JULY 1, 1988: Pre-empted for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

JULY 4, 1988 (EP. #6098)
Josie, wearing shorts and a halter, enters the kitchen. Sharlene asks Matthew to run an errand for her and orders Josie to change her clothes. Sharlene then insults Matthew just as Ada is walking in. Cass and Nicole continue to argue about going home. Jake confronts Vicky, who is obviously drunk. She walks away to avoid Jake and ends up bumping into Lisa and knocks over a tray of food she was carrying. Lisa starts to clean up the food and Felicia tells Vicky it would be best if she went home. Jake tells Vince he will be staying in Bay City for a while. Josie complains to Matthew about her mom. Sharlene apologizes to Ada for what she said about Matthew. Amanda is depressed because she is not spending July 4th with her parents. Sam suggests a picnic on the floor of the loft to cheer her up. Rachel is depressed because all the phone lines are busy and she can't call home. Vicky tells Donna that she lied to Jaime and told him she was pregnant. John tells Sharlene not to worry about Josie and suggests they both go outside and listen to Scott's speech. Scott gives his speech and becomes quite emotional. As Mitch and Felicia fight, Jaime and Lisa try to intervene and Felicia storms off. Amanda receives a telegram from her dad. Mac goes back to the hotel room and brings Rachel hamburgers and a package of sparklers to celebrate the fourth of July. Nicole and Cass are home in Nicole's bedroom. Cass opens the suitcase and finds the rose that he saw in their room at the Inn. He looks over his shoulder and sees Nora in the mirror. Mitch and Felicia drive away laughing over having getting away with their staged fight. Felicia makes plans on how to make Drew believe she likes him. Scott and Cheryl begin to make love under a tree.

JULY 5, 1988 (EP. #6099)
Cheryl and Scott are happy after making love. Zack talks Ronnie into having a drink with him. Josie hears Matt making plans with Kevin and gets him to stay with her by dancing with him. Vicky tells Jake she has to fix one of her mistakes. Ronnie tells Zack she hid her identity because she worried she wouldn't get a fair deal at the hospital if they knew who she was. Vicky comes in as Jamie proposes to Lisa. Scott asks Cheryl to go with him to Washington. Mac and Rachel decide to go home when the chief doesn't show up. Vicky apologizes for ruining Jamie and Lisa's moment and promises not to bother them again. Ronnie doesn't want to give up nursing to pursue singing. Lisa accepts Jamie's proposal. Drew and the chief draw up a new plan against the Corys. Cheryl tells Scott she needs to think about his offer but promises to visit.

JULY 6, 1988 (EP. #6100)
Donna waits for test results to see if she can get pregnant again. Josie and Matt talk on the Party Phone but Matt is angry that Josie didn't meet him. Jamie and Lisa decide to hold an engagement party. The doctor tells Donna she could conceive but it could be dangerous for her and she could miscarry. Jake grabs the phone when Vicky talks to Marley. Marley tells Jake she's filing for divorce. Cass tells Nicole that Nora came back from the manor with them. John tells Sharlene that Jason asked him to stay at the farm while he's away. Michael refuses to take a risk with Donna's health. Vicky offers Jake a loan to get his business started. Donna questions whether Vicky had anything to do with Jake and Marley's breakup. Josie sets up a movie date with him, Matt, and Tracy. Cass sees Nora who says she loves him.

JULY 7, 1988 (EP. #6101)
Mac and Rachel return to Bay City and decide to cheer themselves up by seeing Alli. Felicia and Mitch have a loud mock fight in front of Drew. Cass thinks Wally sent Nora to him. Nicole calls Felicia for help with Cass. Felicia doesn't know what to believe when she hears Cass' story. Mitch reassures Matt about his love life. Ronnie tells Harry that she wants to give up singing. He asks her to sing one last time. Cheryl tells Vince and Mary she's decided to leave Bay City for college. Though Vince is hurt, Mary assures him that Cheryl is just growing up and spreading her wings. Ada, Mac, and Rachel are surprised to find Sam and Mitch calmly drinking beer while the baby sleeps. Felicia thinks Nora's story would make a great novel. Zack tries talking to Ronnie but she wants him out of her world. Cass lights candles and asks Nora to join him.

JULY 8, 1988 (EP. #6102)
Lisa asks Felicia for a table at TOPS but they're all reserved. Jamie asks Rachel and Mac to join him and Lisa for dinner but they decline. Nora appears to Cass and tells him it's 1928 and he's a man named Max. When Cass tells her she's wrong, she screams and disappears. Matthew tries to talk one of the Party Phone guys out of using drugs. Mitch tells Felicia they should have dinner with Lisa that night. Rachel calls Jamie and says they can make dinner after all. Matt, Tracy, Kevin, and Josie go to a drive-in movie. Vicky hears Jamie asking Lisa to marry him again. Cass and Nicole go to the convent to see Sister Theresa. They find out that Nora was murdered. Jamie and Lisa announce their engagement at TOPS. Tracy and Josie argue while at the drive-in. Mikey runs away from Vicky. Cass and Nicole discover that Max is alive.

JULY 11, 1988 (EP. #6103)
Felicia and Mitch have a mock fight in front of Liz and Julie Ann. Mac swears to beat Bennett Publishing even if he has to fight dirty. Matt vows never to get married after hearing Felicia and Mitch fight. Drew sets up a meeting with Sam at Mary's Place. Cass and Nicole visit the antique shop and hear a crash in the back. Kevin confides in Matt that he likes Josie more than she likes him. Josie and Matt call each other on the Party Phone and decide they have to meet. Drew tells Sam he needs ten new designs for a magazine called Star Lights that his company is starting. Cass tells Nelson he's seen Nora but Nelson says she is dead and to leave it alone. Rachel offers up the mansion for Amanda's lunch with Sam's new boss. Nelson's niece tells Cass not to listen to a nun who's only talked to a priest named Maximillian in sixty years. Mac says he got a call from the chief who wants to meet again. Jason won't tell Sharlene when he plans to come home. Cass calls the convent to set up a meeting with the priest. A suit of armor falls near Nicole.

JULY 12, 1988 (EP. #6104)
Lisa dreams that while she's married to Jamie, he's pleased when Vicky ends up in bed with them. Sharlene comes in while John is wearing nothing but a towel. Mary tells Michael and Donna that since they can't find Mikey's parents, arrangements have to be made for an adoption. Cheryl celebrates her last day in Bay City. Jake remarks to Cheryl that it's a funny coincidence that she'll be in school so close to Scott. John suggests Sharlene get a job at TOPS. Michael gets a business call to go to the Persian Gulf for business. Jake tries to get Ronnie to agree to do a video. Jake berates Jamie for using Vicky. Lisa tells Mary about her dream who assures her it was just a worry in her subconscious. Michael wants Donna to think about keeping Mikey while he's away. Cheryl and Vince share a tender goodbye. Chris and John kiss while doing the books. Lisa surprises Jamie by pretending to be a patient needing a check up.

JULY 13, 1988 (EP. #6105)
Cheryl prepares to leave for Washington. Michael and Donna ask Chris to babysit Mikey. Matt calls the Party Phone and only finds the Road Warrior. The Road Warrior gets depressed and heads to the mill to be alone. Sam and Amanda prepare for the party they're throwing for Jamie and Lisa. Tracy finds Matt and Josie swimming in the pool and warns Josie away from Matt. Jake gives Cheryl advice about her relationship with Scott. Michael mistakes Chris for Donna and kisses her. Amanda questions Jamie's engagement to Lisa. Amanda hints that Jamie may really love Vicky. Mary decides to go with Cheryl to Washington to help her get settled. Matt tells Tracy he only wants to be friends. Lisa asks Amanda for her blessing and Amanda welcomes her to the Cory family. Michael asks Chris to help Donna with Mikey while he's away. Cheryl says an emotional goodbye to Vince.

JULY 14, 1988 (EP. #6106)
Cass sees Nora and tells her he isn't Max. Cass tells her the real Max is alive. Felicia tells Drew that her relationship with Mitch is over. Sharlene goes to TOPS to apply for a job but runs out when she sees Drew. Sharlene confides to Felicia that Drew was one of her customers when she was a hooker. Nicole talks with Nelson who starts yelling about a woman who hurt him. Mitch breaks into Drew's suite. Felicia raises Sharlene's spirits by hiring her. Nicole tells Nelson about Kathleen and Nelson counsels that Nicole can't understand what Cass is going through. Cass confronts Father Max and calls him a murderer. Father Max explains he isn't the Max Cass is looking for. Mitch finds a legal document in Drew's drawer. Felicia keeps Drew at TOPS by flirting with him. John learns that his platoon buddy Tony was Chris's half-brother. Mitch is disbelieving when he learns that Drew hired Sam. Nora tells Cass that she and Max were in love and going to run away together before she fell to her death. Cass explains that Max never knew she died and promises to find him. Nelson tells Nicole that his wife left him without warning.

JULY 15, 1988 (EP. #6107)
Amanda worries about throwing a dinner party for Sam's boss. Matt hears Josie tell Amanda she hopes to live like her one day. Nicole tells Cass she thinks Nelson is really Max. During dinner, Amanda is surprised by Drew's knowledge of the Cory family. Matt thinks Josie only cares about material things instead of their friendship. Nora appears to Cass and she tells him that Max's real name is Nelson Maxwell. Josie is on the Party Phone in the nursery while Matt is on the line in his room. As Riviera and Captain cool, they console each other. Road Warrior phones in and is obviously high. He hangs up and Matt and Josie are determined to help him. Sam and Amanda are happy over the success of their dinner. As they are toasting the future, Mac and Rachel walk in and are shocked to see Drew. Sam and Amanda are stunned when Mac outlines Drew's takeover plans for Cory. Drew reminds Sam that he's legally bound to his contract. Mac promises Sam they will hire a lawyer to get him out of it. Matt decides to go to the mill to find the Road Warrior and Josie as Riviera says she'll meet him there. They hang up and after bumping into each other in the hallway, Josie figures out Matt is Captain Cool. Mikey witnesses a stranger hitting Chris over the head. Cass and Nicole go to tell Nelson about Nora but his niece says he's disappeared. Sam feels like a fool but tells Amanda he won't quit his job. Chris wakes up to find Mikey missing. Josie and Matt are stunned to see that Kevin is the Road Warrior.

JULY 18, 1988 (EP. #6108)
Josie and Matt try to rouse a drugged out Kevin. Chris tells Michael she was hit over the head and can't find Mikey. Michael finds Mikey in his room and tries to comfort him and Chris. Donna walks in to find them all together. Kevin briefly wakes up but passes out again and Josie runs to get help. Nicole and Cass try hard to get Nelson to listen but he refuses until they show him Nora's letter. Kevin regains consciousness and promises Matt he won't do drugs again. Chris blames herself as the detectives question her. Matt beats himself up for not realizing Kevin was in trouble and Josie comforts him. Nelson finally believes Cass and Nicole and they take him to her room. Matt drives Kevin to the hospital and Josie keeps Kevin awake by talking about life on the farm. Matt says he and Josie make a good team. John tries to calm Sharlene who is frantic that Josie isn't home. Chris runs in and seeks comfort in John's arms. Cass and Nicole leave Nelson alone in the room to contact Nora. Josie calls Sharlene to say she's at the hospital but Sharlene hangs up before Josie can explain. Donna admits to Michael that she's scared for Mikey because she loves him. Michael vows to protect his family. Cass and Nicole go into the garden and find Nelson dead and see roses growing where they weren't before. There is a vision of a young Nelson and Nora wearing wedding rings and walking off together.

JULY 19, 1988 (EP. #6109)
Sam tells Amanda he's trying to find a way out of the contract. Jamie gives Kevin the all-clear but says it's time to admit he has a problem. Sharlene tells John what happened with Josie and John advises her to be proud. Sharlene is thrown when Chris comes in wearing one of John's T-shirts. Chris and John explain what happened so Sharlene doesn't think they were together. Jason walks in and they try to explain what happened but he won't listen. Jamie counsels Matt to stop covering for Kevin because he needs help. Sam demands that Drew release him from the contract and warns that he's a formidable opponent. Drew makes a lunch date with Amanda. Jason punches John for moving in on a woman he likes. Sharlene and Chris break up the fight and John and Jason agree to let things happen naturally. Tracy visits Kevin and asks if this is a repeat of the last time. Sam finds keys to Drew's office. Jason thinks Sharlene is interested in John. Drew agrees to get Sam out of the contract by Friday. Tracy reminds Kevin that he promised to take care of things when he owed Tad for drug money and she nearly got raped. Matt stops Kevin from leaving the hospital. Chris thanks John for his help and apologizes to him for causing trouble. When John leaves, Jason grabs Chris and kisses her.

JULY 20, 1988 (EP. #6110)
Nicole and Cass return home and a vase falls over. Nicole thinks the ghost tales are beginning again. Amanda tries to get Sam to let her talk to Drew but he refuses to let anyone else fight his battles. Rachel and Felicia won't listen when Lisa says she has plans for her wedding dress. Rachel confides in Lisa that she wasn't a good mother to Jamie and she thinks that's why he has so many problems. Mac barges in on a conversation Drew is having with the chief and warns him to stay away from the Corys. Cass tells Felicia the story of the ghosts. Felicia asks Cass if he plans to marry Nicole. Cass says that everything with Max and Nora made him realize he could love Nicole and not lose Kathleen so he intends to marry Nicole. Lisa tells Rachel she is confident about her relationship with Jamie and doesn't think Vicky is a threat. Mitch and Sam decide to work together to go after Drew. Drew calls Amanda and tells her she can pick up Sam's contract on Friday.

JULY 21, 1988 (EP. #6111)
Matt and Josie end up innocently playing on a bed when Kevin walks in. Kevin thanks Josie and Matt for their help with his drug problem. Kevin shows Matt his stash of drugs before flushing them down the toilet. Bridget and Donna are frightened after a would-be murderer breaks into the house. Nicole dreams that Cass marries Nora and wakes up in a fit. The detective scares Donna and they wait until Chris arrives to begin the questioning about the incident. The detective remembers that Jake was a car thief in Lassiter. Matt tells Kevin that he called his father who is on his way to Bay City. Kevin is furious at Matt. Kevin later tells Tracy their father is coming to town. Kevin confesses that his depression over not winning Josie drove him back to drugs. Chris doesn't remember much about the attack. Mikey gets frightened when the police question him. Nicole gets angry over all she's had to put up with from Cass and packs a goodbye bag for him. John tells Michael that it's possible the intruder was a terrorist and he plans to look into it. Josie tells Matt there's no possibility for her to have a romance with Kevin. Cass calms Nicole and asks her to marry him. Kevin searches for more drugs but can't find any. He takes money and hurries out. Nicole accepts Cass' proposal.

JULY 22, 1988 (EP. #6112)
Jamie shows Lisa pictures of houses that are for sale. Lisa is wary but Jamie tries to talk her into buying a house. Jake tells Donna he knows where Vicky is and he's going to bring her home. Amanda sets up an appointment to talk to Drew. Vicky is in Lassiter on a playground. She flashes back to being a child and having no friends. Josie confides in Amanda that she wants a boyfriend and Amanda decides to help her. Jamie talks to Lisa about having children. Jake finds Vicky on the playground comforting a little girl who no one will play with. Sam and Mitch snoop around Drew's office looking for information on him. Amanda gives Josie a makeover just as Matt comes by. Jake talks to Vicky about letting go of the past and moving on with her life. Matt tells Josie about Riviera and how much he likes talking to her. He still doesn't know that Josie is Riviera. Drew tells Amanda that Sam's contract is on the nightstand next to his bed. Josie as Riviera tells Matt that she's going to Europe forever. Jamie and Lisa are happy when they find the house of their dreams. Sam and Mitch find a password that allows them access to Drew's computer. Drew backs Amanda into a corner and they struggle.

JULY 25, 1988 (EP. #6113)
Donna refuses to go to dinner with Michael because she's too worried about Mikey and Vicky. Donna is relieved when Jake shows up with Vicky. Sam and Mitch copy information from Drew's computer. They think they've found a list of Swiss accounts where he launders money. Amanda struggles to fend off Drew's advances. Michael and Donna explain the break-in to Vicky and warn that someone may be trying to get to Michael through his family. Jake worries for Marley's safety. Mitch tells Felicia they don't have to hide their relationship because he got the goods on Drew. Drew rips Sam's contract up and Amanda takes it from him. She warns him never to come near her again. When she leaves, Drew tells the chief that Amanda just handed them her father. Michael tells Jake he has men watching Marley and she won't be coming home. Vicky tells Donna she wants to put Jamie behind her. Matt tells Mitch about Kevin's drug problem and Mitch reassures his son that Kevin still has a job. Josie sees Amanda's ripped blouse and asks if someone tried to rape her. Matt tells Felicia and Mitch that the love of his life is leaving town. Amanda tells Josie she was attacked and doesn't want to tell Sam. When Sam comes home he tells Amanda things are looking better for them. Amanda gives him the ripped up contract and says it arrived via messenger. Josie and Matt swim together and Josie tells him Riviera doesn't know what she'll be missing with him. Vicky thanks Bridget for everything she did for her growing up. Drew gets a picture of Amanda with her head back and him kissing her neck and he thinks it will make a good article.

JULY 26, 1988 (EP. #6114)
Felicia comes up with an idea on what to do with Drew's account numbers. Amanda invites Vicky to Alli's christening even though Jamie will be there. Vicky accepts but doesn't want to talk about Jamie. Drew types a letter meant to be from Amanda telling him how much she loves him. The letter also makes it look like she's helping him with the takeover. Kevin resists the urge to drink before his father arrives. Rachel asks Ronnie to sing at the christening. Ronnie and Zack snipe at each other. Jake tells Vicky she needs to start dating again and sets her up. Mitch plans to have Felicia call Drew using an Italian accent and pretend to be a bank manager. Drew gets into the loft and steals one of Amanda's checks and a bracelet. Vicky gets nauseous from the sight and smell of pizza. Josie tries to comfort Kevin but when he makes a pass at her, she goes to get Matt. Kevin takes a drink of scotch. Ronnie apologizes to Zack but he is cold to her. Drew uses Amanda's check to copy her signature onto the letter he drafted. Felicia calls Drew and he knows it's her. Felicia manages to cover and tells Drew she is a bank manager. He ultimately believes her when she says his account has been closed. Drew tells her that his associate Michael Hudson will look into it. Kevin gets drunk and pulls Josie into the water. She almost drowns but Matt jumps in. Matt and Kevin fight.

