JANUARY 1, 1990: Pre-empted for the Hall of Fame Bowl.

JANUARY 2, 1990 (EP. #6483)
Evan tells Amanda that he isn't going to pressure her into making a decision anymore. Amanda tells Sam how much she loves him. Caroline interrupts and tells Sam that the Fogel Gallery in New York wants his show, but they have to leave tonight. Sam is worried about leaving for New York, but Amanda assures him everything will be okay. After having a few awkward moments, Jake tells Donna that he wants to talk about what happened last night between them. Donna says that the kiss didn't mean anything to her. Later, Donna tells Felicia that she wants a divorce from Michael. Jamie and Ada are concerned about Rachel going on this trip of hers. Rachel tells Jamie and Ada that she hopes she finds out what the Red Swan means by the time she gets back. Sam explains to Mitch that he should tell Rachel about Ken Jordan. Mitch tries to convince Rachel that it's dangerous for her to leave right now when Mrs. Johnson enters and tells Rachel that she'll find what she's looking for when she goes away. Rachel tells Mitch that she can no longer depend on him, and leaves. Mrs. Johnson tells the mystery man that Rachel is leaving home. He lifts his champagne glass to a toast.

JANUARY 3, 1990 (EP. #6484)
Evan and Vicky discuss her working at Sophisticate, and Evan asks if she's out to get Amanda. Iris tells Vicky she has the job. Meanwhile, Sam tells Amanda that he's going to New York, and the two of them talk about working things out when he returns. Sam tells Olivia about New York, and she tries to cover her disappointment. Iris and Amanda lock horns over Vicky, and when Evan backs Iris up, Amanda gets upset. Amanda tells Evan about Sam going to New York, and her concerns. Meanwhile, Sam tells Olivia that when he returns from New York, he's going to work things out with Amanda. Later, Olivia says she and Sam could get together when she's in New York, but Sam shoots her down. As Sam and Amanda kiss, Evan calls with an emergency for Sophisticate. Sam tells Amanda that she'd better take care of it. As Rachel drives, she realizes she's being followed. Rachel gets a flat tire, and car behind her stops. A man gets out and walks towards her car - Ben, the Cory chauffeur, sent by Ada. As Rachel writes a job interview appointment into her day planner, a card falls out that says "anything your heart desires." Michael comes over John and Sharlene's to thank Sharlene for helping him on New Year's Eve. John says that Sharlene never told him about it, and Michael explains what happened. Michael says John has a terrific wife and John tells Michael that he does, too. Michael says he has no wife and tells John to get off his back. When Sharlene's car's transmission dies, John asks Michael if he could give Sharlene a ride. Josie and Lucas come to the farm, and Sharlene is not happy to see them so close. Later, Michael asks Sharlene to become close friends with Lucas to find out the dirt on him.

JANUARY 4, 1990 (EP. #6485)
Cass shows up at the video loft. After kicking Jake out, Donna asks Cass to represent her in the divorce. Jake sees Donna crying and asks if she'll be all right while he's out. Donna says she'll be fine, then breaks down while thinking back to her anniversary with Michael. Jake pays Michael a visit and tells Michael that Donna is seeing a lawyer. Later, Jake busts Donna as she reads his little black book. Donna starts to fill out the divorce papers. Pasham tells Frankie that there is a man in her future with the initials "C.W." Frankie tells Pasham that she and Cass are all wrong for each other. Pasham tells Frankie he's seen the future, and as he is about to tell her, Cass arrives, disguised as a window washer. Cass eavesdrops on Frankie and Pasham, and reveals himself. Cass apologizes, and then Griffen calls and invites Frankie to dinner. rankie agrees to meet Griffen, and leaves a disappointed Cass. Later, Frankie and Griffen dance as Cass comes over to them and asks if he can cut in. Michael convinces Sharlene/Sharly to meet up with Lucas so he might open up to her. Michael calls Arianne and tells her he'll be taping his conversation with Lucas at the Pelican Club. Meanwhile, John and Lucas argue about Josie. John overhears Lucas tell Josie that she'll have to flaunt her sexuality to sell the Sophisticate Girl. Lucas shows up at the office, and Michael calls Lucas and demands to meet with him at the Pelican. Josie and Lucas leave. John tells Iris what Lucas told Josie about flaunting her sexuality, and Iris promises to keep an eye on Josie. Lucas and Josie see Sharlene/Sharly at the bar, and Lucas sends Josie home. Lucas tells Michael to lay low, and then they'll talk business. Lucas leaves, and Michael tells Sharlene/Sharly to find out whatever she can. Sharlene/Sharly joins Lucas at the bar. John walks into the Pelican Club and sees Lucas and Sharlene/Sharly laugh, and then sees Lucas puts his hand around her.

JANUARY 5, 1990 (EP. #6486)
Iris visits Rachel's motel room to have Rachel sign some papers. Iris tells Rachel that the first issue of Sophisticate went off smoothly. Meanwhile, Amanda and Evan try to put together the first issue, and Amanda shoots down Vicky's offer to help. Mitch's evening out with Felicia is cut short when he gets a phone call about the Sophisticate mess. Meanwhile, Iris agrees to put Vicky's story in place of the missing article, and Vicky offers to keep an eye on Amanda when Iris goes to New York. Iris calls a friend to get Rachel a job, in order to her away from Cory. Iris leaves Rachel's address on her desk when she sends Rachel flowers, and after Iris leaves, Mitch writes down the address. Iris talks Amanda into writing Vicky's story. Later, Mitch arrives at Rachel's motel. At the Pelican Club, Cass cuts in on Griffen and Frankie's dance, and tells Frankie to dump Griffen. Frankie tells Cass he has a lot of nerve. Cass tries to talk to Frankie about her feelings, but she tells Griffen that she's leaving. Griffen takes a rain check for another date. John asks Sharlene what she is doing at the Pelican Club, and why she was so friendly with Lucas. Sharlene covers and says she was doing it to keep an eye on Josie. Later, Sharlene goes into the kitchen and is fixated at the light, and John gives her a box that was on the porch. After John goes upstairs, Sharlene opens the box and pulls out a fur. Frankie comes by and asks who sent it to her. Sharlene says she thinks it's from Lucas. Frankie finds out that the fur was paid for with Sharlene's credit card. Felicia talks to Lucas about Mitch's early exit. Lucas says he has to go check on Sophisticate, but soon Felicia overhears him on the phone, talking about a shipment. As Lucas starts to leave, Felicia talks to Cass about Lucas's lie. Cass warns Felicia about Lucas, and Felicia follows him to the warehouse. When Felicia enters, she gasps in shock.

JANUARY 8, 1990 (EP. #6487)
Evan watches Amanda change, and fantasizes about running in and kissing her. Instead, he shuts the door as Vicky enters. Amanda and Vicky try to do the article, but they keep going at it. Amanda convinces Vicky that they have to do the article. Evan tells Vicky and Amanda that he needs to talk to Amanda, so Vicky leaves to get them food. As Evan is massaging Amanda's shoulders, Vicky enters. Vicky leaves the food and slips out before they see her. Derek surprises Stacey as she works, but she tells him she's working all night and they'll have to make their date another time. Derek leaves. Later, Stacey tries to call Derek, but there's no answer. Jamie arrives, and the two of them have wine and talk. Jamie asks if she's thought about having another baby, and Stacey says she hasn't met anyone she'd like to have one with. Felicia asks Lucas what he is mixed up in, then opens a box and sees children's clothing and toys. Lucas says it's for two orphanages and doing this makes him feel closer to their daughter. Felicia wants to make public of what Lucas is doing but he refuses. Derek shows up and Lucas suggests a reunion for the three of them, survivors of Gold Street. The three go to the Pelican Club, and Derek tries to warn Felicia about Lucas. Felicia tells Derek about the toys, then Lucas and Felicia go dance. After Derek leaves, a slow song comes on and Lucas and Felicia begin to dance, very close. Mitch asks Rachel to let him stay, and she says no. They're interrupted by Jamie's phone call, and after Rachel finishes, Mitch says it's late and asks if he can stay. Rachel asks Mitch if he wants to leave Felicia for her, and he says no. They discuss Rachel's leaving Bay City, and after Mitch asks Rachel if she was glad to see him, Mitch leaves.

JANUARY 9, 1990 (EP. #6488)
Jake takes Donna to work out in the weight room of the spa. Vicky walks in and stares at them. Jake tries to explain to Vicky that Donna's been upset. Betty tells Jake that she let him in to see Michael, and Donna is furious to hear that Jake went to speak to Michael about her. Derek wants to know if Jamie was with Stacey last night. Stacey tells Derek that Jamie just stopped by last night, and Jamie shows up as Derek asks Stacey why she made time for Jamie. Stacey explains that she's helping Jamie look for a governess. Stacey and Jamie go into her office and meet with Mrs. Levit from the agency, who thinks the two of them are married. Derek is upset by this, and starts to argue with Stacey about Jamie. Later, Derek takes Stacey into Cass's office, where she tells him she doesn't know what she wants. As Derek starts to leave, Stacey calls him back and they two start to make love. After Vicky approves of the article Amanda wrote about her, Amanda and Evan head for the printer. Rico the printer tells Amanda that he can't finish the job, because his men are threatening him with job action over their working conditions. Evan threatens to sue, but Amanda pulls Rico aside and convinces him and his men to get the magazine out on time. Winston has Claire bring Rachel back to the gallery, and tells Rachel that having a Cory working for them would bring in great sales. Rachel tells him that if she works for him, she wants to go by "Rachel Davies." When Winston hesitates, Rachel leaves, thinking the answer is no. Vicky visits Rachel at her motel room and tells her about the crisis at Cory's, which is news to Rachel. Vicky tells her the crisis is over, and offers her thoughts on making changes.

JANUARY 10, 1990 (EP. #6489)
Olivia tries to warn Matt about Josie's relationship with Lucas, then mentions the party at the Pelican Club, which Matt knew nothing about. Later, Olivia and Matt show up at the Pelican Club and Matt asks Josie why she didn't invite him. Josie tells Matt that he's ruining the night for her, and he storms out. Donna goes to the hospital to see John, and Jake follows her, telling her he needs to speak to her. Donna shoots Jake down, and then talks to John about Michael. Later, Donna arrives at the Pelican Club, with Jake following her. Donna decides to find answers about Michael. Donna asks Lucas about the night Michael got shot but Lucas doesn't have any answers. Reuben asks Tess to a party but she says she has a class. Tess enters the Pelican Club with Marshall, and Reuben confronts her. She asks him to join her and he refuses. Reuben asks Courtney to dance. After Courtney leaves, Reuben asks Tess if she wants to go out another time and she says yes. Evan shows Amanda the first copy of Sophisticate, and she hugs him. After Amanda tries to call Sam, Evan asks if she wants to go to the Pelican Club together. Evan and Amanda have some champagne, and when they decide to leave, Olivia intercepts a call from Sam and tells him that Amanda's already left. Evan invites Amanda to join him in his hot tub, and she accepts. Sam calls Hilda from the airport and lets her know he's coming home soon - his leg is in a cast. Meanwhile, Evan kisses Amanda when she says she should leave. Evan kisses her again, and after hesitating, she responds.

JANUARY 11, 1990 (EP. #6490)
Cass comes over to talk to Frankie, and Sharlene arranges it so Frankie will have to entertain Cass during breakfast. Frankie and Cass talk about getting back together, and Frankie pulls Cass in and kisses him. Frankie admits having feelings for Cass, but says they don't get along. Cass suggests going to a "New Age Relationship Advisor" and if he tells them they are incompatible, he'll leave her alone. While Felicia pays Rachel a visit, Lucas comes to see Mitch. Lucas says he'll come back for Felicia if Mitch hurts her, and Mitch tells Lucas to stay away from her. Felicia tells Rachel she can't take this situation, and wants Mitch to move out. Rachel tries to convince Felicia to work things out with Mitch. Lucas orders three-dozen white orchids for Felicia. Felicia tells Mitch that it's over and she wants him to leave. Mitch tells Felicia that he wants her and will end it with Rachel. Rachel, meanwhile, sets up a job interview appointment at The Odyssey, unaware that she's speaking to Mrs. Johnson. John meets Josie at Tops for breakfast, and they discuss Lucas. Josie mentions that Sharlene was helping Michael on New Year's Eve. Josie and Sharlene get into it when Josie says she's paying for the breakfast on her new credit card. When Josie goes to check her messages, John asks Sharlene why she has been turning to Michael. Sharlene, unaware of Sharly's revived friendship with Lucas, tells Lucas that she wants him to leave her and Josie alone. Amanda pulls away from Evan at first, but after Evan tells her they belong together, she pulls him close. Meanwhile, Sam calls Hilda from the airport and tells her he wants to surprise Amanda. While Evan and Amanda make love, Sam comes home and asks Hilda where Amanda is. Hilda tells Sam that Amanda never came home last night, and Sam says he has to find her. Amanda tells Evan that she can't be with him and they never should have made love. Amanda leaves, telling Evan she has to think things out. Sam calls, just as Amanda leaves.

