MARCH 2, 1981 (EP. #4231)
Joey complimented Sandy on his recovery. Leigh stuck around the salon in hopes of meeting a girl. Clarice told Ada she realizes her marriage is over. Liz and Jim talked of Sally's return and desire to pursue journalism. Jim was irritated by Liz's insinuations about Steve's death and Alice using the last name Frame. Olivia consulted with Brian about a no-fault divorce from Robert and dating again. Sally joked about joining the family fold when Liz and Jim told her Russ, Alice, and Marianne work at the Emergency Care Unit. Sally decided to surprise Alice at The Sporting Life after taking Jim's suggestion of using Russ's old bedroom. Mitch confided in Olivia he was stabbed in St. Croix and a woman he doesn't remember. Olivia recommended Mitch continue seeing Dr. Wagner to help sort out his memories. Larry told Jerry he's struggling with working for Jordan because its affecting his marriage. Larry asked Jerry to support Clarice for him. Sandy acted oddly about a metal box Joey mentioned among his personal things. Mitch flirted with Alice while giving a tour of The Sporting Life. Ada refused to believe Clarice's assumption that Larry doesn't care about her or Cory. Mitch met Melissa, Jason's new business partner. Mitch decided to return to the club in hopes of the place triggering some memories. Jerry sympathized with Clarice on having to work again and offered support. Leigh hit it off with Sally, who introduced him to Alice. Melissa cautioned Sandy since Ilsa and Jordan work under Jess. Sandy described Mac and how he wants a family rather than money involved to Melissa. Sandy told Melissa his purpose for meeting Mac has changed, but he may still reveal himself as Mac's son.

Note: First appearance of Jennifer Runyon as Sally Frame. Grand Opening of Ada's The Hair Affair.

MARCH 3, 1981 (EP. #4232)
Mitch started to regain memories of a fire starting and a struggle with a robber. Kit and Marianne agreed not to make time for any man right now. Mac was alarmed when Jerry insisted that Jordan was behind Jamie's accident at the dock project. Jess had Jason go on a business trip to Arizona. Jerry told Brian that Margo's autopsy indicated she died of a drug overdose. Melissa and Joey worried about Jordan's plans for Blaine. Jess forced Jordan to renege on his promise Blaine wouldn't have to get involved in the escort service.

MARCH 4, 1981 (EP. #4233)
Mitch recalled struggling with a robber in the Cory stables. Melissa was surprised when Jordan asked her to work with Blaine on the escort service knowing Blaine is against being involved. Mac didn't believe the official report ruling the dock project incident an accident Brian showed him. Mac asked Brian to be a friend to Jerry because of Margo's death and feud with Larry. Mac urged Brian into seeing Zachary about getting Larry reinstated on the force. Mitch decided to tell Zachary his story about the robber killed in the Cory stables. Mac decided to see Rachel when Ada feared she would come between Jamie and Cecile again. Melissa told Blaine they have to accept being part of Jordan's businesses. Zachary and Brian threatened to pursue investigations after disagreeing with helping Larry. Zachary was suspicious when Mitch couldn't explain his reasons for being at the Cory stables. Phillip told Mac he suspects the accidents are a scheme to hurt him. Joey offered his apartment to Blaine to hide when she couldn't explain why Jordan got her involved in the escort service. Alice joked with Jim and Liz about everyone thinking they're a couple. Alice fretted over her and Sally not being close. Joey sensed Clarice was lying when she said she was doing fine. Clarice was disappointed when Joey told her Larry is doing well at the Arena. Larry worried about Clarice and called Jerry. Leigh and Sally agreed to another date after attending a hockey game. Jordan told Zachary he's missed at The Arena and Blaine is helping with The Connection's opening. Larry told Zachary that Commissioner O'Dell would be interested in his job at the Arena and Zachary being a gambler.

Note: Sally Frame's age is revealed to be 18. Bay City's hockey team is the Bay City Blues.

