Daily Synopses: January - June / July - December

Walter spent some time in hospital.

Susan returned to Bay City from Baltimore after ruining her relationship with fiancé Eric Holmes. She and Fred fell in love, much to Liz's dismay and disapproval, and then, much to her shock, they got engaged.

Lee had a fatal car accident, calling for Sam before she died. Sam went to her side and found out, too late, how much she had loved him. John was traumatized and couldn't bear to go into the office for a time.

Rachel went to live with Ada after squabbling with Russ. Steve and Alice were also going through a separation at the time and Rachel used every ounce of her power of persuasion to convince Steve they belonged together. One night at his apartment when he was feeling vulnerable being on the outs with Alice, Steve slept with Rachel. She and Ada soon realized that pregnancy was the cause of her morning sickness.

Though Alice and Steve got back together, Rachel demanded that Steve marry her, but he adamantly refused, denying he was the father of her child. She hastily returned to Russ, pretended to have changed her mind about wanting children, and proceeded to pass the child off as his.

Everyone believed Rachel had run out on Russ when she took off to search for her father, Gerald Davis, in his birthplace of Evansville, but she returned when she came up empty. Dru was the first person she confided in that she had been buoyed after finding his birth certificate and finding out his birthday for the first time.

Sam and Lahoma drifted apart when he couldn't reconcile himself to Lee's death.

Jim left for various destinations in Europe on business for Steve.

Bill and Missy made plans to move to California when he was made a junior partner with Dawson Childs. Liz voyaged there to find them a house.

JANUARY 1, 1969: Pre-empted for the Sugar Bowl.

JANUARY 6, 1969 (EP. #1154)
Lahoma, Sam, and Lee contemplated the significance of Sam and Lahoma getting married. Russ suggested Rachel go to Ada's and lend a hand to all of the wedding preparations. Ada pleaded with Rachel not to hide having lunch with Steve. Peggy complimented Lahoma on her wedding dress. Mrs. Gilhooly chided a nervous Sam for fussing over his tie and said the smartest thing he's ever done is marry Lahoma. Ernie, Rachel, and John were amused that Ada was more nervous than the groom. Lahoma debated on whether it was right to marry Sam while knowing the true reasons Lee spurned him.

Lahoma: (to herself) "This is my wedding day. This is the day I marry Sammy. Oh Sammy, are you awake? Are you saying this is the day I marry Lahoma? Do you feel what I feel? Oh, it couldn't be the same for you because I've loved you for so long. I've dreamed of being your wife and thought it could never happen. And now today, this day, this day we'll stand in front of a judge and promise to belong to each other forever."

Sam: (to himself) "Well this is it--this is the day. I'm getting married today. Today, I'm getting married to Lahoma. We'll live together man and wife for the rest of our lives. We'll have a home, children, we'll be happy. Oh, Lee, what happened? Why did you want me so much and then not want me at all? Forget it...forget it. Lahoma and I are getting married, I'm marrying Lahoma today. Goodbye, Lee. Goodbye...I can't ever come running back to you again."

Lee: (to herself) "Goodbye, Sam. Goodbye, my darling Sam. I can't even think of you anymore. Today is the day you marry Lahoma. It's right, I know it is. You'll be happy with Lahoma...she'll be a wonderful wife. She'll take care of you, she'll keep you healthy and strong, and she'll give you children. But what if this was the day of my wedding to Sam? What if I had made a different decision? But I didn't. Goodbye, Sam. Goodbye, my love."

JANUARY 7, 1969 (EP. #1155)
Wedding of Sam Lucas and Lahoma Vane.
Lee thought about Sam and Lahoma as the wedding ceremony began. She berated herself for thinking that Sam might call off the wedding, come to her, and say he can't marry anyone else but her. Sam and Lahoma exchanged vows. Ernie made a toast to the newlyweds.

Ernie: (toasting) "Well, guests and friends and all you good people. I'm just a newly married man myself to the most wonderful girl in the world and I already know what makes a good marriage. Well, I learned fast. You have to give it all you got. Well, then you give everything to the woman you're married and then she in turn gives everything back to you. Well, that's what makes a good marriage [....] A drink to Sam and Lahoma, God bless ya."

JANUARY 21, 1969 (EP. #1164)
First appearance of Konrad Matthaie as Dr. David Thornton. Described as "serious, shy, and nice" in this episode. David explained that he had been supposedly absent for six months due to being at John Hopkins and stated his plans to become a diagnostician.

FEBRUARY 6, 1969 (EP. #1176)
First appearance of Steve Frame's secretary, later to be known as Pam Sloan.

FEBRUARY 17, 1969 (EP. #1183)
Dru made a toast during the going away party for Jim, who was leaving for an extended business trip for Steve.

Dru: "Now then, Jim. To a swift and successful completion of the rounds Mr. Frame has appointed you for and may neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor hijacked plane keep you from a safe and fast return."

Production Notes: Last episode to credit Agnes Nixon as Head Writer.

FEBRUARY 18, 1969 (EP. #1184)
First episode to credit Robert Cenedella as Head Writer.

FEBRUARY 26, 1969 (EP. #1190)
Last appearance of Shepperd Strudwick as Jim Matthews. Appearance by Steve's secretary.

Exit Scene: In the Matthews' living room.
(Shepperd Strudwick, Exit Line): To Alice about it getting late, "Yes, I know, but Steve says it's just going to take another few minutes."

MARCH 4, 1969 (EP. #1194)
Steve was despondent about his troubles with Alice. Rachel arrived at Steve's apartment and dramatically announced that she took his advice and left Russ. Steve explained he simply told Rachel to go after the things she wants out of life. He sadly agreed with Rachel's statement that they were better off without the Matthews family. Under the influence of some drinks, Steve didn't resist when Rachel offered herself to him and they had a one-night stand.

MARCH 5, 1969 (EP. #1195)
First appearance of Lisa Cameron as Susan Matthews.

Susan: (Introduction Line) (Over the phone) (SUSAN IN LIMBO AND INTERCUT THROUGHOUT) "Hello, Bill?"
Bill: "Yes – who's this?"
Susan: (LAUGHS BITTERLY) "Oh, great! It's true, isn't it? Out of sight, out of mind."

MAY 8, 1969 (EP. #1241)
Liz set up Susan with Bob Worthington, described as "straight, establishment type, 35."

MAY 9, 1969 (EP. #1242)
Liz went into an angry tirade about Susan humiliating, disrespecting, and blaming her for everything wrong in her life. Bill accused Liz of expecting Susan to compromise her own life to acquiesce to her needs. Missy tried to calm Liz by reminding her that Susan is her daughter and that no one is against her. Susan offended Liz by speculating that she's going to South America under the pretense of helping Jim with the family business to avoid giving her support. Liz admonished Susan for thinking she was never shown love and called Susan a cruel and ungrateful girl.

MAY 12, 1969 (EP. #1243)
First appearance of Irene Bundle as Emily Mason.
Emily was a juvenile delinquent whom John and Pat took under their guidance. John petitioned for guardianship of Emily. However, John sent her to boarding school instead.

MAY 14, 1969 (EP. #1245)
Appearance by Lawrence Keith as Lefty Burns.

Walter and Lenore frantically tried to stop Lee from rushing to her car. They called the police when Lee sped away. Lee encountered the ghost of Lefty Burns as she was driving, which caused her fatal car accident.

Lefty: "There's a nice car you got here, Lee..."
Lee: "Lefty you shouldn't be here."
Lefty: (SCOFFING) "Of course I have to be here--you know that! Where else have I got to go?"
Lee: "You're not here...."
Lefty: "Hey--Watch the road. You trying to kill me...?" (VOICE ECHOES)
Lee: (OVER ECHOES) "You shouldn't be here. I don't want you here."
Lefty: "Oh, yes you do."
Lee: (FRANTICALLY) "No, I don't want you here. You shouldn't be here. You don't belong here! I want you to get out of here!"
Lefty: (TAUNTING) "You know killing somebody isn't easy, is it? Not easy at all, is it Lee? But dead people keep coming back don't they Lee?"
Lee: (HYSTERICALLY) "Why? Why do you keep coming back?"
Lefty: [LEE CRIES, "NO" THROUGHOUT) "So you can kill me again. I thought you knew that. Oh, of course you knew that. I'll keep coming back and you'll keep killing me--and that's the way it's going to no end." [LAUGHS] [ECHOES THROUGHOUT AS LEE LOSES CONTROL OF HER VEHICLE] "Kill me...kill me...." [ECHOES CEASE; THE CAR CRASHES].

MAY 22, 1969 (EP. #1251)
Death and last appearance of Barbara Rodell as Lee Randolph.

Sam pleaded in vain for Russ to help keep Lee alive. Lee pledged her love to Sam as her delirium heightened. Russ led John and Sam out of the room into the corridor once Lee had her last moments.

Lee: (TURNS BACK TO SAM AT HER BEDSIDE) "Sam... I'm so glad you came to see me."
Sam: "I'm glad I came to."
Lee: (Barbara Rodell, Exit Line) "Darling Sam... I love you..." (AGAIN SHE LOOKS AT THE CEILING) "Time and time and time and time... going on and on... always going on... never stopping..." (HER BREATHING BECOMES MORE LABORED).

Notes: Appearance by Allison and Nancy Charney (real-life child and wife of Jordan Charney), who according to Dan Ahearn, appeared as extras in the waiting room of the hospital. His daughter said, "Hi Daddy" when her father passed before her, which of course was not in the script but they left the blooper in.

MAY 23, 1969: Pre-empted.

MAY 27, 1969 (EP. #1253)
Lee's memorial service.

JUNE 6, 1969 (EP. #1261)
Liz returned from Venezuela and caught Fred and Susan kissing on her couch. She went on the warpath about them becoming romantically involved. Fred defended himself and Susan, telling Liz that she'll come to accept their relationship and they are very much in love. Fred wouldn't concede to Liz's demands that he leave so she and Susan could have it out. Liz roared at Fred and Susan to leave her house immediately, then barely missed hitting Fred with a bottle she flung at him.

JUNE 13, 1969 (EP. #1266)
First appearance of Eileen Letchworth as Anne Mason, mother of Emily Mason. Anne was owner of the Imago dress shop chain, a rival of Bryant's.

