JANUARY 2, 1989 (EP. #6227)
Sam and Amanda prepare for their New Year's Eve party and Sam makes a list of resolutions for Amanda. Pilara is envious as Vince and Mary prepare for their party. Pilara gives Mary's keys to Reuben. Jamie warns Donna not to try to run his life the way she did with Jake. Marley and Jake discuss the surgery and their hope for having a child. Josie announces that she plans on taking a few college classes in the next semester. Vince surprises Mary with a trip to visit MJ that night. Reuben and Pilara break into Mary's but Pilara can't steal the money. As they go to leave, John and Sharlene arrive, having been giving clearance to spend the evening alone there. Reuben and Pilara hide in the kitchen while John and Sharlene celebrate. Rachel asks Josie about her friends at the Student Union which confuses Josie. Jamie is annoyed that Vicky didn't tell him the house she bought was across the street from Lisa's dream house. Vicky admits that she wanted Jamie to be reminded of how much better his life would be with Vicky. Pilara and Reuben get out of Mary's but accidentally leave a match on a greasy bag and it catches flame without John and Sharlene's notice. Jamie agrees to live in the house and he and Vicky toast to the New Year. The fire rages in the kitchen as Sharlene and John kiss to ring in the New Year.

JANUARY 3, 1989 (EP. #6228)
Caroline and Evan make love to ring in the New Year. John and Sharlene dance at Mary's Place when there's an explosion in the kitchen. The flames leave John mesmerized. Iris walks in on Caroline and Evan and asks him when he intends to end things. Sharlene tries to get John out of the restaurant but he won't move. A beam falls on Sharlene and pins her to the floor. John becomes aware of what's happening and saves her. Matt and Josie share a sexy dance that makes them feel amorous but Matt suddenly leaves and Josie fears she did something wrong. Caroline asks Sam not to bring Amanda to the opening of Café Paradise because he would be more provocative without her. Kenny assures Josie that nothing is wrong with her. Vince goes into Mary's Place and wonders if it can be salvaged. John takes Sharlene home but he's clearly traumatized.

JANUARY 4, 1989 (EP. #6229)
Donna tells Jamie and Vicky that instead of furniture shopping they need to plan their engagement party. Pilara goes to return the keys that she and Reuben stole and Vince tells her Mary's Place burned down. John admits to Sharlene that the fire reminded him of Vietnam. Rachel doesn't like Amanda's Video Match assignment and blasts Iris for giving it to her. Jason tells John to stay away from Sharlene because of his emotional problems. Rachel knows Iris is up to something and wonders what it is. Pilara remembers Reuben smoking at Mary's Place and wonders if they started the fire. She wants to call the police but Reuben tells her not to. Courtney tells Vince she thinks the fire was arson to cover a robbery. Vince realizes that Pilara stole the keys. Vicky tells Amanda that she may not want to marry Jamie after all. Ada tells Rachel about her old high school boyfriend, Sid. Jamie confesses to Rachel that Donna's wedding plans annoy him. John leaves word with Mary that he needs to talk to her. Vince tells Courtney to question Pilara about the fire. Iris comforts Donna and promises to help with the party. Donna doesn't realize Iris's ulterior motive is to land Michael.

JANUARY 5, 1989 (EP. #6230)
Evan has a dream where he kisses Caroline but she turns into Amanda. Sam looks forward to the opening of Café Paradise. Caroline arranges for him to meet famous artists. Amanda happily tells Sam to go alone as she has a video date. Felicia warns Lisa about the dangers of video dating. Cass tells Nicole he doesn't want her to go to Paris but she feels she has to. Reuben decides to tell the police the truth about the fire but Courtney arrives before he can go. Amanda arranges for her date to take her to Café Paradise so Sam can keep an eye on her. Rick tells Julieann he wants to keep seeing her. Courtney hauls Pilara to the station but Reuben says he's the one they want. Jason takes Felicia to the café opening when Mitch can't go and Jason makes it clear he's interested in her. Reuben tells the police he was at Mary's Place but he didn't start the fire. The police let Pilara go and Cass offers to be Reuben's attorney. Nicole decides to stay in Bay City with Cass. Tim wants Amanda to go home with him. Evan warns Amanda to watch out for Caroline just as she sees Caroline flirting with Sam. Jason insults Nicole and she throws a dirnk in his face. Stefan takes her outside and kisses her. Ada asks Felicia if they can throw Vicky and Jamie's party at TOPS. Amanda tells Evan he deserves someone special and he says he deserves her.

JANUARY 6, 1989 (EP. #6231)
Vicky learns that her baby was conceived later than her lovemaking with Jamie. She remembers making love to Jake and fears for the child's paternity. Sharlene dreams that Rachel turns her in to the police for losing the necklace. Iris tells Evan that Jason is threatening to reveal her as the chief. She wants to give him the spa contract to appease him. Jamie and Vicky argue about the party and he leaves her in tears. Sharlene agrees to make drapes for Ada. Sharlene snaps at John when he arrives to check on her. Felicia agrees to have the engagement party at TOPS. Mac tries to convince Rachel to make a new start with Vicky. Not wanting to run into Rachel, Sharlene tells John she's not going to the party but he thinks she doesn't want to be with him. Iris tells Felicia BRAVA plans to throw her a birthday/publication party. Vicky has a nightmare in which Jamie leaves her for Lisa and Lisa taunts her about the baby not being Jamie's. Jamie remembers announcing his engagement to Lisa at TOPS. Jason tells Sharlene the spa contract is the answer to their problems. Michael tells Iris he's going to confess their past to Donna. Felicia and Rachel commiserate over Jamie not marrying Lisa. Vicky and Jamie reconcile. A stranger flips through an issue of BRAVA that has a picture of Felicia as a teenager. Jason and Evan congratulate themselves on Iris playing into their hands. Lisa accidentally interrupts Jamie's toast to Vicky.

JANUARY 9, 1989 (EP. #6232)
Nicole packs for Paris even as Cass tries to get her to cancel the trip. Lisa is angry that Jamie and Vicky are announcing their engagement at TOPS and she refuses to leave. Courtney reveals that the fire was started with a special brand of cigarette - the kind Reuben smokes. Ronnie tells Cass that Reuben is her brother and he promises to do what he can to help. Vicky notes Jamie's concern for Lisa and she urges him to do what he thinks is right. Matt and Lisa make plans to study together and Jamie comes over to speak to Lisa. Lisa refuses to talk to Jamie. Donna and Felicia argue about Lisa in the ladies room. Cass advises Reuben to tell the truth. Iris tells Felicia there are problems with BRAVA's story on her. The unseen man looks up Felicia's number at TOPS. Reuben admits that Pilara was with him at Mary's Place. Courtney places Reuben under arrest and Cass surprises everyone by offering to post his bail. Lisa corners Vicky and lets her have it. Trying to get away from Lisa, Vicky trips and falls down some stairs.

JANUARY 10, 1989 (EP. #6233)
Vicky is unconscious as she's taken to emergency. Lisa blames herself for Vicky's accident and Josie is dismayed when Matt comforts her. Cass tells Nicole that he's now responsible for Reuben after posting his bail. Evan tells Amanda there's a problem with Felicia's story and they need to go to BRAVA. But when they're told of Vicky's accident, Evan offers to drive Sam and Amanda to the hospital. Nicole is uneasy around Reuben who puts on a cocky act. Cass tells Reuben to clean up around the salon as a way to pay him back. Jamie announces that Vicky is stable but unconscious and the baby appears to be safe. Reuben tells Pilara about his deal with Cass and promises to keep her safe. Rachel comforts Jamie as he frets over Vicky. He tells Rachel he really loves Vicky. Mac assures Lisa that the accident wasn't her fault. Evan takes Sam and Amanda home and reveals that he once loved a woman who was taken from him. Evan tells Jason to go easy on the Corys while Vicky is in the hospital. Cass and Nicole return to find the salon spotlessly clean. Rachel and Donna hug at the hospital. Jamie sits by Vicky's side and remembers the good times they shared.

JANUARY 11, 1989 (EP. #6234)
Jason wants Sharlene to use his money to replace Rachel's necklace. Mary comes home and Vince has to tell her that Mary's Place burned down. Vince thinks Reuben started the fire and tells Mary so. Iris is hurt that Michael keeps pushing her away. Mary tries to hide her real feelings about the fire. Iris wants Josie to be her personal assistant but Jason doesn't like the idea. Sharlene warns Iris not to hurt Josie. Josie gives Iris a picture frame with Jamie and Dennis in the picture. Sharlene sees an ad in the paper for the necklace.

JANUARY 12, 1989 (EP. #6235)
Vince tells Mary he doesn't want to see Pilara again. Sharlene sees the necklace at a jewelry store but the shopkeeper insults her and she leaves. Matt talks to Felicia about Josie. Mary makes Pilara promise to come see her if she's ever in trouble. Felicia and Cass discuss growing older and he assures her that she's still beautiful. Matt pulls away from Josie when things get passionate. Matt tells her he needs time. Sharlene and John open up to each other. Cass explains to Vince why he's defending Reuben. Josie sees John give Sharlene a passionate goodbye kiss.

JANAURY 13, 1989 (EP. #6236)
Jamie gets worried when Vicky remains unconscious. Dr. Jansen tells Jake and Marley that things look good for them to have a baby. Lisa comes to the hospital and offers Jamie comfort. Rachel talks to Vicky and urges her to hang on. Amanda gets upset seeing Jamie and Lisa together. Rick gives Julie Ann a bouquet of flowers and tries to kiss her but she gets angry. Felicia has a moment in the chapel where she remembers being pregnant as a teenager. Vicky mumbles Jake's name in her unconscious state. Rachel and Michael talk about Jamie being torn between too women and Michael says he knows the feeling well. Julie Ann accuses Rick of being prejudiced. Amanda suggests that Julie Ann follow her heart regarding Rick. Julie Ann says she'll give him another chance if he will let her meet his parents. Felicia confesses to Lisa that she was pregnant at sixteen. When Felicia and Lisa leave the chapel, a mysterious man follows them. Jake confides in Michael his need to be a father. Donna hears Vicky's doctors talk about the date of conception for her baby being later than they thought.

JANUARY 16, 1989 (EP. #6237)
Mac is annoyed over the piece on Michael that Amanda wrote. Mac thinks Iris is pushing Amanda too hard but Iris thinks BRAVA needs the change. Vicky opens her eyes and tries to speak but slips back into unconsciousness. Sam and Michael discuss fatherhood. Mac tells Iris he intends to approve all her assignments. Justine, an art student, visits Sam just as the baby cries and the phone rings. Vicky wakes up and calls out for Jamie and Michael. Alli likes Justine and Sam talks to Justine about being his assistant. Amanda tells Sam she has to go to Chicago to investigate for Felicia's story. He tries to tell her about Justine but she talks over him. Iris visits Michael and asks if he plans to tell Donna about their past. She also asks for his help in starting a new magazine. Amanda sees Justine and Sam says it would be great if they hired her but Amanda says it's out of the question. Vicky tells Jamie she had a dream that he said he loved her and he assures her it was no dream.

JANUARY 17, 1989 (EP. #6238)
Amanda doesn't want to hire Justine and Sam thinks she's jealous of the younger, pretty woman. A stranger enters Felicia's suite while she's in the shower. It turns out to be Jason, who has come to work. Cass tries to get Reuben to see that not everyone is out to get him. Sam convinces Amanda that they need help but she insists it can't be Justine. Amanda and Felicia find a way to conduct their business without letting personal feelings like their differences over Vicky, get in the way. The meeting between Reuben, Cass, Vince, and Mary gets off to a bad start. Felicia is uneasy when Amanda says she's going to Chicago to see Felicia's old house. Matt is with Jesse at the Student Union when kids tease Jesse for being so smart. Jesse gets into a fight. Amanda and Sam are relieved to hear from Jamie that Vicky is okay. Cass visits Felicia and finds Jason who starts making insinuating comments about Cass and Felicia's relationship.

JANUARY 18, 1989 (EP. #6239)
Rachel and John discuss plants for the spa which turns to talk of Iris's takeover of Cory Publishing. Jesse tells Matt that his brother Reuben is being charged with burning down Mary's Place. Josie wants to help Sharlene pay for the necklace but Sharlene assures her she can handle it. Donna thinks about the baby's conception date and the fact that Vicky said Jake's name while unconscious. Jake goes in to see Vicky and she lets him feel the baby kick. Donna talks with Jake and realizes he could be the baby's father. Sharlene finally tells Rachel about the necklace and Rachel tells her the necklace was a copy and only worth a few hundred dollars. Sharlene gets upset and thinks their budding friendship was a fake as well. Vicky worries that Jamie really only loves the baby, not her. Josie is hurt by the distance she feels from Matt. Rachel and Vicky make a pact to be "friendly adversaries." John tells Sharlene she should be relieved the necklace was a fake. Donna vows to find out the truth about Vicky's baby.

JANUARY 19, 1989 (EP. #6240)
Lisa finds Jake being paid by Auntie Rose of Video Date. Rachel offers Matt a job so he can meet other people. Iris wants to hear Evan's plan for destroying Amanda. Matt resents Rachel's hints that Josie isn't right for him. She tells him about her fight with Sharlene over the necklace. Sharlene tells Jason about the fake necklace and Josie hears her say the Frames and Corys will never get along. Iris admits to Evan that she hates Amanda because she's Mac's natural daughter. She wants Evan to break up Sam and Amanda and for Amanda to be tarnished in Mac's eyes. Rose thinks Jake should work for her as an escort. Caroline is impressed when Sam lulls Alli to sleep. Lisa reviews three videos and tells Rose she's made her choice. Matt goes to Sharlene to apologize for Rachel but he only makes it worse. Iris tells Rachel that she's hired Josie to be the spa's receptionist but Rachel doesn't want Josie and Matt working together. Josie accuses Matt of wanting to break up with her. Lisa worries that she will have disastrous dates. Matt tells Josie he just doesn't want their relationship to get messed up. Rachel finds Sam and Caroline together and learns that Amanda had to stay longer in Chicago. Iris is pleased to see Sam and Caroline together. Lisa leaves with her date, Girard, determined to have a good time. Matt explains to Josie that he sometimes gets so overwhelmed with feeling for her that he can't handle it and pushes her away. Even tells Jason that everything is going according to plan and Jason reminds him that his loyalty is to the Frames.

JANUARY 20, 1989: Pre-empted for the Inauguration of President George Bush.

JANUARY 23, 1989 (EP. #6241)
Vicky thinks Jamie is avoiding discussing their wedding and calls it off. Josie doesn't think Rachel will ever like her. Cass and Zack go before the judge without Reuben. Nicole feels distanced from Cass. Ronnie tries to convince Reuben not to run away. The judge gives Cass ten minutes to find Reuben or he will be arrested. Matt leaves lunch with Josie and she tells Ada she doesn't have enough money to cover the bill. Vicky hears Donna asking Bridget about Jake. Nicole confides to Liz that work is the only thing that excites her. Reuben shows up in court with Pilara and Ronnie. Josie asks Kenny if there are any more parties she can entertain at. Kenny tells her about a summertime themed party and she agrees to help him. Cass brings in Hector Sanchez and says he is responsible for the fire.

JANUARY 24, 1989 (EP. #6242)
Donna asks Vicky if there is something she wants to confess about Jake and the baby. Donna wants to know if the baby is really Jake's Vicky insists the baby is Jamie's. Hector Sanchez turns out to be Pilara's father, who terrorized her when she was a child. Marley asks Dr. Jansen to have dinner with her. Nicole thinks Stefan is overstepping his bounds when he comes to the salon while she tries on dresses. Stefan tells her that they can work in Bay City and he will move there. Cass puts Reuben on the stand and the judge makes a decision to withdraw the arson charges. However, Reuben receives a suspended sentence for breaking and entering. Cass is pleased to have won the case and Nicole arrives in time to celebrate with him. Mary tells Pilara she has a plan to change the young woman's life. Vicky decides that she and Marley need to go out on the town. Cass finds Stefan's handkerchief that's stained with Nicole's lipstick.

JANUARY 25, 1989 (EP. #6243)
Vicky and Marley go to the Pelican Club where John, Sharlene, Rick and Lisa are also having a good time. Josie arrives at the Miss and Mister Sunshine contest and Matt shows up but doesn't recognize her. Lisa tells Vicky she can see that Jamie is happy with her. Josie is a favorite in the contest and plays to the crowd. She spots Matthew but he leaves without recognizing her. Josie later finds Lisa and Matthew holding hands in the library. Vicky asks Marley if she could forgive her for doing something really horrible. John asks Sharlene to be his date to Vicky's wedding. Josie questions Lisa about her friendship with Matt. Sharlene is angry when she finds Josie and Matt kissing. Vicky is caught while she's peeking at Jake's fertility paperwork. Zack cuts in on Julie Ann's dance with Rick and warns her to be careful. Ronnie and Zack leave the club and go out for food. Josie is embarrassed by Sharlene yelling at her in front of Matt. Matt goes back to the library and finds Lisa still studying. Jake tells Vicky he can't father a child unless he takes his medication.

JANUARY 26, 1989 (EP. #6244)
Cass confronts Nicole with the lipstick-stained handkerchief and they argue. Amanda stops by BRAVA before going home after returning from her business trip. Sam thinks he's greeting Amanda and opens the door half nude to Caroline. She tells him his work is being entered in a show. As he shows her his newest work, she subtly takes the phone off the hook. Rick tells Julie Ann he wants to spend his life with her. Iris is unhappy with Mac and Rachel's togetherness. Amanda comes home and is shocked to find Sam and Caroline talking in the bedroom. Nicole tells Cass she doesn't think they have as much in common as they used to. Iris leaves a message for Michael to meet Mac at the Pelican Club for lunch. Sam soothes Amanda's anger. Caroline goes to visit Cass and he tells her about his fight with Nicole. Rachel tells Mac that she saw Josie being wild at a fraternity party. Iris waits for Michael to arrive at the Pelican. Jason and Nicole discuss her mother and Jason apologizes. Iris asks Michael to be her business confidante. Mac asks Sam to plan Jamie's bachelor party.

