Daily Synopses: January - June / July - December

JANUARY 1, 1969: Pre-empted for the Sugar Bowl.

JANUARY 2, 1969 (EP. #1152)
Sam and Lahoma separately ruminated over their wedding day while Lee told herself that Lahoma will be wonderful for Sam. Lahoma pondered whether Sam would marry her if he knew the truth behind Lee breaking their engagement. Rachel surmised that Russ was unfavorably comparing her to Ada as he marveled that Ada strives to make life easier for her friends and loved ones. Russ stirred Rachel's ire by fretting that Ernie and Ada found their own place shortly after getting married. Rachel rebuffed Russ's suggestion that she help Ada with the wedding preparations. Russ told Rachel that they will continue their talk of getting an apartment. Rachel tried to placate Ada by asserting that she had one lunch with Steve and has befriended Liz. Ada begged Rachel not to hide the luncheon from Russ. Peggy urged Lahoma to focus on the wedding instead of worrying about her old apartment being clean. Lahoma was touched by Peggy's good wishes for her and Sam. Peggy and Lee raved about becoming neighbors. Lee adamantly told Peggy that she will not attend the wedding. Peggy urged Lee to confide her true reasons for jilting Sam once she is ready. Mrs. Gilhooley chided a nervous Sam for fussing over his tie and opined that the smartest thing he has ever done is to marry Lahoma. John and Pat wondered whether they will ever know Lee's motivation for dumping Sam. Bill told Peggy and Missy that he is anxious to resume working. Lahoma felt nagging guilt over marrying Sam because of Lee. Judge Latham started Sam and Lahoma's wedding ceremony. Lahoma kept mum when Judge Latham asked whether anyone objects to her and Sam's union.

Lahoma: (LAHOMA'S APARTMENT. LAHOMA IN BED. WAKENS, A SLOW SMILE. VOICE-OVER) "This is my wedding day. This is the day I marry Sammy. Oh Sammy...are you awake? Are you saying, 'This is the day I marry Lahoma?' Do you feel what I feel? Oh, it couldn't be the same for you because I've loved you for so long...I've dreamed of being your wife and thought it could never happen...And now today, this day, this very day, we'll stand in front of a judge and promise to belong to each other forever."
Sam: (GO TO SAM'S [APARTMENT] TOSSING RESTLESSLY IN HIS BED. HE WAKENS:) (VOICE-OVER:) "Well this is it. This is the day. I'm getting married today. Today, I'm getting married to Lahoma. We'll live together man and wife for the rest of our lives. We'll have a home, children, we'll be happy." (SITS UP IN BED SUDDENLY:) "Oh, Lee, what happened? Why did you want me so much and then not want me at all?" (GESTURE OF RENUNCIATION:) "Forget it! Forget it! Lahoma and I are getting married. I'm marrying Lahoma today. Goodbye Lee. Goodbye. I can't ever come running back to you again."
Lee: (GO TO LEE WIDE AWAKE IN BED AS THOUGH SHE'D BEEN AWAKE ALL NIGHT; VOICE-OVER:) "Goodbye, Sam. Goodbye, my darling Sam. I can't even think of you anymore. Today is the day you marry Lahoma...It's right, I know it is. You'll be happy with Lahoma, she'll be a wonderful wife, she'll take care of you, she'll keep you healthy and strong, and she'll give you children. But what if this was the day of my wedding to Sam? What if I had made a different decision...but I didn't. Goodbye, Sam...Goodbye, my love."

JANUARY 3, 1969 (EP. #1153)
Lee berated herself for thinking that Sam might cancel the wedding upon realizing that he cannot marry anyone except her. Lee broke a coffee cup Sam had gifted her. Sam and Lahoma exchanged vows. There was laughter, tears, and high spirits as the guests extended congratulations to Sam and Lahoma. John and Dru persuaded Ernie into delivering a speech and a toast to the newlyweds. Rachel evaded Missy's inquiry on whether she and Russ have chosen an apartment. Walter and Lenore politely disagreed when Rachel opined that Sam and Lahoma's ceremony was not a grand, memorable affair like their wedding. Rachel cringed once Lenore asserted that reminiscing about her wedding is unnecessary. Peggy echoed Mrs. Gilhooley's sentiment that Sam is a fine man. A flurry of noise and excitement over Sam and Lahoma's departure impeded Rachel from probing Alice on whether Steve had called her. Lee was startled by Steve's directness as he correctly guessed that she did not want to be at Sam and Lahoma's wedding. Steve reflected to Lee on the difficulty of adjusting to the end of relationships. Lee smiled thoughtfully as Steve explained the differences between showing empathy and sympathy towards others. Steve talked Lee into having dinner with him, Walter, and Lenore. Russ refused when Rachel wanted to join Walter and Lenore at the Top of the Tower. Rachel sulked over spending the evening with Russ at home. Russ told Rachel to refocus her priorities on their lives together and not on charity work, parties, and entertaining friends. Rachel became guarded as Russ hinted that a man's patience concerning intimacy has limits.

Ernie: "Uh - Well, guests and friends and all you good people...I'm just a newly married man myself to the most wonderful girl in the world and I already know what makes a good marriage. Well, I learned fast." (RIPPLE OF LAUGHTER) "You have to give it all you got." (MORE LAUGHTER) "No, I mean it. You give everything you've got to this person you're married to...and this person gives everything to you...and that makes a marriage. Well now Sam and Lahoma...I know them both. And they've both got a lot to give. And they're going to give all they've got to each other. And they're gonna have a wonderful marriage and you can tell anybody I said so. And I'd like to drink to that marriage and that couple...Sam and Lahoma. God bless them." (A CLINKING OF GLASSES, A MURMUR, ERNIE CLIMBS DOWN, DRU AND JOHN SHAKE HIS HAND AND TELL HIM HE WAS FINE).

Notes: The entire regular cast (with the exception of Fred and Liz) appeared in this episode. Among the characters who appeared, only Steve and Lee did not attend Sam and Lahoma's wedding. This is the last episode to feature Clarke Morgan playing the organ music for the show.

JANUARY 6, 1969 (EP. #1154)
Ernie reminded Ada that she doesn't have to worry about Sam and Lahoma anymore. Ada told Ernie that she is worried because Rachel is overly dazzled by Steve and has not told Russ about her luncheon with Steve. Ernie failed to placate Ada, who bemoaned the fact that Russ and Rachel barely spoke to each other at Sam and Lahoma's wedding and that there is tension between them. Russ was too tired to continue arguing with Rachel. Rachel groused to Russ that they are languishing in their bedroom and never have fun. Russ chided himself for being excessively understanding to Rachel. Rachel was ambivalent when Mary commended her and Russ for seeking a place of their own. Mary imparted her beliefs to Rachel that young married couples should have their own place and that marriage carries responsibilities that cannot be learned living in another woman's house. Liz fueled Rachel's jealousy by stressing that Lee looked radiant while being on a date with Steve at the Top of the Tower. Mary refuted Liz's claim that Alice considered Steve "the catch of the season." Liz opined to Mary that Alice is being foolish, and old-fashioned by expecting Steve to call her. Mary and Ada tried to assure themselves that Rachel went apartment-hunting. Mary was disturbed once Ada expressed fears that Liz will tell Russ about Steve and Rachel's luncheon. Rachel griped to Steve that the Matthews are patronizing and condescending towards her, maintain ridiculous family loyalty, and that Russ doesn't defend her against them. Steve called Rachel's bluff in declaring that she is not intimidated of Liz by persuading her into having lunch with him at the Top of the Tower.

Production Notes: Scenes pre-taped on January 2, 1969 (for later use) are included in the script for this episode. The first scene featured Sam, Lahoma and Liz and was used for Episode #1163. The second scene featured Bill and Liz in John's law office and was scheduled to be used for Episode #1168.

JANUARY 7, 1969 (EP. #1155)
Rachel admitted to Steve that she tricked him into taking her to the Top of the Tower because she desperately needed to confide in him. Steve raised a glass in agreement to Rachel's assertion that they have many similarities despite being vastly different people. Russ was optimistic that Rachel would love taking an apartment that Alice suggested, which has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a half, and a terrace overlooking gardens. Alice lamented to Russ that too much time may have passed for her and Steve to reunite. Russ urged Alice to be patient and understanding with Steve. Rachel told Steve that Liz is a snob who belittles those she considers inferior to herself. Steve apologized to Rachel for assuming that she was depressed over the fact that he went out on a date with Lee. Steve told Rachel that Alice would not be jealous of him seeing Lee because they are separated. Alice was undaunted despite Liz's enthusiasm towards Steve taking Lee to have dinner with Walter and Lenore at the Top of the Tower. Russ stifled his temper as Liz mentioned that Rachel had lunch with Steve and bragged about it to several people. Liz feigned innocence upon realizing that Russ knew nothing about Rachel's luncheon. Rachel told Steve that she is an outsider to the Matthews family, who want her and Russ to get their own place, and for her to be a housewife. Steve accused Rachel of being a wife when it suits her and suggested that she pursue the things that will make her happy. Dru waxed philosophically to Rachel about the happiness people experience in life. Russ asked Rachel for the reason she kept her luncheon with Steve a secret from him.

Production Notes: Scenes to be used for Episode #1162 and #1168 were pre-taped on January 3, 1969.

JANUARY 8, 1969 (EP. #1156)
Russ was speechless when Rachel ranted that she is being treated like a criminal because she had lunch with Steve without telling him. Alice told Dru that Liz criticized her for letting Steve slip away and blurted out to Russ that Steve took Rachel to the Top of the Tower to join Lee, Walter, and Lenore. Russ accused Rachel of acting without regard to his feelings. Rachel seethed when Russ ascertained that she cares too much about charity events, interacting with affluent people, and assumed that Liz would be impressed by her spending time with Steve. Russ disagreed with Rachel's contention that Alice is jealous of her friendship with Steve and Mary was overly anxious for him to marry into the family. Rachel groused to Russ that she feels snubbed by his family and boasted that Steve has become her friend and has been helpful in various ways. Steve conceded to Lenore that he was unfairly blaming Walter for his breakup with Alice because they argued about Walter allowing his personal feelings to neglect the precinct workers on the eve of the election. Lenore lectured Steve for letting his pride preclude him from reconciling with Alice and speaking of a prospective marriage like a business deal that fell through. Dru balked at Alice's suggestion that he discuss honesty with Rachel. Dru convinced Russ that Rachel was simply enticed by the daring and sophistication of having a meal with Steve without Russ's knowledge. Rachel was horrified once Russ demanded that she quit doing charity work to become a housewife. Russ ignored Rachel's barbs and insults while asserting that he is the head of the household and that they are moving into an apartment.

Russ: "Please. Please don't tell me what my Aunt Liz thought."
Rachel: "You don't care? She's part of your family...the great Matthews family."
Russ: "Not my family. She married my father's brother. That doesn't make her part of my family."
Rachel: "What about me? Am I part of your family?"
Russ: "What are you talking about?"
Rachel: "I thought maybe I was an outsider too. Goodness knows that's the way I feel most of the time."
Russ: "You don't mean it. You can't."
Rachel: "I do so mean it. I'm all alone here. The one who ever really talks to me is Mr. Dru. All the rest of you just ignore me, you make fun of everything I say, you don't like anything I do. You all hate me."
Russ: (AFTER A LONG PAUSE) "I just don't know what to say to you. It's all so wrong, ridiculous."
Rachel: "See? That's what I mean. Everything I say is ridiculous."
Russ: "But you've got it all wrong..."
Rachel: "There you go again. Well, let me tell you something, Russ Matthews. Everybody doesn't think I'm stupid and wrong and unattractive. There are a few people who think I'm very smart...and attractive...and who like to spend time with me...."

JANUARY 9, 1969 (EP. #1157)
Ernie deduced that a distracted Ada was troubled over Rachel. John and Pat compared notes with Jim and Mary on worrying about their respective children and remarked on Lee and Peggy's close friendship. Jim and Mary cautioned John and Pat against repeating Liz's gossip about Rachel's luncheon with Steve so that Russ doesn't learn about it second-hand. Russ joked about his grimness towards having Rachel assist with the dinner preparations since Dru and Alice had finished everything. Alice didn't realize that Rachel was a complete novice in the kitchen. Dru somberly admitted to Russ that Rachel's exuberance over her luncheon at the Top of the Tower was pathetic because she is married to a fine man with a bright future and her life is full of possibilities. Russ informed Dru that he cannot continue making allowances for Rachel and feared that she will become greedy unless she adapts to a married, domestic lifestyle. Rachel was surprised by Russ and Alice's interest in seeing a picture she found of her father taken at an amusement park before she was born. Ada talked enthusiastically about Ernie installing tile around their stove and planting jonquil bulbs in the spring, despite Rachel's apathetic attitude. Rachel caused Ada to become bewildered and unhappy by proclaiming that she won't acquiesce to Russ's wishes for them to rent an apartment. Ernie reflected happily to Russ about marrying a fine woman and excellent cook like Ada. Russ urged Ernie to have patience and fortitude with Rachel in accepting his and Ada's marriage. Rachel swore to Ada that she refuses to waste her life being a subservient wife to Russ and a mother to a large brood of children.

John: "Peggy lives right upstairs from Lee now, you know."
Mary: "Yes, isn't that wonderful...having such a close friend so close by?"
Pat: "They see each other almost every day...for a few minutes at least."
Jim: "Didn't Peggy take Lahoma Vane's old apartment?"
John: "That's right. And Lahoma and Sam moved into Ada's old apartment."
Pat: "It's like musical chairs."

JANUARY 10, 1969 (EP. #1158)
Peggy urged Lee to reveal her true reasons for jilting Sam. Ernie marveled that Ada had any time for herself because of her constant fussing over Sam and Rachel. Ada was unconvinced that Rachel would be content with a domestic life with Russ, though Ernie was proud of Russ for laying down the law. Sam glanced at Ernie, who shook his head as Ada gleefully greeted him and Lahoma upon arriving home from their honeymoon. Lee informed Peggy that she couldn't subject Sam to the potential long-term effects of LSD on her mental health and the risk of bearing malformed children. Lee told Peggy that Sam found happiness with Lahoma before she decided to confess everything and give Sam the choice to get married and adopt children, but conceded that she will always love him. Sam and Lahoma teased Ada for filling their kitchen with groceries and cleaning the apartment while they were away. Ernie dragged Ada out the door instead of letting her quiz Sam and Lahoma on every last detail of their trip. Lahoma admitted to Sam that she despises the idea of sharing him, but fully supports his career and college education. Lee told Peggy that revealing the truth would have been pointless since Sam had become engaged to Lahoma, who can provide him with healthy children. Peggy felt doubtful as Lee resolved to quit dwelling on forfeiting a future with Sam, but promised to maintain Lee's secrets. Sam was pleased that Peggy has settled into her new apartment and Lee enjoys her job at The Haven. John gently chided Sam for returning a day earlier than planned, but appreciated Sam's eagerness to resume working. Peggy privately fretted over Lee's sacrifice.

Sam: "Welcome home, Mrs. Lucas." (SHE GOES INTO HIS ARMS)
Lahoma: "Oh, Sammy...Sammy, I'm so happy."
Sam: "Me too."
Lahoma: "Sammy, it was a wonderful honeymoon, wasn't it?"
Sam: (TEASING) "Well, since it was only my first honeymoon, I've got nothing to compare it with. Maybe by the time I have my second or third honeymoon..."
Lahoma: (LAUGHS) "You're awful! You're never going to have a second or a third. You belong to me now, Sammy for the rest of your life."
Sam: "You know it."

JANUARY 13, 1969 (EP. #1159)
Fred joked about Liz stirring up intrigue when she emphasized that Sam and Lahoma will be attending her party and that Steve is bringing Lee instead of Alice. Rachel objected to Russ's orders to tell Liz that she is giving up fundraising, canvassing, and her memberships in various committees. Russ reiterated to Rachel that they are going to find an apartment and that she can request assistance from Mary in learning to become a housewife. Rachel seductively mocked Russ for expecting her to obey his commands and be a servant for the sake of their marriage, which Russ easily ignored. John, Walter, Lenore, and Pat speculated that Steve is taking Lee on friendly dates while still being romantically interested in Alice. Walter and Lenore told John and Pat that Steve views loving a woman as a sign of weakness and Alice nearly succeeded in piercing the armor that Steve wears. Steve was thrilled to see that Bill had recovered from the car accident. Rachel grew thoughtful as Liz commented that Steve didn't appear to be pining for Alice. Walter tried to be civil towards Liz while talking to Fred. Jim questioned whether Alice would be chagrined to see Steve and Lee dancing together. Rachel sulked when Steve paid her little attention and denied Russ's insinuations that she was avoiding him. Fred gave a toast wishing long, happy marriages to Bill and Missy and Sam and Lahoma. Sam reassured Lahoma that he was not bothered by Lee's presence. Jim and Mary offered to take a grateful Rachel home since Russ was summoned to the hospital on an emergency case. Steve invited Rachel to his apartment because she was desperate to confide in him privately.

JANUARY 14, 1969 (EP. #1160)
Sam was miffed when Lahoma theorized that Steve and Lee were seeking solace in each other from their respective breakups. Dru relished over both Missy and Rachel wanting to dance with him. Rachel was pleased that Steve reiterated his promise to meet with her. Rachel protested when the other party guests wanted to leave their game of charades in a tie and call it a night. Dru, Bill, Missy, and Fred were flabbergasted that Rachel had no knowledge of popular radio programs or the song, "All-American Boy." Liz fished for approval from Bill, who had convinced her to invite Sam and Lahoma to the party. Fred was amused by Liz's comments that the evening was full of suspense and emotional undercurrents. Steve dismissed Lee's suspicions that their presence at Liz's party deterred Alice from attending. Lee gave sage advice to Steve on the consequences of refusing to fight for love when Steve contended that he and Alice shared some good times but that nothing romantic had developed between them. Sam showered an insecure Lahoma with compliments and affection. Lahoma admitted to Sam that she is frightened of Lee because of their past engagement, despite Sam's efforts to ease her worries. Fred remonstrated Liz for disparaging Lahoma and harping on Sam's past association to Danny Fargo. Liz told Fred that Steve and Lee are well-suited for each other and stated that the tension between Russ and Rachel proves that their marriage is troubled. Dru expressed pride in Rachel when he surmised that she was anticipating Russ's needs by waiting up for him to get home. Rachel snuck out the front door once Dru had gone to bed.

Steve: "I'm sorry, Lee, but I've always made it a practice not to worry about what might have been. You know, people accuse me of running my life the way I run my business, but I don't see anything wrong with that. I mean, if I gave in to every little disappointment and set-back where would I be?"
Lee: "I...I don't know. A little bit less successful perhaps, but that's just dollars and cents and I don't think that has anything to do with your personal life. If there's someone in your personal life you give up without a care or a fight, you could regret it forever." (EMOTIONALLY) "And, Steve...that...that would be terrible. To love realize that person is the only one who will ever have that special importance...and then to let someone like that go out of your life...Oh, Steve, it is the things that might have been that are important!"
Steve: (PAUSE) "Maybe. Maybe that's true. I can see you believe it, anyway - about me, Lee -- or yourself?"

Fred: "...What about Sam and Lahoma Lucas?"
Liz: "What about them? It certainly wasn't my idea to invite them. Fred, I swear, she's about the most pathetically inadequate person I've ever met."
Fred: "Liz, Lahoma is anything but inadequate. She's a fine girl, and I know she'll be a good wife--"
Liz: "Oh, good wife! I'm simply pointing out that she's not our kind."
Fred: "Liz, the more I listen to you, the better I understand the French Revolution."

JANUARY 15, 1969 (EP. #1161)
Rachel was flattered when Steve observed that they both refuse to let anything stand in the way of accomplishing their goals. Russ obliged when Alice needed to air her grievances because of the emotional toll the emergency case had on her. Rachel crowed to Steve that she wants to get away from the Matthews' family, live in a place with servants, and that Russ is foolish for not establishing his own medical practice. Steve reminded Rachel that climbing the social ladder will take more than one luncheon and canvassing rich people for donations, then guessed rightly that Rachel came to his apartment to defy everyone and act in her own self-interests. Rachel begrudgingly agreed to Steve's suggestion that she go home and not compromise her promising marriage to Russ. Russ and Alice reflected on the important things in life and came to the realization that their quarrels with Steve and Rachel are insignificant. Rachel rushed upstairs in a panic upon overhearing Russ vow to Alice that he intends to solve his marital woes. Mary, Russ, and Alice noted Rachel's efforts in trying to stay awake until Russ returned home from the hospital. Russ grabbed breakfast for himself and Rachel so that they could discuss family matters in the bedroom. Mary encouraged Alice to put aside her argument with Steve and take the initiative by calling him. Russ firmly informed Rachel that she must quit doing charity work for Liz and that they cannot continue living in Jim and Mary's house. Rachel bragged about her aggressive approach towards achieving her goals, but became quite afraid once Russ hinted that disobedience would expose her lack of devotion to their marriage.

Notes: Steve had a private elevator that led directly into his apartment.

JANUARY 16, 1969 (EP. #1162)
Russ was too determined to retrieve the apartment listings Missy had shown Rachel to engage in small talk with her. Missy was puzzled when Russ declined her offer to give him a guided tour of their new house. Lenore tried to counter Alice's assertions that Steve is apathetic towards their breakup by reflecting on Steve being a complex person who may be inexperienced in love. Alice admitted to Lenore that she has been grappling with calling Steve, but fears that her assumptions that he doesn't care will be proven correct. Russ went on an angry tirade about Rachel's misplaced priorities upon learning from Jim that she is still canvassing for Liz. Jim was troubled when a frustrated Russ headed to Bill and Missy's place to speak with Liz, claimed that he had already rented an apartment, and asked Jim to keep Rachel occupied should she return home. Mary wasn't mollified when Jim tried to reassure her that Rachel will eventually accept moving out of the Matthews' house. Missy theorized that Rachel will be too busy with the new apartment to continue assisting Liz with charity work. Liz was skeptical when Russ insisted that Rachel is guilt-ridden over quitting on Liz, but maintained that efforts to change Rachel's mind would be in vain. Russ dismissed Liz's concerns that Rachel will miss meeting interesting people and establishing contacts in affluent circles. Walter helped Lenore put away store packages so that Steve and Alice could chat alone. Steve broke the ice by agreeing with Alice that they could iron out their differences without compromising their individual principles. Alice promised to keep Steve abreast of her work schedule to arrange a potential dinner date.

JANUARY 17, 1969 (EP. #1163)
Rachel indignantly took Russ to task for forcing her to quit canvassing for Liz. Liz conceded to Sam and Lahoma that she may have caused discord by getting Rachel into doing charity work because she wants to climb the social ladder and that Russ objects to Rachel's involvement and her luncheon with Steve. Sam scoffed at Liz for proclaiming her devotion to Ada, but grew defensive with Liz for mentioning his past association to Danny. Lahoma fled the room once Liz commented on her being more suited for Sam than Lee because of their similar backgrounds. Russ resisted Rachel's efforts to get out of seeing the apartment that he had rented. Sam encouraged a visibly upset Lahoma not to allow Liz's tactless remarks affect her while Ada deduced that Liz had come to them to discuss Rachel. Ada tried to convince herself that Rachel will obey Russ's wishes after Sam and Lahoma explained their marital discord to her and Ernie. Russ nervously tried to appease Rachel by painting rosy pictures of the apartment once they fix it up. Rachel was stone-faced and silent when Russ mentioned having a view of the children's playground at the park and a shopping center nearby. Russ accused Rachel of testing his patience, purposely defying him, and rebuffing his affections. Rachel told Russ that she is ill-equipped for a domestic life, wants a fancy place where she can entertain people, and warned Russ not to degrade her friendship with Steve into something tawdry. Russ seethed as Rachel vowed to become successful and prominent despite everyone's misconceptions that she is poor and ignorant, refused to spend another moment in the apartment, and stormed out.

Russ: "What on earth have I done to make you miserable?"
Rachel: "Everything! Everything! You complain every time I buy a dress, you make me feel guilty about trying to look never take me anywhere, you make me feel you're ashamed of me: all I ever get to do is stay home and wait 'til you're ready...well, I wasn't made for that kind of life..."
Russ: "What kind of..."
Rachel: "I want more than that, a whole lot more. I want to live in a nice place and know nice people and live like a human being and go to parties and entertain like Lenore does...I know you think I'm stupid and ignorant and have no background or anything..."
Russ: "I don't think-"
Rachel: "Oh, yes, you do, don't say you don't. And so does your whole family. But you're wrong, all of you. I'm not stupid and I'm going to be somebody in this town. No matter who looks down on me and thinks I'm nothing...they're going to change their minds one of these days, they're going to be very glad they know me, you just wait and see. I'm friends now with Walter and Lenore and lots of important people..."
Russ: "Like Steve Frame?"
Rachel: "Yes, like Steve Frame, he's my friend and don't you go trying to make something dirty out of it, either, because I won't stand for it. Steve Frame is trying to help me, he doesn't despise me, he knows how I feel and he wants to help me. And he's introduced me to a lot of people in this town that you don't even know, you probably never even heard of them. But they're rich and they're successful and they're prominent...and they have influence and they know how to live. And I got to know them all by myself, and I'm going to get to know a lot more people. So just you make up your mind to that!"

JANUARY 20, 1969: Pre-empted for Inauguration of President Richard Nixon.

JANUARY 21, 1969 (EP. #1164)
Russ lamented to Jim that Rachel despises the apartment that he paid two months' rent in advance to secure. Alice was amused as Dr. David Thornton rambled passionately about developing a sixth sense to become a diagnostician and likened the skill to finding compatibility in one's dating life. Steve was flummoxed to receive an unexpected visit from Rachel as he was talking to Alice on the phone. Jim refused to let Russ berate himself for trying to get Rachel interested in redecorating their new apartment. Russ felt renewed optimism once Jim opined that Rachel would benefit from the responsibility of becoming a homemaker and that no burden is too great to shoulder for the woman he loves. David tried to muster the courage to ask Alice on a date while she waited for Steve to return to the phone. Steve abruptly ended his conversation with Alice because Rachel insisted on speaking to him. Rachel griped to Steve about the grubby apartment Russ picked out and maintained that she won't set foot in any place until they have gained social stature. Steve recalled that he caused conflict after giving his opinion on Russ taking a residency in Boston when Rachel pressed Steve to confirm that she was right to object to Russ's plans. Rachel tried to convince Steve that Alice isn't the right woman for him and stalled going home to face Russ. Steve gave Rachel a sympathetic kiss on the cheek and politely asked her to leave. Rachel accused Russ of being dense and stupid for taking a day off to buy furniture for an apartment she has no intention of making their home. Russ rejected Rachel's suggestion that he work the night shift to get out of spending the evening with him.

David: (Konrad Matthaei, Introduction Line) (At the Nurse's station of the hospital) "Quiet tonight, isn't it, Alice?"

Notes: First appearance of Konrad Matthaei as Dr. David Thornton. Described as "serious, shy, and nice" in this episode. David explained that he had been absent for six months due to being at John Hopkins, where he initiated his plans to become a diagnostician. The character was mentioned in 1967 and 1968 before appearing on-screen.

JANUARY 22, 1969 (EP. #1165)
Jim and Mary sadly told Dru that Rachel refuses to live in the apartment Russ rented. Mary informed Dru and Jim that Russ is shopping for furniture by himself, but refrained from offering her assistance since Rachel might interpret it as interference. Dru reflected on Rachel's immaturity being somewhat endearing, but maintained that she is overdue for adult responsibilities. Jim echoed Dru's beliefs that Rachel would thrive in living alone with Russ and may find domestic life pleasant despite herself. Bill admitted to Dru that he stays mindful of Missy's happiness and strives to invent ways to improve it. Dru convinced Bill to invite Rachel to the house so that she could witness his and Missy's pleasure in making a home for themselves as a team. Pat griped to Jim that Rachel does not provide the help and support Russ needs while starting his career and demands material possessions and parties. Jim persuaded a reluctant Pat to host a party for Russ and Rachel to build a kinship with other young married couples. Lahoma groaned to Mrs. Gilhooley that Liz exacerbated Ada's woes by visiting her and Sam to discuss Russ and Rachel's problems with them. Mrs. Gilhooley cheered up Lahoma by stating that people's backgrounds are meaningless and that Sam was wise to marry her. Lee was sympathetic and understanding once Lahoma admitted that she gets uncomfortable in her presence and fears that she married Sam under false pretenses. Lahoma and Lee agreed to renew their friendship once Lee revealed that Peggy knows her true reasons for jilting Sam. Mary was annoyed with Rachel for playing loud music in the bedroom and ignoring Pat's phone calls.

