JANUARY 2, 1975 (EP. #2647)
Mac promised a glum Dennis he would speak to Rachel about allowing Jamie to visit. Robert thought Lenore was imagining Carol's crush on him. Carol alerted Mac that Rachel was upset, then tried to get him to support her going to New York with Robert. Russ warned Iris not to provoke Rachel. Mac thought it outrageous of Iris when Rachel showed him her note that came with the returned gifts. Mac kissed Rachel after making plans to have her learn how to ride.

JANUARY 3, 1975 (EP. #2648)
Mac told a skeptical Ada he wants to protect Rachel from the kind of humiliations she'd known in the past. Returned from St. Croix, Steve and Alice tried to figure out a way to see Jamie without Rachel's presence. Robert brought Steve up to date on the Cory project. Russ left quickly before Iris could drag him into her argument with Mac. When Mac threatened to move out, Iris told Louise they may have to recruit help from someone in New York.

Note: A hand-written note next to the Iris/Mac argument scene "Cory: Be tougher"

JANUARY 6, 1975 (EP. #2649) (First ongoing 60-minute episode)
Dave agreed to transfer Alice to the children's ward. Liz told Alice it was all over between her and Mac thanks to Rachel. Lenore was pleased when Robert told her Carol wouldn't accompany him to New York. Neil aggravated Carol by bringing up her repeated efforts to accompany Robert. Dennis asked Mac to talk to Rachel about Jamie's visits with Steve. Iris promised Mac to do everything she could to make Rachel feel comfortable. Rachel dropped Jamie off, told Mac she'd miss him when he was in NY, then exchanged "pleasantries" with Iris. Iris and Russ worried about an unhappy Liz. Louise agreed to help Iris only after Iris assured her the plan, unlike the last one, wasn't illegal. Iris wanted to contact Cynthia Whitefield to inquire how she broke up her son Reggie's engagement. Alice, Mary, and Jim tried to console Liz. Rachel agreed to let Mac handle Jamie's visits with Steve. Robert and Lenore spied on them from across the restaurant as Mac told Rachel that after many lonely years he had found in her something to look forward to.

JANUARY 7, 1975 (EP. #2650)
Richard told Iris to ask Carol for Cynthia's address. Iris phoned Pat and Lenore to invite them to a party she's throwing for Richard, which is really an excuse to throw Mac and Liz together. Carol didn't want to take Lenore up on her offer to help out at the office while Robert was away. Steve was surprised to hear Mac had been seeing Rachel. Lenore insisted to Vic she had been wrong to resist giving up her job for so long. Carol agreed to ask Therese about Cynthia's whereabouts for Iris. Carol arranged to fly to NY to see Therese after phoning her doctor and learning she wasn't well.

Carol: "You're not as amusing as you think you are."
Neil: "Sorry... I'll try harder."

JANUARY 8, 1975 (EP. #2651)
Steve and Alice assured Mac they were agreeable to using him as a go-between for Jamie's visits. Carol couldn't accept Dave's invite to Iris's party since she had NY plans. Mac asked Carol to the party since most of the guests weren't friendly to Rachel. Carol admitted to Rachel her mother's health was just an excuse to go to NY, and Rachel encouraged her to try harder with Robert. Steve promised Jamie they were going to see a lot more of each other from now on. Alice told Mary and Jim she and Steve would do what they could to help Liz with Mac. Ada was uncomfortable in the fancy surroundings when she and Gil had dinner with Rachel and Mac at the Tallboys, and Mac told her not to judge him too harshly. Everyone lifted their glass when Ada promised to give Mac a chance.

JANUARY 9, 1975 (EP. #2652)
Robert and Lenore both thought it a good idea Carol head up a branch office in NY. Liz wondered to Lenore if Helen would share an apartment with her when Helen returned from her cruise. John introduced Jim to Barbara Weaver, Sam's replacement, and the first woman to clerk for a Supreme Court justice. John told a worried Ada she was misjudging Mac. Liz moaned to Iris that Mac lost his regard for her thanks to her pursuit of him. Lenore offered to help out when she saw how overworked Neil was without Robert and Carol. John put Barbara on the phone so Pat could welcome her to Bay City. Pat filled Mary in on her and Sam. Robert was annoyed when Lenore phoned him that Carol was in NY.

Dennis: (About Mac and Rachel) "You know, Jamie, if things work out, you and I might be related some day, too..."
Jamie: "Hey, then we'd be like brothers... or cousins.. I don't know which..."

JANUARY 10, 1975 (EP. #2653)
Robert came down on Carol for leaving the office without his knowledge, but she got him to delay his flight back to Bay City. Liz criticized Iris for being severe with Mac. Rachel told Ada Iris has been treating her like dirt, and Ada felt Iris didn't want her father marrying Russ's ex-wife. Rachel pushed past Ada when Ada warned her not to crash Iris's party, at which Mac and Iris chatted with Steve and Alice. Everyone stopped speaking and stared at Rachel as she made a dramatic entrance. Iris turned and started out when Mac, covering for Rachel, said he'd invited her. Steve, Alice, Pat, John, and Russ (who guided Richard away from Rachel) all turned away from Rachel, who burst into tears and fled, while Iris smiled from the doorway. Robert wouldn't let Carol stay in Mac's townhouse overnight since he was staying there. Mac convinced Rachel not to flee the party, then popped the question.

Mac: "Rachel, I love you..."
Rachel: "Don't say that if you don't mean it."
Mac: "But I do mean it... I wake up every morning longing to see you again."

Mac: "Trust me, my dear."
Rachel: "I do."
Mac: "Enough to consent to be my wife?"
Rachel: "You don't mean that."
Mac: "I've never meant anything so much in my life. I want to take care of you the rest of my life."
Rachel: "Iris will never let you marry me."
Mac: "Iris has nothing to do with it. [BEAT] Well, don't keep me in suspense, please... Will you marry me?"
Rachel: "Yes... Oh yes [HE KISSES HER]"

JANUARY 13, 1975 (EP. #2654)
There was stunned silence, then a quiet murmur of voices after Mac announced Rachel consented to be his wife. Liz broke away, sobbing, and Pat followed her. Richard was the first to step up and offer his hand to Mac. John came next, then Steve, to congratulate Mac. Mac raised his glass and bade everyone toast the future Mrs. Cory, but Iris moved quickly to him and took the glass from his hand, saying, "No, Daddy... not in my house." Carol told Robert she'd never gotten the attention from her mother she'd wanted. John defended Rachel to Iris, who found Steve agreed with her. Richard told Liz in his opinion Rachel really loved Mac. Carol phoned Loretta Simpson about Cynthia. Mac hoped Jamie would accept him as his father. Iris warned Mac Rachel would make him miserable, then insisted he never come back when he announced he was moving into a hotel.

JANUARY 14, 1975 (EP. #2655)
Steve's brother Willis showed up on Steve's doorstep and introduced himself to Alice, thinking she was Liz. Willis, impressed by the house, explained Janice (whom he'd been staying with the past couple of months) hadn't known to tell him Alice and Steve were back together. Willis was a bit bitter that Steve never wrote at first when he'd left home at age 17, then after Ma died and Emma and Burt took over the farm, letters began to come with a check. Iris broke it to Dennis that Mac had moved out, and he threw a tantrum when she forbade him to see Jamie. Gil proudly showed Ada the building blocks for Nancy he was making himself. Ada was upset by the news then realized how happy Rachel was to be engaged to Mac. Ada badgered Rachel when she couldn't say she loved Mac, but Rachel vowed she will once they're married. Alice dragged Willis to lunch with Mary, whom he told he'd been doing odd jobs in various towns since Vietnam, and Mary remarked that Russ dropped out of school to move from town to town before deciding to go back to school and become a doctor. Rachel laughed and tore up the blank check Iris handed her.

Willis: (John Fitzpatrick, Introduction Line) "[SMILING] What's the matter?"
Alice: "You aren't the postman?"
Willis: "No, Ma'am... Sorry."

Ada: "What's so funny?"
Gil: "Never thought I'd be married to Mac Cory's mother-in-law!"

Notes: First appearance of John (Jerry) Fitzpatrick as Willis Frame.

JANUARY 15, 1975 (EP. #2656)
Robert convinced Lenore to forsake making dinner in favor of doing something more intimate. Neil provided a running commentary on Carol's life as she accepted a date with Dave over the phone. Willis hid and listened when Steve and Jamie came in, then stepped out when Jamie went in the other room. Steve didn't recognize Willis at first, but then was very happy to see him. Jamie came back in shyly and Steve introduced him to Willis, who didn't want to be called "Uncle Willis." Carol told Dave she can't feel sorry for Iris because Iris had dominated her early life by her relationship with Therese. Steve told Vic to find some work for Willis on the project, while Willis smiled broadly at Barbara, Vic's date. Helen came back from her trip.