MARCH 5, 1981 (EP. #4234)
Rachel told Ada it was her duty to warn Jamie about Cecile being broke and her backstabbing. Over the phone, Mac and Cecile discussed having surprises when she and Jamie return to Bay City. Russ told Kit he is worried about Jerry. Russ requested to speak with Kit about Rick and Taylor privately. Alice flirted with Mitch while talking about Sally and seeing Matthew as much as possible. Kit told Russ about TJ and Taylor's relationship with Rick, who cared about being perfect and attending medical school. Russ and Kit worried about Rick having no one to turn to. Ada asked how much Mitch has visited Matthew and questioned Rachel on how to handle Mitch once he regains his memories. Mitch told Olivia he won't complicate matters by pursuing Rachel. Rick and Marianne decided to attend Jordan and Blaine's housewarming party. Olivia and Alice learned they have dates with Brian and Mitch. Russ advised Sandy he could move out of the Cory's in a couple weeks and suggested he find a desk job. Olivia agreed when Russ resolved to find Rick a mentor. Kit and Marianne came to an understanding about their friendship and Marianne's intentions for Rick. Mac offered Sandy a job at Cory Publishing. Rick assured Russ he has good intentions towards Marianne. Russ asked Rick to have dinner at the Matthews' house with him. Rachel admitted she resents Mac and Ada's warnings of meddling in Jamie's life. Mac told Rachel he offered Sandy a job at Cory Publishing. Russ and Rick confided in each other. Melissa made her singing debut at The Connection. Mitch and Rachel had flashbacks of St. Croix and visits with Matthew. Mac noticed Rachel was bothered and convinced her to leave The Connection. Alice caught Mitch staring at Rachel when Mac and Rachel left.

Note: Taylor Halloway Jr. (TJ) was Rick's older brother. TJ was supposed to be his father's successor. However, during TJ's senior year of college, Taylor gave him a car as a pre-graduation present where a car accident occurred, causing his death. Taylor then pressured Rick to take TJ's place.

MARCH 6, 1981 (EP. #4235)
Sandy refused Joey's help in finding his metal box. Melissa and Jason kissed when she received rave reviews for her performance. Jason urged Jordan to keep Melissa working. Blaine reluctantly accepted Jordan's affection. Jason accepted Jordan's bartending job at the housewarming party for Joey. Blaine was bothered by Joey and Melissa going to the party together. Larry warned Joey that Blaine is in trouble if she doesn't love Jordan. Blaine assured Clarice she doesn't mind her having lunch with Jerry. Blaine asked Clarice to provide moral support at the party. Jason left town to check on things for Jordan and Jess in Los Angeles and New Orleans. Mac listened to a recording of Chapter 7 of his memoirs, while Sandy looked at Miriam Sanderson's picture and the black client book. Blaine asked Sandy to keep a look out for the earrings she left at the apartment. Jess told Jordan not to let any man come between him and Blaine. Jordan and Jess talked cryptically about Cory Publishing. Jerry convinced Clarice not to spend the night alone. Larry disagreed with Brian's concern over legal matters and reputation. Brian was puzzled by Larry's refusal of help with Clarice and being against rejoining the force. Blaine explained to Sandy that Joey gave her a key to the apartment when she needs to get away. Blaine admitted to Sandy she still cares about Jamie but has moved on with Jordan. Larry and Jerry made a pact to keep their undercover operation a secret and suggested moving their meeting place. Melissa advised Sandy to stay away from Blaine and The Connection because Jason might recognize him and Ilsa is searching for him. Jamie left for work while Cecile plotted to announce their recent marriage at the housewarming party.

MARCH 9, 1981 (EP. #4236)
Jamie left for work while Cecile plotted to announce their recent marriage at Blaine's housewarming party. Mac offered a job as an editor's assistant for Brava to Sandy. Liz gave the Table of Contents of Brava to Pat, who requested Cecile's picture be removed from the title page. Jamie tried to call Rachel, but was unable to reach her. Ada tried to prepare for Jamie's reaction when Rachel has a chance to talk to him about Cecile. Jamie advised Sandy he'd be working under Pat and Cecile. Marianne dreamed of dancing with Rick and Jamie. Ada suggested Jamie get some sleep and advised that Rachel wants to talk to him. Mac told Rachel he feels close to Sandy. Mac tried to warn Rachel against talking to Jamie about Cecile. Cecile assured Jamie that telling Rachel about their marriage in private would be okay. Jess complimented Jordan and Blaine about being a valuable team. A drunk Jerry taunted Blaine about being involved with Jordan. Jess aroused Jordan's jealousy when they noticed Jerry talking to Blaine. Joey interrupted Jordan and Jerry nearly coming to blows. Jerry interrupted Joey and Blaine kissing. Jess noticed when an upset Jordan caught Blaine embracing Jerry. Cecile, Pat, and Phillip exchanged barbs and insults. Jamie didn't believe Zachary's comments about Larry. Clarice was bothered by Larry dancing with Melissa. Mac and Rachel were surprised by Jordan's attitude as host. Rick reluctantly danced with Cecile while Jamie danced with Marianne. Brian told Mac that Larry refused his offers for help. Rachel was bothered by Olivia's remark that Mitch makes an indelible impression. Blaine seemed worried when Jamie arrived. Despite Jamie's protests, Cecile announced that she and Jamie married while out of town.

