JULY 1, 1985 (EP. #5342)
Jake assured Vicky he was only pretending to like Marley to get on her good side, and Bridget urged her not to be jealous. Larry and Cory didn't do much fishing when they went on a fishing trip. Cass wasn't happy when Kathleen and Daniel skipped off to lunch, and when he couldn't select a candidate from among several women. Tommy Lee had Adrienne phone Larry, but Clarice answered the phone. Ada told Nancy not to dwell on Perry's box. Marley and Vicky discussed twinness and Marley's dreams. Clarice accused Larry of planning to run off to Canada with his floozy. When Donna noticed Vicky's hair comb, Nancy asked Vicky if she was there when Perry fell in the barn.

JULY 2, 1985 (EP. #5343)
Tommy Lee was annoyed at having to get violent with Larry when Adrienne could've seduced him into submission. Clarice was evasive but Catlin managed to worm out of her that she'd thrown Larry out because of his girlfriend. Bridget told Donna Victoria was embarrassed because she'd taken the comb from Marley. Dr. Highsmith hypnotized Rachel, and she recalled a freckle-faced young Jamie and his friend Joey Perrini, but nothing about Carl. Catlin was grateful when Brittany agreed to give him the divorce. Cory didn't open the door when Jimmy and Polo came by looking for Larry. Vicky told Jake how oppressively nice the Loves were. Catlin found Larry's briefcase under the woodpile. Maisie told Nancy to let her grief run its course. Dr. Highsmith told Mac, Ada, and Jamie that perhaps another trauma might shock Rachel out of her amnesia. Cory set about making Jeanne soup on the gas stove.

JULY 3, 1985 (EP. #5344)
Cory took fits when Clarice yelled at him for playing with matches. Brittany wouldn't elaborate when she told Zane she was staying in Bay City because it had everything she needed. Adrienne overheard Tommy Lee and Jimmy discussing doing away with Larry. Daphne told Cass that his finalists were all too glitzy and superficial. Felicia and Michaud had a pleasant picnic. Felicia and Zane were suspiciously jealous of Brittany and Michaud, respectively. Brittany came to the cabin with divorce papers but ended up massaging Catlin. Cass saw Daphne at the Chapin Mansion on the verge of pulling wallpaper from the wall in search of something. Larry was ambushed in a warehouse. Brittany wanted to make love to Catlin one last time, especially as she'd never been with another man.

JULY 4-5, 1985: Pre-empted for Coverage of Tennis Wimbledon Championships.

JULY 8, 1985 (EP. #5345)
Jimmy had Polo and Muscles tie up Larry and rough him up. Brittany kissed Catlin and took off her blouse, but they stopped and agreed to part as friends. Daphne was resentful of Michaud's attentions to Felicia, and he warned her not tell let Felicia know that he had known who she was before they met. Brittany told Maisie she was staying in Bay City. Cass was obnoxious when he encountered Kathleen and Daniel in the private dining room. Dee complained to Carter about having to serve Muffy and her friends. Catlin showed Wallingford the drugs Larry hid in his woodpile, and Wallingford identified them as fentanyl, an illegal recreational drug. Adrienne fretted about Larry.

JULY 9, 1985 (EP. #5346)
Adrienne dressed Larry's wounds, warning him that he was to be killed. Mac mentioned to Ada about trauma bringing the memory back. Vicky made faces when Marley made group plans to go to the movies. Donna asked Peter to help her find their father's diaries in the attic. In a diary from 1967, her father wrote hateful things about the stableboy and revealed he knew about the twins, "Bastard twins will arrive any day now." He had sold Victoria to a family in Pennsylvania. Mac and Rachel competed fiercely at bowling, but he won. In the movie theatre, Vicky's hand wandered Jake's way, and Nancy fled in tears when the characters died at the end of the movie. Catlin, Clarice, and Cory worried when they couldn't reach Larry at his hotel. Mac and Rachel driving along swerved to avoid another car.

JULY 10, 1985 (EP. #5347)
Daphne and Michaud anticipated the arrival of their guest. Mac confessed to Ada and Rachel his plan to scare Rachel with a fake car accident. Donna gave a long explanation to Marley and Vicky. Nancy spotted a hang-glider. Marley raved about her memories being wrong and snapped at Peter. Chris Chapin, the hang-glider, landed in a field by a friend with a jeep. Vicky told Bridget that Donna told them of their birth.

