SEPTEMBER 1, 1980 (EP. #4102)
Mitch drops by the Cory's to see Rachel and Vivien tells him that the Cory's have gone away and won't be back for a day or two. / Clarice and Blaine talk about the Arena and then Blaine tells Clarice that Amy Dudley is seeing Jerry. / Clarice tells Blaine that Jerry and Amy spent a lot of time together at Miranda's party and the news bothers Blaine but Blaine tries to deny the fact that she cares for Jerry still. Then Clarice tells Blaine she can tell she still cares about Jerry and doesn't really care for Jordan Scott. Blaine tells her she has to have the divorce from Jerry and asks Clarice to promise not to mention their chat to anyone. / Brian visits Jerry and meets Margo and tells both of them that he is happy to have Jerry work for him but Taylor Halloway is also interested. / Jerry calls Amy and asks if he can come over to see her and she says yes. Then an excited Brad arrives at Amy's and tells her he won the race and wants to celebrate. So Amy agrees to cancel her date with Jerry. / Clarice hides another letter she is writing to Robert when Larry comes home. Clarice tells Larry that Blaine isn't happy at the Arena but Larry doesn't believe it. Then Larry finds the letter she is writing to Robert and gets angry and storms out of the apartment. / Mitch arrives to talk to Ada. / Mitch tells Ada he wants to know why Rachel is avoiding him and says he doesn't believe she has gone away with Mac. Furthermore, Mitch tells Ada that Rachel and the baby are his business and he thinks Rachel is with Mac for the things he can give her. Ada tells Mitch that Rachel is away in the mountains with Mac and Amanda and that she loves Mac. Ada also tells him if he believes Rachel is with Mac for his money then he doesn't know the first thing about love. / Larry goes to the Arena and after a short chat with Jordan, Blaine talks to him and gets him to think about Clarice's feelings. When Larry leaves, Brad arrives with Amy. / Charlie tells Clarice she needs to get tougher with Robert and tell him not to write to her anymore. Then Larry comes home and makes up with Clarice. / Amy and Blaine exchange nasty comments and Blaine tells Amy she knows Jerry will get hurt if he gets involved with Amy. / Ada tells Charlie about Mitch's visit and then calls Vivien and asks Vivien to have Rachel call her. Charlie tells Ada he thinks things are getting out of hand with Mitch.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1980 (EP. #4103)
When Mac leaves for work, Vivien tells Rachel that Mr. Blake stopped by yesterday and Mrs. Hobson wants her to call her. Rachel calls Ada and Ada tells her that she thinks Mitch is out of control. / Taylor visits Miranda and Miranda tells him how happy Kit was that Ellen and Joey finally got to meet but Joey seemed rather somber. Then Taylor tells Miranda that Amy has been seeing Jerry Grove and he hopes she doesn't just string him along. / Amy tells Cecile she is seeing Jerry some but there isn't much else to tell on the subject. Then Liz enters and tells Cecile that she just talked to Pat and learned she isn't returning to Brava so she passed the call over to Mac. Then Cecile gets a call and learns that Mac is calling a staff meeting. / Mary tells Miranda she found a tape in the tea canister and when Miranda sees the tape thinks it belongs to Mac. / Ada tells Rachel that Mitch thinks she is with Mac for his money and he can give her the same kind of life. Rachel decides she needs to prove to Mitch that he is wrong about why she is with Mac. / Mac holds a meeting with Jamie, Philip, and Cecile and tells them that he has just gotten a call from Pat stating that she isn't coming back to Brava and that she gave a letter to Cecile confirming this before she left town. Then Mac asks Cecile to explain but she is silent. Philip tells Mac that Pat did tell him about the letter so Mac again asks Cecile to explain. / Cecile tells Mac she can't discuss what happened. Then Cecile gets upset and tells Mac and the others that she can't protect Pat any longer and says that Pat did come to see her but she was drunk and there was no letter. Mac adjourns the meeting by naming Cecile as Editor in Chief of Brava. / Miranda visits Amy at the Complex and they discuss Jerry Grove. Then Miranda tells Amy she is off to visit Mac Cory. / Rachel arrives at the Disco and tells Mitch that she didn't marry Mac for his money but for his love. Mitch tells Rachel he can give her the same things but Rachel tells him she used him to get to Mac. Then Rachel invites Mitch to a party she is going to give so he can see how happy she is with Mac. Mitch agrees to come but doesn't think it will change anything. / In Cecile's office, Philip blasts Cecile for ruining Pat's credibility. Cecile warns Philip to stay out of her way or she will get rid of him too. / Rachel visits Mac and tells him she would like to have a party on Friday since it has been awhile since they have entertained. Mac agrees and then Miranda enters and Rachel invites her to the party and also mentions she intends to invite Mitch Blake. / When Rachel leaves, Miranda tells Mac she has a Dictaphone tape for him but then realizes she left it in her home. Mac tells her that the tape might be Brian Bancroft's too so Miranda decides to play the tape to find out who it belongs to.

SEPTEMBER 3, 1980 (EP. #4104)
Jordan talks to Blaine about Cecile and learns that Blaine was once married to Jamie Frame and doesn't care for Cecile. Blaine lets Jordan know that she doesn't still have feelings for Jamie. / Brian talks to Jerry about the divorce from Blaine and tells him he will go forward with it as long and they are both sure they want the divorce. / Cecile tells Jamie how much she hated telling everyone about Pat's drinking problem and Jamie tells Cecile she did the right thing. / Philip talks to Liz but Liz feels sorry for Cecile and defends her actions to him. / Jerry tells Margo that Brian wants him and Blaine to take some time and make sure they want to go through with the divorce. Then Margo tells Jerry there is something about Amy that doesn't ring true. / Cecile meets Amy at her place to show her Iris Bancroft's suite since she is settling in Houston. Cecile feels living in Iris's old suite is a victory for her over Iris. Then Jerry calls and asks to see Amy and she agrees. / As Amy and Cecile admire Iris Bancroft's suite, Amy admits that she likes Jerry more than she intended to. Cecile tells Amy she likes Jamie and they were in love once but she doesn't feel that way about him now. However, Cecile adds that she does like what he can give her as heir to Cory Publishing. Cecile also tells Amy that Iris Bancroft was like a queen bee but she is gone now and there is a new queen bee in Bay City. / Brian sees Blaine and tells her he can tell she still has feelings for Jerry. Then he gets her to agree to think about a reconciliation with Jerry before going through with the divorce. / Larry shows Clarice the letter he has written to Robert. Then Blaine stops by and seems happy. Next Jerry stops by and runs into Blaine. Jerry tells Blaine he needs some time to decide on whether to go through with the divorce or not. / Jerry talks to Amy who convinces him that going back to Blaine would be a mistake. / Cecile interviews Blaine about working at the Arena and Cecile learns that Jordan Scott runs the Arena but Blaine doesn't know who Jordan works for. / Jordan arrives while Cecile is with Blaine and then Jerry calls and, learning that Jordan is there with her and Cecile, tells Blaine that it is best if they don't try to work things out. A hurt Blaine agrees and hangs up on Jerry.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1980 (EP. #4105)
