AUGUST 1, 1980 (EP. #4081)
Clipper Curtis shows Colonel Hassine the videotape and then Terry calls to tell Clipper that Ryan is in Alex's office and looking for him. Clipper tells Terry he will meet Ryan in Alex's office. / Blaine remembers running into Margo at the Arena and wonders how long it will be before Margo tells Jerry. Then Jerry comes home with Margo and as he takes a shower Margo tells Blaine that she wants to help her and whatever secret she is hiding she has to tell Jerry about it. Blaine tells Margo that she loves Jerry. / Liz and Pat help Tracy get ready for her wedding. Tracy won't tell anyone where she and Russ are spending their honeymoon. Liz tries to find out if Jim is bringing Margo to the wedding but Tracy says she doesn't know. / Mitch talks to a drinking Jason about getting used to the fact that Tracy is going to be a married lady. Jason asks Mitch how he felt when Rachel married Mac. Then Jason decides to go to the wedding sober. / Ryan accuses Clipper of lying to him about what he knows of the assassination attempt. / Iris arrives at Alex's office and meets Terry and tells her she has something to return to Alex. A stunned Terry tells Iris she knows who she is from Mike's funeral and will see if Alex is available. / Terry interrupts Ryan and Clipper and when Clipper leaves she tells Ryan that Iris is here to see Alex and she doesn't know what to do. Meanwhile, in the outer office, Iris writes Alex a note and says "Goodbye Alex. This time I am leaving you." As she is about to leave, Terry stops her and shows her in to see Ryan Connor. Ryan tells Iris that Alex owes her more than an apology and he will explain it to her if she will give him a chance. / Clipper tells Hassine that a Fed named Ryan Connor is on to them and they need to give him someone to get him off their backs. Then Clipper suggests that they turn in the hospital orderly. Hassine agrees if the orderly is silenced it might work. / Jerry visits the police station and finds Larry also visiting. During a chat with a fellow officer Jerry learns that the Arena is crooked and Blaine was at the opening of the Arena last night with another guy but Jerry finds it hard to believe. / Ada, Charlie, Philip, and Dooley arrive at the church for the wedding and are greeted by Pat and Liz. Then Russ arrives followed by Sally and Rick. Russ tells Pat he wishes Kevin were here but is happy to have Paul Lawrence as his best man. Then Pat wishes Russ well as does Mitch. Ada tries to avoid Mitch. Just before the wedding begins Jason arrives and then Tracy walks down the aisle. / Jerry arrives at Buzz's and accuses him of still being with Blaine but Buzz tells Jerry he is on parole and wasn't at the Arena last night. When Jerry leaves Buzz decides not to call and warn Blaine. / Russ and Tracy exchange their vows and rings. / A drinking Vicky is visited by Sam who asks if Vicky is alright and she says yes but has a cold and then offers Sam a drink. / At the reception, Philip, Mitch, and Jason wish Tracy well while Rachel wishes Russ well but also warns Russ to be careful of Jason. Then Mitch asks Rachel if she warned Russ and she says yes. Then Rachel asks Mitch if he will promise not to tell Mac about the baby. / Ryan and Terry explain to Iris that when she met Alex he lied about being rich and was really just a poor sailor from Boston who had never even seen Texas. A scared Iris tells Ryan and Terry it is too late to go back and leaves for her flight home. Then Ryan asks Terry to get Alex on the phone. / Mitch tells Rachel that he won't tell Mac the truth about the baby if she agrees to be friends with him. So Rachel agrees to try. / Alex gets a radio phone call from Ryan telling him that Iris just visited and is leaving for Bay City because she is scared about her feelings for him. Ryan suggests he stop her from leaving. Then Alex tells Terry to call Tex-Air now!

Notes: Last appearance by Beverlee McKinsey as Iris Carrington Bancroft. This is the final 90-minute episode broadcast. The announcer says the following during the end crawl: "Join us on Monday when Another World moves to a new time period. Check your local listings. And be sure to watch Texas."

AUGUST 4, 1980 (EP. #4082)
As Jerry drives his car he remembers a fellow officer telling him that he saw Blaine with another man at the opening of the gambling casino and he remembers his chat with Buzz denying that he was with Blaine. / Brian and Rachel tell Vivien about the wedding. When Brian leaves, Rachel remembers her agreeing to try to be Mitch's friend. / Larry tells Clarice he will probably have a desk job for a month or two. Clarice tells Larry she is writing a letter to Robert telling him that seeing Cory could be bad for Cory. Then Larry tells her that Jerry was very upset when he left the police station but he doesn't know why. / In Tracy's apartment, on their honeymoon, Russ and Tracy grow intimate. / Mac comes home to Rachel and they talk about the wedding. Then Jamie arrives for dinner and Rachel is happy to have the two most important men in her life together with her. / Margo tries to calm Blaine who is upset that Jerry isn't home yet. Then Margo decides to leave after encouraging Blaine to tell Jerry the truth about whatever is bothering her. Blaine knows she would go to jail and Jerry would stop loving her if he found out the truth. Then Larry calls and tells her that Jerry left headquarters upset. / Jerry comes home and accuses Blaine of being at the Arena with another man but Blaine denies it. Jerry tells Blaine that he talked to Buzz but Blaine still says she is telling the truth. Jerry walks out telling her she is incapable of love. / Larry thinks the letter to Robert is too long. Clarice tells Larry he is very important to her and Cory. Then Larry gets a call from Jerry and agrees to meet him first thing in the morning at the coffee shop. Then Larry tells Clarice that Jerry left Blaine but when Larry calls Blaine there is no answer. / Blaine tells Buzz that Jerry left her and Buzz denies that he told him. Buzz suggests that they leave town together but Blaine threatens him with Jordan if he doesn't leave her alone. Blaine also says she will never forgive him or Jordan and adds that she is going to change and never let anyone get in her way again. / Russ and Tracy talk about how happy they are. / Jason tells Mitch about his history with Tracy and how he wants her back. Mitch tells Jason that he at least has the professional side of Tracy in his life. / Rachel finds Jamie and Mac talking about work. Then Mac asks Jamie for a videotape of Donald Tanner's interview. / Rachel goes crazy and threatens to leave the house if they don't stop talking about that book.

Notes: Another World returns to the 60-minute format with this episode.

