JANUARY 1, 1979 (EP. #3674)
Larry fretted to Blaine about his temper. Leueen informed Liz that Gwen skipped town as she's done in the past. Willis hired architect Roy Barry on a trial basis. Mac tried to warn Blaine about Iris. Willis was upset when Leueen told him of Gwen's leaving and her history of emotional instability. Larry turned down a job at the Cory complex. Angie was happy when Scott told her Gwen had left. Joey shared his concern for Larry with Rose.

JANUARY 2, 1979 (EP. #3675)
Brian told John he may have a surprise witness. Louise and Brooks noticed Blaine's accent was disappearing. Scott told Brian that Olive seemed somewhat unbalanced. Albini advised Karen not to let her finer feelings sway her from objectivity. Pat told Brian what happened the night Greg died, but couldn't recall the actual killing. Larry told Jamie he was interested in Willis's job offer. Olive told Albini a fairy tale about Pat and Greg. Pat put on a cheerful mask for Dan and Alice.

JANUARY 3, 1979 (EP. #3676)
Marianne told Albini Olive was lying about a relationship with Greg, but insisted it wouldn't affect her testimony. Angie asked Janice to quiz Liz about Gwen's disappearance. Mac interrupted Janice and Liz's argument. Jamie visited Willis to ask about a job for Larry. Janice had a pleasant reunion with Alice, who agreed to release the old firm files. Over lunch, Sylvie told Blaine she started out as a model. Angie brought Janice home to dinner, but Rose didn't appreciate her praise of Willis.

JANUARY 4, 1979 (EP. #3677)
An indignant Clarice told Charley his loyalty was to her, not to Ada. Janice interviewed Larry, and they realized they both disliked Rachel. Larry asked Clarice to help Janice visit Jamie without Rachel's presence. John warned Albini that Michael will discredit Marianne's testimony. Janice realized Mimi was right for Vince after subtly grilling her. An angry John warned Marianne she'll lose him if she testifies. Marianne noticed Michael and Karen's intimacy after he told Karen that Kate had left town. Albini warned Liz she'll face contempt charges if she refuses to appear in court.

JANUARY 5, 1979 (EP. #3678)
Marianne accused Michael of soft-soaping the assistant D.A. Michael was encouraged when Brian showed him Scott's notes about his meeting with Olive. Marianne told Albini she'd seen Michael and Karen holding hands. Roy witnessed an awkward meeting between Vince and Angie. Karen asked to be taken off the case when she and Albini disagreed about Michael. Pat swore to plead guilty if Michael didn't promise not to reveal anything about Marianne in court.

JANUARY 8, 1979 (EP. #3679)
Olive realized she was boxed into a corner when Brian and Scott visited her to tell her they'd demolish her on the stand. Brian didn't go for Michael's idea to plead temporary insanity. After Iris vowed to keep their talks confidential, Blaine blurted out that she doesn't love Jamie. Karen agreed to continue seeing Michael. Vivien wasn't cooperative when Iris asked her to find out Louise's opinion of Blaine. Iris encouraged Liz to skip town so she can't be subpoenaed. Brian and Michael prepared Pat to take the stand.

JANUARY 9, 1979 (EP. #3680)
Susan held back the tears when John told advised her divorce was final, although there was a waiting period of 60 days before Dan could remarry. Clarice was hostile to Charley over his attitude toward Larry. Janice didn't appreciate Angie bringing up Robert. Vince told Janice to butt out of his life. Rose advised Charley to roll with Clarice's punches. Janice and Blaine realized they both disliked Rachel when they, Larry, Willis, and Jamie had dinner at Clarice's. Dan and Alice were eager to plan their wedding. Eileen told the Perrinis about the start of the trial. Olive told Albini she wouldn't testify against Pat.

JANUARY 10, 1979 (EP. #3681)
Dennis helped Sylvie plan her fashion show. Karen told Brian and Michael that Olive retracted her statement. Louise was aghast when Iris said they had to protect Mac from Blaine because of his weakness for young girls. Liz was relieved she wouldn't have to testify. Janice filled Blaine in on Rachel's dirty history. Elena told Dennis Sylvie could hold her fashion show at the gallery. Elena didn't swallow Iris's professed acceptance of her and Dennis. Olive awoke from a nightmare (in which her wedding to Dan turned into a Dan/Alice wedding) to find she'd been subpoenaed.

JANUARY 11, 1979 (EP. #3682)
John begged, then threatened Marianne not to testify. Larry was eager to babysit for Cory when Clarice refused to let Charley do it. Leueen told Willis she'll try to track Gwen down. Buzz teased Vivien when he met her by calling her "Vivie." Louise was grateful, though suspicious, that Iris had sent Vivien over to help her. Louise let Dennis know there was something up with Buzz and Blaine. Larry quizzed Angie about Burt. After a talk with Buzz, Dennis realized he wasn't the simple ranch hand he claimed to be. Liz failed to badger Marianne into changing her mind.

JANUARY 12, 1979 (EP. #3683)
John explained the trial procedure to Susan. Leueen left for New York to check a lead on Gwen. Karen warned Olive about the repercussions of defying the subpoena. Larry pressed Clarice to divorce Burt. Scott agreed to handle Clarice's divorce. Albini and Brian made their opening remarks to the jury. Albini objected to the constant display of filial affection the junior defense attorney indulged in with the accused. Buzz warned Blaine Dennis was asking questions and that Iris was using her against Rachel. Buzz suggested Blaine get rich by freeing Rachel from a daughter-in-law she doesn't want. Pat's family was stunned when Olive was called to the stand.

Larry: "[HE KISSES HER] We can get married once you're divorced from Burt."
Clarice: "Larry!"
Larry: "What's the matter?"
Clarice: "You haven't asked me to marry you yet."
Larry: "I'm asking you now."
Clarice: "I sort of figured you were, but I wanted to make sure."

Albini: "... We will prove that the defendant went to Mr. Barnard's apartment with murder in her heart."

JANUARY 15, 1979 (EP. #3684)
Brian was pleased and Albini confused when Olive insisted she hadn't been friendly with Greg, despite the deposition she had given to the contrary. A tearful Olive insisted to Judge Charles Lancto that Albini forced her to take the stand, but he still cited her for contempt of court. Iris suggested that Sylvie use Blaine as a model in her show. Elena refused Iris's offer of friendship. Albini vowed revenge on Olive. Dan sighed in relief when Liz decided against joining him and Alice for dinner. Michael and Susan worried that Pat couldn't recall the circumstances of Greg's death.

Albini: "What is your occupation, Mrs. Randolph?"
Olive: "I don't have one."
Albini: "Would you describe yourself as a housewife?"
Olive: "Well, yes, I guess so."

JANUARY 16, 1979 (EP. #3685)
Sylvie was teary-eyed when Mac let her hold Amanda. Blaine was happy that Sylvie asked her to be a model in her show. Liz enjoyed telling Willis that Gwen was seen at a disco with an old beau. Scott flirted with Janice while Roy told Mac about growing up on a farm in Iowa. Iris instructed Vivien to research Buzz after Blaine let it slip that Rachel brought him to Bay City. To distract Rose's wrath from Willis, Angie accepted a date with Roy. Eileen put off discussing the future when Joey wanted to find a better job and discuss marriage. Blaine told Jamie that Rachel was projecting her own mistakes upon her son's wife.

Sylvie: "And how is the legendary Amanda?"
Mac: "She's perfect, absolutely perfect."
Rachel: "Don't get Mac started."

JANUARY 17, 1979 (EP. #3686)
Rachel urged Buzz to move faster to break up Jamie's marriage. Clarice told Larry she'd ask Charley to find another place to live if he fusses about them. Vince welcomed Burt back. Albini questioned Stanley Jarkowski, the super in Pat's building. Albini requested a recess after stating that Marianne had taken ill in the witness stand. Burt admitted a marital indiscretion, now ended, then accused Clarice of taking up with Scott. Jim and Alice consoled each other over the trial. Larry told Clarice he'd settle her and Cory in a hotel room so she won't have to face Burt. Rachel came clean to Jamie about making Steve's life miserable.

Vince: "Burt!"
Burt: (Intro Line, Joseph Hindy) "[HUGGING HIM] Hi, Vince."

JANUARY 18, 1979 (EP. #3687)
Dennis filled Iris in on Blaine and Buzz's history. Scott insisted to Burt he wasn't involved with Clarice. Karen failed to convince Michael to reconcile with Marianne. Rachel sobbed to Ada that Blaine found something to hold over her head. Willis introduced himself to Mimi, who told him her father was a prospector. Blaine smiled to herself greedily after Iris piled more jewelry on her. Jim watched helplessly as Marianne sobbed softly after Michael told her Pat made him promise not to drag up her past. Dennis was amused by Blaine's modesty when he caught her in a bra and panties during Sylvie's model coaching.

JANUARY 19, 1978 (EP. #3688)
A dejected Jim told Marianne to find a new place to live if she testifies. Burt told Ada he'd been a fool but promised to make it up to Clarice. A bitter Rose told Mimi she'd lose Vince because she had been too easy in the beginning. John was torn when Pat asked him not to turn away from Marianne. A drunk Olive fantasized about telling John she'd make him pay for ruining her life. Joey and Eileen cheered Rose up by getting her to sing "Santa Lucia" with them. Willis told Vince to straighten out his own life instead of imagining things about him and Angie. Marianne took the witness stand.

JANUARY 22, 1979 (EP. #3689)
Marianne recounted discovering Greg's body, then described the history of their relationship. After Marianne finished presenting damaging evidence, Michael slumped in his seat at the defense table, Pat stared straight ahead, Jim and John rose, and Liz, fumbling in her purse for a handkerchief, vowed never to have anything to do with Marianne for the rest of her life. Iris defended Blaine to Louise. In cross-examination, Brian asked Marianne why Pat's dress had been ripped if she hadn't been attacked. Brian made her feel the dull edge of the letter opener, arguing it wasn't a likely choice for a pre-determined murder. Scott was pleased that Janice asked him to escort her to Rachel's dinner. Rachel wouldn't answer Iris's questions about Buzz. Pat wouldn't let Michael browbeat her into rescinding his promise.

JANUARY 23, 1979 (EP. #3690)
Charley told Burt all about Larry. Clarice made Larry promise to control his temper when they saw Burt. Buzz told Blaine he had a plan to free them both. Mimi got up the nerve to visit Angie, who, insisting she wasn't part of Vince's future, let Mimi know she wished her well. Buzz dropped hints to Iris that Blaine would leave Jamie if she had an income of her own. Rose was upset when Angie told her she gave Mimi the go-ahead with Vince. Rachel was discomfited and Scott peeved when Janice hinted at Steve's unhappiness while having drinks at the Cory mansion.

JANUARY 24, 1979 (EP. #3691)
Albini frequently objected to Brian's general pattern of incorporating answers into his questions to Dan. Jim told Marianne he wouldn't forgive her even if Pat were acquitted. Albini angered Dan, but didn't get him to say anything to incriminate Pat. Michael led Pat out after Olive came to sit in the first row and glare at her. Pat worried about Albini's cross-examination. Mac maintained his dignity on the stand. Angie was annoyed when Joey visited her at work. Marianne came into the courtroom as Albini questioned Susan, whose testimony he shot down based on her relation to the defendant.

JANUARY 25, 1979 (EP. #3692)
Angie ripped up Roy's message to Willis that Leueen phoned. Willis hopped on a plane when Leueen phoned back and told him she'd found Gwen. After Blaine admitted to Iris she had feelings for Buzz, Iris suggested she get Rachel to buy her out of the marriage. Blaine got to know Sylvie's head model, Ramona Daly.

JANUARY 26, 1979 (EP. #3693)
In the Black Cat Discotheque in New York, Gwen fended off the advances of old friend Dexter Parsons. Janice offered to help Angie win Willis back. Elena asked Mac to talk to Iris about Blaine. Pat was rattled the morning of the trial when Michael tried to badger her into remembering what happened the night of Greg's death. Gwen was at Dexter's apartment when Willis came looking for her at Faith Lewis's apartment. Judge Lancto pounded his gavel for Liz to be quiet for the umpteenth time. Brian called Pat to the stand, but she absolutely refused to answer his questions about Marianne's history of unfortunate liaisons with men, despite the judge's threat of contempt. Lancto recessed the trial for Pat's benefit. Michael put his arms around a crying Pat and helped her down from the witness box. Looking over Pat's head, he saw Marianne leaning against the back wall, tears streaming down her face.

JANUARY 29, 1979 (EP. #3694)
The judge removed Marianne from the courtroom after her frequent outbursts denying Pat's statements about Greg. In Edith Lewis's Southampton home, Willis vowed to Leueen he'd sell his company to get Gwen back. Pat broke down in sobs after not being able to remember what happened after Greg slapped her and ripped her dress. Leueen convinced Gwen to see Willis, but Gwen wanted to see if Willis was willing to fight for her. Dan and Alice realized Susan was more upset about them than she was letting on.

JANUARY 30, 1979 (EP. #3695)
Ada sympathized when Jim told her how Marianne had changed. Vince told Mimi he planned to ask Angie for a divorce. Iris told Buzz she'd help him and Blaine reunite. Blaine agreed to Buzz's plan to work on Rachel. Iris lied to Mac that she saw Buzz to arrange to buy a new horse for Dennis. Gwen agreed to go back to him when Willis said he would dissolve his company. Scott sipped his drink discreetly as Janice fretted about Willis during their date.

Dexter: "Well, so that's your husband."
Gwen: "Yeah. Isn't he something."
Dexter: "Hang on to him. You'll never find another man who'll put up with you."

JANUARY 31, 1979 (EP. #3696)
Brian had to abandon his questioning when Pat couldn't remember the killing because it was "a blur of noise and pain and terror." Vince and Angie amicably discussed divorce. Burt vowed to Charley he wouldn't admit to an affair in the divorce suit. The judge told Albini to refrain from sardonic comments and flights of speculation in his interrogation of Pat. The letter opener dropped from Pat's numb hands after Albini made her hold it. Willis offered to arrange a meeting between Burt and Larry. Joey told a glum Rose she should count her lucky stars she doesn't have a daughter like Marianne. A regretful Marianne told Michael she remembers that on the night of the killing Pat told her Greg tried to rape her.

Marianne: "[CALLING] Mom! Mom!"
Michael: "[SHOUTING] Leave her alone. You've done all the harm you can do. I hope neither of us ever see your face again!"
Pat: "Mike, don't say that to your sister. [SHE REACHES OVER AND TOUCHES MARIANNE'S CHEEK] Someday, baby, when this is all over, we will talk again... then perhaps you'll forgive me. [SHE TURNS AND MICHAEL LEADS HER OUT. MARIANNE LEANS AGAINST THE RAILING, SOBBING. JOHN APPROACHES HER FROM AMONG THE SPECTATORS]"

FEBRUARY 1, 1979 (EP. #3697)
Blaine overheard Rachel bad-mouth Larry to Burt. Liz cried on Iris's shoulder. Dexter offered to help Gwen straighten things out with Willis. Elena, Dennis, and Sylvie speculated about Iris's interest in Buzz and Blaine. Blaine lost her temper after Sylvie dropped her from the fashion show, claiming not to want to get involved in a scheme of Iris's. Mac insisted Dennis had no reason to be suspicious of Iris and Buzz. Larry nixed Willis's idea of meeting Burt for fear he'd lose his temper. Mac realized Iris had lied to him after talking to Buzz.

FEBRUARY 2, 1979 (EP. #3698)
Michael told John they can use Marianne's info to argue that Pat was not guilty due to temporary insanity. After a pleasant talk with Eileen, Vince asked Brian to handle his divorce. Michael told Karen they shouldn't see each other until after the trial, for her sake. Dennis and Jamie got into a shoving match when Jamie came to confront Sylvie about turning against Blaine. After Pat unconsciously mentioned Tom Baxter's name, Michael realized she's been terrified she might have been insane when she killed Greg. Mimi was puzzled by Janice's claim of concern for Vince. Albini was displeased when Lancto agreed to let Pat be recalled, and to have her plea of not guilty by self-defense changed to one of temporary insanity. On the stand, Pat was the only one who didn't notice when Michael substituted Greg's name with Tom's. As Pat began to cry, Michael insisted he will go on with the questioning despite her tears or her fears. Pat wiped her tears away and agreed to answer his questions.

Crawl: "Empty judge's chambers."

FEBRUARY 5, 1979 (EP. #3699)
Pat described fully her encounter with Greg. Marianne admitted to Karen she'd been wrong, and vowed Albini will never find her if he tries to recall her. Mac was furious with Willis for disbanding the firm while it was involved in Cory construction projects. When he calmed down, he offered Willis his old job back. Joey was upset to overhear Eileen mention Vince's divorce. Janice, Angie, and Roy were all angry when Willis announced he was dissolving the firm. Janice told Scott she would think about her own happiness only when her brothers were happy.

Jim: "It seems Pat confused Greg with Tom Baxter when she killed him-"
Liz: "Tom Baxter. That was years ago, Jim!"
Jim: "Yes, Liz, I know."

FEBRUARY 6, 1979 (EP. #3700)
Rachel didn't want Jamie confronting Iris about Sylvie's allegations of involvement with Blaine. Janice was openly rude when Gwen visited Willis with talk of buying a house and having a baby. Mac warned Iris she'd be in for trouble if she was faking her friendly overtures to Rachel. Rachel was intrigued by Buzz's idea to buy Blaine off. Iris chastised Buzz for letting Mac catch him off his guard, but was mollified to hear Rachel leaped at his suggestion. Blaine didn't get any sympathy from Larry. Ada worried that Rachel was repeating her old habits, or worse, Iris's habits, by buying Blaine off. Buzz encouraged Blaine to bleed Rachel dry.