JANUARY 12, 1990 (EP. #6491)
Sharlene, upset about Lucas's strange friendliness towards her, goes to the hospital to speak to John. Later, while Sharlene waits in the car for Michael, her Sharly persona emerges. Sharlene/Sharly and Michael are at Tops. She turns on the charm when Lucas enters, but Lucas doesn't buy it. John walks in to find Sharlene/Sharly and Michael, and sees her hand resting on Michael's. Sam and Lucas can't find Amanda. Meanwhile, Olivia wants to see Sam in order to tell him that she saw Amanda leave the party with Evan. Sam is upset when Olivia tells him that Amanda left the party with Evan. Rachel arrives at Odyssey and is greeted by an arrow flying over her head. Rachel then meets Ken, the man who shot the arrow. Rachel tries to convince Ken to give her a job at Odyssey. After the two really start to get to know each other, Rachel gets the job.

JANUARY 15, 1990 (EP. #6492)
While Josie prepares for her date with Matt, Olivia calls Sam and invites him over to dinner. Sam tells Olivia he can't leave because he hasn't heard from Amanda. Olivia talks Sam into coming over, and when Josie comes out wearing a gorgeous dress, Olivia convinces her to change so she can wear it. Hilda tells Sam that Amanda called when she thought he was out, and that she might call back tomorrow. Sam arrives at Olivia's and says that he's moving back in with Amanda. Meanwhile, Josie surprises Matt with a hotel room for the two of them. Josie calls Olivia to leave a message for Lucas, and is surprised when Sam answers the phone. Olivia gets on the phone and explains that she's congratulating Sam on his rave reviews. While Olivia leaves a message for Lucas, Sam gets on the phone and tells Matt not to make anything out of his dinner with Olivia because they're just friends. After dinner, Olivia tells Sam that she hopes Evan isn't with Amanda. Rachel is going over her job duties with Ken, who tells her to watch the shop because he has to leave. Ken doesn't give Rachel any information on prices, telling her to improvise. Jamie pays Rachel a visit. Ken returns and yells at Rachel for organizing the place. Jamie tells Ken not to talk to his mother that way and Ken asks him if he is Mac Cory's stepson. Rachel asks Ken if he knew Mac. Ken tells Rachel that Mac was very well known. Rachel goes to make coffee and Jamie tells Ken to call him if Rachel needs anything. Ken tells Jamie that Rachel can take care of herself. After Jamie and Rachel leave, Ken gives Mrs. Johnson a check and tells her that everything is in place. John confronts Sharlene about her being out with Michael at Tops, as she transforms out of her "Sharly" persona. Sharlene can't explain to John why she didn't go home. When Sharlene steps away, Michael asks John if he thinks he's hitting on John's wife, and John calls Michael out. Michael suggests that John's feeling guilty because hasn't been spending that much time with Sharlene, and John apologizes for the way he acted. At home, John opens up to Sharlene, and the two of them make love. Later, Sharlene wakes up and transforms back into Sharly. Sharly puts on a low-cut dress, takes a few bills from John's wallet and leaves.

JANUARY 16, 1990 (EP. #6493)
After Cass gets hung up on by a psychic who wouldn't be bought off, Cass asks Arty, his accountant, to help out. Cass asks Arty to pose as a psychic, then coaches Arty. Sharly sneaks into the kitchen, still dressed in her sexy outfit. Frankie enters and asks her what's going on. Sharly covers, and when she breaks a vase, transforms back into Sharlene. Frankie says she should leave, but Sharlene asks her to stay. After the two women talk about Cass, Sharlene goes up to the bedroom, where she and John make love. Sam asks Vicky discuss Amanda when Evan arrives, wanting to talk to Amanda. Sam tells Evan that Amanda wants to be left alone. Evan tells Sam that if Amanda doesn't get back soon, Iris is going to push her out. Sam tells Evan he'll give her the message when he sees her, and Evan then realizes that Sam hasn't even spoken to Amanda. Sam asks Evan what the two of them did after they finished the magazine, but Vicky enters with Alli and Evan leaves. Reuben tells Cass that he is going to lunch with Tess and her mom. Cass tells Reuben to relax and be himself. Tess and Reuben are sitting at the table at the restaurant and Tess's mother arrives.

JANUARY 17, 1990 (EP. #6494)
Stacey tries to help Jamie find a nanny for Steven, but they aren't having much luck. Vicky gets upset when she sees Stacey help Jamie find a nanny for Steven. Jamie explains that he was going to involve her as well. Frankie is furious with Cass for lying to her about the psychic, and tells him that he hurt her by making fun of her belief in psychics. Cass tries to explain that he did it because he loves her, but Frankie walks out on him. Tess tells Ronnie that she is worried about Reuben. Reuben is knocked unconscious, and starts dreaming. Tess tells Ronnie about her fight with Reuben, and how she doesn't know where to find him. Reuben dreams that he's the richest man in Bay City, and that he gets married to Tess. Reuben also dreams about a visit from Cass, who tries to explain to a disbelieving Reuben that money isn't the key to happiness - love is. Vicky pressures Evan into admitting that he slept with Amanda. Vicky realizes Evan's upset because Amanda left town, and he doesn't know if he'll see her again. Vicky warns Evan not to fall too hard for Amanda, because he'll get hurt. Later, Evan flashes back to when he and Amanda made love, then gets frustrated and throws his wine glass across the room.

JANUARY 18, 1990 (EP. #6495)
Rachel and Sam discuss Amanda, and she tells him about her new job. Rachel spots a necklace with two swans hanging from it at The Odyssey. Ken silently watches her examine it. Ken offers Rachel a room upstairs from The Odyssey, and Rachel accepts. Sam accuses Iris of driving Amanda away. Sam realizes that if Amanda wanted to be alone, she'd be at the cabin. Sam goes out after her. Olivia learns that Sam went to the cabin and goes after him. Vicky snaps at Michael for the way he has been treating Donna. Michael tells Arianne that he's fed up with The Club. Donna decides to go to Tops to find the girl she thinks Michael is having an affair with. Donna confronts Arianne, and the two women nearly fight. Arianne tries to tell Donna that someday she'll understand what's been going on. Meanwhile, a hit man has been hired to kill Arianne, but doesn't know what she looks like. The description he gets is a woman with brown hair and a green dress, which matches Donna. The hit man follows Donna.

JANUARY 19, 1990 (EP. #6496)
The hit man follows Donna all the way into her apartment, unbeknownst to her. As he attacks her and is about to take her away, Jake arrives. The two men struggle, and the hit man gets away. Jake calls the police, and tells Donna he's spending the night over at her place. Donna heads upstairs, then turns and watches as Jake removes his shirt. At the cabin, Sam reminisces about Amanda. As Sam is about to leave, Olivia enters. Sam and Olivia have a deep conversation, and Sam asks her if she thinks she is in love with him. Olivia says she doesn't know what she feels. Sam tells Olivia that he doesn't want to lead her on. They're about to leave, but Sam's leg acts up, and Olivia starts to take care of him. Later, Sam and Olivia leave the cabin. A guy named Eddie finds an unconscious Reuben on the floor and goes to get help. Reuben, now semiconscious, goes into his dream fantasy. Reuben dreams that Tess leaves him because he won't give up all his money, and then he loses it anyway. Meanwhile, Tess tells Ronnie she's worried about Reuben. Courtney gives Ronnie Reuben's watch and says that they found it by the waterfront. Ken tells Rachel that he wants to find out more about her. Mitch pays Rachel a visit and she tells him that he's going to have to get things right with her in order to get things right with Felicia. Mitch pulls Rachel close and kisses her, and tells her it was a goodbye kiss - he's going to work things out with Felicia. Later, Ken is in Rachel's room, looking through her photos. Ken tells her he was fixing the radiator, then leaves with a picture of Mac with an unknown man.

JANUARY 22, 1990 (EP. #6497)
Vicky comes by Donna's early in the morning and is shocked to see Jake there. Jake tells Vicky about the hit man, and they discuss Amanda. Donna thanks Jake for helping her and hugs him, right as Michael enters. Michael is upset to hear about the attack on Donna. Jake asks Donna if she'd like him to stay for a few nights in the guest room. Donna says no, tells Jake he should know why. Meanwhile, Michael has a plan to get Lucas a lot quicker than they originally hoped, in order for him to go back to Donna. Felicia tells Cass that whatever is left of her marriage is in serious jeopardy, and Cass tells Felicia to give Mitch a chance. Lucas runs into Felicia at a department store. Lucas and Felicia help a little lost girl find her mother, and Felicia is moved by the way Lucas handled the girl. Iris offers Felicia a job that will bring her and Mitch close again, requiring the two of them to travel together. Lucas calls someone and tells him that he wants out of the deal. Tess blames herself for whatever happened to Reuben. Meanwhile, Reuben dreams that he's falling into debt. Reuben then dreams that his mother and Tess are really his hope, and then Esther disappears, leaving him alone. Iris asks Evan what happened after he and Amanda left The Pelican Club. Iris wonders if Amanda is ever coming back. Evan isn't too thrilled when he sees that Iris has hired Vicky to work on Sophisticate. Vicky tells Evan to forget about Amanda, because she's not in love with him. Evan tells Vicky that he'll prove Amanda loves him by finding her and bringing her back.

JANUARY 23, 1990 (EP. #6498)
Josie tells Iris that Lucas is at her apartment all the time, and Iris warns Josie not to develop a crush on Lucas. tells Lucas that she wants to make him a proposition, and that they should make an "announcement" very soon. Later, Matt overhears Josie on the phone making a doctor's appointment. Reuben continues his dream, where he goes broke and becomes a failure, while Jesse becomes a successful doctor. Reuben's fairy godfather shows him that Tess married Marshall and had a baby. Reuben wishes things could go back to the way they were, and he wakes up. Reuben sees a bracelet, and stares at it. Reuben returns to the law office, tells Courtney where the stash is and tells Tess how happy he is to see her. Derek breaks his date with Stacey to find a job. Jamie asks Stacey to join the Arts Council. She agrees. Derek gets a job as a bouncer at The Pelican Club. Cass stops by Frankie's to pick up the surveillance equipment, and warns her about Griffen. Meanwhile, Lucas tells Griffen that their association will be coming to an end. Griffen makes a call to ask what's going on. Cass asks Zack to help him do a background check on Griffen. Frankie pays Griffen a visit at the dance studio, and the two of them dance. Cass finds something on Griffen. Griffen takes Frankie home and invites himself in the apartment.

JANUARY 24, 1990 (EP. #6499)
Rachel asks Ken if he took a photo from her room, and Ken denies. Ken says he has to get back to negotiations, but is interrupted by a phone call, leaving Rachel to negotiate with Mr. Sulim. Rachel seals the deal, and Ken invites her to dinner as thanks. Rachel realizes that she's really having fun with Ken - it reminds her of when she was with Mac. Cass tells Zack he needs to warn Frankie that Griffen could be a thief. Griffen stops by Frankie's apartment and notices she has a view straight into Lucas's apartment. Griffen asks Frankie about working for Lucas. Griffen kisses Frankie, as Cass pounds on the door. Frankie answers it, and Cass pulls her outside to show her an article he has on a jewel theft. Meanwhile, Griffen looks through Frankie's files and finds one on Catherine March. While inside, Griffen finds Frankie's file on Catherine March. Later, Cass comes back to Frankie's apartment, and she throws him out. Frankie then calls out after him as he leaves. Derek and Stacey fight about Jamie. Jamie tells Stacey that Derek isn't right for her. Stacey slaps Jamie in the face, and he impulsively grabs her and kisses her. Stacey responds to the kiss. At The Pelican Club, a woman buys Derek a drink, and then leaves. Evan blames Vicky for blowing it when Amanda called. Sam asks Vicky to meet him for a drink. Evan asks what's going on, and Vicky says it's none of his business and leaves. Evan follows Vicky to The Pelican Club, where Sam asks Vicky if Evan and Amanda are having an affair. Evan is relieved to hear that Vicky didn't tell Sam about he and Amanda. Later, Amanda calls Evan and tells him that she wants to meet with him in the morning to discuss what happened between them.

JANUARY 25, 1990 (EP. #6500)
Sharlene is upset when John doesn't remember that a year ago today, she admitted to herself that she loved him. John comes home to celebrate with Sharlene, but she's not there. Sharly meets up with Arianne at The Pelican Club. John reaches Sharlene, and she says she'll be right there. John says they'll wait until tonight to celebrate. Matt, concerned about the conversation he overheard between Josie and a doctor, follows Josie to the hospital. At the hospital, Matt asks Josie why she's there. After Reuben is released from the hospital, he asks his mother if they could have a pot roast dinner together. Ronnie tells Tess that they have been summoned to her mother's house. Reuben enjoys the little get-together he arranged for his family. Amanda shows up at Evan's suite and they talk about what happened between them. Meanwhile, Olivia tells Sam that he doesn't deserve what Amanda is putting him through. Liz sees Olivia with Sam, and the two women have a fight. Olivia storms out, and Sam follows after her. Amanda admits to Evan that she wants him, but says she can't throw away her marriage. Amanda goes home to Sam.