AUGUST 5, 1980 (EP. #4083)
Larry arrives at Blaine's and demands to know why Jerry left her. / Kit sees Russ at the hospital and tells him that she has been let go from the hospital and the head nurse was right to do so. / Blaine tells Larry she isn't hiding anything but Larry doesn't believe her. Then Larry gets angry when he answers the phone to Buzz and walks out. Blaine decides she has a score to settle. / Cecile tells Mac how terrible she feels about the pictures of Kit being printed in Brava. Then Mac suggests that Cecile do an article in Brava about Gwen. / Taylor tells Gwen he wants her to do his next project. Then Joey and Rick enter and Kit calls. Joey tells everyone that Kit got fired from the hospital and leaves to go see her. Then Gwen learns that Cecile is here to see her. / Jordan visits Blaine and learns that it is over for her and Jerry. Then Margo arrives and finds Blaine with Jordan. / Margo meets Jordan and thinks she has seen him somewhere before. Margo tries to get Blaine to come and see Jerry with her but she tells Margo it is over for her and Jerry. / Clarice tells Charlie she wrote Robert a letter telling him it would be best if he didn't come to town. Then Larry comes home angry, Charlie learns Blaine and Jerry broke up, and Larry tells them that he is through with Blaine. / Cecile tells Gwen she wants to do an article on her for Brava. / Gwen tells Cecile that she is on to her after what she did to Willis and threatens to go to Mac but Cecile tells Gwen she has covered her tracks nicely and Mac would never believe the article wasn't a misunderstanding. On Cecile's way out, Gwen tells her that Kit was fired from her job today. / Joey tries to comfort Kit and then Mac arrives and apologizes for the pictures in Brava. Mac tells them that Cecile feels terrible about it and Kit tells Mac it was a misunderstanding. Then Miranda arrives and learns that Kit was fired from her job. / Miranda tells Kit and Joey she wants to throw a dinner party for them to help cheer Kit up and invites Mac and Rachel. Mac tells Miranda that he isn't sure Rachel is up to it but Miranda tells him that Rachel seemed fine the last time she saw her with Mitch and the children. / Margo meets Jerry in the park and Jerry tells her it is over for him and Blaine. / Margo tells Jerry that Blaine is in trouble and he needs to find out why.

AUGUST 6, 1980 (EP. #4084)
Over lunch Charlie tells Ada about Blaine and Jerry breaking up and also about Clarice deciding not to let Robert visit Cory. Then Rachel arrives with Amanda as Charlie is leaving and tells Ada she wants to talk to her about Mitch. / Mitch stops by Clarice's and offers to babysit and take Cory over to Ada's for a while. / Mac and Philip discuss Jasper Dunning's sudden desire for a new editor. Then Cecile enters when Philip leaves and tells Mac that Gwen doesn't want to be interviewed for Brava because she doesn't feel it would look good to talk about her being a success with her husband half way around the world. Then Mac and Cecile discuss Kit, and Cecile again says how bad she feels about the misunderstanding. / Rachel tells Ada how she reacted when she learned about the videotape of Tanner's interview and also that she thinks Mitch will leave her alone now. Then Mitch arrives with Cory. / Craig tells Cindy Lee that everything is arranged for her to get close to Brad. Then Craig leaves when Brad (who thinks he is meeting Amy) arrives at the pool. / Philip tells Cecile he thinks she is behind Jasper Dunning's sudden change of editors. Cecile tells Philip she hardly knows Jasper but then Amy enters and mentions that she had lunch with Jasper. / Mitch talks to Rachel and Ada about children and then Mac arrives. / Pat remembers her last conversation with Cecile and then Philip visits Pat and, as they drink wine, tells her that Cecile is gunning for his job. Philip asks Pat to come back to the complex because they need her. He also tells her he has missed her. When Pat goes to answer the phone Philip notices a glass of wine on the floor. / As Brad and Cindy Lee spend time at the pool, Miranda arrives home and then Craig shows up. Miranda tells them all that Kit lost her job. Craig tells them he has to leave and asks Brad to take Cindy Lee home. Then Miranda tells Brad that she ran into Amy at lunch today and Amy said she was working at Brava all afternoon. / When Mac and Rachel leave, Ada talks to Mitch and asks him to leave Rachel alone. Then Clarice arrives to talk to Ada about Blaine and Jerry. / Miranda tells Cindy Lee that a taxi is taking her home because she needs to talk to Brad. When Cindy leaves, Miranda tells Brad that she thinks Craig staged this whole afternoon to get Cindy close to Brad so that he would stay away from Kit. / Mac mentions to Rachel about how Mitch still seems to be in their lives. Rachel thinks it's odd that Miranda would mention seeing Mitch with her.

AUGUST 7, 1980 (EP. #4085)
Sally tries to get Blaine to tell her why she and Jerry broke up but Blaine says she can't. / Larry tells Jerry he has had it with Blaine. Jerry tells him that he doesn't want to see Blaine again but his mother is sure Blaine is in trouble with something she can't handle so he is going to see her. / Blaine tells Sally she can't tell her what is happening but she is going to get even with everyone that ruined her marriage. Then Margo stops by to tell Blaine that Jerry is going to see her today. Margo urges Blaine to tell Jerry what is wrong. / Miranda comforts Kit about losing her job. Miranda suggests Kit buy a house for her and Joey but Kit says Joey doesn't want to use the family money. / Gwen tells Taylor she misses Willis and either has to move to Australia or try to make a long-distance marriage work. Then she tells Taylor she will give him an answer about the new project soon. / Margo visits Jim and tells him that Blaine and Jerry have split up. Then Margo tells Jim that she knows the man Blaine was with the other night at the Arena and his name is Jordan Scott who is very bad news. Margo also tells Jim she thinks Jordan killed a friend of hers in Vegas. Then Liz arrives at the house and isn't happy to see Margo. Liz tells Jim that Russ is still at the hospital and not on his honeymoon. / Miranda talks to Joey about letting Kit use her money to make life better for the two of them by buying a house. Joey refuses to use Kit's money. Then Miranda apologizes and invites him and Kit to a dinner party. Once alone, Miranda decides to invite Mitch to the dinner party since she has already invited Mac and Rachel. / Russ tells Tracy it will be a few weeks yet before they can go their honeymoon because there is such a shortage of doctors right now. Then Liz arrives and learns they have postponed their honeymoon. Liz tells Russ she needs to talk to him about Jim and Margo. / Joey asks Rick what he thinks life would have been like for Kit if she had never been kidnaped. Rick tells Joey he is good for Kit but Joey isn't sure he and Kit want the same things. / Gwen tells Taylor she isn't sure she wants to live in Australia and therefore isn't sure about her marriage to Willis. / Jerry arrives to see Blaine and she tells him there is someone else but she hasn't slept with him. Jerry thinks there is a chance for the two of them but Blaine tells Jerry she doesn't know what love is and wasn't happy being married to him. Then Jordan arrives and meets Jerry. / Jerry leaves and Jordan tells Blaine she has done a good job getting Jerry out of her life. Blaine tells Jordan she has another problem and Jordan tells Blaine he will take care of it for her. So Blaine tells him she wants Buzz out of her life.