Lahoma: (about Liz) "...But you know, that Mrs. Matthews...I don't know her too well, but she's the kind of woman that can't open her mouth without doing harm to somebody....She can say things that are supposed to be a compliment and they're really an insult. I mean, that night she said how happy she was for Sammy and me...and how very lucky it was he'd married me instead of Lee...and that sounds lovely, but it wasn't. It wasn't lovely at all. Talked about how nice we got married, Sammy and me with the same background, same upbringing..."
Mrs. Gilhooley: "Different from Lee's was the idea, right?"
Lahoma: "Yes. You could tell what she was really saying - that marrying me was not a step up for Sammy at all."
Mrs. Gilhooley: "What's 'up?' Hm? Tell me. What's 'up?'"
Lahoma: "'s..."
Mrs. Gilhooley: "Sounds kind of snobbish to me, Lahoma."
Lahoma: "Gosh, I hope not."
Sam: "Sam took a step in the right direction when he married you and I don't care if it was up, down, or sideways."
Lahoma: "Thanks, Mrs. Gilhooley."

JANUARY 23, 1969 (EP. #1166)
Russ reprimanded a resentful Rachel for staying in the bedroom and ignoring Pat's calls since the phone line was established so that Russ could be notified of hospital emergencies. Russ felt defeated when Rachel was completely disinterested in the furniture he had purchased. Rachel returned Pat's phone call and gushed while excitedly telling Russ that John and Pat are throwing a party in their honor, prompting Russ to gaze at Rachel in wonder. Alice accepted Lenore's hypothesis that Steve's call to her at the hospital was interrupted by his secretary. Lenore was incredulous as Alice described Russ and Rachel's issues, but surmised that John and Pat were throwing a party to boost Rachel's self-esteem and influence her into becoming more domestic. Alice mused to Lenore that things between Russ and Rachel are strained and their marriage is failing. Walter secured Steve's promise in not telling Lenore that he is feeling slightly ill. Lenore teased Steve for coming over to the house in hopes of seeing Alice again and suggested that he bring Alice to the party that John and Pat are hosting. David joked with Alice about a patient getting a backache in time for his diagnosis of gallstones to be accurate. Alice happily accepted David's invitation to see "Swan Lake." Russ maintained his temper as Rachel flatly refused to assess the new furniture and complained about Russ believing that she wants privacy, security, and a sense of belonging. Rachel flipped upon hearing from Ada that Liz discussed her marriage with Sam and Lahoma. Ada left brokenhearted when Rachel angrily told her to get out of her life and turned on the record player to drown out Ada's voice.

Steve: ([HANDS] BRANDY TO WALTER:) "Here you are."
Walter: "Make yourself one."
Steve: "Not for me, thanks. I have a business dinner in a little while. I try to let the other fellow get ahead of me on the I can stay ahead of him on everything else."

JANUARY 24, 1969 (EP. #1167)
Ernie convinced a disheveled Ada to wash up and comb her hair while he surreptitiously called Sam and Lahoma. Rachel was tight-lipped towards Russ's inquiry into the reasons Ada left in tears, then carped about seeing little of their friends and the years it will take for Russ to establish a private practice. Russ urged Rachel to have patience and spoke optimistically about earning a good income, buying a house and new car, and going on trips in the future. Rachel was appalled when Russ pointed out that Sam and Lahoma are satisfied with their modest lifestyle and went to take a walk in disgust. Ada's lip trembled while telling Ernie, Sam, and Lahoma that she is deathly afraid that Russ and Rachel's marriage is falling apart. Sam bristled with anger as Ada recounted Rachel coldly ordering her out of her life. Ada couldn't prevent Sam from storming out of the apartment to confront Rachel. Walter and Lenore were surprised to receive a visit from Rachel, who fibbed that Russ was called to the hospital on short notice. Steve discouraged Rachel from asking John and Pat to invite him to the party they are throwing. Rachel was enthralled as Steve talked about his beach house in St. Croix and trips to the Mediterranean with Walter and Lenore. Steve squirmed as Rachel flirtatiously complimented his marvelous sense of humor, getting a ride home from him, and likened Steve dropping her off a few blocks away from the Matthews' house to keeping a secret between them. Rachel was insolent towards Sam's demands that she apologize to Ada. Sam warned Rachel that Liz is a troublemaker and that she is risking her marriage by trying to climb the social ladder.

JANUARY 27, 1969 (EP. #1168)
Rachel was infuriated as Russ cheerfully talked about the two of them going to a furniture store. Russ struck down Rachel's excuses to get out of spending the day with him. Missy was puzzled that Russ seemed to be laying out plans to Rachel over the phone. Rachel graciously accepted Missy's invitation to visit the house. Bill and Missy enjoyed rehearsing the demonstration they had planned for Rachel in showing the benefits of a married couple having privacy and their own home. Liz whined to Bill that John excluded her from Russ and Rachel's party due to harboring a grudge against her. Bill maintained decorum as Liz ranted about Rachel causing problems by neglecting her responsibilities as a wife. Liz told Bill that Rachel relishes being the center of attention and expressed doubts that the party will improve the situation for her and Russ. Bill piqued Liz's interest by casually mentioning Missy's invitation to Rachel. Rachel was impressed while surveying the house as Missy was putting Ricky down for a nap. Missy purposefully described the joy of watching Ricky grow up, building a life with Bill, and establishing a home to Rachel, who realized that Missy was trying to change her mind about marriage. Rachel groaned to Missy about leaving the Matthews' house to live in a small apartment and Russ's meager income. Rachel dissembled when Liz hinted at her marital issues and emphasized that Russ objects to her canvassing. Liz refused to accept the donations Rachel had received and suggested that she discuss the matter with Russ. Dru promised to deliver Rachel's pledges to Liz, but failed to persuade Rachel into confiding in him about her troubles.

Notes: Original scenes cut from this episode included: Prologue of Russ trapping Rachel into going to a furniture store by telling Dru their plans; and first portion of Act IV, which featured Russ vowing to solve his marital woes to Alice at the Nurse's Station.

JANUARY 28, 1969 (EP. #1169)
Sam told Lahoma that Rachel is ruining her own life and vowed to straighten out her attitude and priorities. John joked to Pat that he would rather argue a case against Clarence Darrow than decide on whether to invite Steve to Rachel's party. Alice told Pat that she disapproved of Steve's interference in Russ and Rachel's conflicts and that they have a strong difference of opinions. Pat and Alice agreed that they have reached their limits in trying to understand and sympathize with Rachel. Alice agreed to help Pat buy some furniture for Russ and Rachel. Lahoma was touched that Lenore gifted her and Sam with a set of pewter mugs as a belated wedding present. Lenore and Lahoma talked about their respective honeymoons and progress in fixing up their apartments. Lahoma was pleased to hear that Steve and Alice are talking again, but discouraged that they haven't had a chance to go on a date yet. Lenore and Lahoma deduced that Rachel had lied about Russ being on night duty when she dropped by Walter and Lenore's place since Sam had spoken to Russ while visiting Rachel at the Matthews' house that night. Bill urged Sam to allow Russ and Rachel to work through their problems rather than interfere in their personal matters. John and Bill exchanged mortified glances once Sam forced Pat to confess that she and Alice are assisting Russ because Rachel won't participate in buying furniture for the apartment. Alice discouraged Lenore from pushing Steve into asking her out and contemplated dating David. Bill encouraged Steve to be more receptive to having romance in his life. Steve laughed while juggling a phone in his hand and considered calling Alice.

John: "...What's this?"
Pat: "The guest list for Rachel's party. Any suggestions?"
John: "Why not ask her whom she'd like to have?"
Pat: "Because I already know the answer. Paul Newman, Richard Burton, and Steve McQueen."
John: "So invite them, what can you lose?" (THEN:) "And that, my sweet, is my last suggestion for you."
Pat: (SMILES) "My - how very helpful you are."

Pat: (about Rachel) "Alice, I don't understand that girl!"
Alice: "Then that makes two of us. Oh, Pat...I've tried to understand and sympathize with her. I've listened to Uncle Dru explain how she never had a father, or the kind of home life that we had...Well, I'm sorry, but there's a limit to the amount of understanding you can give a person. There are times lately when I'd just love to wrap my hands around that neck of hers and throttle her but good."
Pat: "Or possibly pull a little hair."
Alice: "Yes - right out by the roots!"

JANUARY 29, 1969 (EP. #1170)
Alice happily accepted Steve's offer to have lunch with her in the hospital cafeteria. Pat kindly told Rachel that her upcoming party will be a simple affair and that she doesn't need a new dress for the occasion. Rachel complained that she was still weak from her past illness and that Russ left a note for her to meet him at the hospital to get out of looking at the furniture that was selected for them. Pat informed Rachel that the small apartment will be easy to manage and that the furniture is being held at the store awaiting her approval. Alice ribbed Steve for displaying sensitivity despite his tough exterior while Steve asserted that Alice's strong will and independence belies her expectations for him to get in touch with her. Steve predicted that he and Alice will get to know each other better as they spend more time together. Alice agreed to attend John and Pat's party with Steve. David excitedly told Alice that he booked a dinner reservation for them at The Mirador and bought orchestra seat tickets to the ballet. John suggested that Pat accompany him on a business trip to New York so that they can enjoy a short vacation. Pat was dismayed to realize that John was leaving on the night of their upcoming party and was uncertain that they could reschedule since Russ and Rachel will be moving next week. Russ joked with Alice on having an active social life. Rachel cited Pat's visit and shopping for a new dress as excuses when Russ lectured her over being an hour late in meeting him. Russ informed Rachel that he will no longer tolerate her stall tactics in buying the new furniture and moving out. Alice grew curious while she caught Russ shoving Rachel into the elevator.

Alice: "The man is supposed to call the girl."
Steve: "Oh, come on, Alice, that idea went out with smelling salts."
Alice: "It's the way I was raised."
Steve: "Little Miss Prim."
Alice: "That's me."
Steve: "I don't believe it. It doesn't go with the rest of you."
Alice: "Why, Mr. Frame, I don't know what you mean..."
Steve: "Yes, you do. You're so earn your own form you own opinions...and defend them like a tigress, I might ask nothing from anybody...then all of a sudden it's (MOCKING HER) 'the man is supposed to call the girl.' It's incongruous.'s a good thing we ran into each other that day at Walter and Lenore's. That sort of broke the ice, don't you think?"
Alice: (INNOCENT) "Was there any ice?"
Steve: "There was a deep deep freeze. We've both been silly...haven't we? Come on, Alice...give a little. Don't make me take all the blame."
Alice: (KIDDING AS IF RECITING) "The man is supposed..."
Steve: "All right. All right. Enough already!"
Alice: (LAUGH) "Okay, Steven...I won't say it again. My, you're touchy!"
Steve: "Me touchy?"
Alice: "Yes, you touchy. Amazing."
Steve: "I have feelings, sure, but touchy? I'm not touchy."
Alice: "I think you are. Great big successful man like ought to be ashamed. What would your competitors say if they knew?"
Steve: (GRINS) "They'd say you were wrong."
Alice: "They don't know you the way I do."
Steve: "A good thing they don't, if you ask me."
Alice: "Scared they'll find out you're not so tough?"
Steve: "Scared to death."

JANUARY 30, 1969 (EP. #1171)
Sam was appreciative to John for granting his request to leave work early. John urged Sam to proceed with caution in confronting Rachel, but shared Sam's skepticism in getting any results. Sam speculated to John that Rachel may become resentful towards people's efforts to guide her through married life. John asked Peggy to book reservations for New York since Pat had successfully rescheduled the party. Peggy sadly shook her head when Sam made himself scarce upon learning that Lee was stopping by the office. Rachel angrily told Russ that voicing her opinions is trivial because Russ chose an apartment and bought furniture against her objections. Russ admitted defeat after Rachel sarcastically quipped that Pat and Alice can take credit for furnishing the apartment and harped on having little room to entertain company. Rachel fumed when Russ hailed a cab to take her home since he had to return to work. Mary was pleased that Russ and Rachel had a productive day at the furniture store and were on schedule to move next week. Mary was stunned when Rachel tearfully insinuated that everyone is anxious for her and Russ to leave the Matthews' house. Rachel rebuked Mary's attempts to explain that she was misinterpreting everyone's intentions. Lee denied Peggy's assertion that she came to John's office in hopes of seeing Sam. John urged Lee to quit being a stranger to him and Pat. Lahoma and Lee awkwardly engaged in small talk and made tentative dinner plans. Peggy was surprised by Lahoma's request that they get together on a night that Sam has classes. Mary was perplexed when Sam asked to speak with Rachel privately.

JANUARY 31, 1969 (EP. #1172)
Pat informed Russ and Alice that the party has been postponed because she is accompanying John on a business trip to New York. Alice realized she would have to break her date with David to attend the party with Steve and felt apprehensive over disappointing either man. Russ was abstracted while expressing gratitude to Pat and Alice for picking out furniture for himself and Rachel. Pat tried to assure Russ that all women enjoy the planning and execution of fixing up their home into something personal and attractive. Sam was subdued yet earnest and determined in preparing himself to talk with Rachel. Rachel grew hostile as Sam implored Rachel to acknowledge her problems with Russ, quit living in misery, and to accept the apartment Russ has chosen for them. Sam felt dejected after Rachel went on a diatribe about having to feign appreciation while everyone coaxes her into doing things against her will. Alice was charmed and quite amused as David shyly described the extravagant plans he made for their date, which belied his frugal spending habits. Alice balked at Steve's demand to cancel her plans with David, leading Steve to accuse Alice of reneging on their agreement to get to know each other again. Rachel complained to Steve about the Matthews' family pushing her around, making decisions on her behalf, and being expected to shower them with gratitude while they preached about values and principles. Steve consoled a child-like Rachel by gently stroking her hair. Rachel made direct, frankly sexual invitations to Steve while vowing to get everything that she wants. Steve and Rachel pondered the consequences after sharing a passionate kiss.

Notes: First on-screen appearance of Steve's secretary, Helen. She is later renamed Pam Sloane.

FEBRUARY 3, 1969 (EP. #1173)
Sam told Lahoma that Rachel hysterically screamed that she doesn't owe gratitude to anyone, that she is misunderstood and disliked, and boasted that she will achieve her goals on her own. Sam and Lahoma predicted that someone may challenge Rachel's heavy-handed approach towards her ambitions. Sam hypothesized to Lahoma that Rachel married Russ to gain social stature and questioned whether Rachel is capable of loving someone besides herself. Lahoma carefully defended Rachel when Sam insisted that getting married under false pretenses is the worst crime someone can commit against another person. Alice told Mary that she couldn't bring herself to cancel on David since he is sparing no expense despite being only a resident. Mary opined to Alice that she may have bruised Steve's ego by keeping her date with David and hinted that Steve exudes a facade of strength. Sam and Peggy graciously joked about Dru spoiling them at the office. Peggy deduced that Lahoma was likely seeking help in solving a moral dilemma and asked Dru for advice without going into specifics. Dru urged Peggy to lend a sympathetic ear and a compassionate heart to comfort the person in need. Lahoma tried to reassure Ada that Russ and Rachel will resolve their issues. Ada was puzzled when Lahoma quickly declined her dinner invitation. Ernie gently chided Ada for worrying excessively about other people. Peggy told Lahoma that Lee should tell Sam the true reasons that she broke their engagement. Peggy believed that Lahoma has struggled to keep Lee's secrecy, but felt conflicted towards confirming Lahoma's suspicions that Sam and Lee still love each other.

Lahoma: "I think Rachel wants to be young and beautiful and glamorous and rich, and a big social success and have everybody envy her and look up to her and be crazy about her at the same time."
Sam: "That's stupid..."
Lahoma: "And that's not all..."
Sam: "There's more?"
Lahoma: "I think she wants all that and she wants it forever. Never get old, never get unattractive, never have to work, never be disliked or looked down on by anybody...never. Never, never, never. That's Rachel."
Sam: "Nice work if you can get it."
Lahoma: "Rachel thinks she can."

Sam: "You know what? Someday, she's going to push a little too hard and somebody's going to push back. I don't mean brains. I mean whatever kind of meringue she's got inside that pretty head...Somebody's going to spill it all over the floor one of these days."
Lahoma: "Who's going to do that?"
Sam: "I don't know. Russ maybe?"

FEBRUARY 4, 1969 (EP. #1174)
Russ noted Rachel's pleasant mood and complimented her new dress. Steve gave short, perfunctory responses to Lee, who pled Alice's case for not cancelling her date with David since it had been finalized before Steve asked Alice to attend the party with him. Lee was flattered when Steve stated he couldn't ask for a nicer girl to take to the party. Steve vehemently told Lee that he doesn't believe the excuse that Alice was obligated to David. Russ couldn't sway Rachel's opinion that Alice snubbed her by choosing to keep her date with David instead of attending the party. Rachel groused to Russ that Alice bought them a frying pan when a solid gold picture frame like Lenore's would have been far more appropriate. Russ grew defeated and embarrassed when Rachel insisted on redoing her makeup because he had clumsily planted kisses on her. John, Pat, Bill, Walter, and Lenore laughed at Missy's fervent belief that Rachel will like everyone's gifts. Lahoma observed Sam and Lee exchange reserved greetings, which were accompanied by awkward pauses as they entered John and Pat's house. Rachel effusively flitted around the living room while excitedly gushing over a party being thrown in her honor and everyone looking quite attractive. Steve ribbed Rachel for making herself an easy target for teasing because of her effusive reaction to his presence. Rachel struggled to match Russ's enthusiasm over the household appliances that everyone had gifted them. Steve quietly advised Rachel that she was disingenuous in showing gratitude and declined her request to meet with him privately to vent about the party. Rachel felt agonized while dancing with John.

FEBRUARY 5, 1969 (EP. #1175)
Alice was startled by Russ's brusque responses to her questions about John and Pat's party. Russ grumbled to Alice that everyone is pressuring Rachel into becoming domestic by gifting them household electrical appliances. Russ softened towards Alice as he expressed gratitude that the other residents are covering for him so that he and Rachel can move into their apartment. Alice tried to reassure Russ that Rachel will enjoy the excitement of establishing a home. Ernie reminisced to Ada about his cousin, Eustis giving him a business loan and refusing to accept repayment until Ernie had built some savings. Ernie asked Ada to accompany him to Denver so he can run Eustis' shop while he recovers from an illness. Ada recommended Sam handle the accounting at the garage during Ernie's absence. Russ confided to John his frustrations over Rachel's refusal to participate in choosing the apartment and the furniture for it. John reflected to Russ that he was childish and selfish like Rachel while coping with paralysis, which was cured by Pat's love and patience. Russ thanked John for reviving his resolve and determination. Rachel sarcastically told Russ to have fun arranging the furniture and cleaning the apartment before storming out. Ada tried to calm a despondent Rachel, who wailed about the dingy place Russ rented and the household appliances she received at the party. Ada reminded Rachel that her father abandoned them when she was a baby and that she doesn't know his current whereabouts. Rachel carped to Ada that everyone is pushing her into domesticity. Ernie seethed once Ada decided against going to Denver because Rachel is likely in trouble.

Notes: Last episode to credit Clarke Morgan as show organist. According to AW fan, Daniel Ahearn, Chet Kingsbury and Al Finelli took turns playing the organ while the show auditioned musicians to replace Clarke Morgan (who died on December 28, 1968). Ultimately, Kingsbury was hired for the job.

FEBRUARY 6, 1969 (EP. #1176)
Steve was puzzled when Rachel came to him distraught. Russ lamely accepted Bill and Missy's compliments on the apartment and dissembled when they inquired into Rachel's absence. Bill subtly persuaded Missy into going home so that he could help Russ move the furniture and openly talk about his marital woes. Rachel crowed that Steve was discounting her feelings and dismissing her like everyone else when he balked at taking her side against Russ. Steve was dubious towards Rachel's claims that she is forced to acquiesce to Russ's wishes. Rachel grew defensive when Steve asserted that she is a schemer and debated whether she has settled for Russ until she finds another man who can provide her with the affluence she craves. Steve passionately kissed Rachel, who whined that she feels helpless and alone. Rachel muttered assents when Steve asked her to leave while he took a business call. Liz assumed that Rachel fought with Russ after learning from Missy that she was not at the apartment with him. Russ told Bill that Rachel wants no part of homemaking and cannot grasp the ways in which to be a loving, devoted wife. Bill failed to alleviate Russ's guilt over enabling Rachel's selfishness and poor attitude. Bill lied to Liz that Rachel ran errands and is happily fixing up the apartment with Russ to stop Liz from interfering in the matter. Rachel contemptuously advised Russ that she will perform an act to keep up appearances. Rachel accused Russ of bribery by gifting her a crystal object and smashed it. Russ angrily shook Rachel, which provoked her to slap him in the face. Russ retaliated against Rachel's childish behavior by spanking her.

Rachel: "Because I...I just have to. It's what Russ wants."
Steve: "And if you don't move you're liable to lose him, right?"
Rachel: "Well...yes. I...I suppose so."
Steve: "And you're not ready for that, are you? At least, not yet."
Rachel: "I...I don't know what you mean."
Steve: "Don't you?"
Rachel: ", I don't. You make it sound as if I don't love Russ."
Steve: "Well, do you?"
Rachel: "Of course I do."
Steve: "But how much and for how long? For richer or for poorer? Till death do you part? Or just until someone better comes along?"
Rachel: "Steve...don't. You make me out to be a terrible person. Someone who lies and cheats. Someone who's selfish."
Steve: "And aren't you selfish?"
Rachel: "No. If anyone's selfish it's Russ. He's trying to change my entire life. Trying to coop me up in some tiny apartment so I won't have time for anything. No time for working on committees. No time for friends."
Steve: (GENTLY, ALMOST PITYINGLY:) "No time for lunches at the Top of the Tower..."

Notes: Appearance by Steve Frame's secretary. She is named Helen Byron in this episode. Starting with this episode, an organist is not credited in the scripts with the cast and crew until the April 7, 1969 episode (Production Date 4/3/69).

FEBRUARY 7, 1969 (EP. #1177)
Russ quelled Rachel's insolence slightly by proposing that they never allow arguments to get physical again. Rachel was not placated by Russ's optimism that they will have a happy life in their new place. Dru ribbed Russ and Rachel for trying to cheat everyone out of giving them a proper farewell by eating breakfast before the rest of the family. Jim, Mary, Dru, and Alice exchanged hugs with Russ and Rachel after Dru gave an eloquent speech in their honor. Jim and Dru decided to help Russ load his car. Alice told Mary that she and Lenore are going to the apartment to lend a hand to Rachel. Mary tearfully carped to Alice that everyone is conciliatory towards Rachel while neglecting Russ's needs. Rachel dismissed Russ's rose-colored notions of their life in the apartment. Russ tried to console Rachel by emphasizing that she has Alice, Missy, and Lenore to keep her company and to offer assistance. Russ suggested that Rachel stop at the supermarket to buy steak, wine, and candles so that they can have a romantic, celebratory dinner. Lenore, Lee, and Alice's arrival to help Rachel unpack unwittingly thwarted her plan to visit Steve. Lee mused to Alice about the thrill of couples establishing a home and raising children in it, but Alice maintained that Rachel doesn't appreciate such things. Rachel was pleased yet unsure of herself as she served tea to Alice, Lee, and Lenore. Jim tried to mollify Mary, who worried about Russ and Rachel getting settled in their new place. Russ forgave Rachel for not going to the supermarket. Rachel resisted Russ's kisses while accusing him of pressuring her into intimacy. Russ felt dejected when Rachel ran into the bathroom to avoid him.

FEBRUARY 10, 1969 (EP. #1178)
Russ firmly informed Rachel that they are sharing a bed whether she approves or not, much to Rachel's chagrin. Lahoma diplomatically interposed while Sam admonished Ada for refusing to accompany Ernie to Denver because she is needlessly concerned about Rachel. Ada theorized to Sam and Lahoma that Rachel is in trouble, despises the apartment, and is adamantly against becoming a housewife. Rachel surreptitiously slipped out of bed, gathered some clothing, and quietly went into the bathroom. Sam remonstrated Ada for neglecting Ernie for Rachel, who never listens to reason or heeds Ada's advice. Ada called Ernie to update him on Russ and Rachel's move and to check on Eustis. Rachel indignantly wailed to Ada that she is frightened of Russ because he hit her. Sam griped to Lahoma that Ada has an over-developed sense of responsibility towards Rachel and is wasting her time because Rachel declines everyone's assistance. Lahoma happily accepted Sam's kisses while sitting on his lap. Ada opined to Rachel that she likely deserved a spanking from Russ and has a tendency to upset people. Rachel deplored Russ for impeding her progress in meeting prominent figures through canvassing for Liz. Ada defended herself against Rachel's accusations that she caused her father to abandon them. Rachel fumed when Ada insisted that she return to Russ. Russ bought Rachel's lie that she went to take a walk around the neighborhood. Pat noticed Rachel's indifference as she offered to take her to an outlet store and to teach Rachel efficient ways to shop at grocery stores. Rachel packed her suitcase, wrote a note for Russ, and fled the apartment.

Notes: Ada mentions that Rachel's father has not contacted either of them in more than twenty years.

FEBRUARY 11, 1969 (EP. #1179)
Ada told Lahoma that she let Rachel spend the night at the house, then sent her back to Russ. Lahoma promised Ada that she would visit Rachel after she has lunch with Peggy. Peggy tried to soothe Lahoma's guilt by pointing out that Lee swore her to secrecy concerning the true reasons she jilted Sam. Lahoma fretted to Peggy that she married Sam under false pretenses. Peggy urged Lahoma not to dwell on the past or worry that outcomes might have changed under different circumstances. Mary spoke positively about Russ and Rachel's progress in fixing up the apartment so that Liz's suspicions would not be aroused. Liz stirred Mary's consternation as she reflected that Ada did the best she could raising Rachel by herself and that marrying Russ provided her with security and social position. Mary was exhausted after defending Rachel against Liz's assertions that Rachel lacks experience in redecorating an apartment and maintaining a household. Ada fibbed that she was waiting for Ernie's call to stall accompanying Mary to Russ and Rachel's place. Lahoma informed Mary and Ada that Rachel was not home when she dropped by the apartment. Mary, Ada, and Lahoma tried to convince themselves that Rachel had become pre-occupied with shopping for kitchen supplies. Russ sunk into a chair after finding Rachel's farewell note. Walter and Lenore sensed that Russ was cross while he gave them a tour of the apartment and made excuses to justify Rachel's absence. Russ sadly told Walter and Lenore that Rachel left him. Walter and Lenore covered for Russ by telling Liz that they are picking up Rachel from Ada's house and taking them out to dinner.

Notes: Rachel's note to Russ stated, "Russ, I am going away. I don't know when I'll be back. There's something I've got to do. I can't tell you what it is because you wouldn't understand, just the way you've never understood how I feel. Rachel"

FEBRUARY 12, 1969 (EP. #1180)
Alice groused to Dru that she suspects Russ is upset because he deliberately avoided her at the hospital. Alice told Dru that Rachel's moodiness is difficult on Russ, but refuted his thesis that Russ was swamped with patients. Jim, Mary, and Dru bantered with David upon being introduced to him by Alice. Mary asked David and Alice to visit Russ and Rachel after their dinner date. Jim and Dru got Mary to laugh at herself for worrying excessively about Russ and Rachel. Jim somberly confessed to Dru that he shares Mary's concerns because Russ and Rachel cannot solve their problems. Dru urged Jim to reserve judgment in hopes that Russ and Rachel moving into their own place will help matters. Alice introduced David to Steve, who had arrived at Russ and Rachel's place to deliver a belated housewarming present. Steve humbly accepted David's compliments on being a rich tycoon and fascinating person. Alice was embarrassed when Steve asked for the reason that she is taking David to a popular ice-cream parlor that Alice never mentioned to him. Fred was amused yet incredulous as Liz voiced suspicions that Walter and Lenore covered for Russ because Rachel has caused more conflict. Walter predicted to Lenore that Russ's pride has been impacted and Ada will be devastated by Rachel's abrupt departure. Steve told Walter and Lenore that he suspects that Russ or Rachel avoided answering the door to anyone. Walter and Lenore defended Alice when Steve assumed that she chose David over him and suggested that he overcome his bitterness and ask Alice on a date. Dru was dubious when Alice resolved to make Russ divulge his problems to her.

