JANUARY 3-7, 1983
Stacey acted peculiar when James mentioned researching Congressman, Mark Singleton, for a new novel he's writing. Louis' estranged wife, Felicia Gallant, arrived along with her chauffeur and lover, Gil Fenton. Ada and Quinn tried to keep Steve from learning that Rachel had financed his business. R.J. refused to implicate the drug pushers or discuss Bob's death. Henry and Johann were killed and Fred and Louis were arrested by Larry and Interpol. Mac and Liz were impressed with Sandy's undercover work but sympathized with Blaine. Elena insisted on consoling Cecile despite James and Stacey's warnings. Cass told Sally that Felicia will milk the scandal involving Louis to increase book sales. Liz and Clarice arranged for Sandy to see Blaine. Cecile vowed vengeance on Sandy once she realized he used her to apprehend Louis. Quinn told Steve she's happy R.J. is trying to get his act together, hoped Thomasina will date, and admitted she keeps busy to cope with Bob's death. Felicia informed Cass she knows about Louis' fortune that is hidden in a Swiss account, but was unaware of Cecile. Blaine told Sandy they must rebuild trust and not live together until they are married. Cass advised Elena that Cecile's hatred towards Louis may change once she learns he is rich. Louis hired expensive and famous lawyer Reuben Marino to represent him.

JANUARY 10-14, 1983
Steve walked out on Rachel after he confronted her about secretly financing Frame Construction. Quinn was touched by Roy's kind gestures and job offer with his company should Steve fire her. Louis accused Elena of turning Cecile against him. Peter's snobby sister, Donna, made an acerbic comment to Sally about her being a coworker of Peter's. Ada comforted Rachel, who feared Steve left her for good. Julia was ecstatic and star-struck when Liz permitted her to work as a secretary for Felicia. Elena was in anguish after Stacey requested she testify for Sandy because of her fervent belief that Cecile loves Maggie while being unable to ignore Cecile's reputation. Roy and Henrietta discussed plans for the construction of her new restaurant. Cass considered starting his own publishing company with Felicia as his star author. Mac's love for Rachel resurfaced upon learning of Steve and Rachel's fight from Ada, who pleaded with him to stay away from Rachel or risk being hurt. Cecile plotted to get Louis' fortune from his Swiss bank account and surprised Elena by carrying on about being cruel to her father. Gil was jealous over Felicia's ostentatious displays of affection towards Cass. Larry and Clarice were happy that Sandy and Blaine are still in love and starting fresh. Stacey was puzzled by James and Rachel's interest in Maggie. Cass convinced Reuben to represent Cecile.

JANUARY 17-21, 1983
Louis bribed Felicia so she would speak well of him at a press conference, unaware Reuben schemed to paint Felicia as a blackmailer. Elena was appalled when she overheard Cecile debating on leaving Maggie in her care and claiming Louis' fortune. Mac was hurt by Rachel's admission that Steve is her one true love. Cecile left Maggie with Elena and moved into Louis' penthouse without a second thought. Sally told Peter that she was hurt by Donna and won't tolerate him taking Donna's side against her. Julia was undeterred by Cass's advice to avoid Gil. Mac threw a party for Felicia, who was envious over the attention Rachel received. Reuben had Louis bargain with Felicia to maintain her support, concluded that Elena can be trusted, and saw through Cecile's act as a loving daughter. Rachel was enraged by Steve's ultimatum they can rebuild trust through marriage. R.J. blurted out that his reckless actions caused Bob's death. Elena told Stacey she may testify on Sandy's behalf upon witnessing Sandy and Blaine's devotion to Maggie. Julia decided to date Peter in hopes of making James jealous. Larry, Henrietta, Stacey, and Quinn were relieved that R.J. was placed into a rehabilitation program. Elena and Blaine stood firm against Cecile's desperate attempts to follow Reuben's orders to see Maggie. Reuben realized Cecile's sole interest lies in getting Louis' fortune.

JANUARY 24-28, 1983
Ada and James convinced Steve and Rachel to reconcile and get married. Mac instructed Cass to strike a solid publishing deal with Felicia. Sally defended herself against Donna's insults. R.J. was sullen towards Roy and Henrietta's plans to make her restaurant a family business. Sandy and Reuben were skeptical over Cecile's dedication to motherhood. Donna was mortified when Peter got into a drunken stupor and blurted out that one of the four Love children is illegitimate. Gil sensed Cass had ulterior motives as he implied to Felicia that Mac's interest in her is non-committal. Elena agreed to be executrix of Louis' fortune in his Swiss account. Roy respected Henrietta's need to sort out her life before considering romance. Sandy and Blaine had Stacey prepare a document that would renounce his claim on Maggie's inheritance. Julia was amused as Felicia seductively offered to help James add romance to the characters in his novels. Louis grew disillusioned by Cecile as she ranted about him entrusting Elena to administer her fortune. Mac was despondent over Steve and Rachel and left town for a few days. Rachel and James kept their suspicions that James fathered Maggie quiet. Cass and Cecile slept together much to Reuben's concern. Elena confessed she loves Mac in response to Brian's marriage proposal. Cecile was disgusted that Louis expects her to attend his hearing at the French Embassy with Felicia.

Donna hired private detective Barrows to investigate Sally's past. Cass squirmed over Cecile's grandiose plans for them to live the good life with Maggie's inheritance. Stacey felt Sandy's release of Maggie's fortune was strong evidence and balked at Reuben's advice she drop the custody case. Mac realized he and Rachel can never be more than friends. Cass asked Stacey to locate their rich cousin, Alan Lewis to request a business loan. Peter was undaunted when Sally ended their relationship due to Donna's interference. Mac told Ada and James that he's decided to give Rachel custody of Amanda. James was curious about Stacey's connection to Mark Singleton as they kissed. Henrietta gushed to Roy about the important people that will be at the party she's catering for Dr. Abel Marsh. Cass convinced Felicia that she can't get the best publishing deal with Mac. Cecile claimed entitlement to Louis' fortune while Felicia demanded a settlement from Louis. Larry and Henrietta noted R.J.'s veiled remarks about Bob. Steve was killed and Rachel blinded in a car accident during a snow storm. Elena was moved and Reuben stunned by Louis' newfound integrity because he planned to surrender himself to the French authorities. Gil apologized to Julia for coming on strong with her. Everyone was devastated about the car accident and rushed to the hospital to await news on Rachel.

