JANUARY 1, 1968: Pre-empted for Sugar Bowl.

JANUARY 2, 1968 (EP. #903)
Sam hid in the hallway when he heard Lee coming up the stairs. Mary filled Jim in on the engagement, and he felt Russ would remain free of responsibility until he's finished his internship and his residency. Mary was assuaged by Jim's sensible attitude. Sam decried Lefty, then begged Lee to agree to the deal that she'll never have to bothered by him again as long as she gives up Lefty also. With a heavy heart, Dru told Jim and Mary about his meeting with Lee and encountering her date, a flashy, cheap type of some superficial charm. Lee slapped Sam when he accused her of perhaps wanting Lefty to drag her down to his level. Jim told Mary not to worry that Russ hasn't yet returned home despite the late hour. As they crossed the state line, Russ felt uneasy over his promise to his mother, but Rachel said they could keep their marriage a secret until he's finished his internship in June.

Notes: The J.P.'s name, according to the sign seen at the very end, was Emory Dietrich, though no mention of his name is made in the next episode

JANUARY 3, 1968 (EP. #904)
Russ and Rachel waited patiently as the magistrate and his wife searched for the card with the wedding ceremony. They switched spots as they were initially in the wrong places, Rachel smiling, though a little nervously, and Russ solemn and a bit scared looking. Ada advised Sam it was none of his business how Lee lived her life, and warned he's just asking for a kick in the teeth. Sam advised Ada not to worry about Rachel since she was out with a nice guy like Russ. The magistrate married Russ and Rachel as wife Effie stood up for them. The next morning, Alice told Mary that Lee needs a spanking for having walked out on Dru. Madge tried to calm Ada, who worried that Rachel hadn't come home last night. Rachel returned home with a triumphant smile on her face and related the news. A flabbergasted Ada was close to tears, and Madge promised to keep it a secret. Ada was both happy and worried as Rachel pirouetted and fairly danced into her bedroom. Russ was evasive when Alice wanted to know why he hadn't phoned home last night.

Magistrate: "Russell Matthews, will you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife? [RUSS IS ABOUT TO SAY I DO, BUT THE MAGISTRATE GOES ON] [...]"
Russ: "I will."
Magistrate: "Rachel Davis, will you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband? [...]"
Rachel: "I will."
Magistrate: "[TO RUSS] Have you got a ring?"
Effie: "[SHE WHISPERS IT] Good. Sometimes they forget."
Magistrate: "Put the ring on the little lady's finger and repeat after me: [AS RUSS PUTS THE RING ON RACHEL'S FINGER] With this ring, I thee wed."
Russ: "With this ring, I thee wed."
Magistrate: "Now join your right hands together. [THEY DO SO] Inasmuch as Russell and Rachel have consented together in holy wedlock and witness the same by joining their hands and by giving of a ring, now by virtue of the authority vested in me by the laws of this state, I pronounce them man and wife. [HE SMILES AT THEM AND AFTER A MOMENT] You can kiss your bride now, Mister. [RACHEL AND RUSS LOOK AT EACH OTHER, THEN COME INTO EACH OTHERS ARMS AND KISS AS WE FADE OUT]"

Rachel: (To Ada) "Say good luck. Say you're happy. Say fireworks, music, blue skies, champagne, merry-go-round, rainbow! I'm married to Dr. Russell Matthews!"

JANUARY 4, 1968 (EP. #905)
Rachel hummed along with the radio and did her nails, the young lioness after a full meal. Ada was flummoxed to receive a call from Mary. Rachel explained she'd needed to marry Russ now to make sure he didn't get away and that Ada was to blame, since she'd said that men like Russ don't marry girls like her. She went to get dressed for her date, leaving Ada defeated, bobbing helplessly in her wake, as usual. Russ arrived, and Rachel rewarded Ada with a quick, perfunctory kiss when she agreed to make herself scarce. In a slinky gown, Rachel draped herself prettily on the sofa. She cut her eyes up at Russ, he bent, enfolded her in his arms, and kissed her. The next morning, Russ was thrown when Mary said she'd invited Ada over for lunch. Rachel coached Ada on what to do if Mary serves her several courses. Ada was in disbelief when Mary told her that before Pat was born, she worked as a clerk in Lowenstein's, a woman's specialty store on State Street. When Ada complimented the house, Mary remembered they'd bought it just after Alice was born. Mary confided she and Jim were considering selling the house when all the children have moved on. Ada did quietly and privately die when Mary said she'd die if she was made to be unaware of her son's marriage the way Liz is.

Notes: A Mrs. Thomas did heavy-cleaning once a week for the Matthews.

JANUARY 5, 1968 (EP. #906)
Flying home, Bill and Missy looked forward to seeing Ricky. Sam assured John he wouldn't let Lefty take advantage of Lee. A lynx-like Lefty urged a bushed Lahoma to give herself a break. Alice and Lenore were both caught short when Liz disparaged Missy. Lenore fled, leaving a little cloud behind, when Missy and Bill stepped off the elevator and Alice flew into their arms with exclamations of joy. Bill was aghast when his mother suggested the two of them fly down to the islands for a vacation. Lefty offered to help Lahoma land Sam if she helped him make Lee his chick. Lefty poured the charm on with Lee just to prove to Lahoma that he could.

Notes: In crossed-out dialogue, Lefty said he'd been beaten by his father when he was 9 or 10, and Lahoma said she too had been beaten by her father before he got killed and she was sent to the orphanage.

JANUARY 8, (EP. #907)
Lahoma was secretly satisfied that Sam agreed to come in and let her feed him while she told him about Lee. Missy and Bill settled into their new apartment. Missy implored Bill to tell Liz the news right away so she wouldn't blame them for deceiving her. Desperate to keep him away from dangerous Lefty, Lahoma asked Sam to stay out of it and let her handle Lee. Lee became increasingly frightened when Lefty stopped the car and put his arm around her. There were delightful greetings, exclamations, and embraces all around when Pat and John dropped in on Bill and Missy. John assured Bill that parents were capable of living through transitions in the lives of their children. Lee tried to be terribly adult and cool but pulled away when Lefty turned into a satyr and touched her hair. Lefty casually lit a stick, but Lee declined to take a drag. With a violence that bordered on rapaciousness, Lefty forced his lips against hers, while her eyes revealed her growing terror. Though she felt dirty and ashamed, Lee flared up at Sam for calling her a nice kid who couldn't handle someone like Lefty. Lefty informed Lahoma he has friends who are perfectly capable of taking care of Sam.


JANUARY 9, 1968 (EP. #908)
Ada was distressed when Rachel put on airs by wanting to get chummy with Walter and Lenore. Liz asked Jim to convince Bill to take her on a trip, and he was relieved when Russ dropped in to take her pulse. Liz shrewdly intuited that Mary was less than pleased about Russ's engagement. Lenore was polite when Russ asked both couples to spend the evening together. Russ was ill-at-ease when Rachel smooched him thoroughly in front of Ada and Madge. Rachel and Walter showed some pretty fancy dancing at the Top of the Tower. Walter found Rachel very amusing, then toasted all her dreams and schemes, and she said she no longer has plans for Hollywood. Lenore was embarrassed when Rachel asked when she'd be marrying Walter, but he felt opposites attract, a theory he hopes will apply to he and Lenore as it did to Russ and Rachel.

JANUARY 10, 1968 (EP. #909)
Alice was caught off guard when Liz pointed out Danny Fargo's child is bound to be a noisy disturbance in the house. Bill promised a guilty Missy he'd tell Liz if Dr. Steele gave his permission. Alice was in shock when Liz decided Ricky must have died, a relief since Missy could never have loved that little thing and it's just a pity that the child survived birth at all. Bill was startled when Alice related Liz's suspicions. Sam's gorge rose as he told Ernie he'd have to kill Lefty if he doesn't keep his filthy hands off Lee. Ernie advised him to enlist Pat's help in defending Lee from Lefty. Pat shared her fears with Missy that something terrible is going to happen to Lee. Liz found it hard to believe Bill had affection for the baby and denied she ever would. Liz was confused when Bill told her Missy and baby had moved into the apartment in The Brookhaven Gardens. Liz phoned Missy with a disguised voice, then a lightning bolt struck and she sat there stunned when Missy related she was Mrs. William Matthews, Jr.

JANUARY 11, 1968 (EP. #910)
Rachel struck an attitude telling Ada her daughter was having lunch with Miss Lenore Moore. Dru introduced himself to Ada and let her know he shares Sam's concerns about Lefty. Over lunch, Dru asked Walter to get the goods on Lefty, who's operating in Walter's bailiwick. Dru reminded Walter the electorate delights in a married man. Mary assured Missy that Bill would be able to handle Liz's reaction to their marriage. Rachel was greatly impressed by Lenore's house. Lenore was incredulous when Rachel insisted she was just like Missy. Lahoma laughed when Lee gave Lefty the bum's rush. Lahoma was genuinely alarmed when a paranoid Lefty ranted he always gets what he wants.

Notes: Lefty liked to refer to Lahoma as "Pocahontas."

JANUARY 12, 1968 (EP. #911)
Liz was in shock as she put down the receiver. Missy was thrilled to receive a visit from Lee, who brought a painting as a wedding present. As Missy spoke on the phone, Lee wandered around the apartment, looking and touching almost everything that represented domesticity as if they were wondrous things. Lee offered to babysit so Missy could meet up with Bill. Lee was uncertain but pleased when Sam dropped by. Sam remarked that life was having babies and urged her to come back to college with him when he starts the winter term in two weeks. Missy went in to see Liz when Russ told her Bill would be delayed. Missy and Liz made small talk for awhile, then Liz assumed the fake voice she'd used over the phone and repeated what she'd said to Missy, who backed away instinctively from Liz's bed. Liz broke down and wept piteously, claiming she'd never done anything so monstrous to Missy as Missy's done to her.



Notes: This episode picked up immediately after the end of #909. The lullaby in the script Lee was to sing to Ricky was the same one Justine sang in 1995. Ricky was born prematurely and was an incubator baby.

JANUARY 15, 1968 (EP. #912)
Liz's eyes bore accusingly into Missy as she insisted that having the wedding while she was on her deathbed could never have been Bill's idea. Sam made up an excuse when Lee wondered why he referred to Liz as the "duchess." They both felt good they were having a pleasant time together. Russ defended himself when Alice felt he shouldn't have sent Missy into Liz's room alone. Missy felt terribly guilty as Liz, feeling totally betrayed, nearly broke down at the sight of Bill. Walter informed Dru that Lefty was arrested six times as a juvenile, once for beating up a 14-year old girl while he was 17 though the original charge was rape. Lefty had been sent to the Indiana State Penitentiary for selling narcotics, and now is known to hang out with Hank Dean alias Dean Veely alias the Merchant, a heroin dealer. Lee's eyes swam as she thanked Sam for being her friend and agreed to return to college. Bill accused Liz of overdramatizing the situation. Bill made Missy leave the room when Liz apologized for not dying as they expected her to. Missy told Alice she blamed herself for causing Liz pain and heartache with her selfishness.

Notes: Bill and Missy honeymooned in St. Croix, a favorite AW vacation spot.

JANUARY 16, 1968 (EP. #913)
John came to bury the hatchet but Liz accused him of sticking a knife in her back. Liz, who now envisions herself a tragic figure betrayed by her son, accused John of coercing Bill. Russ prevented John from shouting at Liz in retaliation when she predicted Lee's tragic course will soon come to a close. Lahoma cried hallelujah when Lee admitted she'd misjudged Sam. Sam told Dru that Lefty intends to use Lee as a means of getting back at him for refusing his offer to take part in a new job. Lahoma denied Lee's suspicion that she was in love with Sam. Lee lied to Lefty that she was too sick to go out with him, but Lahoma roused his ire by rubbing it in his face that he's washed up with her. Lahoma filled Lefty in on Lee's plans, but he vowed she'd never make it to college or end up with a grease monkey like Sam.

JANUARY 17, 1968 (EP. #914)
Lefty's face was a mirror of murderous paranoia as he watched Lee warmly welcome Dru into her apartment. Bill urged Missy not to let everything Liz thinks and feels bother her. Dru was delighted Lee intended to get her life back on track. She refused to move back home since her feelings about Pat haven't changed, but said she'll be moving into Lenore's tomorrow. Sam and Dru wondered if Lefty was still a threat to Lee. Lefty threatened to turn the "Professor" in to the cops if he didn't supply him with liquid acid (LSD). Lefty's paranoia goaded him into an anger difficult to keep leashed when Lee tried to break off with him without saying anything insulting to him. To be polite, she agreed to make them coffee as a goodbye drink.

JANUARY 18, 1968 (EP. #915)
While Lee's back was turned, Lefty, with a deathshead grin, put a few drops of LSD in her coffee mug. Dru imparted the good news about Lee to John and Pat. Lefty disposed of the vial in the jumble of stuff in Lee's paint box. He watched her like a hawk as she finally took a drink. Lee was puzzled and apprehensive when Lefty smugly told her she was going on a trip. Considering their apartment too shabby, Rachel handed Ada a couple of tens and told her to take Mary out to lunch instead of bringing her there. Russ admitted it was too premature when Rachel cannily agreed they should level with his parents immediately. She slid into his arms and they sunk back on the couch together.

JANUARY 19, 1968 (EP. #916)
Lefty watched intently as Lee babbled childlike in a distended tone. In a hallucinatory sequence seen through Lee's POV, Lee reached out to Sam, in limbo on fisheye lens. In spite of her own problems, Ada was happy that Sam was so pleased about Lee. When Sam berated Ada for letting Rachel kick her around, she confided that Rachel and Russ were married. In the hallucination, Lee begged John in a wailing crescendo to make Pat go away, but Pat sang a song about being the joy of his life. Russ told Rachel that Memorial Hospital may not necessarily give him a residency. Rachel credited herself when he revealed he's considering specializing in the cardio-vascular field. Rachel instinctively used her sex and clinched with Russ. Ada was relieved for Sam's safety now that Lefty was out of the picture. As Lefty got her coat out of the closet, Lee screamed for her daddy, who'd sent her away in her hallucination.

Notes: In crossed-out dialogue, Sam remarked that both Russ and Rachel were over 21.

JANUARY 22, 1968 (EP. #917)
Madge was dumbfounded to receive a telegram, accidentally delivered to the Matthews, about Flo's wedding that morning to that no-good Max, the owner of the Alley, and realized he must have been sweet on her the whole time she only had eyes for Danny. Dru told Alice to bat her eyelashes not at him but at young Dr. Thornton at the hospital, then told the Matthews that Lee was leaving Bedfordtown. Sam decided to be gracious when Lahoma showed up at the garage with some chicken and steak sandwiches. Lahoma reminded Sam that Lee likely won't want to go around with him once she gets back to her own world. Alice confided to Madge that she too has a sibling she worries about. Rachel agreed with Ada that if she were good enough for Russ then Sam was good enough for Lee. After she left, Lahoma's words about Lefty's threats sunk in with Sam. Full of emotional turmoil, Sam unthinkingly put the register key in his coat pocket instead of hanging it up on the hook.

Notes: Madge referred to Hubert (Herb) Hassenritter as an Iowan suitor of Flo's. However, a year ago, Herb was referred to as their brother.

