JULY 1, 1975 (EP. #2774)
Carol advised Willis to drop John as the firm's attorney and take on her own, Scott Bradley of Morrison, Bradley and Stern. Russ confronted Iris with the check, but Iris lied that Philip had asked her to give it to Clarice. Russ stormed out when Iris called Clarice a promiscuous parasite and threatened to sue her for slander. Willis flung his briefcase against the wall after Alice told him Vic would be his boss and would be taking over Steve's office from him. Willis moved out of Neil's apartment after telling Neil he shafted him behind his back by running to Alice about Robert. Philip told Iris he wrote his brother Eric about everything.

JULY 2, 1975 (EP. #2775)
Russ told Mac he had canceled his wedding plans, but Mac wasn't convinced by Russ's suspicions of Iris. Emma told Alice Willis wasn't as sure of himself as he makes out. Emma said she was 13 when she began taking care of her younger siblings. Liz tried to get Sally interested in wearing dresses. Louise brought Clytemnestra over to keep Mac company. Dave admitted to Mac his father knew friends of Mac's and knew Mac had flitted from girl to girl.

Mac: "I've lived on the flattery of ambitious girls."

Notes: A memo from Elmer Gorry to Nancy Dann, dated June 13, 1975: "NBC has agreed to 'endeavor to' give P&G shampoo protection during the 3:00-3:30 PM NYCT portion of AW on each of the following dates... Accordingly, please do not schedule any shampoos in the third commercial pod on the listed dates. This does not effect a change in P&G's broader hair care protection... We have also agreed that during the 13-week period June 30, 1975 - September 26, 1975 P&G may vary the length of some of the AW pods to accommodate its 40-second commercials... Presumably, the 40-second P&G commercials would have to slide with the episode unless P&G were willing to do some midnight editing at its expense."

JULY 3, 1975 (EP. #2776)
Iris assured Jim her wedding was on track. John convinced Iris she would have a tough time bringing a suit against Clarice. Clarice's boss, Herb Edwards, fired her after Iris told him she was using the restaurant as a clip joint. Helen offered to cover the office when Neil had to rush out and comfort Clarice. Willis told Angie that Alice was letting him move into Steve's old apartment above the offices. Neil yanked the check out of Clarice's hand when Iris offered to retract her statement to Herb if Clarice returned the check.

JULY 4, 1975 (EP. #2777)
Iris admitted to Louise she may have gone too far this time but vowed never to tell Mac the truth. Vic used his new position to warn Carol not to meddle with the firm. Neil brought Russ over to talk with Philip, who advised him to contact Cynthia Whitefield. Russ was gazing thoughtfully at Iris's portrait when she entered the room wearing a negligee. Iris could hardly keep the lies straight when Russ confronted her, but had to admit the truth when Russ began phoning Cynthia.

Russ: (To Iris) "You're a selfish, spoiled woman who uses everyone badly, even those you claim to love, like your father... like me... I don't want to see you again. [HE TURNS AND GOES OUT. IRIS SINKS TO THE SOFA, CRYING. LOUISE ENTERS, HESITATES IN THE DOORWAY, AND THEN HURRIES TO HER AND TAKES HER IN HER ARMS.]

JULY 7, 1975 (EP. #2778)
Russ asked Neil to be there when he told Mac the truth, but Beatrice told them Mac was busy at the opening ceremonies. Robert was numb when Helen handed him divorce papers from Lenore. Iris failed to buy Beatrice's cooperation. Louise tried to soothe Dennis's hurt feelings over not being invited to the opening. Russ asked Ada to tell Mac the news since he dreaded doing it. Dennis entertained Iris's unwelcome houseguest, Sybil Harak. Ada told Iris to save her breath when Iris warned her she wouldn't get away with talking to Mac about her.

Sybil: "I see Iris has that devastating portrait of herself here."
Dennis: "Oh, do you know that painting?"
Sybil: "My dear, I knew the painter, but I guess I'd better not go into that."

JULY 8, 1975 (EP. #2779)
Robert told Neil he was missing the opening ceremonies of the Cory complex because Helen told him Lenore had filed for divorce. Neil got fed up with him for turning to the bottle for solace. John told Barbara he suspects Iris had tricked Mac into believing Rachel was unfaithful. Liz told Alice she thought Sally was enchanting. Sybil pressed Liz for info on the cancellation of the wedding, but put her off by insulting Russ. Philip admitted to Barbara he was part of Iris's plan to break up Mac and Rachel, then said he was clearing out of Bay City. Barbara advised Clarice to make copies of the check Iris gave her to keep quiet. Chris told Marianne there was trouble between Vic and Willis. Robert left when Barbara failed to supply words of comfort. Neil asked Clarice to move into Willis's old room, but a cynical Robert warned him that love could make things worse.

Liz: "Since you're part of the family you should call me Aunt Liz."
Sally: "I've never had an aunt before."
Alice: "Well, you have them now... Aunt Pat... and Aunt Emma."
Liz: "And Aunt Liz!"

JULY 9, 1975 (EP. #2780)
Iris worried that Sybil would spread gossip about her from Southhampton to Biarritz. Sybil suggested Iris hire attorney Keith Morrison to protect Mac's interests. Dave told Russ he had heard about Iris by hearsay as they had many friends in common. Russ told Alice and Jim his wedding was off. Angie was annoyed that Willis and Carol had a secretive meeting. Sybil told Philip the girls at boarding school used to laugh at Iris's feelings for her father. Dave patted Iris's hands, prescribed some sedatives for her, and assured her he'd help her.

JULY 10, 1975 (EP. #2781)
Emma visited Frame Enterprises and was suitably impressed. Jamie and Dennis tried to get Nancy to speak. Angie was upset to catch Willis going through Vic's personal files. Louise told Beatrice she and Mr. Goddard always wanted children but it never worked out. Chris was upset that Marianne lied to John about her plans with Chris. Jamie taught Angie to play chess.

JULY 11, 1975 (EP. #2782)
Dennis refused Iris's demand that he not see Jamie anymore. Louise told Russ that Iris was headed for a collapse. Philip told Clarice he was leaving for a riding instructor job at a ranch in Arizona, and had a friendly goodbye with her and Neil. Barbara told Robert that Lenore wants only her freedom and the right to use her maiden name again, and convinced him to sign the divorce papers. Gil told Beatrice he located Jenny's old college roommate. Barbara resisted Dave's advances and turned down his offer to move in with him. Russ and Iris both arrived at the Cory mansion to await Mac's return from Nova Scotia.

Philip: (Exit Line, to the cabbie) "I have to catch a plane in less than an hour."

Notes: Last appearance of James Luisi as Philip Wainwright.

JULY 14, 1975 (EP. #2783)
Iris did as much damage control as she could with Mac before anyone could get to him. Clarice agreed to accompany Russ to Mac's to back up his story. Vic and Neil tracked Robert down at a bar to tell him he was being given the Lowell Pendleton museum project. Alice advised Marianne to confide in Pat before confessing her lie to John. Mac realized Iris had destroyed his marriage when Clarice showed him the check.

JULY 15, 1975 (EP. #2784)
Mac admitted to Ada he used to find it amusing when Iris had made fun of his girlfriends' clothes or speech, but no longer. Willis was annoyed to learn Vic had hired Robert. Mac broke Iris's heart when he cut her out of his life. Louise failed to convince Mac not to desert Iris. Carol reconciled losing the museum job with the thought that Robert might screw it up. Gil told Beatrice he was bringing Sharon Miller to town to question her about Jennifer.

Mac: "A daughter is only a daughter."
Iris: "And a wife is Rachel! That devious, scheming-"
Mac: "Stop it! I won't hear any more about Rachel from you."

JULY 16, 1975 (EP. #2785)
Carol funded the extra touches she was giving to her sketches so that she could use it as a showcase for possible future employers. Helen was pleased when Robert made plans to have a business dinner with Barbara. Robert was crushed when Carol told him Alice gave him the assignment because he was a charity case. He later downed a drink after having impressed Barbara with his vow to stop drinking. A hysterical Iris begged Russ to marry her, but he shoved past her and left.

JULY 18, 1975 (EP. #2786)
Barbara convinced Robert not to let Carol bring him down. Mac was evasive when Dennis wanted to know what was going on. Clarice told Neil she didn't have much luck finding work as a model as per his suggestion, but Robert admired her portfolio. Loretta Simpson arrived at Iris's, and she and Sybil went to talk to Mac about the creature he married. Liz retreated quietly when she came upon Chris and Marianne kissing.

JULY 21, 1975 (EP. #2787)
Rachel returned to have Ada tell her Mac knows the truth, but affirmed it was too late for apologies. Willis fumed that Vic was using Chris as his assistant. Ada phoned Mac, who asked her to stall Rachel before she could return to her mountain retreat. Willis brought Sally flowers for their "date" to see Michael play ball in Ogden. John found it hard to believe that Marianne, not Chris, was to blame for keeping him in the dark about their time alone together. Ada and Gil made themselves scarce when Mac came over to talk to Rachel.

JULY 22, 1975 (EP. #2788)
Mac begged Rachel to take him back, but she maintained her pain was too great, and that they couldn't reconcile his jealousy and her fear causing her to lie on occasion. Scott Bradley came to talk business with Mac but he wasn't in the mood for it. Iris threw Sybil out when she caught her gossiping about her on the phone to Rudy Valentino. John apologized to Pat and Marianne for losing his temper. Mac could barely tear his eyes away from Iris's revealing attire. A distraught Iris insisted she loved Mac, but he told her they've always been very bad for each other. Dave reintroduced himself to Loretta, as he had been the best man during her wedding to Spike Turner. Loretta inquired about Dave's cousins Corinne and Olivia. Ada and Gil talked Rachel out of leaving town.

Iris: "You hate me now!"
Mac: "No, I'm sorry for you."
Iris: "It's Rachel's fault... she turned you against me..."
Mac: "Iris, don't ever come here again [HE GOES OUT QUICKLY. IRIS SINKS DOWN ON THE SOFA AND SOBS]"
Iris: "Oh, Daddy, we'll make it up some day... you'll forget her, as you've forgotten all the others..."

Scott: (Michael Goodwin, Introduction Line) (Cory Mansion living room) "Thank you, Mac. Is this an inconvenient time for me to say hello?"

Notes: First appearance of Michael Goodwin as Scott Bradley.

JULY 23, 1975 (EP. #2789)
Emma told Willis she was homesick but worried about leaving Alice and Sally. Liz told Pat to keep an eye on Marianne. Vic wasn't happy when Helen told him it would be good for Robert to see more of Barbara. Robert crumpled his sketches when Neil pointed out discrepancies. Gil had a preliminary meeting with Sharon. Alice said she was thinking of having a library built in Chadwell in Steve's memory when Willis suggested she take Sally there for a trip.

Emma: "That Sally's got a crush on Willis-"
Alice: "She certainly has."
Emma: "Funny the way girls get crushes... My Rhoda follows her uncle Norman all round the farm..."

JULY 24, 1975 (EP. #2790)
Carol gave Scott her version of Bay City goings-on. Sharon told Beatrice she suspects Jennifer left college because she'd fallen in love. Ada told Rachel to be sensible, and Rachel wondered how wonderful it would have been if she and Mac had had a baby. Angie objected that Carol guaranteed reimbursement if she goes over budget. Scott said his father represented the Cory estate for many years before he died. Barbara urged Rachel to fight for her marriage. Mac convinced Rachel to have dinner by pointing out that they fell in love and married so quickly they hadn't taken time to really know each other.

JULY 25, 1975 (EP. #2791)
Rachel told Ada she fears Mac could betray her again if she took him back. John worried that Barbara didn't have a serious man in her life. John didn't appreciate Liz's advice about Marianne. Willis was rightly unimpressed by Robert's sketches. Willis came to take Alice, Sally, and Emma to the airport. Mac managed to convince Rachel to come home.

Notes: Last appearance of Jacqueline Courtney as Alice Matthews Frame (1975).

JULY 28, 1975 (EP. #2792)
Mac and Rachel had decided to work on having a baby when Iris intruded. Iris apologized to Mac, but insisted she couldn't change what she was, and refused to degrade herself by groveling for Rachel's forgiveness. Tic de Cosgrove phoned Loretta to say he'd heard some gossip while dining with Sybil, Rudy, and Diane Poulignac. Louise fussed over Iris, who began to take an overdose of the extra-strength sleeping pills Dave brought her. Dave panicked when Iris phoned to thank him for giving her such an easy way out, then passed out.

Loretta: "Must you go on like that?"
Louise: "I beg your pardon?"
Loretta: "It's bad enough that you carry on those inane conversations with your plants, but don't you think Italian opera is carrying it a little too far."

Iris: (After swallowing a bottle of pills) "[SMILING] Daddy... oh, Daddy... everything is going to be all right now... Daddy."

JULY 29, 1975 (EP. #2793)
Iris flashbacked to the events of the past few days as she drifted deeper into unconsciousness. Dave arrived with a medical technician to pump Iris's stomach. Willis wouldn't take Angie's suggestion that they hire Clarice to be Vic's assistant. John agreed to be genial to Chris for Marianne's sake. Dave held Iris and walked her to and fro while Louise poured coffee down her throat. Angie failed to interest Carol in returning to New York. Louise got rid of Loretta while Iris hid from her on the patio.

JULY 30, 1975 (EP. #2794)
Louise told Rachel about Iris's suicide attempt but insisted it was too soon for Iris to have Mac know about it. Beatrice told Sharon she daydreams that Rachel is Jenny. Jamie was doubly pleased when Rachel told him she was back with Mac and that Dennis would be staying with them for awhile. Louise took the phone from Loretta's hand and slammed it down when she caught her gossiping about Iris, then kicked her out. Dave tried to get Mac to reconcile with Iris, since his own father had died when they weren't speaking.

JULY 31, 1975 (EP. #2795)
Helen said her father used to let her work summers in his office when Neil complimented the work she was doing at Delaney Architects. Mac hired Clarice as receptionist in the executive office of the Cory complex. Marianne was relieved to learn she was accepted into college. Willis accused Robert of doing his latest sketches while hitting the bottle when Robert couldn't even remember doing the sketches he brought over for a presentation. Neil and Clarice felt helpless when Robert decided the best thing to do in the face of his latest failure was to get good and drunk.

AUGUST 1, 1975 (EP. #2796)
Vic promoted Pam Sloane into his liaison with the museum project. Pam said she'd get Debbie to replace her at the switchboard. Chris cautioned Pam not to get caught between Vic and Willis. Carol tried to get Scott to help her bump Robert from the museum project. Clarice thought about playing matchmaker for Robert. Robert fumed that Carol was taking credit for designing the Cory complex. Willis phoned the Ordway farm to speak with Alice, but Emma said she was out. Marianne was upset when John forbade her from living on campus. Pat was distraught to find birth-control pills in Marianne's purse.

AUGUST 4, 1975 (EP. #2797)
Iris laughed with Dave and began to foster an interest in him after joking that he sounded like a teacher, Herr Schmidt, she had in boarding school. Jim advised Pat to talk to Dave about the pills she found, but she hesitated when he suggested she tell Marianne what happened to her at the same age. Iris cried softly and kissed the top of his head when Dennis said she looked so pretty. Iris had Dennis return home after an unpleasant meeting with Rachel.

AUGUST 5, 1975 (EP. #2798)
Robert vowed to Helen he would uncover Lenore's contact in Bay City. Beatrice noticed a boy hanging around with Jennifer in Sharon's college photos that Gil showed her. Carol stole the keys to the Delaney office from Helen's purse. Carol later returned, replaced the keys, and stole Robert's designs for the museum. Rachel phoned Clarice at her desk in the Cory complex to thank her for her thank-you note. Neil presented Mac and Rachel with a small framed photograph of their house and gardens.

AUGUST 6, 1975 (EP. #2799)
Marianne promised Pat she wouldn't use the pills, which Pat kept anyway. Vic, John, Willis, Carol, and Angie all made their opinions heard when Robert didn't show up for a presentation. Neil turned down Willis's offer to design the museum, for Robert's sake. Vic tracked Robert to a bar and managed to get his fighting spirit back by asking for help in fighting Willis and Carol for control of Alice's firm. Marianne was annoyed to find Chris and Pam working together.

