SEPTEMBER 3, 1984 (EP. #5129)
Ben and Carter griped about their setbacks on the football field and fumed over the attention Marley and Thomasina gave to Hunter. Ada pointed out to Rachel that the one memory that Sally has of David's shooter was that of a woman holding the gun. Donna agreed to provide lodging for Catlin under the condition that he stays hidden. Rachel accused Nancy of making good on the threat that she made in front of Sally that she would alert the police of Catlin's whereabouts. Hunter feigned sympathy for Ben for Marley's benefit and recounted scoring a point for the opposing team during a game. Cass told Felicia that he abandoned the investigation into Cecile's disappearance and groused that Cecile never stopped loving Peter. Carl nearly caught Donna tending to Catlin and was suspicious of her attention towards the new stable boy. Cass seethed when Peter arrived with Emily. Carter tried to get Ben to admit that he has feelings for Marley. Thomasina and Marley told Nancy about Ben being pulled from the game. Kathleen surprised Ben at Smiley's. Ben introduced Kathleen to Perry and Nancy. Nancy wailed to Perry that Rachel thinks she contacted the police about Catlin. Rachel laid into Ada for being biased towards Nancy. Donna refused to let the police search the Love estate without a search warrant. Nancy told Perry that she brought Catlin food and helped him to leave the Cory grounds. Mac lambasted Ada for putting the family in danger by harboring Catlin as a fugitive without telling him. Ada was devastated when Mac lamented that she has broken his trust. Carl scoffed at Catlin for subjecting himself to legal trouble. Kathleen realized that Ben is attracted to Marley.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1984 (EP. #5131)
Perry grew concerned for Donna due to her agitated state. Lily forgot about her plans with Quinn due to Grant asking to see her. Larry and M.J. accused Donna of being close to David, but Donna maintained that she found David to be despicable. Donna became hysterical while swearing that Catlin murdered David. Ben confided to Kathleen about his troubles with Marley and football. Larry was introduced to Kathleen while he interviewed people who went to New York. Nancy was slightly alarmed when Larry showed her and Perry a photograph of Ross. Marley identified Ross as the murderer. Donna called Sally and threatened to reveal the knowledge that she is Kevin's mother to convince her to come to the Love estate. Lily asked Carter to look after Quinn so that she could go on a date with Grant. Marley failed to provide Larry with details on the murder. Donna was evasive with Catlin about the reasons he cannot leave the wine cellar, then became deranged while talking about David, Marley, and Catlin. Catlin was puzzled when Donna swore that she will alleviate his loneliness. Nancy became scared while talking to Perry about Catlin. Donna blackmailed Sally into telling the police that she knew David socially and nothing more. Grant gave Carter a curfew. Lily volunteered to move into Grant and Carter's place. Donna vowed to send Marley to Switzerland after going on a diatribe about Ben pursuing Marley. Peter agreed with Felicia and Cass's conclusion that the voice of the phone caller was Cecile. Sally went to purchase a gun.

