Daily Synopses: January - June / July - December

JANUARY 1, 1968: Pre-empted for Sugar Bowl.

JANUARY 2, 1968 (EP. #903)
Sam hid in the hallway when he heard Lee coming up the stairs. Mary filled Jim in on the engagement, and he felt Russ would remain free of responsibility until he's finished his internship and his residency. Mary was assuaged by Jim's sensible attitude. Sam decried Lefty, then begged Lee to agree to the deal that she'll never have to bothered by him again as long as she gives up Lefty also. With a heavy heart, Dru told Jim and Mary about his meeting with Lee and encountering her date, a flashy, cheap type of some superficial charm. Lee slapped Sam when he accused her of perhaps wanting Lefty to drag her down to his level. Jim told Mary not to worry that Russ hasn't yet returned home despite the late hour. As they crossed the state line, Russ felt uneasy over his promise to his mother, but Rachel said they could keep their marriage a secret until he's finished his internship in June.

Notes: The J.P.'s name, according to the sign seen at the very end, was Emory Dietrich, though no mention of his name is made in the next episode

JANUARY 3, 1968 (EP. #904)
Russ and Rachel waited patiently as the magistrate and his wife searched for the card with the wedding ceremony. They switched spots as they were initially in the wrong places, Rachel smiling, though a little nervously, and Russ solemn and a bit scared looking. Ada advised Sam it was none of his business how Lee lived her life, and warned he's just asking for a kick in the teeth. Sam advised Ada not to worry about Rachel since she was out with a nice guy like Russ. The magistrate married Russ and Rachel as wife Effie stood up for them. The next morning, Alice told Mary that Lee needs a spanking for having walked out on Dru. Madge tried to calm Ada, who worried that Rachel hadn't come home last night. Rachel returned home with a triumphant smile on her face and related the news. A flabbergasted Ada was close to tears, and Madge promised to keep it a secret. Ada was both happy and worried as Rachel pirouetted and fairly danced into her bedroom. Russ was evasive when Alice wanted to know why he hadn't phoned home last night.

Magistrate: "Russell Matthews, will you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife?" [RUSS IS ABOUT TO SAY I DO, BUT THE MAGISTRATE GOES ON] [...]
Russ: "I will."
Magistrate: "Rachel Davis, will you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband? [...]"
Rachel: "I will."
Magistrate: [TO RUSS] "Have you got a ring?
Effie: [SHE WHISPERS IT] "Good. Sometimes they forget."
Magistrate: "Put the ring on the little lady's finger and repeat after me: [AS RUSS PUTS THE RING ON RACHEL'S FINGER] "With this ring, I thee wed."
Russ: "With this ring, I thee wed."
Magistrate: "Now join your right hands together." [THEY DO SO] "Inasmuch as Russell and Rachel have consented together in holy wedlock and witness the same by joining their hands and by giving of a ring, now by virtue of the authority vested in me by the laws of this state, I pronounce them man and wife." [HE SMILES AT THEM AND AFTER A MOMENT] "You can kiss your bride now, Mister." [RACHEL AND RUSS LOOK AT EACH OTHER, THEN COME INTO EACH OTHERS ARMS AND KISS AS WE FADE OUT]

Rachel: (To Ada) "Say good luck. Say you're happy. Say fireworks, music, blue skies, champagne, merry-go-round, rainbow! I'm married to Dr. Russell Matthews!"

JANUARY 4, 1968 (EP. #905)
Rachel hummed along with the radio and did her nails, the young lioness after a full meal. Ada was flummoxed to receive a call from Mary. Rachel explained she'd needed to marry Russ now to make sure he didn't get away and that Ada was to blame, since she'd said that men like Russ don't marry girls like her. She went to get dressed for her date, leaving Ada defeated, bobbing helplessly in her wake, as usual. Russ arrived, and Rachel rewarded Ada with a quick, perfunctory kiss when she agreed to make herself scarce. In a slinky gown, Rachel draped herself prettily on the sofa. She cut her eyes up at Russ, he bent, enfolded her in his arms, and kissed her. The next morning, Russ was thrown when Mary said she'd invited Ada over for lunch. Rachel coached Ada on what to do if Mary serves her several courses. Ada was in disbelief when Mary told her that before Pat was born, she worked as a clerk in Lowenstein's, a woman's specialty store on State Street. When Ada complimented the house, Mary remembered they'd bought it just after Alice was born. Mary confided she and Jim were considering selling the house when all the children have moved on. Ada did quietly and privately die when Mary said she'd die if she was made to be unaware of her son's marriage the way Liz is.

Notes: A Mrs. Thomas did heavy-cleaning once a week for the Matthews.

JANUARY 5, 1968 (EP. #906)
Flying home, Bill and Missy looked forward to seeing Ricky. Sam assured John he wouldn't let Lefty take advantage of Lee. A lynx-like Lefty urged a bushed Lahoma to give herself a break. Alice and Lenore were both caught short when Liz disparaged Missy. Lenore fled, leaving a little cloud behind, when Missy and Bill stepped off the elevator and Alice flew into their arms with exclamations of joy. Bill was aghast when his mother suggested the two of them fly down to the islands for a vacation. Lefty offered to help Lahoma land Sam if she helped him make Lee his chick. Lefty poured the charm on with Lee just to prove to Lahoma that he could.

Notes: In crossed-out dialogue, Lefty said he'd been beaten by his father when he was 9 or 10, and Lahoma said she too had been beaten by her father before he got killed and she was sent to the orphanage.

JANUARY 8, 1968 (EP. #907)
Lahoma was secretly satisfied that Sam agreed to come in and let her feed him while she told him about Lee. Missy and Bill settled into their new apartment. Missy implored Bill to tell Liz the news right away so she wouldn't blame them for deceiving her. Desperate to keep him away from dangerous Lefty, Lahoma asked Sam to stay out of it and let her handle Lee. Lee became increasingly frightened when Lefty stopped the car and put his arm around her. There were delightful greetings, exclamations, and embraces all around when Pat and John dropped in on Bill and Missy. John assured Bill that parents were capable of living through transitions in the lives of their children. Lee tried to be terribly adult and cool but pulled away when Lefty turned into a satyr and touched her hair. Lefty casually lit a stick, but Lee declined to take a drag. With a violence that bordered on rapaciousness, Lefty forced his lips against hers, while her eyes revealed her growing terror. Though she felt dirty and ashamed, Lee flared up at Sam for calling her a nice kid who couldn't handle someone like Lefty. Lefty informed Lahoma he has friends who are perfectly capable of taking care of Sam.


JANUARY 9, 1968 (EP. #908)
Ada was distressed when Rachel put on airs by wanting to get chummy with Walter and Lenore. Liz asked Jim to convince Bill to take her on a trip, and he was relieved when Russ dropped in to take her pulse. Liz shrewdly intuited that Mary was less than pleased about Russ's engagement. Lenore was polite when Russ asked both couples to spend the evening together. Russ was ill-at-ease when Rachel smooched him thoroughly in front of Ada and Madge. Rachel and Walter showed some pretty fancy dancing at the Top of the Tower. Walter found Rachel very amusing, then toasted all her dreams and schemes, and she said she no longer has plans for Hollywood. Lenore was embarrassed when Rachel asked when she'd be marrying Walter, but he felt opposites attract, a theory he hopes will apply to he and Lenore as it did to Russ and Rachel.

JANUARY 10, 1968 (EP. #909)
Alice was caught off guard when Liz pointed out Danny Fargo's child is bound to be a noisy disturbance in the house. Bill promised a guilty Missy he'd tell Liz if Dr. Steele gave his permission. Alice was in shock when Liz decided Ricky must have died, a relief since Missy could never have loved that little thing and it's just a pity that the child survived birth at all. Bill was startled when Alice related Liz's suspicions. Sam's gorge rose as he told Ernie he'd have to kill Lefty if he doesn't keep his filthy hands off Lee. Ernie advised him to enlist Pat's help in defending Lee from Lefty. Pat shared her fears with Missy that something terrible is going to happen to Lee. Liz found it hard to believe Bill had affection for the baby and denied she ever would. Liz was confused when Bill told her Missy and baby had moved into the apartment in The Brookhaven Gardens. Liz phoned Missy with a disguised voice, then a lightning bolt struck and she sat there stunned when Missy related she was Mrs. William Matthews, Jr.

JANUARY 11, 1968 (EP. #910)
Rachel struck an attitude telling Ada her daughter was having lunch with Miss Lenore Moore. Dru introduced himself to Ada and let her know he shares Sam's concerns about Lefty. Over lunch, Dru asked Walter to get the goods on Lefty, who's operating in Walter's bailiwick. Dru reminded Walter the electorate delights in a married man. Mary assured Missy that Bill would be able to handle Liz's reaction to their marriage. Rachel was greatly impressed by Lenore's house. Lenore was incredulous when Rachel insisted she was just like Missy. Lahoma laughed when Lee gave Lefty the bum's rush. Lahoma was genuinely alarmed when a paranoid Lefty ranted he always gets what he wants.

Notes: Lefty liked to refer to Lahoma as "Pocahontas."

JANUARY 12, 1968 (EP. #911)
Liz was in shock as she put down the receiver. Missy was thrilled to receive a visit from Lee, who brought a painting as a wedding present. As Missy spoke on the phone, Lee wandered around the apartment, looking and touching almost everything that represented domesticity as if they were wondrous things. Lee offered to babysit so Missy could meet up with Bill. Lee was uncertain but pleased when Sam dropped by. Sam remarked that life was having babies and urged her to come back to college with him when he starts the winter term in two weeks. Missy went in to see Liz when Russ told her Bill would be delayed. Missy and Liz made small talk for awhile, then Liz assumed the fake voice she'd used over the phone and repeated what she'd said to Missy, who backed away instinctively from Liz's bed. Liz broke down and wept piteously, claiming she'd never done anything so monstrous to Missy as Missy's done to her.



Notes: This episode picked up immediately after the end of #909. The lullaby in the script Lee was to sing to Ricky was the same one Justine sang in 1995. Ricky was born prematurely and was an incubator baby.

JANUARY 15, 1968 (EP. #912)
Liz's eyes bore accusingly into Missy as she insisted that having the wedding while she was on her deathbed could never have been Bill's idea. Sam made up an excuse when Lee wondered why he referred to Liz as the "duchess." They both felt good they were having a pleasant time together. Russ defended himself when Alice felt he shouldn't have sent Missy into Liz's room alone. Missy felt terribly guilty as Liz, feeling totally betrayed, nearly broke down at the sight of Bill. Walter informed Dru that Lefty was arrested six times as a juvenile, once for beating up a 14-year old girl while he was 17 though the original charge was rape. Lefty had been sent to the Indiana State Penitentiary for selling narcotics, and now is known to hang out with Hank Dean alias Dean Veely alias the Merchant, a heroin dealer. Lee's eyes swam as she thanked Sam for being her friend and agreed to return to college. Bill accused Liz of overdramatizing the situation. Bill made Missy leave the room when Liz apologized for not dying as they expected her to. Missy told Alice she blamed herself for causing Liz pain and heartache with her selfishness.

Notes: Bill and Missy honeymooned in St. Croix, a favorite AW vacation spot.

JANUARY 16, 1968 (EP. #913)
John came to bury the hatchet but Liz accused him of sticking a knife in her back. Liz, who now envisions herself a tragic figure betrayed by her son, accused John of coercing Bill. Russ prevented John from shouting at Liz in retaliation when she predicted Lee's tragic course will soon come to a close. Lahoma cried hallelujah when Lee admitted she'd misjudged Sam. Sam told Dru that Lefty intends to use Lee as a means of getting back at him for refusing his offer to take part in a new job. Lahoma denied Lee's suspicion that she was in love with Sam. Lee lied to Lefty that she was too sick to go out with him, but Lahoma roused his ire by rubbing it in his face that he's washed up with her. Lahoma filled Lefty in on Lee's plans, but he vowed she'd never make it to college or end up with a grease monkey like Sam.

JANUARY 17, 1968 (EP. #914)
Lefty's face was a mirror of murderous paranoia as he watched Lee warmly welcome Dru into her apartment. Bill urged Missy not to let everything Liz thinks and feels bother her. Dru was delighted Lee intended to get her life back on track. She refused to move back home since her feelings about Pat haven't changed, but said she'll be moving into Lenore's tomorrow. Sam and Dru wondered if Lefty was still a threat to Lee. Lefty threatened to turn the "Professor" in to the cops if he didn't supply him with liquid acid (LSD). Lefty's paranoia goaded him into an anger difficult to keep leashed when Lee tried to break off with him without saying anything insulting to him. To be polite, she agreed to make them coffee as a goodbye drink.

JANUARY 18, 1968 (EP. #915)
While Lee's back was turned, Lefty, with a deaths head grin, put a few drops of LSD in her coffee mug. Dru imparted the good news about Lee to John and Pat. Lefty disposed of the vial in the jumble of stuff in Lee's paint box. He watched her like a hawk as she finally took a drink. Lee was puzzled and apprehensive when Lefty smugly told her she was going on a trip. Considering their apartment too shabby, Rachel handed Ada a couple of tens and told her to take Mary out to lunch instead of bringing her there. Russ admitted it was too premature when Rachel cannily agreed they should level with his parents immediately. She slid into his arms and they sunk back on the couch together.

JANUARY 19, 1968 (EP. #916)
Lefty watched intently as Lee babbled childlike in a distended tone. In a hallucinatory sequence seen through Lee's POV, Lee reached out to Sam, in limbo on fisheye lens. In spite of her own problems, Ada was happy that Sam was so pleased about Lee. When Sam berated Ada for letting Rachel kick her around, she confided that Rachel and Russ were married. In the hallucination, Lee begged John in a wailing crescendo to make Pat go away, but Pat sang a song about being the joy of his life. Russ told Rachel that Memorial Hospital may not necessarily give him a residency. Rachel credited herself when he revealed he's considering specializing in the cardio-vascular field. Rachel instinctively used her sex and clinched with Russ. Ada was relieved for Sam's safety now that Lefty was out of the picture. As Lefty got her coat out of the closet, Lee screamed for her daddy, who'd sent her away in her hallucination.

Notes: In crossed-out dialogue, Sam remarked that both Russ and Rachel were over 21.

JANUARY 22, 1968 (EP. #917)
Madge was dumbfounded to receive a telegram, accidentally delivered to the Matthews, about Flo's wedding that morning to that no-good Max, the owner of the Alley, and realized he must have been sweet on her the whole time she only had eyes for Danny. Dru told Alice to bat her eyelashes not at him but at young Dr. Thornton at the hospital, then told the Matthews that Lee was leaving Bedfordtown. Sam decided to be gracious when Lahoma showed up at the garage with some chicken and steak sandwiches. Lahoma reminded Sam that Lee likely won't want to go around with him once she gets back to her own world. Alice confided to Madge that she too has a sibling she worries about. Rachel agreed with Ada that if she were good enough for Russ then Sam was good enough for Lee. After she left, Lahoma's words about Lefty's threats sunk in with Sam. Full of emotional turmoil, Sam unthinkingly put the register key in his coat pocket instead of hanging it up on the hook.

Notes: Madge referred to Hubert (Herb) Hassenritter as an Iowan suitor of Flo's. However, a year ago, a man named Herb was referred to as their brother.

JANUARY 23, 1968 (EP. #918)
Lefty promised Lee he'd take her to John if she came with him. Ernie refused to let Sam leave until he explained the situation. Alice wondered why Flo hadn't learnt her lesson from Danny Fargo, but Dru felt there's no accounting for taste where romance is concerned. Dru advised Alice not to conjure up troubles about Russ and Rachel. Ernie gave Sam the keys to his jeep, then noticed Sam had been so worked up he hadn't put the register key back. Lee, almost in a state of collapse, let Lefty take her out of the apartment, bumping the coffee mug to the ground on their way out. After Lefty brought her to his apartment (7G), Lee wandered to the terrace surrounded by a low balustrade where she saw a bird's nest wedged between a drain pipe and the exterior wall of the building. In a hallucinogenic phantasmagoria, she promised John she'd return to the nest if his wife flew away. Lefty dragged a teetering Lee off the parapet. Lee poked ineffectually with a poker at the fake fireplace. He slapped her good and hard when she started gibbering. At Lee's, Sam found the empty coffee mugs and a cigarette lighter with Lefty's initials. The tone of Lefty's voice frightened Lee into a spasmodic movement, ripping the material from the shoulder he'd been gripping. She fought back as he began forcing himself on her.

Lefty: (Exit Line) To Lee Randolph in her apartment, "You've got to pay some attention to me, you've got to be nice to me...."

JANUARY 24, 1968 (EP. #919)
Lee struggled with Lefty, threw a drink in his face, then collapsed in front of the fireplace. She swung wildly at him with the poker, catching him around the head or neck or shoulders. Liz couldn't care less when Fred tried to tell her of Walter's candidacy. Fred tried to make Liz accept Missy as a daughter, but Liz felt Missy just married Bill to gain a father for her child. Breathing heavily from her exertion, Lee put down the poker and stepped out on to the terrace. Lee hesitated, poised precariously on the parapet again, as Sam pounded on the door. Though still unaware of her surroundings, Lee opened the door to Sam, who was in shock to find Lefty dead. Sam picked up the poker, swiftly put together what had to have happened, promised Lee he'd take care of everything, and moved around the room quickly putting it to rights. He wiped Lee's fingerprints from the bloody poker with his handkerchief, which he absently put back in his pocket. Back at Lee's, Sam realized Lee had no memory of the incident, then tenderly kissed her goodnight after she fell asleep. Ernie was skeptical when Sam said that the jeep conked out on him after he'd left Lee, who was fine.



JANUARY 25, 1968 (EP. #920)
Lahoma was alarmed to hear unintelligible cries coming from Lee's apartment. Lenore told Walter how pleased she was that Lee decided to take her up on her offer to move in. Walter has officially decided to run for attorney general. Lee couldn't recall her nightmares as a concerned Lahoma sponged her off. Rachel reminded Ada that today was the day her horoscope says was favorable for inviting Mary to lunch. Madge told Ada about the section line road in Iowa, then told her Flo and Max have set up housekeeping in a nice apartment on the North Side. A haggard Lee remembered only fragmentarily when Lahoma mentioned waking her from her nightmares last night. Ada worried that Sam was so in love with Lee he couldn't see straight. Lee said goodbye to Lahoma. Lt. Dick Nolan questioned Lahoma about Lefty, who'd been found dead this morning.

Walter: "If I run -- no, correction -- when I run for state's attorney general, I want from you -- the ultimate endorsement."
Lenore: [WARILY] "The ultimate--?"
Walter: "Don't you know what that is? I want you to be my wife." [FADE OUT].

Dick: (Introduction Line) "I'm trying to locate Miss Vane, Lahoma Vane -- You know where she is?"

Notes: First appearance of Lon Satton as Lt. Dick Nolan. Last "regular" appearance of Lawrence Keith as Lefty Burns.

JANUARY 26, 1968 (EP. #921)
Lahoma was shocked by Dick's theory that Lefty was murdered. Lee ruefully told Sam that she is starting fresh by resuming college and moving in with Lenore. Sam cautiously asked leading questions to gauge Lee's memory of the previous night and was troubled as Lee recalled that she begrudgingly shared a final cup of coffee with Lefty before going to bed. Lee told Sam that Lahoma woke her because she was screaming while suffering from strange nightmares. Sam fibbed to Lee that he hadn't seen Lefty in two days. Lahoma admitted to Dick that she disliked Lefty and never spent time at his place. Dick informed Lahoma that he and Sgt. Nick Varallo found Lefty's apartment neat, discovered that Lefty was beaten with a blunt instrument, and that the murderer covered his tracks. Lahoma dissembled upon thinking of Sam and insisted to Dick that she is unaware of anyone who wanted Lefty dead. Pat happily relayed Lee's plans to Bill and Missy and expressed hope of gradually reconciling with her. Missy told Pat that Lee showed signs of reaching out to her and was quite affected while holding Ricky. Pat urged Missy not to reproach herself over Liz's condition. Missy asked an apprehensive Pat to babysit in hopes that she could convince Liz that she and Bill never meant to hurt her by getting married. Sam asked Lee to call him should she need a confidante. Lee mused to Lenore that Sam seems perturbed. Dick told Sgt. Varallo that Lahoma has an airtight alibi, but suspected that she is withholding information. Sgt. Varallo noticed a key hidden underneath a chair cushion while showing Dick footprints left by someone who was out in the snow last night.

Lahoma: (about Lefty) "...He used to come into The Trip, that's all. I didn't like him. I didn't like his eyes." (THEN) "But don't you go making anything of that!"
Dick: "I won't arrest you for not liking his eyes. Did you ever go to Lefty's place?"
Lahoma: "I'd rather go home for a drink with Dracula..."

Notes: In crossed-out dialogue, Lee admits that Sam was right to encourage her to return to Bay City and resume college, then expresses appreciation to Sam for having faith in her, despite her rude behavior towards him.

Production Notes: A gradual dissolve from Dick's face to Lefty's apartment was used while Dick described the crime scene. Once the scene had fully dissolved to Lefty's apartment, Dick's pre-recorded voice-over was used while the camera panned the apartment. Then, Dick and Sergeant Varallo were seen while they gathered evidence and processed the scene.

JANUARY 29, 1968 (EP. #922)
Liz wallowed in self-pity rather than share Alice's excitement over Lee's plans. Alice couldn't mollify Liz, who griped that Bill and Missy's wedding was kept secret while she was near death in the hospital. Missy apologized to Liz for getting married without her knowledge and offered her friendship, which Liz obstinately rejected. Liz's temper was slightly diffused once Missy emphasized that she has chosen to believe that Liz unintentionally hurt her by revealing her parentage and has kept her promise in concealing it from Bill. Liz grew pensive as Missy pleaded for the two of them to become friends for Bill's sake. Lahoma was too sleep-deprived and disturbed about Lefty to be impressed or envious of Rachel's supposed friendship with Lenore or impromptu marriage to Russ. Rachel was aghast when Lahoma revealed that she had been questioned by the police about Lefty's murder. Liz vindictively told Alice not to lecture her on opposing Bill and Missy's marriage since she objects to Russ and Rachel's impending nuptials and hinted that Mary should thwart their plans. Alice warned Liz that she will shut Bill out of her life by refusing to accept Missy. Liz privately scoffed at Alice after calling Pat and claiming that she appreciated Missy's visit. Rachel was suspicious of Lahoma's agitation over Lefty's death. Lahoma became unglued when Rachel speculated that someone who frequented The Trip and threatened Lefty may be his killer. Ernie graciously declined Sam's offer to work extra hours for him. Sam was relieved that Lefty's murder was not covered by the news. Sam realized he lost the key to Ernie's cash register after frantically searching his pockets for it.


JANUARY 30, 1968 (EP. #923)
Ernie was baffled as Sam desperately searched the garage and office for the cash register key. Dru told Liz that John is relieved and overjoyed that Lee left Bedfordtown. Liz inspired gratitude and suspicion in Dru by claiming that she would never impede on Bill and Missy's love, wishes them great happiness, and has accepted their marriage. Dru was floored once Liz revealed that she wants to gift her house to Bill and Missy. Sam struggled to explain his urgency towards finding the key to Ernie, who maintained that he could easily replace it. Sgt. Varallo decided to check whether the key he discovered in Lefty's apartment was registered. Dick informed Sgt. Varallo that Lefty's apartment lacked signs of a struggle and was wiped clean except for Lefty's fingerprints and the footprint. Sgt. Varallo and Dick learned that dirt taken from the crime scene contained red transmission oil. Dick and Sgt. Varallo were intrigued that John was connected to Lefty because Sam and Lee appeared on lists of his known associates. Dick told Sgt. Varallo that Lefty was being investigated for selling narcotics and that Sam served time with him. Sam covered when Ernie reminded him that he had car trouble en route to see Lee and likely lost the key last night. John was hard-pressed to believe that Liz has genuinely reconciled with Missy when Pat stated that Liz was appreciative of Missy's visit and hoped that she would return with Bill. Pat encouraged John to visit Lee at Lenore's house. Ernie echoed Dru's sentiments that Sam is a conscientious person and that everyone is indebted to him for supporting Lee. Ernie and Dru were startled upon hearing a radio broadcast on Lefty's death.

