DECEMBER 28, 1981 - JANUARY 1, 1982
Quinn lied to Steve so Denny could remain at Blackhawk. Brian informed Rachel that Mitch promised not to sue Rachel if he's granted visitation rights. Sandy suspected Cecile is using him. Blaine encouraged Rick to open a family clinic since he no longer wanted to practice psychiatry. Louise grew tired of Cecile's phoniness and put poisoned mushrooms in her meal. Jason went into a jealous rage and punched Sandy, who lamented to Melissa she's the only one who loves him unconditionally. Rachel supported Steve in his competition with Mac to be the most powerful man in Bay City. Diana quelled Steve's anger over spending the night with Pete, assuring him it was platonic and they were caring for Captain. Sandy began an investigative report about middle-class drug abuse. Pat admonished Cecile for using her pregnancy to manipulate Sandy. Alice agreed to Steve's request she discuss sex with Diana but voiced disapproval over Steve and Rachel appearing in the papers. Harry was furious with Denny for telling Blaine the builders planned a violent protest at the Bel-Aire site. Sally nixed Alice's suggestion she return to college and got Denny to consider marriage. James asked Marianne for a commitment and that they live together.

JANUARY 4-8, 1982
Alice succumbed to Steve's romantic overtures once convinced Steve and Rachel are only friends and business partners. Harry's wife, Loretta worried that his anger towards the issues with the union would become detrimental to Harry's health. Pat held back on professing her love to Brian. Rick was hurt and Marianne confused after discussing whether their marriage is over and James' invitation. Mac was disturbed by seeing the bust of Steve that Rachel was working on. Joe hinted to Harry that Pete and Diana's relationship may cause the union to claim impropriety while on strike. Pat finally let down her defenses and accepted Brian's marriage proposal. Liz hoped Julia would come to Bay City. Denny and Sally became engaged much to Steve and Alice's chagrin. Mac and Rachel agreed they will always have deep feelings towards each other but will never remarry. Brooks demanded that Louise stop interfering in the Cory's lives because Cecile was temporarily poisoned by her mushrooms. Larry disliked his new partner, Bob Morgan. Sandy accused Cecile of endangering their baby by taking diuretics to remain thin. Steve set up a museum with Rachel and decided to build Alice a house. Diana confessed to Alice she would like to be intimate with Pete. Marianne was not fazed by Rick and Blaine's break up and was pleased James wanted to spend more time with her. Rachel sculpted a nude statue of Steve as a raffle prize. Jason and Melissa had a frank discussion. James declined Steve's job offer.

JANUARY 11-15, 1982
Alice accepted Steve's marriage proposal. Larry and Clarice were ecstatic to learn she's pregnant. Cecile pawned her mink coat to buy diuretics. Steve and Harry demanded Pete and Diana stay apart. Clarice worried about having a healthy child at her age. Julia called Liz, swearing she enjoys being a groupie and refused to return home. Harry's anger towards Steve and Joe caused him to have a heart attack. Brooks and Louise reconciled. Denny's claim the union planned violent demonstrations made Harry believe Steve sold him out. Cecile confessed to Sandy she drugged James to discredit him with Mac and ensure Sandy replaced him as Mac's son. Marianne advised Loretta to help Harry relieve stress at the hospital. James received a major backlash towards his novel: Mac vowed to stop its publishing, Rachel cut James out of her life, Pat questioned her own character, Marianne ended their affair, and Sandy stopped pitying James and punched him. Pat rejected Brian's help and left to start Mac's New York paperback division. Bob and Larry questioned Cecile about drug purchases. Loretta objected to Pete refusing Steve's construction job offer. Ada and Steve told Rachel that James wrote his novel because of being from a broken home. Jason's jealousy is adversely affecting his romance with Melissa. Diana consoled Pete, who worried about Harry's health and the strain on Loretta as she kept vigil over Harry.

JANUARY 18-22, 1982
Sandy gave Cecile's confession to James. Blaine and Quinn called a truce. Rick and Marianne realized that Blaine stroked his ego as a doctor and she thought James could give her perfection during marriage counseling. Pete and Diana defiantly continued romancing despite their stubborn fathers' will and feud. Diana tried unsuccessfully to seduce Pete after she talked to Sally. Sandy agreed to a legal U.S. marriage with Cecile for their baby's sake but demanded a divorce once the baby is born. Mac and Rachel agreed to spend more time with Amanda and Matthew when Steve announced his engagement to Alice. Sandy vowed to sue Cecile for custody of his child. Mac raged after seeing Rachel's statue of Steve. Denny paid Joe under the table to end the labor strike. Rick and Marianne began a reconciliation. James apologized to Steve for treating him badly and expressed appreciation Steve didn't lambast him over his book. Rachel softened towards James. Loretta tried to convince Harry that Steve didn't betray the union and was not responsible for his heart attack. Cecile took a production job at Brava to keep away from Sandy but was certain she'd win him back.

JANUARY 25-29, 1982
Rachel invited James to a party in honor of her work being featured at the sculpture museum. Pete threatened to move out if he can't see Diana and give her horseback lessons when Harry and Steve caught them together. Steve apologized to Diana for interfering in her personal life. Sandy reacted to Cecile's seduction by asking how much she'd pay for a night with him. Rick and Marianne started living together. Loretta tried to convince Harry to accept Steve's loan to alleviate financial woes. Cecile had Louise concoct a love potion to use on Sandy, promising she'll get Rachel to move back into the estate. Jason bought an option on James' book for the movie rights. Denny received finder's fees from Latimer and shared the money with Quinn. Julia became the girlfriend of Honey, the lead singer of "The Deep Six." Clarice feared that Larry will stop loving Cory now that she can give him a child of his own. Alice rescued Quinn, who was mugged and her apartment ransacked. Bob learned teens are being paid to mug people during his investigation. Anne became an editor at Cory Publishing, impressing Mac with her creativity, no-nonsense attitude, and ideas for the company. Larry was skeptical about Bob's wish to rehabilitate minority kids. Alice suggested Steve was jealous of Diana's feelings for Pete.

FEBRUARY 1-5, 1982
Cecile followed Sandy to Mac's cabin where a snowstorm prevented her from going home. Jason was undeterred by James' apologies over his novel's characters modeled after him and Melissa to sell the movie rights. Quinn warned Denny she'll sever ties if Steve or Blackhawk is jeopardized. Steve told Alice he doubts Pete will be a suitable husband for Diana. Jim was suspicious of Denny's deals with Latimer. Julia moved in with Liz after her boyfriend, Honey ditched her. Cecile reminded Sandy she is carrying his child after Sandy rejected her sexual advances. Ada worked as an ombudsman to represent and protect the rights of minors during police interrogations. Clarice became upset because Larry started snapping at Cory. Mac and Anne agreed to take things slow and discussed him getting into politics. Quinn agreed to aid Bob and Larry in investigating the muggings and robberies. Pete informed Loretta he is moving to Chicago since he cannot be with Diana. Harry reluctantly let Loretta accept Steve's loan but had a medical setback. Quinn told Bob she overcame her poor background by attending college and becoming articulate but rebuked Bob's idea she be a role model for the black community. Diana talked Pete out of leaving Bay City.

FEBRUARY 8-12, 1982
Pete supported Diana, who competed in a horse show at Oak Valley Farms. Larry admitted to Clarice he fears Cory will search for Robert because he is not Cory's biological father. Quinn enjoyed a platonic night out with Bob since he is a married man. Anne feared she was falling in love with Mac though they had agreed not to make commitments. Julia worked as a mail clerk at Cory Publishing to placate Liz instead of returning to high school. Ada and Clarice decided to sell The Hair Affair. Diana tracked Pete down at the stables where Diana lost her virginity and the two impulsively decided to elope. Melissa felt betrayed by Jason for becoming James' manager and optioning the novel that exploited her life and left town. James and Marianne made peace. Blaine put on a brave front when Rick thanked her for having confidence in him. Brian mediated a financial agreement between Cecile and Sandy. Sam Egan agreed to publish James' novel on the condition he does not soften the characters. Rick and Marianne moved to Lake Geneva so Rick could build his own family practice. Bob and Quinn couldn't make love due to their conflicted feelings towards each other and Bob's marriage. Diana told Alice she and Pete are eloping but warned they will leave town if she tells Steve. Ada disapproved of James having his novel published.

