JUNE 20, 1980 (EP. #4052)
Larry remembers Hazel telling him that she is supposed to meet the informant. Clarice asks Larry if everything is okay and assumes he is worried about his hypnosis session. / While Jamie and Philip are going over some work, Craig enters and shows them pictures of Cecile from her party. Philip tells Craig that Iris is on a Mediterranean cruise and Philip notices a picture of Kit and Joey. Jamie asks Philip what he thinks of Cecile now but Philip doesn't want to say. / Rachel tells Mac that her work with Quentin is almost done. When Mac tells her that Iris is coming home today, Rachel decides to stay a little longer in New York. Brian tells Mac he will pick Iris up at the airport and Mac tells him that Vivien will be at the suite to greet her. Mac also tells Brian that he will find out from Gwen where Dennis is in Chicago and let him know of his mother's return. / Jerry asks Blaine if she is sure she can handle him going back to school to be a lawyer because he won't have much time to spend with her. Blaine tells Jerry she will be fine and that he should go for it if it is what he wants to do. When Jerry leaves, Blaine calls Buzz and tells him that Hazel isn't watching her place anymore so it looks like Hazel is following Aunt Meg's orders. Buzz tells Blaine that the boss man will be coming by later today and is the same person opening the new casino in a few weeks. / Larry arrives at Hazel's and she tells him that she should meet the man alone but Larry says they are going through with the plan as is. / Liz asks Cecile why Pat resigned so suddenly but Cecile says she doesn't know. Then Cecile sees Mac and asks him if he has had any luck getting Pat back. Mac tells Cecile not to worry about Pat but to concentrate on Brava. Then Cecile tells Mac she wants to hire Amy Halloway for the fashion department. Craig drops off pictures of Veronique and both Mac and Cecile like the pictures. So Cecile suggests they do a party of a month feature in Brava. Cecile also wants to use the pictures of Kit and Joey but Mac says only if she gets their permission. / Liz tries to get Cecile to speak to Pat but Cecile tells Liz it is best if Mac talks to her. Then Jim enters and Liz suggests they have dinner with Pat and Russ and try to find out why Pat resigned. Jim tells Liz he can't because he already has dinner plans but won't tell Liz who he is having dinner with. Liz suspects it is the "fan dancer from Vegas". / Cecile tells Craig and Deborah about her plan to use Veronique in the party of the month section. When Deborah leaves, Cecile tells Craig that she wants to use pictures of Kit and Joey in the party section because it will really boost Brava sales. When Craig leaves, Philip tells Cecile that she is using Kit and Joey to further herself. Then Cecile gets word that Iris will be coming home tonight and wants to meet with her. Cecile suggests that Philip go in her place and says he just might do that to try to save her from herself. / The boss man arrives at the newsstand and Buzz tells him that Hazel is leaving town quietly. Then Buzz mentions to him about moving over to the casino from the newsstand. Then Blaine enters and acts like a customer. When Blaine leaves, Buzz tells the boss that she is one of the informants. The boss tells Buzz that he would like to know more about her. / Larry arrives back at Hazel's and she tells him that she heard from the man and wants her to meet him at the Municipal Power Plant alone tonight. She also tells Larry that she is scared but will enter alone and then he can follow her in. / Philip visits Pat and tries to get her to come back to Brava. Philip also tells her that he is going to go see Iris and try to get her to sit down with him and Cecile in the hopes that Cecile will listen to the truth and go back to being a nice person again. Pat doubts Iris will tell the truth or Cecile wants to change. Then Pat pours herself a drink. / Larry comes home and Clarice tells him that they are invited over to Blaine and Jerry's for cards tonight. Larry tells Clarice he has to go down to the station but doesn't answer any more of Clarice's questions. / As Hazel gets ready to leave, Blaine shows up and invites her to play cards with her family. Hazel tells Blaine she has other plans and then Larry calls and Hazel lets him know that Blaine is there and can't talk. / Jerry visits Clarice and she tells him that she is worried that Larry is trying to solve the Bud Parker case on his own. / Hazel arrives at the plant. / Blaine tries to convince Jerry and Clarice that Larry wouldn't try to solve Bud's death on his own. / Hazel gets ready inside the plant. / Larry decides that Hazel is either late or already inside the plant.

