JANUARY 3, 1977 (EP. #3162)
Pat asked Alice if Michael and Molly could move in with her to get them away from Olive. Russ thought she might be pregnant when Sharlene complained of stomach pains. Molly refused to be drawn into Mike's family problems by moving in with Alice. Sharlene told Dave she'd never had a miscarriage or an abortion, but wouldn't elaborate when she said she'd once had an infection. Olive assured Marianne she shared her opinion of Molly and was just pretending friendship. Olive asked her to pretend a similar acceptance of Molly to convince Michael to stay at John's house. Later, Michael, convinced that Marianne had accepted Molly, agreed to remain at home. Sharlene realized it was useless to warn Molly about Olive.

Sharlene: "I've always been afraid I'd be punished for what I was."

Notes: End voice-over to watch Somerset crossed out and replaced with a notice to watch NBC's latest Daytime Drama, Lovers and Friends.
Notes: Sharlene's admittance of a past infection was entirely pencilled-in over what had been no mention of any such occurrence.

JANUARY 4, 1977 (EP. #3163)
Jeff suggested Clarice become a legal secretary. Gil told Scott he was thinking of flying down to Bolivia. Jim was barely civil to Liz when she came by to apologize. When Dave told her she wasn't pregnant, Sharlene believed she was incapable of conceiving. Jeff asked Scott if, Clarice got married, her husband would become executor of Cory's trust fund. Sharlene hid her tears from Russ. Scott insisted to Ada he and Clarice were just good friends.

JANUARY 5, 1977 (EP. #3164)
Sharlene had a nightmare in which a morphing Dave-Russ taunted her that she was barren. A heartbroken Sharlene told Russ they'll never have children because she'd seen a quack about an infection. Willis wouldn't elaborate when he warned Molly about Olive. Daryll and Michael tried to get it out of Marianne why she changed her tune about Molly. Sharlene insisted she didn't know what infection she'd had, so a drunk Russ went off to get further soused. Russ insisted Willis fill in the details of Sharlene's past he left out. Sharlene told Alice she was headed back to Chadwell.

JANUARY 6, 1977 (EP. #3165)
Willis asked Pat's permission to confront Olive. Daryll told Marianne he doesn't want anything to do with her until she stops acting like a scheming trouble-maker like her friend Olive. Olive told Jeff to prod John into pressing Pat for a divorce, but John was worried about alienating Mike. Jeff took Clarice to the Steak House to hold her head up high. Olive threatened Willis to stay out of things or he would end up thumbing his way out of town the way he did into it.

JANUARY 7, 1977 (EP. #3166)
Rachel thought it unfair of Pat to say Dave was drawn to vulnerable women who need his wit and understanding. Rachel threatened to have Rocky throw him out when Ken came by pining after her. Clarice told Ada that she had a lot in common with Jeff, who grew up outside the stockyards of Chicago. Dave told Ken to lay off Rachel, and Ken accused him of being interested in Rachel himself. Pat was horrified when Dave told her Russ has been fortifying himself with booze. Dave asked Frank to fill in for him while he skips town for awhile. Ada comforted Gil after a nightmare in which he and Tim were locked in a cave.

JANUARY 10, 1977 (EP. #3167)
Mac welcomed Brian Bancroft as Keith's replacement as Cory legal counsel. Brian apologized for having been in London and missing Mac's wedding reception. Molly worried to Willis that Liz would use Sharlene as a weapon against her. Pat and Alice worried about Russ. Iris sulked to Mac about the way he sent her away after her mother died. A disheveled and miserable Russ mumbled to Pat about dirty little secrets wives keep.

Mac: "Well, I hope we haven't worn you out already, Brian?"
Brian: (Introduction Line) "Not at all. The complex is every bit as impressive as Keith told me it was."

Brian: (About Iris) "I used to find her quite amusing."

JANUARY 11, 1977 (EP. #3168)
Brooks returned to the Cory household (like a "bad penny') after realizing Ireland wasn't home anymore. Olive threatened to tell John that Jeff was running a con job on Clarice if Jeff told him about their plans. Rocky made a big production out of surprising Louise with Brooks. When Rachel couldn't afford to hire Brooks back, Louise suggested to Iris that Brooks be their chauffeur since Karl was thinking of retiring. Olive recruited Marianne and Molly to convince John to go ahead with the divorce. Later, Molly worked on Michael, and Marianne worked on John. Brian told Iris he's known Gwen since she was a child. Evan told Rachel her studio in the east wing was completed.

JANUARY 12, 1977 (EP. #3169)
Pat refused to sit by and watch Russ destroy himself with whiskey and self-pity. Jamie asked Dennis to help him reunite Mac and Rachel. Gwen told Iris that blackmail by gossiping about her past indiscreet liaisons won't win her to her side. Willis introduced Alice to Gwen. Willis told Alice he wasn't much help with Olive because John doesn't trust him. Mac agreed to Louise's suggestion that Brooks be his driver while living at the Cory mansion. Rachel was happy and Rocky glum when they noticed Louise and Brooks had gotten closer. Russ immediately regretted it when he told Willis he may have beat up the wrong person. Jim had no luck in getting through to Russ, but Willis vowed to him he would get him back with Sharlene whether he wanted it or not. Mac and Gwen were both uncomfortable when Iris arranged for them to be at her dinner with Brian. They were further upset when Jamie brought Rachel by (to see Mac) and she saw them. Mac let Iris have it for arranging their rendezvous.

Russ: "I was a fool to think we could forget what she'd been."
Jim: "I don't know what you're talking about."
Russ: "And I hope you never do."

Crawl: "Iris's living Rm - Iris - Louise being balled out."

Notes: A reference to Elena Burnell, originally written Elena Gorrow.

JANUARY 13, 1977 (EP. #3170)
Michael warned Pat that Olive was using Marianne and Molly against her. When Jeff suggested a friend of his become Clarice's financial advisor, Olive warned John that Jeff was seeking to swindle Clarice. Liz decided to zoom in on Russ when Jim wouldn't give her the time of day. On Pat's advice, Scott asked Jim to handle Clarice's trust. Liz convinced Russ to get away.

Jeff: "You're really despicable."
Olive: "[SMILING] Look who's talking."

JANUARY 14, 1977 (EP. #3171)
Rachel realized Ada was sad that Gil was going away. Ken said goodbye to Rachel after accepting an offer to teach full-time at Midwest University. Mac was relieved when Gwen told him she didn't want a man who was in love with someone else. Alice helped Mike settle in to his first day of work at the firm. Angie refused Evan's dinner invitation. Willis arrived in Chadwell and convinced Sharlene to return by mentioning Russ's drinking would affect his career. Rachel was relieved that the roses with the note "To a love that will never fade" were not sent by Ken but by Mac, who was trying to re-create their original courtship.

Ken: (William Lyman, Exit Line) "They're like memories, Rachel. Once you've got them no one takes them away- [HE STARTS OUT, THEN, TURNS] And I'll carry a memory of you that will always be mine. Goodbye. [HE GOES OUT AND RACHEL STARES AFTER HIM]"

Rachel: "[SMILING] Roses... candy... and a dinner invitation all in one evening?"
Mac: "That's how it all began."

JANUARY 17, 1977 (EP. #3172)
Mac chuckled to himself after skillfully sidestepping Iris's probing questions on his mystery date. Pat told a returned Sharlene that Russ had left, and encouraged her to take the remainder of the medical tests. Rocky turned away when Louise came over to discuss her plants with Brooks. Jamie teased Rachel about preparing for her date and insisted to Mac he bring her home before midnight. Molly brought Sharlene over to Willis's so she wouldn't have to spend the night alone. Aspiring actor Brooks offered to help Dennis rehearse his Benjamin Backbite play. Iris interrupted Mac and Rachel's frank discussion of their relationship. Iris wasn't happy when Gwen said she was dining with Brian so he doesn't fall into Iris's hands.

JANUARY 18, 1977 (EP. #3173)
Liz urged Russ (staying at her new apartment) to divorce Sharlene. Frank was upset when he couldn't identify the man who answered the phone at Liz's. Liz insisted Marianne was naive to believe in Olive. Frank told Sharlene tests show possible damage to the Fallopian tubes, which can be treated surgically. Marianne let it slip to Michael (who later told Sharlene) that she saw Russ at Liz's. Olive met Evan (who was on to her from the start) and suggested they should help each other out as two strangers to Bay City.

JANUARY 19, 1977 (EP. #3174)
Clarice decided it was a good time to move out when Gil and Ada wondered where Tim would live. Evan told Alice that Olive had questioned him about Ray's status in the company. Marianne told John she was behind him if he wanted to sue Pat for divorce. Jeff told Scott that Olive has him so boxed in he may have to leave Bay City. Jim told Clarice he would set up an allowance provision for her. Jeff was worried about losing his job if he sided with Alice against Olive, so Scott agreed to let Jeff take over the legal affairs of Frame Enterprises. Alice and Sally welcomed Ray back from California.

