted to leave before she lost her room. Liz and Sam sized each other up when he came over to confront her. Sam said he knew what Liz spoke to Danny about when she saw him: she wanted to make sure he wouldn't tell people it was Liz's fault Missy ran away the night before she was going to marry Bill. Sam picked up the phone and dared Liz to call the D.A. and finger him.

Rachel: (To Ada) "I'd rather be dead than go on living, being poor, poor, poor!"

Sam: (Over the phone to Liz) "This is Sam, Duchess. And I want to see you... right now."

AUGUST 11, 1967 (EP. #809)
Bill felt it was a dead end when Dru told him their private investigator, Carl Vollmer, found out Danny owed $3,500 to a loan shark three months before his murder. Flo visited Dru and Bill in their hotel room to advise them to cross Madge off their suspect list. Madge admitted to Charlie that Flo may have gone to Bay City to see Danny, but not that she killed him. Liz backed down when Sam dared her to phone Walter. Liz was flabbergasted when Sam accused her of killing Danny. Liz lied that Sam was a contractor when Lenore dropped by unexpectedly. Madge felt glum and guilty when Flo showed up at the Alley all smiles looking to resume her waitress job.

AUGUST 14, 1967 (EP. #810)
Russ wasn't sure Rachel was up to it when she said she'd asked her boss Arlene Stanley if she could resume her modeling. Rachel kissed Russ to thank him for being such a good doctor. Rachel taunted Sam about his financial bad luck when he was unsympathetic that she was upset he could no longer afford continuing to pay for her room. Liz warned Ada that Sam would be the only one who got into trouble if he told the D.A. he'd seen Liz at the Barclay Hotel the night Danny was shot. Rachel was so furious with Sam for saying she just wants to get her hooks into Russ, that she threw a vase at him. They both made excuses when Alice came to investigate. Sam quizzed Alice about whether John was well enough to see visitors.

Sam: (To Alice about Rachel) "She's the kookiest kid I ever saw."


AUGUST 15, 1967 (EP. #811)
Madge and Charlie speculated that Flo had used the money she stole from her mother to take a plane to Bay City to confront Danny. While fixing him his sandwich lunch, Ada told Sam outsiders like themselves and Missy don't stand a fair chance in the justice system. Walter confided in Lenore about a girl named Lydia who'd made a fool out of him. He felt better when Lenore said she doesn't agree with the popular opinion that he was a cold, unfeeling man. Madge just about died of shame when Flo told her she'd stick by her through anything, just like they promised their mother. Flo was flustered when Madge confronted her about her incriminating nightmares and about whether she had seen Danny in Bay City. Madge was stunned to find an airline ticket to Bay City in Flo's purse.

Sam: (To Ada) "Haven't I got an honest face?"

AUGUST 16, 1967 (EP. #812)
Walter wouldn't reveal his source when Lenore asked how he'd discovered that Missy was pregnant. Walter told Lenore she was deluded if she thought Liz wasn't trying to push her and Bill together. Madge was tormented by voices of Charlie (saying they couldn't let an innocent girl like Missy stay in jail) and Flo (saying she'd never squeal on her sister). John teased Russ about his interest in Rachel. Lenore thought it was despicable when Walter revealed that Liz had told him about Missy's pregnancy in order to seal Missy's fate.

Lenore: (About Liz) "She's a bit of a busybody, you know."
Walter: "So I've gathered. She seems to have opinions about everything."
Lenore: "Oh, she certainly does."

Flo: (Having a nightmare) "Danny, don't come any closer, I... Danny, please stay away from, Danny don't make me..." [A CONVULSIVE HEAVING SOB] "...Oh Danny what have I done?"

Russ: (To John about Alice) "My sister has a big mouth."

AUGUST 17, 1967 (EP. #813)
Lenore was pleased when she received roses from Walter, but was a little troubled as she didn't reciprocate his feelings. Lenore thought it was nonsense when Lee suggested Walter wants to marry her. Lee was determined to tell her father the truth despite Lenore's concern that she misinterpreted what she saw between Pat and Michael. Mary accompanied Pat on her visit to John, who was in high spirits except for his concern over Lee. Alice told Mary she doesn't think Rachel is the right girl for Russ. Alice was put out when Rachel implied that no Matthews wife worked. Sam berated Rachel for running to Ada about their argument. While Ada manicured her nails, Liz tried her best to get her to dissuade Sam from doing anything foolish.

AUGUST 18, 1967 (EP. #814)
Dru told a disappointed Bill that their evidence against Madge wasn't solid enough to take to Walter. Sam was ill at ease, and John was perplexed, when Sam entered in to his hospital room and introduced himself. Liz burst into the room just as Sam had mustered up enough courage to talk about the Fargo case. Madge broke down when she went to see Dru and Bill. Liz dragged Sam out of John's room on a phony pretense. Bill was stunned when Madge showed him Flo's ticket stub to Bay City. Sam didn't believe Liz when she confessed everything that went down between her and Danny.

AUGUST 21, 1967 (EP. #815)
Madge felt like a traitor when she told Dru and Bill the full story of Flo and the money, the ticket, the dreams, and hysterical amnesia. Liz bribed, begged, and flattered Sam into not revealing Danny had been blackmailing her. But he found it easy to believe she could have killed Danny. Rachel was elated when Russ told her she was almost well enough to leave since it meant he'd never have to see her in the ward with everyone else. Sam wasn't helpful when Liz made excuses when Pat saw them together. Rachel's enthusiasm overflowed when Pat introduced her to Liz, but Liz later told Pat she thought Rachel's was a dreadful family. Liz advised Pat not to let Sam near John.

Madge: "God help me, I had to turn in my own sister!"

Pat: "Rachel, do you know my aunt, Mrs. Matthews?"
Rachel: "Mrs. William Matthews?"
Rachel: "Oh, I am so glad to meet you, Mrs. Matthews!"
Liz: "Well... thank you." [RACHEL SEIZES HER HAND AND PUMPS IT.]

Liz: (To Pat) "Oh, Russ. A young boy with his head turned by a pretty face. If you could really call it pretty."

AUGUST 22, 1967 (EP. #816)
During her visit to the prison, Alice told Missy that her disapproval of Russ and Rachel was not the same as the way Liz felt about Bill and Missy. Bill forced Madge into confronting Flo with him and Dru. Flo was upset because she thought the men were there to bully a confession out of Madge. Ada told Sam she no longer believes Liz killed Danny because it was obvious Liz was only afraid Bill would discover what she'd done to Missy. Ada said with the money Liz was offering him, Sam could stop being a grease monkey and become a lawyer. Flo was furious when she realized she had become a suspect in Danny's murder.

AUGUST 23, 1967 (EP. #817)
Alice accused Jim of knowing what the cause of the friction was between Pat and Lee. Flo told Bill about the last time she saw Danny in Chicago. After a run-in in their club's locker room, Walter was defensive when Fred implied that Lenore, an old family friend, was too young for him. Walter insulted Bill when Fred tried to defend his treatment of Lenore. Madge gagged on her words when she had to tell Flo about Flo's dreams of a violent confrontation with Danny. Flo's memory was nudged when Bill repeated the words a hotel waiter testified he'd heard in Danny's room the night of his murder. Flo screamed when Dru showed her police photos of the crime scene.

Script Note: "Production note for following script: Flo's memory is still shaky. However, she can't decide if it happened or is the granddaddy of all nightmares."

AUGUST 24, 1967 (EP. #818)
John revealed to Lee he was able to move his legs a little when he was in the swirl bath. Lee cringed when John said Sam reminded him of Michael Bauer. Flo begged Madge for a drink when she began coming apart at the seams. Bill rushed to save her when Flo tried to throw herself out of the window. Flo's memory started to return when Dru let her drink some whiskey neat. Sam actually wiped his hand before shaking Lee's hand when John introduced them in his hospital room. He thought Lee was the loveliest creature he'd ever seen. Sam revealed to John that he'd spent time in jail because Danny had run out on him during a gas station hold-up in Evansville, and Sam had taken the whole rap. Flo revealed what happened when she flew to Bay City to confront Danny about marrying Missy and not getting in touch with her.

Lee: "How do you do?"
Sam: "Well, hello..."

AUGUST 25, 1967 (EP. #819)
Flo flashbacked to shooting Danny:
Flo showed up at Danny's suite and confronted him. She naively said she'd confront Missy about tricking Danny into marrying her, and was laid low when Danny said he was the one who'd tricked and lied to both women. Danny turned cold and mean when Flo threatened to tell Missy everything. He gave her a shove, knocking his gun out of the desk drawer. Flo grabbed the gun when Danny threatened to beat the living daylights out of her. As Danny approached her, she shot him three times in blind terror. Sam told John that Danny had jumped out of the getaway car with all the money. Sam had tracked Danny down in Bay City and confronted him about paying him back the money he felt was owed him. Sam insisted that he only threatened to have Danny sent to jail, but John didn't believe him. Then Walter walked in, startling both men, especially Sam. Rachel was stunned when Lahoma popped in for a visit after returning to Bay City when the acting gig was a bust in California. Rachel and Lahoma had a laugh riot over the Miss Cranberry of 1966 beauty contest, and that Lahoma was Miss Citrus Fruit of 1967. Rachel gave Lahoma some cigarettes and revealed she secretly smokes at night. Bill and Dru speculated that Flo might be able to plead self-defense. Sam was relieved that John didn't tell Walter what he'd just learned.

Lahoma: (Introduction Line) (To Rachel in her hospital room) "How're you?"

Danny: (To Flo in flashback) "I got news for you, baby. I don't love either of you. But most of all I don't love you. And I never did."

Danny: (Exit Line) (To Flo in flashback) "Gimme that gun, you crazy broad."

Notes: Last appearance of Antony Ponzini as Danny Fargo. First appearance of Ann Wedgeworth as Lahoma Vane.

AUGUST 28, 1967 (EP. #820)
Liz was happy to hear from Fred that Bill suspects Madge of Danny's murder. John was dumbfounded when Sam told him he'd seen Liz in Danny's room the night of the murder. Walter continued in his campaign to undermine Lenore's feelings for Bill. Fred was amazed that Liz admitted Missy must be innocent by agreeing Madge must be the killer. Sam admitted Liz began paying Ada hush money when Ada hinted to her that she knew about Liz's visit to Danny. John was further shocked when Sam revealed Liz's complicity in Missy's leaving town last summer.

AUGUST 29, 1967 (EP. #821)
Nearly overwhelmed with glee, Liz told Ada she and Sam were both off the hook, but Ada didn't believe Madge killed Danny. Sam told John that last summer Liz had revealed to Missy that she was Katherine's illegitimate daughter. Rachel howled with laughter when Lahoma mimicked Arlene Stanley with an Eleanora Slaughter voice, since she'd fired Lahoma for not wearing a girdle. Russ assured Lahoma he wouldn't make fun of her name, which was the name of her great-grandmother, a Cherokee Indian. Lahoma didn't know what her name meant but joked that it sounded like a certain state with a syllable missing. Russ got uneasy when Lahoma "turned her invisible man-killing sex ray on him." Liz was ashen when Ada said Sam was probably telling all to John that minute. John warned Sam he may be held culpable for knowingly withholding material evidence, but agreed to represent Sam in that eventuality.

Lahoma: (About Russ) "Hey, he's yummy!"
Rachel: "He's taken, is what he is." (SMILES EVER SO SWEETLY) "You read me, Lahoma?"

John: "I knew Liz was capable of some low things, but I never thought she'd go this far."

AUGUST 30, 1967 (EP. #822)
Missy "materialize(d) in limbo" to remind Liz that she kept her secret for Bill's sake, not for Liz's. John and Sam arranged to contact Walter the next morning. John and Pat discussed Liz's snobbery. Dr. Burrows admonished Missy for not eating enough, but she thought it would have been better for Bill if she had died. Sam was puzzled by Lee's remark about Pat when they shared a drink at the hospital coffee shop. John toyed with Liz when she dropped by his hospital room before delivering the coup de grace that he knew about her and Danny. Liz admitted everything she said to Missy and to Danny, insisting she believed Missy had known all along that Katherine was her mother. John was relentless in his condemnation of Liz.

John: (To Pat about Liz) "You must know by now, darling, that your aunt is a considerable snob."

AUGUST 31, 1967 (EP. #823)
Sam took a long lingering look around "Ernie's Super Service" and sadly told Ernie that this might be his last night on the job. At a secret overlook while they listened to an orchestra that played in a park half-a-mile away, Lenore passively returned Walter's kisses. Ernie was quick to realize Lee was a looker when Sam talked about meeting her. Liz returned to John's room the following morning to plead her case again. John told her he pitied Bill because he was about to get a rude awakening, and Liz almost fell through the floor when Bill walked in through the door. Bill interrupted John's news with his own news that Danny's real murderer had been found.

Sam: (To Ernie) "Yeah. Guy named Fargo was shot, and his wife was on trial."

SEPTEMBER 1, 1967 (EP. #824)
Alice took Walter to task for his treatment of Missy when he arrived at the hospital to see John. John and Bill had to beat it into Walter's head that Missy was innocent and Flo the guilty party. Walter scoffed at their every attempt and remained steadfastly skeptical throughout. It was a severe blow to him when Bill showed him Flo's notarized confession. Bill was smug when Walter reproached himself for wrongly judging Missy's character. John refused to apologize to Liz for wrongly accusing her of murder, and swore he'd do everything he could to convince Missy to break her promise of silence. Missy and Bill laughed and cried and kissed when he came to tell her she would be free.

Bill: (When Missy was brought into the visiting room) "Oh Missy, my darling...." [HE GOES TO HER AND TAKES HER IN HIS ARMS.]

SEPTEMBER 4, 1967: Pre-empted for News Coverage of Vietnam War.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1967 (EP. #825)
Ada smoked up a storm waiting for Sam to return home. Lenore told Lee she's enjoying her work as a nurse's aide. Lee made excuses when Lenore suggested a similar job for her. Ada was bitter and totally unsympathetic when Sam said John's daughter Lee looked like she was going through a rough time. Ada was distraught to hear that Sam told John everything, but relished hearing that Liz must be very upset. Lenore came in to offer Rachel a selection from her book cart, and Rachel recognized her from her picture in the paper from the time she got engaged to Bill. In the hospital sun parlor, Lenore was infinitely compassionate when Walter was full of self-loathing and dismay about Missy's trial. He apologized to Lenore for tricking her into testifying.

Ada: (To Rachel about Lenore) "Listen, honey, that girl isn't half as beautiful as you are!"

SEPTEMBER 6, 1967 (EP. #826)
Alice and Pat wondered why Walter came to see John. Lefty showed up on Sam's door after returning to town. Sam was tempted when Lefty offered to bring him back into the "business" since it would get him out of Bay City. Pat and Alice were speechless with joy when John told them that Missy was free. John's phone call came just in time for Sam to turn down Lefty, who vowed Sam would be sorry. Lenore told Pat she doesn't share Lee's suspicions of Pat and Michael.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1967 (EP. #827)
Lahoma wondered what Ada had been smoking when Rachel told her about Ada's Hollywood dreams for Rachel. John told Sam he believed Sam had it in him to turn over a new leaf. Lee and Lahoma made each other's acquaintance in the hospital cafeteria. Lahoma snatched the sandwich off Lee's plate and put it in her bag when Lee said she wasn't hungry. Mary was relieved when Russ told him Rachel was leaving the hospital today. Lefty spied on Sam and Lee at the cafeteria, then with a "Mephistophelean smile" inquired about Sam's interest in John.

Lahoma: "I've been smoking so much, I'm spittin' cotton."

SEPTEMBER 8, 1967 (EP. #828)
Smoking furiously, Liz recalled how John threatened to advise Missy to tell Bill everything. Walter agonized over grilling Missy on the stand. Charlie was upset with Madge for berating herself over Flo's downfall. Liz visited Walter's office to plant the suggestion that Flo was innocent and Missy was guilty, in hopes that Missy would stay in prison and her secret would remain safe. Walter raked Liz over the coals for running Bill's life and ruining Missy's life. Flo tried to be brave and gracious when Dru arrived to take her to Bay City to face the authorities. Bill and Missy anticipated her release from prison.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1967 (EP. #829)
Liz stewed in abnegation as an ebullient Bill explained that Dru and Flo are meeting him at Walter's office to arrange Missy's release. Bill was pleased when Liz agreed to lend Flo a room for the night and bought her feigned happiness over Missy regaining her freedom. Bill theorized to Liz that Walter will determine that Flo killed Danny in self-defense. Liz wondered whether Bill would reject her should he discover her machinations against Missy. John told Pat that he doesn't anticipate Missy's release will be delayed by any legal obstacles. Pat was overjoyed when John revealed that he has been exercising his legs and stood with the support of an aluminum walker. Pat went to the hospital cafeteria so that John and Liz could speak privately. Liz insisted that she confronted Missy about her parentage to protect Bill and begged John to maintain her secrecy. John advised Liz that he intends to convince Missy to break her vow of silence because she must have a completely honest marriage with Bill. Bill displayed decorum as Walter proclaimed that he made tragic misjudgments on the facts of Danny's murder case and Missy's character. Walter thanked Bill for accepting his apologies and easing his conscience slightly. Flo tearfully answered Walter's questions to clarify her confession. Dru agreed to represent Flo as her legal counsel and planned to request that she be discharged on the basis of justifiable homicide. Bill presented a sealed document to the uniformed matron at The Women's Correctional Institute, who went to retrieve Missy. Bill and Missy embraced tightly, gazed longingly at each other, and walked out of the prison's gate with their arms linked.


John: "Liz, you don't have Bill to lose. Will you never realize that? Will you never realize that Bill belongs to Missy and she belongs to him? Is your so-called mother love so exclusive, so all-encompassing that it will never permit you to understand that you can keep your son -- only if you're ready to give him up?"

Production Notes for Act IV: "If any ad libbed "Bill's" and "Missy's" are felt to be needed, some vocal recognition, fine, but let's keep the feeling described." Newspaper with an eight-column headline that read "Chicago Woman Confesses Fargo Murder." Underneath the headline included a two or three column cut of Missy that was captioned: "Wrongly Convicted?"