Rachel tells Ada her plan to have Mitch see her and Mac together and happy at the party. Ada thinks it is a mistake because Mitch is out of hand. / When Mary leaves the room, Miranda plays the tape and hears Mitch admitting to Janice that he has gone along with her plan to poison Mac. A shocked Miranda decides to hold on to the tape until she knows what to do with it. Then Taylor arrives at Miranda's with Kit and Joey. / Joey tells Taylor and Miranda he wants to move back to the apartment with Kit and Kit agrees. Taylor doesn't think it is a good idea and winds up arguing with Joey. Joey finally storms out and Taylor tells Kit if Joey really loves her he won't make her go back to the apartment. / Ada tells Rachel she can't come to the party because she can't hide how she feels. Rachel decides to have Mitch bring Miranda so that she can also see how happy she and Mac are. / Cecile goes over information for the Arena article and then Amy arrives late and tells her and Craig that Joey and Kit are having problems. Craig wants to know more about the problems but Amy won't say. / Rick tries to calm Joey and get Joey to bend a little where Taylor is concerned. Joey tells Rick he can't let Taylor run his life. Rick tells Joey that he won't win. / Rachel invites Liz to the party tomorrow night but Liz tells her she has to take care of Jim or else someone else may move in on Jim. Then Rachel leaves and Jason arrives. Jason tells Liz he has to get in touch with Tracy but Liz tells him she doesn't know where they are in Florida. / Kit remembers how uncomfortable Joey is in Miranda's house. Then Miranda talks to Kit and tells her she and Joey are welcome to stay on at her place. Miranda also tells Kit that she knows Mac and Rachel aren't as happy as they seem to be. / Rachel calls Mitch and he tells her he wants to talk to her. / Rachel asks Mitch to bring Miranda to the party and he asks her if she is up to something. Rachel denies it and then when Mac enters, Mitch hangs up. Rachel talks to Mac about the party and then Taylor enters. Rachel tells Taylor she has arranged for Mitch to bring Miranda in case he can't make it. Then Rachel leaves. / Craig startles Kit. / Kit tells Craig about her problems with Joey. Then Craig invites Kit up to the north woods with him and Amy on a shoot for Brava. Then Craig leaves when Brad arrives. Kit tells Brad that she may go up to the north woods with Craig on his next assignment but Brad tells Kit he doesn't trust Craig and she shouldn't either. / Taylor and Mac discuss Joey and Kit. Then Gwen enters and Taylor offers to bring her to Mac and Rachel's party. When Taylor leaves, Gwen tells Mac that Willis is working so much he may not have time for her even if she moves to Australia. / While Dooley and Cindy Lee rehearse, Jason arrives and after he has words with Cindy Lee, Mitch tells Cindy not to make fun of the fact that Tracy wants to have kids. Then Craig tells Cindy that things are working out because Kit may go away with him to the north woods because there is trouble between her and Joey.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1980 (EP. #4106)
Rachel remembers her last chat with Ada when they discuss Mitch coming to the party. Then she goes over final party plans with Vivien. Rachel tells Vivien that Mr. Blake helped save her and Mac's lives once. / Miranda gets a call from Mitch and wonders why he is escorting her to the party. Then Taylor enters and tells Miranda that he is going to talk to Joey again. Rick enters and tells Taylor he needs to talk to him before he sees Joey. / Rick tries to get Taylor to see things from Joey's perspective but has no luck. / Larry tells Clarice and Charlie that he is on homicide duty beginning tomorrow. Then he learns that Charlie and Ada aren't coming to the party. Both Larry and Clarice wonder what's up. / Taylor apologizes to Joey for yesterday but both wind up disagreeing again about what is best for Kit. Taylor offers Joey a job with him but Joey refuses. / Taylor talks to Mac and Rachel and meets Amanda before going sailing with Mac. / Joey tells Kit about his argument with Taylor and then tells her they are leaving and going back to the apartment. When Kit tells Joey she isn't going back there because she is afraid, they have another fight and Joey tells her he is going back to the apartment. / Taylor and Mac come home early from sailing when Mac injures himself on the head. Rachel wants him to see a doctor and also to cancel the party but Mac says he is fine. / Craig drops some contact sheets off with Cecile and they hear a sound next door. When they investigate they learn from Joey that he has moved home without Kit. / Craig tells Kit he saw Joey and knows she and him are having problems. Craig offers to help and at least keep Kit company. Craig also invites Kit to come up to the north woods with him on the shoot for Brava. / Mitch arrives with Miranda at the Cory's but when she mentions his saving their lives once he tells her that part of his life is a closed chapter. Then Miranda remembers the tape with Janice and Mitch and knows it isn't over for him. / At the party Larry tells Mac and Taylor about the recent prowler and break-ins in Bay City. Then Cecile and Jamie arrive for the party. Gwen talks to Larry and Clarice and then Vivien brings Amanda in. Next, Mitch and Miranda arrive and Miranda tells Taylor that Joey has moved back to the apartment but Kit is still at the house. Then Mac asks Miranda if she has solved the mystery of the tape in the tea canister and Mitch overhears. / Miranda tells Mac she hasn't played the tape yet. Then Mitch tells Rachel he thinks trouble has finally arrived. Jamie and Cecile interrupt Mitch and Rachel and then Mac collapses.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1980 (EP. #4107)
Russ carries Tracy over the threshold as they arrive home from their honeymoon. Then Russ gets a call and tells Tracy that Gwen says Mac collapsed at a party and is at the hospital. / Sally tells Ada, Charlie, and Jamie there is no news yet. Then Jamie tells them what happened. / Miranda tells Kit and Craig about Mac collapsing at the party. Mitch says he is going to check things out at the hospital. When alone, Mitch asks Miranda if she has found anything in the house. Miranda tells Mitch that her maid found a tape the other day. When Mitch leaves, Taylor tells Kit and Miranda about Mac's boating mishap and thinks that might have something to do with Mac passing out. Taylor also tells Kit that Gwen is talking to Joey. / Rachel tells Jamie, Ada, and Charlie that Mac is unconscious and there is no word yet. Then Russ enters and tells her that Mac has a concussion but will be all right. Rachel almost faints but is relieved Mac will be okay. Then Mitch arrives and Rachel tells him he is the last person she wants to see. / Gwen visits Joey and asks him what he is going to do to save his marriage. Joey tells Gwen if Kit wants to be a Halloway instead of a Perinni then they are through. Gwen leaves, telling Joey she thinks Taylor is right and he is wrong. / Rachel visits with Mac who says he is all right. Rachel tells him she is staying the night at the hospital with him. / Mitch tells Ada he needs to speak to Rachel and it is very important. Ada tells Mitch to leave Rachel alone. Mitch asks Ada to give Rachel a note or ask her how she feels about her baby's father spending the rest of his life in jail but Ada refuses to help. / Miranda gets a call and then tells Taylor and Kit that Mac will be fine. When Miranda leaves, Kit and Taylor talk about Joey and Kit tells him she is going away for a few days to the north woods with Amy and Craig. / Craig calls the Supper Club and tells Cindy Lee he is late because Kit and Joey had a fight and he was comforting Kit. Then Jason hears Cindy mentioning Russ Matthews and figures he and Tracy are back in town. Jason is mad that Tracy didn't call him and tells Cindy that he owns Tracy. / Jason visits Tracy and he tells her he needs to move Cindy Lee over to the Arena as soon as possible and would like her to come back to the Supper Club. Tracy tells Jason how wonderful Russ is. Then Russ calls her with the news on Mac's condition. / Cindy Lee stops by Tracy's between sets and tells Tracy how mad Jason was tonight that she got married. Cindy advises her to get away from Jason but Tracy defends Jason. / When Jamie and Charlie leave, Ada tells Rachel she thinks she made a mistake with Mitch. / Ada tells Rachel that Mitch said it was possible that he could spend the rest of his life in jail. Rachel says it would the next best thing to him being dead.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1980 (EP. #4108)
