NOVEMBER 3, 1980 (EP. #4147)
Brian tells Mac and Rachel that if Colton agrees to an early trial it means he has something. Then Zachary tells Brian there is an opening with Judge Baker the end of the week. Brian tells Mac and Rachel the trial begins this week. / Tracy tells Dooley she isn't pregnant yet after all. / Olivia tells Russ she is impressed with his staff. Then he invites her to dinner again. Next, Olivia calls Clarice. / Brian tells Mac and Rachel that they have to prove that Rachel went to St. Croix for Mac and not Mitch. Then Rachel remembers St. Lucia and tells them that Willis told her Janice and Mac were in St. Lucia and so she went there first. Winston Lowery at the Seacliff Hotel helped her try to locate Mac and Janice, but when they couldn't locate them she flew back to Bay City to see if Mitch knew where they were. Brian tells them that may be just what they need to prove her innocence. / Charlie visits Clarice and they talk about Rachel's situation and then Charlie learns that Robert's wife is in town and came to see her. Clarice also tells Charlie that Dr. Delaney wants to see Cory. Then Olivia calls. / Mac tells Rachel and Vivien that St. Lucia may be the key to ending the case. / Jason tells Colton if he will leave Tracy out of it, he will help give him all the information he needs. / Olivia meets Charlie and then visits with Clarice when Charlie leaves. Clarice tells Olivia that Robert tried to cause trouble for her and her husband but things worked out for the best. Then Cory comes home. / Olivia visits with Cory and, after meeting Robert's son, decides that that is what life would have been like. / Brian learns that Jerry is having problems locating Mr. Lowery. Brian asks Russ to be a witness for the defense. Then Brian tells Russ that Tanner is being called as a witness for the prosecution and that has him concerned. Russ also tells Brian he didn't believe Rachel's story that Janice was poisoning Mac at first and Mitch's name never came up. / Jamie, Ada, and Charlie arrive and Rachel and Mac tell them that the court trial begins the end of the week. They also tell them that they are hoping Mr. Lowery's testimony could really help Rachel prove her innocence. / Olivia and Tracy talk until Jason arrives. Then Jason meets Olivia and he invites her to come to the Supper Club before they go to New York and Washington. / Zachary visits Miranda and tells her that she is going to be a witness for the prosecution whether she likes it or not. / As Olivia, Russ, and Tracy are having dinner, a man arrives to give Tracy a subpoena to be a witness for the prosecution. / As Mac, Rachel, and the others are about to eat Vivien shows Brian in. Brian tells them that Mr. Lowery drowned in August while on a boat in a tropical storm.

NOVEMBER 4, 1980 (EP. #4148)
Tracy tells Russ she is worried about being a witness for the prosecution. Russ tells her that Mac and Rachel will understand. Tracy also tells him that Jason didn't want her to testify because it could be bad publicity for her. Then Tracy tells Russ that during her conversation with Brian she mentioned how Mitch never told her that Rachel loved him but he must have thought she did. / Pat feels awful after drinking too much last night. Then Liz arrives to take her to work and also mentions the party she is planning for Marianne. Pat is very short with Liz. / Russ tells Tracy the story of Robert and Clarice and how he married Iris before he knew Clarice was having his child. Tracy tells Russ that Olivia may see Cory as the child she never had. / Clarice tells Larry that Robert's wife came by yesterday and saw Cory. Larry doesn't like it but Clarice tells him that they should leave it alone for now. / Daisy calls Cecile to tell her that Philip is hanging out with Jenna. Then Jamie enters and he tells Cecile that a witness they had hoped would help Rachel's case died in August. Cecile tells Jamie there is still a chance that Colton won't win the election today but Jamie says it isn't likely. / Larry visits Olivia and asks her to stay away from his family. Olivia tells Larry that Cory belongs to both of their families but Larry disagrees. Then Olivia tells Larry that Cory ruined her marriage. When Larry leaves, Olivia wonders just how much she wants Robert back. / During Pat's meeting with Cecile, Cecile tells her that the latest gossip is that Philip has taken up with one of his old clients. Cecile also tells Pat that Philip won't be coming back. Then Cecile tells Pat to drop the act because she knows she has been drinking. Pat tells Cecile the reason she had a drink before their meeting is so that she could stand the sight of her. / Olivia and Russ talk about her staying in Bay City and working at the hospital and she tells him she will give him her decision by the end of the week. / After Harriet leaves, Jamie talks to Cecile and she mentions how she thinks Pat has been drinking. Jamie tells Cecile he just saw her and she seemed fine so they should drop the subject. / Olivia and Tracy talk about Olivia's life in Seattle with Robert and she tells Tracy she doesn't know if she wants to keep her marriage or not. Olivia does say that she thinks Robert may come back to see his son. / At home, Pat suffers from a terrible hangover as she continues drinking. Then Marianne calls and when she realizes Pat is drinking, tells her that she maybe she shouldn't come home for a visit. / Philip spends time at a party with Daisy and Jenna and tries to have a good time. / A drunk Pat gets a call from Philip and tells him she is in terrible trouble.

NOVEMBER 5, 1980 (EP. #4149)
Rachel tells Mac that according to the paper Colton won the election so she doubts there's any hope of the case being dropped now. / A hung-over Pat calls work to tell them she isn't coming in and then Jim arrives and asks her what's happened to her. / Jordan tells Blaine that Colton won the election and that is great news for the Arena because he owes $7000-$8000 so far. Jordan tells Blaine if Colton comes to the Arena tonight, it means he has gambling in his blood. Jordan calls Zachary and invites him to the Arena for a victory party tonight but Colton is hesitant. / Miranda tells Rick she is upset about Colton winning the election because she has grown fond of Mac and Rachel. Then Amy arrives and asks Miranda and Rick to have a party tonight for Jerry and her. Then Liz calls to invite Kit to a party for her niece and when Liz learns that Rick is 25 and single she invites him also. Miranda reluctantly agrees to have the party but advises her not to marry Jerry. Amy tells Miranda she may be able to help her get Mac Cory in return but Miranda denies having designs on Mac. / Jim tells Pat that he got a call from Marianne this morning and she doesn't know whether to come to visit or not because she could tell that Pat was intoxicated when they talked last night. Pat tells Jim that Marianne is just what she needs to straighten herself out and that she won't drink anymore. / Miranda tells Rachel and Mac how bad she feels being a witness for the prosecution. Mac and Rachel tell Miranda not to worry because they understand and Brian will hopefully be able to turn her testimony to Rachel's advantage just like he is planning for Tracy Matthews. Privately, Mac tells Miranda he is still hoping that Colton will drop the charges now that he has been elected. / Brian tells Jerry that he can assist him in the trial if he gets his bar certificate in time. / Brian calls Colton and learns that he isn't planning to drop the charges against Rachel. Then Brian tells Jerry that he wants him to learn all he can from him and in two years he wants him to run for DA and win. / Cecile pays Pat a visit and tells her to either quit work now or she will go to Jamie and Mac and tell them she is a drunk. Then Philip arrives. / Philip asks Cecile what she is doing here and Cecile tells him she is giving Pat an ultimatum. Philip tells Cecile that Pat will be at work tomorrow sober. When Cecile leaves, Pat tells Philip how surprised she is that he came back. Philip said he knew she was in trouble and caught the first flight back because he cares for her. / While Margo, Amy, Rick, Jerry, and Miranda have dinner, Miranda gets a call from Brad asking when Kit will be coming back. Miranda tells Brad that she will be back in a day or two. Then Amy lets it be known that Brad and Kit are becoming quite an item. / At the Arena, Blaine asks Brad about Amy but he doesn't want to talk about her. / Brian asks Mac if he is ready to have the entire story with Janice brought up again and if he believes Rachel's story completely and Mac says yes. / Zachary Colton arrives at the Arena and Jordan and Blaine are happy to see him. / Brian asks Rachel one more time about the events with Mitch in St. Croix. As Rachel talks to him she remembers being with Mitch in St. Croix. Then Brian asks Rachel if she was ever alone with Mitch and she says no and she isn't withholding anything.

