JULY 3, 1989 (EP. #6356)
Marley confronts Jake over being Steven's father but won't listen to Jake's explanation of what happened. Caroline comes to Evan's rescue when Sam finds him with Amanda and Alli. Cass and Jamie commiserate over their messed up lives. Matt finds Olivia and wants to call Russ but she asks him not to. Marley thinks Jake slept with Vicky because she could give him a child. Caroline tells Evan that Sam's art show didn't go very well. Sam tries to tell Amanda about his show but he holds off when she mentions she's a finalist for a journalism award. Reuben meets a new neighbor, Tess. Olivia tells Matt not to use the phone to call her father because she's waiting for an important call. Caroline makes a move on Cass and promises him that life with her would be better than it was with Nicole. Jake tells Marley that if Steven turns out to be his son they could raise them together. Amanda wants to move in with Rachel to help her. Caroline tells Cass that Nicole wasn't good for him and gives him a key to her place. Josie tells Reuben about her horrible experience on the subway and he wonders if she really wants to be in New York. Olivia gets a call about an audition she wanted. Amanda goes to the office where Evan is reading Sam's art show reviews. Sam goes to the loft and destroys his art work.

JULY 4, 1989 (EP. #6357)
Josie tries to write a letter to Sharlene but can't find the words. Reuben arrives at her apartment with groceries. He wants to celebrate the Fourth of July but Josie isn't in the mood. Reuben thinks she should call Matt. Stacey is surprised when Derek shows up to help her move. Cass is surprised when Frankie shows up to help as well. Frankie says she thinks she's being followed. Matt and Olivia fight about whose needs are more important. Olivia panics when she hears Russ outside the door. Frankie wants Cass to go on a stakeout with her but he refuses. Frankie blames Ronnie for Reuben's disappearance. Sid and John discuss their days in the war and its affect on them. Olivia hides while Matt covers for her but Russ spots a leotard that looks like Olivia's. Reuben is fed up with Josie's self pity and leaves her alone. Cass agrees not to tell the parole board that Reuben is missing. They make plans for a picnic in the park and Stacey asks Derek to join them but he has someplace else to take her. Josie calls Sharlene and lies that she's having a great time in New York. Matt tells Russ the leotard is for Josie. Olivia kisses Matt on the cheek in thanks. Cass joins Frankie on her stakeout of Lucas. She notices that he has keys to Caroline's place. Cass starts to open up about himself but then abruptly tells Frankie it's none of her business. Derek takes Stacey to a rooftop with a good view of the city and they have a picnic. John takes wine and food to Sharlene to celebrate the Fourth of July. Matt and Josie remember making love to each other. Cass leaves Frankie alone in the car when a cherry bomb is thrown in and it explodes.

JULY 5, 1989 (EP. #6358)
Marley packs to leave Jake in spite of his pleading with her to stay. Cass rescues Frankie from the fiery car but she's unconscious. Michael and Donna's passion is interrupted by Nicole who is in a bad emotional state. Frankie wakes up and refuses to go to the hospital before she passes out again. Cass throws her over his shoulder and carried her off. Vicky gets Jake's employment records and plans to fight him. Jake is crushed when Marley leaves him. Derek tells Stacey a story about the Greek gods as they sit on the roof together. Michael and Donna discuss Nicole and he gets an idea on how to help her. Cass takes Frankie to his room and Frankie awakens and says the bomb wasn't an accident. Michael comes by to tell Cass about Nicole's troubles and Cass agrees to help. Marley arrives at Donna's place with suitcases in hand. Vicky confronts Jake over his employment at Video Match. Jake says that Marley knows everything that happened. Donna comforts Marley until Marley realizes Donna knew the truth all along. Vicky and Jake realize the magnitude of what they did to Marley. Derek and Stacey go back to her apartment but he gets nervous when he learns her roommate Courtney is a cop. When Courtney comes in dressed in full uniform, Derek panics. Marley tells Donna she wants nothing to do with her. Derek leaves which annoys Stacey. Courtney warns that Derek may not be on the up and up. Nicole sees that Frankie is at Cass's place. When she hears Cass express concern for Frankie, Nicole paints a red slash on the door and leaves. Michael demands to know the truth about Marley and Jake.

JULY 6-7, 1989: Pre-empted for coverage of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

JULY 10, 1989 (EP. #6359)
Sam tells Amanda he's proud of her but their kiss is interrupted by Evan coming to pick up Amanda. Cass tries to help Frankie recover from the explosion. She admits he can be a nice guy when he tries. Vicky tells Jamie that Marley knows everything. Donna tells Michael the truth about Vicky, Marley, and Jake. Jamie goes to look for Marley. Cass confesses that he thinks Frankie is good at what she does. They see the red paint on the door and Frankie keeps her suspicions about who's doing bad things to herself. Sam tells Mitch about his failed New York art show and fears he can't make a living as an artist. Evan helps Amanda find confidence for her meeting. Jake demands Donna tell him where Marley is. Amanda has a good meeting and tells Evan she can't handle the job without his help. Mitch gives Sam helpful advice and Sam prepares to meet Amanda at Tops. Jake and Donna have a stand-off and he says she's in as much trouble as he is. Michael offers Vicky comfort and tells her she is a good person. Jamie tells Vicky he wants a legal separation. Frankie finally tells Cass she thinks Nicole threw the cherry bomb and painted the door. Cass refuses to believe her. Sam is annoyed when he's referred to as Mr. Cory. Vicky insists to Jamie that he still loves her. Michael tells Donna he doesn't feel she wants him to be a part of the family but he tells her he will be with his children. Evan watches as Sam walks away from Amanda, saying her business comes before everything. Jamie tells Vicky his lawyers advised him not to leave after all. She refuses to leave as well. Michael walks out on Donna and says they're doing things his way.

JULY 11, 1989 (EP. #6360)
Olivia is nice to Matt which makes him think she wants something. Vicky learns that Michael left Donna. Sharlene and John are surprised by a visit from Michael. Olivia asks Matt to watch over Narvo's place so she can get information. Reuben and Josie go to the Spotlight Club where he sees Tess. Michael tells John about Donna's lies. Marley tells Jamie that Vicky truly loves him. Donna learns that Michael spent the night at his mother's and Vicky urges her to go talk to him. Olivia says she'll help Matt find Josie if he helps her with Narvo. Reuben tries to get Tess to spend time with him but ends up with a cop harassing him. Tess saves Reuben and offers him a job. John tries to help Jamie but gets caught by Russ. John is stunned by Russ's actions. Josie gets away from Brett at the club as Matt and Olivia arrive.

JULY 12, 1989 (EP. #6361)
Olivia tells Matt that if he helps her get info on Narvo she will help him find Josie. Mitch asks Cass to investigate Lucas. Iris tells Lucas that she learned a lot about him while she was away. Rachel and Ada return from Mac's cabin in Maine. Iris hires Lucas to work at "Sophisticate." Sam wants to know how Evan got a key to the Cory mansion. Sam is threatened by Evan's closeness to Rachel and Amanda. Reuben asks Josie to confide in him about her troubles with Matt. She says she doesn't feel right about their relationship. Evan asks Sam when he plans to tell Amanda the truth about his failed art show. Rachel thanks Sam for moving into the house. Matt tells Olivia to read "Romeo and Juliet" rather than following Narvo around to help her understand the play. Ada confides to Felicia that she's worried about the way Rachel is responding to Mac's death. Rachel sees Lucas with the red swan and asks him to put it down. Matt reads Shakespeare to Olivia. Rachel is shocked when Lucas says he knew Mac very well.

JULY 13, 1989 (EP. #6362)
Cass and Stacey find Derek is working at the salon. Frankie shows up to give Mitch information on Lucas's whereabouts. Lucas tells Rachel he spoke to Mac the night before he died. Sam and Amanda settle into the Cory mansion and he tries to hide his art reviews from her. Rachel wonders if she knows everything about Mac's life. Felicia walks in on Frankie and Mitch and wonders what they're up to. Stacey is angry over Cass questioning Derek. Mitch and Frankie avoid being questioned by Felicia and he says that Iris hired Lucas. Mitch tells Felicia that he also took a job with Iris but she suspects it's only so he can spy on Lucas. Stacey tells Derek that she wants him in her life despite what Cass says. Frankie gives Cass evidence that Nicole threw the cherry bomb into her car. Cass avoids dealing with that and advises Frankie to stick with investigating Lucas. Felicia, Mitch, and Lucas talk to a woman at the adoption agency but she won't give out confidential information. Stacey asks Derek to let people get to know him better. Frankie sneaks up to Iris's penthouse. Derek tells Cass that Frankie was the one who took care of him when he passed out. Frankie is chloroformed when she breaks into Iris's place.

JULY 14, 1989 (EP. #6363)
Vicky and Donna blame themselves for ruining everyone's lives. Michael runs into Jake and wants to hit him. Iris sees Michael at the bar. Cass reels to learn that Frankie took care of him when he passed out. Meanwhile, Frankie is unconscious on the floor of Iris's penthouse. Donna tries to make Marley understand Vicky's actions. Marley asks to speak to Vicky alone. Derek accuses Cass of treating Frankie badly and gets angry. Vivien confronts Frankie and accuses her of stealing a valuable painting from Iris. Marley comes to Jake's defense when Vicky tries to blame him for their affair. Vicky says Steven is her baby and no one can take him away. Jamie tells Amanda that he asked Vicky for a formal separation. Iris asks Michael what's wrong and he tells her to mind her own business. Michael warns Jake that Marley may never forgive him. Stacey tells Cass that Frankie really is a good person. Frankie calls Cass with the news that she may be arrested. Amanda asks Jamie to keep his and Vicky's troubles from Rachel. At the police station, Courtney tries to question Frankie as Cass arrives to rescue her. Iris is upset to learn that her painting was stolen. Rachel makes summer plans for the family and baby Steven. Iris warns Donna and Michael that her suite was broken into and advises them to be careful. She notices the tension between them. Cass thanks Frankie for saving his life and she is surprised by his attitude. Stacey confides in Derek about her childhood and they share a romantic rooftop dance. Michael gives Donna the silent treatment when he comes home. Jake begs Marley to stay with him so they can try and get custody of Steven.

JULY 17, 1989 (EP. #6364)
Donna prepares breakfast for Michael but he walks out without speaking to her. Frankie tells Cass that Nicole painted the red slash on his door. When Mitch comes home, Felicia excitedly tells him she can't wait to meet her daughter. Mitch cautions her not to get her hopes up and worries over all the time she's spending with Lucas. Cass is angry that Frankie keeps blaming Nicole for the bad things that have been happening. He asks Nicole to visit in order to prove Frankie wrong. Donna schemes of a way to get Michael to talk to her. Nicole is excited that Cass contacted her. Iris and Lucas admit to being a great team and Lucas hopes things will only get stronger between them. Frankie bumps into Nicole on the way out of Cass's office. Cass asks Nicole why she painted the slash on the door. Nicole admits she did it and tries to explain why, but she refuses any involvement with the cherry bombing. Donna tries seducing Michael but it only aggravates him more. Iris gets angry when Felicia arrives and asks Lucas to leave with her. Lucas tells Iris she has his business loyalty but his personal life is off limits. Nicole agrees when Donna says she is not going to sit by and let things happen anymore. Frankie starts to think that Nicole wasn't involved in the cherry bombing after all. Felicia and Lucas receive a phone number for their daughter's adoptive parents. Nicole sees a picture of Frankie in the newspaper and cuts it into pieces.

JULY 18, 1989 (EP. #6365)
Olivia asks Matt what he thinks of her audition outfit. Olivia plans to meet with Narvo before her audition. Rachel wants to know what the tension is between Sam and Evan. Jake asks Marley if she will help him get custody of Steven but she says she can't. Vicky and Donna discuss their troubles with Michael and Jamie. Sam confronts Evan and accuses him of being in love with Amanda. Marley confides to Donna that she still loves Jake. Marley goes to visit Vicky and ends up babysitting Steven. Vicky and Evan discuss his problems at Cory Publishing. Olivia is excited by her talk with Narvo. Marley berates Vicky for not being home with Steven. Rachel tells Amanda to come home right away. Vicky tells Marley about the work Jake did with Video Match.

JULY 19, 1989 (EP. #6366)
Derek is frustrated when he can't give answers to questions on a form because he doesn't legally exist. Donna tells Nicole she is determined to win back Michael's affections. Iris asks Rachel if there was anything strange about the way Mac died. Stacey tells Derek she's going to help him "exist" and he's surprised she's willing to bend the rules for him. Cass and Frankie argue about Nicole's sanity. Frankie is upset when Cass orders her to stay at the office late rather than tail Lucas. Michael finds a torn up picture of Frankie in Nicole's room. Lucas gets a call from a man who can help find his daughter. Iris wants to call a truce with Rachel and Amanda but Rachel still won't let Iris work at Cory. Iris becomes more determined to get control of the company. Mitch tells Cass he's determined not to let Mitch back into Felicia's life. Stacey manages to help Derek get a driver's license and he is shocked that she lied on his behalf. Iris tells Cass she blames him for helping to ruin her relationship with Mac and she hopes he suffers. Michael shows Frankie the picture that he's sure Nicole tore into shreds. Mitch and Rachel discuss their lives and realize they've come full circle. Amanda hears Mitch say that they might still be together if things had gone differently. As Stacey helps Derek fill out paperwork he says he doesn't know when his birthday is. They decide to make that very day his birthday. Michael and Donna suggest that Nicole needs to see a psychiatrist. Frankie asks Nicole to visit the office and plans to record their conversation. Michael and Cass realize that Nicole went to see Frankie and fear her actions. Nicole accuses Frankie of destroying her life and vows to make her pay. Mitch tells Rachel that Lucas is working for Iris. Derek gets home to find that Stacey has decorated his room for his birthday. Nicole goes a little crazy and admits to throwing the cherry bomb. As she starts to attack Frankie, Cass comes in, having heard everything.

JULY 20, 1989 (EP. #6367)
Amanda coldly confronts Vicky and refuses to forgive her. Cass asks Nicole if she planned to kill Frankie. He tells her he needs professional help when she begs him to take her back. Matt finds Olivia in meditation and they argue about their different lifestyles. Rachel asks Lucas why he really came to Bay City. Nicole admits to Donna that she wanted to destroy Frankie. Vicky gives Amanda her side of the story and Amanda asks if their friendship was a lie. Rachel and Lucas agree to start over. John tells Jamie about the mix up with the antibiotics and Jamie promises to put in a good word. Nicole is taken to a mental hospital as she screams out for Cass. Josie rehearses for a commercial and Reuben suggests she call Matt. Olivia is confident she'll win the role of Juliet. Vicky hears Russ talking to Jamie about his life and rushes in to say that it's all her fault. Jamie is moved by Vicky's obvious concern. John tells Sharlene she's the reason he's stayed sane. Lucas tells Rachel the legend of the red swan. Josie listens to a talk radio show as Matt is listening to the same program. Josie's call is taken but she hangs up. Rachel screams when she sees someone lurking outside of the window.

JULY 21, 1989 (EP. #6368)
Olivia is nervous about her audition and Matt gives her a flower for luck. Marley confronts Jake about working for Video Match. Lucas is ecstatic after speaking to their daughter who says she is coming to see them. Mitch watches Felicia and Lucas celebrate. Matt goes racing after Olivia when he sees she forgot her dance shoes. Lucas tells Felicia how he found Susan Miller, their daughter. Jake is upset over Marley's actions and tries to explain why he took the job. Vicky is devastated when she receives a formal separation agreement from Jamie. Rachel tells Lucas about seeing someone at the house and they all suggest she get tighter security. Donna thinks Michael comforting her over Nicole means he wants to reconcile but he says it won't work. Vicky thinks Jamie will take Steven from her and plans to run away with her son. Matt listens as Narvo tells Olivia she's too cold and unemotional for the role of Juliet. Jamie learns of Vicky's plans and heads out after her. Mitch and Rachel look on as Felicia and Lucas talk about the life they've missed with their daughter. Marley listens as Jake calls Vince for advice. Matt comforts Olivia. Jamie gets to the airport in time to stop Vicky. Felicia nervously goes to the door when her daughter arrives.

JULY 24, 1989 (EP. #6369)
Jamie tries to stop Vicky from getting on the plane with Steven. Jake asks Marley to raise Steven with him but she says no. Felicia opens the door to her daughter, Susan Miller and they have an emotional exchange as Lucas and Mitch look on. Marley is shocked when Jake refutes Vicky's claim that he raped her. Jake says the only time he slept with her was when she conceived Steven. Vicky tells Jamie that Amanda accused her of getting pregnant to trap him. She accuses him of trying to steal custody just like Jake. Susan tells Lucas and Felicia that she's been searching for them, too. She pulls out a snowman doll that she thinks is the object Lucas gave her as a child. But Lucas gave their daughter a Mercury dime. They all realize Susan isn't their daughter and they're mutually disappointed. Frankie tells Cass he needs to take a vacation. Jamie asks Vicky to stay with him until the paternity test results come in. They leave the airport together. Marley cannot decide if she should support her sister or Jake. As Vicky puts Steven to bed, Jamie finds the separation papers she crumpled up. She asks if there's any chance for a reconciliation between them. Marley decides she'll be Steven's mother in her own way. Frankie gives Cass airline tickets for his vacation but he's resistant. Felicia comes in to help and she and Frankie carry him out of the door. Jamie doesn't know how to respond to Vicky. Marley arrives and tells Vicky that she is reuniting with Jake and if Steven turns out to be Jake's son, Marley would like for them to raise him. Vicky vows to do anything to keep Jake and Marley out of Steven's life. Jamie warns Jake that he won't allow Vicky to lose her son. Felicia and Frankie put Cass on a plane. He thanks Felicia and trades affectionate insults with Frankie.

JULY 25, 1989 (EP. #6370)
Donna and Vicky plot to stop Jake from taking Steven. Rachel goes looking for Mitch but finds Lucas and Felicia finishing dinner together. Iris calls Felicia's looking for Lucas. Rachel and Felicia discuss Lucas and Rachel wonders if Iris can trust him. Derek tries to convince Stacey that it's too hot to work and she agrees to leave with him. Vicky finally tells Rachel that Steven may not be Jamie's son. Donna asks Felicia if they can be friends again. Derek takes Stacey to a pond to swim. Vicky assures Rachel that no matter what happens she won't stop loving Steven or Jamie. Sexual tension builds between Derek and Stacey.

JULY 26, 1989 (EP. #6371)
Mitch tells Iris he won't let anything interfere with his and Felicia's search for her daughter. Amanda and Rachel select photos for a tribute issue of BRAVA for Mac. John finds two different birth certificates for Josie at the farm. John remembers Reuben telling him how sorry he was about the birth certificate mess. Olivia is dejected over losing the role of Juliet in the ballet. Matt gets a call about Josie's whereabouts. Sharlene and Ronnie talk about Josie and Reuben and speculate that they are together. Josie gets cast in a commercial and Reuben acts as her personal manager. Lucas tells Iris she has an image problem. Rachel and Amanda discuss the fact that Sam's not painting. They decide Amanda should read the reviews of his art show. Lucas reprimands Iris for sloppily handling the takeover and says she needs to prove her competence. Matt's information about Josie turns out to be an incorrect sighting. Olivia gets a call from Narvo, asking her on a date. Amanda reads Sam's disappointing reviews. John tells Sharlene about finding the two birth certificates. Sharlene says that Josie's father wasn't Lenny Bolger, as the one certificate claims. She had a false certificate made so Josie wouldn't know her real father. Sharlene deduces that Josie thinks her father was one of Sharlene's tricks. Olivia accepts Narvo's date and vows to make it a hellish time for him. Matt accuses her of really not having any feelings. Josie calls Iris to tell her about the commercial. Amanda confronts Sam about the reviews and he says he didn't tell her because Mac had just died. Amanda says she believes in him and wants him to start painting again. Josie is horrified to learn she was cast as a bug. John asks Sharlene who Josie's real father is.

JULY 27, 1989 (EP. #6372)
Rachel tells Jamie she knows the truth about Steven. Jamie says he didn't want to upset her with the paternity issue. Josie finishes filming the commercial and Shannon urges her to call her mother. Sharlene doesn't want to reveal Josie's father but she finally tells John that it's Russ Matthews. Mitch is surprised to learn that Matt and Olivia are sharing a place. Mitch has come to New York on a photo shoot for Sophisticate. Matt asks to be his assistant in the hopes that Josie will somehow show up for the casting session. Sharlene tells John that Russ doesn't know because after they were together she left town. She swears John to secrecy. Iris offers to help Lucas and Felicia investigate the adoption files. Iris hints at the weakness of Felicia's marriage to Mitch. Felicia tells Iris she has no interest in reuniting with Lucas. Jamie and Vicky argue about her manipulations. Vicky asks Jamie to let her come home. Jamie says he doesn't feel the same way about her anymore. John thinks Russ and Josie should know the truth but Sharlene disagrees. Josie calls the radio show and Matt hears her. Vicky leaves Steven with Jamie and Rachel for a visit. Jamie tells Rachel he wants to make things right.

JULY 28, 1989 (EP. #6373)
Frankie cleanses the office space of negative energy. Jake buys baby toys for Steven which Marley thinks is a bad idea. Jamie admits to Vicky that he doesn't want to give Steven up. He says he will fight if Steven is his son but will always love him regardless. Donna and Rachel have breakfast and Rachel reveals she knows about the paternity test. Marley warns Jake to be realistic about being Steven's father but Jake doesn't want to hear the negative. Marley and Jake tell Michael that they want to be Steven's primary parents if he is Jake's son. Michael disputes their claim that Vicky is unfit for motherhood. Michael asks Marley if she's truly concerned for Steven or does she simply want revenge on Vicky for sleeping with Jake. Frankie advises Derek to make a romantic play for Stacey. Bridget tries to console Donna when she laments about ruining her children's lives. Vicky tells Jake and Marley she will never allow them to have custody of Steven. Vicky asks Marley to look her in the eye and say she doesn't deserve to mother her own child. Derek sort of asks Stacey out and she accepts. Marley, Jamie, Jake, and Vicky await the results of the paternity test in Jamie's office.