Note: Ray Liotta returns to the role of Joey Perrini in today's episode.

MARCH 10, 1981 (EP. #4237)
Rachel refused to hear Jamie's explanation of Cecile's announcement. Rick comforted an upset Marianne, who was hurt by Jamie and Cecile's marriage. Marianne assured Rick she will get over her feelings for Jamie. Rachel snapped at Sandy for keeping Amanda awake past her bedtime. Mac told Sandy that Rachel will come to accept Jamie and Cecile. Cecile defended her actions when Jamie laid into her. Mac told Sandy about Jamie and Cecile's past. Mac gave his opinion Cecile genuinely cares for Jamie to Sandy, who accepted Mac's job offer at Cory Publishing. Kit promised Russ she won't interfere in Rick's life. Clarice admitted to Jerry that seeing Larry and Melissa together bothered her. Rick accepted Russ's offer to take part in the paramedic training program. Cecile convinced Jamie she didn't want to hide being Jamie's wife. Jamie promised Cecile nothing would ruin their marriage and Rachel won't change his feelings. Joey told Blaine Jamie will learn the truth about Cecile eventually. Jerry told Kit there seems to be no chance of Larry and Clarice reconciling. Blaine advised Joey that Jordan has been treating her differently and to stay away from her. Joey admitted his feelings to Blaine. Kit understood when Marianne felt she needed to get over Jamie, but predicted Cecile will hurt Jamie again. Jordan nearly caught Joey and Blaine kissing. Blaine assured Jordan that she and Jerry are only friends. Jamie promised Cecile that Rachel will come to accept them being together. Rachel told Mac she regrets not having more time to warn Jamie about Cecile. Mac's suggestion that Rachel accept Jamie and Cecile's marriage didn't console her.

Note: First appearance of Dana Klaboe as Amanda Cory.

MARCH 11, 1981 (EP. #4238)
Jamie read a police report which ruled the dock site project incident as an accident. Pat wasn't impressed with Cecile's statements she's dedicated to work and the New York trip being successful. Jamie mentioned there's no evidence proving the police report wrong to Jerry, who suspected Jamie was the target of the "accident." Cecile put on airs for Mac's benefit when Pat was given the 1982 budget and staff utilization report to complete. Mac was evasive with the details and refused to give Chapter 7 of his memoirs to Cecile for editing. Jamie decided to talk to Mac when Jerry said Mac kept his suspicions of the dock site incident secret. Jamie agreed to sublet his loft to Jerry so he and Kit could have time alone. Cecile learned from Liz that Sandy is Pat's new assistant trainee. Jamie was surprised Mac made business decisions without consulting him and told Cecile that Sandy will be working for both her and Pat. Mac informed Sandy he believes hard work is equivalent to having a college degree. Jamie was angry when he learned from Phillip that Cory Publishing purchased The Ledger and Mac appointed him as the paper's publisher. Phillip revealed Mac had Jamie leave town because of concern for his safety. Pat told Sandy that Mac wants him to learn the publishing business. Clarice told Jerry she doesn't understand why Larry should support her and Cory financially anymore. Jerry couldn't convince Clarice to have faith in her marriage. Joey warned Sandy that Jamie is making the same mistakes he made with Blaine by marrying Cecile. Phillip agreed to hire Leigh as a runner. Mac justified his actions and concerns to Jamie about his workload and protection. Jamie informed Mac he wants to be treated as an adult and vowed to confront Rachel.