JANUARY 17, 1975 (EP. #2658)
Mac gave Rachel an engagement ring but she couldn't wear it until they broke the news to Jamie. Russ relented when Iris begged him to talk to Mac about Rachel. Carol assured Rachel she intended to keep on trying with Robert, then admitted she was seeing Dave only so she wouldn't be lonely. Rachel asked Carol to be her maid of honor, and agreed Robert would be a good choice of best man. Mac was embarrassed by Russ's tactful warnings about Rachel. Steve explained to Willis that Frame Enterprises was involved in planning and constructing industrial buildings, as well as some residential ones. Robert told Willis he and Lenore were very fond of Janice. Carol weaseled out of it when Robert wanted her to work in NY, then got irritated at Willis's friendly glances. Jamie worried about his relationship with Steve when Mac and Rachel told him their news.

Willis: (To Steve about the Frame Enterprises offices) "It sure beats the farm, doesn't it?"

JANUARY 20, 1975 (EP. #2659)
Cynthia suggested Iris use the services of Philip Wainwright to lure Rachel away from Mac. Carol inquired about Lenore's first husband, Walter. Rachel told Gil her wedding would be a big affair remembered for years. Philip was less than agreeable when Cynthia asked him to come over and meet Iris, since he was already squiring a mark around town. Over dinner with the Delaneys, Neil revealed he has three sisters and two brothers, and grew up on a farm. John warned Rachel she may be mistaking infatuation for love, but insisted he would always be on her side. Helen was happy to let Liz move in with her. Cynthia told Philip to dispense with the grand gestures when he flattered Iris. Iris implored Philip to come "scout the territory" in Bay City.

Iris: (About Mac) "He's got himself engaged to a most frightful creature."

Notes: First appearance of James Luisi as Philip Wainwright.

JANUARY 21, 1975 (EP. #2660)
Marianne was appalled to come across Pat and John hotly arguing about Rachel. Jim suggested Russ ask Richard to have a friendly talk with Liz. Steve and Alice planned a party so Willis could meet some people. Willis told Alice his parents' marriage put him off marriage and children. Steve asked Pat to throw the party for Willis. Willis rifled through Steve's financial records. Russ told Richard not to give up trying to spend time with Liz. A tearful Marianne told her grandparents that John was leaving again. Mary called John to clear up the misunderstanding and ask that Marianne stay overnight. Mary told Jim they have to start treating Michael and Marianne as different individuals. Steve told Willis he wants to make up for the unhappiness he'd caused him, but later, when Alice told him how important his family was to Steve, Willis wondered where Steve had been when they needed him.

Willis: (To Steve) "One day you were there, and the next day gone.. I stood down at the end of the road till it got dark, waiting for you to come back..."

Notes: First appearance of Ariana Muenker as Marianne Randolph.

JANUARY 22, 1975 (EP. #2661)
Jamie assured Rachel he was used to the idea of never being able to live at Steve's house again. Rachel urged Mac to make up with Iris. Lenore and Helen said an emotional goodbye when Helen moved the last of her things out. Ada admitted to a pleased Rachel she had been wrong about Mac. Cynthia cautioned Iris that Philip could be treacherous. Philip dropped the ambassador's daughter when Iris handed him a check. Mac asked Lenore to make nice with Rachel. Barbara realized Vic was sweet on Lenore when he got all excited over her dropping by the office. Jamie told Dennis he was going to be his uncle-in-law, but Louise suggested they refer to each other as cousins. Robert had a tough time convincing Lenore to get friendly with Rachel. Rachel suggested Robert when Mac wanted Jay Sheppard to be his best man.

Rachel: (To Jamie) "As soon as Mac and I are married, he'll build us a house even bigger and better than Steve's. You just wait and see."

JANUARY 23, 1975 (EP. #2662)
Willis told Carol he finds it hard to understand Steve's conciliatory attitude. Neil advised Willis not to expect to make much headway with Carol. Willis wondered if Pat asked him to her party just because he was Steve's brother. Pat and Lenore were horrified they might be invited to Rachel's wedding. Liz didn't appreciate Mary's unsolicited advice. Willis accused Steve of trying to smooth off some of his rough edges. Dave accepted a date from Carol, then reassured Mary Alice was handling the children's ward just fine. Jim advised Pat to be more concerned about her two teenagers than about Rachel. Dave decided it was a good time for sex when Carol dropped hints about the serviceable bed in Robert's office bedroom.

JANUARY 24, 1975 (EP. #2663)
Carol lied to Robert that the cufflinks he found in the bedroom where Neil's that she found on the floor. Carol urged Robert to accept Mac's offer of being his best man. Iris introduced Philip to a puzzled Louise as an old friend. Willis forced a kiss on Carol just to prove he could. Robert was disappointed in her when Lenore objected to Mac's offer. Rachel considered having the wedding at the complex. Mac was pleased when Iris promised to start afresh. Richard coaxed Liz into going for a drive. Iris introduced Philip to Mac and Rachel, and Mac recalled his first wife had been close with his mother.

Philip: (On meeting Rachel) "You're as lovely and enchanting as Iris told me."

Notes: Iris's friends, Millicent Marberry and Mortimer Andrews.

JANUARY 27, 1975 (EP. #2664)
Robert demanded that Carol no longer use the bedroom in the office. Carol objected when Robert told Mac to find another best man. Iris and Philip conspired to throw him together with Rachel, then she told Russ not to be jealous of him. Ada didn't appreciate Carol's idea that Rachel get even with Lenore for not letting Robert be best man. Neil covered for Carol when Robert confronted him about the cufflinks. Gil persuaded Ada to talk to Lenore about Rachel. Iris egged Mac on to play polo with Philip.

JANUARY 28, 1975 (EP. #2665)
Robert accused Lenore of trying to run his office from their living room. John had to tell a disappointed Willis that both Barbara and Carol already had escorts to the party. John told Steve and Alice to give Rachel the benefit of the doubt. Lenore told Ada her loyalty to the Matthews family prevented her from taking part in Rachel's wedding. Michael was relieved to get a break from studying geometry when John suggested he put the basketball backboard that Russ gifted him for Christmas over the garage door. Michael informed John and Pat that Marianne was hanging out with friends after school. Marianne accused Pat of being so busy criticizing John she had no time for Marianne. Jamie introduced him to Rachel when Willis drove him home. Rachel told him she had been Janice's first friend in Bay City, then Janice had turned against her.

Michael: (Christopher, J. Brown, Introduction Line) (Randolph living room to John) "Oh, hi, Dad. I didn't hear you come in."

Notes: First appearance of Christopher J. Brown as Michael Randolph.

JANUARY 29, 1975 (EP. #2666)
Carol quizzed Dave about Liz and Richard. Neil took Vic off his suspect list when Vic denied owning the cufflinks. Pat encouraged Liz to get out more. Dave objected more than Carol when Willis paid her a lot of attention during Pat's party.

JANUARY 30, 1975 (EP. #2667)
Iris wasn't amused by Philip's amorous advances. Barbara told Jim she overcompensated because her father had wanted a son. Mac instructed John to name Rachel his chief beneficiary, then asked him to have Robert design a house on the tract of land he had purchased by the Bay. John suggested Mac ask Dave to be his best man. Iris assure Helen she was only tolerating Rachel for Mac's sake. Dave said he'd be honored to accept Mac's request. Iris was upset with Russ (who was trying to avoid Philip) for not coming over.

JANUARY 31, 1975 (EP. #2668)
Ada was nervous when Iris came over to discuss her duties as the mother of the bride. Iris advised her to lose her financial inhibitions. Ada told Gil she doubts Iris's professed feelings are genuine. Robert and Carol agreed to design a house for Mac on the site he'd originally purchased as an extension of the complex's warehouse facilities. Carol met Alice and defended Rachel to her. Mac surprised Rachel with photos of the land for the new house. Iris chastised Philip for teaching Dennis to gamble, then told him not to waste his celebrated charm on her. Carol was annoyed with Dave for accepting Mac's request, and he stormed out when she accepted a date with Willis in front of him. Rachel asked Philip to help her choose a painting as a wedding present to Mac.

Iris: "What a charming kitchen."
Ada: "Thanks."
Iris: "It's so cozy."
Ada: "Yeah... well... we like it."

Notes: Mac's NY friends: Bishop Cartwright, Senator Blount, Huxley Roberts.

FEBRUARY 3, 1975 (EP. #2669)
Robert and Lenore disagreed over his obligations to Mac extending to his personal life. Liz told Alice she didn't want people to start thinking of Richard and her as a couple. When Barbara teased him about his infatuation with Lenore, Vic accused her of feeling safe that he was interested in someone else. Jamie assured Dennis he didn't mind Alice being married to Steve. Liz cut short her visit with Alice when Steve came home and told them about helping construct Mac's house for Rachel; later Steve told Alice Vic would be handling it for him as he preferred not to be directly involved. Carol led Dave into the bedroom when she noticed Robert spying on them. Robert stormed out without confronting them, then Carol got rid of Dave since he'd served his purpose.