Notes: First appearance by J. Kenneth Campbell as Jordan Scott.

JUNE 23, 1980 (EP. #4053)
Hazel gets ready for Larry. / Rudy tells Vivien that she belongs here working for Mrs. Bancroft. Vivien tells Rudy that she likes working for the Corys. Then Reena arrives with Champaign and asks Vivien tell Iris that her Texas buddy would like to see her. / Hazel continues to get ready for Larry. / Larry waits outside the plant and wonders where Hazel is. / Clarice tells Blaine and Jerry that she is worried about Larry and thinks he is up to something. Jerry calls the police station and learns that Larry isn't there and wasn't there last night either. / Dennis asks Cecile to come with him to see Iris but Cecile doesn't want to. Then Dennis tells Cecile that he loves her and asks her to marry him. Cecile tells Dennis that he is going too fast but will think about all of it. When Dennis leaves, Cecile decides that a rich, young man wouldn't be so bad. / Iris arrives home and Vivien greets her and tells her how much she has been missed the past 2 months. Iris feels it is as if she has never been away. / Jerry and Clarice both decide that Larry must be working on a case alone and then Jerry tries to call Hazel but there is no answer. Blaine tells Jerry that Hazel must be home because she was having people over for her last night in town. / Hazel plants a scarf and handkerchief and realizes she must remember to pick them up on her way out. / Larry remembers Hazel telling him that the man wants to meet at the power plant. Then Larry decides to look for Hazel's car. / At the Supper Club, Russ thanks Philip for joining him, Pat and Tracy for dinner. Russ tells Philip that Pat won't talk about why she left the Complex. Then Mitch learns from Russ that Rachel is still in New York. When Tracy and Pat join the men, Cecile enters with Craig. / Brian and Iris talk about her Mediterranean cruise and then Iris asks Brian if they are divorced yet and he says no. Iris learns that Brian didn't even read the letters she sent him. Brian tells Iris that Dennis needs her help. Iris tells Brian that she is thinking of changing her name back to Carrington and then apologizes for the remark. Iris tells Brian she doesn't want to hurt him anymore. Brian tells Iris the same thing and then she asks him if he is saying that he doesn't love her anymore. Brian tells Iris that that is what he is saying. Then Dennis arrives. / Jerry tells Clarice and Blaine that no one is home at Hazel's. Then Blaine tells them that she doesn't trust Hazel and when she learns that Larry told Hazel about the hypnosis session tomorrow she tells them that maybe Hazel is out to get Larry. / Brian leaves and then Dennis tells Iris that Brian was devastated 2 months ago when they broke up. Dennis tells Iris he loves Cecile but she has changed. He also tells her that if he and Cecile could be together, he would be happy for the rest of his life. Iris tells Dennis that she will go to Cecile and talk to her. / Russ wants to order dinner but Pat prefers to continue to drink. Then Mitch shows Craig to a table while Cecile says hello to the Matthews table and asks Pat when she is going to return to work. / Iris tells Reena that Vivien will be staying on with Mac and Rachel and raising chickens. Then Reena tells Iris how Cecile helped her get rid of Pat. Reena goes on to tell Iris that she and Cecile dropped hints to Mac about Pat seeing Kevin so Pat quit and she got Kevin back while Cecile got Pat's job. / Blaine tells Jerry that Hazel recently talked about the power plant she used to visit where her dad worked. Then Jerry gets a call that Larry was spotted driving. / Larry realizes that Hazel parked on the east entrance instead of the north and enters the plant. Larry finds the night watchman is dead and then looks for Hazel unaware of her waiting for him with a gun.