JANUARY 31, 1968 (EP. #924)
Sam downplayed his search for Ernie's cash register key when Lahoma caught him in Lee's former apartment. Lee told Lenore she is fortunate that she has friends and that nothing terrible happened to her in Bedfordtown. Lenore encouraged Lee to enroll in college, gradually deal with her personal problems, and continue living at the Moore residence. Lee apologized to Lenore for being stubborn and judgmental, then chastised herself for dropping out of school and dating Lefty in a misguided effort to find herself and assert her independence. Lahoma noticed Sam's discomfiture while helping him look for the key. Sam feigned surprise when Lahoma revealed that Lefty had been found murdered last night. Lahoma grew suspicious over Sam's assumption that Lefty was killed in his pad and pointed out that she heard him threaten Lefty's life. Lee told John that she is thankful that Sam persuaded him to stay away from Bedfordtown so that she could work through things and admitted that she needed Sam's patience, affection, and love. John was somewhat hurt once Lee conceded that she has accepted his marriage, but has not forgiven Pat over Michael and will never return home. Lenore told John and Lee that Lefty was murdered. John was alarmed as Lee recounted that she and Lefty had coffee before he went home. John and Lenore tried to ease Lee's guilt over disliking Lefty. Lahoma urged Sam to establish an alibi since he had arguments with Lefty. Sam confirmed for Sgt. Varallo that he served time with Lefty. Lahoma corroborated Sam's lie that he came to retrieve Lee's paint box, but was puzzled that Sam concealed his quest for the key from Sgt. Varallo.

FEBRUARY 1, 1968 (EP. #925)
Madge reminded Ada that it is proper to return the favor by inviting Mary to lunch. Ada wasn't mollified by Madge's assertion that she is not responsible for Russ and Rachel's elopement or that they have concealed it from Mary. Ada nagged Rachel for risking her health by going without wearing boots in the cold weather. Madge recoiled as Rachel mentioned that Lefty was found dead from a severe head injury. Rachel blithely suggested to Ada and Madge that Sam killed Lefty since he had threatened his life quite often. Dru and Ernie learned that Lefty was involved in illegal operations while reading a newspaper article about his murder. Ernie surmised to Dru that Sam quit worrying about Lefty because Lee had left Bedfordtown. Dru thought little of Ernie's comment about Sam looking for the cash register key he misplaced and mused that Lefty led a dangerous life. Ernie assured himself that Lefty had ceased being a threat to Sam and Lee. Ada lambasted Rachel for joking about Sam's potential guilt in Lefty's murder. Ada and Madge convinced Rachel to wear a scarf to keep her from getting a cold or sinus headache. Madge told Ada that Lefty likely had many enemies. Dick arrived at Ernie's garage to question Sam. Ernie told Dick that Sam is a conscientious person and hard-working employee who was upfront about his prison record and is determined to further his education and improve his life. Dick was satisfied by Ernie's claim that Sam declined Lefty's offer to recruit him in a numbers racket. Ernie tried to regain his equilibrium by sinking in a chair after lying to Dick that he has a spare cash register key at home and providing Sam's address to Dick.

Notes: Ernie revealed that Sam has completed his high school education and will be enrolling at the University for the spring semester. Ernie and Sam live at 1855 Lantenango Street.

FEBRUARY 2, 1968 (EP. #926)
Ada told herself that Sam did not murder Lefty while reading about it in a newspaper. John recognized Dick as Peggy's husband and asked him to avoid Lee's disappearance months ago and reasons for moving into Lenore's house during questioning. Lee confessed to Dick that she was naive for not suspecting that Lefty operated in illegal activities because he dressed well, drove a fancy car, and had plenty of spending money. John was displeased as Lee admitted that she dated Lefty out of rebellion and described their last encounter. John told Dick that they have befriended Sam and described him as a fine man who works for Ernie and attends school. Dick nodded noncommittally as John stated that Sam has moved past his record and that there was no contest between him and Lefty for Lee's affections. Ada panicked when Mary sang Sam's praises and asked whether Russ and Rachel have set a wedding date. Rachel quickly hid her wedding ring before Alice could see it on her finger. Alice caused Rachel to get defensive by criticizing her resolve to avoid illness. Rachel opined to Alice that Bill and Missy should not allow Liz to dictate their lives. Bill defended his and Missy's decision to get married against Liz, who played the martyr by lamenting that her presence at the wedding apparently meant nothing. Missy was speechless and Bill sensed a trap was being set once Liz revealed that she wants to give them her house. Rachel adamantly balked at Russ's suggestion that she get examined by Dr. MacCurdy because of her headache. Russ was aghast as Rachel wailed that she will die the next time she gets sick and put her hands to her face in a childlike fashion.

Production Notes: "Pix [sic] break-up - Act III. Redid at 5:30PM."

FEBRUARY 5, 1968 (EP. #927)
Sam and Lahoma casually discussed retrieving Lee's paint box and getting her settled at Lenore's house for Sgt. Varallo's benefit. Sgt. Varallo emphasized Sam's extensive offenses as a juvenile delinquent to counter his remark that the authorities likely know more about Lefty than anyone because of his criminal record. Lahoma questioned Sam on lying to Sgt. Varallo about his reason for being in Lee's former pad. Russ advised Rachel that they should ensure that her headache is not a symptom of a serious ailment. Rachel refused to cancel a modeling job and made Russ temporarily forget about her health with displays of affection. Lahoma resigned to Sam's theory that telling Sgt. Varallo about Ernie's key would arouse his suspicion. Sam grinned when Lahoma reminded him to take Lee's paint box to support his claim to Sgt. Varallo. Mary reflected to Pat that Lefty's death proved that Lee was wise to leave Bedfordtown. Pat expressed optimism to Mary over Lee reconciling with John. Mary opined to Pat that Rachel is too immature for marriage right now and is relieved that Russ intends to finish his internship and first year of residency before getting married. Pat noted Mary's assertion that Russ will not be pressured into marriage. Russ shared his concerns for Rachel with Ada and asked that she keep an eye on her. Sam berated himself to Ada for misplacing Ernie's key and got nervous over Ada's certainty that the police will find Lefty's killer. Sgt. Varallo griped to Dick about their lack of progress in Lefty's homicide investigation. Dick refused to let Sgt. Varallo test whether the key they discovered is to Ernie's cash register and planned to interrogate Sam.

Notes: Sam's extensive record of offenses as a juvenile began when he was about fourteen or fifteen years old. Sgt. Varallo's first name is Nick and the character was played by actor Brooks Rogers.

FEBRUARY 6, 1968 (EP. #928)
Ernie was disturbed by memories of his interactions with Dick and Sam over the missing key. Bill and Missy told Liz that they wouldn't feel right letting her move into a small apartment and proposed that she continue living in the house and hire a practical nurse once she leaves the hospital. Liz played the role of a modest supplicant by suggesting that Bill and Missy move into the house until she recuperates and can find an apartment at a later date. Lee told Lenore that John knew better than to try and persuade her into returning home and contemplated whether she is capable of being in love. Lenore promptly forgave Lee, who apologized for accusing her of being a hypocrite. Lenore reflected to Lee on deluding herself into believing that Bill could reciprocate her love and described her romance with Walter as warm and comfortable. Walter gazed at a photograph of Lenore in his wallet while talking with Miss Klein. Dick theorized to Walter that Lefty was the victim of an "underground execution" because he dealt in illegal activities that are controlled by the mob. Walter and Dick debated on the poker being the suspected murder weapon, the traces of transmission fluid at the scene of the crime, the footprint, and the cash register key. Dick was skeptical towards Walter's opinion that Lee should be given the benefit of the doubt for not being helpful during police questioning. Liz pounced on Missy's need for acceptance by convincing her and Bill to drop their objections and give her offer serious consideration. Sam insisted on paying for Ernie to have the lock to the cash register changed. Ernie assured himself that Sam was incapable of committing murder.

Dick: "...well, if you don't mind my saying so, Mr. Curtin, that's not like you."
Walter: "Oh? How do you mean?"
Dick: "I remember how you were in the Fargo investigation -- you really went after that one --"
Walter: (A LITTLE TESTILY) "And I hope we both learned from that fiasco. At least, I would like to think I had."
Dick: (SMILES GOOD-NATUREDLY) "I hope we all have."

Script note for Liz in her scenes with Bill and Missy: (USING ALL HER PERSUASIVE CHARM, THE RAPIER SHEATHED IN VELVET)

FEBRUARY 7, 1968 (EP. #929)
Sam was haunted over finding Lefty's dead body and the poker. Sam panicked upon realizing that the missing cash register key fell out of his jacket at Lefty's apartment and the police could place him at the scene of the crime by finding it. Sam threw his jacket across the room in utter fear and frustration. Missy fondly told Lee that she is thrilled that holding Ricky in her arms influenced her to return to Bay City. Lee shuddered with terror while telling Missy that Lefty was murdered about an hour after they had coffee in her apartment and that her life might have been in danger by being near the crime scene. Sam woke from a terrible nightmare, spasmodically came into a sitting position, and deduced that Lee killed Lefty. Lahoma informed Ada that Sgt. Varallo questioned her and Sam about Lefty and his murder. Ada didn't understand the significance of Sam's search for the cash register key, Sam lying to Sgt. Varallo about his purpose for being in Lee's apartment, and insisted that Sam's vow to kill Lefty was meaningless. Lahoma told Ada that they must protect Sam. Bill told Dru that Liz made an offer in good faith to gift him and Missy the house under the condition that she would stay with them for a few weeks while she convalesces. Dru urged Bill to weigh his options to either accept Liz's gesture or potentially risk Liz feeling shut out of their lives by rejecting it. John was ebullient while telling Dru and Bill that he and Lee have taken the first steps towards a reconciliation. Sam snapped at Ada for fussing over him and harping on his search for Ernie's key. Ada recognized Sam's light kiss to her cheek as a gesture of a scared man who is reaching out for support.

FEBRUARY 8, 1968 (EP. #930)
Ada fretted to Madge that Rachel is too stubborn to allow a doctor to examine her and that Sam is in trouble. Lee tried to dismiss an unsettled feeling about Lefty's death. Walter informed Lee that Lefty potentially being killed by a poker seems spontaneous and undermines Dick's theory that Lefty was the victim of a cold-blooded murder committed by the mob. Lee graciously declined Walter and Lenore's offer to join them for dinner because she planned to call Sam. Lenore gently chided Walter for joking that Sam doesn't need encouragement to see Lee. Madge chastised Ada for making a big deal out of Sam lying to Dick about losing Ernie's key and maintained that it was unrelated to Lefty's murder. Ada tried desperately to believe Madge's assertions that Sam lacked a motive to kill Lefty once Lee promised to leave Bedfordtown. Madge resigned to Ada's opinion that Flo proved that anyone is capable of murder. Ada worried about Rachel while she was getting ready for Russ. Rachel acted feverishly manic and pirouetted around the room to persuade Russ into taking her to the Top of The Tower. Ada and Madge lectured Rachel for being bossy to Russ, but Rachel insisted that she handled her man, that Ada should take lessons from her, and rudely suggested that Madge mind her own business. Ada told Madge that Russ may become wise to Rachel's machinations. Walter told Lenore that Lefty's murder will be difficult to solve because of the lack of evidence. Lenore opined to Walter that Sam and Lee would make a fine couple. Russ and Lenore shared a drink while Rachel danced with Walter. Rachel collapsed from a sudden and extreme bout of vertigo.

Notes: On a memo entitled "Audio tape for NBC sales promotion presentation:"
Gallison: "This is Joe Gallison that's me, and a gorgeous thing named Carol Roux, and we're known to all our daytime viewers as Mr. and Mrs. William Matthews of 'Another World.'" [Photo: Bill and Missy]
"The story of how we got married on the air only took a long time to tell and we like to think it's one of the reasons why we've got such a dandy Nielsen right now." [Photo: Bill and Missy]
"And that beautiful blonde is another she's my cousin Pat Randolph, married to the smartest lawyer in town. Her adventures for the past four years are another reason why viewers love the show and stay interested in the Randolphs and the Matthews day in and day out." [Photo: Missy and Pat]
"Here's the girl whose story we're telling right now: John Randolph's daughter Lee. She's just had a brush with the dangerous world of the hippies and may live to regret it we'll find out one of these days. She's a nice kid, but she's in real trouble, so tune in tomorrow and find out what's happening to us all." [Photo: Lee and Lahoma]

FEBRUARY 9, 1968 (EP. #931)
Bill quietly looked at Missy with great affection while she sang a lullaby to Ricky. Ernie chose to joke about Sam functioning on little sleep rather than broach the subject of Lefty's death. Sam grew defensive when Ernie hinted that he is free from worrying about Lee's safety and the missing key because Lefty is dead and the lock to the cash register has been changed. Sam evaded Ernie's inquiry into the progress of Lefty's homicide investigation. Lee surprised Sam by coming to the garage and apologized to Ernie for behaving rudely when she had her car repaired. Ernie convinced Sam to accept Lee's dinner invitation. Lee was confused by Ernie's assumption that she knew that Sam was concerned about her because Sam had visited her last night. Jim was somewhat incredulous towards Liz's claims that she has accepted Bill and Missy's marriage and is focused on supporting them in every way possible. Liz was annoyed by Jim's pragmatic response to her gifting the house to Bill and Missy. Jim reminded Liz that Bill and Missy are capable of making their own decisions without their influence. Bill and Missy sensed that Liz would not be content with giving them the house outright and is scared of being alone and sick. Bill and Missy debated on the benefits and drawbacks of Liz's offer. Lee praised Sam for being loyal and caring despite her unfriendly, bitter attitude while she was in Bedfordtown. Sam was affected as Lee castigated herself for flirting with Lefty and expressed relief that she survived unscathed. Lee told Sam that she was not helpful to Dick during an interrogation. Sam and Lee leaned forward and gazed into each other eyes while having dinner.

Liz: "...I think perhaps they might have been more prudent to wait."
Jim: "I'm not sure that I..."
Liz: (OVER, LAUGHING:) "But after all, when did young people behave prudently? We just have to accept things young people do -- don't we, Jim?"
Jim: "Then you're saying you accept the marriage?"
Liz: "Of course I do. After all, it's what my son wants, isn't it? I ask you, Jim, when have I ever wanted anything but the best for my son?"
Jim: "Well, never, I'm sure, Liz. But sometimes you've interrupted the best your own way."
Liz: "Oh why am I always so misunderstood! What I might say before any event has happened is quite different from what I feel afterward. I adjust to things, Jim. You must know that!"

Notes: Missy sang the first verse of Brahms' Lullaby (Lullaby and Goodnight) during the prologue. A "City of New York" permit giving consent for child actor Matthew Paul Lewis to appear as Ricky was included with the script. His parents' names were Joseph and Joan Lewis, who resided in Livingston, NJ.

FEBRUARY 12, 1968 (EP. #932)
Madge told Ada that the police have had meager results in their investigation of Lefty's murder. Russ brought Rachel home and informed Ada and Madge that she fainted. Jim told Mary, Dru, and Alice that Liz is exhibiting cloying approval of Bill and Missy's marriage and wants to give them her house, prompting Mary to speculate that Liz is plotting a scheme. Dru theorized to Jim, Mary, and Alice that Liz would likely help Bill and Missy pay for the house's expenses. Alice warned Jim and Mary not to expect Rachel to wait for Russ to marry her. Russ told Ada and Madge that Rachel's current condition may be a recurrence of her bacterial endocarditis. Madge consoled Ada while Russ went to check on Rachel. Rachel adamantly refused Russ's suggestion to have Dr. MacCurdy examine her. Dru lectured Alice on causing Jim and Mary uneasiness by making cynical comments about Russ and Rachel's impending nuptials. Alice groused to Dru about Rachel occupying Russ's free time and coming to the hospital while he is on duty. Dru told Alice that he concurs with Dick and Sgt. Varallo's theory that Lefty was killed by underground figures. Dick informed Sgt. Varallo that Lefty's associates didn't provide new leads. Sgt. Varallo and Dick deemed the transmission fluid and key of little value to their investigation. Dick planned to question Lahoma on Sam and Lefty's fight at the Trip while Sgt. Varallo talked to Sam. Ernie told Dick that Sam helped Lee straighten out her life and became friends. Dick was unfazed that the key in his possession did not fit Ernie's cash register. Ernie recalled Sam's search for a key and panicked upon learning that it was found in Lefty's pad.

Alice: "Rachel has taken a firm grasp of the ring that she has put in Russ' nose and is leading him to the altar."
Dru: "Well, we all know that they intend to get married."
Alice: "I don't mean just that. I mean that they are going to get married soon. I mean that Rachel will see to that." (THEN:) "They might as well be married. That girl takes up every free minute he has."
Dru: "Which you don't like."
Alice: "Well...All right, no, I don't."
Dru: "But which I imagine Russ does not find painful at all."
Alice: "No. Oh, no, of course not. If she used a cattle prod on him, he'd think he was being tickled..."

Notes: Ada reveals that Sam nearly died of croup when he was ten months old. In crossed-out dialogue, Dru mentions that Liz would retain ownership of her house because no legal documents exist that would alter the deed, which was one reason Bill had reservations on accepting Liz's offer.

FEBRUARY 13, 1968 (EP. #933)
Lahoma wondered whether she would ever see Lee again and hoped to keep the portrait Lee painted of Sam for herself. Sgt. Varallo bluntly advised Lahoma that he wants to redo his interrogation since she did not completely answer his questions. Lee told Sam that her world has been cleansed and brightened since she left Bedfordtown and thanked him for protecting her. Lee assured Sam that his prison record is irrelevant to her and expressed pride in Sam for going straight rather than getting involved in criminal activities like Lefty. Sam was overwhelmed as Lee happily remarked on their close friendship. Lahoma conceded to Sgt. Varallo that she disliked Lefty, but evaded giving Sam and Lee's opinions of Lefty and denied that she specifically warned Lee against dating him. Sgt. Varallo pressed Lahoma to be forthright about Sam and Lefty's fight at The Trip since other witnesses confirmed that it took place while Lahoma was present. Lahoma confessed to Sgt. Varallo that Lefty was furious with Sam for rejecting his offer to join a numbers racket and that Lefty purposely aroused Sam's ire at The Trip. Sgt. Varallo faced resistance from Lahoma, who dodged verifying his conjectures that Sam objected to Lefty pursuing Lee. Lahoma became wary and confused when Sgt. Varallo inferred that she cares for Sam and would go to great lengths on his behalf. Ernie listened intently as Dick had Sam confirm that he and Lefty served time together in prison. Sam told Sgt. Varallo that Lefty and Lee briefly dated and that it didn't develop into anything meaningful. Ernie was frazzled as Sam fibbed to Dick that he stayed at work on the night of Lefty's murder.

FEBRUARY 14, 1968 (EP. #934)
Ernie blurted out to Sam that he regrets overhearing him deceive Dick. John urged Bill and Missy to decline Liz's seemingly generous offer because they will yearn for privacy after tending to Liz once she gets home from the hospital. Missy explained to John, Bill, and Pat that she understands Liz's hurt feelings and cannot bring herself to reject her proposal since she wants Liz's love and acceptance. Bill reminded John and Pat that they received considerable support from Sam while Lee was in Bedfordtown when John contended that he should not give Bill and Missy advice. John opined to Bill that Sam loves Lee and hopes that she will reciprocate his affections. Lee gushed to Lenore about her evening with Sam. Lenore gave a detailed account of Rachel fainting at the Top of The Tower to Lee. Lee reflected to Lenore that Michael had temporarily replaced John as a father figure and that she was projecting herself into Hope by playing a daughter to the man she wished to marry. Lenore asked Lee whether she is in love with Sam. Lee informed Lenore that she wants to live for the moments she can share with Sam, but not make commitments right now. Lenore smiled sympathetically as Lee resolved to be giving to Sam. Sam insisted to Ernie that he lied to Dick to prevent him from connecting Lee to Lefty's murder. Ernie told Sam about the key Dick discovered in Lefty's place. John told Bill and Missy that Sam saved Lee from Lefty and that she was questioned by the police. Sgt. Varallo and Dick surmised that Ernie and Lahoma are protecting Sam because he may be a murder suspect. Dick informed Sgt. Varallo that Ernie has changed the lock to his cash register.

FEBRUARY 15, 1968 (EP. #935)
Ada tried to persuade Rachel into heeding Russ's advice to go to the hospital. Rachel insisted to Ada that she isn't sick. Lahoma informed Ada that she was interrogated by the cops and is frightened for Sam. Ada was relieved when Lahoma fibbed to Rachel that she came to check on her and to thank her for providing a lead on a modeling job. Rachel boasted to Ada and Lahoma that she can quit working now that she is married to Russ. Ada defended Sam when Rachel scoffed at his feelings for Lee and encouraged Lahoma to find herself a man like Russ. Rachel masked having a dizzy spell while retrieving her wedding ring to show Lahoma. Russ gave Rachel's symptoms to Dru and Alice to justify his suspicions that Rachel had a recurrence of her bacterial endocarditis. Dru and Alice urged Russ to ignore Rachel's protests and have her examined by Dr. MacCurdy right away. Russ blew a fuse when Alice remarked that it was fortunate that he hasn't married Rachel yet. Alice clarified to Russ that the excitement and tensions of getting married and embarking on a new life might cause Rachel to have a relapse, which assuaged Russ's anger. Ada lamented to Lahoma that Rachel doesn't take care of herself. Lahoma advised Ada that the police know about Sam and Lefty's feud over Lee and the fight they had at The Trip. Ada was startled once Lahoma explained that Sam is likely a suspect in Lefty's murder. Lahoma implored Ada to convince Sam to leave town. Rachel opined to Ada that Lahoma's affections for Sam are dumb since he only cares about Lee. Rachel admired her wedding ring while telling Ada that she won't let anything ruin her future with Russ.

Rachel: (to Ada) "Don't worry. I'm going to be well tomorrow and every other day. Mrs. Russell Matthews has a big beautiful life ahead of her and she's not going to let a couple of dizzy spells ruin anything." (SHE SINKS BACK ON THE PILLOW, HER VOICE WEAKER:) "I won't be sick. I can't be sick and I won't be sick." (SHE SHUDDERS INVOLUNTARILY AT THE THOUGHT OF ILLNESS AND STARES AT THE WEDDING RING THAT MAKES HER MRS. RUSSELL MATTHEWS AND NOT SICK).

FEBRUARY 16, 1968 (EP. #936)
Liz groused to Alice about Bill and Missy getting married and going on a honeymoon without her knowledge. Alice was dubious towards Liz's belief that Bill and Missy will take her house while she convalesces there for a while. Bill told Liz that he and Missy have concluded that it would be wrong for them to have the house because he is a married man with his own family. Liz couldn't convince Bill that his childhood home would be better for Ricky and that moving in the future would be disruptive. Bill told Liz that Missy fears that she would be offended should they refuse her offer, but insisted that they should not live together. Liz summoned Missy to the hospital. Lee echoed Dru's sentiments that Sam is responsible for her leaving Bedfordtown. Dru told Lee that Walter is apt to conclude that Lefty's murder was an execution by underworld figures. Walter informed Dick that Sam has a steady job, has built a fine reputation for himself, then emphasized that Dick hasn't broken Sam's alibi, cannot link Sam to the transmission fluid or key, and that his conflicts with Lefty were settled once Lee decided to leave Bedfordtown. Dick hinted that Walter's judgment was colored because of Missy's trial and consideration of his political image. Walter demanded that Dick find concrete evidence and excused him. Missy was touched when Liz forced herself to refer to Ricky as her grandson. Liz purposefully bemoaned to Missy that she will be alone with an unsympathetic nurse. Liz faked chest spasms, then begged Missy not to tell anyone so that she can be released from the hospital. Missy suggested that she and Bill take care of Liz at the house, which satisfied Liz immensely.


