OCTOBER 1, 1980 (EP. #4124)
Russ asks Tracy if Rachel told her she was looking for Mac when she asked where Mitch was staying back last winter. Russ also tells Tracy that Colton is looking for proof that can corroborate Rachel's story about why she went to St. Croix. / Robert calls and invites Mac and Rachel to dinner tomorrow night so Larry learns that Robert Delaney is in town. Then Rachel enters when Larry leaves and Mac tells her that Larry is going to St. Croix and that Vivien's talk with Colton went well. / In the train boxcar, Mitch tells the other man riding with him that he really doesn't know who he is or how he got shot. / Jason tells Tracy and Russ that he has booked her for early November, which is the same time as they will be moving into their new house. Then Jason tells them the DA asked about Mitch and Janice but he never saw any proof of them being together. / When Larry comes home, Cory goes to his room and then Larry tells Clarice that Robert is in town. Clarice tells Larry she knew and only let Robert see him for a few minutes in the park. Larry tells Clarice he is going to see Robert and put a stop to this right away. / Larry visits Robert and Robert tells Larry he only wanted to see his son one more time. Larry tells Robert there will no more times and if he is still in town when he gets back from St. Croix there is going to be trouble. / Russ visits Ada and Charlie and tells them that Colton is trying to prove that Rachel went to St. Croix to be with Mitch and not to save Mac. Russ also says he thinks Brian needs to know the truth about the baby in case Colton learns about it through Donald Tanner. / Zachary picks Miranda up for dinner and makes a comment about her being interested in Mac Cory. / Philip and Pat arrive at the Supper Club for dinner and, after ordering champagne, Philip tells Pat he would want to see her even if she had a drinking problem. Then Miranda and Zachary arrive and Miranda asks him what he meant by his comment about Mac Cory. Before Zachary can answer, Tracy begins singing. / Tracy sings an encore of "Someone to Watch Over Me" which is a song that meant something to her and Mitch. / In the boxcar Mitch hears the song "Someone to Watch Over Me" on the radio but when the other man asks if it means anything to Mitch he says he doesn't know. / Rachel remembers shooting Mitch and then Mac enters and tries to comfort her. Zachary tells Miranda he can tell she is infatuated with Mac Cory. Zachary goes on to tell her that if he winds up proving Rachel is guilty she will be locked away for years and Mac would probably divorce her. He leaves Miranda's saying that he is sure he can get a conviction because she has no proof that Mitch and Janice were plotting together to kill Mac. / Miranda plays the tape again of Janice and Mitch and then realizes that the tape is probably all the evidence Rachel needs to clear herself.

OCTOBER 2, 1980 (EP. #4125)
Miranda tells Kit that there is another article in the paper about Joey at the party. Then Rick arrives to try to get her to speak to Joey. Next, Brad arrives and invites Kit out in his race car and she accepts, telling Rick that she is tired of apologizing to Joey. / Pat takes a drink before work and then Philip picks her up and she tells him she is nervous about facing Cecile. / Margo tells Jerry there isn't much in the newspaper besides information on Rachel and another article on Joey and Kit. Margo comments that sometimes love isn't enough to keep two people together and Jerry refers to him and Blaine. / Cecile and Jamie discuss Mac and Rachel and then a very happy Liz enters all excited about Pat's first day back at work. Cecile tells them she is moving into her new office today and thought she would have a little party at noon. Secretly, Cecile plans to help Pat get drunk by giving her a glass or two of champagne at the party. / Jerry tells Margo how Joey misunderstood what was going on at the party and she convinces Jerry to try to explain it to Joey. Then Jerry tells Margo that Blaine signed the divorce papers. Jerry calls Blaine and sets up a meeting for them to discuss his paying part of her bills. Then Jordan tells Blaine he can tell she still has feelings for Jerry. Blaine tells Jordan she doesn't and makes out with him to prove it. / Cecile tells her secretary Harriet and Amy that she is planning an office-warming party at noon and tells Amy all about how Jamie, Mac, and Philip talked Pat into coming back to work. / Liz and Jamie welcome Pat back and when they leave for a moment Pat tells Philip she needs a drink before she meets Cecile and won't meet her without it. / Jordan tells Blaine he wants them to live together. Blaine tries to get out of it by telling him she doesn't want him to get tired of her. Then Jerry arrives and Jordan leaves. Jerry offers Blaine a settlement but Blaine says she wants nothing from him and attacks Amy as well. Jerry kisses Blaine and she tells him to get out. When Jerry leaves a crying Blaine says she doesn't want anything but Jerry. / Amy and Cecile look over Craig's photos and then Pat and Liz enter and they all welcome Pat back. / Once alone, Pat tells Cecile she isn't after her job. Then Cecile tells Pat she hopes she can handle this editorial job. Cecile also lets Pat know she hopes she doesn't stay permanently. / Jerry sees Joey and tells him he should make up with Kit because his marriage is worth saving. Joey tells Jerry he doesn't want the life that Kit's family represents but he will think about calling Kit. When Jerry leaves, Joey calls and Miranda tells him that Kit went for a ride with Brad in his racing car. Miranda starts to leave the message for Kit but doesn't. / Liz and Jim arrive at the office-warming and Jim is suspicious of Cecile. Then Craig takes a picture of Jamie and Cecile. Next, Pat arrives and Cecile welcomes her in front of everyone. Then Amy talks to Pat about Philip and tells her she met Philip in Switzerland and tries to paint him as a gigolo. When Amy offers Pat a glass of champagne, she declines it. / When Kit and Brad return from the drive, Brad kisses Kit but she tells him it isn't a good idea. Kit is disappointed that there is still no message from Joey.

OCTOBER 3, 1980 (EP. #4126)
Tracy stops by to see Rachel and Mac asks her not to talk about Mitch or the investigation. Rachel overhears so they assure her they are not keeping anything from her. / In St. Croix, Larry calls Zachary Colton and tells him that the maid who worked for Janice and Mac never saw anyone come to their place but Janice did leave the place at odd hours and maybe that was to meet Mitch. Larry also tells the DA that Mitch was arrested as an accomplice but was never charged because Rachel wouldn't press charges. So Colton realizes it is once again that they only have Rachel's word for what happened in St. Croix. / Mac tells Tracy and Rachel that Liz called and they are all happy that Pat is back. When Mac leaves the ladies alone they talk about dealing with Mitch's death. / The man riding the freight car with Mitch tells Mitch they need to jump out at Bromley because the inspectors will be checking the car soon. The man suggests Mitch stay at Ma Davis' cabin in the Rockies while she is gone for the winter. / Charlie talks to Clarice about the situation with Robert and Larry and then Larry calls and tells her he will be home tomorrow. Larry is happy to hear she hasn't heard from Robert. Then Robert calls and asks to see Cory again. Clarice says no but Robert says he can't leave without seeing Cory again. Robert tells Clarice she promised he could see Cory one more time and even though Clarice doesn't remember making the promise agrees to keep it. / Ada talks with Mac and he asks her to try to convince Rachel to see Dr. Collier. Then Mac takes a call from Brian (off-camera) and tells Ada that Colton wants to meet with Brian. Then Mac asks Ada why Rachel didn't tell him about her trouble with Mitch. / Ma Davis meets Mitch at her cabin and learns that he doesn't know who he is. Then she agrees to let Mitch stay there for the winter. / In the park Clarice talks to Cory about Larry's upcoming birthday. When Cory goes to play, Robert thanks Clarice for letting him see Cory again. Then they talk about Larry's visit. Robert also tells Clarice that Olivia can't have children but he does want them. Then Clarice asks Robert to please keep out of their lives from now on. Then Cory comes back and talks to Robert before Clarice takes him away. / Brian meets with Zachary and tries to explain why Rachel was in St. Croix pursuing Mitch. Brian also says he flew to St. Croix to help Mitch because he helped save Mac. Zachary tells Brian there is no proof that Mitch was involved with Janice. Brian tells Colton that Mitch and Rachel were not having an affair and the shooting was accidental. Brian urges Zachary to read "Harry Must Die" and call Donald Tanner because it will prove Rachel was innocent. / Ma Davis and Mel leave Mitch at the cabin. / Dooley and Tracy rehearse "Someone to Watch Over Me" and then they talk about Rachel. / Mitch settles in for the winter in the cabin. / Brian sees Ada, Mac, and Rachel and tells them that Colton believes Rachel has been having an affair with Mitch that ended in a lover's quarrel. Brian also tells them that Colton wants to prosecute Rachel so he pressured Colton to read "Harry Must Die." Then Rachel collapses.