JUNE 24, 1969 (EP. #1273)
Dru assured Fred that everyone wishes him and Susan happiness, but sensed that Fred was hiding other concerns. Dru dissuaded Fred from worrying about age differences and Liz accepting their marriage. Walter told John that he could only get Emily a suspended sentence or probation because Bryant's owner insists on pressing charges. John theorized that the owner is acting spiteful because Emily's mother, Anne is his rival. Walter considered John's request for leniency as misguided attempts to excuse Emily shoplifting from Bryant's. Emily's apologies were meaningless to Anne, who ranted that Emily compromised her business reputation. Anne wickedly told Emily to shape up or face a wrath worse than any sentence a court could hand down. Fred relented in driving Susan to Liz's once she's moved out of Bill and Missy's, but disliked Susan's decision to talk to Liz alone in hopes of reaching an understanding. Fred respected Susan's wishes for independence and seeking her own place before they marry. Liz made casual, disparaging comments on Fred being susceptible to attentions from young women and that Susan and Fred's romance is proof of her vindictive nature towards her. Susan was horrified when Liz recommended she see a psychiatrist and said she'd get an allowance while living with her. Susan vehemently stood up to Liz.

John: (about Emily) "Walter, this girl's mother hardly pays any attention to the child at all."
Walter: "The world is full of kids whose mothers pay hardly any attention to them. Maybe we should jail the mothers."
John: "Maybe you should."

Liz: "...You know I think that whole unhappy affair in Baltimore hurt your looks."
Liz: "You don't have the kind of looks that hold up well under a strain, never had."
Susan: "Really?"
Liz: "You're a very pretty girl....You've always been pretty...but I remember when you were a debutante...other girls could go without sleep for a week...but not you. You just fell apart."
Susan: "I don't remember falling apart."
Liz: "Well you did....It showed here." (TOUCHING HERSELF UNDER HER EYES) "And around the mouth...You look that way now."
Susan: "I do?"
Liz: "Because you have been under a strain. You admit..."
Susan: "Well, yes, I have...but I didn't know I was starting to look like Lady Dracula."

Liz: "Where do you think you're going?"
Susan: (STOPS) "Nowhere. Nowhere. Because there's no place to go. So, I'm staying, mother...but tomorrow I leave this house...and I'm going to marry Fred Douglas...and don't you interfere. I'm going to marry Fred Douglas."

Notes: In crossed-out dialogue, Fred gave his age as 60 years old and Susan said she is 32.

JUNE 25, 1969 (EP. #1274)
Last appearance of Audra Lindley as Liz Matthews.

(Exit Line, Audra Lindley) In her living room, "Bill Matthews, I can stay anywhere I want! This is a free country!"

JUNE 30, 1969 (EP. #1277)
Rachel phoned Steve and fumed that Mary was making her throw an engagement party for him and Alice. Walter balked at going to Bill and Missy's goodbye party as he didn't want to run into John (Walter was miffed at John for his valiant defense of Emily). Rachel muttered angrily at Steve when they were alone after he and Alice showed up while Lenore was entertaining her. Rachel insisted getting married to Alice wouldn't stop making him ambitious and ruthless and cruel. Ernie was solicitous when Rachel wandered over to talk to Ada despite that they don't get along very well. She made him get Ada's old box on the pretext of needing her employment records from Bryant's. She was unaccustomedly nice to him after pouncing on the envelope she was searching for, and he was flattered to death and loving every minute of it. Later, Ernie was puzzled when a frantic Ada realized what Rachel had taken. Rachel beamed at Russ that she knew where to look for her father now, in Mt. Holly, since that's where he was when Ada served him with divorce papers, but he tried to talk her out of rushing there.

Steve: "I happen to love Alice. Very much."
Rachel: [VERY CLOSE TO HIM AND VERY INTENSE] "That is not true. You do not love Alice. You love me."
Steve: "Rachel.. For the last time..."
Rachel: "You couldn't love Alice, not possibly. All that sweetness and all that niceness... all that respectability... you're hoping some of that'll rub off on you, aren't you?"
Steve: "Maybe. Maybe that's what I'm hoping."

Notes: Mt. Holly was the final choice in a list of locations that included Amenia, Lewisburg, and Long View.

JULY 1, 1969 (EP. #1278)
Finishing the last of their packing, Missy reminisced about all their friends, but Bill felt sure they'd make new ones. Susan told them she hopes an apartment of her own and a job will give her the independence she's looking for. Rachel argued she had every right to take Ada's divorce papers, but Ada warned she might not like what she finds. Bill admitted to Dru and Mary his punch consisted of champagne and brandy. Ernie, Ada, Rachel, then Sam, then Walter, Lenore, Steve (who brought food), then Fred and Susan arrived. Ada asked Ernie to take her home when she realized Rachel knew both Alice and Russ were working at the hospital. Missy came down the stairs with Ricky, and she and Bill said an emotional farewell to everyone.

Bill: [TURNS TO THE CROWD OF PEOPLE] "Hey.... everybody... we're about to leave now..." [DISMAYED CHORUS FROM THE OTHERS] "But, look, Steve's made this into a real bang-up affair with all that food.. Why don't you just stay here and let the party go on?... Eat... drink... be merry... 'Let there be no moaning at the bar when we set out for the airport'... Okay?" [CHORUS OF OKAYS]
Missy: [TEARS IN HER EYES] "Oh... oh dear... I don't think I can leave... Bill, I don't think I can do it."
Bill: "Come on now, darling."
Missy: "Everyone is so... everyone is just so... Oh!" [TO THE THRONG] "I love you all so much."
Bill: "All right now, darling... come on." [AS HE LEADS HER TO THE DOOR] "Matter of fact, she's right, you know... We do love you all a lot."
Mary: "And we love you, too."
Susan: "With all our hearts."
Dru: [RAISING HIS GLASS, STARTS THE SONG] "Should auld acquaintance be forgot... and never be brought to mind..."
All: "We'll drink a cup of kindness, yet... For auld lang syne... For auld lang syne, my dears. For auld lang syne... we'll drink a cup of kindness yet... for auld lang syne..."

Notes: Crossed-out dialogue, Dru to Ricky: "Goodbye little man... come back to us one of these days."

Notes: Handwritten at the bottom of this episode's routine sheet: "Goodbye Joe and Carol."

JULY 2, 1969 (EP. #1279)
John and Dru wondered whom they could get to replace Bill, since Sam didn't have the experience. John was aghast when Anne came in with Emily and said she had exactly forty-three minutes to spare for the meeting. John warned them Emily might be turned over to the Youth Control Board and its strict head, Jonathon Best. Emily begged her mother to no avail to stay with her when John advised her to watch her step until her hearing. Ernie advised Lahoma to make Sam aware of the good life he had with her, but regretted speaking so glibly when she revealed things have gotten so bad that Sam has taken to sleeping on the couch. Lahoma told Peggy she was leaving modeling to look for a full-time job in anticipation of the break-up of her marriage. Sam got angry when he got home and found a note from Lahoma informing him she went out for the evening. Ernie came by and convinced him to come with him to Ada's.

JULY 3, 1969 (EP. #1280)
With big tragic eyes, Rachel insisted to Ada she'd rather die than give that party for Alice. Sam responded it was none of Rachel's business where Lahoma was when he and Ernie came in without her. Sam left fast after Ada made a large pronunciamento about Sam sleeping on the couch. With a despairing look, Rachel fought desperately to convince a cheerful Russ and Mary she wasn't the right one to throw Alice's party. Sam moaned about not having been told she'd be out, but Lahoma maintained he didn't care one way or the other. Helpless and desperate, Sam tried to make her see that he just didn't want anything from her. She threw bedclothes onto the couch after insisting he still wanted Lee, whether she was dead or not. Afraid of an unhappy ending to her dream, Rachel made Russ hang up the phone when he wanted to locate a number for Gerald.

JULY 4, 1969 (EP. #1281)
Walter threw Anne out when she offered Lenore free gowns in exchange for some flexibility on his part. Susan explained she needed to be standing on her own feet, sure of her love for Fred, before she could marry him, and Alice reassured her their age difference wasn't the least bit important. Walter assured John he won't press bribery charges against Anne. They shook hands and laughed heartily after reaffirming their friendship. Russ was troubled by the confidence Rachel had in her father's feelings for her. Snuggling on her mother's couch, Fred maintained he wants to grab Susan up before some young guy comes along and cuts him out. Though vulnerable from his many kisses, Susan sent him on his way. She was stunned when Eric phoned her with congratulations (after hearing about her engagement from Liz) and said he was hoping to see her when he went to Bay City soon on business.

JULY 7, 1969 (EP. #1282)
After reminding Walter they were way overdue to move out of their apartment into a place of their own, Lenore suggested they move into Missy's house. He became vaguely disturbed when she stressed how very much she wanted it. Rachel complained to Lenore that Sam and Lahoma ruined the party she threw for them when Sam wouldn't even get near Lahoma and just sort of slid along the outside wall. Lenore had no choice but to ask her and Russ for dinner when Rachel eased her along that path. But at home, an angry Russ insisted Rachel cancel with Lenore as they already had dinner plans with Mary, as she well knew. Dru peered into an imaginary crystal ball and predicted Mary would enjoy a second honeymoon when she met up with Jim. Mary asked a radiant Alice to stay with Steve for dinner with Russ and Rachel. Steve came and he and Alice gazed into each other's eyes. Rachel and Steve were stunned to see each other when she and Russ came in, then looked positively ill when everyone left them alone to go fix dinner.

JULY 8, 1969 (EP. #1283)
Russ was amiably oblivious to the overtones of Steve and Rachel's after-dinner banter. Alice told Russ and Rachel to "Suffer, you old married couple" as she kissed Steve. Lenore nagged Walter about the house. He grumped about it taking time away with him when she said Jerome Collingswood wants her to assist in the Community Fund Drive, but they later embraced lustily on the couch. Rachel responded monosyllabically when Mary outlined the party plans for her. Rachel fidgeted then bolted upstairs as Mary gushed on the phone to Jim, and an embarrassed Russ offered the explanation to Dru that Rachel was suffering from father-envy. Russ chattered to Rachel about Alice and Steve's special glow. Rachel told him of her decision not to track her father down, but soon after he had to interrupt a romantic moment to dash off to the hospital, she dialed information for Gerald's number in Mt. Holly.