JULY 27, 1988 (EP. #6115)
Felicia and Mitch are distressed over the possibility that Michael could be involved with Drew's plot to destroy Cory Publishing. Donna tells Michael she wants to adopt Mikey. Kevin fights with his father when his father says he is wasting his life. Kevin asks his father if he wishes he were dead. Cass and Nicole tell Mitch and Felicia they are engaged. The foursome decide to hold a double wedding. Jake wants to set up Ricky and Vicky. Jake confides that Vicky is his only financial backer for his video company. Chris informs John that she is lunching with Michael to thank him for helping her after the attack. Jason says he thinks something is going on between Chris and Michael. Kevin's father declares they should stay out of each other's lives which makes Kevin cry. Josie and Matt try to help Kevin who promises to stop drinking and doing drugs. Chris makes an advance towards Michael and he thinks she's making a move on him. John confronts Michael about Chris. Felicia asks Cass for the rights to Nora's story so she can write a book about it. Felicia and Mitch ask Michael if he is working for Drew.

JULY 28, 1988 (EP. #6116)
Sam tells Amanda he has a new idea for his future but he wants to wait until after Alli's christening to tell her about it. Vicky waits at the hospital for tests results and apologizes to Jamie when she runs into him. Jamie tells her he cares for her as a friend. Chris tells Donna about the pass she made at Michael. Chris takes care of Mikey while Jamie examines Donna. Jamie gives Donna mild sleeping pills. Cass, Michael, Zack, and Mac discuss their game plan for dealing with the takeover. Michael decides to fly to the Persian Gulf to investigate because he thinks his home break-in had to do with the takeover. Amanda and Sam are reading to Alli when they hear movement in the bushes. All of a sudden, a flash bulb flashes. Sam roots out a photographer and destroys his film. Drew warns Mac there is no way he will win. The doctor tells Vicky he has interesting news for her.

JULY 29, 1988 (EP. #6117)
Mac puts aside his distress over Drew to focus on Alli's christening. Michael is paged at the airport on his way to the Persian Gulf. Vicky is stunned when the doctor says she's pregnant. The raspy voice that paged him warns Michael not to leave town but won't say why. A bellhop delivers a box in which Drew places all but one compromising picture of Amanda. Kevin sneaks into the Cory house and makes a phone call to someone saying he'll have the money soon. Hilda catches him but Kevin sweet talks his way out of trouble. At Alli's christening, Lisa and Jamie pledge to be responsible godparents. Drew has the box of photos delivered to the Cory's. Michael goes home to make sure Donna and Mikey are alright. They are aghast when they see Mikey with "candy" which are actually Donna's sleeping pills. Chris teases John with a swim and their attraction intensifies. Donna tells Michael she put the pills away and has no idea how Mikey got them. Kevin steals a silver letter opener and hides before the family gets home. Michael calls his office and learns there's a bomb threat. John and Chris begin to get intimate. During the christening celebration, Mac gets the package from Drew.

AUGUST 1, 1988 (EP. #6118)
Drew assures the chief that his latest tactic with Mac will change everything. Sam finds Mac holding the unopened package in his hand. Sam bets that it's a special photo of Alli from Amanda. Chris pulls away from John in the heat of the moment and says she made a mistake and it won't work out between them. Sam tells Mac he'd like to work for him again. Vicky gets overcome when she sees how tender Jamie is with Alli. Matt confronts Kevin about being stoned. John asks Chris to leave when she keeps giving him mixed signals. Amanda accuses Jamie of rubbing his happiness in Vicky's face. Mac tells Sam that if he worked at Brava again he would be promoted to art director. Mac finally opens the package and is sickened by the photos of Drew and Amanda. Mac gets rid of the photographer and reporter who barge in for the story. Jamie finds a rehab program for Kevin in Madison and Matt and Josie offer to drive him there. Amanda gives Mac a framed photo of her and Alli. Mac reminds her that she can always come to him with her troubles but she says she's fine. Sam tells Amanda he's rehired at Brava with a promotion. Chris admits to John that she was recently hurt by a man and John promises not to press her. Jamie tells Rachel that Matt took Kevin to Madison. Lisa has a bad vision. Mac threatens Drew to leave his family alone. Matt loses control of the jeep during the storm and they skid off the road.

AUGUST 2, 1988 (EP. #6119)
Matt gets himself, Josie, and Kevin out of the jeep. Kevin is unhappy when Matt holds onto Josie. Drew tells Mac that if he hands over the company the pictures will never hit the papers. Amanda and Sam tell Vicky how happy they are with Alli and that she didn't interrupt their lives at all. Lisa and Jamie's realtor says she has news that will change their lives. Kevin, Matt, and Josie find a cabin to stay in. The owners of the house Jamie and Lisa want to buy want to meet them. Kevin begins to get violent and Matthew holds him down. Mac starts to give in to Drew when he's shown Amanda's bracelet and forged letter. Mac shows Rachel the pictures of Amanda and Drew's ultimatum. Mac says he wants to capitulate in order to spare Amanda and Sam. Kevin's convulsions fade and he admits he's afraid to stop using drugs. Josie and Matthew watch over Kevin as he sleeps. Lisa gets an impression of Vicky with a baby.

AUGUST 3, 1988 (EP. #6120)
Rachel complains about all the guards and Michael reiterates the threats that have occurred. Vicky tries to eat something, but feels sick. Jamie and Lisa are woken by the phone. They begin to kiss and the phone rings again. Jamie finally answers it and learns they have finally gotten the mortgage on the house. Jake visits Vicky and is worried about Marley's safety. He also wonders if maybe she's having second thoughts about the divorce because he hasn't gotten any papers yet. Vicky comments on what a waste it is that two people who love each other are not together. Jamie and Lisa are toasting to their new home when they get a call saying the kids never got to the clinic last night. Jamie says he's got to find them. Matt wakes up and when he hears a noise outside, he rushes out. Kevin pushes Josie back inside and locks Matt out. Kevin tells Matt they've got some bargaining to do. Jamie and Lisa are stuck on the road with a flat tire. To get their minds off of Matt, Josie and Kevin, they talk about all the children they're going to have. Matt can't get through the door and Kevin is getting more and more irrational. He tells Matt to go find a car and come back alone. Matt agrees and leaves. Michael calls Drew at Tops and says they have to meet. When Michael won't tell Donna who was on the phone, she begs him to be careful. Donna calls Marley and suggests she come home for a visit and also tells her how good Jake has been to Vicky. Marley says she'll think about it. As Jamie finishes fixing the flat tire, Lisa has a vision and directs Jamie to Matt's overturned Jeep. Josie tries to calm Kevin and he accuses her of being a tease and begins to kiss her neck until she says he's acting like Tad. He breaks down and unties her just as Matt crashes through the boarded up window. Matt reminds Kevin of the good times they've had and Kevin, shaking, finally drops the poker and holds onto Matt. Jamie and Lisa appear at the window, relieved that everything's okay. Vicky goes home and finds Jake still there. He takes to heart that she wants him to leave. As he's leaving, he answers the phone to Marley who hangs up when she hears his voice. Michael confronts Drew at Tops. Drew is very smug and makes a comment about Donna, who has just walked in to the restaurant un-noticed. She sees Michael grab Drew and say that if Drew goes near his family, he'll kill him.

AUGUST 4, 1988 (EP. #6121)
John is very tired from work and is ready to just relax with a cold beer when Chris enters and says that she wants to talk to him about the other night. Sharlene calls Sam to ask about Josie, and finds out that she did not spend the night there. Josie is very upset about the whole thing with Kevin, so Matt tries to comfort her, but he sees something else is bothering her, and asks her about it. Cass and Nicole are at a White Sox game. Nicole is very happy to be there, but Cass isn't. Cass is surprised to see that Nicole knows so much about baseball. Felicia and Mitch join them but they all get embarrassed when Felicia, in the middle of the game, screams out "Let's get a touchdown." Chris apologizes to John for not being ready, and John tells her it's okay. He also expresses his feelings toward her. Chris then tells John that they should try dating again, and John agrees. Sam and Amanda talk about how Amanda's pregnancy brought the two of them closer together. Sam is ready to go to his painting class, when there is a knock at the door. It's Mac and Rachel holding the envelope with Drew's blackmail photos. Matt questions Josie about what is wrong with her, and Josie admits that she was in a clinic once before. Sharlene gets a message that Josie has been in an accident and races out to help her. Cass tells Nicole that he has to go to the Persian Gulf on business, for Michael. Sharlene frantically goes to John asking him for help. She tells him the story about Josie, and they both leave to get her. Nicole tries to convince Cass not to go away, especially after what they have been through. Mac and Rachel tell Amanda all about Drew's plan of blackmailing them about the pictures, the forged letter, the stolen bracelet, etc. There is a lot of sexual tension between Matt and Josie, and just as they are about to kiss, Sharlene bursts in. Sharlene is very suspicious about what went on between Josie and Matt. They tell her all about Kevin and his drug problem. Sharlene gets very upset when she thinks that Kevin hurt her daughter in any way. Amanda tries to convince Mac not to give in to Drew's wishes, but has no luck. Mac and Rachel advise that Amanda tell Sam everything that happened between her and Drew. Chris arrives at John's boat all dressed up and ready for a night out on the town, only to find no one there.

AUGUST 5, 1988 (EP. #6122)
Lisa visits Jamie at his office to talk about Kevin's drug addiction problem. Jake catches Vicky before she sees Jamie and tells her that he has a surprise for her. He and Rick are putting up shelves for her. Julie Ann tries to find out what is bothering Amanda but she won't say what it is. Julie Ann leaves and Amanda tells her mother that she is going to take care of everything by herself. Donna tells Michael that she is scared that if they adopt Mikey, his natural parents will show up. Michael tries to talk her into it. Vince visits Mary and shows her a letter from Cheryl. Mary is preoccupied by a phone call she received in the morning but she won't share it with Vince. Amanda is upset over the pictures taken of her and Drew together. Vicky meets with Jamie but Lisa interrupts them. Vicky doesn't get to tell him about her pregnancy. Rick mentions to Jake that he thinks Jake is still in love with Vicky. Rachel talks Amanda out of confronting Drew. Amanda becomes upset and frustrated and begins to break down and cry. Mary tells Donna and Michael that there is a possibility that they might not be able to adopt Mikey because of the danger facing their family right now. Vicky goes over to Lisa's apartment and yells at Lisa for interrupting her talk with Jamie. Vicky tells Lisa that her involvement in Jamie's life is not over. Rachel goes to Drew's office and screams at him for what Jake takes a shower at Vicky's apartment and later opens the door to find Marley there. Vicky tells Lisa that she is pregnant.

AUGUST 8, 1988 (EP. #6123)
Drew is not taken by Rachel's threat to "ruin" him and he reminds her she has no choice but to give him the Company in exchange for the pictures of Amanda. At Vicky's loft, Marley is surprised to find Jake dressed only in a towel. After initial resistance, Lisa finally believes that Vicky is telling the truth about her pregnancy. Michael tells Donna that they will take every legal action to keep Mikey. Donna suggests that they should all leave the country. Lisa slaps Vicky after being tormented by her digs about how Jamie really wants to be with her because their connection is real. Lisa challenges Vicky by asking her how she thinks the baby would feel growing up knowing she only exists for Vicky's own selfish happiness. After convincing Marley that nothing happened between Vicky and him, Jake tells Marley how he's having a hard time accepting the possibility of divorce. Mac tells Rachel that although her threatening Drew was foolhardy, he is proud of her. For a fleeting moment, Vicky and Lisa soften when they remember the beginning of their friendship. But Vicky leaves the secret of her pregnancy with Lisa to think about for a time. Marley tells Jake that she can't let go of the hurt. Jake pleads with her to admit she wants him back. Drew tells the chief that by Friday afternoon Cory Publishing will be his. He also asks the Chief to give him information on Rachel Cory, his new object of affection. When Vicky enters the loft, Marley asks Jake to leave so that she can talk to her sister. Jake makes her promise not to leave town. Michael calls Zack and asks him to research the state's adoption laws because he plans on using his power to petition the court. Rachel appeases Lisa by assuring her that she's doing the right thing by marrying Jamie. Lisa tells Rachel that it's important she does what's best for Jamie right now. Marley answers the phone while Vicky is out of the room. It's Vicky's doctor asking to set up an appointment to discuss her pregnancy.

AUGUST 9, 1988 (EP. #6124)
Amanda surprises Sam at Bravo and finds him with his new runner, Holly Atherton. Amanda later admits to Sam that she wants to come back to work at Cory. Nicole is angry at Cass for jeopardizing his health and worries that their engagement was a mistake. Cass assures her that he loves her but she still doesn't see the point of his plans. Sharlene tells Josie that a relationship with Matt would never work because their backgrounds are too different. Josie yells to her mother that Matt is just a friend. John tries apologizing to Chris but she insists she isn't angry with him. Lisa tells Felicia she wants to move the wedding date up and Felicia thinks she's hiding something. Lisa asks Josie if she wants to go on a double date with Matt and Jamie. Josie says she would but doesn't want Matt to feel pushed into doing it. Sharlene apologizes to John for messing things up with Chris but he doesn't think it was her fault. Felicia shows Cass that Nicole isn't being unreasonable; she's only acting out of concern for him. Sharlene asks Jason to be more of a father figure to Josie. Sharlene explains things to Chris about John and Chris later apologizes to him. Cass tells Nicole he doesn't want her to worry and promises her that he will safely return.

AUGUST 10, 1988 (EP. #6125)
John, Jason, and Chris celebrate the cornerstone building for the Hospice Center. Michael tells Donna how proud he is of John for his work on the center. Lisa tells Jamie she wants to move up the wedding date but he's too preoccupied to listen to her. Marley finds out about Vicky's pregnancy and asks if Jamie is the father. Jamie is excited to learn he's been named the hospice director. Chris calls Donna and disguises her voice. She says she's calling from Child Welfare Services and requests a visit to the house for that evening, which conflicts with the hospice banquet. Vicky tells Marley she's keeping the baby and raising it alone if she has to. Donna waits at home for the "service worker" to arrive while Michael confides to Mary that he and Donna really want to adopt Mikey. Ronnie is upset when she doesn't get the head nursing position at the Hospice Center. Lisa meets with Vicky and confronts her about the pregnancy. She asks Vicky not to tell Jamie about the pregnancy just yet. Donna finally gets to the banquet and tells Michael about the social worker who never came. Chris watches them and gloats that her plan worked perfectly.

AUGUST 11, 1988 (EP. #6126)
Josie gets ready for her date with Matt and has him pick her up at Sam and Amanda's loft. Cass asks Mac and Rachel why they're giving in to the takeover attempt. Mac tells Cass he's handing over his shares of Cory publishing. Cass tells them he's leaving for the Persian Gulf. Drew startles Nicole at the salon and attempts to seduce her. She almost gives in but ultimately resists. Jake practices video filming at the Pelican Club while watching Ronnie's act. She tells him she no longer wants to make a real video but when he praises her highly, she agrees. A watching Marley is impressed by Jake's business charm. Mac tells Rachel that a European firm offered to bail them out of financial trouble. He later finds out that they vetoed the bail out and Mac searches for someone else who can help him. Jamie, Lisa, Matt, and Josie have their double date at TOPS. Josie is nervous and spills water on herself. Drew and Nicole fight and she throws him out of the salon. Amanda and Sam are enjoying a night at home with Alli when a messenger arrives with a threatening letter. Amanda hides the letter from Sam, which is actually the note Drew forged as being from her. Amanda tells Sam she's going to buy wine for dinner and runs out. Nicole tells Cass that Drew was at the salon and Cass races to Drew's office, screaming for him to open the door. Amanda returns to the loft and lies to Sam about what's bothering her. Matt comforts Josie as they dance but Josie is unnerved when Suzie Strathmore arrives and starts to tease her. Cass calls Nicole and tells her that Drew will never bother her again.

AUGUST 12, 1988 (EP. #6127)
Marley comes in as Vicky and Jake discuss ideas for Ronnie's video. Marley hides that she's jealous over Jake's upbeat attitude around Vicky. Mac and Rachel decide to end the fight and concede to Drew's demands at that day's board meeting. Sam goes out to the farm to ask if Josie knows what's wrong with Amanda and Matt follows him. Marley accuses Vicky of trying to take Jake away from her. Josie reluctantly tells Sam that someone made a pass at Amanda. Sam figures out it was Drew and leaves the farm. Matt offers Josie comfort. Vicky refuses to take the blame for Marley and Jake's bad marriage and Marley breaks down and admits she learned she can't have children. While Mac and the board members impatiently wait for Drew, Mac decides the fight isn't over and storms out of the room. Rachel follows after Mac to offer him support as he goes to confront Drew. Vicky assures Marley that Jake loves her and their marriage won't be over just because she can't have a child. Matt and Josie see a shooting star and sweetly kiss. Marley offers Vicky support during her doctor's visit. Vicky learns she's two months pregnant and realizes Jake could be the father of her baby. She decides to have a sonogram to be sure. Sam comes back to the loft with blood on his shirt. Rachel finds Drew's suite ransacked and suddenly the bedroom door swings open and Mac stumbles out and collapses.