MARCH 12, 1981 (EP. #4239)
Rachel expressed her doubts to Jamie that Cecile returns his love. Sally agreed to tutor Leigh on homework to help keep him on the hockey team. Jess wasn't convinced when Jordan claimed Blaine's past marriage to Jerry doesn't affect him. Jess offered Jordan his help in getting Jerry away from Blaine. Jamie advised he can forgive Cecile like Mac did because of Mitch and Rachel's affair. Jamie disbelieved Rachel's claims Cecile is broke and is after his money. Sally was sympathetic when Leigh recounted his childhood. Jess browbeat Jordan for the dock site accidents being unsuccessful and fumed they seemed mere distractions to Mac. Jordan decided to use one of Ken Steele's contacts since Jess wants control of the dock site. Rachel was shocked when Jamie revealed suspicions he's the target of the dock site accidents. Ada suggested Rachel let Jamie learn the truth about Cecile and learn from his mistakes. Jordan requested Joey secretly protect Blaine and report if she meets anyone at The Connection. Ada accused Rachel of interfering in Jamie's life and never taking her advice. Joey suggested Blaine convince Jordan that Jerry isn't a threat to him. Jerry rejected Kit's idea to call Blaine back after hearing her phone message. Rachel agreed with Mac's reasons for protecting Jamie, but mentioned she wouldn't have allowed Cecile to accompany him and blamed Mac for Jamie's marriage. Jamie admitted to Cecile he's upset over his talk with Rachel. Cecile told Jamie she's grateful to Mac for giving them a chance to marry out of town. Jerry and Kit admitted their love for each other.

MARCH 13, 1981 (EP. #4240)
Blaine made an appointment with Jerry to warn him about Jordan. Jordan learned about Blaine and Jerry's secret meeting. Blaine searched for Jerry, who never showed up for their meeting. Jerry and Kit arranged to have another date after making love. Kit and Marianne decided to have a movie night at their apartment. Clarice expressed her gratitude to Jerry, who offered his support and tried to reassure Clarice that Larry would return to his marriage. Jerry was hit by a car as ordered by Jordan.

MARCH 16, 1981 (EP. #4241)
Sandy told Rachel about his new apartment with Joey and job at Cory Publishing. Blaine called the paramedics and Larry after finding Jerry injured and suspected Jordan's involvement. Rick tended to Jerry and an upset Blaine. Rachel told Sandy she regrets not listening to Mac and Ada's warnings against meddling in Jamie's life. Rachel was impressed by how Sandy takes to children so easily. Rick updated Russ and Alice on Jerry's condition at the hospital. Mac was touched and amused seeing Sandy and Amanda interact with each other. Mac commented to Rachel about her new relationship with Sandy. Blaine called Larry and urged him to come to the hospital because of Jerry being hurt. Russ and Rick considered performing surgery to remove Jerry's spleen. Marianne offered to accompany Kit, who recalled her and Jerry declaring their love for each other. Phillip and Pat discussed having spontaneity in life and commitments. Jerry revealed he was hit deliberately by a blue sedan and gave a partial license plate to Larry. Mac felt Rachel was being too hard on herself and was confident about Rachel and Jamie reconciling. Kit promised to wait for Jerry while he's in the hospital and urged him to recover. Larry told Blaine that he and Jerry are trying to make amends. Blaine agreed to call Brian, Joey, and Clarice, and informed Larry she had an appointment with Jerry to warn him about Jordan. Larry vowed to discover the truth about Jerry's hit-and-run incident.

MARCH 17, 1981 (EP. #4242)
Larry told Clarice he was happy to see her after mentioning they haven't heard anything more about Jerry's condition. Blaine told Clarice and Leigh what happened to Jerry. Marianne convinced Kit to leave and get some rest. Blaine accepted Joey's offer to stay at the apartment so Jordan wouldn't know of Blaine's concern for Jerry. Russ told Brian that Jerry might need surgery to have his spleen removed. Russ, Brian, and Olivia thought it odd that Jerry was involved in a hit-and-run while in a parking garage. Joey and Blaine told Sandy their suspicions about Jerry's accident being a hit on his life. Blaine refused to listen to Joey's declarations of love. Brian told Olivia he thinks of himself as a father figure to Jerry. Larry gave details of the car and license plate involved in the hit-and-run to Captain Petroni. Clarice told Jerry that he's become one of the most important people in her life and urged him to recover. Joey and Sandy told Melissa that Jordan is a jealous man and Jerry is in the hospital. Leigh confided in Brian about being raised by Clarice and Denny and envying traditional families. Jordan was jealous when Sandy brought Blaine home to him. Blaine kissed Jordan, who expressed doubts about Blaine being around other men and trusting her. Captain Petroni had guards posted in front Jerry's room for protection. Kit admitted her love for Jerry to Marianne. Melissa warned Joey not to pursue his feelings for Blaine. Sandy and Melissa advised Joey that Blaine is the kiss of death. Clarice and Leigh told Ada about Jerry's accident. Ada asked Clarice if she's falling for Jerry and advised against having feelings for a man other than Larry. Russ and Olivia transferred Jerry to intensive care so he could be monitored. Sandy told Joey that people like Jordan have permanent solutions for their enemies.