JULY 9, 1969 (EP. #1284)
Rachel barged into Steve's office and made a pest of herself. Wallowing in self-pity, she asked for a little consideration and understanding, but Steve was more interested in cooing to Alice over the phone. Peggy introduced Emily to Lahoma, who came to seek Dru's employment advice. But Dru came up short when she admitted not being able to type, take shorthand, do bookkeeping, or even spell very well. A depressed and self-absorbed Sam was only mildly curious when he happened upon Ernie and Lahoma, who was trying to face the fact Sam didn't care about her and she was just something he had to think about just enough to keep from bumping into. Alice sat behind Steve's desk and they roleplayed banker and applicant. When Rachel phoned him, he fearlessly handed the phone to Alice, and Rachel desperately searched for an excuse for having called.

JULY 10, 1969 (EP. #1285)
Russ was understanding when Rachel backed out of their attending Alice's big wingding that night. Ada had it up to here with Rachel's tirade against Alice. Rachel visited Dru to tell him the latest news of her search for Gerald, and he realized she was at a loss for how to proceed. Walter balked when John, handling the sale of Missy's house, told him the price was $50,000. Susan agreed to cocktails when Eric phoned to arrange a meeting. She felt terribly guilty when she lied to Fred about with whom she was on the phone.

JULY 11, 1969 (EP. #1286)
Walter, Lenore, Fred, and Susan mellowed out at Liz's house after a night on the town. Lenore wasn't quite convinced when Walter shrugged off her concerns that the house was too expensive. Fred was puzzled by Susan's troubled manner. The next morning, Susan was moved when Pat gave her Lee's favorite bracelet and thanked her for having been there for Lee to confide in. Pat advised Susan to tell Fred about Eric, but Susan chickened out and hung up the phone in tears. Pat teased Mary about her girlish enthusiasm as she made ready for the airport for her flight to Tokyo. John voiced to them his views that Anne pushes Emily into desperate expedients, and that Walter must surely have a non-financial reason for his hesitancy in buying Missy's house.

JULY 14, 1969 (EP. #1287)
Fred was perfectly understanding, forgiving, and implicitly trusting when Susan finally told him about Eric, and even requested to be introduced to him if he stayed around long enough. The manager of the Purple Plum thought it groovy Lahoma was willing to hostess for a dollar and a half plus tips. He leered at her and promised her the next available position at an increased salary. Lahoma made sure with John that working there wouldn't hurt Sam's reputation at the firm, and had to spell it out for him that her marriage was breaking up. Emily and Pat had a terrific time trying on the clothes they bought while shopping together. Emily was in raptures when Pat hugged her and said they'll be good friends.

JULY 15, 1969 (EP. #1288)
When an important case conflicted with Emily's court date, John decided to ask Walter for a continuance rather than let Dru take over, and Walter was happy to do it. Walter phoned his banker after telling Lenore he did like the house though he wasn't as house-happy as she was. John goofed by mentioning Sam's difficult home life to him, and made Sam uncomfortable by mentioning Lee's last words: "I love you, Sam." Sam floundered when John told him Lahoma wasn't a woman to be taken lightly. John cautioned Emily not to give people even the impression of being "an awful person." Emily was round-eyed when Pat invited her to come along after picking up the key to Missy's house from John. Smitten anew by the house, Lenore danced around the living room, touching everything, but Emily tried to frown on caring so much about a material possession, then insisted to Pat she only cared about her new dress because Pat cared about it. Mr. O'Malley turned down Walter's request for a second mortgage since he already owed the bank $8,000.

John: [THOUGHTFUL PAUSE, THEN:] "You know, Sam... that day that Lee died... and you were at the hospital with me... I felt closer to you that day than I've ever felt."
Sam: [SLOWLY] "I felt closer to you, too, Mr. Randolph."

Notes: Last appearance of Irene Bundle as Emily Mason.

JULY 16, 1969 (EP. #1289)
Eric phoned and arranged to meet Susan at the Bay City Inn. Lahoma was only mildly interested when Ada told her of Rachel's hostess duties. Rachel and Ada divided up the cooking chores for the party. Lenore dragged Alice off to shop for her trousseau after Alice floated around the room, hugged Ada, and cooed about love making the world beautiful .When they left, Rachel understandably shouted she hated Alice. Tired from shopping, Lenore instructed Walter to take her and Alice for a drink at the Inn. Walter was perplexed when he received word Mr. Bryant dropped all charges against Emily. Susan put the blame for the bad times with Eric squarely on her own contrary, cantankerous, and destructive shoulders. Walter, Lenore, and Alice speculated if Susan and Eric were "on" again after Susan introduced everyone.

JULY 17, 1969 (EP. #1290)
Susan begged Fred not to let her unstable nature ruin them. She worried of leaning on him long enough to feel necessary, then leaving him cold. They embraced happily after she shared her plans to find work at the hospital as a lab technician. Rachel put Russ off when he wanted some early morning loving. She was annoyed when Ada came by to continue the party planning. Russ brought his car in for a check up, and learned from Ernie that Rachel had taken Ada's divorce papers without permission. Jim phoned Alice to say that Mary's first words to him off the plane were, "You should see how happy Alice and Steve are." Alice was mystified and delighted when Dru told her Steve has secret plans for her.

Jim: (Introduction line, Hugh Marlowe, over the phone) "Hello, Alice dear!"

JULY 18, 1969 (EP. #1291)
Steve was surprised when a sheepish Walter asked for a loan and confided he was over-extended. Though Walter insisted he had to give Lenore the things he wanted to give her, Steve turned down his request and warned him not to live beyond his means. Dru suggested John ask Walter to suggest a lawyer to replace Bill. Walter promised to give it some thought. Walter told them of Bryant's mysterious change of heart, but wouldn't agree to drop the charges against Emily without meeting with her. After Steve presented Alice with an enormous diamond solitaire ring, she flung her arms about his neck, kissed him quite seriously, and wondered if he had to sell Steven Frame Enterprises to get it.

Steve: (To Alice) "I'm going to marry you and we're going to live happily ever after, too." [THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER FOR A LONG MOMENT, THEY GROW SERIOUS, THEY COME TOGETHER, THEY KISS MOST SERIOUSLY AND PASSIONATELY. FADE OUT].

JULY 21, 1969 (EP. #1292)
Sam turned away when Lahoma informed him that now was the time to object to her taking the hostess or any other job. Rachel worried about gaining any more weight than she had to, and droned on about not wanting to be old, fat, mother, or grandmother, until she realized her role with Russ was to pretend to be glad to have the baby. Rachel looked sick with jealousy and envy when Alice flashed her rock. After Walter assessed Emily's character, he agreed to dismiss her case if she could keep her nose clean until her hearing. Emily was deflated when Anne felt Walter couldn't necessarily be trusted to keep his word. Anne revealed the power exercised on Emily's behalf emanates from her, as she put pressure on Mr. Bryant's suppliers to make him drop the charges. Emily sobbed and threw her sandwich against the wall after Anne forbade her from getting into another mess.

Notes: First appearance of Gail Dixon as Emily Mason.

JULY 22, 1969: Pre-empted for Apollo 11 coverage of Moon Takeoff.

JULY 23, 1969 (EP. #1293)
Pat was troubled to find Emily's new dresses torn, soiled, and in a heap on her doorstep. Pat and John came up empty after speculating on Emily's motives and whereabouts. Susan encouraged Lenore to take the job with Jerome after Lenore lengthily decried being a stay-at-home wife. Steve squirmed when Alice asked if he liked Rachel, but got out of it by giving her a long kiss. Walter told Fred he prefers public service since he's been in it most of his professional life, even if it doesn't make as much money as private practice. Walter was offended when Lenore talked of her salary helping to buy the house, but Fred and Susan just smiled sympathetically at her.

JULY 24, 1969 (EP. #1294)
Rachel believed Ada would rather cut her tongue out than say anything nice about Gerald, whom Ada revealed was a selfish man who soured on life when he couldn't make buckets of money. Alice served peach ice cream to Steve, and to Ada and Rachel who brought the party guest list over. Rachel gave Steve a dirty look when he informed her that Alice was coming along when he drove her and Ada home. Embarrassed pauses filled the air when Walter and Lenore dropped in on Pat and John, who were concerned about Emily. Lenore would make Walter rue insisting on checking Missy's house for possible structural defects. Walter and Lenore left when Anne, who lives next door, came over. Anne petulantly complained about her (newly former) housekeepers' inability to keep track of Emily, then was shown Emily's torn dresses.

JULY 25, 1969 (EP. #1295)
Rachel practically bit Russ's head off when he asked where she'd been. She defended her right to take Ada's private papers to find out about her father, and turned down his offer to help find him. Alice and Dru looked forward to Mary and Jim's return. John scolded Anne for not being concerned enough about Emily, but she felt his was a false concern that served only to out-moralize her and cast her in an unfavorable light. Emily tried to divert her boyfriend's attention when they arrived at the Purple Plum and Lahoma recognized her. Lahoma told Sam she had been wrong to think a person like him with brains could love her. Sam went to call John after she told him of seeing Emily.

Notes: First appearance of Gary Sandy as Mike Thayer, Emily Mason's errant boyfriend.

JULY 28, 1969 (EP. #1296)
Walter suggested a baby when Lenore explained she needed a job because she had nothing to do with her time. John marched brusquely up to Emily's table and demanded she come home with him. He convinced her to leave, but she vowed she would never go home again. Emily cried to John and Pat she was just a contagion to others. John held her when she revealed Anne's blackmail of Mr. Bryant and worried she'd be as rotten a person as her mother. John went next door to lay in to Anne for refusing Emily love, destroying her very soul, and abandoning her to a desert of gadgets and pretense. He informed her Emily would be staying the night at his house. Walter was staggered by the prospective bills when Lenore planned to buy a new bedroom set and convert Ricky's nursery into a guest bedroom, but he put on a big smile for her benefit. Emily sneaked out of the house when Pat went into the kitchen.