JUNE 24, 1980 (EP. #4054)
Larry realizes that Hazel parked on the east entrance instead of the north and enters the plant. Larry finds the night watchman is dead and then looks for Hazel unaware of her waiting for him with a gun. / Blaine tells Jerry that Hazel recently talked about the power plant she used to visit where her dad worked. Then Jerry gets a call that Larry was spotted near the Municipal Power Plant. Jerry tells them he will check it out and Clarice tells Jerry that she is going to go too. When they leave Blaine dials the phone. / At the Supper Club, Pat doesn't like seeing Cecile there. Then Jim and Margo arrive and Jim learns that Margo and Mitch knew each other from when she was at the Roman Palace in Vegas. Then Jim introduces Margo to Pat, Russ, Tracy, and Philip. When the show begins, Cindy Lee welcomes Tracy Merril to the audience then she notices Craig with Cecile and begins to sing "Some Enchanted Evening". / Mac tells Ada and Charlie that Vivien is over at Iris's because she came home tonight. When Mac goes to answer the door, Ada tells Charlie that Rachel has had no luck finding Tanner and both Mac and Jamie are asking more and more questions. / On the phone, Blaine tells Buzz that Hazel is after Larry. Buzz tells Blaine that Hazel may be planning to tell Larry about Blaine's involvement and tells her she better pack and leave town tonight. Blaine hangs up the phone crying. / When Cindy Lee finishes singing, Craig tells Cecile that he knew her in Philadelphia. When Craig goes to speak to Cindy she is cold toward him and leaves not believing Cecile is just his boss. Meanwhile a drunk Pat wants to dance so Philip takes her upstairs to the disco while Jason asks Tracy when she will be ready to start rehearsing again. Tracy tells him soon and then when Jason leaves, Mitch warns Tracy and Russ not to trust Jason. Russ tells Mitch that he and Jason have a deal that if he does anything wrong Tracy will leave him. / Jamie visits Mac and Mac tells him that Vivien is with Iris tonight and that Pat doesn't want to return to Brava. Jamie also tells Mac that Donald Tanner is in London and will fly from there to Washington before Bay City. Jamie also admits to Mac that he and Dennis aren't as close as they used to be and then Rachel calls (off camera) and Jamie and Mac both ask her and Ada when Rachel is coming back. Then Ada tells Charlie if Rachel doesn't come back soon Mac will be suspicious. / As Larry is looking for Hazel he remembers Bud calling out Hazel's name after he was shot. / Cindy remembers an argument with Jason about her singing. Then Jason enters to tell her that she did a good job but they wind up arguing again. Jason tells Cindy that she is upset because of Craig with an attractive lady. Cindy tells Jason that he is jealous because he is in love with Tracy and can't have her. Then Jason leaves and Mitch warns Cindy to be careful of Jason. / Buzz calls Blaine back and tells her that he called their bosses and they want Blaine to leave town tonight. Blaine tells Buzz she won't go and wait for him to meet her because he left her holding the bag once before with Rachel and money is all he cared about. Blaine tells Buzz to tell Jordan Scott that she isn't leaving and that she is staying because she is afraid that Hazel will kill Larry. / Larry enters the Boiler Room and tells Hazel that he has figured out that she is the one who fingered Bud and asks her to give herself up. / Pat says good night to Jim and Margo and then everyone says good night to Jason. Cecile suggests that Craig go and talk to Cindy Lee again. Then Cecile says hello to Jim and meets Margo Lamar. Cecile tells Jim she hopes Pat will come back to work and Jim says he is going to do all he can to convince Pat to return to work. Then Cecile asks Margo about her work as a showgirl. / Russ tells Tracy to name the time and the place for her answer and he will be there. Then Pat asks Russ to stay for a nightcap and when Russ says no, Pat also tells Russ she won't go back to Brava. When Russ leaves, Pat pours herself a drink. / Larry finds Hazel and she tells him he is gonna be dead just like the night watchman. / Hazel tells Larry she had this all planned because she knows her way around this plant in the dark and he doesn't. / Jerry tells Clarice he is going in but she insists on going too. Then they find the night watchman and Jerry calls the police. / Hazel shoots Larry. / Jerry finds Hazel but Hazel shoots at Clarice. Then Hazel falls down a flight of stairs.