JANUARY 23, 1968 (EP. #918)
Lefty promised Lee he'd take her to John if she came with him. Ernie refused to let Sam leave until he explained the situation. Alice wondered why Flo hadn't learnt her lesson from Danny Fargo, but Dru felt there's no accounting for taste where romance is concerned. Dru advised Alice not to conjure up troubles about Russ and Rachel. Ernie gave Sam the keys to his jeep, then noticed Sam had been so worked up he hadn't put the register key back. Lee, almost in a state of collapse, let Lefty take her out of the apartment, bumping the coffee mug to the ground on their way out. After Lefty brought her to his apartment (7G), Lee wandered to the terrace surrounded by a low balustrade where she saw a bird's nest wedged between a drain pipe and the exterior wall of the building. In a hallucinogenic phantasmagoria, she promised John she'd return to the nest if his wife flew away. Lefty dragged a teetering Lee off the parapet. Lee poked ineffectually with a poker at the fake fireplace. He slapped her good and hard when she started gibbering. At Lee's, Sam found the empty coffee mugs and a cigarette lighter with Lefty's initials. The tone of Lefty's voice frightened Lee into a spasmodic movement, ripping the material from the shoulder he'd been gripping. She fought back as he began forcing himself on her.

JANUARY 24, 1968 (EP. #919)
Lee struggled with Lefty, threw a drink in his face, then collapsed in front of the fireplace. She swung wildly at him with the poker, catching him around the head or neck or shoulders. Liz couldn't care less when Fred tried to tell her of Walter's candidacy. Fred tried to make Liz accept Missy as a daughter, but Liz felt Missy just married Bill to gain a father for her child. Breathing heavily from her exertion, Lee put down the poker and stepped out on to the terrace. Lee hesitated, poised precariously on the parapet again, as Sam pounded on the door. Though still unaware of her surroundings, Lee opened the door to Sam, who was in shock to find Lefty dead. Sam picked up the poker, swiftly put together what had to have happened, promised Lee he'd take care of everything, and moved around the room quickly putting it to rights. He wiped Lee's fingerprints from the bloody poker with his handkerchief, which he absently put back in his pocket. Back at Lee's, Sam realized Lee had no memory of the incident, then tenderly kissed her goodnight after she fell asleep. Ernie was skeptical when Sam said that the jeep conked out on him after he'd left Lee, who was fine.



JANUARY 25, 1968 (EP. #920)
Lahoma was alarmed to hear unintelligible cries coming from Lee's apartment. Lenore told Walter how pleased she was that Lee decided to take her up on her offer to move in. Walter has officially decided to run for attorney general. Lee couldn't recall her nightmares as a concerned Lahoma sponged her off. Rachel reminded Ada that today was the day her horoscope says was favorable for inviting Mary to lunch. Madge told Ada about the section line road in Iowa, then told her Flo and Max have set up housekeeping in a nice apartment on the North Side. A haggard Lee remembered only fragmentarily when Lahoma mentioned waking her from her nightmares last night. Ada worried that Sam was so in love with Lee he couldn't see straight. Lee said goodbye to Lahoma. Lt. Dick Nolan questioned Lahoma about Lefty, who'd been found dead this morning.

Walter: "If I run-- no, correction-- when I run for state's attorney general, I want from you-- the ultimate endorsement.
Lenore: "[WARILY] The ultimate--?"
Walter: "Don't you know what that is? I want you to be my wife. [FADE OUT]."

Lt. Nolan (Intro Line): "I'm trying to locate Miss Vane, Lahoma Vane-- You know where she is?"

Lee blocked Lefty's death from her mind, but Sam, realizing what had happened, jumped in and took the blame. Lahoma begged Sam to run away with her and hide from the police.

When Lee remembered killing Lefty and stepped forward, Sam insisted to everyone that she was lying to protect him. Hounding him mercilessly, certain he was guilty of Lefty's murder, Dick arrested Sam, who came to hate him. Dick had hot arguments with Walter, who dragged his feet on prosecuting Sam. Liz broke the news to Ada when the grand jury indicted Sam.

Sam and Lee fell in love. Though Lahoma loved Sam too, she was willing to let Sam find happiness with Lee. Sam made plans to work in John's office over the summer. Lahoma decided to leave town when Sam and Lee got engaged. Lee, who had three bad trips after the first dose, visited a doctor, who informed her that was normal.

Bill and Missy moved in with Liz, and unbelievably, Missy and Liz actually became close, sharing many warm mother-daughter talks. John threw Liz out of the apartment when Liz visited Lee with disparaging remarks about her recent trips. Pat followed it up by quarreling violently with Liz about her behavior, ending with the suggestion Missy would be better off leaving her home.

Rachel found it was no fun being the doctor's wife, much less living at his parents' house, where they'd switched rooms with Alice. She became pregnant at the beginning of the year.

Lenore shared an apartment with Lee, and became engaged to Walter.

Ernie became very attached to Ada.

FEBRUARY 8, 1968 (EP. #930)
On a memo entitled “Audio tape for NBC sales promotion presentation”:
Gallison: “This is Joe Gallison – that’s me, and a gorgeous thing named Carol Roux, and we’re known to all our daytime viewers as Mr. and Mrs. William Matthews of ‘Another World.’ [Photo: Bill and Missy]
“The story of how we got married – on the air only – took a long time to tell and we like to think it’s one of the reasons why we’ve got such a dandy Nielsen right now. [Photo: Bill and Missy]
“And that beautiful blonde is another – she’s my cousin Pat Randolph, married to the smartest lawyer in town. Her adventures for the past four years are another reason why viewers love the show and stay interested in the Randolphs and the Matthews day in and day out. [Photo: Missy and Pat]
“Here’s the girl whose story we’re telling right now: John Randolph’s daughter Lee. She’s just had a brush with the dangerous world of the hippies and may live to regret it – we’ll find out one of these days. She’s a nice kid, but she’s in real trouble, so tune in tomorrow and find out what’s happening to us all.” [Photo: Lee and Lahoma]

FEBRUARY 27, 1968 (EP. #943)
Rachel was still in hospital.

MARCH 19, 1968 (EP. #958)
Lee told Sam that the thought of him running away with Lahoma made her realize how much she loved him.

MARCH 21, 1968: Pre-empted.

MARCH 26, 1968 (EP. #962)
Last appearance of Lon Satton as Dick Nolan.

APRIL 4, 1968: Pre-empted.

APRIL 5, 1968 (EP. #969)
Lee convinced Ada that while Lahoma did love Sam, she too loved him.

APRIL 9, 1968: Pre-empted for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral.

MAY 14, 1968 (EP. #995)
Lee gushed with love for Sam after he came to her after being sprung from jail.

Lee: "My arms are yours and my lips are yours and my whole being is yours. I wish I could become you, and lose my identity and be nothing but Sam, forever..."
Sam: "Forever... Well, it's going to be forever. Remember that poem, 'Grow old along with me...'"
Lee: "'The best is yet to be...' Oh, Sam! Sam!"
Sam: "Lee! Lee!"

MAY 28, 1968 (EP. #1005)
Sam met Lee in the park to rejoice over the fact that John agreed to their getting married.

MAY 30, 1968 (EP. #1007)
At the library, Lee was horrified to read an article in a magazine about how LSD use causes malformed children. Alice ran into Lee, who put on a brave face.

Notes: Lee's oft-referenced magazine article: "Some scientists believe that young girls who take even one dose of the drug may so affect their genetic makeup that they will thenceforward be predisposed to produce malformed children."

MAY 31, 1968 (EP. #1008)
Lenore begged Lahoma not to leave town before her wedding. Rachel was stunned to find Lahoma present when she came to congratulate Lenore. Rachel got mad when Lahoma pointed out it was a social gaff to congratulate the bride on her engagement. Alice told Jim and Mary that Lee seemed to be brooding. None of the Matthews enthused when Rachel boasted she and Russ were taking Walter and Lenore to the Top of the Tower. Rachel convinced Russ it would be very friendly of them to treat Walter and Lenore to dinner. Alice asked her parents for money to get an apartment with another nurse as her graduation present. A fishing Rachel was disappointed that Lenore chose Alice as her bridesmaid. Walter suggested to Russ that Alice find herself a man in his late twenties, such as Steve Frame, who moved to Bay City a while ago and who's been contributing to his campaign fund.

Rachel: "[SHE TAKES RUSS'S ARM:] Don't you think we just belong in a place like the Top of the Tower? [THEN:] Straighten up, Russ. [RUSS LAUGHS AND EXAGGERATEDLY STRAIGHTENS UP] Oh, it's going to be such a wonderful evening! [PERHAPS TAKE ALICE AND FADE OUT]"

JUNE 3, 1968 (EP. #1009)
Lenore noticed when Lee hid the magazine under the newspaper. Lee made excuses when Lenore noticed how distracted she was. Madge arrived as Sam and Ada were making light of Liz. Madge agreed to come back to town for Sam's wedding. Fred admired Lenore's ring, but she was evasive when he wanted to know if she'd be happy with Walter. Lee reread the magazine article and fretted about malformed children. Sam urged Lee to stop thinking about Lefty and start thinking about their wedding.

JUNE 4, 1968 (EP. #1010)
Lee was uncomfortable with Sam's kindness. Rachel became alert to masculine interest when Jim professed an interest in the dress she wore last night. Mary didn't believe it when Rachel said she'd come back down and help with the dishes. When a bill from Bryant's came in the mail for Rachel, Jim and Mary looked at it as if it were a hand grenade. Lee insisted to Sam and Lahoma that she was perfectly all right. Mary assured Ada that she was delighted to throw Madge a going-away party. Rachel was horrified at how high the bill was for the maternity clothes, and Ada accused her of robbery (of Russ). Ernie commiserated with Sam about Lee being unable to forget Lefty. Lahoma was shocked when Lee read her the article, then agreed to keep it a secret from Sam.

Rachel: (About Jim) "He's so nice."
Mary: "[LOVING HIM] He'll do."

Lee: "But I do know this-- I can't count on what my future will be, Lahoma. Why I-- I don't dare to have children. [AND AS THEY ALMOST CLING AGAINST THE STORM OF THE UNKNOWN, WE FADE OUT]"

JUNE 5, 1968 (EP. #1011)
Lee told Lahoma why she can't have children. Ernie was surprised when Walter brought his car in to the garage, but Walter admired the way Ernie had come to his office to stick up for Sam. Sam and Walter congratulated each other on their engagements. Lahoma could only point out the maybes in the article when Lee wondered how she could marry Sam. Lee was emotionally affected to a marked degree when Missy brought Ricky for a visit. Missy and Lahoma got acquainted as Lee, sad and yet happy, hugged the baby to her. Missy advised Lee to have a baby right away. Walter assuaged Sam's worries about Lee. Lahoma refused to be the one to tell Lee to drop Sam, but couldn't answer when Lee told her to put herself in Lee's shoes.

JUNE 6, 1968 (EP. #1012)
In adding up the bill, Rachel had to count on her fingers to find out the sum of six and eight. Rachel held the bill behind her back when Ada came up to her room to apologize and say goodbye. At Memorial, Alice noticed how tired Russ looked, then got Lenore to admit she and Rachel could never be friends. The name Stephen Frame meant nothing to Alice when Lenore mentioned Walter wanted her to meet a rather phenomenally successful businessman. Ernie sprang to his feet when Ada dropped by to invite him and Sam to Madge's party. Jim chided Mary for telling Russ that some mail came for him. Rachel, playing it cautiously and fearfully, tried to keep Russ from seeing the bill. Rachel insisted she'd had nothing to wear when Russ fumed she'd spent $400 on maternity clothes. Russ apologized when Rachel cried she'd looked like a beggar and he conceded he has no idea what women's clothes cost.

Lenore: "There's a young man he wants you to meet."
Alice: "Done. When do we surround him? [THEY BOTH LAUGH] Who is he?"
Lenore: "Steven Frame."
Alice: "I haven't go my file cards here, but, of course, I will want to know his height, the color of his hair, and his I.Q."
Lenore: "[SMILING] And his telephone number?"
Alice: "He calls me, not I him, or the whole thing's off."

JUNE 7, 1968 (EP. #1013)
John told Pat that far from inviting Liz to their dinner party, they should in fact expose her. Liz was put out when Bill told Missy that Pat invited them, not her, to dinner. For once words failed Liz when Missy suggested she try to forget her fight with Pat. Lenore showed Lahoma her swatches and admired how understanding she was about Lee and Sam considering her own feelings for Sam. John rejected Liz's olive branch, threatening instead to tell Missy that Liz had been about to pay Danny to leave Bay City with her. Liz, who insisted she wouldn't have gone to the party if she were paid, was furious at Fred for toasting the party's exclusive "younger generation." Walter, Lenore, Bill, Missy, and John appreciatively took a sip when Pat toasted happy endings. John told Walter that Liz has Missy buffaloed. John was horrified when Walter got it off his chest that Liz had listened in on a private conversation between Bill and Pat and reported to him that Missy was pregnant, a fact that led to her conviction.

JUNE 10, 1968 (EP. #1014)
John vowed to tell Missy of Liz's duplicity. Liz fumed to Dru that John and Pat are ignoring the fact that she's part of the family and deserved an invitation. Liz bemoaned the fact that though she was only a few years younger than John, society wouldn't allow her to set her cap for some man about Pat's age. At the party, now joined by Sam and Lee, everyone praised Pat's cooking. Walter was touched when Sam offered to work on his campaign. Lee made an effort to appear gay and sprightly. Dru got carried away and accused Liz of being uncharitable. John got rid of Bill and Pat so he could tell Missy he needed to tell her something serious. Lee acted for all she was worth to convince Sam she was all right.

John: "[SOMBERLY EXCITED] She put Missy in jail! And now she has Missy living in her house, has her completely fooled... Walter, my way is clear, I must act! I must tell Missy what Liz did to her! [FADE OUT]"

Dru: "Liz, I recommend to you a more philosophical attitude about life."
Liz: "[SHE GLANCES AT HIM FOR A MOMENT, THEN GOES TO THE BAR] I think it's just revolting! [THEN] Would you care for a drink?"
Dru: "Thank you. But I shan't drink to your sentiments about life, Liz. [FADE OUT]"

JUNE 11, 1968 (EP. #1015)
Russ tried to avoid an argument when Rachel pouted and accused him of harping on the clothes she bought. Jim worried about Russ being in the room when an upset Mary wanted Alice to tell her when she first thought of moving out. Russ promised he and Rachel would switch rooms back when he realized that's what Mary blamed Alice's decision on. A conniving Rachel agreed with Russ they should give Alice her room back if she wanted. Rachel was pleased when Alice, put on the spot, made light of the situation and denied her reasons had anything to do with the room switch. Lenore said her and Lee's apartment might be available soon for Alice and Kay Monsted. Rachel waltzed around the living room as if the house belonged to her. Rachel was indignant when Lahoma correctly guessed she'd been invited to lunch so that Rachel could show off life in the high cotton. Mary, who returned home unexpectedly, introduced herself to Lahoma when Rachel was too horrified to make the introductions. Lahoma stormed out, despite Mary's invite to stay for lunch, after Rachel intimated that she hadn't invited Lahoma over.

JUNE 12, 1968 (EP. #1016)
The music surged as Lee reread the article. When Missy was hesitant to discuss the party, Liz explained she'd acted silly because the three of them have never had an evening out together. Liz claimed she'd taken a heartfelt interest when Lee had her spells, though she hadn't known then they were due to LSD (and now considers it unimportant that Lee took it unwillingly). Lahoma offered to let Sam use her phone to call Lee, and he was surprised to see she has the portrait Lee did of him. Fear clouded Lee's eyes when Liz swallowed her pride and apologized for not realizing how sick she was. Missy was delighted when Lee felt Ricky was perfect. Sam was saddened to learn Lahoma intends to go live with her cousin, a dirt farmer in Tennessee. Sam reminded Lee of the happy time they first sat with Ricky in January.

Lahoma: "And this... [OPENS ITS DOOR] This is a refrigerator, not an ice box. They're inventing all kinds of things these days."