AUGUST 7, 1975 (EP. #2800)
Vic told Willis to cool off when he laid into Robert, but Robert quit in a huff. Gil tried to defend his honor while Jamie beat him at ping pong in the Cory game room. Ada reassured Mac that Jamie would delighted with a new sibling. Barbara defended Robert when Willis insisted John replace Robert with another architect. Dave told Pat she should tell John about the pills. Mac ran the projector and Ada, Gil, Jamie, and Rachel watched home movies taken earlier in the year. Barbara and Vic had to cope with Robert when he showed up nine sheets to the wind.

AUGUST 8, 1975 (EP. #2801)
Helen thanked Barbara for bringing Robert to his senses, then urged her not to resist her feelings for him. Dennis and Louise tried to cheer Iris up. Loretta triumphantly returned to Iris's household intent on comforting Iris, but Iris closed her eyes to Loretta's rambling about Harriet Winslow and Kitty Sorber. Dave asked for Richard's help after revealing Iris tried to commit suicide, then encouraged Liz to visit with Iris. Gil tried to keep Beatrice from being pessimistic about his investigation. Rachel told Dave she wouldn't influence Mac about seeing Iris one way or the other. Robert and Barbara arrived for Helen's dinner, and he was upset Liz admitted Alice had wanted him on the project for loyalty's sake. Robert unsuccessfully tried to have the number traced when Helen received a call from Lenore. Galvanized when Dave and Loretta began trading barbs, Iris asked Dave to walk around the garden with her. Vowing to find Lenore, Robert told Barbara it may not be a coincidence Vic was in Washington when Lenore left (after rejecting the idea she may be in Boston with Susan and Dan).

AUGUST 11, 1975 (EP. #2802)
Dave refused to discuss Iris's health with Loretta, who was disappointed Iris was no longer interested in gossip. Dave and Iris wouldn't let Loretta plan to accompany them to dinner. When Russ phoned to invite Marianne to dinner, she suspected Pat had told him about her birth control pills. Liz worried about John when Russ revealed Marianne doesn't know he invited Chris along to the dinner. Angie let Willis know Robert brings out things in him that she finds disagreeable, and he was upset to hear Carol had advised her not to criticize him about business. Willis fumed when Barbara revealed Robert left town and left it up to Neil to complete the museum sketches. Chris phoned to let Russ know Willis needs him to work late. Dave hinted to Russ that Iris hadn't quite been herself while he was vacationing in the Rockies. Angie approved when Willis let Chris off early. Russ discouraged Marianne from finding her own place once she starts college. Marianne was happy when Chris arrived. Iris was skeptical when Dave insisted Russ wasn't bitter. Dave put his hand on hers when he managed to make Iris laugh by calling Loretta the Loreli.

AUGUST 12, 1975 (EP. #2803)
Neil shared with Helen and Barbara his suspicion that Carol had stolen Robert's sketches. Marianne admitted to Chris she'd been bothered to find him working late with Pam. Jim hinted to Russ there was something troubling Pat. Russ thought Liz exaggerated when she thought Jim was turning against her. Worried that Jamie would be hurt by painful memories, Rachel made excuses when Willis wanted to take Jamie to Oklahoma. Rachel later confided to Mac she doesn't want Jamie to run into Alice. Pam was curious as to why Chris was dating someone so much younger. When Pat told him about Marianne lying to Dave to get pills, Chris assured her he's never given Marianne reasons to think she needed them. Jim prevented Helen from asking Liz to join them for dinner. Marianne was furious at Pat for telling Chris she'd gotten pills. Barbara asked Mac to ask Lowell to convince Willis to keep Robert on the job, and Neil told Rachel that Clarice was more sure of herself because of her new job. Liz told Helen that Jim was acting like a foolish schoolboy with her. Pam announced she was ready for him to drive her home after Marianne worried that Chris would now think she was available.

AUGUST 13, 1975 (EP. #2804)
Marianne worried she'd lose Chris when Pat tried to curtail her freedom. Vic felt Willis wouldn't believe them when Helen wanted to warn him about Carol's machinations. Gil told Beatrice they have a lead on the man with Jenny in the photo. When Willis blamed Vic for not changing architects when it was needed, Scott (who agreed to act as his lawyer) promised to come up with a way to neutralize Vic's authority. After Gil confided that the man in the photo had a criminal record, Mac asked Scott to provide legal counsel for Gil's investigation. Mac told Scott he thought highly of Willis. Neil was relieved that Vic and Willis approved of his sketches, but Willis didn't believe he based them on Robert's original designs. Helen told Clarice that Neil loves her. Based on Scott's tip, Willis convinced Vic to fly down to Washington to clinch a new deal with Pendleton. Pat worried when Marianne left for a date with Chris. Clarice was happy that Neil finally got around to being intimate.

AUGUST 14, 1975 (EP. #2805)
After a talk with Dennis, Iris complained to Louise that Loretta was driving him up the wall. Pat told Barbara she has no idea where Lenore is, then told Russ she hopes Barbara doesn't get hurt by becoming involved in Robert's troubles. Angie was perplexed that Vic was letting Willis supervise the museum project in his absence. Dave advised Marianne not to be influenced too much by what her friends claim they're doing. Russ tried to convince Marianne that young girls sometimes make impulsive decisions they regret. Liz offered to drive her over when Dave phoned (on Louise's suggestion) to request that Iris come into his office for her next check-up. Jamie assured Rachel he wouldn't mind if she had another baby. Vic was evasive when Barbara wanted to know if he knew where Lenore was. Iris was upset to run into Rachel in Dave's office, but Dave promised to reward her with dinner.

AUGUST 15, 1975 (EP. #2805)
Mac arrived home early for the party to find Rachel worrying to Beatrice about the details. Loretta couldn't convince Iris and Dave to accompany her to a performance of La Boheme. Iris learned from Dennis that Rachel was throwing a party. Angie was upset with Willis for conspiring to get Vic out of town to protect his interests, and wouldn't come with him to Mac's to watch him drum up business. Gil and Ada arrived after Barbara went upstairs to get dressed. Neil took Clarice out to the garden when Iris came in. Mac threw Iris out after she remarked how he used to be such a fastidious man. Angie phoned Emma to complain about Willis, then Sally got on the phone to talk about milking the cows with Wade. Loretta rushed in dying to be introduced to Rachel. Iris promised Dennis she would no longer be so glum. Ada advised Angie not to let Willis get away with anything. Mac was grateful when Dave dragged Loretta away.

AUGUST 18, 1975 (EP. #2807)
Rachel and Beatrice agreed the party was a great success. Rachel thought it a good thing that Dave understood Iris so well. When Mac admitted to Rachel that Iris had crashed the party, Dave hinted to him that Iris has done more harm to herself than she has to anyone else. Loretta described to Jamie the elegant parties Mommy and Daddy gave, then was fascinated when Iris revealed Mac and Rachel wouldn't be married now if Rachel hadn't crashed her party last year. Loretta eavesdropped on the extension as Mac invited Jamie to dinner. Mac asked Scott to dissolve all of Iris's trust funds and to establish one for Jamie. Rachel disapproved that Mac was disinheriting Iris. Gil told Ada that man-in-the-photo Dan Marley from St. Louis doesn't remember Jennifer. Jim complained to Ada that Liz's desire to take Mary's place by butting into everyone's lives has been making it difficult for him to see Helen. Beatrice was defeatist when Gil reported he'd reached a dead end. Dave convinced Iris not to provoke Mac. Loretta warned Rachel that Mac's susceptibilities haven't changed. Mac threw Loretta out, but Rachel just laughed.

Notes: Jamie appropriated his lines when Dennis was too sick to come in to work.

AUGUST 19, 1975 (EP. #2808)
A jealous Loretta wanted to know how interested Iris was in Dave, then was curious to hear Therese's daughter had been involved with him. Emma phoned that Sally was off helping Burt and Wade mend the pasture fences, then got on Willis's case for deserting Angie to attend a party. Willis tied to soft-soap Angie after she accused him of using people. Chris tried to comfort Angie, who worried Willis would destroy the firm and himself along with it. Loretta complained to Dave that Iris wasn't as much fun as she used to be, then was excited to run into Russ. Willis encouraged Jamie (very moved upon visiting Alice's house) to get to know Sally better. After Helen realized Liz resented the attention Jim paid her, he advised Helen to just ignore her. Liz informed Willis that Jamie would be a painful reminder to Alice of Steve's attachment to Rachel. Carol thanked Scott for fooling Willis into thinking he was the one who decided to send Vic to Washington, then set her sights on the Pendleton Museum assignment. Loretta introduced herself to Carol, who knew her as Loretta Turner, and to Scott, whose father she knew.

Loretta: "Anything's possible. I mean I came to Bay City not knowing anyone but Iris, and I discovered Dave here... and now dear Therese Lamonte's daughter, Carol... There's no telling who may turn up next. [SHE SMILES AND NEITHER MAN RESPONDS]"

AUGUST 20, 1975 (EP. #2809)
Rachel assured Ada she didn't want a child just to secure her marriage. Dave didn't share Mac's enthusiasm for having children, and Mac wouldn't agree to give Iris a chance to prove she's changed. Jim said that Frame Enterprises wouldn't have the resources to build the library in Chadwell until either the mall or museum project is completed, then Willis said not to worry about Carol going over budget. Loretta complained to Dave about Carol snubbing her, then speculated about other people's lives. Liz felt like she was being shut out of people's lives, and was insulted when Russ advised her to stop interfering. Mac told Rachel he asked Russ over for drinks. Ada advised Willis to pay Angie more attention than he does to his business. Louise warned she'll make it very unpleasant if Loretta comes between Iris and Dave. Gil asked about Robert as Helen and Jim played with Nancy. Mac told Rachel that once they have a baby, all her anxieties about his past and hers will disappear.

Script pencil notes: "Xtra-- don't look at action-- eat sandwich"

AUGUST 21, 1975 (EP. #2810)
Willis was too bothered by Angie's absence from work to listen to Neil insist Vic should be sent copies of the sketches. Willis refused to let Carol push him into hiring her to take over the museum project. Willis asked Scott to help him find a foundation to fund the library, and Carol volunteered to be among the first contributors. Chris wasn't thrilled to run into old girlfriend Glenda Toland, or in rehashing unpleasant memories. Glenda introduced herself to Marianne and warned her not to expect help from Chris if she gets in trouble. Chris fumed when Russ cross-examined him. Beatrice was distressed to overhear Mac and Rachel discuss baby names (Mac liked "Miranda" for a girl and Rachel liked "Mackenzie Cory the second" for a boy). Mac agreed when Willis, Scott, and Carol asked him to help with the library, and he suggested a traveling library in Jamie's name. Russ complimented the house and bad-mouthed Iris over drinks with Mac and Rachel. Chris groused to Pam about the Randolphs giving him a hard time.

Glenda: (Introduction Line) "Chris! [HE TURNS]"
Chris: "Glenda, hi."
Glenda: "Where have you been hiding, Chris? [SHE COMES TOWARD HIM]"

AUGUST 22, 1975 (EP. #2811)
When Pat refused to give her back her pills, Marianne cried that she might lose Chris since he was used to more experienced girls. Pat didn't agree when Liz insisted Jim was making a fool out of himself with Helen. Pam didn't mind when Willis asked her to work late with Chris. Willis insisted he'd never hurt her when Angie admitted his ambition frightened her, but she wouldn't let him use a kiss to settle their differences. Pam dragged Chris into a discussion of Willis's personal life. Pat let Chris know Marianne felt threatened by his past relationships. Marianne asked Dr. Claude Prescott for some contraception, and he agreed since she'd turned 18 last month. Russ advised Pat not to let her own experience blind her to the difference between her and Marianne. Russ urged her to return the pills to Marianne, but she feared John's reaction. Liz was upset when Jim accused her of meddling in his life by talking about him to his children. Angie worried about Willis turning to Carol when Clarice suggested she get him jealous by dating someone else. After Chris told her not to believe Glenda's slurs about him, Marianne kissed him passionately.

AUGUST 25, 1975 (EP. #2812)
Alice and Sally returned home with Emma in tow. Willis canceled dinner with Angie when Alice phoned to invite him over. Tired of being manipulated and appeased by Willis, Angie considered quitting, but Willis maintained he didn't want to be a plaster saint and end up a nobody like his father. Carol suggested Willis may find his life less complicated without Angie. Scott brought Barbara up to date on the library fund. Angie told Neil how miserable she was about loving Willis and not being able to change him. Scott worried about Willis's resentment when Carol urged him to pursue his interest in Angie. Neil was surprised Helen was so pessimistic about love. Barbara wouldn't let Helen talk her into helping Robert adjust to life without Lenore. Sally told Jim that Sharlene was her favorite. Emma told Willis that he needed someone like Angie to stand up to him. Alice felt guilty about having insisted on Robert when Willis revealed he ran out on the project.

Alice: (Susan Harney, Introduction Line) "Now, where did Sally rush off to?"

Notes: First appearance of Susan Harney as Alice Matthews Frame.

AUGUST 26, 1975 (EP. #2813)
Chris assured a worried Marianne he doesn't think she's easy after what they did the other night, and she got upset at how closely he works with Pam. Willis told Mac and Rachel that Robert went to pieces after Lenore left him. Rachel worried that Jamie was substituting Willis for Steve. Emma kissed Jamie when Willis brought him over. Though they were shy with each other at first, Sally and Jamie bonded as they talked about their cousins and Jamie's tree house out back that she had appropriated. Pat disagreed when Liz felt that Jim was betraying Mary's memory by going out with Helen and that Emma had too much influence on Alice. Angie soothed Marianne's fears about Chris and Pam, then Marianne revealed she'd managed to get another prescription the day she became intimate. Angie urged her to make an appointment with Dave after pointing out the pills take several weeks to take effect. Alice agreed when Mac asked her to keep the mobile unit a surprise for Jamie. Pat encouraged Helen to spend time with Jim. Emma told Liz to set her mind at ease as she was returning home real soon to get the kids off to school. Rachel asked Mac not to encourage Jamie about going to Chadwell. After Pat agreed to let her live on campus, Marianne phoned to make an appointment with Dave.

AUGUST 27, 1975 (EP. #2814)
Dave came upon Iris being naughty to poor Loretta, who wouldn't be talked into returning to New York. Ada advised her not to give up hope when Gil told Beatrice that Sharon remembers Jenny being involved with a man named Peter Sprague. Carol pestered Scott about sitting in on his meeting with Mac. Rachel agreed when Mac said Carol wanted to take part in the library fund meeting. Dave told a miserable Marianne it was too soon to tell if she was pregnant. Gil and Ada disagreed when Rachel felt Jamie should be allowed to forget about Steve and think of Mac as his father. Carol explained to Mac she was contributing to the fund to pay back Frame Enterprises for giving her her first assignment. Carol covered when Beatrice found her leafing through Mac's personal documents. Carol informed Loretta that Mac was disinheriting Iris, but fled before telling Iris when she learned Dave was due over. Loretta convinced Iris to become friendly with Rachel to get Mac to forgive her.

Notes: First reference to Rocky, Cory stableman, just hired.

AUGUST 28, 1975 (EP. #2815)
Dennis phoned Iris after spending the afternoon at the Cory's riding his new horse, Lightning. When she realized how sad Dennis was about Iris, Rachel promised they'd unite her and Mac. Liz was annoyed to find Helen and Richard in a little tete-a-tete. Russ was amused when Richard managed to convince a "reluctant" Liz to accept his dinner invitation. Gil told Beatrice that Peter illegally sold cheap copies of textbooks to students. Jenny disappeared the same week as Peter, who had been married to someone else who later attained a divorce on grounds of desertion. Gil filled Mac and Rachel in, then asked Jamie over to dinner. Mac refused to talk to Iris when she showed up to pick Dennis up, but Rachel advised her not to force herself on Mac. Louise fretted and Dave disapproved when Loretta insisted on inviting Rachel and Mac to her party. Richard was sympathetic when he noticed how hostile Liz was to Jim and Helen. Mac wondered why Rachel was so tolerant when she considered accepting Iris's invite to Loretta's party.

