DECEMBER 1, 1980 (EP. #4167)
Zachary pays Miranda a visit and she admits that she has seen Mac. Then Colton tells her that the verdict is in in Rachel's case. / Jamie tells Cecile that the verdict is in but no one knows where Mac is. / Brian calls Mac and tells him the verdict will be given in one hour and asks Mac if he will be there. / Mac tells Brian he has to think about whether or not he will show up. Then Mac remembers learning that the baby was Mitch's. / Rick arrives to talk to Jerry about the possibility that Brad had a couple breakdowns. Then Mac calls and tells Jerry that he will be in court. / Zachary tells Miranda that he believes that Rachel is guilty and asks Miranda if she is having second thoughts. / Ada tells Rachel that she is furious at Mac for running out of court and hiding. She also advises Rachel not to make any rash decisions. / Cecile comforts Jamie. / Brian arrives to pick Rachel and Ada up for court and Brian defends Mac's actions to Ada. Then Brian takes a call from Jerry as Rachel enters the room and upon learning that Mac will be in court Rachel asks Brian if he can stop Mac from coming because he has been through enough already. / Amy tells Cecile that Miranda is the poor relative who married Lloyd Bishop and tried to steal Taylor from her mother. Amy also tells her that Miranda is after Mac and knows where Mac has been staying. Cecile denies having any interest in Mac. / Miranda tells Kit that Brad called and that Colton came by to say that the jury has reached a verdict. Then Miranda leaves when Rick arrives. Rick warns Miranda that Amy has it in for her. / Kit confirms what Amy said that Brad had mental problems at one time. Then Kit tells Rick how Brad acted the other day. Rick tells Kit that she should steer clear of Brad until they know for sure that he isn't dangerous. / At the courthouse, Ada, Charlie, Brian, and Rachel arrive. Brian tells Rachel he doesn't approve of her keeping the baby a secret but he does understand. Then Jamie arrives and tells Rachel that Ada isn't the only one who is upset with Mac for the way he is acting. Rachel defends Mac's actions and asks Jamie not to be too hard on Mac. Then Brian tells Rachel it is time to go in. / While sleeping, Mitch dreams about Rachel shooting him and then awakes and wonders why the dream seemed so real. / Court convenes and then Judge Baker asks the foreman to read the verdict.

DECEMBER 2, 1980 (EP. #4168)
In New York, Tracy calls Russ and tells him of her visit to see Rachel. When Russ hangs up, Russ tells Olivia there is something going on that may change his and Tracy's lives. / Larry comes home and finds Blaine with Clarice. Then Blaine invites them to dinner. / Cecile remembers Amy telling her that Miranda is after Mac. Then she decides that Mac will be in court for the verdict and decides to go under the pretense of being with Jamie. / Blaine tells Jordan that she has invited Larry and Clarice over for dinner and would like him to join them. Jordan likes the idea of the high and mighty cop having dinner with him and agrees to it. / As the verdict is about to be read, Mac enters the courtroom. / The foreman tells the court that Rachel Cory has been found guilty of murder in the 2nd degree and Judge Baker sentences her to prison for 5 to 8 years with 48 hours to report to it. Then the press goes after Mac. Colton tells Mac he is sorry for the pain he caused him. Mac tells Colton he will never believe Rachel was capable of murder. / As Tracy rehearses with Jason and Dooley in the recording studio, she remembers her talk with Rachel about the baby. Then Russ calls and tells her that Rachel has been found guilty. Russ also tells Tracy they will have to wait and see what Mac wants to do before they make any plans about the baby. Then Tracy doesn't want to rehearse but Jason tells her to use her sadness in her singing because life is full of sadness as well as happiness that people can relate to. / Rachel tells Ada she can't believe she is going to jail and that she is afraid Amanda will forget her. Then Brian enters and tells them that Mac is right outside and would like to see Rachel. Before Ada leaves the room she cautions Rachel not to make decisions without Mac but Rachel tells her her mind is made up. / Mac tells Rachel he will never believe that she murdered Mitch. Then Rachel tells Mac that she has made arrangements to have Tracy and Russ raise the baby and that she is going to give him a divorce. Mac wants to talk more but Rachel tells him she can't so he leaves. As Brian gives a statement to the press, Mac comes out and Cecile catches him and asks him how he is doing because she is worried about him. / Russ tries leaving a message for Tracy and then Olivia tells him she hasn't heard anything from Robert. Then Olivia invites him and Tracy to dinner tomorrow night. Russ tells her he doesn't know if Tracy will be back but he agrees to come. / Larry and Clarice have a drink with Jordan and Blaine and then Blaine leaves and Larry tells Blaine she has done okay for herself. / When Larry and Clarice get home he suggests that maybe they need a bigger place. Clarice tells Larry she is happy the way they are. / Jamie stops by the Complex to see Cecile and asks her to have dinner with him because he doesn't want to be alone right now. He also tells Cecile that when they made love it was as if they were still engaged. Cecile reminds Jamie that they are just friends and says she has a lot of work to do tonight for Brava. So Jamie leaves. / Mac visits Russ and Russ asks Mac to try and look at the fact that while Rachel was wrong to deceive him her motives were pure. Russ also tells him that it should be his decision about who raises the baby. Mac tells Russ he thinks that that is Rachel's decision. Then he asks Russ to remember how he felt when he learned the Jamie wasn't his child but Steve Frame's baby. Mac tells Russ that is exactly how he feels now.

DECEMBER 3, 1980 (EP. #4169)
Joey gets fitted for clothes with Jordan and then he tells Joey to be at work at 6 pm and his hours are from 7 pm to 3 am. Joey tells Jordan he is meeting with Father Coloran about his annulment papers. / Kit tells Miranda she is meeting with Father Coloran at 2 pm. Then Miranda learns that Mac is here to see her. / Clarice tells Blaine that she is worried about Larry. / Clarice tells Blaine that Larry seems to be talking more and more about material things that he wants. She also tells Blaine that Larry mentioned getting a bigger apartment to live in. Blaine suggests Clarice talk to Jerry about Larry. She also asks Clarice to find out if Jerry is still upset with Amy. / Mac tells Miranda that it is too late for him and Rachel but he will never believe that she deliberately killed a man and wants to find a way to prove it. / Brian tells Jerry how awful he feels about what happened to his two oldest and dearest friends. Brian also says that he doubts Colton would have pressed charges if she had told him the whole truth from the start. Then Jerry gets a call from Clarice. / Miranda invites Mac to dinner next week. Then Kit arrives and tells Mac how sorry she is about everything that's happened. When Mac leaves, Brad calls and asks if he can come over and Miranda tells him that Kit isn't home but he is invited to come over. / Mac sees Brian and tells him he did all he could to win Rachel's case and shouldn't feel bad about the outcome. Then Mac tells Brian the marriage is over but he knows Rachel would never intentionally kill anyone. Mac asks Brian if there is a way to prove Rachel's innocence but Brian says he doesn't know how. Mac tells Brian he will raise Amanda himself and wants to provide for Rachel as well. Then Mac tells Brian he will do whatever Rachel wants as far as the baby is concerned including raising the child if Rachel wanted him to. / Joey meets with Father Coloran and tells him he has a job at the Arena as a bouncer. Joey also tells him that making money now is very important to him. Then Kit arrives. / Father Coloran tries to get Joey and Kit to consider what they are doing but Joey doesn't want to and leaves. When Joey is gone the Father realizes that Kit would have tried again. / Clarice asks Jerry to speak to Larry and he agrees to try. / Kit comes home to Brad and Miranda and tells them that she got the annulment papers. Then Miranda leaves and Brad asks Kit to dinner but Kit declines. / Margo admits to Jerry that Jordan has threatened her and Blaine knows. Jerry tells Margo to listen to Blaine and stay away from Jordan and Blaine. Margo tries to get Jerry to see that Blaine is trapped but he doesn't believe it. / Larry comes home and tells Clarice that he knows they can't afford a new place to live right now but he might try his hand at the Arena. Then Jordan arrives to thank them for having dinner with Blaine and him last night. When Jordan leaves, Larry wonders if he really cares for Blaine while Clarice thinks he is still not a nice person. / Joey arrives at the Arena and then Jordan tells Blaine that Zachary Colton is here and so is Jack Forester, the state senator. When a customer hits on Joey, Jordan thinks Joey will do all right. / Jerry meets with Larry and tells him how upset Clarice is about what is happening. Larry confesses that he doesn't like what he is doing to Clarice but he has no choice. Then Jerry tells Larry that Margo admitted that Jordan threatened her. Larry tells him that he thinks Jordan will fall for the bait once he is a little more in debt.

