MAY 1, 1981 (EP. #4274)
Mitch refused to tell Rachel how he received a bruised eye. Cecile lied to Phillip that the Ledger's financial report had been completed despite not finding it on Jamie's desk. Rachel told Mitch that she's worried about her children's reaction to the separation from Mac. Mitch understood when Rachel declined to move in with him until the divorce is final so it wouldn't hurt her chances of getting custody of Amanda. Blaine was surprised when Sandy grabbed a gun and left a ticket in the door before they took Jerry to a museum and planetarium. Ada agreed to let Rachel and the children move in with her. Jerry told Sandy about his parents and childhood. Ken and Eddie anxiously awaited Sandy, Jerry, and Blaine's arrival for Jerry's follow-up doctor's appointment. Liz accidentally told Jamie that Cecile completed the report for him. Mitch suspected that Jason helped him after being warned by Melissa and overhearing Jordan make arrangements for him. Blaine told Sandy she still cares about Jerry and agreed that they hurt the people they love. Phillip informed Jamie that the company who bought the dock project is a front and vowed to discover the true owners. Clarice was appreciative when Kit mentioned that Jerry's health is improving, but she doesn't know when he'll return. Dr. Albert gave Ken and Eddie the address where Sandy, Blaine, and Jerry are staying. Jamie confronted Cecile about the financial report and refused to talk about his meeting with Mac. Jamie accused Cecile of marrying him for being Mac's heir apparent and concern over his position at Cory Publishing. Cecile became angry over Jamie's insinuations that she'd marry any man next to takeover for Mac and feigned protests against his sexual advances. Clarice admitted her feelings for Jerry to Kit but promised to stay away from him. Ken and Eddie broke into Sandy, Jerry and Blaine's hotel room. Sandy noticed that the hotel room door had been tampered with.

Note: Jerry’s father was an alcoholic, who deserted his family when Jerry was very young. Jerry was raised, but not born in Las Vegas.

MAY 4, 1981 (EP. #4275)
Jamie was arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs. Sandy, Jerry, and Blaine attempted to escape after they noticed their hotel room door had been tampered with. Rachel told Mitch she and the children are moving into Ada's house. Rachel and Mitch told each other they'll be together through the good and bad times. Joey told Melissa that Kit heard from Jerry and that Sandy is helping Jerry and Blaine escape Jordan's men. Ken Steele and Eddie chased after Sandy, Jerry, and Blaine through the streets of New York. Mac was stunned when Phillip told him that the person who purchased the dock site is Jess Cooper, who is involved in organized crime. Phillip defended Jamie for making mistakes because of overwork and stress to Mac, who mentioned taking steps to change the situation. Rick got Jamie to admit to taking tranquilizers and driving. Jamie declined Rick's offer to call Cecile or Rachel for him. Jamie was booked at the police station. Melissa admitted to Joey that she and Sandy had once been lovers. Zachary signed gambling markers for Jordan and rejected his offer to help with his mayoral campaign. Zachary promised not to hassle Jordan about the escort service operating out of the Sporting Life. Rachel and Clarice related to each other because of their respective marital problems. Clarice consoled Rachel after they were finished packing the children's toys and refused help to bring Rachel to Ada's. Mac recalled Jamie being present when Mitch and Rachel's affair and Mac and Rachel's marital problems were exposed. Rachel left the Cory estate in tears after walking through the living room and looking at a picture of her and Mac holding Amanda. Zachary taunted Jamie for being in jail and not calling Brian to represent him. Sandy and Blaine helped Jerry, who struggled to keep up with them. Sandy stole a red truck for himself, Jerry and Blaine to escape from Ken and Eddie.

Note: Melissa and Sandy met in Los Angeles and were then both transferred to Las Vegas by Ilsa.