NOVEMBER 6, 1980 (EP. #4150)
Blaine tells Jordan she feels sorry for Rachel. Then they discuss the fact that Zachary now owes about $10,000 to the Arena. / Charlie visits Clarice and while there Olivia calls and asks to see Clarice. Clarice agrees and tells Charlie she is afraid of Dr. Delaney. / Liz arrives at Pat's and is shocked to find Philip answer the door. / Liz asks Pat what is going on when she learns that Philip made breakfast for her. Philip tells Pat he will take her to work after he goes home to change. Then Pat tells Liz that Philip helped her get through the night. / Blaine tells Jordan that she had a fight with Jerry last night about something she said to Amy. Jordan asks her if Margo has been causing her any more trouble and she says she would tell him if she was. / Margo tells Jim about Jordan's threat but says it is just her word against Jordan's and Blaine can't back her up because she is in even more trouble. Then Liz arrives at Jim's and says "This certainly isn't the morning to visit relatives." Margo leaves and then Liz tells Jim she found Pat with Philip and they have to do something about it. Liz also asks what Jim is going to tell Marianne about visiting Pat. Jim tells her he will do something. / Clarice asks Charlie to stay and then Olivia arrives. Olivia tells them that she isn't staying in town just because of Cory but she would like to see him from time to time. Olivia also tells them she wants to save her marriage to Robert. / Tracy rehearses with Dooley and Jason and tells Lilly that she and Russ are coming to hear her sing tonight. Privately, Jason tells Russ that Dr. Delaney may be just what he needs to keep Russ occupied while he travels with Tracy. / Cecile tells Jamie that she saw Pat yesterday and she was drunk and they need to do something about it to protect Brava. Cecile also tells him that Philip won't be staying at work now that he is rich. Philip overhears some of it and tells Jamie that Cecile's information is wrong and that Pat is fine. Then a sober Pat enters the office and Jamie is happy to see her. / When Jamie and Philip leave the office on business, Cecile tells Pat that everyone knows she is a drunk and is surprised she can show her face around the office. / Margo visits Blaine at the suite and tells her that they have to do something about Jordan. Margo adds that if she has to she will go right to the District Attorney. Blaine laughs and tells Margo that the DA owes Jordan lots of money. / At the Supper Club, Tracy tells Olivia how Russ operated on her once and then Olivia accepts Russ's offer to work at the hospital. Jason hears the news and says it calls for a celebration. Then Jordan and Blaine arrive to hear Lilly sing. / Lilly meets Blaine and Jordan and talks to them about her career. Then Dooley tells Lilly that Jason took Dr. Delaney home. Jordan asks Blaine if she loves him when he notices she isn't jealous about his paying attention to Lilly. / Jason brings Olivia home and makes a pass at her but she tells him he should go home. / Philip tells Pat about Ginny. Then Pat thanks Philip for staying with her last night. Philip asks her if he leaves now if she will be okay. Pat tells him she doesn't know so Philip says he will stay.

NOVEMBER 7, 1980 (EP. #4151)
Mac calms Vivien who is upset about going to court. / Blaine stops by to see Clarice and runs into Larry instead. Larry tells Blaine he can't look at her without seeing Jordan. / Marianne calls Pat and Pat tells her she is fine and wants to see her. Then Pat thanks Philip for staying the night with her. Then Liz arrives. / Philip leaves and then Pat tells Liz that Marianne is coming home and everything is all right because of Philip. / Charlie tells Ada he would like to go to court with her but Ada tells him she has to do this alone. Ada also tells Charlie she isn't going to try to talk Rachel into telling Brian about the baby for the baby's sake. / Clarice comes home and finds Larry and Blaine exchanging words. Then Jordan arrives. / When Jordan can tell he isn't welcome he leaves with Blaine. Jordan tells Larry there are some cops he gets along with. / Cecile tells Jamie he should go to court if that is what he wants to do. Then Liz enters followed by Philip. When Philip and Jamie leave, Liz tells Cecile she doesn't want to see Pat get hurt by Philip. / Clarice tries to calm Larry about the comment Jordan made and assures him that no one on the Bay City police force would be crooked. / Ada tells Rachel she will stand behind her all the way. Rachel tells her she thought about telling Brian about the baby but she just can't hurt Mac that way. / Cecile asks Pat about her divorce from John in relation to a Brava article. Then Cecile tells Pat that Liz has asked her to warn her about Philip. However, Pat leaves. Cecile decides to keep the fact that Jenna will be her guest next week as she writes an article for Brava about men like Philip a secret. / Jordan and Blaine interview an applicant named Suzanne for the Arena. Jordan tells Blaine he is sorry if coming to Larry's upset her. Blaine tells him she is fine with it but asks him not to hint at crooked cops. Jordan tells Blaine he will find some crooked cops in Bay City. / An angry Pat tells Liz to stay out of her personal life. Pat also tells Liz if she ever discusses her personal life with Cecile again they are through. / Ada and Mac talk about the start of the case and they prepare themselves for the battle with Colton and his belief that Rachel and Mitch were having an affair. Mac tells Ada no matter what Colton does he knows that Rachel loves him and that she is innocent. / Philip tries to calm an upset Pat about Liz talking to Cecile behind her back. Philip tells Pat that Cecile is using Liz. Pat tells Philip she needs a drink but Philip tells her she doesn't. / An upset Liz tells Cecile they can never discuss Pat again. Then Cecile tells Liz that they can find a way to make sure Pat doesn't get hurt by Philip. / Ada, Mac, and Rachel get ready to leave for the courtroom. Rachel tells them both not to be afraid for her because she is innocent. / When Brian, Rachel, Mac, and Ada arrive the reporters go after them. Then Colton arrives.