OCTOBER 6, 1980 (EP. #4127)
Cecile and Jamie discuss the office party and Cecile mentions that Pat didn't have anything to drink. Then Jerry and Amy see them and Amy invites everyone back to her place. / Brian sees Ada, Mac, and Rachel and tells them that Colton believes Rachel has been having an affair with Mitch that ended in a lover's quarrel. Brian also tells them that Colton wants to prosecute Rachel so he pressured Colton to read "Harry Must Die." Then Rachel collapses. / Philip enters Cecile's office and when Jamie leaves, Philip accuses her of having the office warming as a set-up to get Amy to spread the dirt on him while she tried to get Pat to take a drink. Philip tells Cecile he used to feel sorry for what he and Iris did to her but he doesn't any more. / Linda Metcalf tells Russ that she saw Tracy's show last night. Then they learn that Rachel was just brought in unconscious. / Pat pours herself a drink at home and then Philip arrives. Philip tells Pat he doesn't like who he used to be but he has changed. Pat tells him she believes him because only a true friend would have gotten her that drink in Mac's office for her. Then they kiss and Philip tells her he would like to be more than just a friendly kiss. Philip warns Pat to keep an eye on Cecile. / At Amy's, Jerry tells Amy that he ran into Jordan when he went to see Blaine. Amy tries to get Jerry to forget about Blaine by making out with him. / On the phone, Jordan invites someone to meet Blaine. Then Jordan asks Blaine how things went with Jerry and she tells him not well. Then Blaine stalls when Jordan tries to talk about them getting a place together. / Then Zachary arrives and when he goes to settle up what he owed from last time Blaine says not to worry. Jordan tells Blaine they need Zachary to owe them money if he is going to win the DA's job. Privately, Blaine also feels she may need the DA on her side against Jordan. / Mac tells Ada, Brian, and Jamie that there is no word yet on the baby or Rachel. / Cecile tells Amy and Jerry she is worried about Rachel. Both Jerry and Cecile tell Amy that they believe Rachel is innocent. Then Jerry tells Amy he talked to Joey about making up with Kit. Amy tells him she thinks Joey is wrong for Kit. / Blaine has a talk with a man about what a fine lawyer Jerry is. Then Colton gets word that Rachel collapsed and is at Bay City General. / Dr. Collier and Russ tell Mac, Jamie, and Ada that Rachel has an irregular heartbeat and a blood clot must have passed through her heart. Russ tells them they can't see Rachel for the first 24 hours. Meanwhile Linda remembers something. / Mac, Jamie, Brian, and Ada discuss Rachel's condition. When they leave a nurse named Joan mentions the gossip between Rachel and Mitch Blake. Then Linda remembers overhearing Rachel tell Ada it that they would be better off if Mitch were dead. Then Zachary Colton arrives and sees Linda. / Brian sees Zachary at the hospital and tells him that if he really cared about Rachel's condition he would drop this entire investigation. When Brian leaves Zachary tells Linda he wants to talk to her about Rachel Cory and Mitch Blake.

OCTOBER 7, 1980 (EP. #4128)
Linda meets Zachary Colton and he asks her what she overheard the night Rachel and Ada were at the hospital with Mac. Linda reluctantly tells Colton that she heard Rachel tell Ada that Mitch being locked up was the next best thing to him being dead. / Colton runs into Mac and Mac tells him to wrap this investigation up and stop harassing them. Colton tells Mac he needs proof to wrap up the case. An angry Mac accuses him of continuing to use this situation to get publicity and warns him to leave them alone. Mac also tells him that if Rachel dies or she loses the baby he (Colton) will be guilty of murder. / Charlie tells Clarice he followed her to the park to make sure Robert wouldn't cause any trouble. Clarice tells Charlie that Robert won't bother them any more. Then Cory enters and tells Charlie how he met a nice man in the park that knows his mom. / Philip leaves and then Pat gets a call from Robert Delaney and accepts a dinner invitation. / In bed, Jerry starts talking to Amy about Kit and Joey again and he finally calls Joey. Joey tells Jerry he called Kit and she was out with Brad. Then Joey hangs up. Jerry decides to call Kit but Amy starts kissing him instead. / Jerry calls Miranda to make sure that Kit gets the message from Joey. / Brad and Kit come home and Miranda finally tells her that Joey called. Kit tries to call Joey but doesn't get an answer. Brad asks Miranda and Kit to dinner but Miranda says she has plans so Kit goes with Brad alone. / Robert visits Pat and while they have a drink, she tells him that Alice and Marianne are in Chicago and Michael is in Florida with his wife. Pat also mentions that Russ is back from Houston and head of Cardiology. Then they talk about his wife, Olivia, and Cory. Robert tells Pat that he has seen Cory. He also says he doesn't know who he is or where he is going. / Joey visits Miranda and learns that Kit is out having a bite to eat with Brad. Then Joey has words with Miranda. Joey tells Miranda he wants to make things work with Kit. Miranda tells him she wants to keep him from causing Kit any more pain. / Jason finds Tracy seeming sad and she tells him she thought she might be pregnant but she isn't yet. So Jason tries to cheer her up. / Zachary tells Miranda he would like to call her for the prosecution as a reluctant witness. He also asks her to be a best friend to the Cory's. / At the Supper Club, Robert tells Pat he wants to be a part of Cory's life. Then Brad and Kit arrive for dinner just before Tracy begins to sing. Joey arrives at the club but when he sees Kit with Brad decides not to stay. / Miranda arrives at the hospital to keep Mac company.

Note: Joseph Anthony Perrini is Joey's full name.

OCTOBER 8, 1980 (EP. #4129)
Blaine remembers her last chat with Jerry and then Jordan enters. Jordan tells Blaine a couple of his bosses will be in tonight. Blaine tells Jordan she is meeting with Brava again today for the Arena interview. Then Jordan asks Blaine if she has given any more thought to their living together but Blaine puts him off again by telling him that she is afraid he will tire of her if they live together. / Harriet tells Cecile that her penthouse is ready. Then Cecile tells Craig to take pictures of it. / Cecile and Amy go over the Brava article with Felice on Blaine and the Arena. Then Philip enters and Harriet tells Cecile that Pat called and said she would be in late because of a leak in her kitchen. / Pat struggles with a hangover from last night. Then Philip calls and she tells him the plumber just left and will be at work soon. / Blaine visits with Clarice and they talk about Rachel's investigation. Clarice tells Blaine that she saw Robert Delaney again yesterday but Larry doesn't know. Then Robert arrives. When Blaine leaves, Robert tells Clarice he wants to be a part of Cory's life. / Philip sees Pat at the Complex and asks her if she is okay and Pat says she is fine. Then Harriet tells Pat that Cecile wants to see her in 20 minutes. Philip notices that Pat is shaking but she says she will be fine. When Philip leaves, Pat has a drink. / Cecile tells Blaine and Felice that the article is terrific. Then Amy enters and Blaine takes a dig at her before Jerry arrives. / Amy lets it be known that Jerry was at her place yesterday. Then Blaine leaves. / Clarice welcomes Larry home and they talk about Rachel and Blaine (who might move in with Jordan). Then Clarice tells Larry that Robert hasn't tried to get in touch with Cory again. / Cecile looks over Pat's work and then Philip enters. Then Harriet gives Philip a message that his friend Ginny is very ill. Philip leaves and Cecile makes another remark to Pat about how Philip likes this Ginny for money. / Philip tells Pat that Ginny is the Duchess of Essex and that she wants him to come and see her. Philip tells Pat he will only be gone a few days and Pat is glad to hear that it won't be longer. Then they make plans to see each other tonight. / Jordan and Blaine look at Willis and Gwen's old suite at the Bayview Towers. Blaine learns that Amy Halloway has a suite on this floor also so Blaine and Jordan take the suite. / As Larry talks to Cory, Cory mentions that Clarice had the man in the park to keep her company while he was gone.

Notes: Last appearance of Laura Esterman as Felice Carpenter.