JANUARY 26, 1990 (EP. #6501)
Evan and Vicky talk about Amanda, then Evan goes to The Pelican Club to talk to Sharlene. Unbeknownst to Evan, he's getting advice from Sharly, who tells Evan to go after Amanda. Jake realizes that Vicky has feelings to Evan, and they decide to go out and forget about their problems. Evan is confused when Sharlene tells him not to break up Amanda's marriage. Sam asks Amanda what made her leave town. Right as Amanda is about to tell Sam about her and Evan, Mitch walks in. Sam tells Amanda that he's moved back to the Cory house, and then asks her what happened between her and Evan. Donna tells Jake she is meeting with Lucas at Tops. Michael offers Lucas a two million dollar deal. Meanwhile, Felicia asks Lucas to look after Michael. Donna tells Lucas that she wants to get to know him better. Lucas agrees to give Donna and Jake more business. Michael warns Donna bout Lucas. Later, Griffen tells Lucas that if he wants out, he has to do one final job - kill Michael Hudson. Ken tells Rachel he wants to talk to her about the other night at the restaurant. Rachel says she's going home, and Ken tries to talk her out of it. Ken has trouble convincing her at first, but in the end, Rachel decides to stay. Meanwhile, Mitch realizes that Rachel is working with Ken Jordan.

JANUARY 29, 1990 (EP. #6502)
Lucas tells Griffen that he will not kill Michael Hudson. Michael tells Arianne that he wants to tell Donna what's going on, but Arianne tells him to wait. Lucas tells Michael that he's in on the deal. Later, Lucas takes out a gun from his desk drawer. Donna tells Michael that they're through. Michael is upset that Jake is spending so much time with Donna and Mikey. In front of Ken, Mitch tells Rachel that he's worried about her. Rachel wants to know why Mitch doesn't trust Ken. Mitch asks Ken how well he knew Mac, then tells Ken to let Rachel handle things her own way. Mitch tells Sam that he found Ken Jordan. Rachel tells Ken about Mitch, and then starts to tell him about The Red Swan. Sam asks Amanda if she slept with Evan, and Amanda tells him she didn't. Meanwhile, Evan waits for Amanda to return. Amanda tells Evan that it's over between the two of them, upsetting Evan.

JANUARY 30, 1990 (EP. #6503)
John is confused when he sees Sharly at The Pelican Club, and hears Al call her Sharly. Evan tells John that he doesn't know who Sharlene is anymore. Sharly snaps at John when he tells her he's worried about her, and passes out in John's arms. Matt tells Sam that he thinks Josie is pregnant. Sam tells Matt to find out what's going on. Matt meets Josie at The Pelican Club and says they have to talk about their future. When Josie doesn't tell him anything, Matt gets upset. Later, Matt looks through Josie's purse to find out about her doctor's appointment. Michael asks Donna to call a temporary halt to the divorce proceedings. Donna tells Michael to leave her alone. Jake tells Donna that he cares about her. Amanda is not pleased that Iris hired Vicky without consulting her first. Later, Sam overhears Amanda apologizing to Alli for hurting her. Sam and Amanda start to make love. Afterwards, Amanda thinks back to her time with Evan, and then thinks about Sam.

JANUARY 31, 1990 (EP. #6504)
Felicia asks Mitch if he'll stay away from Rachel, as he promised. Meanwhile, Rachel convinces Jamie to get away for a while and sort things out. Rachel tells Felicia how important her friendship is. Mitch is determined to find the connection between Ken and Mac. Felicia asks Rachel to go to the gala with her and Mitch. Rachel tells them she already has plans. Stacy tells Cass about her kiss with Jamie. Stacey tells Cass that she loves Derek, but they fight all the time. Jamie tells Stacey that he is going away for a while. Cass gives Frankie proof that Griffen is no good: every place Griffen has performed, a major art theft took place soon after. Griffen visits Frankie and sees Cass's proof. Griffen invites Frankie to accompany him at the gala. Josie is shocked to see Matt at the hospital. Josie tells Matt that she's not pregnant; she just wants to get a nose job. Later, Sharlene thinks she overhears Josie say she is pregnant.

FEBRUARY 1, 1990 (EP. #6505)
Sam tells Olivia that he and Amanda are back together. Meanwhile, Amanda tells Evan that she's not in love with him. Later, Evan invites Vicky out for the evening. Olivia interrupts Sam and Amanda's romantic dinner, and Sam assures Amanda that Olivia's attraction to him will have no effect on their marriage. Felicia invites both Cass and Frankie to her suite to finally talk through their problems. Meanwhile, Griffen tells Lucas that Frankie is leaking information to The Club, and says that he's going to kill Frankie. Josie explains to Matt that a nose job will help her career, and threatens to leave Bay City. John is surprised at Sharly's calm reaction to Josie's nose job. Matt tells Josie that he'll stand by her. Sharly objects to the hospital tests that Ronnie plans to perform. Sharly tells Ronnie that she has a fear of hospitals. Immediately following her blood test, Sharly has a frightening vision.

FEBRUARY 2, 1990 (EP. #6506)
Rachel approaches the photo of Mac that Ken's hidden. Ken and Rachel discuss the unknown friend shown in the picture. Meanwhile, Mitch informs Sam that Ken Jordan's records mysteriously stop after ten years. Ken invites Rachel into his home, and Rachel asks Ken to go to the Arts Gala with her. Mitch breaks into The Odyssey. Vicky tries to convince Evan that Amanda will never leave Sam. Later, Vicky tells Amanda that she knows about her affair with Evan. Michael begs Donna to stop the divorce, but Donna says she wants the marriage to be over. Michael wants Jake to stay away from Donna. Jake presses Donna about the idea of them having an affair. Stacey apologizes to Derek. Derek is suspicious when Jamie offers his best wishes for Derek and Stacey's relationship. Derek and Stacey discuss their different backgrounds and the possible effects they might have on their relationship. Griffen wants to know if Lucas will take care of the "Michael Hudson problem." Griffen says he'll tell Lucas where to find his daughter if he kills Michael Hudson.

FEBRUARY 5, 1990 (EP. #6507)
Ken accuses Rachel of looking through his papers, and avoids answering Rachel's invitation to the Gala. Ken asks Mitch why he broke into the store. Mitch tells Sam about the items he found in Ken's shop. Ken presses Rachel to go to the Gala when she has second thoughts. Jake tells Donna that she can't control her feelings any more than he can. Donna asks Jake to agree to a strictly platonic relationship. Vicky tells Donna not to get involved with another man until she has resolved her feelings for Michael. John is concerned that Sharlene's hypoglycemia developed in such a short time. Later, Sharlene is confused when a red wig is delivered in a package addressed to Sharly. Amanda is angry with Evan for telling Vicky that they slept together. Evan tries to convince Amanda that Vicky won't tell anyone about their affair. Later, Vicky promises Evan that she won't tell anyone about his affair with Amanda, or use the info to torture Amanda. Lucas agrees to kill Michael in exchange for the information about his daughter, and Griffen gives Lucas the instructions on how to kill Michael. Meanwhile, Michael tells Arianne that he doesn't want to be a part of The Club in the future. Lucas comes face-to-face with the buyer.

FEBRUARY 6, 1990 (EP. #6508)
Cass tells Caroline that he and Frankie aren't seeing each other any more. Caroline's negative comments about Frankie set Cass off, and he decides to call Frankie. Cass asks Caroline to cancel her date and go with him to the Gala. Sharlene is angry with Lucas for the control that he has over Josie. Later, Sharlene transforms into Sharly. Rachel tells the family that she is bringing a date to the Gala. Michael and Arianne make final arrangements for the Gala. Lucas tells Griffen about the buyer's deal -- Michael's life or his daughter's. Arianne and Lucas arrange to have Michael killed during the Firebird Ballet. Donna shows up as Michael and Arianne go over plans for the Gala. Griffen leaves a message for Arianne that Michael Hudson is to be killed that evening.

FEBRUARY 7, 1990 (EP. #6509)
Ken meets Rachel's family and they leave for the Gala. At the Gala, Mitch tells Sam that he thinks Ken is up to something. Ken catches Mitch staring at him and Rachel. Donna tells Michael that he has to speak with her now or there won't be another chance. Michael tells her to wait a little longer before signing the divorce papers. Donna wants to talk, but Michael says he can't. Donna says that Michael made up her mind for her. Later, Donna tells Jake that she's not going to the Gala. In her bedroom, Donna begins to sign the divorce papers. Jake enters to console her. Frankie overhears Griffen's plans for Michael and runs out. Griffen follows her. At the theatre, Frankie rushes in, looking for Cass. Griffen tells her to do as he says or he will kill her. Frankie tries to come up with a diversion by snatching Caroline's purse, and Cass asks what she's doing. Griffen takes Frankie to the basement. Griffen hits Frankie, who pretends to be knocked out. Griffen leaves, intending to kill Frankie when he returns. Frankie pounds on the door, but no one can hear her. Felicia enters Michael's theatre box as Lucas puts a silencer on his gun. Lucas tells Felicia to have Mitch take her home, but he can't explain why. Arianne tells Lucas that when she leaves the box, he should be in the lobby, ready to go. Everyone is seated and Iris and Griffen make the opening presentation. After Griffen finishes a dance, Lucas leaves his seat, and Felicia gets up to look for him. Arianne leaves the box, leaving the door ajar. Griffen watches Michael in his box. Lucas fires his gun.

FEBRUARY 8, 1990 (EP. #6510)
During Olivia's Firebird dance, Lucas shoots Griffen. Lucas tells Michael that he was set up for the shooting. Just as Felicia discovers that Lucas was protecting Michael, the police arrive and arrest him. Felicia follows Mitch to the police station. Michael wrestles the gun away from Arianne, and she expresses disappointment in his undercover work. Felicia tries to clear Lucas's name. Michael requests time alone with Lucas, and Lucas tells Michael that he killed Griffen to get information on his daughter. Cass searches for Frankie, who's locked in the prop room, calling for help. Frankie unsuccessfully attempts to escape through an air vent. Frankie writes a note, slides it under the door and decides to relax until morning, not realizing that the building will be demolished. Iris recognizes Ken Jordan's name although she cannot place him. Later, Ken Jordan breaks into the Cory mansion to see The Red Swan. Jake comforts Donna and they kiss. Donna and Jake begin to make love. After making love with Jake, Donna feels guilty. Donna asks Jake to leave as Michael rings the doorbell.

FEBRUARY 9, 1990 (EP. #6511)
As Iris presses Lucas for more information on the shooting, Felicia knocks at the door. Lucas tells Felicia that he was supposed to kill Michael. Lucas explains why he shot Griffen, and how he planned to save their daughter by doing so. Lucas tells Iris that she'd be better off without him. Iris tells Lucas that she cares a great deal for him. Michael enters and apologizes to Donna as Jake runs to the bedroom. Jake enters and reveals himself to Michael. Michael tells Donna that he's not having an affair -- he's a spy and it was all part of the job. Donna is furious with Michael and tells him to leave. Donna tells Jake that Michael lied to her about Arianne. Frankie tries to escape the prop room, and gets stuck in the vent. Reuben tells Cass that the theatre will be demolished and they rush to find Frankie. Stacey asks Courtney to hold off the explosion until they find Frankie. The workmen search for Frankie, who's passed out in the vent. Forced away by the workmen, Cass, Derek and Reuben decide to break into the theatre. Cass notices Frankie's bracelet, and calls to her. Frankie responds. After Stacey gets the injunction to call off the demolition, there's a malfunction in communication and there's an explosion.

FEBRUARY 12, 1990 (EP. #6512)
Michael asks Donna if the love that they share has changed. Michael explains his past to John and Donna, but Donna feels taken advantage of and refuses to take Michael back. Michael tells Donna that he loves her too much to let her go. While Stacey tries to stop the demolition, Cass reaches Frankie right as another explosion occurs. Cass gets Frankie out, but doesn't know if she is breathing. Cass carries Frankie out. Frankie regains consciousness and Sharlene tells John to meet them at the hospital. At the hospital, Frankie is examined and Cass collapses. Frankie feels guilty about not believing Cass when he told her about Griffen, whose body is missing. Later, Cass tells Frankie that he needs her. Sam comforts Olivia, who wants to give up dancing. Vicky tells Amanda to let Evan go and reinforce her marriage to Sam. Sam enters as Amanda tells Evan that their relationship is over. Sam asks Evan if he slept with Amanda.

FEBRUARY 13, 1990 (EP. #6513)
Iris walks into Lucas's office and tells him that she'll stand behind him throughout this ordeal. Later, Felicia finds Lucas in Griffen's hotel room. With Lucas trying to stop her, Felicia stubbornly continues looking for information about their daughter. Arianne tells Lucas that they lied about knowing anything about his daughter. Jake asks Donna if she is going back to Michael. Vicky forgives Michael but says she doesn't think that Donna will. Jake and Donna agree to put their affair behind them. As Iris and Michael reminisce over lunch, Donna sees them and furiously throws water in Iris's face. Sam grabs Evan and demands to know if he slept with Amanda. As Sam begins to fight with Evan, Amanda enters and tells Sam that nothing happened between she and Evan. Meanwhile, Olivia discovers that Evan and Amanda slept together. Evan hangs up on Amanda's phone call and she is torn as Sam begins to make love to her.

