APRIL 1, 1981 (EP. #4253)
Philip pumped Joey about Sandy's past. Jerry was touched when Kit paid his hospital bills. Mac gifted Jamie and Cecile with a cabin at Twin Forks. Jamie almost caught Ken Steele planting bombs at the Cory complex. Melissa freaked when Jason was sure he'd recognized Sandy. Melissa changed the subject about Sandy to convince Jason to consider a relationship with her. Rick and Marianne made love. Phillip ran a background check on Sandy and was surprised it yielded no results. Clarice offered Jerry her place to help with his recovery. Jess was pleased when Jason updated him on the progress of the escort service. Sally decided not to join Leigh in Montreal.

APRIL 2, 1981 (EP. #4254)
Ada found a picture of Mac and Miriam among Sandy's belongings. Marianne felt ill while Kit was fixing breakfast. Jamie asked Phillip to drop the investigation when no record of Sandy was found. Sandy told Ada that he never knew his father and denied the significance of the picture. Sandy asked Ada not to mention the picture of Mac and Miriam to anyone. Mitch informed Joey of his new job responsibilities at The Sporting Life. Rachel confessed to Mitch that Mac has always wanted a son and wouldn't mind Mitch not being involved in their lives. Rick prepared Jerry for discharge, who told Kit he's staying at Clarice's. Marianne remembered making love to Rick and allowing him to stay the night. Kit reminded Marianne that Larry no longer lives at the house when Marianne told her not to worry about Jerry staying there. Cecile was upset over Jamie returning to work. Jamie didn't want Cecile asking Mac if they could make expansions on the cabin. Leigh helped Jerry get comfortable at Clarice's house. Cecile was puzzled when Jamie mentioned that Mac has always wanted a son to carry on the Cory name. Jamie and Cecile didn't agree that Matthew's paternity would matter if Mac had a biological son. Melissa informed Jordan that Blaine has worked hard on getting the escort service opened. Jordan took credit for opening the escort service at The Sporting Life and fumed when Melissa brought up Jason's meeting with Jess. Melissa was stunned with Ilsa hinting about an old friend that might arrive with a client book. Cecile was surprised when she recognized the last name Sanderson among Mac's memoirs and recalled Sandy calling himself the name at L'Auburge. Cecile resolved to find Sandy's birth certificate. Jamie almost caught Ken Steele leaving Mac's office after Ken planted a bomb there.

Note: Jamie tells Cecile he was 14 when Mac and Rachel first married.

APRIL 3, 1981 (EP. #4255)
Rachel told Jerry and Clarice she plans to talk to Mac about Mitch and Matthew. Jordan agreed to meet with Ken Steele. Mac refused to change his mind about seeking custody of Matthew and didn't agree with Rachel about Mitch being able to provide for the child. Mac accused Rachel of not wanting to break ties with Mitch. Melissa warned Sandy that Jason is sure he's met him before and convinced Sandy to start over away from Bay City. Sandy told Melissa that he hid Ilsa's client book, but refused to reveal its whereabouts. Mac asked Rachel to choose between him and Mitch and was disappointed when Rachel couldn't decide right away. Jamie advised Liz that he and Rachel haven't reconciled and felt genuinely sorry for Rachel, who has no support right now. Jerry told Clarice that he joined the police force for job stability. Jamie assured Mac that he's able to manage the Daily Ledger and other job responsibilities. Mac told Jamie that Mitch is pressuring Rachel into preventing him from adopting Matthew. Melissa overheard Jordan and Ken Steele making payment arrangements after the men discussed the bombs planted at the Cory Complex. Clarice sympathized with Rachel, who explained she needs to consider Matthew's custody without being pressured. Jamie threw punches at Mitch, who insulted Jamie about being a "shining example" of Mac's child rearing. Melissa told Sandy about the bombs being planted at the Cory Complex. Sandy asked Melissa to keep calling Jamie while he goes to the Complex. Mac assured Jamie that he would still be working at the Complex, even if Mac wasn't married to Rachel. Mac complimented Jamie on his natural editorial talents and work ethic. Sandy arrived to warn Mac about the bomb in his office. Mitch kissed Rachel, who decided to leave town to decide on Matthew's custody. Mac and Sandy arrived calling for Jamie just as the bomb went off.