Raymond: (Gary Carpenter, Introduction Line) (Frame living room to Alice about getting home) "Yeah, finally. Hi, darling."

JANUARY 20, 1977: Pre-empted due to the Inauguration of President Jimmy Carter.

JANUARY 21, 1977 (EP. #3175)
Brian agreed to be Iris's new attorney. Gwen asked Willis to give her the break other people are giving him. When Iris advised Brian that Mac would be embarrassed if he became involved with Gwen, Brian realized he and Iris may be evenly matched at getting what they wanted. Sharlene told Willis she dreaded facing Russ, even with the happy news. Louise helped Dennis rehearse "The School for Scandal." Willis and Sharlene intruded on Liz's dinner with Frank at the Steak House. Sharlene dragged Willis away after he sat himself down at their table and began subtly warning Liz to back off.

JANUARY 24, 1977 (EP. #3176)
Pat cautioned Alice that Jeff may just be cooking up a devious scheme with Olive. Jeff failed to full convince Pat of his honorable intentions. Alice told Liz she wouldn't let her ruin Russ's marriage. Russ lunged at Willis when he came by to drag Russ home, but Willis easily fended him off. Russ made up with Sharlene and they vowed to stay together instead of running away every time one of them panics. Pat told Olive she made a tactical error by making an enemy of someone who was her accomplice. John threw Pat out when a sobbing Olive accused her of saying vicious things.

Russ: (To Willis) "You started something that's never going to end."

JANUARY 25, 1977 (EP. #3177)
Brian assured Gwen he won't be taken in by Iris. Jeff told Olive it was too late when she tried to win him back to her side. Mac disagreed with Rachel that it would be better if he let Gwen go. As a favor to Liz, Iris asked Brian to talk to Russ about a divorce. Iris was exasperated to hear Brian had another date with Gwen. Ada brought Gil over to Rachel's so she could say goodbye to him. Jeff warned Clarice that Olive was going to tell her stories about him.

Olive: "I didn't expect you to double-cross me."
Jeff: "You have exclusive rights on that?"

Gil: "'I'll be loving you, always. With a heart that's true, always...' [HE SEES ADA STANDING IN THE DOORWAY AND SWITCHES TO A HAPPIER TUNE] 'La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha, ya no puede caminar... Porque no tiene, Porque no tiene, una pata para andar..."

Clarice: "Nancy, kiss your Daddy goodbye. [SHE HOLDS NANCY OUT TO GIL, WHO KISSES HER ON THE CHEEK]"
Gil: "Bye, dumpling. Take care of your Mommy till I get back."

Ada: "[BRUSHING HIS HAIR BACK FROM HIS FOREHEAD] Call me the minute you land in La Paz."
Gil: "That'll be in the middle of the night."
Ada: "So, wake me up. You've done it before... [SHE KISSES HIM] Tell Tim I'm waiting to see him again, and so is Nancy. [THE HORN SOUNDS AGAIN] Go, already! [SHE TAKES HIM TO THE DOOR. HE PICKS UP HIS BAG AND GOES TO THE DOOR, THEN TURNS]"
Gil: (Dolph Sweet, Exit Line) "Hasta la vista, sweetheart."

Crawl: "McGowan L-R, Ada and Nancy."

JANUARY 26, 1977 (EP. #3178)
Jeff was beside himself with glee when he brought Clarice to see Olive and Olive was unable to smooth-talk her. Russ was distant with Sharlene. Jeff and John brought their positions about Olive out in the open. Olive told Ray she would be granting his divorce and returning to California. Olive said a tearful goodbye to Marianne. Pat offered to talk to John about not firing Jeff, as she wasn't keen on Jeff working for Frame or Cory. Sharlene was repulsed by Russ's groping hands when he got drunk, but decided it was easier to give in to him. John begged Olive to stay, but she touched his face tenderly and ran off to catch her plane.

JANUARY 27, 1977 (EP. #3179)
Iris was pleased that Brooks visited Louise, as it was only through him that she got news of Mac. Brian discussed Russ's divorce with Liz, who told him all the Frames were devious, ambitious upstarts. Louise was perplexed when Iris interrupted her, Dennis, and Brooks rehearsing the play to request that Louise be the one to cook Mac and Rachel's dinner that night. Jim and Liz butted heads over Russ and Sharlene. Jamie realized Rocky was upset about Brooks and Louise. Daryll told Marianne he wouldn't take her back until she admitted to Michael and Molly she'd been faking acceptance of Molly. Mac got rid of Iris when she used Louise's presence to come over and invite herself to dinner.

Jamie: (To Rocky) "Well, if it isn't the Rock."

Crawl: "Rachel tries to find the gift Mac hid for her - much to Mac's delight."

JANUARY 28, 1977 (EP. #3180)
Sharlene told Russ he was too smashed to remember her objections to going to bed with a drunk, and accused him of enjoying degrading her. Willis warned Russ to stop treating Sharlene like dirt. John wouldn't help Ray find out who Olive's new divorce lawyer was. Pat was shocked when Willis admitted it had been Russ who beat him up, and he warned Russ may be capable of such violence against Sharlene since he's started drinking. A drunk Russ kissed Sharlene roughly and said that must be how she likes it. She slapped him hard across the face but he grabbed her and held her against the wall. Sharlene cried for help when the doorbell rang but Russ put his hand over her mouth and held her tightly. He pulled her down on the floor as she sobbed brokenly. He jumped to his feet and rushed out when Pat walked in.

Willis: "You punishing her for what she's done in the past?"
Russ: "Maybe I'm punishing myself for not being able to forget."

JANUARY 31, 1977 (EP. #3181)
Ada was sad to hear Clarice had taken an apartment nearby. Rocky warned Brooks that Iris would use his friendship with Louise to make trouble for Mac and Rachel. Mac told Evan to bill him for the studio. Ada asked Mac to help her talk Rachel into hiring a new housekeeper. Rachel agreed to hire Helga Lindeman on a trial basis. Helga said she and her cousin Sven used to tend the Baldwin estate in Ogden. Clarice was mystified when a man dropped by to see Ada and wouldn't give his name. Rachel told Helga that her staff consisted of Hansen for the grounds, Olsen for the stables, and Brooks the chauffeur. Dennis told Jamie that Brooks was a better match for Louise than Rocky. Scott cautioned Jim to be wary of Jeff. Rachel convinced Mac it was important for her to pay for her studio herself. Ada was devastated when Burt McGowan arrived to tell her Gil and Tim had been killed in a mine explosion.

Rachel: "[HOLDING OUT HER HAND] Hello, Miss Lindeman."
Ada: "It's Mrs. Lindeman, honey."
Helga: (Introduction Line) "You'd better call me Helga."

Burt: (William Russ, Introduction Line) "Are you Ada?"
Clarice: "[SMILING] Sorry... no-"

Burt: "Ada. They were both killed. [SHE STARES AT HIM] Pop's not coming back, and neither is Tim- [ADA MOANS AND THE LETTER SLIPS FROM HER HAND]"
Burt: "No, Ada."

Crawl: "McGowan Living Rm - Coffee table - letter from Gil from Bolivia and Ada's glasses on table."

Notes: Sven's original name was Knut.

FEBRUARY 1, 1977 (EP. #3182)
Jeff and Clarice came home to find Ada in complete denial over Gil's death. Pat convinced Sharlene to stay at Alice's rather than return to Chadwell. Jeff and Clarice broke the news to Mac and Rachel. Angie asked Ray to come comfort Ada. Burt apologized to Rachel for not being any help with Rachel, and tried to hide his own tears. Sally was thrilled that Sharlene came to live with her and Alice. Mac and Rachel tenderly put Ada to bed.

FEBRUARY 2, 1977 (EP. #3183)
Mac told Rachel that positive identification of the mine victims is difficult since they were badly burned. Mike was upset with Molly for encouraging a depressed John to get in touch with Olive. Marianne came clean with Molly, who believed her when she said she does honestly believe she was wrong about Molly. Ray told Rachel he would get rid of unwanted visitors to Ada's house. Iris was pleased to find Mac having an intimate business dinner with Pat. Mike rightly accused Molly of conspiring with Marianne. Jamie put his arm around Ada when she began to cry, then was even more concerned when she began to bake a cake for Gil.

FEBRUARY 3, 1977 (EP. #3184)
Liz badgered Russ into talking to Brian about a divorce. Michael was upset when Daryll pushed Marianne into telling him Olive had got her to pretend a friendship with Molly. Liz chided Pat for siding with Sharlene. John phoned Olive, who cried louder when he asked her not to cry; then she gave a one last sob and hung up quickly. John asked Michael to be as fair to Olive as he himself was to Molly. Brian warned Russ that intimate details may be revealed in court if Sharlene contested his suit. Jim advised Pat to let John go. Sharlene told Russ she agreed to end the marriage after Liz told her he had consulted a divorce lawyer. Pat was willing to let John learn about Olive the hard way when he said Olive gave him what Pat denied him for years: warmth, sympathy, and understanding.

Crawl: "Mike and Molly ignore each other after John leaves for airport."