FEBRUARY 19, 1968 (EP. #937)
Missy told Liz that her offer was purely out of friendship. Liz secured Missy's promise to keep their talk from Bill after Liz insinuated that he would jump to the wrong conclusions. Missy grew teary-eyed when Liz intimated that she considers her a daughter. Missy advised Lenore that she and Bill are staying with Liz once she leaves the hospital because she should be with family until she recovers. Lenore told Missy that she is a generous, lovely person rather than voice approval towards Liz's supposed acceptance of Missy or assert that her trust in Liz is misplaced. Lenore marveled at Missy for thinking the best of everyone. Liz didn't share Fred's enthusiasm over Walter's candidacy for Attorney General. Fred teased Liz for stating that she has reconciled with Missy. Liz grew indignant when Fred reminded her that she can convince herself of anything necessary to achieve her goals and accused Liz of using Missy. Fred was dubious yet sympathetic once Liz confessed that she doesn't want to be alone. Walter ruminated aloud on Sam's background and his associations to Danny and Lefty to probe Lee for information. Lee told Walter that Sam's survival was a triumph of justice and that he protected her from Lefty's dishonorable intentions. Walter fumbled to answer Lenore's question on whether his conversation with Lee about Lefty was insightful. Lenore tried to ease Walter's concerns that he is being too critical of Dick's evidence to avoid repeating past mistakes. Ernie tried to get Sam to verify his claim that he visited Lee on the night of Lefty's murder. Sam and Lee left to have dinner. Ernie privately agreed with Lee's comment that Sam has been forgetful lately.

Fred: (LAUGHS) "Oh, come now, Liz, I think that's just a pose -- actually, you're a very astute business woman --"
Liz: "I know nothing about business --"
Fred: "All right, then you have very good business instinct. But you wouldn't admit it for the world -- you would die rather than give up that cherished image of helpless femininity."
Liz: "Well, I like that! I am a woman, after all --"
Fred: "Indeed you are --"
Liz: " -- and I am utterly incapable of survival in your man's world, without help --"
Fred: (DRY, NOT UNKINDLY) "I object, your honor, I happen to think you are capable of almost infinite survival."

FEBRUARY 20, 1968 (EP. #938)
Ada helped Rachel get back into bed after she experienced another dizzy spell while trying to stand. Russ became concerned after learning from Ada that Rachel nearly fainted and has a slight temperature. Dru complimented Bill and Missy on their cozy apartment. Missy frowned when Bill told Dru that he refuses to move until Ricky has a sibling or they outgrow the place. Dru graciously declined Missy's dinner invitation since Alice is cooking his favorite dishes at home. Russ informed Ada that they must get Rachel's consent to be examined by Dr. MacCurdy to properly diagnose her. Ada leveled with Russ about knowing that he and Rachel eloped, expressed pride in him as her son-in-law, and pleaded with Russ to convince Rachel to go to the hospital. Missy told Bill that she is searching for a live-in nurse for Liz. Bill was perplexed as Missy described Liz as warm and maternal during their visit and surmised that Liz has finally accepted her as Bill's wife. Missy told Bill that she felt sympathy for Liz because she seemed isolated and bereft. Bill was relieved that Missy agreed that they should not take the house. Missy convinced Bill that temporarily living with Liz will give the two women an opportunity to truly bond. Alice was intrigued as Liz cryptically remarked that Missy is making arrangements for when she gets out of the hospital. Liz imperiously urged Alice to make an effort to befriend and build mutual respect with Rachel the way she has with Missy. Rachel relaxed once Ada assured her that she is not angry about her elopement. Russ was surprised by Rachel's senseless fear as she feverishly kissed him and implored him not to put her in the hospital.


FEBRUARY 21, 1968 (EP. #939)
Sam and Lee looked at each other fondly and shyly while enjoying Chinese food. Lee mused to Sam that Bedfordtown seems far away and was like a dream because she awoke before anything horrible happened to her. Sam sharply and pre-emptively tried to change the subject when Lee contemplated the identity of Lefty's killer. Dru joked to Alice that she was being somewhat bossy and temperamental in the kitchen. Alice told Dru that Liz proclaimed that she respects and understands Missy, is delighted that she is her daughter-in-law, and appreciates Missy's help as she prepares to leave the hospital. Dru disagreed with Alice's assumption that Liz has abandoned the idea of Bill and Missy moving in with her. Alice reflected to Dru that Liz seemed to be without a care in the world tonight. Sam grimly nodded in agreement as Lee maintained that it was only natural to question the circumstances that lead to Lefty's murder. Lee recounted Walter's theory that Lefty was killed by the mob as Sam was haunted by memories of finding Lefty's dead body. Ernie gave dire warnings to Sam that he and Lee should get their stories straight. Ernie didn't believe Sam's contentions that Lee doesn't remember him coming to the apartment on the night of Lefty's death because she was half-asleep at the time. Sam told himself that Lee has blocked out the murder and vowed to conceal the truth to protect her. Lahoma informed Sam that the cops have knowledge of his hatred towards Lefty and the argument they had at The Trip. Sam was deeply shaken once Lahoma proposed that he hide out by living with her cousin, who owns a farm in the mountains of East Tennessee.

FEBRUARY 22, 1968 (EP. #940)
Pat was pleased to learn from John that Bill and Missy decided against living with Liz. John ribbed Pat for wanting to invite Bill and Missy to dinner with the caveat that they bring Ricky with them. Pat insisted to John that they resolve her estrangement with Lee before they give adopting a child further consideration. Russ told Ada that he is allowing Rachel to rest on the couch under the condition that she gets examined by Dr. MacCurdy. Rachel harangued Ada for revealing her knowledge of her elopement to Russ, who joked that Rachel was incorrigible but should quit being rude to Ada. Rachel persuaded Ernie and Ada to have coffee at King's Diner so that they could chat privately and she could be alone with Russ. John and Pat endured awkward silences due to the tentative establishment of communication while assuring Lee that she was not disturbing them. Lee reflected on fooling herself into believing that she loved Michael and hinted that she is re-evaluating her outlook and attitude about things while John and Pat listened intently. John and Pat were quietly elated once Lee agreed to visit them as much as possible. Russ reminded Rachel that married couples experience a combination of fun times and quiet moments at home. Ada inadvertently confirmed Ernie's fears by seeming doubtful that Sam escaped trouble because Lefty is dead and has a bright future ahead with Lee. Lahoma told Lee that she is working as a photographer's model at the Ace Studio. Lee sympathized with Lahoma over her unrequited feelings for Sam. Lee felt an undefined concern after Lahoma questioned whether she is strong enough to help Sam through any rough times.


FEBRUARY 23, 1968 (EP. #941)
Sam struggled to concentrate at work while brooding over Lahoma's urgent suggestion. John commended Sam for talking Lee into visiting him and Pat and understood his apprehension over starting college. Sam ranted about concealing the facts of Lefty's murder to himself. Dick's voice interrogating Sam weighed heavily on his mind while he berated himself for forcing Ernie to lie to the police on his behalf. Sam wondered whether Dick believed his statements. Peggy gently chided Dick for being pre-occupied by his work at the precinct. Dick asked leading questions to probe Peggy, who credited Sam for getting Lee out of Bedfordtown, acknowledged that Sam is an ex-convict, and that he and Lefty were pursuing Lee. Peggy grew curious over Dick's evasiveness towards Sam being a potential murder suspect. Lenore quipped to Lee that she passed a test because she refrained from being hostile, moody, and rebellious towards Pat. Lee opined to Lenore that Lahoma may not be objective because she has feelings for Sam and expressed doubts that Lee is good for him. Lenore told Lee that Walter was pre-occupied because someone implied that Walter is being overly cautious in prosecuting a suspect in Lefty's murder due to Missy's trial and his political aspirations. Peggy thought of Dick's investigation upon meeting Sam. John reassured Sam that he has the intelligence and ambition to succeed in college. Walter surreptitiously gathered information as Sam uneasily discussed Lee and his connections to Lefty with John. Sam bade a hasty retreat as Walter keenly studied him. Walter fibbed that he came to secure John's support for his run as Attorney General.

Lee: "What's funny?"
Lenore: "We are. Do you know, almost every night lately you're out with Sam and I'm out with Walter, and at breakfast we meet and talk about them. I supposed that's what girls did in ancient Egypt, too."
Lee: (SHE LAUGHS) "Well, I'm taking history this term, I'll ask the professor."

Production Note: The audio track of Sam's flashback to Act IV of Episode #939 (Sam/Lahoma scene) leaked into Sam answering John's phone call at Ernie's Super Service during the Prologue of this episode. During Sam's flashback of Dick's interrogation, Dick's face was super-imposed onto Sam's while Dick repeated his dialogue. The scene called for giving Sam's flashback a nightmarish quality.

FEBRUARY 26, 1968 (EP. #942)
Lee relished sitting with Sam in the Student Union Library and helping him choose a class schedule. Sam enthused to Lee that he is a modern-day Ali Baba by seemingly getting everything he wants in life. Jim ribbed Mary for driving his business into bankruptcy by making him stay home from work due to an illness. Pat told Jim and Mary that Lee reflected on her attitude about things and realized that she was not in love with Michael while having a pleasant visit with her and John. Jim and Mary consoled Pat, who stated that her emotional strain has been soothed because Lee was civil towards her. Mary blessed Sam once Pat credited him for urging Lee to come see her and John. Sam was quite touched when Lee echoed their friends' sentiments that they are good for each other. Sam bristled with fury as Lee explained that Lahoma believes they are from vastly different backgrounds and that Lee will lose interest in Sam now that she has left Bedfordtown. Sam wasn't mollified by Lee's assurances that she is not bothered by other people's opinions. Walter poked holes in Dick's theories on Sam's guilt and discounted his evidence. Dick insinuated to Walter that he is refusing to examine his findings objectively and has let his personal connections to the case influence his judgment. Walter laid into Dick for implying that he is unfit for office, called his bluff in breaking Sam's alibi, and warned Dick to provide evidence that will pass scrutiny. Sam demanded that Lahoma stay out of his personal affairs. Lahoma warned Sam that he is risking his freedom by remaining in town since the police suspect he killed Lefty and that he is concealing vital information from them.

FEBRUARY 27, 1968 (EP. #943)
Madge was pleased to hear from Ada that Russ is taking Rachel to the hospital. Rachel accused Madge of wanting to make a wisecrack about Ada catering to her needs. Ada chided Rachel for using flimsy excuses to avoid going to the hospital. Bill told Missy that he will impress upon Liz that they are living with her on a short-term basis to provide companionship while she convalesces, but maintained that Liz must find a practical live-in nurse. Missy earnestly pled her case to Bill on the importance of taking care of Liz and the ways in which it will improve their relationship. Rachel decided against defying Russ, who frightened her by forcefully insisting that she is staying overnight at the hospital so that diagnostic tests can be done. Russ ignored Rachel's protests and escorted her out the door. Ada dropped her brave facade and wailed to Madge that Rachel may be gravely ill. Liz told Bill that she is grateful to Missy for wanting to act as her live-in nurse. Bill commended Liz for changing her attitude towards his marriage to Missy. Liz seethed as Bill described the wedding Mary threw for him and Missy at the Matthews' residence. Mary defended herself against Liz's recriminations of denying her the right as Bill's mother to host his wedding by going behind her back. Russ told Mary that Rachel is at the hospital for observation. Rachel acted gracious and polite to Mary when she came to visit her. Russ grew flustered when Mary lauded his sensible attitude towards waiting to get married. Rachel accused Russ of being more concerned about Jim and Mary's reaction to their elopement than her, but allowed herself to be placated by Russ's conciliatory kisses and assurances.

Mary: "...But you were in the hospital!"
Liz: "Yes! Yes, I was in the hospital, and that was everybody's opportunity to do things behind my back, wasn't it?"
Mary: "Liz, I swear to you I was not thinking of doing anything behind your back, I was only doing what I could for Bill and Melissa, who were in any case, going to get married."
Liz: "Oh, stop putting it on them! You know what you've done, Mary and I know what you've done. And I only hope that someday you will know what it's like to suffer as you have made me suffer! Oh, how I hope that."

FEBRUARY 28, 1968 (EP. #944)
Fred was baffled by Liz's cold reception towards him. Pat acknowledged to Missy that she disapproves of her and Bill moving in with Liz because they should live alone and Liz can hire a nurse to take care of her. Missy compared her motivation of making Liz feel like part of her and Bill's family to Pat's desire to be loved by Lee. Bill grimly told John, Pat, and Missy that Liz had wrongly assumed that they were married by a Justice of the Peace and was riled that their ceremony was held at Jim and Mary's house. Liz scoffed at Fred for wanting to show her pictures of the wedding and ranted that she was purposely excluded and kept in the dark. Fred defended Mary by pointing out that she substituted for Katherine as the mother of the bride for Missy. Fred criticized Liz for being ungrateful to Bill and Missy for making it unnecessary for her to hire a nurse. Liz accused Fred of downplaying her importance in Bill's life. John, Pat, and Bill tried to ease Missy's conscience by assuring her that Liz will overcome her hurt in time. Lee was amused and touched as Sam enthusiastically read Shakespeare's sonnets and mused that poetry articulates aspects of his life and innermost feelings. Peggy opined to Dick that he argued with Walter because they are men who suffer from professional pride. Dick disagreed with Peggy's observation that Sam doesn't seem to fit the profile of a murderer. Dick rebuffed satisfying Peggy's curiosity over Sgt. Varallo checking all locksmiths within close proximity to Ernie's garage. Sam urged Lee not to worry about him working and attending school full time. Sam emphatically told a guilt-ridden Lee that they have a right to be happy despite Lefty's death.

Notes: Sam's quote of Shakespeare during Act III: "When to the sessions of sweet silent thought, I summon up remembrance of things past, I sigh the lack of many a thing I sought..." Sam quoted the following lines from Robert Browning's dramatic monologue, "Rabbi Ben Ezra" during the conclusion of Act IV: "Grow old along with me...the best is yet to be...The last of life, for which the first was made." Scripts alternate between "Ricky" and "Baby" for the character on cast lists.

FEBRUARY 29, 1968 (EP. #945)
Dr. MacCurdy tried to placate Rachel by explaining that he followed procedures based on her medical history. Russ told Rachel that she will have to remain in the hospital until Dr. MacCurdy has reviewed her test results. Russ grew anxious when Dr. MacCurdy refused to make conjectures on Rachel's condition. Ada thanked Madge for keeping her company while Rachel is in the hospital and for listening to her woes about Sam. Madge reminded Ada that Sam is straightening out his life, attending college, and getting serious with Lee. Ada confided to Madge that Lahoma fears the authorities suspect Sam was driven by hatred to murder Lefty and that Ernie subtly probed her on Sam's guilt by asking leading questions. Russ insisted that it would be unethical when Rachel wanted him to be assigned to her medical case. Rachel felt tremulous and terrified as Russ encouraged her to have faith in Dr. MacCurdy and believe that she is not going to die. Russ disguised his own apprehension while holding Rachel in a comforting embrace. Lee smiled mistily while telling Missy that holding Ricky and witnessing her and Bill's happiness inspired her to return to Bay City. Missy told Lee that John and Pat were overjoyed by her unexpected visit to the house. Lee was plagued by a faint uneasiness after Missy received a call from Lenore, who warned that Dick is coming to interrogate Lee about Lefty. Ada promised an impatient Rachel that she would speak with Dr. MacCurdy on her behalf. Alice apologized to Russ for grousing about Liz being a demanding patient because he is troubled over Rachel. Russ informed Alice that Dr. MacCurdy summoned him to his office.

MARCH 1, 1968 (EP. #946)
Missy noticed Lee's discomfiture over Dick questioning her about Lefty once more. Lee candidly told Dick that she cannot think of anything she had forgotten to tell him and conceded that she knew very little about Lefty. Dick was intrigued when Lee asked Missy to contact Sam to tell him that she will be late for class and to meet her at the college's snack shop. Lee confirmed for Dick that she went to The Trip and had coffee with Lefty in her apartment on the night he died. Dick casually remarked that Lee made a wise decision in choosing Sam over Lefty and that it was fortunate that Sam is not the jealous type, prompting Lee to innocently reveal that Sam had angrily warned her against dating Lefty and tried to protect her. Dick urged Lee to visit John's office more often and arrange to have lunch with Peggy soon. Lee frowned while telling Missy that Dick ended their conversation after he commented on her and Sam's romance. Sam was curious that Lee didn't share his excitement over the used car that he bought. Lee caused Sam to panic as she recounted Dick's interrogation, though Lee concluded that Dick considers it important that she was one of the last people to see Lefty alive. Sam wrenched the steering wheel and slammed on the brakes while driving when Lee mentioned Dick's incidental remarks. Alice warned Missy that Liz is likely to be difficult should she and Bill live with her. Russ was irritated and perplexed when Dr. MacCurdy referred to Rachel's symptoms being attributed to a relapse of endocarditis as coincidental. Dr. MacCurdy chastised Russ for having diagnostic tests done on Rachel instead of consulting an obstetrician because she is pregnant.

MARCH 4, 1968 (EP. #947)
Dr. MacCurdy advised Russ with asperity that he is certain that Rachel is pregnant and found some grim pleasure in his flustered reaction. Liz assumed brave, obligatory smiles while lulling Missy into talking about the pictures Fred took of her wedding. Missy ruefully admitted to Liz that she enjoyed the traditions associated with the occasion and has a close bond with Mary. Missy grew contrite as Liz voiced her assumption that she and Bill had a ceremony at the Justice of the Peace. Liz successfully made Missy feel indebted by playing the benevolent, selfless supplicant while expressing hope that Missy will transfer her affection for Mary onto her. Dr. MacCurdy promised Russ that he is not passing moral judgments on him. Russ bashfully confessed to Dr. MacCurdy that he decided against finishing his internship before marrying Rachel. Dr. MacCurdy told Russ that Rachel should have a normal pregnancy and delivery and that her heart should be monitored regularly. John surmised to Dru that the police are having trouble with finding leads in Lefty's murder because underground executions are clean and systemic. Dru and John fretted that Bill and Missy may experience marital issues while living with Liz. Liz told Missy that they accomplished a minor miracle by reconciling their differences and moving towards understanding each other. Missy grew defensive when Rachel opined that she was taking drastic measures to get on Liz's good side by moving in with her. Rachel was unconvinced, despite Missy's contentions that Liz needs her family and that they have made progress in building a rapport. Russ happily informed a stunned Rachel that they are expecting a child.

Dr. MacCurdy: " -- may I be the first to congratulate you?"
Russ: (HAPPILY BEWILDERED) "Thank you, Doctor. I -- thanks."
Dr. MacCurdy: "And now I'm sure you don't want to stand around talking to me."
Russ: "What --?"
Dr. MacCurdy: "Wouldn't you like to go and tell your wife the good news?"
Russ: "Oh! Oh, yeah -- I guess I should do that, shouldn't I?" (TURNS TO GO, THEN IMMEDIATELY TURNS BACK TO MACCURDY, TAKES HIS HAND, PUMPS IT AGAIN - AS THOUGH THEY HADN'T SHAKEN HANDS BEFORE) "And thanks, Doctor, thanks very much for being so understanding and -- well, you know, for everything."
Dr. MacCurdy: (SMILING) "That's quite all right, Russ. Now, will you get out of here, so I can get some work done?"
Russ: "What? Oh -- Right."

MARCH 5, 1968 (EP. #948)
Russ was amazed and slightly alarmed when Rachel fearfully clinged to him and muttered in disbelief. Sam went into a quiet cold sweat and became oblivious to his surroundings as he recalled Dick's last interrogation. Lee bought Sam's fib that he was pre-occupied about a quiz and assured Sam that he will conquer his anxieties once he gets into a routine. Sam carefully pressed Lee to recount her conversation with Dick. Lee encouraged Sam to confide his troubles to her should the need arise. Sam fell into a private agony as Lee talked about reading a paper in class. Russ felt sympathetic exasperation for Rachel while reiterating that the obstetrician is certain that she is pregnant. Rachel became panic-stricken and frightened while Russ conceded that the news is unexpected, that Jim and Mary should be informed first, and that Alice, Pat, and Missy will help Rachel throughout her pregnancy. Russ fibbed to Alice that Rachel is fatigued from working too much. Russ told Rachel that they will experience significance changes in their lives. Rachel hid her distaste and fear by telling Russ that she was initially overjoyed by the news, but now feels trepidation over carrying and delivering a baby. Rachel furiously pushed her lunch tray against a wall and sobbed after Russ was summoned by another doctor. Lee told Sam that she wants to leave Bedfordtown in the past. Sam was horrified when Lee asked whether he or Dick knows the identity of Lefty's killer. Sgt. Varallo informed Dick that a locksmith identified Ernie bringing in his cash register and provided a signed receipt for a new lock. Dick was pleased that the key found in Lefty's apartment opened Ernie's old lock.

Russ: "...And now that your insatiable curiosity has been satisfied, would you mind attending to your other duties and leaving me and my --" (JUST THE BAREST FLICKER) "my fiance alone?"
Alice: (NOSE IN THE AIR, SUPPRESSING A MOCK TEAR OF SELF PITY) "Of course, Doctor, if that's the way you want it." (TO RACHEL) "I hate to be the one to tell you this, Miss Davis, but the man you are going to marry is an insufferable tyrant. Take my advice and get out while you can." (SHE STARTS TO BUSTLE OUT OF THE ROOM, AND AS RUSS OPENS HIS MOUTH TO SAY SOMETHING) "I presume you want the door closed, Doctor?"
Russ: "You presume right." (ALICE MAKES A FACE AT HIM, GOES, CLOSING THE DOOR BEHIND HER) "Whew, that was a close call..."

MARCH 6, 1968 (EP. #949)
Ada wasn't mollified, despite Madge's assurances that Rachel will recover from any illness she has developed. Ada was nearly hysterical while telling Madge that the doctors discovered that Rachel is pregnant, which surprised Russ and Rachel because her symptoms were not typical of a woman expecting a child. Madge was doubtful when Ada expressed optimism that Rachel will become more mature and responsible through motherhood. Ada lamented to Madge that Mary will feel betrayed once she learns that Ada has known about Russ and Rachel's elopement for weeks. Rachel tried to keep her composure while she and Liz talked about their respective heart ailments. Rachel hesitated as Liz asked whether she and Russ have set a date and whether Mary will lend her wedding dress to Rachel for the ceremony. Liz triumphantly sailed down the hall after overhearing Rachel discuss her pregnancy with Ada. Mary told Russ and Rachel that she is wary to see Liz, who feels that she usurped Liz's prerogative as a mother to host Bill and Missy's wedding. Russ squirmed when Rachel opined to Mary that Liz doesn't have the right to dictate people's choices in getting married. Russ agreed to share a room with Dru since Jim and Mary want Liz to stay with them and not impose on Bill and Missy. Rachel predicted that Mary will resent her once they reveal their elopement. Liz dismissed Mary's arguments towards it being preferable for her to convalesce at the Matthews' house over Bill and Missy living with her. Mary was speechless to hear from Liz that Russ and Rachel eloped and are expecting a child. Liz consoled Mary while secretly relishing her despondence.