NOVEMBER 10, 1980 (EP. #4152)
Jerry tells Margo that they have selected the jury. Then Margo asks Jerry what kind of a man Colton is. / Miranda tells Rick that Kit got home about thirty minutes ago. Miranda also mentions Rachel's case to Rick and Rick thinks Miranda has a special interest in it. / Russ shows Olivia her new office. Then he makes a comment that when Tracy travels they will be leading separate lives. / Margo remembers her talk with Blaine about the DA and then asks Jerry if he thinks Zachary Colton could be crooked. / Zachary calls Blaine to discuss the money he owes. Blaine tells him his credit is always good and not to worry about it. / Miranda tells Amy she is having a little get-together for Kit but Amy doesn't like it that she invited Kit. / Rick and Kit talk about Joey but Kit tells him it is over for her and Joey but he doesn't agree. Then Rick tells her he hasn't heard from Joey. / Charlie, Larry, and Clarice discuss the court proceedings. Then Cory and Nancy enter, followed by Olivia. / When Charlie and the kids leave, Olivia tells Larry and Clarice that she has accepted a job with Russ Matthews and will be staying in Bay City. / Brian talks to Zachary about plea bargaining but Zachary says no. / Olivia asks Russ if she could have a couple days to go back to Seattle. Then after Russ takes a call from Tracy (off-camera), he asks Olivia for a bite to eat. / Brad visits with Kit and tells her he really wanted to see her in New York. Then Brad tells Kit he loves her and wants to make her happy. / Over drinks, Miranda asks Jerry about Rachel's case and Craig talks to Kit. Brad tells Amy he told Kit how he feels about her and Amy offers to do all she can to help him with Kit. As Miranda and Jerry talk she remembers telling Colton about the tape. Miranda asks Jerry what would happen if someone found some evidence to prove Rachel's St. Croix story but then lost it. But they are interrupted by Brad. Then Kit sees pictures of the party at the lodge with Joey and it upsets her. / Jerry goes outside to comfort Kit. Kit tells Jerry she doesn't want to go back to her old lifestyle. Then Amy comes out and suggests Brad would be good for her right now. / When Jerry takes Amy home she asks him in but she says he can't stay. / Miranda tells Kit she is worried about Rachel's trial. Then Kit tells Miranda that Brad told her he loves her but it is too soon. Then Miranda warns Kit to be careful of Amy and to stay away from Jerry if she likes him because Amy may do something out of spite. / Amy tells Jerry not to worry about Kit because she always lands on her feet. Then Amy tells Jerry that she doesn't think they should see each other any more because her feelings for him are getting stronger and she doesn't want to get hurt. Jerry assures Amy that he would never hurt her and they make out.

NOVEMBER 11, 1980 (EP. #4153)
Judge Baker addresses the jury in Room 829 of the court house. / Liz visits Russ and tells him that he needs to talk to Pat about Philip because he is the cause of Pat's drinking. Then Olivia enters and meets Liz. Next, Russ gets called away, leaving Liz and Olivia to talk. / Miranda tells Amy she has to testify this afternoon. Amy tells Miranda that there is nothing wrong with pursuing Mac if Rachel goes to jail. / Zachary gives his opening remarks to the jury. / Liz talks to Olivia about what good friends Lenore and Pat were. Then she talks about Russ and Tracy and how she wishes Tracy was a doctor in town instead of a singer out of town so much. Liz leaves when Russ comes back. / Brian presents his opening argument to the jury. / Colton interviews Dr. Musgrave, the coroner, who tells him he can't tell where Mitch was shot because the body was so badly burned. On cross-examination, Brian then asks the coroner if he is sure Mitch was killed with just one bullet. Then Colton calls Mr. Frawley, the ballistics expert, to the stand. / Russ tells Pat he had a visit from Liz. Pat tells Russ that she is fine now and also tells him that she didn't appreciate Liz going to Cecile about her personal life. Pat tells Russ she has been unhappy the past few years and wants to change that. Then Russ sings Olivia's praises and tells Pat that no one knows where Robert is. / Mr. Frawley tells Brian and the court that there is no way to tell how many bullets were fired from the gun because the fire caused the bullets to explode. / Brian and Jerry comfort Rachel and Brian tells them he asked about the number of bullets because it is possible the fire killed Mitch and not the bullet. Brian also tells them that Larry will probably be called next. When Jerry and Brian discuss Donald Tanner, Rachel remembers a chat with Ada where she was afraid Mitch would read Tanner's book and figure out that he was the baby's father. / As it snows outside, Mitch lights a fire using a Colorado newspaper with an article on Rachel Cory's trial. / Zachary tells Vivien that she will be called shortly but Vivien doesn't want to talk to him. / At work, Liz tells Pat that Jamie called and said Vivien is about to take the stand. Then Pat tells Liz it is one thing to talk to the family about her but not others. Then Liz tells Pat that she met Olivia and she is very nice. Liz also tells Pat that she wishes Tracy had a job that made her stay in town. When Liz asks Pat if Philip is going to be staying with her while Marianne is in town, Pat tells her to mind her own business. / Colton questions Vivien on the stand about the phone call the day of the shooting and the fact that she made Rachel take the gun. / Rick tells Kit that Brad isn't the right guy for her. Kit admits to Rick that she likes Jerry. / Brian questions Vivien about Mitch "pestering" Rachel. Then Zachary calls Miranda to the stand. / Zachary tells the jury that Miranda is a hostile witness.

Notes: Miranda lives at 14 Merriweather Rd. According to Pat, Marianne is 24 years old.

NOVEMBER 12, 1980 (EP. #4154)
Zachary questions Miranda on the stand. / Cecile tells Philip she has a surprise for him. Pat enters when Philip leaves and Cecile tells Pat she wants her to work on an article for Brava. / Blaine thanks Jordan for the pearls he has given her. / On the stand, Miranda tells the court she overheard Rachel making plans to meet Mitch in the stables the day of the shooting. Miranda also says that Mitch visited Rachel the night of her dinner party. / Cecile tells Pat she wants her to do an article on kept men and suggests she interview Philip for the article. Pat suggests she interview Cecile as a girl who falls for that type of guy but then can't afford it. / While looking over the reservation list, Jordan tells Blaine he won't be in town tonight. When Jordan leaves, Suzanne questions Blaine about so many well-known people being at the Arena. / Miranda tells Brian and the court that Colton overheard a conversation she had had with Taylor Halloway and that's how she got called by the prosecution. Miranda also says that she thought at one time that Rachel was seeing Mitch on the side but she was wrong. Then court is adjourned. / Zachary asks Miranda to dinner at the Arena but she declines. Zachary tells Miranda that he will win his case but Miranda tells him she doesn't want Rachel to go to jail. Then Ada enters and tells Miranda she doesn't buy this "hostile witness" act. / Amy tells Cecile she knew Jenna at one time. Cecile tells her that they will embarass Philip with this article on kept men. Then Jamie arrives and tells them about court, followed by Jerry's arrival. Jerry tells them that Miranda's testimony was damaging a bit. Kit and Brad drop by and invite the others to the Arena. / Jamie talks about the trial while Jerry tells Kit that Joey called from Indiana the other day about the annulment. Then Kit and Brad leave. / Liz and Pat get ready for Marianne's arrival and then learn that Russ can't make it because he and Tracy are having dinner with Mac and Rachel. Then Jim arrives with Marianne. / When Colton arrives at the Arena, Blaine tells him that Rachel could never kill anyone. Then Brad and Kit arrive. Kit tells Blaine that Jerry passed his bar exam. Blaine tells her that Jerry is great at law but lousy at picking women. / As Rachel and Russ visit, Rachel tells him she dreads the courtroom. / Once Jim and Liz leave, Marianne tells Pat that aunt Alice told her about Kevin Cook and her drinking problem. Pat tells Marianne that the drinking is over and that she and Philip are just friends. Marianne asks Pat who Cecile is but Pat tells her she would rather talk about Tracy. / Rachel tells Tracy she is concerned about Jason's testimony. Tracy tells Rachel that a baby is more important to her than a career. When Tracy leaves, Rachel promises Mitch that the baby will be loved. / Mitch looks out at the snow and a wind chime. / Mitch looks at a wind chime and then has flashes of the mobile that Rachel did for him. He knows the wind chime means something to him but he doesn't know what.