Notes: A special thanks to AW fan Dan Ahearn, who vividly recalls this scene. It was indeed filmed without sound except for music at its conclusion. The entirety of Act IV was divided into 10 parts, ranging from 1.5 seconds to 29 seconds. Included in the script are handwritten time stamps and detailed descriptions of the parts used during this segment.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1967 (EP. #830)
Ada privately fumed when Rachel revealed that Danny's true murderer has been found. Russ came to examine Rachel before she gets discharged from the hospital. Ada dropped Rachel's hand mirror when Russ relayed John's request for her to stop by his room and made a hasty exit. Russ told Rachel that her assumption that John wouldn't give someone like Sam the time of day was woefully misinformed. Rachel persuaded Russ into taking her out on a date after he attends a family gathering for Bill and Missy. Russ smiled fondly at Rachel, who mimicked writing an entry into her imaginary engagement book to amuse him. Ada corroborated Sam's statements to John and expressed remorse over concealing information from the authorities and blackmailing Liz. John told Ada that Flo confessed to killing Danny and that Missy is being released from prison, but conceded to Ada's opinion that the strain Liz endured was justified because of her machinations against Missy. Walter informed Lenore that justice has been served and that Flo will be discharged based on self-defense. Lenore was dubious towards Walter's contentions that he misread Missy's character, distorted the evidence to fit his preconceived notions, and allowed his bitterness towards Lydia to seek revenge against Bill. Walter told Lenore that they can begin a new chapter in their lives. John modestly insisted to Missy that Dru and Bill deserve her gratitude for their unyielding determination towards proving her innocence. Bill and Missy were thrilled by John's progress with his physical therapy. John urged Missy to tell Bill the truth behind her fleeing town or risk dooming her upcoming marriage.

Production Notes: Campaign ads that ran during commercial breaks sporadically from September 12 - December 26, 1967 involved: Equal Employment Opportunity, United Funds and Community Chests, United Nations, Religion in American Life, Peace Corps, and Traffic Safety.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1967 (EP. #831)
John reminded Missy that Liz let Walter tear her to shreds during cross-examination rather than take the stand to explain Missy's reasons for leaving Bay City and willingly allowed her to be imprisoned. Missy told John that the revelation may shatter Bill's relationship with Liz and requested time to consider the matter. Missy had a tearful reunion with Pat and Alice. Dru told Flo that Danny's murder was ruled justifiable homicide because of the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Liz retrieved fresh linens for Flo to mask her discomfiture over Bill and Missy visiting John. Missy assured Pat and Alice that she is having a normal pregnancy. Pat and Alice offered to take Missy shopping once she and Bill decided to get married quickly so that Bill could adopt Missy's baby. Bill and Missy appointed John and Pat as the godparents of Missy's unborn child. Missy deflected Bill's curiosity over her private chat with John. Dru told Jim that he will be lecturing at Midwestern University for a few weeks. Jim laughed heartily when Dru joked that he must ensure that Liz cannot object to Bill and Missy's nuptials at the ceremony. Jim and Mary were skeptical towards Dru's opinion that Liz has accepted Missy. Flo happily told Madge that she has been cleared of Danny's murder. Liz responded absently as Flo raved about Madge's support and Danny having a kind and gentle side. Flo was perplexed when Liz stated she had an urgent errand to run. Jim and Mary warmly greeted Missy and had Alice get her settled. Missy grew distressed as Alice spoke optimistically about her future and gaining Liz's approval. Bill was moved when Liz claimed she wished to welcome Missy home.

Notes: Flo mentions that her brother Herb is the eldest of eleven children, that he never married, and stayed on the farm to help their mother.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1967 (EP. #832)
Ada bustled about trying to ineffectually clean while apologizing to Rachel for the messy state of the apartment. Rachel defiantly told Ada that she has a chance to improve her life by marrying Russ. Rachel scoffed at Ada's assertions that Russ is out of her league and that she has the talent to be a famous actress. Ada grew defensive towards Rachel, who accused Ada of using her to fulfill her own failed dreams. Rachel retaliated against Sam's demand that she quit mistreating Ada by denouncing him as an unkempt, poor mechanic. Sam angrily told Rachel that she lacks the ability to love. Ada told Sam about her talk with John, but didn't share his relief over Flo's confession. Liz quelled Bill's misgivings by insisting that she came to welcome Missy home. Alice encouraged Missy to surround herself with the people she loves and not get overwhelmed by her plans for the future. Dru and Alice exchanged doubtful glances as Bill contended that Liz was sincerely trying to forge a relationship with Missy. Russ snapped at Alice for assuming that he had a date planned with Rachel. Dru and Bill reproached Alice for objecting to Russ dating Rachel. Sam couldn't ease Ada's concerns over Rachel's pursuit of Russ. Ada became grim when Russ called to speak with Rachel. Missy praised the Matthews family for taking her in to forestall Liz from giving the true purpose of her visit. Liz badgered Missy over keeping her promise not to tell Bill that she caused Missy to jilt him last year. Missy tried to escape from a desperate Liz, who grabbed her arm and begged for assurances on her silence. Missy lost her balance and fell down the stairs after failing to free herself from Liz's grip.

Liz: "And you promised me that you'd never tell Bill about our talk, that you would not want to be responsible for any rift between Bill and myself--"
Missy: "I know I said that. But John says a marriage can't begin with deception, with people concealing things from each other."
Liz: "Melissa, what earthly good could it do for Bill to know about this...about a mistake his mother made, a little indiscretion she committed?"
Missy: "Is that all it was to you, Mrs. Matthews, a little indiscretion?"
Liz: "Oh, don't misunderstand me, Melissa, I realize why it upset you so and I can't tell you how sorry I am -- but--"
Bill: (Voice Only) "Missy? I miss you. When are you and mother coming down?"
Missy: (GOES TO THE DOOR, OPENS IT) "Be right there, darling!"
Liz: (INTERCEPTING HER) "Melissa, wait -- you haven't told me what you plan to do."
Missy: "I don't know what I plan to do, Mrs. Matthews, but I did promise John that I would give the question serious consideration." (AGAIN SHE STARTS OUT INTO THE HALL AND AGAIN LIZ STOPS HER)
Liz: (DESPERATE) "At least promise me you won't tell him tonight -- that you'll think it over some more--"
Missy: "I--I'd rather not promise anything just now, Mrs. Matthews--" (SHE STARTS DOWN THE HALL TOWARD THE HEAD OF THE STAIRS; LIZ FOLLOWS, IN A PANIC)
Liz: "Wait -- you have to give me some kind of assurance -- you can't go down there without promising me --" (MISSY IS AT THE HEAD OF THE STAIRS, NOW, STANDING ON A LITTLE THROW RUG THERE -- AND LIZ TAKES HER ARM TO DETAIN HER) "Melissa, please--"
Missy: "Mrs. Matthews, let me go."
Liz: "But you mustn't, you mustn't --"

Production Notes: (for Ada's apartment) "A far-from-attractive homecoming scene, reflecting the transient, abrasive, perennially-disordered lives of the people who live here."

Notes: Rachel gives Russ's full name as Russell L. Matthews. Ann Meyer served as Missy's stunt double during the conclusion of Act IV.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1967 (EP. #833)
Lenore became flustered and embarrassed when Lee effusively proclaimed that Missy has been proven innocent, prompting Walter to admit his grievous mistakes in prosecuting her. Lenore tried to alleviate Walter's guilt by informing Lee that he acted swiftly to initiate Missy's release. Walter told Lee that John is a fine attorney, sterling man, and wished for his surgery to be a success. Walter inquired into Lee's opinion of him dating Lenore. Lee grew hostile towards Walter for comparing his and Lenore's age difference to John and Pat's and for complimenting Pat's beauty and charm. Walter was bewildered when Lee abruptly declined his dinner invitation and walked out. Alice told Mary that Liz must accept the inevitable since nothing is impeding Bill and Missy from getting married. Mary was disturbed by Alice's assertion that Lee scarcely visits John because she wants to avoid Pat and predicted that John and Lee are heading for a showdown over Lee's animosity. Bill rushed to an unconscious Missy's side as Liz descended the stairs like an automaton. Russ had Mary and Missy assist while he examined Missy and asked Bill to call Dr. Montgomery. Liz told Dru and Mary that Missy tripped over the uppermost step because she was anxious to get downstairs to Bill. Walter dropped the subject once Lenore acknowledged Lee's enmity towards Pat and refused to divulge details to maintain Lee's confidence. Mary and Dru lamented about Missy's accident and the hardships she has faced. Russ helped Missy regain consciousness and guided her to the couch. Russ asked Dr. Montgomery to meet him at the hospital when Missy began experiencing painful contractions.

Production Notes: "The first half of this script is taking place concurrently with the previous script."
On Credit Days: "Set Super Crawl; Credits run over set."

SEPTEMBER 18, 1967 (EP. #834)
Russ tried to keep Bill and Missy calm as they headed to the hospital in an ambulance. Sam confided to Ernie that he dislikes Ada spoiling Rachel and is thinking of finding his own place once he has saved some money. Ernie guessed rightly that Sam's remarks about the other night being his last shift at the garage involved the visit Sam paid to John. Sam confessed to Ernie that he was a suspect in Danny's murder and assumed he would be implicated for the crime. John theorized to Pat that Lee limits her visits to avoid being in her presence and recounted Lee's cold reaction to him comparing Sam to Michael. Pat grew disturbed as John voiced suspicions that Lee still believes that Pat should have influenced Michael to remain in town and get married to her. Dru sadly informed John and Pat that Missy fell from a flight of stairs and has been hospitalized. Ernie ruefully told Sam that he volunteered for suicide detail by revealing his encounter with Danny to John, but respected Sam for coming forward with the truth. Lee tersely acknowledged that she was John's daughter to Ernie while Sam examined Lee's car. Ernie and Sam chided Lee for neglecting to mention the issues she was having with her brakes. Lee flatly stated that she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself in response to Ernie's offer to drive Lee home. Sam disagreed with Ernie's assessment that Lee was a spoiled rich girl. John grew thoughtful as Dru relayed Liz's account of Missy's accident. Russ and Dr. Montgomery covered their concerns for Missy to ease Bill's anxiety. Dr. Montgomery suspected Missy may be suffering from a concussion and ordered x-rays to be performed.


SEPTEMBER 19, 1967 (EP. #835)
Flo felt stung when Liz thoughtlessly stated that she had forgotten about her staying at the house. Liz told Flo that Missy tumbled down a flight of stairs and is going to the hospital. Flo understood Bill's protective nature towards Missy, despite Liz's complaints that Bill insists on remaining by Missy's side every moment and that the accident has placed more stress upon Bill. Flo tearfully admitted to Liz that she had wished misfortune onto Missy based on her belief that she killed Danny. Liz absently smoked and drank liquor as she recalled the events leading up to Missy's fall. Rachel seethed when Ada cited Russ's tardiness as proof that he is not genuinely interested in her. Ada ignored Rachel's protestations and gave Lahoma the sandwiches that she had prepared for Russ. Lahoma urged Ada to abandon her dreams for Rachel to become an actress in Hollywood because she would likely have a terrible experience similar to hers. Ada was chagrined when Lahoma encouraged Rachel to continue pursuing Russ. Flo listened to Liz's phone conversation with Mary, who didn't have any updates on Missy. Dru informed Flo that another lawyer will be handling her case since he is conducting a law seminar at Midwestern University. Liz paced impatiently once Dru explained that Russ will provide updates on Missy's condition in due time. Ada and Lahoma tried to convince a resentful Rachel that Russ will marry a girl from his own social class and the Matthews family would not accept her. Russ told Ada, Lahoma, and Rachel about Missy's hospitalization. Ada went to bed so that Rachel could be alone with Russ. Rachel excitedly kissed Russ due to his impromptu visit.

Rachel: "You said it yourself. A guy like Russ goes out with a girl like you just for kicks. But I'm not you."
Lahoma: "Maybe you're right. Maybe a guy would find me more fun."
Rachel: "Is that so!"
Ada: "Stop it! Rachel, Lahoma makes a lot of sense. She knows that when it comes to marriage, a man like Russ Matthews is going to look for somebody in his own class."
Rachel: "I'm as good as any of those frilly society girls."
Ada: "You're better. But if you think his mother or his sister or that aunt of his...that aunt, Liz Matthews...If you think they're going to stand still for you marrying their precious Russell..."
Rachel: "They won't have anything to say about it."
Lahoma: "Are you kidding? Dames like that rule their men."
Ada: "Rachel, honey, Russ Matthews isn't going to be your Prince Charming."
Lahoma: "Anyhow, you know what Prince Charming is. He's a fellow from the high rent district that doesn't mind maybe a weekend with Cinderella. But just a weekend."
Rachel: (SHE SCREAMS IT:) "Don't you try to put me in a class with you!"

Notes: Ada and Rachel used the nickname "Loma" to address Lahoma during their scenes together.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1967 (EP. #836)
Charlie tried to soothe Madge's nerves by reminding her that Missy is free and that Flo is being pardoned for Danny's murder. Madge told Charlie that she had a terrible premonition surrounding Flo. Sam sheepishly advised Ernie that he worked three unpaid hours on Lee's car as a favor to John. Ernie told Sam to buy him cigars in exchange for giving him a job, but warned Sam against getting interested in Lee. Charlie and Madge were thrilled that Flo has taken responsibility for Danny's murder and heeded Dru's advice to maintain her self-respect and dignity. Mary told Charlie and Madge that Missy had an accident and that it is unknown whether Missy or her unborn child sustained injuries. Lee discovered that she cannot make up her exams. Sam told Lee that he returned her car so that she could see John. Sam accepted Lee's offer to drive him back to work and promised not to pressure her about going to the hospital. Lee noticed Sam's newspaper, which contained an article on Missy's conviction being reversed, while Sam was calculating her bill. Lee understood Sam's interest in Danny's murder case and told him about Missy's hospitalization. Sam shared Lee's concerns for Missy and her baby's conditions. Sam was startled by Lee's cryptic remark about people enduring something worse than death. Mary told Pat, Madge, Charlie, and Flo that Missy has a concussion and a possible skull fracture. Flo kept herself busy by helping Mary in the kitchen. Charlie consoled Madge, who castigated herself for causing turmoil in Bill and Missy's lives while trying to protect Flo. Madge told Charlie that she realizes that the premonition she had involved Missy.

Flo: (Exit Line) (to Mary in the Matthews house) "No. No, I want to help you out there in the kitchen. I want to have something to do....I have to do something. I don't want just to sit here and think and wonder...."

Charlie: "Please don't blame yourself, Madge."
Madge: "Blame or not blame, I know one thing, Charlie: I could have stopped all this. There's a girl, a wonderful, beautiful girl, lying unconscious in a bed in a hospital, and a whole year ago I could have prevented it all. I could have said, 'Bill, your girl is across the street.'"
Charlie: "Madge, look, I think things are going to be all right."
Madge: "Yes, things are going to be all right. Good old Charlie. That's what you always tell me when I get worried...."

Notes: Last appearance of Marcella Martin as Flo Murray. She was pardoned for Danny's murder [off-camera]. A film clip of an "airliner" going through the sky, followed by a dissolve to a section of the plane cabin was used during the Prologue. Sam's newspaper article, "Melissa Fargo declared innocent" with subhead, "Freed from prison in swift reversal of homicide verdict."

SEPTEMBER 21, 1967 (EP. #837)
Russ informed Bill that he is delivering x-rays to Dr. Ted Jarnowksy and that Missy likely experienced false labor. Lenore arrived at the hospital in her nurses' aid uniform and looked lovingly upon Bill, who fell into despair. Dr. Jarnowsky and Dr. Montgomery became troubled that the x-rays were not helpful and that Missy has not regained consciousness in some time. Russ ordered Alice to retrieve lab equipment so that Dr. Jarnowsky and Dr. Montgomery could perform a spinal tap and lumbar puncture. Alice dodged Bill's questions about the examinations being done on Missy. Lenore urged Bill not to blame himself for Missy's accident. Bill and Lenore reached an understanding over their broken engagement and agreed that neither of them was capable of intentionally hurting anyone. Walter bristled with jealousy upon seeing Lenore talking to Bill. Bill erupted at Walter for getting Missy wrongly convicted of murder in response to Walter's sympathetic words. Lenore inadvertently stirred resentment in Walter by advocating his ethics and sincere remorse against Bill's accusations that he inflicted heartbreak and humiliation onto Missy. Lenore was deeply stung when Walter blurted out that she didn't need to defend him against her ex-fiance. Walter made himself scarce once Bill described him as a coldhearted person and Alice stared daggers at him. Lenore admonished Walter for constantly mentioning her past engagement to Bill and for lacking faith and trust in her. Alice persuaded Dr. Jarnowsky into letting Bill visit Missy briefly. Dr. Jarnowsky expressed hopes that the spinal tap may show whether Missy has cerebral hemorrhaging as Bill looked at Missy with agony.


SEPTEMBER 22, 1967 (EP. #838)
Ada apologized to an insolent Rachel for stating that she was inadequate for Russ and for doubting his interest in her. Rachel ordered Ada to quit meddling into her life. Sam solemnly informed Ada and Rachel that Missy was hospitalized shortly after being released from prison. Bill was appreciative to Madge for her kindness, moral support, and optimism about Missy. Madge told Bill that she regrets concealing Missy's whereabouts in Chicago, but Bill faulted himself for doubting Missy. Madge instinctively embraced Bill, who pondered whether he and Missy are meant to be together and admitted to being scared to death. Sam and Ada downplayed their interest in Missy by citing the extensive media coverage on her to Rachel. Ada sagged in response to Rachel's cold reception and left for work. Sam accused Rachel of being a rotten daughter and unappreciative towards Ada exhausting herself on her behalf. Rachel bragged to Sam that she proved Ada's assumptions wrong because Russ came over and explained his tardiness last night. Sam reluctantly agreed to meet with John. Rachel agreed with Sam's prediction that she won't hesitate to leave home once she gets the chance. John noted Lee's evasiveness towards asking Pat for updates on Missy and discussing her issues with Pat. Lee accepted Sam's offer to tune-up her car. John commended Sam for exhibiting rare courage by revealing everything he knew about Danny's murder and hinted at helping Sam further his education. Lefty persuaded Rachel into letting him wait for Sam to return. Rachel was flabbergasted once Lefty revealed that he and Sam served time together at the Indiana State Penitentiary.