FEBRUARY 14, 1990 (EP. #6514)
After a run-in with Amanda, Evan tells Vicky he wishes he fell in love with someone who he could have a future with. When Evan leaves, Vicky puts a valentine in his briefcase. Vicky prepares dinner for Evan at his apartment. Evan comes home and thinks the valentine was from Amanda. Vicky is about to leave, and when he realizes it was from her, he asks her to stay. After dinner, Vicky rebuffs Evan's advances, saying she can't be a fill-in for Amanda, and leaves. Rachel tells Sam that she thinks someone broke into her desk. Rachel gets a call from Tops, saying she has reservations for tonight. Rachel wants to find out what's going on. Rachel arrives at Tops and sees that Ken arranged everything. Amanda walks in and is not happy that Rachel is with Ken. Amanda thinks it was Ken who looked at Rachel's letters. After dinner, Ken pretends he has to make a phone call in order to get Rachel to leave. Cass tells Frankie that they should be together, and Frankie agrees to come back to work. Mr. Cupido, a new client, comes in. He tells them to call him Cupid and when he takes off his jacket, wings sprout up. Cupid tells them he has to get over to the video loft. After Cupid pricks both Cass and Frankie, he leaves. Cass pulls Frankie close and kisses her. After Frankie tells Cass that Cupid's phone number doesn't exist, she asks what happened. Cass tells her he'll show her, and he pulls her close and kisses her passionately. At the video loft, Jake asks Donna where she stands with Michael. When Donna says she was alone the whole time that Michael left her, Jake gets angry with her. After Cupid arrives at the video loft and pricks Jake, he asks Donna what her feelings are for him.

FEBRUARY 15, 1990 (EP. #6515)
Cass gets a phone call from a client who wants him to threaten the client's business partner. When Derek enters, Cass offers him the job. Insulted, Derek storms out and Stacey goes after him. At The Pelican Club, Derek tells Stacey that he wonders if she really knows him at all. Later, Paulina buys Derek a drink and before he can get her name, she leaves. Frankie comes to Cass's office to talk. Frankie is having difficulty telling him that she isn't ready to be in love. Cass tells her that he can't take going through this again and says that he's going to correct some mistakes he made. Mitch tells Iris how much trouble Lucas could be in. Josie enters, and they compliment her on her nose job. Meanwhile, Lucas comes by to tell Felicia goodbye, and Felicia says she's not giving up on him or their daughter. After Mitch leaves, Lucas arrives and compliments Josie, who's hurt when he pays more attention to Iris. After Josie leaves, Lucas proposes to Iris. Mitch apologizes to Felicia because he knew she wanted to believe in Lucas. Felicia then leaves. Later, Felicia and Josie come in, looking for Lucas. They hear Iris tell reporters that she has accepted his proposal. Sharlene's hurt when she learns that Josie went to see Lucas about her nose job first. Sharlene changes into Sharly and starts to get rid of Sharlene's wardrobe. Sharly collects Sharlene's jewelry, including a locket John gave her, and calls someone to have the "junk" picked up.

FEBRUARY 16, 1990 (EP. #6516)
Amanda tries to talk to Evan and he ignores her. Amanda begs Evan not to tell Sam about their affair, and tells him that she wants to be friends and to forget about any romantic involvement. Evan tells Iris that he is resigning from Cory Publishing. Cass tells Frankie that he wants to start over. Frankie tells Cass that she is no good for him and that he is going to get hurt. Frankie tells Sharlene that she is leaving to sort out her feelings about Cass. Cass asks Sharlene where Frankie is. Frankie shows up at a convent. Sharlene tells John that her clothes and jewelry have been stolen. John suspects a break in and calls the police. Courtney takes the details of the missing items, but is puzzled that there are no signs of forced entry and that the robbery is based on Sharlene's word. Josie is upstaged by Iris and Lucas's engagement announcement. Felicia tells Lucas that their upcoming marriage is a mistake as Iris walks in. Rachel handles things at The Odyssey on her own after Ken leaves. Rachel tells Ada that nothing romantic is going on between she and Ken. Ken finds a friend in Ada. Rachel and Ken decide to work on their friendship. Later, Rachel discovers that another Odyssey Shop was located in the city that Mac died.

FEBRUARY 19, 1990 (EP. #6517)
Lucas demands an explanation from Evan regarding his resignation. Amanda accuses Vicky of putting Evan up to quitting. While trying to find Evan's replacement, Iris sends Vicky on a story assignment. Vicky tries to see Evan, but he refuses to speak to her. Lucas wants Stacey to represent him. Lucas tells Iris that it was no accident that Griffen's body didn't reach the morgue. Derek tells Stacey that he was insulted by Cass's request to have him accompany him for support. Paulina and Derek play darts and talk. After Paulina leaves the bar, Derek wonders where he's seen her before. Stacey shows up in Derek's bed and they begin to make love. Rachel demands to know from Ken if he knew Mac, and Ken tells Rachel that he sold The Red Swan to Mac. Rachel is angry that Ken withheld the info from her. Ken tells Rachel that he saw Mac the night before he died, and describes Mac's last night to her. Rachel thanks Ken. Mrs. Johnson and Ken continue their plan.

FEBRUARY 20, 1990 (EP. #6518)
Rachel tells Ken that Amanda has been troubled since Mac died. Ken asks Amanda to have lunch with him. Amanda cross-examines Ken during lunch. When Amanda leaves Ken at the table, Mitch shows up. Ken says that Rachel is in danger of Mitch, not him. Iris tells Rachel that she is very happy with Lucas. Lucas doesn't admit to loving Iris when Rachel asks. Rachel questions Iris's happiness about the engagement. Sharlene yells at Al when he calls her Sharly. Upset that she forgot about giving her clothes to charity, Sharlene seeks psychiatric help. Later, Sharly cancels her doctor's appointment. Lucas tells Michael that Griffen's body is missing. Michael and Lucas discuss what they need to do about the cartel. Lucas tells Donna and Jake that he can't go through with the video contract. Mother Superior tells Frankie that the convent isn't the place to escape from her problems. Frankie pulls off a monk's hood, thinking that it's Cass. Sharly tells Cass that Frankie is in a convent. Later, Cass reveals that he is Mother Superior.

FEBRUARY 21, 1990 (EP. #6519)
Amanda meets with Vicky, and asks how Evan is doing. Evan begins to sell his stock. When Vicky comes to his door, Evan refuses to answer. Vicky asks Donna to hire Evan for the company. Evan tells Vicky that he is taking life into his own hands. Donna asks Michael if he told Lucas not to hire her and Jake. Michael tells Donna not to get involved with Lucas, and Jake tells Michael not to concern himself in their business. Frankie asks Cass to leave the convent. During their argument, Mother Superior arrives and requires strict silence for an hour. Cass carries Frankie out of the convent. Josie, nervous about her party, gets mad at Matt for dressing casually. Matt gets angry when Josie ignores him. Iris asks Josie to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. Matt proposes to Josie.

FEBRUARY 22, 1990 (EP. #6520)
Josie tells John that Sharlene never came to the party. At The Pelican Club, Sharly stares at Ben, an attractive man, at a nearby table. Sharly tells John to stay away from The Pelican Club tonight, and pulls off her wedding ring as she continues to get to know Ben. John interrupts Ben and Sharly at The Pelican. John is furious with Sharlene for talking to Ben and taking off her wedding ring. Frankie tells Cass that the reason they can't get involved is because there is a curse on her. Frankie says she killed Tony, her former boyfriend. Cass laughs off the fact that Tony died of a heart attack, and tells Frankie not to worry about the curse. Matt leaves when Josie refuses to answer his proposal. Josie tells Matt that she'll marry him, and the two make plans for a wedding. Rachel tells Ken that she might quit The Odyssey and stay at home. Meanwhile, Amanda tells Sam that she doesn't trust Ken Jordan. Ken tells Rachel that she shouldn't leave The Odyssey if she was truly looking for a new life. Amanda is angry with Rachel for trusting Ken Jordan. Ken sneaks into the Cory studio and photographs Rachel's work.

FEBRUARY 23, 1990 (EP. #6521)
Derek helps Sharlene look for her wedding ring at the bar. Paulina finds Sharlene's ring and plans to return that evening to see Derek. Stacey greets Paulina as Steven's new nanny. Ken tells Rachel that he broke into her studio. Rachel decides to keep her job at Odyssey and invites Ken to Felicia's birthday party. Rachel, frustrated with her life, ends up in Ken's arms. Mitch tells Felicia that he is taking her to New York for her birthday. Cass toasts Felicia as everyone gathers at Tops. Felicia deliberately hugs Mitch in front of Lucas. Cass wants to take Frankie to Vegas. Felicia convinces Frankie to go to Vegas with Cass. As they deny the curse, Frankie and Cass's car breaks down. John overhears Sharlene at the hospital for her doctor's appointment. John is angry with Sharlene for lying to him. John talks out his problems with Sharly, who's posing as Sharlene. Amanda needs info from Evan, and decides to go see him. Evan, angry that Amanda won't admit her love for him, throws her out. Vicky warns Evan about trying to get even with the Corys. Amanda is surprised to find Vicky at Evan's apartment.

FEBRUARY 26, 1990 (EP. #6522)
Amanda argues with Vicky about Evan. Amanda shows her displeasure with Rachel. Rachel gets upset with Ken for saying that Amanda is a spoiled brat. Ken tells Derek that he was the one who sold The Red Swan to Mac. Rachel and Amanda apologize to each other. Stacey tells Derek that she signed Lucas as a client. Later, Paulina innocently flirts with Derek at The Pelican Club. Donna tells Jake that he is not her type. Evan, Vicky, Donna and Jake talk about a new deal with their company - they want to produce a video on etiquette. Vicky and Evan talk about the idea for the video business. Vicky tells Evan that in a year or so, she will own Cory Publishing.

FEBRUARY 27, 1990 (EP. #6523)
Donna is shocked when she sees Michael at the video loft. Michael tells Donna he still loves her. Jake walks in, furious, and takes a swing at Michael. Michael goes to John for advice about Donna. Later, Michael tells Donna that he's moved back into the house because he misses Mikey. Cass and Frankie get to a tiny hotel and find out that their room has one bed. Frankie flips out. Frankie and Cass are shocked when they see someone else in their room, but it turns out to be the room service waitress. Later, Cass and Frankie can't believe it when the fire alarm goes off in their hotel. Matt goes to the farm to see Josie and walks in on a major shoot with Josie. Matt is upset because Josie hasn't told anyone about their wedding plans. Matt, John, Sharlene and Lucas watch Josie's photo shoot. Josie tells Lucas about her and Matt's engagement, and Lucas says that she can either get married or have a career, not both.

FEBRUARY 28, 1990 (EP. #6524)
In Las Vegas, Frankie and Cass's winning streak starts to die down, and Frankie feels she is a jinx. Cass loses all the money he had. Later, Cass and Frankie get arrested because the cops found their luggage in a stolen truck. Matt asks Josie to run away with him and get married. Meanwhile, Lucas asks Olivia if she'd be interested in taking over Josie's position if need be. As Olivia imagines a career in modeling, Josie starts to have second thoughts about getting married. Ben asks Sharly why she lied about being married. Sharly transforms back into Sharlene, confusing everyone. Michael sets up a meeting so John and the Chief of Staff can settle their differences. Sharlene arrives at Michael's get-together and sees Ben. Sharlene can't recall where she's seen him, and she asks him questions about his visits to The Pelican. Later, Michael unsuccessfully tries to get back with Donna. Sharlene worries about what's happening to her.

MARCH 1, 1990 (EP. #6525)
Amanda overhears Vicky's plans to find out everything at Cory. Vicky is using Sean to get info, and tells him not to tell Amanda anything. Later, Paulina meets Vicky, who approves of the way Paulina is with Steven. Stacey tells Cass that she took Lucas on as a client. Courtney tells Lucas that he is under arrest, and Lucas calls Stacey, who gets him out on bail. Derek tells Lucas that he is going to be watching him very closely, and if he hurts Stacey, he'll have trouble. Ronnie sees Ken and knows him from somewhere. Amanda tells Mitch that Ken sold The Red Swan to Mac. Ken apologizes to Rachel for butting into her affairs. Ken and Mitch discuss The Red Swan, and Ken tells Mitch to tell Rachel about the note hidden inside. Ronnie tells Rachel that it was Ken who found Rachel the night she was rushed to the hospital - he was the mystery man.

MARCH 2, 1990 (EP. #6526)
Vicky finds Evan sneaking into Amanda's office. As they speak, Amanda calls and Vicky answers the phone, arousing Amanda's suspicions. Evan continues to take Amanda's files from the computer. Later, Amanda hears a message recorded by Vicky and Evan about Vicky's plans to own Cory Publishing. Donna tells Jake that Michael has moved back to the apartment, angering Jake. Pippa tries to seduce Jake, and makes assumptions about Jake's relationship with Donna. Jake feels that a relationship with Donna is inevitable. Matt confirms the wedding plans with Josie, and tells Amanda about his wedding plans. Amanda tries to discourage Matt from getting married. Matt starts to have doubts, but changes his mind when he sees Josie. Josie and Matt make final preparations for the wedding. Rachel asks Ken if he was responsible for the hit-and-run accident. Rachel learns that Ken planned many events that happened to her over the past few months. Ken tells Rachel that he followed her because he was curious about the woman that meant so much to Mac. Ken tells Rachel that all he's thought about is kissing her.

