JULY 1, 1980 (EP. #4059)
As Blaine is about to answer the door Buzz calls and tells her that her life is in danger and not to open the door. / As Reena packs, Kevin tells her that he will operate if Striker asks him to but she doesn't need to go to Houston too. / Kevin tells Reena she is too emotionally attached to Striker. Reena calls Striker and has Kevin speak to him. Striker tells Kevin that Mike Marshall is asking him to operate on Sheik Zehedi who is arriving today and is in pretty bad shape. Striker also tells Kevin that Mike's financial interests are tied up with the Sheik. Kevin tells Striker that he and Reena will be arriving tomorrow morning. / Vicky overhears the end of Striker's phone conversation with Kevin, and Striker tells an unhappy Vicky that Reena and Kevin are coming to Houston for a short visit. / Miranda, knowing Rachel is out of town, calls Mac and asks him to dinner with her and Taylor on Thursday night and Mac accepts. Then Mac asks Liz if he is doing the right thing by going back to the house that he lived in with Janice. Then Jamie enters Mac's office and Mac tells him that Pat refuses to come back to work on Brava. / At the World Oil Transport parking garage, Vicky calls Alex Wheeler and asks to see him. Moments later, Vicky arrives via the secret elevator and tells Alex that Reena and Kevin are coming to Houston. Alex tells Vicky he already knew that Kevin is operating on Sheik Zehedi. Vicky calls Reena a spoiled brat and blames herself partially for not being there for her when she was growing up. Alex also tells Vicky that he has no one to share his 25 years of success with. Vicky tells Alex she loves him but Alex tells her he won't betray Striker now that she has gone back to him. Vicky tells Alex that her niece, Sam, will be coming with them to the opera on Thursday night. / Ada tells Charlie that Rachel hasn't been able to reach the Tanner guy. / A terrified Blaine pretends to call the police to get whoever is at the door to leave. / Dawn and Mike arrive at Western Art to see Dennis. Dennis tells them that his mom is coming down tomorrow morning to help him get settled in. Mike tells Dennis that his mother, Kate, would never help someone move to Houston. Then Mike tells Dawn and Dennis that he is meeting Sheik Zehedi at the airport and picking up his daughter, Yasmine, on the way but no one knows about it for security reasons. When Mike leaves, Dawn suggests to Dennis that they invite his mother to the opera Thursday night for the opening of Samson and Delilah. / After Kit talks to Joey about coupons she disguises herself to go out and Joey tells her that their life isn't real. Joey also tells Kit he feels like he doesn't belong and that all the plans they had are gone. They argue and then Kit storms out. / On the runway, Mike tells his daughter, Courtney, and Yasmine that they are meeting the plane outside because there was an attack in Tanquir shortly after the shiek left. Then Courtney learns that Kevin Cook, one of her professors whom she also had a crush on, will be operating on the sheik. / Ryan and Sheik Zehedi prepare to land. Once the plane lands, Ryan orders Mike Marshall to stand back until Sheik Zehedi explains that Mike is a friend. As Zehedi sees Yasmine and meets Courtney Marshall, Ryan introduces himself to Mike and tells him that his uncle is Alex Wheeler. Mike tells Ryan he gave Alex his start 25 years ago and now Alex's company is way out in front. / Taylor tells Miranda he wants to make sure he spends some time with Amy and not just with Kit. Taylor also thanks her for being so understanding about his needing to spend time with Ellen. Then Miranda tells Taylor that Mac will be coming for dinner Thursday night but he asks her to reschedule because he won't be in town Thursday. Privately, Miranda decides not to tell Mac. / Jordan tells Buzz that he called his guys off Blaine. Jordan also tells Buzz he knows about him and Blaine and he is in big trouble. Jordan tells Buzz the only way out of trouble is for Buzz to fix him up with Blaine. / An upset Blaine arrives to see Buzz and he tries to calm her down. Blaine tells Buzz she is getting out but Buzz tells her that Jordan wants to meet her. / Buzz tells Blaine she isn't trapped and that Jordan is interested in her. Blaine wonders if she can use Jordan to get free. / After Reena gets off the phone with Iris, she tells Kevin it is okay if he wants to be a stick in the mud before he operates and she is glad he is taking her back to Houston.

Notes: Elizabeth Allen returns as Victoria Bellman. First appearance by Bert Kramer as Alex Wheeler. First appearance by Catherine Hickland as Courtney Marshall. First appearance by Donna Cyrus as Princess Yasmine Zehedi. First appearance by Phillip Clark as Ryan Conner. First appearance by Mitch Gred as Sheik Zehedi.

JULY 2, 1980 (EP. #4060)
Kevin, Reena, and Iris arrive in Houston with Reena telling Iris how exciting Houston is. / Pat refuses to talk to Russ about returning to work. Then Russ tells Pat that Kevin and Reena flew back to Houston today. / Reena, Kevin, and Iris arrive at the Cook's house. Kevin reminds Reena that this is only a visit and then it is back to Bay City. Once she is alone, Reena calls Vicky and tells her she is in town. Vicky asks Reena to bury the hatchet for a little while. Reena tells Striker she is stopping over at Western Art on her way to see him. / Vicky tells Striker she is going to work. Striker asks Vicky to stay until Reena arrives. Vicky tells Striker it is too late to have that happy family he fantasizes about but she does agree not to spoil things as long as Reena is cooperative. / As Clarice is visiting Larry, Jerry, Kit, and Joey also stop by. Then Sally tells them that Linda would like all but Clarice to leave soon. / Tracy tells Russ she is heading over to the club to test out her pipes for the first time since the operation. Then they make plans to have dinner together at the club before Mitch arrives to take her to rehearsal. / At Gulfcoast Hospital Mike and Yasmine try to make Sheik Zehedi comfortable. Mike thanks Zehedi for all he has done. Then Ryan enters and tells them that he has posted guards at the door around the clock. Zehedi suggests to Ryan that he pay a visit to his legendary uncle - Alex Wheeler. Colonel Hassine arrives and Ryan refuses to allow him to see the sheik. As the two men squabble, Kevin arrives. Ryan tells Kevin he is with the state department and in charge of the guards. As Hassine continues to demand to see the sheik, Yasmine accuses him of following her and then Hassine leaves. / Kevin examines Zehedi with his assistant Bart Walker and resident Courtney Marshall. / Tracy rehearses with Dooley by singing "Summer Came" as Mitch and Jason encourage her. / Kit tells Joey that someone published a cheesy book on them. Then Joey apologizes to Kit for their first fight. / Pat puts a drink away before opening the door to Philip. Philip tries to convince her to return to work but Pat tells him that Brava will have to do without her. Pat makes them drinks and Pat is more interested in the wine than in talking about work. / Dennis shows Iris around the gallery and Iris finds the painting that Cecile did of him. Dennis assures Iris that his feelings for Cecile are over. Dennis tells Iris he will be living above the gallery and then Iris runs into Dawn who is coming down from the room. Dawn invites Iris to the opera tomorrow night and to dinner at the Top of the World Club afterward. / As Russ and Tracy dine at the Supper Club, Mitch treats them very well. Then Russ asks Tracy to marry him and she accepts. Then Russ puts a ring on her finger. Dooley congratulates them but Jason isn't happy when Dooley and Cindy Lee do a special number for Russ and Tracy. Meanwhile, Russ and Tracy discuss their concern about Pat. / Reena sees Striker and Striker asks her if she is happy in Bay City. At first Reena tells Striker that everything is fine but Striker doesn't believe her. Then Reena tells Striker that Kevin would be happier if they never went back. / After Kevin and Bart go over some things, Kevin suggests to Zehedi that he get some rest. Then Courtney welcomes Kevin back. / Jason yells at Dooley and Cindy Lee for singing "Going to the Chapel." Cindy accuses Jason of being jealous that Tracy is with Russ and not him.

Notes: First appearance by Maher Boutros as Colonel Hassine. First appearance by Joel Colodner as Bart Walker. Dawn refers to Iris as Mrs. Carrington and not as Mrs. Bancroft.