NOVEMBER 13, 1980 (EP. #4155)
Margo sees Blaine and tells her she wants Jordan locked up and knows how they can do it. / As Liz and Pat prepare for the party, Liz tells Pat that Jamie is bringing Cecile to the party. / Jerry asks Brian how damaging Miranda's testimony was and then Kit arrives and asks Brian what Joey had to say. / Brian tells Kit that Joey just wanted to know about the annulment and would be back in town next week. When Brian leaves, Jerry comforts Kit. Kit tells Jerry that she and Joey should have ended things as soon as the story hit the papers about who she really was. Jerry advises Kit not to look back and suggests she get back into nursing. Then Amy arrives and Kit leaves. / Margo tells Blaine that if she can get Jordan to make an attempt on her life, they can nail Jordan. Blaine tells Margo she is crazy. Margo warns Blaine that she could be next. Then Jordan calls. / When Blaine hangs up with Jordan she tells Margo that she will take care of Jordan her own way. / Jess Cooper comments to Jordan about Blaine becoming too valuable to be easily disposed of. / Amy tells Jerry about a party for Liz's niece. Then she asks Jerry what Kit was up to. Jerry tells Amy she is wrong about Kit and that they need to talk about their relationship. Amy suggests he come to her place after the party but Jerry tells her he has to work. / Blaine tells Vinnie, the blackjack dealer, she would like him to arrange for the assistant to the mayor, Joe Derek, to win tonight. When Joe arrives, he talks to Blaine about the new docks project and how Jess Cooper may be moving from St. Louis to Bay City to get in on it. / Margo visits Clarice and Larry and privately tells Larry that she thinks Blaine was forced to leave Jerry. Margo also tells Larry that Zachary Colton owes Jordan Scott a lot of money. Larry tells Margo he doesn't want to get involved. Then Larry tells Clarice he has something to do before the party but will come right back home to get her. / Larry visits Blaine at the Arena and tells her that Margo thinks she is in trouble that she can't get out of. Blaine tells Larry that Jordan is just a wrung on the ladder and she can take care of herself. / Larry comes home and tells Clarice how much he loves her. / Jim, Liz, Pat, and Marianne get the final things ready for the party and then Kit arrives with Brad and Rick and Marianne meets them. / Rick talks to Marianne about Chicago while Clarice and Larry talk to Jerry and Amy. When Jerry suggests they talk to Kit and Brad, Amy steers Jerry elsewhere. Brad and Kit tell Liz it is a good party. Rick has a good time with Marianne and then Kit and Clarice talk with Marianne. Jamie and Cecile arrive and Cecile invites Rick, Marianne, and Clarice to a party at her place. Jim talks to Jamie about Mac and Rachel. / Larry meets with Captain Petroni and tells him he wants to be a crooked cop.

NOVEMBER 14, 1980 (EP. #4156)
Russ calls Marianne and asks to have lunch with her. Then Tracy tells Russ how upset Jason is about her having to testify. Russ tells Tracy that Jason should have known all along that she would be called and assures her that she will be fine. / Jason complains to Zachary about his calling Tracy to testify and orders him to drop Tracy from the list or he will tell the court that Rachel and Mitch were not involved. Colton tells Jason if he deviates from his earlier statement he will have him charged with perjury. / Brian tells Rachel and Mac that Tracy 's testimony will be hard because it will be about Mitch's personal feelings for Rachel. / Mac suggests to Rachel that they go away on a trip once the trial is over and she is acquitted. Rachel suggests that if something were to happen to them Tracy and Russ should look after the children. / Marianne visits Liz, Cecile, and Jamie at the complex. Then Marianne meets Philip. / When alone, Liz tells Marianne how Philip plotted with Iris and that he is bad news for Pat. / As court begins, Mac and Ada discuss how nervous Tracy is to testify. Then Colton calls Jason to the stand. / When Marianne leaves, Cecile asks Liz if Marianne and Jamie were ever an item. Liz tells her no. Then Cecile tells Liz that everyone will know what Philip is all about soon because she is planning a surprise. / On the stand, Jason tells the court that Mitch never told him anything about Janice but that Rachel did try to find out where Mitch was when he was in St. Croix. / Brian gets Jason to admit that Rachel designed the mobile for Mitch as a job. Brian also asks Jason how he knows the dates and times of Rachel's visits to the Club and how does he know that Mitch wasn't going to St. Croix to meet Janice Cory. Finally Brian gets Jason to admit that Mitch never told him that he was having an affair with Rachel. / Marianne tells Russ that she still feels bad about the way she treated her mom during the whole ordeal with Greg. When Russ leaves, Rick arrives and joins Marianne. / Rick and Marianne talk about Sally, Kit, and Joey. When Rick learns that Marianne doesn't have a boyfriend he asks her out and she accepts. / Colton questions Tracy about how Mitch opened up to her about his feelings for Rachel. As Tracy talks, Rachel remembers being with Mitch in St. Croix and his comment that her nose is red. Then Rachel cries. / Tracy admits that Mitch confessed to having feelings for Rachel a month after St. Croix and the stabbing. Then Brian cross-examines Tracy and gets her to admit that Mitch never said he was having an affair with Rachel. Next, Colton tells the court he would like to re-direct. / Colton gets Tracy to tell the court that Mitch thought Rachel married Mac for his money and social standing and that he could give her the same things so that she could be with him.

Notes: Jamie tells Marianne that he hasn't heard from Dennis who has moved to Houston.

NOVEMBER 17, 1980 (EP. #4157)
Brian tells Mac that he thinks they did okay today in court. / At the Arena, Blaine entertains the assistant to the mayor. / Petroni calls Larry and asks him to meet with him. Then Larry tells Clarice he has to go down to the station for a little while. / Brian tells Mac that Rachel may ask Mac to stay home tomorrow because Colton plans to call people from St. Croix and Donald Tanner to the stand. Brian also tells Mac he doesn't understand Tanner being a witness for the prosecution. / Blaine tries to get the assistant to the mayor to see that Jess Cooper being involved in the dock project would be good for Bay City. Then Zachary Colton arrives at the Arena. / Larry tells Captain Petroni that he thinks this is the only way they can nail Jordan. Petroni warns Larry this is going to be very tough on him and his family and friends and he will be risking losing all of it. / After dinner, Rick and Marianne leave to go dancing and Liz, Jim, and Pat chat about what a nice couple they make. Then Jim is pleased to learn that Pat has only had one glass of wine tonight. / While roller skating Jerry tells Amy he thinks it is best if they take it easy for a while and not get too deeply involved. Amy thinks it may have something to do with Kit but Jerry denies it. Then Marianne and Rick spot Jerry and Amy. / Mac tells Ada that Brian thinks the prosecution will wrap up its case tomorrow. Then Charlie arrives and when alone with Ada, Ada tells him that Tanner is testifying tomorrow and if he tells on the stand that Mac isn't the baby's father, Rachel will lose everything. / Rick and Marianne discuss how easy it is to talk to each other and Rick invites her to the lab and lunch tomorrow. / Blaine visits with Zachary and then Brad and Kit arrive. Kit tells Blaine that she saw Jerry with Amy at a party last night for Marianne Randolph. / Margo remembers her last chat with Blaine and then Jerry comes home. When Jerry asks her what she wanted to talk about as far as Blaine goes, Margo tells him it doesn't matter now. / Amy tells Miranda she better help her hold on to Jerry or she will tell everyone that Miranda wants Rachel to go to jail so she can have Mac. When Miranda doesn't flinch, Amy tells her she is tired of Kit getting everything and she can't have Jerry too. / Clarice tells Larry she would like him to get the afternoon before Thanksgiving off for Cory's pageant. Then she tells him how proud she is of him. When alone, Larry vows not to lose his family. / When Brad drops Kit off he tells her that he can make her happy and that he loves her and wants to marry her. Kit tells Brad it is too soon. Brad tells her he won't give up yet. When Brad leaves, Miranda enters and tells Kit that Brad is right for her. / Clarice finds Larry sitting in the dark and then Larry takes a call from Captain Petroni telling him that the Commissioner has given them the green light.