FEBRUARY 4, 1977 (EP. #3185)
Burt asked Jim to settle Gil's estate and mentioned his kids were living with his ex-wife, Harriet, and her new husband. Brian told Iris her divorce would be finalized within the month, and mentioned his son, Ted. Sally told Willis that Sharlene was staying at her house when Willis took her and Jamie out. Mac and Rachel both put their arms around Ada when Scott came with confirmation of Gil's death. Rachel stroked her hair as Ada cried softly that there was no use going on. Olive agreed to return to Bay City when John said Pat would give him a divorce and when he promised to fire Jeff.

FEBRUARY 7, 1977 (EP. #3186)
Russ tended Ada and advised Mac and Rachel on her care. Jeff was cross with Pat for reneging on their deal to get him a new job. Mac told Burt to come to him if he needs a job, then told him to take Clarice out to dinner. Willis urged Sharlene to fight for Russ even after hearing he was forcing himself on her. Helga was terse with Jeff when he tried to gain access to the McGowan house. Angie refereed an encouraging talk between Willis and Russ. Rachel mothered Ada.

Rachel: "Oh, Mom, we'll get you through this... [BUT ADA TURNS HER FACE AWAY STONILY]."

FEBRUARY 8, 1977 (EP. #3187)
Iris was eager to share the news with Liz when she heard Jamie tell Dennis that Rachel had been seeing a lot of Dave. Dave returned from his vacation to be warned off Rachel by Liz. Daryll wouldn't let Molly recruit him to her side against Michael. Brian told Gwen she has no basis for objecting that Willis wanted Frame Enterprises to work on Cory projects. Gwen wasn't receptive to Iris's "good news" about Rachel and Dave's secret liaisons. Pat mediated when Michael and Molly quarreled over Olive.

FEBRUARY 9, 1977 (EP. #3188)
Michael was upset when John and Olive came home with the news they were getting married. Daryll wasn't pleased to find Marianne and Olive together. Olive told Ray not to stall their divorce. Jim threatened to tell Frank what she was up to if Liz didn't lay off Russ and Sharlene. Molly wasn't happy that Mike wanted them to find their own place as soon as possible. Sharlene told Russ she could no longer trust him.

Crawl: "Sally comes downstairs and consoles Sharlene."

FEBRUARY 10, 1977 (EP. #3189)
Iris reminded Dave that Rachel was particularly vulnerable right now. Burt told Clarice about his kids: Sandy (a girl), age 4, and Nick, 7. Angie warned Willis that Ray and Alice may not be eager to work with him again. Helga told Rachel her husband Lars was killed in a hunting accident. Rachel told an inquiring Burt that Ada's only close friend was Mary Matthews, but that Jim might be a good one to have talk to Ada. Curious despite herself, Gwen came to question Dave when Iris filled her ear with gossip about him, and Dave admitted he had been hoping for a relationship with Rachel. Over dinner, Gwen told Dave she'd been attracted to Mac ever since she was a little girl. Dave was impressed at how Gwen got the better of Iris when she got him to fake an affair for Iris's benefit when Iris and Brian came into the restaurant.

FEBRUARY 11, 1977 (EP. #3190)
Olive pressure John to fire Jeff. Helga worried about Rachel's dizzy spells. John angrily threw Jeff out when Jeff tried to warn him about Olive. After a talk with Ada, Jim told Mac he'd like to ask Richard Gavin to treat her. To better protect her from Iris's plots, Dave told Rachel how much she meant to him. Dave kissed the top of her head and told her not to worry as he had gotten past his feelings for her. Pat agreed to give John a divorce. Mac and Rachel were moved when Ada advised them to make the most of the time they have together.

Ada: "I'd forgive Gil anything he did, anything, just to have his arms around me again."

FEBRUARY 14, 1977 (EP. #3191)
Mac and Rachel celebrated their anniversary after he spent the night, and a thrilled Jamie toasted them. Michael took his displeasure about John and Olive out on Molly. Mac advised Rocky not to give up on Louise. Brian reintroduced Mac to Ted. Jim asked Alice to talk to Richard about Ada. Molly came to Jim for marital advice. Ted told Iris he once went ice-skating with Mac and Dennis. Angie failed to warn Molly about Olive. Mac surprised Rachel with a new Rolls Royce to help fulfil the dreams she'd had growing up, but she turned it down as her dreams had changed.

Brian: "This is my son Ted."
Mac: "[SHAKING HANDS] Well, you've certainly grown since I last saw you."
Ted: (Eric A. Roberts, Introduction Line) "You haven't changed a bit, sir."

FEBRUARY 15, 1977 (EP. #3192)
Dave's visit didn't comfort Ada. Willis warned Mike not to let Olive divide him and Molly as that was her favorite technique to keep people from banding against her. Alice got reacquainted with Richard. Daryll warned Mike not to let Marianne use Olive to wreck his marriage. Russ was upset when Liz said she knew all about Sharlene's past from having listened to his drunken ramblings. Sharlene promised not to see Russ any longer when Liz threatened to tell Pat and Alice and Jim about her past if she didn't. Sharlene flung herself on the sofa sobbing after telling Russ she never wanted to see him again. Ada left the kitchen when Alice brought Richard over.

Liz: "I will not let you destroy a man you should never have married."
Sharlene: "I love him."
Liz: "Girls like you don't even know the meaning of love."

Crawl: "Sharlene alone - Russ alone."

FEBRUARY 16, 1977 (EP. #3193)
Helga noticed Rocky's discomfort in the presence of Louise and Brooks. Scott agreed to be Pat's new divorce attorney. Mac hired Burt to work in his construction division when Burt said he had a degree in electrical engineering. Iris offered to let Ted live in her guest house since Brian's place was small. Scott agreed to check Jeff out for Pat and Ray when they were hesitant to give him a job. Willis and Gwen helped Burt settle in to work. Mac was abrupt with Helga when she told him Brooks and Rocky don't get along.

FEBRUARY 17, 1977 (EP. #3194)
Angie visited Clarice at her new apartment. John couldn't supply Scott with concrete damaging information against Jeff. Pat was upset that Mike was considering quitting college to work full-time so he could afford his own place. Jeff got Clarice to recommend him to Ray, but he was still loathe to hire Olive's former attorney. Olive convinced John to hire Molly when Molly asked her to help her find work. Mike was furious that Molly's new job put her into daily contact with Olive.

FEBRUARY 18, 1977 (EP. #3195)
Sharlene admitted to Jim that Liz was threatening her with her past. Rachel made dinner plans with Dave to help him get over his apprehensions about dating Gwen. Richard was eager to renew his friendship with Liz. Frank was distressed when Jim had him witness his accusing Liz of craving all her family's affection for herself and not tolerating when they gave it to others. Jim informed Russ that Liz was sabotaging his marriage. Richard finally got Ada to talk about Gil. Dave arrived at the Steak House to find an equally perplexed Gwen waiting for him, then both realized, happily, that Rachel had set them up. Ada broke down after admitting she blames herself for insisting Gil go to Bolivia. Russ assured Sharlene that Liz couldn't possibly know anything for sure, and said Liz's actions just reinforced his love for her.

FEBRUARY 21, 1977 (EP. #3196)
Ada told Mac that Burt was becoming the son she never had. Mac got Ada to accept Jim's dinner invitation. Russ asked Dave to give Sharlene a check-up. Mac told Willis and Gwen that Vera Finley (nee Thompson) was the rich widow of elderly financier Wilfred Finley and had an enormous endowment to build a museum to house his private collection of American art. Mac was willing to let them handle this outside contract if Vera chose them for the job. Brian warned Iris that Ted was even more adept at playing games than he is. Frank was shocked to walk into Russ's office and find Liz being cruel to Sharlene. Vera told Willis and Gwen that she persuaded curator Quentin Ames to leave his post in New York to become director of the museum. Frank told Liz they could have only a professional relationship because of her actions. Iris quizzed Gwen about Brian's ex-wife. Dave told Richard that Sharlene could use his help. Editor Corinne Seton phoned Iris inquiring after Brian.

Crawl: "Frank dictates to Liz in a business-like manner."

FEBRUARY 22, 1977 (EP. #3197)
Olive sobbed to Molly that Pat intended to claim all of John's assets. Evan and Gwen were excited one of them may be designing the new museum. Ray told Alice if she hires Jeff it's over his protests. Clarice insisted to Jeff she was interested in neither him nor Burt because Cory comes first in her life. Pat didn't have the heart for it when John came by to divide their property. Ray and Burt realized they have a distrust of Jeff in common. John wouldn't believe Mike when he said what Olive had told Molly.

FEBRUARY 23, 1977 (EP. #3198)
Evan and Gwen were both desperate to get chosen for the museum job. Olive told Molly not to let Michael dictate what she does. Rachel was happy that Ada came to visit her. Olive assured Marianne she was helping breakup Michael and Molly, as having Molly work in the office with her infuriated Mike. Rachel got acquainted with Ted, who told her he was living off his maternal grandmother's estate. Marianne got rid of Daryll when he came over to talk to Molly, then convinced Molly to give Mike a breather by spending the night at her place. Evan was annoyed at the way Willis flaunted his affections for Angie during a meeting. As revenge against Willis, Evan slipped his (inferior) museum sketch into Gwen's portfolio.