JULY 3, 1980 (EP. #4061)
Iris tells Reena that Dennis is involved with Dawn Marshall and is going to the opera tonight. Reena tells Iris that Dawn is loaded with money and that she too is going to the opera tonight. Then Reena and Iris decide to go shopping. / Jamie tells Ada that the author who wrote "Harry Must Die," named Donald Tanner, is coming to town tonight. When Jamie leaves, Ada calls Russ. / Jerry apologizes to Blaine for having to spend so much time studying. When Jerry leaves, Blaine calls Buzz who tells her that Jordan wants to meet her. / Liz tells Mac and Brian that Russ and Tracy are getting married and she invites them to a surprise party for them. Then Liz invites Jamie and Philip. / Ryan arrives at World Oil Transport and meets Alex's executive assistant, Terry. Then Ryan sees Alex. Alex tells Ryan he knew about Zehedi being in the country for the operation. Then Alex tries to convince Ryan to work for him. / Ada tells Russ that Tanner will be in town tonight and Rachel still hasn't seen him. Next, Ada calls Rachel and tells her that Tanner will be in town tonight. Rachel tells Ada she has to come home tonight and then the women agree they need to keep Tanner away from Mitch as well as Mac. / Mitch learns that Jamie made a reservation for 3 at the Supper Club for tonight. / Jordan visits Blaine and she tells him she wants out of the operation. However, Jordan invites her to the opening of the Casino and encourages her to come alone. / Russ tells Ada that Mac is dining with Miranda and Taylor tonight. Then Russ and Tracy plan their wedding for the last part of August. As Russ and Tracy get intimate, everyone surprises them at the door. / Terry helps Alex dress for the opera as Alex wonders if all that he has done really matters at all. / Iris and Reena arrive home from shopping and then Kevin calls to tell Reena he is staying at the hospital and not going to the opera. / Courtney is surprised to find Kevin at work. At first Kevin is short with Courtney and tells her he doesn't play where work is concerned. Kevin also tells her about a patient he almost lost and how another surgeon had to take over. Courtney asks Kevin if she can assist him with Zehedi's operation and he says yes. / Mac arrives at Miranda's and she tells him that Taylor was called back to Philadelphia. Mac tells Miranda he is glad he came to help overcome his phobia about the house. They also talk about the upcoming baby and about Rachel having been gone nearly a week. / Jamie and Sally arrive at the Supper Club and he tells her about Mitch's attachment to Rachel. After Mitch shows Don Tanner to the table he learns who he is. / Striker, Vicky, Samantha, and Reena arrive at the opera. After Vicky sings Samantha's praises, Alex arrives. Reena tells Striker she is a little put out with Kevin not coming but Striker appreciates Kevin's dedication. Then Reena talks to Striker about sponsoring some sort of program at Gulfcoast. Meanwhile, Iris thanks Mike for inviting her to the opera. Then Dawn calls Iris's attention to the love theme from the opera and Iris makes a comment about how heartbreaking it is. As Dennis, Dawn, Iris, and Mike get ready to go in, Striker calls attention to Iris and Alex sees her. / When she arrives home, Rachel calls Ada. Ada tells her that Tanner is with Jamie at the Supper Club so Rachel decides to go to the club. / Vicky asks a stunned Alex if he is all right but Alex says he has to leave.

Notes: First appearance by Shanna Reed as Terry Dekker. First appearance by Ann McCarthy as Samantha Walker. According to this episode Alex's older sister and nephew are the only family he has. According to this episode Ryan's dad's name is John Conner.

JULY 7, 1980 (EP. #4062)
Ada tells Rachel that Tanner is at the Supper Club. So Rachel decides to go there. Then Vivien enters and Rachel tells her that she has to go out for a bit. / Alex sees Iris and then Vicky asks a stunned Alex if he is okay. Alex tells Vicky he has to leave. / Ada tells Charley that Rachel is home and on her way to the Supper Club to see Tanner. Ada also tells him she is worried that Mitch will find out about the temporary sterility. / Don Tanner arrives and Mitch shows him to the table where Jamie and Sally are waiting. Then Mitch realizes that Tanner is the man who wrote "Harry Must Die." Don Tanner tells Jamie he is sure his medical research is correct. Then, with Dooley playing the piano, Cindy sings. / Terry thinks Alex is looking lonely and glad that Ryan is here. Then Terry joins Clipper Curtis in his office as he watches the TV monitors fixed on the dining room at the Top of the World Club. Terry orders dinner for two from Alfred and tells Clipper that Alex is off tonight. Clipper tells Terry how hard it is to work for someone but she defends Alex to him. / Miranda tells Mac how much she has enjoyed their evening together. Then Mac calls Vivien and learns that Rachel came home and then went out. / Philip brings Pat home from the party and tells her he feels bad about what he did to Cecile and it is his fault she has changed. Then he urges Pat to fight Cecile for her job but Pat doesn't want to. / Samantha, Reena, Striker, and Vicky discuss the opera and then Striker suggests they all go out but Vicky and Samantha decide to go back to the house and work. Reena and Striker run into Iris and Dawn. Reena tells them she used to date Dawn's brother, Justin, and learns that he is racing in Italy and then on to the Grand Prix. Then Mike invites Striker and Reena to dinner with them at the Top of the World Club. Alex remembers seeing Iris at the opera. Then Terry finds Alex in the dark and shows him the list of dinner reservations. When Alex sees Mike Marshall's name he thinks Iris might be one of the guests. Alex asks to see Clipper right away. / As Cindy sings, Rachel arrives at the club. Mitch questions her about her trip and then she joins Jamie's group. When Jamie and Sally leave, Rachel asks Tanner not to talk about his book with Mac. She agrees to explain everything to him tomorrow. / Vivien tells a worried Mac that Rachel is home. Then Mac questions her going to the Supper Club but she tries to explain it away. / Alex asks Clipper to find out everything he can about who the blonde is in Mike's party and tells Clipper to have the pianist play "Go." Meanwhile, Iris tells her group how much fun she is having. Then Striker introduces Clipper to everyone. / Terry tells Alex that Mrs. Bellman called but Alex tells Terry he can't talk to her now. / Vicky wonders what is wrong with Alex. Then Samantha enters with food but Vicky doesn't want to eat but has a drink instead. / Mitch questions Tanner about Rachel but he only tells Mitch that he is meeting Rachel tomorrow. Mitch wonders why. / Terry asks Alex what's wrong as he stares at the monitors. He tells Terry he has seen the dream that has helped him these past years only it isn't a dream anymore.

Notes: First appearance by Scott Stevenson as Clipper Curtis. The show no longer has previews at the beginning of the episode. Crew credits are given for both Another World Bay City and Texas.

JULY 8, 1980 (EP. #4063)
On the phone, Ada tells Rachel she thinks she is making a big mistake meeting Tanner at the house. Rachel tells Ada it would break Mac's heart if he knew the baby was Mitch's. Then Ada opens the door to Mitch. / Striker tells Vicky about the great time he had at dinner. Then he feels tired and Vicky tells him not to overdo. Once Vicky is alone, she calls Alex and asks to see him. / Mitch asks Ada what's wrong with Rachel but when Ada says nothing, Mitch doesn't believe her. Ada tells Mitch to leave Rachel alone. / Amy tells Kit how she has been jealous of her baby sister and all the attention she has always gotten. Then Brad enters and Kit tells Brad how the kidnaping changed her life. / Vicky arrives to see Alex and he tells her it was the music that reminded him of his life many years ago. He goes on to tell Vicky that he was poor before they met. Alex also says that he named the Wheeler Ranch and the town around it in memory of his meager beginnings. He also says he has made all but one of his dreams come true. Then Alex tells Vicky that seeing Ryan might be reminding him of his own youth. Vicky tells Alex it is hard for her not to be with him. / When Ryan arrives to see the sheik he finds Hassine and Yasmine with him. Hassine tells Ryan that he and the sheik have decided to reduce the guards to one person and Kevin agrees with the decision even though Ryan disagrees. Then in the hallway, Hassine and an orderly make arrangements to meet. / Tracy tells Dooley about the party and then Jason arrives and Tracy tells him of her engagement and that the wedding is planned for the end of August. Jason thinks Tracy is ready to go back to work full-time. Then Tracy begins to sing "Someone to Watch Over Me." / At lunch, Hassine tells Yasmine he is her friend. Yasmine defends Ryan to Hassine but he refuses to listen. Then Clipper Curtis arrives and introduces himself. After Yasmine leaves, Clipper almost throws a guy out of the Club who winds up looking for Hassine. Clipper goes to his office and overhears and records the conversation between Hassine and this other man as they plot to switch pacemakers on the sheik. / Cindy tells Tracy that Jason is jealous of her engagement and adds that Russ shouldn't walk down a dark street alone at night. / Amy kisses Joey hello and comes on to him. Then Kit enters and Joey suggests that they leave. / Tanner tells Rachel he is shocked that his book was used as a blueprint for a murder and understands why she doesn't want him to discuss the book with Mac. Rachel tells Tanner that talking to Russ is all right. Tanner congratulates Rachel on her pregnancy. / Rachel visits Ada and tells her that she saw Larry in the hospital and he is doing well. Then she tells Ada that Mr. Tanner agreed not to say anything to Mac. Ada informs Rachel of Mitch's visit and tells her that he is on to her. / Alex tells Terry his mind is on Iris Carrington and not on business. He also tells Terry he couldn't tell Vicky about Iris because he doesn't want to hurt her. Alex tells Terry that everything he has done has been for Iris. Then (through flashback) Alex tells Terry about the first time he met Iris and how he lied to her about who he was. / Terry encourages Alex to go to Iris but he is too afraid his dream won't come true. He also says he doesn't think Iris can ever forgive him for what happened on their last night together. / Mitch calls Jamie and learns Mr. Tanner is staying at the Bayview Towers.

