JANUARY 2, 1978: Pre-empted for Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl.

JANUARY 3, 1978 (EP. #3417)
First appearance of John Horton as Brooks. Brooks appears with Louise.

Brooks: (John Horton, Introduction Line) (to Louise about watering plants) "You want me to tend to the ones in the greenhouse?"

JANUARY 6, 1978 (EP. #3420)
Last appearance of John Horton as Brooks. Brooks and Louise resolved to investigate Sven's whereabouts and Rocky's disappearance.

Brooks: (John Horton, Exit Line) (to Louise) "Don't worry about me. I want to get to the bottom of this business for your sake, as well as mine."

JANUARY 9, 1978 (EP. #3421)
Jamie, Dennis, Brooks, and Regine freaked after finding Rocky's dead body in the Cory boathouse. Brooks consoled Louise over Rocky's death.

Brooks: (Joseph Maher, Reintroduction Line) (Cory boathouse, to Regine Lindeman) "Louise sent me over to bring Dennis home."

Notes: First episode to include flashbacks of Brooks, with Joseph Maher briefly returning to the role. Flashbacks of Brooks were utilized to conclude the Sven Petersen story.

JANUARY 10, 1978 (EP. #3422)
First appearance of Jay Morran as Vince Frame.

Liz: (Her office, trying to insert a new light bulb into her desk lamp) "Come on, cooperate with me, will you?"
Vince: (Introduction Line) (FROM THE DOORWAY) "Maybe an electrician would have better luck."
Liz: (LOOKING UP) "Oh, you startled me!"
Vince: "Sorry. Can I do that for you?"
Liz: "Thank you, I'll manage."
Vince: "You're not doing too well."
Liz: "You forget your place, young man."
Vince: "I didn't know I had one."

JANUARY 13, 1978 (EP. #3425)
Appearance by Claude Kelly.

Notes: Last appearance of Joseph Maher as Leonard Brooks. Exit Scene: Cory Greenhouse.
Brooks: (Exit Line, to Louise Goddard Brooks and Dennis Wheeler) "You bet I will. Now, I'll walk you both back to the house."

JANUARY 19, 1978 (EP. #3429)
Claude threatened to expose Olive's involvement in the murder plot against John and Evan's death if she cooperates with the law and gets him apprehended.

JANUARY 20, 1978 (EP. #3430)
First appearance of John Tillinger as Leonard Brooks.
Introduction Scene: The Cory Terrace to Helga about Regine Lindeman, "Taking off her boots so she won't track the floor."

JANUARY 24, 1978 (EP. #3432)
Sven fed a captive Rachel cheese, bread, and fruit.

Rachel: "You've heard from Mac?"
Sven: (OFF) "Pound away, Mrs. Cory. No one will hear you but the birds and the squirrels." (RACHEL LEANS AGAINST THE DOOR, CRYING SOFTLY) [END EPISODE]

Crawl: Use Mac and Brian playing the tape, no music. Mac buries his face in his hands as Rachel's voice reads the ransom message over the sound of the pumps.

JANUARY 25, 1978 (EP. #3433)
First appearance of Lynn Milgrim as Susan Matthews Shearer. Susan said she and Dan have separated.
Introduction Scene: The Matthews house to Jim answering the door, "Hello, Uncle Jim."

JANUARY 30, 1978 (EP. #3436)
Last appearance of Arthur E. Jones as Claude Kelly.
Greg discovered Claude's whereabouts and had him arrested. Olive implicated Claude in Evan's murder.

JANUARY 31, 1978 (EP. #3437)
First appearance of Jay Ingram as Cal Zimmerman. Last appearance of Roberts Blossom as Sven Peterson. Mac and the police rescued Rachel from Sven, who was arrested.

Mac: "Are you all right?"
Rachel: (KISSING HIM) "I am now!"
Rachel: (SOBBING) "I thought I'd never see you again."
Mac: "Nothing will keep us apart from now on." (HE STARTS TO CARRY HER OUT, BUT RACHEL LOOKS OVER HIS SHOULDER AND SCREAMS) "What is it, darling?"
Sven: "All right, Mr. Cory. Now, I'll take care of both of you." (HE ADVANCES TOWARD MAC WITH THE KNIFE. RACHEL THROWS HERSELF BETWEEN SVEN AND MAC)
Mac: "Run, Rachel... get out of her... fast!"
Rachel: "I won't leave you."
Mac: "Rachel!" (SVEN SHOVES RACHEL ASIDE, AS MAC SHOUTS) "Wait outside, Rachel. The police will be here any minute."
Sven: "They'll be too late to save you." (THE ROOM IS IN DARKNESS AS THE MEN CONTINUE FIGHTING)
Sven: (Exit Line) "They'll never get here." Note: After tackling and pinning Sven to the ground, Mac had a line about the police being on their way. However, according to the script, this line was crossed out and presumably never uttered. Despite this, Sven's response (and last line) was left in.

FEBRUARY 9, 1978 (EP. #3444)
Last appearance of Helen Stenborg as Helga Lindemann.
Mac arranged to send Helga and Regine back to Sweden to protect them from Sven.

Helga: (Exit Line) "Perhaps that is the best solution."

FEBRUARY 10, 1978 (EP. #3445)
Reappearance of Lynn Lowry as Doris Bennett. Sven pled guilty on all counts and was transferred to the state penitentiary.

FEBRUARY 17, 1978 (EP. #3450)
"Due to Carter's speech, show scheduled to run hour." Acts III, IV, and V were omitted, and other acts cut for time.

FEBRUARY 27, 1978 (EP. #3456)
Wedding of Regine and Cliff. Married by Rev. Higley. Mac and Rachel, attendants.

FEBRUARY 28, 1978 (EP. #3457)
Last appearance of Tom Rolfing as Cliff Tanner and Barbara Eda-Young as Regine Lindeman.

Exit Scenes: In the Randolph offices, to Michael Randolph.
Regine: (Exit Line) "Bye, bye, Mike... and good luck in everything."
Cliff: (Exit Line) "I'll wait to hear from you or Greg, right?"
Mike: "Right. Goodbye, Cliff." (Regine and Cliff go out).

MARCH 1, 1978 (EP. #3458)
First appearance of Margaret Barker as Leueen Parrish.

MARCH 13, 1978 (EP. #3466)
First appearance of Vicky Dawson as Eileen Simpson.
Eileen worked part-time at the college coffee shop and in the Dean's office. Jamie and Dennis told Eileen that they share a loft together. She was quite impressed to learn that Jamie's mother is a famous sculptor and mentioned that she had taken some art courses.

Introduction Scene: (the college coffee shop)
Eileen: (Introduction Line, while smiling at Jamie Frame) "Hi, Dennis."

Notes: Dennis met Eileen through Marianne, who had become classmates and friends at the college.

MARCH 15, 1978 (EP. #3468)
Pat was pleased that Michael and Marianne are living with John to help him convalesce, but didn't share Michael's optimism that they will reconcile and live as a family again. Michael relented when Pat refused to elaborate on her and John keeping their problems away from him and Marianne while they were growing up. Liz felt shunned by her family because of conspiring with Leueen to break up Russ and Gwen. John and Alice were hopeful that he and Pat will reunite once Olive consents to a divorce. Alice emphatically told Greg that she wants divorce proceedings from Ray started once Willis returns from Chadwell. Angie speculated to Ada that Willis left town because he was jealous of seeing her and Vince together. Angie complained about Vince pursuing her and left abruptly rather than listen to Ada's criticisms of Willis.

MARCH 16, 1978 (EP. #3469)
Doris visited Olive and worried about her nervous and erratic behavior. Olive stayed tight-lipped over her involvement with Evan and Claude.

MARCH 21, 1978 (EP. #3472)
Joan grappled with professing her love to John. She asked Marianne leading questions to find out whether John and Pat were heading for a reconciliation. Greg gave brotherly advice that Joan should prepare herself for rejection or regret should she choose not to tell John she loves him.

MARCH 22, 1978 (EP. #3473)
Last appearance of Patricia Estrin as Joan Barnard.
John explained that he couldn't envision his life without Pat. Joan told a sympathetic Greg that she handed in her job resignation and that she's leaving town.

Joan: (Exit Scene, with Greg) In response to Marianne saying, "How are you?" before rushing out of the Randolph conference room, "Okay...Thanks. Bye."

APRIL 3, 1978 (EP. #3481)
First appearance of Kathleen Widdoes as Rose Perrini.

Rose: (Introduction Line, Entering Ada's kitchen) "Morning, Ada."

APRIL 4, 1978 (EP. #3482)
First appearance of Ray Liotta as Joey Perrini.

Joey: (Introduction Line, in the Perrini living room) "Hey, Angie, have you seen my calculus textbook?"

APRIL 11, 1978 (EP. #3487)
Eileen Simpson met Michael in the Randolph conference room.

APRIL 26, 1978 (EP. #3498)
Last appearance of Joseph Hindy as Burt McGowan. Burt left for Detroit. Last appearance of Lynn Lowry as Doris Bennett.

Burt: "You've got to trust him [Charley] to deal with his own life."
Clarice: "But he's not doing it."
Burt: (Exit Line) "Maybe not, but you can't do it for him." (HE KISSES HER) "You gotta have faith in people, baby." (BEAT) "Look, I'm going in to say goodbye to Cory." (HE GOES INTO THE OTHER ROOM. CLARICE LOOKS AFTER HIM, TEARFULLY, THEN CONTINUES TO PACK HIS CLOTHES).

MAY 1978
Divorce of Michael and Molly. Phil Austin (June 12) was Molly's divorce lawyer.

MAY 19, 1978 (EP. #3515)
Wedding of Vince and Angie. Married by JoP Kerrigan in the JoP living room. Clarice and Charlie, attendants.

MAY 22, 1978 (EP. #3516)
First appearance of Brian Murray as Dan Shearer.

Liz: "Dan!"
Dan: (Brian Murray, Introduction Line) (Liz Matthews' apartment) (Kissing her) "Hello, Liz."
Liz: "What a marvellous surprise."

MAY 29, 1978 (EP. #3521)
First appearance of John DeVries and Kaiulani Lee as Dino and Sharon Amati.

MAY 30, 1978 (EP. #3522)
Russ urged Gwen not to be guilt-ridden over breaking their engagement since it convinced him to accept the job offer in Houston.

JUNE 6, 1978 (EP. #3527)
Last appearance of Bobby Doran as Jamie Frame. Last appearance of Mike Hammett as Dennis.
Jamie informed Mac and Rachel that Dennis wanted to leave Bay City before Iris returns from St. Tropez. Mac consented to paying for Jamie and Dennis to work at a dude ranch in Wyoming.

Jamie: (Robert Doran, Exit Line) (In their loft, to Dennis) "You call Mac, then I'll check on plane reservations, okay?"
Dennis: (Mike Hammett, Exit Line) "You bet it's okay. You've saved my life!"

JUNE 7, 1978 (EP. #3528)
First appearance of Nora Simpson. Mac and Rachel vowed that they would keep Dennis' whereabouts secret from Iris.

JUNE 8, 1978 (EP. #3529)
Last appearance of David Bailey as Russ Matthews (1978).

Liz unexpectedly came to the going away party Pat and Alice threw for Russ. Liz was not invited due to her machinations in causing Gwen to break her engagement to Russ. Gwen lamented that she was incapable of giving unconditional love and happiness to a man the way Elena can.

JUNE 9, 1978 (EP. #3530)
Alice envied Russ's ability to pick up the pieces and start his life again elsewhere.

JUNE 13, 1978 (EP. #3532)
First appearance of Joel Simon as Rudy Enright. Credited here as "Bayview Towers Desk Clerk" only.

JUNE 21, 1978 (EP. #3538)
First appearance of Eric Conger as Buzz Winslow.


Buzz: (Introduction Line, 1978) "Where did the kids go?"
Mitch: "Sonny took them into town on the rodeo."

JUNE 22, 1978 (EP. #3539)
First appearance of Jim Poyner as Dennis Carrington.
Dennis begrudgingly returned home with Iris, who came to the dude ranch unannounced. Iris promised Dennis she would no longer interfere in his life. Dennis balked at Iris' pleas to live with her again.

JUNE 27, 1978 (EP. #3542)
First appearance of Ben Hammer as Bill Simpson, Eileen's father.

JUNE 28, 1978 (EP. #3543)
First appearance of Gretchen Oehler as Vivien Gorrow.
Bill permitted Eileen to resume working for John under the condition that she keep her relationship with Michael Randolph platonic.

Vivien: (Introduction Line) (OFF) "Yes, Ma'am."
Iris: "Let that go for now, please." (THE MAID, VIVIEN, ENTERS)
Vivien: "You need something, Ma'am?"
Iris: (SEATING HERSELF AGAIN) "More coffee, please."
Vivien: (GOING TO THE COFFEE POT) "It's in here."
Iris: "No, dear, I'd like you to pour it for me."

JUNE 29, 1978 (EP. #3544)
Last appearance of Jay Ingram as Cal Zimmerman.

JULY 10, 1978 (EP. #3551)
First appearance of Scott Palmer as Rick Ludlow. Despite being signed to a contract, Rick only appeared until September 27.

JULY 17, 1978 (EP. #3556)
First appearance of Laura Malone as Blaine Ewing.
Blaine Ewing arrived at the mansion, planted herself on the sofa, and smiled benignly at Louise and Brooks, who failed to learn exactly how she was a friend of Jamie's. Rachel's letter to Jamie was seen in her purse while she put on some lipstick.

Brooks: (OFF) "Good evening."
Blaine: (Laura Malone, Introduction Line) (OFF) "Mr. Cory?"
Brooks: (OFF) "No, Miss, I'm the chauffeur."

