JULY 1, 1987 (EP. #5855)
MJ is disgusted as she watches the tape of herself as a hooker. Adam gets a copy in the mail and puts it aside to watch later. Chad meets with Joe and begs him to spare MJ. He tells Chad it's too late, the boys in Chicago want him to go back to work running hookers. Chad wants MJ to run away with him, but she refuses saying she can't run anymore. MJ then goes to Adam to tell him the truth about her past. He doesn't let her get it out, saying he loves her for the person she is now and cherishes her honesty and the trust they share. Jamie goes to Felicia for help with Lisa. Felicia gets through to Lisa enough so that she is able to start writing in her diary about the rape when she was 14. Matthew sees Felicia in Mitch's arms and questions him about their relationship. Later, Mitch sees what Felicia has done for Jamie and Lisa and decides to give her a romantic surprise. Cheryl starts to deal with the idea of letting Becky go, and hears that Cass and Kathleen are going to try to be back for the wedding.

Notes: First appearance of Anne Heche as Vicky Hudson.

JULY 2 - 3, 1987: Pre-empted for the Wimbledon Tennis Semifinals.

JULY 6, 1987 (EP. #5856)
On her wedding day, MJ wakes up to a nightmare knowing she has to tell Adam about the tape before he sees it. Chad shows up to say goodbye, knowing MJ loves Adam and he can't stop her from marrying him. Adam receives a citizen's citation from the mayor on Felicia's show. At Tops, Jamie and Lisa talk about a more hopeful future. John's headaches are intensifying. Michael takes off for Las Vegas when he learns Vicky is there and in trouble. As John's pain gets worse, his vision starts to return.

JULY 7 - 15, 1987: Pre-empted for News Coverage of the Iran-Contra Hearings.

JULY 16, 1987 (EP. #5857)
Adam has seen the tape and MJ tries to explain everything to him, but he wonders who the real MJ is. MJ runs away from him. Jamie finds Adam and tells him not to throw away everything he and MJ have. MJ returns to tell Adam she still wants to marry him. John calls Jamie to the house to examine him, wanting to be sure before telling Donna that he is starting to regain his sight. Jamie tells John he is not sure he will get his sight back totally, but John is determined to see again.

JULY 17, 1987 (EP. #5858)
Adam tells MJ that he can't go through with the wedding. As the guests are starting to arrive for the wedding, MJ comes in to say it is off. Just as she is about to tell everyone the real reason, Adam shows up and says it's off because he got cold feet. Vince is furious with Adam. Chad, believing he has lost MJ for good, is about to make love to Sara as MJ arrives on the roof of Tops. She tells him that Adam found out the truth about her and the wedding is off. John tells Donna his sight is coming back but she is skeptical. John gets jealous hearing Donna on the phone with Michael. He storms out and crashes his car. Donna realizes he could see, but now John says it was only in passing, that his sight is almost gone again. In Vegas, Michael pays off Vicky's debt, and says she has to return with him to Bay City to pay him back.

JULY 20, 1987 (EP. #5859)
MJ shows up on the roof and Chad thinks she's there to say she wants to be with him, but instead she tells him Adam has seen the tape. MJ tells Mary that she was once a prostitute. MJ feels now that she must tell Vince but Mary doesn't think she is in the condition to tell her father and Vince is in no condition to hear it. Mary takes Vince out, promising MJ they'll all come to grips with this later. Lisa realizes in order to be able to respond to Jamie and be free of her past, she'll first have to face it, and she writes in her diary about the night she was raped.

JULY 21, 1987 (EP. #5860)
Donna goes out to the garage to look for John and is using a kerosene lamp for light. Once in the garage, she stumbles, drops the lamp, and a fire starts. The wind from the storm slams the door shut and Donna is locked in. Meanwhile, John had already gone back to the house. Clara tells him Donna went to look for him and John smells smoke. He goes back to the garage and saves her. They both go back to the house to get some rest and when John wakes he is able to see her. Mary and Vince are worried because they haven't heard from Cass and Kathleen yet. A priest shows up at Mary's Place and Mary and Vince are puzzled. Their fear rises when Cass tells them he called the priest. Lisa confides in Felicia about her rape.

JULY 22 - 23, 1987: Pre-empted for News Coverage of the Iran-Contra Hearings.

JULY 24, 1987 (EP. #5861)
Cass tells Mary and Vincent about the plane crash that killed Kathleen and they are devastated. They try to tell MJ, but she's just left town without telling anyone where she's gone. Cheryl, Vince, Mary, and Becky band together as a family in their grief. Cass visits Felicia and allows himself to cry. John sees Donna crying for him and he is deeply moved. He tells her he has all his sight back now. She holds him in her joy for him and is grateful that he saved her life. Clara sees their embrace and later talks with John. He thinks his mother wants him to leave town but she says she would never do that. She does tell him to find another girl to love. Reginald and Peter plot some more. Peter takes a picture of John and Donna together.

Notes: Reappearance of Stephen Schnetzer as Cass Winthrop.

JULY 27, 1987 (EP. #5862)
Vince takes his grief out on Cass and accuses him of not doing enough to save Kathleen. Vince later apologizes. Reginald makes a condolence call to Mary and gets into an argument with Vince. A letter arrives from Kathleen and Mary reads it to the family. Mary tries to get Vince to let his feelings out, but he's determined to keep it all inside. Michael decides the Hudson's need to celebrate Vicky's return. Though John finds Vicky fascinating, she is distrustful of him. Peter takes a photo of the two of them together, following up on Reginald's orders. Reginald welcomes Vicky home and Michael throws him out. Peter takes a picture of the family together. He also captures a shot of Donna looking at John and John looking at Vicky. Jamie becomes jealous when he finds Lisa and Tony at Tops.

JULY 28, 1987 (EP. #5853)
When Donna's beach house is damaged by the storm, she thinks that a great way to get John out of the house is to offer him the beach house as his. She reasons that if he's working on the repairs, he'll stay away from the main house. Michael offers to pay for the repairs, but John won't work for Michael. When Vicky says she loves the place, John takes the job for her. Reginald comes bearing gifts for Vicky. Clara watches as Reginald tries to manipulate Vicky. Clara gives him a subtle warning not to screw around with the Hudson family. Peter shows Reginald the Hudson family photo. Cass manages to offer Lisa some kind advice and encouragement in spite of his own sadness. Mary and Vince plan an Irish wake for Kathleen. Cheryl is deeply affected. Zack gives Vince some advice. Mary worries that Vince still hasn't cried for their daughter.

JULY 29, 1987 (EP. #5864)
Felicia organizes a get-together for the McKinnons and Cass to get them through the night before Kathleen's funeral. A package arrives with presents from Kathleen. She sent them souvenirs before she died. Even Cass gets one and he is very moved. Felicia and Wally fear Cass's spirits are slipping. Lisa is afraid that if she doesn't open up and tell Jamie the truth, she may lose him. Felicia encourages Lisa to call Jamie. Lisa gets her courage up and meets with Jamie, but she has a hard talking to him. Jamie offers to take her to the lake where they can be alone, but it's too much for Lisa. She says she's going to change her clothes, but instead she starts to pack her bags. She calls the bus station and turns to find Jamie knocking on the door.

JULY 30 - 31, 1987: Pre-empted for News Coverage of the Iran-Contra Hearings.

AUGUST 3, 1987 (EP. #5865)
It's a muggy night when Donna arrives to check on John's work at the beach house. They talk about the work, and then about John's new life. His resolve to stop running. A secret person is taking pictures of the two of them. When John gets something in his eye, he almost panics, fearing the return of the blindness. Donna removes dust from his eye as they stand close together. They are both relieved when Vicky interrupts them. Michael puts Vicky to work at a word processor and makes her pay back her debt. After a talk with Felicia, an angry Lisa throws things around her room.

AUGUST 4, 1987 (EP. #5866)
Lisa finally opens up to Jamie about Glaser trying to rape her. She also tells him about the night when she was fourteen and one of her mother's friends really did rape her. Jamie is very angry on her behalf and tells her he loves her and w ill help her get through this. Mary comforts Vince and he cries for the first time since Kathleen's death. They make love and spend the night together. Felicia, Wally, and Cass talk about old times, trying to help Cass get through a tough night. Mitch surprises Felicia with a gift from Alaska, and she is touched. Cass tries to decide what his next step will be.

AUGUST 5, 1987 (EP. #5867)
MJ returns to Bay City on the morning of Kathleen's memorial service. MJ blames herself for her sister's death and vows that she must be the daughter that her parents would want. She feels she must tell Vince the truth about her past. Felicia asks Mac to provide a job for Cass, but when Mac offers the job to him, Cass declines saying he must leave Bay City for good. Back in Vince's bedroom, Mary and Vince are ill at ease with each other since they slept together. MJ shows up wanting to talk to Vince, and Mary stops her. John heads out to work on the beach house. Vicky tells him that the house is important because it's where Michael courted Donna. Later, John and Donna get into a close situation, and someone is watching.

AUGUST 6, 1987 (EP. #5868)
Felicia tells Cass off, and he decides to stay in Bay City and take the job Mac offered. After watching Felicia and Cass together, Mitch's asks if they were once more than friends. MJ tries to tell Vince about her past, but Mary interrupts, not wanting him to know just yet. MJ quits the force and sees Adam for the first time since she went away. MJ later cries in her father's arms. Donna takes the sawdust from John's eye and someone snaps a picture of their compromising position. Donna makes the announcement that she and Michael are going to take a vacation. Michael is astounded and says he's too busy and Vicky just came back. But Donna says she has something to tell Michael and wants to tell him in a romantic spot. She starts to make the plans, wanting to get away from John and cement her marriage.

AUGUST 7, 1987 (EP. #5869)
Michael is called out of town and John and Donna end up at Tops. A businessman hits on Donna and John saves her. After they are forced to dance, Donna leaves. In the garage, Donna is cornered by the two businessmen who hit on her. Jamie and Lisa feel more comfortable with each other. Lisa tells him the rape happened near a lake, but doesn't go into further detail. They look forward to the day where they will have their own place. Lisa writes in her diary that Jamie will never find out what happened on the bridge that night. Adam asks MJ who sent her the hooker tape and she says she has no idea. Chad offers to manage her career again, but she tells him no.

AUGUST 10, 1987 (EP. #5870)
John drives Donna home from Tops after rescuing her from the amorous businessmen. It's a wild ride and she feels a certain amount of excitement in it. When they get home they find out the air conditioning is out. Neither one of them can rest because it's so hot. John leaves his room, walks into the corridor, and is faced with the decision of whether or not to enter Donna's room. At Tops, Reginald and Vicky have a rough confrontation. MJ tells Cass she feels she must confess her past to her father. Cass is supportive without asking for the details. MJ finally gets past Mary, and starts to tell Vince that she was a hooker. Felicia and Mitch have an amorous evening and end up in Mitch's room. When they fall into the bed, Felicia realizes that someone is in the bed with them.

Notes: First appearance of Robert-Kelker Kelly as Sam Fowler.