APRIL 6, 1981 (EP. #4256)
Mitch understood, but didn't agree with Rachel leaving town to decide on Matthew's custody. Melissa assured Jason she'll never disappoint him. Mac and Sandy arrived calling for Jamie just as an explosion occurred. Jordan assured Jess that the bombings at the Complex will convince Mac to withdraw from the dock site project. Blaine fibbed to Jordan about Melissa needing help at The Connection when Melissa called. Rick agreed to provide medical help when Russ informed him about the bombings. Sandy cradled an unconscious Mac and called him Dad. Jess toasted to the bombings and complimented Jordan on being successful after hearing a news report on the radio. Melissa told Blaine about overhearing Jordan and another man talking about planting bombs at the Complex. Blaine wondered what Jordan was after causing the dock site project incidents and the bombings while Melissa worried about Sandy. Sandy told Mac that a bomb went off once Mac regained consciousness. Melissa and Blaine denied knowledge of it when Jason mentioned an explosion occurring at the Complex. Cecile called Ada while worrying about Jamie being late. Blaine told Joey about the explosions at the Complex and that Melissa is worried that Sandy is there. Sandy tried to calm down Mac and find out about Jamie's condition. Joey tried convincing Blaine not to return to Jordan. Rick was stunned after learning about a gas leak. Mac and Sandy cleared debris trying to locate Jamie. Jason accused Melissa of playing games when she didn't want to spend the night with him. Melissa poured on the charm and kissed Jason, who threatened to return Melissa to Ilsa. Blaine warned Joey against revealing his feelings for her. Sandy called out to Jamie, who lay unconscious with a manuscript in hand.

APRIL 7, 1981 (EP. #4257)
Mac was frantic trying to get to Jamie. Melissa wasn't receptive to Jason's affection until he accused her of being coy. Clarice was surprised when Jerry wanted to return to work part-time to help Brian. Phillip tried to calm an upset Cecile and offered to pick her up from the cabin. Melissa left Jason after they made love, writing a note for him about having business at The Connection. Sandy was unable to find an escape route. Larry and Jerry suspected Jordan's hand in the explosions at the Complex and resolved to find the man who planted the bombs. Sally was disappointed when Leigh refused to skip hockey practice to spend time with her. Blaine tried to assure Melissa that no one had been hurt from the bombings. Joey and Blaine suggested Larry's help in finding out more information about the explosions. Melissa suggested Blaine prepare an explanation for Jordan about why she's at Joey's apartment. Mac and Sandy found an unconscious Jamie after removing debris. Melissa told Larry about Jordan and Ken Steele's conversation, but refused to go to the police with the information. Melissa and Blaine agreed the police wouldn't believe Melissa's story and that Ilsa and Jess may take care of Melissa even if Jordan is nailed. Sally decided to leave Montreal after arguing with Leigh about his priorities and seeing the sights. Larry told Rick that Mac, Sandy, and Jamie's whereabouts are unknown and the men could be trapped in the Complex. Cecile told Ada and Clarice she doesn't know Jamie's whereabouts. Sandy went for help while Mac watched over Jamie. Sandy passed out from a gas leak.

APRIL 8, 1981 (EP. #4258)
Firefighters rescued Sandy, who had passed out from a gas leak. Jim advised Alice that children grow up and assert their independence. Kit asked Marianne if she is pregnant after preparing for a date with Jerry. Sandy convinced Rick to help him rescue Mac and Jamie. Sally confessed her feelings for Leigh to Alice and ended the conversation abruptly when Alice asked if they slept together. Clarice interrupted Kit and Jerry spending time together to tell him that Mac and Jamie are still in the Complex. Kit couldn't convince Jerry not to confront Jordan, but promised to wait until he returns. Mitch bought a plane ticket for St. Croix hoping to find Rachel. Olivia confirmed for Marianne that she is pregnant. Kit warned Blaine that Jerry plans to confront Jordan with a gun. Jim advised Alice to accept that Sally has grown up and to give her some space. Sandy convinced Mac to leave Jamie in Rick's care. Marianne decided to make a decision about the pregnancy alone after talking to Olivia. Sandy tried to comfort Mac, who thanked Sandy for his help getting out of the Complex. Mac told Phillip and Larry about the explosions and the gas leak. Phillip asked Sandy how he knew about the planted bombs after Mac mentioned Sandy's warnings. Jerry accused Jordan of orchestrating his hit-and-run and the bombings. Jerry pulled a gun on Jordan and convinced Blaine to escape with him. Rick and a firefighter took Jamie out of the Complex on a stretcher. Jerry tried to assure Blaine she's safe and will never have to return to Jordan. Jordan ordered Ken Steele to find Blaine and bring her back to him. Ada, Mac, Larry, Cecile, Phillip, and Sandy moved towards an ambulance when another explosion occurred from a gas leak.