JULY 18, 1978 (EP. #3557)
Gwen welcomed Clarice (in for a short visit from Detroit), but Clarice revealed Burt wouldn't be able to attend the wedding as best man since he was often sent out of town on work, and that he may even be up for a big promotion that would take him overseas. John remarked on Michael's abrupt attitude with Marianne, and urged him to see if Vince and Charley need legal advice about their new business venture. Willis was disagreeable when Gwen wanted to tell Vince and Angie about their wedding plans. At the Fix-It shop, Mike ran into Joey (training to be an electrician by working there), who asked about Eileen, whom he'd met when she brought something in to be fixed. Jim and Clarice exchanged worried glances after she let it slip to Angie about the wedding. Dino had second thoughts as Douglas hung his painting for sale, then made Iris up her price when she bought some of his work as an apology. Iris made Elena keep it secret that she planned to buy Rachel's new work. Marianne was embarrassed when Rick opined he'd let her get away too easy, then she assured Greg he had no reason for jealousy. Angie cried to Rose about the wedding, so Rose later distracted Vince from Angie.

Iris: "I don't want you to think of me as some kind of virago."
Dino: "My dear lady, I seldom think of you at all."

JULY 19, 1978 (EP. #3558)
To discourage Marianne's wedding plans, Greg said Joan wasn't available to be her bridesmaid. Greg murmured to Pat's photo after encouraging Marianne to make up with her. Susan didn't let on she had pocketed it when Liz fretted that Dan had gotten rid of Susan's photo from his office. After Ada phoned Rachel, Clarice came by and was puzzled by Ada's reluctance to visit Charley at the new store. Feeling Pat's obsession over Greg was evidence of a recurrence of her emotional instability, Marianne urged John to get Susan to treat Pat. Rachel arranged for Louise to pay Rose for the maternity clothes and Vince for remodeling the nursery. Elena told Rachel she had an anonymous buyer. Liz badgered Susan into warning Dan about Olive. Greg was interested when John confided in him about Pat's unhappy experience with a college classmate. Rachel found Blaine in the living room, but couldn't learn her name, though she realized she was the girl who had inquired of Louise about Jamie. Pat was glad when John's arrival made Liz leave, but refused to listen to his theories of Tom Baxter again.

JULY 20, 1978 (EP. #3559)
Angie (who was almost her bridesmaid during her wedding to Russ) congratulated Gwen, and half-heartedly agreed the two couples should have dinner. Sally ran out in tears after Joey sat her down and explained he can't concentrate on work with her underfoot all the time. Rose was surprised when Joey hinted he was interested in a girl. Angie went upstairs so Liz could implore Jim to caution Dan against Olive. Mac agreed to be Willis's best man. Vince and Charley installed partitions at the Hobson/Frame shop and showroom. Vince was thrilled at Gwen's news. Dennis warned Eileen that her parents might disapprove of him as well since they'd disapproved of Mike's parents being divorced. A concerned Dan paid a house call on a listless Olive, then bustled past Liz, who remained behind to ring the bell repeatedly, but Olive just stared balefully at her through the glass panels beside the door. Alice encouraged Dan to stay for supper after he came to complain to Susan about Liz. Vince and Gwen were more enthusiastic about the dinner party than Angie and Willis. Angie avoided Vince's eye when Willis made a big show of slipping an engagement ring on Gwen's finger.

JULY 21, 1978 (EP. #3560)
Dennis had no answer when Rachel wondered why Jamie was ignoring her letters and who the mystery girl was. Dennis told Iris that Eileen said her parents won't object to her divorces. Greg was annoyed that Marianne felt their future looked rosy. Pat admitted to Susan she may have led Greg on since she was flattered by his attention, and that it might do her good to talk to a stranger about her troubles. Liz offered her decorating services to Charley, then escorted Sally home when she showed up at the shop. Dino and Sharon told Blaine that Dennis wasn't at work yet, then Rachel arrived and pounced on her letter to Jamie that spilled out of Blaine's purse. Iris dropped by the Simpson household to warn Nora that a dissolute Dennis was just trifling with Eileen. Dennis admitted to Rachel that Jamie had been interested in the foreman's daughter. Marianne arrived to find Pat with Greg, who later lied Pat had begged him to be with her. Mac didn't jump to Rachel's conclusion that Blaine was scouting out Jamie's background. They made plans to fly to Wyoming as Blaine sat in her airplane seat murmuring to herself.

JULY 24, 1978 (EP. #3561)
Rachel was upset when Mac insisted on postponing their trip so Dr. Spencer can give her a check-up. At the bunkhouse at the W/L Ranch in Saddle Spring, Wyoming, Mitch prevented Buzz from warning Jamie that Fred was protective of his daughter. Blaine was pleased when Jamie was thrilled at her return. Jim advised Angie not to pay attention when Liz insisted she get Joey to stop encouraging Sally. Gwen told Willis that her mother couldn't make it to the wedding. Rachel told Ada about the little schemer from Wyoming. Dino told Elena that Sharon left to tend her sick mother, then Mac told her that Rachel has to delay her new piece. Alice turned down Liz's idea to send Sally to camp as Sally had resented always being sent away by her parents. Elena agreed to attend the wedding after Gwen apologized for being unreasonable about her friendship with Russ. Mac tried to curb Rachel's impatience as Blaine and Jamie headed off to find a quiet spot to be together.

First appearance of Tim Holcomb as Jamie Frame.

Blaine: [TO HERSELF] "I gotta get out of this place!" [SHE CLOSES HER EYES AND SIGHS. COMMERCIAL]

JULY 25, 1978 (EP. #3562)
Marianne told Pat not to waste time singing Rick's praises to her as he was already involved with Kate Donovan. Eileen insisted to Nora that Iris had been lying. Vivien was sad Louise's training still hasn't made her acceptable to Iris, then Dennis arrived to continue mending fences. Vince told Charley he feels the need to live alone with Angie, then Clarice told him she doesn't feel she and Cory can join Burt in Japan, where he was just assigned to head the firm's office there. Pat asked Rick to offer to play doubles with Marianne and Greg. Eileen told Dennis of Iris's visit to her mother. Dennis advised Mac that Fred tried to keep Blaine in line since she always sets her sights on rich men. Rose approved of Vince's honeymoon plans, but Angie insisted Jim couldn't manage without her. Greg jumped at the chance when Rick asked Marianne to play tennis with him and Pat. Brian informed Mac that a German publishing combine was trying to buy out his European associates. Brian refused to help her when Dennis railed at Iris for maligning him to Nora.

JULY 26, 1978 (EP. #3563)
Mac broke it to Rachel that they'll have to postpone their trip since he might be needed in Paris. Iris became huffy when Brian disbelieved she'd never lied to Nora. Ada told Clarice her marriage won't survive if she and Burt try for a long-distance relationship. Greg pushed Marianne (happily spending the day cleaning his apartment) into getting John on their side. John encouraged Susan to get to know Greg personally. Rachel feared to Ada that Jamie would be hurt as she had once hurt people. Larry was upset to find his sister Blaine in Jamie's arms. Blaine told Larry that while he was in Montana, she lied to Fred that she was going to visit Rita Connelly back East. Larry agreed to help her land Jamie when she revealed how rich his step-father is. Marianne informed John that Rick wasn't interested in Pat. Brian said he's decided to move back in after Iris cried that Mac sent her to Europe so he could be a man about town. Rachel insisted on accompanying Mac and Brooks to the airport.

Larry: (Introduction Line) "Blaine!" [SHE RISES QUICKLY, AND SO DOES JAMIE] "What are you doing here?"

Notes: First appearance of Rick Porter as Larry Ewing.

JULY 27, 1978 (EP. #3564)
Liz suggested Brian as best man after Gwen and Willis learned Mac would be out of town for their wedding. Alice agreed, so Sally phoned to invite Dan for lunch. Rose vowed to Vince she'd get Jim's permission to take Angie away. Sally wondered if Joey was sick when he groaned after she phoned him at the shop. Joey agreed to come to Sally's party since Eileen was invited. Olive speculated Susan didn't love Dan when Susan was annoyed to find them together in Dan's office. Angie was upset to come downstairs to find Rose asking Jim to give Angie some time off. Brian agreed to stand up for Willis and offered to have the reception at Iris's new suite. Alice asked Liz to help her get Sally over Joey. Clarice told Gwen that Burt will fly in from time to time to see her. Angie backed down when Vince wondered why she was so upset. Dan told Olive he sympathized with her difficult life after reading her case history in Cal Zimmerman's files. Dan had to turn down Alice's invite to dinner after asking Olive to Tall Boys.

Dan: "You might say hello to Olive."
Susan: [GRIMLY] "Hello to Olive." [SHE STARTS OUT AGAIN]
Dan: "I apologize for her, Olive."
Susan: [COMING BACK] "No one has to apologize for being rude to Olive."

JULY 28, 1978 (EP. #3565)
Louise phoned Ada for help after she and Brooks failed to talk Rachel out of flying to Wyoming alone. Dino told Elena he would be bearding the lioness in her den by visiting Iris. Iris gleaned that something was up as Vivien phoned Louise for help managing the household account. Dino found it very exciting when Vivien said Iris couldn't see him. Ada shuttled Iris out to the terrace, then shoved her out the foyer when Rachel came home. Louise was relieved when Ada offered to accompany Rachel. Larry warned Mitch to keep his nose out of Blaine's business or he'd be riding some other range. Vince gave Nancy a kiss after Rose agreed to Ada's request to look after her. Iris was intrigued to learn Sharon was away. Iris relented and agreed to host the reception after Brian suggested Rachel can take over if she declines. Blaine slipped Rachel's letter to him under the truck seat after Jamie slipped out to pick her some flowers. Rachel and Ada left for the airport.

Notes: The Cory "branch of the firm" was rewritten as "associates."

JULY 31, 1978 (EP. #3566)
The waitress who brought breakfast to Ada and Rachel in their motel room was mum on how well she knew Blaine. Blaine's tears encouraged Jamie to ask her to come to Bay City with him. Mitch warned Blaine that Fred could get fired if the owner hears about her and Jamie. Gwen and Willis were surprised at the new, mellow Iris who came by to discuss the reception. Mitch went to get Jamie when Ada arrived. Ada and Jamie realized their letters to each other never arrived. Iris coaxed Liz into agreeing to co-host with her. Clarice didn't want to be in the same room with Iris when Liz told Gwen she was now a co-hostess. Iris came by the Perrini household to meet Rose and ask her to persuade Vince and Angie to attend the wedding. Jamie left when Rachel began harping on Blaine.

AUGUST 1, 1978 (EP. #3567)
Angie reluctantly agreed when Vince wanted to attend the reception. Susan admitted to Alice that she'd been devastated when her beloved brother Bill was killed in the sailing accident. Sally agreed to go to dinner with Liz. Charley found Clarice vacuuming the apartment since she and Cory will be moving back in as Burt accepted the job transfer. Rick introduced Pat to Kate Donovan, an English instructor at Bay State. Pat fumed when Greg flirted with Kate in front of Marianne. Alice smiled encouragingly at Dan, but Susan informed him she was independent now and didn't want to return to living in his shadow. Angie watched as Vince and Joey fed Nancy and spoke of Angie having kids. At Tall Boys, Sally and Liz became closer as they discussed Bill. Liz became upset when Dan walked in with Olive.

Alice: "You were very close to him."
Susan: "Sure, he was my older brother-- You remember what that was like when we were growing up."
Alice: "Pat and I used to tease you about following your brother around." (Originally written, "... about caring so much for your brother.")
Susan: "Yeah, I know..." [SHE TURNS AWAY]
Susan: "There, I finally said it."
Alice: "Said what?"
Susan: "That I loved Bill too much, perhaps?"

Rick: "Oh, Kate, hi."
Kate: (Introduction Line) "Hello, Rick."

Sally: "Tell me about Bill."
Liz: "Oh, Bill. Well, he was called William the same as his father--"
Sally: "Your husband was Bill, too?"
Liz: "We called him Will, so we wouldn't get them mixed up."
Sally: "I see."
Liz: "Will died long ago." [SHE STOPS AND STARES INTO SPACE]
Sally: "Before Bill died?"
Liz: "Yes. I've been a widow for a long time now."
Sally: "You never wanted to get married again?"
Liz: "Oh, yes, but it never worked out."
Sally: "Maybe it will yet."
Liz: "I don't hope for that anymore."

Notes: First appearance of Gordona Rashovich as Kate Donovan.

AUGUST 2, 1978 (EP. #3568)
Rachel vowed to Ada she'd tell Jamie about the letter in Blaine's purse. Blaine made excuses after Larry found Jamie's letters hidden in his truck. Ismene told Louise she misses the Corys. Since Rachel kept her trip a secret from Mac, Louise and Brooks worried when Iris pressed them on her whereabouts. Brian tried to keep Willis from climbing the walls. Clarice helped Gwen put on her mother's wedding gown. Angie hesitated briefly before leaving the house with Vince. Larry met Ada and Rachel and smiled tolerantly as he explained why Jamie was unavailable, then handed over Jamie's letters, saying they'd been misplaced. Iris, Elena, Charley, Liz, Dennis, Vince, and Angie watched as Gwen joined Willis at the altar. Angie closed her eyes involuntarily, then opened them and sat up straight when the minister asked if anyone knew why they should not be married. At Iris's, Charley broke it to Willis that Vince and Angie left during the ceremony, then everyone congratulated Willis and Gwen. Rose distracted Vince with Nancy after Angie explained she'd just been overcome seeing them getting married in a church. Larry cautioned Blaine that Rachel was skeptical about the letters.