FEBRUARY 7, 1979 (EP. #3701)
Albini told Karen she was derelict in her obligations by having told Marianne she may be recalled. Angie admitted to Rose she doesn't know how to deal with her life. Since his first wife ran off with his kids, Burt vowed to Charley he'll sue for custody of Cory, his adopted son. Marianne visited the judge and sobbed that she'd blocked out the details of Pat's state of mind. Albini admitted to Lancto he's lost heart in his case. After telling Janice she'd come up with a plan to keep the firm alive, Angie encouraged Roy to buy Willis out. Lancto dismissed the case since the D.A. conceded he had insufficient evidence. Olive vowed that Dan and Alice would never get married. Albini caught Michael and Karen kissing.

FEBRUARY 8, 1979 (EP. #3702)
Gwen and Janice brought their hostility out in the open. Willis asked Angie to get Rose off his back. Elena threw Blaine out when she came to tongue-lash Dennis. Karen resigned even though Albini accepted her word she did nothing unethical. Willis leased the office space to Roy and encouraged him not to give up on Angie. Burt ripped up the divorce petition after Scott tracked him down at Ada's. Mac offered to support Blaine financially when she admitted her marriage was a mistake as she didn't love Jamie. Olive was crushed when a vengeful Albini announced he was taking her to court for perjury. Susan left for Boston after telling Liz she didn't want to be around when Dan married Alice. Janice deserted Scott to go over to Gwen's table to be introduced to Dexter. Gwen played up to Dexter so Janice would report back to Willis that other men were interested in her.

FEBRUARY 9, 1979 (EP. #3703)
Jamie wanted Brooks to throw Dennis out after he complained about Blaine's cheap cracks to Elena. Janice told Willis about Dexter. A friendly Mimi tried to console a dejected Marianne when she showed up at the diner. After peering through the window and seeing Marianne, Olive came in long enough to drop her troubles on her. Gwen questioned Vince about his reasons for divorcing Angie. Rachel promised Elena that Blaine won't bother her again. With no one else to turn to, Olive ran to John, but he was glad to hear she might be going to prison. John agreed to talk Albini out of prosecuting her when Olive offered to tell him at which diner she saw Marianne. Janice agreed to work in Roy's firm, but was puzzled by Angie's reasons for initiating it. Michael introduced Karen to Pat. Rachel let Buzz and Blaine know she was on to them, but that she didn't care. Rachel offered them $50,000, but Buzz insisted on $250,000. When Rachel insisted she didn't have that kind of money, Buzz gave her a week or he'd tell Mac about her plotting.

FEBRUARY 12, 1979 (EP. #3704)
Olive stared balefully at Albini as Officer Reilly mirandized her. Mac revealed to Rachel that Blaine told him she may leave Jamie. John blamed possible personal problems and his limited, exclusive client list when he nixed Michael's idea that Karen join the firm. John agreed to post Olive's bail in hopes she'll lead him to Marianne. Iris and Vivien made plans to throw an anniversary party for Mac and Rachel. Sylvie advised Iris to drop Blaine. Jamie insisted that Blaine had to apologize to Elena. Liz agreed to set up a meeting so Karen could talk to Scott about working in Cory's law department. Blaine hugged Iris after agreeing it was best they don't see each other anymore. John filled Albini in on his "deal" with Olive. Elena graciously accepted the apology Jamie coaxed out of Blaine. Rose was distraught when Charley let it slip that Vince and Angie were divorcing. Michael cautioned John about scaring off Marianne after Albini revealed the diner Olive saw her at.

FEBRUARY 13, 1979 (EP. #3705)
Alice was wary about including Marianne in the guest list to her engagement party. Vince insisted to Rose it was over with Angie. Brian agreed to start divorce proceedings for Angie. Pat cried on Alice's, then Jim and Liz's, shoulder about Marianne. Brian thwarted Rose when she insisted Angie and Vince are married in the eyes of God. Clarice got worried when Burt got Jamie to tell him where Larry lived. Mimi was sad but accepting when Vince said he was taking off for Colorado for a couple of weeks to get away from the pressure. Pat told Dan she'd come to his party only if they found Marianne. Michael visited the diner and asked Mimi if she'd seen his girlfriend, Marianne, and she told him Marianne had seemed happier after a woman (Olive) came in to talk to her.

Vince: "I have my own life to live and I'm going to live it."
Rose: "You're still part of our lives."
Vince: "I never really was, Rose, much as I wanted to be."

FEBRUARY 14, 1979 (EP. #3706)
Ada advised Rachel to tell Buzz and Blaine to get lost. After confiding in Mac that she fears Marianne has run off again (as she did with Ted to Europe), Pat was relieved when Michael told her Marianne had been seen at a local diner. Vivien was wary of the visitor claiming to be Ted, Brian's son. Iris thought it was marvelous when Ted announced he'll be settling down. Buzz reminded Rachel she had until the end of the week to come up with the money. Mac made Scott hire Karen after he met her and found her charming. Iris convinced Dennis to get Mac and Rachel over to her surprise party. Mac refused to give Rachel two hundred grand for her mysterious investment. Clarice arrived at Larry's to find Larry and Burt punching each other wildly. Brian said it took his breath away when he saw Ted at Iris's. Jamie arrived, and introduced Blaine and Ted. Mac and Rachel were surprised by the reception when they arrived at Iris's.

Vivien: "[CALLING] Who's there?"
Ted: (Intro Line, Richard Backus) "[OFF] Open up and find out, will you?"

Vivien: "You're Mr. Bancroft's brother?"
Ted: "Do I look that old?"
Vivien: "I don't see too well."

FEBRUARY 15, 1979 (EP. #3707)
Angie insisted to Rose that their marriages were different, as Rose was married in the church, and Angie by a justice of the peace. Charlie and Clarice worried about Burt's vow to take Cory away with him. Olive woke up from a nightmare in which Dan and John taunted her about being behind bars, to find the newspaper with the captioned photo, "Alice Gordon to become bride of Dr. Dan Shearer in two weeks." Janice informed Angie that Gwen was dining and dancing with an old beau. The assistant bank manager refused to give Rachel two hundred fifty thousand in cash. Angie apologized for giving Roy mixed signals. Angie tried to make Gwen believe Willis had given the office over to Roy in name only, and intended to reinstate Frame Enterprises when things cooled down with Gwen. John agreed to talk to Clarice on Burt's behalf. Using a fake voice, Olive called Alice as Flora Davidson, society reporter for The Daily Sentinel, to quiz her about her wedding. Rachel told Buzz and Blaine she'd have the money on Monday when the bank manager was available.

FEBRUARY 16, 1979 (EP. #3708)
Ted remarked that Iris had changed, what with befriending Rachel and Blaine, and turning Elena away. Michael assured Pat they'd find Marianne. Ada was stunned when Charley said Burt had become downright mean. After Buzz forced Iris to meet him in the tack room, he threatened to tell Mac it was her scheme he and Blaine asked Rachel for money, if the plan blows up in his face. Michael was livid when Ted dropped by the office and flirted with Eileen and Karen. Mac agreed to loan Iris fifty thousand to buy a new house. He phoned the bank and was shocked to learn Rachel had also inquired about a large withdrawal. Marianne came in to the diner, saw the photo of herself (that Michael had given Mimi) plastered on the wall, put it in her purse, and beat a hasty retreat. Michael was disheartened when Mimi called him with the news. Rachel burst into tears when Mac confronted her. When she insisted he had to trust her, he agreed to give her the money, but that she had a month to explain why she needed it.

FEBRUARY 19, 1979 (EP. #3709)
Mac and Eileen caught up. Brian didn't know what Mac meant by his new house. Blaine refused to listen when Larry warned her against trusting Buzz and extorting Rachel. After fencing with Iris, Ted revealed he's gotten a room at Laurel Court. Rose told Angie she didn't choose to be widowed when she was barely out of her teens, and she thought she'd done a good job raising her kids until Angie turned into someone she doesn't recognize or respect. Clarice and Charley hugged after he said he accepts that she'll marry Larry. Angie told Janice she needed a vacation to get away from her mother. Larry encouraged Clarice to fight Burt in court, not run away. John told Burt he wasn't keen on helping him take Cory away from Clarice. Her bags packed, Angie warned Rose she'd lose her children if she didn't let them go. Larry and Charley squared things between them. Iris pretended to be so upset that Brian was told by Mac about her surprise house that she insisted she was dropping the whole thing.

FEBRUARY 20, 1979 (EP. #3710)
While Scott and Liz tried to track him down, Mac showed up at Ada's begging to be told what was going on with Rachel. Blaine was cross when Larry blabbed about her plans in front of Louise. Mimi thought she should butt out when Janice offered to help her relationship with Vince. As Mac made plans to go to New York on business, Liz gave Larry the bum's rush when he tried to drag Blaine in to see Mac. Rachel arrived home with the money, and a list of the serial numbers on the bills. Janice remarked that Karen (appointed by Scott as the legal liaison with Roy's firm) had stumbled onto a nest of Frames. Willis was perturbed, then shrugged it off, when Janice commented on how both Vince and Angie had left town at the same time. Clarice implored Ada to talk to Burt. Buzz failed to prevent Larry from talking to Rachel. Rachel wouldn't listen to Larry's advice that she was walking into a trap, but got worried when he said he'd talk to Mac. Rachel handed the money to Blaine and Buzz, who assured her he'd handle Larry. They exited by the terrace moments before Mac entered through the double doors. Buzz insisted Blaine let him hold the thousand-dollar bills so Jamie wouldn't see them on her.

Notes: Another reference to Hilda, the NY townhouse maid.

FEBRUARY 21, 1979 (EP. #3711)
Pat and Albini made amends as they discussed ways to find Marianne. Scott disbelieved Gwen's accusation that Roy's firm was just a holding operation and temporary cover for Willis. Liz was intolerably annoying to Jim when she arranged his house for Alice's party. Dan asked Michael to be his best man. Alice was surprised by the red roses Albini had delivered to Pat. Olive blabbed what she knew about Marianne when Albini hinted he wanted to go after her for perjury. Scott and John discussed the divorce action of their clients, Clarice and Burt. Karen met Dan and Alice when Michael brought her to the party at the Matthews house, also attended by John, Liz, Jim, and Pat. Albini visited the diner, and he and Mimi realized it had been Michael who was enquiring after Marianne.

Notes: On the cove page: "2 promos for NBC", neither scene appears in this or surrounding episodes.
Promo #1: Shot of Pat / Lionel [actor playing Michael] joins / She says "If she won't forgive me how can I ever forgive myself."
Promo #2: Pat looking at scrapbook / Lionel joins / "I failed as a wife and now as a mother."

FEBRUARY 22, 1979 (EP. #3712)
Iris pressed Ted into seeking Elena's decorating advice. Gwen accused Willis of breaking his promise, and he accused her of always searching for a reason to mistrust him. Ada wasn't moved when Burt insisted his father would want her to support him. Willis tried to find out from Roy and Janice who was feeding Gwen ideas. Joey quizzed Janice about Angie's whereabouts since his mother took ill. Rachel told Buzz to leave ASAP, but he told Blaine they should squeeze Iris for an extra pay-off. Rachel sobbed to Ada and begged to be allowed to sleep over. Buzz beat it when Iris threatened to phone the police about his blackmail attempts. Ted dropped by the gallery to recruit Elena and Sylvie into decorating his place. Iris sent Brian out of the room when Blaine phoned sniveling that Buzz had disappeared.

FEBRUARY 23, 1979 (EP. #3713)
Ada helped Rachel prepare for the day after spending the night on her sofa (since Burt had the spare bedroom). After Louise and Brooks told her they hadn't seen Buzz in a while, Blaine found this note from Buzz: "Well, two timer, I've been waiting for this since you ditched me for Jamie Frame back in Wyoming. Now, you get out of it. Buzz." Over the phone, Liz told Flora (Olive) all she knew of Alice's wedding plans. Rachel was beside herself when she learned Buzz took off with Mac's money and she was still stuck with Blaine. Larry advised a hysterical Blaine to come clean with Jamie before Rachel does. As "Agnes Moriarty," Olive phoned Grace Hewitt (the head nurse who retired when Alice took over the position) when she learned Dan and Alice planned to honeymoon at her small cottage on the Bay. Olive packed her bags after Albini presented her with a summons to appear in court on perjury charges. Rose came in to yell at Mimi (and Willis, since he was there), after Willis visited the diner to try to be friendly to Mimi. Jamie got upset when Larry phoned to say Blaine wouldn't be coming home that night.

FEBRUARY 26, 1979 (EP. #3714)
A morose Jamie accused Rachel of driving Blaine away. Larry tried to cheer Blaine up with jelly donuts. Brian warned Ted he'll be picking himself up off the floor if he goes after Joey's girlfriend, Eileen. Iris tried to provoke Ted into taking Elena away from Dennis. Jamie quizzed Brooks about Buzz. Larry warned Rachel he'd tell Jamie everything if she didn't give Blaine another chance. Sylvie wouldn't let Iris talk her into convincing Elena to hire Ted at the gallery. When Ada came down on him, Burt vowed Clarice wouldn't run off with another man the way his first wife did. After Olive went missing, John gave Albini the number of her sister in California, Doris Bennett. After hearing about it from Ada, Burt filled Clarice in on Blaine's schemes. Larry and Ted almost got into a scuffle when Ted protected Iris from Larry's heated accusations. Rachel insisted to Ada she had no choice but to lie to Mac.

FEBRUARY 27, 1979 (EP. #3715)
Jamie was rude to Sylvie when she came by to apologize for not using Blaine in her fashion show. Joey tried to convince a sulking Rose that her children still cared about her. Willis invited Mimi to a dinner party so they could get to know each other better. A resolute Gwen told Scott to talk to Angie for answers. Jamie visited Iris for answers, and she implied Blaine and Buzz were close. Willis asked Janice to invite Scott to dinner with them and Mimi. Willis assured Joey that Angie wasn't in his future. Dennis dumped on Ted for dumping Marianne in Europe. Elena shot down Ted in no uncertain terms when Sylvie told her Dennis was upset by Ted's "approach" to Elena. Roy informed Scott that it was Angie who encouraged him to pick up Willis's lease. Janice convinced Mimi to come to dinner by saying Mimi was her only link to Vince. Iris told Sylvie that Buzz had tried blackmail her.

FEBRUARY 28, 1979 (EP. #3716)
Mac was welcomed home from New York. Susan phoned from Boston to say she's delaying her return until after the wedding. Karen went to the diner to talk to Mimi about Marianne. Sylvie told Dennis about Buzz's blackmail attempts of Iris. Mrs. Hewitt gave Alice the key to her cottage. Eileen told Joey that Morgan can start working in Charley's shop in a couple weeks. With Albini watching her suspiciously, Olive answered her phone and learned from Mrs. Hewitt that Alice would be spending this Friday night in the cottage. Rachel dissembled when Sylvie dropped by to tell her and Mac about Buzz's blackmail attempts.

MARCH 1, 1979 (EP. #3717)
Brian was mystified by the postcard Iris received: "We'll be seeing each other again, so don't think we're through yet. B." Iris told an inquiring Mac that Buzz was going to tell him she was fomenting dissension between Rachel and Blaine. Charley convinced Burt that Larry wasn't part of Blaine's plans. Rose was aloof when Angie returned home. Clarice told Blaine she would stick by her. Gwen took off with Dexter after telling Willis that Angie was the one filling her in on his plans. Roy called Angie and Janice on the carpet for causing trouble between Willis and Gwen. Dexter left nobly after telling Gwen not to turn from the man she loves because he has a mind of his own. During the dinner party, Mimi revealed she has two brothers. Vince was upset to witness Willis dropping a happy Mimi off at home.

Vivien: "[HEARTILY] There's more French toast for them that want it!"
Iris: "Oh, Vivien, really."
Vivien: "What'd I say?"
Brian: "It's all right, Vivien. [VIVIEN STARES AT THEM]"
Iris: "Don't stare at us, please."
Vivien: "Sorry, Ma'am."
Brian: "The mail should be here by now, Vivien."
Vivien: "What?"
Iris: "Mr. Bancroft is suggesting that you see if the mail's come."
Iris: "Yes, dear. The next step is to give it to us."

MARCH 2, 1979 (EP. #3718)
Liz phoned the newspaper and learned no Flora works there. Alice said goodbye to Dan and made for the cabin. Liz ran to John, who realized Flora was Olive. Michael was puzzled by Karen's mysterious lunch appointments. Blaine told Rachel, who promised to tell Jamie everything, that she still wants Jamie. At Olive's house, John found Mrs. Hewitt's name on a notepad. He phoned Pat to ask who she was, then before he hung up, said, "Bye, bye, darling." John then phoned Mrs. Hewitt for her information. Blaine lied to Mac that Buzz made Rachel think Blaine would accept a bribe, but told the truth when she revealed to him that Rachel was paying Buzz to break up Blaine and Jamie. Dan phoned Alice at the cabin for some love talk. While Alice smiled to herself in her sleep, Olive arrived at the cottage with two cans of gasoline.

Announcer: "This is Bill Wolff. On Monday, March 5th, be sure to watch the premiere of Another World, now 90 minutes of drama Monday through Friday. Check your local listings for the new earlier time."