DECEMBER 4, 1980 (EP. #4170)
Jerry meets with Russ with paperwork on the baby and then Russ mentions that Rachel is due last week of the month ­ Christmastime. / As Marianne gets ready to move into her new apartment, Pat tells her how happy she is. Then Marianne calls Rick and invites him to help her move. / Dooley asks Tracy what's got her bothered. Then Jason arrives and Tracy is worried that it is taking too long to get done with her work. Then Tracy tells Jason she is having a baby. / Tracy tells Jason that she and Russ are getting Rachel's baby and Jason has a fit and Dooley tries to calm him. Tracy tells Jason she won't give up her career either but Jason tells her that it won't work. / Pat starts to bring some alcohol with her to work and then is interrupted by Marianne. Marianne tells Pat if she doesn't like going to work she should find another job. Then Marianne suggests Pat consider getting married again and adds that she thinks Philip is right for her. / Zachary visits Miranda and tells her he would like to see more of her. / Miranda tells Zachary that her interests lie elsewhere. Miranda tells Colton that all she has is from her brother-in-law's guilty conscience. Colton tells Miranda that he is going far and wants the right woman by his side. He also tells her that he was married once but they wanted different things. / Rick visits Miranda's and when she leaves the room he tells Kit that their father couldn't find out anything about Brad's medical history. Kit decides to talk to Amy about it but Rick thinks she should keep away from Brad. / Russ calls Tracy and learns she won't be home tonight. Russ tells her that he has the custody papers. Then Tracy tells Russ to go ahead and have dinner with Olivia. Russ tells Olivia that he and Tracy are going to take care of Rachel's child. Then Russ learns that she has an apartment in the same building as Liz. / Liz stops by Olivia's with a housewarming present and is happy to learn that Russ is having dinner with her. / Pat comes home while Rick is helping Marianne pack and goes to her room and takes a drink. / At Marianne's new apartment, Rick and Marianne share their first kiss. / Pat continues to drink and passes out. / Kit asks Amy if Brad was ever confined to a mental institution. Amy tells Kit that Brad told her when he was drunk one night a few months ago but she doesn't know if he was serious or not. Then Kit and Amy argue. / Russ thanks Olivia for dinner and then they talk about work. / Brad picks Amy up for a party at Cecile's and she asks him if he ever told anyone that he had been in a mental institution. Brad attacks Amy and nearly chokes her and tells her that that isn't funny to joke about. Then Brad leaves.

DECEMBER 5, 1980 (EP. #4171)
Vivien tells Rachel that she has everything laid out for her to pack. Then Mac calls and tells them he is on his way over. / Blaine tells Joey that he is doing a good job. / Cecile calls Amy to find out why she and Brad never made it to her place for a drink and Amy is short with her. Then Amy remembers Brad attacking her and starts to call Kit to warn her but someone comes to the door. / Cecile sees Amy and Amy, trying to hide what happened to her, picks a fight with Cecile that winds turning into Amy quitting. When Cecile leaves, Amy starts to call Kit but then decides not to bother. / Kit sees Jerry and tells him that they haven't learned anything more about Brad's mental state. Jerry tells Kit that he and Amy aren't seeing each other anymore. Jerry wonders if Amy made the whole thing up. / Jordan and Blaine both praise Joey for coming in early and learning to deal. Then Joey leaves and Jordan tells Blaine that Jess Cooper wants her to fly to St. Louis to discuss some work. Then Jordan asks Blaine to invite Larry and Clarice to dinner at the Finish Line. Jordan also tells Blaine to let Joey practice on his own from now on. / Olivia visits Clarice and tells her that she has heard from Robert and that he is in Atlanta and has asked her for a divorce. Olivia leaves when Larry comes home and Larry mentions that Robert probably thinks he can do so much more for Cory than he can. Larry tells Clarice he wants a nicer place for them to live in. / Russ runs into Olivia at the hospital and then Linda tells Russ that Tracy called and said she won't be home until tomorrow. Russ tells Linda that Rachel goes to prison tomorrow. Olivia suggests to Russ that they meet in the cafeteria later for a bite to eat since they are both working late. / Blaine tells Clarice that Jordan wants her and Larry to be his guests at the Finish Line tonight but Clarice is hesitant and says they need to be with Charlie and Ada tonight because Rachel goes to prison tomorrow. Blaine tells Clarice there was a time when she would have loved to see this happen to Rachel but not now. Then Larry comes home and upon learning that Blaine is going to St. Louis and that Jordan wants them to come to the Finish Line, convinces Clarice that they can go after seeing Ada and Charlie. / While Rachel is on the phone with Ada (off-camera), Mac arrives. / Rachel tells Mac she is having Brian draw up divorce papers. Mac tells Rachel he would be happy to raise her baby if she wants but she says she would like Tracy and Russ to raise the child. Mac tells Rachel that he will live in the house and tell Amanda that Rachel is on a sculpting tour for awhile. Rachel tells Mac that Vivien will stay on and help him. Then Vivien brings Amanda down to visit. / Jerry visits Amy and she tells him she quit her job this morning. Then Amy accuses Kit of playing a game with him. Amy tells Jerry that Brad wouldn't hurt anyone. Then Jerry walks out. / Mac calls Russ and tells him that he would like to see him and Tracy tomorrow to discuss the plans for the baby. Then Cecile arrives at the house to ask how he is doing. Mac tells Cecile that even though his marriage to Rachel is over, they both stand together on the raising of Amanda. / At the Finish Line, Larry tells Jordan how much he likes the place. Jordan tells him that he and Clarice are welcome there any time as his guests. Then Joey stops by and Blaine tells Jordan that Joey was Larry's best man at the wedding. Larry wants to gamble a bit before leaving but Clarice tells him they don't have time for that. / As Rachel listens, Mac tells Amanda that her mother has to go away for a while. / Mac tells Rachel that he is going to stay in the Blue room tonight and that he wants to go with her tomorrow. He also tells her that he will make sure Amanda never thinks her mother deserted her. Then Mac tells Rachel that no matter what else, he knows she didn't intend to kill Mitch and he intends to do all he can to prove it.

DECEMBER 8, 1980 (EP. #4172)
Jason brings Tracy home from the airport. Then Tracy tells Jason that Russ isn't home and didn't sleep at home last night. / Jamie tells Cecile that Mac and Brian are going with Rachel to the Women's Correctional Institution. When Jamie tells Cecile that Mac and Rachel are not getting back together, Cecile plants the idea in Jamie's head that his future with Cory Publishers may be uncertain. / Ada tells Rachel she is going with her to the prison. / Rachel asks Ada not to talk to Mac about understanding why she kept the parentage a secret. Then Mac joins them and when Rachel leaves to go see Amanda, Ada and Mac agree not to discuss the baby for Rachel's sake. / Tracy calls Russ's office and learns from Olivia that she and Russ worked all night. Tracy asks her to tell Russ that she is home and going over to see Rachel. Then Jason calls Olivia and asks her out for an early evening and she accepts. / Jamie tells Cecile he doesn't blame Mac for being upset with Rachel but if Mac doesn't want him to be his heir anymore that is fine with him. Then Liz arrives. When Jamie leaves, Cecile tells Liz that Mac and Rachel aren't back together and Liz tells Cecile that he doesn't know what will happen to Jamie this time. / Tracy talks to Rachel and learns that Mac is there but they haven't worked out their marriage problems. Then Mac enters as Ada opens the door to Brian, and Rachel asks if it is time to go. Ada hugs Rachel. / Liz asks Russ if it is true that he and Tracy are taking care of Rachel's baby. Liz tells Russ and then Olivia that she doesn't think it is a good idea. / Mac and Brian with Rachel arrive at the WCI and Rachel gives Mac the house key and her wedding ring. Then she is processed. / Mac comes home to Miranda and Vivien taking care of Amanda. Then Vivien takes Amanda upstairs and Miranda invites Mac (with Amanda) to have dinner with her tomorrow night. Mac accepts and then Cecile arrives. / When Cecile and Mac discuss work, Miranda decides to leave but listens briefly to their conversation in the foyer. Then Cecile leaves when Vivien gets Mac to put Amanda down for a nap. / Charlie comforts Ada and suggests she tell Mac how she is feeling. / Russ tells Tracy about some classes on becoming a parent next week. Then Tracy tells Russ that she is going to be in Chicago next week but will commute for the classes. / Jason tells Olivia that his professional relationship with Tracy may end when she gets the baby. Olivia offers to talk to her about being a career mother. / In prison, Ruby, fellow inmate, tells Rachel that the first night can either make or break you.