Minister: "Wilt thou, Willis, have this woman to be thy wedded wife?..." (ETCETERA)
Willis: "I will."
Minister: "Wilt thou, Gwendolen, have this Man to be thy wedded husband..." (ETCETERA)
Minister: "I now pronounce you man and wife." [HE SMILE BENIGNLY AT GWEN, THEN TURNS TO WILLIS] "You may kiss your bride, Mr. Frame."
Iris: [TURNING TO LIZ] "Oh, Liz, you're crying."
Liz: "I know it's silly, but I can't help it."

Rachel: "That girl is just like I was years ago."
Ada: "I hope not, or you've got a fight on your hands."

AUGUST 3, 1978 (EP. #3569)
Marianne informed Greg (who backed out of their next tennis game) that there was an age difference between them as well when he complained about Pat and Rick. Joey refused to obey Rose's edict to stay out of Vince and Angie's troubles. Susan threw Liz out when she harped on Olive and Dan. Jim took Nancy for a snack so Rose could convince Angie to let Vince help her forget things by taking her away. Joey encouraged Vince. Dan was asked by Pat to be the fourth in her tennis game, asked by Olive to dinner, and advised by Susan to drop Olive. John was relieved when Pat informed him Rick was dating Kate. Dan informed Liz she can't begin to comprehend the material deprivation that Olive has suffered. Pat and Marianne stalked off the courts after Olive showed up in tennis clothes and carrying a racket. Jim let Liz stay for supper when she cried that Dan has turned against her. Marianne interrupted Greg's fantasy of Pat taking up with Rick. Joey and Rose were happy when Angie told Vince that Jim gave her two weeks off.

AUGUST 4, 1978 (EP. #3570)
Blaine insisted on tagging along when Ada came to ask Jamie to come back to the hotel to see Rachel. Elena said she'd find him a room at the Bayview when Sharon (who will have to go to New York often) said Dino worried about living alone in her guest house. Elena advised Dennis to thwart Iris by speaking directly to Nora. John made excuses for him when Pat urged him to fire Greg after she got him to find out Greg had lied about why he couldn't made the tennis date. Gwen insisted she and Willis clear things up with Angie and Vince before going on their honeymoon. Dennis was dumbfounded when Nora told him what Iris said. Rose told Willis and Gwen that Vince and Angie were away. Iris refused to be bullied when Dennis and Brian insisted she had to retract her statements to Nora. Blaine denied everything when Rachel told Jamie that Dino saw her letter in Blaine's purse. Rachel collapsed after trying to run after Jamie, who'd run after Blaine.

Gwen: "Liz has never had much use for me."
Willis: "She's relieved you've become a Frame instead of a Matthews."
Gwen: [PUTTING HER ARMS AROUND HIM] "Oh, Willis, the things you've rescued me from!"

AUGUST 7, 1978 (EP. #3571)
Ada tried to calm Rachel, who panicked about the baby, Jamie, and Mac. John asked Greg to fill in for him while he's in Washington. Michael told Pat that John might dismiss Greg if he passes his bar exams in the fall. After Dr. Campbell said Rachel was in false labor, Ada said she'd try to convince Jamie to return home with them. Blaine talked Jamie out of returning to the hotel. Rose teased Charley about missing Ada. Ada warned Blaine not to interfere when she convinced Jamie to return home. Greg agreed to get married in September. John asked Michael to cooperate with Greg at work. Rose promised to help when Sally phoned Joey to pester him. Ada opened the door so Jamie could carry Rachel out.

AUGUST 8, 1978 (EP. #3572)
Alice helped wheel Rachel away as Jamie and Ada filled Dan in. Jamie promised Rachel he'd find Mac. Nora finally relented when Dennis phoned Eileen to say he was bringing Iris over. Iris sulked but relented when Brian offered to go in her place if she doesn't accompany Dennis. Brooks and Louise offered to help when Jamie filled them in. Rose recruited Sally to sit with Nancy when she showed up to accompany Joey to work. Nora decried Dennis when Iris said he'd bullied her into coming. Iris finally admitted to Nora she'd lied, then rushed out in tears. Nora advised Dennis to stick by his mother and allowed him to continue seeing Eileen. Louise, Brooks, and Jamie instructed Liz not to alarm Mac if he calls her. Olive invited Dan for tennis and/or dinner. Linda told Jamie not to tire Rachel out. Ada phoned Rose to check on Nancy. Brian exasperated Iris by apologizing to Vivien for her behavior. Liz came to Brian and Iris for help in locating Mac.

Nora: (Exit Line, to Eileen) "You better get on to work, honey. I'm changing back into my house dress."

AUGUST 9, 1978 (EP. #3573)
Iris and Brian arrived and spoke to Ada after Jamie went in to see Rachel. As Blaine packed her bags, Larry handed her some money and promised to join her in Bay City as soon as he could. A concerned Pat couldn't get through to Susan, who was sure Dan was just using Olive to make her jealous. Jamie was amused when Iris recounted her low opinion of Buzz and Mitch, then Rose came by with flowers. Charley helped Clarice move back in. Alice agreed when Rose asked her to help Sally find a job to keep her away from Joey. After Jamie hinted he wanted to return to Wyoming, Ada asked Charley to offer Jamie a job to keep him in town. Brooks told Louise not to bother Rachel about it when Blaine showed up at the mansion. Jamie told Ada he accepted the job offer.

AUGUST 10, 1978 (EP. #3574)
A bored Sally slumped on the couch and relented when Alice insisted she work in the hospital day-care center since she wasn't mature enough to be left alone all day. Michael was irritated that John asked Eileen to befriend Marianne. Pat asked Eileen to bring Dennis to play tennis. Rose confided to Clarice she worried about Vince and Angie, then urged her to get Sally to sit with Cory so she can get a job. Alice made Sally thank Dan for getting her the job. Dan agreed to a tennis date with Olive. Dennis told Elena he was thinking of changing his major to art next semester. Elena let Dennis off early when Eileen wanted him for tennis. Dennis refused Blaine's request for help with Jamie. After Dennis and Eileen joined Pat and Rick on the courts, Olive made sure Pat heard her invite Dan for drinks afterward. Sally agreed when Clarice asked Alice if Sally could sit with Cory for the rest of the summer. Eileen told Rick she was studying English as she hoped to teach someday. Pat told Dennis about Rachel's condition and that she'd just filled Mac in.

AUGUST 11, 1978 (EP. #3575)
Ada welcomed Mac back. Jamie apologized to Rachel for the trouble he caused her. Greg said he'd handle her assignments when Michael offered to let Clarice come back to work doing typing for them. Rachel awoke to find Mac at her bedside, then admitted she'd gone to Wyoming. Marianne agreed to patch things up with Eileen. Blaine arrived at the hospital and explained to Jamie that Buzz had stolen his letters looking for money. Mac was ecstatic when Linda told him Rachel had delivered a girl by Caesarean, now in an incubator since she was four weeks early. Iris was devastated when Mac let it slip she was adopted. Marianne turned and rushed off after watching Greg flirt with Clarice. Iris's frantic desperation convinced Brian to agree to take her away without an explanation.

Mac: [TURNING] "Well, Linda?"
Linda: "Congratulations, Mac. You have a lovely daughter."
Mac: "I can't believe it!"
Ada: [HUGGING HIM] "Oh, Mac."
Mac: "A baby girl, after all these years!"
Jamie: [SHAKING HIS HAND] "Congratulations, Mac."

Mac: "It doesn't matter, as long as I got home for the birth of my first baby." [IRIS STARES AT HIM, BLANKLY, BUT MAC DOESN'T NOTICE] "All these years I've dreamed of having a child and now here she is."
Iris: [WHISPERING] "What are you saying?"
Mac: "Oh, Iris, I'm sorry... I'm just rambling on..." [HE TURNS AWAY]
Iris: "Oh, no, you're not." [SHE TURNS HIM AROUND] "I want to know what you're telling me."
Mac: "Darling, I don't know what I'm saying."
Iris: "You said that this is your first child."
Mac: "Did I say that?"
Iris: "Daddy, tell me what you meant!"
Mac: "I promised your mother--" [HE STOPS]
Iris: "Go on, please."
Mac: "Oh, Iris, I'm so exhausted from that flight from Paris and then from New York, I wasn't thinking. Your mother couldn't have children... I mean my wife couldn't have children, so we adopted you." [IRIS SHAKES HER HEAD IN MUTE DENIAL. MAC GOES TO HER] "You were three weeks old, so it was like having our own baby."
Iris: "I'm not your child."
Mac: "But then, your mother died."
Iris: [SHOUTING] "I'm not your child?"
Mac: "Iris, listen to me."
Iris: "No, no... never again." [SHE TURNS AND GOES OUT QUICKLY]

Notes: Michael's scenes were originally intended to have been played by John.

AUGUST 14, 1978 (EP. #3576)
Louise and Brooks discouraged Vivien from quitting and tried to find out why Iris left without taking any of her clothes. Dan said he was totally available when Pat described Olive's history of zeroing in on lonely men. Jamie vowed to move out if Dennis continued badmouthing Blaine. Jamie promised to find Blaine a job to keep her from going back to Wyoming. Dennis stopped by the courts but declined when Pat, Rick, and Kate asked him to be their fourth. Louise ignored Blaine when she and Brooks stopped by to ask Jamie where they could reach Dennis. Susan refused Pat's request to rescue Dan. Susan phoned the house after Olive convinced Dan to come to her place. Louise and Brooks learned from Dennis that Iris must have left since she'd humiliated herself to Nora.

Notes: Vivien refers to Rudy, seen next year.

AUGUST 15, 1978 (EP. #3577)
Gwen phoned Liz for news after she and Willis arrived home. Charley told Alice that Joey will be relieved when she dropped Sally off at Clarice's. Eileen wasn't interested in Greg's small talk, then Marianne called him on his flirting, but quickly apologized for her jealousy. Ada brought muffins to Charley and Joey and filled them in about the baby. Larry showed up at the boarding house, promised to help Blaine make progress with Jamie, and advised her to make herself more presentable by doing something with her hair. Marianne hoped to Jim that Pat would accept Greg the way Mary eventually did Steve. Willis told Rose he wants them all to be friends again. Jamie offered to help Larry find a job. Sally was surprised to hear Willis had gotten married when Gwen dropped by to see Clarice, who worried when Alice arrived and congratulated Gwen.

Blaine: "Well?"
Larry: "You're on your way, honey, if we play it right." [COMMERCIAL]

AUGUST 16, 1978 (EP. #3578)
Mac and Rachel named the baby Amanda since she wanted an old-fashioned name. Jim advised Michael to back down on Greg, since he didn't listen when Marianne tried to warn him about Molly. Liz tried to phone Iris as Mac told Pat about Amanda. Greg accepted Kate's tennis and dinner invite after she told him of the time Pat's been spending with Rick. Marianne asked Michael to give Greg a chance since she can't believe Pat as she's changed since the divorce. Mac was distressed when Louise and Brooks told him of Iris's hasty departure. Rachel was puzzled when Jamie didn't have much to say about Blaine. When Greg arrived to play with Kate, she winked at Rick, who told Pat she was leading him on to show Marianne what kind of man he is. Greg lied to Marianne (who showered him with presents) about who it was when Kate phoned.

Ada: [READING] "Agnes... Alexandra... Alice... Alma... Amanda."
Rachel: "That's very pretty."
Mac: "It was my mother's name."
Rachel: "Why didn't you tell me that before?"
Mac: "I didn't want to influence you."
Rachel: "You like it, Mom?"
Ada: "Yeah... It's pretty."
Rachel: "Amanda Cory."
Mac: "That old-fashioned enough for you?"
Rachel: "I think it's just right."

Jamie: "Amanda?"
Rachel: "That's your sister."
Jamie: "No kidding!"
Rachel: "You don't like it?"
Jamie: "She'll grow into it."
Rachel: "Too dignified?"
Jamie: "She can be Amanda to you... she'll be Mandy to me..."

AUGUST 17, 1978 (EP. #3579)
Vivien wasn't much help when Liz tried to find out why Iris left. Sharon told Dino they had to entertain Dennis and his friends since Elena was away. Rick feigned distress after letting it slip to Marianne that Kate had enjoyed playing tennis with Greg last night. Alice informed Susan that Olive was probably culpable in Evan's death. A bored Dan was thrilled when Olive dropped by. Mac wouldn't discuss Iris's disappearance with Liz. Jamie and Dennis got into an argument after Sharon invited Jamie to the pool party. Jamie introduced Blaine and Larry to Charley, who offered Larry work at the repair shop. Susan apologized for having deprived Dan of the warmth a husband expects, and he readily agreed to try to work things out. Dennis, Eileen, Kate, and Rick frolicked in the pool to tunes from Chuck Mangione's "Main Squeeze" album. Eileen was upset when Dennis told Liz why Iris probably left town.

AUGUST 18, 1978 (EP. #3580)
Mac met Blaine when he came to ask Jamie to dinner. Olive wasn't pleased to stop by and find Dan and Susan in a morning-after glow. Ada told Rose, Joey, and Jim (at their house to inquire after Angie) about Amanda. Alice warned Olive she wasn't going to let her hurt Susan the way she did Pat, but Susan was mortified when Olive rubbed it in that Dan told her she'd never been a true wife to him. Mac and Ada fussed over Rachel after bringing her home from the hospital. Clarice was there when Ada came by to pick up Nancy from Rose. Susan insisted to Alice that Dan mu have blabbed their private affairs to Olive. Sally told Jim about taking care of Cory. Mac phoned to invite Jamie over, but Blaine made him decline. Rachel seethed when Mac and Ada told her that girl from Wyoming was back in town.