FEBRUARY 7-11, 1983
Mac was miffed that Rachel rejected his help. Felicia learned Elena may become trustee of Louis' fortune and launched a lawsuit against her for a settlement from Louis. Roy and Rachel convinced Quinn to keep Frame Construction running. Cass made a publishing deal with Felicia by asserting he regards his career and responsibility to her most important. Gil grew ashamed of being a chauffeur who provides sexual favors and asked Quinn for a job so he could face his mother, Marie. Louis and Elena were disgusted when Reuben had Cecile play the doting mother for publicity. Mac acted cordial but was secretly angry towards Cass for resigning from Cory Publishing. Blaine laughed that Felicia propositioned Sandy to join Winthrop Publishing. Stacey was shocked to learn James believes he is Maggie's father. Cass and Felicia celebrated their business partnership by sleeping together. Reuben discredited Sandy's testimony by forcing him to confess his past as a hustler. Gil cautioned Felicia not to fall in love with Cass. Reuben concluded that Blaine was dangerous and mentally unstable once he dismissed her testimony about Alma. Cecile became sexually demanding towards Cass. R.J. was appreciative to Larry and Thomasina for their attention. Stacey was dismayed as Reuben taunted Elena about keeping Cecile's parentage secret in retaliation to her assessment of Cecile as a mother on the stand.

FEBRUARY 14-18, 1983
Dr. Abel Marsh planned to release Rachel from the hospital as her condition improved. Louis was silent as Cecile enthused over their life together once Maggie's custody has been settled. Mac promoted Peter to assume Cass's job at Cory Publishing because of his credentials and Sally's recommendation. Larry and Clarice were pleased by R.J.'s visits and hoped that he's gaining a sense of direction and purpose. Donna became determined to unearth Sally's intentions for Peter while showing an open display of contempt. Stacey and Sandy were upset that Judge Stevens was moved by Cecile's performance as the injured party. Blaine was tormented by nightmares of Alma and Buzz. Brian advised Mac that Rachel needs time to start over but tried to convince Rachel to accept Mac's help. Cass downplayed his involvement with Cecile to prove his loyalty to Felicia. Louis threw Cecile into hysterics when he stated that she seeks custody of Maggie to gain the inheritance. Quinn was grateful to Gil for protecting her against Cullen, a disgruntled employee, and gave him a job. Reuben threatened to tarnish Felicia's public image unless she drops her lawsuit against Elena. Louis prepared to leave for France once he was disowned by Cecile and redeemed in Elena's eyes. Sandy was awarded sole custody of Maggie, causing Cecile to claim that Sandy isn't the baby's father.

FEBRUARY 21-25, 1983
Judge Stevens awarded Elena temporary custody of Maggie. Louis vowed not to coddle Cecile and bade Elena farewell. Dr. Abel Marsh informed Mac, Ada, and James that Rachel may become bitter if her blindness is permanent. Sandy grew disturbed over his violent impulses towards Cecile and asked Stacey to help prepare legal recourse. Rachel returned home and decided to have Amanda live with Mac until she regains her sight. Roy and Henrietta celebrated the launch of her catering business. Peter and Sally snubbed Donna when she extended dinner invitations to them. Cecile dismissed Elena's offer to live at her guest house until she realized she can control Sandy and James' access to Maggie there. Sally broke a date with Gil when Peter made plans for them to have a romantic evening together. Stacey convinced James to have paternity tests done, which Sandy deemed unnecessary since he felt he has nothing to prove. Mac urged Quinn to visit Rachel and planned to get Vivien a job as Rachel's housekeeper. Cass told Cecile he slept with Felicia to ensure their business success and asked Cecile to hide their affair. Felicia respected Gil for standing firm on keeping his new job. Quinn and Henrietta were relieved that R.J. opened up about his troubles and mistakes. Cullen made threats against Frame Construction. James warned Cecile he will sue for custody of Maggie and deny her the baby's inheritance.

FEBRUARY 28 - MARCH 4, 1983
Rachel warmly greeted Vivien and gave her a job. Larry ordered a tap on the Frame office phones to track down Cullen, who harassed the company while evading Gil and the police. James was angered by Sandy's refusal to have paternity tests done and demanded that Blaine convince Sandy to change his mind. Ada was pleased once Rachel started mobility therapy sessions with Linda Taggert and made quick strides. Henrietta and Quinn decided to let R.J. and Thomasina date again since they have matured well. Liz was smitten by Mac's old friend, British author Reginald Fearing who came for a visit. Henrietta was dismayed when Abel paid for the party she catered and left with Quinn rather than take a tour of her restaurant. Gil insisted that Marie accept his support. Larry encouraged R.J.'s wish to follow in Bob's footsteps and become a cop. Reginald trained Mac to pose as a British hospital administrator named John Caldwell so he could get close to Rachel. Cecile charmed James as she mused about him being a father and leaving Maggie with him to raise once she gains custody. Roy felt hurt because of Henrietta's envy towards the attention Quinn received from Abel. Mac convinced Sandy to take the paternity test. James told Stacey that he would enjoy spending more time with her. Felicia reminded Cass she won't tolerate him seeing other women when Cecile asked Cass to accompany her to court.

MARCH 7-11, 1983
James was devastated that paternity tests proved Sandy is Maggie's father and Sandy was awarded custody. Donna received a dossier on Sally from Barrows. Stacey agreed to help Quinn adopt Thomasina and locate her aunt, Lily Mason. Cecile didn't receive sympathy from Elena or Sandy when she realized she's broke. Felicia embarked on a promotional tour and allowed Julia to write rough drafts of Felicia's future novels per Cass's suggestion. Quinn saw Cullen escape after he got into a brawl with Gil. Rachel reminded James that he's free from Cecile and should change his attitude towards Stacey. Donna was stunned that Peter plans to marry Sally. James interviewed Mark, causing Stacey to panic and confess to Elena they once had an affair. Rachel had Brian contact Emil Betz, a renowned eye specialist in Zurich. Felicia hired Cecile as an art director but warned her and Cass not to have a personal relationship. Larry feared Cullen will cause more trouble. Mark reminisced about his past romance with Stacey. Rachel abruptly ended a therapy session with John Caldwell (Mac) when she touched some clay and became depressed. Sandy hoped to minimize his encounters with Cecile. James declared his love to Stacey, who was distracted by Mark's presence. Gil fretted he can't compete with Peter during a casual evening with Sally. Henrietta vied for Abel's attention while playing matchmaker between Roy and Quinn.