MAY 5, 1981 (EP. #4276)
Jerry told Sandy he is hindering their escape from Jordan's men and suggested they leave without him. Mac told Cecile he blames Rachel and not her for Jamie's problems and suggested they team up and help Jamie. Leigh reluctantly told Phillip that Jamie was arrested for being under the influence. Jordan laid into Ken Steele for losing track of Sandy, Jerry, and Blaine. Russ guessed it was Jamie whom Rick had tried to help kick an addiction. Russ and Rick planned an intervention with Rachel and Jamie. Ada advised Rachel to face the consequences of getting involved with Mitch and refused to let him stay with her. Jess ordered Jordan to retrieve Blaine himself and left Jason in charge of operations. Rachel told Russ that Mac is giving Jamie too much responsibility to spite her and caused his drug addiction. Phillip lectured Jamie but promised not to print the incident in The Daily Ledger. Jamie was stunned when Phillip informed him that Jess purchased the dock site using another company as a front. Mac told Rick about Jamie's erratic behavior at work and towards his family. Rick confessed to being pressured by Taylor and having a prescription drug problem to Mac. Rachel asked Mac if he is using Jamie for revenge. Mac pointed out that Rachel's selfishness caused Jamie's problems. Jordan requested that Larry help Jason run The Arena and The Connection. Jordan gloated to Larry that he's leaving town to bring Blaine back from New York. Cecile arrived after Jamie yelled at Phillip because Mac knows that the dock site project was sold to Jess. Jamie apologized to Cecile. Ada was surprised when Rachel mentioned Jamie's drug problem and blamed Mac for Jamie's troubles. Jamie assured Cecile he will never hurt her again while Cecile promised to support him. Jordan arrived in New York in a limousine.

MAY 6, 1981 (EP. #4277)
Rachel informed Mitch that Russ thinks Jamie has an addiction and blamed Cecile and Mac for causing it. Jordan gave Ken and Eddie pictures to aide in their search for Sandy, Blaine, and Jerry. Mitch urged Rachel to make plans to build a life with him and talked about opening an art gallery. Mac mentioned Rick and Marianne's engagement to Pat, who questioned Marianne's lack of pre-wedding jitters. Mac gave some of Jamie's workload to Pat hoping Jamie would become more stable and focused. Zachary refused to take Mitch's suggestion to investigate the escort service. Liz and Pat helped Rick and Marianne make wedding plans. Joey advised Mitch that Zachary gambles and warned against fighting Jordan and the company's plans. Pat used a call she received from Liz as an excuse to get out of discussing Jamie's ideas for Brava. Joey laid into Melissa for not telling him about the escort service. Melissa warned against crossing Jordan when Joey mentioned that Mitch plans to fight the company. Sandy pawned Ann's bracelet. Marianne told Pat that the family didn't need to make a fuss over her wedding to Rick. Mitch refused to listen to Melissa's warnings about fighting against Jordan's plans. Melissa suggested that Jason buy Mitch's shares of The Sporting Life without telling Jordan. Larry and Jamie discussed Zachary's gambling problem and The Arena. Jamie told Zachary that they're both the victims of vices and commented on his bad luck with gambling. Mitch asked for time to consider Jason's offer of buying his shares of The Sporting Life. Sandy gave Jerry some medicine and advised that they need to find a way out of running away to survive. Sandy was pessimistic towards Blaine and Jerry's ideas for raising money and warned against returning to Bay City. Mitch reassured Rachel that they'll find a place to live with the children.

MAY 7, 1981 (EP. #4278)
Rachel told Mitch she feels unsettled and can't start a new life with him yet. Mac was upset when Liz told him of Jamie's arrest and board members' concern over the publicity affecting Cory Publishing. Mitch suggested that Rachel resolve her differences with Jamie so she can have a future with him. Mitch and Rachel discussed pursuing work in photography and art. Rick was understanding towards Marianne for being stressed about finding an apartment and the wedding. Mac apologized to Jamie for giving him too many job responsibilities and advised that Pat has replaced him as publisher of Brava. Brian was sad over Mac and Rachel's marital issues because he's fond of both of them. Rachel confirmed for Brian that she and Mac want the divorce finalized quickly. Pat was surprised when Alice revealed Jamie's arrest. Alice speculated to Pat that Mac may no longer consider Jamie heir apparent by appointing Pat as Brava's publisher. Ada told Clarice that Rachel needs to build a life with Mitch and support the children. Jamie blamed Rick for getting him fired by talking to Mac. Rachel told Pat that Mac is retaliating against Jamie because of the separation. Mac accused Brian of taking sides by representing Rachel in the divorce. Marianne kept mum when Alice noticed a shortage of pills at the hospital and planned to tell Russ. Leigh fretted to Sally about being unable to play hockey and wasn't convinced when she insisted that Denny wants him to succeed. Cecile couldn't help Jamie from feeling his life is falling apart. Mac admitted to giving Jamie too much work when Rachel told Mac he wants to see Jamie fail but defended himself against her accusations of hurting Jamie more by firing him. Rachel told Mitch that Mac is punishing her whole family.