SEPTEMBER 6, 1984 (EP. #5132)
Kathleen urged Ben not to let money stand in the way of having a romance with Marley. Catlin grew desperate to leave the Love estate. Donna tried to assure Catlin that she will hide him from the police. Hunter and Marley agreed to be friends. M.J. accused Kathleen of subjecting Ben to heartbreak by pushing him to pursue Marley because of Donna's objections towards Ben and Marley's class differences. Donna locked Catlin in the wine cellar to keep him from escaping. Carl overheard Perry and Donna discussing the wine cellar. Kathleen claimed to M.J. that she does not have a designated time in which she must return to New York. Kathleen arranged an interview with Felicia. Maisie told Kathleen that Ben is proud of her. Liz and Sally fretted over being under police surveillance. Sally retrieved a gun and bullets that she hid in a drawer. Carl and Donna were surprised when Perry initiated plans to repair the Love stables. Cass told Felicia that Peter's voice print is unnecessary because he is certain that it was Cecile who called him. Felicia chided Cass for being rude to Kathleen. Emily helped Sally escape the police officer who followed her to the hospital. Kathleen admitted to Felicia that she resigned from her publishing job in New York because of complications she experienced with a male coworker. Felicia told Kathleen that Cecile disappeared while investigating a murder. Catlin became groggy after Donna drugged him. Peter urged Donna to give Marley some independence. Carl suggested to Peter and Donna that they throw a party for Marley. Felicia and Cass declared the phone caller to be Cecile. Ben happily told Carter that Perry hired him to do repairs on the Love stables.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1984 (EP. #5133)
Donna promised Catlin that she will hide him from the authorities until she gives him approval to leave the Cory estate. Catlin hoped that Donna will ease the restrictions she imposed on him to see Sally. Cass upbraided Peter for dating Emily and putting Cecile behind him. Felicia noticed that Cecile's picture of Maggie on the mantel was missing, which prompted Cass to conclude that Cecile retrieved it. Mark accused Sally of taking the law into her own hands and helping Catlin to escape the police. Grant admitted to Lily that Thomasina is a positive influence on Carter. Lily confessed her poor background and prostitute past to Grant. Carl was suspicious of Donna's fondness for the male Love servants. Marley demanded that Carl leave for accosting Donna. Marley swooned while thinking of Ben. Felicia mused to Cass that the circumstances behind Cecile's disappearance seem to be almost supernatural. Emily told Peter that she is afraid of losing him should Cecile return. M.J. warned Sally that Catlin is forcing the authorities to hunt him by evading the police. Mark, Liz, and Alice failed to stop Sally from leaving the Matthews' house. Donna urged Marley to concentrate on Hunter. Mark and Alice vowed to have a quiet evening together. Sally fumed that M.J. tailed her to Herb's office. Catlin noticed that the wine cellar has a profound effect on Donna. Cass and Felicia received a call from Cecile, who stated she will see Cass tomorrow. Felicia asked Cass not to lecture her wanting to get some rest. Donna confided to Catlin that she done some terrible things in the past. Herb planted the suggestion into Sally's mind that she must protect herself by shooting Catlin.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1984 (EP. #5137)
Perry tricked Catlin into confessing that Donna is helping him hide from the police. Sally lied to Mark and Alice that she is steering clear of Catlin. Mark was impressed that Sally had prepared a candlelight dinner for the two of them on the terrace. Marley secretly met Ben in the woods. Marley informed Ben that Donna dislikes him because she suspects that he vandalized the high school. Cass laid into Peter for involving Emily in the investigation on Cecile's disappearance. Mark admitted to Alice that he misses Megan and wishes to have more time with her. Catlin disbelieved Donna's claims that Sally does not want to see him and likely double-crossed Catlin by contacting the police. Donna vowed to locate Marley. Ben tried to reassure Marley that he is not upset that Hunter is escorting her to a high-society party. Marley hid Ben to prevent Donna from finding her with Ben in the stables. Donna told Marley that she wants to protect her from getting hurt. Sally had a nightmare of Catlin and Ross trying to pressure her into shooting Catlin. Sally informed Alice that a psychologist is helping her with fears and memory lapses. Perry spotted Marley leaving the Love estate. Mark urged Alice not to smother Sally. Alice told Mark that she is not ready for them to make love. Perry agreed to arrange a meeting for Catlin and Sally, despite his belief that Donna may be correct that Sally does not want to see him. Cass and Peter argued over Cecile. Cass thought he spotted Cecile outside her house. Sally told Alice not to feel guilty about her blossoming romance with Mark while things are bad between Sally and Catlin. Peter, Cass, Emily, and Felicia were perplexed that Cecile fled as they called to her.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1984 (EP. #5139)
Thomasina covered for Marley so that she could be alone with Ben. Cass and Felicia debated on Ross's involvement in Cecile's disappearance. Cass refused to stop waiting for Cecile to call. Carl, Donna, Rachel, Alice, and Perry discovered a despondent Sally holding a gun while standing over a wounded Catlin. Ben and Marley talked about the future. Thomasina spirited Marley away from Ben so that Donna's suspicions would not be aroused. Perry told Carl and Donna that he does not know the circumstances behind Catlin's shooting. Carl hypothesized to Donna that Sally may not have been alone when she fired the gun. Felicia accused Cass of being obsessed with Cecile. Carl doubted Donna's claims that Perry is concerned with appearances. Marley tried to quell Hunter's anger over being left alone at the party. Cass and Felicia received a vague, disjointed phone call from Cecile. Donna freaked upon finding Perry tending to a wounded Catlin in the wine cellar. Grant and Quinn agreed to be friends for Carter and Thomasina's sake. Jamie introduced Kathleen to Quinn. Donna told Perry that she will take care of Catlin alone. Rachel feared that a hypnotist planted a suggestion in Sally's mind to kill Catlin. Alice noticed needle marks on Sally's arm. Joyce lauded Carl and Donna's work in improving the hospital. Felicia laid into Kathleen for discussing her contract with Jamie. Larry and M.J. came to interrogate Perry and see the Love's wine cellar. Alice thanked Rachel for helping her with Sally. Alice updated Liz on Sally. Cass appreciated Felicia's concern. Larry spotted blood on the wine cellar's door. A delirious Catlin mumbled about Sally shooting him. Alice cried while holding Sally.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1984 (EP. #5143)
Sandy accused Rachel of trying to turn Blaine against him. Ben and Carter quarreled. Larry tried to find out things about Herb Harris from Sally, who agreed to go to Boston. Donna reminisced about the boy she loved. Carter attacked Hunter because he'd said something unrepeatable about Thomasina. Marley became interested in football. Lily was depressed about Grant, who felt badly. Rachel encountered Ross at the bar. Felicia happily told Peter, Lily, and Emily that a psychic confirmed her belief that Cass is still alive, but Peter was dubious towards the psychic's credibility. Emily decided against having dinner with Peter because of his skepticism. Lily didn't share Felicia's optimism that the police will find the results of the seance beneficial to finding Cass. Donna berated Perry for letting Catlin see Sally in the secret cellar because it may expose her secrets concerning the room. Marley reassured Ben that she does not care about wealth and social class. Ben and Marley conceded that Donna objects to their romance and promised that they will not fight with each other. M.J. offered to stake out the Cory estate so that Larry could get back to Clarice. Ross planted a bomb in Larry's car. Clarice was upset with Larry for allowing his police work to affect their personal lives. Catlin and Sally enjoyed a few romantic moments together. Nancy frantically told Larry that she spotted Ross in the parking lot. The bomb in Larry's car was designated while Clarice in it.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1984 (EP. #5144)
Rachel reassured Blaine, who worried about her family. Donna was offended that Carl and Sandy were doing business in her house, and told Carl Sandy used to be a gigolo. Larry brought the kids to visit a recuperating Clarice. Catlin advised Sally not to think about a wedding in their future. Grant was thrilled when Carter received a scholarship offer. Nancy was upset. Carl offered Sandy Peter's spot on the hospital board. MJ arrested both Catlin and Sally.

