JANUARY 1, 1985: Pre-empted for Tournament of Roses Parade and Fiesta Bowl.

JANUARY 2, 1985 (EP. #5215)
Felicia and Wallingford felt guilty when Maisie fumed about being made a fool of. Kathleen admitted to MJ she loves Cass. Carl tried to convinced Perry that Mac is evil and out to destroy him. Sally told a tearful Nancy to be like her, and fight to be with the man she loves. Sally and Clarice commiserated about the dangers of having cop husbands. Jamie fumed about the lack of evidence against Carl while Mac insisted Carl needed to be stopped. Kathleen demanded the police arrest Cass for stealing her car. Catlin had his first day of cadet training and was bullied by the martial arts instructor.

JANUARY 3, 1985 (EP. #5216)
Kathleen was furious when MJ and Larry refused to file a police report on Cass. Kevin smashed Larry's coffee cup when he overheard Sally tell Kathleen about her wedding. Clarice fretted when Larry made plans to investigate Carl in London. Catlin was assigned cleanup duty. Perry accused Mac of just wanting to gall Carl. Nancy fretted when Mac and Jamie hoped that Scotland Yard can link Carl to the Flynn murder. Felicia and Wallingford came up short with funds to bail out Cass. Carl had the police thrown out of his office. Vince invited Carter and Thomasina to stay to dinner with him and Ben and Marley to celebrate that Thomasina was accepted for pre-med at Bay State.

JANUARY 4, 1985 (EP. #5217)
Sally agreed to look after Bobby for Joyce, but Kevin hit him out of jealousy over Bobby's adoption is almost final and Kevin feels that Sally despises him. Wallingford told MJ, Larry, and Jamie that Carl is running Stowaway today in the fifth at Bay City Downs. Felicia showed Kathleen the fake jewelry that Louis had given her. Mark told Donna that Peter's tracking Emily in Europe. Alice quizzed Thomasina about her sex life. Carl arranged the sale of Stowaway to take place immediately after the race. Sally told Catlin off for undermining her authority with Kevin. Marley interrupted when Carter tried to talk to Thomasina. Cass was stunned when Kathleen pressed car-theft charges against him.

JANUARY 7, 1985 (EP. #5218)
Cass disagreed when Kathleen felt he was safer in jail. Thomasina told Carter that Alice is going to prescribe the Pill for her. Grant blew his stack when Lily told him she was behind his job at Tall Boys. Wallingford felt Felicia was cowardly for not asking Lily for her loan back. MJ didn't sympathize with Cass. Jamie, Sandy, and Mac showed up at the Races to prevent Carl from selling the horse, which was still in Sandy's name. Rachel refused to hide from Carl.

JANUARY 8, 1985 (EP. #5219)
Alice told Thomasina she's pregnant. Carl forced Donna for access to Love Donation stock as collateral for a loan, else he would lose KBAY. Maisie and Grant were concerned about Perry. Marley asked Donna why she hadn't told her about that hidden room downstairs and was told about the boy Donna'd loved. Nancy cried on Mac's shoulder. Thomasina kept mum to Quinn and Carter. Catlin made amends with Sally and tried to be extra friendly to Kevin.

JANUARY 9, 1985 (EP. #5220)
Marley and Donna welcomed Peter home. Alice and Thomasina covered when Quinn overheard them talking intimately. Cass objected when Kathleen offered Tony the rights to the novel Cass wrote. Grant and Maisie worried about Perry. Thomasina and Perry hugged and cried about their troubles. Peter tried his best to intimidate Carl.

JANUARY 10, 1985 (EP. #5221)
MJ and Larry told Mac, Rachel, and Jamie that Emily had been nurse to Flynn, old employee of the Hutchins family business who died of arsenic poisoning. Peter told Carl he knew Emily was taking orders from him. Catlin had breakfast with Sally and supported a fellow cadet at work. Wallingford told Cass and Kathleen there needs to be more sex in the book. Carl was surprised to receive a phone call from Emily.

JANUARY 11, 1985 (EP. #5222)
Thomasina cried on Perry's shoulder, arriving late for a dinner party with Carter, Grant, and Quinn. MJ told Peter off for coming on too strong with Carl. Felicia and Wallingford were upset when Cass snubbed Kathleen to go on a date with Dominique, an old flame. Carter and Thomasina professed their love after she told him she was pregnant. Carl told Emily she was foolish to have returned to Bay City.

JANUARY 14, 1985 (EP. #5223)
Emily tried to be defiant in the face of Carl's threats to leave town. Jamie and MJ cooked dinner for Cass and Kathleen while Prometheus hung around. Thomasina told Carter she'd told Perry first because it was easier to talk to him. Vince and Maisie discussed Perry focusing so much energy on managing Smiley's. Hunt came on strong to Nancy but bolted when Ada walked in. Larry phoned MJ about Emily. Peter assured Emily he could protect her from Carl.

JANUARY 15, 1985 (EP. #5224)
Jamie and Sandy wondered who Emily's mystery man was. Donna told Peter she had been helpless in the face of Carl's blackmail. Grant tried to mediate when Perry and Carter almost came to blows over incorrect colour plates. Lily interrupted when Thomasina tried to talk to Quinn, who later found Thom's pregnancy pamphlets. Donna wished Catlin and Sally good luck on their engagement. Mark tried to warn Peter about Emily. Thomasina agreed to marry Carter. Peter refused to let Emily turn herself in. MJ and Mac realized Peter was the man Emily was secretly seeing.

JANUARY 16, 1985 (EP. #5225)
Peter covered when Donna almost found Emily in her secret room. Quinn blew her stack and cried to Lily when Carter and Thomasina told them she was pregnant. Grant was struck dumb by the news. Emily confessed to Donna that she'd known Carl for ten years and had introduced her to Royal Dunning. Carl had told her David Thatcher was a wicked man who wanted to take the babies away from their boughten families so she shot him. Carl was bemused to see Donna with a gun. Peter clammed up while being grilled by Jamie and MJ. After complaining to MJ about her bowling date with Cass, Kathleen called to invite him to dinner. "Cass Cadwallader Winthrop, hold onto your hat. Here comes Katie McKinnon."

JANUARY 17, 1985 (EP. #5226)
Felicia told Cass he wasn't to ignore Kathleen's feelings, but he maintained that there's nothing between them and Wallingford told her to stay out of it. Perry came to see Carl and was shown Hutchins Sr.'s suicide gun and told the story of David and Absalom. Peter and Emily arranged to meet Carl at a warehouse. Kathleen wailed when Prometheus pushed the dishes off the table. Catlin, Sally, and Kevin had Catlin's classmate Joe over to dinner. Donna phoned the police after getting rid of Marley. MJ arrived to rescue Peter and Emily, who were under fire, and shot a man. Carl threatened Donna with a gun for harbouring Emily, “when my love swears that she is made of truth, I do believe her though I know she lies."

JANUARY 18, 1985 (EP. #5227)
Jamie tried to soothe a distraught MJ, who'd shot a man on Carl's payroll. Tony interrupted Cass and Kathleen spooning in a restaurant. Carter and Thomasina told Ben and Marley their news. Peter told Mark that he loved Emily. Brian agreed to represent Emily. Perry, who realized Carl was guilty of all the accusations, rescued Donna from Carl, who planned to whisk them out of the country by helicopter. Mac yelled at Peter for his duplicity and vowed to chase Carl on his jet.

JANUARY 21, 1985: Pre-empted for the Inauguration of President Ronald Reagan.

JANUARY 22, 1985 (EP. #5228)
Dee Evans showed up at Cecile's house and met Felicia. Larry and Sandy yelled about finding Carl. Kathleen told MJ she was not in the wrong for killing crooked cop Wayne Kraus, but MJ worried about his family. Tony informed Cass that his niece Dee must be made presentable at the Debutante Ball and is not to learn of her uncle's loan sharking. Catlin told Larry that he can handle the bullying from Lt. Graham. Rachel urged Nancy to go to Perry, and Nancy later found Perry in Carl's office, upset about having trusted his father. Kathleen lunged at Dee for cutting up her dress.

JANUARY 23, 1985 (EP. #5229)
Donna described the hostage-taking to Marley. Quinn told Thomasina she felt an abortion would be for the best. Mark assured Donna that Peter won't likely be prosecuted. Donna kissed Sandy after he tried to console her over the attempted kidnapping, and he later did not reveal this to Blaine. Cass and Kathleen fretted about the task of making Dee respectable. Wallingford was charmed by Dee and wanted to have her for a mannequin model. Alice wanted to make sure Thomasina made the right decision. Grant went to yell at Quinn after Carter told him Quinn's advice. Emily forbade Peter telling anyone she was pregnant.

JANUARY 24, 1985 (EP. #5230)
Tony ordered Kathleen to live at Cecile's to help supervise Dee. Sally refused and Catlin threw him out when Peter begged her to help him exonerate Emily. Felicia and Wallingford were eager spectators in watching Kathleen try to teach Dee how to walk. Donna told Emily if she truly loved Peter she'd give him up. Marley told a cynical Perry that neither of them were like their parents. Liz visited Sally. Sandy pleaded for Perry's help, which Nancy felt was unfair. Blaine bristled when Donna invited her and Sandy to dinner. Emily felt resigned to going to prison. Cass and Kathleen vowed to enjoy their evening despite Dee.

JANUARY 25, 1985 (EP. #5231)
Sandy and Perry searched Carl's desk and found an empty drawer with a false bottom. Inside was a list of names they didn't recognize, but Perry remembered the family had a chalet named Paradis in Lucerne. Thomasina yelled at Alice for trying to rearrange her life. Carter asked Alice about his parental rights. Felicia told Dee off after Dee refused to dance with Wallingford. Carl called someone and arranged to have a woman close to the edge pushed over. Sandy told Blaine he suspects someone arranged for Emily to have something sharp in the hope that she'd put it to its best use. Mac phoned Sandy and learned about Lucerne. Alice told Peter and Donna that Emily and her baby were still alive, despite her suicide attempt.

JANUARY 28, 1985 (EP. #5232)
Alice was disgusted when Donna admitted her visit may have upset Emily. Mac was frustrated by the Swiss gendarmerie. Wallingford sided with Kathleen after Cass tried to put the make on her instead of romancing her. Quinn told Lily off for not discouraging Thomasina from having an abortion. Peter broke down as Emily died before him. Sandy confided his suspicions with MJ about Carl being responsible for Emily. Kathleen forgave Cass. Carl fled Paradis and later pulled a gun on the pilot to make him fly despite the plane being low on fuel.