AUGUST 15, 1988 (EP. #6128)
Lisa tells Jamie she wants to get married that evening. Jamie is concerned by the fear evident on her face. Rachel dials 911 to get help for an unconscious Mac. Sam sees the blood on his shirt and throws the shirt in the hamper just as Amanda comes in. Sam assures her that all is well. She tells him she was at a movie that ran late but Sam catches her in the lie when Julie calls and says Amanda couldn't go to the movies because she had errands to run. Mac wakes up and Rachel asks if Drew hit him. Mac says he doesn't remember and is angry that Rachel called the police. Just then the police and paramedics arrive at the suite. Marley apologizes to Vicky for suspecting her of wanting Jake. Vicky tells Marley that she doesn't want to tell Jamie about the baby yet. Rick and Courtney question Mac and Rachel. Mac says that when he got to the suite, Drew wasn't there but he stumbled out and saw Rachel. Sam confronts Amanda about Drew and tells her he knows what happened between them. Marley and Vicky scheme to get Jake's attention and Marley puts on one of Vicky's more revealing dresses. When Jake arrives as they planned, he is happy to see a sexy Marley. He tells her he wants her back and will wait for her to change her mind about him. Jamie tells Felicia about Lisa wanting to elope and Felicia runs off without revealing what plans she'll make. Mac shows Rachel the photographs and negatives of Amanda that he took from Drew's suite. He swears to her that someone hit him from behind but he didn't see who. Rachel decides they need to inform Amanda about what happened. Rachel's call interrupts Sam and Amanda's argument and Amanda is shocked to learn Drew is being considered a homicide victim. Marley tells Jake that though she loves him, she isn't ready to be with him yet. Felicia asks Jamie to stall Lisa until Friday so Felicia can throw them an engagement party. Marley suggests to Vicky that she and Jake could raise Vicky's baby. Amanda confesses Drew's blackmail scheme to Sam. Rick and Courtney find Amanda's bracelet in Drew's suite.

AUGUST 16, 1988 (EP. #6129)
Captain Delaney yells at Courtney and Rick for implicating the Cory's without having real evidence. Sam is nervous and can't paint. When Amanda finds his bloody shirt, he tells her the stain is paint, not blood. Mac and Rachel decide their family's well-being is more important than telling the police the whole truth. Liz shows Nicole the newspaper with the article about Drew's death. Nicole remembers that Cass went to see Drew and told Nicole she didn't have to worry about him anymore. Matt visits Kevin at the clinic and brings his favorite picture that Kevin shot. Kevin tells Matt he needs something else from the outside world. Sharlene warns Josie that Matt may want more than friendship from her. Josie runs out when Sharlene says she can't see Matt anymore. Amanda tells Mac that she's worried Sam was involved in Drew's disappearance. Rick and Courtney question the hotel employees and learn that a good looking man with dark hair was seen outside of Drew's suite. Matt is relieved when Kevin asks for his camera. Kevin declares he's trying to learn to live without drugs. When Amanda stops by the salon to pick up a dress she and Nicole talk about Drew. Nicole tells Amanda that Drew's blood type was a-positive. Rick tells Courtney that the blood results they found in Drew's room were a-positive and o-positive. Josie tells Matt that Sharlene doesn't want them together. Matt has to leave, but kisses Josie before he goes. Rachel worries about Matt when Sharlene outlines how much time he's spending with Josie. Sam tells Mac that he found Drew bleeding in his suite and saying horrible things about Amanda. Sam confesses that he hit Drew and ran out but he refuses to tell the police in order to protect Amanda.

AUGUST 17, 1988 (EP. #6130)
Vicky tells Marley that she wants to raise her own baby, not give it to Marley and Jake to raise. Donna shows Michael the picture in the paper of him and Chris with the caption, 'Mr. and Mrs. Hudson.' John is confused when Christ tells him Jason made a large deposit towards the business since Jason is supposed to be broke. Nicole is worried because she hasn't heard from Cass in the Persian Gulf. John confronts Jason about the deposit and Jason claims it was an error in the books. Marley tells Lisa that she doesn't think Vicky should tell Jamie about the pregnancy. Jason finally admits to John that he borrowed money from Drew to make the deposit towards the business. John thinks about how convenient Drew's disappearance is for Jason. Marley is astonished that Jake set up a romantic dinner for the two of them. Marley is overwhelmed when Jake gives her a huge teddy bear after their lovely dinner. Lisa gets a note from Jamie saying they can't leave until he talks to her. Lisa fears he wants to talk about Vicky's baby. Chris pastes the picture labeling her Michael's wife in a scrapbook.

AUGUST 18, 1988 (EP. #6131)
Rick asks Lisa to help him find out more about Drew's gun by touching it but she refuses. Rachel questions Matt about Josie and warns him about getting serious too fast. Sharlene and Josie talk about something mysterious that happened to Josie while she was babysitting in San Francisco. Amanda tells Zack that she went to Drew's suite once more after the pictures were taken. He tried to attack her and she hit him but she swears he was alive when she left. Sharlene tells Josie how bad she feels for not having visited Josie in the hospital in San Francisco. She tells Josie that she saved enough money for her to go to business school but Josie refuses to go. Sam goes to the police station where Amanda is being questioned. Matt calls Josie for a date and Jason gives her keys to the car to go out. Sam waits for Amanda and hugs her when she comes out of questioning. Jason goes to see Rachel and asks what she has against Josie. Zack and Courtney enjoy a show at the Pelican Club. Rachel tells Jason that Sharlene started the trouble by saying she didn't want Matt seeing Josie. Ada later tells Rachel that she thinks Jason was flirting with her. Sam asks Amanda why she lied about being questioned by the police and she in turn asks if he had anything to do with Drew's disappearance. Jason and Sharlene fight about Matt and Josie but Jason gets worried when she says Josie is talking about San Francisco again.

AUGUST 19, 1988 (EP. #6132)
Jamie convinces Lisa to have dinner at TOPS before they elope. Mac, Felicia, and Rachel anxiously await Jamie and Lisa's arrival. Vicky goes to the loft to babysit Alli and Amanda suspects Vicky is pregnant. Rick and Courtney wait for the forensics report on Drew's gun. They resolve to bring in Amanda if her prints are on the gun. Vicky tells Amanda that Jamie is her baby's father and Amanda thinks Jamie should know right away. Jason goes to TOPS with his date and can't believe that Sharlene is working at her own nephew's party. Sharlene asks Jason not to make a scene. John keeps Chris company while she watches over Mikey. Jason rails at Rachel for making Sharlene work the party and warns her that she can't keep Josie and Matt apart. Lisa is surprised by the party when she and Jamie walk in. Chris and John start kissing but she soon pulls away. She refuses to talk to John so he leaves and Chris cries once she's alone. Mitch tells Matt there's a lot about the Frame/Cory history he doesn't know but Matt just assumes everyone is against him and Josie dating. Michael gets a call from Chris and leaves TOPS without telling Donna. Chris desperately declares her love to Michael. Amanda tells Lisa that Jamie should know about Vicky's pregnancy before he gets married. Josie is stunned to open the door to Matt. He tells her he won't let their families keep them apart. Lisa changes her mind about telling Jamie about the baby. Rick and Courtney learn that Mac's prints are on the gun.

AUGUST 22, 1988 (EP. #6133)
Chris tells Michael how much she loves him and assumes he will leave Donna to be with her. Michael isn't sure what made Chris feel that way. Vicky wants to call Amanda to come home because she feels sick. Zack and Ronnie disagree over her attitude about not getting to work at the hospice. Rick and Courtney arrive at TOPS to bring Mac in for questioning. Michael gets angry at Chris and says he doesn't have feelings for her. Chris apologizes and leaves. Vicky can't get in touch with anyone at TOPS so she takes Alli with her and heads to the restaurant. Amanda tells Lisa she won't spill about the pregnancy. Zack tells Courtney that their professional differences shouldn't ruin their personal lives. Vicky gives Alli to Sam and Amanda and tells Jamie she's sparing him a lot of future pain. Amanda ultimately tells Jamie that Vicky is pregnant because she thinks Vicky already told him. Vicky runs off to see Michael and says she is desperate for someone to love her and he advises her to be patient. Chris goes home and takes out the scrapbook she created for her and Michael. She finds a picture of John with the crew and cuts out John's picture to paste it over Michael's. Rachel tells Jamie and Lisa about Mac being taken in and tells Lisa they have to postpone the wedding.

AUGUST 23, 1988 (EP. #6134)
Matt and Josie meet against their parents' wishes. Matt tells Josie he doesn't want to go away to college because he wants to be with her. Rick shows Mac the gun that allegedly killed Drew and says Mac's prints are all over it. Sam tells Mitch he confronted Drew on the night of his disappearance but Sam didn't kill him. Lisa tells Felicia about Vicky's pregnancy. Sharlene gets upset when she learns Josie and Matt were together.

AUGUST 24, 1988 (EP. #6135)
Jamie is restless and can't sleep when Lisa tells him they're going to get married and live happily ever after. Chris tells Jason that Michael made a pass at her. Nicole tries to locate Cass in the Persian Gulf because she's worried that something bad happened to him. Nicole gets a telegram from Cass saying he's coming home soon. Liz tells Nicole that her niece Olivia is coming to Bay City for a visit. Lisa dreams that Jamie screams at her for not telling him she knew Vicky was pregnant. Jamie goes to the loft to see Vicky. Vicky admits to Jamie that she's carrying his child. He tells her it doesn't change his love for Lisa but it does affect his life. Lisa takes Jason to the office to be questioned and Jason tells her that she and Jamie are jinxed as a couple. Chris gets nervous when John asks if she wants to have dinner with Donna and Michael. Jason lies to Rick and Courtney about his whereabouts on the night of Drew's disappearance. Lisa calls the hospital and finds out Jamie hasn't been in all morning. Jamie is angry that Vicky kept her pregnancy a secret and refuses to leave until he gets more answers. Chris asks John if they can take Mikey on a picnic. Nicole arranges for a limo to pick up Cass at the airport. The limo driver tells her that Cass left the day Drew disappeared due to mechanical problems on the plane. Vicky tells Jamie that Lisa begged her not to tell him about the baby.

AUGUST 25, 1988 (EP. #6136)
Jason tells Josie that he's on her side about seeing Matt. Michael doesn't tell John that Chris kissed him. Chris, John, and Mikey leave for their picnic. Ronnie tells Jake she will get a lawyer to review their producer/artist contract then asks Zack to be her lawyer. Jason suggests that Josie try to get a job at Brava to impress her mother and enable her to see Matt. Jason tells Sharlene that Michael made a pass at Chris. Jason convinces Sharlene to be his alibi for the night of Drew's disappearance. Jake tells Marley their California landlord called and they have to make a decision about where they will live. Matt and Josie are kissing on the dock when they notice something floating in the water. Michael pressures Zack into moving faster with the adoption proceedings. Zack says he's gone as far as he can and suggests Michael get a more unethical lawyer if he wants things done more quickly. Sharlene tells John that Michael made a pass at Chris. Matt realizes it's a jacket, not a body, floating in the water. He pulls a wallet out of the jacket pocket and is stunned to find Drew's license inside.

AUGUST 26, 1988 (EP. #6137)
Matt takes the jacket and wallet home and tries to throw them away when Ada catches him. She tells him he can't throw it out because it's evidence. They decide to show the jacket to Mac. Jamie demands to know why Lisa kept Vicky's pregnancy a secret from him. Courtney and Rick tell Mac that the D.A. decided there wasn't enough evidence to convict anyone in Drew's case so it's being dropped. Bennett Publishing calls Mac to say they want to proceed with the takeover. Ada and Matt give Mac the jacket and Mac calls the police to tell them. Marley tells Jake the reason she wouldn't reconcile with him is that she found out she couldn't have children. Jake tells her it was a stupid thing to let come between them. Vicky finally tells Bridget she is pregnant. Jamie tells Lisa he's very disappointed in her. Jake informs Marley that he doesn't care if she can't have children because he only wants her. Jamie hears Rick say they are going to arrest Mac. Rachel tells Bennett they will never get Cory Publishing via blackmail. Jake and Marley declare their love for each other. Jamie doesn't want Lisa with him when he goes to see Rachel. Lisa asks if it's over between them.

AUGUST 29, 1988 (EP. #6138)
Michael and Donna walk in on a passionate moment between Jake and Marley. Cass and Nicole learn of Mac's arrest on the radio. Rick tells Zack that Mac has been charged with murdering Drew. Michael confronts Jake over his previous affair. Cass tells Nicole that he didn't kill Drew but Nicole isn't sure she believes him. Jake tries to convince Michael he has changed for the better. Donna is surprised when Michael says he supports Jake and Marley. Donna gives Marley the ultimatum of having Jake in her life or her mother. Cass and Nicole declare their love for each other. Rachel watches as Mac is taken to a jail cell. Michael convinces Donna to help Marley and not hurt her. Mac sits in the jail cell thinking of Rachel.

AUGUST 30, 1988 (EP. #6139)
Vicky tells Jason that she's having Jamie's baby. Donna tries to apologize to Marley but Marley hangs up on her. Rachel tells Amanda she fears Mac will be indicted for murder. Josie begins her first day at BRAVA and sees Matt. Donna remembers Michael threatening to kill Drew at TOPS and asks him if he had anything to do with Drew's disappearance. Zack tells Rachel that Mac will be released on bail. Jason tries to convince Vicky that Jamie will break up with Lisa and stay with her because of the pregnancy. Jamie sees Lisa and Vicky together. Matt is depressed over finding the evidence that put Mac in jail. Zack worries when Sam says he should have killed Drew himself. Jamie tells Lisa that it's going to be difficult for them to be together with Vicky being pregnant. He admits to being hurt that Lisa kept such a huge secret from him. Sam asks Amanda what happened the second time she went to see Drew. Amanda finally admits that Drew tried to attack her. Sam comforts and hugs her. Matt tells Josie he wants to be with her. Rachel is furious when she finds them together. Zack calls the Cory family to the station to oversee Mac's release. When Donna questions Michael again about Drew's disappearance, Michael yells at her to never ask him about that night again.

AUGUST 31, 1988 (EP. #6140)
Mitch is trying to comfort Felicia as she suffers through writer's block. A distraught Lisa interrupts them and asks for Felicia's help. Donna questions Michael about the night he disappeared from Jamie and Lisa's engagement party. John asks Chris why she didn't tell him the truth about what happened with Michael. She says it was a harmless flirtation that got carried away. John is ready to call Michael but Chris asks him to let it slide. Donna tells Bridget that she fears Michael was involved in Drew's murder. Bridget reveals info she head from Mr. Gray, a Cory board member that Mac made several threats against Drew. Lisa asks Felicia how she can fight Vicky and get back on track with Jamie. Felicia stuns Lisa by saying that Jamie's greater concern should be the baby. Felicia says Lisa should consider breaking up with Jamie for the baby's sake. John asks Michael why he made a pass at Chris. Donna asks Chris if she knew that Michael came home the night of the engagement party. The lights go off and Bridget screams. John doesn't believe Michael's version of what happened with Chris. Chris replaces the fuse and gets the lights back on. Vince apologizes to Mary for letting Jake and Marley move in without consulting her. Edward Gray tells Donna that if the police knew about Mac's threats it would only make things worse. Donna agrees but later calls the police to tell them they should interview the board members. Mitch suggests that he, Lisa, and Felicia go away for the weekend.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1988 (EP. #6141)
Josie is nervous when she has nothing to wear to the Brava formal tea. When Josie leaves, Sharlene dips into her private cookie jar cash stash. Everyone at Brava gives Mac the silent treatment. Kevin arrives to tell Mac he's been released from the clinic and plans to start over in California. Cass convinces Nicole to go to Atlantic City with Mitch and Felicia. Mac tells Rachel that it would he helpful to find the person who helped Drew stage the damning photographs. Sharlene buys Josie a prim dress from Nicole's salon. Josie tries to be polite about the dress but she doesn't think its right. Jason gives Sharlene money for a proper dress and she wonders where the cash came from. Chris tells John that she can't sleep with him or anyone else. Cass breaks into Drew's suite and hides when Jason enters. They end up deciding to case the place together. Sharlene gives Josie another dress that she loves. Kevin, Tracy, and their father make amends. John tells Chris he will wait for her no matter how long it takes. Josie tells Matt she can't be his date to the tea but she will see him there.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1988 (EP. #6142)
Jamie pays Lisa an early visit and tells her how much he misses her. He asks her if she would agree to adopt his child and she says she needs to think about it. Rick and Courtney question Mr. Gray about Mac and is tricked into telling them that Mac said he could kill Drew for the trouble he caused. Mac burns the pictures of Drew and Amanda. Michael tells Donna he was at Mary's place for a meeting at the time of Drew's disappearance. Evan comes to Liz for a job but since he has no resume, she turns him down. Vince prepares an elaborate dinner for Jake and Marley's first night in their new home. Marley agrees to let Donna visit her at the McKinnon's house. Ada advises Jamie not to marry Vicky for the child's sake if he doesn't love her. Lisa goes to see Vicky to say they should both back off and let Jamie make a fair decision. Donna asks Vince if Michael was with Mary the night of Drew's disappearance and Vince denies. Lisa tells Jamie she doesn't think her adopting his baby would work because Vicky deserves to be with her own child. Liz allows Evan to see Rachel and she tries to decide if she should hire him or not. A man from the photo lab who developed the pictures of Drew and Amanda goes to see Rick and Courtney. Lisa tells Jamie she is going away to Atlantic City to give him time to think. Donna confronts Michael and he admits he was at Drew's hotel on the night he disappeared.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1988 (EP. #6143)
Rick barges in on Mac's board meeting and accuses him of killing Drew over the pictures of Amanda. On the way to the airport to Atlantic City, Lisa says she has to go back because she doesn't want to leave Jamie. Mac explains to Rick that he didn't mention the pictures because he was trying to protect Amanda. Michael tells Donna he wasn't with Drew, that he was at the hotel to meet with a lawyer about bribing officials so they could keep Mikey. Courtney doesn't agree with Rick that Mac is guilty of murder. Mac steps down as chairman of Cory and appoints Rachel in his stead. Cass and Nicole end up having to stay in the same hotel room as Felicia and Mitch. The lawyer tells Michael that he isn't able to assure him of Mikey's custody. Rachel isn't pleased with her new position.