MARCH 5, 1990 (EP. #6527)
Matt tells Reuben that he fears Josie will resent him if the marriage ends her career. Matt tells the Justice of the Peace that he can't go through with the wedding. Matt and Josie decide to have a big church wedding, and Matt tells Josie the reason he stopped the wedding. Ken is about to kiss Rachel when a business associate of Ken's interrupts. Rachel is curious about their relationship. Jamie calls Rachel and tells her that he is coming back to Bay City. Rachel tells Ken that she's determined to figure him out. Sharly decides to continue working in the bar at night, and wants to buy an apartment. Pearl allows Sharly to have the apartment after she tells her that her marriage to John is unsuccessful. Amanda finds Vicky at the bar and demands to talk to her. Vicky is shocked when Amanda plays her the tape. Amanda threatens to fire Vicky, who threatens to tell Sam about Amanda's affair. Vicky tells Evan that Amanda has their conversation on tape, and comes up with a plan.

MARCH 6, 1990 (EP. #6528)
As Sharly leaves with the rent money, John tells her that they are overdrawn five hundred dollars. Evan tells John about the history of emotional problems that run in the family. Later, John finds a picture of a young Sharlene as a hooker. Sharly rents her apartment, and she and Pearl toast to new beginnings. Vicky tells Iris that Amanda is attempting to get rid of her. Amanda is surprised at Vicky's cooperation with Sophisticate. Amanda tells Vicky she sees through her motives, and threatens to fire her. Later, Amanda confronts Evan about the taped conversation, and he remains cold and unemotional. Lucas arrives at Matt and Josie's and learns that they didn't elope. Matt tells Iris that Lucas planned to fire Josie if she got married. Derek is shocked to see Paulina at the Cory Mansion, and asks why she didn't tell him that she was Steven's nanny. Paulina begs Derek not to tell the Corys about her past. Jamie sees Paulina put the silver into her pockets and yells at her as she faints in his arms.

MARCH 7, 1990 (EP. #6529)
John asks Frankie about the photo of Sharlene as a hooker. Sharly comes home, transforms into Sharlene and becomes upset when she sees the photo. John tells Sharlene that he wants to know what happened in her life twenty years ago. Cass tells Lucas that the law firm isn't taking his case. Frankie talks Cass into letting Stacey represent Lucas. Frankie is stunned when Mrs. Almo comes to see them. Iris asks Felicia to plan her engagement party. When Felicia leaves the room, Lucas gives Iris her engagement ring, which Iris shows to Felicia when she comes back in. Lucas tells Felicia that for the sake of her marriage and his engagement, she has to stay away from him. Paulina faints in Jamie's arms. Paulina comes to and realizes who he is, and asks if he's going to fire her. Jamie tells Paulina he won't fire her. At the party, Amanda introduces Jamie to Paulina, and they act as though they haven't met. Ken comes by to see Rachel and she invites him to the party. Rachel tells the family that Ken brought her to the hospital the night of the ice storm. Amanda is suspicious of Ken's explanation as to why he didn't tell Rachel right away that he saved her life. Matt tells Ken that both he and Amanda want to know what his involvement is with Rachel.

MARCH 8, 1990 (EP. #6530)
Frankie panics when her grandmother shows up at Cass's office. Mrs. Almo tells Frankie she didn't curse her. Frankie tells Cass that she is afraid to love him. They decide to start over. After Amanda agrees to hire Donna and Jake, she tells Vicky to mind her own business or she will be fired. Vicky then leaves to talk to Sam. Vicky prepares to tell Sam that Amanda slept with Evan. When Vicky arrives, she doesn't tell Sam about Evan and Amanda. Instead, she gives Jamie some new pictures of Steven. John tries to get Sharlene to face her past. Sharlene thinks John's trying to get her to admit that she liked turning tricks. Sharlene tries to leave, but John grabs her. Jake wants to hock the bracelet that Michael left for Donna. Donna says she is giving it back to him. Donna invites Jake to come back to her home and Jake turns it down, thinking that she's coming on to him. Rachel hears Matt tell Ken that he fears that Ken is going after Rachel's money. Ken tells Rachel that he wants to talk to Matt. Ken tells Matt that he has no designs on Rachel. Rachel gets ready to go to Arizona with Ken.

MARCH 9, 1990 (EP. #6531)
Derek tells Paulina that he has to tell Stacey that they knew one another years earlier. Paulina tells Stacey that she and Derek have met before. Stacey asks Derek if he is seeing Paulina, and asks him to tell her the truth about Paulina. Ada unsuccessfully tries to convince Rachel not to go to Arizona with Ken. Ken tells Mrs. Johnson that by the afternoon, he will have Rachel to himself. Mitch is determined to find the truth out after seeing Mrs. Johnson in Ken's shop. Rachel and Ken leave for Arizona by helicopter. When Rachel is not looking, Ken pulls a pistol from his bag. Vicky shows Evan her plans to take over Cory Publishing. Vicky and Adams begin their meeting without Amanda. Amanda finds out that Vicky scheduled a meeting with Adams behind her back. Amanda arrives at the meeting and fires Vicky. Vicky tells Sam that Amanda and Evan slept together, and promises to talk to Amanda. Sam is furious as Amanda walks in the door.

MARCH 12, 1990 (EP. #6532)
Rachel and Ken get settled in the desert, and Ken seems uneasy being with Rachel. Meanwhile, Mitch and Jamie discuss Ken. Jamie if Mitch is worried about Ken because Mitch is in love with Rachel. As Ken and Rachel try to sleep, Rachel turns and sees the gun. Paulina asks Derek not to turn his back on her, and Derek promises her that he will not tell Jamie about her past. After Lucas tells Stacey the details of the shooting, and about his life, Stacey compliments Derek's morals and values. Sam asks Amanda if her kind attitude is to sooth her guilty conscience. Amanda tells Sam that her feelings for Evan were over, but Sam doesn't trust Amanda and says he doesn't want to make love to her. Sam tells Amanda that if she wants to save their marriage, they will play by his rules. Vicky tells Evan that she told Sam of his affair with Amanda. Evan tells Vicky that he'll ask Amanda for Vicky's job back. A stranger breaks into Amanda's office and takes an account book out of the drawer.

MARCH 13, 1990 (EP. #6533)
Amanda walks into her office and sees that a picture of her and Sam has been broken. Vicky apologizes to Sam for barging in on him the other day. Sam shows up at Amanda's office to apologize. Amanda refuses to accept Vicky back to the company. When Iris gives Evan a bonus, he and Vicky decide to go out and celebrate. Sam drags Amanda out of the restaurant when he sees Evan. Elaine Rutherford tells John that a top-secret patient is coming in for tests. Jamie warns John not to get involved with Dr. Rutherford. John finds out that he's been assigned to the Grant Harrison case. Rachel awakens and sees Ken pointing a gun at her, which he uses to shoot a snake. Ken fills Rachel in on the ruins of the ancient civilization that they are exploring. Meanwhile, Mitch asks Emile Le Beau about Ken. Emile tells Mitch that Ken Jordan must have bought a new identity. Ken leaves Rachel to find water. The wind picks up, and Rachel hears someone behind her.

MARCH 14, 1990 (EP. #6534)
Donna tells Michael that she has to go to work and can't join him and Mikey at the zoo. Donna leaves for work with Jake, and Michael tells Bridget that he wants his family back. Bridget takes a fall and is knocked unconscious as a frightened Mikey stands over her. Ada is caught off guard by Josie's photo shoot at the Cory Mansion. Lucas shows up at Josie's photo shoot. Josie is uneasy about kissing Brad during the photo shoot. Grant asks John how long he will have to stay in the hospital. Elaine reprimands John for telling Grant the results of his tests. Grant warns John to be careful of the people around him. Rachel gasps as the stranger, Jim Littlewolf, approaches her in the desert. Rachel is given the choice of leaving. Rachel is suspicious as to why Jim and Ken are trying to get her to go home. Ken tells Rachel that they do not have contact with anyone and that they are completely on their own.

MARCH 15, 1990 (EP. #6535)
Vicky is going to sell her apartment. Jamie is furious when he finds out that Vicky was lying about the reason she got fired. Jamie confronts Vicky, who throws him out. Jamie convinces Vicky not to sell her place yet. After celebrating with Donna and Jake, Evan tells Vicky that they're going to go out on the town and have a great time. Amanda catches Paulina looking through her closet. Jamie asks Paulina why she has been ignoring him. Paulina and Jamie officially become friends. Mikey finds Bridget unconscious and calls the operator for help. Michael comes home to find Bridget still on the floor as she slowly regains consciousness. The press comes to Michael and Donna's house after hearing what Mikey did. Amanda shows off a sexy nightgown she bought for her and Sam doesn't respond, and walks out of the bedroom. Sam goes to Mitch for advice on his marriage. Amanda visits a distant Sam at the studio. Sam slices his painting of Amanda.

MARCH 16, 1990 (EP. #6536)
John and Sharlene decide to have a baby. Sharly tells Pearl that she will leave John, and says that she will abide by the rules, which include no children. Amanda is angry when Sam tells her that he sold the painting that she wanted to see, and Sam asks Amanda for some time to work on their marriage. Evan tells Sam that Amanda doesn't love him enough to tell the truth. Vicky asks Evan if he does or doesn't care about her. Amanda bumps into Evan on her way to meet Jake, and Sam watches her. Cass decides to re-read Mitch's will and see if Ken Jordan is involved with him. Cass agrees to take the case from Mitch to find out about Ken. Frankie tells Cass that the night Mac died, he was seen arguing with another man that fits Ken's description. Rachel and Ken go to see a sunset from the cliff, and the rocks give way as Rachel begins to fall off of the cliff.

MARCH 19, 1990 (EP. #6537)
John tells Grant that all of his money will not cure his illness. Grant wants John on his case and demands to know more on his condition. Grant and John have a beer as he plans to tell Grant the results of the blood test. At The Pelican, Paulina and Stacey discuss Steven. Paulina goes to see Jamie at the hospital and is frightened when she sees Ted with John. Paulina walks in as Derek and Stacey begin to make love. Stacey questions Paulina's reliability with Steven after her sudden outbursts. Ken catches Rachel as she begins to fall off the cliff. Meanwhile, Frankie and Cass break into The Odyssey and find a folder containing desired information on Ken. Ken begins to tell Rachel of another connection with Mac when he discovers that she's asleep. Cass finds identical photos to the one that was found behind The Red Swan, and he and Frankie discover that the man in the photo with Mac is Ken.

MARCH 20, 1990 (EP. #6538)
Reuben shows Josie the photo in the newspaper of her and Brad. Matt asks to see the paper containing the photo of Josie and Brad, and is curious at why Josie is so secretive. Josie is upset with Lucas for using she and Brad for publicity. Olivia brings the tabloid picture of Brad and Josie to Matt's attention. Evan and Vicky prepare for Steven's birthday party. Vicky seems upset about Evan's business meeting with a pretty associate. Jamie asks Paulina why she disappeared after leaving him a note, and she tells him about Steven's birthday party. Vicky invites Jamie to stay for the rest of the party. Later, Jamie tells Paulina that when Rachel comes back, he wants to have another party for Steven. Amanda tries to find Sam. Meanwhile, Olivia sees that Sam is upset and offers to help. Sam tells Amanda that Evan is the reason that he didn't come home. Sam grabs Amanda in rage and demands that she tell the truth about Evan.

MARCH 21, 1990 (EP. #6539)
Mitch is surprised that Felicia is throwing an engagement party. Matt confronts Lucas about the photos. Felicia is angry with Lucas for stopping Matt and Josie's wedding. Stacey tells Lucas that the D.A. denied the plea bargain request. Iris asks Lucas if he ever married Felicia. Sam apologizes for bruising Amanda's arms, and they get ready for the party. Amanda is surprised to see Evan at the party. A furious Sam hesitates going to bed with Amanda. Vicky asks Jake if he is after Donna, which Jake denies. Jake invites Olivia to the party with him. Liz is shocked to see Olivia with Jake. Ken swings Rachel in his arms after she finds the pottery, and says that they'll go home once they find everything. Rachel hesitates as she and Ken begin to get close. Rachel is worried as Ken loads his gun for potential poachers. Rachel gets startled when Ken fires his gun. Frankie tells Cass that she knows where Rachel and Ken are. Cass gives Frankie a back rub and they kiss. Later, Cass discovers a clue with the pattern on the lampshade.

MARCH 22, 1990 (EP. #6540)
Sharlene tells John that it is the perfect time to make a baby, and the two make love. After Stacey tells Lucas that he'll have to go to trial, Sharlene confronts him about Josie. Lucas finds out where Grant Harrison is hiding. Sharly vows to get rid of Sharlene, and takes a birth control pill. The results of Grant's blood tests are in, and John tells Grant that he has a very serious blood disorder. Grant asks if it will kill him. Frankie and Cass reach some conclusions in their search, and plan to go to Arizona to find Rachel. Cass is worried about what Ken might do to Rachel. Rachel and Ken find the ceremonial bowl. Rachel asks Ken to admit to their personal moment of triumph, and he refuses. Rachel and Ken are trapped in a cave during a storm. As Ken describes cave drawings to Rachel, she runs outside. Ken and Rachel kiss after he finds her.

