JANUARY 1, 1988: Pre-empted for the Tournament of Roses Parade and Fiesta Bowl.

JANUARY 4, 1988 (EP. #5971)
Donna is very upset after receiving the divorce papers from Michael and she calls him to get his stuff out of the house. Rachel tells Mac she plans to bid on the Frame farm. Jason tells Rachel that he's looking for a job with Frame Construction but she says it's tied up legally. Amanda assures Sam that she didn't leave the party because of him. Sam admits that he couldn't have created the Brava cover without her. Donna and Michael argue and she cries when she can't pull her wedding ring off. Liz gives Amanda a letter from her parents friends the Barringtons saying they bought Sam's painting. Lisa apologizes to Vicky for her behavior on New Year's Eve. Sam becomes angry when he finds the letter from the Barringtons. Jamie tells Rachel he plans to move in with Rachel but his mother senses he's afraid of commitment. Jason introduces himself to Jamie and Jamie invites him to dinner. Donna vows to never give up on Michael. Amanda tells Mac she can't work at Brava any longer because she doesn't want to see Sam.

JANUARY 5, 1988 (EP. #5972)
Rachel arrives to the farm auction and Jason manages to buy the farm for $200,000. Cass advises Donna not to give up on Michael. Mac offers Sam a job as Associate Art Director of the Paris edition of Brava. Sam tells Mac he'll think about it. Rachel congratulates Jason on the purchase of the farm. Reginald informs Jason that he doesn't like him. It becomes apparent that Jason knows a secret that could hurt Reginald but he doesn't share what it is. Nicole becomes jealous when she sees Cass negotiating with Helene. Amanda tries to explain the sale of the painting to Sam but he doesn't want to talk to her.

JANUARY 6, 1988 (EP. #5973)
Nicole tells Cass that she doesn't want him to sleep with their clients and they end up arguing. To their friends, Nicole and Cass accuse the other of being impossible to deal with. They forge a tentative truce but it falls apart when Nicole finds out that Cass changed the date of the Monte Carlo show. Cass tells her he did it for her but she declares she doesn't need his help. Mitch confronts Felicia about marriage. She says she didn't give him an answer because he never asked her properly. Felicia puts together a list of cons about marriage but Mitch lists all the pros. However, the issue of them getting married is still unresolved. Rachel informs Jamie and Lisa that Jason outbid her on the farm. Jamie is fine with that since he likes Jason. Vicky later invites Jamie to a rock concert but he declines. Scott moves Dawn into his room.

JANUARY 7, 1988 (EP. #5974)
Amanda argues with Mac for trying to send Sam to Paris. Amanda sees Sam in a bookstore and is unaware that he is browsing parenting books. Sam informs her that he hasn't made up his mind about the Paris job offer. Nicole can't help but be drawn to Cass. Without the other one knowing, Cass and Nicole decide to live in the design house. Felicia admits to Mitch that she can't marry him unless she knows it's for the right reasons. Mitch promises that she will see the rightness of them getting married. Jason meets with a banker to get a loan for the farm. Reginald decides to have the loan blocked. Jason figures out that Reginald caused him trouble.

JANUARY 8, 1988 (EP. #5975)
Cass moves his things into the design house bedroom at the same time Nicole does, but neither of them are aware of each other. Cass reads something startling in the paper and he shows Nicole who goes to confront Reginald. Reginald has announced that he's throwing Nicole a party in Monte Carlo the night before the fashion show. Nicole tells her father she wants nothing from him. Reginald orders his assistant to do something to sabotage her company. While Nicole is later in the shower, Cass smells smoke. Amanda has a fantasy about raising her baby with Sam. Meanwhile, Sam has a similar fantasy. Sam makes a decision about the job in Paris and tells Amanda he isn't going. Amanda feels hopeful about her chances with Sam. Jason blackmails Reginald. Mary and Vince grow closer. Scott and Dawn go to the movies but she gets a bad fever. Mary softens towards Jason after learning that he taught her to ride a horse.

JANUARY 11, 1988 (EP. #5976)
Cass realizes the house is on fire while Nicole is in the shower. She has locked the bathroom door and he has to break it down to rescue her. Only a small part of the house is damaged in the fire and Cass tenderly takes care of Nicole. After an initial investigation, Adam says that it looks like arson. Nicole believes her father set the fire. Reginald is stricken when he hears the news and berates his assistant for almost killing Nicole. Cass advises Nicole to break away from her father completely. Jason pushes Reginald for the money. Reginald gives him $5,000, the first installment of hush money. Jason privately acknowledges that he doesn't know the full story of what Reginald did but he vows to find out. Amanda and Julie discuss the fact that the baby will permanently tie Amanda to a man who doesn't love her. Ada tries to give Amanda advice.

JANUARY 12, 1988 (EP. #5977)
Cass encourages Nicole to stand up to her father. Nicole accuses Reginald of starting the fire and Reginald denies it. Nicole wonders why her father has always punished her. Reginald admits that there are things she will never understand. Cass offers to take Nicole on a date to comfort her. Nicole keeps thinking of her mother and wonders what secret her father is keeping. Mac catches Sam playing hooky with two of his buddies from Seattle. Mac senses that Sam has no interest in settling down or being a father. Sam confronts Mac and Rachel and tells them he's not taking the job in Paris. Felicia feels she needs to make a decision about marrying Mitch. Jason asks Mary if she and Reginald are still close. Reginald tenses when he sees Mary and Jason together.

Notes: Last appearance of Brent Collins as Wallingford.

JANUARY 13, 1988 (EP. #5978)
Sam tells Mac he won't be forced out of town and Amanda overhears their conversation. Sam is angry that Mac seems to be testing him. Amanda goes to see Sam and asks for the real reason he's staying in town. Sam won't admit that it's because of her or the baby. Mac informs Rachel that from now on he's going to let Amanda make her own decisions regarding Sam and the baby. Sam's friend Kirk calls Joyce and tells her it's the perfect time to come back to Bay City. Cass takes Nicole to the opera to take her mind off things. The plan backfires when the opera - Madame Butterfly - reminds Nicole of her mother's suicide. Kathleen's galleys are at the design house when Cass and Nicole return and Nicole finds the story very interesting. Adam offers Lisa a job at the detective office. Scott hits a guy who makes a wise crack about Dawn.

JANUARY 14, 1988 (EP. #5979)
Amanda talks to Felicia about abortion and learns that a character in Felicia's first book had an abortion. Felicia points out that the right thing to do is talk to the father. When Amanda goes to find Sam, she sees him with his ex-girlfriend, Joyce. Felicia prepares to leave for Paris to help Nicole finalize the fashion show details. She tells Mitch she will return in a few days but he surprises her by saying they will back in a week. He takes out his suitcases and says he's going along because he rented a romantic villa in Southern France for them to enjoy. Dawn gets sick as she's preparing to go back to school. Scott gives her the strength to go on. A nurse treats Dawn with a great deal of caution and Dawn realizes that's the attitude she can expect from now on. Jamie is frustrated over the lack of AIDS care options. Cheryl sees John trying to help his friend from Vietnam, Corky.

JANUARY 15, 1988 (EP. #5980)
Jason tells Reginald that he wants an additional $60,000 to put down on his farmhouse. Reginald thinks that Jason is toying with him. Reginald orders one of his men to get the watch from Jason. Mary goes to see Jason after receiving a note from him and is almost caught by Reginald's thug. Mary tells Jason that she doesn't remember her past and doesn't want him bothering her. Jason gives the watch to Nicole and returns to find a knife under his pillow, which is a message from Reginald. Michael returns from Japan and finds flowers in his room but Vicky inadvertently covers up the card. Vicky is upset that Michael bought Donna a gift. Donna finds the card and assumes he read it and had no reaction to it. Gillian later pockets Donna's card and allows Michael to think the flowers are from management. Cass visits Mary and Vince to talk about Kathleen's book. Mary doesn't think Cass should look at the photo of the plane crash but he ends up seeing it and it badly affects him. Sam's argument with Scott makes him realize he's been holding back on Amanda.

JANUARY 18, 1988 (EP. #6981)
Amanda thinks Sam invites Joyce to stay with him. Sam tries to explain, but Amanda asks Rachel and Mac to say she isn't home. Amanda asks Mac for time off and she decides to go to New York to consider having an abortion. Cheryl senses how much Sam cares for Amanda and she decides to tell him that Amanda is considering terminating the pregnancy. Sam races to the airport just as the plane takes off. Nicole comforts Cass when he admits to being haunted by Kathleen's death. Cass suggests they have a private fashion show to preview the finished dresses. Nicole frets that they won't be able to find a model but Cass suggests she do it. Nicole models for Cass and he is truly taken with her. They draw closer and thank each other for friendship. Michael is distracted by thoughts of Donna and wonders why she hasn't contacted him. Gillian doesn't tell him that Donna sent the flowers and she makes sure Donna can't get in touch with him. When Donna calls, Gillian insinuates that Michael doesn't want to see her. Donna goes to see him anyway and finds Michael in a robe with Gillian nearby.

JANUARY 19, 1988 (EP. #5982)
Sam tries to get Mac to tell him where Amanda is staying in New York but Mac won't talk. Sam finds Julie and discusses the possibility that Amanda is having the abortion. Sam goes to see Amanda's doctor but he too, refuses to say where Amanda is. Jamie convinces Mac to tell him where Amanda is staying. Sam and Jamie plan to leave the next morning to find Amanda. Jason tells Reginald that his scare tactics won't work and he still wants the money. Reginald sends his thug to teach Jason a lesson. Jason gets beat up in the alley and confronts Reginald who claims his innocence. Reginald secretly plots to get rid of Jason altogether. Adam has a criminal under surveillance but the undercover female cop doesn't show up to help. Lisa talks Adam into letting her help him. Lisa does a good job and her application for the police department job starts processing. Dawn has an angry reaction about her illness.

JANUARY 20, 1988 (EP. #5983)
Michael asks Donna why she walked out on him the night before and she tells him she can't stand seeing him with Gillian. Gillian later confesses to Michael that she took Donna's card and Michael fires her. Michael takes Donna the black pearls he bought for her and she later visits him wearing the pearls. They almost move into a kiss. In New York, Amanda makes the decision to see the doctor about the abortion. Jamie calls Susan's dorm and learns that Amanda and Susan are staying at a city hotel. Vicky finds out where Jamie is staying in the city and plans to surprise him there. Cass has a nightmare after falling asleep next to the crash site photos. Reginald's thug follows Jason and learns he will be at the farmhouse later that day. Reginald's assistant gives the thug a bomb and tells him to take care of Jason.

JANUARY 21, 1988 (EP. #5984)
Mary finds Jason's room ransacked and finds out he's at the Frame farm. She drives out to the farm to ask what is going on between him and Reginald. At the farm, Jason finds a briefcase with a bomb inside and throws it out the window. He shields Mary with his body as the bomb explodes and the farm comes down on top of them. Sam finds out where Amanda is staying and goes to her hotel room. He gets in and finds the address for the doctor she planned to see. When Sam gets there, Amanda is coming out of the clinic and she looks upset. Sam believes he's too late to stop the abortion. In Bay City, Ada gets wind of what's going on and calls Rachel. Donna and Michael kiss as Vicky walks in. She is unhappy to see her parents together but tells them she is going to New York for a few days. Donna tries to talk to Vicky about their unresolved issues. When Vicky leaves, Michael and Donna start to make love in front of the fireplace. But Michael has visions of Donna and John making love and he can't continue.

Notes: Last appearance of Rena Sofer as Joyce Abernathy.


JANUARY 25, 1988 (EP. #5985)
Jason and Mary survive the explosion and John and Adam help dig them out. Adam and John discover that a bomb was set and Mary suspects Reginald of being the culprit. Jason reveals that if Reginald set the bomb, Jason was most likely target. Jason also reveals that he knows Reginald once tried to kill his own wife. Jamie and Sam look for Amanda in New York City. Donna and Michael show signs of reconciling, but the memory of John and Donna's affair holds Michael back.

JANUARY 26, 1988 (EP. #5986)
Sam finally finds Amanda in New York. He is relieved to learn she didn't go through with the abortion. Sam tells Amanda he loves her. Vicky surprises Jamie in his hotel room and says she's in town on a shopping spree. When Vicky and Jamie catch up with Sam and Amanda, they all delay their return flights and celebrate in New York. Chad worries when Dawn's hospital bills reach $20,000 because he has no medical insurance. Chad also feels guilt because as a former pimp, he contributed to the number of AIDS patients.