JUNE 13, 1968 (EP. #1017)
Rachel primped and posed in front of the mirror. Sam tried to tell Ada that Rachel had been rude to Lahoma, but Ada was more concerned that Sam was hurting Lahoma by spending time with her. An overdressed Rachel blew Russ a kiss so as not to disarrange herself. Russ tried to convince her why he needed to take on a residency instead of just hanging out his shingle. Alice, her parents, and Dru sampled the punch and the sandwiches. Rachel was a little nonplussed at how informally Mary and Alice were dressed. Rachel also wasn't impressed by the dresses of Missy, Pat, and Lee, who decided not to comment on Rachel's dress. Rachel encouraged Lee to have a big wedding. Russ kissed Madge, the guest of honor, then met Ernie. The backyard was resplendent with Japanese lanterns or hurricane lamps and candles. Madge had a difficult time holding back her tears when Dru toasted her warmly. When Mary called everyone into the living room for a last cup of coffee, Rachel held Russ back and begged him to go into private practice with some doctor right away, but he said 2-3 years as a resident were crucial.


Madge (Exit Line): "Ernie, look, I'm leaving town, and I wish I wasn't worried about Ada, but the way Rachel treats her, I am. When I'm gone, keep an eye on Ada, will you?"
Ernie: "You know something? You don't have to tell me that. I intend to."

JUNE 17, 1968 (EP. #1018)
Bill was astonished when Liz made coffee for Missy and said she felt she wouldn't wanted to have intruded on Madge's party. Missy was optimistic and Bill skeptical when they compared notes on Liz's new attitude. John lied to Pat when Missy phoned to make an appointment to see him. John told Pat that Missy was anxious to have Liz as a kind of surrogate mother, that she interprets everything about Liz as favorably as possible. Walter told John he was more excited about his wedding that his political career. Liz admitted to Lenore that Bill always loved Missy, who's come to mean so much to her. When John cooed at Ricky, Missy urged him to think of adoption. John told Missy that what he had to tell her was unpleasant.

JUNE 18, 1968 (EP. #1019)
Missy was frightened at what John might say. Walter was displeased to find Liz at Lenore's, but Lenore told him Missy seems to be a mellowing influence on Liz. Missy just wanted to forget it all when John reminded her how Liz had driven her into Danny's clutches. Peggy told Pat how abashed Dick was when he found out Sam wasn't guilty. In view of Pat's history, Bill didn't quite know what to say when Pat identified with Lee's struggle with feelings of guilt. John told Missy that Pat's revealing her pregnancy on the stand was the keystone of Walter's case against her. Missy was dumbfounded to learn Liz eavesdropped on Bill's conversation with the express purpose of helping Walter convict her.

Bill: "Well, it's ever-loving, blue-eyes Pat Randolph! [THEN:] Are your eyes blue?"
Pat: "[AVERTING HER HEAD] I refuse to show you. You've known me all your life."

JUNE 19, 1968 (EP. #1020)
Mary pointedly informed Rachel that she'd slept another morning away. When Rachel began blathering about the "best" church in town, a consternated Mary told her the story of visiting a wonderful, though "poor people's," church. Rachel was absolutely uncomprehending of Mary's real meaning. She knew that somehow or other Mary disputed what she said about the best church and the best people, but she backed away from her thesis to maintain good relations with her. Liz came in and thought it nice to see them chatting together like mother and daughter. Missy remembered forgiving Liz for telling her she was Mrs. Corning's illegitimate child. When Missy didn't know what to do, John wondered how many times Liz has to prove to her what a terrible person she really is before she takes action on it. Rachel was cut to the quick when Liz remarked her pregnancy was showing. Liz got up, walked around Rachel, looked at her appraisingly, and asked what the doctor said about her pelvis as she might need a section. Liz thanked Mary for giving Bill and Missy such a beautiful wedding, then just "remembered" that Russ and Rachel ran off. Peggy told Bill of the social work she does with children at The Haven. Liz gave a little social laugh when she noticed Missy was referring to her as Mrs. Matthews.

Liz: "You know, I'm sure that you, Rachel, and you, Mary, have the closest of relationships... but it can't be as wonderful as Melissa's and mine. Do you know, Rachel, Melissa calls me mother?"
Rachel: "[WHO DOESN'T WANT TO CALL MARY MOTHER] Oh... she does?"

Rachel: "I shut the door because I can't wait until that woman gets out of earshot before I say it!"
Mary: "Say what, dear?"
Rachel: "That I think she's hateful! She... She... She was just trying to make me feel terrible! And what's more she succeeded. I just hope that some day she gets what's coming to her! [FADE OUT]"

Liz: "Anyhow, I dropped in later on Mary. But, oh, dear, that empty little creature that Russ married was with us every moment."

JUNE 20, 1968 (EP. #1021)
Liz realized she was trapped when Missy revealed she knows Liz is responsible for sending her to prison. Lenore thought Lee was only pretending she didn't know about her engagement notice in the paper. Liz played for time by requesting Missy rehash the whole story, then tried to shift the villainy to Walter. Sam feasted his eyes when Peggy showed him and Bill the society page. In the kitchen at Pierre's, Ada felt badly after showing the society page to Lahoma. Liz confessed that when Walter had spent hours trying to convince her of Missy's guilt, she refused to believe such a sweet little girl could be guilty. Bill walked in after Liz asked how Missy could forgive Walter and not her.

Missy: "Never mind who told me. Deny it if you can. Can you deny it, Mrs. Matthews?"
Liz: "[A LONG PAUSE, THEN SPEAKING VERY LOW:] No. No, I can't deny it, Melissa. [MISSY, REVOLTED, TURNS AWAY FROM HER, BUT LIZ COMES AFTER HER, COMES AROUND HER AND GETS IN FRONT OF HER] Melissa, please, please! I don't deny anything you've said, but please listen to me! Don't close your mind to what I have to say! Don't close your heart against me! Listen to me, Melissa! Please, I beg of you! [FADE OUT]"

JUNE 21, 1968 (EP. #1022)
Lee agonized over the announcement in the paper. Rachel slumped on the front porch, bored out of her mind, then complained to Pat that she never gets to see Russ. Rachel was surprised but unconvinced when Pat said she envied the life growing inside her, then indelicately pointed out Pat didn't have any children. Lahoma complimented her picture in the paper, but all Lee wanted was for Lahoma to answer the question of what she'd do if she were in Lee's shoes. Alice told Russ she was nervous about the graduation speech she has to make tonight as president of the senior class. Lee tortured her until Lahoma admitted she wouldn't marry Sam. Pat and John kissed happily on the porch, remembering their own June wedding several years ago. Lahoma left, taking Lee's magazine with her, then Sam suggested to Lee they name their first boy Carter Lucas, a name fit for an actor. Sam felt he was the happiest guy in the world, but Lee was dying inside.

JUNE 24, 1968 (EP. #1023)
Missy went along with a terrified Liz's lie to Bill about what they were talking about. Alice was pleased when Russ drove her home and they found Mary, Pat, and John greeting them from the porch. After Rachel dragged Russ off for a shower, John got the 98-pound snippet to read a portion of her speech. Alice was deeply touched when Jim told her it had been a privilege to know her as a little girl and as a grown up. Dru interrupted them to quote Shakespeare in getting Alice down to dinner. Liz begged Missy not to let them go to a happy graduation where she'll be in torment. Liz insisted Walter brainwashed her, but Missy was too in shock to decide what to do. Everyone found their seats in the hospital auditorium. Rachel, dragging Russ after her, discommoded several people, almost tumbling into their laps, in her eagerness to sit behind Walter and Lenore. Alice came down the aisle, then Dean Williams spoke. Rachel tapped Lenore on the shoulder because she wanted to chat, but Lenore shook her head. Everyone else was absorbed, but Liz was inattentive, thinking her own unhappy thoughts. Alice received her RN and Bachelor of Science diploma. Alice ended her speech with the suggestion to "love your fellow men, and strengthen your muscle to help them."



Announcer: "We wish to thank the Department of Nursing of the Brooklyn Center of Long Island University for their assistance in the production of this episode."

Notes: Dru's Shakespeare quote, perhaps the first use of the bard on AW, was, "I was told that you must stay not upon the order of your going but go at once." AW's "chancellor of the exchequer" was just Nixon's tongue-in-cheek reference to the P&G execs in charge of the show's budget. It's not exactly clear how LIU helped the show, which built an auditorium set and hired actresses to play Alice's fellow graduates.

JUNE 25, 1968 (EP. #1024)
Lahoma listened to a sorrowful blues tune as she read the magazine. Ernie told Ada he was a mess sergeant in the army. Ada defended Rachel when Ernie wondered why she hadn't continued the family tradition of good cooking. Lahoma apologized for interrupting their dish washing. They realized they were wasting their timer trying to convince Lahoma she had too many friends to consider moving away. Though Rachel was delighted to be at a posh restaurant with Walter and Lenore, she didn't enjoy hearing she can expect 2 a.m. bottle feedings. Rachel recalled Steve as being awfully rich when Walter brought him up again. Lahoma wanted Ada to explain what she'd meant when said Lahoma probably loved Sam more than anybody else. Walter and Lenore came home to find Lee sitting in the dark. Lee buried her face in her pillow as she realized she can't marry Sam.

JUNE 26, 1968 (EP. #1025)
Liz searched for an opening into their last discussion as Missy set the breakfast table. Ernie and Sam realized they'll miss working together when Sam goes to work for John. Sam was suspicious when Rachel breezed into the garage to see her Uncle Sammy. Liz said she'd prefer it if Bill heard the truth from Missy rather than from John. Missy explained she'd forgiven Walter because he was simply doing his duty and never lied to her. Liz wondered what kind of future they can have if Missy can't change her feelings about Liz the way Liz has about Missy. Liz was distraught when Bill announced it was time they moved back to their own apartment. Liz brought up her illness, but realized she couldn't hide behind it. Missy was dismayed when Liz cried buckets and insisted, believing it herself, that she'll miss Missy more than Bill since she was never close to Bill and has been closer to Missy than to anyone in her life, including her daughter. Sam smiled at her nonsense as Rachel said they ought to be friends now that they're traveling in the same high-class circles. Lahoma told Lee she almost blurted out her situation to Ada.

JUNE 27, 1968 (EP. #1026)
One of the loveliest scenes in the world faded to black after Alice and Lenore breathlessly admired Lenore in her wedding dress. Ada was the conciliator when Sam believed an insincere Rachel wanted a social dynasty with herself at the head of it. John told Pat he worried about Lee's seeming inability to forget about Lefty. Pat took Ricky to the kitchen when Missy brought him over. Alice and Lenore ganged up on Lee to try to find out where she'll be living after she marries Sam. Missy told John that while Liz admitted what she did was inexcusable, she also blamed it on Walter. Missy believed people deserved a second chance if they changed, so she decided not to tel Bill. Lenore admitted to Lee it took her a long time to appreciate Walter.

JUNE 28, 1968 (EP. #1027)
John was surprised to receive an early-morning visit from Liz. Dru tried to make her feel better when Rachel was disappointed to hear she hadn't been invited to Helen's bridal party Mary and Alice were talking about. When Rachel asked if she makes a lot of mistakes, Dru said he thought she was really asking if she's as good as anybody else and answered yes. John laughed when Liz accused him of being dishonorable. Liz crowed that he was a meddling shyster who failed because Missy forgave her, but John felt she just believed she loved Missy because she can dominate Missy the way she realizes she can no longer dominate Bill. Ada reminded Sam that Lahoma loved him. Ada fretted when Rachel came by all bitter. Liz shook Sam's hand and welcomed him to the family. John advised Sam to always preserve an inner core of contempt for Liz. Rachel lamented that she hasn't "made it," that when she remembers the way the girls would come into Bryant's and look at the dresses she had on but not at her, she realizes she still doesn't belong.

Rachel: "Mom, I'm still out of it, all! I live in that house, I'm married to a doctor, and I'm still out of it all!"
Ada: "Rachel, Rachel, my baby, you're as good as anybody else!"
Rachel: "I never said I wasn't! Of course I'm as good as anybody else! But... [THEN] Mom, those girls... Alice, and Lenore, and... all those girls that were brought up that way... [SHE STOPS]"
Ada: "What about them?"
Rachel: "They know who I am, Mom."
Ada: "And who are you, honey?"
Rachel: "I'm Rachel Davis. Mom, even though I'm married now; I'm Rachel Davis-- and-- oh, Mom, I'm out of it! I'm out of it! [AND SHE ACTUALLY FOR ONCE GOES INTO ADA'S ARMS, CRYING, SOBBING. FADE OUT]"

JULY 1, 1968 (EP. #1028)
The perceptive viewer saw by Lenore's attitude and expression that she had a sweet-sad, half-scared, half-anticipating feeling. Over breakfast, Russ fed toast to an excited Rachel, who begged Alice to tell her all about the luncheon. Lenore showed Lee how Ada did her hair special. Fred came in with Helen, who shooed the girls up the stairs. In the sacristy of St. John's Cathedral, Walter and Dru spoke with Dr. Brooks, the minister. With a sense of wonder, Walter peeked out at the arriving guests, then confided to Dru a little ruefully that he liked Bill, though he'd always worried about him. Alice entered, then Lee, then Fred escorted Lenore down the aisle. The entire cast (except Ernie and Peggy) watched as Walter and Lenore exchanged vows and rings.

Minister: "Walter Curtin, wilt thou have Lenore to be thy wedded wife, to live together after God's ordinance in the Holy State of Matrimony? [...]"
Walter: "I will."
Minister: [TO LENORE] Repeat after me: I, Lenore, take thee, Walter, for my lawful husband."
Lenore: "I, Lenore, take thee, Walter, for my lawful husband."
Minister: "[...] And what God has joined together, let no man put asunder. [AND AS THE MUSIC SWELLS, AND WALTER TURNS TOWARD LENORE AND SHE TOWARD HIM, WE FADE OUT]"

JULY 2, 1968 (EP. #1029)
Lenore was radiant as Walter kissed her then led her back up the aisle, but there were tears of sadness in Lee's eyes. At the Bay City Country Club, as Lenore, Walter, Alice, Lee, Dru, Helen, and Fred stood in the reception line, Rachel tried to convince Russ to become a member. Russ promised her their little girl will have the big wedding they never had. Lee was embarrassed when both Sam and John told her she looked beautiful. Bill took photos of everyone. Liz told Helen to stop twitting at her, since now she and Missy have a good laugh at her original opposition to her marrying Bill. Steve Frame introduced himself to Alice, then led her to the dance floor. A pouting Rachel managed to convince Russ that one dance won't hurt the baby. Ada was so pleased when Dru told her Rachel has been fitting in very well that she agreed to dance with him. Lahoma scolded Lee for thinking of throwing away all the wonderful things she has. Pat reminded Rachel they were no longer eligible for the bouquet, which Lahoma caught when Lee made no move to grab it.

Dru: (About Walter) "I, on the contrary, always admired him."
Alice: "I do, too, now. He's-- [BUT THEY'RE INTERRUPTED BY A YOUNG MAN]"
Stephen (Intro Line): "Excuse me, but are you Alice? Alice Matthews?"
Alice: "Yes."
Stephen: "I'm Stephen Frame. [BEAT] I've been waiting for Lenore or Walter to introduce us, but somehow I don't think they're going to get the time. So hello."
Alice: "Well, hello. [LAUGHS, THEN] This is Mr. Dru, Uncle Dru, this is... well this is Mr. Stephen Frame. [THEY GREET AND STEPHEN IS MORE THAN CORDIAL, BUT IT'S CLEAR HIS REAL INTEREST IS IN ALICE]."

Notes: Jim was absent for the wedding and following episodes, explained on-screen by a bad cold.
Last appearance of Murial Williams as Helen Moore (1968).
To Walter Curtin (RIP) at the Bay City Country Club accepting his invitation to dance, "I'd love to Walter and you came just at the right moment."