MARCH 18, 1981 (EP. #4243)
Larry blamed Blaine being involved with Jordan for Jerry's accident. Jamie told Mac that Phillip is working on starting The Ledger again. Jamie and Mac agreed to consult with Brian and Jerry about the investigation into the dock site project incidents. Brian told Mac and Jamie about Jerry's hit-and-run. Mac was surprised when Brian expressed doubts that Jerry's hit-and-run was an accident. Larry was evasive towards Blaine's questions about why Jerry wanted to see him and suggested Blaine talk to Jordan for answers. Rick advised Zachary that he was with the paramedics who picked up Jerry from the parking lot. Marianne joked with Jamie that both he and Rick are workaholics. Sandy explained rescuing Jamie to Zachary, who wondered what interest Sandy had in Jamie. Zachary and Sandy agreed that the forklift accident was suspicious. Jamie assured Jerry he'll find out what really happened to him. Rick told Jamie that Jerry may require surgery. Cecile noticed the picture of Mac and Miriam, and started reading Chapter 7 of Mac's memoirs. Pat told Olivia she's not certain about having a serious relationship right now. Pat wondered whose side Jamie will take in any more conflicts between Pat and Cecile. Jamie and Phillip disagreed with how involved Jamie would be with The Ledger. Cecile secretly made a copy of Chapter 7. Joey refused to let Blaine blame herself for Jerry's accident. Joey told Blaine that he thinks Jerry's accident was a scare tactic. Olivia was amused by Russ being motherly and playing matchmaker for Rick. Russ and Olivia agreed to have dinner together at the hospital. Marianne planned to cook for Rick, who fell asleep on the couch. Blaine told Joey she's afraid to get close to anyone because they might get hurt. Joey and Blaine kissed after Joey declared his love.

MARCH 19, 1981 (EP. #4244)
Cecile accused Pat of being drunk when writing the 1982 Brava budget report. Jordan arrived as Rick asked Larry why a guard had been posted at Jerry s hospital room. Mitch offered to help Rachel sort out her troubles with Jamie and Cecile. Jamie tried to defend Pat's work when Cecile told him that Brava couldn't survive on the proposed 1982 budget. Jamie felt Cecile was being paranoid when Cecile worried she's being forced out of a job by Pat. Larry told Jordan that Rick helped keep Jerry alive and lied that family are allowed visitation. Larry dodged Rick's questions about Jerry's hit-and-run accident and safety. Pat defended herself against Jamie's critique and comparisons to Cecile's work. Pat expressed doubt on Jamie's objectivity towards business decisions involving Cecile. Jamie resolved to redo the 1982 budget report himself. Pat told Sandy it's unpleasant reporting to Jamie while he is married to Cecile. Mac was bothered by Mitch and Rachel's interaction as Mitch visited Matthew. Mac feared talking to Jamie about Cecile would put more pressure on Jamie. Mitch told Olivia that his feelings for Rachel have returned. Olivia told Mitch that he's looking for a way to get back into Rachel's life. Pat felt Mac talking to Jamie might make the situation between Jamie, Cecile and her worse. Liz made remarks about marriage and children to Russ, Olivia, Rick, and Marianne until Jim changed the subject to the Emergency Care Unit. Mac took responsibility for the issue of the 1982 budget after he and Jamie accused each other of bias towards Pat and Cecile. Jamie stole some of Cecile's amphetamines to cure his drowsiness and began work on redoing the budget.