Russ tells Tracy that Mac will be fine but will stay in the hospital for one more day. Tracy comments about how devoted Rachel and Mac are to each other. Then Tracy tells him that Pat is back in town. Next, Liz calls and invites Tracy and Russ to dinner tonight with the family. Then Tracy tells Russ that Mitch also called for him. / Jamie, Cecile, and Philip go over company business and Liz tells them that Mac will be coming home tomorrow and that Pat is back in town. / Tracy asks Russ if something is wrong with Mitch but Russ tells her he can't share this with her because it also involves the permission of a third party. / When Philip and Cecile leave the office he learns she is planning an expose on Blaine Grove. / Carrie arrives to see Blaine and asks her if she loves Jordan and realizes Blaine is afraid to comment on Jordan. / Jerry visits Amy at home and tells her he took her advice and decided not to try to reconcile with Blaine. Then he tells Amy he wants her to meet his mom and asks her to a bite to eat tonight. When Jerry leaves, Amy wonders if she is ready for this. / Carrie tells Blaine she is in danger with Jordan and tells Blaine she is trying to help her. Then someone comes to the door and Carrie is afraid it is Jordan. When Blaine opens the door it turns out to be Jordan and he sees Carrie. Then a scared Carrie leaves and Jordan tells Blaine that Carrie looked like she was high. Jordan asks Blaine what Carrie said about him but Blaine denies that she said anything. / Tracy sees Dooley and tells him of Cindy's visit last night. Dooley tells her that Jason and Cindy don't get along but Jason does want to control Tracy. Then Russ arrives and says Pat seems fine and Dooley leaves. / Cecile tells Amy she is working on redecorating Iris's penthouse. Then Amy tells Cecile that Jerry wants to her to meet his mother again and she has decided it is worth it. / Philip visits Pat and tells him what a great time she had. Philip tells Pat he would like to meet her sister. Then Philip tells Pat that Cecile has Liz fooled and Pat tells him that her drinking isn't a problem anymore and offers him a glass to prove it. / At the Arena, Jordan greets Zachary Colton and tells Blaine that he is the Assistant District Attorney who just took over for Scott Bradley who went off to Washington. Blaine realizes he is running for DA in November. / Jim arrives at Liz's for dinner, followed by Russ and Tracy, Pat and Sally. Liz mentions having champagne with dinner and Pat says she will have club soda. / Blaine gets to know Mr. Colton and he tells her he knows about her from her brother Larry. Then Brian arrives to see Blaine. / When Zack leaves, Brian tries to get Blaine to reconsider the divorce from Jerry but Blaine tells him no and adds that she is on top of the world now. Brian tells Blaine that the question is what world is she on top of? / Carrie tries to call 911 but collapses.

Notes: First appearance by Curt Dawson as Zachary Colton.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1980 (EP. #4109)
At the Arena, Jordan tells Blaine that Zachary is losing his shirt at the Roulette table. Then Jordan and Blaine talk about Brian handling her divorce from Jerry. Next, Zachary tells Jordan he needs to borrow some money but then he gets a call from an officer telling him that a former hostess at the Arena was found dead of a heroine overdose. Then Zachary tells Jordan about Carrie's death and Jordan says he didn't know Carrie was into drugs. / Gwen visits Kit and suggests she talk to Joey again. Gwen tells Kit she loves Willis but hates to give up her business so she doesn't know what she is going to do but is close to moving. Then Amy and Miranda enter and both think Kit is wrong to see Joey after the way he acted. / Jerry suggests to Margo that they have dinner with Amy next week. / Amy and Miranda talk about the Arena and then Jerry calls Miranda Bishop's and asks Amy to meet his mom later this week. Amy tells Jerry she will be working late all this week. Then Miranda warns Amy not to wind up with Jerry in the same situation as Kit is in with Joey. / Larry comes home and tells Clarice that the former hostess of the Arena named Carrie Martin died of an overdose. Larry tells Clarice he wants to go to the Arena to talk to Blaine. / A co-worker at the Arena comments to Blaine about how sad it is about Carrie because everyone liked her so much. Then Brad arrives at the Arena and tells Blaine that Jerry doesn't mean anything serious to Amy and he hopes he won't get hurt by her. Next, Jordan calls and tells Blaine the police are going to question her about her meeting with Carrie. Blaine decides she will do what Jordan asks for now. / Kit sees Joey and he tells her he will probably be without a job soon if Gwen moves to Australia. Joey also said there is no Kit Farrell anymore and when she changed her name to Halloway she changed along with it. Joey also says he won't work for her father. Kit leaves saying "What's the use." / Clarice tells Margo about Carrie's death and Margo says she thinks Jordan is behind it. / When Brad leaves to do more gambling Larry arrives. Blaine tells Larry that Carrie came by to see her this afternoon and seemed like she had been drinking or something. / An upset Kit comes home and Amy tells her that Joey doesn't deserve her. Then Miranda asks Amy to leave and Miranda comforts a crying Kit. / Larry and Zachary question Jordan and Blaine about Carrie. Then Jordan leaves and visits Brad who won big again. / Larry and Margo try to get Jerry to talk to Blaine about working at the Arena but Jerry is reluctant. Larry tells Jerry that Blaine still cares for him and he can tell by the way Blaine is jealous of his seeing Amy. Then Jerry tells Margo and Larry he will speak to her. / Jordan tells Blaine she did a good job tonight. When alone Blaine tells herself that Jordan will pay for everything he has done. Then Jerry arrives and tells Blaine to quit her job because her life is in danger. Blaine asks Jerry if he still cares for her but he says that Larry asked him to come over. Blaine gets upset and leaves.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1980 (EP. #4110)
Vivien gets a call from the police telling her that the next door neighbor's home was robbed. Vivien tells Rachel that the Dalton place was robbed and suggests she have Rudy come over as a bodyguard. Vivien also tells Rachel that the horses are out in the pasture but the stable is open. / Mitch calls Tracy and asks to see her and she agrees. Then she remembers her recent talk to Russ about Mitch. / Taylor visits Miranda and tells her that the house next to the Cory's was robbed last night. Then Miranda tells Taylor of Kit's latest visit to Joey. Miranda also says that Kit is with Brad on his boat right now and will be going away soon. / Mac talks to Rachel about the most recent robbery and urges her to take the gun with her for protection when she locks up the stables later on. Rachel reluctantly agrees. / Tracy tells Mitch the honeymoon was wonderful and Russ loves the idea of having children. When Mitch talks to her about Rachel, Tracy tells Mitch it is time to move on because Rachel really loves Mac and not his money. Mitch says that Iris didn't agree with that. Tracy tries to get Mitch to open up but then Jason and Dooley arrive so Mitch leaves. Jason tells Tracy and Dooley that Mitch has a thing for Rachel. / Joey talks to Rick about his fight with Kit and says he knows he is losing her. Rick advises Joey to ease up on Kit for a while. / Kit tells Brad she had a great time with him on his boat. Then Brad warns her again that Craig is only after her money and to be careful of him. / Mitch visits Ada and tells her that he is going to tell Mac the truth about the baby. Ada asks Mitch to let her prepare Rachel first and Mitch says that's fine as long as it is today. / As Tracy rehearses she tells Jason how she didn't like his comment earlier about Mitch and Rachel because they are both friends of hers. / Tracy tells Russ of Mitch's visit and adds that she knows he knows more than he is saying. Russ tells Tracy it is a serious matter but he can't say more without Rachel's permission. Tracy tells Russ she has a feeling of impending doom. / Ada tells Rachel that Mitch is going to tell Mac and urges her to tell Mac herself before Mitch does. Rachel tells Ada it isn't over and she will fight Mitch to the end to protect Mac. Then she tells Ada she will meet with Mitch alone. Next, Miranda arrives while Rachel asks Ada to find Mitch and tell him she wants to see him alone. / Miranda visits with Mac and gives him Taylor's best and a handkerchief. She also talks to Mac about the problems with Kit and Joey. Then Rachel joins them and while the three of them chat, Vivien enters and privately tells Rachel that Mitch Blake is on the phone. / Rachel tells Mitch she wants to see him privately as soon as possible in the stables.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1980 (EP. #4111)