OCTOBER 2, 1984 (EP. #5150)
Catlin was allowed to visit Clarice in hospital before being transferred. Larry tackled MJ, who fired shots at an escaping Catlin.

OCTOBER 3, 1984 (EP. #5151)
McKinnon patriarch Vince returned because MJ had called and told him about Ben's suspension. Joyce told Sally and Alice that Catlin got away. Felicia was taken aback when Vince mistook her for his daughter and slapped her on the behind. Thomasina brought Cory to visit Clarice. Carter cheered up a depressed Cory. Sandy told Rachel off with Jamie interrupting at intervals. Kathleen seemed none too pleased to see her father. Quinn suggested to Grant that Lily speak to the student body about vandalism. MJ was furious with Larry, who was suspended. Rachel backed away from the telephone in horror when Ross called.

OCTOBER 15, 1984 (EP. #5159)
Lily made a strong impression on students about being mean to other people. Kathleen regained consciousness. Cass fell out of a window while fighting with Ross. Donna tried to flee the country club while swearing that she is not keeping secrets from anyone. Sandy seethed over Donna's attitude towards him. Ross escaped from Catlin. Joyce made strange phone calls concerning syringes. M.J. lambasted Cass, Felicia, and Kathleen for endangering their own lives by going after Ross. Sandy harangued Donna for mistreating him in public. Ben balked at talking to Marley because she is spending time with Hunter, despite Thomasina's concerted efforts. Hunter ridiculed Nancy for coming to the homecoming dance without a date. Felicia notified Vince of Kathleen's condition. Blaine lamented over Sandy's absence while playing with Alex. Donna fooled Sandy into believing that they had called a truce. Joyce lectured Ross on making his asthma worse by smoking while tending to him. Vince blamed Felicia for causing Kathleen to be injured. Cass dislocated his shoulder. Cass and Peter nearly came to blows over Donna's possible guilt. Kathleen was upset with Vince. Grant convinced Carter to rest during the evening. Carl failed to quell Donna's fears that she will be arrested. Ben laid into Marley for coming to the dance with Hunter. Cass hypothesized to Kathleen that an attempt was made on her life because she was mistaken for Cecile and that she must still be alive.

OCTOBER 19, 1984 (EP. #5163)
Lily and Thomasina bullied Quinn into making Grant behave and rest after his attack of angina pectoris. Joyce returned to her apartment to find Ross in charge of Bobby. Kathleen, Felicia, and Cass discussed the book about Catlin. Carter was pleased that Thomasina stayed at the hospital so late last night. Donna learned her records had been stolen. Catlin and Sally elected to stay in Crystal Lake and get Ross.

OCTOBER 22, 1984 (EP. #5164)
Cass and Kathleen got locked in Donna’s wine cellar.

OCTOBER 23, 1984 (EP. #5165)
Hunter apologized to Thomasina. Catlin beat up a man giving Sally grief. Quinn and Grant discussed raising children alone. Felicia searched for Cass and Kathleen in the wine cellar, but got locked in with them. Perry thanked Vince for helping cook meals at Smiley’s. Nancy pored over homecoming photographs. Catlin got ready to kick the door in and surprise Ross.

OCTOBER 24, 1984 (EP. #5166)
Catlin rescued Wallingford (tied to a chair) from a bomb in Ross’s apartment. Carl forbade Ross from killing anyone. Sally suspected Wally stole their evidence against Donna. Nancy raved to Donna about Perry. Donna wouldn’t tell Perry what she’d been burning. Lily let Wallingford into the wine cellar to rescue Felicia, Kathleen, and Cass, who threatened to take Wally apart if he doesn't tell them where Cecile is. Ben was eager to get in Donna's good books. Vince thought it was Cass’s fault Kathleen was out all night.

OCTOBER 26, 1984 (EP. #5168)
Alex was taken to hospital. Blaine was pleased that Sandy flew back to see how he was. Peter deduced that the handkerchief belonged to Felicia so he went to Cecile's and yelled at them all. Cass confronted Donna with the file. After Donna made Peter get the file back, she finally admitted to him that she is Marley's mother. Larry and MJ followed Catlin with the tracking device but they didn't find him. Catlin and Sally got a call from Wallingford which led to Catlin boarding a plane after Sally hotwired a jeep.

OCTOBER 29, 1984 (EP. #5169)
Catlin mistakenly knocked Sally out when she snuck onboard the plane. Kathleen discovered that Cass has been embezzling from Winthrop Publishing. Ben and Carter disapproved of Nancy inviting Hunter, Skip, and Buffy to her party. Cass said he has a prospective investor called Tony Jones from whom he can get the money to pay it back. Peter convinced Cass to give up his copies of Donna's medical records. Ross changed the appearance of the horse to make it look like one in a photograph. Sandy didn't want to tell Blaine what business he did for Carl in Kentucky. Carl called Alex a splendid little tyke.