FEBRUARY 13, 1969 (EP. #1181)
Walter dismissed Lenore's concerns over him having a bad cold. Lenore reminded Walter that they promised Russ that they would keep Rachel's departure secret, but dreaded running into Alice at the hospital. Alice asked David to have Russ come see her. Mary griped to Dru that Russ and Rachel have practically dropped out of sight since moving into their apartment. Dru warned Mary not to bother Rachel based on assumptions that she and Russ are having more problems. Mary grew alarmed when Ada suggested that they visit Rachel after they go shopping. Lenore placated Alice somewhat by confirming that she and Walter picked up Rachel at Ada's house and treated her and Russ to dinner at a restaurant in the country. David told Alice that Russ is too busy to talk. Dru tried to convince Ada that Mary wishes to avoid annoying Russ and Rachel with her concerns. Ada sensed rightly that Dru and Mary share her fears that something terrible happened between Russ and Rachel since they moved out. Mary agreed to accompany Ada to Russ and Rachel's place. Lenore bade a hasty retreat to prevent Alice from interrogating her on Russ and Rachel. David tried to reassure Alice that Russ will contact her soon and unfavorably compared himself to Steve on the kind of dates that they can afford. Alice questioned whether Liz's suspicions of Walter and Lenore's evening with Russ and Rachel are justified. Walter bristled when Liz purposefully raved about Lenore's dedication to the hospital as a volunteer. Liz failed to poke holes in Walter's account of having dinner with Russ and Rachel. Ada and Mary were disturbed that Russ and Rachel were not at home.

Production Notes: The script seems to indicate that this episode may not have aired in its entirety due to a snow storm taking place on February 10, 1969, which was the production date of this episode.

FEBRUARY 14, 1969 (EP. #1182)
Mary tried to quell Ada's discomfiture by theorizing that Rachel left the apartment early to go shopping. Alice politely declined David's offer to take a break with him in hopes that she can chat with Russ should he stop by the Nurses' station. David invited Alice to a basketball game, then teased Alice for liking sports because she attended football games with Steve in which his team participated. Alice sharply told David that lavishing money on her is unimportant in response to David's inquiry into whether she was impressed by Steve's wealth. David was forgiving when Alice apologized for snapping at him because she is troubled over Russ. Alice had another nurse take her place at the Nurses' Station after she spotted Russ leaving a patient's room. Alice aroused Russ's fury by harping on his and Rachel's whereabouts, their dinner with Walter and Lenore, and not keeping in touch. Russ lambasted Alice for snooping into his life and angrily stormed off. Jim warned Mary against sharing Liz's suspicions that Walter and Lenore are covering for Russ due to his ongoing issues with Rachel. Mary pointed out to Jim that Rachel has been out several times and that she nor Russ have called anyone. Alice dejectedly told Jim and Mary that Russ demanded that she mind her own business when she confronted him. Russ realized that he could not soothe Ada's concerns by making excuses to explain Rachel's absence. Ada reacted to Rachel's farewell note as though she had been slapped hard across the face. Russ implored Ada to keep quiet about Rachel's departure to spare her from scorn and embarrassment. Ada tearfully proclaimed that Rachel doesn't deserve Russ's love.

David: (about Steve) "...It must take a lot of money to own a team."
Alice: "Yes, I'm sure it does. Especially a football team. The cost of bandages alone..." (THE BOTH LAUGH)
David: "Of course, I read a rumor in the paper that he bought the team so he could take a tax loss. That's a problem I don't have. I don't find it necessary to lose any money."
Alice: "Personally, I don't understand how losing money can make you richer - but that's the whole point of tax losses, isn't it?"

FEBRUARY 17, 1969 (EP. #1183)
Ada coaxed Russ into coming to dinner with Sam and Lahoma and promised to cover for him and Rachel. Russ and Ada fibbed to Sam and Lahoma that Rachel is attending a committee meeting and likes the apartment. Sam praised Russ for getting a place for himself and Rachel because she needs the responsibility of taking care of a household. Russ excused himself from staying for dessert by telling Ada, Sam, and Lahoma that he needs rest. Ada became flustered when Sam observed that she and Russ are nervous and asked Ada to level with him about Rachel. Pat told Jim and Dru that the atmosphere at Russ and Rachel's place seemed strained. Jim, Dru, and Pat expressed curiosity that Russ and Rachel's phone is not installed and that they were out when Mary, Ada, David, and Alice stopped by the apartment. Pat advised Jim and Dru that she trusts Alice's ability to sense conflict and that it is uncharacteristic of Russ to avoid Alice. Russ laughed wildly over Rachel's audacity in questioning his whereabouts. Sam badgered Ada into revealing that Rachel left Russ. Ada tearfully confessed to Sam and Lahoma that she cannot provide insight into Rachel's actions. Rachel was purposely vague when Russ asked about her reasons for going missing. Russ was dumbstruck as Rachel jumped to conclusions that he didn't miss her, attempt to locate her, and hoped she would not return. Rachel was slightly placated to learn that Russ had kept her disappearance quiet. Russ was saddened that Rachel considers sharing a home with him the end to her life. Russ hypothesized that Rachel fears the duties of an adult, married woman and pledged to help her.

Production Notes: Last episode to credit Agnes Nixon as Head Writer.

FEBRUARY 18, 1969 (EP. #1184)
Russ told Rachel that he arranged for their telephone to be installed. Rachel grew apprehensive as Russ stated that they are going to see some people. Russ told Rachel that he wants to visit friends and loved ones to quell worries that they are having problems. Rachel conceded that Russ's plan was clever and considerate because he hopes that their ruse will stop anyone from speaking unkindly about her. Russ matter-of-factly reminded Rachel that the evening will not be a social, celebratory occasion at an expensive restaurant since Rachel won't reveal her reasons or purpose for leaving him. Bill cringed while Liz imperiously claimed that she is not deceived by appearances, senses subtext and hidden emotions, and criticized Bill for not sharing her concern for people. Bill and Missy tried to refute Liz's theory that Walter and Lenore lied about taking Russ and Rachel to dinner to hide their marital woes. Liz was nonplussed by Russ and Rachel's effusive greetings to her, Bill, and Missy. Missy failed to stifle laughter as Bill mocked Liz's supposed instincts of extrasensory perception and sensitivity towards others. Lahoma tried to console Ada, who was distraught over Rachel. Russ told Ada and Lahoma that he and Rachel are visiting everyone they have neglected since moving into the apartment. Ada asked Lahoma whether Rachel will ever come to appreciate Russ. Russ coaxed Rachel into thanking Pat for throwing the party for them, choosing the furniture, and inviting Pat to lunch over the phone. Rachel sarcastically called herself and Russ fine actors. Russ soundly rejected Rachel's request to go out to dinner and demanded that she explain her absence.

Bill: "Well, mother...there's trouble there all right, isn't there? Oh, sure, I could tell; there's big trouble between Russ and Rachel; because I can sense these things! I don't know about you superficial people...but I'm very very sensitive to any discord, any unhappiness...I can feel it. And when Russ and Rachel were sitting here talking to us...his arm around her? Well! That may have looked to you as though Russ was very fond of Rachel, but that's because you don't really care; you're too selfish, mother, that's your trouble, you just don't see what's really going on..."
Liz: "Now, Bill, you stop that!"
Bill: "You probably think Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary are happy, too, don't you, mother? You're just not perceptive enough to see that they really can't stand each other."
Liz: "Bill, stop it."
Bill: "I'll tell you, have to have a sixth sense about these things. You have to have extra-sensory perception. And I've got it. Yep, I can tell, Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary are going to get a divorce, and Alice is a mental case, and Pat and John beat each other up every night and every morning. Don't tell me they don't because I can feel it."
Missy: (TRYING TO STIFLE LAUGHTER:) "Bill, you mustn't..."
Bill: "Because I'm a caring person...mother...I care about people and that's why I know when they're unhappy or in trouble, because I care so deeply. Oh, I just care and care and care...and that's why I feel I must tell you these things, mother...I care so I have to talk about it, and talk about it and talk about it..." (MISSY CAN'T CONTROL HER LAUGHTER).

Notes: First episode to credit Robert Cenedella as Head Writer.

FEBRUARY 19, 1969 (EP. #1185)
Lee was surprised to receive a visit from Peggy's niece, Georgia May. Georgia May flatly declined Lee's offer to fix her something to eat. Pat was deflated over John's pessimism towards Russ and Rachel's assurances that they have resolved their issues. John fretted to Peggy and Pat that Lee has a non-existent social life since jilting Sam and that her dates with Steve were out of convenience. Peggy opined to John and Pat that Lee is simplifying her life and finds fulfillment working with children at The Haven. Georgia May informed Lee that she came to get money from Peggy. Lee was undaunted despite Georgia May rejecting her friendly overtures and efforts to get to know her. Georgia May gave ambiguous replies to Lee's questions on whether she is in trouble with the police and her reasons for running away. Lee called Peggy to inform her of Georgia May's arrival. John asked Lee to type legal documents for him so that Peggy could leave work to deal with her niece. Peggy remonstrated Georgia for speaking ignorantly to fool people, hitchhiking, and worrying her parents by fleeing home because they are strict with her. Georgia May admitted defeat when Peggy insisted on driving her back to her parents. Lee tried to convince herself not to be bothered by Sam's presence. Sam and Lee talked about school, her job at The Haven, and Lahoma. Lee fibbed to Sam that she needed to proofread the documents she typed for John to avoid leaving with him. John and Pat approved of Peggy taking Georgia May back to St. Louis. Lee tried to reassure John and Pat that she doesn't mind potentially running into Sam while she covers for Peggy at the office.

FEBRUARY 20, 1969 (EP. #1186)
Russ accused Rachel of going to bed early to dodge talking openly with him. Rachel vehemently swore to Russ that she will never provide him with an account of the days she went missing. Peggy told Lee that she will settle matters between Georgia May and her parents in St. Louis. Lee confessed that she is conflicted over helping John at work because she cannot bear to see Sam. Peggy hypothesized to Lee that Sam and Lahoma may find her presence in John's office difficult to handle. Jim and Mary surmised that Russ and Rachel decided not to contact anyone while they ironed out their differences. Steve contacted Jim and laid out his plans to merge with an electronics company named ITI and hire Jim to perform an accounting audit of its international operations. Jim opined to Mary that Steve's job offer is an excellent opportunity and that they don't have to worry about Russ and Rachel anymore. Rachel deplored Russ for forcing her to live in a cramped apartment. Russ blew a fuse when Rachel viciously taunted him for acting childish because she is keeping secrets from him. Rachel threw a tantrum and pouted on the bed after Russ left for work without saying another word to her. Rachel seethed over being unable to contact Steve. Lee was flummoxed that Rachel impatiently asked to speak with Dru and hung up once Lee explained that he is in court with John. Sam complimented Lee's typing skills. Lahoma was chagrined to catch Sam and Lee laughing at their habit of discussing school and their respective jobs every time they have an encounter. Sam consoled Lahoma, who berated herself for being insecure about his past romance with Lee.

Notes: Peggy mentions that Georgia May is about 19 years old and lives in St. Louis with her mother and father, who is Peggy's brother.

FEBRUARY 21, 1969 (EP. #1187)
Ernie embraced Ada as she sobbed over all the discord in Rachel's life. Mary was discomfited as Rachel repeatedly asked for Dru and hedged on discussing the apartment, spending time with Russ, and going shopping with her. Dru was shocked when Rachel crowed that her life is awful and that she needs help. Ada told Ernie that Russ isolated himself for days because Rachel left him and Sam and Lahoma pried the truth from her, despite Russ's wishes to maintain secrecy. Ernie and Ada bemoaned Russ putting on a brave front and coaxing Rachel into calling everyone to ease their worries. Ada was moved when Ernie stated that he cured his loneliness in Denver by thinking of her. Ada and Lahoma gave condolences to Ernie over Eustis' death. Ernie ruefully told Ada and Lahoma that they dashed his cheerful homecoming by weeping over Rachel's vanishing act and Sam's encounters with Lee while she helps John at work during Peggy's absence. Dru was flabbergasted once Rachel admitted that Russ hid from their family and friends, then dissembled contentment since Russ was ashamed that she left him. Rachel told Dru that she went to Evansville to search for her father to no avail. Dru tried to grasp Rachel's reasoning as she wailed that she feels trapped because Russ doesn't understand or care about her. Rachel voiced resentment towards Dru's defense of Russ and bade a hasty retreat. Russ decided to tolerate Rachel confiding in Dru about the days she went missing. Rachel mocked Russ for expecting her to be at his beck and call. Russ angrily shook Rachel, who retaliated by blurting out that she went chasing after another man she failed to find.

Notes: Rachel reveals that her father was born in Evansville, Indiana. His birthday is April 20, 1924.

FEBRUARY 24, 1969 (EP. #1188)
Bill invited an upset Russ to the house since he is babysitting Ricky while Liz and Missy attended a committee meeting. Russ informed Bill that he avoided everyone because Rachel left him and carried on a pretense between them by visiting friends and loved ones. Russ bemoaned to Bill the long-standing strain between himself and Rachel getting worse since they moved into the apartment and that Rachel supposedly went chasing after another man. Bill suggested to Russ that they talk to Dru because Rachel may have given him a detailed account of the time she was away. Dru informed Bill and Russ that Rachel left to search for her father in Evansville, but only found a birth certificate and returned once she ran out of money. Russ bitterly told Dru and Bill that he would have understood Rachel's quest and deplored her for purposely hurting him. Dru and Bill urged Russ to be sympathetic towards Rachel like a father figure. Alice raved about the apartment while David talked to Rachel about Steve owning a football team. Rachel rushed to the phone in hopes of getting in touch with Steve. Russ promised Dru and Bill that he will exercise more patience with Rachel. Alice flattered David by stating that she enjoyed his company despite disliking sports games. David sang Steve's praises to Alice and noted that Rachel seemed nervous and distracted while they chatted. Alice told David that Rachel is a self-centered and childish woman, but wants Russ to be happy because he loves Rachel. David and Alice were optimistic that Russ and Rachel will work through their issues. Russ became furious after discovering that Rachel had left the apartment again.

FEBRUARY 25, 1969 (EP. #1189)
Steve mollified Rachel's angst by explaining that he was in a conference. Rachel smiled as Steve flirtatiously suggested she make herself comfortable. Liz informed John that she recruited Pat and Missy for one of her committees. John and Missy didn't share Liz's fascination over Lee covering for Peggy while she is in St. Louis because of Sam. John and Pat remonstrated Liz for insinuating that Sam's feelings for Lee will resurface while they are working together. Liz carped that John and Pat misinterpreted her remarks and are willfully ignoring Sam's attraction to Lee. John firmly warned Liz to quit causing trouble by gossiping about Sam and Lee and to mind her own business. Steve was suspicious of Rachel's assertions that Russ walked out in the middle of a conversation with her. Steve hinted to Rachel that it may be deemed inappropriate for her to be a married woman in a bachelor's pad late at night. Rachel put her hand on Steve's knee and mused that she yearns to alleviate his fatigue. Steve sensed rightly that Rachel's marriage is troubled. Rachel questioned the repercussions after Steve drunkenly pulled her into his lap and kissed her passionately. Steve told a flustered Rachel to leave should she want more than a meaningless tryst. Missy was shocked as Bill updated her on Russ's marital woes and Rachel searching for her father. Bill and Missy were grateful over being happy together. John and Bill ribbed Lee over her mistakes at the office. Sam apologized to Lee for snapping at her when she asked for help in finding carbon paper. Lee privately wished that she and Sam could become friends and berated herself for wanting to stir Lahoma's jealousy.

FEBRUARY 26, 1969 (EP. #1190)
Alice was miffed that Steve called to speak with Jim. Steve informed Mary that Jim may need to leave for a business trip within twenty-four hours because the merger is progressing quickly. Dru considered it a splendid opportunity once Mary explained that Steve appointed Jim to do the accounting of a company's international operations. Dru and Mary were bewildered by Alice's complaints that Steve is forcing Jim to acquiesce to his aggressive approach to business deals, is exceedingly smug, and egotistical. Russ chastised Rachel for leading him to believe that she left to chase after another man instead of looking for her father. Rachel acted recalcitrant towards Russ's claim that he would have provided understanding towards her search. Russ suggested to Rachel that they hire a detective who specializes in missing persons cases. Rachel caused Russ to abruptly storm out by proclaiming that she doesn't need his help. Jim was impressed while Steve went over his travel itinerary and arrangements. Steve informed a grateful Jim that he was hired based on his credentials. Jim graciously declined Steve's dinner invitation. Steve criticized Rachel for interrupting his meeting with Jim. Rachel relished in reminding Steve about their last encounter. Steve brusquely told Rachel to make her own decisions rather than ask for advice on her marriage. Alice fumed when Steve arrived to review some documents with Jim during his going away party. Dru delivered a toast to Jim. Mary intervened when Rachel commended Steve for hiring Jim while Russ was preparing to leave. Alice loudly and pointedly stated that Jim needs time with Mary since it is his last night in town.

Dru: "Now then Jim, to a swift and successful completion of the rounds Mr. Frame has appointed you for and may neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor hijacked plane keep you from a safe and fast return."

Jim: (Shepperd Strudwick, Exit Line) To Alice about it getting late, "Yes, I know, but Steve says it's just going to take another few minutes."

Notes: Last appearance of Shepperd Strudwick as Jim Matthews. Appearance by Steve's secretary, Helen Byron. Jim's destinations included: Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, Japan, and Europe.

FEBRUARY 27, 1969 (EP. #1191)
Russ stressed that he and Alice are most concerned that Jim was given short notice and will be away for months to counter Rachel's effusive praise of Steve giving Jim a great job opportunity. Russ offered Rachel his assistance in locating her father, which Rachel flatly rejected before retreating to the bathroom. Rachel surreptitiously swallowed a pill. Russ told Rachel that he never meant to be cruel by getting an apartment for them, questioned her motives for stating that she went after another man, and speculated that she must feel lost and scared. Rachel gave Russ a sweet smile hinted with triumph and malevolence as she became drowsy and confessed that she took a sleeping pill. Alice griped to Lenore about Steve sending Jim all over the world to do the accounting for a big merger. Lenore told Alice that Walter has been ill and unusually tired lately. Alice took Lenore's suggestion that she contact Steve to ask his reasons for appointing Jim as his accountant. Lenore was embarrassed for assuming that Russ was having a second breakfast at work. Steve invited Alice to his apartment so that they could chat. Russ told Rachel that he hopes to understand her hatred towards the apartment, resistance in bearing his child, and her desire to find her father because he wants Rachel to feel protected and loved. Rachel was stunned once Russ asked her to decide whether she wants to make their marriage work or end it. Ernie and Ada teased each other for being agreeable to the other's ideas for the house. Rachel arrived with her suitcases and informed Ernie and Ada that she has left Russ. Russ was shocked to come home and find Rachel had moved out.

Notes: In crossed-out dialogue Ernie proposes planting tulips around his business property, building Ada another closet, and encourages her to buy some new clothes. Rachel's goodbye note to Russ concerning their marriage, "I've thought it over and this is the answer."

FEBRUARY 28, 1969 (EP. #1192)
John was disturbed that Lee stared into space and seemed not to hear him ask whether she had paid some bills, then Lee smiled sweetly and confirmed that she had placed them in the mail. John told Pat that Lee is likely stressed from working with Sam and urged Pat to invite Lee over in hopes of raising her spirits. Lee told Lahoma that she will be relieved once Peggy resumes work because she is unsuitable for legal duties. Lahoma and Lee resigned to the fact that they cannot forget Sam's engagement to Lee or have the three of them spend time together without any awkwardness or tension. Lee felt guilty because Lahoma was perturbed by her last conversation with Sam. Lahoma and Lee resolved to rebuild their friendship. Lee happily accepted a dinner invitation from Pat. Lahoma admitted to Lee that she is afraid of her. Mary didn't dispute Liz's opinion that she was blasé over becoming rich because of Jim's role in Steve's lucrative merger. Lee was anguished as Liz hinted that Sam must find her presence difficult because of their past romance. John fumed as Liz commented that Sam is doing well considering his background, lack of advantages in life, and time in prison. Lee fiercely told Liz that Sam is kind, thoughtful, and considerate, and accused Liz of being superficial, sheltered, and shallow towards people's feelings. John marveled at Lee's valiant defense of Sam and putting Liz in her place. Ada told Lahoma that Rachel left Russ for good and will be staying with her and Ernie. Ernie groaned about Ada rearranging things to make room for Rachel. Ada admitted to Lahoma that she is petrified that Rachel's presence will affect her marriage to Ernie.

MARCH 3, 1969 (EP. #1193)
Alice was slightly patronizing to Steve as she raved that his apartment, private elevator, and leather chairs are impressive. Alice asked Steve for the reasons that he recruited Jim, sent him on a business trip, and monopolized Jim's time at his going away party. Steve's temper flared while explaining to Alice that he needed an expert accountant for the merger and Jim is an astute, very knowledgeable man. Alice stirred Steve's ire by asking whether he had hired Jim to curry her favor. Steve had Alice meet his friend Joan Shaw to prove that some girls do not suspect hidden meanings or ulterior motives in everything he says and does. Joan was embarrassed by Alice's sudden departure. Missy informed Bill that they received a cryptic postcard from Susan and urged him to contact her. Russ was in despair while telling Bill that Rachel has left him. Russ told Bill that Rachel moved out in response to his ultimatum on making their marriage work, but maintained that he cannot allow his personal life to affect his career or resort to pretense and subterfuge. Missy begged Russ to fight for his marriage instead of admitting defeat. Liz reflected to Bill, Russ, and Missy that Susan threw tantrums as a child, is emotionally unstable, and has a flair for the dramatic. Liz was nonplussed once Russ revealed that Rachel left him. Joan asked Steve to refer his rich friends to Imago Dress Shop, an expensive apparel store where she is seeking employment. Rachel thwarted Steve's efforts to avoid her by blurting out that she has left Russ. Steve adamantly denied influencing Rachel into leaving Russ. Rachel flirtatiously asked Steve whether he is pleased by her decision.

MARCH 4, 1969 (EP. #1194)
Rachel defiantly told Steve that she doesn't care about being a member of the Matthews' clan and opined that they snub people like them. Steve somberly agreed with Rachel's assertion that Alice doesn't appreciate him while getting drunk. Rachel seductively told Steve that they are similar in many ways and that he is a special person. Steve and Rachel had a one-night stand. Steve was noncommittal as Rachel prattled about learning everything about him, suggested they take a vacation, and openly establish themselves as a couple. Rachel obeyed Steve's request to leave the apartment. Sam disparaged Rachel for foolishly leaving Russ and admonished Ada for allowing Rachel to move in with her and Ernie. Ada insisted to Sam that Rachel needs time to work things out, but conceded to Sam that Rachel didn't come home last night. Sam warned Ada not to expect Rachel to be considerate and implored her to kick Rachel out of the house. Dru and Alice were cross over Liz's urgent request to come over to console Mary without providing a reason. Liz was offended that Dru, Mary, and Alice were incredulous towards her claims that Rachel left Russ. Alice chastised Liz for lacking the decency to keep her opinions to herself. Dru, Mary, and Alice advised Liz that they don't need her to comfort Russ since she doesn't sincerely care about him. Ada lectured Rachel for making her worry by concealing her whereabouts. Rachel told Ada that she is free from responsibility and made a mistake by marrying Russ. Ada was floored once Rachel arrogantly proclaimed that she slept with Steve, who appreciates her and will give her everything she has ever wanted.

Rachel: "I'm never going back to Russ and that's all there is to it!"
Steve: (PAUSES AS HE LOOKS AT HER) "You really mean it, don't you?"
Rachel: "You bet I mean it, Steve."
Steve: "Even though it means risking everything?"
Rachel: "Risk what? A chance to be part of the great Matthews clan? Steve, they look down their noses at people like you and me."
Rachel: "Nothing you and I could ever do would please them! Look at all the money you spent on Alice. Look at what you've done for her father...Do you think she appreciates it?"
Steve: ", I know she doesn't." (BEAT) "She stopped by here earlier tonight."
Rachel: "She did? What for?"
Steve: (PAUSE) "It doesn't matter." (HE CROSSES TO GET HER GLASS FOR A REFILL) "The important thing is the whole thing is over and done with." (HE TAKES HER GLASS BACK TO THE BAR AS RACHEL WATCHES WITH WIDE-EYED INTEREST. STEVE BELTS DOWN HIS OWN DRINK AND MAKES HIMSELF A NEW AND BIGGER ONE) "Hey! I guess you could say it was a good night for getting rid of the Matthewses, wasn't it?"
Rachel: (COMING TO GET HER DRINK) "Yes, I guess it was." (LOOKS AT HIM) "No regrets."
Rachel: (SMILES) "Steve, you know we have a lot in common."
Steve: "Do we?"
Rachel: "Well, you always said we were a lot alike."
Steve: "Did I?"
Rachel: "You know you did..."
Rachel: "You're very different, Steve. You're somebody really special." (STEVE LOOKS AT HER AND LAUGHS, BUT THEN LEANS OVER AND KISSES HER GENTLY ON THE CHEEK. SHE TAKES HIS HEAD IN HER HANDS AND SHIFTS THE KISS TO THEIR LIPS. THEN, AS THEY PART) "Is this going to be like all the other times? When the kiss didn't mean a thing?"
Steve: "I...I don't know."
Rachel: "Because it should be different now, Steve. I'm not a married woman any more -- not really."

Notes: Rachel mentions that she is over 21 years old in this episode.

MARCH 5, 1969 (EP. #1195)
Lenore reprimanded Walter for ignoring his health to do battle with Bill in the courtroom. Walter rebuked Lenore's suggestion that he get a checkup. Walter and Lenore were stunned to learn from Rachel that she left Russ. Lenore told Walter that she hopes to help Russ and Rachel potentially reconcile. Walter dismissed Lenore's dismay when he was overcome by a severe chill. Lenore persuaded Walter into seeing a doctor after noting that he has been exhausted and short-tempered lately. Walter fought dizziness as he left for work with Lenore. Liz told Bill and Missy that Mary is acting dazed and impossible because she didn't see Russ and Rachel's conflicts resulting in a separation. Bill scoffed at Liz for bragging that she sensed that Russ and Rachel's marriage was ill-advised and that she never would have allowed the union. A depressed Susan told Bill that she called to hear a friendly voice, then hung up when Bill handed Liz the phone. Liz described Susan as an emotional wreck to Missy, prompting Bill to blame Liz for Susan's instability. Sam and Lee agreed that Lahoma's dinner invitation was half-hearted and pondered whether they can be friends. John and Lee were shocked to learn from Pat that Rachel left Russ. Sam opined to John and Lee that Rachel married Russ to be adored and worshipped and that she merely feels gratitude for him. Lee sadly told John that Sam indirectly compared her to Rachel. Walter confided to Bill that he is pushing himself to be a good District Attorney and relates to Russ's humiliation because he believes that he disappointed Lenore by losing the election. Walter collapsed after arguing with Bill over a court case.

Susan: (Lisa Cameron, Introduction Line) (Over the phone) (SUSAN IN LIMBO AND INTERCUT THROUGHOUT) "Hello, Bill?"
Bill: "Yes – who's this?"
Susan: (LAUGHS BITTERLY:) "Oh, great! It's true, isn't it? Out of sight, out of mind."

Notes: First appearance of Lisa Cameron as Susan Matthews.