MAY 8, 1981 (EP. #4279)
Marianne offered to help Jamie overcome his drug habit. Kit feared Jerry and Blaine would reconcile. Marianne planned to marry Rick after a romantic interlude with Jamie. Blaine phoned and asked Larry to send the police to pick up Jerry. Jordan and his men cornered Sandy in his old motel room. Pat edited and completed an article for Brava that was originally Jamie's responsibility. Mitch resumed his hobby of photography and took pictures of Rachel. Kit caught Marianne comforting Jamie.

MAY 11, 1981 (EP. #4280)
Rachel learned from Brian that he would represent her in the divorce. Cecile fumed when Pat informed her that Mac appointed her as Brava's editor and that she is Cecile's boss. Ada reminded Mitch of his promises to provide for the children and make Rachel happy. Rachel told Jamie that Mac retaliated against him to punish her and blamed herself for not supporting his marriage. Jamie felt confident he could resolve his problems on his own and rejected Rachel's help. Jerry comforted Blaine when she became upset over putting Sandy and Jerry in danger and ruining her marriages. Jamie had Leigh replace one of Phillip's editorials for The Ledger without his approval. Marianne was touched when Rick gave her a ring before they left for the engagement party. Liz, Russ, and Olivia were surprised when Zachary arrived as Alice's date. Blaine called the motel room and was surprised that Jordan answered the phone. Blaine called Larry in an effort to help Sandy and Jerry. Russ offered joy and happiness as a toast to Rick and Marianne. Alice was disappointed when Leigh and Sally left the party instead of having dinner. Joey took Kit home when she tried to make Marianne publicly profess her love to Rick. Marianne informed Rick that Kit caught her comforting Jamie. Denny interrupted Leigh and Sally getting romantic at Clarice's house. Jordan ordered Ken and Eddie to wake up a badly bruised Sandy to extract Jerry and Blaine's whereabouts from him. Cecile confronted Jamie after showing him the prescription bottle she found. Mitch convinced Rachel to accept a check to open an art gallery. Jerry worried about Blaine when the police placed him into protective custody. Cecile taunted Jamie for covering for Marianne and being a failure before sending Jamie packing. Blaine arrived at the motel room wanting to make a deal with Jordan after Sandy refused to talk.

Note: First appearance of James Horan as Denny Hobson.

MAY 12, 1981 (EP. #4281)
Blaine arrived at Sandy’s hotel room wanting to make a deal with Jordan. Cecile sent Jamie packing to Mac’s after confronting him about his prescription drug habit. Blaine agreed to reconcile with Jordan in exchange for leaving Jerry alone and giving Sandy a job at the Sporting Life’s escort service. Denny told Leigh he was lucky to have someone attractive helping him with schoolwork. Kit refused to let Jamie speak with Marianne. Marianne enthused over her upcoming wedding for Kit’s benefit. Rick asked Jamie to be an usher at his wedding. Denny told Clarice he came to Bay City to see his family and for a job opportunity with Zachary. Marianne tried to assure Kit that she loves Rick and wants him as the father of her child. Clarice and Denny discussed their respective marital problems. Clarice offered to let Denny stay with her. Mac refused to consider Jamie's request of releasing him as heir apparent. Rick expressed his fears of commitment to Joey. Larry told Clarice that Jerry has been hospitalized in New York. Jamie admitted his drug habit to Mac and blamed himself for his career and marital problems. Denny agreed to have dinner with Clarice at Ada’s. Sandy lied to Joey that Blaine wanted to return to Jordan. Jordan accused Blaine of sleeping with either Jerry or Sandy and then raped her.