DECEMBER 9, 1980 (EP. #4173)
Rachel tells Ruby she did okay for her first night and adds that this place won't break her. / At the hospital, Olivia and Russ discuss Tracy's upcoming out-of-town engagements. Russ tells Olivia that he wishes Tracy wasn't out of town so much with Chicago next week and New York the week after. / Miranda tells Kit that Mac and Amanda are coming over for dinner. Then Miranda tells Kit that Jerry is on his way here. / Jerry tells Kit that Amy quit her job and that she claims she made up the whole story about Brad. Then Jerry asks Kit to dinner and she accepts. / Brad brings flowers and a pin to apologize to Amy for his abominable behavior. Brad tells Amy that he was on some drugs and so he couldn't control himself when he got angry with her. Amy tells Brad that it is okay and that she hasn't told anyone about it. / Philip asks Pat how she is doing and tells her that he tried to see her last night but she didn't answer her phone. Pat makes excuses to Philip and Philip apologizes for coming on too strong with Pat. Then Mac enters and thanks them both for all their help. Cecile is the next one to enter and welcome Mac back. Pat tells Mac she plans to leave work in a week or so but Mac tells her that with Amy quitting she is still needed. / In prison, Ruby talks to Rachel about the baby and Rachel tells her that she is giving it to some good friends of hers to raise. / Tracy tells Russ that she has enrolled them in the parenting class. Then Russ leaves when Olivia enters and she tells Tracy that there is someone she should watch out for. / Olivia tells Tracy that Liz doesn't seem too happy about her still having a career. Olivia also tells Tracy that she is envious of her for being able to manage everything so well. / Jamie talks to Mac and tells him that he doesn't know what he feels right now. Mac tells him that he still thinks of him as his son and nothing has changed as far as that goes. Mac also informs Jamie of the fact that he plans to do all he can to prove that Rachel is innocent. Mac asks Jamie if he and Cecile are getting back together but Jamie says he hasn't thought about it. Then Cecile enters and Jamie tells her that Mac has many good things to say about her. / Mac tells Cecile that he is concerned about Jamie and also asks her if she thinks she and Jamie may get back together. Cecile tells Mac that she doesn't think it will happen. Then she suggests that Mac have dinner with her later in the week. / Amy visits Kit to say goodbye and tells her that she made up the whole story about Brad being in a mental institution. Kit forgives Amy and tells her that she isn't in love with Jerry. Then Miranda enters and says goodbye to Amy. / At dinner, Jerry encourages Kit to try to talk to the head nurse again about getting her nursing job back. / After dinner Mac thanks Miranda for a wonderful night. Mac also tells Miranda that he is going to find a way to prove that Rachel is innocent. Miranda tells Mac that she believes him. / Ruby asks Rachel how day one went and suggests she start mixing with the other girls. Then Ruby starts to tell Rachel about her friend Sue and how her and her boyfriend robbed the city blind and left in a camper the same night Rachel shot her boyfriend. Before Sue can say any more she has to leave.

Notes: Last appearance by Deborah Hobart as Amy Dudley.

DECEMBER 10, 1980 (EP. #4174)
Vinnie teaches Joey how to deal while Jordan tells Suzanne that he wants to see her in his office. / Margo tells Jerry that she is finally selling Grandma and Grandpa's house so she will have to find another place to live as will he. Then Jerry tells Margo that Amy left town yesterday. Margo tells Jerry she wants to talk to him about Blaine. / Zachary stops by Miranda's to see her. / Zachary asks Miranda to join him at the Arena but she tells him that she is interested in Mac Cory. Miranda also tells Zachary that Mac believes Rachel is innocent. Then Zachary leaves when Kit enters the room and tells Miranda that she is going to take the suggestion of a friend. / Jordan asks Suzanne to have dinner with him tonight in his suite but she gets scared and tells him that she is having dinner with Joey Perrini tonight. / When Vinnie leaves, Suzanne asks Joey to back her up if anyone asks if they had a date tonight. Joey tells her to say they are going roller-skating. / Larry stops by to see Jerry and tells him Blaine is in St. Louis with the big bosses. He also tells Jerry that Jordan has his eye on him but Blaine keeps telling him how honest he is. / Margo meets with Jim about selling the house and then Liz arrives. When Margo leaves, Liz tells Jim that Margo is too young for him and leaves upset. / Zachary visits Brian and Jerry and tells Brian that Rachel's appeal has been denied. Then Zachary tells Brian he probably wouldn't have pressed charges if he had known Rachel was carrying Mitch's baby all along. Brian tells Zachary that Mac believes Rachel is innocent and will do all he can to help prove it. / Brian remembers his chat with Jerry after the trial. Then Brian says that he isn't sure about Colton because he might be too ambitious. Jerry tells Brian that he thinks Colton has a gambling problem and that might be what Jordan Scott is looking for. / Larry tells Clarice he saw the cutest little house today and wants to show it to her. / Kit visits Jerry and tells him she went to the hospital to get her job back and she thinks she has a good chance at getting her job back. Then Jerry asks her if she would like to go roller-skating with him, Larry, and Clarice tonight. / Miranda tells Taylor (off-camera) on the phone that she doesn't know why Amy left so suddenly. Then Brad arrives and tells Miranda how surprised he was to learn that Amy left town. Miranda tells Brad she doesn't know why Amy left town and also tells him she still thinks he is right for Kit. Then Miranda gets a call from Kit and tells Brad that Kit is going roller-skating. / As Larry, Jerry, Clarice, and Kit skate, Larry tells Jerry he has to go in debt in order to get Jordan to give him money. Then Joey arrives and introduces Suzanne to everyone. / Zachary tells Jordan he would like to write a check to cover his losses tonight. Jordan tells him he will put it on his account but Zachary says he will write the check.

DECEMBER 11, 1980 (EP. #4175)
As Philip and Cecile wait to see Mac, Liz gets a call from Marianne. Then Marianne asks Philip if they could have a bite to eat at the hospital. When Philip goes in to talk to Mac, Liz tells Cecile that she has to find a way to get everyone to see what Philip is really all about. / Marianne and Olivia discuss their moving into their new homes. / Tracy arrives to see Mac and as she waits she remembers her chat with Olivia about Liz. Then Tracy asks Liz if they could have a little chat. / Tracy tells Liz that she has heard about some people not thinking that she and Russ know what they are doing in having careers and raising a child and asks Liz what she thinks she should do about this. Liz then keeps quiet. / Philip tells Pat of her meeting with Marianne. Pat tells him she told Marianne they are just friends. Then Philip notices that her coat is wet and that it is alcohol. Philip begs Pat to tell him what is really wrong but she doesn't and he leaves. / Russ and Tracy meet with Mac and Mac tells them that he would like to raise the child himself. Russ and Tracy agree to let Rachel decide what is best for the child. / Philip meets Marianne in the hospital cafeteria and talks to him about her mother. Marianne tells Philip her mother has been hurt but she needs to take that step again and she approves of him. / Brian tells Mac that Rachel's appeal has been denied so unless they can come up with some new evidence things don't look good. Mac tells Brian that Colton used him to sway the jury. Mac tells Brian he doesn't believe that Mitch and Rachel were having an affair. Then Brian leaves and Cecile enters and suggests they have dinner together tonight. / After rehearsal, Tracy tells Jason and Dooley that she needs to keep Tuesdays and Thursdays open because she is taking a maternity class with Russ on those days. When Tracy leaves, Dooley advises Jason to work around the baby or he will lose Tracy. / Olivia offers to help Russ at the hospital so that he will have more time with Tracy and the baby. Then Olivia mentions that maybe the breakup of her marriage is for the best. / Marianne sees Cecile and tells her that she likes Philip regardless of what Liz says. Cecile tells Marianne that Philip is bad news. / Philip brings Pat home and then Pat pours herself a drink and tries to explain to him that she drank for security and denies that she doesn't have a drinking problem. / Ada talks to Vivien about Amanda and tells her she hasn't seen Rachel because she can't have visitors for the first five days. Then Mac comes home so Vivien leaves them alone to talk. Ada tells Mac she won't give him a hard time about everything that has happened. Then Cecile stops by and tells Ada how sorry she is about Rachel's conviction. When Ada leaves, Cecile tells Mac that people shouldn't do this to him. / Cecile tells Mac she knows what he is going through. When Mac leaves the room to check on dinner, Cecile enjoys being in the Cory house.