JULY 31, 1989 (EP. #6374)
Derek goes to his room with a new shirt and tie and Kyle is waiting for him. Stacey worries about what to wear on her date with Derek. Dr. Petersen tells Vicky, Jamie, Jake, and Marley that Steven is Jamie's son. Evan gives Amanda the news that the board sympathizes with her and Rachel's plight but might vote against them because they have no leadership track record. Evan warns Amanda not to get emotional when it comes to Iris because it could count against her. Petersen assures Jake of the validity of the test and he walks out. Vicky and Jamie are thrilled by the news. Derek sends Kyle to get flowers for Stacey and deliver them to her. Stacey accuses Frankie of pushing Derek to ask her out. Frankie denies and says Derek told her he wanted to. Stacey is surprised to learn that Frankie and Derek are friends. Courtney gets news that implicates Derek in the theft at Iris's suite. Evan reveals he knew about Sam's bad art reviews and Amanda is surprised her didn't tell her. Rita James, a majority stock holder in Cory, arrives for a tour. Amanda is angry over the way Evan caters to her but he assures her it's for the sake of the business. Rachel thinks she sees Mac at the office and calls out to him. Frankie goes to see Derek and helps him with his tie. Derek sees how he looks and hates his appearance. Courtney tells Stacey that Derek is a shady character. Marley attempts to comfort Jake but he says he's fine. Jamie and Vicky spend happy time with Steven. Amanda and Rachel argue over Vicky and Jamie's relationship. Stacey asks Courtney if she's going to stop investigating Derek because he was with her at the time of the break-in. Derek listens outside as Courtney tells Stacey what she knows. Vicky and Jamie get passionate as they revel in Steven's paternity.

AUGUST 1, 1989 (EP. #6375)
Stacey is upset that Derek has stood her up, not knowing her heard her conversation with Courtney. Felicia has the idea to do a show on adopted kids looking for their natural families. Rachel confesses to Ada that she thought she saw Mac on an elevator. Jamie and Vicky make love but he says it was a mistake. Michael and Donna try to console Marley but she is cold to her mother. Vicky is furious when Jamie leaves their argument to go talk to Stacey. Bridget and Vicky decide that Jamie is confused and will come back to her. Donna wants Rachel to convince Jamie to take Vicky back but she says no. Felicia advises Derek to talk to Stacey. A drunken Jake interrupts Jamie and Stacey's conversation. Donna compares Vicky's past to Rachel's and Rachel says Mac changed her. Donna thinks Jamie can do the same for Vicky. Derek tells Stacey why he stood her up and she tries to explain the situation. Marley comforts Jake when he comes home drunk and they have sex. Derek apologizes to Stacey and they agree to try again. Jamie goes back to the house and tells Vicky he will sleep on the couch.

AUGUST 2, 1989 (EP. #6376)
Rachel tells Ada she fears for Matt's safety after having another premonition. Felicia wants Lucas to be on her show but he says he never makes personal appearances. Josie tells Sharlene about booking a commercial. Sharlene asks Josie to come home so they can talk but Josie refuses. Josie goes to see Reuben at work and decide they need to celebrate his first paycheck. She reminds him that he has to go to his parole meeting but he doesn't want to leave her so he pretends to call in. Matt puts a personal ad in the paper. Olivia sets up a brunch with Narvo, hoping he'll reconsider casting her as Julie. Matt warns her that Narvo can't be trusted. Sam tells Amanda he'd like to help redesign BRAVA. Rachel tells Iris that SOPHISTICATE is a bad idea. John wants to be with Sharlene when she tells Russ about Josie. Sharlene calls Russ and asks him to come over. Reuben asks Tess to come with him and Josie to a movie. Matt tells Olivia the part of Juliet has been cast and throws Narvo out. Felicia promises Rachel to give Mitch a message from her. Iris listens in on Amanda's staff meeting. Amanda and her team discuss a large block of stock owned by an unknown shareholder. Iris is thrilled to hear this news. Reuben advises Josie to face her problems. Amanda asks Evan to quickly find the owner of the stock. Lucas gives Rachel an article on the Red Swan. Josie calls Matt but Olivia answers the phone. Sharlene tells Russ that he's Josie's father.

AUGUST 3, 1989 (EP. #6377)
Russ gets angry when he learns from Sharlene that Josie is his daughter. Sharlene tries to explain herself but Liz comes in and calls Sharlene a liar. Josie hangs up after calling Matt and having Olivia answer. Reuben decides to call to straighten things out but Josie says if he does, she'll leave and never come back. Donna has a surprise for Vicky and Jamie. Mitch returns from New York with possible photo shoot pics for Iris. Lucas hires Frankie for some P.I. work. She and Stacey wonder if Lucas knows they're investigating him. Donna offers to send Vicky and Jamie on vacation to Majorca. Vicky asks Jamie to say yes. Liz says Sharlene didn't want to tell Russ the truth because she was afraid he'd take Josie, not because she didn't want to hurt him. Russ says he would have given Josie the best of everything had he known who she was. Russ calls Matt to see if he's found Josie yet. Olivia wants to call Narvo and apologize for Matt throwing him out. Matt tries to get her to see that Narvo only wanted to sleep with her. Reuben and Tess listen to Lilly Gerard on the radio and Lily asks that Riviera call back. Josie is listening and knows that she is Riviera. Jamie rejects the vacation offer, saying he has too many commitments. Vicky thinks he's committed to another woman and won't listen when Donna and Michael try and convince her otherwise. Vicky calls the hospital and finds out they're not expecting Jamie to come in. Lucas and Frankie go to meet with Iris and Mitch. Lucas tells them he hired Frankie to find his daughter. Iris is angry with Lucas for searching for his daughter while working for her. Vicky thinks Jamie has gone to see Stacey. Jamie goes to see Stacey and tells her that he can't trust Vicky but he still loves her. He asks Stacey to represent him in the separation and Stacey is surprised he wants to go through with it. Liz tries to warn John away from Sharlene but he's resolute in his love for her. Matt listens to the radio show when Josie calls in. He gets through to the station and begs them to connect him to Riviera. Matt tells Lilly how much he loves Josie and Josie hangs up without speaking. Iris tells Lucas about the unknown stock holder and he vows to find the person before Evan does. Donna asks Michael about their future and notices their Ming vase is missing. Vicky hears Jamie tell Stacey he'll come by her apartment later.

AUGUST 4, 1989 (EP. #6378)
Derek asks Stacey to go swimming with him but she says no because she's meeting with Jamie. Jamie tells Vicky he was at the hospital when she knows he was with Stacey. Courtney investigates the stolen vase at Michael and Donna's apartment. Lucas realizes where he's seen Michael before; at a casino in Cannes. Evan warns Amanda that they may not be able to beat seasoned vets like Lucas and Iris. Jamie tells Rachel about the separation from Vicky and she advises him to do what makes him happy. Stacey tells Derek he's being jealous and they argue. Courtney continues the investigation and is unhappy when Derek's name comes up. Lucas questions Iris about her past with Michael. Stacey advises Jamie to take Steven and leave town and Vicky bursts into her apartment. She yells at Jamie and Stacey and is stunned when Amanda and Evan show up. Amanda and Vicky argue and Vicky runs out. Lucas offers to make Iris dinner. Rachel has a flashback in the park and sees a stranger who looks like Mac. Evan tries to comfort Vicky and Jamie arrives to take her home. Michael doesn't think Derek took the vase. Evan defends himself to Amanda. Derek admits to Stacey that he was jealous and Courtney arrives to question him. Iris and Lucas get passionate. Jamie packs up his and Steven's things and leaves a screaming Vicky behind.

AUGUST 7, 1989 (EP. #6379)
Iris slaps Lucas after they kiss. Courtney asks Derek about being at the Hudson's apartment. Vicky tells Bridget that Jamie took Steven and left her for good. Marley tries to cheer a depressed Jake. Jamie moves into the Cory mansion and tells Rachel about his plans. Vicky thinks Jamie was planning to leave her all along. Stacey signs herself on as Derek's lawyer. Marley suggests Jake go see Steven to make himself feel better. Vicky foes to the Cory house and tells Jamie she won't stand for what he's done. Jamie says their marriage is over and they each swear to fight for custody of Steven. Lucas and Iris talk strategy for the board meeting. Iris asks if he is the unknown stock holder but he denies it. Vicky goes home to find Marley and Jake waiting. Vicky turns on Marley and disowns her. Stacey finds an art book of Derek's and asks why he's so secretive. Jake tells Vicky he empathizes with her because he knows what it feels like to lose a child.

AUGUST 8, 1989 (EP. #6380)
Sharlene and John look over blueprints and start to get romantic. When John leaves, Russ comes in and tells her he's going to New York to look for Josie. Caroline runs into Cass on the beach in the tropics. Vicky asks for her parents support in getting Steven back. Russ refuses to wait until Josie comes home to tell her the truth of her parentage. Vicky hires Kenneth Martin to represent her in the custody battle. Cass and Caroline flirt and kiss. Derek apologizes to Stacey for being rude. When Stacey leaves to counsel Jamie, Derek and Frankie talk about Derek's relationship. John says that he and Sharlene should go to New York and find Josie before Russ can but she wants to go alone. Kenneth advises Vicky on how to act during the court hearing. The judge turns out to be an old friend of Rachel's. Derek listens to Courtney and John talk about the missing items. Derek confronts Courtney and says he thinks she wants him to leave town. Frankie calls Cass but Caroline answers so she hangs up. Vicky pleads her case to the judge. Sharlene tells Russ she's going with him to New York. The judge awards temporary custody to Jamie and generous visitation rights to Vicky. Vicky goes to Jamie and says she doesn't love him anymore and he's in for a big fight.

AUGUST 9, 1989 (EP. #6381)
Cass returns from St. Martin to a big welcome home. Evan comes into the office to see Amanda and Sam getting passionate. Vicky is determined to make Jamie pay for taking Steven from her. Evan accuses Amanda and Rachel of fooling around while he's the one breaking his back for Cory Publishing. Rachel goes to see Mitch to find out how Matt is doing because she fears he's in danger. Cass practically ignores Frankie and all she's done for him while Caroline is all over him. Lucas and Iris plan to exploit the Cory family troubles. Jamie wonders if he's doing the right thing. Frankie denies to Felicia that she's jealous of Caroline. Rachel worries that she can't carry on without Mac. Mitch advises her not to put so much pressure on herself. Rachel is cold to Felicia for not passing on the message she left for Mitch. Amanda and Jamie discuss loving two people at the same time, as he did with Lisa and Vicky. Lucas tells Iris he knows who owns Ace Corp. Sam worries about Amanda's commitment to their family. Vicky has memories about Steven at the same time that Jamie does. Frankie is surprised when Cass thanks her for the vacation. Evan finds out who owns the Ace Corporation and warns Rachel and Amanda that they won't like who it is. Vicky opens the door to Lucas who says he has a proposition for her.

AUGUST 10, 1989 (EP. #6382)
Reuben advises Josie to call the Lilly Gerard show again and pray for another chance with Matt. Matt goes to Lilly's studio and pleads to be put on the air with Riviera. Evan tells the Cory's that Vicky is the owner of the Ace Corp. Rachel orders them to leave Vicky alone. Lucas tells Vicky about her assets and Iris arrives to talk over their proposal. Rachel doesn't want to make things worse for Jamie so she resolves to win over the board without sabotaging Vicky. Iris tries to enlist Vicky's support by saying that Rachel is behind her problems. Vicky says she will attend the board meeting on Friday. Lilly is about to throw Matt and Olivia out of the studio when her assistant says response to Riviera has been overwhelming. Evan apologizes to Rachel for pushing her so hard. Iris thinks Vicky is on their side but Lucas worries that she won't want to jeopardize things with Steven. Matt gets on air and asks Josie to call and tell him where she is. Evan goes to see Vicky and tells her to base her decision on helping the company that will one day be Steven's. Rachel tells Amanda and Ada that it's her fault Mac died because she shouldn't have let him go to Maine alone. Josie calls in to the station and she and Matt finally talk. They agree to meet each other in Central Park. Lucas tries to coach Iris about her speech to the board but she gets angry. Lucas says her furious speech is exactly what the board needs to hear. Sam shows everyone his slide presentation for the new BRAVA.

AUGUST 11, 1989 (EP. #6383)
Olivia returns from New York without Matt, who decides not to meet Josie in the park. Josie, meanwhile, is waiting in Central Park for Matt. Amanda and Sam arrive at the board meeting but Rachel isn't there. A man recognizes Josie as being Matt's girlfriend. Matt has Olivia call Josie who is waiting by a payphone and Matt tells her to have Josie meet him at the petting zoo. Jamie wants to talk about his and Vicky's future before she goes to the board meeting. Everyone except Rachel assembles at the board meeting. Amanda objects to Iris bringing in Lucas as her advisor. The board meeting begins and Rachel comes in proposing a new beginning for Cory Publishing. The room applauds her speech. Russ and Sharlene enter his apartment and find Olivia there instead of away on a camping trip like she told her father. Josie is approached by a girl who gives her ice cream and a note from Matt telling her to go the ballet conservatory. Iris asks the board for the opportunity to prove how sincere she is towards the company. Olivia tells Russ that she went to New York to audition for a part she didn't get. Iris tells the board about her idea for SOPHISTICATE and expects to be offered an executive position. Russ and Sharlene discuss telling Olivia about Josie being her half-sister. Josie arrives at the ballet studio and gets more messages from Matt. Reuben is there and he and Josie are told to be into a waiting limo. Josie finally meets Matt at the Spotlight Club and they reunite in a long embrace. Iris wants the board to vote but Vicky walks in and asks to speak to Rachel. Jamie comes in and learns of Vicky's inheritance. Vicky tells Rachel she will make sure Iris is voted in as president unless Rachel helps her get full custody of Steven.

AUGUST 14, 1989 (EP. #6384)
At the Spotlight Club, Matt tells Josie how much he loves her. Vicky and Rachel argue over Vicky's blackmail deal to get custody of Steven. Jake goes to the house to speak to Vicky and has a talk with Bridget instead. Rachel tells Vicky that she doesn't deserve to have Steven but Vicky insists there will be a custody battle. Rachel goes back to the meeting while Vicky tells Ross that Iris should be the president. Jamie pulls Vicky aside to talk. Russ tells Olivia that Josie is her half-sister. The board members vote on Iris's proposal and Ross's vote will be the deciding factor. He comes in and moves that Rachel be nominated to chairman of the board because she is a good leader. Iris is furious but Lucas assures her he will take care of Rachel. Olivia accuses Sharlene of wanting to get to Russ's money and social status. Olivia refuses to accept Josie as her sister. Matt admits to Josie that he will have a hard time fully forgiving her for running away. He says she shouldn't be ashamed of her mother and says it hurt him that she left him. They head for Russ's apartment with the intention of being alone. Marley apologizes to Vicky for everything she did concerning Steven and says she's leaving for a while. Amanda asks Sam for help in putting an end to Iris and her plans to destroy the company. Josie and Matt walk into the apartment to find Russ and Sharlene together.

AUGUST 15, 1989 (EP. #6385)
Amanda vows to get Iris out of the company and out of her life. Iris promises she won't let Mac's memory down and decides to get rid of Amanda. Rachel doesn't want to interfere with Iris but Amanda insists upon it. Sharlene tells Josie that she is Russ's daughter. Josie initially thinks Sharlene is lying but is then angry at Sharlene for not telling her sooner. Matt tries to make Olivia see that having Josie as a sister will be a good thing. Iris tells Lucas now that she is company president she plans to stir things up. Russ and Josie are having an emotional moment as Matt and Olivia walk in. Olivia is upset to see them being close. Evan promises to help Rachel deal with Iris. Josie tries to be nice to Olivia but Olivia is rude to her. Evan confronts Amanda and says that what's between them is more than friendship and she knows it. Iris and Lucas discuss how much they have in common and things heat up between them. Josie is cold to Sharlene and Matt says working things out with everyone will take time. Olivia warms a little when Josie says she feels just as awkward as Olivia does. Sharlene wants to spend time with Josie but Josie wants nothing to do with her. She wants to stay in New York with Matt so Russ sends them out to dinner. Olivia makes plans to have dinner with Russ and Sharlene realizes she'll be alone. Amanda turns away from Evan but he reminds her that she'll be seeing more of him at work than she will her husband.

AUGUST 16, 1989 (EP. #6386)
After a busy evening together, Iris wants Lucas to stay for breakfast but he insists on leaving and says he'll call her later. Frankie tells Cass about her two conflicting cases. Caroline accuses Frankie of being jealous of her relationship with Cass. Michael leaves town on business without telling Donna. Jake bursts in demanding to know why Marley left town. Frankie is frustrated when Caroline and Cass have a private breakfast in his office. Derek tells Felicia he plans on telling Stacey that he can't see her anymore. Jake deduces that Marley thinks he has feelings for Vicky. Donna learns that Iris called Michael before he left. Frankie prepares a voodoo spell to keep Caroline away. Frankie tells Derek she's not jealous of Caroline. When Derek corrects Cass's quotation of Dickens, Cass is surprised by his knowledge. Iris tells Donna that Vicky swung the vote in her favor. Donna sees Lucas's tie and thinks it's Michael's. Lucas tells Frankie he wants his daughter found immediately. Marley calls home to talk to Michael and Jake answers but she hangs up on him. Iris reveals the truth about the tie and Donna is relieved to find out Michael's disappearance had nothing to do with Iris. Courtney wants to fingerprint Derek to see if his prints match those found in the Hudson's apartment. Iris holds Lucas's tie when she sees him with Felicia. Lucas is furious with her and says their dealings are private. Frankie realizes no art was stolen until Lucas came to town. Derek asks Cass not to tell Stacey he was fingerprinted. Donna cries in Jake's arms.

AUGUST 17, 1989 (EP. #6387)
Derek is shocked when Cass appoints himself as Derek's legal counsel. Rachel realizes it is her and Mac's anniversary. Iris tries to kick Amanda out of the office. Rachel has memories of her wedding day to Mac. Iris gives Amanda twenty-four hours to move out of her office. Derek tells Cass to bill him for his time and asks that Stacey never know what's going on. Jamie wants to divorce Vicky right away and keep her from Steven. Amanda plans to fight Iris by talking with Lucas. Evan and Sam fight over Amanda's actions. Cass tells Stacey about Derek figuring that Courtney would tell her anyway. Amanda asks Lucas if he helped Iris and wants to know his interest in the company. Rachel tells Iris that Mac would be ashamed of her. Lucas points out similarities between Iris and Amanda. Iris gives Rachel a list of administrative changes. Jamie advises Sam that they have to fight Iris and Vicky for the sake of their children. Evan asks Amanda if they can still work together with everything that's gone on between them and he kisses her.

AUGUST 18, 1989 (EP. #6388)
Stacey tells Derek he cares about her. Sharlene worries that John is angry with her. Rachel receives flowers for her anniversary with Mac. Amanda and Evan discuss their feelings for each other. Derek tells Stacey they should stop dating. Olivia hears Josie say she's happy to have Russ as a father. John admits he's angry that Sharlene didn't want him in New York. John wants to marry Sharlene. Sam tells Rachel that he feels he's losing Amanda. Olivia warns Matt not to lose Josie again. Derek tries to kiss Stacey but she backs away. Amanda and Sam make love. Evan remembers kissing Amanda. Derek and Stacey kiss for the first time.

AUGUST 21, 1989 (EP. #6389)
Sam stops his lovemaking with Amanda to tell her he feels pushes aside. He accuses her of using Iris as an excuse to stay away from him. John and Sharlene argue about getting married. John is jealous that Russ is Josie's father. Derek tells Stacey he wants to make love to her. Amanda and Jamie discuss her fight with Sam and he asks if it had anything to do with Evan. Stacey starts to cry when Derek makes love to her and she tells him the intimacy is too much after losing her daughter. Amanda admits her attraction to Evan, which Sam overhears. John and Sharlene comfort Rachel after finding her by the water. Stacey confesses to Derek that she never had passion with her husband. Amanda tries to make up with Sam who says he heard what she said about Evan. John and Sharlene decide to get married once things with Josie settle and he passes his medical boards. Amanda and Sam reconcile and make love. Stacey falls asleep in Derek's arms.

AUGUST 22, 1989 (EP. #6390)
Derek and Stacey wake up in each other's arms and discuss their relationship. Lucas and Felicia discuss the past and he says he feels bad that he couldn't take care of her and their child. Felicia tells him she thinks Iris is in love with him. Cass worries about Stacey because he knows Derek was going to end things. Frankie distracts him by saying she thinks Lucas is the art thief. John and Sharlene decide to keep their engagement a secret. Russ arrives to say he wants to ask Josie to move in with him. Olivia suggests that Matt and Josie stay in New York where they have their freedom. Matt counters that Olivia and Josie could help each other get used to being a family. Derek and Stacey arrive at the office together and Cass realizes they didn't break up. Frankie tries to get into Lucas's suite to search for clues. Frankie advises Derek to hold on to the relationship he has with Stacey. Jamie and Stacey plan his strategy with Vicky and Jamie reminisces about old times with Stacey. Frankie is caught by a security guard but Cass rescues her. They find a file on the Cory's in Lucas's desk. Olivia tells Josie she should elope with Matt. Jamie asks Stacey on a date. Cass and Frankie hide in the closet when Lucas comes in.

