JANUARY 1, 1973 (EP. #2160)
Lenore told Pat she regrets that Wally doesn't have a father when Pat said she intends to erase John from her life. Lenore was glad Wally had Robert in his life. Gil pressed Robert on the question that has been perplexing him, why Lenore showed up at Pat's house that night, and Robert was forced to defend Lenore's honesty. Feeling overworked ever since Walter's death, John told Steve he was drastically cutting back his workload, and they commiserated over not being able to win back the women they loved. Lenore was alarmed when Gil pointed out that Wayne Addison's murder, for which she was acquitted, was never solved.

JANUARY 2, 1973 (EP. #2161)
Gil tried to make a connection between Walter, Lenore, Bernice, and Wayne that was unrelated to Bernice's affair with John, but Lenore refused to elaborate on what she told John about Walter when John confided in her about his affair with Bernice. Gerald warned Rachel that Steve would never let her take Jamie away when she made noises about acquiescing to Ted's plans. Pat told Gil that Bernice had tricked her into believing John and Lenore were lovers, and that one day when Bernice encouraged her to spy on them she was hit by a car. Pat had no answers when Gil wanted to know what Bernice knew about Walter that she could hold over Lenore's head. Lenore said she'd be rotten company when Robert wanted to take her out to cheer her up.

JANUARY 3, 1973 (EP. #2162)
Jim resented Gil's personal questions about Pat's life, and about whether she had a history of emotional instability. Gil asked Ada out to lunch when she dropped by his office to ask his advice on Rachel and Ted. Dennis and Iris reunited after several months apart, and she quizzed him about Alice. Dennis turned away when Iris started to blame Eliot for keeping them apart. Iris expressed her dislike of Alice to Louise, who worried that Iris violated a court order by seeing Dennis. Steve quizzed Robert when Janice told him Lenore seemed unhappy. Robert told Steve he thought Gil was hoping Lenore would reveal something incriminating about Pat.

Iris: "Have you missed me?"
Dennis: "I'm not used to seeing you, Mother."

JANUARY 5, 1973 (EP. #2163)
Ted returned and told Ada he loved Rachel but was unsure things would work out, and revealed he accepted the job in Chicago and would be moving his mother there with him since there were too many unhappy memories in Bay City for her. Ada approved of the move because she thought Steve's liberal visits with Jamie were confusing the child. Mark suggested to Lenore no one had a better motive for killing Bernice than John. Gerald advised Rachel to leave work early when Ada called to tell her that Ted was on the way over. Gerald tried to distract Ted with paperwork when he came over. Ray couldn't accept Ted's offer to join him in Chicago because he'd promised Peggy he'd look after her sister, Linda. Ted followed Rachel and Jamie to Steve, and the three adults had it out. Steve was appreciative that Rachel was willing to defy Ted so that Jamie would stay in Bay City and know his father.

JANUARY 8, 1973 (EP. #2164)
Paul refused to speculate to Gil about Pat's ability to defend herself in a physical fight. Gil tried to warn Zack against associating with Jake. Zack recognized Gil as Ray's parole officer. Zack assured Linda he wasn't mixed up in anything illegal. Jim consoled John when Pat gave him the cold shoulder. Eliot told Alice he doesn't allow Iris to visit Dennis alone because Dennis was almost kidnaped several months ago, and Eliot suspects Iris was behind it. Louise disapproved of the court order when Eliot chastised her for letting Iris see Dennis. Steve got angry with Gil for having advised Ted to move to Chicago. Mark tried to deflect Gil's suspicions from Pat onto John.

Louise: (To Eliot about Iris) "It's difficult to keep her from doing what she wants to do."

JANUARY 9, 1973 (EP. #2165)
Steve told John not to give up hope for him and Pat. Ted was encouraged when Rachel said she would join him in Chicago after he'd arranged a place for Belle. Steve refused Gerald's idea of letting Gerald run the Inn since it meant buying it from Ted and thus giving him enough money to finance his move to Chicago. Gil was skeptical when John said the reason he was willing to jeopardize his marriage by telling Pat the truth about his affair was to preserve Pat and Lenore's friendship.

JANUARY 10, 1973 (EP. #2166)
John maintained Mark was a biased source when he realized Mark had been filling Gil's ears with stories about John. John told him Pat had been stable ever since they were married, but blamed himself for Pat's drinking. Mary told Pat not to rely on her and Jim so much if it prevented her from picking up her life. Pat, who was staying with them, said she'd never return to her house because of the bad memories the terrace would evoke. Robert and Lenore had to cancel dinner plans when John phoned and insisted on coming over. Gil told Rachel that since Ted's parole expired just before Christmas he can go anywhere he wants. Ada was easily enticed into a bowling date with Gil. Lenore didn't mention Walter's killing of Wayne (which was still a secret) when she and John tried to figure out if anyone knew about Walter's crooked dealings beside Wayne and Bernice.

Lenore: (To Robert) "Just having you here's more than I ever expected to find after Walter died."

JANUARY 12, 1973 (EP. #2167)
Steve told Gil Bernice had been his general assistant and that though she was transferred to John's office, technically she was still working for Steve. Steve admitted Walter was heavily in debt when he died, but refused to listen to Gil's accusations of him. Paul was eager to take Janice off Russ's hands when Gil detained Russ for some questioning. Louise told Eliot she gets the impression Alice doesn't plan to stay very long, and he worried that Louise and Alice weren't getting along. Russ told Gil tests showed no evidence that Pat had been drinking the day of Bernice's death.

Russ: (David Bailey, Introduction Line) "You want to see me, Lieutenant?"
Gil: "Yes, if I may-- "
Russ: "Oh, hello, Janice."