Rachel tells Mitch she wants to see him privately as soon as possible in the stables. Miranda overhears Rachel making plans to meet Mitch at the stables. Then Miranda enters the room and questions her about the phone call from "the feed store." Miranda invites Rachel to the Arena but then apologizes saying she is sure she wouldn't want to be around Blaine since she is her former daughter-in-law. Rachel tells Miranda she doesn't care what Blaine does. Then Miranda leaves. / Larry and Zachary Colton discuss Blaine working for Jordan, Zachary running for DA in November, and Carrie's death being ruled an accidental overdose and both find it suspicious. Larry thinks Jordan is behind it. / Russ tells Rachel about Mitch's visit to Tracy and Rachel tells Russ she will handle Mitch because he is on his way over. Russ wants to stay but Rachel tells him she has to see Mitch alone. / Miranda invites Amy to the Arena but she declines because she won't go and see Blaine without Jerry. / At the Arena, Larry tells Blaine that he thinks Carrie was murdered and is afraid Blaine will be next. Blaine says she will be fine. / When Vivien leaves, Rachel and Mac talk about how happy they are and Mac promises Rachel they will be together forever. / Ada tells Russ and Charlie about Mitch's visit and Russ tells them that Rachel is planning to see Mitch. Ada wants to go over to Rachel's but instead Russ calls and gets the number to the motel Mitch lives at. Russ tries to call but learn he has gone out for the night so they don't know if Mitch is on his way to Rachel's or the Supper Club. Ada tells them she is scared. / Larry tells Clarice that he can't get through to Blaine but he and the new Acting DA, Zachary Colton, are sure Jordan is behind Carrie's death. Then Larry tells her he doesn't like Zachary Colton because he seems to only be interested in making a name for himself. / Zachary Colton arrives at the Arena and is greeted by Blaine. Next, Miranda and Taylor arrive. / Miranda tells Taylor that Mac is doing well. Zachary questions Blaine about her marriage to Jamie Frame and about Mac and Rachel. Zachary overhears as Miranda tells Taylor that Rachel was making a date with Mitch for tonight while Mac is recovering upstairs but Taylor doesn't want to hear it. Then Miranda tells him that Kit is with Brad in his new sports car tonight. / A man arrives at the stables. / Rachel tells Vivien she is going to round up the horses and Vivien wants to go too because of the prowler around. Vivien then tells Rachel either she takes the gun or she will go with her so Rachel reluctantly takes the gun. / Rachel arrives at the stables followed by Mitch. Mitch tells Rachel he can give her all the money and stuff she wants and they can raise the baby together. Rachel tells Mitch she loves Mac, not his money. Mitch tells Rachel he is gonna tell Mac it's his baby and that he loves Rachel. Then Mitch tries to kiss Rachel and she slaps him. Rachel pulls a gun on Mitch and tells him she will shoot if he goes for the door. Then they struggle and Mitch is shot. A stunned Rachel runs from the stables thinking she has killed Mitch. / A man grabs Mitch's wallet and then Mitch struggles to get up and fights with the prowler in the stables. The gun goes off two more times, hitting an electric line and a fire begins.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1980 (EP. #4112)
Charlie calls Tracy (not seen) and tells her that Russ will be late getting home because he has gone back to Rachel's to help her with an urgent situation. / As Rachel holds a gun on Mitch he tells her that he knows she wouldn't fire that gun. Then they struggle and Mitch is shot. A stunned Rachel runs from the stables thinking she has killed Mitch. / A man grabs Mitch's wallet and then Mitch struggles to get up and fights with the prowler in the stables. The gun goes off two more times, hitting an electric line and a fire begins. / A hysterical Rachel tells Mac and Vivien that she shot and killed Mitch Blake. Then Vivien notices that the barn is on fire. / A hurt and dazed Mitch leaves the barn as the fire continues to burn. / Rachel calls the police to report the shooting and then the fire department. Russ arrives and Mac tells Rachel and Russ that the barn is burning too much. Rachel screams that they have to get Mitch out of there but Mac says they can't. / At the Arena, Miranda is amazed that Craig actually works. Craig takes pictures and Felice asks Blaine to have a picture taken with Zachary Colton. Taylor tells Miranda that he doesn't like her talking about Mac and Rachel's marriage breaking up. / An ailing Mitch realizes he has been shot but doesn't know what happened or who he is. / Kit and Brad come home and see Amy and tell her about the fun ride they had. Then Craig arrives and asks Kit if she is still planning to come with them to the north woods tomorrow. Kit isn't sure she wants to go now but Craig tries to talk her into it and tells her that Cindy Lee is coming too and quitting her job at the Supper Club. Then Brad and Craig talk about his new car as Joey enters hearing Kit say how much she loves being a fast woman. / Craig, Amy, and Brad leave and then Joey tells Kit he is willing to compromise if she is but he doesn't like the people who were just with her. Then Joey calmly walks out and Kit calls Craig to tell him she will go with him tomorrow. Then Craig calls Cindy Lee and tells her that if Brad asks about her going along to the north woods she should tell him she decided not to quit her job. Cindy tells Craig she wants to go with him and won't take no for an answer. An upset Craig vows not to let Cindy Lee ruin things for him. / Charlie calls Clarice (off-camera) and tells her that there was a fire in the Cory stables and they need her to babysit Nancy. / Sally tells Blaine and Jamie that she is going to go to Chicago and finish her nursing program there. Then Zachary Colton gets a call that Rachel Cory claims she shot someone. Zachary remembers overhearing Miranda talking to Taylor about Rachel making a date with Mitch while Mac is upstairs. Zachary stares at Miranda as he leaves the Arena. / Mitch tells himself he will be good and not bad as he arrives at the railroad tracks. / Vivien takes Amanda up to bed. Then Mac tells Rachel the whole barn just caved in but no one was hurt. Russ tells Rachel the police will be here any minute and they need to know what happened before they arrive. Rachel tells Mac and Russ that Mitch was in the stables and she killed him but Mac thinks Rachel is delirious. Then Zachary arrives and meets the Corys and Russ. Mac tells Zachary that no one was shot and tries to convince Rachel that she just had a bad dream. / Mac tells Zachary that no one visited the house tonight but then Zachary learns that a body was found in the stables.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1980 (EP. #4113)
Charlie brings Nancy over and tells Larry about the fire at the Cory stables. Larry insists on accompanying Charlie and Ada to the Cory's after learning that Rachel shot Mitch. Russ, Mac, Ada, and Charlie protest when Zachary presses Rachel for a statement. Brian is impressed with Jerry's grasp of law. Mac summons Brian to the Cory's to be Rachel's lawyer. An irritated Taylor suggests Miranda forget about her suspicions of Mitch and Rachel. Taylor reads Kit's note about having another fight with Joey and going to the Brava shoot. Gwen suggests that Joey should be more understanding and flexible with Kit and her family. Gwen and Joey list the good and bad points of their respective marriages. Cindy Lee quits the Supper Club after another fight with Jason. Craig pays off Cindy, who threatened to reveal their scheme to Kit. Joey wasn't pleased to learn from Miranda that Kit is going to the Brava shoot with Amy and Craig. While Larry reads her her rights, Rachel remembers shooting Mitch. Jason tells Tracy he suspects Rachel shot Mitch because he wanted to end their affair. Rachel doesn't listen when Ada urges her to tell Brian the truth about the baby. Zachary advises Brian he plans to bring charges against Rachel. Rachel tells Mac, Ada, and Brian about the situation with Mitch, but lies to Brian that she revealed the full story. Zachary quizzes Miranda on the comment she made about Rachel "making a date" with Mitch, who may be the subject of a murder investigation.