AUGUST 8, 1980 (EP. #4086)
Mac and Rachel talk about the dinner party Miranda is giving and Rachel makes a comment about not liking Miranda very much. / Clarice visits Blaine and asks her what's going on between her and Jerry. Blaine tells Clarice it is over for her and Jerry because she doesn't love him enough. / Mac questions Rachel about why she doesn't care for Miranda but Vivien interrupts and Rachel gets a call from her mother. / Jerry tells Margo about his talk with Blaine and that Jordan Scott showed up while he was there. Margo tells Jerry she thinks Jordan killed a friend of hers named Hildy LaFever when she was in Vegas because she had dated Jordan and probably knew too much. Then Margo decides to talk to Blaine's ex-husband and mother-in-law about Blaine. / Taylor tells Miranda that Ellen is happy but thinks the children are still small. Miranda tells Taylor she feels guilty for loving him the last few years. Then Miranda gets a little jealous when Taylor mentions that he had dinner with Gwen last night. Taylor also questions Miranda about why she has invited Mitch Blake to the party and Miranda says because he is a friend of Rachel and Mac's. / Liz complains to Mac about Jim and Margo. Then Gwen asks Mac how Willis is doing in Australia. Mac tells Gwen Willis is doing well but Gwen confides she doesn't know about her marriage. / Margo talks to Rachel about Blaine and Rachel tells her how Blaine went after Jamie and Rachel did all she could to break them up. Rachel also tells Margo that she doesn't think Blaine knows what love is. Margo leaves by telling Rachel that she thinks Blaine really loves Jerry. / At the newsstand, Jordan sees Buzz. / Jordan tells Buzz that he is going to a newsstand in San Francisco and advises him not to tell anyone, including Blaine. / Clarice comes home to Larry and Charlie and tells them she saw Blaine and thinks Blaine is putting on an act to cover something. Then Larry gives Clarice a letter from Robert that asks questions about Cory. When Clarice plans to answer Robert's letter Larry thinks it is a mistake. / Jerry calls Blaine to plan on picking up his things. Then Buzz arrives and tells Blaine about Jordan's visit. Buzz tells Blaine Jordan wants him in San Francisco but he thinks they can go somewhere together. Blaine tells Buzz her plan is already in motion. / Blaine tells Buzz she got Jordan to get rid of him. Buzz promises to get even with Blaine and hits her. Blaine threatens Buzz's life with Jordan and Buzz attacks Blaine.

AUGUST 11, 1980 (EP. #4087)
Jerry tells Margo he is going to go over and pick up his things from the apartment. / Buzz tells Blaine Jordan wants him in San Francisco but he thinks they can go somewhere together. Blaine tells Buzz her plan is already in motion. Blaine tells Buzz she got Jordan to get rid of him. Buzz promises to get even with Blaine and hits her. Blaine threatens Buzz's life with Jordan and Buzz attacks Blaine. / Buzz stops himself from strangling Blaine and then Jordan enters. Jordan and Buzz fight and then Buzz leaves. Blaine thanks Jordan and stops him from going after Buzz to finish him off. / Dooley and Cindy rehearse, then Jason tells Cindy he is moving her to the Arena when Tracy comes back. Then Dooley gets a call and tells Jason it is from Tracy. Jason wants to know why Tracy is in town but Mitch tells him to wait to see her. / Rachel visits Ada and tells her that she isn't worried about Mitch anymore but is concerned about Miranda Bishop. Rachel tells Ada that Miranda might be up to something because she is always bringing up Mitch's name around her so Rachel plans to get out of going to the dinner party tonight. Then Ada tells Rachel that Miranda might be after Mac. / Jerry arrives to pick up his things and Blaine is sad and hides a sweater as Jerry packs. / At a bookstore, Mitch inquires as to the best book to buy about pre-natal care. / Jerry tells Blaine he has everything but his beige sweater and Blaine tells him she hasn't seen it. Then a civil Blaine and Jerry discuss the divorce and Jerry finally tells Blaine he has to leave because he can't stand it. / Jason arrives at Tracy's and learns that she and Russ have postponed their honeymoon. Tracy also tells Jason and Dooley about the house she and Russ may be getting. / Jason, Tracy, and Dooley discuss her rehearsal schedule and then Russ arrives home and Jason has to see the two of them together and happy as they talk about the house. / Margo visits Jamie and asks him about his life with Blaine. Jamie tells Margo that they were too young when they got married but according to Sally, Blaine has changed a lot since then and loves Jerry. / Mitch calls Rachel and asks questions about how she is taking care of herself and eating right. Rachel gets offended and tells Mitch it is none of his business and then she hangs up. Then Mac comes home and Rachel tells him she isn't going to Miranda's party. Rachel tells Mac she doesn't like Miranda bringing up Mitch's name all the time and Mac tells her she doesn't like seeing Mitch all the time. / Margo arrives at Blaine's and tells her that Buzz Winslow was killed when his car went off a cliff into the river today. Blaine remembers Buzz and Jordan fighting and then Margo suspects that Blaine doesn't think it was an accident.

Notes: Last appearance by Eric Conger as Buzz Winslow.

AUGUST 12, 1980 (EP. #4088)
Rachel calls Miranda and tells her that she doesn't feel up to coming to the party tonight but Mac will be there. Then Miranda mentions that Mitch Blake will be at the party also. / Cecile tells Jamie she was going to invite him to dinner at her place tonight. / Jamie tells Cecile he is having dinner at Miranda's tonight with Sally. Cecile tells Jamie she is lonely. / Craig visits Kit to tell her how sorry he is that the pictures he took appeared in Brava. Then Joey arrives home and after Craig leaves he and Kit argue about Craig being in town. Joey tells Kit that Craig is after her but she denies it. / Clarice and Larry get ready for Miranda's party and they talk about how Iris used to live in house Miranda lives in now. Then Larry finds another letter Clarice is writing to Robert. Then Jerry arrives to tell them that a man was killed on Lakeside Drive and the police believe it was Buzz. (The body was badly burned but they found luggage that belonged to Buzz in the car.) / Cecile sees Kit and apologizes for the Brava pictures. Kit reassures Cecile that she doesn't blame her for the pictures. Then Cecile tells Kit she wishes someone would tell Jamie that it was an honest mistake and Kit offers to make sure Jamie knows it was an honest mistake. Cecile tells Kit that she is falling in love all over again with Jamie. / Miranda tells Taylor that Rachel isn't coming to the party but Mac is and she thinks that Mac and Rachel are having marital problems. Then Taylor tells Miranda that he doesn't feel anything for Gwen but admiration and respect. / Rachel helps Mac get ready for the party. / At Miranda's, Amy meets Jerry and Amy asks Miranda why she didn't invite Cecile to dinner. Then Rick arrives and tells Amy to take it easy on Kit and Joey tonight. Next, Jamie and Sally arrive. Amy tells Miranda that she likes Jerry and asks Jerry to dance. / Kit tells Jamie how sorry Cecile is about the Brava pictures. Amy tells Jerry she knows what it is like to come out of a bad marriage and offers to talk sometime. Then, Miranda and Taylor chat with Gwen until Mac arrives. Next, Mitch arrives and learns that Rachel didn't feel up to coming. Once alone, Miranda mentions Rachel to Mitch and then Mitch makes up an excuse for leaving. / Miranda calls the Supper Club and learns that Mitch Blake did not show up there. Then Mac thanks Miranda for a wonderful dinner and tells her he is going to leave. Miranda talks Mac into staying for one drink. / As Vivien leaves to meet Rudy, Mitch arrives. Mitch tells Rachel he wanted to know she was all right. / Rachel tells Mitch he has no business checking up on her but Mitch tells Rachel he loves her. Rachel tells Mitch if he continues to act like this, the baby will grow up with a mother who can't stand his father.