FEBRUARY 4, 1975 (EP. #2670)
Rachel fretted to Ada she didn't have enough friends to be bridesmaids. Ada worried where Jamie would be living while they waited for the house to be built, so Gil suggested buying and renovating an old mansion. Iris told Philip she was counting on Mac's jealousy for the success of their plan. Carol was pleased when Robert demonstrated his irritation with Carol's sex life. Mac agreed with Gil's idea and looked over real estate listings with Rachel. Rachel was thrilled to come across the Tudor-style mansion she used to pass on her way to school (when she and Ada had lived near the Bay) and dream about living in. Louise was uncomfortable when Mac asked her to keep an eye on Philip. Iris decided she should buy Philip a partnership in the Springview Riding Academy to legitimize his presence in Bay City. Mac smile warmly at them as Rachel told Jamie her dreams about the Clayton house, which they'd just visited.

Rachel: (Part of Victoria Wyndham's ad-libbed speech about Rachel's dream mansion) "Mrs. Clayton! And in the spring, I'd get off the bus near the house and sneak thru the woods to the wall of the property so I could look at the gardens. It seemed like there were flowers as far as you could see. And usually at that time of day she'd be there."

Mac: (Reading the description of the Clayton mansion) "... Seventeen acres... lawns and a formal garden... carriage house with living quarters above... Stables... wooded area with spring-fed lake..."

FEBRUARY 5, 1975 (EP. #2671)
Michael was clueless when Pat and John asked him what was troubling Marianne. Russ told Iris he was avoiding her new houseguest, not her. Lenore told Pat Robert may admire independence and freedom in women, but not in a wife. Rachel told Willis he was out of luck with Carol if he couldn't pay for the lifestyle she was accustomed to. Jim and Barbara wondered why Iris wasn't enthusiastic about her father's wedding. Willis told Alice he hoped taking Carol out to the Tallboys would impress her, but Pat cautioned him about her. Alice reminded Pat they would hang around the Kopper Kettle when they were Marianne's age when Pat worried about her hanging out at the soda shop. John failed to dissuade Iris from funding Philip's partnership in the riding academy.

FEBRUARY 6, 1975 (EP. #2672)
Carol told Willis she wasn't fooled by his country bumpkin act. Neil wanted to accompany Carol on her date with Willis so he could take notes for a book on how to attract, maintain, and manipulate amorous suitors. Ada told Gil it would be better for Rachel if her wedding wasn't held in Bay City. Iris flung a pillow at the doorway after Mac told her he'd be remodeling a house for Rachel so they wouldn't have to delay the wedding. Philip pointed out that their scheme seemed to be more harmful to Iris's romance than her father's. Carol chided Willis for behaving like a schoolboy when he was nervous about taking her out to the Tallboys. Ada advised Mac to have the wedding in New York so Rachel won't feel everyone watching her has some grudge against her, even though it meant she and Gil couldn't attend as Nancy was too young to travel.

Gil: "If Nancy were older, she could be a flower girl at Rachel's wedding."
Ada: "Right now, she'd eat the flowers, stems and all."

Willis: "You're making fun of me, aren't you?"
Neil: "I make fun of everything."
Willis: "Why?"
Neil: "Why not?"

FEBRUARY 7, 1975 (EP. #2673)
Neil declared it was perfectly logical for Carol to sleep over some nights when an upset Lenore found Carol's nightgowns hanging in the office bedroom closet. Vic apologized to Barbara for not being able to be more than a friend right now. Dave convinced Barbara to go out with him. Philip was glad Barbara was too busy to accept Iris's offer of being Philip's escort. Mary told Pat that Marianne may confide in Alice the same way Pat used to confide in Uncle Dru. Pat warned Lenore that confronting Robert may create a problem that doesn't exist. Philip coaxed Mac into playing polo with him. Philip introduced his friend, brash Clarice Hobson, to Iris (who was appalled), Mac, and Rachel, whom she recognized as having waitressed at the Fireside Inn. Dave was cool with Carol when he and Barbara ran into her and Willis at the Tallboys. Lenore told Robert she doesn't give a hoot about Carol's reputation. Mac convinced Rachel to have a small ceremony in New York to save several people embarrassment.

Louise: "[O.C.] Yes."
Clarice: (Introduction Line) "[O.C.] Is this where Phil lives?"
Louise: "[O.C.] Phil?"
Clarice: "Yeah... he said it was this house... [PHILIP MOVES QUICKLY TO THE FOYER] Oh, there you are! [CLARICE ENTERS, WEARING A COCKTAIL DRESS, AND LOTS OF JEWELRY]"
Philip: "[TAKING HER HAND] Glad you could make it."
Clarice: "Marge is taking over at the Steakshed. [SHE COMES IN, AS IRIS STARES WITHOUT SPEAKING] Hi, folks."
Mac: "Good evening."
Philip: "Iris, this is Clarice Hobson. Iris Carrington."
Iris: "Hello, Miss Hobson."
Clarice: "Hi-ya, Iris."

Clarice: "That's a fancy first name they stuck you with."
Mac: "[AMUSED] Everyone calls me Mac."
Clarice: "Like the truck, huh?"

Notes: First appearance of Gail Brown as Clarice Ewing.

FEBRUARY 10, 1975 (EP. #2674)
Carol told Rachel a simpler wedding ceremony required a simpler wedding dress. Carol complained to Robert about the way people jumped to unpleasant conclusions about her. Carol hurled accusations at Neil as she removed her clothes from the bedroom. Rachel was upset that none of her family will be able to attend her wedding. Iris was amused that Philip said Clarice told him Rachel used to be a waitress, then initiated a plan to have Mac find Rachel in a compromising position. Carol made nice with Dave. Alice caught Pat and Marianne in the middle of their daily battle.

FEBRUARY 11, 1975 (EP. #2675)
Iris was irritated to overhear Jamie and Dennis talking about the pushed-forward date of the wedding. Iris bolted out of the kitchen when Ada let it slip the wedding was to be in New York. Russ told Rachel Hettie Clayton had been one of his patients, and told Mac she grew rather eccentric in later years. Philip convinced Rachel to let him give her riding lessons. Iris asked Russ to distract Pat while John had her sign the "silent partner" papers.

FEBRUARY 12, 1975 (EP. #2676)
Robert was irritated to learn Lenore had been doing some work for Vic at home. Vic told an angry Robert he should be pleased Lenore was interested in something more exciting than cooking and cleaning house. Robert told Steve Lenore was really jealous of Carol's independence, then he went home and apologized to Lenore. A distraught Louise berated Philip for putting his cigars out in her plants. Carol was pleased with herself for misleading Iris about the nearness of Rachel's wedding date.

Iris: (In the first scene in the soon-to-be-Cory mansion) "Why on earth would anyone want to live in this house?"
Philip: "It has a certain seedy grandeur."

FEBRUARY 13, 1975 (EP. #2677)
In New York, Mac's secretary, Miss Veasey, warned him that the reporters would be camping on his doorstep once they learn of his marriage. Russ felt Iris should know about it when Dave told him the wedding was set for tomorrow. Jamie told Ada Willis was working on Mac and Rachel's house, and Ada reminisced about all the cats old Mrs. Clayton kept there. Richard told Dave Dr. Wheeler needed him in surgery immediately, then later Mac turned down Richard's offer to fill in as best man. Liz went to pieces when Russ told her the wedding was tomorrow. Lenore told Vic she liked him but it couldn't lead anywhere, then she told Barbara not to give up on Vic. Carol was very pleased when she managed to trick Robert into coming to New York.

FEBRUARY 14, 1975 (EP. #2678)
Mac and Rachel were married.

FEBRUARY 17, 1975 (EP. #2679)
Rachel let Carol try on the black diamond mink coat Mac gave her as wedding/Valentine's Day present. Rachel told Carol that Robert may not know that Lenore was on trial for killing her supposed lover, Wayne Addison. Mac phoned Willis to have him concentrate on renovating the bedrooms before anything else. Some of his papers fell when Iris bumped into Jim, and she just had time to notice they were from Mac's accountant. Then she overheard John tell Barbara that the bulk of Mac's estate goes to Rachel under the new codicil. Philip warned Iris not to let Mac and Rachel get wind of her displeasure; then after phoning them with congratulations, Iris said it was the most degrading thing she'd ever done in her life.