FEBRUARY 15-19, 1982
Bob was shot during a police raid and stunned Larry by requesting he call Quinn instead of his wife. Sally was jubilant over Pete and Diana's plan to elope and told Denny. Mac made Julia realize she can make Liz happier by staying with her. Harry was released from the hospital. Larry was crushed after he and Clarice learned there's a chance the baby may be born abnormally. Anne confessed to Liz her fears she'll ruin her career and relationship with Mac. Rachel joined James and Sam Egan for dinner to celebrate James' novel being published. Blaine quit before Steve could fire her during an argument about the completion of Alice's house. Rachel gently rebuffed Sam's affections. Sally was devastated that Denny tipped off Steve, who forced her to reveal Pete and Diana's whereabouts. Rachel hired art school intern Tom Nelson on Mitch's recommendation. Sandy agreed to keep up appearances as Cecile's loving husband to prevent her from moving to Paris. Ada quietly disapproved of Bob and Quinn's affair. Tom secretly gave updates on Rachel and Matthew to Mitch and Dean Andrews. Steve stopped Pete and Diana's elopement in Ogden. Cecile was envious Anne replaced her at Brava and attempted to smear Anne's name which Brian and Liz ignored.

FEBRUARY 22-26, 1982
Blaine got a public relations job and renewed her friendship with Sandy, sparking Cecile's jealousy. Harry considered starting his own business after arguing with Loretta over taking another loan from Steve. Diana agreed to Steve's compromise she marry Pete after graduation, unaware Steve is certain Pete will lose interest in her by then. Cecile was accused of drugging Anne, who had a breakdown, fled to Chicago, and refused to see Mac. Bob admitted his affair with Quinn to Henrietta during a confrontation. Alice was appalled that Steve was unapologetic over how harshly he treated Sally, Pete, and Diana. Julia accepted a production job with Jason. Tom claimed he had been robbed so Rachel would allow him into her studio. Pete fled to Kansas but returned once he went broke and got sick. Anne went to a writer's lecture with James, whom she inspired to make amends with Rachel. Brooks suspected Louise had conspired with Cecile and threatened to leave her because of meddling. Tom contacted Dean Andrews about The Male Panthers, a group who help fathers gain custody of their children. Rachel was flattered by Sam's affections but rebuffed his marriage idea and dismissed Sam's suspicions of Tom.

MARCH 1-5, 1982
Denny rigged office equipment to undermine Jim's job capabilities and took payoffs from companies that do business with Blackhawk. Pete told Harry and Loretta what transpired in Ogden and Kansas before collapsing on the stable floor. Jason hinted to Blue that he hired Julia for companionship. Loretta arranged for Diana to visit a bed-ridden Pete, where they swore to spend their lives together. Anne learned her outlook caused her breakdown instead of drugs or alcohol. Steve and Rachel went on a business trip to New York. Bob considered everything meaningful in Quinn's life superficial and insisted she come to his lower-class neighborhood. Sandy agreed to investigate Harry's claim that Steve bribed Joe Masterson to end the strike. Diana sold Captain to help put Pete through veterinary school. Sandy doubted Cecile's innocence of drugging Anne and spent more time with Blaine. Steve repurchased Captain and agreed with Alice they should make decisions together. Denny blackmailed Quinn into remaining his partner in shady deals against Blackhawk. Dean Andrews and Tom plotted to kidnap Matthew but had doubts that Mitch would be a good example in efforts to change child custody laws. Blaine warned Julia to beware of Jason. Alice suggested that the Frame and Shea families make peace.

MARCH 8-12, 1982
Loretta lectured Harry about his stubbornness and placing blame on others for his mistakes and weaknesses. Sandy made love to Blaine after he revealed plans to divorce Cecile and sue for custody of the baby. Mac expressed concern over Sandy's affair with Blaine noting her past as a user. James visited Anne in Chicago and convinced her to return to Mac. Quinn helped Bob and Larry stop a gang war by negotiating with the gang's counselor, her cousin Richard Evans. Sandy apologized for misjudging Cecile and agreed to stay married so she wouldn't move to Paris. R.J. ditched Bob at the basketball court after spotting Quinn on the sidelines. Ada asked Captain Hancock for help when Tom and Matthew went missing. Quinn decided to help her brother, Ed Harding, improve his life and electronics company. Alice accepted Steve's friendship with Rachel, whom he comforted because of Matthew's kidnapping. Cecile caught Sandy and Blaine having dinner together and consulted with Denny on setting up a trust fund for the baby. Henrietta scolded Bob for hurting his family and being indecisive on whether to remain married or be with Quinn.

MARCH 15-19, 1982
Larry and Clarice faced the difficult decision on whether to abort the baby due to complications. Brooks apologized for accusing Louise of meddling. Tom wrote Rachel a letter on Matthew's whereabouts and sent pictures of Matthew to Sandy, who decided to write a story on fathers' rights. Ada, Steve, and Rachel discovered Dean Andrews was a fraud and has a history of violence and mental illness. Quinn agreed to help Ed secure business financing from Blackhawk and handle meetings with executives. Sam offered support to Rachel. Blaine realized she's in love for the first time and promised to wait for Sandy to divorce Cecile. James felt awkward when Anne returned to a grateful Mac because of developing feelings for her. Rachel tracked down Tom and Matthew to a sailboat in San Diego. Henrietta accused Bob of flaunting his affair with Quinn. Anne convinced Mac to run for mayor. A meeting between the Frame and Shea clans turned into a shouting match between Steve and Harry, who refused to make compromises. Cecile arranged a Miami vacation with Sandy which hurt Blaine. Milo Simonelli arrived to produce James' film and courted Liz. Bob was upset that R.J. and hoodlum Willie Armstrong were accused of arson.

MARCH 22-26, 1982
Ada and Mac advised Sam against pushing Rachel for a serious relationship. Pete comforted Diana, who stormed out during Steve and Harry's arguments. James ridiculed Cecile's idea that he re-writes Blaine's character as unsympathetic so Sandy would have doubts about being with Blaine. Larry urged Bob to show R.J. compassion so he could be released into his custody. Steve and Alice postponed their wedding so he could help Rachel in San Diego and attend the opening of the Frame museum. Milo wished to cast Julia as the lead in the film adaptation of James' novel. Anne urged Blaine to trust Sandy's feelings for her and offer friendship for now. Tom was arrested once Steve and Mitch rescued Rachel and Matthew after a car chase. Sandy rejected Cecile's sexual advances and declared their marriage is over. Clarice was miserable and indecisive about her pregnancy. Denny and Joe Masterson spoke cryptically about Harry, who urged Pete to search Blackhawk for evidence Joe was bribed. R.J. refused to join Willie in a crime spree. Cecile warned Sandy he will not give her both a divorce and custody of the baby. Sam showed his possessive side by having a jealous reaction to Steve and Rachel spending a platonic night together. Clarice befriended Henrietta. Liz developed a crush on Milo.