Angie: (Maeve Kinkead, Introduction Line) "Hi, Evan... You're in early."

FEBRUARY 24, 1977 (EP. #3199)
Daryll went to tell Mike after discovering Molly had spent the night at Marianne's. Burt warned Clarice to very wary of someone going after Cory's trust fund. Jeff told Burt he was out of line for asking about his intentions toward Clarice. Mike asked Pat to speak to Molly as he was at his wit's end. Dave got Russ to see Richard. Pat told Molly that wives are expected to make more concessions than their husbands. Sharlene felt it was a sign of Russ's distrust when he brought a stranger over to discuss intimate details of her life. Pat got Mike to be more tolerant of Olive and got Molly to not be so influenced by Olive.

Crawl: "Mike and Molly - together again."

FEBRUARY 25, 1977 (EP. #3200)
Evan told Angie someone stole his museum sketch. Liz told Richard that Helen was very happy with Lenore and Wally in Washington. Iris didn't get far quizzing Brian about Corinne. Angie suspected Jeff was behind the theft, as a way for Olive to make Ray's firm lose a client, but Ray felt that Willis was a more likely culprit. Iris complained to Mac when Rachel no longer pretended to be cordial to her. Jim wasn't happy when Liz brought Richard over to intrude on his dinner with Ada. Iris invited Corinne to a surprise party for Brian. Willis asked Angie to leave when she questioned him about Evan's sketch.

Richard: "Don't you like Ada?"
Liz: "Well, yes, but she's not really our sort."

FEBRUARY 28, 1977 (EP. #3201)
Russ asked Alice to convince Sharlene to talk to Richard. Iris and Brian celebrated that her divorce was final, but Dennis wasn't happy about it. Gwen denied to Willis that she took the sketch. Alice was more trustful of Willis than Angie, but not completely so. Helga gave Louise a glass flower vase her uncle Edvard made, but Louise was less than enthusiastic over Rocky's gift of a braided riding crop. Gwen and Dave flipped a coin to see who would go first in discussing their history. Willis sadly realized Angie would always think the worst of him. Alice told Sharlene that Richard helped her out of a severe depression when Steve was in jail.

MARCH 1, 1977 (EP. #3202)
Sharlene felt therapy was no use as she could never bring herself to reveal certain things to Russ, much less a stranger. Michael warned Marianne not to come between him and Molly. Jim advised Clarice about getting a new job. Eager to get the divorce over with, Pat told Scott to accept John's demand for the majority of their securities. Russ had a session with Richard. Olive watched John closely when Scott told him Pat had given him carte blanche in dividing their assets. Sharlene was surprised when Richard told her others have reacted to grief the same way she reacted to losing Floyd. Richard and Sharlene were both upset when an agitated Russ, fearful of what they were saying about him, broke his promise and interrupted their session.

Sharlene: "They [bar patrons] have whatever's available... and I was... available."
Richard: "Because you wanted to be?"
Sharlene: "Because I didn't give a damn once Floyd was gone!"

MARCH 2, 1977 (EP. #3203)
Dave was upset to find Evan's sketch in Gwen's portfolio after she allowed him to look through it. Iris got rid of Brian when Corinne called. Mac enthusiastically gave Clarice a job. Vera told Willis she'd already decided upon him and Gwen when he asked her to postpone the submissions deadline so Evan could redo his sketch. Brian got Mac to tell Iris not to expect more than friendship from him. Willis could barely control his anger when Angie blasted him and defended Evan. Jeff vowed to wait for her when Clarice broke away from his kisses. Gwen suspected Willis had double-crossed her when Dave confronted her about the sketch he found.

Crawl: "Gwen alone - Willis alone - Angie alone"

Notes: Crossed-out dialogue - Iris asking Liz who Richard was.

MARCH 3, 1977 (EP. #3204)
John insisted to Michael that Olive was a good mother, despite not having been with her boys in months. Helga told Rocky that if Louise wasn't interested, someone else might be. Helga told Ada about her daughter, Regine, who lives with Helga's uncle in Stockholm. Pat told Mike not to worry about her settlement as she has the securities Mary left her. Helga told Rachel she and Sven grew up in Minnesota. Molly was upset to walk in on Mike denouncing a sobbing Olive. Mike asked Daryll to help him and Molly sneak into the dorm temporarily. Dennis punched Rocky on the arm after he and Jamie convinced Helga to join the three of them in skating. Pat walked in on John throttling Michael after the two almost came to blows over Michael's fury that John was short-changing Pat. A livid John scribbled out a note equally dividing his and Pat's assets.

John: "If you weren't my son, I'd punch you in the face for that remark."
Michael: "Don't let that stand in your way. [JOHN GRABS HIM BY THE COLLAR]"
Molly: "No!"

MARCH 4, 1977 (EP. #3205)
Sharlene was incredulous when Liz said Richard convinced her to change her mind about Sharlene. Dave accompanied Gwen when she told Willis about the sketch. Alice assured Sharlene she would talk to Richard about his loose lips. Iris welcomed Corrine into her house. Richard couldn't accede to Sharlene's demand that he stop seeing Liz socially. Angie told Ray she's uncomfortable working with Willis. Willis handed Evan's sketch to Angie.

MARCH 7, 1977 (EP. #3206)
Angie accused Willis of wanting to destroy Evan for personal reasons. Richard told Russ that Sharlene needs someone she trusts enough to confide in about her past. A sulking Burt left after Clarice wouldn't find time for him. Evan was furious when an upset Angie told him about the sketch, but Ray was wary of making accusations against an employee of Mac's. Richard convinced Alice to try to get Sharlene to confide in her. Jim told Burt he didn't have to worry about Jeff and Clarice. Willis realized there was something fishy about Evan's story when Evan and Angie came to confront him.

MARCH 8, 1977 (EP. #3207)
Olive convinced John to fly to Haiti for two quick divorces. Gwen and Dave called their friendship quits when he couldn't bring himself to believe in her. Iris was puzzled that Corrine insisted on keeping secret the identity of her cousin. A rattled Gwen filled Mac in about the sketch, and he wouldn't let her resign from the project. Corrine convinced her cousin Dave to attend Iris's party. Marianne was displeased that Michael and Molly had made up. Michael bowed out of the family's celebration of John and Olive's trip to Haiti.

MARCH 9, 1977 (EP. #3208)
Russ warned Alice she'll lose Sharlene's friendship by pressing her the same way Russ lost her. Richard told Frank that he was the stabilizing influence that Liz needed in her life. Ray and Alice began making wedding plans when Olive told them he'd soon be free. Ada was pleased Rocky was spending so much time with Nancy. Richard said goodbye to Ada and returned to Clarevue. Alice told Pat that Mike and Molly could move into the apartment above the offices since Ray would be moving in with her once they're married. Rachel railroaded Ada into having a quiet dinner with Jim. Sharlene agreed to return home, but wouldn't accept Russ's embrace. Liz was uncomfortable when Frank held her hand in public, and got upset to see Jim and Ada enter the restaurant.

Crawl: "Sharlene fixes a snack for Russ."

MARCH 10, 1977 (EP. #3209)
John wasn't happy when Alice came over to offer to let Mike and Molly stay at her place now that Sharlene has returned home. Jim pushed Liz out the door when she told him to be more discreet about Ada. Jeff wasn't perturbed that Ray wouldn't recommend his employee insurance coverage changes as Alice agreed to consider them. A distracted and troubled Gwen couldn't concentrate on designing the museum and realized she had to clear her and Willis of all accusations. Angie was unhappy to see Willis having dinner with Vera, and Willis was unhappy to see her out with Evan. Mike, Molly, and Pat saw John off to the airport.

Liz: "Good morning, Jim."

MARCH 11, 1977 (EP. #3210)
Daryll got Mike to agree to snoop around the Frame offices for a rough draft of Evan's museum sketch, as Evan insists he never kept them. Rocky and Helga came over to help Louise prepare for Iris's party. Jeff advised Evan not to let people take advantage of him. Dennis told a disappointed Iris he would be attending Bay State in the fall. Brian was surprised, but happy, when Iris "unveiled" Corrine to him at her party, but Mac suspected Iris intended to use Corrine in some way. Evan startled Michael and Daryll before they could begin their search. Corrine was puzzled by Gwen's attitude toward Iris. Iris was displeased when Dave arrived, but he promised to behave. Jeff told Clarice he'd open his own law firm if he had the capital. Clarice wouldn't let Jeff sit beside her on the sofa as they sipped their tea. Dave wouldn't let Iris pump him about Corrine. Michael and Daryll forced open Evan's "stuck" drawer and found incriminating sketches.