JULY 9, 1980 (EP. #4064)
Mac welcomes Cecile back from New York and they discuss the Brava staff and the need for a more modern look. Mac tells Cecile that Pat isn't returning. / Kevin, Bart, and Courtney go over the Sheik's exam results. / Mac gives Cecile the new job of editor and chief of Brava. Then Brian, Jamie, and Philip enter and Cecile leaves. / Russ tells Mr. Tanner his medical research is accurate. Then Mr. Tanner tells Russ that Mitch wants to see him. / Reena interrupts Kevin's meeting and chats with Bart and Courtney. When Reena leaves with Kevin, Bart tells Courtney that there is a rumor that Kevin lost his nerve in the operating room in Bay City. Courtney defends Kevin to Bart but he still maintains that Kevin should hang it up as far as operating is concerned. / Yasmine and Ryan argue about Hassine being a danger. When they enter the Sheik's room Ryan warns them both about Hassine and others in Tanquir who want to see the Sheik dead. When Yasmine leaves, Ryan promises the Sheik to get Yasmine safely back to Tanquir if anything happens to him. Then Kevin enters and tells them the surgery will be on Friday. / Brian tells Cecile he is visiting Pat today to try to convince her to come back to the magazine. Then Cecile accuses Iris of having something to do with Dennis's decision to stay in Houston in order to keep them apart. When Brian leaves, Amy enters and Cecile tells Amy she thinks she is going to get everything she wants from Mac. Cecile then calls Jamie to ask for his help. / Yasmine visits Dawn at Western Art and meets Dennis. When Yasmine leaves, Dawn is jealous of the attention Dennis paid her. Then they ask each other to dinner. / The Sheik, Mike, and Ryan watch a news report about the violence in Tanquir that looks to be an attempt to overthrow the Sheik's regime. Mike is worried there will be a coup with Marshall Oil nationalized. Yasmine enters as the Sheik tries to comfort Mike. Mike tells Sheik Zehedi that their fates are tied to each other. / Clipper watches the videotape of the chat between Hassine and another man about sabotaging the Sheik's pacemaker. Clipper knows the information is valuable but wonders what to do with it. / Mitch visits Tanner and is told that Mrs. Cory asked him not to discuss the book with Mr. Cory. Then Tanner asks Mitch to leave. / Reena apologizes to Kevin for interrupting the meeting earlier. Then Reena tells him about the training program Striker is willing to help set up. Kevin tells Reena when the Sheik is out of danger, they are going back to Bay City. When alone, Reena calls Striker and tells him that Kevin loves the idea. / Jamie tells Cecile that he will help her all she needs and will be her friend. / While Dennis and Dawn dine at Maggie's, Maggie tells them that she learned all her cooking from Dawn's grandmother, Kate and now her niece, Elena is learning the same thing. Maggie suggests that Dawn take Dennis out to the ranch, so they ask Nita if she will open up the gallery in the morning. Then Nita tells Maggie how much she misses her husband, Billy Joe. Maggie tells Nita that Billy Joe is no good and then Billy Joe arrives and surprises Nita. / Dennis and Dawn kiss. / Mitch asks Russ if he can use the hospital medical library but Russ says no.

Notes: First appearance by John McCafferty as Billy Joe Wright.

JULY 10, 1980 (EP. #4065)
Alex visits Striker and Striker asks if seeing Mike Marshall bothered him last night. Alex said no and then Striker asks if it was Iris. / Russ tells Ada of Mitch's visit and that he is afraid that Mitch is going to find out the truth about Rachel's baby. He also tells Ada that Mitch is meeting with Donald Tanner. / Ada tells Russ that after Rachel saw Tanner, Mitch visited her to get information and he knows they are covering up something. / Blaine asks Jerry to take her to the opening of the new casino but Jerry says no. Then Margo arrives and tells them that Cecile wants to interview her for an article on Vegas showgirls for Brava. / At the Marshall Ranch Dawn introduces Dennis to her grandmother Kate, sister-in-law Ginny and nephew Steven Marshall. When Dawn and Dennis leave the room, Kate decides to call Mike to see if he knows about Dawn's interest in Dennis. / Alex tells Striker he knew Iris 25 years ago. They met in Europe, fell in love but then he left her. He adds he can't just come back into her life without knowing what her life is like now. Then Reena enters and winds up mentioning to them about the fact that Iris is getting a divorce and has been unhappy lately. When Alex leaves, Striker tells Reena that everything has been put into motion for the training program. Then they plan a news release for KVIK and Striker tells Reena he wants her to get along with Vicky. Reena agrees to give Samantha a call. / Mac and Jamie meet with Mr. Tanner and during the course of their conversation Mac mentions that he is having a baby in the late fall. / Dawn and Dennis return to Western Art and both meet Billy Joe who is there with Nita. When alone, Dawn tells Dennis that she can tell that Kate likes him. Then Dennis kisses Dawn. / Jordan shows up at Blaine's and learns from Blaine that she is in a mess with Buzz. Jordan offers to talk to Buzz for her and she agrees. / Brian tells Mac that Pat doesn't want to come back to work. Mac asks if Pat was drinking wine when they talked and Brian says yes. Then Miranda arrives and invites Mac and Rachel to dinner next week. Mac tells Miranda that he will be out of town next week. / Craig Caldwell tells Kit that Cindy Lee is just a diversion and that he feels bad for the stories about Kit. Then Brad joins them to use the pool. / Jordan visits Buzz in his room and tells him it's over for him and Blaine. / Terry and Alex plan to send Iris a gift. Then in flashbacks, Alex tells Terry of his last night with Iris and how she asked to go with him back to Texas and he left her after making love because he couldn't tell her that he had nothing to offer her. Alex also says that when the ship sailed away he saw a girl in white and wondered if it was Iris. / Terry orders the flowers with a card that simply reads "I am sorry I missed our breakfast." / Ada tells Charley about Russ's visit and then Mac enters and asks them to watch Rachel while he is traveling. He then adds that he is completely free of that book and that unlike the book, his story is going to have a happy ending.

Notes: First appearance by Josephine Nichols as Kate Marshall. First appearance by Barbara Rucker as Ginny Marshall. First appearance by Gregory Sutton as Steven Marshall. Kate mentions that the ranch was started in 1824 with 640 acres and now there is 10,000 acres.

JULY 11, 1980 (EP. #4066)
Beth opens the door to a man who delivers a flower in a vase for Iris Carrington. / Russ talks to Rachel about Mitch's curiosity and tells her that if Mitch really wants to find out about Damtrex he can. / Mac tells Cecile that Brian talked to Pat and suggested that she talk to Pat also. Cecile doesn't think it is a good idea and Philip agrees with her but Jamie thinks Cecile should try. / As Clarice and Blaine visit Larry he tells them that there is still going to be an investigation into Hazel's death. Blaine tells them Jerry studies all the time so she hardly sees him. / Clipper watches the tape about switching the pacemakers again. Then Terry enters and they wind up arguing about Alex. Clipper tells Terry he is tired of her choosing Alex over him. Clipper also tells her that he has some marketable information that may involve an attempt on Sheik Zehedi's life. Terry urges Clipper to tell Alex all he knows. / Kevin tells Yasmine it is time to operate and as Ryan wishes the sheik luck he tells Ryan that he will go with God whatever way he has in store. Ryan then tries to calm a worried Yasmine. Then Samantha Walker enters and tells Kevin a story came into KVIK this morning that she wanted to verify about his taking a teaching position in Houston. / Beth shows Reena the Iris in a gold vase and tells her it is for Iris Carrington. / Alex verifies the delivery of the flower and then Terry and Clipper enter. Clipper tells Alex he overheard a conversation that may have been a plot to assassinate Sheik Zehedi but he doesn't know any more than that. Clipper also tells Alex he thought he would want to know about it. / As Cecile and Margo talk about the Brava article, Jim enters. Jim then asks Margo to lunch and as they leave Philip enters to speak to Cecile. Philip tries to reach Cecile but Cecile tells Philip she is happy now and intends to talk to Pat for Mac. / Blaine visits Buzz and he tells her about Jordan's visit. Blaine tells Buzz she had nothing to do with Jordan's visit and that she is through with him. Buzz tells Blaine she will never be through with him. / Cecile visits Pat and asks her if she is planning to take her job back. Pat tells Cecile she isn't but doesn't know why. / Mac comes home to Rachel and Amanda and suggests that they come along with Vivien on his trip. Rachel tells Mac that Vivien bought chicks and is building a chicken coop with the new stable boy Mickey. Mac tells Rachel he finally feels free of the past thanks to having dinner with Miranda in the house he shared with Janice and also meeting with Donald Tanner. Rachel comments that she would do anything, even murder, to keep him as happy as he is now. / Reena shows Iris the flower sent to her and then Kevin calls and gets mad at Reena for planting the story with Samantha about his taking the position in Houston. Kevin hangs up on Reena and tells Sam he will sue if that story is printed. / As Bart and Courtney scrub up they argue about Kevin because Bart accuses Kevin of being more interested in the press than operating. Then Bart apologizes and tells Courtney he hopes things will go back to the way they used to be between them. Then Kevin enters and scrubs up while a man switches the pacemakers. / Mike arrives and Yasmine tells him she is worried about her father and how upset Kevin was. Ryan confirms that Kevin seemed upset and then Ryan gets a call from Alex who tells him that there may be a plot to kill the sheik and maybe they should stop the operation. / Iris reads the card and wonders if the iris is from Alex. Then she tells Reena she knew Alex Wheeler years ago. / Russ runs into Jamie and Jamie mentions that Tanner seemed shaken when Mac mentioned remarrying Rachel and expecting a baby. Russ then calls Rachel to warn her that Tanner may know what they are hiding about the baby.

