JULY 1, 1977 (EP. #3289)
Ada agreed Rachel should be careful in confronting Mac about his sterility. Olive urged Evan to get the contractor to falsify his statements. Iris apologized to Cassandra when Louise insisted she was tormenting her by pulling her leaves off. Iris vowed to stop Rachel's adoption plans as it would reduce Dennis's share of Mac's fortune. Sven told Helga he would edit out negative references to himself from the tape, then she worried when Regine stood up to his attempts to run her life. Rachel had an interview with Mrs. Spires. Rocky listened in disbelief as Sven played the edited tape for Iris, who fired Rocky after Sven delivered the coup de gras that Rocky had told Rachel about Iris's endowment. Helga wouldn't answer when Regine asked exactly how her father died in the hunting accident or why she was sent to live with her uncle Edvard and aunt Sigrid in Stockholm right afterwards. Iris told Mac and Rachel about Rocky, then raised her glass to toast their decision to adopt a child.

JULY 4, 1977 (EP. #3290)
Rachel had Brian take Iris away, then Mac fumed about her adoption plans. Angie and Willis initially had a tough time picking up where they left off last night. Rocky told Louise and Brooks his plan blew up in his face. Brooks convinced him not to leave town until he'd spoken to Rachel, but Rachel was too upset to listen to Brooks. Brian realized Iris had listened in to his conversation, and she couldn't deny it when he took her face in his hands and dared her to deny it. She begged him not to be angry, and he insisted they lay down some ground rules for their games: Mac, Rachel, Dennis, and Jamie were to be off-limits. He stormed out after promising to even the score between them. Hiding in her greenhouse, Rocky told Louise and Brooks he'll be in town if they need his help against Sven. Iris caught Louise and Brooks as they were about to kiss, and Brooks wouldn't be browbeaten into leaving without Louise. Willis worried Angie would become too serious about him and he'd just hurt her again. Mac felt adoption would be a constant reminder he'd failed to father a child. He tried to discourage it by pointing out the adoption agency will look less than favorably on Rachel once they uncover Jamie had been illegitimate.

JULY 5, 1977 (EP. #3291)
Pat was dismayed that Mac was letting Liz replace Thelma as switchboard operator for the summer. Alice wondered why Ray was pushing her into spending more time with Sally and less at the office, and was upset Molly heard them arguing about Willis. Evan came to ravage Olive in her house after not being able to wait for her at the cabin. Pat showed Liz where Willis and Gwen worked, and Liz blabbed that Gwen's steady Dave used to have a thing for Iris and Pat. Mac had Dave leave when Dave tried to convince him to come clean with Rachel. Molly took Sally to visit Olive, whom Sally remembered as visiting Ray at the house though she never understood what was going on. Dave reluctantly told Gwen he and Pat broke off because she wouldn't divorce John to marry him. Gwen put their relationship on hold when she felt Pat still had feelings for him. Michael asked Molly to get her hands on the house designs when Molly told him about Olive's new house. Alice didn't believe Ray's accusations that Willis was making a play for her and the company.

JULY 6, 1977 (EP. #3292)
Dennis advised Iris to get a job, but she was perfectly happy living as she does. Elena de Poulignac phoned to say she would be visiting so Iris could cheer her up over losing pianist Miguel, who ran off with Charlotte Townbridge. Dave couldn't agree to get Fred to share Mac's test results with Rachel. Gwen didn't agree when Brian suggested it might be amusing to play her off Iris. After Rachel couldn't hassle confirmation from Fred, Dave suggested a psychiatrist, a new one, Ed Ballard, since Mac may be uncomfortable talking to Richard Gavin. Iris and Elena caught up, and Elena offered to help her land Brian. Corinne cautioned Dave that he seemed to have arrived at his usual romantic impasse, then Russ pointed out Brian and Gwen, who had come into Tallboys. Elena made noises to Iris about rescuing Jeff from Vera after Vera let them know Jeff was her escort. Mac agreed to see a marriage counselor when he found Rachel crying at Ada's.

Elena: (Christina Pickles, Introduction Line) "[TWO-WAY, LIMBO, PHONE FROM INTERIOR OF HER LIMOUSINE ON AN EXPRESSWAY] Oh, Iris, Louise said you were sleeping."

Elena: "And I'm Elena."
Jeff: "What a lovely name."
Iris: "That's why she chose it."

Rachel: "Iris got wind of it and hurried over to tell him."
Ada: "How'd she find out?"
Rachel: "I don't know -- sometimes I think she's a witch."
Ada: "I got another letter for it." (Originally written another word)

Notes: Elena is referred to as Helen Carson, which would be changed to Helen Carter on August 15th.

JULY 7, 1977 (EP. #3293)
Alice couldn't convince Ray that Willis changed since he started working for Mac. Olive flung a pillow angrily to the floor after John insisted on getting her breakfast in bed. Corinne was frosty when Elena renewed their acquaintance, then Elena weaseled it out of Iris that Gwen was an architect at Cory who was moving in on Brian. Sven tested the tip of his knife and warned Brooks to forget the stories Rocky told him. When Helga fretted that Brooks was cleverer than Rocky, Sven decided it was safer to stop the kickbacks and account padding and concentrate on landing a rich husband for Regine. Ray relished informing Emmett that Willis had once tried to take the company away from Alice. Ray said it was due to family obligations (Jamie) when Emmett wondered why Mac would then have hired Willis. Emmett later glared at Ray and assured Alice he didn't pay attention to gossip. John was concerned when Joan informed him his accounts were overdrawn and then when Olive floated in for more money. Jeff assured Elena he didn't shock easily when she asked for help in retrieving the money she'd advanced Miguel to further his career, among other things. Iris fumed that Elena was using her house as a rendezvous spot for her transient conquests, but Elena advised she'd better be more agreeable or she won't help her win Brian away from Gwen. Cliff came to see Regine, but Sven sized him up as a nobody and told him to "be off" as he and Helga had higher hopes for "our Regine." Cliff backed Regine up as she stood up to Sven, but it became too much for her and she fled into the house. Angie prevented Willis and Ray from coming to blows over Willis's intentions.

JULY 8, 1977 (EP. #3294)
Rachel told Mac only a psychiatrist might be able to help them now. After Michael pressured Molly to get her hands on Olive's house designs, they decided instead to use Michael's key to enter the house and steal them. Pat interrupted Jim's lunch with Ada to grouse about Liz. After a refreshing swim, Evan suggested they conjure up "another woman" for John so Olive can sue him for divorce. Mac stormed out on them and the upcoming session, when he felt Rachel and Dave were ganging up on him. Cliff recruited Burt and Clarice's help in dealing with Sven. Ada refused to be in attendance when Rachel confronted Mac. As Molly kept a nervous watch at the window, Michael rifled through drawers and found Olive's designs. Mac was evasive when Rachel brought up his conversation with Pat, but she finally told him she knew he was sterile.

JULY 11, 1977 (EP. #3295)
As Sven listened intently, Mac angrily told Rachel she's made it impossible for him to keep his self-respect by telling others he was sterile. Michael and Molly were impressed by Olive's grandiose house plans. They had to admit what they'd done when Russ and Corinne asked what they were looking at. Russ felt they had no right to steal Olive's plans. Gwen encouraged Willis to tell Alice that Ray was endangering the whole project with his vendetta against him. Sven told Helga they might be able to find a rich husband for Regine if Mac and Rachel split up. Mac angrily packed his bags, but Rachel told him to keep his house and she'd stay with her mother. Michael told Molly he wouldn't return the plans until he'd got an expert opinion on the cost estimate. Gwen agreed to go to Ogden on business after a disagreement with Dave on his true feelings about his past relationships. Mac looked out the window and watched sadly as Rachel drove away.

JULY 12, 1977 (EP. #3296)
Ray badmouthed Willis to Alice, who was upset he questioned her loyalty to him. Olive got John to praise Evan by raising doubts about him. Vera increased Jeff's retainer to ensure his availability, then tasked him with finding out what was going on between Mac and Rachel when Quentin said it might affect her sculpting. Olive said she'd find a girl for Evan so John won't get suspicious when they are all together. Willis pointed out to Michael the discrepancy between the specs and the blues, estimated the house would cost at least $150,000, and that it would need major repairs soon after completion. Joan was suspicious when Olive invited her over for drinks as Evan's date. Russ expressed his disapproval when he overheard Michael tell Molly he hadn't returned the plans yet. Olive noticed the plans were missing as Evan prepared to show her and John the new ones. Ray's previous undercutting of him made Alice view Willis's argument in a less sympathetic light. Ray beamed when Alice agreed changing the name would stop Willis from thinking it was his firm.

JULY 13, 1977 (EP. #3297)
Rachel wasn't ready to talk about it when Jamie came over to Ada's to find out what was going on. Iris failed to badger Dennis into telling her what was up with Mac. Elena surprised Brian in his office, and they flirted shamelessly. Pat thought Michael should stay out of John's concerns, but requested a copy of the blues anyway. Liz phoned Pat in a flurry to find out why Michael had come to see her. Iris found Mac brooding on the sofa and pestered hm into coming to dinner. Clarice convinced Rachel to make up with Mac. Jim turned down Pat and Michael's request to face John with them. Mac stared into the pool, then knocked over his brandy glass drunkenly as Iris led him inside. Elena monopolized Brian and wouldn't let Iris throw her together with Mac. Rachel left quickly when Sven told her Mac was spending the night at Iris's.

JULY 14, 1977 (EP. #3298)
Dennis introduced Jamie to Elena, who was putting suntan lotion on Jeff's back by the pool. Vera was annoyed to find Jeff there. Jamie spoke to Louise about Rocky and realized Sven must have used his tape recorder against him. Willis got Alice to agree to talk about their situation be threatening to resign from the project. Sven patted his rifle and told Helga she should be grateful to it, then he blasted her for her damaging answers to Jamie's questions about the use of his recorder. Helga answered the phone, then Sven picked it up to discourage Cliff before Regine came to talk to him. Iris was cross that Elena sided with Brian's opinion of Mac and Rachel. Helga convinced Sven not to use the rifle to scare Cliff off. Jamie and Dennis discovered Rocky skulking about the Cory boat house. In Helga's dream, she was wearing a soiled house dress with a general unkempt appearance when Sven came home with a large sack. It opened by itself and Helga stared at it horrified as the bloody figure of her husband Knut emerged and stumbled to his feet. Knut struck her across the face and accused her of plotting his murder. Helga wouldn't tell Regine why she was nightmaring about her father. Brian and Elena fell into each other's arms and kissed as Iris watched from the doorway. Willis thought it a mistake that Alice was reincorporating the firm under the name Gordon Enterprises to clarify the authority within the firm.

Notes: The prologue was 21 pages long, which is almost as long as the thirty-minute scripts.

JULY 15, 1977 (EP. #3299)
Quentin encouraged Rachel to continue her sculpting. Sven tormented Regine about Cliff, then had her take the breakfast tray to Mac in his bedroom. Olive told John she suspects Michael used his house key to take the plans. Dave encouraged Rachel to take the first step with Mac. Sven stared at the bust of Mac and rubbed his hands greedily. He happily pocketed the bills Iris pressed into his hand for agreeing to keep all of Rachel's friends and family away from Mac, and to report back to her. Pat angrily slammed the receiver on Liz when she wanted to know why Dave had come to visit her. Rachel was hurt when Sven and Helga said Mac seemed in very good spirits. Olive smiled as she spied Molly hastily return the house plans to the desk drawer. Mac accused Rachel of taking away his masculine pride. Sven watched unseen from beyond the corridor as Rachel sobbed outside her bedroom door.