SEPTEMBER 6, 1988 (EP. #6144)
Sam questions why Amanda left Alli to visit him at work. Amanda tells Sam she wants to come back to work. Rachel isn't handling her new position as chief very well. Sharlene is stunned when Jason gives her a new mink coat. Rachel isn't happy when Josie gets a call from Matt. Matt meets Andrea, a new girl at school. Sam agrees with Amanda's decision to come back to work. Josie decides to surprise Matt at school. Sam and Evan get acquainted. John assures Chris that he and Sharlene are just friends but John doesn't like all the secrets Chris keeps from him. Josie feels out of place when she sees Matt with his new friends. Evan isn't happy to be working with Amanda. Dressed as a cleaning person, Jason enters the Brava reception area.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1988 (EP. #6145)
Jamie tells Lisa that Vicky won't interfere in their lives anymore. Vicky's doctor questions her about the baby's conception. Jake and Marley discuss her refusal to believe she can't have children. Jamie is shocked when Lisa thinks they should try and get custody of Vicky's baby. John tells Michael he believes his version of the story about Chris. Jamie and Lisa tell Vicky they want to adopt her baby but she refuses to give it up. Chris tells Sharlene that John asked her to marry him. Donna and Michael decide to go to Washington to get help in adopting Mikey. Matt seems unsurprised when Josie tells him that she was Riviera. Marley tells Jake that Vicky is pregnant.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1988 (EP. #6146)
Felicia, Cass, Nicole, and Mitch are in Atlantic City filming Felicia's TV show. Mac yells at the DA and asks if he's being charged with Drew's murder. Sharlene tells John that Chris said they were getting married. John is angry that Chris is telling lies. Rick and Courtney enter the Grand Jury waiting room with a plastic bag of evidence. Mac decides he wants to testify though Zach tries to stop him. Zack eventually talks Mac out of testifying but Mac is attacked by questions from reporters. John visits Chris and finds a wedding dress in her closet. Chris tries to seduce John but he resists. Felicia, Mitch, Nicole, and Cass attend a magic show where Felicia is hypnotized. When the magician asks Felicia her name she says "Fanny Grady." John tells Sharlene he is going to investigate Chris's secrets. Zack tells Mac he has been indicted for Drew's murder. At the magic show, Drew Marston watches as Felicia is hypnotized.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1988 (EP. #6147)
Rachel gathers the family to say they need to start investigating to find out who the real murderer is. Under hypnosis, Felicia acts like a 16-year-old and flirts with Cass. Jake visits Vicky and tells her he knows about her pregnancy. Jamie and Lisa get passionate when he says he refuses to give up on them. Jake questions Vicky's conception date. Evan offers Mac support but says Bennett Publishing is starting the takeover attempts again. Zack is pleased by Evan's countering plan. Vicky assures Jake he isn't her baby's father. Cass is convinced Felicia was faking her hypnosis. Amanda looks at Evan with interest. Vicky faints during Donna's visit. Drew calls the chief and celebrates when he learns Mac was charged with first degree murder.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1988 (EP. #6148)
Cass sees Drew making a call in the casino and tries to listen to his conversation. Jamie arrives to examine Vicky and says she is fine. At home alone, Lisa is distraught that Jamie ran out on her. Jake and Marley talk about seeing specialists in order to conceive a child. Jason gets a call from Drew that reveals they've been working together all along. Vicky tells Donna she's pregnant with Jamie's baby and Donna assures her that everything will work out. Lisa sends Jamie home because her romantic mood is broken. Jason lies to Sharlene that he has been playing big stakes poker and that's the source of his cash. Donna visits Lisa that Jamie will be a big part of Vicky's life and that she will fight hard for him. Michael encourages Marley to try and have a child. Felicia calls Lisa to tell her to fight for Jamie. Sharlene advises Jamie by telling him stories of his father and tells him to follow his heart. Cass keeps his distance from Nicole so he can figure out what's going on with Drew. Donna interrupts Lisa and Jamie's passion to warn Jamie that he had better take care of Vicky and the baby.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1988 (EP. #6149)
Zack tells Mac that his court date won't be until after the New Year. Cass and Evan have a tense meeting when Evan demands that Cass tell him what info he has for Mac. Sam and Amanda take Alli to work with them when the sitter cancels. Chris visits John and he asks her why she lied about their engagement. Chris says that Sharlene lied because she wants John for herself. Amanda questions whether she's doing the right thing by juggling a career and motherhood but Rachel reassures her. Nicole is furious to learn that Cass went back to Bay City without telling her. Cass tells Mac that he saw Drew in Atlantic City. Evan hears the news and says they need more than Cass's word to prove that Drew is alive. Felicia and Nicole run into an old friend of Wally's. John meets with Zack to talk about the problems with Chris and wants legal advice about firing her. Zack tells him he has to get documented proof of Chris's bizarre behavior. Evan comes up with a plan to have Cass go back to Atlantic City and ask people to identify Drew with a picture.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1988 (EP. #6150)
Evan visits Amanda at the loft while Sam is at work. Marley tells Donna she can't have kids but rejects Donna's sympathy. Jake confronts Jamie over his plans for Vicky. Jake and Jamie almost come to blows. Vicky tells Amanda she loves Jamie and asks for Amanda's help. Rachel reels when Evan exceeds his authority at Brava. Jake tells Donna that Jamie said he wasn't sure what he was going to do about Vicky's pregnancy. Evan suggests Sam may have to take a pay cut but Rachel nixes that plan. Vicky takes Alli to the Frame farm and Jason tells her that Jamie and Jake nearly fought earlier. Donna visits Rachel to talk about Vicky's pregnancy. Rachel is shocked to hear that Vicky's pregnant but doesn't agree with Donna that Jamie and Vicky should wed. Rachel asks Ada for help in protecting Jamie from Vicky. Jason tells Vicky he will help persuade Jamie to marry her if she agrees to help him out of any scrapes he may get into. Vicky gets angry when she learns of Donna's visit to Rachel and warns her mother to butt out. Rachel visits Jamie and tells him she supports him though she's upset she learned of the baby from someone else. Jamie remains undecided about what to do.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1988 (EP. #6151)
Cass tries to sneak away from Nicole in Atlantic City but she catches him. Nicole yells at Cass for keeping secrets from her. Cass meets up with Arnie and shows him Drew's picture. Josie admits to Sharlene that she's bored working at Brava. Sharlene tells Josie to give the job more time and go easy on Rachel because she's having a hard time. John tells Michael about the wedding dress he found in Chris's closet and her strange behavior. Michael advises John to have Mary talk to Chris and then distance himself from her. Arnie tells Cass he has seen Drew but needs a couple of days to figure out what Drew's up to in Atlantic City. Matthew tries to stand up for Josie when she's yelled at for not doing her work. Chris threatens to take action when John says they can't work together anymore. Chris lies to Jason that John fired her because she didn't have feelings for him. Jason hires Chris back on. Cass tries to talk Felicia into getting married at the racetrack but she'll only do it if he will. Nicole is upset when Cass says he can't return to Bay City with her. Sharlene approaches Felicia when she returns and says she doesn't want to work at TOPS any longer. Michael asks Nicole to watch out for Donna while he goes to Washington about Mikey. Josie and Sharlene laugh over the fact that they both quit their jobs. Sharlene suggests they take in college kids to make money. Chris tells Michael that he and John won't get away with what they've done to her. John tells Jason that either Chris goes or he does.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1988 (EP. #6152)
Mitch isn't thrilled by Cass's idea of a racetrack wedding but Felicia tries to talk him into it. Felicia helps Lisa devise a plan to reunite her with Jamie. Donna helps Vicky by cleaning the apartment and advising her on how to win Jamie. John tells Sharlene about firing Chris and they go over her file to see if she has an unstable history. Ada advises Jamie to marry only for love and to make sure Vicky's baby is his. John asks Sharlene to go with him to talk to one of Chris's relatives. Matthew asks Felicia to talk to Sharlene about him and Josie and also asks for advice on talking to Rachel. Chris warns Donna that the Hudson's won't get away with what they've done to her. Donna asks Michael to come home immediately. John and Sharlene talk to Chris's aunt Lucy and find out Tony was her husband, not her brother, and she hasn't been the same since his death. Felicia warns Vicky not to underestimate Lisa and says she will fight for Jamie. Chris threatens John with harassment charges if he doesn't rehire her. Jamie tells Rachel that he wants to be with Lisa, but his first concern is for his child. Mitch talks to Sharlene about giving Matt and Josie a chance. Mitch tells Felicia that he'll go along with the racetrack wedding. Chris accuses Sharlene of turning John against her. Ada and Matthew make their case to Sharlene who agrees to let him date Josie. Rachel tells Vicky that she won't allow her to trap Jamie.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1988 (EP. #6153)
Cass overhears Drew make a call to Jason. Sharlene calls Vince with a business proposition. She wants to be his food supplier and Vince agrees. Lisa tells Jamie that she wants to get married still. Nicole is upset when Cass says he won't be back for another week. Nicole worries that Cass is bored with her. Drew asks Jason to find out why Cass is following him in Atlantic City. Jason agrees to buy Josie a winter coat from the salon and then tries to dig at Nicole for info on Cass. Jake thinks Marley should stay with Vicky full time until she gets her life in order. Donna warns Lisa not to upset Vicky any further. Vicky worries about not being able to handle her pregnancy or the baby.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1988 (EP. #6154)
Jake tells Vicky that he will help her fight Lisa and her relatives. Mitch tries to get Felicia to change her mind about their racetrack wedding. Amanda warns Jamie to take Vicky's health into consideration. Matt wants Josie to get to know Mitch and Felicia and arranges a dinner. Marley gets sentimental while holding Alli. Evan is fascinated by Sam's paintings and tells Amanda he will call people about them. Vicky tells Marley that she intends to handle her own problems. Jake tells Lisa to stop hassling Vicky.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1988 (EP. #6155)
Chris asks Jason for her job back. Sharlene comes in and Chris blames her for the strained relations with John and Jason. Chris threatens to sue Frame Construction and storms out. Sharlene tells Jason she thinks Chris is disturbed. Ada talks Mac into using his time off to spend time with his family. Chris goes to see Courtney and says she wants to press sexual harassment charges against Jason and John. Sharlene is not thrilled by Josie's date with Matt. Sharlene asks Josie to help with the chores before she goes out. Mitch visits Mac to ask if Mac will help Rachel lighten up about Josie and Matt dating. Mac promises to talk to her. Jason blames John for Chris's sexual harassment charge. Matt decides to help his parents by working at BRAVA after school. Mac tells Nicole that Evan talks to Cass daily and can fill her in on him. John tells Zack that he's not willing to rehire Chris. Evan asks Nicole out to dinner and she agrees in the hopes of learning more about Cass. Matt asks Mac about the project Frame Construction is building but Mac doesn't know anything about it. Matt suggests Jason could be involved in the takeover plot. Mac calls Liz and asks her to learn all she can about Jason. John kisses Sharlene on the cheek after she talks to him about Chris.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1988 (EP. #6156)
Mac convinces Rachel that she's being too hard on Matt and Josie. Michael visits Jake to find out what's going on with him and Marley. Jake tells Michael that Marley moved in with Vicky to cheer her up about Jamie. Arnie helps Felicia make phone calls about her racetrack wedding. Donna tells Michael that Vicky is pregnant with Jamie's baby. Michael visits Vicky and promises to talk to Jamie about doing the right thing. Evan visits Amanda at the loft to tell her he invited an art dealer to look at Sam's paintings. Mitch admits to Felicia that a racetrack wedding scares him. Evan gives Caroline the art dealer a tour of Brava and introduces her to Rachel. Evan suggests that Mac take care of Alli instead of Rachel having to bring her into the office. Jamie checks in on Donna but she refuses to let him touch her. Michael demands to know what Jamie plans to do about Vicky's baby. Michael tells Donna that Rachel berated Vicky about the baby. Caroline is not too thrilled by Sam's art but Evan pleads with her to buy it, saying it will help him professionally and personally. Donna goes to the Cory mansion and yells at Rachel for confronting Vicky.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1988 (EP. #6157)
Lisa tells Jamie she wants to set a wedding date. Rachel avoids telling Mac about Vicky's pregnancy. Sharlene agrees to rent a room to David and Kenny, two college students. Sharlene tries to tell Vicky that marrying Jamie is the wrong thing to do. Lisa calls Vicky while Jamie is visiting her. Vicky has a nightmare that Lisa, Rachel, and Felicia all yell accusations at her. Josie hears Rachel and Sharlene talking about her relationship with Matt. Josie and Matt fantasize about having their own place. Lisa tells Jamie she's changed her mind and they shouldn't see each other anymore. Jamie tells Rachel to stay away from Vicky.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1988 (EP. #6158)
Jake finds out he got the job as a documentary director. Marley thinks Vicky should buy a small house so she and the baby will be comfortable. Felicia makes plans to take Lisa for a country picnic to distract her. John asks Mary to meet with Chris to find out what's going on. John has Chris meet him at the boat and Mary arrives to hear part of their conversation. Jason meets with Zack about Chris's case against Frame Construction. Jake tells Ronnie he can't shoot her video because of his new job. Jake tells Vicky that Lisa and Jamie broke up. Jason learns that Cass is involved with Cory Publishing. Felicia visits Vicky and warns her not to plan on marrying Jamie. Jason accuses Chris of being paid by Rachel to ruin Frame Construction. Vicky convinces Jake to take Marley home with him. John is devastated after hearing Chris talk about her past and tells Mary he won't desert Chris.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1988 (EP. #6159)
Evan asks Caroline to find out where Cass is and says there's a good reason he wants Sam's paintings sold. Felicia tells Nicole to plan on a double wedding. Caroline pumps Nicole for info about Cass to no avail. Jason waits for an important phone call. Mac finds out that Vicky is pregnant with Jamie's child. Matt and Josie meet Vivien who used to work for Iris Cory. Mac tells Michael that he doesn't want the dealings between Jamie and Vicky to ruin their friendship. Jason asks Nicole for a number for Cass but she won't give it to him. Rachel is overwhelmed with work at BRAVA. Mac gives Vivien a job at the house. Nicole confides to Michael that she thinks something happened to Cass. Lisa tries to give Jamie the engagement ring back but he won't take it.

SEPTEMBER 28, 1988 (EP. #6160)
Rick asks Liz to verify Mac's whereabouts on the day Drew disappeared. Donna is hesitant to go to Washington with Michael because of Vicky's predicament. Donna is thrilled to learn Lisa broke off her engagement to Jamie. Liz gives Rick Mac's appointment book. Jamie tells Vicky that he loves Lisa but he wants to be a part of his child's life. Vicky is devastated by Jamie's words. Matthew tells Mitch about his suspicions of Jason. Donna is upset and hurt that Bridget knew about Vicky's pregnancy before she did. Michael suggests that Marley and Jake stay in the suite while he's away but Jake doesn't think it's a good idea. Julie Ann tries to convince Rick that Mac is innocent but instead she makes him think another Cory may have murdered Drew. Jake tells Michael he's worried that Marley will become attached to Mikey if they stay in the Hudson suite. Vicky tells Donna she plans to get Jamie to marry her and says her baby will grow up happier than she did. Jamie asks Mitch about Lisa. Donna feels she was a bad mother but Michael reminds her she can start over with Mikey. Mary tries to talk Michael and Donna out of going to Washington but they are determined to fight for Mikey. Jake tells Vicky that he's doing a documentary on the police department and he will be working closely with Lisa. Vicky is thrilled to think of getting to spend more time alone with Jamie.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1988 (EP. #6161)
Sharlene tells Josie about being in love with Floyd Watts when she was 17 and has never felt that way since. Caroline wants Evan to repay his favor of her looking at Sam's paintings. She wants editorial space about her gallery in Brava. John asks Sharlene to talk to Chris about the loves they both lost to the Vietnam War. John tells Sharlene that Chris also lost her son after the war. Courtney tells Chris that it will be hard to prove the harrassment without witnesses. Evan asks Mitch to work for Cory fulltime and take pictures of Caroline's gallery. Matthew tells Felicia how worried he is about Jamie. She advises him to stand by Jamie and also to confide more in Mitch. Rachel asks Amanda to cover Felicia and Mitch's wedding for Brava. Zack tells Mac that the D.A. wants to question all of the Corys again. Mac confides that Cass saw Drew in Atlantic City and went back to get proof. Caroline tells Amanda she is considering showing Sam's paintings. Zack tells Courtney that Chris is disturbed but Courtney insists Chris just needs a good lawyer. Rachel is not happy when Mitch tells her Evan gave him an assigment. Mac warns Amanda to be careful about what she says to Rick. Evan tells Mac and Rachel that someone is buying up Cory stock. Zack warns John that with Courtney on the case, the fight against Chris may be difficult. Matthew tells Rachel what Mitch told Jamie about missing a child growing up. Sharlene tries to bond with Chris over losing their husbands and Chris cries on Sharlene's shoulder. Mitch tells Rachel that he wanted Jamie to understand the regret he felt over hurting Matthew.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1988 (EP. #6162)
Vicky wonders if Amanda wants to end their friendship because of the difficulties with Jamie. Amanda insists on being friends with Vicky and Vicky confides that she fears something is wrong with her baby. Vince suggests that Jake has the infertility issue and says Jake should have tests done. Jamie tells Ada and Mac that Lisa gave him the engagement ring back. Mac and Rachel give Jamie advice about the baby. Ada thinks Jamie should go with her to see Amanda and then visit Vicky. Mary prepares Jake and Marley for the fertility tests. Captain Delaney tells Lisa that she is being appointed the liaison between the film crew and the police force. Lisa is happy to be kept busy so she can avoid thinking about Jamie. Amanda tries to influence Jamie into spending more time with Vicky but he gets angry and leaves. Mary and Marley discuss the options for having a baby. Rick wants to question Amanda and Rachel advises her to talk to Zack first. Evan gives Rachel more paperwork and Vivien is convinced she knows him from somewhere. Rachel invites Vivien to tell her what Iris has been up to. Amanda goes to the station to talk to Rick and sees Lisa. Amanda asks why Lisa kept Vicky's pregnancy from Jamie. Vivien tells Rachel that Evan may be someone who was very close to Iris, maybe even her lover. Caroline tells Amanda she will call in a few days about her decision to represent Sam. Evan tells Rachel that Caroline needs a loan to expand the art exhibit or she won't be able to display Sam's work. Rachel gives the loan but makes Evan swear not to tell Amanda or Sam. Drew calls Mac and says they will never see Cass again. Lisa finds out that Jake is the documentary director. Vicky tells Amanda that she and the baby are fine. Jamie visits Vicky at Amanda's and they talk about the baby having his last name. Jamie tells Vicky he doesn't love her.