Notes: "Lefty" is a nickname that was given to him by teammates while he was a semi-professional baseball pitcher in Indiana.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1967 (EP. #839)
Dr. Jarnowsky and Russ were distressed by Missy's weakened pulse, lack of corneal reflexes, and the increased dilation in Missy's right eye. Lefty was amused by Sam's secrecy and Rachel's ignorance as he explained that Sam had served time in prison for armed robbery in Evansville, but scoffed at Rachel's assumption that Sam had used profits from a business deal in South America to pay for her private hospital room. Rachel was floored by Lefty's detailed account of Sam's connections to Danny. Lefty told Rachel that he has a proposition for Sam. Bill fought feeling disoriented to tell Liz that the doctors have been unsuccessful in diagnosing Missy. Liz purposefully mused to Bill about the tragedy of Missy's accident impeding her and Bill's future, that she and Missy had accepted each other, and feigned regret over being unable to prevent Missy's fall. Bill rebuffed Liz's efforts to get him to leave the hospital. Liz dissembled protestations towards Bill's fears that Missy may die while secretly realizing that it would be a solution to her treachery being exposed. Lefty maintained his aplomb despite Sam's hostile greeting and demands for him to leave. Sam came clean to Rachel rather than deny Lefty's statements. Rachel railed against Sam for possibly compromising her chances with Russ should he discover his past, prompting Sam to counter that Russ would be spared from a miserable life by dumping her. Dr. Jarnowksy concluded that Missy was suffering from a cerebral edema and informed Bill. Bill grew frustrated once Dr. Jarnowsky conceded that he cannot locate the edema and that he is limited to keeping Missy under close observation right now.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1967 (EP. #840)
Bill tried to absorb the facts as Dr. Jarnowsky explained that the edema will dissipate or lessen the pressure on Missy's brain. Dr. Jarnowsky informed Liz and Bill that Missy's child may need to be delivered via Caesarean section to save his life should Missy ultimately not survive. Pat and Alice felt discouraged by the absence of news on Missy. Alice smiled mischievously while telling Pat that John has instructed her not to allow visitors to his room. Pat was elated to see John stand while clutching a cane and keeping his balance by holding on to a dresser. Dr. Jarnowsky told Bill that Missy will show clear signs of regaining consciousness in an effort to persuade Bill to leave the hospital and get some rest. Russ summoned Dr. Jarnowsky because Missy's blood pressure had dropped. John confessed to Pat that he took his first steps a few days ago, but refrained from telling anyone until he gained confidence in himself. Pat was thrilled that John can be released from the hospital, but didn't share John's belief that the problems with Lee will be resolved naturally. Lee evaded seeing John after learning from Alice that Pat was with him. Alice was puzzled by Lee's suggestion that she ask Pat about the issues between them. Pat dodged Alice's questions about Lee's enmity towards her. Alice was somewhat hostile and suspicious towards Liz, who claimed that she tried to save Missy from falling down the stairs. Pat tried to reassure Bill that Missy's eventual recovery will be a miracle like John regaining his mobility. Bill told Pat that Danny's child surviving at Missy's expense would support Madge's ominous comment that Danny is still ruining lives from his grave.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1967 (EP. #841)
John discouraged Dru from returning by assuring him that Missy is getting excellent medical care. John was intrigued when Ada requested to speak with him about a serious matter. Mary told Pat that she invited Madge to stay with them so that she and Flo could support each other since they feel responsible for Missy's misfortune. Pat lamented to Mary that Bill stares at the emergency room doors as if to will his own strength into Missy while Liz nags him about going home to get some rest. Mary was overjoyed to hear Pat's news about John standing with the support of a cane and taking a few steps. Pat disagreed with Mary's contention that John's recovery and return home might influence Lee to change her attitude. John told Ada that he doesn't judge her for accepting blackmail money from Liz and is most concerned with the fact that Liz withheld her encounters with Danny, which would have strengthened Missy's defense. Ada was moved by John's understanding towards her unconditional love for Rachel because of his own experiences in raising Lee and belief that Sam has the potential to rise above his prison record. Madge told Ada that Flo killed Danny and that she concealed Missy's whereabouts to protect Flo. Ada urged Madge to take a receptionist job at Pierre's while they bonded over coming from large families and sharing similar backgrounds. Sam told Lee about his family while Lee talked about losing her mother at a young age. Lee accused Sam of acting at John's behest to persuade her into accepting Pat and hinted at resolving her unhappiness at home, but refused to discuss anything further with him. Sam sheepishly left Lee, who burst into tears.

Ada: "You can't keep on playing one sad record over and over and over again. You gotta go on to something new."
Madge: "You know something. You talk to me just the way I talk to Flo."

SEPTEMBER 28, 1967 (EP. #842)
Russ and Dr. Jarnowsky fretted that Missy is unresponsive to stimuli and that her coma is deepening. Dr. Jarnowsky warned Russ not to allow his judgment to be influenced by his personal relationship to Missy. Madge marveled to Ada over swiftly getting hired by Pierre. Ada and Madge bantered about the Alley and the temperamental upper-class clientele of Pierre's. Madge told Ada that Flo resuming work at The Alley will help her reconcile with Danny's death and that Flo rushes into relationships. Ada was guilt-ridden as Madge reproached herself for remaining silent on Missy's whereabouts and causing her to endure such ordeals. Bill was grateful when Mary offered to persuade Pat into taking Liz home. Bill apologized to Mary for not showing enthusiasm towards John's progress in regaining his mobility. Mary convinced Dr. Jarnowsky to allow Bill to see Missy under the condition that he not cause a disturbance. Bill put his fingers to his lips and gently placed them onto Missy's cheek, then broke down into tears while being escorted out of the emergency room by Russ and Mary. Madge was sympathetic once Ada confessed Sam's prison record, his connections to Danny, and Sam being a suspect in Danny's murder. Ada told Madge that she fears that Rachel will be hurt by Sam's past. Rachel ranted to Lahoma about Sam being an ex-convict. Lahoma reminded Rachel that Sam paid for her private hospital room and chided Rachel for worrying about trivial matters while she struggles to pay her rent. Rachel vowed to Lahoma that nothing will stand in the way of her marrying Russ. Dr. Jarnowsky admitted to Russ that he is not optimistic about Missy's survival.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1967 (EP. #843)
Lee fibbed to Walter that she hasn't been contacted by Lenore and doesn't know her whereabouts. Lenore was unhappily hesitant as Lee asked for the reason that she is avoiding Walter. Liz groused about Fred's persistence in making her leave the hospital while Bill starves and exhausts himself in the waiting room. Fred reminded Liz that Bill is a healthy, independent young man who doesn't need her fussing over him. Liz grew resentful when Fred compared her to a lawyer named Alvin Henshaw, who became driven and desperate to redeem himself after bilking clients. Fred suggested Liz do some serious introspection and decide the things that she wants in life. Lenore told Lee that Walter made a hurtful, cutting reference to Bill being her ex-fiance when she tried to defend Walter against Bill's wrath. Walter was quick to criticize his own judgment on Missy's honesty after advising Lee that he sensed correctly that she had lied about Lenore being in her presence. Lenore was flustered by Walter's insistence over leaving with him. John leaned heavily on his cane while taking slow, painful steps as Pat and Lee anxiously guided him to a chair. Lee changed the subject when John asked about registration for the fall semester. Pat persuaded John to get some sleep. Lee informed Pat that she isn't attending classes and demanded that she stay out of her personal business. Lenore was flattered that Walter took her to a lovely restaurant with a magnificent view, but reiterated her need for space. Walter promised Lenore that he will overcome his jealousy and never mention her broken engagement to Bill again. Walter held Lenore's hands and professed his love to her.

Lee: (Gaye Huston, Exit Line) In the Randolph living room, to Pat Randolph, "I said leave me alone!"

Notes: Last appearance of Gaye Huston as Lee Randolph.

OCTOBER 2, 1967 (EP. #844)
Ada proudly told Madge that Rachel could become a successful actress if given the chance and that nothing is too expensive for her. Madge was appalled to overhear Rachel harangue Ada for constantly lying to her. Rachel lambasted Ada for keeping Sam's record a secret and was deflated to learn that she had yelled at Ada while they had company. Madge acted impartial as Rachel apologized for having an argument with Ada, who explained that Madge testified at Missy's trial and that Flo had shot Danny. Ada was furious once Rachel revealed that Lefty had disclosed Sam's prison record to her. Rachel cooled off after Ada promised to take her to a fancy restaurant. Madge adamantly disapproved of Rachel's errant behavior, but chose not to judge Ada, who sunk into a chair and fought bursting into tears. Bill asked Alice to keep him abreast of Missy's condition. Russ contacted Dr. Robinson because Missy started having contractions. Bill groused to Madge that the doctors rush passed him and evade his questions. Sam was embarrassed once Madge recounted their brief exchange at The Alley and revealed herself as Flo's sister. Sam informed Ada that he is moving in with Ernie because of Rachel's disrespectful attitude. Rachel denounced Sam as a jailbird and balked at Ada's pleas to accept Sam as family. Ada reached her limit in tolerating Rachel's barbs and slapped her across the face. Madge informed Bill that she took a job at Pierre's while she remains in town until Missy recovers. Dr. Montgomery made preliminary orders for Missy to be transferred to the maternity ward and informed Bill. Madge took a devastated Bill into her arms to console him.

OCTOBER 3, 1967 (EP. #845)
Pat emphasized to Lee that she must eventually tell John that she failed two classes due to skipping final exams and didn't register for the fall semester. Lee realized she faced a dilemma, but hated Pat for broaching the subject of school and was conflicted over lying to John. Madge informed Charlie that Missy is on the verge of giving birth. Charlie told Madge that he booked them on an evening flight to Chicago and suggested Madge call to stay updated on Missy. Madge insisted to Charlie that she is staying in Bay City until Missy recovers. Charlie urged Madge to quit dwelling on the past and living life with regrets, but promised to take care of Flo during her absence. Bill pressed Dr. Jarnoswky to be forthright with him on whether Missy will survive. Pat told John that Missy is currently in labor. John reassured Pat that he will make dinner for himself and Lee and encouraged her to go to the hospital. Dr. Jarnowsky told Bill that it is possible for Missy to deliver a healthy baby and reiterated his commitment to saving her life. Pat speculated to Bill that the doctors may perform brain surgery on Missy once she gives birth. Bill went on a diatribe to Pat about Missy carrying the child of a man she loathed who is now endangering Missy's life. Pat was shocked when Bill swore that he won't even look at the baby should Missy die as a result of its birth. Dr. Montgomery confirmed for Bill and Pat that Missy is being transferred to the maternity ward. Madge was empathetic towards Bill and Pat's opposing sentiments and feelings towards Missy's unborn child. Dr. Jarnowsky, Dr. Montgomery, Russ, and Alice prepared Missy for delivery while monitoring her vital signs.

Lee: (Barbara Rodell, Introduction Line) In the Randolph living room, to Pat Randolph, "I just don't want to talk about it, Pat!"

Charlie: (Exit Line) In the hospital waiting room, "Yeah. take care of yourself, Madge. You hear me?"

Notes: Last appearance of Ralph Oliver as Charlie Rushinberger. First appearance of Barbara Rodell as Lee Randolph. Pat mentions that this would have been Lee's senior year in college had she not failed classes from the previous semester.

OCTOBER 4-5, 1967: Pre-empted for coverage of World Series.

OCTOBER 6, 1967 (EP. #846)
Dr. Jarnowsky and Russ monitored a comatose Missy while Dr. Montgomery checked the position and heartbeat of the fetus. Dr. Montgomery prepared to perform a Caesarean section should Missy die during childbirth. Lenore admitted that Walter's declarations of love made her reflective, prompting Walter to proclaim his determination and patience in her reciprocating his affections. Lenore accepted Walter's promise to take stock of his fallibility before harboring suspicions of Lenore's feelings for Bill. Lee called to inform Lenore that Missy went into labor while still comatose. Mary told Pat that she is grateful that Bill doesn't have Liz hovering over him, but lamented that he is beyond consolation. Mary reflected to Pat on everyone's celebratory mood over Missy's release, that Liz was possibly turning over a new leaf, and likened Missy's fall to a nightmare. Bill recounted for Mary and Pat telling Missy that Danny's killer had been found, that she was free, and mused about their tentative wedding plans. Mary and Pat felt helpless in comforting Bill, who described his and Missy's love as too wonderful for the world and expressed certainty that he is going to lose her. Lenore repeated her vow to protect Lee's privacy when Walter probed her on Lee's renewed ire towards Pat. Walter cited Liz's role in getting Missy convicted as proof that Liz is likely hoping that Missy will die, which would free Bill to marry Lenore. Lenore was horrified by the prospect, but recognized the implications that Walter stated. Pat told Mary that Bill is bitter towards Missy's baby and that she and John may raise him after all. Dr. Montgomery successfully delivered Missy's son.


Notes: Birth of Ricky Matthews, biological son of Danny Fargo and Missy Palmer. The events of Act I took place concurrently with those of Act II in this episode.

OCTOBER 9, 1967: Pre-empted for coverage of World Series.

OCTOBER 10, 1967 (EP. #847)
Sam assured Ada that Ernie's room is maintained efficiently by the landlady, but made a pact with Ada to pay a third of her rent and come over for dinner occasionally. Ada felt bereft after Sam asked that she quit apologizing for Rachel and left. John told Lee that Liz is stopping by and joked that she isn't happy unless she has some intrigue to discuss. Liz grew defensive when John was dubious over her concern for Missy matching Pat's and that her feelings have changed towards her. Liz squirmed as John quizzed her on the events that led to Missy's fall. Rachel acted curt towards Ada's pleas for forgiveness over slapping her. Ada tried to placate Rachel by insisting that John promised to keep mum about Sam's record and that it wouldn't matter to a man who loves her. Rachel told Ada that she wants to marry Russ more than anything else and resolved to hide Sam's past. Ada felt helpless and frustrated towards her failure to reason with Rachel, who cranked the volume on the television to end the discussion. Liz confirmed John's suspicions that she had spoken to Missy privately to ensure her silence. John acknowledged to Liz that it will be his choice to tell Bill about her confrontation with Missy last year should she die. Liz became ashen once John vowed to tell Bill the whole sordid story and suggested that Liz pray for Missy's survival. Sam gave John his new contact information and noted Liz's unfriendly demeanor. John covered for Lee, who made acerbic remarks about Sam selling her seat belts, not drinking tea, and having conflicting viewpoints to hers. Lee decided to expose Pat after John equated her rudeness towards Sam to her animosity towards Pat.

John: I want an explanation for your behavior just now."
Lee: "My behavior?"
John: "That's right. Who or what has given you the idea lately that you are a privileged character?"
Lee: "I don't know what you're talking about."
John: "I'm talking about the way you treated Sam Lucas just now. I don't know whether you consider yourself his social superior or not, whatever that was the reason for your rudeness towards him--"
Lee: "I --" (STOPS, BITES HER TONGUE) "I -- don't consider myself that, no."
John: "Then why were you so uncivil to him?"
Lee: "I didn't mean to be rude but Mr. Lucas and I have -- some differences that I would rather not discuss with you."
John: (SHE TURNS TO GO, TAKES A STEP OR TWO, WHEN LOOKING AFTER HER) "Lee, but what about your differences with Pat? Are you ever going to get around to discussing those with me?"
Lee: (SHE HAS STOPPED SHORT) "My differences with -- Pat?"
John: "That's right. And don't pretend they don't exist."
Lee: (QUIETLY) "Oh, they exist all right."
John: "Well --?"
Lee: (SLOWLY TURNS TO HIM) "All right, Dad. I think this is as good a time as any. Let's talk about Pat and me, and -- our differences..."

Production Notes (during Sam/Lee interaction): "He, the rough hewn man, showing more manners than she, the well-bred girl."

OCTOBER 11-12, 1967: Pre-empted for coverage of World Series.

OCTOBER 13, 1967 (EP. #848)
Lee refused to concede to John's opinion that Pat's approach towards his operation was with his best interests at heart. John was puzzled when Lee asked for the circumstances in which a wife forfeits the right to respect, love, and affection. Mary encouraged Pat to be grateful that Missy's baby has a chance at life. Pat agreed with Mary's sentiments that she gave Missy peace of mind by agreeing to raise her child with John. Mary tried to convince Pat that she mistakenly thought she reciprocated Michael's affections because of the great emotional strain she endured during John's paralysis, but Pat fretted that Lee will denigrate her to John. Lee told John that Pat's kindness, devotion, and servitude was a sham and that Pat had been unfaithful with Michael. Mary and Pat told Liz that Missy was transferred to the maternity ward and is still unconscious. Bill expressed regrets to Liz, Mary, and Pat that he and Missy were not married prior to Missy's accident. Alice told Bill, Mary, Pat, and Liz that Missy delivered a healthy son. Bill wasn't placated by Mary, Pat, and Alice's belief that Missy surviving childbirth was a good sign that she will regain consciousness. Liz urged everyone to pray for Missy's recovery. John insisted to Lee that Pat met Michael at a park to convince him to remain in town, take over his law practice, and marry Lee, but was laid low once Lee revealed that Michael and Pat had shared kisses. Lee assured John that he will get over Pat and that life will return to the way it was prior to him meeting Pat. Lee was incredulous that John reproached himself for driving Pat into Michael's arms because he was immersed in self-loathing and had treated Pat like a jailer.

Lee: (DRIPPING WITH QUIET CONTEMPT) "But through all that bad time, your lovely wife stood by you, cared for you, waited on you hand and foot --"
John: (SHARPLY) "Lee, she did do all those things -- you were there, you know she did. No one could have been more faithful than Pat."
John: "That's what I say. No one on this earth could have been more devoted and - (faithful)."
Lee: (NOW THE DAM HAS BURST) "Don't say that again! Don't say that word, don't mock yourself --"
John: "What are you talking about, what word? All I said was --"
Lee: "You were speaking of -- fidelity. And that's the one thing she was not! Pat was not faithful to you."
John: "Pat wasn't -- Lee, that's a word you can't use loosely."
Lee: "I'm not using it loosely. I'm telling you a fact. I'm telling you that Pat was unfaithful to you with Michael Bauer..."