AUGUST 13, 1980 (EP. #4089)
At the Arena, Blaine asks Jordan if he was responsible for Buzz's death yesterday and Jordan says no. Then they discuss Blaine working at the Arena. / Amy tells Cecile she likes Jerry Grove. / Cecile arranges for Jamie to meet him at her place for a drink after work. Then Cecile and Amy talk about Jerry and Cecile tells Amy she likes Jamie because he is heir apparent to Cory Publishing. / Pat visits Tracy and Tracy invites her to dinner to talk about the house she and Russ want to buy. Pat tells Tracy she has already been invited to dinner with Philip but thinks of canceling to pack for her trip to Chicago. Tracy tells Pat that she needs to stop drifting and suggests that she go through with the dinner. Then Jason arrives. / Sally tells Blaine about the dinner party last night. Sally tells Blaine she does like Rick. Sally also tells her that Jerry was at the party and Amy was pursuing him. / As Tracy rehearses she tells Dooley about the house and Jason gets tired of hearing about it and tells her to concentrate on the singing. / Brad tells Kit he likes Joey and doesn't think he is after her anymore. Then Brad tells Kit he intends to enter the boat race in a few weeks. Then Craig joins them and makes a comment about how some people have to earn a living and leaves. Then Miranda shows Brad and Kit the flowers Mac sent as a thank you. When Brad leaves, Miranda tells Kit she thinks something is wrong between Mac and Rachel. Miranda remembers Mitch leaving the party and not being at the Supper Club. / When Russ comes home Jason and Dooley leave and as Tracy and Russ talk about the house, Tracy mentions she would like to have children. / Philip arrives for dinner with Pat as she packs and Pat offers him wine but adds that she doesn't have time for dinner. Philip can tell Pat has had too much to drink and asks if she has eaten. Pat tells Philip she has eaten but he knows better and tells her he is going to make something to eat. Then Philip kisses her. / Jamie visits Cecile and she asks him to stay for dinner and he agrees. / Over dinner, Jerry and Amy console each other over their failed marriages. Then Amy suggests they go to her place and talk privately afterward. / Jason tells Cindy that Jordan Scott is going to hear her at the Arena tonight. Meanwhile, Mitch remembers his last chat with Rachel. Jason suspects Rachel is behind Mitch's mood. / Craig tells Cindy to get moving on Brad because he walked in on him with Kit today. Cindy tells Craig she will do everything she can. Meanwhile, Dooley tells Jason he better be more careful around Russ and Tracy and not upset them. Jason tells Dooley that once Tracy hears the applause again, she will be all his.

Notes: First commercial for "This week on Texas."

AUGUST 14, 1980 (EP. #4090)
Russ visits Kit and tells her that the hospital wouldn't reinstate her due to the fact that there is going to be a series of articles on her life published in California. / As Clarice and Blaine talk, Larry enters with Cory. When Cory leaves the room, Larry tells them both that the police don't think Buzz's death was an accident. / Larry tells Clarice and Blaine there was an extra set of skid marks next to Buzz's car. Then Jerry calls and tells Blaine that Brian will handle the divorce for them. Once Blaine leaves, Larry and Clarice argue about Blaine and then Larry finds another letter from Robert. / Margo tries to convince Jerry not to rush into getting a divorce but Jerry tells her about his dinner with Amy and how hanging only hurt her more. Jerry also tells her that it is over for him and Blaine. / Amy tries to comfort Kit about the new articles and then leaves when Joey and Taylor arrive. Their arrival startles Kit and she learns from Taylor that Ellen heard the news and isn't doing well. Kit blames herself for everyone's problems. / Brian talks to Blaine about the divorce and comments to Blaine about how calm she and Jerry are about all of it. Brian suggests they may be rushing things but Blaine tells Brian that he must know how it feels when a marriage is over because of his relationship with Iris. Brian tells Blaine he tried more than once to make it work with Iris but he just didn't have it in him any more. He also tells Blaine that he will be going to Houston soon to tell Iris their divorce decree is final. When Brian tells Blaine that he thinks she has changed and is more honest now, Blaine tries to convince Brian that she is as bad as ever. / Pat visits Philip and tells him she is sorry for the way she acted yesterday but that she only had two glasses of wine. Philip asks Pat if she was bothered by his kissing her but Pat says a kiss between friends is fine. Then Cecile enters to complain about an article and Mac enters to ask Pat if she is coming back to Brava. When Pat and Mac leave, Cecile accuses Philip of setting it up for Mac and Pat to talk and calls Philip a sadistic liar. / Taylor tells Joey that he needs to think about using some of Kit's money to buy a house that can be protected by a fence, property, and guards. / When Amy tries to talk to Cecile she can tell Cecile is upset. Then an angry Margo arrives and tells Cecile she will sue if one word of the article on Vegas showgirls is published with her name on it because Cecile sensationalized the whole story. / As Mac is talking to Pat he has to leave for a minute leaving Pat alone in the office and Pat gets a drink. / Joey comforts a frightened Kit and tells her that they are going to move into Miranda's house while she is gone. / Cecile plans her next move. / Mac returns and tells Pat he would like her to return to Brava. Then Cecile enters and also tells Pat she would like her to return to head up Brava. / Pat tells Cecile and Mac that she is going to be visiting her sister, Alice, for a few weeks. When Cecile asks Pat for her answer before she leaves, Pat tells them she will think about it while she is gone.