FEBRUARY 18, 1975 (EP. #2680)
Angie Perrini told Ada and Gil she came back to Bay City when she was laid off at the Ogden automobile assembly plant, but she had just completed a secretarial course. Louise and Russ worried about Iris, who had retreated to her bedroom. Steve told Ada Angie might be the perfect replacement for Lenore. Jamie invited Marianne to the housewarming party, but Marianne was more interested in Willis.

Angie: (Toni Kalem, Introduction Line) "Hello, Gil."
Gil: "Angie! Well, hello."

Notes: First appearance of Toni Kalem as Angie Perrini.

FEBRUARY 19, 1975 (EP. #2681)
Robert covered up to Lenore that it was Carol who had sent him an expensive present from New York. An upset Dennis raged to Louise about being kept in the dark about Mac's wedding. Gil refused to let Carol see the police reports on the death of Walter Curtin. Steve introduced Angie to Robert as the new secretary. Dennis insisted to Russ they had to find out what was wrong with Iris. Carol pressed Wally for information on his father, then Neil came down on her for asking personal questions about his dead father. Iris insulted Russ by saying at least Philip wasn't refusing to help her with Mac and Rachel.

Neil: (About Carol's sketches) "Are those for the Clayton mansion?"
Carol: "It's the Cory mansion now, Neil."
Neil: "So it is."

FEBRUARY 20, 1975 (EP. #2682)
Willis was interested when Ada and Gil told him about Angie. Iris ripped up the announcement of Mac's marriage with a "ghastly picture of the new Mrs. Cory." Iris was annoyed when Liz vowed to be just Mac's friend from now on. Carol was seated on a sawhorse sketching a period fireplace when Willis brought Ada and Gil over to tour the mansion. Barbara regretted letting it slip out to Iris that Mac has yet to sign his new will. Willis told Angie he'll be seeing a lot of her from now on, and she accepted a lunch date to go tour the mansion. Iris introduced herself to Michael and told him he was a great basketball hero to Dennis.

Notes: First reference to the "Cory publishing complex."

FEBRUARY 21, 1975 (EP. #2683)
Marianne told Mary she gets along better with her than with Pat. Russ encouraged Jim and Mary to vacation in Steve's St. Croix house. Robert told Carol Wally uses Walter's name and not his because he assumed Wally wants to keep his own name. Liz told Ada she and Will went to parties at Hettie Clayton's years ago. Lenore got upset when Wally asked her to tell him about Walter. Liz scolded Robert for being Mac's best man, then Lenore accused him of never telling her the truth.

FEBRUARY 24, 1975 (EP. #2684)
Ada worried Mac would spoil Jamie the way he spoiled Iris. Rachel caught Ada and Gil dancing the tango in the kitchen. Rachel offered to give Liz's wedding present to Carol, but Carol warned her not to let Mac see her be rude to Liz. Robert was disconcerted to find Dave making himself at home in Carol's hotel room. Lenore ran to Pat for moral support, and Pat warned her not to play into Carol's hands. Dave stormed out after accusing Carol of leading guys on before dropping them for the next one. When Robert insisted he would have to admit to Lenore that he had been tricked into going to New York, a scantily clad Carol began to apply the serious charm.

FEBRUARY 25, 1975 (EP. #2685)
Liz declined to accompany Jim and Mary to St. Croix. Steve felt Rachel bought the mansion for her own sake but John was convinced she did it so Jamie would have a place to live in right away. Liz remonstrated John for letting Mac change his will. Lenore apologized to Robert for her jealous nature.

Mac: "Do you think it would be presumptuous of me to..."
Ada: "What?"
Mac: "[KISSING HER ON THE CHEEK] There, now you can't refuse."
Ada: "Maybe your wife doesn't mind, but... oh.... well...Don't let Gil catch you doing that."

FEBRUARY 26, 1975 (EP. #2686)
Vic warned Lenore Carol had questioned him about Walter. Iris distracted Barbara while Philip stole Mac's will. Mac asked Robert to fix up a room in the mansion so he and Rachel could throw a small party, which Lenore told Robert she refuses to attend.

FEBRUARY 27, 1975 (EP. #2687)
Lenore scattered Carol's work papers to the floor in anger after demanding she ask no more questions about Walter. Iris threw John and Barbara out when they came to accuse her of stealing Mac's will. Philip was irritated that Rachel invited Willis along to check out the stables.

Notes: First mention of Brooks, Mac's driver.

FEBRUARY 28, 1975 (EP. #2688)
Neil warned Carol he wouldn't let her hurt Lenore. Lenore came to Steve to ask for a job, but he suggested she work in Robert's office. Carol researched Walter Curtin at the newspaper morgue and took home various newspaper clippings. Mac told Iris he will dispose of his wealth however he wishes, despite her insane jealousy.

MARCH 3, 1975 (EP. #2589)
Carol explained to Rachel she likes Robert because they share a love of architecture, and she dreams of using her wealth to open doors for him. Carol was miffed when Rachel pulled out of helping her land Robert, for Mac's sake. Richard told Helen to let him know if Liz's behavior takes a turn for the worse. Linda told Alice she and Zack are engaged. Rachel and Willis checked out the mansion's solarium. Mary remembered the Clayton mansion, built before the first world war, as the showplace of the county when she was growing up. Willis told Angie they were building a winding staircase for the front entrance hall.

MARCH 4, 1975 (EP. #2690)
John didn't think her separation from Pat would be a good thing when Jim wanted to invite Marianne along to St. Croix. Lenore gushed to Vic about working in Robert's office. Gil complained that Ada must think he was Bugs Bunny when she fixed him a salad for his supper, then warned he would lock her in a closet one day and gorge himself on rich foods. Lenore flashbacked to the time she threw the incriminating scarf into the fireplace.

Robert: (To Lenore) "Sometimes I feel you're keeping some dreadful secret from me..."

MARCH 5, 1975 (EP. #2691)
Louise came in wearing dark glasses to try to convince Barbara that Philip, not Iris, was responsible for the disappearance of Mac's will. Willis was testy when Alice questioned him about the articles he had charged to Steve's account. When Alice showed the expensive bills to Steve, he was just glad that Willis no longer resented him. Louise took Mac's will from Iris's strongbox. Clarice told Rachel she'd once seen her at the Fireside Inn while on a date.

MARCH 6, 1975 (EP. #2692)
Mac told John Rachel's convinced him to delay signing the new will for Iris's sake. Barbara was upset when Mac accused her of negligence in allowing his will to be mislaid. Helen said she would keep her promise not to press Lenore on what happened with Walter and why she created such havoc in the living room. Vic kissed Barbara when he noticed how upset she was. Helen prevented Liz from telling Lenore that Carol had questioned her about Wayne. Carol dissembled when Dave found her newspaper clippings.

Notes: The deed number for the Cory mansion is 1121.

MARCH 7, 1975 (EP. #2693)
Philip goaded Mac into a polo match. Rachel broke away when Philip kissed her. Then when he backed her up against the wall and kissed her violently, she pushed him away and slashed him across the face with her riding crop, drawing blood. An ambulance pulled up to BCGH and Philip got out and escorted Mac, lying on a stretcher, his face bruised and bloody, inside. Dave phoned Rachel with the news that Mac had been thrown from his horse.

MARCH 10, 1975 (EP. #2694)
Rachel worried that Alice would turn Mac against her when Dave said he assigned Alice to be Mac's nurse. Ada and Gil came to comfort Rachel, and Iris came to blame her for the accident.

MARCH 11, 1975 (EP. #2695)
Russ broke the news to Dennis, and Ada and Gil broke it to Jamie. Willis was displeased to find Angie enjoying Neil's company.

MARCH 12, 1975 (EP. #2696)
Mac regained consciousness, and Rachel got so emotional that Louise was moved to put a comforting arm around her. Iris was disbelieving when Louise insisted they've misjudged Rachel. Louise returned Mac's will to John, who let the matter drop. Dave canceled their dinner plans when Carol wouldn't explain why she still had the clippings when she'd told him she was getting rid of them.

MARCH 13, 1975 (EP. #2697)
Dave told Rachel one of Mac's disks appears ruptured, and he may not regain normal use of his legs. Liz came to visit Mac, but had to turn blindly and rush from the room when her emotions overtook her. Steve agreed when John asked him if Angie could do some secretarial work for Mac so he could get some work done from his hospital bed. Steve told John that he'd been approached by a group of private investors in Australia to work on a large industrial-residential complex outside of Sydney that will have a population of between a hundred and two hundred thousand people. A distraught Liz pinned Rachel against the wall and warned her to stay away from Mac, but Richard and Russ restrained her.

Steve: "You really like Mac, don't you?"
Jamie: "Very much. He's a great guy. [STEVE LOOKS AWAY] You don't mind, do you?"
Steve: "No, I want you to be happy."