JANUARY 27, 1989 (EP. #6245)
Evan reveals to Jason that today is the day he plans to trap Amanda. Sam and Amanda find it hard to spend time together. Jake worries about the rising medical bills and considers taking a job at Café Paradise. Mary advises him to talk to Marley about his concerns. Josie tells Sam she's worried about ruining her relationship with Matt. Jamie asks Matt to be his best man. Matt asks Jamie if it bothers him to be marrying Vicky instead of Lisa. Evan confides his poor, homeless beginnings to Jason. Matt tells Jamie he's making a mistake by marrying Vicky. Amanda arrives to interview Felicia and says she's uncovered something about Felicia's connection to Gold Street. Vince and Mary have lunch with Pilara and Reuben. Pilara plans to go to Chicago for therapy. Josie explodes in anger when Matt suggests they hire one of Kenny's "girls" for Jamie's bachelor party. Felicia is relieved when Amanda reveals she uncovered a church fund scandal and not Felicia's teen pregnancy. Amanda asks Felicia about Noah's disappearance but Jason interrupts her. Evan prepares to receive Amanda by messing up his apartment. He chooses from a photo of several women and puts one on his desk then gargles with bourbon. When Felicia says she isn't feeling well, Lisa speculates that she's hiding from what Amanda's interview might reveal. Josie tells Matt she's confused about sex and he assures her that he wants and cares for her. Jake advises Jamie that if he's going to be resentful of the things Vicky has done he should call off the wedding. Evan pretends to be drunk and depressed when Amanda comes over and she agrees to stay to comfort him. Felicia is unaware that someone is watching her. Mary and Reuben say goodbye to Pilara. Evan tells Amanda that the woman in the picture is dead and she was the woman who raised him. He pulls Amanda closer when she hugs him. The mysterious stranger looks at a pocket watch and then reaches to open the door on a sleeping Felicia.

JANUARY 30, 1989 (EP. #6246)
Jake wants to know what's going on between Jamie and Lisa when he finds them together. The stranger enters Felicia's suite and she wakes up, startled to see him. The stranger turns out to be Mitch but he tells her that when he got off the elevator he saw someone running away from their suite. Evan's story goes from fantasy to reality when he really starts grieving over his life and Amanda holds him. Sam and Mac prepare for Jamie's bachelor party. Sam assures Mac that nothing will come between him and Amanda again. Lisa and Jamie argue with Jake over his accusations. Matt arrives when Jake leaves and Jamie wants to know why no one told him about Matt and Lisa's study dates. Mitch warns Jason to stay away from Felicia. Jason counters that since both he and Mitch have been burned by the Corys they should be friends. Amanda tells Evan that she'll do anything she can to help him. Evan gently kisses Amanda and she runs out. Evan is sincerely sorry for what he's been doing to her. Matt tells Jamie he won't abandon Lisa the way his brother did. Jason makes a reference to a box of letters in Felicia's closet and Felicia tells him the letters are private. Jason privately takes one of the letters out of his coat. It's addressed to Noah Grady. Sam convinces Jake that there is nothing between Jamie and Lisa. Jamie thinks Matt should stay away from Lisa but Matt thinks he's just jealous. Mitch reassures Felicia over her worries about turning forty. Evan confesses to Jason that he's tired of messing up people's lives. Jason reminds him that the Frames have done a lot for him. Amanda tells Sam about Evan's sad life and says he needs more friends. Evan worries that Amanda will be his downfall. Felicia celebrates her birthday by burning her letters to Noah. The mystery man watches Lisa and Matt as Matt walks her home.

JANUARY 31, 1989 (EP. #6247)
Rachel asks Iris what is going on between her and Michael. Iris tells Rachel that her new apartment is in Michael's building. Vicky worries about her wedding which is only three days away. Vince shows Mary the insurance check that covers the loss of Mary's Place. Michael asks Donna if there's any reason Vicky shouldn't marry Jamie. Michael gifts Donna with a pendant that has Vicky and Marley's pictures in it. Evan goes to the loft to apologize for his behavior to Amanda and pretends not to see Sam. Evan starts to explain what happened to Sam and is surprised that Amanda already did. Donna goes to the Cory mansion to see if she can ride with Mac and Rachel to the shower but Iris intercepts her and rides with them instead. Jamie tells Sam to get a tuxedo because he wants all his brothers in the wedding. Iris asks Nicole to make her some cocktail dresses. Donna assures Vicky that she just wants things to be perfect for her. Vicky tells Nicole she could use the money that she lent to Jason and hopes Cass can help her take legal action. Jamie slips away from his bachelor party at the same time that Vicky slips out of her party. Jamie and Vicky meet up and their parties merge into one. Marley asks Jake if he ever thinks about the fact that if he'd never met her, Vicky might be carrying his child.

FEBRUARY 1, 1989 (EP. #6248)
A grounded Josie asks Jason for permission to meet Matt at the Pelican. Jason tells her she can go out as long as long as she's back in two hours. Jake apologizes to Lisa for accusing her of sneaking around with Jamie. Jake asks the manager about working at the Pelican as a bartender. Stacey goes to Nicole's salon and reveals herself to be Cass's sister, come to Bay City to work and live. Zack tells Courtney that he's going to see Ronnie exclusively. Ronnie, however, observes Zack kissing Courtney goodbye and misinterprets his action. Cass tells Jason that Vicky is suing him. Jason prepares to offer Cass a bribe to get out of trouble. Jason writes Cass a check which Cass accepts as an installment on Vicky's money. He says he'll be back next week for the second payment and says the summons still stands. Reuben tells Duke that he wants to go legitimate. Duke thinks Jesse can replace him but Reuben warns him to leave Jesse alone. Zack explains his kiss with Courtney to Ronnie and she's thrilled to hear he wants to see her exclusively. Josie is upset by Matt's concern for Lisa. Stacey meets Lisa and tells her she was once engaged to Jamie but got pregnant with someone else's baby. Cass arrives and is happy to see his sister. Zack hears Reuben agreeing to help Duke and Reuben assures Zack he can handle himself. Stacey informs Cass that her husband Mark and her daughter Megan were killed in a car accident and they never found the man that hit them. Cass invites Stacey to join him and Zack in the law firm. Josie tells Jason she's afraid of losing Matt at the same time that Matt and Lisa dance together at the club.

FEBRUARY 2, 1989 (EP. #6249)
Cass presents Stacey to Felicia and Mitch. Stacey tells Felicia about her baby's death. Tim confronts Amanda about their dating relationship. Amanda admits the truth to Tim about her Video Match story and asks if he's going to tell Auntie Rose. Iris tells Rachel, Mac, and Evan that Amanda is a contestant for the Devilbiss journalism award. Jamie gives Vicky a pair of earrings. Tim agrees not to say anything to Auntie Rose about Amanda's story. Amanda finds out about the Devilbiss award but she's not sure she wants any part of it. Jake and Vicky talk about old times and he tells her he found Lisa at Jamie's place. Jake says he doesn't trust Jamie but Vicky assures him she does. Mitch asks Amanda to keep some facts quiet about Felicia in the article. Iris warns Evan that if he can't handle Amanda she'll find someone who can. Vicky goes to the chapel and thinks she's alone when Jamie joins her. Jamie and Vicky stage a private rehearsal for their wedding. Felicia checks her messages and is disturbed to hear an upsetting song on the machine. Evan goes to Janice Frame's grave and vows that Rachel will pay for what happened to her.

FEBRUARY 3, 1989 (EP. #6250)
Jason works on Felicia's suite but can't resist snooping around and ends up playing an old recording of "Cherish" that he finds. Felicia gets upset when she hears the song playing. A mystery person opens a stopwatch that plays the same song. On the day of his wedding, Jamie tries to get himself together but can't find a cufflink and Sam has to help calm him. Vicky talks with Michael and they reminisce about their times together. Mac gives Jamie the wedding present of a fat check. Donna intimates to Vicky that Jake could be the father of her baby but Vicky angrily tells her that Jake's sperm count is too low to be a father. During a meeting with Dr. Jansen, Marley and Jake are confused when he leaves the room. Bridget, Donna, and Amanda gather the traditional elements for the bride. Jason tells Felicia that someone called from TOPS with a problem. Dr. Jansen tells Marley and Jake that he has serious news. Felicia goes to TOPS but no one is there and the lights suddenly go out. Vicky wants to wait for Marley and Jake before starting the ceremony but ultimately decides to go on. Marley and Jake arrive before the procession starts. Marley tells Vicky there was a mix-up and Jake never had a fertility problem. The stranger at TOPS tells a terrified Felicia to keep their secret.

FEBRUARY 6, 1989 (EP. #6251)
Vicky hesitates after learning that Jake still may have fathered her baby but she decides to walk down the aisle anyway. Felicia is terrified by the stranger and heads into the elevator where she encounters Jason. Mitch arrives to find Felicia in Jason's arms. He accuses Jason of somehow being involved in Felicia's scare. The wedding vows between Jamie and Vicky are exchanged. Jake later tells Donna that he was never sterile. The guests mingle at the reception and Rachel takes the opportunity to ask Josie about her partying. Vivien tells Iris she wants to move in with her because she can't stand Hilda any longer. Jason causes a commotion when he arrives and starts insulting people. Jason takes Vicky into the library to talk about the money and Jason tells her Jamie only married her because she's pregnant. Felicia wonders if she imagined the incident with the stranger. Jason makes a scene, then makes a speech to Jamie and Vicky. Jason later threatens Iris when they're alone. Vicky gives Rachel a letter. When Vicky throws the bouquet, Nicole catches it. Mac reads Vicky's letter aloud. Felicia tells Mitch that the stranger called her Fanny. The stranger cuts out an ad about Felicia.

FEBRUARY 7, 1989 (EP. #6252)
Sharlene and Josie are furious at Jason for his behavior during the reception. They are certain that the Cory's now hate them all. Rachel reads Vicky's letter and thinks she was wrong about her. Vicky and Jamie arrive in Majorca and Vicky asks if he's happy they married. Matt visits Lisa to see how she's doing and helps her with the cleaning. Evan and Iris discuss him being a Frame and he says he thinks they should cool their schemes. Iris tells him not to be stupid. Evan tells her about his poor past as a gas station attendant and Wall Street broker and Iris hopes he's still as motivated. Matt confides to Lisa that he's afraid to make love to Josie. She advises him to be patient and relax. Matt realizes he's late for a date with Josie and rushes away. Iris suspects that Evan is falling for Amanda and warns him not to let her sister get to him. When Rachel arrives unexpectedly, Evan hides in Iris's bedroom. Vicky finds it awkward to be intimate with Jamie, fearing that Jason's words have soured him on her. When he wants to take her to bed she suggests they go to dinner instead. Vivien sees Evan slipping out of Iris's bedroom. Mac confronts Jason and fires him from the spa job.

FEBRUARY 8, 1989 (EP. #6253)
Felicia thinks someone is trying to break into her apartment and grabs a candlestick as a weapon. Courtney rouses Lisa from her depression and orders her to get dressed because they're going to TOPS. Iris demands to know what Jason wants when he hints about revealing that she is the Chief. Vicky pulls back from making love with Jamie. Jason tells Iris that Mac fired him from the spa job and as a result, he's planning on taking her down by revealing her plots to her father. Evan surprises Caroline by asking her to marry him. The intruder in Felicia's apartment turns out to be Mitch. He tries to calm her but she's extremely upset and worries that she imagined the intruder from the previous night. Vicky doesn't think she deserves any happiness with Jamie. He reassures her that he loves her and wants to be with her. Felicia suspects Jason might be behind everything. When Cass, Stacey, and Zack pop in on their way to lunch to celebrate Stacey joining the firm, Cass picks up on Felicia's distress. Stacey tells Felicia it's not unusual for creeps to prey on prominent women whom they detest because of their power. Felicia accepts the explanation but still has her doubts. Iris promises to get the contract back for Jason. Caroline declines Evan's proposal and the two reminisce about their earlier days. Vicky and Jamie make love. Courtney tells Lisa that she's determined not to let Zack see her depressed but when Zack arrives and says hello, Lisa can see Courtney's pain. Caroline remarks upon the changes in Evan and he admits to her that he's in town seeking revenge. Iris arrives to order Evan to find out who Jason is in league with against her. Lisa admits to Felicia that she feels someone has been following her. Stacey repels a pass from Jason and Cass corners him and demands more money for Vicky. Jason accuses Cass of telling Mac to fire him and vows to make Cass pay. Just as Felicia is about to begin her show, she's handed a note that she's told is from Noah.

FEBRUARY 9, 1989 (EP. #6254)
The single women of Bay City reveal what they want, starting with Sharlene who wants a man to be a father to her daughter. Lisa says that she wants an equal partner. Liz wants someone with whom to share special times. Josie wants a prince charming. Ada wants some romance and remembers Sharkey. Stacey wants a baby and wants to be in love with the father this time. Iris just wants Michael. Amanda tells Sam about Stephanie Blanchard to prove her point about infatuation. Sam says Evan is infatuated with Amanda. Later, Amanda arranges for a meeting between Lisa and Evan and they have a date in her apartment set in the 1950s, then have a real date in modern times. Amanda wants to tell Sam what the biggest fear among single women is and he tries to guess. She tells him it's their looks. Iris reveals her makeup bag and says the contents make her look younger. Ada hears Iris talking about cosmetic surgery and the two have a warm moment. Iris calls Sharkey for Ada. Stacey feels self-conscious eating alone at TOPS. John and Sharlene break from kissing so that Sharlene can talk to Josie. Sharlene and Liz discuss Russ Frame and Sharlene wants to tell John about him. Evan apologizes to Sam for kissing Amanda and reassures him that Amanda only loves her husband. Courtney goes on a date with Ted and reveals that she's completely bored. Iris confronts Sharlene about her past. Ada is disappointed when she sees Sharkey and he doesn't look the same. Evan finishes Amanda's research reading and wonders if she wants to know what single men want because he can tell her.

FEBRUARY 10, 1989 (EP. #6255)
Amanda, Sam, and Evan discuss men and how tough they appear until they love someone and then lose their power. Cass, Reuben, Matt, Zack, and John all present their point of views on what they want in a woman. Ada and Sharkey catch up on their lives with each other. They decide to go out dancing while they relive memories from school. Cass gives Zack a few lesson on love and tells him that when he makes sacrifices for a woman, he's in love with her. They play the "wheel of love" game. John, on the mock witness stand, tells Cass and the court that he's afraid of making a commitment and making a mistake. Matt and Lisa talk about Josie and how he doesn't know what she wants. Ronnie asks Zack if he would mind having Reuben as a roommate. Zack agrees even though he and Reuben aren't friends, and realizes he's making a sacrifice for Ronnie. Ada and Sharkey dance and go back to the 40s when she finished beauty school and he was going off to war. Ada offers him a chef job in her restaurant. John and Sharlene make a pact to keep their independence and still manage to be a couple. Sam and Amanda try to understand all the rules involved with men and women. Evan fantasizes about Amanda as he reveals his idea of the perfect woman. Auntie Rose is giving tips to men on how to meet single women with her video. Meanwhile, Amanda talks about exposing Video Match for exploiting single people. Auntie Rose wants to set Dustin up with Amanda. John and Sharlene's regular night is transformed into a beautiful, romantic evening by Cupid. Reuben dedicates his routine to all the single men out there and warns Zack not to hurt his sister. The stranger breaks into Lisa's apartment and asks her to help him stop Fanny. Matt rescues her and kisses her in the heat of the moment. John is ready to make love and doesn't want Sharlene to pull away. Sam finishes reading Amanda's article.

FEBRUARY 13, 1989 (EP. #6256)
Felicia dreams that the stranger is trying to kill her. Lisa and Matt are kissing passionately when Josie suddenly appears. John and Sharlene want to make love and head for the stairway. A frightened Felicia tells Mitch that if Noah wants to kill her nothing will stop him. Josie lashes out at Lisa who says she doesn't want to come between him and Josie. Sharlene isn't sure if the timing is right but John assures her that it is even though he has visions of the Vietnamese woman. Iris tries to give Josie advice about Matt. Felicia tells Mitch what Noah did to her and Luke after she had the baby. Sharlene helps John remember the war times and tells him that he helps her a lot. Matt asks Mitch if it's possible to be in love with one person while having feelings for another. Josie and Iris plan Josie's transformation and Iris gives Josie a fur coat. Sharlene and John's talk is interrupted by a frustrated Jason. An upset Lisa goes to see Felicia and tells her she's having feelings for the wrong person. Sharlene tries to help John remember the fire in the jungle.

FEBRUARY 14, 1989 (EP. #6257)
Cass has a surprise for Nicole. Felicia receives the book, "Kidnapped" and says Noah never wanted her to read it so she deduces that he sent it. Mac gives Rachel a book of his poems. Felicia urges Lisa to call the guy she said she had feelings for. Cass and Nicole set the date of April 14th for their wedding. Jason makes threatening remarks about Cass to Nicole and makes rude comments about her mother. Michael agrees to see Iris. Felicia asks Cass to write up her will. Jason shakes up Donna with his accusations against Vicky and Jake. Michael tells Iris not to call him at home anymore. Rachel tells Iris that she's returning to work at BRAVA. Donna and Nicole discuss their mother and wonder if her death happened the way they believe. Jason makes an appointment with Vicky's doctor to discuss her pregnancy. Lisa gets flowers delivered to Felicia's suite with no card attached. She finds out it was someone with a biblical name and Felicia worries it was Noah.