NOVEMBER 18, 1980 (EP. #4158)
When Mac and Brian leave Rachel and Ada alone to talk in the courthouse, Rachel tells Ada that if Tanner mentions the sterility on the stand, Colton will tell everyone that it is Mitch's baby she is carrying. / Kit visits Rick at the lab and asks him to help straighten out her life. / Jordan takes a phone call and then tells Blaine that Jess Cooper is going to hear about what she has done. / Jordan tells Blaine that Joe Derek called and it looks like Jess Cooper will be in on the dock project. Blaine tells Jordan that Zachary Colton lost $200 last night. / While Clarice and Larry are talking about how wonderful things are, Larry gets a call from Capt. Petroni and plans a meeting. / Kit tells Rick she applied to a hospital in Ogden but as soon as they knew who she was they didn't take her seriously. Then Marianne arrives and Kit leaves. / Colton questions Mr. Kenton, a desk clerk at the hotel Rachel stayed at in St. Croix. Mr. Kenton tells the court that Rachel only placed two calls and both were to another hotel that happened to be where Mitch was staying. On cross-examination, Brian makes it clear that Mr. Kenton doesn't know for a fact that the calls were placed to Mitch at the hotel. Then Colton calls Johnny Jones, the man who rented Mitch the sailboat, to the stand. Mr. Jones tells the court he heard Mitch and Rachel laughing and making dinner plans. Next, Sergeant Pointer is called to testify. / Marianne tells Rick that he seems so involved in his work that he doesn't have time to fall in love. Then Joey arrives. / Colton gets Pointer to admit that there is nothing in Rachel's St. Croix statement that proves Mitch was involved in the poisoning attempt. Then under Brian's questioning, Pointer tells the court that at the time, Rachel's only concern was to get Mac home for treatment. Then Colton calls Russ to the stand but Judge Baker adjourns court for lunch. / Marianne leaves after Rick asks her to dinner and then Joey tells Rick he doesn't intend to talk to Kit. Joey also tells Rick he needs to find a job. Rick tries to talk Joey into calling Kit but Joey tells Rick it is over. / Blaine remembers her last visit with Clarice as she visits Clarice once again. Then Joey arrives looking for Larry. Joey tells Blaine and Larry it is over with Kit and that he is looking for a job. Then Joey leaves after learning from Blaine that she and Jerry are getting a divorce. Then it occurs to Blaine that she may be able to get Joey a job at the Arena. / Larry meets with Petroni and learns that Joe Derek has given a contract to Jess Cooper and the Commissioner thinks the deal is crooked. Then Petroni tells Larry that his contact will be someone outside the department. / In court, Colton questions Russ Matthews as a hostile witness and gets Russ to state that he told Rachel about Damtrex but didn't believe that Janice was poisoning Mac. Russ also has to state that, at the time, Rachel never told him that Mitch was involved with Janice. / Brian questions Russ who states that he knew Mac was poisoned once he returned to the states. Russ also says that Rachel had told him that Mitch was bothering him. Then Colton calls Donald Tanner to the stand. / Larry arrives home while Blaine is visiting Clarice and he is very nice to her and even tells her he will try to get along with Jordan. / Tanner tells the court he researched Damtrex and its effects before using it in his book. He adds that he expected the book to do well but it hasn't because he was honoring Mrs. Cory's wishes to keep it low profile. When Colton is done, Rachel asks Brian not to cross-examine Tanner. / Brian tells Jerry Linda Metcalf is on tap for tomorrow but he doesn't understand where Colton's case is.

Notes: Joey mentions that Rose now has three restaurants.

NOVEMBER 19, 1980 (EP. #4159)
Ada tells Charlie and Russ that Tanner never mentioned the fact that Damtrex causes sterility. Then Charlie leaves but Ada asks to speak to Russ. / Amy tells Miranda that she wishes Jerry were in love with her even though she isn't in love with him. Miranda tells Amy she is really concerned about Rachel and doesn't want her to go to jail but Amy still doesn't believe her. / Blaine meets with Jess Cooper and Jordan, and Jess compliments her on the great work getting Joe Derek to give him the dock contract. When Jess mentions whether or not they have Zachary hooked, Jordan tells Jess yes but Blaine says she doesn't know yet. / Ada tells Russ that Rachel would like him and Tracy to take care of the baby if anything happens to them. / Miranda tells Amy that Kit isn't after Jerry. Then Amy tells Miranda that Philip is now a millionaire. Then Rick enters. When Rick tells Miranda and Amy that Joey is back and he is meeting him at the Roller Disco, Kit overhears. / Rick tells Kit that Joey seems okay but didn't want to call her. Rick tells all of them that he doesn't know what Joey's plans are but will probably leave town if he can't find a job. Then Brad arrives to pick Kit up and Amy suggests he take Kit to the Roller Disco. / Margo tells Jerry that Jim is taking her to L'Auberge for dinner. Jerry tells Margo he is nervous about questioning Brian at the trial tomorrow. Margo asks if she can be there and he says yes. Then Jerry gets a call from Capt. Petroni who asks to speak to him privately tonight. / Pat tells Philip she only had one glass of wine at the party for Marianne. Then she tells him that Dr. Olivia Delaney, a heart specialist who is replacing Kevin Cook since he moved to Houston, will be joining them for dinner. Then Pat tries to call and invite Russ and Tracy also. Philip tells Pat he has missed her since Marianne came to town. / Tracy stops by the hospital to say goodbye to Russ. Russ tells Tracy that Colton doesn't seem to have a strong case and Brian will start calling his witnesses tomorrow and should be able to wrap this up soon. Russ also tells Tracy that Ada says Rachel wanted them to take the baby if she went to jail but Tracy tells her that Mac would raise the child. Then Olivia enters as Russ and Tracy are kissing goodbye. / Jason enters to take Tracy to the airport and chats with Olivia who says she is beginning to feel at home in Bay City. Then Jason offers to take her out when he gets back from Washington. Then Russ gets a call from Pat and tells them that he is invited to dinner and Olivia says Pat invited her too so they decide to go together. / When Jess leaves, Brad asks for an advance from Jordan while Blaine mentions having seen Joey to Kit. Blaine tells Kit that maybe Joey could get a job here at the Arena. / Pat tells Philip she is a little nervous entertaining but all right. Then they join Russ and Olivia as they are talking hospital news. / At the Roller Disco, Joey tells Rick he will be lucky if he can find a decent paying job. Then Joey tells Rick he is going to prove he can make lots of money on his own and that he doesn't feel the same for Kit as he used to. Then Joey asks Rick about Marianne Randolph and Rick says he likes her but doesn't know how she feels about him. Then Kit and Brad arrive and are spotted by Rick and Joey. / Brad realizes that Amy knew Joey would be at the Roller Disco. Then Rick suggests to Brad that they go and let Joey and Kit talk. Joey mentions the annulment to Kit and it upsets her. Then she asks him if he will leave town if he doesn't find a job but Joey tells her he thinks he will find a job. Joey tells Kit he is very sorry about everything. Then Kit leaves telling him that Blaine may have a job for him. Then Joey leaves. / Jerry meets with Capt. Petroni and learns that he needs a contact man for an officer who is going undercover. / Capt. Petroni tells Jerry that the man they are after is Jordan Scott and the men he works for. Jerry tells Petroni that he will have to think about it.