OCTOBER 3, 1988 (EP. #6163)
Drew calls Mac and tells him that Cass won't be going back to Bay City. Cass suddenly walks in and asks Drew how the conversation went. Lisa persistently tells Rick that she won't work with Jake. Jamie tells Vicky that he will be a part of their baby's life. Cass and Drew are finished discussing their plan of taking over Cory Publishing. Drew is fighting Cass for the transmitter when the police cone in and arrest him. Amanda tells Rachel that she thinks she's working too hard. Rick convinces Lisa to work with Jake. Marley isn't too thrilled with Jake's idea to try and keep Lisa so busy at work that she hardly has any time for Jamie. Cass tells Mac that Drew has been arrested, and soon all of the charges against him will be dropped. Jake tells Vicky that his new assignment is about the investigation of Mac Cory and Lisa is working with him. Mary has Marley and Jake's test results. Liz calls Nicole and tells her she has great news. Rick tells Mac that Drew is denying everything he is charged with, which means Mac and Amanda will have to testify at his trial. Mary tells Jake that the tests showed that he has a very low sperm count. Jamie asks Lisa to stay for their celebration but Lisa hesitates to answer.

OCTOBER 4, 1988 (EP. #6164)
Sharlene asks Chris to drop the law suit against John and Jake. Amanda tells Sam how much she missed him while he was away. Jake is very upset about his test results. Evan tells Caroline to convince Sam that his paintings are fabulous, which will result in him quitting Brava to paint full time. Jake angrily confronts Vicky and tells her not to let the night they slept together slip to Marley. John tells Chris that he is going to see Mikey. John thanks Sharlene for convincing Christ to drop the law suit. Caroline is indirectly trying to convince Sam to give up his job at Brava. Jake tries to convince Lisa to stay at the police station and work but is unsuccessful. Sam tells Amanda about Caroline and her interest in his paintings. Sharlene tells John that Mikey can stay with her and Josie while Donna and Michael are away. Sam tells Evan that he might be leaving Brava so he can spend al his time painting. Kenny (one of the boys who rented a room at the farm house)
asks Josie to go out with him. Josie tells Kenny that she can't go out with him because she is involved with Matthew, but she wants to be his friend. John asks Sharlene out to dinner thanking her for all her help with Mikey, but she refuses. Sam tells Amanda that he is thinking about quitting his job at Brava. Amanda tells him she will stand behind him no matter what his decision is. Marley is very upset about the fact that Jake is working too hard.

OCTOBER 5, 1988 (EP. #6165)
Mac tells Rachel that he wants to start work at Brava again. Michael tells Donna that he still has qualms about using his influence to get custody of Mikey. Jason finds out about Drew's arrest. Drew tells Rick and Cass that he is entitled to one phone call, and he wants to call Jason Frame. Rachel tells Mac that he can't go back to work until the board reinstates him. After Jason gets a phone call from Drew, he decides to leave town. Sophie tells Liz that Nicole is having big money problems involving the salon. Drew catches Jason before he leaves. He tells him to back up his story to the police. Jason tells Sharlene about all his dealings with Drew. Sharlene says she will stand by him, and convinces him to go tell Mac the whole story. Michael and Donna ask Sen. Adams to help them adopt Mikey. Jason tells Mac the whole story of how he was working for Drew. Chris shows up at the farm house, she tells Matthew that she is there to pick up Mikey for Clara. Mac tells Jason that he will not press charges against him if he agrees to testify against Drew. Donna has a terrible feeling that something is wrong. Rachel tells Sharlene that Matthew is forbidden to see Josie. Matthew tells Josie that someone came and picked up Mikey. Michael gets the call from the Senator, who says things look good. Chris takes Mikey away in her car.

OCTOBER 6, 1988 (EP. #6166)
Jake and Lisa are still having disagreements at work. Felicia asks Cass if he gave any thought to having a double wedding. Matthew tells Josie that he will not give in to their parents' wishes. Lisa tells Felicia that she and Jake have been having problems at the police station. Liz asks Cass about Jason's involvement in Drew Marsten. Jamie tells Lisa that he wants to set their wedding date, but she says no. Amanda tells Vicky that she will always be there for her. Matthew gets an earful when he asks Liz about the Frames. Felicia tells Mitch about the double wedding. Jake is furious when he hears Marley tell Jamie about their problems. Matt secretly meets with Josie. Mitch tells Felicia that having their wedding at the racetrack reminds him of his relationship with Janice Frame. Jake tells Vicky that Lisa turned Jamie's proposal down.

OCTOBER 7, 1988 (EP. #6167)
Matthew asks Rachel why she won't accept him seeing Josie. Cass and Caroline get acquainted, agreeing to discuss art for the salon which annoys Nicole. Evan tells Amanda that Caroline plans to open a branch of her Chicago gallery in Bay City and support Sam's career with Rachel's loan. Evan suggests Amanda keep the loan a secret after Amanda advises him that Sam can succeed without bribes or deal-making. John compliments Vicky on how good she is with Mikey and offers support to her. Rachel tells Matthew about his conception and Mitch's affair with Janice while conspiring to poison Mac. Rachel tells Amanda that the loan to Caroline gives Sam's art more exposure and sales potential. Donna asks Nicole to check on Mikey at the Frame farm. Nicole is not impressed when Cass says that Caroline loves her designs. Cass is evasive with Nicole about checking out Caroline on a legal matter. Josie suggests Matthew let Mitch give his own version of Rachel's story. Amanda asks Rachel to visit Vicky with her. Sharlene advises Josie to support Matthew while letting him deal with his feelings alone. Evan arrives to see Caroline, just as she is coming onto Cass. Sharlene figures out that Mikey is with Chris when Josie says Matthew left the boy with one of Clara's neighbors, who has dark hair and used to babysit Mikey. Sharlene tells Nicole about Chris's past and mental issues. John decides to call the police. Matthew refuses to believe Mitch's explanation that he's changed and cuts Mitch out of his life. Rachel proposes that Vicky let Jamie marry the woman he loves. John reaches Donna by phone and tells her Chris may have kidnapped Mikey.

OCTOBER 10, 1988 (EP. #6168)
John gets a letter stating that the contract between Frame Construction and Bay City General is terminated. John tells Marley about Mikey, and she goes straight to Donna and Michael's. Donna and Michael return from Washington. Michael is at the police station when Jake overhears what happened to Mikey. He decides that this is going to be the central story for his documentary. John finds out from Mary that the reason why his contract was canceled was because several members of the board threatened to resign otherwise because of Jason. John asks Jason what he did to turn the hospice board against him. Rick questions Sharlene and Josie about Mikey while Jake is taping the whole thing. Rick questions Mary about Chris' mental stability. Michael tells Zack to get as many P.I.'s as he can to help find Mikey. John asks Zack to find out why Rachel influenced the board members against Jason. Mary tells Michael and Donna that the people at Human Services might not want Mikey returned to them. Jake convinces Donna to plead with Chris to bring Mikey back on tape, so it can be shown on all the evening newscasts. Josie tries to comfort Matthew after all that has happened. John is still trying to get answers from Jason about why Rachel has it in for him, but has no response.

OCTOBER 11, 1988 (EP. #6169)
Rick and Jake finally convince Donna to get on the video tape and plead with Chris to bring Mikey back. Mikey is alone looking at a picture of Chris and John. Mitch asks Rachel why she told Matthew about Janice without him there also. Jason tells Tina that he and Drew set up his whole disappearance and that he, with Drew's approval, planted all the evidence against Mac. Drew tells Tina that Mac paid Jason to lie. Donna finishes up her plea to Chris when Rick comes in and tells them that Chris' landlord may have given them a lead. Rachel tries to comfort Mitch and tell him that she will not let Matthew cut him out of his life. Rick finds out that Chris went shopping before she left and goes to Carlson's department store to see if they can figure out where she took him. Josie tries to comfort Matthew and pleads with him to trust her enough to tell her what's bothering him. Zack asks Ronnie to go to dinner but she refuses by saying that she doesn't have the time. Donna is afraid that the longer Mikey is gone the less chance there is of finding him. At the department store, they find out that Chris bought Mikey very heavy clothes and fishing tackle. They agree to check out all the lakes. Zack tries to talk Rachel into reconsidering Frame Construction for the hospice, but she is determined to see it fail. Mitch begins to tell Felicia about his and Janice's plan to kill Mac. Matthew, Josie, and Sharlene enter and when Matthew sees Rachel he leaves. Sharlene tells Jamie that maybe he should move home. Mitch tells Felicia that Rachel had slept with him to gain information about Mac and got pregnant. When Mac found out they split up, but things didn't work out for the two of them. Felicia is stunned, but still loves Mitch. Mitch tells her that there is more, but Rachel must tell her. Rachel goes back to the farm and finds out that Jamie is leaving. Lisa defends Jake to Rick as Donna listens, astonished.

OCTOBER 12, 1988 (EP. #6170)
Caroline and Evan come to talk to Cass about getting the money she needs to finance Sam's paintings. Vicky calls Michael and offers to stay with Donna a while. Michael begins to tell Donna about what happened with Chris the night of Lisa and Jamie's engagement party. Jamie yells at Amanda for suggesting that Rachel speak to Vicky. Amanda tells Rick that she will never forgive him for all the trouble he put her family through even though he tries to apologize. Donna tells Michael that if anything happens to Mikey it will be his fault for letting Chris near him. Cass offers his help with contacts on the street. Donna tells Nicole how worried she is about Mikey and their chances of getting him back. Julie Ann tells Rick that in time the Cory's will forgive him. He is grateful to her for being so sweet and he asks her to dinner when the Mikey case is over. Nicole is very curious as to why Caroline would be meeting with Cass, but she will tell her nothing. As Vicky tries to take care of Donna, Donna is busy telling her that Lisa is trying to take Jake away from Marley. Vicky tells her not to butt in. Ronnie tells Julie Ann that she said no to Zack because she doesn't want to play second fiddle to Courtney while she is away. Amanda asks Ronnie to set Vicky up in LaMaze. Cass tells Caroline that he needs to see all of her and Evan's financial records. She agrees and they plan to meet in her room tomorrow, which Nicole hears. Cass tries to tell Nicole not to be jealous of Caroline and that she is only his client. Caroline tells Evan about her meeting with Cass and they make plans to meet. Amanda encourages Sam to quit his job and go for the chance of painting so he won't regret it later on. Jamie goes to see if he can help Vicky from feeling so sad about Mikey. Amanda tells Evan about Sam possibly quitting his job at Brava and Evan tells Amanda how lucky Sam is to have a wife so devoted to his work. Michael asks Donna to put everything behind them to find Mikey and she agrees. Jamie tries to convince Vicky that everything will be alright with Mikey and with their baby. Vicky finally smiles.

OCTOBER 13, 1988 (EP. #6171)
Sam tells Amanda he cannot resign and leave Rachel all alone right now. Rachel yells at Matthew that he should be in class and he yells back that she can no longer tell him what to do. Vicky tells Jake to beware of Lisa because Donna thinks she has more on her mind than just helping him. Rachel tells Mac that she told Matthew about the past and at first he is mad at her, but realizes the strain she is under and offers to try and talk to him. Vicky calls Jamie and asks him to bring over Mikey's files for an ad campaign she's launching. Julie Ann tries to convince Amanda that Rick isn't really a bad guy and he was under a lot of pressure to solve the case. Lisa offers some more suggestions about the documentary for Jake. Jake makes plans to go out with John on his boat. Amanda tries to get Rachel to go home because she is so tired and worried about Matthew. Jamie tries to talk Matthew into talking to Mac so he can stop being so miserable. Donna tells Marley that she should not trust Jake with Lisa. Rachel gets it out of Sam that he wants to resign and she totally understands. She offers him her studio, but he angrily refuses. Jake and Lisa are working closely when Marley enters to try to talk with Jake, but Lisa interrupts that Delaney wants to see them immediately. Jamie warns Lisa about getting too involved with Jake. When he leaves Lisa is trying to help Jake with his camera strap and Donna sees them very close. Mac tries to explain to Matthew about what happened with Mitch and Rachel and tries to convince him that Mitch is a good person and has changed. Vicky asks Rachel to make a negative out of the picture she has of Mikey and while they wait, she assures Rachel that she can be a good mother. Donna accuses Lisa of trying to steal Jake from Marley. Mac explains to Matthew that he really isn't mad at Mitch, but rather angry that he isn't perfect. Matthew asks Mac for his help in dealing with it and Mac tells him that everyone will help him.

OCTOBER 14, 1988 (EP. #6172)
Donna and Victoria are in Michael's suite waiting to hear news about Mikey. Vicky starts to leave when Donna starts insulting the Frame's and Jake. Michael, John and Rick are on John's boat waiting to hear word about Mikey and Chris. Jake enters saying that he thinks he found the cabin which Chris rented. Chris is at the rented cabin with Mikey watching Donna's appeal on TV She turns the TV off and begins to pack. Rachel tells Mitch that Matt might be at the Frame farm. Mitch is about to go there when Rachel tells him that Matt is hurt and angry after hearing the news about Rachel and Mitch. Vicky visits Sharlene at the Frame farm. Vicky asks Sharlene if she could get a copy of the picture of Steven Frame, Jamie's dad. Rick, Michael, John and Jake discuss various plans on how to get to Chris and Mikey. Mac tells Rachel that he asked Liz to come over to bring him some work from the office and to explain to him why she opened up this family matter. John decides he will be the one to go and talk to Chris into giving herself up. He wears his army fatigues so that Chris won't recognize him before he gets to the cabin. Mac tells Liz how upset his family is since she told Matt about his father and Janice Frame. Liz tells Mac that she will make it up to him but Mac says he doubts she ever could. Chris is hallucinating about what happened in Vietnam. She is hugging Mikey and calling him Robbie (her son who died). When John knocks on the door, Chris thinks it is her dead husband Tony. Chris opens the door and Mikey runs into John's arms. John slips and calls Mikey by his name and this causes Chris to realize that John is not Tony. She snatches Mikey away from John, takes the knife and runs towards the door. Jason talks Jamie into coming to dinner at the farm. John gets Mikey back from Chris and Mikey runs out the door to Michael who is waiting for him in the woods. Chris starts crying and John tries to comfort her. John has a flashback of a situation that happened in Vietnam. Liz comes back and tells Mac and Rachel that she has decided to work with Nicole on her salon. Liz hands them her formal letter of resignation. Michael calls Donna and tells him they have Mikey. John tells Chris that they are going to get her help. Jamie, Sharlene, Jason and Vicky are having dinner. Vicky tells Jamie that if she has a boy she wants to name him Steven after his father. Donna thanks Jake for helping find Mikey. Donna promises never to interfere with his and Marely's marriage ever again. Mitch tells Sharlene that he and Janice (her sister) were lovers. Jason overhears this and blames Mitch for Janice's death.

OCTOBER 17, 1988 (EP. #6173)
Michael calls Mary to tell her that Mikey is home. Mary tells him that she needs to see him right away. Felicia stops by the Cory's house to ask Mac and Rachel to her wedding. Jason and Mitch fight about Janice. Sharlene manages to tear Mitch and Jason apart and Josie leads Matt away from the house. Mitch leaves and Sharlene asks Jason if he is sure Mitch and Rachel had something to do with Janice's death. Mac and Rachel try to talk Felicia into having her reception at the Cory house. Felicia tells them that there might be one problem due to the fact that it is a double wedding (Cass and Nicole are getting married as well) and Nicole is Vicky's aunt and Lisa is Felicia's maid of honor and if both of them are there it might lead to an uncomfortable situation. Mary tells Michael and Donna that the board granted them tentative adoption of Mikey. Donna and Michael decide to sell the suite and build their own house with grass and trees so that Mikey has somewhere to play. Michael, Donna, and Mary celebrate with champagne. Lisa and Felicia talk about the wedding. Lisa is not thrilled about the reception being at the Cory house. Jake calls Lisa up to work on the documentary. Lisa does not want to go but Felicia talks her into it by telling her that Jake might be able to convince Vicky into not going to the wedding. John visits Michael and Donna at the suite. John tells them that Chris has been admitted into the psychiatric ward. John then has the same flashback about Vietnam and leaves the suite. Lisa asks Jake if he is going to the wedding. Jake tells her that he does not like the Cory's after what happened to Vicky. Josie and Matt come back to the farm. Matt is nervous about staying because he doesn't want to see Jason. Sharlene tells Matt that he should talk to his dad. Mac and Rachel discuss plans for the wedding reception with Vivien. Mitch enters and tells Mac and Rachel that Jason plans to get revenge on them for Janice's death. Felicia comes to the Frame farm to talk Matt into attending their wedding. Matt tells Felicia that he wants nothing to do with his dad and then he runs out. Lisa visits Mitch to ask his advice on what to do about Vicky's possible appearance at the wedding. Michael asks John if he would build a new house for his family but Donna does not want Jason Frame involved. John says he won't turn his back on his partner and leaves. Jason asks Mitch questions about his relationship with Janice. Mitch and Jason exchange threats and Jason leaves without any answers from Mitch. Rachel tells Michael that she plans to make up the loss of income due to the cancellation of the hospice project to every vet. John tells Sharlene that he turned down the project his brother offered him because of Jason. Sharlene tells him that she thinks it would best if Jason and John split up. Matthew comes home and tells Mac and Rachel that he is not going to be at the wedding nor at the reception. He then tells them he is moving out.

OCTOBER 18, 1988 (EP. #6174)
Vicky waits at the hospital to take her sonogram and Jamie tells her the test will show when the baby was conceived. Vicky gets nervous and Jamie offers to stay with her while she takes the test. Felicia and Lisa pick out bridal shoes. Felicia wants Lisa to be fitted for her dress at Nicole's salon but Lisa feels uncomfortable because of the Vicky/Nicole connection. Donna tells Nicole that she can't be her matron of honor as long as Lisa is at the wedding. Jamie and Vicky watch the sonogram together and find out that she conceived the baby in late May and it will be due in late February. Amanda tells Sam she is happy that he's painting full time. Matthew tells Ada he isn't going to the wedding and he plans to move out of the mansion. Liz tells Cass that she quit her job at Brava so she can start working at the salon right away. Jamie tells Lisa he found out his baby's sex but Vicky doesn't want to know what it is. Nicole comes in to tell Lisa that Vicky is going to be her bridesmaid. Ada asks Jamie to have a talk with Matthew. When Vicky goes for her fitting, Nicole frets that she made things worse by having Vicky as a bridesmaid. Matthew and Jamie discuss Matt's anger with the family. Jamie tells Matt he's rented a two-bedroom apartment and wants Matt to move in with him. Nicole tells Felicia that Vicky can't be a part of the wedding. Lisa talks to Jamie about Vicky being in the wedding party. Felicia asks Sam to help her shop for a wedding present for Mitch but he's too busy painting. Donna gets angry when she learns that Nicole rescinded her offer to let Vicky be in the wedding party.