DECEMBER 12, 1980 (EP. #4176)
In St. Louis, Jess tells Blaine that the plane is ready for her to return to Bay City. Then Jess calls Jordan and tells him that Blaine is on her way home. Before Blaine leaves, Jess asks her if Jordan is seeing another woman. / Mac thanks Cecile for coming out to the house last night. Then he tells her that he is going out to the prison today to see Rachel. / Ruby tells Rachel that her boyfriend is coming to see her today and Rachel tells Ruby that Mac is coming to see her. When Rachel learns that her doctor is here to see her, she tells Ruby that she feels like she is going to have the baby real soon. / Blaine tells Jess that Jordan isn't cheating on her. Jess warns Blaine that Jordan has made some mistakes with women in the past and wants to know if he does anything. / Larry tells Clarice that he wants to show her the house. Clarice tells Larry that they cannot afford it. Then Jordan calls Larry and invites them to the Finish Line for a little welcome home party for Blaine. / After Larry accepts, Clarice tells him she isn't comfortable going there so much. / At the Arena, Jordan chats with Suzanne about business and tells her to keep quiet about his asking her to his suite. Then Blaine arrives and Jordan welcomes her home. Joey also says hi to Blaine. / Rachel tells Ruby she is fine and that the baby is due any day now. Ruby tells Rachel that her boyfriend, Ernie, is Sue's cousin. Then Ruby tells Rachel that the night Sue and Danny left Bay City they found a guy who had been shot in their camper. / Jamie asks Cecile to have dinner with him but she puts him off by telling him that she wouldn't be good company and that he is the one who thought that they should take things slowly. Jamie tells her that he thinks their relationship can go somewhere, so she agrees to go out with him in a few days. / After Ernie arrives to visit with Ruby, Ruby realizes that Mac Cory has arrived to see Rachel. / Mac and Rachel talk about Amanda and Rachel tells him that the baby will be born any day now. Mac suggests that he raise the baby and Rachel tells him how hurt she was when he left the courtroom. Mac tells Rachel he can love the baby but Rachel cries and wants to leave and tells him that she wants Russ and Tracy to raise it. Then Rachel tells Mac what a good friend Ruby has been to her in here. Then Rachel tells Mac that Sue and Danny were responsible for all the robberies this summer and that they found a man in the back of their camper who had been shot. / Mac tells Jamie of his visit to see Rachel. Mac asks Jamie to have dinner with him but Jamie says he can't. Then Cecile calls when Mac leaves his office and Jamie tells her that he has left for a while and will be back later on. Then Cecile tells Harriet she will be working late tonight. / Rachel shows Ruby the picture Amanda did and then Ruby tells her that Ernie lost his job at the supermarket. Then Rachel meets Sarah. / When Larry questions Joey about the Arena's operation Joey tells him that there is nothing illegal going on. Then Blaine talks to Clarice about Christmas shopping. Then Larry mentions to Blaine and Jordan about the house he saw and wants to get. When Clarice and Larry leave, Jordan thinks maybe he can loan Larry the money for the house. / Mac finds Cecile at work and she asks him about Rachel. Mac tells Cecile there were thieves near their house the night Mitch was shot so Rachel needed to take the gun. Then Mac remembers Rachel telling him about the guy in the camper that had been shot. Then Mac tells himself that it is too far-fetched.

DECEMBER 15, 1980 (EP. #4177)
When Mac mentions that Ada is going to have Amanda overnight, Cecile suggests that he come over to her suite tonight for a quiet get-together with some friends and he agrees. Then Mac tells Cecile he would love to see Jim, Liz, Pat, Philip, Marianne, and Miranda. Then Mac tells her he has to leave for a meeting with the DA. / Tracy tells Dooley and Jason that Russ will be in Chicago in time for her opening show tonight. Then Jason remembers his chat with Olivia. Then Jason calls Olivia. / Linda and Marianne go over the hospital's Christmas plans and Linda tells her that Kit may be reinstated at the hospital. Then Olivia runs into Russ and tells him that Jason just called to invite her to Tracy's opening in Chicago. Russ tells Olivia that he is also going so they decide to fly there together. / Mac tells Colton about the new evidence he has learned about in regards to Danny and Sue robbing Bay City. Mac then mentions to Colton that a wounded man wound up in their camper and it might have been Mitch Blake. Colton tells Mac that he doesn't have evidence to warrant re-opening the case so Mac tells Colton he will investigate it himself. / Cecile tells Liz about the party for Mac and when she mentions that Miranda is also invited, Liz tells her that she thinks Miranda has her eye on Mac. Cecile also tells Liz that Philip seems to have fooled Marianne as well as Pat. Then Pat enters and, upon learning of the party for Mac, agrees to attend. / Zachary visits Miranda and tells her that he thinks Mac is still in love with Rachel. / Zachary tells Miranda of Mac's visit and how he thinks Rachel was railroaded and wants the case re-opened. Miranda tells Zachary that she doesn't think Mac will forgive Rachel's deceit. Then Kit enters and tells Miranda that Cecile is here to see her. Miranda isn't happy about being seen with Zachary but introduces Cecile to him before he leaves. Cecile invites Miranda and Kit to her place for dinner. Brad arrives and Cecile invites him to her place for dinner as well. / Mac comes home to find Miranda with Vivien and Amanda. Then Mac invites Miranda to stay with him while he feeds Amanda and offers to drive her to Cecile's dinner get-together. / Kit gets a call from Miranda that she is going with Mac to Cecile's. Then Brad arrives and, when he learns Miranda isn't home, wants to talk to Kit. He asks Kit if Amy said anything before she left about why she left so fast and Kit says no. / Then Brad asks Kit if she has seen much of Jerry lately and she also says no. When Kit isn't looking, Brad takes some pills and then they leave for Cecile's. / Tracy sings "The Rose" in Chicago and then when she finishes talks with Jason, Russ, and Olivia. Then Jason tells them that he is working on booking Tracy in Las Vegas. / At Cecile's party, Marianne, Liz, and Jim chat and then Pat and Philip arrive. After they get a drink, Kit and Brad arrive and then Cecile learns that Miranda spent the day with Amanda. Then Miranda arrives with Mac. / Mac introduces Miranda to Liz, Jim, Marianne, and Pat. Liz isn't surprised when Miranda knows Philip. As Kit talks to Mac about possibly going back to work at the hospital, Brad chats with Marianne. Then Cecile makes a comment to Mac about Miranda being friends with Zachary Colton. Miranda tells Mac that the DA stopped by to apologize for being so hard on her during the trial. Mac assures Cecile that Miranda isn't any friendlier with Colton than he is. Then Mac gets a call and learns that Rachel is on her way to Bay City General with labor pains. / Russ comes back to the table and tells Tracy, Olivia, and Jason that Ada called and it looks like Rachel is going to have the baby early. Russ and Tracy make plans for driving home after her second set. When Russ and Tracy leave the table, Olivia cautions Jason about doing or saying anything. / Olivia tells Jason if he says the wrong thing now, Tracy will throw away her career but if he waits she will try to manage the career, husband, and motherhood. Jason tells Olivia it won't work and Olivia agrees and says that that is when Jason will get her. Jason adds that Olivia will then get the doctor.

DECEMBER 16, 1980 (EP. #4178)
Linda tells Ada that Rachel is fine. Then Jamie shows up at the hospital and Ada tells him that Mac, Russ, and Tracy are on their way to the hospital. / Jordan tells Joey to keep an eye on a customer. Blaine comments to Jordan on how well Joey is doing. Blaine tells Jordan that she intends to loan Larry the money for the house. Secretly, Jordan wants Larry to be in over his head. / As Brad drives Kit home, she tells him that he is driving too fast. Brad agrees to slow down if she will go with him to the Arena so Kit reluctantly agrees. / Mac arrives with Miranda at the hospital and Miranda leaves after Ada tells her that Rachel is doing fine. Mac tells Ada that he would like to see Rachel. / Jerry tells Larry it isn't too late to back out if he wants. Larry tells Jerry he is going to nail Jordan and plans to get a house in order to get money from Jordan. Then Clarice comes home, followed by Blaine. / Rachel tells Ada that she hates being in prison but she will be okay because she is strong. Rachel also tells Ada that the baby is expected tonight or tomorrow. Ada tells her that Mac and Jamie are here and Russ and Tracy are on their way from Chicago. / Blaine offers to give Larry the money for the down payment on the house. Larry tells Blaine and Clarice that he is getting the money from a finance company with a 24% interest rate. Both Blaine and Clarice leave upset. / Rachel defends Mac to Jamie but Jamie tells her he can't forgive Mac for walking out on her. Rachel tells him that she still loves Mac but is also mad at him for walking out. Jamie finally agrees to try to work things out with Mac. / Jordan welcomes Brad and Kit to the Arena. Then Zachary arrives to play cards and Jordan tells the dealer to let him win. Joey overhears this and wonders why. / Blaine tells Jordan that she is upset that Larry owes money and went to a finance company. Jordan thinks Larry will be his soon. Blaine then chats with Brad, Kit, and Zachary. When Brad and Kit leave, Joey asks Blaine why Jordan wanted Colton to win tonight. Blaine tells Joey not to ask too many questions. Then Zachary and Blaine discuss Mac and Rachel. / Mac sees Rachel and admit that both have been thinking about the night Amanda was born. Mac tells Rachel no matter what happens they will always feel something for each other. Rachel asks Mac to be patient with Jamie. Then Mac tells Rachel he wants to talk to her about Ruby and her story. / Mac tells Rachel that he needs to know the last name of Ruby's boyfriend, Ernie, because he wants to know more about the man that Sue and her boyfriend picked up. / Brad brings Kit home but when she acts like she wants him to leave he asks if she is seeing Jerry. Then Miranda enters and invites Brad to stay and chat with her. / Rachel remembers shooting Mitch and then Tracy comes in to see her. Rachel tells Tracy she would like to talk to her about the baby.