AUGUST 11, 1987 (EP. #5871)
John can't take being so close to Donna, so he leaves the house. Donna tries to get John off her mind by calling Michael, but can't reach him. She heads to the beach for a swim, but John arrives and things heat up again. Donna tries to throw John off the beach, but he refuses to budge. John dares Donna to dance with him and as they draw closer, there's a photographer snapping pictures. Donna freaks out at this closeness and runs home. She decides to fly to Philadelphia to be with Michael. Over Mary's objections, MJ tells Vince that she used to be a hooker. Vince is stunned and ready to blame anyone but MJ. Vince goes to Adam to confirm the story. Mary has a sneaking suspicion that Chad may somehow be involved. Felicia and Mitch are about to make love, when they realize there's a man in bed with them. It turns out to be Mitch's half-brother, Sam Fowler. He has taken Mitch's advice and relocated to Bay City. Felicia orders room service and sits them all down to get to know each other better. Mitch makes it clear that he wants to be alone with Felicia and Sam finally gets the hint and leaves.

AUGUST 12, 1987 (EP. #5872)
Mac and Rachel wait for Amanda to come home. Matthew is in a crisis about his inability to get a date with his favorite girl. Ada disapproves of all the hoopla of the party celebrating Amanda's return. Rachel declares she is only making it possible for Amanda to take her place in society. Mitch arrives to encourage Matthew to have a good time at the party, without a date. The doorbell rings and a kid arrives with a dog from Amanda. When it makes a mess on Rachel, she wants it gone but Matthew pleads to let it stay. Lisa has much more confidence in her relationship with Jamie. She picks him up from the hospital after a long tour of duty and puts him to bed. She promises that there will be a surprise for him in a few days. Sam makes up for his intrusion of the night before and works his way to a warm relationship with Felicia. Mitch and Felicia dance around the issue of marriage and ultimately decide that what they have is just fine.

AUGUST 13, 1987 (EP. #5873)
Mitch makes a deal with Rachel about Apple the dog: he'll de-flea the dog and house train it, if Matthew can keep it. Rachel agrees and Mitch and Matthew take off. Mac and Rachel realize that they may be overdoing Amanda's homecoming because she is their only child together. Matthew is turned down again by Suzy Strathmore. Amid the pandemonium, Amanda calls and Matthew tells her he has a problem and he needs her. Matthew tells Rachel that Amanda will be at the party. Rachel is distracted and doesn't take the message literally. Matthew takes off and meets Amanda at the boat dock. Vince has bought a ring with the intention of asking Mary to marry him again. Diane shows up and is heart broken, knowing that Mary has taken her place in Vince's life. When Mary returns from a job interview, Diane tells her to get out of the picture. Donna joins Michael in Philadelphia and tells him she wants a child. They begin to make love.

Notes: First appearance of Sandra Ferguson as Amanda Cory.

AUGUST 14, 1987 (EP. #5874)
Mitch and Felicia try to help Sam find a job. Cass comes through with one at the Cory house for their party. Felicia's limo is broken so Cass comes up with a surprise. On the docks, Amanda teaches Matthew to dance. He takes his bike home, arriving before she does. Rachel is furious that Amanda has been in Bay City for hours and hasn't told them. When Amanda does arrive, Sam, who is parking cars, doesn't know who she is. Because she's dressed as he is, he tells her to park the Mercedes, not knowing that's the car she arrived in. Vince talks to Diane and tells her that he and Mary are a couple again. Diane warns him that he's being misled because she doesn't think Mary feels the same way he does. Diane tells Mary not to hurt Vince. Cheryl interrupts before Vince can propose and they head to the Cory party.

AUGUST 17, 1987 (EP. #5875)
Amanda seems to be missing from the party in her honor and Rachel is just about ready to give up and make an announcement. Mac tells her that all is well and he makes the introduction. After parking cars with Sam, Amanda comes down the stairs. Mary starts to cry as Vince gives her a ring. John and Donna return home from Philadelphia urgently because of another business problem that Michael discovers Reginald is behind. Michael finds John having a nightmare about Vietnam, which spurs Saigon bar talk again. When Michael tells Donna he'll get the truth out of John, she talks to John who admits that he was going to tell Michael he slept with her. John decides to leave that night, but when he goes down to tell Clara, Reginald shows up. As Michael demands to know why John is choosing to leave, the pictures Peter took are in the novel nearby.

AUGUST 18, 1987 (EP. #5876)
Michael pushes John to the limit and demands to know the truth about the Saigon bar, but John won't break his promise to Donna and stays quiet. John tells Clara that he's going to get a room somewhere else. Donna tells Michael to let John move out because she knows the truth about what happened in Saigon. Donna tells Michael a lie about his father to cover the real story. An angry Michael rushes after John and asks him if Donna's words are true. Amanda finally makes her grand entrance at the Cory party in her honor. Mary is overwhelmed when Vince asks her to marry him again. Lisa gives a surprised Jamie the gift of an apartment she rented and decorated with his favorite things. Cass has a card game on the docks and Wallingford has to call Felicia and Mitch to bail him out of trouble.

AUGUST 19, 1987 (EP. #5877)
John tells Michael that Donna was telling the truth about the Saigon secret involving their father. John says he blamed Michael for their father's death. Michael is upset with John for holding the anger in for so long and also angry that John confided in Donna. Michael starts to suspect that there's still more to the story. Mary tells Vince that she can't sleep with him or marry him. Vince thinks Mary has been leading him on and that she initially slept with him out of pity. Mary tries to explain that she cared for him, but can't give him what he wants. Vince feels very much alone. After Jamie sees the apartment, he feels like he and Lisa have a real chance at a future. Felicia and Mitch bail Cass out of the crap game. Wally wonders at Cass' strange behavior.

AUGUST 20, 1987 (EP. #5878)
Jamie and Lisa finally make love for the first time. Jamie gives Lisa a music box that plays their song. Amanda tells Rachel and Mac that she plans to quit college and work at Cory Publishing. When Rachel argues with her daughter, Amanda counters by saying that Rachel got ahead in life by using men. Realizing how ugly her words were, Amanda apologizes to Rachel. Mac and Rachel discuss the fact that Amanda doesn't seem to like them very much. Mac points out how much alike Amanda and Rachel are. Rachel wonders how they'll ever live together. Cass receives a letter saying he will get $50,000 from Kathleen's life insurance policy. The thought of that makes Cass sick and he breaks down in tears in MJ's arms. Cass asks Wally to handle the insurance policy.

AUGUST 21, 1987 (EP. #5879)
Jamie and Lisa happily wake up in each other's arms, but Lisa still worries about the secret she's keeping from Jamie. They make plans to meet back at the apartment later but they can't stay away from each other and decide to play hooky. Peter realizes that Vicky hasn't found the pictures Reginald planted of John and Donna kissing. When Reginald remarks that it might rain, Peter gets the idea to put the pictures in Vicky's raincoat pocket. Vicky has a fashion dilemma and decides to throw the raincoat away. As Peter watches nervously, she changes her mind and tries it on one more time. Amanda declares that if Mac won't hire her at Cory, she'll go work for the competition. Rachel interviews Sam for a job as a layout artist.

AUGUST 24, 1987 (EP. #5880)
Trying to re-cement the family, Michael calls everyone together. When Peter doesn't want to cooperate, Michael tells him that he can be a part of the Hudson family or he can suffer alone with Reginald. Vicky and Donna are moved by Michael's plea for the family to come together. The happy moment is ruined when Peter manipulates Vicky into seeing the pictures of John and Donna kissing. Mary tries to fix things with Vince, but he's still angry and wants her to move out of the house. Cheryl is upset when Vince tells her that Mary turned down his proposal. Cheryl asks Mary for a reason, but she doesn't understand her mother's explanation. Rachel is impressed with Sam's work and hires him as a layout artist for Cory. When she later sees Sam with Mitch, she asks if they know each other. Mac gives Amanda an entry-level position at Cory's, hoping it will change her mind about quitting college. Rachel thinks Mac is being way too easy on Amanda.

AUGUST 25, 1987 (EP. #5881)
Vicky is shocked when she sees the pictures of John and Donna that were placed in her coat pocket. She runs upstairs and Michael follows her, wanting to know why she's so upset. Vicky lies and says she didn't feel wanted or part of the family. Peter charms Vicky, hoping to influence her over to his side. Vicky later asks Donna what happened with John. Rachel finds out that Sam is Mitch's brother and she doesn't want to hire him because she feels she was lied to. Becky's father takes her away to her new home and Vince and Mary realize they no longer have a reason to stay together.

AUGUST 26, 1987 (EP. #5882)
Mary goes back to the McKinnon house to pack her things. Vince tells her that if she leaves, he won't grieve for her again. Feeling very torn, Mary leaves. Adam beats up Joe, the man who had MJ's prostitution tape. Adam confronts Chad with the truth and hits him, too. When MJ comes in, Adam tells her and Chad that they deserve each other. Lisa makes Jamie a home-cooked meal, but it's too spicy to eat so they settle for making love. Amanda is upset after fighting with Rachel. Felicia admits her true feelings for Mitch to Cass.

AUGUST 27, 1987 (EP. #5883)
Michael tells John he finds it hard to believe that the only problem John had was about their father. John tells Donna he wants to tell Michael the truth. John also wants Donna to admit that she feels something for him. Vicky asks John if he was ever in love before. Donna admits her feelings for John to Felicia, but she denies as much to John. Mac goes to Tops looking for Rachel. He wants to find the man she interviewed for the layout position so he can hire them right away. Felicia hears Mac and arranges for him to meet Sam. Mac is impressed by Sam and hires him without discussing it with Rachel. Sam and Amanda run into each other at Mary's Place. Sam makes a joke about the rich girl at the party they were working the other night-not knowing that Amanda is that girl. Amanda doesn't tell him who she really is and she wonders if she'll ever see him again.

AUGUST 28, 1987 (EP. #5884)
Donna and John are at the beach house and they stumble and fall into each other. Someone takes another picture that likes like they are making love. John tries to get Donna to admit her feelings for him but she runs out. John follows Donna to the house and Vicky watches as they talk. Donna finally admits that she feels something for John. Rachel is stunned to learn that Mac hired Sam but she realizes he doesn't know that Sam and Mitch are brothers. Mac and Sam leave for Cory and Rachel blames Mitch for the latest turn of events. When Rachel sees how well Sam and Mac get along, she withholds the truth from him. Rachel hopes that Sam's talent will win out in the end.

AUGUST 31, 1987 (EP. #5885)
Donna amends her statement to John to say that she only feels something for him as a family member. Vicky watches them and doesn't find anything suspicious in their behavior, but she notices that Donna has tears in her eyes. Vicky shows Peter the pictures and tells him that she's worried about what's really going on. Michael confronts Reginald about problems with the business. When Michael comes home, Donna tells him she wants to have a baby. The Cory family has a late dinner together at Mary's Place. Cass receives Kathleen's insurance check, but he won't endorse it. Cass asks Wally to find a charity to donate the check to.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1987 (EP. #5886)
Donna tries hard to get close to Vicky, but Vicky's suspicions of Donna prevent that. Donna and Vicky go to lunch at Tops and Vicky discovers another photo that Peter put in her purse. Vicky hides the picture from Donna. Vicky feels faint and a lurking Peter takes her home. Amanda has her first day at Cory Publishing as a floating secretary. Mac discovers that Sam changed the typeface on one of their regular features and he's furious. Rachel is impressed by Sam's work, but warns him to keep a lower profile. Julie Ann tells Amanda to go see the new guy in the layout department. Felicia works out the details for a Kathleen McKinnon foundation and Cass warms to the idea. Mac wants to publish Kathleen's last book posthumously but Cass thinks the manuscript was destroyed in the crash.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1987 (EP. #5887)
Vicky is going to show Donna the photos of her and John when Michael comes in. Michael is angry at Vicky for not going to work and Donna tries to cut her some slack. Vicky yells at Donna for interfering. Michael then becomes upset over Vicky's attitude towards Donna. Vicky shows Peter the picture of Donna and Michael and Peter wants to know what Vicky's plan of action is. Peter convinces Vicky not to show anyone but Michael the pictures because he has a right to know. Amanda almost sees Sam but sees Kevin instead. Mac is upset with Cass over a legal matter. Mac suggests to Vince that Cass needs to take some time off. Cass examines the pictures of the plane crash more closely. Cass agrees to head the Kathleen Foundation. Mac asks Rachel if anyone knows who Sam is. Chad gets a call that his mother died and he makes plans to return to Chicago. MJ offers to drive him and he worries how his little sister will handle his mother's death.