JULY 18, 1977 (EP. #3300)
Rachel became upset when Brooks brought to Ada's Mac's presents (on his order) along with the personal articles she had requested. Sven came to give Iris that news and demand payment for it. Sven laughed to himself as he sat by the pool overhearing Louise talk to her plants, then explained Iris hired him to replace Rocky. Angie thanked Clarice and Burt for bringing her and Willis together. Brian speculated to an unnerved Elena that perhaps Iris enjoys being hurt and perhaps he enjoys hurting her. Brian told Iris he'd returned Elena's advances to pay Iris back for hurting Rachel. Willis promised Angie he wouldn't use underhanded methods to stop Ray from taking over Steve's company. Jeff was reluctant when Elena wanted him to move to New York to handle her affairs there. Rachel returned Mac's gifts as they were an example of his consideration of her as a trophy wife. Rachel vowed to build her own life so they could meet on equal terms for a change.

JULY 19, 1977 (EP. #3301)
Molly looked at them resentfully as Ray and Alice discussed changing the firm's name to dissuade Willis. Liz listened in at the switchboard as Pat encouraged Mac to reconcile with Rachel. Pat thought it silly when Dave told her Gwen thinks she still has feelings for him. Willis couldn't convince Alice that Ray was incapable of making high-level decisions. Pat promised to report Liz if she "pushe(s) the wrong button" again. Brian warned Alice and Ray that it could lead to conflict if Willis continues to object to the name change. Molly quit as babysitter since Alice was determined to wipe out Steve's memory. Russ told Corinne he had left Iris because of her obsession over Rachel. Michael advised Molly to ask Willis for a job now. Alice noticed that Sally seemed under the weather. Ray felt it good they'd gotten rid of Molly, and was upset Alice couldn't bring herself to cut off her feelings for Steve's family.

JULY 20, 1977 (EP. #3302)
Iris informed Sven and Helga she would now be in charge of them, Brooks, and Hansen. Sven accepted Iris's money to tell her about Mac's sterility. Olive confounded John's every attempt to plan time alone with her. Jeff was able to give Vera the brush off after accepting Elena's job offer. Olive assured Evan she'd win Molly to her side and put a stop to whatever Michael was planning. Vera was annoyed Rachel intended to devote time to working on other projects to pay for rent for a new place. Helga was worried when Sven filled his pockets with personal Cory letters for careful perusal later. Mac tossed Dave out for criticizing his treatment of Rachel. Olive maneuvered John into agreeing to draw up papers putting the house in her name. Joan was puzzled when Evan glanced at Olive and John's table and smiled to himself. Olive was annoyed Evan was seeing so much of Joan.

Jeff: (Exit Line) "I'm off the hook, Vera. Find another gigolo."

JULY 21, 1977 (EP. #3303)
With Angie by his side, Willis swallowed his pride and apologized to Ray, who rubbed it in awhile before agreeing to put the past behind them. Regine talked about losing her father; Clarice talked of losing her mother as a little girl; Burt talked of his mother dying when he was a kid; but Cliff's parents still lived on their farm. Louise was shocked when Jamie and Dennis brought her to the Cory kitchen and then brought in an unshaven exhausted Rocky. They tried to figure out where to hide him where Sven wouldn't discover him. Sally complained that she doesn't see Willis enough. Ray scowled when Alice impulsively kissed Willis on the cheek for his new attitude. Regine and Cliff were having their first kiss after he brought her home when a beam of light flooded the car. She had to pull Sven away from Cliff, then hurried off after begging Cliff to leave. Afterwards, Jamie and Dennis appeared from behind a bush and vowed to stop Sven. Willis agreed to find Molly a job at the complex. Alice worried as Fred examined Sally. Burt agreed to talk to Mac for Cliff. Alice dreamed that Willis claimed: he was Steve back from the dead, he and Steve were the same man, or whatever Alice wanted him to be. Ray wondered why she was dreaming of Willis.

JULY 22, 1977 (EP. #3304)
Jamie helped Rachel move her belongings out of the mansion and was upset to learn she'd signed a lease on a loft near the Bay State campus (since he'll be going to college in the fall). Brian was surprised when Corinne told him Russ had been engaged to Iris and had broken it off because she meddled in her father's marriage. Mac groaned to Pat about his miserable life and wasn't interested in the confession she forced out of Liz. Sven kept holding out his hand to Iris for more bills in payment for the latest Rachel news. Brian had no choice but to believe Iris's denial of causing trouble for Mac and Rachel. Jim got rid of Liz so Pat could tell John about the postcard from Ted. Rachel informed Quentin he had no hopes of taking Mac's place in her heart. Iris couldn't wait to comfort Mac after telling him Rachel and Quentin's plan to move in.

JULY 25, 1977 (EP. #3305)
Mac chased away Iris, who was setting ground rules with Helga. Quentin agreed to help Mac secretly finance Rachel. Brian was annoyed that Iris was spreading gossip about Rachel and Quentin. Ada asked Jim to help her use her money to help Rachel. Burt delivered some of Ada's furniture to Rachel, who learned a secret dealer wired an advance against her future works. Brian advised Iris her jealousy of Elena will just provoke him into continuing to play them off against each other. Olive was rough on Evan so John would come to his rescue. Jim and Ada felt Rachel's mystery fund sounded fishy. Rachel ripped up the check when Mac refused to take it back.

JULY 26, 1977 (EP. #3306)
Ray awoke Alice from a dream in which Willis got into bed with her by claiming to be Steve. Willis and Gwen discussed Ray with their new assistant Molly. Gwen accepted Brian's dinner invite. Elena laughed and advised Vera to forget about Jeff, who was in New York and free from her victimization. Cliff introduced himself to Molly when he found her studying some blues. George Salter asked Willis to take on his Ogden hotel project. Pat discouraged Clarice and Burt from talking to Mac right now. Ray was dissatisfied with Pat's advice on Alice's dreams. Burt proposed when Clarice worried he didn't really love her, but the Mac and Rachel situation made her decline. Ray was defensive when Alice found him looking at photos of Steve and asking Sally what she knew of him.

JULY 27, 1977 (EP. #3307)
Rachel forgave Quentin, who talked her into conducting a seminar in Provence, France. John wrote Olive a check for new dresses when she sniffed she's had to alter her old ones, then Joan cautioned him about his dwindling finances. Regine complained that Sven was throwing her at Mac and wouldn't talk to her about Knut, but agreed to decline Cliff's dinner invite. Ada convinced Rachel to tell Mac about her trip. Mac chased Iris off, but was pleased when Pat came by. Elena explained to Iris she was spending time alone with Brian to keep him away from Gwen. After meeting Elena, John was grateful Iris agreed to put their past differences behind them and retain him to handle confidential matters. A concerned Joan found a defiant Michael snooping in John's account books. Olive encouraged John to ask Iris over for dinner. Sven smiled when Rachel arrived to find Mac speaking warmly to Pat.

JULY 28, 1977 (EP. #3308)
Ray asked Cliff to redesign Steve's office. Iris threatened to fire Louise after Louise revealed she'd just heard Iris plotting with Sven. Jim advised Alice not to let her dreams prevent her from continuing to see Steve's family. George walked out, negating any possible deal, after Ray spent the entire meeting disagreeing with Willis's policies. Iris tricked Russ into telling her the name of Mac's doctor, then bluffed her way out of it when Russ dragged her to confront Fred. Sven questioned Dennis about the padlock on the game room, then rebuffed Louise's offer to help Helga. Gwen agreed to get back with Dave if they could see other people. Rocky revealed himself to her when Iris came to see Dennis in the game room. Fred told Alice that Sally has a mild case of infectious hepatitis.

JULY 29, 1977 (EP. #3309)
Vera blew up at Quentin for encouraging Rachel to back out of her commitment to the museum to go to France. A glum Russ got a letter from Sharlene (working as an assistant in an architectural firm in Birmingham, Alabama) requesting a divorce. Russ had an idea when Michael told him and Pat that Olive was devastating John financially. Vera informed Mac of Rachel's trip plans. Evan was annoyed when a guilty Olive felt badly about taking advantage of John. Russ had Michael beat it when John came over. John agreed to handle Russ's divorce, but for no fee. John was angry when Michael (who couldn't hide in the kitchen any longer) admitted taking the plans from his house. John was too upset about Michael's malignment against Olive to listen to her excuse about her car breaking down. Mac and Rachel realized they can't seem to stop hurting each other.

AUGUST 1, 1977 (EP. #3310)
Olive warily watched John phone Michael to ask him to come over and explain his accusations. Dennis tried to caution Iris about Sven, then she pretended to capitulate to Louise's threat to tell Mac of her and Sven if she told Sven about Rocky's whereabouts. After Jamie turned down Sven's idea to go another camping trip, Sven told Helga they better make sure he doesn't get in the way. Michael revealed he'd shown the plans to Willis and learned it was a poor design, but John was just furious he'd been causing trouble in his marriage. Olive let Molly believe she was convinced Molly wasn't on Michael's side. Sven took out his knife, but Helga convinced him to use his shotgun, when Iris phoned to inform him Rocky was hiding in the game room. After realizing what Iris just did, Louise told Dennis they had to move Rocky at once. Jamie helped Rocky pack after Louise and Dennis arrived. Louise screamed when Sven came in with his gun, but they all managed to leave safely. Sven struck his rifle butt impatiently against the ping pong table, then told Helga that Louise was on to his deal with Iris. Olive groaned every time John beckoned for her to come to bed, then he assured her he didn't believe Michael's accusations that Evan was taking him for a ride.

AUGUST 2, 1977 (EP. #3311)
Angie offered to stay with Sally so Alice could go to the office with Willis. Ada and Burt brought Dave up to date on Mac and Rachel. Hiding in her greenhouse, Rocky told Louise they had to set a trap for Sven. Ray insisted it was his office now, not Steve's, when Alice and Ray found it in the middle of renovations, then told her it was obvious Willis and Angie plotted to bring her here to cause trouble between them. Clarice explained she always fell for the wrong kind of guy, but Burt was dissatisfied with her reasons for being dead set against getting married. Brooks suggested they lure Sven to the green house and get Sven to incriminate himself to Rocky, while he and Louise hid behind her plants, he with the gun he's had since his army days. Jim advised Burt to question Clarice about her family. Ray insisted he was shielding Alice from painful memories by hiding Steve's photos away.

AUGUST 3, 1977 (EP. #3312)
Evan assured John his latest designs were sound and he could show them to anyone he wished. Elena criticized Iris for bedeviling Louise about Rachel. Iris told Elena to use her friendship with Gwen's parents to become friendly with her. Corinne felt sure Brian would trip up trying to keep Iris, Elena, and Gwen on a string, but his response was to flirt with her too. Gwen quickly gleaned Iris had sent Elena over. Evan explained to Olive his new plans were better since he now knew he would be living in the house with her. John had reservations about Iris's desired legal actions against Rachel since Rachel had befriended him once. After they arrived at Corinne's, Gwen told Dave that Elena has been checking up on her for Iris. Iris tempted Brian into playing one of their games on Elena. Brian thought it amusing when Dave brought Gwen to tell Iris Elena double-crossed her by filling her in on Iris's schemes. Olive seethed when she stumbled across a very convincing Evan buttering Joan up.

AUGUST 4, 1977 (EP. #3313)
Angie told Willis not to take cracks at Ray in front of Cliff. Jim and Pat brought presents for Sally and were worried when Alice told them of Ray's obsession with Steve. Sven threatened Helga will pay for it if Regine tells Mac he ripped up Rachel's postcard. After Helga begged her not to disobey Sven, Regine made Burt and Clarice leave when they wanted to talk to Mac about Sven. Willis brought Sally a puppet. Alice was troubled when Willis informed her Ray hasn't been returning Emmett's phone calls. Regine hinted to Pat that Mac was in danger from Sven. In the Cory living room with the drapes drawn and the room in semi-darkness, Sven sat in an easy chair smoking his pipe and sipping brandy from a snifter. Regine was puzzled when Sven remarked that Knut had said something similar when Cliff told her he'd be right back after taking care of Sven outside. Burt told Cory he'll have a father one of these days. Molly offered to let Cliff use her (Russ's) house to meet with Regine. Willis promised to make Alice's family aware of his incompetence after Ray needled him that Alice loved him instead of Willis.