AUGUST 15, 1980 (EP. #4091)
Rachel tells Ada that she thinks Miranda is up to something by inviting Mitch to her party. Rachel also tells Ada about Mitch's visit and how she is worried now that Mitch won't leave her and Mac alone. After Ada and Rachel go to see the chickens, Miranda arrives and tells Vivien she would like to ask her a question about Mitch Blake. / Pat tries to resist having anything more to drink and then Liz arrives and tells Pat that she heard she is coming back to the Complex. Pat tells Liz she hasn't decided and then Philip calls to ask if he can come over. Liz warns Pat to be careful of Philip and adds that Brian would make a better beau. / Miranda tricks Vivien into admitting that Mitch was there the night of her dinner party. / When Rachel and Ada return they see Miranda who tells them she will be leaving town for a week to ten days and while she is gone Joey and Kit will be staying at her place. Miranda leaves after asking Rachel to stop in and visit Kit while she is gone. Ada agrees with Rachel that Miranda is trouble. / Joey tells Gwen and Rick about the current situation with Kit and that they are going to be staying at Miranda's for a while. / Cindy tells Craig that Brad took her home the other evening. Then Craig tells Cindy that Kit and Joey are moving in while Miranda is gone next week. Craig also says that if the Red Brigade could kidnap Kit and get a million dollars two years ago, someone could easily get two million for her now. / Philip sees Pat and asks her to forget her trip and come back to work tomorrow. He tells her that work is what she needs to straighten out her life and that she can handle Cecile. Pat tells Philip not now. Philip asks her to call him when she arrives in Chicago. / Ada tells Charlie that she thinks Rachel has another Iris in Miranda Bishop. When Charlie leaves, Mitch arrives. / Ada asks Mitch not to crowd Rachel but Mitch tells Ada that he loves Rachel and maybe Mac doesn't love her as much as he does. Mitch also tells Ada that maybe it is time everyone start facing up to the fact that it is his baby. When Mitch leaves, Ada calls Rachel. / Gwen and Taylor discuss Joey and Kit and what happens when Miranda comes back from Newport. Taylor tells Gwen he doesn't have all the answers but wants to protect his daughter. Gwen also comments about not having all the answers where Willis is concerned. / At the Disco, Rachel calls Mitch and asks to see him. / Pat visits an upset Cecile and tells her that she doesn't want her job back and feels bad for making her squirm. / Pat gives Cecile a letter to Mac stating she doesn't want her job back. Then Pat tells Cecile how sorry she feels for her because she doesn't trust anyone. When Cecile tells Pat she certainly would never trust a drunk, Pat slaps her and leaves. / Rachel arrives at the Disco to see Mitch.

AUGUST 18, 1980 (EP. #4092)
Ada tells Charlie about her chat with Mitch and that she advised Rachel to talk to him. / Rachel arrives at the Disco and tells Mitch she wants to talk to him about when he visited her the other night. / A calm Cecile talks with Amy about the possibility that Pat may come back to Brava and Amy is amazed at how well Cecile is taking the news. When Amy leaves, Cecile remembers her chat with Pat and the letter she gave her to give to Mac. Then Jamie arrives and Cecile tells him she thinks she can go back to that simpler time in her life. / Mitch and Rachel have a civil conversation where she tries to get him to understand that she and Mac will love the baby and give it the best life possible. Mitch tells Rachel he also loves her and the baby she is carrying but will think about what she has said. / At the cocktail party, Liz, Mac, Amy, Cecile, and Brad meet Mrs. Lexi Karigan who arrives with Philip. As everyone, including Cecile talk about Pat's return to Brava, Cecile also manages to let Mrs. Karigan know what kind of a person Philip is. Amy tells Brad she has a date with Jerry Grove. / Jerry arrives at Amy's and they talk about his feelings for Blaine. / Mac comes home and tells Rachel about the party and that Cecile and Jamie seem to be growing closer. Rachel tells Mac she thought Cecile was getting closer to Dennis and realizes with Dennis in Texas, Cecile is going after Jamie again. / At the Supper Club, Jamie talks to Mitch about the intense relationship between Mac and Rachel. / Jerry tells Amy all about his life with Blaine and Amy acts very supporting of Jerry and he likes her. / Jamie brings Cecile home and she invites him to stay for a night cap and tells him how happy she is that Pat will be coming back. When Jamie leaves, Cecile remembers the letter Pat gave her to mail to Mac stating she isn't returning to Brava. / [missing last segment]

AUGUST 19, 1980 (EP. #4093)
At Miranda's, Amy talks to Kit about how she admires Joey for living in the house right now and also tells Kit how much she likes Jerry Grove. / Jamie stops by Blaine's to talk. / Margo tells Sally that Blaine and Jerry are good for each other. Then Sally tells her how Amy Halloway was coming on to Jerry at the dinner party the other night. Margo asks Sally to find out from Blaine just how close she is to this other man in her life. / Russ comes home earlier while Jason, Dooley, and Tracy are rehearsing. Jason invites them to the Arena but Tracy tells Jason she has invited Russ's family to dinner tonight. / Joey comes home and then Brad enters for a moment and invites Amy to the Arena. When Amy and Brad leave, Joey learns of Amy seeing Jerry and tells Kit that Jerry should stay away from her. / Jamie tells Blaine that Margo visited him and he thinks Blaine has changed since she married Jerry. Blaine denies it and tells Jamie she is the same bad person she has always been. Then Sally arrives as Jamie leaves and tells Blaine that Jerry is seeing a lot of Amy Holloway. Blaine acts like she doesn't care but Sally can tell Blaine does. / Jim calls Margo and takes her up on her offer to go to the Arena together. Then Margo asks Jerry if he is dating Amy Holloway and Jerry says they aren't dating but they do have a lot in common. / Jason tells Tracy, Dooley, and Russ that he has booked her at the Knob Hill in San Francisco in early October. Tracy tells Jason that in the future he better put a pregnancy clause in her contracts. / At the Arena, Jordan notices that Blaine seems unhappy but she denies it. Then he tells her that the Arena is already making great money and offers her the hostess position. Then Jordan welcomes Brad and Amy and introduces Blaine. / Tracy, Liz, Russ, and Sally enjoy dinner together and Liz learns that Jim had a prior dinner engagement. Then they discuss the house and having children. / As Amy and Brad gamble, Jim and Margo arrive and see Blaine with Jordan. Margo tells Jim that the man with Blaine is the one she told him about it. Then Jordan introduces himself and acknowledges that he knew Margo years ago in Vegas. Privately, Margo accuses Jordan of being responsible for Hildy's death but Jordan denies it and warns Margo not to say anything to Blaine about it. Then Margo talks to Blaine and realizes that Blaine is bothered by Jerry seeing Amy and warns Blaine to get away from Jordan. / As Kit and Joey are relaxing by the pool the guard dogs start barking. Joey goes to see what it is and when he comes back he finds Kit is terrified. / Jordan drops Blaine off and asks to come in. He then tells Blaine he doesn't want to be put off any longer. / Jordan makes out with Blaine.

Notes: Brad mentions racing in the Lake Arthur Speed Boat Race next week.