MARCH 17, 1975 (EP. #2699)
Two orderlies escorted Liz after Richard convinced her to rest awhile in a room in the hospital. Then Richard dragged Iris to the elevator when she wanted to interrupt Rachel's visit with Mac. Mary reminded Jim they will be having their anniversary while in St. Croix. Philip denied Clarice's idea that he had had a "thing" with Iris. Iris accused Louise of turning against her, then pleaded with her not to resign and desert her. Mac apologized to Rachel that his accident prevented them from going on their honeymoon. Ada gave Mac the tape recorder Angie sent along so Mac could dictate messages when she wasn't there, and she tentatively joined in with Gil and Mac as they sang "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" to test the machine.

Gil: "Hi, Mac."
Mac: "Hello... And Ada..."
Mac: "I hope Gil doesn't mind that, Ada."
Gil: "I'm a very tolerant husband... Besides, Ada's your mother now-"
Ada: "Cut that out you two."

Notes: A memo from Dorothy Purser (production assistant ?) to costumer Lewis Brown about under-five Bradford English, "He says he has very big legs and needs size 36 trousers. Perhaps you might like to call and talk with him."

MARCH 18, 1975 (EP. #2700)
Jim and Mary visited a glum Liz in hospital. Carol seethed, and Neil and Willis quickly realized Ada was their new boss, when she criticized Carol's sketches for the Cory kitchen. Carol sabotaged some of Lenore's work to soothe her hurt feelings. Steve came to supervise construction of the mansion since it needed to be ready sooner than expected. Steve offered Willis a junior partnership in Frame Enterprises.

Note: A hand-written note next to the Carol/Lenore scene: "Carol - more pissed."

Note: A hand-written note next to the Steve/Willis scene: "Willis and Steve: More excitement - this is a big moment in their lives - both must enjoy it more - for different reasons."

MARCH 19, 1975 (EP. #2701)
Dave told Mac he had a ruptured disk that will result in a temporary disability. After eavesdropping on Phillip and Iris, Clarice wondered what monkey business they were up to. Vic and Alice were witnesses as Barbara had Mac sign his new will. Mary noticed that Rachel has been different since marrying Mac.

MARCH 20, 1975 (EP. #2702)
Angie agreed to have dinner with Neil. Carol switched the contents of Lenore's work envelopes so that Angie ended up with Robert's tax forms that Jim was expecting. Robert was upset and Lenore dejected to learn she's been making blunders.

MARCH 21, 1975 (EP. #2703)
Steve told Alice about the "new city" in Australia, and she excitedly planned to have Robert and Lenore come live there with her and Steve. Steve was eager to draw up papers delineating the new lines of authority for Frame Enterprises. Mary and Jim finalized their St. Croix plans. Willis told Rachel Jamie will be able to choose between the publishing business and the construction business when he grows up. A reluctant Alice escorted Mac home to Rachel's apartment when Linda, his assigned nurse, was called away. Mac confided to Alice that before Iris was born, his wife and he lost a baby son. He had refused to think about it for years, but Jamie has made it less painful.

Steve: "I'd like to settle the future of the firm."
Willis: "You mean I might take it over some day."
Steve: "Yeah, maybe..."

Steve: "As you said, looks like you've got two fathers now, huh?"
Jamie: "Well, he's only my step-father... [BEAT] I'll always have just one father and that's you."

MARCH 24, 1975 (EP. #2704)
Mac threw in some kisses while Rachel coached his exercises. Vic told an upset Lenore her furniture requisition was missing some papers. Carol hid the papers when Lenore asked if she had them.

MARCH 25, 1975 (EP. #2705)
Helen passed on Liz's message that she was having a wonderful time with Mary and Jim in St. Croix. Helen told Richard she and Liz would like to do some volunteer work at the hospital. Jim and Mary relaxed at the beach house and reminisced about the past. Steve told Robert about the Australian deal, and reassured Vic he was the senior man in the firm.

Jim: "We've been very lucky, Mary."
Mary: "[KISSING HIM] Because we've had each other."

MARCH 26, 1975 (EP. #2706)
Carol asked Russ to recommend a NY cardiologist for her mother, but it was just an excuse to let it "slip" that poor Lenore was mentally unwell. Philip told Iris they can use Clarice to make friends with Rachel, giving Rachel a reason to come to Philip's cottage (to see Clarice). Helen asked Richard to see if he could help a troubled Lenore. Iris took Rachel's hand and asked for her forgiveness, and agreed to be executrix of Mac's will.

MARCH 27, 1975 (EP. #2707)
Lenore didn't appreciate Richard dropping by to see how she was doing. Jamie, Dennis, Ada, and Gil had a picnic on the floor of the half-furnished living room. Carol made it a point to tell Lenore that Robert would be going to Australia before Robert could tell her first. Barbara and Vic hesitated outside the door as they heard Robert and Lenore arguing about moving to Australia.

MARCH 28, 1975 (EP. #2708)
Rachel wished Steve a good journey when he phoned to arrange to say goodbye to Jamie. Steve told Alice the project was his opportunity to leave his mark on the world when she was sad about leaving their house, even if it was only temporary. Steve and Alice phoned Mary and Jim with their news. Jamie told Steve the house wouldn't be the same without him. Steve said goodbye to Jamie, then Alice made ready to take Steve to the airport. Jim woke up from a nap to find Mary had passed away in a chair on the terrace.

Jamie: "[THROWS HIMSELF IN HIS ARMS] I'll miss you, Dad."
Steve: "And I'll miss you."

Jamie: "[HE LOOKS AT STEVE] Bye, Dad..."

Jim: "[HE KISSES HER] Thank you, darling..."
Mary: "For what?"
Jim: "For sharing my life... I've been wondering what I would have done without you."
Mary: "We don't have to wonder things like that, do we? Now, you get your rest-"
Jim: "I'll just give Pat a ring. You want to talk to her?"
Mary: "Yes, I'll be right in. [JIM GOES INSIDE. MARY RISES AND LIZ GOES TO HER]"
Liz: "Oh, Mary."
Mary: "What is it?"
Liz: "Do you realize what a lucky woman you are?"
Mary: (Exit Line) "Yes, I do... And I'm grateful to Jim for making my life so much easier than most people's. Now, do you want to say hello to Pat?"
Liz: "No, you and Jim talk to her. I'll go find some more shells for that necklace for Marianne. Give them all my love, will you. [SHE HURRIES OUT, AND MARY STARES AFTER HER THOUGHTFULLY, THEN GOES INTO THE HOUSE]"

Alice: "Darling, can we just walk around the house once before we leave?"
Steve: (Exit Line) "Sure... I'm going to miss this as much as Jamie will. [HE TAKES HER HAND AND THEY GO OUT]"

Liz: "What is it, Jim?"
Jim: "Call a doctor, Liz... Something's wrong with Mary! [HE LEANS OVER MARY, AND LIZ BACKS AWAY SLOWLY, THEN TURNS AND HURRIES INTO THE HOUSE]"

Notes: Last appearance of Virginia Dwyer as Mary Matthews. First mention of Cory Publishers.

MARCH 31, 1975 (EP. #2709)
Liz tried to comfort a heartbroken Jim after she told him the doctor said Mary had died of heart failure. John brought Alice to his home so she and Pat could seek solace from each other. Then he went to Iris's with Dave to break the news to Russ.

APRIL 1, 1975 (EP. #2710)
Jamie showed Dennis his new game room, but complained to an irritated Carol it looked too much like a girl's room. Pat came to tell Ada the news. Rachel happened by and Pat believed her when she said she was genuinely sorry.

Ada: (About Mary) "I loved her. She was my friend. Things won't ever be the same without her."

APRIL 2, 1975 (EP. #2711)
Marianne cried in Pat's arms about Mary. Robert and Helen tried to console Lenore, who was slowly going to pieces. Willis told Angie that Mary's funeral brought back memories of attending his mother's funeral at age seven. His father had died long before, and they were both buried in the same cemetery on a little hill just past the Ordway silo. Jim told Ada he had no intention of leaving his house.

APRIL 3, 1975 (EP. #2712)
Carol visited Lenore at home to gaslight her some more. Philip and Clarice, in the midst of a seeming marathon of lovemaking, were relieved neither was interested in marriage. An improved Marianne put her arms around Pat when she saw her crying on Jim's shoulder.

Note: First reference to Cory Publishing.

APRIL 4, 1975 (EP. #2713)
Mac was very impressed with the renovations when he and Rachel moved into the mansion, but was upset by the elevator chair installed for his use. Mac told Angie to run an ad for domestic help. Lenore ripped up her and Walter's wedding invitation. Lenore thwarted Robert's attempt to question her about Walter. Dennis and Iris came over to take part in the first dinner with Mac and Rachel at the Cory mansion. Clarice and Phillip brought Mac and Rachel a lava lamp as a housewarming gift.