JANUARY 27, 1988 (EP. #5987)
Sam waits for Amanda to tell him she loves him. In the midst of a fun-filled day in New York, Amanda admits she loves Sam. Cass has trouble writing the preface to Kathleen's memoirs until he bids her a final farewell at her grave. Felicia and Mitch return from Monte Carlo with bad news. They decide to wait until Cass has written his preface to give him the news. Mitch and Felicia spend a romantic evening at home and become engaged. Jason reveals to Mary his suspicions that Reginald murdered his wife.

JANUARY 28, 1988 (EP. #5988)
Felicia and Mitch tell Nicole and Cass the news that they're engaged. They also reveal that though Rex is dead, his plan to get revenge on Cass may still be in effect. Donna uses honesty in her strategy to win Michael back. Vicky still hates her mother even though Michael tells her Donna is pregnant. Lisa is a little jealous that Jamie spent time with Vicky in New York. However, her pique subsides when she gets the job at the police station. Dawn's happiness at being released from the hospital fades when she finds out the expense of her hospital bills. Dawn is also crushed to learn she can no longer attend school.

JANUARY 29, 1988 (EP. #5989)
Sam and Amanda go shopping in New York. They go to a jewelry store where Sam finds a jewelry box for Amanda but she has her eye on the engagement ring of her dreams. Sam later surprises Amanda by giving her the box with the ring inside. Sam proposes to Amanda and she accepts. Donna plans a romantic afternoon with Michael at the cabin but Vicky arrives with Lisa. Michael is upset with Donna for sending Vicky away. Their heated argument turns passionate and they start to make love. Mary tries to convince Jason to tell Michael the truth about his suspicions of Reginald. Mary regains some of her memories. Lisa confronts Vicky about the amount of time she spends with Jamie. Vicky tries to put Lisa at ease.

FEBRUARY 1, 1988 (EP. #5990)
Adam tries to get information from Mary and Jason regarding Elizabeth's murder. Jason informs Reginald that he still has the insurance policy that Reginald wants returned. Michael and Donna admit they're still in love with each other. Michael is called away to the police precinct to hear what Northrop has to say. Northrop's last words to Michael are, "watch out." Felicia and Mitch talk about starting a family.

FEBRUARY 2, 1988 (EP. #5991)
Sam and Amanda announce their engagement to Rachel and Mac. Mac is stunned by the news because he still feels Sam isn't right for Amanda. Jason tells Michael that he believes Reginald murdered Elizabeth. Lisa is called away from the ski cabin, leaving Vicky alone. Jamie arrives and Vicky tries to convince him to stay without Lisa.

FEBRUARY 3, 1988 (EP. #5992)
Michael is certain that Reginald murdered Elizabeth twenty years ago and he thinks Jason and Mary are withholding information. Michael calls Donna at the design house and is surprised when Reginald answers. Concerned about Donna's safety, Michael races to the design house and asks Donna to move in with him. Nicole and Cass listen as Amanda, Felicia, and Donna discuss wedding plans. Donna is still hoping to reconcile with Michael and marry him. When pressed, Nicole tells Donna that marrying is the last thing on her mind when she's so focused on work. Cass admits to Felicia that he's lonely and plans to seek other opportunities once the salon is open. Nicole hears their conversation and worries about losing Cass. Vicky and Jamie go skiing and Jamie is a pro while she is a disaster. Vicky charms Jamie and asks him to massage her pulled muscles. The situation gets out of hand so they return to Bay City.

FEBRUARY 4, 1988 (EP. #5993)
Sam realizes that in order to make his potential marriage to Amanda work, he has to quit working at Brava. He doesn't think he can work for Mac Cory and be married to his daughter. Sam decides to pursue his art full time. Nicole and Cass have a misunderstanding about his future and Cass thinks she's trying to push him out of the business. Mary has a positive visit with a neurosurgeon who thinks she can regain her memory little by little. He suggests that she start by visiting places and talking to people from her past. Jason suggests that they go to the Love estate where he's sure Reginald killed his wife twenty years ago.

FEBRUARY 5, 1988 (EP. #5994)
Cass goes to visit Wally only to find him dead on the floor. Mary and Jason meet Michael at the Love estate and together they go through Elizabeth's room which has been locked up since her death. With Jason's help, Mary starts to remember the night that Reginald murdered Elizabeth.

Notes: Anne Howard appears as Elizabeth Love.

FEBRUARY 8, 1988 (EP. #5995)
Mary remembers the night that Reginald shot Elizabeth. She remembers running out of the house, but not what happened next. Mary tells Vince what she remembered and he informs her that on that night she returned home in shock and unable to speak. Cass tells Felicia that Wally died and she has a hard time accepting the loss of her beloved friend. Donna demands answers from Michael about why he was at the Love estate. Michael tells her he was helping Mary to regain some memories. Vicky sees Reginald at Tops. Reginald hears Vicky calling Michael and learns that Mary has regained some of her memory.

FEBRUARY 9, 1988 (EP. #5996)
When Amanda returns to the mansion after a night out with Sam, she tells Jamie that she may move her new family away from Bay City if Mac can't accept them. Reginald fears that Mary has regained her total memory. Jason tells Mary that he was having an affair with Elizabeth and they were planning to run away together the night she was killed. Dawn suffers discrimination as a result of having AIDS and she fights to be allowed to stay in school.

Notes: Anne Howard appears as Elizabeth Love.

FEBRUARY 10, 1988 (EP. #5997)
A memorial service for Wallingford is held at Tops. Felicia and Cass relive their most enjoyable times with Wally. Mac tells Amanda that he doesn't feel she should marry Sam, but he would never miss walking her down the aisle.

Notes: Appearance by George Pentecost as Tony the Tuna.

FEBRUARY 11, 1988 (EP. #5998)
Jason and Mary are shocked to learn that long ago Reginald gave Scott a gun and it may have been the same gun used to kill Elizabeth. Scott gives them the gun and they take it to the police. Cass and Nicole share a passionate kiss after they complete the fashion line. They try to pretend that it was a meaningless kiss but they can't and end up kissing again. Lisa is caught sneaking around Claude's room. Dawn has to decide whether or not she wants to sue the University for discriminating against her.

FEBRUARY 12, 1988 (EP. #5999)
Mary's headaches intensify as Vince pressures her to stay involved in solving Elizabeth's murder case. Ballistic reports confirm that the bullet lodged in Elizabeth's armoire match Reginald's gun. Mary has nightmares of Reginald demanding Elizabeth to return a watch. Cass and Nicole wonder where their kisses will lead to. Felicia gives Cass the idea of giving Nicole a gift of thanks for all she's done for him. Cass gives Nicole an antique chain for the watch Jason gave her.

FEBRUARY 15, 1988 (EP. #6000)
Jason realizes that Reginald is after Elizabeth's watch. He teams up with Michael to find the watch before Reginald does. They learn that Nicole loaned it to Donna and Michael gets to the watch mere seconds before Reginald. Cass and Nicole's relationship takes a passionate turn when they start to kiss. They agree that their actions aren't proper office behavior but they admit they're drawn to each other. Jamie and Lisa fight about her new job because he feels she's shutting him out. Lisa's job prohibits her from disclosing information to Jamie.

FEBRUARY 16, 1988 (EP. #6001)
Michael and Jason learn that a number on the back of Elizabeth's watch is a safety deposit box number. Michael goes to the bank to retrieve the box contents without realizing that Donna is following him. Donna confronts him and he's forced to tell her that Reginald may have killed her mother. They are unable to get into the box without a key, which they don't have. Rachel and Amanda worry that Sam's mother doesn't intend to come to the wedding. Amanda writes his mother a letter and Rachel sends her an airline ticket. Unfortunately, they're unaware that Sam intentionally didn't invite her. Mac attempts to make amends with Sam by inviting him to a Cory family dinner. Lisa's undercover work is drawing her closer to Andre, the suspect she's supposed to be investigating. She tries to convince herself and Vicky that she's not interested in him.

FEBRUARY 17, 1988 (EP. #6002)
Michael promises to tell Donna the details about her mother's possible murder at a later date. Donna isn't willing to wait so she starts investigating on her own. Donna learns that her mother and Jason had an ongoing affair. The case of Dawn versus her music school goes to court and they await a decision. Jamie explains his problems with Lisa to Ada and declines an invitation to the family dinner.

FEBRUARY 18, 1988 (EP. #6003)
The Cory family dinner is a disaster as everyone is tense. Sam gets furious when he learns that Amanda invited his mother to their wedding. Michael learns he needs a court order to get into the safety deposit box. Reginald gets his hands on the court order and Michael discovers that the key is hidden in the watch. Reginald and Michael both race to the bank. Cass and Nicole have their first date.

FEBRUARY 19, 1988 (EP. #6004)
Michael gets to the bank before Reginald. He and Adam rejoice when they discover that the box contains enough evidence to put Reginald away. However, Reginald doesn't intend to give in without a fight. Reginald holds Donna captive at the Love estate and tries to trick Michael into going there as well so he can kill his daughter's husband. After the disastrous dinner, Mac invites Sam out for a peace-making drink. When Sam gets home, he's stunned to see his mother waiting for him.

Notes: First appearance of Rosemary Murphy as Loretta Fowler. Anne Howard appears as Elizabeth Love.

FEBRUARY 22, 1988 (EP. #6005)
Michael arrives at the Love Estate where Reginald's plan to kill him is underway. Reginald shoots at Michael twice and Donna throws herself at Reginald in an attempt to save Michael. Reginald and Donna fall out of the second story window. Meanwhile, the house is burning down around them. Cass and Nicole are having a romantic dinner at the inn when they hear that the Love Estate is on fire. Amanda gets along well with Sam's mother Loretta but she still doesn't know why Sam doesn't want her around.

FEBRUARY 23, 1988 (EP. #6006)
Donna and Reginald survive the fall and are hospitalized. The doctors tell Michael that Donna's baby has only a 50% survival chance. Donna's near death shakes up everyone close to her. Nicole, Michael, and Vicky apologize to Donna and Vicky even calls her mom. Loretta charms everyone she meets and Amanda drops her off at Tops to watch Felicia's show being taped. Loretta and Felicia hit it off so well that Felicia asks her to be a guest on the show.

FEBRUARY 24, 1988 (EP. #6007)
Felicia interviews Loretta about being a former actress. Jamie and Lisa embrace after arguing about their jobs and Vicky. Adam asks Jamie to the police station to answer questions about the incident at the Love estate. Ada warns Rachel not to get involved in family problems Mitch, Sam, and Loretta hace. Mary tells John she is appreciative of Jason for helping her regain some memories. Amanda ignores Sam's protests against going shopping with Loretta. Jason admits to having feelings for Mary and agrees with John's statement about distance between family being wrong. Adam asks Jamie and Lisa for help in keeping details of Reginald's case from the press. Lisa resents Adam's concern about Jamie's approval towards her police work. Rachel questions Jason's intentions about letting Jamie live on the Frame farm. Mitch surprises Felicia by admitting Loretta is his and Sam's mother, who neglected Mitch and was overbearing with Sam. Amanda is curious with Sam's attitude and reaction towards Loretta buying Rachel a gift. Jamie plans a bachelor party for Sam. Lisa arranges a bridal shower for Amanda. Mary tells Ada she's going to stop getting involved with men like Reginald. John decides to talk to Michael after Jason apologizes to Mary for his attitude.

FEBRUARY 25, 1988 (EP. #6008)
Michael comforts Donna about starting a new beginning. Donna convinces a hesitant Nicole to leave for Monte Carlo after Felicia prepares to handle the fashion show. Michael and Donna tell Cass that Reginald covered up Elizabeth's murder by causing a fire and making the incident look like a suicide, but Adam is attempting to keep it from the press and Nicole. Scott swears to Reginald he will never be forgiven for his crimes. Felicia urges Nicole to pursue a relationship with Cass and resolve her differences with Donna. Cass confesses to Michael and Donna that he and Nicole are starting a relationship. Nicole and Donna reconcile. Reginald declines Andre's offer to help him leave town. Cheryl is touched when Scott confides in her and convinces Scott to be optimistic about Dawn. Michael and Nicole are pleased that their quarrels with John and Donna are over. Michael, John, Donna, and Nicole learn that the baby is a boy. Scott, Cheryl, and Dawn learn a decision has been made regarding Dawn's lawsuit. Michael tells Reginald that the stable boy won after their feud.

FEBRUARY 26, 1988 (EP. #6009)
On the way to Monaco, Andre locks the cock pit and orders the pilot at gun point to change directions. The pilot is so terrified he has a heart attack. As Cass and Nicole are getting romantic on the plane, they realize they are headed for a crash landing on a dark island. Amanda's bridal shower is interrupted by Sam's stag party. Sam's good time is ruined when he gets a call that his mother is in jail.