MARCH 14-18, 1983
Stacey resisted Mark's efforts to renew their past romance by insisting she has started over with James. Cecile was upset that Cass must acquiesce to Felicia's decisions and schemes to keep Winthrop Publishing afloat until she's no longer needed. Roy and Quinn were baffled that Henrietta arranged a date for them. Larry and Blaine learned from Ella Fitz that their mother, Jeanne visited her. Dr. Betz agreed to conduct an eye examination on Rachel. Stacey confessed to James her affair with Mark and swore she is over him. Abel made Henrietta jealous when he cancelled dinner plans because of an emergency case and asked to speak with Quinn. Rachel opined that John Caldwell's therapy sessions were useless and tried to discourage his visits. Janet Singleton, Mark's wife, asked his campaign manager, Zack Hill, to find out if Mark's uneasiness involves the Brava story in development about his career. Mac was hurt by Rachel pining for Steve but was resolute in offering help. Julia focused on her writing and dated fellow college student, Barry Durrell. Gil was promoted to management at Frame Construction. John (Mac) grew tired of Rachel's self-pity and ordered her to mold clay. Mark felt pressured by Zack and Janet and considered suspending his Senate campaign. Larry and Blaine were stunned over the arrival of Jeanne, who was tended by Clarice after she collapsed.

MARCH 21-25, 1983
Larry tried in vain to assure Jeanne that Blaine doesn't despise her. Stacey disliked that Lily seemed too eager to sign the papers so Quinn could adopt Thomasina. Barry flattered Julia by asking her on a date while she was working at Felicia's penthouse. Sandy and James almost caused Rachel to discover Mac has been posing as John. Elena refused to discuss marriage with Brian. Mark acted defiant towards James' demands that he stay out of Stacey's life. Blaine struggled to communicate with Jeanne despite Larry and Sandy's encouragement. Abel and Ada didn't share Rachel's optimism that she will regain her sight through Dr. Betz. Thomasina was surprised when Lily visited her unexpectedly. Henrietta implied to Abel that Roy and Quinn are more than colleagues. Brian warned Donna that she'll risk being alone like Iris if she interferes in other people's lives. Cecile urged Cass to court Felicia to keep her from suspecting that they are having an affair. Zack and Janet gave Mark space and permitted him to see Stacey, certain he'll resume the Senate campaign once Stacey rejects him. Roy told Quinn that he regrets falling for Henrietta because of her interest in Abel. Cecile denied receiving a blackmail tape from Alma, who also sent one to Sandy swearing vengeance on him. Rachel realized that John's friendship and therapy sessions are good for her as she departed for Zurich.

MARCH 28 - APRIL 1, 1983
Mac decided not to cancel the Brava story on Mark and let Sandy resume his investigation. Felicia received divorce papers from Louis and worried Cass is still involved with Cecile. Sally was glad Peter has been distancing himself from Donna. Henrietta spent time with Prince despite warnings from Quinn, Roy, and Gil that she's being targeted. Zack spied on Mark begging Stacey for her friendship and reported it to Janet. Larry advised Cecile to tell the police if she receives a tape from Alma or face trouble. Sandy suspected Mark has business in town once he learned from real estate agent, Mrs. Franklin, that Mark has rented some property. Cecile admitted to Cass that Alma blackmailed her but omitted the details of her role in torturing Blaine. Ada disliked Jeanne due to her negative, abrasive attitude. Mark tried to assure Elena that he loves Stacey and his intentions are to protect her. Cullen was apprehended and sent to jail. Gil kept tabs on Quinn due to mysterious construction site accidents. Henrietta was upset because Roy agreed with Quinn about Prince but put on a cheerful front as she honored Mac for his financial support at her grand opening celebration. Barry kissed Julia while they were on a date. Blaine vowed to kill Alma after she received another tape of Alma taunting her over getting revenge and being undetectable. Mac planned a dinner party in hopes of helping Jeanne reconcile with her family.

APRIL 4-8, 1983
Cecile lied that she received jewelry in a cassette-sized package when Sandy badgered her about getting a tape from Alma. Quinn signed Thomasina's adoption papers for social worker, Rita Kent. Stacey tried to sort out her feelings for Mark and James. Gil spent a tense evening with his unhappily married parents, George and Marie. Peter ordered Donna out of his life after she wondered if Sally's past would matter to him. Henrietta dismissed Quinn and R.J.'s claims that Prince has been suspected of embezzlement and hustles wealthy women. Larry pressed Cecile on Alma to no avail. Lily's hints of having financial problems didn't convince Quinn to grant her a loan. Sandy pumped Elena for information on Mark. Felicia showed her vulnerability to Cass. Gil described his sad upbringing and Sally mentioned seeing the seamier side of life as Donna eavesdropped. Elena and Stacey warned Mark that Sandy is investigating his past. Cecile panicked when she realized Alma will search for Blaine's diary that's hidden in the Cory estate. Mac's dinner party for the Ewings was ruined because Jeanne acted defensive and made a cruel comment about Cory being illegitimate. Mark advised Zack he plans to admit his affair with Stacey to protect her from being exposed. Vivien unwittingly gave Cecile's whereabouts to Alma. Julia was bothered over Barry getting serious about her and Felicia being dissatisfied with her work.

APRIL 11-15, 1983
Jeanne was impressed by the Cory family's wealth. Sally grew indecisive towards her romance with Peter and feelings for Gil. Roy's pleas about Prince's shady background fell on deaf ears as Henrietta considered hiring Prince to work for her business. Larry and Vivien found Cecile snooping around the Cory Mansion. James was upset because Mark rented a cabin near Stacey. Rachel admitted she cares for John Caldwell and was eager to resume therapy sessions with him. Peter's mood turned sour when Donna alluded to Gil and Sally having an intimate conversation. Zack and Janet hired a phony reporter named Quintin Mills to threaten Mark and Stacey with a scandal. Mac worried about being exposed once Cecile realized he's masquerading as John Caldwell. Barry felt ignored by Julia and broke up with her. Henrietta became disillusioned by Prince, who requested a loan to pay bills. Donna ordered Barrows to spy on Sally. Sandy shifted his investigation to unearth Zack's power plays after Mark revealed his past with Stacey and his suspicions of Zack. Julia focused on writing drafts for Felicia's new novel while getting to know student, Evan Grant. Roy concluded that Lily wants Quinn's money and demanded she leave the Frame offices. Cecile told Cass she's willing to extort money from Mac to bribe Alma. Rachel was frightened by noise Alma made as she escaped from Rachel's studio with Blaine's diary.