Clarice: "Well, Mac, how's your back? Say, that rhymes, doesn't it? [SHE LAUGHS, BUT NO ONE ELSE DOES]

APRIL 7, 1975 (EP. #2714)
Barbara told John her mother died while she was in college. John gave Barbara time off so she could have lunch with Dave. Lenore confided to Pat she's been having nightmares of something dire about to happen. Neil told Willis he looks at home behind Steve's desk. John worried about Barbara's headaches. Angie told Neil that Willis was just projecting a tough exterior and he needed her.

APRIL 9, 1975 (EP. #2715)
Russ was worried that Jim intended to keep the house as if Mary were still alive. Neil offered to let Willis room at his place. Vic didn't approve of Willis's unethical work practices, so he phoned Steve and had him tell Willis that Vic was in charge.

Note: A hand-written note next to the Willis/Vic argument: "Willis - no "Son of a bitch'"

APRIL 10, 1975 (EP. #2716)
Mac advised Lenore not to let her jealousy get the better of her. John urged Vic and Willis to work out their differences. Philip found he was starting to respect Rachel. Jim was slightly cheered by Marianne's visit. Angie and Ada mulled over the guest list to the surprise housewarming party for Rachel.

APRIL 11, 1975 (EP. #2717)
Vic warned Carol she would regret hurting Lenore in any way. Lenore wasn't convinced by Neil's suspicions that Carol was behind her mistakes at work. Louise panicked when Iris caught her talking to Ada. Dave tried to diagnose the cause of Barbara's headaches. Pat talked Jim into going back to work.

APRIL 14, 1975 (EP. #2718)
Robert wouldn't listen to Vic's accusations about Carol, and she used the opportunity to tell Robert her suspicions of Vic and Lenore. Rachel begged Carol to stop her pursuit of Robert, but Carol insisted she loved Robert and raged that Rachel had turned against her.

APRIL 15, 1975 (EP. #2714)
Vic kissed Barbara in hopes of convincing her to cancel her lunch date with Dave. Mac vowed to Dave he will be able to walk in time for Rachel's party. Jim refused to move in with Pat and John. Rachel told Ada she's uneasy about the prospect of servants living in the mansion with her and Mac. Dave told Barbara he was the only son of an only son of an old, old New England family.

Ada: "Nancy said Daddy this morning, but Rachel doesn't believe me-"
Rachel: "It was probably a hiccup."
Ada: "It was not!"

Dave: "I'm the doctor son of a doctor son of a doctor son."
Barbara: "My, my, your family seems to have established a pattern."

Notes: Matt Fowler, Cory board member.

APRIL 16, 1975 (EP. #2720)
Lenore told Alice she didn't want Robert to go to Australia because she was frightened of making any major changes. Carol chastised Robert for letting Lenore influence him into not taking the Australian job. Dave told Alice they have a ten-year-old girl in the emergency room whose parents, "Peter R. (35) and Janet (27) Spencer," were just killed in a car crash on Route 43. Wally was upset that Lenore couldn't produce a photograph of Walter.

APRIL 17, 1975 (EP. #2721)
Liz made peace with Rachel, and Rachel assured her she didn't have any hard feelings. Gil teased Ada about being nervous about interviewing Beatrice Gordon for the Cory housekeeping position. Beatrice told Ada she'd last worked for the Wilbur DeWitts, who owned the Bay View Bank, before he retired and they moved to the West Coast where their daughter lives. Orphan Sally Spencer told Gil she and her parents had been en route from New York to San Francisco. Jim came for dinner at Gil and Ada's, and bounced Nancy on his knee.

Mac: (To Liz and Rachel) "Some day, we'll all be sitting here as old friends."

Beatrice: (Introduction Line) "How do you do, Mrs. McGowan?"

Sally: (Cathy Greene, Introduction Line) "Hello."

Notes: First appearance of Cathy Greene as Sally Frame. First appearance of Jacqueline Brookes as Beatrice Gordon. A hand-written note next to Jamie's name instructing him not to pronounce Clarice's name "Clorox."

APRIL 18, 1975 (EP. #2722)
Angie found Willis's old dog-eared photo from 1950 of his parents, and he explained Pa died before he started school, and Ma worked herself to death not long afterwards. Dennis was fascinated watching Clarice apply her makeup. Dennis threw a tantrum when Iris forbade him from taking riding lessons with Philip. Willis and Neil worked out the schematics of living together. Louise tried to warn Iris she might lose Russ if she continues her scheming with Philip, so later, Iris asked Russ to marry her.

Note: A hand-written note next to the Willis/Neil scene: "Neil - try not to wiggle hat stand".

APRIL 21, 1975 (EP. #2723)
Vic pressed Carol for the final sketches on the Cory library and dining room. Alice told John she'd spoken to Steve about delaying her joining him because of Sally. Marianne introduced herself to Mac and Rachel, then Mac chided Rachel for not being friendly to her. Marianne was disappointed when Jamie and Dennis told her Willis no longer worked at the mansion. Mac and Rachel quickly hired Beatrice when Ada brought her over. Lenore had a nightmare in which Carol told Wally his father was a murderer. Carol smiled secretly to herself after sobbing in Robert's arms that everyone had abandoned her her whole life.

APRIL 22, 1975 (EP. #2724)
Mac told Beatrice to remove the little silver dinner bell as it reminded him of his grandmother, who used to lie in bed in her later years, ringing a little bell causing servants to race up and down stairs all day. Mac was excited that he was able to stand up and walk a short distance on his own. Ms. Veasey warned Mac that Henry Renfrew and Talbot Scott planned a proxy fight at the stockholders meeting in NY. Barbara was embarrassed when John grinned at her about Dave. Angie informed Willis that Marianne had a crush on him and warned him not to encourage her.

APRIL 23, 1975 (EP. #2725)
Gil told Dave it looked like Sally's parents were hiding something. During questioning, Sally revealed she'd met with her parents at different motels, while attending different schools. Lenore had a session with Richard and described her nightmares. Carol was greatly satisfied to overhear Richard phone Robert about Lenore's session. Alice rocked Sally in her arms after the girl leaned her parents were dead.

Dave: "You were thrown out of the car when they hit a tree."
Sally: "They... [SHE STOPS AND LOOKS AT ALICE] Where's Mummy?"
Richard: "Your mother died on the way to the hospital."
Sally: "No! [ALICE TAKES HER IN HER ARMS] Alice, my Mummy couldn't... [SHE STOPS A MOMENT AND THEN TURNS TO DAVE] Where's Daddy?"
Dave: "He's with your mother, Sally. [HE BRUSHES HER HAIR BACK]"
Sally: "You mean... they're both... [SHE BEGINS TO CRY SOFTLY]"

APRIL 24, 1975 (EP. #2726)
Jim instructed Liz and Pat to unpack the boxes of Mary's clothes they had packed away without asking him. Barbara offered to help Rachel design a garden for the estate. Marianne visited Willis's apartment, put a record on his turntable, and Willis joined her in a friendly dance.

APRIL 25, 1975 (EP. #2727)
Zack told Gil his investigation into the Spencers hit a dead end. Pat complained to John that Marianne had been in a strange man's apartment. Robert got angry when Lenore resisted his advances.

APRIL 28, 1975 (EP. #2728)
Iris told Philip that Beatrice can be a witness Mac will believe. Neil encouraged Lenore to give Rachel the benefit of the doubt. Robert warned Vic to stay away from Lenore. Sally told Alice her mother had had a photograph of an older woman. Lenore told Rachel she hoped she and Mac would be very happy when Rachel said she was sorry for causing her any unhappiness. Carol turned right around and stormed out in a huff when she stumbled upon Lenore and Rachel talking. Carol told a dejected Robert she wouldn't stand in the way of his career the way Lenore did. She kissed him, but he broke off when the phone rang. She pulled him away from the ringing phone and he allowed her to lead him toward the office bedroom, as Lenore hung up the phone in tears.

APRIL 29, 1975 (EP. #2729)
Robert told Carol last night should never have happened. Lenore was pleased when Vic told her about Robert's jealousy. Carol made sure Vic saw her and Robert's night clothes on the bed. Barbara helped Rachel restore the gardens to how Rachel remembered seeing them as a girl. Barbara rebuffed Dave's kisses.

APRIL 30, 1975 (EP. #2730)
Sally was excited when Gil promised to introduce her to Nancy. Clarice practiced her French with the help of a French language record. Linda and Zack talked about buying a house. Jamie brought Clarice over to Ada's so Ada could help her with her tomato plants. Clarice mentioned her kid brothers, and that her mother was long dead.

Clarice: "Ada... you really are something, you know that. I wish you could have known Mama..."
Ada: "Same here, but I'm glad I've got to know you..."