Gil: "Then you know Rachel?"
Janice: "Oh, yes, she's a friend of mine."

Notes: First appearance of David Bailey as Russ Matthews.

JANUARY 15, 1973 (EP. #2168)
Pat overheard Russ tell Jim that Gil suspects her in Bernice's murder. Russ advised Pat to be forthcoming with Gil. Mark was downright chilly when John said he was heartily ashamed of what he and Bernice had done to him. Zack complained to Linda that it will go badly for him if he can't "deliver" Ray to Jake. Ray told Gil that Pat had been too far gone in her drunkenness to say anything coherent when she'd been at the Inn right before she was hit by a car. Gil advised Ted to make sure his plans were square with Rachel. Lenore told Robert and Russ that Gil hinted to her about his suspicions of her. Mark told Pat she had to be able to account for what happened after she left the hospital.

JANUARY 16, 1973 (EP. #2169)
John grilled Pat as her attorney to prepare her for Gil's questions. When Alice told Eliot she had no intention of seeing her husband again, he convinced her to have dinner with him. Pat so convincingly established her story that Gil said the only person whose story couldn't be proven was Lenore. Louise eavesdropped when Alice, prompted by Eliot, phoned Mary and Jim to have them remove her things from Steve's house in preparation of having them shipped to her.

JANUARY 17, 1973 (EP. #2170)
Lenore fretted to John that Gil's investigation into Walter's involvement with Bernice and Wayne might result in Steve learning that Walter was involved in Wayne's swindle of him. Gerald was relieved when Rachel said she's tricking Ted into establishing him and his mother in Chicago so that he wouldn't be in a position to protest when she revealed she was remaining in Bay City. Mary advised John to give Pat some time when Pat hurried into the kitchen when he arrived to spend time with Michael and Marianne. Mary was pleased when Robert and Lenore came to invite Pat to dinner. Steve was crushed when Jim came to tell him Alice wanted her things moved out. Janice stared after Steve worriedly when he took a whiskey bottle and went upstairs.

Lenore: "What Walter did will always be hanging over my head."

JANUARY 18, 1973 (EP. #2171)
Gil bristled when Sgt. Kramer told him about the negative articles The Herald was writing about his investigation. A worried Linda came to the Inn to see Ray, who warned her to keep Zack away from Jake. Worried about Steve but not really understanding the Steve/Alice situation, Janice asked Robert and Lenore to come speak to him. Janice filled Rachel in on Jim's visit to Steve. Helen was displeased when Gil arrived to question Lenore some more. Lenore was shocked when Gil uncovered that Wayne and Bernice had been married some time before she came to Bay City. Lenore was happy when Gil told her she was no longer a suspect, but wasn't happy to hear that Pat's inability to account for her whereabouts made her a suspect.

JANUARY 19, 1973 (EP. #2172)
Janice was concerned when Steve spent another day moping around the house instead of going in to work. Eliot asked Alice to the theater and told her not to feel slighted by Louise's scrutiny of her. Louise informed Iris (who has been paying her on the sly) that Alice comes from Bay City, but Iris said they won't have much to go on until they know Alice's real name. Steve reached for the whiskey bottle when John told him he has no legal right to stop Jim and Mary from taking Alice's things from his house. Janice visited Russ at the cardiac research office to ask if there was some way he could help Steve. Janice decided not to wait for Russ to return from his meeting with Dave Rogers when Paul asked her to dinner. Ada hung up on Steve when he called up drunk and demanded to speak to Jamie, whom Ted was putting to bed. Alice was agreeable when Eliot added dinner and drinks to their theater plans.

JANUARY 22, 1973 (EP. #2173)
Steve begged Mary and Jim not to take Alice's things away as it would remove the last traces of her presence in his house. Over dinner, Alice told Eliot she was no longer in love with her husband as he never really cared about her. Eliot apologized to Alice when Iris came over and insulted her, saying that Iris felt she owned him since her father owned the newspaper he got his start with. Mary tried to comfort Pat when she worried Gil was going to accuse her of killing Bernice. Steve told Janice (who cut short her date with Paul over concern for Steve) not to hold it against Russ that he wouldn't talk to his parents on Steve's behalf. John was with Pat when Gil arrived with a warrant for her arrest and Mirandized her.

JANUARY 23, 1973 (EP. #2174)
Gil effortlessly blew holes in John's story when he came to confess to Bernice's murder to get Pat (who was being booked) off the hook. Gerald was more interested in talking about what would happen to the Inn when Steve was there to drown his sorrows and moan about the unfairness of life. Rachel rushed over when Gerald phoned her about Steve. Mark walked in on John and Gil and confessed to killing Bernice. Gil told Mark he'd arrested Pat only because he believed Mark would come forward if someone else were charged with the crime. Mark refused when John offered to be his defense lawyer. Gerald told Rachel to take Steve home or else Ray would tell Ted that Steve was there with Rachel.

Notes: Last appearance of Janis Young as Bernice Robinson.

Mark: "I didn't mean to kill her..."

Mark's flashback: Mark confronted Bernice on the Randolph terrace about making a fool out of him. He began to slap her when she called him a little boy and a spoiled brat. Bernice banged her head when Mark shoved her after she taunted him that he was nothing but a whining little boy come around to hear his Mommy loves him. Bernice: "[SHE SITS UP] [WHISPERING] Mark! Mark, stop... Help me... [SHE RISES AND THEN FALLS BACK] Oh, my head..."

JANUARY 24, 1973: Pre-empted due to President Lyndon B. Johnson's funeral.