APRIL 18-22, 1983
James felt pushed aside by Stacey because of Mark, who tried to convince James that he's protecting Stacey from scandals. Rachel regained her sight and saw that John Caldwell is Mac. Sandy enlisted Peter's help in linking Zack and Quintin to the tabloid syndicate, "Deadline." Sally responded to Gil's kisses when he came to the Frame offices to deliver documents. Cass and Cecile were horrified that Alma has Blaine's diary and has made blackmail demands. Janet casted doubt on her innocence because she sounded somewhat disappointed over the phone for failing to intimidate Stacey. Cass balked at Cecile's pleas to kill Alma. Gil offered George a job as a night watchman. Mac and Larry deduced that Cecile broke into the Cory residence since Rachel recognized the perfume she had on that day. Alma disguised herself with a blonde wig and heavy makeup so she could take a waitress job while keeping tabs on Sandy and Cecile. Abel and Quinn began dating. Henrietta refused to lend money to Prince. Larry ordered a tap on Sandy's phone and had a drawing of Alma circulated around town. Lily told Quinn she's jealous over Thomasina's life changing with Quinn as her guardian. Evan pursued Julia in earnest. Cass tricked Felicia into giving him a $6000.00 loan to secretly pay Alma's blackmail money. Brian, Donna, and Gil interrupted Peter talking to Sally about making commitments to each other.

APRIL 25-29, 1983
Sandy and Blaine worried about being watched by Alma after Clarice received a strange call at the apartment. Henrietta considered hiring Prince as a salesman once he repaid his loan. Cecile denied ever contacting Alma when Elena received a call asking to speak with her. James was hurt because Stacey chose to meet with Janet rather than accept a date with him. Felicia moved into Cass's penthouse and hinted at possible wedding plans during a press conference. Zack planned to get rid of Stacey, who accused Janet of collusion with Zack and promised to fight a scandal. Cass put on a calm facade as Sandy questioned him about Alma. Donna played nice by inviting Peter and Sally to a dinner party she's hosting. Alma accepted a partial payment towards her blackmail demands but threatened to expose Cass and Cecile's affair if she isn't paid off. Cass urged Julia to write a novel in hopes the sales will alleviate business woes. Mac gave custody of Amanda to Rachel, who agreed to see him socially until she is certain about her love for him. James professed his love to Stacey despite her involvement in Mark's strained marriage and career crisis. Larry proved Alma searched Rachel's studio by finding her fingerprints. Felicia almost learned of Cass's betrayal with Cecile when he hid a scarf that Cecile left behind at his penthouse before she spotted it. Amanda took pictures with the small camera Mac bought for her.

MAY 2-6, 1983
Zack offered Stacey a powerful legal position in Washington while Janet told Mark she'd accept Stacey as his mistress on the condition he return to politics. Cecile was despondent over Rachel's accusations she broke into the Cory residence, has been in contact with Alma, and was reminded that Blaine's diary was stolen. Peter was hopeful that Sally would overcome her reservations and accept his marriage proposal. Larry traced a call Jeanne received from Alma to a public phone booth where she left a boastful note. James argued with Mark and Stacey, who pretended to accept Zack and Janet's offers to help Sandy expose their treachery. Donna wished to bond with Cecile once Brian explained that she became cruel and manipulative because Iris used her. Sandy and Blaine were uninjured in a car wreck that Alma caused by tampering with the brakes on his car. Quinn advised Lily she has a chance to make a new life for herself. Henrietta embarked on a publicity tour for her business. Cass feared Alma will ruin his personal and professional lives and decided to confront her alone. Donna was content that Peter felt compassion towards Cecile because of her traumatic past. Jeanne mentioned waiting tables for many years when Rachel asked about the means in which Alma could make a living. Cecile became hysterical when she witnessed Cass about to strangle Alma in reaction to her defiance and threats.

MAY 9-13, 1983
Stacey agreed to stay with Mark at the cabin after Janet claimed she wouldn't be bothered by their indiscretion. Alma vowed to ruin Cass and Cecile once Cass stopped himself from strangling her. Felicia grew concerned over Cass griping about financial problems and acting distracted. Elena learned Louis has a terminal illness and told Cecile, who viciously blamed Louis for leaving her broke and called Elena a fool for caring about him. Vivien gossiped with Maisie about the house Mrs. Franklin had found for Sandy and Blaine. Mark and Stacey rekindled their past romance while trapped at the cabin and made love. Lily was thankful to Quinn for bailing her out of jail when she was arrested for prostitution. Alma tricked Mrs. Franklin into getting access to the house she has set to show Sandy and Blaine. Mac and Sandy piqued Mark's interest by suggesting they write an expose on Zack's schemes. Felicia fired Cecile in retaliation to smelling her perfume on Cass. Janet threatened to name Stacey in a divorce suit against Mark unless he returns to politics. James decided to leave town after Stacey revealed she has reconciled with Mark. Alma held a gun in glee once she arranged separate appointments to lure Sandy and Blaine to the house by posing as Mrs. Franklin. Donna guessed correctly that Cecile alluded to snagging Peter because of her enormous debts.

MAY 16-20, 1983
Alma shot Sandy in the chest when he arrived at the house. Stacey encouraged Mark to announce his plans to divorce Janet before Zack and Janet cause a scandal. Gil was spurned by Sally and tried to convince Julia his intentions with her are not on the rebound. Alma assumed she killed Sandy and happily informed Cecile, who gave Elena consent to take Maggie to Paris. Donna cozied up to Sally with hopes of stalling her acceptance of Peter's marriage proposal. Clarice screamed at Jeanne because she complained about Ada's dislike for her instead of having concern for Sandy's life. Cass learned from Felicia that Julia overheard a waitress ask about tampering with brakes while having dinner with Gil. Alma took Cecile's car since hers had been identified by the police. Blaine was surprised when Jeanne kept her company at the hospital as Sandy underwent surgery. Rachel and Blaine identified a disguised Alma in photos taken by Amanda during a trip to Chicago. Cass followed Alma to her hotel room in search of Blaine's diary. Cecile endured Larry's dogged interrogation. Donna was intrigued when Cecile claimed she's no longer in debt. Sally was unable to make love to Peter. Cecile frantically called a taxi headed for Smiley's. A maid discovered Alma dead from stab wounds in her motel room. Cass blew up at a concerned Felicia rather than confess his involvement with Cecile and Alma.

MAY 23-27, 1983
Roy and Quinn left Gil in charge of Frame Construction while on a business trip. Blaine was found hovering over Alma's body when the police arrived at the motel. Donna told Peter that their sister, Nicole's bank accounts are overdrawn despite her being a well-paid model. Cass and Cecile accused each other of killing Alma when Cecile expressed certainty that Blaine's guilt will relieve them of suspicion. Peter agreed to locate Nicole to ease Donna's concerns. Larry was angry that Cecile evaded his questions about Alma while Cass was present. Felicia sensed Cass lied after she demanded to know if he's been helping Cecile deal with Alma. Mark tried to convince Janet to drop the divorce suit but she maintained Stacey must pay for ruining her life. A coroner's report revealed traces of strangle marks on Alma that were most likely left by a man. Brian learned from Donna that Cecile was suddenly without debt last time they spoke and told Larry, who realized the conversation occurred shortly before Alma's death. Cecile secretly burned Blaine's diary. Roy urged Quinn to expand Frame Construction. Henrietta met Abel's twin brother Leo, whom Abel considers a manipulator who deserted his family. Maisie recalled that Cass had asked her about Alma and Cecile's car was parked at the motel. Brian doubted Larry's objectivity and took him off Alma's murder investigation since Blaine is the prime suspect.