JANUARY 29, 1985 (EP. #5233)
Mac came home to tell Rachel that Carl's plane went down in the Alps, though his body hasn't been found. Blaine and Sandy learned that Emily had been poisoned. Cass and Kathleen were jubilant when Stan Rogers offered them $200,000 for Catlin's book. Peter raved about Carl killing Emily. Neither Donna, Grant, nor Nancy were able to comfort a grieving Perry. Wallingford praised Dee's artwork. Catlin and Sally were encouraged by Kevin's improved behavior. Liz warned Felicia that Catlin and Sally could be hurt by the memories her book about Catlin brings up if it's published.

JANUARY 30, 1985 (EP. #5234)
Cass and Kathleen flipped out when Felicia insisted Catlin and Sally had to give their permission to publish her book. A tearful Lily decided to move out after Quinn laid in to her for supporting the idea of abortion. Mac apologized to Perry for using him to get to Carl. Cass and Kathleen visited Catlin and Sally at their cabin and later told Felicia that Catlin and Sally had left the decision up to them. Kathleen decided not to sell the book to Stan. Stan told Felicia, Kathleen, and Cass it was like dealing with Larry, Curly, and Moe, and they immediately made Three Stooges sounds. Wallingford encouraged Dee to show her drawings to others. Tony insisted Lily move in to help with Dee. Rachel and Mac were happy to relax without the stress of Carl. Sandy and Blaine weren't sure about returning to Cory Publishing. Thomasina told Carter she'd made an appointment about the baby.

JANUARY 31, 1985 (EP. #5235)
Peter, Donna, and Marley said goodbye to Perry, who moved out to live above Smiley's. Grant warned Carter not to romanticize his situation. Mac offered Sandy his job back but he told Blaine he feels lost and rudderless without Carl to fight against. Peter told Brian he needed to resign from their law firm. Quinn reluctantly told Carter where Thomasina had gone for the abortion. Peter was frantic to learn Carl had embezzled all the Love money. Carter rushed up the stairs past Alice. Felicia encouraged Mac to buy KBAY. Carl enjoyed his flask and a largish book. “To Lazarus and to love,” he said.

FEBRUARY 1, 1985 (EP. #5236)
Carter barged past Joyce to successfully convince Thomasina not to go through with the procedure. Mac gave Peter his job back. Cass, Kathleen, and Wallingford role-played debutante night for Dee. Sally asked Mac to give her away as he's been like a father to her. Lily told Dee that charm helped her out of some tight spots. Peter assured Marley her trust fund was still intact. Quinn was upset that Tom's going through with having the baby. Sandy felt he's not ready to decide about coming back to work. Peter ruined Donna's party-planning by revealing the family was broke. Carl took a helicopter to his new hideout.

FEBRUARY 4, 1985 (EP. #5237)
Peter informed Donna and Marley they have lost everything except their mansion and the grounds, Marley's trust fund, their Bahamian land, and the odd reserve Carl missed. Carter official proposed to Thomasina. Donna apologized to Blaine for kissing Sandy and said she wants him as hospital administrator. Nancy ran into someone with her book cart. Alice chastised Nancy for taking an interest in a patient named Katie McCormick. Catlin and Joe both made it to the next round. Sally welcomed Peter back to Cory Publishing. Maisie told Catlin, Sally, and Kevin about the wedding news. Ben devoted himself to swotting for college. Catlin confronted a stranger.

FEBRUARY 5, 1985 (EP. #5238)
Peter confounded Donna's plan to put Sandy in charge of the hospital. Catlin rebuffed Willa's attempts to get back into his good graces. Nancy's stranger stood guard while she broke into Katie's hospital records. Mac agreed to Rachel's request of a fourth honeymoon in New York; Nancy pleaded with Ada to go with them. Dee and Lily hung out together. Sally confided to Alice about Catlin not telling her about the woman he spoke to in Smiley's parking lot. Cass and Kathleen chatted while in bed. Joyce watched Donna try to get Alice's support for the hospital board. Mac told Sandy and Blaine of his purchase of KBAY for them.

FEBRUARY 6, 1985 (EP. #5239)
Sandy accepted Donna's hospital job offer. Mac asked Peter to be in charge of a pan-European magazine. Donna walked in on Peter giving Sally an awkward good-luck wedding kiss. Blaine helped Catlin pick out a wedding ring. Sally was too distracted by memories of Catlin and Willa to pay attention to Liz. Felicia helped Dee pick out new clothes. Carl (in disguise as Mr. Cunningham) set up his new base of operations in New York. Cass and Kathleen were stunned by Felicia and Dee in red sequins with matching pillbox hat and a trashy brownish boa. Rachel demanded Donna tell her what she was up to.

FEBRUARY 7, 1985 (EP. #5240)
Ben, Vince, and MJ welcomed Jake (whom they hadn't seen in eight years) to Bay City. Felicia filled Lily on the latest with Dee. Rachel and Donna quarreled. Peter was pleased to learn from Mac that he'll be working on the new magazine with Sally. Nancy almost fell to pieces when Maisie and Perry introduced her to Jake and said he'll be living above Smiley's. Dee fled after overhearing Cass and Kathleen put her down. Nancy spilled tea at Donna's and Donna had to scrub it up as she'd had to fire the maid they could no longer afford. Carl made preparations.

FEBRUARY 8, 1985 (EP. #5241)
Rachel warned Blaine to be wary of Donna, but Blaine felt she deserved the benefit of the doubt. Cass and Kathleen were able to talk Tony and Rocco out of paying Dee a visit. Marley met Jake at Smiley's, where she went to buy pie for the Love party. Catlin told a white lie to Sally to be able to meet Willa later at the Pig Whistle after Willa begged for help. Mac and Rachel and Ada and Nancy arrived in New York. At Donna's party, Cass and Kathleen chatted Dee up to Donna. Wallingford and Lily played cards. Peter had fits of laughter when Donna told Marley not to mention she (Marley) had made the hors d'oeuvres herself. Carl mused that Rachel will be most surprised at the plans he has in store for her.

FEBRUARY 11, 1985 (EP. #5242)
Carl watched Mac, Rachel, and Ada on CC-TV. Cass called Dee down for sabotaging her deb chances. Willa told Catlin she'd gotten involved with someone and she was really scared. Lily told Quinn not to blame herself and to accept things the way they are with Thomasina and Carter, who arrived for dinner. Donna chatted with Kathleen and Blaine, then told Peter that dinner will be delayed. Ben told Marley about California school. She took it rather hard and cried and kissed him and looked stricken. Alice chatted with Sally, who came alive when Catlin arrived. Marley offered to give Jake a tour of the mansion. Jake spoke of his career as a stock car driver.

FEBRUARY 12, 1985 (EP. #5243)
Liz confided in Peter saying that she thought Sally was worried about more than Catlin's exam. Dee wrote in her diary that she wishes Cass cared about her. Larry wished Catlin luck on his exam, then got a call about an overdose. Peter offered himself as confidant to Sally. Perry told Nancy that New York reminds him of Carl and Julia's death so he's returning to Bay City. Carl kept tabs on Mac and Rachel. Mac made plans to go to LA. Cass admitted to Lily and Wallingford that he might be falling in love with Kathleen. MJ admitted to Kathleen she was afraid of commitment. Jamie called an emergency board meeting.

FEBRUARY 13, 1985 (EP. #5244)
Catlin told Larry the dead woman was named Willa Grover and he'd known her a long time ago. Jake comforted a teary Marley when Ben announced he'd past his test and was moving to California. Grant straightened things out with both Quinn and Thomasina. Catlin told Sally that he'd known Willa a while back and the police had found a picture of him with Willa on the body. Rachel, Ada, and Nancy enjoyed a day at the beauty salon. Graham suspended Catlin pending the investigation. Clarice tried to cool down Larry as he was furious Catlin had lied about Willa. Sandy pressed Alice and Joyce for hospital advice and told Donna to keep her distance. Carl looked forward to getting Rachel alone.

FEBRUARY 14, 1985 (EP. #5245)
Catlin fretted to Sally that his previous life was coming back to ruin them. Kathleen gave Dee her flowers from Cass. Alice advised Sally to hire a lawyer. Sandy and Blaine made Valentine's Day plans. Tony was thrilled when Cass presented him with an improved Dee. Peter wants to give Kathleen a job at Brava. Marley promised to give Ben and Jake a tour of the Love estate. Peter contacted an informant in Wyoming and demanded anything that could link Willa Grover to Catlin Ewing.

FEBRUARY 15, 1985 (EP. #5246)
Lily was evasive when Dee asked about Donna. Felicia was annoyed that Peter wants all of her talk-show guests to be Cory Publishing authors. Jamie warned Peter not to make Felicia unhappy. After a disastrous meeting between Donna and Dee, Cass admitted to Donna he needed to get Dee into the cotillion as he needed to earn the money it would get him. Carl watched Rachel on his monitor. Larry and MJ were happy that nothing was found on Willa to connect her to Catlin. Dee was struck dumb by Donna's recommendation. Ada said goodbye to Rachel and left for Bay City. Felicia liked Wallingford's mushy card. Rachel was attacked in the middle of the night.

FEBRUARY 18, 1985 (EP. #5247)
Peter received word that Catlin is a fugitive from justice for smashing the sheriff of Dry Creek. Marley begged Maisie for a waitressing job. Carl told Rachel she used to be Mac's pride and joy but no longer. Larry and Liz attended Catlin and Sally's wedding rehearsal. Perry thanked Nancy for standing by him when he was a jerk. Jake took a lot of photographs of Marley. Jamie warned Mac that Peter has good ideas but he's too high-handed.

FEBRUARY 19, 1985 (EP. #5248)
Sally wasn't thrilled with Peter, who confronted Catlin about his warrant. Dee got horribly offended because Cass said she waltzed almost as well as Kathleen. Marley's first waitressing customers were Tony and Rocco, and then Lily and Dee. Grant warned Carter he couldn't afford the new lifestyle he had just been planning with Thomasina. Donna vowed to Cass and Kathleen that Dee would never become a debutante. Catlin told Larry he'd punched the sheriff after he'd drunkenly struck Willa, and promised Sally he'd go to Wyoming to face the charges.

FEBRUARY 20, 1985 (EP. #5249)
Donna forbade Marley from continuing with her waitressing job. Cass and Kathleen argued about her secrecy when Peter let slip he'd offered her a job as head of Brava, which she later accepted. Donna relented when Maisie promised to keep an eye on Marley. Sally made Catlin promise to talk to Peter, who agreed to accompany Catlin to Wyoming. Catlin told Kevin they need to delay the wedding. Dee wrote in her diary. Wallingford and Felicia acted as sounding boards for Cass and Kathleen, respectively. Carl told Rachel he'd treat her like a lady and she'd learn to be happy there.