JANUARY 26, 1973 (EP. #2176)
John told Pat he's not going to hire lawyers to replace Peggy and Mark, which would leave him with more time for Pat. Gerald told Rachel to lie to Ted about it when she told him she had spent the night with Steve. Steve told Lenore he was getting on with his life without Alice. Lenore was happy to hear that Pat and John were reconciling. Jake phoned the Inn to put some pressure on Ray. Gerald pushed Rachel to keep in contact with Steve. Robert told Lenore not to dwell on the past when she talked about Pat and Wayne's misjudgement of her and what she wanted from life. Steve told Rachel he was grateful for making him come to his senses.

JANUARY 29, 1973 (EP. #2177)
Russ was disappointed in Mary's disapproval of Steve when he came by to plead Steve's case to her and Jim. Mary suspected, unhappily, that Russ was seeing Janice when Russ said Janice told him her worries about Steve. Eliot supervised Iris's visit with Dennis, during which she told Dennis she spends so much time in Europe because she has friends there. Eliot hustled her out of the room when she began criticizing Alice. Louise uncovered the Bay City number Alice had dialed, and handed it over to Iris. Zack was surprised when Ray came over to tell Jake he'll agree to take part in Jake's plans. Louise pleaded on Iris's behalf when Eliot said he'd decided she can longer see Dennis because she upsets him too much. Alice referred Eliot to Russ when Eliot mentioned he was dissatisfied with Dennis's current cardiologist.

JANUARY 30, 1973 (EP. #2178)
Janice attended dinner with Robert, Lenore, Pat, and John as Russ's guest.

JANUARY 31, 1973 (EP. #2179)
Cuddled in Steve's arms, Rachel said she had no choice but to lie to Ted and Ada about them. Rachel asked Janice to cover for her and say they were together that night. Russ told Janice about his family. Mark phoned Pat to say the Grand Jury had ruled that Bernice died accidentally and that he was cleared of all charges. Pat told him she didn't blame him for anything and they parted on good terms. Pat denied John access to their bed, telling him she moved back only for the children's sake. Ted was doubtful when Rachel told him she'd been to a movie with Janice, but backed off when she picked up the phone and told him to call her and ask. Rachel railed at Ted for having spent months in prison for breaking into the clinic after they were married, for taking her for granted, for nagging her, and finally told him she won't be moving to Chicago with him.

Russ: (To Janice about Alice) "She's the baby of the family."

Pat: "I don't think I'll ever forget what you and Bernice did to me, John."

FEBRUARY 1, 1973 (EP. #2180)
Rachel was belligerent when Ada got on her back over her treatment of Ted. Ada advised Ted not to give up and to ask Gil for advice. Louise thought it very odd when Alice told her Eliot had asked her to check some medical references in his newspaper column. Louise insisted on checking the column herself since it had always been her job, but was forced to phone the reference library for assistance. Eliot returned from his lunch with Brad Parrish and refereed Alice and Louise when they explained why Louise had done the job Eliot had instructed Alice to do. Determined to forget about Alice, Steve told John to remove Alice as chief beneficiary in his will. Steve also told John he's pulling out of the Inn, since he only helped finance it in the first place to help Ted provide for Jamie.

FEBRUARY 2, 1973 (EP. #2181)
Gerald agreed to run interference between Rachel and Ted. Ray told Ted he's sort of going undercover to help Zack out of some trouble. Robert was pleased that Lenore was less resistant to seeing him socially. Mark came by to say goodbye to Lenore before leaving for Washington. Robert told Janice about his wife Jessie and their baby dying in an automobile accident. Janice watched quietly when Russ dropped by to pick her up for dinner and began joking with Lenore. Russ told Janice "time has passed" since Cindy's death, and she told him about leaving home at 17 and staying in furnished rooms until Steve took her in. Ted spied on Rachel and Steve when they kissed and murmured about "going upstairs" to forget all their troubles.

Note: Last appearance of Andrew Jarkowsky as Mark Venable.

FEBRUARY 6, 1973 (EP. #2183)
Jim and Mary had dinner with Pat and John.

FEBRUARY 7, 1973 (EP. #2184)
After saying that he had tried to raise above his allotted station in life by marrying Alice, Steve took Rachel in his arms and told her he wasn't going to fight his feelings for her any longer. Ted burst in on them when they sank down on the rug together. Rachel and Steve claimed they couldn't help being in love, but a furious Ted grabbed a poker and advanced threateningly on Steve as Rachel screamed. Gil appeared, clamped his arms around Ted, and convinced him to drop the poker. Ted left, and Steve had Rachel stay with him when she said she was afraid of Ted. Pat apologized for embarrassing John when Russ and Janice dropped by and noticed sheets and pillowcases in the living room. Janice told Russ that whenever she sees a married couple having problems, she remembers her mother and father. Janice was pleased when Russ surprised her with a kiss. Ada tried to make excuses for Rachel to Gil. Ted told all to Ada and said he's moving in with his mother until he leaves for Chicago. A despondent Ted said Rachel only married him because she thought she'd never have Steve.

Steve: (To Rachel) "Every time I turned my back on you, I was really denying something in me."

Ted: (Exit Line) (to Ada in her kitchen about talking to Rachel Cory) "I'm not going to take a chance on ending up in prison again, not for Rachel or for anyone else."

Notes: Last appearance of Stephen Bolster as Ted Clark.

Russ visited Alice in New York. Alice told Mary she doesn't care if Steve sees Rachel.

MARCH 12, 1973 (EP. #2207)
Ada informed Mary that Rachel plans to marry Steve immediately after Ted consents to a divorce.