AUGUST 23, 1989 (EP. #6391)
Vicky takes Steven out for a visit which concerns Jamie and Rachel. Catherine shows Lucas a folder about the red swan as Cass and Frankie listen from the closet. Sam and Amanda are swimming when she gets upset over Iris again. Rachel and Jamie invite Vicky to spend the day with Steven by the pool. Lucas and Catherine discuss getting the red swan from Rachel. Matt wants Josie to live with him in New York. Cass and Frankie try to sneak out of Lucas's apartment but are halted when Iris knocks on the door. They hide again as Iris asks Lucas how he feels about her. Sam and Vicky discuss a time when they all used to be friends. Amanda tells Jamie he should have Stacey file a petition to change the court date. Lucas and Iris agree they don't want a commitment. Matt and Josie make love. Vicky tries coming on to Jamie but it doesn't work. Josie tells Matt she plans to go back home. Jamie calls to have the court date moved up. Frankie decides to seduce Lucas to get information but Cass doesn't think it will work. Lucas tells Rachel he's come for the red swan.

AUGUST 24, 1989 (EP. #6392)
Caroline kisses Cass and he asks her about Lucas's connection to the art world. Lucas asks Rachel to sell him the red swan sculpture. Jake asks Donna if she's heard from Marley just as Marley returns. Ross tells Amanda he wants to see changes in BRAVA. Rachel refuses to sell the sculpture to Lucas. Marley tells Donna and Jake how much she's changed. Lucas fires Catherine as Frankie shows up, dressed to seduce. Evan tells Amanda not to let Ross bring her down and she pushes Evan into the pool. Caroline tells Cass she suspects Lucas of dealing stolen art. Lucas offers Frankie the job as his secretary. Donna and Rachel argue over Steven's well-being. Marley blames Jake for her distance from Vicky and says she is through with him. Donna advises Rachel to insure the red swan because of all the art theft lately. Cass asks Caroline to have dinner with him. Amanda challenges Evan to a pool race. Lucas is pleased that Frankie accepts his offer. Marley tells Jake she wants a divorce. Caroline meets with a mysterious man at the gallery and realizes he has been stealing the art.

AUGUST 25, 1989 (EP. #6393)
Jake is surprised by Marley's request for a divorce. Marley says she wants to leave to find herself. Rachel makes preparations to insure the red swan. Caroline stares at the stolen art as Michael comes out of the shadows. Stacey arrives to take a deposition from Vicky and advises her that the court date has been moved up. Michael tells Caroline to offer Lucas the stolen art. Zack tells Rachel he will have the swan appraised and Derek sees him put the swan in a safe. Michael and Caroline are discussing his plan when Sam enters needing Caroline's help. Evan asks Amanda on a business dinner but she says her evenings are reserved for Sam. Marley tells Donna she's leaving for Europe when Vicky walks in. Sam tells Caroline he wants to do whatever it takes to regain his career. When he leaves, Caroline accepts Michael's offer. Stacey tells Derek she's afraid to get involved with him because she lost her husband. Derek assures her she'll never lose him. Vicky asks Marley to forgive her before she leaves but Marley can't. Rachel prepares to visit the overseas offices. Donna accuses Michael of fooling around on her when he returns. Derek and Stacey are heading to his place when she notices the swan is missing. Sam and Amanda decide to go to Matt's cabin for a few days. Vicky and Evan see each other at a bar and trade insults. Vicky ends up asking Evan to go home with her.

AUGUST 28, 1989 (EP. #6394)
A photographer spies on Vicky and Evan. Stacey calls Rachel with the bad news about the swan but gets Jamie instead. Jamie decides not to tell his mother yet. Sam finds an old painting in the cabin but doesn't notice a small red swan in the background. Rachel tells Cass she feels Mac is still communicating with her. Courtney searches the law office for clues about the swan's disappearance. Courtney thinks Derek stole the swan. Evan comforts Vicky when she cries over Steven. Jamie notes the chemistry between Derek and Stacey. Rachel is comforted when Cass says he often feels Kathleen is with him. Sam decides to paint a portrait of Amanda and starts to paint over the old painting. Vicky stops herself from getting passionate with Evan. Courtney doesn't believe Derek's story. Rachel remembers seeing the red swan on the dock.

AUGUST 29, 1989 (EP. #6395)
Lucas tells Frankie to tell Iris that she was working late with him even though she wasn't. Cass is angry that no one told him the red swan was stolen. Cass tells Stacey and Derek he has an idea who stole the swan. Lucas is surprised to hear Frankie say she loved her old job when she told him she was miserable there. Caroline asks Michael if he stole the swan. Cass thinks Lucas stole the swan because Rachel refused to sell it to him. Frankie tells Cass about Lucas asking her to cover for him. Felicia thinks she sees the side of Lucas she fell in love with. Jamie tells Stacey he will do anything to win custody of Steven. Frankie rents an apartment across from Lucas but worries her plan is ruined when he sees her with Cass. Donna pleads with Michael to tell her what he's doing with Caroline but she doesn't like his answer. Derek asks Felicia if Stacey is still in love with Jamie. Sam covers the image of the red swan in the painting without even seeing it. Caroline tells Lucas she has a piece of art he would like. Stacey defends Derek to Courtney.

AUGUST 30, 1989 (EP. #6396)
Josie has mixed feelings about coming back to Bay City. Vicky thinks Evan only spent time with her to get information to use against her. Caroline tells Michael that Lucas was very interested in the stolen art work. Sam and Amanda decide to try and get the red swan back before Rachel returns from New York. Lucas comes in to ask how Rachel is dealing with the loss of the statue and Sam asks how he knows about it since Jamie arranged for there not to be a leak to the press. Josie comes home and finds John there and he tells her how anxious Sharlene is to see her. Sharlene comes in and the mother and daughter embrace. Lucas tells Sam he has sources who keep him informed. Lucas and Sam discuss Sam's art work. Michael cautions Iris about dealing with Lucas but she thinks he's just jealous. Donna hears Iris offer to leave Lucas for Michael. Donna leaves before she hears Michael tells Iris he loves only Donna. But he does warn Iris that he thinks Lucas is a thief. Evan tries to convince Vicky that their night together had nothing to do with the Corys. Amanda warns Evan that Vicky is dangerous. Lucas realizes Caroline is offering him stolen art and his interest wanes. He tells her to keep her eyes open for more pieces like the red swan. Josie and Sharlene agree to take things slowly. Josie confesses that she plans to move in with Russ to get to know her father. Vicky complains to Sam that the Corys want to ruin her life and she thinks they corralled Evan into helping. After Sam prods her, she says she thinks Amanda convinced Evan to come on to her. Michael tells Donna he wants to reunite with her but she thinks Iris is still in his system. Iris and Lucas get passionate but when he's in the shower she finds paperwork regarding the red swan. Sharlene tries to remain composed after hearing Josie's plans. Vicky and Sam play with Steven as they talk but soon her visitation hours are over. Vicky asks if she can stay longer since she may not see Steven again after the custody hearing. Michael grabs Donna and kisses her passionately and she gives in to his charms.

AUGUST 31, 1989 (EP. #6397)
Liz tells Olivia that she's not thrilled that Josie is moving in with them just as Matt takes Josie to her new home. Stacey finds Derek in his room lifting weights and kisses him. Vicky plays with Steven before the trial but Jamie makes her leave and says they will talk in court. Cass stops by Frankie's place with a housewarming gift and to check on her progress with Lucas. Derek tells Stacey he trusts her and they embrace. Vicky gets a call that her lawyer is available to represent her after all and she gives Jamie and Amanda this news. Russ tries to make Josie feel comfortable and Olivia shows her to her new room. Josie worries to Matt that she won't fit in there. Frankie and Cass set up a new microphone and watch Lucas. Amanda calls Derek wanting to meet with him right away. Stacey assures Jamie that they have a good case. Vicky finds Jake with Donna and tells him to get out. Jake says he will be testifying against her at the trial. Russ tells Josie he wants to pay for her education and take her shopping but Olivia objects. Cass and Frankie give up on watching Lucas and Frankie entices Cass by reading his tarot cards. Amanda tells Derek she wants the red swan back at any cost but he insists he doesn't have it. Frankie tells Cass she doesn't care that he's dating Caroline but points out that she's seen Caroline at Lucas's place twice. Olivia tells Russ she wants to go shopping with him and Josie. Jake refuses to tell Vicky what he will say in court. Derek finds a photograph of the red swan. Courtney tells Stacey that Derek has been arrested in the past and she should think twice about getting involved with him.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1989 (EP. #6398)
Felicia confronts Mitch about hiring Frankie to investigate Lucas after finding a bill from the agency. Mitch admits to having Lucas followed and says he thinks Lucas is a danger to her. Felicia is upset with him for not trusting her with the truth. Vicky tells Bridget to remind Jake of the old days together in order to get him on her side. Stacey asks Derek about his police record and he explains his past to her. She makes him promise to call her if the police want to question him again. Donna tells Michael she will be working with him in business from now on. Vicky and her lawyer contemplate how to handle Jake. The trial begins and Jake is called as the first witness. Mitch runs into Rachel who has just returned from her trip. Derek goes back to his loft to find Courtney and two other officers searching the place. They find one of his art books with a page about the red swan marked. Stacey questions Jake who says nothing against Vicky and simply states facts about the past. When Vicky's lawyer questions him he admits that he initially wanted to paint her as an unfit mother but says that Steven should remain with her. Courtney arrests Derek. Bridget thanks Jake for telling the truth and he says Steven is lucky to have a mother like Vicky. Jamie takes the stand and Stacey establishes how much he loves his son. Vicky's lawyer makes him seem unable to handle commitment. Mitch tells Rachel about his argument with Felicia. Vicky asks Jamie about Steven since Matt said he was running a slight fever. Jamie realizes that Vicky really does care about their son. Vicky takes the stand and Stacey makes her seem like a manipulative liar. She displays the pictures of Vicky with Evan and Vicky explodes, saying she'd do anything to keep Steven away from the Corys.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1989 (EP. #6399)
Lucas visits Felicia and figures out that she had a fight with Mitch. Felicia is surprised at Lucas's pleasure in this. Courtney tells Derek he should have Stacey represent him but he doesn't want her involved. Vicky explodes in anger on the stand and accuses Evan of being hired by the Corys to set her up. Vicky explains that Evan comforted her but nothing sexual happened between them. The judge goes off to make her decision and Vicky thinks she ruined her own chances. Felicia reproaches Lucas for his arrogance but as they talk things get friendlier between them. Mitch comes in and witnesses their rapport. The judge comes back to say that Vicky and Jamie need to get rid of their hostility for Steven's sake. She awards custody to Jamie but grants Vicky liberal visitation rights. Stacey gets a note about Derek's arrest and leaves. Vicky approaches Jamie with the photos and says nothing she could have done to hurt him would ever compare to what he did to her. Lucas tells Mitch he likes the photos for the Fresh Faces campaign. Mitch tells Felicia he plans to leave town that night. Evan blasts Jamie for using him to set up Vicky and take her baby away from her. Vicky returns home in tears and Evan runs to see her. Derek is locked away in a cell. Mitch tells Felicia he needs to get more photos for Fresh Faces and he can also help look for her daughter. Felicia is overwhelmed with love for him. Evan defends himself to Vicky and she breaks down in tears in his arms. Jamie questions Amanda's concern over the photos of Vicky and Evan and she insists her interest is strictly professional.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1989 (EP. #6400)
Amanda tells Jason the red swan was stolen. Rachel reacts calmly to the news and plans to ask Cass what is going on. Stacey comes to Derek's rescue in jail and says Courtney doesn't have a case. Cass and Frankie tell Felicia their investigation of Lucas is over but they are lying and hope she will understand when it's over. Sam confronts Amanda over her interest in the photos of Vicky and Evan. He thinks she is jealous of Vicky. Rachel tells Cass she knows about the theft of the red swan and wants an investigation started immediately. Stacey makes an eloquent plea but Derek is denied bail on the grounds that he has no real home. Amanda assures Sam she isn't romantically interested in Evan. A call interrupts their romance and Amanda learns Derek was arrested under suspicion of stealing the red swan. Rachel tells Felicia that she doesn't trust Lucas either and thinks it's a good idea to have him investigated. Felicia asks Rachel to stop interfering in her marriage but Rachel counters that Lucas is the one interfering, not her. Cass watches as Lucas offers to tutor Frankie in what it takes to get to the top. He is shocked when Frankie agrees to his training and Lucas closes the curtains. Stacey cleans up Derek's room and lies down on his bed to think of him. He is in the jail cell thinking of her.