SEPTEMBER 3, 1987 (EP. #5888)
Vicky is determined to tell Michael about John's affair with Donna. When Michael is called away, Donna presses Vicky to tell her what's wrong. John and Donna later speculate that Vicky thinks they're sleeping together. Donna gets the idea to buy Vicky a car to try and win her affection. Michael arranges for John to attend the gala for Kathleen's Memorial fund. Michael wants John to attend because the first monetary contribution is going to a veteran's group. Mac and Rachel are angry at Sam's behavior, as is Mitch. All of a sudden, things change and people start to like his innovative designs. Julie Ann puts Amanda's name on the list to be Sam's runner.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1987 (EP. #5889)
As the party day approaches, John has trouble figuring out what he will say to the veteran's group. Donna tries to get closer to Vicky by offering her the new sports car. Vicky is torn, but ultimately accepts the gift. John is lost in memories as he describes the Donna he first met who was willful and wild. Donna recalls Michael's description of her from the wedding and realized she was much more innocent then. Donna doesn't like the way John describes her, but she fixes his tie. Vicky watches them from the patio and it looks as though they are embracing. Scott meets Dawn on the plane. She is terrified to fly so he tells her a story that soothes her. Scott is surprised to learn that Dawn is Chad's sister. When Chad and Dawn reunite, she's stunned by her brother's tears. Jamie diagnoses an AIDS patient.

Notes: First appearance of Barbara Bush as Dawn Rollo.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1987 (EP. #5890)
Vicky is torn about whether she should tell Michael that she suspects Donna and John of having an affair. When she sees John staring at Donna, she gets angry, but she manages to cover. At the party, Vicky keeps an eye on John and Donna because she suspects they plan to meet later for a rendezvous. On her way to check on them, she has a run-in with Jamie in the parking garage. Mitch has a surprise for Felicia and keeps her out of the room so she won't search it. As soon as they leave, a thief breaks in and steals all of Mitch's valuables, including the strongbox where he was keeping the photos of Cass at the crash site. Felicia is horrified when she sees the mess that's been made of Mitch's room. Kathleen's Memorial Fund party is a huge success and Cass starts to finally come to terms with her death. Chad tells Dawn that their mother died. Scott offers Dawn comfort and tells her that he will be her friend in Bay City if she needs one.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1987 (EP. #5891)
Donna and Michael leave the party early because Michael has a surprise waiting for Donna in the stables. In the stables, Donna and Michael make love and Donna lets him know that it's the last day of the month she can possibly conceive. Amanda interviews for the layout runner job and is annoyed when she's kept waiting. Sam finally arrives and is stunned to see Amanda. Both Mitch and Felicia's rooms have been burglarized and Mitch realizes that his precious photo strongbox is gone. Jamie's car breaks down as he's on his way to the hospital so Vicky gives him a ride. She accompanies him to the hospital where his patient gives birth to twin girls. Vicky is extremely moved to see the babies. When Lisa arrives, her closeness to Jamie makes Vicky feel lonely.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1987 (EP. #5892)
John interrupts Michael and Donna's intimacy. They all go back to the house and Vicky returns home, crowing about her great car. Michael is furious with Donna for buying it. Peter uses the tension to fuel Vicky into telling Michael about the pictures. Sam tells Amanda that she's not qualified for the job as his runner. Amanda asks Julie Ann to help her put a resume together. Jamie treats Rachel when she hurts her hand after drinking too much. Mitch tells Felicia that the gift he had for her was stolen, but he gives her a new bracelet that he bought that night.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1987: Pre-empted for Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Nominee Judge Robert Bork.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1987 (EP. #5893)
Clara sees that Donna tries to avoid spending any time with John. Clara later suffers a mild stroke. They call Jamie to the house and he and Vicky get better acquainted. Vicky asks John questions about Donna's youth. Vicky later asks Donna what her favorite flowers are just as John comes in with gardenias. John takes a part-time bartender job with Wally. John warns Reginald to stay away from Michael. Mary comes back home and is ready to look for a new job. Mary runs into Vince and Diane at Tops. Mary and Diane get into a fight in the powder room. Reginald tries to get close to Mary but she rebuffs him. Amanda gives Sam her phony resume. When he won't look at it, she locks him in his office and says she won't let him out until he gives her the job.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1987 (EP. #5894)
Donna denies John's claim that gardenias are her favorite flowers. Peter sends a bouquet of gardenias to Donna, making sure that Vicky sees them. Donna throws the flowers in the trash. Vicky and Donny argue and Donna goes to confront John at the beach house. Chad tells Dawn that he's been the one supporting her over the years, not their mother. He's stunned when Dawn says she knew all along. Chad wants Dawn to go to New York City and develop her music talent but she wants to stay in Bay City. Amanda locks Sam in the layout room but when Mac comes to the door, she has to let him in. Mac is unaware that Amanda is applying for a job with Sam. Sam puts Amanda to a test and when she pulls it off, he hires her. Mitch won't admit that he's sad Felicia is going to Europe. When he finally tells her, they end up making love.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1987: Pre-empted for Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Nominee Judge Robert Bork.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1987 (EP. #5895)
Donna watches John through the beach house window and he looks as though he's in turmoil. Donna asks him to go away and put an end to their troubles because she isn't strong enough to resist him. Donna runs out in the rain and he follows her to the beach. H carries her back to the house and they kiss. Neither of them knows that Vicky is watching. Cass is invited to a craps game with Tony the Tuna and he loses. When Cass and Wally leave, a woman comes out holding a gun. Sam gives Amanda a list of duties. They later run into each other at Gino's and Amanda flirts with him. She's disappointed when his date arrives. Amanda makes Jamie promise not to tell anyone that she's working at Cory. Jamie leaves to check on Clara who tells him that she's worried about Vicky. Chad and Dawn plan their future in Bay City.

Notes: First appearance of Anne Howard as Nicole Love. Appearance by George Pentecost as Tony the Tuna.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1987 (EP. #5896)
Donna rushes out of the beach house after kissing John. After seeing them, Vicky cries in the sand. Jamie finds her and takes her back to the main house. When Clara sees a sopping wet John and Donna enter the house, she tells them they've gone far enough. John agrees to leave even though it breaks Clara's heart. Donna runs after him to stop him but ultimately lets him leave. Vicky watches her cry. Cass returns to the warehouse to get his cufflinks and the woman with the gun is revealed to be Nicole Love. MJ joins Chad, Dawn, and Scott at Gino's when Adam arrives. Scott and Dawn get to know each other. Chad asks MJ if he has a chance with her but she says only as a friend.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1987 (EP. #5897)
Nicole and Cass are surprised to see each other in the warehouse. Nicole is scared of the dangerous situation and they leave. They go to Gino's and talk about their sadness over Kathleen's death. Nicole tells Cass about her life in the fashion industry and the enemy she made in Barbara Van Arkdale. Cass decides to protect Nicole by becoming her attorney. Cass gets her a room at the Love Tower that's just down the hall from his. Donna yells to John that she hates him when he leaves the Hudson house. Vicky confronts Donna who says she's always hated John. Peter tells Vicky that he saw the kiss as well but she doesn't know if it was a passion kiss or a kiss goodbye. Lisa and Jamie revel in their relationship. Vicky calls Jamie looking for a friend. Scott and Dawn grow closer. Zack meets an irresistible psychology major.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1987 (EP. #5898)
Nicole goes home to a small family reunion. Everyone is concerned about her problems with the fashion industry, but they are glad that Cass is representing her. Cass tells Michael that things could get rough for Nicole because Barbara Van Arkdale may have put a previous enemy in the hospital. Nicole politely rejects her father's help. Donna and Nicole talk about Donna's happy life with Michael, but Nicole senses something is off. Rachel and Mac are stunned to learn that Amanda is working as Sam's runner. Mac gives Amanda two weeks to quit. Sam meets Cheryl and asks her out to dinner. Amanda seethes with jealousy. Vince and Mary settle their property arrangement. Mary later asks Michael for a job.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1987 (EP. #5899)
Vicky is surprised to see that John hasn't left town; he's working at the bar at Tops. She tells him the family was better off when he was missing in action. Vicky leaves the bar with Tony to have some fun and escape her problems. Peter offers to let John have the boat and John decides to look at it. Michael and Donna arrive at Tops and she is stunned that John hasn't left town. Michael becomes even more suspicious that something is going on. Vicky is picked up by the cops for speeding and Jamie is the one to take her home. Vicky finds out from Clara that John is moving onto a houseboat. Vicky wonders if he plans to use the houseboat as a meeting place for him and Donna. Amanda's jealousy of Cheryl intensifies as she sees her rival with Sam. Amanda gets trapped in the powder room because she's afraid Cheryl will out her as being Amanda Cory in front of Sam. Amanda and Cheryl end up talking and Amanda tries to find out Cheryl's feelings for Sam. Cass and Nicole discuss her case against Barbara Van Arkdale. Nicole meets John for the first time and brushes him off.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1987 (EP. #5900)
Michael demands that Vicky tell him and Donna what is wrong with her, but she wants to talk to Donna alone. Donna covers by saying it's a girl talk and she makes Michael leave. Donna tells Vicky that she hasn't done anything wrong with John, but Vicky accuses her mother of having an affair. Vicky heads for the docks to look for the houseboat but Peter gets there first and plants one of Donna's scarves. He also places some gardenias on the boat. Vicky sees everything and freaks out. The harbormaster tells her that Donna owns the boat. Vicky goes back home to confront her mother but a hand grabs her in the darkness. Amanda wants the details of Cheryl's date with Sam so she hides in Mary's Place and waits for them to arrive. Rachel comes in and gives Sam an assignment. Amanda thinks that's the perfect opportunity for her to see Sam and she heads for his place. Mary thanks Michael for giving her a job. Vince gives Mary the portrait back and things are awkward between them. Nicole wants to go to the warehouse to get proof that Barbara stole her designs but Cass doesn't want her to be in danger.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1987 (EP. #5901)
Vicky is prepared to tell Michael that John and Donna are having an affair, but Clara stops her and takes her downstairs. An upset Vicky goes to Tops to get drunk. Jamie is there and he gives Vicky some level-headed advice. He suggests that if she wants to talk to Michael, she do it calmly. With new resolve, Vicky heads home to talk to her father. Vicky tells Michael that she wants to talk to him alone, much to Donna's dismay. Cass agrees to break into the warehouse to steal back Nicole's designs on the condition that she not go with him. Nicole pretends to agree to his terms, but she later shows up to help him. Before they can find any of Nicole's designs they come face to face with Barbara Van Arkdale. Amanda shows up at Sam's place with Mexican food. She is surprised to see his paintings and marvels at his talent. She is also surprised by his love for classical music. Amanda realizes there is more to Sam than meets the eye. Julie Ann later suggests that Amanda is falling for Sam and Amanda admits it could be true.