APRIL 9, 1981 (EP. #4259)
Ada, Mac, Larry, Cecile, Phillip, and Sandy were relieved when Jamie was removed by Rick from the Complex on a stretcher. Mitch recalled spending time with Rachel and Matthew. Jerry and Blaine had no regrets towards confronting Jordan. Jerry left the loft after warning Blaine not to answer the door or the phone. Olivia joked about Sandy having nine lives for surviving the dock project incident and Cory Publishing bombings. Kit and Rick examined Jamie and were puzzled by the cloudiness in his eyes. Jamie was relieved when Rick and Cecile mentioned that no one had been hurt in explosions. Melissa accused Sandy of having a death wish when Sandy said he's close to getting what he wants regarding Mac. Jerry told Rick and Kit he confronted Jordan because he suspects his involvement in the bombings. Kit informed Jerry that she left Clarice's house because she caught him embracing Blaine. Cecile wanted to show Sandy her gratitude for saving Jamie's life. Kit worried that Jerry still loves Blaine and didn't explain her comment to Rick about him having enough problems of his own. Larry and Jerry arranged a meeting with Melissa to offer police protection in exchange for testifying against Jordan. Phillip told Mac about the damage done to the Complex. Joey accused Jerry of putting Blaine in danger for confronting Jordan. Russ and Alice refused to release Jamie from the hospital and urged him to rest. Joey suggested Blaine take care of herself when she worried about Sandy's safety and the publicity that will be involved because Sandy helped rescue Mac and Jamie. Jamie admitted to Rick he took sedatives, which explained why Jamie was unconscious for so long. Mac was surprised when Alice mentioned that no one has heard from Rachel and that her whereabouts are unknown. Ada told Mac that Rachel went out of town to consider Matthew's custody.

APRIL 10, 1981 (EP. #4260)
Jerry told Blaine he has a meeting with Melissa at Brian's office and hoped Melissa would cooperate with the police. Mac and Ada comforted each other over Rachel's whereabouts being unknown. Jamie checked himself out of the hospital despite Rick's warnings. Ada worried about Jamie's reaction to Mac's desire to promote Sandy. Jordan threatened to tell Ilsa that Melissa hasn't been cooperative if Melissa is holding back about Blaine's whereabouts. Joey advised Jason that Mitch may not want to be involved in the Sporting Life because of its escort service. Joey informed Melissa that Blaine left Jordan. Jerry told Kit that Blaine put herself in danger by leaving Jordan after preventing Jerry from using the gun. Kit apologized to Jerry for being jealous and insecure about his feelings for her. Rick and Marianne declared their love for each other. Melissa refused to cooperate with the police and warned Jerry to be careful and ensure Blaine's safety out of fear that Jordan's men will find them. Mac told Phillip about the damage to the Complex and that he might need to sell the dock site project. Mac advised Phillip he doesn't care about Sandy's past and suggested he stop the investigation. Jess was stunned when Jordan mentioned Sandy rescuing Mac and Jamie. Mitch contacted Rachel, but was speechless when she answered the phone. Blaine decided to go on the run with Jerry, who said that Jordan has people looking for her. Ken Steele tailed Jerry and Blaine. Sandy reluctantly agreed to accept Mac's job offer of helping Jamie oversee the dock project. Jordan ordered Ken to escort Blaine home to him. Jamie apologized to a neglected Cecile. Mac told Rachel about Jamie and Mac's injuries and suggested she return to Bay City. Rachel informed Mitch that she's made an important decision regarding Matthew.