Notes: Larry and Blaine's father left her 75% and Larry 25% of his net worth.

DECEMBER 17, 1980 (EP. #4179)
Blaine and Jordan wake up and Blaine asks him if he saw any ladies while she was gone. / Mac asks Jerry to find a man named Ernie, who is the boyfriend of Ruby in the prison with Rachel. / Miranda tells Kit that Brad called. Kit tells her that she is trying to break things off with Brad. While Miranda does think Brad is the right man for Kit she agrees to help discourage him from coming around. Then Kit gets a call and tells Miranda she is getting her job back at the hospital. / Blaine tells Jordan that she thinks she is going to see Jamie. Then Jordan offers to help Larry buy the house and Blaine says Larry won't take the money. When Blaine leaves Jordan calls Larry and invites him over to talk. / Tracy comes home and talks to Russ about Rachel. Tracy tells Russ that Rachel wants to see them with the baby before she goes back to prison. / Blaine visits Jamie at his office and mentions how the last time she saw him there they had a very unpleasant conversation. Blaine tells Jamie that she believes that Rachel is innocent and that she is sorry for the way she acted when they were married. Jamie asks Blaine if she is okay and she tells him yes. Then Cecile enters and when Jamie leaves the women exchange snide remarks about each other. / Mac praises Jamie's work while he was out and tells him he wants to groom him to be his successor as president of the firm. Mac also tells Jamie that the divorce isn't certain yet. Jamie tells Mac that he isn't sure he wants it and adds that he is convinced Rachel wouldn't be in prison if he had stood by her during the trial. / Kit visits Jerry and tells him that she is going back to work tomorrow. Then Kit tells Jerry about how Brad acted last night but thinks her going back to work will help to keep Brad away. Then Jerry gets an important call. / Miranda visits Mac and asks how he and Rachel are doing. Miranda offers to help take care of Amanda. Then Cecile enters. / In front of Mac, Miranda refers to Cecile and her friends as "the kids." When Miranda leaves, Mac tells Cecile that he is disturbed by Jamie's lack of interest in succeeding him. Cecile tells Mac that regardless of Jamie, she will help him with the company. Then Mac gets a call from Jerry and learns Ernie's last name is Payson. / Brad invites Kit to go away skiing with him over New Year's but Kit tells him that she doesn't have time because she is going back to nursing tomorrow. Brad tells Kit that it won't work and he can wait for her to find that out for herself. / Larry meets with Jordan and when Jordan talks to Larry about the house, he offers to give him the money instead of paying a finance company 24% in interest. Larry tells Jordan he is going to pass on the offer but appreciates it. Then Larry leaves when Blaine arrives. / When Blaine asks Jordan what he and Larry were talking about, Jordan tells her that he was telling Larry how crazy he is about her. / Ernie Payson arrives to talk to Mac. Ernie tells Mac that Ruby is innocent. Mac tells Ernie that Rachel is innocent also and needs his help to prove it. Mac goes on to tell Ernie that his cousin Sue and her boyfriend Danny were in the vicinity of his home the night of the fire. Ernie tells Mac he won't do anything to get Sue in more trouble. / Mac tells Ernie he wants to talk to Sue so that he can know everything there is to know about the man that got into their camper. Ernie tells Mac that he doesn't know where Sue is.

DECEMBER 18, 1980 (EP. #4180)
Tracy and Rachel talk about the nursery and then Russ enters and Rachel tells them that it is time for the baby. / Charlie arrives at the hospital to keep Ada company. Then Tracy tells them that Rachel is ready to give birth. / Mac tells Ernie that he wants to know all he can about the wounded man that Sue and Danny found in their camper. Ernie tells Mac that he doesn't know where Sue is. / Ernie tells Mac that Sue told him the guy had been shot in the chest and was young and good-looking but claimed he didn't know who he was or remember anything. Ernie also tells Mac that Danny and Sue dumped him somewhere out west. Mac insists that he has to speak to Sue and know where she is and encourages Ernie to find out if he hears from his cousin again. / Liz tells Cecile about the strange-looking man who is in the office with Mac. Then Cecile mentions how Miranda Bishop has been hanging around Mac all the time and also mentions that Jamie is still upset with Mac for walking out on Rachel in court. Liz tells Cecile that she needs to talk to Mac, because Mac might listen to her. / At lunch, Philip talks to Pat about her drinking problem when she has three drinks. Pat tells Philip she can handle things just fine now. / Jason arrives at the hospital to see Tracy. Olivia offers to find out how Rachel is doing and Jason reminds Tracy that she needs to be on the 6 o'clock flight back to Chicago for her shows tonight. / Pat drops an article off with Cecile and then Cecile accuses Pat of being drunk from her lunch at L'Auberge. Then Liz enters and Cecile causes Pat to drop an article in front of her. When Pat leaves, Cecile tells Liz that Pat had lunch with Philip Lyons. / Brian visits Mac and gives him the divorce papers telling him that Rachel isn't asking for anything. Mac tells Brian that he isn't going through with the divorce. Then Liz enters and tells Mac and Brian that Rachel just had a baby boy. / Ada visits Rachel and Rachel tells her that the baby is beautiful. Then Tracy and Russ enter and tell her that the baby is 7 and 1/2 pounds. Then Rachel tells all of them that she is going to name him Matthew after the two of them and that his last name will be Cory. Then a nurse brings Matthew in to them and Tracy holds him. Then they leave the baby with Rachel. / Liz arrives at the hospital and learns from Russ and Tracy that the baby's name is Matthew, named after the Matthews family. Then Jason tells Tracy they need to leave. When Tracy leaves, Liz tells Russ that she doesn't understand how Tracy can go right off to Chicago and that Pat was drunk at work today and he needs to do something about it. Then Olivia arrives and Liz tells her how she disapproves of Tracy going off as soon as the baby was born. / Mac tells Cecile that Rachel had a baby boy and he is on his way to the hospital to see her. Then Mac asks Cecile to speak to Jamie to help him to understand Mac's situation. / Jamie stops by Cecile's office and she tries to get him to see Mac's side of the situation. Jamie tells Cecile that this issue is strictly between him and Mac. Cecile tells Jamie that Rachel wants them to get along and she should at least do it for her. / A nurse tells Rachel that Mac is here to see her and then takes Matthew back to the nursery. Then Rachel remembers sailing and Mitch telling her that her nose is red and Rachel telling Mitch that the baby is his and her shooting him. Then Mac enters and asks how she and the baby are doing. Mac tells Rachel he wishes he could have seen the baby. Mac tells Rachel he doesn't want to divorce her. Then Mac tells her he met with Ernie Payson today. / Mac tells Rachel that Ernie's cousin, Sue, says the man who was shot had amnesia and they left him at a doctor's house out west. Then Mac asks Rachel if she is absolutely certain that Mitch was dead when she left the stables.