Notes: First appearance of Carla Borelli as Barbara Van Arkdale.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1987 (EP. #5902)
Peter arrives to listen in as Vicky prepares to tell Michael that Donna and John are having an affair. Michael expresses his happiness that Vicky is opening up to him and he tells her that he only wants her happiness. Vicky is shocked when Michael says that Donna may be pregnant. Vicky privately wonders how Donna could be cheating on Michael and still want to have his baby. She can't bring herself to break her father's heart so Vicky keeps quiet about her suspicions. An eavesdropping Peter is frustrated that Vicky doesn't spill the "truth." Peter decides to turn his attention to Clara, hoping that she will confess to Michael. Peter sets up Donna and John to meet in the garage and then sends Clara after them. Clara hustles Donna out of the garage, but Michael wonders at the grease smudge on Donna's cheek. Donna later makes passionate love to Michael. Nicole faces off with Barbara, but Barbara laughs at Nicole's accusations and suggests that she's the real thief. Cass promises Nicole that she will win. Scott and Dawn go on their first official date. They climb into an old canoe and fantasize about taking a sail around the world. Scott is enchanted by Dawn.

SEPTEMBER 28, 1987 (EP. #5903)
Reginald pushes Michael to his limits and Michael's nerves are even more frayed by a call stating that the oil field fire is not getting better. Donna insists on going with Michael to check it out and they argue about it. Donna later tells Mary that she gets lonely when Michael is away and starts to feel useless. Mary asks Donna to deliver an important message to Michael. Instead, Donna goes to see her doctor about her potential pregnancy. Things come to a head when Michael realizes Donna didn't get him the message. Michael worries that Donna's selfish nature is returning. Donna admits to Michael that she isn't pregnant and he comforts her. Peter sets up John and Donna to meet at the boat. Nicole decides to fight Barbara by starting her own business. Unfortunately, Nicole realizes she doesn't have very much money and she needs one and a half million dollars. Reginald offers Nicole the money but she refuses it. In retaliation, Reginald tells Cass all of Nicole's shortcomings and her history with drugs. Cass surprises Nicole by comforting her. Chad and Scott argue about Scott dating Dawn. Stating her independence, Dawn says she wants her own apartment.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1987 (EP. #5904)
Donna is upset to see John back at the house. He explains that he's there to pay Peter for the houseboat. Though Michael is thrilled, Clara watches Donna's reaction carefully. Peter arranges for Clara to see the note John wrote for him. He makes it look as though John left the letter for Donna. Clara has an attack after arguing with Donna. Michael is furious with Donna. Michael leaves on business but later calls to apologize to Donna. Peter gets the message Michael left and tells her that it was John saying he was leaving Bay City for good. Cass figures out a plan for Nicole to get designs in a spring showcase, but they need 2 million dollars for it to work. Nicole refuses to take money from Reginald. Zack and Cass read over Nicole's trust fund papers and it's clear that Nicole can't get to her money until she turns 35 or gets married. Nicole comes up with a new plan. Scott and Dawn get closer. MJ informs Vince and Mary of her plans to leave Bay City for a while.

Notes: Last appearance of Sally Spencer as M.J. McKinnon.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1987 (EP. #5905)
Peter prods Donna to go to the docks but she doesn't want to go on the houseboat. Instead, she goes to Tops looking for Felicia for advice. When Donna overhears Reginald and Peter talking about her relationship with Michael, she races to the houseboat. John isn't home but she finds a stack of un-mailed letters. Peter confides to Vicky that he thinks Donna went to the houseboat to say goodbye to John. Nicole and Cass make plans to sabotage Barbara's fashion show. Cheryl and Vince agree to rent Dawn a room at the McKinnon house. Chad learns that MJ left Bay City.

OCTOBER 1, 1987 (EP. #5906)
Donna goes to the houseboat and reads letters of John's that talk about his feelings for her. Peter gets Vicky to the boat so she can catch John and Donna together. But Donna hears Vicky arrive and hides. Tony gets Vicky off the boat and takes her to dinner at Tops. John goes home and finds Donna asleep in his bed. Wally joins forces with Cass and Nicole to sabotage the fashion show. Wally worries that they're leaving Felicia out of their plans. Amanda goes to Sam's apartment and wakes him up after he overslept and almost missed a meeting. Amanda helps Sam get together and out of the door. While Sam is gone, Amanda cleans his apartment and redecorates. Sam is annoyed by the changes and tells her to stay out of his personal life. Amanda thinks Sam actually likes her.

OCTOBER 2, 1987 (EP. #5907)
Donna wakes up on the houseboat to see John in bed with her. After reading the letters, Donna feels that she knows John better and she admits that she's strongly attracted to him. Donna and John are on the verge of making love. Michael comes home early from his business trip and Peter tells him that Donna's at the houseboat trying to convince John not to leave. Vicky goes to the houseboat and sees John and Donna on the bed. She thinks they've made love and she hurries off in her car. John races after Vicky. Felicia considers canceling the fashion show after finding out that Barbara stole Nicole's designs. Cass promises that Barbara won't get away with it and he and Nicole prepare for the event.

OCTOBER 5, 1987 (EP. #5908)
An upset Vicky crashes the car and John uses his medical skills to keep her alive. Disheveled, Donna runs off the boat and straight into Michael. She asks him to take her home and lies that she was raped on the docks. John calls and says they need to get to the hospital immediately because Vicky was in an accident. Barbara and Felicia argue about the fashion show. Rachel is angry because Mitch encourages Matthew to get into a fight. Cass and Nicole grow closer.

OCTOBER 6, 1987 (EP. #5909)
Michael and Donna learn that Vicky is alive but in bad shape. Both Michael and John donate blood. Vicky awakens as she's being wheeled to the operating room and tells Michael that she was right. As Donna and John hold their breath, Michael asks what she was right about. Amanda gets locked in a layout room closet and Sam opens the door. Amanda is stunned to see that he's with his girlfriend Joyce from Seattle. Amanda meets Rachel at Tops and swears off men forever just as Sam and Joyce come in. Cass and Nicole fashion show schemes are interrupted by news of Vicky's accident and they rush to the hospital.

Notes: First appearance of Rena Sofer as Joyce Abernathy.

OCTOBER 7, 1987 (EP. #5910)
As Vicky is being brought into surgery to have her spleen removed, she almost reveals what she saw on the boat. Donna is blaming herself for the accident, and Peter continues to feel deep guilt. Reginald feels they did nothing wrong. Marley calls, mistakenly calling John "Dad," which affects him deeply. The accident has brought Michael and John, and Donna and Nicole closer. Jamie comes out of surgery with a grim look on his face, and says he has something to tell the family. Amanda is jealous when Sam and Joyce arrive at Tops. She goes home later to find Rachel working on an art review for Brava, and gives Rachel some helpful hints. Rachel realizes Amanda has good instincts. Sam goes over to the Cory house to deliver some photographs. He rings the bell and Amanda's hand is on the doorknob about to open it. Scott encourages Dawn to sing at Tops, but Chad refuses to let her. Scott acts as her agent and they compose a letter for Chad using fake names. They get closer, admitting they really do "like" each other.

OCTOBER 8, 1987 (EP. #5911)
Vicky slips into a coma. Donna and Michael pray for her in the chapel. Donna wishes she could change places with her daughter. Amanda, at the door, stops when she realizes Sam is there. Sam takes Rachel's review back to the loft to work on it. Mitch shows up to say it's time they tell people they're brothers. Amanda arrives to help Sam with his work. Amanda hopes Joyce is out of the picture, but Joyce shows up with Mexican food. Mary goes to Mary's Place thinking Vince has already left. But, Vince is still there waiting for Zack to show up with the divorce papers. When Zack arrives, they all argue.

OCTOBER 9, 1987 (EP. #5912)
Vicky is still in the coma and Jamie suggests they use "sense stimuli" to reach her. The hospital doesn't agree with Jamie, and suggests he might not be the right doctor for the case. The Hudsons want Jamie to stay on the case so he does. Adam shows up at the hospital to question Donna about the man who attacked her at the docks. Michael asks Donna if she sent someone else to the dock (meaning Vicky) to try to get John to stay. Cass continues with his plan to sabotage Barbara Van Arkdale at the fashion show. Just before the show, Cass tries to get into the models' dressing rooms, but is hauled out by security guards. Scott wants to tell Cheryl that he is now seeing Dawn. He starts off telling her he is seeing another girl, Cheryl tells him he can see anyone he chooses and leaves. She doesn't give him the opportunity to tell her the girl is Dawn.

OCTOBER 12, 1987 (EP. #5913)
Cass has gotten hold of some designs of Barbara's from years ago, and has the models show those. Meanwhile, he has stolen Nicole's designs back for Cheryl and the other girls to model. When Barbara's designs are modeled, the audience thinks it's a joke, and Barbara is humiliated. She stands up and demands to know who is behind this, as the spotlight hits Nicole at the back of the room. Nicole admits her culpability. Vicky's condition hasn't changed. Reginald plants the first picture of John and Donna in Vicky's purse, just before the hospital staff hands it to Donna to take home. Lisa tries, at Jamie's urging, to reach Vicky subconsciously, but it fails.

OCTOBER 13, 1987 (EP. #5914)
Nicole wins the fight with Barbara, and gets her to admit publicly that Nicole produced the designs.. Nicole is not well-received by a banker, and once again, her mind goes to her trust fund and the need to marry. Lisa has a breakthrough with Vicky. She doesn't hear Vicky's voice, but does hear a jumble of voices in the hospital, all crying out for help. The chief of staff orders Lisa out. As Donna finds the picture, planted by Reginald, Michael tells John that Donna was attacked.

Notes: Last appearance of Missy Hughes as Sara Montaigne.

OCTOBER 14, 1987 (EP. #5915)
Despite the chief of staff's disapproval, Jamie encourages Lisa to try to connect with a comatose Vicky. Jamie is clearly risking his job and maybe his medical license, but he believes in what Lisa is doing. John is astonished when he learns that Donna told Michael she was attacked on the boat dock the night of Vicky's accident. Michael won't rest until he finds the man who tried to rape her. Donna found a compromising picture in Vicky's purse and now she fears Vicky thought she was having an affair with John. Hope is raised that Vicky will regain consciousness when Lisa make contact and hears Vicky saying she wants to live. Scott tries to tell Dawn he's very fond of her and he'd like to start dating her. Dawn is charmed by this and they almost kiss, but Cheryl walks in on them. It becomes clear to Dawn that she's moving in on her roommate's old boyfriend. Scott tries to explain, but now it's all out of hand. It's a difficult choice, but Dawn thinks it's best if they don't start dating. Nicole is excited when she receives rave reviews on her designs, but she still worries she won't have enough money to manufacture the dresses and make her business successful. She may have to go for her trust fund money after all, sacrificing herself in a loveless marriage.