MARCH 20, 1981 (EP. #4245)
Cecile was surprised when Mac assumed that Jamie worked all night on the 1982 budget report and made several errors while completing it. Ada told Jamie that it will take time for Rachel to accept Cecile as his wife. Ada urged Jamie to ease his work load and spend more time with Cecile or risk his marriage suffering. Cecile bragged to Mac about her time management skills and not needing Sandy's assistance like Pat does. Mac and Cecile discussed helping Sandy fit in and make friends. Liz was flattered when Jim advised he wants her to be involved in his life instead of interfering with everyone else. Jamie accused Mitch of being obsessed with Rachel and nearly ruining her marriage. Cecile became more intrigued when Sandy spoke little of his background. Sandy told Melissa about Cecile's new interest in getting acquainted with him. Melissa warned Sandy about getting close to the Corys. Joey advised Blaine he's quitting the Arena. Blaine lied to Joey that she loves Jordan and the life they have together. Rachel blamed Cecile for Jamie's stress symptoms that Mitch mentioned. Melissa figured Cecile has her reasons when Sandy wondered why he was invited to the dinner party. Cecile showed Jamie some affection when he arrived home for Edgar, Felice, Melissa, and Sandy's benefit. Jamie tried to get Cecile to end the party early. Cecile was embarrassed when Jamie left abruptly after arguing with Edgar. Joey told Jordan he doesn't like how he does business and quit the Arena. Jamie mentioned being appointed Mac's successor to Sandy, who urged Jamie to get his priorities and relationships straight and in order. Jamie told Cecile he doesn't know how he'd make it without her. Mitch thought of Rachel while kissing Alice and then decided to break their date.

MARCH 23, 1981 (EP. #4246)
Mac admitted to Rachel he is disappointed with Jamie's work on the 1982 budget. Rick told Marianne he's hoping that Jerry's spleen doesn't rupture. Brian told Jerry he plans to find out why Zachary hasn't made any moves against Jordan yet. Rachel comforted Clarice, who blamed the house Larry purchased starting her marital problems and the separation being hard on Cory. Kit was surprised when Jerry blamed Jordan for his accident and showed concern for Blaine's life. Blaine assured Jordan that she believes the hit-and-run was an accident. Jamie agreed to work with Pat on revising the 1982 budget report for Mac but disagreed with him on selling the dock site. Rachel told Clarice that Mac has considered adopting Matthew, but speculated that Mitch wouldn't give up his rights. Zachary warned Jordan against opening an escort service. Kit told Rick that Jerry keeps asking about Blaine. Kit wondered why Jerry broke their date to meet Blaine and mentioned confronting Margo's killer. Kit accused Blaine of causing the hit-and-run. Mac showed confidence in Sandy's work abilities. Jess browbeat Jordan for the botched hits on Jamie and Jerry and Joey quitting the Arena. Zachary advised Brian there is no evidence linking Jordan to Jerry's accident to warrant an investigation. Linda told Rick and Marianne that Jerry's blood count hasn't been checked. Jess was interested when Jason mentioned Mitch has bought into the Sporting Life. Jess requested Jason look into the Sporting Life further as a possible location for the escort service. Rick felt guilty for neglecting Jerry, who is in surgery because of a ruptured spleen. Sandy was surprised when Jamie said the only person who would benefit from the dock site project being closed is Jess, the owner of the West End Development Company.

Note: Laura Beatty plays Clarice Ewing in today's episode.

MARCH 24, 1981 (EP. #4247)
Melissa was stunned when Sandy revealed that the West End Development Company is owned by Jess. Clarice admitted to being worried about Jerry when Ada noticed how distracted she was. Rick assured Kit that Jerry will recover from surgery. Clarice became upset while telling Ada that Jerry had to have surgery. Sandy and Melissa disagreed about the significance of the Cory/Halloway dock site project. Sandy felt getting involved in the situation might save Mac's life despite Melissa's warnings. Rick apologized to Kit for being negligent towards Jerry's treatment. Pat advised the 1982 budget should be redone after Cecile interrupted her and Jamie discussing revisions for the report. Jordan accused Jason of putting on an act for Jess. Jason and Jordan made each other uncomfortable bringing up Tracy's death and Jerry's accident. Pat refused when Cecile offered to work with Pat after noticing Jamie's stress symptoms. Russ tried to placate a guilt-ridden Rick about not checking on Jerry, who is now in stable condition. Jamie decided to redo the budget himself after Cecile played the victim in her conflicts with Pat at work. Pat admitted to Phillip she isn't ready for a commitment like marriage until she enjoys her independence. Phillip and Pat decided to part ways after not agreeing with their goals for the relationship. Rick suggested Jamie talk to Kit about dealing with Taylor. Rick warned Jamie against living his life according to other people's expectations. Jamie rejected Pat's offer to help with the budget, but promised to have it ready for her review. Jamie had another amphetamine and some coffee to stay awake.