SEPTEMBER 6, 1989 (EP. #6401)
Rachel tells Ada she thinks she will get the red swan back. Frankie finds Cass in her house claiming to be spying on Lucas. Evan asks Amanda to explain the photos of him and Vicky. He defends Vicky to her but she doesn't want to hear it. Cass learns that Derek was arrested under suspicion of stealing the red swan. Olivia is upset when she hears Russ and Josie discussing their father/daughter relationship. Vicky assures Donna that she's not going to give Jamie the satisfaction of watching her fall apart. Cass tells Rachel he doesn't think Derek stole the swan and she believes him. Reuben returns to Bay City to visit Josie. Vicky refuses Jake's offer of help. Amanda is angry when she hears Evan making plans to see Vicky. Caroline and Frankie argue about Cass. Olivia wants Jake to videotape her dancing so she can see where she needs to improve. Reuben tells Josie he's in trouble with his parole officer and she wants to help. Rachel realizes Amanda has feelings for Evan. Josie wants Russ to talk to the parole board on Reuben's behalf but Reuben thinks it's a bad idea. Donna walks in on Jake and Olivia sitting on his bed and laughing.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1989 (EP. #6402)
Jamie is surprised when Vicky arrives at a Cory barbecue. She and Jamie argue about his feelings for her. Donna finds Jake and Olivia together and pulls Olivia away. She warns Jake that Olivia is only eighteen. Jake assures her that he is just going to make a video of Olivia dancing. Stacey works hard to get Derek out of jail. In jail, Derek is harassed by another prisoner. Evan tells Rachel he can't stay at Cory Publishing any more because it conflicts with his personal life. Cass wants to take Derek's case because he feels Stacey is too emotionally involved. Josie tells Russ she's afraid of coming between him and Olivia and admits that her new life is hard to handle. Stacey visits Derek in jail but he doesn't want her to come there anymore. Jamie apologizes to Evan for involving him in the custody battle. Stacey refuses to give up on Derek and says she and Cass will get him released. Olivia tells Russ about Josie living with Reuben, who has a criminal record. Vicky tells Donna that Jamie is being strict about her visitations with Steven and Donna sets out to do something about it. Rachel warns Amanda to take it easy on Evan because she doesn't want him to leave the company. Derek is held at knifepoint in prison.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1989 (EP. #6403)
Evan sees the portrait of Amanda and is amazed by its beauty. Amanda proposes that she and Evan continue working together for the benefit of the company. Stacey tells Jamie that Derek was denied bail. Derek gets in trouble with Steel in jail. Iris asks Lucas about his feelings for Felicia. Donna accuses Rachel and Jamie of being unfair to Vicky about visiting Steven. Vicky is surprised when Felicia commiserates with her about losing Steven. Steel sets Derek up to take a fall after pulling a knife on him. Iris implies that Felicia should stay away from Lucas. Donna tells Rachel that she's become manipulative and mean since Mac died. Evan asks Amanda if it would bother her if he took Vicky out. Derek collapses in his cell in front of Stacey. Amanda and Evan deny having feelings for each other. Derek tells Stacey the guards beat him up, not a prisoner. Jamie admits to feeling empty without Vicky. Iris asks Lucas if he is still in love with Felicia. Derek vows to get out of jail and prove his innocence. Vicky and Evan go for a ride in her new sports car.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1989 (EP. #6404)
Vicky and Evan get into an accident in her new car but both are unhurt. They try to get the car back on the road but end up falling in the mud. Their argument soon turns to laughter. Derek assures Stacey he won't try escaping jail. Jamie visits Derek to treat his injuries and Stacey threatens the warden with a lawsuit unless Derek is allowed to go to the hospital. Lucas tells Iris that he and Felicia will always be connected through their child. Felicia confides to Cass that she's worried about the distance between her and Mitch and Cass advises her to go see him. Lucas approaches Felicia with a wrapped jewelry box in hand. Derek asks Jamie to keep Stacey out of his case because he doesn't want her putting everything on the line for him. Felicia tells Lucas that she's going to see Mitch and he puts the jewelry box in his pocket without letting her see it. Lucas tells Felicia he will miss her as she's the only one around that he can trust. Evan and Vicky can't find a phone but they find a grungy hotel and book a room. Iris sees the jewelry box Lucas has and assumes it's for her. Lucas has no choice but to give it to her. Jamie suggests to Stacey that she should back off from Derek but she figures out that Derek put him up to it. Evan watches Vicky's silhouette as she showers in the hotel room. Cass tells Felicia not to worry about Mitch's connection to Rachel but Felicia says she knows how powerful the past can be. Jamie helps Stacey create a diversion so she can get into Derek's hospital room without the guard noticing. She crawls into bed with a sleeping Derek.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1989 (EP. #6405)
Michael is surprised when Donna shows up for work with him. She says she's decided to move into his office with him. Michael has a meeting regarding a real estate deal and wants Donna gone but she wants to sit in on the meeting. Vicky sleeps in the bed of the hotel room while Evan takes the chair. She wakes up and is disoriented when the manager knocks on the door. He wants to throw them out because Evan gave him a phony credit card number. Vicky convinces the manager to let them stay because it's their honeymoon. John gets into Derek's hospital room and sees Stacey. He warns them that the guard is on his way back. Josie tells Matt that Iris may use her photos in SOPHISTICATE which angers Amanda. Matt and Amanda argue over her attitude and he tells her to stay out of business that doesn't concern her. John gives Stacey a doctor's coat to wear so she can evade the guard when he comes in. Amanda breaks down with Matt and says she's just trying to take care of everyone which she never had to do when Mac was alive. Michael is in the midst of the meeting when Donna bursts in to defend his honor after the client reviles some of his work. Michael takes her out of the room and explains that it's part of the negotiations and she decides she likes the business world. Vicky and Evan eat junk food and share stories of their tough childhoods as the tow truck arrives with their car. Amanda apologizes to Josie and tells Sam she's going to stop being such a jerk. Josie and Matt get passionate in the pool. Derek tells Stacey he won't break put of jail because he doesn't want her to get in trouble. Evan and Vicky go their separate ways. Derek tells Stacey he wants her to be with him and help him find out who really took the red swan.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1989 (EP. #6406)
Cass tells Rachel he's worried over Lucas's involvement with the red swan. Cass warns Rachel not to try and investigate Lucas on her own. Jake is shocked to find Marley's wedding ring amongst her things and Vicky says he needs to realize their marriage is over. Josie tries to get ready for her job interview with Lucas but nothing seems to look right. Matt assures her she looks great and they start to kiss. Michael tries to convince Donna that she wouldn't be happy working with him. Jake and Vicky reminisce about their friendship but Vicky insists she's better off on her own. When Josie leaves for her interview, Olivia cries on Matthew's shoulder about her career. Vicky arrives for her visit with Steven and Rachel tries to make amends but she is not interested in a renewed friendship with the Corys. Cass tells Frankie he thinks Lucas is on to her so when he sees Lucas in the park, he pulls Frankie into a kiss so he won't blow her cover. Iris compliments Josie on how mature and beautiful she looks for her interview. Michael asks for Vicky's help in convincing Donna to quit. Donna visits Jake and he asks for a truce between them but asks her to back off. Frankie and Cass assure each other that they won't kiss again. Rachel is stunned to find Lucas has set up a candlelight dinner for her by the pool.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1989 (EP. #6407)
Rachel isn't pleased by the romantic dinner Lucas set up for them by the Cory pool. Sharlene worries that being a Matthews will change Josie. Stacey tells Derek that he has to leave the hospital in the morning and return to jail. She promises that she's not giving up on him. Derek asks Kyle for a favor when Stacey leaves. Russ and Sharlene have a nice conversation about Josie. Rachel asks Lucas if he has the red swan. Lucas tells her she should let go of Mac and move on with her life which results in them arguing. Stacey goes to see a professor in hopes of learning something to help Derek. He advises her to think of a new approach or angle in the case. Kyle brings Derek everything he asked for in a large paper bag. Russ wants to take Josie and Olivia to Nice with him. Stacey is surprised when she sees that Derek has set up a romantic little dinner for them in his room. Rachel and Lucas apologize to each other and discuss love and loss. Olivia decides not to go with Russ while Josie debates the offer. Stacey is surprised to find a gun amongst Derek's things.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1989 (EP. #6408)
Cass is trying to convince Frankie not to meet with Lucas. Donna thinks that Jake is after Vicky again. Derek explains to Stacey that Kyle brought the gun but he didn't ask for it. Jamie walks in and is angry to see them together. Amanda apologizes to Evan for the nasty things she's said to him. Vicky tells Jake that she hasn't given up on wanting custody of Steven. Frankie rifles through Lucas's things and finds something startling. Donna doesn't want Vicky and Jake having dinner alone together so she decides that she and Michael will join them. Lucas makes Frankie uncomfortable and she suspects he overheard her phone call. Caroline questions Cass' feelings for her. Jake tells Donna that she either gives him money for his video production company or he will start spending more time with Vicky. Cass tells Caroline he can't get involved seriously with anyone right now. Lucas demands to know who Frankie is working for and what she's up to. Derek and Stacey realize the guard isn't outside his door and Derek could escape.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1989 (EP. #6409)
Derek realizes he has a good chance to escape the hospital with the guard temporarily gone. He decides not to escape and says he wants to give the justice system another chance. Cass watches Frankie and Lucas in Lucas' suite. When Lucas grabs Frankie, Cass realizes she's in trouble. Frankie tells Lucas that Cass fired her for stealing from the petty cash drawer and was planning to steal from Lucas as well. She assumes she's fired and goes to leave but Lucas won't let her. John and Sharlene discuss Russ' offer to take Josie with him to the south of France. Cass tries to hear what Lucas is saying to Frankie and he runs out, determined to save her. Josie is confused about whether or not to accept Russ's offer. Lucas doesn't buy Frankie's story about the thievery and Cass bangs on the door to come to her rescue. John proposes to Sharlene in the renovated barn. To save Frankie, Cass claims that she purposefully wrecked his files and demands that she come and fix them. Lucas lets her go but warns that their discussion isn't over. Stacey is unsure of her ability to save Derek but he says he believes in her. Sharlene accepts John's proposal and they get passionate. Frankie is upset that Cass came barging in to Lucas' suite and Cass admits he was worried about her. John and Sharlene tell Josie about their engagement. Lucas asks Cass why Frankie was fired and he evades the question. When Lucas persists, Cass fortunately gives the same answer that Frankie did. Stacey tells Derek she uncovered the meaning of the riddle her professor told her.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1989 (EP. #6410)
Jake asks Donna what she's decided to do about his proposition but she ignores him and goes to have a massage. Josie cries when she learns of Sharlene and John's marriage plans. Lucas invites Rachel to brunch to discuss business ventures. Vicky and Amanda trade insults at the health club. Evan arrives and accuses Amanda of interfering in his life again. Jake pretends to be Donna's masseuse but when she realizes it's him, he pressures her about giving him money for his company. Sharlene and Josie discuss how fortunate they are to have wonderful men in their lives. Iris invites herself to Lucas' brunch with Rachel. Amanda tells Evan that she and Vicky weren't arguing about him. Rachel is surprised when Lucas comes to lunch with Iris and says in order to be successful they have to learn to work together. John tells Josie they will arrange their wedding date around her plans to leave for France. Vicky accepts a dinner invitation from Evan which Donna and Jake witness. Donna tells Jake she may not need to give him money as Vicky seems to be moving on. Josie decides she can't go to Europe after talking to Matt. Lucas tries to facilitate a truce between Rachel and Iris. He takes a call regarding the red swan. Evan apologizes to Amanda for jumping to conclusions. Vicky interrupts their business lunch to postpone her date with Evan. Lucas tells Rachel and Iris that several collectors are showing interest in the red swan. When Rachel goes to give Cass the collectors names, Iris tells Lucas she thinks the swan is more than art and she intends to find it.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1989 (EP. #6411)
Vicky is sad about her upcoming divorce from Jamie. Stacey is upset as she prepares for Derek's second bail hearing. Lucas goes to visit Derek in jail. Stacey tells Derek that she has two plans to help Derek and one is riskier but more effective than the other. Frankie advises her to go with the riskier plan. Lucas thanks Derek for believing in Felicia when she was in jail. He assures Derek he's going to get him out. Iris is in a spa getting an herbal wrap and carping on how incompetent Rachel is. Suddenly, Rachel sits up, having been next to her the whole time. The women argue and trade insults. Vicky tells Jamie she wants the divorce over quickly but Jamie says there is no rush. Jamie tries to get Matt to understand why he's divorcing Vicky. Matt points out that neither of them should rush into a divorce if they're uncertain. Derek tells Lucas he doesn't want his help and that he plans to clear his name by finding the red swan. The mediator informs Jamie and Vicky that they have to settle on one petition citing grounds for divorce as there are currently two. Jamie says he'll amend his as he realizes Vicky isn't trying to hurt him. Matt wants to go to the cabin with Rachel but she says she has too much to do. He gets angry at her for not letting anybody help her. Lucas tells Frankie she's not fired and he thinks she has potential. Vicky changes her divorce petition, saying that Jamie never truly abandoned her. The mediator decides on a no-fault divorce and Jamie and Vicky agree. Iris tells Lucas how insufferable Rachel is and he says Iris is being childish. He tells her he thinks he has a way to find the red swan. Jamie and Vicky use the excuse of having too much to do to finish the divorce proceedings.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1989 (EP. #6412)
Donna decides to throw an engagement party for John and Sharlene. Vicky agrees to help knowing that all the Frames will be there - including Jamie and Evan. Matt tells Olivia that Josie isn't going to France with Russ. Stacey addresses the court and says he has been denied equality because he has no home or education or a normal lifestyle. Evan tells Jamie he hasn't seen Vicky since the accident and says nothing is going on between them. Donna asks Vicky about her involvement with Evan. The judge sets Derek's bail at $10,000. Lucas arrives with the money to set Derek free. Matt tells Olivia she should say goodbye to Russ but she says her father will fare better without a messy goodbye. Jamie tells Russ how much he will be missed. Vicky shows up at Evan's place while he's in the hot tub and asks if he will go to Sharlene and John's party with her. He agrees as long as she's not using him to get back at anyone. Derek thanks Lucas for bailing him out but Stacey doesn't trust him. Jamie arrives at the party and Donna has a hard time being civil. Olivia says goodbye to Russ, which he is grateful for. Stacey tells Derek that Cass and Frankie think Lucas stole the swan. Olivia admits to Russ that she's uncomfortable with Josie. Liz rushes Russ away so he can make his plane. Derek and Stacey realize that Caroline may have the swan. Jamie is surprised when Vicky and Evan come to the party together.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1989 (EP. #6413)
Derek decides to investigate Caroline on his own to see if she stole to red swan. Stacey argues with Derek because she wants to go with him to the gallery. Olivia is jealous of Josie who she sees as the poor girl who gets everything she wants. At John and Sharlene's engagement party, Jamie demands to know what is going on with Vicky and Evan. Iris arrives at the party with Lucas. Olivia admits that she's not jealous of Josie, she's just upset that Russ left her again. Vicky tells Jamie that she enjoys Evan's company and Jamie gets irritated. Olivia listens while Amanda tells Sam she won't be able to sit for his painting until Rachel is back on track. Vicky assures Iris that her interest in Evan is personal not business related. Evan tells Vicky he's not happy that she's playing him against Jamie. Donna mentions to Lucas that she's seen his name on papers at Michael's office. Michael berates Donna for giving out business information. Donna tells Michael she's going to show him how good she is at business. Iris tells Sharlene she thinks Josie can make it as a model and promises to look after her. Sharlene decides to accept her daughter's wishes. Lucas asks Michael what business he's in. Jake tells Donna about a space he found for his video business and they leave to go see it. Stacey shows up at the gallery in spite of Derek's disapproval. She says she will be his cover if they get caught. As they argue, the night watchman spies them. Derek pretends to be an artist and Stacey is his representative. They get inside the gallery and Stacey finds a clue. Sam asks Olivia if she would sit for him sometimes. Amanda comes in as Olivia accepts. Sharlene tells John that she wants to go to Washington D.C. to leave a note for Floyd, her first love, telling him she found someone. Donna decides to finance Jake's company if she can be his partner and if he promises to stay away from Vicky. A sad Vicky goes home to an empty house and is surprised when Jamie arrives with Steven. Iris introduces Sharlene to Lucas but a startled Sharlene drops her glass of champagne. Stacey finds an appraisal of the red swan in Caroline's desk and deduces she had access to the piece after it was stolen.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1989 (EP. #6414)
Sharlene wants to leave her own engagement party after being introduced to Lucas. Caroline catches Stacey and Derek going through her desk. Derek manages to slip the appraisal paperwork in his pocket. Vicky puts Steven to bed so she and Jamie can talk. Stacey manages to calm Caroline until Derek questions her about the red swan. Jake and Donna argue over the décor of their office space. Jake tells her to stop being a brat because they're doing things his way or no way at all. Caroline claims to know nothing about the swan and asks Stacey and Derek to leave. Jamie tells Vicky he wants to talk, not fight. He is worried about her relationship with Evan. Jake tells Donna they'll make a good team once they set aside their egos. Caroline figures out that Derek and Stacey were spying on her. She realizes the appraisal slip is missing and calls someone about the statue. Jamie tells Vicky he still cares for her and she asks what he wants. John worries that something is bothering Sharlene and she says she's concerned that people will remember who she used to be. John advises her to only think of the future. Derek hides Stacey in his loft as a former friend named Karl arrives to talk to him about the red swan. Caroline tells Michael she needs help with the red swan situation. Derek tells Karl he wants the red swan found and offers him the job, Derek hates working with a sleazy guy like Karl but Stacey makes him feel better. Michael assures Caroline he will take care of Stacey and Derek's suspicions. Vicky tells Jamie to stay out of her life but he is attracted by how strong she suddenly is.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1989 (EP. #6415)
Iris has exciting news for Josie that she will be a cover model for Sophisticate. Amanda has no idea that Olivia was going to be Sam's model until she showed up at the studio. Frankie finds a letter to Cass from Nicole. She initially takes it to hide it but ends up giving it to Cass. Amanda tells Lucas she isn't pleased with Sophisticate but he says she doesn't have enough education to judge the magazine. Olivia has trouble getting comfortable while posing for Sam. Cass is in need of company and goes to see Caroline. Evan warns Lucas to stay away from Amanda. Sharlene questions Iris about Lucas and what kind of person he is. Frankie warns Josie not to get too close to Lucas. Caroline isn't much comfort to Cass. Olivia spends time with Alli when Matt brings her to the studio. Iris tells Amanda that Rachel is no shape to run Cory and should be under a psychiatrist's care. Josie and Matt go to the old mill to be alone together. Frankie and Cass embrace and almost kiss. Lucas calls Sharlene but she hangs up on him. Sam adjusts Olivia's dress and Evan walks in and sees them together.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1989 (EP. #6416)
Reuben walks in on Cass and Frankie just as they are about to kiss. Amanda is angry to learn that Vicky hasn't brought Steven back to the house yet. Vicky plans a whole new strategy for dealing with the Cory family: She decides to be nice to them. John asks Jamie if it's possible for him to join the residency program at the hospital. Cass questions Frankie about their relationship. Evan and Vicky go for a walk in the park with Steven. Reuben delivers some papers to the new assistant administrator and is shocked to see that it's Tess. Evan tells Vicky he thinks Jamie still has feelings for her. Reuben asks Tess on a date and she says yes but later learns he's on probation. Jamie is upset when he finds out Vicky went to the park with Evan. Amanda falls for Vicky's nice routine when she brings Steven home. Reuben is upset when Tess cancels their date. Cass asks Frankie on a date and though she says yes, she's a little worried. Jamie fantasizes about sleeping with Vicky but in his dream, he turns into Evan, which makes him crazy with jealousy.

SEPTEMBER 28, 1989 (EP. #6417)
Jamie calls Vicky and asks if he can come over to talk to her. Vicky agrees to meet with him though Michael isn't pleased with the notion. Donna tells Jake that she wants their partnership put in writing. Stacey asks Derek to be her date to a formal party but he turns her down. Lucas tells Iris that he saw Mac the night before he died. Tess tells Reuben she broke their date because she doesn't want any trouble, which she fears he may be. Caroline demands that Stacey and Derek return the appraisal form for the red swan that they stole from her office. Reuben is angry and hurt over Tess' treatment of him. Michael tells Vicky that he doesn't know who Donna is working for. Jake starts filming a video of the French swimwear fashions of 1990. Derek is surprised when Lucas calls him at the law offices because no one knew he was there. Michael finds out that Donna is working with Jake. Jamie visits Vicky while she's on a ladder redecorating her apartment. She purposely falls off the ladder and into Jamie's arms. They share memories of when they first got together. Stacey tells Derek he can't trust Lucas. Reuben convinces Tess to go out with him after all. Derek tells Stacey he will meet her at the gallery. A strange woman slips a note addressed to Stacey under the door of the law office. The same woman spies on Michael as he's talking to Caroline at the gallery. Lucas and Iris meet with the chambermaid at the hotel Mac stayed in before his death. They find out Mac put important papers inside the red swan. Vicky offers Jamie her engagement and wedding rings but he refuses to take them and she rejoices that her plan is working.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1989 (EP. #6418)
Iris and Lucas learn from the chambermaid that someone else was in the room with her and Mac. Donna arrives at the gallery to see the strange woman staring at Michael. Frankie asks Derek what she should do about her date with Cass. Stacey finds the note the woman left for her and becomes fearful. Donna is furious when she sees that Jake has escorted Vicky to the gallery opening. Derek tells Frankie she should go out with Cass. The letter Stacey received threatened her life if she continued looking for the red swan. Caroline asks Cass to come to the gallery to handle an emergency. Jamie is uneasy when he sees Vicky at the gallery with Jake. Cass tells Stacey to bring him the appraisal she took from Caroline. Frankie waits for Cass to pick her up for their date. Iris thinks the papers Mac hid were a revised will. Jamie rescues Vicky from a drunken man at the gallery. Lucas promises Iris is there is a new will he will find it and destroy it. Stacey tells Derek about the letter she received. Caroline tells Cass that Stacey and Derek are trying to pin the theft of the red swan on her. Frankie arrives at the gallery without Cass and she's furious he stood her up. She sees him with Caroline and throws a glass of champagne in his face. Sam asks Caroline if he can have an art showing sometime soon. He thinks he will be more successful this time. Derek and Stacey return the appraisal form to Caroline's desk. Derek tells Stacey he doesn't want her endangering herself by looking for the swan. Cass catches up to Frankie and pulls her into a kiss. Michael is stunned to find the strange woman sitting in his car.

OCTOBER 2, 1989 (EP. #6419)
Jamie grabs Vicky and sweeps her into a passionate kiss. He tells her that he has missed her. Evan meets Amanda at Tops. She is waiting for Ross Gordon without knowing he called the office to cancel their meeting. Cass is about to kiss Frankie again when Caroline interrupts. Caroline and Frankie argue over who Cass likes better. Michael recognizes the mystery woman as Arianne. He tells her that he doesn't want anything more to do with her but she wants to talk to him about Lucas. Donna is at home waiting for the special dinner Michael promised her. Cass gets fed up with Frankie and Caroline and walks away from them. Evan convinces Amanda to have dinner with him while she waits for Ross. Jake visits Donna to talk about business. He wants to invest more money but she's too busy waiting for Michael to talk. Amanda finds out that Ross isn't coming and she blames Evan for not telling her. Donna is angry over how late Michael is. Michael tells Arianne he doesn't want to work for the club anymore. Donna finds Arianne's lipstick stained cigarette in Michael's office and explodes in anger. Michael calms her down and they make love. Vicky plans to seduce Jamie to get Steven back. Arianne takes a phone call saying that Michael won't be a problem. Evan walks in as Jamie and Vicky are about to make love.

OCTOBER 3, 1989 (EP. #6420)
Stacey is surprised when Derek refuses to take her home. He says he's worried about her safety. Mitch comes home and tells Felicia he thinks Lucas is lying about their daughter. Evan finds Jamie and Vicky in an embrace and wants to know what game Jamie is playing. Evan and Jamie argue over Vicky and Jamie storms out. Vicky tells Evan he's ruined everything. Evan is surprised to realize that Vicky is the one playing games. Felicia defends Lucas to Mitch and tells him to stay out of the search for her daughter. Frankie covers her unhappiness in front of Lucas. Lucas yells at Iris when she questions him about his personal life. Jamie confides in Stacey about his night with Vicky. Cal wants Derek to steal something from Felicia to prove they're on the same side. Felicia is bothered by Mitch's concern for Rachel. Frankie tells Derek her date with Cass was a bomb. Derek hugs her as Stacey comes in. Derek reassures Stacey about their relationship but they're interrupted by a call from Cal. Evan thinks Vicky is also using him and she throw him out after he tells her some truths she doesn't want to hear. Felicia and Mitch reconcile. Iris tells Lucas about Rachel's past but wants to know what he's up to. Cal hears Derek tell Stacey he has to steal something from Felicia.

OCTOBER 4, 1989 (EP. #6421)
Sharlene wants to go with Josie on her photo shoot with Lucas. Derek tells Felicia that he needs to rob her. Felicia and Mitch agree to help Derek but warn him to be careful. Stacey wants to know what's going on between Cass and Frankie. Frankie storms in and confronts Cass about how he's treating her. Josie doesn't want Sharlene to go with her but Sharlene is still concerned about Lucas. Iris tells Lucas she doesn't think Frankie can be trusted. Courtney tells a surprised Stacey that she wants to help Derek. Iris hears Lucas tell Frankie she's a great catch. Felicia asks Cass if he's still following Lucas. Iris gets nervous when Frankie sees some papers on her desk. Sharlene is uncomfortable with Lucas's interest in Josie. Stacey hides in Derek's loft when Cal comes over. Derek shows him the silver cup he stole from Felicia. Cal finds Stacey but she's dressed up like a hooker. Derek berates her for almost ruining things when Cal leaves. Lucas tells Sharlene that Josie is lucky to have her for a mother. Frankie calls the number she found on Iris's desk and it is for a lawyer who is searching for the red swan. Derek gets a call that his court date has been moved up and he tells Stacey they have to find the swan fast. Felicia calls Iris looking for Mitch and learns he wasn't supposed to work that day. Mitch waits at the airport for Rachel to return.

OCTOBER 5, 1989 (EP. #6422)
Rachel gets a call at the airport and tells Mitch that trouble is starting already. Vicky thinks she has Jamie wrapped around her finger and asks Jake for help with a set-up. Arianne tells Michael she needs an answer from him immediately. Michael says he wants nothing to do with the club. Jake agrees to help Vicky and gives her someone to call for more help. Jamie warns Evan to stay out of his and Amanda's personal lives. Olivia fishes for information about Sam's marriage and senses things aren't so great. Evan tells Amanda about seeing Jamie and Vicky together. Felicia calls Rachel and is bothered to learn Mitch was there. Donna and her accountant devise a plan to see if they can trust Jake financially. Vicky apologizes to Jamie for Evan's behavior. Evan drops a hint about Olivia and Sam to Amanda and Rachel walks in on their argument. Rachel can't deal with their problems and leaves the office. Felicia and Mitch argue as she feels he lied to her. Arianne disguises herself to visit Michael and tells him there's no escape. Amanda hurries home after learning that Olivia is in the studio with Sam. Craig, an old acquaintance of Rachel's tells her she needs companionship. Arianne reminds Michael that neither he nor his family will be safe until Lucas is out of the picture. Amanda interrupts Olivia trying to convince Sam to take a drive with her. Jamie accepts Vicky's dinner invitation, unaware that she is setting him up. Felicia fantasizes about she and Mitch being characters from one of her romance novels. Rachel runs out on Craig and runs into Mitch who asks what's wrong.

OCTOBER 6, 1989 (EP. #6423)
Vicky hires David to "catch" Jamie spending the night with her. Mitch tells Rachel he wants to help her get through everything and she's grateful but doesn't want to burden him. Michael is concerned when he finds out Arianne has been watching Donna. Lucas asks Felicia to have dinner with him for old time's sake. Mitch takes Rachel out to cheer her up. Sam tells Amanda he made reservations for them to go on a second honeymoon. Amanda is excited until she realizes it's the same day she has to make a board presentation. Iris thinks Evan is only helping Rachel run Cory because of Amanda. Jamie and Vicky are about to leave for dinner when he sees David's business card. Michael tells Arianne he has a deal for her. Sam tells Evan about his honeymoon plans but Evan says Amanda is needed at the office. Felicia and Lucas arrive at Tops and see Mitch and Rachel together. Iris arouses Donna's suspicions of Michael. Felicia tells Rachel she thinks Mitch may still have feelings for her but Rachel disagrees. Jamie and Vicky go to Tops but he decides to take her somewhere else and won't say where. Lucas tells Iris he could get Felicia back if he wanted to. Sam tells Amanda that Evan agreed to the trip and said he'd make the presentation alone. Jamie takes Vicky to the old mill and shows her the business card he found. Evan cancels Sam's reservations. Michael finds out that Mitch was with Lucas the week he said he was away. Jamie tells Vicky that he wants her again and with no one else around he can have her.

OCTOBER 9, 1989 (EP. #6424)
Michael tries to cover for Mitch but Arianne senses something is going on. Vicky tells Jamie she will sleep with him and then take Steven home with her where he belongs. Lucas tells Rachel he wants Cory Publishing to be represented at Felicia's art auction. Arianne tells Michael to investigate Mitch's connection to the red swan. Michael asks Mitch to meet with him. Lucas asks Rachel if Mitch could have stolen the swan but she doesn't think so. Michael questions Mitch but comes up with nothing. Arianne thinks Mitch is hiding more than he says. Donna gives Jake $25,000 and he worries about where to put it until the banks open in the morning. Olivia asks Jake to have dinner with her. Jamie refuses to let Vicky leave the mill until they finish talking. Jamie realizes Vicky doesn't care about anything other than getting Steven back. Jake hides the money under camera equipment and leaves with Olivia, unaware that Donna is watching him. Donna drops by to see Felicia as an alibi before she steals the money back from Jake. Donna makes it appear that the video loft was robbed. Vicky is upset as she feels she's lost her chances for getting Steven returned. Jake comes back to find the loft ransacked. Donna goes home happy with herself for her scheme. Rachel has a dream about the message she thinks Mac is trying to give her.

OCTOBER 10, 1989 (EP. #6425)
Jake confesses to Donna that the money was stolen. Donna is shocked when Jake promises to pay her back. Stacey tells Derek she couldn't get his court date delayed. Evan walks in on Sam and Amanda kissing. Evan tells Amanda he doesn't think she should go away with Sam. Jamie stops Vicky from going to see Steven and tries to convince her that they don't need another custody battle. Rachel tries to convince Evan to forget about Amanda. Stacey thinks Jamie needs to meet new women and forget about Vicky. Sam and Amanda leave for their trip not knowing that Evan cancelled their reservation. Rachel finds Derek looking at a book on swans. He finds the info he needs and assures Rachel he will see the swan returned to her. Jake thinks Donna double-crossed him and warns her that it had better not be true. Jamie meets Natalie, a woman who works in Stacey's office. Rachel runs into a woman who tells her a myth about the red swan. The myth is that before a swan dies, he chooses a new mate for the one left behind. Donna tries to withdraw the money she put in Jake's account but has trouble doing so. Vicky tells Evan that Jamie tried to rape her but he doesn't believe her. Sam and Amanda arrive at the inn and learn about the cancelled reservation. Derek makes an appointment with Dr. Jasper, a man who wrote an article about the red swan. Rachel tries to find the mysterious woman again but learns she doesn't work in the bookstore after all.