OCTOBER 15, 1987 (EP. #5916)
While Michael goes to the airport to pick up Marley, John tells Donna he's having tissue tests done from his blood and from Vicky's blood. They will have the results from a geneticist, not only Reginald's word. But at that moment, Reginald is meeting with the geneticist, bribing him to tell them what he wants them to know. Marley shows up, shares her concern for Vicky, and they leave for the hospital. Amanda finds Sam asleep at his drafting table this morning and she arranges for him to have a quiet hour to be alone. He starts to really open up a little and get closer to her. She almost goofs in talking about Europe, but covers, then they get excited about some things they have in common but they are interrupted by Joyce. Nicole is turned down by every bank in Bay City. Zack suggests getting the money from Michael, but she can't do that right now because of Vicky. Chad auditions girls for singing at Tops and gets mad when Dawn tries to audition, but she's so good he has to let her continue.

Notes: First appearance of Anne Heche as Marley Hudson.

OCTOBER 16, 1987 (EP. #5917)
Marley comes to the hospital to see Vicky and Jamie prepares her for the visit. Marley sits with her sister, and Vicky's spirit rises out of the coma, but Marley can't see this. Vicky, all the more frustrated, begs her sister not leave her. Chad agrees to let Dawn sing at Tops. Nicole prepares for he first date, a wealthy businessman named Steven Fraser. Cass is unsettled about it. Zack points out that Reginald will be the trustee of her grandmother's money. Cass makes the reservation for the Friday night date, and tells Pierre, the owner, that there's a little favor he has to ask. Amanda gets into another argument with Rachel after Rachel suggests that Amanda work in editorial. Sam gets two tickets for an art opening, and Amanda is hurt when he doesn't ask her.

OCTOBER 19, 1987 (EP. #5918)
There is no change in Vicky's condition and the sense stimuli treatment continues. John and Nicole meet on the boat docks, and Nicole perceives that John is keeping a secret. At the hospital, Reginald places the second picture in Michael's jacket pocket. Donna finds it and it drops on the floor. Donna later shows it to John. John thinks the target is Michael and they can be almost certain that Reginald is behind it all. John says the one thing Reginald was truthful about was that John fathered the twins. John presents the proof from the lab. Dawn and Scott, still feeling somewhat estranged, share their fears-she about her opening night, he about his bar exams. Cheryl, hiding her feelings, and wanting her friendship with Dawn to continue, wishes them luck. Zack learns that Colette was lying about the chicken, which is okay because he knew it all along. But he gets angry when he learns that Colette is writing a book about creative lying, and Zack was merely her subject.

OCTOBER 20, 1987 (EP. #5919)
Donna is devastated by John's report from Dr. Miller that the twins are his. John swears he'll find out what else Reginald knows and what he's planning to do. Back at the hospital, Vicky cries out again, and Lisa hears her. The whole family works not to let her go, as the chief of staff enters with grim news. Dawn has her singing debut at Tops and Scott is wowed. Her lyrics communicate that they are more than just friends, as he takes her in his arms and they have their first kiss. Nicole is picked up at Tops by Steve, the handsome eligible bachelor. Cass ducks out when they leave after having drinks. At the romantic French restaurant, Cass shows up as a waiter, speaking perfect French, and Nicole burns. She has him fired, but he returns as her aunt Matilda, in drag, and joins them. Felecia learns the foundation is illegal. Amanda and Sam work late and stop on the dock for some fish and chips. Sam feels the pull toward her. Sam later tells Amanda that she can't work with him anymore.

Notes: Last appearance of Anne Heche as Marley Hudson (1987).

OCTOBER 21, 1987 (EP. #5920)
Dressed as Nicole's Aunt Matilda, Cass ruins Nicole's date with Steve. Nicole is furious, but so is Cass at the idea of Nicole marrying a strange man. Felicia picks up on their attraction to each other, but Nicole vehemently denies it. However, Cass and Nicole get so caught up in their evening together that Cass says goodnight and walks out into the hall wearing only a robe. The chief of staff has bad news for the Hudson family when he says there is little hope that Vicky will recover. Jamie and the family fight against this prognosis, determined to continue therapy with Lisa trying to connect with Vicky. Lisa worries about the risk Jamie is taking, but he thinks it will be fine if they keep a low profile. That seems impossible when Tony shows them the next day's paper with Vicky's story and Lisa's picture on the front page. Michael escalates his search for the man who attacked Donna on the docks. Rachel finds out that Sam fired Amanda. Amanda begs her mother to stay out of it. Rachel senses there's more to the story than Amanda's willing to admit.

OCTOBER 22, 1987 (EP. #5921)
Donna wakes up from a terrible nightmare, believing that she has caused Vicky's accident. She immediately phones the hospital. Michael meets with Adam, who wants a recent photo of Donna to pass around the docks to see if anyone may have seen something the night of the attempted rape. Michael runs into Barbara and it's clear that they know each other from the past. John searches Vicky's bedroom for any more incriminating photos, and Nicole discovers him. John covers, saying the photos are for Clara. John asks Bridget for the photos that Peter recently took of the family, hoping to find an envelope with the name of the photo shop Peter uses. Bridget finds it, and Michael walks in, taking the photos from John's hands. Cass, determined to get Nicole her money, tells her that he's entering a very risky card game. Nicole is worried that Cass may be in over his head, and she convinces him to pull out of the game. Nicole later finds Cass has been beaten up and she rushes to his aid. Scott takes Dawn to a used furniture store, where he finds an old piano for her to buy.

OCTOBER 23, 1987 (EP. #5922)
John makes up a clever lie to Michael about the reason he needs the family photos. He tells Michael he wants to display them in Vicky's hospital room. Adam comes over with a teenager who thinks he saw Donna enter the boat on the night in question. Donna denies being on the boat, and it comes out that the teen had been drinking that night. John stops by the photo store where Peter gets his prints developed and learns that the guy only takes cash or checks. John decides to look through Peter's checkbook. John goes to the hospital, and lets Vicky know that he loves her and Michael as well. Michael overhears this and it's a rare moment of closeness between them. Nicole feels terribly guilty for Cass being beaten up. She doesn't want to see him get further involved. Nicole considers going to Michael for the money. She tells Cass this, and in private, he tears his room apart. Mac is furious when he hears that Sam fired Amanda. Rachel and Amanda fear that Mac has seen Sam's memo on Brava's cover. Amanda receives a report from market research that states that Sam was right about the cover. Amanda hides that report for the time being and sees to it that Mac gets Sam's memo first.

OCTOBER 26, 1987 (EP. #5923)
Lisa hears Vicky saying something about "gardenias." Michael has no idea what it means but John and Donna do. This furthers John's belief that Peter and Reginald set them up. John makes up his mind to get into Peter's room and find the negatives of those compromising photos Peter must have taken. But, just as John goes into Peter's room, Peter returns home. Lisa says Vicky has something she wants to tell her father. Cass tries to keep Nicole from going to Michael to ask for money to start her business. Wally realizes that Cass was never beat up. He set the whole thing up to win Nicole's sympathy. Cass admits Wally is right. When Nicole starts to ask Michael for the money, Cass breaks up their talk. Amanda saves Sam when Mac reads the memo Sam wrote criticizing Brava's cover. Mac tells Sam to design a new cover. Sam decides he'll be working at home a lot for the next month. Amanda thinks he was getting emotionally involved with her and that's why he fired her. Sam denies that and the chemistry heats up between them.

OCTOBER 27, 1987 (EP. #5924)
John sends Donna back to the hospital while he waits for the next opportunity to get into Peter's room. At the hospital, Vicky begins to show some signs of recovery, but her condition remains unchanged. Lisa feels that Vicky is communicating and is sending some sort of message about a boat. In spite of the tests, Vicky begins to come up out of the coma. John finds negatives in Peter's room that link him to the photos. Vicky begins to sink back into the coma, with Jamie fighting for her like a tiger. Nicole arranges Cass's birthday party and an evening of private gambling. Cass lies to Nicole and tells her that Reginald arranged for him to be beat up. It causes Nicole to back off from borrowing money from Michael and she's back to square one, looking for a husband. Sam prepares to move out of Brava in order to work in his loft. When Julie asks Amanda if she's in love with Sam, Amanda dodges answering. Sam offers Amanda a menial working arrangement, and she tells him to get lost.

OCTOBER 28, 1987 (EP. #5925)
Vicky comes out of the coma and the first face she sees is Jamie's. His name is the first word she says. The Hudson family is overjoyed and no one asks her what happened on the docks. When Jamie tries to get Vicky to rest, she won't let him leave her. Vicky meets Lisa but has no memory of communicating with her. Vicky is amazed when Lisa tells her everything she said. Vicky gives Jamie and Lisa credit for saving her life. Michael starts to get suspicious of Donna's attack. He asks Vicky what she wanted to tell him before she went into the coma. Cass is angry with Nicole for considering a financial offer from an investor. Sam admits to Amanda that he cares for her. Dawn has her singing debut at Tops.

OCTOBER 29, 1987 (EP. #5926)
Vicky tells Michael that she doesn't remember what she wanted to tell him before she slipped into the coma, but she may be lying. Reginald visits Vicky and he probes her about the accident. Vicky repeats her claim that she doesn't remember anything about the accident. Once she's alone, Vicky is furious because she remembers everything. Reginald goes to the docks and watches people as they pass John's boat. Reginald is looking for someone to retrieve the negatives that John stole from Peter. Reginald finds an older man who, though a bit of an old salt, is very charming and poetic. Reginald gives the man money to watch John's boat and make note of what goes on there. John and Donna are thrilled that Vicky is doing better, but they're both worried that Vicky will remember and tell what she thinks she knows. John toys with the idea of simply confessing to Michael, but Donna refuses to go along with it. Chad is upset when he finds Dawn in Scott's apartment.

Notes: Last appearance of Rebecca Hollen as Peggy Lazarus.

OCTOBER 30, 1987 (EP. #5927)
Vicky becomes even more dependent on Jamie. Vicky grows stronger and is able to dangle her feet off the bed. Vicky and Lisa also become better friends and Vicky sends both Jamie and Lisa special gifts. Vicky confesses her fantasies to Jamie and tells him about her life in Lassiter. She tells him that Bridget was her only bright light and she used to make up stories about her real family. The man she thought would be her father turned out to be a lot like Michael, only not wealthy. The woman she imagined as her mother, however, is nothing like Donna. Nicole's potential investor is found dead. Cass and Nicole agree to get married so she can claim her inheritance. Sam's girlfriend walks out on him because she feels neglected and is jealous of the attention he gives Amanda.

NOVEMBER 2, 1987 (EP. #5928)
John believes that Vicky does remember everything about what happened on the docks and the accident. John decides he has to tell Michael everything in order to spare them all pain. But when he goes to the hospital and sees Michael and Donna with Vicky, he walks away heartbroken. He knows that Vicky and Marley are his daughters, but he's unable to ruin everyone's life. Vicky later confronts Donna and says the games are over. Cass convinces Felicia to help him throw a party for Nicole so they can make their love look genuine. Felicia thinks both Cass and Nicole are denying their real feelings for each other.

Notes: Last appearance of Alan North as Captain Sean Delaney (1987).