MARCH 5, 1979 (EP. #3719)
John phoned Alice and got directions to the cottage. Dan set Pat's mind at ease about John's phone call. Larry defended Blaine to Clarice and Charley. A lonely Rose called for Joey to come home from Eileen's, where he was dancing a jig with her aunt and uncle, Rita and Paul Connelly. Mac told Rachel he believes Blaine's version of the truth, not hers, and accused her of destroying their marriage as well as Jamie's. John and Albini compared notes, and Albini let John handle it as he was busy on another case. John woke Michael and told him to go to Dan's to tell him to meet him at the cottage. Mac couldn't forgive Rachel for deliberately lying to him, but she refused to give Blaine another chance. Mac woke Jamie to tell him Rachel had tried to bribe Blaine into leaving him. Michael found Pat there when he went to Dan's. Olive cut the phone lines, blocked the front door with the back of a chair, and doused the cabin liberally with gasoline. Joey tried to convince Rose she needed a life of her own. Blaine threw her arms around Jamie when he vowed to make a go of their marriage. Olive lit a rag with her cigarette lighter and tossed it toward the house. She laughed wildly to herself as the flames shot up along the walls. She stopped to call out, "Goodbye, Alice!" before turning back to her car.

Notes: This was the first 90-minute episode.

MARCH 6, 1979 (EP. #3720)
Notes: This episode was missing from the collection. The following scenes were pieced together from later flashbacks.

Olive pushed passed John, who then swung a chair through a window then crawled through it...

Alice: "[OFF] John."
John: "Are you all right? Is there a window up there?"
Alice: "Yes."
John: "Break it and go out on the roof of the porch."
Alice: "[OFF] What about you?"
Dan: "[PICKING UP A CHAIR AND STANDING ON IT] Take it easy, darling. I'll help you down. [HE DRAWS ALICE INTO HIS ARMS] You okay?"
Alice: "John's in there!"
Dan: "What?"
Alice: "He was trying to save me!"


Michael: "[BREAKING AWAY] I'm finding my Dad!"
Dan: "[STOPPING HIM] No, Mike. [HE HOLDS HIM] John rescued Alice, but he couldn't get out in time. [MICHAEL STARES AT HIM] He's dead, Mike."

MARCH 7, 1979 (EP. #3721)
Brooks handed Rachel a note from Mac that said John was dead. Jamie told Rachel he never wants to see her again, and disbelieved her claim that she gave the pay-off money to Blaine, not Buzz. Mac warned Iris she better not have had any part in Buzz's schemes. Ada prevented Larry and Burt from coming to blows in her kitchen. Brooks blew Iris off when she saw Jamie moving out of the mansion. Mac thought Gwen might be headed for another breakdown when she sobbed over John and refused to listen to Scott about Willis. Ada advised Rachel to concentrate on her marriage. Burt was annoyed to find Eileen crying in Joey's arms when he came to see John. Jamie told Dennis he realizes Rachel is as bad as Iris. Dennis was annoyed to catch Ted spending time with Elena. Gwen violently refused Scott's offer of help and friendship, then was flabbergasted when Angie accused her of telling Willis lies about what Angie had said and insinuated she wasn't in total command of her faculties. Clarice arrived home to find Burt playing cards with Cory, and Burt later ripped the phone from her hand when she tried to call Larry.

MARCH 8, 1979 (EP. #3722)
Jim and Liz welcomed Susan home. Elena realized she had an enemy when Sylvie shared her theory that Iris was putting Ted up to seducing her. Ted came to Gwen looking for a job. Sylvie set Dennis straight when he worried Elena was losing interest in him. Susan told Alice she has a gentleman friend in Boston. Scott told Clarice he can get a court order preventing Burt from seeing Cory. Michael considered laying a trap for Olive when Susan told him Olive made a threatening phone call to Alice, who went to stay with Jim. Ted smirked and told Dennis that Elena was inventing stories about Sylvie so he wouldn't catch on. Joey was upset that Eileen volunteered to be the decoy when Michael said there was no policewoman who resembled Alice. Albini agreed to Michael's idea.

Olive: (Over the phone to Alice) "[SHOUTING] You got away from the fire but you won't get away next time!"

MARCH 9, 1979 (EP. #3723)
Jamie believed Blaine's word she wasn't involved with Buzz. Dennis called Iris a troublemaker and threatened he'd punch Ted in the nose. Larry came down on Blaine for speaking ill of Cory. Ted tried to "put some excitement" into Elena's life by grabbing the phone from her and making suggestive remarks to Dennis about what he and Elena were doing. Blaine was more than happy to accept Iris's money to leave town when she realized Iris wanted to do it to spite Rachel. Albini arranged for Eileen to go to Alice's house in one of Alice's nurse's uniforms, while Joey would sneak in the back way. Blaine easily convinced Jamie to leave town with her. While Ted felt that Elena really loved Dennis, Iris said she was just after his money, since she was born poor to a railroad man and his wife in Akron, Ohio. Joey filled Rita and Paul in on what Eileen was doing. Ada was tearful when Jamie said goodbye to her and Nancy. Michael pretended it was Alice when he went to check up on Eileen. Ada brought Jamie's goodbye note to Rachel. A drunk Olive phoned "Alice" (Eileen) from her motel room, then had a pleasant daydream about smothering Alice with a pillow.

MARCH 12, 1979 (EP. #3724)
Jim tried to comfort Alice, who suffered nightmares of the fire. Mac disapproved when Rachel spoke of hiring a private detective to track Blaine down, and she was furious when she learned he had told Jamie what she'd done with Blaine and Buzz. Susan told Dan she planned to move to Boston. Dennis was cross with Elena for not satisfactorily discouraging Ted. Larry was upset to learn Blaine and Jamie had taken off. Rachel gave Brian the list of serial numbers of the money and lied that Mac approved of what she was doing. Michael tried to calm Rita and Paul's fears. Brian was hesitant to accept Burt's suit. Linda almost recognized Olive, who was skulking around the hospital in dark glasses and a hat. Olive ducked into a lab and smiled when she saw a jar of acid, which she put her in her purse.

MARCH 13, 1979 (EP. #3725)
Angie laughed to herself thinking how Gwen was coming apart at the seams. Brian warned Iris he couldn't protect her if she was involved with Buzz and Blaine and didn't tell him. Dan told Albini about Olive's appearance at the hospital. As Joey and Eileen played house in Alice's cottage, Olive crouched near a shrub dressed in a boy's jacket, jeans, and cap. Angie was disappointed when Janice decided to stay out of things, since it was putting Willis in a bad mood. Sylvie told Iris she was opening a branch in Bay City, then warned her not to make trouble for Dennis and Elena. Rose drove off to Alice's after Rita came by and told them what Joey was up to. Gwen railed at Willis for breaking his promises and leading Angie on. While Joey went upstairs with a cop to fix the window Olive threw a rock through, Eileen answered the door and Olive threw the acid in her face, though Eileen raised her arms to protect her face. As Albini struggled with Olive, Joey picked up a pitcher of water and threw it on Eileen's face. Rita, Rose, and Angie arrived after Joey took Eileen to hospital.

Olive: "[TO HERSELF] I don't need anyone now that I've finally taken care of Alice."
Albini: "[HARSHLY] It wasn't Alice who opened the door to you."
Olive: (Exit Line) "What?"

MARCH 14, 1979 (EP. #3726)
The Perrinis and the Connellys officially met in the hospital waiting room. Elena warned Iris she'd talk to Brian if Iris didn't call Ted off. Janice told Willis her experience with Robert made her wary of being hurt. Willis told Janice he may reactivate Frame Enterprises if he thought Mac would let him. Joey tried to control his tears as Eileen smiled bravely, her eyes covered and her arms bandaged. Alice went into hysterics when Michael told her about Eileen's scarring. Janice got Mac to agree to release Willis from his duties so he can reactivate the firm. Iris assured Rachel they had both been taken in by Buzz and Blaine. Angie suggested Vince renew his friendship with Gwen. Larry refused to let Rachel intimidate him. Gwen agreed to dinner after Vince got passed her defenses.

MARCH 15, 1979 (EP. #3727)
Marianne told Pat she regrets having run off to Europe instead of telling John about Olive. Vince told Mimi about Willis and Gwen's marriage. Iris was happy to hear of Burt's suit against Clarice when Ted nosed into Brian's briefs. Ted refused Iris's request that he leave Elena alone. Liz was unhappy when Susan announced she was starting a new life in Boston. Rita told Joey she envies Rose her children since Rita can't have any, but Joey remarked Rose may envy her having a husband. Joey was pleased when Vince dropped by the hospital. Gwen had to turn down another dinner invitation from Vince after accepting one with Ted. Brian told Burt he won't handle his case. Eileen's optimism proved true when Dan removed her bandages and she could see clearly, and had only some minor scarring on her hands, arms, and left eyelid. Gwen was blindly enthusiastic when Ted insisted Dennis and Elena join their table at L'Auberge. Religious Rita was shocked to hear of Vince's divorce plans.

MARCH 16, 1979 (EP. #3728)
Ada came by to have Brooks and Louise tell her they knew nothing of Rachel's whereabouts. Alice couldn't bring herself to describe the fire to Jim, then Marianne told her she's not to blame for John's death, but she cried in Dan's arms about it. An insecure Dennis lashed out at Elena for being ashamed to be seen with him in public, then admitted it was their age difference that bothered him, but they kissed and made up. Brian told Michael that Olive was put in a hospital for the criminally insane upstate in the mountains. Rachel admitted to Brian she hadn't told Mac about Fred Soames, the private detective they hired. Mac offered to put up the capital so Willis could reactivate Frame Enterprises. Ada found new respect for Larry when he vowed to stick by Clarice if Burt dragged up her past in court. Michael told Pat and Marianne the good news about Eileen and Olive. Burt insisted to Ada that Clarice would follow if he took Cory to Japan. Ada phoned Clarice to ask to pick up Cory after Burt seemingly agreed to give up. Alice wasn't convinced by Pat's vision of a happy future, and was distressed when Liz said Susan was running back to Boston. Rachel agreed Ada could hide Cory from Burt at the mansion. Mac fired Fred and apologized to Larry after Larry brought Fred in to meet Mac. Mac blasted Rachel for hiring Fred, told her to stop the tears, and threw her past in her face.

MARCH 19, 1979 (EP. #3729)
Alice was indifferent when Dan made wedding plans. Burt admitted to Clarice he was wrong to try to bully her into coming back to him and insisted on saying goodbye to Cory. Pat told Marianne to ask Michael about replacing a recuperating Eileen so she doesn't have time to dwell on the trial. Janice badmouthed Gwen to Roy, then advised Mimi not to lose Vince to Gwen. Susan encouraged Alice to talk over her fears with Dan. An overworked Michael was happy Marianne offered her help. Janice advised Willis to take Roy on as a partner and keep Angie on the payroll. Vince told Mimi not to be confused about how much she mattered to him. Alice told Jim that Sally was being disobedient at the Joslyn Boarding School. Susan brought Alice's cold feet to Dan's attention. Ada thought it okay when Clarice asked if Burt should see Cory. Marianne cried about her life to Karen, who offered to introduce her to some new people. After headmistress Ethel Banta phoned Alice to say Sally went missing, Alice forbade Dan from accompanying her and put off the wedding.

MARCH 20, 1979 (EP. #3730)
Rachel hugged Cory tearfully as he reminded her of a young Jamie. Morgan Simpson brought Rita his and brother Richard's laundry, and told sister Eileen he was interested in Joey's job offer. Alice brought flowers for Eileen. Rita asked Rose to come to dinner and discuss Angie's divorce. Ada was there when Clarice brought Burt over to see Cory, whom Burt insisted on seeing alone in the kitchen. Burt helped Cory into his jacket after sending Brooks and Louise away. Rachel told Clarice that Amanda has a crush on Cory. Louise came back down, and Burt told her he'd take Cory back upstairs. Eileen played "Kathleen Mavourneen" on the piano for Paul. Joey told Eileen he hopes their families become friends. Clarice sobbed in Ada's arms as Rachel told Louise and Brooks to search the house and grounds. Dan asked Pat for help with Alice. Paul warned Rita that Joey might think she was taking sides in a family disagreement. Clarice called for Cory in the area outside the kitchen, but Burt crouched down in the car and covered Cory's mouth with his hand. Clarice saw Cory as Rachel walked by the car. After they took Cory inside, Ada got into the car beside a contrite Burt, who wept about obsessing on getting back a family that didn't want him. She brushed his hair back, kissed him on the cheek, and told him we all had to face losing people, then he drove off for the airport. Pat insisted to Alice that Dan would be understanding. Joey welcomed Morgan to the shop. Dan was disheartened when Alice said they were doomed from the start because of Olive.

Morgan: (Intro Line) "[SHOUTING, FROM THE KITCHEN] Hey! Anybody up!"

Ada: "You're Gil's son, Burt. So you're my son, too, no matter where you are or what you do."

Ada: "[HUGGING HIM] Be happy, Burt."

Alice: (Exit Line, Susan Harney) "I may bring Sally with me."
Dan: "You do that. You tell Sally that we will make a new home for her, soon. [HE LEANS OVER] You've got to come back to me, darling. My life would be absolutely meaningless without you. [HE KISSES HER AGAIN, TURNS AND GOES OUT. ALICE STARES AFTER HIM, THEN SINKS DOWN ON THE SOFA AGAIN, SHAKING HER HEAD, TEARFULLY. COMMERCIAL]"

MARCH 21, 1979 (EP. #3731)
Mac and Rachel didn't have friendly words for each other over the breakfast table. Clarice told Charley about Burt's stunt, then Ada brought her Burt's letter: "Dear Clarice, ... I don't have any excuses, except that I went a little crazy for a while. It's won't happen again. Tell Scott to go ahead with your divorce. You be happy and I'll try to do the same. Burt." Elena asked Rachel for help in stopping Iris from interfering with her and Dennis, but Rachel was more interested in crying about Jamie. Angie encouraged Rose to get out more, but she maintained she was ashamed to show her face because of Angie's divorce. Scott handled the reincorporation meeting, in which Roy turned down Willis's offer to name the company Frame-Barry Enterprises. Janice disapproved that Angie was pushing Gwen at Vince. Vince grinned broadly at Charley after Gwen came to invite him for a home-cooked meal. Rachel promised to tell Mac when Brian said it was the only way he'd hire another detective. Janice was thrilled to hear from Roy that Mac took her advice to help Willis start his own firm, and told Angie the time was ripe to fight for Willis. Brian bore witness when Marianne reminded Ted he'd abandoned her in Europe when he lost interest in her. Willis was perturbed to overhear Gwen and Vince discuss their dinner plans. Ted brushed by Douglas, but Elena slapped him hard when he tried to kiss her in front of Dennis. Mac announced he was moving out after raging over Rachel's decision to hire another detective.

MARCH 22, 1979 (EP. #3732)
Iris questioned Vivien about her "romance" with Rudy the doorman. Liz informed Iris that Mac moved into the executive apartment above his office. Morgan came over so Joey introduced him to Angie and Rose. Liz frowned when Mac took a thankful Janice out for coffee. Iris instructed Vivien to question Louise about Mac and Rachel. Iris encouraged Ted to buy some pieces from Rachel when he complained Elena wouldn't sell him anything. Angie set Mimi's mind at ease about Vince and Gwen. Gwen smiled fondly after him when Willis lost his temper about her and Vince. Brooks told Louise they may as well tell Vivien that Mac moved out. Eileen, housebound and bored, suggested Rita ask Rose to attend a church supper, but Rose didn't feel comfortable with strangers. Vince blasted Willis for making women miserable, then Charley had to break them up when they came to blows when Vince refused to stay away from Gwen. Iris phoned Mac to come to dinner after Vivien confirmed Liz's news. Vince couldn't satisfactorily explain to Mimi why he was seeing Gwen. Rose phoned Joey in a snit as he sung with Paul and Morgan. Iris was annoyed when Vivien blurted out to Mac and Brian about her investigating for Iris. Iris offered to find Mac a room at the hotel.

Mac: "Well, the world doesn't revolve around what you want!"
Rachel: "No, it revolves around your wishes... Mackenzie Cory, the rich powerful publisher, who just has to call his banker--"
Mac: "[OVER] How dare you ridicule me!"
Rachel: "Because you're ridiculous, that's why!"

MARCH 23, 1979 (EP. #3733)
Brooks and Louise fussed over Rachel, and told her Vivien had been making inquiries for Iris. Mac had breakfast with Iris and Brian, then Ted came over to question her about Mac's break-up, but she threw him out when he was less than supportive of it. Vince informed Gwen he couldn't see her anymore for Mimi's sake, then got evasive when she asked if he loved Mimi. Gwen assured Rose she'd never divorce Willis so Angie could have him. Elena suggested Gwen when Dennis said Sylvie wants to redesign her offices, then Iris came to ask Dennis to visit with a despondent Mac. Mac chewed Liz out for gossiping to Iris, but was repentant when she broke down in tears. Iris came to offer her support to Rachel, then stormed out when Rachel accused her of plotting with Buzz. Larry read Cory a story, Charley came over with champagne, and Clarice revealed she wants an outdoor wedding. Jim offered to take her to dinner when Liz sniffed that their whole family was dispersed. Ted offered to throw an informal party when Rachel was hesitant to come to his place to see what artwork it could use. Vince told Rose she was living in a fool's paradise as he and Angie had moved on. Larry was affected when Charley sung "Streets of Laredo," then wiped his eyes and said he finally had a father when Charley gave him a job at the furniture store. Mac protested when Rachel put restrictions on the time he spends with Amanda.

Rachel: "[IRIS TURNS TO GO] You'd better be clear of any part in what Buzz and Blaine pulled on me, or --"
Rachel: "You'll have to deal with me. And I'll fight you on your terms." (The second line was pencilled in over this original line: "I'm not a softie like Mac as far as you're concerned.")