MARCH 6, 1969 (EP. #1196)
Lenore was pained by Rachel's directness in asking whether their friendship will be affected because she is separated from Russ. Lenore prevented Rachel from reciting a list of grievances against Russ by insisting that her marital problems should be kept private. Rachel stirred Lenore's discomfiture by emphatically claiming that Steve has rallied to her side and approves of her leaving Russ. Bill called to inform Lenore that Walter collapsed at a restaurant and is in the hospital. Rachel annoyed Lenore by dawdling in the apartment and harping on being unable to accompany her since Russ is at the hospital. Lenore practically dragged Rachel out the door due to her urgency in seeing Walter. Bill described Walter's symptoms to Alice. Bill and Alice agonized over Russ stifling his emotions and answering questions monosyllabically and noted their lack of conviction in wanting Russ and Rachel to reconcile. Dr. Tominsky made Lenore apprehensive by taking her aside to discuss Walter. Dr. Tominsky told Lenore that he suspects that Walter has viral hepatitis, but must allow time for David to examine Walter and confirm his preliminary diagnosis. Dr. Tominsky consented to have Alice assigned as Walter's nurse for Lenore. Russ prepared Lenore for her visit with Walter. Walter expressed sympathy to Russ, then went on a diatribe about Rachel proving that women are devious and faithless as Lenore entered the room. Ada lamented that she should have adopted a firmer hand with Rachel growing up and taught her to value marriage. Rachel slammed the phone down after Steve dodged making plans with her for the evening, which Ada noticed.

MARCH 7, 1969 (EP. #1197)
Ada overheard Rachel try to badger Steve into visiting Walter at the hospital and coming to see her. Rachel outwardly took Steve excoriating her gracefully, then slammed down the phone and grumbled about spending the evening alone. Ada scolded Rachel for caring about Steve and nothing else. Rachel quietly bristled when Ada accused Rachel of wanting to spend another night with Steve. Ernie felt dejected over Ada's refusal to divulge Rachel's whereabouts last night. Ada failed to mollify Ernie by promising they will resume their plans for the house once things with Rachel are straightened out. David confirmed for Walter that he has viral hepatitis. Russ advised Walter that he will endure fevers and jaundice and cannot have visitors because his disease is contagious. Walter frantically told Russ that he cannot go weeks without seeing Lenore because he must stay abreast of her whereabouts and activities or risk being hurt the way Rachel wounded Russ. David ruefully told Alice that he heard about Russ and Rachel's separation through the hospital's rumor mill. Alice chose not to voice her suspicions as David mentioned Walter's rants about the treachery of women and Russ being chagrined that he was put in charge of Walter's case. David took Alice on a date to forget her friends' problems. Rachel acted indifferent towards Ernie, who talked about adapting to the new living arrangements. Ernie tried to be friendly to Rachel by stressing that he loves Ada and she is welcome in their house. Rachel rejected Ernie's offers of sympathy and to be a confidante for her. Ada was bewildered and dumbfounded when a furious Ernie abruptly changed his plans of taking the night off.

David: "A perfectly silent evening."
Alice: "Fine."
David: "And forget all about Russ and Rachel and their problems and your friend Mr. Curtin and his viral hepatitis."
Alice: (A LITTLE SAD AGAIN) "Those're hard things to forget."
David: "Well, we can try. Can't we?"
Alice: (PULLING HERSELF TOGETHER) "Sure. We can try."
David: (Konrad Matthaei, Exit Line) "The two of us together...we sure ought to be able to. Don't you think so?" (ALICE SMILES AT HIM, FADE OUT).

Notes: Last appearance of Konrad Matthaei as Dr. David Thornton.

MARCH 10, 1969 (EP. #1198)
Rachel felt relief, joy, and smug satisfaction when Steve asked to meet her at a restaurant named La Petite Hutte. Rachel arrogantly proclaimed that she is free to do as she pleases to counter Ada's protests. Dru agreed with Mary's sentiments that they should adopt a philosophical outlook towards Russ and Rachel's separation and hope that it is not permanent. Mary told Dru that she is thinking of asking Russ to move back into the house since the apartment has unpleasant memories and she could take care of Russ. Russ informed Dru, Mary, and Alice that he will not break his lease and wants to live alone right now. Dru was dismayed as Russ vowed to figure out the reasons he fell in love with and married such a childish woman like Rachel. Steve told an incredulous Rachel that he feels remorse over their one-night stand because she is not divorced from Russ. Rachel got Steve to concede that they dislike being snubbed and pursue their goals aggressively. Liz mused to Rachel that La Petite Hutte is a cozy, informal place to forget one's troubles and that she appears content. Steve advised Rachel that she may have to get used to being under the scrutiny of people she despises like Liz. Alice waxed philosophically to Dru about people changing over time and life's problems. Fred urged Liz not to mention seeing Steve and Rachel together to Russ. Ada told Rachel that she won't hide her personal issues from Ernie since he is her husband. Rachel planned to start divorce proceedings rather than heed Ada's advice to reconcile with Russ. Ada gave Rachel a lacerating lecture on ruining her marriage by acting spoiled and stupid and for having an affair with Steve.

Alice: "Uncle Dru, how can a girl be sure what she's going to turn into?"
Dru: "She can't be."
Alice: "What if I turned into a person like Aunt Liz?"
Dru: (HEARTY LAUGH) "Oh Alice...oh my dear...oh no, you couldn't. Not you. Not if you lived to be a hundred and twenty-nine. Not you."

MARCH 11, 1969 (EP. #1199)
Lenore told Steve that she wants to stay at the hospital in case Walter's condition improves and he is allowed visitors. Alice confessed to Lenore that she hates herself for being cold towards Steve. Alice told Lenore that she was remiss for assuming that Steve tried to impress her by hiring Jim as his accountant for the merger. Lenore theorized to Alice that she invented excuses to see Steve at his place. Liz expressed sympathies to Lenore over Walter's illness, which aroused Alice's suspicions. Alice warned Lenore that Liz has ulterior motives for being at the hospital. Russ rebuffed Liz's efforts to discuss Rachel with him and swore that he will deal with his problems alone. Liz asked Russ whether he wants to reunite with Rachel after she had dinner with Steve, prompting Russ to accuse Liz of being eager to tell him about it. Russ emphatically told Liz that he doesn't care about the company Rachel keeps. Rachel was unapologetic over leaving Russ, despite Lahoma's condolences and Ada's objections towards her blasé mentality. Ada was mortified when Rachel went out for the evening rather than spend time with Lahoma. Lahoma fretted to Ada that Russ and Rachel have little chance of reconciling and that neither she nor Sam will succeed at changing Rachel's mind. Ada hinted to Lahoma that Rachel has done something terrible and fears the repercussions of her actions. Steve asked Rachel to quit playing the unloved, little waif and to be forthright about the advice she seeks from him. Rachel told Steve that she is certain about divorcing Russ, but disliked Steve's noncommittal attitude towards her. Steve got Rachel to leave by hinting that he has a date.

MARCH 12, 1969 (EP. #1200)
Lenore thanked Alice for her positivity towards Walter's health. Alice told Lenore that she wishes to confide in her. Sam pleaded with Rachel to reunite with Russ, move out of Ernie and Ada's house, and relieve Ada of being burdened by her troubles so that she can be happy with Ernie. Rachel angrily informed Sam that she doesn't have to answer to anyone and that she has made plans that he is incapable of comprehending. Lenore promised Alice that she will emulate her optimism over Walter making a full recovery. Alice admitted to Lenore that she wants to see Steve and jumped to hasty conclusions over Steve hiring Jim. Lenore convinced Alice to apologize to Steve. Steve and Alice buried the hatchet. Alice told Steve that she doesn't want to distrust her motives for calling him in response to his dinner invitation, but expressed willingness towards going on a date. Steve gleefully threw papers in the air over Alice's call. Bill told Russ that he is alarmed about Susan since receiving her cryptic postcard. Russ complimented Bill and Missy for giving him a nice dinner and a reprieve from talking about Rachel. Missy urged Russ to consider reuniting with Rachel, but Russ asserted that he made a mistake by marrying her and that they may be better off apart. Steve informed Rachel that he can handle temptation and that it would not be practical for them to embark on a romance. Rachel vehemently denied Steve's assertions that she chased Russ and that her attraction to Steve involves climbing the social ladder. Steve was unresponsive towards Rachel's desperate kisses, cautioned her against associating him with love, and persuaded her to leave.

Rachel: (about Russ) "Steve, if it didn't work out there are reasons...and you're one of them. From the moment I met you..."
Steve: "Oh, oh! Look out! That old practicality is showing through again. Rachel, let's face it. I've never kidded myself about why you're attracted to me - why should you?"
Rachel: "I...I don't know what you mean?"
Steve: "Maybe...but you certainly know I'm not a guy with just an ordinary job."
Rachel: "Steve don't...don't be cruel...that's a terrible thing to say. can you even suggest it?"
Steve: "Because we established a long time ago that you and I are a lot alike. You remember those conversations, don't you? Find out what you want and go after it."
Rachel: "Yes."
Steve: "Okay. Well, you see, I'm flattered to have you look into my eyes the way you do, but I don't kid myself for one minute as to what it means."
Rachel: "Steve..."
Steve: "You and I think the same way - that what you do in life should move you up the ladder. Now, I might do that for you, but..."
Rachel: "Oh, Steve, please...I just know I could do a lot for you!"
Steve: (SMILES:) "Sure, you could. You could spend my money with the best of them."
Rachel: "Steve...please! Please don't be cruel. You...You don't know what I've given up."
Steve: (KINDLY:) "'re wrong. I do know."

MARCH 13, 1969 (EP. #1201)
Rachel fled from the kitchen after lashing out at Ernie and Ada for trying to nag her into eating breakfast. Mary bemoaned seeing little of Russ to Dru and Alice and suspected that he is not fixing meals for himself. Dru and Alice told Mary that Russ is depressed and bewildered but acts like an efficient, well-oiled machine while handling his patients. Dru pointed to Russ having dinner with Bill and Missy to illustrate that Russ is picking up the pieces and seeing his friends. Mary was grateful when Dru offered to talk to Russ to gauge his welfare and suggest that he move back into the Matthews house. Ernie told Ada that he wants to get to know Rachel better and earn her trust so that she confides in him like a father figure. Ada expressed appreciation to Ernie for his kind and understanding nature. Ernie stifled his hurt feelings when Ada refused to tell him Rachel's whereabouts the other night. Rachel was guarded when Ada insisted on having a chat with her. Russ and Alice firmly rejected Walter's requests to allow Lenore to visit him. Walter managed to fall asleep once Alice mentioned that she had dinner with Lenore. Russ promised Dru that he will contact him in a few days to potentially get together for lunch. Alice was embarrassed after facing the brunt of Russ's wrath towards everyone being worried about him. Rachel shouted that Ernie is not her father in retaliation to Ada's pleas for her to accept Ernie in her life. Ada dropped the subject once Rachel reiterated that she does not need assistance from Ada, Ernie, or Sam. Rachel decided to take a nap after telling Ada that she feels nauseous. Rachel surreptitiously made an appointment with Dr. Benson over the phone.

Notes: Rachel gives her father's full name as Gerald Ketchum Davis while making a doctor's appointment in this episode.

MARCH 14, 1969 (EP. #1202)
John asked Sam to deliver a deposition to an attorney named Ben Engel. Bill reflected to John that Susan is a bright, attractive woman, but conceded that no one knows Susan well because she has spent much of her adult life in Baltimore. John scoffed when Bill relayed Liz's opinion that Susan is overly emotional. Bill described Susan's mysterious postcard and phone call to John, then revealed that Susan recently quit her job and disconnected her phone. John suggested that Bill give Susan the chance to contact him before hiring a detective to locate her. Sam and Lee joked about being anxious for Peggy to resume her duties while he teased Lee on her typing skills. Lee told Lahoma that she engages in mindless small talk with her and Sam whenever they have a conversation. Lahoma sadly admitted that she is upset by Sam and Lee's jovial banter. John, Lahoma, and Lee welcomed Peggy back. Lahoma told Peggy that she needs to confide in her about the inner-turmoil she is experiencing. Sam effusively praised Lee's work to Peggy. Peggy listened intently as Sam insisted that he was unaffected by Lee's presence at the office and swore that his romance with Lee is ancient history. John convinced Bill to involve Liz in the situation with Susan. Liz postponed discussing Susan further with Bill since she had plans to attend a Women's Club Banquet with Fred. Susan was dubious towards Liz's concerns about her and contended that she hoped that Liz's house could become her home. Liz stressed the important of her attending the banquet, despite Susan likening herself to a child who needs her mother. Susan looked piteous and Liz conflicted at the sound of the doorbell.

MARCH 17, 1969 (EP. #1203)
Susan gave Liz an ultimatum to either attend to her social obligations or take care of her. Susan joked to Fred that she comes to places unannounced so that she can spot people's true feelings and that she arrived at an inopportune time for Liz. Liz took credit for Fred's idea of Susan accompanying them to the Women's Club Banquet. Fred failed to persuade Liz into staying home to help Susan address her personal issues. Susan dissembled acceptance towards Liz keeping her prior engagement with Fred, then mused to herself that Liz flunked her first test. Russ lamely tried to assume heartiness for David and Alice's benefit. David and Alice chose not to pressure Russ, who graciously declined their invitation to see a movie because he wished to be alone. Russ chastised himself for marrying a child while thinking of Rachel. Rachel scheduled a doctor's appointment to get some test results. Susan refused Fred's offer to leave so that she and Liz could talk privately. Liz grew defensive when Fred urged her to lend a sympathetic ear to Susan. Fred opined that Liz was laboring under a delusion by vowing to solve Susan's problems for her. Susan flatly rejected Liz's plans to throw her a party or have her socialize with society matrons. Susan reflected that Liz put a high emphasis on grace, beauty, and good impressions and that she inherited Liz's ability to stave off people and demoralize and lead men on with half-hearted promises of commitments. Liz tried to convince Susan that being social will help her recover from a broken engagement, but Susan maintained that Liz cannot simply sweep her under the rug again. Rachel apprehensively went into Dr. Benson's office.

Susan: "Well, listen. You were always rather beautiful, mother, always the grand lady, and when I was a girl you placed such a high value on the beauty, on the grace with which you could move across a room, on the way that you could stave people off if they bored you, and if they didn't, stave them off anyway, just for...practice, I guess. Men particularly. You put men down. You put my father down."
Liz: "Susan, that's not true!"
Susan: "I lived here, mother. It is true. And I learned from you."
Liz: "Susan, I don't want to quarrel with you. Why don't you tell me about this...this latest man, whoever he is."
Susan: "He was a nice man, mother. And we were going to be married."
Liz: "You never told me."
Susan: "I know. But we were. We talked about it. And then..."
Liz: "And then he turned his back on you, is that it?"
Susan: "He didn't turn his back on me. I sent him away. Oh, he's the one who said the words, he's the one who said there's no point in our going on...but I arranged all that. I half gave myself to him. Half gave myself. Half let him love me. Half promised bliss, and wholly withheld it."
Liz: "Susan, I'm not sure that a girl should confide a thing like this to her mother."

David: (Joseph Ponazecki, Introduction Line) "Hi, Russ. Should we have called?"

Notes: First appearance of Joseph Ponazecki as Dr. David Thornton.

MARCH 18, 1969 (EP. #1204)
Dr. Benson questioned Rachel's insistence on confirming her pregnancy in person. Rachel surprised Dr. Benson by refusing a consultation and acting secretive towards him. Russ and Alice reassured Walter that Lenore has been working extra days in hopes of visiting him. Walter felt shame after Russ and Alice remonstrated him for letting Liz's insinuations cast doubt on Lenore's reasons for being at the hospital. Russ was immediately contrite after lashing out at Walter for offering his sympathies and inquiring into his estrangement from Rachel. Lenore guessed rightly that Alice was hiding the fact that Walter's insecurities have resurfaced because he cannot see Lenore while he is recovering from viral hepatitis. Lenore thanked Alice for being a loyal friend and confidante. Dru informed Lenore and Alice that he is proactively seeking out Russ because he will likely hedge on making time for him. Alice gladly accepted Steve's dinner invitation. Steve grew thoughtful after receiving an urgent message from Rachel. Russ groused to Dru that no one will allow him to escape his troubles and that he yearns to be left alone. Dru asked Russ whether he is afraid of facing his problems. Russ told Dru that he and Rachel have no chance of reconciling and that she is happily dating Steve. Rachel informed Steve that she is pregnant with his child. Dr. Tominsky agreed to make arrangements for Russ to attend a medical convention in Chicago. Steve voiced admiration towards Rachel for convincing herself that he fathered her baby and will reap the benefits of it. Rachel was devastated when Steve refused to believe that she had not been intimate with Russ before they separated.

Steve: "Look at this office. Look at my apartment, look at my bank balance. I don't say you don't like me - but I think those things help you to like me."
Rachel: "Steve!"
Steve: "And when you found you were pregnant, you scrambled. You turned a deficit into an asset."
Rachel: "Steve, please! I'm not lying to you!"
Steve: "Not consciously, I hope, Rachel."
Rachel: "Oh, Steve - what you're's awful."
Steve: "Look, Rachel...I'm sorry for you..."
Rachel: "I don't want you to feel sorry for me!"
Steve: "I do anyway. Look, Rachel...I like you. I like you a lot, but I'm not about to let you parlay that into something else. You've got a husband and now you're going to have a child..."
Rachel: "But it isn't his! It's yours!"
Steve: "Rachel..."
Rachel: "Steve, I swear it! There's no way possible it could be Russ' child!"
Steve: "Rachel, he's your husband, and you lived with him, right up to the very night you stayed in my apartment."
Rachel: "I lived with him, but not -- that way."
Steve: "Rachel...I'm sorry...I really am. It would be very convenient for you, but no matter what you say or do, I'm just not going to believe it."

MARCH 19, 1969 (EP. #1205)
Steve boldly proclaimed to Rachel that sharing one evening together does not make him responsible for her unborn child. Rachel gave a scathing rebuke of Steve reuniting with Alice and threatened to go public with her pregnancy, but an undaunted Steve warned her that she would be advertising her own interests. Rachel recoiled from Steve's touch to her cheek and stormed out in tears. Ada made arrangements to spend time with Mary. Rachel lugged a suitcase while getting into a shouting match with Ada over her reasons for moving out and planned destination. Rachel pushed Ada out of the way and slammed the door on her way out of the house. Ernie was resigned after guessing correctly that Rachel left after getting into a fight with Ada. Russ bluntly told Ada that he cannot afford to be concerned about Rachel, hopes that she finds peace of mind, and that she must learn about life. Ernie was puzzled when Ada asked him to stay at the house in case Rachel returns while she searches for her. Steve told Ada that Rachel has conjured a fantasy of him being responsible for her, lived with Russ as husband and wife, and that Rachel is not acquainted with the truth. Ada called Steve a heel for denying the paternity of Rachel's unborn child and blamed him for causing Rachel to flee. Russ was skeptical despite Rachel's assertions that she could not bear to live without him and that they can resolve their differences. Rachel promised Russ that she will become an expert in the kitchen, be a devoted wife to him, and expressed certainty on making their marriage work. Russ gently led Rachel to the bedroom after they professed their love and kissed passionately.

Rachel: (SCATHING:) "Oh! Well, yes! Of course! It was Miss Alice Matthews, we're back with dear old Alice, just like that, now, isn't that just too convenient!"
Steve: "Rachel, stop this."
Rachel: "I am pregnant and you are suddenly too busy. It's your baby but you don't want to admit it and besides Mr. Cant-be-bothered Stephen Frame has a date, an elegant little evening planned with Alice. Steve, I am carrying your baby."
Steve: "Rachel, I don't much like what you're trying to do to me, but I can understand it. But don't do this to yourself."
Rachel: "Steve, are you going to acknowledge your baby or aren't you?"
Steve: "I'm sorry, Rachel!"
Rachel: "Well then, do you think I'm going to keep it a secret? I'm going to tell, Steve! I'm going to walk right out of here and tell. Do you understand?"
Steve: (AFTER A BEAT. HE SHAKES HIS HEAD SADLY:) "You can do that, Rachel. And I'll admit it might do me some harm. But have you thought that you'll also be hurting yourself? You'll be advertising your outside interests in ten-foot flashing neon letters."
Rachel: (FOR A LONG MOMENT SHE LOOKS AT HIM, THEN:) "Thank you, Steve, I get your message."

Ada: (to Steve) "You can say what you please Mr. Frame. You're doing what heels have always done. You're ducking. If you didn't have money, if you were some poor kid that this had happened to, you'd get out of town. That's what heels always do."

MARCH 20, 1969 (EP. #1206)
Russ informed Mary that he has reconciled with Rachel, who is accompanying him on a medical convention. Rachel acted bright and cheerful while raving to Russ about the evening they spent together and going to Chicago. Russ gently reminded Rachel that they have much to discuss before their conflicts are truly resolved. Rachel sunk into a chair and sobbed from tension, sorrow, and bewilderment over her predicament after Russ left for work. Susan was self-deprecating about impulsively returning to Bay City while talking to Mary. Liz confidently told Susan that socializing will cure her misery. Susan hinted that she may be forthcoming should Liz ask for the cause of her exhaustion and depression. Rachel advised Steve that she never intended to make trouble for him, appreciated his kindness and friendship, but opined that she excessively leaned on him for moral support. Steve grew nervous as Rachel called Russ to demonstrate that things are copacetic between them. Rachel lost her aplomb while telling Steve that she returned to Russ because Steve denied paternity of her unborn child. Steve was speechless when Rachel crowed that Steve will realize that he loves her and cannot live without her. Mary stayed neutral as Liz and Susan clashed over hosting a party and the methods in which to find happiness. Liz was disappointed that Russ and Rachel had reunited, which Mary noticed immediately. Ada was appalled that Rachel crawled back to Russ and intends to make him believe that she is carrying his child. Rachel begged Ada to keep the truth from Russ. Russ picked up Rachel from Ada's house and promised to call once they arrive in Chicago.

Rachel: (to Steve) (A TOUCH OF HYSTERIA) "You may think you don't, but you love me and need me and want me. No matter what happens to either of us, you're going to go on loving me and wanting me. Until one day, maybe when you least expect it to happen, you're going to find out that you can't stand being without me. That you love me so much, you just can't stand it." (PAUSE) "It's true. Wait and see." (RACHEL LEAVES ABRUPTLY. STEVE IS TOO STUNNED TO MOVE. FADE OUT).

Production Note: Rachel's speeches (from Episodes #1205 and this episode) to Steve were saved for replay to be used during Steve's flashbacks in subsequent episodes.

MARCH 21, 1969 (EP. #1207)
Ada numbly nodded assents as Mary effusively talked about Russ and Rachel's reconciliation. Mary reflected to a distracted Ada that Russ avoided contact with everyone while he was separated from Rachel, but cheerfully asserted that she and Ada can quit worrying about their children's marriage. Susan told Bill and Missy that she plans to rest, stay away from social gatherings, and joked that she neglected her job in Baltimore, much to Liz's chagrin. Liz questioned Rachel's methods upon learning from Bill and Missy that she has returned to Russ. Susan became anxious to meet Rachel, who Liz described as a common, ignorant, social climber who accomplishes her goals. Mary suggested that she and Ada join forces to help Russ and Rachel resolve their differences. Ada failed to match Ernie's joy over Rachel's reunion with Russ or optimism that Rachel may be transformed into a different woman upon returning from Chicago. Ernie grew thoughtful because Ada was unresponsive to his affections and seemed unhappy. Ernie gently chided Ada for worrying excessively about the people she loves. Ada warned Ernie that Sam and Lahoma will not succeed in cheering her up when they come to have dinner at the house. Liz told Fred that Susan must become more mature and emotionally stable on her own. Fred opined to Liz that Susan needs love, understanding, and support from her mother rather than the company of eligible men. Susan lamented to Bill that she becomes rude, brutal, and sarcastic towards Liz and that it may be hypocritical to blame Liz for her problems. Bill ruefully told Susan that he loathed being considered their mother's favorite child.

Production Note: Rachel's speech to Ada was saved for replay to be used during Ada's flashbacks in subsequent episodes.

MARCH 24, 1969 (EP. #1208)
Walter was slightly mollified when Alice reiterated Lenore's reasons for volunteering more at the hospital. Alice urged Walter to focus on his recovery rather than on a wife who is restless, bored, and lonely, but was uncertain whether Walter was thinking of Rachel or Lenore. Walter complained to Lenore about being isolated from her. Lenore tried to reassure Walter that she has not been socializing and last spoke with Bill on the day that Walter collapsed. Alice told Lenore that she has a date planned with Steve. Lenore invited Steve and Alice over for drinks because she needed company after having a frustrating chat with Walter. Sam praised Dru's ability in finding applicable precedents to their cases. Bill told Dru that Susan has become more sophisticated and abrasive, but has not improved emotionally. Dru grew pensive as Bill opined that Susan living with Liz is a volatile situation because their relationship has been strained for years. Sam told Dru that Ernie is concerned because Ada is upset despite Russ and Rachel's reconciliation. Dru became alarmed once Sam surmised that Rachel has likely given Ada reason to be depressed. Alice told Dru that she disagrees with Russ's decision to forgive Rachel, was relieved by their separation, and voiced suspicions towards Rachel returning to Russ. Steve impressed Alice by making a dressing and adding his own spices to the meal she had prepared for Dru. Walter encouraged Lenore to go out with Steve and Alice. Lenore was puzzled by Alice's distrust of Rachel and apathy towards her reunion with Russ. Steve squirmed as Lenore suggested to him and Alice that being friends with Rachel may help her marriage.

Alice: "Steven Frame, Buildings Built, Tunnels Burrowed, Mergers Arranged, and Haute Cuisine prepared with flair. Do you also do needle work, Steve?"
Steve: (LAUGHS) "That's a very effective needle you're using, but no."

MARCH 25, 1969 (EP. #1209)
Ernie explained to Sam that Ada gets emotional whenever anyone mentions Russ and Rachel. Sam pointed out to Ernie that Ada was quiet during dinner and suggested that they force her to talk about Rachel. Ada got defensive when Sam and Lahoma suggested that they celebrate Russ and Rachel's reconciliation, inquired into Ada's depression, and mentioned Rachel having dinner with Steve. Ada snapped at Ernie and Sam for interrogating her and fibbed that Rachel came to her seeking advice. Steve and Alice marveled that they have not quarreled, but Steve admitted that he felt conflicted over Lenore's need for company and his desire to be alone with Alice. Steve complimented Alice for being a blunt, honest person and quipped that they are complete opposites. Alice unwittingly stunned Steve by making a casual remark about Russ and Rachel's issues. Steve eased his guilty conscience by kissing Alice tenderly. Pat and Lee were caught off-guard by Susan's self-deprecating comments about herself. Susan glibly told Pat and Lee that she was dealt a significant personal blow in Baltimore. Lee caused Susan to soften as she imparted her philosophy that people need unconditional love to survive and should never turn one's back on the person who provides it. Pat and Susan stared at each other when a teary-eyed Lee excused herself. Susan needled Liz for harping on socializing being the solution to her problems. Liz gave Susan an account of Sam and Lee's past engagement and break up, but adamantly disagreed with Susan's conclusion that Lee loves Sam. Susan warned Liz that she may be her last hope in getting the love that she has never received.

Production Notes: In crossed-out dialogue, Lahoma surmised that Ada was reluctant to talk about Russ and Rachel's reconciliation because she fears that Rachel has not learned a lesson and will hurt Russ again.

MARCH 26, 1969 (EP. #1210)
Alice informed Walter that he can have visitors once Dr. Tominsky speaks to him. Walter was stricken upon learning from Alice that Lenore left the hospital. Missy told Lenore that Susan is a tense person who clashes with Liz and had an unhappy romance in Baltimore. Lenore was incredulous as Missy reflected that Susan has returned to challenge Liz into helping her. Missy made plans with Lenore to go shopping and have lunch with Bill. Walter became ruffled because Lenore did not answer his phone call. Bill, Missy, and Lenore discussed Liz's plans to throw parties for Susan and play matchmaker between her and eligible, professional men. Bill and Lenore reflected on Liz's habit of running people's lives instead of respecting their independence. Bill predicted to Missy and Lenore that Susan may not tolerate Liz's interference. Walter gave Lenore a cold reception as she embraced him, but was somewhat mollified once Lenore explained that she didn't know he could receive visitors until after she went shopping with Missy. Walter apologized to Lenore for being unreasonable towards her whereabouts, but seethed over Lenore having lunch with Bill and Missy. Lenore refused to defend herself against Walter's irrational jealousy. Walter and Lenore nearly got into a shouting match after Lenore emphasized that his tantrums, repentance, and profuse apologies are exhausting. Alice bade a hasty retreat upon overhearing part of Walter and Lenore's argument. Lenore aired her frustrations over Walter's behavior to Alice. Alice entertained Bill and Missy while Lenore prepared dinner. Walter surreptitiously called Lenore and hung up in a rage when Bill answered the phone.