NOVEMBER 3, 1987 (EP. #5929)
Adam lurks on the docks and finds the old man Reginald hired to watch John's boat. Adam takes the man to Michael even though he doesn't want to burden his friend. The old man starts telling Michael about the beautiful woman he saw boarding John's boat. Cass and Nicole successfully convince everyone that they're in love at their yacht party. Sam and Amanda are caught in the rain and have an intimate moment in front of the fireplace at his loft.

NOVEMBER 4, 1987 (EP. #5930)
Michael is shocked when the old man tells him that Donna was on the boat with John when she was attacked. He also says that Vicky saw them together and ran off. That's when Michael found Donna half-dressed on the docks. Michael goes to confront Donna but he can hardly believe what he heard. Michael decides to ask Vicky for confirmation instead. At the same time, Vicky decides it's time for Michael to know the truth. Michael arrives to see her and Vicky can tell by the look on his face that he already knows. Cass tells Nicole he will marry her as a last resort. Nicole agrees to the plan. Cass sees Mary and realizes he'll have a hard time convincing her that he loves Nicole. Amanda and Sam have a hard time containing their passion. Rachel worries when she hears that Sam and Amanda are working late at his loft. Without telling Mac, Rachel goes to find out what's happening between Sam and Amanda.

Notes: Last appearance of John H. Brennan as Tony Carlisle.

NOVEMBER 5, 1987 (EP. #5931)
Vicky tells Michael everything she knows about John and Donna's affair. Michael wants to get actual proof before he confronts Donna so he goes to Reginald. He finds out about the letters that John and Donna wrote each other twenty years before. Michael realizes there's a good chance that Marley and Vicky are John's children. Michael asks Jamie to perform another blood test. Michael doesn't go home because he fears his temper will explode. Reginald congratulates Peter and offers to give him a new business as thanks for his machinations. Peter rejects Reginald's offer. Sam's car won't start so he can't take Amanda home. Sam has to get preliminary sketches done while Amanda tries to sleep. Sam sleeps on the floor but both of them toss and turn. Rachel goes to Tops looking for Sam and she confronts Mitch about his brother's actions. Rachel tells Felicia that Amanda is working for Sam and she worries that they're falling in love.

NOVEMBER 6, 1987 (EP. #5932)
Michael spent the night in his car cooling his temper. He wakes and finally confronts Donna. She begs for forgiveness but Michael can't grant it. He tells her if she had told him the truth earlier things might be different. Michael grabs some clothes and leaves the house. Felicia questions Nicole and Cass about their wedding date. Nicole hesitates, unsure that she can really go through with the wedding. Nicole is invited to participate in a fashion show in Paris. She tells Cass she needs to take a little more time to think about things. Cass learns that Nicole has to make a decision about the fashion show within 24 hours. Rachel knows that Amanda spent the night at Sam's loft and is angry with her daughter. Amanda says nothing happened between them. Rachel finally tells Amanda that Sam is Mitch's brother. Julie Ann asks Amanda how she feels about Sam just as he walks in.

NOVEMBER 9, 1987 (EP. #5933)
Donna is devastated when Michael walks out on her. Michael goes to the boat house to confront John and he's ready to kill his brother. Michael leaves to get the paternity test results from Jamie. John walks in to hear Michael ask Jamie who fathered the twins. Cass finds Nicole at a romantic country inn where she is deciding her future. Cass tells her that she only has 24-hours to confirm the Paris fashion show. Nicole is still uncertain and she and Cass go for a walk. They hitch a ride on a hay wagon with a honeymooning couple. The fun time helps Nicole to make up her mind and she calls Paris with a decision. Sam hears Julie Ann ask Amanda if she loves Sam. He asks Julie Ann to leave but he wants to hear Amanda's answer. Amanda tells him that she's not in love with him yet, but she could be. Before Sam can tell her how he feels, Rachel interrupts them.

NOVEMBER 10, 1987 (EP. #5934)
Nicole decides to go through with the Paris fashion show, but not necessarily the wedding. Cass tries to change her mind. While he's talking to Nicole, Cass sees a woman outside the window. The red-haired woman later almost knocks on Cass' door but she leaves when Nicole arrives. Cass finds the woman's scarf and recognizes her. Jamie gives Michael and John the news that Michael is the twins' father. Michael hears Reginald telling Vicky that John is her father. Michael tells them all the real truth. Vicky tells Reginald that she no longer considers herself a Love. John tells Donna the good news and encourages her to fight to get Michael back. Vicky announces that she is moving in with Michael and wants no part of Donna. Scott tells Dawn he passed the bar exam. Dawn is happy and relieved since she had already planned a surprise congratulatory party for him. Scott is touched by all that Dawn did for him. Cheryl warns Chad that he will have to get over his reservations about Scott and Dawn dating. Scott tells Dawn that he's in love with her.

NOVEMBER 11, 1987 (EP. #5935)
Cass goes to Tops and says he's back in town for a meeting with Zack. When Zack arrives, he says he never planned to meet with Cass. Felicia senses that Cass is up to something. Cass goes to his room and Daphne lurks outside, looking a lot like Kathleen. Wally almost sees her, but she slips away. Reginald visits Scott and finds him with Dawn. Reginald tries to get to know Dawn better but Scott throws him out. Dawn and Scott draw closer together and they kiss. Lisa and Jamie try to get Vicky to go on a date but she's opposed. Lisa opens up to Vicky about her traumatic past but doesn't give any details. Michael goes to see Zack and Vicky wonders if it's about a divorce from Donna. Vince gets his divorce decree in the mail.

NOVEMBER 12, 1987 (EP. #5936)
Cass goes back to the country inn with a pre-nuptial agreement for Nicole. She thinks it's ridiculous but he insists on signing it. Cass is very understanding when Nicole confesses her fears about her creative success. They go for a horseback ride and Cass chooses a horse for her named 'Difficult.' Nicole initially rides the horse with ease but then the steed becomes agitated. Sam and Amanda see each other at the hospital where he's come to give blood. She lies to him that she has a regular check-up but Jamie comes up to her and almost blows her cover. Amanda takes Jamie aside and tells him that she has feelings for Sam. She and Jamie discuss birth control, AIDS, and the danger of having casual sex. Jamie is pleased when Amanda wants to be a responsible adult. Amanda meets Sam at the loft and finds him in a towel. As they try to work, they end up discussing their views on love and sex and they end up kissing again. Mary and Vince receive their divorce decrees. Diane is thrilled when she gets the news from Vince. Diane doesn't realize Mary is there as she's jumping for joy. Cheryl is deeply affected by her parents' divorce and Vince and Diane watch as Mary comforts her. Diane asks Vince when they can get married but Vince doesn't answer. Diane walks out when she realizes Mary will always come between them.

NOVEMBER 13, 1987 (EP. #5937)
Felicia visits Donna to tell her to fight for Michael. When Donna calls Michael, he's cold to her. Michael talks to Vicky about building a home for the two of them to live in . Vicky goes to Tops where she drinks and thinks of Donna. She is ready to confront her mother but Jamie stops her. Jamie later tells Donna that she's pregnant and she is revitalized. She gets dressed up to tell Michael the news but she receives an envelope with news that stuns her. Cass and Nicole have a drink at the inn and she declares that she's ready to meet all challenges in the future. Cass talks to the mystery woman over the phone and tells her to stay away. Nicole decides to race Cass on the horse and he takes off after her. When Cass catches up to her, she's been thrown and knocked unconscious. A truck speeds towards her and Cass knows he may not get to her in time. Amanda and Sam kiss but he pulls away. They try to go back to work but he can't take the tension so he leaves. Amanda eats the burrito he left behind and slides into his bed to wait for him to return.

NOVEMBER 16, 1987 (EP. #5938)
Cass saves Nicole from the speeding truck in time. He takes her back to the country inn and Nicole's feelings for him deepen. Nicole decides to go through with the wedding. Cass meets the mystery woman who is named Monique. Cass orders her to find Kathleen's journal. Amanda gets food poisoning from the burrito and Sam calls her doctor, Jamie. Jamie gives her some medicine and comes to the conclusion that Sam is a good guy. Sam wonders if there's more to Jamie and Amanda's relationship. Sam does his best to take care of Amanda. Donna is stunned to learn that Michael wants a divorce but she's determined to tell him that she's pregnant. She finds him at Tops but can't seem to tell him the truth when he acts coldly towards her.

NOVEMBER 17, 1987 (EP. #5939)
Cass meets Monique to get Kathleen's journal from her and he puts it in a safety deposit box. Felicia finds Monique's scarf and remembers that Cass said it was Nicole's. When she tries to give it back, Nicole is surprised and confronts Cass about the scarf. Donna tells Nicole that Michael filed for divorce. She also admits that she's pregnant. Donna offers Nicole reluctant support for her marriage to Cass. Vicky gets emotional when Michael tells her about the divorce. John hits a probing reporter and ends up in jail. Michael bails him out and Vicky follows him. Amanda recovers from the food poisoning and she and Sam are even more drawn to each other. Jamie arrives and Sam becomes jealous of their relationship. When he walks out to give them time alone, Jamie advises Amanda to tell Sam the truth.

NOVEMBER 18, 1987 (EP. #5940)
Cass grows more harried as he has to make up a lie about the scarf. Monique hears that Wallingford and Felicia are suspicious of Cass' story. Donna, Nicole, and Felicia prepare for the sham wedding. Nicole asks Vicky to be in the wedding party, hoping to make peace between Vicky and Donna. Vicky doesn't give her an answer right away. Cass sends Monique to get Kathleen's journal and he starts reading it again. Monique massages Cass' neck as Nicole knocks on the door. Adam takes Vicky to the hospital when she complains of having bad headaches. Jamie assures her that she's fine. Jamie suggests that Vicky work at the hospital as a volunteer. Michael bails John out of jail. Adam knows the details of the brothers' rift and he suggests that John do some undercover work for him to keep him away from Michael. Mary and Dawn grow closer and Mary suspects that Dawn is in love with Scott.

NOVEMBER 19, 1987 (EP. #5941)
Monique and Cass are kissing while Nicole waits on the other side of the door. Cass stashes Monique in the bathroom and tries to get rid of Nicole. She won't leave, however, because she wants to draw him a bath. Cass waits with bated breath as she goes into the bathroom but he finds out later that Monique hid in the shower stall. Monique wants to take a bath with him but he tells her to leave. Monique takes Kathleen's journal with her. Cass and Nicole later go to tell Vince and Mary about the wedding, but they already know about it. Vince punches Cass. Nicole and Cass plan an engagement dinner and invite Reginald who's the main person they need to fool. Monique watches as Cass is forced to take Nicole to his suite for the night. Cass tries to put Nicole in her own room which connects to his but it's locked from the other side. Vince tells Mary that Diane asked him to marry her. Vince doesn't answer when Mary asks what his response was. Mac tries to set a deadline for Amanda to reveal who she is at Cory, but she says she hasn't accomplished enough yet. Amanda tries to help Sam's art career by taking his paintings to a gallery. Sam fights his attraction to Amanda but he's upset when he sees her having dinner with Jamie. When he sees Mac join them, Felicia explains to Sam that Mac is Jamie's step-father. Sam thinks that's the reason Amanda is so nice to Jamie and he leaves. Amanda finds him at Mary's Place with Cheryl and leaves in a huff.