MARCH 16, 1973 (EP. #2211)
Ada blew up at Rachel in front of Gil and told her she'd told Mary about her and Steve.

MARCH 19, 1973 (EP. #2212)
Rachel ran to Steve over her fight with Ada. Steve wanted to tell Jamie he was his father, but Rachel made him wait until she'd divorced Ted. Pat came over and discussed the Steve/Alice situation with Robert and Lenore. Lenore told Robert he would be happier if he moved out of his hotel room and into an apartment. Janice made herself scarce when she realized Steve and Rachel wanted to be alone. Janice said she didn't mind having Jamie over as he reminded her of Willis. Steve reassured Janice that Russ was a decent man and nothing like their Pa.

Notes: First appearance of Bobby Doran as Jamie Frame.
The character developed more of a speaking role and appeared more frequently. Doran was about 13 years old in 1973. In the fall of 1973, Jamie and Dennis were in the same grade in school. They would attend the same junior high and high school.

MARCH 20, 1973 (EP. #2213)
Russ told Mary they should be on good terms with Steve in case he and Alice ever got back together, but she doubted that would ever happen. Mary told Russ that though he had put it behind him, she'll never forget all the misery Rachel caused their family. Linda told Russ that Zack blames himself for Ray's death. Gerald made plans to move to San Francisco when he wasn't so sure Rachel could get Steve to arrange to have Gerald stay on as manager once the Inn is sold. Gerald tried to look enthusiastic when Rachel talked about him, her, and Jamie being a family. Janice told Robert she was never that much interested in Russ when Robert overheard her break things off with him. Janice told Robert she and Lenore didn't see eye-to-eye as Lenore sympathized with Alice and Janice sympathized with Rachel.

MARCH 21, 1973 (EP. #2214)
Russ and Lenore agreed they should back down on their criticism of Rachel. Janice was persuaded to take the job of showing people through Steve's model homes when she learned Robert would be supervising her. Alice tried to get out of the trip to St. Croix with Eliot and Dennis since she'd been on good terms with Iris recently and didn't want to jeopardize that. Russ was brusque with Janice when she tried to apologize for being rude. Alice told Dennis that people change when he reminisced about going places with both his parents. Steve told Russ he didn't want to lose his friendship just because he got tired of waiting for Alice to return to him.

MARCH 22, 1973 (EP. #2215)
Ada threatened never to see Rachel again if she moved into Steve's place, maintaining that Jamie would end up being hurt by the gossip. Gil tried to recruit Zack for a job guiding troubled young people onto the straight and narrow. Lenore elaborated to Robert on why she doesn't like or trust Rachel, but he believed she had marriage problems with Russ and Ted because she really loved Steve. When Ada came to tell Gil she doesn't want to have a life without Rachel and Jamie, he advised her to make a new life for herself.

Steve and Rachel married. Before the wedding, and before leaving town for San Francisco, Gerald revealed to Rachel that he had tricked Alice into believing Steve and Rachel had been carrying on behind her back.
Jim went to work at John's firm as the firm accountant.
Steve transferred Janice to John's office so she wouldn't continue to make things uncomfortable for Robert and Lenore, who reached an impasse in their relationship.

APRIL 16, 1973 (EP. #2232)
Rachel snapped at Jamie for being picky about her cooking and everything else she does for him.

Jamie: "Grandma always makes me French toast."

APRIL 25, 1973 (EP. #2239)
Stephen Bolster appeared as Ted Clark.

Ted called from Chicago and bitterly informed Gil he won't grant Rachel a divorce. Ted relented and consented to John drawing up the divorce papers after Gil asked if he was willing to hurt Jamie by being spiteful to Rachel.

Ted: (over the phone to Gil) "I'm not going to let Rachel become Mrs. Frame so easily."

MAY 1, 1973 (EP. #2243)
First appearance of Robert Emhardt as Mackenzie Cory.

LOUISE HANGS UP AS IRIS AND CORY ENTER WITH DENNIS. Louise: "Oh, hello, Mrs. Carrington. And Mr. Cory.. how are you?"
Cory: (Robert Emhardt, Introduction Line) “Very well, thank you, Mrs. Goddard. It’s nice to see you again."
Louise: "It’s been a long time."
Cory: "Well, it would be very nice if things were the way they used to be."
Cory: "I’ve known a lot of women in my life, but you’re a hard one to figure out."
Iris: "Like father, like daughter."

MAY 11, 1973 (EP. #2251)
Diana Walker temporarily plays the role of Alice Matthews Frame in this episode.

MAY 17, 18, 22, 23, and 24, 1973: Pre-Empted due to Watergate Hearings.

MAY 28, 1973 (EP. #2257)
Eliot finalized preparations for himself, Dennis, and Louise to move to Bay City permanently so Dennis could receive medical treatment from Russ. Alice told Russ she would rather remain in New York and find work elsewhere than come home.

MAY 29, 1973 (EP. #2258)
Alice had a change of heart and moved with Eliot, Dennis, and Louise to remain as Dennis's nurse in Bay City. Alice realized she's become very fond of Eliot and Dennis, though Louise seemed to dislike her.

JUNE 5, 1973: Pre-empted due to Watergate Hearings.

JUNE 8, 1973 (EP. #2265)
Divorce of Steve and Alice.

JUNE 25 - 29, 1973: Pre-empted due to Watergate Hearings.

JULY 2, 1973 (EP. #2276)
Wedding of Steve and Rachel. Robert introduced Iris to Ada, Gil, and Jamie.


Fuller: “Dearly beloved, we are gathered together today, to join in matrimony Steven and Rachel...”

JULY 11 and 16, 1973: Pre-empted due to Watergate Hearings.