OCTOBER 9, 1980 (EP. #4130)
As Larry talks to Cory, Cory mentions that Clarice had the man in the park to keep her company while he was gone. When Cory leaves the room Larry asks Clarice why she didn't tell him. Then he calls the Bayview Towers and learns Robert has not checked out yet. Larry tells Clarice he is going to talk to Charlie. / Rachel wakes in the hospital and Mac tells her that she and the baby will be fine. Rachel tells Mac she can't lose the baby. / Miranda tells Kit about a picture of her and Brad in the paper. Then they talk about Rachel's condition. Miranda tells Kit that Joey came by last night but they got into it. She also advises Kit to wait to talk to him since Joey probably saw the picture in the morning paper. / Joey remembers a time when he and Kit were happy. Then he gets upset and scratches a Caruso record that is playing. / Rick stops by and learns from Brad that he and Kit are taking the 409 (speedboat) out. Then Rick accuses Brad of staying around to see Kit. Rick tells him he is in the way and needs to let Kit and Joey work things out because they still love each other. Kit overhears and tells Brad she can't go out on the boat because she needs to talk to Joey. / Blaine shows Clarice some new clothes and tells her that Jordan doesn't matter to her. Then they both discuss Larry talking to Charlie. Clarice also tells Blaine that Larry is jealous of Robert as a man and not just as Cory's father. / Larry talks to Charlie about Robert and Charlie offers to speak to Robert for him. Then Mac arrives home and tells Vivien, Charlie, Ada, and Larry that Rachel is doing better but he is going after Colton if he doesn't leave them alone. Then Larry leaves and Miranda arrives and offers to do anything she can to help. / As Miranda visits, Ada learns she was at the hospital till midnight with Mac. Miranda tries to get rid of Ada and Charlie and when they learn that they can visit Rachel they do leave. Then Brian arrives and Vivien gets a call from the DA's office. Vivien tells them that the DA wants to see her again. Then the phone rings again and Mac tells Brian it is Linda Metcalf and she is very upset and asking to see him. / After everyone leaves, Miranda and Mac talk and then Miranda mentions how she would love to see Amanda and Nancy. / Kit finds Joey packing and he tells her the lease is up so he has to move out. When Kit asks if he is leaving her he says he isn't leaving her because she's not there. Then a reporter calls and when Joey hangs up Joey tells Kit he had talked to a reporter already and learned that they have grounds for an annulment because he never knew what her real name was. Joey also tells Kit he saw Brad kissing her at the Supper Club. Joey tells a crying Kit it's over for them. / Brian tries to comfort an upset Linda. Then Linda tells Brian what she overheard Rachel say about Mitch. / Zachary tells Vivien he is going to leave her alone in his office for two minutes and he wants her to try to remember everything she can about the night Mitch was shot. When Zachary leaves, Vivien remembers her talking Rachel into taking the gun out to the stables. Then Colton enters and asks Vivien if it is possible that Rachel staged the whole thing. Vivien tells him no. / Vivien tells Mac and Brian what happened with Colton. When Vivien leaves, Brian tells Mac that Zachary Colton is moving closer and closer to charging Rachel for the murder of Mitch Blake.

OCTOBER 10, 1980 (EP. #4131)
Rachel remembers being with Mitch in St. Croix. Then Ada visits her and tells her that she and the baby will be fine. Ada also tells her that Mac is fine but Rachel is afraid things are only going to get worse. / Cecile mentions to Jamie about what a good job he is doing and that Mac might retire sooner than thought with Jamie in charge. Then Philip enters and when Jamie leaves, Cecile tells Philip she doesn't expect him to return to Bay City once he is back on his stopping grounds. / Russ and Ada discuss the case that Colton is building against Rachel. / Zachary goes over the evidence that Larry gathered in St. Croix. Larry tells Colton that there is no proof of anything other than the fact that Rachel and Mitch went sailing together and ate dinner in his hotel dining room. Larry also tells Colton that Rachel is telling the truth about Mitch and Janice but Colton tells him he has no proof to back it up. / While looking over the article on the Arena, Cecile notices that Pat looks warm and then mentions to Pat the fact that Philip may not return from seeing Ginny because she kept him for several years. When Pat gets ready to leave her office, Cecile asks Pat if she is going home to have a martini or two or 4 or more. Pat tells Cecile that she is tempting her to take her old job back. / Joey tells Miranda that he has packed the camper and is leaving town and that Kit is at the apartment. Joey asks Miranda to go to Kit because she doesn't want her to be alone. When Joey leaves, Miranda tells Mary she is going out and then decides to call Brad instead. Miranda tells Brad that Kit and Joey have broken up and she is alone at the apartment. / Tracy tells Russ that Lily Grafton will be filling in for her while she is gone. Then Russ tells her that Brian thinks Colton is getting closer to charging Rachel with Mitch's murder. Then Tracy tells Russ that she remembers Mitch telling her how much he loved Rachel and that he didn't know if he ever loved Janice. Russ doesn't think that that is enough to prove Mitch and Janice were involved. Then Tracy tells Russ that the way Mitch talked about Rachel's baby, it almost seemed as if he thought she was carrying his baby. / Pat comes home figuring she made it through the day because of having a few drinks. Then Philip arrives and winds up asking Pat to come with him to Switzerland. Pat tells him she can't go and then Philip assures her that he will come back. / Kit listens to a Caruso record that is stuck in one spot and cries. / Cecile finds Kit in the apartment and learns that Joey has left and her marriage is over because Joey wants an annulment. Then Brad arrives and he tells Cecile he will take over now. Cecile leaves and then Kit tells Brad that her marriage is over and Brad comforts her and tells her he will take care of her. / Donald Tanner meets with Zachary Colton and, while talking about his book, complains about the lack of publicity for his book. / Colton asks Mr. Tanner if he is willing to take the stand if Rachel goes to trial and discuss his book. Tanner decides that if he talks about his book everyone will know his book was used as a blueprint for a murder plot and his book sales will soar.

OCTOBER 13, 1980 (EP. #4132)
Larry talks to Blaine about Robert and Blaine tries to convince him that Robert isn't after Clarice and only wants to see his son. Then Larry asks Blaine what she is doing with Jordan Scott. / Miranda calls Mac to ask how he is doing and invites him over. Then Kit and Brad come home. Kit goes upstairs and then Brad and Miranda talk about how much help he can be to Kit now. / Kit remembers being on her honeymoon with Joey. / Miranda tells Brad the sooner Kit forgets Joey the better and suggests that he concentrate on Kit. Then Kit enters the room and thanks Brad for his help. Then Brad tells a reluctant Kit that they are going out and he won't take no for an answer. / Larry learns that Blaine is planning to move in with Jordan Scott and tries to get her to come to her senses. Then they argue about Jordan and Larry storms out. / Charlie pays Robert a visit and tells him to leave Clarice, Larry, and Cory alone. Robert swears to Charlie that he isn't trying to break up Clarice's family. / After dinner, Clarice tries to talk to Larry but he tells her he doesn't want to talk now because he has had a rough day and then he walks out. / At the suite, Jordan and Blaine take one last look around and then Blaine tells Jordan she is unhappy about a family problem. Jordan thinks she is bothered about living together but Blaine tells him she is still afraid. Then Amy runs into Blaine and Jordan and learns they are moving in. / Amy tells Jerry that Jordan and Blaine are going to move in together in a suite on the same floor. Then Amy tells Jerry that he isn't out of her league and wants to invite Margo for dinner tonight. / Robert arrives to talk to Larry but Clarice tells him that Larry isn't home. When Clarice refuses to let Robert in he tells her that Cory isn't the only one he came back to town for. / Mac visits Miranda at her place and he tells her that Rachel will be fine and that he would just like the DA to leave her alone. Then Brad arrives and Kit comes down and says hello to Mac. When they leave for the Arena, Miranda tells Mac that Joey left Kit today. / Jordan introduces Blaine to three of his bosses. One of the bosses is Jess Cooper and while he and Blaine talk, Kit and Brad arrive. When reporters enter, Kit tells Blaine it is fine. Then the bosses tell Jordan they want to look at the books. Jordan notices that Margo has arrived. / Margo tells Blaine she just had dinner with Amy and Jerry and urges her not to move in with Jordan. Blaine tells Margo it is too late for her to get out of things with Jordan but Margo won't take no for an answer. Jordan tells Blaine if Margo isn't careful, Blaine will see the last of her soon.