MARCH 23, 1990 (EP. #6541)
Jamie tells Evan he's sure of Evan's feelings for Vicky. Sam and Amanda plan a romantic weekend together. As Evan works out, Sam shows up and warns Evan to stay away from Amanda. John tells Grant that he will only live for a few years, and Grant puts on a brave face. Ted is angry that John told Grant the news, and Grant leaves. Meanwhile, Sharly tells Caroline that she doesn't want a baby. Lucas finds out where Grant is staying and meets Ted. Sharly approaches Grant while he speaks with Ted. A poacher holds a gun to Cass and Frankie, and ties them up. Frankie and Cass try to escape. After Frankie and Cass cut themselves free from the ropes, they run to find Rachel. Ken kisses Rachel. Rachel and Ken decide that now is not the time for romance. The poacher confronts Ken, who gets away from them, while Rachel hides in the cave. As the poacher approaches Rachel, she pulls back the hammer on the gun. After taking care of the poachers, Ken finds that Rachel is missing.

MARCH 26, 1990 (EP. #6542)
Donna tells Michael that they're not going to the concert together. Donna tells Jake that she doesn't want Michael to know that they're going together. Mikey walks in on Jake and Donna's embrace. Michael wants Donna to come home with him. Sharly begins to pick up Grant during the fundraiser. Grant invites Sharly to go out with him, and Sharly agrees. Lucas and Iris discuss persuading Grant. Iris meets Grant and tells him that she wants to do an expose on him for Brava. Iris tells Lucas that she will stay by him. After the avalanche, Ken tries to get to Rachel and is bitten by a scorpion. Cass and Frankie find Rachel. Ken heads off, clutching his hand in pain. Mel holds a gun to Cass, Frankie and Rachel. Cass tells Rachel that Ken may have something to do with Mac's death, and that Ken has known Mac for a long time. Mel finds an injured Ken, and the gun goes off. Ken calls out to Rachel after pushing a dead man off of him, and collapses.

MARCH 27, 1990 (EP. #6543)
Amanda tells Sam that she has to meet a computer expert at Tops. Olivia and Sam talk about Sam and Amanda's recent woes. Amanda signs with Sharon the computer expert and Evan sees the bruises on Amanda's arms. Sam calls looking for Amanda and hears that she is with Evan. Jake and Michael argue when Michael wants to take Donna home. Jake gets angry when Michael cuts in on his and Donna's dance. Jake sees Michael and Donna kiss and leaves with Olivia. Jake and Olivia console each other and kiss. Donna tells Michael that she plans to sleep alone tonight. Jamie admits to Vicky that he's jealous about Evan and they decide to have dinner together. Jamie tells Amanda that he wishes he and Vicky had tried to work out their problems. John tells Jamie that Grant left to sort out his feelings about his illness. Meanwhile, Sharly and Grant begin their night out by going to the arcade. Sharly and Grant run out of money, so they look in the wishing well. When Grant looks up, Sharly disappears. Grant is determined to find Sharly. Sharly and John begin to make love after she quickly gets home.

MARCH 28, 1990 (EP. #6544)
John is surprised to hear about Grant's positive outlook. Grant gets Elaine to reassign John to his case. John asks Sharlene to stop working, and she begs him to let her continue. John agrees to let Sharlene keep her job. Grant asks Ted to find Sharly. Sharly is determined to beat Sharlene. Josie tells Sharlene that Matt is confining her. Josie plans to screen test for Brad's new film. Matt doesn't get angry when Josie tells him about the screen test. Felicia poses as a nurse and asks Grant to let Lucas turn over state's evidence. Grant promises to think about it. Ken asks for Rachel as Jim treats him. Cass tells Rachel that Mac left her a note in The Red Swan. Rachel is angry with Mitch for keeping Mac's note from her. Ken tells Jim that he must risk his life and go to Bay City. Rachel wants Cass and Frankie to find Ken.

MARCH 29, 1990 (EP. #6545)
Lucas begins to tell Felicia incredible news, and finds out that Felicia spoke with Grant. Felicia and Lucas are puzzled when Iris tells them that she spoke with Grant Harrison. Stacey and Derek go to the Victorian parlor and find a scrapbook containing photos and clippings of Mac. Stacey is angry that Derek didn't ask permission to use the parlor. After going to the bus station with Amanda, Paulina shows up at the warehouse and asks Derek if she could stay with him for a few days. Jamie tells Vicky that he doesn't trust Evan. Later, Vicky goes over to Evan's apartment and wants to talk. Vicky is upset that Evan has been sneaking around and not telling her his problems. Sam suggests to Amanda that Evan stole her appointment book. While writing a phone number from Evan's answering machine, Vicky finds Amanda's locket. Sam is furious when Amanda's locket is returned from Evan. Sam tells Amanda that he wants to spend the evening with her and that he has a surprise for her. At the Cafe Paradise, Frankie got emotional while she and Cass celebrated Zack accepting Grant's job offer to work at the Office of Equal Opportunity in Washington. Sam slyly places Amanda's locket around her neck, as Amanda grows increasingly nervous.

MARCH 30, 1990 (EP. #6546)
Sam confirms his reservations and requests that the phone be removed from their room. Sam gives Amanda excuses to why he hasn't been attentive lately. Amanda asks Rachel if she has noticed a change in Sam. Sam forces Amanda to put on her locket as they prepare to leave. As Rachel tells Jamie that she needs to find Ken, Ken calls. Ken asks Jamie to meet him at the airport. Felicia gives Rachel the note that Mac left in The Red Swan. Ken tells Jamie that he has a letter to give to Rachel, and no one will see him again. After speaking with Cass on the phone, Rachel rushes out. Rachel gets to the airport as Ken passes out. After Grant finds out from Ted that the last name of the woman he went out with is Watts, John tells Grant that there may be some hope. Grant learns the details of his blood treatment. Meanwhile, Sharly hopes to anger John by exceeding her credit limit. John comes home and sees all the dresses that Sharlene bought. Grant finds Sharly at her apartment. Vicky tries to get Evan to admit to deeper feelings between them. Evan admits to Vicky that he cares about her, and they kiss. As Evan and Vicky are about to make love, Amanda calls and wants to see him.

APRIL 2, 1990 (EP. #6547)
John looks for Sharlene after finding her expensive clothes. Meanwhile, Grant finds Sharly at her apartment. Sharly and Grant learn more about one another, and Sharly evades Grant's other questions. Grant plans to go back to the hospital and Sharly asks him to stay all night. As Vicky and Evan get closer, Amanda calls, desperately needing to see Evan. Amanda and Evan talk about her marriage to Sam, and they kiss. Sam tries to find Amanda. Sam tries to call Evan and leaves to go to his apartment. Evan tells Amanda that Sam knows that they made love. Paulina tells Derek that she left because she was afraid that the police would find out about her past. Paulina tells Derek that Stacey probably will leave him she finds a wealthy man. Jamie and Rachel bring an ill Ken to the mansion. Rachel doesn't want Ken to leave town until she finds his connection to Mac. Rachel begins to read the letter. A delirious Ken mumbles information about Mac to Rachel.

APRIL 3, 1990 (EP. #6548)
Evan tells Amanda that Sam knows about their affair as Sam knocks on the door. Amanda is amazed that Sam didn't say anything. Amanda admits to Evan that she loves him, but she won't get involved in his life again. Sam and Amanda decide to cancel the trip. Sam tells Amanda that he will paint a portrait of the "real Amanda." Vicky waits for Evan to return from his appointment. Vicky calls Evan's apartment and then decides to go over. Vicky asks Evan what happened at his meeting and why he's putting their romantic evening off. Evan avoids answering her questions. Cass tells Felicia that he and Frankie expressed her love to each other. Felicia and Cass discuss his past loves. Cass tells Frankie that Kathleen taught him what love was. Sharly invites Grant to stay and he turns her down. Grant tells Sharly that he wants to see her again. Sharly and John argue as Grant calls her. Sharly tells John that maybe their marriage was a mistake. John meets Ann, Grant's fiancée, who's angry that the doctor treating Grant is only a resident. When Sharly transforms back into Sharlene at her new apartment, she gets confused as to what's happening to her.

APRIL 4, 1990 (EP. #6549)
Vicky has a frightening dream. After being comforted by Bridget, Vicky's determined to find out more about Evan's strange behavior. Later, Vicky's dream comes back to her as she speaks to Bridget. Amanda tells Sam that their marriage is over. Lex helps Sam identify Amanda as the woman who came out of Evan's apartment. Amanda tells Evan that she doesn't think she can live with Sam anymore. Amanda tells Evan that she has to leave, and Evan tells her that he loves her. Olivia tells Sam about a project she's working on, which ends with the lovers being killed. Michael wants Donna to spend the day with him but she can't. Jake and Donna argue about Michael just as he walks in. Michael offers to buy Jake's shares in Visions. Josie tells Matt and Reuben that Iris didn't use her for the swimsuit issue. Josie confronts Iris, who puts Josie on suspension from all her upcoming assignments. During the interview with Felicia, Josie opens some fan mail with a menacing message to her.

APRIL 5, 1990 (EP. #6550)
John asks Sharlene why she doesn't remember their argument, and then promises to be around more for her. Later, Sharlene fights her transformation into Sharly. Sharly asks Cass about no-fault divorce, and John wants to know why. Sharly runs out of the house, saying that John has embarrassed her. Outside, she says that she's late and has to hustle. Jake tells Michael that he can't buy him out of Donna's life. Michael says he wants to be there for Donna and Mikey. Jake calls Donna and tells her to get to the loft. Jake has a camera set up to interview Donna about their relationship. An attorney shows up at Michael's and says he represents Mikey's natural parents, who want to regain custody. When Stacey comes by the Cory house, Paulina calls from Derek's and says that she'll be leaving her mom's soon. As Paulina leaves, she drops a camisole. Derek distracts Stacey as he hides Pauline's camisole under the bed. Rachel locks Ken in his room and says he can't leave until he tells her everything he knows about Mac. Ken bangs on the door, and Ada asks Rachel what's going on. Ken tries to pick the lock with a pocketknife.

APRIL 6, 1990 (EP. #6551)
Vicky has an intense nightmare. After reading Marley's letter, Vicky plans a trip to L.A. Grant and Sharly begin their date. Sharly looks in Grant's wallet and discovers that he's a congressman. Meanwhile, Anne tells John to keep out of Grant's private life. John starts to do some research on psychological abnormalities. Grant tells Sharly that she's the best thing to happen to him, and they kiss. Rachel presses Ken about the information of Mac's last night. Rachel tells Amanda why she's keeping Ken in the house. Amanda asks Ken to leave. Ken tells Rachel that he will tell her all she needs to know about Mac. Amanda and Evan plan to meet as Sam listens to their conversation. Vicky warns Evan that Amanda will hurt him, and that he shouldn't come back to her when it happens. Lex tells Evan that the woman Evan was supposed to meet can't come. While waiting for Evan, Amanda hears someone walking towards her - Sam.

APRIL 9, 1990 (EP. #6552)
Sharly seems pleased after she and Grant kiss, and the two go out for the evening. Meanwhile, John seeks Dr. Craig's help with psychiatry information after reading about psychological disorders. Dr. Taylor says that Sharlene's disorder may be stress-related. Ken tells Rachel that while in the forests of Central America, Mac left him to die. Ken says that he met up with Mac years later, and how he thought he had killed Mac. After reading Mac's note, Rachel wonders why Mac wanted her to know Ken when he died. Hidden by shadows, Sam starts to approach Amanda. Amanda leaves when she realizes that Evan is not coming. Amanda returns home and Sam tries to corner Amanda with questions of her evening. After recalling her promise to Sam not to have lies between them, Amanda calls Evan's answering machine as Sam listens.

APRIL 10, 1990 (EP. #6553)
Vicky has her recurring nightmare on a plane. Vicky calls Angela to tell her that she is going to see Marley. While Marley yells on the phone, Vicky knocks on the door. Ken tells Rachel it's time for him to move on. As he leaves, Ken asks Rachel to stay at The Odyssey. After talking to Mitch about Ken's relationship to Mac, Rachel finds out that Ken has left. Mrs. Johnson asks Ken if he has been able to locate what he needs at the Corys'. Michael tells Donna that Mikey's natural parents want custody. Michael says that Mikey's natural parents may succeed if they find out that he and Donna are getting a divorce. Donna says she'll hold off on the divorce until they find out about Mikey's custody. Sam tells Amanda that if she is thinking about leaving him, to do it after his art exhibit. Caroline agrees to help Sam by telling Amanda that Evan is not a good person. Evan says Amanda is afraid to leave Sam. Amanda agrees to see Evan after Sam's art exhibit.