Rachel: "I'm sick and tired of being the submissive wife to--"
Mac: "[LAUGHING] Submissive!"
Rachel: "[OVER] Yes, submissive, and docile, and loving wife to a self-indulgent aging playboy. [MAC STARES AT HER BLANKLY FOR A MOMENT, THEN TURNS AND GOES OUT QUICKLY]" (The following was penciled in: "Doug: You ain't seen nothing yet.")

MARCH 26, 1979 (EP. #3734)
Rachel instructed Louise not to tell Mac she was headed for the McMasters Colony for Artists with Amanda. Rose spent an evening at the Connelly's. Angie flipped when Rose revealed speaking to Gwen. Ada disapproved when Rachel left to attend the McMaster's art retreat with Amanda without informing Mac. Dan and Pat decided to offer Marianne a job at the hospital. Gwen stopped by the diner to introduce herself to Mimi and set her mind at ease. Ada worried when Rachel announced she was leaving on a trip with Amanda without telling Mac. On Janice's prompting, Angie came over to Willis' apartment on business, where she cooked him dinner and one thing led to another. Angie told him that Gwen dominates him, and that she (Angie) was the only woman for him as she was proud of what he was. Deeply affected by her sweet words, Willis made love to her.

MARCH 27, 1979 (EP. #3735)
Still smarting from Elena's slap, Ted blew Vivien off, then advised Iris to hire a gigolo next time (but Iris said it hadn't worked last time she tried that) and wouldn't tolerate her questions about Rachel. Louise let it slip to Iris that Rachel was out of town. Rose's yelling didn't make Angie reveal whom she'd spent the night with last night. Iris offered to accompany Mac to visit Amanda after he phoned the mansion and Brooks and Louise were evasive about Rachel's whereabouts. Marianne was too interested in making sure John's firm continues to be a success when Dan suggested she become a doctor's receptionist. Dennis and Elena discussed Sylvie's office with Gwen. Willis was annoyed when Janice lied to Rose for him that Angie wasn't with him last night. Gwen told Mac she was quitting to work as a freelance architect. Marianne complained that Michael has already forgotten about John, but Pat said he was just moving on the way John advised her to after Mary died. Janice wasn't so sure Angie should tell Rose about sleeping with Willis. Iris came to pick up a reluctant Mac for his visit to Amanda. Willis packed his bags while railing at Janice for manipulating him and sabotaging his marriage. Angie informed Rose that Willis could have her again and again as now she knows what it's like to be in his arms and to be alive. Dan advised Pat to get Michael to talk to Marianne. Iris instructed a reluctant Brooks to drive her home when Mac fled distraught after Louise told him Rachel had taken Amanda away.

MARCH 28, 1979 (EP. #3736)
Iris insisted to Brian that Rachel was using Amanda as a weapon against Mac. Clarice asked Ada to stand up for her, and Charley suggested they have the wedding in Mac and Rachel's garden. Michael told Karen he's concerned that Marianne doesn't want anything changed in John's office, where she's taken to working, and Marianne told them they should tell Eileen she doesn't have to come back. Though she would be too busy to attend, Elena urged Dennis to accept Iris's dinner invite to cheer Mac up. Ada advised Mac to be patient, but he decided to seek legal advice. Vince convinced Mimi they should spend time with a lonely Gwen. Ted just smiled condescendingly when Brian found he'd upset Marianne. Charley had to turn down Larry's best man offer as he was giving Clarice away, but told him to ask Joey, and urged him to drop his grudge and contact his father. Iris convinced Mac to talk to Brian about Amanda. Michael and Pat discussed Marianne's obsession. Eileen assured Larry that Joey would be honored. Ted sulked when Iris wouldn't include him in her dinner guest list. Linda left so Pat could ask Dan to speak to Marianne. Joey groaned at Morgan's attempts at office humor, then Morgan offered to coach Joey on being best man when Eileen brought Larry in to ask him. Mac was disappointed when Elena fled after Ted crashed the party, but Iris wouldn't tell Brian Elena's reasons.

MARCH 29, 1979 (EP. #3737)
Iris informed an inquisitive Brian that Elena intended to seduce both their sons. Ada told Charley she's worried about Rose. Janice insisted she wanted to mend fences, but an unfriendly Vince accused her of turning against everyone else to protect her favorite, Willis. Mimi accepted Janice's invite, but Vince warned she just wanted to find things out for Angie. Ada was concerned when she overheard Joey turn down a date with Eileen because Rose was ill. Mac and Brian speculated about Ted and Elena, then Brian diffused Mac's anger over not seeing Amanda. Scott agreed to join the dinner but wondered why Janice wasted so much energy on her brothers. Marianne hurried out after failing to convince Eileen that work and school was too much of a load. Elena revealed to Brian that Iris encouraged Ted to pursue her. Scott failed to interest Vince and Mimi in small talk, then Angie breezed in to have Janice tell her Willis had gone away. Marianne didn't want Pat hovering over her when Karen offered her a job at the complex, then stormed out when Liz then Dan also came to gang up on her. Angie yelled at Ada to mind her own business when Ada told her to take it easy on Rose. Ada told Brian about the last time she saw Rachel.

MARCH 30, 1979 (EP. #3738)
Janice agreed to let a desperate Angie move in temporarily to get away from Rose. Marianne vowed to Pat to make up for all the unhappiness she caused John. Dan was curious why Pat frowned upon reading Alice's letter. Joey fretted when Angie announced she was moving into Willis's apartment. Eileen told Michael she'd find another job when Marianne came into work droning on about hanging John's picture in the entrance. Liz brought Marianne's odd behavior to Jim's attention. Charley had Vince extend a welcoming hand to Larry into the business. Morgan nattered on to Joey until Eileen arrived to ask Joey for help in finding another job. Dan told Pat she may be projecting anxiety about Marianne's grief because she's not really dealing with her own. Dan wouldn't let Liz advise him about Alice. Pat was indignant when Liz came over while she was at Jim's and criticized Dan. Brian thought Michael should take it easy on Marianne when Michael told her he was thinking of selling John's house. Ted told Brian he won't let Iris use him against Elena anymore. Pat cried to Dan about having failed as a wife and mother.

APRIL 2, 1979 (EP. #3739)
Angie wasn't moved when Joey told her Rose has locked herself in her room and wasn't touching her food. Brian got Iris to admit her scheme with Ted, then warned her to stay out of it from now on. Charley agreed to hire Eileen to do the paperwork when she said she needed only a part-time job. Jim was pleased to be rescued from Liz by Dan, who was worried about Alice's uncommunicativeness. Michael informed Pat that John's insurance went to her, his stock income to Marianne, and the house to Michael; they decided to put Olive's house on the market since the deed was never transferred to Olive. Elena had Douglas throw Iris out when Iris threatened Elena better not try to take Brian away. Mac told Brian to press Louise for Rachel's whereabouts. In Boston, Alice fretted to Susan about Sally, still missing. On Pat's urging, Dan phoned Susan about coming to see Alice. Marianne was pleased and Michael sad when Eileen told them she's working for Charley now. Ada questioned Joey and Morgan about Rose, then phoned Charley. Marianne was distressed to overhear Pat tell Dan that Michael intends to sell the house and find a small apartment near the office.

Alice: (Intro Line, Wesley Ann Pfenning) "I'm just so worried about Sally."

APRIL 3, 1979 (EP. #3740)
Brooks insisted to Louise they're making the right decision in keeping their promise to Rachel, so they wouldn't tell Brian where she was. Marianne ranted to Pat she'd buy the house herself if Michael sold it. Janice told a doubtful Angie not to give up on Willis, then said she and Willis were alike in being attracted to people from Better Families, as she was to Robert, but he loved Lenore, which shook her up so badly she can't get serious about anyone anymore. Dennis and Elena welcomed Sylvie back, and were surprised to learn she'd sold her firm several years ago to Kirk Laverty of Laverty Brothers and she just runs it for them. Sylvie was surprised when they told her Mac and Rachel had split. Louise fretted to Ada that she can't reach Rachel on the phone. Brian found a morose Ted hanging drapes in his apartment and tried to talk him out of his low opinion of himself. Janice asked Scott to help her find her own apartment but wouldn't say it was so Angie could live alone with Willis. Roy was surprised when Ada asked Angie where she's living now. Michael and Karen came home to find Marianne had moved into her old room. Dennis asked Mac to dinner when he found him worrying about Amanda. Brian informed Angie her divorce had been granted. Ted chucked Vivien under the chin when he confused her. Mac told Sylvie that he and Kirk belonged to several of the same clubs in New York, then he moaned to her, Dennis, and Elena about Amanda.

APRIL 4, 1979 (EP. #3741)
Iris promised Brian she was through using Ted, and nagged him about bringing legal action against Rachel for Mac. Iris was exasperated when Ted came over to let Brian know he regrets that Iris encouraged him to pursue Elena. Paul was annoyed when Rita questioned Morgan about what he knew of Angie, then she asked Eileen to question Vince about Rose. Larry and Eileen noticed Vince was put in a better mood when Gwen came in. A beaming Iris told Elena and Dennis she's made sure Ted won't bother them anymore. Gwen asked Sylvie if they could use a furniture outlet a friend owns. Mimi handed Vince the letter with his divorce decree. Louise told Ted that Rachel was unavailable. Rita was interested to overhear Janice tell Joey that Angie wants him to send some of her clothes over to their apartment. Iris left after Sylvie defended Rachel. Dennis was suspicious, but he and Elena agreed to forgive Ted. Gwen found Angie at Janice's and didn't believe Janice had asked her to stay there. Gwen insisted she wanted Willis to be the honorable man he was capable of being, then warned Angie she won't let her have him. Clarice found Larry crying over a letter from his father. Gwen told Vince she'd wait for Willis to fight for her.

APRIL 5, 1979 (EP. #3742)
Alice told Susan that Sally hasn't mentioned Beatrice for years, and wondered if Sally's old friend Heather Jessop would know where she was. Liz phoned and Alice asked her to talk to Heather's mother Jeannie. Paul warned Rita to stay out of it when Eileen let it slip that Janice lived with Willis. A fed-up Michael accused Marianne of enjoying being the central figure in a tragic situation. Dan left after Marianne refused to listen to him. Mac didn't believe it when Ada was sure Rachel didn't intend to stay away permanently. Eileen fretted to Morgan and Joey that Joey would lose favor with Rita for not telling her about Angie. Roy frowned upon it when he found Janice arguing with Vince in the office about Gwen. Larry told Clarice, Charley, and Ada that his father will be coming for the wedding. Jeanne told Liz that Heather sent Sally some clippings about a trial and a fire. Alice asked Susan to go get Michael's help when Mrs. Banta told them Sally was photographed shoplifting. Worried that Marianne was trying to atone for her guilt by plunging into an all-consuming grief, Dan advised Pat to move into John's house with her. Joey came to level with Rita to clear the air, but he blew up when she badmouthed Angie. Sylvie introduced herself to Ada to warn her Iris was behind Mac's push for legal action.

APRIL 6, 1979 (EP. #3743)
Iris advised Mac to cut off Rachel's allowance and fire Louise and Brooks, then was annoyed when he insisted she ask Sylvie along to their dinner. An indignant Angie slapped Vince for accusing her of moving in on Willis to trap him. Vince realized she's changed for the worse when she admitted sleeping with Willis. Janice tried to pressure Mimi into getting Vince to marry her. Pat and Susan brought each other up to date. Mac set up a meeting with Roy to discuss the new distribution warehouse. Sylvie realized she was missing something when Iris told Gwen she still has reason to resent her. Michael suggested Scott to Susan when he didn't want to leave Pat to deal with Marianne alone. Susan told Dan that Alice regrets not telling Sally about the family troubles. Vince realized Angie needed to live with Willis for a while to get him out of her system. Mac agreed Scott could go to Boston for a few days. Roy had to back out when Mac asked him and Janice to continue their meeting over dinner, then Mac phoned Brooks to have him pick Janice up at home. At Tallboys, Janice told Mac she's never forgiven Rachel for making Steve's life a living hell. Vince promised Mimi she won't have to worry about Angie anymore. Janice thanked Mac for an evening she'll never forget, but wouldn't let him come up for a nightcap.

APRIL 9, 1979 (EP. #3744)
Iris wondered why Mac was whistling, but he was no longer in a good mood by the end of her visit. Mac got riled when Iris almost told Dennis about his indiscretion with Gwen. Jim pocketed Alice's letter, but admitted to Liz it was avoiding some issue, then they were distressed when Susan told them Sally had been shoplifting. Mimi asked Gwen to help her cheer Vince up. Iris told Vivien to encourage Rudy to keep tabs on Mac. Iris was stunned when she received sweetheart roses from Mac with a note thanking her for being delightful company at dinner, but she couldn't get any info from Liz. Vince assured Mimi he didn't still care about Angie; he just didn't want her to be hurt by Willis. Liz told Scott she'd be speaking to Heather (who hadn't heard from Sally). Susan and Dan smiled at each other after she impulsively kissed him goodbye. Gwen brought Mimi a framed copy of her drawing Mimi had admired that morning, then Vince suggested Gwen get Willis to do the construction on Sylvie's branch office. Dan got Liz to phone Alice, who hung up when Dan tried to talk to her. Iris fumed to Brian that the mix-up with the flower cards proves Mac has a new lady friend. Brian forbade Iris from getting Vivien to question the hotel florist.

APRIL 10, 1979 (EP. #3745)
Brooks and Louise phoned Rachel that Mac was making legal threats. Dennis recommended Rose as a seamstress for Sylvie. Joey and Eileen dropped in to see Angie, who made them stay for dinner. Angie promised to move out when Joey said her living arrangement was causing him problems.

APRIL 11, 1979 (EP. #3746)
Louise and Brooks brought Rachel up-to-date, then Brian phoned to ask her to come to his office. Joey was encouraged when Ada said she had a job for Rose. Scott and Susan tried to calm Alice when Mrs. Banta called with news that Sally sent a letter saying she didn't intend to return. Rose was hesitant when Ada told her Sylvie wants to hire her to make sample dresses from her designs. Rachel said hi to Michael, then Brian told her that Mac's ebullience was a two-edged sword. Marianne flipped when a realtor came by to show the house off. Mrs. Banta gave copies of Sally's letter to Alice and Scott, who wondered who the "someone" was that would be picking up Sally's belongings. Rita forbade Eileen from seeing Joey when she admitted having dinner in Angie's apartment. Liz left so Mac could rail at Rachel for taking Amanda away, but she then rushed into his loving arms. Joey was happy to find Rose back in the kitchen, but was distressed when she refused to acknowledge Angie's existence. Marianne yelled at Michael that she'd throw out every realtor that came over. Janice instructed Angie not to move out, and fretted about her missing bracelet. Rachel decided to rescind her dinner invite to Mac when she found a woman's bracelet in the limousine.

APRIL 12, 1979 (EP. #3747)
Despite the problems he foresaw from Gwen and Rose, Willis admitted he loved Angie and was looking forward to starting his life with her. Rose agreed to talk to Rita for Joey. Michael told Pat and Dan about Marianne scaring off buyers. Janice told Roy to mind his own business about Angie, who came into work beaming. Clarice and Charley came to discuss the wedding with a grumpy Ada. Gwen showed Sylvie her sketches, then a concerned Dennis tried to warn her away from Ted. Clarice disagreed when Larry doubted Rachel would agree to host their wedding. Dan and Pat had to enter through the back door when Marianne was engrossed with hammering John's diploma to the wall, but they couldn't convince her not to build her life around her memories of John. Mimi and Vince were eager to attend the wedding, then Gwen cam to give Vince a big order. Rose embraced Ada gratefully after she and Sylvie hit it off. Angie and Willis were enjoying an evening at home when Rita came by to sniff imperiously and wag her finger at them both. Rita informed Rose that Joey had to choose between Angie and Eileen. Gwen took Angie's presence at Willis's with grace, and informed then she won't divorce Willis.

APRIL 13, 1979 (EP. #3748)
Rachel ordered Brooks to return the bracelet to its owner, then hung up on a perplexed Mac. Ted came over to see if Rachel had some art for him. Iris flipped when Liz brought in this postcard: "Don't think I've forgotten. You'll be seeing me soon. B." Angie told Brooks she'd get the bracelet back to Janice. Rita pumped Morgan about Joey's recent activities, then threatened to call Nora if Joey didn't agree to stay away from Eileen. Janice decided to follow Angie's example and fight for what she wanted. Rachel informed Brian that Mac has been carrying on. Iris listened outside the door as a mystified Mac wondered why Janice was thanking him. Iris showed Mac the postcard. Eileen promised Joey no one would keep them apart. Dennis was watchdog when Ted asked Elena to sell him Rachel's sculpture. Rose promised to help Joey see Eileen, then Angie came by to have Rose cut her out of the family. Paul assured Eileen he'd make sure Rita didn't ship her to Minneapolis. Rachel admired Larry's dedication to Blaine and agreed to host the wedding. Rachel came out from the terrace to argue with Mac when he chastised Brooks for returning Janice's bracelet without telling him.

APRIL 16, 1979 (EP. #3749)
Rachel instructed Brooks and Louise not to let Mac see Amanda without her permission. Iris talked Brian out of going to the police about the postcard as Buzz would seek to get even with her. Alice received word that Sally was headed back to the school. Mac told Brian he was fed up with Rachel's erratic behavior. Karen suggested Michael pack up John's personal effects, then Brian told him if they sold the house it would pay for the mortgage on Olive's house and prevent the bank from repossessing it. Alice, Susan, and Scott confronted a sullen, disagreeable, and argumentative Sally. Ada advised Mac to come up with a better story about Janice. Sally told Susan she feels Alice doesn't really love her, and that she'd been thinking of her real parents. Pat was upset to find Marianne turning the house into a shrine. Rachel advised Elena not to take Ted too seriously. Marianne went into hysterics when she came home with Pat and found Michael and Karen moving John's things out (to Jim's attic). Susan offered to treat Sally for compulsive shoplifting, and Sally was vague when Alice asked who her new friends were. Liz told Iris that Alice could tell her about Janice.