Notes: Last appearance by Pamela Payton Wright as Hazel Parker.

JUNE 25, 1980 (EP. #4055)
As Mac, Ada, Jamie, and Charlie chat, Clarice calls and tells Charlie that Larry has been shot near the heart and is at the hospital. So Charlie heads to the hospital and Jamie will take Ada to Blaine's to stay with Cory. / Reena says good night to Iris and then leaves. Then Iris remembers what Reena told her about Cecile helping her to get rid of Pat. Next, Vivien asks to speak to Iris about the future but then Philip stops by to see Iris instead. Iris tells Philip she has tried to speak to Cecile but she doesn't seem to want to see her. Philip suggests that she talk to Cecile because she has become cynical and ruthless. Philip tells Iris that by helping Cecile maybe she will also become a better person. Philip also says that they are responsible for the change in Cecile but Iris wonders if it wasn't in her all the time. / Reena comes home to Kevin and tells him about her visit with Iris. Then Kevin gets a call from the hospital and learns that Larry has been shot with a bullet lodged near the heart so Kevin leaves. / Blaine keeps Cory company. Then Jerry calls and tells Blaine that Larry was shot by Hazel and is in emergency now. Jerry also tells Blaine that when Ada arrives she can come to the hospital. Jerry also tells Blaine that Hazel is dead from falling down a flight of stairs after shooting Larry. Then Buzz calls Blaine and she tells him that Larry was shot and might die and that Hazel is dead. Blaine also tells Buzz she doesn't know if Hazel talked to Larry or not. Then she hangs up when Ada arrives. Jamie offers to drive Blaine to the hospital. / As Rick, Joey, and Kit have dinner, Rick suggests to Kit that there might be a place for her working in the lab with him. Then Kit tells Rick how Joey and Kit share their interest in Italian operas and Caruso. When Joey gets a call from Angie, Kit tells Rick that Rose is in Chicago now and may open a restaurant there. / At the hospital, Charlie comforts Clarice. Then Blaine arrives with Jamie and Jerry tries to calm her. Sally tells them that Dr. Cook just arrived. Then Blaine asks Jerry if Hazel said anything. Jerry tells her he doesn't know what they said. Then Dr. Kevin tells Clarice and the others that the bullet is lodged near the heart and he will need a risky operation. Clarice asks to see Larry for a minute. Jamie stays with Blaine while Jerry finishes his statement to the police. / Joey tells Kit and Rick that he thinks his mother is exploiting their relationship to use it as publicity for the restaurant she is opening in Chicago. Then Cecile arrives and asks Kit and Joey if she can use the pictures Craig took of them for a sample presentation for Mac on a party of the month theme. Cecile assures Joey that the pictures will not appear in Brava. Then Cecile runs back to her suite next door when the phone rings. However, when Cecile answers the phone the other party hangs up. / Iris knows Cecile is home and tells Vivien she is going to pay her a visit before going to bed. / Dennis arrives at the Supper Club and learns that Cecile left about a half-hour ago. / Ada calls Joey and tells her that Larry was shot and in the hospital. Joey tells Ada he will go to the hospital and call her when he finds out something. Kit wants to go with him but Joey suggests she stay home because reporters will probably be there. Kit is bothered by what Joey said and Rick said she is being over sensitive. / Clarice talks to an unconscious Larry and then Kevin tells her they need to get Larry into surgery and take him away. / Brian visits Mac and while discussing Larry being shot they realize that Hazel is Bud's wife and Bud was Larry's partner during the time when Jeff Stone held Iris and Vivien hostage. Brian tells Mac that he is no longer in love with Iris and that Iris seems to want to change. / While Jamie lets Ada know what is happening, Sally keeps him company. Joey tells Blaine he is sorry about what happened and then Clarice enters. Blaine asks Clarice if Larry was awake and said anything. / Iris visits Cecile and tells her that she knows about what she did to Pat and doesn't want her to hurt Dennis. Dennis arrives and overhears from the hall Cecile and Iris discussing Dennis. Dennis hears Cecile tell Iris that she doesn't give a damn about Dennis. Iris asks Cecile to let Dennis off the hook and tells her she doesn't want to get into this game again but if she does she better watch out. / Kevin and Russ operate on Larry. / Sally tells Joey she is sorry about what has happened with Kit and him. Jerry and the police question Blaine and when they leave, Jamie tells Blaine that he knows she is lying about something. / Dennis visits Iris and tells her that he overheard what she and Cecile talked about. A hurt Dennis then tells Iris that he needs to get out of Bay City and find some new direction for his life. He goes on to say that he likes working for Gwen but thinks he may go back into the art business. Iris suggests opening a gallery in Bay City but Dennis says no. Then Iris realizes that she has to let him go. / There is a problem during the operation.