AUGUST 29, 1975 (EP. #2816)
Chris phoned Marianne, who agreed to drive up to the lake for a swim. Carol convinced a suspicious Scott to ask Angie out tonight. Angie turned Scott down flat, but then called back to accept after Willis, in her opinion, played games with her. Pat told Alice that Liz didn't like to see other people getting attention she wants, then they conspired to get Barbara to accompany Russ to dinner. Clarice was annoyed when Neil asked a lonely Pam to join them for dinner. Emma encouraged Angie not to give up on Willis, then Angie was embarrassed when Scott arrived to take her out. Carol gave Willis a shoulder massage after he agreed she can accompany him to Alice's, but he declared he was interested in her only as an architect. Scott explained to Angie that Carol needed to prove she was important because she missed out on trust and affection growing up. Russ and Barbara sampled Sally's blueberry cobbler. Willis didn't accept Carol's offer to Alice to design the library for no fee. Marianne unhappily fended off Chris's kisses.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1975 (EP. #2817)
Carol advised Willis to back her bid as library architect, as if Alice selects Robert, he'll likely oust Willis in favor of working with Vic on it. Case worker Lynne Emerich dropped in unexpectedly to question Sally and Alice. Neil warned Willis about Carol's unscrupulous ambition. Willis fumed when Robert returned and Neil insisted on handing the museum assignment back to him. Only Emma was home when Jim phoned with the news after Barbara learned Lynne approved the adoption, but then Alice and John walked in the office and were told. Alice agreed to give Carol the assignment when Willis raved about her work and pointed out Robert was still missing. Carol explained to Scott she would gain Alice's good will by designing the library, then Willis arrived with the library contracts. Robert, who's given up hope of getting Lenore back, promised Barbara he planned to enjoy his future as a free man. Sally informed Willis she was now his niece. Emma was displeased to hear Rachel wanted to prevent Jamie from going to Chadwell.

Alice: "Because the adoption is being approved."
Sally: "You mean you're going to be my mother?"
Alice: "That's right. [SALLY THROWS HERSELF IN HER ARMS] Well I'm glad you're happy about it."
Sally: "Aren't you?"

SEPTEMBER 2, 1975 (EP. #2818)
Willis talked Mac and Rachel out of naming Robert as library architect. A protective Rachel wouldn't allow Willis to bring Jamie with him to Chadwell. Louise convinced Loretta it would only plunge Iris back into depression if she learned Mac was disinheriting her. Marianne nightmared of Dave, John, Pat, Chris, and Pam reacting to her pregnancy. Emma encouraged Willis with Angie. Willis warned Neil he'd hand the job over to Carol if he lets Robert have input into the project. Marianne told Chris that Pat agreed to talk to John about letting her have her own apartment. Emma introduced herself to Rachel and convinced her Jamie had to learn to face sorrow instead of being protected from it. John told Marianne the news after Pat convinced him she needed to test her independence by living alone. Mac was unmoved when Louise begged him not to disinherit Iris. Iris phoned and convinced Rachel to end the feud by accepting the party invitation.

SEPTEMBER 3, 1975 (EP. #2819)
Robert advised her not to count on anyone but herself when Clarice admitted she was jealous of the time Neil spends with Pam. Dave warned Russ that Barbara pulls back when she thinks a man is interested in her. Robert shrugged when Willis smiled and said Alice asked Carol to design a library in Steve's memory. Iris explained to Louise that inviting Mac and Rachel to the party was the only way she could reconcile with him. Neil warned Willis he might lose Angie because of his obsession with business. Emma came to say goodbye to Ada, who was giving Nancy a puppet show, then let Gil know Sally's adoption was going through. Iris implied she and Mac have reconciled when she and Dave ran into Russ and Barbara at Tallboys. Neil apologized for neglecting Clarice. Jamie told Ada and Gil how excited he was about his trip to Chadwell. Upset to have found Russ at her apartment, Robert took Barbara in his arms, but she turned him away.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1975 (EP. #2820)
Willis wasn't swayed when Carol denigrated Neil's sketches. Emma and Willis discouraged Carol from accompanying them to Chadwell to check out the survey site. Pat worried when Marianne phoned she'd already found an apartment. Jim, Alice, and Pat were surprised when Sally opened the door to Iris. Iris encouraged Alice to come to her party, and bring Sally to meet Dennis. Willis asked Scott to help prevent Robert from becoming involved in the museum project. Alice considered inviting her for a visit when Emma confided Sharlene hasn't had a life of her own since her husband Floyd was killed in Vietnam at age 22. Alice agreed when Carol felt she should fly down to take a look at the site. Chris dropped by as John and Pat were helping Marianne move in to her new apartment. Alice and Sally said goodbye to Emma, Willis, and Jamie. Marianne gave Chris a key to "their" place.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1975 (EP. #2821)
Rachel pointed out to Mac the irony of helping Beatrice find her daughter while he won't even drive across town to make up with his own. Alice and Sally sympathized when Pat felt lonely both her children were living away from home. Mac was interested in Rachel's reaction when Barbara told them she was having dinner with Russ. Iris admitted to Dave she wanted Mac at the party partly so people won't think Rachel has come between them. Iris requested Russ tell them they broke up through a mutual agreement when she complained his family refuse to see her anymore. Gil told Beatrice that Peter and Jenny married in Baltimore while he was still already married. Russ insisted to Alice that Rachel wasn't the same girl she used to be, then urged her to accept Iris's invitation. Rachel told Ada she thinks she's pregnant. Rachel had drinks with Russ and Barbara as they awaited Mac. An excited Ada told Gil Rachel's news. Mac didn't believe her when Iris revealed she'd tried to kill herself, but wasn't as sure when Iris claimed Rachel knew all along.

Mac: "I am cancelling all the trust funds I've set up for you, and am writing you out of my will completely. [SHE SINKS DOWN ON THE CHAIR] You never needed my money anyway."
Iris: "I don't give a damn about your money!"
Mac: "You always have."
Iris: "No, never. It's your love I've always wanted."
Mac: "You've made sure you can never have that again."
Iris: "[TURNING] Then Dave should have let me die!"

Notes: First reference to Hanson, Cory gardener.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1975 (EP. #2822)
Barbara and Russ noticed how restless Rachel was waiting for Mac to return from Iris's. Russ felt Iris had too tenacious a will to live when Mac asked if he knew about Iris's suicide attempt, but Mac recalled all of Dave's hints. Michael came over to Marianne's with some extra kitchen stuff Pat sent over, then was perturbed when Chris used his key to come in. Barbara advised Rachel not to be too quick to be involved with Iris again, even though she was Mac's only child. Michael was quiet when he, Pat, and John came over to have dinner with Sally and Alice. Marianne complained about how little she saw Chris, but he blamed evening classes and a heavy workload. Jamie and Emma's phone call to Rachel delayed the talk Mac wanted to have with her. Russ confided to Barbara that Rachel may have kept it from Mac that Iris tried to kill herself. Mac forgave Rachel when she explained she was afraid of what Iris might do if she knew she told him of her attempt.

Marianne: "Who is it?"
Michael: (Lionel Johnston, Introduction Line) "[O.C.] Open up and find out."
Michael: "Who'd you expect?"

Notes: First appearance of Lionel Johnston as Michael Randolph.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1975 (EP. #2823)
Dave tried to convince Mac that Iris may manage to maintain a surface friendliness with Rachel to disguise their estrangement from others, but Mac refused to be blinded to the fact that Iris still hopes to break up his marriage. Carol threatened to bring a suit for slander when Neil lit into her for stealing assignments from Robert. Chris accused Carol of provoking Neil into walking out of the meeting. Neil found Carol poring over his sketches and informed her he was wise to all her lies and manipulation. Iris told Loretta not to count on Mac and Rachel attending the party. After failing to improve Iris's mood, Dave told Louise he can help by getting rid of Loretta. Marianne told Michael she loves Chris, and admitted she may be in the worst kind of trouble. Michael failed to talk John out of dropping in on Marianne without calling first. Michael phoned Marianne to get Chris out of the apartment, but Liz knocked on the door before he could leave. Hiding in the bathroom didn't prevent Liz from catching him. Liz left after a defensive Marianne became offensive. John told Marianne he worried about her reputation. Louise was relieved when Dave ushered Loretta to the airport.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1975 (EP. #2824)
Robert accused Barbara of deliberately leading him on so she could reject him, and was uninterested when she urged him to talk to Alice about the library project. Clarice was curious why Scott was so interested in Angie's whereabouts. Barbara let Helen know that Robert was behaving oddly. Ada wasn't helpful when Scott wanted to know where Angie was. Liz objected when Helen wanted to have Jim over for dinner. Marianne confessed all her fears to Barbara, who urged her to level with Chris. Helen questioned Neil about Robert. Clarice was annoyed Neil had to cancel dinner to work late, but Neil rejected Pam's offer to cover for him. Liz walked out after Helen accused her of being jealous, then Helen voiced her regret to Ada and Gil about sharing an apartment with her. Barbara was stung when Robert provided an unflattering emotional analysis. Clarice hung up when Pam answered, then drained her glass. Robert asked Clarice to dinner after advising her not to count on anyone, Neil included.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1975 (EP. #2825)
Rachel encouraged Mac to have a talk with Iris, but he worried she'll use her condition to manipulate him. Pat confided in Alice her worries about Marianne. Sally told Pat about Wanda and Oscar, the beavers in the pond. Gil told Mac and Beatrice that Jenny and Peter must have changed their names as they disappeared from Daytona Beach seven years ago. Pat worried Marianne would be ashamed of her when Alice suggested she tell Marianne about what happened to her years ago. Sally invited Lynne to her birthday party. Fearing Jenny might have turned into a criminal, Beatrice rejected Scott's idea to lure her out of hiding with a notice that she was entitled to a share or her father's estate. Pat ran into Rachel in Dave's office and felt she may indeed have changed for the better. Scott introduced himself to Alice, but let it slip that Robert had returned before getting her to sign the library contracts. Rachel and Dennis ganged up on Mac to get him to clear the air with Iris.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1975 (EP. #2826)
Mac agreed to renew ties when Iris promised to let him and Rachel live their own lives, but warned it'd be end of anything between them if she hurts Rachel in any way. Neil didn't heed Robert's warning that Clarice still resents his overtime. Alice phoned Robert and learned Willis knew it the day he'd returned. Alice refused to repeat gossip to Pat when Liz insisted Marianne was sharing her apartment with Chris. Neil argued against it when Robert felt he was incompetent. Liz and Richard were happy to run into each other. Rachel pestered Dave about the results of her test. Alice argued persuasively to convince a self-deprecating Robert to agree to design the library. Carol was humiliated when Alice told her she's replacing her with Robert, but Alice wouldn't listen to her bad-mouth Robert. Richard discouraged Liz from moving out. Dave surprised Mac and Rachel with champagne and the news to expect a little third party in the house sometime in late spring. Iris walked in on their toast and assumed they were celebrating Iris and Mac making up.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1975 (EP. #2827)
A numb Iris managed a brilliant smile as Mac told her they were expecting a child. Mac and Rachel shared the news with Beatrice and convinced her to partake of some champagne. Iris fled after claiming she felt unwell. Barbara confided to Russ she had once been in love with a married man. Robert was abrupt when Clarice dragged him over to chat with Russ and Barbara at the restaurant. When Robert pooh-poohed Clarice's concern about not telling Neil she was going out to dinner with him, she admitted she's not sure she loves Neil. Neil wasn't convinced when Angie accused Willis of sending Vic out of town so he could start running the company with no interference, then he discouraged her from quitting right away. Mac and Rachel broke the baby news to Ada and Gil, causing a commotion that awoke Nancy. Angie was adamant when Ada and Gil tried to talk her out of breaking up with Willis. Barbara felt it was a welcome change when Russ told her he wasn't ready for a romantic relationship. Robert and Clarice maintained their innocence when Neil wanted to know why they were running around behind his back. Clarice stormed out after an upset Neil threw her past behavior with men in her face. Dave promised to help Iris forget about Rachel's baby and concentrate on her own life, but she returned his kiss discontentedly.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1975 (EP. #2828)
Alice had a hectic time seeing Sally off to her first day at school. Robert informed Helen it would be best for both of them if she didn't bother knowing him anymore, and she fled after Clarice pranced out of the bedroom. Liz promised Richard she'd patch things up with Helen. An overworked Chris and Pam were happy to welcome Angie back to the office. Scott advised a fuming Carol to play it cool and not undermine Robert so openly. Helen was too upset about Robert to discuss with Liz their differences. Barbara came to tell Alice the adoption was almost finalized. Alice was impressed by Carol's new graciousness, but Barbara warned her not to take anything Carol says at face value. Scott decided not to when Chris reminded him Willis wanted to be contacted the moment Angie returned. Helen was distressed when Barbara felt Clarice may be able to help Robert better than she can. Richard was pleased after Liz and Helen made up. Sally was thrilled when Alice said she'd signed the adoption papers that afternoon. Carol came to congratulate Robert, whereupon a robed Clarice emerged once again from the bedroom.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1975 (EP. #2829)
Mac and Rachel thought Neil looked unhappy as they discussed plans for the nursery. Robert hid Clarice in the bedroom when Neil dropped in, then she suggested meeting somewhere else so Neil doesn't get hurt. Angie offered to speak to her when Chris said Marianne was edgy and evasive. Neil asked Angie to accompany him to dinner at the Cory's. John encouraged Marianne to spend more time with her family. Beatrice wouldn't let Rachel talk her into continuing the investigation. Louise brought Rachel an unnamed plant for the baby. John came for his meeting with Mac, then when Clarice arrived with papers from the office, Rachel asked her to come to dinner. Chris wondered why Marianne's affections run hot and cold. Robert accepted John's invite to dinner after Clarice phoned to break their date. There was an awkward moment when Beatrice ushered Clarice into the living room, where Mac and Rachel were entertaining Angie and Neil. Neil changed the subject after Clarice beat a hasty retreat.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1975 (EP. #2830)
John and Pat speculated on Russ and Barbara, Robert and his new mystery woman, and Marianne's moods. Pam and Chris worried about Neil. Chris became angry when Michael hassled him about Marianne's naivete. Emma phoned Alice to remind her to invite Sharlene down. Jamie let it slip to Alice that Carol had come down to work on the library with Willis. Pat phoned to nag Marianne about coming home for dinner. John noticed the undercurrents between Michael and Pam. Alice asked John, since it appears Carol snuck to Chadwell behind her back, to draw up contracts for Robert to sign right away. Chris was annoyed that Marianne objected to him working alone with Pam in Willis's apartment. Liz arrived to apologize for her behavior as Alice and Sally were making birthday party plans. Liz apologized to Pat for meddling, but then told her about seeing Chris at Marianne's.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1975 (EP. #2831)
Pat confessed her fears to Russ. Iris apologized to Dennis for being in a bad mood, then wanted to know what Louise had done with the plant she was working on. Dave confided to Russ that Iris was unhappy about Rachel's pregnancy. Mac offered him an office at the complex when Scott revealed he's going to settle in Bay City. Ada and Gil had a good laugh over Rachel's grandiose nursery plans. Louise distracted Dennis so Dave could lecture Iris on avoiding Mac. Angie canceled her date with Scott after stroking Willis's tie. Russ gave the Cory's a baby book, then Iris showed up with a silver baby cup and bowl. Iris was distracted to notice Louise's plant, then flashed a brilliant smile at Scott, who heard all about her from Keith Morrison. Pat burst into tears when Marianne wouldn't admit she was living with Chris, but then Chris walked in as Marianne was about to confess everything.