MARCH 7, 1968 (EP. #950)
Sam and Lee got into a heated discussion over his reluctance to accept John and Pat's dinner invitation at the Randolph residence. Lee swore to Sam that she doesn't care about other people's opinions of their relationship. Lahoma told Dru that she works as a model for Ace Studios, but grew uncomfortable after Dru introduced her to Peggy because she is Dick's wife. Peggy countered that Dick refuses to discuss cases at home in response to Dru's inquiry on whether Dick believes that Lefty was killed by underworld figures. Dru took Lahoma to see John while Peggy watched them with a thoughtful, troubled frown. Dru notified Peggy that he is waiting for Walter to return to his office so that he can provide new evidence on Lefty's murder that he unearthed. Lahoma was flattered that John and Pat wished to express their appreciation over her befriending and protecting Lee by having her over for dinner. John and Dru told Lahoma that they are unaware of any developments in Lefty's homicide case. Dru voiced suspicions to John that Lahoma had ulterior motives for coming to the office which she chose not to articulate. Dick informed Walter that Ernie cannot testify that Sam remained at the garage on the night of Lefty's murder, that Sam threatened Lefty several times, and Sgt. Varallo discovered that Ernie changed the lock to his cash register. Walter consented to have Sam brought into his office for questioning once Dick revealed that the key found in Lefty's apartment opened Ernie's old lock. Lee urged Sam to forget about their different backgrounds and to focus on the future. Sam was happily transfixed and speechless after he and Lee had their first kiss.

Dru: (to Lahoma about Peggy) "Forgive me, I should have introduced you. Miss Vane, this is our chief of staff -- our pearl beyond price, who runs the office - and very often us - Mrs. Nolan." (TAKE LAHOMA REACTING SLIGHTLY BEFORE SHE CATCHES HERSELF).
Peggy: "How do you do?"

John: "Well, Lahoma is certainly a very distinctive and beautiful name."
Lahoma: (GRINS) "I dunno how beautiful it is. Some people make fun of it. But it's a name folks don't forget -- and that helps in my business."
John: (PUZZLED) "You mean -- working at The Trip?"
Lahoma: "Gosh, no. I quit there the other day. Now I'm working as a model -- over at the Ace Photographic Studios."
Dru: "May I say that I'm quite sure a young lady like you does not need an unusual name to make people remember her?"
Lahoma: "You sure can say it, Mr. Dru. Any time you feel like it."

Notes: Lahoma reveals that her great-grandmother was full-blooded Cherokee and an Indian princess. Lahoma models "intimate apparel" for Ace Photographic Studios.

MARCH 8, 1968 (EP. #951)
Mary impatiently tried to stop Liz's voice from reverberating in her mind, which taunted her about Russ and Rachel. Russ told Ada that he is thrilled by Rachel's unexpected pregnancy and plans to level with Jim and Mary once he gets home. Liz badgered Ada into keeping her company while Dr. MacCurdy has a consultation with Rachel. Jim noted that Mary was absorbed since she was wearing her coat indoors and had forgotten her daily routine in the living room. Mary deferred to Jim's assumption that Liz declined her offer to stay with them and prefers to impose on Bill and Missy rather than make the situation easier for herself and everyone else. Jim sensed rightly that Mary was being evasive when she abruptly ended the conversation to start dinner. Liz put on airs of being grateful that Ada forced her to provide financial assistance to Rachel to counter Ada's assertion that Liz has cause to dislike her. Ada dissembled as Liz hinted that she is happy for her, Russ, and Rachel. Liz viciously accused Ada of being a blackmailer and social climber who helped to arrange Russ and Rachel's elopement. Russ fumed when Liz blamed him for being dishonorable by allowing Mary to hear about his marriage and Rachel's pregnancy from her. Rachel groused to Ada about Russ rushing home to smooth things over with Jim and Mary. Ada deduced that Liz eavesdropped on her and Rachel's phone conversation and told Mary. Jim and Mary graciously told Russ that they accept his marriage and that Rachel is a member of the family now. Rachel softened towards Ada, who happily reminisced about being pregnant with her. Ada consoled a vulnerable Rachel over having a baby.

Liz: "...And I must say I'm very happy for you, Ada. And for Rachel."
Ada: "Happy about what?"
Liz: (THE SMILE FADES AND SHE POUNCES) "Happy that you have managed to elevate yourself in life along with your daughter. That you've made it."
Ada: "Made it?"
Liz: "That your daughter is now married to somebody far above her in station, and pregnant with his child."
Liz: (OVER) "Yes. I know. Did you help to arrange it, Ada?"
Ada: "You can't talk that way to me! I'm a respectable woman, and my daughter..."
Liz: (OVER) "Respectable woman, are you? A blackmailer? That's what you are, you know -- a blackmailer. And a social climber too. As is your daughter!"
Ada: "You stop that..."

MARCH 11, 1968 (EP. #952)
Sam was bewitched and beguiled as he merrily recalled his evening with Lee. Lee gushed to Lenore that she feels like singing or dancing a waltz now that she realizes that she and Sam love each other. Lenore expressed envy towards Lee, who described love as unselfishly caring, comforting, and giving to another person. Lenore ominously told Lee that she has experienced a selfish kind of love that is unbearable. Lee was sympathetic as Lenore reflected that she practically ensnared Bill into a romance, despite knowing that she could never replace Missy in his heart. Lenore admitted to Lee that she is very fond of Walter, but is uncertain whether she loves him and is ready to marry him. Walter somberly notified Lenore that he will be delayed in taking her out on their date due to new developments on a case. Lee told Lenore that she hopes Walter and the authorities have solved Lefty's murder. Sam was jolted awake by Dick knocking on his door. Pat happily informed John that Sam and Lee have consented to coming to dinner. John promised Pat that he isn't pushing Sam and Lee's relationship. John and Pat raved about Sam's positive influence on Lee and Sam beating the odds by going straight and returning to school after serving time. John was alarmed when Walter urgently summoned him to his office. Dick took a footprint of Sam's work shoes while he got dressed. Walter informed John that he wanted Sam to have an attorney present when he is questioned. John tried to keep Sam calm while Walter and Dick left to discuss Lefty's murder case. Sam felt tortured while lying to John that he knows nothing about Lefty's murder or the identity of the true culprit.

MARCH 12, 1968: Pre-empted for News Coverage of Vietnam War.

MARCH 13, 1968 (EP. #953)
Jim echoed Mary's sentiment that it was galling to hear about Russ and Rachel's marriage from Liz. Alice jokingly admonished Mary for not visiting her at the hospital, which didn't amuse Jim or Mary. Alice was stunned once Jim revealed that Russ is married. Jim and Mary remonstrated Alice for thinking that Rachel ruined Russ's medical career, trapped him into marriage, and will make an unsuitable mother. Alice was incredulous when Mary relayed Liz's claim that she learned about Rachel's pregnancy through the hospital grapevine. Jim and Mary reminded Alice that Rachel may have some of Sam's good qualities and urged her to accept Rachel as a member of the family. Sam told Walter and Dick that he disliked Lefty and begrudgingly met with him, but flatly declined Lefty's proposition to join a numbers racket. John pointed out to Walter that he was improperly characterizing Sam's refusal of Lefty's offer as a conflict. Sam confessed to Walter, John, and Dick that he had accidental encounters with Lefty, but faltered when Walter cited signed depositions that verify Sam and Lefty's fight at The Trip. Ernie grew alarmed when Dru mentioned Sam's worries about losing the cash register key as proof of Sam's honesty. Ernie and Dru were troubled upon finding out that Sam was escorted to the police station. Sam gradually admitted to Walter, Dick, and John that he had argued with Lefty over his pursuit of Lee. Sam grew flustered when Dick produced a cash register key and asked whether Sam recognized it. Dick told John and Sam that Ernie changed the lock to his cash register and demonstrated that the key found in Lefty's apartment opened Ernie's old lock.

MARCH 14, 1968 (EP. #954)
Ada told Madge that Rachel is angry over Russ rushing home. Ada wailed to Madge that everyone knows about Russ and Rachel's elopement and her pregnancy because Liz found out and told Mary. Russ happily told Ada and Madge that Jim and Mary acknowledged his right to make his own decisions, welcomed Rachel into the family, and were excited to become grandparents. Ada theorized to Russ that Liz eavesdropped on her phone conversation with Rachel about her pregnancy, prompting Russ to abruptly head for Liz's room. Liz accused Russ of projecting his guilt onto her by insinuating that she was delighted in telling Mary about him and Rachel. Liz clutched her heart and feigned difficulty in talking once Russ deduced that Ada's suspicions were correct. Missy was miffed to see Liz in a distraught state with Russ. Liz fibbed to Missy that she overheard two nurses discussing Rachel's condition, wrongly assumed that Mary knew the truth, and mentioned Russ's accusations. Missy respected Liz's wish to drop the subject because Russ upset her greatly. Missy opined to Liz that Russ and Rachel's problems will be resolved once the baby is born. Missy sadly informed Ada and Madge that John is representing Sam while he is questioned about Lefty's murder. Russ and Ada tried assuaging Rachel's concerns that Jim and Mary must accept her and that she will endure sickness and weight gain. Ada opined to Madge that Rachel is petrified over carrying a child. Ernie told Ada and Madge that he lied to the police about Sam staying at work on the night of Lefty's death. Ernie assured Ada that he will support Sam regardless of his guilt or innocence.


MARCH 15, 1968 (EP. #955)
Sam advised Walter and Dick that he has nothing to say about the cash register key. Lee bridged the awkwardness between her and Pat by asking to hold Ricky for a moment. Pat happily told Lee that everyone should bless Ricky for influencing her into leaving Bedfordtown. Lee confessed to Pat that she had acted childish towards her marriage to John. Pat implored Lee not to allow their conflicts to adversely affect her love for John. Walter temporarily postponed Sam's interrogation so that John could have a consultation with him. John promised Walter and Dick that Sam won't skip town. Dick reviewed his evidence against Sam with Walter to justify his certainty over his guilt. Walter was subdued yet impressed when Dick revealed that the footprint taken of Sam's work shoe matches the one that was lifted from the carpet in Lefty's apartment and likely has transmission oil on it. Dick anticipated that Walter will nail Sam soon. Lee grew despondent when Pat explained that John is acting as Sam's attorney while he is questioned about Lefty's murder. John poked holes in Sam's hypothesis that Ernie changed the lock to his cash register because Lefty stole the key and was flabbergasted by Sam's evasive attitude towards his questions. Madge was dubious when Ernie tried to downplay the significance of his cash register key that Sam had lost. Ernie was loath to tell Ada and Madge that Sam had frantically searched for the key, which Dick had discovered in Lefty's pad. Ada accused Ernie of covering for Sam because he believes that he killed Lefty, despite Ernie's assurances to the contrary. Dick decided to interview both Ernie and Ada upon arriving at the garage.

MARCH 18, 1968 (EP. #956)
John informed Dru that Sam was questioned by Walter in connection with Lefty's murder. John pointedly informed Dru that he is seeking the truth from Sam. Lahoma struggled to get Rachel's attention as she boasted that she may be able to join Rachel living in the high cotton because of her income as a model. Rachel sulked to Lahoma about gaining weight. Russ appreciated Lahoma's congratulations on Rachel's pregnancy. Rachel advised Russ and Lahoma that Walter is trying to determine Sam's potential role in Lefty's death. John hoped Sam would be forthcoming with new information as he updated Dru on the circumstances that made Ernie's cash register key important evidence to Walter and Dick. Dru told John that Ernie mentioned Sam's desperate search for the missing key, dismissed its importance, and lied that he had another key at home. Russ told a distraught Lahoma that Walter interrogated Sam about Lefty while John acted as his attorney. Lahoma blew a fuse when Rachel hypothesized that Sam's threats against Lefty's life are incriminating. Sam carefully improvised a tale for John and Dru claiming that he left work because Lahoma was concerned by Lefty's anger over Lee's plans to depart Bedfordtown. Sam stated that he woke a drowsy Lee to ensure her safety and possibly lost Ernie's key when he searched Lefty's place while he was not present. Sam was haunted by memories of finding Lefty's dead body, Lee's oblivious state, and John and Dru's remarks during their conference. Lahoma warned Sam that he may be facing life in prison because the police believe he murdered Lefty and begged Sam to leave town with her.


MARCH 19, 1968 (EP. #957)
Ernie opined to Dick that Sam had the right to defend himself against Lefty's provocations. Dick deliberately caught Ernie off guard by asking whether he thought Sam killed Lefty in self-defense. Ernie, Ada, and Madge grew ashen when Dick insinuated that they are covering for the true culprit. Lahoma admonished Sam for foolishly risking his freedom by failing to grasp the gravity of the police questioning them and staying in town because of Lee. Sam felt weak after Lahoma explained that a waitress at The Trip told her that he came looking for Lefty on the night of his death. Lahoma warned Sam that his tale of finding Lefty's place unlocked and searching it is not credible. Lahoma seductively urged Sam to skip town with her and kissed him. Ernie, Ada, and Madge were dumbstruck once Dick revealed that a signed receipt verifies that Ernie changed the lock to his cash register. Lee ruefully admitted to John and Dru that she has no memory of Sam coming to her apartment on the night of Lefty's murder. John told Lee that the authorities have circumstantial evidence that raises important issues. Ernie angrily told Dick that he changed the lock to prevent robberies, but kept it secret because he anticipated that Dick would assume that Sam stole the key, which convinced Dick that Ernie was lying for Sam. Sam was tempted as Lahoma outlined plans to hide Sam in Tennessee while she earns money for them to flee to Mexico. Lahoma persuasively told Sam that his romance with Lee is hopeless since he will be sent in jail. Sam and Lahoma pretended that they were heading for work to get out of his building without raising any suspicions.

Lahoma: "Oh Sammy, please don't be that way. I'm only trying to help you. And you're scared, Sammy. No matter how tough you try to talk, you're shakin' in your boots. I can see that." (AND NOW SHE COMES UP CLOSE TO HIM, SMOOTHING HIS HAIR, CARESSING HIS CHEEK) "Sammy, honey, all Lahoma wants to do is take care of you. And I'm really good at taking care. I mean when I fall for somebody, I go all the way. And I wouldn't expect you to feel the same way about me at first. I wouldn't -- well, I wouldn't expect anything of you. I know how you feel about Lee. But you'd get used to me after a while, Sammy. You might even find I wasn't hard to take at all." (AND WITH THIS SHE KISSES HIM AND YES, SAM IS IN LOVE WITH LEE BUT AFTER ALL!!!...AND FADE OUT).

MARCH 20, 1968 (EP. #958)
Missy listened as Bill was updated on Walter's interrogation of Sam over the phone. Bill gravely cited Missy's indictment for Danny's murder as proof that Sam cannot be exempt from scrutiny by the authorities. Lahoma gave Sam dire warnings over being sent to prison because of his record and stressed the urgency in leaving town. Sam defiantly proclaimed his innocence, refused to go into hiding, and insisted on going into work as scheduled, which caused Lahoma to cry in despair and loss. Lahoma informed Lee that the police are convinced that Sam killed Lefty and accused Lee of being naive in thinking that horrible things cannot happen to her or any loved ones because she has lived a sheltered life. Lee was stunned when Lahoma revealed that she almost had Sam persuaded into fleeing town with her. Lahoma bitterly told Lee that she will never be right for Sam and lambasted her for causing Sam's imminent arrest and conviction for murder. Missy was disturbed as Bill outlined the evidence Dick and Walter have against Sam. Bill expressed lingering reservations after Missy reminded him that they are moving in with Liz tomorrow. Missy promised Bill that she will hire a nurse should she become overwhelmed by taking care of Ricky and Liz. Ernie warned Sam that Dick questioned him, Ada, and Madge about Lefty's murder. Sam recited his fabricated story to Ernie of leaving work to check on Lee and searching Lefty's apartment. Sam and Lee tried to convince themselves that he will be cleared of murder by John. Sam privately noted the irony of Lee's desperate inquiry into whether he remembered any details of Lefty's death that he had previously forgotten.

Lahoma: "...Oh, I thought for a while I had him persuaded but then he stopped and said it was no dice..." (FIERCELY) "You know why, Lee?" (WHEN SHE DOESN'T ANSWER) "It was all on account of you, that's why. All because he's so calf-eyed lovesick over you...And now he's going to prison! For life! You understand that? And it's your fault, Lee! Your fault!"
Lee: "Lahoma! Stop that! ...He's not going to prison! Sam didn't kill Lefty Burns and they can't prove he did!"
Lahoma: "No? ...Well, you go right on spinning yourself those nice little fairy tales. But just remember what I told you once before! You're no good for Sam. You never were and you never will be. And now they're going to convict him of murder -- all on your account!" (AND AS LAHOMA TURNS AND WALKS OFF, LEE FIGHTS DOWN THE SICK, GUILTY FEELING THAT HER WORDS ARE ALL TOO JUSTIFIED. FADE OUT).


MARCH 21, 1968 (EP. #959)
Lee earnestly advised Sam that he must protect himself by disclosing the names of possible suspects in Lefty's murder. Sam violently pulled away from Lee due to being consumed by his efforts to protect her from the truth. Lee admitted to Sam that she is worried over his welfare because she loves him. Jim, Mary, and Alice discussed Sam being a suspect in Lefty's murder. Russ informed Jim, Mary, and Alice that Rachel is healthy, but her heart must be monitored throughout her pregnancy. Alice was dismayed when Jim and Mary offered to have Russ and Rachel live in the house. Sam deplored the timing of Lee falling in love with him because he is in trouble with the law. Lee told Sam that the thought of him running away with Lahoma made her realize that she loves him. Sam felt new resolve that he could conquer any obstacle with Lee. Alice protested to Jim and Mary that Russ and Rachel could get an apartment that can easily be maintained. Jim and Mary demanded that Alice accept Rachel as Russ's wife and as a member of their family. Dru told Jim, Mary, and Alice that he and John believe in Sam's innocence, but conceded that there are puzzling aspects to Lefty's homicide and that Sam is withholding information. Alice hypothesized to Dru that Sam is trying to minimize Lee's association to Lefty. Dru grimly told Jim, Mary, and Alice that there is evidence to implicate Sam. Lenore opined to Lee that Lahoma's love for Sam impairs her judgment and that Sam will be cleared once the truth comes out. Lee hallucinated that a ribbon of colors flowed out of her paint box while Sam's voice repeated a description of her last encounter with Lefty and the room filled with smoke.

Production Note: "Save all scenes of Lee in hallucinatory state."

MARCH 22, 1968 (EP. #960)
Lee rushed across the room screaming for John and Sam to rescue her, coughed from smoke that she thought was filling the room, and leaned against an imaginary wall until Lenore calmed her. Lenore was mystified as Lee sighed, collapsed onto the bed, and fell into a peaceful sleep. Ernie cautioned Ada against visiting Sam because he needed sleep to be ready to be interrogated by Walter. Lahoma told Ada that Sam insists that he left work to ensure that Lefty was not with Lee and searched his apartment. Ada and Lahoma talked about the odds being stacked against Sam. Ada disagreed with Lahoma's contentions that Sam's troubles are Lee's fault. Lahoma implored Ada to persuade Sam into leaving town with her. Ernie urged Sam to use his room and take one of his tranquilizers to get some rest. Sam gushed to an exasperated Ernie that he can survive adversity because Lee loves him. Lenore concluded that Lee had a nightmare due to being under a strain, but was baffled that she had no memory of it. Lee ruefully told Lenore that she wishes that she could be by Sam's side while he is at Walter's office. Dick advised Walter that Ernie, Ada, and Madge were nervous towards him and that he confronted Ernie when he perpetuated the lie that the key was never lost. Ada told Lahoma that everyone knows about Russ and Rachel's marriage and entertained the idea of inviting Sam to move in with her. Walter thanked Sam for confessing that he looked for Lefty and likely lost the key in his place. John disputed Dick's confidence in the footprint lifted from Sam's shoe. Dick left to corroborate the time Sam claimed he left work on the night of Lefty's death.

Production Notes: The prologue and Act III were pre-taped on March 19, 1968 and featured Lee and Lenore.

MARCH 25, 1968 (EP. #961)
Madge ignored Alice's reminder that it was too early for Rachel to have visitors. Bill and Missy laughed at Pat's eagerness to hold Ricky to quell their frustrations over him being fussy. Bill tried to convinced Missy that they should postpone moving in with Liz until she consults a pediatrician on Ricky's fever. Missy refused to heed Pat's advice against living with Liz. Pat called the pediatrician as Missy tended to Ricky. Alice turned a blind eye once Madge explained that she wanted to settle things with Rachel for Ada's benefit. Madge instructed Rachel to vouch for Sam's innocence despite the solid evidence against him. Rachel offended Madge by deploring Sam for disgracing the family and deeming him unworthy of concern. Madge angrily told Rachel not to upset Ada and to quit being self-absorbed. Madge apologized to Russ for blowing a fuse at Rachel, who was pleased when Russ stated that she would never speak unkindly to Ada. Russ told Rachel that she must have regular examinations. Rachel was thrilled that she and Russ will be living in the Matthews house, but didn't share Russ's joy over expecting a child. Alice admonished Madge for keeping silent about Rachel's poor treatment towards Ada. Liz disparaged Sam to Madge and Alice while waiting for Missy to take her home. Missy congratulated Rachel on her pregnancy and marriage to Russ. Liz reassured Missy that babies are prone to get fevers and that Ricky is not seriously ill. Missy acquiesced to Liz's assertions that Ricky's cries would be music to her ears compared to the deafening silence and loneliness of the hospital. Liz praised Missy's empathetic nature with ineffable sweetness.

Madge: (about Ada) "....oh, she'll be worried about you, she always is...but she'll be worried about Sam this morning too. Very worried about Sam."
Rachel: "She ought to learn that he isn't worth it."
Madge: "One of the two things she worries about is not worth it. But it's not Sam."
Rachel: "A nice crack that is."
Madge: "I don't know how nice it is, but it's true. Now stop thinking about yourself for once. Your mother's a nervous wreck, and I don't want you to push her over the brink."
Rachel: "You're the one I'd like to push over the brink."
Madge: "That goes double with me, you selfish self-centered little b --" (AT THIS MOMENT THERE IS A KNOCK ON THE DOOR, IT OPENS AND IN COMES RUSS).

MARCH 26, 1968 (EP. #962)
John was consternated while conceding to Walter that he was unaware that Ernie covered for Sam so he could look for Lefty and Lee. Sam pleaded with John to reiterate his innocence to Walter. Sam told Walter that he feared that Lefty would keep Lee in Bedfordtown and that he was honest with Ernie about his reasons for leaving work. Walter had Sam confirm that Lefty was not present while he searched the apartment and had Sam estimate the time he was away from the garage. Ernie relented slightly once Dick emphasized that questioning him was part of his duties as a policeman. Ernie unwittingly gave Dick a time frame for Sam's absence that placed him at the scene of the crime and gave Sam ample opportunity to kill Lefty. Bill told Dru that he anticipates that he and Missy will live with Liz for a short period before she has recovered completely. Dru informed Bill that Sam would have benefited by being forthcoming with the truth and speculated that Sam is concealing facts on Lee's behalf. Dru expressed urgency to Bill over finding the person who killed Lefty. Lee happily told Pat and Lenore that holding Ricky gives her faith that everything will be fine for Sam. Lenore told Pat that Lee was frightened and disoriented while having an apparent nightmare. Walter advised John that the murder weapon being a poker undermines the theory that Lefty was executed by underworld figures. Lee told Pat that she and Lenore have plans to share an apartment since she is the subject of gossip at school because of her involvement with Lefty. Dick relayed Ernie's testimony to Walter, who booked Sam for murder and stated that John can resume his conferences with Sam in jail.

Notes: Last appearance of Lon Satton as Dick Nolan.