JULY 17, 1973 (EP. #2285)
Last appearance of Jane Alice Brandon as Nurse Harriet Sullivan.

JULY 19, 24, 27, 1973: Pre-empted due to Watergate Hearings.

JULY 30, 1973 (EP. #2291)
First appearance of Stefan Gierasch as Leonard Sykes.

Iris hired Louise and Sykes to bug Eliot's apartment in hopes of capturing intimate conversations between Steve and Alice that proved they still loved each other. Sykes and Louise met by the bird cages at the zoo to coordinate their plans.

AUGUST 1 and 6, 1973: Pre-empted due to Watergate Hearings.

AUGUST 8, 1973 (EP. #2296)
First appearance of Christopher Allport as Tim McGowan.

Tim: (Introduction Line) (Over the phone) "Hello?"
Gil: "Tim?"
Tim: "Yeah. Oh, Pop... how are you?"

AUGUST 15, 1973 (EP. #2301)
Wedding of Gil McGowan and Ada. Mary and Sam (listed) were attendants.

Rachel: “Oh, mom, I hope you’ll be as happy as Steve and I are.”

Notes: Sam Lucas is listed with Mary as wedding attendants. His planned appearance in this episode was likely dropped based on script notes and the character's lack of dialogue.

AUGUST 17, 1973 (EP. #2303)
Eliot and Dennis played chess. Rachel made Eliot's acquaintance while spending the day with Iris at the Carrington residence. Jamie and Dennis met for the first time and instantly became friends. Eliot reminded Dennis that they have to check with Russ before he can play outside. Rachel and Iris socialized in Iris' suite while Eliot went to make some business phone calls.

(CARRINGTON RESIDENCE) Iris: "I've brought some friends I want you to meet. This is Mrs. Frame, and her son, Jamie."
Dennis: "Hi."
Rachel: "Hello, Dennis. I'm pleased to meet you after hearing so much about you."
Jamie: "I brought you something Dennis."
Dennis: "Gee, thanks, Jamie." (IRIS LEADS RACHEL INTO THE ROOM. DENNIS AND JAMIE GO INTO A CORNER AND OPEN THE PRESENT) ....Wow, Dad, look what Jamie gave me." (HE HOLDS UP A CATCHER'S MITT) "I've never had one of these before."
Jamie: "Maybe you can come out to my house and play catch with Dad and me sometime." [....]

Jamie: "Your Dad's nice."
Dennis: "Yeah, he's quite a guy. What's yours like?"
Jamie: "He's great. But I haven't known him very long."
Dennis: "I don't get it."
Jamie: "Well, my Mom and Dad just got married a little while ago."
Dennis: "Oh, he's your stepfather?"
Jamie: "No, he's my real father, but they couldn't get married when I was born but now it's all worked out fine."
Dennis: "Good."
Jamie: "I went with them on their honeymoon to St. Croix."
Dennis: "You did? Hey, Dad and I went to St. Croix last spring, too."
Jamie: "With your mother?"
Dennis: "Well, she came down to visit us. My parents are separated."
Jamie: "How come?"
Dennis: "They just don't get along together."
Jamie: "Grownups sure have pretty mixed up lives sometimes, don't they?"
Dennis: "You can say that again, but I keep hoping Dad and Mom will get back together."
Jamie: "Don't give up Dennis. My folks got together finally and maybe yours will too."

SEPTEMBER 3, 1973: Pre-empted due to Watergate Hearings.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1973 (EP. #2318)
Last appearance of Walter Mathews as Gerald Davis (1973).

Gerald: (Exit Line) (To Rachel Cory in the Frame house) "Honey, I never meant to hurt you, believe me. But you've got to look out for yourself, because no one else ever does it for you."

SEPTEMBER 17, 1973 (EP. #2323)
Leonard Sykes gifted Louise with Mr. Pepys, a parakeet in honor of their meetings by the bird cages. Sykes played his latest audio tape for Iris, of Alice protesting to Eliot that she didn't love Steve, and she told him Louise would pay him at the usual spot, by the aviary at the zoo. Iris planned to get Steve and Alice together so that Sykes could tape them. To help Iris's plan, Louise phoned Lenore and said Iris was interested in building a house in Bay City, as it would give Iris an excuse to talk to Steve. Russ dropped Dennis off at home, where he complained to Eliot that he never gets to do the physical things Jamie does. Steve told Iris the feelings were mutual when she said Dennis was very fond of Jamie. Louise hid the transcripts she was making when Rachel dropped by to invite Iris to dinner so she and Steve could get to know her better, since their sons were becoming fast friends. Iris tried to temp Rachel into visiting her friends Stockton and Bibi Ruggles in Switzerland to get her out of town.

Louise: (To her plants) "Good morning, friends. [CUPPING ONE PLANT AFFECTIONATELY] Now, now, Emily, why do you look so dour this morning? Don't tell me you and Mr. Belvedere are still arguing?"