AUGUST 21, 1978 (EP. #3581)
Rose and Joey welcomed Vince and Angie back from their honeymoon. Dino told Louise he'd like to give Amanda a painting to hang in her nursery. Blaine suggested to Jamie he kick Dennis out. Clarice told Charley it'll be hard to find a job when Sally is no longer around to babysit Cory. Sally was disappointed when she phoned for Joey at Mr. Fixit but only Larry was there. Jamie got angry with Dennis for not speaking well of Blaine. Larry told Joey he hasn't seen his mother in a long time. A miserable Angie admitted to Rose she still loves Willis.

Charley: (After fixing something of Clarice's) "They don't call me Mr. Fixit for nothing."

AUGUST 22, 1978 (EP. #3582)
Susan accused Dan of telling Olive intimate details of their marriage. Jamie accused Rachel of not liking Blaine the same way Iris disliked any of Dennis's girls. Liz told Pat she was enjoying her new editorial work. Jim reminded Pat that Mary objected to Steve when she told him she objects to Greg. Sally invited Jamie to her party, but Blaine declined to accompany him when she heard Dennis would be there. Willis told Mac that Brian filled in for him adequately as best man while Mac was in Europe. Olive made Dan crash on her sofa when he showed up drunk and miserable.

AUGUST 23, 1978 (EP. #3583)
Greg covered when Marianne accused him of being seen with Kate Donovan. Susan feigned indifference when Alice told her Linda received a call from a woman saying Dan wouldn't be in to work. Angie told Jim she'll be taking classes in accounting so she'll be able to take on more responsibility. Vince agreed to hire Blaine to replace Jamie, who's returning to college. Pat asked Kate Donovan and Rick Ludlow for advice on Greg, and they had only good things to say about him. Olive enjoyed letting Alice know Dan was in her home. Pat and Greg agreed to forget what happened between them for Marianne's sake.

AUGUST 24, 1978 (EP. #3584)
Blaine got nervous when Charley introduced her to Clarice as being married to Ada's stepson. Michael wasn't persuaded by Pat's belief that Greg was a changed man, but agreed to give him the benefit of the doubt. Blaine and Jamie ditched attending Sally's party in favor of spending the afternoon in her room. Eileen told Joey not to have expectations she can't encourage when he came across her and Dennis having fun in Elena's swimming pool. Eileen got Dennis to cancel their plans for Sally's party when he said Joey would be there. Ada agreed to talk to Charley about Jamie and Blaine for Rachel. Greg murmured to himself about getting out of town when Michael shook his hand but warned him not to hurt Marianne. Joey told Sally they couldn't be friends anymore, explaining his feelings for her as the same as Eileen's for him. Sally ran into the bedroom when Clarice came home and caught her in Joey's arms.

AUGUST 25, 1978, (EP. #3585)
Mac told Rachel it's possible she's projecting onto Blaine qualities she herself had in the past, and she admitted the similarity to her pursuit of Russ. Larry stormed out when Ada came over to criticize Blaine to Charley. Dan was angry when Alice tried to warn him about Olive, but then stared after her thoughtfully when she mentioned being lonely herself. Vince refused Rachel's request that he keep an eye on Blaine and Jamie. Pat told Mac that Rachel's problems with Jamie and Blaine sound like hers with Mike and Molly. Alice was upset when Clarice told her Sally had seen Joey alone in Clarice's apartment. Dan kissed Olive after she played the sympathy game. Blaine vowed to Larry she would marry Jamie when Rachel threatened to uncover dirt on her.

Dan: (About Olive) "She's a lonely, disappointed, woman."
Alice: "She isn't the only lonely, disappointed woman in the world!"

Mac: (To Pat) "I'd rather Liz didn't overhear this... accidentally, as she often does."

AUGUST 28, 1978 (EP. #3586)
Susan threw Olive out when she came by to let Susan know Dan had spent the night. Alice comforted Sally when she cried about Joey's indifference. Marianne hoped that Greg went to see Joan, who has been spending the summer traveling, when she found his suitcase and clothes missing. Sally packed a bag, wrote a note, and left home. Joey suggested Alice send Sally away to school so she could make friends her own age. Susan was hostile to Dan that Olive knew she was frigid with Dan even though Dan insisted he didn't tell that to Olive.

Alice: "Hello, I'm Alice Gordon."
Larry: "Howdy... My name's Larry Ewing."

AUGUST 29, 1978 (EP. #3587)
Vince accused Angie of not wanting to be with him when she said she'll be spending four nights a week in night classes. Mac said he'd handle it when a livid Jamie came to confront Rachel about threatening to hire a P.I. to investigate Blaine. Willis said Gwen was to thank for him getting over his resentment of Vince marrying Angie. Mac slammed the door and Rachel flung her brandy glass after Mac forbade her from alienating Jamie be hiring a P.I. Olive tried to convince Dan that Susan was the liar, not her. Blaine admitted to Mac she wouldn't be as interested in Jamie if he weren't rich.

AUGUST 30, 1978 (EP. #3588)
Pat's advice was for Rachel to get to know Blaine better. Brian called Mac from Millie Marberry's villa in St. Tropez, but Mac wouldn't reveal what was wrong with Iris. Susan snapped out of her depression when Alice told her Sally had run away. Michael told Clarice he'd arrange a job interview for her at the campus coffee shop when she mentioned having been a hostess at the Steak House. Marianne threw a fit when Pat, Kate, and Rick tried to cheer up over Greg's disappearance. Jamie was pleased when Rachel promised to give Blaine another chance.

Note: A reference to Bryant's.

AUGUST 31, 1978 (EP. #3589)
Dennis warned Blaine that Buzz and Mitch had filled him in about her. Jamie agreed to ask Dennis to move out when Blaine cried in his arms about Dennis's insults. Sally phoned Joey and tried to get him to promise to see her again. Jim told Gwen he has no hard feelings that she had broken her engagement to Russ. Vince badgered Angie to have kids with him, but it was Willis's kids she wanted.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1978 (EP. #3590)
Clarice told Larry not to call her "ma'am," but as a ranch hand, he wasn't used to being around ladies. Dan told Alice that Susan had become a psychologist after being treated for deep depression a year into their marriage. Millie and Georgio advised Brian to phone Elena for advice about Iris's blue funk. Elena suggested Dennis stay in Iris's suite while she was away. Vince was touched when Willis hugged him and told him he wants him to be happy. Mac revealed to Rachel his first wife made him promise on her deathbed never to reveal they had adopted Iris when she was three weeks old because she couldn't have children.

Charley: "Honey, this is Larry Ewing... Clarice McGowan."
Clarice: "Hi-ya."
Larry: "Hello, Clarice."
Charley: "Larry here's from Montana."
Larry: "Wyoming."
Charley: "Sorry, Wyoming."
Clarice: "You're a long way from home."
Larry: "It never was much of a home, I'm afraid."
Clarice: "I hope Bay City will be."

SEPTEMBER 4, 1978 (EP. #3591)
Iris told Brian not to bedevil her when he tried to bring her out of her doldrums. Alice asked Willis to let her know if Sally contacts him, since Sally always liked him. Willis was only too willing to help Alice expose Olive, even when it meant admitting to Gwen he had brought Olive to Bay City to help him take Steve's company from Alice. Elena convinced Mac that Iris needed his help. Michael and Marianne welcomed John home. Mac phoned Iris at Lita Dal Porto's villa but she screamed that she wishes he, and she, were dead. Elena phoned, and Iris begged her to send Louise to her.

Brian: "Why are you calling him Mac?" [SHE SHRUGS] "He's always been Daddy to you."
Iris: "Not any more."

SEPTEMBER 5, 1978 (EP. #3592)
Joey lured Sally out of hiding with food. Mac dismissed Rachel's fancy notion of giving Amanda a middle name. Rachel was surprised when Mac told her Iris had tried to commit suicide before. Joey reunited Sally with Jim. Louise was hesitant to leave since Amanda was due home. Dennis told Vivien not to call him "sir." Rachel urged Dennis to be there for Iris in her time of need. Jamie told Mac he would leave town with Blaine if Rachel didn't change her attitude. Joey talked Sally into reconciling with Alice.

Joey: (To Sally) "When you're older, you'll find someone who will make you forget you ever knew me."

SEPTEMBER 6, 1978 (EP. #3593)
Joey shared his misery over Eileen with the rest of his family. A delusional Marianne asked Eileen to be her maid of honor. Olive panicked when Alice said Willis will be revealing all her past dirty deeds, then slammed down on Gwen when she wouldn't help Olive reach Willis. Jim noticed that Marianne was smiling too brightly at him. Rose was embarrassed when Charley smiled at her. Willis told Olive he won't let her wreck Dan's life and told her to go back to her sons in California. John agreed to consider Pat's request that he fire Greg. Angie stared over Vince's shoulder, unconvinced, when he insisted he could make her love him more than she ever loved Willis.

Joey: "And I'm just a cluck working in a repair shop."
Angie: "You're not a cluck!"
Joey: "I'm certainly no Dennis Carrington."

Crawl: "Vince comes into the kitchen, gets a glass of milk, and sits down."

SEPTEMBER 7, 1978 (EP. #3594)
Louise cried in Brooks's arms after recounting how Iris had once locked herself in her bathroom with a pair of scissors. Ada came down on Jamie for neglecting his family, then Charley came down on him for smooching Blaine while at work. Rick and Kate tried to cheer Pat up before their tennis game. Eileen told Dennis she couldn't accept Vivien's dinner invite unless another couple were present. Olive told an uninterested Dan that she was leaving Bay City since she had failed to find someone to replace Evan in her life. Ada was there to welcome Mac and Rachel when they brought Amanda home from the hospital.

Ada: "She's taking you for a ride, Jamie."
Jamie: "I like the ride!"
Ada: "You won't say that when you get to the end of it."

SEPTEMBER 8, 1978 (EP. #3595)
Millie told Georgio that the Russian Prince Yabotsky often mistook Louise for the Spanish Duchess D'Avril. Dan let Alice know he was annoyed that she was meddling in his life the way Liz does. Iris and Louise had an emotional reunion when Iris woke up from a dream and mistook Louise for her mother. Pat had a nightmare in which a younger version of herself failed to convince Marianne that Greg was just like Tom Baxter. Eileen told Blaine that her father owns a little grocery store and her two brothers work in the mills. Rachel was irritated when Jamie let Blaine hold Amanda during Amanda's homecoming party.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1978 (EP. #3596)
Iris was intrigued when Louise suggested her real parents may have been as distinguished as the Corys. Jim came to Ada for advice on how to help Angie. Pat confided in Susan that she fears her terrible premonition will come true. Iris got tipsy on brandy and wailed about Therese being gone. Greg returned to tell Marianne he feels uncomfortable about getting married because of her family's objections. Sally told Alice she wouldn't mind going away to school since it wasn't like when she was young, as now she had a real home to return to. Brian assured Iris he still loved her when she told him the truth.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1978 (EP. #3597)
Rose confided to Vince that she, like Angie, had been in love with someone else when she married her husband. Larry told Clarice he wished he had a girl who cared for him the way she cares for Burt. Jim was pleased when Angie said she sometimes thinks of him as a father. Jim warned Liz he would phone and warn Pat to lock the door against her if Liz insisted on butting in. Joey ragged on Vince for rudely turning down Gwen's dinner invitation. Angie cried in Rose's arms that Vince doesn't make her feel alive the way Willis does.

Michael: (About Greg) "That guy's the limit!"

Mac: (About Amanda's christening) "Miss Amanda Cory is going to be presented to the world in style!"

Crawl: "Angie and Vince in dark kitchen not speaking."

SEPTEMBER 13, 1978 (EP. #3598)
Larry quizzed Charley about Alice after she came by to ask Joey to Sally's going-away party. Willis and Gwen broke into laughter after arguing about Vince. John fired Greg when Greg couldn't supply a convincing explanation for leaving the firm in the lurch for two weeks. Claiming a dislike of strangers, Rose wouldn't agree to let Joey invite Larry over for dinner. Pat told Rick and Kate she hopes the firm will one day be called "Randolph and Randolph." Marianne kissed Greg to console him, but he looked over her shoulder, irritated, then stroked her hair absent-mindedly.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1978 (EP. #3599)
Larry warned Blaine not to overdo it when she said she plans to concentrate her efforts on winning Mac to her side. Brooks had a confusing phone conversation with Vivien. Dan told Susan she was the woman for him despite their sexual problems. Elena said goodbye to Dino (now clean-shaven) and Sharon, who were returning to SoHo. Dennis told Kate he often wished Rachel were his mother. Dan convinced Alice to go out to dinner to cheer them both up.

Brooks: "May I come in."
Vivien: "Yes." [SHE STANDS THERE, AND BROOKS SMILES] "What's the matter?"
Brooks: "You have to step aside so I can enter."

Notes: Last appearance of John DeVries and Kaiulani Lee as Dino and Sharon Amati.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1978 (EP. #3600)
Marianne stormed out when John refused to submit to her emotional blackmail and rehire Greg. Brian returned to hand Mac his resignation, at Iris's insistence. The only clue to Iris's parents Mac could give Brian was the name of his old banker, Foster Sturgis. Dennis, Eileen, Dan, Michael, Jim, Liz, and Joey came to Alice's house to wish Sally well in New England. Liz stared after them as Sally urged Joey to fight for Eileen. Dennis agreed when Brian asked him to see Iris. Mac told Rachel he couldn't bear Iris's resentment.

Liz: [WHISPERING] "That's Joey Perrini!"
Jim: "I know it is!"
Liz: "Well, why is he here?"
Jim: "Because Alice invited him. Really, Liz."