MARCH 27, 1968 (EP. #963)
Alice maintained decorum while arguing against Liz's arguments that Ricky will not be adversely affected by moving into Liz's house. Missy almost apologetically agreed with Liz's stance on Ricky, prompting Alice to stifle her fury towards Liz. Alice told Rachel that she objects to Bill and Missy living with Liz since they are newlyweds. Rachel baited Alice into voicing approval towards her and Russ moving into the Matthews' house by putting on airs of wanting the acceptance of the family. Lenore was noncommittal towards Rachel's enthusiasm over having social outings with her and Walter until the baby comes. Dru and Fred expressed hope that Bill, Missy, and Ricky will not have to live with Liz for very long. Dru sadly told Fred that Sam was charged with murder after Ernie inadvertently placed Sam at the scene during the time span that Lefty's murder occurred. Fred grimly told Dru that he came to Ernie's garage to thank Sam for persuading Lee into leaving Bedfordtown and corroborated Ernie's statement on the time Sam was away from work. Lenore was jarred when Rachel worried that Sam's potential guilt would reflect badly onto her. Lenore was mortified when Rachel commented that she is displaying her lingering feelings for Bill. Bill was chagrined and Liz smugly pleased after Missy insisted that she took precautions for Ricky and that they are moving in with Liz as scheduled. Fred reminded Liz that the sins of Danny have not been visited onto Ricky. Fred fumed when Liz opined that Sam's murder charge is to be expected of an ex-convict. Liz told a cynical Fred that Bill and Missy wanted to live with her and that they are going to be a happy family.

MARCH 28, 1968 (EP. #964)
Sam raised his hands in a defeated gesture after being fingerprinted. Pat reassured Lee that John will contact them with news about Sam rather than reveal the severity of the situation. Pat told Lee that Liz is selfishly imposing on Bill and Missy by having them take care of her instead of hiring a live-in nurse. Lee appreciated that John and Pat refuse to dissuade her from getting an apartment with Lenore, despite their wish for Lee to move back into the Randolph residence. Pat was astonished when Lee stated that she may persuade Sam into proposing marriage to her. Mary forced a smile as Rachel coquettishly had Russ carry her across the threshold before greeting Mary. Rachel acted like an invalid so Russ would get her comfortable on the couch. Mary left to get tea for Rachel, who surreptitiously inspected the furniture, drapes, and pictures on the wall and declared the Matthews' house as hers with exuberance. Mary felt pained as Rachel pouted about Russ having to return to the hospital. Rachel's insecurities prompted her to assure Mary that everyone will be glad about her marriage to Russ in time. Mary grew worried by Rachel's slight ambivalence towards her unborn child. Sam averted John's gaze while fretting that he is back in prison. John encouraged Sam to have faith in him, Dru, and Bill and vowed that they will celebrate once he is cleared. Sam failed to convince John to shield Lee from the strength of Walter's case against him. Sam prayed that Lee never remembers the truth about Lefty's murder. John restrained a despondent Lee after revealing that Sam was jailed. Lee wailed for John to resume work on freeing Sam while Pat consoled her.

Production Notes: According to the script, showing the entire process of Sam being fingerprinted, which included using a stamp pad and two cards with the five rectangular spaces for the prints, or to start the episode halfway through the process was left to the production team.


MARCH 29, 1968 (EP. #965)
Pat helped Lee regain her composure. Lee implored John to collect evidence to prove Sam's innocence and declared her love for him. Madge reluctantly agreed to accompany Ada, who feared facing Mary because she knew about Russ and Rachel's elopement for weeks. Ada and Lahoma lamented to Madge that they couldn't locate Sam by calling his boarding house or Ernie's garage. Madge remarked to Ada and Lahoma that it was interesting that Russ and Rachel have moved into the Matthews' house. Lahoma agreed with Madge's opinion that she was speaking like a jealous woman by professing her love for Sam and remonstrating Lee for causing his problems. Ada tried to convince herself and Lahoma that John didn't have work to do on Sam's behalf after being unable to reach anyone at John's office. John and Pat urged Lee to have patience in Sam being cleared. Lee asked John to let her visit Sam in jail. Dru soberly informed John, Pat, and Lee that speaking to Ernie was unnecessary because Fred had corroborated that Sam was away from work when Lefty's homicide occurred. Mary learned from Pat that Sam has been charged with murder and told Rachel, but asked her not to tell Ada. Ada was relieved that Mary expressed happiness over Russ and Rachel's marriage. Rachel hurt Ada by comparing her apartment unfavorably to the Matthews' house. Ada was shocked once Rachel broke the news about Sam and chastised her for worrying about him. Lee sobbed after Sam urged her to continue her life while John handles his case. Sam was distressed and frustrated while embracing Lee, but couldn't bear to reveal that he is facing a life sentence.

APRIL 1, 1968 (EP. #966)
Sam asked Lee not to blame herself for him being charged with murder. Lee told Sam that her life is at an impasse until he is freed from jail. Walter cited his duties as District Attorney to justify interrogating Sam about Lefty's homicide and defend himself against Lenore's disappointment in him. Lenore stubbornly adhered to her belief in Sam's integrity, despite Walter listing the evidence against Sam and the contradictions in his statements. Walter insisted to Lenore that he was fastidious in prosecuting Sam since he wished to avoid repeating past mistakes. Lenore was appalled by Walter's actions and coldly broke their date, leading Walter to storm out of the house. John begrudgingly allowed Lee to be present while he and Sam had a conference. Sam swiftly notified the guard that John and Lee were leaving rather than explain the discrepancies over the time span in which he was away from Ernie's garage. Sam hoped that Lee never regains memories of Lefty's murder while waiting to be escorted back to his jail cell. Missy enjoyed a brief respite with Liz and Bill after cooking dinner and tending to Ricky. Bill told Liz and Missy that Dru summoned him to the office to discuss Sam's case. Missy argued that she supports Bill's dedication to his job to counter Liz's criticisms of his cavalier departure and thoughtless attitude. Lenore and Lahoma shared a drink while consoling each other over Sam's arrest. Lee gladly accepted Lahoma's apologies and gesture of friendship. Lee drifted off as Lahoma described her disoriented state on the night of Lefty's death. Lahoma was horrified as Lee frantically tried to muffle the sound of bells she imagined ringing loudly in her ears.

APRIL 2, 1968 (EP. #967)
Lee recoiled from Lahoma's touch, crouched like a trapped animal, and pushed her hands out while hallucinating that walls were closing in on her. Alice grew defensive when Jim and Mary reminded her to treat Rachel like a member of the family. Mary told Jim and Alice that Walter charged Sam with Lefty's murder and won't allow him to be released on bail. Jim, Mary, and Alice were grateful that Madge is keeping Ada company while discussing the case against Sam. Alice mused to Jim and Mary that Lee is involved because Sam went to Lefty's place to make sure she was safe. Lee imagined that she was going to fall from a high precipice on which she was standing. Lahoma tried to describe Lee's behavior to Lenore. Lee collapsed on the floor and briefly fainted, prompting Lenore and Lahoma to carry Lee to the couch and put a damp cloth on her forehead. Rachel was dissatisfied with Russ's room after comparing it to Alice's. Jim tried to reassure Alice that Bill won't let Liz impose on Missy. Rachel played the distraught niece by graciously accepting Alice's condolences over Sam's arrest. Alice was unaware that Rachel secretly coveted her bedroom while reflecting that she and Pat shared it for years. Russ asked Rachel to be honest about her health. Rachel hinted to Russ that she will be in their bedroom alone often because of his job. Lenore and Lahoma were baffled that Lee had no memory of her psychotic episodes. Lahoma remarked to Lenore that Lee's actions were similar to a girl she knew who flipped after taking LSD. Lee angrily reproached Lahoma for accusing her of using drugs and for speaking harshly to her at Sam's boarding house.

Notes: Alice mentions that Russ had bunk beds in his bedroom growing up, but now uses their grandmother's double bed. Jim and Mary converted a closet into a bathroom for Pat and Alice so the children would not fight over the main bathroom in the hallway.

APRIL 3, 1968 (EP. #968)
Sam traced Lee's name in the dusty wall of his jail cell and hung his head dejectedly. Sam muttered to himself that he would have committed murder to protect Lee from Lefty. Madge hid the evening newspaper from Ada and urged her to get some sleep. Madge seethed after learning that Rachel blabbed to Ada that Sam was arrested. Ada and Madge were dumbfounded when Ernie agonized over sending Sam to jail due to the testimony he gave to Dick. Ernie bitterly told John, Ada, and Madge that Dick got him to confirm the time Sam was out of the garage. John and Ada tried to quell Ernie's remorse by insisting that he was truthful with Dick and reinforced their belief that Ernie would do anything for Sam. Ada became disquieted and teary-eyed once John lamented that Sam's prospects look grim. John pointed out the discrepancies in Sam's statements and the established time period Sam was away from work to articulate the strength of Walter's case to Ernie and Ada. John confessed to Ada that he is guilt-ridden because Sam's legal troubles involve his efforts to shield Lee. Ernie, Ada, and Madge commiserated with John about Sam's love for Lee. Pat told Lahoma that John is meeting with Ernie and Ada and that the evidence against Sam is circumstantial yet considerable. Lahoma assured Pat that Lee has replaced jealousy and animosity with love for Sam. Pat was alarmed as Lahoma recounted Lee's bizarre, erratic behavior at Lenore's house. Sam asked Ada about Madge and Rachel to stop her from talking about Lefty's murder. Ada was shocked when Sam hypothesized that hysterical amnesia may have caused him to suppress memories of killing Lefty.

Pat: "I imagine you know why she ran away."
Lahoma: "Look, if that's worrying you, believe me, Lee realizes what a big mistake she made."
Pat: (SHE'S LIKING LAHOMA VERY MUCH) "You like to make people feel good, don't you?"
Lahoma: "Well, feeling good beats feeling bad. Anyhow, I've met you and Lee's daddy, and you don't seem like such terrible two-faced monsters to me."
Pat: (SMILES) "Thank you, Lahoma."
Lahoma: "Anyhow, she's got her whole heart and soul set on Sammy now -- so I don't guess she'll have room to feel - jealous any more."
Pat: "Love can be a pretty overwhelming experience, the first time it happens to you."
Lahoma: "The first time or any time. And of course, if a girl's in love with a guy like Sam..."

APRIL 4, 1968: Pre-empted for News coverage of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination.

APRIL 5, 1968 (EP. #969)
Missy took Bill's suggestion to ease her workload at home. Bill's hopes of having breakfast with Missy were dashed by Liz, who wanted them to share all meals as a family. John told Pat that Sam's evasiveness, lies and half-truths, and the incredibility of his story caused Walter to become convinced that Sam is guilty of killing Lefty. John and Pat felt anguished that Lee is depressed over Sam and that she must face the possibility that he may be convicted of murder. Pat described Lee's wild behavior to John, who heeded Pat's advice to respect Lahoma's confidence and not confront Lee about the incidents until she sees a doctor. Bill and Missy brushed aside Liz's complaints that he works late hours for John and she practically slaves over Ricky. Liz insisted to Missy that Mary carries a grudge against her for accidentally revealing Russ and Rachel's elopement and has influenced the family not to visit her, but Missy maintained that Russ and Rachel moved into the house and that everyone is upset about Sam. Liz opined to Missy that Sam's criminal charge is expected of an ex-convict and that nothing good will come from Lee's supposed love for Sam. Lenore tried to talk Lee into viewing the apartment that she chose for them and to consult a doctor about her nervous condition. John told Lee that Sam will most likely be indicted by a Grand Jury. John encouraged Lee to visit Sam in jail. Lenore told John that Lee was awake while having nightmarish delusions and weird hallucinations. John resolved to make sure that Lee sees a doctor right away. Sam insinuated to Lee that he may not recall killing Lefty due to suffering from hysterical amnesia like Flo after shooting Danny.

Production Notes for Act IV: Lenore's flashback of Act II of Episode #967 was edited to exclude all dialogue except for Lee's while she recoiled from Lenore's touch and hallucinated that she was falling from a high precipice. While the prepared tape played, Lenore's voice-over described the scene of events to John.

APRIL 8, 1968 (EP. #970)
Mary was not amused by Alice's joke about Russ finding enjoyment in spending the morning with Rachel. Dru and Mary surmised to a doubtful Alice that Rachel is embarrassed over Sam being charged for murder and finds it difficult to discuss. Mary made breakfast for Russ to take to Rachel, who remained in bed due to feeling ill. Russ reassured Rachel that Jim and Mary are worried about her health and don't fault her for staying in bed. Dru chided Alice for being suspicious of everything Rachel does. Alice grew thoughtful as Dru stated that he likes Rachel, but finds her tendency to pour on the charm with men pathetic yet understandable because she is without a father. Rachel dissembled angst over Sam's plight for Mary's benefit. Mary acted tolerant as Rachel subtly implied that she sympathizes with Sam being in a jail cell because of her and Russ's small room, but expressed gratitude to Mary for preparing it for them. Missy opined to Mary that she may have misinterpreted Liz's motives by concluding that she vindictively told her about Russ and Rachel's marriage because she hosted Bill and Missy's wedding. Mary promised Missy that she would consider reconciling with Liz. Rachel watched Missy coo over Ricky with ambivalence. Missy confidently told Rachel that her attitude towards motherhood will change once the baby comes. Rachel fumed when Russ notified her that he is working late. Dru urged Rachel to support Russ's career and view their time together as compensation for his absences. Alice had a laugh riot with Dru over a hospital dietician's knowledge of slang. Rachel persuaded Dru into playing cards to interrupt his banter with Alice.

Notes: Office Memorandum addressed to Mary Bonner, "Please note attached Permit for Matthew Paul Lewis. It was received from Mayor's office showing date of performance as '5/23/68' as date of permission for child to work. Date requested was 4/3/68."
"Called Mayor's Office - spoke to a Miss Mulligan - who indicated she made a typographical error on child's date and said I should correct date on our record and she would check hers, to be sure it indicated 4/3/68." Lewis was six months old at the time of these episodes.

APRIL 9, 1968: Pre-empted for coverage of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral.

APRIL 10, 1968 (EP. #971)
Walter brooded while reviewing the files on Lefty's homicide investigation. Lenore apologized to Walter for rashly judging him over Sam's arrest because of personal convictions in the matter. Walter professed his love to Lenore, who expressed pride in Walter for performing his duties and maintaining his oath of office despite feeling conflicted about Sam. Walter and Lenore embraced and kissed passionately after reconciling. John and Pat felt bleak while talking about Lee's irrational, demented spells since the night that Lefty was killed. John advised Pat that he may betray Lenore and Lahoma's confidence because Lee may be suffering from a mental illness that belies her clear, intelligent mind. Lee frantically told John and Pat that Sam thinks that hysterical amnesia caused him to block memories of killing Lefty. Pat tried unsuccessfully to get Lee to discuss her peculiar episodes by implying that she is under an emotional strain. Lee wailed to Pat that she cannot stay calm since the man she loves has wrongly been accused of murder. Lee advised Pat that she doesn't plan on sharing an apartment with Lenore for long because she wants to marry Sam once he is out of jail. Walter and Lenore enjoyed the quiet, intimate atmosphere of a restaurant to soothe their nerves. Lenore was disturbed when Walter speculated that Sam's love for Lee and Lefty's unsavory intentions drove him to commit murder. John chastised Sam for deliberately undermining his defense by suggesting that he doesn't recall killing Lefty and is withholding information. Sam remained tight-lipped with John while thinking of the true circumstances of Lefty's murder.

APRIL 11, 1968 (EP. #972)
Madge shuddered while Ada stewed over Sam's theory that he and Flo both experienced amnesia after killing Danny and Lefty. Ada told Madge that Lahoma may be right to believe that Lee caused Sam to be jailed and accused of murder. John admonished Sam for distorting the truth, compromising his freedom to protect Lee, and ignoring the reality that the Grand Jury will most likely indict him for Lefty's murder. John impressed upon Sam the importance of him being completely truthful for his and Lee's sakes so that he can build a solid defense at the trial. Sam grew fearful as John foreboded that Lee is being affected mentally because of her concerns for him. Lee told Ada and Madge that Sam would not have left work and would have an iron-clad alibi if Sam hadn't feared for her safety because of Lefty. Ada softened towards Lee, who convinced her that she and Lahoma love Sam equally and that she was rude towards him in Bedfordtown because she was fighting her true feelings. Ada urged Lee to have faith that the true culprit with be found and that Sam will be cleared of murder. John gave a detailed account to Sam of Lee's spontaneous, irrational delusions. Sam begged John to take care of Lee. Lenore refused to answer Walter's inquiry on Lahoma's conversations with John and Pat to keep her confidence. Walter advised Lenore that he is losing patience over whether she will accept his marriage proposal. Lee promised Lenore that she will see a doctor. Lenore and Lee were perplexed to discover an empty, unfamiliar bottle in her paint box. Lee suddenly dropped the small bottle in revulsion and remarked that it looks vaguely familiar and frightens her.

APRIL 12, 1968 (EP. #973)
Bill disliked Liz's interest in Sam's upcoming Grand Jury hearing. Missy resisted Bill's displays of affection while Liz was present. Bill ignored Liz's acerbic comment about him working late. Liz acted wounded when Bill warned her against disparaging Sam. Missy tried to interpose when Bill lambasted Liz for being unsympathetic towards Sam and Lee's misfortune. Missy asked Bill to make allowances for Liz and assured him that they will move out once Liz has fully recovered. Liz purposefully told Missy that she has a comforting presence and kissed her on the cheek. Rachel cited her pregnancy and feeling sick to excuse herself from helping Mary with housework and accompanying her to see Liz. Mary told Rachel that Missy convinced her to quit bearing a grudge against Liz. Rachel disagreed with Mary's contention that Russ plans to complete his residency before establishing a medical practice, which bothered Mary immensely. Liz played the injured party by insinuating that Mary resents her for inadvertently revealing Russ and Rachel's marriage while forgiving them for hiding it. Mary asked to drop the subject after Liz blamed Russ for being inconsiderate. Mary told Liz that Russ is thrilled about becoming a father. Rachel tried to cure her boredom and anxiety. Ada was dismayed as Rachel carped about her pregnancy and Ada caring more about Sam than her. Rachel complained to Ada about Russ's long hours at the hospital and sharing a small room with him. Ada appreciated Russ's optimism towards John proving Sam's innocence. Rachel successfully planted the suggestion in Russ's mind that they would be more comfortable using Alice's bedroom.

APRIL 15, 1968 (EP. #974)
Sam tried to silence the voices of John, Lee, and Lahoma while sitting in his jail cell. Dru sadly agreed with John's sentiment that Sam's indictment for murder is practically guaranteed. John confessed to Dru that Sam's case is affecting him personally and that Lee is suffering from strange hallucinations. Dru was relieved to hear that Lee is consulting a doctor and hoped that Lee moving into an apartment with Lenore will benefit her greatly. Lenore told Lahoma that Lee is at a doctor's appointment. Lahoma was skeptical of Lenore's assertion that Lee likes her and would appreciate her being nearby by living in their complex. Missy urged a teary-eyed Ada to believe that Sam has superb lawyers working on his behalf and friends who believe in his innocence. Ada prepared to wash and set Liz's hair while Missy went to make some tea for them. Liz relished in telling Ada that Sam was indicted for Lefty's murder. Ada accused Liz of summoning her to the house under false pretenses and telling her about Sam's Grand Jury hearing out of spite. Liz dissembled innocence and insulted Ada, who dared Liz to get her fired from Pierre's and stormed out. Missy tried to quell Liz's fury and offered to shampoo her hair. Lee told Lenore and Lahoma that the doctor referred her to a psychiatrist due to exhibiting a nervous condition. Lahoma tried to console Lee, who sobbed uncontrollably after hearing of Sam's indictment from a radio news bulletin. Sam urged Ada to believe in John's legal expertise. Lahoma was alarmed by Lee's aversion to her paint box. Lee developed a headache and hallucinated that the bottle was increasing in size and will crush her as John rang the doorbell.

Liz: "Well, if you want to wear blinders. After all, I'm in rather a privileged position, I know more than the average newspaper reader about this case, with my son working on it...and..."
Ada: (OVER) "You want my brother to be convicted, don't you?"
Liz: "How can you think such a thing of me? If there were any way of getting him off..."
Ada: "You don't think there is, right?"
Liz: "As I said, we must face facts."
Liz: "Just a moment! Pierre sent you here to do my hair!"
Ada: "Call Pierre and get me fired if you want! Do you own hair!" (SHE SLAMS OUT OF THE HOUSE).

Sam: "Ada, what can I tell you? I didn't do it."
Ada: "You don't have to tell me that. I remember you before you remember yourself. You never hurt anybody. You always stuck up for the weak ones that the big bullies were hurting. You don't have to tell me you didn't do this thing. I know that."

APRIL 16, 1968 (EP. #975)
Lee pleaded with Lahoma to stop the bottle from growing as John rushed to Lee's side. Pat cautiously pointed out that Missy may be overcompensating for bringing Ricky downstairs so Liz could take a nap. Missy tried to convince Pat that she and Bill enjoy living with Liz. Pat scoffed at Liz when Missy mentioned that she arranged for Ada to come to the house to do her hair. Missy told Pat that Ada had a misunderstanding with Liz, which involved Sam's indictment. Pat reminded Missy that Liz can be vindictive and opined that Missy is naive to the cruelty of others because she is anxious to be part of a family. Missy was stunned by Pat's urgent advice to move out of Liz's house. Lee babbled nonsensically about Lefty watching her drink coffee and the bottle growing legs and inching towards her. John tried to restrain Lee as he and Lahoma spoke calmly in an effort to bring her back to reality. Lee twisted away from John's grip, then cowered against a wall and begged for help. Rachel sensed that Dru and Alice would disapprove should she complain about Russ staying at work to assist with a surgery. Rachel faked solicitude over Sam's case and made excuses about not calling Ada. Dru resigned to Alice's opinion that Rachel is indifferent towards Sam. Russ decided to speak to Mary about switching rooms with Alice after Rachel claimed that she could keep everything neat and be more comfortable with more space. Lee emerged from her episode with no recollection of the incident, peculiar feelings, and a bad headache. John and Lahoma tried to trigger Lee's memories to no avail. Lee told John and Lahoma that she cannot explain being scared of the bottle in her paint box.

APRIL 17, 1968 (EP. #976)
Bill happily smooched with Missy until Liz interrupted by coming downstairs. Lee told John and Lahoma that she only has a faint memory that seems to be dreamlike and obscure. John urged Lee to see a psychiatrist to verify whether she has a mental illness or sustained a head injury from the accident she had in Bedfordtown. Lee consented to John's request that she make a doctor's appointment immediately under the condition that she can visit Sam and speak to him about the bizarre spells she has experienced. Bill and Missy cited Sam's character, work ethic, and reputation to counter Liz's indelicate arguments that his case is hopeless. Missy diplomatically defended Liz, who insisted to Bill that Ada misconstrued her words after she tactfully told her about Sam's indictment. Bill was exasperated when Liz vowed to file a complaint with Pierre against Ada. Madge tried to convince Ada that she won't lose her job because of her confrontation with Liz. Ernie was consumed with self-loathing while grousing to Ada and Madge that he put Sam in prison by disproving his alibi for the time period that Lefty was killed. Ada and Madge sympathetically reminded Ernie that Sam implicated himself by telling lies to the authorities. Ernie shared Ada and Madge's opinion that Sam's defense that he blocked memories of killing Lefty won't benefit him. Sam told John that he is unaware of Lee getting a head injury and didn't recognize the empty bottle in Lee's paint box. John was disappointed that Sam didn't provide insight into Lee mentioning Lefty during her episodes. Sam realized that Lee's bouts may cause her to remember Lefty's murder and begged her to leave town.

APRIL 18, 1968 (EP. #977)
Liz worried about her bibelots and art pieces while Bill and Missy watched Ricky crawl. Liz thought of Ricky being Danny's son while holding him so Bill could take a phone call from Dru and Missy could fetch Ricky a bottle. Bill reminded Liz that Missy waits on her, cooks, and does the housework when Liz contended that Ricky is running Missy ragged. Liz hypothesized to Bill that Missy is compensating by catering to Ricky because of the guilt she felt over not loving Danny and never wanting to bear his child. Bill was affected despite himself as Liz asserted that Ricky needs discipline so that he does not become spoiled. Lenore was stricken when Walter stated that Sam's lies convinced him that he killed Lefty. Walter confessed that it meant a great deal that Lenore sought after him to reconcile after they argued about Sam's arrest. Lenore became flummoxed when Walter mused that he wants them to marry and questioned whether he is a distant second in Lenore's heart to Bill. Walter offended Lenore by suggesting that he feign disinterest in her, pointed out that he professed his love, and stated that he does not play games. Lahoma was contrite for judging Walter harshly once Lenore emphasized that he acted appropriately in arresting Sam. Lenore was relieved to learn from Lahoma that John witnessed Lee having a nervous attack. Walter was fascinated as Lenore and Lahoma described Lee's delusions and hallucinations. Lahoma realized Lenore is uncertain of Walter because she harbors lingering feelings for Bill. Bill lectured Missy for exhausting herself for Ricky and Liz. Missy fell asleep while Bill held her and spoke of having a second honeymoon in St. Croix.