FEBRUARY 29, 1988 (EP. #6010)
Cass is injured when the plane crashes. Sam and Adam go to the police station where Loretta is being held on shoplifting charges. Loretta denies stealing anything. Hurt when Sam doesn't believe her, Loretta says she is leaving town in the morning. Sam tells Amanda that his mother is a kleptomaniac. Mary thanks Jason for all he's done for her and he asks her to take him to dinner. Their plans change when Vince returns home. Lisa notices at the shower that Vicky couldn't stop looking at Jamie. Jamie assures Lisa that he and Vicky are just friends.

MARCH 1, 1988 (EP. #6011)
Amanda and Felicia try to convince Loretta to stay in town for the wedding. Sam admits to his mother that he wants her to stay. Mitch learns that Cass and Nicole are missing. Dawn wins her court case and everyone celebrates at Mary's Place. Vicky tells Donna she's interested in someone but doesn't say who it is.

MARCH 2, 1988 (EP. #6012)
When Nicole wakes up, she finds that Cass is badly injured. She goes back to the crash site to search the plane for a first aid kit. Unable to find one, she takes some of the gowns to bandage Cass' wounds. They are both unaware that Andre is hiding in the bushes. Mitch and Felicia ask for Michael's help in finding Cass and Nicole. When Michael tells Donna that Cass and Nicole have disappeared, she blames herself for telling Nicole to take the trip. Jamie confronts Vicky about her pursuit of him and she apologizes. Vicky tells Lisa she spoke with Jamie and promises not to come between them again. Vicky then calls Amanda's friend Susan and pretends to be Julie Ann. She says that Amanda and Sam have eloped and the wedding plans are off.

MARCH 3, 1988 (EP. #6013)
Cass and Nicole bathe in a lagoon and get passionate. They pull themselves together in order to search for food. Nicole climbs a tree and spies a landing strip. Felicia convinces Mitch to stay for Sam's wedding while she and Michael fly to search for Cass and Nicole. Amanda moves her things from the mansion to the loft. Loretta gives Amanda a diamond bracelet. Vicky lies and says that Susan won't be able to make the wedding which leaves Amanda short a bridesmaid. Vicky offers to take Susan's place and she goes to the rehearsal dinner with Jamie.

MARCH 4, 1988 (EP. #6014)
The Cory family bustle around preparing for Amanda's big day. Sam, has a little extra time so he goes to Chicago to return the diamond bracelet Loretta stole. Unable to get someone to help him, Sam tries to put the bracelet back in the case but he's accused of stealing. Sam punches a cop and gets arrested. Meanwhile, Amanda worries that something terrible has happened to Sam. Cass and Nicole find a small cave which has food and champagne in it. Cass puts together a radio and is able to send out distress signals. Cass lights candles he finds in the cave and sets up a romantic scene. He yells out for Nicole, however, and realizes she's missing.

Notes: First appearance of Pat Sones as Hilda, the Cory family maid.

MARCH 7, 1988 (EP. #6015)
The Corys are distraught when Sam doesn't show up for the wedding. Sam finally gets released from jail and gets back to Amanda. Because of all the fighting in their family, Sam and Amanda decide to elope. Mac and Rachel find out their plans and arrive at the church in time to give the bride away. Cass finds Nicole standing in the dark leaning against a tree. She tells him that he still wants Kathleen, not her. Cass admits that he will always love Kathleen but he is also falling in love with Nicole. She tells him she loves him and they make love. Felicia and Michael can't get to the island to search for Cass and Nicole due to bad weather conditions.

MARCH 8, 1988 (EP. #6016)
Sam and Amanda's wedding guests arrive in time to see them exchange vows. Sam and Amanda leave for their Palm Beach honeymoon. Cass tries to convince Nicole that they're okay even after their food and radio transmitter are stolen. Scott leads Dawn to Sam and Amanda's wedding altar and they pledge their love to one another. As they start to leave, Dawn collapses.

MARCH 9, 1988 (EP. #6017)
Lisa tells Rachel about her problems with Jamie. Rachel advises her to fight for her man. Rachel feels responsible when she hears Mitch and Loretta fighting. She intervenes though Mitch asks her to stay out of it. Vicky and Jason realize that they both have concern for Jamie in common. Vicky encourages Jason to go after what he wants in life. Jason plans to resurrect Frame Construction in spite of Rachel's disapproval. Dawn is devastated to learn she can no longer take AZT.

MARCH 10, 1988 (EP. #6018)
Michael and Felicia are reunited with Cass and Nicole on the island. They all prepare to leave for home, unaware that Andre is on the plane. Donna worries about Nicole and has nightmares of Reginald coming after her. Sam and Amanda share a romantic evening at the Cory house in Palm Beach. Vicky finds out that Jamie and Lisa are temporarily separated.

MARCH 11, 1988 (EP. #6019)
Cass admits to Felicia that he has feelings for Nicole. On the plane, Andre trains a gun on Felicia. Michael forces the gun from his hand and locks Andre up. Michael and Felicia go back to Cass and Nicole and Andre manages to take off in the plane. Vicky comforts Donna after she wakes up screaming from a nightmare. Worried about the baby, Vicky calls Jamie who brings Lisa with him. Adam arrives to tell Donna that Nicole and Cass have been rescued.

MARCH 14, 1988 (EP. #6020)
Michael, Felicia, Cass, and Nicole are rescued from the island. Sam and Amanda's honeymoon night is interrupted by Amanda's friends who Sam ends up liking. Sam feels more accepted by the Cory family when he learns there is an art studio on the estate. Cheryl doesn't trust Jason and hates that he and Mary are becoming close. Cheryl's crush on John Hudson becomes more apparent.

MARCH 15, 1988 (EP. #6021)
Michael gets home and learns that Reginald may get out on bail. He promises to protect Donna from her father. Sam begins to doubt his artistic talents when he meets old friends of the Cory's who are interested in one of his paintings but then don't think he has enough experience. Felicia and Mitch set a date for their wedding. Felicia is a little jealous that Donna is having a baby. Dawn receives her diploma and Chad gifts her with a trip to Italy.

MARCH 16, 1988 (EP. #6022)
Cass and Nicole are faced with financial problems and reporters once they return home. Dawn and Scott prepare to go to Venice. Dawn worries that she won't live to return to Bay City so she expresses her love to Cheryl and Mary. Mary seeks comfort from Vince as she worries about Dawn. Felicia decides she wants to try and have a child after she and Mitch are married. Donna receives a quilt as a gift without a gift card. Everyone wonders how Chad came up with the money for Scott and Dawn's trip.

Notes: Last appearance of Richard Burgi as Chad Rollo and Barbara Bush as Dawn Rollo.

MARCH 17, 1988 (EP. #6023)
Cass and Nicole's accountant tells them they have no money but they still plan to open the salon. Nicole is surprised to see that John has remodeled her bedroom. She takes Cass upstairs and they make love. Sam and Amanda's car runs out of gas and when they return from the station, the car has been stolen. They have to stay at a sleazy motel and Amanda is horrified. Sam convinces her they can make it fun and they end up having a good time. Vicky arrives at the Cory's dinner party and joins everyone in singing around the piano. Lisa shows up and sees Vicky coming on to Jamie.

MARCH 18, 1988 (EP. #6024)
The design house opens and Nicole and Cass pull of a fabulous evening. Nicole surprises Donna with a dress she designed for her. While Donna admires herself in the mirror, Reginald sneaks up behind her. Sam and Amanda's car is found stripped of all its parts. They go to a diner for dinner where they're put to work as a waitress and busboy. Amanda tells the owner that Sam is an artist and the owner asks for a self-portrait. A customer also asks Sam for a sketch and Sam and Amanda end up making money and having fun.

MARCH 21, 1988 (EP. #6025)
Reginald tells Donna of his plan to kill Michael and take her away with him where he will raise her baby. Donna physically struggles with him and falls down the stairs. Rachel tells Mac that she left Frame Construction to Jamie in her will. Vicky puts her earring in Jamie's pocket for safekeeping but then forgets that it's there when she learns of Donna's accident. Sam and Amanda are called back to work at the diner. While there, they have to help a young woman deliver her baby. Sam and Amanda bond even closer when they realize they're looking forward to meeting their own child.

MARCH 22, 1988 (EP. #6026)
Donna's baby dies and Michael finds out that Reginald is responsible for Donna's fall. Michael finds Reginald on a rooftop and they fight. Reginald goes over the side of the building but Michael catches him and pulls him back up. Reginald tries to stab Michael but Michael ducks. Reginald's wild swing sends him hurtling over the side of the building to his death. Adam shows up and Michael tells him what happened. Vicky is shaken by the loss of her baby sibling. Vicky expresses that she was looking forward to them all coming together as a family. Vince tells Mary he loves her.

Notes: Last appearance of John Considine as Reginald Love.

MARCH 23, 1988 (EP. #6027)
Michael has to tell Donna that she lost the baby. Donna tries to reject the news but reality eventually sets in. Michael also tells Donna that Reginald is dead. Donna walks by the hospital nursery and cries when she sees the babies. Adam feels guilty that he didn't do more to stop Reginald. Lisa finds Vicky's earring in Jamie's coat and wants to know how it got there. Lisa confronts Vicky who plays dumb. When Lisa sees Jamie and Vicky engaged in conversation, she feels left out and goes back to the police station. Adam's feelings for Lisa grow stronger. John is frustrated over his inability to help Donna and Michael. Cheryl helps John at the Frame farm and their friendship deepens.

MARCH 24, 1988 (EP. #6028)
Nicole becomes curious about their family and all its problems. She asks Jason to tell her more about her mother. Jason admits that Elizabeth had several affairs. Cass admits to Nicole that he knew about her mother's promiscuity. Jason continues to try to win Jamie over and resurrect Frame Construction. Jason hosts a poker game and tries to get close to his nephew. John becomes suspicious of Jason when he finds Reginald's briefcase in the closet. Ada feels unnecessary to her family. Mary tells Rachel how Ada feels and Rachel tries comforting her mother. Julie Ann senses that Cheryl has a crush on John. Vince is insecure when Mary gets a job as a psychologist.

MARCH 25, 1988 (EP. #6029)
Cass tells Nicole that Reginald killed her mother years before. Cass tells an upset Nicole not to dwell on the past. He tells her he loves her and it's time to move on with her life. Jason invites Lisa, John, and Jamie to a poker game. Vicky shows up uninvited and Lisa imagines Vicky and Jamie kissing. Jason gets nervous when John mentions the briefcase of money. Rachel asks Ada to move in with her and Mac. Sam and Amanda return from their honeymoon to find that Matthew has been living in the loft. Loretta gives them a gift for the baby and a crystal bell for Amanda.

Notes: First appearance of Matt Crane as Matthew Cory.

MARCH 28, 1988 (EP. #6030)
Amanda feels Matthew is in some kind of trouble when he leaves school early and doesn't want to go back to the mansion. When he finally goes home, Mac and Rachel suspect there's something he's not telling them. Lisa's premonitions lead her to find Adam and Becky trapped in a shed. Jason sees Mary and Vince kissing. Vicky finds out that the company that did Amanda and Sam's wedding parties is also doing the Cory Easter egg hunt. She gets the company to deliver a gift to Amanda from Mary.

Notes: Last appearance of Lindsey Amelio as Becky.

MARCH 29, 1988 (EP. #6031)
Michael asks Donna to go with him the cemetery to say goodbye to their stillborn son but she's too sad. Nicole talks to Donna and gets her to face what happened to the baby. Donna later joins Michael at the cemetery. Cass and Nicole have to fill a large order in a short span of time and they're stuck when Sophie has to leave on an emergency trip. Amanda tries cooking and is a dismal failure at it. She finds out that the rent on the loft will soon be increased. Mary gives Amanda some advice about Loretta. Amanda is supportive when Sam has a bad interview at an art gallery.

MARCH 30, 1988 (EP. #6032)
Nicole is thrilled when Cass finds a professional seamstress to help fill their design order. Their celebration dinner is interrupted by an emergency at the salon and they rush back to help. Sam and Amanda have a wedding gift opening party. Mac learns that their rent is being increased and offers to help. A prideful Sam declines his offer. Amanda covers for Matthew when Rachel realizes he's still in Bay City instead of at boarding school.

MARCH 31, 1988 (EP. #6033)
Scott comes home from Italy alone as Dawn died on the trip. Scott tells Mary that Chad arrived just in time to say goodbye. Jamie wonders at Jason's intentions when he stops by the farm. Rachel tells Jamie that he is the title owner for Frame Construction and Jamie considers letting Jason take over the business. Cass and Nicole are happy to see that Julie Ann, Ada, and Cheryl are helping complete their design order. Cass and Nicole get a $12,000 check for the dresses but are stunned to learn from their accountant that they're $11,800 in debt. Cass and Nicole make plans to spend their whole $200 profit at a stylish dinner at the Havermill Manor.