Brooks: "What happened to your leg?"
Vivien: "I fell over a chicken."
Note: Last appearance of Cathy Greene as Sally Frame. As this dialogue was pencilled in and bore no relation to the rest of the dialogue, it probably refers to a real-life injury to Gretchen Oehler's (Vivien) leg.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1978 (EP. #3601)
Dan grabbed the phone and apologized for Susan's bad manners when she bad-mouthed him to Pat. Larry suggested Blaine take Clarice's offer to babysit Cory so as to get in good with the Corys. Larry showed up at Mac's office in a suit and tie to thank him for being so kind to Blaine. Dan escorted Liz to the door when she came by his office to inquire about his marriage, but then had to laugh and kiss her on the cheek. Liz suggested a visit to Missy when Susan wanted to get away for awhile. Pat suggested to Mac that Michael take over Brian's position.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1978 (EP. #3602)
Mac and Rachel received congratulatory letters (for Amanda's birth) from Russ, and Amy and Austin Cushing in Point Claire. Brian asked Foster to look into the county records on Iris's adoption. After giving Rachel Dino's painting for Amanda, Elena became wistful while holding Amanda, saying she would give everything she had for a baby of her own. Blaine went to the campus coffee shop to accept Clarice's babysitting job. Greg didn't at all like Marianne's idea that she move in. Louise told an inquiring Iris all about her life: She and her sister Agnes grew up in a large run-down plantation in Kentucky, which was sold to pay her father's debts. Her parents died years ago, and her sister lives rights outside of Louisville. She and Agnes, no longer friends as they were in their youth, both married as soon as they finished school and are both widows now. Jim agreed to let Marianne move in with him.

Notes: The Cushings were characters from Lemay's concurrent soap, For Richer, For Poorer, which went off the air 10 days later. Agnes's name was originally Claire.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1978 (EP. #3603)
Angie flared up at Joey and Rose for talking about her behind her back. John had to turn down Mac's offer to become the new Cory Publishing corporate lawyer because of the current turmoil in his office. Michael sighed to himself after assuring Dennis he could take Eileen out of the office for lunch. A frustrated Michael told Pat they should just forget about Marianne. Greg warned Rick to stay away from Pat. Initially adamantly against it, Pat told Mac she wouldn't object if Mac hired Greg for the lawyer position. Vince dashed out of the restaurant when Willis and Gwen caught him sulking over a highball.

Angie: "Why don't you go fix a toaster or something?"
Joey: "Thanks a lot."

SEPTEMBER 21, 1978 (EP. #3604)
Angie promised Vince she'd be more responsive. Gwen told a concerned Willis she'd help him with Vince and Angie. Gwen advised Clarice to talk to Angie. Vince told Willis it was his happiness with Gwen that was very galling to Angie. Rick was disappointed that Kate wasn't interested in talking him out of taking a coaching position in Carmel. Angie hurried out when Clarice tried to talk to her about Vince. Pat convinced a skeptical Greg that she persuaded Mac to hire him because she felt guilty about asking John to fire him. Rose couldn't comfort Vince, who later walked out on Angie, when he found Angie's birth-control pills.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1978 (EP. #3605)
Louise and Brian welcomed Dennis to St. Tropez, and he and Iris made up. Greg told Marianne he questions Pat's motives. Rose told Angie that Vince has a right to her children. Brooks had tea with Ada and was pleased that she was no longer so formal with him and no longer called him "Mr. Brooks." Brooks was cheered by Louise's phone call. Angie sobbed brokenly after Willis insisted there wasn't the slightest chance for them. Larry told Blaine to concentrate on Mac. Rose cried on Ada's shoulder. Foster phoned Brian that a candidate for Iris's mother will be flying down in a few days.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1978 (EP. #3606)
Brian and Dennis were both disappointed when Iris wouldn't fill Dennis in. Vivien caught Mac asking Iris's portrait for forgiveness. Mac was pleased to find a sculpture of Rachel's in Iris's suite. John was disturbed when Marianne told him of Pat's change of heart about Greg. Foster introduced Iris to "Mrs. Brown" (really Cornelia Exeter). Marianne was disappointed when Greg told her he had to work late at the complex. Liz thanked Mac for hiring Greg. John didn't believe Pat when she insisted she has no interest in Greg.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1978 (EP. #3607)
Vince told Angie it was too late when she promised to be a good wife and have a baby with him. Gwen enthused over the family photos Willis's old schoolteacher Tillie Morelock sent. Dan told Alice he would keep asking until she accepted his dinner invitation. Rose told Charley that Angie didn't marry in the church because she couldn't really commit to the marriage. Vince was touched when Willis told him he can't be completely happy unless Vince is happy too. Greg said they had to postpone their wedding until he could get some time off work. Dan met Elena when he came by the gallery to buy an Amati for Alice. A deliriously happy Willis and Gwen danced and sang to the "I'll be loving you always" song.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1978 (EP. #3608)
Eileen apologized for embarrassing Michael when Dennis phoned her at the office. Cornelia was upset when Millie thought she recognized her. Blaine told Larry he could do much better than Clarice. Greg was pleased when Rick came by to say goodbye to Pat. Brian soothed Dennis's hurt feelings over being kept in the dark. Iris was thrilled when Millie told her Cornelia was one of the wealthiest women in America.

Notes: Last appearance of Scott Palmer as Rick Ludlow.

SEPTEMBER 28, 1978 (EP. #3609)
Gwen convinced Clarice to be with her and Willis when Vince comes to dinner. Jamie told Rachel that, according to Blaine, Buzz was the one who had intercepted her letters to him at camp. Clarice introduced Larry and Blaine to Michael. Dan told Liz he wasn't interested in a threesome when she saw him and Alice having dinner at L'Auberge and tried to invite herself.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1978 (EP. #3610)
Greg managed to convince John he was on the up-and-up. In case her plan backfired, Pat confided to Dan that she was leading Greg on so that Marianne could see him for what he was. Iris impulsively hugged Cornelia, who just stared over her head and advised her not to delude herself needlessly. Liz worried to Pat that Susan would be crushed to find out Dan and Alice had been seeing each other. Brian told Iris that Foster and Cornelia had bolted back to the States.

OCTOBER 2, 1978 (EP. #3611)
Susan returned and told Alice that Ricky was going to college in New Mexico. Dennis defended Mac when Iris told him she was adopted. Dan tried to get Alice jealous with Olive when Alice said they couldn't see each other any more. Vince kissed Rose on the top of her head, picked up his suitcases, and left as Rose sobbed. Rose couldn't convince Angie to go look for Vince. Iris turned cold when Dennis said he would side with Mac if Iris forced him to choose between them.

OCTOBER 3, 1978 (EP. #3612)
Rachel quizzed Larry about Buzz after Ada told her that he might know who took her letters. Clarice complained to Charley that Blaine was pushing Larry on her. Ada was amused when Brooks said Louise's plants missed her. Eileen, then Elena, were happy that Dennis was back in town. Susan accused Dan of seeking out lonely women, and he said Alice has helped squelch his interest in Olive. Rachel asked Dennis about Buzz. Blaine wistfully told Jamie how much she wanted a home. Rachel left a message for Buzz at the dude ranch.

Ada: "Okay, Ismene, I'm listening." [SHE LISTENS FOR A MOMENT, THEN SHAKES HER HEAD].

OCTOBER 4, 1978 (EP. #3613)
Angie cried on Gwen's shoulder and filled her in on all her marital troubles. Greg was pleased when Pat offered to take Liz's place and have a business dinner with him. Rose joined in the last lines of Charley's traveling song. Angie advised Marianne not to jump into marriage. A miserable Vince told Willis his marriage was a mistake. While Pat uncomfortably danced with Greg at the restaurant, Liz kept it from Marianne when she saw Greg's note about his dinner with Pat.

OCTOBER 5, 1978 (EP. #3614)
Mac and Rachel were concerned about Elena's lack of family. Dennis assured Mac he didn't resent him. Michael asked Kate out. Jim wouldn't listen to Liz's accusations of a relationship between Pat and Greg. Eileen told Dennis her family was moving to Minneapolis since her father took a job as manager of a large shopping mall, but that her mother was letting her stay with her Aunt Rita and Uncle Paul Connelly until she finishes college. Buzz Winslow returned Rachel's call. Rachel offered to fly Buzz, Blaine's old boyfriend, to Bay City when he warned her Blaine would make Jamie unhappy. Cornelia left after Mac refused to speak to her without Rachel's presence.

Dennis: "I may run a gallery myself someday."

OCTOBER 6, 1978 (EP. #3615)
Rachel told an upset Ada she'll have Buzz stay in Rocky's old room above the stables since their groom left to take a job at the riding academy. Jamie told Blaine that he was majoring in Literature while Dennis's major was Art. Alice had no problem giving up her relationship with Dan for Susan's sake. Buzz arrived and defended Blaine to Rachel. Liz chided Susan for criticizing Alice. Vince made a date with Mimi, a friendly waitress at the Honey Bee Diner. Cornelia filled Mac in. Blaine was stunned when Rachel sprung Buzz on her and Jamie.

Mimi: (Introduction Line, to Vince) "Our special today is goulash."

Crawl: "Blank crawl."

Notes: First appearance of Trish Hawkins as Mimi Haines Frame.

OCTOBER 9, 1978 (EP. #3616)
Buzz insisted coming to Bay City was his own idea, but Blaine knew better. Rachel tried to get Jamie to listen to Buzz when a sobbing Blaine begged him to take her home. Mac told Cornelia about Iris's background. Cornelia realized Iris wasn't hers when she learned the locket she'd given the baby (with a photo of her and the baby's father) wasn't with a baby Iris. Rachel admitted she was behind Buzz's presence in Bay City, and failed to convince Jamie of Blaine's lies. Brian and Iris returned to their suite. Eileen was put out when Denis wanted to spend the night with her. Foster discovered that the locket was in the possession of a woman who died in an accident in college many years ago. Mac agreed to hire Jamie's "friend" from Wyoming.

Buzz: (To Jamie) "Hey, sonny, she's really got you buffaloed!"

Crawl: "Rachel with her head in Mac's lap in Cory LR. Blaine with her head in Jamie's lap in loft."

OCTOBER 10, 1978 (EP. #3617)
Iris told Vivien to return Rachel's sculpture to the gallery, but Brian insisted she return it herself. Brooks introduced Louise to Buzz. Jamie and Blaine wouldn't let Dennis move back into the loft. Foster told Brian Cornelia wasn't Iris's mother. Iris boasted to Elena that her real father was the heir to the Denby fortune. Blaine ran to Larry and got him to agree to talk to Buzz. Pat told Dan she may have to take the first step with Greg since he's been very restrained around her. Dennis kissed Elena on the cheek after she offered to let him live in her guesthouse, and she slowly rubbed her cheek where he kissed her, smiling to herself. Iris said she couldn't take the disappointment again when Brian vowed to keep searching. Dan tried to deflate Liz's suspicions of Pat and Greg.

Iris: "You ask for the Countess de Poulignac."
Vivien: "The Countess what?"

OCTOBER 11, 1978 (EP. #3618)
Rose told a concerned Joey not to interfere with Angie and Gwen. Vince admitted to Mimi he was married, but she still wanted to keep seeing him. John gushed that his longtime dream of the firm being known as Randolph and Randolph would soon come true when Michael said he passed his bar exams and was now a full-fledged lawyer. Eileen told Michael she was happy he was interested in Kate. Eileen was worried about the gossip when Dennis told her he's living with Elena. Jim prodded Angie to go see Vince at his office. Vince insisted to Rose that Angie sacrificed their marriage to a lost cause. Mimi was uncomfortable when Angie innocently asked if she knew Vince. Jim, John, Marianne, Kate, Dennis, Eileen, Liz, Greg, and Pat attended Michael's surprise party at Jim's house. Various people noticed that Greg paid more attention to Pat than to Marianne.

OCTOBER 12, 1978 (EP. #3619)
Rachel dragged it out of Buzz that he slept with Blaine. Rachel agreed to let Dennis move in to the mansion when Elena fretted about Dennis's reputation being sullied. Charley suggested a nursery school for Nancy to Ada. Buzz warned Blaine her plan will blow up in her face, and she responded to his forceful kisses. Elena was sad when Mac convinced Dennis that moving in to the mansion would reaffirm their relationship. Michael was angry when Pat invited Greg to be her tennis partner against him and Kate. Rachel asked Mac to trust her about Buzz.

OCTOBER 13, 1978 (EP. #3620)
Blaine turned on the tears when Jamie bristled at her insults of Rachel. Dennis moved into the Cory mansion. The conversation degenerated into name-calling when Dan tried to sweet-talk Susan. Liz was a bear when Sylvie Kosloff tried to make an appointment to see Mac. Susan wanted to apologize to Dan but Linda said he'd gone to see Pat. Dennis failed to convince Iris to reconcile with Mac. Pat told Dan that Michael and John were falling for her ploy, and enlisted Dan's help. Elena smiled tremulously after convincing Dennis to stay on in her guesthouse. Mac was speechless when Sylvie, a woman's clothes designer with a plant in Ogden, told him Foster told her that Iris was the daughter she gave up for adoption. Blaine's threats to run away prompted a proposal from Jamie.

Sylvie: (Introduction Line) (To Liz after entering Mac's office) "I was told to come right back."

Sylvie: "It seems I do have a grandson, after all, as well as a daughter I never expected to see again."