MARCH 29 - APRIL 2, 1982
The opening for Steve's museum was a success. Sandy halted things with Blaine to get his priorities straight. Alice convinced Steve to let Pete and Diana be together despite his lingering reservations. Anne advised Cecile that successful marriages require compromise. Rachel was ambivalent over Sam returning to New York. Henrietta advised R.J. they should stop punishing Bob and tried assuring him there won't be a divorce. Milo warned Liz that Jason shouldn't run Julia's career. Blaine was exuberant that Sandy found his own apartment. Willie fired a gun at Bob and Larry during a robbery and was killed. Julia got affectionate with Jason. Pete felt distant from Diana, who became an overachiever at school to please Steve. Quinn arranged a meeting for Ed to request a loan from Steve. Sandy called Cecile's bluff when she threatened to move to Paris again. Mac announced his mayoral candidacy. Movie director Vic Strang offered to screen-test Julia. The Male Panthers implicated Mitch in Matthew's kidnapping and Mitch was sent to prison. Bob was suspended for shooting Willie. Cecile gave compromising photos of Sandy and Blaine to Mayor Stein and urged him to use Sandy and Blaine's pasts in organized crime and affair to discredit Mac. Henrietta confided in Clarice about her troubled marriage.

APRIL 5-9, 1982
Larry and Clarice decided not to abort their baby despite Clarice's age. Quinn admitted she's bitter towards Ed for kicking her out years ago and resisted efforts to repair their relationship. Denny married Sally to ease her concerns over the money he's been making. Cecile revealed the baby's trust fund entitles her to live at the Cory estate since it's Mac's grandchild. Bob asked R.J. for forgiveness during an emotional confrontation. Sandy promised to marry Blaine once he has divorced Cecile. Pete told Harry that he accepted a chauffeur job with the movie company. Mac lost a legal battle to stop the publishing of James' novel. Jason and Julia decided not to be exclusive to each other while Julia dated James. Sandy ordered a photographer named Lou to stop tailing him and Blaine. R.J. informed Steamer that Bob suspects he gave Willie a gun and plans to nail him. Henrietta offered moral support to Bob, who took her out on a date night. Mac, Brian, Louise, and Sandy believed Cecile's claim she will give Sandy custody of the baby if he's present for the delivery. Rachel was swept off her feet by sculptor Nikolai Pirenko. James disliked the movie script Frank Fish wrote from his novel. Joe secretly taped Denny bribing him and hired Steamer to plant a bomb in Harry's car. Pete and Diana were delighted when Steve and Harry united to prove Joe was bribed into ending the strike.

APRIL 12-16, 1982
Harry was proud of Pete for finding purpose in life and planned to take Loretta on a vacation. Vic introduced actors Deke Peters and Chris Wylie to Julia and Milo, who agreed to consider them for roles in the movie adaptation of James' novel. Loretta was killed by the bomb that Steamer had planted in Harry's car. Quinn told Bob not to expect her to wait when asked for a chance to mend his family. Mac bowed out of the mayoral race after Mayor Stein published photos of Sandy and Blaine. Julia was thrilled to be cast as the lead in James' movie and enjoyed a date with Deke. Quinn didn't make any promises to Henrietta that she'd avoid seeing Bob. Alice worried that Sally may regret marrying Denny. Mac, Brian, Anne, Sandy, and Blaine decided to give the expose on Mayor Stein to the district attorney during an editorial meeting. Nikolai gave Rachel the smuggled writings of a comrade. Cecile learned her estimated due date was wrong but pleased the baby's trust fund will be executed in time. Sandy took Cecile to the hospital when she went into labor. Harry accused Steve of being responsible for Loretta's death. Alice disliked Steve confiding in Rachel instead of her. Steamer forced Joe to help him rob the union offices, then escaped after he shot and wounded Joe. Sally gave Pete and Diana refuge at her apartment. Denny voiced his suspicions of Joe's involvement in the explosion to Bob. Steamer kidnapped R.J.

APRIL 19-23, 1982
Denny suggested Joe make a plea bargain with the police and refused to act as his legal counsel. Ada helped at the Shea household in an attempt to bring some stability back to the family. Rachel immediately left New York so she could return home and support Steve. R.J. aided Bob and Larry in getting Steamer disarmed and arrested. Cecile decided to leave her newborn baby named Maggie with Sandy and Mac and join Elena in Paris. Quinn took Thomasina, a street-smart girl she helps at the Fellowship Hall, under her wing. James and Brian were curious about Maggie's healthy weight at birth despite being "premature." Denny forced Quinn to loan him money for Joe, who threatened to let Blackhawk be implicated in Loretta's murder rather than plead guilty as an accomplice. James quickly became attached to Maggie. Steve and Rachel shared a kiss after he vented his difficulties with Harry. James and Chris got acquainted. Anne was proud of a selfless Blaine, who advised Cecile she will leave town if Cecile agrees to be a mother to her child and grant Sandy a divorce. Harry used his position as union president to undermine Steve's authority with the contractor's association. Blaine urged Sandy to make decisions before Cecile leaves for France.

APRIL 26-30, 1982
Sally realized Denny had lied about needing money to pay Leigh's gambling debts after she complained to Clarice. Steve arranged for Rachel to be an exchange sculptor in Nikolai's country and have a lecture tour. Liz began working with Milo. Alice took courses in pursuit of a new career as a paramedic nurse. Vic got acquainted with Cecile to gain insight into Yvonne, the character based on Cecile's life. Denny used Sally's Blackhawk stocks to pay blackmail to Joe. Anne decided to leave town to ease her stress symptoms and insecure feelings over Mac. Pete convinced Brian to lead the investigation into Joe hoping Harry would finally believe in Steve's innocence. Mac fell for Cecile's sympathy ploy she cannot abandon Maggie by leaving town. Sandy felt conflicted over his feelings for Blaine and Cecile. James accused Mac of bias for refusing to publish his new novel. Joe refused to cooperate with the D.A. or reveal the name of the person he claims killed Loretta. Diana consoled Alice over her relationship problems with Steve. Brian was thrilled when Elena arrived since Cecile decided against going to Paris. Rachel denied romantic interest in Steve to Ada, who voiced concerns over Steve spending time with her and postponing his wedding to Alice. Sandy told Cecile he intends to be a loving father to Maggie and nothing else. Diana declared her hatred of Harry while he and Steve proclaimed that they are enemies for life.

MAY 3-7, 1982
James befriended Chris, the young actress playing Cecile's character, Yvonne, in his movie. Brian announced his candidacy for mayor. Denny threatened to reveal Quinn's part in bribing Joe to Bob, who refused to see Quinn because of guilty feelings over his infidelity. Anne left town but promised Mac she'd return once she feels rested. Alice began to doubt Steve's love. Rachel recalled Cecile lied about having an affair with Sandy while married to James and disagreed with Elena that Maggie's paternity is questionable. Denny informed Quinn his plans to create a phantom company, frame Latimer for embezzlement, and use Cory Publishing computers to mask funds being used. Sandy accused Cecile of playing games to stay in town and was bewildered when Mac lambasted him for pressing Cecile for a divorce. Thomasina gave the bribe money to Joe for an appreciative Quinn. James and Sandy buried the past and agreed to rebuild their friendship. Cecile acted smug because Mayor Stein published doctored, compromising photos of Blaine and the D.A. to avoid facing corruption charges and so Sandy and Blaine would lose Mac's support. Alice arranged for Pete and Diana to meet secretly. Bob became a lieutenant.

MAY 10-14, 1982
James dated Chris, who is wealthy and acting rebellious to spite her father. Brian called Cecile a schemer when Denny stalled her separation from Sandy since her marriage in the Dominican Republic isn't recognized in the United States. Rachel told Steve she thinks Maggie is James' child. Cecile vowed revenge on Blaine, who tricked her into signing separation papers when Elena showed up unexpectedly or risk her stall tactics being exposed. Jason realized Julia won't tolerate his bossy nature and found competition with Deke for her affections. Vic and Cecile became attracted to each other as she talked about life in high society. Denny pumped Bob for information on suspects in bribing Joe and had Quinn take pictures of the Cory computer room. Steve left to open an office in Finland. Nikolai was discontent over his country's government, forced into doing a bust of a politician to avoid legal trouble there. Sandy and Blaine decided to bug Mayor Stein's office. Mac and Elena made a pact to support Cecile if she's truly changed. Denny assured Quinn his schemes are a temporary solution to buy Joe's silence. Blaine refused Sandy's offer to live together afraid it would compromise Sandy winning custody of Maggie.