APRIL 1, 1988 (EP. #6034)
The Cory Easter egg hunt gets underway and Vicky rigs it so that Lisa and Jamie are separated during the event. When Jamie arrives at the boat he was sent to, Vicky is on the boat tanning herself in a sexy swimsuit. She pretends to be surprised when the boat starts to drift. Rachel and Mac demand the truth from Matthew about why he left school early. Jason confronts Rachel about keeping him away from Frame Construction. Jason goes home to find Mary waiting for him and they argue. Jason stuns her by pulling her into a kiss. John and Cheryl grow closer.

APRIL 4, 1988 (EP. #6035)
Mac and Rachel quiz Matthew about not being in school. Mitch arrives and Mac and Rachel are furious to learn that he knew Matthew was suspended from school the week before Easter break and agreed to keep quiet about it. He also suggested that Matthew stay at Sam and Amanda's loft. Felicia defends Mitch's actions to Rachel and Mac but privately tells him that he shouldn't have covered for Matthew. They argue about parenting and Mitch tells her that he wants to have children with her. Vicky works on getting Jamie to take his clothes off on the boat. Lisa is embarrassed when Vicky and Jamie show up together. She remembers having premonitions of Vicky in a bathing suit and is shaken to see she was right. Sam feels pressured from not having enough money. He makes a call to find out if he got a job driving a cab. Sam covers his worry in front of Amanda. Mary slaps Jason after he kisses her and says she isn't interested in him romantically.

APRIL 5, 1988 (EP. #6036)
Sam and Amanda prepare for their respective first days at work but Sam avoids telling Amanda what he'll be doing. Amanda works on her article about their honeymoon adventures. Vicky decides to move into the apartment near Amanda in order to be closer to Jamie. Sam takes the part time job driving the cab while Amanda thinks he's selling paintings to a gallery. Cass and Nicole enjoy a romantic morning at the Haverhill Manor. At breakfast, a famous designer recognizes Nicole and tells her how much he liked the gowns she designed for the baroness. The designer invites Cass and Nicole to a party and they celebrate their success even as Nicole worries over them being nearly broke. Michael and Donna call and ask Cass and Nicole to stand up for them in their small wedding. Michael and Donna are married at the inn. Vicky goes home to find letters for her and Donna stating that the reading of Reginald's will is on Friday.

APRIL 6, 1988 (EP. #6037)
Vicky learns that her parents have remarried and wishes them happiness. She tells them that she's moving into her own loft so they can have their own space. When Donna learns about Reginald's will reading, she's torn about whether or not she should go. Jamie helps Vicky move a bed out of Dory's apartment and Lisa finds them on the bed laughing. Vicky leaves them alone, knowing Lisa's jealousy is irritating Jamie. Jamie tells Lisa to stop letting her imagination get the best of her. Felicia plans a quiet evening with Mitch in order to tell him that she fears she's unable to have children due to a previous abortion. Matthew learns from his roommate at school that he needs to return immediately but Matthew won't confide in Mac and Rachel. Amanda finds out that Matthew was suspended for taking a test for his roommate, Jeb. Felicia's evening with Mitch is cancelled when he has to deal with Matthew's problem.

APRIL 7, 1988 (EP. #6038)
Lisa tells Rachel that things with Jamie aren't going well. Lisa is tempted to place blame on Vicky but ends up telling Rachel that she's the problem. Amanda manages to make Sam a delicious breakfast. Sam reminds Amanda to mail the rent check and he gets a call from the cab company asking him to come in right away. Mary gets a letter inviting her to Reginald's will reading. Donna asks Vicky not to move out right away because she needs her there as a buffer. Vicky insists that Donna and Michael need time to themselves and says it's also time for her to start living on her own. Jamie gets a note telling him to go to TOPS for lunch to learn an anecdote for troubled relationships. Michael confronts Donna about the way she's been avoiding him. Donna gets agitated and finally admits to Michael that she thinks she killed their baby. Donna says that she selfishly went to the fashion show and if she hadn't she wouldn't have run into Reginald and fallen. Michael tells her not to blame herself but she can't help it. Sam admits to Mitch that he's driving a cab to make money. Mitch advises Sam to tell Amanda the truth. Vince offers Mary support about her interview for the hospital job. Jamie and Lisa have a romantic rendezvous in Felicia's suite.

APRIL 8, 1988 (EP. #6039)
Felicia is inspired by Cass and Nicole's love for each other and wants to work on a new romance novel. She wants to work for a few hours and then have a romantic date with him. She accidentally interrupts Jamie and Lisa in her suite. On the phone with Amanda, Mac admits that he's not happy with the person who replaced Sam at Brava but knows Sam probably won't come back. Amanda tells Mac she isn't feeling well. Jamie gets a call from Mac asking him to check in on an ill Amanda. Jamie stops by to examine Amanda and Vicky stops by. Vicky relates to Jamie that she worries about anything happening to Amanda's baby. Jamie says he's glad Vicky and Amanda are neighbors. Lisa gets a premonition of Jamie and Vicky kissing and Felicia tells her she's just being insecure. Lisa calls to check on Amanda and Vicky answers the phone. Lisa rushes to the loft and Jamie berates her for being so jealous. Mitch is concerned when he reads some of the pages from Felicia's new novel. Everyone gathers at Reginald's for the reading of his will.

APRIL 11, 1988 (EP. #6040)
The lawyer invites everyone to have a brandy after dinner while the will's executor, Scott, prepares to read. Felicia dismisses Mitch's concerns about the book and tells him not to take her notes seriously. Sam is horrified that Mac is his cab customer and Mac tries to offer him support. Mac advises Sam to tell Amanda the truth about his job. Felicia avoids talking to Mitch about having children. Scott reads the will and learns that he's been left a small fortune. Mary receives property in Paraguay. Nicole and Cass only receive nasty remarks, as do Donna and Michael. Jason gets love letters from Elizabeth that Reginald kept from him. Vicky gets the bulk of the estate because Reginald said she was just like him. Amanda gets a call from "Elite Fleet" and assumes it's a gallery calling for Sam. She's stunned to learn it's a cab company. Donna grows upset over Reginald mentioning the baby in his will. She agrees to go to a counseling session with Mary. Sam tells Mitch that he isn't sure how to tell Amanda about his cab driving job. Jason persuades Mary to spend time with him because he's not handling getting the letters very well. Felicia is disappointed for Nicole that she didn't receive an inheritance. She assumes Nicole will marry to get access to her trust fund. Jason gets drunk as he reads Elizabeth's words of love. Mary takes him home over Ada's protests. Vicky goes to Jamie for support after the will reading and is stunned when he is mean to her.

APRIL 12, 1988 (EP. #6041)
Jamie and Vicky rush in when they hear Mary scream. Mary gets away from a drunken Jason who vents to Jamie about women who lead you on. Cass is rude to Liz who warns Nicole to stay clear of him. Lisa confides to Felicia that her jealousy is pushing Jamie into Vicky's arms. Adam confronts Jamie about his relationship with Lisa and tells Jamie to keep Vicky at arms length. Jason hears Jamie tell Adam to butt out of his life. Liz and Ada spar over their differing opinions on men. Scott tells John about Cheryl's crush on him. John promises to set Cheryl straight about his feelings. Adam asks Vicky about her feelings for Jamie and Vicky tells him she's sure he wouldn't mind if Lisa was available. Cheryl won't let John tell her he's not interested in her. Jason advises Jamie to go after Vicky instead of Lisa. Rachel urges Lisa to fight for Jamie. Donna and Vicky are at odds over Vicky's love for another woman's partner. Loretta advises Felicia to focus on her career and not marry Mitch.

APRIL 13, 1988 (EP. #6042)
Jason tries to apologize to Mary for his behavior but she tells him to back off or she'll have him arrested. Felicia advises Mitch to tell Rachel what's going on with Matthew but he doesn't want to break his son's trust. Loretta tells Felicia about the charming man she went on a date with. Ada gives Amanda a cooking lesson and Amanda admits she misses some of the amenities of rich living.

Notes: First appearance of Eric Paeper as Kevin Julian.

APRIL 14, 1988 (EP. #6043)
Cass and Felicia discuss Nicole's apparent reluctance to get married - especially just to gain access to her trust fund. Loretta gets a new wardrobe and Felicia tells Nicole to send the bill to her as a gift to her future mother-in-law. Loretta warns Felicia again not to give up her independence. Liz takes Nicole to lunch and admits that she's bored with her life. Nicole vents about her money problems and wonders if she should marry Cass to get the funds. Liz advises her not to marry Cass and says she'll loan Nicole the money. Howard calls the Cory house to take Loretta to dinner and Rachel quizzes him about being the new beau. Mary counsels Donna and Michael about their grief over losing the baby. Nicole tells Cass about Liz's offer and he thinks it's a good idea. But Cass objects to Nicole's plan to make Liz a partner. Mac gets a call from New York urging him to come to a stock holder's meeting. He wants Rachel to go but she feels she needs to check on Matthew. Mac admits to Rachel that it's still hard for him to let go of his resentment towards Mitch. Amanda tells a dismayed Sam that Loretta is coming for dinner but when they call the house, Ada tells them Loretta went on a date. When Nicole is reluctant to take Liz's money without making her a partner, Cass suggests they get married instead. Nicole is hurt by his seemingly glib attitude. Donna soothes Michael when she finds him crying about the baby.

APRIL 15, 1988 (EP. #6044)
Mary dreams of having sex with Jason but it isn't a happy dream. Vince is disturbed that Mary is having nightmares and wishes he could help her. Though Mary says she feels safe with Vince, she isn't ready to talk about marriage. The dean of Matthew's school suggests Rachel come visit him in person. Jason lies to Jamie about Lisa visiting and Jamie tells his uncle to stay out of his personal life. Lisa gets angry when Adam admits that he confronted Jamie about their relationship. Adam admits to Rachel that he cares about Lisa as more than a friend. Rachel expresses her concern that Lisa is letting Vicky steal Jamie away. In front of everyone, Mary proposes to Vince who accepts. Loretta is hurt when Ada accepts a date with Howard. John and Jason work on plans to reboot Frame Construction. Cheryl stops by to talk to John and tells Jason that Mary and Vince are going to remarry. Ada advises Amanda to share Sam's struggles with him because it will make their marriage stronger. Lisa tells Felicia that she has growing feelings for Adam but Felicia advises her to be certain she simply isn't angry at Jamie. Lisa considers going away to get things straightened out in her head. Vicky invites Jamie for a drink and plans to surprise him by wearing a sexy teddy. John gently lets Cheryl down about her romantic intentions. He tells her that his trauma in Vietnam left him unable to have normal relationships. Mitch finally tells Rachel about Matthew's school trouble and they agree to go to the school together. Ada doesn't approve when Rachel decides to go with Mitch without talking to Mac. Vicky is stunned when Jamie tells her to back off. Lisa confronts Adam and they end up in a kiss.

APRIL 18, 1988 (EP. #6045)
Rachel and Mitch leave to visit Matthew's school without Mac's knowledge. Nicole meets a young financial whiz and flirts with him to try and gain his financial support. Cass admits to Felicia that he's jealous of Nicole flirting with Drew. Felicia advises him to ask Nicole to marry him. The dean tells Rachel and Mitch that Matthew is somehow involved in trouble on campus but Matthew refuses to talk about it. Matthew makes Kevin promise not to tell his parents about the trouble they're in. Felicia suggests that Lisa travel with her to do research on the novel. Mitch and Rachel take different stances in wanting Matthew to tell them who he's protecting. Mitch believes Matthew shouldn't betray his friend but Rachel wants him to protect himself. Rachel brings Matthew home from school when he refuses to speak. Cass accuses Nicole of throwing herself at Drew. Cass is stunned when Nicole tells him she and Drew lived together for a year. Mitch asks Felicia to postpone her trip because he could use help with Matthew. He's surprised when Matthew shows up at his door.

Notes: First and only appearance of Steve Rankin as Drew Marsten.