FEBRUARY 15, 1989 (EP. #6258)
Matt tries to talk to Josie and takes her a box of chocolates. Amanda gets a call from Dustin who saw her Video Match tape and wants to set up a date. Jason asks Sharlene to sign some papers and John wonders what he's doing. Sam agrees to let Amanda date Dustin if he's allowed to double date with her. Vince and Mary talk about moving to Minneapolis and Jake convinces them it's a good idea. Sam heads to Video Match to try and set up a date of his own and runs into Jake. Duke confronts Reuben about stealing things from Zack's office. Jason visits Mary and tries to get info about Dr. Petersen then wants to talk to Jake. John and Sharlene walk through Caroline's gallery and he gets distracted by a group of kids. Duke tries to hit on Josie who only acts interested to get back at Matt. Josie and Matt agree to date other people. Sam and Amanda's dates arrive and they leave for their evening as a stranger tries to get into their loft. The stranger gets into the loft and finds Amanda's articles about Felicia. Jason confronts Jake about sleeping with Vicky. The children in the gallery have John riveted and he murmurs that he thought he saved them but he killed them.

FEBRUARY 16, 1989 (EP. #6259)
Felicia grows tense as she listens to the song "Cherish” on the stereo and remembers her past. Jason talks to Dr. Petersen about Vicky's medical condition but can't get any real information. Amanda and Sam and their dates arrive at Evan's apartment. Evan is surprised to find he knows Dustin, Amanda's date. Felicia remembers her father's 40th birthday and giving him the watch that played "Cherish." Mary and Vince pack up the house in preparation for their move. Caroline and Evan are unnerved to learn Dustin is in Bay City. Jason sneaks into Dr. Petersen's office and copies info from Vicky's records. The stranger steals Amanda's notes on Felicia. Felicia tells Mary she thinks Noah Grady is following her. Amanda pumps Dustin for Video Match info while Evan tries to find out why Dustin is in town. Jason is about to read the notes on Vicky when Rachel arrives. Rachel tells Jason to forget about his vendetta against the Cory family for the sake of the children. Caroline offers Evan company but he rejects her. Amanda realizes her notes are gone. Mary suggests Felicia go to the police with her suspicions. Jason realizes that Vicky's baby must be Jake's.

FEBRUARY 17, 1989 (EP. #6260)
Jason and Vicky return from Majorca and their plan to spend a romantic day together is interrupted by a surprise party thrown by their families. Jason demands more money from Iris. Felicia receives a package addressed to Fanny. The package contains a shredded copy of the BRAVA article about her. Felicia suspects Noah is trying to stop the story from being published and she refuses to let Mitch call the police. Vince and Mary are packed and ready to leave when Jake and Marley appear with champagne and toast them. Nicole tells Vicky that she and Cass have set a wedding date. Nicole is worried when Cass says he has to leave the party to deal with Jason. Vince gives the house to Jake. Iris tells Jason she can't give him what he wants and when he leaves, she calls someone and tells them they know what has to be done about Jason. Bridget tells Vicky how much she loves her. Mitch discovers that Noah may be at a nearby hotel and wants to confront him. Felicia argues against it and Mitch thinks she's withholding info about Noah. Michael learns that Jake is capable of fathering children and wonders why Donna didn't tell him. Vicky tells Bridget she resents Donna's critical attitude but Bridget defends Donna and says she shouldn't take her mother's love for granted. Mitch asks Felicia to put the past to rest by going to the hotel with him to face Noah. Jason demands to talk to Vicky about her lawsuit against him. Iris tells Rachel that she's planned a surprise for Mac. At the farmhouse, Cass is attacked by two thugs who think he's Jason. Mary and Vince say their goodbyes and leave Bay City. Jason reveals to Vicky that he knows her baby is Jake's.

FEBRUARY 20, 1989 (EP. #6261)
Sharlene goes to visit John but he doesn't want to see her. Sharlene asks John to let her help him find out what happened with the children in Vietnam. Cass struggles to get up after a beating which he suspects Jason orchestrated. Jason tells Vicky he knows she slept with Jake and says he will tell Jamie the baby isn't his. Mitch is upset that Noah is bothering Felicia. Stacey tends to Cass's wounds until Jamie can get there. Vicky attacks Jason and tries to throw him out. Jason gives her the deadline of Felicia's party to call off the lawsuit against him or he will tell Jamie about the baby. Nicole later visits Jason and tells him to leave Cass alone. Jason has no idea what she's talking about until he gets a phone call and realizes Cass was beat up because Iris sent thugs meant to hurt Jason. John tells Sharlene he's afraid that he will hurt her and lose her. John tells Sharlene that the women at the hospital trusted him with the kids and he killed them. Stacey and Jamie talk about their past and present lives. Jake asks Vicky if she has any doubts about the baby's paternity.

FEBRUARY 21, 1989 (EP. #6362)
John and Sharlene wake up together but he tells her he doesn't think they can be together anymore. Sharlene tries to tell John what happened in Vietnam wasn't his fault and she wants him to come home with her. Felicia stares at the gun Jason gave her. She and Mitch meet with Sid and she is shocked to see Mitch holding a gold pocket watch. Josie tells Iris that she was asked out by another guy. Cass goes to see Iris about Jason and she is stunned to see that he was the one beat up. Mitch tells Felicia that the watch is Noah's and he's in Bay City. Vicky tells Amanda that Jason is giving her trouble. Lisa tells Felicia she got a job offer in London. Matt gets angry when he sees Josie and Kenny together. Jason tells Iris he will reveal her as the Chief at Felicia's party. Amanda and Felicia discuss her upcoming fortieth birthday. Sharlene shows John that he saved lives in Vietnam and he still does. Sharlene decides to tell John the truth about her past but he falls asleep before she can. Vicky calls Jason's bluff and says he should tell Jason everything because Jamie will never believe him. As Felicia is listening to the radio, the deejay has a song dedicated to Fanny Grady.

FEBRUARY 22, 1989 (EP. #6263)
Iris tells Evan that she plans to tell Mac the truth. Jason invites Art Brigham, a banker, to dinner at the farm. Vicky and Jamie discuss the baby and its due fate. Felicia goes to the church to meet Derek, the mystery man. Jason plans to use Sharlene to help him get a loan to pay Vicky. When Mac tells Iris he's happy that she's back and gives her a new office, Iris decides to keep the truth quiet. Felicia corners Derek and sees that his face is badly scarred. Sharlene gets uncomfortable when Art makes a pass at her. Jason eavesdrops on them and isn't pleased. Evan and Jason have a standoff about Art. Felicia tells Mitch that Noah wasn't at the church. Vicky tells Jamie she wants to move into the new house immediately. Evan offers to loan Jason the money to pay Vicky but then hits him when Jason badmouths Janice, Evan's mother. Jason yells at Sharlene for ruining his loan chances and she realizes her brother used her. Vicky feels guilty when Marley talks about Jake. Mitch comforts Felicia as Derek holds a circus-like mallet.

FEBRUARY 23, 1989 (EP. #6264)
Sharlene demands an explanation from Jason about using her with Art. Jason reminds Sharlene of her scandalous past. Felicia is determined not to be frightened away from having her party. Matt admits to Amanda that he is attracted to Lisa but she's leaving Bay City. When Matt calls to see Lisa one last time she hangs up on him. While in the guy's locker room, Josie meets Mark Royer, an athlete. Cass talks to Sharlene and tells her not to commit the fraud with Jason or she could be charged. Iris asks Michael if he left her for Donna. Derek calls to wish Felicia a happy birthday. Iris schemes to get Michael back. Matt is angry when he finds Josie flirting with guys in the locker room. They fight about their relationship and he walks out on her. Amanda thanks Iris for all her career help. Sharlene tells Jason she's not going to help him. Matt tells Lisa he needs her. Jason threatens to reveal Sharlene's past as a hooker if she doesn't help him. Derek dresses as a strongman and gets into the Big-Top. Felicia carries a gun for protection.

FEBRUARY 24, 1989 (EP. #6265)
Sharlene refuses to help Jason and he goes to Felicia's party, vowing to talk to John about Sharlene's past. Jamie and Vicky go to the party and Vicky remembers Jason's threat to tell Jamie about her fling with Jake. Iris also worries about Jason's threat to turn her in as the chief. Dressed as the strongman, Derek watches Felicia's arrival. John comforts Sharlene who wants to move out of the farmhouse to get away from Jason. Mitch vows to protect Felicia. Iris assures Vicky that Jason won't be able to get into the party but Jason secretly cuts his way into the Big Top. Matt talks to Lisa about Josie and as she comforts him, Matt tells Lisa he loves her. Josie tells Sharlene about her fight with Matt and shows her mother the costume she wore. Sharlene coldly tells Josie that whatever Matt thought when he saw her with the guys was right. Felicia talks to Noelle, the psychic, and asks if she'll ever have children. Noelle says she was only to have one child and no others. Jason grabs Nicole and threatens her before taking off. John and Nicole tell Cass that Jason is at the party and John and Cass decide to deal with him. Felicia visits with a hypnotist and asks to be taken back to Noah's fortieth birthday party which was the last day she saw him. Jason corners Vicky in the fortune teller's booth. Vicky is horrified when he prepares to reveal her secret to everyone. Felicia relives the horror of being Fanny as the hypnotist tries to bring her out of the trance. Iris and Evan send a security guard after Jason. Evan sees Jason fighting with John and runs after them. Josie blames Sharlene for making her afraid to be with Matt. Meanwhile, Matt kisses Lisa, who responds to his kiss. Evan warns Jason not to expose his scheme as it will ruin his plan to get back at Rachel. Donna finds the gun in Felicia's purse. Iris announces her plans to start a new magazine called, Sophisticate as Mac hides his displeasure. Iris is the only one who sees Jason go into the hall of mirrors. Josie tells Sharlene she hopes not to turn out like her mother. Felicia ducks into the hall of mirrors and Derek follows her. Disoriented and scared, Felicia pulls out the gun and shoots at a mirror. Jason cries out and falls through the glass.

FEBRUARY 27, 1989 (EP. #6266)
Matt and Lisa kiss passionately in her apartment but she tells him they shouldn't go further because they're both vulnerable. Sharlene slaps Josie but feels terrible and explains that something bad happened with Jason. Mac and Amanda are talking when they hear Jason's voice and glass shattering in the hall of mirrors. Jake, Evan, Iris, Vicky, and John appear in assorted mirrors as they stare at Jason's body. Derek escapes the Big Top with a gun in hand. Felicia comes around and says that she killed Jason. Felicia says she saw the man with the scar and fired the gun to scare him away but she didn't mean to shoot Jason. Lisa tells Matt to give Josie another chance. Sharlene tells Josie that they need to move out to get away from Jason. John goes with Rick to tell Sharlene about Jason. Iris is comforted knowing that Jason can't hurt her now. Felicia remembers that she killed Noah during a fight with him. John promises to take care of Sharlene. Cass tells Felicia not to mention Noah to the police. Nicole says Noah can't be dead because his landlady said he was in Africa. Val tells Courtney he found a letter from Felicia to Noah in Jason's pocket.

FEBRUARY 28, 1989 (EP. #6267)
Josie is upset by Jason's death but Sharlene insists she go to school. Sharlene wonders what she will do without Jason. Sam tells Amanda that he's going to an art show in Milwaukee with Caroline. Vicky tells Jamie she's dropping the suit against Jason for Sharlene's sake. Amanda wonders if Felicia staged everything but Sam tells her she's imagining too much. Dustin stops by to see Amanda when Sam leaves. Josie hears a girl insulting her and the Frame family. Matt defends Josie. Rick and Courtney decide they have to talk to the Frames about the letter they found on Jason. Dustin wants to take Amanda to Sam's art showing and feeling trapped, she says yes. Rick and Courtney question Josie on campus. Sharlene is relieved when Vicky says she's dropping the lawsuit. Amanda explains to Sam why she's at the art show. Dustin says he knows that Sam is Amanda's husband. Matt tells Josie that he still loves her. Dustin tells Amanda he can tell her everything about Video Match. Rick and Courtney ask Sharlene is anyone knew why Jason had a letter from Felicia to Noah.

MARCH 1, 1989 (EP. #6268)
Evan warns Iris that their takeover scheme could blow up in their faces. Rick thinks Felicia is hiding something about Jason's death. Felicia has a nightmare about losing her baby. Dustin tells Amanda he thinks Video Match is a front for an escort service. Sam worries about telling Amanda that he's stranded with Caroline. Cass and Mitch convince Felicia that Noah is still alive. Rick questions Iris to clear things up for Felicia. Rick later asks Julie Ann to move in with him. Evan is upset to find Amanda with Dustin. When Dustin leaves, Amanda is stunned by Evan's outburst when she mentions Janice trying to poison Mac. As Sam sleeps, Caroline is disturbed by her unprofessional feelings for him. Amanda is stunned when Evan blames Rachel for breaking up Janice and Mac. Rachel finds a crumpled photo of Iris and Jason together at the party. Courtney tells Cass that the investigation of Jason's death is no longer an accident but a murder.

MARCH 2, 1989 (EP. #6269)
Evan feels guilty as he and Iris go to Sharlene's to make sure there's no information linking them to Jason. Rick goes over Jason's ledger and plans to talk to Vicky. An upset Vicky tells Jake about her fight with Jason and his blackmail about the baby. Jake is worried that Marley will find out he slept with Vicky. Felicia realizes she can't escape her scandalous life. Josie accuses John of trying to take Jason's place. Sharlene warns Iris to stay out of Josie's life. Sharlene hears Evan questioning John about his relationship with Jason. Vivien tells Donna that Iris has been on edge since Jason's shooting. Jake and Vicky worry that the cops will find out they fought with Jason before he died. Cass vows to clear Felicia of the charges. Evan worries about being implicated by Jason's ledger. Rick is curious about the entry "baby Frame" in Jason's ledger. Felicia secretly still believes she killed Noah. Sharlene cries in John's arms. Evan tells Iris they should leave town. They vow to stick together and try to get the ledger from the police. Vicky tells Donna the truth about her night with Jake, Jason's blackmail, and the fight with Jason. Courtney and Rick interrupt, wanting to question Vicky.

MARCH 3, 1989 (EP. #6270)
Rick and Courtney tell Vicky that her name is on Jason's business ledger. Sharlene asks John why he lied about not seeing Jason the night he was killed, but later told Evan about a fight he had with him. Mitch shows Stacey an article tying Jason's murder to Felicia's upcoming book that doesn't mention Jason helping with. Mitch and Stacey can't ease Felicia's guilt. John downplays the significance of his fight with Jason and tells Sharlene that Evan blew everything out of proportion. Vicky assumes the dollar sign by her name in the ledger symbolizes the lawsuit, but can't explain Felicia and Noah's names being present on it. Donna asks Vicky if she was honest with Rick and Courtney. Amanda gets a call from a source within the police force and tells Sam, Caroline, and Evan that there may be some doubts as to what really happened to Jason. Vicky decides to attend the funeral with Jamie. Felicia gets upset over the speculation in the article and realizes that Iris launched an early book publicity campaign. Caroline tells Evan she's working on getting complete control of Sam. Rick tells Courtney an A.P.B has been put out on Noah Grady. Donna tells them she saw the murder weapon in Felicia's purse during the party. The strongman Robert Dembrosky advises the police that Felicia mistook him for someone else since he wasn't near the Big Top and didn't follow a woman into the hall of mirrors. Courtney requests Felicia come to the police station with a lawyer. Jamie becomes angry after Sharlene accidentally reveals that Jason took the pictures of Amanda and Drew which Rachel and Vicky knew about. Stacey gets a mysterious call from Derek requesting they meet alone because he has information that could save Fanny. Rick and Courtney arrest Felicia because her account of events leading up to the murder don't match the evidence.

MARCH 6, 1989 (EP. #6271)
Mitch is outraged over Felicia's arrest. Cass and Nicole go to Chicago to the house where Noah used to live. Stacey waits in the alley to meet with Derek. Rachel wonders what Iris's involvement was with Jason. Courtney tells Felicia that her story doesn't match the evidence so they have to book her. Stacey finally sees Derek but doesn't know him. She asks how he can help Felicia. Cass and Nicole get inside the house and are met by someone pointing a gun at them. They meet Martha, who thinks they are trying to rob her. Stacey can't get answers from Derek but he takes her hand and leads her away. Martha thinks Cass is Jason and tells him that Mrs. Kramer is out of town. Bail is set for Felicia and Mac wants to pay it so she can get out of jail. Rachel hears Iris talking to reporters about Felicia and discovers that Iris published Felicia's book, The Lady and the Laborer. Felicia decides to face the reporters who are waiting for her to make a statement. Derek starts talking to Stacey about Felicia but he sees a cop and thinks Stacey brought him along. Cass and Nicole debate postponing their April wedding. Rachel learns that Iris was paying off Jason. Derek runs away and stashes a gun in a crack in a brick wall.

MARCH 7, 1989 (EP. #6272)
Jamie and Vicky go to Sharlene's with overnight bags to stay with her. Donna asks Michael about the time they were apart years ago. Iris searches for the file on Frame Construction as Rachel holds it in her hand. Iris doesn't like Rachel's accusations and is afraid that she'll talk to Mac. Courtney and Rick work to decipher Jason's ledger. Julie Ann asks Rick if he'd be ready to marry her once she moved in with him. Matt and Jesse go to a jewelry store to pick a ring for Matt to give Josie. Matt questions whether he should give Josie a ring but Jesse talks him into it. Rick tells Courtney that he won't discount marrying Julie Ann. John asks Sharlene about the key he found the night Jason died. Sharlene says it's a key to Jason's safe. Donna has a daydream that Vicky hates her. Michael and Iris argue and she tells him she should never have let him leave her. Matt asks Rachel why she doesn't think Josie is right for him. Michael suggests Iris move on with her life. The police come to investigate Jason's safe which panics Vicky.

MARCH 8, 1989 (EP. #6273)
Vicky is worried that the police will find something in Jason's safe. Courtney wonders about the large deposits in Jason's account. Cass asks Felicia for the whole truth. Sharlene decides to get a job to hold on to the farm. Courtney and Rick have reason to believe Felicia isn't the only one who wanted Jason silenced. John offers Sharlene money but she refuses to take it. Vicky is uneasy when Stacey talks about Jamie and the baby. Vicky wants to have a paternity test done on the baby. Jamie secretly follows Stacey as she goes to a bad section of town. Felicia tries to explain to Sharlene that Jason's death was an accident. Sharlene gets upset when Felicia offers her money. John wants a mysterious form processed immediately.