Lee: "And now you know. And even though it hurts now you'll get over it. You'll get over it and it'll be better, because you'll still have me. You'll always have me, Dad. And I've gotten over Michael. I don't care about him now. I really don't. And you'll get over her. You'll get over her and it'll be the way it used to be. The way it used to be before you met Pat Matthews. Before all of that ever started."
John: "What -- what did you say, Lee?"
Lee: (A LITTLE TAKEN BACK THAT HE HASN'T BEEN LISTENING) "I -- I said you'll get over it, Dad."
John: "Get over it...yes...yes, I -- I'll get over it."
Lee: "You'll get over it and in a few weeks you won't even miss her."
John: "Miss -- miss who?"
Lee: "Pat. You won't miss her after she's gone. I'll take care of you. I'll do the housework, I'll do the cooking. I'll do everything Dad, and --"
John: "Lee, stop it. Stop it!"
Lee: "Stop what?"
John: "Talking this way. Honey, where do you think Pat is going?"
Lee: "I don't know where she's going and I don't care."
John: "But this is Pat's home. Just as it's ours."
Lee: "But you're not going to let her stay here. Not after what you know about her! Not after what she's done to you."
John: "Lee, what Pat has done to me is only as a result of what I did to her."
Lee: "What you --?"
John: 'Do you remember what kind of man I was last winter, Lee? Sitting in that wheelchair, so immersed in self-pity that I couldn't see what I was doing to those around me, those who loved me --"
Lee: "But there was no excuse for what she did!"
John: "Especially what I did to Pat -- the one who loved me most of all."
Lee: "But Dad, she didn't love you! This was the proof! If she had loved you she could never have done this."
John: "No, that's not true at all, Lee. I treated Pat like a jailer rather than a husband. And what she did -- whatever she did -- I drove her to it...whatever happened, Lee, I am to blame -- not Pat."

OCTOBER 16, 1967 (EP. #849)
Russ turned grim once Dr. Jarnowsky ascertained that Missy's prognosis is poor. Rachel offered to buy Lahoma a girdle after Lahoma received a phone message from Arlene Stanley, who offered to rehire Lahoma to work at Bryant's. Rachel boasted to Lahoma that Sam moved out and that she and Russ would be together every night if he wasn't busy with Missy's medical case. Mary, Pat, and Liz struggled to console Bill, who sadly proclaimed that Missy's condition is hopeless despite surviving childbirth. Liz rebuffed Mary and Pat's suggestion that she go home. Russ told Bill, Mary, Pat, and Liz the baby was placed into an incubator due to his low weight and respiratory problems. Pat told Bill that she feels responsible for the baby because she agreed to raise him in the event of Missy's death. Bill angrily declared that he doesn't care about Danny's son and had Russ confirm that Missy's condition remains unchanged. Rachel decided to resume working at Bryant's so that she can buy some new clothes and fix herself up for Russ. Lahoma marveled that a society girl like Lee would have troubles while describing their encounter at the hospital cafeteria to Rachel. Lee urged John to throw Pat out of the house. John told Lee that he abused Pat by making her a servant, then emphasized that Lee has no proof that Michael and Pat had an affair. John tried to get Lee to admit that she hoped to drive a wedge between him and Pat. Lee hysterically accused John of losing his pride by willingly staying married to Pat and ignoring her infidelity. Pat called John to update him on Missy. Russ and Dr. Jarnowsky were in awe after catching Missy's eyelids flutter.

Lee: "...Don't you see what she's done to you, Dad -- she's made a fool out of you!"
John: "Honey, you don't understand what I've been trying to say to you. I was already being a fool."
Lee: "You --?"
John: "-- to think that all that time I could have so abused our relationship when I was sick, to think I could have been such an impossible tyrant, overlord to Pat, ordering her around, making her my servant rather than my wife --" (STOPS, LOOKS AT HER SADLY) "I had to have been a fool. To think that I could have done all those things..."
Lee: "You didn't deserve what she did to you!"
John: "All right. Maybe neither of us asked for this to happen -- but the fact remains that it apparently did."
Lee: "Apparently --?"
John: "Lee, by your own admission, you don't know that there was an affair." (AND AS SHE SHE OPENS HER MOUTH TO SPEAK, WAVES HER TO SILENCE) "What is more important to me now is why you brought this up."
Lee: "Why --?"
John: "What made you decide to tell me?"
Lee: "I just told you, I waited all this time, because I didn't think you were really strong enough to take --"
John: "No, that isn't what I meant. I mean, why are you bringing it up at all? What did you expect to accomplish by it?"
Lee: "Well, I expected -- I thought you should know, I didn't think you should go on living with a woman who was unfaithful."
John: "You thought you could drive some kind of wedge between Pat and I. Isn't that true?" (SHE TURNS AWAY) "Lee, look at me!" (THEN HE REALIZES SHE HAS BEGUN TO CRY) "Isn't that true? Isn't that what you hoped to accomplish?"
Lee: (THROUGH HER TEARS) "Do you -- do you really love her so much? Do you love her so much that you would go on living with her, even knowing what she has done?"
John: "Lee, listen to me --"
Lee: (GROWING HYSTERIA NOW) "Oh, Dad. What has she done? Has she even robbed you of your pride? So you can pretend that nothing happened, that you can go on living under the same roof with her --?"
John: (IMPATIENTLY) "Yes, I can go on living with her -- not as though nothing had happened, no, but --"

OCTOBER 17, 1967 (EP. #850)
Sam acted unaffected while telling Ernie that he moved out because Rachel disapproves of having an ex-convict as an uncle. Ernie encouraged Sam not to be bothered by his prison record since he is going straight. Lahoma thought Rachel's willingness to shut Sam out of her life was sad and unfair. Lahoma told Rachel that she is a waitress at The Trip, where she keeps her tips, gets two daily meals, and serves creeps and kooks. Lefty made a nuisance of himself when he impulsively came by Lahoma's apartment, waltzed in despite her stiff greeting, and grinned upon seeing Rachel. Lahoma cringed at Lefty's arrogant claims that he gets everything that he pursues. Lahoma warned Rachel that Lefty is bad news and that Sam should stay away from him. Ernie disagreed with Sam's contention that Rachel is right to be ashamed of him. Sam cited Lee's personal problems to excuse her snobbish behavior when Ernie described Lee as similar to Rachel, but with more money and education. Lee secretly counted the money in her purse and grabbed her suitcase. Ernie advised Sam that Lee should have accepted Pat long ago. John informed Lee that Missy is getting weaker. Lee coldly told John that it was pointless to discuss Pat since he is taking responsibility for her indiscretion. John opined to Lee that she was biased against Pat and forgiving towards Michael because she cannot accept that he chose Pat instead of her. John urged Walter not to worry about people's misgivings towards his and Lenore's age difference. Walter ruefully admitted to John that he has a selfish interest in Missy's recovery because Bill could reconcile with Lenore should Missy die.

Lee: "Dad, there's no point in our discussing this. If you persist in taking all the responsibility yourself, in excluding Pat from any blame --"
John: "Why? Why don't you blame Michael?"
John: "I'll tell you why. Because you loved Michael and so you excused him -- and shifted all the blame to Pat. You didn't want to believe that Michael could have deliberately chosen Pat over yourself, so you decided that Pat had somehow seduced him -- am I right?"
Lee: (COLDLY) "I'm sure she did."
John: "There, you see? And I love Pat, and I don't want to believe that she had really fallen out of love with me -- so there must have been extraordinary circumstances involved -- and there were. I was an impossible burden to Pat, she had nothing to look forward to in our marriage, except a lifetime of drudgery --" (BREAKS OFF, AS THE DOORBELL SOUNDS:)
Lee: "Do you want me to get that?"
John: "I want us to finish our talk."
Lee: "There isn't anything more to say, Dad. You have your -- opinion, and I have mine..."

OCTOBER 18, 1967 (EP. #851)
Dr. Jarnowsky and Russ were cautiously optimistic as Missy's vital signs seemed to improve and she responded to reflexive tests. Ada paced nervously while waiting for Rachel to get home, but graciously welcomed Madge upon her arrival. Madge expressed pity for Missy's baby should she die and noted that Ada was tense and frazzled. Ada confided in Madge that Sam moved into Ernie's boarding house and that Rachel regards Sam as putting a black mark onto the family because of his prison record, much to Madge's chagrin. Alice was dismayed that Dr. Jarnowsky and Russ advised against telling anyone about Missy because she may be displaying spasmodic muscular contractions. Madge echoed Ada's opinion that Danny was a louse, but insisted that she should have blown the whistle on him right away. Rachel was slightly mollified when Madge stated that Russ hasn't called since he is busy treating Missy. Ada voiced disapproval towards Rachel spending time with Lahoma in Bedfordtown, prompting Rachel to quip that they cannot be particular about the company they keep since Sam is a jailbird. Rachel openly berated Ada for asserting that she is inadequate for Russ in front of Madge. Madge cited Pat adopting Missy's baby should she die as proof that Ada is wrong to assume that the Matthews family would not accept Rachel with Russ. Pat stood outside while telling Bill that the moon emerging from the clouds was a good omen. Dr. Jarnowsky hypothesized that fluid from the edema was absorbed by Missy's body to compensate for childbirth. Alice got Missy to briefly open her eyes to confirm hearing her voice and felt Missy weakly squeeze her hand.

OCTOBER 19, 1967 (EP. #852)
Pat spoke lovingly to Missy's son about his tenacity to live while gazing at him. Pat was disturbed when Bill refused to look at the baby. John was sympathetic towards Walter's feelings for Lenore and qualms on getting involved with a younger woman, but urged Walter not to brood over the issues that are inherent in such relationships. Walter castigated himself to John for being prejudiced against Missy because he yearned to punish her for jilting Bill and indirectly exact revenge against Lydia. John realized that Walter must conquer his insecurities on his own. Bill confessed to Pat that he asked Jim and Mary to leave the hospital in hopes that they would take Liz home. Pat convinced Bill that the baby is not to blame for Missy's condition and that he will never know of Danny. Pat reaffirmed her promise to adopt the baby to Bill, but conceded that she cannot depend on John because she is uncertain of the repercussions once Lee tells John about her and Michael. Lee was haunted by John's voice reprimanding her for telling him about Michael and Pat. Bill suggested that Pat confess all to John. Dr. Jarnowsky informed Bill and Pat that Missy has improved and that childbirth likely saved her life. Bill, Pat, and Alice rejoiced once Dr. Jarnowsky gave his professional opinion that Missy will make a full recovery. John updated Walter on Missy and asserted that nothing is impeding his potential future with Lenore. Lee refused to accept John's explanation for Pat's actions and revealed that her knowledge of Pat's betrayal caused her to fail classes. John tried to convince Lee that he loves her and Pat equally and that she will feel differently upon getting some sleep.

Lee: "Nobody can help me...Not now that you've chosen Pat over me!"
John: "Lee, don't say that! I haven't chosen anyone over anyone. Pat's my wife, you're my daughter. I love you both with all my heart. And I think that tomorrow morning you will see things differently." (KISSES HER) "Goodnight, darling." (HE GOES OUT, CLOSING THE DOOR BEHIND HIM. MOVE FOR A TIGHT SHOT OF LEE'S FACE)
Lee: "Tomorrow morning...No, Dad, there's not going to be a tomorrow morning."

OCTOBER 20, 1967 (EP. #853)
Bill groused to Pat about being unable to see Missy and feared that she has fallen back into a coma. Lefty bragged about having five rooms, going to nightclubs, and leading a swinging lifestyle to disguise his resentment over Sam rejecting his business proposition. Sam accused Lefty of bluffing about pursuing Rachel and pointed out that he is not her type. Lefty warned Sam that he is allowing himself to be vulnerable should the cash register end up short and predicted that Sam will eventually beg to be recruited into his operation. Russ told Bill and Pat that Dr. Jarnowsky has permitted them to visit Missy. Bill was discouraged when Missy was unresponsive to his voice, but Russ assured him and Pat that Missy had regained consciousness several times, has shown improvement, and is now sleeping. Pat told Bill and Russ that Missy and her son's survival was a miracle. Missy briefly opened her eyes and asked about her child, then assumed a wan smile and fell back asleep after hearing Bill's assurances. Pat was forgiving towards Bill, who chastised himself for not caring about Missy's son. Bill commended Pat for being the baby's advocate and resolved to concentrate on Missy's recovery and getting married. Pat informed Bill that premature babies survive with the help of incubators and that Missy made arrangements so that he would be raised by parents. Bill told Pat not to worry about Lee and to trust in John's love. John was distressed while thinking of Lee's revelations. John and Pat embraced, declared their love for each other, and felt gratitude over getting through such turmoil. Pat was apprehensive when John insisted on updating Lee on Missy.

OCTOBER 23, 1967 (EP. #854)
Mary resigned to Madge's observation that they are grasping at straws to soothe their worries about Missy. Madge grew teary-eyed when Mary urged her to stop blaming herself for Missy's hardships and stated that everyone thinks she is a wonderful person. Ada conceded to Rachel that she cannot eat or sleep because she is upset over Sam moving out. Rachel was scornful towards Ada's memories of raising her younger siblings, living in a poor household, and comforting Sam when he was a child. Ada was hurt when Rachel stated that she's ashamed of the family and is certain that Sam will ruin her potential future with Russ. Jim, Mary, and Madge marveled at the miracle of Missy's life being saved through childbirth. Jim and Mary were puzzled by Russ's delay in getting home. Rachel exaggerated interest in Missy as Russ told her and Ada about her miraculous recovery. Russ took Rachel into his arms and kissed her passionately. Mary assuaged Madge's concerns over burdening the family by continuing to stay with them. Madge told Mary about getting hired at Pierre's and quickly bonding with Ada. Mary subtly questioned a noncommittal Madge on Rachel. Ada advised Rachel that a man who loves her will not care about Sam's past and that professions are meaningless. Russ told Mary and Madge that Rachel means a great deal to him. John told Pat about Walter's insecurities with Lenore. Pat declared her love and devotion to John, which settled doubts John was harboring over her fidelity. John assured Pat that Lee will change her attitude towards their marriage with time. John and Pat were shocked to find Lee's bedroom empty with the window open.

Ada: "Rachel, look, I don't want you talking that way about him. You don't understand Sam. You don't know what it was like, growing up where we did. I had to take care of Sam and all the other kids, because I was the oldest...and our folks...they weren't any help at all. They didn't care. They were...well, they had an excuse, too..."
Rachel: (OVER) "Sure. Everybody has an excuse. That's the trouble with you, you're too soft."
Ada: "Am I? Well, all I know is there were too many kids and not enough money and there just didn't seem much use in ever even trying. I don't blame you for not understanding how I feel about Sam...because you never saw him when he was a little kid, he'd come to me, crying, hungry or lonesome in a house full of people...You never saw him like that. I did. I had to take care of him when he was like that."
Rachel: (SCORNFULLY, SARCASTICALLY) "Poor Sam. Poor, poor Sam. He had it so rough, he ended up in the state pen."
Ada: "Rachel!"

OCTOBER 24, 1967 (EP. #855)
John and Pat were upset that Lee had left the house without any notice. Liz recalled John's promise to persuade Missy into breaking her vows of silence. Bill provided Liz with details on Missy's recovery and was touched that she was sincerely pleased by Missy's improvement. Liz felt certain that Missy's survival would stop John from revealing her machinations to Bill and that she could ensure Missy's silence. John and Pat desperately tried to rationalize Lee's absence while John remained mindful of his conversation with Lee and Pat privately worried about John's possible knowledge of her and Michael. John lackadaisically joked to Pat that they were being alarmists and theorized that Lee was with Lenore. Pat dissembled ignorance when John revealed that Lee had failed some courses and hypothesized that Lee had gone to the university to face the consequences. John convinced Pat to rest while they wait for Lee to contact them. Lenore was stunned as Fred updated her on Missy. Fred sensed correctly that Lenore had contemplated the ways in which Missy's survival would affect her own future and reassured Lenore that her concerns were human. Lenore agreed to go on a date with Walter. Fred warned Lenore against getting serious with Walter until she is completely over Bill. Pat fibbed to John that she was going to the hospital to visit Missy. John asked Sam to keep quiet that he called Ernie's garage looking for Lee. Sam told John that Lee had seemed deeply troubled and offered his assistance. Pat leveled with Lenore about her conflicts with Lee and was distraught that Lenore hadn't heard from her. Lenore decided to search for Lee at the university.

OCTOBER 25, 1967 (EP. #856)
Walter proclaimed to Lenore that she can witness him destroying Missy's case files. Lenore told Walter that Lee is missing. Mary tried to downplay Pat's fall from a stepladder months ago when Alice inquired into the circumstances behind it. Alice told Mary that Lee's resentment towards Pat has caused turmoil in the Randolph household and that Lee avoided Pat during her hospital visits with John. Mary was rattled by Alice's incredulity towards Pat's claim that the friction between her and Lee stems from John's operation. Walter told Lenore about Lee's negative reaction to his observations on John and Pat having a solid marriage despite their age difference. Lenore told Walter that something happened which caused Lee's animosity towards Pat to resurface, but maintained that she cannot betray Lee's confidence by providing specifics. Walter urged Lenore to warn John that Lee may have decided to run away from home. Madge tried to reassure Ada that Mary simply wants Russ to find a girl who will be a loving, devoted wife to him. Madge encouraged Ada to quit living her life vicariously through Rachel. Rachel exuded confidence while telling Lahoma that she has abandoned going to Hollywood, then made gestures of having Russ in the palm of her hands and ready to be trapped. Lahoma fretted to Rachel that she cannot afford to consider her future because she must worry about her monthly rent. Lahoma recognized Lee at The Trip once Rachel mentioned Ada's belief that John won't reveal Sam's past to Russ. Lee was shaken after Lahoma recounted meeting her at the hospital cafeteria while John was having surgery and fled the restaurant.

Rachel: (about Sam) "No. Remember I told you he moved out."
Lahoma: "Your mother's hopping mad 'cause you caused it."
Rachel: "I don't know why I stay friends with you."
Lahoma: "'Cause you know I see right through you and like you anyway."

Notes: Lahoma mentions that she ran away from an orphanage in 1956. She lied about her age to compete in her first beauty pageant and won the title of "Miss Black Eyed Pea" that year.