JULY 29, 1969 (EP. #1297)
Emily confessed hers and her mother's sins to Walter because she didn't want to be kept out of jail because somebody paid for it. Walter was swayed by her decency and decided to drop the charges against her. Alice had a dreamy phone conversation with Steve, then was shocked when Jim and Mary walked in the door. She sat Jim down, put the newspaper in his hands, sat Mary down, bade her pick up some sewing, then ran to each in turn and hugged them, thrilled that the Matthews family was back to normal. Rachel tried to talk her way out of attending Jim and Mary's homecoming, but Russ took her by the shoulders and firmly turned her in to the bedroom to get dressed. Jim and Mary enthusiastically greeted Russ and Rachel when they arrived. Rachel's enthusiasm waned when she learned the present Mary brought back for her was a really splendid Japanese style hostess gown. Jim and Russ wandered off to discuss schistosomiases. Steve wished Pat, John, and Dru would walk in after Alice and Mary went into the kitchen and left him alone with Rachel. Loudly and brightly, Rachel sarcastically complimented Steve on marrying the girl of his dreams, and then in a low fierce voice, said she'd like to see both of them drop dead. Alice asked what they were talking about, and Rachel was frustrated with rage when Steve replied Rachel was saying he and Alice were obviously a couple who belonged together.

JULY 30-31, 1969: Pre-empted.

AUGUST 1, 1969 (EP. #1298)
Ada admired Rachel's Fujiyama temple gown while a moody Rachel groused she'll be all pulled and pasted together when party time rolls around. Rachel accused her of riding her and making her feel ridiculous when Ada wouldn't answer her questions about Gerald to her satisfaction. Jim teased Alice about his little princess about to be carried off by that oversized, ruthless, rich tycoon. Walter was miffed when Lenore received flowers from Jerome. Rachel bellyached to Russ about not wanting to go to the party tonight, with her sticking out and her back hurting, and Russ didn't help any by teasing her about an imaginary freckle on her nose. She was in a very bad mood when, after a long argument, Russ firmly put her arm in his and walked her out the door.

AUGUST 4, 1969 (EP. #1299)
Rachel arrived at the Matthews to find Alice and Steve kissing. Sam required no payment for straightening out Ernie's account books, but Ernie was troubled when Sam maintained he was right where he belonged. Russ asked Mary to find some busy work for Rachel. Steve was apprehensive and his smile very sickly indeed when Mary tied an apron around Rachel and instructed him to help her do the dishes. Rachel moaned that Russ married her before she met Steve and knew what love was, but he dried glasses and snapped at her to grow up, stop whining, paint a smile on her face, and laugh clown laugh. Rachel bitched that he was always nibbling the ear of his sweet, namby-pamby Alice, and that he gave Rachel up for the social position he would get marrying into the Matthews family. He glanced nervously from one of the two doors to the other as she sniffed about loving him, then he angrily refuted all of her claims, stating he had acted the way any man would when she was in his apartment that night. She ripped her apron off, swore he'd regret his words, and, with every appearance of sudden, fierce determination, headed for the living room. Rachel came into Alice's room as she was putting the finishing touches on before the mirror. Alice noticed her tone when Rachel said she had something to tell her.

AUGUST 5, 1969 (EP. #1300)
Alice was sure she was mad when a slightly hysterical Rachel crowed that Steve had knocked her up and ranted that he loved her. Pat prodded Emily into showing an interest in her new housekeepers, Harry and Juno. Mary was only half-listening when Pat related Walter had sounded cross when he'd phoned John earlier. Ada and Mary wondered if they should get Rachel from Alice's room to begin her hostess duties. After taking a tight grip on herself, Alice accused Rachel of making up a fantasy and distorting things. Rachel didn't care when a trembling and almost out-of-control Alice revealed she'd never liked her and thought from the beginning she was selfish, self-centered, conniving, greedy, jealous, and spiteful. Through clenched teeth, but cool, calm, and quiet, Alice averred nothing could make her believe what Rachel was saying. Alice went to her bureau and practically hid her face in the upper drawer when Ada and Mary came into the room. Rachel tripped gaily out, Mary kissed the top of Alice's head, and they all left Alice alone. She sat staring at her own reflection in the mirror which, if it was technologically possible, turned into Rachel's face.

AUGUST 6, 1969 (EP. #1301)
Mary shouted for her to come down as Alice sat in her room looking disconsolate and almost catatonic. A charming Rachel received guests in the Matthews backyard. A distant Alice stiffened when Steve put his arm around her waist. She grabbed Jim's coatsleeves and asked him to dance, to Steve's total puzzlement. A slightly drunk Walter put his arm around Steve's shoulder and whispered, "Mum's the word," to Lenore about his loan request. As Steve nodded mechanically, Walter sidled off, his fingers to his lips, and waved gaily at Susan, Fred, Pat, and John, who all laughed when Pat suggested Susan and Fred have a double wedding with Alice and Steve. Rachel suggested Steve make the most of his big night. Ada was startled to see Russ when she shouted after Rachel she'd have to answer to her if she did anything. Ada temporized, then took off when Mary called her. Alice broke away from Steve to drag Dru onto the dance floor. Dru intuited to Pat there was something wrong at the party. Lenore chided a roaring drunk Walter that a D.A. should act with more decorum and restraint. Susan pointed out to Fred all the unhappy couples. After they analyzed the party, Mary confirmed for Jim and Dru that it had been a flop. Alice was too tired to talk to Steve, but almost allowed him to kiss her when he described her as the dearest person in the whole world to him, beyond words, beyond deeds, beyond anything.

Susan: "The party started out to be so gay... and now all of a sudden... it isn't gay anymore."

AUGUST 7, 1969 (EP. #1302)
After he took her home, Russ panicked Ada by asking what she had warned Rachel about doing. He mostly swallowed it when she explained Rachel's latest attempt to find her father resulted in finding his phone number. Lahoma relented when club manager Ron Styles sat her down after work for a friendly chat. She was troubled at the game she was invited to play when he smiled at her evenly, invitingly, suggesting she'd hurt less if she were free. The next morning, Mary worried to Jim that Steve's strong personality was overpowering sheltered Alice. Jim was convinced they'd just had a "pre-marital oscillation." Peggy felt Lahoma had no cause to feel guilty over the intimate talks with Ron since she wasn't getting any intimacy from Sam.

Notes: First appearance of Jeff David as Ron Styles.

AUGUST 8, 1969 (EP. #1303)
Steve regretted having spoken harshly to Rachel. At the hospital, where Lenore volunteered and Susan worked, they decided Steve had looked miserable because of party jitters. John explained to an unenthused Sam he needed sponsors as he was a convicted felon who was about to take his bar exams. Russ didn't enjoy Alice reminding him that Rachel saw a lot of Steve when she went "home to mother." Alice phoned Steve to inform him she intended to drop by his office. Steve gave Alice a drink and they chatted mindlessly about the party. Steve took her by the shoulders when she got close to asking him the fateful question but couldn't take the plunge. He looked absolutely horrified when she finally asked if he had fathered Rachel's child.

AUGUST 11, 1969 (EP. #1304)
Steve denied Rachel's accusations, but Alice remarked that Rachel never used to want a baby after losing the first one. She turned cold when he finally admitted his indiscretion. Lahoma was intrigued that Sam was curious as to why she came home late last night. Sam pretended very hard to study when she droned on about feeling like a dead, numb zombie. Fred told Susan he had to go to Hobart for a few weeks on business, and she turned down his request to accompany him and marry him there. She fretted about finding an apartment before Liz returned. With great determination, Mary told Jim she was staying up until Alice returned home to tell her things were patched up with Steve. A brittle Alice came in and informed them she'd broken her engagement.

Steve: "Alice, Rachel came to my apartment a few times. Just showed up. Uninvited. I had to throw her out once or twice."
Alice: "What about the other times?"
Steve: "What do you mean, the other times?"
Alice: "The times you didn't throw her out?"
Steve: "[CORNERED] There was only one time."
Alice: "[AFTER A LONG PAUSE] Only one time... when you didn't throw her out."
Steve: "That's right."
Alice: "[PALE AND RIGID] But there was one time..."
Steve: "Alice... that doesn't mean I'm her child's father... you know that..."
Alice: "[WITH EXAGGERATED POLITENESS BECAUSE SHE'S GONE QUITE COLD] No. No, it doesn't mean you're the father of her child, Steven. It only means you could be. That's what it means. Isn't it? Isn't it?"
Steve: "Well, yes. Yes, I suppose so."

AUGUST 12, 1969 (EP. #1305)
Jim and Mary broke the news to Pat, who couldn't believe their description of Alice as bitter. Ada was told when she dropped by to pick up her casserole dish. Ernie wondered what all the snapping and snarling was about when a furious Ada slammed the phone down after receiving Rachel's busy signal. She wanted him to chase Sam off upon hearing of the time he was spending at the garage. Fred and Susan had a tender moment packing a picnic basket. They were almost out the door when Eric phoned and arranged a time for the three of them to have dinner. Ada marched into Rachel's, slammed the receiver back on its hook, and demanded to know if Rachel had anything to do with Alice's decision. Scared but triumphant, Rachel swore she'd had nothing to do with it, and thought it stupid of Ada to have told Russ about finding her father's number. Ada was ashamed and angry when Rachel burst and admitted she told Alice the truth. Rachel became frightened when Ada asked what would happen if Alice told Russ the truth.

Dialogue cut for time:
Ada: "[STUNNED] You're really a monster."
Rachel: "I am not! Steve is the monster! Look what he did to me!"
Ada: "Oh, I don't excuse him, but you went over there and draped yourself all over him! I have no pity for you."
Rachel: "Some mother I have."
Ada: "And some daughter I have."

AUGUST 13, 1969 (EP. #1306)
Fearing it was Ada again, Rachel virtually tiptoed to the door when the bell rang. Wonderingly, not knowing whether to be fearful or happy, she stood aside and Steve strode into the room. He stared at her in blank wonderment when she hoped he came by to apologize. Steve wished he could put his hands around her throat when she droned on about him loving her. Alice was flip and cynical to Russ, but was affected by his impulsive kiss on her cheek, though she then shook her head as if to clear it. Steve came to see her at the hospital, but Alice felt he'd find solace elsewhere and turned her unrelenting back to him. Lenore assured Walter she'd quit her job (which she still hasn't taken) the minute she becomes pregnant. Lenore overruled all of Walter's objections to checking out Missy's house. John and Dru fretted about needing a replacement lawyer. They were faintly embarrassed when Lenore brought the house keys back and tried to coax some enthusiasm for the house out of Walter. Lenore gave him a big kiss when he announced he'd buy the house. Walter sent her on her merry way, then, improvising his reasons, offered to join their firm. He lied in his teeth when John pointed out he'd be making considerably more money.