SEPTEMBER 18, 1973 (EP. #2324)
Dennis apologized to Alice for blurting out that Jamie had accompanied Steve and Rachel on their honeymoon. Alice told Jim that while she was very fond of Eliot, the main reason she didn't want to accept his marriage proposal was that it might make Dennis unhappy, since he was entertaining thoughts of his parents reuniting. Steve implied he may have made the same mistake with Rachel when Robert lamented that he rushed things with Lenore by proposing. Robert was silent when Russ arrived to pick Lenore up for lunch. Tim was irritated when Janice broke their lunch date to accept a date with Robert. John invited Tim home to dinner when he sensed he was having a rough time settling in to Bay City. Russ told a despondent Lenore that he was there if she wanted to discuss the nightmares plaguing her, then had to comfort her some more when Janice and Robert walked into the restaurant laughing and joking.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1973 (EP. #2325)
Tim complained that Gil had no faith in him when Gil had doubts about Tim's idea to woo back former clients to John's business. Pat was clueless when Robert thought she might know why Lenore was so violently against marriage. Robert was defensive when Lenore had less than kinds words for his dinner with Janice. Tim told Lenore he, not Robert, was the right man for Janice. Rachel protested to Steve that she hadn't known at the time that Gerald had tricked Alice into finding Rachel and Steve together (which, although innocent, was interpreted by Alice as something incriminating). Steve agreed to start over when Rachel declared she loved him and wanted to give him the family he'd always wanted.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1973 (EP. #2326)
Alice wasn't up to it when Pat came over to see if she could talk her into coming over for dinner. Louise showed Iris the latest batch of transcripts. Iris didn't believe the one in which Alice tells Jim she can't make up her mind on whether she'll marry Eliot. Louise covered when Alice caught her double-checking that the mike was well hidden in the bookcase of Eliot's study. Alice insisted to Lenore that she wasn't mistaken when she'd eavesdropped on Rachel and Steve and heard them say they'd been seeing each other behind her back since the day Steve married her. Iris dropped hints about her and Eliot reconciling when she had dinner with Robert, Rachel, and Steve, and later told Rachel she may have found a way to force Alice out of their lives forever.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1973 (EP. #2327)
Tim said he'd take Jamie to the ball game when Gil got a call about a break-in. Robert told Lenore he suspects her interest in him was mostly as a substitute father to Wally. Robert told Janice she had nothing to do with the difficulties he was having with Lenore. Lenore confided in Steve that she feels a marriage would make her just a shadow of a man. Rachel gushed to Ada that things were wonderful with Steve, who confided to Lenore that things are fine when he's with Rachel but that when he's not, he begins to realize he doesn't really love her.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1973 (EP. #2328)
Sykes told Louise it was too risky to plant bugs in the Randolph and Curtin homes. Alice told Russ she really wasn't interested in either Steve or Eliot. Iris told Louise to sew some designer labels into some cheap hats she was giving Rachel. Iris and Louise prepared to scramble when the latest transcripts revealed Lenore was trying to convince Alice to see Steve. Jim didn't want to hear about Janice's suspicions of Alice and Eliot. Tim criticized Janice's harsh treatment of Jim, but she didn't like Jim's superior airs or his feelings toward Rachel. Dennis showed off his swimming certificate to Eliot.

Louise: "But that's wicked, Mrs. Carrington."
Iris: "[SMILING] Isn't it?"

SEPTEMBER 25, 1973
Pre-empted due Watergate Senate Hearings

SEPTEMBER 26, 1973 (EP. #2329)
Rachel told Janice how impressed she was with Iris and her lavish lifestyle. Rachel advised Janice to take the initiative and pursue Robert. Taking Rachel's advice to drop in on Robert at his office, Janice overheard Lenore tell Pat that Steve implied to her things weren't going well with Rachel. Janice stalked out of the room when Tim told her she was fooling herself by pursuing Robert. Tim peeked at a confidential envelope Robert had brought over. Eliot tried to warn Rachel about Iris, and she got irritated with him when he wouldn't confirm his interest in Alice.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1973 (EP. #2330)
Janice told Rachel she heard Lenore and Pat conspiring to get Alice and Steve back together. Rachel was suspicious when Steve called to say he had a business dinner and wouldn't be home until late. Before she intervened on Steve's behalf, Pat made him reassure her he wasn't going to do anything to hurt Alice. Gil told Tim he was taking special care of himself ever since he married Ada. When Rachel came over to see Ada (who wasn't there), Gil told her she wouldn't be able to stop Steve from seeing Alice if that was what he wanted.

SEPTEMBER 28, 1973 (EP. #2331)
Russ told Eliot that Dennis was almost fully recovered. Eliot told Iris she was the one getting bored with Bay City when she wanted to take Dennis to Europe. Iris got Steve to speak to Rachel about going on a short trip to New York with her. Pat dropped the twins off with Jim so she could go and talk to Alice. Alice agreed to see Steve only if Pat were present.

Iris: "Rachel is my friend, not yours."
Eliot: "I know you'd like her to believe that."

OCTOBER 1, 1973 (EP. #2332)
Iris and Louise made plans to detain Rachel in New York so she wouldn't interfere in Steve and Alice's meeting. Sykes came by and warned Louise that Eliot would probably press charges if their activities were uncovered. Steve wondered why Iris wanted to live in Bay City when Lenore showed him the rough plans Robert drew up for her house. Pat came to tell Steve that Alice finally agreed to meet with him, but warned him that Alice was still bitter about what happened between them. Louise covered when Rachel came by and happened to glance at the transcripts Louise was typing. Iris wasn't happy when Rachel told her she'd changed her mind about the trip to New York. Steve insisted Rachel call and renew her trip plans when she told him about postponing them.

OCTOBER 2, 1973 (EP. #2333)
Pat and Jim tried to convince Mary it would be good for Alice to talk to Steve. Iris protested about Eliot's plan to enrol Dennis in the local school when Russ told them Dennis should start his life as a normal boy but would have to remain in town so that Russ could monitor his progress. Russ tried to ask Iris out to dinner to discuss Bay City schools. Tim hoped Robert would fill him in on some aspects of Frame Enterprises. Rachel told Ada she's worried Steve may see Alice while she's away, but felt the trip with Iris was important as Iris could open doors for her.