AUGUST 20, 1980 (EP. #4094)
Mac and Rachel notice that Vivien seems upset about something. / Jordan wakes up with Blaine and tells her he has never spent the night before. / Larry tells Clarice he is going back to work at a desk job next week. He also apologizes to her for the way he has acted about Robert Delaney. Then Mitch arrives to see Cory but doesn't stay when he learns Cory is gone. Clarice tells Mitch he would make a great father and Mitch agrees. Then Jerry arrives and asks Clarice if she has seen his beige sweater. She says she hasn't seen it so Jerry decides to go over to Blaine's and look again. / Liz asks Jim where he was last night and he tells her he took Margo to the Arena. / Mitch visits Ada and tells her he needs someone to talk to about how he feels. Then he reminds Ada that the baby is his. Ada advises Mitch to forget about the baby or he will wreck some lives, including the baby's. / Jordan thanks Blaine for breakfast and then tells her how he grew up in a coal mining town in West Virginia without a dad and with a prostitute for a mom. Blaine also tells Jordan about her life growing up with a mean dad and a mother who ran away. After he finishes telling her about his past, he tells her to forget what she heard. Then Jerry arrives and, after Jordan leaves, tells Blaine that Jordan is bad news according to Margo. To get Jerry off her back she tells him that she and Jordan are having a love affair and slaps him when he accuses her of being kept. / When Charlie comes home, Ada tells him she is worried about the whole situation with Mitch and Rachel. / Jerry stops by Larry and Clarice's again and tells them he thinks Jordan killed Buzz. Clarice suggests that maybe Blaine is in over her head and can't get out but Jerry doesn't think so and Larry tells her he doesn't want anything to do with his sister. / Cecile visits Rachel and tells her that she has heard a rumor that Iris has decided to stay in Texas. Rachel adds "Lucky Texas." Then Rachel tells Cecile that she understands about what happened with Jamie. Then Cecile leaves and Ada calls Rachel and tells her they need to talk about Mitch. But Rachel tells Ada she can't because Mac just came home. Then Vivien and Amanda enter and when Mac takes Amanda away Rachel asks Vivien what is bothering her. / Vivien tells Rachel how Miranda tricked her into admitting that Mitch was at the house.

AUGUST 21, 1980 (EP. #4095)
Rachel and Amanda visit Kit at Miranda's pool. When Mary takes Amanda away, Rachel asks Kit about Miranda. / Russ tells Tracy that they will be able to leave for their honeymoon in the morning. Tracy calls Jason and tells Jason she wants to cancel their rehearsal because she needs to pack for the honeymoon. Then Jason tells Tracy he wants to talk to her about the baby clause she mentioned putting in her future contracts. / Kit tells Rachel that Miranda is much younger than Ellen and there was always a joke that other women should watch their husbands around her. / Cecile tells Jamie that she had a nice chat with Rachel yesterday. Then Jamie tells Cecile he got a call from Dennis and he is staying Houston. Jamie thinks Cecile seems sad about the news but she says she is fine. / Jason arrives and tells Tracy that having a baby too soon could ruin her career. Tracy tells Jason she has wanted children ever since she married Claude and that hasn't changed now that she is Mrs. Matthews and if he doesn't like it she will have to get a new manager. / Cecile, Jamie, and Philip arrive for a meeting with Mac and Philip finds it odd when Mac says that he hasn't heard any definite word from Pat yet about her return. / Jason interrupts Cindy's rehearsal with Dooley and gets on her case about how she will never be any good as a singer. Mitch enters and stops Jason from yelling at Cindy. When Dooley leaves to comfort Cindy, Mitch asks Jason what's wrong and he tells him that Tracy wants to have a baby. Jason decides he can try to keep Tracy so booked with show dates that she won't be able to get pregnant but Mitch warns Jason to stay out of Tracy's personal life. / Philip calls Pat and learns that she gave Cecile a letter to give to Mac stating why she was not coming back to Brava. Pat also tells Philip she is straightening out her life and hasn't had a drink since being in Chicago. / Cecile makes arrangements to move into Iris's old suite. Then Philip enters and confronts Cecile about Pat's letter. Cecile tells Philip she doesn't know anything about a letter but Pat was so drunk when she visited her that she must have imagined it. Philip tells Cecile she won't get away with it. / Mitch talks to Tracy about Jason. Tracy tells Mitch she wants it all and can handle Jason and being a mother and wife with a career. Mitch tells Tracy that the last person who said she wanted it all was Janice but he can tell it is different when she says it. Then Tracy comments about how wonderful it is for two people to be in love and conceive a child from that love. / Philip calls Pat and tells her that Cecile never gave Mac the letter. Then he asks Pat not to do anything until he calls her back. / Philip visits Cecile at her place and tricks her into admitting that there was a letter. Cecile still denies it and so Philip tells Cecile he is going to do all he can to persuade Pat not to write another letter but instead to return to Brava. / At the Cory's, Mac notices that Vivien seems to be in a better mood. Then Tracy and Russ talk to Mac and Rachel about the new house and also the fact that they want to have children. Then Tracy mentions how she had a chat with Mitch and he also seems to be very interested in children now.

AUGUST 22, 1980 (EP. #4096)
Clarice asks Larry to talk to Blaine and he agrees to think about it. Then he gets a call and learns that there was a prowler out at Miranda's home the other night. / Cecile tells Philip that she can't perform her duties properly at Brava without knowing if Pat is coming back or not. Philip tells Cecile to call Pat if she wants to know whether Pat will return to Brava or not. / Larry talks to Taylor and Kit about a rash of robberies in the area lately. When Larry leaves, Taylor asks Kit to stay on at the house when Miranda returns but Kit tells him that Joey isn't happy living here. / Clarice talks to Margo and learns about her friend Hildy being killed by Jordan. Then they discuss Amy Holloway's interest in Jerry. / Amy makes some suggestions to Cecile about Brava articles but Cecile isn't very responsive. Then Craig enters and Amy tells him and Cecile that there was prowler out at Miranda's the other night. / Larry visits Blaine and tells her he doesn't hate her but also doesn't understand what she is doing. Larry also tells her that Jordan is bad news and he wants to help if she is in over her head. Blaine tells Larry that she more than likes Jordan but Larry doesn't believe her. / Amy visits Jerry at the dorm and they talk about Blaine being with Jordan. Amy comes on to Jerry and Jerry winds up kissing her and they make out. / At the pool, Kit entertains Cindy Lee and Craig. When Kit leaves, Craig tells Cindy about the prowler the other night and adds that Miranda's is very secure so if someone wanted to kidnap Kit they would have to get her away from there first. / Blaine tells Clarice it is best for them if she stays clear of her and Larry now. Then Jordan arrives and meets Clarice and gives Blaine a gift of a gold bracelet. / Cecile tells Jamie about her concern over not knowing if Pat will return or not. Then Cecile wrangles an invitation to dinner from Jamie. When Jamie leaves she wonders if she could get Jamie to spend the night with her. / At the pool, when Craig leaves with Cindy and Amy goes to change, Brad tells Kit there is something about Craig he doesn't like. / When Cecile and Jamie come home from dinner they notice the door to Joey and Kit's apartment is open and Jamie, suspecting the place has been broken into, goes in to investigate.