APRIL 13, 1981 (EP. #4261)
Marianne admitted her feelings for Rick to Russ. Rachel advised Mitch she plans to reveal her decision regarding Matthew's custody once she talks to Mac. Blaine was affected when learned Jerry had checked them in as Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Grove. Ada warned Rachel about Mac's reaction to her and Mitch spending time together in St. Croix. Jordan provided Ken Steele with an assistant because Ken lost track of Jerry and Blaine. Jerry and Blaine decided to head to Florida. Rick informed Rachel that Jamie checked himself out of the hospital despite his concerns. Marianne tried to comfort Kit, who remembered Jerry mentioning his confrontation with Jordan. Mac overheard Ada ask Mitch about spending the weekend with Rachel. Russ offered Rick a room so he could occasionally get some sleep while at the hospital. Joey and Sandy agreed to meet at the apartment. Mac advised Mitch he plans legal action against his visitation rights. Ada convinced Mac to hear Rachel's explanation about choosing St. Croix to think. Joey worried about Blaine's disappearance and Jordan's possible involvement. Mac and Rachel didn't agree that the situation with Mitch and Matthew's custody is complicated. Joey and Sandy broke into the loft hoping to find Jerry and Blaine. Sandy told Joey that it's unlikely that Jordan did anything to Jerry and Blaine because there were no clues left behind at the loft. Mac asked Rachel why making a decision regarding Matthew had anything to do with spending the weekend with Mitch. Rachel explained to Mac that Mitch arrived at the hotel to tell her that Mac and Jamie were injured during the bombings. Mac warned Rachel she will pay the consequences of letting Mitch remain as Matthew's legal father.

Note: Episode does not include previews.

APRIL 14, 1981
Pre-Empted due to the landing of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

APRIL 15, 1981 (EP. #4262)
Sandy informed Melissa that he doesn't know Jerry and Blaine's whereabouts and that Jordan is looking for them. Sandy and Melissa wondered if Jerry and Blaine had been killed. Melissa planned to talk to Jordan on the condition that Sandy not get involved. Jamie hid a bottle of pills from Cecile, who couldn't convince him against going to the dock site. Cecile had a letter that was delivered to her. Jordan told Ken Steele that Jerry and Blaine are most likely headed for Florida. Jamie worried about how his relationship with Mac would be affected because of Mac and Rachel's marital problems. Jordan ordered Ken to contact him once he's found Jerry and Blaine. Melissa noticed how upset Jordan was while talking about Blaine's whereabouts. Jerry and Blaine decided to head for Gainesville. Cecile learned from Sandy's birth certificate that he is Mac's biological son. Sandy told Jamie that Mac appointed him as Jamie's assistant to help run the dock site project. Melissa warned Joey not to search for Jerry and Blaine after mentioning Jordan's demeanor and attitude. Melissa admitted to caring about Sandy when Joey asked why she's so worried about him. Cecile complimented an overwhelmed Liz on her work and asked about Sandy's whereabouts. Jamie accused Mac of keeping Sandy's promotion and plans to sell the dock site project from him. Cecile looked unconvinced after Mac said he's not mad at Jamie and cares deeply for him. Kit and Marianne didn't agree that Rick should know about her pregnancy. Joey tried to comfort Kit, who became upset over Jerry not calling. Joey admitted to Kit of having feelings for Blaine and being worried about her. Sandy requested Mac release him as an assistant because of Jamie's possible resentment. Mac asked Sandy for time to discuss the matter with Jamie. A drugged Jamie fell and accidentally slugged Cecile during an argument.

APRIL 16, 1981 (EP. #4263)
Melissa advised Larry that Jordan's top priority is finding Blaine. Ken Steele and his assistant bribed a hotel worker, who confirmed that Jerry and Blaine stayed there and asked for maps of Georgia and Florida. Phillip reminded Pat about the money Mac is spending to keep Cory Publishing running when she complained about being unable to work in a cramped office. Louise explained to Rachel and Ada that Brooks isn't returning because he accompanied their previous employers to Hong Kong. Rachel advised Ada she will remain with Mac, avoid Mitch, and support Mac's adoption of Matthew. Phillip told Pat that there's more to Sandy than being present at the dock site project accident, the bombings, and working for Cory Publishing. Marianne informed Pat she's decided to keep the baby. Sandy was interested when Liz mentioned the microfiche room wasn't damaged due to the bombings. Larry told Clarice that Blaine is in trouble and Jerry took Blaine away. Clarice was surprised by Larry's fears of Jordan. Mitch rightly suspected that Mac changed Rachel's mind about Matthew's custody by threatening divorce, getting custody of Amanda, and compromising Jamie's position at Cory Publishing. Kit revealed Marianne's pregnancy to Rick. Cecile lied to Liz and Sandy about her bruised eye. Leigh and Sally made plans to spend the weekend together after having an argument. Mac told Mitch that he broke their agreement not to see Rachel. Mitch accused Mac of giving Rachel ultimatums. Jerry told Blaine he is carrying a gun for protection. Mac assured Cecile that Jamie will remain heir apparent. Cecile explained to Mac that Jamie will be less stressed once things settle down. Marianne revealed her pregnancy to Rick and accepted his marriage proposal. Rachel advised Mac to start adoption proceedings for Matthew. Mac warned Rachel not to let anyone separate them ever again.