NOVEMBER 20, 1980 (EP. #4160)
On the witness stand, Colton questions Linda Metcalf as to what she overheard Rachel say. Linda tells the court she heard Rachel say it would be better if Mitch were dead. / Jerry tells Margo he is nervous about the trial and some other things. / Joey meets with Blaine to talk about a job and then meets Jordan Scott. / Brian questions Linda and tries to show that Rachel was distraught over her husband's condition. Linda also says that she didn't think a murder would take place from overhearing what Rachel said. Then Colton rests his case and court is recessed for ten minutes. Brian tells Rachel he is changing their strategy and they have to talk. / Russ tells Olivia she hasn't heard from Tracy today yet. Then Olivia leaves when Liz enters and asks Russ to see if there are any openings in the nursing staff because maybe Marianne would stay in town if there is. Then Liz tells Russ she is concerned about Pat and that Philip is the cause of her drinking. / Jordan discusses the possibility of Joey being a bouncer at the Arena. When Jordan leaves, Joey tells Blaine he wants to be rich. Blaine advises Joey to think twice before taking a job with Jordan. Joey tells Blaine he has something to prove to people that he can make it on his own and so Blaine agrees to talk to Jordan for him. / Brian tells Mac, Rachel, and Jerry that he thinks the best thing to do is to show how committed Rachel is to Mac. Then he says he wants to put Rachel on the stand next, followed by Mac. / Larry comes home and tells Clarice about a sports car he wants to buy. Then he remembers his talk with Petroni about how he will be risking everything to go undercover. Liz tells Marianne it would be the best thing for her mother if she stayed in town. Marianne tells Liz if she stays in town it won't be because of Pat and Philip. / Brian calls Rachel to the stand as Colton tells his assistant that Brian won't win this case. / When Joey talks to Clarice and Larry about getting a job at the Arena, Clarice notices that Larry has changed his mind about the place and Jordan. / On the witness stand, Rachel tells the court how she believed that Janice was poisoning Mac but that no one believed her including Brian and Scott Bradley. Then Rachel tells the jury that she led Mitch on in order to find out where Janice had Mac. That is why she went sailing with Mitch but she was afraid of him. Rachel also tells the jury the entire situation with Janice stabbing Mitch and that she thought she would kill them also. Rachel adds that it is her fault Mac married Janice to begin with. / Brian gets Rachel to tell the court all about how Mitch pursued her even after she remarried Mac. Rachel tells the jury all the events that led up to her accidentally shooting Mitch. Then the judge takes a 15-minute break. / Clarice tells Blaine about Larry coming home and talking about a sports car that he wants. Clarice also tells Blaine that Larry seems to be changing his mind about Jordan Scott so there may be hope yet that they can all have dinner together some night. Blaine is very happy about the news. / Blaine tells Jordan the news that Larry seems to be coming around and asks him if they could have Larry and Clarice over for dinner some night. / Colton cross-examines Rachel who tells the court she never meant to shoot Mitch. / Brian tells Mac and Rachel that things are going well. Rachel tells them she would have liked things to be tougher for her on the stand to atone for killing Mitch. / Mitch listens to a song "Someone to Watch Over Me" on the radio and then remembers hearing the same song while in the boxcar. Then he stops the song.

NOVEMBER 21, 1980 (EP. #4161)
Mac, Jamie, and Rachel tell Vivien that court went very well and they think Colton finally believes Rachel's story. / Cecile tells Pat that Jamie called and said things went very well in court today and Mac is the only one left to testify, so soon the trial will be over. Then Cecile tells Pat she is giving a party next week and she expects Pat to be there. / Jerry tells Brian that he did a great job with Rachel today and even Colton seemed to believe her. Brian tells Jerry he doesn't think Colton believed Rachel but was playing it like he did. / Brian tells Jerry he is sure Colton is putting on an act but doesn't know why. Then Jerry gets a call from Capt. Petroni and tells Jerry he needs an answer tonight and to meet him at 8:30. Then Amy arrives and when Jerry tells Amy he can't have dinner with her, Amy calls Miranda's to find out if Kit had plans to have dinner with Jerry. / Miranda visits Mac and learns that things went very well in court and even Colton seems to believe Rachel now. Mac also tells Miranda not to give her testimony in court another thought because he and Rachel understand and appreciate what a true friend she has been to them. / Jerry visits Larry and realizes that Larry is changing his attitude toward Blaine being with Jordan. Then Larry makes a comment about not making much money as a cop and then Jerry tells Larry he has to leave. / Pat remembers Philip telling her he has missed her since Marianne has been in town. Then Jamie, Cecile, and Philip enter and Cecile tells Philip she is inviting him to her party next week. Philip agrees to go when he learns that Pat has to be there. When Jamie leaves, Philip and Cecile exchange words and then, alone, Cecile vows to fix things for Philip and Pat. / Amy arrives at Miranda's and learns from Miranda that Kit is out with Brad tonight and not seeing Jerry. Then Miranda tells Amy that she saw the Cory's today and it looks as if Rachel will be acquitted. Amy tells Miranda she may be able to get Philip back for her by inviting her to Cecile's party next week. / Blaine talks to Jordan about Arena business and then Zachary arrives and tells Blaine he isn't going to gamble tonight. Colton refuses to talk about Rachel's case so Blaine tries to tempt him to gamble. Then Jerry shows up. / Jerry asks Blaine how much she is involved with Jordan's bosses. Blaine doesn't answer Jerry and tells him that she can take care of herself. Then Jerry tells Blaine that he saw Larry and he seems to be changing his attitude toward Jordan Scott. Blaine tells Jerry that Jordan doesn't have a hold on her. When Jerry mentions Margo, Blaine realizes Jordan is coming and gets terrified and tells Jerry never to mention her name again. Jerry leaves when Jordan arrives. / Petroni calls Larry and tells him the deal is off for now because he hasn't got a contact person for him. Larry tells Petroni that he is in, contact or no contact. / Philip brings Pat violets and tells her the weatherman is predicting snow. Then Philip asks Pat if Marianne is uncomfortable around him. Pat says no and that Liz is trying to get Marianne to stay in Bay City. Pat tells Philip she thinks it would be best if he not go to Cecile's party because it is for an article on kept men. Philip tells Pat if she is going to be there, he will be too. / Jerry calls Margo and asks her why Blaine was petrified when he mentioned her name to her. Margo tells Jerry she doesn't know why. Then Petroni arrives and Jerry tells him he will be the contact person. Petroni then tells Jerry that the undercover cop who is risking his life is Larry. / When Vivien leaves the room, Mac and Rachel spend some quiet time by the fireplace. Rachel tells Mac that Mitch wasn't a bad man and she feels terrible for what she has done. / Mitch sees Rachel's face as he looks out the window at the snow falling and wonders who she is to him. / Colton visits Miranda and when she mentions Rachel's case going well she asks Colton why he has a smug smile. / Colton tells Miranda that there are going to be fireworks tomorrow and he wants her to be in court for a front row seat.