APRIL 19, 1988 (EP. #6046)
Vince and Mary discuss their wedding plans and he suggests they do it on May 25. Mary remembers that's their anniversary date. Mitch takes Matthew back home and Rachel tells him he's going to public school. Jamie and Lisa talk about their relationship but it slowly builds to an argument. Lisa realizes they're not ready to reconcile and she walks away. Zack asks Scott to set aside his grief and come back to work. Zack is thinking of taking a job in Chicago which would mean more work for Scott. A visiting Vicky offers to take Jamie's watch in to be repaired so Amanda can finish working on her article. Scott sees Cheryl flirting with John and later tells John he hasn't done a good job of breaking away from Cheryl. John tells Scott to butt out of his affairs. Jamie sees Vicky at the hospital during volunteer work. She gives him the watch which she had engraved to say "friends always, Vicky." Jamie says he can't accept it but Vicky slips it in his pocket without him noticing. Mitch is angry at Loretta for lying to Matthew about what a good mother she was. Mitch turns more sympathetic when Loretta admits that she only told Matthew the way she wished things had been. Lisa tracks down Jamie to apologize for walking out on him. The watch falls out of his pocket and Lisa is furious when she reads the inscription. Lisa confronts Vicky who tells her if she can't handle the competition, she should walk away for good.

APRIL 20, 1988 (EP. #6047)
Mac and Zack return from NY and they're under tremendous pressure because of the takeover bid for Cory Publishing. Mac doesn't have time to talk to Rachel about Matthew. Matthew goes to the public high school and is harassed by a group of kids. The Cory's hold a surprise dinner for a touched Ada. Jamie confronts Vicky about slipping him the watch. She says she's sorry she created problems but she wanted to thank him for being such a good friend to her. Jamie accepts her explanation but asks her not to do anything else like that. Sam and Amanda are thrilled to hear their baby's heartbeat for the first time. Lisa leaves a note for Jamie which Vicky finds. She reads the letter and contemplates trashing it but ends up heading to the Cory mansion to take it to Jamie. Nicole gets a call from Drew who is willing to give her the business loan, much to Cass' dismay. Nicole agrees to let Cass try to get the money another way but his plan worries her. She goes to see Scott and learns that her trust fund doesn't exist. Mac offers Cass his old job back, but Cass won't make enough money fast enough to help Nicole. Donna writes Nicole a check. Cass makes a mysterious phone call and says he needs money fast. Vicky gives Jamie the note but she has altered Lisa's words.

APRIL 21, 1988 (EP. #6048)
Cass calls his mysterious money lender and gets instructions on retrieving the cash. Donna and Michael make a date to meet for lunch at their favorite old hangout. Nicole worries about Cass who failed to come home the night before. Dressed to be sexy, Cheryl goes out to John's boat. When John answers the door and is nearly shirtless, Cheryl asks if she can come in. John tells her it's not a good idea right now. Cheryl persists until a scantily clad woman emerges from behind John. A mortified Cheryl runs off. Adam is upset to learn that Lisa left town and wonders if she ran away because of him. Rachel tries to distress Mac by getting everyone out of the house and setting up a night of romance for them. A manipulative Vicky tells Amanda that she overheard Adam talking about kissing Lisa and possibly driving her to leave town. Amanda gets upset and says she will tell Jamie about it. Jason offers to be Vince's best man at the wedding. Mary and Vince remarry and everyone is emotionally affected.

APRIL 22, 1988 (EP. #6049)
Vince and Mary wake up on their first morning together as man and wife. They're about to get frisky when Mary is called in to work. Amanda invites Jamie to her dinner party and says there's something she needs to tell him. Donna puts her wedding ring back in the box and in the drawer. Matt calls Kevin to say he's working on some ideas to help their situation. Matthew tries to talk to Mac and Rachel but they're too worried about the takeover to listen. Michael asks Vicky about her feelings for Jamie and Vicky is angry that Donna spilled. Michael tells Vicky that as a family they should have no secrets and Vicky assures Michael that she knows what she's doing. Vicky invites Scott to Amanda's dinner party and asks him to be her legal guide for her inheritance since she doesn't want to deal with it. Sam gets annoyed when Amanda's things crowd the apartment and he has no space to paint. It gets worse when baby things arrive that Amanda ordered. Mary is stunned to see that Jason is her new patient. He tells her that he has a problem; his feelings for another man's wife. At school, Matthew sees a pretty girl being hassled and rushes to her defense.

APRIL 25, 1988 (EP. #6050)
Sam calls Jamie for help after the accident and then collapses. Michael wants to marry Donna immediately but she wants to make the occasion more special. Michael starts planning an elaborate honeymoon for them. Adam interviews Sam's passenger, a woman who says that Sam swerved to avoid hitting a little boy who had wandered into the street. Jamie and Amanda get to the hospital and learn that Sam is unconscious. Matthew refuses to go home with Mac and Rachel because he wants to talk to Mitch. Rachel agrees to take him to his father but Mac has to deal with the Brava takeover threat and can't go with them. Matthew tells Mitch that he got into a fight at school with a boy who called Mitch a jailbird. Mitch cautions Matthew about fighting his father's battles. Mitch learns of Sam's accident and tells Loretta who becomes distraught. Adam confronts Vicky about her scheme to steal Jamie from Lisa and Vicky reminds him that her plan would leave Lisa available.

Notes: First appearance John Anderson as Mikey Miller.

APRIL 26, 1988 (EP. #6051)
Cass gives Nicole ten thousand dollars to pay her most pressing bills but he won't say where the money came from. Knowing Cass has shady acquaintances, Nicole worries for his safety. John is surprised when Cheryl is cold to him and she reveals that she's angry he was with another woman on the boat. Donna asks Nicole and Cass to stand up for her and Michael at their wedding. Zack advises Mary that Scott needs some extra attention as he's feeling depressed over Dawn's death. Donna and Michael are at cross-purposes as she learns that he's asked John to be his best man. John admits to Ada that Cheryl was interested in him and is angry that he was with another woman. Mary asks Scott to help her find the injured little boy's parents, hoping it will distract Scott from his grief.

APRIL 27, 1988 (EP. #6052)
Loretta is too upset to visit Sam in the hospital. Sam opens his eyes, smiles at Amanda, then closes his eyes again. Felicia finds out that Cass found an alternate source for money and hopes he isn't up to his old tricks. Felicia hears Cass talking to John about postponing a high stakes poker game and Felicia reminds Cass that Wally isn't around to rescue him anymore. Michael has to go to New York on business for Mac and asks John to look after Donna and Vicky. Michael stops by Felicia's to find out why Lisa left town and Felicia evasively says that she is doing research for the novel. But Michael deduces that it had something to do with Vicky. Mac asks Liz to work with Cass on the takeover crisis. Matthew apologizes to Rachel for making her worry, but he won't tell her about his school troubles. Mac assures Loretta that he will help take care of Sam's medical bills when she is distraught over not being able to help her son.

APRIL 28, 1988 (EP. #6053)
Vicky lies to Jamie that Michael wants him to be best man at his wedding. Jason has trouble getting a business loan and asks Scott how much Vicky's inheritance is worth. Mary can't get the little boy to tell her his name. Jason insists to Mary that she only married Vince to avoid her feelings for Jason. Donna is emotionally overwhelmed when she meets the lost little boy. Scott warns Jason to stay away from Mary.

APRIL 29, 1988 (EP. #6054)
Sam wakes up at last. Matthew tells Rachel that he wants to move out of the mansion. Donna confides her upset about the little boy to Nicole and says she doesn't want to tell Michael. Michael finds out that the little boy's name is Mikey. Mac learns that his rival Bennett Publishing is involved in the Cory takeover bid. Mikey's family is nowhere to be found. Amanda refuses to move herself and Sam into the Cory house. Cass asks Nicole if she wants to dissolve their partnership.

MAY 2, 1988 (EP. #6055)
Nicole assumes that Cass is bored with her and that's why he wants to leave their partnership. Rachel becomes a Cory administrator so that Mac can focus on the takeover. Donna tells Michael that she asked John to decline Michael's best man offer. Vicky asks Michael to let Jamie be his best man. Drew tells Nicole that he will finance a Paris design show with her designs which makes Cass jealous. Vicky tells John to back away from her business with Jamie. Michael gives in to Vicky and asks Jamie to be his best man. Drew finds Cass looking around his suite. Sam's vision blurs.

Notes: First appearance of Denny Albee as Drew Marsten.

MAY 3, 1988 (EP. #6056)
Scott tells Vicky that the hospital is part of her inheritance. Jason protects Mary from a newspaper reporter. He tells Mary about Scott's warning to stay away from her. Vince invites Jason to dinner, which surprises Mary. Matt asks Mitch if Kevin can move in with them. John questions Jason about financing the barn dance. Dr. Undler tells Mary that they have to find Mikey a home right away. Felicia berates Vicky for undermining Jamie and Lisa's relationship. Matthew visits Kevin and sees that his dorm room has been trashed. Matt promises to take Kevin away from the danger at school. Mary is upset over having dinner with Jason and he counters that she enjoys his company but doesn't want to admit it. John is affected by Mikey and watches him sleep in his hospital room.

MAY 4, 1988 (EP. #6057)
Nicole worries that her relationship with Cass is dying because he didn't sleep with her the night before. Matt takes Kevin to Felicia's suite and Rachel is furious that no one knew where Matt was all night. Jason asks Vicky to encourage Jamie to give him Frame Construction. In exchange, Jason offers to sway Jamie towards Vicky. Felicia commissions Sam's art work for TOPS. Sam tells Felicia he'll have to think about it. Nicole informs Cass that she's having dinner with Drew. Cass tries to get info about Drew's business for Nicole. Jamie tells Jason that he won't get the title for Frame Construction. Amanda tells Jamie that Vicky told her about Adam and Lisa's kiss which makes him angry at Vicky. Cass sets up a device in order to listen in on Drew and Nicole's lunch. Vicky tells Jamie she's in love with him and asks him to leave Lisa for her. Jamie calls her a bitch and she slaps him which ends up turning into a kiss.

MAY 5, 1988 (EP. #6058)
Jason slips on the floor of John's boat. Lisa comes back to Bay City. Jamie and Vicky wake up together at the farmhouse. John tells Jason he'll ask Michael for a loan for a construction company but it will then be called Hudson Construction. Felicia plays mother hen to Kevin and Matthew. Rachel invites Jamie for a homecoming dinner for Sam but he can't go because he agreed to be Michael's best man. Rachel hears Vicky cry out after stepping on something. Nicole tells Donna that her relationship with Cass is rocky. Nicole gives Donna a gold locket that was their mother's. Lisa goes to the farmhouse and sees Vicky cooking breakfast for Jamie. Mary gives John advice about his reaction to Mikey. Vicky tells Jamie that their night together didn't come with any strings attached. Donna hears Michael talking to an investigating agency about Drew and worries for Nicole. Adam asks Lisa to be his date to the wedding. He also asks her to meet Mikey to see if she gets any psychic impressions from him. Felicia asks Kevin to persuade Matt to talk to his family about their problem. Jason cancels the barn dance. Vicky decides she wants to adopt Mikey.

MAY 6, 1988 (EP. #6059)
Donna and Michael visit the tree that they planted in honor of their son. Marley arrives as Vicky's surprise wedding gift to their parents. Vicky gains temporary custody of Mikey but she leaves him with Sam and Amanda so she can go to the wedding. Mitch takes a liking to Mikey and Rachel asks him why he and Felicia don't have kids. Matthew finally tells Rachel and Mitch the truth about his private school troubles. Kevin's sister, Tracy, was attacked by a jock on campus. Matt and Kevin stopped the attack and Kevin and the boy fought. Kevin accidentally pushed the boy over the cliff and he and Matt covered up the accident. Rachel wants to call the police but Matt asks her not to. Sam tells Mitch that his vision is blurry since the accident. Sam asks Mitch to go to the first Lamaze class with Amanda in his stead.

Notes: Reappearance of Anne Heche as Marley Hudson (1988). Last appearance of Kate Wilkinson as Clara Hudson.

MAY 9, 1988 (EP. #6060)
Hearing a news announcement about the Cory takeover leads Mac to call a Board of Directors meeting. No one shows up so the Cory family rallies by calling all the board members to persuade them not to sell their stock. Vicky tells Jamie that a new hospice wing is being built at the hospital. He gets angry when she offers to use her influence to make him chief of staff. Jamie asks Mary to allow Jason to participate in building the new wing. Mary tells Jason to explain to Jamie why she won't allow it. Nicole stands up Cass at their luncheon date. Vicky tells Michael about her temporary custody of Mikey. Vicky hopes to persuade Donna and Michael to take over custody of the child. Michael agrees to let Vicky and Michael move into the suite while he and Donna honeymoon.

MAY 10, 1988 (EP. #6061)
Jamie punches Adam after he admits to kissing Lisa. Jamie rails at Lisa for all the things she said about Vicky while she was secretly kissing Adam. Lisa replies that he actually slept with Vicky so who is he to judge? Jamie decides to leave and Lisa is left emotionally exhausted. Vicky impersonates Marley in order to invite Jamie to Michael and Donna's party. Vicky asks Marley about her relationship with Jake. Vicky assures her twin that she is no longer interested in Jake. Lisa goes to see Vicky who impersonates Marley in order to question her rival. Sophie finds the bug that Cass planted. Nicole confronts Cass over his actions. He tells her that he intends to prove that Drew is involved in the Cory takeover bid.