JULY 3, 1968 (EP. #1030)
Just before Walter and Lenore left under a shower of rice, Alice joked to Walter she'd like to run away with him. Rachel, John, and Missy had three different views on what was the most beautiful wedding they'd ever seen. Missy twinkled at Bill as he led her off for a dance. On the plane, Lenore was ecstatic when Walter told her they would be visiting all seven of the Hawaiian Islands. Rachel made sure she and Russ stayed behind when Pat, John, Sam, and Lee left. Russ was impressed and Rachel's head swivelled at the money behind that kind of buy when Steve revealed he's the new co-owner of the Bay City Bengals, a football team. Alice advised Russ that exercise was healthy for a pregnant woman. Lee silently begged for strength after Sam brought her home. Rachel danced gaily around their bedroom as Russ watched her with loving admiration. Russ brought her some fizz when she felt a twinge in her side. Russ informed Rachel her intermittent pains were labor contractions.

Russ: "Mr. Frame... You're new in Bay City, is that right?"
Steve: "Make it Steve, please. No, not new exactly... About a year."
Alice: "He's in construction."
Steve: "[SMILING] Yes. I came here on a job, as a matter of fact... and I liked the place and decided to stay."

Rachel: "Oh, Russ. That's our song!"
Russ: "[WORN OUT BY HER, BUT STILL INTRIGUED BY RACHEL'S ENERGY:] Which one isn't? Couldn't you dance this one without me, Rachel? That's the way they're doing it these days."
Steve: "[POLITELY] If I may, Dr. Matthews? [INDICATING A DANCE TO RACHEL] Mrs. Matthews?"
Rachel: "[PERMISSION?] Russ?"
Alice: "[LAUGHING AND WAVING THEM AWAY:] We say, yes, for heaven's sake."
Steve: "Thank you. [AND HE WHISKS RACHEL AWAY]"

Rachel: "Everything was rich. Even that Mr. Frame... Steve. I'll bet he's worth a bundle, isn't he, Russ?"
Russ: "[LAUGHING:] For awhile at the party, I was afraid you were going to ask him what he was worth."
Rachel: "Well, I hope Alice hooks him. It'd be really swell having him as a member of the family. All that money..."

Notes: The original name of the Bay City football team was the Falcons.

JULY 4, 1968 (EP. #1031)
Rachel panicked, feeling raw fear for herself, not for the baby. Dru filled Mary in on the attentive young man who danced with Alice. Mary told Alice that she'll be able to get her old room back soon as Russ and Rachel will be moving out once the baby comes. Russ tried to calm Rachel, who flipped out at the thought of having the baby. Russ had to laugh a little when she wailed she's never had a baby before. Sam told Ada he felt Lee was hiding something from him. Alice ran upstairs to nurse Rachel when Russ told the family about her contractions. Mary phoned Ada with the news. A terrified Rachel clung to Russ and begged him not to let her die.

Rachel: "I'm not worried about the baby! I'm worried about myself!"
Russ: "[THROWN BY THIS:] About... you? What do you mean? I mean, I 'm worried about you, too, but... but the baby.."
Rachel: "Never mind the baby! I'm scared for myself, Russ! Russ! I'm afraid! I'm afraid!"

JULY 5, 1968 (EP. #1032)
Sam tried to calm Ada down. Alice told Mary not to accompany them to the hospital. Rachel panicked to see Alice in her uniform, but Alice took charge and assured her everything would be fine. Mary prayed for the baby to live, but at only six and a half months, she was afraid it didn't have a chance. Sam and Ernie told Ada she wouldn't do Rachel any good if she didn't have a big smile plastered on her face. As they got ready for bed, Bill and Missy talked about how everyone had looked at the wedding. Missy felt Lenore didn't love Walter the way she had loved Bill. Rachel thought it meant she won't get through it when she got off the elevator with Russ and Alice and saw Ada, Ernie, and Sam awaiting her. Russ told Ada there was no reason to worry about Rachel's heart condition. Though she put on a brave face, Ada shared Rachel's fears and every jab of pain. Ada rocked Rachel like a child when Rachel was certain she was going to die.

Rachel: "Don't leave me! If you're going to take care of me, stay with me. Stay with me every minute!"
Alice: "Rachel, don't worry. Why, I'm your sister-in-law, and this will probably be the last opportunity I'll ever have to boss you around."

JULY 8, 1968 (EP. #1033)
In fear for her life, Rachel sought and accepted comfort in Ada's arms. Alice shooed Ada out of the room. Russ, Ernie, and Sam failed to convince Ada to go home. Sam went home but Ernie stayed with Ada. Dr. Clader gave Russ and Ada his assurances before seeing Rachel. Clader came back out to say it was real, not fake, labor. Pat subtly tried to find out Lee's plans. Sam came and told them about Rachel. Alice told Russ that Rachel was running a low-grade fever. Ada reluctantly let Ernie drag her off for coffee. Clader told Russ that Rachel has uterine inertia and needs to be sedated so she can rest between contractions. Rachel relaxed as Russ spoke tenderly to convince her that the injection is to help her, not the baby.

JULY 9, 1968 (EP. #1034)
Rachel panicked, sure the injection will put her into a sleep from which she'll never return. A worried Sam told Pat and Lee that Rachel had it worse than him because she had no memory of her father, while he remembered his father though he'd been away a lot. In their hotel room, Walter promised Lenore one beautiful moment after another. He brought up Bill, but Lenore told Walter to forget him. Mary came to provide Ada with encouragement. Russ told them that Rachel's contractions weren't coming often enough to deliver the baby. Rachel, affected by the demerol into thinking she was a child again, asked Ada when her father was coming home. Back in the present, Rachel told Ada she took over when her father left off in hurting Ada. She apologized for not being nice to Ada or Russ.


JULY 10, 1968 (EP. #1035)
Ada told Alice that Rachel was flashing back to the time she had her tonsils out. Bill and Missy moved back into their apartment. When Bill got curious about Liz's acceptance of their move, Missy made him promise to accept the fact that she's changed and let it go at that. Pat phoned to tell them about Rachel. Russ made Ada leave Rachel's room. Ada told Mary she got the impression from listening to Rachel that her father meant more to her than she did. Bill let Lee hold Ricky as Missy tried to comfort her and Pat. Pat blamed Rachel for not studying up on childbirth. Alice admonished Ada for worrying over nothing. A haggard Russ kept up a professional pretense for Ada's sake. Ada broke down in Mary's arms after Rachel told her she loved her as she was being wheeled off to the delivery room.

Rachel: "And I am sorry for the things I said... every last single one... Please forgive me, Momma. [AND SHE CLOSES HER EYES AND DRIFTS OFF]"

Notes: This would be the last time we see Rachel until August 20th, except for some pre-taped scenes of her lying in her hospital bed.

JULY 11, 1968 (EP. #1036)
Alice comforted Russ, who emerged from the labor and delivery room looking exhausted. Sam and Ernie commiserated about Rachel's lazy birth and uterine inertia, though Sam felt she was deserving of a good spanking. Ernie felt somebody ought to take care of Ada when Sam said she couldn't live with Rachel dying not knowing how much her mother loved her. When Russ started blaming himself, Alice said she always thought Rachel fought the idea of having a baby, that she was somehow scared of it. Sam embarrassed Ernie, who'd broached the subject of proposing to Ada. Sam admitted he didn't know why Lee kept putting off setting a wedding date. Pat was alarmed when Lee violently rejected the idea of making wedding plans. Dr. Clader informed Russ and Alice that Rachel miscarried. Though upset, Russ was happy that he'd helped by convincing Rachel to take the demoral.

JULY 12, 1968 (EP. #1037)
A worried Ada, being comforted by Mary, was galvanized to see Russ, who then told her the baby was lost. John and Dru came home to hear from Pat there was no news of Rachel, then they worried about Lee's reluctance to set a wedding date. Ada felt sure Russ and Rachel would have lots of children yet. Ernie was only too willing to let Ada cry on his shoulder. Pat and Dru tried to ease John's fears about Lee, then Sam phoned to inquire about Lee's whereabouts since she wasn't answering the phone. In a park, Lee tried to muster up some courage for what she had to do. Ernie pampered Ada by sitting her on her couch and taking her shoes off for her. Ada fretted that Rachel gave herself a hard labor by being so frightened. Ernie was so worried about Ada being alone once Sam moved out, he proposed.

Ernie: "I'm sorry about the baby, Ada."
Ada: "Yes... The poor little thing that never had a chance..."

Ernie: "Well... I mean, Ada, if you're not dead set against having a man around the house, I was thinking that we each like each other fine. I mean, I think you like me... I know how much I like you.. And I was wondering if maybe it wouldn't be a good idea if you and I got married [TAKE ADA AND FADE OUT]"

JULY 15, 1968 (EP. #1038)
Since they were worried about Lee themselves, John, Pat, and Dru didn't do much to calm an agitated Sam. Ada was touched that Ernie felt it was time somebody took care of her. Feeling they were too old for love, Ernie said he really liked her. Ada laughed when he wanted to show her his savings book, but liked his idea of living in a house since she'd spent the first part of her life living in a tenement. She accepted once she heard Sam gave his approval. Pat admitted to Sam that Lee ran out when the topic of the wedding was brought up. Walter and Lenore toasted each other on their hotel balcony in Hawaii. She mischievously said "nolo contendere" when he asked her seriously if she'd ever get bored with him. Lenore worried about how Lee refused to catch her bouquet. Ada worried about termites as Ernie looked through the paper's real estate section. Sam came out of his funk long enough to be happy for Ada and Ernie. Lee read the article again, then cried as she tore up Sam's note.

Ernie: "Well, I know I'm not exactly Rudolph Valentino or whoever it is that's making love in the movies these days."
Ada: "[A SMILE:] How long since you've been to the movies, Ernie? It's Marcello Mastroianni now."


JULY 16, 1968 (EP. #1039)
Sam told Ada he had a hunch something was very wrong with Lee. Jim and Mary told a despondent Alice how proud they were of how she reassured Ada about Rachel. Though she wanted to wait and talk to Russ about a possible flare-up of Rachel's endocarditis, Alice fell asleep as Jim spoke to her. Sam phoned Lahoma to ask her to go down and ring Lee's doorbell. Lahoma chastised Lee for letting people worry about her. Dru shared with Mary and Jim his worries of the effects killing Lefty have on Lee. An anguished Lee begged Lahoma to keep Sam away from her. With Lee hovering nearby, Lahoma phoned Sam that Lee was sleeping. Lee told Lahoma the only way to emancipate Sam was to tell him she doesn't love him and doesn't want to marry him.

JULY 17, 1968 (EP. #1040)
Lee insisted to Lahoma she can make her lie to Sam very convincing. John found Pat making coffee kuchen, the way Mary did when she was upset. John wasn't completely reassured when Sam phoned to let him know Lee was all right after all, just home sleeping. Lee went on to say the fact that since people who've taken LSD have been known to have hallucinations a year later if they're under great stress was another reason to free Sam from her. Lahoma's insistence on how strong their love was just made Lee more determined to go through with it. The next morning, John told Pat he intended to pay Lee a surprise visit. Lee wouldn't listen to Lahoma's adoption suggestion, insisting Sam would come to resent her, and vowed to disappear from the face of the earth if anyone told Sam the truth. Lee tried to convince John she'd had a simple headache last night, then Sam arrived with talk of getting married tomorrow, which sounded fine to John.

JULY 18, 1968 (EP. #1041)
A woozy Russ insisted he was all right when Alice came in to work and found him catching a minute's sleep in a visitor's chair. Missy served breakfast with an extra dash and joy, and Bill was relieved his mother wouldn't be coming down the stairs. After Bill left for work, Pat arrived to recruit Missy for a visit to Lee. Russ blamed himself for Rachel's strain when he told Alice her endocarditis seemed to be kicking up again, and was sure Rachel would become very ill. A cheery and deprecating Alice wouldn't allow Ada to disturb Rachel, as a breezy Russ tried to mollify Ada's fears. Alice was delighted to hear of Ada's upcoming marriage. Missy agreed with Pat that Lee's behavior sounded strange. Lahoma felt inadequate that she was the only one Lee could talk to. Lee averred she'd somehow find the strength to give Sam up.

JULY 19, 1968 (EP. #1042)
Lee opened the door to Pat and Missy, who put Ricky in her arms, which made her turn away from them and looked at the baby unhappily and yearningly. Steve ran into Alice when he came to the hospital to visit a straw boss who fell from a second-story girder. He said he now owned the Bay City Bengals, the football team. She insisted she wasn't shocked when he said what he really liked about the construction business wasn't building but out-foxing the competition. Alice accepted his dinner invite, then was a little flustered he already knew her address. Lee talked her way out of it when Missy asked her, Pat, and their men to dinner at her place. Bill asked Sam about Rachel and was told of Ada's wedding plans. After beating about the bush, Alice asked Lee if she could sublet her apartment after she marries Sam, but Lee asked her to move in with her since she wasn't going to marry Sam. After Alice described their glorious and inspirational love, Lee declared that she was enormously and eternally grateful, but not in love, with Sam and only accepted his proposal out of gratitude, but could no longer continue with this farce.

Steve: "[TO ALICE'S BACK] Miss, can you tell me which way seven-o-four is?"
Alice: "[SHE TURNS] It's down... [THEN THEY RECOGNIZE EACH OTHER] Well, hello?"
Steve: "[SIMULTANEOUSLY] Well, hello, yourself. [THEN OF COURSE THEY LAUGH, AND STEVE HOLDS OUT HIS HAND TO HER:] It's nice to see you again."
Alice: "It's very nice to see you, Steven."

JULY 22, 1968 (EP. #1043)
Lee was defensive when Alice expressed her doubts. At Pierre's, Ada told Lahoma how she felt Rachel would be a changed woman once she had children, then Lahoma wasn't pleased to hear Ada didn't plan to marry until after Sam and Lee did. After arguing that Lee didn't know what she talking about, Alice reached for her purse and gave Lee a pill to make her sleep. John told Pat that Lee had been evasive, and was happy to hear Pat's news that Lee stated her intention to talk about her plans with Sam tonight. Dru greeted Alice with flowers Steve had sent, but she admitted being too glum to enjoy dinner. Dru urged her to hurry and get dressed since she looked like a wilted daffodil. In a dream, a little boy led Lee by the hand to view a puppet show in the park: Lahoma as puppeteer made puppet Lee reiterate her vow to break up with Sam: Lee tried to flee from the park but a bridal procession blocked her way: Dru was the minister as she stood by Sam's side, but various children stepped forward to parrot the magazine article.

JULY 23, 1968 (EP. #1044)
Sam showed up at Lee's with flowers and groceries. Jim and Mary thought she was concerned about Rachel when Alice didn't seem excited over dinner with Steve. Mary wasn't happy when Alice mentioned she still intends to move out into her own place. Lee smiled weakly as Sam prattled on about the past and the future, then fled into the bedroom when he pulled out a calender. As he sat on the porch drinking lemonade with Jim and Mary, Steve remembered how he'd run five lemonade stands when he was eight, then said he probably bought the sports team to compensate for never having had time for games. Jim worried about Alice when Mary commented on Steve's straightforwardness. Missy and Bill felt Sam and Lee were destined to be very happy and without a care in the world. Lee cried when Sam presented her with a modest ring, then pulled her hand away and said she couldn't marry him.

JULY 24, 1968 (EP. #1045)
Unbelievably shocked, Sam took it like a blow to the solar plexis when Lee repeated her intent not to marry him. Russ confided Rachel's troubles to Lahoma, who agreed not to let Ada know. Ada was worried when Russ wouldn't let Ernie accompany her to see Rachel. Lahoma was unable to answer the double barrels when an eager Ernie wondered if she knew when Lee planned to get married. Lee, unable to say anything harsh, was frantic when Sam insisted that putting the past behind her didn't mean including him. Lee was glad when Walter and Lenore showed up unexpectedly to drag them all out to dinner. A miserable Lahoma desperately tried to dodge Ernie's attempts to find out Lee's intentions. When Lenore quizzed Lee about her wedding date, Sam made excuses, and he and Lee were able to leave the restaurant gracefully. Lee dashed Sam's good mood by finally saying she not only couldn't marry him, she didn't want to.