Notes: Last appearance by Dee Ann Sexton as Cindy Lee.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1980 (EP. #4114)
Russ comes home and finds Tracy with Jason. Jason tells Russ he was comforting Tracy about Mitch's death. Russ tells them there was an accident, Rachel shot Mitch and the police don't know how the fire in the stables got started. Then Russ defends Rachel to Jason. / Mitch stumbles upon a couple of crooks who don't see him. / Jamie visits Ada and Charlie at the Cory's and they tell him that they do not know why Mitch was in the stables. Ada also tells Jamie she doesn't like the way Zachary Colton was treating Rachel. / When Jason leaves, Brian arrives at Russ and Tracy's and tells Russ he thinks Rachel is withholding something. Russ tells Brian that he has to get his information from Rachel because she is his client. / Ada tells Charlie she didn't like the way Zachary Colton made Larry read Rachel her rights like a common criminal. Ada is also worried that Rachel refuses to tell Mac the baby isn't his. Then she realizes that Donald Tanner knows the baby Rachel is carrying isn't Mac's. / Mitch hides in the camper as the couple leave town heading for Montana. / In the morning as Kit, Amy, and Craig are ready to leave for the north woods, Craig tells Kit and Amy that Cindy Lee isn't going because they had a fight last night. Kit tells Amy if Joey asked her not to go she would stay in a heartbeat. Miranda enters as they all leave and realizes she forgot to tell Kit that Joey called. / On the phone, Clarice tells Ada not to worry about Nancy. Then Ada asks Larry to be there when Rachel is questioned if possible. He tells Ada not to worry about anything but Ada tells Larry she doesn't like Zachary Colton. Then Larry tells Clarice that there are a lot of questions that need answering yet. / Gwen talks with Taylor about the situation with Rachel and then Gwen tells him she has decided to close up shop and move to Melbourne to be with Willis. Taylor tells Gwen he is tired of Joey's attitude but Gwen tells him that he may be coming around and called Kit last night but she had already gone to bed. Taylor also says that Miranda wants to talk to him about the assistant district attorney. / Jamie holds a meeting with Liz, Philip, and Cecile about making sure Cory Publishers keeps going because Mac may be out for a few days and Cecile tells Jamie she will do all she can to help. / When Liz and Philip leave the office, Jamie tells Cecile he thinks something seriously wrong is going on. / Brian arrives to talk to Charlie and Ada. / Brian tells Charlie and Ada that he thinks Rachel is keeping something from him. When he mentions talking to Mac about it he learns that Mac doesn't know what it is and Ada agrees to talk to Rachel. / Miranda tells Taylor that Zachary Colton visited her last night because he overheard what she said about Mitch and Rachel. Miranda asks Taylor to do what he can to keep her out of it because she thinks Rachel is in big trouble.

Notes: Celia Weston plays Clarice Ewing on today's episode.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1980 (EP. #4115)
Amy, Kit, and Craig arrive at the Lodge and meet the Bennets who own the lodge. Then the Bennets recognize Kit and she learns that some reporters have called along with Gwen and Taylor. / Larry gets off the phone and tells Clarice that Zachary Colton is putting him on the assignment looking into Mitch's death. / On the phone, Gwen tells Kit that Joey tried to call her last night but Miranda said she was in bed already. Gwen also tells Kit Joey got mad again when Miranda told him that Kit was going away with Amy and Craig. Kit decides she might try writing a letter to Joey but then Craig enters and tells her that reporters are downstairs and he will try to get rid of them. / Brad visits Cecile at work and when he learns Kit and the others are up in the north woods already he decides to pay them a visit and Cecile says she will go with him tomorrow. Brad also tells Cecile he doesn't trust Craig Caldwell. / Pat visits Liz at work and when they discuss what Rachel will go through with the DA, Pat comments about how she knows about it all too well from her own experience. Pat decides to go see Mac and then Philip arrives. Next Cecile and Brad enter and when Pat and Philip leave, Liz praises Cecile for being so kind to Pat. / Clarice and Blaine talk about Rachel's ordeal and Blaine confesses that she feels sorry for Rachel. Blaine even admits that she is the one who screwed up her marriage to Jamie and not Rachel. Blaine also tells Clarice that she thinks Zachary Colton can be mean when he is crossed. / Kit writes a letter to Joey and then Amy enters the room and accuses Kit of liking all the attention she is getting. / Zachary gives Larry a search warrant to look over Mitch's motel room and the Supper Club. He also tells Larry he isn't ruling out murder. / Sally visits Blaine at Clarice's and Blaine confides in Sally that Jordan doesn't mean anything to her. She also says she is going to get even with all the people who caused her to lose Jerry and then she is going to get respect and be rich. / Larry and officer Clark arrive at Mitch's motel room and find pictures of Rachel and Amanda everywhere. Then they notice that some pictures of Rachel have been torn up. / Pat visits Mac to comfort him and then when she leaves Brian enters and Mac tells him how happy he has been and he hopes Rachel's statement to the DA will answer the questions he has. / Jason tells Tracy that Cindy Lee walked out on him last night and asks her to sing at the Supper Club next week. Tracy says she isn't up to it with Mitch's death but Jason talks her and Dooley into doing it. When Tracy rehearses she gets sad and leaves. Then Larry arrives to see Jason. / Jason tells Larry to tell Colton that if he asks him the questions himself he will give him an earful.