MAY 17-21, 1982
Julia, Deke, and Chris helped Sandy and Blaine record Mayor Stein making shady deals. R.J. and Thomasina secured summer jobs at the movie company. Bob was angry with Henrietta for needing time before they could make love. Cecile and Mayor Stein got Blaine arrested for sexual indiscretions and had the police harass and taunt her. Alice refused to go with Steve to Finland due to paramedic nurse training. Chris told James she is nothing like her character Yvonne, Cecile's character in his novel. Elena helped Brian with his mayoral candidacy. Blaine went hysterical during questioning and was charged with assaulting an officer and giving sexual favors to the district attorney. Steve and Alice were upset they have been arguing constantly and feel disconnected. Denny recruited Sally's friend, Howard Ecker, to set up computers so the bribe money could be hidden and Blackhawk stock secretly purchased to increase Denny's corporate power. Rachel worried about spending time with Steve. Cecile provoked Blaine into a fight but swore Blaine attacked her and threatened to take Maggie. Mayor Stein dug up dirt on Brian. Cecile reneged on her promise to give Sandy custody of Maggie claiming Blaine will harm the baby.

MAY 24-28, 1982
Brian worried about Cecile testifying at Blaine's hearing while Sandy was sure Blaine will be cleared of the charges. Alice admitted to Steve she's worried he's falling for Rachel and is jealous of his bond with Matthew since she can't have children. James and Chris dated. Bob accused Henrietta of putting her job above their marriage and spent the weekend with Quinn. Brian, Ada, and Larry suspected the police officers framed Blaine and Cecile is involved with Mayor Stein. James didn't mind catching Steve and Rachel kissing. Julia became closer to Deke and admitted she has a sore spot for men who need mothering. Pete and Diana decided to elope on Diana's seventeenth birthday so the union can't be legally contested. Steve told Harry his self-righteous attitude caused the problems between them. Quinn grew disgusted by Denny and rejected Bob when he planned to leave Henrietta. R.J. convinced Bob and Henrietta to make an effort to save their marriage. Cecile told Mayor Stein that Brian's son, Ted, is in a mental institution. Rachel told Elena she's still attracted to Steve. Howard refused to help Denny bilk money from Cory Publishing. James and Chris grew closer but both had trepidation over their relationship.

MAY 31 - JUNE 4, 1982
Cecile was charmed by Vic and spent the night with him. Steve and Alice agreed to encourage their respective careers and give emotional support to each other. Brian was appalled by Mayor Stein for using Ted's mental illness against him in the election. Denny was amused by Thomasina's warnings to quit involving Quinn in illegal activities. Rachel told James her love for Steve has resurfaced but she intends to keep her distance. Brian got assault charges against Blaine suspended despite Cecile's testimony. Sandy took pictures of Mayor Stein taking bribes in case the incriminating tapes are inadmissible in court. James bedded Chris, who revealed she is from a wealthy family. Blaine taunted Cecile over wanting revenge because Sandy has fallen in love with her. Diana warned Rachel not to interfere in Steve and Alice's lives. Pete gave evidence to Larry proving Phil Latimer embezzled money from his own company and Steve never bribed Joe. Denny laid into Howard for piquing Sally's concerns over his work at Blackhawk. Steve was livid over Pete and Diana's elopement while Harry realized Loretta would've wanted them to marry. Joe continued to pressure Denny for money.

JUNE 7-11, 1982
Alice understood Rachel's dislike over attending Steve's business functions in her absence. Blaine received a funeral wreath and threatening note from Cecile. Denny became desperate over Joe's demands for more money. Rachel dismissed James' concerns about how well Chris plays Yvonne, and thought she could be good for him. Howard refused to help Denny carry out illegal activities. Steve was outraged once Alice confessed she arranged for Pete and Diana to meet secretly. Diana apologized to Harry for her caustic behavior, provoking Steve to accuse Harry of turning his daughter against him. Rachel consoled Steve over arguing with Alice, his estrangement from Diana, and losing a project because of Joe. Cecile manipulated Vic to have Frank Fish re-write Yvonne as more sympathetic and turn Blaine's character, Margo, into the villain. Sally borrowed money from Steve without giving the reasons she needed it for Denny, who lied he had huge gambling debts to pay. Quinn was thrilled that Bob plans to divorce Henrietta. Mac refused to publish Sandy and Blaine's story on Mayor Stein because the information was obtained illegally. Quinn didn't take Thomasina's advice she reveal her collusion with Denny to Bob.

JUNE 14-18, 1982
Mac advised Sandy he's putting his job at Cory Publishing and Brava's reputation at risk by attempting to get his article published. Rachel told Steve she appreciates his support in her sculpting but warned against wanting Alice to be an old-fashioned wife. Mac unwittingly told Cecile about Sandy's article on Mayor Stein, who revoked the movie permits so Frank Fish could re-write Yvonne because Cecile gave him the information. Denny tried to swindle money from Cecile through blackmail. Ada warned Steve to stay away from Rachel or risk succumbing to his feelings for her. Quinn was forced to pawn valuables to get bribe money. Alice learned Jim died of a heart attack while in Finland, accepted Rachel's sympathy, but admitted she resents Steve confiding in her. The FBI bugged Mayor Stein's office, while Bob and Larry got a bribe confession from Joe, and obtained a warrant for Denny's arrest. Elena bought Cecile's pleas to trust her instead of Brian and Blaine's claims she is plotting against Blaine. Julia told Deke to drop his tough-guy act. Bob and Ed promised to defend Quinn, who confessed everything and made a police statement. Cecile searched for Buzz Winslow's sister, Alma Rudder, in Wyoming.

JUNE 21-25, 1982
Rachel hoped to protect Nikolai by making Nikolai's arrest for refusing to do a state commission public knowledge. Quinn was grateful to Steve for promoting her. Elena began working with Mac at Cory Publishing. Pete and Diana showed Harry their plans to convert a stall in the stables as a living space. Julia advised a depressed Sally self-pity doesn't help matters. The FBI arrested Mayor Stein during his political debate with Brian. Steve and Harry patched up their differences once Harry apologized for his distrust and accusations towards him. Alice wished Jim could have lived to see her marry Steve and fretted over Steve turning to Rachel about his problems. Bob wasn't optimistic that Henrietta moving her catering business closer to home would help remedy their marriage. Steve found Sally hiding out and comforted her with an embrace and assurances he loves her as a daughter. Ed pushed for lawyer Len Harris to rekindle his past romance with Quinn, and hoped Quinn would end her affair with Bob. Larry arrested Denny, who gave a full confession but denied causing Loretta's death. Alma made a pact with Cecile to exact revenge on Blaine on the condition she be paid weekly for her assistance.

JUNE 28 - JULY 2, 1982
Denny's confession shocked Sally and disgusted Brian, who agreed to serve as legal counsel until Denny finds another attorney. Len made clear his intentions to romance Quinn and ensure she stays out of jail to Bob, who decided to spend more time with Henrietta. Steve, Alice, and Sally were unaffected by Denny's plan to move so Sally could live with her family or his pleas for understanding. Bob stormed out because Henrietta disliked his public displays of affection and refused his suggestion they see a marriage counselor. James was upset that Frank Fish's revised script bares no resemblance to his novel and informed Vic he intends to stop production of the movie. Cecile and Alma decided to make Blaine relive her traumatic childhood. Liz and Alice disagreed on letting Julia live in Steve's house with Deke and the other actors. Blaine answered the phone as Cecile played a music box that belonged to Blaine's mother during the call. Mac softened towards Sandy in getting his article published in NewsWatch since it was factual and crucial to Mayor Stein's arrest. Bob felt dejected and jealous when he came over to Quinn's place and found her with Len. Alice told Denny that Steve will arrange for his divorce from Sally.