OCTOBER 30, 1984 (EP. #5170)
MJ was alarmed to see Tony Jones, and told Kathleen he was known as Tony the Tuna, a loan shark. Sandy asked Blaine to trust him and not move back in right away. Wallingford called Rocco (Tony’s bodyguard) a meat truck disguised as a man. Lily sang at the restaurant, but was unhappy to see Quinn and Grant together. Marley and Ben suspected Hunter was drunk. Rachel felt that Jamie should get married. Perry threw all the preppies out of the house when Nancy complained the party was awful. Cass tried to calm down a furious Kathleen, who had spent all night trying to escape Tony’s clutches. A drunk Hunter smashed his car into Mac and Rachel’s.

Note: First mention of Cheryl McKinnon.

NOVEMBER 1, 1984 (EP. #5172)
Lily wanted Perry to buy Tallboys with her. Felicia disapproved, but she's going to give her the money. Catlin won't let Sally stay with him while he tries to find a place to hide the horse. Emily came to see Marley. She made small talk with Carl. Wallingford was pleased to meet Lily. Marley pressed Donna to have Ben over for dinner. Lily and Wallingford gave Bates’ place a going over. Kathleen told Cass she fell in love with a man at her old firm. The man she loved then went to Europe with his wife and children. They then drove her out of the company. Kathleen asked Felicia for the money to pay the IRS. Carl wanted the horse desperately. He said he doesn't care what they do to Catlin and Sally just as long as the horse is returned in good condition. Felicia and Lily followed the recipe they found at Bates’. Lily and Felicia ate it but it turned out to be a laxative. Cecile called Cass to ask for his help.

NOVEMBER 2, 1984 (EP. #5173)
Catlin and Sally hid behind a tree and spotted a child taking the racehorse. Marley cautioned Ben against drowning his sorrows by drinking. Ben convinced Marley to forgive him, but warned Hunter to stay away from Marley. Lila persuaded Perry into buying Tallboys and installing Grant as its manager. Cass discovered that Cecile is overseas by calling the phone company. M.J. was displeased to find Kathleen with Jamie, who adamantly refused to purchase Winthrop Publishing or do business with Kathleen. Catlin chastised Sally for refusing to return to Bay City. Kathleen was unapologetic when a furious M.J. upbraided her for shamelessly flirting with Jamie. Wallingford took Felicia out to dinner since Cass decided to wait for Cecile to call him. Jamie apologized to Kathleen, then shared some kisses with M.J. Ben did not share Marley's sympathy for Hunter, but was impressed by Marley's forgiving nature. Lily was thrilled that Grant is the manager of Tallboys, wants her to perform regularly at the restaurant, and renovate it. Cass accused Kathleen of pouring on the charm with men like Tony the Tuna and Jamie to achieve her goals. Kathleen resented Cass's efforts to protect her. Cass and Kathleen agreed that they make a good team but have different priorities in life. Cass made a list of places where Cecile might be. Tony reminded Cass that he is overdue on his payments. Catlin and Sally eluded Ross's henchmen.

NOVEMBER 5, 1984 (EP. #5174)
Catlin and Sally found a leather pouch with a crest with three rings on it. Cass forbade Kathleen to try to get money out of Tony. Hunter’s father was determined to keep his son out of jail. Catlin and Sally enjoyed a romantic moment in a barn. Sandy told Brian what he overheard after listening in as Carl spoke to a man in Majorca over the phone. Kathleen talked Jamie into buying her stock in Winthrop for $50,000. Mac told Hunter to call him if he ever needed his help. Cass and Wally brainstormed about Cecile’s possible location.

NOVEMBER 7, 1984 (EP. #5176)
Ben was impressed when Marley forgave Hunter. Lily got Perry to agree to buy Tall Boys with her money and install Grant as manager. Kathleen failed to convince Jamie to buy Winthrop Publishing. MJ warned Kathleen to keep her hands off Jamie. Grant was thrilled about his new job. Cass kissed Kathleen in his mad excitement upon deducing that Cecile is alive. Wallingford asked Felicia out to dinner. Catlin and Sally chased the runaway horse but ran into danger.

NOVEMBER 8, 1984 (EP. #5177)
To sneak past Tony onto the plane, Cass dressed in women's clothes, with Kathleen following him as a stewardess. Catlin and Sally found an old house with an old man. Sally got sick.

NOVEMBER 9, 1984 (EP. #5178)
Alice got to Peter's apartment and found Mark shot and unconscious, with Donna hovering around dazedly holding a gun. Felicia was flattered that Tony and Rocco were such fans of her books. Catlin and Sally opened the suitcases to find two bullfighters' outfits and two monks' habits, which they tried on. Grant described his plans for Tall Boys to Quinn. Felicia wasn’t thrilled when Wallingford told her who Tony was. Ross made the old man tell him where Catlin and Sally were. MJ arrested Donna, who said she was innocent. Peter arrived to represent Donna. Wallingford claimed to be Felicia's husband to get her away from Tony, and to join Lily for dinner. Grant kissed Quinn goodnight. Ross threw a knife at a fleeing Catlin and Sally.

NOVEMBER 12, 1984 (EP. #5179)
Catlin and Sally were rescued by Cass and Kathleen, who had been driving around Majorca lost. Sandy and Peter both wanted Brian to take Donna’s case. Ben sympathized with Donna while Marley and Larry wanted her to be convicted. Kathleen looked stricken when Cass raved about loving Cecile. Peter was annoyed when Carl swooped in to the police station and tried to take charge. Kathleen got new clothes for Catlin and Sally, who shocked the bellboy with risqué behavior while still dressed as monks. Ben rushed to Marley’s side as she collapsed.