DECEMBER 19, 1980 (EP. #4181)
Larry calls Jerry and they decide to "run into each other" at the hospital so that they can talk about Jordan. / Kit tells Ada that this is her first day back at work. Then Ada asks Charlie to pick up Nancy from the house because she doesn't like the idea of seeing Miranda in Rachel's house. Then she tells him that they have to makes sure the kids will have a great Christmas and she and Jamie will have to put aside their differences with Mac in order for that to happen. / Mac tells Rachel that Ernie's cousin, Sue, says the man who was shot had amnesia and they left him at a doctor's house out west. Then Mac asks Rachel if she is absolutely certain that Mitch was dead when she left the stables. / An upset Rachel tells Mac that she never touched Mitch to make sure he was dead. Rachel tells Mac she did kill him because the police found the body. Then Mac tells her that he thinks Mitch is still alive and was the wounded man in the back of that camper. Mac tells Rachel he is going to find out the identity of the man in the camper. / When Blaine leaves, Jess asks Jordan how he is doing with getting some cops on the payroll. Jordan tells Jess he will have Blaine's brother, a detective, on the payroll by the start of the year. Jordan also tells Jess that it is best that Blaine doesn't know about it yet. / Linda asks Kit how it feels to be back at work. Then Jerry asks Kit how she is doing and Kit says fine. Then Larry arrives and tells Jerry about the visit to see Jordan. Then Larry leaves and Jerry sticks around because Brad arrives to see Kit. Brad is loud and gets upset when Jerry tells him to leave Kit alone. Then Brad storms off. / Jerry asks Kit if she is okay. Then Mac tells Jerry that he needs to get a coroner's report on Mitch Blake. Jerry tells Mac that keys and piece of his wallet were identified. Mac tells Jerry he needs to know if there were any chance the body in the barn would have been someone else's besides Mitch Blake. Then Mac leaves and Jerry tells Kit he wants to check out Brad's medical history. Kit admits to Jerry that Brad frightens her. / Vivien asks Miranda if she will be coming back out tomorrow and then Mac arrives home. Mac tells them both that Rachel had a baby boy. Mac tells Miranda that he is more convinced than ever that Rachel is innocent. Then Charlie arrives to pick Nancy up and Mac tells Miranda how grateful he is for all her help. / Jess tells Blaine he thinks she should start throwing parties at her suite. Blaine tells Jess and Jordan she doesn't know much about that kind of stuff but she will try. Then Jess asks Blaine how her brother and sister-in-law are doing and suggests he meet them some night. / Miranda invites Mac and Amanda to dinner tomorrow night. Then Cecile arrives and tells Mac that she needs to talk to him about a personal issue. So Miranda leaves and then Cecile tells Mac about her talk with Jamie. Cecile tells Mac that she thinks Jamie will come around eventually. / Jerry learns Blaine is here to see him and remembers his last conversation with Blaine at the Arena about how involved she is. Then Blaine enters and tells Jerry that she and Clarice are concerned about the way Larry is acting with the sports car and now wanting a house and asks him to talk to him. Then Jerry learns that Zachary Colton is here to see him. / Blaine tells Zachary that she hopes to see him at the Arena again soon. Then she leaves and Jerry tells Colton that he would like to have a copy of the coroner's report on Mitch Blake released to look at. Zachary tells Jerry that he thinks Mac is losing his mind and will have a talk with him. / Colton arrives at the Cory house and tells Mac that there is no way to identify the body so he should give up on this wild theory of his. Mac tells Colton that if there is no way to identify the body then there is no way to prove the body was Mitch's.

Notes: Nellie is the name of the Bancroft secretary.

DECEMBER 22, 1980 (EP. #4182)
As Linda, Kit, and Marianne decorate a tree in the hospital Rick arrives and asks if anyone is interested in going roller skating tonight. Then Jamie shows up and asks Marianne to dinner tonight and she accepts much to Rick's disappointment. / As Vinnie shows Joey more about dealing, Jordan tells Joey that maybe he can take over for Vinnie in a week or two. Then Blaine tells Jordan she needs to talk to him about Larry. / Rachel tells Ada she can't stop thinking about what Mac said about the possibility that the man who died in the fire wasn't Mitch and instead he is the wounded man that was dropped off out west with amnesia. / Ada tells Rachel to forget about this whole idea of Mac's because it is crazy. Then Rachel tells Ada she wants to make sure Amanda has a great Christmas. Rachel talks to Ada about last Christmas and how Mac read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and asks that the whole family spend Christmas together. / Blaine asks Jordan not to encourage Larry by talking about the good life and also asks him not to loan Larry the money to buy the house and Jordan agrees. / Marianne asks Kit about the hard time Brad caused her yesterday. Then Jerry stops by the hospital and says hello to Kit. Jerry tells Kit he hopes Brad will leave her alone. Then Larry stops by and Jerry tells him of Blaine's visit. Larry tells Jerry that Jordan and his group are responsible for Bud Parker's death as well as Carrie's and Buzz's and he intends to put a stop to it. Then Larry calls Jordan and asks to see him. On the phone, Tracy tells Russ not to worry about her getting home tonight. Then she rehearses with Dooley. Next, Jason tells Tracy that he needs her to stay over tonight because he has arranged for a designer to do a wardrobe for her for Vegas. When Tracy says she can't stay, Jason tells her she needs to work with him on her career or they may as well call it quits. / Blaine asks Joey how important money is to him because she doesn't want him to get hurt. Joey tells Blaine he can take care of himself. / Ernie tells Mac he can't help him any more. Mac begs Ernie to help him and angrily tells him that if he doesn't help, three innocent people are going to suffer because of him. / Rachel tells Jamie that Mac is not responsible for her conviction and defends Mac to Jamie. Rachel tells Jamie the best Christmas present he could give her is to put his differences with Mac aside for the holiday. Then Kit enters and Rachel tells her how nice it is to see her in a nurse's uniform again. / Larry tells Jordan that he was turned down for a loan for the house by the bank. Jordan offers again to help him with the house and Larry agrees but asks to keep it from Clarice and Blaine for as long as possible. / Clarice arrives at Ada and Charlie's and tells them that she heard from Denny and his wife and that Leigh is living with them now. Ada tells Charlie it is too bad they can't work out their differences. Then Charlie and Clarice leave and Mac arrives. Mac tells Ada he wants custody of Matthew and tells Ada he is still in love with Rachel and wants to keep his family together. / Zachary gives Jerry the coroner's report and Jerry tells him without dental records, there is no proof that the body was Mitch's. Zachary tells Jerry he doesn't believe Mac's idea. / Tracy and Russ visit with Rachel and Kit. When Kit leaves, Tracy tells Rachel she almost missed her flight because of Jason. Rachel tells Russ and Tracy that Mac wants the baby but she wants them to have the baby. Russ tells Rachel that their housekeeper, Lucy, will help out. Then Kit brings Matthew in to them. / Ernie arrives to see Mac again. / Ernie tells Mac that Sue's boyfriend is from Montana and he thinks he might know the route they took to get out there.

DECEMBER 23, 1980 (EP. #4183)
As Miranda and Kit talk, Kit gets a call from Brad and agrees to have lunch with him. / Tracy tells Russ she isn't so sure she can handle both a career and a baby. Then Jason arrives. / Mac visits Rachel and tells her that he talked to Ada about finding the man who was wounded and adds that he won't give up even if no one believes him, just like no one believed her when she thought Janice was poisoning him. Then Mac tells Rachel he wants her to let him have Matthew. / Mac tells Rachel he is still hurt and angry but he can't live without her because he loves her. Rachel tells Mac she has never stopped loving him. Then Mac promises to love Matthew as his own son. Then Marianne brings Matthew in and Mac holds him. / Tracy tells Jason she is afraid of having her career and not having her career. Jason tells Tracy Vegas can make or break them and that he could go broke any day now if they don't make it in Vegas. Jason promises to let Tracy make up her own mind about the baby and career. / Marianne and Kit talk and then Rick arrives and asks her how her dinner with Jamie was last night. Rick asks Marianne to the Roller Disco and she accepts. Then Kit tells Rick that Brad called on her way to work and is meeting him later in the cafeteria. Kit tells Rick she plans to do all she can to end it with Brad. Then Russ and Olivia run into each other and Russ tells her that Tracy is having a hard time with the idea of being a mother and having a career. Russ tells Olivia if Tracy is giving up anything it will be her career but Olivia thinks that would be a bad idea. / Jason tells Dooley that Tracy has to keep performing but Dooley tells Jason it is Tracy's decision and he won't help to convince her one way or the other. / Kit tells Brad that she doesn't love him. Then Brad spots Jerry and accuses him of arranging to meet Kit there. Jerry tells Brad he is here to meet a client. When Brad leaves, Jerry asks Kit to the Roller Disco tonight and she accepts. / Rachel tells Tracy that Mac wants to keep the family together and that he wants to keep the baby. Tracy tells Rachel that she understands. Then Marianne brings Matthew in and Rachel tells Tracy she wants her to visit the baby as much as possible. Then a sad Tracy holds the baby. / Liz arrives at the hospital and invites Liz over during Christmas. Then Liz runs into Tracy and she offers to help bring the baby home. Tracy tells Liz that Matthew is going to stay with Mac. Tracy tells Liz she will be fine and has her career to fall back on. Then Tracy leaves and Liz tells Olivia that Mac is taking the baby because Jason must have convinced Tracy to give up the baby. / At Miranda's, Mac tells Miranda that Rachel went back to prison today and that he is going to keep the baby and raise him. Mac tells Miranda that he is still angry with Rachel but also still loves her. Miranda figures Mac may love Rachel now but she will be gone for five years and she (Miranda) is a very patient person. / Russ and Tracy discuss their disappointment. Tracy tells Russ she doesn't want to have a baby and she will work it out with her career. Russ tells Tracy they will have a baby and have a very full life together. / At the Roller Disco, Rick questions Marianne about her childhood, especially Jamie. When Jerry tells Kit that he thinks he is falling in love with her, she asks him not to say that. / Back at Miranda's, Jerry confirms for Miranda that Rachel will be in prison a minimum of five years. Then Kit comes back when Miranda leaves the room and she and Jerry discuss what he said earlier to her about loving her. Kit tells Jerry she wants to see him and get to know him but slowly.