Steve: (To Rachel) "[HE STRIDE TO THE DOOR, OPENS IT, THEN TURNS] Except one thing, and maybe you'd better remember this: Nobody has ever done anything as bad to me as you've done, and you can ask around, there are one or two guys in business that I've broken for much less, Rachel. I'll be watching you... from afar, not close up... but I will be watching you, I'll know what you're doing, and at the first chance, Rachel, I am going to louse you up, and louse you up good. Now you live with that! [HE GOES OUT AND SLAMS THE DOOR BEHIND HIM, FADE OUT]"

AUGUST 26, 1969 (EP. #1315)
First appearance of Nancy Wickwire as Liz Matthews.

Susan was surprised to hear from Liz, who hadn't contacted her in weeks. Liz told Susan that she helped Bill, Missy, and Ricky get settled and couldn't say when she's coming home. Susan squirmed as Liz made subtle, acerbic comments about Susan's new job in the field she worked in Boston and Eric Holmes being called a friend. Liz was quietly delighted to learn that Fred was out of town.

Susan: "Hello?"
Liz: (Nancy Wickwire, Introduction Line) "Susan, darling."
Susan: (SILENCE) "Mother?"
Liz: "Why, yes, dear...who did you think it was?"

Liz: (about Alice) "Oh yes. Poor Alice. But my goodness, if she's going out so soon after the broken couldn't have been too serious, after all. Isn't that interesting..."

SEPTEMBER 4, 1969 (EP. #1322)
Overflowing with love for Walter, Lenore described how he reminds her of her father, both men who stood for the good, the honorable, and the right. She gifted him with a glass snow-globe with a house inside.

Note: First appearance of Edmund Hashim as Wayne Addison.

Wayne: (Introduction Line) “Cousin Steve?”
Steve: “Who is this?”
Wayne: “My name is Wayne Addison, Mr. Frame, and before you tell me you don't know of any cousin named Wayne, let me apologize.”

Susan and Fred were married, and Liz taunted her about being both a stay-at-home wife, and being married to a much older man.

Sam and Lahoma separated. She moved out and had an affair with Ron Styles, who had set her up in his sister's apartment. When she found out he had been paying the rent, she began paying it herself to keep everything on the up and up, though she realized Ron wasn't letting her pay full price.

Sam spent time with Ellen Boswell, Steve's typist, then was hospitalized after an accident. Though Lahoma spent her free time nursing him back to health, it didn't change the way he felt, and didn't feel, about her.

Con man Wayne Addison romanced Liz as part of his money-hungry ambitions, and Liz was eager for the attention after losing Fred.

Alice moved out of her parents' house and into an apartment vacated by her friend Muriel Burke, who was about to marry.

Lenore went to work for Jerome "Jerry" Collingswood, dreamed of having a baby, and discouraged Walter's efforts to shower her with expensive gifts.

Rachel gave birth to a boy, named James Gerald after Jim, and she insisted to anyone within earshot that he was premature. She was surprised to find she loved him with her whole heart.

On Russ's advice, Pat headed to Chicago, where some minor corrective surgery by Dr. McGarrett reversed her inability to have children.

Wayne knew he had a golden goose when he realized Walter was willing to loosen his morals in exchange for a quick profit. Wayne was angry and annoyed when his ex-wife Bernice Robinson arrived in town intent on reclaiming the money he took from her.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1969 (EP. #1326)
Last appearance of Eileen Letchworth as Anne Mason. Died of a heart attack off-screen.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1969 (EP. #1333)
Wedding of Fred and Susan, in Fred's living room, by Judge Ogilvie.

Liz forced herself to be gracious to Fred and Susan and gifted them a check for $1,000.00. Susan told Liz that she and Fred are flying to Niagara Falls for a few days, but will honeymoon another time. Sam went into a rage over Lahoma's suggestion that they get divorced. Liz broke into tears once she realized she had lost Fred to her own daughter. Alice was haunted by Rachel's revelation over carrying Steve's child and returning her engagement ring to him.

(AFTER FRED AND SUSAN EXCHANGE VOWS) Fred: "Thank you, Judge, that's the most favorable decision you've ever handed me."

SEPTEMBER 30, 1969 (EP. #1340)
Last appearance of Joseph Ponazecki as Dr. David Thornton (1969).

OCTOBER 6, 1969: Pre-empted.

OCTOBER 9, 1969 (EP. #1346)
First appearance of Jenny O'Hara as Muriel Burke. Muriel was a nurse and friend of Alice Matthews Frame, who dated Andy Cummings.

OCTOBER 14, 15, and 16, 1969: Pre-empted due to World Series.

OCTOBER 17, 1969 (EP. #1349)
Jim revealed, with purposeful and measured speech, the circumstances that led to Alice breaking her engagement to Steve. Mary's emotions gradually intensified from shock, despair for Russ, and hatred towards Rachel. Jim advised a despondent Mary that they must keep the truth from Russ.

Mary: "You speak as though there's something you've been keeping from me."
Jim: "I have and I'm sorry, but I had to..."
Mary: "It's the engagement."
Jim: "Yes."
Mary: "Alice told you why she...."
Jim: "Yes."
Mary: "Oh, Jim, why did she feel that she didn't want to tell me?"
Jim: "I think she thought it would hurt you unnecessarily."
Mary: "Hurt me? But I'm her mother."
Jim: "Mary, please...."
Mary: "Did you think it would hurt me less to tell me now? I mean, all this time you've been keeping it from me---and you knew---and you let me wonder, and you let me worry, why?"
Jim: "Mary, please listen I had to---Alice made me promise not to tell you. I had to respect her promise. I couldn't treat her wishes lightly. She made me promise not to tell you."
Mary: "And that's why she's moving out of the house."
Jim: "Well, it isn't pretty."
Mary: "Go on, tell me."
Jim: "Well, you know how Alice changed so abruptly..."
Mary: "Yes."
Jim: "On that night at the engagement party--just before the party began..."
Mary: "It was then...I knew whatever it was that happened, it was then."
Jim: "Alice was told then, that Steve had fathered someone else's child."
Mary: "Oh, no!"
Jim: "Yes."
Mary: "But, couldn't it have been just gossip or...?"
Jim: "No, no dear, I'm afraid it's not gossip. But, the point is....whether it's Steve's child or not, I don't know, but there is a child or will be and Steve..."
Mary: "Could have been the father...."
Jim: "Yes."
Mary: "You say 'will be' then you mean this has happened since we knew Steve."
Jim: "Yes."
Mary: "Who's child? [BEAT] Who's child?"
Jim: "Mary....."
Mary: "Who's child?"
Jim: "Rachel's."
Mary: "Rachel's....."
Jim: "But Mary, I don't believe it's Steve's child."
Mary: "But it could have been."
Jim: "Yes."
Mary: "Rachel's...."
Jim: "Stayed one night with Steve, yes."
Jim: "Now please, please Mary don't do that. You're acting just like Alice did, now don't do that. No, don't...." [MARY SOBS] "Alright go ahead. Go ahead--cry, cry and let it out....let it out"
Mary: "And somebody told Alice...."
Jim: "Darling, Rachel told her."
Mary: "Oh, no. Oh, no. proud that he's going to be a consumed by that wretch that he's gone chasing her off to Mt. Holly. I hate her! I hate her! Make a fool of that boy who has nothing but goodness and love for her in his heart."
Jim: "Mary, Mary, wait...listen, I know that's all true, but I---I don't believe the child is Steve's. It's Russ's baby, I'm sure."
Mary: "You're saying we can't tell Russ"
Jim: "That's what I'm saying, yes."
Mary: "We have to let him go on being deceived"
Jim: "Yes we have to let him go on."
Mary: "On making a fool out of himself, is that right?"
Jim: "What else can we do?"
Mary: "I don't know. I don't know."
Jim: "Poor baby, it's off to a great start and it's not even born yet."
Mary: "I'm glad Russ isn't here because I could never face him right now..."
Jim: "That's why I decided to tell you now, so we'll have time to get our masks adjusted for his return."
Mary: "Masks....We do have to, don't we?"

OCTOBER 21, 1969 (EP. #1351)
Emily and Mike Thayer discussed John sending her to boarding school and it affecting their relationship.

Notes: Last appearance of Gary Sandy as Mike Thayer.

OCTOBER 23, 1969 (EP. #1353)
Last appearance of Gail Dixon as Emily Mason. Emily decided to attend boarding school in Chicago.

OCTOBER 28, 1969 (EP. #1356)
First appearance of Janis Young as Bernice Robinson.

Bernice: (Introduction Line) “(OFF CAMERA) It's about time.”

OCTOBER 30, 1969 (EP. #1358)
First appearance of Jim Secrest as Andy Cummings (dated Alice).

NOVEMBER 4, 1969 (EP. #1361)
The birth of Jamie Frame.
Mary decided she must tell Russ that Rachel is deceiving him. She called Russ and requested that he come over. Rachel went to the hospital in labor just in time to prevent Russ from seeing Mary. Russ informed Ernie and Ada that Rachel gave birth to a healthy, "premature baby" boy.

NOVEMBER 14, 1969 (EP. #1369)
Steve felt ill when Russ grabbed his arm to drag him to see Rachel and the baby. Susan greeted Fred effusively when he came home from work and described the exciting day she'd had darning his socks. Susan was very disappointed when Fred claimed he was too tired to accompany her to Liz's. Steve was monosyllabic as Russ ans Rachel spoke of James Gerald. Rachel was nervous and angry when Steve refused to admit the baby was his and threatened to tell all to Russ. Steve was angered and bothered by Alice's snide remarks, but was unsure of himself when Alice pointed out he couldn't be sure the baby wasn't his. Susan winced as Liz praised her caricatures, which they intended to use as place mats for the party. Liz speculated the novelty was close to wearing off when Susan stated she enjoys staying at home. Susan counted to ten when Liz made a disparaging remark about Fred's age.

NOVEMBER 17, 1969 (EP. #1370)
Liz phoned Susan, working with some dismay on a pie, to say she was coming over. Dru told Peggy not to get her hopes up that Lahoma would drop the divorce action. Peggy wondered if Lahoma were in love with Ron, then they giggled as they plotted to get Sam to do some work for them. Ernie and Ada wondered about where Sam will go once he gets out of the hospital, especially since Ada intended to spend a lot of time helping Rachel with the baby. Susan protested when Liz attacked the pie with a knife, but couldn't resist sampling the poor lopsided thing herself. Susan wondered why Liz was taking so much pleasure in helping Wayne with his party. Walter was suspicious when Lenore complimented him for arranging the merger with Wayne. It galled Walter very much when Lenore reported that Missy wrote Bill received a big fee and a big bonus from an important client.