MAY 11, 1988 (EP. #6062)
Sam tells Mitch he's having problems with his vision. Mitch and Rachel advise him to confide in Amanda but he refuses. Jamie tells Sam that the results of his cat-scan reveal that he has to have complete rest without emotional or physical trauma. Matt convinces Kevin to stay in Bay City and take his exams at the public high school. Kevin decides to rent Mary's apartment but Vince is suspicious of him. Matt tells Scott he may need legal advice. Cass and Nicole make love. Vicky and Marley plan a surprise party for Michael and Donna. Everyone arrives but Marley calls with the bad news that their parents left early for their honeymoon. Jamie tells Vicky that he and Lisa broke up but Vicky doesn't want him on the rebound. Jamie agrees with Vicky, which doesn't make her happy.

MAY 12, 1988 (EP. #6063)
To help Mac, Liz plots with Cass and Nicole to impersonate the Countess Swajeska. Drew meets with "the Countess" and tells her he's aware that she's invested in publishing and he knows how to make her more money. Liz hears Drew take a phone call and reports the information to Mac. Cass and Liz bond over their scheme. Vince questions Mary about her dinner conversation with Jason. Mary says she and Jason were just discussing their pasts on the Love Estate. Disbelieving, Vince confronts Jason. Vince is upset with Mary for not telling him the truth. Felicia and Mitch discuss plans for their wedding. Mitch yells at Loretta for telling him how he should parent Matt. Felicia is angry at Mitch for being harsh with his mother and questions his attitude towards marriage and children.

MAY 13, 1988 (EP. #6064)
Mitch wants Felicia to tell him if she's made a decision about their future and their plans to have children. Louie mentions Sam's vision problem to Amanda and she demands to know the truth from Sam. Sam tells Amanda about the blood clot but assures her he will be fine. Lisa warns Vicky that even though she captured Jamie's interest, the way she won him means she won't have him for long. Lisa tells Felicia she doesn't plan to give up on Jamie. Matthew expresses his worry about Mitch. Loretta says she has to leave to take care of her cat in Seattle. Felicia advises Mitch to say goodbye to his mother and tell her he loves her. Lisa asks Adam for her old job back and he's delighted to have her. Mac and Rachel promise Amanda they will be there for Sam. Mary is upset to learn that Vicky and Mikey have moved into Michael's suite. Mary tells Vicky that she must play by the rules in order to keep Mikey. Vicky says she'll do anything to keep the little boy. Marley figures out that Vicky hates Lisa and is trying to win Jamie. Marley wishes Lisa good luck. Mitch says goodbye to Loretta and she apologizes for all the trouble she's caused him. Marley opens the door to see Jake.

Notes: Reappearance of Tom Eplin as Jake McKinnon (1988). Last appearance of Rosemary Murphy as Loretta Fowler.

MAY 16, 1988 (EP. #6065)
Felicia asks Mitch if he wants to have another child because he missed seeing Matthew grow up. Mary and Vince resolve their differences about Jason. Vince expresses his dislike of Kevin. Marley tells Jake that she needs time apart to work out their relationship issues. Tracy tells Kevin she's worried about him and Matthew and confides that she received a threatening note from Tad. Vicky and Jake discuss his problems with Marley. Matthew tries to send Tracy home but she wants to stay in Bay City. Mitch shows Felicia pictures he took of her and she is moved by them. Cheryl tells Mary she wants a makeover so she doesn't look so cute and young. Mac and Rachel vow to spend more time with Matthew after they deal with the takeover threat. Vicky gets a letter from the Child Welfare Board that they will investigate her periodically over her custody of Mikey. Vicky is sure that Lisa is behind the investigations. Felicia and Mitch decide to postpone their wedding talks until she's finished her book.

Notes: First appearance of Gabrielle Carteris as Tracy Julian.

MAY 17, 1988 (EP. #6066)
Cass is jealous when Nicole receives flowers. Jamie tells Mac that someone trashed his car. Mac orders more security for the house and family. John questions Cheryl over her interest in Kevin and she reveals that she's disillusioned about love. Cass accuses Nicole of having lingering feelings for Drew. Jason asks Mary to help him win the bid for construction on the hospice but Vince throws him out. Cass finds papers that link Drew to Reginald and the takeover. Liz tries to warn Nicole about Drew. John wants to go before the review board to bid on the hospice work. Adam tells Jamie that it may be too late for him to win Lisa back. Nicole has a flashback of making love with Drew. Rachel gets a hang-up phone caller.

MAY 18, 1988 (EP. #6067)
Lisa finds the note she wrote to Jamie that Vicky altered. Matthew tells Kevin and Tracy about Mac's car being trashed. Drew takes Nicole on his jet to fly her to a private dinner. Jamie tells Sam he can't go to Lamaze classes because he's not well enough but Sam won't listen. Lisa confronts Vicky about the note and says she's going to show it to Jamie. Vicky offers to help Jake win back Marley and he offers to do whatever she needs help with in return. Nicole is charmed by Drew who has rented out their favorite restaurant for their dinner. Vicky switches work schedules so she can be with Jamie. Jake lets Adam know that MJ is still in love with him and advises him to call her. Drew tells Nicole that he's behind the takeover bid but says it's only a business deal, nothing personal. Vicky comforts Jamie after he has to perform emergency surgery on a teenage boy. Sam advises Tracy, Matthew, and Kevin not to go the police because everything will probably blow over. Drew asks Nicole to marry him.

Notes: First appearance of Valarie Pettiford as Courtney Walker.

MAY 19, 1988 (EP. #6068)
Sam and Amanda attend Lamaze class. Lisa and Matthew accidentally ruin Mitch and Felicia's romantic breakfast. Cass yells at Nicole for going on an overnight trip with Drew. John tells Mary that the Vietnam veterans he works with need to feel useful and building the hospice would be the perfect thing. Mary promises John that she'll think about it. Zack helps John draft a proposal for a Vietnam Vet grant program. Matthew and Tracy use Sam and Amanda's rooftop to go sunbathing. Mitch gives Kevin pointers on talking to Cheryl. Cass gets on Nicole's nerves when he won't stop bugging her about Drew. Kevin develops a picture of Tracy and sees an image of the stalker. Rocks crash through Sam and Amanda's window and almost hit them. Cass is about to propose to Nicole when she tells him Drew asked her to marry him. Cheryl sees the picture of Tracy and notices the stalker. Sam passes out after making sure Amanda is safe.

Notes: First appearance of B.J. Jefferson as Ronnie Lawrence.

MAY 20, 1988 (EP. #6069)
Vicky calls an ambulance for Sam and tries to keep Amanda calm. Mary lets John know that a lot of people are bidding on the project so she can't make a personal-based decision. Adam admits to Rachel that if there was an opening he would pursue Lisa. Sam goes into cardiac arrest at the loft. Jamie comes by and gets Sam breathing again and they rush him to the hospital. Vicky goes back to her loft to find that Mikey is missing. She calls Jason for help and a listening Lisa thinks the call was about Jamie and Vicky being together. Lisa calls Jamie's service and finds out he left for an emergency at the same time that Vicky called. Vicky refuses to call the police to look for Mikey because she's afraid he'll be taken from her. Adam tells Lisa how good she looks in the new clothes she bought to woo Jamie and she starts to cry. Jason and Vicky have no luck finding Mikey. John attempts to address the board without Jason but he loses his temper with them and Mary has to convince him to try again. Lisa and Adam go out. Amanda has to make a decision about letting Jamie operate on Sam. Jamie says that without the surgery, Sam will surely die but the surgery offers no guarantees of success either. John asks the board to accept his bid because the vets need something to feel proud of. Jason and Vicky decide to call Lisa for her psychic ability in order to find Mikey. Adam tries to comfort Lisa and she kisses him passionately.

MAY 23, 1988 (EP. #6070)
Amanda signs the consent form for Sam's risky operation. Vicky tells Jason to call for Lisa's help in finding Mikey. Lisa and Adam continue to passionately kiss on the sofa. Ada tries to comfort Amanda but she is brushed off. Kevin shows Matt and Tracy the pictures with Tad in the background. Jason and Vicky find out that Adam is home and go to ask him if he knows where Lisa is. Adam and Lisa pull out of their kiss and discuss the rightness of it. Amanda responds to Ronnie Lawrence when she tries to help. Mitch and Felicia go home but don't check their messages. Vicky asks Lisa to help find Mikey in exchange for her keeping quiet about seeing the kiss with Adam. Lisa picks up Mikey's stuffed bear and gets an image of him being in a dark place and very scared. Sam goes into cardiac arrest during surgery. After being rebuffed by Mitch, Matthew decides to handle Tad on his own. Lisa sees Mikey in the basement underneath the pipes. They find him in a pipe that's leaking gas and Jason goes in to rescue him. The doctors want to declare Sam dead but Jamie refuses.

MAY 24, 1988 (EP. #6071)
Jason lowers himself into the pipe to get Mikey as the others hold onto the rope tied to him. Drew and Cass challenge each other to compete for Nicole but she tells them she isn't a prize to be won. Jamie keeps trying to revive Sam. Jason has trouble reaching Mikey and is afraid the pipe will crack. Gas starts leaking into the pipe as Jason reaches for Mikey. Nicole tells Cass that she intends to tell Drew she's not in love with him. Amanda runs out of the hospital room unable to face the news about Sam. Dr. Abbott tells Rachel that Sam pulled through but he may be brain dead. Tracy yells at Tad for what he's done. Tad tries to attack Tracy but Matt and Kevin stop him. Nicole tells Drew it's over but he refuses to give up on her. Jamie takes Amanda into Sam's room and she prays for him to get better. Nicole tells Cass that her feelings for Drew were stronger than she realized. Sam wakes up and takes off his bandages. He tells Amanda he can't see.

MAY 25, 1988 (EP. #6072)
Jake visits Marley and tells her they need to talk. Mary tells John that he and the veterans won the hospital building contract. Amanda faints and Jamie sends her to see an OB-GYN. Rachel is upset because she can't help Sam. Mitch comforts Sam and Rachel tells him that Amanda is okay and resting. Matthew tells Ada what happened at school. Despite Marley's protests that sex can't fix their problems, Jake starts to kiss her. John starts to yell at Jason for missing the board meeting but then he finds out Jason was rescuing Mikey. Mary tells Jason that she doesn't want to deal with him and she only voted for their company to win the contract because of John. Matthew tells his family the whole story about Tad and Tracy and assures them that it's all dealt with. Jason offers to take John out to celebrate. Tracy thanks Matt for helping her with Tad and Kevin tries to impress Cheryl. Sam promises Amanda that he will see their child.

MAY 26, 1988 (EP. #6073)
Michael and Donna return home. Marley tells Jake she doesn't think they should have sex anymore. Lisa meets Jamie at the hospital with a picnic basket. Nicole tells Cass she's having dinner with Drew at Tops and Cass calls Felicia for help. Lisa and Jamie manage to discuss Vicky without Lisa getting angry. Donna is shaken by Mikey's presence in the house but Michael reassures her. Jake tells Marley he isn't sure they have a marriage any longer. Adam tells Vince he's been thinking of MJ a lot. He reveals that while he thought he was falling for someone else - Lisa - it was really just him missing MJ. Adam later tells Lisa that he's going to visit MJ. Donna interrupts a fight between Marley and Jake. Cass enlists Liz and Felicia to help ruin Nicole's date with Drew. Liz comes in as the countess and Drew invites her to join them. Michael and Donna invite Marley and Jake to stay at the suite. Vince warns Jason to stay away from Mary. Jamie tells Lisa that he saw her kissing Adam but she angrily states it was a friendly goodbye kiss. Nicole tells Cass that she saw right through his plan. Jamie tells Lisa that Adam and Vicky aren't their problem, he thinks their relationship issues can't be solved. Cass tells Nicole that Drew isn't good enough for her and he can't make her laugh. Cass is elated when he later hears Nicole laughing over his schemes.

MAY 27, 1988 (EP. #6074)
Sam tells Amanda he had a dream where he couldn't see their baby. Michael and Donna see the article about John winning the construction bid. Vicky takes Mikey to Mary's office for a serious discussion. Drew gives Nicole tickets to "The Phantom of the Opera." Mary tells Vicky that the welfare board has decided to take Mikey from her. Ronnie tries to take Mikey away but he clings to Vicky. When he's gone, Vicky vows to get him back. Adam tells Jamie that he's leaving town and apologizes for all the meddling in his relationship. Vicky asks Michael to get custody of Mikey so she won't lose him. Nicole admits to Donna that she has strong feelings for Drew. Donna confides to Nicole that she and Michael are finally happy and won't be trying to have another child. Jamie comforts Vicky at the farmhouse. The doctors begin to take off Sam's bandages as Amanda nervously waits in the hallway. Mac tells Rachel he's reconsidering Drew's offer so he can spend more time with his family.