OCTOBER 26, 1967 (EP. #857)
Dr. Jarnoswky informed Russ and Alice that Missy will recover completely. Missy anxiously requested that Russ allow her to see the baby. Bill was tolerant and slightly amused by Liz's flimsy arguments against him adopting Missy's son, but flatly rejected Liz's smug skepticism towards the baby's conception being a biological accident caused by an aggressive act. Liz was appalled by Bill's suggestion that she accept the child as her grandson. Dr. Jarnoswky had Russ arrange for Alice to be reassigned to private duty to handle the intangibles she could give to Missy. Bill expressed appreciation to Dr. Jarnowsky for saving Missy's life. Alice tried to soothe Missy's nerves by explaining that the baby was placed into an incubator to assist with its development. Missy accused Bill and Alice of lying to her about the baby's survival. Rachel pleased Russ by impulsively coming to the hospital to see him. Russ expressed admiration towards Lahoma as Rachel revealed that she works at The Trip, lives in shabby Bedfordtown, and has been alone since she was fourteen years old. Russ was puzzled after Rachel mentioned that she and Lahoma spotted Lee at The Trip earlier that afternoon. Missy hysterically implored Bill and Alice to prove themselves by bringing the baby to her. Fred had Liz sign legal papers to preserve her estate and provide for her beneficiaries. Fred bristled with fury as Liz harped on the baby being fathered by Danny and asserted that it would have been fortunate for everyone had he not survived childbirth. Bill felt helpless when Missy irrationally concluded that she had killed her child during the fall, deliberately withdrew from Bill, and asked him to leave.

OCTOBER 27, 1967 (EP. #858)
Pat was dismayed when Lenore told Pat her search for Lee was unsuccessful. Sam graciously refused a contrite Rachel's help in packing the rest of his belongings and conceded that she was right to be angry about his criminal past. Rachel was stung when Sam stated that he has more important things on his mind than her opinion of him, but denied that he wants anything to do with Lefty. Sam blew a fuse when Rachel teased him about his concerns over Lahoma recognizing Lee at The Trip. Lenore informed Pat that she didn't find any trace of Lee at the college campus or the Kopper Kettle. Pat admitted to John that she had kept Lenore's search for Lee secret in hopes that she would have good news to report. John and Pat resigned to the fact that Lee hadn't gone on errands or decided to make up for lost time at school. Sam insisted that he doesn't want Russ to be trapped into marriage by Rachel, who berated Sam for thinking that she is inadequate for Russ while harboring romantic interest in Lee. Rachel taunted Sam for being a jailbird, associating with other ex-convicts, and dared Sam to tell Lee about his prison record. Pat was shocked when John explained that he knows Lee's reasons for leaving home. Sam informed John and Pat that Lee was spotted at The Trip and planned to conduct a cautious search for Lee in Bedfordtown. John blamed himself for driving Pat into Michael's arms by retreating from the world and treating Pat as a jailer. Pat confessed to John that she became infatuated with Michael, but insisted that they never had an affair. John assured Pat that he believes her claims and never doubted her love and devotion towards him.

Pat: "You told Lee --?"
John: "And that is probably why she walked out of this house. Because she wanted to blame you, Pat, rather than putting the blame where it really belongs. I wouldn't let her do that."
Pat: "I deserve the blame, John, I do. I do. There is no excuse. Oh, I don't know what Lee told you. I know what she thinks happened between us and she's wrong."
Pat: "That's not what it was. Michael left before it reached that stage. But I would be dishonest if I didn't say there was an attraction -- an infatuation -- I don't know the exact word."
John: "Pat, you don't have to, I understand."
Pat: "But what I'm trying to say, John, is -- it had no real meaning. I never stopped loving you. But that's why I sent Michael away. If I had really cared for him, I don't think I could have done that."
John: "You sent him away?"
Pat: "Oh yes -- and he was willing to go, because he knew it was the best thing and --" (SHE BREAKS OFF, PLEADING) "But that doesn't matter. Nothing matters unless you believe me. I -- I love you, and I never stopped loving you." (LOOKS AT HIM A LONG MOMENT) "Do you believe me?"
John: "Do you have to ask that? I've never doubted your faith in me and your love for me for a moment, and I never will." (SHE COMES SLOWLY, GRATEFULLY, INTO HIS ARMS, AS WE FADE OUT).

OCTOBER 30, 1967 (EP. #859)
Missy hysterically implored Russ to confirm her suspicions that the baby died because of her accident. Liz sadly predicted to Mary that Missy's son will become a burden on everyone involved due to its sickly condition and odious parentage because of Danny. Mary urged Liz to take Missy's child into her heart as a grandson since Bill intends to adopt the child once he and Missy are married. Dr. Jarnowsky informed Missy that her baby was deemed healthy by a pediatrician and that she didn't consciously or subconsciously jeopardize his welfare, prompting Missy to accuse Dr. Jarnowsky of lying to her. Dr. Jarnowsky theorized to Russ and Bill that Missy was experiencing emotional trauma from her accident and childbirth and prescribed Missy tranquilizers. Bill wasn't mollified by Russ's assurances that Missy needed some sleep and space. Liz disagreed with Mary's lack of reservations over Rachel's family and background. Mary told Liz that she questions whether Rachel truly cares for Russ or is dazzled by him being a handsome young doctor. Russ asked Rachel to have dinner with him at the cafeteria since he decided to remain at the hospital for Missy. Rachel tried to seductively persuade Russ into being on-call at the hospital and letting her cook for him at the apartment. Rachel feigned graciousness towards Russ gifting her with the book, "Vanity Fair," then angrily hurled it against the wall and burst into tears. Russ and Alice told Bill that it was inevitable that Missy would have emotional issues due to the ordeals she has faced. Bill encouraged Missy to focus on her recovery and their future. Missy matter-of-factly told Bill that she cannot marry him.

OCTOBER 31, 1967 (EP. #860)
Sam advised Ernie that he volunteered to search for Lee as a favor to John. Ernie begrudgingly jotted down Lee's license plate number and promised Sam he'd keep an eye out for her. Pat told Jim that Lee left after telling John that she and Michael had an affair and grew furious towards John's refusal to throw Pat out of his life. Jim reminded Pat that John realizes the terrible strain she endured during his paralysis and insisted that Lee chose to leave. Pat lamented to Jim that she will never forgive herself should something horrible happen to her. Sam assured Lahoma that he doesn't share Ada's objections towards her spending time with Rachel. Lahoma told Sam that she was surprised to spot Lee at The Trip, that Lee feigned ignorance over knowing her, and fled after ordering food. Lefty asked Sam whether he was trying to compromise his time with Lahoma. Jim predicted to Pat that Lee will return once she has reflected on the situation. John advised Jim that they are forced to conclude that Lee has left home. Jim told John that Mary dragged it out of Pat months ago that Lee was disturbed by Michael and Pat's relationship. John thanked Jim for warning him that he was destroying his marriage and promised Jim that he believes Pat's explanations about Michael. Pat sadly showed John the piggy bank that Lee had shattered. Sam and Lahoma remained tight-lipped about Lee to protect her from Lefty. John and Pat tried to be optimistic over Sam finding Lee and bringing her home safely. Sam told Ernie that his search for Lee was a bust. Ernie and Sam were floored upon receiving a request for a tow truck due to an accident that involved Lee's car.

NOVEMBER 1, 1967 (EP. #861)
Missy fretted to Bill that she doesn't belong in the world or have the right to love. Bill couldn't make Missy believe that her baby is alive and that they will be married soon. Missy became overwhelmed by hurt and shame while ranting to Bill that she has been lied to all her life. Walter decided to get some work done while waiting for Lenore to finish her shift as a volunteer at the hospital. Alice coldly accused Walter of being responsible for Missy's hospitalization. Walter and Lenore reminded Alice that he had requested a new hearing for Missy upon receiving Flo's written confession. Alice relented once Walter gave a magnanimous admission that he had committed a grave injustice against Missy and humbly asked for forgiveness. Lenore admonished Alice for being cruel to Walter and emphasized that he has suffered greatly for his mistakes. Alice opined to Lenore that Walter loves her and speculated that they will get married someday. Bill got upset with Missy's dubious attitude towards every statement he and Alice made about the baby. Alice told Bill that his presence is disturbing Missy and urged him to go home. Lenore was sympathetic to Bill over Missy's mental instability. Bill agreed to call Pat once Lenore mentioned that Lee has left home. Walter seethed with jealousy after spotting Lenore become affected by Bill's friendly gesture of gratitude. Lenore was miffed when Walter questioned whether she should have told Bill about Lee and voiced skepticism over her feeling pity towards Bill. Missy rambled to herself about wanting her baby to die because she was ashamed, stared in a mirror, and began cutting off her hair with straight, slicing movements.

Missy: (MISSY LYING IN BED, HER FRAGMENTED, AND WHOLLY TRAUMATIZED THOUGHTS CREATE A WORLD OF THEIR OWN AND IMPRISON HER IN IT. WE HEAR HER VOICE) "My baby's dead. My baby's dead like everything else is dead...My baby's dead and I killed him...Danny's dead because he married me. Who am I?...I'm not anybody...I never was anybody...Little Orphan Annie...That's what Danny called me...Little Orphan Annie...that's really what I was...That's what I am." (DURING THIS, MISSY GETS OUT OF BED SLOWLY AND MAKES HER WAY TOWARDS THE DRESSER. SHE IS, OF COURSE VERY WEAK AND IT'S AN EFFORT FOR HER BUT SHE IS BEING COMPELLED BY FORCES WHICH HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH REASON OR PHYSICAL STRENGTH) "What am I doing here? ...What is this place?" (SHE IS BECOMING INCREASINGLY DISORIENTED) "....They didn't even let me see my baby. He's dead and they didn't even let me see him...I said it didn't matter about me as long as my baby had a chance to live...But I didn't mean that...I wanted my baby to die. I wanted my baby to die because I was ashamed. I fell down the stairs and I killed my baby." (AND THEN SHE STARES AT HERSELF IN THE MIRROR) "You killed your killed your killed --" (SHE SEES THE SCISSORS AND PICKS IT UP) "You killed your baby." (AND NOW SHE GRABS HER HAIR AND WITH STRAIGHT, WHACKING MOVEMENTS, STARTS CUTTING IT OFF, AS WE FADE OUT).

NOVEMBER 2, 1967 (EP. #862)
John told Pat that none of Lee's friends have seen her. Sam confirmed for John and Pat that Lee was at The Trip and that her car was discovered completely wrecked. Mary told Madge that Alice is working two shifts because the hospital is short-handed. Madge told Mary that she must apologize to Missy in person and will be getting an apartment because she refuses to impose on the Matthews family. Mary opined to Madge that Russ and Rachel have nothing in common and their romantic interests may not be alike. Jim informed Mary and Madge that Lee has left home. Sam told John and Pat that Lee's smashed car was found in Bedfordtown and Lee likely left the scene unharmed. John deduced that Lee had fled The Trip because Lahoma had recognized her and deemed it fortunate that the police are checking the hospitals in their search for Lee. Jim advised Mary that Lee left after John took full responsibility for driving Pat into Michael's arms. Jim and Mary lamented that John and Pat are denying their expectations that Lee will not come home willingly. John readily approved of Sam's decision to resume searching for Lee. Pat surmised to John that Sam is acting out of gratitude because John is financing his education and has a personal interest in Lee. Lahoma ribbed Rachel for coming to Bedfordtown in a stylish, fancy dress and fooling Ada into believing that she is out with Russ. Rachel complained to Lahoma about Russ's dedication to Missy's case. Lahoma and Rachel gossiped about Lee and Sam. Lee denied knowing Lahoma and previously being at The Trip. Lee frantically refused to contact her folks, mistook the anteroom for the exit, and fainted.

Notes: Lee's accident took place on the intersection of Clyde and Delancey in Bedfordtown. She drove a yellow convertible with license plate number 421-396.

NOVEMBER 3, 1967 (EP. #863)
Walter defended Bill's time at the hospital when Liz griped that he has scarcely been home for weeks. Liz was aghast to witness Missy cutting off her hair with scissors and flinging it to the floor. Lenore was sickened once Walter revealed that Liz tried appealing to his pride by asserting that he would be a joke should Missy's conviction get overturned and falsely claimed that Bill had coerced Flo into confessing to Danny's murder. Walter stopped carping about Liz once Lenore assured him that she cannot influence her. Alice lectured Liz on attempting to see Missy without permission. Liz and Alice were dumbfounded to catch Missy clutching scissors and mumbling that she had cut her hair off to be punished. Walter told Lenore that Lee is in trouble for fleeing the scene of an accident. Lenore lamented to Walter that Lee ran away permanently because she hasn't contacted anyone and has avoided all places she frequents. Lee woke up disoriented as Lahoma tried to revive her. Lahoma interposed when Lefty told Lee that she looked shaky, that she doesn't belong in Bedfordtown, and offered his assistance. Lefty secretly listened at the door of The Trip as Lee recalled meeting Lahoma and begged her not to call John. Liz recounted Missy's deranged episode in her hospital room to Walter and Lenore. Walter lambasted Liz for calling Missy an unstable person and for feigning indignation since Lenore knows that Liz supplied him with proof of Missy's pregnancy. Walter told Liz that they caused Missy's emotional suffering. Missy babbled about deserving punishment due to being a fraud and a murderer as she fell asleep. Alice picked up pieces of Missy's hair and sobbed.

Production Notes: A still shot of Memorial Hospital, followed by a dolly to a closeup of the name of the hospital was used at the beginning of the Prologue.

NOVEMEBER 6, 1967 (EP. #864)
Lee convinced Lahoma to keep quiet about their association and her whereabouts. Lahoma warned Lee that the money in her piggy bank won't last, that she looked ill, and invited Lee to stay at her apartment for the night. Lahoma asked Lee to be forthright in giving her reasons for leaving home to avoid getting into trouble. Bill felt awkward as John explained that Lee left the house through her bedroom window after they had a confrontation and she likely got into a car wreck because she was in a disturbed frame of mind. Pat confided to Bill that Lee told John about her supposed affair with Michael and blamed herself for Lee's disappearance. Lee told Lahoma that she left home due to having a fight with John and fled the scene after getting into a car accident. Lahoma persuaded Lee into having a sandwich and tea while assuring her that she will get over her suicidal thoughts. John informed Bill and Pat that Sam went back to The Trip to question Lahoma further on seeing Lee there. Bill was annoyed that Liz had intended to visit Missy without getting approval. John, Pat, and Bill were alarmed by Liz's account of Missy's psychotic episode and bristled with impatience and anger when Liz injected her own views of Missy's mental stability. Bill wrestled away from Liz's grasp and rushed out, despite her desperate efforts to stop Bill from going to the hospital. Lahoma dissembled surprise when Sam mentioned Lee's car accident, but promised to keep an eye out for Lee. Lahoma chided Lee for walking away from an accident and a comfortable household filled with food, fresh linens, and modern furnishings. Lee wailed to Lahoma that John chose her stepmother over her.

Notes: Lahoma tells Lee that she became homeless at the age of nine or ten.

NOVEMBER 7, 1967 (EP. #865)
Alice struggled to articulate Missy's nervous breakdown to Russ. Ernie and Ada expressed mutual affection for Sam while getting acquainted. Ada admitted to Ernie that she has missed Sam since he moved out, but was relieved that he has a job and is living in Ernie's boarding house. Ernie was sympathetic as Ada reflected on practically raising Sam and fretted over his conflicts with Rachel. Ada was incredulous when Ernie hinted that Sam is searching for Lee because of his feelings for her. Alice told Russ that Missy cut off her hair and babbled wildly about punishing herself for killing the baby. Russ told Alice that Dr. Jarnowsky suspects that Missy exhibited symbolic self-destruction due to the emotional trauma that she endured for many months and her symptoms are indicative of severe depression. Ernie and Ada discussed Sam's ruminations about pitying Lee because she seemed sad and troubled. Ada was stunned when Ernie mentioned that Lee wrecked her car in Bedfordtown and has disappeared seemingly without a trace. Sam was pleased that Ada came to see him, but lamented that he failed to locate Lee. Lee balked at Lahoma's suggestion that she get examined at the hospital. Lahoma appreciated Lee's graciousness towards her lousy apartment. Lefty shrewdly charmed Lahoma into believing that he sincerely wants to help Lee. Lefty fibbed about discussing Lee with Sam and asked leading questions to trick Lahoma into revealing Lee's reasons for running away from home, her car accident, and that she is sleeping on her bed. Sam assured Ada that he is doing well on his own. Ada got Sam to admit that Lee means a great deal to him.

Ada: "Mr. Downs, I'm Ada Davis. You know...Sam Lucas's sister?"
Ernie: "Oh! So you're Sam's sister!" (HE GOES TO HER AND HOLDS OUT HIS HAND: THEY SHAKE HANDS WARMLY) "Nice to meet you. Here...sit down. Would you like a cup of coffee?"
Ada: "Well, I don't want to get in your way."
Ernie: "No trouble at all. That's quite a brother you've got. I like him fine."
Ada: "Well, thank you. I like him myself...and I can tell you the way you feel about him...well, it's mutual. He likes you very much."
Ernie: "Well, why not? I'm a nice guy." (THEY BOTH LAUGH A LITTLE)

NOVEMBER 8, 1967 (EP. #866)
Bill chastised Liz for being pessimistic about Missy and lacking faith in Dr. Jarnowsky. Liz aroused Bill's fury by nagging him about going to the hospital. Liz realized that Bill was assuming a brave facade over Missy. Madge and Ada discussed Missy's psychological issues and Lee's disappearance. Ada groused to Madge about Sam exhausting himself searching for Lee and becoming vulnerable to getting hurt by falling in love with a girl who is out of his league. Madge tactfully reminded Ada that she witnessed Rachel's mean streak when she learned that Sam served jail time, but understood Ada's reluctance towards admitting that Rachel can be selfish. Ada evaded answering Madge's questions on whether Rachel could be a loving wife to Russ. Liz insisted to Lenore that she performed her civic duty by confirming Missy's pregnancy for Walter and that Bill would misinterpret her motives should he discover her role in getting Missy convicted. Lenore was startled by Liz's contentions that Walter is jealous of their close relationship and that Bill and Missy's nuptials are uncertain. Liz dismissed Lenore's explanations for Missy's deranged behavior and hinted that she should be ready for Bill once he has accepted the harsh reality that Missy is psychotic. Bill was discomfited as Missy ranted that she killed her son and will always be in prison. Missy sadly told Bill about her childhood friend named Mary Ann, who received regular visits from her father at an orphanage and taunted Missy about not having parents. Bill was filled with gratitude and relief when Alice prepared to take Missy to the nursery to see her baby. Missy decided to name her son Ricky in honor of her father.