JULY 25, 1968 (EP. #1046)
Ada wanted Ernie to tell her what Lahoma knew about Sam and Lee. Eager to talk after the meal, Steve told Alice he bought the sports team for status and a tax break (since the team was in last place). When she hinted she'd been disillusioned earlier in the evening, he advised her the way not to be hurt was not count too much on others. Ernie dissembled when Ada was sure Sam and Lee were settling things right now. Lee insisted to Sam that she wasn't still bothered by Lefty's death, or by having taken the LSD, or by the possibility of her re-hallucinating. Lahoma worried about what Lee was telling Sam. Lee apologized to Sam for ever making him think she loved him, then clinched it by reaffirming his belief that they were from different classes. She broke down in sobs after he picked up the ring, said goodbye, and left.

Sam: "We were... so happy. We... we had fun... we laughed together... we looked forward to... everything that it meant to live together. Kids, family--"
Lee: "[THE WORD "KIDS" TRIGGERS A SCREAM:] Stop it, Sam! [HE IS TAKEN ABACK BY THE VEHEMENCE OF THIS. THEN, LEE, MORE QUIETLY:] I'm sorry. But I told you we shouldn't talk about it."
Sam: "Lee, you're not going to marry me because you don't love me?"
Lee: "Sam, I was trying to tell it to you without saying it. But you make me say it, don't you? And I guess it's only fair. That's it, Sam. That's it. I don't love you. [TAKE SAM AND FADE OUT]"

JULY 26, 1968 (EP. #1047)
They learned Sam was no longer there when Ada pushed Ernie into phoning Lee's. Alice apologized to Steve for spending the evening worrying about her friends, and he advised her to learn how not to worry about others. Ernie tried to diffuse Ada's worry over Sam, but he sighed in mock exasperation when she professed not being able to sleep until Sam returned. Alice didn't want to discuss it when Jim asked if Lee had said anything about a wedding date. Russ tried to explain he loved Rachel for the way good and bad intertwined in her, and Jim reassured him he likes her. The next morning, as John waited impatiently for a call from Lee, he recalled to Pat how he hadn't told Lee right away of their own wedding. A worried Ada alarmed John and Pat with news that Sam hadn't come home last night.

JULY 29, 1968 (EP. #1048)
Fearing it was Sam, Lee wouldn't answer the phone when John called her. Missy kidded with Bill about his intention to tease Sam about his wedding. They were surprised when Liz showed up on their doorstep. Bill left for work, and Missy kept mum when Liz asked her if she hated her. John talked Ada out of phoning the hospital, felt she should accompany him to the office to await Sam, and shot down her theory that Sam and Lee eloped. Liz vowed to Missy she'd make everything up to her and win her love back. Liz offered to sit with Ricky when John phoned for Missy to go over and check on Lee. Ada preferred trying to phone Lee's rather than listen to Pat's optimistic outlook. Lee quickly gleaned that Missy had been sent over by John. Missy was stunned to hear what Lee had told Sam, then imparted the news of Sam's disappearance.

Missy: "There was a time when I did feel close to you."
Liz: "And that time will come again, Melissa-- I promise you. Because you see no matter how you feel about me, I still love you. I love you every bit as much as if you were my own daughter."

JULY 30, 1968 (EP. #1049)
Lee pounded on Lahoma's door to tell her Sam has disappeared. Alice couldn't keep her mind focused when Lenore was interested to hear about her and Steve, then told Lenore all the news about Sam and Lee. Sam brooded in a bar about not being good enough for Lee. Lahoma got on Lee's case for hurting Sam, but backed off when she saw how it had affected her. Lee convinced Lahoma she needed to go find Sam to make sure he was all right. Ernie stared at him open-mouthed when Sam walked in requesting his old job back, and offered to sell Ernie his engagement ring. Sam just walked out when Ernie told him to go back to Mr. Randolph. Sam phoned Peggy to tell John he won't be coming in anymore. When Lahoma found Sam packing his bags, she yearned to touch him but dared not to as he stated they were both born losers.

JULY 31, 1968 (EP. #1050)
John and Bill were puzzled when Peggy told them of Sam's call. Missy told Bill what Lee said she'd told Sam last night. John felt Lee still felt guilty about Lefty, and anticipated that Sam might be considering leaving town. Lahoma vaguely tried to convince Sam that Lee hadn't meant what she said, but Sam didn't blame Lee for feeling how she did. Though he thought John the greatest guy in the world, Sam told Lahoma he couldn't associate any longer with someone who represented everything he isn't. Missy shared the news with Pat and Ada, who laughed ironically that Sam, the baby of the family, never got a break. Through her tears, Ada described that though he never received any luck, he was a good man who was trying to put his life back together. Sam couldn't promise John he'd think it over before leaving town.

AUGUST 1, 1968 (EP. #1051)
A resentful Lahoma informed Lee she found Sam packing his suitcases, and admonished her for the hurtful comments people like Rachel and Liz were bound to say about him. Lee was hopeful to hear John had gone over to talk to Sam, but panicked when Lahoma warned he was likely on his way to see her next. Though he intended to confront Lee, a despairing John confided to Pat he doesn't know what to do about his daughter. Liz smiled like a Chesire cat when she answered the door to Lee. Ada told Ernie that Lee gave Sam his walking papers, and showed him the note in which he stated his intent to pack up and light out. A concerned Ernie made Ada sit down while he made her some tea. Lee couldn't disagree when Liz reassured her that it had been a perfectly absurd notion to have thought she loved Sam. Unhappy that Lahoma's prediction was coming true, Lee tried to defend Sam's academic achievements.

AUGUST 2, 1968 (EP. #1052)
Alice was too upset to be excited when Mary and Dru told her Steve called. Missy was sure from listening to Liz's opinions that Liz hadn't wanted her to marry Bill for the same reason she doesn't think Sam and Lee are a good match. Missy thought Liz insensitive for not telling her right off that Lee had been by. Mary and Dru were stunned when Alice spoke of Lee's actions and Sam's disappearance. Sam sat hunched and miserable in a corner of the garage. Missy and Bill were incredulous when Liz insisted she'd been sympathetic to Lee. Liz started to cry when Bill accused her of letting her snobbery run away with her again. Ernie chided Sam for speaking rudely and sarcastically to a concerned Ada. Sam moaned to Ada about lying in a sagging bed in a tenement house dreaming about something he had no right to dream about.

AUGUST 5, 1968 (EP. #1053)
John found Lahoma cooking dinner at Lee's and vowed not to leave until Lee returned. Ada didn't agree when Sam, without rancor, described how he and Lee were the princess and the commoner. Lee voiced the reason in Lahoma's head as John asked her if she knew why Lee refused to marry Sam, until a miserable Lahoma fled to her own apartment. Steve gave Walter some financial contributions to his campaign. Steve was relieved when Lenore assured him that Alice hadn't returned his call only because she was so upset about Lee. Walter was skeptical when Lenore mused about playing matchmaker for Steve and Alice. John could hardly recognize Lee as his own daughter when she spoke of never loving Sam since he wasn't her own kind. She was crushed when John voiced his utter disappointment in her.

AUGUST 6, 1968 (EP. #1054)
Amid more tears, Liz wailed to Bill and Missy that they'd have been happier if she'd died of her heart attack. Pat and Dru informed Alice that Lee needed their help and understanding, not censure, then John drove up to the Matthews and told them that his little girl talked like Liz. Liz got great satisfaction from Missy's attempts at conciliation. As she explained her position, Liz triumphed in forcing Bill to admit that if Lee didn't love Sam, she did the right thing in not marrying him. Ernie advised Ada not to worry so much about the trouble of others since she took it too hard. Ernie remembered he hadn't liked Lee when Sam first brought her to the garage, but Ada had liked her. Ernie was sure Ada wanted to get in touch with Lahoma to get something started between her and Sam. Dru tried to convince John not to feel ashamed of Lee for inflicting hurt on people like Ada since she couldn't help how she felt. Ada got rid of Ernie, but Lahoma wouldn't let Ada cross-examine her. Ada begged her to cancel her plans to leave town so she could stick around and be a friend to Sam.

AUGUST 7, 1968 (EP. #1055)
Sam berated himself for a fool when he came across the same section of the park where he celebrated his engagement with Lee. Lenore wondered to Walter if there was a particular reason Steve was interested in his campaign. Lenore was properly impressed when Walter gleaned she intended to visit Lee. Lahoma told Ada she couldn't take advantage of Sam on the rebound. Ada jumped on Lahoma's case when Ernie revealed he thought Lahoma might know more than she's telling, but Lahoma ran out the door. Ernie warned Ada not to push Sam and Lahoma together. When Lenore was unconvinced that Lee had just changed her mind about loving Sam, Lee said it was at her wedding that she realized all she felt was gratitude. To keep from crying, Lee got angry at Lenore for not believing her. Ada and Ernie were both hesitant when Sam asked for his old job back, then they tried in vain to convince him he belonged at the law firm. Lahoma told Lee that Ada almost succeeded in badgering the secret out of her, and even Lee felt she'd better leave town for awhile since she felt she might break down and admit to people she loved Sam.

AUGUST 8, 1968 (EP. #1056)
Russ told Alice he was terribly worried about Rachel. John filled Peggy in on Sam and Lee, but couldn't agree with her that it might be a temporary thing. Dru thought John made a mistake in expressing his disappointment to Lee like a stern Victorian parent. Alice and Russ covered when Ada found them discussing Rachel's grave condition. Ada felt there was no telling what she might do to Lee if she followed Alice's advice about confronting her. Dru explained to John that he may have made Lee feel deserted and alienated, that she has somehow put herself beyond the pale with what she did to Sam. Alice told Lee she could move in once Rachel was out of hospital. Lee told her she needed to get away because people, like her father, think she deliberately wanted to hurt Sam. Russ asked about Sam to circumvent Ada's worry over Rachel. It took awhile, but after John managed to make Lee believe he still loved her, she threw herself into his arms and sobbed against his chest.

AUGUST 9, 1968 (EP. #1057)
Liz shared with Mary her theory that Pat and John pushed Lee into the arms of that ex-convict Sam. Lee turned her down when Lenore wanted her company in picking out some art to brighten up her dull apartment hotel. But Lee let her know she was touched that Lenore wanted her to know she was still her friend. Liz boasted that Bill and Missy agreed with her viewpoint, and that she had an advantage over Mary because Lee came to visit her. Liz suggested they give a party for Lee and the rest of their set, none of those Lucases or Davises, and pitied Mary who reminded her her daughter-in-law was a Davis. Russ told Mary he received a letter from Massachusetts General offering him a lucrative residency. Steve understood when Alice apologized for forgetting to return his call, and she agreed to dinner with Walter and Lenore. His uncertainty was not lost on Mary when Russ tried to quell his own doubts with heartiness over whether Rachel would be happy with a move to Boston. Lee appreciated Dru's opinion that she must have felt badly about hurting Sam's feelings. When he pressed her on her plans for the rest of her life, Lee realized she wanted a job that would be helpful to others. Lee was startled to hear Dru admit he didn't believe her and encourage her to talk to others as her true feelings might subconsciously emerge.

AUGUST 12, 1968 (EP. #1058)
Alice was stunned to hear Russ intended to turn down the Boston offer in favor of the Memorial one. Walter was too busy thinking about Lenore to listen to Fred's campaign advice. Fred advised him not to judge all women by Lee's actions when Walter admitted being jealous of Sam because Lee had been completely in love with him, but Fred realized for the first time Walter's feelings of self-doubt. Bill failed to convince Sam he personally appreciated his help at the office. Bill pointed to his own experiences in being run out on by Missy to show Sam that things could work out in the end if he didn't give up. Mary warned Jim not to expect Russ to be too excited about the residency. Russ appreciated it when Alice offered to stay with Rachel until she was better and then travel with her to Boston to meet up with him, but he felt Rachel was frightened at the thought of new surroundings. Alice could only sigh and nod when he vowed to be both doctor and husband. Bill scoffed when Sam explained he was an ex-con who had been on the make for a different world he didn't belong to. Bill promised Ada he wouldn't give up on Sam.

AUGUST 13, 1968 (EP. #1059)
Lenore was surprised that Walter was so depressed at what Lee had done to Sam. Alice changed the subject when Jim crowed about Russ's residency offer. But Alice revealed Russ's intentions when Jim wouldn't get off the subject and requested a blow-by-blow description of Russ's reaction. Jim was stunned to hear Russ was giving up the offer for Rachel's sake. Worried that love was fleeting, Walter babbled that Lenore didn't love him as much as Lee loved Sam, but quickly rationalized it by telling her she simply wasn't the effusive type. Walter rushed out the door after receiving word that Dick had been in a serious accident. Sam complained to Ernie about Bill's persistence, then offered to move out if his staying at Ada's prevented her from marrying Ernie. Ernie told Sam that Dick was dead on arrival at the hospital after his squad car overturned while chasing a criminal. Alice came down to the porch when Steve was talking with Mary and Jim and told them all of Dick's death. Jim told Mary he was going to start off not being the heavy father by not letting Russ know that Alice already spoke to him. After Russ told his parents he couldn't accept the offer for Rachel's sake because he'd be required to leave right away, they held each other in grief.

AUGUST 14, 1968 (EP. #1060)
Lahoma informed Lee she was no longer going to throw herself in Sam's way just so she can come back and make reports to her. Liz was surprised not to find Jim and Mary bubbling over with enthusiasm over Russ's residency, then saw it written all over their faces that the foolish little flibbertigibbet girl that he so stupidly married was making Russ forfeit the offer. Lee couldn't accept that Sam would throw away his career when Lahoma maintained he was too busy eating his heart out to pick himself up. Lee ran out after a call about Dick, and Lahoma gazed at Sam's picture and lamented that it was Sam and Lee, not she and Sam, that had fallen in love. Walter returned home, shared some memories with Lenore, then drank a toast to Dick. After Alice told of Russ's turning down the residency for Rachel's sake, Walter described Rachel for Steve. Since Rachel liked material things, Steve thought they sounded alike, but Walter felt Rachel was different in that she went after things the wrong way. Liz advised Mary to speak to Ada. In her apartment, Peggy told Lee that Dick never left her alone in the house except to go see a basketball game or to go out in line of duty, and that he'd been saving money so they could live in the country when they retired. Lee opened the door to Sam, who expressed his sympathy to Peggy. Sam told Peggy he envied what she'd had with Dick.

Lee: "But you were happy, Peggy, for many years, really. You were happy, weren't you, you and your husband?"
Peggy: "Yes. I thought I was lucky, having him, and for some crazy reason he thought he was lucky having me. Yes, we were happy."

AUGUST 15, 1968 (EP. #1061)
Ernie informed Ada that Sam or no Sam, they had to get married. Missy clung to Bill while empathizing with Peggy. Liz told Bill the trouble was that every time she said something sensible, it shocked the sentimental people around her. Missy and Bill told Liz of Dick's death, and she told them of Russ giving up a wonderful opportunity because of an empty-headed, bird-brained, inadequate child like Rachel. Mary came over and led up in a gingerly fashion to asking Ada if Rachel had mentioned the Boston offer. Ada gleaned that Russ turned it down on account of Rachel, and was astounded that Ernie knew Massachusetts General was where ether was discovered. Lee told Lahoma that she'd run into Sam, whom she felt must have hatred for her creeping and burning within him. Lahoma was vehemently against winning Sam that way when Lee said Sam would marry Lahoma once he hated Lee enough. When Missy went into the kitchen to check on dinner, Bill forced Liz to admit she'd spoken her mind to Jim and Mary about Rachel. When Ada asserted that Rachel had to go to Boston with Russ, Mary suggested they both help take care of Rachel while Russ was there. Ernie was secretly doubtful that Ada would be able to influence Rachel.