JULY 14, 1980 (EP. #4067)
Jerry tells Blaine that Brian Bancroft was a guest lecturer the other day at school and has offered him a job as a law clerk when he gets out of school. / Ryan tells Mike that Alex heard about a possible attempt on the Sheik's life and thinks the operation should be stopped. Then Ryan has the switchboard call Kevin in the OR. / Ryan reaches Kevin in the operating room and tells him he needs to stop the operation but Kevin refuses. / Ryan tells Mike Kevin won't stop the operation so he goes to check on the guards and Mike keeps Yasmine company. Mike's talk with Yasmine about what will happen if the sheik doesn't make it upsets her and she leaves. Mike knows that without the sheik, Marshall Oil will be the first thing to go. / Cecile invites Jamie to dinner at Kit and Joey's. Then as Cecile tells Jamie about her visit to Pat's, Jim overhears. / When Jamie leaves, Jim enters and tells Cecile that he can see through her act. Cecile tells Jim that Pat can take care of herself. Jim leaves when Brian arrives and Cecile asks Brian if he thinks Iris will stay in Houston. Brian tells Cecile he doesn't know. Cecile tells Brian she is interested in her suite at the Bayview Towers and Brian suggests she look into leasing Kirk Laverty's old suite. Brian leaves and then Liz enters and Cecile lets it be known that Jim had lunch with Margo Lamar the other day and the news upsets Liz though she tries not to show it. / As Jamie, Blaine, and Clarice visit Larry in the hospital, Larry tells them there is going to be a formal investigation into Hazel's death and they want to find out who Hazel was working with. When Clarice and Larry leave, Jamie notices that Blaine is upset and asks what she has gotten herself into now. / Ryan finds a crying Yasmine and comforts her. He tells her that they will both do what is best for the sheik and Tanquir as he wishes no matter what happens. / Kit tells Joey that she has invited Cecile, Jamie, Amy, and Brad to dinner tonight. Kit also tells Joey that Amy and her husband, Matt, are getting a divorce and she thinks Brad is better for her. Then, after remembering Amy coming on to him, Joey tells Kit he doesn't like Amy and doesn't want to see too much of her in the future. / (NBC news interruption about the republican national convention during which, Dennis takes down the picture of himself and tells Dawn he is sending it back and Dawn mentions how quick life can change.) / Blaine tells Jamie she isn't in any trouble but he doesn't believe her and tells her he thinks it has to do with the investigation. Jamie tells Blaine if she is in trouble to get some help from somebody before she gets in deeper. / Kevin finishes the operation and thanks his staff. / The man tells Hassine their operation was successful and the fake pacemaker has been used. / Kevin tells Yasmine, Ryan, and Mike that the operation was a success. Then Hassine joins the others thanking Kevin. Then a nurse comes to get Kevin telling him it is an emergency. / Bart and Courtney help Kevin try to revive the Sheik. / At Kit's party Amy comes on to Joey and Cecile talks about Brava. / Brad gets on Amy's case. Then Amy accuses Brad of being interested in Kit but he denies it. / Joey and Kit talk about the fact that Amy made a pass at him but Kit defends Amy because she is her sister. Then Kit tells Joey she won't have her over again. / Jordan calls Blaine and Blaine tells Jordan she is leaving the organization but Jordan tells Blaine he won't let go of her. / Kevin tells Yasmine, Hassine, Mike, and Ryan that the Sheik didn't make it. Mike accuses Kevin of being responsible and attacks Kevin but Courtney tells Mike that Kevin did nothing wrong.

Notes: Crew credits for Another World and Texas. Last appearance by Mitch Gred as Sheik Zehedi.

JULY 15, 1980 (EP. #4068)
Russ tells Rachel that he doesn't think Tanner is going to say anything at all about the baby. Then he suggests that she avoid Mitch but Rachel says she has to face him and have it out with him. / Kevin remembers arguing with Reena and then losing the sheik and Mike accusing Kevin of being responsible. Then Reena enters and Kevin tells her he lost his patient - the sheik is dead. / Reena tries to comfort Kevin and then asks how long it will be before he goes back to Bay City looking for comfort from Pat Randolph. Then they argue and Kevin tells her they will go back to Bay City after the autopsy. Then Reena tells Kevin that Friday is the KVIK anniversary party. Kevin tells Reena she doesn't understand him and that they are a complete mismatch. Then he storms out of the house. / Cory and Clarice help Larry get adjusted to being home. Then Ada arrives followed by Mitch. / Blaine and Buzz talk and she asks Buzz to call Jordan off and he says he will if she keeps on seeing him. Blaine tells Buzz she doesn't want him or Jordan. / Courtney finds Mike in the study and tells him that she gave Yasmine a sedative and put her in one of the guestrooms. Then Mike tells Courtney he is sorry about hitting Kevin and believes he did everything he could to save Zehedi. Then Mike relates the story of how even when his wife past on he had a new baby and Courtney, Barrett, Justin, and Paige to hold on to. Mike adds that Zehedi was closer than a brother and it is a lot more than grief he is feeling. / Mitch tells Ada he is going to find out what is going on. / Rachel calls the Supper Club and leaves word for Mitch to call her. Then Miranda arrives and invites Rachel to her house for dinner on Wednesday but Rachel is reluctant to accept. Then Vivien tells Rachel that a caller just told her that Mitch is at Larry and Clarice's. / Sally visits Blaine and tells her how much she admires her and how fortunate she is to have Jerry. Blaine tells her she wasn't so sure about Jerry and getting married at first but it has really worked out. Then Jerry comes home. / A weeping Reena tells Iris she has never had a relationship she wanted. Then Iris tells Reena (through flashback) how she met Alex Wheeler in 1955. Iris tells Reena she spent 3 days with Alex and hasn't seen him since. Then Reena suggests that she come to Vicky's 20th anniversary party for KVIK because Alex will probably be there. Iris isn't eager to do it so Reena suggests they have lunch at the Top of the World Club with Striker and he can tell Iris about Alex. / Ryan visits Alex and tells him he is bothered by the fact that the sheik's death came right after they got word of an assassination plot. So Alex has Terry call Clipper. / Terry calls Clipper and tells him that Alex wants to see him again about the assassination plot. Then Clipper hides the tape before leaving the office. / Mitch arrives at Rachel's and she tells him to stay out of her life. Mitch tells Rachel he isn't in her life but there is a connection between him and her and the book. He also accuses Rachel of hiding something. Rachel tells Mitch she is simply ashamed of the night they spent together and seeing him reminds her of it. But Mitch doesn't believe that's all there is to it. Then Vivien brings Amanda in with some of the baby chicks. / Ryan questions Clipper and Clipper says he didn't think too much about what he overheard at first. Then he tells Ryan he probably couldn't identify the men he overheard. / Bart tells Courtney and Kevin that there will probably be an autopsy performed on Zehedi. He also adds that if he is questioned by the Surgical and Mortality Board he will have to tell them that Kevin came in late and upset. Courtney defends Kevin. / Courtney tells Kevin she will stand by him no matter what. / Rachel tells Ada of Mitch's visit and that she is thinking of telling Mitch the truth about the baby.

JULY 16, 1980 (EP. #4069)
Mike watches a news interview with Colonel Hassine and then Dawn and Mike talk about how nothing will ever be the same for Yasmine or any of them. / Jason tries to get Tracy to rehearse longer with Dooley but then Russ arrives to take Tracy to see his family to plan the wedding. / Dawn tries to comfort Mike but Mike tells her that they have lost everything to his creditors because he just took a huge loan out to build a new refinery in Tanquir. Mike also tells Dawn that World Oil Transport is the major creditor. Dawn urges Mike to go to Alex and talk to him about the loan. Mike says for everyone's sake he will. / Brad visits Kit and tells her that he spoke to Amy about leaving Joey alone. Then Miranda arrives and invites Kit, with Joey, to dinner tomorrow night. Miranda also invites Brad to dinner to keep Rachel company. Then Miranda comments about how Rachel has a way with the good-looking men like Mitch Blake and she thinks something is up. / Jim arrives at Pat's and Liz questions him about having lunch with Margo Lamar. Liz tells them she found out about his visit from Cecile. Then Philip arrives to drop some paperwork off and is invited to dinner but declines. Jim and Pat both comment about how they like Philip but Liz says she can't forget or forgive him for what he did to Cecile. Then Pat decides to have wine with dinner whether anyone else wants some or not. / Over lunch at the Top of the World Club, Striker tells Reena and Iris about Alex Wheeler. Then he suggests that Iris come to Vicky's 20th anniversary party for KVIK on Friday because Alex will be there. Reena says they will be there too. / As Rick and Joey wait for a co-worker at the hospital, Joey introduces Rick to Sally Frame. Joey leaves and Rick and Sally talk about Kit and how people found out she has money and now treat her differently. Then Rick asks Sally to dinner for tomorrow night but won't tell her his last name. / Iris visits Dennis at Western Art and tells him she is going to stay in Houston for a while longer yet as it turns out she is going to meet an old friend at Vicky's party on Friday night. When Iris tells Dennis that his name is Alex Wheeler, Dennis says he has never heard her mention him. Iris remembers (in flashbacks) making love with Alex but only tells Dennis that he sent her a flower and an apology for something that happened years ago. / Tracy asks Jim to give her away. Then as the others plan on having the wedding at Jim's house, Pat opens another bottle of wine. / Dooley suggests that he accept Tracy's marriage but Jason tells Dooley it hasn't happened yet. / Kit tells Joey that they have been invited to Miranda's for dinner and then Joey gets upset when he finds out that Brad was over visiting Kit alone today. / Miranda tells Craig that while Joey is at work and he is working for Brava, Brad Garrick is making time with Kit. The news upsets Craig. / Philip visits Miranda and asks her if she thinks he has changed but she says she doesn't think anyone can really change. So Philip leaves. / Alex tells Mike he is sorry he lost his friend Zehedi. Alex tells Mike that Marshall Oil has already been nationalized. Then Alex suggests that Mike declare bankruptcy and adds that there will be a place for him at World Oil Transport. However, Mike rejects Alex's "table scraps." / Russ asks Tracy if he can stay the night but she tells him she wants to wait until they are married to make love. / Terry tries to comfort Alex about Mike and also tells him there has been no word from Iris Carrington.