MAY 1, 1975 (EP. #2731)
Michael told Pat Marianne's listless attitude was the cause of her poor grades. Jim advised Barbara to be wary of Rachel. Gil asked Barbara for help in the Spencer investigation. Michael dropped in to meet Sally and say hello. Jim gave Iris Mary's cameo brooch, and was delighted when she and Russ told him they were getting married.

Iris: "[HOLDING HER GLASS] "To Mary... may I make Russ as happy as Mary made you. [JIM SMILES AT HER]"

MAY 2, 1975 (EP. #2732)
Michael tried to get Marianne on the right track but she told him to mind his own business. Neil showed Clarice his apartment after meeting her at the Steak House and got her to pose for a photograph. Michael told Willis to leave his sister alone. Lenore screamed when Robert kissed her as it made her remember her dream in which Robert told her he'd killed Wayne Addison for her sake.

MAY 5, 1975 (EP. #2733)
Rachel welcomed Mac back from NY. Rachel realized it was a mistake to sermonize Carol. Philip got Clarice to chase Iris out of his cottage. Rachel admitted to Mac she had encouraged Carol to hurt Lenore, but wouldn't let Mac convince her to get further involved by trying to clear things up. Russ told Alice she was becoming too involved with Sally. Russ and Iris told Mac and Rachel their news.

MAY 6, 1975 (EP. #2734)
Philip told Clarice everything when she threatened to leave him, which she did anyway. Neil felt bad for Lenore when she stumbled across the night clothes in the office bedroom. Iris wouldn't let Philip back out of their deal. Lenore visited Carol in her hotel room and flung her night gown and negligee at her.

MAY 7, 1975 (EP. #2735)
Helen couldn't believe Lenore's suspicions about Robert. Beatrice mentioned her son Charles lives in Tulsa and her son Raymond lives in Scranton. Neil enjoyed watching Rachel blow up at Carol. Neil helped Clarice move her things out of Philip's place. Robert admitted his indiscretion to Lenore but blamed it on the fact that she wasn't a real wife to him because she kept things from him.

Neil: (To Carol) "You're not as good a liar as you used to be. Just goes to prove that practice doesn't always make perfect."

Lenore: "You can't deny it, can you?"
Robert: "I'm sorry!"
Lenore: "Sorry! Oh, Robert, all these months, I've been wondering if I was losing my mind..."
Robert: "I made a mistake..."
Lenore: "It's more than a mistake..."

MAY 8, 1975 (EP. #2736)
Carol freely admitted to Robert she'd been deliberately trying to break up his marriage to Lenore. Philip backed down on his threats to leave Bay City when Iris phoned Loretta and began dropping hints about how he earns his income. Alice asked Barbara to get the judge to let Sally stay with her until something was worked out. Vic promised to help Lenore fight for Robert. Clarice accepted Iris's bribe but said she was keeping the check only as proof against Iris. Lenore told Carol she would never get Robert.

MAY 9, 1975 (EP. #2737)
Michael told Pat Marianne might be going to the campus to check out the college boys. Helen told Lenore her father had been indiscreet as well. Carol was amused to meet Clarice.

MAY 12, 1975 (EP. #2738)
Russ and Iris threw a party and announced their engagement to Alice, Pat, John, Liz, Richard, Dave, and Barbara. Iris asked Liz to be her matron of honor, and Russ planned to ask Jim. Rachel quizzed a repentant Philip, then hid when Ada and Gil came over looking for her after Beatrice told them she went to Philip's. Ada dragged Rachel out of there and warned her people were just looking for her to screw up. Mac became suspicious when Rachel said she'd been to see Philip.

MAY 13, 1975 (EP. #2739)
Trevor Harvey, the supervisor for the Australian project, arrived in Bay City for a visit. Helen confronted Carol.

MAY 14, 1975 (EP. #2740)
Vic complained to Alice about Willis trying to run the firm on his own. Beatrice reminisced about her daughter, whom she hasn't heard from in 10 years, when Ada showed her a photo of Nancy. Alice told Trevor Robert had designed her house, and he gave her a present from Steve, an opal pendant.

Notes: Pencilled-in on the script cover: "Question from Vicky Wyndham: Mac has said several times he wanted to help with the garden, but in this scene, Rachel asks for help and he leaves. What to do?"

MAY 15, 1975 (EP. #2741)
Alice told Barbara she's considering adopting Sally. Marianne ran out when Pat and John insisted she was going to college. Trevor let it slip to Lenore that Carol was in contact with Robert, who was in NY on business.

MAY 16, 1975 (EP. #2742)
Iris told Mac Clarice told her Philip had betrayed her with another woman. Jim had Russ and Iris over to dinner. Carol found a dupe at a single's bar to phone Lenore and say he was an old friend of Walter's who wanted to talk to Wally.

MAY 19, 1975 (EP. #2743)
Lenore told Richard she has no choice but to take Wally and go away. Neil advised Clarice on choosing less flashy dresses. Alice brought Sally home and introduced her to Willis. Lenore told Vic she was leaving Robert because they should never have gotten married.

MAY 20, 1975 (EP. #2744)
Lenore panicked when the mailman delivered a manila envelope for Wally. Vic insisted on setting Lenore up in Washington when he couldn't talk her out of leaving. Willis criticized Vic to Trevor. Jamie told Rachel he got a letter from Steve saying he was coming home soon. Barbara flung her earrings to the floor when Vic canceled their dinner date. Lenore and Helen both got emotional when Lenore came over to say she was leaving town.

Lenore: "Robert needs someone who is completely his."
Vic: "And you're not?"
Lenore: "No, I belong to the past... to memories and nightmares and fears."

Lenore: (To Helen) "I am leaving Bay City."

MAY 21, 1975 (EP. #2745)
Iris told Mac she's considering a June wedding on her terrace. Iris told Philip they can use Barbara to concoct a misunderstanding between her and Rachel about a riding date to give Philip an opportunity to be alone with Rachel. Beatrice told Ada her daughter was named Jennifer, after Beatrice's grandmother. Ada and Gil couldn't decipher Louise's veiled warnings about Philip.

MAY 22, 1975 (EP. #2746)
Lenore was too busy packing to agree to talk to Marianne on Pat's behalf. Carol tried to get in touch with Robert when Willis insisted on speaking to him about a business matter. Then Neil traced Carol's phone call to learn Robert's location. Barbara convinced Marianne college would be a good idea. Alice told Pat that Steve was gungho to adopt Sally. Vic phoned Lenore to say he found her an apartment and a job in a law office.

MAY 28, 1975 (EP. #2750)
Mac was happy to hear Barbara planned to join Rachel in taking riding lessons from Philip. Lenore and Wally settled into their new apartment in Washington. Gil broke it to Rachel that Steve was killed in a helicopter crash on the way to the airport in Sydney, and she regretted that Steve will never know she regrets the things she did. Willis told John that Emma wants to bury Steve beside their parents, who were buried beside their parents. Willis blamed Vic for losing the Australian project.

Rachel: "I'm so ashamed of what I was."
Mac: "Don't be... because it led us to each other."

Jamie: "I wish it had been me!"
Ada: "Don't say that, Jamie."

Rachel: "Jamie? Are you all right?"


MAY 29, 1975 (EP. #2751)
Alice agreed to let Steve be buried in Chadwell, since he had sometimes talked about going back. Gil asked Dennis to go over and see Jamie. Robert apologized to Vic for his suspicions of him and Lenore. Robert threw Carol out of his life and his business. Alice told Liz she wants Sally to know Steve's family since she will soon have his name. Willis told Alice Janice will be flying in for the funeral.

Carol: "Robert, I love you!"
Robert: "If you do, I hope you suffer the way Lenore has suffered because of it! Now, get your things together and don't come back here again."


MAY 30, 1975 (EP. #2752)
Lenore was pleased Wally was already making new friends. Vic regretted not having exercised the stock option Steve had John draw up for him. Iris was annoyed by Louise's new-found scruples. Robert asked Barbara to try to track Lenore down. Carol told Angie that Robert has encouraged her to go to work for Frame Enterprises.

Wally: (Dennis McKiernan, Exit Line) (over the phone to Helen) "Grandma! How are you?"

Notes: Last appearance of Dennis McKiernan as Wally Curtin.

JUNE 2, 1975 (EP. #2753)
Chris Pierson smiled nervously at, then chatted amicably with, Marianne when he came to interview for a summer job at Frame Enterprises. Pat liked Chris right away, especially when he encouraged Marianne to enrol in Bay State. Barbara nipped her relationship with Vic in the bud since he insisted on dashing off on so many secret errands. Philip didn't like it at all when Iris suggested she whack him with a riding crop to give Mac the impression Rachel had done it.

JUNE 3, 1975 (EP. #2754)
Willis, Alice, and Sally returned from Chadwell and brought Emma with them. Emma told Alice that Sharlene's man died before they could start a family, not unlike Alice. Willis told Emma he felt better having her around to talk to. Pat was embarrassed when Robert told her about he and Carol. Alice worried about Sally's tomboy nature. Jim came over to dine with Liz, Helen, and Richard. John told Alice the courts may not award Sally's custody to a single parent.