Sally: (Intro Line, Julie Philips, entering Mrs. Banta's office) "Carrie says Mrs. Banta's out of town..."

APRIL 17, 1979 (EP. #3750)
Willis was troubled that Angie wouldn't give up their arrangement even when she cried about Rose's cold shoulder. Rita slammed the phone down on Joey, and Rose suggested he follow Rita's suggestion to give up Angie. Rose called Paul to meet with her. Joey begged Vince to talk to Angie about his troubles. Sylvie told Gwen Kirk was coming to oversee the construction. Coworkers now, Rose told Gwen they should leave their personal problems at home. Worried that Sylvie would work harder if she lived in the penthouse above the office, Dennis told Elena they should convince her to get a house. Rose saw Mimi at the diner and apologized to her. Paul promised Rose he'd help Joey and Eileen, and was happy to hear she'd found a job. Gwen baited Angie, who was upset Roy wanted to take the assignment Gwen was offering. Louise told Clarice that she and her sister were married in the plantation garden back in Kentucky. Morgan told Joey that Eileen was old enough to get her own place. Willis didn't object when Janice said she was going after Mac since Rachel was all wrong for him. Dennis tried to convince Sylvie to slow down and let him look for a house for her. Mimi preferred that Vince talk to Rose instead of Angie. Janice prevented Angie from changing the figures on Willis's bid so Gwen would refuse it, and advised Angie just to laugh at Gwen.

APRIL 18, 1979 (EP. #3751)
Rachel was incredulous when Iris wished someone had protected her from Mac the way Rachel was doing with Amanda. A serene Marianne told Michael the frenzied link she had with John was gone, and Pat was thrilled she was even considering a job at the hospital. Rachel and Ted realized Iris had tried to set them up, and she agreed to help him reconcile with Elena and Dennis. Iris visited Jim to sound him out about Alice and Janice. Linda told Marianne there was a volunteer position in the children's ward. Rachel and Brian disagreed about Iris's motives when she asked him to get Iris off her back. Vivien told Ted a joke about a tree-toed sloth that had the "h" beaten out of it, then Iris agreed he can use Vivien to help throw his party. Mac and Brian realized Iris was playing Mac and Rachel off against each other about Amanda. Karen turned down Michael's offer to share an apartment. Brian felt Iris was the most exasperating human being he's ever known when she hoped her husband could credit her with some positive feelings instead of immediately assuming the worst. Mac badgered Louise into letting him visit with Amanda, to whom he sung a German song his governess Frieda used to sing to him. Mac and Rachel fought bitterly about Amanda and Janice.

APRIL 19, 1979 (EP. #3752)
An excited Willis told Angie they might be on to big things as Laverty Brothers owns lots of other companies besides Sylvie Dresses. Angie started to sob when Joey brought the clothes her mother sent over. Susan was so patient Sally felt like doing something to shock her. Sally insisted she's outgrown Bay City when Scott said the store would drop the charges only if she returned home. Dennis renewed his friendship with Marianne (who sported a considerably changed hairstyle and appearance). Dennis preferred Brian's idea to buy Olive's house instead of John's for Sylvie. Angie sulked when Gwen vowed to help Willis to be a success. Sally admitted she was seeing a boy named Phil, but couldn't trust Alice to help deal with her life, since Alice's failed with Ray, Willis, and Dan. Dennis pulled Sylvie away from her meeting with Rose so he could show her the house. Michael showed Karen Olive's house, designed by her lover Evan, who had tried to kill John, probably at Olive's instigation, though it was never established. When Gwen brought him to the office, Vince urged Rose not to blame Angie. Sylvie thought to bring Gwen in to redecorate when Michael and Karen showed her the house. Sally phoned Phil Higley and discouraged him from following her to Bay City as Alice wouldn't approve of his being a bum. Gwen was thrilled but Mimi less so about their three-way friendship with Vince. Angie told Willis that Gwen was just trying to split them up.

Michael: "Olive lived here alone after Dad divorced her, spinning her schemes against Mom and Alice."
Karen: "Oh, Mike."
Michael: "Well, Evan's dead, now, and so is Dad. [HE SINKS DOWN BY THE POOL] And Olive's put away. All that's left is this house."

Phil: (Intro Line, over the phone to Sally) "Yeah?"

Notes: Paul Stevens (Brian) said "Rick" Laverty during taping.

APRIL 20, 1979 (EP. #3753)
Mac was irritated at Rachel's intransigence when he tried to arrange a convenient time to see Amanda. Iris renewed her acquaintance with Janice and said her friendship means a great deal to Mac. Paul defied Rita to allow Eileen to see Joey, and Rita didn't like it he has seen Rose behind her back. Mac fumed that Rachel was provoking him into the arms of another woman, and Brian agreed to draw up a property settlement. Fred Ewing came into the showroom to tell Eileen he was there to see Larry, then introduced himself to Charley. Larry and Fred had an awkward reunion, but then hugged after resolving to put the past behind them. Rose threw small-minded Rita out for causing grief for her kids. Iris thought that Rachel's sculpture (which Ted took pains to display properly) belonged in the rubbish. Ted warned he'd invent something to retaliate with if she told Rachel that he invited Mac to his party. Rachel was upset when Brian told her Mac wants a legal separation, but was determined not to let Mac have his own way. Mac asked Janice to dinner after a phone call from Brian. Fred told Clarice he regrets how he treated Larry, then met Ada. Eileen turned down Joey's impromptu proposal. Mac admired Janice's open and direct nature so much he kissed her passionately.

Fred: (Intro Line, to Eileen) "Who's the man in the office?"

Fred: "[WHISPERING] Well, son."

APRIL 23, 1979 (EP. #3754)
Mac gave Janice breakfast in bed, told her to leave her nightgown in his room, and thanked her for rescuing him from a very bad time. Rudy told Iris that Mac had ordered two breakfast trays. Paul told Rose not to worry about anything Rita says. Gwen accepted Willis's bid, but Kirk still had to approve it. Roy was bothered and Willis worried when Janice came in to work late. Mac insisted he was leading a monastic life, but Iris pointed out the lipstick on the coffee cup. Eileen tried to convince a glum Joey their life would get back to normal. Rachel agreed not to prosecute Blaine if Larry helped her find Jamie. Vivien was sad Sylvie would be moving out of the hotel. Paul blasted Rita for forcing her convictions on others, and she blamed the Perrinis for causing the first trouble they'd had in fifteen years of marriage. Fred gave Larry an old photograph and dejectedly told him of his failed dreams. Ada brought Rachel to question Fred about the postcard he received from Blaine. Michael advised Sylvie to retain Scott as her attorney and Jim as her accountant. Joey left angrily when Rita won the upper hand with Eileen and Paul by threatening to phone Nora. Iris exulted in telling Rachel that Mac was keeping a girl in his room.


Notes: This Monday episode took into account the weekend to allow Mac and Janice a lengthy first affair from the previous episode.

APRIL 24, 1979 (EP. #3755)
Liz didn't care to discuss Janice with Iris, then Susan phoned to say she and Alice had returned. Though he had no office help, Jim agreed to handle her when Michael brought Sylvie over as a prospective client. Iris toyed with Janice before telling her she wants to see her and Willis on a business matter. On their way to check out Sylvie's house, Gwen and Dennis ran into Ted, who invited all three to his party. Brian browbeat Mac into admitting he'd spent the weekend with Janice, and warned him to be wary of Iris. Sally was less enthused than Alice about the return home. In order to question her about Janice, Iris told Alice she wants to buy some of her land to build a house. Dan convinced Pat to go to dinner, but she broke it when Liz came to tell her Alice had returned. Angie snapped at Willis when he automatically offered Gwen the chance to design Iris's house. Jim and Liz welcomed Sally home, then Alice fled to the terrace when Pat and Dan came over. Liz sulked when Susan accepted Jim's offer to stay with him. Dennis said he wouldn't go to Ted's party since Elena didn't want to attend. Iris smiled to herself after Mac dashed out upon finding Willis and Janice in her suite. Dan shouted at Alice for having no consideration for his feelings. Mac and Janice decided to use her place to avoid Iris's spies.

APRIL 25, 1979 (EP. #3756)
Rachel told Brian that Mac was free to revert to being a notorious playboy. In their boarding house room in Tulsa, Blaine and Jamie argued about their money troubles. Ada asked Sylvie to design and Rose to make a special wedding dress for Clarice. Kirk Laverty's arrival surprised Sylvie, who teased him about his gauche lifestyle. Larry told Clarice he wanted to try to find Blaine, who was surprised Buzz had tracked her down. Blaine quickly forgave Buzz for running out on her, and he told her they'd take off together soon. Rachel accused Mac of wanting the separation so he can have Janice, not for a defined visitation agreement for Amanda. Brian instructed Vivien not to tell Iris when Buzz phoned. Buzz told Blaine he gambled away Rachel's money, and convinced her to return to Bay City with him to fleece Iris. Larry, Clarice, and Joey came to talk to Brooks about the wedding. Kirk was surprised that Sylvie was the mother of the legendary Iris, whom he'd seen years ago in various lobbies. A miserable Rachel nibbled on Ada's roast beef and moaned about her life. Joey came over to meet Fred, then Larry got a call from Blaine. Rachel thought about Janice when she found Mac singing to Amanda. Jamie phoned Ada to say he needed to stay with her when he came home and found Blaine had taken off.

Jamie: (Intro Line, Richard Bekins) "Time to get up, honey. [HE LEANS OVER AND KISSES HER] It's getting late --"

Sylvie: (Opening the door) "Kirk!"
Kirk: (Intro Line) "[HUGGING HER] I warned you I'd show up and here I am."

APRIL 26, 1979 (EP: #3757)
Sally was indifferent to Alice's suggested activities. Morgan advised Joey to get Angie to change her lifestyle as Nora was even more strict than Rita. Michael showed Karen his new apartment, then she turned down his proposal. Vince told Joey (glum he couldn't get in touch with Eileen) to fight for what he wanted. Working on the wedding guest list, Clarice and Ada worried that inviting Angie and Willis would upset Rose. Alice said she's been making one disastrous decision after another since Steve died, and Dan blew up, vowed not to be a replacement for anyone, and told her she'd restored the cold, dead feeling he'd felt so often before with Susan. Ada brought Clarice over to meet Sylvie. Joey insisted Angie come over for dinner when she wished she could be a better person for his sake. Michael smiled to himself when he noticed Jim gazing after Sylvie after arranging a business lunch with her. Alice told Susan that she and Dan could use each other now. Sally offered to send Phil the plane fare so he could come see her. Mrs. Bitzer phoned Michael to say the Covingtons are interested in the house. Angie flared up at Vince for his harsh criticism. Morgan was singing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" when he beheld a vision: Sally, who thought he was a nutcase. Morgan chimed in with flip comments while Sally caught up with Joey. Susan startled Dan by saying their problems may not be insoluble. Angie left when Rose acted like she wasn't there. Buzz dropped Blaine off at the bus station.

APRIL 27, 1979 (EP. #3758)
Rachel ran out to follow up on it when Ada told her Larry has spoken to Blaine, then Jamie came in and Ada urged him to speak to Larry about Blaine. Paul told Rose he'd side with Joey against Rita. Ted reminded Iris he had disinvited her to his party when she was catty about the lavish art books he had bought to impress Rachel. Alice told Jim to tell Iris she's changed her mind about selling her land, then they were disturbed when Phil breezed in, unslung his backpack, and helped himself to coffee. Ted told Kirk he went to school with his nephews. Gwen phoned Willis to arrange for Kirk to come over and meet him. Larry was puzzled when Jamie told him not to tell Rachel (who phoned) he was there. Marianne told Michael it was all right that he'd sold the house. Michael told Joey that Eileen was legally free to live wherever she chose. Sally was happy to see Phil, whom she told Alice earns money by playing his guitar on street corners. Gwen, Kirk, and Willis arrived and joined Dennis and Sylvie at Ted's. Dennis showed Kirk Rachel's sculpture. Kirk told Mac he's been thinking of buying a publishing house. Gwen told Ted that Willis will tire of Angie now that she's no longer inaccessible. After Iris and Janice realized they have Robert in common, Iris dragged her along to crash Ted's party. Paul warned Rita he won't stay in the house with her if she continues being a meddling busy-body. Ted gritted his teeth when Iris wafted into the party and hit it off with Kirk. Rachel lit out after seeing Mac cozying up to Janice. Fred admitted his wife ran off because he beat her, then Blaine came and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Jamie ran out when he found Rachel at Ada's.

Sylvie: "Iris, darling, just light somewhere, will you?"
Kirk: "[STEPPING FORWARD] Not until I've had the pleasure, please."
Iris: "And who are you?"
Kirk: "An admirer of the legendary Iris Cory for many years."
Iris: "[SMILING] You certainly know how to present yourself."

APRIL 30, 1979 (EP. #3759)
Ted pressured Iris to tell him why Rachel beat a hasty retreat last night, but a call from Buzz saved, though unnerved, her. Mac gazed lovingly into Janice's eyes and told her Rachel broke off marital relations long ago. Phil tolerantly explained to Alice that he had every right to camp out on her grounds. Alice glared at Sally for threatening to leave with Phil if Alice sent him off. Marianne was happy to hear Michael planned to officially propose to Karen, and later helped him set up a romantic setting. Jamie was unmoving when Ada tried to get him to reconcile with Rachel. Rachel told Brian she won't agree to let Mac take Amanda to his suite. Blaine kissed Jamie on the forehead and sniffed that he should find a more acceptable girl as Rachel has destroyed any hope for them. Susan advised Alice to draw the line with Sally when Alice complained to her and Jim. Scott introduced Karen to Rachel, who asked him to be her lawyer. Happy to have found him at Ada's, Mac offered Jamie a job at the complex. Karen accepted Michael's proposal, but wanted to wait to reveal it until her parents got back from a cruise. Blaine shoved Vivien aside to blackmail Iris, who thrust large bills into her hand when Blaine threatened to tell Rachel that Iris talked her into taking Jamie away from Bay City. Wearing a revealing dress, heavy makeup, and a different hairstyle, Sally resented it when Alice said she was kicking Phil off their property. Sally remembered (a similarly dressed) Jennifer making excuses for why she was sending Sally to boarding school. Rachel ripped up the separation agreement and flung the pieces at Mac when she found Janice's nightclothes on his bed.

MAY 1, 1979 (EP. #3760)
Angie was frosty when Willis said Gwen was helping him get in good with Kirk. Gwen told Kirk she left Willis when he refused to return the money her mother gave him, but she was happy he had recently repaid Leueen. Paul told Morgan that the Connelly's was no longer a happy household, and warned a stubborn Rita not to drive Eileen away. Sylvie was surprised when Jim told her of Iris's house plans. Iris interrupted Vivien's goodbye kiss to Rudy, then screamed when she opened a box with a toy snake and the note: "Just a reminder. Buzz." Roy complained to Willis that Iris insisted on working through Janice. Angie vented her anger on the filing cabinet when Gwen beamed to Willis that she goes along with any package of Kirk's. Gwen tut-tutted at seeing Joey glum, but beamed to Vince about improved romantic developments. Iris forsook their backgammon game to ask Ted about Kirk, then admitted Buzz knew something about her Brian didn't. Rose and Ada pinned the wedding dress on Clarice as Sylvie watched. Ada told Sylvie that Mac was involved with Janice. Mimi thought it time Vince reconciled with Willis when Gwen told them she was going to win Willis back by working with him. Rose insisted Paul stay for supper when he said Rita makes him eat alone. Angie told Willis that Gwen was playing into the worst aspects of his nature. Joey was surprised to come home and find Paul talking tenderly to Rose. Iris threw her birth in Sylvie's face when Sylvie confronted her about using Janice.

MAY 2, 1979 (EP. #3761)
Jamie had breakfast with Ada and Nancy. Ada didn't believe Rachel's claim of wanting to protect Amanda from Mac's lifestyle. Vince was making up with Janice when Mac walked in unexpectedly. Vince and Janice disagreed about who Willis belonged with. Pat was surprised when Dan admitted getting involved with Alice to avoid coming to terms with Susan. Elena received a letter from one-time step-daughter Cecile (about 20, one of the Count's several children) about coming to visit for the summer. Elena revealed to Dennis her father was a brakeman who died, then her mother died a year later; and she married the Count, who made her change her name. Scott was surprised when Rachel said she'd sue Mac for infidelity with Janice if he didn't agree to her visitation restrictions. Dennis asked Jamie to get rid of the guy with Sally who was playing guitar for handouts outside the gallery. Susan told Pat she was afraid of hurting Alice. Buzz hid when Rachel came to ask Blaine to tell Jamie she was in on Buzz's extortion, but Blaine preferred to watch her squirm. Mac decided to let Jamie try his hand in various departments. Janice insisted to Mac that she had everything she wanted with him. Elena wouldn't invite Cecile as she was strict and would disapprove of Elena and Dennis. Susan told Dan they should work on resolving their own situation after he reassured her she didn't influence Alice against him. Sally and Phil hid some jewelry when Alice came home. Janice warned Rachel she won't let her use Amanda as a weapon against Mac the way she used Jamie against Steve.