Bill: "...Mother called up to get me to make out a list of all the unmarried men Susan's age. Professional men. Doctors, lawyers, and a few merchant chiefs, maybe."
Missy: "No beggarmen or thieves?"
Bill: "Not even an honest plumber. You know mother."
Lenore: "After you've made up the list...then what happens?"
Bill: "Well, I'm not going to make out the list; but if I did, mother would give a big party, invite them all, buy Susan a new dress, fill the house with champagne and caviar, hire a gypsy violinist and hope for the best."
Lenore: "If I know your mother, she'd do more than hope, Bill."
Bill: (LAUGHS:) "You're so right. She'd get them off in corners, one by one, and let them know what a marvelous family they'd be marrying into."

Notes: Bill gives Susan's age as thirty-three in this episode.

MARCH 27, 1969 (EP. #1211)
Walter expressed annoyance to Alice over Lenore's tardiness while pacing the floor. Alice hinted to Walter that Lenore may find it difficult to visit him. Alice informed Walter that Lenore begged her to come to dinner because she could not face Bill and Missy after having an argument with Walter at the hospital. Walter felt ashamed when Alice browbeat him for being suspicious of Lenore and secretly calling the apartment. Alice listed several hypothetical scenarios about Steve's dinner with Rachel to prove that it is easy to imagine things and jump to conclusions. Walter happily greeted Lenore upon her arrival. Lenore went on an angry tirade about Walter keeping tabs on her and believing that she is a liar, a cheat, and a vile person. Walter desperately made excuses to justify his behavior, which Lenore swiftly struck down and asserted that Bill and Missy have a happy marriage because they love and trust each other. Lenore grew repentant after accusing Walter of being more confident since her and Bill's romance is in the past. Walter contently stretched in his bed while Lenore read a paperback novel to him. Alice was surprised that Russ came by the hospital without Rachel. Russ told Alice that he returned to check on his patients and ask Dr. Tominsky to extend his time in Chicago. Russ marveled to Alice about the trip to Chicago improving his and Rachel's marriage. Steve found himself trapped into accepting Alice's idea of inviting Russ to dinner with them at the Top of the Tower. Russ reassured Steve that he doesn't harbor resentment towards him for giving Rachel advice, suggested that they become friends, and have double dates with Rachel and Alice.

MARCH 28, 1969 (EP. #1212)
Mary told Dru that she is going to help Pat tend to a sick Lee. Dru ribbed Mary for finding someone to fuss over during Jim's absence. Mary told Dru that Russ dined with Steve and Alice before flying back to Chicago. Dru was startled when Mary was vehemently against his assertion that Russ and Rachel should socialize with Steve and Alice. Mary told Dru that she struggles to be charitable towards Steve because he gave Rachel unwarranted advice and had dinner with her while she was separated from Russ. Dru asked Mary to consider that Steve may have been directly responsible for getting Rachel to reconcile with Russ. Pat fretted to Dru and Mary that Lee sounded odd over the phone. Lee stared unheedingly into space as the needle on her record player got stuck while playing "Once in a While." Lahoma was disturbed when Lee called and babbled about freeing Sam from jail by proving that he did not murder Lefty. Lee snapped out of her trance to admit Mary and Pat into her apartment, but denied hearing the doorbell because of playing music. Pat was alarmed as Lahoma recounted her phone conversation with Lee. Mary and Pat were bewildered when Lee insisted that she is not ill and has not talked to Lahoma in weeks. Lahoma informed Ada that she is reading textbooks to educate herself since Sam is attending college and is surrounded by intelligent people. Ada was unsympathetic as Lahoma described Lee's strange phone call, which Lahoma attributed to having a fever. Mary and Pat refused to cooperate with Liz's plans to find a potential husband for Susan. Liz played a martyr while complaining to Mary and Pat that she must help Susan by herself.

MARCH 31, 1969 (EP. #1213)
Liz bristled at Susan for barely eating the sandwich she made for herself and for drinking bourbon. Susan appreciated Fred's kindness towards wanting to include her in outings he has with Liz. Fred praised Jim's conscientiousness to counter Liz's complaints over receiving detailed business reports and profit and loss sheets from him. Liz became indignant towards Fred's lectures that she provide Susan with love and understanding instead of dates. Fred warned Liz that she may find herself alone in life should she execute her schemes to get Susan married to a young professional. Steve teased Lenore for bringing joy into the lives of her friends who usually eat meals at work. Lenore grew pensive as Steve surmised that she is dining with him to test the depth of Walter's jealousy. Steve and Lenore bantered about serious relationships being similar to profitable investments and business mergers. Lenore joked that Steve should embrace his and Alice's different personalities and outlooks. David confessed to Alice that he is envious of Steve's influence and wealth, but is pleased that Steve and Alice are dating again. Alice gently chided David for mocking his studious habits and passion for diagnostics. David and Alice agreed to go on another date. Liz interposed with enthusiastic comments as Missy asked Susan to have dinner with her, Bill, and a young lawyer named Bob Worthington. Susan rightly suspected Liz's role in Missy's invitation and swiftly declined it. Susan harangued Liz for trying to pass her off to the first eligible bachelor she can find. Liz feigned ignorance over Jim's documents to persuade Steve into coming to her house to discuss business over dinner.

APRIL 1, 1969 (EP. #1214)
Alice resisted Steve's offer that she commit one-upmanship by objecting to him postponing their date since Liz wants to discuss business with him. Lenore told Alice that Lee is experiencing fevers and dizzy spells. Lenore lambasted Walter for distrusting her. Walter grew enraged as Lenore revealed that she had lunch with Steve. Lenore sardonically told Walter that she did not flirt with Steve or plan an illicit rendezvous with him. Walter sheepishly confessed that he has been ridiculous after Lenore asserted that she will not cower before his jealousy. Lenore asked Walter to refrain from making promises and to console her. Lee was overwhelmed as Susan waxed philosophically about people causing their own problems. Susan was intrigued as Lee raved about the handicapped children at The Haven, who bring her joy by bravely testing their limitations. Lee was attentive and sympathetic as Susan mused about the importance of love. Lenore pitied Susan for living with Liz. Lenore grew alarmed when Lee was briefly unresponsive to her and could not recall Susan leaving the apartment. Liz told a suspicious Susan that she invited Steve over because they have business matters to discuss. Susan entertained Steve while Liz made dinner. Steve called Alice to rescue him after sensing that Liz and Susan were getting into a fight. Liz and Susan gestured wildly at each other in exasperation, resignation, and disbelief as Steve had Liz retrieve Jim's letters. Steve was impressed and amused when Susan answered all of Liz's questions about Jim's business documents for him. Alice relished getting Steve away from Liz. Susan warned Liz to quit playing matchmaker for her.

APRIL 2, 1969 (EP. #1215)
John was baffled as Pat described Lee's bizarre behavior and sudden memory lapses. Lenore told John and Pat that something is wrong with Lee. John decided to call Lee's apartment after comparing notes with Pat and Lenore on her tendency to fall into trance-like states. Peggy informed John that Lee is recovering from a cold and seems mentally stable. Lee acted surprised over John's concern about her having a cold. Lee told Peggy that she was remiss for thinking that socializing with friends and having a fulfilling job would help her get over Sam. Peggy comforted Lee, who reflected that her feelings for Sam intensified while she was working in John's office and she is nursing wounds over losing Sam. Lee was mollified by Peggy's optimism that she will eventually come to terms with ending her romance with Sam. Bill approved of Liz's admission that she acted prematurely by trying to set Susan up with Bob Worthington and that they must be kind and patient with her. Liz asked Bill to get young people to attend fund-raising parties for her committee's drive to beautify Main Street, but Bill grew suspicious of Liz's intentions once he noticed that her guest list included several bachelors. Liz decided to recruit Missy instead of Bill after he emphasized that Susan has an aversion to parties. Peggy conceded to John that she has not witnessed Lee's vacant moments and trance-like spells. John was disturbed once Peggy blurted out that Lee still loves Sam. Susan told Lee that she ruined a relationship in Baltimore by driving the man away with her suspicions, demands, and mistreatment. Lee assured Susan that she understands her self-loathing because she loves Sam.

Notes: Cut dialogue from Act III of this episode included: Sam criticized Peggy for harping on the effects that his encounters with Lee have on the two of them; and Sam apologized for snapping at Peggy and happily reaffirmed his friendship with her.

APRIL 3, 1969 (EP. #1216)
Susan deplored her lack of hosting expertise and inability to concentrate to Bill. Bill joked to Susan that Liz rushed to his house to recruit Missy for her fund-raising drive to beautify Main Street. Susan told Bill that she has neither the will nor the desire to accomplish anything. Bill invited Susan to live with him and Missy, but Susan vowed to settle matters with Liz. Susan promised Bill she will profess love to her mother in hopes that Liz will reciprocate her feelings. Liz somberly told Bill that she is thinking of asking Fred to find Susan a job or send her on a European vacation to alleviate Susan's sour mood. Bill urged Liz to give Susan independence and show that she cares about her. Liz felt renewed conviction in helping Susan upon heeding Bill's advice. Steve, Alice, Bill, and Missy discussed Russ and Rachel's trip to Chicago and the positive influence it has had on their marriage. Bill admitted to Steve, Missy, and Alice that he is skeptical of Rachel's seemingly abrupt reconciliation with Russ because she is a complicated woman and difficult to handle. Liz apologized to Susan for pressuring her into socializing and dating. Susan readily agreed to confide in Liz. Susan told Liz that she was engaged to an electrical engineer named Eric Holmes, who Susan described as a paragon of virtue with an impeccable background. Liz scoffed at Susan's contention that Eric realized that she is a terrible person. Liz furiously called Susan a willful, irresponsible, spoiled girl once Susan explained that she ruined her affair with Eric by belittling him and refusing to reciprocate his love in the same ways that Liz treats men. Susan laughed hysterically at Liz for indignantly retreating upstairs.

Notes: Susan reveals that she had an affair with Eric Holmes in Baltimore. Eric is an electrical engineer who works frequently in South America. His father is a well-known surgeon, his mother belonged to the D.A.R, and his sister married a senator. Eric has a thirteen year-old daughter from his first wife, who tragically died from a hunting accident two years ago. Eric and Susan were anxious to marry after the death of his first wife.

APRIL 4, 1969 (EP. #1217)
Lahoma surprised Ernie, Ada, and Sam by giving a definition of a tort. Sam mused to Ernie, Ada, and Lahoma that they managed to avoid talking about Russ and Rachel all evening. Ada begrudgingly informed Sam and Lahoma that she received a telegram from Russ and Rachel, which stated that they were coming home tomorrow. Lahoma asked Sam to quit pestering Ada with questions about Rachel and suggested that Ada is afraid that Rachel will ruin her marriage. Sam dropped the subject once Lahoma fibbed that she borrowed a book on etiquette from Missy because Pat, Lenore, and Lee are proficient in social graces. Lahoma noticed Sam's discomfiture as she recounted her strange phone call with Lee. Sam tried to reassure Lahoma that she has nothing to worry about concerning his interactions with Lee or their past romance. Dru was disturbed as Ernie explained that Ada has kept quiet about Russ and Rachel ever since they reunited, that Ada is glum, and was evasive about cleaning Russ and Rachel's apartment for them. Russ went to check in at the hospital so that Ada and Rachel could chat. Rachel told Ada that she went shopping while in Chicago so that she could avoid having boring conversations with doctors. Ada's pleas for Rachel to tell Russ that she is pregnant by Steve fell on deaf ears. Rachel grew pensive when Ada accused her of lying to Russ until she can successfully snag Steve. Russ was amenable to being less frugal with money while Rachel agreed to be more focused on domesticity instead of socializing. Rachel feigned playfulness towards Russ's displays of affections, but was privately near tears as Russ led her to the bedroom.

APRIL 7, 1969 (EP. #1218)
Mary told Dru that Ada seemed guarded about Russ and Rachel when they spoke on the phone. Dru was at a loss as Mary fretted that she cannot bear the thought that there is something wrong in Russ and Rachel's marriage. Rachel laid into Ada for nagging her about telling Russ that she is pregnant. Ada was not placated by Rachel's confidence that Russ is happy and will be thrilled that she is having his baby. Rachel instructed a guilt-ridden Ada to put on a brave front for Russ's benefit or avoid seeing him. Russ told David that he enjoyed the medical convention in Chicago and is a very content man. David assured Russ that he and the other residents didn't mind covering his shifts and that Walter was the only patient who was difficult because of his overactive imagination. Russ told David that his marriage is stronger because he resolved his issues with Rachel. Alice was relieved to hear from Russ that he and Rachel have worked things out. Russ agreed to go on double date with Alice. Rachel laughed after telling Ada that she and Russ are having dinner with Steve and Alice. Walter ribbed Alice for doing a splendid job of isolating him during his illness while impatiently waiting for Lenore. Russ warned Walter that worrying needlessly may cause him to relapse. Russ noted Walter's skepticism towards his assertion that he and Rachel are happy together. Walter deplored his insecurities after Russ urged him to be thankful for Lenore's love. Alice told Mary and Dru that Rachel should be given some credit for Russ's raised spirits and happiness. Rachel boasted to Steve that he cannot get rid of her and that she and Russ are joining him and Alice for dinner.

Rachel: "Mom, in the future just you stay out of this. I don't need you or anybody else to go crawling to Stephen Frame on my behalf."
Ada: "Have you suddenly got something against crawling? It's what you did with Russ, isn't it?"
Rachel: "Look, Russ is happy to have me here."
Ada: "And what happens when you tell him about the baby?"
Rachel: "He'll be twice as happy. He's always wanted a child and now he's going to have one. Stop looking as if the world just came to an end."
Ada: "How do I make believe everything's fine?"
Rachel: "I don't know, but you'd better find a way."

Production Notes: First episode to credit Chet Kingsbury as the show's permanent organist, officially replacing Clarke Morgan.

APRIL 8, 1969 (EP. #1219)
Rachel taunted Steve by hinting that she hopes that they can share a dance while on a double date with Russ and Alice. Steve was puzzled when Rachel suddenly adopted a friendly tone and ended the phone call, unaware that Russ had entered the room. Rachel became miffed as Russ explained that he asked Steve to quit giving her advice, not to have lunches with her, and to limit his interactions with Rachel to social occasions. Russ told Rachel that it is natural for them to be friendly with Steve and Alice, which made Rachel feel humiliated and furious. John and Pat marveled to Susan on Liz's ability to recruit people for her causes and Rachel's proficiency in canvassing for her. Susan asked John and Pat about Lenore's volunteer work at the hospital. John and Pat suggested that Susan work at the Haven with Lee, but Susan maintained that she cannot handle handicapped children. Susan lamented to John and Pat that she is intimidated by Lenore and Lee since they lead meaningful lives, but remarked that she is intrigued by Rachel, who is not troubled by self-doubt. Rachel beamed at Steve when she and Russ arrived at the Top of the Tower. Liz opined to Fred, John, Pat, and Susan that Russ and Rachel going out with Steve and Alice is brazen because of Steve and Russ's past conflicts. Susan mentioned Liz inviting Steve to dinner to talk business while John asked about Jim's trip to impede Liz from gossiping about Steve and Russ's double date. Liz admitted defeat and implored Fred to take her home. Russ let Rachel dance with Steve. Steve and Rachel exchanged grim looks as each threatened to tell Russ and Alice about Rachel's pregnancy.

APRIL 9, 1969 (EP. #1220)
Alice ribbed Steve for being hungry after they had a six-course dinner at the Top of the Tower. Steve was haunted by his recent conversations with Rachel while Alice voiced suspicions that her new attitude is a ploy. Steve was startled when Alice asked his opinion on Rachel returning to Russ abruptly. Steve stressed to Alice that it would be wrong to reveal anything that Rachel told him in confidence, but asserted that Alice is not someone who stirs up trouble. Alice was flattered when Steve described her as a nice, forgiving person who could never malign Rachel or anyone else. Steve kissed Alice tenderly and left in frustration after he was unable to articulate his feelings. Russ emphasized to Rachel that he wants to remain friendly and social with Steve since he is dating Alice. Rachel feigned agreement in Russ's sentiments over appreciating marriage. Russ was overjoyed when Rachel claimed that she is ready for the two of them to have a baby. Alice understood Susan's desire to help others and get away from Liz by volunteering at the hospital. Susan accepted Russ's dinner invitation. Rachel lied that she was doing housework when Russ called to inform her that Susan is coming over to have dinner with them. Russ and Susan were conciliatory to Rachel for burning a roast. Alice was mortified when David inadvertently prompted Rachel to effusively praise Steve for being rich and powerful. Rachel offended Alice by insinuating that Steve cheats because he refuses to abide by other people's rules, prompting Susan to opine that he is charming and trying to be more polished. Susan told Rachel that she makes her uncertain on whether to admire or despise Steve.

Notes: When Alice asked Steve how much he weighed, he had this response, "One hundred pounds give or take a lot, " and the script note: (OR WHATEVER THE ACTOR WEIGHS).

APRIL 10, 1969 (EP. #1221)
Liz told Susan that Rachel is ignorant, dazzled by money and social position, and that David has found competition for Alice's affections in Steve. Susan reiterated her refusal to attend parties to Liz. Susan reluctantly agreed with Liz's negative assessment of Rachel, but opined that she is far from a nobody. Alice told Dru that she was embarrassed by Rachel's relentless praise of Steve. Dru suggested to Alice that her influence has made Steve more kind, quiet, and less abrasive. Alice couldn't get insight from Dru over whether Steve has come to mean too much to her. Liz grew exasperated by Susan's noncommittal attitude towards volunteering at the hospital. Susan admonished Liz for belonging to committees who want to make Bay City beautiful, progressive, and cultured while not attending museums, libraries, or listening to classical music. Liz felt defeat when Susan made plans for the evening without giving any specifics to her. Missy went over her and Bill's ideas for the fund-raising drive to beautify Main Street with Liz. Liz was touched when Missy insisted that she enjoys Susan's company, that she is uncomplicated, and simply wants to feel loved, needed, and appreciated. Liz persuaded Missy into inviting Susan to the fund-raising party and getting her an escort. Lee chided Susan for procrastinating about finding work and brooding over her personal issues. Susan and Lee mused about feeling trapped and aimless both physically and mentally. Lee began addressing Susan as Lahoma and talked of freeing Sam from jail and Peggy being a close friend of hers. Susan studied Lee carefully as she mentioned that Peggy is joining them for dinner.

APRIL 11, 1969 (EP. #1222)
Lee told Peggy and Susan that everyone seemed to fuss over her while she had a cold. Susan asked Peggy to watch Lee carefully because she has been acting strangely. Susan quickly invented a lie to Liz that she tripped over a rug and fell flat on her face at Lee's apartment, which Fred did not believe. Fred got Susan to reveal that Lee wavered between talking rationally about Peggy and working at The Haven to calling her Lahoma and rambling about getting Sam out of jail. Susan advised Fred that she will mention Lee's bizarre spells to Pat so that she can properly approach John on the matter. Fred understood once Susan explained that she fibbed to Liz because she is incapable of telling her anything serious. John received a call from Pat, who gave him a detailed account of Susan's odd experience with Lee. John and Peggy compared notes on Lee's episodes that Pat, Lahoma, Lenore, and Susan witnessed, but tried to convince themselves that Lee's behavior was caused by a fever and briefly working with Sam. John informed Peggy that Pat insisted on visiting Lee alone. Missy and Susan considered throwing a masquerade party for Liz's fund-raising drive. Bill complimented Susan for helping Missy with the party plans. Susan was quite disturbed when Bill revealed that Lee killed Lefty while unwittingly under the influence of LSD. Pat was somewhat incredulous towards Lee's claims that she is doing fine. Lee tried to reassure John and Pat that they are worrying unnecessarily about her. Lee drank tea while telling an imaginary person that she concealed the true reasons she broke her engagement to Sam so that he could find the right woman to marry.

APRIL 14, 1969 (EP. #1223)
Lahoma was apprehensive towards Peggy's request to speak with her privately about Lee. Peggy became alarmed as Lahoma recounted Lee's strange spells and memory lapses. Lahoma was grateful when Peggy resolved to keep a close eye on Lee. Peggy warned Lahoma that she is exaggerating the significance of Sam and Lee's encounters and should learn new things because she feels inadequate to Lee. Lahoma grew pensive after Peggy stated that Sam can confirm whether or not he is truly over Lee. Sam was suspicious when a startled Peggy and Lahoma claimed that they were engaged in idle gossip. Lahoma stirred Sam's ire by harping on Lee's unhinged behavior and accusing him of downplaying her psychological issues. Sam and Lahoma dissembled when Ernie and Ada sensed animosity between them. Ernie and Ada deduced that Sam and Lahoma had a fight because they were unusually quiet during dinner. Ernie retired to the bedroom so that Ada and Rachel could talk alone. Rachel asked Ada not to carp on telling Russ the truth about her pregnancy. Ada listened intently as Rachel whined about being stuck in the small apartment, being mindful of her words and actions, and playing up to Russ. Rachel lashed out at Ada for urging her to stop focusing on Gerald. Ada consoled Rachel, who exclaimed that she is frightened and unloved. Sam and Lahoma apologized to each other for getting into an argument. Sam credited Lahoma for saving his life and getting him out of his depression by loving him. Lahoma dropped the subject of Lee's bizarre episodes once Sam emphasized that he is not among the people who can help and support Lee.

APRIL 15, 1969 (EP. #1224)
Russ was bemused while informing Rachel that Liz insisted on visiting them. Walter and Lenore were touched that Steve and Alice came to celebrate him being discharged from the hospital. Steve joked with Alice about him interrupting her date with David. Walter and Lenore were skeptical towards Alice's statement that Russ and Rachel seem happy together. Rachel became conscious of her poor attitude while ranting to Russ about Liz. Russ mollified Rachel by suggesting that they give Liz the benefit of the doubt. Liz commended Russ and Rachel on their sensible outlook towards addressing their marital woes. Russ opined to Liz that Susan needs sympathy and love from her. Liz complimented Rachel on taking an interest in Susan, prompting Rachel to ask Russ to introduce Susan to one of his fellow interns. Rachel gave Liz a murderous look for implying that she and Russ took a sophisticated approach in handling their conflicts with Steve. Walter and Lenore mused about the ways in which Steve and Alice have changed since they started dating. Lenore asked Walter not to judge Steve for taking Rachel out while she was separated from Russ or assume that Steve is acting guilty towards Alice. Lenore disliked Walter identifying himself with Russ and his issues with Rachel. Russ admonished Rachel for allowing Liz to persuade her into finding a man for Susan. Steve and Alice agreed that their relationship is getting serious while they held hands. Russ urged a contrite Rachel not to let Liz make her feel inferior. Rachel professed her love and devotion to Russ, then asked Russ to schedule an appointment for her because she may be carrying his child.

Lenore: "Oh, but, Steve - you shouldn't have!"
Walter: "I thought you said on the phone you'd bring hamburgers."
Alice: "I said that. Steve is Steve." (HE LIFTS THE COVERS OFF SEVERAL OF THE SERVING DISHES:) "Mussels Remoulade; Vichyssoise; Tournedos Rossini."
Steve: "And for starters, a nice cold martini." (HE GETS A COCKTAIL SHAKER AND POURS THE DRINKS. THEN, AS HE HANDS WALTER HIS:) "To you, Walter. Welcome home."
Walter: (TOUCHED) "Steve...this is so very kind...and thoughtful. I don't know what to say."
Steve: "You're being home alone. That can be remedied by being peopled."
Alice: "Of course. There'll be lines around the block."
Walter: (LAUGHS) "And Steve can build a marquee: 'SMASH HIT: Walter Curtin - The Fabulous Invalid!'"
Lenore: "If you're going to be an invalid, don't have a long run."

APRIL 16, 1969 (EP. #1225)
Russ told Alice with wonder that Rachel requested to be examined by a doctor because she believes that she is pregnant. Russ reflected to Alice that Rachel was once petrified of the notion of having a child. Bill described Susan as impulsive, but reliable to other people in response to John's inquiry about her. John dashed out of the office to run an errand, which surprised Peggy and Bill. Peggy told Bill that she liked Susan immediately and deduced that John is likely worried because of something Susan said about Lee. Alice noticed John floundering while they tried to make small talk about Lee and Pat. Russ was nonplussed when John asked to consult with him and keep the discussion as privileged information. John recounted Lee's bizarre spells and memory lapses to Russ, who suggested that John ensures that Lee is willing to see a psychiatrist. Dru teased Alice for being ready for her date with Steve before his arrival. Alice told Dru and Mary that she is tolerating Steve's ostentatious gestures like ordering a car to pick her up since Steve accepts her faults. Dru cautioned Mary against asking Russ about his conversation with John because it may be deemed a violation of his confidence. Mary ruefully told Dru that Jim's absence has caused her to put the children at the center of her life. Dru urged Mary to accept that Alice is falling in love with Steve. Steve opened up to Alice about his estranged relationship with his family, despite taking care of them financially during the last five years. Alice told Steve that she distrusts Rachel and is suspicious that she changed her mind about having a baby shortly after reconciling with Russ, which made Steve nervous.

Alice: (SMILES:) "You mean, you're not used to polite conversation during dinner?"
Steve: (LAUGHS) "It's a matter of conditioning. In my family, if you ever wasted time talking you'd never get your share of the stew."
Alice: (PAUSE) "What was your family like, Steve? You never really talk about them."
Steve: "Maybe that's because there's not that much to talk about. My father decided he was a failure about the age of twelve. My mother, my brothers, my sister...Well, I don't know whether my father's attitude was catching - but they hugged failure to their bosoms, too."
Alice: "But you didn't."
Steve: "No. I don't know why I didn't...but I'm glad."
Alice: " you ever see your family?"
Steve: "No. I...I used to, but it just never worked out. We don't have anything to say to each other. I've taken care of them all for about the last five years and while I'm sure it sounds heartless, the truth is, my accountant knows them better than I do..."

APRIL 17, 1969 (EP. #1226)
Lee grew apprehensive as Pat explained that she came to the apartment to discuss a serious matter with her. Pat told Lee that she and Mary were remiss for blaming a fever on Lee's erratic behavior. Lee became stricken as Pat described the abnormal incidents that she, Mary, Susan, Lahoma, and Lenore have experienced while spending time with her. Pat emphatically told Lee that she and John want her to see a psychiatrist. Lee asked Pat to leave so that she could come to grips with the revelations. Liz and Susan threw barbs at each other. Susan stirred Liz's ire by threatening to take Lee to her bedroom so that they have privacy should Liz attempt to get involved in their conversation. Susan told Lee that she mistook her for Lahoma and spoke as though Sam were still in jail. Lee bade a hasty retreat after Susan confirmed Pat's account of her strange spells. Liz badgered Susan into revealing that Lee came to confide in her, but Susan maintained that their talk is strictly confidential. Liz and Susan embraced after admitting that they love each other, despite their acrimonious relationship. Susan was disgusted as Liz suggested she immerse herself in community affairs, help maintain the family's standing in town, and join the Junior League. Liz was furious when Susan exclaimed that she succeeded in making her feel inadequate and unwanted. Lee tearfully told Lahoma that she is losing her sanity, hates that Sam married Lahoma, and that she was right to break her engagement to Sam. Lahoma appreciated that Lee fibbed to Sam that the textbooks on the table belonged to her. Lee was floored once Lahoma implored Lee to steer clear of Sam for her own sake.