JULY 11, 1985 (EP. #5348)
Polo warned Adrienne not to get too close to the prisoner. Adrienne told Larry she'd help him escape if he'd take her with him. Catlin and Clarice were upset when MJ came around asking about Larry. Cass brought a candidate to see Daphne, who was more interested in poring over hieroglyphics. Michaud caught Felicia snooping in the Chapin mansion. Cass was annoyed when Daniel called and when Kathleen revealed they were having dinner later. Larry pretended to hate Adrienne when Jimmy and Tommy Lee almost caught them escaping.

JULY 12, 1985 (EP. #5349)
Tommy Lee tried to threaten Larry into turning over Willa's drugs. MJ advised quitting when Carter said he had suspicions about his job at the Plains Motel. Jake failed to get Nancy to come out with the group again, and Maisie told her Perry would want her to go on living. Marley snapped at Donna for presuming to run her life, but they later made up. Wallingford accused Cass of being jealous of Daniel. Nancy ran into Muffy, who gave her ecstasy, which made her feel great. Cass told Wally he'd found that Le Soleil had bought the Chapin mansion in January and lied to them about why they were in Bay City. Carter told Adrienne and Jimmy he was quitting. Tommy Lee took out his gun and played Russian Roulette with Larry.

JULY 15, 1985 (EP. #5350)
Everyone panicked when the Plains Motel began to smoke. Nancy fell down choking while everyone else fled the burning building. Jake rescue Nancy. Someone untied Larry and knocked Jimmy down. Maisie noticed Nancy's drugged-out state. The firemen found a smoke bomb in the furnace room. Vicky denied Nancy's accusation she'd been at the Plains Hotel. Marley told Bridget about the nightmare she had about Perry's death. Larry refused to let Catlin help his investigation. Chris just missed seeing Nancy at Smiley's. Catlin stunned Larry by saying he had the drugs. Chris told Liz not to worry about Catlin.

JULY 16, 1985 (EP. #5351)
Muffy was nearly caught by Ada when she brought Nancy more ecstasy. Chris told Nancy he'd seen her from the air and she looked better up close. Cass and Daphne were less than thrilled with Dee's decision to try out for the Le Soleil woman. Jimmy and Tommy Lee terrorized Thomasina because they suspected Carter threw the smoke bomb. Quinn, Carter, and Grant comforted a distraught Thomasina. Tommy Lee told Cannon to keep his partner MJ in check after she threatened to stall his permits.

JULY 17, 1985 (EP. #5352)
MJ was furious at Larry for ditching her and taking on Catlin. Kathleen was hesitant when Michaud proposed she undergo the Le Soleil process and become the first American transformation, but Cass and Daniel were thrilled. Liz told Brittany to go back to Oregon. Tommy Lee gave orders to Jimmy and Cannon. Zane left for Oregon to close up his house. Catlin came home to find Kevin playing with the drugs. Dee was disappointed when Michaud told her the Le Soleil Woman had to be twenty-one, and she was only nineteen. Tommy Lee hired Brittany, thinking she was deaf and dumb and therefore couldn't overhear their plans. Catlin and Sally got romantic. Larry was surprised to see Brittany.

JULY 18, 1985 (EP. #5353)
Brittany eavesdropped as Larry talked tough with Tommy Lee. Nancy and Chris played with the horses in the stables. Peter was pleased when Marley decided she'd give Vicky half her inheritance. Donna introduced Chris to Victoria, as her sister. Bridget opposed Vicky's plan to come clean about Perry's death. Dee threw a surprise party for Carter and Thomasina. Zane told Catlin he was no longer Brittany's keeper. Clarice told Larry she wouldn't forgive him if he was having an affair. Jake assured Vicky he loved her and not Marley.

JULY 19, 1985 (EP. #5354)
Michaud and Daniel were ecstatic when Kathleen agreed to be transformed. Peter and Donna told Vicky of her inheritance. Daphne tried again to translate the hieroglyphs. Jake gave Marley a birthday gift. Rachel thought it weird when Daphne had a weird reaction to meeting Chris. Nancy tried to buy more drugs. Kathleen daydreamed about being a ballerina. Daphne told Michaud about seeing Chris, the son of Frederick who had found her in Cairo and then abandoned her. Bridget quaked in fear as Vicky told her family that Perry had found her in the barn the day of his accident. Rachel didn't believe the danger when she and Mac were held up by gunmen in the bowling alley.