Note: Last appearance of Tom Brennan as Ken Steele.

MAY 13 and 14, 1981 (EP. #4282)
Mitch and Rachel talked about the future and made love. Sandy explained to Jamie what happened to himself, Blaine, and Jerry while in New York and asked Jamie to check up on Blaine periodically. Zachary threatened Philip with libel due to the Ledger article revealing Zachary's gambling debts and refusal to investigate Jerry's accident and the Cory bombings. Ada laid into Rachel for seeing too much of Mitch and neglecting everything else in her life. Philip told Mac it was Jamie who wrote the Ledger article on Zachary. Brian picked Jerry up from the airport, where Jerry and Kit reunited. Liz informed Mac that Sandy has returned to Bay City. Mac told Jamie that his article may cause a lawsuit against Cory Publishing. Larry didn’t buy it when Blaine informed him everything is fine between her and Jordan. Jerry worried about Sandy and Blaine’s whereabouts. Leigh felt smothered by Denny’s presence, but Clarice tried to assure Leigh that Denny has changed. Sandy promised to pay Mac back the $2,000 loan. Mac asked Sandy to resume his duties as assistant to Pat and Cecile or accept the new position of administrative assistant for Jamie. Joey and Kit warned Jerry to stay away from Blaine. Rick explained to Jamie what recovering from drugs is like. Jerry and Kit agreed to resume dating. Sandy was evasive with Melissa about what happened in New York.

MAY 15, 1981 (EP. #4283)
Mac asked Jamie to consider letting Sandy become his administrative assistant. Mitch showed Rachel preliminary sketches of the art gallery. Amanda injured herself during a fall while being babysat by Leigh and Sally. Clarice instructed Leigh and Sally to take Amanda to the hospital. Larry told Jerry that Blaine had Jerry placed into protective custody. Melissa assured Jason that she and Sandy are only friends. Melissa asked Jason to find out what’s going on with Sandy and Blaine. Clarice and Ada contacted Mac and Rachel about Amanda. Mitch refused to listen to Jason’s warnings about opening an art gallery and studio with Rachel. Leigh and Sally told Mac and Clarice what happened to Amanda. Mac wasn’t pleased to hear Rachel was coming to the hospital with Mitch. Jordan refused to answer Jason’s questions about Blaine. Sandy told Jerry what happened in New York after Jerry was brought into protective custody. Rick and Alice treated Amanda and wanted to keep her overnight for observation. Mac refused to return Amanda to Rachel, who insisted on seeing her. Melissa tried to stop Jerry from seeing Blaine, who lied that she returned to Jordan on her own accord. Jamie talked to Sandy about being his assistant. Denny began to criticize Leigh over dinner with Ada. Alice comforted Mac. Rachel felt guilty over not protecting Amanda from the fall.

MAY 18, 1981 (EP. #4284)
Mitch and Rachel left to retrieve Amanda. Mac told Jamie his board members are meeting later to decide what to do about Jamie’s article on Zachary. Alice played with Amanda while waiting for Rachel. Melissa told Blaine she and Sandy were playing a dangerous game returning to Bay City. Blaine played Jordan’s dutiful lover for a suspicious Melissa. Mac took Amanda home before Rachel arrived. Brian gave Jamie legal advice on how to handle Zachary. Zachary demanded an apology and promise from Jamie not to write anymore articles of him being linked to organized crime. Larry told Jerry that the only way to free Blaine from Jordan is to find Jordan’s black book. Rick told Rachel and Mitch that Amanda was released from the hospital into Mac’s custody. Mac refused to return Amanda to Rachel, who accused Mac of kidnapping Amanda. Cecile resented needing Pat’s supervision over her work. Mac's board members ousted Jamie as publisher of the Ledger. Jim and Liz asked Russ and Alice to give Rick and Marianne time off from work for a honeymoon trip to Mexico and for Pat to look for a resort. Jordan refused Blaine’s suggestion to let Sandy work for the Connection or the Arena instead of the escort service. Mac thought Jamie and Cecile attending Rick and Marianne’s wedding would help their own marriage. Jamie kissed Marianne, who let him stay the night on the couch. Blaine became Jordan’s punching bag.