Pat: "I thought this boy loved me because I loved him, so I did everything he wanted so I wouldn't lose him. [SHE LOOKS PAST MARIANNE, CLOSING HER EYES] I got pregnant... and my life turned into a real nightmare. He talked me into having an abortion, and then things happened so fast... terrible things... [SHE TURNS AWAY AND MARIANNE PUTS HER ARMS AROUND HER]"
Marianne: "But the boy loved you?"
Pat: "No, he turned against me... he never wanted to see me again... and I hated him so much--"

SEPTEMBER 22, 1975 (EP. #2832)
Pat made Chris leave after he and Marianne lied about living together. Pat warned her boys would never respect her if she made things too easy for them. Pat promised to help after a miserable Marianne confessed she might be pregnant. Chris let Michael know that Pat likely knew everything now, and Michael hinted at something Marianne needed to talk to him about. Michael ran to the phone after John decided to head for Marianne's. Emma talked Sharlene into visiting Bay City, encouraging her to put her shameful past behind her in a place where no one knows her. Sharlene wondered if Emma wanted to get rid of her because she worried about having left her alone with Burt all those months. Carol phoned Scott to report she's returned after an unsuccessful stay in Chadwell. Alice didn't appreciate Liz's gossip about Marianne. Liz was annoyed when Alice got off the phone to say another of Steve's sisters would be coming over for a visit. Carol ordered Scott to help her convince Willis into getting Alice to change her mind about the library architect, and revealed she has some ammunition to split Neil away from Robert. Pat left hurriedly after coming over to see Jim and finding him with Helen. Marianne cried in her pillow after John's brief visit. Pat told Russ she'd revealed her past to Marianne but couldn't bring herself to admit she was on trial for murder. Chris froze when Marianne admitted she may be pregnant.

Emma: "You reading Alice's letter again?"
Sharlene: (Laurie Heineman, Introduction Line) "[TURNING] Oh, Emma... I didn't hear you come in."
Emma: "You seemed engrossed in that letter."
Sharlene: "[FOLDING IT UP AGAIN] Yeah, I keep reading it over to myself--"
Emma: "To help make up your mind."
Sharlene: "My mind's made up. There's too much for me to do here to go running off to Bay City for a visit."

Notes: First appearance of Laurie Heineman as Sharlene Frame. Last appearance of Tresa Hughes as Emma Frame Ordway (1975).

SEPTEMBER 23, 1975 (EP. #2833)
Mac told Rachel he'd hardly known his mother, a society dowager. They were happy to see Jamie, who described helping Burt with the threshing and explained how Burt and Emma took over the Frame farm when his grandmother died. Beatrice was distressed when Jamie showed her a photo of Rhoda. Alice and Sally excitedly welcomed Willis and Sharlene, who was very impressed with the house. Willis assured Alice that Carol doesn't resent losing the project, and hoped she was right about Robert being back on his feet. Louise was stunned when Loretta showed up with Tic de Cosgrove in tow intent on convincing Iris to return to New York. Pat told a concerned John she's restless because she's lonesome without the children. Iris was displeased to see Loretta and Tic but didn't have the energy to throw them out. Dave discouraged Pat from letting Marianne see Dr. Prescott, who seemed to specialize in girls in trouble. Alice urged a listless Sharlene not to dwell on unhappy memories. Sally thought Beatrice sounded very nice when she phoned the Cory mansion. Beatrice asked Jamie about Sally when she phoned to ask him to her party. Dave was amused when Iris complained Loretta's descended on them again with that parasite Tic. Jamie was excited when Mac and Rachel told him about the baby.

Loretta: "Well, what do you think?"
Tic: "It's not anywhere near as bad as you told me."
Loretta: "It's certainly not Antibes, darling."
Tic: "Antibes isn't Antibes anymore, either."

Iris: "How is dear Diane Poulignac?"
Loretta: "Must we talk about that creature?"

Sharlene: "No, I miss the family... I don't care if I ever see Chadwell again--"
Alice: "You sound bitter."
Sharlene: "Floyd and I grew up there together, got married right out of high school... but it just isn't the same without him. [SHE TURNS AWAY]"

Script notes: "[Beatrice] feels strangely, very good hearing Sally's voice"

SEPTEMBER 24, 1975 (EP. #2834)
Russ phoned to ask Barbara to Alice's dinner party for Sharlene, then Jim found her admiring Pat's photo. Barbara admitted to Jim she envies Pat the way John makes sure she feels wanted. John quizzed Barbara about her love life and learned she seldom cares about anyone since the day she discovered the man she hoped to marry already had a wife. Scott assured Willis he'll be able to keep Vic busy in Washington for another few weeks, then apologized for not calling him about Angie's return to the office. A grouchy Willis got on Carol's case about angling for the library project, but Scott advised him to play ball with Alice to win her confidence so she'll go along with whatever he recommends on much more important projects. Ada had second thoughts after she and Gil told Angie that Willis really cares for her. Carol dropped hints to Willis about Scott and Angie. Willis was upset when Angie refused to make up with him and admitted going out with Scott. Chris phoned to tell Russ he wanted a chance to explain. Russ made excuses when John worried Pat was keeping something from him. Beatrice wouldn't let Ada convince her to resume the search for Jenny. Jim befriended Sharlene and introduced her to Russ and Barbara. Russ assured her he was interested when Sharlene felt embarrassed talking about Floyd.

Jim: "Come in and meet Steve's sister. [HE LEADS THEM INTO THE ROOM] Sharlene, this is my son, Russ."
Sharlene: "Sally told me all about you."
Russ: "I hope I can live up to my advance publicity-- Hello, Sharlene."
Jim: "And this is Barbara Weaver... Sharlene Watts."
Sharlene: "How do you do?"
Barbara: "Hello, Sharlene... welcome to Bay City."

SEPTEMBER 25, 1975 (EP. #2835)
Marianne just stared at him blankly when Chris tried to tell her not every girl who gets pregnant has the baby. Dave convinced Marianne to come see him instead of Dr. Prescott. Clarice helped Scott settle into his new office. Willis warned Scott not to cut in on his girl. Neil was understanding when Robert apologized about Clarice. Robert unhooked the phone and followed Clarice into the bedroom. Michael was upset Pat wouldn't share responsibility by telling John. Carol hinted to Willis that Robert had other things on his mind distracting him from work. Neil warned Carol not to start in on him about Robert and Clarice or he'll tell everyone she split up Robert and Lenore. Marianne told Dave and Pat she was considering an abortion. Robert rambled off excuses when Willis found Clarice in his bedroom. Michael was angry when Chris insisted he couldn't get married. After Dave told her she wasn't pregnant, Marianne promised Pat she'll stop sleeping with Chris if she didn't tell John.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1975 (EP. #2836)
Sharlene pumped Alice about Russ's feelings for Barbara, then Liz arrived and Alice introduced them. Pam noticed how upset Chris was at being unable to reach Marianne. Chris assured Marianne he loved her after she told him the good news, and didn't believe she didn't want to be intimate with him anymore. Alice, Liz, and Sharlene set up for the party. Sharlene said she'd worked as a cocktail waitress in San Francisco, trying to save money so she and Floyd could buy a farm of their own. Sally welcomed Jamie to her party. Pam convinced Chris to come home for dinner and meet her folks. Sally welcomed Dennis, then Jamie phoned Beatrice to bring over Sally's present. Angie forgave Scott for not keeping his promise to call Willis about her return, but warned she won't be manipulated. Sharlene greeted Barbara and Russ. Marianne was upset when Pam dropped off a present while Chris waited in the car. Liz and Jim made amends. Barbara laughed that Russ was oblivious to Sharlene's attentions. After Beatrice dropped by briefly, Sally told Alice that she was the woman in the photo her mother always kept on her dresser.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1975 (EP. #2837)
Pat and John noticed how agitated Alice was after Sally pressed her to tell Gil about the woman. Beatrice told Mac and Rachel she'd been upset to hear children laughing at the party. Liz was curious when Russ whispered to Pat about Marianne being upset about Chris and Pam. John was solicitous to Barbara after hearing her snap at Dave. Willis dragged Sharlene over to talk with Russ and Dave, who both offered to give her a tour of the hospital. John wondered why Dave and Pat were discussing Marianne. Jim phoned to complain to Helen after Liz nagged him to take her out to dinner so she could explain her behavior. Dennis was bothered he hadn't been told before when Alice congratulated Jamie about Rachel's pregnancy. Rachel told Dennis she didn't want to risk spoiling the surprise for Jamie by letting him know. Liz agreed when Jim told her not to phone Alice to try to find out what had been bothering her. After Willis bounced Sally on the bed, she asked Alice if she could talk to the woman who'd brought over (and picked out) Jamie's present, a music box like her mother had.

Notes: Since Chadwell's nearest hospital was 60 miles away, a Dr. Pike would visit the Frame farm.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1975 (EP. #2838)
Pat suggested she and Chris date other people when Marianne admitted she was jealous of Pam. After a talk with Tic, Iris told Louise she'd like to drown him in the pool. Loretta eavesdropped as Dennis accused Iris of keeping the pregnancy a secret from him, then she goaded Iris into inviting Mac and Rachel to dinner to celebrate. Michael was interested when Marianne said Chris's old girlfriend Glenda was spreading lies about him. Chris asked Pam out, then told Marianne not to count on him dropping by later. Dave warned Loretta and Tic not to gossip during dinner. Tic and Loretta greeted Rachel and Mac, who wasn't happy to see either of them. Louise was pleased Iris made an effort to be pleasant to Rachel. At the El Diablo Disco, Michael ran into track-mate Mel Lafferty, who introduced him to Glenda. Glenda had some vague warnings about Chris, but Michael got an eyeful when Chris walked in with Pam. Mac was unconvinced when Rachel felt Iris had been sincerely pleasant. Pat comforted Marianne as Chris kissed Pam at the disco.

OCTOBER 1, 1975 (EP. #2839)
Willis asked Robert to work on sketches for the traveling library. Robert appreciated how easy Clarice was to get along with, but she had thoughts of settling down. Robert was moved when Neil wanted to remain friends despite walking in on him kissing Clarice. Angie explained to Scott they don't share enough interests to date. Sharlene helped Sally with her math homework, then told Alice she had wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. Neil told Angie he was more worried than resentful about Clarice and Robert. Willis was annoyed to come offer sympathy to Neil and find Angie making him dinner. Scott let Carol know he resented her using him with Angie to get a clear field with Willis, whom he warned not to underestimate. Clarice appreciated Neil's understanding, then encouraged him with Angie. Willis offered to make some discreet inquiries after telling Alice's she'd be inviting trouble by telling Gil about Beatrice.

OCTOBER 2, 1975 (EP. #2840)
Rachel promised she'd help make Sharlene feel at home in Bay City, then Willis quizzed her about Beatrice. Carol encouraged Chris and Pam to take the night off so she could work alone with Willis. Rachel asked Mac to tell Scott that Willis had been making inquiries about Beatrice. Scott told Willis it would be unethical of him to divulge confidential information about Beatrice. Since Willis enthused over Robert's work, Carol tried harping on his dissolute life. Pam and Chris, then Robert and Clarice, ran into Neil and Angie at the disco. Neil was suspicious of Carol when Robert told him Willis has been praising his sketches. Neil left with Angie after Willis came in with Carol. Carol pointed out to Willis that Neil wouldn't be dating Angie if Robert hadn't stolen Clarice from him. Barbara was happy to hear Rachel was pregnant. Clarice fretted that she wasn't able to help Robert with his career. Pam let Chris know her parents felt she had a right to a private life. Mac resolved to find out when Scott and Beatrice wondered why Willis was interested in her.

OCTOBER 3, 1975 (EP. #2841)
Alice discouraged Sally from visiting the Cory mansion to see Beatrice. Jim was curious when Alice phoned to tell Barbara she needed to see her. Ada told Gil about Willis's inquiries, then Beatrice became sentimental over Nancy. At the cafeteria, Sharlene told Russ she and Floyd were married a couple of years, and he encouraged her to make a life of her own in Bay City. Marianne confided her personal troubles to Barbara. Barbara picked up the phone to call Gill after Alice shared her suspicions of Beatrice. Chris denied it when Marianne asked if he was dating Pam. Barbara finally contacted Gil at home. A dreamy Sharlene hugged Sally after Russ brought her home. A cross Chris was ready to storm out when Marianne admitted Pat talked her into going off the pill and stopping relations, but she threw herself into his arms and promised to do anything he wanted as long as he didn't leave. Barbara and Alice asked Gil to check the inventoried personal effects from the car crash for Janet's photo of the woman.

OCTOBER 6, 1975 (EP. #2842)
Rachel was initially skeptical when Gil reasoned Sally's parents must have been planning to stop in Bay City on their way from New York to San Francisco. Sharlene told Sally that Heather Jessop from the children's ward asked about her, then Alice returned home fighting her emotions. Barbara assured John it was no problem canceling her date with Russ to work late. Rachel filled Mac in. A contented and satisfied Chris advised Marianne not to let her parents control her and made vague assurances he would have proposed had she been pregnant. When Willis explained he'd been protecting Alice by not being forthright, Mac was almost alarmed when Rachel insisted Beatrice had to be protected as well. Gil and Zack found a music box but no pictures in the evidence box. Barbara insisted to John that she and Russ had just a casual friendship. Russ and Sharlene speculated on Alice's gloomy mood. Willis warned Alice to get good legal advice since it was obvious Rachel intended to take Beatrice's side.

OCTOBER 7, 1975 (EP. #2843)
Dennis complained to Iris that Loretta and Tic were pestering him. Tic hypothesized to Loretta that the plants Louise was always fussing around produced something that weakened Iris's will power. Alice fretted to Russ about the possibility of losing Sally. Barbara and Gil comforted Alice, who was distressed to find a music box among the crash remains and remember that Beatrice picked out one for Jamie to give to Sally. Dave assured Iris it was only her house guests that was keeping him from visiting her as often as he used to. Pat suggested talking to John when Alice feared the court changing its mind about the adoption. After voicing their suspicions of Louise's lunch, Loretta and Tic quizzed Iris on her day, then asked Jamie and Dennis about Rachel and Philip. Barbara told Russ that Judge Hallinan may well reverse her decision. After Louise told Dave that Loretta and Tic suspect her of using Iris for some sinister purpose, they whispered together, then Louise made a big show of leaving for a mysterious errand to Tallboys dressed in a trench coat. Tic and Loretta left hurriedly in pursuit, then Louise returned and laughed with Dave about tricking them into leaving him and Iris alone for dinner.

Liz: (About Loretta and Tic) "Do they bother you that much."
Iris: "They're terrible gossips..."
Liz: "Oh, dear."
Iris: "And they meddle in our lives so much."
Liz: "That can be very unpleasant, I'm sure."

Notes: A reference to "Diane de Poulignac" had the "de" crossed out.

OCTOBER 8, 1975 (EP. #2844)
Iris dropped in on Mac and Rachel for an early morning visit. Mac was pleased when Iris made a grandiose apology to Clarice. Pat comforted Alice as John said Beatrice would have to sue if she wanted custody. Clarice let Robert know that Iris was asking about him. Michael tried to convince Glenda he was interested in her not just for her information on Chris. Liz took it personally when Alice was too upset to talk about her troubles. Iris asked Scott to help her donate $10,000 to the library in Clarice's name, and confided she felt it ironic Rachel persuaded Mac to contribute heavily to a memorial to her previous husband. Pat was skeptical when Michael was convinced of Glenda's derogatory views on Chris. Rachel and Mac filled Scott in on Beatrice/Sally. Sally told Gil that as they were leaving New York her mother said they'd be meeting the woman in the photo some day, then identified the music box as one her mother received from her own mother.

OCTOBER 9, 1975 (EP. #2845)
Marianne was furious when Michael denigrated Chris. Neil jumped in with cheap innuendoes when Carol interrupted his work with Pam. Gil thwarted Willis's attempts to convince him to sweep the investigation under the rug. Neil insisted to Robert and Clarice that things have worked out for the better now that he was seeing Angie. Dennis became angry when Tic tried to ply him with drink and put Louise down. Liz was taken aback when Tic wanted to know why she didn't resent Louise for being friendly with the woman (Rachel) who took Mac away from her. Willis didn't appreciate Carol's attempts to butter him up, but liked her kisses. He laughed as he drew her down to the sofa, recalling the first time he'd tried to do this with her. Marianne soothed Chris, annoyed to hear Glenda was telling stories about him. Neil assured Angie he felt Clarice was better of with Robert. Michael observed as Chris greeted Pam at the disco with a kiss. Marianne put Chris's photo on her pillow and stared at it dreamily.