Elena: (About Cecile) "Oh, yes, I used to think of her as a daughter."

MAY 3, 1979 (EP. #3762)
Angie was annoyed when Kirk and Gwen came over for a meeting, in which Kirk told Willis he wants Gwen as their architect in any future deals and disallowed Angie from attending a business dinner. Eileen was hesitant when Joey told her to just lie to Rita. Phil was agreeable when Susan told Alice she'd spend time with him so Alice could go out alone with Sally. Phil assured Susan he disapproved of shoplifting. Karen told Marianne her engagement was secret. Angie promised Willis she'd behave around Gwen. Michael told Pat he can't quite figure why Karen was keeping their engagement secret. Morgan invited himself along when Alice invited Joey to a party for Sally. Sally told Phil she'd accept Morgan's dinner invite to throw Alice off. Gwen told Willis they shouldn't forget they were still married just because of the storms and recriminations they inflicted on each other. Willis turned down Gwen's offer to step aside as architect for Angie's sake. Kirk told Willis that McFadden Chemicals was relocating to Ogden. Eileen felt miserable when Paul told a tearful Rita she resents people who enjoy things she can't. Paul promised to make good on his threat when Rita phoned Nora. Morgan struck out repeatedly after he picked up Sally, who then yanked Phil into the car. Morgan shoved Phil out and realized Sally wasn't interested in him. Morgan found Joey gazing sadly at Eileen's house from his van. Willis insisted Angie had to trust him, but she decided to throw away her birth control pills.

MAY 4, 1979 (EP. #3763)
In Rachel's bedroom, Ada helped Clarice get ready for the wedding. Rachel told Clarice it was all right that Blaine will be attending. Angie felt Janice planned to attend the wedding to spite Rachel. Rita was pleased Paul hadn't been able to bring himself to walk out. Iris was testy with Brian, who wouldn't let her invite them along to the wedding when Louise showed up to borrow a chafing dish. Fred told Larry to control his temper the way he himself was never able to, then asked if Blaine was still causing trouble for him. Rachel yelled that Mac's blatant infidelity is forcing her to sue for total custody, and because he won't give up his lecherous pursuits to give Amanda the attention she needs. Iris explained to a concerned Brian she was just restless, then Sylvie told him about the house plans. In the Cory garden, Mimi hugged them when Vince introduced her to Cory and Nancy; Angie and Willis admired spiffy Joey; Sylvie and Jim arrived with Rose, who stopped to kiss Nancy, but snubbed Angie. Brian reminded Iris she's already used the house routine to cover up some deviltry, but Iris was indignant that Sylvie was maligning her. Morgan strutted that he crought Eileen to the wedding, but she told Joey this was the last time they could see each other as her mother had laid down the law. Larry told Joey to get Blaine and Fred from the car, and for Charley to get Rachel. After Iris received no answer ringing Sylvie's bell, Buzz crept up behind her, cupped his hand over her mouth, and dragged her into a stairwell.

MAY 7, 1979 (EP. #3764)
Buzz wedged a mop handle against the doorknob to lock himself and Iris in a utility closet, where he demanded a hundred grand or his buddies would get her. She freaked when he stroked her, but he only yanked off her pearls, rings, earrings, bracelet, and wristwatch. Charley told Clarice there's been a slight delay. Joey stared sadly at Eileen; Rose blew off Willis; neither Mac nor Janice felt like talking to Scott; Vince welcomed Blaine and Fred. Karen snatched back her ring from Pat when Liz came in. Ada chided a teary Rachel about letting Janice keep her from being at Clarice's wedding. Mac had to chat with Willis and Angie when Janice left to talk to Vince and Mimi. Mac took his arm away from Janice when Rachel arrived. Ada came down the aisle, holding Nancy and Cory by the hand. Clarice followed on Charley's arm. Rachel leaned back in her seat, closing her eyes, wearily, as Clarice joined Larry, who smiled tremulously at her, then took her hand as they turned toward Reverend Cheever. Iris threw herself into Vivien's arms and said she was mugged by a strange man. As Larry and Clarice recited their vows, Rachel cried, Angie and Vince glanced at each other, Janice watched Mac, who looked over at Rachel. Eileen wouldn't destroy Rita's marriage to be with Joey. Susan told Liz she will never discuss with her what went wrong in her marriage. Dan treated Iris in her suite, then Iris sobbed in Brian's arms. Louise and Brooks cut the cake as Scott toasted the newlyweds. Larry told Fred he was taking Clarice to Bermuda for their honeymoon. Blaine smiled when Buzz let her try on Iris's trinkets. Mac accompanied Janice when Rachel threw her out.

Clarice: "With this ring, I wed Lawrence."
Larry: "With this ring, I wed Clarice."
Cheever: "I now pronounce Lawrence and Clarice man and wife. [HE SMILES BENIGNLY] You may kiss Mrs. Ewing, Lawrence."

MAY 8, 1979 (EP. #3765)
Iris told Brian to stop badgering Vivien into recounting what she knew of the mugging, then told Brian her attacker had blond hair and blue eyes. Iris got rid of Vivien when Buzz phoned. Karen said it would be awhile before Michael would be able to meet her parents. Angie backed Roy up when he complained to Willis about Gwen doing all the designing. Sally told Alice's she's sticking with Phil despite that Alice was pushing Morgan at her. Dennis told Jamie his and Elena's age difference hasn't caused any trouble. Iris confided to Ted that Buzz will kill her if the police are drawn in. Willis felt Roy's designs must be to blame when Brian discontinued Iris's house plans. Alice invited Dennis and Jamie to her party for Sally, but Elena explained to Dennis that she couldn't accompany him because while their private life is their own concern, their social life requires certain concessions to propriety. Karen got a call from Ben (not seen), who needed more money. Alice criticized Sally for panhandling with Phil. Mimi sat her in a booth when a nervous Iris came into the diner. Michael told Marianne he worried about the late hours Karen was keeping. Buzz (a cap pulled down over his eyes) and Blaine (a kerchief over her head) peered through the window and waited till Mimi left. Blaine pulled off her kerchief, shook her hair, and smiled when Iris noticed she was wearing her earrings. Iris stalled to make Blaine sweat for her money, so Blaine make a despairing gesture toward Buzz, who caught Iris's attention then drew a finger across his throat. Buzz split when Iris shouted to two policemen that Blaine was robbing her.

MAY 9, 1979 (EP. #3766)
Larry and Clarice were on their way to the airport when Fred called to say Blaine was in jail. Ada fumed when Buzz came to beg Jamie to help him spring Blaine. Rachel agreed to go on a friendly dinner with Ted, who was interested to overhear Rachel talk to Brian about her divorce. Eileen told Rita that Paul will come around now that she's left Joey. Morgan encouraged Joey to go see Eileen. Ada advised Rachel to let Jamie find out the truth about Blaine on his own. Jamie hugged them both when Janice prompted Mac to level with him about their relationship. At the police station, Larry thought Brian's interpretation of events was fishy as it painted a complimentary picture of Iris. Fred held Larry back when he started for Buzz, who ran out before Brian could get the sergeant to question him. Eileen sobbed after she threw Joey out. Jamie was baffled when Blaine shouted for him to leave after he came to visit her in her cell. Vivien spilled her guts when Brian questioned her, but Dan wouldn't allow him to talk to a sedated Iris. Rose was hesitant to let a gloomy Paul stay and talk to her. She touched his cheek tenderly when he spoke of being torn apart by things he doesn't understand, but pulled back when he tried to kiss her. Rachel became more interested in Ted's New York divorce lawyer when Mac, Janice, and Jamie came into the restaurant all smiles.

MAY 10, 1979 (EP. #3767)
Iris lied to Brian that she had the hundred grand because Janice had returned the money she'd advanced for the house. Larry agreed with Fred that Blaine should cool her heels in jail another day so she might turn against Buzz. Alice asked Phil to stop panhandling with Sally. Sylvie introduced Jim to Kirk. Gwen invited herself along when Kirk said he would be sending Willis to New York. Charley and Fred pulled Larry off Buzz (who ran off again) when Larry roughed him up. Iris said she wanted to drop the charges, but Det. Brent said Albini would still seek a grand jury indictment. Dan couldn't answer when Sally asked why he broke up with Alice. Angie wasn't happy that Willis was dropping everything to go to New York with Gwen. Susan found it helpful when Dan told her Sally was confused about him and Alice. Jamie and Marianne were happy to run into each other at Sally's party. Joey arrived with Morgan, who introduced himself to everyone. Joey helped himself to some scotch, but Sally took the glass from him and bade him come sing. Willis told Gwen he wouldn't be going to New York, and was touched when Vince tousled his hair and said they should start over, but they disagreed about Janice and Mac. Joey kissed Sally when he had a few more drinks under his belt. When Brian agreed to help get Blaine off, Buzz confessed how he successfully blackmailed Iris.

MAY 11, 1979 (EP. #3768)
Brian took Iris's arm roughly and told her to prepare herself. When he warned she could be charged with abetting an extortion scheme, Iris admitted Buzz mugged and blackmailed her. Iris flinched when Mac hung when she tried to find Janice after Brian went to verify her story about the money. Jamie admitted Blaine may be involved with Buzz, but blamed Rachel for bringing Buzz to Bay City. Rachel told Ada she was headed to New York to talk to Ted's lawyer. Karen told Michael she has an older brother named Ben. Brian's arrival prevented Janice from returning the call Iris made to Willis, and she told him there had been no advance payment. Wanting to help Gwen reconcile, Kirk agreed to talk to Willis about going to New York. Pat was tickled to hear that Jim was spending so much time with Sylvie. Michael complained to Pat that Scott was overworking Karen. Mac was annoyed to find Ted and Rachel were headed for the airport. Rachel informed Mac that the Frames only pay attention to Jamie when they wanted something from Mac, then forbade him from seeing Amanda while she was away. Iris was nasty to Janice for volunteering information. Blaine sobbed in Larry's arms after Brian said Buzz revealed everything to him. Scott informed Michael that Karen took on outside cases. Kirk discouraged Angie from accompanying Willis to New York, then Angie told Willis it sounds like Kirk is interested in buying Willis out. Mac stood firm for a while but finally left when Ada didn't want him visiting Amanda. In the airport lounge, Ted introduced Rachel to Kirk, who offered to give them a lift to New York in his jet. Brian pounded on the bedroom door until Iris emerged. She stared at him defiantly when he pushed her into a chair and resolved to get everything out in the open.

Notes: This was Lemay's last 1970's episode.

MAY 14, 1979 (EP. #3769)
Though he loved Iris, Brian couldn't close his eyes to what she did to people she cared about. Iris screamed she'd never forgive him if he told Mac she was behind the extortion. Ben told Karen he was no longer gambling, but the sharks were still circling. Michael was crestfallen when Karen opined she wasn't ready for marriage. Pat encouraged Dan to keep seeing Susan. Rachel spoke of her early life, and Kirk told her of his alcoholic parents. Mac and Janice were shocked when Brian told them the extortion was Iris's idea. Vivien made a quick retreat to her room under a barrage of thrown items. At Pat's prompting, Jim phoned Dan to come have dinner with Susan. Rachel made Ted leave when he began making himself comfortable in her hotel room. Iris threw Brian out for his betrayal. Dan and Susan promised not to analyze their past mistakes. Karen told Michael she was hurt he implied she can't manage her own career. Janice undercut Mac's feelings of sympathy for Rachel. Iris sobbed in Sylvie's arms and called her "mother."

Ben: (Intro Line, over the phone to Karen) "[TWO-WAY LIMBO] Hi, sis."

Iris: "Get out of here."
Brian: "Is that really what you want?"
Iris: "I never want to see you again."
Brian: "I wasn't looking forward to our goodbyes, baby. But you've just made it very easy for me. [HE EXITS. IRIS TURNS TO STARE AFTER HIM, THEN SINKS TO THE FLOOR IN SHOCK]"

MAY 15, 1979 (EP. #3770)
Jamie wasn't surprised when Mac told him Blaine and Buzz were co-conspirers. Jamie and Mac exchanged pointed looks when Jamie told Ada he'd babysit for Amanda. Kirk phoned Willis to instruct him to come to New York. Vince told Gwen that Willis approved of Janice and Mac because he'll get more projects from Mac. Blaine defended Buzz to Mac and insisted she deserves alimony. Roy resented Kirk's attention to Willis. Charley advised Larry to get Blaine squared away. Buzz told Blaine to press for a large alimony, then hid so Blaine could reassure Larry that Buzz was out of her system. Angie strode into the Connelly house to chastise Rita and encourage Eileen to make up with Joey. Willis was surprised to see Gwen when he boarded Kirk's jet. Rose was able to coax the wine bottle from Joey's hands, then Paul and Morgan coaxed her into going bowling. Jamie handed Amanda over to Mac when Ada walked out the door.

MAY 16, 1979 (EP. #3771)
Over a split-screen, Rachel phoned Ada about her New York activities. Elena and Dennis had a difficult time trying to get the facts from Vivien. Kirk asked Rachel to dinner when he ran into her and Ted in Quentin's office. Larry tried to convince Jamie that neither Rachel nor Blaine was to blame for Buzz's actions and to beg him to convince Blaine to remain in Bay City. Sally agreed to go on a date with Joey, and turned his friendly kiss into a passionate one. Sylvie felt Iris wasn't up for a visit from Dennis. Blaine stopped feigning morose when Jamie told her he was through with her and wouldn't be paying her a cent. Joey kissed her when Sally brought an iron to the shop just to get his attention. Blaine got angry when Brian informed her no judge would grant her a settlement because of her affair with Buzz. Dennis told Brian to come stay at Elena's when Brian told him what transpired with Iris. Scott fondly told Alice she reminds him of his fiancé in New York who was killed in a car crash. Dennis was annoyed that Elena fretted about Cecile's disapproval. Phil warned Sally to stay away from Joey, and reminded her of the boys she dated in Boston. Kirk's admission of a wife ended the wonderful evening he and Rachel were having.

MAY 17, 1979 (EP. #3772)
Angie complained to Janice and questioned Roy about Willis's trip to New York. Buzz said they'd head back to Reno to fence the jewelry when Blaine blew up at his disapproval over her handling of the divorce. Susan told Pat that the insoluble problems preventing her and Dan from going beyond friendship were private. Scott told Ben he can reach Karen at Michael's. Janice got Vince to tell her Gwen was in New York. Paul held his ground when Morgan let it slip to Rita that they'd bowled with Rose. Fred and Charley went to see Cory so Clarice could give Blaine a pep talk and say she too used to fall for bad men, until Blaine feigned a headache and fled. Vince surprised Mimi with a proposal. Dan kissed Susan after promising not to put too much emphasis on a wife's bedroom duties. Karen refused to accept Michael's offer to help pay her debts when he heard her on the phone with Ben. Rose was taken aback when Paul announced he was going to leave Rita. Angie warned Roy that Gwen might be turning Willis back into the man who tried to take the firm from Alice. In the parking lot of McAllister's Boarding House, Larry and Clarice drove up and spotted Buzz in his car. Blaine wept and tried to pull Larry off Buzz as Larry shouted for Clarice to call the police and Buzz begged Larry not to hurt him.

MAY 18, 1979 (EP. #3773)
Sylvie encouraged her to return to her suite when Iris complained that Perrini woman kept peeking in at her as if she were a creature from another planet. Mac encouraged him to make up with Rachel when Jamie told him of Blaine's demands. Rose was concerned that Joey was rushing into a relationship with Sally. Louise and Brooks welcomed back Rachel, who turned down Ted's offer to be her agent. Iris insisted to Dennis she had been trying to help by exposing Blaine as a fortune hunter. A furious Mac demanded that Iris apologize to Rachel. Brian was touched when Ted was sympathetic over his split with Iris. Alice was pleased when Joey came to pick Sally up. Iris ran into the other room to fix up her hair and make-up when Kirk came to talk business with Sylvie. Ada claimed innocence when Rachel found Mac's handkerchief in Amanda's playpen. Alice was uncertain when Phil said Sally was like a sister to him, gave her the jewelry they stole, and said he wanted Alice to trust him to keep an eye on Sally to keep her from doing it again. Iris told Sylvie she'd play with Kirk the way Brian is resuming playing with Elena the way he did when they courted. Rachel was furious to find Mac and Jamie in the park with Amanda.

Mac: "Why are you so determined to destroy my marriage? Why? I've never done anything so cruel to you."
Iris: "[CRYING] I knew you wouldn't listen."
Mac: "I've been listening for years, and all I get is lies and fabrications."

Notes: A reference to Sally Gordon was replaced with one to Sally Frame.

MAY 21, 1979 (EP. #3774)
Rachel grabbed Amanda and left before Mac could tell her about Iris. Iris appreciated Sylvie's support, and Sylvie was happy that Iris had called her "mother." Sylvie turned down Iris's offer to be taught the business since she suspected it was just a ploy to get close to Kirk. Scott thought it fishy but Alice was convinced Phil was on the level. Rita found Paul with his bags packed and pontificated about the Perrini's, but he told her the real problem was that she denied him love and affection after the doctor told her she was barren. Ada tried to defuse Rachel's anger. Sally lied to Alice and Scott that she paid for the jewels. Mac was bored when Iris talked to him about Kirk. Jamie told Rachel he knew all about Blaine now and advised her not to doom Amanda's life the way she doomed his marriage by bringing Buzz to town. Morgan agreed to put Paul up. Phil convinced Sally he hadn't been the one to tell Alice. Rita coldly forbade Eileen from speaking to Paul as it was God's will that he left. Rachel pulled away from Kirk's friendly arm when Louise entered the room.