Blaine: "What did you say?"
Jamie: "Sweetheart, I'm asking you to marry me.: [HE DRAWS HER CLOSE AS BLAINE STARES PAST HIM, SMILING THROUGH HER TEARS]

OCTOBER 16, 1978 (EP. #3621)
Blaine made sure Jamie believed all the bases were covered before accepting Jamie's proposal. Sylvie told Mac that she was the one who named Iris, that the father disappeared on her when he found out she was pregnant, and that the adoption agency convinced her they could find a better home for the baby than she could provide. Buzz confronted Larry and threatened to contact Larry's father if he didn't get Blaine away from Jamie. Elena tried to reassure Eileen about Dennis's living in her guesthouse. Eileen confided to Elena that Dennis, brought up differently from her, sometimes suggests things that aren't right. Blaine admitted to Larry she didn't love Jamie, but insisted she could be a good wife as long as she lived the way Rachel does. Larry suggested a waitress he knows when Blaine didn't want a maid of honor who would report back to the Cory's. Dennis and Eileen were both unhappy to realize they have different attitudes toward sex. Mac introduced Sylvie to Brian, who insisted on proof of her claim.

Buzz: (About Blaine) "We both watched her stalk the rich boys back on the ranch."
Larry: "We're a long way from the ranch, Buzzy-boy."


OCTOBER 17, 1978 (EP. 3622)
Iris flung a pillow at her when Vivien wouldn't tell her who Brian was flying to New York to see. Greg insisted to Marianne he had to get in Pat's good graces to keep his job. Vivien made Liz leave when she couldn't supply much comfort to Iris. Dan was incredulous when Susan said she was freeing him from their marriage as Alice could be the kind of wife to him that she's never been able to. John was excited when Liz suggested he ask Brian to join his firm. Dan didn't have a warm welcome for a returned Olive, who vowed not to give up what she wants when he said he was no longer interested in her. Marianne told Michael that Pat was leading Greg on. Dennis told Iris she better not hurt Elena's feelings. Iris thought it was some lunatic when an impatient Sylvie phoned her claiming to be her mother.

OCTOBER 18, 1978 (EP. #3623)
Gwen wasn't as happy as Willis when Leueen returned for a visit. Ada was surprised by Angie's violent reaction when she tied to talk to her about Vince. Mimi told Vince she met Angie. Larry convinced Mimi to stand up for Blaine. Rachel came to the campus coffee shop looking for Jamie, where Clarice told her she'll be visiting Burt in Japan soon. Kate told Rachel she saw her sculpture at Iris's. Liz was thrilled to see Leueen again and was happy to ask her to move in. Charley walked out quickly when he saw Vince lean over the counter and kiss Mimi. Jamie railed at Rachel for nagging him.

OCTOBER 19, 1978 (EP. #3624)
Iris had Vivien show Leueen out when she couldn't remember having seen Emily when she was pregnant with Iris. Olive told Susan that Dan wasn't going to put up with her dog in the manger attitude much longer. Greg told Marianne he had to work late at the office when Pat accepted his dinner and dancing invitation. A worried Brooks and Louise quizzed Buzz about Blaine. Elena found a nostalgic Sylvie wandering around the gallery. Sylvie later flung herself into Dennis's arms. Willis and Gwen told Leueen about their wedding. Marianne sat waiting in Pat's dark apartment and witnessed Pat return from her dinner with Greg and consent to a goodnight kiss. A furious Marianne screamed she doesn't want anything to do with Pat any more. Iris refused to let Brian introduce her to "Sylvie whats-her-name."

OCTOBER 20, 1978 (EP. #3625)
Charley helped a happy Clarice pack for her trip to Japan. John and Brian were both excited about the idea of working together. Vince was puzzled when Mimi told him Blaine was getting married. Marianne told John that Pat was after Greg, who had no choice in the matter as Pat could have him fired. Louise and Brooks panicked when Vince told them, as Rachel wasn't there, about Jamie and Blaine's wedding. Buzz told Rachel that Blaine was jumping the gun on them. Blaine wiped her mouth after Jamie kissed her and thought of Buzz. An uncomfortable Charley broke it to Rose that Vince had been keeping the company of a waitress. As Jamie and Blaine's wedding got under way, Buzz and Rachel arrived at Jamie's loft, where Louise phoned her with the news. The wedding ceremony was completed.

Brooks: [AS HE PUTS ONE DOWN] "I say, Ismene's been very sullen these last few days."
Louise: "That's because you scolded her last week."
Brooks: "I did?"
Louise: [PUTTING ANOTHER ONE DOWN] "When she started an argument with Antigone, remember?"
Brooks: [LEANING OVER ISMENE] "I shall have to ingratiate myself with her, you flighty thing, you."

Bellamy: "I now pronounce you man and wife."
Jamie: [TURNING TO BLAINE] "Hello, Mrs. Frame."
Blaine: [SMILING] "Hello, Mr. Frame."
Bellamy: "You may kiss your bride now."
Bellamy: "That will be fifteen dollars, payable in cash."

OCTOBER 23, 1978 (EP. #3626)
Mac couldn't bring Rachel out of her blue funk. Mac overheard Louise and Brooks discussing the wedding. Angie admitted to Rose she misses Vince more than she thought she would, and was upset to hear about his new girl. Mac understood things better after a talk with Buzz. Blaine and Jamie returned to his loft after their wedding night. Larry told Mimi to forget about Vince and go out with him. Blaine complained about the loft to Jamie. Rachel and Jamie argued violently about Blaine, who realized marriage may have been premature when Rachel cut off Jamie's allowance. Pat smiled to herself after John confronted her with Marianne's accusations. Blaine tried to control her emotions after Buzz provoked her into both slapping him and sighing from his kisses. John warned Greg to watch his step as he was on to him. Angie got Charley to tell her who Vince was seeing. Rachel sobbed to Mac that she couldn't bear to see Jamie suffer the way she made others suffer.

Joey: (To Rose) "Every time I ask you a question, you shove food at me."

Rachel: "Did that girl get you to marry her?"
Jamie: "Mom, that girl is my wife."

OCTOBER 24, 1978 (EP. #3627)
Brian defended Elena when Iris insisted she was making a play for Dennis. Greg took the offensive with Marianne by accusing her of unreasonable jealousy. Michael asked Brian to speak to Pat about her involvement with Greg. Angie was unnerved by Mimi's sweet and frank nature. Iris was antagonistic when Sylvie came to see her. Iris shouted at Sylvie that she gave up her baby, and warned Vivien that she'd be back on the farm before she knew it if she let Sylvie in the suite again. Pat wouldn't confide in Brian. Elena left in a huff after Iris maligned her about Dennis and the ancient Count de Poulignac. Dennis was shaken when Eileen said their different views on sex before marriage means they're not right for each other. Angie hid her tears when Vince said he was trying to get over his love for her. Elena watched as Dennis swam in her pool, and he assured her he wasn't going to let small-minded people tell him how to live his life.

Iris: (About Elena) "She's used me... just as she's used everyone since she was poor little Helen Carter, wandering about Europe looking for a rich husband."

OCTOBER 25, 1978 (EP. #3628)
Blaine was encouraged by Mac's visit to Jamie. Rachel vowed to Ada she would break up Jamie's marriage. Leueen advised Gwen to give up her unwomanly job and have kids. Blaine told Larry she'd stick by Jamie as Mac was bound to change Rachel's mind about funding Jamie. Ada told Blaine not to hold her breath waiting for congratulations. Charley refused Rachel's request to fire Blaine. Dennis thought to ask Elena to accompany him when Mac asked him over. Mac convinced Rachel to be more easy-going with Blaine, whom Rachel warned will take advantage of Mac's good nature.

OCTOBER 26, 1978 (EP. #3629)
Iris told Brian to ask John to dinner. Dennis refused Iris's offer of renewed financial support and warned her to lay off Elena. Alice admitted she has feelings for Dan but insisted she won't let Susan sacrifice her happiness for Alice's. Eileen broke up with Dennis when she was sure he would come to resent her for not giving him more than she could. Eileen happily accepted a date with Joey. Leueen couldn't get Iris to confide in her. Elena was touched when Brian insisted he doesn't share Iris's feelings. Alice declared war on Olive. Dennis made Sylvie realize Iris didn't feel she was good enough. Rose and Angie were stunned to see Joey in a suit and tie. Liz was puzzled when Iris threw Sylvie out.

OCTOBER 27, 1978 (EP. #3630)
Rachel told Mac she'd like Blaine and Jamie to move into the mansion. Sylvie told Liz and Leueen about Iris in hopes of enlisting their help. Mac asked Jamie and Blaine to dinner. Liz got Mac to confirm Sylvie's story. Willis didn't want to get involved when Rose told him about Vince and his waitress. Brian told Liz to stay out of it. Buzz warned Rachel not to move too fast. Gwen laid into Leueen for harping on grandchildren to Willis. Against it at first, Blaine agreed to move into the mansion with Jamie.

OCTOBER 30, 1978 (EP. #3631)
Iris told Brian that Elena was the ideal dinner companion for John. Leueen offered to invite Charley to dinner if Liz was too shy to do it. Elena grudgingly forgave Iris and accepted her dinner invitation. Willis was impressed with the house Leueen bought for her, Willis, and Gwen to move into. Eileen laughed softly to herself after a giddy Joey ran into the doorframe. Susan resisted Liz's efforts to reconcile her with Dan. Greg tried to reassure Marianne when she found him working late with Pat. Angie and Rose were both thrilled when Joey brought Eileen home for dinner. Elena looked down at her hands with a sigh when Iris dragged Michael away so she could be alone with a smiling John.

OCTOBER 31, 1978 (EP. #3632)
Vince told Charley to keep his nose out of his life. Dennis introduced Sylvie to Rachel, who told her Bryant's department store carries her clothes. Kate advised Michael about Marianne's miserable mood. Claiming to want to maintain her friendship with Iris, Elena made Dennis accept Jamie's offer to move back into the loft now that it was empty. Greg was upset when Marianne kissed him in public after agreeing to a late November wedding. Greg was further embarrassed when Marianne rushed over to have Vince introduce her to his blonde dinner companion. Vince enthusiastically accepted Mimi's invitation to her place after dinner. Mac thought it not a good idea when Dennis asked Rachel to speak to Iris about Sylvie.

NOVEMBER 1, 1978 (EP. #3633)
Dennis bedeviled Iris into seeing Sylvie. John quizzed Brian about Elena. Gwen accused Leueen of causing dissension in her marriage. Olive was miffed that Susan was unimpressed at Olive's news of Dan and Alice. Iris wasn't able to get passed her bitterness when Sylvie tried to explain why she gave her up. Susan promised to consider moving in when Liz cried about being lonely. John came to the gallery to chat Elena up. Leueen was interested when Jim and Liz told her about Willis and Angie. Elena was embarrassed to admit to Dennis she was interested in him, not John. Elena was very happy when Dennis kissed her tenderly, promised not to be so dumb in future, and vowed not to move out.

Jim: [OPENING THE DOOR TO ADA] "I was afraid it was Liz."
Ada: "You lucked out, this time."
Jim: "You can say that again."

NOVEMBER 2, 1978 (EP. #3634)
Alice stared at her open-mouthed when Susan took the phone from her hand and accepted Dan's dinner invitation on Alice's behalf. Pat conceded to Liz's request that she speak to Alice about Dan. Mimi was upset when Charley tried to lecture her about Vince. Dan could barely control his anger when Liz confronted him about Alice. Larry was annoyed at Blaine's lax attitude toward her job. Liz cried on Charley's shoulder. Alice insisted to Pat her feelings for Dan were genuine. Vince snapped at Charley for shooting his mouth off to Mimi. A peeved Charley caught Blaine smiling to herself after he fired her for goofing off. Pat got Susan to move in with her so she wouldn't have to witness Dan's courtship of Alice. Alice enjoyed dancing with Dan, but still worried about Susan's reaction.

Notes: A reference to Mrs. Winthrop, a patient of Dan's.

NOVEMBER 3, 1978 (EP. #3635)
Rachel listened through the door when Blaine and Jamie shouted about the other being a spoiled brat. Mac was surprised that Brian thought it a good idea that Rachel talk to Iris. Iris was upset that Leueen knew her sordid story. Vince and Charley made up. Blaine got rid of Larry when he dropped by the stables to see her, but he came back later to overhear her and Buzz giggling about their plans for secret rendezvous. They didn't have much to say when Rose convinced Angie to phone Vince. Blaine realized Larry was right when he warned she'd be in real trouble if she continued on with Buzz. Rachel told Iris that being estranged from her father had made her miserable, and Iris admitted she'd envied her closeness to Ada.

Iris: [IRIS LEANS FORWARD] "Rachel?"
Rachel: "Yes, Iris?"

NOVEMBER 6, 1978 (EP. #3636)
Ada reassured Rachel that Blaine wouldn't get pregnant since she wasn't at all interested in Amanda. Brooks wouldn't let Blaine browbeat him. Blaine reassured a worried Larry she had everything under control. Charley disagreed when Vince wanted Mimi to replace Blaine. Jamie changed the subject when Rachel brought up his argument with Blaine. Blaine became amorous when Buzz threatened to leave town. Brooks covered when he saw Blaine and Buzz kissing. Ada welcomed Clarice home, and learned Burt travels a lot and was gaining weight. Blaine asked Mac to give Larry a job at the complex. Mimi wouldn't accept Vince's job offer when he worried about her working too hard at the diner. Rachel was angry with Mac for not agreeing to forget about finding a job for Larry.

NOVEMBER 7, 1978 (EP. #3637)
Iris was in high spirits, but vowed never to forgive Mac. Gwen and Willis tried to convince Leueen that he was no longer interested in material things. Dennis brought Sylvie over to see a more receptive Iris, who learned her grandfather was a born along the Russian-Polish border and was a cutter (cutting fabric to a pattern) in a run-down loft in New York's garment center. Joey was impressed but worried about embarrassing Eileen when she invited him to the campus coffee shop. Eileen was charmed by Joey's self-consciousness when she kissed him. Iris fretted that Sylvie's tacky relatives would descend on her. Dennis hung up on Iris when she wouldn't let him include Elena in her invitation.