FEBRUARY 21, 1985 (EP. #5250)
Maisie and MJ tried to arbitrate when Donna insulted Ben's breeding to Kathleen and refused to nominate Dee to Enid Royer for the cotillion. Dee continued her training. Vince told stories at Ben's going-away party. Carl threatened to set Rachel's sketch of Mac afire. Carter, Jamie, and Jake wished Ben well. Cass told Peter he loved Kathleen. Marley cried after kissing Ben goodbye. Dee wrote in her diary about her feelings for Cass. Mac realized Rachel had been kidnapped after talking to Nancy about her doll Noreen.

FEBRUARY 22, 1985 (EP. #5251)
Kathleen forced Donna to dictate a letter to Enid Royer. Larry and MJ discussed Willa's murder. Liz comforted Sally, who was missing Catlin. Cass was thrilled about the letter; Dee wasn't. Mac realized Carl was alive when MJ told Mac and Jamie that Carl's body was not found within 2 km of the wreckage. Donna accused Maisie of letting the cat out of the bag. Carl tried to get Rachel to dance with him. Sally asked Peter how long Catlin would be away. Marley told Donna she was the same person even without money. Sally and Catlin enjoyed their last night together. Carl allowed Rachel to phone Mac, but cut off the call before MJ could trace it.

Note: Kathleen said she's 11 months younger than MJ.

FEBRUARY 25, 1985 (EP. #5252)
Mac and Ada fretted about Rachel, who was secretly brought back to Bay City by Carl. Sally said goodbye to Catlin, who left for Wyoming. Nancy told Perry that Carl's alive. Blaine and Sandy argued about Donna. Quinn and Maisie helped Thomasina and Carter with wedding preparations. Marley asked Jake if he'd photograph the wedding. Carl phoned the Cory house.

FEBRUARY 26, 1985 (EP. #5253)
Carl hung up when Mac offered himself in Rachel's place. Blaine raved to Sandy about getting wrapped up in his work and neglecting his family. Cass and Kathleen tracked down Dee's old friend Frankie at the Danceteria. Wallingford tried to soothe Felicia, in shock to learn Carl was still alive. Felicia told Perry she could help support him. MJ thought someone should try to reason with Carl, but Mac says Carl's too nuts for that to work. Ada worried about Rachel. Tony was unhappy to see Dee and Frankie together. Nancy was attacked while alone in Perry's room.

FEBRUARY 27, 1985 (EP. #5254)
Peter refereed when Catlin and the sheriff locked horns. Ada was close-lipped when Alice wanted to what had gotten her so upset. After Dee insisted she was making progress, Tony decided to give Cass and Kathleen another chance. Catlin and Sally caught up over the phone. Peter went to a sleazy bar looking for information on Catlin and Willa. MJ suspected that Carl had Nancy. Carl and Rachel argued. Perry found Nancy's broken bracelet in his room.

FEBRUARY 28, 1985 (EP. #5255)
Donna doesn't want Marley to go to the wedding because Carl's alive. Kevin told Sally and Blaine about his pretend pony Geronimo. Peter defended Catlin to the judge and sheriff. Quinn and Grant gave Thomasina advice on honeymoon destinations. Jake filmed Carter working. Sandy and Blaine argued. Sally was thrilled to welcome Catlin home. The Corys wondered how Donna's father's painting happened to have Carl's Majorca insignia on it. Mac insisted on shutting MJ out since Carl may have men inside the police department.

MARCH 1, 1985 (EP. #5256)
Ada raved about Nancy never having done aught to Carl. Ada told Marley that Nancy was far too sick to go to the wedding. Mac deduced that Carl is still in Bay City. MJ and Kathleen wondered who would get married first. Carl got angry and threw Rachel onto her cot and told her he was in control and all the Corys belonged to him. Kathleen invited Cass to the wedding reception. Jake filmed the ceremony. Grant gave Carter his grandmother's wedding ring. Poring over 1966 newspaper clippings, Mac made a link from Carl to Brandon Love to someone called Chapin (aka “CLH”) at an art auction. Lily sang the processional at the wedding. Carter and Thomasina married. Tom threw her bouquet. Kathleen got it in a panic threw it away. Cass got it and got rid of it very quickly whereupon Maisie got it and was thrilled. Rachel begged Carl not to hurt Nancy.

MARCH 4, 1985 (EP. #5257)
Kathleen wanted Donna to set up a meeting for Cass with Mrs. Royer, but Donna called her a tramp from the wrong side of the tracks. Rachel tended to Nancy, who suffered from blurry vision. Sandy explained to Perry they want to announce on the news that he'd been in a serious accident in hopes that Carl will flock to the hospital. Maisie complimented Jake on his photos of Marley. Jamie thought they should tell the police about CLH. Blaine and Larry worried about Catlin. Cass thanked Dee for saving him from Tony. Wallingford and Felicia overheard Marley telling Maisie about her Royer interview. Carl took Nancy to the doctor but warned her to be silent as he had a gun.

MARCH 5, 1985 (EP. #5258)
The doctor recognized Carl and tried to prolong his examination of Nancy. Marley submitted to Donna's demand she dress up for her Royer interview. Ada yelled at Jamie for suggesting Nancy might be dead. Liz was stunned to learn Kathleen was dating an overgrown oversexed boy like Cass Winthrop. Donna enlisted Maisie's help as a maid for the Royer interview. While assuring Nancy he would never hurt her, Carl heard over the radio the exaggerated report of Perry's accident. Sally thanked Peter for helping Catlin. Cass showed up at the Loves but failed to charm Mrs. Royer. Larry reported to the Corys about Carl and Nancy's doctor visit. Lily asked Dee about Frankie. Catlin considered a job with hospital security. Carl told Rachel his quarrel was not with her and Nancy. He wants only to kill Mac.

MARCH 6, 1985 (EP. #5259)
Carter and Thomasina honeymooned in Chicago. Jake came by to visit Marley, and ended up helping Donna fix the mansion plumbing. Liz was thrilled to hear Sally and Catlin had set a new wedding date. Donna learned that Carl had substituted all her paintings for forgeries. Tony told Cass to come up with a marvelous lineage for Dee. Catlin assured Sally it was okay to postpone the wedding when Peter said he needed her at work. Perry told Mac that Leslie Chapin had been dead for a while. An emissary from Cecile in the form of a dishy blonde showed up and met Kathleen and Wallingford.

MARCH 7, 1985 (EP. #5260)
Kathleen and Wallingford eavesdropped as Carla, the emissary, insisted to Cass that Cecile missed him very much and that he was being evicted from her house. Carl explained to Rachel his plan to use mirrors in a warehouse to trick Mac and Sandy into killing each other. Nancy was only vaguely aware of what Carl was talking about. Carl phoned Jamie about bringing two million in cash to the warehouse. Mac told Perry they suspect Carl of owning further policemen. Lily and Grant had such an enjoyable time together he decided to ask her out. MJ yelled at Mac for keeping the police in the dark about his plans. Catlin and Sally had dinner and went to sit beside the fire. Felicia tried to straighten things out with Peter about plugging Nouvelle on her show. Carl called and talked to both Mac and Perry.

MARCH 8, 1985 (EP. #5261)
Jamie told Mac that Carl must be holed up in the old Chapin estate. Dee was interested when Cass told her and Lily they'd be moving in to his penthouse, despite Tony having forbidden it earlier. Donna sensed the tension in the air when she dropped in at the Corys. Sandy went to the bank to get the money for Carl. After Jake wouldn't reveal why he'd come to town, Kathleen offered to try to help him get a job at KBAY. Rachel knocked Carl down but he pulled a gun and made Nancy put a white sweater on Rachel. In order to distract Officer Barnes Ada pretended to have hurt her ankle while Mac slipped out the French windows. Jake asked Marley if he could experiment with lighting in the Love mansion. MJ and Larry wanted to know why Sandy was taking out so much money. Carl blindfolded Rachel and took her out. Carl and Rachel ran into Mac with a gun.

MARCH 11, 1985 (EP. #5262)
Mac begged Carl to let Rachel go as Nancy screamed locked in her room. Jamie subdued Barnes. Rachel knocked Carl out before he could shoot Carl, but got herself shot in the process. Alice and Joyce were thrilled Catlin got the job with hospital security. Larry arrested Carl. Ed phoned Peter with information on Catlin. Catlin and Sally decided to get married on April 5th. Grant welcomed Carter and Thomasina back from their honeymoon, and they both thought about getting jobs (he at Smiley's and she at the hospital). MJ and Ada headed for the hospital to see Rachel.

MARCH 12, 1985 (EP. #5263)
Ada and Nancy worried about Rachel, who hasn't woken up. MJ and Larry fumed about Carl's arrogance in protesting his innocence. Vince agreed when Kathleen asked if Cass could move in with them. Lily found an ad in the paper placed by Jerome Cartwright III (custodian of very old money) looking for a publisher. Donna made a stirring speech to Carl about always loving him and being on his side, but he refused to give her back the Love money. Mac begged Alice and Joyce not to let Rachel die, but it was premature to try to remove the bullet. Carl apologized to Perry and said he loved him. Dee loved it when Cass praised her sketches. Carl told Jamie it wasn't over and he'd return to finish it.

MARCH 13, 1985 (EP. #5264)
Sally accused Donna of treating Carl's evilitude like some kind of minor social indiscretion to be forgotten. Sandy was caught off-guard when Blaine told him and Catlin about a job offer she'd had from a San Francisco TV station. Kathleen hid in the closet when Vince visited Cass in his room. Kathleen went and got Prometheus when Cass complained about being cold and lonely in his room. Jamie and Nancy worried about Ada. Peter pressed Sally to spend more time at work. MJ and Jake tried to soothe the tensions between Vince and Cass.

MARCH 14, 1985 (EP. #5265)
Kathleen laughed hysterically as Cass awakened with his arms about Prometheus. Donna accused Peter of trying to break up Catlin and Sally. Larry and MJ decided to investigate Willa's life when they suspected she may have been murdered and didn't just overdose. Wallingford begged Felicia to help him out of a jam by helping him drive a truck with a mysterious cargo. Jake professed interest in filming Marley as she worked at Smiley's. Liz let Peter know she was in favor of Catlin and Sally getting married. Joyce and Alice suspected someone of stealing drugs from the hospital. Wallingford admitted there was a gorilla in the back they were driving to the zoo to meet its mate. Felicia wailed, “I'm driving a truck hauling a gorilla, IN HEAT?”