MARCH 14, 1977 (EP. #3211)
Daryll showed the file of Evan's papers to Willis and Gwen, who realized Evan had wanted to discredit Willis. Iris over heard Ted receive a phone call from Craig Brackett, a discarded beau of Corrine's. Ray pressed a reluctant Evan into talking to Jeff about pressing charges against Willis. Burt asked Ada to find out why Clarice won't give him the time of day. Iris lied to a jealous Brian that Corrine had phoned Craig. Clarice confided to Ada that she's afraid of falling in love with someone who might run out on her like Robert did. Corrine got cross with Brian when Iris told her he had been telling tales about her and Craig. Mac came with Willis and Gwen to present their proof and suspicions to Ray. Evan stormed out after accusing Daryll of having stolen all of his museum papers weeks ago.

MARCH 15, 1977 (EP. #3212)
Sharlene admitted she was still afraid of him when Russ complained that they haven't made love yet. Molly insisted to Mike she was too embarrassed to live with Alice again. Liz got Russ to forgive her. Dennis introduced Molly to Ted, who impressed her with his travels in Europe. Ray defended Evan when Alice quizzed him about the theft. Daryll wouldn't reveal the name of his accomplice for fear Michael would be fired. Russ and Sharlene realized they don't have much of a marriage when they couldn't bring themselves to have sex.

MARCH 16, 1977 (EP. #3213)
Willis failed to convince Angie of Evan's duplicity. Sven Peterson arrived and introduced himself to Rocky. Gwen readily forgave Dave for being a dope after Mac convinced him of Gwen's innocence. Evan did damage control with Angie. Sven warned Helga not to delay finding him work in the Cory mansion. Gwen was thrilled that Dave's guilty conscience caused him to smother her with kisses. Corrine went upstairs to change when Iris spilled a drink on her. When Brian arrived, Iris told him that Corrine was breathlessly awaiting a phone call from Craig. Corrine came down moments after Brian left in an angry huff.

Rocky: "[OFF] Hello."
Sven: (Introduction Line) "[OFF] Good day, sir."

Sven: "... Then it's a small household."
Rocky: "There's more of us downstairs, than there are upstairs."

MARCH 17, 1977 (EP. #3214)
Molly accused Mike of being selfish and dictatorial, but he felt she was too emotional over finding a new place to live. Daryll told Willis he'll face the consequences alone if Evan presses charges. Sharlene told Alice that Russ will never be happy again unless she finds the strength to leave him. Daryll said he would weather it alone for the time being when Mike offered to come forward. Scott told Willis that Daryll will need all the protecting he can get. Alice worried about Ray's reaction when Jim gave his approval of Jeff's insurance ideas. Marianne, Daryll, Jamie, Ted, and Sally attended Mike and Molly's party. Michael introduced Marianne to Ted, who made sure he danced with both Marianne and Molly. Sharlene assured Willis she wouldn't go back to her former life when she told him she's going to start all over again.

MARCH 18, 1977 (EP. #3215)
Olive and John returned home. Liz was upset when Alice and Pat accused her of being instrumental in Russ and Sharlene's breakup. Sven toyed with Helga, who reminded him they're not really cousins. Jeff turned away and smiled to himself after Ray walked out angrily when Alice pressed him to accept Jeff's ideas. John told Pat their divorce was final. Helga asked Louise to ask Iris for a job for Rocky, since it looks like Rachel will have to let him go. Liz told Jim that Russ and Pat need his support. Olive was going through John's bank books when he pulled up, so she hurriedly replaced the books, switched on the vacuum and began to work industriously. Olive got John to move their wedding up to next week. Alice didn't believe Ray's accusation that Jeff was trying to undercut him with her.

MARCH 21, 1977 (EP. #3216)
Willis: “She just wants you to be happy. And so do I.”
Sharlene: “I don’t care if I’m happy, as long as Russ is.”
Willis: “He’ll be miserable when you go.”
Sharlene: “Only for a while, but he has nothing to reproach himself with –“
Willis: “I wish I could say that”
Sharlene: “You can, Willis.”
Willis: “I wrecked your marriage when I told Russ what you’d been doing back in San Diego.”
Sharlene: “Nobody wrecked my life, but me. And I’ll learn to face that fact. Then maybe I’ll be able to trust someone I love enough to tell him the truth. (SHE HUGS WILLIS) Goodbye, Willis... (SHE TURNS AND GOES UPSTAIRS, AND WILLIS STARES AFTER HER AND GOES OUT SLOWLY)” [END EPISODE]

“Edit: Willis calls Sharlene ‘Alice’”. Crawl: Willis alone.

MARCH 23, 1977 (EP. #3218)
Last appearance of Laurie Heineman as Sharlene Frame.

Sharlene: “(KISSING HIM [RUSS] ON THE CHEEK) No, stay in here... I can’t bear to see you watch me go. (SHE RUNS OUT QUICKLY AND RUSS STANDS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM, SHAKING HIS HEAD.)” ...
Alice: “Be happy, Sharlene.”
Sharlene: (Laurie Heineman, Exit Line) “Yeah, someday, if I’m lucky.”

MARCH 25, 1977 (EP. #3220)
Wedding of John and Olive. Marianne and Ted were their attendants.

APRIL 1, 1977 (EP. #3225)
Last appearance of Richard Dunne as Daryll Stevens.

Darryl: "'re just kind of confused right now, but promise me one thing."
Marianne: "What?"
Darryl: "Try to make Mike's life easier for him --"
Marianne: "But I'm always trying to do that."
Darryl: "Just give Molly a chance with him and things will be fine with them --"
Marianne: "Okay, I promise."

APRIL 26, 1977 (EP. #3242)
First appearance of Barbara Eda-Young as Regine Lindeman.
Sven called Helga's bluff in getting her daughter, Regine, to move to Bay City under the pretense that Helga misses her. Sven arranged for Regine's Uncle Edvard to lend money for the trip and get her a job to pay the loan back.

Regine: (Introduction Line, two-way, limbo) "Who's this?"

Regine: "I haven't heard from Mama for some months."
Sven: "Well, she's very busy with her new duties."
Regine: "You sure she's all right?"
Sven: "I just told you that."
Regine: "You might be hiding it from me."
Sven: "Why would I do that?"
Regine: "It wouldn't be the first time you've kept things from me."
Sven: "Little Regine is still suspicious of her Uncle Sven, I see."

Notes: Production date of episode was April 19, 1977. Barbara Eda-Young was given a contract by the time this episode aired.

MAY 9, 1977 (EP. #3251)
First appearance of Peter Ratray as Quentin Ames.

Mac: "It's good to see you again, Vera."
Vera: "I brought Quentin along as soon as he got in."
Mac: "I'm very pleased you did." (HE HOLDS OUT HIS HAND TO QUENTIN) "I'm Mackenzie Cory."
Quentin: (Introduction Line) "Yes, sir, I know..."
Mac: "Have we met?"
Quentin: "No, but every Museum director knows you by reputation."

MAY 12, 1977: Pre-empted for the 4th Daytime Emmy Awards.

MAY 23, 1977 (EP. #3260)
Rachel insisted to Mac she was going to turn down the sculpture commission Quentin and Vera offered her because Iris provided the funds for it. Jim tried to bring Marianne out of her doldrums, but she beat herself up over helping Olive marry her father. Sven instructed Regine to flatter Rachel to Mac, then ordered her to stay away from Burt. Brooks came in and introduced her to Rocky. Brooks and Rocky agreed to keep their eye on the ever-increasing number of Swedish staff. Mac and Brian brainstormed possible employment opportunities for Ted. Jamie and Dennis dropped in, and Mac discouraged their plan to accompany Ted to Europe. Dennis settled for a summer job at Cory, and Jamie a job in the construction division. Mac offered Quentin his house for the reception following the Museum's ground-breaking ceremony. After a long talk with Marianne, Frank opined she was too much like Liz and needed to stay out of other people's lives. Liz made a fuss when she saw Marianne in Frank's office. After Rocky put Sven and Helga on notice that he was on to them, Sven assured her they'll find a way to get rid of him. Rachel filled Quentin in about Iris, and vowed she was no longer willing to risk her marriage in order to be an artist.

MAY 24, 1977 (EP. #3261)
Sally ran off to school as Willis arrived to encourage Alice to fire Evan and to offer his help in keeping the firm on its feet. Pat encouraged Michael tp help Marianne through her rough time. Liz blabbed to them that Marianne was headed for a breakdown. Burt roped a reluctant Pat into witnessing his attempts to get the time of day from Clarice, who was upset he'd been squiring Regine around. Burt was intrigued when Pat offered that Mac probably told Clarice about he and Regine in hopes of provoking Clarice with jealousy. Vera tasked Quentin with discovering who let it slip to Rachel that Iris set up the endowment. Alice realized the firm was in trouble when Ray moaned that Robert and Evan had suffered the firm serious setbacks. Frank recommended to Pat and Russ that Marianne get away for awhile. Vera consented to let Jeff handle her legal affairs. Jeff delayed Clarice when she demanded a promissory note for the $5,000 she lent him from Cory's trust fund. Evan was indignant when Ray and Alice fired him for copying his sports stadium design from Tobias Auerbach.