OCTOBER 3, 1973 (EP. #2334)
Alice told Mary she was tired of running away like a little girl when things got rough and would see Steve since it might make her realize he doesn't mean that much to her anymore. Robert tried to get Janice interested in Tim, but she wouldn't bite. Robert said at least Janice was honest about the way she feels when Lenore commented that he fell for it every time Janice buttered him up. Eliot agreed to let Alice meet Steve in his study. Robert was uncomfortable when Janice dropped by his apartment to tell him she loved him. Janice told him he didn't have to be lonely, and Robert didn't pull away when she kissed him.

OCTOBER 4, 1973 (EP. #2335)
John told Steve he was making a mistake if he saw Alice behind Rachel's back. Steve revealed to him that when Gerald had returned briefly a few weeks ago he'd been by to say Steve owed him money for making it possible for Rachel and Steve to marry by having tricked Alice. Eliot got into an argument with Iris for encouraging Rachel to place importance on the kind of lifestyle Iris led. Tim wondered why Janice was all smiles. Rachel asked Janice to keep Steve busy while she was away, but Janice had counted on spending all her free time with Robert. Iris told Rachel her father was giving a little party in her honor when they arrived in New York.

OCTOBER 5, 1973 (EP. #2336)
Ada wasn't home when Mary came to talk so Gil filled her shoes, telling Mary that Ada had overheard Gerald tell Rachel at her wedding that she wouldn't be getting married if it wasn't for him. Even though Mary was Ada's best friend, Gil worried about Ada getting caught in the middle when Mary wanted Ada to talk Steve out of seeing Alice. Eliot arranged to go out of town (as part of Iris's plan) and Louise was only too happy to take Dennis out while Alice had her afternoon appointment. Gil warned Steve that Ada would have to pick up the pieces if Rachel's marriage fell apart. Pat left the room when she brought Steve to meet with Alice. Steve begged Alice to listen to what he had to say, as Sykes listened in on their conversation.

Alice: (To Steve) "You lied to me, and cheated on me, and now you expect me to believe there is an explanation."

OCTOBER 8, 1973 (EP. #2337)
Alice told Steve she'd heard Rachel say that he was with her the day Alice lost her baby. Steve said he'd never told her that Rachel insisted on being present whenever he saw Jamie because he knew how Alice felt about Rachel. Steve said he married Rachel only to provide a home for Jamie. Rachel worried when she phoned from New York and Janice told her Steve wasn't at home. Mary got upset when Russ told her today was the day Steve and Alice were meeting. Alice admitted she couldn't forget what she and Steve had shared together. When she wept that he was married to Rachel, he vowed to free himself. Alice thanked Pat for arranging the meeting, feeling hope for the first time in months.

Steve: (To Alice) "I loved you more than anything on earth."

OCTOBER 9, 1973 (EP. #2338)
Pat interrupted Lenore and Helen's Scrabble game to relate what she knew of Alice and Steve's meeting, which wasn't much. Robert told Steve he might have to fight Rachel if he wants a divorce from her. Russ thought it might ease Iris's jealousy of Alice when Pat told him Louise (who would tell Iris) saw Alice and Steve together at Eliot's. Steve dropped by to thank Lenore for her help in reuniting him with Alice. Robert voiced his frustrations when Lenore said she wanted to start again where they left off.

Steve: (To Robert) "Alice loves me and I love her and I'm going to make sure we get back together again."

OCTOBER 10, 1973 (EP. #2339)
While Iris was away, Louise tried on one of her furs and admired herself in the mirror. Eliot told Louise it was nobody else's business that Alice had a meeting with Steve. Iris apologized to Rachel for cutting short their trip and making her miss out on some of their plans when Louise phoned that Sykes had a tape of Alice and Steve's conversation. Steve was less than enthusiastic when Rachel called to tell him she was coming home. Louise and Sykes had a close call when Eliot dropped by. John warned Steve he had no proof of fraud or that Rachel was involved in Gerald's schemes. Dennis gave his enthusiastic approval when Eliot told him he loved Alice and hoped to marry her. Eliot was outraged and in shock when he discovered the hidden microphone in his bookcase.

OCTOBER 11, 1973 (EP. #2340)
Alice told Jim and Mary that she was as much to blame as Steve for their separation. Mary was upset when Alice insisted she'd forced Steve to lie to her, and was dejected when she couldn't talk Alice out of a reconciliation. While Alice chastised herself for playing into Rachel's hands, Russ warned that Rachel may not go quietly into divorce. Eliot came to see Gil about the wire he found. When he rejected Mac or Iris as the culprit, Zack, Gil's new assistant, said it might have been done with someone besides Eliot in mind. Iris thrilled when Louise played the tape of Steve and Alice's conversation, but Louise cautioned her that it would go badly for her if she played the tape for Eliot. Iris and Sykes squared off over who would take the fall when he revealed that the mike had gone dead, and he gained the upper hand when he revealed that he'd made secret tapes of Iris and Louise's conversations.

OCTOBER 12, 1973 (EP. #2341)
Steve was evasive when Rachel inquired about his cold kisses and distant behavior, but admitted he had seen Alice. Janice tried to calm Rachel's fears about Steve and Alice. Janice argued with Steve that whatever Rachel has done was because she loved him. Steve advised Lenore to show Robert she loved him when she got upset that he readily accepted Janice's invitation to lunch. Rachel was dumbfounded when Iris played the Steve/Alice tape for her.

OCTOBER 15, 1973: Pre-empted.