NOVEMBER 20, 1987 (EP. #5942)
Cass and Nicole's engagement is announced during a dinner party at Tops. Michael tries to save Nicole from marrying Cass by giving her money but he discovers that his assets are frozen. Cass and Nicole make a good show of it and Peter stands up against Reginald to make a toast to the couple. At the same time that Cass is making a toast, Monique goes into a penthouse apartment where she speaks to a man who looks just like Cass. Amanda and Sam act coolly towards each other because of their mutual misunderstandings. When Amanda learns that one of the galleries she went to wants one of Sam's paintings, she has to find a way to get him to the gallery. She arranges for a limo to take him, but he assumed it was a ploy to get her to date him and he arrives with Cheryl. Sam finds out about the painting and he chases after Amanda. They start to argue on the street so Sam pulls her onto a fire escape for privacy. Their anger turns to passion and they start to kiss. They realize they're outside the unlocked window of a romantic hotel room.

Notes: Last appearance of Marcus Smythe as Peter Love.

NOVEMBER 23, 1987 (EP. #5943)
Monique faces down the real Cass who she is keeping hostage. Cass doesn't know where he is and he tries to convince Monique to let him go. He manages to steal a compact mirror from her and when she leaves, he gets a piece of glass out of the mirror. He chisels one of the glass blocks away and looks out the window to discover that he's six blocks from the Tops tower. Cass uses a camera's telescopic lens to see that the engagement party is underway on the roof. Cass sees the back of Rex's head. Rex and Monique later explain that they want revenge against Cass because he's responsible for the death of Rex's wife. Felicia and Nicole later smell Monique's perfume and realize it's the same perfume on the scarf. Nicole wonders if Cass is seeing another woman. Felicia catches a glimpse of Monique's face. Cass arranges the mirror so that he can see the door key pad. Sam and Amanda go into the hotel room through the window and make love for the first time. The room's real guests return so they leave and stop by the gallery. They're both excited to see Sam's painting hanging on the wall. They go back to the hotel and pay for the room they used before and they make love again. Dawn tells Scott that she wants to have a career as well as a marriage and children. Scott tells her he wants the same thing. Dawn tells him she loves him.

NOVEMBER 24, 1987 (EP. #5944)
Nicole tells Donna that she thinks Cass is having an affair. Donna points out that Nicole's jealousy could mean that she really has feelings for Cass. Nicole denies that, but she does confront Cass with her suspicions. Rex worries that he's losing control of Nicole. He kisses her to prove that she's the only woman in his life. Cass continues to try and escape the penthouse. He manages to get some of the code numbers that will open the door. Cass also keeps trying to make Monique jealous of Nicole. He tells her to look through Nicole's honeymoon luggage and if they're full of lingerie, it means Nicole plans to have a real honeymoon. Monique finds the sexy lingerie but Nicole catches her. Vicky helps Lisa and Jamie prepare for Thanksgiving. When Vicky hears that Jamie likes women who wear their hair up, she goes to change her hair. Jamie convinces Vicky to be a bridesmaid at her aunt's wedding. Vicky agrees to do it as long as Jamie will be there. Mary and Vince plan separate Thanksgiving celebrations. Ada tries to fix that by sending Vince to deliver turkeys to the church hall where Mary is there to receive them.

NOVEMBER 25, 1987 (EP. #5945)
Sam and Amanda wake up together in their hotel room as the Cory family prepares for Thanksgiving. Rachel is upset that Amanda isn't home. Sam and Amanda make love once more then Amanda returns home wearing her evening dress. Rachel and Amanda argue when it's confirmed that Amanda spent the night with Sam. Amanda pleads with Rachel to be happy for her. Mary and Vince learn that they've both been invited to the Cory house for Thanksgiving. Amanda slips away from the dinner to spend time with Sam in the woods. Amanda grows uncomfortable as she knows that she must soon reveal her true identity to Sam. Aunt Liz comes home for Thanksgiving. Nicole and Donna confront Monique and Nicole realizes she looks familiar. Nicole believes that Cass has feelings for her because he kissed her. Donna doesn't feel well so they call Jamie. John learns from Bridget that Donna is pregnant. She begs him not to tell Michael but he makes no promise. Vicky declares that she's changed her name from Love to Hudson.

Notes: Reappearance of Irene Dailey as Liz Matthews.

NOVEMBER 26, 1987 (EP. #5946)
Rex and Nicole walk through their wedding rehearsal. Rex later faces Cass for the first time and he gloats that his plan is coming to fruition. Cass plays upon Monique's jealousy and he is able to escape. He races to the Hudson solarium to stop the wedding. Nicole sees Monique out of her window and follows her. A terrible fight ensues and Nicole sees Rex push Monique to her death. Cass shows up and prepares to go inside. John urges Donna to tell Michael about the baby but she refuses. John tells Michael the truth before the wedding. Donna is overjoyed to see Michael at the wedding but he simply came to ask her if the baby is his or his brother's. Amanda admits to Rachel that she's in love with Sam. Mac walks in to hear her talking and asks who she's in love with.

NOVEMBER 27, 1987 (EP. #5947)
Nicole is horrified to see Rex murder Monique and she runs from him, thinking he's Cass. Rex chases her and she ends up in the real Cass's arms but she doesn't know it's him. Cass knocks Nicole on the head and takes off with her on a motorcycle. He takes her to a penthouse and she is terrified of him when she wakes up. He tries to explain what happened to her but she doesn't believe him. They hear on the radio that Reginald was an eyewitness to Cass murdering Monique. The police find Cass's motorcycle near the police station and suspect that he and Nicole have taken a train somewhere. Amanda tells Mac that she's in love with Sam. She makes her father understand that it isn't a whim, that her feelings are very strong. Mac tells her to invite Sam to dinner but Amanda hesitates because Sam doesn't know who she really is. Amanda tries to tell Sam the truth, but he gives her a special gift illustrating what she means to him and she can't confess.

Notes: Last appearance of Carla Borelli as Barbara Van Arkdale.

NOVEMBER 30, 1987 (EP. #5948)
Cass tries convincing Nicole that what happened to him is the truth. Cass vows to prove it to her and to prove he's innocent of murder. Cass calls Felicia for help but Mitch interrupts them. Felicia and Mitch argue about whether she should help Cass or not. Adam finds the key to a safety deposit box in Monique's purse. The contents of the box only add to the mystery. Amanda is afraid Sam will walk out on her when he learns the truth of her identity. Rachel asks Amanda to wait to tell Sam until she tells Mac that Sam is Mitch's brother. Rachel plans to meet Mac at home for lunch to tell him. Before Mac can leave the office, Liz reveals that she's read the personnel records and has found out that Sam is Mitch's brother. Dawn tells Chad that she's getting serious about Scott. Chad thinks she's too young for a relationship. Mary helps to convince Chad that he's being too overprotective of his sister. Scott promises to help Dawn learn more about her father but Chad isn't happy about that.

DECEMBER 1, 1987 (EP. #5949)
Cass makes an emotional appeal to Nicole to believe his tale and she starts to think he could be telling the truth. Wally hunts down the eyewitness who saw Cass on his motorcycle at the same time that Rex was at the wedding. Mitch tells Adam about the witness and Adam starts to believe that there is a Cass impersonator. Rex goes to the penthouse and fights with Cass. Rex gets away and Nicole is convinced that Cass was telling the truth. Cass hotwires a car and takes off after Rex. He is surprised when Nicole joins him and says they're in things together. Cass is later picked up by a cop and arrested. Mac confronts Rachel after Liz tells him that Sam is Mitch's brother. Rachel admits that she knew and explains her reasons for keeping quiet. Mac feels betrayed and he storms out of the office. John is arrested for giving his cell mate use of his boat. Adam drops the charges but wants John to stay undercover. Diane tells Vince she's not going to wait much longer for him.

Notes: Last appearance of Maureen Mooney as Diane Flannery.


DECEMBER 3, 1987 (EP. #5950)
A cop tries to take Cass and Nicole into custody when Cass sees Rex lurking in the shadows. Cass is prevented from getting to him. At the police precinct, everyone has a reunion with the real Cass. Adam heads up an undercover team to find Rex and they use the Powerhouse nightclub as a base. Cass wants to be the target to lure Rex out but Adam refuses to let him. Vicky is growing more attracted to Jamie and dances with him at the club. Cass walks on the docks and knows he's being followed. Mac confronts Mitch and Sam and gives them hell for lying to him. Rachel is caught in the middle of the feud. Sam is confused when Mac tells him to stay away from his daughter. Chad confronts Scott and Scott reveals that he knows Dawn's mother was a hooker. Scott has no intentions of telling Dawn, especially since she hasn't been feeling well.

DECEMBER 4, 1987 (EP. #5951)
Cass finds out that Rex isn't following him, but John Hudson is. John knows he's the real Cass because of the ring he wears. He warns Cass to leave the docks because the police are looking for Rex. Cass suggests that maybe he can set up a ruse that makes it look like he's leaving Bay City at midnight on John's boat. Then they can lure Rex to the docks and capture him. John agrees to the plan but tells Cass to stay away. Adam decides to go to the docks before midnight. Secretly, Cass plans to be there as well as does Nicole. Mac accidentally ends up telling Sam the truth about Amanda's heritage and Sam feels betrayed. Mitch offers Sam his support but thinks all Cory women are trouble. Amanda tries to tell Sam the truth but he reveals that he already knows. Dawn and Scott go home together and Dawn declares she knows he and Chad are keeping something from her. Vicky shows growing interest in Jamie.

DECEMBER 7, 1987 (EP. #5952)
Rex is chased around the docks but ultimately cornered at the Powerhouse nightclub where many of the town's denizens are dancing. Rex aims his gun at Nicole's back. Before the bullet hits her, Cass unhooks a chandelier that is directly over Rex's head. The chandelier falls on Rex and knocks his aim off. Adam pushes Nicole to safety and she's saved by both men in the nick of time. Sam feels betrayed after learning from Mac that Mandy Ashton is Amanda Cory. He doesn't think he can ever forgive her for lying. Scott and Dawn finally make love.

DECEMBER 8, 1987 (EP. #5953)
Rex is dying after the chandelier falls on him and Cass steps forward to hear his last words. Though it's unclear exactly what Rex's words mean, Cass gleans that Kathleen may still be alive. He becomes overjoyed by the thought. Mary considers moving into the vacant apartment above Mary's Place. Scott asks Mary to take a look at Dawn who is suffering from a bad fever in his apartment. Cass convinces Adam to reopen the investigation into Kathleen's death.

Notes: Last appearance of Stephen Schnetzer as Rex Allingham.

DECEMBER 9, 1987 (EP. #5954)
Mary tells everyone that she wants to move into the upstairs apartment to be closer to her family because she's feeling lonely lately. Vince is happy at the prospect of having her around more often. Adam reopens the investigation of Kathleen's death and finds out that she was definitely in the fatal plane crash. Mac offers Amanda a new position at Brava. She will work directly for him and use her real name. Dawn is still very sick in Scott's apartment. She looks for aspirin and finds a folder with her mother's name on it. She is shocked to read that her mother was a prostitute.

DECEMBER 10, 1987 (EP. #5955)
Mac offers Cass a job as the company lawyer and also offers to publish Kathleen's memoirs if Cass wishes. Things are tense between Amanda and Sam at work. Amanda is worried because her birth control pills have thrown off her cycle. Donna goes to see Michael to sign the divorce papers. While she's there, she has heart palpitations. Michael's love for Donna is obvious as he worries over her health. Dawn worries that Scott won't love her anymore after learning that her mother was a hooker. Scott assures her that his love remains true.