MARCH 9, 1989 (EP. #6274)
Zack warns Reuben to get his act together. Rachel tells Cass about information she found linking Iris to Jason. Amanda asks Iris why she lied to Evan about Rachel killing Janice. Rick and Courtney find that Jason received a lot of money from Iris. Iris manages to deflect Amanda then confronts Evan. She reminds him that Rachel murdered his mother. Amanda gets a scoop about a VIP club at Video Match from Dustin. Julie Ann tells Zack that she's considering moving in with Rick. Rachel talks to Mitch about her concerns with Josie and Matt's relationship. Evan asks Rachel about Janice's death. Amanda goes to a bar looking for Douglas McKewon. Zack disapproves of Julie Ann's plan. Cass talks to Iris about the money she gave Jason but he doesn't buy her cover story. Amanda is amazed to see that Douglas is a male stripper. Evan is angry when Rachel says she killed Janice in self-defense.

MARCH 10, 1989 (EP. #6275)
John tries to hide a mysterious paper from Sharlene. Cass asks Vicky what she knows about Jason's death. Derek calls Felicia to say goodbye. Nicole worries about Cass's ability to defend Felicia. Vicky gets nervous when Cass questions her. Jake and Marley meet with their support group. Jamie acts coolly towards Rachel and asks why he didn't know that Jason took the pictures of Amanda and Drew. Rachel explains that she was trying to protect him and he forgives her. Derek hesitates to leave town when he sees Stacey's ad reaching out to him. Sharlene frets about raising Josie alone and trying to keep the farm. Cass asks Mitch about the brochures about Honduras he finds. Mitch admits he will take Felicia to Honduras rather than see her go to prison. Vicky worries that Jake killed Jason and suggests they compare stories. Sharlene is shocked when John says he's selling his boat to help her. Derek calls Stacey for a meeting. When a lamp breaks, Felicia fugues into Fanny. Jake is on hand when Vicky collapses from stomach pains.

MARCH 13, 1989 (EP. #6276)
Sharlene is thrilled when John offers to sell his boat to help her with money. Vicky goes into labor. Derek asks Stacey to meet him in the alley. Cass questions "Fanny" about Mrs. Kramer. Jamie and Rachel are stuck at the farm due to a snowstorm. Jake tries to relax Vicky. Sharlene tells John she doesn't want him to sell his boat because she's becoming his partner in Frame Construction. Cass learns that Mrs. Kramer is Noah's sister who ran the boarding house in Boston. Cass worries that Felicia really did kill Noah. Jake runs off to get help when Vicky cries in pain. Derek tells Stacey he knows the truth about Fanny. Jake uses a CB to call for help for Vicky. Rachel advises Sharlene to tell John about her past before he learns from someone else. Felicia explains that Abigail protected her when Noah died. The lights go out on Jake and Vicky. Jamie panics to learn Vicky is in labor and he can't get to her. On her way to meet Derek, Stacey passes out. Derek finds her and carries her away. Jamie gets through to Jake and says he's going to have to deliver the baby.

MARCH 14, 1989 (EP. #6277)
Stacey is frightened to wake up with Derek standing over her. She tries to escape but sees his scar and realizes he's the man she was looking for. Michael and Donna enjoy a romantic evening, unaware of Vicky's labor. Jamie coaches Jake via phone in delivering the baby. Iris shuts off her own power then calls Michael for help. Michael agrees to go to her but he wonders what she's up to. Jake tells Jamie he can see the baby's head and Jamie worries about the baby's health. Michael acts coldly towards Iris and she tells him they're connected via Jason. Stacey tries to convince Derek to help Felicia. Iris tells Michael that Jason knew about their affair and was going to tell. Michael is worried by her statement. Donna asks Bridget about Vicky's feelings for Jake. Jake delivers Vicky of a baby boy but he isn't breathing. Jake gets the baby breathing and Jamie is upset that he isn't there. Iris tries to evoke Michael's sympathy and he almost buys it. Jake takes Vicky and the baby to the hospital and Jamie says he'll meet them there. Donna interrupts Iris and Michael to tell them about Vicky's baby. Derek walks out on Stacey. Iris tells Vivien she won't lose Michael again. Jamie meets Vicky at the hospital and they bond over their baby.

MARCH 15, 1989 (EP. #6278)
Donna is worried that Vicky and Jake will end up back together and decides to talk to Jake. Iris and Evan discuss Cass's curiosity about Jason's death. Felicia worries that the man with the scar won't be found. Vicky thinks that Steven looks just like Jamie. Donna confronts Jake about sleeping with Vicky. Cass and Zack search for evidence to clear Felicia. Jake asks Donna not to tell Marley that he slept with Vicky. Sam sent in the wrong slides for a New York show and gets disqualified. Ada remarks that Iris doesn't seem the same since Jason's death. Zack and Ronnie hit a dead end in their relationship. Amanda wants to join Video Match's VIP club to further her investigation. Iris gets jealous when she hears Donna talk about Michael watching Steven grow up. Cass asks Evan about his whereabouts during Jason's shooting. Evan tells him that John and Jason fought. Felicia asks Sam to take care of Mitch if she goes to jail. Aunt Rose gives Amanda a trial run as a VIP member. Jake and Marley visit Vicky and the baby.

MARCH 16, 1989 (EP. #6279)
Josie is upset when she gets a D grade on a term paper. Cass adds John to his list of suspects. John and Sharlene discuss their relationship. He gifts her with a hard hat and earrings. Cass thinks the strongman killed Jason. Jesse owes $500 in lab fees and Reuben comes up with a scheme to get the money. Josie's professor suggests she get a tutor. Nicole is frightened by Cass's behavior. Cass questions Sharlene about a second matching gun and says he wants to talk to John as well. Josie feels that John is trying to take Jason's place with her and Sharlene. Reuben calls Duke about a deal to make some money. Stacey tries to convince Derek to help Felicia. Nicole worries that Cass won't be able to handle Felicia's case. Derek tells Stacey that he knows Felicia didn't mean to shoot Jason. Stacey alienates Derek with her questions and he leaves.

MARCH 17, 1989 (EP. #6280)
Rose tells Amanda that she's reached a decision about letting Amanda work at the VIP club. Vicky is nervous when she learns Cass intends to question her. Cass wants to inspect the contents of Jason's safe. John is upset that Cass thinks he may have killed Jason. Michael and Iris discuss ways to make SOPHISTICATE a successful magazine. Amanda dresses sexily to meet with Rose to show she can handle the job. Rachel gives Vicky the christening gown that Jamie wore as a baby for Steven. Vicky tells Dr. Petersen she doesn't want a paternity test done on the baby. Iris and Michael reminisce about their relationship and Michael tells her he never regretted being with her. Sharlene notices that Vicky's baby has a strange affect on John. Cass is surprised to learn that Jason was dishonorably discharged from the Navy. Rose tells Amanda she's expected to sleep with the VIP club members. Amanda agrees but is shocked to learn she has an immediate appointment. She is confused when Dustin turns out to be her client. Iris is certain that Michael still has feelings for her. Mac is angry to hear that Iris ordered that Felicia's book be released to the press. Sharlene is shocked to learn that Jason was involved with black market dealings. Amanda questions Dustin's motives. Iris thinks Mac knows she was the chief when he accuses her of hurting him. Dustin is secretive about his motives for helping Amanda. He carries a picture of a woman who closely resembles Amanda. Little Steven stops breathing as Vicky is taking him from the hospital.

MARCH 20, 1989 (EP. #6281)
Cass hears John and Sharlene discussing Jason's involvement with the black market. Iris pleads with Mac to let her explain, thinking he knows she was the chief. Vicky is frantic when the doctors can't get Steven to breathe. Iris is relieved to learn Mac doesn't know she was the chief. She compares herself unfavorably to the "perfect" Amanda but Mac won't let her off the hook. He tells her that releasing the book was unforgivable. Steven starts to breathe on his own but Vicky blames herself for his trauma. Cass finds out that the circus tent company is bankrupt and leaving town. John asks Sharlene about her fight with Jason but she can't tell him the real reason. Iris thinks about leaving town after her argument with Mac and upon learning that Cass wants to question her again. Jamie, Vicky, and Rachel are told that Steven is very ill. Iris decides to go to France and writes a letter to Michael. Cass and Zack pretend to be antique collectors when they question the circus owner. They get a list of all the people who bought equipment form the circus company. Sharlene receives Jason's belongings and finds a document that surprises her. Vicky won't leave the hospital until she can take Steven home. Sharlene shows John her divorce decree from Russ. Iris calls Russ Matthews before leaving town to tell him she's recommended him for chief of staff at the hospital.

MARCH 21, 1989 (EP. #6282)
Everyone gathers at the hospital for word on Steven. Alone, Jamie cries with worry for his son. Matt is nervous about giving Josie the ring he bought. When Josie tells him how important he is to her, he decides to give her the ring. Vicky learns the baby needs to have a transfusion. While playing with Mikey in the park, Stacey sees Derek. Jamie comforts Vicky. Vivien gives Michael the letter from Iris. The letter asks Michael to meet her in France but Michael rips it in half and puts it in his pocket. Stacey learns that Derek can't come to Felicia's defense because he's wanted by the police. Matt pledges his love to Josie and gives her a promise ring. Michael is stunned to learn that John studied medicine. John is uneasy when he hears that Russ Matthews may be the new chief of staff. Vicky worries about what Steven's blood transfusion may reveal. Donna questions Michael about the ripped letter she finds in his pocket. Josie tells Matt how much she loves him. Donna reads the letter from Iris and confronts Michael.

MARCH 22, 1989 (EP. #6283)
Steven's fever breaks to Vicky and Jamie's relief. Sharlene is not pleased to hear Matt and Josie talking about being in love. Cass wants Felicia to plead not guilty even though Mitch is still thinking of taking her out of the country. Donna confronts Michael about the letter she found. Sharlene asks Matt if he only wants sex from Josie. Liz hears the argument and accuses Sharlene of making trouble for everyone. Mitch and Cass fight over Felicia's defense. Cass tells Mitch that Felicia faces 25 years in prison if she's convicted. Donna wants Michael to tell her who wrote the love letter to him but he refuses to tell her. Michael tells Donna that he had an affair in the past but won't name Iris. Cass asks Felicia to see a hypnotist but she thinks it's a bad idea. Liz warns Sharlene to stay away from Russ. Michael finally tells Donna that he had an affair with Iris. Donna forgives him and hopes it's all in the past. Liz is happy when Russ arrives in town to see her. Felicia is stunned when Mitch wants to take her to Honduras.

MARCH 23, 1989 (EP. #6284)
Sam is confused when he sees Amanda dress in a sexy outfit for work. He agrees to let her go to Video Match in the dress. Evan is unaware that Iris left town. Evan asks Josie to join him for lunch. Mitch begs Felicia to go to Honduras with him but she wants to stay in Bay City and fight. Sid asks Ada on a date. Matt tells Rachel he plans to be with Josie forever. Evan talks to Josie about her family and secretly slips money into her purse. Sid is upset when Ada rejects him. Amanda meets another VIP girl, Lauren, who is suspicious of Amanda's motives. Mitch lies to Sam about closing his bank accounts and says a cryptic goodbye to his brother. Sid gets back at Ada by saying she's too old for him. Josie finds the money from Evan. Matt sees Josie's term paper grade and gets jealous when he learns Richard will be her tutor. Evan gets worried when Cass hands him

MARCH 24, 1989 (EP. #6285)
John and Sharlene plan a romantic dinner. Mac and Rachel are surprised to see Russ back in town. Donna is annoyed by Jakes' interest in Vicky and Steven. Mitch plans to take Felicia to the airport with out her knowledge. Russ is shocked to hear that Sharlene is in Bay City. Sid tells Ada she's not lively anymore. Jake gets nervous when Cass wants to question him about Jason's death. Sharlene is touched when John gives her his bravery medal from the war. Rachel runs out after receiving a letter from Mitch. Derek tells Stacey he has proof that Felicia is innocent. Sid's comments make Ada reflective. Cass subpoenas Jake. Mitch tells Felicia the truth and begs her to get on the plane with him. Felicia agrees to leave with Mitch. Rachel tells Cass about Mitch's plans and he races to stop them. Liz tells Mac she's worried about Sharlene's affect on Russ. John thanks Sharlene for standing by him and they passionately kiss. Donna asks Rachel about Iris's past. Ada puts on a stunning outfit and asks Sid out. Derek tells Stacey that he has the gun Felicia shot that night. Cass gets to Felicia and Mitch in time to stop them. John and Sharlene are interrupted by a call from Russ. Derek is distressed when the gun is missing. Matt shows up at the airport and asks Mitch not to leave.

MARCH 27, 1989 (EP. #6286)
Sharlene and Russ talk on the phone and John notices that Russ still affects her. Derek and Stacey frantically search for the gun. Mitch is adamant about taking Felicia to Honduras in spite of everyone's protests. Mac learns that Iris called Russ about the position at the hospital. John asks Sharlene why she left Russ if he was so nice to her. Cass and Matthew convince Mitch not to run away. Millie and Jake make a deal about bartending. Sid and Ada go on a date. A thug confronts Stacey as she looks for the gun. Matt tells Rachel and Mac about Mitch almost leaving town. Russ and Matt go to Paradise just as Sharlene arrives with John. The thug rips Stacey's blouse when Derek comes to her rescue. Mitch and Felicia go home with Cass. Ada walks out on Sid. Russ talks with Sharlene and John. Mac debates on calling Iris but Rachel thinks he should leave her alone. Derek keeps Stacey safe in his room. Russ tells Matt that he plans to stay in Bay City. Ada tells Rachel she's not giving Sid the chance to drop her again like he did forty years ago. Cass tells Felicia that Abigail lives on Gold Street and they're going to find out all the secrets about Noah when they talk to her.

MARCH 28, 1989 (EP. #6287)
Donna asks Nicole for marital advice. Evan warns Iris to come back to Bay City. Ada confronts Sid about their relationship. Cass and Stacey find Abigail and bring her to town but Felicia doesn't want to see her. Ada worries that her relationship with Sid is based on false feelings. Evan tries to keep his feelings for Amanda from Caroline. Caroline wonders about Dustin's interest in Amanda. Donna tells Nicole about Michael and Iris's long ago affair. Amanda is terrified to learn she may have to sleep with a VIP client. Sid tells Ada he has real feelings for her. Amanda is surprised when Dustin arrives at the club. Abigail tells Felicia that she did kill Noah. Evan, who had an affair with Dustin's wife, isn't afraid of him. Amanda is relieved when her date chooses to be with Lauren. Sid tells Ada he's unsure he can forget about his late wife. Donna forges Michael's signature on a letter to Iris telling her not to come back. Nicole and Cass postpone their wedding again. Dustin agrees to help Amanda blow the whistle on Video Match. Abigail tells Felicia the whole story of Noah's death and refuses to forgive Felicia. Dustin lures Amanda to his hotel room on the pretense that he has info for her story. Cass promises to make up for lost time with Nicole.

MARCH 29, 1989 (EP. #6288)
Evan warns Amanda not to trust Dustin. Derek tells Stacey he knows where to find the gun. Abigail sees Cass comforting Felicia. Amanda wants Evan to tell her everything about Dustin. Abigail explains how she covered up Noah's death. Ada talks to Sam about the situation with Sid. Sam suggests she stick it out. Evan is angry when Dustin sarcastically reminds her that Amanda is a married woman. Evan fakes a message to cancel Amanda's meeting with Dustin. Sam plans a romantic evening for Amanda. Stacey is unaware of Derek's panic when the elevator they're on gets stuck. Cass confronts Abigail about seeing Jason before he died. Things get sexually tense between Stacey and Derek. Sid and Ada agree to be friends. Sam and Amanda enjoy a passionate night together. Dustin threatens to expose Evan's relationship with Iris. Cass thinks Abigail had something to do with Jason's death. Sid and Ada say goodbye when he decides to leave town. Derek refuses to give a statement to the police. Sam and Amanda reminisce about their past.

MARCH 30, 1989 (EP. #6289)
Evan tells Rachel he's worried about Amanda covering the Video Match story. Dustin has a personal copy of Amanda's Video Match tape. Evan tries to convince Rachel that Amanda's story doesn't have journalistic value. He's also worried about her getting too close to Dustin. Rachel agrees to go with Mac to South America for business. Marley gets upset that she isn't pregnant. Jake gets nervous when he sees Cass at Steven's christening. Dustin asks Auntie Rose for a special favor. Cass warns Jake that he will do whatever is necessary to clear Felicia. Marley worries when she learns of Jake's subpoena. Jamie tells Vicky he thinks she's perfect. Josie asks Evan about the money he put in her purse. Vicky tells Cass she has nothing new to tell him about Jason. Evan refuses to take the money back from Josie, making her suspicious of him. Dustin schemes to have an evening with Amanda. Josie is uncomfortable sitting next to Rachel at the christening. Donna offers to give Cass information but only under certain circumstances. Sam is annoyed that Evan comes to the christening looking for Amanda. Amanda meets Dustin at his apartment to get the VIP list.

MARCH 31, 1989 (EP. #6290)
Sam warns Evan that he doesn't want to see Amanda anymore. Dustin is delighted that Amanda doesn't suspect anything. Evan gets frustrated when Sam won't tell him where Amanda is. Donna lies to Michael about her conversation with Cass. Stacey gets unnerved when Vicky asks if she would like to hold baby Steven. John is jealous of Sharlene's feelings for Russ. Donna tries to divert Cass's suspicions away from Vicky but he doesn't buy her tactics. Sharlene is uneasy when Josie asks for her birth certificate in order to get a social security card. Stacey opens up to Derek about her dead daughter. Vicky confronts Donna about her conversation with Cass. Amanda gets nervous being alone with Dustin. Sam punches Evan when he learns Evan kissed Amanda. Cass gives Vicky and envelope and she worries that it's a subpoena but it turns out to be a gift for the baby. Nicole promises Cass support through the trial. Sharlene goes to see a printer about altering Josie's birth certificate. Derek tries to comfort Stacey but can't help but hold back. Sharlene wants the name Lenny Bolger put on Josie's birth certificate as the father line is currently marked as unknown. Sam is surprised not to find Amanda at home. Amanda tries to get out of the limo but Dustin holds her back.