Notes: First appearance by Bill Moor as Jess Cooper.

OCTOBER 14, 1980 (EP. #4133)
Blaine wakes Jordan with a call from Jess Cooper. Jordan tells Blaine that Jess wants to see them today. Then Jordan tells Blaine that Margo better watch her step or she will have a fatal accident. / Margo tells Jerry she went to the Arena and saw Blaine last night. / Margo tries to get Jerry to see Blaine again but Jerry tells her that Blaine has signed the divorce papers. Margo tells Jerry that she thinks Blaine is in something over her head and can't get out of it. She also tells him that she thinks Amy is wrong for him and urges him to speak to Blaine again. / Russ and Tracy move into their new home and discuss her final night at the Supper Club before she goes to San Francisco. / As Blaine is packing for the move she snaps at Jordan and he tells her never to yell at him again. Then Margo calls and tells Blaine that Jerry may come to see her today. Blaine tries to cover so Jordan doesn't know it is Margo. / In Switzerland Philip places a call to Pat Randolph. / Pat takes a drink before work and then Liz arrives to take her to work. Before they leave, Pat gets a call from Philip who tells her he misses her and wrote a letter to her. Philip also tells her that the doctors don't think Ginny is going to make it and warns Pat to be careful of Cecile. When Pat gets off the phone Liz accuses Philip of stringing Pat along and Pat tells Liz she doesn't want to hear it. / Amy tells Cecile that Blaine and Jordan have moved into the Bayview Towers. Then they plan a party and Amy tells her she isn't going to make the same mistake with Jerry that Kit did with Joey. Then Cecile makes Pat wait and Cecile suggests they invite Pat to the cocktail party. / Jerry visits Blaine while she is packing. / When Jerry asks Blaine if she is in over her head she says no. Jerry accuses Jordan of killing Buzz and Carrie as well as Margo's friend from Vegas. Then Blaine remembers Jordan threatening Margo and Blaine gets Jerry angry criticizing his mother to get rid of him. Jerry grabs his sweater on the way out leaving Blaine to cry. / Cecile apologizes to Pat for keeping her waiting. Then Liz praises Cecile for throwing a party with all the work she has to do. Cecile makes a comment to Pat about Philip getting over to Switzerland in time for the reading of Ginny's will. / After Tracy's substitute gets done rehearsing, Jason tells Tracy it is time she and Dooley concentrate on her singing. Jason also tells Tracy that when she is with him she is Tracy Merrill. / Jess Cooper tells Blaine and Jordan the Arena is doing better than expected. Jordan sings Blaine's praises with Jess because she knows the oil Halloways from Pennsylvania and the DA. Jordan tells them how good it is to have the DA owing them money. / As soon as Jim, Liz, Russ, and Pat arrive at the Supper Club, Pat privately takes a drink and then orders Club Soda with the family. Then Tracy begins to sing. / Russ and Tracy celebrate in their new home. / Jason tells Dooley that he is happy because after tonight he will have Tracy Merrill all to himself.

OCTOBER 15, 1980 (EP. #4134)
Dr. Lee Collier tells Rachel that she can go home tomorrow and that there has been no mention in the newspapers lately about the DA's investigation. / Tracy gets a call letting her know that the DA wants to see her again. Then Russ tells Tracy he better go and tell Mac. / Larry tells Clarice that Robert called and then asks her why she didn't tell him that Robert stopped by the other night. Clarice tells Larry she didn't tell him because she knew he would get upset. Larry tells Clarice that Robert wants the three of them to get together and talk about Cory. Larry tells Clarice he will talk to Charlie and if he thinks they should meet Robert he will. / Kit gets a call from Father Coloran and tells Miranda that she is meeting with him later today and she hopes Joey will be with him. / Jamie tells Mac he spoke to Donald Tanner and that he did speak to the DA. Mac thinks that Tanner's meeting with Colton is a good thing. Then Miranda stops by. Mac gets a call from Dr. Collier and tells Miranda and Jamie that Rachel is coming home tomorrow. / Charlie comes home early to spend time with Ada and then Mac calls and Ada is happy to hear that Rachel is better but not happy to hear that Miranda is at the house taking care of Amanda. Then Larry enters and tells Charlie he needs to talk to him. / Russ visits Mac and tells him, Jamie, and Miranda that Tracy got a call from Colton's office so it isn't over yet. Mac decides to call Brian to get him to put a stop to all this. / Larry tells Charlie that Robert wants to meet them. Charlie remembers talking to Robert and then tells Larry he thinks they should both meet with Robert. / Father Coloran arrives to visit with Kit and once Mary leaves, Father Coloran tells Kit that Joey asked about an annulment but didn't say he wanted one. A disappointed Kit tells him that she is a different person than the one Joey married. Then Craig stops by to invite Kit to Cecile's party but she tells Craig she is going with Brad. As Kit takes calls and makes plans for a cocktail party the Father can tell she is very different. / Mac visits with Rachel and mentions that Miranda is at the house taking care of Amanda. / Russ speaks to Linda and Dr. Collier and then the DA calls Lee to ask him when Rachel will be going home. / Jason picks Tracy up for the airport. Jason tells her once she steps out the door she is no longer Tracy Matthews but Tracy Merrill. / Jason also tells Tracy that Colton called him asking when he would be back in town. / As Larry and Clarice wait for Robert to arrive, Clarice remembers the last visit from Robert. Then Robert arrives and the three of them sit down and discuss Cory. Robert tells Larry and Clarice he wants to be a part of Cory's life but he never has to know that he is Cory's natural father. Then Cory enters and says hello to Robert. / Cory talks to Robert and then Robert leaves when he sees how happy Cory is with Larry and Clarice. / Rachel talks to Ada and tells her she wants to make sure that Mitch's baby has a happy life. / Mac sees Brian and asks him what he has heard. / Brian tells Russ and Mac that Colton was wondering when Rachel would get out of the hospital and that the DA wants to talk to Tracy and Jason again too.

OCTOBER 16, 1980 (EP. #4135)
Jordan tells Blaine that Jess Cooper was very impressed with her. Then Cecile arrives to invite both of them to her party tomorrow night in Iris Bancroft's old suite. / Jerry tells Margo he is meeting Amy for drinks with Kit and Miranda and that he saw Blaine and she wants both of them to stay out of her life. Margo tells Jerry Blaine held on to his sweater for a reason but Jerry doesn't want to hear it. / Blaine cautions Jordan about Cecile's party. When Jordan leaves, Blaine gets a call from Margo and while talking to her Blaine remembers what Jordan said and tells Margo to leave her alone. / Amy tells Cecile she is having dinner with Jerry. Cecile tells her she is going to the Supper Club with Jamie and has invited Blaine and Jordan to her party tomorrow night. / Clarice tells Larry that she doesn't think Robert will bother them anymore. Then Blaine calls and asks Larry if Clarice can come over and Larry tells Blaine no. Larry then tells Clarice he doesn't want her to talk to Blaine. Clarice tells Larry she is tired of his attitude. / Jordan visits Margo and warns her to leave Blaine alone. / Jerry picks up Amy and tells her that his bad mood is because of Blaine and the way she attacked his mother. / Ada tells Charlie about her visit to see Rachel. She also tells him she ran into Mac and Russ in the hospital and thinks they were keeping something from her. / Vivien and Miranda look after Amanda until Mac comes home. Then Miranda fixes Mac a drink and he thanks her for being such a good friend to him and Rachel. / Larry tells Charlie about the meeting with Robert. Larry also tells Charlie things aren't good between him and Clarice. / Clarice answers the door to Robert. / Robert tells Clarice he has been wondering what would have happened if she had agreed to marry him. Clarice tells Robert it wouldn't have worked because he didn't love her. Robert also tells her he has been thinking about leaving his wife. Then someone comes to the door and it is Charlie. Then Robert leaves. / Brian accuses Colton of waiting for Rachel to get better to charge her with murder. Brian also tells Colton he won't get a conviction and urges him to drop the investigation. Colton tells Brian he doesn't have enough evidence yet. Brian also accuses Colton of using Rachel's situation to get his name in the press before the election. / Charlie urges Clarice not to let her problems with Larry cause her to make a mistake with Robert. / Margo visits Blaine and Blaine tells Margo off as Jerry and Amy overhear. / Amy leaves and then Blaine and Jerry argue in front of Margo and then Jerry storms out. / Brian tells Mac and Miranda that he thinks Zachary is waiting for Rachel to get better and will charge her with murder. As Brian and Mac talk, Miranda remembers Zachary telling Miranda to be a real close friend to Mac and Rachel. Mac wonders if the DA has information that they don't know about. / Russ tells Ada and Charlie that Colton is planning to talk to Tracy and Jason again and wanted to know when Rachel would be getting out of the hospital. Russ urges Ada to get Rachel to tell Brian the truth about the baby. Then Charlie remembers that he heard Rachel make a threat about Mitch and the others says they heard her say things too.