OCTOBER 11, 1989 (EP. #6426)
Caroline is surprised to find Cass in Frankie's apartment. Felicia is stunned when Lucas tells her he's been thinking of getting married. Rachel asks Mitch to help her get her life back together. Lucas tells Felicia that he's considering marrying Iris but Felicia doesn't think Iris is the right woman for him. Matthew is nervous about making a speech at the university as Mac was the one to make the speech every year. Frankie and Cass argue and he ends up leaving with Caroline. Reuben tries to impress Tess on their first date by taking her to a fancy restaurant and ordering good wine. John invites Lucas to dinner so Sharlene can find out more about Josie's modeling career. Sharlene warns Frankie about Lucas. Caroline worries about Cass's feelings for Frankie. Rachel is so moved by Matt's speech that she starts to cry and Mitch comforts her as Felicia walks in. Caroline realizes that Frankie has been spying on Lucas through her apartment window. Josie hears Matt thanking Olivia for helping him with his speech. Cass is torn between his feelings for Frankie and Caroline. Lucas asks Frankie why she's really working for him. He tells her he knows she's been spying on him.

OCTOBER 12, 1989 (EP. #6427)
Everyone is surprised when Sam and Amanda return so soon from their trip. Sam tells Evan he needs to talk to him. Sharlene admits to John that Lucas was one of her customers when she was a prostitute. Lucas orders Frankie to call Cass and tell him that the surveillance is over. Sharlene wants to cancel the dinner with Lucas and Iris but Iris arrives early. Olivia is depressed because it's her birthday and she has no one to celebrate with. Stacey and Derek prepare to see Dr. Jasper. Rachel makes plans to send Amanda and Sam to Bermuda. Iris helps Sharlene make dinner. Sam takes Olivia a cupcake with a candle in it for her birthday. Amanda tells Sam about the trip to Bermuda. Frankie goes to Lucas's place and he's left her a note telling her she did a good job with Cass. While in Frankie's house, Cass sees Frankie in Lucas's suite. It is an awkward dinner at the farm with Lucas, Iris, Sharlene, and John. Amanda asks Evan if he cancelled the reservations at the inn.

OCTOBER 13, 1989 (EP. #6428)
Stacey and Derek arrive at Dr. Jasper's house and wonder if it's a setup. Vicky tells Michael that she's going to use Jamie's feelings for her against him. Lucas tells Frankie that he will not fall for her seduction scam. Sam tells Rachel that he is donating a painting to Felicia's charity auction. Evan apologizes to Sam and Amanda. Iris tells Lucas that Frankie has been snooping around her suite and contacted the lawyer in Maine. Derek and Stacey find a note from Dr. Jasper and they change into dry clothes they find in his closet. Vicky runs into Jamie who tells her he has a date with Natalie. Frankie admits to taking the lawyer's phone number but says it was for Cass. Derek and Stacey are dressed in clothes that make them feel like they're in another century. Mitch asks Michael about his dealings with Lucas. Amanda goes to see Evan to settle things. She tells him she only wants to be with Sam. Frankie hears Iris and Lucas talking about another will. Amanda lies to Sam and Rachel about where she was. Sam and Amanda leave for Bermuda. Vicky shows up at the restaurant where Janie is on his date. Evan shows up and joins Vicky. Rachel calls Mitch for a visit and tells him she is lonely without Mac. Mitch promises to stay with her until she falls asleep. Stacey and Derek are about to make love when the butler enters saying only Derek can speak to Dr. Jasper. A mystery man tells Lucas that the red swan was hollow. At the Cory studio, the top coat of paint has dissolved off of Amanda's portrait and the red swan starts to show.

OCTOBER 16, 1989 (EP. #6429)
Vicky shows up at Evan's suite while he is working out and tells him to shower and get dressed for their date. Evan tells Vicky he doesn't want to go to the charity auction but she convinces him. Derek tells Stacey he may have found the red swan. Rachel tells Hilda which of Sam's paintings to give the pick-up men for the auction but she isn't sure it's the right one. Derek tells Stacey that he met Dr. Jasper's assistant and when the woman enters the room, Stacey says the woman works for Lucas. Lucas cautions Iris to be nice to Rachel just in case Mac made another will that she's not in. Lucas suggests that he and Rachel go to the auction together so people will see they've made amends. Lucas looks around the studio and Hilda thinks he is there to pick up the portrait. He takes Amanda's portrait after noticing the red swan underneath. Catherine, Jasper's assistant, says she knows where the red swan is. Iris tells Lucas that he has to bid on Sam's painting so they can have it for the red swan clue. Donna and Jamie discuss his relationship with Vicky. Felicia welcomes everyone to the auction. Evan notices Amanda's portrait. Lucas receives a note about Catherine. Catherine enters the gallery basement and hides when she hears someone. As Stacey and Derek dance, he tells her that he loves her and she says she feels the same. They then realize that Catherine hasn't come back. Stacey and Derek change their clothes and go look for Catherine and discover that someone left in a hurry. Catherine is terrified in the basement and calls out Lucas's name but whoever is with her doesn't answer. Iris gets nervous when Amanda's portrait comes up for bidding and she can't find Lucas. Rachel gets angry when she discovers Amanda's portrait is being auctioned and that Lucas and Evan intend to bid on it.

OCTOBER 17, 1989 (EP. #6430)
Lucas prepares to bid on Amanda's portrait just as Rachel calls Sam to see why he wanted it up for auction. Sam and Amanda are in bed in Bermuda with the phone off the hook. Rachel tells Mitch to bid on the portrait so no one else can get it. Mitch can only go so high and Lucas ends up winning the bid. Sam and Amanda profess their undying love for each other. Vicky challenges Evan's feelings for Amanda. Derek and Stacey tell Cass about their trip to see Dr. Jasper and about meeting Catherine. Vicky tells Evan that if he helps her get Steven back, she'll help him steal Amanda from Sam. Sam asks Amanda if she's ever considered having an affair with Evan. Jamie tells Rachel that the only woman he feels comfortable with is Stacey. Vicky approaches Stacey for a chat. Mitch asks Cass to steal Amanda's portrait before Lucas can take it. Catherine is being stalked by a mystery man in the basement. Vicky threatens Stacey to go public with her charge of attempted rape against Jamie. Cass asks for Frankie's help in stealing the portrait. Rachel offers to double Lucas's bid to get the portrait back from him but he refuses. Frankie and Cass go to the basement to see where the portrait is being stored. Sam presses Amanda to decide between him and Evan. Evan takes Vicky back to his apartment but she doesn't want to make another mistake by being with him. Cass and Frankie get locked in the basement, not knowing Catherine is there, too.

OCTOBER 18, 1989 (EP. #6431)
Vicky walks in on Matt and Josie and asks for a favor. Vicky wants them to let her see Steven and Matt agrees but Josie doesn't trust her. Lucas offers Felicia a ride home and she refuses. Mitch tells Rachel that he stole Amanda's painting so that Lucas can't get it. Cass and Frankie try to get out of the basement. Mitch says he'll stay with Rachel until Cass arrives with the painting. Cass convinces someone to get him and Frankie out of the basement. Mitch calls Felicia to tell her to meet him at Rachel's but Lucas gets the message. Cass finds Catherine's body in the basement. Lucas tries to get info about Michael from John. Amanda is torn between her feelings for Evan and Sam. Vicky asks Matt to let her take Steven for the night. Michael talks to Felicia about Lucas. Cass finally gives Rachel the painting of Amanda and she notices the red swan in the background. Matt agrees to let Vicky have Steven for the night. Lucas and Felicia share some memories of their past and she lets him take her home.

OCTOBER 19, 1989 (EP. #6432)
Matt tells Jamie that Steven took Vicky for the night. Cass asks Frankie what she wants to happen between them. Mitch and Rachel find an old photograph of Mac in uniform on the back of the painting as Lucas and Iris walk in. Cass tells Frankie he's not ready to commit to anyone right now but if he was it would be her. Iris suspects that Rachel has found Mac's updated will. Matt is surprised over the way Jamie handles hearing that Vicky took Steven for the night. Caroline accuses Cass of stealing the painting of Amanda. Mitch tells Felicia what he's learned about Lucas. Felicia decides that Lucas is one of Iris's victims. Jamie tells Stacey why he's angry about Vicky taking Steven. Felicia wants to warn Lucas away from Iris. Caroline starts to investigate Frankie. Jamie starts to have feelings about Stacey again. Matt asks Mitch to be there for Rachel because he's worried about her. Sam tells Amanda that she's not being fair to herself if she doesn't choose the man she really wants. Cass takes Frankie to see Catherine's body but it's gone. Amanda tells Sam she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

OCTOBER 20, 1989 (EP. #6433)
Felicia tells Lucas that Iris is using him. Felicia reminds him that if he had purchased Amanda's portrait and it was connected to Mac's will, he would have been obstructing justice. Rachel tells Evan to get Amanda out of his system and says she will be separating them permanently. Jamie tells Stacey that they should have gotten married. Stacey says his focus should be on making Steven's life happy. When Jamie leaves, Derek says Stacey shouldn't get caught up in Jamie's personal life. Rachel tells Evan not to come to the house anymore. Jamie goes to pick up Steven and tells Vicky he doesn't appreciate the sob story she gave Matt to get him to let her take Steven. Derek advises Stacey that he doesn't think she and Jamie can be just friends given their past. Rachel and Felicia discuss the possibility of there being another will. Jamie tells Vicky that she can no longer get to him just as Evan arrives, which Jamie is unhappy to see. Lucas questions Derek about the red swan and asks if he's any closer to finding it. Derek mentions Catherine to Lucas and Lucas says that people usually don't have nice things to say about someone who fires them. When Jamie leaves, Vicky tells Evan he's the key to her getting Steven back. Felicia tells Rachel that she fears for Lucas if he continues to deal with Iris. Derek and Stacey make up and talk about the time they spent in Dr. Jasper's house. Derek tells Stacey that he loves her. Stacey says she loves him because he needed her and wouldn't let her run away. Vicky confides to Evan that she will use Jamie's jealousy against him. Evan says that Rachel told him he couldn't see Amanda anymore but he insists that they belong together. Vicky suggests they make themselves appear to be a couple so that Jamie and Amanda will want them back. Lucas talks to Griffen Sanders - the ballet director Rachel spoke to earlier - and says they are close to getting the red swan.

OCTOBER 23, 1989 (EP. #6434)
Vicky and Evan discuss their plan to get back Amanda and Jamie. Amanda and Matt talk about her trip to Bermuda and she says she and Sam have never been closer. Rachel shows Cass the photo of Mac she found and says she thinks it has something to do with the red swan. Griffen tells Lucas about the job offer to be the ballet director and Lucas stresses they can't be connected in any way. Iris comes in and sees Griffen and Lucas talking. Olivia and Sam discuss his trip with Amanda. Liz gives Olivia an envelope and says she is going to be a star. Evan is concerned that Vicky won't continue with their deal if Jamie comes back to her before Amanda decides to be with him. Josie and Sharlene arrive at the studio for her photo session with Mitch. When the male model doesn't arrive, they convince Matt to pose with Josie. Liz tries to talk to Olivia about a modeling career but she refuses to consider it. Liz warns Olivia that if Sam and Amanda's marriage breaks up, she doesn't want Olivia to be blamed. Iris, Lucas, and Griffen discuss the possibility of him getting the ballet job. Griffen asks Iris out to dinner. Liz tells Olivia that the only reason Sam and Amanda got married was because she got pregnant. She also says she doesn't think Sam is really happy. Amanda and Iris argue about money for Sophisticate and a group of reporters comes in to ask about the magazine. Iris tells them it is all Amanda's deal. Rachel tells Cass she can't move on with her life until she figures out what Cass was trying to tell her. Amanda reminds Iris that Mac threw her out of the building and never forgave her. Olivia tells Sam that she plans to enter the Fresh Face contest to get back at Josie and her father. Evan offers to help Amanda with some of her work. Vicky comes in and asks to speak with Evan which makes Amanda angry. Lucas tells Iris not to trust Griffen and not to vote him in as ballet master. Iris thinks Lucas is jealous. Olivia meets Griffen and asks if she can audition for the ballet. Amanda is furious when she hears Evan and Vicky giggling in Rachel's office.

OCTOBER 24, 1989 (EP. #6435)
Felicia wants to celebrate Cass's birthday. Stacey, Zack, and Reuben decorate the office for Cass's birthday. Caroline tells Frankie that she heard some information about her. Donna offers to help Sharlene find a wedding dress. Stacey tells Frankie that Cass has been asking questions about Catherine. Rachel tries to give Lucas the money he paid for the portrait but he refuses the money and surprises her by signing over ownership of the painting to her. Donna and Sharlene argue at the bridal shop over what gown Sharlene should wear. Reuben asks Tess to go to dinner or dancing with him but she says she wants to meet his family. Caroline tells Frankie she knows she's working for Lucas. Cass comes into the office and everyone yells surprise. Cass is more surprised to see Caroline and Frankie together. Reuben tells Tess he will try to work something out with his family. Cass and Frankie discuss whether he should tell the police about Catherine. Sharlene has a fantasy about wearing a red dress and seeing Lucas standing behind her. Rachel tells Mitch she plans on going to the cabin. Caroline gives Cass an envelope and a kiss for his birthday. Josie and Sharlene wait for John outside of his classroom on his first day of class. Josie says she wishes her mother happiness but Sharlene is clearly troubled. Ronnie tells Reuben she would love to have dinner with Tess. Cass gets a call from Cecile. Lucas calls someone and says he wants the red swan transformed so he can hide it in plain sight. Cass goes to Frankie's and asks her on a date which she accepts.

OCTOBER 25, 1989 (EP. #6436)
Cass celebrates his birthday by looking for Catherine's dead body with Frankie. Jessie helps Reuben get set up for his dinner with Tess. Jake finds Donna looking through his mail. He doesn't know she's looking for the bank statement. John finishes his exam and thinks he did well. Donna tells Jake she's just there to do bookkeeping. Frankie tries to liven up Cass's birthday by challenging him to a game of pool, which she wins. Frankie ends up getting the two tickets to St. Martin that Caroline gave him. John and Sharlene celebrate him taking the test. Reuben's dinner turns into a disaster and gets worse when his mother shows up. She senses that he's uncomfortable with her there and starts to leave. Cass wins his tickets back from Frankie in a poker game. Reuben calls a truce with his mother. Jake tells Donna he knows what she's up to. John shows Sharlene the rings he bought for the wedding and she loves them. Frankie tells Cass that she was once hired to set guys up. She's surprised when Cass isn't surprised and he says he already ran a background check on her.

OCTOBER 26, 1989 (EP. #6437)
Felicia is pleased to see that Mitch hasn't forgotten their anniversary. Vicky demands Evan's help but he refuses her. Rachel tells Amanda that she told Evan to stay away. Felicia and Mitch plan a romantic night at home. Evan tells Vicky she can't order him around and she apologizes. Amanda is concerned over how much time Rachel is spending with Mitch. Vicky deliberately runs into Jamie and Amanda when she's with Evan. Cal tells Stacey that if she ever wants to see the red swan again she'll meet him at the Longshoreman. Mitch goes to the cabin with Rachel to look for answers. Derek finds out about Stacey's plans and goes after her. Amanda and Jamie admit to each other that seeing Vicky and Evan together makes them crazy. Jamie tells Amanda that Evan bid on her portrait at the auction. Cal demands answers from Stacey. Vicky and Evan hang out at the park with Steven. Mitch and Rachel share memories of their romantic past together. Derek races to defend Stacey from Cal. Felicia prepares for her night with Mitch, not knowing he's with Rachel.

OCTOBER 27, 1989 (EP. #6438)
Mitch realizes he's late for his anniversary dinner with Felicia. Felicia is waiting for Mitch when Lucas arrives. Cal and Derek fight at the Longshoreman. Sam tells Evan that Amanda chose her married life over anything Evan could give her. Olivia asks Amanda for advice. Cal throws Stacey to the floor and knocks her unconscious. Jamie asks Rachel why she's spending so much time with Mitch and not her own family. Derek carries Stacey out of the bar to get her help. Olivia fakes a leg cramp to get Sam's attention. Iris tells Felicia that Mitch isn't with her because he has a better time with Rachel. Amanda accuses Rachel of replacing Mac with Mitch. Griffen gives Lucas a large music box that is actually the red swan. Derek takes Stacey to the hospital and Jamie yells at him for letting her get hurt. Evan tries to convince Amanda that she shouldn't stay with Sam. Olivia asks Sam to go out and do something with her but won't say what. Mitch goes home to Felicia and they celebrate their anniversary. Olivia tells Sam she wants to go swimming and when he leaves to get suits, she says they don't need them. Olivia jumps in the pool without her clothes on. Evan walks in and sees Sam watching Olivia. Rachel tries to figure out who the man is in the picture with Mac. Griffen is upset that Lucas won't sell the red swan. Derek waits for news about Stacey's condition.

OCTOBER 30, 1989 (EP. #6439)
Evan sees Sam watching a naked Olivia swim and leaves just as Amanda comes home. Stacey regains consciousness and she tells Jamie she went to the docks to find out about the red swan. Tess finds Vicky breaking into Jamie's office and trying to use his computer. Sam tells Olivia to get out of the pool and stop acting the way she is. Evan tries to keep Amanda away from the pool. Iris wants to interview Griffen for the magazine. When he leaves, Iris asks Lucas if he is still in love with Felicia. Vicky makes Tess think she and Jamie are still together and that she's throwing a party for him. She says she needs a list of his patient's names and Tess helps her use the computer. Amanda kicks Evan out of the house. Stacey agrees to stay with Rachel to recover. Cass and Frankie realize they blew Stacey's cover with Cal. Ronnie asks Tess how serious she is about Reuben. Derek goes into Stacey's hospital room with flowers but only gets a note from Stacey who has already left with Jamie. Amanda sees Olivia who says she fell into the pool. Lucas yells at Iris about her accusations but they make up. Frankie and Cass decide to work together with Stacey and Derek. Griffen tells Lucas that he killed Catherine. Evan tells Vicky that he couldn't hurt Amanda by telling her about Olivia being naked with Sam. Derek goes to the Cory home looking for Stacey. Jamie suggests that if Derek loves Stacey he will let her rest.

OCTOBER 31, 1989 (EP. #6440)
Jamie tells Stacey she should stay at Rachel's a few more days in order to recover. Jamie admits that Derek came to see her just as Derek arrives again. Evan is in Amanda's office to get papers signed when flowers arrive. Amanda assumes they are from Sam but they are actually from Vicky to Evan. Rachel tells Mitch he's the only one who can help her figure out the mystery of the photograph. Liz tells Matt and Josie that Olivia is entering the Fresh Faces contest. Amanda is furious when Evan uses her office to call Vicky and thank her for the flowers. Derek wants to take Stacey home but she thinks it best if she stays. Mitch enlarges the photograph but the mystery man is still too blurry to recognize. Rachel realizes she will have to ask Iris for help. Derek tells Stacey he went to Dr. Jasper's to find Catherine. Josie and Olivia argue about the contest. Olivia tells Liz she needs a new look to win. Ada warns Stacey to tell Jamie that staying at the house hasn't changed her non-romantic feelings for him. Jamie tells Vicky that he's putting her visits on a strict schedule and if she's a minute late bringing him back he'll call the police. Olivia asks Amanda to help her prepare for the contest. Evan tells Olivia that he saw her in the pool with Sam. Cecile arrives in town by helicopter. Josie tells Matt she's sure that Olivia entered the contest just to prove she's better than Josie. Derek goes to see Vicky about the renovations to her home and she asks if they can be friends. No one is happy to see Cecile and Jamie asks what she's doing back. Olivia lies to Evan that Sam has been coming on to her. Cecile tells Rachel she came to honor Mac's memory by funding a charity in his name. She weasels her way into staying at the mansion.

NOVEMBER 1, 1989 (EP. #6441)
Donna tells Vicky about Cecile's past in Bay City. Vicky worries that Cecile will try to get Jamie back. Iris asks Lucas to be her date to Sharlene and John's wedding. Iris unknowingly locks the disguised red swan in her closet. John has a dream that Sharlene walks by him like he doesn't exist. Sharlene wonders if he is having second thoughts about the wedding. John and Sharlene discuss the changes in their lives and realize they will be okay. Lucas asks Iris for a key to her closet. Cecile and Vicky discuss Jamie and Vicky's divorce. Rachel tells Iris about Cecile staying with her and also has something to show Iris that she found behind the painting. Josie and Matt get into a fight at breakfast and John decides to get Rolling Stones tickets for the whole family as a tension breaker. Rachel asks Iris about the photo of Mac but Iris has no info. Cecile assures Vicky that she doesn't want Jamie. Vicky offers to give Cecile Cass's phone number. John tells Josie about his younger days when he was in the war. Rachel decides to go to Northwestern to see if she can find out anything about Mac. Matt wants her to take Mitch with her but she refuses. Vicky and Cecile take Steven with them to visit Iris. She gives Steven the red swan to play with and gives it to him to keep when he cries. Sharlene confides to Donna that she's worried everyone will learn about her past in L.A. Matt decides to go to Northwestern with Rachel and she confesses that people have been making noise about her spending time with Mitch. Iris asks Cecile if she wants to work at Sophisticate. Iris sends for a jeweler in order to buy a gift for Sharlene and he tells her that Lucas also bought the earrings she is wearing for Felicia. John gets the letter saying he's passed his tests. Cecile leaves a message for Cass. Lucas goes to get the red swan from Iris and she gives him back the earrings and says they are through.