Notes: Last appearance of Ed Fry as Adam Cory.

MAY 30, 1988 (EP. #6075)
Jamie comforts Vicky and tells her not to worry about Mikey. Mitch and Felicia wait with Amanda for word on Sam. Sam's bandages come off and he calls for Amanda. His vision has been restored. Rachel argues with Mac about selling Cory Publishing. Drew pressures Mac for a decision but Mac needs more time. Jamie takes Vicky home but she's still upset so he kisses her. Jamie and Vicky start to make love. Rachel tells Sam and Amanda about Drew's offer and Amanda rushes off to convince her father not to sell. Jamie wants to talk to Vicky about what happened but she sends him home. Lisa tells Felicia that it's over with Jamie. Mitch appears to know Drew. Lisa tells Vicky that Jamie is hers if she wants him but Vicky gets angry and storms off. Mac tells everyone that he will fight for Cory and they all celebrate. Vicky sees a toy of Mikey's and starts to cry. She sees a candle from when she and Jamie made love and is confused by it.

MAY 31, 1988 (EP. #6076)
Marley fights with Jake to leave her alone but he wants to talk about their problems. Mitch talks to his old cellmate from prison and finds out that Drew and his associate are into dirty money. Cass yells at Nicole when she rejects him to have lunch with Drew. Michael wants to talk to Donna about adopting Mikey but they are interrupted by Jake and Marley. Mitch accuses Drew of being a crook and Drew threatens him. Jake subtly queries Scott about divorces. Cheryl buys a sexy dress to try and get Scott to notice her. Donna refuses to take Mikey in. Cheryl takes Scott lunch wearing the dress and he invites her to stay. Nicole is impressed by Drew's perfect picnic lunch. Zack remarks to Scott that Cheryl isn't as na´ve as he thinks. Nicole tries to have a serious conversation with Drew but he only wants to cuddle. Jake and Marley have lunch at Tops but she leaves when she says that she can't trust him after he cheated on her. Donna tells Michael she will try to have Mikey on a temporary basis. Mitch tries to warn Felicia before she touches a mic that he saw give off a spark.

JUNE 1, 1988 (EP. #6077)
Jason and John interview a woman, Chris McAleer to work with their construction company. Mitch asks Felicia to go away with him because he's afraid she's in danger. Sam and Amanda talk about baby names for their daughter. A graduation party is thrown for Matthew, Tracy, and Kevin. Matthew is thrilled to receive a Jeep from Mac and Rachel. Ada advises Jamie not to give up on Lisa. Amanda frets about giving birth. Chris tells John that her brother is MIA from Vietnam but it doesn't make John want to hire her. Mitch gives Matthew a pocket watch that his father gave him. Jamie tries to reunite with Lisa and they end up dancing. Sam soothes Amanda's fears by dancing with her. Matthew and Tracy have their first kiss.

Notes: First appearance of Mary Layne as Chris MacAleer.

JUNE 2, 1988 (EP. #6078)
Cass takes Nicole to the Pelican club and he invites Cheryl and Scott to go with them. Michael plays with Mikey but Donna elicits no response from the little boy. Donna tells Michael that she feels distant with Mikey. Donna calls Mary to ask about Mikey's parents. Scott and Cheryl are enchanted with each other on their date. Jake asks Vince how he learned to accept Mary's affair with Reginald and Vince admits it was hard work. Donna walks in on Michael reading to Mikey and it upsets her. She later tells Michael that she had bought that book for their son. Cass refuses to have sex with Nicole until she chooses between him and Drew. Nicole has a dream that she's rich with Drew but bored, and living a middle-class life with Cass, but she's happy.

JUNE 3, 1988 (EP. #6079)
Jake suggests to Marley that they should permanently move to Bay City. Rachel, Lisa, and Julie Ann prepare for Amanda's baby shower. Rachel advises Lisa to stop trying to figure Jamie out and just accept him. Lisa intends to leave before the shower starts but when Vicky walks in, she decides to stay. Mary tells Matt, Kevin, and Tracy about her teen party-line but they don't like the idea. Marley tells Jake that she needs to spend a few weeks alone. When Jake tries to kiss her, Marley reminds him that sex is not the answer. The teens try the party line and are bored to hear people talking about foreign policy. Scott tries to talk Sam out of writing a living will but can't convince him. Scott does get Sam to go to the baby shower. After opening her gifts, Amanda's water breaks. She's taken to the hospital and worries because she's a month early. Marley confides in Vicky about Jake's affair and says she's afraid of it happening again.

JUNE 6, 1988 (EP. #6080)
Sam is nervously excited as he waits for his baby to be born. The obstetrician tells him they're in for a long labor and advises Sam to go home. Ronnie thinks it would help if Amanda walks around. Sam and Amanda come out of the room and Mac, Rachel, and Ada are surprised to see her. Ronnie advises the family to wait at home. They stay a while longer and Rachel cries in Ada's arms as they talk about the agony and ecstasy of childbirth. John ends up hiring Chris and she thanks him for the job, but she's irritated when he only wants her to do office work. John heads to TOPS for a drink and runs into Lisa and they talk about men and women's relationships. Mary later thanks Lisa for her help with Mikey and asks Lisa to get hypnotized to try and learn more about Mikey but Lisa refuses. Lisa reveals that hypnotism frightens her and Mary proposes they have a couple of counseling sessions. Vince surprises Mary with his romantic plan to join her at a Palm Beach convention. Matt talks up the party phone to Kevin and Tracy but Kevin says he's no good at talking on the phone. Tracy suggests that Matt play Cyrano for Kevin on the party phone. Matt talks to several inappropriate girls using Kevin's code and finally meets a nice girl who calls herself Riviera.

Notes: First appearance of Alexandra Wilson as Josie Watts.

JUNE 7, 1988 (EP. #6081)
Amanda is having a rough labor and Sam tries to coach her through it. Ronnie sees how upset he's getting and suggests he take a break. Sam breaks down in tears. Cass tells Mac that a large amount of Cory stock was sold to Bennett. Amanda is finally ready to push and Sam is by her side when she gives birth to a baby girl. They decide to name her Alexandra after Mac's mother. Zack and Cass advise Mac to cement their European subsidiaries and though Mac doesn't want to leave, he agrees to go. Cass thinks about going with him. When Cass calls the Design House to talk it over with Nicole, Drew answers the phone. Cass decides to travel with Mac as does Michael. Mac and Rachel get the call that their first grandchild has been born and they race to the hospital. Nicole tells Drew that she doesn't want to make love with him. Tracy asks Matt if he found a girl for Kevin and Matt says one was interesting. Matt calls for Riviera but can't get through to her. He finally reaches Riviera and they have a great conversation but when it's over, he forgets to set up another time to talk to her. Donna tells Michael that Marley will be staying at the beach house. Michael is upset that Marley is running away from her marital problems. Marley tells Michael that she needs time alone. Michael and Jake have a man to man talk and Michael is adamant that Jake and Marley need to work things out together. Donna tells Jake that though she sympathizes with him she is standing beside Marley.

Notes: First appearance of Kerri Ann Darling as Alli Fowler.

JUNE 8, 1988 (EP. #6082)
Cass tells Nicole they need to spend some time apart. Nicole counters that if he can walk away so easily, they have no relationship to save. Vicky packs sexy lingerie for her trip to Palm Beach to see Jamie. Lisa, meanwhile, calls the airline to see if she can get a seat on the plane. John is angry when he thinks Chris was late to the job only to find out she was there before everyone else loading the trucks. Lisa sees the nurses making out the duty schedule and suggests they put in Vicky. Sam and Amanda reject the idea of hiring a nurse to help them with the baby because they want to raise her themselves. Nicole is hurt that Cass walked out on her and Liz advises her to be more aggressive. John is antagonistic with Chris and blames her for things she didn't do but Jason admires Chris' gumption. Lisa gets Vicky's ticket to Palm Beach cancelled. Jason takes Chris on a date. Nicole has Cass detained at the airport to tell him she loves him. Lisa takes Vicky's place on the plane.

JUNE 9, 1988 (EP. #6083)
Donna tells Michael she's really going to try dealing with Mikey but she needs his support. In Palm Beach, Jamie tells a friend that he can't stop thinking about a woman back home and decides to leave the convention early. Lisa arrives at Jamie's hotel and is informed that Jamie checked out. Nicole pledges her love to Cass and asks him to promise to stay the same. Lisa decides to stay in Palm Beach and goes to have breakfast just as Jamie is told his plane reservation will be a while and he should have breakfast at the hotel. Tracy is anxious for Matt to find Kevin a date through Party Phone. Matt covers up his talks with Riviera. Kevin is annoyed his friends do not think he can get a date on his own but he's curious to know if Matt found anyone. Michael and Cass discuss when the right time to get married is and Cass isn't sure that marriage is so important. Matt calls Party Phone and asks Riviera to meet him in person but she won't do it. Lisa and Jamie finally run into each other at the hotel and he takes her upstairs to talk. Donna has a plan for breaking through to Mikey. Jamie hits the emergency stop button on the elevator and asks Lisa if she still loves him.

Notes: First appearance of Anna Kathryn Holbrook as Sharlene Frame.

JUNE 10, 1988 (EP. #6084)
Lisa tells Jamie she still loves him but doesn't know why after all he's done to her. Sam and Amanda go home with baby Alli and prepare themselves for raising their baby alone. They open the door to find Rachel and Ada waiting with a ton of baby stuff. Vicky blasts Jake for being unfaithful to Marley when she's such a good person. Jamie admits to Lisa that she's right to be angry with him for his infidelity to her. Lisa says she admits that she may have driven him to be with Vicky. Jason complains to Chris that she didn't kiss him goodnight but she says she has certain rules for his type of guy. Matt talks to Riviera who tells him she's wealthy and just moved to Bay City when in reality, she lives poorly. Jake tells Vicky he wants to reconcile with Marley because his mistake was a one-time thing. Jamie and Lisa make up and go upstairs while kissing. Jake and Vicky discuss their days in Lassiter and the things they did to survive. She tells Jake that things are falling into place for her and she's done playing games. Jamie and Lisa make love but he says they need to take things one day at a time. Jason walks into the farmhouse to find Josie/Riviera.

JUNE 13, 1988 (EP. #6085)
Rachel tells Sam and Amanda that they will be glad for her help when things get harder with the baby. Jason hugs Josie's mother Sharlene, happy to see her. Vince is in a terrible mood after coming back from the convention with Mary. He's angry that she didn't pay more attention to him at the convention. Jamie tells Lisa he doesn't want to move in with her until the time is right. Rachel tells Sam and Amanda that she's going to meet Mac in Europe but she's hiring them a nurse before she leaves. Sharlene and Jason talk about fixing up the farm and Sharlene reveals they left home because Josie was falling in with a bad crowd. Jamie and Lisa stop by the farm and Jamie introduces Sharlene and Josie to his girlfriend Lisa. Vicky arrives and hears Jamie's pronouncement. Jake gets a letter from Marley. Sharlene invites everyone to stay for dinner but Vicky leaves and Jamie can't help but look after her.

JUNE 14, 1988 (EP. #6086)
Rachel goes to the farmhouse to tell Jamie she's going out of town and she runs into Sharlene. The two ladies catch up and are getting along well when Jason walks in. Sharlene tells him to leave Rachel alone because the Frame family has put her through enough. Cass gives Nicole suggestions on how to break things off for good with Drew. Donna leaves an envelope for Zack and Scott with $5000 for them to find Mikey's parents. Michael takes Mikey to the farm and Josie bonds with the little boy. Chris asks John to let her work with the crew for less pay because she hates working in the office but he refuses. Nicole tells Drew goodbye but he clearly isn't ready to give her up. Rachel offers to have Josie babysit for Alli. Cass and Nicole decide to go back to Haverhill Manor, where their relationship began. Donna disguises her voice to call Zack and Scott and ask if they got the package but Michael catches her. Donna tells him the truth and though he's hurt, he promises they will work things out with Mikey. Josie tells Sharlene she likes it in Bay City and is happy that it's just the two of them without a man around. Cass is ready with an engagement ring for Nicole.