OCTOBER 17, 1980 (EP. #4136)
Mac and Vivien make sure Rachel eats a good lunch. Then Rachel asks to speak to Brian before she takes a nap. / Kit tells Brian about the visit from Father Coloran and asks him to look into the annulment. Then Brian gets a call from Mac asking him to come out to see Rachel and when Brian leaves, Jerry runs into Kit. / Jerry tells Kit he was hoping she would wait for Joey to get back before proceeding with the annulment. Then Brad arrives to pick Kit up. / Joey calls Father Coloran from a pay phone and learns the Kit seems to want an annulment too. Father Coloran urges Joey to come back to town but Joey tells him there isn't anything more to talk about and hangs up. Then a couple spot Joey and make fun about being married to an heiress. / Pat goes over an article with Cecile and she makes sure Pat and Liz will be at her party. / Brad drops Kit off at Miranda's and asks her if she is going to the party and she agrees. Kit tells Brad that Kit Farrell is dead. / Pat takes a drink knowing and tells herself that Philip will be back in a week. Then she puts the drink away when Liz and Jim arrive. Then the phone rings and it is from Philip but she gets disconnected before she can speak to him. Jim tells Liz he doesn't like Cecile but Liz defends her. / Ada keeps Rachel company and tells her about the problems Robert is causing for Larry and Clarice and also that Blaine is moving in with Jordan Scott. / Zachary Colton gets a call from Dr. Collier. / In the woods, Joey remembers a happy moment on his honeymoon with Kit. Then the couple invites Joey to eat with them and tell Joey they are on their honeymoon. / At Cecile's party Cecile gives Craig instructions for taking pictures. Then Cecile introduces several of her guests to Jamie and tells them how Jamie will be running Cory Publishers someday. Next, Jim, Liz, and Pat arrive and Jamie greets them. Cecile tells Pat that there is a rumor that Ginny may not even be ill. / Joey gives the couple some raspberry wine and tells them he did the right thing with Kit. / Brad and Kit arrive at Cecile's and then Brad has words with Craig about Kit. Then Pat asks Kit about Joey and learns that she and Joey have separated. Kit goes out on the terrace to be alone and, looking at the full moon, wonders where Joey is. Jim notices Pat doesn't look well and suggests he take her home. Then Amy and Jerry arrive and he goes to find Kit. / Jerry tries to comfort Kit and Amy doesn't like it. Liz tells Cecile they are leaving. Jerry tells Kit she doesn't have to pretend to be having a good time with him around. / Brian tells Mac, Ada, and Rachel that Colton met with Tanner but still isn't giving up on the investigation. Then Ada remembers what Charlie said about Rachel threatening Mitch. Mac says that Colton has no evidence and has to drop the investigation. / Dr. Collier tells Colton that Mrs. Cory will be fine and that the baby is expected the first or second week of January. When Dr. Collier leaves, Colton places a call and orders a warrant for Rachel Cory's arrest.

OCTOBER 20, 1980 (EP. #4137)
In San Francisco, Jason calms Tracy and Dooley before her first show. When Jason leaves, she tries calling Russ but there is no answer. / Jerry and Kit are about to rejoin the party when Amy enters. Then Blaine and Jordan arrive at Iris Bancroft's old suite. / Brad chats with Blaine and Jordan and then Blaine (who is putting on a carefree act) chats with Jamie. Next Blaine speaks to Kit, Amy, and Jerry with Jordan. / Clarice remembers Larry calling Robert's suite and learning he hasn't checked out. Then Robert arrives at Clarice's. / Robert tells Clarice that they need to talk and asks her to meet with him tomorrow. / As Blaine and Jordan chat with guests, Amy tells Kit off for using Jerry and tells her to stay away from him. Then Amy leaves and Brad enters. Next, Blaine and Jordan leave the party and Jamie tells Jerry that Blaine was just putting on a show tonight. / Jamie and Cecile discuss the party and Cecile tells Jamie she is disturbed by Pat's drinking. Jamie tells Cecile that Pat said she took cold pills before coming to the party so it was mixing the pills with alcohol that affected her. Then Cecile tries to get Jamie to stay the night but he goes home. / Brad tells Kit he is getting crazy about her. When Brad leaves, Miranda tells Kit she thinks Brad is right for her. / Tracy performs at the Knobb Hill. / Tracy finishes singing and learns there is no word from Russ. / Larry comes home grumpy and Clarice tells him that Robert came by. Larry flies off the handle and then Clarice tells him she is seeing Robert tomorrow alone. Cory hears then fighting and gets upset but when he goes back to bed, Blaine arrives and then Larry storms out. / Clarice tells Blaine she can't stand the way Larry is acting toward either one of them. Blaine comments that living with Jordan won't last forever. Clarice tells Blaine she is meeting Robert tomorrow but wasn't going to until Larry's bad temper got to her. / Amy visits Cecile and both realize their partners didn't stay the night with them. Cecile tells Amy she has had it with men. Jamie is simply the boss's son and intends to take advantage of that. Amy tells Cecile she isn't in love with Jerry but he is the best lover. Then Amy decides to turn Jerry into the richest, most successful lawyer in the state. / Miranda and Kit talk about how difficult it is for someone with money to marry someone who isn't well off. Miranda also tells Kit once again how much she thinks Brad is good for her. Then Jerry calls and urges Kit not to give up on Joey but she tells him she already has and will be fine. Miranda advises Kit not to get involved with Jerry. / Jason comforts Tracy about not hearing from Russ by telling her that Russ doesn't know what it is like to perform to a packed crowd. Then Russ shocks Tracy at the door. Russ tells Tracy the rain made his flight 2 hours late and that's why he missed her opening. Russ asks Tracy to tell him about the opening and Tracy says the only thing that would make her happier would be to have his child. Russ assures Tracy that they will have a child.

OCTOBER 21, 1980 (EP. #4138)
Russ calls Mac to thank him and Rachel for the flowers they sent Tracy. Then Russ tells him he will be back in Bay City today. Mac tells Russ he is worried about the investigation. Then Rachel enters and Mac assures her that he and Russ were not talking about the investigation. / Russ and Tracy talk about how nice it is to be together when she is traveling. Russ tells her he is going to get the cardiac department fully staffed and then will be able to spend more time with her when she is on the road. / Larry and Clarice have words again and he tells her not to see Robert today. / Jason arrives at Tracy's suite and shows her the great reviews from her opening. Then he gives her an expensive gift of a fur piece. / Larry visits Charlie and Ada and asks Charlie to talk to Clarice since she wants to see Robert again. Ada tells both men to butt out and let Clarice decide what she wants to do. Then Brian arrives and tells them he is worried. / Brian tells Charlie and Ada that they have to prove Rachel went to St. Croix to save Mac and not to carry on a love affair with Mitch Blake. Then Ada remembers that Rachel didn't tell her where she was going when she went to St. Croix. / Miranda visits Rachel and Mac and when she learns that Vivien is sick offers to have Mary come over and help until Vivien is better. Rachel thinks she has misjudged Miranda. / Russ asks Tracy if the fur is a gift that she should accept from Jason. Tracy tells him it is only another prop to use in her act and Jason had no other meaning with it. / Brian drops by to see Mac and Rachel and, when Miranda leaves, Brian tells them there is no word on the investigation. Rachel blames herself for what happens but Mac and Brian try to get her to stop doing it for the baby's sake. Then Brian asks Mac and Rachel if there is anything he should know and doesn't yet and Mac says he knows all that they know about the case. / As Jason and Dooley go over Tracy's future plans, she isn't happy that she will be away from Russ longer than originally planned. / Larry visits Blaine and tells her to butt out of his affairs with Clarice. Blaine defends Clarice and Robert to Larry. Then Larry tells Blaine he is afraid of losing Clarice to Robert. / Miranda tells Amy she is being a good friend loaning Mary to the Cory's but Amy thinks Miranda is interested in Mac Cory. Miranda tells Amy that Rachel and Mac's marriage isn't that good and she is going to wait for Mac to come to her. Then Miranda gets a call from Brian asking to see her for lunch. / Over lunch, Robert and Clarice discuss old times while Blaine arrives for lunch and learns that Jordan cannot make it. When Robert suggests that he and Clarice go up to his room for coffee and Clarice reluctantly agrees. Meantime, Blaine overhears that they are having coffee in Robert's suite. / Charlie comes home and Ada tells him that Miranda is being too nice and she is worried about it. / Miranda tells Brian that Zachary Colton has told her that she will be called as a witness for the prosecution and if she doesn't he would cite her for contempt of court. / Miranda and Zachary talk about how she is being nice to the Cory's and moving ahead with their plan. Miranda tells Zachary that she doesn't want to go through with it and be a witness for the prosecution. Then Miranda asks him what would happen if he had tangible proof that Mitch was involved in the plot to kill Mac. Zachary tells Miranda that he wouldn't prosecute Rachel if that was the case but it would also mean that she wouldn't get Mac once Rachel goes to prison.