OCTOBER 19, 1988 (EP. #6175)
Rachel tells John that if he gets rid of Jason as a partner he'll start to get work again. Rachel won't tell John why she wants him out. Cass talks to Michael about Donna backing out as Nicole's maid-of-honor and fears that Donna is returning to her old ways. Caroline, John, and Zack discuss the proceedings for John building Caroline's new gallery. Caroline tells Evan that she hired Frame Construction to build the gallery but Rachel has to approve it first. Sharlene and Matt have a talk about family. Michael wants John to build his house but doesn't want Jason anywhere near the site. Jason gets upset when Sharlene threatens to tell John why Rachel is so angry with him.

OCTOBER 20, 1988 (EP. #6176)
Evan listens as Doug Ramsey calls Rachel to say he's coming over. Felicia tells Vicky it's a bad idea for her to even attend the wedding. Felicia warns Vicky that if she does come she had better not upset Lisa. Cass wants to investigate Evan's finances. Felicia asks Jamie to talk Vicky out of coming to the wedding. Rachel agrees to approve the loan for Caroline's gallery being built by Frame Construction. Rachel wants Doug Ramsey to meet the Cory staff. Doug and Evan meet in the office. Felicia and Mitch discuss their relationship. Nicole walks in as Caroline starts to make a pass at Cass. Cass convinces Vicky to come to the wedding. Evan secretly plots a Cory takeover.

OCTOBER 21, 1988 (EP. #6177)
Amanda tries to get Vicky to stay with her and Alli instead of going to the wedding but Vicky refuses. Amanda asks Vicky to watch Alli while she runs an errand. Matt and Jamie move Matt's stuff out of the Cory mansion. Nicole confides to Donna that Caroline has been making moves on Cass. Jamie warns Ada into not pushing Matt to go to Mitch's wedding. Sharlene plans a big lunch for John. Amanda and Jamie ask Vicky to go on a picnic with them instead of going to the wedding and she agrees. John and Sharlene try to convince Matt to go to the wedding by talking about family ties. John tells Jason about the deal with Michael and Donna. Jason is angry that Rachel has been badmouthing him. Jason threatens Rachel with revenge. Vicky promises Amanda and Jamie that the baby will know its family and she shows them the picture she has of Steve Frame. Mitch talks to Matthew and they have a moment of reconnection but then Jason tells Matt that Rachel killed Janice. Nicole tells Cass she doesn't want to get married on the same day as Mitch and Felicia because her family will ruin it for everyone.

OCTOBER 24, 1988 (EP. #6178)
Cass and Nicole tells Felicia to have her wedding without them. Matthew doesn't believe Jason's accusations against Rachel but Jason claims to have proof. Jamie takes Vicky on a boat ride to keep her away from the wedding. Felicia finds a spot for Cass and Nicole to watch the wedding where no one will see them and bother them. Matt insists that Rachel killed Janice in self-defense but Jason says it was a story made up to get Rachel off the hook. Nicole tells Donna her wedding was postponed. Cass and Nicole plan a private celebration for themselves. Josie tells Matt to be glad he has a father to be proud of and advises him to forget the past. Matt decides to go to the wedding after all. Arnie drives Felicia to the wedding in Wally's lucky car which makes her feel that Wally is with her. As the ceremony begins, Mitch and Felicia see Matt enter with Josie. Sharlene yells at Jason for upsetting Matt. Mitch and Felicia are pronounced man and wife as Nicole and Cass dance under the night sky. Matt tells Rachel about Jason's accusations. Mac warns Jason to stay away from his family or he'll end up in jail. Vicky feels sick after the boat ride and faints. Mac tells Cass he wants to strike a deal with Drew to get more info against Jason. Jamie returns to find Vicky unconscious and vows to take care of her and the baby.

OCTOBER 25, 1988 (EP. #6179)
Felicia and Mitch wake up as a married couple and discuss their wedding. Lisa makes suggestions to Jake about his documentary and wants him to go back out with the officers. Mitch gives Felicia a puppy named Samantha. Felicia asks John to remodel her kitchen at Tops. Mary tells Michael to keep Marley away from the hospital to visit Vicky because Marley needs to rest before having minor surgery. Donna gets angry when she sees Felicia talking to Jamie. Jamie tells Lisa why he wasn't at the wedding but expresses his desire to make a life with Lisa. Chris won't open up to Mary but says she'll talk to John. Donna accuses Jamie of hoping Vicky loses the baby so he can forget about her. Mary talks John into seeing Chris. Jamie arrives at Lisa's and she asks him to spend the night with her.

OCTOBER 26, 1988 (EP. #6180)
Rachel gives Julie Ann the job Liz used to have and her first assignment is to investigate Evan. Cass and Mac go to Drew for their plan against Jason. John asks Sharlene to go to the hospital with him so she can see Vicky while he visits Chris. Caroline and Evan talk about his financial situation. Drew tells Mac that Jason took the pictures of him with Amanda. Rachel promises to make Jason pay for everything he's done to the Cory family. John comforts Chris and remembers comforting a Vietnamese woman in Vietnam. Mac is voted back in to Cory Publishing as CEO. Evan impresses Mac and Rachel. Vicky wonders when Jamie will visit her in the hospital. Rick asks Julie Ann on a date. Julie Ann learns that Evan never gave the company a resume. Mac promotes Evan to executive vice president. Sharlene fantasizes about John. Mac and Rachel are in the midst of celebrating when Rachel opens the door to Iris Cory.

OCTOBER 27, 1988 (EP. #6181)
Vicky failed to convince Jamie and Ronnie she was well enough to be released from the hospital. Amanda was upset that Sam insisted on painting rather than spending time with her. Mac and Iris had a happy reunion. Rachel was skeptical when Iris said she hoped they could now be on better terms. Bridget offered to take care of Vicky during her pregnancy. Jamie decided to take Amanda to see Vicky since Sam broke their date night. Evan complained to Caroline over feeling overworked. Cass questioned Evan about discrepancies in his background check. Caroline told Sam she showed preliminary sketches to a client, who offered a first option for all of his work. Amanda gave Vicky some books on pregnancy. Rachel and Ada masked their distaste over Iris reminiscing with Mac and moving into the mansion. Jamie and Vicky were ecstatic when she felt the baby move. Caroline told Rachel she chose Frame Construction to build the gallery, not knowing about Jason and Rachel's feud. Drew informed Cass that he and Jason staged amorous photographs of him and Amanda to blackmail Mac. Cass made a deal with Drew to testify against Jason. Iris admitted to Mac that she traveled to forget her past mistakes and that she's estranged from Dennis. Sam was insulted when Iris assumed his sketches were Rachel's and scoffed at them.

OCTOBER 28, 1988 (EP. #6182)
Mac and Rachel enjoy a few quiet moments before Iris comes in to say that she plans on making Bay City her home. Jamie brought Mikey to visit Vicky. Iris asks Vivien about Michael and wants to know if he's friends with Mac. Jason suggests that Michael would be a good backer for their business but John doesn't want to ask his brother. Donna and Vicky are upset when Jamie and Lisa talk outside of Vicky's hospital room. Jason asks Vicky to be his financial backer. Iris informs Mac that she found an apartment but won't be moving for a while. Iris presents evidence that she is Mac's real daughter. Rachel sees a headline in the paper about Amanda and Drew.

OCTOBER 31, 1988 (EP. #6183)
Evan is on the phone with his chief and says he is pleased by the coverage of Amanda and Drew in the paper. Lisa warns Vicky that she won't be giving up on a relationship with Jamie. John finds out that Jason was involved in Drew's murder attempt and decides to dissolve his partnership with Jason. Mac and Cass visit Drew in prison. Jason tries to talk John out of his decision but it's to no avail. Jason tells Sharlene he doesn't want John anywhere near the farm anymore. Vicky convinces Jamie to release her from the hospital. Rachel tells Jamie to follow his heart where Lisa and Vicky are concerned. Amanda is persistently hassled by reporters. Drew tells Mac and Cass that he had nothing to do with getting the photos in the paper. Jamie assures Lisa that he won't let Vicky or their baby split them up. Iris is revealed as Evan's chief and has been involved with the whole scheme with Drew. Cass tells Nicole that he wants to honeymoon in Paris.

NOVEMBER 1, 1988 (EP. #6184)
Felicia visits Lisa and finds out that Jamie spent the night. Liz tells Nicole that the business needs money. Christian St. Jacques calls from Paris wanting Nicole's designs. Cass suggests Nicole go to Paris to make the deal with St. Jacques. Ada invites Lisa to dinner with her at Mary's. Donna wants to do something to help Marley and Jake but Mary advises her to let them work things out on their own. Felicia offers Sharlene a spot on "Breakfast with Felicia." Donna suggests that Caroline hire Marley as an assistant at the gallery. Sharlene refuses to go on TV. Sharlene tells Josie that if things get worse with Jason they may have to leave Bay City. Caroline and Evan are in bed talking about business and interviews for her new assistant.

NOVEMBER 2, 1988 (EP. #6185)
Mac tells Rachel that Iris is his natural daughter. Jason and Sharlene argue about the Cory's and Jamie arrives in time to break up their bickering. Sharlene goes to John's boat to talk about him working on the greenhouse. She opens up to him about her childhood. Vicky tells Jason she'll invest one quarter of a million dollars in Frame Construction but only to help John. Donna fills Iris in on everything she's missed while away. Vivien tells Rachel about the papers she found in Iris's dresser. Rachel expresses her feeling to Mac that Iris will never accept her as his wife. Caroline meets Marley and decides to hire her. Vicky gives Jamie a gift to give Amanda and there is a connection between them. Jason insinuates that John is developing a relationship with Sharlene to stay close to their construction business. Iris arrives at dinner with gifts for Mac and Rachel. Rachel is surprised by Iris's generosity.

NOVEMBER 3, 1988 (EP. #6186)
Cass tells Nicole she'll have a great time in Paris without him but she isn't as sure. Cass gives Nicole roses and tickets for a Parisian opera. Josie convinces Matthew to try and talk to his father. Mitch and Matt have a confrontation. Sam tells Mitch that Rachel thinks Jason turned the pictures into the paper. Mary tells Donna that Marley got the job with Caroline. Donna invites Jake and Marley to dinner. Mitch and Jason get into a fight that Josie breaks up. Josie later tells Matt about the fight. Caroline tells Jason that John is getting the job to work on the gallery and he storms out. Matt thanks Mitch for his defense with Jason. Michael asks Mary about the adoption proceedings for Mikey.

NOVEMBER 4, 1988 (EP. #6187)
Sam hides in the bushes at the Frame farm and when Jason comes home, Sam confronts him and threatens him for taking pictures of Amanda. Vicky stops by to see Amanda and find out how she's doing after the big scandal. Rachel and Mac are working at Brava when Evan comes in with bad news about the takeover. He tells them that Bennet Publishing started takeover plans again and this time it looks like it will happen. Sam and Jason get into a fist fight over the pictures of Amanda and Drew. Lisa and Jamie are making love when he suddenly thinks of Vicky. Mac finds out that Rachel mistakenly signed an agreement that allows board members to sell off their stock but Mac doesn't know how Evan let the paper be signed. Rick asks Julie Ann to dinner at the Pelican club. Vicky tells Sharlene that she invested a lot of money in Frame Construction but just found out that Jason probably pocketed all the money so she wants it back. Amanda comes home to find Sam bruised from his fight but he won't say who he scrambled with. Vicky and Sharlene find a badly beaten Jason but he refuses to go to the hospital or tell them who beat him. Rachel asks Evan how he didn't catch her mistake of signing the papers. He apologizes and says he'll try to correct it all. Sam finally tells Amanda that Jason took the pictures of her and Drew and he beat Jason up for it. Evan tells Mac he's taking full responsibility for the takeover attempt and will try to stop it. Vicky calls Jamie to tell him Jason is hurt and needs treatment. Before she leaves the farm, Vicky tells Jason that she wants her money back and when he feels better she will collect it. Jamie examines Jason and says he needs to go to the hospital. Iris tells Evan she will handle things alone from here on out and reveals that she's behind the takeover. Lisa is displeased when Jamie calls Vicky to tell her that Jason will be fine. Iris tells Rachel that she will give Mac money to bail him out but there is one condition.

NOVEMBER 7, 1988 (EP. #6188)
Vicky is upset that Jason conned her out of so much money. She tells Jake that she only invested the money for the sake of her child. Lisa suggests to Jamie that they talk about how he should deal with Vicky going forward. Iris outlines her demand in exchange for saving Cory Publishing: Rachel must resign. Iris contends that she wants to be a part of Mac's life since she is his daughter. Jamie returns Lisa's ring to her and she decides to wear it on a chain around her neck. Iris expresses an interest in Cory and promises Rachel that she's changed. She later tells Evan about her conversation with Rachel. Evan warns Iris that Drew may reveal that she's the chief. Sharlene has flashbacks of Sam saying Jason would pay for what he did to Amanda. Julie gets a call from Evan insisting that she come for an emergency meeting with Mac and Rachel. Mac defends Iris to Rachel, saying his daughter is trying to make up for problems in the past. Rachel visits Amanda and tells her about Iris's plans. Amanda reacts negatively to news of her half-sister. Vicky goes to see Jamie and Lisa opens the door. She asks to speak to Jamie about his uncle. Mac tells Iris that he feels torn between two very important women in his life. Sam confesses to Sharlene that he assaulted Jason. She apologizes to him for the trouble her brother has caused.

NOVEMBER 8, 1988 (EP. #6189)
Caroline wants to set another dinner date with Cass to discuss the gallery. Marley thinks the gallery should have revolving walls. Vicky demands her money back from Jason but he claims to have spent it all. Cass and Caroline leave the salon just as Nicole calls from Paris. Marley comes up with the idea to put a restaurant next to the gallery. Vicky tells Michael what happened with Jason and her father suggests she go on a relaxing vacation. Michael and Vicky talk to Cass about the money and Cass promises to handle Jason. Jason goes to Zack for help, but Zack doesn't believe his story and refuses to represent him. Mary and Jake talk about the baby situation but Jake gets mad which makes Mary worried. Cass warns Jason that he's looking at jail time. Sam and Amanda dream about his art exhibit while Marley and Jake dream about having their own baby. Vicky convinces herself that by talking to the baby she'll get Jamie to love her.

NOVEMBER 9, 1988 (EP. #6190)
Courtney and Mary inform Donna and Michael that Mikey has no living relatives as far as they know. Iris makes Caroline feel awkward when she has questions about Evan. Evan and Iris reveal themselves to be more than business partners. Rachel tells Felicia she was forced out of Cory by Iris. Donna invites Iris to dinner. Iris tells Evan that Felicia's book needs adjustments and invites him to have dinner with her and the Hudsons. Caroline gets upset when Liz tells her to back off of Cass. Liz counsels Matt on forgiving his parents. Mitch and Matt make plans to get together. Mary tells Michael and Donna that they've been cleared to adopt Mikey. Felicia admits to Mitch that Iris knew what she was talking about in regards to the book. Evan and Iris discuss Drew's release form prison. Iris warns Evan that he could end up in the same boat if he isn't careful.

NOVEMBER 10, 1988 (EP. #6191)
Sharlene gets a call from a collection agency looking for Jason who owes them $50,000. Jamie calls Lisa to make sure their dinner with Matt and Josie is still on. Lisa is upset when he says he has to first stop at Vicky's. Michael tells Vicky and Bridget about the adoption and offers to send them on vacation to Spain. Sharlene yells at Jason for taking Vicky's money and still having outstanding debts. She sees that he's cheating on his taxes and they fight about that as well. Michael tells Donna that Vicky needs time away from the strain that everyone puts on her. Vicky tells Jason she wants her money back because she's going away. Sharlene confides in John about Jason's mess and they vow not to let him hurt their lives anymore. Julie Ann and Rick have pizza in his office after Rick is told to cover the phones. Michael warns Jason to stay away from Vicky. Jason tells Michael that Donna knew about the loan. Lisa asks Jamie to come home after Donna stops by to accuse Lisa of running Vicky away. John asks Jason not to lie about his taxes and says he still cares about Jason and wants to be partners if things can get straightened out. Donna denies knowing about the loan to Michael. Lisa tells Jamie that Vicky is going away, thinking he will be pleased. Instead, he doesn't want Vicky to go. Michael meets with John and Mark Whitefeather, the architect, to go over plans for the house. Michael loves the plans and gives them the job. Matt and Josie share a close moment as he tries to teach her to play tennis. Jamie asks Donna and Michael where Vicky went but they refuse to tell him. Jason and Sharlene apologize to each other and she offers her brother a second chance. Jamie heads to the airport to look for Vicky.

NOVEMBER 11, 1988 (EP. #6192)
Rachel tries to sculpt but she can't work because she's too angry with Iris. Michael finds John staring at a photo from Vietnam and John admits that he can't get rid of the bad memories. Zack tells Mac that Drew was released from prison on a technicality. Mac vows to find the chief and make him pay. John talks Michael into going to see Chris with him. Ada tries talking Rachel out of telling Mac how much she hates Iris. Mac tells Evan he will be reporting directly to Mac and he tells Amanda that Iris will be editing her pieces. Felicia admits to Mitch that she's upset because Iris was right about her book but when Mac comes, she tells him she was happy with Iris's edits. Mac wants Felicia to write a book of memoirs but she refuses. Chris is upset over the loss of her baby and Mary comforts her. John asks Rachel for her support in him returning to work with Jason. Mac tells Iris that he's proud of the work that she's done. Ronnie brings lunch to Zack at the same time that Courtney shows up for their lunch date. Chris apologizes to Michael and tells him she knows she was wrong. Michael forgives her. Iris calls Evan into her office and with the door locked, tells him they have a half-hour. They start to undress. Courtney and Ronnie both have lunch with Zack and try to outdo each other to impress him. Zack gets a phone call and has to leave. Mitch sees that Felicia is having trouble writing and suggests that the memoirs might be a good idea. She tells him never to mention it again. Iris informs Julie Ann and Amanda that she likes them and is enjoying working at Brava. Julie Ann is impressed but Amanda is skeptical. John gives Chris the picture from Vietnam and says no one will replace Tony but assures her she will find someone. Rachel warns Mac that Iris is up to something. Amanda interrupts Evan and Iris talking and when he senses Iris's interest in Amanda, he knows she's definitely up to something.