MAY 22, 1979 (EP. #3775)
Willis told Angie he'd be building a site for Wireco Electronics in Ogden. Blaine was devastated when Larry told her Buzz was extradited to Nevada to face auto-theft charges. Iris gifted Dennis with cash for his college graduation and advised him to take a trip with Elena so Brian isn't tempted into renewing his affair with her. Karen remembered Christmas when Ben told her he'd lost his job by embezzling at a bank clearing house while trying to pay a loan shark back $10,000. Gwen told Vince about the rosy time she had in New York. Willis rejected Roy's offer to reorganize the company and split it 50/50. Dennis warned Elena they needed to be wary of Iris now that Brian was staying in the guesthouse. Gwen thought Angie's undermining was unforgivable when Willis told her Angie had told tales to Roy. Michael urged Pat to befriend Karen to find out what her troubles were. Dennis was disturbed to find Brian and Elena laughing about their old eccentric friends. Fred was upset to find Blaine had run away, but Larry told Clarice he was through looking out for her. Angie cried when Willis stormed at her.

MAY 23, 1979 (EP. #3776)
Mac was bowled over when Janice said she loved him. Jamie warned Rachel she'll lose everything if she keeps on defying Mac. Sally assured Joey that Phil had been interested in occult things, not sleeping with her. After a night of love, Susan and Dan marveled that they had to get divorced before they could get intimate. Brian discussed Mac and Rachel with Judge Lancto. After Scott declined to give her legal advice, Janice snuck into his office to peruse his law volumes. Larry told Jamie he'd find Blaine so he can get his divorce. Jim was annoyed that Liz discovered Susan hadn't come home last night, but Susan mischievously told her she'd found a new man. Eileen worried to Morgan about Rita, then turned away abruptly when Sally wanted to buy a mattress to put in the back of a van. Brian convinced Rachel to come to the meeting with Lancto. Joey was thrilled when Sally showed him his redecorated van, but he wouldn't let her draw him down on the sleeping bag with Morgan close by. Mac agreed Lancto could act as mediator. Rachel asked Kirk to help her move to New York.

MAY 24, 1979 (EP. #3777)
Iris was pleased when Kirk asked Sylvie to find him a suite in the hotel. Angie insisted to Willis she'd spoken to Roy out of love and concern for him. Karen told Pat her father was a Presbyterian minister from Hilldale, New Jersey. Paul convinced Rose to join him for lunch. Iris toyed with Alcestis' leaves to get Louise to sit and talk with her, then overheard Kirk tell Louise about the apartment. Ted was amused that Marianne still hasn't forgiven him, then overheard Karen give Michael his ring back since she wouldn't confide in him. Gwen turned down Willis's request for a divorce. Paul promised to wait for her when Rose was upset by his talk of divorce. Liz told Pat she didn't approve of Susan's "new morality." Ted plied his charm on Karen, then angered Michael with his presence at her house. Dan was amused that Liz was fired up by her new mission to reunite him with Susan. Mimi asked Gwen to stand up for her. Iris phoned the hotel manager, Roger Savage, to get Kirk the penthouse next to hers.

MAY 25, 1979 (EP. #3778)
Mac apologized to Rachel for misjudging her about Blaine. Rose was tight-lipped when Joey told her of Paul and Rita. Susan told Alice she'd counsel Sally and speculated she suffers from suppressed traumatic childhood events. Morgan was disturbed to open the van and find Sally and Joey smooching. Rachel and Mac bickered in front of Lancto. Rachel agreed Mac could see Amanda any time, but outside the chamber, she told Mac she had been lying for the judge's benefit. After reading the law book, Janice suggested to Jamie he take Amanda to visit Mac. At the campsite, Phil told Scott he runs a group called Serenity House devoted to helping runaways. Angie told Joey she'll marry Willis after he divorces Gwen. Phil asked Alice for a large donation to his group. Angie was stunned to see Paul kiss Rose after he convinced her to give in to her feelings. Janice told Mac it would be legal if he took Amanda while she wasn't in Rachel's house.

MAY 28, 1979 (EP. #3779)
Mac warned Ada that Rachel was forcing him to take measures contrary to his nature. Angie angrily told Willis she wouldn't let Rose damn her when she's involved with a married man herself. Morgan was surprised that Eileen already knew about Joey and Sally. Susan didn't have any luck getting Sally to discuss her parents' car crash, then Sally warned Alice that Phil wasn't the saint he pretended to be. Willis was upset but agreed to back Janice on her plot to kidnap Amanda from Rachel. Brian recommended against Mac's idea to take Amanda. Rose cried as Angie said she pitied her. Sally was annoyed to find Alice and Susan analyzing her. At the foundry, Paul told Eileen there was no chance of a reconciliation. Gwen showed Willis Sylvie's house and stymied him by implying he'd lose major projects if they were no longer a husband and wife team. Eileen told Joey she was now determined not to let Rita run her life, but fled when Sally pranced in and boldly kissed him. Rose sadly told Paul she can't turn her back on her principles. Mac opposed Janice's idea to have Jamie take Amanda.

MAY 29, 1979 (EP. #3780)
Iris was cold when she found Elena tending Brian's sprained ankle. Jamie turned down Rachel's offer to move back into the loft. Dan said he'd go with her when Susan said she had to go back to her obligations in Boston. Larry advised Jamie to follow Rachel's lead and hire a detective to track Blaine down. Iris insinuated to Dennis that Elena and Brian were stealing time alone together. Janice covered when Vince caught her buying a crib from Charley. Karen reluctantly agreed to dinner when Ted threatened to talk to Michael. Dan and Susan summoned Jim, Liz, and Pat to announce they were going to make it stick this time, at which Liz released a little cry and boasted she's known it all along. Iris was completely taken aback when she and Sylvie came into the store and saw Charley assembling a crib for Janice. Vince presented Mimi with a ring. After Karen got a call from Ben in Atlantic City, Ted went to the pad where she wrote down his new address and ran a pencil over the impressions. Brian offered to move out when he realized his presence made Dennis uncomfortable. Iris informed Rachel that Mac got Janice pregnant.

Dan: (Exit Line, Brian Murray) "All we know is that we're flying to Boston tomorrow."

MAY 30, 1979 (EP. #3781)
Jamie was torn when Janice asked him to help take Amanda, since Mac told him Rachel could drag a court case on for years. Dennis told Elena he felt insecure about Brian because he had so much in common with her. Karen found Ted's dinner conversation completely uninteresting. Michael strummed his guitar sadly and told Marianne that Karen was seeing Ted. Alice relaxed in Scott's arms after he told her not to use Sally as a refuge from life. After Mac disallowed Jamie's involvement, Janice suggested hiring a detective. Iris was thwarted when Kirk cut short their chat over Vivien's martinis. Rachel told Elena she was moving to New York to evade Mac's subpoenas. Alice was thrilled when Susan told her she'd reunited with Dan and they were moving back to Boston. Iris dropped in on Mac and Janice to wish her well on her impending motherhood. Ted and Karen compared notes on their families. As Rachel told Ada she needed to escape to New York sooner, Janice showed Mac the crib in her apartment.

Susan: (Exit Line, Lynn Milgrim, about Sally) "If she needs further counseling, I can recommend someone in Bay City."

MAY 31, 1979 (EP. #3782)
Iris informed Sylvie about Janice's pregnancy and Brian and Elena's affair. Willis suggested to Angie they not antagonize Gwen and wait until she realizes that he doesn't love her. Eileen told Morgan she can't compete with Sally, who can offer Joey a physical relationship she can't, but he tried to convince her that living like Rita ruined her relationships with Michael, Dennis, and Joey. Kirk and Willis bandied technical terms as they looked over the plans for Wireco. Joey was shocked when Paul confessed he was in love with Rose. In the confessional, when Rose confessed sinning in her heart, Father Brewer advised her to avoid temptation by refusing to see Paul, then he absolved her from her sins. Rose left quickly when she saw Rita lighting candles in a nearby alcove. Sylvie gave Gwen a knowing look when Iris dropped by the house to run into Kirk. Morgan looked at her proudly and Rita glared at her angrily as Eileen phoned her parents to tell them she was moving into her own apartment. Angie tried to warn Gwen that if Willis has too much success too quickly, it will turn him into an unethical person again. Joey told Rose he approves of her and Paul, and she thought it blasphemous when he said her views were primitive and that the Church and its practices were changing. Roy was furious that Willis turned his nose up at his government-subsidized housing project. Joey whooped and clapped Morgan on the back when Eileen said she can go out with him again.

JUNE 1, 1979 (EP. #3783)
Ada found Brooks and Louise hectically packing and Rachel determined to leave. Willis turned down Kirk's job offer, so Kirk offered to buy Frame Enterprises and allow Willis to manage it. Marianne tried to warn Karen about Ted. Mac offered to pay double when Ackland was hesitant to kidnap Amanda. Willis kissed Gwen happily when she agreed to loan him $60,000 to buy Roy out. Jamie was caught in the middle of Pat and Liz's different mentor styles. Jamie told Mac after Rachel came to say goodbye. Janice wouldn't explain the crib to Angie. Turkel's enforcer Jumbo warned Ben to keep up the payments. Rachel had an emotional goodbye with Louise and Brooks. Ted visited Ben to drop a couple hundred in his lap. Roy wouldn't let Willis push him out. In the airport parking lot, Ackland diverted Brooks so Mac could rush up and grab Amanda out of the limousine.

JUNE 4, 1979 (EP. #3784)
Kirk took charge after Rachel freaked out when Brooks told her Mac took Amanda. Alice told Pat and Jim not to take it seriously that Sally wasn't happy to see them. Scott warned Willis that Roy had the legal right to buy him out once Willis made an official offer. Joey didn't respond to Sally's flirting. Ada and Charley tied to comfort Rachel at the police station. Janice was upset that Mac worried about Rachel, and said she could look after Amanda as she'd helped Emma raise Molly. Morgan and Joey helped Eileen move into her apartment. Sally interrupted a tender moment between Alice and Scott, whose departure for dinner caused her to unhappily flashback to her mother leaving her in a hotel room to go to dinner. Rose wasn't impressed when Willis promised to marry Angie. Joey told Eileen he didn't look forward to telling Sally it was over between them. Angie was upset when Willis relayed Rose's message she wasn't seeing Paul anymore. Mac wouldn't let them in without a search warrant when Rachel arrived with the police.

JUNE 5, 1979 (EP. #3785)
Rachel was full of hurt and rage when Mac refused to give Amanda back. Karen couldn't agree to go back to Michael for fear of how Ben's problems might affect him. Ted, then Gwen, then Sylvie and Jim, then Kirk arrived for Iris's party. Scott convinced Alice to resume nursing. Despite her reservations, Sally joined in Phil's love-in. Charley agreed to be Vince's best man. Jamie was unsympathetic since he felt for Mac, but told Rachel he finally forgave her. Mac fretted to Janice about Rachel and his feelings of guilt. Even Vivien noticed that Iris was disappointed only when Kirk had to leave. Mimi and Vince decided to have two or three kids. Scott and Alice were able to share a kiss on the terrace before Sally interrupted them. Karen was visibly shaken when Ted dropped by while Michael was in the kitchen to tell her he'd taken care of Ben. Mac wouldn't let Ada bully him into returning Amanda.

JUNE 6, 1979 (EP. #3786)
Brian agreed Ted could put him up when Ted expressed his desire to get on better terms. Mac was bothered when Brian said his actions will hurt his custody chances. Rita got Eileen's address from Morgan and told Joey to ask God for forgiveness. Angie failed to convince Rose it wasn't a sin to care for Paul. Elena helped Brian move out. Cecile's sudden arrival in Bay City stunned Elena. Phil and his associates descended on the furniture store to foist pamphlets on Charley, then he looked at Eileen with interest as he said hello to Joey. Dennis realized Elena had trepidation about telling Cecile they share the same bedroom. Angie collapsed after visiting Paul at the mill to tell him not to give up on Rose. Liz failed to interest Mac in improving Pat's social life, then he received an emotional visit from Louise. Eileen was hurt when Rita said it's now easier for Joey to get Eileen into bed. Phil tried to convince Sally that Alice wasn't her real family. Ted coerced Karen into dinner, but she ran out worried that Brian knew about Ben. Elena introduced Dennis to Cecile. In the mill first aid room, Nurse Harper told Angie she was likely pregnant.

Cecile: (Intro Line, Susan Keith) "[OFF] Hello, Elena."
Elena: "[OFF] Cecile!"
Cecile: "[OFF] You sound surprised to see me."
Elena: "[OFF] Well, I am, to tell the truth."
Cecile: "[OFF] You didn't get my letters?"
Elena: "[OFF] There was more than one? [THEY ENTER]"
Cecile: "I wrote again to say I was on my way."
Elena: "How long ago?"
Cecile: "Over a week now-"
Elena: "The letter still hasn't gotten to me."
Cecile: "Oh, dear, it must seem like I'm dropping in out of the blue."
Elena: "Nonsense, I'm delighted to see you. You look wonderful. [SHE EMBRACES CECILE]"
Cecile: "You must be Dennis."
Dennis: "Hello."
Elena: "This is Cecile de Poulignac, Dennis Carrington."
Dennis: "Welcome to Bay City, Cecile."

JUNE 7, 1979 (EP. #3787)
Willis vowed to Gwen he'd start from scratch if Roy blocked him. Marianne tried to conceal her amusement as Liz smiled possessively at Pat and said they had to take care of Pat now that Susan was happy. Iris found Brian almost burning down Ted's kitchen and told him a sheltered girl like Cecile would be upset to learn of Elena and Dennis's affair. Pat forbade Liz from campaigning to get her and Mac together. Karen admitted to Ted she was trying to protect Michael from the loan sharks, and was distressed to hear Ben hadn't given up gambling. Kirk told Gwen he offered to buy Frame Enterprises. Vivien and Rudy gazed at the stars from Iris's balcony, then Iris threatened to report it to his boss if Rudy didn't stay away. Roy angrily vowed to buy Willis out instead. Ted insisted to Brian he felt strongly for Karen and wouldn't give her up for Michael. Elena banished Dennis to the guest house.
Cecile told Dennis her life story: Cecile was born into French aristocracy. The de Poulignac family owns a chateau in Anjou province, mostly country, southeast of LeMans. Her father the Count (now dead) sent her to America as he was enamored of the country and its women (one of the reasons he married Elena) She spent four years at a girls' school in Massachusetts (where her accent disappeared) before returning to Europe and the University of Stockholm. She spent most of her time in convent school and only visited the chateau on holidays and summer vacations. As the chateau's first floor and gardens were a tourist attraction, her family lived mostly in their house in Paris. Her real mother dying in childbirth, Cecile was raised with the help of various aunts and uncles. Her father married Elena when Cecile was ten. Her uncle Claude owns vineyards in Chinon and Maconne. Her aunt Babette was in boarding school with Iris before running off to join a convent. Iris met Cecile at a garden party Elena and the Count gave for the Belgian ambassador.

Dennis: "Mom, I'd like you to meet Elena's step-daughter, Ce-"
Iris: "Don't tell me! Why you haven't changed a bit. [CECILE MOVES CLOSER TO ELENA]"
Cecile: "Since when?"
Iris: "The last time I saw you, you must have been twelve or thirteen."
Elena: "I think she's changed somewhat, don't you?"
Cecile: "Forgive me for not remembering."

JUNE 8, 1979 (EP. #3788)
Kirk told a depressed Rachel he'd take charge of her life. Angie got angry with Willis when Roy told her Willis was trying to buy him out. Sylvie gave up trying to get Iris to admit she arranged for Kirk to have the adjoining penthouse. Joey, chagrined at Sally's enthusiastic greeting, broke her heart by saying he couldn't date both her and Eileen. Sally swept all the objects off the coffee table in a rage after he left. Brooks told Jamie that Seth Johnson replaced Buzz as stable boy. Willis came to check up on Janice and Amanda. Iris informed Liz that she asked Brian to move out when he made horrendous accusations, then pounced on the number Mac said he could be reached at. Jim teased Alice about Scott. Phil promised to make Sally forget about Joey. Angie was angry when Willis admitted borrowing money from Gwen. Mac wouldn't let Iris push her way into the apartment, and had an unbearable time when a teary Rachel begged him to return Amanda.

JUNE 11, 1979 (EP. #3789)
Janice assured Mac she understood he still had feelings for Rachel. Gwen laid into Willis for being an opportunist by dumping Roy before selling the company for a big profit. Jumbo roughed Ben up after Karen made him promise not to accept money from Ted. Fred shyly came over to Ada's to ask her to dinner, but she declined, then he offered to help Jamie move into the loft. Vince told Willis and Angie his wedding plans. Mac told Brian that Iris was still trying to stir up trouble. Roy tried to convince Angie that Willis hasn't changed. Karen told Ted he was jumping the gun if he wanted to get a job just to get her respect. Fred gazed at Ada admiringly as he spoke of his life. Willis wrote Roy a check and told him he'd lost after he found him trying to use the Laverty contracts as collateral. Rachel told Louise she felt hopeless. Vince warned Janice she was playing a very dangerous game when he saw the crib in her apartment.

Crawl: Janice and Amanda in Janice's apartment.

Notes: Frame Enterprises built the Jonathon Edwards High School.