Note: Laura Beatty plays Clarice Ewing in today's episode.

MARCH 25, 1981 (EP. #4248)
Cecile suspected ulterior motives towards Pat's offer to help complete the 1982 budget report. Mitch told Ada he doesn't fit in with Mac and Rachel and resents making arrangements to see Matthew. Ada urged Mitch to work things out with Mac and make decisions for Matthew's best interest. Sandy told Joey that Jess is Jordan and Ilsa's boss and would benefit from the dock site project being closed. Russ confronted Rick about putting too much pressure on himself. Joey told Sandy it seems like no one involved with Jordan can escape. Sandy showed Ilsa's client book to Joey and worried that the organization's next move is against Mac. Olivia advised Mitch he could have both when Mitch vowed to separate his love for Matthew from his feelings for Rachel. Russ prescribed some mild sedatives after Jamie admitted that he's working too much and needs help to get through a hectic time. Larry lied to Jordan about ending his friendship with Jerry and called the hit-and-run an accident. Larry was ordered to find out why a guard had been posted in front of Jerry's room by Jordan. Russ advised Alice that Jamie's stress symptoms are work-related and have nothing to do with his marriage. Mitch told Melissa he's suspicious of Jason's involvement in The Sporting Life. Russ told Marianne that he confronted Rick about getting personally involved with his patients. Russ learned that Jerry has been removed from the critical list and told Marianne. Sandy refused to reveal his sources to Jamie after revealing his knowledge of Jess and his company being involved in organized crime. Sandy suggested Jamie go to the police with the information and suspected Ken Steele's involvement in the dock project accidents. Marianne invited Rick to her apartment once they shared a kiss. Jamie fired Ken Steele.

MARCH 26, 1981 (EP. #4249)
Ada advised Rachel that Mitch feels uncomfortable visiting Matthew and feels tension between him and Mac. Ada suggested Rachel get legal visitation rights for Mitch to see Matthew. Clarice accused Larry of not caring about her or Cory, who has been having nightmares and misses his father. Clarice was disappointed with Larry, who told her that nothing has changed between them and he hopes Clarice will understand his actions someday. Rachel promised not to object to Mac adopting Matthew if Mitch agrees to having visitation rights. Ken Steele told Jordan that Jamie fired him from the dock site project. Jordan requested that Ken tail Blaine and keep an eye on Larry. Melissa agreed that Blaine caused the hit-and-run because Jordan was suspicious of Jerry and Blaine's relationship. Melissa suggested Blaine reunite with Jordan and ensure he doesn't feel betrayed. Mac called the house, but hung up when Mitch answered the phone while holding Matthew. Larry planned to steal Jordan's client book after describing it to Jerry. Sally was sympathetic when Leigh mentioned that he dropped English Literature and may be kicked off the hockey team if he fails another course. Leigh and Sally expressed wishes to help Larry and Clarice reconcile after discussing Larry's visit to the house. Mac advised Brian that Mitch took advantage of his generosity and asked Brian to block any attempts Mitch might make against adopting Matthew. Leigh took the blame when Alice was angry with Sally for breaking a promise to meet at the hospital. Sally understood when Alice expressed her love and wishes not for Sally to get hurt. Blaine asked Jerry for forgiveness and understanding regarding her involvement with Jordan. Blaine vowed revenge against Jordan. Ken spotted Blaine coming out of Jerry's hospital room.

MARCH 27, 1981 (EP. #4250)
Rick and Olivia started Jerry on physical therapy. Joey told Ada he quit working at the Arena because of Jordan's business practices. Ada asked Mitch to offer Joey a job at The Sporting Life. Jamie told Phillip about Sandy's suspicions of the dock site project incident and knowledge of Jess Cooper. Jamie and Phillip agreed to dig into Sandy's background and claims further. Kit promised to support Jerry through his recovery. Kit was surprised when Jerry requested to see Brian right away. Mitch confronted Brian about a legal document, which gives Mac custody of Matthew and Mitch visitation rights. Mitch advised Brian his plans to sue for Matthew's custody and raise the child himself. Mitch believed Rachel, who was upset over the adoption papers and said the terms aren't according to her wishes. Mitch told Rachel he remembers being in love with her. Kit decided to secretly pay for Jerry's medical bills after Rick warned the Halloway money affected Kit's marriage to Joey. Jerry told Brian that Larry is working undercover looking for evidence against Jordan. Brian agreed to be Larry's contact instead of Jerry, who mentioned that Larry is looking for Jordan's client book. Joey kissed Blaine after expressing hopes that they will be together once they nail Jordan. Liz told Jamie that Taylor plans to sell his shares of the Cory/Halloway dock project. Mac told Rachel he was forced to have the adoption papers drawn up because he fears that Mitch will ruin their marriage. Mac accused Rachel of having feelings for Mitch rather than just concern for his rights as Matthew's biological father. Mac left the Cory residence after Rachel slapped him. Blaine was searching through Jordan's office for the client book when someone turned the door knob and opened the door.