Missy: "Why yes, of course."
Liz: "Well, take him all the same. Take him quickly!"

APRIL 19, 1968 (EP. #978)
Russ warned Rachel that Walter and Lenore would cringe at the idea of having a double date with them because of Sam. Rachel was amenable towards Russ waiting for the right time to talk to Jim and Mary about swapping rooms with Alice. Mary and Alice exchanged inquisitive glances as Rachel helped in the kitchen and boasted that she got up early with Russ despite having morning sickness. Dru, Jim, and Mary nodded approvingly when Rachel played a devoted, adoring wife and voiced gratitude over living in the house. Rachel hinted to Mary that she and Russ feel crowded in their small bedroom. Mary was alarmed and Rachel mustered interest as Pat fretted that Sam's case will be challenging for John and that Lee is suffering from blackouts. Pat and Mary emphasized that Lee went through an emotional crisis when Rachel indelicately blamed Sam's arrest for causing Lee's woes. Lee told John that she wants to be alone with the psychiatrist. Alice told Lee that everyone believes that John will clear Sam. Lee agreed with Alice's stance that Rachel deserves a chance to prove herself. Pat was shocked by Rachel's remarks that Sam is trouble and that Lee should avoid him. Mary tried to convince Pat that Rachel was being objective towards Sam and considering Lee's interests. Pat reminisced about sharing a room with Alice, prompting Rachel to muse that they were lucky to have the larger one. Dr. Mansley hypothesized that Lee's bizarre episodes stem from a traumatic event that is forcing itself into her consciousness. Lee adamantly denied using drugs to Dr. Mansley. Dru persuaded John into having the residue in the empty bottle analyzed.

APRIL 22, 1968 (EP. #979)
Dru arranged to have the bottle chemically analyzed while John reviews a list of Lefty's associates with Sam. Sam feared that John and Dru will learn the truth about Lefty's murder or Lee will remember the events of that night. Mary was miffed by Rachel's lackadaisical offers to help with the housework. Rachel convinced Mary to clean out a cedar closet so that she could store some of her belongings. Liz enjoyed watching Rachel cringe when she emphasized that her pregnancy is showing. Mary was full of consternation when Rachel casually mentioned to Liz that everyone is worried about Lee. Sam harped on Lee seeing a psychiatrist and needing a rest by leaving town for a while, much to John's chagrin. John had Sam read the list of Lefty's associates aloud to get him to concentrate on the business at hand. Sam provoked John's ire by suggesting that he confess to Lefty's murder to spare Lee from stress. John pressed Sam on the reasons he is incriminating himself in a murder he did not commit. Mary got defensive while trying to downplay the severity of Lee's spells, prompting Liz to assert that Lee is a peculiar girl who may be having a breakdown. Liz put on airs to Mary and Rachel over protecting Lee by keeping her issues a secret. Liz patronized Mary's tendency to treat everyone kindly by ignoring Rachel's gaucheries and poor background. Lee told Lahoma about her appointment with Dr. Mansley. Lahoma sympathized with Lee as she voiced concerns that she is losing her sanity. John ranted about Sam's self-destructive impulses and lack of cooperation while telling Dru about their meeting. Dru informed John that the bottle once contained LSD.

Lee: "Lahoma, I went to see the psychiatrist today."
Lahoma: "Oh...Lee, honey, was he any help?"
Lee: "Well, in psychiatry it takes time, you know."
Lahoma: "That's what I hear tell. I hear tell that sometimes they act as if you didn't have only one life to live."

Notes: Headwriter Agnes Nixon's soap opera, One Life to Live would debut three months later.

APRIL 23, 1968 (EP. #980)
John speculated to Dru that Lee's attacks may have been caused by taking LSD. Dru chastised John for reading implications that are unjustified since the analysis could not connect Lee to the bottle's contents. Rachel grew insolent when Mary criticized her for telling Liz about Lee's psychotic fits. Mary was irked and baffled by Rachel's insensitivity towards Lee's mental issues and her love for Sam. Ada urged Lee to convince Sam to care about proving his innocence. Lee fretted to Ada that her efforts to reason with Sam have failed and that he wants her to leave town. Lee told Ada that she is afflicted with a strange kind of sickness that she cannot describe. Russ insisted to Rachel that Mary was protecting Lee because Liz is a troublemaker, but was discomfited that Rachel assumed that Mary is angry with her. Rachel asked Russ to talk to Mary about switching rooms with Alice by arguing that it would be a practical yet short-term solution and assuage her discomfort. Mary assured Russ that she doesn't bear a grudge against Rachel, despite considering it improper to openly talk about Lee's personal problems. Russ decided to speak to Alice after listing the ways in which Rachel would benefit by moving into the larger bedroom to Mary. John reminded Dru that Lee was surrounded by drug users while living in Bedfordtown. Dru theorized that the bottle may represent a traumatic event within Lee's subconscious that she cannot acknowledge and suggested that John discuss LSD with her. Lee told Ada that Dr. Mansley and Lahoma likened her symptoms to a person who has abused drugs. John politely asked Ada to leave so that he could speak privately to Lee.

APRIL 24, 1968 (EP. #981)
Lee expressed fears to John that she is going insane. John fumed when Liz arrived to offer her sympathy and help to Lee. Mary complained to Jim that Rachel blabbed about Lee's spells to Liz. Jim reasoned that Rachel was indiscreet because Liz is a member of the family, but Mary maintained that Rachel should have realized that Liz was asking probing questions. Mary told Jim that Rachel whined about Russ's room and conveyed that Alice's room is empty during the day and has a private bathroom. Jim warned Mary that she cannot avoid Russ's inquiry into switching rooms with Alice. Lee was mortified as Liz urged her to seek therapy and stated that everyone knows about her mental issues. John scoffed at Liz for claiming that she is being charitable to Lee. Liz accused John of attacking her integrity and making himself an accessory to murder by defending Sam. Lee was appalled when Liz asserted that she is foolishly infatuated with a lowlife like Sam, prompting John to angrily order Liz to leave. Rachel browbeat Russ into prioritizing switching rooms by wailing that she is confined to a small space and sick all the time. Jim resigned to Mary's opinion that Russ and Rachel could accept the living arrangements since they will eventually get their own place. Mary wasn't mollified when Jim suggested that she ease her temper before talking to Alice. Jim was flattered when Rachel commended him for never raising his voice and clearly being the head of the household. Sam asked Ada to persuade Lee into leaving town so that she can move forward with her life without him. Lee was floored once John revealed that the residue in the bottle was positively identified as LSD.

APRIL 25, 1968 (EP. #982)
Lee pleaded with John to believe that she didn't place the bottle in her paint box and cannot explain the reasons she finds it repulsive. Rachel evinced hurt to Jim and Russ over Mary lecturing her for mentioning Lee's bizarre fits to Liz. Jim and Russ placated Rachel's woes by reminding her that she is part of the family, who exercise the right to speak freely and suffer the consequences. Rachel signaled Russ with whispered instructions to discuss the living arrangements with Jim as she headed into the kitchen to help Mary prepare dinner. Jim suggested that Russ talk to Alice about switching bedrooms. Lahoma informed John that she was present when Lee first discovered the bottle and that she is unaware of anyone messing with it. Lee told John and Lahoma that she dumped Lefty once he offered marijuana to her. Lahoma recounted taunting Lefty over Lee's plans to leave Bedfordtown and return to college, prompting Lee to recall that Lefty acted cordial towards her afterwards. Jim stepped into the breach by bantering with Alice to stop Russ from broaching the subject of swapping bedrooms. Alice carped to Jim about Russ getting fellow interns to cover for him at the hospital to appease Rachel. Jim dissembled when Alice groused about Rachel's dissatisfaction with Russ's room. Lahoma told John that she warned Sam that Lefty was livid over Lee's impending departure, which caused Sam to search for Lefty. Lee trembled while telling John and Lahoma that she felt dizzy and peculiar after having a cup of coffee with Lefty and began to hear music. John consoled Lee, who screamed upon deducing that Lefty had surreptitiously put LSD in her coffee.

Production Notes: The segment of Act II, which took place in the backroom of the Trip, was pre-taped on April 19, 1968. This was a retake of the Lahoma/Lefty scene from January 16, 1968 (EP. #913).

Note: Appearance by Lawrence Keith as Lefty Burns.

APRIL 26, 1968 (EP. #983)
Sam advised Dru that he cannot provide any new information to him or John. Dru told Sam that it is time for him to confess the truth. Liz complained to Bill that Ricky has learned to get attention and that Missy took him to a pediatrician because his gums were swollen. Liz spun a tale of martyrdom to an incredulous Bill in which an ungrateful John dismissed her thoughtful and kind gestures to Lee over her psychotic fits. Bill was unsympathetic once Liz insinuated that John is ashamed of Lee's deranged behavior, is enabling her involvement with an ex-convict, and that Lee should be admitted to a mental institution. Liz was insulted when Bill planned to talk to John about Lee's troubles. Bill retreated upstairs rather than listen to Liz's rant about John brainwashing him and treating her cruelly. Lee realized she had experienced a drug trip and resisted John's efforts to jog her memory further. Lahoma urged Lee to remember the night of Lefty's murder because it might help clear Sam of criminal charges. John and Lee were startled as the impact of Sam being in Lefty's apartment registered for both of them. Dru swiftly poked holes in Sam's theory that he blocked out killing Lefty and pointed out the differences in his case and Flo shooting Danny. Sam tried to disguise his alarm once Dru revealed that the bottle in Lee's paint box contained LSD. John pressed Lee to describe the images flowing into her mind and allow him to verify the facts at another time. Lee recalled Lefty's promise to take her to John, her actions while under the influence of LSD, and Lefty slapping her. John was terribly conflicted over protecting Lee and unearthing the truth for Sam's defense case.

Production Notes: Flashbacks of Acts III and IV from Episode #918. They were used during Lee's recount of events in this episode. Instructions stated, "Since both sequences are from AW #918 I would suggest you have a dub made of one (or both) sequences and play back on one (or two) machines if 1:50 [in duration] will not give you sufficient roll cue time."

APRIL 29, 1968 (EP. #984)
Bill admonished Liz for interfering in Lee's problems by visiting her. Liz bristled with fury over Bill insisting on speaking to Pat about the incident and people's dreadful treatment towards her. Pat gave Bill a detailed account of Lee's hallucinations, delusions, and incomprehensible babbling. Bill agreed with Pat's laments that John and Lee are frustrated by Sam's poor chances of getting acquitted. Pat begrudgingly confessed to Bill that Lee is deathly afraid of a bottle discovered in her paint box that has residue of LSD. John was horrified as Lee suddenly became sweet and pleasant during a strange interlude in which she had no knowledge of Lefty or the night of his murder. John forced himself to reenact the initial stages of Lefty attacking Lee in hopes of triggering her memories. John comforted a despondent Lee, who vividly recalled Lefty boasting that she enjoyed being beaten by a real man. Walter informed Lenore that the evidence clearly points to Sam as Lefty's murderer, despite his personal qualms against prosecuting him. Lenore told Walter that she intends to offer moral support to Lee and hopes that her nightmarish episodes don't get worse. Walter told Lenore that he yearns to be a happy candidate when he runs for political office and will not tolerate her stall tactics towards answering his marriage proposal. Dru was noncommittal as Liz expressed her grievances towards John, Bill, and Missy. Liz got offended when Dru remonstrated her for visiting Lee and defended John for demanding that she leave immediately. Lee acted out throwing a drink in Lefty's face and killing him with a poker in self-defense, then rushed into John's arms and sobbed uncontrollably.

Dru: "...but I really meant that I was delighted by your greeting, Liz. You proved to me that you are your old self again, greeting visitors with the chilly superiority that they have come to treasure over the years."
Liz: "You refuse to take me seriously, don't you, Dru?"
Dru: "I do find that that makes it possible for you and me to be friends, Liz."

APRIL 30, 1968 (EP. #985)
Mary appreciated Alice for lifting her spirits with humor. Ada told Mary that she has been crying and taking walks in an unsuccessful attempt to alleviate her woes over Sam. Mary and Alice were incredulous yet sympathetic as Ada deplored Sam for wanting to confess to Lefty's murder rather than cooperate with John and Dru in proving his innocence. Ada was moved to tears when Alice hugged her before going upstairs to tell Rachel that Ada came to see her. Mary consoled Ada, who fretted that Sam was making great strides in improving his life and doesn't care about his fate. Rachel distracted Russ from studying by coquettishly requesting kisses and fishing for compliments on her appearance. Russ told an impatient Rachel that Mary is waiting for the right time to discuss switching bedrooms with Alice. Rachel tried hiding her disdain from Alice over Ada's visit. Sam told a guilt-ridden Ernie that he incriminated himself by lying to the authorities. Ernie reminisced about Sam bravely leveling with him about his record while seeking employment. Ernie begged Sam to care about defending himself against murder charges. Sam insisted to Ernie that he is willing to rot in prison to ensure that Lee is protected from harm. Ada told Mary, Russ, and Alice that she is grateful that Sam has friends who will be character witnesses at his trial. Rachel castigated Ada for crying over Sam, mistaking good manners for genuine concern about him, and lousing things between her and her in-laws. Ada restrained herself from slapping Rachel for believing in Sam's guilt. Rachel fibbed to Mary, Russ, and Alice that Ada left to spend time with a coworker after they had a good talk.

MAY 1, 1968 (EP. #986)
John urged Lee to compose herself. Lee was consumed with horror and shame while wailing to John that she killed Lefty. Walter emphasized to Lenore that he has given her ample time to consider his marriage proposal. Lenore smiled while protesting that Walter pressured her into getting married in June, is choosing her engagement ring, and thinks she is an old-fashioned girl in the ways of romance. Walter assured Lenore that she will learn to love him and agreed that Sam being accused of murder has put a terrible strain on Lee. Lenore asked Walter to take her home since she didn't want Lee to be alone in the apartment. Madge sensed correctly that Rachel had hurt Ada while she was at the Matthews' house. Ada berated herself for embarrassing Rachel by venting her troubles to her in-laws. Madge called Rachel an ungrateful snip for making Ada miserable. Sam was bewildered when Lahoma identified herself as his sister to get permission to see him. Lahoma told Sam that she doesn't want to talk about Lee and commented on being a girl who foolishly allows herself to show vulnerability and wears her heart on her sleeve. Sam resigned to Lahoma's view that he would be away from Bay City had they fled town as she initially planned. Lahoma was touched once Sam stated that he values their friendship despite the occasional argument and considers her a beautiful woman. Lahoma grew teary-eyed after kissing Sam and swiftly left the jail. John embraced Lee as she recounted the events that led to Lefty's murder. Walter apologized to Lee for having the unenviable task of prosecuting Sam. John told Walter that they have something vital to discuss.


MAY 2, 1968 (EP. #987)
Lee buried her face in her hands and John paced unhappily as Walter and Lenore stared at them wonderingly. John asked Lenore to give moral support to Lee and told Walter that he has new evidence concerning Lefty's case. Russ reminded Rachel that he needs to study a medical journal. Rachel stifled her annoyance when Russ stated that he must gauge the proper time to discuss swapping bedrooms with Alice. Rachel resolved to handle matters herself after reading her daily horoscope in the newspaper. John supplemented Lee's testimony on sharing coffee with Lefty and her feelings under the influence of the LSD that he had slipped in her drink. Walter advised John that Lee must speak for herself once she revealed that Lefty had attacked her. John was apprehensive when Walter pointed out that Lee has yet to explain Sam's presence in Lefty's apartment. Dru joked to Mary, Alice, and Rachel that Liz was in high dudgeon over John, Bill, and Missy. Mary told Dru that she expected that Liz would visit Lee after learning about her bizarre episodes. Alice was floored when Rachel claimed that Russ wants to switch bedrooms to resolve their uncomfortable living situation. Lee told Walter that Sam arrived at Lefty's apartment, noticed him lying on the floor, and went into the living room for some time before taking her home. Lee concluded that Sam has known the truth about Lefty all along and had allowed himself to be incriminated to protect her. Sam dreamed that John and Lee had Lefty give a deposition to Walter in which he implicated Lee for his murder. Sam woke up screaming for Walter to disregard Lefty's statements as lies and insisted that he killed Lefty.

Notes: Appearance by Lawrence Keith as Lefty Burns.

MAY 3, 1968 (EP. #988)
Ada was too distraught over Sam to eat anything. Lahoma told Ada that Walter lackadaisically hoped that Sam's innocence could be proven despite the strong evidence against him. Ada shared Lahoma's doubts that they can endure Sam's upcoming trial. Liz groused to Missy about Lee's involvement with a sordid crowd and vulgar people like Sam, Ada, and Rachel getting into the family by marriage. Missy told Liz that she and Bill listed the Matthews family as Ricky's relatives while providing medical history to the pediatrician. Missy felt wounded as Liz imperiously opined that Ricky must be raised with proper care and discipline to dispel any influence from his unfortunate blood line. Lahoma told Ada that she regrets telling Sam that Lefty planned to stop Lee from leaving Bedfordtown because it pushed him to search for Lefty. Ada was touched by Lahoma's selfless love for Sam and tried to discourage her from skipping town. Bill tried to placate an indignant Liz by asserting that John and Pat appreciated her concern for Lee. Bill admitted defeat after Liz described Lee as mentally unbalanced and suppressing memories that are causing her psychosis. Bill decided to tend to Ricky after advising Missy not to allow herself to become worn out. Liz purposely told Missy that Bill is kept away by outside interests and that fathers dislike mothers paying excessive attention to their children. Lahoma fantasized about happily living on a southern farm with Sam as a married couple until Ada arrived to convince Sam to return to Lee and Bay City. Lahoma began packing her belongings into a suitcase once she was confronted with the reality that she must live without Sam's love.

MAY 6, 1968 (EP. #989)
Lee was consumed with grief and remorse while telling John, Walter, and Lenore that Sam knew the true circumstances behind Lefty's murder and had implicated himself to protect her. Mary told Jim that she and Alice thought it strange that Ada left shortly after speaking to Rachel because she supposedly had a previous engagement with a friend. Jim resigned to Mary's opinion that Russ's suggestion that he switch bedrooms with Alice was for Rachel's benefit. Jim and Mary were dismayed once an angry Alice explained that Rachel is coveting her room. Lee told Walter and John that Sam wanted her to take a vacation and had been tender and gentle while asking her probing questions to gauge whether she had recovered any memories of the night Lefty died. John and Walter relented when Lee demanded that they immediately go over the events that led to the murder. Rachel didn't share Russ's joy over her gaining weight because they are expecting their first child. Russ urged Rachel to conquer her fear of doctors since she must get regular checkups with Dr. MacCurdy. Rachel got nervous when Russ vowed to speak to Alice about their living situation should Mary continue to procrastinate on the issue. Jim and Mary defended Russ and Rachel's reasons for needing the larger bedroom to Alice, who grumbled that Rachel gets Russ to do her biding. Alice begrudgingly conceded to Jim and Mary that she resents Rachel. Lee told John and Walter that she thought of her childhood while living in Bedfordtown and painted a portrait of her mother based on her own memories. Lee reiterated to John and Walter that she killed Lefty and ordered them to free Sam.

MAY 7, 1968 (EP. #990)
Pat was puzzled when John requested that she help Lee into bed and refrain from asking her any questions. Ernie grumbled to Ada that he is restless and sleep-deprived because he broke his lifelong vow to lie on behalf of a friend, but Ada maintained that the authorities tricked him into making incriminating remarks about Sam. Ada praised Ernie for giving her moral support and friendship and reflected on Rachel's father being unreliable and untrustworthy. Ernie and Ada agreed that Sam compromised his freedom by leaving work to search for Lefty and Lee, but admitted that Sam's protective and loyal nature are endearing qualities in him. John informed Dru and Pat that he consulted with Walter after discovering new evidence in Lefty's murder. Dru and Pat were horrified as John gave a detailed account of Lefty slipping LSD in Lee's coffee, bringing her to his apartment, and becoming violent when Lee rejected his sexual advances. Dru advised John that Lee's testimony may be considered unreliable since her memory was distorted by the LSD. John informed Dru that they will verify Lee's recollections once they have a meeting with Walter and Sam. Madge urged Ada to work so that she could keep her mind occupied on other things besides Sam's incarceration. Madge told Ada that Max and Flo want her and Charlie to run the Alley while they take a vacation. Ada pleaded for Madge not to return to Chicago because she and Ernie are the only people she can rely on for comfort. Sam stubbornly refused to address the discrepancies in his statements that John and Dru raised while in Walter's presence. John summoned Lee to the conference room to surprise Sam.

MAY 8, 1968 (EP. #991)
Sam told Walter, John, and Dru that Lee's remarks cannot be trusted. Lee told Sam that she has regained her memories of Lefty's murder. Jim and Mary opined to Alice that the easiest explanation for Sam's behavior is that he killed Lefty, despite everyone believing in his innocence. Alice groused to Jim and Mary that she will appear selfish should she refuse to swap bedrooms with Russ and Rachel. Mary was disturbed by Alice's hypothesis that Russ is unaware that Rachel had discussed switching rooms with her. Rachel tried to discourage Russ from accompanying her to see Dr. MacCurdy and made excuses to get out of having breakfast because of her last talk with Alice. Russ insisted that Rachel needed to eat and get some exercise and brought her to the kitchen. John, Walter, and Dru noted Sam's efforts to interrupt Lee while he claimed that she doesn't know anything about the night of Lefty's death. Sam lambasted John, Walter, and Dru for engaging Lee in dishonorable means as his attorneys. Sam told Walter that he wishes to confess to Lefty's murder. Rachel sobbed while fibbing to Mary and Russ that Alice mistakenly concluded that she wanted her bedroom after casually mentioning the living arrangements. Russ consoled Rachel while Mary watched with incredulity. Sam insisted to John, Dru, and Walter that he killed Lefty during a violent confrontation over Lee. John silenced Sam by having Lee establish that she can easily disprove his story. Sam was floored once Lee revealed that Lefty was dead when he came to the apartment, she witnessed him wiping everything clean with a handkerchief, and that Lefty had slipped LSD into her coffee.

MAY 9, 1968 (EP. #992)
Lahoma informed Ace Studio that she cannot attend a modeling session because she is leaving town immediately. Pat told Jim that Lee confessed to killing Lefty in self-defense while under the influence of LSD. Jim opined to Pat that Lee's altered mental state undermines the credibility of her statements. Jim reminded Pat that Rachel has had to make major adjustments due to recently getting married and living in a large house with a family. Pat was displeased when Jim explained that Russ and Rachel want to trade bedrooms with Alice. Jim urged Pat to sympathize with Rachel because she is nervous about her appointment with Dr. MacCurdy. Dr. MacCurdy gave Rachel a clean bill of health. Rachel became stricken once Dr. MacCurdy cautioned her against being frightened of childbirth. Russ lovingly tried to ease Rachel's woes about the ways her pregnancy is affecting her body and appearance. Rachel was ecstatic when Russ gave her permission to open a charge account at Bryant's. Russ apologized to Alice for not discussing the room situation with her directly. Alice promised to consider it further once Russ explained that Rachel wishes to make things more comfortable for him and that taking the larger bedroom would be on a temporary basis. Rachel ignored Lahoma's protests that she cannot afford to miss work to go shopping with her. Lahoma told Rachel that she is moving away because she cannot bear to see Sam stand trial for murder. Lahoma laid into Rachel for being ungrateful towards having Ada and Russ in her life and being incapable of love. Rachel viciously taunted Lahoma for foolishly falling in love with a man who does not reciprocate her feelings.