APRIL 11, 1990 (EP. #6554)
John and Sharlene make love on his boat. Afterwards, John tells Sharlene that she should see an analyst, and she agrees. After John and Sharlene get home, Sharlene spots John's book on psychological illnesses, and transforms into Sharly. Cass tells Donna and Michael that the Millers, Mikey's birth parents, have a court order to visit Mikey. Eve and Toby Miller explain that Mikey was kidnapped. Mikey unexpectedly comes running down the steps and sees all four of them. Cass tries to get Frankie to tell him that she loves him, but doesn't succeed. Frankie realizes what Cass was doing after he leaves. Later, Frankie has the radio on and dedicates a song. While they dance, Frankie tells Cass that she loves him. Marley is on the phone, telling someone to stop sending flowers, when Vicky arrives. Vicky tries to read the card on the flowers that Marley threw out, but Marley grabs it and tears it up. Vicky tries to convince Marley into coming back to Bay City, but has no luck.

APRIL 12, 1990 (EP. #6555)
Grant tells Ann that he is going to start making changes in his life. As Grant is about to call Sharly, John arrives and tells Grant to stay put. While Sharly waits for Grant, John makes a deal with Gant to stay for the tests. Grant says he has to make a call, but John tells him it will have to wait. Stacey comes over to Derek's for dinner and finds Paulina's camisole. Stacey jumps to the wrong conclusion and Derek asks her to leave. Derek tells Paulina to tell Stacey the truth, or he will tell the Corys himself. Sam tells Amanda that he wants to do a new portrait of her. After Sam leaves, Amanda finds a portrait of her with a slash off her face. Evan talks to Sharly, who offers him John's boat for the weekend. Sharly tells Amanda where to find Evan, and she goes to see him on John's boat. Sam comes home and tries to find Amanda. Evan tells Amanda that he can't wait all summer for her decision, and kisses her. Amanda responds.

APRIL 13, 1990 (EP. #6556)
Sharly poses as Sharlene when John brings her to the hospital, but lets Sharlene emerge when she meets with Dr. Benson. When Dr. Benson leaves her alone, Sharlene struggles as Sharly tries to emerge. Dr. Benson begins to hypnotize Sharlene. Ken and Rachel talk about their feelings. Iris asks Ken about Mac's will. Iris tells Rachel that massive amounts of money could be missing from their corporate accounts. As they leave, Paulina starts rummaging through the desk drawers and Ken spots her. After sleeping on John's boat with Amanda, Evan asks her if she is going to leave Sam for him. Amanda says she'll make her decision after Sam's show ends. John tells Sam that Evan is on his boat. Sam tells Hilda to have Amanda meet him at the loft. Amanda doesn't tell Sam where she was last night, and Sam leaves abruptly. Amanda tells Jamie that she was with Evan last night, but nothing happened. As Evan stares at the computer, someone enters and points a gun at Evan.

APRIL 16, 1990 (EP. #6557)
Sharlene is under hypnosis. Meanwhile, Grant convinces John to let him go to New York for a day. Sharlene tells Taylor the events of her life up until she met and married John. Sharlene emerges into Sharly. Later, Grant tells Sharly that he will take her to New York. Ken sees Paulina snooping through the desk. As he questions her about it, Rachel and Iris walk in. Jamie tells Paulina that he feels lucky to have her caring for Steven. Jamie tells Rachel that he will go with her to Central America. Olivia tells Amanda that she is concerned for Sam and how she is hurting him. Sam tells Olivia that he is destined to be with Amanda. In Amanda's office, the intruder knocks Evan out. Evan regains consciousness and starts to stumble out of Amanda's office, where he drops a pen with his initials on it. Later, Amanda confronts Evan about breaking into her office, and says she believes that he didn't do it.

APRIL 17, 1990 (EP. #6558)
Sharly schedules John for a double-shift on the hospital bulletin board so she can go to New York with Grant. John forces Sharly to make another appointment with Taylor. While Taylor discusses Sharly's treatment with John, Grant takes Sharly on a private plane to New York. Vicky tells Jake about the Millers. Cass tells Donna that Mikey was kidnapped by a babysitter and is really the Millers' biological son. Jake goes to see Eve to discuss Mikey when Donna shows up. Donna and Eve discuss how Mikey is a part of their lives. Cass tells Felicia that he asked Frankie to marry him. Cass discusses with Felicia how he would like to propose to Frankie. Amanda tells Iris that she thinks that Vicky is behind the break-in. Amanda accuses Vicky of being the intruder, and the two argue over the office break-in. Vicky tells Amanda that Evan and Sharon are business partners and to start accusing Evan instead of her.

APRIL 18, 1990 (EP. #6559)
Sharly tells Grant that she doesn't want to go back to Bay City ever. Sharly says she's kidding, but after Grant leaves, she asks a waiter about renting an apartment. The waiter gives Sharly a Jack of Hearts that Grant left for her. Sharly joins Grant on the plane. Amanda accuses Evan of stealing the money, which he denies. After Evan leaves, Sam tries to help Amanda find out who took the money, and suggests that Evan and Vicky were in cahoots. Vicky confesses to Evan that she told Amanda about Sharon working with Evan. Vicky accuses Evan of using her and plans to tell Rachel and Jamie everything. Derek enters after Paulina tells Stacey the truth about herself. After Paulina leaves, Derek suggests that he and Stacey live together. Derek, Stacey and Paulina celebrate at Tops. Stacey makes a call and is not pleased as she watches Derek and Paulina on the dance floor. While at another place to see if it's The Red Swan Tavern, Rachel sees a fading image of The Red Swan behind the bar. Rachel and Jamie ask a man, Raoul, about Mac, and he remembers Mac and Ken. An unidentified woman watches as Raoul tells Jamie and Rachel that he heard that Ken went to prison.

APRIL 19, 1990 (EP. #6560)
Michael tells Donna that he should move his things into her bedroom to appear as a happily married couple. Jake tells Donna that from now on, he only wants a business relationship. Donna gives Mrs. Miller a check and asks that she give up Mikey. Derek tells Paulina that she should tell Jamie the truth. Stacey and Paulina are held up by two hoods. Derek realizes that Kyle is behind the robbery and goes to find him. Ken interrupts Cass's proposal to Frankie, asking for a copy of Mac's last will. Cass tries to make everything perfect for his evening with Frankie. Cass asks Frankie to marry him, and Frankie accepts. Rachel tries to find out from Raoul why Ken went to prison. Rachel and Jamie search for the prison that Ken was held captive in. Later, Ken breaks into the law office and takes Mac's file.

APRIL 20, 1990 (EP. #6561)
Rachel wants to know why Ken was in prison, and he decides to tell her the details. Rachel realizes that the one who felt the same pain when Mac died was Ken. John tells Sharlene that Dr. Benson wants to see her regularly, and Sharly wants to find a way out. Sharly reads that Grant's fiancée will be at Tops, and decides to wait for her there. Grant wants John to try treatments that are not yet approved by the FDA. As Amanda blames Vicky for the computer theft, Sam still believes that it is Evan. Detective Hogan questions Vicky about the break-in. A furious Vicky tells Rachel to speak to Amanda. A night watchman tells Amanda that he saw Evan the night of the break-in. Evan enters. Iris discovers that the missing money found its way into Evan's account. Amanda and Iris argue about Evan. Later, Sam leaves for his trip.

APRIL 23, 1990 (EP. #6562)
Grant wants John to get the unapproved drug that can help his treatment, but John says he could lose his license if he does. Meanwhile, Sharly tells Anne that there may be another woman in Grant's life. Later, John tells Sharly that he wants her to take more tests, and he's already made an appointment for her. Stacey tells Paulina that she must tell Rachel about the false resume. Derek and Stacey settle into their place, when they're interrupted by an intruder - Kyle. Derek tells Kyle not to hang out with a gang. Later, Paulina tells Rachel about her past. Courtney tells Evan that unless he pleads guilty, he is going to jail. Evan calls Cass, needing legal representation. Cass tells Frankie that he can't, because he represents the Corys. Meanwhile, Amanda and Rachel discuss her relationship with Evan. Cass tells Amanda that he was asked to counsel Evan. Evan tells Amanda that they cannot see each other again. Later, Cass and Frankie begin to make love.

APRIL 24, 1990 (EP. #6563)
Vicky tells Courtney to check out Sharon, since she was working with Evan. Meanwhile, Evan tells Amanda that he must find Sharon before the police do. Vicky shows Amanda the napkin with the computer codes written on it. Amanda finds out that Sam was not with Mitch the night of the break-in. Evan thinks Sam is the one who hit him the night of the break-in. Boynton tells Donna that he knows of the large check that she wrote to Mrs. Miller. Michael tells Donna that in the end, they may have to let Mikey go. Sharlene is confused when John brings up Dr. Benson, and Sharly fights to emerge. Sharly finds out that a possible placebo for the "truth serum" is saline. As Sharly tries to get saline solution at the hospital, John enters.

APRIL 25, 1990 (EP. #6564)
Rachel comes back to The Odyssey to get her things. Ken and Rachel agree to remain friends. Rachel is surprised when Ken comes by the Cory house. Ken tells Rachel he's there to pick up Vicky. Josie overhears Olivia talking to Lucas about a photo shoot. Josie sabotages Olivia so she'll miss the shoot. Josie shows up at Visions and Lucas asks her to take Olivia's place. Olivia arrives and confronts Josie. Sharly tries to switch the vials. Dr. Benson tells John Sharlene's problem is neurosis, and it's treatable. Sharly is pleased when John and Dr. Benson buy her act. Grant breaks his engagement with Anne. Grant tells Sharly that he broke his engagement.

APRIL 26, 1990 (EP. #6565)
Paulina tells Stacey that she confessed to Rachel about lying. Stacey tells Derek that she doesn't trust Paulina. Paulina apologizes to Jamie for lying. Jamie tells her that she's not fired. Olivia tells Matt that Josie took over her photo shoot. Josie tells Lucas that she got another photo from her "fan." Iris asks why Josie was in the modeling shoot instead of Olivia. Matt shows up and sees Josie in Lucas's robe. Iris tells Josie that she's been cancelled from all shoots to protect her from the "fan." Ken tells Rachel that he and Vicky have a date. After discussing Sam with Rachel, Amanda finds Vicky with Ken and says they have to talk. Amanda asks Vicky not to show the police the napkin with the computer codes on it. Rachel comes face-to-face with Ken at the concert, and thinks he planned it that way. Ken moves his seat next to Rachel and they listen to some familiar music.

APRIL 27, 1990 (EP. #6566)
Evan tells Amanda that the police are coming to arrest him. Evan confesses to embezzling the money. Evan asks Amanda to cover for him and give their love a chance. Michael has Donna go with Vicky while he sees Eve. Donna gets upset when she walks in and sees Mikey and Eve together. As Jake comforts Donna, Marley is about to ring the doorbell. Paulina tells Jamie that Steven took his first step. Jamie finds out that Vicky didn't tell him that Steven had already taken his first steps before that afternoon. Jamie tells Vicky that they fight so often because they don't have anyone else in their lives. Sharlene and Frankie prepare for Emma's visit. Grant doubles over in pain when John shows up at his hotel, and refuses to stay in the hospital. Later, John looks for Sharlene, who's with Grant at The Pelican. Grant grabs his head in pain.

APRIL 30, 1990 (EP. #6567)
Sharly calls a doctor for Grant. Meanwhile, John tries to get Emma to tell him about Sharlene's past problems. Grant realizes that his condition is getting worse. Emma apologizes to Sharlene about telling John of her time in the hospital back home, and Sharlene doesn't know what she's talking about. Cass finds out that Emma checked up on him. Emma is uneasy about Cass and tells Frankie that she doesn't trust him. Caroline tells Cass that his marriage to Frankie will never work. Marley shows up as Jake comforts Donna. Marley invites Jake, Donna and Michael to dinner. Cass arrives and says that the Millers want to fight for custody of Mikey. As the police knock on the door, Evan asks Amanda to help him out with the police. Meanwhile, Olivia tells Sam that Amanda told Vicky he was responsible for the theft because he wants to make Evan look guilty. Amanda tells the police that Evan isn't responsible for the theft. Amanda tells Evan that their affair is over -- she wants Sam. Amanda tells Jamie that she'll tell Sam the truth to save her marriage.

MAY 1, 1990 (EP. #6568)
Ken asks Rachel out on a date. Ken tells Rachel that either they move forward or call their entire relationship off. Amanda tells Ken that Rachel will never love him the way she did Mac. Lucas has a crisis and needs Iris. Iris tells Rachel that Amanda is being investigated as an accessory to the thefts at Cory. Felicia walks into Iris's office to find Lucas, who invites her to lunch. Felicia and Lucas dine in Iris's office. Reuben agrees to help Josie make up with Matt. Josie walks in as Reuben and Matt meet at The Pelican. Josie tries to explain to Matt why she went to Lucas, but Matt tells Josie that she can't have it all, and that he thinks she's made her choice. Later, someone has broken into Josie's apartment, and Josie doesn't want to call the police for fear of publicity. Amanda finally tells Sam the truth about her and Evan. Sam wants to know anything else that she is keeping from him. Rachel tells Sam to forgive Amanda. Amanda tells Sam that she thinks that their marriage is really over.