AUGUST 25, 1980 (EP. #4097)
Brad brings Amy home after dinner and she tells him she wants to be alone tonight. Brad tells her he doesn't trust Craig. Then Jerry calls and asks to see her and she agrees to let him come over. Once alone, Amy remembers making love with Jerry. / When Cecile and Jamie come home from dinner they notice the door to Joey and Kit's apartment is open and Jamie, suspecting the place has been broken into, goes in to investigate. / Jamie looks around but doesn't see anyone. Jamie tells Cecile that he isn't so sure it was a robbery because it doesn't look like anything was touched. Then they call Kit and Joey. / At the Arena, Jordan entertains customers while Blaine gets a lesson in how to be a hostess. / Joey and Kit discuss the dilemma facing Gwen of whether to move to be with Willis or not. Joey tells Kit he isn't comfortable in Miranda's house and can't wait to be back home again in the apartment. Then Joey gets a call from Jamie and learns of the break-in at the apartment. / The current Arena hostess tells Blaine she was involved with Jordan at one time but in this business when you are told to move on you do so without questions. Then Jordan introduces Blaine to some important customers. / Clarice tells Larry that she met Jordan Scott when he stopped by Blaine's and gave her a gold bracelet. Both agree that Jordan is bad news. Then Larry gets a call informing him of the break-in at Kit and Joey's. / The police question Cecile and Jamie along with Kit and Joey and Kit tells Joey she can't take it and wants to leave. / Jerry tells Amy it was wrong for them to make love but Amy tells him she is fine with it. Then Amy gets a call and learns of the break-in and tells Jerry. Jerry leaves to see if he can find out any information and Amy is mad that Kit has once again messed up her plans. / Taylor tells Joey he wants him and Kit to keep living at Miranda's for the time being but Joey refuses to live there when Miranda comes back. / Cecile uses the break-in as an excuse to get Jamie to spend the night but he tells her he will sleep on the sofa. / Taylor tells Gwen and Rick about the latest break-in and asks Gwen to talk to Joey about living in a big house for now, though Rick tells Taylor that he should let Joey and Kit decide where they want to live. / In bed, Jordan asks Blaine what she feels for him and she tells him that he is very special to her. / Rick stops by and talks to Joey about seeing the living situation from Taylor's side. As the two men discuss it, they hear Kit screaming.

AUGUST 26, 1980 (EP. #4098)
Cecile wakes Jamie up and she mentions how it is like old times having him with her. / Joey finds Kit awake and he tells her that since another apartment was also broken into there is nothing to worry about. / Mac tells Rachel about the break-in at Kit and Joey's apartment last night and also about the prowler at Miranda's last week. Once Mac leaves for work, Rachel remembers Mitch telling about the tape that Janice made but that he doesn't know where she hid it. Then Ada calls and asks to come over. / Kit gets a call from Gwen and she asks to come over to see her. Then Mary enters and tells Kit she found a tape cassette in a teakettle while she was cleaning. Kit takes it and tells Mary she will ask Miranda about it when she gets back. Then Taylor arrives and talks to Kit about a house for her and Joey but Kit tells him that they may be moving too fast. / Ada visits Rachel and advises her to talk to Mitch and not ignore him. Rachel tells Ada she is more worried about Miranda Bishop now than she is Mitch. / Rick talks to Kit and tells her that she needs to see things from Joey's perspective and do as he wishes if she wants to save her marriage. Kit tells Rick she is afraid. / Cecile tells Mac, Philip, and Liz how grateful she was to have Jamie stay the night last night. Liz offers her a room as does Philip, but Cecile says she will be fine now. Then Brian arrives back from Texas (having been there about a week) and tells Mac that things are wrapped up with Iris and she is radiant. Mac assumes Texas must agree with her. / Gwen tries to get Joey to see things from Kit's perspective but Joey tells her he has tried to fit in with that kind of lifestyle and just doesn't. / At the Supper Club, when Dooley leaves, Brad asks Cindy questions about Craig's whereabouts last night and learns that Craig left Cindy at 6 pm. Then Mitch gets a call from Rachel and he agrees to see her. / Cecile remembers her last conversation with Iris and worries that Iris told Brian about Cecile when he was in Houston. Brian stops by and Cecile asks him if Iris or Dennis mentioned her and he tells her that Iris is too involved in her own life to think about others and Dennis has a new girlfriend. Brian tells Cecile that Reena is doing fine also and then he leaves when Liz enters. Cecile tells Liz that she hopes Pat won't change her mind about coming back to Brava. Liz offers to call Pat and casually make sure Pat will be coming back. / Liz tells Philip that Pat is on a road trip for a few days with Alice. Then Brian enters and tells Philip that Iris told him she doesn't feel remorseful anymore for what she did to Cecile. Philip wonders why Iris's feelings changed. / Rachel arrives at the Supper Club and Mitch tells her he hasn't made a decision yet about the baby. Then Rachel asks him if he was the prowler at Miranda's. Mitch tells Rachel he never found the tape but he wasn't the prowler. Rachel makes a comment about how Janice still has a hold over both of them. / Mitch tells Rachel about his chat with Tracy on how love can sometimes come after the child is conceived. Rachel tells Mitch what happened between then was not an act of love but Mitch tells Rachel it was for him and he knows she felt something too. Then Mitch kisses Rachel but she tells him to leave her alone and leaves.

Notes: Special appearance in a flashback by Beverlee McKinsey as Iris Bancroft.