Missy: "Mrs. Matthews, Russ loves Rachel."
Liz: "Personally, I think it was pure biology, or chemistry or whatever they call it."
Bill: "One of those sciences. Geology, anyone?"

AUGUST 16, 1968 (EP. #1062)
Peggy hoped Sam would have with Lee what she had had with Dick. Russ put on a cheerful mask and assured Mary he was very happy to be able to protect Rachel. Mary felt guilty not answering Russ's query about where she'd been. Peggy told Sam that, growing up, her mother had been like a general waging war against the dust and the dirt and the landlord of their neighborhood. Since Peggy now worked in a law office, she felt Sam could too, as people were all alike no matter their color or education. Russ wasn't sure whether Liz was throwing a barb at him when she asked about the residency and Rachel in the same breath. Liz was happy to hear Mary had spoken to Ada, since it was a parent's duty to influence their children whenever it is necessary. Dru told Pat and John that Lee had seemed to be reciting something by rote when he spoke to her. Pat felt Sam might be willing to return to the law office if Lee did go away for awhile. Sam laughed hysterically when Ada told him she was going to have Rachel make Russ change his mind.

John: "Dru, it's a blessing to all of us to have you around."
Dru: "Don't be foolish, John."

AUGUST 19, 1968 (EP. #1063)
As they danced at the Top of the Tower, Alice assured Steve she was deliriously happy. While Lenore judged Steve as charming and gracious but perhaps a bit too calculating in his appreciation of Alice, Walter considered that might be a disservice to him. Steve opined it would help both their ventures for Walter to make an appearance at a Bengals game. Jim was uncomfortable because he agreed with Alice's pronouncement that Russ was irresponsible to give in to Rachel. Alice admitted she was both interested in and confused by Steve, a man unlike the ketchup-sandwich eaters Jim was used to. When Walter worried about being in Sam's shoes, Lenore promised him there was no comparison. Sam nightmared of Lahoma's commentary as Lee left him. Sam flared up at Ada for harping on his packed bags. Dru spoke quietly to Sam of those things that must be done, but it just propelled him into announcing to Ada his intent to clear out to avoid everyone's sympathy and understanding.

AUGUST 20, 1968 (EP. #1064)
Ada alerted a summoned Ernie that Sam had left. Over breakfast, Russ was withdrawn as Alice bubbled gaily to Mary. Alice was affronted when Russ forbade her from meddling with Rachel, but Mary looked sick as she'd set in motion circumstances which will lead to Rachel's being talked to. After Ada filled him in, Ernie felt that Sam was grown up and the only thing they could do was go ahead and get married. Ernie was disappointed when Ada substituted worrying about Sam with worrying about Rachel. Sufficiently recovered to primp herself, Rachel greeted Russ warmly. Russ assured Rachel he'd mailed a letter of refusal to Boston. Lahoma realized Rachel hadn't been interested in the baby. Rachel advised Lahoma to let Sam know how sorry she feels for him. Ada underplayed the news when she told Lahoma and Rachel of Sam's departure. Ada accused Rachel of making Russ give up the residency he'd wanted since medical school, and Rachel emphatically turned down her plea to make Russ change his mind. Russ walked in to find Rachel with her back practically turned to Ada, who fidgeted nervously. Russ glanced puzzled at Ada when Rachel said Ada believes Rachel was holding Russ back from what he wanted to do.

Lahoma: "It must be awful to lose a baby."

AUGUST 21, 1968 (EP. #1065)
An angry Rachel vented to Russ that Ada wanted him to go away and leave her all alone. Lahoma told Alice about Sam's departure, and insisted she was okay with the fact that Sam never thought of her as all he needed in the way of sunshine and blue skies. Ada was able to truthfully tell Russ that Rachel had just told her about the offer. Rachel held her cheek up and permitted an apologetic Ada to kiss her goodbye. Russ was tremendously interested when Rachel said Ada knew how much he always wanted to go to Boston. Russ laid into Alice for telling Ada all about the residency. Liz bemoaned Missy's cold way of speaking to her, then opined that they had once been much closer than Mary and Rachel could ever be. When Liz insisted she did a nightly penance for having told Walter of her pregnancy, Missy consented to call her "mother" again, but broke away quickly when they hugged. Russ was nonplussed when Alice told him off for prejudging her with wild accusations. Rachel blinked in surprise to see Liz, but brightened when Liz gifted her with a new bed jacket. Rachel only acted up to what was expected of her when Luz sympathized about the baby. Rachel agreed she couldn't see Sam and Lee together for dust, then, when she realized Liz was hitting at her own background, explained she'd been provided with advantages Sam never received. Liz gave Rachel an air kiss goodbye, then encountered Russ in the corridor and defended against his accusations by implying Mary was the one who'd spoken to Ada.

AUGUST 22, 1968 (EP. #1066)
Russ bolted from the hospital after apologizing to Alice for losing his temper. Liz fumed to Fred that, after having had the goodness of heart to visit Rachel and bring her an expensive gift, Russ had the gall to accuse her of being the one to talk Rachel's mother into talking to Rachel about the job offer. Lee didn't mind when Lahoma said Rachel had been going on about how Lee was way above Sam in station. Lee felt it a good thing when Lahoma revealed Sam had left town, but Lahoma warned her (partly honestly and partly to light a fire under Lee) she intended to go after Sam if Lee didn't. Pat quickly realized Mary wasn't interested in talking of whether Lee loved Sam. Russ came in and, when Mary admitted she'd gone to Ada, berated her for meddling in his life and behaving like Aunt Liz. Pat tried to convince Mary that Russ had really been lashing out at Rachel when he was shouting at her. Alice wondered if anyone would ever love her that way when Russ assured Rachel the most important thing was that they be together all the time.

AUGUST 23, 1968 (EP. #1067)
Lahoma tried to convince Lee that even if she did go after Sam, her heart would get busted again because Lee and Sam would end up together. Ada sympathized with Mary about Russ, but she saw red when Pat brought up Lee's feelings for Sam. Lahoma couldn't convince Lee to tell Sam she broke off with him because of the articles she read. Walter joked that Lenore was under orders to be nice to all party luminaries when she gave visiting Fred the royal treatment. Fred chastised Walter's unworthy emotion when Walter was upset Lenore planned to invite Bill, with Missy, to their dinner party. While waiting for Lahoma, Ada berated Lee (who bore it stoically) for playing with a person then discarding them like an old toy. Lahoma criticized Ada's harsh opinion of Lee, but Lee wouldn't let her tell Ada the whole story. Ada told a miserably silent Lahoma she wished Sam could fall for Lahoma, since she loved him more than anybody.

AUGUST 26, 1968 (EP. #1068)
An upset Ada told Ernie about telling off Lee and Lahoma defending her. She insisted they couldn't get married until Rachel and Sam's troubles were solved. Jim couldn't answer when Russ asked if he agreed with Mary's assessment he was making a mistake. Lahoma told Ernie she wants for Sam whatever he wants for himself. Ernie tried to convince her that she and Sam speak the same language, the way he and Ada do. Rachel thought it hilarious when Ada revealed she was proposed to by, in Rachel's words, "the funny little old man who owns the garage where Sam worked." Rachel had a tough time getting used to it when Ada said she accepted the proposal. Jim gave Russ, then Mary, a pat on the arm before leaving them alone, where Mary's eyes filled with tears and they embraced, all forgiven.

AUGUST 27, 1968 (EP. #1069)
Liz dropped by to find Bill playing with Ricky, and was honestly happy that Bill was treating him as his own son. Missy revealed to her they were hoping for another child. Bill came down on Liz for mentioning he and Lenore had been engaged. Ada became exasperated when Rachel described marriage as keeping pretty for your husband. When Ada accused her of not thinking of what Russ wanted, Rachel blasted her for doing the same to her father and driving him away. Bill reminded Liz it was she who convinced Mary to ask Ada to talk to Rachel. Rachel's annoyance showed when Ernie arrived and caught the end of her tirade. A philosophical Alice asked Dru if she could ever really know who Steve Frame was, but he assured her she was a fortunate young girl with a lovely life ahead of her.


AUGUST 28, 1968 (EP. #1070)
Rachel tried to convince Alice, who didn't want to discuss it at all, that it was Russ's decision to turn down the residency. Alice rushed to get Russ when Rachel said she'd like to be a good wife and convince Russ to take the job. Liz was taken aback by Walter's presence when she visited Lenore. Walter upset Lenore by his attitude when Liz talked of Bill. For Russ's benefit, Rachel regurgitated her mother's views on marriage, then, searching for reasons she couldn't move to Boston, claimed her mother needed her. By asking leading questions, Rachel got him to admit staying in Bay City was what he wanted. Alice came in and Rachel lamented that though she tried her best to get Russ to take the residency, he insisted on staying here. At Pierre's, Liz listened in when Ada got a call from Sam saying he was back at Evansville, then got all insulted when Ada asked her not to repeat what she'd heard.

Notes: Crossed-out writer's reference to Lenore realizing that the problem Walter has with Bill may lie in a fault in Walter himself.

AUGUST 29, 1968 (EP. #1071)
John confided to Ernie (who was repairing his flat tire) he feels guilty that Sam ran away from town. They were both distressed when Ada phoned to say Sam found a job as a helper to a machine operator. Proud of Lee for giving Sam the heave-ho, Liz imparted the good news to her that Sam has sought his own level and was gone for good. A caustic Alice fumed to Mary that Rachel pleaded so effectively with Russ that he's going to do just what Rachel wants. Lee felt miserable when she was forced to turn them down when John and Pat came over to beg her to go convince Sam to return to John's law office where he belonged. Ernie told Lahoma she was the best one to talk Sam out of throwing his life away.

Lahoma: "That poor Sammy. He's just out in the garden eating worms, isn't he?"

AUGUST 30, 1968 (EP. #1072)
Lee's mask of indifference dropped after John and Pat left, and she frantically tried to phone Lahoma for help. Pat reminded Ada that Sam will miss out on college since classes start soon. Steve boasted to Walter he could raise for his campaign $500 for every $100 his financial chairman raised. Walter realized that John had read him when John remarked Walter was bothered by his and Lenore's age difference. John said he was in the same position with his wife but had got over being a jealous tyrant. Ada happily agreed to give Lahoma Sam's address, but was disappointed when Lahoma then bolted out the door before talking to her more of Sam. Lahoma ran into Lee who was about to leave her a note, and, failing to convince Lee to go to Sam, tried to make her face the possible consequences if Lahoma went after him.

John: (About Steve) "He's the most dynamic character I've met in quite a while."
Walter: "He is that."

Lahoma: "And loving him, you're willing to send me to him?"
Lee: "You're the one who can help him, Lahoma! Go to him! Bring him back!"

SEPTEMBER 2, 1968 (EP. #1073)
Bill assured Missy they'd give Ricky a little brother or sister someday, and gently scolded her that worrying about getting pregnant was a sure fire way not to get pregnant. Bill and John were surprised Peggy was back at work so soon after Dick's death. Lahoma introduced herself to Peggy and extended her sympathies. Liz tried to interest Missy in joining some women's organizations and taking her place in Bay City society as William Matthews' wife. John offered Lahoma his blessings and some financial assistance when she was torn over when she should, or even could, influence Sam to return. John gave Peggy a warm smile when she wanted to have a good talk with Lee. John warned Liz to stay away from Lee, but Liz maintained she was the only one who didn't feed Lee the kind of sentimental pap the rest of the family did. John pulled out the heavy artillery and reminded Liz of how she pushed Missy into the arms of the despicable Danny Fargo, and, more importantly, of how Missy made him promise never to tell Bill that she was sent to jail on account of what Liz told Walter. Then Bill walked in and asked what on earth they were talking about.

Liz: "Well, I wasn't aware that I was exactly Typhoid Mary."
John: "In a symbolic sense you have well characterized yourself, Liz."

SEPTEMBER 3, 1968 (EP. #1074)
Old friend, Jake Westerly tried to woo Sam into joining the boys in some jobs that weren't too illegal. Liz squirmed then bolted after thinking up a flimsy excuse, but Bill demanded John tell him the whole story. Over lunch, Peggy tried to find out why Lee turned a good man away. Sam was surprised to see Lahoma, who was displeased he was considering running around with his old crowd again. Lahoma insisted he cut out all this nonsense and come on home where he belonged. Bill came home, reassured Missy she wasn't obliged to join his mother's clubs, then begged her to tell him what Liz had done to her.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1968 (EP. #1075)
As Russ helped Rachel take a short walk in the hospital corridor, Steve stepped off the elevator and told Alice he was there to visit his ballplayer, Big Dan. Alice was called away, and Steve chatted with Russ and Rachel. Russ was upset but Rachel pleased when she finagled season's tickets to Steve's football games. Rachel advised Alice to reel Steve in as fast as she could. Insisting he'd never stop wondering about her secret, Bill pressed for a no-secret marriage, but a distraught Missy maintained she'd settled "it" with Liz. Bill vowed to get at the truth with or without her help. Rachel reassured Russ that even though she married him for love, not money, she still thought Alice would be making a mistake by letting someone like Stephen Frame get away. Alice smiled weakly when Steve laid a dollar before her and claimed, as the big spender he was, it was to buy her thoughts. Steve said he knew Rachel was a schemer when she hinted at the season tickets. He assured her that he and Rachel were two different breeds of cat as Rachel says one thing but means another, and Steve doesn't. Lahoma tried to lay a guilt trip on Sam based on Ada's hurt feelings, then, fed up, took down the diner's "Boy wanted" sign, gave it to him, and told him to wallow in it since he was resigned to licking his wounds like a loser.

Steve: "You're Alice Matthews - different from any girl I've ever gone out with."
Alice: "[SMILING] Is that good?"
Steve: "It's good for me - and I hope it's good for you, too. [FADE OUT]"

SEPTEMBER 5, 1968 (EP. #1076)
Ada broke up the argument when Ernie disagreed with Rachel's view that Steve was a great catch because he was loaded. Rachel thought Lahoma was just plain looney for going after Sam, who wasn't anybody special like Steve. Fred tried to dissuade Liz from roping Missy into her organizations. Liz felt panicky when Fred excused himself to leave after Bill came over. After Russ dropped by to tease Alice about Rachel's grand estimation of Steve, Alice reassured Dru that Steve was just a date and she didn't share Rachel's values. After Missy had Pat visit Ricky, John informed her her options have shrunk as she'll now hurt Bill by not telling him. Bill didn't believe Liz's lies and half-truths when he demanded an explanation from her.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1968 (EP. #1077)
Liz insisted to Bill hers wasn't a story but a recital of the precise facts. Lahoma sung Ada's praises and virtues to Sam, and encouraged him to think of her feelings even at the expense of his own. She held back the tears while putting forth as an example her own courage in not turning her back on the whole world because he loved Lee instead of her. Bill's vow to find the truth hung in the air after he stormed out, and Liz was as much stricken and frantic as when Danny threatened to expose her. She poured herself a drink with trembling hands, then hid it when Jim dropped by on business matters, since Liz was a partner. The next morning, as Rachel packed to go home, Alice tried to chastise her about crowing about Steve and putting Sam down, but Rachel was more interested in hearing Lenore hadn't invited her to her party. Rachel lamented she was still just Rachel Davis, but Ada didn't think that was a bad thing to be. Lahoma admitted she had been rough on Sam after running in to him at the diner, where he pushed coffee and a donut under her nose by way of breakfast. Before leaving for the bus, Lahoma leaned over and patted his arm, then, more deliberately, touched her fingers to her lips and then to his cheek. Sam called her back and told her he wouldn't let her go all the way back to Bay City on a bus all alone.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1968 (EP. #1078)
Missy answered when Liz phoned to arrange a hush-hush meeting, then was flabbergasted when Bill asked how soon his mother was coming over after he left. Jim told Mary that Liz hadn't been her usual qui vive self, and that her answers were a whole series of non sequiturs. Bill alleged that it felt like there was a grinning skeleton in their closet, and distressed Missy when he spoke of having no secrets from her. Liz jumped in the door as soon as Bill left for the office. Alice dropped in as Liz was reminding Missy of her promise of silence. Missy opined Rachel should have another baby right away, but Alice felt Rachel wasn't really upset about losing her baby. At home at the Matthews, Rachel kicked when Russ insisted she had to stay in bed and convalesce. Though unenthusiastic, Rachel tried to play up to him when he excitedly told her she can still have children. She stiffened when he kissed her after she for the first time connected their smooching and her pregnancy. Rachel was furious when Russ refused to phone Lenore and fish for an invite to her party.