MARCH 15, 1985 (EP. #5266)
Lily glommed on to Dee's attraction to Cass, who made plans to meet Jerome (who owned the NorthWoods Inn) at Tallboys and acquire his letter of recommendation. Alice warned Liz not to meddle with Catlin and Sally. Grant told Lily he'd been sleeping at Tallboys to give the newlyweds privacy. Cass blew his stack when Jerome called Dee a mongrel. Sandy was stunned as Blaine laid into Donna for trying to seduce her husband. The gorilla Caroline's destined mate is Richard. Felicia planned a detour to Tallboys to give Lily a gift for Tom & Carter she'd left behind. Mac, Jamie, Nancy, and Ada fretted about Rachel's surgery. Felicia hit ice and couldn't stop the truck from crashing in to Tallboys, as Lily sang, "Something's coming I don't know what it is but it is . . . could it be? Yes, it could . . . something's coming something good" Rachel flatlined on the operating table.

MARCH 18, 1985 (EP. #5267)
Felicia and Wallingford crashed their truck into Tallboys. Dee told Tony how marvelous she thought Cass was. Kathleen broke a date with Cass to spend time with MJ. Rachel pulled through her surgery.

MARCH 19, 1985 (EP. #5268)
Sandy told Blaine she carps too much when she got violent about Donna. Donna told Marley to send Sandy up to her room when he arrives. Carter was optimistic but Grant annoyed about the loss of his job now that Tallboys has been condemned. Donna wrapped herself around Sandy but he pried her off and professed his love of his family. Liz told Alice her suspicions about Peter. Blaine quarreled with Donna (furious that Sandy resigned from the hospital board) before throwing her out of the Cory mansion. Jake denied it when Nancy confronted him with her suspicions of him stealing drugs from the hospital. Peter unsuccessfully tried to reach a deaf woman by telephone. Catlin revealed to Sally he'd been married before.

MARCH 20, 1985 (EP. #5259)
Blaine was thrilled when Sandy said he also wants a job at the San Francisco station. Grant forgave Felicia and Wallingford after they rambled incoherently about Bates and Caroline. Mac was perturbed when Rachel had no reaction to hearing about the children. A distraught Sally fled and almost got in a car accident, but changed from anger to remorse when Catlin said his wife had died. Catlin's wife Brittany (cousin of Willa) had drowned on a boat to Alaska with their 13- month old son Evan. After Ada talked Mac into letting Sandy move away, Mac and Sandy said goodbye. Peter waited for a bearded man in Oregon. Rachel asked Joyce who the strange man was.

MARCH 21, 1985 (EP. #5270)
While the Corys and Brian exulted about Rachel's recovery, Joyce told Alice about Rachel's amnesia. Maisie got Kevin out of the way so Sally could tell Liz about Catlin's first marriage. Catlin recalled asking Brittany to marry him. Peter managed to arrest the bearded man's attention by mentioning Catlin was about to get married. Rachel couldn't remember Mac nor Ada. Sally managed to reach Peter by phone and revealed she already knew about Catlin's past life. Felicia and Wallingford were relieved they weren't blamed for the accident. The bearded man went to say goodnight to Brittany, kissed her forehead, and left.

MARCH 22, 1985 (EP. #5271)
Jamie said that Kathleen should squeal to him if Peter starts acting like a jerk. Peter found evidence linking Catlin to Brittany. Dee sung Cass's praises to Tony. Liz encouraged Catlin to talk to Sally, to whom he later apologized for hurting. Dee was stunned when Nancy revealed Tony was making Cass work for him. Jake took photos of Marley, then slipped away to secretly photograph Donna's hidden cellar room. An emotional Dee cried to Cass about being the niece of a violent loan shark, then kissed him as Kathleen walked in.

MARCH 25, 1985 (EP. #5272)
Brittany and the man fretted about an unconscious Peter. Cass told a euphoric Dee she shouldn't get the wrong idea. A nervous Jamie visited Rachel, who had been prepped by Ada on who he was. Wallingford chastised Cass. MJ was confused when Kathleen called a locksmith over to change the locks to keep Cass out. Catlin said Britt was only a memory and told Sally she was now. Alice admitted to Rachel they had both loved both Mac and Steve. Cass found himself to be locked out and his luggage on the porch.

MARCH 26, 1985 (EP. #5273)
MJ found Cass sleeping on the back porch. Bridget Connell inquired about renting a room at the McKinnon's. Nancy snooped around in Jake's room and found vast quantities of photos of Marley. Lily, Felicia, and Wallingford told Grant they want to build a new restaurant with the funds from Tallboys' insurance payout. Tony warned Cass that Dee was off limits when he was suspicious of Dee's ebullience. Liz failed to keep Cass from busting in on Jamie and Kathleen's advertising meeting. Grant advised Thomasina to rest more and for Carter to try for a football scholarship. Nancy froze on the other side of Jake's door as Perry knocked, with Jake in the shower.

MARCH 27, 1985 (EP. #5274)
Cass professed his love for Kathleen but Liz had him carted away by security. Nancy hid in the closet as Perry offered Jake a videotaping job, then Jake found Nancy and yelled at her that he had nothing to do with the hospital drug theft. Jake thought him a fool when Marley said Ben hadn't written her. Jamie returned to his office to find the lights low and MJ waiting with a candlelight dinner. Kathleen got into her car and was frightened out of her wits when Cass leaped up in the back seat demanding to be told what was going on. Peter awoke on a boat to find a woman named Annie who intended to sail them to San Diego by April 8. Dee finished a sketch for Cass. Felicia and Wallingford felt Cass was doomed to make a fool of himself. Sally came to pick up Kevin but wouldn't stay for a longer visit with Catlin.

MARCH 28, 1985 (EP. #5275)
Liz was speechless when she called Jamie's home and MJ answered. Marley told Nancy about her recurring nightmare about a woman's voice calling her from a closet. Peter found a gun on the boat and brandished it at Annie, who said it was unloaded and she intended to complete this favor for her brother Zane. Jake explained to Marley that all the photos were meant for a scrapbook for Ben. Felicia pleaded Cass's case but both Wallingford and Kathleen told her to stay out of it. Peter begged Annie to send a telex that said, "Return delayed. Urgent you postpone wedding. Peter." Carter had some deep insight into the weirdness of pregnant women. After walking in on Cass holding Dee's hand, Kathleen said she's resigning as president of Winthrop Publishing. Sally received the telex and began to open it.

MARCH 29, 1985 (EP. #5276)
Sally read the telex to Catlin and Liz, “Return delayed but I'm safe and sound. Happy wedding, Peter.” Bridget told MJ she likes her family. Brittany kept thinking about Josh as Zane taught her how to polka. Cass blustered his way past Joyce to introduce himself to Rachel as an old friend. After Wallingford spilled the beans, Felicia headed to the hospital to interrupt Cass. Felicia swore to a suspicious Rachel that Mac was only her publisher and they'd never been engaged. Alice was annoyed by all Rachel's visitors. Jake brought Marley to the McKinnon house to pick out photos for Ben. Peter cursed and smashed things after Annie admitted she hadn't sent the telex he'd wanted her to. Jake assured Bridget their plan would work.

APRIL 1, 1985 (EP. #5277)
Alice was chloroformed in the hospital records room. Larry asked Catlin to inspect Willa's belongings for clues. Jake gave Carter a videotape of the wedding. Alice was found by Nancy and Thomasina, ministered to by Joyce, and questioned by Larry. Felicia was surprised that a frantic Cass didn't have a clue what he'd done to upset Kathleen. Jamie gave an antique to MJ. Kevin refused to tell Sally where the honeymoon was to be, then Liz came to pick him up. Jake was indignant when Nancy phoned Marley to check on his whereabouts during the hospital break-in, and when Bridget told him he cares too much what the girls think of him. Cass told Kathleen (who was trying to make up) it was all over between them.

APRIL 2, 1985 (EP. #5278)
Felicia insisted that Kathleen and Cass talk, but Kathleen was adamant in saying it was over. Rachel apologized for being difficult to Alice, who told her that her mansion had been Mac's first wedding gift. Cass and Dee rejoiced after Mr. Hennessy signed the letter of recommendation. Marley welcome Donna home. Bridget told Jake to work on getting Marley's signature. Donna told Rachel that the two of them were of one social standing with sisters preparing for the cotillion, but Rachel felt she was a snob. Donna and Joyce worked on the hospital committee for the deaf. Rachel met her children. Lily and Cass were impressed by Dee's framed sketch. Rachel felt squeamish so Mac agreed to sleep in the guest room.

APRIL 3, 1985 (EP. #5279)
Larry and Perry threw Catlin a bachelor party. Catlin joked to Sally they were going ice fishing in Quebec for their honeymoon. Donna ordered Perry to have her secret cellar room locked up after realizing some unknown person had been inside. Marley tried to dissuade Donna as she liked to visit the room for privacy. Peter fell overboard during a storm but was saved by Annie and Kwan. While she danced with Zane, Brittany remembered telling Catlin she was pregnancy, six months into their marriage.

APRIL 4, 1985 (EP. #5280)
Ada and Nancy made introductions when Sally came to visit Rachel. Peter complimented Annie on her beauty but she accused him of trying to butter her up for his own ends. Cass was annoyed that Felicia and Wallingford kept talking about Kathleen. Donna awoke Marley from another nightmare. Liz informed Kevin he wouldn't be allowed to go on the honeymoon. Rachel asked Felicia to help her shop for something for the wedding. Bridget made some soothing herbal tea for Marley and hinted she'd like to keep house for Donna, but Donna didn't bite. Annie agreed to send the telex. Dee fantasized about dancing with Cass madly in love with her until Lily snapped her out of it. Liz destroyed the telegram.

APRIL 5, 1985 (EP. #5281)
There was a storm in Bay City. Liz helped Sally, and Larry helped Catlin, get dressed and ready for the wedding. Zane and Brittany are on a plane to Bay City. Mac was speechless when Felicia brought in Rachel resplendent in a very glittery befurred dress. Zane phoned and was told by Clarice that Catlin was at the Matthews house. Maisie and Nancy tried to find out from Perry what went on at Catlin's bachelor party. Jamie (Kathleen's escort) was stuck in the middle when she and Cass kept staring at each other. Mac suggested Ada drop a hint about her inappropriate dress to Rachel but she refused to. Liz sent Zane on a wild-goose chase when he showed up at her door asking after Catlin. Zane and Brittany got to the empty cabin, where he admitted Catlin was getting married. Alice convinced a shy Kevin to be the ring bearer. The wedding ceremony began.