OCTOBER 10, 1975 (EP. #2846)
Rachel asked Jamie and Beatrice for advice on nursery wallpaper. Gill filled Beatrice in on Sally recognizing her. Beatrice recognized the music box, but was distressed when it implied Jenny was the one who died in the car crash. Willis vowed to Alice he'd stand by her side. Pat acquiesced when John wanted to invite Marianne and Chris, and Michael and Glenda, to dinner. Sharlene was filled in and Willis voiced his doubts as Gil described to Alice the proof of a connection between Beatrice and Sally. Michael worried there would be an awkward situation if he brought Glenda over. Alice tried to hide her feelings from Sally as she fielded a phone call from a concerned Jim. Sharlene had no answers when Sally wondered what was wrong with Alice. Marianne panicked when Pat and John told her Michael would be bringing Glenda over, but Chris phoned to say he had to work late. Michael introduced Glenda to his family. Marianne left in a huff after Glenda started in again about Chris. Willis showed up to let Pat know Alice needed her support, and to let it slip that he didn't have Chris working late tonight. Jamie and Rachel worried about Beatrice, then Alice arrived intent on speaking with her.

Rachel: "Do you recognize it, Beatrice?"
Beatrice: "Oh, Jenny..."
Rachel: "Then it was hers?"

Beatrice: "It's the one I gave to her on her twelfth birthday."
Rachel: "You're sure."
Beatrice: "Yes, I helped her pack it when she left for college. How did Mrs. Spencer get it?"
Gil: "There's only one explanation, Beatrice."
Beatrice: "No... Jenny must have given it to her... [SHE RISES, VERY AGITATED, AND GOES TO THE WINDOW, TRYING TO CONTROL HER TEARS] Jenny can't be dead... she just can't be... [SHE SLUMPS AGAINST THE WALL, SHAKING HER HEAD]"

OCTOBER 13, 1975 (EP. #2847)
Rachel, who proved to be an impenetrable barrier to Alice's desire to see Beatrice, insisted she wasn't motivated by animosity toward her. On Mac's urging, Rachel brought her in, but a stubborn Beatrice refused to see Sally or admit to the possibility that Jenny was dead. Pat, Willis, and Sharlene worried about Alice's state of mind. Marianne insisted to John that Glenda was using Michael to split up her and Chris. Mac begged Rachel not to take sides, then they asked Ada to talk to Beatrice. John told a worried Pat not to neglect Marianne for Alice. Alice became weepy when Sally was lulled to sleep by the music box. Beatrice wouldn't listen to Ada's entreaties about her granddaughter.

OCTOBER 14, 1975 (EP. #2848)
A weary Pat fended off John's attempts to learn why she'd changed her opinion of Chris. Rachel informed Ada that Sally should be with Beatrice. Barbara filled Jim in, then commented on John's sharp tone to a concerned Jim. Beatrice (furiously scrubbing the book shelves) became upset when Liz came over to give Rachel a musical carousel for the baby. Pat insisted to Russ she can't break her promise to Marianne not to tell John, especially after all the things she's already hidden from him. Rachel requested Ada get Dave to come over. Iris was curious when Dennis told her something was up at the Cory's, but Dave took the phone from her hand. Liz told Jim and Barbara of Beatrice's odd behavior. Iris felt Rachel was using Beatrice to cover up something else when Ada came over to get Dave. Beatrice was upset to find Rachel talking to Dave about her. Iris repeated her suspicions to Louise when Dave phoned to cancel their dinner plans.

OCTOBER 15, 1975 (EP. #2849)
Liz was livid when Sharlene blocked her way as she tried to storm up the stairs to see Alice. Sharlene encouraged Alice to invite Russ to dinner, but he decided to bring Barbara along. Unconvinced by the evidence, Scott asked Gil and Mac to get a photo of Jenny from Beatrice for Sally to identify. Marianne complained to Jim that Glenda was poisoning Michael's mind against Chris. Willis conferred with Sharlene about Alice, then told of the troubles to Angie. Carol asked Willis not to act ashamed of what they mean to each other, but he didn't want to kill their good thing by analysis. Scott wondered why Carol encouraged Willis to involve himself in Alice's affairs. Sharlene complained to Russ and Barbara about Liz. Helen was perturbed when Liz told Jim she was being replaced in Alice's life by Steve's relatives. Carol realized Chris was giving Marianne the runaround when she called for him at the office. Willis made excuses when Sally found Alice in tears.

OCTOBER 16, 1975 (EP. #2850)
Dennis pestered Iris to get rid of her house guests, then Louise refused Iris's order to visit with Beatrice. Mac requested Scott speak with Alice. Clarice agreed to accompany Scott to the Business Club's banquet. Loretta tried to warn Iris about Louise. Mac phoned to assure Iris he wasn't hiding anything from her. Pam was upset when Carol let her and Chris know she'd covered for them with Marianne. Willis mulled over trusting Carol's genuine feelings for him and her assurances that she can work with Robert since they've made their peace. Pam agreed to let Chris explain over dinner. Neil was amused when Robert refused to let Carol supervise him without direct approval from Willis. Mel offered to Michael and Glenda to help Marianne. Pam offered to cancel her date with Chris when Robert was miffed to learn Clarice was going out with Scott. Mac assured Iris nothing was wrong, but she asked Loretta to help her find out what was really going on. Michael smiled after Glenda proved a point by playing up to Chris to get him to ask her out.

Notes: A reference to "Diane De Poulignac" was left untouched. Tic had had an affair with her.

OCTOBER 17, 1975 (EP. #2851)
Dave implored Ada to convince Beatrice to see Sally. Marianne was too sure of Chris's love to believe Michael's stories about Glenda, and then believed all the lies Chris fed her. Ada convinced Beatrice to bring Jenny's photo over to Sally. Ada was impatient when Loretta and Tic arrived to help out with the emergency, and they believed it was all a cover when they saw a more relaxed Beatrice. An upset Alice just became confused when Robert said he couldn't work under Carol's supervision. Robert and Willis quarreled about Carol. Willis fumed when Ada convinced Alice to let Beatrice see Sally. Willis failed to drag Sally away before Ada came back in with Beatrice.

Loretta: "Tic was--"
Ada: "'Tic.' What kind of name is that?"
Loretta: "Oh, really, servants are getting ruder and ruder."

Sally: "[TO BEATRICE] We were hoping you'd come back again, weren't we, Alice? [ALICE NODS AND SALLY MOVES TOWARD BEATRICE]"
Beatrice: "I'm glad to hear that."

OCTOBER 20, 1975 (EP. #2852)
Ada and Dave dragged Willis away so Alice could be alone with Beatrice and Sally. Beatrice asked Sally about her parents, then Sally recognized Jenny's photo as her mother. Sally told her that her mother was happy, though she cried when she looked at her photo. Robert vented to Pam that Willis and Carol were plotting to oust him. Mac and Rachel and Scott and Clarice had brandy after returning from the banquet and discussed Beatrice, then Dave arrived to report Sally recognized Beatrice's snapshots. Sharlene was unsure of herself when Willis asked her to help him keep Alice and Sally together. Willis advised Alice to hire Scott, and to continue letting Sally believe Beatrice had just been a family friend. Mac worried Rachel was becoming too involved with Beatrice. Robert immediately took Clarice off to bed when Scott brought her home. Ada disagreed when Beatrice didn't want to intrude on Sally's closeness to Alice. Sally awoke to tell Alice she'd dreamed Beatrice was telling her of her mother's brothers.

OCTOBER 21, 1975 (EP. #2853)
Loretta gasped and Louise smiled wickedly when Louise administered an eye-dropper solution to her plants and pretended she was calling down curses on the house guests. Willis worried about further upsetting Alice when Carol urged him to kick Robert off the library project. Tic became bilious when Iris described the breakfast Louise made that he refused to eat. Willis wasn't interested in Carol's insinuations about Chris. Willis couldn't sway Scott into getting out of his commitment to Beatrice so he could represent Alice. Loretta begged Russ to diagnose her headaches. Russ told Barbara that Beatrice sounded too emotional to take care of a small child. Iris backed off when Dave didn't appreciate her inquiries about Rachel. Scott protested that Barbara sat in on his meeting with John about Beatrice. Dave smiled and chose another when Louise pointed out to everyone she made some of the hor d'oevres especially for Tic and Loretta.

OCTOBER 22, 1975 (EP. #2854)
Mac disagreed when Rachel felt Sally shouldn't be with some stranger who's adopted her, then Jamie let them know Iris had been by. Jim sat in on the meeting when John and Barbara told Alice that Beatrice has two grown sons who have claims to Sally. Pat was happy when a cheerful Marianne offered to spend more time with John. Rachel got on Ada's case for not helping her convince Beatrice to visit Sally. Barbara fled after Jim droned on about John and Pat's love. Mac and Rachel convinced Iris the trouble was with Beatrice only. John told Marianne he wants them to be as close as Jim and Pat. Pat asked Michael to take Marianne out with some of his friends. Jim brought Helen when he visited Alice, who filled her in about Sally. Jamie dragged Iris off to meet the horses, but not before she eavesdropped on Rachel telling Beatrice she has every right to Jenny's child.

OCTOBER 23, 1975 (EP. #2855)
Chris told Pam that Carol was lying about Marianne, whom he assured agreed to date other people, then he defended himself similarly against Willis. Marianne was happy Willis decided to let Chris off work early. Neil advised Robert recruit Mac to help him battle Carol. Angie was upset to hear Willis and Carol vow to kick Robert off the project if he didn't work under Carol. Willis became irritable when Carol was affectionate. Mac told Robert he'd do what he could with Willis, then Iris dropped in to ask Robert to design a guest house for Louise's sake. Neil and Angie decided to plead Robert's case with Vic. Chris told Pam he'd be dining with his parents. Robert was reluctant when Iris offered to speak to Alice on his behalf to prevent Carol from victimizing him. Pam phoned Marianne to confirm her suspicions that Chris lied about his whereabouts, but then Chris covered his tracks by telling Marianne that Pam had been pursuing him.

OCTOBER 24, 1975 (EP. #2856)
Beatrice was touched when Rachel proposed letting her and Sally live in the mansion. Willis tried to brush her off when Sharlene answered the phone to Beatrice, but Alice took the phone and agreed to a visit. Liz was upset Helen knew what was wrong with Alice when Jim refused to tell her. Because Jamie was confused, Beatrice admitted Jenny was dead and Sally was her granddaughter. Willis angrily accused Rachel of harassing Alice, and she vowed he won't get everything his own way. Michael introduced Glenda to Russ, then they insisted to Pat they weren't mistaken about Chris. Russ and Jim arrived to provide moral support to Alice. When Liz showed up flinging accusations, Alice decided to let her know what was going on. Jim opened the door and introduced himself to Beatrice. Liz eyed Beatrice, who watched tearfully as Sally opened her presents.

OCTOBER 27, 1975 (EP. #2857)
Jim and Liz worried about Alice as Sally opened Beatrice's presents. Liz informed Beatrice that Rachel was using her as a weapon against Alice. Pat was desperate to change the subject when John tried to clear the air with Michael and Glenda about Marianne's feelings for Chris. Sharlene and Jim walked in on Alice refusing to heed Liz's warnings about Rachel. Mac and Rachel argued about Beatrice's claim to Sally, and he was displeased when Beatrice revealed Rachel had bought the presents she'd given Sally. Pat insisted John was imagining she was keeping things from him, but he felt she was treating him as a stranger. Liz accused Jim and Helen of shutting her out of everything. Beatrice wasn't prepared to entertain Rachel's idea of living with Sally. Sally bounding down the stairs prevented Pat from unloading her troubles to Alice.

OCTOBER 28, 1975 (EP. #2858)
Iris didn't want to be rude when Louise and Dennis begged her to get rid of the house guests. Clarice protested when Iris phoned Robert to invite them both over for cocktails. Loretta brought Russ samples of the food Louise served to test them for alien substances, but felt better immediately when he suggested a stomach pump. Louise and Dennis told Loretta and Tic about the headaches Philip used to get. Loretta was enchanted when Iris introduced her to Robert. Sharlene pocketed Russ's pen after she asked him for his phone number and address so she can contact him with news of Alice. Though she liked him too much to lose him, Clarice agreed when Barbara confided the new Robert expects a woman to be a convenience. Russ persuaded Barbara to come to his apartment. Iris enjoyed going over sketches with Robert. Sharlene barged into the apartment to return his pen as Russ was asking Barbara for decorating advice. Clarice phoned Iris's, but Robert wasn't bothered when she refused to come over for dinner. Dave was bemused when Iris ignored Tic's proffered arm in favor of Robert's.

OCTOBER 29, 1975 (EP. #2859)
Rachel wanted her to bring Sally over when Beatrice confessed she was intimidated by all the people in Alice's house. Rachel whispered prompts to Beatrice as she phoned Alice to arrange a visit. Angie defended Willis when Ada and Gil related how he tried to prevent Sally from meeting Beatrice. Barbara was unhappy to hear Marianne was no longer friendly with Michael. Pam told Chris to save his lies, but admitted she couldn't hurt Marianne by telling her what she knows. Rachel brought cookies as Jamie and Dennis watched Sally and Beatrice play ping-pong. Beatrice was upset when Sally described being shuttled off to school and camp. Russ didn't want he and Barbara to get involved when Michael and Glenda started in about Chris. Chris was irritated when Jim stopped by and Marianne asked him to stay for dinner. Rachel told Ada and Gil that Beatrice could make up for Sally's neglect. Alice was relieved when Beatrice brought Sally home.

OCTOBER 30, 1975 (EP. #2860)
Trying to recruit her into protecting Alice from Rachel, Liz browbeat Sharlene into hiding the present for Sally that Rachel had sent over. When Clarice complained that Robert was treating her flippantly, Neil advised her to be patient as Robert was under stress about the library. Liz begged Iris to help prevent Rachel from hurting Alice by buying Sally's affections. Scott protested when Carol pressed Willis to kick Robert off the project, and was reluctant when Carol suggested dragging Mac into it. Robert dismissed Neil's warnings about Carol since he wouldn't mind losing the library just to be rid of her. Mac suggested Willis be less impatient and make some concessions to Robert in order to spare Alice any unnecessary concern. Willis fumed to Scott after Mac revealed Robert had already spoken to him. Dave stormed out rather than continue listening to Iris's nonsense about Rachel hurting Alice. Pam left when Carol started in with cheap gossip about Robert. Dave got the facts about the presents from Sharlene, then he invited himself to stay for dinner. Iris tread carefully as she warned Mac that Rachel may impulsively and unintentionally be hurting others.

OCTOBER 31, 1975 (EP. #2861)
Mac disbelieved Iris's assertion that Rachel was doing everything she could to make sure Alice loses Sally. Tic and Loretta reminded Iris of how she blackmailed Deedee LaRoy. Louise eavesdropped as Tic phoned to recruit Sybil Harak. Rachel almost shoved Beatrice out the door to visit Sally. Louise smiled victoriously after Iris threw Tic and Loretta out for spreading malicious gossip about her. Jim and Helen witnessed Mac take Liz to task for her accusations against Rachel, but he was taken aback to learn of the riding habit delivered to Sally this morning. Sally praised the Cory mansion to Alice and Willis over ice cream. Though Dave had a tough time getting a shy Sharlene to open up, she eagerly asked about Barbara. Beatrice explained to Dave she was ashamed to tell Sally that Jenny ran away from home. Jim hoped to Helen that Liz didn't stir up trouble for Rachel. Dave hurried after Beatrice, who fled in tears after Liz's tirade. Sharlene gave Sally the riding habit when Alice and Willis brought her home. Rachel told Mac she couldn't bear to see Beatrice unhappy.

Iris: "Night, Daddy... Thank you for coming by."