NOVEMBER 8, 1978 (EP. #3638)
Pat feigned distress at not being able to continue seeing Greg if he's still engaged to Marianne. Mac walked in on a Rachel-Blaine shouting match. A vengeful Blaine uprooted one of Louise's plants. Jim turned down Rose's offer to take over for Angie, who didn't feel up to coming in to work. John warned Pat that her impulsiveness led her into trouble before. Pat admitted her plan to Susan, which she feels has backfired on her. Rachel told Buzz about her sad childhood when he said he was feeling sympathetic toward Blaine. Larry insisted to Mac he was content working in the fix-it shop. Olive warned Alice to beware of how destructive she could be. A distraught Marianne threw Greg out when he called off the wedding and proclaimed his love for Pat. Pat cried when Marianne said she's lost her daughter forever.

NOVEMBER 9, 1978 (EP. #3639)
Alice realized she had good reason to fear her when an unstable Olive threatened to drag her name through the mud. Michael advised Marianne not to believe Greg's word that Pat was interested in him. Liz couldn't believe Susan was condoning Alice and Dan. Willis was excited when Leueen offered to finance the start of his own construction firm after he lamented not being able to be more than the head of a division in a publishing company. Liz walked in on Michael arguing with Greg. Olive went to see a receptive Greg and discussed breach of promise and alienation of affection. Gwen couldn't convince Willis that Leueen was trying to buy her way into their lives.

Olive: (About Alice) "She won't be able to show her face again in Bay City once I'm through with her."

NOVEMBER 10, 1978 (EP. #3640)
John wouldn't believe Marianne's accusations against Pat when Marianne ran to him for comfort. Angie was happy to see Joey so happy over Eileen. Willis asked Leueen to help him convince Gwen that the new business was a good idea. Dan warned Pat that Liz knew about Marianne's accusations. Joey barely avoided a collision with a waitress after Eileen surprised him with a kiss. Olive grabbed some papers off Dan's desk behind Linda's desk in a desperate attempt to find something useful. Joey wasn't happy when Rose wanted to show Eileen his baby pictures. A relieved Pat was able to get rid of Greg when she learned Dan couldn't be there at her side while she told Greg the truth.

Joey: "You were always telling me to eat, eat, eat."
Rose: "Nobody's ever had to tell you to eat."
Joey: "You don't even hear yourself saying it any more."
Rose: "Okay, Joey, finish your breakfast."
Joey: "See?"
Rose: "See what?"

NOVEMBER 13, 1978 (EP. #3641)
Iris told Vivien she thought they were being bombed by a fleet of Messerschmitts when Vivien was vacuuming the rug vigorously. Dan told Alice he'd visit Sally during his trip to Boston. Willis accused Gwen of running his life herself when she didn't want Leueen running it. Iris was disturbed by all the synthetic material in Sylvie's suite. Sylvie was troubled when Iris insisted it was her duty to protect her grandson from Elena. Michael felt bad when John sulked that Pat doesn't trust him anymore. Dan told Pat she had to stall Greg until he got back from his trip. Brian helped Willis incorporate his firm, which Willis is calling Frame Enterprises, as Steve called his. Elena wouldn't let Dennis kiss her in front of Douglas, her assistant. Sylvie admitted to Iris she can't handle drink. Iris glared at Sylvie when she complimented Elena to Dennis.

Vivien: [VIVIEN OPENS THE DOOR TO DENNIS] "Hi-ya, Dennis."
Dennis: "How's tricks, Vivien?"
Iris: "Really, Dennis." [SHE TURNS TO SYLVIE] "Those two go on and on like that."
Dennis: "Vivien and I understand each other."
Iris: "Lucky Vivien."

NOVEMBER 14, 1978 (EP. #3642)
Mac gushed over Amanda and vowed not to make the mistakes he made with Iris. Rachel was annoyed when Blaine cooed at Amanda and then accepted Mac's offer to go to college so she can be a good wife to a publisher. Rachel groaned when Blaine buttered up an oblivious Mac. Olive was pleased she was able to forge new documents from Dan's notes. Mac was annoyed that Willis was resigning as he had created the construction division so he wouldn't have to deal with outside firms, and because Willis was Jamie's uncle, but was mollified when Willis said his firm could handle any construction he required. Buzz laughed at the airs Blaine was putting on, then threatened to tell Jamie and Mac about all the guys she was with back at the ranch. Louise worried that Blaine would turn on Brooks if he told Rachel about seeing Blaine and Buzz in a clinch. Gwen's fears that Willis married her because of the financial help her mother could provide were fueled when he wouldn't confess about his past actions toward Alice and her company. Olive had no more use for Greg when he told her that Susan was the only one with the basis for a suit despite the letter from Dan she showed him. Gwen accused Leueen of destroying her marriage and dominating Willis's life.

NOVEMBER 15, 1978 (EP. #3643)
Gwen told Clarice she was moving into a hotel until Willis comes to his senses. Angie cried about Willis to Rose while Vince woke up in Mimi's arms. Pat stalled Greg when he accused her of avoiding him. Mimi defended her relationship with Vince when Rose confronted her. Angie told Jim she was relieved not to have to pretend feelings for Vince anymore. Alice told Pat to tell all to Marianne, but she refused to listen. Angie was happy when Clarice let it slip about Gwen and Willis's marriage problems.

NOVEMBER 16, 1978 (EP. #3644)
Clarice confided that Burt hasn't been in touch since she accused him of seeing someone else. Iris told Rachel she was ready to forgive Mac. Susan rescued Pat from Greg's persistence. Dennis and Elena weren't pleased when Iris dropped in on their evening with Sylvie.

NOVEMBER 17, 1978 (EP. #3645)
Jim wasn't sympathetic to Liz when she couldn't get Marianne to give her the time of day. Iris badgered Sylvie into talking to Mac about the fortune-hunting older woman after Dennis. Blaine told Larry Clarice's marriage was on the rocks. Mac promised Sylvie he'd talk to Elena to save her the unpleasantness of dealing with Iris. Mac reassured Elena that he trusted her completely, but worried that both she and Dennis would end up hurt. Alice was numb when Olive told her she was pregnant with Dan's baby. With Susan by her side, Pat finally told Greg she had nothing but contempt for him. Greg warned her she'd pay for making a fool out of him.

NOVEMBER 20, 1978 (EP. #3646)
Susan told Michael that Greg made threats against Pat. Michael smiled to see Eileen and Joey kissing. After a talk with Sylvie, Mac realized she may be a match for Iris. Susan prevented Liz from going over to Pat's. Greg convinced Marianne he still loved her and had made a mistake with Pat.

NOVEMBER 21, 1978 (EP. #3647)
Elena told Dennis that Mac made her realize things could go wrong between them. Larry quizzed Charley about the state of Clarice's marriage. Dennis laid into Mac and brought up Mac's own difference with Rachel's age. Louise was upset to espy Buzz and Blaine together. Mac was happy when Iris made up with him, but she secretly vowed to make him pay for having lied to her about who she was and for thrusting Sylvie into her life. Dennis warned Sylvie about Iris when she admitted Iris had put her up to talking to Mac about him. Larry finally convinced Clarice to go to dinner.

NOVEMBER 22, 1978 (EP. #3648)
Angie readily consented to Gwen's request to tell her all of Willis's past dirty deeds, hoping it would turn Gwen against him. Leueen told Liz she was just providing for Gwen's future security. Clarice reassured a doubtful Charley that Larry knew not to expect too much from her. John told a confused Marianne that Greg was interested in Pat long before he became engaged to Marianne. Olive tracked down Greg, holed up in his apartment and drowning his sorrows. Greg was tortured by passionate daydreams of Pat. Blaine put on her sweetness act for Louise. Gwen came down on Willis for destroying Alice and Sharlene's relationships when they got in the way of his ambition, and didn't want him using Leueen the way he'd used others to get ahead.

NOVEMBER 23, 1978: Pre-empted for NFL Football Game.

NOVEMBER 24, 1978 (EP. #3649)
Marianne didn't believe a word when Pat told her the whole story. Brian failed to convince Willis about Leueen's need to dominate. Willis phoned Janice in New York and convinced her to be his assistant when he mentioned both Robert and Lenore had left town. Greg told John the only reason he had defended him on the murder charge was because he loved Pat. John threatened Greg when he maligned Marianne. Susan was too worried about Pat to concern herself about Alice's story of a pregnant Olive. Angie was unhappy when Willis insisted he would work things out with Gwen. Greg turned violent when Pat came to his apartment to talk to him about Marianne's news of their re-engagement. Greg forced kisses and groped Pat as she screamed for help.

Janice: (Christine Jones, Introduction Line) "Willis!"

NOVEMBER 27, 1978 (EP. #3650)
After flashing back to her and Tom (as played by Greg), a hysterical Pat, screaming Tom's name, grabbed a letter opener and stabbed Greg as he tried to rape her. Gwen told Leueen that Willis would destroy himself with her money, but Leueen insisted it was too late to renege on her agreement. An angry Dennis warned Iris not to ruin things between him and Elena and Sylvie. Olive experimented with a folded sweater around her waist after Susan commented she should be showing by now. Sylvie warned Iris not to use her again. Marianne arrived to find Greg dead and a confused Pat insisting it was Tom Baxter. Marianne phoned the police to arrest her for murder after Pat insisted she couldn't remember what happened.

Pat: [SCREAMING] "Get away from me, Tom, get away!"
Greg: (Exit Line) [WHISPERING] "Just accept it, darling."
Pat: [AS SHE LIFTS THE LETTER OPENER] "I always knew you'd come back!" [SHE PLUNGES THE OPENER INTO HIS BACK AS SHE SCREAMS] I knew it! I knew it!"

Notes: Last appearance of Ned Schmidtke as Greg Barnard.

NOVEMBER 28, 1978 (EP. #3651)
After not being able to talk to Lt. Shannon, Pat told John she had to kill Tom in self-defense. Louise was cross with Buzz for teasing Jamie about Blaine. Rose vowed to Ada she wouldn't let Angie throw her life away on Willis. Kate thought Michael was rushing things when he talked about moving in. Vince didn't care when Rose said Angie might take up with Willis again. John brought Susan to see Pat in her cell, and Pat was able to distinguish between Tom and Greg. Eileen and Joey kissed in his delivery van while the radio played James Taylor's "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight."

Pat: "I don't know what I hoped. I just wanted to save Marianne from him as I wish my mommy had saved me from Tom Baxter years ago."

NOVEMBER 29, 1978 (EP. #3652)
Leueen consoled Liz after Susan told her the news. Michael asked Alice to contact Dan. John asked Brian to defend Pat, with Michael assisting him, because he couldn't be objective. Olive was distressed when Mac told her about Greg. Leueen got Alice to admit Willis could be unscrupulous in business. Olive left in a huff after Brian wouldn't agree to help her now that Greg was dead. Rachel and Mac had drinks with Iris and Sylvie. Iris professed a desire to buy back Rachel's sculpture from Elena, but Sylvie noticed her hostility toward Mac.

NOVEMBER 30, 1978 (EP. #3653)
A despondent John told Michael that Marianne would be a very damaging witness against Pat. Vince told Mimi about his marriage, explaining that Angie took away his manhood, but vowed not to let her commit to Willis since he'd just make her miserable. Janice arrived to find a close-lipped Gwen moving her things out of the apartment. Charley was miffed when Clarice accepted another dinner invitation from Larry. Michael was stunned when Marianne vowed to testify against Pat. Iris and Blaine got to know each other at the campus coffee shop. Willis and Janice had a happy reunion. Rose didn't agree when Janice recounted Emma's opinion that Angie was the perfect girl for Willis. John stroked Pat's hair as she cried, vowing to protect her.

Willis: "Hey, Jansky!"
Janice: [TURNING WITH A LAUGH] "Nobody's called me that since you took off from the farm."

DECEMBER 1, 1978 (EP. #3654)
Iris convinced Brian she intended to make up for all her years of resentment toward Rachel. Rose said she was 17 when Angie was born, and Leueen said she was 40 when she had Gwen. Angie was angry that Gwen was undermining Willis when Leueen admitted it was Gwen who had made her doubt Willis. Larry wouldn't agree when Charley asked him not to see Clarice anymore. Elena told Iris that Rachel's sculpture was sold to a collector of Rachel's work, Henry Quigley. A stern Susan insisted Marianne talk with Pat. Gwen was deflated when Leueen warned her that Angie was waiting to zoom in on Willis. Janice introduced herself to Angie and patted her hand after admitting she too had loved a married man, but promised to stay out of the situation. Marianne wasn't interested in Pat's version of the truth.

DECEMBER 4, 1978 (EP. #3655)
Susan couldn't shake Pat out of the depression she sunk into after learning a bitter Marianne planned to testify against her. Charley was upset that Clarice disparaged Burt and praised Larry. Brian told Michael that D.A. Albini was pressing for an indictment for murder in the first degree. Janice was embarrassed when Vince introduced her to Mimi. Michael agreed to represent Leueen in her dealings with Willis. Liz was aghast to stumble upon Olive buying maternity clothes at a dress shop; and Olive was tickled to realize she no longer had to worry about spreading the word.

DECEMBER 5, 1978 (EP. #3656)
Clarice wouldn't let Ada write to Burt. Joey chipped in when Blaine asked Larry for advice on Iris. Ada warned Larry he'll lose his job if he doesn't drop Clarice. Susan told John that Marianne put Pat into a severe depression. Mac cautioned Gwen against becoming suspicious of people who didn't have money like they did. Susan told Liz she wouldn't divorce Dan so Olive could marry him, pregnant or not. Eileen laughed at Joey's finesse in the kitchen. Janice couldn't understand why Willis stood for Gwen's disrespectful attitude.