JULY 22, 1985 (EP. #5355)
Brittany pretended not to hear as Tommy Lee and Jimmy discussed the arrival of their hired gun, Roy Bowman. Adrienne told Larry she was loyal to him now. Peter backed off questioning Vicky when Donna and Marley stood up for her. The trauma of the holdup made Rachel flash back to her captivity with Carl. Bridget advised Vicky not to reveal the whole truth about Perry. Catlin made excuses to leave Sally alone when Brittany called with the information about Roy. Family lawyer Fielding told Marley and Vicky they have to wait three more years for the money. They will get a yearly allowance of $50,000 apiece, then $11 million each at 21. Mac, Brian, Liz, and Jamie were thrilled to learn that Rachel regained her memory. Catlin proposed impersonating Roy. Rachel reunited with Amanda and Matthew. MJ called Larry to tell him she'd got the gun for Catlin. Donna and Marley want to know about Victoria's life in Galesburg.

JULY 23, 1985 (EP. #5356)
Nancy helped Chris prepare for his job interview. Cass didn't think it was funny when Kathleen showed him a candidate for Le Soleil and it was a photo of Kystle. Catlin-as-Roy used the special code words when he met Jimmy. Daniel sprung to the rescue and made all the repairs when the McKinnon kitchen pipes sprung a leak. Cass thought of Kathleen when Michaud instructed him to find a woman with sparkle and fire, not just a general inoffensiveness. MJ and Larry drank cold coffee in van during a stakeout. Jimmy was impressed when Catlin-as-Roy kicked the knife out of his hand. Jamie was contrite when Sally insisted she wanted to be treated like a professional, not like a little sister.

JULY 24, 1985 (EP. #5357)
Ada welcomed Mac and Rachel back from Lake Laurel. Grant was pleased when Coach Naylor gave a full football scholarship for Carter to Bay State. Kathleen then Rachel both assured Jamie that things would get better with MJ. Nancy took some ecstasy after a visit from Marley. Cass told Felicia he found the perfect Le Soleil woman. Mac told Sally he doesn't want to fire her. Sally was surprised to see Clarice working at Smiley's. Cass was evasive when Kathleen and Felicia wanted to know who his perfect woman was.

JULY 25, 1985 (EP. #5358)
Catlin bristled when Tommy Lee manhandled Brittany. Ada chided Chris for upsetting Nancy. Liz advised Sally not to take the job in Washington. Marley quizzed Bridget. Vicky bedded Jake. Catlin discovered a towel-clad Brittany in his hotel room.

JULY 26, 1985 (EP. #5359)
Kathleen forbade it when Cass wanted to look through the clothes in her closet. Felicia welcomed Zane home. Brittany hid when Tommy Lee came to visit Catlin. Cass made Grant's life miserable in having him set up Kathleen's entrance. Jamie was happy to run into MJ at the Corys. Brittany apologized to Rachel for giving up her horse job. Dee impressed Zane and Wallingford with her repair skills. Kathleen entered on cue with Daniel but Sally entering just behind positively glowing eclipsed her totally for Michaud, who said "You HAVE found her.

JULY 29, 1985 (EP. #5360)
Catlin almost answered a call from Cannon when Tommy Lee entered the office to introduce him to Larry. Brittany gripped her knife when Jimmy kissed her on the neck. MJ agreed when Jamie said they had ceased to be a priority with each other and he had to get on with his life. Rachel told Mac that Jamie left town to visit Sandy and Blaine in San Francisco. Daphne was not thrilled by Michaud's attentions to Sally. Sally turned down the Washington job. Daniel told Grant he's decided on Frame-Harding for the building construction. Both Cass and Daniel escorted Kathleen home, where she was met by Prometheus. MJ and Larry were worried about Catlin and Clarice. Sally talked to Catlin's pillow about how much she missed him.