APRIL 8, 1985 (EP. #5282)
Catlin and Sally exchanged vows. Zane promised Brittany he'd get her to the ceremony, thoughts of which tormented her. Larry toasted the couple at the reception at the NorthWoods Inn. Kathleen kept a stiff upper lip when Jamie worried about her. Ada danced with Catlin. Clarice and Larry danced. Mac told Rachel about one of their weddings. Sally and Catlin and Kevin cut the cake. When Zane and Britt finally arrived at the church, Liz told them spitefully they were too late. Zane and Brittany had a car accident on the road to the airport, as Catlin and Sally took off for Ireland.

APRIL 9, 1985 (EP. #5283)
Zane admitted Brittany to the hospital. Donna engineered for Alice to be offered a Washington DC research job by a Dr. Blanchard. Peter raved to Jamie about his missing telex. Liz decided to make herself scarce by taking Kevin to Boston to visit her daughter. Felicia tried to convince Dee that Cass was only her teacher, but Wallingford wasn't concerned. Joyce told Brittany about how her son Bobby's hearing got better after an operation. Liz recalled her own son lost at sea as Zane tried to berate her into sympathy for Brittany. Marley gave Dee advice on how to talk to Mrs. Royer. Peter came across Zane in the hospital and attacked him.

APRIL 10, 1985 (EP. #5284)
MJ broke up the fight between Peter and Zane. Jake photographed Marley's clothes, then jumped out the window when Bridget warned him Marley was nearby. Felicia warned Cass that Dee had stars in her eyes. Brittany apologized to Peter for hitting him with a frying pan, and he was taken aback to learn she was a deaf mute. Donna pestered a mum Peter about his trip to Oregon. Dee was excited her grandmother was coming from Europe. Zane said they already knew when Joyce said Brittany's hearing loss had no physical cause. Jamie worried about her being hurt when MJ related breaking up a fight. Peter took Kathleen to the North Woods Inn but she was depressed seeing Cass and Dee at dinner.

APRIL 11, 1985 (EP. #5285)
Marley woke up from a dream voice that said, "Come to me, Marley. Come to me." Dee welcomed her grandmother, Mrs. Jones, who was charmed by Cass. Nancy begged Ada not to let Rachel attend the cotillion. Carter violently refused Quinn's cheque of $1,000, but she later told Thomasina to think about accepting it. Perry didn't like Jake being friendly with Marley or Nancy defending him. Donna hired Bridget. A female resembling Marley met Jake in his room and kissed him.

APRIL 12, 1985 (EP. #5286)
Zane assured Brittany they'd find Catlin. Jake and Vicky got reacquainted. Wallingford recognized Zane, having known him in Providence and Halifax. Mrs. Royer and Dee got along swimmingly, but Nancy came under scrutiny because her father was a cop. Mrs. Jones asked Cass to be Dee's escort. Jake shoed Vicky the videotape of her sister Marley. Britt got upset when Wally said Catlin and Sally loved each other. Perry consoled Nancy when Dee got invited to the cotillion but she was only chosen as an alternate. Cass phoned Kathleen to share the good news about Dee's success. Marley breezed past Maisie up to Jake's door as Vicky prepared to leave.

APRIL 15, 1985 (EP. #5287)
Larry was incredulous when Zane told him the backstory of Catlin and Brittany. Clarice had everything explained to her in words of one syllable. Jake got rid of Marley while Vicky hid. Perry and Marley were surprised when Nancy said she was only an alternate for the cotillion. Felicia told Wallingford she really wants to buy a new restaurant for Grant. Larry promised Brittany he'd track Catlin down. Liz defended herself when Larry phoned to rebuke her. A man named Geoffrey Cartwright bought Rachel a drink and asked her to dance, then Mac arrived.

APRIL 16, 1985 (EP. #5288)
Catlin and Sally enjoyed their stay at the Irish inn and were offered their own cottage by Sean. Mac dragged Rachel away from Geoffrey and they later had a terrific row at home where she threw a vase at him. Larry was annoyed when he caught Clarice blabbing to MJ about Brittany. Peter was irate when Jamie cancelled the premiere issue of Nouvelle, claiming it wasn't ready. Wallingford urged Felicia to accept Geoffrey's offer to sell her the North Woods Inn, not knowing it had been condemned.

APRIL 17, 1985 (EP. #5289)
Carter and Thomasina argued about Quinn's cheque. Cass told Dee he was too old to be her escort but she said she'd blow it without him. Dr. Linden showed ink blots to Rachel, who kept seeing sexy scenes. Felicia convinced Grant to be her partner not without some difficulty. Wallingford panicked when he learned the restaurant was about to be condemned. Quinn apologized to Carter. Dr. Linden told Ada that Rachel was suffering from post-traumatic stress. Kathleen advised Dee that it wasn't hard to get a man's attention but it was hard to keep it. Wallingford agonized to learn that Felicia had given Geoffrey a cheque for the restaurant. Cass fantasized about reconciling with Kathleen.

APRIL 18, 1985 (EP. #5290)
Felicia was perplexed by Wallingford's strange behavior. Donna fretted that Marley's escort to the cotillion was unavailable. Bridget overheard and called Jake to suggest he escort Marley. Cass hired a young man from an agency and told him to escort Dee as his nephew Dirk Stewart. Peter and Kathleen quarreled when she agreed to let Cass take his book to another publisher. Vicky was jealous when Jake and Marley made plans to go to the cotillion together. A proud Felicia showed off the Inn to Grant and Lily but later screamed when she saw rats in the kitchen. Quinn was impressed when Grant started her car. Bridget told Vicky that Donna was like Vicky, both nasty and sad at times.

APRIL 19, 1985 (EP. #5291)
Donna enthused about the cotillion to Marley, who submitted to her enthusiasm. Felicia got Cass to admit he'd hired Dee's escort Dirk from an agency. Victoria called Bridget and said she was coming tonight. Dee tried to tell a deliberately thick Cass she loved him madly, but the best she could manage was she was very fond of him. Perry feigned illness and took Nancy home early from the cotillion, surprising her with a secluded picnic in the woods. Carter/Thomasina and Quinn/Carter enjoyed dinner at the North Woods Inn. Dee was crushed to overhear gossip that Dirk was a gigolo. Victoria's was in Marley's room trying on her jewelry when Donna approached the door.

APRIL 22, 1985 (EP. #5292)
Grandmother Jones insisted she didn't care about the cotillion when a tearful Dee said the other girls hated her. Bridget deterred Donna while Vicky hid in the closet. The Jones' left after Dee dumped the centerpiece on Muffy's head. Nancy and Perry enjoyed their romantic evening. Cass called Tony a creep, a twerp, said his debt was paid and threw him out. Marley thanked Jake for a wonderful evening. Dee told Cass she loved him and begged him for a chance, but he said he loved only Kathleen.

APRIL 23, 1985 (EP. #5293)
Catlin and Sally flew back to Bay City. Brittany was upset when Zane warned her that Catlin might choose to stay with Sally. Peter commended Kathleen when she decided to go head and print Cass's book in Brava. Brittany was enchanted that Larry and Jeanne both had Catlin's eyes. Liz missed meeting Catlin and Sally after they deboarded as security hauled her away after finding Kevin's toy gun in her purse. Thomasina told Quinn about her new waitressing job. Brittany was stunned to learn Willa had died from a drug overdose. Felicia blamed Kathleen when Wallingford showed her Cass's book in Brava. Brittany was showing Clarice how to sign some words when Catlin approached their door.

APRIL 24, 1985 (EP. #5294)
Catlin was stunned and incredulous when Brittany answered the door. Sally gave Kevin Irish presents. Kathleen tried to be reasonable when Cass made nasty remarks about her methods, "Out with Peter one night and Jamie the next night and screw Cass to the wall for quick buck.” Liz was detained by airport security. Clarice egged Catlin on to give Brittany a hug, then devastated him with the news that Evan was dead. Felicia insisted that Cass and Dee's kiss was one-sided, but Kathleen was convinced it was mutual. Jamie yelled at Peter for being obnoxious. As Zane translated for him, Catlin tried to explain to Brittany that their marriage was a long time ago and he belonged with Sally now. Felicia made Wallingford tell her his life story: he got engaged to a tall girl he loved in Chicago but her family prevented the marriage. Peter showed up at the cabin to tell Sally about Brittany.

APRIL 25, 1985 (EP. #5295)
Mac apologized to Rachel for losing his temper and gave her flowers in an indestructible vase. MJ liberated Liz from airport security. Sally accused Peter of trying to get her back, then Catlin arrived and threw him out. Sally was stunned by Catlin's news. Catlin assured Sally and Kevin they were a family. Peter and Jamie both bad-mouthed the other to Mac. A drunk customer flirted with Thomasina, which she later didn't tell Carter about. Liz admitted to Catlin she'd acted rashly. Rachel decided to move out after Mac accused of having just flirted with Peter.

APRIL 26, 1985 (EP. #5296)
Amanda found Rachel packing. Marley had fits when she couldn't find Ben's bracelet (now being worn by Vicky). Perry was curious where Jake had money from when Jake turned down Maisie's offer to be late with his rent. Ada failed to talk Rachel out of leaving. Liz told Jamie that Peter poses a difficulty and Sally should be taken off Nouvelle. A suspicious Donna quizzed Bridget about the bracelet. Mac told Rachel she couldn't take the children with her. Vicky denied it when Bridget confronted her about stealing the bracelet. Peter apologized to a raving Jamie taking the wind out of his sales rather. Jake found the bracelet in his room.

APRIL 29, 1985 (EP. #5297)
Cass and Kathleen spent a romantic time at his friend John's house. Dee assured Lily she was over her feelings for Cass. Donna told Peter she's decided to tell Marley she was her mother on her 18th birthday. Vicky hid in Marley's room while she slept and spoke to her, but Marley awoke thinking it was a dream. Cass cooked Kathleen a country breakfast. A strange slightly foreign woman said she wanted to know everything about Cass Winthrop after reading about him in Brava. Jake and Victoria argued about the bracelet.

APRIL 30, 1985 (EP. #5298)
Jake managed to convince Vicky it was too dangerous to keep the bracelet. Larry advised Catlin to choose the wife he loved best. Vicky was thrilled to fool Donna over the phone by pretending to be Marley. Sally told Liz she trusts Catlin to make the right decision. Perry was annoyed when Jake hand-fed Nancy some french fries. Brittany walked up to Sally as she spoke to Maisie at Smiley's. Carter worried when Thomasina forbade him from visiting her at work. Marley found her bracelet in the closet. Carter arrived to find a customer groping Thomasina. When Catlin asked Brittany for a divorce she dashed off and was hit by a car.