MAY 30 - JUNE 3, 1983
Peter rushed to buy Sally an engagement ring once Gil brought her home from a business meeting. Cecile became unhinged as Felicia made speculations about her and Cass's involvement with Alma that were nearly accurate. Larry held a household meeting with Clarice, Blaine, and Jeanne to mediate family peace before going to Los Angeles for police training. Lily became a nuisance to Quinn by refusing to stay away from Thomasina and asking Henrietta for a job. Cass swore his innocence when Felicia accused him of harming Alma before she was murdered. Rachel made Quinn a full business partner in Frame-Harding Construction. Janet publicly named Stacey in her divorce suit against Mark. Cass and Cecile argued over the $6000.00 he skimmed from Felicia to pay off Alma, the same amount police found in her motel room. Mark received an anonymous call from someone urging him not to write political articles for Brava. Donna feigned happiness towards Peter and Sally's engagement while plotting to pay Cecile to sabotage the couple. Brian and Sgt. Bill Gorman told Mac that the money found in Alma's room indicates she was blackmailing someone. Felicia seethed at Cass after she discovered that money was missing from her business account. Sandy joined forces with Stacey to clear Blaine, who admitted under police interrogation that she called Smiley's for directions with the intent to confront Alma.

JUNE 6-10, 1983
Rachel concluded Felicia shared her suspicions of Cass and Cecile's involvement with Alma, though Felicia was tight-lipped on the subject. Mark feared Zack may resort to murder to prevent him from writing articles for Brava on political corruption. Ada and Marie were concerned that Gil is dating Julia on the rebound from Sally. Mac and Rachel realized they are still in love, decided to put their past problems behind them, and start over. Clarice was appalled that Jeanne accused her of having an affair with Larry's best friend, Bill Gorman. Blaine took a driving test, which proved to the police that she couldn't have called Smiley's and arrived there in time to commit the murder. Donna's former step-son, Perry Hutchins, asked Donna for a place to stay before his father, Carl finds out he didn't graduate from college. Cass obtained a loan from Stacey to deposit into Felicia's account so she wouldn't make the connection between the $6000.00 he took and the money found in Alma's possession. Clarice moved in with Ada after Jeanne deflected blame for causing family discourse and refused to stop criticizing her. Peter agreed to find Perry a job at Cory Publishing. Gil told Rachel about the $6000.00 after talking to Maisie and Julia. Mac had no intention of accepting an offer to sell Brava made by someone being represented by attorney, Horace Bakewell. Mark tried to pressure Stacey into living with him.

JUNE 13-17, 1983
Cass denied Stacey's accusations he needed $6000.00 to pay blackmail money and abruptly went on a business trip to London. Mac questioned Horace but failed to learn who secretly offered to buy Brava. Felicia tried to contain her anger once Stacey revealed she gave Cass a loan to replace money he took from their business account. Abel and Henrietta attended Leo's concert with Roy and Quinn to celebrate their successful business trip. Larry learned that Clarice and the children moved in with Ada. Marie asked Gil to buy an autographed copy of Felicia's new novel. Maisie recalled that Cass had asked about Alma and told Bill. Abel was upset by Henrietta's attraction to Leo and his plans to open a night club in Bay City. Donna planned Peter and Sally's engagement party and encouraged Perry to pursue Sally, hoping she'll respond to another man's attentions. Jeanne alleged that Bill and Clarice are having an affair, causing Larry to dismiss Blaine's explanations and angered Clarice by taking Jeanne's side in the conflicts. Rachel and Felicia deduced that Alma had blackmailed Cecile, who forced Cass to help with Alma because of his dependence on Felicia. Bill and Ada confronted Jeanne, who refused to detract her disparaging remarks about Clarice. Marie fretted that Gil is dating Julia while in love with Sally. Perry asked Quinn for a job after Mac turned him down for seasonal work at Cory Publishing.

JUNE 20-24, 1983
Lily resented Quinn and Rita's objections to her seeing Thomasina. Cecile tried unsuccessfully to probe Brian for evidence the police might have on Alma's murder during questioning. Peter showed his sympathetic nature and agreed to help Cecile, who played the victim routine when she visited unexpectedly. Mark was frustrated by the divorce scandal that has caused Stacey to lose clients. Gil was jealous over Julia dating Evan. Cecile accused Felicia and Stacey of plotting against her and promised to fight them. Perry secured a job at Frame-Harding Construction while Donna introduced him to her high society friends. Ada urged Lily to seek honest work so she can quit prostitution. Cecile implicated Cass by revealing that he tried to strangle Alma and was being blackmailed since she knew Cecile and Felicia were his lovers. Mark and Stacey issued a statement to reputable reporter, Jim Lewis to counteract the tabloid articles about them. Clarice refused to move back in with Larry and talk openly with Jeanne about the family's issues. Felicia called Cass to warn him that Maisie and Cecile's statements to the police have made him the prime suspect in Alma's murder. Sandy and Blaine tried to reason with Larry about Jeanne and Clarice or risk ruining his marriage. Donna finished plans for Peter and Sally's engagement party. Cass eluded the police waiting for him at the airport to quietly return to town.

JUNE 27 - JULY 1, 1983
Cass realized that Cecile had willingly incriminated him in Alma's murder to save herself. Sandy and Blaine made wedding plans and went house hunting. Donna convinced Peter to console and be a confidant to Cecile, who charmed Peter into bringing her home. Jeanne unexpectedly returned to Claxton instead of having dinner with Mac, Sandy, and Blaine since Larry was called into work. Abel went to Chicago in hopes of persuading Leo to cancel his relocation plans. Sally was surprised to learn that Peter had abruptly ended their date to comfort Cecile. Cass admitted to police that he tried to strangle Alma, revealed Cecile's connection to her, but maintained his innocence. Larry was stunned by Jeanne's sudden departure and ignored Ada's advice to accept Clarice's side in the family's problems. Mark encouraged Stacey not to feel shame because of the tabloid articles. Gil tried in vain to emotionally support Felicia, who threw Cass out of the penthouse, dissolved their partnership, and vowed to ruin his business. Maisie cheered up Larry when he came to Smiley's after having a fight with Clarice. Sally was furious when Peter arrived at the engagement party with Cecile. Felicia made a new publishing deal with Mac. The police obtained search warrants of Cecile's home after questioning Cass. Cecile struggled to keep her composure when Larry discovered a piece of charred paper from Blaine's diary in the fireplace.