OCTOBER 16, 1973 (EP. #2342)
Iris and Louise feigned innocence about the tape's origins to Rachel, to whom they gave it. Iris bolstered Rachel's courage when she felt at a disadvantage. Louise laughed and admired Iris's ingenuity when Iris said they could play the tape for Eliot on pretext of having got a copy from Rachel. Russ was pleased with Dennis's progress as it proved his theory that certain heart conditions could be treated without surgery. Iris told Louise to pay Sykes into leaving town when Louise worried about being implicated. Eliot's hopes took a blow when Alice (who no longer works for him now that Dennis is better) hinted at her meeting with Steve. Gil and Zack arrived at Eliot's to reinsert the wire and tell Eliot to set up some fake conversations in hopes of leading them to whoever was responsible. Rachel didn't let on to anything when she came home and saw Steve helping Jamie with his homework.

Iris: (Listening to the Steve/Alice tape) "Oh, turn it off, Louise. I've had all I can take of that sentimental pair."

OCTOBER 17, 1973 (EP. #2343)
John got furious with Eliot when Eliot invited him to his suite and began speaking badly of Alice and highly of Iris.

OCTOBER 18, 1973 (EP. #2344)
Iris wasn't pleased that Eliot had enrolled Dennis in Bay City Junior High, and he told her he didn't want Dennis to make the same mistakes he did of being taken in by spoiled, frivolous people. Mary was concerned for Alice while Jim was just happy she'd opened up to them. Pat came to ask Jim if he knew why John was so harsh in his views of Eliot. Iris was elated when Louise revealed the latest tapes showed Eliot admitting his love of Iris. Russ noticed Iris's good mood right away when he came to talk about Dennis's schooling situation. Eliot told Lenore about the police's plan so that she wouldn't go to Alice about hearing that Eliot was saying things that were contradictory.

OCTOBER 19, 1973 (EP. #2345)
Rachel told Ada she's got evidence of a meeting between Steve and Alice. Janice broke her dinner date with Robert when Rachel asked her to come over so she could tell her about the tape.

OCTOBER 22, 1973 (EP. #2346)
Alice didn't have a clue when Mary asked her about John's new attitude toward Eliot. Jim agreed when Mary asked him to confront John about it since it might involve Alice. Gil told Eliot that the mike was connected to a room in Eliot's hotel used by a man named "Barrett." Gil relented when Eliot insisted on telling Alice her conversation with Steve may have been taped. Robert didn't have much to offer when Steve wanted to know if Janice could help explain Rachel's recent behavior. Mary tried to block her way when Rachel showed up demanding to talk to Alice, but Rachel stuck her foot between the door and the jamb. Rachel began to play the tape for Alice after Alice sent Mary to Pat's.

NOVEMBER 1, 1973: Pre-empted.

NOVEMBER 2, 1973 (EP. #2354)
Steve accused Rachel of not having any use for him unless she can get something in return. He urged her to travel and meet Iris' New York society friends, but Rachel insisted she only cares about being married to him. Rachel told a surprised Steve she has settled with being his wife in name only. Steve didn't want to talk about Alice with Rachel, who claimed Alice is ruining his life and runs away from her problems. Steve warned Rachel she's fighting a losing battle and he'd leave her if not for wanting to protect Jamie.

Notes: Unfortunately, the scripts for October 23, 1973 - January 10, 1974 are inexplicably missing from the collection at the Popular Culture Library of Bowling Green State University. Following are summaries of events believed to have occurred during this time.

Rachel accepted being Steve's wife in name only but fought tooth and nail against his demands for a divorce. Steve had Lenore accompany Jamie on his visits to see Steve, much to Rachel and Robert's chagrin. Steve refused to believe Rachel's claims that she hadn't been involved or had knowledge of Gerald tricking Alice into leaving town. Rachel and Iris became friends based on common ground-both wanted Alice out of their husbands' lives.

Mac had Eliot sign a long-term publishing contract to keep him under Iris' thumb. Dennis remained fond of Alice, who was no longer his live-in nurse, and didn't have any qualms towards Eliot's hopes of marrying Alice. John and Pat succeeded in putting their marriage back together. Rachel enjoyed traveling with Iris and mingling in affluent social circles.

Eliot was persistent in wanting Alice to accept his marriage proposal. Eliot deduced that Iris had his suite bugged and recruited Gil and Zack to investigate. He was outraged to discover that Louise and Sykes were the culprits and were following Iris' orders, prompting him to demand a divorce. Eliot understood when Alice revealed she still loved Steve, with whom she began a reconciliation. Jim and Mary were on opposite sides of the fence regarding this development. Jim believed that Steve and Alice were destined for one another, while Mary held a grudge for all the pain he and Rachel have caused her. John, Pat, and Lenore were among the most objective in their support of Steve and Alice. They warned Steve he must redeem himself before Alice can truly forgive him, leave the past behind, and consent to marriage.

Robert and Lenore separated when he became suspicious that Steve and Lenore were romantically involved. John recruited Tim McGowan for his law firm as his protege. Rachel became disinterested in Janice's efforts to snag Robert. Jamie ran away due to the turmoil surrounding his parents. Dennis found Jamie and their friendship deepened because their respective parents were estranged. Robert started his own architectural firm. Tim became more ambitious after John assigned him to help manage Steve's account. Janice saw the misery Rachel was putting Steve through and befriended Alice.

Russ developed feelings for Iris but kept her at bay because she wouldn't give Eliot a divorce. Louise remained steadfast in her loyalty towards Iris and resented Alice's presence. Robert continued his affair with Janice despite his love for Lenore. Tim tried to convince Janice that she was fighting an uphill battle with Lenore for Robert and pursued her with earnest. Sam Lucas visited Ada during the holidays. Gil and Ada gave Sam an offer to live with them so he could piece his life back together.