Russ: "Honey, I know what a terrible shock you've had. How awful it is to lose a baby. It's bad enough for me, but for you..."
Rachel: "Oh that. Oh well, sure. Yes, of course it is."

SEPTEMBER 11, 1968 (EP. #1079)
When Lenore explained Bill was never in love with her and she "like(d) him a great deal," Walter solemnly swore to be nice to Bill and totally resist the impulse to spill his drink in Bill's lap. Mary shot down Rachel's idea of inviting Lenore over for lunch. Rachel didn't enthuse when Ada floated in to impart the great news of Sam's impending return. Ada advised her to take be-liked lessons from Lahoma after she realized Rachel disapproved of Sam because of how he reflected on her. In the bus terminal, Lahoma silently abode it when Sam averred he'll always see Lee in his mind even if he tried to keep his distance. Liz offered Walter the endorsement of her group, Women for a Progressive Political Future, if he agreed to tell Bill he had coerced her into giving him info on Missy. Her shaft hit home when a bitter Liz marveled at how Lenore could love such a cold heartless man like him after loving a fine boy like Bill.

Walter: (To Lenore) "I love you so much, darling, and all I need is to know you feel the same way."

SEPTEMBER 12, 1968 (EP. #1080)
A seething Walter arrived home as Lenore was setting up for the party. He informed her that Liz, snooping around like an imperious ferret, was responsible for everything bad that befell Missy. Lenore was distressed when he weighed which was better revenge: hitting Liz or telling Bill everything. Liz tried to exercise her social charm against all odds when Fred came by. Liz dropped her glass when he mentioned Missy's trial, then tapped her cigarette ten or fifteen times before Fred lit it for her. Needing to spill her guts, Liz told Fred she was tricked by that smooth odious Walter Curtin. Rachel almost expired from boredom on the Matthews living room couch, and Mary and Jim's company and conversation didn't help. Steve came by and impressed though confused Rachel with his talk of a diversification of holdings in real estate. Rachel hid her envy when Alice came downstairs, and didn't at all get the banter the foursome engaged in, then consternated Mary and Jim by informing them Alice had better marry him fast. Though Liz insisted Walter brainwashed her into finding out whether Missy was pregnant (which she did by eavesdropping on Bill and Pat's phone conversation), Fred felt she'd done a monstrous thing.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1968 (EP. #1081)
Lee surprised and puzzled John and Pat with the news she had a dinner date, but couldn't hide her happiness upon hearing of Sam's return. Ada fidgeted with impatience waiting for Sam, and Ernie worried she'd go flying through the door when the bell rang. Even Ernie shed a tear when Ada hugged and kissed Sam and dragged him into the apartment. After feeding Peggy a hearty dinner, Lee proclaimed the need to do something meaningful with her life. Peggy advised her to teach art to the handicapped children at The Haven, where she herself volunteers. At the dinner party in their hotel apartment, Lenore and Walter told John and Pat after the campaign they'll look for their own apartment. Steve and Alice showed up with wine and Walter joked they were at the wrong house. Pat had a Manhattan, Alice a vermouth cassis, and Steve (who showed off his cravat) a martini. In low tones at the bar, John hoped Walter had thrown Liz out of the office bodily. John toasted the fact that Sam was coming back to Bay City. Ada made a toast to Lahoma, who struggled not to cry, when Sam credited her as the cause of his return. Lee begged Lahoma for a blow-by-blow. Sam told Ada that Lahoma made him want to make something of himself for Ada's sake. Sam wasn't up to it when Ada encouraged him to look at Lahoma in a new light.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1968 (EP. #1082)
Sam was entirely unsympathetic to Rachel when Ada described Russ's residency offer and Lenore's party. Rachel complained to Russ about sitting at home doing nothing while everyone else talked and laughed in their party clothes (which is exactly what they were doing). The joke fell flat when Alice said Steve took her to a field of turnips because the hospital blood bank was running low. At the bar, Walter vowed to Lenore he'd have only love and not jealousy for her. She gave him a light kiss, which Walter extended. Bill detached himself from the throng, came over with two empty glasses, and coughed discretely, upsetting Walter when he saw it was Bill. Missy got her "sissy" drink from Bill, and thanked Walter for forgetting the past, but he thought she was referring to Bill and Lenore's engagement until Lenore stepped in to smooth things over. Pat recruited Bill and Lenore to disagree with Alice over who was their third grade teacher. A direct and mature Missy requested Walter never tell Bill about his mother, but John interrupted before Walter could agree to that promise. Ada thought Sam was hinting at giving Lahoma a chance if she agreed to set a wedding date. Alice told Lenore not to give it a second thought when she worried about not having invited Russ and Rachel. Russ blew his top when Rachel complained he was always at work, and described in detail the trouble he had arranging for time off to come home and surprise her that night. She was immediately solicitous and he cooled off, trying to convince her their own family mattered more than any party.

Notes: The lyrics to Walter's campaign song, sung to the tune of "Yankee Doodle":
"Walter Curtin's going to win
"Of this you can be certain
"He'll free this town of... evil and sin
"Hooray for Walter Curtin."

SEPTEMBER 17, 1968 (EP. #1083)
Sitting on the Matthews porch after he drove her home, Steve proved how well he knew Alice by describing her as a child: a tiny girl with starched dresses and pigtails. Alice admitted he was very frank when he wondered how she could be so innocent and fresh. Steve explained their very different backgrounds made him into an un-nice cynical guy. Steve kissed Alice goodnight, then drove off. When she went to walk inside, Alice was upset when Rachel appeared in the doorway in her peignoir, but Rachel insisted she came down when she heard Steve drive off. As Bill nagged at her, the camera dollied in on Missy, torn and unhappy, but she insisted she couldn't have it on her conscience if she told him. Alice took pity on Rachel and agreed to tell her all about the party, but told half-truths and improvisations to save Rachel's face. Fred was absolutely astounded when Liz elaborated on her criminal resume to include driving Missy out of town. As Bill lay wide awake brooding about Missy's secret, Missy talked in her sleep while dreaming of Liz confronting her two and a half years ago in a mock up of the apartment she lived in. Liz spit out "lies!" when Missy told the fabricated tale of her parents. Then Liz handed her paper after paper of the "proof" that Katherine was her mother, until finally papers started to rain down on her from above. Bill listened as Missy agreed to Liz's request she leave town and not marry Bill.

Alice: "You get less annoying every minute. [THEN QUICKLY SHE RISES] Saying which, the girl glanced at the village clock and said, My, it's late."
Steve: "[GETTING UP, LAUGHING] On which cue, the man rose. How's that?"
Alice: "Very good."
Steve: "I've had a good time, Alice."
Alice: "I have too, Steve."
Alice: "Good night, Steve. [HE GOES]"

Notes: Steve's crossed-out term of endearment for Alice during their porch scene, including immediately before kissing her: "Tiny Alice." It's very likely this was their first kiss.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1968 (EP. #1084)
Bill was horrified while listening to Missy sleep-talk about agreeing to leave Bay City. Walter pooh-poohed Lenore's worry over snubbing Rachel, then affirmed her belief that he was angry at Liz not for what she did to Missy, but for engineering Lenore and Bill's engagement. Fred pointed out Liz isn't sorry, just worried of the danger of Bill finding out. Liz wept when Fred insisted she had to tell Bill or sit there day after day, night after night, and die by little quarter inches. Fred conjectured that people still liked her in spite of the terrible things she did because she was a child. The next morning, Bill brought juice and coffee to Missy in bed and was relived she didn't remember her dreams. Bill kissed her, told her he loved her, apologized for his bad coffee, and promised to never ask about her secret again. Bill postponed talking to John when Peggy came in to tell him of Lee's volunteer work. Peggy told him that almost everything Lee said had Sam as a kind of obbligato. A jittery Liz opened the door to Bill, who informed her he knew what she did to Missy.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1968 (EP. #1085)
Ada threw her arms around Sam when he told her of his plans to return to John's office and to school. Alice assured a concerned Jim that she and Steve weren't serious yet. When Jim could only laugh helplessly and agree with Rachel about money being important, Rachel crowed to Alice that her father was on her side. Ernie's fatherly advice to Sam was to listen to John. Ernie felt like the brass ring on a merry-go-round when Ada described their wedding as a nudge to Sam. Lee felt it would be the best thing if Sam hated her, as he'd be able to forget her and build a life with Lahoma. Lee took off after Lahoma received a call from Ada about Sam's return to law. John turned from looking thoughtfully out the window to find Sam in his office, and rushed to him with outstretched hand. Rachel advised Lahoma to make Sam fall in love with her as she had similarly encouraged Russ by batting her eyes at him.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1968 (EP. #1086)
John shared the good news about Sam with Pat, but they both worried about Lee. Walter dropped in for a meeting, and he and John wondered where Bill was. Bill was puzzled when Liz placed the blame on Walter, as he wasn't thinking of the trial. He decided to dissemble and led Liz into telling him everything step by step. Treading eggs, he got her to relate how the perfidious Walter hoodwinked her into getting the proof that Missy was pregnant, which was the cornerstone of his case. Missy was embarrassed for Pat when Rachel said she suspects it isn't over between Sam and Lahoma. Rachel informed them it was Russ's opinion she should wait to have another baby due to her heart condition, but Pat later confided to Missy that was a lie. Bill asked his mother if she had a whipping boy to blame for driving Missy out of town, and rehashed everything she did with her little hatchet.

Bill: "[OVER, SHOUTING] Mother! [THIS STOPS HER. SHE STANDS TREMBLING, AS HE ADVANCES TOWARD HER, STANDS QUITE CLOSE TO HER AND SPEAKS WITH SOMETHING BORDERING ON CONTEMPT] Didn't you hear what I said? I know what you did to Missy! I know what a contemptible thing you did to my wife! [TAKE LIZ AND FADE OUT]"
Bill: (To Liz) "[HE COMES CLOSER TO HER, PERHAPS LEANS OVER HER, HIS FACE CLOSE TO HERS, AND THEN SAYS IT] It may interest you to know, Mother, that until you told me this just now, I didn't know a thing about it. But now you've told me, now I do now, and I'll never forget it and I'll never forgive you! [ON LIZ'S HORROR, FADE OUT]"
Bill: "You had driven Missy out of town."
Bill: "You had driven her away from me!"
Liz: "Yes, yes."
Bill: "You had prevented my marriage to Missy!"
Liz: "Yes, Bill, I admit it. I admit everything."
Liz: "Bill, please, let me try to explain."
Bill: "There can be no explanation! Do you know what you're responsible for?"
Liz: "All the things you've just said, Bill, yes. Yes, I am responsible for them."
Bill: "And for more than that! Missy would never even have met Danny Fargo, much less married him, if it hadn't been for you."
Liz: "Bill, may I say something?"
Bill: "What is it? What can you possibly say?"
Liz: "I want forgiveness from you, Bill."
Bill: "Do you indeed?"
Liz: "Bill, don't be harsh to me. Tell me, Bill, how do you know about this? Who told you?"
Bill: "Wouldn't you like to know?"
Liz: "Missy didn't tell you, did she? Oh, no, no, Melissa... She... She gave me her word she wouldn't."
Bill: "Oh, she gave you her word, did she? And how did you extract that promise from her? And why would you expect her to keep it? Has she any reason to keep any promise whatsoever that she'd make to you?"
Liz: "No. No, you're right. [THEN] She didn't tell you, though, did she, Bill? I love Melissa..."
Bill: "[OVER] Don't say that! Don't talk about loving her after what you've done to her! I have never heard of anybody doing anything worse than what you've done to Missy... not once, but twice. Once just before I was going to get married to her, and then again when she was on trial! How can you live with yourself?"
Liz: "Bill... Bill, please, please don't talk that way to me... remember, please, Bill, please remember, I'm your mother."

SEPTEMBER 23, 1968 (EP. #1087)
Walter was pleased when John assured him he was certain of a big plurality in the area. Walter warned him if he ever ran for office he'd have to eat blintzes, pizzas, egg rolls, and tortillas. Ada asked a bored Rachel to help her pick out a wedding dress and revealed Ernie planned to rent them a house. After telling Ada she tried to put a bee in Lahoma's bonnet about Sam, a crafty look came over Rachel's face. She elbowed Ada away from the icebox, inspected it, then sent Ada out to buy some all-important eggs for lunch. Rachel phoned to angle an invite from Lenore, who asked her over to lunch. Ada returned hot to whisk her up some eggs, but, edging toward the door and claiming she was tired, Rachel skipped out on lunch. John defended Walter as a public servant doing his duty and implored Bill to calm down. Bill announced it made him sick to his stomach that he ever softened toward Walter. When Walter started to protest Bill's verbal abuse, Bill declared he'll take it and like it. Turning the tables, a defensive Walter blamed Bill for trusting his mother, despite knowing what she was like, and thus allowing her to send Missy to prison. Walter accused Bill of letting Liz manipulate him into becoming engaged to his wife. Bill acknowledged the truth of that, but taunted him that Lenore seemed quite anxious to marry him at the time. At that, Walter hurled himself at Bill, who braced himself for a fistfight, but John threw himself into the breach and kept them apart. After admiring Lenore's home, Rachel put to her the question if it was a "thing" between Alice and Steve, as Alice would be nuts not to latch onto him. Rachel escaped swiftly when an enraged Walter stormed in. Lenore couldn't believe it and fled the room when Walter, full of jealous fury and guilty anger, revealed Bill bragged to him that Lenore had thrown herself at him.

Bill: (Finding Walter in John's office) "Walter Curtin. Public servant. Conniver and schemer. What dirty reason brings you to this office, Walter?"

Ada: "Well, all right, laugh, but I love it. I never had a garden. I never even had a yard, and now I'm going to have both."