MAY 1, 1985 (EP. #5299)
The masseur answered when Mac phoned Rachel's. Catlin and Sally tended to Brittany after she was hit by a car. Rachel told Ada she doesn't want to take Mac's word for it that she loves him madly. Grant advised Quinn not to interfere with the kids. Larry told Catlin the accident wasn't his fault. Carter apologized after Thomasina was fired. Joyce tried to make a delusional Brittany take her medication. Sally encouraged Zane to be there for Brittany, but he felt she only wanted to be with Catlin. Rachel, clad in black lace, shocked Mac with her suggestion they visit the Plains Motel. Catlin was on the verge of kissing Brittany as Sally appeared in the doorway.

MAY 2, 1985 (EP. #5300)
Jamie told Rachel that Steve had died in a car accident on the way to their wedding; later on she annoyed Mac by continuously talking about him. Vicky was jealous that Jake got invited to the Loves for dinner. A muddy Cass cleaned up in the bath and pulled Kathleen in with him. Bridget brought Marley a letter from Ben that said he'd made some new friends and his interests had changed (Sondra is one of his new friends). Vicky saw Nancy and Perry at the Plains Motel disco so she put on sunglasses and danced with a guy she'd snubbed before. Cass and Kathleen fought when he called her pushy, ambitious, and an editor in name only. MJ told Jamie she wished she were more impulsive like Kathleen. Nancy and Perry saw Vicky and thought she was Marley. Jake offered Marley his shoulder if she wanted to cry ever. Rachel had a flash of memory and Mac was thrilled.

MAY 3, 1985 (EP. #5301)
Dee told Cass she was staying at Felicia's and Lily told him she was going back to Quinn's. Kathleen was annoyed when Liz asked after Cass. Catlin hotly told Sally that he couldn't bring up the divorce again while Brittany was in hospital, and admitted he'd loved her but he'd buried her and she was dead. Felicia literally bumped into Zane while visiting a friend at the hospital. Catlin visited Brittany, and she promised to teach him how to sign. Peter said Brittany was still legally married to Catlin but Sally changed the subject dexterously. Larry made a call about the Plains Motel and Plains Iowa clues. Dee saw a despondent Kathleen and felt like rubbing salt in her wound but Kathleen called her a “sugarcoated two-faced honey." Peter called Cass a loser so Cass hit him and he went down as Kathleen appeared in the office doorway. Joyce and Dr. Edward said Britt's hearing loss was merely on account of trauma. Dee took off most of her clothes and attired only in underclothings got into Cass's bed before he came out of the shower (towelled) surprised to see her. Sally told Brittany they need to talk.

MAY 6, 1985 (EP. #5302)
Dee encountered a dangerous situation after an argument with Cass. Sally talked with Brittany.

MAY 7, 1985 (EP. #5303)
Cass was afraid a missing Dee committed suicide because of what he said to her last night. MJ wanted information from Wallingford about the Plains Motel, which she suspects is being used as a front for a drug ring. Donna turned down Felicia's offer to be on her TV show. Marley told Nancy Jake had tried to kiss her but before she could decide whether she wanted him to or not he changed his mind. Dee returned safely, telling a story of how she'd escaped from a potential rapist with a knife by jumping into the bay in the darkness. Jamie and MJ tried to snap Kathleen out of her depression. Nancy and Perry shared their suspicions of Bridget. Donna mistook Vicky for Marley.

MAY 8, 1985 (EP. #5304)
Bridget covered for Vicky with Donna. Larry, Catlin, and Joyce discussed the drug thefts and their suspicions of the Plains Motel. Jake claimed his innocence when Perry and Nancy quizzed him about Bridget. Thomasina told Quinn about losing her job. Jake and Carter celebrated their good interviews with KBAY. Sally moaned to Liz about not even being able to hate Brittany. Sally explained to Kevin about Catlin's first wife. Brittany told a perplexed Clarice that she and Catlin would be moving in together. Jake tried to revive an unconscious Thomasina.

MAY 9, 1985 (EP. #5305)
Perry gave Nancy his grandmother's Egyptian ring, and they are engaged to be engaged. Rachel and Jamie got trapped in an elevator. Thomasina and her baby were unharmed.

MAY 10, 1985 (EP. #5306)
Trapped in an elevator, Rachel had a panic attack and thought Jamie was Steve. Larry told Clarice not to feel guilty about blabbing to Sally about Brittany's plans to live with Catlin. Jake disagreed that Vicky was ready to take Marley's place. A hopeful Ada thought Rachel might even remember Rose Perrini next. Sally decided it would be best if she and Catlin lived apart. Wally intimated that perhaps Felicia was doing herself more harm than good by refusing to have Cass on her TV show. Perry bugged the phone that Jake used to phone Bridget. Nancy showed Marley her ring. Donna started making plans for Marley's 18th birthday. Catlin said goodbye to Kevin. After watching Cass brag about himself on Felicia's show, Kathleen turned off the TV explaining to Jamie it made her nauseous.

MAY 13, 1985 (EP. #5307)
The doctor warned Carter that Thomasina had a special condition that required rest or the baby could be harmed. Perry got a call saying Carl had been involved in an accident in the pen. Cass took Felicia to task over her nastiness to him on the show. The strange woman watched the tape of Cass's interview. Nancy tried to recruit Rachel to her side, but Rachel failed to convince Ada to give permission to let Nancy go to Paris with Perry. Perry confronted Vicky-as-Marley about her strange behavior and warned her to stay away from Jake. Rachel put Donna in her place after she found Donna poking into her and Mac's marriage. Cass was sent a plane ticket to New York by a woman called Daphne Grimaldi. Rachel asked Mac what she'd been like when they were first married. Carter told Thomasina that everything was fine. Victoria showed Jake the bug and told him Perry had planted it and he knew.

MAY 14, 1985 (EP. #5308)
Peter and Sally worked late. Vicky told Jake they couldn't let Perry talk to Nancy. Brittany asked Zane for a loan for an apartment on Willow Street. Jake warned Bridget about Perry. Brian told Sally that Mark's in New York thinking of going back into politics and was made a senior partner in his law firm there. After Larry said Catlin had moved in, Clarice revealed she'd invited Zane and Brittany over for dinner. Marley was annoyed when Jake insisted that Nancy accompany them to the movies. Sally showed up at the Ewings as Catlin was trying to understand Brittany without Zane interpreting. Mac fled when Donna talked of their shared loneliness in common. Larry found drug paraphernalia left behind by their teenage babysitter Dale Baker. Sally dashed out but Catlin found her and embraced her.

MAY 15, 1985 (EP. #5309)
Catlin brought Sally breakfast. Lily and Dee visited Thomasina in the hospital and felt her baby kick. Ada warned Mac they we're running out of vases. Zane and Brittany celebrated the purchase of his new boat, and she decided she wanted to ride horses again. Grant said he respected the way he handled things for himself when Carter turned down his offer to help with medical expenses. Rachel remembered the name “Mitch” when she and Nancy bathed Matthew. Sally told Peter she was sure her marriage would be alright. Donna wanted Thomasina turned out, as Joyce had admitted her without insurance, but Quinn overheard and cowed Donna completely. After Catlin turned her down again, Zane tried to convince Brittany to return to Oregon with him.

MAY 16, 1985 (EP. #5310)
Jamie tried to dissuade Kathleen from renting his friend's apartment, which he later confided to MJ was across the hall from Cass's. In New York, Cass was instructed to dress and perfume three women who were told not to speak. Larry gave Dale a big speech about drugs but she got hysterical and fled. Zane delivered Brittany's letter to Catlin, then was pleased she agreed to go with him on his boat. Catlin told Sally that Brittany needs to realize that Josh Peterson doesn't exist anymore. Clarice realized her diamond studs were missing when Larry wondered where Dale gets the money for cocaine. Zane told Catlin he looked after Brittany because he was in love with her. Daphne, wearing a veiled hat, approved of the choices Cass made for the women. Liberace showed up at Felicia's New York book tour.

MAY 17, 1985 (EP. #5311)
Cass deftly unveiled Daphne. Clarice was proud of Larry for wanting to help Dale. Felicia and Liberace expressed their mutual admiration. Dale's father Stuart Baker refused Larry's help, but later found and returned Clarice's earrings. Bridget felt that Perry should hear the truth from Jake or herself. Vicky-as-Marley arranged to meet Perry in the Love stables. MJ urged Larry to turn the case over to narcotics. Perry tried to warn Vicky-as-Marley that Jake and Bridget were con artists. Liberace and Felicia went backstage at Radio City Music Hall. Perry was incredulous when Vicky revealed she was Marley's twin and been given away. Cass was tripping over his ego in his attempts to assure Daphne that he's perfect for the job when she offered him a position with an American brand of some big deal image-changing spa-type thin Vicky got hysterical when Perry vowed to go straight to Donna and Peter.

MAY 20, 1985 (EP. #5312)
Perry threw Vicky across the loft into a corner with the nastiest look on his face. When he went down the ladder a rung snapped and after clutching at the edge momentarily, he fell to the floor with Victoria looking on, aghast. While fishing on his boat, a stubborn Brittany wouldn't listen to Zane say Catlin would insist on getting the divorce. Bridget prevented Donna from going out to the stables. Victoria begged Perry to be all right and clutched at his hair. Nancy told Jake and Marley about her plans to go to Paris with Perry. Bridget forced Victoria to hide as the sirens drew nearer. Catlin and Sally watched “the Blob” at a drive-in theatre, then Sally instigated a popcorn fight. Donna went with Perry in the ambulance. Wallingford got Dee a job sitting on a board for people to hit a target and dunk her. Bridget and Jake tried to calm a frantic Vicky. In his hospital room, Nancy talked to Perry about Paris, called him sweetie, and said he had to get better.

MAY 21, 1985 (EP. #5313)
Vicky talked about her adoptive parents Grace and Philip who died in an accident and lost all their money. Bridget said Victoria was more like Donna than Marley, and promised she'd get her rightful place in the Love family. Jake asked Marley about Perry. Mac was upset when Rachel wanted to find Mitch. Kathleen heard about Le Soleil and wanted to head up the American division, as did Cass, but Daphne said she hadn't made a decision yet. Ada told Rachel it was unfair to make Mac help her find her ex-lover. Perry died in the operating room. Peter and Lily discussed the possibility of interviewing Daphne for Brava. Larry told Donna he'd found a hair comb in the loft.