JULY 30, 1985 (EP. #5361)
After a knock on her office door, Sally found a single sunflower awaiting her. After Marley's nightmare, Donna told her her father had been a stableboy named Michael. Peter complained about the workload Jamie left behind. Cass told Felicia he was going to need her help to groom Kathleen as the Le Soleil Woman. Kathleen entered dripping with sweat clad in a Smiley's t-shirt after Cass had described her glowing inner beauty. Larry said his personal life was off limits when Catlin wondered if he intended to seduce Adrienne's secrets out of her. Daphne said that Sally must be happy at Cory Publishing when Michaud offered Sally a challenge. Peter refused Victoria's request to release her trust fund money. Adrienne felt Wallingford was looking at them funny when Larry took her to the NorthWoods Inn. Marley asked Jake what he thought about Victoria. Daphne thought Michaud was manipulating Sally cleverly. Peter dumped a bunch of work chores on Sally and Kathleen. Donna apologized to Victoria for Peter's abruptness. Victoria went to Marley's room and was let in by a Marley transformed -- a Marley made up and clad in Victoria's clothes.

JULY 31, 1985 (EP. #5362)
Carter was elated when the doctor said Thomasina's baby was viable at 32 weeks. An excitable Marley pushed Victoria into the closet and pretended to be her to Bridget. Cass and Peter threw barbs at each other. Nancy told Muffy she did not want any more stuff. Chris asked Nancy for helping moving in to a new apartment. Donna was wildly flattered when Victoria asked to be taught how to behave properly. Peter told Victoria not to abuse Donna. Grant, Quinn, and Lily threw a party for Thomasina and Carter. Chris tended Nancy's sprained ankle. Marley confessed that she is still a virgin and asked Victoria about not being and the boy she had once loved. Victoria was non-committal. She said it was a long time ago and he lived far away. Marley was disappointed when Bridget snapped that she had not been fooled. Ada helped Lily win a radio contest and a trip to Canada. Cass did his best to be agreeable and kind to Kathleen. Marley put on Victoria's denim jacket and found in the pocket a bus ticket from Lassiter, Pennsylvania, not Galesburg where Victoria claimed to be from.

AUGUST 1, 1985 (EP. #5363)
Catlin physically restrained Brittany, who had planned to follow Tommy Lee and Jimmy to the lab. Mac was suspicious when Sally told him she was leaving Cory Publishing for Le Soleil. Muffy left Nancy some drugs to help with her ankle pain. Michaud suggested Sally be kept on part time at Cory and that Mac buy shares in Le Soleil and possibly be put on the board of directors. Zane proudly presented Felicia a Walleyed Pike that had reminded him of her. Chris tended to Nancy. Ada raved incoherently to Mac about Lily's prize. Tommy Lee offered them drugs when Catlin said he wants to spend time alone with Brittany. Felicia was interested and suspicious of Michaud's motive when he brought Sally to the NorthWoods Inn, but Zane told her not to get involved. Nancy felt unfaithful by being with Chris, but Ada said she had to get on with her life. Sally got a call from Liz. Catlin and Brittany kissed enthusiastically for Tommy Lee's benefit.

AUGUST 2, 1985 (EP. #5364)
Felicia told Daphne that Kathleen would be a great choice as Le Soleil woman. Marley told Jake that Victoria had been lying to her all along. Adrienne warned Tommy Lee that he was getting out of control. Daniel found Kathleen stuffing herself before a planned fast. Michaud informed Cass that Kathleen would not be his choice. Adrienne told Larry to get out before he got killed. Jake tried to convince Marky that it didn't matter that Victoria was from Pennsylvania. Michaud decided it was best to send Cass to Europe after Cass failed to convince him to choose Kathleen. Peter gleefully told Kathleen that Cass had quit her job for her. Kathleen didn't believe it when Felicia said that Cass loved her. Larry told MJ that Adrienne thought Tommy Lee was losing it. Brittany spied nearby when Adrienne tried to rescue a drugged Dale. Jake tried to calm a jittery Victoria. A depressed Cass left for Europe after Kathleen wouldn't accept his apology.

AUGUST 5, 1985 (EP. #5365)
Brittany managed to bluff her way past a henchman to rescue Dale, who wailed for her mother. Michaud fretted to Daphne that Felicia was getting too close to the fisherman. Donna pressed iced tea on Felicia, who suggested Donna undergo the Le Soleil transformation and that the twins appear on her talk show. Sally fended off both Liz and Kevin's inquiries about Catlin. Brittany dumped Dale at the hospital. Tommy Lee dragged Adrienne back to the motel and was mad to find Dale gone. Cannon confirmed it to Tommy Lee when Adrinenne insisted she hadn't taken Dale. Donna, fantasizing about being Le Soleil's social director, ignored Marley's musings about going away for a bit. Michaud visited the cabin and got on well with Sally and Kevin. The Bakers cried over Dale's bedside promising all would be well as MJ bullied Joyce into telling her that Brittany had brought Dale in. Michaud made an origami crane for Felicia. Brittany was ID'ed to Tommy Lee as Dale's rescuer.