MAY 19, 1981 (EP. #4285)
Marianne put a blanket over Jamie, who fell asleep on the couch. Rachel told Mitch she’d like to make a sculpture of him. Marianne told Jamie she loves Rick and is expecting his child. Kit gave Rick her best wishes for the marriage. Mitch suggested that he and Rachel leave Bay City for a fresh start. Mac wouldn’t listen to Jamie’s protests over taking Amanda from Rachel. Jamie decided to move out of the Cory estate. Joey and Russ helped calm down a nervous Rick. Pat took Marianne to see Rick. Mac asked Cecile to always love and support Jamie. Rick instructed Jamie on how to be an usher at the wedding. Jerry asked Larry to call Blaine and make sure she’s alright. Rick eased Marianne’s doubts about the wedding. Cecile was surprised to hear that Jamie didn’t stay at the Cory estate last night. Mac made a brief toast. Cecile noticed Kit’s lack of enthusiasm for the wedding. A drunk Jamie accused Rachel of being obsessive and manipulative. Leigh asked Denny not to interfere in his life. Jim and Liz gave Rick and Marianne their wedding gift. Mac glared at Rachel as Cecile took Jamie home. Kit caught the wedding bouquet. Russ and Pat left to take Rick and Marianne to the airport. Cecile was shocked when Jamie called out Marianne’s name.

MAY 20, 1981 (EP. #4286)
Mitch urged Rachel to call Jamie. Larry asked Melissa to check on Blaine, who had been beaten up by Jordan. Jamie apologized to Rachel for his behavior at Rick and Marianne’s wedding. Rachel decided to ask Brian to speed up the divorce. Melissa convinced Blaine to go to the hospital after seeing her condition. Clarice noticed tension between Denny and Leigh during breakfast. Sally thought it a good thing for Leigh’s big brother to be in Bay City. Blaine lied to Olivia and Alice that her injuries were due to falling down stairs. Mac asked Louise to let him know whenever Rachel arrives to see Amanda. Brian suggested that Rachel not see Mitch until the divorce is final. Leigh looked jealous watching Denny and Sally getting to know each other. Melissa warned Blaine to leave Jordan. Jamie gave Rachel his approval for her to see Mitch. Liz left work to meet with Jim. Mac and Alice agreed to have dinner together. Sally suggested that Leigh settle his differences with Denny instead of running away from his problems. Melissa told Sandy and Joey to stay away from Blaine. Sandy planned to take care of Jordan and help Blaine. Alice felt confident that Mac would be awarded temporary custody of Amanda. Joey told Sandy that Jordan needs to be put away for good. Mitch split temporarily with Rachel, who decided to move back in with Ada.

MAY 21, 1981 (EP. #4287)
Ada asked Rachel if she plans to get an apartment with Mitch. Mitch asked Jason to check out a studio with him. Joey and Jerry came to seek legal advice from Brian. Rachel resolved not to let anything stand in her way of gaining custody of Amanda. Brian was doubtful Zachary would be much help when Joey and Jerry wanted to have charges pressed against Jordan. Jason agreed to let Mitch live at the Sporting Life and seemed sincere that Mitch and Rachel would make it as a couple. Leigh told Ada that Sally refused to get an apartment with him. Pat and Alice agreed to throw a dinner party for Mac. Pat assured Alice that she and Brian are just friends. Jamie told Rachel he feels like a failure as a son and husband. Zachary told Brian to have Blaine file a police report for domestic violence. Pat and Cecile clashed over a new layout for Brava. Larry worried that Clarice is developing feelings for Jerry. Rachel wasn’t pleased when Mac wanted to be present for her visit with Amanda. Larry and Jordan exchanged words. Jerry tried to keep Clarice from filing for divorce from Larry. Mac and Rachel argued over Amanda’s custody again. Jordan blackmailed Zachary with his gambling markers. Cecile asked Jamie to return to work tomorrow. Jerry told Brian that Larry and Clarice’s marriage may be Jordan’s next casualty. Rachel worried about losing custody of Amanda.