MAY 22, 1985 (EP. #5314)
Nancy told Ada there had been a riot at the prison and Carl was injured while trying to keep the warden from being kidnapped. Quinn and Carter comforted Thomasina, who broke down over news of Perry's death. Peter and Donna brought Marley to the funeral, where she tried to comfort Nancy, who cried all day. Cass and Kathleen argued about the new job, then she locked him in the bathroom and rushed to go see Daphne. Carl arrived for Perry's funeral, and let Nancy know she could keep his mother's ring. Rachel overheard Donna mention her attempted plans to have dinner along with Mac. Cass apologized to Daphne for being late for their meeting. Jake told Vicky he'd take her to the bus station in Ogden, but she screamed she wasn't going and the plan was still on and she wasn't giving up.

MAY 23, 1985 (EP. #5315)
Jamie told Peter the board had decided not to publish Nouvelle, because Peter had tripped along to Oregon for ages and mistimed the first issue. Joyce interpreted when Catlin told Brittany about a possible job. Sally was angry when Kevin cried over Catlin missing his baseball game. Marley asked Maisie what she thought it was like to die, before arriving at the hospital to take blood tests. Carter overheard Wallingford get a phone call about a hot stock tip. It was news to Thomasina when Dee chatted to her about being her and Carter's roommate. Donna told Peter that Marley was ill, and later learned there was something revealing in her lab test results.

MAY 24, 1985 (EP. #5316)
Wallingford told Carter he had gotten a bum stock tip. Catlin was forced to admit to Sally he'd been with Brittany. Dr. Edwards told Donna and Peter that Marley had haemosynthosis, a very rare and usually fatal blood disease. Catlin found Brittany upset by the storm and took it upon himself to try to comfort her. Zane arrived and comforted her in a far more possessive and successful fashion. Felicia brought lilacs for Liberace and he showed her around his rooms. Zane said that both Brittany's father and son had died in the boating accident (father was crushed under a lifeboat). Thomasina was sad about Perry. Carter caught Jake snooping in the hospital records room. Carter and Dee tried to raise money for the apartment. Kevin worried Catlin was changing his mind about Catlin wanting to be married to Sally. Jake told Victoria Marley was very sick and needed a bone marrow transplant. Felicia gave Liberace an autographed book in exchange for him serenading her with “For I'll Be Seeing You.” Bridget overheard Peter insist he and Donna had to tell the doctor that Marley wasn't their sibling.

MAY 27, 1985 (EP. #5317)
After hearing the news from Bridget, Jake felt the Loves must have adopted one twin only. Kevin went back to his old ways of disdaining all entertainment offered by Catlin. Donna told the doctor that Marley wasn't their sister. Vicky took fits when Jake insisted she needed to be Marley's transplant donor. Cass and Kathleen bickered about and then made a wager about who would get the job. Sally was unaware that someone broke into the cabin. Jake climbed up the trellis to enter Marley's room by the window, then hid in the closet when Donna came in. Peter made plans to get the family out of debt. Catlin declined Brittany's invitation to stay the night. Jake found Victoria gone with all of her things.

MAY 28, 1985 (EP. #5318)
Vicky returned and agreed to be the donor but she wants one day in the house as Marley. Mac agreed to hire Brittany as a stable hand. Larry pounced when Dale recognized the photo of Billa, and revealed her drug pusher was named Sly. Mac tried to cheer Nancy up and she snapped at him. Sally was unthrilled when Kevin took to Brittany, who helped him saddle up his horse. Ada told Rachel she could take Mac for granted once too often. Jake brought Marley home. Mac agreed when Rachel asked him to search for Mitch. Larry cut open Willa's belt and found a key. When Donna insisted Dr. Edwards test Marley again, Bridget told Victoria that Dr. Edwards would find out she wasn't sick or Marley.

MAY 29, 1985 (EP. #5319)
MJ and Larry found a lot of drugs. A crooked cop intercepted Dale's message to Larry, and she later went missing. The doctor acquiesced when Vicky said she was too tired for tests. Grant and Wallingford wondered about the mystery lady who phoned the NorthWoods Inn to offer to fund Cass's publishing party as long as Felicia hosts it. When Thomasina looked forward to the new apartment, Carter and Dee realized they need to come up with the downpayment. Joyce noticed that Rachel seemed jealous of Mac's attention to Brittany. Sly found Dale and threatened her. The doctor informed Peter and a hysterical Donna that Marley had a month to live at most. Carter later relented when Quinn pressed him to accept her money. Liz complained about Brittany. Vicky-as-Marley cried when Donna shared happy memories of her childhood.

MAY 30, 1985 (EP. #5320)
When Felicia inquired about Perry, Grant reluctantly told her of the accident. Sally balked when Catlin asked her to have dinner with him and Brittany. Clarice told Larry that Dale had called asking for him, and he suspected there was a crooked cop at the station. Wallingford tried his best to comfort Felicia. Liz walked in as Sally hugged Peter who was despondent over Marley. Cass told Kathleen he'd been invited to the mystery party and had asked Daphne to be his date. A conniving Peter managed to convince Fred Albertson that Jamie had disrespected him. Larry and Clarice showed up for Catlin's family dinner when Sally cancelled. Kevin told Liz about his new friend Brittany. Catlin was elated when Sally showed up at the restaurant. MJ arrived to place Larry under arrest.

MAY 31, 1985 (EP. #5321)
Peter urged Donna to tell Marley she was her mother before she died. Catlin yelled at MJ but Larry felt she was just doing her job. MJ said the department has to investigate because it looks like large sums of money have been deposited into Larry's account over the years. Wallingford accused Cass of inviting Daphne to the party to make Kathleen uncomfortable. Clarice was concerned for Larry, who didn't want to tell her what was really going on. Mac and a reluctant Jamie thanked Peter for his help. Vicky couldn't stand it when Nancy visited to cry over Perry. Felicia practically swooned when old acquaintance Gerhard said he had set up the party. Kathleen couldn't get anything out of Gerhard about Lesoleil. Vicky's jaw dropped to the floor when Donna sent Bridget out of the room to reveal the truth of Marley's parentage.

Donna: "From the first moment I learned I was pregnant I was so--happy. And then I realized that we couldn't get married. You didn't know Daddy, but--um--he wouldn't allow it. He sent him away because there would've been a scandal. So he built the room, the hidden room in the wine cellar."
Vicky-As-Marley: "He put you in that room?"
Donna: "Well it's what I wanted. It was best because that way I could have my baby and I could be with her. And I would've done ANYTHING for that. I would've done ANYTHING."
Vicky: "The baby."
Donna: "I'm glad that you have his hair. He had beautiful blonde hair. You're my child, Marley. I'm your mother."

JUNE 3, 1985 (EP. #5322)
Donna admitted she could've told the truth after her parents died, but she wanted Marley to be happy and not to hate her. Gerhard announced to the gathering that he was the executor of movie star Edouard Gerard's estate (he's been missing for seven years so legally the will must be executed but he's not necessarily dead). Felicia was left 50% of Lesoleil and Gerhard's son Michaud Christophe got the other half. Edward was not on good terms with his son Albert (who went off to Africa) after Albert's marriage. Jake hovered over Marley, who wondered where she was. Bridget suspected Donna gave birth unconscious and had no idea she had twins. Vicky entered into a long tirade about how Marley was loved because she was like the stableboy and she theorized that she would be unloved for being like Donna and selfish and angry. Jamie was chagrined to discover that Peter had made a great impression on Albertson. Kathleen and Cass exchanged insults. Jake sneaked Marley back into the mansion. It was news to Grant when he overheard Carter discuss his new apartment. Jamie asked MJ wistfully if she were sure about not moving in with him. Liberace played "Memory," "As Time Goes By," and then chopsticks with Felicia.

JUNE 4, 1985 (EP. #5323)
Donna was stunned that Marley had no memory of their talk yesterday. Vicky and Jake fabricated her cover story: she was raised in Galesburg, Illinois; in reality she's from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, but they can't say that because everyone knows Jake's from there. Sally and Liz conspired to keep an eye on Brittany. Peter and Donna were astonished when Vicky waltzed in and handed them a fake letter from a nanny that told her she had a twin in Bay City. Carter pressed Dee not to tell Thomasina he'd blown his exam and that they had money troubles. Lily was scandalized to find Tom out of bed answering the door. Kevin implored Brittany to tell him about her and Catlin in the rodeo. Zane felt she was imagining it when Brittany thought she had heard Kevin yelling. Donna begged Vicky to sign a paper agreeing to the transplant operation.

JUNE 5, 1985 (EP. #5324)
Larry and MJ yelled at each other for the benefit of the world in general, but in normal voices they discussed their undercover operation. Carter and Thomasina toured their new apartment. Felicia and Gerhard discussed how Edward had created Felicia Gallant. Cass told Jamie who told Kathleen who told Daphne that the Le Soleil job was sure to be his. Dee took a waitressing job at the Plains Motel. When Quinn thought there was something wrong in a single girl living with a married couple, Lily assured her Dee was jimdandy and Grant tried to shut down her objections. Larry began his undercover work at the Plains Motel. Adrienne Morrow was worried when Dee accidentally took her pen and gave it to Larry.

JUNE 6, 1985 (EP. #5325)
Larry spilled a drink on Adrienne when she tried to get her pen back, and he later unscrewed it to find it contained white powder. Catlin tried to convince Brittany she could be happy with Zane because he was in love with her. Catlin and Sally showed up at the Plains Motel to find Larry flirting with Adrienne. Liz moaned that Kevin wanted her to learn sign language so she could be Brittany's friend too. Cass gloated to Kathleen after wooing Daphne with wine, poached salmon, and ideas for Le Soleil. Jamie wondered aloud if MJ preferred sleeping alone and announced he wouldn't wait forever when she turned down the gift of a key to his apartment. Larry told him to mind his own business when Catlin caught him lying to Clarice about being at the Plains Motel.

JUNE 7, 1985 (EP. #5326)
Rachel felt it was strange Mac hadn't told her she had money of her own when Brian told her Steve had left her a good deal of money. Sally thought it weird when Catlin told her that Britt had no inkling that Zane's been in love with her for three years. Zane yelled at Brittany that Catlin was lost to her and she needed to move on or she'll die alone. Wallingford was somewhat personally disappointed when Felicia admitted she found Zane attractive. MJ protested when the captain fired Larry after he hit another cop. Wallingford introduced Zane to Felicia and extolled her virtues. Both Catlin and Zane worried about Brittany, who was missing during a bad storm. Mac defended his decision to protect Rachel's money. Liz offered Jamie her ear if he was having problems with MJ. Catlin found Brittany in the storm and made her take refuge in his car, where she played with the horn and said his name out loud.