JULY 5-9, 1982
Patricia Wylie, Chris's mother, enjoyed meeting James and approved that he and Chris are taking things slow. Henrietta denied Bob's assertions she thinks marriage revolves around money and preventing gossip. Alma got an apartment above Blaine's, drilled peep holes, and rigged microphones through the ceiling without Cecile's knowledge. Brian won the mayoral race. Mac threatened to fire Cecile if she harms Maggie and mused James is closer to Maggie than Sandy. Len received a job offer in New York and proposed to Quinn. Sally felt conflicted while working with Sandy to uncover Denny's crooked construction deals. Bob and Henrietta failed in an attempt to make love. Rachel was livid that Steve insisted they meet strictly for business and stated Steve lets Alice run his life. Pete apologized to Diana for flirting with another girl once Harry lectured him on marriage being a serious commitment. Steve dropped criminal charges against Quinn in exchange for her testimony against Denny. Milo was upset over Vic's delays and movie budget but added four new actors-Anita, Dana, Lou, and Dan, to the cast. Deke eased Julia's doubts about her acting talents. Cecile bought a Raggedy Ann doll to torment Blaine with memories of her father ripping its head off during drunken rages. Julia grew tired of Deke's pranks.

JULY 12-16, 1982
Vic and Liz kept a temperamental Milo at bay. Elena began to notice Cecile's true nature as a manipulative person. Vic took James' acerbic comment that reporter, Lane Hill, should plant dynamite to blow up the set seriously. Harry had Sandy tell Steve and Curtis he found evidence that Phil Latimer concealed defective goods. Clarice received a letter from Denny, which stated that seeing Sally would be too painful and promised to give her a divorce. Deke was accused of dousing the costumes in oil R.J. and Thomasina found because of his pranks. Alma snuck into Blaine's apartment and played the music box, smashed a photo of Sandy, and put the doll on the bed to torment Blaine. Milo was forced to postpone shooting of the movie. Quinn told Henrietta that Bob wouldn't be seeing her if his needs were being met. Steve and Alice set a wedding date. Rachel grew depressed over the Steve and Alice's impending wedding and confided in Elena she may be denying her love for Steve. Thomasina begged Quinn to decline Len's marriage proposal. Larry consoled Clarice over Denny's arrest and imprisonment. Steve proposed a merger with Ed's electronics firm. Steve and Rachel became trapped when the foundation of Bel-Aire towers crumbled. Alma tricked Pete into giving her horse medication, which Alma used to drug Blaine's milk.

JULY 19-23, 1982
Blaine was plagued by calls with child-like voices that Cecile had recorded. James and Chris realized they're in love and had sex. Cecile had Alma take pictures of the old Ewing house. Harry lead the wreckage crew at the Bel-Aire site with Pete and Diana, unaware Steve and Rachel are trapped there. Bob and Henrietta had a tender moment at the police station. Cecile feared she and Alma were causing too much attention and Alma suspected Cecile may betray her. Ed blamed Bob because Quinn declined Len's marriage proposal. Alice chastised herself for making assumptions about Steve and Rachel and sent food, water, and first aid. Blaine told Brian and Sandy that Cecile smashed Sandy's photo, moved her furniture, and took Sandy's clothes, then restored everything to avoid suspicion. Julia suspected Deke is sabotaging the making of James' movie. Steve and Rachel reminisced about the past and shared passionate kisses. Sandy tried to help Blaine by changing the door locks to her apartment and getting her an unlisted phone number. New Cory Publishing executive, Cass Winthrop, arrived to run the company while Mac went to London on business. Elena felt Cecile has chosen dating and career ambition over motherhood.

JULY 26-30, 1982
Harry died trying to rescue Rachel and Steve, who was pinned down by a chunk of concrete. Henrietta accused Bob of wanting affection for choosing family over Quinn. Patricia considered James' parents missing, the Bel-Aire disaster, and Steve and Alice's cancelled wedding scandalous and urged Chris to date Cass. Cecile used Alma's pictures of the old Ewing house to write a script based on pages in Blaine's diary and lied to Vic she needed production help to promote "gothic" books. Henrietta moved out once she told Bob she fears intimacy because of his job and is bitter for still loving him. Sandy didn't buy Cecile's act of compassion for Blaine and said she's neglecting Maggie while dating Vic. Alice and Diana consoled Pete over Harry's death. Blaine went hysterical over the sight of Alma chanting in a rag doll costume and accidentally drank more drugged milk. Sandy and Blaine learned Cecile bought a music box. Cass took a liking to Cecile while she found his interest in executive power intriguing. Alma claimed her ranch house burned down, prompting Larry and Clarice to have Alma move in with them. Milo fretted over his film being over budget and behind schedule. Cecile panicked thinking Vic spotted her with Alma.

AUGUST 2-6, 1982
Steve was hospitalized once he and Rachel were rescued by Larry, Sandy, and James. Rachel followed Alice's instructions and gave a blood transfusion for Steve. Cecile lied to Sandy and Blaine she bought a music box for Maggie that was different than Blaine's. James was stunned when Curtis advised he is Steve's principal beneficiary and will inherit Blackhawk upon Steve's death. Alice and Diana were glad Pete opened up about his bitterness towards his parents' deaths. Cecile acted sympathetic over Blaine's sanity for Cass and Elena's benefit but asked they keep Blaine at bay. Chris refused to balk under Patricia's pressure she break up with James. Elena was fooled into believing Alma and Cecile were strangers and puzzled Cecile quickly hired Alma to babysit Maggie. Pete and Diana tried coping with raising his sisters, Bridget and Terri. Brian didn't share Elena's worries over Cecile's suspicious attitude and paranoid behavior. Steve and Rachel admitted they love each other. Elena agreed to help Blaine prove if Cecile is after her. Louise feared for Maggie's safety after Alma threatened to kill all of her plants. Milo realized his movie is being sabotaged. Cecile and Alma reconstructed an old shack into the Ewing farm house.

AUGUST 9-13, 1982
Alma wore the rag doll costume and tossed water balloons at Blaine, who mistook them for dead kittens while being drugged. James and Chris ran Blackhawk to save it from bankruptcy. Clarice took Blaine on vacation. Sandy told Brian to resume divorce proceedings from Cecile. Jason was outraged when a light nearly injured Julia. Brian spent time with Elena, who worried about Louis St. George's impending arrival. Ada took in Bridget and Terri so Pete and Diana could mend their marriage. Cecile bribed Alma to stop her from tailing Blaine. Patricia told Cass that dating Chris could yield power and wealth for him. Bob found an apartment and dated Quinn after Henrietta requested a divorce. Vic dined with Julia despite her having feelings for James. Alma threatened to harm Maggie if Cecile dares to back out of their deal. Cass agreed to represent Cecile in her divorce case and warned Sandy he may use his past against him. Milo considered abandoning the movie project. James stalled giving permission to amputate Steve's leg. Rachel slapped Alice, who blamed her for Steve's condition and implied Rachel fears losing him if he recovers. Elena was upset that Cass knows about her past with Louis.