NOVEMBER 18, 1969 (EP. #1371)
Rachel got a disgusted reaction when Russ answered the phone to Ada. Russ wasn't keen on moving right away when Rachel insisted the baby should have his own room. Rachel placidly continued brushing her hair after fending off Russ's kisses. Pat was excited at the prospect of having babies when John brought her home from Chicago. John related how enamored Rachel seemed of the baby. Steve thought he was starting to sound too holy for words when Walter didn't want his hands soiled defending a crook like Boyce. Peggy and Lahoma munched on the candy Ellen brought Sam. Lahoma became huffy when Peggy inquired about Ron, but admitted she didn't love him.

NOVEMBER 19, 1969 (EP. #1372)
Alice was surprised to hear Muriel hadn't married Harold, who got cold feet. Alice offered to move out so she could have her place back, but Muriel suggested they share the apartment. Alice confided she'd been told something at her engagement party that changed her mind about Steve. Wayne was disgusted when Bernice walked up to their table and he was forced to introduce her to Liz as his associate. Though Bernice's angling was obvious, Liz and Wayne felt obliged to invite her to the party. Fred felt Liz was just taking a kindly interest in a new man in town who didn't know very many people, but Susan suspected Wayne wanted more. Susan became jealous when Fred reminisced about the good times he'd had with Liz. Ada quizzed Sam about Ellen, then urged him to start appreciating Lahoma and stop fooling around with Ellen.

NOVEMBER 20, 1969 (EP. #1373)
Rachel brooded over her predicament when Russ told her James needed to gain only four more ounces before he could be released from hospital. Russ good-naturedly warned John he might have to take a back seat to a baby if one arrives. Russ was bothered when John speculated on why Jim and Mary didn't have much time to visit with the baby. Pat visited to bring Rachel a tiny pair of bright red sleepers for the baby, then offered to store the old couch since Rachel wouldn't have room for it once the new convertible couch she ordered arrived. Rachel smiled in acquiescence and tried to get into the swing of the girl-talk as Pat spoke of being able to conceive now that she's seen a doctor. Bernice threatened to send him to alimony jail if Wayne didn't cut her in on his "extortion" of Liz. Wayne worried she'd ruin everything by showing up at the party, but she feared he'd run out on her again before paying her the $3,500 he'd promised. Wayne smiled and said he understood when Walter, writing him a personal check for the amount, explained he'd accidentally deposited the money order he collected from Wayne's bad tenant into his personal account. Walter winced privately when Wayne told John he'd heard Boyce paid his lawyer $25,000 for his acquittal.

NOVEMBER 21, 1969 (EP. #1374)
Ellen was terribly embarrassed to waltz into Sam's room to find Lahoma reading to him from the newspaper. Lahoma puttered around straightening up after insisting Ellen sit down and read the paper to Sam. Lahoma angrily defended Ron when Ellen muffed it by saying she'd heard what a swinger he is. Liz hoped Susan knew enough about cooking not to make coq au vin in a chafing dish, and Susan got angry when Liz advised her not to attempt hosting a lavish dinner like Liz gives. When Susan brought up how much younger Wayne was, Liz smiled viciously and made a comparison to Fred. Ernie warned Ada they couldn't take care of both Sam and the baby. Lahoma became agitated when Ron wanted to turn a passionate kiss into something more. Lahoma apologized for not giving him what he had a right to come to expect from her. He left gracefully after agreeing Lahoma can stay on in the apartment.

NOVEMBER 24, 1969 (EP. #1375)
A frantic Susan pretended to agree with Fred's sage pre-dinner party advice. Dru advised Walter not to dwell so much on Boyce or the large fee he paid his lawyer. Rachel insisted she hadn't been avoiding Ada, and, though a little disturbed, put on a good face when Ada wondered if she'd been seeing a lot of Jim and Mary. Ada watched with interest and curiosity as two deliverymen arrived to drop off a new couch and pick up the old one. A defiant Rachel rationalized reasons why she would sleep in the convertible couch-bed. Liz pressed Mary to tell her why Alice broke off her engagement. Mary was flustered when Liz also wanted to know why she hasn't seen much of the baby. Walter and Lenore assured Susan her dinner had been fine. Walter was made thoughtful and unhappy when Lenore wondered to Susan what they could do if either of their husbands earned a $25,000 fee.

NOVEMBER 25, 1969 (EP. #1376)
When an angry Russ wondered whatever possessed Rachel to buy a $300 couch, she explained she'd stay with the baby in the living room so Russ could get a full night's sleep in the bedroom. Pat told an inquisitive Susan she personally had plenty to do around the house to keep busy, and advised her to discover the joys of reading. Pat, who liked sitting around the house enjoying John's company, smiled conclusively at the thought that Susan would get used to keeping house, but Susan was unconvinced. Dru wondered if he could impose on Sam to help him out with some emergency research and was delighted when Sam, privately pleased, grudgingly agreed. Wayne paid Bernice $500, insisting he needed the rest to keep up the pressure on Steve. Wayne revealed he felt he would be able to pull Walter in so deep he'll never surface since Walter had pocketed his fee instead if turning it over to the firm. Bernice was intrigued to hear Walter handled Steve's legal business.

Bernice: "I thought he [Steve] was your target?"
Wayne: (Edmund Hashim, Exit Line) "Oh, he is; he is.. but our friend Mr. Curtin is handling all his legal business, my dear... [TAKE BERNICE, APPRECIATIVE, AND FADE OUT]"

NOVEMBER 26, 1969 (EP. #1377)
Alice came to relieve Muriel, who informed her both Steve and Rachel were due at the hospital on separate errands. Russ couldn't imagine who when Muriel speculated that someone came between Alice and Steve, but she promised to fill him in if Alice ever tells her what really went down. Peggy let John in on her conspiracy with Dru to lure Sam back to work at the office. Peggy told John that Lahoma was waiting for Sam to give her a sign that he loved her. John had Peggy make lunch reservations when Jim showed up for a meeting with Mary in tow. When John explained that setting up a savings account in James' name was the best way to establish a trust fund for him, Jim and Mary desperately hoped Russ and Rachel had forgotten they ever talked about it. Taking the baby home, Rachel stepped off the elevator to find Steve and Alice talking awkwardly at the nurses' station. Steve, who saw the baby for the first time, was annoyed when Rachel cooed about the baby to Alice, white-faced and rigid. Alice told Rachel off for being not only stupid, selfish, faithless, and ungrateful, but also vindictive and cruel.

Rachel: "Isn't he just beautiful? Isn't he the handsomest thing you ever saw in your whole life?"
Steve: "[AS ALICE CANNOT ANSWER] He looks just fine..."
Rachel: "Alice? Don't you think he's adorable?"
Alice: "Yes. I think all babies are... adorable..."
Rachel: "Yes, but James Gerald is really adorable. Don't you think so? Oh, listen to me, going on like a mother. Stop me, somebody."
Steve: "Why don't you stop yourself?"

NOVEMBER 27, 1969: Pre-empted.

NOVEMBER 28, 1969 (EP. #1378)
Alice asked for something stronger when she came home to find Muriel sharing a beer with Andy Cummings, hospital therapist. Pat told Mary how desperately she wanted a baby and how lucky Rachel was to already have one. Liz was disappointed Mary didn't disapprove of her and Wayne. Mary became angry when Liz implied men will consider Alice easy prey now that she's living on her own. Ernie complained to Sam that Ada was slaving over the baby while Rachel did her nails. They agreed that though Rachel made a big fuss over the baby, it wasn't the same as being a good mother. His exhausted state belied Sam's insistence he would be strong enough to take care of himself once he's released. After Muriel left for work, Andy made a pass at Alice, who complained of being such a goody-goody.

DECEMBER 1, 1969 (EP. #1379)
Walter was disturbed when Peggy reminded him his mortgage payment was due. After they arrived early for the party, Bernice told Wayne he was a bushel basket full of promises when he insisted it would take time to swindle Steve. Bernice suggested he give up Steve and concentrate on Liz, but he felt it was a small con in comparison. Liz laughed self-deprecatingly, pleased when Wayne offered her a lavish toast. Susan burned up as Liz made little of her housewife abilities in front of everyone. Wayne hastily crossed over to Steve to take his coat. Steve and Bernice looked at each other in frank curiosity when Liz introduced them. The rest of the cast produced a babble of conversation from the living room as Fred assured a despondent Susan that their age difference didn't matter, while Liz eavesdropped and smiled a Cheshire smile. Liz was enchanted when Wayne put significant pauses into his praise. Steve dragged Walter off when Lenore was mortified by his heavy drinking. Steve told Water to keep mum that he intended to take over Western General Electronics (WGE). Lenore told Susan she feels the same undercurrents here as during Alice's engagement party. After Steve told a concerned Lenore that Walter would be right up to bed, Walter listened attentively when Steve advised him to look out for number one and not get all full of over-refined sensibilities.

Wayne: (Robert Milli, Introduction Line, to Liz's maid) "Oh, hello. I'm Mr. Addison, and this is Miss Robinson."

DECEMBER 2, 1969 (EP. #1380)
Rachel insisted to Ada she hadn't done anything to make Jim and Mary suspicious of the baby, but was glad they weren't around to breathe germs on him. Rachel wouldn't let Russ hold Jamie for more than a moment before grabbing him and marching off to the bedroom. When Walter confided that things were moving with Steve, Wayne inferred that Steve was interested in WGE . Lenore and Walter visited and had cocktails with Russ and Rachel. Russ kidded Walter about losing Lenore (who gushed over Jamie) if she ever has a baby of her own. Rachel squirmed then fumed when Russ felt there was no reason not to invite his parents over. Liz was bowled over when Wayne gave her a gold pin to show his appreciation. Wayne encouraged her to buy WGE stock as he'd had it on good authority that it was being absorbed by a larger company, but Liz, who owned only blue chip stock, didn't want to take a gamble. She didn't like it when Wayne harped on the money she could make, though she didn't want to stop tingling over him either.