AUGUST 5, 1977 (EP. #3314)
Iris instructed Elena to tell Brian she hadn't asked her to see Gwen. Iris warned Vera and Quentin she'll vote against using museum funds to support Rachel. Iris told Vera she'd help her break her contract with Quentin. Brian visited Gwen, then ran for her phone when she went to get coffee. He phoned Iris and smiled as she gasped upon hearing Gwen's voice in the background. Brian looked gravely at the floor as Iris called Gwen and hung up on her. Evan came to confront Willis about shooting his mouth off, and Willis had to admit his new designs were pretty good. Dennis said they just wanted a proper goodbye when Sven wondered why Brooks was headed for Louise's greenhouse. Evan encouraged Olive to get John to increase her household allowance. Iris invited Fred to her party. Willis was grateful to her when Jim and Russ believed him because Angie vouched for everything he said about Ray. Sven served John and Olive drinks and noticed Louise kept staring at the greenhouse. Louise panicked when Olive wanted to visit it. Olive was impressed when Iris introduced her to Elena. Everyone hid and Rocky pretended to sleep as Sven came into the greenhouse. Sven grabbed a shovel and advanced menacingly on Rocky, then Dennis accidentally slipped and knocked over a flower pot, scaring Sven off. Iris tasked John with telling Quentin that Vera was firing him, then Elena prevented Quentin from pursuing Vera about the matter.

Crawl: "Iris's Pool with flowers floating and lit candles -- floating."

AUGUST 8, 1977 (EP. #3315)
John explained Olive's faux-pas in asking Iris who designed her house, as Iris took back the name Carrington after divorcing Robert. Elena warned an incensed Quentin not to irritate Iris or she becomes a regular virago. An exasperated Pat had no choice but to tell Liz she was going to check up on Mac. Dennis and the servants decided to track down Sven and Helga's former employers. John dragged Olive home after feeling embarrassed in Quentin's presence. Iris cut both Quentin and Brian to talk to Fred. Pat and Liz made Sven summon Mac, who appeared unshaven in his robe. Pat got rid of Liz so she could talk to Mac alone. Irritated that Elena went off with Brian, Iris suggested Quentin cultivate Elena's friendship as a means of getting back in Vera's good graces, and because Elena might be persuaded to finance a small private gallery for him in Bay City (despite that Elena knows nothing of art). Mac cried on Pat's shoulder, and she convinced him to return to the office. Olive smiled happily and tossed a pillow in the air exultantly when John told her he was headed to Minneapolis on business. Brooks pulled Louise into a clinch when they saw Iris coming into the greenhouse. Rocky stared after them as Brian found Iris there, drew her roughly into his arms, and led her out back to the house.

AUGUST 9, 1977 (EP. #3316)
Liz told Sally that Susan was married to a doctor and lives in Boston, and Bill died in a boating accident. Jim phoned Alice to get rid of Liz as he and Russ were coming over to talk to her and Ray about business. Mac visited Ada and Jamie to tell them he was back on track. Burt blasted a wishy-washy Clarice for giving him the cold shoulder. Alice tried to calm a fuming Ray when Jim and Russ told them they agree with Willis's fears for the firm. Jim groaned when Liz came down from Sally's room so Alice took her away, then Ray stormed out rather than listen to malicious gossip. Willis and Angie pushed a ranting Burt out the door to go make up with Clarice. Mac shot down all of Ada's reconciliation ideas. Burt got past Clarice's defenses to tell her she wasn't the only one who'd been hurt and to convince her she'll never disappoint him. After Willis told Angie his dream that the company would have one day been called Frame Brothers, Ray arrived to fire Angie for carrying tales about him.

Sally: "You never talk about your children."
Liz: "Well, dear, they grew up long ago."

Sally: "What are their names?"
Liz: "Susan... and Bill."

AUGUST 10, 1977 (EP. #3317)
John told Olive why he has reservations about turning against Rachel as per Iris's orders. Olive was worried about the checks she squeezed out of John when Pat came to tell him Marianne's tuition check bounced. Sven cleaned Iris's pool and told her to crack down on Louise for hiding Rocky. Liz phoned Iris to encourage her to check up on a run-down Mac. At the cabin, Olive told Evan they can spend some time at her house. Gwen told Iris she was off the beam when she dropped in her office to accuse her of spending the night with Brian. Brian advised Gwen not to take Iris seriously, and manoeuvered her into a business dinner. Molly told Michael that Sharlene's found a new beau. Michael asked Molly to check on Olive when Pat told them John was out of town. A flustered Olive explained to John (who was taking a later flight) that she'd set two dinner places because she was going to pretend he was there, then laughed to Evan about it. Mac left her house in a huff after Iris told him Vera fired Quentin because of his attachment to Rachel. Molly gasped as she peered through the window as Olive and Evan embraced, then hid against the shrubbery when they came out to investigate the noise she made.

AUGUST 11, 1977 (EP. #3318)
Ray groused about Willis and told Alice he's meeting with Emmett's partner, Charlie Travis. After Angie wouldn't let him find her a job at the complex, Willis said he'd inform Alice of Ray's actions. Ada was happy to hear Burt and Clarice were getting married, but Clarice worried she'd eventually lose her happiness with him. Ray was appalled when Charlie said he might yank the stadium project from him when Ray lied that Willis had advised Alice not to reveal that they fired Evan for submitting plagiarized designs. Willis told Alice he would walk off the project if she didn't get Ray to reinstate Angie. Cliff confided in Molly his romantic difficulties with Regine. Molly introduced him to Michael, whom she told she hadn't been able to identify the man Olive was with. Burt put Cory in his playpen then presented a ring to Clarice and told her to wait until he got back from Ogden before answering. In her dream, Willis told Alice she had to choose between her firm and her husband. Alice warned she'd resume making management decisions once Sally was well if Ray didn't rehire Angie.

AUGUST 12, 1977 (EP. #3319)
After making Quentin believe she tried to convince Vera she was mistaken about him and Rachel, Iris told Vera to talk to Mac about why she let Quentin go. After a meeting with Mac and Pat, Gwen gave Brian the brush off. Corinne walked out after Brian accused her of leading men on then backing out when they wanted a permanent commitment, as she'd refused to marry him once he'd left his wife for her. Evan was cross when he used Joan's phone to call Olive and received no answer. After Brian rebuffed her, Iris told Dave about Brian and Gwen. Sven explained he was just examining the moulding when Dennis caught him listening to Pat tell Mac of Regine's warnings against Sven. Mac told Dennis Helga's references were in his office files. Corinne canceled her date with Russ. Joan leaned against Evan's shoulder and told him it was 1977 so he shouldn't be bothered by her offer to go dutch. Gwen threw Dave out when he didn't believe she wasn't sleeping with Brian and she realized the real reason he couldn't commit to anyone was because he was still hung up on Rachel. Mac had Sven throw Quentin out after Iris and Vera told him he was in love with Rachel.

Brian: "[WITHOUT LOOKING UP] Just a moment, please. [HE MAKES A NOTE ON A CONTRACT]"
Iris: "How can you be so rude?"
Brian: "It's rude of you to interrupt me without warning."
Iris: "I didn't know you were in Daddy's office."
Brian: "Well, now you do. [HE PICKS UP ANOTHER CONTRACT]"
Iris: "Is Daddy here?"
Brian: "Not unless he's hiding under his desk."
Iris: "Very funny."
Brian: "He's been known to avoid your company."
Iris: "That's not funny, either."
Brian: "I'm sure he'd agree."
Iris: "Where is he?"
Brian: "He's left for the day."
Iris: "Are you sure?"
Brian: "That's what he told me, but you can check it out with your friend Liz at the switchboard."
Brian: "You still here?"

AUGUST 15, 1977 (EP. #3320)
Sven pocketed several silver spoons. Ada took Nancy and left after Mac insisted Rachel was carrying on with Quentin. Louise sang French love songs to her plants. Elena warned Iris her gossip of Rachel and Quentin may backfire. Elena patted Iris's hands after Gwen stormed in and vowed to take Brian away from her now that she's lost Dave. Rocky urged Louise to get Dennis to get the info they need. Mac had Pat cancel all his appointments, then walked out on Corinne and Iris. Pat gave Dennis the references. Pat told Iris not to jump to conclusions about her and Mac. Pat warned Michael to stay out of it when he told her Olive was having an affair. Cliff suggested finding a place to meet when Regine said Sven can't know they're together. Dennis gave Rocky the references. Sven and Cliff got into a shoving match. Ada caught Iris gossiping to Elena about Rachel, and Iris backed away when Ada advanced on her and threatened to throw her in her pool. Ada pushed Iris when she called Rachel unscrupulous, but Elena caught her before she ended up in the pool.

Crawl: "Elena soothes Iris and Iris berates Louise."

AUGUST 16, 1977 (EP. #3321)
Alice was upset when Willis told her Ray may have sunk the stadium deal. Olive proclaimed her love for him when an impatient Evan complained about being given the run-around. Dave told Corinne he was considering returning to Boston to work in a private clinic. She encouraged him to fight for the woman he said he secretly loved. Ray lied to Alice that he told Charlie that Willis advised them to reveal Evan's actions. Olive agreed to bring Evan some money from her savings when he threatened to walk out after discovering how much she had in her personal account. After Corinne found Brian at Gwen's, Gwen told her she (Corinne) wanted her (Gwen) with Dave because she (Corinne) was jealous to see Brian with her (Gwen). When John carped about having to work for Iris, Joan suggested he take on a partner, though he had one some years ago and it didn't end well. Joan said her lawyer brother Greg has enough money to buy a partnership with the inheritance from their father. Brian didn't really mind when Gwen spurned his goodnight kiss. Ray promised Alice he'll cooperate with Willis.

AUGUST 17, 1977 (EP. #3322)
Ray rehired Angie, and they and Willis and Alice prepared their presentation to Emmett's committee. Iris let Brian know she was pleased he spent last night with her. After Elena spilled the beans, Iris explained to Brian that she'd hired John just to throw the poor financially burdened man a lifeline. Corinne interrupted Russ's meeting with Fred to ask him to try to convince Dave to stay in Bay City. Sally wondered if she'd ever get to meet Curtis and Henry. Alice asked Jim to whip up some figures for the committee meeting, then he hung up the phone on an inquisitive Liz. Brian vowed to get to the bottom of it when Mac told him he wouldn't have believed Iris's story if Vera hadn't backed it up. Elena told Brian Iris had convinced Vera that Quentin and Rachel were lovers, then hesitated to go to her as Iris cried after Brian said he didn't want anything more to do with her. Ray asked Mac to speak to Emmett on his behalf. Liz took over giving Russ and Corinne dinner so Jim could work on Alice's figures. Ray was indignant when he arrived home to find Alice impulsively hugging Willis.

Corinne: "Something wrong?"
Jim: "Liz has descended on me."
Liz: "[JOINING THEM] You make me sound like a vulture, Jim."
Jim: "You said it, I didn't."