DECEMBER 11, 1987 (EP. #5956)
Amanda takes a pregnancy test. Felicia plans to tell Mitch the truth about her past affair with Cass. Before she has a chance to, he accidentally discovers evidence of it himself. Dawn is admitted to the hospital when her fever spikes. Vicky drives Jamie to a house-call appointment during a snow storm.

DECEMBER 14, 1987 (EP. #5957)
After Jamie takes care of his patient in the country, he and Vicky are forced to pull over when the storm gets bad. They break into a general store for refuge and try to make the best of things. Lisa's party for the Cory's falls apart when Jamie doesn't show up. Jamie can't call her because the phone lines in the country are down. He later gets in touch with her when the phone lines are restored but before he can tell her that he's stranded with Vicky, the phone cuts off again. Vicky thinks she's making inroads with Jamie. Amanda receives the results from her pregnancy test and later tries to put up a good front at Lisa's party, but she's clearly preoccupied. Sam arrives at the party on an errand for Felicia. It hurts him to see Amanda with her family. Amanda and Ada have a heart to heart talk and Ada advises her to go after the man she loves. Mitch is upset after learning about Cass and Felicia's affair. Felicia finds comfort in her friendship with John and they decide to decorate his boat for Christmas.

DECEMBER 15, 1987 (EP. #5958)
Amanda goes to Gino's with Julie Ann while Sam is at the restaurant with Mitch. Sam and Amanda run into each other and Sam notes that she's been crying. Amanda covers her pain and they say an awkward goodbye. Jamie and Vicky realize the fire is too hot so they get out of their sleeping bags and Vicky takes off some of her clothes. She tries to open a window and Jamie helps her, leaving them very physically close. The town's sheriff arrives to arrest them for breaking and entering but when Jamie explains the situation, the sheriff helps them out. Upon their return home, Jamie immediately goes to Lisa who was worried about him. Jamie and Lisa make love. Vicky runs into Amanda and the two form a bond. Felicia and John put up a Christmas tree on his boat. John opens up to Felicia about his past. He advises Felicia to stop fighting with Mitch and tell him how much she loves him. When she gets back to her suite, Mitch is waiting for her and they make love.

DECEMBER 16, 1987 (EP. #5959)
Amanda confides in Jamie that she's pregnant. Jamie tells her to be honest with Sam since it's his child but Amanda's not sure she can handle that. Jamie suggests that Amanda tell Rachel at the very least. Vicky and Jamie set up a surprise birthday party for Lisa. Adam arrives to help them and is surprised by Vicky and Jamie's closeness. Jamie worries about Dawn's condition and then her test results reveal serious news. Cass donates money to Nicole's new business and they become partners. Donna wonders if Nicole has feelings for Cass but she denies it. Donna vows to prove that she's carrying Michael's child and tells him she's determined to win him back.

DECEMBER 17, 1987 (EP. #5960)
Amanda tells Rachel she is pregnant. It's a terrible shock for Rachel, but she swears she will stand by her daughter. She encourages Amanda to tell Sam. Rachel promises to tell Mac at dinner. Amanda goes to confront Sam, but she finds him at the party kissing Cheryl. Adam finds Vicky setting up for the party with Jamie. He begins to wonder how she really feels about his cousin. Lisa's surprise party is a big success. But Vicky is upset when Jamie must leave early and go back to the hospital. Jamie has bad news about Dawn Rollo's condition. Cass once again comes between Mitch and Felicia when he asks Felicia to come with him to Monte Carlo to help Nicole.

DECEMBER 18, 1987 (EP. #5961)
Amanda arrives at Lisa's party in time to see Cheryl kiss Sam under the mistletoe. Julie wants her to leave, but Amanda's pride surfaces and she confronts Sam and Cheryl, trying to sound like she's ready to party. Later, she tells Sam they must talk, and sensing something different about her, Sam agrees. Amanda enters the loft and begins to tell Sam about her pregnancy. Rachel also feels the burden of telling Mac and can't go through with it right away. Mac is angry as he senses that Rachel is once again keeping secrets from him. Rachel bites the bullet and tells Mac that Amanda is pregnant with Sam's child. Mitch confronts Cass about the affair with Felicia, and Cass convinces Mitch that he has no designs on Felicia, or on any other woman. Nicole hears this and it affects her deeply, as her attraction to Cass increases. Cass lets her know that he is a romantic at heart, but for other people, not for himself. Jamie tells Chad and Scott that Dawn has AIDS. After they recover from shock, they enter the room to tell Dawn about the diagnosis.

DECEMBER 21, 1987 (EP. #5962)
Amanda tells Sam that she is pregnant. His negative reaction deeply hurts Amanda and she takes off. Sam catches up to her and Amanda asks if he has feelings for her. Sam says he feels he doesn't even know her and now she's carrying his child. Vulnerable, Amanda says she is sorry and Sam thinks they have to talk about their future. Soon, Mac arrives, ready to have Sam's head. Donna is depressed because Christmas is coming and Michael is hardly speaking to her. Desperate to find a way to get him back, she goes to Jamie and asks about prenatal paternity testing. Jamie warns her that the procedure is too dangerous. Hearing that, she feels she can't risk losing the child. Donna goes to share the news with Michael, but finds him having dinner in his suite with a beautiful blonde. Jamie tells Dawn she has AIDS. Dawn reacts in disbelief, shock, and anger. Scott and Chad stand by her in love and support.

DECEMBER 22, 1987 (EP. #5963)
Mac tells Sam he will take care of Amanda because he doesn't want Sam to have anything to do with her. Sam discusses it with Mitch and he decides he must go to Amanda and tell her he will take equal responsibility for the child. But when Sam arrives with Mitch, Mac throws them out. Mac sees what this is costing Amanda. He promises her they'll get through it, as a family. Nicole sees that Cass has no Christmas spirit. She decides to throw a Christmas party, but must cover her displeasure when Cass doesn't show up. Michael explains to Donna that she walked in on a business meeting with one of his assistants. He warns her to stop dropping by late at night or someday she might walk in on the real thing. Donna is crushed when she can't convince Michael to spend Christmas with her. Scott breaks the news to Mary about Dawn's prognosis. Mary, Scott, and Chad try to rally around her but Dawn wants to be left alone. Mary thinks they should all stay with Dawn, but when Scott goes to check on her, she's gone.

DECEMBER 23, 1987 (EP. #5964)
For the first time, it occurs to Sam that he and Amanda have not spoken of marriage, which is an option. Amanda is also thinking about her options. Mac takes a gentle but firm stand against her terminating the pregnancy. He believes that because the child is a Cory, they will raise it as such. Mitch advises Sam to talk about marriage but don't be pressured and pushed into it. Sam goes to Amanda and he offers to marry her. But Amanda, hoping to hear that Sam is offering marriage because he loves her, turns the idea down. They part company even though their feelings for each other are clear. Cass feels pressured to get going on his new business because he has a lot of lost time to make up for. Nicole wants to work too, but she is also feeling lonely because of the holidays. Scott and Chad wait for news of Dawn and mutually decide to take Mary's advice and keep busy at St. Elmo's helping the less fortunate have a merry Christmas.

DECEMBER 24, 1987 (EP. #5965)
Michael, Vicky, John, and Clara share Christmas Eve at the Hudson farm. Michael is thinking of Donna who is at the cabin in the woods. Over Vicky's objections, Michael goes to see Donna. He's forced to spend the night at the cabin and resists the urge to be with her. Mitch and Felicia stop by the Cory's house on Christmas Eve because Mitch has a present for Matthew. Mitch tells Amanda that he isn't pleased with the way she's treating Sam. Sam finds a Christmas card and gift that he made for Amanda weeks before. He decides not to give her the sentimental card but he takes the gift to the mansion. Once there, he's told that Amanda is in bed asleep, but in reality she has snuck out of the house to go to Sam's loft. Amanda is disappointed that Sam's not in the loft but she finds the card he'd written to "Mandy." She leaves and Sam returns home, but doesn't see the gift she left for him. Nicole and Cass let each other know that they will both be busy on Christmas. They wish each other a happy holiday but they're both too stubborn to admit they want to spend Christmas together.

DECEMBER 25, 1987 (EP. #5966)
Sam wakes up in the loft and finally sees the gift Amanda left for him. He goes to the mansion once the other Cory's have left and he and Amanda exchange gifts. He gives her a small version of a painting of his that she liked. She is touched by the gift and they talk about the baby. Sam is still unsure of his feelings however and he pulls away when they start to get close. Cass and Nicole continue their charade that they're too busy to spend Christmas together. But they both go to the house Cass rented for Nicole's business and their loneliness is apparent. They end up watching the movie "Holiday Inn" together. Michael and Donna are stuck at the cabin and though they initially spar, he ends up kissing her under the mistletoe. At St. Elmo's Mary and the others dish food out to the poor. Zack tells the children at the shelter what Christmas is really all about. Mary has a startling encounter with someone who remembers her from the past. Scott finds Dawn and takes her to the hospital. Mac wishes everyone a happy Christmas.

Notes: First appearance of Chris Robinson as Jason Frame.

DECEMBER 28, 1987 (EP. #5967)
Cass and Nicole's new design house is becoming a battle ground for them. They agree to divide their duties by putting Cass in charge of the business and Nicole in charge of creative decisions. But neither of them sticks to the decision. Jason Frame, Steven's brother, returns to Bay City. He intends to buy the Frame farmhouse but Rachel is just as determined to buy it for Jamie. Amanda has her first assignment for "Brava," an interview with the owners of the town's new design house, Cass and Nicole.

DECEMBER 29, 1987 (EP. #5968)
Cass and Nicole's design house becomes more settled. They hire Donna as their store manager. Jamie and Lisa go to look at the Frame farmhouse and Lisa falls in love with the place. Jamie worries that if the sale goes through, Lisa will think he wants to get married and live there with him. Jamie is determined not to be rushed into marriage. Jason's presence starts to unnerve several people. Mary is unsettled because she can't recall her past and Jason keeps hinting that he knew her well.

DECEMBER 30, 1987 (EP. #5969)
Sam helps Amanda with her magazine article but things turn shaky between them when she takes him back to the mansion. When Sam sees how spoiled Matthew is with all the presents he received, Sam gets turned off further by rich people. Nicole and Cass start fighting over models and store furnishings. Cass ends up asking out one of the models for New Year's. As a result, Nicole accepts John's invitation to a New Year's shindig. Dawn is allowed to come home from the hospital.

DECEMBER 31, 1987 (EP. #5970)
Sam doesn't want to go to the Cory's New Year's Eve party but Rachel persuades him to attend. She tells him that Mac plans to announce that Sam's design for Brava is going to be the magazine's new cover. At the party, Sam and Amanda are drawn together in a kiss. Donna succeeds at making Michael jealous with her date. Nicole stews as she watches Cass with the lovely model. Mary dances with Jason Frame in spite of how he unnerves her. Vicky and Jamie are left to spend the holiday together after Lisa passes out from drinking too much. Donna is saddened when she goes home and finds the divorce papers from Michael have arrived.

Notes: Last appeaance of Daniel Dale as Matthew Cory.