APRIL 3, 1989 (EP. #6291)
Stacey tries to pull herself together after talking about her baby with Derek. She tells Derek what happened to her daughter in the accident. Josie asks Matt if he found a new roommate since Jamie moved out. Matt says he has the perfect one, meaning her. Sam tells Mitch that Amanda is wrapping up her Video Match story. Dustin takes Amanda to his hotel room where there is a portrait of Julia on the mantel. Amanda is speechless at seeing her resemblance to the woman. Cass and Nicole talk about wedding preparations but they're interrupted by a disturbing phone call. Dustin asks Amanda to impersonate his wife. Matt and Josie discuss her father. Dustin tells Amanda it would be in her best interest to help him. Derek finally tells Stacey his name and agrees to help her. He gives Stacey his phone number. Dustin warns Amanda to tell Sam that she has to work on the story for a few more days but she refuses. Matt asks Josie to move in with him. Dustin threatens Amanda and they struggle. Derek has a dream about Stacey. Mitch and Sam discuss Felicia and Jason's death. Dustin tries to explain Julia to Amanda as she tries to get to the letter opener. Cass upsets Stacey and she runs out. Cass finds Derek's number in her purse. Josie thinks she and Matt need to wait before moving in together. Amanda tries to stab Dustin with the letter opener but she fails. Dustin forces her to call Sam and say she'll be gone for a while. Dustin locks Amanda in a room.

APRIL 4, 1989 (EP. #6292)
Sam is trying to keep things under control with Alli. He answers the door hoping Amanda has come home but finds Evan instead. Amanda tries to pay Andrews to let her go free but Dustin arrives to stop the negotiations. Vicky says she needs a favor from Michael but he deduces she wants him to recommend Jamie for chief of staff and tells her to stay out of it. Jamie tells Russ that he hopes they'll work together no matter who gets what job. Dustin advises Amanda to cooperate and she demands to know everything that's going on. Sharlene tells John he is the only man for her. Michael tells Jamie that Russ was chosen for the chief of staff position. Sam and Evan fight about Amanda but Evan is more worried about her whereabouts. Andrews gives Amanda a tape of Julia's voice, telling her that she is to learn how to speak like Julia. Jamie is angry over Vicky's interference in his job. John tells Michael that Sharlene makes him happy and is good for him. Russ arrives to see Sharlene and tells her he'll be staying in Bay City. He thinks they also have unfinished business to discuss. Caroline tries to talk to Sam about his upcoming show but he can't stop thinking about Amanda. Amanda makes a key out of hairpins and tries to pick the lock. Evan goes to see Dustin who has drugged Lauren for the night. Vicky apologizes to Jamie and promises to never interfere again. John finds Sharlene talking to Russ.

APRIL 5, 1989 (EP. #6293)
Felicia talks to Cass, who is trying to figure out what happened in the Hall of Mirrors. Vicky and Jamie prepare to move into their house. Marley asks Eric why she isn't pregnant yet. Eric tells Marley that her chances for getting pregnant aren't very good. Jake arrives to visit Steven, which makes Vicky nervous. Matthew visits Josie at the spa. Reuben gives Jesse five hundred dollars for school. Duke calls the law office to ask Reuben about the money he borrowed. Cass tells Felicia that they need to bring Iris back to town. Marley worries about telling Jake that they may never have a child of their own. Duke tells Reuben he needs the money back that day. Jake promises Steven that he will stay involved in his life. Felicia calls Iris pretending to be Vivien. Reuben robs a locker at the spa but is surprised when Josie offers him a job there. Jamie and Vicky move into their new house. Cass and Felicia follow up on a lead at a circus shop and they find a carousel horse with a bullet hole in it. Zack throws Reuben out for being involved with Duke. Felicia and Cass convince Larry to sell them the horse.

APRIL 6, 1989 (EP. #6294)
Josie wonders why Sharlene only gave her a copy of her birth certificate instead of the original. Evan thinks he can get info from Lauren about Amanda's whereabouts. Derek doesn't want Stacey to go with him when he looks for the gun. Iris returns to Bay City and tells Donna they have to talk about Michael. Donna is upset to learn that Michael called Iris in France. Stacey agrees to dress as a vagabond in order to go with Derek. Sharlene is uncomfortable when she runs into Russ at the spa. Bridget worries about the effect Jason's death is having on the Hudson family. Donna gets nervous when Iris threatens to tell Michael about the letter Donna wrote to him while pretending to be Iris. Evan threatens to expose Lauren as a VIP girl unless she cooperates with him. Josie meets Russ, who tells her she looks just like Sharlene did as a young woman. Stacey is impressed by Derek's power when he breaks up a soup kitchen fight. Evan tries to figure out what Dustin is up to when he learns that Lauren spent the night with him when Amanda disappeared. John gets jealous and asks Sharlene why Russ affects her so much. Sharlene tells John she needs more time to tell him her history with Russ. Iris is happy to see Russ back in Bay City and says she is back for good. Evan gets a partial address of Dustin's house. Donna tells John about the affair Michael had with Iris. Derek is torn when Stacey asks him to testify on Felicia's behalf.

APRIL 7, 1989 (EP. #6295)
Dustin is upset with Amanda for not sounding more like Julia. Evan searches for Dustin's house, trying to find Amanda. Stacey tells Cass and Felicia that she and Derek found the missing gun. Stacey tells Cass that Derek can't testify because he is afraid. Dustin threatens Amanda by telling her that if she doesn't cooperate she won't see Alli or Sam again. Evan passes an oncoming car and realizes it is Dustin's. Jake confides to Vicky that Marley may never get pregnant. Cass serves Iris with a subpoena and Felicia yells at Iris for publishing the book. Stacey sees Cass lurking around during her phone conversation with Derek. Dustin is pleased when he hears Amanda expertly imitate Julia. Evan thinks he's found Dustin's house and approaches the door with a tire iron. Cass checks to see if the phone company was able to trace an address for Derek but he learns it's illegal. Sam tells Mac he thinks Amanda is in trouble. Stacey goes to see Derek to get him to sign his statement and Cass bursts into the room. Evan calls out to Amanda who cries for him to help her. Jake learns that Steven has his same rare blood type.

APRIL 10, 1989 (EP. #6296)
Jake asks Vicky if Steven is his son. Derek is upset by Cass's intrusion and aims the gun at him when Cass asks where Felicia's gun is. Evan tries to pry the bars off the window to get Amanda out of the house. Sam and Mac try to find Amanda and Rachel notices that something is wrong. Hoping to give Evan time, Amanda bargains for privacy with Dustin. Cass and the police detective he brought get into a scuffle with Derek. Stacey implores Cass to leave Derek alone and tells Derek that she didn't know what Cass was planning. Vicky insists that Jake is not Steven's father. Rachel thinks that Amanda is missing and blames Iris. Amanda gets Dustin to leave the room and Evan gets the window bars loosened. Evan gets Amanda out but Dustin catches them. Dustin forces Amanda to call Mac and say she's alright. Jake and Iris plan on how they can help each other. Stacey leaves a note for Derek at his apartment. Iris overhears Mac and Rachel praising Amanda. Dustin tells Amanda and Evan about Julia and leaves Andrews to tie them up for the night.

APRIL 11, 1989 (EP. #6297)
Evan and Amanda get themselves untied. Stacey accuses Cass of ruining her progress with Derek, who has disappeared. Mitch suggests Felicia keep a low profile to avoid the press. Cass and Stacey agree to work together. Dustin tells Evan he's invited to the dinner party for Mr. Hollingsworth and that Amanda better pull off imitating Julia. Matt and Josie talk about having a future together. Cass, Zack, and Stacey discuss the gun Derek took from Felicia being identical to the murder weapon. Mitch tells Jake that he and Matt are forming a relationship to make up for lost time. Ronnie is disappointed with Reuben being involved with Duke and asks Zack to talk to him. Zack and Ronnie arrive after Reuben gets attacked by Duke's men. Zack tells Reuben to straighten up. Jake is affected by Matt's comments with Jamie being a proud father. Cass tells Felicia and Amanda that the ballistics reports show the markings on the bullet matched the gun that Derek took off Felicia. Cass feels Derek's testimony is needed for his defense case. Evan promises to help Amanda escape from Dustin.

APRIL 12, 1989 (EP. #6298)
Sam asks Caroline if Evan and Amanda ran off together. Evan and Amanda agree to work together in outsmarting Dustin. Marley tells Donna that Eric Janssen doubt's she'll ever get pregnant. Jake visits a priest and confesses that he may be the father of Vicky's child. Caroline tells Sam that Evan was worried about Amanda and was asking a lot of questions about her. Caroline says Amanda knew Lauren, who spent the night with Dustin when Amanda disappeared, and Evan was trying to get information from her. Marley gets upset, despite Donna telling her the possibilities of getting pregnant in the future or adoption. Sam convinces Caroline to help him search for Auntie Rose and Lauren to question them. Evan and Amanda decide to find something about Julia that bothers Dustin so he'll be tricked into making a mistake. Marley tells Donna she's worried Jake will leave her if she's not able to have a child. The priest advises Jake to find the truth to help him move forward with life. Sam pays Auntie Rose a fee in exchange for viewing the V.I.P client list. Marley asks Jake if he wants to adopt when Jake suggests they have some other baby. Sam and Caroline find Lauren in the client list and convince Auntie Rose to let him see Lauren's video. Evan and Amanda decide to pretend they're keeping a secret from Dustin, who is a very possessive and jealous man. Sam becomes worried when he discovers Lauren hasn't been seen in two days.

APRIL 13, 1989 (EP. #6299)
Donna tortures Iris with the news that Michael is coming home to her, not Iris. Iris turns the tables by telling Donna that Michael once gave her an engagement ring. Felicia tells Mitch she wants a divorce if she is found guilty. Sam worries when he can't get in touch with Lauren. Mitch tells Felicia he won't leave her and he'll wait for her if necessary. Sam finds Lauren and asks her about Dustin's whereabouts. Cass confides his defense plan to Mitch. Felicia is shaken when she hears the song, "Cherish." Derek grabs Stacey as she comes out of her bathroom. He remains silent when she questions him about the things he did to Felicia. Sam offers Lauren money to help him find Amanda. Donna follows Iris and is curious over Iris's upset about Evan's seeming disappearance. Donna also hears Iris admit that she's the chief. Felicia cuts her hair in an effort to pull herself together.

APRIL 14, 1989 (EP. #6300)
Evan and Amanda passionately kiss in an effort to convince Dustin they are lovers. Cass has a nightmare where Felicia accuses him of ruining her case. Felicia prepares for the murder trial. Josie is surprised when Sharlene says she doesn't want to go to the trial. While they babysit Steven, Jake promises Marley they'll have a child of their own. Matt and Mitch bolster Felicia's spirits. Felicia reassures Cass of her confidence in him and tells him she loves him. Jake learns that he and Steven share the same rare blood type. Josie and Sharlene are surprised when the zany Frankie Frame arrives at the farmhouse. Jake figures out from knowing Vicky's blood type that Steven is his son. The prosecuting attorney bids Cass to have Felicia change her plea for a lesser charge. Amanda tells Dustin she'll go through with impersonating Julia if he splits the profits with her and Evan. Jake confronts Vicky about her lies. Dustin watches a videotape of Julia that suggests she may be dead. Jake demands that Vicky have a paternity test performed or he'll tell Jamie the truth. Felicia's trial begins.

APRIL 17, 1989 (EP. #6301)
Donna asks Michael about his engagement to Iris. He asks her to forget about the past. Vicky warns Jake that he'll lose Marley if Steven turns out to be his son. Cass makes his opening statement at Felicia's trial. Amanda becomes ill but Dustin insists she has to be ready to act as Julia. Cass asks Stacey to get Derek to come to the trial. Mac is called to the stand as a hostile witness and his testimony ends up damaging Felicia. Jamie is upset that John gets subpoenaed. Vicky tells Jake he will never take Steven from her. Evan tries to find something to use against Dustin. Jake agrees to drop the paternity test and Jamie sense the tension between Jake and Vicky. Josie and Matt agree not to let the trial come between them. Cass grills Donna on the stand to make her testimony seemed biased against Felicia. Jamie tells Vicky how happy he is with her and Steven. Evan learns Julia gave Dustin the power of attorney over her the day she left him. Amanda falls into unconsciousness and Evan yells for help. Donna tells Cass she heard Iris refer to herself as the chief.

APRIL 18, 1989 (EP. #6302)
John comforts Sharlene, who is upset by the trial. Frankie Frame corners Cass and tells him Jason was her uncle. Frankie decides to offer her services to the D.A. Michael confronts Iris over talking to Donna about their past. Stacey learns Derek's last name is Dane. Jake tells Donna he thinks Steven is his son. Josie fantasizes about being rich and famous. Josie meets Olivia Matthews and the two hit it off. Cass gets angry at some reporters who talk about Felicia's guilt. Frankie saves the situation when things turn violent. Iris tells Michael about the letter Donna wrote her. Jake asks Donna how he can let Steven go without a fight. Russ finds out that Jason was threatening to tell John about Sharlene's past. Cass tells Rachel that Iris was the chief. Frankie tells John she's not leaving Bay City until Jason's murder case is solved. Donna begs Jake not to do anything in regards to Steven as it would ruin many lives. Frankie agrees that Sharlene shouldn't mention her past to John. Rachel asks Cass not to expose Iris's betrayal until she can talk to Mac. Reuben finds something strange on Josie's birth certificate. Josie and Iris learn that Olivia is Russ's daughter. Sharlene promises John that nothing will come between them. Stacey can't find any data on Derek. Derek has a memory of being in court and being called a nobody by the judge.

APRIL 19, 1989 (EP. #6303)
Amanda becomes delirious and Evan yells at Dustin to get help or she won't be able to impersonate Julia. Vicky asks Jamie if they can leave Bay City. John takes the stand and Cass is optimistic from a new piece of evidence. Cass explores the possibility that John was angry enough with Jason to kill him. Marley and Dr. Jansen have a drink together. Dustin is suspicious when Amanda calls out for Sam, not Evan. He agrees to get antibiotics for Amanda and says that in his mind, Julia is dead. Sam threatens Auntie Rose into helping him find Amanda. John denies killing Jason but Cass brings up his unstable life after Vietnam. Jamie gets angry as he tries to figure out Vicky's motives for wanting to move. Vicky is subpoenaed. Jake walks into a bar to find Marley drunk with Eric. Donna tells Nicole that Cass's actions against John are unforgivable. Auntie Rose gives Dustin's file to Sam. Rose warns Sam that Amanda could get hurt if VIP is exposed. Evan comforts Amanda and promises to take care of her. Jake is hurt when Marley admits she finds it easier to talk to Eric than him. Vicky doesn't want Jamie in court when she testifies. Sharlene has an outburst in court when Cass brings up John's time in Vietnam. Vicky is horrified when Jake insists on having the paternity test after all. Sam figures out a clue from Amanda. John physically attacks Cass in the courtroom, proving Cass's point that John gets violently angry.

APRIL 20, 1989 (EP. #6304)
John thinks everyone believes he killed Jason after his outburst in court. Cass feels guilty over his treatment of John and asks Stacey to find Derek, the only one who can clear Felicia. Derek spies on Felicia in the park. Amanda starts to feel better and Evan starts to tell her about his involvement in a hurtful scheme. Dustin interrupts before he can finish the tale. John worries that Sharlene won't be able to handle his reputation as a crazed veteran. Vicky threatens to say that Jake raped her if he goes through with the paternity test. Derek calls Stacey and agrees to sign the statement after he hears Felicia talk about her love of life. Sharlene comforts and reassures John. Jake turns the tables on Vicky and threatens to expose the reason Jason was blackmailing her. Evan tells Amanda he thinks Dustin killed Julia. Vicky dreams that Jamie and Steven are taken away from her. Stacey tells Derek his signed statement won't be enough to help Felicia. Amanda and Evan prepare for the arrival of Julia's father. Dustin contains his glee when Julia's father gives him and Julia (who is really Amanda), controlling interest in his company. Amanda feels sorry for what she's doing to the older man. John loses his composure when loud noises start to make him crazy. Sharlene offers to testify for the prosecution to clear John's name. Amanda tries to get Julia's father to stay around, which angers Dustin. Stacey begs Derek to testify. Jake takes the stand and Cass asks him why Jason blackmailed Vicky.

APRIL 21, 1989 (EP. #6305)
Sam tells Caroline that Evan and Amanda are together and in trouble. Caroline gets an idea of where they can find Dustin. Amanda gets Stuart to stay a while to Dustin's dismay. John is upset when he learns Sharlene went to court to testify for the prosecution. Jake forces Vicky to call for a paternity test appointment. Marley overhears them talking about Steven. Reuben gives Josie her birth certificate and she sees that her father is marked as unknown. Sharlene testifies in spite of John's efforts to stop her. Caroline and Sam find out where Dustin is. Dustin tells Evan and Amanda that he won't let them go leading them to believe he's going to kill them. Sam and Caroline learn the bridge is out and they won't be able to get to Hazlewood. Vicky makes the call to Dr. Peterson's office but disconnects the line when Jake leaves to help Josie. Cass learns that Sharlene and Jason had a fight about her past.