MAY 10, 1968 (EP. #993)
Sam fretted to John, Walter, and Dru that he failed to protect Lee. Sam told Walter that he can be honest now that Lee remembers everything from the night Lefty was killed. Missy covered for Lee when Liz inquired into the reasons Bill went to work earlier than usual. Pat was too worried about Lee to pity Liz, who harangued John for demanding that she leave Lenore and Lee's apartment. John and Lee were moved as Sam admitted to Walter that his efforts to sacrifice himself for Lee were futile. Sam described Lefty to Walter, John, and Dru as cold, ruthless, and unwilling to accept defeat while recalling that Lahoma warned him that Lefty intended to stop Lee from departing Bedfordtown. John reassured Sam that he is legally representing Lee and that Walter knows the facts of Lefty's homicide case. Walter guided Sam as he recounted his actions on the night in question. Sam proclaimed Lee's innocence to Walter, John, and Dru and bemoaned that Lee had regained her memories. Pat relayed Lee's admission to a horrified Missy and Liz. Missy tried to interpose when Pat defended Lee against Liz's tirade that she committed murder, disgraced the family, and is unworthy of sympathy. Pat lambasted Liz for condemning Lee and implored Missy to take Bill and Ricky and move out of Liz's house to escape her harmful influence. Liz urged Missy to forget about the dreadful things happening around them. Lenore updated Lahoma on Sam to prevent her from hastily skipping town. Lahoma marveled to Lenore about Sam's willingness to falsely confess to murder for Lee's sake. Walter informed Sam that he will be released from jail and that Lee will not be prosecuted.

Pat: "Aunt Liz, some day you will look into a mirror and see yourself as you are!"
Liz: "As I am. I am a respectable, decent woman."
Pat: "No. No. That is not what you will see at all." (SHE TURNS TO MISSY) "Missy, I've hinted to you, but now I'll say it in front of her. Get out of this house as soon as you can!"
Missy: "Now, Pat, Mrs. Matthews doesn't mean -"
Pat: (OVER:) "Get out of this house just as soon as you possibly can, you and Bill and your lovely little child. Don't let yourself be subject to the influence of this woman!"
Liz: "Pat Randolph, how dare you talk that way to me in my own house!"
Pat: "How dare you talk about other people in anybody's house, your own or anyone else's? You tell me that John put you out of Lee's place yesterday. I'm glad, do you hear? You won't have to put me out of this house because I'm leaving right now." (SHE TURNS TO MISSY:) "And I'd advise you and Bill and Ricky to do the same, Missy, as soon as you can."

MAY 13, 1968 (EP. #994)
Rachel griped to Madge about Ada being unable to fix her hair, prompting Madge to retort that she would enjoy getting her hands on it. Madge harangued Rachel for failing to provide Ada with warmth and understanding because of Sam's legal issues, but Rachel countered that Ada was wrong to impose her problems on the Matthews family and is neglecting her needs. Rachel was furious when Madge threatened to expose her mistreatment of Ada unless she apologize to her. Pat told Mary that Lee is struggling to deal with killing Lefty and Sam sacrificing his life for her. Mary reassured Pat that everyone will offer love and compassion to help Lee get through her ordeals. Pat told Mary that Liz cruelly asserted that Lee disgraced the family by going to Bedfordtown, associating with Lefty, and murdering a man. Mary praised Pat for valiantly defending Lee against Liz. Missy tried to downplay the severity of Pat's words while soothing Liz's nerves. Bill told Liz and Missy that Sam confirmed Lee's testimony and will be freed from jail soon. Liz didn't gain sympathy from Bill after recounting her confrontation with Pat and badmouthing Lee. Bill ignored Liz's protests over informing Ada that Sam has been cleared. Missy reminded Liz that she must remain calm or risk having another heart attack. Mary admitted to Pat that she is peeved over Rachel trying to oust Alice from her bedroom. Mary commented to Pat on Ada raising Rachel by herself, but admitted that she made a mistake by spoiling her. Ada was touched by Rachel's impromptu visit and apologized for troubling her in-laws about Sam. Rachel whined to Ada that she is practically a prisoner in the Matthews' house.

MAY 14, 1968 (EP. #995)
Dru and Walter reminded Sam that some legal matters need to be handled to settle Lefty's homicide case. Sam persuaded an exhausted Lee to go home with John and get some rest. Ada chided Rachel for not informing Mary that she was staying for lunch during their visit. Rachel told Ada that she gets stir crazy living with the Matthews, that Russ works most nights, and that she yearns to have evenings at the Top of the Tower with affluent people like Walter and Lenore. Ada lectured Rachel on her pregnancy being a symbol of the love she should feel for Russ. Rachel opined to Ada that Lahoma is a fool for loving Sam and wanting to leave town because she cannot bear to see him stand trial for murder. Ada trembled and Rachel was flabbergasted while Lahoma revealed that Sam has been cleared of murder since Lee confessed. Lahoma ridiculed Rachel for arrogantly believing in Sam's culpability and scoffing at everyone's love and faith for him. Rachel insolently defended herself against Lahoma, who accused Rachel of trying to justify her acerbic remarks about Sam and Lee. Bill told Ada, Lahoma, and Rachel that Walter will conclude that Lee unintentionally killed Lefty in self-defense. Lahoma seethed as Rachel put on airs about being concerned for Lee and overjoyed that Sam has earned his freedom. John and Pat watched over Lee while she slept. Walter informed Dru and Bill that he obtained the necessary orders for Sam's release. Dru fretted to Walter and Bill that Lee must reconcile with the fact that she took a human life. Sam came to see Lee after being sprung from jail. Lee gushed with love for Sam and sobbed while they embraced.

Sam: "I love you."
Lee: "You don't have to tell me that. You proved it. You stayed there in a jail cell for me, and you would have gone to jail for life just for me..."
Sam: "Oh, I would have got off."
Lee: "No, you wouldn't have. And you knew it. Sam, you never have to say that you love me unless you want to. But I have to say that I love you every minute. I want to give you...everything. My arms are yours and my lips are yours and my whole being is yours...I wish I could become you, and lose my identity and be nothing but Sam, forever..."
Sam: (HE TAKES HER IN HIS ARMS, THEN) "Forever...Well, it's going to be forever. Remember that poem, 'Grow old along with me...'"
Lee: "'The best is yet to be...'" (SHE GOES INTO HIS ARMS AGAIN, CRYING) "Oh, Sam! Sam!"
Sam: "Lee! Lee!"

MAY 15, 1968 (EP. #996)
Ernie fought back tears while solemnly hanging up a "Help Wanted" sign and looking at Sam's work overalls hanging from a peg against the wall. Ada pleaded with Lahoma and Rachel to stay and celebrate Sam regaining his freedom. Lahoma accused Rachel of wanting to spread the word to everyone that she always believed in Sam's innocence, but Rachel insisted that she was displaying good manners to Bill. Ada tried to defend Rachel's attitude towards Sam while she taunted Lahoma for being jealous that she is married, is a member of the Matthews family, and has friends like Walter and Lenore. Ada accepted Lahoma's apologies for exchanging barbs with Rachel. Ada tried to convince a skeptical Lahoma that Rachel will improve once the baby arrives and she and Russ get their own place. Lahoma groaned to Ada that she is a sucker who is in love with Sam and envies Rachel for proactively seeking the things she wants in life. Sam lovingly teased Ada and Lahoma for fussing over him upon his arrival to the apartment. Sam and Lahoma performed a parody of her getting permission to visit Sam in jail by pretending to be his sister for Ada's amusement. Sam declined Ada's dinner invitation since he was anxious to be with Lee. Lahoma lamented to Ada that she has nothing to keep her in Bay City. Pat tried to placate a guilt-ridden Lee by emphasizing that she was unwittingly placed under the influence of LSD and is not responsible for killing Lefty. Rachel offered sympathy to Lee and insisted that she disagreed with Liz's conclusion that she was mentally deranged to remain in Lee's good graces. Ernie was overjoyed when Sam asked to be rehired at the garage.

MAY 16, 1968 (EP. #997)
Alice marveled to Jim and Mary over Sam's willingness to go to jail for a murder that Lee committed. Jim and Mary told Alice that Lee will not be prosecuted and that Sam will help her deal with killing Lefty. Russ grew worried upon learning from Mary that Rachel has been out all day. Walter was deeply affected when Lenore fixed a drink for him and toasted to him faithfully performing his job duties. Walter told Lenore that Lee's hearing with a judge will likely be a mere formality. Lenore was intrigued that Walter made special plans for them at an expensive restaurant. Russ discovered that Rachel had left Ada's apartment several hours ago. Jim, Mary, and Alice tried to placate Russ's fears that Rachel may have suffered from a recurrence of endocarditis due to her medical history and pregnancy. A saleswoman could scarcely conceal her elation when Rachel purchased several maternity dresses. Lenore admitted to Walter that she remains disturbed by Lee's hallucinations. Walter tried to quell Lenore's concerns by asserting that Lee's emotional strain has been eased since she recalled the events leading up to Lefty's death and Sam has been released from jail. Lenore was speechless as Walter slipped a solitaire engagement ring on her finger. Walter expressed certainty to Lenore that she will come to love him. Alice confided to Jim that she feels awful because Russ is trying to diplomatically change the living arrangements. Rachel was surprised by Russ's excited, relieved greeting once she arrived home. Alice politely accepted a purse that Rachel gifted her as a peace offering. Jim expressed pride in Alice for agreeing to switch bedrooms with Russ and Rachel.

MAY 17, 1968 (EP. #998)
Liz chastised Bill and Missy for being cordial to Pat after she mistreated her. Bill and Missy were thrilled to have an evening to themselves once Fred took Liz out on a date. Lee blamed herself for causing Pat to neglect her household duties. Pat retreated to the kitchen in hopes that Dru could raise Lee's spirits. Dru opined to Lee that she had not committed a sin by killing Lefty because she did not reflect sufficiently on the act or have full consent of her own will. Lee pleaded with Dru to tell her more about the long-term effects of taking LSD. Fred admonished Liz for thinking of herself and finding injuries that do not exist after Liz complained that Lee's actions will bring notoriety to the family. Fred complimented Liz's appearance since she was discharged from the hospital. Fred was dubious towards Liz's conviction that Bill and Missy are ecstatic living with her and will not move back into their apartment. Lee grew agitated while telling Dru that she is haunted by the bizarre spells she had despite only taking LSD once. Dru emphasized to Lee that she should put the trauma she suffered in the past and focus on the positive developments in her life. Lee took Dru's advice to recite "Rabbi Ben Ezra" to help her get to sleep. Dru reassured Pat that Lee will recover with love and support. Dru was pleased that Pat laid into Liz for her self-centered attitude. Missy grew frightened over Bill's plans to discuss moving out with Liz. Liz snuck out of the house after overhearing Bill and Missy yearn for privacy and a more relaxed atmosphere for Ricky. Bill and Missy were distressed when Liz rang the doorbell and inched towards a chair while faking chest pains and labored breathing.

MAY 20, 1968 (EP. #999)
John tried to convince Lee that she didn't take LSD of her own volition. Sam and Lee were oblivious to their surroundings as they embraced in silence. Sam told John, Pat, and Lee that Ada cried upon seeing him and that Ernie was overjoyed when he came into the garage while holding the "Help Wanted" sign. Lee struggled to join in John, Pat, and Sam's celebratory mood as they gave a toast to Sam's freedom and the future. Sam happily told Lee that Ernie and Ada have taken a shine to her. Lenore grew flirtatious with Walter while enjoying his attentions and gallantry immensely. Walter lovingly told Lenore that he envisions her as a wife and mother to their children, which caused Lenore to feel flustered yet moved by his sentiments. Lahoma was nonplussed when Walter welcomed the opportunity for the two of them to clear the air. Walter and Lahoma settled their difference over Sam's prosecution. Walter expressed admiration to Lahoma for being blunt and bravely professing her love for Sam. Lahoma congratulated Walter on his impending nuptials to Lenore and marveled at her engagement ring. Lenore hypothesized to Lahoma that Lee experienced attacks after taking LSD because she was under a tremendous strain and her subconscious was grappling with Lefty's death. Lahoma confessed to Lenore that she wouldn't want to be in love with any other man except for Sam. John went to help Pat in the kitchen to give Sam and Lee a few moments alone. Sam encouraged Lee to stop dwelling on Lefty's murder and him going to jail for her sake. Sam and Lee described their love for each other as sacred. Lee told Sam that she wants the two of them to get married.

Walter: "June, Lenore, represents a compromise on my part. Instead of 5 minutes from now, I'll marry you in June. But not one second later."
Lenore: "But a girl has so much to do before a wedding."
Walter: "I'll take care of that."
Lenore: (LAUGHS) "I have a picture of you at a sewing machine, making bridesmaids' dresses."
Walter: (HE LAUGHS) "If necessary, why not? I'll tell you what I will do, right away. Next week, say. I'll go with you and look for a bridal gown."
Lenore: (LAUGHING:) "That's bad luck! Besides, I would think that the District Attorney of Bay County would have more important things to do."
Walter: "Name one more important thing in all this world."

MAY 21, 1968 (EP. #1000)
Rachel excitedly woke up Russ because she was anxious to move into Alice's bedroom. Ada and Madge hoped that Lee's name would never be disclosed as Lefty's killer while reading a newspaper article about Sam's innocence. Madge was dubious towards Ada's claims that Rachel is happy that Sam has regained his freedom. Ada groused to Madge about Rachel's materialistic attitude and perceived entitlement over switching bedrooms with Alice. Madge opined to Ada that Rachel needs a lesson on being content with the things that she has. Dru praised Alice's intelligence for deducing that Walter may be forced into incriminating Lee should people inquire into Lefty's homicide case further. Alice complied when Rachel offered to move her belongings into Russ's room while she is at work. Russ assured Rachel that she was being hospitable as Mary fumed over Rachel's shameless joy in displacing Alice. Mary took advantage of Rachel's improved health by having her help with the dishes. Sam informed Ada and Madge that Lee is attending a hearing in which Walter will refuse to prosecute her. Madge told Ada and Sam that she is returning to Chicago so that she can run The Alley while Max and Flo take a vacation. Ada had mixed feelings when Sam agreed to live in the apartment on a temporary basis since he intends to marry Lee soon. Rachel cautiously expressed pleasure in switching bedrooms with Alice to avoid any potential barbs from Pat. Pat told Mary that Lee is worried about the hallucinations she experienced from the LSD. Rachel grew defensive when Mary and Pat were baffled by the packages of clothes that were delivered to the house.

MAY 22, 1968 (EP. #1001)
Bill informed Missy that Walter will not prosecute Lee based on the new evidence that John and Dru present to the judge. Bill urged Missy to suppress her generous impulses and avoid excessively catering to Liz. Liz sensed rightly that she and Missy are engaged in a tug-of-war involving her care. Liz expressed gratitude to Missy for bringing her breakfast. Missy grew alarmed as Liz feigned shallow breathing and chest pains, but Liz refused Missy's suggestion that she summon a doctor. Liz purposefully griped to Missy about Bill's insensitivity, then fibbed that she is scared by the thought of being alone should Bill and Missy move out. Missy felt conflicted as Liz fretted that she would be helpless without her help and soothing presence. Sam told Lenore and Lee that he respected Walter for doing his job despite the men being on opposing sides concerning Lefty's murder. Lenore confessed to Sam and Lee that she and Walter nearly split because of their different opinions on Sam's guilt. Sam and Lee embarrassed Lenore by effusively praising Walter's fairness and compassion. Lenore was relieved when Lee excitedly approved of her engagement to Walter. Liz made acerbic remarks over Bill having a minimum presence at home and taxing himself with work. Bill and Missy clashed over taking care of Liz. Missy was chagrined that Bill planned to discuss moving out of the house with Liz and hiring a nurse for her. Lenore was thrilled by Sam and Lee's tentative wedding plans. Lahoma modestly accepted Lee's compliments for being a kind person and loyal friend. Lee was stricken by Lahoma's uncertainty over whether she will have more trips from the LSD.

MAY 23, 1968 (EP. #1002)
Rachel vainly placed each maternity dress against her figure. Ada was discomfited over Rachel boasting that she and Russ moved into Alice's bedroom. Alice warned Russ against crediting her for swapping rooms since she would have never considered it without Rachel's persistence, but grew conciliatory by telling Russ that she hopes they will be happy with the arrangement. Rachel told Ada that Alice insisted on giving her bedroom to her and Russ. Ada lectured Rachel for being inconsiderate to Russ, but Rachel maintained that she should have nice things and that Russ pays little rent to Jim and Mary. Rachel chided Ada for nagging her about the maternity dresses and fooling herself into believing that Lee would marry Sam. Ada defended Sam against Rachel's claims that the Randolphs like Sam because he was helpful while Lee was in Bedfordtown, but would not consent to him marrying Lee. Rachel was offended when Ada unfavorably compared her to Sam and asserted that Lahoma is better suited for him because they are from the same station in life. Lahoma was evasive towards Lee's inquiry on the fate of the girl she witnessed suffering from a bad trip. Lee was horrified once Lahoma conceded that the girl spent time in a hospital after taking multiple doses of LSD. Alice excitedly agreed to be one of Lenore's bridesmaids. Lenore told Alice that Sam will help Lee reconcile with her recent ordeals. Sam told Lee that he worked out an academic plan to remedy his absences from college and that John is hiring him as a part-time law clerk. Lee became slightly unhappy and pensive as Sam resolved to ask John's permission for her hand in marriage.

MAY 24, 1968 (EP. #1003)
Liz remonstrated Missy for parroting Bill's advice to contact a doctor and dismissed her sickness as mild anxiety. Liz persuaded Missy into calling her "Mother." Missy cherished feeling needed by Liz while being mindful of Bill's desire for them to move back into their apartment. Mary tried to dissemble when Liz bragged about building a close relationship with Missy and was dubious towards Mary's claim that everyone agreed that Russ and Rachel should take Alice's bedroom. Liz accused Mary of politely echoing Pat's opinion that Bill and Missy should get out of Liz's house immediately. Mary was perplexed as Liz raved about Ricky being her grandson and three generations of a family being bound together in love. Rachel fantasized about hosting a party in a large house with affluent people and movies stars. Madge lectured Rachel for hurting Ada by taking Alice's bedroom away from her through underhanded means. Rachel seethed with fury when Madge lambasted her for placing her own needs ahead of everyone else's and being overly materialistic. Mary was saddened by Madge's news that she is leaving Bay City to resume her former life in Chicago. Madge humbly accepted Mary's invitation to throw her a farewell party. Mary urged Rachel not to worry about any consequences of switching bedrooms with Alice. Bill emphatically told Missy that Liz is going to babysit Ricky so that they can have an evening out. Missy grew distraught as Bill broached the subject of moving out of the house, prompting Liz to clutch her heart and to mimic feeling disoriented. Bill was resolute over resuming their lives away from Liz, despite Missy's reservations over her health.

MAY 27, 1968 (EP. #1004)
Lee could only muster a faint smile when John tried to dispel her sour mood by encouraging her to help fix dinner. John suggested that Lee schedule an appointment with Dr. Mansley to discuss the hallucinations she had after unwittingly taking LSD. Rachel waltzed gaily around the bedroom while Russ's suit was draped over her shoulder until she grew disgusted by her reflection in the mirror. Dru assuaged Rachel's angst over her appearance by describing expectant mothers as having a special beauty and glow which comes from great pride. Rachel fished for Dru's approval on switching bedrooms with Alice, prompting Dru to encourage Rachel to cherish the moments she shares with Russ in it and refrain from changing the bedroom significantly out of respect for Alice. Rachel was disappointed that John and Pat had excluded her from a dinner party that Dru, Sam, and Lee were attending. Sam explained to John that he is comfortable in the kitchen because his family treated it as a multi-purpose room where everyone spoke their mind. John promised Sam that he and Pat don't care about his prison record and are fond of him. Sam was relieved and overjoyed when John readily gave his blessing to him getting married to Lee. John and Dru gave eloquent toasts to honor Sam and Lee's impending nuptials. Lee told Dru that she is awed by the drastic changes in her life. Dru urged Lee to forget about her blackouts from LSD and to research the drug to ease her troubles. Russ acquiesced to Rachel's request to take her to see a movie despite being exhausted from work. Rachel returned from getting dressed and was furious to find Russ fast asleep on the bed.

Dru: (HE LIFTS HIS GLASS:) "To this particular moment in time. And to the happiness and love that Lee and Sam feel for each other. May that happiness continually increase and their love endure and prosper forever." (THEY ALL DRINK AND AS THEY FINISH WE SHOULD TAKE LEE AND SAM. HE SLIPS HIS ARM AROUND HER AND LOOKS AT JOHN, PAT, AND DRU:)
Pat: "Speech! Speech!"
Sam: "I don't know what to say. I...I...I'm so choked up. I...I guess the only thing I can say is I'm the luckiest guy in the world."
John: "I have a feeling Lee considers herself pretty lucky too."
Lee: "Oh, I do! I do!"

MAY 28, 1968 (EP. #1005)
Sam was intoxicated by a seemingly new world as Lee named the various types of trees and flowers in the park. A policeman sternly gave Sam a warning when he loudly rejoiced over getting John's consent to marry Lee. Ernie told Ada that Sam and Lee deserve happiness and success after all the turmoil they suffered on Lefty's account. Ada told Ernie that Sam is going to ask John for permission to marry Lee. Sam happily announced his plans to marry Lee to Ernie and Ada. Ernie and Sam ribbed each other over their individual incomes and eating habits while Ada and Lee served coffee and cake. Ernie refused to stand in the way of Sam working for John as a law clerk since he anticipated that Sam would have better job opportunities someday. Ada gushed to Ernie that a real-life nightmare has turned into a beautiful dream for Sam and Lee. Lee was haunted by memories of Lefty putting LSD in her coffee. Ernie, Ada, Sam, and Lee celebrated while listening to music on the radio. Sam compared himself, Ernie, and Lee to the characters in his favorite fairy tale, "The Princess on the Glass Mountain," that Ada frequently read to him as a child. Ada mused to Sam that Lahoma deserves to find her own handsome prince. Lahoma tried to assure Lee that the girl she knew who experienced bad trips was released shortly after she was put in a mental institution. Dr. Mansley theorized to Lee that her delusions were caused by her subconscious which forced her to recall traumatic events that she suppressed. Lee felt unsettled when Dr. Mansley urged her to concentrate on the future, but couldn't guarantee that she will quit having side effects from the dose of LSD she took.

Notes: Ernie reveals to Ada that he suffers from gout.

MAY 29, 1968 (EP. #1006)
Liz was nonplussed to see Missy reading the society page. Missy was deeply wounded when Liz recalled that Lenore's picture was last printed in the announcement of her engagement to Bill. Liz was stunned by Missy's inquiry into whether she regrets that Bill married her and not Lenore. Lee was intentionally vague with Lenore about her reasons for consulting with Dr. Mansley. Lenore showed Lee her wedding announcement and reminisced about willingly trapping Bill into getting engaged while knowing that his heart belonged to Missy. Lee sensed correctly that Lenore was alluding to the fact that she does not reciprocate Walter's feelings yet despite her certainty of his love for her. Missy gave Liz a lacerating lecture for driving her away from Bill by revealing her parentage because she vehemently opposed her marrying him. Liz tried unsuccessfully to diffuse Missy's anger by claiming that her response to Lenore's engagement was perfectly natural and that Missy should know that she has grown to love her. Liz pleaded with Missy to believe that she rues their tumultuous history and asked to be forgiven for her past mistakes. Missy vowed to Liz that no one will ever come between her and Bill again. Lenore advised Lee that she has evolved as a person and feels differently about being engaged to Walter, but dodged confirming Lee's suspicions that she still loves Bill. Lee was honored to be Lenore's maid of honor. Lenore caused Lee to grow defensive by noting that she was speaking casually about her own wedding plans which belied her sentimental, warm nature. Dru understood Rachel's excitement over Walter and Lenore having a fancy church wedding. Rachel acted enthusiastic over Sam and Lee's future marriage for Dru's benefit. Lee was intrigued and bothered as she started to read an article about the unpredictable mental effects of LSD usage.