AUGUST 16-20, 1982
Ada felt Steve was hurting Rachel when she couldn't visit him at the hospital. Alma made a prank call to Blaine at a vacation house after Larry and Clarice accidentally gave Blaine's whereabouts. Jason, Vic, and Liz tried to calm Milo's anger over the accidents at the studio and the movie's setbacks. Steve was disturbed over not fulfilling his commitment to marry Alice and feared she no longer wants him. Mac and Cass worked with art dealer Louis St. George on a new art book. Blaine returned from vacation well-rested and confident. Chris resisted Cass's advances, swearing she loves James. Alma shoved Cecile into the farmhouse closet and taunted her as if she were Blaine. Milo schemed to collect insurance money after his movie set was vandalized instead of accepting Liz's financial help. Cecile panicked that Sandy and Blaine suspect she's involved in tormenting Blaine and tried to make peace with them. Alice told Rachel she called off her engagement to Steve. Quinn advised Bob she can't lead her own life while he's indecisive about Henrietta. Alma acted thrilled to see Blaine again after many years for Sandy, Cecile, and Blaine's benefit. Louise was aghast that Alma accused her of skimming money from her household allowance.

AUGUST 23-27, 1982
Alice coldly rejected Rachel's apologies or suggestion they attempt friendship. Bob decided to keep an eye on Deke, who vehemently denied responsibility for the mishaps at the studio. Cecile realized Sandy knows Blaine's apartment is bugged and had Alma remove the microphones and peepholes to avoid detection. Julia was slightly injured when someone mysteriously pushed her down some stairs on the movie set. Alma resented being bossed around by Cecile and vowed to teach her a lesson. Rachel tried to explain her relationship with Steve to Diana, who accused Rachel of causing Steve and Alice's breakup. Bob and Larry investigated the accidents at the movie set. Cass negotiated Cecile's divorce from Sandy. Bob and Quinn were shocked over Ed and Henrietta's new romance. Julia enjoyed Vic's jealousy over James bringing her flowers but confessed she's a virgin during Vic's sexual advances. Rachel refused Steve's marriage proposal but suggested living together. James forgave Chris for suspecting he arranged for her to oversleep at his place to help sabotage the film. Quinn was caught off guard by Bob and R.J.'s comment Henrietta looks youthful again. Chris inherited the bulk of her grandfather's estate.

Elena was upset that she's expected to work and socialize with Louis. Cecile tried to seduce Cass to obtain information linking Elena to art dealer Louis St. George. Rachel secretly offered to help Pete get a veterinary school scholarship. Alma mused about harming Maggie, vowed revenge during an argument with Cecile, and threatened to kill Louise. Bob and Larry questioned the movie's actors. James was elated by Steve and Rachel's reconciliation while Diana accused Rachel of selfishness and told Steve she won't watch Rachel destroy him. Mac, Rachel, Elena, and Cecile realized Alma is dangerous despite Alma claiming innocence. Cass told Patricia he isn't after Chris's money like she is. Sandy and Blaine spotted their former boss, Ilsa Fredericks, who advised Jason she's setting up operations at The Connection. Steve was crushed by Diana's rants against Rachel but advised her to be an adult. Vic romanced Julia once he realized Cecile played him for a fool for Cass. Brooks and Louise resigned from their jobs and left town. Jason was touched that the actors agreed to defer their salaries to save the movie. Liz didn't realize Milo obtained insurance payouts because of accidents on the set.

SEPTEMBER 6-10, 1982
Brian advised Steve to bankrupt Blackhawk and incorporate a new company, Frame Construction. Chris worried her inheritance will affect James' feelings for her. Cass suggested Louis use Rachel to dispose of stolen artwork. Alma grew impatient over Cecile's stall tactics to trap Blaine in the farm house. Sandy and Blaine discovered a picture of Sandy's mother Alma had defaced. Rachel quietly gave her commission to Quinn to help finance Steve's new business despite Ada's objections. Julia felt neglected by James and turned down a date with Deke to have a picnic with Vic. Elena noticed Cecile's odd behavior when Sally delivered a picture of Sea Biscuit which Alma wanted for the farmhouse. Fred Krebbs created TRE Imports as a spy base in efforts to recover artwork Louis stole from his family. Alma spied on Louis, Cass, and Elena and deduced that Louis is Cecile's father. Mac refused to let Amanda live with Rachel while she's living with Steve. Thomasina began work at TRE Imports to help Quinn pay bills. R.J. ran away brokenhearted that Ed and Henrietta bedded and over Bob and Henrietta's arguments. Mac supported Sandy and Blaine's crusade against Ilsa.

SEPTEMBER 13-17, 1982
Mac pursued investigative reporting while Cass took over Cory Publishing. Louis promised Elena he'd keep mum that he's Cecile's father afraid the Nordmanns (AKA Krebbs) might harm Maggie out of revenge. Alma taunted Cecile over being Elena's illegitimate daughter and planned to use that fact to ensure she's free to get Blaine. Louis paid Rachel to sell a smuggled Renoir painting, which valet Vincent delivered by removing crates stored in the Cory warehouse. Alice told Rachel that Steve will always love her before she left for Boston. Cecile was livid that Elena heard Alma's rants about Blaine but felt helpless to ease Alma's anger. Vincent warned Louis that Albert Nordmann wants him dead for stealing his family's artwork. Diana made peace with Steve and Rachel. Milo confessed to Liz, Jason, and Vic he sabotaged the movie to collect insurance money and fled to Mexico. Steve argued with Rachel over paying Pete's college tuition. Mac was shocked by Brian's threats of legal trouble if he publishes Sandy's report on Ilsa. Vic consoled Liz over losing Milo. Quinn insisted Bob make a commitment to her while Henrietta was unmoved by Bob admitting he loves her. James steered Julia away from her affair with Vic.

SEPTEMBER 20-24, 1982
R.J. took Thomasina to the movies rather than babysit Mary Sue to spite Henrietta. Cecile and Alma used Sandy and Sally to get Blaine to the farmhouse. Steve was happy Alice is starting a new life in Boston. Jason and Vic accepted Cass's offer to hire a new backer for the movie but were concerned over his motives. Sandy advised Cass to avoid Ilsa while searching for Blaine at the Connection. Ed punched Bob over his treatment of Henrietta. Cecile tried to establish an alibi through Mac and Elena to avoid suspicion. Albert and Fred Nordmann were unaware Louis wants to be Cecile's father and earn Elena's forgiveness. Brian offered to help Cass's sister Stacey start a law practice. Deke left for Hollywood. Pete and Diana left to attend college. Alma dressed as a rag doll, drugged Blaine, played a music box and recording of an actor as her father. Ed and Thomasina were blamed when Mary Sue had an accident. Larry and Sandy feared Blaine is daft when they went to the cabin Alma had restored into a shack. Sandy found a piece of the rag doll costume Alma wore. Quinn comforted Thomasina, who was upset she can't date R.J. because of the family feuds. Henrietta admitted to Ed she's not ready for a commitment.

Liz, James, Jason, and Vic were angry Cass hired a shady backer for James' film. Steve made Quinn a junior partner at Frame Construction when they secured a college construction project. Cass told Cecile he'll delay her divorce and exert distribution control over James' movie. Ilsa thought Bob might be an ideal police link. Vic restored the movie to follow James' book. John, the Nordmanns' henchman, ransacked Rachel's gallery searching for Louis' art. Vic split with Julia fearing she'd risk becoming a nobody if she moved to Hollywood. R.J. suspected TRE is a front when Thomasina was gifted a figurine by Albert to placate her. Rachel helped Louis sell artwork despite Steve's objections. James decided against moving to Los Angeles with Chris. Sandy arranged a therapy session for Blaine with Dr. Emily Cole. Alma kept mum that Louis is Cecile's father and declined bribe money to leave town. Mac flatly refused Steve and Rachel's request Amanda live with them to ensure her safety. Elena told Brian she was abandoned by Louis while pregnant, gave Cecile up to prevent losing the Count, and can't tell Cecile the truth. Henrietta argued with Bob over family. Cass chastised Stacey for lacking career planning by leaving a prestigious law firm in New York.