JULY 17, 1980 (EP. #4070)
Ryan arrives at the Marshall home and Dawn mistakes him for a reporter. Then he tells Yasmine that he is here to take her home to Tanquir with her father's body. / Ada tells Russ of Rachel's plan to tell Mitch the truth and asks him to speak to her about it. / Mike talks to Kate on the phone about Zehedi and he tells her he is coming out to the ranch to see her this afternoon. Then Mike invites Dawn to come out to the ranch too but Dawn says she should go to the gallery. Then Dawn tells Mike that Ryan is here to take Yasmine to the airport. Then Mike tells Dawn about his visit to Alex and that Alex suggested he declare bankruptcy and also offered him a job working for him. / Ginny comes into the kitchen and Kate tells her that Michael is upset but adds that the things that are important can't be lost and maybe he will come back to the ranch. / Kit tells Taylor her life changed when the news stories broke and it is hard for Joey to deal with too. She also tells him she is afraid of being kidnaped again. / Yasmine tells Ryan she wants him to stay in Houston and find out if her father died of natural causes or not. Yasmine also tells Ryan that she loves him but he tells her it won't work. Then Mike enters and offers to drive them to the airport. / As Sally and Rick are enjoying dinner together he tells her his last name is Halloway. Sally gets upset that he didn't tell her who he is and leaves the restaurant. / Russ talks to Rachel and they agree that if Mitch doesn't know the truth yet he will soon. Rachel tells Russ she thinks it is better for Mitch to find out from her but Russ asks her to think long and hard before she makes a decision. / Dawn asks Dennis if he would still care about her if she was poor and he gets upset at the question and they argue. Then Dennis tells her money doesn't mean anything to him and she tells him that her family is broke. / At Miranda's dinner party, Joey watches as Kit and Brad talk about Amy's debutante ball and Miranda notices that Rachel seems distracted. Then Taylor and Joey talk privately and Joey says he doesn't know who Kit Halloway is and he doesn't fit in with that side of her. When Joey and Taylor return, Miranda suggests they all go over to the Supper Club but Rachel resists going and tells them she needs to get home to Amanda. / Out on the Marshall ranch, Kate asks Michael about Dennis and he tells her Dennis is a good man. Then he mentions how it has been 20 years since he lost Madelyn. Mike tells Kate that Zehedi was Marshall Oil and that he has thought about coming home and that maybe this is the time. Mike also says he will talk to Dawn about going slow with Dennis. When Mike leaves, his parting remark to Kate is "One day, sooner than you think, I will come home to stay." / At the Supper Club, Mitch meets Brad Garrick and learns from Taylor and Miranda that Rachel was their dinner guest tonight but didn't want to come to the club afterward. Then Cindy Lee sings. / Alex tells Ryan that he owns the Top of the World Club and Clipper Curtis works for him by managing the club and providing valuable information to him. Then Alex suggests he come to the dinner party with him. / Ryan tells Alex he will go to the party and is staying in Houston until he knows the truth about the sheik's death. / Mitch calls Rachel and warns her that Miranda may be looking to cause trouble.

Notes: It is mentioned that the Dekker dad's name is Tom. Mr. Marshall had a terrible headache and was gone that night.

JULY 18, 1980 (EP. #4071)
Iris looks at the card from Alex. Then Reena enters and learns that Iris is having second thoughts about going to the party but talks her into getting ready. / Jerry comes home to Blaine and tells her that he, Larry, and Clarice are meeting tonight with the board investigating Hazel's death. Blaine decides to go to Larry and Clarice's. / Mike thinks about his wife and Barrett. Then Courtney talks to Mike and tries to convince him that it isn't too late to begin again or to go back to the ranch. / Felice Carpenter, one of Cecile's new writers for Brava arrives and meets Amy and then Margo Lamar Grove. / Blaine questions Larry about what the police will ask him and Clarice and then Rachel arrives. Next, Mitch arrives and Rachel learns that he is Cory's babysitter. When Rachel mentions that she is going to watch the fireworks from her garden, Mitch asks if he and Cory can come too. Rachel reluctantly agrees. / Philip speaks to Cecile and when he leaves she and Amy make comments about Philip only being interested in women with money like Miranda. Then Cecile shows Amy some pictures of Kit and Joey and mentions how things could get stirred up if the pictures were published. Amy encourages Cecile to get the pictures into next week's magazine. / As Striker greets Bart and Samantha, Mike calls Vicky and she tries to talk him into coming to the party. Vicky also offers to speak to Alex for him about a job. / Tracy shows Pat her wedding dress and realizes Pat has been drinking. After Pat goes to lie down, Philip arrives and Tracy tells him that Pat may be ill. / Reena and Kevin argue about him going to Vicky's party and then Reena tells him she is going for Iris's sake because she has a chance to find her true love. Then a nervous Iris interrupts. / Blaine calls Buzz and tells him that Larry said the police were only going to question him about the night he was shot. Then Jerry comes home and tells Blaine that the police want to question her the first thing in the morning. / At Maggie's, Nita reminds Billy Joe that he isn't supposed to be around liquor. Then Maggie gets on Billy Joe's case when she finds him talking to Dennis and Dawn. Dawn tells Maggie that her daddy has to declare bankruptcy. Dennis tells Dawn that he is glad he has put Bay City behind him and is making a fresh start in Houston and suggests that it will be okay for her to make a fresh start also. Then Dawn tells Dennis she will never forgive the man that is forcing her father into bankruptcy and hates Alex Wheeler for it. Dennis tells Dawn he has heard Alex's name mentioned before by his mother. / At the party, Alex arrives and introduces Ryan to Vicky. Then Vicky introduces Ryan to Sam. Vicky tells Alex that Mike feels terrible for allowing his temper to get the better of him and Alex agrees to meet Mike on the terrace. / Mitch tells Rachel that he has discovered that he likes children and would like to have some of his own. / Vicky tells Mike that Alex is waiting to see him on the terrace. Then Reena and Iris arrive and Alex sees Iris from the terrace.

Notes: First appearance by Laura Esterman as Felice Carpenter.

JULY 21, 1980 (EP. #4072)
At the party Reena reassures Iris that Alex will show up. From the terrace, Alex sees Iris and leaves. Vicky tells Mike that Alex is on the terrace and anxious to renew an old friendship. Mike, who dislikes the idea of begging Alex for a job, arrives on the terrace looking for Alex. / Mitch tells Rachel he has discovered that he wants to have children. Then Russ calls Rachel and she tells Russ she can't talk now but alludes to the fact that she has changed her mind about telling Mitch the truth. Then Mitch tells Rachel he thinks the call had something to do with him and accuses Rachel of hiding something. When Rachel denies it, Mitch tells Rachel he will read "Harry Must Die" himself and unravel the mystery. / Kevin and Reena talk to Striker about his health. Then Striker apologizes for the training program situation. Then Kevin tells Reena, Iris, and Striker that Reena gets to stay in Houston for another week because of the hospital meeting. Then Sam apologizes to Kevin for the press release and tells him and Reena she will be covering the news conference next week. Then Ryan meets Reena and he tells Kevin he is going to the council meeting next week and also visiting Alex. Then Reena learns that Alex is here. Then Mike comes in looking for Vicky. / An angry Mike tells Vicky that Alex wasn't on the terrace. Vicky defends Alex but Mike feels humiliated and thinks Alex must have really enjoyed it. Vicky tells Mike she will set up another meeting but Mike says he'd rather be dead than meet with Alex. Then Mike storms out. Vicky tells Ryan Mike was supposed to meet with Alex but Alex didn't show up. Iris decides Alex is the master of sudden disappearance just like so many years ago. Reena questions Ryan about Alex but he tells her that he isn't that close to his uncle. Vicky doesn't understand why Alex left and tells Iris it is not like Alex to do something like this. / Tracy finishes her rehearsal with Dooley and Jason and then shows them the wedding dress she picked out. When Jason leaves, Dooley again warns Tracy about Jason. / At the Supper Club Jason meets with Maury Davidson, a talk-show host, and suggests he will want to have Tracy on his show. Then Jason has a run-in with Cindy Lee and Mitch runs interference. / Craig talks to an upset Cindy and tells her that he wants her to make time with Brad Garrick in order to keep him away from Kit. Craig will then move in on Kit and he and Cindy will split millions of dollars. / Mike comes home and goes to the study where he has a drink and thinks about his life. Then he tries to call his daughter, Paige, but only gets her answering machine. Next he calls his son, Justin, in Italy. Justin tells his dad that he is just about to race and asks if everything is all right. Mike says it is but wants to know when Justin will be coming home. Then Justin has to go. Mike looks at a rifle he brought from the ranch and says to it that he has one more service for his old friend to perform. / Tracy tells Russ that Pat forgot about their fitting appointment and that she thinks Pat has a drinking problem. Russ tells Tracy that pat had a drinking problem 6 or 7 years ago and that he has noticed the signs about it lately also. He then says he thinks they need to talk to Pat about it and he will let Jim know. Then Jason calls and tells Tracy to keep Thursday afternoon open because he is having a fashion designer work on costumes for her. / Dennis drops Dawn off at the Marshall house and comforts her. Then Dennis leaves. Meanwhile, in the study, Mike loads the rifle. / As Cindy sings, Rachel arrives at the Supper Club to see Mitch and tells him the book upsets her because Janice used it to try to kill Mac. Mitch believes she is holding something back. / Ryan finds Alex and asks him why he left Vicky's party. Alex explains to Ryan that he didn't want to spoil Vicky's party having her see how much he loves Iris. Then Alex tells Ryan he met Iris in St. Tropez 25 years ago. Then Alex realizes he forgot about his meeting with Mike Marshall. Ryan tells Alex that Mike was hurt and angry. Alex feels awful and decides to call Mike right away and clear things up. / Rachel asks Mitch not to read the book or talk to Tanner again for her sake. Mitch tells her he will think about it. / In the study, Mike points the gun to his head. Then the phone rings and Dawn answers the phone and hears a gunshot. On the other end of the phone Alex tells Ryan he heard a gunshot.