APRIL 24, 1989 (EP. #6306)
Amanda and Evan fear Dustin will kill them. Sam arrives at a fork in the road on horseback. He gallops on after seeing a sign for Hazelwood. There is sexual tension between Derek and Stacey when he agrees to her request to testify. The courtroom erupts when Sharlene reveals she was a prostitute in the past. Josie runs out of the courtroom and Matt rushes after her. Cass is distraught over having to hurt Sharlene. John runs after Sharlene. Derek asks to meet with Felicia alone before he testifies. Evan opens up to Amanda and says the day she reached out to him was the happiest day of his life. Morgan hears Frankie arguing with Cass. Josie is embarrassed and compares herself to her mother. Mitch is against Felicia meeting with Derek. Russ demands that Liz stop badmouthing Sharlene. Dustin takes Evan and Amanda into the woods and prepares to shoot them. Russ realizes he's still angry with Sharlene for her past actions. Matt worries when he can't find Josie. Frankie offers the DA her help. Derek and Felicia come face to face and he's hurt that she doesn't remember him. Evan tries to bargain with Dustin who is remembering accidentally killing Julia. Dustin's gun goes off when Evan pushes Andrews at him. Sam hears a gunshot from across the river. Sharlene is surprised by John's visit to the barn.

APRIL 25, 1989 (EP. #6307)
Rachel looks for info in Iris's penthouse and vows to make her pay if she's really the chief. Sam's horse runs off when the gunshot sounds. Evan and Amanda take off as Andrews and Dustin revive. Sam swims across the river as Evan and Amanda run through the woods. Reuben finds Josie who believes her father was one of Sharlene's customers. Sharlene tells John he should leave her but he insists that they talk. Sharlene collapses in his arms. Rachel and Donna team up to expose Iris. Reuben comforts Josie and promises not to tell Matt the truth. Rachel gets angry when Donna badmouths Sharlene and Josie. Sam beats Dustin up and finds Evan and Amanda. Evan is touched when he sees the couple's closeness. Dustin frees himself from Sam's restraints and takes aim at Amanda. Evan throws himself in front of Amanda and is shot in the stomach. Sharlene tells John about the suffering in her past. Rachel learns that Iris was involved in Bennett Publishing. Josie thinks about the parties she used to dance at and feels like a whore. Sharlene runs off and tells John to forget about her. Evan is rushed to the hospital. John finds Sharlene and they make love in the grass.

APRIL 26, 1989 (EP. #6308)
Sam senses the closeness between Amanda and Evan at the hospital. Jake reminds Vicky that he wants the paternity test taken. Josie refuses to talk to Matt. Marley draws closer to Dr. Jansen and she talks about her fears of not being able to conceive. Jake drags Vicky to the hospital. Sam is annoyed when Amanda insists on staying with Evan. Evan later feels like an outsider as he watches Amanda with her family. Josie breaks up with Matt. Sharlene and John admit their love. Rachel worries how Mac will react when he finds out about Iris's betrayal. Sam and Amanda return home and make love. Rachel tells Evan he's a part of the Cory family. He almost tells her the truth about his machinations with Iris and Jason. Vicky secretly switches the blood samples at the hospital. Josie dreams that Matt thinks she's a hooker. Sharlene prepares to tell Josie the truth, unaware that her daughter was in the courtroom. Josie sees Sharlene and John kissing and runs off.

APRIL 27, 1989 (EP. #6309)
Josie tells Sharlene she was in the courtroom and knows about her mother's past. Zack and Cass discuss putting Mitch on the stand but Felicia fears his criminal past coming to light. Frankie gets Mitch's criminal file. Vicky and Jake run into Jamie on their way to the lab. Josie yells at Sharlene and says that the Frames are trash. Frankie finds out that Mitch tried to run away with Felicia to Honduras. Iris asks Evan why he saved Amanda's life and he tells her he wants out of their deal. Rachel tells Cass she has proof that Iris was the chief but she wants to personally confront her because Mac would be destroyed if it came out in court. John tells Stacey he doesn't want Cass anywhere near Sharlene. Zack successfully cross examines Rick but Morgan plays a tape of Felicia saying she shot Jason by accident. Cass's reaction is to call Mitch to the stand. Frankie tries to get the pilot's flight plan to Honduras admitted as evidence. Evan tells Iris that he no longer wants to live a life of revenge. Jamie tells Evan about the trial and Sharlene's checkered past. Frankie gives the flight plan to Morgan who makes Mitch admit he wanted to leave the states so Felicia could escape prosecution. Sharlene fears she's lost Josie forever. Dr. Petersen reveals that based on the test results, Jake couldn't be Steven's father. Rachel confronts Iris with her knowledge that her stepdaughter was the chief.

APRIL 28, 1989 (EP. #6310)
Sharlene fears Josie will never get over her past. Josie takes a room at a boarding house. Iris tries to deny Rachel's claim that she was the chief but Rachel presents Iris's tax returns as proof. Iris rips up the tax return but Rachel says she has another copy that she's presenting to Mac. Mitch comforts Matt over his estrangement from Josie. Stacey buys Derek a suit for when he testifies. Derek and Felicia see each other again but she still doesn't remember him. Sam tells Amanda about his fight with Evan and wants to know how she feels about him. A weak Evan arrives at their door. Amanda, Sam, and Evan agree to put the past behind them and move on. Rachel demands that Iris tell Mac about being the chief. Iris tries to stall but Rachel insists that it happen immediately because she's taking the stand tomorrow and Cass knows the truth. Matt tries to convince Josie not to give up on them but she leaves. An upset Josie says goodbye to Sharlene, who gets hysterical.

MAY 1, 1989 (EP. #6311)
John tries to console Sharlene who is upset that Josie left home. Reuben helps Josie get settled and calls to tell Sharlene where she is. John convinces Sharlene to let him go bring Josie home. Iris tells Mac that she was the chief of Bennett Publishing. Mac tries to understand why his daughter would want to ruin him. Derek relives a night in his past with Felicia and tells her that he was the one who killed Noah. Derek says he will do anything for Felicia regardless of what happens to him. Josie lashes out at John when he arrives and accuses her mother of sleeping with him for money. Matt and Sharlene talk about trust and love. Sharlene realizes that Josie is not like her. John tries to reason with Josie and tells her about his life in Vietnam. Evan weakens and collapses in Rachel and Amanda's arms. Evan later tells Sam he doesn't want Amanda visiting him in the hospital. When Reuben stops by to see Josie she says she doesn't need him to protect her. Mac tells Iris she's dead to him. Felicia asks Derek to keep their secret a little longer. Felicia goes to church and prays for guidance. Matt puts Josie's ring on a chain as she's alone in her boarding room. Mac cries outside of Iris's door and Rachel comforts him.

MAY 2, 1989 (EP. #6312)
Sam and Amanda prepare for court. Donna wonders what Iris will say on the stand. Rachel is unsure it was wise to have Iris confess to Mac. Stacey worries when Felicia won't divulge details from her talk with Derek. Rachel worries when she can't find Mac. Cass thanks Nicole for her support through the court ordeal. Zack takes Iris and Vivien to the courthouse. Mac thinks of the good times in the past with Iris and Rachel finds him in the park. Michael gets angry with Donna when she drudges up his affair with Iris. Sam gets jealous of Evan and Amanda's relationship. Cass is surprised when Felicia defends Derek. Mac wonders if Iris is capable of murder and blames himself for her behavior. On the stand, Iris denies killing Jason. Amanda runs out of court after hearing Iris's testimony. Sam questions Evan's involvement with Iris but Amanda won't hear of his suspicions. Amanda slaps Iris in front of reporters. Donna gloats when Michael hears Iris was the chief. Iris breaks down in tears when Michael won't take her call.

MAY 3, 1989 (EP. #6313)
Sam is surprised when Amanda intends to finish the Video Match story. They fight and she storms out. Frankie overhears Cass's plan to bring Derek to the stand. Derek panics when he enters the courtroom amidst a lot of commotion. Iris tries to remain dignified when Ada refuses to serve her. Jake wonders if the paternity tests naming Jamie as Steven's father could be wrong. Rachel tries to help Sam understand Amanda's decision. Nicole gets badgered by reporters. Felicia decides she doesn't want Derek to testify. Though it devastates him, Evan pushes Amanda away. Evan pretends shock when Rachel tells him Iris was the chief. Stacey rescues Derek from Frankie and Felicia again insists that he not testify. She denies that he was the man in the hall of mirrors in order to rescue him. Sam agrees to

MAY 4, 1989 (EP. #6314)
Josie gets a delivery of flowers from Matt. Sharlene tries to call Josie but can't get through. Ada thinks Rachel is happy over Matt and Josie's breakup. Cass wants to know why Felicia is lying about Derek being with her in the hall of mirrors and warns that she'll be convicted if she continues lying. Matt goes to see Josie and gets her to admit that she loves him. Josie still pushes him away and Maud gets him to leave. Felicia has a hard time while being cross-examined by Morgan. Sharlene asks John if he thinks there could have been a second shot. The prosecution makes their summation as Cass prepares his closing statement. Russ sympathizes with Josie and Matt is curious as to why. Cass worries that Felicia will be found guilty.

MAY 5, 1989 (EP. #6315)
Donna and Michael are preparing to celebrate their wedding anniversary when Iris shows up. Iris accuses Donna of taking Michael and Mac away from her. John promises to always stand by Sharlene. Stacey learns where Derek is and finds him getting drunk. Sharlene is uncertain of Felicia's guilt and wonders who really killed her brother. Jake tells Michael that he intends to have a child with Marley no matter what. Iris vows to destroy Donna's life. Nicole confronts Felicia over ruining Cass's defense. Cass calms her down when they learn the jury has a verdict. Stacey accuses Derek of forcing Felicia to lie. When she hears the verdict has come in, she warns Derek away from Felicia. Jake asks Dr. Petersen to examine the paternity test results again. Iris begs Michael to speak to Mac on her behalf. Everyone gathers in the courtroom for the verdict. Jake confronts Vicky over switching the blood vials.

MAY 8, 1989 (EP. #6316)
Jake tells Vicky that the only way to settle the paternity issue is to have Jamie tested. Vicky realizes Jake will do anything to take Steven if he's his son, including telling Marley they slept together. Vicky agrees to have Jamie take the paternity test. Donna is not pleased when Michael doesn't show up for their celebration. Michael tells Iris he can't help her reconcile with Mac. Felicia is found guilty of murdering Jason. She refuses to amend her testimony and bring Derek to the stand. Mac and Rachel console a devastated Mitch. Iris promises Michael she'll let go of her dream of being with him if he'll help her with Mac. Michael finally shows up to celebrate with Donna. Trying to find info to clear Felicia, Mac searches through Iris's desk for information. Derek tells Stacey he has his own plan to help Felicia. Marley tells Jake she wants to adopt but he thinks they should wait. Vicky asks Jamie if he'd still love her if she'd done something terribly wrong. Felicia is sentenced to ten years in prison. Vicky can't bring herself to tell Jamie about Steven's paternity doubt. Mac tells Iris he wants her out of BRAVA. Felicia is taken to prison.

MAY 9, 1989 (EP. #6317)
Felicia turns her jewelry over to the guard at the prison holding room. Donna and Michael have a romantic dinner. Sharlene and John talk about the trial and their relationship. Vicky goes to Donna for help with Jake. Julie Ann gets a promotion and may have to leave Bay City. Felicia asks Cass to watch out for Mitch. Sharlene convinces John to give Michael an anniversary present. Matt goes to comfort Mitch. Felicia passes by insulting inmates on the way to her cell. Rick wants to leave town with Julie Ann and marry her. Marley asks Jake if she should be jealous of his relationship with Millie. Mitch breaks down with Matt. Donna tells Sharlene that she and John were once attracted to each other. Marley warns Jake that she couldn't take him being with another woman.

MAY 10, 1989 (EP. #6318)
Sharlene is upset that John didn't tell her about his relationship with Donna. They make up and John has lunch with Frankie. Mac gives Amanda Iris's office and tells her that Iris is out of the family. Sam dreams that Amanda leaves him for Evan. Mac is angry when Iris shows up at the office. Reuben tries to help Matt win Josie back. Michael tries to plead Iris's case with Mac. Iris yells at Amanda for sitting at her desk and Evan has to drag her out. Frankie tells John about Sharlene's past after her divorce from Russ. Amanda finishes her Video Match article. Rose goes to BRAVA and threatens Amanda. Sam lunges at Rose, thinking she has a gun. Rose threatens to sue Cory Publishing if the article is published. Amanda is excited by the challenge but Sam is worried. Iris is touched that Michael tried talking to Mac for her. John is surprised by Frankie's suggestion that he marry Sharlene. Reuben sets up a date for Matt and Josie but she refuses to go. Iris threatens to expose Evan if he doesn't cooperate with her. Julie Ann and Rick say goodbye to the Cory family. Rachel wants all the Frames to be invited to the anniversary party. Josie is shaken when Matt gets angry with her for cutting herself off from life. Amanda thanks Sam for rescuing her from Rose. Evan calls Willis to tell him about the invitation to the anniversary party and warns him not to accept. Jamie learns there was a blood test ordered for Steven.

MAY 11, 1989 (EP. #6319)
Frankie tells Sharlene that she plans to stay in Bay City for a while. Cass tells Vicky he can't represent her anymore because of Felicia's conviction. Mitch goes to see Felicia and asks why she's choosing to protect Derek over saving her life and marriage. Iris thanks Michael for standing by her when no one else did. Vicky tells Donna about the incident with Jake and Marley at Paradise. Michael is impressed by the way Iris is handling things. Nicole tells Cass she's worried about their relationship. Derek tells Stacey that he killed someone but he has to get Felicia out of jail. Sharlene is worried about Rachel inviting the Frames to Bay City. Stacey tells Felicia that Derek told her the truth. Cass warns Iris that he will do whatever it takes to get Felicia out of jail. Frankie sees Derek in a bar. Jamie asks Vicky about Steven's blood test.

MAY 12, 1989 (EP. #6320)
Jamie doesn't seem convinces that Vicky knows nothing about Steven's blood test. Reuben won't take no for an answer when he wants to take Josie to the Pelican. Frankie finds Derek at the bar and asks if he'll buy her a drink. Derek is impressed when Frankie can keep up with his drinking habits. Zack tells Ronnie about Julie Ann and Rick getting engaged and leaving town. Josie comes out of the shower to find Sharlene waiting for her. Sharlene has brought some of Josie's things. Josie is touched but hides her feelings. Vicky yells at Jake that she won't let him take Steven away from her and Jamie. Reuben runs into Duke, who demands his money. Russ tells Jamie that Vicky reminds him of a young Rachel. Frankie flirts with Derek to get information from him as Stacey enters the bar. Stacey tries to get Frankie away from Derek but he gets upset that she is telling him what to do. Reuben asks Shelia to dance while eyeing her bracelet. Jamie asks Russ how he found out Jamie was his son. Jake asks Zack for legal advice. Reuben sees his chance when Shelia's bracelet falls to the floor. John and Sharlene start to make love. Shelia realizes her bracelet is missing. Jake calls Dr. Petersen for help.

MAY 15, 1989 (EP. #6321)
Nicole suggests to Cass that Felicia may know that Derek murdered Jason. Stacey admits that Derek may not be as innocent as she thought. Derek takes Frankie back to his room where she flirts with him. Jake asks Zack about his legal rights as a father. Vicky finds Jamie on the phone with Dr. Petersen and he asks her about the bills for blood tests. Frankie tries to find out what Derek knows about Felicia but when he gets suspicious, she deflects by asking him to dance with her. Cass and Stacey reject the theory that Derek murdered Jason. Nicole asks Stacey to be a bridesmaid when she marries Cass. Eric makes Marley aware of his romantic interest in her. Zack tells Jake he needs proof that the child is his and he had better prepare for a custody battle. Josie saves Reuben from Duke by giving him a pile of cash. Vicky distracts Jamie with sex so he won't ask her about the medical bills. Stacey walks in on Frankie attempting to seduce Derek. Josie agrees to think about going to the Cory anniversary party with Matt. Jake finds Marley with Eric but assures her of his love. Nicole accidentally reveals to Cass that Jason suspected Jake and Vicky of having an affair. Nicole begs Cass to leave her niece alone. Jamie becomes suspicious of Vicky despite her vows of love. Josie confronts two girls who are badmouthing Sharlene. Stacey calls Derek but he ignores the phone.

MAY 16, 1989 (EP. #6322)
Iris gets upset when her date book is missing. Sam and Amanda find the date book and throw it away. Felicia tells Cass she remembers that Jason was surprised when Cass was beat up, which makes them speculate that Iris set up the beating meant for Jason. Iris is angry that Evan is overlooking the fact that Rachel killed his mother. Sharlene goes to see Rachel and tells her that she has another nephew who was Janice's son. Stacey calls Derek and hangs up when Frankie answers the phone. Derek visits Felicia to tell her he can arrange to get her out of prison. Rachel asks Amanda and Evan to help her find Janice's son. Mitch promises to let Felicia handle Derek in her own way. Iris catches Cass searching through her desk and assures him she didn't kill Jason. The cleaning lady finds Iris's date book and trashes it. Frankie asks Derek if he would undergo hypnosis. Derek tells her he needs time to think about it. Iris teases Evan about his real name being Earl Battis - the man Amanda makes a discovery about. Cass and Stacey dress as sanitation workers and dig through the garbage at BRAVA to find Iris's appointment book.

MAY 17, 1989 (EP. #6323)
Vicky gets nervous when Stacey wants to talk to her about Jamie. Dr. Petersen confirms for Jamie that Steven was given a blood test. Though Dr. Petersen doesn't give Jamie any information, Jamie figures out that Steven had a paternity test. Marley agrees to be one of Nicole's bridesmaids. Derek changes his mind about undergoing hypnosis. Rachel warns Iris to stay away from the anniversary party. Jamie asks Marley about Vicky and Jake's relationship. Michael asks John about his intentions towards Sharlene. Iris begs Rachel for help in winning Mac's favor again. Cass finds out that Jason knew Iris was the chief. Frankie and Sharlene work out at the spa hoping to see Josie. Frankie decides Sharlene needs a makeover. Rachel refuses to help Iris. Stacey goes to see Derek and tells him she's been thinking about him. John rips out an ad in the paper for wedding rings. Bridget urges Vicky to tell Jamie the truth or risk losing everything she loves most.