OCTOBER 4-8, 1982
Steve suggested James get a teaching job. Cass took over as Cory Publishing financial manager. Sandy took Blaine to Claxton so she could face her past and uncover Cecile's schemes. Rachel worried Steve will learn she's selling Louis' art to help finance his company. James convinced Susan Shearer to straighten out Julia. Brian acted on Elena's behalf by asking Louis not to involve himself in Cecile and Maggie's lives. Buzz saw Blaine's picture in a newspaper and tailed her and Sandy. Mac dismissed Rachel's concerns for Amanda's safety after she saw Alma and Cecile arguing around Maggie unsupervised. Quinn fretted Bob will be indecisive with Henrietta due to Ed's departure. Alma forced Blaine's old friend, Ella Fitz, to keep quiet about her and Cecile. Ilsa ordered Jason to buy the Royal Arms Hotel and make it a bordello. Stacey accused Cass of being too ambitious while he pointed out she keeps a lavish lifestyle despite altruism. Henrietta acted stoic when Bob told her Ed left town then broke down while alone. Sandy was sure Ella knows who has Blaine's diary despite her being uncooperative. Steve made a deal with Jason to renovate The Connection's interior. Vincent worried about Louis, who ran into Albert at the gallery.

OCTOBER 11-15, 1982
Louis hoped to reconcile with Elena. Mac and Cass cautioned Stacey not to idolize Brian when Ilsa established her operation without a hitch. Jason was disgusted that The Connection is under Ilsa's control and a pimp named Silk was appointed his "junior partner." Liz played mediator for Julia and Susan, who argued over Julia's love for James. Cass hoped Sally will attend the party Cecile is hosting for Stacey. Ilsa scoffed at Jason's statement that Steve can't be corrupted. Rachel was puzzled by Louis' unorthodox method in selling art. Bob and Larry wondered if the art thieves are in the import business. Fred and Albert realized Rachel is helping Louis. Larry and Ada were thrilled that Clarice delivered a healthy baby girl they named Jeanne. Mac and Brian became adversaries in romancing Elena and in addressing corruption in town. Cass criticized Stacey's do-good attitude when she and Susan opened a clinic for crime victims. Brian secretly worked with agent Rick Taylor to expose Ilsa's prostitute ring. Quinn and Steve hired architect Roy Bingham, who took a shine to Quinn. Albert plotted to steal back the paintings he believes Louis stole from him. Jason resisted Ilsa's plans to blackmail clients of their bordello.

OCTOBER 18-22, 1982
Buzz kidnapped Blaine. Liz, Susan, and Julia decided to live in the Matthews house with Sally. Brian tricked Jason by becoming Chairman of the Board for Ilsa's operation. Ella Fitz betrayed Alma and agreed to help Sandy search for Blaine. The Nordmanns had John steal a Cezanne from Louis. Stacey tried to ignore Cecile and Buffy Van Buren's ideas she join affluent social circles. James enrolled Julia in a high school equivalency program. Cass was unable to find a buyer for the Cory estate. Cecile refused to move in with Elena at the Bayview Towers. Alma rejoiced to learn Buzz is alive and holding Blaine hostage. Sally ignored Cass's romantic advances. Thomasina recognized John from TRE Imports after seeing a police sketch. Mac and Sandy fumed the Claxton police called off a search for Blaine because Cecile said she's nuts. Bob was unsuccessful in questioning Elena about Louis and the art thefts. Julia was upset that Susan warned James she's obsessed with him. Liz played matchmaker for Cass and Susan. Bob sensed he has competition in Roy for Quinn's attention. Mac decided to let Amanda live with Rachel and establish an artists' colony on the Cory estate. Sandy caught up to Buzz and Blaine and struggled with him.

OCTOBER 25-29, 1982
Buzz plunged to his death during a struggle with Sandy. Elena was relieved that Louis told Cecile he's her father, unaware Cecile will inherit his fortune. Mac asked James to eavesdrop on conversations at The Connection for his investigation of Ilsa's prostitution ring. Bob threatened to send R.J. to military school. Ada convinced Steve to set aside his pride and live with Rachel at the estate. Alma found Blaine's diary, skipped town, and vowed revenge on Sandy, Blaine, and Cecile because of losing Buzz. Julia was excited to be James' date at Stacey's party but upset he's spending time with Susan. Vincent was beaten and his partner, Hastings, accidentally shot by Albert while trying to recover Louis' paintings. Rachel assured Ada she won't be in danger once Louis sells his art collection. Larry and Blaine were disturbed that Alma had spread rumors their mother was crazy. Brian had Interpol agent Ed Benedict tell Bob he's engaged in an operation to trap the Nordmanns. Cecile's excuses she acted in Blaine's welfare fell on deaf ears once Ella described Cecile's actions in Claxton to Sandy and Mac. Rachel and Quinn were unhappy over Steve and Roy flashing gifts they received from Ilsa at The Connection.

NOVEMBER 1-5, 1982
Larry was bothered that Bob pulled him off theft and murder investigations. Cecile moved in with Louis after Mac ousted her from his mansion, causing Elena to worry about Cecile and Maggie's safety. Cass had a restraining order put on Sandy after he demanded Maggie be in his custody. Steve told Rachel he's gone undercover to implicate Jason and Ilsa in criminal activity. Bob was certain Louis is linked to the art thefts. Stacey seethed over Cass being Cecile's lawyer but failed to get Sandy's restraining order reversed. Brian and Interpol Agents, Rick Taylor and Ed Benedict, asked Bob to turn a blind eye to the art thefts to help trap the Nordmanns. James made a peculiar face as Sandy fussed over Maggie. Mac fired Cecile from her job at Cory Publishing. Steve searched Jason's office for evidence of prostitution activities. James and Susan realized they care for each other but decided to keep Julia in the dark. Louis secretly told Rachel he has a buyer for the art collection. Elena promised to support Cecile against Sandy's accusations. Bob and Henrietta's divorce became final. Sandy conceded to Brian and Ed's request he postpone his expose on Ilsa. Julia had a terrible time while on a double date with Sally.

NOVEMBER 8-12, 1982
Mac forced Cass to drop Cecile as his client or face opening a private practice. Bob tried to reach R.J., who lashed out at Henrietta because he's devastated over his parent's divorce. Julia was shocked to see James kiss Susan after Julia had blurted out her feelings of love for him. Cass promised Cecile he will hire another lawyer to represent her while he's pulling the strings. Larry was upset that Clarice is overprotective of Jeanne. Sandy agreed to re-establish his relationship with Cecile to get information on the art thefts for Brian and Interpol. Brian and Ed let Sandy explain his part in the investigation to Blaine. Julia tried to emulate Sally's maturity by accepting that James can only offer friendship to her. R.J. unwittingly took a drug-running job. Cecile feigned an illness to have dinner with Sandy instead of Cass. Henrietta and Thomasina refused to accept R.J.'s expensive gifts knowing they were bought with dirty money. Albert's thugs held Cecile at gunpoint and searched Louis' penthouse for the missing art collection. Bob and Quinn held off living together until they are married. Bob warned Steve to stay out of the police investigation of Ilsa's prostitution ring. Thomasina cried as she told Quinn that R.J. took a drug-running job.