MAY 25, 1977 (EP. #3262)
Rachel reminisced with Mac about her previous pregnancies, and she fretted not being pregnant yet. Rachel refused to let Vera badge her into accepting the commission. A listless Marianne turned down Pat's offer to move in with her and to take a trip to Alice's St. Croix house. Olive leafed through a home furnishing magazine after telling John she'd help around the office. Evan was eager to (get paid to) design a house for Olive, who worried about being able to convince John. When Mac sought her advice, Ada suggested he might be the cause of Rachel's unpregnancy. Marianne turned down Ted's offer to tag along to St. Croix, but was intrigued when he invited her to Europe with his friend Porter Whitney and his girl. Dave agreed to Gwen's request to try to convince Rachel to accept the commission as her shutting off her creative part wasn't healthy. Olive greeted John with Chablis and pointed out the great designs in her magazine. She convinced him he wouldn't be so down all the time if he weren't living in the house he'd shared with Pat. John agreed to look into it when Pat brought Marianne's condition to his attention. Dave made headway in convincing Rachel she could have both a career and a baby.

MAY 26, 1977 (EP. #3263)
Sally cross-examined Alice about her wedding, and Willis came by again to offer Alice his advice and support. Michael told Molly that Olive began bad-mouthing Marianne to John after she wouldn't help her talk John into reneging on his divorce settlement with Pat. Angie turned down Scott's dinner invite when he learned she was still on the outs with Willis. Marianne cried on Michael's shoulder, and he told her Molly wants to be friends. Ray flared up when Willis attacked his poor management of the firm. Michael was displeased with Ted's flourishing display of paying for their meal at Tallboys, then flipped when Marianne announced she was going to Europe with Ted. Michael insisted she tell the folks of her plans or he would. Jim and Scott came to Alice's house to reveal the firm's financial situation was discouraging and to recommend hiring an outside as opposed to in-house architect. Over a romantic dinner at Russ's, Corinne told him her life story.

Michael: "I won't be around to help you this time."
Marianne: "I can take care of myself."
Michael: "You said that before and I had to help you get an abortion."

Russ: "Im usually attracted to those who haven't had my advantages."
Corinne: "Perhaps it's time for a change."
Russ: "[DRAWING HER INTO HIS ARMS] I've been thinking the same thing."

MAY 27, 1977 (EP. #3264)
Helen asked Louise if she was the one who revealed Iris's endowment to Rachel. Iris suggested Quentin use flattery to make Rachel change her mind. Ada advised Rachel to kill time waiting to get pregnant by doing the museum sculpture, but Rachel suspected Iris had been hoping the sculpture would distract her from having a baby entirely. After Louise wouldn't let Helga hound her into discussing it further, Rocky admitted he was the one who told Rachel, and wouldn't let Helga blackmail him into backing off on Sven by threatening to tell Iris of his disloyalty. Quentin was pleased when Rachel decided to do the sculpture, for no fee. Brian harangued Iris about Ted's idleness, and worried about Pat's reaction when Ted revealed his summer plans. Sven was glad when Helga revealed they had something to hold over Rocky's head, but was displeased when Regine offered to help Burt paint Ada's house. As they painted, Regine and Burt discussed losing their fathers. Clarice witnessed Regine kiss Burt after he offered to help her find a job at the complex. Rachel had Mac bring Iris over so she could tell them both she intended to have both baby and career.

MAY 30, 1977 (EP. #3265)
Mac agreed to release Willis from his duties so that he and Gwen can try to salvage the Ogden stadium deal and pull Frame Enterprises' chestnuts out of the fire. A fed-up Burt made some headway with a sullen Clarice by kissing her until she broke away. Gwen was eager to take a crack at designing the stadium. Frank chafed at Liz switching his appointments around, then fumed to Russ about her before letting him know he was leaving for a teaching position in Portland, Oregon. Ray kicked but couldn't object when Gwen revealed Willis was trying to retrieve the project. Clarice and Burt kissed and made up after Mac admitted to her he'd set Burt and Regine up with the aim of getting her jealous. Liz was upset when Frank fired her (even though he was leaving anyway) to bring their friendship to a close before it becomes impossible for both of them. Willis refused to listen to Ray's warnings and suspicions since he was just an employee and Alice the owner.

MAY 31, 1977 (EP. #3266)
Iris revealed to Louise she's glad Ted is leaving as he hoped Brian and Corinne would reunite. Mac agreed when Rachel asked him to see a doctor. Corinne told Pat that Molly was friendlier with her now. Pat wouldn't allow it when Brian revealed Ted's plans. Dave introduced Mac to fertility specialist Fred Morley. Pat insisted Ted was taking advantage of her confusion with John, but Marianne believed he was the only one who sympathized with her. Brian and Iris made no headway in talking Ted and Marianne out of their trip, then Corinne and Russ arrived to try their luck. Ted announced he and Marianne were getting away from both of their father's romantic mistakes.

JUNE 1, 1977 (EP. #3267)
Olive complained to Evan that Marianne was preventing Jon from committing to a new house. Willis again passed Sally on her way to school when he came to show Alice Gwen's sketches. Sven visited the McGowan house to advise Burt to find someone else to amuse himself with, and ordered him to make tracks to the Cory house to tell Regine about this other girl he preferred. John agreed to build a new house when Olive cried about sleeping in Pat's bedroom. Willis soothed Emmett Garvey's fears that Alice's firm was unreliable. Regine didn't really mind when Burt told her he was interested in Clarice, not her. Sven witnessed her give Burt a friendly kiss on the cheek. Pat share her Marianne troubles with Alice. Olive convinced John to consider Evan as their architect. Olive caused Pat to leave in a huff before she could ask John's help with Marianne.

Regine: "Uncle Sven's in a bad temper today."
Burt: "Is he ever in a good temper?"

JUNE 2, 1977 (EP. #3268)
Neither Rachel nor Mac believed Iris's claim of interest in Rachel's artwork. Evan rushed in the door as soon as John left, then insisted Olive stop John from finding out why Alice fired him. She turned down his dinner invitation, but smiled to herself after he touched her cheek. Liz cried on Jim's shoulder about Frank and wailed she had no life of her own aside from running other people's. Marianne refused to listen to John about Ted when he's been so taken in by Olive. Mac admitted he'd led a profligate life when Fred revealed irregularities in his test results. Mac admitted all to Iris when she saw him with Fred, but she felt it was more often the woman's fault for unconsciously not wanting to conceive. Jim brought Frank over, but he just told Liz she demands more attention than anyone can give. Burt pushed aside the papers on Jeff's desk to get his attention, then warned him to pay Clarice back or he'll practice law from a hospital bed. After Mac introduced then, John demanded Brian prevent Ted from taking Marianne abroad. Mac couldn't tell Rachel Fred's news.

Frank: (Exit Line) "Goodbye, Liz."

Crawl: "Rachel and Mac (Mac worried about his "problem")."

JUNE 3, 1977 (EP. #3269)
Willis foresaw difficulties when Emmett requested he supervise the project. Rocky ran to Brooks with his troubles, but Brooks had to admit he saw no evidence Sven and Helga were taking advantage of the Corys. Jim and Scott told Alice and Ray they would forego their retainers until the firm found another project. Rachel questioned Helga about the extravagances in the budget. Rachel showed Gwen her designs so she'd have a better idea on how to design a wing of the museum. Jeff came to Vera for confirmation she had work for him. Helga warned Sven they can't go on padding the food bills, but that was fine as he intended to find a wealthy husband for Regine. Brooks warned them he'd go to the Cory's if they continue to harass Rocky. Vera confided to Willis she's attracted to Jeff and hopes to use him for disagreeable situations her regular lawyer wouldn't touch. Both Scott and Angie were upset when they ran into Willis at the restaurant. Ray moodily sulked out onto the terrace after Alice agreed to Emmett's stipulation that Willis be in charge of the project.

Notes: Reference to Cecile, Vera's maid.

JUNE 6, 1977 (EP. #3270)
Olive thought Ted a good catch when John imparted he'd inherited a fortune from his grandmother. John then told her of Marianne's abortion. Mac thought Regine might be suited for a secretarial position. Pat urge Marianne to make up with John before she left. After Evan confessed his plagiarism, Olive advised him to tell John most of it but say he had been confused at the time. Evan kissed her lightly on the mouth after inviting her to lunch in the country. Marianne refused to go through another scene when Jim urged her not to desert John. Jim advised Pat to seek Olive's help. Brian was willing to consider Regine as his new secretary. Pat informed Olive that if Marianne leaves before making up with John, he may very well believe it's Olive's fault.