JUNE 26, 1980 (EP. #4056)
Kit gets up and learns from Joey that Larry made it through surgery but is still unconscious. Kit calls the hospital and is frustrated that she can't do anything to help her friends without stirring things up with reporters. / Mac talks to Rachel (off camera) and then Vivien tells him how sorry she feels about Larry because he saved her and Mrs. Bancroft's lives last year. Vivien also asks Mac to speak to Mrs. Bancroft today and try to patch things up with her. / Iris visits Reena. Then Kevin comes home and Iris tells them both how Larry saved her life and Vivien's last year. Kevin tells Iris and Reena that there is nothing more they can do until Larry awakens. When Kevin leaves the room, Iris tells Reena that Cecile has turned into a monster and wants to talk to her about Dennis. / Miranda gives Mary some instructions and then gets a call from Philip (off camera). Miranda accepts a dinner invitation for a burger from Philip then Taylor arrives. Taylor tells Miranda that Ellen isn't doing too good and has had a set back from all the articles in the paper on Kit and Joey. Then Kit arrives and, upon hearing of Ellen's condition, suggests that she come to Bay City. / Reena asks Iris if she likes her suggestion about Dennis and Iris asks her not to tell Dennis about their talk. Then Kevin gets a call from Russ (off camera) and tells the ladies that there may be a problem with Larry. / Jordan Scott tells Buzz that he wants to know what Hazel said to Larry. Then Aunt Meg calls and tells Buzz that she will find out what Hazel said to Larry. / Aunt Meg calls Blaine's and gets Ada. Meg tells Ada that she is Hazel's aunt in Chicago and wanted to know if Hazel said anything to Larry before she died. Ada tells Jamie about the strange call and Jamie tells her that Blaine wanted to know the same thing. Then Mac calls (off camera) and Jamie tells him that it doesn't look good for Larry. / Miranda gets a call from Mac (off camera) and accepts a dinner invitation as does Kit for her and Joey. When Kit walks Taylor out, Miranda calls Philip to cancel dinner with him. / Iris visits Mac and tells him that she has to get over Brian but she doesn't know how. Then Cecile enters and Iris leaves telling Mac that one day she will talk to Cecile and then she will come to him and some others but first she has to improve her credibility. / Reena tells Dennis that her friend, Mike Marshall in Houston, is looking for a top-notch art dealer to handle a growing business, Western Art. Dennis tells Reena that he would like to take a crack at the job. / Cecile makes some suggestions to Mac about Brava and going to New York and Mac reinforces the fact that she is in charge of Brava until Pat chooses to come back. Cecile tells Mac that she hopes he can get Pat to come back. / Dennis visits Cecile and tells her that he is thinking of taking a job in Houston. Then he tells her that he overheard her and his mother talking last night. Dennis asks Cecile to go back to being the way she was but Cecile refuses to give up all that she has worked so hard for. / At Miranda's pool, Cindy Lee tells Craig that he is going to spoil her with all these nice things. Craig tells Cindy that his plan to break up Kit and Joey will work but in the meantime she can't get excited when she sees him with other ladies. Cindy decides that for the 2 million he will get, she can deal with it. / Dennis tells Mac that he is planning to leave tomorrow to apply for a job in Houston. He also tells Mac that things aren't going to work out for him with Cecile. Then Miranda, Kit, and Joey arrive and Miranda meets Iris. As Miranda talks to Mac about the possibility of Ellen coming to town, Iris tells Dennis that Rachel shouldn't stay away too long because Miranda has her sights on Mac. / Larry remembers looking for Hazel and getting shot. Then a nurse tells Kevin that it looked like Larry was regaining consciousness. Kevin looks at Larry and Larry utters the word "Hazel."