MAY 18, 1989 (EP. #6324)
Nicole is upset over Cass not spending the morning with her. Vicky has a nightmare about Jason. Jamie goes to Sharlene for info about Vicky and Steven. Jake overhears Vicky talking to Michael about adoption. John admits to Michael that he's going to talk to Sharlene about their future. Jamie looks over Jason's ledger and connects it to certain incidents. Donna hears Vicky tell Bridget that she'll stop Jake the same way she stopped Jason. John gets nervous when trying to discuss the future with Sharlene. Iris gets ready for the party in spite of Rachel's warning. Donna asks Vicky if she killed Jason. Cass discovers the connection between Michael and Iris. Marley and Jake find Jamie looking at Vicky's records on the computer. John and Sharlene misjudge each other's intentions regarding their relationship. Vivien is shocked when Robert Delaney calls for Iris. Nicole sets up a romantic afternoon for herself and Cass. John and Sharlene decide to live together though John isn't completely satisfied by that decision. Michael confronts Donna about the secrets between her and Vicky. Iris is happy when Robert comes to see her. Donna admits to Michael that she thinks Vicky had something to do with Jason's death. Jamie confronts Vicky about Steven not being his son.

MAY 19, 1989 (EP. #6325)
Jamie is outraged as Vicky tries to explain the paternity issue with Steven. She admits to sleeping with Jake once and Jamie doesn't want to hear anything more. Sam confronts Evan over his relationship with Iris. Robert makes a proposition to Iris. Derek and Stacey are uncomfortable with their mutual attraction. Derek vows to get Felicia out of jail but won't tell Stacey his plan. Evan warns Amanda to beware of Gwen Frame. Gwen prepares to make a grand entrance into the party. Derek decides to undergo hypnosis after all. Iris and Robert talk about their past and he offers to take her to the party as his guest. Nicole promises to never leave Cass and they make love. Mac leaves a note for Rachel saying he can't attend the party because he's gone away to think. Evan thinks of how kind Rachel has been to him when Gwen starts ranting about the terrible things Rachel has done to the Frames. Felicia and Mitch share a tender moment when he visits her in prison. Nicole is unnerved when Cass says he thinks Kathleen is happy for his newfound love. Under hypnosis, Derek remembers hearing a woman fighting with Jason. Vicky begs Jamie not to walk out on her. Sam questions Caroline about Evan. Iris shows up at the party and Amanda and Evan tell her to leave. Rachel greets Gwen and is upset that Mac left without telling her. Jamie demands to know from Vicky who Steven's father is. Under hypnosis, Derek remembers seeing an earring on the floor in the Hall of Mirrors and he draws a sketch of it. At the party, Nicole wears the earring that Derek drew.

MAY 22, 1989 (EP. #6326)
Derek wants to go to the Cory party to find the woman who killed Jason. Vicky tells Jamie that Jake raped her. Gwen accuses Evan of abandoning his real family. Rachel tells Matt that he has to accept that Mac isn't coming to the party. Dennis arrives and surprises Iris. Frankie leaves Derek hidden in a room while she tries to find the earring and Stacey finds him and wants to know what he's doing there. Derek asks Stacey to trust him. Jamie shows up and punches Jake. Jake demands to know what Vicky said. Bridget advises Vicky to make things right. Rachel starts the party by announcing that Mac won't be able to make it. Stacey takes Derek some dinner and says she'd rather eat with him than her friends. Rachel talks about the history of Cory Publishing. Jake tells Jamie the truth about his time with Vicky. Rachel's speech is rudely interrupted by Gwen. Frankie sees Nicole's earring. Jamie believes Jake as Vicky sees them talking.

MAY 23, 1989 (EP. #6327)
Jamie refuses to listen to Vicky's explanation and pushes past her. Rachel is still speaking when an upset Jamie comes in. Vicky and Jake argue and he devastates her by saying he'll take Steven from her. Derek tells Stacey to leave him alone. Caroline hears Evan and Gwen talking and asks about his connection to the Frame family. Frankie tells Derek she found a woman with one of the earrings that was in the House of Mirrors. Evan confesses to Caroline. Rachel says Mac is away on business and reads his speech. John and Sharlene take a moonlit stroll. Dennis refuses to help Iris reconnect with Mac. Jake tells Marley she'd be a better mother to Steven than Vicky. Vicky begs Jamie not to leave her but he walks out. Iris breaks down to Vivien over Mac. Caroline saves Evan when Sam asks about his relationship to Gwen. Frankie asks to speak to Nicole alone. Derek sees Stacey comforting Jamie. Nicole tells Frankie the earrings are Vicky's.

MAY 24, 1989 (EP. #6328)
Stacey sees Derek as she's comforting Jamie and realizes he's misunderstood her intentions. Bridget consoles a distraught Vicky. Nicole leaves with Cass and forgets that Frankie has her earring. But Cass is suspicious of Frankie and gets the earring back. Derek pushes Stacey away but gets upset when she leaves. Iris looks on as the Cory's take a family photo without her. Vicky fears she's lost Jamie for good. Cass tells Derek to stay away from Stacey. Evan is uneasy when Gwen wants to talk to Rachel alone and he follows them. John and Sharlene make nervous small talk as he moves into the farmhouse. John wonders if they should think the move over some more. They decide it might be better for him not to move in. Derek fantasizes about being with Stacey. Gwen tells Rachel that Evan is Janice's son. John goes back to the farmhouse for a visit and he and Sharlene kiss. Frankie thinks Vicky is the killer. Rachel is stunned by the news and tries to explain why she killed Janice. Gwen gets angry and struggles with Rachel, knocking her unconscious. Gwen leaves and the door locks behind her. Evan tries to help Rachel but gas fumes fill the room and he collapses. Rachel has an out of body experience and sees Janice Frame. Jamie despairs as he thinks of Vicky and Steven. Vicky tells Frankie that she let Nicole borrow the earrings on the night of Felicia's party. Nicole remembers shooting Jason.

MAY 25, 1989 (EP. #6329)
Cass has an intimate moment with Nicole and tells her they'll be together forever. Amanda talks about Iris bitterly and wonders where Rachel has gotten to. Rachel and Evan are unconscious as gas fills the room. Rachel has an out of body experience and sees Janice who says it's time for Rachel to join her. Donna tries to get Cass to leave Vicky alone. Gwen doesn't tell Amanda she was with Rachel and leaves the yacht. Rachel hears and sees Steven Frame calling her away from Janice. Steve tells Rachel it isn't time for her to die. Iris gets a feeling something is wrong. Mitch refuses to talk to Frankie about the murder. Vicky and Jamie argue and he refuses to take a paternity test. He says he wishes he never met her. Cass and Stacey have a heart to heart talk about Kathleen and Nicole. Mitch agrees to help Frankie. Amanda worries when she can't find Rachel. Iris finds Rachel in the boiler room but doesn't see Evan. Steve tells Rachel he will always love her but she has to go back. Iris drags Rachel out of the room. Amanda sees this and thinks Iris hurt Rachel. Sam gets to Evan and drags him to safety. Frankie tells Cass she has the means to clear Felicia. Steve's ghost visits Jamie to give him support. Jamie thinks he was dreaming of his father until he sees a picture standing upright that was originally face down. Rachel tells everyone what Gwen did and Sam goes after her. Rachel says Iris saved her life and thanks her. Rachel tells Alice she had a vision of Steve and the women embrace. Jamie schedules a paternity test. Vicky tells Donna she didn't kill Jason. Frankie tells Cass that Nicole is the killer.

MAY 26, 1989 (EP. #6330)
Rachel evades Ada's questions and goes on the search for Evan. She finds him at Janice's grave and listens as he talks to his mother. Donna asks Nicole why she's so upset on her wedding day. Cass refuses to believe Frankie when she says Nicole is the killer. She shows him the drawing of the earrings and a photo of Nicole wearing the same earrings on the night of Felicia's party. Iris tells Ada what happened to Rachel. Evan confesses everything he schemed to Rachel. She forgives him and tells him they have to move forward. Donna, Michael, and Stacey try to calm Nicole as they prepare for the wedding. Cass confronts Derek about Nicole and is tormented when Derek reiterates Frankie's claim. Rachel confronts Iris about knowing Evan's plan from the beginning. Cass orders Frankie and Derek to drop their suspicions. Iris admits to Rachel that she knew about Evan. Courtney brings in Gwen for Rachel to id her. Rachel refuses to press charges against Gwen, causing Gwen to break down. She tells Evan to start over and make a new name for the Frame family. Cass remembers Nicole acting strangely about the trial. Rachel promises Iris she won't tell Mac about her knowing about Evan. Derek goes to Stacey, ready to tell her everything about himself. As Nicole rehearses her vows, Cass comes in and begs her to tell him it isn't true.

MAY 29, 1989 (EP. #6331)
Vicky is upset that Jamie stayed away from home all night. Rachel arrives to take Jamie and Vicky to the wedding. Stacey won't listen to Derek and worries when she can't find Cass. Cass asks Nicole if she killed Jason. Nicole confesses as Cass reels. Vicky lies to Rachel that Jamie had an emergency at the hospital. Jamie comes in and hides the truth from his mother. Jake tells Zack to continue the paternity issue research. Derek tells Stacey that he killed Noah. Jamie tells Vicky that soon everyone will know what a liar she is. Derek explains what happened on the night he killed Noah. The guests arrive at the chapel for Cass and Nicole's wedding. Cass asks Nicole why she didn't tell him the truth and he leaves her in tears. Michael asks the guests to wait a while. Derek confesses to Stacey that Nicole killed Jason. Donna worries that something terrible has happened. Nicole goes to the chapel and announces there won't be a wedding. Cass takes a walk in the rain and throws the weddings bands away.

MAY 30, 1989 (EP. #6332)
Evan tries to tell Amanda the truth about who he is but he can't. Russ goes to see John who worries that he's there to see Sharlene. Nicole tries to get things in order as Donna and Michael take her home. Sam thinks Caroline knows more about Evan than she's telling. Caroline admits to Sam that Evan is Janice's son. Russ tells John the hospital needs renovations but John disagrees. Russ wants John to reconstruct the space or he'll find someone else to do it. Derek consoles Stacey and she asks him not to tell the D.A. the truth. Sam is shocked by Caroline's news and wants to know more. Evan starts to confess to Amanda when Caroline interrupts and tells him Sam knows. Evan worries that Amanda won't understand about him being a Frame. Sam tells Amanda that Evan is Janice's son. Sharlene tells John he should take the tests to become a doctor. Evan goes to talk to Amanda but she throws him out. Stacey tells Nicole to go to the police and spare Cass more pain.

MAY 31, 1989 (EP. #6333)
Sharlene tries to convince John he should be a doctor but he feels he's not ready. Jake goes to see Vicky and demands to see his son. A mysterious woman approaches Cass as he's passed out in the park. The woman is Kathleen and Cass can't believe she's really there. Olivia is unimpressed with Bay City so far. Matt asks Jamie if he still loves Vicky but he can't respond. Josie later tells Matt they can only be friends, nothing more. Vicky is pleased to hear that Jamie is taking the paternity test. John learns he has to be approved by Russ before becoming a doctor on staff. Matt and Olivia meet at the spa but don't like each other. Kathleen comforts Cass as he talks about Nicole. She worries about him when she sees he's burning with fever. Russ discourages John from medicine and suggests he become an orderly instead. Sharlene encourages Josie to reunite with Matt but Josie snaps at her mother. Jamie tells Vicky she is out of his life if the baby is Jake's. Tensions rise between Jake and Jamie as they wait to take the paternity test. Kathleen covers Cass with a blanket and kisses him after promising not to leave him.

JUNE 1, 1989 (EP. #6334)
Ada is surprised that Rachel has forgiven Evan. Evan tries to see Amanda but she's not as forgiving as her mother. Cass begs Kathleen not to leave him again. Sam, Amanda, and Alli have a lovely family day in the park. Sid gives Ada a list of problems with the restaurant. Matt gives Felicia support mail from her fans. She is surprised to find a letter from a man in her past. Jake gets the weekend off to go away with Marley. He showers her with kisses and flowers. Sid and Ada fight about the budget for the new restaurant equipment. Kathleen visits Cass and they share tender moments together. Felicia has mixed emotions when she learns her old flame Lucas wants to see her. Evan is shattered when Amanda won't forgive him. Rachel tries to reconcile Sid and Ada. Evan tenders his resignation to Rachel. Cass wakes to find Kathleen is gone and Stacey comforts him. Derek sees Frankie in the park and she tells him she was the one who called Stacey about Cass being sick. He only hallucinated seeing Kathleen.

JUNE 2, 1989 (EP. #6335)
Stacey finds Jamie sleeping in the hospital and urges him to go home. Vicky plots to get Jamie to come home. A despondent Nicole recalls happier times with Cass. Felicia wants to know who really killed Jason. Jake and Marley start a romantic weekend at a country inn. Vicky pretends to have a problem with the stove to get Jamie home. Cass tells Felicia that Nicole killed Jason. Nicole insists that Jason deserved to die after he admitted to killing her mother. Felicia comforts Cass as he leaves to see Nicole. Jake tells Marley he may have a baby for them. Cass goes to the chapel and has a fantasy of marrying Nicole. Once he's home, Vicky convinces Jamie to spend time with Steven. Felicia thanks Derek for saving her and she notices sparks between Derek and Stacey. Nicole apologizes to Cass but he tells her he feels empty inside. He has the police waiting downstairs and Nicole tells him to send them up for her. Even though Jamie is on to her scheme, Vicky tries to get him to stay for dinner. Donna is horrified when Nicole is arrested. Felicia tells Derek and Stacey about the letter from Lucas. She wonders what sort of man he became. Unbeknownst to her, Lucas checks into a Bay City hotel. Vicky tries to seduce Jamie to get him to stay.

JUNE 5, 1989 (EP. #6336)
Jamie resists Vicky's seduction attempts. Tensions rise when Frankie runs into Stacey and Derek at the police station. As Nicole is led away, Donna refuses to believe she committed murder and blames Cass for everything. Frankie thanks Derek for not telling Stacey she was the one who found Cass. Frankie defends Derek when he's badgered by a reporter. Nicole wants to confess to the murder on tape. Stacey tries to comfort Cass but he wants only to be alone. Vicky warns Jamie that if he waits too long to forgive her it could be too late. Nicole gets Donna to see the truth and starts making her statement on video. Derek finds a reporter in his room and almost kills him, which scares Stacey. Frankie finds Cass getting drunk alone. Vicky gets upset as she realizes she may be facing a custody suit no matter who fathered Steven. Derek is offended by Stacey's reaction to him and asks her to leave. A frustrated Jamie throws himself into his work. Michael comforts Donna as Nicole signs her statement.

JUNE 6, 1989 (EP. #6337)
Josie asks Iris why Cass suspected her of murdering Jason. Iris talks her way out of answering and is genuinely concerned for Josie. She asks Josie to assist her during a meeting with an ad agency. Derek is relieved that Felicia is being released as he feels it's time for him to move on. Cass awakens in his office, badly hung over. Frankie comes in with hangover remedies for him. While Felicia awaits her release she comes face to face with Nicole. Nicole tries to explain why she kept quiet and begs Felicia to forgive her. Stacey doesn't want Frankie hanging around Cass. Iris is surprised that one man is behind the ad agency she's meeting with and that man is Lucas. Iris is impressed by Lucas. Stacey tries to convince Derek to stay in Bay City. Lucas and Iris both think Josie could be a model. Derek gets defensive when Stacey talks about him changing his lifestyle. Cass tells Felicia he can never forgive or forget what Nicole has done. Stacey gets unnerved when she daydreams about Derek. Frankie and Derek discuss their lives as drifters. Felicia goes free but both she and Cass need time alone. Felicia is surprised to find Lucas waiting in her limo.

JUNE 7, 1989 (EP. #6338)
Josie runs into Olivia who needs to check in with Matt. Derek tells Stacey he's staying in town. Rachel has lunch with Jamie and Vicky. Olivia is upset when Matt can't reserve the room she wants. Olivia takes an interest in Sam, not knowing he's Amanda's husband. Iris has a famous photographer take pictures of Josie. Jake talks to Zack about his rights as Steven's potential father. Jamie spends time alone with Steven, thinking about their future as father and son. Jamie gets upset with Vicky and leaves. Josie freezes in front of the camera. Matt is angry when Amanda says he should see other people but realizes she is only trying to help. Stacey tells Derek she would like to help him find a job but he says he doesn't want one. Jamie asks Vicky if she ever truly loved him. Jake plans to prove that Vicky is an unfit mother.

JUNE 8, 1989 (EP. #6339)
Sam asks Amanda to tell him what really happened when she and Evan were trapped together. Iris asks Rachel to intercede with Mac for her. Felicia wonders why Lucas has come back. Frankie wants to give Sharlene a makeover. Stacey and Ada prepare for Felicia's homecoming. Jamie asks Stacey on a date. Amanda believes she should give Evan a chance to explain after all. Evan tells Sharlene that he's Janice's son. Sharlene welcomes Evan as family. Felicia learns Abigail sent Lucas away after she had the baby. Amanda and Iris argue over Iris's actions. Luke tells Felicia he truly loved her when they were younger. Jamie admits to Stacey that he can never trust Vicky again. Amanda asks Evan if they can start over. Lucas wonders if Lisa is his and Felicia's daughter.

JUNE 9, 1989 (EP. #6340)
Mitch is irritated to find Derek in Felicia's suite. Felicia tells Lucas that Lisa isn't their daughter. Cass tells Nicole he's moving out. Sharlene is thrilled that John has decided to pursue a career in medicine. Jamie sets up Stacey with Dr. Eric. Derek fills Mitch in on Felicia's release. Lucas refuses to believe Lisa isn't his daughter. Stacey accepts a date with Eric. Nicole tries to work out a living arrangement with Cass as she doesn't want to lose him. Nicole leaves with Donna but tells Cass she still loves him. Vicky panics when Mikey gets hurt while she's watching him. Donna finds Vicky's note and races to the hospital. Sharlene and Vicky watch John comfort Mikey, who has a sprained arm. As Stacey waits for Eric to begin their date, Derek arrives. Derek is disappointed that Stacey has plans and it gets awkward when Eric shows up. Felicia realizes that even though Lisa isn't her daughter, her daughter could be alive.