MAY 30, 1968 (EP. #1007)
Lee recalled Lefty cryptically telling her that she was about to go on a trip while reading a magazine article on LSD at the library. Lee was horrified to learn that LSD usage causes malformed children in young girls. Missy rebuked Liz's desperate efforts to convince her that she doesn't regret her marriage to Bill and is truly repentant for her past interference. Liz sobbed while she reproached herself for thoughtlessly reminding Missy of the months she was apart from Bill, leading Missy to soften towards Liz. Missy was shocked by Liz's claim that she empathizes since she suffered at the hands of Danny. Lee hid the magazine within her other reading materials to impede Alice from seeing it. Alice told Lee that she is graduating in a few weeks and is considering going into private duty. Lee was subdued as Alice enthused over Walter and Lenore's wedding. Alice apologized profusely after she accidentally reminded Lee that she killed Lefty by musing that Sam's conviction seemed guaranteed for months. Liz told Missy that Danny bought her silence by threatening Bill's life should she or Missy ever reveal his schemes to acquire her inheritance. Liz secured a grateful Missy's promise to keep her machinations secret and to talk to Bill about continuing to live in the house. Bill gave Sam suggestions on law courses to take at the university in preparation for working as a law clerk. Sam vowed to Bill that he will help Lee forget the horrible trials she underwent and make her happy. Alice told Lee that she is thinking of getting an apartment with a friend once she graduates. Alice encouraged Lee to forget about Lefty's murder and her LSD trips and focus on building a life with Sam.

Alice: (to Lee) "I'm going to be Alice Matthews, girl R.N. If you ever get sick, hire me. Miracle cures guaranteed."

Bill: (to Sam) "Sure. After you've married Lee, we'll be step-first-cousins in law, once removed."

Notes: Lee's oft-referenced magazine article: "Some scientists believe that young girls who take even one dose of the drug may so affect their genetic makeup that they will thenceforward be predisposed to produce malformed children."

MAY 31, 1968 (EP. #1008)
Lenore begged Lahoma not to leave town before her wedding. Rachel was stunned to find Lahoma present when she came to congratulate Lenore. Rachel got mad when Lahoma pointed out it was a social gaff to congratulate the bride on her engagement. Alice told Jim and Mary that Lee seemed to be brooding. None of the Matthews enthused when Rachel boasted she and Russ were taking Walter and Lenore to the Top of the Tower. Rachel convinced Russ it would be very friendly of them to treat Walter and Lenore to dinner. Alice asked her parents for money to get an apartment with another nurse as her graduation present. A fishing Rachel was disappointed that Lenore chose Alice as her bridesmaid. Walter suggested to Russ that Alice find herself a man in his late twenties, such as Steve Frame, who moved to Bay City a while ago and who's been contributing to his campaign fund.

Rachel: [SHE TAKES RUSS'S ARM:] "Don't you think we just belong in a place like the Top of the Tower?" [THEN:] "Straighten up, Russ." [RUSS LAUGHS AND EXAGGERATEDLY STRAIGHTENS UP] "Oh, it's going to be such a wonderful evening!" [PERHAPS TAKE ALICE AND FADE OUT]

JUNE 3, 1968 (EP. #1009)
Lenore noticed when Lee hid the magazine under the newspaper. Lee made excuses when Lenore noticed how distracted she was. Madge arrived as Sam and Ada were making light of Liz. Madge agreed to come back to town for Sam's wedding. Fred admired Lenore's ring, but she was evasive when he wanted to know if she'd be happy with Walter. Lee reread the magazine article and fretted about malformed children. Sam urged Lee to stop thinking about Lefty and start thinking about their wedding.

JUNE 4, 1968 (EP. #1010)
Lee was uncomfortable with Sam's kindness. Rachel became alert to masculine interest when Jim professed an interest in the dress she wore last night. Mary didn't believe it when Rachel said she'd come back down and help with the dishes. When a bill from Bryant's came in the mail for Rachel, Jim and Mary looked at it as if it were a hand grenade. Lee insisted to Sam and Lahoma that she was perfectly all right. Mary assured Ada that she was delighted to throw Madge a going-away party. Rachel was horrified at how high the bill was for the maternity clothes, and Ada accused her of robbery (of Russ). Ernie commiserated with Sam about Lee being unable to forget Lefty. Lahoma was shocked when Lee read her the article, then agreed to keep it a secret from Sam.

Rachel: (About Jim) "He's so nice."
Mary: [LOVING HIM] "He'll do."

Lee: "But I do know this -- I can't count on what my future will be, Lahoma. Why I-- I don't dare to have children." [AND AS THEY ALMOST CLING AGAINST THE STORM OF THE UNKNOWN, WE FADE OUT]

JUNE 5, 1968 (EP. #1011)
Lee told Lahoma why she can't have children. Ernie was surprised when Walter brought his car in to the garage, but Walter admired the way Ernie had come to his office to stick up for Sam. Sam and Walter congratulated each other on their engagements. Lahoma could only point out the maybes in the article when Lee wondered how she could marry Sam. Lee was emotionally affected to a marked degree when Missy brought Ricky for a visit. Missy and Lahoma got acquainted as Lee, sad and yet happy, hugged the baby to her. Missy advised Lee to have a baby right away. Walter assuaged Sam's worries about Lee. Lahoma refused to be the one to tell Lee to drop Sam, but couldn't answer when Lee told her to put herself in Lee's shoes.

JUNE 6, 1968 (EP. #1012)
In adding up the bill, Rachel had to count on her fingers to find out the sum of six and eight. Rachel held the bill behind her back when Ada came up to her room to apologize and say goodbye. At Memorial, Alice noticed how tired Russ looked, then got Lenore to admit she and Rachel could never be friends. The name Stephen Frame meant nothing to Alice when Lenore mentioned Walter wanted her to meet a rather phenomenally successful businessman. Ernie sprang to his feet when Ada dropped by to invite him and Sam to Madge's party. Jim chided Mary for telling Russ that some mail came for him. Rachel, playing it cautiously and fearfully, tried to keep Russ from seeing the bill. Rachel insisted she'd had nothing to wear when Russ fumed she'd spent $400 on maternity clothes. Russ apologized when Rachel cried she'd looked like a beggar and he conceded he has no idea what women's clothes cost.

Lenore: "There's a young man he wants you to meet."
Alice: "Done. When do we surround him?" [THEY BOTH LAUGH] "Who is he?"
Lenore: "Steven Frame."
Alice: "I haven't got my file cards here, but, of course, I will want to know his height, the color of his hair, and his I.Q."
Lenore: [SMILING] "And his telephone number?"
Alice: "He calls me, not I him, or the whole thing's off."

JUNE 7, 1968 (EP. #1013)
John told Pat that far from inviting Liz to their dinner party, they should in fact expose her. Liz was put out when Bill told Missy that Pat invited them, not her, to dinner. For once words failed Liz when Missy suggested she try to forget her fight with Pat. Lenore showed Lahoma her swatches and admired how understanding she was about Lee and Sam considering her own feelings for Sam. John rejected Liz's olive branch, threatening instead to tell Missy that Liz had been about to pay Danny to leave Bay City with her. Liz, who insisted she wouldn't have gone to the party if she were paid, was furious at Fred for toasting the party's exclusive "younger generation." Walter, Lenore, Bill, Missy, and John appreciatively took a sip when Pat toasted happy endings. John told Walter that Liz has Missy buffaloed. John was horrified when Walter got it off his chest that Liz had listened in on a private conversation between Bill and Pat and reported to him that Missy was pregnant, a fact that led to her conviction.

JUNE 10, 1968 (EP. #1014)
John vowed to tell Missy of Liz's duplicity. Liz fumed to Dru that John and Pat are ignoring the fact that she's part of the family and deserved an invitation. Liz bemoaned the fact that though she was only a few years younger than John, society wouldn't allow her to set her cap for some man about Pat's age. At the party, now joined by Sam and Lee, everyone praised Pat's cooking. Walter was touched when Sam offered to work on his campaign. Lee made an effort to appear gay and sprightly. Dru got carried away and accused Liz of being uncharitable. John got rid of Bill and Pat so he could tell Missy he needed to tell her something serious. Lee acted for all she was worth to convince Sam she was all right.

John: [SOMBERLY EXCITED] "She put Missy in jail! And now she has Missy living in her house, has her completely fooled... Walter, my way is clear, I must act! I must tell Missy what Liz did to her!" [FADE OUT]

Dru: "Liz, I recommend to you a more philosophical attitude about life."
Liz: [SHE GLANCES AT HIM FOR A MOMENT, THEN GOES TO THE BAR] "I think it's just revolting!" [THEN] "Would you care for a drink?"
Dru: "Thank you. But I shan't drink to your sentiments about life, Liz." [FADE OUT]

JUNE 11, 1968 (EP. #1015)
Russ tried to avoid an argument when Rachel pouted and accused him of harping on the clothes she bought. Jim worried about Russ being in the room when an upset Mary wanted Alice to tell her when she first thought of moving out. Russ promised he and Rachel would switch rooms back when he realized that's what Mary blamed Alice's decision on. A conniving Rachel agreed with Russ they should give Alice her room back if she wanted. Rachel was pleased when Alice, put on the spot, made light of the situation and denied her reasons had anything to do with the room switch. Lenore said her and Lee's apartment might be available soon for Alice and Kay Monsted. Rachel waltzed around the living room as if the house belonged to her. Rachel was indignant when Lahoma correctly guessed she'd been invited to lunch so that Rachel could show off life in the high cotton. Mary, who returned home unexpectedly, introduced herself to Lahoma when Rachel was too horrified to make the introductions. Lahoma stormed out, despite Mary's invite to stay for lunch, after Rachel intimated that she hadn't invited Lahoma over.

JUNE 12, 1968 (EP. #1016)
The music surged as Lee reread the article. When Missy was hesitant to discuss the party, Liz explained she'd acted silly because the three of them have never had an evening out together. Liz claimed she'd taken a heartfelt interest when Lee had her spells, though she hadn't known then they were due to LSD (and now considers it unimportant that Lee took it unwillingly). Lahoma offered to let Sam use her phone to call Lee, and he was surprised to see she has the portrait Lee did of him. Fear clouded Lee's eyes when Liz swallowed her pride and apologized for not realizing how sick she was. Missy was delighted when Lee felt Ricky was perfect. Sam was saddened to learn Lahoma intends to go live with her cousin, a dirt farmer in Tennessee. Sam reminded Lee of the happy time they first sat with Ricky in January.

Lahoma: "And this..." [OPENS ITS DOOR] "This is a refrigerator, not an ice box. They're inventing all kinds of things these days."

JUNE 13, 1968 (EP. #1017)
Rachel primped and posed in front of the mirror. Sam tried to tell Ada that Rachel had been rude to Lahoma, but Ada was more concerned that Sam was hurting Lahoma by spending time with her. An overdressed Rachel blew Russ a kiss so as not to disarrange herself. Russ tried to convince her why he needed to take on a residency instead of just hanging out his shingle. Alice, her parents, and Dru sampled the punch and the sandwiches. Rachel was a little nonplussed at how informally Mary and Alice were dressed. Rachel also wasn't impressed by the dresses of Missy, Pat, and Lee, who decided not to comment on Rachel's dress. Rachel encouraged Lee to have a big wedding. Russ kissed Madge, the guest of honor, then met Ernie. The backyard was resplendent with Japanese lanterns or hurricane lamps and candles. Madge had a difficult time holding back her tears when Dru toasted her warmly. When Mary called everyone into the living room for a last cup of coffee, Rachel held Russ back and begged him to go into private practice with some doctor right away, but he said 2-3 years as a resident were crucial.


Madge (Exit Line): "Ernie, look, I'm leaving town, and I wish I wasn't worried about Ada, but the way Rachel treats her, I am. When I'm gone, keep an eye on Ada, will you?"
Ernie: "You know something? You don't have to tell me that. I intend to."

Notes: Last appearance of Doris Belack as Madge Murray.

JUNE 14, 1968: Pre-empted for the Television Special: "Robert F. Kennedy Remembered"

JUNE 17, 1968 (EP. #1018)
Bill was astonished when Liz made coffee for Missy and said she felt she wouldn't want to have intruded on Madge's party. Missy was optimistic and Bill skeptical when they compared notes on Liz's new attitude. John lied to Pat when Missy phoned to make an appointment to see him. John told Pat that Missy was anxious to have Liz as a kind of surrogate mother, that she interprets everything about Liz as favorably as possible. Walter told John he was more excited about his wedding than his political career. Liz admitted to Lenore that Bill always loved Missy, who's come to mean so much to her. When John cooed at Ricky, Missy urged him to think of adoption. John told Missy that what he had to tell her was unpleasant.

JUNE 18, 1968 (EP. #1019)
Missy was frightened at what John might say. Walter was displeased to find Liz at Lenore's, but Lenore told him Missy seems to be a mellowing influence on Liz. Missy just wanted to forget it all when John reminded her how Liz had driven her into Danny's clutches. Peggy told Pat how abashed Dick was when he found out Sam wasn't guilty. In view of Pat's history, Bill didn't quite know what to say when Pat identified with Lee's struggle with feelings of guilt. John told Missy that Pat's revealing her pregnancy on the stand was the keystone of Walter's case against her. Missy was dumbfounded to learn Liz eavesdropped on Bill's conversation with the express purpose of helping Walter convict her.

Bill: "Well, it's ever-loving, blue-eyes Pat Randolph!" [THEN:] "Are your eyes blue?"
Pat: [AVERTING HER HEAD] "I refuse to show you. You've known me all your life."

Notes: Starting with this episode, the character of Peggy begins making regular appearances. From July 12, 1965 - June 17, 1968, Peggy made sporadic appearances, followed by long absences despite remaining in town.

JUNE 19, 1968 (EP. #1020)
Mary pointedly informed Rachel that she'd slept another morning away. When Rachel began blathering about the "best" church in town, a consternated Mary told her the story of visiting a wonderful, though "poor people's," church. Rachel was absolutely uncomprehending of Mary's real meaning. She knew that somehow or other Mary disputed what she said about the best church and the best people, but she backed away from her thesis to maintain good relations with her. Liz came in and thought it nice to see them chatting together like mother and daughter. Missy remembered forgiving Liz for telling her she was Mrs. Corning's illegitimate child. When Missy didn't know what to do, John wondered how many times Liz has to prove to her what a terrible person she really is before she takes action on it. Rachel was cut to the quick when Liz remarked her pregnancy was showing. Liz got up, walked around Rachel, looked at her appraisingly, and asked what the doctor said about her pelvis as she might need a section. Liz thanked Mary for giving Bill and Missy such a beautiful wedding, then just "remembered" that Russ and Rachel ran off. Peggy told Bill of the social work she does with children at The Haven. Liz gave a little social laugh when she noticed Missy was referring to her as Mrs. Matthews.

Liz: "You know, I'm sure that you, Rachel, and you, Mary, have the closest of relationships...but it can't be as wonderful as Melissa's and mine. Do you know, Rachel, Melissa calls me mother?"
Rachel: [WHO DOESN'T WANT TO CALL MARY MOTHER] "Oh... she does?"

Rachel: "I shut the door because I can't wait until that woman gets out of earshot before I say it!"
Mary: "Say what, dear?"
Rachel: "That I think she's hateful! She... She... She was just trying to make me feel terrible! And what's more she succeeded. I just hope that some day she gets what's coming to her!" [FADE OUT]

Liz: "Anyhow, I dropped in later on Mary. But, oh, dear, that empty little creature that Russ married was with us every moment."

JUNE 20, 1968 (EP. #1021)
Liz realized she was trapped when Missy revealed she knows Liz is responsible for sending her to prison. Lenore thought Lee was only pretending she didn't know about her engagement notice in the paper. Liz played for time by requesting Missy rehash the whole story, then tried to shift the villainy to Walter. Sam feasted his eyes when Peggy showed him and Bill the society page. In the kitchen at Pierre's, Ada felt badly after showing the society page to Lahoma. Liz confessed that when Walter had spent hours trying to convince her of Missy's guilt, she refused to believe such a sweet little girl could be guilty. Bill walked in after Liz asked how Missy could forgive Walter and not her.

Missy: "Never mind who told me. Deny it if you can. Can you deny it, Mrs. Matthews?"
Liz: [A LONG PAUSE, THEN SPEAKING VERY LOW:] "No. No, I can't deny it, Melissa." [MISSY, REVOLTED, TURNS AWAY FROM HER, BUT LIZ COMES AFTER HER, COMES AROUND HER AND GETS IN FRONT OF HER] "Melissa, please, please! I don't deny anything you've said, but please listen to me! Don't close your mind to what I have to say! Don't close your heart against me! Listen to me, Melissa! Please, I beg of you!" [FADE OUT]

JUNE 21, 1968 (EP. #1022)
Lee agonized over the announcement in the paper. Rachel slumped on the front porch, bored out of her mind, then complained to Pat that she never gets to see Russ. Rachel was surprised but unconvinced when Pat said she envied the life growing inside her, then indelicately pointed out Pat didn't have any children. Lahoma complimented her picture in the paper, but all Lee wanted was for Lahoma to answer the question of what she'd do if she were in Lee's shoes. Alice told Russ she was nervous about the graduation speech she has to make tonight as president of the senior class. Lee tortured her until Lahoma admitted she wouldn't marry Sam. Pat and John kissed happily on the porch, remembering their own June wedding several years ago. Lahoma left, taking Lee's magazine with her, then Sam suggested to Lee they name their first boy Carter Lucas, a name fit for an actor. Sam felt he was the happiest guy in the world, but Lee was dying inside.

JUNE 24, 1968 (EP. #1023)
Missy went along with a terrified Liz's lie to Bill about what they were talking about. Alice was pleased when Russ drove her home and they found Mary, Pat, and John greeting them from the porch. After Rachel dragged Russ off for a shower, John got the 98-pound snippet to read a portion of her speech. Alice was deeply touched when Jim told her it had been a privilege to know her as a little girl and as a grown up. Dru interrupted them to quote Shakespeare in getting Alice down to dinner. Liz begged Missy not to let them go to a happy graduation where she'll be in torment. Liz insisted Walter brainwashed her, but Missy was too in shock to decide what to do. Everyone found their seats in the hospital auditorium. Rachel, dragging Russ after her, discommoded several people, almost tumbling into their laps, in her eagerness to sit behind Walter and Lenore. Alice came down the aisle, then Dean Williams spoke. Rachel tapped Lenore on the shoulder because she wanted to chat, but Lenore shook her head. Everyone else was absorbed, but Liz was inattentive, thinking her own unhappy thoughts. Alice received her RN and Bachelor of Science diploma. Alice ended her speech with the suggestion to "love your fellow men, and strengthen your muscle to help them."



Announcer: "We wish to thank the Department of Nursing of the Brooklyn Center of Long Island University for their assistance in the production of this episode."

Notes: Dru's Shakespeare quote, an early use of the bard on AW, was, "I was told that you must stay not upon the order of your going but go at once." AW's "chancellor of the exchequer" was just Nixon's tongue-in-cheek reference to the P&G execs in charge of the show's budget. It's not exactly clear how LIU helped the show, which built an auditorium set and hired actresses to play Alice's fellow graduates.

JUNE 25, 1968 (EP. #1024)
Lahoma listened to a sorrowful blues tune as she read the magazine. Ernie told Ada he was a mess sergeant in the army. Ada defended Rachel when Ernie wondered why she hadn't continued the family tradition of good cooking. Lahoma apologized for interrupting their dish washing. They realized they were wasting their time trying to convince Lahoma she had too many friends to consider moving away. Though Rachel was delighted to be at a posh restaurant with Walter and Lenore, she didn't enjoy hearing she can expect 2 a.m. bottle feedings. Rachel recalled Steve as being awfully rich when Walter brought him up again. Lahoma wanted Ada to explain what she'd meant when said Lahoma probably loved Sam more than anybody else. Walter and Lenore came home to find Lee sitting in the dark. Lee buried her face in her pillow as she realized she can't marry Sam.

JUNE 26, 1968 (EP. #1025)
Liz searched for an opening into their last discussion as Missy set the breakfast table. Ernie and Sam realized they'll miss working together when Sam goes to work for John. Sam was suspicious when Rachel breezed into the garage to see her Uncle Sammy. Liz said she'd prefer it if Bill heard the truth from Missy rather than from John. Missy explained she'd forgiven Walter because he was simply doing his duty and never lied to her. Liz wondered what kind of future they can have if Missy can't change her feelings about Liz the way Liz has about Missy. Liz was distraught when Bill announced it was time they moved back to their own apartment. Liz brought up her illness, but realized she couldn't hide behind it. Missy was dismayed when Liz cried buckets and insisted, believing it herself, that she'll miss Missy more than Bill since she was never close to Bill and has been closer to Missy than to anyone in her life, including her daughter. Sam smiled at her nonsense as Rachel said they ought to be friends now that they're traveling in the same high-class circles. Lahoma told Lee she almost blurted out her situation to Ada.

JUNE 27, 1968 (EP. #1026)
One of the loveliest scenes in the world faded to black after Alice and Lenore breathlessly admired Lenore in her wedding dress. Ada was the conciliator when Sam believed an insincere Rachel wanted a social dynasty with herself at the head of it. John told Pat he worried about Lee's seeming inability to forget about Lefty. Pat took Ricky to the kitchen when Missy brought him over. Alice and Lenore ganged up on Lee to try to find out where she'll be living after she marries Sam. Missy told John that while Liz admitted what she did was inexcusable, she also blamed it on Walter. Missy believed people deserved a second chance if they changed, so she decided not to tell Bill. Lenore admitted to Lee it took her a long time to appreciate Walter.

JUNE 28, 1968 (EP. #1027)
John was surprised to receive an early-morning visit from Liz. Dru tried to make her feel better when Rachel was disappointed to hear she hadn't been invited to Helen's bridal party Mary and Alice were talking about. When Rachel asked if she makes a lot of mistakes, Dru said he thought she was really asking if she's as good as anybody else and answered yes. John laughed when Liz accused him of being dishonorable. Liz crowed that he was a meddling shyster who failed because Missy forgave her, but John felt she just believed she loved Missy because she can dominate Missy the way she realizes she can no longer dominate Bill. Ada reminded Sam that Lahoma loved him. Ada fretted when Rachel came by all bitter. Liz shook Sam's hand and welcomed him to the family. John advised Sam to always preserve an inner core of contempt for Liz. Rachel lamented that she hasn't "made it," that when she remembers the way the girls would come into Bryant's and look at the dresses she had on but not at her, she realizes she still doesn't belong.

Rachel: "Mom, I'm still out of it, all! I live in that house, I'm married to a doctor, and I'm still out of it all!"
Ada: "Rachel, Rachel, my baby, you're as good as anybody else!"
Rachel: "I never said I wasn't! Of course I'm as good as anybody else! But..." [THEN] "Mom, those girls... Alice, and Lenore, and...all those girls that were brought up that way..." [SHE STOPS]
Ada: "What about them?"
Rachel: "They know who I am, Mom."
Ada: "And who are you, honey?"
Rachel: "I'm Rachel Davis. Mom, even though I'm married now; I'm Rachel Davis -- and -- oh, Mom, I'm out of it! I'm out of it!" [AND SHE ACTUALLY FOR ONCE GOES INTO ADA'S ARMS, CRYING, SOBBING. FADE OUT]