AUGUST 18, 1977 (EP. #3323)
John told Olive bringing in a partner may help their money troubles. Pat advised Olive to be more discreet in her affairs, and Olive angrily pointed out Pat still wears her wedding ring. Clarice and Ada planned a party to celebrate her engagement. Louise phoned Mrs. Baldwin pretending to be Iris and asked her to come over. Clarice phoned Angie to invite her and Willis. Olive was miserable when Evan walked out after she insisted they had to cool it for awhile. Joan was upset when Michael questioned her but wouldn't say more than a few words to his father. Rocky pretended to be the butler when he and Louise questioned Mrs. Baldwin, who told them she suspected Sven of dishonesty but had no proof and didn't believe Helga was in on it with him. Angie warned Joan away from Evan after they showed up together at Clarice's, where Clarice announced she was getting married. Olive took a heavy sip of her drink, groaned, and followed John into the bedroom as per his request.

Louise: (About Mrs. Baldwin) "She confirmed our suspicions of Sven."
Rocky: (Exit Line) "Yes, but we still don't have anything concrete against him."

AUGUST 19, 1977 (EP. #3324)
Iris had Elena take Quentin off after he argued with Vera about his feelings for Rachel. Brian told Alice and Ray that the building committee had cause to exercise the cancellation clause based on misrepresentation. Jim admitted to Liz that Alice's firm was severely in the red. Liz insisted on calling Russ when Jim said he'd taken a stumble going upstairs. Iris covered when Mac noticed Sven working on her grounds. Mac told Vera he was resigning from the museum board. Alice was very upset when Emmett said half the committee will be voting to reassign the project since they no longer had enough confidence in the firm. Jim implored Russ to call Ada to come tend him when Liz began rearranging his life. Quentin didn't believe Vera's claim that Iris told her about him and Rachel. Iris reneged on her promise to Jamie to tell Mac that Ada phoned with news of Rachel's impending return.

Crawl: "Iris and 'Daddy' on patio."

AUGUST 22, 1977 (EP. #3325)
Jamie, Nancy, and Ada welcomed Rachel home. Liz got so excited by Rachel's call that she accidentally pulled a plug and cut her off. Liz's visit thoroughly flustered poor Jim. Joan was annoyed when Angie told her that Evan may be using her the way he used Angie. Rachel told Quentin she'd clear things up with Mac. Rachel asked Evan to design some work space for her since he'd done her studio at the mansion. Rachel phoned the mansion, but Sven lied to Mac it was just the market. After dropping in at Rachel's loft, Angie asked Evan if he was leading Joan on. Wanting to be alone with Ada, Jim warned Liz he'd start dancing on his sprained ankle if she didn't leave. Evan convinced Joan he's changed as Willis has. Regine agreed to keep quiet about the phone call if Sven stopped bullying Helga. Rachel found Sven sipping brandy in Mac's chair, then believed him when he said Mac wasn't interested in talking to her.

AUGUST 23, 1977 (EP. #3326)
Elena did her best to convince Iris she might flirt but would never steal a friend's man. Iris ran for the phone when Liz came by to tell her of Rachel's return. Olive grimaced when John said he'd be delighted to stay home and keep her from being lonely. Olive endured his embrace stonily after he agreed to cultivate Iris. Alice showered a dejected Ray with praise to get him out of bed and off to work. Iris backed down on her threats to fire Sven when he blackmailed her, but was pleased at his actions with Rachel yesterday. After Iris threatened to sue him for his (spent) retainer, John agreed to get Rachel to sign an agreement renouncing all claim to Mac's estate. After getting rid of Liz, Jim told Alice that Ray must have kept it from Willis that the stadium was way over budget. Olive was annoyed Evan was working on a dinky studio, and he was annoyed she was still stalling him. Ray said Jim must be mistaken, and Alice didn't want to broach the subject with Willis. Iris told John she'd be friendly with Olive if he got Rachel to sign the agreement. Ray comforted Alice when Emmett told them they'd lost the stadium.

AUGUST 24, 1977 (EP. #3327)
Rachel and Clarice exchanged news. Rachel signed the agreement after John implied it was from Mac. Quentin and Elena decided to open a gallery. Brian told Elena he couldn't marry Iris as he'd be just a social appendage since she has more money. Greg Barnard phoned his sister Joan, who convinced him to come talk to John. Olive covered to John when Joan noticed the bathing suit in her bag. Quentin disabused Rachel's notion of waiting tables by saying she'll be his main client in his new gallery. Though she was upset he was leaving, Rachel turned away Dave's proclamation of love. Pat told Iris to leave Mac alone after Clarice told him of Rachel's return. Evan pressured Olive to divorce John. Mac listened in through the intercom as Dave told Pat he's always been in love with Rachel. Mac shut off the intercom before Dave told her that Rachel still loves Mac. Elena brushed off Olive's questions as John gave Iris copies of the agreement. Rachel decided to keep her copy of the agreement after she came by and realized Iris had put John up to it.

Joan: "[INTO PHONE] Mr. Randolph's office."
Greg: (Introduction Line) "[TWO WAY, LIMBO] Joan, it's your big brother."

Dave: (To Rachel) "I'm leaving Bay City."

Rachel: "[HUGGING HIM] Be happy, Dave."
Dave: "Sure... [HE KISSES HER] I'm going back to Boston and come to terms with everything I ran away from."
Rachel: "You'll do all right."
Dave: "Only if I know you're doing the same. Goodbye, Rachel. [HE TURNS AND GOES OUT. RACHEL STARES AFTER HIM]"

AUGUST 25, 1977 (EP. #3328)
Angie babysat Sally. Ray was sure Alice blamed him for the company's bad luck. Jim told Russ of other pains in his leg, and insisted Liz give back her key to the house, but she claimed to have misplaced it. Louise told Jamie and Dennis that Rocky took a job at Mrs. Baldwin's. Ray informed Willis he was out of the picture now, but Willis vowed to stick around to make sure Ray didn't ruin Alice's life. Alice perused the old family photos Angie found in the attic as Sally played her recorder. Sven overheard Jamie and Dennis tell Louise they had just pretended to be friendly with Sven to get info on his days at a logging camp. Russ gave Ada some coumadin capsules for Jim's phlebitis. Ray agreed after Liz suggested to Alice they go away for a honeymoon.

Dave: (Exit Line) "[HE PUTS HIS ARM AROUND HER] Call me in Boston if you need moral support, huh?"
Corinne: "Sure... Look, you better be on your way before we both get sentimental -- [SHE LEADS HIM TO THE DOOR] Bye, bye, cousin. Say hello to everyone for me. [COMMERCIAL]"

AUGUST 26, 1977 (EP. #3329)
Regine bravely told Rachel that Sven deliberately kept her phone message from Mac. Rachel was annoyed that Vera believed Iris's gossip. Iris phoned Fred to come to dinner after Brian pressured her to tell Mac the truth. Olive cried when Evan walked out when she said she couldn't hurt John by setting him up with another woman to give her grounds for a divorce. After Brian left them alone, Iris lied to Mac that Brian was concerned she was luring Sven away from his household, then she pooh-poohed Regine's warnings about Sven. Pat urged Rachel to keep her marriage secret-free. Joan introduced Greg to John, then Olive walked in as they were discussing a partnership. Brian said he'd go visit Elena when he found Iris dining with Fred by the pool. Cliff and Regine kissed passionately after meeting at Rachel's, as per her invitation. Rachel walked out when Mac accused her of carrying on with Dave and Quentin and threw Phillip and Ken in her face.

AUGUST 29, 1977 (EP. #3330)
Rachel told Jamie they'd use his father's trust fund to pay his tuition. Ada was dubious when Rachel said she didn't care what Mac thought. Pat steam rolled over Sven and convinced a despondent Mac to let her supervise his staff. Liz instructed Angie she's to help her take care of Sally while Alice is away. Since Willis was worried about Alice's firm, Gwen suggested he make another pitch to George. Liz was bursting with questions when she found Pat at Mac's desk canceling all his appointments. Rachel suggested Quentin ask Evan to design his gallery. Liz told Fred she had to back off with Frank because he was getting too serious. Fred said he's divorced, grew up in Connecticut, had a daughter in Maine and a son in Vermont. He turned down Liz's almost desperate dinner invite. Willis was upset when Angie said he couldn't get Ray to okay the new proposal because he was away. Ada advised Mac to believe in Rachel no matter what anyone else told him.

AUGUST 30, 1977 (EP. #3331)
Quentin requested Elena keep Rachel's involvement in the gallery hush-hush then insisted on a formal agreement so she'd be sure her interests were protected. Iris overheard and thought it marvelous Rachel would be occupied with her career. Olive invited herself along when Iris phoned for John to come over. A defeatist Helga insisted she'll never be free of Sven and forbade Regine from ever bringing up the subject again. Quentin threatened to tell Mac that Iris offered to pay his expenses to join Rachel in France if she tried to use the gallery against Rachel. Sven warned Louise she'd vanish without a trace as Rocky has if she breathes a word to Rachel. Iris ordered John to get his hands on Rachel's copy of the agreement. Olive suggested Greg represent Iris when John wanted to drop her. Helga promised Sven she'd keep Regine in line, then fainted after he raised his fist to a defiant Regine. Iris started to viciously rip leaves from Cressida after Louise told her to stop plotting with Sven or she'd tell Mac about it. Iris told Vera she was resigning from the museum board since Mac was no longer part of it.

AUGUST 31, 1977 (EP. #3332)
Rachel threw Vera out when Vera found her in a cozy meeting with Elena and Quentin. John gave Greg access to his files and told him of his former partner, Walter Curtin. John told Olive about L'Auberge, a French restaurant across from Bryant's. Angie and Willis told Burt that Clarice had accepted his proposal. Brian wouldn't help Vera sue Rachel for breach of contract. Mac refused to believe Quentin was just involved with Rachel professionally. When Mac couldn't tolerate being in the same room with him, Pat prevented Quentin from following and continuing their argument. John brought Joan and Greg home to toast Greg's decision to join his practice. Olive griped to John that Joan will make sure she gets Greg on Pat's side. Angie and Willis walked in on Burt and Clarice kissing happily. Rachel was unhappy when Quentin told her Pat's new role in Mac's house.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1977 (EP. #3333)
Elena revealed to Iris that Brian only pretended to be interested in other women so she won't dominate his life, and that he had been bothered to see her with Fred. Russ signed final divorce papers for John, who mentioned Sharlene plans to marry someone else. Liz got Fred to agree to dinner by saying she was having other people over, then ran to the phone to badger Jim into coming to dinner, and he roped Ada along. Corinne blamed Dave's unhappiness when she didn't enthuse over Russ's kisses. Iris came by Alice's to discourage Liz away from Fred and to steer her instead in Mac's direction. After pointing out he's been married several times, Corinne told Russ she wants to take time to be sure they were right for each other. Jim and Ada were amused to find Liz's guest was Fred, who thwarted Liz by refusing to discuss Iris. Iris tasked Greg with getting Rachel's copy when John told her Greg would be handling her affairs. Elena smiled at Greg and suggested Iris use him to get Brian jealous.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1977 (EP. #3334)
Greg introduced himself to Rachel, who told him to tell Iris that Mac will soon know what she's been up to. A troubled Angie disagreed when Willis thought Alice was realizing she shouldn't have married Ray. Sven returned the art books to the shelf when Dennis and Jamie told him they were registered and could be easily traced. Iris took a copy of the legal papers Elena tried to hide from her under a cushion. Angie couldn't bring herself to fully warn Russ of Willis's feelings for Alice. Sven backed out on their deal when Iris couldn't fire Louise. Mac was very upset when Iris showed him the paper Brian drew up for Elena and Quentin's gallery and implied Quentin was using it to give Rachel economic freedom from him. Louise sobbed brokenly in Brooks' arms about Rocky's disappearance. Since Iris returned the missing paper to its hiding place, Brian apologized to Iris for accusing her of petty thievery. Cliff promised to help protect Helga when Regine told him she suspects Sven did away with her father. At L'Auberge, Joan assured Greg that John was otherwise honorable. Pat beat it so Rachel could hand Mac the agreement she signed.