Notes: Celia Weston plays Clarice Ewing on today's episode. Last appearance by Julie Philips as Sally Frame.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1980 (EP. #4116)
Ada helps Rachel get ready for her meeting with the DA and tries to get Rachel to tell the truth about the baby but Rachel says she can't because she wants to protect Mac and the baby from ever knowing she killed the baby's father. / Brian talks to Vivien and learns that she made Rachel take the gun to the stables and that Mitch Blake had made numerous visits to the house to see Rachel. Then Rachel enters with Mac, Ada, and Vivien and Brian talks privately to Rachel and tells her what to expect and that he believes she is keeping something from him. / Larry and Clark tell Colton that they found pictures of Rachel and Amanda with some of Rachel torn up in a trash can in Blake's motel room. The only book found is one called "Harry Must Die" but they found no papers and Mitch has no known family. Larry also tells Zachary that Jason Dunlap wants to speak to him personally and will give him an earful on Mitch Blake. / Tracy talks to Dooley and Jason about Mitch as she rehearses at the Supper Club. Tracy tells Jason it was a terrible accident but knows Rachel didn't mean to shoot Mitch. Then Jason gets a call from the DA's office and agrees to meet with Colton. / Mac, Rachel, and Brian arrive and see that Larry is with Zachary Colton. When Mac leaves Colton begins to take Rachel's statement. / Mitch awakens in the back of the camper. / Rachel tells Zachary the entire story of Mitch being Janice's friend and trying to kill Mac with her. Then she tells him that Mitch confused her gratitude for saving her and Mac's lives for affection and that she agreed to meet him in the stables because he wanted to tell Mac that they were in love. Rachel adds that she didn't take a pulse to make sure he was dead but she assumed she killed him and that she only fired the gun once and doesn't know how the fire started. Zachary asks Rachel if there is anything she would like to add to her statement. / Tracy tells Russ that Jason needs her to start singing again next week and she isn't sure about it but also doesn't want the club to close because of her. Then Russ gets a call from the DA's office wanting to see him tomorrow and Tracy tells Russ that she overhead Jason getting a call too and wonders if that means that the DA doesn't believe Rachel's story. / Zachary tells his secretary to call Miranda Bishop and arrange for him to see her today. / Rachel, Mac, and Brian tell Ada about the visit to the DA's office. Rachel asks Mac to give her one more day and she will tell him everything and he agrees. Then Brian tells them that he thinks Colton isn't ready to close the case yet and will look more closely into the shooting before doing so. / Zachary meets with Miranda and they have a nice chat. She tells Colton she doesn't know anything about Mitch saving Mac and Rachel's lives. When Zachary leaves, Miranda plays the tape of Janice and Mitch again and wonders what he means by Mitch saving their lives. / Danny and Sue (the two crooks) hear something in their camper. / Danny opens the back of the camper and finds Mitch in it, barely alive and has been shot and tells Sue (his partner) that they have to dump him right away.

Notes: 57 Bayview Drive is the address of the Cory house.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1980 (EP. #4117)
Sue asks Danny to stop the car when she thinks Mitch is dead. Danny tells Sue he isn't dead and says he wants to dump him but Sue tells him she has a better idea. / Tracy tells Russ she is worried about his appointment with the DA and is afraid that Colton may find out that she was Mitch's friend and ask her to tell him what Mitch said about Rachel. Russ urges Tracy to call Brian and talk to him. / Danny and Sue arrive at a doctor's house and leave Mitch there with a change of clothes. / Tracy tells Brian about her last conversation with Mitch where he thought Rachel married Mac for money. Brian urges Tracy to tell the truth and also adds that he thinks Rachel is in a lot of trouble. / Amy tries to locate Jerry and learns Jerry is now working for Brian. Then Kit gets up and sees Amy, Mrs. Bennet, and Craig. Craig offers to go for a walk with Kit but she declines. Then she gives Mrs. Bennet a letter to mail to Joey. Joey reads a letter from Kit and then Cecile offers to make breakfast for him. Next Brad enters and suggests they all have breakfast together and go up to the north woods. Joey declines to go saying he doesn't want to see Craig Caldwell. Brad tells Joey he shares his opinion of Craig and wants him and Kit to make it. / Brian helps Jerry get settled in and then Amy calls and invites him to a party but Jerry declines. Then Brian and Jerry discuss Rachel's case and Brian tells Jerry he thinks the DA is going to try to get a charge of murder. / Danny and Sue call William Moore, MD at 555-8972 and tell him there is a patient on his front lawn. / Craig and Kit talk about Joey and then Craig tells her that Cindy Lee left him when she found out he really doesn't have any money. / Dr. Moore finds Mitch on his lawn and asks him who he is. Mitch tells him he doesn't know. / Craig takes photos of the models and tells Amy he left Kit looking at a cabin in the woods. / Jason has trouble paying Supper Club bills and then Tracy arrives and asks Jason not to say anything to the DA that could hurt Mitch or Rachel. Jason promises not to make it seem like Mitch and Rachel were having an affair. Then Jason calls to confirm his appointment with the DA. / Kit writes another letter to Joey and asks to have it sent via special delivery. / Dr. Moore works on Mitch and Mitch tells him he doesn't know who he is but that some people named Danny and Sue brought him here. Then the doctor goes into the other room and calls the police. / Dr. Moore shows the officer into the room where Mitch is but he is gone and all that is heard is a train whistle in the background.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1980 (EP. #4118)
Tracy visits Rachel and invites her to a memorial service for Mitch to be held later in the week. Rachel isn't sure she should come. / Zachary Colton investigates Mitch's motel room with Larry and another officer and decides that Mitch must have been angry with Rachel to tear up pictures of her on the day he was shot. Then he finds the book "Harry Must Die" and notices that certain pages were turned down as if he was studying the book. / Mac enters and learns of the memorial service. Then Tracy leaves and Mac asks Rachel why she didn't tell him that Mitch was bothering her. Rachel tells Mac that she was trying to protect him after everything he had been through. When Mac leaves, Rachel remembers (through flashbacks) surprising Mitch in St. Croix and another chat she had with him when they kissed. Next, Rachel calls Brian and tells him she needs him. / Jason meets with Colton and tells him that Mitch was obsessed with Rachel but it wasn't a one-way street. Jason adds that Rachel went down to St. Croix to be with Mitch and remarried Mac Cory for his money. Then Jason suggests that Colton talk to Tracy Matthews because she is close to both Mitch and Rachel. / Ada stops by the police station and asks Larry how things look for Rachel. Then Ada learns that Colton is very thorough and found the book "Harry Must Die" and thinks Mitch was studying it. Ada leaves asking him to forget she was ever there asking questions. / Pat visits Mac, Rachel, and Amanda and then Cecile arrives and Mac mentions how much he would like to get both ladies to work again. / Russ sees Colton and is asked if he knew about Rachel having problems with Mitch. Russ said he was aware. Then Colton asks him if he knew anything about the book "Harry Must Die." Russ tells Colton that the book was used as a blueprint for murder by Mac's ex-wife Janice and that he believes Mitch was involved amorously with Janice. Russ adds that Scott Bradley flew to St. Croix to investigate at the time. / As Tracy rehearses with Dooley, Jason arrives and tells Tracy that Colton will want to talk to her about Mitch Blake. / At the Complex, Liz tells Jim that Tracy would like the family to come to the Supper Club tonight for her return and Jim agrees it is a good idea. Then Cecile arrives and is upset. After she goes into Mac's office, Philip enters and asks to see Cecile. Cecile accuses Pat of trying to be cozy with Mac behind her back in an effort to get her job back. Philip tells Cecile that Pat wouldn't be underhanded like that. Philip also tells Cecile he won't be the only one who can see through her for long. / Pat visits with Tracy and while there Tracy gets a call from the DA's office and tells Pat she has to speak to Zachary Colton. / Ada comforts an upset Rachel and she remembers Larry telling her that Colton found the book "Harry Must Die." / Ada decides not to tell Rachel about the book right now. / Zachary calls Liz and asks for the number for Donald Tanner. When Liz doesn't want to give it out Mr. Colton tells Liz it is police business.