MAY 22, 1981 (EP. #4288)
Jordan wanted Blaine to become more active in the escort service. Kit was jealous when Jerry couldn’t stop worrying about Blaine. Cecile tried to get Jamie to go to work. Jordan forced Blaine to play hostess for a group of businessmen. Brian told Jerry that Zachary wants a witness willing to divulge information against Jordan before he investigates. Both Brian and Jerry were doubtful that Blaine would be that witness. Cecile offered Mac her help after learning Sandy was appointed Jamie’s assistant. Blaine refused to turn against Jordan despite Jerry’s protests. Alice and Kit discussed the hold ex-wives have on their former husbands. Alice told Kit she feels sorry for Mac. Blaine told Melissa she’s staying with Jordan to protect the people she cares about. Blaine explained to Melissa how she became involved in the mob. Sandy convinced Jamie to talk with Mac before he decides to quit Cory Publishing. Kit worried to Joey that something may have happened between Blaine and Jerry while they were on the run. Jason fumed over Jordan’s threat to send Melissa back to Las Vegas. Sandy tried to talk to Blaine, who was preparing for her hostess job. Jamie evaded Cecile’s questions about his talk with Sandy. Cecile and Jamie finally became romantic. Sandy asked Blaine to keep Jordan occupied so he could search for the black client book.

MAY 25, 1981 (EP. #4289)
Blaine stalled Jordan by coming onto him. Sandy told Joey his plans to find the black client book. Rachel was surprised when Cecile didn’t agree that Mac put too much pressure on Jamie. Cecile told Rachel that Sandy is Mac’s biological son and claimed to be concerned how the revelation would affect Jamie. Sandy convinced Jamie to wait for Mac, who left work to spend time with Amanda. Sandy and Jamie discussed half-siblings. Joey suggested Jerry spend more time with Kit and less worrying about Blaine. Mac convinced Jamie not to resign from Cory Publishing. Sandy asked Melissa to remain at the Arena in case Jordan shows up while Sandy searches Jordan’s office. Rachel told Ada that Sandy is Mac‘s son. Ada urged Rachel to keep mum, despite Rachel’s resolve to protect Jamie from the information. Alice worried about raising Sally. Mac agreed with Brian’s veiled comments about couples working their problems out for the sake of children. Blaine couldn’t keep Jordan from wanting to go to the Arena. Sandy searched Jordan’s office, but was unsuccessful in finding the client book. Jerry and Kit made love after a heart-to-heart talk about their relationship. Melissa and Blaine stalled Jordan to give Sandy enough time to get out of Jordan’s office. Mac confided in Alice about his recent troubles.

Note: Jamie mentions Ted Clark.

MAY 26, 1981 (EP. #4290)
Blaine decided to look in her and Jordan’s house for the black client book. Rachel, Brian, and Mac convened for the custody hearing. Mac was awarded temporary custody of Amanda with Rachel getting visitation rights. Despite Jerry’s objections, Larry wanted to search for the client book. Jerry told Larry that Clarice asked him to file divorce papers. Jordan threatened to send Melissa back to Vegas unless Jason gives up Mitch’s shares of the Sporting Life. Jerry promised to stall Larry and Clarice’s divorce. Jason told Melissa he wishes to get rid of Jordan. Blaine ransacked her house looking for the client book while keeping the phone off the hook. Rachel was stunned when Mac refused to let her see Amanda. Olivia asked Alice for advice on dating Russ, and was pleased when Alice refused a date with Zachary. Jordan asked Sandy to “entertain” a friend of Jess Cooper’s. Jordan headed home when Melissa lied that Blaine went home because she felt ill. Melissa and Sandy tried to call Blaine to warn her Jordan was coming home. Jordan walked in after Blaine found the client book hidden inside the fireplace. Rachel tried to find comfort in Mitch’s arms. During a struggle, Blaine shot Jordan and then fled the scene. Rachel decided to spend the night at Mitch’s apartment. A shadowy figure that Jordan recognized hovered over him.