Notes: The original prologue, which consisted of Pat calling Lee to make arrangements to visit her was cut. The actual prologue of this episode consisted of the first few moments of Pat and Lee's interaction in the apartment, which continued in Act I.

APRIL 18, 1969 (EP. #1227)
Russ advised John that Lee must see a psychiatrist of her own volition for the sessions to be beneficial. David opined that Lee should take the initiative to see Dr. Lehman once Russ described Lee's symptoms of a mental disturbance and regression into a traumatic time in her life. Russ told David that Rachel is having tests performed to confirm her suspicions that she is pregnant. David suggested that Russ and Rachel go on a double date with him and Alice because he is facing competition for Alice's affections from Steve. Russ and David agreed that Steve tends to hurt people. Russ praised Rachel for viewing Steve more realistically but ascertained that she would be interfering in Alice's life by warning her that Steve is a ruthless man. Alice encouraged Susan to volunteer at the hospital. Susan regretfully told Alice that she was tardy, ineffective, and confrontational while she was a lab technician in Baltimore. Susan and Alice exchanged furtive glances due to Rachel's confidence in being pregnant before getting her test results. Ernie ribbed Ada for being nervous over Rachel's visit. Rachel took sadistic delight in Ada's discomfiture while telling Ernie that she is expecting Russ's baby. Ada castigated Rachel for gushing over being pregnant while deceiving Russ by passing her unborn child off as his. Rachel emphatically told Ada to accept that Russ will be the father of her unborn child. Liz annoyed Susan by pointing out that she has held more difficult jobs than the tasks that she will be doing as a hospital volunteer. Fred convinced Susan to join him and Liz for dinner at La Petite Hutte. Susan told Fred that she enjoys his company because he understands her.

APRIL 21, 1969 (EP. #1228)
Lenore joked that Walter is receiving visitors due to his magnificent appearance and radiant personality. Walter dissembled happiness to Lenore over Bill coming to see him. Susan chastised Liz for calling her friends to claim that Susan is too busy performing charity work to socialize and mingle. Liz was utterly bewildered as Susan described herself as desperate to contradict her self-centered ways and inability to love or care about other people. Susan made plans with Bill and Missy to get out of the house. Walter and Lenore tried to downplay Lee's memory lapses when she grew despondent over the peculiar episodes people have witnessed of which she has no recollections. Walter and Lenore felt helpless in trying to comfort Lee, who anxiously tried to contact Susan. Bill, Walter, and Lenore talked Lee out of going to Bryant's to locate Susan. Lee startled Bill, Walter, and Lenore by hastily leaving rather than waiting to talk to Susan during dinner with Bill and Missy. Susan guessed correctly that Liz had convinced Missy to get Susan involved in making party plans for the fund-raising drive in hopes that she might go to the event with an escort. Missy reiterated her stance to Susan that neither she nor Bill want to pressure her into socializing and dating. Susan and Missy were disturbed after receiving a frantic call from Lee. Lee wailed to Bill, Missy, and Susan that she is losing her sanity and cannot fathom the source of her mental issues. Bill and Susan calmed Lee after she re-enacted being on a high precipice while she was on an LSD trip. Missy guided Lee to the bedroom so that she could rest. Susan tearfully told Bill that she has found someone who needs her.

APRIL 22, 1969 (EP. #1229)
Susan remarked to Bill that Lee is the first person she has felt concern for besides herself in ages. Missy told Bill and Susan that she is frightened that Lee was acting rational before falling asleep as though her odd behavior had not occurred. Bill informed Susan and Missy that they must face the fact that Lee is terribly disturbed and went to call Pat. Susan mused to Bill that she left town to escape from Liz's superficial interest and hopes that she will grow to genuinely care for her. Missy and Bill described Lee's unhinged delusions to Russ. Russ informed Pat, Bill, Missy, and Susan that Lee answered some questions, allowed him to check her vital signs, but refused to go to the hospital for observation. Lee acquiesced to Pat taking her to the Randolph house, but implored Bill, Missy, Russ, and Susan not to fuss over her. Russ refrained from making a diagnosis on Lee, but supported Susan's theory that Lee's hallucinations may be a side effect of the LSD she once took. Pat tried to console Lee, who became hysterical over John being on a business trip. Russ grew annoyed with Rachel, who admonished him for getting home late and tried to attribute Lee's mental issues to her being a kook. Rachel mollified Russ by claiming that she spoke thoughtlessly about Lee because it is unfair that anyone should have problems while they are happy. Russ was pleased when Rachel played the dutiful wife by insisting on fixing him dinner. Pat told Dru and Mary that Lee must decide to go to the hospital on her own. Lee forced a brittle laugh and feigned drowsiness after mistaking Dru for John. Dru surmised to Mary that Lefty has returned to haunt Lee in a sense.

APRIL 23, 1969 (EP. #1230)
Mary and Pat tried to lighten matters as Lee mentioned having an emotional breakdown and losing her sanity. John happily greeted Pat, Mary, and Lee upon arriving home from a business trip. Pat asked John to take Lee aside so that she could speak openly about the attacks she has been experiencing. Lee confided to John that she felt panicky while driving, suffered memory lapses, and saw shapes and colors that had a nightmarish quality, prompting John to agree with Lee's suspicions that she is hallucinating again. John felt defeated once Lee opined that seeing a psychiatrist will not alleviate her mental issues and she must let them run their course. John reluctantly accepted Lee's request to be alone. Alice was thrilled by Russ's news that Rachel is carrying his child. Rachel chided Russ for confirming her pregnancy before their scheduled appointment. Russ placated Rachel by promising to take her to the Top of the Tower. Alice congratulated Rachel on expecting Russ's baby. Mary told Alice that John and Russ failed to convince Lee to seek professional help. Alice took Mary's suggestion to consult with John and Pat on the best way to encourage Lee to discuss her mental instability. Rachel expressed annoyance that John's urgent request to talk to Russ about Lee would postpone their dinner plans. Alice appreciated John, Pat, and Russ's faith in her persuading Lee to seek counseling. Russ told John that he will talk with a psychiatrist about Lee's symptoms. Steve feigned happiness when Rachel announced her pregnancy. Rachel smiled after inviting Steve and Alice to join her and Russ in a celebratory dinner and remarked on her delicate condition.

APRIL 24, 1969 (EP. #1231)
Liz criticized Susan for being unproductive since she had dinner at Bill and Missy's house. Susan gave Liz a detailed account of Lee's mental instability. Liz objected to Susan's assertions that she speaks of others to magnify herself and latched onto Lee's misery to escape from her own. Liz urged Susan not to get personally embroiled in Lee's problems, to live her own life, and not to brood and mope. Steve and Alice joked that Rachel was radiant and Russ exceedingly happy all evening. Alice was flattered and touched when Steve proclaimed that she means more to him than anyone else in his entire life. Steve and Alice gazed into each other's eyes and kissed passionately. Lenore ribbed Walter for receiving many visitors and inquiring into pending cases during his convalescence. Walter expressed qualms to Lenore over Steve and Rachel crossing paths since both were coming to see him. Walter and Lenore quizzed Steve on his romance with Alice. Steve told Walter and Lenore that some things are weighing heavily on his mind that are stopping him from making certain commitments. Rachel revealed her pregnancy to an ecstatic Walter and Lenore, which made Steve squirm. Walter and Lenore predicted to Rachel that Steve and Alice will be engaged soon, leading Rachel to privately fume with raging jealousy. Susan stifled her anger with Liz for focusing on Lee's mental state instead of the conflicts between the two of them. Liz and Susan got into a debate on whether Lee should be forcibly placed under psychiatric care. Susan frantically called Fred for guidance when she unsuccessfully tried to deter Liz from confronting Lee on her erratic behavior and hallucinations.

Notes: Lenore mentions having dinner with Helen Moore, which proves that the character remained in Bay City despite not being on-screen for several months. Helen eventually moved to Florida. Walter was gifted with a "wild-colored" tie by Steve and cologne by Rachel.

APRIL 25, 1969 (EP. #1232)
Susan told Fred that Liz may destroy Lee. Lee was appalled as Liz indelicately proclaimed that everyone knows about her mental illness and urged Lee not to be scared of being placed under psychiatric supervision. Liz tried to mollify Lee by insisting that techniques have improved so that she would not be subjected to solitary confinement and straight-jackets. Alice remonstrated Liz for improperly giving Lee advice on seeking treatment and ordered her to leave immediately. Alice commended Lee for defending herself against Liz as they ate eclairs that she bought. Susan thanked Fred for rushing to her rescue, allowing her to confide in him, and for possessing a calming presence. Fred persuaded Susan to contact Bill to discuss Liz confronting Lee. Fred and Susan played doctor and patient as she described her conflicts with Liz. Liz was not pleased to find Fred consoling Susan and exchanging private jokes with her. Fred hedged on allowing Liz to gripe about the awful experience she had with Alice and Lee. Susan left with Missy to discuss plans for the fund-raising party. Bill implored Liz to let Susan help Lee because they have become close friends and maintained that Lee will see a psychiatrist once she is ready. Liz appreciated Bill for recognizing that she had good intentions with Lee, despite her approach being misguided. Lee told Dru that she feels overwhelmed by a sense of dread and sobs uncontrollably without realizing it. Dru tried to assure Lee that psychiatrists can treat her hallucinations and mental disturbances, despite LSD and its long-term effects being poorly understood. Dru begged Lee to carefully consider starting therapy sessions.

Lee: (about Liz) "Alice...that woman...the things she said..."
Alice: "I know. Anyway, I can imagine."
Lee: (A SHOW OF SPIRIT) "How dare she come barging in here telling me what I should do and how I should feel and everything?"
Alice: "I don't know how she dares do half the things she does. She's my aunt, I've known her all my life and I still haven't got her figured out. And you know something?"
Lee: "What?"
Alice: "I think she's a waste of time."
Lee: (SMALL LAUGH) "I hope I wasn't too rude to her."
Alice: "Oh, you were!"
Lee: (FRIGHTENED) "I was?"
Alice: "I was very proud of you."

APRIL 28, 1969 (EP. #1233)
Sam overheard Dru tell Peggy that the people whom Lee trusts should maintain closeness with her and that she refuses to seek counseling. Sam was horrified as Peggy recounted Lee's blackouts, hallucinations, and misidentification of Lahoma and Susan. Peggy told Sam that Russ recommends that Lee see a psychiatrist. Sam was startled once Peggy hinted that they are afraid to acknowledge that Lee may be experiencing the effects of LSD again. Lahoma caused Ada to grow defensive by pointing out that she doesn't seem anxious to see Rachel or happy that she has reconciled with Russ. Ada asked Sam and Lahoma to attend a dinner party to prove that she is pleased over Russ and Rachel's reunion. Lahoma told Ada that she is studying so that Sam won't be ashamed of her once he finishes school and becomes a lawyer. Ada tried to assure Lahoma that Sam loves her unconditionally and that she should not compare herself to Lee. Sam grew suspicious when Ada and Lahoma stopped talking while in his presence. Lahoma confessed to Sam that she is studying because she wants to be sophisticated like Pat and Missy. Sam unwittingly exacerbated Lahoma's insecurities by not refuting her statements that Lee could help a man's career and that he is worried about her. Ada lambasted Rachel for celebrating her pregnancy in front of Steve. Rachel fumed when Ada lamented that she cannot bear to reveal the baby's true paternity to Russ. Ada warned Rachel that she may make mistakes while trying to perpetuate a ruse of being happily married and pregnant. Rachel seethed over Ada's demand for her to go to a dinner party to practice living a lie.

APRIL 29, 1969 (EP. #1234)
Rachel was speechless once Ada fiercely ordered her to come to the dinner party. Ada dissembled brightness while telling Russ that she and Ernie wish to celebrate their approaching parenthood. Ernie tried to be noncommittal as Liz made insinuations that Rachel dislikes being tied down, she will want to resume canvassing, and doubted that motherhood will change Rachel. Ada deftly challenged Liz to exaggerate the significance of Steve and Rachel seeing each other socially and hinted that Susan is the source of Liz's grief. Liz rushed out after Ada boasted that her troubles with Rachel are resolved and that she and Ernie will be celebrating Russ and Rachel expecting a child. Pat informed Mary that she and John are proceeding cautiously with Lee because she must willingly seek counseling for the sessions to be effective. Mary and Pat impeded Liz from giving her unwarranted opinion on Lee getting help. Liz purposefully commented to Mary and Pat that Rachel being seen in public with Steve while married was slightly scandalous. Lenore was exuberant over Walter receiving a clean bill of health. Walter reflected to Lenore that he is grateful to her and his colleagues because of their patience while he was morose, difficult to handle, and barely functional at work. Lenore was forgiving to Walter, who asserted that his illness exacerbated his jealousy and suspicious behavior and colored his view of the world. Lenore reminded Walter that Rachel hates being excluded when he had reservations over including Russ and Rachel in their party plans. Rachel kept quiet about Lenore's invitation to Russ because she felt conflicted over it and going to Ernie and Ada's party.

APRIL 30, 1969 (EP. #1235)
Rachel verified with Lenore that she and Russ could stop by after they keep a previous engagement. Rachel used her pregnancy as an excuse to persuade Russ into leaving Ernie and Ada's party after they eat dinner. Lee told John and Pat that she appreciates that they did not invite some well-meaning people to the house for an intervention to convince her to see a doctor. John was pleased as Lee fondly praised Dru for suggesting that she see a doctor or admit herself into a hospital without pressuring her. Lee tried to reassure John and Pat that she can control her feelings of dread. Lee suddenly rambled about being a little girl who is afraid to jump from a balcony and was caught by John once she lunged across the table. Rachel stalled Russ by fussing over her clothes and appearance. Russ refused Rachel's suggestion that they go to Walter and Lenore's party. John frantically summoned Russ to examine Lee. Russ told Rachel that he will come to Ernie and Ada's house after he checks on Lee. Mary complimented Ada's preparations for Russ and Rachel's party. Rachel informed Ernie, Ada, Sam, and Lahoma that Russ is tending to a delusional Lee. Pat promised to keep Mary abreast of Lee's condition. John and Pat tried to calm Lee as she recounted her hallucinations in detail. Lee begged Russ to take her to the hospital. Ernie and Ada disagreed with Sam's wry observation that Lahoma may become smarter than he is because of the reading she has been doing. Ada joked to Ernie, Sam, and Lahoma that Rachel was meticulous about combing her hair growing up. Rachel was relieved after tricking Ada into believing that she felt ill and needed to go home.

MAY 1, 1969 (EP. #1236)
Alice insisted to Steve and Lenore that Russ and Rachel won't be coming to the party since they are having dinner at Ada and Ernie's. Steve, Lenore, and Alice were nonplussed by Rachel's unexpected arrival to Walter and Lenore's place. John and Pat thanked Russ for tending to Lee and encouraged him to attend Ernie and Ada's party. Russ resolved to speak to Dr. Lehman after assuring John and Pat that Lee will receive excellent care from him. Russ was puzzled to learn from Ada that Rachel left the party because she felt sick. Dr. Lehman slowly and deliberately informed John and Pat that Lee vividly recalls her hallucinations and explained the challenges of psychology to them. John and Pat felt comforted that Lee willingly talked to Dr. Lehman and proactively sought help. Dr. Lehman hypothesized to John and Pat that seeing loved ones may impede Lee's recovery, but urged them to remain optimistic. Russ was miffed to discover that Rachel was not in their apartment and called Lenore. Russ told Rachel that he will be bringing her home immediately. Rachel lied to Steve, Alice, and Lenore that Russ insists on taking her home because he is worried about her pregnancy. Alice told Steve, Lenore, and Rachel that it will take time for Dr. Lehman to properly diagnose Lee. Russ rushed Rachel out of Walter and Lenore's apartment. Alice swooned as Steve kissed her tenderly and passionately. Rachel claimed to a skeptical Russ that Steve, Lenore, and Alice practically forced her to leave after she started getting queasy. Russ was slightly mollified by Rachel's promises to not resort to the former selfish, inconsiderate ways that fueled their marital woes.

Notes: Val Dufour's appearances as Walter in this episode were cut for an unknown reason. A supplemental, handwritten line of Steve's in the Prologue explained that Walter had gone to bed in accordance with his doctor's instructions.

MAY 2, 1969 (EP. #1237)
Dru told Bill that John won't be coming to work because Lee is in the hospital after having another psychotic episode. Alice told Susan that Lee willingly placed herself in the care of Dr. Lehman. Lee confessed to Susan that she feels resigned to the past. Susan comforted Lee, who recounted that she cried at school after her mother died. Lee suddenly rambled to Susan about a childhood crush and being frightened of jumping off the diving board of a pool. Susan was speechless as Lee babbled about studying art, professed her love for Sam, and spoke as if Sam was reciting poetry to her. Lee stated that her past is dark and that she lost any potential future as Susan stroked her hair. Liz credited herself for Lee seeking treatment, much to Dru and Bill's chagrin. Dru was appalled as Liz expressed hope that Lee might recover enough to attend her fund-raiser and downplayed Susan's time with Lee as commiseration. Dru and Bill warned Liz not to pester Susan about Lee's condition. Susan told Lee that she is loved and implored her to stay hopeful. Liz carped about being unable to reach Susan at the hospital to Fred. Fred carefully questioned Susan about her day to stop Liz from quizzing her about Lee. Susan told Fred that he is important to her. Fred echoed Susan's sentiments that Liz is poor at active listening. Susan recounted Lee's morbid musings to Fred, who praised her for being empathetic and sensitive. Susan grew disgusted when Liz blamed John and Pat for Lee's hospitalization because they skirted around the issues. Fred accused Liz of aggravating Lee's condition and suggested that she learn to listen to people after Susan retreated upstairs.

MAY 5, 1969 (EP. #1238)
Fred told Liz that Susan was right to get upset because of her insensitive comments about Lee. Fred harangued Liz for invading Susan and Lee's privacy, capitalizing on Lee's misfortune, and regarding her as a nuisance who should be institutionalized. Liz indignantly told Fred that she is not a cruel person and would not purposely malign anyone. Fred urged Liz to think about their conversation. Susan meekly apologized to Liz for being inconsiderate and asked for forgiveness. Liz recognized the pressure Susan feels to succeed and her worries and sympathies for Lee, prompting Susan to open up about the kinship and similarities she has with Lee. Liz asserted that Susan must forget about her broken engagement in Baltimore and bravely face life while Lee is mentally ill and needs psychiatric treatment. Susan fell into despair upon realizing that Liz does not understand her personal dilemmas. Lahoma surmised that Sam was having difficulty concentrating on his studies because of Lee. Lahoma told Sam that she is embarrassed to study around him, then jumped to the conclusion that Sam thought that she was incapable of learning subjects like law. Sam got angry with Lahoma for suggesting that he visit Lee in the hospital since he is concerned about her. Lee had a nightmare in which she accidentally struck Sam with a poker while thinking it was Lefty taunting her. Lefty menaced Lee while she was surrounded by the voices of Liz, Susan, and Lahoma. Lee struggled to get Sam and Lahoma's attention as Liz proclaimed that she is demented and Lefty laughed while handing her a cup of coffee to drink. Lee bolted upright in her hospital bed and screamed.

Notes: Appearance by Lawrence Keith as Lefty Burns during Lee's nightmare. The "nightmare scene" in Act IV was pre-taped on May 1, 1969.

MAY 6, 1969 (EP. #1239)
Bill hypothesized to Missy that Liz is having breakfast with them because she is concocting a scheme. Liz invoked Bill's ire by asking whether Susan was helpful with the plans for the party and Missy found her a date for the occasion. Bill remonstrated Liz for disrespecting Susan's wishes by trying to pressure her into socializing and dating. Liz played the martyr while telling Bill and Missy that Susan snapped at her in front of Fred, but failed to get their sympathy once she repeated her callous remarks about Lee. Bill advised Liz that Susan wants her to be more understanding and compassionate. Liz complained to Missy about Bill and Susan's stubborn, insolent attitudes towards her. Lee told Dru that she has daydreams in which she is visited by friends, old teachers, and unpleasant people from her past. Dru guided Lee to the door to disprove her irrational fears that she is being locked inside her room. Lee was somewhat placated when Dru explained that she will see Dr. Lehman and John very soon. Dru was nearly moved to tears after Lee tenderly kissed him on the cheek. Bill informed Dru that John assumed his court appearance while Bill tackles the paperwork on a case for Childs and Dawson. Dru told Bill and Peggy that Lee vacillates from lucidity to paranoid delusions. Bill disagreed with Dru's contention that emotional overtones of intimate family relationships can be harmful to Lee's fragile mental state. Peggy tried to convince Lee that the staff has not been moving her between rooms, the window does not have bars on it, and that she is not being kept away from John. Lee stealthily snuck out of her room and quietly walked through the hospital corridor.

MAY 7, 1969 (EP. #1240)
Lee imagined that Lefty was following her as she got into the elevator. A nurse named Miss Peters spotted Lee, forced the elevator door opened, and dragged Lee back to her room. Lee sobbed while Miss Peters reported the incident to Dr. Lehman. John and Pat lamented to Susan that they are not allowed to see Lee, that she is uncooperative with the doctors, and fear that she may not recover. Susan told John and Pat that she and Lee share similarities and are friends. Pat started telling Susan about Sam and Lee's breakup when John received a call from Dr. Lehman, who urgently requested for John and Pat to come to the hospital. Bill admonished Liz for sulking over Susan going to John and Pat's house to discuss Lee rather than having dinner with them. Missy insisted to Liz that Susan is a positive influence on Lee and that John and Pat value her insight. Bill ribbed Liz for continuing to think of ways to get Susan to attend her fund-raising party. Susan grimly informed Liz, Bill, and Missy that John and Pat rushed to the hospital because of Lee. Bill, Missy, and Susan got annoyed with Liz for debating the seriousness of Dr. Lehman's call to John. Susan acquiesced to Liz's wishes that she helps Missy with the party under the condition that she stay in the kitchen. Dr. Lehman, John, and Pat concluded that Lee tried to leave the hospital because she was anxious to see John. John agreed with Dr. Lehman's professional opinion that it would be desirable for Lee to voluntarily be moved to the psychiatric ward. Lee couldn't promise John that she will not try to escape the hospital again. John and Miss Peters had to restrain Lee, who screamed that she will not be committed.

Bill: "Look out! Here it comes!"
Liz: "Here what comes!"
Bill: (LAUGHS) "The subtle switch of subjects." (EXPLAINS TO MISSY) "She starts off on a totally innocent and meaningless subject, then when you finally move her off it, she slides over to the thing she's been itching to talk about right from the start."
Liz: "Bill Matthews, I do no such thing!"
Bill: (STILL TO MISSY) "And if this second subject just happens to be one you don't want to talk about, she says, 'Don't blame me. I wasn't the one who insisted we talk about something else.'"
Liz: "Melissa, don't listen to him."
Bill: (STILL TO MISSY) "And if you listen very closely you can almost hear the trap clang shut..."

Notes: Appearance by Lawrence Keith as Lefty Burns. The character's appearance in this episode was penciled-in for the prologue. Much of Lee's attempted escape was penciled-in, including Lee sneaking past Russ and David, whose backs were turned as they stood at the Nurses' station.

MAY 8, 1969 (EP. #1241)
Susan tried to ignore Liz's suggestion that she wear a white, lace dress to Bill and Missy's party because she was worried about Lee. Liz laughed as she read a portion of Jim's letter to Susan, which complained about businessmen in Caracas wanting to be entertained at night clubs and hotel dining rooms instead of working. Liz made arrangements for Bob Worthington to be Susan's date for the party and asked that he and Fred come to the house early. Missy was bewildered when Liz insisted that Susan not stay in the kitchen should she and Bob hit it off. Lee felt comforted as Susan explained that she will be spending the majority of her time at the hospital, she can run errands and make phone calls for her, and that Dru and Peggy will visit often. Susan hid her discomfiture as Lee rambled about John asking her to jump from a balcony and making plans to get Sam released from jail. Lee prepared to nap while smiling sweetly at Susan, who became teary-eyed over Lee's condition. Bob was perplexed that Susan was surprised by his arrival with Fred. A suspicious Susan tricked Fred and Liz into leaving for the party and asked Bob to wait until she changes clothes. Bob reassured Susan that he is delighted to be her date, despite meeting under false pretenses. Susan asked Bob to drive her to the hospital and go to the party without her. Bill and Missy were pleased that Susan was coming with Bob. Walter joked about hiding money as Lenore gushed about buying a house like Bill and Missy's. Liz was humiliated that Susan went to the hospital instead of coming to the party with Bob. Fred agreed to take Liz home and urged her to learn from Susan's decision.

Notes: Bob Worthington is described in the script as "straight, establishment type, 35." Bob was a long-time colleague of Fred Douglas. The psychiatric ward at Memorial Hospital is on the fourth floor.

MAY 9, 1969 (EP. #1242)
Liz screamed at Susan for humiliating and disgracing her in front of family and friends. Susan informed Liz that she spent time with Lee at the hospital and John and Pat at their house. Susan laid into Liz for disregarding her intentions not to attend the party by setting her up with Bob. Liz angrily told Susan that she is being impossible, unappreciative, and broods around the house while blaming Liz for everything wrong in her life. Liz advised Bill that Jim is having difficulty in Caracas with work and asked Bill to retrieve her passport. Dru, Mary, and Alice became curious towards Liz's veiled remark about not troubling them with fuss over Susan. Liz imperiously told Dru, Mary, and Alice that she is going to Caracas to lift the burden of entertaining business associates from Jim. Dru and Alice suspected ulterior motives to explain Liz's sudden interest in the family's business affairs. Bill and Missy told an anxious Liz that Peggy will be delivering her passport to the house. Liz went into an angry tirade against Susan in retaliation to Bill's assertion that she is leaving town to get away from Susan. Missy timidly reminded Liz that Susan is her daughter while Bill became disgusted over Liz airing her grievances over Susan. Bill accused Liz of expecting Susan to compromise her own life to acquiesce to her needs. Susan asked Liz whether she is going to Caracas because she cannot tolerate living with her anymore. Liz lambasted Susan for thinking that she was not shown love and called her a cruel, selfish, heartless girl. Susan found Mary's tendency to accept Liz's plans at face value quite endearing, but conceded that she does not blame Liz for wanting to leave her.

MAY 12, 1969 (EP. #1243)
Russ was shocked to hear from Alice that Liz is joining Jim in Venezuela. Alice told Russ that Liz presumably wants to help Jim by entertaining his business associates. Russ and Alice fretted that Jim must attend parties and tolerate Liz's presence while performing his job duties. Russ informed Alice that Dr. Lehman asked him to talk to Lee in hopes of obtaining her consent to be transferred to the psychiatric ward. Alice told Russ that Lee was cheerful and lucid this morning. Lee insisted to Russ that she is fine. Russ asked whether Lee was trying to prove that she is capable and functioning normally by burying him under an avalanche of news stories. Lee ruefully told Russ that she agrees with everyone's opinion that she is losing her mind. Russ was speechless once Lee asserted that she is purposely keeping her sanity, but will quit doing so should she be committed to the psychiatric ward. Pat was touched that Mary gifted Jim with a book of sonnets. Mary and Pat deplored Liz for deserting Susan, who is going through turmoil due to her own issues and concerns for Lee. Mary met Emily Mason, a long-time neighbor of John and Pat's whose mother runs a national chain of clothing stores. Emily sadly told Mary and Pat that her mother is strict and goes out of town on business the majority of the time. John resolved to discuss Lee with Mary and Pat after having a disturbing conversation with Dr. Lehman. John advised Mary that Dr. Lehman must determine whether Lee's mental instability is caused by her neurological chemistry. John, Pat, and Mary talked about the difficulty in treating mental disorders. Lee slipped out of her hospital room and got into an elevator.

Pat: "I bet I know who that is..." (GOES TO DOOR, OPENS IT. IT'S EMILY MASON) "Just as I thought! Hi, Emily, come on in, dear..."
Emily: (Irene Bundle, Introduction Line) "Hi...okay...Howdja know it was me?" (SEES MARY) "Hello..."

Notes: First appearance of Irene Bundle as Emily Mason. Emily mentions that her mother acquired a large, national chain of clothing stores from her deceased husband (Emily's father) and handles all the business affairs.