JUNE 7, 1977 (EP. #3271)
Mac and Helga displayed Rachel's first piece of work, a small sculpture of a horse, in the living room in hopes of inspiring Rachel. Willis arrived to interrupt Sally questioning Alice about the wedding guest list. Alice agreed when he wanted the new architect to have no previous connection to the firm so that his loyalty would be to him and Gwen. Iris warned Brian she may expect to be more than a diversion in his eyes. Liz arrived to dash their plans to head upstairs, but Iris got rid of her. Dennis was excited, but Iris less so, when Mac asked Corinne to show him the ropes in the editorial department. Alice promoted Michael to assistant foreman on the museum project when he mentioned wanting to be able to afford his own place. Ray was bitter that Willis was moving his staff into the premises. Liz agreed she had to change her ways, and Pat advised her to get a new job. After Rachel rebuffed her, Iris delighted in phoning Mac to tell him Rachel appeared to be in good hands with Quentin.

JUNE 8, 1977 (EP. #3272)
John agreed to give Evan a second chance as he himself had often received, after Evan came clean with Olive in the background lauding his integrity. Corinne told Russ she was looking for a new apartment. Quentin didn't approve that Vera was considering hiring Jeff. Olive convinced Marianne she loved John and it would make him happy to hear from her. Vera loaned Jeff $5,000 in exchange for certain tasks. Michael and Molly joined Russ and Corinne in checking out her new apartment. Marianne summoned Pat, Ted, and Brian to announce she would remain in town for the summer to make up with John. An upset Ted lashed out at his father.

JUNE 9, 1977 (EP. #3273)
Rachel was pleased, but Sven and Helga less so, when Louise and Rocky came over to help set up for the reception. Burt shoved Jeff around and demanded a check for Clarice. Muttering about lawsuits, Jeff wrote a check for $2,500, then for the full amount when Burt threatened to call Vera. Burt warned Jeff will be doing some bouncing himself if the check bounces. Rocky witnessed Sven demand a kickback from the liquor dealer, but turned away when Sven threatened to tell Iris of his disloyalty. Iris tried to throw Rachel and Quentin together during the reception. Ray asked Mac to be his best man since he owed all his success to him. Iris was irritated that Rachel decided to use her married name professionally. Iris was displaced so Jamie could take a photo of Mac and Rachel with Nancy. Burt presented the check to Clarice then whisked her off to dinner. Scott told Alice and Ray he needed to return to his New York firm (since he was the junior partner as opposed to Brian) as Keith was resigning to take his sick mother to Santa Fe. Ray encouraged Alice to put her past with Rachel behind her.

Scott: (Michael Goodwin, Exit Line) "I'll bring Brian over so we can fill him in on things. Goodnight, Ray."

JUNE 10, 1977 (EP. #3274)
Marianne consoled Liz by saying they'll spend time together over the summer. Willis hired Cliff Tanner, who has a degree in civil engineering, and introduced him to Gwen. Olive scolded John for wanting to talk to Alice about Evan, then was pleased to learn he already owned some lots just outside the town limits. Rocky told Ted that Regine would be better suited to advise him about Scandinavia and tried to encourage him to settle down and get a job. Ray fumed that Willis was weaseling his way back into the firm after Willis introduced Cliff to him, Alice, and Angie. Liz told Russ her decision not to rely on others so much. Jim, Alice, and Sally discussed wedding plans. Olive told Evan they won't have to scrimp on the house since John has lots of insurance he can borrow against. Evan got her to admit she finds John repellent, then they kissed passionately as Marianne watched them from the open doorway of the conference room.

Cliff: (Introduction Line, to Willis) "I'm very glad you called me back for a second interview."

Olive: "[Kissing him [John]] Thanks, darling. We'll have a long and happy life in a new house, I'm sure."

JUNE 13, 1977 (EP. #3275)
Marianne wouldn't believe Olive's lies that she misinterpreted what she saw and heard. Olive tried to convince her John wouldn't believe her as he said she gets irrational about relationships between men and women. Rachel wondered if she couldn't sculpt children because she was disappointed about not being pregnant. Jeff confronted Clarice about sending Burt to rough him up, and succeeded in convincing her they were still friends, then was upset when Burt informed him they were dissolving Cory's trust fund and returning it to Mac. Jeff filled Mac in on Burt's plans, and got Vera to give him some more money, but she sent him to Milwaukee to represent her in a dispute about Wilfred's estate. Clarice told Burt Iris got her fired from the Steakshed. Olive convinced John that Marianne was hostile to her, but was annoyed by his romantic overtures. Mac agonized about what Fred told him.

JUNE 14, 1977 (EP. #3276)
Rocky suggested checking the account books for falsifications after telling Louise they needed concrete proof against Sven. Iris was annoyed when Louise opined Brian wasn't the right man for her. Cliff got confused when Ray gave him instructions contradicting Willis's orders. Brian had Regine make Iris wait when she called, but Gwen realized Iris could hear them talking. Willis accepted the fact that Angie doesn't have any faith in him but couldn't forgive her for not trusting him. Louise was upset Iris mutilated her poor flowers. Liz asked Iris to get Mac to get her a job at the complex so she'll be closer to Pat. Regine noticed Helga was padding the accounts, but Helga insisted she had to do what Sven told her. Helga burned the receipts moments before Louise arrived to copy figures from the account book. Alice asked Ray to bend a little to accommodate Willis after Willis blasted him for countermanding his instructions. Brian felt he and Iris got on better if they maintained a certain tension. Gwen phoned him as instructed, but was incredulous when he made up his end of the conversation for Iris's benefit. Iris smashed her brandy glass on the patio floor after Brian tripped out.

Crawl :"Iris alone -- exasperated."

JUNE 15, 1977 (EP. #3277)
Rachel wondered why Mac was so moody and irritable. Marianne didn't care when Olive threatened to reveal her abortion, but panicked when Olive warned she'd tell John Marianne tried to break up Michael's marriage. Marianne accepted the check Olive gave her to go away with Ted, but Olive snatched it back when Marianne said it was proof of bribery. Liz tackled her stack of dirty dishes while Marianne choked with sobs. Dave advised Rachel to take a trip with Mac. Mac was humiliated when Fred told him he was sterile, probably temporarily. Mac ducked around a corner when he saw Rachel and Dave come down the corridor. Liz asked Russ to check up on Marianne. Mac finally agreed to a vacation, but bolted when Rachel tried to lead him to the bed.

JUNE 16, 1977 (EP. #3278)
After Iris warned her to stay away from Brian, Gwen got her goat by revealing her new-found intentions to rescue Brian from Iris's trap. Alice hoped Pat would find love and happiness as she and Russ have. Angie came to alert Alice about Willis and Ray. Marianne couldn't bring herself to hurt John by telling him about Olive, but he wasn't about to believe her accusations anyway. Alice hired Molly to take care of Sally and assured her Liz won't object again. Gwen was annoyed that Brian found it hilarious that Iris was jealous of them. Corinne warned Ted he'll end up as bitter and discontented as Iris if he doesn't find a job, but though he appreciated her attempts to make him a better man, he felt he was incorrigible, like his father. Alice held a meeting so Willis and Ray could define individual authority, and they reluctantly shook hands on it. Brian explained to Iris he'd tricked her to demonstrate how easy it was to create misunderstandings between people, to pay her back from breaking up his friendship with Corinne through the same means. She promised to be utterly open with him, suggested they find others to play games with, and led him upstairs.

John: "I can't continue to see you if you say such things about my wife."
Marianne: "That won't be a problem, because I've decided to leave Bay City."
John: "Perhaps that's the only solution since you'll never give Olive a fair chance. [HE TURNS AND LEAVES QUICKLY. MARIANNE STARES AFTER HIM, THEN SITS DOWN ON THE BED, COVERING HER FACE WITH HER HANDS]"

Iris: (To her portrait) "Oh, lady, sometimes I wish I could change places with you."

JUNE 17, 1977 (EP. #3279)
Burt explained blueprints to Jamie. Olive put off Evan's amorous advances as she worried about being caught, but then ran to double-lock the front door then led him to the bedroom. Marianne confided what she'd seen to Pat, who urged her to stay and help John. Mac agreed to give Liz a job. Ted discouraged Marianne from talking to John before they left for the airport. Liz thought it cruel of Jim to have Ada plan Alice's reception with him. Pat elaborated on Rachel's history when Mac asked her to help him understand her better. Rachel eavesdropped unbelieving as Mac suspected Rachel's past created an unconscious resistance in him to having children with her.

Ted: (Eric A. Roberts, Exit Line) "We'd better hurry, honey."
Marianne: (Ariana Muenker, Exit Line) "I'm ready. [HE GOES OUT AHEAD AND SHE FOLLOWS, CLOSING THE DOOR BEHIND HER]"

Notes: Cut scene, Mac agreeing to cancel Cory's trust fund the day Burt assumed responsibility for him and Clarice.

Notes: On the prop sheet: "Rachel's sketch pad. Note: Please keep under guard to keep non-authorized personnel from tampering with drawings!!!" However, this was too late to have been the time someone inserted pornographic images into the pad for Victoria Wyndham to discover on-air.