Notes: The voice of Lisby Larson as Paige Marshall is heard in the episode. First appearance by Jerry Lanning as Justin Marshall. Last appearance by Stephen D. Newman as Mike Marshall. Paige lists Ray Rosen as her agent on her voice message.

JULY 22, 1980 (EP. #4073)
As Dawn answers the phone she hears a gunshot and runs into the study and finds her dad. She then screams into the phone to call an ambulance. / Jerry finds Blaine still up and worried about the hearing. Then when he goes to bed, she gets a call from Jordan. Jordan tells Blaine to meet him in two hours on the street at his car. / Paramedics arrive and call Gulfcoast and speak to Courtney Marshall. Then Courtney learns that the man with the shot to the chest is Mike Marshall. Then Dawn tells Courtney it's their daddy that shot himself. Courtney freezes up. / Kevin, Reena, and Iris arrive home from the party and Iris is disappointed that Alex didn't show up. Iris tells Reena it is over for her and Alex. Then Courtney calls Kevin and asks him to come to the hospital right away because her father shot himself. / Clarice tells Larry that Robert Delaney didn't know she was pregnant with Cory until after Iris had tricked him into marrying her. Then she tells Larry that she got a letter from Robert and he is asking to see Cory. / At Miranda's, Kit and Joey talk to Amy and Brad about vacations. Then Brad suggests they all go skiing this winter but Joey tells them he doesn't ski. Then Rick and Sally arrive. / Blaine chats with Margo about the old days in Vegas and how some girls she knew were hooked up with guys from the mob and some wound up dead. / Iris and Reena wonder what is wrong with Mike the way Kevin took off for the hospital. Reena wonders if Mike tried to commit suicide but they decide he would never do that to his family. / Kevin arrives in OR to scrub up when Courtney enters and tells him she couldn't do anything to save him and he is gone. / Dennis comforts Dawn at the hospital. Dawn tells Dennis that her daddy shot himself. Then Courtney enters, meets Dennis, and tells Dawn that their daddy never even came to. Dawn doesn't want to go back to the house and Dennis says that it will be dawn soon and offers to drive them both out to the ranch to tell Kate the news. / At Miranda's Joey tells Amy that Kit is on to her but she tells Joey that he doesn't know if he was serious about making a pass at him or not. Then Craig invites everyone to a party he is giving next week at the Disco/Supper Club. Also at the party, Sally tells Rick that Joey is a very special person and she used to be hung up on him. / Larry and Clarice argue about Robert Delaney wanting to come to town to see Cory. Larry tells Clarice to write a letter to Robert telling him he can't come. / Joey tells Kit that they can have things back the way they used to be if they leave Bay City. He also tells Kit that with Gwen off in Australia with Willis she may decide to stay there and then Frame Construction would be gone and he would be out of work. Kit tells Joey it would be hard to leave her family again but she would do it for him. / Courtney and Dawn arrive at the Marshall Ranch and tell Kate that Mike shot himself. Then Kate thanks Dennis for bringing the girls out and decides she better call Justin and then Paige. / In Italy, Justin gets word from Kate that his dad shot himself and says he will be home right away. / Buzz calls Blaine and tells her to meet him at the newsstand before she goes to the hearing. Then Jerry finds Blaine up and dressed. Meanwhile, Buzz tells Jordan that Blaine will be here. / Kate remembers Michael telling Kate he would be home to stay sooner than she thinks. Then Kate tells Dennis, Courtney, and Dawn that she has to get ready to welcome her son home.

Notes: The name William is mentioned as possibly being Mike's brother.

JULY 23, 1980 (EP. #4074)
Kevin comes home and finds Reena up and tells her that Mike shot himself last night and died before he got to the operating room. / Kit tells Joey she will move away if it means saving her marriage. Then Kit gets a call from Mrs. Davis, the head nurse, asking her to come back to work on Friday. Kit is so happy with the news she asks if they can wait a little longer before deciding to move away. / Kevin and Reena exchange words and Reena tells him she is worried about how Justin is going to take the news. / Cecile has Liz look over the article Felice wrote on Margo Grove. Then Philip warns Cecile that he intends to get Pat her job back. / Jerry offers to drive Blaine to the hearing but she manages to get out of it and leaves alone. / Dawn thanks Dennis for being with her. Then Kate tries to reach Paige in Las Vegas and asks Courtney to let Max know about Mike and also Ginny. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Paige Marshall finishes her act and talks to Kate on the phone. Kate tells Paige that Mike shot himself and died. Paige tells Kate that she can't come home because she is under contract for one more night in Vegas and then tomorrow flies to Los Angeles to start filming her first movie. / Courtney tells Max about Mike's death. / Alex tells Terry that Mike is dead and how he was supposed to meet Mike at Vicky's party but left when he saw Iris. By the time he realized he hadn't met with Mike, it was too late and he heard the shot that killed Mike. Alex then asks Terry to find out from Max if it is okay if he goes with her to the funeral service to pay his respects. / When Blaine arrives at the newsstand to see Buzz she runs into Jordan and Jordan tells her they are going for a little drive. Then a man enters and Blaine gets away from Jordan. / Max tells Terry there shouldn't be any problem with Mr. Wheeler coming to the funeral. Ginny then learns from Max that Mike shot himself. / Kate tells Dawn that since Dennis took Courtney back to the hospital, she should go upstairs to her old room and get some rest. Then Ginny enters to comfort Kate and Dawn and when Dawn hears Alex's name tells Kate and Ginny how Alex is responsible for her daddy's death. / Joey and Kit fight about her plans to go back to work. / Cecile shows Jamie some new and sexy pictures she plans to have in the next issue of Brava. Then Jamie notices all the pictures of Kit and Joey but Cecile tells Jamie that even Amy said it was okay to print them. Philip enters and Cecile leaves and then Philip tells Jamie that Cecile is going to try to get rid of him (Philip). / Courtney visits Kevin and he comforts her and tells her she didn't fail her daddy as a doctor or as a daughter. Then Courtney tells Kevin she will be at the hearing as soon as the funeral service is over but Reena tells Courtney she can stay with her family because she (Reena) will be with Kevin at the hearing. / Terry hears the end of Alex conversation with Vicky and Alex realizes that a lot of people are going to blame him for Mike's death because he can't explain to them about seeing Iris. / Jordan finds Blaine and she tells him the hearing went fine and the police don't suspect a thing. Blaine asks to be let out of the organization but Jordan says no because she is needed for other things. Then Jordan kisses her.

Notes: First appearance by Lisby Larson as Paige Marshall. First appearance by Chandler Hill Harben as Max Dekker.

JULY 24, 1980 (EP. #4075)
Striker and Vicky arrive at the ranch and are greeted by Kate. Then Striker offers to pick Justin up at the airport. / Rachel entertains Taylor and Miranda and they talk about Mitch and also the upcoming baby. Then Jamie arrives and tells Rachel that Donald Tanner is appearing on a talk show today and wanted to know if he could borrow one of Mac's sport coats. / Jason brings Tracy to the Maury Davidson talk show and then she learns he booked her on his show. Then the crew goes over directions with Tracy and the show begins with Tracy being interviewed. On the show Tracy learns that she is planned to perform at the Roman Palace in Las Vegas the last two weeks of August. / Striker meets Justin Marshall at the airport and tells him that his father went bankrupt because he had borrowed so much to build the new refinery in Tanquir. Now he was millions of dollars in debt and lost everything to pay his debt to World Oil Transport because Mike owed most of the money to Alex Wheeler. Striker then tells Justin about the chat between Mike and Alex and also about the meeting that Alex missed with Mike. Striker tries to defend Alex but Justin blames Alex for his father killing himself. / Terry tells Clipper she is going to Mike's funeral with Alex. Then the two of them talk about their pasts. Clipper also makes a comment about Ryan grilling him about the assassination threat. Terry tells Clipper that Ryan is staying in town until after the hospital hearing. / Alex and Terry board the helicopter and take off. / Dennis picks up Iris for the funeral and they chat about the fact that if the Marshalls are broke, Western Art will have to be sold and Dennis may as well go back to Bay City with Iris. / In the helicopter, Alex talks to Terry about his history with Mike. Then the helicopter lands and the two of them walk away. / As Tracy sings on the talk show, Mitch, Cindy Lee, and Dooley discuss the fact that Jason is trying to manipulate Tracy by setting up the Vegas gig for the same time she is supposed to get married. Then Dooley and Cindy rehearse while Mitch continues to watch the show with Donald Tanner as a guest. Tanner tells Maury about the book "Harry Must Die" and says that the original reason the girl gives her husband the drug is to make him sterile. Meanwhile, Rachel watches the show and realizes that Tanner has now mentioned the fact that the drug makes a person sterile. / Jason and Tracy argue about his making plans for her to be in Vegas when she is supposed to be getting married. Tracy tells Jason she won't change her plans so Jason threatens to talk to Russ himself. / Russ calls Rachel and she tells him that Donald Tanner talked about his book and the sterility on the Maury Davidson talk show and Mitch was probably watching because Tracy was on the show also. Rachel also adds that if Mitch saw the show then he knows he's the father of her baby. / Alex and Terry arrive and extend their condolences to Kate. Then Dawn walks out and turns right around when she sees Alex. Kate tells Alex she doesn't hold him responsible for Mike's death. Then Justin arrives and tells Alex he is responsible for his father's death. / Mitch remembers Rachel asking him not to ask questions about the book "Harry Must Die." Then Russ arrives at the club and Mitch accuses him and Ada of trying to keep him from the truth. Russ asks Mitch not to go see Rachel until he can explain some things to him but Mitch says Rachel has to do the explaining. Then Jason tells Dooley and Cindy to take a break and tells Russ that Tracy has an engagement in Las Vegas the end of August. Jason also tells Russ that it means a lot to Tracy's career and he should talk to her about it because she is reluctant to take it because of the wedding. / Mitch arrives at Rachel's and Vivien shows him in. Then Rachel tells Mitch that other people can be affected by the news and that is why she didn't tell him sooner. / Justin attacks Alex and then Alex leaves and Terry tells Justin he is wrong about Alex.