NOVEMBER 2, 1989 (EP. #6442)
Frankie has plans for her and Cass but won't tell him what they are. Donna is upset when Michael abruptly leaves for the office and in her anger, she calls Jake. Stacey hears Derek accuse Jamie of wanting her back. John decides to spend the day with Sharlene. Derek tells Stacey that he thinks Cal killed Catherine and they could be next. Frankie tries to take Cass' mind off of Catherine. Donna tells Jake she thinks Michael is having an affair. Sharlene and John discuss their troubled pasts and she runs out. Stacey gets upset when she receives a crank call. Cass finds out that Frankie is taking him to her high school reunion. Donna and Jake start spying on Michael. Michael meets with Arianne to discuss how dangerous Lucas is. Derek thinks Cal called Stacey and he goes after him. Sharlene tells John she thinks he's hiding behind his beard. Donna gets suspicious when she sees Michael go to a florist and a jewelry store. Frankie and Cass meet some of her old school friends. Jamie thinks Stacey is making a mistake to stay involved with Derek. Derek finds Cal trashing his room and attacks him. Sharlene shaves John's beard. Adrianne calls Michael at home to say they have a lead on the red swan. Felicia walks in on Derek strangling Cal.

NOVEMBER 3, 1989 (EP. #6443)
Frankie tries to avoid seeing her old boyfriend. Michael leaves Donna to meet with Arianne. Felicia talks Derek out of killing Cal and he knocks Cal unconscious. Tess tells Reuben she got a job in Bay City. Cecile comes to the law office looking for Cass. Jake goes to spy on Michael and the "other woman." Lucas spies on Michael and Arianne as Michael questions a dock worker about the red swan. Cecile waits at the law office for Cass. Frankie talks with her old boyfriend and his wife. Cal is arrested and Reuben finds a piece of paper that Cal dropped that has an address written on it. Jake watches as Michael tells Arianne that he will help her. Arianne touches Michael's cheek and he kisses her hand. Cass and Frankie dance as the crowd stops to watch. Jake tells Donna that he saw a woman kissing Michael's hand and she starts to cry. Felicia asks Lucas if he's involved with something illegal. Lucas tells her he's an honest businessman. At that moment, a police officer arrives to question Lucas about Catherine's disappearance. Reuben and Tess discuss his childhood. Derek watches through a window as Jamie puts his arm around Stacey. Lucas tells the police he had nothing to do with Catherine's disappearance. Felicia feels uncomfortable around him and leaves. Tess and Reuben go out for a dinner date. Frankie tells Cass about her old boyfriend and pulls away when Cass tries to kiss her. Frankie says she doesn't want to make the same mistake twice. Michael assures Donna of how much he loves her. Cecile waits for Cass in his bed. Frankie and Cass kiss but as they are going to leave the pier, Frankie sees a woman's hand in the water. Derek sneaks into Stacey's room at the Cory mansion. He picks her up and carries her out.

NOVEMBER 6, 1989 (EP. #6444)
Jamie meets Amanda and Rachel at Tops where Vicky and Evan also are. Stacey is angry at Derek for taking her out of the mansion. Cecile writes an unsigned note to Cass and leaves it by the door, then she goes back to his bed. Cass and Frankie find Catherine's body in the water as Griffen watches them. Cass goes to call the police and Griffen inches towards Frankie. Lucas goes to Iris' looking for the music box. When she yells at him, he says the earrings he bought for Felicia were a goodbye gift. He also says he was planning to propose to Iris. Vicky and Evan try to make Jamie and Amanda jealous. Derek and Stacey fight and he asks her to leave. Stacey gets dizzy and Derek carries her to his bed. Lucas tells Iris he didn't propose because he wasn't ready for commitment. The police call and ask Lucas to come identify Catherine's body. Cass tells Frankie he wants to keep an eye on her so she should spend the night. They head for Cass's room and discover Cecile asleep in his bed. Vicky kisses Evan as Amanda argues with Rachel and Jamie. Frankie decides to leave but Cass asks her not to. Evan asks Amanda to go with him to New York. Rachel tells Jamie that life is hard without Mac. Stacey falls asleep in Derek's bed as Felicia arrives to ask Derek if he thinks Lucas is a criminal. Iris tells Lucas that Vicky has the music box. Cass tells Frankie he's not interested in Cecile but she goes to spend the night at Sharlene's. Lucas identifies Catherine's body. Evan takes Vicky home and they kiss again. Iris and Amanda go to the chapel to talk to Mac. Stacey wakes up from a nightmare and tells Derek she is going to leave him. Cecile tells Cass she wants him back.

NOVEMBER 7, 1989 (EP. #6445)
Amanda tells Evan she will go to New York with him. Vicky and Derek are discussing the remodeling of the study when the doorbell rings. Lucas and Griffen arrive at Vicky's to get the red swan but Griffen ducks in the bushes before Vicky sees him. Sam asks Mitch if something is going on with him and Rachel. Mitch insists they're just friends and that he and Felicia are doing fine. Sam tells Mitch he's going with Amanda to New York. Lucas tells Vicky he needs her to sign something for the Sophisticate budget but Vicky says she can't until her lawyer looks at it. Amanda lets Evan know she's bringing Sam to New York and he says it's because she's afraid to be alone with him. Olivia asks Evan not to tell Amanda about what happened with her and Sam at the pool. Evan tells Amanda he's bringing Vicky to New York. Lucas goes into Vicky's bedroom looking for the swan and Derek finds him there. Lucas lies and says he heard something suspicious. When he leaves, Vicky tells Derek she thinks something is going on. Jake and Donna discuss her plan to confront Michael about him seeing another woman. Olivia goes to the studio in Amanda's dress and Sam initially thinks she's Amanda. She tells Sam that her father might want her to join him in France but she'll stay if there's a reason. Sam tells Olivia she needs to find her own style, not copy Amanda's. Amanda and Evan decide that neither Sam nor Vicky will join them on their trip. Lucas tells Griffen he'll have to get the statue from Vicky but warns him not to hurt anyone else. Vicky gives Mikey the swan to play with. Derek realizes the goose is the swan. Arianne tells Michael that the red swan is back in the city. Michael decides he needs to get closer to Lucas in order to find it. Griffen sees Donna and Mikey leave with the swan. Amanda tells Sam it would be better if he stays home instead of going to New York with her. Evan makes reservations for two connecting rooms. Derek and Mitch ask Vicky for the statue and she says she gave it to Donna. Derek goes to the house where Mikey is having a play date. Donna is in the garage at Tops with the swan in the front seat. When she goes to the elevator, Griffen breaks into the car. Donna forgets something and goes back and Griffen grabs her.

NOVEMBER 8, 1989 (EP. #6446)
Matthew comes back with the records of Mac and tells Rachel that Mac was not who they thought he was. Michael is waiting for Donna when Josie tells him she saw Donna in the parking lot earlier. Alarmed, Michael rushes to the elevator. A masked Griffen is strangling Donna and when her eyes close, he thinks she's dead. He takes her keys just as Michael arrives and fights him off. Griffen gets away and Michael rushes Donna to a doctor. As they leave, a hidden Lucas grabs the goose, not knowing that Mitch saw him. Matt and Rachel go over Mac's records and learn that he didn't graduate from Northwestern. Iris wants to know what that means since Mac wasn't the type to keep secrets. Josie suggests that Reuben needs to relax about Tess having money. Olivia needles Josie about her relationship with their father. Michael and Donna go back to their suite and Michael asks if her attacker mentioned him. Donna says no but wonders why Michael thought he might have. Michael covers that since their names are always in the paper, someone might have recognized her. Mitch calls Rachel to say he may have located the red swan but can't give her any details. Lucas accidentally drops the bag with the swan in it at the warehouse. A drawer falls out and he discovers a sheet of paper. Olivia tries to hurt Josie by telling her that she will be talking to their father soon. Matt tells Josie she looks great and even if she loses the contest it is good experience for the future. Reuben and Tess talk on the balcony and he kisses her. Lucas is taken aback by what he reads on the paper. Reuben asks Tess for a date the next evening but she says she's going out with Marshall. Michael tells Arianne what happened to Donna and she thinks Lucas was involved. Arianne suggests he leave Donna since they can't protect her. Iris wants Rachel to admit that she's falling for Mitch again. Just as Lucas puts the paper back in the drawer, Mitch rushes into the warehouse.

NOVEMBER 9, 1989 (EP. #6447)
Amanda tells Sam that she and Evan are going to New York on business. Evan arranges for them to have adjoining rooms and orders theatre tickets and makes dinner reservations for him and Amanda. Cass tells Frankie he wants her to quit working for Lucas. Mitch confronts Lucas about the red swan. Rachel walks in on a fight between Amanda and Sam about Evan traveling with her. Sam doesn't answer when Amanda asks if he trusts her. Frankie tells Cass she will quit but she'll do it in her own way. John leads Sharlene into her surprise bridal shower. The guys set up John's stag party and Michael thinks about Arianne telling him to leave Donna. Mitch tells Lucas that he wants the red swan back. Lucas accuses Mitch of trying to catch him doing something that keeps him away from Felicia. Rachel tells Amanda not to go to New York with Evan and Olivia hears their conversation. Amanda says that if Rachel and Mitch are just friends, she and Evan can be just friends as well. Mitch demands that Lucas hand over the swan. As Lucas hands it over, he grabs a cable and hits Mitch in the head, knocking him out. Cecile goes to Evan's suit to talk to Cass, not knowing the stag party is going on. She meets Evan and they size each other up. Amanda asks Rachel to go to New York in her place. In the middle of a struggle with Lucas, Mitch gets away with the red swan. Sam is ecstatic when Amanda says she isn't going to New York with Evan. Sharlene asks Donna to be in her wedding party and Donna happily agrees. Mitch calls Rachel to meet him at pier seventeen. Amanda takes the message down on a piece of paper and leaves. Rachel finds the note and rushes out. Olivia is disappointed to find out that Amanda isn't going to New York. Amanda tells Evan she's not going with him. Sharlene and the women walk in on John's bachelor party and are stunned to see they've hired a stripper. Lucas vows to find Mitch and the swan. Rachel finds Mitch lying on the floor.

NOVEMBER 10, 1989 (EP. #6448)
The guys at John's bachelor party are embarrassed when the women come in and find them with a female dancer. Rachel helps a wounded Mitch and he covers her mouth so Lucas and Griffen won't hear her. But Lucas and Griffen hear a woman and Lucas says he'll take care of her in his own way. Derek worries about his future with Stacey. John tells Sharlene he's glad she crashed his party. Matt worries that something has happened to Mitch. Lucas looks in the shed but doesn't see anyone so he and Griffen leave. Mitch shows Rachel the red swan. Sharlene talks to Roberta about being a stripper. Cecile boasts to Frankie that she's the kind of woman Cass needs, not Frankie. Evan leaves for New York without Rachel. Lucas tells Felicia there's something she should know and she notes that he's been in a fight. Derek wants to show Stacey they're from two different worlds by going with her to a dinner party. Derek asks Stacey if she is ashamed of him when she says he doesn't have to go to the party. Lucas warns Felicia that Mitch is going to come between them. He also tells her he didn't kill Catherine. Mitch tells Rachel that Lucas had the swan and that he hit Mitch over the head. The night watchman locks Rachel and Mitch in the shed. Zack helps Frankie arrange a secret rendezvous with Cass. Cecile tells Cass she is the woman for him. Amanda realizes Rachel is with Mitch and in a fit of anger she flies to New York to attend meetings with Evan. Rachel and Mitch hold each other to keep warm. Sharlene admits to John she fears he will leave her one day. Stacey and Derek decide the time isn't right for them to make love. Cass and Frankie are about to kiss when Cecile comes in and says Iris kicked her out and she has nowhere to go. Amanda arrives in New York and gets a room in the hotel. The bellhop assures her the adjoining door is locked but as she's unbuttoning her blouse, the door opens and Evan is standing there. Michael tells Donna there is someone else in his life. Lucas tells Felicia that he and Mitch fought about the red swan. Lucas also says Mitch is jealous of his love for her. In the shed, Mitch kisses Rachel.

NOVEMBER 13, 1989 (EP. #6449)
Amanda is annoyed with Evan for arranging for them to have adjoining rooms. Amanda says she wants to go to bed but he says she's not going anywhere without him. Michael tells Donna he has to leave her because there is someone else. Felicia tells Lucas she will never forgive him for not telling her that Mitch was hurt. Rachel and Mitch are kissing when they hear a noise outside of the shed. Michael tries to convince Donna he doesn't l love her but she doesn't believe him. Evan tells Amanda that they need to work all night to prepare for the next day's meeting. A night watchman lets Rachel and Mitch out. Rachel calls Felicia and tells her to have a doctor waiting at home for Mitch. Mitch finds the paper that Lucas saw in the drawer. Sam calls Amanda and they fight over Evan being in her room. Sam hangs up on her as Olivia watches. Rachel takes Mitch home and Felicia helps him into bed. Felicia wants to know why Mitch called Rachel instead of her. The doctor tells the ladies that Mitch will be fine and Rachel asks to see him before she leaves. Evan convinces a nervous Amanda that she will do well in the meeting. Donna wants to know who Michael's other woman is and vows to find out if he doesn't tell her. Olivia asks Sam if he wants to work on her portrait. Lucas tells Rachel that he had the goose but didn't know it was the swan in disguise. Lucas asks if Mac put a note in the drawer but she tells him the drawer was empty. Evan guides Amanda in her poise for the meeting and they share a congratulatory hug. Evan goes to his room, leaving Amanda disappointed. Donna packs Michael's things and cries when he leaves. Ada asks Rachel what really happened with Mitch. Mitch pulls out the note that was in the swan. It is addressed to Rachel and says if something happens, contact Ken Jordan, but the phone number is illegible.

NOVEMBER 14, 1989 (EP. #6450)
Donna tells Jake that Michael left her for another woman. When Felicia comes in with his breakfast, Mitch hides the note that Mac wrote to Rachel. Felicia asks if something serious went on between him and Rachel in the shed. Rachel and Cass discuss the swan at his office when Cecile comes downstairs in a peignoir. Frankie tells John and Sharlene she is quitting her job with Lucas. Mitch tells Felicia he called Rachel because he found the red swan. Lucas arrives and wants to speak to Mitch alone. Rachel warns Cass about Cecile but he says he can handle her. When Rachel leaves, Cass tells Cecile she's going to a hotel. Donna is struggling to get things ready for the shoot and wishes she didn't have to work with Iris. As Josie meets the two other girls, Olivia comes in. The two other girls plot to get Josie taken out of the running for the contest. Cass demands to know the whole story of Cecile's return. Before they're ready to start the shoot, Josie can't find her makeup bag. Mitch tells Lucas that Rachel may press charges against him. Lucas says if that happens then Lucas will reveal that Mitch has Mac's note. Rachel arrives as Lucas leaves and asks Mitch what happened. Olivia lets Josie borrow some makeup since she wants to beat Josie fairly. All the girls have their shoots and Olivia seems to be the best. Cecile tells Cass she wasn't happy living in Tanquir and she wants Cass to give her a chance. Sharlene tells John she wants to get married in a church. Mitch tells Rachel not to press charges against Lucas. The two girls leave the shoot and Josie and Olivia congratulate each other on good work. Olivia gets an upsetting letter from Russ. Lucas tells Iris she needs the whole story about the red swan. Frankie enters Cass' office prepared to tell him that Cecile lied about Iris kicking her out. Mitch and Rachel agree not to see each other for a while.

NOVEMBER 15, 1989 (EP. #6451)
Frankie tells Cass that Cecile lied to him about getting kicked out of Iris's house. When Cass doesn't want to throw Cecile out, Frankie gets confused. Caroline arrives, and they all argue over who Cass cares about the most. Cecile tells Cass that if he really wants her to leave, she will. Cass doesn't want to turn his back on her. Vicky asks Jamie if she can see Steven for a little while on Thanksgiving, even though it's Jamie's day with him. After thinking about it, Jamie calls Vicky and tells her she can spend half of Thanksgiving day with Steven. In New York, Amanda and Evan celebrate a deal they made. Amanda starts to get a little tipsy. Amanda calls Sam, only to find that he went for a walk with Olivia. Sam tries to comfort Olivia, depressed because she got a letter from Russ saying that he's married again. Grateful for Sam's help, Olivia impulsively kisses him on the cheek. Meanwhile, a drunken Amanda tells Evan how much she loves being with him. Stacey happy when Jamie tells her the Red Swan has been recovered. Meanwhile, Courtney tells Derek about the Red Swan, and Derek goes looking for Stacey to tell her how happy he is to hear that the Red Swan is back. Stacey and Derek plan a "special" night for tomorrow -- they are finally going to make love.

NOVEMBER 16, 1989 (EP. #6452)
Michael tells Arianne that he is not going to work for them anymore. Later, Michael asks Donna to go to the wedding with him, even though they're separated. Arianne tells Michael that in order for Donna to be safe, he has to make his separation with her public, and the best place to do it is at his brother's wedding. Lucas tells Josie that he'll work with her to become a top model, and give her a makeover. Lucas says he can only work with her tonight, but it's the same night as the wedding rehearsal and dinner. Lucas tells Josie he'll try to change his plans. After Sharlene tells Michael that she doesn't trust Lucas, she overhears a message from Lucas on Josie's answering machine, saying that they have to meet tonight because he couldn't change his plans. Stacey tries to decide what to wear for her "special" night with Derek. When Stacey is dressed and ready to go, Zack tells her that she has to be in court. They hurry out. Kyle arrives at court, telling Stacey that he's taking her to Derek right away, and they leave. Stacey meets with Derek.

NOVEMBER 17, 1989 (EP. #6453)
On the plane, Amanda thanks Evan for not taking advantage of her when she was drunk. Evan says that when they make love, they will both know what they are doing. Amanda rejects Evan's comment. When Sam isn't at the airport, Evan leaves a message for Sam to meet them at the church. Evan suggests that Sam might be with Olivia. Meanwhile, Sam and Mitch discuss the note from the Swan. Sam tells Mitch to check out the phone number, then remembers about Amanda and rushes out. Derek tells Stacey that they have the place all to themselves, then she sees antique clothes laid out for them. The two of them get romantic, when the phone rings. On the other end is Mitch, who's getting discouraged as he tries calling different numbers. Stacey and Derek wonder if they should answer the phone, but by the time they decide, Mitch hangs up. Derek and Stacey both agree that they're ready to make love to each other, as Derek begins to unlace her dress. Lucas hears Rachel tell Captain Delaney that she thinks he knows more than he's admitting. Delaney wants to question Lucas some more. Rachel tells Felicia not to protect Lucas. Rachel is surrounded by reporters who ask her about the Red Swan and Lucas. Mitch sees what's going on and pulls Rachel into the Brava darkroom. Felicia enters the darkroom and Mitch explains that he was saving Rachel from the reporters. Josie catches Sharlene listening to her message from Lucas, then says that she will meet him alone at the loft. Josie tells Sharlene that she'll be late for the rehearsal. An angry Sharlene tells her not to come at all and leaves. Sharlene arrives at the church, and while everyone is talking, Sharlene quietly slips away. Frankie tells the minister that Amanda will take Sharlene's place while she tries to find Josie. John steps out, so Frankie makes Evan stand in for John. As they rehearse, Sam enters and sees Evan and Amanda at the altar. After the minister stops the rehearsal, Amanda tells Sam that she was thinking about him while she was up there. Sam doesn't believe her. Meanwhile, Sharlene looks in on Josie and Lucas. Lucas tries to redo Josie's video, and when she becomes tense, he massages her. Josie realizes the time and rushes out past Sharlene, not seeing her. An angry Sharlene confronts Lucas.

NOVEMBER 20, 1989 (EP. #6454)
Derek and Stacey are aglow after their night together, and kiss passionately. They reflect on their love for each other, then decided to stay at the mansion for a little while longer before facing the real world. Cass tells Frankie that weddings are unlucky for him, but he says he will take her to the wedding. After Frankie leaves, Cecile calls and tells Cass she's in jail. Cass arrives, and when Cass touches the police officer's clothes, Officer Muldoon arrests Cass for assaulting a police officer. Cass and Cecile are both locked in the same jail cell. Sharlene comes home after being gone all night, and explains to John that she fainted after seeing Lucas touching Josie. Sharlene says that Lucas found her and let her sleep on his sofa. Frankie and Evan organize the farm for the wedding. Donna and Michael see each other at the farm, and Michael tells Donna that there is no chance for a reconciliation. Sharlene finds a package of matches from the Pelican Club in her coat pocket, and wonders how they got there. Later, Evan, Donna, Josie and Frankie smile as Sharlene comes down the stairs.