OCTOBER 22, 1980 (EP. #4139)
Clarice arrives with Robert at his hotel suite. / Pat calls the Complex to let Harriet know she won't be coming in today because she isn't feeling well. Then Cecile arrives. / Zachary tells Miranda he is sorry if she is having second thoughts about testifying but he needs her help and it is the only way she will get Mac Cory. When Zachary leaves, Miranda remembers playing the tape of Janice and Mitch and realizes she has the evidence needed to clear Rachel and has to decide what to do about it. / Blaine tries to call Larry but can't reach him. Then Blaine remembers her chat with Larry and hopes Clarice knows what she is doing. / Cecile gives Pat a hard time for being drunk at her party and accuses her of being drunk now. Cecile tells Pat to quit work now and also Cecile tries to convince Pat that Philip isn't coming back because the Duchess isn't sick. Then Liz arrives and Cecile acts concerned about Pat in front of Liz. / Kit tells Miranda that she is going to see Brian about signing the annulment papers and then adds that she is thinking about going back to Philadelphia for a while to see her mom and dad. Then Brad arrives to drive her to Brian's office. / Liz gives Pat some soup for her "cold" and Liz asks her if she really has a cold. Before Pat can answer Philip calls and Pat is happy to hear from him. However, Pat is upset when she learns that Philip won't be coming back for a few days. / Jim arrives to see Liz while Pat is sleeping. Then Liz and Jim talk about the fact that Pat must have a hangover. Then Liz tells Jim that it isn't Cecile but Philip who is responsible for Pat's drinking. Liz tells Jim it would be in Pat's best interests if Philip never came back. / Robert tells Clarice that when he saw Cory for the first time he daydreamed about what it would be like for the three of them to be a family. Robert tells Clarice that they can make it happen and he kisses her. / Robert apologizes to Clarice for kissing her and adds that the biggest mistake he ever made was letting her go and marrying Iris. / Larry visits Blaine and she urges him to tell Clarice how he feels about her. Then Blaine tells him she saw Clarice having lunch with Robert today. Jordan arrives home and as Larry leaves makes a comment to him how he likes some cops. Blaine cautions Jordan that Larry will never be cop that can be bought. / With Jerry's help, Kit signs the annulment papers and tells Jerry she is going away for a while. Kit also adds that when she comes back she will be Kit Halloway. Before she leaves, Jerry asks her how much she likes Brad Garrick and she tells him "almost enough." / Larry comes home and Clarice tells him she had lunch with Robert. Then Larry gets mad and tells her about Jordan's comment about crooked cops and also asks Clarice if she is going to see Robert again. Then they fight again. / At the Arena, Kit and Brad arrive and are greeted by Blaine and Jordan. Kit tells Blaine she saw Jerry and signed the annulment papers today. Blaine tells Kit it is too late for her and Jerry because of Amy. Kit tells Blaine that Jerry doesn't mean anything to Amy. / Miranda discovers that the tape of Janice and Mitch is missing. / Blaine warns Robert to leave Clarice and Larry alone or she will make sure he has a terrible accident. / Miranda calls Mary at the Cory's and learns that her brown dressing gown just came back from the cleaners and the tape is gone.

OCTOBER 23, 1980 (EP. #4140)
Rachel wonders why there hasn't been any word about the investigation for so long but Mac tries to convince Rachel that it could be a good sign. / Cory asks Larry if his mom is going to the ball game with them but Larry and Clarice aren't speaking to each other. / Miranda arrives at the cleaners and asks the clerk to check and see if a little tape was found. / The clerk tells Miranda that no tape has been found. / Kit tells Rick that she is going through with the annulment and is going away for a while. Then they plan a family get-together for lunch. Kit also tells Rick that Miranda is changing and seems genuinely concerned about the Cory's. / After Cory leaves for school, Larry tells Clarice if she sees Robert again they are through. / Russ visits Robert and they discuss the possibility of Olivia coming to work at the hospital. Then Robert tells Russ that he and Olivia aren't getting along. Then Russ sings Tracy's praises before leaving. Next, Clarice calls and asks to see Robert today. / Amy arrives and then Miranda does and Kit tells them they are all having lunch together. When Kit leaves the room, Miranda tells Amy she can't stay because she has to warn someone who could be in trouble. / Over lunch, Rick, Kit, and Amy talk about Rose Perrini and then Jerry arrives with some papers for Kit from Father Coloran. Kit asks Jerry to stay for dessert. / Miranda arrives at Mac and Rachel's and before she can tell them about the tape Mac and Rachel talk about Kit and Joey's breakup and then Zachary Colton arrives. / Mac tells Colton that unless he came to tell them the investigation is over, he isn't welcome in his house. Then Colton tells them he will make an announcement tomorrow afternoon. When Colton leaves, Mac thinks it means the ordeal is over. Then Miranda leaves. / Robert tells Clarice that he called Olivia about Russ's offer but they argued too much to talk. Robert tells Clarice he wants her. / Clarice tells Robert that she can't be with him. Robert tells her he can give her and Cory so much more than Larry can. / Once Jerry leaves, Amy tells Kit to keep her hands off Jerry because she is going to make him a successful lawyer and marry him. / Larry comes home and Clarice tells him she saw Robert in his hotel room. Then Clarice tells him that he is Cory's father and Robert can't give Cory what he can and they make up. / Miranda visits Zachary Colton and tells him that she found a tape with Janice and Mitch discussing the poisoning of Mac so he will have to drop his case against Rachel. Then Miranda tells Zachary that she has lost the tape. / Miranda tells Zachary that she is telling the truth about the tape. Colton tells Miranda since she didn't play the tape for anybody there is nothing he can do. Colton also tells her if they prove the tape's existence, she will go to jail for concealing evidence.