JULY 4-8, 1983
Cass established an alibi with proof of a cash withdrawal he made outside of town during the murder. Julia assured Sally that Peter appeared obligated to escort Cecile to the engagement party. Abel lacked Henrietta and Lily's enthusiasm over Leo buying a warehouse to convert into a night club. Bill received confirmation that a sample of Blaine's handwriting and that of the charred piece of paper from the diary matched. Peter apologized to Sally for his innocent behavior while he's been acting as Cecile's confidant. Roy declined Leo's construction project offer. Julia was humbled as Gil spoke of appreciating the simple things in life rather than being impressed by money and glamour. Nicole arrived at Peter's apartment, took an immediate liking to Sally, but warned her not to trust Donna. Leo flirted with Quinn as they got to know each other. Cecile was arrested for Alma's murder once a cab driver confirmed he had brought her to Alma's motel. Peter urged Nicole to live at the Love estate after Donna agreed not to hassle her. Ella Fitz informed Larry that Jeanne has fallen ill. Brian convinced Mark to represent Cecile as her defense attorney, much to Cass and Stacey's chagrin. Mac and Rachel planned a double wedding ceremony with Sandy and Blaine. Cecile begged Mark to have Rachel visit her in jail. Cass hoped to publish Julia's novel under a pseudonym so Felicia won't know Julia will be her competition.

JULY 11-15, 1983
Donna chose not to help Cecile to avoid the family name being tied to a scandal. Mac stalled accepting Horace's offer to buy Brava, but worried crooks involved with Horace would retaliate. Rachel believed in Cecile's innocence and posted bail after recalling her own past murder trial. Quinn refused to live with Abel and told him she doesn't just want a fling. Roy was hurt that Henrietta isn't ready for marriage and wants thrills in her life. Cecile confessed she stole Blaine's diary but swore that Alma was already dead when she found her. Larry threatened to file for divorce while arguing with Clarice, who innocently suggested Jeanne find her own place. Mark had Cecile re-enact the night she discovered Alma's body, which caused her to have nightmares and hallucinations. Nicole wept over Peter and Sally's happiness and felt she had ruined her life by being a career woman. Julia fretted that Cass can't publish her novel since Felicia claimed Cass's business is ruined to the press. Mark gave Sandy an expose on corrupt politics. Donna ordered Perry to stay away from Nicole, who saw through Perry's conceit and intentions. Blaine had Jeanne admitted to the hospital after finding her in extreme pain. Mark was undeterred about representing Cecile, despite Cass's warnings he'll lose the case and Stacey in the process. Larry was devastated that Jeanne was diagnosed with the fatal disease bacteremia from an infected cut on her back.

JULY 18-22, 1983
Cass arranged for Julia and editor, Bert Keller to fine tune her novel. Mark begged Rachel to help him with Cecile, who got drunk after being ridiculed by Cass. Quinn welcomed Lily's friendship when she and their friends threw a party to celebrate Thomasina's adoption being finalized. Horace denied any involvement in the threatening phone calls Mark received about writing political exposes for Brava. Peter and Donna were disturbed by Nicole's drastic mood swings and haggard appearance in a modeling photograph. Stacey gave Cass a loan on the condition he act less vindictive towards Mark. Larry grew suspicious over Jeanne's vague statements she cut her back on a hook when Ada and Clarice said that Jeanne had complained about back pain before leaving town. Cecile lamented to Mark that she'll be convicted since she saw Alma gravely wounded and overheard her mutter something unintelligible before dying. Nicole became defensive and rude because Perry accused her of being high, but met Brian with a warm reception. Larry went to Claxton after he found one of Jeanne's blouses with a slash across its back. Sandy didn't feel pity towards a distraught Cecile, who took tranquilizers to ease her paranoia. Donna berated Perry over being expelled from college due to pulling pranks but let him stay once Carl terminated his allowance. Roy, Abel, and Henrietta agreed to attend closing night at Leo's club in Chicago.

JULY 25-29, 1983
Blaine was perplexed by strange comments Jeanne made while delirious. Gil and Liz admonished an exhausted Julia for keeping a demanding schedule to fulfill Cass and Bert's efforts in making her a successful author. Cecile made a mental note to exact revenge on Donna, who wanted to renew their friendship once she's cleared of murder. Perry told Nicole he's certain that she's using cocaine and made sexual advances as he hinted at keeping her secret. Stacey held Cass accountable for his problems. Jeanne described to Larry how she ordered Alma to leave Sandy and Blaine alone, was wounded by her while calling for help, and Alma was accidentally stabbed in the chest during a struggle with a knife. Peter decided to confront Nicole after Sally expressed concerns that she may be addicted to cocaine. Bert was upset over Julia's lack of progress in revising her novel. Cass mocked Mark's belief in Cecile's innocence. Felicia consulted with Peter on withdrawing her novel from Winthrop Publishing without breaching her contract. Sandy informed Mark he suspects someone broke into the Cory complex and searched Mark's cabin to find the notes on his articles. Cecile pawned jewelry and bought a plane ticket to Athens when Brian offered to pay her bills and not get her a lump sum of cash. Sandy comforted Blaine about Jeanne while Mark and Larry tried to locate Cecile to inform her of Jeanne's admission.

AUGUST 1-5, 1983
Peter coerced Nicole into admitting she's in debt to drug dealers, but insisted she isn't an addict. Cecile's shock over hearing about Jeanne's confession on the radio caused her to get into a car accident. Felicia went on the warpath after Cass taunted her about Julia being more talented and energetic than she is. Brian and Sandy fended off reporters for Larry, who was grief-stricken as he visited an ailing Jeanne in the hospital. Rachel was thrilled and Stacey surprised by Jamie's arrival in a motor home. Mac and Rachel and Sandy and Blaine exchanged vows in a double ceremony. Felicia angrily confronted Julia about writing a romance novel for Cass. Jamie and Stacey's agreement to be friends was bittersweet. Mark was stalked by two hit men and almost blown to smithereens because his cabin had been booby-trapped. Rachel ended her truce with Cecile upon learning that she had meant to leave town with the bail money Rachel had provided. Larry and Clarice reconciled as she consoled him over Jeanne. Horace agreed to help find the culprits behind the attacks on Mark, who suspected Zack had arranged them. Donna agreed to pay Nicole's debts to drug dealers because Peter insisted that Nicole wants to get off drugs. Horace had his secretary, Miss Steiner duplicate a letter addressed to Mark regarding the attempts on his life. Donna bribed Cecile with $100,000 to break up Peter and Sally.