Notes: Kate refers to William as being Mike's older brother and killed in the "big war."

JULY 25, 1980 (EP. #4076)
Mitch arrives to see Rachel and Rachel tells him that other people can be affected by the news and that is why she didn't tell him sooner. Mitch gets Rachel to admit that the baby is his and not Mac's. Then she asks Mitch to promise never to say anything to Mac. Vivien enters and tells Rachel that Mac is on the phone and knows that Mitch is there so Rachel tells Mac Mitch has a friend interested in a mobile. / Terry defends Alex to Justin but Justin accuses her of sleeping with Alex. Terry slaps Justin. / Kate stops the arguing between Justin and Terry and sends Terry to the grave sight. Kate tells Justin he has to accept the fact that Mike did this to himself. Then Dennis arrives with Iris and Iris meets Kate. Iris extends her condolences to Dawn and Dennis tells Dawn he will help her get through this. / At the grave sight, Terry tells Max he is needed to help carry the coffin. Max gets on Terry for choosing Houston over life on the ranch. When Max leaves Maggie tells Terry that neither of them is wrong for wanting to live in the city. / At the hospital, Russ and Tracy talk about Jason's stunt and both decide that the wedding will go on as planned. / A nurse shows Sally the new Brava with Kit and Joey and Sally leaves quickly passing by Russ and Tracy. Then Russ calls Rachel and learns from Vivien that she isn't taking any calls. / Rachel tries to convince Mitch that it is in the baby's best interests if he lets her and Mac raise the baby, and Mitch says he will think about it and isn't going to hold it over her head. / Max and Justin talk about Mike and then Rikki Dekker enters and tells Justin he is racing now also. Then Striker tells them it is time to begin the service. Kate shows the reverend to the cemetery plot and then she remembers her last talk with Mike when he told her he was coming home sooner than she thinks. / Sally shows Kit the Brava magazine with the party pictures of her and Joey. Kit tells Sally that Cecile said they were for presentation purposes only. / Russ tells Jason that the wedding is on and the Vegas engagement off. Then Russ accuses Jason of still being in love with Tracy but Jason says he isn't trying to stop the wedding but is broke and needs the money from the gig. Russ doesn't believe him. / At the hospital hearing Bart Walker tells the members that he felt Kevin was disturbed by a personal problem and late for the surgery. Bart adds that Kevin seemed agitated by a phone call in OR and shouldn't have continued with the operation. Then Ryan interrupts and tells them he was the phone call and believes that someone tampered with the sheik's pacemaker. Then Kevin verifies that it is possible someone could have tampered with it. The hearing is then recessed until Ryan can prove his theory. / After the funeral service is given, Elena Dekker sings. / Kit shows Russ the Brava article and says that she didn't give Cecile permission to print it. Then Rachel calls Russ and tells him that Mitch knows he is the father of her baby. Russ offers to come over so she won't be alone. / Kate invites everyone up to the house as Justin tells Max he wants to bury his father. As Justin shovels the dirt into the hole he swears to his daddy to get Alex Wheeler for him. / Joey and another construction worker find Russ's car on the construction sight and when they leave to get Russ, Jason arrives.

Notes: First appearance by Randy Hamilton as Rikki Dekker. First appearance by Caryn Richman as Elena Dekker.

JULY 28, 1980 (EP. #4077)
Joey and another construction worker find Russ's car on the construction sight and when they leave to get Russ, Jason arrives. As Russ is about to move his car Jason causes an accident to occur. / Gwen, back from Australia, arrives at the hospital and tells Kit that Willis is staying in Australia whether she does or not. Then Kit shows Gwen the pictures in Brava and that Cecile is in charge of the magazine now. Gwen tells Kit that Cecile let Willis take the rap when she tried to get Kit's picture on the cover of Brava months ago. Then a nurse announces that there was an accident outside and Gwen and Kit head out. When they arrive on the sight Joey is okay and Russ tells Gwen he is lucky he wasn't killed because he is getting married this week. / Justin remembers his last phone conversation with his daddy. Then Rikki enters and tells Justin that Kate would like him to come to dinner. / Russ tells Tracy and Dooley about his accident and after Dooley leaves, confesses that he saw Jason shortly before the accident. Tracy tells Russ that both Dooley and Cindy Lee think Jason is capable of harming him but Russ isn't so sure Jason would and neither is Tracy. / Amy and Cecile discuss Philip and then Amy leaves when Kit arrives. Kit confronts Cecile about the pictures in Brava and Cecile apologizes if she misunderstood Kit giving her permission to use the pictures. When Kit leaves she asks Cecile if Amy knew the pictures were going to be printed and Cecile says she really doesn't know. / Max finds Justin and Rikki drinking in the stables. Then Rikki tells them how he wants to be a race car driver like Justin but Max tells them that they need to work hard now to make sure they keep the ranch. / Reena arrives at the ranch as Vicky and Striker are saying goodbye to Kate and Courtney and she tells them that Ryan Conner helped to clear Kevin. Then Reena learns Justin is in the stables and decides to go see him. As she leaves someone else arrives at the ranch. / Max leaves with Rikki and tells Reena that Justin is stable. So Reena enters and Justin is happy to see her. / Dooley arrives late at the Supper Club and tells Jason that a truck ran into Russ today. / Gwen leaves Miranda's and Miranda tells Taylor that she thinks Gwen is interested in him. Then Kit and Joey arrive and tell them that reporters followed them into a restaurant and are after them again. / Maggie offers to give Dawn a ride back to town but Dawn tells her she is staying on the ranch for a while. Then Paige enters and cries telling them that she is home because her big movie was canceled since her father's death means there is no financing for the movie. Kate is upset with Paige for caring more about her movie than her father. / Justin and Reena talk about old times and he asks her to stay the night with him. / Jason stops by Tracy's to find out if she is okay and says that he knows nothing can ever take what they have away from him. / Joey and Kit get home and Joey hears a report including his rescuing Russ Matthews and also about the pictures in Brava and Kit tells Joey the pictures were printed by mistake. / Reena tells Justin she is married and rebuffs his advances. Then Justin tells Reena he will be sober from now on because Alex Wheeler owes him a death.

Notes: Texas is advertised for the first time during this episode of Another World.