OCTOBER 24, 1980 (EP. #4141)
Liz visits Rachel and gives Mac some paperwork and they discuss Philip being gone and the possibility of his coming back tomorrow since Rachel should be cleared today. Liz also asks Mac to speak to Pat about staying on once he returns to work. / Kit asks Rick to move into Miranda's house while she is gone because she thinks Miranda is in some kind of trouble. / Robert has an unpleasant phone conversation with Olivia (off-camera) and then Larry arrives. / Larry tells Robert that he and Clarice have worked things out so he is inviting him to lunch with Cory. The only stipulation is that he is not to tell Cory that he is his real father because he is too young to be told for another 8 or 10 years. / Amy tells Cecile how happy she is that Kit is going out of town because now she will have Jerry all to herself. Then Cecile tells Amy if it weren't for Philip she would already be married to Jamie. / Jamie holds a meeting and when it is over, he, Liz, and Cecile discuss whether or not Philip will really be returning and the possibility of convincing Pat to stay. / Brad offers to fly Kit to Philadelphia but she turns him down. Then Jerry (off-camera) calls to wish Kit a nice trip. / Cecile calls Rachel and wishes her well and then Pat enters Cecile's office. Cecile tells Pat she was worried about her getting her old job back at first but not any more. Cecile asks Pat if it was Kevin Cook deciding to stay in Houston that sent her over the edge. Then Cecile also tells Pat that Philip is never coming back. / Robert arrives for lunch and tells Clarice how sorry he is. He also says that his relationship with Olivia is over but they will both be okay. Then Cory arrives home and visits with Robert. Robert tells Cory that he lives in Seattle but isn't sure where he is going when he leaves town. Then Larry gets a call to be in the DA's office at 2 p.m. / Pat comes home and tells herself that she doesn't have to put up with Cecile much longer because Mac will be back. Then a concerned Jim arrives and tells Pat that he got a call from Marianne who said she called Pat the other night and thought she sounded strange. / Jerry visits Amy at work and she tells them they are invited to drinks at Cecile's. Jerry tells Amy he is going to be busy tonight because the bar exam is next week and he intends to pass. Then Kit arrives to see Amy and Jerry leaves. / Pat talks to Marianne on the phone and Marianne tells her that she is planning to come home for a couple weeks the week after next. Then Pat tells Jim the good news. When Jim leaves, Pat decides she isn't going to return to work anymore and needs to pull herself together before Marianne arrives. / Amy and Kit argue about Jerry. Then Kit tells her that she is concerned about Miranda but Amy tells her that Miranda is after Mac Cory. / Jamie tells Cecile he will stop by for a drink after work and is excited about Mac coming back to work tomorrow. Then he makes a comment to Cecile that he thinks she could run the Complex if she had to and she agrees. / Ada tells Rachel that Larry and Clarice have worked things out with Robert and that Robert is leaving town. Next, Mac enters and tells them that Vivien says she is all better. Then Larry arrives. / Larry tells Rachel, Mac, and Ada that he has a warrant for Rachel's arrest for murder.

Notes: Last appearance by Nicholas Coster as Robert Delaney. First appearance by Beth Collins as Marianne Randolph.

OCTOBER 27, 1980 (EP. #4142)
Larry and another officer arrive at the Cory's and tell Rachel, Mac, and Ada that he has a warrant for Rachel's arrest for murder. / Miranda remembers discovering the tape was lost and calling Mary about it. / Pat gets a call from Philip and learns that he doesn't know when he will be coming back to Bay City. Pat tells Philip she isn't going to work any more because Mac will probably be back tomorrow. She also tells him that her daughter is coming to town in a couple weeks. When Pat hangs up with Philip she knows she needs Philip and hopes that Cecile is wrong about him never coming back. / Jamie and Cecile welcome Jerry and Amy to Cecile's for drinks and they talk about Jerry 's upcoming bar exam and Mac returning to the Complex. / Larry reads Rachel her rights and tells them she is being charged with second degree murder. Then Mac calls Brian and tells him what is happening. / Philip spends time with Ginny and she comments about how much he has changed. / Rick arrives at Miranda's and then Miranda calls Zachary to ask if he has made a decision yet about the investigation. Zachary tells Miranda that she can read about it in the morning paper. Then Miranda calls the Cory's and Ada tells her that Mac and Rachel are out at the moment. Miranda then assumes that Rachel is clear. / Tracy tells Dooley that the way she feels could mean she is expecting. Then Jason arrives and learns Tracy isn't feeling well and might be pregnant. Then Jason tells her they are flying home before Washington but Tracy tells him she is spending the four days between San Francisco and Washington with Russ. / Larry stays close by Rachel as she is booked. Then Brian and Mac tell Rachel that they have a court hearing in fifteen minutes and the judge will probably release her on her own recognizance. / Daisy stops by to visit Ginny and tells her and Philip about the wonderful party she went to in Bay City. As she tells them about Cecile's party she mentions that Pat Randolph had been drinking quite a bit and Ginny can tell that Philip is upset by the news. / Liz visits Pat to find out why she didn't come back to the Complex and then Thelma calls and Liz tells Pat that Rachel has been arrested for Mitch Blake's murder. / Brian accuses Colton of arresting Rachel to make headlines before next week's election. Zachary tells Brian that isn't true. Then a judge hears Rachel's case and sets bail at $50,000. / Amy and Cecile discuss the article on Blaine for Brava and then Jamie tells Jerry that he doesn't think Blaine is happy and that the only time he sensed true love from her was when she was married to Jerry. Then Jamie gets a call from Liz and learns that Rachel has been arrested for Mitch Blake's murder. / Jason and Dooley argue about Jason pushing Tracy too hard and not flying home to Bay City before Washington. Then Dooley gets a call from Russ (off-camera) and tells Jason that Rachel has been arrested for murder. / Amy comes to Miranda's and tells her and Rick that Rachel has been arrested for murder. Amy and Rick ask a stunned Miranda what's wrong? / Mac and Rachel spend some quiet time together in front of the fire before Brian begins her defense case tomorrow.

Notes: First segment airs before intro music and then from intro music right into sponsor music.

OCTOBER 28, 1980 (EP. #4143)
Miranda visits Mac and Mac assures her that they will be fine and that Colton cannot prove that Rachel was having a love affair with Mitch Blake. / Cecile visits Pat and, after exchanging words, tells Pat that Jamie would like her to stay on at the Complex since Mac won't be returning as they had expected. / Larry tells Clarice how terrible it was for him to have to be the one to arrest Rachel. / Russ sees Ada and tells her that she has to tell Brian about the baby. However, Ada refuses. Then Clarice arrives and tells then how bad Larry feels about arresting Rachel. Then Russ gets a call from the hospital and learns that Dr. Olivia Delaney is in town to see him. Clarice tells Russ that Robert has left town and she thinks he is leaving his wife. / Cecile tries to get Pat not to return to Brava but Pat tells her when she makes a decision she will tell Mac or Jamie. / Ginny asks Philip about Pat Randolph and asks him if he loves her. Philip tells her he doesn't know if he loves her but he does have strong feelings for her. / Dr. Olivia Delaney arrives at Clarice's and asks her where Robert is. Clarice tells Olivia that she doesn't know where Robert is but that he has left town. Clarice also tells her that she has no intention of divorcing Larry for Robert. / Larry asks Colton to be taken off the case but Colton tells him no. Then Miranda arrives to see Zachary. / Miranda asks Zachary to win the election and then drop the case against Rachel because she was mistaken about Rachel having an affair with Mitch. Miranda also tells him she had the tape. Zachary tells Miranda to forget about the tape or he will charge her with concealing evidence or with perjury. Then Miranda tells Zachary she doesn't want to see him again but he tells her he will see her in court. / Russ meets Dr. Olivia Delaney and tries to get her to accept an offer to work at the hospital. Olivia tells Russ her main reason for being in town is to get her husband and won't return to Seattle without him, so she is taking a suite at the Bayview Towers. / Philip tells Ginny about how he pursued Cecile for her money at first but then fell in love with her. When the plot was exposed she changed and doesn't believe him. Then he tells Ginny about Pat. When Philip leaves, a tired Ginny tells herself that Philip is a much nicer person than he realizes. / Jamie and Cecile visit Mac and Mac tells them that Brian says Colton doesn't have a strong case. Mac also tells them that Pat called and has agreed to stay on at Brava. / Jamie sees Pat at the Complex and tells her he just heard from Philip. Jamie tells Pat that Philip said his friend has passed on and he will be returning to Bay City tonight. Pat is very happy to hear the news. / Philip learns that he cannot return to Bay City tonight because Ginny's last request was for him to be present at the reading of her will. / Ada tells Brian that Colton wants to see her this afternoon. Brian tells Ada not to keep anything from him because it could trip them up in court. So Ada decides to see Rachel before going to Colton's office.

Notes: First appearance by Tina Sloan as Dr. Olivia Delaney.