Notes: First appearance of Matthew Paul Lucas as Ricky Matthews. Ada reveals that she and her siblings were all born at home, that Sam was accident prone as a child, and that their parents were rarely present because of working so much.

NOVEMBER 9, 1967 (EP. #867)
Bill and Alice exchanged worried glances as Missy kept trying to reassure herself that Ricky will survive while staring at him. Madge was relieved to learn from Russ that Missy has regained much of her strength and likely experienced an emotional catharsis due to the ordeals she suffered. Russ sheepishly admitted to Madge that he has feelings for Rachel and that they have a tentative date planned. Madge gradually accepted Walter's sincere apologies for treating her poorly during cross-examination and conceded that she was not completely honest during the trial. Russ complimented Walter for being gracious to Madge and urged him to make amends with Missy. Missy ignored Walter's pleas for forgiveness, proclaimed that his conduct during the trial no longer matters, and anxiously asked Bill to take her back to her hospital room, which left Walter perplexed and dismayed. Liz sighed purposefully while telling Fred that Missy impulsively cut off her hair and has completely lost touch with reality. Fred lambasted Liz for insinuating that Missy's mental issues make her unworthy of Bill and angrily marveled at Liz's relentless determination in trying to get Missy out of Bill's life. Liz emphatically told Fred that Lenore still loves Bill and that she advised Lenore not to make any commitments and hold herself in readiness for Bill to reconcile with her. Lenore opined to Walter that Missy is emotionally disturbed and expressed doubts that she will recover. Missy told Bill that everything she touches withers away and dies and that she is a horrible curse upon people. Bill told Missy that his life would be meaningless without her and implored Missy to resume planning their future.

NOVEMBER 10, 1967 (EP. #868)
Lahoma begrudgingly woke up Lee to inform her that she was leaving for work. Lee got nervous when Lahoma requested that she answer some questions before she can continue staying with her. Rachel was irritated with Sam for pestering her into recounting Lahoma recognizing Lee at The Trip. Sam was disgusted by Rachel's apathy towards Lee's car accident and disappearance. Rachel ridiculed Sam for exhausting himself for a girl who will never give him a second thought and accused Ada of believing that she is ill-suited for Russ. Ada ineffectually admonished Rachel for cruelly mocking Sam for having a record, being misunderstood, and feigning solicitude with apologies. Lee tried to assure Lahoma that she isn't in trouble with the police and left home because she feels unwanted there. Lahoma concealed her lingering doubts after Lee offered to clean the apartment and work to help Lahoma pay rent. Ada insisted that she invited Sam to the apartment when Rachel griped about his presence. Sam warned Rachel that he is wise to her campaign to trap Russ. Russ commended Sam for trying to unearth leads to Lee's whereabouts for John and Pat. Rachel was pleased that Russ was rendered speechless by seeing her in a new dress. Ada was discomfited when Sam noted that Rachel has Russ hooked. Rachel privately relished the prestige and attention Russ received by the head waiter at The Top of the Tower. Rachel deliberately planted the idea in Russ's mind that she is still considering an acting career in Hollywood to test him. Russ told Rachel that he may resort to drastic measures to prevent her from going to California should she decide to leave town.

NOVEMBER 13, 1967 (EP. #869)
Russ and Rachel toasted to themselves as a couple. Rachel composed a tableau by having Russ dance with her in plain view of Walter and Lenore. Jim and Mary dissembled as Alice hypothesized that Lee left home because of some unspecified conflicts between herself and Pat. Alice told Jim and Mary that Missy's problems seemed to disperse once she first set eyes on her newborn son. Mary and Alice frowned when Jim mentioned Russ being out on a date with Rachel. Walter ribbed Lenore for being old-fashioned despite her generation's disdain towards traditional values. Rachel recalled that Lenore volunteers at the hospital and reminded her that she was a patient of Russ's. Russ informed Walter, Lenore, and Rachel that Missy is improving daily, that Lee left home under unfortunate circumstances, and that her current whereabouts are unknown. Rachel told Walter and Lenore that she finds her job at Bryant's dull and that she plans to pursue an acting career in Hollywood, prompting Russ to joke that he is trying to dissuade Rachel because she is likely to succeed. Walter commended Rachel for being astute in response to Rachel's assertion that he is better for Lenore than Bill. Jim lectured Mary for jumping to conclusions and displaying Liz's snobbery by believing that Russ and Rachel are mismatched. Walter surmised to Lenore that Rachel's talk of Hollywood is an artful, charming tactic to make Russ commit to her. Lenore smiled equivocally when Walter mused about getting Lenore to yearn for him the same way Russ does for Rachel. Russ begged Rachel to abandon her Hollywood dreams. Russ and Rachel kissed after declaring their love for each other.

Russ: "I love you, Rachel. I love you very much."

NOVEMBER 14, 1967 (EP. #870)
John and Pat silently tried to occupy their time with mundane activities while hoping to receive word on Lee. John received a call from Lieutenant Harold Muller of the Missing Persons division, who stated that Lee's case is not considered hopeless by any means. Lahoma was disappointed in Lee for wasting the day by staring out the window rather than making any plans for herself. Lee was alarmed upon learning from Lahoma that the police came to The Trip to question the staff while conducting a search for her. Lahoma got upset with Lee for being vague about her reasons for running away and begrudgingly gave her an ultimatum to notify John that she is alive and unharmed or leave her apartment immediately. Sam desperately tried to downplay his concerns after he and Lefty overheard a news bulletin on Lee's disappearance. Lefty showed contempt towards Sam's job and plans to further his education. Sam grew furious with Lefty for hinting that he could impress Lee with earnings from joining his numbers racket and made disparaging remarks about society girls getting involved with men below their social class. Lefty warned Sam that he will come to regret forcibly pushing him out the door of Ernie's garage. John shared a brandy with Sam while they expressed hope towards Lee calling home. Lefty surreptitiously came to speak with Lee while Lahoma was at work. Lefty got Lee to drop her defenses by claiming he was a friend of Lahoma and Sam's and promised not to reveal her whereabouts or ask her any personal questions. Lee was appreciative towards Lefty's offer to find her an affordable, furnished room and gladly accepted his contact information.

Notes: A radio announcer gives Lee's particulars as: 21 years old, five feet, four inches in height, with dark hair, hazel eyes, and weight as 110 lbs during a local news bulletin on her disappearance. Lefty reveals that he left home at the age of fourteen. This episode contains the first known reference to KBAY.

NOVEMBER 15, 1967 (EP. #871)
Ada ran from the window, grabbed her coffee, and dashed into the bedroom after spotting Russ and Rachel get out of his car. Rachel informed Ada that she was free to come into the living room after Russ left for the evening. Rachel boasted to Ada about dining with Russ at the Top of the Tower, sharing champagne with Walter and Lenore, and showing class and grace. Ada relayed Madge's assessment of the Matthews family as regular people to suggest that Rachel is mistaken about their affluence, but Rachel maintained that she could influence them into leading more extravagant lives. Jim sensed rightly that Mary was restless over Russ getting home from his date with Rachel. Sam evaded Lahoma's questions on his interest in Lee. Sam grew suspicious when Lahoma asked whether she would get into trouble with the police for concealing information. Rachel told Ada that the Matthews don't have to make sacrifices or work lousy jobs to survive. Ada asked Rachel whether she would love Russ regardless of his profession, prompting Rachel to insist that Russ will enter into private practice someday. Jim and Mary were surprised as Russ described his evening with Rachel at the Top of The Tower. Russ asked Jim and Mary for permission to invite Rachel to dinner with the family. Jim reminded a discomfited Mary that she cannot come between Russ and Rachel. Sam assured Lee that he played a hunch that she was staying with Lahoma. Lee grew resentful when Sam praised John and emphasized that he is practically sick with worry. Sam shattered Lee's stoicism and brittle demeanor by offering himself as a confidante and promising to take care of her.

NOVEMBER 16, 1967 (EP. #872)
John and Pat appreciated Walter and Lenore's offers of moral support. Pat, Walter, and Lenore listened anxiously as John talked to Sam over the phone. John told Walter, Pat, and Lenore that Lee was unharmed in the car accident and she is staying with Lahoma, who works at The Trip and has befriended Lee. John somberly explained that Sam refused to divulge Lee's whereabouts to respect her wishes and cleverly deduced that John would want to bring her home. Lahoma sensed that Lee was angry with her for telling Sam that she was at the apartment. Lee bitterly told Lahoma that she was initially loathed to accept John's marriage to Pat and that her misgivings about her turned out to be correct, despite her concerted efforts to bond with Pat. Lahoma was appalled as Lee made assumptions that Sam is acting at John's behest to obtain information on her whereabouts. Lee scoffed at Lahoma's contentions that Sam's kind gestures were genuine and that he has feelings for her. Lahoma warned Lee against trusting Lefty. Lee swore to Lahoma that she will prove that she can be self-sufficient. Walter asked Lenore to keep him abreast of Missy's condition, which made Lenore self-conscious of Walter feeling threatened by Bill until he is married to Missy. Lenore tried to match Walter's optimism over Lee returning home soon. Walter raved to Lenore about John and Pat being well-suited for each other and very much in love. Lenore was speechless when Walter ardently declared his love and proposed marriage. Walter accepted Lenore's requests for time to examine her feelings and consider his marriage proposal. Lenore wept while clutching Bill's portrait.

NOVEMBER 17, 1967 (EP. #873)
Sam advised John that he fears for Lee's safety after having a long talk with her. Russ informed Bill that Missy's depression manifested into an extreme anxiety associated with guilt. Bill was fascinated as Russ stated that Dr. Hillerson believes that Missy consciously wished to raise Ricky, but insisted that she had killed the baby and punished herself for subconsciously wishing he had died due to the shame of carrying Danny's child. Russ was thrilled once Bill relayed Dr. Hillerson's opinion that the best thing for Missy would be to marry Bill. Sam advised John that Lee is suspicious of his motives and that he must gain her trust. John told Sam that Lee overcame her resentment towards his marriage to Pat and the two women had bonded for a while, but something happened that caused Lee's enmity towards Pat to resurface and intensify. Sam listened intently as John described himself as impossible during his paralysis and that the conflicts with Lee will take time to be resolved. Sam confessed to John that his interest in Lee is personal and sincere. John readily approved of Sam pursuing a romance with Lee. Missy screamed while having a recurring nightmare of her trial. Bill held Missy tenderly while assuring her that he will always protect and love her. Lee resigned to Sam's hypothesis that John would have arrived at the apartment had he revealed her whereabouts. Sam grew alarmed when Lee hinted that she subconsciously wanted to kill herself by getting into a car accident. Lee gave Sam a detailed account of Pat stealing Michael away from her and John's refusal to face the facts. Sam mused to Lee that Michael was out of his mind for jilting her.


NOVEMBER 20, 1967 (EP. #874)
Missy dodged describing her nightmares to Bill. Bill felt consternation when Missy stated that she cannot promise she will marry him. Lee laughed derisively in response to Sam's assertions that John loves her and she should go home. Sam frightened Lee by stating that John is working to keep her out of legal trouble. Lee asked Sam to thank John for providing her checkbook and to apologize for any inconvenience she has caused him. Sam confessed to Lee that spending five years in prison has motivated him towards self-improvement. Lee told Sam that she plans to live for the moment and not worry about superficial things like attending dances and getting married. Bill asked Pat to keep quiet about Lee's disappearance for Missy's sake. Bill angrily told Pat that Missy's fragile mental state is her reaction to never wanting to have Danny's child. Pat urged Bill to believe that Ricky's birth was a miracle, that Missy will conquer her depression, and that they will have a wonderful life together. Lee promised to consider Sam's suggestion that she resume her college education. Lahoma groused to Sam about being rejected for modeling jobs and Lee having a checkbook and charge accounts. Sam and Lahoma compared notes on their failed efforts to reason with Lee. Lahoma gently chided Sam for running himself ragged on Lee's behalf and making himself vulnerable to a girl who is not right for him. Lahoma spoke wistfully to Sam about their similar backgrounds and hinted that they would make a fine couple. Bill and Pat reassured Missy that her nightmares and depression will subside in due time. Missy told Bill that she has faith in his love and agreed to marry him.

NOVEMBER 21, 1967 (EP. #875)
Ada called Ernie in hopes of locating Sam. Ada remonstrated Rachel for ridiculing Sam's interest in Lee while she is trying to trap Russ into marriage. Russ and Alice happily informed Mary that Missy consented to marry Bill. Mary tried to disguise her chagrin when Russ impulsively asked Rachel to have dinner with the family. Alice joked to Mary that Rachel may be a Matthews one day. Ada and Sam didn't share Rachel's enthusiasm towards dining with the Matthews family at their house. Sam informed Ada that Rachel telling him that Lahoma spotted Lee at The Trip enabled him to find her. Sam was offended when Rachel laughed at Lahoma's influence on Lee and the two of them sharing an apartment. Ada cautioned Sam against getting involved with Lee because the odds are stacked against them in having a relationship. Sam told Ada that he is providing Lee with moral support and friendship to alleviate her unhappiness and confusion. Jim quelled Mary's agitation by emphasizing that Russ is young, will likely date other girls before settling down, and that Rachel should be treated hospitably as their guest. Alice apologized to Jim for making the dreadful remark that Mary should adopt Liz's tactics to break up Russ and Rachel's romance. Jim, Mary, Alice, Russ, and Rachel awkwardly tried to exchange pleasantries. Mary and Alice felt jarred as Rachel inquired into the reasons Lee ran away. Rachel beamed as Alice discussed Bill and Missy's upcoming wedding plans. Jim ribbed Mary and Alice for acting gloomy about Russ and Rachel. Rachel purposefully declared her love to Russ and bemoaned parting ways between dates because they are unmarried.

Jim: "...Russ is young and I understand this girl is very pretty so it's very natural for him to like her. And it is also very natural for him, couple months from now, to see some other pretty girl, with a different color hair and more likely a certain amused smile...and to fall for her."
Mary: "Oh, Jim."
Jim: "That's how you got me away from Ella Dennison...that certain amused smile of yours."
Mary: "Ella Dennison...I haven't thought of her in years."
Jim: "I think of her every time you get into a bad temper..." (THEY BOTH LAUGH)

NOVEMBER 22, 1967 (EP. #876)
Missy assured Bill that she walked to the nursery to get some exercise. Bill reminded Missy that he will adopt Ricky after they are married and raise him as their son. Liz complained to Lenore that the hospital staff ignored her providential timing in stopping Missy from harming herself with scissors and were too focused on limiting visitors to Missy's room. Liz told Lenore that Bill is in denial over Missy's deranged mental state and cannot be objective. Lenore agonized as Liz harped on her love for Bill and opined that Missy will never recover from being deeply, emotionally disturbed. Missy told Walter that she believes he acted in good conscience during Danny's murder case and accepted his apologies. Walter effusively shook Bill's hand upon learning that he intends to marry Missy once she is discharged from the hospital and legally adopt Ricky. Missy convinced Bill to have their wedding ceremony at Jim and Mary's house. Bill decided to search the apartment listings for a place for himself, Missy, and Ricky to live. Liz advised Lenore that Bill will turn to her with genuine love once Missy is out of the picture and encouraged Lenore to wait in readiness. Walter promptly dismissed Liz's assertions that they had spoken harshly to each other due to moments of emotional strain. Lenore evaded Walter's inquiries into the reasons she seemed upset after talking to Liz. Lenore stifled her emotions and joined Walter in toasting to Bill and Missy's impending nuptials. Bill defended himself against Liz's insinuations that he is assuming a brave front and would be burdened by Missy's mental issues. Liz was appalled by Bill's wedding plans and resolved to prevent them at all costs.

NOVEMBER 23, 1967: Pre-empted for American Football League game.

NOVEMBER 24, 1967 (EP. #877)
Missy joked to Pat about excitedly perusing the Bryant's catalogue to buy things for Ricky. Pat grew happily teary-eyed when Missy asked her to be her matron of honor and revealed that she and Bill have chosen a wedding date. Lenore begrudgingly admitted to Walter that Liz pled her case that she and Bill will reconcile and get married. Walter expressed admiration towards Lenore's discipline in masking her true feelings and having knowledge of many things. Lenore sympathized with Walter, who confessed his jealousy towards her past engagement to Bill and fears that they will reunite in the future. Walter urged Lenore to give serious consideration to his marriage proposal. Missy enthusiastically told Pat about her and Bill's wedding plans. Pat told Missy that Lee's animosity towards her had resurfaced and that Lee left home after having an argument with John. Missy noticed Pat's pessimism over the likelihood that John will reconcile with Lee and that she will come home. Lefty fibbed to Lee that Sam's attentions were a ploy to make himself useful to John and claimed that he and Lahoma are her true friends. Officer Morris informed Lee that she is the subject of a missing persons bulletin and is under arrest for fleeing the scene of an accident. Lee realized that she could not escape through the window and quickly got dressed. Lenore was alarmed when Walter took her to task for avoiding the topic of marriage by rambling about Lee. John told Lee that his legal strategy for the magistrates' court is to establish absence of criminal intent and to offer restitution for damages caused by her accident. Lee insolently told John that she and Pat will never settle their differences.

Walter: "...but when Mrs. Matthews comes to you and pleads her side, shouldn't I be allowed to make some kind of rebuttal?"
Lenore: "How do you know she was pleading a case?"
Walter: (A THIN SMILE:) "That lady is always pleading a case. And always the same case. I have no doubt, if it were a legal proceeding, she would end up by presenting her argument to the Supreme Court of the United States."