Note: Jerry's actual first name is Gerald Grove. First reappearance of Anne Meacham as Louise Goddard Brooks.

APRIL 17, 1981 (EP. #4264)
Mac complimented Jamie on his work, but said he's given him too much responsibility. Jerry insisted that he and plan continue to Gainesville despite his failing health. Mac refused to let Jamie resign from Cory Publishing or blame himself for the dock site project being sold. Clarice encouraged Leigh to be himself and spend the weekend with Sally. Jordan wasn't impressed when Ken Steele mentioned they are closing in on Jerry and Blaine. Jordan told Jason to be sure he can persuade Mitch into accepting the escort service. Alice was amused by Zachary, who mocked Mac and Jamie while questioning Rick about their injuries from the bombings. Larry warned Clarice not to confuse gratitude with love when Clarice wasn't sure about her feelings for Jerry. Alice agreed to have dinner with Zachary after explaining her relationship with Jamie and Rachel's past with Steven Frame. Mitch agreed to consider Jason's suggestion of selling his shares of The Sporting Life because Mitch objected to putting an escort service there. Captain Petroni warned Larry against getting too emotionally involved after learning that Jerry and Blaine are missing and Jordan's involvement is suspected. Jamie mixed booze with pills at The Connection. Captain Petroni verified Jerry's gun permit and informed a relieved Larry that Jerry and Blaine are in Tate, Georgia. Rick warned Jamie against drinking and suggested he talk to someone about his problems. Ken told Jordan that Jerry and Blaine exchanged a car for a van and are headed to Florida. Jamie was surprised with Louise's return and left a message wanting to speak with Rachel. Rick was about to take Jamie home when he passed out.

APRIL 20, 1981 (EP. #4265)
Olivia warned Alice to be careful of Zachary. Leigh and Sally planned to spend the weekend together. Mitch informed Rachel that he's leaving Bay City and selling his shares of The Sporting Life. Jerry promised Blaine he'll see a doctor once they reach Gainesville. Jamie admitted to mixing pills and booze when Rick said that he passed out and was brought to the hospital. Mac and Rachel searched for Jamie to no avail. Rick confessed to nearly dying from his previous drug habit to Jamie and vowed not to let the same thing happen to him. Kit told Russ that Jerry may have left town to protect Blaine after confronting Jordan. Russ urged Kit to have Jerry see a doctor if she hears from him. Cecile worried about Jamie hurting himself while his whereabouts are unknown. Mitch agreed to accompany Rachel to the cabin in hopes of finding Jamie. Alice didn't appreciate warnings from Russ about her past marriages and date with Zachary. Alice advised Russ she can take care of herself, but will call him if she gets into trouble. Alice warned Leigh she will not tolerate such behavior after catching him and Sally making out. Sally accused Alice of not letting her have boyfriends without interference. Kit worried to Joey about Jerry contracting an infection because he missed his post-operation exam. Sandy seemed affected when Cecile reunited with Jamie. Sandy grilled Jamie about whether he's having marital problems and Cecile's bruised eye. Rachel called Louise and informed Mitch that Jamie is at the penthouse. Mitch and Rachel decided to stay at the cabin to enjoy the fire place. Jerry refused Blaine's suggestion about seeing a doctor instead of waiting until they arrive in Gainesville. Mitch and Rachel became intimate.