DECEMBER 24, 1980 (EP. #4184)
Mac tells Jamie that he would like him to fill in for him after the holidays because he will be taking some more time off. Jamie tells Mac he is surprised but happy about him taking the baby and staying with his mom. Then Cecile enters and offers to have a little get-together at her suite this afternoon. / Kit asks Miranda if it is okay to invite Jerry and Margo to come over tonight with them and Rick. Kit also tells Miranda that she has tried to break it off with Brad so she doesn't want to invite him. / Kit calls Jerry and invites him and Margo over for dinner and they accept. Then Larry stops over and wishes them a Merry Christmas. Privately, Larry tells Jerry that Jordan made the offer. / Larry tells Jerry about the deal he made with Jordan and also tells him he wants to lay low now until after the holidays so that he doesn't spoil them for Clarice. / Blaine brings gifts over to Clarice and Clarice invites her with Jordan to come over tonight for Christmas Eve. Clarice tells Blaine that Larry hasn't mentioned the house lately. Clarice gives Blaine her gift from Cory and Blaine is very touched and tells here what a great sister-in-law she is. / Liz tells Pat and Philip that Cecile is giving a party this afternoon. Pat tells Liz she doesn't want to go and Liz thinks Philip is responsible for her bad attitude toward Cecile. / Blaine stops by to see Margo and gives her a Christmas present. Margo tells Blaine that Amy Halloway left Bay City but they are going to Miranda Bishop's for dinner. Margo tells Blaine she still thinks that she and Jerry belong together and notices that Blaine seems sad. / Mac tells Brian about the wounded man and if they can find the doctor maybe he can verify that Mitch wasn't the body in the stables. Brian tells Mac that if Mitch is alive Rachel would have to be released from prison. Then Cecile enters and invites Brian to the party. When Brian leaves, Mac asks her to invite Miranda to her party. Then Cecile asks Mac if it is true that he and Rachel aren't getting divorced and Mac confirms the news. / At Cecile's party, Brian, Liz, Jim, and Felice have a nice time and then Philip and Pat arrive. Pat invites Brian to have Christmas dinner with the family tomorrow. Then Miranda arrives with Kit and Jerry and Margo and Miranda insinuates to Cecile that Mac is the one who wanted her there. Then Mac arrives and mentions that he thinks it looks like it will be a white Christmas. Miranda asks Cecile if she feels they are in some sort of competition for Mac. Miranda also tells Cecile that since Mac and Rachel are going to stay together there is no reason for it. Cecile tells Miranda that Rachel will be away for five years so anything can happen. Then Mac decides to leave and pick up the baby. Cecile offers to help him but Miranda also offers since Cecile is busy with her party. / Once all the guests are gone, Cecile is lonely until Felice returns. Then Cecile tells Felice that when you give a party you should be advancing your career, making a deal, or getting the best of somebody. Felice tells her you can also impress people, which she did do with the party. When Felice mentions Mac's great love for Rachel, Cecile gets upset. Cecile tells her that ambition is fine but to show it too much to her superiors can be fatal. / Cory and Clarice wrap gifts and then Larry comes home with some gifts for them. Clarice tells Larry she has everything in her life that she wants. / Jerry and Margo bring Kit home and then Miranda arrives from Mac's. After Margo and Miranda leave the room, Jerry kisses Kit under the mistletoe and then they confess to each other that they think about each other a lot. Kit tells Jerry it is too soon to talk about a commitment. / Vivien tells Mac that the baby is fine and then Mac reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to Amanda and Vivien.

Notes: The announcer says, "This is Bill Wolff speaking for the entire cast of Another World wishing you and yours best wishes during this holiday season" instead of the regular "Join us each weekday."

DECEMBER 25, 1980 (EP. #4185)
The nurses sing carols at the hospital. / Russ and Tracy toast to their first married Christmas together. / Mac rocks Matthew and helps Amanda open the presents as Vivien watches from afar. / Ada tells Charlie that he is going to spoil Nancy with all the presents. Then Charlie tells Ada not to worry about things between her and Mac. Then Joey stops by to say Merry Christmas and tells them that Angie and Rose are doing well in Chicago. Ada invites Joey to dinner at Mac's but agrees to have dinner tomorrow night instead. / Vivien tells Mac that Jamie called and said he isn't going to be able to come by today. / Russ and Tracy arrive at Mac's and Mac tries to explain to them about the baby. As Mac holds Matthew, both Russ and Tracy tell him that they are okay with him having Matthew. Then Ada, Charlie, and Nancy arrive. / When the nurses finish singing, Kit wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. Then Joey tells Kit the song was good and he realizes that she is really happy to be back at work. Joey gives Kit a Caruso record to replace the one he ruined. / Clarice, Larry, and Cory arrive at Mac's and Mac tells them and Ada and Charlie that Jamie can't make it over today. / Russ and Tracy talk with Marianne about their plans to have their own child and Tracy tells Marianne that she will be singing in Las Vegas soon. Then Jamie arrives. When Tracy and Marianne leave the room to wrap some gifts, Russ tells Jamie he is making a mistake. / Jamie tells Russ he can't forgive Mac for what he did and blames him for his mother being in jail. Russ tells Jamie that this is a time for love and forgiveness and not hate. / Miranda finds a sad Kit listening to the Caruso record and explains that Joey gave it to her and how she and Joey used to listen to Caruso together. Then she is happy when Jerry stops by. / Jerry is a little jealous when he learns that Joey gave her a record. Kit tells Jerry that it was just a simple gift. Jerry tells Kit he does have feelings for her. Kit tells Jerry he may not be ready for all of the problems seeing her could cause him just as it did for Joey. Jerry tells her he thinks he can be as important as the money and she agrees that he could. / Zachary visits Miranda and tells her that she is the kind of woman he needs by his side. Miranda reconfirms with Zachary that she has her sights set on Mac. Then Zachary tells Miranda that he doesn't think Mac is emotionally stable. / Everyone thanks Vivien for dinner and then Mac thanks everyone for being with him, Amanda, and Matthew just as Rachel would have wanted. Then Jamie arrives and Mac states that now the family is all together just as Rachel wanted. / Mac and Jamie make up and then Mac tells Jamie that he is going to prove that Mitch is still alive and get Mitch to admit himself that he forced himself on Rachel and she never loved him.

Note: Last appearance of Gretchen Oehler as Vivian Gorrow.

DECEMBER 26, 1980 (EP. #4186)
Ruby visits with Rachel in prison and Rachel tells her that Mac has the baby. Ruby tells Rachel that Ernie met with Mac and thinks he is crazy to believe that Mitch is alive but Rachel also thinks it's a possibility. / As Kit and Miranda talk, Brad calls and tells Kit that he was in Philadelphia with his parents for Christmas and now is planning to go to San Martiz for a couple months so he called to say goodbye. Then Kit tells Miranda that Brad is leaving town. / Miranda thinks it is odd that Brad would leave town when he has been so interested in Kit. Then Jerry arrives at Miranda's and upon learning that Brad is leaving town finds it suspicious. Kit tells Miranda that she had several unpleasant experiences with Brad recently and Jerry offers to see Brad and make sure he is leaving town. / As Mac visits with Ada, Ada calls Joey and reminds him that he is invited to dinner tonight. Then Charlie enters and Mac leaves to go see Rachel. Charlie tells Ada that he is wiped out from all the parties and stuff. Ada tells him that it is nice to have him home for a long weekend. / Brian meets with Rachel, who tells him she is glad he isn't going away. Brian tells Rachel he will go fishing next summer. Rachel tells Brian that she feels like she is in an emotional limbo right now with Mac. Brian tells her that Mac isn't going to give up on the idea that Mitch could be alive until he finds out who the wounded man is. / Liz goes over work with Mac and then Cecile learns from Mac that things are better between him and Jamie. When Mac asks Cecile how things are between her and Jamie, Cecile tells him that they are taking things slowly. Meanwhile, Miranda sees Liz and they talk about Marianne and Rick. Then Miranda gets Liz to tell Mac that she is here. Miranda enters Mac's office and invites Mac to dinner tomorrow night in front of Cecile. Then Cecile tells Liz that she thinks Miranda definitely has her eye on Mac and perhaps they should get some dirt on Miranda to protect Mac. / Rachel remembers Mac telling Rachel that he thinks Mitch is still alive. Then Mac visits with pictures and tells her that he and Jamie are going to work things out. Then Rachel asks Mac if they can work things out and she can forgive her for deceiving him. Mac tells Rachel he is going away for a while to find the wounded man. Rachel tells Mac, Mitch might not want to come back and if she could talk to him he might listen to her. Mac tells her he will bring Mitch back whether he wants to come back or not. / Jerry visits Brad and Brad tells him he is going to Switzerland and Jerry will find out the hard way that Kit is just playing at being a nurse again. / Ada tells Charlie that Mac would like them to live out at the house while Mac goes away. Ada notices that Charlie is tired and so he tells her that he loves her and then goes upstairs to take a nap. / Jerry tells Kit that he thinks Brad is really leaving town. Then Kit asks him to convince Miranda not to worry about Brad. / Ernie meets with Mac and they go over a map and figure out where Sue and Danny might have dropped the wounded man off. / Joey arrives and then Ada goes to get Charlie. When Ada comes back downstairs she tells Joey that she can't get Charlie to wake up. / Joey comes downstairs and Ada tells Joey that he doesn't have to say anything because she knows Charlie is dead. Joey hugs Ada.