AUGUST 6, 1985 (EP. #5366)
Tommy Lee tricked Brittany into revealing she was no longer deaf. Victoria pretended to be Marley to Donna. Carter and Tom practiced Lamaze. Donna told Bridget she was a little too secretive on the girls' behalf. Jake planned to catch Marley on the bus. Sally failed to talk Clarice out of planning to leave Larry. MJ had Cannon arrested after letting him know he hadn't passed along any information to Tommy Lee that they hadn't wanted him to. Tommy Lee let Catlin know that the "Man" might expect Catlin to get rid of Larry permanently. Michaud offered himself to Sally as a friend in whom she could confide. Jake bought Dee's motorcycle. Victoria showed Donna a forged letter that purported Marley had gone to visit friends. Larry pressed Sally about Catlin's whereabouts and wouldn't listen when she tried to talk to him about Clarice. Sally demanded answers about Catlin when she realize Larry knew more than he was telling. Tommy Lee brought Catlin to the lab where Jimmy was holding Brittany.

AUGUST 7, 1985 (EP. #5367)
Peter and Marley failed to soothe Donna's worries over Marley. Liz confessed to Sally she'd seen Catlin outside the Plains Motel with a scantily clad sequined female. Tommy Lee and Jimmy accused Catlin of being Brittany's accomplice but he denied it steadfastly to the end, even going so far as to pick a fight with her. He said he was going to teach her a lesson and tried boldly to carry her out struggling. Larry rescued Adrienne from a locked room but she wouldn't tell him where the lab was. Michaud was thrilled when Sally's perception of some perfume was the same as his. Adrienne finally told Larry where the lab was after he told her that Catlin was masquerading as Roy. Marley made friends with a woman on the bus. Victoria told Bridget she was worried because Marley and Jake were out there alone in the big world together and he hadn't reported back yet. Sally was unfazed when Daphne kindly thought to tell her that working for Michaud she wouldn't be able to call her soul her own. Larry told MJ he was headed to the lab to rescue Catlin, as Adrienne spied on him with a gun. Donna told Victoria about Carl and the money. Jake questioned a man about how long ago Marley's bus had left. Peter was remarkably unrestrained in his fury of the price of Donna's new dress. Tommy Lee handed over the needle when Catlin insisted on using it to finish Brittany off.

AUGUST 8, 1985 (EP. #5368)
Felicia found Kathleen being massaged and contemplating giving up her fast. Peter and Donna argued about the cost of her new dress. After Jimmy found photos of Catlin and Brittany in her purse, Tommy Lee decided they would kill her themselves and let the Man handle Catlin himself. Daniel changed the subject when Felicia found his sketch of Monsieur's residence. Vicky arranged to buy the dress and present it to Donna. Michaud escorted Kathleen to the visualization room: there were mirrors all about and a chaise in the middle. Daphne quizzed Felicia about Carl and Donna's marriage. Vicky and Bridget shared a laugh about charging the dress to Marley's account. Instead of the Man, Larry showed up at the hotel room. Larry shot Tommy Lee, who collapsed in a pile of drugs and shot back all white and powdery. He hit Adrienne who had thrown herself in front of him. A soothing female voice spoke to Kathleen, instructing to say the first few lines of her favorite e.e. cummings poem. Films of opening rosebuds, breaking waves, and waving palms appeared on the walls and the voice repeated the lines in her soothing voice with feeling. Jimmy prepared the lethal syringe for Brittany, who spit in his face. Larry fled to rescue Britanny after cradling Adrienne, who was losing blood.