Sven: "I will deny anything you tell anyone about what we've done."
Iris: "It will be your word against mine."
Sven: "Your word doesn't count for much in this household, Mrs. Carrington. [HE SMILES AT HER]"

SEPTEMBER 5, 1977 (EP. #3335)
Mac vowed to speak to Iris but couldn't convince Rachel to accompany him or to stay for dinner. They got Liz to leave, then Gwen went to read "The Hobbit" to Sally as Angie retracted to Willis her accusation he was jealous of Ray. Clarice panicked when an impatient Burt ran off to bring a minister over to marry them. Sally rattled off to Gwen the names of the Frame siblings, in order of age: Steve, Emma, Sharlene, Otis, Norman, Janice, and Willis. Willis changed the subject when Angie wanted to know what it was that hurt him so much in the past, and she was upset to overhear Gwen tell Sally things about his childhood he'd told her. Mac told Rachel she'd ruin her reputation by associating with Quentin, but she felt he was just insecure because he was sterile. Clarice went along with it at first, but then told Burt she wanted a church wedding when he dragged in Reverend Mulvaney and the landlord Sid Weinlandt to stand up for them. Rachel sighed to Jamie that she and Mac can't seem to help upsetting each other. Mac went to her apartment to ask Pat to speak to Rachel about Quentin. Liz assumed the worst when she bustled into the apartment and found Mac with Pat in her robe.

SEPTEMBER 6, 1977 (EP. #3336)
John was pleased Olive was finally able to get in touch with Evan, who'd been ignoring her. Iris was irritated when Elena wouldn't let her help plan the gallery. Elena flashed a brilliant smile at Greg, who informed Iris he wouldn't be representing her anymore. Ada offered Clarice the use of her house for the wedding, since Mulvaney's chapel was in Ogden. As Mac threatened to take legal action against John for meddling in his personal affairs, Iris arrived to complain about Greg. Mac told her to stop harassing Rachel and said he wanted nothing more to do with her. Evan wanted Olive to divorce John right away as he worried she'd change her mind about him once the house was built, but she worried he was using her. Clarice asked Angie to be her maid of honor. Greg told John he won't be used by their clients in personal intrigues. Mac felt it wouldn't effect a reconciliation with Rachel when Fred told him chances are he could father a child now. Iris burst past Helga to remind Mac of his promise to Therese never to abandon her, but he felt he could no longer keep it. Olive broke and promised Evan to divorce John, and he instructed her to let Greg know "Hubby" was interested in Joan.

Iris: "[RISING] Daddy, come back! [SHE GOES TO THE FOYER, WIPING HER TEARS] Everything I've ever done is because I love you! Can't you understand that, Daddy? [THERE IS NO ANSWER AND SHE RETURNS AND SINKS DOWN ON THE SOFA, SOBBING]"

SEPTEMBER 7, 1977 (EP. #3337)
Dennis nixed Jamie's idea to tell Rachel of Rocky as she'd be upset Mac was in the house alone with Sven. Greg told Rachel he'd like to make up for the embarrassment he caused her. Quentin told Elena the space he bought was formerly a shoe store. Iris broached the subject of marriage to Brian and revealed he's the only man she's ever really loved as he never let her get away with anything. He agreed to accept her proposal if she had leveled with Mac about Rachel and Quentin. Russ and Jim were worried when Liz vowed to do something about Pat and Mac. Gwen warned Rachel that Vera still expects her to submit a piece to the museum. Gwen told Quentin she'd like to put in a bid for designing the gallery. Mac couldn't concentrate on the art series meeting with Brian, Corinne, and Dennis. Mac showed Brian the form Iris had Rachel sign. Russ and Corinne realized he wants marriage and she doesn't. Pat blasted Liz after Jim told her she was spreading gossip. Brian told Iris to renounce her claim on Mac's estate or forget about marriage. Pat realized it was a mistake to have come over when Rachel implied she and Mac were taking comfort in each other's company.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1977 (EP. #3338)
Olive had doubts about Evan's plan, but he convinced her they could use Joan to their advantage. Molly confided to Willis she was bored with Michael, whom she's not sure she loves. Willis told Gwen that Angie was jealous of both her and Alice. Russ cautioned Willis to be careful of his actions toward Alice. Helga had to be taken to bed to rest after watching Sven twist Regine's arm. Vera offered John a large fee to sue Rachel for breach of (verbal) contract. Evan phoned Olive to tell her John was working late with Joan. Willis accused an apologetic Angie of telling stories to Russ. Molly happened upon Cliff and Regine kissing and offered them Russ's house as everyone would be away in the country. Helga nightmared again that Knut told her "I know... I know..." and told Regine that Sven used to beat her. Sven locked them in their sitting room after he found Regine talking to her about running away. John thought Olive's suspicions that Joan was in love with him ridiculous, and told her he'd already let an office romance ruin his marriage to Pat.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1977 (EP. #3339)
Regine was incredulous and Helga resigned that Sven had kept them locked in overnight. Sven let Helga out when she was about to collapse but kept Regine inside. Rachel arrived to help Ada and Clarice prepare for the wedding. Iris pooh-poohed Dennis's concern for Rocky. Iris insisted to Brian it wasn't the money; she can't give up what's rightfully hers. Michael was cross that Molly intended to leave a key for Cliff and Regine without asking Russ. Wedding guests Mac, Pat, Jim, Ada, Angie, and Rachel chatted with Rev. Mulvaney. Corinne warned Russ not to rush her as they drove to the cabin. Angie came downstairs, carrying a small bouquet. She was followed in a moment by Clarice, who wore a white cocktail dress. She joined Burt, who was standing by Mulvaney, with Jim at his side. Rachel glanced from Burt and Clarice to Mac and Pat, then daydreamed a superimposition of herself and Mac agreeing to the vows a minister recited. Iris's untimely arrival didn't prevent Burt and Clarice from being married. Regine pounded on the door as Sven beat Helga senseless in the hallway for threatening to tell Regine about Knut. Helga urged her to escape as Regine washed the blood from her mother's face. Regine told Cliff what happened but warned Sven will kill Helga if they call the police. Burt carried Clarice over the threshold of her apartment. Mac was disappointed when Pat put a stop to their seeing each other outside the office.

Mulvaney: "And now in the power invested in me by church and state, I pronounce you -- [HE STOPS AS IRIS SPEAKS FROM THE DOORWAY LEADING TO THE OUTSIDE]"
Iris: "Doesn't anyone answer the door here?"
Iris: "I'm sorry, Daddy. Liz told me you were here, but she didn't say why."
Mac: "You'd better leave."
Iris: "Don't be angry with me, please. I apologize, Clarice... I really do. [SHE BACKS OFF] I'll call you later, Daddy. [SHE LEAVES QUICKLY. MAC GOES TO CLARICE AND PICKS UP HER BOUQUET AND HANDS IT TO HER]"
Mac: "I'm sorry, Clarice."
Clarice: "It's not your fault, Mac."
Burt: "[TO MULVANEY] Are we married yet?"
Mulvaney: "Quiet, please. [HE PUTS HIS HAND ON BURT'S AND CLARICE'S] I now pronounce you man and wife!"
Burt: "Whew!"

SEPTEMBER 12, 1977 (EP. #3340)
Mac asked Brian (who refused) to file for a legal separation in hopes of forcing Rachel to evaluate their situation. Iris convinced Mac her promise to reform was valid this time because she was willing to be written out of his will. Willis informed Angie that her love was really possessiveness and told her to rid herself of her preconceptions about him, but she found it hard to accept him as he was since he never talked to her about himself. Brooks brought Mac's wedding present to Burt and Clarice. Liz phoned Pat when John dropped by to talk about Marianne. Mac accepted John's apology and asked him to draw up the separation papers, though John commented it hadn't worked for him and Pat. Gwen brought some designs to show Quentin, who pestered Rachel about Mac. Burt convinced Clarice to return Cory's trust fund to Mac, then Willis brought champagne and apologized for missing their wedding. Mac promised Pat he'd make sure no one could make assumptions about them. Gwen warned Rachel that Mac could be unfaithful again. Iris told Rachel she was disinheriting herself, and encouraged her to do the same.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1977 (EP. #3341)
Evan and Olive toasted their future and decided to question Joan about the identity of John's lover. Dennis played backgammon with Elena then ran out when Iris wasn't sympathetic about Rocky. Iris agreed when Elena advised her to turn down Vera's request to act as witness to Rachel's verbal contract. Olive brought Sally a present from her boys and got on the subject of John with Liz. John handed Mac's case over to Greg, then threw Vera out after turning down her case. Liz realized Olive tricked her into revealing the name of Barbara Weaver. Ray and Alice returned home to meet Sally, Liz, and Olive. Elena found it hard to believe Iris's claim of wanting to free herself from Mac when Iris was delighted Liz came by with gossip about Mac and Pat. Ray was anxious that Alice was involving herself in the business and worried when Vera regretted starting the museum project. Evan discussed the "new Webster mansion" with Olive and John.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1977 (EP. #3342)
Rachel encouraged Jamie to get his own place with Dennis and use Steve's trust to pay his expenses. Rachel cried after Greg told her Mac wants to separate. Mac agreed to Burt's request to dissolve Cory's trust fund. Jim told a worried Pat his cane will come in handy for fending Liz off. Russ didn't like his house being used for romantic assignations, so Molly offered to be around when Cliff and Regine were there. Liz left quickly when Fred informed her there was no chance of anything more than a casual friendship between them. Brian wasn't sympathetic to Corinne's fear of commitment. Liz offered Mac to take over some of Pat's clerical duties since Thelma was returning to work. Rachel felt it was too late that Mac was no longer sterile and felt the real problem was that he's never trusted her with other men. Mac begged her not to when she agreed to follow through on the separation. Michael came home with Cliff, who told Molly and Jim about his troubles with Sven. Brian refused to handle Rachel's case, then left her alone with Mac, who took her roughly in his arms and kissed her. Rachel broke away and rushed out of the room swearing never to be one of his possessions.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1977 (EP. #3343)
Sally didn't agree with Ray that Alice should stay with her instead of going into work. Ray refused to work with Gwen and Willis when they suggested approaching George again. Olive told Evan to ask Joan about Barbara, then he had to run out the back way when a forgetful John came back to get his brief. Michael and Molly decided to check up on Regine at the mansion. Evan told Joan he was asking about Barbara as he didn't want John to take advantage of Joan too. Vera told Ray and Alice she was postponing further work on the museum as she no longer had the funds Mac and Iris pledged. Russ asked Gwen to lunch after she relayed the message that Corinne was breaking their date. Sven complimented Regine when she got rid of Michael and Molly. Olive harped on John's track record of untrustworthiness, but he thwarted her by refusing to talk about it. Alice admitted she shouldn't have put Ray in charge of the firm, and Willis promised to cope with Vera.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1977 (EP. #3344)
Greg refused to spy on Rachel for Mac, who daydreamed Rachel returned to his loving arms. Rachel was a perplexed spectator when Evan came in and criticized Gwen's sketches to them both. Louise didn't want to discuss Iris with Elena. Pat criticized Mac's drinking, then Liz arrived to wheedle Mac for the job with Pat, who threw her out then told Mac she couldn't join him for dinner. Iris protested when Brian required her to formalize her agreement to be disinherited. Gwen said she'd find some way to work with Evan when Rachel and Quentin wanted the gallery completed as soon as possible. A drunk Mac staggered in to beg Rachel to take him back, but Gwen had to lead him out. Fred went off to busy himself when Liz came by to fret to Iris, who convinced her Mac would welcome her stabilizing influence. Sven mixed some powder into a drink and made Regine take it up to Mac. Rachel asked Greg to dinner to discuss his representing her. Mac blanked out after sipping the drink Regine brought him.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1977 (EP. #3345)
Jamie shooed Rachel out the door with Greg. Sven told Regine he and Helga are tied to each for the rest of their lives because of the secrets they shared. Liz peered through the window, puzzled, after Sven locked the terrace doors and unhooked the phone. Pat begged Jim and Russ to handle Liz. Dennis told Iris and Fred about college life. Iris and Dennis decided to check up on Mac when Liz told them something strange was going on. Rachel spoke of her relationship with Mac to Greg, who warned her a separation leads to divorce. Sven let Dennis and Iris in through the terrace, and Regine tried to talk Iris into getting Mac to move in with her. Liz thought it outrageous when Jim accused her of being jealous of Pat because she wants to be close to Mac again herself. Jamie took Clarice out so Rachel could tell Ada she won't let Mac manipulate her.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1977 (EP. #3346)
Ray failed to talk Alice out of taking Angie out of the office so she could sit with Sally. Helga convinced Regine to sneak out of the mansion and make her presence known at the complex. Evan told Olive that John might look at Joan differently if Olive made him believe Joan was interested in him. Restless Molly told Willis she wished Michael had more drive, complained they always lived with his relatives, and admired Olive. Gwen didn't think much of Evan's designs. Corinne told Gwen she was returning to New York because she'd unintentionally led Russ on. Alice felt they had to turn to Willis for help when Vera pulled the plug on the museum. Olive advised a bored Molly to be open with Michael, and asked her to ask him about Barbara so Olive would be able to prevent it from happening again. Sven chided Helga for having married Knut, and she cried about nearly drowning herself on her wedding night. Willis, Gwen, and Angie worried Alice's firm would go under. Ray gulped down his drink and shouted at Alice that he couldn't face Willis without it.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1977 (EP. #3347)
Rachel assured Jamie she had no intention of divorcing Mac, and wouldn't accept Fred's advice and offer of help. Pat was exasperated to find Liz reorganizing her files. Corinne told Pat she was leaving as Russ expected more than she can give. Gwen went to tell Russ that Corinne was leaving. Iris wished Dennis's sweater said "Yale" instead of "Bay State." Brian flung Iris's newspaper aside to inform her it was a safe assumption he'll marry her if she signs the renouncement papers. Gwen encouraged Quentin and Rachel to fairly consider Evan's sketches. Rachel told Gwen her suspicions of Mac and Pat. Mac conceded the point when Pat didn't want Mac victimized by damaging gossip. On her way out of the mansion, Pat opened the door for Greg, who came to deliver the separation papers to Mac. Corinne said goodbye to Russ and encouraged him to find someone else. Mac took Liz's job away when she harped on how he was taking advantage of a vulnerable Pat. Rachel told Greg it was Pat who had let him in, then he left when Mac came over. Rachel refused to stop the separation as Mac had to learn to let her be what she was instead of what he wants her to be. Mac ripped up the agreement and vowed no one else would have her if he couldn't.