OCTOBER 29, 1980 (EP. #4144)
Ada tells Rachel that Colton wants to see her and they have to talk before she does. / Blaine and Jordan discuss Rachel's situation and Blaine says she feels sorry for Rachel. Then Jordan tells Blaine it is her other ex-mother-in-law that he has no use for. Blaine assures Jordan that Margo won't bother them any more. When the phone rings and there is no one on the other end Jordan suspects that it might be someone wanting to talk to Blaine alone. / Ada tells Rachel that they need to tell Brian about the baby but Rachel refuses and tells her she won't hurt Mac or the baby that way. Then Mac enters. / Felice calls Blaine about the Brava article and then Blaine tells Jordan that Felice was the one who called earlier (even though Blaine knows Felice wasn't). When Jordan leaves, Margo calls Blaine and tells her that she tried to call earlier but hung up when Jordan answered the phone. Margo tells Blaine she wants to see her. Blaine tells Margo she will come to her. / Russ and Tracy arrive home and discuss Rachel's case. Russ tells Tracy that Colton is using the case for free publicity prior to the November 4th elections. Then Russ suggests they have Olivia Delaney to dinner. Next, Tracy gets a call from Larry (off-camera) and learns that the DA wants to see her tomorrow afternoon. / Ada meets with Colton and tells him that her statement about St. Croix is the truth. Colton tells Ada he doesn't believe her. / Blaine meets with Margo and learns that Jordan visited her and threatened her. Blaine tells Margo if she is in trouble she will get out of it herself and can take care of herself. Blaine also suggests that Margo leaves her alone or Jordan will kill her. Then Jerry enters. / Jerry and Blaine argue about Amy and then Blaine leaves. / Tracy tells Brian about her conversations with Mitch when he told her he loved Rachel and the final chat when he talked about children. Tracy tells Brian it almost seemed as if Mitch was planning to be a father. Tracy also admits to Brian that Mitch never told her that Rachel returned his feelings for her. The two also wonder if Jason is going to be a witness for the prosecution. / As Rachel goes over the dinner menu with Vivien she asks Vivien if she would take care of Mac and Amanda in case anything happens to her. Vivien tells Rachel nothing is going to happen and not to think that way. Mac enters and agrees with Vivien. He also tells Rachel he feels Ada is keeping something from him the way she seemed earlier. / Blaine runs into Amy and they exchange words. Blaine asks Amy if she has any real feelings for Jerry and Amy asks Blaine why she wants to know. When Amy leaves, Blaine knows she can't get Jerry out of her system. / Tracy tells Olivia that Russ will be late so the two women discuss children versus careers. Then they discuss Iris, who, Tracy says, was married to Robert at one time and is living in Texas now. Olivia tells Tracy she would like to get to know Clarice and Larry better if she decides to stay in town. / Brian meets with Rachel privately and Rachel tells Brian she wants the trial over before the baby is born. Rachel also tells Brian that she has been having the same recurring dream every night about Mitch. Then she leaves, when Mac enters. / Brian tells Mac that Rachel wants the trial as early as possible and even though Brian doesn't want an early trial it may be best for Rachel's emotional state.

Notes: First appearance of Elizabeth Kemp as Felice Carpenter.

OCTOBER 30, 1980 (EP. #4145)
Captain Petroni tells Larry there is nothing he can do if the DA wants him. Larry tells the Captain he will turn in his badge then because he knows Rachel is innocent and won't be used in this way. The Captain tells Larry he can help his friends the most by staying on the case. / Amy tells Cecile she is upset by what Blaine said about Jerry becoming interested in Kit. / Pat feels good for not having taken a drink yet and then Liz arrives. / Felice asks Blaine about who Jordan works for but Blaine says that as far as she knows Jordan is the owner. Then Blaine questions Felice about Amy but Felice leaves. / Cecile tells Amy she doubts she is over Joey yet, let alone is she going after Jerry. Cecile advises Amy to go to Jerry and play the innocent victim about what Blaine said. Then Jamie arrives when Amy leaves and they discuss Rachel's situation. Jamie also tells Cecile that Philip isn't returning yet. Cecile suggests they order some food up and work together. / Russ comes home to Tracy and Olivia making friends. / When Cory leaves the room, Larry tells Clarice about his talk with Captain Petroni. Then Clarice tells Larry that she had a visit from Robert's wife today. Larry thinks he should pay Dr. Delaney a visit. / Felice stops by Cecile's and tells her that Blaine is starting to become uncooperative about the article. When Felice leaves, Cecile tells Jamie that Blaine is making life difficult for Amy. Cecile tells Jamie he is doing a wonderful job in charge of Cory Publishers and they begin to kiss. / Jerry talks to Margo about his upcoming bar exam and then Amy arrives. Amy tells Jerry that Blaine attacked her today and she thinks it is best if they don't see each other any more. Jerry tells Amy he wants to see her and doesn't want to lose her. When Amy leaves, Jerry decides to go see Blaine at the Arena. / In Switzerland, Philip learns from Ginny's lawyer that he and Ginny's daughter (that isn't happy Philip is inheriting half) will share Ginny's estate. Then Philip runs into a couple of friends who suggest that they have a party in Ginny's honor. / Liz talks to Pat about a party for Marianne and then Pat gets an overseas call. Before Philip gets on the line, Liz mentions the fact that Jamie said Philip isn't returning for a while yet, so Pat cancels the call. Liz tells Pat she did the right thing. / Olivia tells Russ and Tracy she doesn't know where Robert is but he didn't return to Seattle. Then Jason stops by and meets Dr. Delaney. Then Russ gets a call and has to go to the hospital. Olivia asks if she can observe the operation and then both leave Tracy and Jason. Jason asks Tracy if she is sure she wants a pretty lady like Dr. Delaney to stay in town when she will be traveling so long. / Russ comes home to a sleepy Tracy and they make out. / At the Arena, Dooley tells Jason that Lilly Grafton is doing okay at the Supper Club. Then Blaine introduces herself and tells Jason she is in charge in Jordan Scott's absence. Jason can tell Blaine is a mover as Blaine grants the assistant mayor some credit. / Jerry tells Blaine to leave Amy alone or he will go after Jordan. Blaine tells him that going after Jordan would be a mistake.

Note: First appearance of Kelly Fitzpatrick as Captain Ben Petroni.

OCTOBER 31, 1980 (EP. #4146)
Blaine remembers Carrie warning her about Jordan and also her last conversation with Margo. Then Jordan asks Blaine if she is all right. / Daisy calls Cecile and tells her that Ginny left half of her estate to Philip and that she saw him last night at a get-together of Ginny's friends. / Brian tells Colton his client wants the first available court date in the next two weeks. Colton tells Brian that Rachel will go to trial and be convicted. / Jordan tells Blaine that she did a good job while he was gone and that he is falling in love with her. / Mac tells Rachel that Brian is coming out to talk to them. Then they go over the plans for the new barn and stables wishing Gwen were here to build it. Then Miranda arrives and offers to pick some things up for them if they need anything. As she leaves, she realizes that she was a fool to think she could come between Mac and Rachel. / Clarice tells Larry that she thinks they should leave things alone with Olivia for now. Then Blaine arrives to see Clarice and Larry leaves. As the two ladies talk Clarice can tell that Blaine is lonely. / As Pat and Cecile are in a meeting, Liz enters to tell them that Philip has been detained for a few days. Then Cecile tells them how Philip inherited lots of money and may never be back. When Pat leaves, Liz tells Cecile that Pat has to accept the fact that Philip has moved on to another life. / In Switzerland, Philip discusses Ginny's death with another lady named Jenna who suggests they have a little party of their own. / Margo visits Clarice and privately talks to Blaine. Margo tells Blaine she knows Blaine is putting on an act for her benefit. Margo also tells Blaine she won't let her wind up like Carrie and Hildy did. Blaine tells Margo that unlike the others she isn't in love with Jordan and never will be. / Rick and Miranda talk and Miranda tells him she is really happy to discover something about herself she didn't think she was capable of, and disappointed it can't be. / Clarice tells Larry that she thinks Blaine is lonely and that she and Jerry still love each other. Then she tells Larry about Margo's visit and speaking to Blaine alone and both wonder what is up between Margo and Blaine. / Brian tells Mac that Colton was stunned by his asking for an early trial date and they hope Colton will drop the case after the elections next week. / Jenna tries to convince Philip to stay and have fun with her but he says his life is now elsewhere. / Rachel tells Brian that she never gave Mitch any reason to think he loved her but he convinced himself that she loved him and was only with Mac for his money. He wanted to tell Mac this and that's when they struggled and the gun when off. Brian tells Rachel she has to be strong and not get upset because Colton's questions will be even harder. Then Mac enters and they get a call from Colton. / Brian tells Mac and Rachel that if Colton agrees to an early trial it means he has something. Then Zachary tells Brian there is an opening with Judge Baker the end of next week. Brian tells Mac and Rachel the trial begins next week.

Notes: Now just theme music used on intro and for first sponsor.