AUGUST 9, 1985 (EP. #5369)
Larry called an ambulance for Adrienne. Films made Kathleen contemplate her goals in life. Jake told Marley that he learned from the bus terminal that she used Vicky's ticket and came to get her from Lassiter, but Jake lied about having any specific knowledge of Lassiter. Vicky admitted to Bridget that Marley may be mistaken for her by a man named Ned, whom Vicky once betrayed. Kathleen thought about her mother and parent's marriage. Jimmy caught Brittany reaching for a syringe as she tried to seduce him. Bridget summoned Gibbs who arrived in a baseball cap and butler rags and is slightly deaf. Marley became indignant towards Jake's chauvinistic attitude. Jake and Marley agreed to play pinball to decide the destinations to visit in Lassiter. Jimmy disarmed Catlin by pulling a knife after injecting Brittany with the syringe. Marley acted coy and talked about Ben, causing Jake to plant her with kisses. Donna ordered Vicky to leave so she could talk privately to Michaud. Daniel tried to bolster Kathleen's confidence while they had lunch together. Catlin tried to persuade Jimmy into surrendering by telling him that Tommy Lee is dead. Jimmy was shot while struggling with Catlin for the gun. Kathleen declined Cass's call and remarked that he is not noble like Daniel. Donna mocked Gibbs for thinking that a robbery had occurred because of the wine cellar being empty. Michaud offered to put Donna on the board of directions in exchange for buying stock. Marley giggled as Jake followed her bus by motorcycle.

AUGUST 12, 1985 (EP. #5370)
Donna griped to Vicky about Gibbs' fiasco and Michaud's stock proposal. Catlin had Brittany hospitalized. Jake was evasive with Marley about his reasons for wanting to keep her from Lassiter. Nancy admired Chris's dedication to his work. Daphne advised Michaud that Donna and the Love fortune are integral to Le Soleil's business success. Michaud told Daphne that his efforts with Felicia and Sally will pay off. Chris invited Nancy to Smiley's with him. Vicky accused Jake of hiding their past from Marley when Jake explained that he is having trouble getting Marley to return home. M.J. suggested that Larry contact Clarice. Daphne arranged a meeting concerning the social liaison position at Le Soleil with Donna. Marley grew distant towards Jake, who confessed that he is acting at Vicky's behest to keep her from Lassiter. Dale expressed appreciation to Larry. Nancy and Chris persuaded Dale into entering drug rehabilitation. Larry promised to return home to Clarice. Sally seethed when Brittany mumbled declarations of love to Catlin. Catlin informed Sally that Brittany got involved with the drug bust because Willa died from a designer drug that they supplied. Joyce told Larry that Adrienne faces slim chances of survival. Daphne fibbed to Donna that Michaud was impressed with her. Clarice complained to M.J. that Larry will not come home due to being worried about Adrienne. Nancy learned from Chris that Dale was addicted to ecstasy. Chris realized that he has an Egyptian pin that matches the ring Perry gifted to Nancy. M.J. hinted to Larry that the drug bust ruined her personal life. Michaud resolved to meet Brittany. Marley accepted Jake's offer to take her to Lassiter.

AUGUST 13, 1985 (EP. #5371)
Dee was puzzled by Vicky's frazzled behavior since Jake's departure. Clarice bitterly told Larry that he can see the kids once she leaves for work. Larry told Catlin to worry about Brittany's presence in his life when Catlin objected to Adrienne causing discord in his and Clarice's marriage. Donna told Daphne that her father was a mysterious man, who got interested in Egyptian art through Frederick Chapin, but fretted that her father's secrets have come to the surface lately. Daphne urged Donna to ask Peter for the location of the rest of her father's Egyptian art collection. M.J. approved of Larry's plan to get Catlin reinstated at the police force. Vicky imagined that Marley taunted her over Jake. Larry and Catlin were relieved that Adrienne survived surgery. Vicky squirmed when Dee gushed about her being Marley's long-lost twin. Marley paid for Jake's motorcycle to be repaired due to a faulty engine valve. Sally apologized to Catlin for not trusting him around Brittany. Catlin and Sally discussed her job offer and starting a family. Donna wished to celebrate Daphne's job offer and invited Chris so that he can get to know Vicky. Donna failed to answer Vicky's inquiry into the reasons that Vicky was spirited away at birth. Jake and Marley stayed overnight in a tent. Chris noted that a medallion in Donna's possession matched Nancy's Egyptian ring. Vicky groused about Donna's rules and hiding their relationship from the public. Marley told Jake that she refuses to be an unhappy person like Donna and does not share her obsession with wealth and social status. Vicky vowed to fight Marley for Jake. Clarice rejected Larry's reconciliation efforts. Marley resisted her attraction to Jake.