JULY 29, 1980 (EP. #4078)
Russ visits Rachel and they discuss what to do now that Mitch knows he is the baby's father. Then Russ offers to speak to Mitch for her. / Terry talks to Alex about what Justin said and tries to convince him he is not responsible but Alex feels differently. Alex tells Terry Vicky is coming by later and he will see if she will forgive him once she knows why he left her party. / Clarice tells Larry she hasn't written the letter to Robert Delaney yet. Then Clarice tells Larry he has no reason to be jealous of Robert and he has a right to see Cory but Larry disagrees. / Kevin shows Reena the newspaper articles on the Marshalls. Reena tells Kevin the Marshalls are wiped out but Kate is taking it okay. Reena also says that Justin is after revenge on Alex Wheeler. Then Kevin mentions Courtney and gets an idea to look at some pictures and leaves. Then Reena remembers her chat with Justin and realizes that at least one man isn't allergic to her. / Kate talks to Ginny and Justin and tells them that Striker Bellman says there won't be any money from Michael's estate to keep the ranch going. Justin tells Ginny that Mike was bankrupt and comforts Steve. Kate asks Justin to go see Striker. / Russ tries to get Mitch to agree not to say anything to Mac about the baby but Mitch tells Russ that Mac is stronger than Rachel thinks. Mitch also comments to Russ about the irony in that Rachel was once married to him and lied to him about who the father of a baby was. / Rachel visits Donald Tanner and Mr. Tanner tells Rachel that he knows she isn't carrying her husband's child. He then offers to keep quiet about the baby if she will help him get all the publicity he feels his book deserves. / Iris visits Dennis at Western Art and tells him that Kevin and Reena will be going back to Bay City as soon as Kevin is cleared and she will be leaving also. Dennis tells Iris he is going to stay in Houston and maybe even buy Western Art. / Kevin asks for Courtney's help with a case of his and shows her x-rays of a gunshot victim. Courtney doesn't think the victim will survive and then realizes it is her father's x-ray. / Clarice tells Charlie and Ada about Robert Delaney wanting to see Cory. Then Charlie and Clarice leave when Mitch arrives. Ada tells Mitch to leave town but he says he can't because he isn't ready to accept the idea of never seeing Rachel again. / Larry tells Cory a story and then Clarice comes home and tells Larry of her visit to see Charlie and Ada. Larry tells Clarice to just tell Robert no to seeing Cory but Clarice still doesn't feel it is right to do that. / Kevin tells Courtney he showed her the x-ray so she would realize that she didn't fail as a doctor with her father. Then he asks her to come to the hearing with him. / Vicky arrives at Alex's and he tells her the reason he left the terrace and the opera was because of Iris Carrington. He also says that he has loved Iris for 25 years and that is why he could never give himself completely to her. / Iris tells Reena that Dennis wants to stay in Houston. Reena suggests that she also stay in Houston. Iris mentions that there isn't anything for her in Bay City since Brian despises her, Rachel hates her and will probably turn Mac against her again. Iris doesn't want to talk about Alex Wheeler but Reena tells her she saw Justin Marshall for the first time in 10 years yesterday and he kissed her. Reena also says there is romance and excitement out there for her and she isn't going to give up on it. / Vicky tells Alex if she can't have his love she wants nothing from him. She starts to give Alex his key back to the private elevator but keeps it telling him that she will here when he comes to his senses about Iris. / Rachel tells Ada that Tanner is asking her to get him better publicity for his book. Ada suggests that she tells Mac the truth but Rachel says she can't. Then Ada tells Rachel that Mitch is in love with her and doesn't want to do without her. Rachel hopes she can use that to her advantage. / Alex tells Terry he is going to his yacht for the rest of the week.

Notes: Last appearance by Jim Poyner as Dennis Carrington.

JULY 30, 1980 (EP. #4079)
At Gulfcoast Hospital, Ryan tells the hearing committee that he has proved it was the pacemaker that was tampered with which caused the sheik's death. Then Kevin is cleared and the meeting adjourned. Ryan tells Sam for KVIK-TV that he is looking for the assassin and will find him even if it takes 10 years. / Jordan calls Blaine and asks her to come to the opening of the casino tonight and won't take no for an answer. Then Jerry comes home and tells Blaine he is going to be at the law library tonight until they close. / Clipper comforts Terry about the funeral service yesterday. Then they wind up talking about Clipper's lack of family closeness and Terry asks Clipper if he would come with her to her aunt Maggie's for a bite to eat. / As Liz and Jim talk, Margo calls and asks Jim if he would take her to the opening of the casino tonight and he agrees. Then Liz tries to tell Jim about Margo's lewd past but Russ arrives and interrupts. Russ tells Liz and Jim that he thinks Pat has been drinking too much and has a drinking problem. / Buzz visits Blaine and she tells him her only way out is to get Jordan to fall for her. Blaine also tells Buzz they can't see each other anymore and asks him to get some evidence on Jordan so that she will have an ace in the hole in case her plan doesn't work. / Jim and Russ arrive at Pat's and tell her that they think she has been drinking more than usual. Pat tells them things have been rough with Kevin and Reena but she doesn't have a drinking problem. Russ suggests she visit Alice in Chicago and Pat agrees. / At Maggie's, Maggie tells Nita the cash drawer is $20 short so Nita puts money from her tips in the drawer to make up for it. When Billy Joe finds her doing it he tells her not to give it to Maggie. Meanwhile, Terry and Clipper arrive for lunch and Maggie meets Clipper. / Cecile tells Craig and Amy how much she would like to have Iris Bancroft's suite. Then Craig mentions his party to Cecile and, when she learns Jamie will be there, agrees to go. Then Amy mentions how Jasper Dunning, a current client and friend of hers, raved about the great work Philip is doing for him. Cecile thinks they can use Jasper to help get rid of Philip. / Jamie tells a shocked Philip that Jasper Dunning has requested a new editor and Philip doesn't understand why. Then he leaves and Cecile enters Jamie's office and asks him to escort her to Craig's party tonight and he accepts. / Kevin thanks Courtney for her support and she tells him she wishes he didn't have to go back to Bay City. Courtney also tells him that she is going to do all she can to help her family now. When Courtney leaves Kevin's office she runs into Bart Walker and Bart tries to defend what he said in the hearing. Bart also tells Courtney he will be glad when Kevin goes back to Bay City so that their lives can get back to normal. / Clipper meets Billy Joe and offers him a job as a bartender at the Top of the World Club. Then he sees a report on TV about Ryan proving the sheik's death was due to murder and remembers overhearing the plot to kill the sheik. Clipper tells Terry they need to leave. / At the Supper Club, Craig introduces Cindy to Cecile, Amy, Jamie, and Brad. Then she flirts with Brad and gets him to come with her to see the disco. When alone, Cecile and Amy discuss how quickly Jasper requested a new editor and feel Philip doesn't have long at Cory Publishing. / Jordan shows Blaine around the casino and then she runs into Jim and Margo. / Jordan disappears and Blaine asks Margo not to say anything to Jerry about seeing her at the casino. Margo thinks Blaine is hiding something. / Clipper puts Terry down for a nap and then calls Colonel Hassine and tells him he knows he was behind the sheik's death. Then Clipper arranges for Hassine to meet with him.

Notes: New ad for Texas on today's AW episode.

JULY 31, 1980 (EP. #4080)
Mitch gives Tracy her wedding gift and also tells Tracy that he thinks Jason was behind the accident that happened to Russ. Mitch also thinks Tracy should tell Russ but Tracy still doesn't believe Jason would do anything to hurt them. / Kevin tells Reena, Beth, and Iris that today is the day they are going back to Bay City. Reena tells them she can't leave for a week but Beth offers to help. Iris tells them she has no reason to stay so she decides to call and let people know she is on her way home. / Gwen thanks Taylor for being so understanding about her being gone so long and tells Taylor and Joey she doesn't know when she will be going back. Then Joey tells them the reporters are still bothering him everywhere. Taylor learns that Brava printed pictures of them. / Brian visits Rachel and tells her Mac asked him to check up on her. Then Vivien shows Miranda in with flowers and Miranda mentions how she saw Donald Tanner on a talk show the other day. As Miranda is about to leave, Mitch calls so she decides to stay. Mitch tells Rachel he would like to talk to her later on. / Justin realizes things are worse than he thought with Mike's estate. Striker tells Justin to petition the court for Chapter 12 and not to blame Alex Wheeler for what Mike did to himself. Justin tells Striker he will make sure Alex gets everything that is coming to him. Then Reena enters. When Striker leaves the office, Justin tells Reena that Ginny is going to breed horses to help get the Marshall ranch back in business. Then Justin reminds Reena of the old days together and mentions there will be a horse show next week. Justin also tells her he isn't going to tangle with Alex Wheeler until he is ready. When Justin leaves, Reena tells Striker that Kevin wants to leave for Bay City today but she isn't ready to go yet. / Brad accuses Amy of knowing that the pictures were going to be published in Brava but Amy denies it. Amy also tells Brad how she blames Kit for ruining her family and accuses Brad of having something to gain from being Kit's friend. / Kit takes care of two patients at once and then she is interrupted by a nurse who questions her about the newspaper articles. Then Rick tries to get Kit to go to lunch with him and Sally but she says no. Then Kit finishes getting the pills for both patients. / Mitch visits Rachel and asks her to speak to Russ about Jason. Mitch goes on to tell Rachel that he thinks Jason hasn't gotten over Tracy and was responsible for the accident. / Nita tells Billy Joe not to apply for a job with Clipper Curtis because he will be breaking his parole if he is serving alcohol but he doesn't listen and takes $20 for a cab. / Clipper makes Colonel Hassine wait as he decides what to do with the videotape. / Reena comes home to an angry Kevin and tells him that she wants to stay in Houston for the horse show next week. When Kevin won't agree because he needs to get back to Bay City to relieve Russ, Reena tells him that if she doesn't get to stay Striker may pull his money out of the clinic. When Iris enters the room, Kevin storms out. / At the Top of the World Club, Billy Joe meets Clipper Curtis and applies for a job. Clipper finally hires Billy Joe Wright and tells him to start at 5 tonight. Then Clipper shows Hassine to his office as Billy Joe watches. / Reena tries to convince Iris to stay but she says no and then tells Reena (through flashbacks) all about her 3-day romance with Alex Wheeler 25 years ago. Then Beth tells Iris that the taxi is here to take her to the airport. On the way out the door, Reena gives Iris the gold vase and flower from Alex. / Brad tells Kit that he is sure Amy was behind the pictures in Brava and then a nurse tells Kit that the head nurse wants to see her because she gave the wrong medication to two patients. / Iris looks at the vase and then asks the taxi driver to stop at the World Oil building because she has something to return.

Notes: Last appearance by Lee Patterson as Kevin Cook. Last appearance by Carla Borelli as Reena Cook. Billy Joe says he grew up in Lubbock. New ad for all four soaps for next week.