NOVEMBER 14, 1988 (EP. #6193)
Vicky is approached by a man named Carlos who seems interested in talking to her until her notices she's pregnant. Jamie finds out that Vicky went to Majorca. Felicia and Mitch decide which photos to put in their wedding album. Josie meets Matt at the student union and is uncomfortable with his friends. Donna learns that she can have another baby. Jamie asks Lisa to go to Majorca with him to bring Vicky home. Mitch tries to rekindle his relationship with Matt but Matt won't listen to him. At the airport, Lisa decides not to go to Majorca with Jamie. Though he pleads with her, he ends up boarding the plane alone.

NOVEMBER 15, 1988 (EP. #6194)
Marley thinks she might be pregnant but Mary doesn't want her to get her hopes up. Vicky is shocked to see Jamie in Spain. She wants him to go home and let her forget about him. Ronnie agrees to go on a date with Zack. Caroline makes a lunch date with Cass and later calls Cristian in Paris and tells him to keep Nicole there. Amanda and Sam's romantic dinner is interrupted when she gets a call paging her to BRAVA. Evan gives Amanda tons of work to do before she can go back to Sam. Ines, a woman Vicky meets in Spain, tells Jamie and Vicky the moving story of Marcos and Infanta. Marley finds out she's not pregnant. Sam and Amanda finally reunite at the Pelican Club and have a sexy dance while Ronnie sings. Vicky refuses to go home with Jamie.

NOVEMBER 16, 1988 (EP. #6195)
Iris has ideas to renovate Cory Publishing. Josie invites Matt for dinner but when Jason can't stay, he warns the teens to behave themselves. Iris tells Rachel that she couldn't buy Donna and Michael's apartment because she couldn't wait so long for them to leave. Rachel calls someone about a penthouse for sale. Cass calls Nicole in Paris and Cristian, who is visiting, answers the phone. Matt goes to buy condoms and Kenny sees him. Jason and Iris meet up and he calls her "chief." Iris warns Jason not to get in her way. After their lunch, Caroline pays a waiter to say that Cass left the restaurant with her. Nicole calls the restaurant and is depressed to hear that Cass left with Caroline. Josie and Matt prepare for their big evening alone. Iris tells Jason their deal is still on and she wants him to live up to his end and leave town.

NOVEMBER 17, 1988 (EP. #6196)
Vicky and Jamie return from shopping to find a message that Jamie is needed back in Bay City. John and Sharlene have a close moment as they look over some papers together. Josie gets nervous being alone with Matt. Marley makes a romantic dinner for Jake to apologize for their argument the day before. She breaks down in tears as she tells him she thought she was pregnant. Vicky thinks Jamie may be falling in love with her because of how he's treating her in Spain. Jamie tells Vicky he has to leave the next day. They're both surprised that they got each other the same gift when they went shopping. Jake tells Marley he sometimes feels less of a man because he can't get her pregnant. Matt and Josie talk about trust as they sit in front of the fire. They start to kiss and seem ready to make love. They discuss if they're ready and realize they don't have to if they don't want to. Vicky still refuses to return home with Jamie. Sharlene and John fall asleep while they're working and when she wakes up, she finds him in the midst of a nightmare. Sharlene holds and comforts John. Matt gives Josie his ID bracelet. Jamie prepares to leave and Vicky finally decides to go with him.

NOVEMBER 18, 1988 (EP. #6197)
Felicia sees an ad about a magician performing at the Pelican Club. Mitch teases her about the time a magician hypnotized her. Iris tells Mac and Rachel that the penthouse she bought won't be ready for a while so Mac agrees to let her stay with them. Jamie comes home and tells Lisa they should talk but she makes excuses and runs to Felicia instead. Matt tells Josie he loves her and wants to wait until the time is right to make love. Mary and Vince discuss Pilara and Mary thinks Pilara needs her. Sharlene suggests John go to therapy about whatever's causing his nightmares. Jason blackmails Iris into giving him the spa contract. Lisa tells Felicia she worries that she and Jamie are growing apart. Mary questions Pilara about her attack and wonders if Pilara is protecting her attacker. Matt asks Mac to drop the charges against Jason. Iris tries to calm Mac when he learns she hired Jason. She promises to resolve the problem. Felicia visits the magician and records their session. John feels like the walls are closing in on him. Jamie overhears Lisa talking about her problems to Rick and realizes he needs to act immediately.

NOVEMBER 21, 1988 (EP. #6198)
Sharlene visits Mitch wanting the details of what happened between him, Rachel, and Janice. Mitch explains that Rachel killed Janice in self-defense and Janice tried to kill Mac. Felicia is hypnotized by the magician and becomes Fanny Grady again. Iris offers to cook dinner for Rachel, Mac, and Ada. Felicia relives her thirteenth birthday while in a trance and becomes upset when she remembers talking to a pastor. Jamie tells Mac that he loves Lisa but he knows he can't break away from Vicky because of the baby. Mac has no good advice for Jamie. Sharlene becomes upset when Mitch tells her that Janice was very insecure and disturbed. Felicia remembers that the pastor took away the nylons she received as a present. She runs out of the room when the magician breaks the trance. Rachel tells Iris to drop her act of being a real member of the Cory family. Sharlene tells Jason what she found out about Janice. Felicia plays the tape of her session but hides it when Mitch comes in. Josie takes Matt a picnic in the library. Jamie tells Lisa that he loves her and doesn't want to hurt her. They tenderly break up with each other and Lisa cries as she gives back his ring. Hilda and Vivien fight and Iris settles it by siding with Vivian. Matt reads Shakespeare to Josie and they start to kiss. A nerdy boy glares at them when they knock books to the floor. Rachel, Mac, and Ada join a dressed up Iris for dinner. Rachel becomes furious when she learns Iris saw Jason earlier.

NOVEMBER 22, 1988 (EP. #6199)
Jake wakes up feeling amorous but Marley says they can't until she takes her temperature to determine if the timing is right. Jamie tells Rachel about his break up with Lisa and she thinks it was a bad decision to end the engagement. Sharlene wants to have it out with Rachel but Jason assures her he will take care of everything. Donna gives Mary the news that she can still carry a child. Jamie informs Donna of his break up. Marley gets upset when she hears Vicky complain about being pregnant. Jamie tells Vicky that he and Lisa are over. Drew wants Jason to fly out to meet up with him. Sharlene hears Rachel's version of Janice's death and still believes Jason's story. Vicky tells Jamie that she's his friend and is always there for him. Iris promises to keep Donna's secret about the wedding. Donna tells Rachel that they could renew their friendship by planning an engagement party. As Vicky comforts Jamie, he kisses her.

NOVEMBER 23, 1988 (EP. #6200)
Caroline invites Evan to go to New York with her for Thanksgiving but he says he has too much work to do. Felicia invites Lisa to Thanksgiving dinner but Lisa is depressed and refuses. Alli and Amanda watch Sam paint when Evan comes by and makes a pass at Amanda when Sam is away. Alli starts to choke and Evan saves her. Courtney is troubled to learn Rick and Julie Ann are going on a date. Nicole plans to fly home to surprise Cass at the same time that he makes plans to fly to Paris. Caroline flirts with Cass as she drives him to the airport. Courtney reminds Julie Ann that she's black and Rick is white but Julie Ann says that isn't a problem for her. John and Lisa decide to see a movie together. Felicia is too frightened of what she'll hear to play the tape of her session. Nicole comes home to find that Cass has left for Paris. When Cass's flight is cancelled, Caroline starts to drive him back but their car gets stuck in a ditch due to the heavy snow. Rick and Julie Ann have a romantic date. John and Lisa commiserate about their romantic troubles and end up playing in the snow. Sam and Amanda invite Evan to dinner with the Cory's.

NOVEMBER 24, 1988 (EP. #6201)
Vicky decides to stay home and not go to the McKinnon's for Thanksgiving. Jason tells his family he won't be home for dinner because he has to go out of town. Rachel and Ada are happily surprised when Matt comes over for holiday dinner. Vicky is furious when Donna tells her she approached Rachel about throwing Vicky and Jamie an engagement party. Marley tells Jake the best time for conception is the next morning. Rachel invites Mitch to dinner and Matt treats him politely. Felicia resolves not to bother Jamie about Lisa. Donna is thrilled when Michael arrives at the McKinnon's dinner. Felicia tells Iris she's having trouble with her new book. Iris and Evan exchange looks when he arrives with Sam and Amanda. Sharlene gets upset when Josie tells about her date with Matthew. John then admits to going to the movies with Lisa. Sharlene regains her calm and they settle down to a nice dinner. Vicky resigns herself to spending Thanksgiving only with Bridget. Iris notices that Evan pays special attention to Amanda over dinner. Mac makes a lovely holiday toast. Donna gives Michael the news that they can have another baby if they want to. The McKinnon's turkey is burned after Donna meddled with the stove. Matt leaves the dinner early and Mitch wants Rachel to unite with him to face their son. Vince calms an upset Donna by telling her he's happy she's there because they're both survivors. Jamie stops by to see Vicky and joins her for dinner. John and Sharlene affectionately touch while doing the dishes but she shies away. Josie finds Matt by the mill and talks about his parents. He tells her the only time he's happy is when he's with her. Jamie and Vicky stop eating to feel the baby kick. The Cory's draw close together even as Iris subtly positions herself between Rachel and Mac.

NOVEMBER 25, 1988 (EP. #6202)
Zack gives Mac and Iris news about Bennett Publishing that makes her uneasy. Cass and Caroline return from their road adventure and Nicole wants every detail. Felicia listens to more of the tape and remembers more of her thirteenth birthday. Amanda tells Vicky she thinks Jamie broke up with Lisa because he's really in love with Vicky. Michael and Donna tells Marley that they got her an appointment with a fertility expert. Mac gets confirmation that Bennett Publishing is going under and plans a party. He thanks Amanda for all her help and Iris is jealous. Mitch finds Felicia's tape and listens to it. She comes in and yells at him. Lisa visits Vicky to tell her there won't be a reconciliation with Jamie. She asks Vicky to take good care of Jamie and leaves with both of them crying. Having not heard all of it, Mitch asks Felicia what was on the tape but she distracts him with a lie and a kiss. Caroline and Iris meet up and Iris tells Caroline not to expect to see much of Evan. Cass and Nicole decide to be happy to be together. Jamie tells Vicky that with time they could be good for each other and says he has something important to ask her. Mac is making a toast to the people at Cory for their hard work. Iris has a flashback of having a romantic tryst with Michael. She looks at him and he remembers it, too. Jamie asks Vicky to marry him and she turns him down.

NOVEMBER 28, 1988 (EP. #6203)
Vicky explains to Jamie why she can't marry him but he doesn't understand her reasoning. Vicky wants Jamie to love her and doesn't think it's enough for him to only love the baby. Nicole is annoyed when Caroline crashed Mac's private celebration. Jake runs out when he and Marley argue over money and having a baby. Felicia is terrified as she's on a street corner and sees a huge shadow overtaking her. She is relieved to find out the man is just a homeless man and she gives him money. Rachel tells Mac that she wants to return to work at Cory which displeases Iris. Evan tries to get Amanda drunk at the party and Caroline wonders what he's up to. Jamie suggests that Jake swallow his pride and borrow money for Michael for the fertility test. Iris has a flashback of happy times with Michael. Mac and Rachel remember when they first met. Jamie visits Vicky and they make plans to talk again.

NOVEMBER 29, 1988 (EP. #6204)
Josie and Sharlene worry about Jason and talk about having a man around the house again. John arrives looking dapper and carrying flowers for the ladies. He asks Sharlene to go to Donna and Michael's party with him. She turns him down but regrets it once he leaves. Courtney gets Lisa a lunch date with Ben. Rachel wants Sharlene to be on the committee for the Snowflake Ball but Iris doesn't think she's wealthy enough. Iris changes her mind when Jason calls her. Mac visits Sharlene to talk about Janice. He asks her to forgive Rachel and while he's there, Rachel calls asking to meet with Sharlene. Sharlene decides to go to the party after Josie coaxes her to, but when she can't get in touch with Michael, she changes her mind. The judge grants Donna and Michael custody of Mikey. Iris tells Jason that their deal is done. When Lisa calls Michael to talk to Courtney, John answers and asks her out to dinner. Sharlene feels lonely as she cooks dinner. Rachel wonders if forgiving Jason would help Matt come around.

NOVEMBER 30, 1988 (EP. #6205)
Mac worries that Iris is disrupting the family. He tells her to take Jason off the list of constructors. Zack tells Courtney he thinks she's prejudiced. Courtney tells him about her experiences with her father and Dr. King. Mary tries to get Pilara to confide in her. Amanda gets upset when Caroline says they should take pictures of Sam in order to sell papers. Caroline seems to be taking charge of Sam's life as he signs the final contracts to work with her. Zack sees Rick with Julie Ann and says he wants her to be happy. Mary doesn't like the way Rick questions Pilara. Amanda feels left out when Sam and Caroline celebrate good news. Iris looks at Amanda's notes on Michael that she left in the office.

DECEMBER 1, 1988 (EP. #6206)
Vicky sets up a romantic evening for herself and Jamie. Kenny needs someone to sing at a birthday party and Josie accepts in order to have money to pay for Matt's Christmas gift. Mitch and Rachel set up Matt to meet them at TOPS and they talk to him about Janice and Jason. Mary explains to Pilara that her release was delayed due to a computer breakdown. When Mary leaves, a tough kid named Reuben goes into Pilara's room. Jake is upset by the fertility doctor's abruptness. Reuben gives Pilara a watch but she questions the initials on it. Mitch gets angry over Matt's remarks to Rachel and Felicia overreacts, thinking Mitch will hurt Matt. Mitch is horrified that Felicia would think he'd hit his son. Mary tells Reuben to leave and warns Pilara not to go home because she's certain Reuben is a woman-beater. Vicky and Jamie open up about their childhoods over dinner. Vicky feels that everything Jamie does has to do with Lisa. The doctor says he can operate on Marley in the morning but Jake asks for more information. Pilara leaves without taking the pamphlets on abuse that Mary left for her. Marley convinces Jake that they shouldn't wait for the surgery. Kenny shows Josie the skimpy costume she'll be singing in. Vicky tells Rachel that she turned down Jamie's proposal which leaves her baffled. Jamie and Mitch commiserate at the bar over their respective bad days.

DECEMBER 2, 1988 (EP. #6207)
Sharlene asks John on a date but he turns her down because he has plans with Lisa. Josie doesn't tell Matt that she'll be wearing a costume at the frat party because she doesn't want him to know she took the singing gig to buy him a present. Felicia addresses a Christmas card to Noah Grady but rips it up. She then looks over a bunch of letters addressed to Noah that were marked, "return to sender." Jamie and Mitch are out on the town and Coral offers to buy Jamie a drink but he turns her down. Sam joins them to talk about his problems, too. Amanda laments to Vicky that Sam never showed up for their date and Vicky suggests she go out and party without him. Amanda and Vicky decide to go to the Pelican. Rachel and Ada ask Sharlene to work on the charity ball with them. Rachel also says she will suggest that Mac use Frame Construction for a project and Sharlene agrees to work on the ball. Josie is embarrassed to wear the costume but Kenny talks her into it. Sam realizes he's supposed to be with Amanda and rushes out to call her. Amanda comes in and is angry to see him there. Jamie is stunned when Lisa comes in with John. Ada tells Sharlene that she should liven up her life a little. Josie starts to enjoy herself as she sings and the boys shout and cheer for her. Jamie tells Lisa that Vicky refused to marry him and Lisa asks John to take her home. Sharlene has a fantasy about John and gets angry, throwing jars around the room. She feels liberated afterwards. Mitch and Felicia make plans for a romantic evening and she decides to write a new card to Noah Grady. Greg tries to make a pass at Josie and Kenny realizes that Josie is uncomfortable. Sharlene goes to put a note under John's door but he answers - clad only in pajama bottoms. Mitch asks Felicia about Noah. Rachel professes her love to Matt and tells him she would never regret having him. Vicky is angry when Coral offers Jamie a ride home.

DECEMBER 5, 1988 (EP. #6208)
Sharlene attempts to tell John how she feels about him and John asks her out on a date. Josie tells Ken that Matt won't like to hear how she got the money for his Christmas gift. Felicia grows upset as she tries to tell Mitch what it was like growing up with Noah as a stepfather. Jamie is drunk and wants to spend the night at Vicky's. While Jamie is sleeping, Vicky tries to express her feelings for him but she's hurt when he murmurs Lisa's name. Mitch thinks that Felicia should call Noah Grady. Jamie wakes up with a hangover and Rachel is surprised when she stops by and finds him there. Matt realizes that his problem with Rachel is of his own making and he attempts to reach out to her. Matt later tells Josie that he wants to focus on their relationship. Jake and Marley prepare for her operation. Matt invites Mitch to play a game of basketball in an attempt to mend fences between them. Felicia pretends to call Noah but keeps the phone's button depressed.

DECEMBER 6, 1988 (EP. #6209)
Sharlene frets about her appearance as she prepares for the committee meeting for the Snowflake ball. Jamie and Vicky go to visit Marley at the hospital and run into Lisa. Vicky is upset when Jamie is jealous of Lisa's interaction with Ben. Jason tells Michael that Iris has booked him to do construction on the Cory spa. Marley is told that she needs another operation but it still may not enable her to have a child. Jake asks to be put on staff at his job but instead he's fired. Vicky calls Video Match and pretends to be Lisa. Iris watches as Michael visits Marley. Vicky hires Jake to make a tape of Lisa for Video Match.