JUNE 12, 1979 (EP. #3790)
Ted offered to make himself scarce so Iris could see Brian alone that night. Dennis told Elena about Eliot, who's covering the news in Cambodia. Sally put on a cheerful facade when she told Alice that Joey went back to Eileen. Paul told Rose he accepts they can only be friends, and told her of Angie's fainting spell. Alice told Linda she misses contact with the patients now that she's head nurse. Angie met with Dr. Amy Hammond. Cecile was embarrassed when Iris told her it was obvious Dennis was interested in her. Morgan flipped the radio switch to Chuck Mangione, then filled Sally in on what had kept Joey and Eileen apart. Angie felt miserable after Rose briefly held her in her arms and called her "My Angelina." Blaine called Jamie to refuse to tell him where she was until she received a big, fat settlement check. Sally smiled smugly as she wrote an anonymous letter to Rita decrying Eileen's despicable behavior. Brian threw Vivien out of the kitchen and Iris out of the apartment, and put the blame on Iris's appearance at Janice's. Dennis was frustrated when Elena told him she hadn't been up to telling Cecile about them, then introduced Jamie to Cecile.
Cecile told Elena that while living in Paris she had gone with a group of friends from the art institute to a party at a country home. There she met Phillipe de Lyons, the only heir of a bank president. He courted her for four months and they talked of being married and having children. They were unofficially engaged when she went to his apartment and found him with another woman, an older opera singer he'd been involved with for four years.

Jamie: "Hi, Elena."
Elena: "Hello, Jamie."
Jamie: "[LOOKING AT CECILE] And who have we here?"
Dennis: "Jamie Frame, I'd like to introduce you to Cecile de Poulignac, Elena's step-daughter."
Jamie: "Nice to meet you, Cecile."
Cecile: "Thank you, Jamie."
Elena: "Cecile has been living in Europe. She's come for a visit and a bit of a rest."
Jamie: "[TAKING CECILE'S ARM] I hope you'll have time to let me show you around Bay City. It's quite a place."

JUNE 13, 1979 (EP. #3791)
Janice let Rachel visit but not touch Amanda. Elena failed to convince Mac to reconsider his decision. Charley told Fred he understands what it's like to raise kids without their mother, then tried to appear indifferent when Fred said he intended to court Ada. Karen shot Pat a helpless glance when Liz quizzed her about her and Mike. Elena told Rachel she struck out with Mac. Mac introduced Janice to baby nurse Mrs. Bennett. Ben phoned Michael for money thinking he was Ted. Charley had Fred tend to Cory so he could warn Ada of Fred's intentions. Cory rushed to greet Larry and Clarice. While Liz went to check on dinner, Pat warned Michael and Karen to be wary of Liz's curiosity. Pat confided to Jim about their previous secret engagement when Liz ruined the mood by toasting Michael and Karen's future. Rachel signed the separation agreement when Brian said it would offer Mac proof she would allow him to visit Amanda freely if she had custody. Michael was frustrated when Karen insisted she didn't know anyone named ben. Mac begged her to reconsider when Janice said she would withdraw temporarily from their relationship to allow Mac to work out a deal with Rachel.

Notes: Repeated corrected references to Molly as Janice's sister.

JUNE 14, 1979 (EP. #3792)
Angie was upset that Willis was pushing Roy out of the company. Dr. Hammond told Angie she was pregnant, but she worried about Willis's reaction. Eileen assured Rita she wouldn't rush into intimacy with Joey, but couldn't lessen the bile dripping from Rita's tongue. Rita was aghast to get a letter from a neighbor of Eileen's condemning her behavior. Vivien was doubtful when Iris said there was nothing wrong with her attending Dennis's graduation. Kirk was pleased that Willis was able to buy Roy out. Sylvie was also doubtful about the wisdom of Iris's presence at the graduation. Iris thought Sylvie was out of her mind for wanting Rose to produce a knock-off of Iris's couturier original dress. Sylvie gave Rose the day off so Paul could take her out to lunch. Vince asked Charley not to tell Larry he was engaged. Vivien fretted that Iris would disapprove when Rudy came for a visit with Mrs. Sugarman's Doberman. Iris was appalled to catch them kissing. Angie wished Roy good luck, and he tried to warn her about Willis. Sylvie warned Kirk that he would be in danger if he attempted an intimate friendship with Iris. Gwen was happy to hear Kirk paid Willis $300,000 for Frame Enterprises and made Willis president and CEO. Iris coaxed Vivien out of her room by promising she wouldn't scream at her. Rita lambasted Joey, who insisted the letter she received was all lies. Paul told Rose he was working on his divorce from Rita.

Joey: "Hi, Aunt Rita."
Rita: "Don't ever call me that."

JUNE 15, 1979 (EP. #3793)
Rita accused Rose of breaking up a good Christian marriage when she found Paul in Rose's kitchen. Dennis gave in when Elena recouped by insisting that Cecile use the extra ticket to accompany him to his graduation instead of Elena. Clarice described her Bermuda honeymoon to Mimi, who revealed her wedding plans. Iris was disappointed she couldn't attend the graduation, but was moved when Dennis showed her Eliot's letter in which he spoke fondly of her. Jamie, who's settled into the editorial department, lamented to Mac he doesn't have a college degree. Paul slapped Rita when she taunted him that Rose showed him a good time in bed. Charley told Larry about the truck breaking down, and Larry later said the brakes were ready to conk out. Ada tried to convince Rachel she still loved Mac. Dennis and Cecile met Jamie at the campus coffee shop. Fred heard Larry yelling on the phone to Blaine, and couldn't prevent him from storming out to pick up Vince in the truck. A telegram to Iris revealed Eliot had been killed. Ada brought Amanda into the bedroom after Mac told Rachel the separation agreement they've both signed changes everything. On their way to pick up furniture at the Ogden depot, Vince tried to take the wheel when he noticed how upset Larry was, but Larry lost control of the truck and plowed into a telephone poll.

Notes: Cory Publishing book, The Hailstorm Chronicles.

JUNE 18, 1979 (EP. #3794)
With difficulty, Vince ripped his shirt, then wrapped it around an unconscious Larry's head. Iris told Brian she met Eliot at one of Mac's parties for his foreign correspondents, and that other children were forestalled by Eliot's assignments. Jamie told Dennis he'd keep Cecile occupied so Dennis could have time with Elena. Willis was upset when Angie accused him of stabbing Roy in the back. Two ambulance attendants instructed Vince on how to care for Larry, as both men were trapped in the truck; then the firemen arrived to cut them out. Vivien watched over Iris. Angie disapproved when Gwen brought champagne over to celebrate the sale of the firm. Charley tried to diffuse Clarice's worry and impatience, and Mimi told them she'd had a premonition. Iris broke it to Dennis that Eliot was killed in Cambodia due to the guerilla war between the new Vietnamese government and Pol Pot's loyalists, and Brian told him he'd uncover who the Frank Lansing was who sent the cable. Angie vowed not to tell Willis about the baby if he's turning unscrupulous again. Charley received a phone call about the accident.

JUNE 19, 1979 (EP. #3795)
Rachel happily introduced Kirk to the legendary Amanda, then asked for the temporary use of his New York apartment. Eileen was appalled when Joey told her of the anonymous letter. Elena worried about Cecile's presence when Dennis gave her a yearning look and said he needed to be with her tonight. Alice phoned Janice with news of the accident. Alice and Linda assisted the doctors working on Vince, whom they realized has a ruptured hematoma. Mimi broke down when Alice told her Vince needs brain surgery. Sally managed to run off when an aroused Phil tried to draw her down on the sofa. Mac gave Rachel his permission to take Amanda to New York. Eileen was indignant that Rita believed the letter, but Rita just cried bitterly that she was glad everyone had left her. Cecile caught Elena and Dennis embracing after he told her of his father's death. Both were pleased when Sally came over to visit Jim. Janice tried to comfort Mimi. Dr. Crane told Clarice that Larry, in traction in ICU wearing a cervical collar, has a swelling around the 12ththoracic and the first lumbar vertebrae.

JUNE 20, 1979 (EP. #3796)
Dr. Glenn Walker told Janice, Willis, Angie, and Mimi that Vince pulled through the surgery. Brian informed both Vivien then Iris that he wasn't returning to stay despite having stayed over last night. Michael told Marianne the mystery caller Ben might be Karen's brother. Brian was taken aback when Ted revealed he landed a job as a reporter on the Bay City Sentinel for $175 a week to impress Karen. Fred and Charley told Ada they both blame themselves for letting Larry get behind the wheel. Iris invoked Sylvie's motherhood for her help with Brian. In the cafeteria, Scott gave Alice a pep talk, then Jim showed up, but covered his concern about Sally when he realized Alice was already overwrought. Angie and Rose became closer when Rose came by the hospital. Michael got angry when he learned Karen had just agreed to dinner with Ted. Ted said he'd be willing to help with Brian if Iris came up with a good idea. Karen was flustered when Ben walked in on her meeting with Pat. Frank Lansing, a stringer for Reuters, showed up at Iris's to tell her and Mac that Eliot was shot in his sleep in his motel room by terrorists. Frank agreed when Mac asked him to stay on awhile for Iris's sake. Vince woke up and grasped Mimi's hand weakly.

JUNE 21, 1979 (EP. #3797)
Cecile was relieved when Elena explained she had just been comforting Dennis over his father's death. Sally worried that Alice was home when Jim came by to visit her. Ada told Jamie she felt badly about having to discourage Fred, who had sent her flowers. They agreed not to tell Karen when Ted agreed to take the risk of bailing Ben out. Elena was troubled to see Cecile squeeze Dennis's hand sympathetically. Sally accepted a date with Morgan after flirting with him to question him about Joey. Rita informed Rose that Paul was bound to make certain assumptions about her due to her availability. Eileen disagreed when Morgan thought Rita wrote the poison-pen letter. Ben told Karen he didn't even want to kick his gambling habit. Phil interrupted as Morgan was telling Sally about the letter. Joey lamented to Eileen he wouldn't be able to support her if they got married.

JUNE 22, 1979 (EP. #3798)
Iris convinced Janice to accompany Mac to Eliot's memorial service to help strengthen their relationship. Mimi realized something was wrong when Vince couldn't speak more than a couple words at a time. Tears of frustration streamed down Vince's face when Linda realized he had trouble making himself understood. Blaine promised to return when Fred told her Larry was in a coma. Marianne told Pat she wanted to go into nursing as she really liked her volunteer work in pediatrics. Angie begged Roy not to jump to conclusions when a sign painter came by to modify the front door. Liz shared with Mac her ideas on promoting the Russian art series, but he was more impressed with Janice's ideas. Frank gave Iris various belongings of Eliot's. With tears in her eyes, Gwen agreed to Vince's request that she never divorce Willis. Liz complained to Pat that Janice was getting a foothold into Mac's business. Rose overheard Roy threaten to sue Willis for stealing his share of the profits of the sale. Frank told Janice and Mac about the book he was contracted to write about Cambodia. Ada complained to Charley about Fred. Vince mumbled about Steve as his condition worsened.

Vince: "[LOOKING AT MIMI FOR A BEAT] I... cannot... talk... good."

Liz: "Pat, we've seen enough Frames to know they're all alike. Molly, Sharlene -- I never liked Sharlene--"

JUNE 25, 1979 (EP. #3799)
Angie tried to comfort Willis, who worried about Vince's infection fever. Brooks was taken aback when Janice informed him Mac will prefer having Amanda over to his place rather than seeing her at Rachel's. Joey agreed when Paul asked him to chaperone his time with Rose. Scott confirmed for Michael that Ben was Karen's brother. Michael got Liz to get the address of Karen's parents from her personnel file. Charley asked Angie to keep an eye on Larry so he and Clarice could go tell Cory the news. Janice was speechless when Willis told her he'd sold the company. Roy almost bumped into Karen while storming out after Scott refused to help him. Clarice broke down when she told Cory about Larry. Liz glared at Mac disapprovingly when he let Janice interrupt his meeting with Frank. Rose gave in when she realized Joey and Paul were conspiring against her. Because Vince was feeling morose, Angie told him she was having Willis's baby.

Vince: "Willis and Norman."
Angie: "What about Willis and Norman?"
Vince: "Only brothers left..."
Angie: "Don't say that."
Vince: "Last of the Frames."

Notes: Cory Publishing book, Chimney Sweepers.

JUNE 26, 1979 (EP. #3800)
Fred told Clarice of the time Beverly the mule kicked Larry in the rump, then they were surprised by Blaine's appearance. Jamie rattled on about Cecile to Ada. Dennis and Elena failed, but Iris succeeded, in getting Cecile out of the house for the day. In a suit and tie, Phil persuaded Sally to drive him into town. Alice gave some career advice to Marianne, who was eager to get away from Bay City and its memories of Greg and the trial. Jamie was unconvinced when Blaine insisted she was sorry about everything. Iris relished telling Cecile that Jamie couldn't free himself from Blaine, whereas Dennis had had enough sense to see Molly for the tramp she was. Cecile was delighted when Iris revealed Dennis was infatuated with her. Sally was irritated when Phil conned Liz into suggesting Mac print up his brochures for free. Marianne told Pat and Liz she's starting a nursing program in Chicago next week. Jamie overheard Blaine's emotional supplication to Larry. Phil threatened to tell Joey about Sally's older men and drug use if she tipped Liz off. Joey turned down Sally's desperate offer to have a secret affair.

JUNE 27, 1979 (EP. #3801)
Sally begged Joey not to leave her, but he broke away from her desperate embrace. Vince was dispirited when he realized he couldn't always put his words together right. Scot warned Willis and Gwen about Roy's intentions. Sally anonymously phoned Rita to tell her to pay Eileen a visit tonight. Though the company was no longer in the magazine business, Janice suggested to Mac and Pat a woman's magazine that could appeal to both career women and housewives, an idea she developed several years ago working in the research department of an ad agency in New York. Iris was both interested and irritated when Kirk got a call from Rachel, then Willis and Gwen joined them at their table. Mimi told the doctor it might help Vince's morale if they were to marry right away. When Iris returned, Rudy rushed into the kitchen and Vivien pretended to be doing exercises, but Iris found him and blackmailed him into phoning Mac about a fake burst water pipe. Rita strode into Eileen's and pointed out the lipstick on Joey's face as evidence of their sins. Kirk assured Willis his lawyers will handle Roy. Mac was perturbed when Iris told him Rachel was staying at Kirk's apartment. Alice woke Sally from a nightmare in which both her mother and Joey left her alone. Mimi promised Vince she'd help him convalesce as his wife.

JUNE 28, 1979 (EP. #3802)
Angie confessed to Willis she'd undermined Gwen's faith in him. Michael told Pat he was off to visit Karen's parents. Elena was disappointed when Dennis agreed to Jamie's request he use his concert tickets with Cecile. Brian was pleased when Ted asked Frank for some pointers. Gwen was disappointed Willis didn't blame Angie for the failure of their marriage. Brian tried to soothe Marianne's fears about school, then received a visit from Elena. Michael unraveled many of Karen's white lies after meeting with Reverend Campbell. Ted told Frank he might have a big story on compulsive gambling. Kirk tried to intimidate Roy into not filing a lawsuit. In spite of himself, Dennis ended up enjoying Cecile's company as they had a bite at the campus coffee shop. Marianne opened semi-humorous going-away presents from Pat, Jim, and Liz. Karen sobbed bitterly and refused to tell Michael what she was keeping from him. Brian was so angered by Elena's news that Iris was throwing Dennis and Cecile together that he spilled her drink on her. Iris stormed out when she came upon Elena wearing one of Brian's shirts.

Marianne: "[GOING INTO PAT'S ARMS] I hope you know how much I love you."
Pat: "Yes, I do, darling."
Marianne: (Adrienne Wallace, Exit Line) "And I will miss you terribly. [PAT HOLDS MARIANNE AS JIM AND LIZ LOOK ON, MOVED. COMMERCIAL]"

JUNE 29, 1979 (EP. #3803)
Mimi phoned Janice and Mac to invite them to the wedding. Charley tried to calm Mimi's nerves by taking her gently by the shoulders and kissing her on the forehead. Eileen was disappointed to hear Morgan had dated Sally, as Sally could offer Joey what she couldn't. Larry was angry with himself when Clarice told him of Vince's condition, then was frightened when he couldn't move his legs. Mac quizzed Ada and was relieved to learn Rachel's new apartment wasn't Kirk's. Gwen was unhappy when Willis brought Angie along to the wedding. Chaplain Morrissey promised to help Vince with the words of the ceremony. Eileen nervously asked Dr. Hammond for birth-control pills. Outside the gallery, Sally was furious and distressed when Joey rebuffed her for Eileen. Sally smashed a $1,5000 Rachel Davis sculpture when Douglas spotted her stealing it. Eileen determinedly asked Joey over to dinner. At the police station, Sally cried buckets for Jim and claimed she'd been confused. Ada, Janice, Mac, Willis, Angie, and Clarice watched as Mimi entered the hospital room and stood beside Vince, flanked by Gwen and Charley. The chaplain carefully and kindly helped Vince when he had some trouble with his vows. Charley was shocked when Clarice told him Larry was paralyzed. Joey felt the time wasn't right when Eileen kissed him passionately and started to take off her robe.

Larry: "Help me, Clarice -- my legs! They won't move."

Willis: You all right, sport?"
Vince: "I could race a run... Except talking... trouble."

Morrissey: "For as much as Vince Frame and Mimi Haines have consented in holy wedlock, and have witnessed the same before God, and this company and there to have pledged their faith, each to the other, and have declared the same by joining hands, and by giving and receiving a ring, I pronounce that they are husband and wife together. And what God has joined, let no man put asunder. [MIMI LEANS CLOSER FOR VINCE TO KISS HER, THEN THE OTHERS CROWD AROUND OFFERING CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD WISHES. CLARICE KISSES MIMI'S CHEEK]"
Clarice: "I know you and Vince will be very happy, Mimi."