DECEMBER 6, 1978 (EP. #3657)
Dan returned and Alice told him about Pat and Olive. Blaine smiled condescendingly at Louise's plant-talking habit. Janice met Brian. Leueen told Willis that Gwen had breakdowns before. Olive modeled her maternity clothes for Dan, who insisted she prove he was the father. Jamie and Blaine had drinks with Brian and Iris, who groaned when Blaine extravagantly complimented her portrait (done by Alfredo Tucci, the portrait painter). Dan wasn't much comfort to Pat.

Willis: "Janice is my favorite sister."
Leueen: "How wonderful to have so many to choose from."

DECEMBER 7, 1978 (EP. #3658)
Rachel glanced at an open-mouthed Louise when Jamie said a friendlier Iris has taken a shine to Blaine. An angry Larry picked up a stool and hurled it at the door after Charley laid into him for not laying off Clarice. Blaine gave Larry some aspirin and gloated about her good life. Iris nagged Brian about becoming Mac's attorney again. Janice reminded Vince that Mama used to say he and Willis were more like twins than just brothers, but he maintained they can't face each other because they recognize themselves in each other. Louise dropped by to quiz Vivien about Iris. Larry complained about Charley then kissed Clarice shyly on the cheek. Blaine told Buzz her new life didn't include the likes of him. Clarice told Charley she didn't appreciate his late-in-life fathering attempts.

DECEMBER 8, 1978 (EP. #3659)
Michael and John were upset to learn Marianne had given a deposition to Albini. Charley told Ada he's suspicious of Larry. Larry cried in Clarice's arms and said he hated his father for leaving him battered and bruised every time he drank too much. Olive crowed that she gave Dan sex while a "proper" woman like Alice can't give him more than a few affectionate moments. An angry Clarice told Ada to keep her opinion of Larry to herself. Brian revealed that Albini's won his murder indictment. Olive warned Dan that a gentleman wouldn't let two innocent women be humiliated in public. Pat was despairing when Michael and Jim broke the news of the indictment.

Notes: Albini referred to as Frank Albini.

DECEMBER 11, 1978 (EP. #3660)
Pat vowed to Susan she'd plead guilty to save everyone the humiliation of a trial. Assistant D.A. Karen Campbell questioned Marianne, who suggested Pat be kept under surveillance. Michael vowed not to let Marianne crucify Pat in order to cover up her own sordid behavior. Dan came to Brian for legal advice. Brian was forced to agree to Pat's demand.

Karen: (Introduction Line) (Entering her office) "Good morning, Miss Randolph, I'm Karen Campbell."

Notes: First appearance of Laurie Bartram as Karen Campbell.

DECEMBER 12, 1978 (EP. #3661)
Rachel wished her own father had given her the attention Mac gave Amanda. A glum Brian regretted taking his bad mood out on Iris. Karen questioned John about Marianne's stability. Vince blew up when Ada tried to talk to him about Angie, whom she considers a "second" daughter. Mac agreed to keep her role secret when Iris told him Brian would like to resume his duties at the complex. Brian gleaned that Iris was behind Mac's offer, which he refused and suggested Scott Bradley for. Clarice accused Rachel of forgetting what it was like to have everyone against you. Blaine was beside herself when Iris clothed and bejewelled her, but Jamie wasn't pleased to learn of Iris's expensive gifts.

Rachel: "'Summertime, and the living is easy,
Fish are jumping, and the cotton is high.
Your Daddy's rich, and your Mama's good-looking,
"'One of these mornings, you gonna rise up singing,
You'll spread your wings and take to the sky.'" [MAC JOINS IN, SINGING AS HE APPROACHES THEM]
'Until that Morning, there is nothing can harm you,
With Daddy and Mama, standing by.'" [HE KISSES RACHEL]

DECEMBER 13, 1978 (EP. #3662)
Angie told Rose that Willis could love both her and Gwen since he used to love both her and Alice. Kate failed to change Marianne's mind. Susan agreed to start divorce proceedings. Liz chided Gwen for being so callous to her mother. Marianne stunned Jim and Liz when she said she was going to testify against Pat. Willis was upset that Gwen was short with Janice, but insisted to both he loved her. Upset to catch Vince with Mimi, Joey told Vince he wanted nothing more to do with him. Dennis thought it curious when Jamie came by to tell him Iris has befriended Blaine. Willis insisted Angie was clutching at straws when she listed all the women he's professed to love.

DECEMBER 14, 1978 (EP. #3663)
Elena encouraged Dennis to make up with Jamie. Michael vowed to bring up Marianne's abortion and her affair with Ted, but Brian cautioned against it as Pat would choose prison in order to protect Marianne. Dennis asked Sylvie to help him uncover why Iris was befriending Blaine. Blaine told an angry Larry to take it easy before he went into one of his rages. Marianne refused to listen to Alice and Dan. Blaine met Liz when she dropped by Mac's office, where she cried that Rachel and Ada were maligning Larry. Brian warned Olive that he'll advise Dan to bring a suit for slander against her. Sylvie frowned to witness Iris correct Blaine's grammar, among other things. Mac let Rachel know he disapproved of her talking to Clarice about Larry and Blaine.

DECEMBER 15, 1978 (EP. #3664)
Iris explained to Brian that Blaine brought out a maternal impulse in her. Gwen refused to design anything Willis would build. Dan felt they'd finally finessed Olive when Brian mentioned having glimpsed her in a slip through the glass partition next to her front door. Sylvie speculated to Mac that Iris was trying to ingratiate herself through Blaine. Janice offered to be the liaison between the firm and the complex, so Willis wouldn't have to deal with Gwen. Mac and Janice were both looking forward to seeing each other more. Eileen admired Joey's ease with Nancy when they sat with her. Iris assured Mac she wanted to reconcile Blaine and Rachel, but secretly vowed to get even with Mac. Brian, determined not to let Olive victimize Dan as she tried to victimize him, laughed at her and yanked her maternity blouse open.

Willis: [HE TURNS TO JANICE, WHO APPROACHES THEM] "Mac Cory... this is Janice."
Mac: "Hello, Janice."
Janice: "Hi."
Mac: "We've met before."
Janice: "Yes, when I worked for Robert Delaney, some years ago."
Willis: "It was before I came to Bay City."
Mac: "Well, Janice, I'm delighted you're back with us."

DECEMBER 18, 1978 (EP. #3665)
Ada encouraged Rachel to make up with Mac. Louise remarked that Ismene was jealous of Amanda. Blaine was puzzled when Elena invited her and Jamie to dinner. Janice and Willis checked out their new office, and Janice pressed him to hire Angie as his assistant. Joey was surprised when Larry threw a temper tantrum after an argument with Ada. Gwen agreed to consider Mac's liaison proposal. Joey insisted to Rose that Angie must be in love when they heard her singing "The Man I Love." Sylvie joined the dinner party at Elena's. Mac was upset with Rachel for maligning Blaine in front of Brooks.

Crawl: "Elena's party - no one talking to Blaine."

DECEMBER 19, 1978 (EP. #3666)
John found her glove after Olive skulked around Alice's terrace. Dan was relieved when Brian told him Olive had been faking her pregnancy. John wouldn't listen to Olive when she said she had been the victim of a romantic passion with Evan as Pat was with Greg. Vivien wanted to be included when Iris gave Blaine a book on eradicating her accent. Iris hugged Blaine when she cried about the whippings and beatings from her father, and how spouse abuse made her mother leave when Blaine was two years old. Michael gained ground in convincing Karen that Marianne was an unreliable witness. Kate was irritated to walk in on Karen trying to comfort an emotional Michael. Blaine practiced speech exercises before the mirror. Blaine distracted Jamie so Buzz could sneak out of her room (though nothing had been going on). Brian convinced Pat to plead guilty to a lesser offense rather than to first-degree murder. Olive visited Karen to tell her she'd heard an insanely jealous Pat threaten Greg's life.

DECEMBER 20, 1978 (EP. #3667)
Marianne vowed to stick to her decision when Michael promised to demolish her in court by bringing up Chris Pierson and Ted Bancroft. Charley told Rose about Larry's violent temper. Karen told Michael about Olive's deposition. Angie gladly accepted Willis's job offer, given with the condition she understand it was offered on a professional basis. Olive told Dan he'd better marry her or she'll send Pat to prison. A belligerent Kate wouldn't hang around while Michael moved on to someone else. Scott phoned Liz about coming back to Bay City. Olive pushed John out the door when he came to confront her about making trouble.

Dan: "Why do you want to marry a man who can't stand the sight of you?"
Olive: "Because I won't let Alice have you."
Dan: "You don't love me."
Olive: "I'm not interested in love anymore."
Dan: "Then why saddle yourself with a marriage?"
Olive: "I'm tired of being a nobody. I will be Mrs. Dan Shearer, and then people will pay attention to me."

Scott: (Paul Tulley, Introduction Line) (Over the phone to Liz) "Mrs. Matthews?"

John: "I'm on to you."
Olive: "It certainly took you long enough."
John: "Because I was foolish enough to love you."
Olive: "Are you foolish enough to still love Pat?"

Notes: First appearance of Paul Tulley as Scott Bradley.

DECEMBER 21, 1978 (EP. #3668)
Angie suggested using old Frame Enterprises files Alice put in storage. Charley fired Larry after Joey had to pry Larry's fingers from Charley's throat after an argument. Leueen reminded Gwen her impulsive nature led her into situations she can't handle and she escapes them by having a breakdown, the first of which she had at 17. Leueen convinced Gwen that the strength in Willis she objected to would be a source of security to her. Vince told Rose he wouldn't divorce Angie so she could marry Willis, and said he's given up on marriage and lives from day to day. Clarice was fully on his side when Larry leveled with her about the incident with Charley. Mimi reassured Vince she wouldn't be upset if he reconsidered his feelings for Angie. Charley wasn't able to convince Clarice that Larry was bad news. Gwen changed her mind about reconciling with Willis after Janice made sure she ran into Angie in the office.

DECEMBER 22, 1978 (EP. #3669)
Susan informed John that Olive must be using Pat to get at Dan and Alice. After Brian filled Mac in on the case, they both welcomed back Scott, who told them Keith was working full-time since his mother died several months ago. Iris wouldn't listen to Sylvie's nonsense about letting those we love make their own mistakes. Blaine disrupted Rachel and Jamie's tree-trimming to shout that Rachel had Larry fired. Blaine and Jamie went over to have dinner with Clarice and Larry, where Jamie suggested Larry find work on Willis's crew. Rachel insisted Mac owed it to Clarice to protect her from unscrupulous men. Rachel just wanted to be left alone when Mac tried to comfort her about Jamie.

Ending Voice-over: "This is Bill Wolff speaking - We of Another World would like to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season." (Originally, "... a very merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year.")

DECEMBER 25, 1978: Pre-empted for Holiday Programming.

DECEMBER 26, 1978 (EP. #3670)
Michael and Kate dropped by with some Christmas cheer for Pat. Karen gave Marianne pause for thought when she told her Olive would testify against Pat. Dan and John tried to figure out who might have seen Greg and Olive together. Marianne threw Michael out after he threatened to see her and Olive indicted on perjury charges. Alice told Dan she can't wait to tell Sally about their marriage plans. Susan speculated that Dan and Alice should get married before the case comes to trial. Rachel and Mac sang carols to Amanda. Dennis and Elena brought Rachel another Amati. Mac glanced away when Dennis kissed Elena after she sniffled about Amanda. Michael told Eileen he'd appreciate it if she dropped off her present for Pat in person.

DECEMBER 27, 1978 (EP. #3671)
Clarice asked Willis to give Larry a job. Olive ripped up a newspaper photo of Alice and flung it into the fireplace after Brian told her Alice and Dan would be getting married any time now. Iris convinced Mac to offer Larry a job. Joey told Charley that Eileen's brother Morgan be a good replacement for Larry. Mac filled Scott in about Greg. Gwen let Willis know hiring Angie was the final straw. Iris asked Sylvie to help her transform Blaine into an acceptable social being. Jim told Angie that Marianne was replacing her adequately. Vince begged Angie not to take up with Willis again.

DECEMBER 28, 1978 (EP. #3672)
Michael asked Karen to lunch, promising not to discuss the case. John warned Liz that Olive was using her to establish the fact that she and Greg were friendly, since Liz saw them together at the complex. Janice chastised Willis for continually mentioning Gwen to Angie. Eileen gave Pat a double locket of her grandmother's, containing pictures of Michael and Marianne. Gwen introduced Janice to Scott, who remembered Steve talking about her. Olive ruffled Liz's feathers. Kate said she was joining Rick in Seattle after she saw Eileen and Michael in a friendly embrace. Susan and John convinced Pat to stand trial by telling her about Olive's threats.

Rose: "Joey won't eat!"
Joey: "I did eat."
Rose: "A couple of pancakes."
Joey: "Eight, Angie, eight of them!"
Angie: "That's all?"

Notes: Last appearance of Gordona Rashovich as Kate Donovan.

DECEMBER 29, 1978 (EP. #3673)
Scott and Brian plotted to get information from Olive. Rachel asked Buzz to find out if Blaine was cheating on Jamie. Dennis's advice to Sylvie was to not get involved with Blaine, to stall Iris, and to talk it over with Mac. Jamie stuck up for Larry when Ada told him about him jumping for Charley's throat. Buzz reaffirmed Blaine's belief that everyone was against her. Mac okayed Sylvie's plans to help Blaine. Olive's daydream about Evan turned sour. Scott introduced himself to Olive, explaining that his car broke down, and readily accepted her offer of a drink. After gloating that she was testifying to get even with someone, Olive turned on the lamp and recognized Scott, who thanked her for her admission and dashed off.