NOVEMBER 15-19, 1982
Sandy rescued Cecile while Rick, Ed, and Bob identified one of Albert's thugs as Reynaldo, who was killed by Fred in his hospital room. Bob hated himself for deceiving Larry and causing distrust to keep his promises to Brian. Sally was promoted to Art Director at Brava. Susan was puzzled over Julia being charming and thoughtful to everyone. Fred and Albert bugged Louis' penthouse. Julia hoped Susan would be satisfied her personal problems have been solved and leave town. Cecile agreed to live with Elena because she thought Sandy was showing true concern and affection for her. Quinn cautioned Rachel that Steve will be crushed if he learns Rachel is financing his business. Mac and Stacey exploded at Sandy for mistreating Blaine and being corrupted by Cecile. James refused to deny his attraction to Susan. Albert learned Rachel is innocently trying to sell Louis' stolen art. Cecile ignored Cass's warning that Sandy's concern for her is a ploy. Brian ascertained the rest of Albert's painting should be bought to expose the Nordmanns. Ilsa plotted to outsmart Steve. Blaine tried to assure Mac she trusts Sandy. Steve was understanding towards Rachel helping Albert sell art to a museum since she supports his undercover work.

NOVEMBER 22-26, 1982
Thomasina quit her job at TRE Imports. Albert learned Rachel made a deal to sell the stolen art work and dated his inside source, museum secretary Mary Lou. Jason caught Steve searching his office but couldn't shoot Steve because he's tormented by being owned by the Company. Elena continued to reject Louis' declarations of love. Steve railed against Bob and the corrupt police for blocking his detective work, convincing Bob to join Steve and Jason in bringing down Ilsa. Cass and Stacey set aside their differences to spend Thanksgiving with James, Julia, and the Matthews family. Quinn advised Bob that he must prove he's innocent of corruption before R.J. will listen to Bob's protests against dishonest work. Elena considered asking Mac to publish a novel written by Felicia Gallant, Louis' estranged wife. Rachel believed Jason's sincerity in warning Steve that Ilsa has a spy tailing him. R.J. accused Henrietta and Roy of dating in a rude manner. Steve made a false claim to Ilsa that the Royal Arms was robbed. Mac set up a revised trust fund for Maggie and offered to finance Henrietta's catering business. Sandy spent Thanksgiving with Louis, Elena, and Cecile to see Maggie and get closer to Louis, which angered Larry and Clarice and hurt Blaine.

Henrietta asked R.J. what lengths he'll go to for the drug pushers. Julia acted courteous to James and Susan while spending time with Liz. Larry urged Blaine to leave Sandy and move in with him and Clarice. Louis was suspicious over Sandy piquing Cecile's interest in his art collection. Rachel worried about Steve's sleuthing with Bob and Jason against the Company. Elena accused Cecile of using Maggie to spend time with Sandy and hurt Blaine. Henrietta was too distracted about R.J. to celebrate Mac financing her catering business with Quinn. Blaine fretted over Sandy being at Cecile's beck and call. Mac had Liz bar Sandy from staff meetings and left Cass and Elena in charge of Cory Publishing to focus on investigative reporting. Bob and Larry were unsuccessful in reaching R.J., who escaped a drug bust with a minor leg wound. Brian's hopes of trapping the Nordmanns were dashed after Mac convinced the Museum Board to veto the purchase of the art. Julia was thrilled that Susan blames herself for their arguments and is considering a return to Boston. Ilsa learned Jason is helping Steve and Bob and hired a hitman to kill him. Mary Lou reported that Henry Davenport is interested in Louis' collection to the Nordmanns.

DECEMBER 6-10, 1982
Blaine was upset Sandy went with Cecile and Maggie on a Caribbean vacation, despite Sandy's motive to get the location of the artwork disclosed by Louis. Albert's brother, Johann arrived and identified Henry Davenport as a collector of stolen art. Cory Publishing legal assistant Peter Love was smitten by Sally, who was pursued by Cass. Mac decided to block Sandy from being involved in Brava and his life. Ilsa shot Jason under the table, which Jason pushed causing the gun to go off and kill Ilsa. Jason helped Steve, Bob, and James apprehend the hitman before dying. Elena raged at Louis for refusing to stop Cecile from vacationing with Sandy. Brian and Mac's romantic rivalry for Elena intensified as she discussed the problems in her life. Fred and Johann kept Henry from meeting Louis at Smiley's. Roy informed Steve that a major housing project wants him as their contractor. Bob and Quinn set a New Year's Eve wedding date. Steve comforted Rachel because she must return Amanda to Mac. Quinn told Thomasina she consulted with Stacey over adopting her. Susan considered reconciling with her husband, Dan Shearer. The Nordmanns assumed Henry made a deal with Louis to sell his stolen artwork. R.J. accused Henrietta of being overprotective of him.

DECEMBER 13-17, 1982
Mac hired nurse Cathy Harris to care for Amanda. Larry and Clarice consoled Blaine after she left Sandy. Quinn was touched by Thomasina's attempt to involve R.J. in family matters. Cass was jealous over Peter and Sally dating. Roy was convinced that R.J.'s attitude towards Bob and Quinn's engagement was typical teenage angst. Julia was relieved that Stacey is James' legal consultant on a novel and are not romantically involved. Henrietta had a successful business presentation with Cass. Larry and Bob planned a drug bust, which made Henrietta and Quinn worry R.J. may have to be arrested. Mac fired Louis from his Cory Publishing assignment after arguing over Sandy and Cecile. Elena refused to be involved with Louis or Felicia, who is being considered for a publishing deal with Cory Publishing. Sandy forced himself to be attentive and affectionate to Cecile. Bob was shot at the video arcade during the drug bust. Brian learned that Louis is close to selling his art collection. Rachel declined Steve's marriage proposal. Blaine was miserable over the idea that Sandy and Cecile may reconcile. Louis was miffed that Henry reduced his asking price by half and will reduce it the longer Louis postpones the sale.

DECEMBER 20-24, 1982
Bob was killed and R.J. arrested during the drug bust at the arcade. James suspected Mac and Rachel are still in love as they reminisced about happier Christmases. Brian proposed to Elena. Henrietta refused to believe R.J. is capable of murder and hired Stacey to represent him. James and Julia went to the airport with Susan, who left town to attempt a reconciliation with Dan in Boston. Sandy was guilt-ridden for letting himself be seduced by Cecile. Cass was unconvinced by Julia's hints that he is romantically involved with Sally. Mary Lou revealed the details of Louis' deal with Henry to Fred and Johann. Johann snuck out of town to keep tabs on Henry near his underground hideaway. Blaine accused Brian of enabling Sandy and Cecile's reunion and accepted Mac's offer of a New York publicity tour. Elena demanded Maggie remain with her and refused to let Sandy and Cecile live together at the penthouse. R.J. was tight-lipped over Bob's death while Larry and Thomasina visited him in jail. Johann interceded Fred's plans to kill Louis because Albert died of a heart attack. Sandy was upset Blaine requested that her whereabouts be kept from him. Henrietta was genuinely touched by Quinn's sincere condolences to her.

DECEMBER 27-31, 1982
Mary Lou informed Fred that Louis has finalized the sale of his paintings and delivering them to Henry. Henrietta worried R.J.'s silence is making him appear guilty and threatened to hire another lawyer when Stacey suggested R.J. plead guilty to a lesser charge. Fred and Johann arranged to trap Henry by infiltrating his underground hideaway. Larry accidentally hit Clarice when he went to punch Sandy. Mac and Steve convinced Henrietta to quit cancelling business meetings. Larry had Thomasina visit R.J., who acted tough and went into a rage making her burst into tears. Mac forced Sandy to resign from Cory Publishing. Blaine rejected Sandy's affection upon her return and stormed out when Sandy continued his charade with Cecile. Cass was amused by Julia pursuing Peter while flirting with him. Interpol put a tracking device on Sandy as part of their sting operation to apprehend the Nordmanns. Henrietta firmly advised R.J. she won't protect him from his mistakes any longer. Louis told Cecile they will leave town together once he delivers his paintings. Sally decided to make a fresh start and try building a relationship with Peter. James longed to know whether he's Maggie's father while visiting her at Elena's penthouse.