APRIL 21, 1981 (EP. #4266)
Brian found his office ransacked when he returned to town. Mitch agreed to support Rachel, who worried about Mac's reaction to their affair. Jordan didn't agree to forgive Zachary's gambling markers because he didn't have any new information about Jerry and Blaine. Jordan told Zachary he found Jerry's phone records to Gainesville in Brian's office. Blaine nursed a feverish Jerry, who advised they have to keep moving without seeing a doctor. Larry informed Brian that Jerry and Blaine left town after confronting Jordan and Jerry was arrested for having a gun without a permit. Brian became worried about Jerry after learning about Jerry's whereabouts and condition from Larry. Alice congratulated Marianne when she revealed her engagement to Rick. Marianne told Alice she suspects that Jamie's marital problems may be the cause of his drinking. Blaine panicked when Jerry became delirious. Alice told Mac that Jamie attempted to reach Rachel before passing out from drinking. Alice didn't want to hear details about Leigh and Sally's weekend together. Blaine revealed her whereabouts to Sandy, who planned to delivery medication for Jerry that Rick prescribed. Jamie assured Mac that he doesn't have a drinking problem. Mac was stunned when Louise mentioned Mitch and Rachel being together at the cabin in search of Jamie. Sandy told Melissa that Jerry is sick and that he and Blaine are running out of money. Leigh faced being kicked off the hockey team if he doesn't improve his grades. Jordan informed Ken Steele that Jerry and Blaine are currently in Gainesville. Mac agreed to give Sandy a few days off work and loan him $2000.00 in cash. Rachel refused to return home from the cabin until tomorrow and admitted to being there with Mitch.

APRIL 22, 1981 (EP. #4267)
Kit disapproved of Marianne and Rick's engagement. Rick gave antibiotics for Jerry to Sandy, who left town to administer them. Sandy and Blaine met at the airport in Florida. Blaine, Jerry, and Sandy narrowly escaped Ken in Florida and headed to New York. Jason lit into Melissa for holding back about Sandy. Rachel refused to stay away from Mitch prompting Mac to move into a suite at the Bayview Towers. Rachel decided to split with Mac and pursue a relationship with Mitch despite warnings from Ada and Jamie. Marianne told Pat that she and Rick are getting married. Mac had a meeting with the Cory board, who voted to sell the dock project.

APRIL 23, 1981 (EP. #4268)
Jamie told Mac he should've been replaced when Mac said the Cory board voted to sell the dock project. Mac agreed to let Jamie find a buyer for the dock project. Larry vowed not to let Clarice prevent him from seeing Cory and accused her of wanting to replace him with Jerry when she brought up divorce. Russ diagnosed Zachary with hypertension and put him on a diet plan. Leigh wasn't happy when Clarice said that Denny called and lectured her about Leigh's grades. Mac told Jamie he's moved out of the mansion and requested that he remain at Cory Publishing as heir apparent. Russ warned Alice against seeing Zachary for fear she'll get hurt. Rick overheard Russ and Brian discussing the risks Jerry is taking with his health. Joey was upset over being the last to know when Melissa told him Blaine's whereabouts and Sandy leaving town to provide medicine for Jerry. Jamie told Ada it's his fault Rachel changed her mind about letting Mac adopt Matthew. Jamie informed Ada that he tried to call Rachel to give his whereabouts. Russ lit into Rick for prescribing antibiotics for Jerry and giving them to Sandy to administer. Clarice consulted with Brian about taking legal action to keep Larry away from Cory. Clarice jumped at Brian's suggestion of having a restraining order placed against Larry. Joey suggested Kit deal with her own problems instead of wondering about Marianne's reasons for marrying Rick. Brian urged Larry to come clean to Clarice to save his marriage. Larry told Brian he enabled Clarice to find comfort with Jerry by asking him to support her. Sally was disappointed when Leigh planned to leave for hockey practice instead of staying the night with her. Joey informed Rick that he and Kit are turning to each other for comfort during a difficult time. Ada laid into Mac for leaving Rachel, being stubborn, and having too much pride to save his marriage. Jamie overheard Mac inform Ada that he's had Brian start divorce proceedings.