Notes: The announcer says "and now the next part of AW" when it should be "stay tuned for the conclusion of AW." Ada mentions Gil.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1980 (EP. #4119)
Miranda drops by to tell Mac how sorry she is about everything that has happened with Rachel. Then she tells him that Zachary Colton wants to see her. They both assume it must be about the party that Mitch was at. / After sex, Blaine assures Jordan that she is as crazy for him as he is for her. Then Jordan tells her he has to go to the Arena early because Zachary Colton is coming tonight. As Jordan showers Blaine feels terrible about what she is doing. / Liz talks to Cecile about Rachel's ordeal and then Jamie enters and she tries to get Jamie and Cecile to come to the Supper Club tonight to help support Tracy's return but both decline. Cecile asks Jamie if Pat was at the house when he visited Rachel but he says no. Then Cecile remembers seeing Pat at Mac and Rachel's. Cecile invites Jamie to dinner and he accepts. Then Liz mentions that Colton called and wants to speak to Donald Tanner. / Charlie and Ada decide not to mention to Rachel the fact that Zachary found the book in Mitch's motel room. Then Colton arrives and asks them why Rachel went to St. Croix. Ada tells him it was because she wanted Mitch to lead her to Mac. When Zachary leaves, Ada calls and asks Jerry to have Brian see her as soon as possible. / When Jordan leaves, Blaine thinks about Jerry as she holds his sweater. Then Blaine is visited by Margo. / Margo finds the sweater and tells Blaine she won't tell Jerry she kept his sweater. / Cecile gives Jamie a massage to relax him and they wind up making love. / Philip arrives at Pat's with a corsage and tells her that even if she didn't come back to Brava he would still like to see her. Then Jim and Liz arrive but Liz isn't thrilled to know Philip brought Pat a corsage. / Cecile and Jamie both agree that what happened between them won't change things. Then Cecile tells Jamie that she thinks Pat might have started drinking again. / Charlie suggests to Ada that they tell Brian about the baby but Ada tells him that it is Rachel's decision to do that. Then Brian arrives and after learning Colton was there tells Ada that he believes they are keeping something from him and if it is true Rachel could wind up going to jail. / At the Arena, Blaine treats Zachary well and then Miranda and Zachary discuss Rachel's case. Miranda tells Zachary how trusting Mac is to have Mitch hanging around since he was involved in the murder attempt. Then Miranda remembers listening to the tape of Janice and Mitch. / Miranda tells Zachary she has nothing to gain from withholding information but Zachary says they can meet again if she has any more information.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1980 (EP. #4120)
Amy tries to place a person to person call to Jerry Grove but learns the circuits are filled. Then Amy and Craig mention the party tonight and that Cecile and Brad are flying up for it. Amy tells Kit she is hoping Jerry will come up for it also. Kit hopes by writing letters things will work out for her with Joey. / Margo tells Jerry that the papers make it look like the shooting wasn't an accident. Then Margo adds that she is going to go to the memorial service for Mitch today. Then Amy calls and invites Jerry to the party tonight. Jerry thinks he might go but as he talks to Amy, Margo remembers seeing Jerry's sweater with Blaine. Margo tells Jerry that Blaine still has feelings for him but Jerry denies it. / Joey tries to write a letter to Kit and reads some of her letters to him. Then Gwen enters and tells Joey she came in to take one last look at the place before she leaves. She also tells Joey she hopes things work out for him and Kit. / Kit writes Joey another letter when she realizes she still has not received a letter from him. / Mac asks Ada if she thinks they should go to Mitch's memorial service and she says it's a bad idea. Mac wonders why Rachel told her and Charlie and Russ about her problem with Mitch but not him. Ada tells Mac she did it to protect him. Then Rachel enters and tells them she is going to Mitch's memorial service. When alone, Rachel remembers again (in flashbacks) leading Mitch on in St. Croix by meeting him and then how Janice stabbed Mitch to protect them. Then Ada tells Rachel that Zachary Colton came to see her and she should call Brian before going to the service. Rachel tells Ada she has to go for Mitch because he saved their lives in St. Croix. Ada asks Rachel if Mac saw Mitch try to save them and she says she doesn't know. Then Ada comments that Rachel maybe the only one who knows Mitch was in on the attempt to kill Mac. / Brian brings Margo home from the memorial service and she tells him about the days she knew Mitch in Vegas. Margo tells Brian that Mitch was very self-involved then. / Mitch gets on a train in the boxcar. / Taylor runs into Joey and asks him what he is going to do for work now. Joey says he will take care of himself and Kit. Then Rick enters and tells Taylor that only Kit and Joey know what is best for them. When Taylor leaves, Joey decides to go up to the north woods and surprise Kit and Rick offers to fly him there. / Cecile, Brad, and Jerry arrive at the lodge and Amy introduces them to Mrs. Bennet. When Kit and Craig enter, Cecile tells Kit she saw Joey but he didn't want to come because of work to do with Gwen since she is leaving. A hurt Kit decides to come to the party. / Gwen visits Mac to say goodbye and they talk about her move to be with Willis as well as Rachel's situation. Gwen asks Mac why Rachel shot Mitch Blake but Mac tells her he doesn't know. / Another guy in the boxcar asks Mitch if he is going to Red River. Mitch tells the man that he doesn't know where he is going or why he was shot or even who he is. / As everyone prepares for the party, Jerry and Amy get cozy and then Kit enters all dressed up for the party and impresses everyone but Amy. Kit tells Cecile it should be a dress up party and if anyone ruins a dress she will buy it. Kit also tells everyone she is tired of living like a pauper. / Rachel asks Mac when it will all be over when she has shot a man. Then they hear a train whistle in the night and Mac comments how sad the whistle is in the night.