SEPTEMBER 22, 1977 (EP. #3348)
Sally introduced Jim to Casper the puppet. Jim warned Willis and Alice to be wary Ray doesn't try to stop Willis and his team from joining the firm on a full-time basis. Olive informed John he has been mumbling endearments to Joan in his sleep, but couldn't goad him into discussing Barbara. Despite crew layoffs, Burt insisted to Clarice he can support his family. Willis told Mac he'd get George to replace him so he can take over management of Alice's firm. Olive was annoyed to find Evan sweet-talking Joan. Olive told Evan she feels Molly will come through with info on Barbara. Molly, Burt, and Cliff told Willis they didn't want to work with Ray. Vera warned Mac about Quentin. Mac told him Willis's news after Ray came to him for help. Olive toned it down when John said he'd fire Joan if she made Olive so miserable. Alice and Ray were both surprised when Willis told them he wouldn't be joining the firm as he couldn't ask his staff to put up with Ray's hostilities.

Crawl: "Ray drinks and Alice is disgusted."

Notes: On cover page: "Edit p. 1 -- tk 2 -- Jim says 'Cathy.'"

SEPTEMBER 23, 1977 (EP. #3349)
Iris insisted Mac give her share of his fortune to Dennis. Alice was upset Ray slept in. Russ made plans for a trip to Denver. Molly phoned Olive when Michael told her John had lied to both Pat and Barbara. Greg found Iris perusing Rachel's file after she told Joan she'd wait for John in his office. Olive and Evan met with his old friend and employer, private detective Claude Kelly, who refused to help them set up John and Joan as it sounded too complicated. Alice couldn't accept Pat's advice of a trial separation with Ray. Russ encouraged Michael about his marriage, then Elena dropped in to introduce herself and ask for his help in stopping Iris from breaking up Mac and Rachel (Russ told her to talk to Pat). Dennis couldn't tell Mac about Sven. Iris was cross that Elena was interfering in her life. Evan told Olive to get John to Joan's apartment, so she could find him there the way Michael found John at Barbara's. Alice gave Ray the keys to Steve's apartment above the office when she found him packing his bags.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1977 (EP. #3350)
Alice brought Sally to stay with Jim, who suspected she was using the business problems to justify the fact that she no longer feels the same about Ray. Olive phoned Evan after convincing John to go over to Joan's to warn her that Evan has a reputation as a womanizer. Angie encouraged a glum Willis to take an active, though anonymous, role in the firm. Joan accepted John's warning, then Evan arrived and accused him of leading Joan on. Angie and Willis went upstairs to investigate a noise and found Ray, who admitted he'd made a mess of the firm and apologized for his behavior toward Willis. John came home fuming, with Evan hot on his heels to inform Olive he'd found John and Joan half-dressed in her bedroom. Olive later convinced John that Evan now realizes he made a mistake. Willis promised to stay at Cory when Angie fretted he was moving in on Alice and her firm now that Ray was out of the way. Ray told Alice he'd always felt she and her family all compared him to Steve.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1977 (EP. #3351)
John thought it devious that Iris wanted it kept secret from Brian that she wants a condition in the disinheritance agreement stipulating she won't renounce her share of Mac's fortune unless Brian marries her. Louise objected when Iris told Liz to encourage Pat and Mac's friendship. Rachel was annoyed when Evan and Gwen squabbled over their designs. Greg told Rachel to let him talk to Brian about Mac. Liz thought Corinne very selfish to run out on Russ. Rachel informed Brian she'll press for a separation since state laws require a year's separation before a divorce can be granted. Gwen was willing when Corinne asked her to see Russ from time to time to make sure he was okay. Liz left when Brooks and Sven quarreled about informing Mac she was there to see him. Iris threw a pillow at Louise for complimenting Corinne, who came to say goodbye. Brooks informed Rachel that Sven was overstepping his authority. Iris grabbed the extra copy of the agreement John was handing to Brian, but he read it and instructed John to remove the clause about marrying him. Brian then told Iris he did intend to keep his promise to her.

Corinne: (Exit Line, to Iris) "You've finally found a man as devious as you are. I hope you have the kind of life together you both deserve."

SEPTEMBER 28, 1977 (EP. #3352)
Sven drew her away roughly when Helga peered at Mac's sleeping face and wondered if Sven was drugging him. Sven helped Mac get up and told him Brooks wanted to go back to Ireland. Jim brought Sally to visit Ada. Rachel shared Brooks' suspicions with Ada. Pat promised Liz she'd see what was up with Sven. Louise and Brooks worried about Sven, who suggested Iris fire Karl and hire Brooks to replace him. Rachel, Quentin, and Elena decided to use elements from both designs. Iris fussed over Mac in bed, then went to inform Sven when Mac agreed Brooks can join her employ to be better able to romance Louise. Liz tracked down Jim at Ada's, but he wouldn't answer her questions about Alice and Ray. Louise felt Iris was just showing her some kindness when Iris announced Brooks would be replacing Karl, who was starting his own limousine service. Mac told Pat he's detested being alone since he was a little boy left alone with the servants. Rachel ran off after staring unbelieving through the terrace as Mac held Pat in his arms. Pat broke away and Mac admitted it wasn't what he really wanted.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1977 (EP. #3353)
Jim brought Sally home and Alice admitted to her Ray had moved out. Olive advised Molly to make Michael's life miserable until he got a better job and found them their own place. Cliff beat it so Willis could assure Clarice and Burt they shouldn't worry about employment. Alice brought Sally to visit Ray at the office, then Angie took her out so Vera could come in and tell them she's headed for Europe after selling the site and uncompleted building to a department store chain. Molly promised not to say a word about seeing Olive kiss some man when Olive threatened to tell Michael that Molly had told her what he'd said about Barbara. Jim failed to talk Clarice and Burt out of returning Cory's trust fund. Cliff told Regine he loved her and offered to let Helga live with them if they got married. Molly was envious to find them kissing. Fred told Sally she was over her hepatitis. After telling Angie he'd line up some projects for Alice unofficially, Willis daydreamed that Alice was his wife, Sally his daughter, and Steve's company his.

Vera: (Exit Line, to Ray and Alice) "I wish I'd never started the project."

SEPTEMBER 30, 1977 (EP. #3354)
Sven warned Helga will meet with an accident if Regine talked to Mac about Sven driving away people who care for him. After Michael dismissed Molly's idea to drive up to the lake, she ranted she was bored out of her skull and took off for the country by herself. Olive stared balefully at Joan and warned she was on to her. Michael complained to Pat that Molly always wants her own way. Pat turned down Brian's offer to find Michael a job at the complex. Olive tracked Evan down at Rachel's, where he belittled her impressions of Rachel's sculpture. He laughed at her jealousy of Rachel, then they agreed to meet at the cabin. Pat informed Joan that Olive may only want her to think Olive believes she's interested in John. Sven agreed to get Mac when Brian threatened to get the police. Mac appreciated it when Regine read John Donne poetry to him, but didn't like its emphasis on love and death. Mac told Sven to send the lawyer on his way when Sven implied it was Greg. Rachel accepted Greg's dinner invite. Molly walked into the cabin when she had seen Olive being dropped off there by a delivery van. Olive tried to get rid of her, but Molly pulled aside the curtain and saw Evan lying on the bed in his shorts.

OCTOBER 3, 1977 (EP. #3355)
Evan threw Olive his car keys and told her to follow Molly and make sure she keeps her trap shut. Joan advised John that Olive needs to be reassured he was being faithful. Olive phoned John to say she'd be staying in Ogden until her car was repaired and encouraged him to take Joan out to dinner. After Brian told her of Mac's inaccessibility, Pat suggested they use Regine as liaison, then turned down his dinner invite. Rachel had pre-dinner drinks with Greg and asked him to find out which states have shorter residency requirements for divorce. Regine read some Emily Dickinson to Mac, then Sven told her to treasure the book he gave her. Molly and Michael made up, but she wasn't interested in his kisses, as Olive hid behind a shrub outside. Evan ordered Olive to use her savings to buy Molly off. Pat sensed they hadn't totally made up and advised Michael to ask John for marital advice. Greg encouraged Rachel to get to know Joan better. Michael phoned, but Olive told John not to let him come over as she'd had a grueling day.