JUNE 20, 1977 (EP. #3280)
Clarice encouraged Angie to go after Willis. Olive cried brokenly about vicious slander when Pat told John what Marianne saw. John allowed Olive to accompany them to Marianne's. Rachel was upset when Mac canceled their trip, and he couldn't understand her bad mood. Pat cried alone in Marianne's apartment after Olive insisted she didn't even remember what John had told her about Marianne. Angie tried to discourage Burt from talking to Willis about her. Olive encouraged John to visit Marianne in Europe so she'd have a respite from his grasping hands. Rachel begged Mac to level with her, but he could only suggest it may be a psychological block on her part that's preventing her from conceiving.

JUNE 21, 1977 (EP. #3281)
Alice scolded Ray for talking negatively about Willis in front of Sally and Molly. Louise told Ray that Mr. Corelli the grocer verified Helga has been entering false figures. Rocky decided to have the account book photocopied since it was in Helga's handwriting. Pat asked Brian to locate Ted's whereabouts. They wouldn't fill Liz in on what they were discussing. Mac went over his best man duties with Ray. Mac refused to take Iris to the wedding as stand-in for Rachel, who probably won't attend. Pat told Michael that Marianne had left, but couldn't bring herself to tell him the devastating thing Olive had done. Iris made Liz promise to ask Jim to invite her to the wedding. Sven told "little Regine" to find out if her boss Brian was wealthy. Rocky sent Sven to get him his drill bits, but Sven returned to find Rocky looking through drawers and sent him on his way. Brian refused to bring Iris along when she learned he'd be at the wedding since he replaced Scott as attorney for Frame Enterprises. Ray told Alice that Curtis and Henry couldn't be at the wedding, and assumed she won't be so interested in office matters once they're married.

JUNE 22, 1977 (EP. #3282)
Jamie and Dennis compared notes on their summer jobs: Jamie was Mike's assistant, and Corinne was running Dennis ragged. Olive told Evan what she was holding over Marianne, asked him to find them a discreet place for their rendezvous, and instructed him to whip up two sets of house plans (one for John to okay and another with what she wanted). Rachel moaned to Ada that Mac was confiding in Pat. Evan showed John his "under-estimated cost" plans as per Olive's orders, which prompted John to encourage embellishments to the design. Olive winked broadly at Evan, who grinned at her, as John, on cue, ran to his checkbook to cover Evan's "initial expenses." Rachel turned down Vera's offer to teach sculpting seminars, and announced she was changing her commission series from baby to abstract, and was returning to using her maiden name professionally. Dennis was upset by Iris's "casual chatter" about Rachel to Vera. Jim threw Liz out when she came to Ada's to ask her to withdraw from helping plan Alice's wedding. John was touched when Michael hugged him and said he was there for him. Iris inadvertently convinced Rachel to accompany Mac to the wedding.

JUNE 23, 1977 (EP. #3283)
Alice was displeased Ray had invited Quentin and Vera to the wedding, and was put out when she realized Iris had sent Louise over with a Chinese vase wedding present as bait for an invitation. Burt felt sorry for Angie when Willis ignored her. Dave thought comparisons were odious when Corinne pointed out he was playing it safe with Gwen the way she was prone to with men. Angie overheard as Burt told Willis he was just afraid of having to live up to Angie's expectations. Russ gave Alice the pearls he had meant to give to Sharlene. Angie cried in Clarice's arms, then Burt tried to convince her that Willis did love her despite his words to the contrary. Dave advised Russ to tell Corinne about Sharlene. Alice chided Willis for having so little regard for himself when he couldn't commit to Angie. Ray couldn't help visiting Alice the night before the wedding.

Crawl: "Alice sends Ray to his own apartment for the last time."

JUNE 24, 1977 (EP. #3284)
Liz noticed Pat seemed preoccupied as they readied Alice's cottage. Sven and Rocky arrived with a plant Louise had been growing especially for the occasion. Mac urged Ray to reconsider changing the firm's name as it would affect Jamie. Rachel pinned boutonnieres on them. John's secretary Joan Barnard was hesitant to be drawn into John's social life when Michael asked her to keep an eye on him and Olive. Rachel, Mac, and Ray, Brian and Gwen, and Michael, Molly, and Willis arrived and joined Vera, Quentin, Russ, Corinne, Pat, Ada, Liz, Jim, Sally, and Iris at the cottage. Sally came down the stairs, playing the wedding march on her recorder, followed by Pat, with Alice behind them. At the bottom of the stairs, Alice took Jim's arm and they followed Pat and Sally up the aisle. Sally handed her recorder to Michael as Molly gave her the basket of flowers. A morose John sniffed to Olive that all his former friends were attending Alice's wedding. Ray and Alice were married by Reverend Harris. Helping out at the reception at Jim's house, Rocky tried to convince Sven he was on his side now. Upset with Mac, Rachel cut Pat and ran out as Jim was making his toast. Rachel stubbornly refused to tell Mac what was bothering her unless he was open with her as well.

Joan: (Patricia Estrin, Introduction Line) "Oh, Mike, hello."

Harris: "I pronounce you man and wife. Raymond, you may kiss your bride. [RAYMOND KISSES ALICE, AND THE OTHER GUESTS CROWD AROUND THEM]"
Sally: "[HUGGING HER] Well, I thought this would never happen!"

Jim: "Will you join me in drinking to the long life and happiness of Alice and Raymond. May their life together be a continuation of this beautiful day, when they are bathed in sunshine and in the love of family and friends, and may their little Sally bring them as much joy as our little Alice brought Mary and me."

Crawl: "Alice throws her bouquet and Angie catches it as Willis looks on."

Notes: Ray's "I will" was not shown.

JUNE 27, 1977 (EP. #3285)
Rachel refused to humiliate herself by begging Mac to tell her what he was keeping from her. Joan defended Olive to Pat as Olive had always been nice to her. Evan showed Olive his friend Jasper's cabin, but she thought it tacky. She couldn't wait till she got John to put everything in her name and she would no longer need him. Rachel apologized to Pat. Mac told Pat he feared Rachel would blame him if she knew the truth. Olive implied to Joan she'd lose her job if she reports to Pat about her and John. Regine was pleased Burt wanted to give a little party to introduce her to people. Olive cited a headache to John while wistfully recalling being with Evan. Olive got John to promise to fire Joan if she comes between them. Clarice and Burt thought it cute when Mac sang to Cory on his lap. Clarice gave Rachel an idea by mentioning she'd almost put Cory up for adoption.

JUNE 28, 1977 (EP. #3286)
Ray was surprised when Molly mentioned she'd once thought Alice and Willis would get married. Iris sent Louise off to fix her breakfast, and Rocky to take care of the grounds, so that they wouldn't see Brian come down the stairs and realize he'd spent the night. She smiled victoriously to her portrait after acknowledging to herself she'd gotten what she wanted. Pat begged Russ to find Liz another job at the hospital as she didn't want to work with her at the complex. Angie turned down Cliff's dinner invite. Jim was uncomfortable when Ada invited Liz along on their picnic. Sven took the account book for safekeeping, and told Helga he wasn't falling for Rocky's ruse. Corinne pitied Iris when Brian said he was just playing with her. Gwen asked Brian's help in resolving the difficulties between Ray and Willis. Brian urged Ray to relax his principles, but Ray just asked him to leave.

JUNE 29, 1977 (EP. #3287)
Iris brushed past Regine and insisted on waiting for Brian in his office. Iris bristled when Gwen came in to leave Brian a note about their activities last night, as Brian had stood her up to be with Gwen. Mac told Fred he couldn't face telling Rachel he wasn't man enough to give her a child. Rachel asked Brian to look into adoption procedures. Gwen told Willis to cool off and let Brian handle Ray. Gwen warned Dave that Iris may draw him into their feud. Iris was perturbed when Brian mentioned he'd seen her soon-to-be houseguest Elena in New York last year. Brian said they'd go their separate ways if they couldn't reach an understanding. Iris listened in on the extension when Brian called Rachel with the number for Ann Spires, then was thoughtful after calling the number and learning it was for the Bay City Adoption Center. Jeff whined but had to acquiesce when Vera started treating him like a gigolo, and looked away embarrassed when Gwen and Willis realized it. An otherwise deliriously happy Rachel told Dave she wouldn't humiliate Mac by bringing up his sterility.

JUNE 30, 1977 (EP. #3288)
Willis was annoyed when Ray announced he was sitting in for Alice at today's meeting with Emmett. Rocky filled Brooks in on the developments and his plans. Michael asked Molly to win Olive's confidence so they could keep an eye on her. To get her to come to the party, Burt lied to Angie that Willis wasn't able to attend. Emmett walked out on the meeting when Ray explained Alice wouldn't be there. Burt invited Joan to the party. Olive happily showed Molly her house designs and advised her to put her own happiness before Michael's. Jamie showed Sven how to operate his tape recorder, which he then hid in a drawer. Sven later pocketed the cassette and chuckled to himself after getting Rocky to admit he was a petty thief. At the party at her apartment, Clarice introduced Cliff and Regine. Willis asked Angie to accompany him when he went to see Ray and Alice. After Ray accused Willis of wanting both Steve's business and his widow, Angie kissed Willis and said she trusted him even if no one else did.

Crawl: "Angie and Willis together again."