Notes: Last appearance by Dorothy Lyman as Gwen Parrish Frame. Last appearance by Ron Harper as Taylor Halloway. Special appearance in a flashback by Christine Jones as Janice Frame Cory. Amy's number at the lodge is 555-1100, Room 148.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1980 (EP. #4121)
As everyone prepares for the party, Kit enters all dressed up for the party and impresses everyone but Amy. Kit tells Cecile it should be a dress up party and if anyone ruins a dress she will buy it. Kit also tells everyone she is tired of living like a pauper. Then everyone thanks Kit. / As Pat prepares dinner Tracy and Pat talk and then Philip calls and asks to see her. Tracy tells Pat she thinks Philip is interested in her but Pat doesn't think that is the case. Then Russ arrives for dinner. Next, Liz arrives and tells them that she and Jim just dropped Sally off at the airport. Pat invites Liz to join them for dinner. Tracy tells everyone that the memorial service for Mitch Blake was very nice. Liz tells them all that Zachary Colton wants to speak to Donald Tanner. / Zachary arrives at the Supper Club and tells Jason he is here to talk to Tracy. / In Amy's room, Amy tells Jerry she is having problems with Matthew and then as Jerry comforts Amy, they wind up making out. / Cecile, Brad, and Craig thank Kit for the party and Kit tells Cecile that Craig should take pictures this time with her permission. / Liz tells Pat that Sally got to kiss Joey goodbye because they ran into him and Rick Halloway at the airport as they were on their way to Green Lake to see Kit. Liz also tells Pat that she thinks Brian Bancroft is a better choice. / Russ drops Tracy off at the Supper Club and then leaves when Jason enters. Jason tells Tracy that Zachary Colton wants to talk to her before her first set. / Kit enjoys being the center of attention. Then Amy and Jerry join the party and Amy tells Cecile that Kit knows how to grab attention when she wants to. / Joey and Rick get a taxi driver to take them to the lodge. / Pat and Philip talk about Zachary Colton personally investigating the shooting. Then Philip tries to convince Pat that she is needed at Cory Publishing with Mac gone and Jamie in over his head. Pat tells Philip how Mac was there for her when John died so she agrees to come back to work temporarily to help Mac. / Jason shows Zachary into Tracy's dressing room and then leaves. Tracy tells Zachary that Rachel followed Mitch to St. Croix to save Mac but no one can prove that that is the sole reason. / As everyone parties, Brad tells Kit that Jerry seems okay and Kit tells him that Craig has left her alone. Then Joey and Rick arrive. / Jerry tells Joey that he came up with Cecile and Brad. Then Joey decides to have a good time and calls everyone over to watch the Cinderella Man get drunk. Kit asks Rick why Joey is here and Rick tells her it is because he thought she missed him and needed him.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1980 (EP. #4122)
Rick wakes Joey who has a hangover and tells him that he got drunk last night and then went after a model and reporters took pictures of it. Rick also tells him that Kit left an hour ago with Amy, Jerry, and Brad. / Vivien tells Mac and Rachel that Colton wants to see her in his office. / Brian gives Blaine the divorce petition and Blaine signs it. Then Brian gets a call and he asks Vivien to come see him before she sees the DA. Next, Jerry enters and when Brian leaves Blaine talks to Jerry about the divorce papers. Blaine tells Jerry she saw the picture of him in the paper this morning with his arm around Amy and then they argue. / Kit arrives home to Miranda's and Miranda tries to get Kit to talk about what happened but she won't. / Blaine talks to Clarice about her divorce and running into Jerry. Then Clarice gets a call from Robert Delaney and he tells her he is in Bay City and asks to come over. Clarice asks Robert not to come over and upset Cory so they agree to meet at the park. Blaine suggests that Clarice not tell Larry right away. / As Vivien talks to Brian, Vivien tells him how Miranda Bishop tricked her into telling her that Mitch Blake had visited Rachel. / Russ visits Rachel and warns her that Zachary Colton is planning to talk to Donald Tanner and that Zachary found the book "Harry Must Die" in Mitch's room. Then Russ urges her to tell Brian the whole truth about the baby before Colton learns about it himself. / Miranda visits Mac at the office and invites him and Rachel to dinner next week. Mac tells Miranda that he would rather wait. Then Jamie arrives with Brian. When Mac learns that Zachary Colton is seeing Donald Tanner. Mac is happy but Brian tells Mac he is cautious about what Tanner wants. Jamie suggests they keep this from Rachel because of how upset she got the last time but Brian says they shouldn't keep anything from Rachel. Then Mac remembers how Rachel reacted about the book last time. / Rick talks to Kit and tries to convince her to wait to talk to him. Rick tells her he doesn't believe her marriage to Joey is over. / Clarice meets Robert in the park and he tells her that things aren't good with his marriage. Clarice also tells him that Cory loves Larry and thinks his real father is gone away forever. Then they talk about Rachel's ordeal and Robert adds that he would like to see Mac and Rachel and that her father is married to Ada. Then Robert asks Clarice to walk Cory by the park bench when he gets home from school just so he can see him. / Mac tells Rachel Colton is interested in the book "Harry Must Die" and Rachel adds it might be good because it will prove she followed Mitch to St. Croix to save Mac. / As Clarice walks Cory through the park he drops his ball and Robert picks it up. Robert asks Cory if he is going to be a ball player when he grows up and Cory tells him he is going to be a police officer like his dad. / Brian visits Miranda and casually tells her what a devoted couple Mac and Rachel are. As Brian leaves Miranda gets a call from Colton (off-camera) who invites her to the Arena. Then Miranda looks at the tape.

Notes: First reappearance by Nicholas Coster as Robert Delaney.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1980 (EP. #4123)
As Vivien is questioned by Zachary Colton, she tells him about the Friday before Labor Day when Mr. Blake wanted to see Rachel so badly and she tells him how she made Mrs. Cory take the gun with her to the stables. Vivien also tells Colton she wasn't working for Mrs. Cory when Rachel was seeing Mr. Blake. As Vivien leaves, she tells Colton how Larry saved her life once and is a great cop. Then Zachary asks Larry to go to St. Croix and find out what really happened down there. / Cory asks his mom who the man in the park was. Clarice doesn't answer and then remembers Robert talking to Cory in the park. / Robert visits with Mac and then discusses the situation with Rachel. Then Robert tells Mac he saw Clarice and asks about Cory. / Robert tells Mac that Olivia is unable to have children. He also tells Mac he isn't planning to disrupt Cory's life but he did see him in the park. Mac asks Robert if that is enough. / Jamie and Cecile talk about Kit and Joey. Then Jamie tells her he isn't sure they can go back and be more than just good friends and Cecile says she isn't asking for more but just wants to help him. Philip enters and tells Jamie, in front of Cecile, that Pat is thinking of coming back to Brava at least temporarily and asks him to speak to Pat about her return. / Vivien tells Mac about her visit to Colton. Then Mac asks her if Mitch came by on his own accord or if he was invited the few times he came over. Vivien says she doesn't know. Then Pat arrives and learns Robert is in town and that the DA is still asking questions. Pat tells Mac that Jamie called and asked her to come back to work at the Complex. Pat agrees to come back to work. / Robert calls Clarice and asks to see Cory one more time but Clarice says no. Robert tells Clarice he will stay in Bay City one more day in case she changes her mind. Then Larry comes home and answers the phone. / Larry tells Clarice that Mac wants to see him about the investigation. Then he tells Clarice and Cory he is going to St. Croix tomorrow for a day. Clarice gets worried that Cory will say something when he tells Larry about his day but he doesn't. / Jamie and Cecile visit Mac and he tells them that Rachel needs her rest and that Pat is coming back to work. / Philip sees Pat and asks her to dinner to celebrate and they drink wine. When Philip talks about how beautiful she is, Pat get embarrassed. Philip tells Pat that she means a lot to him and wants to be with her. / Jamie is excited about Pat coming back to work but Cecile has to act as if she is happy. Cecile tells Jamie they should go easy on Pat for a while and not give her too much work. Cecile also plants the seed of doubt in Jamie as far as Pat's drinking problem. Then Cecile gives Jamie another massage. / Larry tells Mac he is going to St. Croix to get information on Janice and Mitch since it is only Rachel's word about what happened down there. Then Robert calls and invites Mac and Rachel to dinner tomorrow night so Larry learns that Robert Delaney is in town. / Colton meets with Jason again and asks him if he has a bone to pick with Mrs. Cory. Jason says no and also tells Colton that he and Mitch were friends and confided in each other and as far as he knows the only woman Mitch was ever involved with was Rachel Cory. Jason adds that he doesn't believe that Mitch was ever involved with Janice Cory or in the plot to kill Mac Cory.