NOVEMBER 21, 1989 (EP. #6455)
During John and Sharlene's wedding, Michael and Donna sneak glances at each other. During the reception, Michael finds out that Mikey was sick, and when he asks Donna, she tells him he's fine and walks away. Later, Donna asks Michael if he still loves her. While Donna tells Jake that she'll have her husband back by the end of the night, Michael calls Arianne. Arianne tells Michael that Donna is still being tailed, so he and Donna have to remain separated. Felicia is upset that Rachel and Mitch were talking about the day Matt marries, and Felicia walks out, with a concerned Lucas following. While Mitch and Rachel discuss the Swan, Felicia tells Lucas that they can only be friends because she loves Mitch. Lucas tells Mitch that if he ever hurts Felicia, he will take her from him. Later, Mitch and Felicia leave together. Sam sees Evan and Amanda share a look, and gets angry with Amanda. Sam tells Amanda that if she goes on another business trip with Evan, it's over between them. Evan places himself in between Sam and Amanda in a picture of the Corys and the Frames. Later, Olivia goes over to Sam, and they leave together. In his appreciation for sitting for him, Sam gives Olivia a beautiful sketch. She embraces him and they look into each other's eyes. During the reception, Vicky tells Jake that Marley probably won't come, and the two of them argue about Marley. Later, Jamie agrees to let Steven be with Vicky for part of Thanksgiving day. Lucas asks Sharlene to dance. As they dance, Lucas tells Sharlene that he was worried about her, because when she left the loft, he didn't think she was in any shape to drive. Sharlene says she never left the loft, and walks away. John finds Sharlene and surprises her with a star that he had named after her. Cass and Cecile are locked up in jail, unable to get in touch with anyone because they're all at John and Sharlene's wedding. Meanwhile, Frankie believes Cass stood her up. Cass tells Cecile that he will never forgive her. Later, after the officer tells them that their bail has been arranged, Cecile wonders what would have happened if she said yes to Cass's marriage proposal. After telling Lucas that she quits, Frankie asks Zack and Ronnie if they talked to Cass. While Frankie catches the bouquet, Cecile kisses Cass and he responds.

NOVEMBER 22, 1989 (EP. #6456)
Olivia thanks Sam for the gift and for being interested in the Fresh Faces contest, both very aware of their physical attraction. Later, Sam tells Amanda that she can't have it both ways -- he will leave if anything happens with Evan. The two of them argue about Evan. Vicky tries to get Jake to face the facts - Marley isn't coming. As Sharlene is about to leave, Marley calls. Jake takes the phone. Meanwhile, Donna tells Michael that their separation must be a test, and tells him to stop it. Michael says it isn't. After trying to question Lucas, Michael tells Donna that he wants out, and Iris and Lucas hear it. Michael storms out as everyone looks at Donna. Donna rushes into the parlor, where Jake is. Donna tells him what happened, and Jake tells Donna that Marley said she never wants to see him again. They leave together. Later, the two of them arrive at the Pelican Club, and they dance together. After telling Bridget about the wedding, Vicky opens a letter - her divorce papers. Meanwhile, Rachel, Jamie, Ada, Sam and Amanda discuss Thanksgiving. Jamie tells Ada that he's letting Vicky have Steven for half the day. Ada asks Jamie to see if Vicky will let him have Steven for the entire day. Evan pays Vicky a visit and tries to cheer her up. Vicky is thankful that she has Steven tomorrow. After Evan leaves, Jamie calls Vicky and tells her that she can't have Steven tomorrow. Iris asks Lucas what went on between him and Felicia. Lucas tells her that there is no one else for him but her and he kisses her. After a moment, Iris responds. After John and Sharlene leave their wedding, they arrive at an elegant hotel in Chicago. Sharlene and John make love.

NOVEMBER 23, 1989: Pre-empted for NFL Football Game.

NOVEMBER 24, 1989 (EP. #6457)
John and Sharlene wish each other a happy Thanksgiving for the first time as husband and wife. While Josie is at the Corys', waiting for the results of the Fresh Faces contest, Sharlene can't help but worry about her. John tells Sharlene that she has to trust Josie to make the right decisions. Sharlene finds herself suddenly thinking about Lucas. Derek and Frankie arrive at Stacey's for dinner and are shocked to see Cass and Cecile already there. Cecile unintentionally tells Frankie that she and Cass kissed last night in jail. Cass explains to Frankie that he might still have some feelings for Cecile. Frankie is upset to hear that Cecile is thinking about staying in Bay City permanently. Later, Derek tells Stacey that he will go to the Bar Association dinner with her, and Stacey looks concerned. Rachel is worried that Thanksgiving isn't going to be the same without Mac. Rachel makes the first dinner toast, and they all remember Mac. Evan shows up at Vicky's and tells her that they're going to spend the day together, but Vicky tells Evan she already has plans. While everyone at the Cory house is preoccupied, Vicky sneaks in, and makes off with a bundled up Steven. Vicky's car stalls and the garage can't help her because of the holiday. Vicky calls Evan, who comes and picks her up, not knowing she has taken Steven. Jamie realizes that Steven is gone. Evan hears Steven in the back of his car and realizes that Vicky has kidnapped him.

NOVEMBER 27, 1989 (EP. #6458)
Vicky and Evan both grab for the steering wheel after Evan says he is taking Steven back to Bay City. Vicky tells Evan to let her and Steven out. Vicky and Evan stop at a restaurant, and Vicky says that she and Steven are never going back to Bay City. Meanwhile, Amanda calls Evan and learns that he never showed up at work. Vicky decides to get a rental car so she can take Steven to Lassiter. Evan tells Vicky that he will drive her to Lassiter. Jamie realizes that Vicky took Steven, and decides to go over to the Hudsons' to find out where Vicky and Steven are. Sam looks for Steven in the studio where Olivia is. Olivia asks Sam about the Fresh Faces contest. Griffen has Olivia perform her dance routine as Sam watches from the doorway. After she finishes, Sam praises her and says that the announcement for the contest winner was moved up a half an hour. Jake goes to see Donna, and the two of them talk about the night before. The two of them argue, and Jake says says their partnership was a mistake. Meanwhile, Arianne tells Michael that he'll bail Lucas out of trouble after the Club seizes the shipment. Michael comes to Donna's apartment to pack up some clothes, and Jamie arrives and tells them that Steven is missing. Neither Michael nor Donna know where Vicky is. Donna blames Jamie for all the trouble. When Michael puts his arm around Donna, she shrugs him off and says she's going to work. Rachel puts the Red Swan away in a closet. Later, Jamie tells Rachel and Ada that Vicky wasn't at the Hudsons. Rachel finds the Red Swan on her desk, but everyone denies having put it there. Lucas tells Iris he will not be at the announcement for the contest winner, and the two of them fight. Lucas meets Griffen at the dance studio, and Griffen tells Lucas about the Club raid. Lucas arrives at the press conference just as it is about to begin.

NOVEMBER 28, 1989 (EP. #6459)
Josie wins the Fresh Faces contest. Olivia is hurt that she didn't win. Sam tells Olivia that Josie won because she acted naturally. Amanda comes in and Olivia leaves. Amanda refuses to believe that Evan had anything to do with Vicky taking Steven. Amanda finds a letter that Evan wrote to her that says he's made a decision. Jamie worries about where Steven is. Bridget tells Jamie that Vicky was planning to see Evan this evening, and asks Jamie to consider how Vicky felt after he said she couldn't have Steven for half the day. Michael tells Arianne that he plans to trip Lucas up so he can get his part in this over. Michael tells Lucas that he knows what Lucas is doing and he wants in. Vicky and Evan worry as the police pull up behind Evan's car. The police just want to make sure they're doing okay during the blizzard. Evan tells Vicky that if she doesn't take Steven back now, she could lose him forever, and she should call her family to let them know that she's okay. Vicky calls Michael at the studio, but refuses to tell him where she is. Michael tells Donna that Vicky called and won't be coming back. Later, Jake tells Donna he will help her look for Vicky. Meanwhile, Vicky and Evan arrive in Lassiter, and Vicky rents a room at a boarding house. Evan decides to spend the night.

NOVEMBER 29, 1989 (EP. #6460)
Lucas comes over to give Josie the lease and keys to her new apartment. Sharlene doesn't like the idea of Josie moving. While Josie and Matt go to check out the apartment, John and Sharlene discuss their concerns about Lucas being a part of Josie's life. At the apartment, Matt is worried that he won't get to see Josie anymore. Josie tells him that this is their place and now they can be together whenever they want. Mitch comes to the Cory house to give Rachel support. Jamie blasts Mitch for having kidnapped Matt, then takes off. Sam then talks to Mitch about Mac's note and Ken Jordan. Mitch pays Lucas a visit to see about the Red Swan, and the two have words about Felicia. Later, Mitch tells Sam that he's heading to Maine to find out about Ken Jordan. Iris tells Amanda that she wants them to work together on Sophisticate. Later, Evan calls Amanda and tells her that he's with Vicky. Evan lets Amanda know that Steven's okay and he'll try to get Vicky to bring him home. Amanda promises Evan not to tell anyone that he called for one day. Later, Amanda tells Jamie that Steven must be okay. Jamie doubts it, if Vicky is hiding him. When Derek reminds Stacey about Bar Association dinner, she tells him they will have to get him a suit. At the store, Derek has trouble at first, but soon picks out a suit that impresses Stacey. Evan tells Vicky that she can't raise Steven on the run - someone will eventually turn her in. A little girl, Tina, bursts into Vicky's room, followed by Dora, her mother. Vicky catches Tina pocket a locket that Jamie gave Vicky, but lets her keep it. While Dora lets Vicky know the pitfalls of raising a child alone, Tina shows the locket to some guy and they notice the inscription, "To Vicky... Love, Jamie." Evan tells Vicky that he called Amanda and told her that Steven is okay. Evan warns Vicky that this won't work, and she tells him this is her last chance to be with Steven.

NOVEMBER 30, 1989 (EP. #6461)
John and Sharlene discuss how John will be working nights at the hospital for a while. They promise to make time for each other. Josie invites Sharlene to see the apartment. Sharlene enters as Lucas tells Josie that her apartment is going to be a showplace, and gets the wrong impression. They clear up the misunderstanding, and Josie, Matt and Lucas leave for a press conference. Sharlene stays to look around and gets disturbed when she sees the bed. Later, Sharlene pays John a visit, but he has to run off to take care of an emergency. Sharlene has a flashback of a man's hand tossing money on a bed and a woman's hand taking the money. At the Brava reception area, Lucas introduces Josie to the reporters and one asks her if the Fresh Faces contest was just a glorified beauty contest. After Josie relaxes, she handles the reporters. Josie and Matt leave as Griffen enters. Lucas tells him that Michael Hudson wants to butt in. Cass invites Frankie to the dinner, and when he tells her it's not a date, she storms out. Cecile then worms her way into going to the dinner with Cass. Later, Frankie goes over to Felicia's to talk about Cass and Felicia tells her that Cecile went with Cass to the party. They agree that Frankie has to look great to get back Cass. Later, at the party, Frankie enters with an extremely handsome man and Cass is not pleased. Cecile is not too happy with Cass's reaction. Reuben and Ronnie talk about Tess, and Ronnie tells Reuben not to be so concerned about money. Later, Reuben interrupts Tess and Marshall and asks her to the opera. When Marshall leaves, she tells Reuben to ask her again when he's not trying to impress Marshall. Reuben then asks John for advice about taking a risk that could change his life. Later, Tess tells Reuben that she won't talk to him until he realizes that money is not important. Stacey and Derek arrive at Tops. Derek is not pleased when Phillip, a lawyer, puts the moves on Stacey. Bev, another lawyer, tells Derek that Stacey and Phillip went on a date. Stacey then introduces Phillip to Derek and he assumes that Derek is a lawyer. Phillip remembers where he saw Derek - in court. Later, Stacey is mad at Derek for the way he acted. Derek tells her she liked the way he acted, then pulls her closer and they begin to make love.

DECEMBER 1, 1989 (EP. #6462)
Cass wonders what Frankie sees in Trevor, the guy she's with. As Frankie and Trevor sit at the bar, Trevor talks about negative vibes and starts chanting. Frankie tries to get him to stop as Cass makes his way over to them. Frankie ushers Trevor to the balcony as Cass approaches, asking to meet him. Frankie denies that she's using Trevor to make Cass jealous, and after Cass says goodbye, Frankie gives Trevor twenty dollars and kisses him. Cass goes home and Cecile is there. After Cecile teases Cass with kisses, Cass grabs her and kisses her passionately. Jake tells Donna that they should look for Vicky right now. Meanwhile, Evan takes care of Steven, when Vicky returns from job hunting. After Evan realizes that Vicky left town without any money, Vicky asks him to stay one more day. Evan says no, and then shows her a newspaper with her picture and a story about her taking Steven. Meanwhile, Jake figures out that Vicky went to Lassiter and vows to find her. Evan gives Vicky a wig, then tells her the life in store if she raises Steven on the run. While Amanda has coffee with Olivia, Evan calls and says he needs more time to get Vicky to bring Steven home. With the help of a list of boarding houses, Jake and Donna get to Vicky's room. Just as they open the door, Vicky, Steven and Evan go out onto the roof. Mitch calls Sam and tells him he finally got a real breakthrough and to meet him at Tops. Felicia and Rachel enter and ask about the breakthrough. Mitch says that he can't tell them right now. Mitch says he can't stay long, and then they talk about the Red Swan. Felicia says that maybe there was something inside that was taken, and Mitch gets uncomfortable. Later, Mitch meets Sam and fills him in. When Mitch tells Sam that this is bigger than the small note he found, Sam thinks they should tell Rachel now. Mitch then gets a phone call from Maine. Mitch tells Sam that it was Hannah Tuttle who called, and she said that Mac got into a violent argument and maybe the note was a warning. Meanwhile, as Rachel leaves Felicia's, an unknown man follows her. Rachel confronts the man following her.

DECEMBER 4, 1989 (EP. #6463)
As Cass and Cecile begin to make love, Frankie and Trevor look into the crystal ball to find out what Cass is up to. Trevor tells Frankie that the problem with Cass is a woman. Felicia tells Frankie that Cecile doesn't love Cass, but is after something else. Later, Cecile calls a banker in Geneva to find out how to cash local checks and deposit it into her account. Frankie enters after Cecile finishes her call, and Cecile hints to Frankie that she and Cass made love. Frankie says she came to break up with Cass, and leaves before speaking to him. Vicky, Evan and Steven hide on the rooftop, while Jake and Donna ask Dora if she's seen Vicky. Dora says the woman in the room was with a man, and looked nothing like Vicky. Vicky hears Donna talking about how much she loves her and will help her run away if that's what she wants. Evan tries to get Vicky to return to Bay City. Michael heads to Tops to push Lucas into letting him join Lucas's organization. Lucas tells Michael he doesn't need a partner. Michael tells Lucas he can help retrieve some of the lost shipment of stolen art, and tries to work out a deal. Rachel discovers that Mrs. Johnson, the lady from the bookstore, is the one following her. In the background, a shadowy male figure watches. Mrs. Johnson refuses to answer Rachel's questions about the Swan's myth. The mystery man begins to come out of the shadows until he sees Mitch coming towards Rachel. Rachel talks about Mac with Mitch. Later, Mitch flashes back to kissing Rachel.

DECEMBER 5, 1989 (EP. #6464)
Felicia tells Mitch to go over to Rachel's because talking to him would be good for her. Right as Mitch tells Rachel that they need to talk about his kidnapping of Matt, they are interrupted by a detective. Later, Rachel tells Cass that she thinks she's being followed. He tells her to hire Frankie to investigate. Meanwhile, Felicia tells Mitch that he got a call from Maine. Mitch is on the phone with a police detective who tells Mitch that he's having trouble turning up any leads on Ken Jordan. Lucas is alone at Josie's when Griffen arrives. Griffen tells Lucas that someone must have tipped off the police about the shipment and, and he thinks it's Frankie. Lucas tells Griffen not to worry about Frankie, and he and Griffen leave as Josie and Matt enter. Matt isn't pleased that Lucas can just let himself in whenever he likes. Sharlene and Frankie discuss Lucas, and Sharlene tells Frankie that Lucas was a very good customer of hers when she was a prostitute. Frankie suggests that Sharlene speak to Lucas. Sharlene goes over to Josie's, and the two of them argue about Lucas's role in Josie's life. Josie says it's just business, but if it were more, there would be nothing that Sharlene could do about it. Cecile gives Cass the money he won from her bet that they wouldn't end up sleeping together. Cass objects at first when Cecile says how wonderful living together will be, but Cecile says it was meant to be. When Cass tells Felicia that he's back with Cecile, she calls him out, saying he's coward for staying with Cecile rather than taking a chance and falling in love with Frankie. Later, Cass visits Frankie and she slams the door in his face.

DECEMBER 6, 1989 (EP. #6465)
Amanda is upset with Iris for scheduling the budget meeting for a time when Rachel and Evan wouldn't be there. Amanda wants to talk to Sam about what Iris did, but he says that he's busy right now. Later, Amanda looks at a letter Evan wrote, telling her that he loves her. Michael meets Lucas at Tops. Lucas turns down a deal about the lost shipment, but says he's thinking of taking a partner. Lucas talks about the Vicky and Steven situation, then mentions the daughter he had with Felicia and how he's looking for her. Michael tells Arianne that if they found Lucas's daughter, they could have a hold over him. Olivia interrupts while Josie and Sharlene argue about Lucas. After Sharlene leaves, Josie asks Olivia if she wants to move in with her. Olivia says she'll think about it, then goes to ask Sam for advice. While Sam speaks to Caroline, Liz enters and butts heads with Olivia. After Liz storms out, Olivia asks Sam to help her move and he says yes. Meanwhile, Lucas takes Josie to lunch and advises her to include Sharlene in her life. Iris and Sharlene spot Josie with Lucas, and when Sharlene sees Lucas's arm on the back of the booth, she thinks it's around Josie. Jake and Donna enter a bar, and Jake recognizes Ty, the bartender. As they talk, Hank, a grubby guy, tries to sell Vicky's locket to Donna, who doesn't bother looking at it. Meanwhile, Vicky tells Evan that she has a lead on a job at a bar, and Evan says that he'll check it out first. Jake tells Ty to call him if he sees Vicky. As Donna and Jake exit, Hank blocks them and dangles the locket in front of them, which Jake recognizes as Vicky's. Jake asks Hank to play pool, then tells Donna that the locket is Vicky's. Donna shows Hank a photo of Vicky and asks if he's seen her. While Vicky puts on her disguise in order to apply for the job, Donna spots Evan enter the bar. Evan comes up with a cover story about Vicky stealing his car, and they offer him a ride to Bay City. As Jake asks Evan if he's ready to go, Vicky walks in.

DECEMBER 7, 1989 (EP. #6466)
Evan sees Vicky enter the bar in her disguise, and talks loud enough to get her attention, so she can see that he's with Donna and Jake. After Donna and Jake leave the bar, Evan tells Vicky that he's going back to Bay City with them. Vicky and Evan say goodbye, then a nervous Vicky starts her new job. Ty learns that Vicky has a son, and fires her. Meanwhile, Jake agrees to take Donna to the Fantasy Ball. Amanda accidentally tells Jamie that Vicky didn't take Steven out of the country, and tries to cover. Later, Jamie overhears Amanda yelling at Evan for not bringing Steven back. Evan suggests that Jamie consider why Vicky took Steven. Jamie tells Amanda that he'll never forgive her for not telling her that Evan was with Vicky. After Evan tells Amanda that there's another side to Vicky that she's never seen, Amanda shows Evan the letter that he wrote to her. Cecile hires Fiona to impersonate her at the Ball so that she can make a getaway. Frankie enters as Cecile gives Fiona instructions. Frankie finds Cecile's airline ticket, and runs into Cass on her way out. Frankie tells Cass that she hopes he and Cecile are happy together. Meanwhile, Cecile is up to something. Rachel dreams about a man in a tuxedo, but wakes up before she can see his face. Rachel tells Amanda about the dream, and Amanda gives Rachel a large box she found downstairs. After Amanda leaves, Rachel opens the box and finds the gown from her dream. Jamie tells Rachel that he didn't send her the dress. Mrs. Johnson tells a man that she sent the dress to Rachel.

DECEMBER 8, 1989 (EP. #6467)
Dora feels Steven's head and tells Vicky that he's very hot. Dora tells Vicky that she shouldn't deny Steven a life with his father. Vicky is frantic when Steven's fever goes way up and Dora tells her that the clinic is closed. Evan yells at Amanda for reading the letter. Amanda demands to know what Evan was going to say at the end of the letter. Evan tells Amanda that he needed to get away. Amanda tells Sam that she has known Evan was with Vicky for a few days. Sam is furious that Amanda didn't tell him. Griffen tells Lucas that "they" want the money. Lucas asks Griffen where he should get it. Griffen tells him to marry money. Sharlene is not pleased with the dress that Lucas picked out for Josie. Josie is enjoying being in the spotlight at first, until she overhears Suzy say that she's wearing too much make-up and gets upset. Josie tries to leave, but Lucas stops her and asks her for a dance. Cecile tells her banker that she'll be there in the morning. Frankie sneaks into the law office and reads a memo about the memorial fund. Cecile catches Frankie going through the desk. Frankie tells Cecile that she knows that she plans to take off with the memorial fund money, and says she will only keep quiet if Cecile leaves the money alone. Cass questions Cecile about the two identical gowns for the Ball, and Cecile tries to cover. Fiona comes, and Cecile gives her the dress and tells her to do her hair like Cecile's. Iris gives Cecile the money that they raised, and Cass offers to go help Cecile put it someplace safe. Cecile says she'll do it by herself. Cass mistakes Fiona for Cecile, then asks who she is. Ada tells Rachel that a middle-aged woman delivered the dress. Rachel tells Ada and Jamie that someone has been following her. Meanwhile, Mrs. Johnson gives the mystery man an invitation to the Ball. At the Ball, a waiter tells Rachel that a man is looking for her on the terrace. When she gets there, no one's there, confusing her. Jamie tells Mitch that someone is following Rachel. Mitch tells Rachel that they must find Mrs. Johnson. Felicia watches Mitch and Rachel, then asks Lucas to dance with her. Rachel takes her dance card and runs off when the first dance is with "M. Cory." Mitch goes after Rachel.