MAY 27, 1981 (EP. #4291)
A shadowy figure that Jordan recognized slid the black client book and gun from Jordan’s reach. Mitch tried to reassure Rachel of their future and Amanda’s custody. Melissa tried to keep Sandy from checking on Blaine when they couldn’t reach her by phone. Clarice said goodbye to Denny, who hadn’t heard if he got the job as Zachary’s assistant yet. A hysterical Blaine interrupted Jerry and Kit’s pillow talk to reveal Jordan’s been shot. Jerry called Larry while Kit tried to comfort Blaine. Captain Petroni observed the crime scene with Zachary, who received a call from Melissa asking for Blaine. Kit was jealous watching Jerry console Blaine. Clarice and Ada discussed the estrangement between Denny and Leigh. Clarice worried that Larry was involved in Jordan’s murder. Mitch showed Rachel the space for the art gallery and photography lab. Denny and Leigh decided to bury the hatchet and start over. Ada was skeptical about Mitch and Rachel’s plans. Clarice urged Leigh to give Denny a chance to show he’s changed. Captain Petroni revealed Larry’s undercover work to Zachary. Larry told Philip that a lot of people wanted Jordan dead. Ada warned Rachel about her chances of gaining custody of Amanda. Larry decided to question him after learning the murder weapon belonged to Jerry. Clarice was shocked when Larry showed up at her doorstep.

Note: Last appearance of J Kenneth Campbell as Jordan Scott.

MAY 28, 1981 (EP. #4292)
Jerry told Russ that Blaine was in shock because Jordan was shot. Phillip was quizzing Zachary and Captain Petroni on the Jordan Scott murder investigation when Sandy showed up at the crime scene. Clarice was shocked when Larry showed up at her doorstep. Larry told Clarice he was working undercover to protect her and Cory. Phillip still seemed suspicious when Sandy lied to Zachary that he was running errands for Jordan. Joey advised Kit not to be jealous of Jerry and Blaine. Larry and Clarice agreed to try and make their marriage work. Sandy wasn’t able to keep Melissa from worrying about Jess Cooper. Jamie asked Mac to have the papers naming him heir apparent nullified. Jamie told Mac his plans to go back to school part time. Joey told Sandy and Melissa that Blaine is at Jerry’s loft. Jerry advised Larry that Sandy took his gun while they were on the run from Jordan. Jerry asked Joey to stay at the loft while he talks with Kit. Larry was pleased when Sandy and Melissa both had alibis for the time when Jordan was shot. Melissa urged Sandy to tell Mac that he’s his biological son for protection. Jamie was surprised when Cecile suggested they start a family to please Mac. Kit accused Jerry of still being in love with Blaine. Jamie and Cecile made love. Clarice asked Larry to be patient with getting their marriage back together.

MAY 29, 1981 (EP. #4293)
Jerry felt uneasy when Sandy thought Blaine was finally free from Jordan. Jamie talked to Cecile about going back to school. Blaine was genuinely surprised when Joey told her Jordan was dead. Mitch and Rachel weren’t able to meet the demands of the gallery’s previous owner. Larry told Jerry and Sandy that the other person who knew Jordan had a gun was the shooter. Clarice told Ada she wasn’t relieved about Larry’s homecoming and admitted to having feelings for Jerry. Jamie didn’t share Philip’s suspicions about Sandy being involved in Jordan’s death. Blaine told Sandy that she found and lost the black client book. Jason cited legalities when he refused to let Mitch buy back into the Connection. In front of Brian, Zachary questioned Jerry about Jordan’s murder. Jamie promised to listen whenever Sandy was ready to talk about Jordan and Blaine. Clarice recalled Larry coming home and asking for patience with their marriage. Clarice told Leigh she felt bothered by Larry’s lies while he was working undercover. Mac refused to let Philip launch a full investigation into Sandy. Jamie gave Rachel his blessing towards her relationship with Mitch. Cecile came to talk to Rachel about Sandy. Larry asked Jerry if he thought Blaine shot Jordan. Jamie decided to fund Mitch and Rachel’s gallery. Blaine admitted to shooting Jordan accidentally, but swore he was alive when she fled the scene.