NOVEMBER 13, 1984 (EP. #5180)
Ben and Donna worried about Marley. Alice blubbered over Mark. Cass bullied waiters about the meaning of the insignia on the leather pouch. Hunter arrived to see how Marley was doing and Ben threw him up against a wall. Catlin and Sally danced outside to Julio Iglesias. Catlin saw the insignia on a handkerchief and followed the bearer. Brian represented Donna, who denied shooting Mark. Kathleen worried about Cass, who disappeared after attacking the German consul. A sinister woman wearing a ring entered Mark's room and pulled the plug on him.

NOVEMBER 14, 1984 (EP. #5181)
Alice saved Mark’s life, then told Peter that someone unhooked the machines attached to Mark on purpose. Cass and Kathleen managed a German-French-English translation. Carl called Mac's business practices devious. Emily let herself in to Peter's apartment and thought about shooting Mark. Wallingford denied all knowledge when Tony demanded to know Cass’s whereabouts. Emily put drugs in Peter's orange juice and prepared to give him a fatal injection. Felicia told Rachel the book about Catlin was going to take a while longer. Kathleen pushed Cass into the pool when he made an ill-timed remark.

NOVEMBER 15, 1984 (EP. #5182)
Nancy told Marley about Ben's concern for her. Nancy and Perry planned a picnic. Carter said he misses Lily around the apartment. Cass quizzed a Senor Sanchez about horses and Cecile. Grant asked Quinn out. An unhappy Lily gave Quinn permission when she asked Lily if she would mind if she went out with Grant. Joyce told Emily about Mark recovering. Peter told Donna about Mark, but warned it didn’t clear her of his shooting. Catlin and Sally were thrilled that Cass said he had spotted but then lost Cecile. Sanchez went to Ross.

NOVEMBER 16, 1984 (EP. #5183)
Marley visited Donna in jail. Cass spied on them when a gangster came to talk to Kathleen. Catlin and Sally danced on the terrace. Cass and Kathleen argued about the gangster. Alice told Peter she thinks Donna's guilty. Mac was perturbed when Hunter brought a flower for Rachel from Carl. Alice showed Peter the hidden room, which he had never seen before, and they found photos of a boy. Sally disappeared. Cass was carried away by Ross and his goons.

NOVEMBER 19, 1984 (EP. #5184)
Ben found Marley snooping around the wine cellar. Perry and Nancy made plans to go horse riding. Sandy showed Brian evidence of Carl’s creative accounting. Peter entered in time to hear Carl telling Emily not to contradict him and immediately leaped to her defense. Sally came to and realized she was being held hostage. Catlin lost his temper when the police refused to look for Sally, but Cass talked the lieutenant down and Kathleen faked a fainting spell. Carl has a collection of Rachel Davis sculptures, to which he wanted to add her "Perspective of Love." Peter and Emily hopped into bed. Sally hammered on the door to be let out.

NOVEMBER 20, 1984 (EP. #5185)
Catlin insisted that the waiter knows where Sally is, but a policeman sent Catlin to his room. Rachel, Mac, and Nancy were in raptures because someone was buying Rachel's art. Blaine invited Larry over to oil Alex's crib. Mark is stable. Perry paid Mac back. Frank Wells tried to reassure Sally she was safe, and later forbade Ross from killing her. Catlin sent Cass and Kathleen out to look for Sally. Peter and Emily spooned. Kathleen was rushed into a waiting car and spirited away. When Cass returned (after giving chase) the real Cecile was there. Carl woke Peter up after Emily left.

NOVEMBER 21, 1984 (EP. #5186)
Cecile explained that she is sort of working for these people but not really illegally, just to save her life. Jamie agreed to pay Felicia a cash advance on her next novel when she learned that Kathleen didn't have the money to pay Winthrop Publishing taxes. Larry and Alice fretted about Sally. Cecile agreed reluctantly to help save Kathleen. Kathleen was questioned by Frank. Grant told Quinn he broke up with Lily because he couldn’t come to terms with her past as a prostitute. Wallingford offered helpful suggestions as Felicia started to write. "Edward Marlowe was the kind of man every woman could desire. He was handsome ..." "And black" said Lily. "And short" chimed in Wallingford. Ben and Marley dined at Tall Boys. Catlin got angry when Felipe explained the respectability of Frank Wells.

NOVEMBER 22, 1984 (EP. #5187)
Rachel wondered about Carl's perverted reasoning. Wallingford and Felicia covered for Cass to Tony, whom Lily invited to stay to Thanksgiving dinner. Ross enjoyed watching Sally sleep. Ada and Blaine welcomed Brian and Sandy to the Cory Thanksgiving dinner. Mac wore a wild red sweater. Nancy took Thanksgiving dinner to Perry. Ross tied up and gagged Kathleen. Catlin warned Cass and Cecile about the ruthlessness of the people they're dealing with.