JUNE 12, 1989 (EP. #6341)
Vicky is relieved when Jamie examines Mikey and says he's fine. Donna blames Vicky for Mikey's accident. Stacey doesn't want Derek to leave even though she's on a date with Eric. Frankie prepares to transform Sharlene. Lucas is determined to find his daughter. Jamie comes to Vicky's defense when Donna berates her. Iris tells Michael about Lucas's return and is intrigued by his reaction. Mitch doesn't trust Lucas or his intentions. John is amused when Frankie spreads a facial mask on Sharlene. Eric is called away to the hospital and Stacey goes to call Derek but stops herself. Derek tells Felicia that he's going to leave town after all. Michael warns Iris to be careful of Lucas. Donna sees Michael and Iris together but doesn't make a scene. Michael tells Donna and Mikey how much he loves them. Felicia tries to convince Derek to stay. Stacey calls Felicia and is surprised that Derek is there. She asks Derek to join her for a walk. Frankie finishes transforming Sharlene and John likes the changes but says he loves her no matter what she looks like. Vicky takes Jamie dinner at the hospital. Derek tells Stacey he will stay in Bay City. Mitch and Felicia have a passionate reunion. Michael makes a mysterious phone call warning someone that Lucas has surfaced.

JUNE 13, 1989 (EP. #6342)
Felicia and Mitch discuss the tough time Cass will have when Nicole's trial starts. Stacey tells Cass she was with Derek for most of the night. Rachel wants to go to Mac in Maine but Ada thinks she should leave him alone. Cass thinks Stacey is over her head with Derek. Mitch promises Felicia he will help find her daughter. Frankie plans to get a job with Winthrop and Edwards. Cass stops by to welcome Felicia home from prison. Frankie tells Zack she wants to apply for a job. Stacey yells at Nicole and tells her Cass deserved someone better. Rachel goes to see Mac and finds out he had a heart attack and died. Frankie helps Zack man the phones and feels like a part of the team. Felicia tells Cass and Sharlene that they all have some major forgiving to do. Felicia and Cass apologize to Sharlene for the way Josie found out about her past. Nicole tells Liz that if she isn't put in prison she plans to sell her business and leave Bay City. Frankie answers Cass's phone as the new associate but has to cover when she realizes it's Cass on the other end. Rachel finds a letter from Mac and realizes she'll have to face life without him.

JUNE 14, 1989 (EP. #6343)
Cass gets annoyed that Frankie is still at his office. John tells Sharlene that he thinks Josie will move back home at the same time that Josie worries over her financial situation. Evan and Amanda work on the 25th Anniversary edition of BRAVA. Rachel tells Ada and Matthew that Mac died. Jake asks Zack for more legal help. Vicky and Jamie agree to keep their problems separate from Steven. Matt calls Evan to tell him about Mac and Evan in turn tells Amanda. John tries to talk to Josie about reconciling with Sharlene. Jamie and Vicky learn about Mac's death. Amanda rushes home and embraces her mother. Zack tells Jake that if he can prove that Vicky is an unfit mother he would have a more solid case. Vicky wants Jamie to let her go with him to the Cory home. Evan calls to tell Sharlene the news but gets to Josie first. Sharlene goes to the construction site to handle a problem with the workers and accidentally falls into a freshly poured foundation. John tells Sharlene that Josie came by the farmhouse. The Cory family gathers at the house and Josie goes to see Matt and offer him comfort. Rachel knows that Mac would have wanted her to tell Iris the news.

JUNE 15, 1989 (EP. #6344)
Lucas is determined to find his and Felicia's daughter. Everyone is called in regards to Mac's funeral. Amanda gets angry when Iris's name is mentioned. Rachel tells Iris that Mac died and tries to comfort her. Amanda blames Iris for Mac leaving in the first place. Amanda has memories of her times with her father. Jamie tells Vicky that their whole relationship was a lie. Jake sees Vicky's absence from Steven as a form of neglect. Felicia is disturbed by the way Lucas has changed. Evan tries to help Amanda see things from Iris's point of view. Amanda insists that Sam still take the trip to New York he had planned. Iris is devastated that she never had the chance to make up with Mac. Vivien and Lucas comfort Iris. Josie holds Matt to comfort him. Vicky is upset that Jamie doesn't come to her for support. Jake tells Marley that Vicky isn't interested in being a mother. Sam sees Amanda and Evan hugging. Rachel goes to Mac's office and feels alone. Marley tries to question Jake about the adoption but he says he will take care of everything. Michael goes to see Iris and is shocked to find her with Lucas. Lucas is convinced he met Michael before but Michael denies it. Matt is pleased when Josie agrees to go to Mac's memorial service with him. Vicky is happy when Jamie wants to come home for the night.

JUNE 16, 1989 (EP. #6345)
Mitch and Felicia remember happy times they spent with Mac. Lucas barges in on them wanting to talk about finding their daughter. Cass receives a condolence card from Nicole about Mac. Iris shows up as everyone gathers at the Cory home. Derek wants to know why Lucas is hanging around Felicia. Ada and Matt share a special moment as they talk about Mac. Derek wants to go to the service with Felicia. Everyone arrives at the chapel and Iris is separate from the family. The memorial starts and Michael, Jamie, Matt, and Amanda speak to the congregation. Iris also gets up to speak about her father. After the ceremony, Rachel asks for a moment alone. Everyone gathers at the Cory manse. Jamie tells Vicky he will move home for appearance's sake. Rachel goes to Mac's gravesite to talk to him but not to say goodbye. Lucas is determined to get answers from Abigail. Iris is in the chapel feeling low because she never got forgiveness from Mac.

JUNE 19, 1989 (EP. #6346)
Rachel is stunned when Cass says he doesn't have Mac's will. Evan catches Iris snooping in Mac's office. Lucas orders Abigail to tell him and Felicia where their daughter is. Abigail admits that she arranged an adoption for the child but the man who took her died years ago. As Cass arranges to get a copy of Mac's will, Amanda worries that her father left part of the company to Iris. Iris tells Evan that she's searching for a letter from Mac saying he forgave her but she doesn't find one. Evan comforts a distraught Iris. Lucas and Felicia are frustrated to hit another dead end in their search. Lucas wonders if he and Felicia would have stayed together if they'd had the chance. Amanda tells Iris it's her fault that Mac is dead. Amanda orders Iris out of the building forever. Derek admits to Stacey that he feels that he'll never be lonely if he stays away from people altogether. Mitch walks in on Felicia and Lucas embracing. Felicia knows that Lucas's presence upsets Mitch. Stacey becomes angry with Derek for not letting her or anyone get close to him. Frankie gets information about Mac's will. Felicia tries to reassure Mitch about their relationship but Mitch points out that she shares a child with Lucas.

JUNE 20, 1989 (EP. #6347)
The hospital calls Jamie with news about the paternity test. He learns the results won't be ready for another three weeks. Cass informs Rachel, Amanda, and Iris that Mac had recently made a new will. Iris thinks it's good news but Rachel wonders why Mac would have changed his will. Evan tries to convince Sharlene that Josie will come to her senses regarding her mother. Marley notices the tension between Jamie and Vicky. Donna vows to stop Jake from hurting Vicky. Josie hears Sharlene asking Iris what her plans are concerning her daughter. Josie accuses Sharlene of trying to ruin her life. Iris tells Josie she needs to make things right with her mother before it's too late. Amanda is surprised to see Evan at Sharlene's farm doing yard work. Amanda says she needs Evan's support at the reading of the will. Frankie and Cass are not pleased to learn they'll both be spending the evening at Felicia's. Cass gets a copy of Mac's new will. Jake hides baby food to make Vicky look irresponsible. Matt is happy when Josie comes to see him. Frankie assures Sharlene that she is a good mother. Michael accuses Donna of favoring Vicky over Marley. Vicky gets angry when she thinks Marley is trying to tell her how to raise Steven. Cass starts reading the will and announces that trust funds have been set up for Jamie, Steven, Matt, and all the kids. The last item left is the fate of Cory Publishing.

JUNE 21, 1989 (EP. #6348)
Felicia tells Derek that Cass is driving her crazy. Cass reads the contents of Mac's will which gives equal shares of Cory Publishing to Amanda, Rachel, and Iris. Stacey gets tired of working and goes out with Eric. Frankie asks Derek to come with her to Felicia's party. Stacey is upset to see Frankie with Derek. Rachel reminds Amanda that Iris is a part of their lives forever. Lucas is waiting in Iris's penthouse when she comes home. Iris tells him she plans to gain control of Cory Publishing and protect it for her father. Stacey thinks Derek needs to make a new start. Matt kisses Josie but she pulls away and leaves. Cass warns Frankie that if she screws up once in his office she's fired. Evan tries to fight his growing feelings for Amanda. Ada gives Rachel a package that Mac sent before he died. Rachel finds it's an antique carving of a red swan.

JUNE 22, 1989 (EP. #6349)
Josie watches as Sharlene and John share a passionate kiss. Frankie makes herself at home in the office as Cass walks in when she and Reuben are playing loud music. Ada worries about how Rachel is handling Mac's death. Reuben tries to show Frankie's good side to Cass. Russ is annoyed that Olivia wants to leave Bay City. John reports for his first day at the hospital. Amanda wonders if he should move home with Rachel for a while. Matt tries not to break down while putting away Mac's things. Reuben receives a note that angers him. Rachel decides to go to Maine where Mac died and Ada insists on going with her. Sharlene is angry at Russ's degrading treatment of John. Frankie advises Josie to get back together with Matt. Rachel asks Evan to stay with Amanda while she's away. John tells Sharlene he can fight his own battles. Frankie and Cass face off when he asks her to do assistant work. Matt runs off when Amanda tries to comfort him. Josie promises Amanda she won't hurt Mac again. Rachel unpacks Mac's belongings, unwilling to accept his death.

JUNE 23, 1989 (EP. #6350)
Matt has memories of Mac at the hunting cabin and Josie comforts him. Cass isn't up to having the working dinner with Caroline, especially when she doesn't want to talk about work. Evan says he'll call Jamie or Matt to stay with Amanda so she won't be alone. Vicky warns Donna that Michael will be angry with her for note telling him about Steven. Courtney and Stacey plan to look at moving into Vicky's old loft. Derek tells Stacey not to help him anymore. Evan comforts Amanda when she's alone in the house. Matt asks Josie why she broke up with him and Josie tells him about her broken background. Donna asks Cass to talk with Nicole. Feeling sad, Cass kisses Caroline. Stacey doesn't want to talk to Derek. Vicky wants to tell Marley about sleeping with Jake but he warns her that she'll only hurt her sister. Derek asks Stacey what she thinks about him as a man. Amanda asks Evan to stay the night.

JUNE 26, 1989 (EP. #6351)
Josie tells Matt that her father was one of her mother's clients but he doesn't think that matters. Evan agrees to stay over to make sure Amanda's safe. Frankie walks in to see Cass and Caroline's passionate embrace. Stacey is frightened by Derek's actions and orders him out of her room. Sharlene and John talk about their respective days and Sharlene worries about the effect her life has had on Josie's life. Matt tells Josie there is nothing cheap about her. Derek and Stacey smooth things over and he wants to know where he stands with her. Stacey wants to know the same thing. Stacey tells him she thinks of him as an attractive man but she doesn't like his lifestyle. Caroline stops Cass from taking things too far as she feels he needs more healing time. Evan spends the night on the sofa guarding Amanda. He tells her he's not sure he can ever trust anyone. Sharlene realizes she made a mistake in overprotecting Josie. Matt gives Josie her ring back and they kiss. Cass gets defensive when Frankie analyzes his actions. Evan and Amanda talk about their childhoods. Caroline comes over with news about Sam but is curious by the closeness between Evan and Amanda. Caroline advises Amanda to deal with her feelings for Evan before she jeopardizes her marriage. Josie and Matt make love for the first time. Cass and Frankie play a fun game of pinball. Cass is a sore loser when Frankie wins. Stacey reads one of Felicia's romance novels and has a fantasy about Derek. After making love with Matt, Josie starts to think about her mother having sex with many strange men. She can't handle the thoughts and runs out.

JUNE 27, 1989 (EP. #6352)
Amanda gets uncomfortable around Evan as she deals with her conflicted emotions. Vicky comes over to see if Amanda is alright. Matt goes to ask Jamie advice about Josie. John and Sharlene have spent the night together and they're kissing passionately as Josie sees them. Felicia tells Lucas that from now on everything she does, including searching for their daughter, must include Mitch. Ronnie asks Reuben where he got the money to loan to Jesse. Amanda questions Vicky about motherhood and Vicky asks if she's been talking to Jake. Amanda admits that she did talk to Jake and Vicky says she knows what he's up to. Olivia tells Matt he shouldn't be with Josie. Matt tells Jamie that he hurt Josie but doesn't know how. Lucas hires a team of investigators to search for their daughter. Mitch says he has a way to find the missing girl. Reuben is hurt when Ronnie says she is giving up on him. Frankie unwittingly plants the idea of leaving town in Reuben's mind. Jamie tries to convince Matt that Josie's reaction had nothing to do with him. Josie steals Sharlene's shopping money and makes reservations to take a bus to New York. Josie tells her mother she's no longer a virgin. Sam calls just when Amanda is ready to tell Evan about her feelings. Sharlene tries to apologize to Josie for hurting her but Josie won't listen and says she's a whore now just like her mother was. Felicia says she doesn't want to disrupt her daughter's life. Olivia doesn't want to tell Russ about a ballet audition she was offered in New York. Evan is annoyed when Amanda wants to keep their relationship professional. Vicky finds an envelope of Jake's full of confusing papers and a tape of Amanda's voice. Josie is surprised to see Reuben on the same bus to New York.

JUNE 28, 1989 (EP. #6353)
Frankie accuses Cass of keeping Stacey away from Derek when Cass encourages her to keep a date with Derek. Stacey apologizes to Derek for not wanting to talk the other night. Donna tells Michael she wants Mikey to have a better relationship with his parents than she did growing up. Cass and Frankie argue over Derek's personality traits and being the right man for Stacey. Derek refuses Stacey's offer to help get him a job at Frame Construction since Frankie already got him an interview with Sharlene. Vicky confronts Jake about the taped conversation between him and Amanda and accuses Jake of ruining her marriage and compromising her custody of Steven. Nicole gets upset when Michael doubts Cass will return to her. Jamie asks Russ for advice about seeking custody of and raising Steven. Russ explains he is raising Olivia like he would have raised Jamie had he been his child. Frankie interrupts Stacey's attempt to get to know Derek better. Stacey declines Frankie's offer to join her and Derek for drinks. Donna admits to Michael she's scared for Nicole, who Donna feels is in denial about Jason's death and her relationship with Cass being over. Nicole tells Cass she has a proposition for him. Jake calls to warn Donna after he tries to stop Vicky from talking to Marley. Nicole offers her half of the salon to Cass, who refuses to listen to her overtures of love. Donna tries to keep Jake away from Marley. Zack stuns Cass and Jamie when he tells them they're already representing Jake. Nicole accuses Frankie of ruining her life and pursuing Cass. Vicky catches up to Donna and Marley.

JUNE 29, 1989 (EP. #6354)
Reuben and Josie check into a hotel room in New York City. Jamie wonders if Marley knows Jake could be Steven's father while talking to Cass and Zack about custody matters. Derek and Frankie are both uncomfortable while at the restaurant for various reasons. Liz tells Olivia she has a plan to help with Olivia's audition in New York. Jamie learns from Cass and Zack that no legal action can be taken until Steven's paternity is determined. Donna fakes a headache and gets Vicky to leave before she can reveal anything to Marley. Russ is unable to comfort Sharlene, who learns from Matt that Josie is in New York City. Josie tries to call Iris because of her New York connections without success. Donna convinces Marley not to see Vicky for awhile so things can calm down. Lucas reveals to Mitch he left Gold Street and found success running his own personal relations firm. Felicia and Cass discuss searching for her daughter. Olivia is thrilled when Liz arranges a trip to New York for them. Donna argues against Vicky talking to Marley allowing Jake to appear the villain. Jake tells Jamie to take care of his own life and says he still plans to tell Marley the truth. Derek admits to Felicia that Stacey is a friend during dinner when Cass and Frankie leave to work on a case. Matt decides to track Josie down in New York City alone. Josie refuses to let Reuben call Matt because their relationship is over. Donna and Jamie insult each other about divorce and hiding the truth from people. Cass, Mitch, and Frankie agree to continue investigating Lucas and keep it secret from Felicia.

JUNE 30, 1989 (EP. #6355)
Evan and Amanda learn that she is a finalist for an award in investigative reporting because of the Video Match article. Jamie tells Vicky he has consulted with a lawyer. Jake dreamt that he and Marley agreed to raise Steven together. Marley admits to being worried about Vicky and Jake is relieve that Vicky didn't get a chance to talk to her. Evan encourages Amanda to have a homecoming dinner for Sam. Evan and Amanda are surprised to hear from Matt, who is in New York searching for Josie. Reuben talks to Josie about being her agent, helping her find work as a model. Olivia is thrilled that Liz plans to attend her ballet audition. Jamie tells Vicky he is consulting with a divorce lawyer because Jake already has and suggests she do the same. Caroline notices Evan's protests to her against being in love with Amanda. Amanda confirmes for Vicky that Jake was in charge of taping Video Match clients while working there. Liz returns to Bay City so Russ won't be upset with Olivia for leaving town. Evan and Jamie agree to build a trust between each other. Amanda and Caroline clear the air about Amanda catching Evan and Caroline together the other day and Amanda's reaction to the incident when Caroline confronted her. Evan and Amanda decide to eat the dinner planned for Sam's homecoming since Sam is having trouble getting a flight back to Bay City. Vicky makes an arrangement with Auntie Rose for a copy of Jake's employment records at Video Match. Matt and Olivia run into each other at Russ Matthews' hotel room. Reuben is able to secure Josie an interview with a modeling agency through Lucas. Marley asks Jake if he is Steven's father.