Notes: The background piece played for Philip and Pat is also used on Texas.

NOVEMBER 24, 1980 (EP. #4162)
Rachel and Ada talk about how relieved they are that nothing came out about the baby and that the trial seems to be almost over. Then Mac and Brian enter and Mac assures Rachel that this whole ordeal is almost over and then they can go back to living their lives together. / Larry gets a call from Capt. Petroni and learns that Jerry is going to be his contact person. Larry isn't thrilled because he is worried for Jerry but the deal is done. Then Larry talks to Clarice about having Jerry over for dinner and also mentions that he thinks they can get the sports car he saw and still handle their finances. / Brad visits Kit and suggests they fly to New York right away for some fun. When Kit resists, he tells her they can go see her parents in Philadelphia because that is where her parents would probably like them to be married. Kit tells Brad that he is moving too fast and when he comes on to her she slaps him. Brad yells at Kit never to do that again and then runs out. / Mac takes the stand. / Mac tells the court how Rachel arrived and dragged him to the patio. Mac tells the jury that he loves Rachel and knows Rachel never stopped loving him and they chose not to press charges against Mitch because he had helped to save him. Mac also tells the court that Rachel was very well off from their divorce that she didn't need to remarry him for money. Then Mac tells the court that he has never said the words "I love you" to anyone, including Janice, except to Rachel. Mac also says he knows Rachel didn't tell him about Mitch because she was trying to protect him. Mac finally says that Rachel did not have an affair with Mitch or murder him. / Clarice tells Blaine she is worried about Larry buying the sports car but Blaine tells her not to worry. Then Jordan arrives to get Blaine. Next, an excited Larry arrives and tells them all that he bought the Italian sports car. / Blaine tells Jordan she got a call from Jess Cooper and he is giving her a percentage of the take from the Arena as gratitude for her helping him get the dock project. Jordan is surprised but Blaine tells him he deserves the credit and not her. Then Blaine tells Jordan how unlike Larry it is to buy that car. / Mac, Rachel, and Brian defend Miranda's presence in court to Ada. Then they all discuss how things are looking good but Brian does caution Mac that Colton may be tough. / Colton cross-examines Mac and questions him about Janice and Mitch. Then Colton starts to discuss "Harry Must Die" and Rachel grows uneasy. / Colton questions Mac about Damtrex and inquires as to how long it was before he and Rachel remarried after being given the drug. Rachel tells Brian he has to stop Colton from this line of questioning.

NOVEMBER 25, 1980 (EP. #4163)
Colton questions Mac about Damtrex and inquires as to how long it was before he and Rachel remarried after being given the drug. Rachel tells Brian he has to stop Colton from this line of questioning. / Larry calls Jerry and tells him they need to talk. So Larry makes plans to come over to Jerry's office. / As Colton continues questioning Mac, Rachel wants Brian to stop him. Brian tells Rachel he has nothing to object to. Then Rachel tells Brian it is too late now. Colton discuss Damtrex in detail with Mac and tells Mac that it causes sterility for 4 to 6 months. Mac denies it and asks Rachel to tell them that it is his baby. In tears, Rachel tells Mac and the court that it is Mitch's baby. Mac then gets up and leaves the courtroom in tears. / Brian asks Rachel and Ada why she didn't tell him and Mac about the baby. Then he tells Rachel that he has to put her back on the stand so she can tell the jury why she slept with Mitch. Brian tells them if she tells the jury why she slept with Mitch, Mac will also learn why. Otherwise, Rachel is as good as convicted. / Olivia invites Russ and Tracy to a little housewarming party next week but Tracy tells her she may be out of town. When Tracy leaves, Olivia tells Russ how amazing she is to handle a career, husband, and children. / Larry meets with Jerry and he tells Jerry that he is going after Jordan because Jordan is after a crooked cop to help him. Jerry tells Larry he thinks Jordan has threatened his mother's life and that's why he wants to nail Jordan. / On the stand, Brian gets Rachel to tell the jury that she slept with Mitch one night in St. Croix in order to save Mac and that's the only time she was intimate with him and never loved him. She also adds that she had hoped to find something to lead her to Mac in Mitch's room. Then Rachel cries and says she couldn't tell Mac the baby was Mitch's because of everything he had gone through already and she wanted the baby to be his. When Brian rests his case, Colton doesn't cross-examine. Then Colton begins his final argument. / Zachary tells the jury that Rachel killed Mitch to keep him from telling Mac about their ongoing love affair. Then Brian tells the jury that Rachel's actions were in order to save the life of Mac Cory and never meant to take Mitch's life in the process. / As the jury leaves, Miranda congratulates Zachary. Colton tells Miranda that he had Mac followed when he left the court and has checked into cottage #3 of the Hathaway Inn on Cumberland Rd under an alias. / Ada tells Rachel that she called Russ to tell him what happened and that Vivien says Mac never came home. Rachel decides that Mac will be coming home and she leaves to go home and wait for him. / Russ and Tracy talk about Mac and Rachel and Russ tells her it doesn't look good for them and they may have to take the baby. / Miranda visits Mac and he tells her that all he feels is pain. Miranda advises him to face the pain and tells him she will be back and to call if he needs her. When she leaves, Mac cries. / Ada tells Rachel that no one has seen Mac. Rachel tells Ada she has hurt Mac too much and doesn't know what to do.