OCTOBER 4, 1977 (EP. #3356)
Regine told Pat she was just staying home to help Helga, then agreed to be the liaison with the office. Mac agreed to let Regine bring material from the office so Pat and Brian don't have Sven run interference with them. Ray felt she'd also reached that point with him when Alice considered closing the outfit down rather than let it go bankrupt. Ray made her think he could manage it fine it she relinquished all authority to him. Sven requested Mac keep Regine at home full-time since Helga was overworking herself, and that Mac not tell Regine it was his idea. Jim found Liz trying out Sally's recorder. Alice told them Nurse Hewitt has agreed to a flexible schedule so she can return to nursing. Fearful of Ray, Angie turned down Willis's request to talk to Alice with him. Pat was annoyed when Liz told Elena about Russ and Corinne then threw Russ in her direction. Elena didn't take Pat's advice to talk to Regine about Mac for fear it would get back to Iris through Brian. Willis wished Alice luck with her nursing when she said she was giving Ray a chance to run the company. Regine made Helga admit to Mac she'd been under the weather, then Regine suspected Sven was behind Mac's request that Regine stay home.

Notes: On cover page: "Flashback added because show was short."

OCTOBER 5, 1977: Pre-empted for the National League Playoff Championships.

OCTOBER 6, 1977 (EP. #3357)
Michael told Joan it was funny to see "Randolph and Barnard" on the door. Molly said she'd think over Olive's offer to pay her not to tell Michael about Evan. Claude required ten grand, half in advance in cash, to work with Evan on getting Olive and her money, not necessarily together. Claude instructed him to find out about John's insurance. Michael complained he didn't have anything to do now that Alice's firm had no projects, so John told him he could work as Joan's assistant. Angie was relieved when Burt and Clarice told her Alice was returning to nursing. Though Willis bad-mouthed Olive, Molly felt Olive was the only one who understood what certain things meant to her. Dennis and Louise thought about running a personal ad to find Rocky, then decided to check up on Mac. Dennis was pleased to find Regine was staying at home with Mac, then Brooks and Louise questioned her about Mac. Molly was sick that Michael kept taking charity from his family. Evan wouldn't share his plans with Olive, who insisted he meant the world to her.

OCTOBER 7, 1977: Pre-empted for the National League Playoff Championships.

OCTOBER 10, 1977 (EP. #3358)
Brian agreed to help Pat stop Liz from finding employment at Cory, and they wondered why Mac changed his mind after Regine told them she wouldn't be coming in to the office for awhile. Rachel worried about Evan's reaction when Elena and Quentin decided to use Gwen's design. Elena worried Iris would get wind of things from Liz since Jim was Rachel's accountant. Liz begged Mac for a job, maybe as an editor as she read a lot, and Mac agreed to find her a position as an editorial assistant since Corinne has resigned. Brian told Elena he won't spend his life with a woman whose life is dominated by another man. Pat accused Mac of keeping Regine home so Pat would continue to visit him at home about work, but he told her it was Sven's idea. Rachel asked Greg to represent her in her career and informed him Mac was having an affair with Pat. Cliff shared his worries with Molly about his job prospects, then was angry at Regine for letting Sven come between them. After she pointed out they're both involved with passive people, Molly told Cliff about marrying Michael so she wouldn't have to go back to Chadwell. Molly smiled to herself after Cliff commiserated that he too was about ready to give up on his relationship. Dennis and Jamie told Rachel that Rocky never showed up at Mrs. Baldwin's. Rachel laughed when Pat tried to warn her Sven was completely dominating Mac's life, and accused Pat of wanting to exert her own influence on Mac.

OCTOBER 11, 1977 (EP. #3359)
Sven discouraged Mac's idea to send Regine to the complex for the day. Evan pressured Olive to get John's insurance papers from his office, claiming to need to know if John has enough to borrow against to pay Evan's fees. Jamie took Nancy to feed the ducks so Ada could inform Rachel not to expect Mac to lead a monk's life. Evan was bitter that Quentin and Elena chose Gwen's designs, and accused them of shutting him outside the circle of money and art. Joan sent Michael to do some photocopying when he began getting on Olive's case, then turned down Olive's request to see John's insurance file. Sven ordered Regine to feed Mac lunch and read him poetry. Rachel butted heads with Sven, then planted her fanny on the sofa and refused to budge until she saw Mac. Michael had Joan try to find out if Evan and Olive were in cahoots. Evan found John's policies and slipped them into his briefcase. Mac assured Rachel he was in good hands, then Rachel left in a huff when Sven came to tell Mac that Regine was waiting to read poetry for him by the rose garden.

OCTOBER 12, 1977 (EP. #3360)
Russ told Alice she may have done better by taking over the firm completely and demoting Ray, but she felt that would completely destroy Ray's faith in himself. Elena and Quentin told Rachel they'd pay Evan a token fee for his services. Rachel felt it would humiliate her to take Ada's advice to go rescue Mac from Regine. Liz urged Russ to forget about Corinne, and he told her Fred left to set up a practice in Louisville. Russ had to turn down Gwen's dinner invite since Liz had said she was bringing a mystery person to visit him. Evan told Olive to read it and weep that she wasn't included among John's beneficiaries. Michael and Joan figured John must have taken his insurance forms home. Ada showed up in the kitchen to warn Sven and Helga she won't let them take advantage of Mac. Regine rebuffed Cliff's kisses, couldn't bring herself to tell him her condition, and insisted he had to forget about her. Russ was delighted when Liz brought Elena over for drinks. Liz badmouthed Gwen to Elena when Gwen phoned Russ to try to rescue him from Liz. John apologized and told Olive he'd include her in his insurance. Michael bit the bullet for John's sake and apologized to Olive for being out of line in his comments.

OCTOBER 13, 1977 (EP. #3361)
Louise, Dennis, and Jamie initially covered when Iris heard them discussing Rocky, but then they encouraged her to visit Mac as Sven seemed to have too much influence on him. Iris asked Louise to go over with Dennis as she worried Brian would disapprove if she went. Brian told Regine that Cliff had been asking about her. Mac signed the codicil for Brian. Cliff spoke of his split with Regine to Molly, who offered her opinion Regine was wrong for him. Regine cried in Helga's arms about being pregnant, but didn't want to trap Cliff into marriage, as Helga had with Knut. Iris asked Brian and Pat their opinions on Sven and Mac. Iris was annoyed when Michael walked in when she was kissing Brian passionately. Michael complained about Molly's complaints but wouldn't allow Pat to talk to her. Regine panicked when Pat mentioned Cliff's attraction to Regine in front of Sven. Sven was polishing a table industriously when Pat glanced his way. Cliff beat it so Olive could present Molly with matching gold necklace and earrings. Iris, Dennis, and Louise swept in to visit with Mac. Mac gave Iris his best wedding wishes, but she was dissatisfied when he warned her that Brian was a much stronger person than Eliot and Robert and would require complete commitment.

Crawl: "Cory L.R. Iris/Mac have dinner before drinks -- Dennis joins them (Happy family hour)"

OCTOBER 14, 1977 (EP. #3362)
Rachel warned Ada that Mac won't heed any warnings about Sven. Ada's nagging didn't prevent Rachel from signing the separation papers Greg brought over. Willis came to the hospital to ask Alice's permission to talk to Ray. Angie pressured Ray to keep Alice up-to-date on his activities. Elena made Alice's acquaintance when she came to visit Russ. Willis barged into the office though Ray had instructed Debbie to keep him out, then Ray ripped up the only definite offer when Willis said he'd initiated it. Burt came in when Willis and Angie were yelling at each other about Willis and Ray being at each other's throats. Angie defended Ray when Burt and Clarice tried to help her patch things up with Willis. They all said the wrong things when Angie brought Ray to Alice's to tell her of business prospects. Alice apologized to Willis for causing trouble between him and Angie when Ray stormed out and Angie broke away from Willis to follow him. Rachel felt Mac was using Regine to make her jealous, but Brian pointed out she can't accuse Mac of something because of what Sven told her.

OCTOBER 17, 1977 (EP. #3363)
Mac swore to Ada there was nothing between him and Pat, and Ada convinced him to ask Regine to move out. Regine considered an abortion, and Helga told her she'd never loved Knut and that she'd loved Sven as he was a much different man when he was younger. Helga's tears made Sven uncomfortable, and he said he didn't mean to make her unhappy. Molly bitched about Michael always accepting charity, but he pointed out she was letting Iris buy clothes for her when he first met her. Michael threw her necklace on the sofa when he found it in her pocket and told her to drop Olive, but she put it on later and stared at it admiringly in the mirror. Sven read Helga's letter to Edvard and learned Regine was pregnant. Olive smiled at Greg as she got John to sign the new insurance forms. Olive offered Molly the use of her cabin when Molly admitted being attracted to Cliff. Michael refused John's offer to help with his expenses. John defended Olive's right to spend her own money how she sees fit when Michael didn't want any part of the settlement she forced out of Ray so he could marry Alice. Sven brought a drugged brandy to Mac, then eavesdropped as Mac asked Regine to move out for the sake of her reputation. Regine agreed to share the brandy with Mac as a gesture of good faith, but then they both passed out and fell across the bed. Sven cleaned the glasses, then he removed Mac's robe and Regine's dress and rolled them into bed together.

OCTOBER 18, 1977 (EP. #3364)
Mac sunk into a chair, held his head in his hands, and groaned after waking up to a half-naked Regine in his bed. Mac put his hand over Regine's mouth when Iris pounded on the door, then he tried to hustle her out, but she ran into Iris and Sven, who criticized Mac and Regine, respectively. Rachel asked Greg to accompany her to see Mac. Brian felt Liz had a long career as an editor in front of her. Iris filled Liz in on how Countess Elena met the Count on an economy cruise in the Mediterranean. Regine realized Sven drugged her to get her in bed with Mac. Mac admitted his indiscretion to Pat and Brian, who advised him to get out of the country. Rachel agreed to drop the idea of a separation when Ada threatened to spank her. Pat warned Iris not to tell Rachel what's happened, and Iris shared her realization that Sven was behind it all. Rachel brought Greg into the bedroom as Mac was packing his suitcase. Greg left as Sven brought Regine in to apologize to Mac for last night. Rachel told Greg to go ahead with the separation when Sven implied Regine had frequently been wayward with Mac.

Regine: "You came back after Mr. Cory and I passed out."
Sven: "That's right, little Regine. I tucked you both in bed."
Helga: "Sven, how could you?"
Sven: "We have him where we want him, thanks to Regine's dallying with young Tanner."
Regine: "You won't get away with it."
Sven: "You've played into my hands, Regine. Soon I will have part of the Cory fortune."

OCTOBER 19, 1977 (EP. #3365)
Dennis ran for Louise when he worried about a morose Iris. Iris groaned to Louise that Sven won her cooperation so he could set up Mac for Regine. Louise phoned Helga to learn Mac went to Paris. Rachel cried to Ada about Mac and Regine, but Ada felt she needed to find out for sure what was going on. Regine vowed to Helga she'd tell Mac what Sven was up to. Iris admitted to Elena she was responsible for putting Mac at Sven's mercy, and Elena advised her to confess to Mac and Brian. Evan showed Olive her new house. Sven sent Helga for a "sick" Regine when Pat threatened to call Russ. Sven informed Pat that Mac has been victimizing an innocent girl for weeks, and Regine was shocked when Helga backed Sven up, then Sven warned Pat he'd tell tales of her and Mac if she continued to cross him. Iris told Brian only that she'd helped Sven isolate Mac, and he didn't blame her. He told her he'd make sure Sven didn't bleed Mac dry as he was sure nothing happened between Mac and Regine. Though Pat believed it was possible Mac was having an affair with Regine, she urged Rachel to talk to Iris about her involvement with it all.