AUGUST 8-12, 1983
Nicole grew suspicious over Donna and Cecile's friendship. Miss Steiner recalled that Horace made several secretive phone calls on the day he was killed. Cass pressured Julia to complete her novel because he's counting on its success to save his business. Jeanne died after she revealed to Larry that he and Blaine have a younger half-brother named Catlin. Mark and Stacey were stunned when Miss Steiner said that Horace died of a heart attack despite never having heart issues. Felicia and Julia made amends. Jamie pursued Nicole, who gave herself an alias while avoiding his romantic overtures. Felicia took a waitress job at Smiley's Diner as research for a rags-to-riches storyline and use the experience for publicity. Mark found Horace's letter, which revealed he knew who had ordered the attempts on Mark's life. Quinn rejected Abel's kisses and suggested they stop dating because he won't make a serious commitment. Peter and Sally set an October wedding date. Mark unknowingly escaped two hit men disguised as reporters. Donna slapped Nicole during an argument over her addiction. Jamie and Stacey agreed to share an apartment and pose as a couple to ensure her safety. Cass was angry that Felicia failed to mention her novel that he had published to the press. Donna doubled Barrows' retainer to investigate Sally's past and uncover any scandal.

AUGUST 15-19, 1983
Barrows informed Donna that Sally had an illegitimate child. Miss Steiner gave phone numbers that Horace called to Larry and Mark, who recognized Zack on the list. Stacey tried to convince Cass that her relationship with Jamie is strictly platonic. Nicole remained in denial about her addiction to cocaine as she tried to conceal her condition. Zack revealed his knowledge of Mark being slated for death and insisted he wasn't involved in Horace's murder. Donna questioned Dr. Royal Dunning, who confessed he had delivered Sally's child and that she had given it up for adoption. Jamie was frustrated by Nicole resisting his offers of friendship and counseling to overcome her cocaine addiction. Leo hired Lily to work at his new club, The Warehouse. Nicole considered returning to modeling when her agent and drug pusher, Whit, mentioned getting her a lucrative contract. Larry suspected that a woman named Miss Rose had posed as a secretary and murdered Horace. Quinn was touched by Leo's gestures to hold a fundraiser for Abel's clinic. Miss Rose stalked Mark with a gun outside of Mac's office but eluded being spotted by Larry. Cass couldn't get Cecile to admit that she still wants to be with him. Sally hoped that Jamie and Stacey would get married in the future. Quinn accused Abel of being petty for scoffing at his twin brother's plans for his clinic and calling Leo a con artist and a liar.

AUGUST 22-26, 1983
Felicia leaked news of her research job as a waitress to the press, which became a multi-media event. Liz gave Larry a description of Miss Rose. Sandy and Blaine returned from Paris with Maggie to start a new life as a family. Gil threw a tantrum over Julia being too busy finishing her novel to spend time with him. Donna and Cecile planned a dinner party in hopes that Cecile would win over Peter after she's snubbed by all her enemies. Larry told Blaine that Jeanne died and they shouldn't regret being unable to reconcile with her. Cass bristled as Felicia basked in the limelight and boasted about writing best sellers for Cory Publishing. Miss Rose arrived at Stacey's home where she struggled with Jamie over a gun meant to kill Mark and evaded capture by the police. Gil complained to Quinn about feeling neglected by Julia. Nicole tried to mask her disappointment as Sally and Maisie gushed about Jamie and Stacey being together. Mark boarded a freighter to escape the assassins and complete his series of articles. Stacey's feelings for Jamie resurfaced while they acted as a couple to ensure Mark's safety and keep Stacey from becoming a target. Donna's scheme to give Cecile an opportunity to seduce Peter backfired when everyone was nice to Cecile. Jamie brusquely rejected Nicole's sexual advances because she was stoned. Larry informed Blaine that they have a younger half-brother.

Jamie urged Nicole to trust people, accept her addiction, and realize she's throwing her life away. Donna pressured private eye Barrows to find Sally's child. Cecile bragged she can take Peter away from Sally. Vivien unwittingly tipped Miss Rose's boss, Jeremiah Denby, that Mark had left town on a ship. Blaine fretted over Sandy, who went to Washington to get information on Zack and the people who are after Mark. Felicia admitted she regrets giving up her romance with Gil, who was upset that Julia spends too much time on her novel. Quinn and Abel reconciled after a romantic tiff. Quinn told Leo she thinks of him as a friend. Felicia hired a weirdo secretary, Ms. Devon.

SEPTEMBER 5-9, 1983
Cecile realized she still has feelings for Cass. Gil was upset to see Cass out on the town with Julia. Jamie refused to help Felicia research cocaine use for her next novel. Royal refused to tell Sally who has her baby. Abel rejected Leo's offer to hold a concert to benefit Abel's clinic. Posing as a Brava photographer, Larry joined Sandy in Washington. Jeremiah and Zack had Sandy tailed.

SEPTEMBER 12-16, 1983
Cass caught on that Cecile is after Peter. Royal's friend, David Thatcher, admitted his wife, Jennifer, would be lost without their child. Rachel befriended Sally, who had nightmares about having given up a baby. Mac reluctantly agreed Cecile could do freelance work for Sally. Roy left on a trip to Europe after catching Henrietta loving it up with Leo. Larry and Sandy learned that Jeremiah had had Horace killed and Mark's cabin blown to bits.

SEPTEMBER 19-23, 1983
Against Mac's advice, Blaine went to Washington to tell Sandy that she's pregnant. Mac went on a trip to Japan. Julia gave Felicia a copy of her romance novel. Sandy found Zack, who had been murdered. Royal assured David that Jennifer will never learn that Kevin isn't her real son. At Whit's request, Nicole agreed to model for Felicia's diet book. Ted Bancroft, who was released from the mental hospital, arrived to photograph the book. Janet met with Mark and later lied to Sandy that she never met Jeremiah.

SEPTEMBER 26-30, 1983
Royal begged Sally not to tell Peter about her baby. Stacey told Rachel that she really loves Jamie. Barrows photographed Royal's file on Sally. Julia was upset that Cass hasn't paid her any royalties on her book. Cecile rebuffed Cass's romantic advances. Sandy disbelieved the official report that Zack died of a heart attack. Jeremiah ordered Janet back to Washington, while they both tried to blame Zack for the attempts on Mark's life. Ted approved that Brian's dating Donna.

OCTOBER 3-7, 1983
Donna confronted Sally, who admitted she had given up her son. Donna then told Sally that David and Jennifer have her son, Kevin. Nicole snorted more cocaine while Perry urged her to fight for Jamie. Cecile failed to seduce Peter. In hopes that Janet will lead him to her boss, Mark lied that he no longer loves Stacey. Janet tried to persuade Jeremiah that he shouldn't have Mark killed. Gil flipped when he found out that Julia is letting Cass run her life.