JUNE 27, 1980 (EP. #4057)
Jerry arrives at the hospital and learns from Blaine and Clarice that there is no change. Jerry calls headquarters and tells them that Larry said Hazel's name but then slipped back into a coma. Charlie arrives to comfort Clarice and then Russ shows up. / Jim arrives to see Mac and winds up chatting with an upset Liz. Liz tells Jim that Cecile told her she saw Jim with a beautiful lady at the Supper Club and she knows it was Margo. Then Mac tells Liz and Jim that he is planning to invite Pat to lunch at L'Auberge and try to convince her to come back to work. / Russ tells Blaine, Jerry, Clarice, and Charlie that Larry is improving but there are still no guarantees. However, Russ also tells them that Clarice can see Larry for 5 minutes now and Blaine in another hour or so. Blaine snaps at Jerry when he asks Russ how long it will be before the police can question Larry. / Clarice talks to Larry and assures him that he will be okay. Larry asks about Cory and then calls out Hazel and Blaine's names. Then Clarice leaves the room. / Miranda stops by the Complex and tells Liz that she would like to see Mac. Then Miranda thanks Mac for dinner last night and tells him that she would like to repay him by having him over to her place. Mac tells Miranda that the house holds bad memories for him. Then Philip enters and learns that Miranda cancelled on dinner with him to have dinner with Mac. / Jordan tells Buzz to find out if Blaine knows anything more about what Hazel told Larry and suggests that he call Aunt Meg and have her find out. Jordan also tells Buzz that he needs to know if there is time to arrange an accident for Blaine. / Blaine apologizes to Jerry for snapping at him. Then Sally arrives and tells Blaine there is a call for her. Aunt Meg tells Blaine to pack her bags and leave town right away or else she will wind up like Hazel did. / Pat hides a drink when Tracy enters the room. Tracy asks Pat to go to her meeting with Mac with an open mind. Tracy also tells Pat that she needs to give Russ an answer soon to his proposal. When Pat leaves for the meeting, Tracy finds a glass of wine. / Charlie tries to comfort Blaine and then Blaine snaps at Jerry again. Clarice shows up and tells Blaine that Larry is sleeping now and she will have to wait to see him. Blaine decides that she needs to go for a drive and tells Jerry she wants to go alone. / Pat arrives early for lunch and has a couple glasses of wine while waiting for Mac to arrive. / Before Mac arrives to have lunch, Pat gives the waiter her glass. Then, when Mac shows up, he comments how she has such a glow about her and seems so relaxed. Pat orders wine with lunch while Mac has club soda. / Blaine tells Buzz that she is getting out of all this mess. Buzz tells her to leave town right away but she refuses because she is worried about Larry. So Blaine tells Buzz that she is going to tell the police everything about Jordan Scott and Aunt Meg and then whole operation. / Over lunch Mac asks Pat to reconsider her "vacation" and come back to work. Pat tells Mac she doesn't have the energy to work with Cecile or fight with Reena Cook and turns Mac down. Then Pat tells Mac that Russ has proposed to Tracy. / While Dooley and Tracy rehearse, Russ calls and updates her on Larry's condition. Tracy tells Russ that Pat is having lunch with Mac. Then Russ and Tracy make plans to have dinner together and Tracy tells Russ she has an answer for him. Then Dooley asks if she thinks she can be a good doctor's wife and career woman. / Clarice talks to Larry and he learns from her and Russ that she and Jerry showed up at the power plant and that Hazel shot at her but Jerry startled her and she fell down a flight of stairs and is dead. Then Larry asks to see Blaine. / Blaine returns to the hospital and Sally tells her that Larry is better. Sally also comments on how she thought Hazel was strange when she asked her all about Blaine's past that time. Then Clarice arrives and tells Blaine that Larry wants to see her. / Larry tells Blaine that they need to talk. Then Blaine tells Larry she is sorry and asks Larry if he knows.