NOVEMBER 23, 1984 (EP. #5188)
Sally tried to talk Frank into letting her go. Cass told Cecile to dance with Santiago and steal a key from him. A plumpish woman told Cass what a handsome caballero he was. Felicia, with Wallingford and Lily, presented Jamie with her six inspired chapters. Mark had an out-of-body experience but Alice's ravings brought him back. Blaine attacked Sandy about Carl's artistic taste. Carl said Sandy was like a son to him and intended to reward his loyalty. Cecile found Kathleen; they quarreled a good deal about Cass being fonder of one than the other. Mark told Peter that it was Emily who shot him. Sandy asked Brian not to give up Donna's case. Ross found Cecile and pulled a knife on her.

NOVEMBER 26, 1984 (EP. #5189)
Catlin skulked around the grounds of the Wells ranch, passing under a balcony just moments before Sally walked out onto it. MJ apologized to Donna after Peter arrived to free her and lay the blame of Mark's shooting on Emily. Blaine begged Sandy to trust her. Carl and Marley welcomed a free Donna home. Alice and Mark were shocked to discover he can’t move his legs. Cass and Kathleen were arrested for aiding and abetting a fugitive. Emily arrived at the ranch. Mac and Rachel worried about Carl’s plan to acquire more of her sculptures. Larry rejoined the Force. Ross captured Catlin and brought him aboard a boat.

NOVEMBER 27, 1984 (EP. #5190)
Alice assured Mark they’d run tests on his legs. Joyce was surprised that Mark somehow knew about Bobby. Catlin swam ashore. Emily was upset when Carl phoned to tell her that the police know she shot Mark. Mac told Carl it was cowardly for Carl to try to hurt him by hurting the ones he loves. Frank hoped Emily would talk sense into Ross. Cecile found Sally drugged and unconscious. Cass and Kathleen strolled on the beach. Ross recaptured Sally. Sally recoiled in horror when Ross stabbed and killed Frank Wells.

NOVEMBER 28, 1984 (EP. #5191)
Donna told Sandy that Carl’s father committed suicide. Felicia told Peter that Cass was in Majorca. Emily drugged Cecile and Kathleen, then pulled a gun on Cass and made him take the drug as well. Ross put Sally in a tower of the castle to await the helicopter. Sandy told Brian about Carl's father. Felicia and Lily found Wallingford beaten and bloody after he had an encounter with Tony and Rocco. Catlin arrived at the castle.

NOVEMBER 29, 1984 (EP. #5192)
Sally was pursued by Ross, who was ambushed by Catlin lying in wait near the edge of the roof. Ross then fell off the castle to his death. Catlin and Sally visited Cass, Cecile, and Kathleen in hospital. Alice, Mark, and Kevin were thrilled when Sally phoned to say she was alright and heading home. Felicia, on the warpath, confronted Tony about the beating up of Wallingford. Wallingford told Lily of his career as a mannequin repairman. Brian told Peter of the Majorcan goings-on. A disguised Emily got on the plane. Catlin and Sally reached their surprise destination.

NOVEMBER 30, 1984 (EP. #5193)
Ada told Larry and MJ about Majorca. Felicia spoke to Kathleen on the phone, as Lily and Wallingford sang in the background. Sally and Catlin enjoyed their time alone at the renovated old house they had hidden out in. Cecile sneaked away after arguing with Cass and Kathleen. Carl managed to get Nancy on his side against Mac. Perry wanted to be more than just the best friend Nancy's ever had. Cecile said she's not going back to the States and said, "Vaya con dios, querido,” to Cass, who cursed at her as she sailed away on a yacht with a mysterious man.

DECEMBER 3, 1984 (EP. #5194)
Felicia and Lily denied all knowledge about Cass, but Wallingford spilled the beans to Tony about Cass’s arrival at the airport. Kathleen found out Cecile’s yacht is registered to a crown prince. Rachel lacked inspiration for her artwork because of Carl. Kathleen was caught by Tony and Rocco at the airport but Cass got past in women's clothing. Alice didn’t want Mark to know Emily escaped, but he knew anyway and realized he was psychic. Nancy thanked Mac then Perry for the riding habit, not realizing Carl had sent it. Mac gave Jamie a blank cheque to buy "Casey's Dream," a horse Carl was interested in. Kathleen asked Vince’s help with an old friend named Krystal Lake. Maisie offered to put Krystal up in a room for rent. Sandy walked in the auction room and bid over Jamie.

DECEMBER 4, 1984 (EP. #5195)
Jamie won the auction. Carl told Perry he bought the habit to make Nancy happy. Tony warned Felicia, Lily, and Wallingford that Cass had to pay. Cass forbade Kathleen from telling anyone he was in town. Ada tried to reason with Rachel, who was adamant that Nancy give Carl back the habit. Catlin and Sally walked along the water. Mac was ecstatic to have won the horse, but Carl was livid to have lost it. Carl begged Mac to sell him the horse.

DECEMBER 5, 1984 (EP. #5196)
When Catlin and Sally arrived at the Matthews house they were greeted warmly by Liz and Kevin. Alice installed Mark in a downstairs bedroom at the Matthews'. Carl returned Rachel's sculptures in deference to Mac's terms. Carl almost caught Marley in the secret cellar room. Catlin and Sally visited Larry, MJ, and Clarice at the police station. Sandy snuck in to the Love stables to inspect Carl’s horse.