DECEMBER 11, 1989 (EP. #6468)
Cass mistakes Fiona for Cecile, and then runs off to find Cecile, nearly running Frankie down. At the law office, Cecile gets her bags, pleased that her plan is working. On her way out, she bumps into Cass. Cecile tells Cass that she wants him to come with her, and that they need the money to make a new life together. Cass tells Cecile he expects her to present the check to Rachel at the Ball, or else. At the Ball, Cass stalls when he doesn't see Cecile. At the last minute, Cecile enters and turns the check over to Amanda. Lucas sees Frankie walk away right as Griffen moves towards her. Lucas tells Griffen to stay away from Frankie. Griffen introduces himself to Frankie and leads her to the dance floor. Lucas cuts in and warns Frankie about Griffen, saying that he's a lady-killer. Jake and Donna arrive at the Ball. Donna is surprised when Michael comes to the party alone. Donna is furious with Michael when he says that he is meeting the other woman at the party later. Arianne and Michael arrange to meet at the Pelican in an hour. Donna wants Jake to go and see what the other woman looks like. Vicky has no car to get her to the doctor in Coalville. Meanwhile, Evan flies to Lassiter. Dora tells Vicky to call Steven's father. Vicky gets no answer when she calls Jamie. After Dora searches for someone with a car, Evan walks in. Evan feels Steven's head and realizes that he has no fever. Vicky realizes that it doesn't matter who Steven is with, and Evan tells Vicky she can go home quickly, if she wants. As Donna tells Jamie that they will continue to search for Vicky, Vicky enters the party. Josie asks Lucas to help her become the number one model in the country. Sharlene sees Lucas touching Josie's cheek and misinterprets it. Rachel runs out and drops the dance card. Mitch picks it up, and Matt tells him that the "M" in "M. Cory" was for him, not Mac. Mitch runs off after Rachel. Mitch catches up with Rachel, and they talk. Mitch tells Rachel that he knows she will love someone again. Mitch and Rachel go to the mansion, then they draw close and kiss.

DECEMBER 12, 1989 (EP. #6469)
Vicky brings Steven back and asks Jamie to forgive her. Jamie tells Vicky that she forfeited any right to call herself Steven's mother. Later, Vicky tells Donna that she thinks Jamie is going to understand and forgive her. Meanwhile, Jamie tells Rachel that in the morning, he is going to press charges against Vicky for kidnapping. Sharlene misunderstands when Josie tells Lucas she's all his. Later, Sharlene puts on make-up and lowers her neckline. Sharlene confronts Lucas and tells him that they have business to discuss, and Lucas tells her that he has no interest in Josie except for making her a top model. Sharlene leaves Lucas's table when the people he's meeting show up. Michael offers to take her home, and as they leave, Sharlene tells Lucas to look out because she's going to get him. Frankie tells Felicia that it's time to cut her losses, now that Cass is off with Cecile. Meanwhile, Cecile and Cass say goodbye at the airport, and Cecile tells Cass that it didn't work because he loves Frankie. Later, Cass comes to see an upset Frankie at her apartment. Frankie tells Cass that it's over, but he says that he's not giving up. Rachel pulls away from Mitch's kiss, saying that she can't do it. Mitch tells Rachel that maybe he never stopped loving her, and when he touched her, she wanted him to. Meanwhile, Felicia tells Frankie that she thinks Mitch is with Rachel and she is through playing the understanding wife. Later, after Mitch returns home, Felicia tells Mitch that he has to make a choice between her and Rachel, and that she's in no mood to talk tonight. Felicia tells Mitch to empty his pockets so she can have his tux cleaned, and he pulls out Rachel's dance card. The last name on the card is Ken Jordan.

DECEMBER 13, 1989 (EP. #6470)
Felicia asks Mitch if they still have a marriage or not. When Rachel calls Mitch, Felicia tells Mitch to go see her, but to decide between them before coming back home. Rachel tells Mitch he needs to talk to Sam about Amanda. Mitch and Sam end up talking about Rachel's dance card. Rachel hears Sam tell Mitch to stop trying to be everyone's savior and wants to know what he means. Meanwhile, Lucas visits Felicia, who tells him about Mitch and Rachel. Lucas tells Felicia that he never should have let her go. Vicky tells Donna that she was brought down to the police station and that it's up to Jamie to drop the kidnapping charges. Donna tells Vicky that if Jamie doesn't drop the charges, they'll get her a lawyer. After speaking to Dora, Vicky tells Donna and Evan that she needs to speak to Jamie. Vicky tries to talk to Jamie, but he says he can't believe her anymore. Michael comes to Lucas's apartment and asks if he got his shipment back. Lucas asks Michael why he's getting into this. Michael says it's for the cash. Lucas wants to know where Michael gets his information. Sam tells Amanda that he needs to talk to her alone. Sam tells Amanda that he thinks that Evan is more important to her than he is, and she can't have it both ways. Amanda leaves, and Sam tells her they can't resolve anything if she keeps walking out. At the office, Amanda tells Evan to stay out of her life. Later, a furious Sam finds the note that Evan wrote to Amanda about her getting under his skin.

DECEMBER 14, 1989 (EP. #6471)
Cass calls Frankie, right as she fills Sharlene on how she threw Cass out. Cass asks Derek to convince Frankie to talk to Cass. While Derek talks to Frankie about Cass, Stacey offers Cass some advice about Frankie. Later, Cass comes by, and Frankie refuses to speak to him. Cass vows that he will not give up. Iris and Lucas are talking when Richard Mallory, notorious takeover specialist, comes to see Iris. Iris tells Lucas it's personal, and Lucas leaves. Richard suggests that they meet up with Rachel. Later, Iris asks Rachel if she would like to join her and Richard Mallory at Tops for drinks, but she refuses. Matt, Josie and Reuben help Olivia move in. Olivia is disappointed when Matt says that Sam won't be coming to help. As Amanda and Evan decorate the office, Sam enters and slugs Evan in the jaw. Amanda is unable to break up their fight, and Sam leaves when Rachel tells them to stop. Rachel demands to speak to Amanda and Evan, but Amanda leaves to go after Sam. Sam arrives to help Olivia. Meanwhile, Evan follows Amanda home and tells her to stop denying that she loves him. Evan tells Amanda that Olivia has the hots for Sam. After Evan leaves, Amanda calls home and finds out that Sam is with Olivia. Olivia tries to comfort Sam.

DECEMBER 15, 1989 (EP. #6472)
Lucas sees Griffen with Frankie. As Cass tries to get Frankie to listen to him, Griffen takes it all in. Lucas sees Griffen and warns him to leave Frankie alone. Cass follows Frankie into the steam room, and kisses Frankie. Frankie tells Cass that she wants a future with him but that he's not ready for a future with her, and she doesn't want to see him until he is. Later, someone locks Frankie in the steam room. Sam and Olivia hug as Josie looks on. Olivia tells Josie not tell Amanda about her and Sam. Meanwhile, Amanda cries over the confrontation between Evan and Sam. Sam storms into their room at the mansion and announces that he's leaving. Amanda tells Sam that Olivia is also to blame for their problems, not just Evan. Sam says Olivia never tried to break them up, and then walks out. Amanda cries, but then stops when Evan touches her. Matt tries to put everyone in the holiday mood. Mitch arrives at the mansion and gives Rachel a gift, which she says she can't accept. Iris calls and asks Rachel to join her and Richard. Rachel leaves to have dinner with Iris and Richard, and Mitch leaves the gift on the table. At dinner, Iris leaves Richard and Rachel to talk. Rachel sees Mitch step off of the elevator. When Iris tIris tells Mitch she needs to speak with him, he shows her Rachel's dance card. Iris says there was no Ken Jordan at the Ball. Rachel leaves Tops, and someone follows her. Rachel tries to run away from the mystery man.

DECEMBER 18, 1989 (EP. #6473)
As Frankie gasps for air, Lucas opens the door and she falls into his arms. Lucas helps Frankie to her apartment, and sees that his place is very visible from hers. Frankie says that she was spying on him when she moved in, but she knows he's not the bad guy everyone makes him out to be. As Lucas is about to leave, Cass comes over to Frankie's. Vicky asks Jamie if he's still planning on sending her to jail. Vicky tells Jamie that Steven will be the one who suffers if Jamie keeps her away from him. Amanda tells Evan that Sam has left her, just like Evan wanted, and that she will never give up on Sam. Evan tells Amanda that Sam isn't what she needs anymore, and she asks him to leave. When Caroline tells Mitch she saw Rachel walking outside as she pulled into Tops, Sam tells Mitch to go look for her. Meanwhile, Rachel hears a car coming as she runs. The headlights blind her, then the car screeches. Rachel collapses unconscious onto the floor. While Mitch and Sam talk about Rachel, the mystery man picks Rachel up and carries her off, putting her onto a gurney in the ER. Ronnie notices Rachel and pages Jamie. Mitch gets a call that Rachel was in an accident and is in the hospital, and he and Sam head for the hospital.

DECEMBER 19, 1989 (EP. #6474)
Sharlene tells John that she is going to take the night job, and John approves. Ronnie suggests that she work at the Pelican Club. Josie tells Sharlene that she's going on tour with Lucas, and shows her the pictures that Lucas took the night of the rehearsal dinner. Sharlene abruptly leaves, and heads for the Pelican Club. Henry hires her on the spot. Amanda tries to talk to Sam, but he leaves. Ada comes over and gives Amanda some advice and support. Sam tells Olivia that he moved out, and they talk about Amanda and Evan as she helps him put up sketches. Olivia drops one and Sam moves closer to her to catch it, right as Matt walks in. Matt confronts Olivia about Sam and she tells him there is nothing going on between them. Matt apologizes, but Olivia storms out. Olivia calls out Josie for telling Matt that she has a thing for Sam. Rachel tells Sam, Amanda, Matt and Ada that she doesn't know who brought her to the hospital last night. Rachel fills Mitch in about being followed, and Felicia walks in as Mitch is holding Rachel's hand. Felicia tells Rachel that a woman wanted to see her, but she doesn't know who. Felicia leaves, followed by Mitch. Mitch asks Felicia about Ken Jordan, then Felicia says how upset she is that Mitch is falling in love with Rachel again. Mrs. Johnson comes in to see Rachel and gives her a book on the myth of the Red Swan. Rachel has a dream about the Red Swan, where someone tells her to go back to the beginning. Rachel tells Mitch she's figured out the meaning of the Red Swan - she has to she has to go back to the beginning, because all she had in the beginning was herself. Mitch says that he was there at the beginning, and that her beginning is his too.

DECEMBER 20, 1989 (EP. #6475)
Olivia, upset with Josie for telling Matt that she has a thing for Sam, says that she's moving out. Sharlene comes by while Olivia packs, and Josie tries to cover. After Sharlene leaves, Josie convinces Olivia to stay. Josie goes to meet Lucas, and Olivia picks up Josie's pictures, and then starts to come up with a plan. While Michael and Vicky discuss whether Jamie will press charges, Jamie talks about it with Stacey. Jamie is torn -- he wants to punish Vicky, but he doesn't know how he'll ever explain to Steven that he sent his mother to jail. Dora and Tina come to see Vick, who asks them to move in with her. Dora tells Vicky that if she wants to help, she should start a day care center in Lassiter. Jamie stops by, and learns all about Vicky's decision to return Steven home when his fever broke. Jamie tells Vicky that he won't press charges, after hearing about the day care center. After Dora and Tina leave, Vicky opens the present they gave her - a Madonna. Vicky is moved. Michael comes to the Pelican Club to see Sharlene, and says that could help each other regarding Lucas is concerned. Sharlene mentions her relationship with him, and tells Michael that Lucas was one of her regular customers. Michael asks Sharlene to be friendly with Lucas to find out what his deal is. Derek comes in and Stacey apologizes for not showing up to their date at the Pelican Club. Derek makes a remark about her and Jamie, and the two of them have an argument. Derek leaves. Later, Jamie asks about her date with Derek, and she tells him that things have changed.

DECEMBER 21, 1989 (EP. #6476)
Sam's daydream about Amanda is interrupted by a visit from Olivia. While Sam shows Olivia some of his work, Evan pays Amanda a visit and tells her that she's avoiding the inevitable between her and Sam. Amanda goes to Sam's loft and is shocked to see Olivia at Sam's loft. After Olivia leaves, Amanda tells Sam that she misses him and wants him back. Sam tells her that they can't pretend everything's okay, when she has yet to straighten out her feelings. Vicky tries to convince Jake that Evan is just a friend to her. Evan surprises Vicky with a Christmas tree decorated with candy bars, which cheers a depressed Vicky up. Felicia calls Frankie and asks her to keep an eye on Tops while the security guards are off - unbeknownst to Frankie, this is one of Cass's plans. Frankie gives Lucas a gift for saving her life. Griffen walks in on Frankie snooping around in Lucas's apartment. After Frankie leaves, Griffen follows her. Frankie panics when she hears somebody at Tops while she is alone.

DECEMBER 22, 1989 (EP. #6477)
Sharlene is upset when she finds out she has to wear a short dress for her job at the Pelican Club. John convinces Sharlene that she doesn't look cheap. Before she heads to the Pelican Club, Sharlene looks at herself in the mirror and starts to like what she sees. Donna is surprised to see Michael at Vicky's apartment. Vicky tells Donna that Michael isn't in love with another woman, and Jake defends Donna to Vicky. Later, after taking Mikey to see Santa Claus, Jake and Donna wish each other a Merry Christmas. Jake leans to kiss her, hesitates, and kisses her on the cheek instead. Frankie discovers that she's alone at Tops with Cass, and refuses to spend Christmas Eve with him. Cass convinces Frankie to stay with him and have a good time. After Cass gets a visit from "Cass Past" and "Cass Future," Frankie and Cass continue to celebrate the holiday together. Rachel tries to explain to Jamie why Vicky took Steven. Rachel calls Vicky from her hospital bed. Vicky says that she can't talk to her about Steven on Christmas Eve and hangs up on Rachel. Jamie calls Vicky and says he needs to see her. After he leaves, a mystery man opens the door to Rachel's hospital room. Rachel wakes up and sees a Christmas tree beside her bed, and the card doesn't have a name on it. Jamie brings Steven to Vicky and says that he will pick him up tomorrow night. Vicky is overjoyed.

DECEMBER 25, 1989 (EP. #6478)
Amanda is disappointed that Sam hasn't called her. Amanda rushes to answer the doorbell to find Evan standing in the hallway. Later, Sam walks in while Evan and Amanda sit on the stairs playing with Alli. Evan overhears Amanda tell Sam that she will quit her job if he wants her to. When Evan tries to discuss the matter with Amanda, she blows past by him. Jamie asks Stacey to stay for dinner, but she says she has to take care of something. Meanwhile, Derek looks for Stacey, and runs into her while looking for a Christmas tree. Derek, Stacey and Kyle decide to spend Christmas together. Sharlene arrives at the hospital to spend Christmas with John. John tells Sharlene that he couldn't get in touch with her when he tried to call, and asks where she was. Sharlene explains that she was probably sleeping when John tried to call her. Rachel checks out of the hospital. Right as she leaves, there's another call for her, leaving no message. Rachel arrives home and greets everyone. Meanwhile, Mitch gives Felicia a watch, with an engraving that reads, "Love, Forever... Mitch." Felicia takes issue with Mitch's choice of words on the engraving. During their conversation, Matt calls, and Mitch and Felicia decide to go to the Corys' to see him. Mitch comforts Rachel as she is flooded with memories of Mac. The residents of Bay City sing "O Come, All Ye Faithful."

DECEMBER 26, 1989 (EP. #6479)
Rachel tells her family that she is leaving Cory Publishing and is thinking about moving away from Bay City, but that the leave is only temporary. Rachel says that Iris will act as CEO, with Amanda running Sophisticate. Mitch asks Rachel if she's leaving because of him. Rachel tells him she needs to depend on herself. Rachel finds a card under the Christmas tree, which says that hard to find items can be found at the Odyssey shop. Mitch says Rachel shouldn't be alone, but Rachel says she's fine, and tells him to go home to his wife. After telling her family not to be so dependent on her, Rachel puts the card about the Odyssey shop in her pocket. Later, Felicia tells Mitch that the sooner he realizes he's "left" her, the sooner they can get on with their lives, with or without each other. Iris tells Evan if he helps her, she can assure him a lot of uninterrupted time with Amanda. Sam tells Amanda that he doesn't want her to give up her job to be with him -- he wants her to be able to work with Evan and leave him at the office. Amanda tells Iris that she will run Sophisticate and keep her family happy. Vicky brings Steven to see Jamie at the hospital, so that Steven can spend his first Christmas with both his parents. Jamie thanks Vicky, and tells her that they'll have joint custody of Steven. Evan and Vicky celebrate her getting joint custody of Steven, and Vicky tells Evan that she wants a job at Sophisticate. Evan tells Vicky that Amanda is everything he and Vicky aren't, and tells her he wants her in his life, but only as a friend. Cass tells Frankie he wants to make love to her, and Frankie tells Cass she wants to be with him. A nervous Cass tells Frankie he has to go see Felicia, and Frankie says she will wait upstairs for him to return. Cass interrupts Felicia as she tries to talk to Mitch, who leaves. Cass tells Felicia that he slept with Cecile and didn't tell Frankie. Felicia advises Cass to tell Frankie the truth. Meanwhile, Caroline walks in on Frankie and tells her all about Cass sleeping with Cecile. Cass walks in and Frankie demands to know the truth.

DECEMBER 27, 1989 (EP. #6480)
Jamie is surprised when Stacey brings Derek over for drinks. Derek feels awkward at Jamie's, and walks out. Stacey and Jamie discuss Stacey's problems with Derek, and Derek returns with Vicky and Steven in tow. Derek and Stacey head to the Pelican. Later, Derek tells Stacey he's glad he went with her to Jamie's, and they head for Derek's apartment. Vicky tells Jamie that she is upset because her parents' lives seem to be falling apart. Vicky decides that she must tell them how she feels about what's happening. Frankie calls Cass a liar and tries to kick him out. Cass tries to explain why he slept with Cecile, but Frankie says deserves someone better than Cass. Later, at the Pelican Club, Griffen joins Frankie and tries to console her. Arianne and Michael set up an attempt on Michael's life, using real ammo. Michael and Lucas set up a meeting at the Pelican Club. Michael makes preparations for the hit, telling Lacey that when Michael looks at his watch, Lacey should shoot him. Donna shows up at Michael's and finds him with Arianne, and says she's filing for divorce. Later, Michael heads to the Pelican for his meeting with Lucas, and the two try to cut a deal. Lacey enters, and gets the go-ahead from Arianne to carry out the hit. Michael looks at his watch to give Lacey the cue, and Frankie spots Lacey heading towards Michael. Frankie calls out to Michael, who turns around as a shot is heard.

DECEMBER 28, 1989 (EP. #6481)
Josie prepares for her interview with Christopher York. Josie tells Olivia she will be doing a lingerie shoot, and asks her to pick up the outfit at the farm so Sharlene won't see it. During the interview, things aren't going well, so Josie flirts with Christopher. Meanwhile, Olivia picks up Josie's outfit and shows it to Sharlene. Later, Josie tells Olivia that she invited Christopher to the Sophisticate party. Michael is shot in the chest, and gets taken to the hospital. Lucas tells Griffen he is going to find out what happened. Frankie tells Donna that Michael's been shot, and Donna and Jake head to the hospital. Dr. Grey, who was at the club when Michael was shot, wheels Michael into the hospital. Once inside, Arianne is in the room with Michael, who sits up and says their plan worked. While Michael's "injury" gets treated, Donna is about to go in and see him, until she sees Arianne come out of the ICU. Donna tells Jake that Michael almost died and he wanted Arianne. When Dr. Grey tells Donna she can see Michael, she doesn't go in. Meanwhile, Lucas tells Griffen that he won't trust Michael until he can talk to him. Vicky blasts Michael and tells him Donna saw Arianne. Michael asks Vicky to stand by him, and Vicky tells him she never wants to see him again. After Vicky leaves, Michael throws some papers across the room. He looks up and sees Lucas standing in the doorway.

DECEMBER 29, 1989 (EP. #6482)
Olivia comes to see Sam and tells him that the only place she wants to be tonight is with him. Olivia tells Sam that Josie started a rumor about them, and that maybe she should leave. Sam tells her to stay, and the two of them play around with paint and a spray gun. Sam says that this is not such a bad New Year's Eve after all, and wishes Olivia a Happy New Year. Lucas and Iris discuss Amanda being made publisher of Sophisticate. Later, Michael tells Iris that Lucas is just using her. Iris then tells Lucas that Amanda won't be sharing the limelight with her on Sophisticate because she won't let Amanda run it into the ground, and Amanda overhears. After Amanda confronts Iris, Evan prompts Amanda to make Iris introduce her as the publisher of Sophisticate. Amanda tells Evan that she might have let Iris ace her out if Evan hadn't been there. Evan kisses Amanda, and she pushes him away and runs out. Rachel tells Matt that she has decided to leave on her trip tomorrow. After Matt leaves, Rachel talks about her leaving with Ada, who says that she can't give Rachel her blessing about her leaving. After talking with each other, Ada tells Rachel that she understands why she is going away and that she is proud of her. Meanwhile, someone begins to write Rachel a letter and then crumples it up. Sharlene confronts Josie about the way she is dressed tonight, and Josie tells Sharlene that with the way she is dressed, she has no right to comment on her clothes. While Sharlene tends to Michael, who's had too much to drink, Matt asks Josie to leave the party because he needs to speak to her. Josie refuses, so Matt walks out. Moments later, Josie follows after him. Matt and Josie arrive at her apartment. They argue a little and then make up. The two are kissing passionately, oblivious that the year is ending. Donna goes to the loft to meet Jake, who isn't there. Instead, Jake's left a note and a video of him wishing Donna a happy New Year. As Donna listens to the tape Jake made, it goes silent. Donna then looks behind her and sees Jake holding a bottle of champagne. Jake offers Donna some comforting words about, and wishes her a Happy New Year. Jake kisses Donna, and as they embrace, their kiss grows passionate.