OCTOBER 20, 1977 (EP. #3366)
Liz came to the nurses' station to nag Alice about abandoning the company Steve left her and the man she married. Liz escorted Ray over to Alice when she ran into him in the elevator, but Alice wasn't interested in a reconciliation. Willis told Burt and Gwen that Cory is closing down the regional warehouses and building a centralized one in Bay City next to the printing plant. Russ advised Alice to just jolly Liz along, then had to turn down Elena's dinner invite as he'd just accepted Alice's. Angie asked Ray to escort her to dinner at Clarice and Burt's. Ada asked Clarice to draw Rachel out. Elena asked Gwen for help reuniting Mac and Rachel, and Gwen didn't believe that Mac had been indiscreet. Elena was curious when Gwen received a call from Russ (who asked her to Alice's). Clarice warned Rachel she was throwing Mac into Regine's arms and advised her to wait till Mac returned before taking further steps. Burt was surprised that Angie brought Ray over, and so was Willis when he crashed the party. Sally strummed "Greensleeves" on her guitar for Russ and Gwen. A glum Willis dropped in at Alice's and everyone convinced him to stay. Gwen scolded Willis's tactlessness in telling Alice that Ray was with Angie.

OCTOBER 21, 1977 (EP. #3367)
Iris regretted having the codicil to Mac's will drawn up, but Elena advised her to start planning her wedding. Molly admired Olive's house, then was suspicious when Olive encouraged her to move away with Michael so he won't sponge off his relatives. Molly handed right back to Olive the key to the cabin, but admitted she may change her mind. Burt defended Angie's virtue to Willis. John told Michael he hasn't decided what to do with the old house and furniture. Regine told Cliff she'd just been leading him on, then slapped him when he used kisses to convince her they belong together. Cliff slammed his fist on the desk and vowed to forget her as she sobbed in the hallway. Brian agreed to go comfort Iris if Elena came to lunch with him. Olive gave Cliff the key and told him Molly was crazy about him. John tapped the partitions and told Olive that Evan did a fine job. Molly didn't want to volunteer anything when Cliff confronted her with the key, but she sighed and put her arms around him when he said she didn't have to say anything as they understood each other. Iris happily accepted Brian's official proposal, and he insisted they marry before Mac comes back.

Notes: On the prop sheet: "Footsteps (Man's) in empty room. Knock on wood (for testing strength not for luck)."

OCTOBER 24, 1977 (EP. #3368)
John gave Greg his key to the house so he could check it out and see what sort of coverage it needed, and Michael was anxious to know what he'll think of it. Russ invited Gwen to a home-cooked meal with him and Michael and Molly, whom he admitted are having problems. Alice was glad when Willis came over, and he told her Gwen wouldn't take advantage of Russ's decency the way Rachel and others have. Evan and Olive had a picnic on the floor of the atrium by the reflecting pool, and she told him she was setting Molly up with Cliff to have something to use against her. They headed off to the bedroom as Greg came in and began taking notes. Greg hid, then bolted, after spying Olive in a negligee laughing with Evan. At the cabin, Molly smiled dreamily as Cliff stroked her hair, and she chided and soothed his guilty conscience. Greg said he hadn't been to John's house, then asked Michael about Evan and Joan about Olive. Greg told Joan that Michael was right about Olive, but couldn't tell her why. Michael chatted with Gwen, then Russ told him Molly and Sharlene shared a family characteristic in not being easy to talk to. Molly invented her day's whereabouts to Michael. Willis and Angie joined Sally, Liz, and Jim singing "The Old Grey Mare" (Sally plays the guitar now as she wasn't getting anywhere with the recorder). Alice warned Liz she'll never see her again if she didn't stay out of her life, and Jim disagreed when Liz felt Mary would be upset to hear her say that. Willis was very impressed by Alice's fortitude, but she turned away quickly when he moved toward her.

Cliff: "I just don't want to hurt others."
Molly: "What they don't know won't hurt them."
Cliff: "Don't you care at all about Mike?"
Molly: "Of course I do, but I'm not going to pay for one mistake all the rest of my life."

Crawl: "Alice, Willis, and Sally happy together."

OCTOBER 25, 1977 (EP. #3369)
Pat accepted Rachel's apology, but Rachel found Pat's explanation of Mac and Regine ridiculous and decided to go ahead with the separation. Dennis and Louise put up streamers and Dennis asked Iris if he could give her away. Iris was feeling deserted, so Louise prodded Dennis into going to her, and he went and gave her a reassuring hug. When Michael told Pat that he thinks Molly can't stand the sight of him and doesn't even know where she is half the time, she advised him to talk to John. Rachel told Greg that Mac maneuvered to get Regine to stay at home with him as she won't object to sacrificing her own interests to his, and she violently opposed his advice to talk to Regine. Brian asked John to be his best man as he could rely on his discretion in not telling Mac. Regine looked helplessly at Helga when Sven said they'd live to a ripe old age if they accepted his plans. John didn't have time to talk to Michael as he was on his way to Iris's. Brian and John stood by Reverend Fisher in front of the mantelpiece. Elena entered and took her place beside John. A moment later, Dennis entered with Iris on his arm, and Louise following. Dennis escorted Iris to Brian's side and then left her, and stepped back to Louise. Fisher had to snap Iris out of her reverie as she flashbacked to Mac giving her his blessing. Fisher extracted "I do's" from Brian and Iris, then had them exchange rings and repeat their vows after him in unison. John toasted them, then ran home to Olive. Iris resented it when Brian prevented her from calling Mac with the news. Sven summoned Regine when Rachel burst in, but jumped in repeatedly in the conversation to fill Rachel's ears with stories until Rachel ran off in distress.

Fisher: "Now by the power vested in me I pronounce you man and wife. [IRIS AND BRIAN SMILE AT EACH OTHER]. You may kiss the bride, Mr. Bancroft."
Brian: "Oh, sorry... [HE KISSES IRIS] Well, Mrs. Bancroft!"
Dennis: [MOVING TO IRIS QUICKLY] Mom... you look so beautiful."
Iris: "[TEARFULLY] Do I?"
Dennis: "[KISSING HER] Be happy, Mom."

Notes: Here, and during other weddings, the wedding ceremony text was written in the book for the actor playing the reverend to read.

NOVEMBER 2, 1977 (EP. #3375)
First appearance of Fred J. Scollay as Charlie Hobson.


Ada: "Who are you?"
Charlie: (Introduction Line) "Sorry, I must have the wrong apartment. "
Charlie: "It's the right apartment."

NOVEMBER 18, 1977 (EP. #3387)
First appearance of Rod Arrants and Christine Jones as Austin and Amy Cushing. First appearance of Robert Lintner as Douglas Wylie.

NOVEMBER 24, 1977: Pre-empted for Thanksgiving Football.

DECEMBER 5, 1977 (EP. #3397)
Last appearance of Rod Arrants and Christine Jones as Austin and Amy Cushing.

DECEMBER 19, 1977 (EP. #3407)
First appearance of Adrienne Wallace as Marianne Randolph. Last appearance of Rolanda Mendelle as Molly Ordway Randolph. John shot Evan.

Molly: (Exit Line, to Michael Randolph in the Matthews house) "Let me go, Michael. It's better for both of us."

Evan: (Exit Line, Randolph living room holding John at gunpoint) "I'm not bluffing."

John: "It was an accident!"
John: "Olive?"
Olive: (IGNORING HIM) "Why didn't you come to me like you promised?"
John: (GOING TO HER) "What are you saying?"
Olive: (STILL IGNORING JOHN. JOHN STARES AT HER, THEN STARTS TO BACK AWAY) "I don't want this house if you're not in it!" (SHE BRUSHES EVAN'S HAIR BACK. JOHN STUMBLES OVER SOMETHING AND OLIVE TURNS, STARTLED) "How did this happen?" (JOHN STARTS TO SPEAK, BUT CAN'T. OLIVE SEES THE GUN LYING BY EVAN'S SIDE) "You killed him!" (JOHN STARES AT HER, SHAKING HIS HEAD) "You killed the only man who's ever meant anything to me!" (SHE TURNS BACK TO EVAN AS JOHN MOVES NUMBLY TOWARD HER. HE PUTS HIS HAND ON HER SHOULDER. SHE TURNS ON HIM, HSYTERICALLY.) "Don't touch me!" (HE TAKES HIS HAND AWAY) "Only Evan made it possible to bear you touching me!" (JOHN SINKS DOWN ON THE SOFA) "You've taken away the only reason I had for living!" (SHE FLINGS OVER EVAN'S BODY, CARESSING IT) "Darling, don't leave me... please, I can't live without you!" [END EPISODE]

DECEMBER 20, 1977 (EP. #3408)
Last appearance of Barry Jenner as Evan Webster.

DECEMBER 23, 1977 (EP. #3411)
Mac believed Iris was unrepentant about her interference in his marriage when Brian pleaded her case to him. Olive told Greg she hopes John burns for what he did. Quentin told Rachel he's leaving Bay City to work for Howard Chandler. Brooks, Louise, and Dennis singing "Jeannette Isabella" made Iris pine for happier days. Rachel rushed from the room when Mac dropped by with gifts. Brian offered to take a despondent Iris on a honeymoon to the Greek Islands. Pat dropped by just to tell Gwen and Russ she can't make their dinner date. Sven said he would kill Helga if they told Mac the truth. Greg consoled Marianne when John was unresponsive to her visit. Pat warned Olive, who just had a nightmare about Evan's death, that she won't let her destroy John's life.

Notes: Last appearance of Joseph Mayer as Leonard Brooks (1977).

DECEMBER 26, 1977 (EP. #3412)
Russ told Pat he suspects Olive may have killed Evan. Angie turned down Ray's pleas to accompany him to California. Willis decided to spend the day with Alice in lieu of dinner with Olive. Liz advised Angie to fight for Willis, and for Ray to fight for Alice. Pat broke down in front of Mike and admitted she still loves John. Russ told Pat that John has been transferred to the psychiatric ward at the hospital.

DECEMBER 27, 1977 (EP. #3413)
Regine was tight-lipped for fear of Sven's wrath when Mac questioned her about the health of their baby. Alice didn't believe it when Ray told her that Willis was playing her against Angie. Ada told Rachel that she stopped Jim before he could propose to her, then Rachel was amused to see Ada fix a thermos for Jim so he wouldn't get cold. Burt helped remodel Ada's garage into his new fix-it shop. Russ came to check on Regine's pregnancy. Greg told Joan he's worried about John being in the prison hospital. Willis told Greg that Olive wouldn't stop at murder if something threatened her meal ticket. Willis was unsure what to do when Burt told him Angie was considering going to California with Ray. Alice reamed Liz out for talking to Ray about his relationship with her.

DECEMBER 28, 1977 (EP. #3414)
Mike and Marianne met with Russ to tell him their suspicions of Olive, among other things. Angie informed Greg that Evan had been untrustworthy, that Olive was selfish, and that he should talk to Ray about it before he left town. Willis told Clarice that while he didn't want to hurt Angie, he loved Alice. Alice told Greg that Willis would be more forthcoming about Olive now since she'd reassured him she won't leave him if his earlier deeds with Olive were revealed. Mac wished him luck when Ray told him he's moving to California to care for Beatrice and his sons. Elena tried to cheer Dennis up when Louise realized he was still worried about Rocky. Charlie decided to stay for dinner when he sensed how lonely Liz was. John flashed back to Olive's declaration of love for Evan and distaste for John when Greg mentioned Olive's name to John.

DECEMBER 30, 1977 (EP. #3416)
Last appearance of Gary (Pillar) Carpenter as Raymond Gordon.

Raymond: "I'm putting all these people behind me when I get on that plane this afternoon."
Greg: "But I need your help in defending him."
Raymond: (Gary Carpenter, Exit Line) "Sorry. I'm well out of Olive's life now, and I'm not getting in it again. Now, how about leaving me alone to deal with more important things than my ex-wife."
Greg: "All right, Ray. Thanks for letting me take your time. Goodbye." (HE GOES OUT AND RAYMOND STARES AFTER HIM FOR A MOMENT, THEN GOES INTO THE BEDROOM.)