APRIL 24, 1981 (EP. #4269)
Sandy left Jerry and Blaine at the airport so he could ditch the van and buy plane tickets for New York. Jamie accused Rachel of not accepting Cecile but loving Mitch despite the problems he's caused in Mac and Rachel's marriage. Jamie warned Rachel that Mac will fight for custody of Amanda and has started divorce proceedings. Alice was upset for not knowing Sally's whereabouts last night and asked Leigh to leave before he could explain anything. Alice tried to set some ground rules prompting Sally to move out of the Matthews' house. Jess appointed Jordan to be in charge of operations in Bay City on the condition that he take care of the issue with Blaine. Cecile agreed with Pat's comment about getting what she wants from Jamie when Cecile planned to have Sandy specifically assigned to her. Jamie promised Phillip a financial report for The Ledger's new presses. Kit resented Rick's concern about her friendship with Joey. Rick informed Kit that Jerry will need a doctor if the antibiotics don't work. Jason told Melissa that Jamie came to the night club looking for pills. Joey suggested Leigh show discretion and not advertise his relationship with Sally out of respect for Alice. Joey was surprised by Leigh's plans of finding a full-time job and living with Sally. Joey worried about Blaine while comforting Kit. Pat told Russ that Rick and Marianne are getting married. Sandy assured Blaine that Jerry will improve, but they have to stay one step ahead of Jordan's men to survive. Jamie told Cecile that he caused Mac and Rachel's impending divorce by not talking to Rachel, allowing her to turn to Mitch for support. Cecile understood when Jamie planned to work late on the financial report for Phillip. Russ complimented Rick on his professional conduct with handling Jerry's treatment. Brian and Pat agreed to have dinner together.

APRIL 27, 1981 (EP. #4270)
Phillip informed Mac that he hasn't ordered the new presses because Jamie hasn't given him the financial report yet. Sandy, Jerry, and Blaine headed for Brooklyn. Liz asked Rachel about her marriage because of Mac's instructions not to let Rachel visit him in his office. Rachel told Liz to have Mac meet her at the Cory residence. Mitch accused Jason of being corrupted by his new bosses. Mitch told Jason he is selling his shares of The Sporting Life. Jamie told Mac that his family is falling apart because Mac and Rachel won't do anything about Mitch. Rachel told Ada she can live with her decision to leave Mac with Mitch's support. Mitch rejected Jordan and Jason's offer towards buying his shares of The Sporting Life. Jamie unknowingly sold the dock project to a company fronted by Jess. Liz and Cecile were surprised to discover that Mac had loaned $2000.00 to Sandy. Dr. Albert treated Jerry, wrote a prescription, and arranged a follow up appointment. Jamie accused Mitch of ruining Rachel's life, marriage to Mac, and tearing his family apart. Mitch warned Jamie about his position as heir apparent being in jeopardy if Mac and Rachel divorce when Jamie denied having any personal stake in the matter. Mac accused Rachel of denying her love for Mitch and putting the children's interests before her marital commitments. Sandy warned Blaine that they can't trust anyone and are people who hurt the ones they love. Thanks to Dr. Albert, Ilsa gave Sandy, Blaine, and Jerry's whereabouts to Jordan on the condition that Sandy be returned to unharmed. Rachel refused Mac's terms of keeping Mitch out of their lives to save their marriage and maintain custody of Amanda. Rachel admitted her infidelity to Mac, who left in tears. Jamie told Rachel that he didn't break up a family by marrying Cecile the way Rachel's affair with Mitch did.

Note: Sandy had an affair with a Senator's wife named Ann, who had two children in college. Ilsa discovered the affair and tried to force Sandy to blackmail her. When Sandy refused, two of Ilsa's men beat up Sandy and Ann turned up dead in an apparent suicide.

APRIL 28, 1981 (EP. #4271)
Jamie told Rachel that he didn't break up a family by marrying Cecile the way Rachel's affair with Mitch did. Sandy told Blaine he paid Dr. Albert extra money to keep their whereabouts secret. Rachel told Mitch she destroyed a family and must face the consequences of loving him. Sandy told Blaine that they're safe right now, but was pessimistic about escaping Jordan for good. Rick and Marianne decided to have a small wedding and reception. Jason told Jordan that Melissa doesn't know Blaine's whereabouts. Jason agreed to speak with Melissa for Jordan, who warned against withholding information from him. Blaine promised Jerry she'll make sure Jordan never hurts him again. Jason warned Mitch about getting involved with Rachel. Mitch couldn't convince Jason of Rachel's commitment to him, despite her decision to leave Mac. Melissa promised Jamie she won't choose sides or give any advice if he confides in her. Rick and Marianne settled on a mid-May wedding date, an outdoor ceremony, and Joey and Kit as their best man and maid of honor. Mac remembered Rachel being in prison and getting remarried. A drunken Jamie accused Mitch of using him to get to Rachel and demanded he stay out of everyone's lives. Mitch apologized when Jamie mentioned searching for him and spending time in jail. Jordan ordered Ken to keep Sandy and Blaine unharmed once they are apprehended while taking Jerry to his follow-up doctor's appointment. Mitch told Rachel that Jamie was drunk at The Connection and brought home by Phillip. Mac arrived to witness Mitch comforting Rachel. Phillip told Cecile that Jamie was supposed to be home with her rather than drinking when Cecile wasn't appreciative. Jamie became angry when Cecile mentioned his position at Cory Publishing potentially being compromised if Mac and Rachel divorce. Mac became violently angry when Mitch refused to leave the Cory residence without Rachel.