DECEMBER 7, 1988 (EP. #6210)
Iris tells Mac that if Felicia doesn't write her memoirs than Iris will do it for her. Mac is happy that Iris and Rachel seem to be getting along. Caroline's call interrupts a close moment between Sam and Amanda. Sam rushes out but promises Amanda they will spend more time together. Amanda asks Mac for more assignments at Brava. Caroline sets up an interview for Sam and pays people to be art groupies of his. Rachel visits Sharlene and lends her a necklace to wear to the ball. A building inspector finds violations at the gallery and warns Caroline that she can't open until they're fixed. Jason learns that Rachel is backing the gallery for Sam. Kenny asks Josie to sing at another party. Iris gives Amanda an assignment with Evan. Caroline calls John about the gallery work and he has to cancel his date with Sharlene. Iris and Evan plan a huge surprise.

DECEMBER 8, 1988 (EP. #6211)
Sam worries about his opening night being a success. Evan takes Amanda to Video Match for their assignment and asks her to take off her wedding ring. John visits Sharlene but she avoids talking to him after he cancelled on their date. Jake turns down a job at Video Match because it would only involve making tapes for clients. Zack asks Ronnie to be his date for the Snowflake Ball. Jason accuses John of really not wanting Sharlene which angers John. Amanda tells Auntie Rose at Video Match that Evan is her brother. Mary warns Reuben to leave Pilara alone which makes Reuben curious about what Pilara told her. Zack tells Courtney that he likes Ronnie as well as her. Sharlene feels better when John explains what happened to make him miss their date. But Sharlene is hurt when John suddenly leaves. Vince sympathizes with Jake's money problems. Jake goes back to Video Match to renegotiate the terms of his potential job. John asks Sharlene to be his date for the ball. Sam and Amanda share a close moment as they prepare for his opening night.

DECEMBER 9, 1988 (EP. #6212)
Sam is home with Amanda when Video Match calls her. Nicole gives Iris Rachel's dress for the ball. Lisa starts getting calls from strange men, not knowing her Video Match profile has been sent out. Amanda thinks Vicky should ask Jamie to the ball. Nicole gives Caroline a dress for the ball. Stefan visits Nicole and asks her to return to Paris and be an equal partner is his design firm. Lisa finds out about Video Match and tells them to stop having men call her. Nicole decides she can't leave Cass to go to Paris. Sam makes a first sale at the gallery opening. Felicia admits to Mitch that she lied to him about Noah. Iris tells Sam that Rachel backed the gallery. Lisa decides to put her name back in the dating pool at Video Match. Felicia tells Mitch that Noah treated her badly because she got pregnant as a teenager. Sam confronts Rachel about financing the gallery.

DECEMBER 12, 1988 (EP. #6213)
Felicia worries that Mitch will feel differently about her knowing that she had a teen pregnancy. Felicia gives him all the details of her past with Noah and Abigail and talks about the first boy she was involved with. Jamie agrees to go with Vicky to the Snowflake Ball. Sam is angry with Rachel for financing the gallery since he feels like she bought him a career. Sam is upset when Amanda admits that she knew all along. Sam tells Caroline that their working relationship is over and storms out of the gallery. Rachel is crushed when Amanda rebuffs her and instead seeks comfort from Iris. Felicia tells Mitch that her first boyfriend got her pregnant. She gets too emotional to tell Mitch how Noah reacted over her pregnancy. Iris tells Evan not to waste his chance with Amanda when he drives her home. Caroline finds Sam in a bar and tries to convince him that she thinks he has real talent. She also reminds him that he can't walk away from their partnership because he signed a contract. Rachel is angry with herself and Ada tries to comfort her. Felicia tells Mitch that Noah locked her away during her pregnancy and she ended up having a painful miscarriage. Mitch tells Felicia he loves her and comforts her. Jamie takes Vicky to his apartment when she complains of never having seen it. She's surprised that it's such a pit and he says that's why he never invited her over. Evan tells Amanda she shouldn't expect Sam to come home. Caroline makes a call to get reviews of Sam's work. Vicky tells Jamie that she knows he's still in love with Lisa. He agrees but says he hopes to stop loving Lisa and be friends the way Vicky is with Jake. Rachel asks Iris if she had anything to do with the gallery fiasco and Iris admits that she told Sam about Rachel's backing. Rachel tells Iris to stop meddling and worry about her own son. Iris calls her son Dennis and asks him to visit for the holidays. Jamie and Vicky dance together. Cass tells Caroline he received a telegram that her mother died. As Amanda cries over Sam, Evan prepares to make a move.

DECEMBER 13, 1988 (EP. #6214)
Felicia lets Amanda know that Sam stayed with her and Mitch for the night. Rachel finds an article in the morning paper intimating that the Cory money controls the Bay City art scene. Cass comforts Caroline about her mother's death. Sam says he will never trust a Cory again. Rachel tries to talk to Amanda but she is rejected. Caroline tells Cass about her past and says her father gave her his fortune to make it in America. Sam and Amanda finally talk and he tells her he wants to support his family on his own. Rachel arrives and tries to apologize to Sam but he vows not to let himself be manipulated. Ada advises Amanda to give Sam time to discover that people helped him out of love. Caroline begs Evan to stay with her in her sadness but Evan is uncomfortable with the emotion and leaves. Felicia tells Cass about her past and she, Cass, and Mitch agree to keep no more secrets. Amanda tells Rachel she wants to run her own life.

DECEMBER 14, 1988 (EP. #6215)
Rachel tells Iris not to say anything to Mac about Sam being angry at her and Amanda. Ada finds Sam at the loft packing a suitcase. Sam tells Ada he knows everyone thinks he can only make it as an artist with backing. Josie worries about having enough money to buy a dress for the Snowflake Ball and thinks to rely on Sharlene's emergency fund. However, Sharlene has the plan to use the money to buy her own dress. Iris tells Rachel that Dennis will be home for Christmas. Lisa goes to see Auntie Rose hoping to have a date for the Snowflake Ball and she watches videos of potential men. John tells Michael that he's having nightmares and feels that Sharlene can help him. Josie tells Kenny she will sing at his party in order to get the money for a dress. Amanda and Evan see Lisa at Video Match. Lisa calls a guy and asks him for a lunch date. Amanda makes a video for her Brava assignment. Iris asks Evan to be her date to the ball. Sam tells Amanda he needs time to trust her again.

DECEMBER 15, 1988 (EP. #6216)
Rachel tells Jamie about her troubles with Amanda. Liz needs a lawyer to sue her neighbor about their dog. Vicky tells Bridget she plans to make Jamie fall in love with her. Ashley admires Josie for singing at Kenny's party. Marley has to spend Christmas in the hospital for her fertility surgery. Rachel asks Jamie to talk to Amanda about coming over for Christmas. Cass tells Nicole that he was with Caroline all night because her mother died and he was being a friend. Jamie brings Vicky a Christmas tree and they take time to decorate it together. Josie is a hit at Kenny's party. Nicole remembers her parents and tells Cass he's all she has. Vicky tells Jamie that Marley will be her Lamaze class coach. Rachel goes to the student union and is shocked to see Josie with all the guys.

DECEMBER 16, 1988 (EP. #6217)
Kenny gives Josie a check but she tells him it was her last performance. Jamie surprises Vicky by taking Marley's place as her Lamaze coach. Amanda doesn't plan to attend the Snowflake Ball. Mitch gets a letter from a law firm for Sam and wonders if his brother is contemplating a divorce. Iris tells Felicia that Brava will run her biography in January. Vicky doesn't want Jamie's help in Lamaze because she says she wants someone around who loves her. Vicky tries to leave the class but Jamie makes her stay. A beaten and bloody Pilar comes to see Mary. The salon won't accept a third party check for her dress but the banks are closed and Josie has no other money. Reuben shows up at the hospital but Pilara says she's tired of his abuse. Josie tells Matt she won't be able to go to the ball. At the salon, Iris notes Josie's distress and decides to help her after learning she was going to attend the ball with Matt. Sharlene dresses for the ball and wears the necklace Rachel loaned her. Felicia tries to convince Sam to attend the ball with her and Mitch. Iris gives Josie her dress to wear to the ball. Vicky ends up asking Jamie to be her Lamaze partner and he agrees. John arrives to take Sharlene to the ball. Sam arrives at the ball in jeans and tells Amanda they have to talk.

DECEMBER 19, 1988 (EP. #6218)
Michael finds out that his first dance at the ball is with Iris. Rachel tells Mac that Sam moved out of the loft because of Rachel's art sponsorship. Rachel wants Mac's forgiveness for what she did. Rick meets Julie Ann's parents. Sam tells Amanda things aren't working out between them. Jamie has his first dance with Lisa which bothers Vicky. Mitch wants to bring Noah to Bay City as a surprise to Felicia. Donna asks Sharlene to push John in the right circles so he can become better known. Vicky asks Santa for Jamie as a Christmas present. Sharlene gives Josie Rachel's necklace to wear and tells John she has to leave. Rick and Julie Ann head to the ball but he won't dance with her. John gets to the farm before Sharlene does. Vicky says yes to Jamie's proposal.

DECEMBER 20, 1988 (EP. #6219)
At the Snowflake Ball, Vicky agrees to marry Jamie. Iris makes the engagement announcement and Lisa hears it. Lisa runs out of the room crying. Sharlene and John dance on the porch of the Frame farm. Sharlene responds to John's kiss. Sam tells Amanda that the days he spent without her and Alli were the worst of his life. Sam kisses Amanda passionately. Lisa says goodbye to Jamie. Steve from Kenny's party shows up and bothers Josie, who runs out. Matt runs after her but doesn't catch up. Sam and Amanda make up and dance together. Vicky invites Jamie, Sam, and Amanda to her place for a celebration. Evan points out to Iris that her plan was foiled because Sam and Amanda are together as are Donna and Michael. Josie comes home upset and Sharlene pulls away from John to comfort her daughter. Josie realizes she lost Rachel's necklace. Rick and Julie Ann have a discussion about their racial differences. Rick says he'll call Julie Ann but she doubts him. Rachel and Amanda make up. Mitch secretly arranges for Noah to come to Bay City. Mac tells Rachel he isn't mad at her for what she did for Sam. Vicky cries as she realizes she's getting what she wants, Jamie and the baby. Matt takes Lisa home and tells her she was the best thing that Jamie ever had. Lisa cries in Matt's arms. Sharlene gets a call from someone who found Rachel's necklace. Sharlene fantasizes about John in bed. Iris is with a cleaning person at the ball and cries because Dennis didn't come home. Mac finds her and tells her he will always love her.

DECEMBER 21, 1988 (EP. #6220)
Caroline is angered when a buyer only wants Sam's painting because of the monetary value. Vicky sees Lisa at the salon when Vicky comes in to get measured for a wedding dress. Cass is alarmed when Caroline locks herself in the supply closet. Pilara grows closer to the McKinnons. Mary wants Pilara to stay with them for a few days. Vicky tells Lisa she's determined to make her marriage work. Cass breaks into the supply room and finds Caroline crying with a bleeding arm. Nicole grows closer to Caroline as they bond over their dead mothers. Vicky arranges to meet with the realtor who helped find Jamie and Lisa's house. Marley tells Vicky she'll miss the wedding due to her surgery. Lisa is determined to change her ways and have more fun. Marley asks Lisa to use her abilities to see if the surgery will be successful. Cass and Nicole invite Caroline to dinner and she's happy to have friends. Vicky decides to buy the house across the street from the one where Jamie and Lisa planned to live. Lisa reacts badly to a vision and won't tell Marley what she saw. Vicky tells Donna that she plans on using the house to remind Jamie that his life will be richer and better with her than with Lisa.

DECEMBER 22, 1988 (EP. #6221)
A messenger brings the necklace to Sharlene but it isn't the one Rachel loaned her. Ronnie talks to Reuben about going home but he doesn't want to. Pilara is upset when Mary gives her a Christmas gift. Rachel tells Matt that Josie can join them for Christmas if he wants. Pilara learns that Ronnie is Reuben's sister. Pilara gives him a silver candlestick that she stole from Mary. Michael and Nicole run into Iris while Christmas shopping. Iris continues to bring up her past with Michael that he is trying to forget. John and Sharlene buy a Christmas tree for the farm. Josie wants to stay with her mother for Christmas and Matt offers to stay with her. Rick asks Julie Ann if they can start over but she doesn't want to. Iris is frustrated that she can't find Dennis. John and Sharlene eat by candlelight and kiss.

DECEMBER 23, 1988 (EP. #6222)
Bridget tells Vicky she's making a big mistake with Jamie. Felicia wants to know more about a mysterious photo shoot that Mitch mentions. Rachel gives Jamie his grandmother's engagement ring to give to Vicky. Sam wants to put aside his differences with Rachel. Felicia asks Lisa to spend Christmas with her at the Cory mansion. Vicky tells Donna and Michael about the house she bought. Jake brings a little Christmas tree into Marley's hospital room. Lisa is afraid of seeing Jamie and Vicky at the Cory house but Felicia says they won't be there. Mitch's photo shoot is really a trip to Boston to visit Noah, Felicia's stepfather. Mac tries to get Iris to call Dennis again and tell him about Jamie's engagement. Lisa finds presents she bought a while ago and finds one for Jamie. Vicky decides she wants to go to the Cory's for Christmas Eve. Mitch and Cass find out Noah left a month before they arrived, but in reality, Noah is in town. Lisa handles seeing Jamie and Vicky. Mac asks Ada to run the Paradise Café. Iris's surprise gift of pearls is from Rachel.

DECEMBER 26, 1988 (EP. #6223)
Vicky is excited over her first Christmas with Jamie. Donna and Michael are happy to watch Mikey open his Christmas presents. Jake worries over not hearing anything about Marley. Matt feels romantic as he recites Shakespeare to Josie. Cass and Nicole set their problems aside to enjoy Christmas. John gives Sharlene a silk scarf for Christmas and asks her out for New Year's. Jamie tries to give Vicky an engagement ring but can't go through with it. Michael gives Donna a fur coat and she gives him tickets for them both to the Riviera. Cass tells Nicole he ordered her a computer and she gives him a leather briefcase. Marley has a fantasy about having a baby. Jamie ends up giving Vicky the ring in a romantic way. Jason assures Sharlene that he filed his income tax forms without cheating. John promises Josie that he will take good care of Sharlene. Jamie assures Michael that he has no doubts about marrying Vicky but Jamie gets angry when she tells him about the house she bought. Sharlene shares memories of Floyd with John. Josie and Matt play in the snow and kiss. Iris is affected when she sees Michael and Donna reading a Christmas story to Mikey.

DECEMBER 27, 1988 (EP. #6224)
Donna worries that Jamie isn't over Lisa. Rachel is shocked that Donna asked her to help with Vicky's wedding because she doesn't think Vicky is good enough for her son. Sharlene tells Jason about the necklace she lost and Jason promises to get the money to replace it. Michael tries to soften Rachel towards Vicky. Jason blackmails Iris for ten thousand dollars. Josie is happy that the Cory family is being nice to her. Donna and Rachel band together to plan the wedding. Mary tells Iris there is an opening in the hospital's administration department that is perfect for her. John has his first session with Mary and talks about his nightmares of Vietnam. Rachel drops by Sharlene's to pick up the necklace. Jason tells her the clasp broke and the necklace is being repaired. Michael reminds Iris that he doesn't love her anymore because he loves his wife. Rachel remembers seeing Josie on a boy's lap at the Student Union.

DECEMBER 28, 1988 (EP. #6225)
Sam won't let Amanda see what he's painting. Amanda tells him about the story she's doing on Auntie Rose's video dating service. Lisa tells Vicky that though she accepts what's happened, she still doesn't like Vicky anymore. Vicky asks Jamie to just look at the house she bought and if he hates it she will tear up the contract. Lisa decides to apply for a paralegal position with Cass. Amanda has a date to go ice skating with a man for her story. Ronnie makes arrangements for Reuben to meet Zack, thinking the lawyer will be a good influence. Mary brings the other candlestick to Pilara to go along with the one Pilara stole. Mary feels defeated when Pilara just gets angry. Sam tells Jamie that he's doing a painting for the children's wing of the hospital. Evan tells Sam that Amanda's gone ice skating but doesn't mention she's on a video date. Zack's talk with Reuben doesn't go well. Lisa's car battery dies and Jamie insists on taking her to her job interview. Amanda and her video date, Tim, start to ice skate and he reveals there are different levels to the video dating that she doesn't know about. Jamie tells Lisa he still cares for her but Lisa says she hopes he and Vicky are miserable together. Reuben refuses to give back the stolen candlestick when Pilara asks him to. Instead, he comes up with a plan to rob Mary's restaurant on New Year's Eve. Sam finds Amanda and Tim at the pond and Amanda has sprained her ankle. Sam attacks Tim.

DECEMBER 29, 1988 (EP. #6226)
Evan finds Caroline in his hot tub, ready for action. Sam tells Tim that he's Amanda's husband and Tim reveals they're on a date. Lisa learns that Cass is defending a man who shot a cop. Cass agrees to hire Lisa if she passes a test that he and Zack will devise. Nicole wants to meet Cass after work to discuss wedding plans. Evan climbs into the hot tub with Caroline. Sam agrees to let Amanda continue her video date story on the condition that he follow her on the dates to make sure she's safe. Amanda tells Tim that Sam is a delusional ex-boyfriend but Tim leaves anyway. Josie worries that Matt will grow bored with her. They run into Kenny while ice skating and he reveals he broke up with his girlfriend. Evan apologizes to Caroline for not handling her mother's death better. Mitch tells Felicia he meant to bring Noah to Bay City for Christmas but Noah was in Africa. Felicia is grateful for his efforts. Kenny confides to Josie that he liked watching her perform at the parties. Evan goes to the salon to buy a blouse for Caroline and Nicole is surprised to learn they're involved. Caroline gives Cass an art book for Nicole and gives him a piece of sculpture as Christmas presents. Sam and Amanda take time to have dinner together. Evan interrupts their dinner to take Amanda away to work but she refuses to go. Evan goes home feeling lonely. Nicole has a romantic fantasy about marrying Cass. Nicole is surprised to see Cass and Caroline together playing pinball.