OCTOBER 10-14, 1983
Cecile went to France to reconcile with her father, Louis, who is dying. Peter and Sally postponed their wedding, then Peter warned Donna not to hassle Sally. Felicia stole Julia's thunder at a press conference. Cass threatened a lawsuit when Felicia refused to dissolve their business partnership. After a quarrel with Gil, Perry quit his job at Frame-Harding Construction and took a job cooking at Smiley's Diner.

OCTOBER 17-21, 1983
Blaine urged Larry to step up the search for their half-brother, Catlin. Clarice fretted over Larry and herself being deep in debt. Donna hired Barrows to break into Royal's office. Elena and Cecile kept a vigil over Louis. Liz fretted that Julia can't handle her success. Mark tricked Janet into believing he'll return to politics. Jeremiah warned that Mark will be killed if Janet can't persuade him to join forces with them. Royal assured Jennifer that David's not having an affair. David was upset that Jennifer spent more time in Bay City.

OCTOBER 24-28, 1983
Cass fretted that Julia might not be able to produce a second novel. In a blue funk over Jamie, Nicole snorted more cocaine. Because of her dreaded fear of being behind bars, Cecile never got to see Louis before he died. Felicia panned Julia's chapters for her new book. Sally warned Donna to keep her mouth shut about Kevin. Janet overheard Mark tell Stacey that his charade of loving Janet will soon be over. Jeremiah secretly slipped into Bay City. Larry and Sandy received taped conversations between Jeremiah and Horace.

In an attempt to escape from the police, Jeremiah took Mark and Janet hostage. But Larry and Sandy later shot and killed Jeremiah. Guilty over her love for Jamie, Stacey hovered over a critically wounded Mark, who was shot by Jeremiah. At Donna's dinner party, Sally came face to face with David, the man who fathered her illegitimate son. Leaving Elena behind, Cecile returned from Paris. Sally realized David lied that Kevin is Jennifer's son. Ted panicked when Perry asked him to score cocaine for him. Janet became mentally unglued after being put in jail.

NOVEMBER 7-11, 1983
Blaine and Sandy went to Wyoming to look for Catlin. David warned Sally that Donna will reveal that Kevin is his and Sally's natural son if Sally tries to marry Peter. Stacey told Mark that she's carrying his baby. Maisie has a crush on Larry. Cecile threatened to blow the whistle on Donna if she doesn't get her payoff soon. David insisted to Sally that he hadn't known that Royal had switched Kevin for Jennifer's baby. Arguing her own defense, Lily came up against the new D.A., Adam Banks.

NOVEMBER 14-18, 1983
Mark pressured Stacey to marry him in the hospital. Jamie objected that Stacey may marry Mark just because she's pregnant. To protect Nicole, Jamie and Felicia kept mum about the cocaine incident when Mac ordered them to rehire Ted. Sally and Peter made new wedding plans. Jennifer split town with Kevin after hearing the story of Sally and David's past. Abel was upset to see Leo coming on to Quinn. Adam dropped the prostitution charges against Lily. Quinn was intrigued by Adam.

NOVEMBER 21-25, 1983
After Donna spilled the beans, Sally admitted to Peter that she once had an affair with David. Mark asked Jamie to be his best man when he weds Stacey. Sally got Cecile a job at Cory Publishing. Blaine suspected that Catlin may have returned to Claxton when she learned someone had been asking for her mother, Jeanne. Sally helped David search for Jennifer, whom she fretted might harm Kevin. Jennifer and Kevin stayed with her friends Lucy and Lester Ford, who noticed Jennifer's weird behavior. Gil was upset that his mother, Marie, waitressed at Smiley's Diner.

Felicia urged Nicole, who snorted more cocaine, to get professional help. Sally confessed to Peter that Kevin is her and David's son. At Donna's request, Cecile moved in to comfort Peter. Jamie and Stacey talked about getting married, while Mark urged her to marry him before he has some needed surgery. Clarice fretted that Larry is spending too much money. A drunken Jennifer died in an auto accident while driving on a snow-packed road. Kevin blamed Sally and David for the accident. Jamie vowed to prove that Ted is supplying Nicole with coke.

DECEMBER 5-9, 1983
Stacey married Mark, who underwent successful surgery after the ceremony. Upset over Stacey, Jamie slept with Nicole, who later accused him of using her to soften the blow of Stacey's marriage. Jamie fumed that Amanda nearly got a hold of some cocaine that Ted left for Nicole. Peter broke off his engagement to Sally because of her lies about her past. Sally freaked out to find Cecile at Peter's pad when she tried to make up with him. Cecile played hard to get with Peter, insisting that he isn't over Sally.

DECEMBER 12-16, 1983
Ted planted cocaine on Jamie, who was arrested when Ted tipped off the cops. David and Cass schemed to sell short-term stock investments in companies that Mac is going to buy. Donna fumed when Cecile tore up the cheque she gave her to split up Peter and Sally, then insisted that she wants Peter, not the money. Sally was upset that David is moving to Bay City. Cecile has a tape recording of Donna's plot against Sally. Lily learned that Abel lied that he's engaged to Quinn.

DECEMBER 19-23, 1983
Felicia threw a party for her secret lover from France, who turned out to be Donna's ex-husband and Perry's father, Carl Hutchins. Carl warned Donna to stay away from Felicia or he'd reveal their past marital problems. Blaine received a letter from her half-brother that said he'd seek her out when he's ready to meet her. Jamie reluctantly accepted Stacey as his lawyer. Nicole told Stacey that she's sleeping with Jamie. Sally was upset that David bought a house near her. Felicia teamed up with Perry, who bought coke from Ted, hoping to expose him as a drug dealer.

DECEMBER 26-30, 1983
Sally accepted a date with David. Donna asked Carl to let Perry get close to him. Nicole got a call from her sister Marley who's in London. Carl accused Donna of never having given him a chance to be a good husband to her. Mac suspected that Carl is in town for reasons other than to be with Felicia. Cass kept mum to David that Cecile is their pipeline to Mac's business deals. Peter pined for Cecile, who's in Paris with her mother, Elena. Henrietta received a big-bucks offer to sell her frozen-pie business. Felicia and Jamie had Perry make another coke buy from Ted after failing to plant a stash of cocaine on Ted. Rachel was upset that Mac was arguing with Jamie, who refused to tell Mac why he hates Ted. Abel and Quinn reconciled. Donna smoothed things over with Brian, who learned that she broke up Sally and Peter. Brian noticed that Ted's behaving strangely.