NOVEMBER 26, 1980 (EP. #4164)
Ada visits Kit and tells her that things went very badly in court today and she was hoping that Kit or Miranda might know where Mac is. / Tracy tells Russ that she has invited his whole family over for dinner tonight. Russ reminds Tracy that if Rachel goes to jail and she and Mac don't want the baby, they will have to raise the child. / Amy tells Jerry she has made plans for them to attend Cecile's dinner party but Jerry tells her he made plans to have dinner with Clarice and Larry. Amy gets mad when he won't go to Cecile's. / Ada tells Miranda that no one has heard from Mac since he left the courtroom. Miranda tells Ada she doesn't know where Mac is. When Kit walks Ada out, Miranda remembers her talk with Mac. Then Miranda tells Kit that Mac learned while on the stand that the baby Rachel is carrying is Mitch's. / Marianne tells Pat she is planning to stay in town if she can get a job at the hospital. Pat tells her it is wonderful news as long as she isn't staying because she is concerned about her. Then Pat asks Marianne what she thinks about Philip Lyons. / Marianne tells Pat she doesn't have an opinion on Philip. Pat tells Marianne that she was hurt by Kevin Cook and so she is going to be careful about getting emotionally involved in the future. Then Rick calls and invites her to dinner. When Marianne tells him she is having dinner with Tracy and Russ she invites him to come along. / Brad visits Kit to aoplogize for the way he acted and tells her he accidentally mixed pain medication for an inner ear infection with pep pills that he takes when he is racing. Kit tells Brad she will accept his apology but doesn't want it to go any further. Then Jerry arrives to take Kit to Larry and Clarice's for dinner. Kit makes it clear to Brad that Kit isn't Jerry's date for the evening. / Charlie tells Clarice that he thinks Mac has walked out on Rachel and that he and Ada have been looking everywhere for him. / Miranda pays Mac another visit and tells him that she is trying to understand also how Rachel could have kept the secret about the baby. Miranda does remind Mac that Rachel was single when she went to bed with Mitch. / Jamie visits Cecile and tells her that he suspected that Mac was sterile when they remarried but hoped that his mother would tell Mac about the baby. Jamie also says that it looks as if Mac has walked out on his mother. / As Kit, Clarice, Larry, and Jerry talk about Larry's new sports car, Joey stops by. / Joey tells everyone he may start working at the Arena. Kit tells him she is happy for him. Then Joey accuses Kit of still trying to act like a regular person. / Liz, Jim, Pat, Philip, Rick, and Marianne arrive at Russ and Tracy's for dinner. Liz is surprised to learn that Tracy met Philip a long time ago in Europe. / Philip brings Pat home and she apologizes for the things that Liz says about him. Philip tells Pat not to worry about it and that he plans to fix Cecile's wagon. Then Philip gets closer to Pat and tells her he won't hurt her. / Jerry brings Kit home and tells her not to let Joey's comment bother her. Both admit that they like each other. / Cecile tells Amy that she doesn't think Mac and Rachel will get back together and even if that means that Jamie isn't the heir apparent, Mac will be a single man.

NOVEMBER 27, 1980 (EP. #4165)
At the Complex, Jamie tells Cecile and Liz that there is still no word on Mac. When Jamie leaves, Cecile tells Liz that she wants to call a staff meeting. / Blaine gets a gift from Jess Cooper and Jordan warns her not to try to get ahead of him. Blaine tells Jordan that he is all she wants and that Joey and her are just friends. / Russ tells Tracy that the jury is still out and deadlocked. / Tracy defends Rachel's actions but Russ tells her he doesn't think the jury will agree. / Cecile tells Liz, Pat, Craig, Amy, and Philip that she will be running things while Mac and Jamie are out. Then Cecile tells them that they are going forward with the plans to have the party tonight. Philip asks Cecile who is coming from Europe but Cecile won't say. / Joey meets with Jordan and Blaine and Jordan hires him but tells him that Blaine is off limits. / Cecile tells Liz that tonight's party may finally show everyone what Philip is really like. / Joey questions Blaine about her feelings for Jordan and then tells her he wants to prove he can make money on his own. / Russ and Marianne talk about Philip, Rick, and her starting work at the hospital next week. / At Cecile's party, Marianne and Liz meet Peter and Daisy. Brad talks to Amy about old times they shared in front of Jerry. Then Pat and Philip arrive. Craig takes pictures with Brad's help while Brad talks to Marianne. Philip introduces Pat to Peter and Daisy and then Jenna shows up and makes it sound like she and Philip had slept together in Europe. / Philip brings Pat home and apologizes for what Jenna did. Philip tells Pat that he came back to Bay City because she is the woman he wants to be with. Then Philip goes home. / Jason visits Tracy and he tells her that she needs to concentrate on her work because the next six months are very important to her career. / Liz shows up at Pat's and Liz tells her that the party shows what kind of a man Philip is. Pat tells Liz that Cecile arranged the whole thing. Liz asks her not to see Philip again but she sends Liz home. Then an upset Pat takes a drink. / Jerry takes Amy home and he asks her what Brad meant by what he said about showing her a good time in Philadelphia. Amy tells Jerry that Brad had a couple of nervous breakdowns when he was growing up. Jerry demands to know what happened between her and Brad before they met. Then Amy attacks Kit and Jerry walks out. As Jerry leaves, he runs into Blaine. / Jerry asks to come in to talk to her. Jerry tells Blaine she was right when she called him a hypocrite once. Blaine tells Jerry she doesn't plan to give up what she has now but could if she wanted to. When Jerry leaves, Blaine thinks he would have taken her back if she had said otherwise.

Notes: Last appearance by Michael Stone as Craig Caldwell.

NOVEMBER 28, 1980 (EP. #4166)
When Rachel finds Vivien on the phone, she learns it is the furnace man and not Mac or Brian. / Pat wishes she hadn't had a drink last night and then Marianne gets up. Marianne tells Pat she would like to talk to her about last night. / Kit defends Rachel's actions to Amy. Then Miranda tells Amy they should wait and see what the jury decides. / Mary brings Miranda a picnic basket but won't tell Amy or Kit what she is doing with it. When Miranda leaves, Amy wonders if she knows where Mac is. / Mac calls Brian to give him his phone number but tells him he isn't ready to tell him where he is. Brian tells Mac that there is no decision from the jury yet. Then Brian urges Mac to talk to Rachel but he said he can't see her right now because it is too soon. / Pat tells Marianne how after Iris Bancroft paid Philip he changed. Pat also says that Cecile stole her ideas at Brava and undermined her with Mac by telling him she was having an affair with Kevin Cook. Marianne tells Pat that as long as she likes Philip she is fine with him also. / Liz tells Jim that she visited Pat after the party to get her to stop seeing Philip but Jim tells Liz to mind her own business. / Rachel remembers Mac learning the baby is Mitch's in court. Then Rachel tells Ada she was right about her telling Mac about the baby. Ada tells Rachel that Mac will come back but she tells Ada that she doesn't think he will and has to give Mac a divorce. Then Brian arrives and tells Ada and Rachel that he heard from Mac but Mac needs some time still before he sees anyone. Brian tells Ada he doesn't know what kind of a sign it is that the jury is still deliberating. Then Rachel calls Tracy and asks to see her before she leaves for New York. Ada asks Rachel not to rush things but she says she has to make sure the baby will be taken care of. / Rachel and Ada tell Brian that Rachel wants Russ and Tracy to take care of the baby if anything happens to her and would like him to draw up the paperwork. Rachel also tells Brian she would like him to start divorce proceedings but Brian thinks she is rushing things. / Mac thanks Miranda for the food and company. Mac tells Miranda he can't get over the lie that Rachel told but he probably should see her and make some plans. / Miranda comes home and Amy asks her if Kit has been seeing Jerry on the sly. Miranda tells Amy that Kit says she isn't interested in Jerry. Miranda tells Amy she doesn't like her attitude and then Amy accuses Miranda of seeing Mac. Miranda tells Amy to leave town but Amy won't yet. / Liz drops some papers off with Philip and then Pat enters and Liz leaves. Pat tells Philip they should just be friends for now. / Rachel talks to Tracy and gets her to agree to take care of the baby in case she goes to jail. Then Brian calls and tells her that the jury has reached a verdict and he will meet her in 20 minutes. / Brian calls Mac to tell him that the verdict is in and asks Mac if he will be in court.