DECEMBER 6, 1984 (EP. #5197)
Donna hid Sandy, who didn’t want Carl to find him in the stables, but Carl later found Sandy's blackened rag. Kathleen tried to get Jamie to take the paperback rights to Catlin’s book. Sandy asked for MJ and Jamie's help. Mark presciently knew of Liz’s burned pies. Mac and Rachel ate dinner alone and danced after Ada left for Sally’s party. Brian learned Ted was ill. Nancy worried about the effect Carl's vendetta will have on her relationship with Perry. Larry, MJ, and Catlin arrived at the Love mansion to inspect the horse in the stables.

DECEMBER 7, 1984 (EP. #5198)
Larry, MJ, and Catlin checked the horse out but it wasn't painted. Maisie interrupted a romantic moment between Cass and Kathleen. Thomasina and Marley landed cameo roles in the school play. Ben talked to Jamie about MJ. Sandy told Jamie all. Carl found Donna in her secret room and threatened to tell Marley if she tried to throw him out of the mansion.

DECEMBER 10, 1984 (EP. #5199)
Donna had nightmares about Carl telling Marley her secret. Catlin and Sally took Kevin to lunch at Smiley’s, then Liz came and got him. Wallingford was entertained when Maisie almost caught Cass without his wig and dress. Sandy acted innocent when Carl suspected he was the one who tipped the police off. Larry was frustrated because Jamie won't say why he told them to check out the Love stables. Ben wanted Marley to move into his house but she declined.

DECEMBER 11, 1984 (EP. #5200)
Mac barricaded the mansion against Carl. Donna went bats when she couldn't find Marley. MJ said the police needed more information but Jamie refused to tell her any more. Krystal had lunch with Tony. Maisie was confused when Kathleen told Felicia she didn’t know who Tony’s date was. Kathleen palmed her mother’s cameo. Wallingford told Cass about a horse race. Sandy enthusiastically derided Jamie when Carl fingered him as the one who had called the police. Blaine stood stricken in the doorway as Sandy planted a calculated kiss on Donna. Carl took a photo of those who live at the Corys' and wondered aloud who would hurt Mac the most.

DECEMBER 12, 1984 (EP. #5201)
Donna was relieved when Marley came home. Catlin decided not to tell Sally after he was turned down for a mortgage. Mark tried to talk Blaine out of divorcing Sandy, while Larry was understanding. Donna was mum when MJ asked her about the horses. Felicia was angry at Cass and Wallingford for not telling her about Krystal. Mark divined both Kevin and Liz’s secrets. Kathleen bet five blue tickets on Cornbread to win. Carl terrorized Donna, who felt like killing him.

DECEMBER 13, 1984 (EP. #5202)
Blaine told Sandy she wanted a divorce. Cornbread lost. MJ was furious with Kathleen for pawning their mother’s cameo. Mac and Rachel made Christmas plans. Wallingford told Cass about Kathleen's bet. Carl was coolly insolent when Mac threatened to kill him if Carl hurts his family. Cass claimed he's doing research for a book when Jamie caught him as Krystal. Donna was insistent that Carl stay home and drink her tea.

DECEMBER 14, 1984 (EP. #5203)
Donna knocked the cup from Carl’s hands, and later Sandy said she’d done the right thing not trying to poison him. A frantic Rachel searched for Amanda when she heard what she thought was her daughter’s voice in a building. Mac worried about Rachel. Mark helped Helen Gilbert find her husband, and Alice and Liz discussed Mark's psychic knowledge in covert whispers. Perry insisted Carl's not a murderer. Maisie confided to Ada she felt Krystal was homely. Catlin asked Sally to marry him. Lily and Grant made stilted small talk. Thomasina tried to sooth a stressed Carter. A hysterical Rachel arrived at the Love estate looking for Carl.

DECEMBER 17, 1984 (EP. #5204)
Amanda returned home safely. Liz wanted Mark to find out what's bothering Catlin so they can help Sally and Catlin. Mac comforted Rachel and told Donna that Carl was sick and she should throw him out. Kathleen and MJ agonized when Vince wanted MJ to wear the cameo to Christmas Eve Mass. Carter and Thomasina felt out of sorts after having spent the night together. Sandy intervened when Jamie threatened Carl with a gun. Grant apologized to Lily for not being able to forgive her the prostitution. Alice was thrilled when Catlin and Sally decided on a February 21 wedding date. Jamie told Blaine to slow up the divorce. MJ arrested him Jamie.

DECEMBER 18, 1984 (EP. #5205)
Larry promised Carl he was going to get him for Clarice’s accident. Cass and Wallingford interrupted Kathleen’s lunch with a potential client. Larry quizzed MJ about the gun Jamie used, but MJ decided to be his girlfriend over being a cop. Ada, Liz, and Brian were stranded at the old cabin. Mac and Rachel had a sleigh ride with the kids. Jamie covered when Blaine caught him trying to phone Sandy. Stowaway, the horse that beat Cornbread, was revealed to be owned by Carl. Sandy exulted at finally having the evidence against Carl, "I've got you now, Hutchins. Finally, I've got you.”

DECEMBER 19, 1984 (EP. #5206)
Kevin was confused when Catlin and Sally told him they were getting married. Larry and Rachel both told Blaine to forget about Sandy. Carl showed Sandy his will. He left almost everything to Sandy except for a little to Perry and his daughters. Wallingford accused Cass of wanting to help Kathleen for romance's sake but Cass claimed pure unadulterated business. Maisie told Felicia she thought Krystal rather wistful and weak. Carl listened to the tape of Sandy arguing with Mac on his behalf. He heard another bit this time and heard Jamie begging Sandy to tell Mac. “Betrayed!” yelled Carl. Krystal Lake was introduced to Kevin, who said that wasn't a name but a place. Carl told Sandy that betrayal is the most pernicious of sins and played the tape for him. Carl drugged Sandy.