SEPTEMBER 24, 1968 (EP. #1088)
A distraught Liz wailed to Missy that her whole world had come to an end. Bill told John he was horrified at the thought of what Missy had gone through alone, then decided that he couldn't make excuses for his mother's behavior anymore, despite that he used to see her as an aging child. An indignant Bill relished Walter's pain when John revealed how absurdly jealous Walter was of him. Liz filled Missy in when she realized Missy didn't know what she was talking about. Missy then went to Liz, put her hands on her arms, and told her with great earnestness she hadn't told Bill anything as she wanted him to love his mother. Missy wondered who Liz suddenly suspected was her betrayer. Russ scoffed at Rachel's theory that Walter was jealous of Bill. Missy cautioned Liz not to forget her other crime of pushing Bill and Lenore together. Liz and Missy exchanged a long series of cloying goodbyes after Bill insisted she leave. Missy was upset when Bill admitted he heard her story from her sleep-talk, and had an eerie feeling they were going to regret ever finding out.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1968 (EP. #1089)
John urged Pat to adopt a hands-off policy concerning Lee/Sam/Lahoma. Her eyes blazed with anger after John revealed Liz's sins. He also told her about Walter's jealousy of Lenore, which Pat felt he could get over, as she and John did. Ada was annoyed at Ernie harping on her matchmaking. Ada enjoyed seeing Sam in a happy mood, though a brief shadow once crossed his expression at mention of the past. Ernie raised his eyebrows and Sam was thrown when Ada insisted Sam had to go pick Lahoma up to bring her to dinner. Lenore coaxed Walter into admitting Bill had said only she'd been anxious to marry him, which Lenore fully admitted was the truth. She realized he was upset because she'd loved someone before him, while he'd never really loved anyone before meeting her. Walter was deeply chastened when she begged him not to let the past destroy their future. Ada and Ernie asked Sam and Lahoma to stand up for them in two weeks in a no-frills ceremony at city hall, and Sam was also tasked with giving Ada away. Lahoma and Sam had a good laugh about Ada hustling Ernie out to go look at their new house and leave them alone. Lahoma sighed misty-eyed after Sam thanked her graciously for setting him straight back in Evansville.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1968 (EP. #1090)
Peggy didn't believe a word Lee said about not loving Sam, especially when she avoided answering about going out with someone new. Alice told her inquisitive parents she becomes more impressed with Steve the more he shows her little glimpses of what he's really like. They exchanged a look when Alice revealed she likes him more than anyone she's ever gone with. Rachel's jaw was on the floor when a chauffeur arrived to take Alice to the restaurant. Sam put aside his law books to joke with Lahoma about the illustrious career he would have. Alice tried not to put Lenore in an unfavorable light when Steve asked for the details on Lenore and Bill. She assured him his talk of marriage wasn't scaring her off. Rachel once again surprised Alice in the doorway in her peignoir after Steve drove off. Alice was sympathetic when a vulnerable Rachel begged her not to move out and leave her without a friend in the house.

Alice: (To her parents about Steve) "He has the habit of coming on like gangbusters and... [JACKIE: help! GIVE US A MORE UP TO DATE REWRITE OF THAT PHRASE, PLEASE! MY TEENAGE AUTHORITIES HAVEN'T RETURNED AND I'M STUMPED]"

Notes: In the above outtake, the writer is asking the question of the actress who plays Alice. Like gangbusters was crossed out and replaced with strong.

Notes: Crossed-out dialogue, Jim to Rachel: "You are a bona fide member of the Matthews clan."

SEPTEMBER 27, 1968 (EP. #1091)
Desperate for some fun, Rachel implored Alice for a double date with Russ and Steve. Liz thundered at Fred for telling Bill all, then cried that not only has she lost Bill, she's lost Melissa, who's come to mean so much to her. Russ's romantic yearnings were dashed when Rachel returned his kisses with a plea to have as much fun as Alice. She jumped into bed after giving him a fervorless kiss and claimed she was tired. With disappointment in his whole carriage, he moved with slow heavy steps to sit in a chair where he just stared off into space. Liz didn't blame Missy for her sleep-talk and took a certain satisfaction in hearing of Walter's discomfiture. Walter griped of that whippersnapper Bill to Fred, who warned him against wrecking his marriage to Lenore. Alice regaled Russ with her insights into poor Rachel's lonely life. Rachel was elated Russ agreed to the double date, though he smiled ruefully to himself that she was so affectionate right before he had to leave for the hospital.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1968 (EP. #1092)
Missy visited Walter to ask him to bury the hatchet with Bill, as animosity was fruitless and self-defeating. She advised him to laugh since it was silly to be jealous of Bill. So he looked at her for a long moment, then started to laugh. She laughed with him, then he took her arm and walked her out of his office. Lenore flatly refused when Liz asked her to intercede with Bill on her behalf, a request subconsciously motivated by Liz's desire to rub salt in Walter's wounds. Sam requested Peggy not talk to him about Lee. Missy reminded Bill they've survived everything they've gone through, and tried to jolly him into making up with Walter. She got him to laugh and agree to have Walter and Lenore over to dinner. Lenore tried to help Walter keep his temper in check when he arrived home to discover Liz asking Lenore to talk to Bill. Liz insisted she just wanted everyone to live in amity when Walter accused her of really trying to cause trouble. He realized he went too far when he accused her of trying to push Lenore and Bill back together, at which Liz kissed Lenore on the cheek, told her "You poor darling," and left, with Walter and Lenore staring across a gulf at each other.

Bill: "How would you like to be Secretary of State?"
Missy: (guffaw at the notion) "With you as president?"
Bill: "Mm hmm"
Missy: (disagrees) "Mmm mmm. When you're president I want to be First Lady."

OCTOBER 1, 1968 (EP. #1093)
Rachel sat at the kitchen table sullenly pushing back her cuticle. She pounced on Dru, returned from his fishing trip, managing to kiss him before Mary could. Dru found the going heavy when he talked to an uncomprehending Rachel of how wonderful it was Ada and Ernie were getting married. He was dismayed and a little frightened when a deadly serious and very intense Rachel denied Ernie could ever be her new father. Liz bade Mary not to get all righteous about it when she revealed having driven Missy off, and described Walter as a truly evil man who hypnotized her. Bill and Walter made up. Bill vowed to make Liz face up to what she was doing when Walter told him she'd tried to recruit Lenore's help. Mary hovered uncertainly near the door when Bill required she stay and hear what he had to say to Liz. At first Liz mewled for Mary when Bill lit into her about playing the sweet little innocent lamb, but then she retreated into a supercilious attitude (but with venom beneath it) and accused him of having let Lenore fall in love with him when he didn't really love her. Bill nearly became apoplectic when she ranted about projecting his guilt and self-hatred onto her. He shouted it was hopeless to talk to her, and, after Mary touched him on the shoulder, turned a tormented face to her and said he'd never talk to his mother again. Liz prevented a concerned Mary from going after Bill, but they both screamed in unison as they saw his car crash.

Bill: " spared the blame because you were a sweet little lamb--innocent little lamb who wouldn't do a thing..."
Liz: (interrupting) "Stop it right now! Mary...Mary!"
Bill: "No! No mother you're not going to get away with this anymore. I know all your tricks now--And I'm not going to stand for it."
Liz: (unhinged) "What are you talking about?"
Bill: "Driving Lenore into this is the last straw and I'm not going to put up with it, do you understand?"

OCTOBER 2 - 3, 1968: Pre-empted due to World Series.

OCTOBER 4, 1968 (EP. #1094)
Pat marveled at Missy's ability to forgive Liz and Walter, and to play the peacemaker between Walter and Bill, and considered setting her to work on Sam and Lee. At the scene of the accident with broken glass and car parts lying around, Liz cradled Bill's head in her lap. The helpful truck driver felt for Bill's pulse and tried to calm Liz. Mary struggled to prevent an overwrought Liz from dragging Bill to her house. Mary soothed the truck driver's concerns after they tucked a blanket over Bill. Mary grabbed his arm and assumed a listening attitude as the sounds of sirens joined the sounds of Liz's sobbing. Dru visited the garage and solemnly offered the two young people (Ada and Ernie) his congratulations and advice. Ada embarrassed Dru with the knowledge he had more influence over Rachel than anyone because she felt close to him and he was like a caring father to her. She was abashed after voicing her feeling that Rachel doesn't think of anyone but herself, but was deeply touched when he told her not to worry as he'd help and guide Rachel. Walter thrilled Lenore with the news he and Bill had cleared the air, then by suggesting he buy her a new dress for Bill and Missy's dinner. Pat and Missy paused to listen to the sirens before leaving to take Ricky to the zoo, then the phone rang and rang and rang...

OCTOBER 7, 1968: Pre-empted due to World Series.

OCTOBER 8, 1968 (EP. #1095)
Rachel reproached Lahoma for not doing enough to improve her life and social standing. Alice wondered if anyone will ever truly accept Lee's decision not to marry Sam. Lahoma called into question Rachel's motives for marrying Russ. Rachel seethed when Lahoma denounced her as a social climber rather than a devoted wife who wants to have a family with Russ. Bill sustained serious injuries from the car accident and was hospitalized.

Lahoma: (about a baby) "....I know you just lost one and nobody feels sorrier for you about that than I do, but just tell me...when are you going to have another one?"
Rachel: "I don't really think that's any of your business."
Lahoma: "Well, what about Russ? Is it any of his business?"
Rachel: "I don't have to take this from you."
Lahoma: "Oh, you can just walk right out the door and go back to the man that you love."
Rachel: "I do love Russ!"
Lahoma: "Oh! Sure in his place, he's fine. His place is a big house and a big doctor practice and all the right friends, isn't it? And with all those things children just don't don't have time for children, right?"
Rachel: "I'm warning you, Lahoma."
Lahoma: "No, don't warn me, Rachel---warn your husband. Tell him how you were very sorry when you found out you were pregnant. And tell him that you were never going to let it happen again."

OCTOBER 9-10, 1968: Pre-empted due to World Series.

OCTOBER 11, 1968 (EP. #1096)
Russ was glad to receive Rachel's feigned warm, excited greeting upon coming home from work. Mary told Alice, Lahoma, and Pat that Bill is unconscious and in the hospital's emergency wing from getting into a car accident. Dru tried to ease Ada's worries about Rachel. Alice tried to be optimistic about Bill's condition, hoping he had merely suffered from a concussion. Rachel was unenthusiastic about spending a quiet evening at home with Russ. Pat broke the news to Missy that Bill got into a serious car accident and is in intensive care.

OCTOBER 14, 1968 (EP. #1097)
Missy fell into despair upon seeing Bill in critical condition at the hospital. Liz grew impatient awaiting news on Bill and had to be restrained by Mary and Alice when she tried to get into the emergency room. Missy had to endure listening to Liz rambling about the ways in which Bill's accident affected her. Liz sugarcoated the circumstances of the car accident while talking to Missy. Walter proclaimed his hatred of Liz while having dinner with Lenore.

Lee perpetuated the lie that she declined to marry Sam due to their different backgrounds. Sam faced difficulties in accepting Lee's rejection but began a romance with Lahoma. Lahoma felt conflicted over accepting Sam's marriage proposal since she knew Lee's true reason for jilting him. Ada turned against Lee for breaking Sam's heart while John, Lenore, and Peggy gave her support and friendship. Lee was plagued with dreams of a life with Sam, the future they might have had, and of children. Sam worried whether he could be a devoted husband to Lahoma while still loving Lee.

Bill slowly recovered from his injuries caused by the car accident. Liz blamed Walter causing her estrangement with Bill, grousing about Walter manipulating her into revealing Missy's pregnancy. She relished in taunting Walter and fueled his jealousy by making insinuations about Bill and Lenore still being in love. Lenore tried to assure Walter that she loved him and was over Bill. Fred warned Walter that his obsession and jealousy of Bill was hurting his marriage and political campaign. Walter lost the November elections.

Rachel felt contempt for Ernie, which affected her relationship with Ada. Rachel obstinately refused Dru and Russ's urgings to accept Ernie in Ada's life and bond with him. Ernie grew upset with Ada's focus on Sam and Lahoma's upcoming wedding. Rachel happily accepted Russ's invitation to the swank Top of The Tower. He didn't realize it was on the night of Ernie and Ada's housewarming party and was angry that Rachel accepted the invitation so she wouldn't have to attend.

Jim urged Russ to find an apartment for himself and Rachel in hopes it would change her attitude about domestic life and family. Rachel grew bored and disillusioned with her marriage to Russ, which led to much marital discord. They fought over her selfishness, immature behavior, and resistance in having a child. Rachel tried to pressure Russ into accepting a residency position at Massachusetts General Hospital. Russ arranged for Rachel to see Dr. Clater, who verified that she didn't have any health problems that would prevent her from carrying a child. Rachel balked at Russ's wishes to start a family and settling on merely being a modest doctor's wife.

Steve fell in love with Alice, who had difficulty in returning his affections. Rachel tried social climbing by offering to do volunteer work for Liz, arranged double dates with Steve and Alice, and came to parties and dinners unannounced. Rachel became attracted to Steve, especially the money and power that surrounded him. When Russ declined the lucrative residency job in Boston at Massachusetts General, Rachel decided that Russ was an inadequate husband. Her efforts to mold Russ into a prominent doctor failed and she berated him for not having ambitions to be like Steve.

Steve and Rachel started spending time together and they bonded over having similar backgrounds. Though Steve was in love with Alice, he understood Rachel's drive to improve her station in life. Steve and Alice found their relationship problems irreconcilable and broke up. Russ and Rachel's marital discord intensified and she was shunned for treating Russ badly. Steve and Rachel went on outings and luncheons, much to the dismay of Russ's family and friends. Jim and Mary tried to downplay the situation, but couldn't prevent Liz from adding Steve and Rachel to her list of gossiping subjects. Steve and Alice reconciled and Rachel begrudgingly put on airs to appease Russ.

NOVEMBER 28, 1968: Pre-empted.

NOVEMBER 29, 1968 (EP. #1130)
Wedding of Ernie and Ada.
Russ empathically demanded that Rachel attend Ernie and Ada's wedding. Mrs. Gilhooly described Ada in her wedding dress as a drop from a spring and a summer cloud to Sam and Lahoma. Russ told Jim that Rachel made the excuses that she had fallen ill from a miscarriage to justify never wanting to have a child. Ada cried with happiness and relief that Rachel came to her wedding. Jim made an eloquent toast to Ernie and Ada during their reception. Fred and Liz were a little embarrassed over being a few minutes late for the wedding festivities.

Jim: "Well, may I have your attention please...a little quiet, thank you. I would like to propose a toast to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Downs, may they have the long and very happy life they so richly deserve. To our friends, Ernie and Ada."

DECEMBER 2, 1968 (EP. #1131)
Everyone raved about the great time they had at Ernie and Ada's wedding reception. Rachel flatly disagreed with Ada's assessment that it was very fortunate for the two of them to have such wonderful husbands. Ernie and Ada decided to embark on a road trip around the country as their honeymoon. Russ tried to pressure a defiant Rachel into joining the wedding guests to throw rice at the newlyweds. Lahoma described the wedding as just a simple ceremony presided by a judge. Others thought it lovely due to the judge's beautiful robes and touching ways Ernie and Ada looked at each other while exchanging vows. Steve visited Bill in the hospital. Steve guessed that Alice would avoid him if he stayed at the hospital to tell Bill about the wedding. Lahoma imparted her doubts and insecurities to Alice concerning being the right woman for Sam. Alice waxed philosophically to Dru about life's complications.

DECEMBER 3, 1968 (EP. #1132)
Sam had reservations despite agreeing with Mrs. Gilhooly's assertion that Lahoma would be the perfect wife for him. Lahoma told Peggy about Ernie and Ada's wedding reception. Peggy was perplexed when Lahoma rushed out of John's office upon learning that Lee was coming for a visit. Liz caught Mary in a fib about Steve and Alice still seeing each other. Peggy reacted with dread when Sam returned to the office while Lee was in visiting with John. Lee retreated from John's office after having a tense and awkward encounter with Sam.

DECEMBER 25, 1968 (EP. #1147)
Liz interrogated Rachel about attending a luncheon with Steve. Rachel played the "woe is me" routine and complained that everyone is against her to draw sympathy from Dru. Fred and Liz enjoyed a nightcap. Mary chastised Liz for spreading gossip. Russ and Rachel argued over her tardiness in attending Ernie and Ada's housewarming, having a baby, and finding themselves an apartment. Fred recognized Liz's "cat that swallowed the canary" attitude when he revealed his knowledge of Liz keeping Steve and Rachel's lunch date a secret.

DECEMBER 26, 1968 (EP. #1148)
Lee gave Ricky a present and claimed she was too tired to go to John and Pat's later in the day. Lee overheard Bill speculate that she was afraid of running into Sam there. Missy dragged out one of Bill's past Christmas presents in efforts to diffuse Bill's anger towards Liz gossiping about Lee. Sam tried to assure Lahoma of his devotion to her and wishes for them to marry. Everyone joined John and Pat at their house to celebrate Christmas and enjoyed holiday festivities. Peggy was apprehensive towards Lee going to Lahoma's apartment because they both knew Sam would be there.