NOVEMBER 3, 1975 (EP. #2862)
Liz and Willis butted heads over Alice, then Liz warned her that Rachel wanted to take Sally away from her. Rachel explained she didn't want Sally to be deprived as she'd been as a child, but Mac worried about others misinterpreting her actions. A distressed Beatrice interrupted Ada and Gil's card game, and they advised her not to listen to troublemakers like Liz. When Jim rebuked Liz for maligning Rachel, she was upset Helen didn't take her side. Pam conferred with Michael and Mel on how to save Marianne. Rachel apologized to Beatrice for purchasing the habit. Michael tried to recruit Jim's help by having Pam explain to him how Chris was seeing other girls behind Marianne's back. Mac and Ada urged Rachel to clear the air with Alice. Willis was suspicious, but Alice accepted Rachel's apology.

NOVEMBER 4, 1975 (EP. #2863)
Iris asked Robert to dinner so they could continue discussing plans for the guest cottage. Clarice was upset the cottage was taking up all of Robert's leisure time. Robert informed Clarice he was interested in honesty, not love, and disbelieved her assessment of Iris. Barbara asked John to accompany her to see Judge Hallinan. When Pam fretted that Carol had information to use against her with Willis, Neil and Angie told her to level with John. Barbara and John explained the Sally situation to Hallinan. Sharlene listened as Russ phoned to let Barbara know she can come work on his apartment later today. Pam told John of her suspicions of Carol's aim to sabotage Robert, but wouldn't take John's bait to discuss Chris. Neil didn't mind when Angie was sad missing Willis. Clarice told Neil and Angie she doesn't trust Iris with Robert. Barbara was nonplussed when Sharlene mentioned having stopped in to see Russ earlier. Dennis made Robert think of how he misses Wally. Dave kissed Iris goodbye after she admitted she'll never stop warning Mac about Rachel.

NOVEMBER 5, 1975 (EP. #2864)
Chris phoned to arrange a date with another girl after Marianne rushed to the kitchen to prepare him lunch. Jim urged Marianne not to neglect her family for Chris. John strived to convince Barbara that Sharlene was just a shy but good-natured girl. Vic was disappointed that Barbara didn't thrill to his return. John brought Vic up to date on Robert's troubles with Carol. Michael and Mel offered to take over the housework when Alice phoned Pat to come over for moral support. Pat didn't know what course to take when Mel told her Chris had abandoned a girl after getting her in trouble. Pam tried to derail Chris as he fed Jim some half-baked excuses about why he couldn't come to dinner. Gil informed Rachel that since Sally's birth certificate couldn't be located, it will be hard to prove Sally was Jenny's daughter. Hallinan warned Alice that one of Sally's uncles might bring an action to reverse her decision. Barbara confessed to Rachel she may no longer be capable of deep feelings.

NOVEMBER 6, 1975 (EP. #2865)
Pat forbade John and Vic from upsetting Alice with business matters, but they all agreed they needed to neutralize Carol. Willis refused to tell Carol why he was at Alice's beck and call. Angie warned Carol not to make trouble for Pam. Marianne refused to listen to anything Mel had to say about Chris. After arguing with Robert and Neil, Carol erased some figures and altered some contour lines to the Chadwell survey maps they needed. Carol smiled to herself as Angie read the contour measurements off to Neil over the phone, then corrected her alterations after Angie left. Michael and Glenda kissed after agreeing they'd spent too much time discussing Chris. John and Pat argued about her unethical attempts to sway Hallinan's mind. Robert and Neil were puzzled by the drastic changes the contour measurements called for. Willis was angry when Vic decided to replace Carol as supervisor of the library project. Barbara was glad to take a sullen John out to dinner.

NOVEMBER 7, 1975 (EP. #2866)
Alice was touched when Sally wanted her to come along during her visit with Beatrice, but she confided to Sharlene she didn't want to run into Rachel. Mac was pleased that Rachel was so cordial when Alice phoned. Iris promised Mac she wouldn't jump to any more conclusions about Rachel, but pumped him for information about Rachel's plans to have Alice bring Sally to visit Beatrice, and about Rachel's appointment with Dave. Iris implored Liz to get Alice to keep Sally away from Rachel's house, then was peeved to find Louise hovering about after she phoned Phyllis, pretended to be Rachel, and broke the appointment with Dave (to delay Rachel at the hospital). Scott worried about Hallinan's objections when Mac wanted him to sit in on her meeting with Beatrice. Hallinan urged Beatrice to get in touch with her sons, Charles (who has one boy) and Raymond (who has two). Sharlene was exasperated when Liz spoke ill of Rachel. Beatrice was devastated when Iris accused her of letting Rachel use an innocent child as a weapon in a vendetta against the woman who took away Jamie's father from her. Iris told Liz she was confident Beatrice wouldn't breathe a word to Rachel about her visit. Jamie reported that Beatrice's closets were empty after Alice and Sally arrived for their visit.

Louise: "It's been so peaceful since Mr. De Cosgrove and Mrs. Simpson left... Andromache has lost all those frightful yellow spots that came out because they were here."

NOVEMBER 10, 1975 (EP. #2867)
Jamie and Dennis distracted Sally so Rachel could show Alice Beatrice's goodbye note. Mac and Rachel wondered if Beatrice left to see her sons. Pat apologized to John and asked him not to punish her by sleeping in Michael's room, but was upset he got so cross at Liz for voicing her views on Rachel. Miffed when Sharlene defended Rachel, refused to believe she was targeting Alice, and remarked Emma told her how he made Angie miserable, Willis reminded her he knows plenty about her as well. Gil told Mac, Rachel, and Alice he'd get in touch with Beatrice's sons. Dennis and Jamie coached when Sally and Ada played ping-pong. John ordered Pat and Liz to stay out of Alice's affairs, then stormed out when Pat accused him of not being objective about Rachel ever since she once helped him get back on his feet. Rachel told Mac that Beatrice may have left if she learned that since there's no record of Sally's birth anywhere, she may not really have any claim on her at all. Willis was pleased when a guilty Alice revealed Beatrice had left town.

NOVEMBER 11, 1975 (EP. #2868)
Glenda suggested to Michael and Mel they threaten to tell John all about him if Chris doesn't shape up. Pam simmered silently as Vic assured Carol he held no animosity and would grant her every opportunity to prove herself. Carol warned Willis that by acquiescing to Vic's demands, Vic will be able to ingratiate himself with Alice. Robert told Neil he didn't have time to double check the radical contours with the actual maps. Robert was unsympathetic when Neil described Clarice's woes with Iris. Marianne was relieved when Pat said she and John were arguing about Sally, not her. Willis asked Angie to deliver the survey maps to Robert. Pam refused when Chris told her to trot some sketches over to Carol. Marianne was sick of Pam's lies about Chris. Angie delivered the maps, but Robert was too preoccupied to view them then. Neil assured Angie he wasn't pushing for anything she couldn't give. After Marianne walked in to find Michael taking a swing at Chris, she threw him and Pam out with harsh words.

NOVEMBER 12, 1975 (EP. #2869)
Rachel filled Russ and Dave in on Beatrice's disappearance, then Phyllis revealed she'd received a call from a woman claiming to be Rachel but sounding like Iris. Iris reminded her where her allegiance lies when Louise was distressed about Beatrice. Scott let Alice and Sharlene know that Beatrice held no resentments. Rachel worried to Barbara that she was the one who drove Beatrice away. Iris told Liz that while their tactics worked, they need to ensure that Alice realizes Rachel is out to get her. Iris asked Helen to her party for the library fund (really an excuse for Liz to talk to Alice alone). Russ encouraged a bored Sharlene to ask Vic for a job. Barbara agreed to dinner with Scott to discuss how they should approach Hallinan. Jim and Liz got into an argument about Rachel and Beatrice. Russ was suspicious when Alice told him of Iris's party. Iris denied everything, but Dave warned he'd tell Mac if he finds out she was responsible for driving Beatrice away.

NOVEMBER 13, 1975 (EP. #2870)
John thought Pat sounded just like Liz when she harped on the evil things Rachel has done to Alice and Russ. Pat was impatient when Iris phoned, but they both agreed strongly about Rachel. Scott told Clarice it would be a nice gesture to write Iris a thank-you note for her contribution to the library fund. Scott laughed at her talent for malice when Carol made a catty remark about Barbara. Clarice was mum when Carol wanted to know about Iris's involvement in the library fund. Mac and Gil speculated that Jenny had adopted Sally. Barbara told Russ to invite Sharlene as his escort when Jim wanted him to attend Iris's party to provide support for Alice. Iris told Robert he would be the guest of honor at the party, then Mac dropped by the look at the sketches. Jim advised Pat not to let her resentment of Rachel influence her home life. Barbara turned down his dinner invite, but Scott promised to try again. Neil took over from Gil feeding Nancy after he and Angie arrived to babysit. Barbara canceled her date with Russ after John asked her to work late.

NOVEMBER 14, 1975 (EP. #2871)
Chris didn't notice when Marianne swooned as she poured herself a glass of milk. Chris pressed her not to see her family anymore. John and Pat made up after she promised to be more understanding about Rachel. Marianne phoned Michael to apologize for her harsh words and to ask to see him. Russ told Pat that Alice blames herself for Beatrice's departure. Beatrice forbade Raymond from letting anyone in Bay City know she was with him, and refused to discuss his wife Olive. Raymond accused her of driving Jenny away by doting on her much more than her sons. When Vic showed Robert's sketches to Alice, Sharlene pointed out there aren't any hills in Chadwell. Pat lied to John about what she had just been talking to Michael about. Alice was there when Raymond phoned Ada with news of Beatrice. Vic arrived and decided to wait for Alice, then Sharlene was thrilled to receive roses (her first) from Russ. Michael held her and vowed to help when Marianne revealed she has all the signs of pregnancy.

Raymond: (Ted Shackelford, Introduction Line) "Mom? [SHE DOESN'T TURN] You haven't said very much."
Beatrice: "I don't know what to say."

Notes: First appearance of Ted Shackelford as Raymond Gordon.

NOVEMBER 17, 1975 (EP. #2872)
Marianne was too humiliated to agree to tell Chris or their parents, then Michael left after taking a swing at Chris and warning him to do the right thing. John and Pat arrived for dinner, and Alice told them about Beatrice and Ray. Pat admitted to Alice she got irritable with John because she felt useless. Chris got fed up with Marianne's insipid nature. At the disco, Chris walked past Michael and Glenda to zero in on a lone attractive woman. Rachel refused Mac's suggestion to hire a replacement for Beatrice. Mac was oblivious to the connection to Beatrice when he told Dave he'd told Iris of Rachel's appointment. Ada and Gil came over to fill them in about Beatrice. John and Pat were concerned when they found Marianne asleep on their sofa. Dave and Alice let Sally know that Beatrice was visiting with her son. Marianne came into the disco and found Chris only after the woman had gone to the powder room.

NOVEMBER 18, 1975 (EP. #2873)
Clarice was flustered when Iris dropped by to see Robert and invite her to the party. Iris praised Robert's sketches. Jim urged Pat to speak to Pam about Chris. Carol quickly placed her portfolio over the survey maps when Vic and Neil began looking for them. Neil complimented Pam on her good work after she prevented Carol from walking out with the maps, but Carol claimed it was an accident. Iris told Robert she realizes she wasted her life by marrying Eliot. After Dennis revealed Beatrice's whereabouts, Iris encouraged Louise to get the new address to write to her. Liz tried to talk Iris out of inviting Rachel and Mac to the party. Pam leveled with Pat, who begged her not to drag John into it. When Angie realized that her figures (which she'd copied down on her memo pad) differed from the ones currently on the map, Neil realized one of the devil's imps got to it before she saw it. Liz failed to talk Iris out of inviting Rachel. Carol begged for help, but Scott only advised her to get to Willis before Vic does. Clarice walked out after Robert ranted about never falling into that trap called love again.

NOVEMBER 19, 1975 (EP. #2874)
Concerned over Pat's professed boredom, John tried to interest her in entertaining. Pat was disappointed when John told her Barbara wasn't interested in Russ. Pat phoned Barbara over for dinner, but Russ told her he already had a date. Willis felt she might be acting out of jealousy when Angie shared her suspicions that Carol altered the maps. Sharlene told Alice that she and Floyd had wanted kids. Liz encouraged Alice to attend the party and take Sally for a vacation in St. Croix. Scott and Gil told John and Barbara that the burden of proof would be with Beatrice since there is no record of Sally's birth. Carol claimed she was being victimized, but Willis threatened to throw her to the wolves if she was putting anything over on him. Alice told John, Gil, and Scott that Sally mentioned she was born in Florida. Angie stormed out after finding Willis and Carol in their underwear. Sharlene worried she wasn't sophisticated enough for Russ. Barbara let Pat know she's not the "someone else" she'd been hoping Russ would find. Barbara stared into her glass as Pat greeted John with a kiss.

NOVEMBER 20, 1975 (EP. #2875)
Rachel bade Mac stop fussing over her. Mac agreed when Iris persuaded Rachel that attending the party would prove she bears Alice no ill will. Carol apologized to a grumpy Willis for allowing Angie to see her in her neglige. Vic tried to be impartial when Robert and Angie blamed Carol for the alterations. An apprehensive Carol blamed Robert's incompetence when Vic confronted her. Willis was annoyed to find Iris and Rachel viewing and complimenting slides of Robert's sketches Iris intended to show during the party. Iris sided with Willis when he and Rachel disagreed about Sally. Olive would run the office when Ray offered to accompany Beatrice back to Bay City so he can meet the woman who adopted Sally. Clarice felt snubbed when Robert had to work all night on the new sketches. Iris promised Robert she'd make sure Mac doesn't take Willis's criticisms of his work seriously until Robert has a chance to defend himself. John was embarrassed for Barbara when Russ and Sharlene saw them together at Tallboys. Rachel was upset to learn Scott had told Alice that, as things stand, Beatrice has no claim to Sally, and that Alice was spiriting Sally away.

Rachel: "I don't see why Beatrice's granddaughter can't have all the advantages Mac and I can give her."
Iris: "[SMILING TO WILLIS] You see, Willis, Rachel's practically adopted Beatrice, just as Alice has adopted Sally, haven't you, dear? [RACHEL DOESN'T ANSWER, AS IRIS SMILES AGAIN AT WILLIS]"

NOVEMBER 21, 1975 (EP. #2876)
Chris told Marianne he reserves telling her he loves her for special occasions, then Michael arrived to take her to the hospital. Jim told Sharlene to come see him if Liz gets to be too much for her. Liz apologized to Sharlene for her rude behavior. Dave, Michael, and Marianne made excuses when Liz found them together at the hospital. Willis refused to listen to Vic and Pam's excuses for Robert's incompetence. Ada and Gil were happy to see Beatrice and Ray. Liz was interested when Sharlene mentioned seeing John having dinner with Barbara. Glenda was puzzled when Michael was less willing to make waves with Chris. Feeding Nancy helped Beatrice relax. Dave phoned Michael and Marianne with news she was in her second month of pregnancy. Pam was miffed when Vic dissuaded her from attending the meeting about the alterations, but happily agreed to have dinner with him. Marianne showed up at the office to share her news with Chris.

NOVEMBER 24, 1975 (EP. #2877)
Chris promised they'd figure out what to do when Marianne told him she was pregnant. Ray confessed to Gil and Scott that Beatrice was never very stable, and had been domineering with Jenny, dotting on her and setting high standards. Beatrice had a breakdown when Jenny ran off; Ray's father died after Beatrice came home from the hospital. Marianne begged Michael not to tell their parents, and Dave not to tell Russ. Rachel requested Dave not tell Mac he's not seeing Iris anymore. Rachel was happy when Ada showed up with Beatrice and Ray in tow. Beatrice admitted to Dave that Iris drove her out of town. After Michael seemed to change his tune about Chris, Glenda told Mel she'd find out why. Ray admitted to Ada that Beatrice might subconsciously seek to replace Jenny with Sally and spoil her rotten. Beatrice told Mac and Rachel that Olive turned Ray against her because she thinks Beatrice was trying to win her grandsons away from her. Michael phoned, and Marianne assured him things are going to be okay despite that Chris hadn't returned home from work.