DECEMBER 3, 1969 (EP. #1381)
Russ foresaw an enjoyable evening when Jim and Mary came for dinner. Susan couldn't stop wondering to Fred why Liz had wanted to give Wayne's party for him. Fred forbade her from discussing Liz's men friends with her. Lahoma groused to Peggy that Sam disapproved of her working at the Purple Plum and raved about Ellen working for Steve. Lahoma confided Ron is only charging her half-rent, but felt it wasn't Peggy's business to know of any intimate relations with him. As her legal advisor, Fred felt obliged to warn Liz to be careful about her money. Liz couldn't bring herself to voice her suspicions outright when she admitted Wayne had wanted her to buy some WGE stock. Mary and Jim felt helpless when Russ felt sure what she had wanted to tell him the night the baby was born was that it would be early. Mary and Jim were in agony at the thought of repeat visits when Rachel came out kootchy-kooing the baby.

DECEMBER 4, 1969 (EP. #1382)
Liz was torn when Wayne phoned to confirm their concert date that evening. John thought Sam's research into Dru's case brilliant, then they discussed how Walter was anxious to tackle his own cases, not only Bill's old ones. John realized he'd better start searching for a replacement when Sam maintained he would be going back to work at the garage. Dru came over to have Moo Goo Gai Pan at Alice's. An upset Alice admitted she still loved Steve, but vowed to start over with someone else. Wayne became self-incriminating to clear the air when he noticed Liz was cool to his flattery. Liz was partially mollified when Wayne, insisting his intentions were mirror bright, claimed he was glad she'd refused his investment tip. Wayne boasted to Bernice that he'll soon have both Liz and Walter under his control. Wayne was confident Liz would bite the next time he advised her on stock.

Wayne: "Have you forgotten the first lesson I taught you?"
Bernice: "You didn't teach me anything, you practiced on me."

DECEMBER 5, 1969 (EP. #1383)
Dru wondered why Liz summoned him. Liz denied it when Dru tried to read more into it when she spoke of Wayne's stock tip, but he realized she was really worried about being betrayed by a man who seemed to mean so much to her. Dru was distressed to hear Ernie felt Sam wouldn't allow anyone to help take care of him once he's released. Discussing why Alice still seemed to be affected by Steve, Muriel and Andy realized Rachel might be the one who had rocked Alice. After Ada put the baby to bed with a half-sad smile on her face, Rachel came home raving about the fancy new apartment building in the Prospect section. Ada was furious and speechless when Rachel felt Steve could pay part of the $315 rent since it was his baby.

DECEMBER 8, 1969 (EP. #1384)
Bernice found it hard to believe Wayne came over to ask her not to leave town. Wayne needed her to reassure Liz of his sterling character by dropping the names of three business associates, who were all conveniently out of the country. Rachel honestly didn't mind getting up at night when the baby cried, as it meant she could be asleep when Russ got home from work. Rachel was secretly apprehensive when Russ said his parents haven't mentioned the trust fund to him, then resented his refusal to move into the hi-rise. Steve was amused that Walter was frothing at the mouth over Steve's snapping up of WGE stock. Steve reminded him that the SEC forbade an insider like Walter from buying stock before the merger goes through. Sam didn't listen to Peggy as he insisted that as long as Lahoma lived in Ron's apartment she would never consent to being a nursemaid to him at home. Peggy glanced from one to the other in dismay as Ellen bounced in and started chattering to Sam.

DECEMBER 9, 1969 (EP. #1385)
Liz phoned to ask Bernice to lunch. Banker O'Malley reminded Walter he's fallen behind in his loan payments. John and Dru found it irritating that Walter had stood them up for their meeting. Liz's ears were pricked when Bernice casually dropped the names of all three on Wayne's "associates." Bernice was dismayed when Liz claimed to know Col. Dobson. Appearing to have got a trifle smashed on her cocktail, Bernice told her about how modest Wayne was about his financial success. A happy Lenore felt sure she'd be even happier with a baby, but Susan (who confessed that housework bores her) didn't feel the same. Dru fumed to John that they were wasting their time trying to figure out Walter's case. An embarrassed and distracted Walter finally showed up at the office and, desperate for an acceptable lie, claimed he'd been detained by a judge.

DECEMBER 10, 1969 (EP. #1386)
Glad to find Lahoma alone in Sam's room, Russ told her that no way was Sam well enough to live alone and look after himself. A belligerent Sam wouldn't accept Russ's advice, and shut Lahoma out completely. Susan found Liz happily preparing for an evening with Wayne, and was really sympathetic when Wayne phoned to break the date since she saw how it disappointed Liz. Dru wondered if Jim remembered Rafe Carter from Somerset, since Liz told him Wayne had done some business there. Jim was uncomfortable when Dru asked him what it was like to be a grandfather. Fred didn't believe Susan's assertion that Liz had been heartbroken when Wayne canceled their plans. Susan's fury mounted when Fred chose to take his Hobart clients out to dinner rather than have them over. Since she'd given up her job so she could stay home and entertain his business friends, she became childish and unreasonable when Fred wouldn't even let her accompany him tonight. Really in a neurotic mood, Susan deplored her life, then kicked the groceries after Fred left, then poured herself a drink.

Notes: First reference to Somerset.

DECEMBER 11, 1969 (EP. #1387)
Rachel and Pamela got into a shouting match when Rachel barged into Steve's office without permission. Steve didn't want Rachel to bother him with her living arrangements when she described the new building. When she ventured he'd like to help pay the rent, Steve looked at her for a long moment, on the verge of exploding with anger, but finally he just laughed. He marched her to the door after informing her he has no intention of supporting a child that wasn't his. John accepted Walter's apology for missing the meeting, then Walter floundered and lied that the message from the loan company was for a friend. Ernie was upset that Rachel was running Ada ragged, and complained that Russ and Ada both take too much guff from Rachel, whom he felt seemed to be shoving Russ right out of her life. Wayne assured Walter the bit of work he needed done was unrelated to Steve's business. Wayne easily talked him into letting him buy WGE stock for Walter with the fee for the bit of work, a title search.

Pam: (Introduction Line) "I'm sorry, but you have no appointment."

Notes: Appearance by Irene Kling as Pam Sloan.

DECEMBER 12, 1969 (EP. #1388)
Ada was stunned when Rachel admitted already asking Steve for the rent money. A smug Rachel was mostly confident that Russ wouldn't leave her if he found out he wasn't the father, then was thrown by the vehemence of Ada's warnings to stay away from Steve. Dru begged off and suggested a private detective when Liz wanted him to contact the names of Wayne's associates she'd cleverly extracted from Bernice. Liz agreed she shouldn't be so upset when Dru noticed she was quivering about Wayne's possible lack on interest. Sam couldn't convince Ada and Ernie he was capable of walking on his own for more than five minutes, but they convinced him to come stay at their house. Lenore thought it made him look distinguished when Walter pointed out the jowl in her sketch of him. She implored him to believe he'd given her enough presents, but Walter was desperate to do anything to make her happy. Lenore said the one thing she wants above anything is a baby.

DECEMBER 15, 1969 (EP. #1389)
John was oblivious that her breakfast nauseated Pat. Russ lauded Rachel's parenting skills to a doubtful Alice. Trapping Alice into admitting she had no plans, Russ roped her into coming to dinner to see Rachel and the baby. When a glowing Pat insisted she was with child and wanted to name any girl "Mary," Mary cautioned her to wait until she was sure to tell John. John, worried when Ernie told him Sam intends to convalesce alone, promised to talk to Sam straight from the shoulder. Russ was bothered when Rachel said Alice didn't need to do the dishes since Ada would do them tomorrow morning. Rachel looked forward to the increase in salary when Russ mentioned he'd been advised about going into private practice. Alice found it absolutely revolting when Rachel trotted out the baby one last time after Russ went out to bring the car around.

DECEMBER 16, 1969 (EP. #1390)
Anxious over Wayne, Liz accused Susan of putting Fred up to warning her about Wayne, now that Fred has gone soft in the head and will do anything Susan wants. When Liz went on to accuse her of being jealous and wanting to begrudge her any happiness, Susan flounced out of the house slamming the door behind her. John had Peggy set up a date with Dean Brewster to discuss possible bright young men to come work for them. John and Peggy agreed Lahoma has done all she can to convince Sam she loved him. Alice was a trifle self-conscious when she realized Jim and Mary hoped she had feelings for Andy, who lived in her building. When Jim and Mary fretted about having to contribute to a trust fund that Rachel intended to use to pay for a big apartment, Alice told them that any mention of money was indelibly engraved on Rachel's brain. Lahoma appreciated it when Ron showed up with a bottle of wine and a hamper of food. Ron thought it too good to be true when Lahoma told him Sam didn't need her anymore, but she hesitatingly responded to his kiss and toast.

DECEMBER 17, 1969 (EP. #1391)
Fred and Susan kissed happily after deciding to drive to Fort Devlin for dinner. Susan was furious when Fred had to cancel at the last minute to meet clients. Fred thought her attitude unreasonable and unkind, but she maintained she was lonely. She was partially placated when he promised they would plan their delayed wedding trip, but was displeased he had time to drop in on Liz. Dru easily convinced Sam to do some additional research until his replacement arrived. Mary met with scatter-brained Luella Watson, whose role as chairman of the Woman's Club she was taking over. Luella was bound for Milwaukee to tend a daughter (mother of three) who'd broken her ankle. Mary moaned to Jim that she was required to have her photo taken with the Business's Chairman, Steve. Liz wasn't interested in Fred's attempts to smooth over ruffled feathers with Susan. Fred admitted he must have been wrong when a delighted Liz brandished a newspaper clipping that described how WGE stock soared after a merger.

Mary: "More coffee, Luella? [RISING:]"
Luella: (Introduction Line) "What? Oh, yes, lovely, thank you. What was I saying? [THEN:] Mary, where have you hidden your sugar bowl?"

DECEMBER 18, 1969 (EP. #1392)
Sam cut himself shaving after refusing Lahoma's help, and she couldn't help but laugh when he dropped both the razor and the mirror. After they failed to convince Sam it would be risky to live alone, John advised Lahoma to wait for the right opportunity to be more aggressive. Walter lamented that Lenore had to sketch him with charcoal she kept in a shoe box. A nervous Walter tried to dissuade Lenore from consulting a doctor about her inability to conceive. Liz was ecstatic with Wayne's onslaught of charm. Walter pooh-poohed Steve's apology for hogtying him about buying stock. Steve, who'd collected toys in his office for the Children's Home Christmas party, was stunned when Mary arrived to inform him she would be standing in for Luella.