Notes: Last appearance by Fred J. Scollay as handsome Charlie Hobson. Last appearance by Jack Parrish as Brad Garrick. Last appearance by Kevin Conroy as Jerry Grove.

DECEMBER 29, 1980 (EP. #4187)
At the hospital, Ada remembers Joey coming downstairs and Ada acknowledging that Charlie is dead. Then Joey and Russ get Ada's attention. / Mac looks over the map and then Jamie enters and Mac tells him he needs to talk to him. / Blaine tells Jordan that New Year's Eve looks like the Arena will be packed. Jordan tells Blaine if Clarice and Larry don't have any plans she should invite them. / Russ tells Ada and Joey that Charlie's heart just stopped and there was no pain. Then Joey takes Ada home. / Mac tells Jamie that he is going to take the route that he thinks they took and take pictures of Mitch along to show doctors as he stops in the small towns. Jamie asks Mac not to tell Rachel and get her hopes up. / As Joey helps Ada at home she calls him Charlie. Then Ada tells Joey that Charlie was going to spend New Year's Eve with his family and friends. / Larry gets out of the shower to get the phone but misses the call. Then Clarice comes in. / Jamie tells Mac he understands following up on the lead but he isn't sure Rachel can handle the disappointment just like when she thought she would be cleared at the trial and wasn't. Then Russ calls and tells Mac that Charlie died in his sleep last night and Mac tells Jamie. / Joey arrives at Larry and Clarice's and tells them that her father died last night. Clarice asks Larry to stay and tell Cory that his grandfather died when he gets home. Then Clarice and Joey leave to go to Ada's. / Mac tells Jamie that Joey is with Ada now and Jamie decides to go over there. Brian enters and then Jamie leaves. Mac tells Brian that Charlie Hobson died last night and he would like to tell Rachel in person. He also comments to Brian about how difficult it is going to be on Rachel since she can't be with her mother at a time like this and Brian tells Mac that he will see what he can do. / When Clarice comes home, she talks to Larry about how she wishes Denny and Leigh would understand why her pop had to leave because he was a traveling salesman. Larry offers to call them for her to tell them. / Rachel tells Mac it is frustrating to not be with Ada at this time when she needs her. Then Brian arrives and tells them he has permission for her to be released to his custody to attend Charlie's memorial service later this week. Then Mac shows Rachel the map. / Joey tells Blaine that Charlie died last night and he would like the night off to be with Ada. Then Jordan enters and Blaine tells Jordan she is giving Joey the night off because Charlie Hobson died. When alone Blaine cries. / Jamie comforts Ada about Charlie and then they discuss the possibility of Mitch being alive. / Jordan tells Blaine that Jess Cooper is going to be here at the Arena New Year's Eve. / Joey and Clarice arrive at Ada's and both are concerned about the way Ada isn't dealing with Charlie's passing. / Mac shows Rachel the route he plans to take with four towns being likely place where Mitch was dropped off. Rachel tells Mac she wants to believe that Mitch is alive.

DECEMBER 30, 1980 (EP. #4188)
Jamie tells Cecile that Ada is going to the funeral service this morning for Charlie with Joey, Clarice, and Larry. When Cecile asks Jamie what's bothering him he tells her it has to do with his mother and Mitch Blake. / Olivia asks Russ how Tracy is doing and then Irwin Burger, the hospital administrator asks to see him. / Joey greets Clarice and Larry when they arrive at Ada's and Joey tells them that Ada is still acting the same. Joey also tells them the memorial service is Thursday and Larry is surprised to learn that Charlie just wanted the four of them at the funeral service. Then Ada enters and snaps at Joey that she is okay as they leave for the service. / Russ tells Olivia that even with modern technology he is upset that they couldn't save Charlie Hobson. / When Dooley and Tracy take a break from rehearsing, Tracy tells Jason that lately it seems as if Russ doesn't notice her whether she is in town or not. / Larry, Clarice, Joey, and Ada arrive home from the funeral and Clarice tells Joey that she has two brothers ­ Denny is 28 and a lawyer and Leigh is almost 20 at Lakeland College in Wisconsin and is a hockey player, hoping to be in the 1984 Olympics. / Jason tells Tracy that he has booked her at the Pyramid Hotel in Las Vegas for two weeks with an option for two more, January 19 ­ February 1 or the 15th. / Dr. Burger tells Russ that he wants him to head up a new emergency care unit. / Mac tries to comfort Ada and tells her that Rachel will be able to be at the memorial service. Ada tells Mac that she is fine. / Cecile asks Jamie if he is okay and would like to talk about Rachel and Mitch but he says he has to think some things through first. / Russ tells Olivia the good news and adds that he intends to still stay active with the cardiac unit at least for now. Olivia suggests that he talk all this over with Tracy because the better their two careers get the harder it may be for them as a couple. / Mac tells Jamie that Charlie's death has got him thinking and wants to tidy up his life a bit. Mac also tells him that he is having formal paperwork drawn up that will make him the next in line at Cory Publishers. / Tracy and Russ both come home early and Tracy tells Russ the good news that she is going to be headlining at the Pyramid Hotel in Las Vegas. / Jamie confirms for Cecile that Mac is going away to try and prove that Mitch is still alive. Jamie also tells Cecile that he doesn't like him and Rachel getting their hopes up. Cecile invites Jamie to spend New Year's Eve with her at the Arena. / Jason visits Olivia and tells her about Tracy's new gig in Vegas. Olivia denies having any interest in Russ and tells Jason she wouldn't dream of interfering in their lives. Jason doesn't believe her. / Joey leaves Ada alone in her home. / Russ tells Tracy that he has been offered a new position at the hospital and it means even more work. Then they argue over the fact that both careers will take them away from each other.

DECEMBER 31, 1980 (EP. #4189)
Russ and Tracy disagree over breakfast about the fact that he is working tonight and she will be singing into the New Year. / Pat joins Philip with Mac in a meeting. Mac tells them about the memorial service at 11 am tomorrow and that Rachel will be there. Pat also offers to visit Rachel next week. / Leigh Hobson arrives on Clarice's doorstep. / Jess shows up at the Arena and tells Jordan that construction will begin next week on the lakefront property but Mac Cory and Taylor Halloway got the jump on them with their dock project. Jordan tells Jess that all kinds of things could go wrong with their docks. Then Larry enters. / Leigh tells Clarice that he is doing well with hockey and Denny is still a lawyer and married to Suzanne. Leigh also tells her that he can stay through the weekend but Denny isn't coming. / Russ tells Olivia about the problems that he and Tracy are running into with their careers. / Mac tells Philip and Pat that Jamie is going to fill in while he is gone and he plans to have Jamie take over the company some day and needs them both to help him. When they leave the office, Philip reminds Pat that they are spending New Year's Eve together. / Larry meets Jess and then, when Jess leaves, Larry tells Jordan that he will take him up on his offer to loan him the money for the house. / Clarice brings Leigh to Ada's and they are greeted by Joey. Then Ada meets Leigh while Joey tells Clarice that he is worried about the way Ada is holding all her grief in. / Jordan tells Jess that Larry is Blaine's brother and as of this afternoon he has bought one of Bay City's finest. / Blaine asks Larry what he is doing here at the Arena but he tells her that it is none of her business. Then Joey asks Blaine what Larry was doing here. / Rick and Marianne find Jamie and Cecile at work and tell them if they hurry they can hear Tracy at the Supper Club before heading over to the Arena. / Blaine greets Philip and Pat as they arrive at the Arena. Pat orders champagne and then as they drink, Marianne and Rick arrive along with Jamie and Cecile. Philip asks Pat not to let Cecile ruin the night. / Cecile comments to Pat about her starting the celebrating a little early with the champagne. Pat tells Marianne that she is fine. Then Blaine and Joey talk about how busy it is and Larry shows up and asks Blaine not to tell Clarice that she saw him at the Arena. However Blaine refuses to lie to Clarice. / Tracy rushes home to Russ between sets and they make up. / At the Arena, Philip tells Pat no more champagne and that he loves her. Then Philip asks Pat to marry him as the crowd welcomes in the New Year.

Notes: First appearance by Christopher Knight as Leigh Hobson.