NOVEMBER 25, 1975 (EP. #2878)
Sharlene helped Alice and Sally prepare for their trip. Alice offered to cancel their reservations when Beatrice came over to ask if she could bring Ray to meet Sally. John told Pat when Alice phoned to arrange a meeting. Since Will often had convenient excuses for working late, Liz felt it behooved her to tell Pat about John dining with Barbara. An angry Pat turned on Liz when she realized John was right about her being a busybody. Russ arranged to have dinner with Barbara, so he refused when Sharlene asked him to be there for Alice when Ray came over. John, Jim, and Barbara tried to soothe Alice's fears of what Beatrice and Ray may decide to do. Glenda filled Pat in on Michael's strange behavior. Pat had nagging doubts when John said he'd be working late again with Barbara. When Barbara came to break their date, Sharlene got Russ to agree to go with her to Alice's. Jim felt Will had had good reason for straying, but didn't agree when Liz felt people might misunderstand John taking Barbara out to a fancy restaurant. Ray played parchesi with Sally and showed her photos of Curtis (7) and Henry (4), then told Alice they may have to pressure Beatrice to tell Sally the truth.

NOVEMBER 26, 1975 (EP. #2879)
Michael pressed Marianne to phone Chris, who made excuses about not having come home last night. Willis, Carol, Robert, Neil, and Angie arrived for Vic's kangaroo court. Carol defended herself valiantly, but Robert wouldn't let Neil accuse her of destroying his marriage. Willis didn't deny he'd always wanted Robert off the project. Pam and Willis broke them up when Michael shoved Chris and held him up against the wall. Willis warned Chris he'd have to deal with someone a little rougher than Michael if he's pulling something on Marianne. For Angie's sake, Neil defended Willis when Robert had nothing good to say about him. Angie begged Neil to warn Willis about Carol. Though he believed the accusations against her, Willis was willing to forget about it if Carol bridled her ambition to keep the firm from suffering. Carol smiled tremulously after Willis accepted her promise never to try such tactics again. Over dinner, Vic said his special friend in Washington wasn't going to commit herself to anyone, and Pam said she lives with her parents a mile out on the highway to Ogden and went to Bay City Secretarial Academy. Chris insisted he wasn't a rat, referred to Michael as a punk, and promised Marianne he'd see her though her pregnancy.

NOVEMBER 28, 1975 (EP. #2880)
Ray told Ada and Gil that since he and Olive planned to take in a foster child (since they were unable to conceive the sister they wanted for their boys), he was considering adopting Sally. Ray revealed he'd married Olive right out of high school; she was in Bay City looking for a job, but they moved to Scranton since her parents lived there. He and Olive had resented Beatrice's attempts to monopolize Curtis, and Charlie and Millie even tried to keep their son Eric away from her. Beatrice insisted to Rachel she wasn't ready to tell Sally the truth. Dennis informed Iris of Beatrice's return. Beatrice worried to Rachel about why Ray wanted to meet Scott. Liz worried they were being unfair to Rachel when Iris felt sure the party would expose Rachel's tricks. Iris convinced Liz to spy on Beatrice by claiming it would help Alice keep Sally. Ray told Scott and Mac he firmly believed Jenny's child should be with him. Iris phoned to detain Mac so Liz could pump Rachel for info on Beatrice. Beatrice vowed to never agree to Ray's taking Sally, since Olive would never let her see her. Clarice cried after telling Robert she won't hang around waiting for him to give her time Iris doesn't need. Mac told Iris that Beatrice's son was in town; Iris was so distracted she couldn't pay attention to Robert's new sketches. Rachel made an apologetic and inquisitive Liz leave when Beatrice came home distressed. Beatrice vowed to sue for custody herself to prevent Olive from taking Sally from her.

Notes: Rachel was reading a "How to Draw Horses" sculpture book at the top of Act III.

DECEMBER 1, 1975 (EP. #2881)
Rachel got on Ray's case after he phoned and Beatrice refused to speak to him. Ray insisted to Ada that Olive would allow Beatrice to see Sally. He didn't want Sally growing up with strangers and felt Alice was young enough to get married again and have children of her own. Marianne convinced Michael she can't face their parents. Scott disagreed when Clarice felt she wasn't sophisticated enough for him. Scott refused to tell Carol why Willis was so concerned about Alice, but she tried to piece it together from his one-sided phone conversation with Rachel. Rachel disagreed when Mac wondered if Ray's criticisms of Beatrice were true, and had visions of Sally living with Beatrice in a reconverted apartment in the East wing and growing up with Jamie and Dennis for company. Marianne protested when Chris tried to scratch up enough money for an abortion in New York (for privacy), but he felt they wouldn't be able to manage things if they got married. At the student lounge, Glenda told Michael that Chris ran out on another girl he impregnated. Now determined to raise Sally herself regardless of Ray's involvement, Beatrice distrusted Scott's ability to look after her interests. Carol failed to trick Clarice into revealing what was up with Alice. Rachel and Ray argued about where Sally belongs.

DECEMBER 2, 1975 (EP. #2882)
Chris was sweet-tempered with Marianne, but became surly and exasperated when she chose marriage over an abortion. Sharlene comforted Alice when Ray revealed he wants custody of Sally so she can grow up with a father as well as a mother. Carol ingratiated herself to Sharlene after Pam revealed she doesn't know anything about Alice. Marianne hotly informed Michael and Glenda that she and Chris were getting married. Dave threw him out when Chris pointed out no one can prove he's the father. Alice told John and Barbara that Ray wasn't being unkind when he stated his desire for custody. Sharlene agreed to work for Carol on a part-time basis when Carol professed an interest in learning all about her family. Jim gave Alice a pep talk after Barbara learned Beatrice is initiating her own suit for custody. Chris phoned to apologize to Dave, then Pam found him clearing out his desk.

DECEMBER 3, 1975 (EP. #2883)
Pam phoned to warn Michael that Chris was planning to skip out, then was vague when Vic wanted to know why she was interested in Chris. Jamie squirmed when Iris dragged him away from Dennis to quiz him about Beatrice. Pam delayed Chris until Michael and Glenda arrived. Glenda locked the door so Michael could phone Dave and verify Chris's claim they'd spoken. Dave promised to alert Pat there was a crisis. Iris decided to talk to Scott after conferring with Liz about Rachel. Clarice felt Carol genuinely wanted to be friends with him, but Robert didn't want to waste time discussing her. Robert offered to cancel dinner with Iris to placate Clarice. Dave told Pat that Marianne needs a mother's guidance right now. Iris's implication that Mac already told her about Beatrice's intentions persuaded Scott to reveal Ray's plans. Chris began packing his belongings into a suitcase.

DECEMBER 4, 1975 (EP. #2884)
Marianne happily began planning the honeymoon when Chris popped the question. Rachel urged Beatrice to explain to Ray how much Sally means to her. Willis fumed to Carol and Angie that Chris left work without permission. Russ advised asking Jim to be there when Pat admitted dreading speaking to Marianne. Ada and Gil refereed as Beatrice and Ray argued about what was best for Sally. When Beatrice freaked everyone out by banging the kitchen table in a regular rhythm to emphasize how much love she has to give, Ray capitulated and agreed to stop his suit. Russ came to say goodbye as Willis and Sharlene were helping Alice and Sally prepare for their trip. Jim agreed to accompany Pat. Rachel pushed Beatrice into running over to tell Sally the truth. Chris made excuses when he ran into Angie and Neil after hours at the office. Marianne shared with Pat and Jim the thrilling news of her impending nuptials. Sharlene and Russ told Beatrice that Alice took Sally off for a vacation.

Angie: "Goodnight, Chris."
Chris: (Exit Line) "So long."

DECEMBER 5, 1975 (EP. #2885)
Pat and Jim tried to talk Marianne out of a hasty marriage. Mac worried that Rachel insisted she had to support Beatrice, and flipped when she tried to coerce Beatrice into getting Scott to bring Sally back into the country. Ray worried to Ada and Gil that Beatrice might repeat her mistakes with Sally, but felt that the Cory's could provide a happy home. Pat panicked to Jim and Michael about John's reaction. Liz was miffed when Sharlene and Russ unintentionally listed all the people who'd known Alice was taking Sally away. Pat was too stressed out fending off John's inquiries to soothe Liz's hurt feelings. Gil brought Ray over to say goodbye to Beatrice. Marianne sobbed to Michael after discovering Chris's belongings were gone.

DECEMBER 8, 1975 (EP. #2886)
Carol helped Sharlene settle into her office, then Willis phoned to inquire about Chris's whereabouts. Dave had reservations about Carol, but Russ felt Sharlene was smart enough to catch on to anything fishy. Russ and Sharlene discussed dinner plans. Pam and Angie filled Willis in on Chris's activities. Willis was puzzled when Carol was more interested in her surprise for him than about a new project. Neil showed Clarice his designs for the nursery. Iris got Robert to agree to come help with the slides, but he later got Neil to take his place when Clarice reminded him they had dinner plans. Angie and Vic were curious when Dave came over to the office looking for Chris. Iris encouraged Louise to visit Beatrice, was displeased when Neil arrived, and got angry when a call to Clarice verified Robert's whereabouts. Russ was surprised to hear Sharlene relate how Carol spent the day in the kitchen. Willis was surprised when Carol preferred feeding him Emma's pecan pie than in reading the prospectus for the new project.

DECEMBER 9, 1975 (EP. #2887)
Dennis quizzed Louise about Iris's bad mood and why Dave doesn't come around anymore. A petulant Iris phoned to let Neil know she expects to see Robert today. Clarice disregarded Scott's advice to be more agreeable about Iris. Rachel shared with Scott her suspicions that Alice intends to remain in St. Croix with Sally. Iris let Robert know she expects his cooperation in planning the party. Iris felt the party would no longer be able to expose Rachel to Alice when Liz revealed she'd gone to St. Croix. Rocky showed Rachel, Dennis, and Jamie photos of possible horses for Sally. Beatrice didn't believe John's innocent explanation about why Alice took Sally away. Scott tried to talk her out of it when Beatrice insisted on filing a suit immediately. Beatrice was mollified when Jim offered to let her speak to Sally over the phone. A testy Iris informed Louise and Neil she'd canceled the party. In St. Croix, Alice received the call from Jim, then Sally and Beatrice spoke to each other. Liz caused a scene when she came upon Jim and Beatrice on the phone with Sally. Robert didn't care when Clarice and Neil worried that Iris was angry with him. Iris wasted little time in phoning Liz with the new evidence against Rachel when Dennis and Jamie revealed she intends to keep a horse for Sally in their stables.

Clarice: "I really envy you... planning for a baby--"
Rachel: "Well, I'm sure that will happen to you one of these days."
Clarice: "I certainly hope so."

Rocky: (Introduction Line) "Excuse me, Mrs. Cory, but the horses are saddled for the boys."

Notes: First appearance of John Braden as Rocky Olsen.

DECEMBER 10, 1975 (EP. #2888)
Michael told Glenda and Pam that Marianne believes Chris was off planning their wedding. Sharlene armed herself with a dictionary before tackling Carol's contracts, then phoned to invite Russ to dinner. Robert and Vic were uneasy when Sharlene sang Carol's praises. Angie was perplexed by Willis's dual nature when he tried to calm Marianne by inventing a story about Chris working on a new project over in Ogden. Gil speculated about the Christmas present Ada kept hidden from him, then he told her Rachel was pushing Beatrice into trying to get custody of Sally. Michael asked Gil if he could trace Chris, but Angie phoned to say Willis wanted to see him. Willis was only too glad to approve the sketches when Vic and Robert complained they hadn't been told Alice was away. Robert turned on his heels when Willis announced he won't let him near the new project. Vic disbelieved it when Carol rebuked Willis for criticizing Robert, but she later explained to Willis that Robert really was a good architect who deserved their respect. Willis told Michael, Glenda, and Pam about his temporary measures to shield Marianne. Angie appreciated that Neil was simpler to figure out than Willis. Carol was concerned when Willis spoke of burying his feelings deep inside because of his many disappointments and self-doubt. Marianne felt like nothing mattered anymore when Michael convinced her that Chris was never coming back.

Carol: "[SHE KISSES HIM] I never thought any man would mean more to me than I mean to myself, but it's happening."
Willis: "You think you'll be sorry for this?"

DECEMBER 11, 1975 (EP. #2889)
Dave and Michael were exasperated when Marianne insisted on giving Chris the benefit of the doubt. Beatrice ordered Rocky to delay buying the pony Freckles when Dennis and Jamie told her Iris had been curious to hear Rachel was buying it for Sally. Rocky and Louise realized they have something in common, since she talks and sings to her plants and he does the same with his horses. Dave told Russ about Chris. Dave was quite brutal as he cut Iris from his life. Russ told Pat that Chris has disappeared. While begging Rachel to prevent misinterpretation by not buying Sally a pony, Beatrice revealed Iris threatened to tell Sally their connection unless Rachel stopped buying presents for her. Rachel told Dave she can't tell Mac as Iris might not let him see Dennis anymore. Michael told Pat that Marianne was about ready to face the truth about Chris. Rachel advised Angie to forget about Willis since Neil seemed to be in love with her. Iris refused to promise Dave she'd never interfere with Beatrice again. Marianne wished she could believe Pat's assertion someone will make her forget about Chris one day, then broke down in tears while revealing she'd broken her promise.

Beatrice: "Louise, do you know Rocky Olsen? This is Louise Goddard."
Louise: "Well, I've seen Mr. Olsen outside, of course."
Jamie: "Rocky takes care of the horses."
Louise: "Yes, I know. [TO ROCKY] We hear an awful lot about you at our house."
Rocky: "Oh, do you, now?"

DECEMBER 12, 1975 (EP. #2890)
Marianne threatened to run away if Pat told John she was pregnant. Pat wasn't very subtle in getting rid of Liz, who almost suffocated on the atmosphere of strain in the house. Sally told Alice that being on the beach reminded her of her time in Sarasota. Barbara told John that Willis antagonized Rachel by accusing her of interfering. Willis ordered John to use the lack of documentary proof of Sally's birth to shatter Beatrice's suit. Willis and Barbara told John of Chris's abrupt departure. Glenda and Michael told Pat that an ex-girlfriend of Chris's was forced to have an abortion. Willis tried to frighten Beatrice with talks of Sally being forced to testify that her parents ignored her, then was certain of Rachel's vendetta against Alice when Beatrice told him of her support. Helen dragged Liz home when she began filling Jim's ear with silly stories about John and Barbara. Beatrice visited Jim to admit she was confused if she was doing the right thing. Jim phoned St. Croix so Beatrice could explain to Alice she's not acting out of animosity. Pat suggested he give her time alone when John wanted to comfort Marianne about Chris.

DECEMBER 15, 1975 (EP. #2891)
Carol was hurt when Willis wouldn't let her fix him breakfast or interview applicants to replace Chris. Willis mentioned he'd be able to visit with Jamie to persuade Rachel to meet with him. Pat tried to convince him otherwise when John complained the children turn to her and keep him in the dark. Willis forbade Sharlene from telling an inquisitive Carol anything about Alice. Pat cried to Michael about having made things worse by not telling John at the outset. Pat preferred adoption when Michael suggested an abortion. Marianne fled from lunch when John assured her he'll never be ashamed of his little girl. Russ assured Rachel he didn't feel any antagonism toward Beatrice. Jamie told Neil that Steve gave him models of the Cory complex buildings. Willis fumed when Jamie told him Rachel had bought Sally a pony. Sharlene worried to Russ that Willis would hurt Carol. Russ kissed Sharlene and said he didn't want to know about anything she did in the past she was ashamed of. Pat implored Dave to help her persuade Marianne to have the baby since an abortion can shatter a woman's life. Rachel was upset by Willis's accusations.