JUNE 15, 1988 (EP. #6087)
Sam and Amanda are exhausted by the baby's crying. Josie complains to Sharlene about living on a farm and tries to call Party Phone but Jason stops her. Jamie admits to Lisa that he's still attracted to Vicky. Lisa tells him he needs to make a choice and in order to do that, he should spend more time with Vicky. Mary and Scott discuss what to do with the anonymously donated money. Matt tells Tracy he wants to spend the summer in Europe but a listening Ada tells him to forget it. Ada tells him to get a job instead. Lisa tells Jamie that until he's made a choice, they won't be sleeping together. Josie tells Sharlene she's going to see about babysitting Alli for Sam and Amanda. Vicky daydreams about happy times with Jamie and she's thrilled when he later asks her on a date. Tracy tells Kevin she has feelings for Matt. Sam and Amanda like Josie and hire her. Jason doesn't tell Mary that Sharlene is his sister and Mary tries to hide her interest in his new "roommate." Lisa starts hypnosis with Mary.

JUNE 16, 1988 (EP. #6088)
Cass and Nicole get to the Manor after having car trouble and discover they can't get a room without a reservation. Donna tells Zack that she sent the money and wants to meet him later to talk. Under hypnosis, Lisa remembers her ordeal with Dr. Glaser. Vicky tells Jamie that she wants to date "by the book." Nicole bribes the innkeeper to get a room. Lisa starts screaming about Dr. Glaser and Mary has trouble waking her from the hypnosis. Michael tries to advise Marley on her problems with Jake. Donna enters the Pelican Club as a woman is flirting with Jake. Donna gives Zack the flyers she had made up with a reward for info on Mikey's family. Michael reads Mikey stories and dreams of knowing him when he's old. Cass and Nicole get nervous when his watch is knocked off the table and then mysteriously sets for two hours ahead. Vicky says goodbye to Jamie without kissing him and prays that she's doing the right thing.

JUNE 17, 1988 (EP. #6089)
Sharlene is unhappy that Josie is working with Rachel's daughter but Josie says it's the only thing besides the phone that she likes in Bay City. Nicole sees something that scares her in an antique shop. Cass and Nicole find a brooch with an 'N' on it and the shop owner says he's never seen it before. Cass gets the owner to sell him the brooch. Julie Ann probes Ronnie to find out if she would be a good match for Zack. Donna tells Jake that he's not good enough to be with Marley. Jake is insistent that he will make things right with his wife. Josie goes to baby sit Alli and meets Matthew. The teens take an instant dislike to each other. A wind blows into Cass and Nicole's room and knocks the brooch off the table. Josie overhears Kevin call Matthew "Captain Cool" which is his party phone name. Chris and Jason make a date to go out for drinks. John and Sharlene get to know each other as they do dishes. Cass sees a shadow of a woman with red hair and thinks it's Kathleen.

JUNE 20, 1988 (EP. #6090)
Mary notices how well Scott and Cheryl get along. Scott later tells Cheryl that he feels closer to her than ever before. Cass neglects Nicole as he searches for the apparition of Kathleen. Marley tells Jake she wants a divorce. Lisa rejects Jamie when he asks to join her for dinner. Jake and Marley cover their argument in front of Michael. Donna gets angry when she can't get Mikey to sleep and she yells at Michael that they can't keep him. John meets Lisa for dinner but when he realizes she wants to talk to Jamie, he leaves. Donna tells Jake to stay away from both her daughters. Cass can't find the ring he was going to give Nicole. Scott can't go through with kissing Cheryl because he still loves Dawn. Cheryl reminds him that Dawn would have wanted him to love again. Marley heads back to California. Lisa tells Jamie that she's changed her mind and Vicky can't interfere in their lives anymore. Jake asks to live with Vince and Mary for a while. Donna starts to cry over Marley leaving and is surprised when Mikey embraces her. Cass calls out to Kathleen after seeing her image.

JUNE 21, 1988 (EP. #6091)
Sam and Amanda realize that Alli didn't wake up in the middle of the night so they wake her to make sure she's okay. Donna tells Michael that she and Mikey are finally getting along. Jake tells Vicky he married the wrong woman. Vicky promises to help Jake through his troubles. Sam dreams of Alli coming home with a bum as a boyfriend while Amanda dreams of taking applications from yuppies who want to marry her daughter. Donna invites Chris and John to dinner when she notes Chris' interest. Matthew calls the party phone to see if anyone knows about Mikey and he gets a little info. Matt decides to throw a masquerade party for all the party phone people and tells everyone to dress up like their code names. Vicky eavesdrops as Amanda and Jake talk about her and Lisa. Vicky is devastated when she hears Jamie say she's needful. Vicky later tells Amanda she heard the conversation but Amanda advises her to just take things easy and it will work out. Matt tells Josie he can't wait to meet her. Vicky goes to her calendar and spins in joy when she realizes the date that she and Jamie slept together.

JUNE 22, 1988 (EP. #6092)
Vicky finds out about prenatal testing from Ronnie. Ronnie tells her about the safeguards the hospital uses but says the clinic in Ogden has no such procedures. Sharlene and Josie start fixing up the farmhouse. Matt is on the party phone trying to find Riviera when Tracy walks in. Nicole wants to know why Cass is acting so strangely but he avoids answering. Cass tells the innkeeper about the strange phenomenon in their room. The innkeeper's wife says they've had trouble with that room before. Ada and Sharlene discuss her reasons for returning to Bay City. Ada also advises Sharlene on how to deal with a teenaged daughter. Nicole is disappointed when Cass says he needs time alone. Jamie finds Vicky reading a pregnancy pamphlet and asks if she's pregnant. Vicky tells him she was tested at the clinic in Ogden and it came back positive. Jamie promises to be there for her and comforts a "distraught" Vicky. Tracy and Matt kiss. Sharlene refuses to allow Josie to go to the masquerade party. The shopkeeper tells Cass the brooch he bought belonged to Nora Diamond who used to live at the Manor. When Nicole comes in, the old man disappears. Ronnie tells Jamie that Vicky asked her about the clinic earlier. Cass and Nicole find a compartment in the brooch with Nora's picture in it.

JUNE 23, 1988 (EP. #6093)
Sam worries about paying the bills and Amanda says they need to borrow money from her parents. John and Chris end up bickering before dinner with Donna and Michael. Vicky is pleased with herself when Jamie promises to stand by her during her pregnancy. Jamie tells Mary about Vicky's pregnancy. Michael and Bridget are stunned when Donna gives Mikey a bath even after she was dressed for dinner. She says they had fun even though she got soaked. Amanda agrees to give Sam two days to get a job before she turns to Mac for help. Jamie calls the clinic in Ogden and finds out Vicky was never there. He finds her in his office and accuses her of lying to him. She confesses that she was trying to make him love her. Lisa, under hypnosis, relives the accident with Mikey through his eyes. Mikey wonders why "she won't help him" and says he likes the birds around her neck. Mary can't figure out who "she" could be. Chris and John arrive for dinner and she's wearing a scarf with birds on it. Chris remarks how lucky Mikey is to be staying with Donna and Michael. Julie Ann offers Amanda a loan that she refuses. Julie Ann is still focused on fixing Ronnie up with Zack. Lisa tells Mary about the guilt she feels over her rotten childhood. Jamie comforts Vicky but when she tries to kiss him, he angrily tells her he plans to marry Lisa. Sam makes a job deal with Drew Marston.

JUNE 24, 1988 (EP. #6094)
Kevin and Matthew try to figure out who's who at the masquerade party. While Cass reads books on local history, Nicole gets mad and wants to go home. Nicole tells Cass she thought he was going to ask her to marry him. Matthew lies to Kevin that the girl he set him up with is named Madonna. Matthew looks for a girl to pose as Madonna so he can have Riviera. Cass tells Nicole he decided not to propose to her at the Manor because it's so strange. She thinks his feelings for Kathleen are stopping him. Vicky and Jake have a bottle of wine and she tells him about her pregnancy scam. Liz demands to know from Sharlene if Josie is Russ' daughter. Cass gets the ring box to explain things to Nicole and he proposes but she says no. Sharlene tells Liz that Phil Taylor is Josie's father and he left when she got pregnant. Nicole finds out that Nora led a happy life and tells Cass that Nora was not a tortured soul. Matthew sees Josie but doesn't know that she's Riviera. Kevin says hello to her and is upset when she walks away. Matthew is about to ask Josie to dance when Tracy pulls him away. Sharlene finds out about the party at the Mill. Cass finds a letter of Nora's on the terrace.

JUNE 27, 1988 (EP. #6095)
Jamie tells Lisa he wants to be with her. Vicky tries to keep things friendly but Jake says they're more than just friends. Matthew looks for Riviera as Tracy watches him closely. Sharlene heads to the Mill to bring Josie home. Cass and Nicole read Nora's letter and find out that her father had locked her in that room but she was escaping to be with Max, the man she loved. Josie hides behind Matthew when Sharlene comes in. Sharlene makes a scene by dragging Josie out. Cass persuades Nicole to help him investigate Nora. Cass and Nicole try to get info from the man in the antique store but the only thing he'll tell them is that Nora had a maid named Theresa. Josie and Sharlene argue over Sharlene's over protectiveness. Tracy tries to get Matthew to see her as more than just a friend. He kisses her on the neck but she wants more. Jake wants to start a relationship with Vicky but she just wants to be friends. Lisa tells Jamie her feelings for him are unresolved and she's not ready for him to move back in. Cass and Nicole find Theresa in a convent, having taken a vow of silence. Lisa and Jamie begin to make love and Lisa says she loves him.

JUNE 28, 1988 (EP. #6096)
Felicia and Mitch return from Hawaii and discuss having a September wedding. Sharlene can't reason with Josie who wants to go out and be with people. Sam tells Amanda he got a contract for a job. Josie talks to Matt on the party phone and makes up a story about her car being stolen. They make plans to meet at the Mill. Mitch and Felicia receive flowers with an unsigned card. Amanda tells Sam that they're invited to a barbeque with Julie Ann and Zack. Jason promises to help Sharlene with Josie. Julie Ann also invites Ronnie to the barbeque but Ronnie doesn't know that she's Zack's sister. Mitch visits Drew and warns him to leave he and Felicia alone. Drew calls someone and says he'll be in Zurich that evening. Zack invites a woman of his own to the party. Josie is afraid that Matt will laugh at her once he meets her. Jason suggests that Sharlene tell Josie why she left Bay City originally so Josie will understand her better. Sam asks Drew for an advance and Drew says it's no trouble as long as Sam stays loyal. Josie overhears Sharlene call herself a tramp and freaks out thinking her mother is talking about her. Matt waits at the Mill and gets angry when he realizes Riviera isn't coming.

JUNE 29, 1988 (EP. #6097)
Scott tells Jason he thinks he's having the benefit at the farm to cause trouble with Mary and Vince. Felicia arrives to help plan it. Matt is waiting for Josie at the Mill when Kevin shows up to swim. Michael and Donna are playing with Mikey when Courtney calls from the police station to tell them they've found Mikey's parents and are on their way over. Zack, Julie Ann and Cheryl are setting up for the barbeque. Ronnie arrives and is shocked to learn that it's Zack's party. Kevin and Matt talk about Kevin's father. Josie arrives, disappointed to see that Captain Cool is Kevin. Jason, Scott, Felicia, and Sharlene discuss the AIDS benefit. Mitch bursts in and tells Felicia he's worried about her because of Drew. Courtney arrives with Gary and Alice Betts, who are very excited to have found their son. Donna brings Mikey in. Matt volunteers to baby sit Alli and Sam has no problem with that. John tells Chris about the fourth of July in Vietnam and then asks her to go for a swim at the farm. Alice and Gary are very disappointed, but they explain that Mikey isn't their son. Donna and Michael, obviously relieved, comfort them. Kevin explains that there's another Captain Cool and he and Josie discuss parents. Josie says she's not going to stay at the farm. Matt is trying desperately to get Alli to stop crying. Ronnie and Zack decide to start over and they reintroduce themselves. Mitch tells Felicia about Drew's shady past. Felicia formulates a plan from one of her books to get Drew, but won't tell Mitch yet. Jason gets a mysterious phone call. When Chris sees the flyers with Mikey's picture, she lies and tells John she'll meet him at the farm. Michael and Donna talk about how hard it's going to be for them to give Mikey up. Kevin asks Josie if he can call her and she says yes. Scott tells Cheryl he's leaving Bay City. Everyone discusses the "terrific singer" at the Pelican and plan to go see her. Jason leaves on a mysterious trip. Cheryl is the first person Scott tells about his new job on the legal committee of the Surgeon General's special AIDS commission. They talk about how much they're going to miss each other and then they kiss. Josie and Sharlene fight because Josie thinks Sharlene doesn't trust her. Donna makes an appointment to see if there's a chance she could get pregnant now. Chris is crying as she stares at the flyers of Mikey.

JUNE 30, 1988: Pre-empted for coverage of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.