MAY 13, 1969 (EP. #1244)
John was alarmed upon being notified by Dr. Lehman that Lee had left the hospital. John, Pat, and Mary deduced that Lee had planned her escape because she was fully clothed and had fooled a relief nurse into thinking that she was visiting a patient. John and Pat asked Peggy to contact them while pretending to be calling her cousin should Lee come to her apartment. Russ informed John, Pat, and Mary that the police cannot get involved since Lee voluntarily admitted herself and warned John not to search for Lee. John, Mary, and Pat were discouraged as Russ emphasized that Lee had been stable for some time before her hallucinations resumed. Bill was sympathetic as Susan bemoaned that she feels deserted and neglected by Liz, who apparently decided to be Jim's social liaison in Caracas. Susan reflected to Bill that she yearns for Liz's unconditional approval. Bill grabbed the phone once Susan dropped it and started sobbing after speaking to Mary. Mary told John, Pat, and Russ that she has contacted Lee's family and friends to update them on the situation. John and Pat discouraged Mary from contacting Sam and Lahoma to tell them about Lee. Lahoma was perplexed when Lee called from a pay phone and asked to visit her and Sam. Sam admonished Lahoma for dragging Lee into their lives and letting her come to see them. Lee innocently told Sam and Lahoma that she is glad that they got married. Sam blew up at Lee for asking for assurances that he and Lahoma are happy. Lee kissed Lahoma on the cheek and squeezed Sam's hand before retreating from their apartment. Sam flipped upon learning from John that Lee had escaped the hospital.

MAY 14, 1969 (EP. #1245)
John was hurt and bewildered while telling Mary and Russ that Lee visited Sam and Lahoma instead of coming to see him. John told Mary and Russ that Lee remained calm, sweet, and polite while congratulating Sam and Lahoma on their marriage and being happy together, despite Sam snapping at her for requesting assurances. John worried about Lee's whereabouts after she left Sam and Lahoma's place. Russ refused to let John berate himself for not contacting Sam and Lahoma since it was logical for John to believe that Lee would not want to see them. Russ and Mary reassured John that Peggy is staying at Lee's apartment should she come home. Peggy chided Lee for leaving the hospital and making John worry about her. Lee earnestly told Peggy that she did not benefit from the psychiatric treatment she received. Peggy remained composed as Lee vowed to resume working at the Haven. John went to Lee's apartment after receiving a call from her. Lefty ridiculed Lee for killing him and swore that he will take everything that belongs to her. Peggy was floored to discover that Lee had fled from the apartment. Lee babbled to Walter and Lenore that Peggy is staying in her apartment, that John and Pat's concerns make her nervous, and that she will not visit Susan because she dislikes Liz. Peggy convinced John to have Walter contact the police to keep tabs on Lee. Walter and Lenore tried to assure a spiteful Lee that John and Pat were anxious to see her at the hospital. Walter placed an emergency call to Lt. Sondheim when Lee abruptly ran out of the apartment. Lee gradually lost control of her vehicle due to being haunted by the ghost of Lefty while she was driving.

Lefty: "Nice car you've got, Lee."
Lee: "Lefty, you shouldn't be here."
Lefty: "I have to be here, Lee you know that. Where else can I go?"
Lee: "Not here."
Lefty: "Watch the want to kill me?"
Lee: "Lefty, you shouldn't be here. I don't want you here."
Lefty: "Sure you do."
Lee: "No, I don't." (HYSTERIA RISES) "Now you just get out of here. You don't belong here."
Lefty: "Killing somebody isn't so simple. Nope. Not simple at all. Dead people keep coming back. Right, Lee?"
Lee: "Why do you have to keep coming back?"
Lefty: "Why so's you can kill me again. Didn't you know that? Sure you knew that. I'll keep coming back and you'll keep killing me and I'll keep coming back and you'll keep killing me and that's the way it's gonna be. Didn't you know that?"
Lefty: "Kill me Kill me Kill me...."

Notes: Appearance by Lawrence Keith as Lefty Burns. The production schedule for this episode included a hospital room scene being pre-taped, technical adjustments for pre-taping, audio recording session, and a staggered dry rehearsal call for some actors to be determined by director, Len Valenta.

MAY 15, 1969 (EP. #1246)
Sam and Lahoma gave Pat a detailed account of Lee's visit. Pat urged a guilt-ridden Sam not to chastise himself for yelling at Lee because he was unaware of her mental state or that she had escaped from the hospital. Pat told Sam and Lahoma that she will report back to John and decide on a course of action. Sam seethed when Lahoma surmised that he is concerned about Lee and secretly wants to search for her. Steve and Alice refused Dru's suggestion that they keep their plans for the evening because they wanted to wait for news on Lee. Alice theorized to Steve and Dru that Lee went to see Susan since they have developed a strong bond. Dru and Alice opined to Steve that Liz went to Venezuela due to being overwhelmed by dealing with Susan. Steve laughed while recalling to Dru and Alice that Liz invited him over for dinner under the pretense of explaining Jim's letter and was impressed that Susan answered her questions for him. Dru, Steve, and Alice learned from John that Lee is driving and that Walter has alerted the police. Sam accused Lahoma of refusing to believe that he loves her. Lahoma cried as Sam tried to assure her that she doesn't need to emulate Lee by trying to educate herself. Sam became utterly frustrated as Lahoma harped on his past with Lee and wailed that her presence keeps them from being close to each other. Steve and Alice waxed philosophically about life drastically changing over time. Alice told Steve that she has led a sheltered life, which makes cruelty, injustice, and tragedy almost foreign concepts to her. Dru and Lahoma learned of Lee's car accident. Lahoma pleaded with Sam to go to the hospital right away.

Notes: The original prologue, which was a replay of the last moments leading up to Lee's car accident, was cut from the broadcast. Lahoma's books include: "Law for the Layman," "Mill on the Floss," "Vanity Fair," "Tom Jones," and "For Whom The Bell Tolls."

MAY 16, 1969 (EP. #1247)
Lahoma begged Ernie and Ada to come to her place immediately. Lahoma told Ada and Ernie that Lee was hospitalized after getting into a serious car accident. Ernie, Ada, and Lahoma fretted that John called minutes after Lee had left Sam and Lahoma's apartment. Ernie and Ada disagreed with Lahoma's assertion that Sam secretly wished to visit Lee in the hospital, but chose not to admit it. Lahoma spoke cryptically to Ernie and Ada about revealing the truth to Sam. Mary and Pat recalled that Lee was child-like in wanting to see John while he was out of town, but seemed to have a lucidity and resignation towards an inevitable fate. Pat told Mary that John is a gentle and patient father who has complete faith and devotion to Lee. A grief-stricken and exhausted John wept after telling Pat that Lee sustained internal injuries and needed a blood transfusion. Susan trembled as Mary informed her of Lee's auto accident and being admitted to the emergency care unit at the hospital. Mary promised to call Susan should the doctors decide to operate on Lee. John groused to Pat and Mary about not being permitted to see Lee. John, Pat, and Mary quickly followed an orderly, who advised that Russ had summoned them. Fred guided Susan to the couch, put an afghan around her shoulders, and protectively placed his arms around her shoulders to comfort her. Fred tried to convince a distraught Susan that she was a sincere, caring, and trusting friend to Lee. Susan foreboded to Fred that part of her is dying right now. John, Pat, and Mary cried after seeing an unconscious Lee bandaged and her hair in disarray as she was wheeled into an operating room.

MAY 19, 1969 (EP. #1248)
John pleaded with Pat to assure him that Lee will survive the operation. Pat wavered in keeping her composure while talking to John about Bill traveling to California for Dawson and Childs, Liz going to Venezuela, Emily visiting the house, and the flowers she planted in the garden. John tightly clung to Pat, who broke down while stating that Lee is the only child they can share and she yearns to bring her home again. Peggy suggested that Lahoma assumed that Sam was anxious to visit Lee in the hospital. Lahoma told Peggy that her marriage is built on a lie because she knew Lee's true reasons for jilting Sam. Peggy unsuccessfully tried to convince Lahoma to put the matter behind her and move forward with her marriage to Sam. Lahoma resolved to level with Sam, despite Peggy's objections. Bill, Missy, and Susan grew fearful upon learning that Lee has been in surgery for four hours. Susan agreed with Missy's sentiments that she understands Lee better than most people. Bill opined to Susan that she and Liz are occasionally obtuse and expect too much out of each other. Susan mused to Bill and Missy that Fred has become a kind, reliable confidante to her. Bill and Missy consoled Susan, who berated herself for failing Lee. John and Pat grew frightened upon being contacted by Russ. Peggy gave Lahoma an imploring glance not to reveal the truth to Sam before she decided to go home. Lahoma confessed to Sam that she knew that Lee broke their engagement because she feared giving him malformed children as a result of the LSD she once took. Sam stared at Lahoma in a horrified state, then pushed passed her and stormed out of the apartment.

MAY 20, 1969 (EP. #1249)
Russ emphasized to John and Pat that Lee did not suffer post-operative shock requiring emergency treatment and her body's response has been adequate. John and Pat declined Russ's suggestion that they leave the hospital to get some rest. Lahoma told Peggy that she revealed the entire truth to Sam, who went to the hospital to see Lee. Peggy gently opined that Lahoma made a mistake by telling Sam that she married him knowing Lee's true reason for jilting him. Lahoma fretted to Peggy that Sam would have chosen Lee as his wife had she been honest with him. Russ informed Sam that Lee's operation stopped the internal bleeding and that she came out of the anesthetic, but is not allowed any visitors right now. Sam resisted the impulse to search for Lee's hospital room and dejectedly headed home. David checked Lee's vital signs while Alice left to contact Mary. Alice told Mary that she and the doctors are hopeful that Lee will survive, despite her enduring a long and serious operation. David informed Alice that Lee has slipped into a coma. David told John and Pat that Lee is comatose, her vital signs are satisfactory, and that Lee is under close surveillance. Russ and David explained to John and Pat that a spinal tap may be done to analyze brain fluid for possible release of pressure. John and Pat grew despondent when David confessed that Lee is very critical. Sam accepted Lahoma's decision to quit studying to emulate Lee. Lahoma tried to make Sam understand that she could not tolerate Lee potentially coming between them and ruining their marriage by keeping her secret. Sam browbeat Lahoma for lying to him and angrily retreated to the bedroom.

MAY 21, 1969 (EP. #1250)
Sam flatly reminded Lahoma that she does not have to sleep on the couch and acknowledged that they are still a married couple. Ada was chagrined with Rachel, who was dubious towards her worries for Lee and scoffed over Sam and Lahoma getting into a fight about her. Ada proposed that Rachel accompany her to see Lahoma to prove that she can give other people consideration. Dru delegated job responsibilities to Bill and Peggy to compensate for John's absence. Sam's equilibrium became unbalanced after learning from Dru and Peggy that Lee is in a coma. Dru and Bill exchanged puzzled glances as Sam closely followed Peggy while she retrieved a case file that Dru had assigned to him. Peggy somberly told Sam that John and Pat refuse to leave the hospital until Lee regains consciousness. Sam got Peggy to admit that she and Lahoma knew the true circumstances behind Lee breaking their engagement. Lahoma took notice as Rachel prompted Ada to echo her sentiments that Russ is elated by her pregnancy. Rachel questioned Lahoma and Ada on their concerns for Lee, despite the conflicts she has caused them. Lahoma valiantly defended Lee to Rachel, who quipped that Lahoma quickly snagged a rejected Sam. Ada reiterated her belief that Sam fell in love with Lahoma after Lee dumped him, prompting Lahoma to confess the truth. Lahoma wailed to Ada and Rachel that she blames herself for Lee's hospitalization. Lahoma tried to justify her reasons for remaining silent about Lee's decision to a bitter and unsympathetic Sam. Sam contemptuously asked Lahoma the reasons she maintained Lee's confidence until it ceased to change matters.

MAY 22, 1969 (EP. #1251)
Lee murmured unintelligibly as Alice and Russ stood at her bedside. Russ and Alice were floored when Lee clearly spoke Sam's name. Russ consulted with Dr. Fitch on having a spinal tap performed on Lee. John thanked Sam for coming to the hospital while he agonized over being unable to help Lee. John and Sam agreed that waiting for updates on Lee can cause them to have a negative state of mind on her survival. Sam formed a tacit understanding with John to remain optimistic. Russ informed John and Sam that Dr. Fitch is doing a spinal tap to determine the next steps in treating Lee and relieve pressure on the brain to help Lee come out of the coma. Dr. Fitch held off summoning Russ and John to observe Lee further when she regained consciousness and recognized Alice. Russ informed John and Sam that Memorial Hospital was fortunate to recruit an excellent neurosurgeon like Dr. Fitch to operate on Lee. John was dazed yet cautiously hopeful upon learning from Russ that Lee came out of the coma, but Russ emphasized that Lee is still in critical condition. Sam asked Russ for permission to wait outside of Lee's hospital room while John visits her. John gazed helplessly at Dr. Fitch as Lee muttered incoherently, did not recognize him, and repeatedly called for Sam. Sam was nearly speechless as Lee smiled brilliantly while looking at him intently. Lee pledged her love for Sam as her delirium heightened and breathing grew labored. Sam pleaded in vain for Russ to keep Lee alive. Russ led John and Sam out of the room as Lee drew her final breaths. John prayed for mercy, prompting Sam to give his hand a consoling squeeze as they waited in the corridor.

Lee: (TURNS BACK TO SAM AT HER BEDSIDE) "Sam... I'm so glad you came to see me."
Sam: "I'm glad I came too."
Lee: (Barbara Rodell, Exit Line) "Darling Sam... I love you..." (AGAIN SHE LOOKS AT THE CEILING) "Time and time and time and time... going on and on... always going on... never stopping..." (HER BREATHING BECOMES MORE LABORED).

Notes: Last appearance of Barbara Rodell as Lee Randolph. Appearance by Allison and Nancy Charney (real-life child and wife of Jordan Charney), who according to Dan Ahearn, appeared as extras in the waiting room of the hospital. His daughter said, "Hi Daddy" when her father passed before her, which of course was not in the script, but they left the blooper in.

MAY 23, 1969: Pre-empted for news coverage of Apollo 10 Space mission.

MAY 26, 1969 (EP. #1252)
John informed Pat that Lee had died. Susan told Missy that she relates to Lee's hurt, despair, loneliness, and conviction that she committed wrongful acts. Missy praised Susan's noble efforts to empathize with Lee. Susan admired Missy's fervent belief that Liz genuinely cares about people, despite her caustic ways. Susan bade a hasty retreat after Missy received a call from Mary, who informed Missy that Lee was dead. Russ was mildly astonished and amused as Rachel prattled on about doctors needing people to take care of them because they exhaust themselves tending to patients. Rachel was spooked by the concept of death as Russ revealed that he and Dr. Fitch were unable to save Lee. Russ told Rachel that he is guilt-ridden over being an expectant father now that John must cope with losing his only child. Rachel tried to reassure Russ that he will be a wonderful father when Russ contemplated whether he is kind, strong, and patient enough to be responsible for a child. Ernie and Ada debated the reasons Lahoma asked to visit them instead of spending time with Sam. Lahoma sadly told Ada and Ernie that Sam balked at answering her questions about Lee, abruptly grabbed his textbooks, and silently went into their bedroom. Ada tried to convince Lahoma that she kept putting off accepting Sam's marriage proposal, maintained Lee's confidence, and that Sam truly loves her. Lahoma told Ada that she and Sam must make a fresh start, that she is truly grieving for Lee, and that she was right to be honest with Sam. John shared fond memories of Lee's childhood with Pat. Pat refused to let John blame himself for the trauma Lee endured in Bedfordtown.

MAY 27, 1969 (EP. #1253)
Dru and Bill commended Peggy for coming into work to compose notes to John's business associations informing them of Lee's death. Dru somberly recalled for Bill and Peggy that he enjoyed a close relationship with Lee, who once had aspirations of being his law partner. Bill, Dru, and Peggy were troubled that Lahoma has been unable to locate Sam since he went to the hospital. Dru told Bill and Peggy that Lee recognized Sam and professed her love for him during her final moments. Peggy explained to Dru and Bill that she ominously remarked that Sam and Lahoma's marriage will never be the same because Lahoma confessed Lee's true reason for jilting Sam and her knowledge of it. Dru and Bill were sympathetic as Peggy revealed that Lee threatened to skip town should Lahoma reveal the truth to Sam. Dru, Bill, and Peggy dreaded the repercussions of Lahoma's confession on her and Sam's marriage. Mary, Alice, Missy, and Susan decided to leave after John and Pat thanked them for preparing their dinner. John asked Pat to pick up their clothes from the dry cleaner's so that he could be alone. John dimmed the lights, put his head in his hands and buried his face, and sobbed as Emily haltingly opened the door. Emily gave John her condolences and recalled that Lee was a nice girl and very pretty. John promised Emily that her mother's assumptions that she would be a nuisance by visiting him and Pat were wrong. Pat consoled John, who accidentally mistook Emily for Lee and sobbed over having to go to her funeral. Bill, Dru, Peggy, Mary, Alice, Missy, Lenore, Susan, Pat, John, Russ, Walter, Rachel, and Sam attended Lee's memorial service.

Notes: John mentions that Lee was somewhat of an "ugly duckling" until she started to blossom at the age of 13.

MAY 28, 1969 (EP. #1254)
Walter was surprised that Fred asked to speak with him. Steve conceded to Walter that he is depressed over Lee's death. Steve told Walter that he is indecisive on paying his respects to John and Pat and contacting Alice because she may be exhausted from working long hours. Walter marveled at Steve feeling uncharacteristically depressed, uncertain, and excluded from Alice's circle of friends, but emphasized that being a part of a bereaved group of people is not enviable. Steve bashfully admitted to Walter that he yearns to belong to Alice's world. Fred asked Walter for legal advice on a case of his. Walter agreed with Fred's opinion that John should openly express his grief instead of bottling up his emotions. Fred told Walter that Susan felt needed and essential to Lee and groused about Liz leaving town under false pretenses to dodge taking care of Susan. Walter was embarrassed when Fred proclaimed that Liz places unnecessary social demands onto Susan and hinted that someone must give her emotional support. Walter and Lenore made arrangements to meet for a candlelight dinner at a quiet restaurant. Fred gently chided Susan for resorting to self-deprecating comments and thinking of herself as a nuisance. Susan deplored ruining her one chance to be useful to someone by failing Lee and castigated herself for thinking selfishly. Fred held Susan as she sobbed over Lee's death. Lenore reflected to Walter that she has happy memories of Lee while John and Pat are likely dwelling on the conflicts they had with her out of guilt. Walter vowed to be a good husband to Lenore. Susan stared at Fred, who kissed her on the cheek before heading home.

MAY 29, 1969 (EP. #1255)
Pat assured John that Mary will be keeping her company and urged him to stay active to regain a semblance of normalcy. John caused Pat to become concerned after he stated that he may take a drive instead of going into the office. Pat readily approved of Mary's idea to invite Steve to the house for dinner since Alice will likely not consider going on any dates. Pat told Mary that John is in shock over Lee's death, but he has maintained a calm and reflective demeanor. Mary and Pat sadly surmised that John mistook Emily for Lee on two occasions as a means to summon her back to life. Pat tried to reassure herself and Mary that she and John will return to leading a normal life. Dru advised Bill that they must respect John's need to think and come to grips with Lee's death, but shared in Bill's sadness over John's absence at the office. Dru encouraged Bill to field a call from Childs, Dawson, and Childs by reminding Bill that he conducted extensive preliminary research on the case and is knowledgeable on it. Dru informed Frank Childs that John's daughter passed away and that Bill is replacing John on handling their legal matters. John and Missy played with Ricky. Missy told John that he can see Ricky anytime and was thrilled by John's offer to take Ricky to a baseball game in a few years. John lamented to Missy that working seems foreign to him now and that he wished to be with children because of their growing minds and strong wills. John and Missy marveled at all the things that young people will learn and experience in the near future. Dru and Pat were forgiving over John being absent from work. John told Pat that he is uncertain of when he will return to the office.

John: (about Ricky) "He could be anything he wants to be, much coming up for a young person to see...and learn...and experience..."
Missy: "Sure there is..."
John: "He's too young to remember the first moon-shot, you realize these astronauts are landing on the thing this summer?"
Missy: "Well, maybe Ricky can follow it up with Mars."
John: "Yes; or --"
Missy: (LAUGHING) "Yes."
John: "Maybe he'll do marvels right here on earth. Lots to be done. Even if it isn't a marvel."
Missy: (NODS) "Might be a doctor, or a lawyer, like his father."
John: "Good minds and hands are needed everywhere."

MAY 30, 1969 (EP. #1256)
A vast silence reigned as Lahoma tried to talk to Sam while they ate breakfast. Lahoma watched helplessly as Sam quickly tried to leave for work. Sam fumed as Lahoma proclaimed that Lee came between them, then remonstrated Lahoma for willingly lying to him and promising Lee to conceal the truth. Lahoma apologized to Sam for being dishonest with him and contended that she is free to love him now that she is not keeping secrets. Sam squirmed when Lahoma pointed out that she respected his wishes not to attend Lee's funeral, despite their close friendship. Sam angrily told Lahoma that he has nothing to say and left. Dru was immediately contrite upon realizing that he was inconsiderate towards Peggy's concerns for John since he did not come to the office or stay at home yesterday. Peggy felt resigned as Dru explained that John asked Missy about her and Bill's hopes and dreams for themselves and Ricky, but agreed with Peggy's opinion that John should not brood. Dru stressed to Peggy that John is enduring a profound grief since he lost his child. Peggy urged Sam not to blame Lahoma for Lee's misfortunes and to treat her well. Susan joked that Mary was transparent in getting her to feel useful so that she cannot wallow in self-pity. Mary admitted to Susan that she would like to wring Liz's neck for joining Jim in Venezuela. Susan told a dubious Alice that she will be returning to the hospital soon. Mary was touched when Steve complimented Jim's efficiency in auditing companies for the merger. Steve and Alice expressed gratitude for having each other for moral support. Alice clung to Steve and settled her head on his chest after he professed his love.

Steve: (to Mary) "You have married a most efficient man."
Mary: (LAUGHS) "He's doing a good job?"
Steve: "Amazingly good. I suppose that somewhere inside there's something that whispers to you 'Hate Steve Frame. He took my husband away.'"
Mary: "Oh, no."
Alice: "Don't believe her. We recite that at breakfast every morning." (ALL LAUGH)
Steve: "Well, anyway, all I can plead in my own defense is that I picked the best man possible. Some people can read between the lines of a printed page, but Jim can read between the lines of a page full of numbers..."

Production Notes: According to penciled-in notes, portions of Acts III and IV in this episode were cut after dress rehearsal took place.

JUNE 2, 1969 (EP. #1257)
Lahoma prepared a study area at the dinner table for Sam, who recalled Lee gushing with love for him after he was released from jail. Sam quietly grabbed his books and went into the office, prompting Lahoma to furiously snap a pencil she sharpened. Ernie teased Ada for forcing him to drive over to Sam and Lahoma's apartment because she is worried about them. Lahoma proclaimed to Ernie and Ada that she refuses to kneel and beg for forgiveness and insisted that she doesn't care whether people like her for the person she is. Ernie praised Lahoma for not compromising herself while Ada privately sensed that she was putting on a brave front for their benefit. Ada ordered Rachel to invite Sam and Lahoma to dinner in hopes that being social with other people will alleviate their marital woes. Sam accepted Rachel's dinner invitation. Rachel castigated Ada for pestering her. Susan quipped that she would defer to social amenities in response to Bill's inquiry into whether she was expecting someone in particular to come see her. Bill got Susan to admit that she has not resumed volunteering at the hospital due to coping with Lee's death and Liz abandoning her. Susan politely declined Bill's offer for her to live with him and Missy in their house. Bill asked Susan to stay in touch with him and Missy as often as possible. Susan happily sat on the couch and smiled broadly after persuading Fred to come over and see her. Rachel insisted to a suspicious Russ that she was acquiescing to Ada's wishes to host a dinner party for Sam and Lahoma. Russ objected to Rachel's plans to include Walter, Lenore, Bill, and Missy, leading Rachel to fib that Ada left the guest list up to her.

JUNE 3, 1969 (EP. #1258)
Lenore felt exasperated as Rachel tried to pressure her into accepting the dinner invitation and asked whether she should invite Steve and Alice. Walter emphatically told Lenore that he does not want to go to Rachel's party. Lenore told Walter that Pat needs to feel connected to the outside world by being with friends. Walter griped to Lenore that Rachel is being insensitive by throwing a party while everyone is mourning Lee's death and doubted that Russ fully approves of Rachel's plans. Lenore told John and Pat that she feels somewhat obligated to attend Rachel's party, but John hypothesized that Walter may not have the energy for socializing. Pat apologized profusely to Lenore when John bemoaned feeling unmotivated and antisocial before retreating to the den. Pat introduced Emily to Lenore and mentioned that her mother owns the Imago shops. Lenore and Pat were astonished when John cheerfully took Emily to the den with him. Pat told Lenore that Emily is lonely and that her mother is industrious, intense, and hardworking, but is constantly away on business trips. Lenore hypothesized to Pat that John may be substituting Emily for Lee in his life. Steve assured Walter that he doesn't harbor resentment towards him for losing a lucrative contract. Walter politely declined Rachel's dinner invitation. Steve accused Rachel of forcing the two of them into social situations. Rachel disputed Steve's assertion that they behaved foolishly together. Steve told Rachel that she was lucky to reconcile with Russ and that he intends to keep dating Alice. Rachel left once Steve subtly threatened to reveal things about her that she has kept from Russ.

JUNE 4, 1969 (EP. #1259)
Steve cryptically spoke of Rachel's tendency to make a big fuss in response to Walter's complaints about her pressuring Lenore into attending the party. Lenore was embarrassed when Walter boasted that he took pleasure in declining Rachel's invitation. Steve told Walter and Lenore that he tolerates Rachel, but admires her tenacity. Lenore chided Steve and Walter for criticizing Rachel and maintained that she needs acceptance from Russ's family and friends. Steve convinced Alice to join him, Walter, and Lenore for dinner by agreeing to visit Susan. Walter opined to Steve and Lenore that Fred is excessively concerned about Susan. Ernie tried to convince Sam that Lahoma should not be blamed for Lee jilting him or for keeping Lee's confidence by concealing the truth from him. Sam doggedly insisted to Ernie that Lahoma had ample opportunity to be honest with him and that he loved Lee unconditionally. Ernie emphasized to Sam that he has been happily married to Lahoma, but Sam countered that things could have turned out differently had he known the truth. Fred playfully ribbed Susan for trying to avoid things she enjoys like listening to Mozart and having his company. Susan danced with Fred, who hinted that she tries to spoil good things that are happening in her life. Fred impulsively kissed Susan and left upon learning that Steve, Alice, Walter, and Lenore were coming to visit her. Susan happily told Steve, Alice, Walter, and Lenore that she feels placid and content after spending time with them. Fred surprised Susan by revealing that he walked around the neighborhood until her guests had left. Fred and Susan gazed into each other's eyes as they embraced.

Production Notes: Mozart's Andante for "Elvira Madigan" and an unspecified piece played by pianist, George Greeley, played during Act III (Fred/Susan scene).

JUNE 5, 1969 (EP. #1260)
Susan told Fred that she was leaving the house to search for him when he returned. Fred held Susan's hands while confessing that he sensed that she needed him. Susan vehemently denied sharing Fred's concerns over their age difference or that he is a widower with a grown son. Fred stressed to Susan that Liz may be hurt by their blossoming romance, despite that they have had a close, platonic friendship for years. Fred and Susan vowed not to borrow from the future or past, make promises to each other, and to be practical. Susan implored Fred not to discuss Liz and to hold her tightly. Dru and Mary expressed gratitude to John and Pat for spending time with them. John, Pat, and Dru were touched that Mary dearly loves Jim and misses him terribly. Dru reassured John everything is running smoothly at the firm. John was relieved when Dru was amenable to him extending his absence from work. John and Pat were puzzled to find a miserable Emily waiting for them at their doorstep. Emily told John and Pat that she rebels against her strict mother by going to parties and stays with friends because she hates being alone while her mother works constantly. John called Emily's caretakers to inform them of her whereabouts while Pat prepared Lee's old room for Emily to sleep in. Mary and Dru were pleased to hear from Steve and Alice that Susan was in good spirits while they visited her. Alice told Steve that she needs to build her confidence before she can express love for him. Mary told Dru, Steve, and Alice that Jim adamantly refused to let Liz accompany him to Buenos Aires. Fred and Susan kissed while dancing, unaware that Liz was heading home.