Note: Jerry Grove learned sculpting while in college.

MARCH 30, 1981 (EP. #4251)
Rachel told Mitch she feels pressured into choosing between her marriage and what is best for Matthew. Larry and Blaine were evasive about their reasons for being in Jordan's office. Rachel felt Mac drew up the adoption papers to punish her for having feelings towards Mitch. Larry came clean to Blaine about working undercover against Jordan and asked her to search for the client book when he was unable to find it in Jordan's desk. Jamie suggested Mac buy out Taylor's share of the dock site to complete the project on time. Mac advised Jamie that he and Rachel argued about Matthew's custody. Mitch suggested to Mac they leave Rachel alone so she can make some decisions. Mac and Mitch accused each other of being selfish but agreed to back off Rachel. Rick refused to prescribe more amphetamines for Jamie. Sally offered to tutor Leigh in exchange for accompanying him to a Montreal hockey game. Jamie stole more pills when Marianne was called away to help Rick. Larry told Jordan that the police are investigating the hit-and-run and keeping an eye on Jerry. Jordan ordered Larry to obtain a photocopy of the police report on Jerry's accident. Sally threatened to move out of the Matthews' house when Alice reacted negatively towards her plans with Leigh. Mitch wasn't confident about winning custody of Matthew against Mac's legal team. Leigh told Clarice he has feelings for Sally. Zachary requested that Jordan keep his gambling habit secret. Jordan and Zachary agreed that they might be useful to each other in the next couple months. Larry vowed to nail Jordan on his own and rejected Brian's offer to help. Blaine apologized to Jerry for marrying him for the wrong reasons and leaving him for Jordan. Larry and Jerry agreed with Blaine's statement that they need to find the client book.

Note: This episode was provided by AOL's P&G Classic Soaps Channel. It was interrupted due to NBC's news coverage of the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan. This episode was not repeated the following day.

MARCH 31, 1981 (EP. #4252)
Jamie was irritated by Cecile's concerns about him working too much. Liz complained to Mac about her desk being left in disarray by Jamie searching for financial figures. Jamie laid into Cecile for neglecting to have Liz type up the proposal in a timely manner as originally requested. Melissa asked Jason to pass along his praise of her singing and work for the escort service and The Connection to Ilsa. Mac assumed Jamie's conduct towards Liz was due to lack of sleep and stress. Cecile told Sandy she feels responsible for Jamie and Liz's argument and vented about work and Jamie's behavior. Jason thought he recognized Sandy and Cecile couldn't place where she had heard the name before as Sandy introduced himself to Jason as Alex Sanderson. Melissa acted quickly to keep Jason from thinking about meeting Sandy in the past. Mac thanked Liz for being understanding about Jamie and praised Sandy's work. Mac told Ada that he moved out of the Cory estate and he and Rachel disagree about Matthew's custody. Mac told Ada that he's tired of fighting for his marriage and Mitch's interference. Sandy told Liz and Cecile that Mac wanted Jamie to attend a board meeting. Liz received a busy signal while trying to call the suite because Jamie fell asleep from sedatives. Melissa admitted to Blaine that she and Sandy worked together while reporting to Ilsa and agreed to ask Sandy to level with Blaine about his past. Sandy woke Jamie and helped him get dressed for work. Mac persuaded two key board members Edith Abbott and Arthur Desmond to vote for purchasing Taylor's shares of the dock project. Edith warned Mac that if anything happens to jeopardize the investment, she'll be the first to insist on having Jamie replaced as administrator. Mac told Jamie the proposal was accepted despite several flaws in the presentation.