Emma: (Tresa Hughes, Introduction Line) (about Steve and Alice's cottage living room) "Oh, I remember how beautiful this room is...."

Notes: First appearance of Tresa Hughes as Emma Frame Ordway.

JUNE 4, 1975 (EP. #2755)
Carol got Willis to give her a chance to make a bid on the Jamison and Pratt mall project by playing on his resentment of Vic. Louise got acquainted with Beatrice, and told her she'd been with the Carringtons when Dennis was born. Carol promised Willis she would cover any losses incurred if he hired her.

JUNE 5, 1975 (EP. #2756)
Emma missed her kids, but said Sharlene was enjoying looking after them. Emma showed Alice old family photos and pointed out Steve as the one with the little boy (Willis) standing in his shadow. Gil told Robert the police couldn't help him find Lenore. Neil introduced Clarice to Robert. Carol vowed to drive Robert out of business. Alice comforted a sad Jamie. Emma hugged Jamie and was impressed he could rattle off the names of Steve's siblings. Clarice tried to warn Rachel about Philip.

Robert: "You really want to get revenge on me?"
Carol: "Nobody treats me the way you did, and then walks away from me."

Notes: Lemay family snapshots were used as props for the Frame family photos.

JUNE 6, 1975 (EP. #2757)
John told Vic since there was no written agreement between Frame Enterprises and Delaney Architects, Willis was free to assign a project to anyone he wants. Angie suggested Chris to Willis for the liaison for the mall project. John and Jim congratulated Michael on winning an athletic scholarship to Bay State. Barbara accused Vic of using her as nothing more than a convenience. Chris asked Pat to have John put in a good word to Willis about him. Willis threatened that Robert would never design for the firm again if he went running to Vic about him.

Notes: Last appearance of Christopher J. Brown as Michael Randolph.

JUNE 9, 1975 (EP. #2758)
Russ and Iris disagreed on the guest list for their wedding. Mac was confused by Rachel's sympathetic attitude toward Philip, but admitted Philip reminded him of the way he was after Iris's mother died. Marianne convinced Willis to take on Chris on a trial basis.

JUNE 10, 1975 (EP. #2759)
Willis said that even though Steve couldn't be around for the opening of the Cory complex, it will always be there as a memorial to him. John told Carol she could use Barbara, but not himself, to represent her. Carol gave Barbara her newspaper clippings (since she no longer needed them) after Robert got Barbara to go over and see if Carol would reveal anything about Lenore.

JUNE 11, 1975 (EP. #2760)
Rachel refused when Philip wanted to speak privately to warn her about Iris, since it would give people reason to gossip. Alice defended Willis to Vic, who realized he would have a tough time convincing her otherwise. Beatrice refused Mac's offer to investigate Jennifer's whereabouts.

JUNE 12, 1975 (EP. #2761)
Helen agreed to have dinner with Jim alone when Liz had volunteer work at the hospital. Carol told Willis the firm should be named Willis Frame Enterprises, and advised him not to let Vic undermine his position with their clients. Liz obsessed to Russ about Jim's romantic notions. Gil was thrilled when Ada brought an end to his diet.

JUNE 13, 1975 (EP. #2762)
John was less enthusiastic about Chris than Pat was. Iris told Liz she doesn't intend to have any more children, especially when Dennis and Russ where already as close as father and son. Liz told Richard her possessiveness made her marriage to Will difficult at times, but insisted she didn't think of Jim in a romantic way. John talked Vic out of resigning, for Alice's sake. Iris eavesdropped as Barbara and Philip set up a time for she and Rachel to see Philip.

JUNE 16, 1975 (EP. #2763)
Gil told Ada he anticipates nightmares of carrots and lettuce and raw cauliflower. Beatrice gave a photo of Jennifer to Gil, who wanted to question her sons. Iris got rid of Russ so she could run to Phillip's and threaten him some more. Marianne wouldn't let Chris wave Glenda Toland over to their table at the ice cream parlor. John came down on Chris and Marianne after catching them kissing. Louise came to bring Iris back home when Russ became suspicious of her absence.

Philip: "Love is stronger than any scheme your money can pay for."
Iris: "Oh, Philip, you were tedious enough when you were just an idle parasite, but this moralizing is more than I can bear."

JUNE 17, 1975 (EP. #2764)
Mac resented Iris's slur about Jamie's background. Iris told Mac she was giving Rachel the brooch his mother wore at his wedding to Iris's mother. Marianne kissed Pat after hearing her defend Chris to John. Richard told Russ he'll have to go back to running his sanitarium. Iris sabotaged the brooch, then told Rachel she would have to wait to give it to her so she could have it repaired. Philip advised Rachel to get out of town.

JUNE 18, 1975 (EP. #2765)
Mac was puzzled by Rachel's sudden desire to take a vacation. Emma told Jim Alice was as close to her as her own sisters. John told Willis the only reason he was made a partner was because his name was Frame. Rachel told Mac he must have misunderstood when Iris said she'd given the brooch to Rachel.

JUNE 19, 1975 (EP. #2766)
Angie was annoyed when Willis asked Carol out to lunch and extended the invitation to Angie as an afterthought. Neil told Robert not to throw his life away on the bottle, then went and told Helen. Carol told Willis to ask for her help if Vic proves troublesome. Robert asked Barbara to find out what his legal status is in regards Lenore's house.

JUNE 20, 1975 (EP. #2767)
Helen told Robert to pull himself together. Iris told Mac Rachel had been unfaithful with Philip, and as proof, showed him the brooch, claiming Philip gave it to Iris as a payment after receiving it from his lady friend. Mac believed Iris's story when Louise backed it up. Barbara urged Mac to give Rachel a chance to defend herself.

Mac: "Your mother and I were married because our families arranged it-"
Iris: "You didn't love Mama?"
Mac: "We never found out... she died so soon.. and we were so young, so stupid..."

JUNE 23, 1975 (EP. #2768)
Philip admitted everything to Rachel to make her see the threat she faced. Mac confronted Rachel and Philip in his cottage. Rachel walked out in the middle of Mac's accusations when she realized he wouldn't believe anything she said. Angie told Willis her father drove a truck cross-country, and was killed when she was still in high school and Joey was just a baby. Mac said he wasn't able to trust Rachel since she admitted not telling him about hitting Philip with the riding crop.

JUNE 24, 1975 (EP. #2769)
Barbara filled in the pieces for Ada and Gil. Vic had lunch with Lenore and noticed how happy she looked. Russ tried to get a reluctant Barbara to tell him the details. Dennis encouraged Jamie to press Mac to tell him what was wrong. Ada told Mac that he had taught Rachel how to grow and how to love.

Lenore: (Susan Sullivan, Exit Line) ( To Vic about Helen wanting to know her whereabouts) "I know she would, but Wally might accidentally give away where we are, and I'm not ready to let anyone know that yet."

Notes: Last appearance of Susan Sullivan as Lenore Moore.

JUNE 25, 1975 (EP. #2770)
Jim told Pat he can understand John's protective attitude toward Marianne. Philip vowed he would help reunite Mac and Rachel. Alice advised Pat to remind John both she and Pat married men who were considerably older. Richard prevented Liz from tracing the call when Lenore phoned. Willis brought Angie over to meet Emma.

JUNE 26, 1975 (EP. #2771)
Clarice wanted to use Iris's check to expose her, but Philip and Neil both worried that would make her Iris's next target. Jim advised Barbara not to get involved in Rachel's problems. Alice worried about Willis's feelings, but agreed with John that Vic should be officially made the head of the firm. Neil made sure Alice knew Robert needed work from Frame Enterprises.

JUNE 27, 1975 (EP. #2772)
Rachel told Ada she was finally paying for the terrible things she had done to people. Liz and Richard weren't able to coax Robert into joining them for dinner. Clarice told Ada about the check, and Ada decided to turn to Russ for help. Carol gave Willis advice on his business and personal lives. Willis wouldn't listen to Robert's accusations against Carol, but warned Carol he wasn't fooled by her. Ada and Gil were worried when Rachel left a note saying she was leaving town for awhile.

JUNE 30, 1975 (EP. #2773)
Mac didn't like it when Iris came over to baby him. John told Barbara to tell Alice that Michael and Marianne are already claiming Sally as their cousin. Beatrice told Gil that Raymond wrote her back to let her know Jennifer contacted him four years ago, when his son Curtis was born. Dave told Iris not to play games with him as they both grew up with the same advantages and both knew the same kind of people. Beatrice convinced Mac to lose some of his self-pity and talked him out of canceling the opening ceremonies of the Cory complex.