Notes: Last appearance by * as Aunt Meg.

JUNE 30, 1980 (EP. #4058)
As the airplane approaches Houston, a stewardess tells Dennis what a great place Texas is. / Jerry waits with Clarice at the hospital and they talk about Hazel shooting Larry and also discuss how upset Blaine is about everything that has happened. / At the airport, Dennis meets Dawn Marshall who tells him that she is Mike Marshall's daughter and has come to pick him up and take him to Western Art. / Iris tells Reena that Cecile used Dennis to get back at her. Then they discuss Dennis possibly living in Houston. Striker calls and asks Reena to get Kevin to come to Houston to perform emergency heart surgery. / Kit and Miranda chat about Kit's mom (Ellen) and her dad (Taylor). Then Kit tells Miranda how Rachel saved Mac's life a few months ago. Miranda says there is no way to know for sure how much two people love each other. / Buzz tells Jordan that he doesn't think Hazel told Larry about their operation but Jordan says he can't have Blaine spilling the information to the cops. / Striker tells Reena that Mike Marshall has asked to have Kevin operate on Sheik Zehedi of Tanquir. Reena then tells Iris she is going back to Houston. / Striker tells Mike Marshall that it is all set with Kevin coming back to Houston and adds that he gave Kevin the money to start up his clinic in Bay City so he is sure he will come back to help him out. Mike tells Striker that Marshall Oil depends on the Sheik. / In the hospital, Blaine sees Larry and realizes that Larry doesn't know about her involvement with Hazel. Larry tells Blaine that Hazel was the leak in the police force and was responsible for Bud's death. / Dennis and Dawn arrive at Western Art and Dennis sees the portrait Cecile did of him. Then Mike calls Dawn and tells her he will be late to meet with Dennis and suggests she take him next door to Maggie's until he can get there. / Reena suggests to Iris that she forget about Brian and give him the divorce that he wants and come with her and Kevin to Houston as a vacation. Iris and Reena agree that if Dennis takes the job in Houston she will come to Texas with them. Then Kevin arrives and Reena tells him that they are going to Houston with Iris as their guest. After Iris leaves Reena tells Kevin that Striker needs a favor from him. / Craig and Amy join Kit and Miranda around the pool and then Taylor arrives to tell them that Ellen seems to be living in the past and unaware of the present. / Blaine joins Jerry and Clarice and tells them that she feels really good now that she has seen Larry. When alone, Blaine calls Buzz and tells him that Hazel didn't tell Larry about her. / Miranda tells Taylor that she wants to do something nice for Mac. / At Maggie's restaurant, Dawn introduces Dennis to Maggie Dekker and then explains how the Dekkers and Marshalls go way back. Dawn also tells Dennis that her real mother died in childbirth and that she grew up on the Marshall ranch. Dennis meets Nita when she comes over to take their order and welcomes him Houston. When Mike arrives and meets Dennis, Dawn tells him that she thinks Dennis is the man to run Western Art. / Mike offers Dennis the job. / After Blaine arrives home, Jordan comes to the door.

Notes: First episode to introduce the people of Houston for the new soap opera Texas. This episode introduces the background music to be used on Texas. First appearance by Robert Gerringer as Striker Bellman. First appearance by Dana Kimmel as Dawn Marshall. First appearance by Stephen D. Newman as Mike Marshall. First appearance by Shirley Slater as Maggie Dekker. First appearance by Ellen Maxted as Nita Wright.