AUGUST 27, 1980 (EP. #4099)
Rachel arrives at Ada's and tells her that she just saw Mitch and if he does anything to hurt her or Mac or the baby she won't be responsible for her actions. / Mitch remembers kissing Rachel when she worked with him on the mobile for the disco. / Rachel tells Ada that Mitch keeps talking about her and the baby and even kissed her. They think Russ should talk to him but he is on his honeymoon. Then Ada tells Rachel she will ask Charlie to talk to Mitch. / Brian talks to Jerry about a position with his law firm when he graduates and also mentions his trip to Texas and says it is no fun getting a divorce so he is happy to be back in Bay City. Jerry tells Brian that Blaine is involved with the man who is running the Arena and so he doesn't need to wait to start divorce proceedings. / Jason asks Mitch what Rachel was doing at the Disco. Mitch doesn't want to talk about it so Jason asks Mitch if he knows where Tracy is on the honeymoon. Mitch tells Jason he doesn't know and adds that Jason should leave Russ and Tracy alone. Then Jason accuses Mitch of being buddy-buddy with Russ now. / Ada tells Charlie of Rachel's fear that Mitch will tell everyone he is the baby's father, so Charlie offers to talk to Mitch. / Blaine shows Jordan the dress that she will wear for her first night as a hostess at the Arena. Once alone, Blaine tells herself to pull herself together. / Jerry tells Margo that Brian is going to hire him when he gets out of school in September and is going to handle the divorce proceedings himself. Then Jerry calls Amy to tell her the news and she invites him over. When Jerry leaves, Margo calls Jim and learns he has a summer cold. So Margo offers to come right over with some soup. / Charlie arrives at the Disco to see Mitch. / Charlie tries to convince Mitch that it is in the baby's best interest for him to renounce his claim on the child. Mitch tells Charlie he can't do that. / Blaine remembers Jerry packing his belongings. Then Brian arrives and tells Blaine he would like to help her and Jerry talk things through but Blaine tells him that the marriage is over. / Brad asks Amy to the boat trials today but Amy tells Brad that Jerry is coming over. Then Amy asks Brad not to tell Jerry that she had an affair with him after her divorce from Matt. Brad leaves when Jerry arrives. / Margo arrives with soup and juices for Jim and then Liz calls. When Liz learns that Jim has a cold she tells Jim she is coming right over with some soup. / Amy tells Jerry she is happy for him in regards to his offer to work for Brian Bancroft's law firm. Amy also tells Jerry that Brad is just a friend but he wanted her to have an affair with him after her divorce but she didn't. / Charlie tells Rachel that Mitch is so in love with her that he isn't listening to anything anyone has to say.

AUGUST 28, 1980 (EP. #4100)
Rachel tells Charlie that everything that's happened to Mac is her fault. First it was Iris not thinking she was good enough for Mac and then she broke up her marriage by bringing Buzz to town and trying to break up Jamie's marriage. That allowed Janice to move in on Mac. Rachel adds that she can't hurt Mac more by finding out the baby isn't his. Then Vivien enters with Amanda. / Mac shows Jamie a special gift he got Rachel just because she means so much to him. / Rachel tells Charlie she is afraid if Mac found out about the baby he would leave her and try to get custody of Amanda and she will do anything she can to protect her family. / Liz tells Cecile that Pat is still on the road trip with Alice. She also mentions that Jim has a cold so she is going to go over there to see him. Then Cecile sees Jamie and asks him to go to the Arena with her tonight because she thinks there is a story for Brava there. Next, Mac comes out and tells Liz to go see how Jim is doing. / Margo asks Jim what she can do to tell her son how she feels about someone he is seeing. Jim tells Margo to tell him once what you think of her and then leave it alone. / Amy asks Jerry out but he tells her he has class to go to. When Jerry leaves, Taylor arrives and tells Amy to be careful with Jerry. Amy suggests he toss some legal work Jerry's way when he gets out of school. / Margo thanks Jim for his help and then Liz arrives and finds Margo made soup for Jim also. / Rachel and Vivien plan a barbecue for dinner. Vivien also tells Rachel that it is so nice to work for a couple that is so happy compared to working for Mr. and Mrs. Bancroft. / Charlie comes home and then Clarice arrives and tells him and Ada that she and Larry are going to the Arena tonight. When Clarice leaves, Charlie tells Ada that Rachel is not happy and will do anything to protect Mac. / At the Arena, Jordan is impressed with the way Blaine is handling the customers. / Blaine shows some men to their table and then Larry and Clarice arrive and Blaine introduces them to Jordan Scott and takes them to the Finish Line (the nightclub part of the Arena). / Jamie and Cecile arrive and Blaine introduces Jordan Scott to them and then takes them over to see Larry and Clarice. Next, Blaine shows the four of them to the roulette room. Then Blaine tells Jordan that Cecile is thinking of doing an article for Brava on the club. Then Amy and Taylor arrive and Amy tells Blaine what a great guy Jerry is. / Mac comes home to Rachel, Amanda, and Vivien and learns they are having a barbecue for dinner. / Mac gives Rachel the gift and she tells him she loves him so much that she would rather die than to hurt him.

AUGUST 29, 1980 (EP. #4101)
Joey talks to Gwen and she tells him she hasn't decided if she is moving to Australia or not yet. Then Gwen tells Joey she thinks Taylor is right about finding a place secure to live in. Joey tells Gwen he can't give in. So Gwen suggests he and Kit go away up north for a few weeks. / Mac stops by to see Ada and learns from Charlie that Ada isn't home. Then Charlie thinks Mac knows about the baby. / As Charlie and Mac talk Charlie realizes Mac is talking about a pony for Amanda and not about the baby. Mac tells Charlie he is happier than ever. / Mitch calls Rachel but Vivien tells him she isn't home. Jason overhears and then asks Mitch if he has heard from Tracy but Mitch says no. Then Dooley arrives and Jason tells him that he might have to make other arrangements if Tracy comes back pregnant. Next, Cindy arrives and refuses to rehearse until Jason leaves. / Taylor calls Larry and learns that the police don't think the break-in was related to Kit since another apartment was also broken into. Then Taylor tells Kit he doesn't think Jerry is Amy's type and doesn't want to see him get hurt by Amy. Taylor also tells Kit that Miranda is coming home next week and wants her and Joey to stay on living there and that Ellen wants to meet Joey. Kit tells Taylor that Joey won't live off of her money and doesn't want Gwen to interfere. As Taylor leaves, Kit tells him of the tape that was found and Taylor suggests she contact the past owner since a tape found in a tea canister doesn't sound like Miranda. So Kit decides to talk to Mac Cory about it. / Charlie arrives at the Supper Club to see Mitch as Dooley and Cindy Lee rehearse. / Clarice tells Larry she is happy that Larry was nice to Blaine last night. Larry tells Clarice he will be happy when they can nail Jordan Scott. After Larry leaves, Clarice gets a letter from Robert Delaney. / Charlie tells Mitch that Mac, Rachel, and Amanda are very happy and the baby will be too so he should leave them alone. Mitch tells Charlie he can't. Charlie warns Mitch that he is flirting with tragedy. / Charlie visits Clarice and learns that she got another letter from Robert but doesn't want Larry to know about it. Clarice also tells him that Robert is unhappy right now because things aren't going well for him with his wife who is a respected heart surgeon on the west coast. / Joey comes home and suggests they go up north but Kit wants them to visit her mother. They argue when Joey says he doesn't want to be in a mansion in Newport either. / Mac visits Gwen and tells her he, Rachel, and Amanda are going away for a few days. Then Mac urges Gwen to save her marriage to Willis because it is more important than a job is. / Craig visits Kit and tells her that he doesn't trust Brad because Cindy Lee told him Brad thinks he is the one who broke into the apartment. When Brad tries to calm Kit and get her to open up to him she tells him no and it angers Craig. / Mitch calls the Cory's but Vivien tells him that Rachel can't come to the phone. Mitch decides he won't be treated this way.