NOVEMBER 27, 1967 (EP. #878)
Bill brusquely told Liz that he was touring an apartment and rejected her suggestion to allow himself time to judge Missy's mental stability more accurately before getting married. John told Sam that he cleared Lee of the charge lodged against her, but lamented that Lee has a pattern of running away from difficult situations and that their interactions were relegated to an attorney and client during the court session. John noticed Sam's discomfiture after he predicted that Lee's wounds will heal and her feelings towards Pat will change with time. Sam admitted to John that Lee had told him about Michael and Pat's alleged affair and the confrontation she had with John. John informed Sam that Lee jumped to conclusions about Pat without substantiating evidence, then gave a detailed account on his poor treatment towards Pat during his paralysis, Pat's attraction to Michael that was never consummated, and Lee's fervent belief that Pat took Michael away from her. Sam understood John's wishes for Lee to have a confidante who can influence her to think more objectively about familial matters. Bill jovially ordered Missy to believe that Ricky is a healthy newborn baby, that Russ should get married to overcome his envy towards them, and suggested that they have a double date with Russ and Rachel soon. Missy asked Bill to quit talking about their future and to kiss her. Sam aroused Lee's ire by stating that she was being unfair to Pat. Lee told Sam that he had confirmed her suspicions and Lefty's claims that he was John's emissary by keeping him abreast of her activities. Liz pervasively planted ideas in Missy's mind that she had experienced a psychotic episode.


NOVEMBER 28, 1967 (EP. #879)
Liz put on airs to Missy about all the issues that came between her and Bill and questioned whether Missy should trust her feelings. Missy grew puzzled when Liz hinted that she should wait to marry Bill until she is sufficiently ready. Russ bristled with anger as Mary relayed Liz's opinion that Missy is seriously unbalanced and will never be the same. Mary resigned to Russ's assessment of Liz as malicious and destructive, but made veiled remarks about relating to Liz's maternal concerns for her son. Russ asked Mary whether he could invite Rachel to Bill and Missy's wedding. Mary contemplated the implications after Russ stated he wants Rachel to become better acquainted with the family. Rachel complimented Lee on cleaning the apartment and explained that she knows about her through Lahoma. Rachel was stunned by Lee's bitter tone while speaking of putting her life with John and Pat behind her. Lee frowned in response to Rachel's assertions that she was misinterpreting Sam's intentions and that he has fallen in love with her. Ernie gave Sam dire warnings against vowing to kill Lefty for telling lies about him to Lee. Sam requested that Ernie tell Lefty that he wants to discuss his business proposition should he come to the garage. Missy faltered slightly as Liz dissembled wanting her to recover completely to ensure her and Bill's happiness. Liz told Missy that her tragic childhood affected her as an adult and claimed she was grateful that Missy was spared a complete nervous breakdown. Missy was horrified as Liz recounted her cutting off her hair with scissors, speaking irrationally about punishment, and implied that Missy had intended to harm herself further.

NOVEMBER 29, 1967 (EP. #880)
Missy peered out her hospital room window while pondering Liz's words. Missy felt confused and forlorn as Mary expressed happiness towards her and Bill's impending nuptials. Lee wistfully told Rachel that John acted as her legal counsel because she hit a telephone pole with her car and concluded that John doubts that she can take care of herself. Rachel dropped the subject once she failed to convince Lee that Sam wasn't protecting her out of gratitude towards John for financing his education. Lee was tight-lipped as Rachel purposefully made assessments of Russ and Pat. Rachel modestly lowered her eyes while musing about becoming a member of the Matthews family someday to gauge Lee's reaction. Bill assumed that Mary and Missy were making wedding plans and decided not to interrupt them. Mary noticed that Missy was distant and pre-occupied as she talked about the guest list. Missy fibbed to Mary that she was in a reflective mood and shared Mary's optimism that Lee would set aside her issues with Pat and attend the wedding. Mary frowned when Missy hedged on providing an exact wedding date. Bill was troubled by Missy's lack of enthusiasm towards the apartment and her refusal to visit Ricky. Lee was disinterested as Rachel bragged about the significance of having dinner with Russ and his family and Liz being a regular customer of Ada's at Pierre's. Rachel was perplexed as Lee tearfully stated that she wishes Bill and Missy much happiness, but balked at going to the wedding. Missy professed her unwavering love to Bill and suggested that they postpone the wedding until she is absolutely certain that she has recovered completely.

NOVEMBER 30, 1967 (EP. #881)
Bill was incredulous towards Missy's request to halt their wedding plans. Missy told Bill that she wants to ensure that her emotional recovery isn't temporary before they get married. Jim and Mary bantered about mothers wanting perfection and fathers preferring physical beauty in a prospective daughter-in-law. Jim urged Mary not to judge Rachel too harshly for being awkward and nervous, but agreed with Mary's assertion that Rachel was a bit too nosey about Lee. Mary told Jim that Missy was noncommittal towards setting a wedding date and that Liz hysterically insisted that Bill and Missy's impending nuptials are a terrible idea at this time. Mary sadly told Jim that she is worried about Missy's mental stability. Russ and Bill questioned the source of Missy's fears that she will regress into depression again. Missy paced through her hospital room and screamed to block Liz's voice from echoing repeatedly in her mind. Missy told Russ that she cannot get married while her mental stability is uncertain. Ada fumed while telling Ernie that Lefty served time with Sam and tried to recruit him in a crooked operation. Ernie warned Ada that Lefty is provoking Sam's wrath and protective nature by ingratiating himself into Lee's life. Ernie and Ada were grateful to confide in each other about their concerns for Sam. Lahoma was disappointed that Sam came to The Trip looking for Lefty. Sam and Lefty ignored Lahoma's pleas not to get into an altercation over Lee at her place of work. Sam took a swipe at Lefty for accusing him of currying John's favor to get a slice of the Randolph money. Lefty scoffed at Sam's threats should he refuse to stay away from Lee and left The Trip.

Ernie: "...But Sam thinks he's got to make like Prince Valiant or something."
Ada: (AMUSED REMINISCENT SMILE) "You know, Ernie, that's the way Sam always was. When he was a little boy, I mean. If a big kid picked on a little kid, or especially if anybody picked on a girl, there'd be Sam, maybe sixty pounds dripping wet, with his fists punching out at the big kid until he got knocked down maybe five or six times."

DECEMBER 1, 1967 (EP. #882)
Rachel told Ada that Lahoma is untrustworthy and that she might ruin her romance with Russ. Ada reproached Rachel for being self-centered while she worries about Sam's involvement in Lee's troubles. Missy feigned amusement as Alice joked about nursing and being a brilliant student. Alice was floored when Missy snapped at her for rambling about her upcoming wedding. Missy was resolute that it would be unfair to marry Bill while she is uncertain about her mental health, despite Alice's arguments to the contrary. Ada told Rachel that she and Ernie share concerns about Sam's feelings for Lee and his growing hostility towards a dangerous man like Lefty. Rachel was unsympathetic to Ada's plight and sauntered into the bedroom to prepare for her date with Russ. Russ told Alice that he and Bill failed to change Missy's mind about the wedding and that she needs to talk to objective professionals. Alice accused Russ of putting Rachel ahead of Missy by going off-duty. Rachel surmised to Ada that Sam should quit acting foolish because Lee doesn't care about him and that Russ will invite her to Bill and Missy's wedding. Rachel beamed while describing the Matthews' refined manners, large, beautiful house, and swore to Ada that she will be living there one day. Ada urged Rachel to make sure that she loves Russ as a person. Rachel chased Ada out of the apartment so that she could be alone with Russ. Russ apologized to Rachel for his tardiness and lamented that they must skip the movies and have a short dinner so that he can assist with Missy's care. Rachel cajoled Russ into keeping their initial plans by making sexual advances and playing on his guilt.

DECEMBER 4, 1967 (EP. #883)
Missy was touched when Lenore visited her. Lenore was shocked once Missy revealed that she and Bill are not getting married after all. John told Pat that they are fortunate to have Sam as a link between Lee and themselves. Pat was flabbergasted and John's mind raced as Mary lamented that Missy dodged talking about wedding plans and has become noncommittal about marrying Bill. Jim, Mary, and Pat were astonished over John's urgency towards speaking with Missy privately right away. Lenore grew uneasy and embarrassed as Missy recounted her irrational fixations and depression to justify her decision to postpone the wedding. Lenore bade a hasty retreat out of Missy's room and cried in the hospital corridor. Madge graciously declined Ada's offer to live with her and explained that she plans to return to Chicago after Bill and Missy's wedding. Madge told Ada that she developed an aversion to marriage after witnessing Flo get mistreated by men for many years. Ada confided to Madge that her ex-husband was an abusive gambler and alcoholic who left once she gave birth to Rachel, who believes that her father was a fine man who died years ago. Madge and Ada agreed that Rachel is pursuing Russ because of his prominent family and social position. Ada implored Sam to stay away from Lefty. Madge and Ada were startled when Sam vowed to kill Lefty should he continue to bother Lee. John informed Missy that Liz planted doubts in her mind about her mental stability and characterized Liz as a self-righteous fanatic, who resorts to despicable means in the name of motherly love. John warned Missy not to let Liz ruin her and Bill's lives again.

Ada: "...I was married once myself."
Madge: "Not good, huh?"
Ada: "Well, if you like black eyes, it was fine. I really loved that guy. A guy who most of the time didn't have a pay envelope to bring home, but when he did have one, stopped off in a bookie joint or a bar or both and then came home with nothing. You know what burns me up most?"
Madge: "What?"
Ada: "That he walked out on me. That I didn't walk out on him first. I could have had that satisfaction. But no...I waited until after Rachel came, and that was enough for him. I wasn't supposed to have a baby. Out he went..."

John: "Liz Matthews is a woman who would do anything, anything at all, however depraved, however vile, in the name of mother love."
Missy: "But, in this case..."
John: (OVER:) "No, you listen to me, Missy, Liz is totally possessive and the reason that she is particularly dangerous is that she thinks she's always right. And people who think they're right can be powerfully persuasive sometimes. Fanatics can be, and in a certain kind of way, Liz is a fanatic. I'm not saying she's evil. I'm saying she's more dangerous than if she were just simply evil, the way a gangster, perhaps, is evil. She is more dangerous because she is self-righteous." (TAKE MISSY, THOUGHTFUL AND TROUBLED) "Missy, don't listen to her. Don't let her ruin your life. She ruined it once, don't let her do it again. Don't let her ruin Bill's life. Do you hear me, Missy?" (TAKE MISSY, LOOKING AT HIM AND LOOKING AWAY, TROUBLED. WE DON'T KNOW HOW SHE'S GOING TO REACT. FADE OUT).

DECEMBER 5, 1967 (EP. #884)
Lee arranged the art supplies she purchased in Lahoma's pad. Lenore was offended by Lee's accusation that she was slumming by coming to see her. Russ expressed relief to Rachel that he didn't have to cut their date short and return to work since Dr. Hillerson is looking after Missy's welfare. Rachel criticized Lee for running away from home, prompting Russ to hypothesize that she may learn to appreciate her former lifestyle after living in Bedfordtown. Russ became affectionate as Rachel reflected on her hospitalization leading to the two of them meeting and falling in love. Lee informed Lenore that she will be renting a room with a skylight so that she can paint and wants to live without material possessions, hypocrisy, and the societal standards of their upbringing. Lenore suggested to Lee that she had misjudged Pat since superficial qualities cannot hide a person's true nature. Lee lectured Lenore on stringing Walter along while still harboring feelings for Bill. Lahoma told Lefty that Lee is likely not interested in him or Sam because they live in different worlds. Lefty was wounded when Lahoma accused him of using Lee to settle scores with Sam. Lee seethed when Sam compared her to Rachel and Lenore while trying to grasp her definition of hypocrisy. Sam defended himself against Lee's criticisms that he is too concerned with furthering his education. Lee felt conflicted when Sam opined that she has low self-esteem and resolved to become her best friend. Rachel purposefully told Russ that she cannot bear being separated from him and subtly hinted at getting engaged. Russ quietly debated on whether to propose to Rachel, who watched him with satisfaction.

DECEMBER 6, 1967 (EP. #885)
John warned Missy that Liz displays the most possessive love any mother ever inflicted on her son. John swore that he will stay in Missy's hospital room until he has convinced Missy that she has completely recovered. Liz dissembled ignorance and asked Bill leading questions to get him to reveal that Missy wants to wait until she is stronger emotionally before they get married. Bill didn't appreciate Liz's assertion that postponing the wedding might prevent a real tragedy. Lenore told Walter that she cannot desert Lee, despite her going through a confused period in her life and turning her back on her friends. Walter opined to Lenore that Lee was contradicting her desire to be free-spirited by living off income bequeathed to her. Lenore admitted to Walter that Liz successfully caused Missy to doubt her mental stability. John assured Liz that he has no intention of telling Bill that Missy has a very sensible attitude about postponing the wedding. Bill was thrilled and Liz in high dudgeon once John explained that Missy has conquered her fears and is ready to marry Bill. Lenore tried to defend Liz against Walter's theory that Liz influenced Missy in a diabolical scheme to ultimately get Bill to marry Lenore instead of Missy. Walter ruefully expressed hopes to Lenore that she will reciprocate his love. Bill and Missy finalized their wedding plans while admiring a photograph of Ricky. Liz accused John of interfering in Bill's life and discounting Missy's fragile mental state. John gave Liz a lacerating lecture on accepting Missy as a daughter-in-law and Ricky as her grandson, which caused Liz to suffer chest spasms and shortness of breath. Liz begged John to summon a doctor.

Liz: "That girl could go insane at any moment! Don't you realize that?"
John: "What I realize is that you're acting insane at this moment."
Liz: "Oh you don't understand! You don't have a son!"
John: "I have a daughter."
Liz: "Yes, and where is she? Down in some slum throwing herself away." (GETS COAT)
John: "Liz, I've never struck a woman in my life but, by heaven, if you say anything like that again I won't be responsible for my actions."
Liz: "And if you don't stop interfering in my son's life I won't be responsible for mine. Now, get out of my way."
Liz: "I have got to make Bill and Melissa understand that they cannot be married yet. Not until we're sure she's all right."
John: "Everyone else is sure she's all right."
Liz: "Well, I'm not. Get out of my way, John."
John: "You'll go to that hospital over my dead body, Liz."
Liz: "Don't you know what this will do to Bill! Don't you know!"
John: "I only know what it will do to you, Liz. I know that at long last you will lose your son. You are losing him right now. Yes, you're losing him! There's nothing you can do about it. Nothing at all."
John: "Yes, Liz. Yes! Bill will marry Melissa now. She will be your daughter-in-law, her son your grandchild, and you might as well get used to that idea."
John: "Liz, don't try to pull another act on me."
Liz: (DIFFICULTY SPEAKING) "It's not an act...John, call a doctor. For heavens sakes, call a doctor."

Production Notes: All scenes featuring Liz were pre-taped on October 27, 1967.

DECEMBER 7, 1967 (EP. #886)
John called Dr. Steele for Liz. Madge failed to ease Ada's fears that Sam instigated trouble because he is hot-tempered and determined to confront Lefty. Ada lamented to Madge that Sam has appointed himself as Lee's guardian and wished that he had never met Lee. Madge frowned as Ada groused that Lee would never date a man like Sam. Russ and Rachel told Ada and Madge that Missy has consented to marry Bill. Rachel boasted to Ada and Madge that nothing could stop her from marrying the man that she loves. Russ was smitten as Rachel teased him about being indispensable to her. Jim and Mary were thrilled to hear from Pat that Bill and Missy have finalized their wedding plans. Pat informed Jim and Mary that Lee is in Bedfordtown and that she and John get ongoing reports on her from Sam. Jim reminded Pat that she and John made peace over her infatuation with Michael and that Lee knows the consequences of her actions. Bill and Missy decided to have their honeymoon in St. Croix. John and Pat told Bill and Missy that Liz has been hospitalized. John urged Missy not to postpone her wedding on Liz's account. Russ speculated to Jim and Mary that Liz went into shock due to Bill and Missy resuming their plans. Mary chided Jim for voicing suspicions that Liz had faked a heart attack to thwart Bill and Missy's impending nuptials. Russ told Jim and Mary that he may forego finishing his internship before considering marriage. Rachel bragged to Ada that she was wrong to think that Russ would never be interested in her. Ada was disturbed as Rachel confessed that she threatened to leave for Hollywood to force Russ into making a commitment to her.

DECEMBER 8, 1967 (EP. #887)
Dru advised Jim and Mary that he left Midwestern Law School early and didn't want to request a ride from the airport. Jim and Mary told Dru that Bill and Missy are slated to be married next week and that John is recovering nicely. Jim and Mary told Dru about Liz's hospitalization. Dru was stunned to learn from Jim and Mary that Lee's differences with Pat escalated and she demanded that John throw Pat out of the house. Dru somberly concluded that Lee feels completely rejected by John as Jim and Mary recounted the events that led to Lee's departure. Lee told Lahoma that the subject of her watercolor portrait was of her mother. Lahoma felt deflated when she couldn't convince Lee that John loves her and that she should go home. Lee obstinately refused to believe Lahoma's contention that Sam genuinely has feelings for her. Lahoma lambasted Lee for stubbornly taking for granted everything she has to offer to a man. Pat was floored as John revealed that he confronted Liz for influencing Missy into having qualms about marrying Bill and stopped Liz from rushing to the hospital. John conceded to Pat that he would regret contributing to Liz's condition had she not made a vindictive, cruel remark about Lee throwing herself away in Bedfordtown. Lee was motivated by defiance towards Sam, Lahoma, and John to accept Lefty's offer to go out for a drink. Lefty confessed to Lee that he lied about being Sam's friend because he thought she wouldn't talk to him. Lee confided her reasons for leaving home to Lefty, who shrewdly nurtured Lee's rebellious side by commending her for asserting her independence. Lefty carefully watched Lee take her first sip of bourbon.

Pat: "But then came the deluge with Aunt Liz?"
John: "I have never seen her so vindictive, so furious at having her will thwarted. As a matter of fact, she acted as though she wasn't thwarted -- she was on the point of dashing to the hospital -- I presume to try to somehow throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings again -- when she had her collapse." (A LITTLE SHRUG) "And -- well, you know the rest."