DECEMBER 20, 1984 (EP. #5207)
Mark was miffed when Kevin asked if he’s going to live at the Matthews forever. Brian, Liz, and Ada played charades in the old cabin. Maisie and Tony felt sorry for poor Krystal. Blaine and Rachel rescued Sandy from Carl. Thomasina told Carter that what happened the other night can't happen again. Kathleen cried over her mother’s photo. Alice, Sally, and Catlin enjoyed Christmas cookies. Mac and Jamie welcomed Sandy back into the family fold.

DECEMBER 21, 1984 (EP. #5208)
Tony asked Krystal to have dinner with him Christmas Eve. Larry bought Clarice a computer for Christmas. Catlin found Brian, Liza, and Ada at the cabin, and learned they were giving him a down payment for a mortgage. Marley and Donna were pleased when Perry threw Carl out of the mansion. Catlin, Sally, Liz, Kevin, and Alice were stunned to see Mark on his feet and walking.

DECEMBER 24, 1984 (EP. #5209)
Wallingford failed to talk Cass out of having Krystle borrow money from Tony. Perry brought Carl a gift but wouldn’t spend Christmas with him. Tony and Rocco realized Krystal was Cass. As Vince banged on Kathleen’s bedroom door and MJ fretted, Cass crawled through the window and gave her back her mother’s cameo. Mac, Rachel, Ada, Jamie, Sandy, Blaine, the young Cory kids, Nancy, Quinn, Thomasina, Carter, Catlin, Sally, Kevin, Mark, Alice celebrated Christmas Eve.

DECEMBER 25, 1984 (EP. #5210)
Sally assured Kevin that Santa would always come visit. Maisie invited Cass to the McKinnons' with her but Krystle declined. Rachel and Mac and Alex interrupted a romantic moment between Sandy and Blaine. Vince is happy to have Kathleen home for Christmas. Rachel apologized to Sandy for losing faith in him. Donna and Marley and Ben arrived at the Mckinnon house. Felicia and Wallingford brought a lonely Cass a Christmas tree and gifts from Stacey and Marie. Liz welcomed Catlin to the Matthews family. Mac led the discussion on how to fight Carl. Blaine and Sandy dropped by Larry and Clarice’s. Catlin and Sally and Mark and Alice and Liz and Kevin arrived at the cabin, Catlin’s Christmas gift to Sally. The Todds then Jamie stopped by the McKinnon house. Mac made a speech.

DECEMBER 26, 1984 (EP. #5211)
Larry presented an incredulous Catlin with an application for cadet school. Clarice and Sally extolled the predicted beauty of Catlin in uniform. Blaine and Jamie pressed MJ to press charges against Carl. Carl accused Perry of being on Mac's side. Donna told Carl she wasn't afraid of him and she wouldn't let him ruin her family. Nancy is upset about Perry being Carl's son. MJ and Larry burst into Carl’s office.

DECEMBER 27, 1984 (EP. #5212)
Larry booked Carl for violating an environmental statute. Henchman Duke reported to Tony that Cass risked his neck to borrow $5,000 from Tony to buy back the brooch for Kathleen. A skittish Thomasina rebuffed Carter’s kisses. Mac, Blaine, Jamie, and Ada plotted against Carl. Larry told Clarice he suspected Carl of being behind her blowing up. Catlin’s police cadet interview didn’t go well. Kathleen told Cass he should not have borrowed money from Tony again. Felicia threw herself at Carl but he accused her of being under Mac's direction. Carl phoned to arrange a meeting with Mac.

DECEMBER 28, 1984 (EP. #5213)
MJ was upset to see Kathleen flirt with Tony. Felicia and Wallingford told Cass that Kathleen's risking her neck for him by playing up to Tony. Carl finagled Mac to the television studio where the doors locked behind him. Maisie, Grant, and Ben tried to prop up Ben, who sulked about Thomasina. Quinn pressed Clarice to come back to work. Lily prepared to sing at Tallboys. Carl’s recorded voice tried to provoke Mac into suicide. Mac yelled as a body fell from the catwalk.

DECEMBER 31, 1984 (EP. #5214)
As Krystal went through the door at the Tall Boy’s New Year’s Eve party, his wig was snagged off by a decoration. Tony let Cass know he knew. Wallingford showed Cass the wig. Rocco was eager to pound Cass into jelly. Mac dashed out of the studio without examining the body. Thomasina and Carter made up after Ben and Marley brought them together at Smiley’s. Clarice told Carl off, "If you'd killed me my kids might not have had a mother." Mac raved about the events of the evening to MJ and Larry, but Carl denied all. Tony gave Cass two weeks and allowed Rocco to smash him up a bit. Sally and Catlin were glad to finally be alone after Liz, Alice, Kevin, and Mark left the cabin. Felicia and Wallingford reminisced about Caroline, their mutual gorilla, and danced. Mac let Jamie know he was just acting to make Carl think he was unhinged. Lily became ill having to watch Quinn and Grant together. Perry confronted Carl. Kathleen ministered to Cass.