Notes: Fred mentions that his son, Tony Douglas is twenty-four years old. This is the first reference to Tony since he last appeared on January 30, 1967, though the character's whereabouts are not explained.

JUNE 6, 1969 (EP. #1261)
Fred took Susan in his arms and started kissing her. Liz stared daggers at a startled Fred and Susan. Fred tried to interpose between Susan and Liz, who grew hysterical while staggering to a chair to calm herself. Liz viciously called Fred a decent, honorable yet weak man who fell for Susan's schemes to maliciously snag Fred away from her. Liz ranted that Fred allowed Susan to manipulate him like a puppet, but Fred insisted that he sympathizes with Liz over his and Susan's romance. Fred defended Susan and predicted that Liz will accept their relationship, but wouldn't concede to Liz's demands that he leaves so she and Susan could have it out. Fred assured Susan that he is committed to her. Susan asked Fred to make arrangements for her to temporarily live with Bill and Missy. Bill and Missy chose not to press Susan for an explanation on the reasons she is upset. Susan told Bill and Missy that Liz returned home unexpectedly and hinted that she caused trouble for Liz. Fred endured Liz's acerbic remarks about Susan brazenly seeking refuge with Bill and Missy and declared his love for Susan. Liz seethed as Fred emphasized that they attended social functions together for convenience and that she never showed romantic interest in him. Liz roared at Fred to leave her house immediately, then nearly hit Fred with a bottle she flung at him. Bill told Missy that he will offer moral support to both Liz and Susan and encourage them to settle their differences. Liz angrily assumed that Susan had maligned her to Bill and Missy and opined that Susan is too much to handle. Bill was astonished as Liz threw Susan's belongings from the top of the staircase.

Fred: "....We've found convenience, a pleasant convenience to go with each other to various social functions. That's true, but that's all, Liz."
Liz: "That's all it meant to you?"
Fred: "Now, Liz, that's all it ever was, and you know it! As a matter of fact, Liz, early in our friendship you told me there would be nothing more than that. Do you remember?"
Liz: "Fred Douglas, how could you do what you've done to me?"
Fred: "You and I know that you have had no feelings towards me, or towards any other man."
Liz: "Fred! What are you saying about me!"
Fred: "The simple truth, Liz."
Liz: "That I have no human feelings? That I'm...cold?"
Fred: "I'm not just using adjectives, Liz, but..."
Liz: (OVER) "You bet you're not! You're not going to use any words at all, Fred. You're going to leave here. This is my house, and I don't want you in it..."

Production Note: According to AW fan Dan Ahearn, Liz flings a glass bottle at the door as Fred is leaving her house, which is audible on Dan's audio. However, this does not appear within the script. Therefore, it is possible that this detail was added by production or improvised by Audra Lindley (Liz).

JUNE 9, 1969 (EP. #1262)
Rachel was perturbed by Lahoma's surprise over the expanded guest list. Russ was dubious towards Rachel's claim that the dinner party was Ada's suggestion. Sam told Dru, Bill, and Peggy that the firm has drafted business contracts and a will for Anne Mason, who is Emily's mother. Bill echoed Dru's sentiments that Liz and Susan will amicably resolve their differences. Dru told Bill that Childs, Dawson, and Childs are impressed with his legal work for them. Bill surmised to Sam and Dru that John's interest in Anne's file involves Emily, who is John and Pat's neighbor and pays them visits. Sam decided against asking Dru the ways he deals with undesirable qualities in a person. Ada urged Lahoma to give Sam time to accept Lee's death and the truth behind her breaking their engagement. Lahoma praised Ada for convincing Rachel to invite her and Sam to dinner in an effort to help them. Ada was miffed upon learning from Lahoma that Rachel invited several other guests to her dinner party. Lahoma swore to Ada that she will fight to save her marriage. Ada laid into Rachel for being heartless by inviting Steve to a party in Russ's household while she lies about her baby's paternity. Rachel retorted that she fibbed to Russ that the dinner was Ada's idea because he values her input. Ada felt helpless as Rachel vowed that Russ must not lose trust in her and asked Ada to keep mum. Russ good-naturedly joked that Ernie and Ada should attend Rachel's big shindig, prompting Ada to make excuses to decline Russ's offer. Lahoma irked Sam by asking whether her company will suit him. Lahoma groused that bugging Sam seems to be the only way they communicate now.

JUNE 10, 1969 (EP. #1263)
Mary was puzzled when Liz fibbed that she was too busy to talk to her about Jim and abruptly ended the phone conversation. Liz sunk onto the couch and buried her face in her hands. John advised Dru that he wants to familiarize himself with Anne's business since he has a personal interest in her daughter, Emily. Pat explained to Dru that she and John are fond of Emily, who views them as substitute parents and feels neglected by Anne. Dru was pleased that John is reading books and contemplating the meaning of life. John promised Dru that he will likely return to work next week. John and Pat were chagrined when Anne's secretary relayed a message that Anne does not have time to speak with him about Emily. Liz offered condolences to John and Pat on Lee's death. John and Pat were bewildered as Liz stated that Susan moved in with Bill and Missy and that they don't owe Susan gratitude for befriending Lee. Liz bade a hasty retreat after John innocently suggested that Fred help her and Susan work through the conflicts between them. John and Pat theorized that Liz and Susan had an argument. Susan was tight-lipped in response to Alice's inquiry into the reasons she is living with Bill and Missy. Alice told Susan that she and Steve are in love. Susan dodged answering Alice's questions on whether she has fallen in love with someone. Mary tried to assure Liz that Jim appreciated her assistance in Venezuela. Liz asked Mary not to concern herself with Susan, but refused to discuss the confrontation they had. Mary felt resigned after Liz made veiled remarks about putting an end to Susan's foolishness. Liz asked Fred to stop by the house to have a chat.

JUNE 11, 1969 (EP. #1264)
Fred told a dismayed Susan that it is best that he and Liz clear the air. Susan declined Fred's dinner invitation, but agreed to have him visit her at Bill and Missy's house. Bill told Dru that he and Missy have not pressured Liz or Susan into divulging the cause of the conflicts between them. Dru encouraged Bill to take the initiative and help Liz and Susan resolve their differences. Bill persuaded a reluctant Liz to come to the house so that she and Susan can talk sensibly and potentially reconcile. Liz complained to Fred that she is too embarrassed to tell her friends that Susan moved out. Fred told Liz that the forgiveness that they have shown each other for their behavior during a difficult matter should be extended to Susan. Liz contended to Fred that Susan made a fool of him and humiliated her to justify keeping quiet about Fred and Susan's relationship. Fred told Liz that he loves Susan, plans to marry her, and warned Liz that he intends to tell everyone about their romance. Rachel told Missy and Susan that she expanded the guest list for her dinner party to ease Sam and Lahoma's marital problems. Susan was discomfited upon learning that Bill had invited Liz over to the house at the same time Fred is supposed to arrive. Bill and Missy tried to mediate between Susan and Liz, who accused Susan of being selfish, spiteful, and willful since childhood, then remonstrated Susan for abandoning her by leaving home shortly after Will's death. Susan dissembled having a planned date with Fred to escape from Liz. Bill and Missy were floored that Fred and Susan had become a couple, while Liz ranted that Susan took her oldest and dearest friend from her.

JUNE 12, 1969 (EP. #1265)
Rachel was pleased that Alice agreed to discuss coming to her party with Steve. John mused to Pat that socializing with Walter, Lenore, Steve, and Alice will help him feel whole again. Emily carped to John and Pat that she has little to say to Anne, feels neglected, and that Anne's unpleasant moments seem to center around her. John and Pat tried to placate Emily by insisting that Anne would have had to cancel appointments to meet with them and promised to speak to Anne soon. Emily happily accepted John and Pat's invitation to meet their friends. Steve didn't share in Walter, Alice, and Lenore's banter with Rachel about pregnancy agreeing with her and Russ being elated. Russ fumed when Walter casually mentioned finding Rachel in Steve's office the other day. Rachel lied to Russ that she spotted Walter in Steve's building and invited him and Lenore to her party before he talked to Steve. Russ reminded Rachel that she is not allowed to be alone with Steve. John and Pat told Walter, Lenore, Steve, and Alice that they appreciate their company. Emily didn't mind Walter and Lenore's good-natured ribbing for referencing them as an older crowd. John, Walter, and Steve debated with Emily on the differences between generations, the availability of information, and the future. John and Pat were disturbed as Walter predicted that Emily is prone to causing trouble. Steve and Alice marveled that Emily stood firm against Walter's patronizing attitude. Alice was shocked when Steve vehemently refused to attend Rachel's party without giving an explanation. Steve apologized to Alice for losing his temper and they professed their love for each other.

Notes: Emily Mason's age is revealed to be seventeen in this episode.

JUNE 13, 1969 (EP. #1266)
Lahoma was upset when Sam insisted that they meet at Russ and Rachel's dinner party. John voiced suspicions to Pat that Emily informed them that Anne has returned home to subtly remind him to make arrangements to speak with her. Sam mused about the idiom "time heals all wounds" while encouraging John not to rush into coming back to work. John and Pat pitied Sam, who dodged confiding in them. John somberly told Pat that Lee declared her love for Sam during her last moments. Ernie speculated to Lahoma that Lee's death and their broken engagement were terrible shocks to Sam. Lahoma wailed to Ernie and Ada that Sam does not talk to her about anything, prompting Ernie to stress that memories of Lee are painful to Sam. Ada opined to Ernie that Sam and Lahoma should attend social functions together. Lahoma fretted to Ernie and Ada that Sam may be preparing to end their marriage. Anne told John and Pat that everything she earns is put back into the Imago dress shops. John theorized to Anne that Emily is lonely, prompting Anne to retort that she receives a liberal allowance and has caretakers. Anne vowed that she won't let Emily traipse around town and grumbled that children are a burden, prompting John to leave the room in disgust. Anne was immediately contrite once Pat mentioned that Lee had recently died. John ruefully told Pat that she understands Emily's angst after meeting Anne. Ernie begged Sam not to turn against Lahoma. Sam lamented that he is overwhelmed by feelings and that people foolishly believe that they can control their fates. Ernie felt dejected when Sam demanded that he stop nagging him about Lahoma.

Notes: First appearance of Eileen Letchworth as Anne Mason, mother of Emily. Anne is described as, "chic, very pleasant in a business-like way, rather glittering, her clothes are very plain, very well cut and of very good material." Anne owns the Imago dress shops, a rival of Bryant's department store.

JUNE 16, 1969 (EP. #1267)
Dru was flabbergasted when a perturbed Bill didn't want to hear about a call Dru had received and slammed down his briefcase. Bill told Dru that Liz is irrationally acting as though Fred and Susan did something sinister behind her back by falling in love. Dru asked Bill to consider Liz's viewpoint, but Bill countered that Liz is selfish and expects Fred to be her escort and confidante. Bill couldn't grasp Dru's theory that it may not be a coincidence that Susan fell for Fred, whom Liz regards as her private property. Dru informed Bill that Frank Childs wants to recruit him as a junior partner for Childs, Dawson, and Childs. Ada criticized Rachel for turning a simple dinner for Sam and Lahoma into a grand affair by expanding the guest list and ordering wine and dessert. Rachel accused Ada of needling her because she is upset over Sam and Lahoma's marital woes. Ada was optimistic despite Rachel's assertions that she cannot influence Sam to soften towards Lahoma. Rachel reminded Ada that she is hosting the party as a favor to her. Dru expressed pity for Liz, but failed to convince her that Fred and Susan's feelings developed from his fatherly interest and comforting nature as Susan grappled with Lee's mental illness and death. Liz indignantly told Dru that Susan's romance with Fred is proof of her spiteful attitude and nothing more. Dru felt defeated when Liz proclaimed that her friendship with Fred is ruined. Lahoma told Russ that she married Sam knowing that he and Lee still loved each other and that Sam barely tolerates her presence now. Russ relayed Sam's phone message that he is running late, which reinforced Lahoma's fears that Sam is avoiding her.

JUNE 17, 1969 (EP. #1268)
Lahoma fibbed to Bill, Missy, and Russ that Sam will be late for the party because he has to study. Steve squirmed as Rachel boasted to him and Alice that she is taking care of herself during her pregnancy. Rachel accepted Alice and Missy's compliments on dinner and agreed with them that she is lucky to be expecting a baby. Steve ascertained that the baby will resemble Russ to refute Rachel's remark about being unable to tell the family traits of a newborn. Lahoma dissembled as Bill, Missy, and Alice assumed that Sam was studying for an exam. Bill stopped Missy from mentioning his job offer from Childs, Dawson, and Childs and joked that he is plodding along at work during John's absence. Lahoma was deeply hurt when Sam arrived at the party and immediately asked about Bill's job offer while ignoring her. Alice praised Rachel's cooking and radiant appearance as an expectant mother to Steve. Alice happily accepted Steve's marriage proposal. Bill told John that Susan and Fred are in love and Liz objects to the relationship. John urged Bill not to be concerned with Fred and Susan's age difference. Bill was intrigued by John's hypothesis that Liz struggles to show Susan love and attention because of subconsciously competing with her for male attention. John encouraged Bill to take Childs, Dawson, and Childs' job offer. John was evasive towards Emily's questions on his meeting with Anne. Emily sensed correctly that Anne feigned concern over her for John's benefit and opined that she lacks maternal instincts. John tried to convince Emily that he and Pat are fond of her. Emily denounced Anne as a fraud and vowed revenge, which distressed John.

JUNE 18, 1969 (EP. #1269)
Mary was slightly troubled when an ecstatic Alice revealed that she has accepted Steve's marriage proposal. Dru advised Alice that she and Steve should never take their love for granted. Mary convinced Alice to tell everyone about her engagement to Steve, but postpone having a party until Jim has returned. Russ theorized to Alice that Rachel relished having a successful, powerful man like Steve as a confidante, but asserted that Alice has precedence over Steve as his fiancé. Russ and Alice dissembled having a delicate matter to discuss with Walter, who arrived for an appointment. Walter effusively congratulated Alice on her engagement. Russ and Alice were puzzled when Walter received an urgent request to return to the office concerning an issue involving John. Susan beamed while telling Alice that talking to her, Bill, and Missy about her romance with Fred makes her feel alive and content. Alice urged Susan not to let Liz's hurt pride or platonic friendship with Fred spoil her happiness with him. Susan felt wistful as Alice voiced certainty that Mary is sincerely thrilled over her impending nuptials to Steve. Russ told Alice that he wants to surprise Rachel with her news. Pat insisted to John that Emily's veiled threats against Anne are symptoms of teenage rebellion and gently suggested that John return to work. Mary told John and Pat that she fears that Rachel may become dependent on Steve again since they will be members of the same family. John urged Mary not to underestimate Russ or be unfair to Steve and Alice because of her distrust towards Rachel. Walter told John that Emily has been arrested and that she requested him for legal representation.

Notes: Alice mentions that she dated Tony a few years ago and he left town for a job opportunity.

JUNE 19, 1969 (EP. #1270)
John was baffled to learn from Walter that Emily was arrested for shoplifting from Bryant's. Walter told John that Mr. Bryant demands that he prosecute Emily. John felt disdainful as Walter asserted that Mr. Bryant wants to make Emily an example to stop the rise of teenage shoplifters on Bryant's and other businesses. Walter insisted to John that he must temper justice with mercy without risking his job. John apologized to Walter for Emily's uncooperative attitude and escorted her to be arraigned. Bill told Dru and Sam that he was given a generous offer by Childs, Dawson, and Childs and that Missy would like to live near the ocean. Sam glumly mused to Dru and Sam about the changes in life they have endured. Dru urged Sam to focus on things that are within his control instead of brooding. Bill told Dru and Sam that he needs to handle a personal issue. Dru, Sam, and Bill were delighted when John came to work. Mary lectured Liz on cancelling engagements and allowing her friends to gossip about Fred and Susan's relationship. Bill advised Liz that he will not reject a junior partnership to be at her beck and call and implored Liz to settle her differences with Susan. Liz grew thoughtful as Bill suggested that Fred and Susan's romance may not become serious and urged Liz to invite Susan to move back into the house. Anne told John that Emily is a selfish, ungrateful girl who was trapped into shoplifting by Mr. Bryant because he is bitter towards Anne's success as his business rival and wants revenge. John told Anne that Emily is crying out for love and attention. Anne nearly broke into tears as John predicted that Emily will be put on probation or sent to reform school.

Notes: Bill mentions that Childs, Dawson, and Childs is located in Los Angeles, California. The first name of the owner of Bryant's Department Store is revealed as Henry in this episode.

JUNE 20, 1969 (EP. #1271)
Susan was bewildered while agreeing to have Liz stop by Bill and Missy's house to see her because Fred had just arrived. Rachel defended her decision to expand the guest list of her dinner party to Russ by contending that it quelled the animosity and awkwardness between Sam and Lahoma. Russ told Rachel that Steve and Alice are engaged. Rachel fought tears and rage by trying to echo Russ's sentiments that Steve and Alice will be happy together and are very much in love. Bill and Missy voiced their uneasiness over leaving town shortly after Lee's death while Sam and Lahoma are estranged and Susan deals with Liz's wrath. Bill told Missy that Sam has been depressed, listless, and inconsiderate towards Lahoma. Bill and Missy agreed to invite Sam and Lahoma to the Top of the Tower in hopes that a night out will ease their troubles. Sam and Lahoma were pleasantly surprised when Ernie and Ada came to share the goulash Ada had cooked for dinner. Lahoma grumbled to Ernie and Ada that Sam quickly left to buy beer for them as an excuse to get away from her. Ernie advised Ada that Sam is grappling with profound hurt that only Lahoma can draw out of him. Lahoma promised to discuss Bill and Missy's invitation with Sam once he returns home. Sam was surprised that Ernie and Ada bade a hasty retreat and called Bill to graciously turn down his offer. Liz told a guilt-ridden Susan that she is burdening Bill with her personal problems and making it difficult for him to accept the junior partnership in California. Fred was chagrined that Liz convinced Susan to move back home and dubious towards Liz's claims that she wants the best for her family.

JUNE 23, 1969 (EP. #1272)
Russ told Rachel that Mary likely wants to discuss Steve and Alice's engagement with her. Rachel stared balefully ahead, then banged her fist against the table in frustration, and buried her head in her arms. Fred groused to Missy that Liz is using the changes in Bill's life by falsely claiming to Susan that he needs to be alone to consider the job offer in California. Missy endeared herself to Fred by insisting that Liz sincerely wants Susan to live with her so that they could reconcile and does not have hidden motives. Fred surmised that Susan has doubts about moving back home since she did not mention it to Bill or Missy. Fred commended Steve's focus on straightening out a legal matter. Steve joked to Fred that he should ask everyone to handle the wedding plans since Alice announced their engagement. Steve was sympathetic as Fred mentioned Liz's disapproval of his romance with Susan. Fred griped to Steve that Liz belittles Susan, which makes her revert to being a child. Steve berated Rachel for coming to his office unannounced. Rachel scoffed at Steve's assertions that he loves Alice and is serious about marrying her. Steve angrily conceded to the possibility that he fathered Rachel's unborn child, but maintained that it was unlikely and regrets their affair. Rachel accused Steve of marrying Alice to gain respectability and benefit his businesses. Steve ordered Rachel to leave after she crowed that he refuses to admit that he loves her. Rachel cited Russ's objections towards her throwing parties to decline Mary's offer that she hosts Steve and Alice's engagement party. Russ inadvertently stirred Rachel's ire by agreeing to Mary's plans for Steve and Alice.

JUNE 24, 1969 (EP. #1273)
Fred asked Dru for guidance. Dru assured Fred that everyone wishes him and Susan happiness, but sensed that Fred was hiding other reservations. Dru dissuaded Fred from concerning himself with age differences and Liz's objections to his and Susan's impending nuptials. Walter told John that he can only get Emily a suspended sentence or probation because Bryant's owner insists on pressing charges. John hypothesized to Walter that Mr. Bryant is acting spiteful because Emily's mother, Anne is his business rival. Walter criticized John's request for leniency as misguided attempts to excuse Emily shoplifting from Bryant's, but John maintained that her behavior is due to Anne neglecting Emily. Emily's apologies were meaningless to Anne, who ranted that Emily compromised her established business reputation. Anne wickedly told Emily to shape up or face a wrath worse than any sentence a court could hand down. Fred relented in driving Susan to Liz's house once she has moved out of Bill and Missy's place, but disliked Susan's decision to talk to Liz alone in hopes of reaching an understanding and truce. Fred respected Susan's yearnings for independence from Liz and seeking her own place before they get married. Liz made casual, disparaging comments on Fred being susceptible to the attentions of young women and that Susan and Fred's romance is proof of her vindictive nature towards her. Susan was horrified when Liz recommended she see a psychiatrist and offered to provide her with an allowance while she is living in the house. Susan vehemently stood up to Liz and warned her not to interfere in her plans to marry Fred.

Liz: "...You know I think that whole unhappy affair in Baltimore hurt your looks."
Liz: "You don't have the kind of looks that hold up well under a strain, never had."
Susan: "Really?"
Liz: "You're a very pretty girl....You've always been pretty...but I remember when you were a debutante...other girls could go without sleep for a week...but not you. You just fell apart."
Susan: "I don't remember falling apart."
Liz: "Well you did....It showed here." (TOUCHING HERSELF UNDER HER EYES) "And around the mouth...You look that way now."
Susan: "I do?"
Liz: "Because you have been under a strain. You admit..."
Susan: "Well, yes, I have...but I didn't know I was starting to look like Lady Dracula."

JUNE 25, 1969 (EP. #1274)
Liz vindictively taunted Susan over her history of failed relationships and broken engagements. Liz surreptitiously placed a call to Baltimore once Susan retreated to her bedroom. Missy encouraged Bill to take the job offer once they learned that Bill is needed in California by the weekend because the firm has taken two major cases and are overloaded. Bill and Missy felt scared, dazzled, and excited, but agreed that they have friends who can tie up loose ends for them. Bill opined to Missy that Liz and Susan must face the future without them to break the clinches. Liz told Eric Holmes that Susan is foolishly marrying Fred on the rebound and due to the trauma she has experienced since returning home. Liz urged Eric to let Susan confide in him and hinted at the two of them reconciling. Bill and Missy resisted Liz's attempts to make them feel guilty over moving to California. Liz vowed that Bill will not leave her alone to be humiliated by Susan, that her children are treacherous, and booked a flight reservation. Bill and Missy reluctantly accepted Liz's offer to fly to California and find them a house. Liz complained to Missy that Susan is disgracing herself and Fred and denounced their romance as scandalous. Missy was incredulous when Liz outlined plans to live near her and Bill and help them in California. Fred supported Susan's plans to find an apartment, a job, and establish independence before they get married. Fred and Susan were shocked once Liz explained that she is going to California to get Bill, Missy, and Ricky settled and that Susan can have the house. Bill angrily told Liz that she will not be moving to California because she is not needed or wanted there.

Bill: "...I don't much mind if you come to California. You can look for a house for us if you want to. You are not going to settle down there. Do you understand?"
Liz: (Audra Lindley, Exit Line) "Bill Matthews, I can stay anywhere I want! This is a free country!"
Bill: "Yes. But, Mother, I don't think you'd like California. We don't need you and we don't want you!"

Notes: Last appearance of Audra Lindley as Liz Matthews.

JUNE 26, 1969 (EP. #1275)
Mary talked to Jim on the phone about John returning to work and Alice's engagement to Steve. Dru and Alice were thrilled that Mary will be joining Jim in Tokyo for his final destination before he returns home. Alice was unsympathetic when Mary mentioned that Bill adamantly refused to let Liz permanently join him and Missy in California. Mary expressed doubts to Dru that Rachel can plan Steve and Alice's engagement party on her own. Dru promised Mary that he will consult with Pat and provide guidance to Rachel, but hypothesized that she may surprise everyone with having responsibilities thrust upon her. Sam confided to Dru that Bill is different from his college friends because he understands him and is not judgmental. Dru theorized to Sam that he is taking Bill's departure hard since it is associated with another kind of loss. Sam grew pensive as Dru hinted that he is moping over Bill because of his marital issues with Lahoma. Dru stressed to Sam that Lahoma thought she was protecting him by keeping Lee's confidence and suggested that Lahoma's mistakes could give him a better understanding of love. Walter opined to Dru that John is too emotionally invested in Emily's case. Dru and Walter doubted that Liz will remain in California. Walter was apprehensive when John was eager to talk to him about Emily. John criticized Walter for acting like he is infallible in prosecuting criminals since he refuses to drop the charges against Emily. Ernie gave Sam a lacerating lecture for mistreating Lahoma and taking out his frustrations on Ada. Sam angrily proclaimed that he is sick of receiving unsolicited advice and stormed out of Ernie and Ada's house.

JUNE 27, 1969 (EP. #1276)
Sam tersely informed Lahoma that he skipped classes to visit Ernie and Ada and take a walk. Lahoma became guarded when Sam asked that they postpone dinner so that they could talk. Sam acknowledged that Lahoma is a good person who is imperfect and helped him by coming to Evansville, but conceded that he cannot get over the fact that Lahoma concealed the true circumstances behind Lee jilting him. Lahoma felt stung once Sam admitted that he is unsure of his feelings and considers her a stranger. Sam tried to assure Lahoma that he intends to take care of her as his wife, but confessed that he is clueless on ways to solve their problems. Mary confessed to Ada that she overcame her reservations towards Alice's engagement because Steve is a powerful man while she is young and has led a sheltered life. Ada was stunned when Mary revealed that she asked Rachel to be the hostess for Steve and Alice's engagement party to give Rachel a sense of belonging to the family. Mary told Ada that she intended to help Rachel with the arrangements until she agreed to meet Jim in Tokyo, prompting Ada to eagerly suggest that Pat replace Rachel. Ada dissembled gracious acceptance towards Mary asking her to assist Rachel with the party. Ernie was confused when a sullen Sam grumbled that talking to Lahoma was not helpful. Sam convinced Ernie to let him complete repairs on his car so he could keep his mind occupied. Ada ranted to Rachel that maintaining her lies have led to Mary wanting her to host Steve and Alice's engagement party. Ada refused to let Rachel renege on her commitment to Mary and resolved to help her with the party preparations.

JUNE 30, 1969 (EP. #1277)
Rachel phoned Steve and fumed that Mary was making her throw an engagement party for him and Alice. Walter balked at going to Bill and Missy's goodbye party as he didn't want to run into John (Walter was miffed at John for his valiant defense of Emily). Rachel muttered angrily at Steve when they were alone after he and Alice showed up while Lenore was entertaining her. Rachel insisted getting married to Alice wouldn't stop making him ambitious and ruthless and cruel. Ernie was solicitous when Rachel wandered over to talk to Ada despite that they don't get along very well. She made him get Ada's old box on the pretext of needing her employment records from Bryant's. She was unaccustomedly nice to him after pouncing on the envelope she was searching for, and he was flattered to death and loving every minute of it. Later, Ernie was puzzled when a frantic Ada realized what Rachel had taken. Rachel beamed at Russ that she knew where to look for her father now, in Mt. Holly, since that's where he was when Ada served him with divorce papers, but he tried to talk her out of rushing there.

Steve: "I happen to love Alice. Very much."
Rachel: (VERY CLOSE TO HIM AND VERY INTENSE) "That is not true. You do not love Alice. You love me."
Steve: "Rachel.. For the last time..."
Rachel: "You couldn't love Alice, not possibly. All that sweetness and all that niceness... all that respectability... you're hoping some of that'll rub off on you, aren't you?"
Steve: "Maybe. Maybe that's what I'm hoping."

Notes: Mt. Holly was the final choice in a list of locations that included Amenia, Lewisburg, and Long View.