JUNE 10, 1985 (EP. #5327)
Bridget doesn't want Victoria to spend too much time with Donna in case Donna figures out that Marley the other day was Victoria. Vicky felt that Donna only cared about Marley and was afraid of the big needle, but Jake insisted she had to save Marley. Peter was cagey when Nancy wondered about Marley's donor. Liz complained to Brian about the black cloud named Brittany over Catlin and Sally's lives. Catlin told Brittany he felt responsible for the accident and losing Evan, and hugged her just as Sally and Kevin arrived at the cabin. Nancy confessed to Marley she'd been friendly to her in the beginning to get close to Perry ("I know that. I may be rich, Nancy, but that doesn't make me stupid.") but now she was the best friend she'd ever had. Donna promised they'd make up for lost years, and Victoria signed the consent form. Zane told Felicia she has as much heart as style. Zane was dumbfounded when Brittany spoke aloud to him.

JUNE 11, 1985 (EP. #5328)
Felicia brought housewarming gifts to Carter, Thomasina, and Dee, who planned to host a graduation party because Thomasina was valedictorian. Brittany was reluctant to tell Catlin her hearing had returned as then he might not want to help her anymore. Bridget tried to cover when Donna heard a groggy Vicky talk about her mother. Sally tried to comfort Nancy over Marley. Kevin and Brittany picnicked. Felicia tried to figure out if Zane had feelings for Brittany. Catlin disagreed when Sally felt Brittany was trying to play up to Kevin. Donna thanked Vicky for what she'd done for Marley.

JUNE 12, 1985 (EP. #5329)
Carter planned on going to summer school and graduate in August and go to college come autumn, and Thomasina said she wouldn't worry if he agreed to accept Quinn's cheque. Clarice wondered why Larry was spending so much money lately when she found him decked out in new white sports jacket. Felicia and Lily were irate when Cass decided to join Daphne during her appearance on Felicia's show. Adrienne told Dee there might be a job for Carter. Larry kissed Adrienne, and cleverly didn't search her office when alone as he noticed it was a set up to test him. Carter and Thomasina decided to write her valedictory speech together. Kevin overheard Liz tell Sally that Brittany was hurting their family. Grant felt bad that Carter couldn't write a makeup exam. Kathleen thanked Cass for plugging her on the air but said it doesn't change anything. Catlin sniffed perfume on Larry's jacket and called him a jerk.

JUNE 13, 1985 (EP. #5330)
Felicia sent Wallingford on an errand to the hardware store. Gerhard left for Switzerland. Zane and Brittany rejoiced over her returned voice, but he felt she was being selfish in trying to use her recovery to help her reunite with Catlin. Sally was overjoyed but apprehensive after agreeing to let Catlin move back in. Jake videotaped Thomasina's valedictory speech as Lily, Grant, Quinn, and Dee watched. Brittany overheard as Catlin asked Brian to help him get a divorce from her. Carter protested when Quinn gave him another cheque for a graduation gift. Sally was stung when Kevin felt Brittany never let him down while Catlin did. Adrienne hired Carter to take shipments to New Orleans twice a month. Zane agreed to help Felicia with her matchmaking when she consented to helping him build his boat. A distressed Brittany ran away from Kevin.

JUNE 14, 1985 (EP. #5331)
Brittany slapped Zane when he accused her of playing on Catlin's pity. Jake and Vicky shook hands after Donna introduced them. Mac, Liz, and Brian admired Rachel's new sketch of the cabin on Laurel Lake. Felicia fed Zane dinner and gave him a massage. Nancy babysat Kevin and noticed that he didn't seem too happy. Larry kept on talking about the drug case on the phone when Brittany arrived as he believed she was still deaf and couldn't hear what he was saying. Larry tipped Adrienne generously and she commented on his jobless state. Dr. Edwards told Donna she should come to the hospital because Marley had developed an infection. Britt being deaf ordered a beer and listened to Adrienne on the phone with the boss. Diane the Cory maid reported that Kevin had gone missing.

JUNE 17, 1985 (EP. #5332)
Mac ordered his men to search for Kevin, who was pinned under something. Jimmy came to talk business with Adrienne. Donna ordered Nancy not to tell a soul after she saw Vicky. Brian, Liz, and Ada worried about Kevin. Donna told Peter it was her cutbacks that caused the imperfect sterilization that resulted in Marley's infection. Jake assured Vicky that the Loves wouldn't believe Nancy had seen Vicky weeks ago at the disco. Brittany headed for the Cory estate after Clarice told her about Kevin. Rachel kissed Mac, so impressed was she by the way he took charge of the search. Larry made a date with Adrienne. Britt found a boarded-up hole in the ground, pulled off the board, and went in.

JUNE 18, 1985 (EP. #5333)
Liz told Sally that Kevin had disappeared. Thomasina and Dee were thrilled when Quinn brought them a colour TV. Zane disapproved of Felicia and Wallingford's matchmaking and putting a lock on the NorthWoods Inn private dining room. Catlin and Mac joined the search for Kevin. Catlin realized that Britt's usual mare was missing. Jimmy and Adrienne wanted Carter to guard crates of antiques. Catlin saw Brittany calling down the hole reassuring Kevin, but managed to fall down the hole himself. Kathleen explained to Felicia why the Le Soleil job means so much to her. Rachel and Mac rejoiced upon the return of Brittany, who explained Catlin hurt his knee and needed to be rescued. Joyce tended to Kevin, who promised never to run away again.

JUNE 19, 1985 (EP. #5334)
Sally told Catlin she was grateful to Brittany for rescuing Kevin. Brittany promised a sleeping Kevin she would stop being selfish. Bridget prayed for Marley. Felicia and Wallingford locked Cass and Kathleen in the private dining room. Lily sang love songs for them, but Grant felt people couldn't be forced to fall in love. Vicky asked Jake to hold her and promise he'd never stop loving her; he held her and said nothing. Donna talked to Dr. Edwards and Dr. Wakefield about Marley's complete lack of white blood cells. Jamie told MJ he didn't want to lose her. Cass and Kathleen agreed to share the bed since the chairs were intolerable to sleep on.

JUNE 20, 1985 (EP. #5335)
Catlin was thrilled to be reconciled with Sally, who told Liz she was taking Kevin to visit Alice. Cass and Kathleen woke up in each other's arms, then decided try to escape via the dumbwaiter. Carter, Thomasina, and Dee discussed buying new furniture. Adrienne talked to the crooked cop and said that Tommy Lee was getting edgy and wanted Willa's stuff back. Larry told Clarice he would begin searching for a new job. Felicia, Wallingford, and Lily wondered how Cass and Kathleen were getting along.

JUNE 21, 1985 (EP. #5336)
Brittany felt she could investigate and prove Willa had been murdered, but Catlin forbade it. Michaud made plans to impress Felicia at their first meeting. Wallingford admitted to Zane the forced reunion plan hadn't worked. Liz warned Sally that leaving Catlin alone now was a big mistake. Larry flirted with Adrienne. Zane took Felicia fishing. Daphne made plans to take over the Chapin estate for the Le Soleil complex. Adrienne, Jimmy, and Polo conspired to keep tabs on Larry. Jake helped look after Marley. Catlin said goodbye to Kevin and Sally. Marley had a fever of 105.2 and Donna was convinced she won't live.

JUNE 24, 1985 (EP. #5337)
Brittany wrote Zane a thank-you letter and boarded a bus for Dry Creek. Zane and Felicia disagreed about the size of the fish she almost caught. Vicky was upset that she'll never be able to tell Marley she was her sister and she loved her. Zane accused Catlin of running Brittany out of town. Peter found Donna praying in the hospital chapel. Jimmy accused Adrienne of having the hots for Larry. Larry visited the cabin in a new Jaguar and hid his drugs in the woodpile, then denied to Catlin he was working undercover. The Loves and Bridget rejoiced when Marley turned a corner. MJ thought Larry a dope for hiding the drugs at Catlin's. Marley woke up and said, “Hello Donna.”

JUNE 25, 1985 (EP. #5338)
Rachel drew a sketch of the living room of Ada's old house. Daphne and Michaud, who are on very good kissing terms, thought it's time they appointed the American head of Le Soleil. Dee flirted with Jake when he came to drop off Carter's KBAY cheque to him and Thomasina. Rachel looked around Ada's old house, now owned by sisters Peg and Charlotte MacHenry who own a bowling alley, and told Ada that it had sparked a memory. Felicia relayed the news to Kathleen when Cass learned he had won the job at Le Soleil. Adrienne told Tommy Lee she and Jimmy didn't like each other. A hysterical Clarice told Catlin that Larry must be having an affair with a rich and generous woman. Mac comforted Nancy, who received a package of Perry's things from Carl. In New York, Michaud had something Very Important to show Cass but he's not to tell Felicia about it.

JUNE 26, 1985 (EP. #5339)
Marley awoke and told Joyce she'd just seen a girl who looked just like her. Kathleen planned to devote an entire issue of Brava to Le Soleil. Larry told Cory off for being obnoxious to Clarice. Peter consoled Kathleen by saying that she was more valuable to Le Soleil as great editor of Brava. Vicky went in to see Marley, told her they were twin sisters, and felt each other's faces. Mr. Baker railed at Larry for joining the other side. Donna laid into Vicky for talking to Marley without her permission. Zane agreed to be Felicia's escort for the party. Wallingford asked Lily to the party. Cass apologized to Kathleen for being a jerk, and was chagrined to learn Peter was taking her to the party. Donna begged Vicky's forgiveness, then they and Marley all held hands.

JUNE 27, 1985 (EP. #5340)
Larry was concerned when Adrienne sported a black eye. Michaud and Daphne discussed a mysterious man. Wallingford and Zane tried to figure out how to escort Felicia and Lily in the rain. Ad told Clarice not to jump to conclusions. Rachel decided to rent a room at Ada's old house. Felicia fell headlong in the mud just as she was about to meet Michaud. An armed Jimmy and Polo confronted Larry in his hotel room.

JUNE 28, 1985 (EP. #5341)
Mac didn't like Rachel's wanting to move into the old house. A delighted Michaud took Felicia home to change. Kathleen was introduced to Daniel Gabriel, architect and attractive man at large. Brittany visited Old Mrs. Tillis, who encouraged her foolishness. Larry signaled to his imaginary armed backup with a handkerchief and Jimmy and Polo fled. At her family's graveyard, Brittany resolved to divorce but still pursue Catlin. Larry found Catlin waiting for him at home and demanding answers. Cass boasted to Lily and Wally he'd been the reason Le Soleil was locating in Bay City. Quinn was concerned when Grant's angina acted up. Peter failed to charm Daphne. A model of the Le Soleil complex was unveiled. Clarice got home and suggested Larry move out, but agreed to him sleeping on the couch. Michaud announced Cass would be searching for the American Le Soleil Woman. Tommy Lee planned to buy Willa's drugs from Larry and then do away with him.