DECEMBER 16, 1975 (EP. #2892)
Sharlene told Russ about the time Willis and Otis stuck her head first in a rain barrel to keep her from tagging along when they went fishing. Russ was bothered when Liz swept in denouncing Rachel. Sharlene welcomed Sally back as Russ encouraged Alice to seek legal advice. Vic asked Angie to help Pam with her increased responsibility since he's needed in Washington again. Angie confessed to Clarice she can't stop loving Willis. Iris convinced Liz that the party was an opportune time for Rachel to overplay her hand with Alice and reveal herself to Mac. Russ didn't deny it when Barbara felt it was obvious he preferred Sharlene's company. Barbara told Alice that Beatrice doesn't have much of a chance without a birth certificate. Vic told Robert to run to John if he has trouble with Willis while Vic is away. Iris met Pam when she came to insist Robert help her plan the party. Jim didn't dispute Alice's belief that Beatrice wasn't aware of what raising a child entailed. Vic asked Pam to alert him to any problems between Robert and Willis. Robert boasted he'd given Iris the brush off, but Clarice worried about antagonizing Iris. Russ blew a gasket when Iris came over to warn Alice about Rachel.

DECEMBER 17, 1975 (EP. #2893)
Pat admitted to Alice she was keeping something from John. Willis advised Alice to forget Sally mentioned she was born where the circus spends its winter. Ada was impressed when Alice phoned Gil to check the birth records in Sarasota, and he disapproved when Ada told Rachel. A sympathetic Sharlene urged Carol to be patient with Willis. Glenda confessed to Marianne that Mel helped arrange an abortion of her. Rachel told Mac and Scott that Gil had a lead on Sally's birth certificate. Mac felt helpless when Scott told him to restrain Rachel. Mac chafed when Willis wanted to know why he couldn't see through Rachel. Alice fed Nancy and told Ada how much Sally means to her. Carol was saddened when Willis said he would have to forego her special dinner because Alice needed him. Pat didn't want Marianne having an abortion because she fears Marianne might do worse that Pat killing the man involved.

Alice: "Oh, Steven and I wanted a baby so badly, then I had that miscarriage and then it was too late--"
Ada: "I know, honey."
Alice: "I suppose that's why Sally means so much to me."
Ada: "Sure."
Alice: "Steven was so excited when I told him we could adopt her, but then he never even saw her. [SHE TURNS AWAY]"

DECEMBER 18, 1975 (EP. #2894)
Marianne realized she'd been selfish when Michael told her how her secret was causing trouble between their parents. Barbara argued otherwise when John felt shut out of his family. John was too busy when Marianne wanted to talk to him. When Helen told Russ that her mild anxiety was just the result of not feeling needed by her family, he suggested she ask them to spend the holidays with her, and then Jim and Liz took her out to lunch. Michael lied to Russ that he'd knocked a girl up to get info about abortion. Barbara encouraged Marianne to level with John about her pregnancy. An already moody Helen got distressed when Liz and Jim argued during lunch. Barbara confessed to Russ how she envied Sharlene being so honest and natural. Marianne fielded a call from John, then resumed discussing with Michael, Glenda, and Mel plans for an abortion in New York next week.

DECEMBER 19, 1975 (EP. #2895)
John was concerned about a depressed Pat, who phoned Marianne to come to a meeting with Dave. Beatrice became upset when Gil and Scott advised her to postpone her suit until they have proof of a relation to Sally, so Gil told Rachel to phone Dave. Michael and Marianne made the final preparations for their trip. Jim brought Beatrice over to tell Alice she was ready to tell Sally the truth, then she phoned Rachel to tell her Alice had agreed to it. An agitated Beatrice fled after Sally said her mother had told her she didn't have a family. John told Barbara that everything was bound to be fine after Pat phoned to say she would be meeting with Marianne. Dave complimented Rachel's sculpture, then Beatrice came home feeling it would be best for Sally if she dropped her suit. Beatrice was thrilled when Gil learned a birth certificate listed under Sally Spaulding proves she's Jenny's daughter. Beatrice told Scott to go ahead with the suit. Michael didn't want Marianne to phone Pat, not even to make excuses for her absence. Pat apologized to Dave for Marianne standing them up.

Rachel: "Oh, there it is. [SHE GOES TO BEATRICE]"
Beatrice: "Were you looking for this?"
Rachel: "Yes, I thought I'd left it in the other wing."
Beatrice: "Oh, are you working in there on it?"
Rachel: "Yeah, I don't want Mac to see it... It's his Christmas present--"
Beatrice: "It's beautiful."

DECEMBER 22, 1975 (EP. #2896)
Pat phoned Pam for help when she couldn't locate either of her children. At a highway coffee shop, Michael and Glenda tried to get Marianne to eat, but she was more interested in talking to Pat. Pat told Russ that someone at the college hangout may know where the kids are. Scott told John, Barbara, and Jim that Beatrice was filing her suit now that there's documentary evidence. Over the phone, Helen sighed to Jim about missing her family, then was stunned to answer the door to Wally and Lenore. Lenore said Mr. Dudley at the law office expects her back at work after Christmas, so Wally argued to stay longer himself. Lenore asked after Robert, though she didn't want to see him. Russ and Pat found Pam with Mel at the disco, but Mel brusquely claimed no knowledge of Michael's whereabouts. Jim encouraged Lenore to visit Pat. Liz promised to keep Lenore's presence a secret, but felt she and Robert should reunite. Marianne phoned to tell Pat she and Michael were headed to New York to spend the holidays with Glenda's aunt and uncle. Barbara let Scott know a relationship was impossible. John was upset to hear the kids were away and was perplexed when Pat, sunk in the Christmas blues, accused him of neglecting her.

Wally: "[O.C.] Open up and find out? [HELEN HESITATES AND THEN OPENS THE DOOR TO WALLY] Hi, Grandma!"
Lenore: "Merry Christmas, Mother."
Helen: "Well, it certainly is now. [SHE HUGS LENORE] I just can't believe this."

Notes: Appearance by Dennis McKiernan as Wally Curtin and Susan Sullivan as Lenore Moore.

DECEMBER 23, 1975 (EP. #2897)
Pat apologized to John over the phone, then Mel came over to apologize for his rude behavior yesterday, but Pat shamed him into giving up the contact number in New York. John complained to Barbara of his children's thoughtlessness, but wouldn't let her break her date with Russ to work late with him. Robert agreed to meet Iris at the Watermill Inn to discuss party plans. Lenore swept in with gifts for everyone and began helping Pat decorate the tree. Pat begged Lenore to help her find a place for Marianne to stay while she has her baby so John doesn't find out. Lenore offered to let Marianne live with her, but couldn't convince Pat to level with John. In their hotel room, Michael and Glenda tried to comfort Marianne, who sobbed over her predicament. Clarice arrived for dinner without Robert, but Neil and Angie started in with the caroling anyway. Neil and Angie were skeptical when Carol dropped in to apologize for causing any unpleasantness and to resolve to work more harmoniously with everyone, but Clarice thought they should give her a chance. Russ phoned to cancel dinner with Barbara when Lenore agreed to dinner at a quiet little inn. Clarice wiped away her tears when Robert phoned he was delayed with an important client. Robert and Lenore were stunned to come face-to-face at the inn, but Robert just stared at the tablecloth when Lenore apologized. Robert agreed to let Iris help him deaden the pain.

Notes: The cut prologue: Robert didn't believe a word of Carol's apology, and wasn't interested when she offered to explain Lenore's behavior. Appearance by Susan Sullivan as Lenore Moore.

DECEMBER 24, 1975 (EP. #2898)
Sally enjoyed helping Alice prepare for a Christmas celebration in a real house. Scott phoned to tell Alice he would be bringing Beatrice over to meet with her. Carol complained to Sharlene when Willis canceled their lunch and ran off when Alice phoned for his help. An irritable Robert told Neil of his hellish encounter with Lenore. Beatrice worried of trouble between Ray and Olive, and Rachel advised her not to let the judge know she doesn't get along with her sons and their wives. Willis fumed to Alice about Beatrice insisting on a meeting on Christmas Eve. Sharlene promised Carol more of Emma's recipes. Scott told Carol that Willis was obviously separating her from his family life because she wasn't as important to him as she believed. Iris learned from Rocky and Dennis that Rachel had gotten the pony for Sally. Rachel smiled when Rocky revealed he'd given Louise a present. Clarice walked out after Iris let her know she and Robert had had dinner and had run into Lenore, then Robert agreed to spend Christmas with Iris since she claimed she wasn't as possessive. Beatrice agreed to try Scott's proposal (to not adopt Sally but simply act as her grandmother) since she hadn't liked the idea of taking charity from the Cory's by living with them.

Rocky: "Good afternoon, Mrs. Carrington."
Iris: "Hello, Olsen, isn't it?"
Rocky: "Everyone calls me Rocky."
Iris: "I'll call you Olsen, if you don't mind."

DECEMBER 25, 1975 (EP. #2899)
John tried to bring Pat out of her Christmas blues. Pat realized something was wrong when she spoke to Marianne over the phone. Dave offered to accompany her when Pat was sure Marianne was in New York to have an abortion. Sharlene warned Willis not to mistreat Carol the way he did with Rhoda Baldwin and Martha Campbell. Beatrice fed Jamie and Dennis soup in the kitchen, where Mac planned to have an informal Christmas dinner since his mother never let him go in the kitchen when he was a kid. Sally told Liz she was interesting in meeting Wally. Liz came back into the room to see Russ give Sharlene a bracelet, and Sharlene give him a key case. Gil gave the toast as he, Ada, Nancy, Mac, Rachel, and Jamie enjoyed a turkey dinner. Mac thought Rachel had a real talent for sculpture when she gave him the horse piece she'd been working on. Barbara left the Randolph party after many awkward moments, then Pat thanked Dave for helping her get through the worst day of her life. Jim took a photo of Sally with Alice and Beatrice. Sally had already suspected it when Beatrice finally admitted she was her grandmother. Pat turned off the Christmas tree lights after Dave left telling her he'd pick her up tomorrow morning for their trip.

Mac: "Now, let's have a toast."
Gil: "To Mac and Rachel and the little one who'll be with us next Christmas. [HE RAISES HIS GLASS AND THEY ALL DRINK]"

DECEMBER 26, 1975 (EP. #2900)
Pat invented errands when John asked about her plans for the day. Dave arrived to pick Pat up as soon as John was out the door. When Lenore admitted she'd been very troubled by Robert's behavior, Helen revealed he'd been drifting from woman to woman and insisted Lenore needed to convince him the break-up wasn't his fault in order to save him from becoming the kind of man neither of them would ever want to know. Carol was despondent when Willis had more important things to do than spend the day lazing around with her. John brought Sally and Alice over to share with Pat the good news that Beatrice dropped her suit, and was upset to find Pat's note saying she'd been called away unexpectedly. Iris was agitated when Robert didn't offer to break his date with Clarice to have dinner with her. Iris disapproved when Mac revealed Louise seems taken with Rocky, since they'll carry stories from one kitchen to the other. Mac let her know that Rachel was very pleased Beatrice had resolved the Sally situation. Robert harshly told Lenore not to come to him opening old wounds he was desperately trying to heal. Lenore cried to Neil about what she'd turned Robert into. Willis helped Sally with her electric train set and frowned on Sharlene revealing he'd once whittled a train set out of Emma's firewood. Carol brought skates for Sally and begged to be allowed to operate the trains. The nurse gave Marianne a sleeping pill as Michael and Glenda tried to comfort her. Robert found Iris drinking herself into a stupor, and they shared a laugh mocking her portrait. Robert kissed her after she admired the way he learned to close his mind off from things that hurt. Lenore revealed to Helen she'll tell the secret to Wally when he's old enough to understand and accept it, and then ask him if she can tell others. Lenore phoned John and learned of Pat's absence. At the Gotham Towers, Pat and Dave decided to check the patient admission records in every hospital until they locate Marianne.

Notes: Appearance by Susan Sullivan as Lenore Moore.

DECEMBER 29, 1975 (EP. #2901)
Michael and Glenda brought flowers to Marianne, who revealed she'd admitted her pregnancy to Barbara. Marianne (who'd had the operation with a Dr. Jennings early that morning) was ashamed to see Pat and Dave, and fretted when Pat admitted John suspected her of keeping something from him, but Pat felt John would more easily forgive the abortion than the lies. John told Jim that Pat might be keeping an illness from him, but when they couldn't reach Dave, they hoped Pat had leveled with Alice or Lenore. Sally told Alice that finding out she was related to Beatrice and Ray had been the best Christmas present. John phoned to let Alice know he'd heard from a rattled Pat. On the plane home, Pat cried to Dave that she worried Marianne might do something crazy after the operation the way she did by killing the boy. Now that she didn't have to keep her location a secret, Lenore promised Helen she can come visit anytime and revealed Vic had been a very good friend. Lenore offered to help when Pat dreaded returning home. Sally and Alice ran the projector and showed Jim and Beatrice home movies of their stay in St. Croix. Lenore explained to John that Pat was in an emotional crisis and should stay with her for a little while. Jim encouraged Beatrice to get in touch with Ray, when she worried about how despondent he sounded over the phone. John promised to be patient when Pat said they'd work things out when she returns.

Pat: "[MARIANNE LOOKS AT PAT FOR A MOMENT, AND THEN BEGINS TO CRY AGAIN. PAT HOLDS HER] Shhh, honey, it's going to be all right."
Marianne: "Oh, Mom, I'm so glad you're here."
Pat: "So am I."
Marianne: "Forgive me for doing this."
Pat: "It's over... we both have to forget it now."

Lenore: (Exit Line) "Goodbye, John."

Notes: Appearance by Susan Sullivan as Lenore Moore. Slides seen on the screen included Christianstadd harbor, King Christian Hotel, ruins of a sugar mill, Buck Island (the only underwater National Park in the world), as well as outdoor and indoor shots of Steve's house.

DECEMBER 30, 1975 (EP. #2902)
Michael promised to spend more time with Pat when John told him she was so stressed out she had needed to get away. John on the phone with Frank Rinaldi prevented Michael from hashing things out with Barbara. Barbara urged John to trust Pat, then asked him over for dinner when he dreaded eating alone. Liz grilled Helen on why Pat deserted John. Neil was grateful when Carol prodded a reluctant Willis into helping him with the museum. Sharlene was sure Willis must be sweet on her when Carol showed off the present he gave her-- a gold replica of the shopping mall. Barbara promised not to tell John since Michael didn't see what good it would do for him to find out now that it's all over, but she warned him the marriage won't be healed until he knows. Liz told Helen that Clarice was much too common for Robert. Neil dissuaded Helen from speaking with Robert. When Carol told him Sharlene already knew they were involved, Willis worried Alice would find out and disapprove of him bedding an architect of the firm. Willis and Sharlene squabbled when she was amused to see him hand out Carol's hors d'oevres. Barbara welcomed John to her apartment and plied him with drink. Liz thought it odd when Michael told her John had gone over to Barbara's for dinner.

Barbara: "I haven't seen much of Russ since he and Sharlene began to go out."
John: "Does that bother you?"
Barbara: (Roberta Maxwell, Exit Line) "Not at all. Russ is perfectly free to go out with anyone he wants to see. [SHE SMILES BRIGHTLY AT JOHN] Now, excuse me, while I see about that dinner I'm giving you. [SHE PUTS HER DRINK DOWN AND GOES INTO THE KITCHEN]"

DECEMBER 31, 1975 (EP. #2903)
Robert told Neil not to pester him about Clarice's ancient history with Iris, but Neil disapproved when Robert wasn't forthcoming with Clarice about his plans with Iris. Mac thought Rachel was off to a promising start on her new sculpture, but she wanted to take evening sessions at the Civic Center. Mac suggested a tutor so she wouldn't be tied up in the evenings. Rachel phoned for Ada and Gil (who were giving Jamie lunch) to come over after supper. Michael told Marianne that Barbara feels she needs to let Pat off the hook so she can smooth things over with John, then she thanked Glenda for all her help. Robert was miffed to learn Iris had left for Palm Springs to visit Millicent Marberry. Louise thanked Robert for offering to take Dennis skiing. Dave gave Marianne a check-up and urged her to spend time with a lonely John. Mac wasn't disappointed when Rachel learned Iris had gone away. When Angie insisted Willis had good inside that she could bring out, Ada thought she sounded like Rachel and Steve. Gil agreed but Ada had her doubts when Mac wanted to start the new year with a clean slate for everyone. Angie was surprised that Neil no longer defended Robert. Robert sweet-talked his way into Clarice's arms.