DECEMBER 11, 1967 (EP. #888)
Mary pleaded with an apprehensive Jim to talk Russ out of potentially rushing into marriage. Dr. Steele informed Dru and Bill that Liz had a heart attack according to the electrocardiogram performed, has been made comfortable, and given medication and an oxygen tent. Bill admitted to Dr. Steele that Liz has been tense lately because she opposes his and Missy's impending nuptials. Dr. Steele was forthright in telling Dru and Bill that Liz's condition is very serious. Jim suggested that Russ invite Rachel to Christmas dinner with the family while trying to broach the subject of Russ's plans to marry Rachel. Jim reminded Russ that his career is quite demanding because he has six months left of his internship, followed by a year of residency when he will be at the hospital's beck and call. Russ informed Jim that he cannot afford to wait to get married because Rachel may get restless and find another man or go to Hollywood. Mary forced a smile while telling Alice that Russ and Rachel are getting married. Mary and Alice shared their suspicions that Rachel pressured Russ into proposing marriage to her. Alice decided to have lunch with Rachel to gauge her intentions for Russ. Bill downplayed Liz's condition to spare Missy from guilt. Missy was overjoyed by the engagement ring Bill had slipped onto her finger. Rachel assumed Alice was abiding by social graces when she emphasized that the Matthews are not rich and must work to support themselves, but sagged slightly once Alice stated that Russ's salary is not lucrative. Russ was pleased as Rachel explained that she and Alice are getting to know each other and predicted that the two women will become great friends.

Rachel: "...and I happened to mention that you and I were having lunch..." (TO RUSS) "Your spies!"
Russ: "Aw, now, come on, you just gave the whole thing away. I practically had her thinking I was agent double-oh seven."
Alice: "You didn't fool me for a minute." (JUST THE SLIGHTEST FLICKER AT RACHEL:) "Nobody fools me that easily."
Russ: (HE HAS NOT CAUGHT THE LITTLE THING THAT HAS PASSED BETWEEN THE TWO GIRLS) "All right, so I'm not as clever as I think I am. I'm glad you two got together, you know? I mean, I think it's great that you're getting acquainted --"
Rachel: "Oh, I think we're going to be great friends, don't you, Alice? I mean, I think our little talk has really helped us to know each other better."
Alice: (KNOWING RACHEL HAS UPPER HAND:) "Yes, Rachel, a great deal better."

DECEMBER 12, 1967 (EP. #889)
Lahoma lectured Lee on learning to recognize creeps and phonies and maintained that she was avoiding her problems by getting her own place. Lee coldly told Lahoma that she doesn't need advice from her or Sam and that she can handle Lefty. John and Pat speculated to Dru that Liz's heart attack was caused by the emotional shock of realizing that she cannot stop Bill and Missy's wedding. John told Dru that he and Pat are optimistic that Lee will return home. Dru opined to John and Pat that they should not reproach themselves over Lee's departure. Pat was touched by Dru's assurances that she was incapable of willfully causing anyone harm, despite her many conflicts with Lee. Ada accepted Sam's final rent payment and nursed a cold. Sam told Ada that the tenants at his boarding house are quiet and that he and Rachel are happier living apart. Ada informed Sam that Rachel ignores her warnings on marrying Russ and views marriage as having money, living in a large house, and boasting about her husband's profession. Sam defended himself to Ada as Lee's protector and confidante. Lahoma good-naturedly shrugged off Rachel choosing to have lunch with Alice instead of her. Sam left abruptly upon hearing from Lahoma that Lee went to a bar with Lefty. Lahoma sadly mused to Ada that everyone wants something they cannot have. John and Pat told Dru that they are grateful to Sam for keeping them abreast of Lee's activities. Lee grew defensive when Sam admonished her for being with Lefty. Sam marveled at Lee's watercolor painting of her mother. Lee offered to paint a portrait of Sam under the condition that he quit trying to dictate her life.

DECEMBER 13, 1967 (EP. #890)
Alice realized that her plan to uncover Rachel's true intentions for Russ backfired. Rachel and Alice put on airs about getting to know each other and becoming friends for Russ's benefit. Ada remonstrated Rachel for snubbing Lahoma to have lunch with Alice, but Rachel maintained that she needed to be on good terms with her future in-laws. Ada told Rachel that marriage involves giving of oneself and putting another person's happiness above your own. Rachel coldly retorted that Ada didn't have the right to give her advice on marriage. Alice asserted to Missy that Liz was wrong to believe that she was too emotionally unstable to get married and caused her heart attack by getting upset over things that are none of her business. Missy told Alice that Ricky's birth has enabled her to relate to Liz's maternal responsibility towards Bill. Alice was too honest to allow Russ to falsely believe that she asked Rachel to lunch to build a friendship and make her feel like a member of the family. Russ bristled with fury as Alice confessed that she felt Rachel should understand that they are not wealthy. Alice grew teary-eyed when Russ accused her of being snobbish like Liz, thinking that Rachel is inadequate for him, and behaving like a child. Rachel persuaded Ada into having dinner with Madge under the pretense that it would alleviate her cold and headache so that she could cook for Russ. Rachel enjoyed Russ's help in the kitchen. Russ covered as Rachel raved about befriending Alice, but smiled when Rachel contended that his feelings are the ones that matter the most to her. Rachel secured Russ's promise that they won't have to wait much longer to get married.

Notes: In crossed-out dialogue, Missy agreed that Alice shouldn't have interfered in Russ and Rachel's relationship and hypothesized that perhaps they are right for each other despite Alice's reservations.

DECEMBER 14, 1967 (EP. #891)
Sam helped Lee move her belongings into her new apartment. Lee accused Sam of spoiling her sense of freedom by remarking that she should consider herself fortunate that John won't see the place. Dru told Jim and Mary that John cannot concentrate at work because he is terribly worried about Lee. Jim advised Mary that he agrees with Dru's assertion that John going to Bedfordtown to track down Lee might cause her to flee to another town and expressed admiration towards John's restraint. Dru told Jim and Mary that Sam is a fine person for keeping John and Pat informed on Lee. Bill told Jim, Mary, and Dru that Liz's health has worsened and asked them not to tell Missy so that nothing impedes their wedding. Sam convinced Lee that he isn't trying to persuade her into going home and that John will be spared of guilt by not visiting her apartment. Lee thanked Sam for building her trust and being on her side. Sam and Lee enjoyed a warm tableau as she sketched Sam while he was fixing a drawer. Bill noted to Jim and Mary that Russ and Rachel must be getting serious. Missy happily accepted Mary's offer to wear her mother's wedding gown and make any necessary alterations. Dru was honored that Missy considered him a father figure and agreed to give her away to Bill. Missy enthused to Bill about their upcoming wedding after enduring so many delays. Lefty scolded Sam for acting superior despite working as a mechanic. Lee harangued Sam and Lefty for discussing her like she was property and stormed out. Lefty arrogantly claimed that a classy girl like Lee would enhance his image and warned Sam that he faces competition for her affections.

Notes: Lee's apartment was located at the back of Lahoma's tenement house, furnished with an iron bedstead, lumpy mattress, cheap dresser with some drawer handles missing, and an easy chair with a sagging seat. One curtain and the ceiling slanting down to dormer windows gave the place a skylight effect.

DECEMBER 15, 1967 (EP. #892)
Alice informed Dru, back from the university, that the latest slang was "twenty-three skiddoo," "sheiks" (men), and "vamps" (women), while he recalled how everybody was saying "So's your old man" when he had left home early in the summer. Dru realized Alice was unhappy over Russ and Rachel. A sick Ada made ineffectual sick gestures, downed some aspirin, and admitted to Madge that Rachel chased her out of the apartment because she wanted to give Russ a private dinner. Alice tearfully admitted that Russ was angry she had implied Rachel thought their family had oodles of bread and will have a cushy life with Russ. While they were doing the dishes, Rachel melted into Russ's arms. Russ admitted to Rachel that his family didn't enthuse over their marriage plans. He was unsure when she proposed eloping. Russ diagnosed Ada with a virus when Madge brought her home. Rachel fumed to Madge that her mother being sick ruined her date with Russ. Madge blasted her for her selfishness, but Rachel insisted she was a perfectly good daughter as she makes her bed. Russ begged Dru to help him change his parents' minds about Rachel.

Dru: "Alice, may an elderly admirer of... well, over twenty-five, if you can believe that... may I tell you that you are boss?"

Notes: Lefty's name was crossed out and replaced with "Jerry" at one point.

DECEMBER 18, 1967 (EP. #893)
Walter was relieved when Lenore said the wedding will go on despite Liz's illness. Madge suggested he warn John about what kind of character his daughter's getting mixed up with, but Sam felt he could handle Lefty. Lenore couldn't decide whether it was fair to let Walter tell her he loved her. Her "uncle" Fred came by, but Walter didn't feel comfortable talking to him in front of Lenore. Fred advised Lenore to play for keeps or let him go as Walter was head over heels in love with her and wanted to marry her. Lenore felt Lee should have more care for her future, and wouldn't accept Lee's offer to move in and live for the moment. Fred encouraged Walter to accept the candidacy, and Walter felt he would have a better chance of winning if he had Lenore as a wife. Lee felt Lenore hypocritical for going out with Walter when she didn't love him. Lee had Sam pose holding a book as if it were his first time. She was fascinated by some of the experiences he's had that she was deprived of. She threw him out when he began ranting that Lefty was poison.


DECEMBER 19, 1967 (EP. #894)
Pat and Missy came home laughing from a day of shopping. Pat tried to discourage Missy from letting Liz's illness limit her to a weekend honeymoon. Pat realized happily that she can use the wedding as an excuse to visit Lee. Lahoma remarked on the skylight as she inspected Lee's place. Lee denied she was using Sam as a way to stay in contact with home. Missy understood when Bill explained he'd had an irrational emotional reaction when he'd blamed the baby for her episode. Pat met Lahoma, and they discussed the wedding since Lee wasn't interested. Lee felt John had chosen Pat over her since it made it easier for him to hold up his head in that superficial society they all lived in once. Resolved to parade somebody Pat wouldn't approve of, Lee left Lefty in and he ogled Pat in a way that made her flesh crawl. Not really wanting to, Lee accepted Lefty's offer of a ride to shock Pat, but Lefty figured if he can get the Randolph's exercised about the company Lee was keeping, a payoff might come all the sooner.

Lahoma: "I'm not company, I'm Lahoma."


DECEMBER 20, 1967 (EP. #895)
Pat debated what to tell John about seeing Lee. Missy filled Alice in on the wedding presents laid out on a couple of folding tables in the living room. Missy was glad to hear Alice and Russ were back on good terms, but lost her aplomb when Lenore arrived with a gift. John, though with the pitiful longing of a father, was pleased to hear Pat describe Lahoma as being protective of Lee. Lee hid her fright as Lefty drove his sports car with an almost sensual pleasure exhibiting his sexual prowess. Lenore assured Missy she did the right thing in changing her mind about not marrying Bill. Lenore declined an invite to the wedding, but (almost furtively, because she is normally not a demonstrative girl) quickly kissed Missy on the cheek before leaving. In a shabby ginmill, Lefty told Lee a long story about drag racing, but she was uncomfortable remembering the night of John's accident. Adroitly playing to Lee's sense of rebellion, Lefty assured her they would get rid of all her hang-ups. Desperate to prove her independence, Lee asked Lefty to take her for the dangerous ride down Camel Back Mountain.

DECEMBER 21, 1967 (EP. #896)
Missy awoke and danced to the tune in her music box. Mary, working herself up to be a nervous wreck, directed beasts of burden Jim and Dru. Alice and Russ tried to keep Bill from worrying about Liz, who took a turn for the worse and needs an oxygen tent. Fred brought a tape recorder to save the occasion for posterity. Bill told the men he would drop in on Liz on the way to the airport. Clarke Morgan, the organist, played background music. Rachel arrived dressed in a little too high a style for this group and was introduced to Fred. Madge brought flowers sent from Flo and Charlie. Dr. Ramsey, the minister, married Bill and Missy.



Dr. Ramsey: "William Matthews, wilt thou have Melissa to be thy wedded wife, to live together after God's ordinance in the Holy State of Matrimony?" [...]
Bill: "I will."
Melissa: "I, Melissa, take thee, William for my lawful husband." (...AND AS THE MUSIC SWELLS AND BILL TAKES MISSY IN HIS ARMS TO KISS HER, WE SIGHFULLY FADE OUT).

Notes: AW's real-life organist, Clarke Morgan, played himself.

DECEMBER 22, 1967 (EP. #897)
Bill and Missy were immediately engulfed by congratulations, hand-shakes, tearful kisses, and the like. Lahoma brought her percolator to plug into Lee's outlet, then squinted at Lee's latest impressionistic painting. Her mind full of lonely wistful thoughts, Lee found warmth and nourishment only in the cup of coffee Lahoma left behind. Pat tried yet again to convince Melissa to let her take Ricky if he was ready to come home from the hospital. Jim popped the cork on the champagne, then Dru toasted the newest Mrs. Bill Matthews. Lahoma broke it to Sam that Lee would never have anything to do with somebody that's connected to her father. Without any enthusiasm, Lee agreed to let Sam resume posing for her, then, without conviction, maintained the wedding was the last place she wanted to be. Rachel, without making it too obvious, adroitly worked herself into position and intercepted the bouquet Missy tossed at Alice. In a pre-shot film sequence from an exterior POV, the front door opened and Bill and Missy fled joyously down the front walk and into the waiting car followed by showers of rice as guests spilled out onto the porch.


Bill: [LOOKING AROUND THE ROOM] "To all of you who have made this moment possible for Missy and me -- to you whose faith and trust in us lasted through all these months, who never let us --" [A GLANCE AT MISSY] "-- lose faith in each other, or the hope that this day would finally arrive --" [LOOKS DOWN AT HIS GLASS, SWALLOWS HARD, THEN RAISES IT, TAKE HIM IN C.U. LOOKING INTO CAMERA] "To all of you, our very dear friends."


DECEMBER 25, 1967 (EP. #898)
In front of the hospital, Missy decided to visit Ricky while Bill and Fred visited Liz. Madge described the wedding to Ada, then with honesty and compassion told her that Rachel was a taker. Fred smoothly placated Liz, still a very sick woman, who was upset Bill was going out of town on business. Liz pounced on Fred soon after he hustled Bill out the door. Liz suspected Missy had another breakdown. A heavy-lidded Missy requested Bill kiss her during their flight. Rachel closed her eyes as Russ slipped an unostentatious solitaire diamond ring on her finger. As he kissed her, her eyes opened and her left hand went up above his shoulder far enough that she could look at the ring and her eyes narrowed in cold triumph. She smiled that slow feline smile of hers, sauntered insouciantly to the bedroom, and told Ada she's taken the first step toward the real ring she wants, the ringing of wedding bells.


DECEMBER 26, 1967 (EP. #899)
With calculated casualness, Lenore asked Alice about the wedding. Lee refused to accept the gift Sam brought from John. Sam disparaged her "true" friends in Sherman Square who introduce young kids to pot, acid, and speed. Lenore was appalled when Liz asked her to verify that Missy has gone off the deep end again. Walter admired the photos Fred took at the wedding. Fred realized Walter hoped running for high public office would make him more attractive in Lenore's eyes. Lenore fled in tears after Liz told her not to commit herself to Walter until they see which way the wind is blowing with Bill and Missy. Though they yearned for each other, Lee and Sam both agreed he shouldn't see her any longer.

DECEMBER 27, 1967 (EP. #900)
A slovenly Lee is slowly going to seed in her new digs. John advised Pat not to feel sympathy that Liz is missing out on an extended family. John reproached himself to Dru for failing Lee. Lee refused Lenore's gift but grudgingly accepted her offer of friendship. She relished introducing Lenore to Lefty. John was grateful that Dru, who revealed he knows about the business with Michael, offered to visit Lee. Lenore was too depressed about Lee to enthuse over Walter's political news. Walter felt the real tragedy was that there were thousands of Lee Randolphs all over this country of theirs, in fact, 10,000 young people who have run away from home. Dru marveled at Lee's sketch of her mother. Lee didn't believe John was suffering.

Dru: "Lee... After all the years I've know you -- from the time I used to crawl around the floor and be your horsie while you whipped me with the tassel of your bathrobe."

DECEMBER 28, 1967 (EP. #901)
Abandoned in the hallway after Lee ran off, Dru met Lahoma and quickly appreciated her sound sense. Alice showed Mary the wedding photos and related that the new couple were ecstatically happy. It was a blow to Mary when Russ revealed he gave Rachel a ring. Lahoma wouldn't break Lee's confidences by telling Dru about her invented emotional injuries, but filled him in on Sam and Lefty. When Ada worried about Sam, Rachel was glad she would soon be married and out of this whole business. When Mary worried he was still just an intern, Russ, who said he paid for the ring from the money his grandfather left him, felt Rachel would be reconciled to waiting for a more suitable time to marry now that she had a ring. Alice let Mary know that Rachel wouldn't be content with a marriage similar to hers and Jim's. Ada managed to formally congratulate Russ. Rachel offered to give a miserable Russ his ring back when he wouldn't agree to marry right away. When she tearily begged him to marry her, he agreed.

DECEMBER 29, 1967 (EP. #902)
Dru met Sam, who'd brought hamburgers for Lee. At the opera, Lenore fretted that Lee accused her of slumming when she visited, but Walter felt she was worth a battalion of Lee Randolphs. Sam and Dru impressed each other with their insights into Lee's character. At The Trip, Lefty apologized to Lee for arriving late, saying he was busy earning a little scratch. The camera panned past them and through as bizarre a collection of characters as the budget allowed to Sam and Dru entering the door. Sam and Dru peered at the bulletin board on which parents put photos of their missing children. A man got upset when a girl recognized his daughter's picture but refused to squeal on her. Lefty felt it was a big honor to meet one of the biggest lawyers in town, although Dru joked this was only true when he was standing sideways. Dru made Lefty self-conscious when he tried to impress everyone with what a big shot he was. In a dream sequence: Lenore wore a bridal veil and walked slowly down a surrealistic aisle; Fred officiated; Liz objected to the ceremony; Bill arrived, with a flower in his buttonhole like Walter at the altar, and said he didn't love Missy; Lee railed at her for her hypocrisy; Lenore's eyes shone as Bill told her he loved her; she happily married Bill only to find it was Walter she'd married. Lenore awoke in tears after everyone shouted she was a hypocrite and a liar.