APRIL 29, 1981 (EP. #4272)
Rachel admitted to Ada that Mitch spent the night with her at the Cory residence and she confessed everything to Mac. Blaine informed Jerry that they are in Brooklyn and noticed his condition has improved since seeing the doctor. Ada suggested Rachel work things out with Jamie, who was upset over Mac and Rachel's confrontation. Ada was afraid for Rachel because she has to start a new life without Mac. Liz and Pat agreed to prepare the wedding ceremony and engagement party for Rick and Marianne. Rick aired his frustrations about Kit being too involved when Joey already knew about his upcoming wedding. Joey noticed the similarities between Rick and Kit's concerns for each other and the people close to them. Clarice was disappointed about the problems going on between Mac, Rachel, Mitch, and Jamie but tried to comfort and reassure Ada. Brian informed Mac that the dock project has been sold and were both proud of Jamie for getting it done so quickly. Brian sympathized with Mac, who worried about the children and asked Brian to speed up the divorce proceedings. Rachel and Cecile blamed each other for Jamie's stress symptoms. Cecile reminded Rachel that Jamie will choose her side and accused Rachel of being determined to ruin Jamie's marriage. Mac and Brian were puzzled when Jamie missed a meeting with Captain Petroni and the insurance men about the Cory bombings. Liz gave Mary's wedding dress to Marianne. Jerry accepted Blaine's apology for hurting him and causing their breakup. Marianne seemed sad while looking at herself in Mary's wedding dress. Sandy, Blaine, and Jerry worried about being short on funds. Sandy agreed to let Jerry call Kit. Mac promised Ada he'd reassure Jamie that nothing has changed between them and he'd stay a father figure. Mac told Ada to hope for the best that Jamie is working on his problems alone at the cabin.

APRIL 30, 1981 (EP. #4273)
Mitch told Jason that Rachel is divorcing Mac. Sandy and Blaine were paranoid while waiting for Jerry, who was released from a clinic with a lighter cast and prescription. Marianne suggested that Jamie see a doctor because of looking disoriented. Mitch changed the subject when Jason was suspicious over Rachel's request to be alone. Mitch warned Jason he'll learn to regret his involvement with Jordan. Marianne realized that Jamie had stolen pills from the medicine room after finding keys. Jason assured an impatient Jordan that the escort service will be open soon and he'll convince Mitch to accept the company's plans. Sally suggested Leigh concentrate on their relationship instead of his problems. Phillip threatened to have Mac replace Jamie as The Ledger's publisher. Jerry informed Kit that he's been to a doctor and his condition has improved, but refused to reveal his whereabouts. Leigh began working for The Ledger. Jason decided to warn Mitch after telling Melissa he overheard Jordan arrange to have Mitch beaten up. Kit told Joey about her phone call from Jerry and that Sandy helped him and Blaine escape Jordan's men. Jamie apologized to Mac, who mentioned him missing a meeting regarding the Cory bombings and not giving Phillip the financial report for the new presses. Mac told Jamie that his position with Cory Publishing is secure and to decide on which jobs he wishes to retain. Joey advised Kit to trust Jerry's love and that Clarice's heart belongs to Larry. Jason rescued Mitch from Jordan's thugs. Cecile laid into Jamie for not knowing his whereabouts and complained about covering for him at work. Cecile warned Jamie to convince Mac not to fire him after Jamie became sexually aggressive with her. Jason exploded at Jordan for hiring thugs to beat up Mitch. Jordan informed Jason he has no use for Mitch and that he'll need to be dealt with permanently.