DECEMBER 19, 1969 (EP. #1393)
A cool and collected Mary informed a subdued Steve she knew exactly why Alice broke their engagement. Mary softened when Steve swore on his honor that he did not in any way pursue Rachel, that Rachel pursued him. They were uncomfortable as they edged gingerly closer on the photographer's request. Liz stopped by to thrust the newspaper clipping triumphantly at Dru, who didn't really understand when she spoke of the sparkle life has taken on. Walter asked Wayne to cash out the few WGE stocks he'd bought for Walter, then sheepishly requested he not mention it to Steve. Walter overwhelmed Lenore with all sort of expensive painting equipment. Walter was unhappy when their passionate kiss led Lenore to talk of getting pregnant.

Mary: (To Steve) "Oh, I really do know all right. I know what you did to my son... to my daughter. [BURSTS OUT:] I know what you did to Rachel! So there's nothing to say, is there?"

Notes: Memo, dated 11/7/69 from EP Hill to Producer Manetta with cc to various others:
"On the show of 1393 which we will tape Tuesday, December 9, there will be a picture taken of Steve and Mary, which will be used in several shows beyond that date.
"Will you please arrange to have a photographer take these pictures sometime between run thru and dress, or dress and taping depending on which is most convenient for all concerned.
"Steve should be in a business suit, Mary in an appropriate dress or suit, knowing that she would be having her picture taken."
"Since the occasion of the photo session has to do with publicity for the Bay City Woman's Club Party for Poor Children, and will be taken in Steve's office, his desk should be stacked with all sorts of beautifully wrapped Christmas presents and other toys, so it is clear that they are all presents for children.
"Thanks, All."

DECEMBER 22, 1969 (EP. #1394)
Steve was almost belligerently affirmative when he agreed to escort old girlfriend Sally Collins to a party. Lahoma walked in to find Sam and Ada arguing about where he'd be headed after he was checked out tomorrow morning. Liz tried to make Fred admit he was all wrong about Wayne, whom she thought a charming, intelligent, and sincere human being. Though fond of her, Steve was slightly bored with feather-head Sally, who wanted to know if he was carrying a torch for Alice. Steve returned her expert kiss passionately, but suggested dinner in lieu of continuing in that vein. A blue Lahoma prophesied to Dru her marriage would end tomorrow when Sam was released as she'd failed to make Sam realize he really did love her after all. Dru advised her to grasp the right opportunity when it came along.

DECEMBER 23, 1969 (EP. #1395)
Pat's face shone as she phoned to make an appointment with Dr. Ramirez. Lahoma helped Sam pack, then hurried out, close to tears, when Ernie arrived to drive him home. Pat and Lenore ran into each other in the waiting room, and Lenore glowed at Pat's description of morning sickness as if it were the greatest of good fun. Sam was stunned and Ernie thrilled to find Lahoma awaiting them at Sam's apartment. Sam floundered when Lahoma, insisting it was no imposition, decided to sleep on the couch so she could be nearby to help him. While trimming the tree, Pat broke down and confessed to John that she had mistakenly thought she was pregnant. John did his best to comfort her.

DECEMBER 24, 1969 (EP. #1396)
Dru walked in as Mary complained bitterly to Jim about having to have her picture taken with Steve. Mary tried to laugh when Dru remarked how grim she and Steve looked in the picture. Straining to be pleasant and unruffled, she and Jim declined to accompany Dru to see the baby. Susan was in raptures when Fred described their trip to Jamaica next week. Susan's expression hardened when Fred learned Tony plans to come in next week for ten days for a recruiting drive at the University for his research lab (he's now a computer programmer). She was miserably uncomfortable not being able to offer to cancel their plans. Russ marveled that Rachel allowed Dru to hold the baby. Dru thought they made a beautiful couple as they good-naturedly argued about the new apartment. Rachel was feeling so warmly that Russ was able to lead her to the bedroom for a change. John took Jim into the other room to discuss Jamie's savings account, so Pat could be comforted by Mary about not being pregnant.

Notes: That Fred claimed not to have seen Tony in four years is incorrect, and can be dismissed as a topical reference. Russ's reference to the baby as Jamie was the first; he'd been known as James Gerald (both names always used) in all previous references.

DECEMBER 25, 1969 (EP. #1397)
Rachel was reluctant to go caroling with Russ when Ada and Ernie arrived to sit with the baby. Alice helped John and Pat set buffet-style food on a decorated table and insisted she preferred spending tonight alone. Ada told Ernie that Rachel has the idea Steve was really madly in love with her and should come trotting up on some big white horse, drag her off, and marry her. Lahoma bade Sam drink his nourishing milkshake, then thrust a present at him. Lahoma thanked him for his present of a little character doll dressed like a nurse, but dashed Sam's spirits by mentioning her boss's bonus helped her pay for his pen set. Dru tried to make excuses when Liz complained to Mary and Jim that Russ and Rachel hadn't bothered to stop by and see them last night. Liz laughed at how Mary and Steve looked like pewter mugs in their photo. In raptures obviously thinking of Wayne, Liz remarked she couldn't imagine whatever possessed her to once consider moving to California to be near Bill, Missy, and Ricky. As the others sang carols, Lenore sniffed to Pat then Walter about not being pregnant: Fred assured Susan he didn't mind not seeing Tony next week: Alice turned away when Rachel fawned over Russ: Peggy tried to find out who knew all the verses to the seven days of Christmas.


Notes: Nineteen of the major characters (all save Wayne and Bernice) appeared in this episode.

Notes: Memo, dated 12/3/69 from EP Hill to Producer Manetta and cc to Director Pressman:
"Arrange to have Bill Wolff read the following Christmas Greeting copy at the tag of show 1397 that plays on Christmas day:
"Also, if at all possible, lets arrange to cut this show for a crawl which we could super over the Act IV group as they sing "Silent Night", ending up the show with Bill Wolff's Christmas Message.

DECEMBER 26, 1969 (EP. #1398)
Bernice, furious at Wayne for still not having paid back the money he took from her while they were married, said Quincy (his "business associate") told her Wayne made a lot of money over WGE. She was subdued when he revealed it was with Walter's money that he'd bought the stock, since he didn't have enough of his own. Wayne refused to consider it when Bernice suggested he marry Liz to get her money. After Susan made Alice taste-test her beef Bourguignon, she quizzed her about Tony. Alice remembered Tony as steady, solid, and dependable, like his father. Alice noticed how awful Fred felt about missing Tony next week. Fred gathered Susan into his arms when she decided to cancel their trip so they both can see Tony. As they played checkers, Peggy couldn't convince Sam to return to the office. Peggy thought Sam a coward when he averred he no longer had the right to meddle in Lahoma's private life. Liz and Wayne thanked each other for their Christmas gifts, then he forewent the toast in favor of kissing her. Liz was uninterested when Wayne advised her to offset a tax loss with a gain by purchasing some of his property. Wayne was utterly defeated when Liz refused to let something as petty as money mar their friendship.

Notes: Whitfield Connor temporarily played the role of Fred Douglas.

DECEMBER 29, 1969 (EP. #1399)
Liz thought Wayne perfectly sagacious when Jim validated the wisdom of Wayne's tax advice. Liz wasn't concerned when Jim wondered why she felt the need to check up on Wayne, but Jim realized she wanted to make sure he was well-off. Jim worried over Liz like a matriarch when she mused about buying Wayne's property. Alice claimed she was just tipsy and tired when Muriel wanted to know why she told Andy it bothered her to have Rachel refer to her as a goody-goody. Not wanting to anger or sleep with Russ, Rachel made excuses about needing to stay out in the living room in case the baby awoke. An opportunistic Rachel accepted some kisses and caresses to appeal to his protectiveness rather than his sexuality as she tried to convince him they needed a bigger place. A scheming Rachel agreed they should have dinner at his parents', then reluctantly complied to his request to spend the night with her. Mary advised Jim not to lose sleep over Liz since she was more clever than they give her credit for. Mary was dismayed and suspicious when Russ called to say Rachel's changed her mind about coming to dinner.

Russ: "You hardly let me near my own son, Rachel..."

DECEMBER 30, 1969 (EP. #1400)
Lahoma remarked that since Sam obviously loved the research he was doing right then for Dru, he should take the bar exams in January. Sam was hurt then bitter when Lahoma spoke only of his professional, not personal, future. Liz thought Susan purposely contrary when she wouldn't enthuse over Liz's efforts to broaden her horizons with clubwork. Susan was angry when Liz rubbed it in that her marriage turned out to be a drudgery of housework and not the perfect panacea she'd planned. Tony told Fred he couldn't wait to meet Susan, and described how his job was like crossing architecture with language. Susan liked Tony right off, but she swirled her drink and felt very excluded from the conversation as Fred and Tony caught up. Lenore wanted Walter to resolve with her to have a baby in the new year. Lenore found it marvelous after reading Dr. Ramirez's letter that she was able to have a baby, but Walter was bitter that it implied he was unable to give her a child.

Fred: "Great to see you again, Tony. Just great."
Tony: ([Re]introduction Line) "Sorry to drag you away from work, Dad."

Notes: First reappearance of Alex Canaan as Tony Douglas.
Alex Canaan (Tony Douglas) was the first actor to resume a contract role on AW.

DECEMBER 31, 1969 (EP. #1401)
Russ dropped off some baby supplies and told his parents that he would be detained at work until about nine, but Rachel and the baby will be over at six. Wayne complained to Bernice that Liz was turning out to be a tough customer, but was jubilant after receiving a call to meet Steve. Mary was reluctant to discuss with Alice her meeting with Steve. Alice was sure Rachel was up to something by coming over tonight without Russ. Peggy told John he has an appointment with Brewster to discuss a replacement for Sam. John told her he'd never hold Sam back if he wanted to become a partner at some other firm. Rachel predicted to an uncomfortable Mary and Jim that Jamie would be a very strong and determined scrapper. Rachel tried to restrain herself as she described all the things Jamie would need to grow. More desperately and pointedly, Rachel mentioned the trust fund, and was at her wit's end when Russ's arrival curtailed the discussion. Promising to talk more about it with them, Rachel smiled winningly at Mary and Jim, who smiled back as best they could.

Rachel: "And you'll have to get to know our Jamie; he's quite the little character..."
Mary: "Is he? You can tell already?"
Rachel: "Oh, sure."