MAY 2, 1990 (EP. #6569)
Iris and Mitch find out that Lucas and Felicia had a picnic last night. Iris is very upset with Lucas for having dinner with Felicia. Felicia avoids Mitch's questions about her dinner. Iris tells Felicia to stop playing games with Lucas. Josie is a little nervous when she finds out that Matt called Frankie to find out who trashed her place. Matt is annoyed with the way Josie's been acting lately. Matt finally agrees to go to Frankie and Cass's engagement party with Josie. Sharlene asks Emma to tell her more about the time she was hospitalized. While Emma is talking to Sharlene, Sharly emerges, and accuses Emma of leaving her in the hospital. Sharly learns that Grant will be receiving an award at Tops, and rushes out. Meanwhile, John asks Frankie for info about the time Sharlene was in the hospital, and Frankie only knows the hospital's name. Sharly tells Grant that after tomorrow, they can be together.

MAY 3, 1990 (EP. #6570)
Vicky tells Marley to move on with her life and not think about Jake. Marley tells Jake that their break-up was a mistake. Jake tells Marley that he never stopped loving her. Iris and Rachel cover for Amanda when Courtney questions her involvement with the theft. Vicky is determined to catch Amanda after learning that they may drop all of the theft charges. Jamie tells Vicky to leave Amanda alone. Vicky agrees, since Amanda has enough problems because of her marriage. Amanda wants to know if Sam still loves her, and he admits that he does. Amanda wonders whether things will work out between them. Evan appears as Amanda slips into the pool and says they have to talk.

MAY 4, 1990 (EP. #6571)
Sharly leaves Grant a message saying she'll be over soon. John tells Sharly that he's going over to his patient's apartment. Sharly tells Caroline she's asking John for a divorce, and invites her to Frankie and Cass's party for support. John knocks on Grant's door while Grant is there with Sharly, and leaves when there's no answer. Grant and Sharly are about to make love. When Evan tells Amanda he's not leaving without her, Jamie and Evan get into a brawl. Amanda tells Evan that she never wants to see him again. Sam overhears Vicky and Amanda talking about Evan. Later, Sam opens a drawer with a pistol inside. In the Cory library, Paulina takes out a torn photo of Mac, and fits it together with another torn photo from her pocket. As Paulina holds the pictures together, Jamie enters.

MAY 7, 1990 (EP. #6572)
Paulina hides the pieces of the photos in a book. Jamie doesn't see the photo when he flips through the book. Jamie asks Paulina to dinner to discuss plans for Steven. Amanda tells Sam that she covered for Evan, and Sam says that he knew. After Sam and Amanda make love, Sam goes to the drawer with the gun in it. Ken admits to Rachel that he was in love once. Rachel wants Ken to tell her about the time that he was in love. Sharly and Grant tell each other how much they need each other. Grant tells Anne that he's in love with another woman. Grant directs his chauffeur to the Frame farm. Sharly begins to tell John that she wants a divorce when Frankie enters with an engagement cake.

MAY 8, 1990 (EP. #6573)
Josie wants to make love to Matt, but he hears an intruder. Matt agrees to stay the night to protect Josie. Josie admits to Reuben that she made up the entire story of the deranged fan for the publicity. Felicia fantasizes about a character in her novel, and her fantasy man is Lucas. Mitch tells Felicia that the plot of her novel sounds like the love triangle between Felicia, Lucas and Mitch. Donna tells Jake that the changes in her life aren't permanent. Jake tells Donna that Marley thinks that their divorce was a mistake, and Donna says that Marley can't know about the night they made love. Grant asks his chauffeur to pull up to the Frame house. Meanwhile, John tells Sharlene that she has made him very happy, and Sharly decides she can't ask John for a divorce at that moment. Sharlene struggles to keep Sharly from emerging, but doesn't succeed. Emma overhears Sharly tell Caroline that she plans to leave John.

MAY 9, 1990 (EP. #6574)
John tries to find out if Sharly saw Dr. Benson for a sodium ambythol test. John speaks to Dr. Lamar, Sharlene's doctor, and learns that Sharlene has a mood disorder. John still feels that something's wrong. Grant tells Sharly that he has no future, so she shouldn't leave the man she's with. Sharly admits to Grant that she loves him. Stacey has news for Lucas from the District Attorney. Stacey wants to know why Lucas lied to her about the cartel information. Lucas tells Stacey that he'll find out Grant's weak spot and get him. A photographer that took pictures of Grant and Sharly gives the film to Lucas. Rachel warns Evan to stay away from Amanda. Vicky tells Amanda that she has to rehire her - she knows all about the computer set-up. Sam tells Amanda that he wants them to move back into the loft. Evan warns Amanda not to move back into the loft with Sam. Amanda goes to a sports store to pick up an item that Sam had purchased - a pistol.

MAY 10, 1990 (EP. #6575)
Donna accuses Jake of getting back at her by trying to reconcile with Marley. Jake feels that Donna is leading him on. Jake and Olivia have dinner together, and she questions him about the new woman in his life. Meanwhile, Michael confronts Donna and asks what's really keeping them apart. Vicky calls Paulina, pretending to be Jamie's secretary, and tells her that Jamie has to cancel their dinner plans. Vicky tells Jamie that she's going to France and needs him to take care of Steven. Jamie finds out that Vicky lied to Paulina, and apologizes for ruining her evening. Sam walks in as Amanda looks for the pistol. While swimming, Sam frightens Amanda when he jokingly pulls her underwater. Amanda asks Sam if he purchased a gun, and he denies it. Amanda searches for the gun receipt, but it's missing.

MAY 11, 1990 (EP. #6576)
Ken tells Rachel that she was the most important person in Mac's life. Ken admits that he has feelings for Rachel. Paulina overhears them, and knocks over a flower pot as she runs off. Ken spots Paulina, but doesn't tell Rachel. Sam reassures Amanda that he didn't buy a gun. Evan tries to warn Amanda about Sam. Sam is surprised when Amanda gets a contract that's all wrong and doesn't go down to the office to change it. Evan and Amanda are in her car, and Evan is about to pull out when he realizes the brakes aren't working. Lucas tells Josie that the attention she's been getting because of her obsessed fan is paying off - Ultra Cosmetics wants her to be their main model. Josie gets overhears Olivia tell Lucas that she doesn't think this job is going to be good for Josie. Josie gets furious with Olivia. After John and Sharly argue, she heads out to The Pelican Club and John follows her. At The Pelican, Sharly gets a couple dozen roses from Grant, and starts dancing around while John looks on. Sharly tries to get rid of John by apologizing. Grant admits to Sharly that he came to town to go to the hospital. Meanwhile, Lucas eyes light up when he sees the photos he had taken of Grant. John finds a bottle of birth control pills in Sharlene's drawer.

MAY 14, 1990 (EP. #6577)
Paulina wonders why Ken won't tell Rachel the reason that he and Mac fought. Ken reminds Paulina how hard they have worked to get where they are. Ken asks Rachel to come back to The Odyssey, and Paulina interrupts them as they start to kiss. Evan tells Amanda that someone had drained the brake fluid from her car, and he doesn't think it was an accident. Amanda is angry with Evan for thinking that Sam deliberately drained her brake fluid. Sam hints that he has a surprise for Amanda's birthday. Amanda is frightened when Rachel tells her that Sam came and towed her car away himself. Michael tells John that Sharlene may be having an affair, and John doesn't believe him. Meanwhile, Lucas asks Josie to find out who Grant's new girlfriend is. At The Pelican Club, Grant evades Josie's questions about his "girlfriend." Sharly and Josie argue about Josie seeing older men, and Sharlene emerges. Sharlene doesn't recognize Grant, and she goes home. John asks Sharlene where she got all of the expensive items.

MAY 15, 1990 (EP. #6578)
Paulina tells Ken that falling in love with Rachel can change everything for them. Ken tells Paulina that he had a difficult time convincing Rachel to keep her as the nanny. Rachel tells Paulina that it's up to Jamie and Vicky whether she can stay on as the nanny. Paulina and Rachel reminisce about Mac. John points out all of the suspicious items that he found and tells Sharlene that it all makes sense if she is having an affair. Sharlene doesn't recall getting the items, and John goes off to find some answers. John goes to The Pelican and finds out about the flowers, and that all of the regulars call her Sharly. John begs Frankie to find out the reason that Sharlene's acting so strangely. Cass tells Amanda that Sam told him to execute the power of attorney for him. Sam tells Amanda that he wants her all to himself for the evening, and tells her he got rid of her car and bought her a new one for her birthday. Amanda tells Sam she spoke with Cass. Sam explains that he should have some legal power should something happen to Amanda.

MAY 16, 1990 (EP. #6579)
Michael tells Donna that wants to start over. Donna warns Marley about Jake. Marley invites Jake to dinner while she baby-sits for Mikey. Donna and Michael find out that Marley planned a surprise evening for the two of them. Marley gets a frightening telegram while waiting for Jake. During a photo shoot, Al Roker comes to do a story on Josie's obsessive fan. The producer calls off the shoot off because of negative publicity. The producer for Brad Stone's film wants to see Josie again. Derek and Stacey argue when he wants to go camping, and she wants to go to Amanda's party instead. Cass tells Stacey that she and Derek are not a perfect match. Derek accuses Stacey of using him just for someone to go to bed with. Frankie tells John that she doesn't want to follow Sharlene, and says Sharlene would never have an affair. Grant tells Sharly to cancel work and go out with him. John tells Jamie that he's having difficulty getting that new drug to treat Grant. Grant invites John to dinner so that he can meet Sharly.

MAY 17, 1990 (EP. #6580)
Paulina tells Ken that she's almost been caught searching through Mac's private things, and she wants to tell Rachel the truth. After Ken and Rachel go on a picnic, they kiss. Vicky reads Marley's telegram and wants to know if Marley's in trouble. Marley tells Vicky that she wants to start over with Jake. Marley asks Jake to stay for dinner, and the two kiss. Jake leaves, fearing that he's setting himself up again to get hurt. Michael and Donna realize that Marley set them up for a romantic dinner for two. Donna gets closer to Michael as their evening progresses. Michael and Donna are dancing and he passionately kisses her. Derek tells Stacey that their relationship is over. Jamie tells Stacey that he's missed their talks. Stacey tells Jamie that her relationship with Derek may be ending. Grant wants John and his wife to join him for dinner with him and Sharly, but John can't make it. Grant tells Sharly he won't make love to her until the other man in her life is gone, and Sharly promises to be his tomorrow night. John finds a bottle of sodium amytal hidden in the kitchen.

MAY 18, 1990 (EP. #6581)
Sam is on the phone, planning a surprise for Amanda. Evan tries to warn Amanda about Sam. Amanda overhears Stacey telling Sam that he has Power of Attorney and his family is set for life. Evan, posing as Sam, picks up a document from some businessman. Paulina is all dressed up for Amanda's birthday party, and is devastated when Rachel asks her to fill in for Hilda and serve the party. Paulina tells Ken that she is going to tell the Corys everything right now. Marley tells Jake that she wants to give their relationship another try. Jake tells Marley that he's not ready to let her back in his life. Marley confirms her plans to go to Nice, France and leaves a letter for Vicky. Jake barges into Donna's suite and confronts her with why she told Marley that he's no good for her. Sharlene flashes back to her wedding day, and recalls herself fighting back Sharly. John tells Michael that he thinks Sharlene has a split personality. John confronts Sharlene about her switching the vials with the medication, and Sharlene pleads for help. John comforts Sharlene when Sharly emerges. Sharly tries to cover, but John sees right through it.

MAY 21, 1990 (EP. #6582)
Donna and Jake are talking about sleeping together, and Jamie shows up. Donna asks Jake for the tape where she talks about their relationship. Jake tells Donna he's keeping the tape for "insurance," and that he made it so she can see how right they are for each other. Jamie tells Vicky that he saw Jake over at Donna's, and Vicky tells Jake not to lay a hand on Donna. Amanda tries to convince Rachel that Sam wants to hurt her. Amanda faints in Sam's arms after opening a gift of a China Doll with a broken face, meant for Josie. Sam gives Amanda a sedative, and tells her that Jamie prescribed it. John finally meets Sharly, who tells John of the physical abuse that she received as a child, and confesses to spending all of John's money. John tells Sharly that he will not give up until Sharlene is in control. As Sharlene emerges, John wants to introduce her to Sharly. Paulina tells Ken that she wants the Corys to know that Mac is her father. Ken tells her that nobody will believe her. Paulina says she won't tell the Corys until she has more proof. Paulina finds Mac's will.

MAY 22, 1990 (EP. #6583)
John tells Sharlene about Sharly. Sharlene is shocked as she listens to the tape that John made of Sharly, and cries in John's arms. Sharlene tells John that she's worried that Sharly will win. Grant calls Sharly and tells her that he can't live without her. Matt tells Felicia and Mitch that he's not leaving Josie's side until the stalker is caught. Felicia tries to make Josie see that Matt is giving up his life for Josie, and says Matt may leave her if she doesn't start thinking about his feelings. Sam tries to get Amanda to drink milk with a sedative, but when Alli reaches for the glass of milk, Amanda knocks it out of her hands. Posing as Sam, Evan sends documents naming Sam as sole beneficiary to Amanda. Caroline tells Evan that he doesn't love Amanda -- he wants to possess her. Paulina tells Ken that she found Mac's will and now she has all the proof she needs to tell Rachel. Paulina is about to tell Rachel and Amanda, but doesn't get the chance. Paulina vows that soon everyone will know how much Mac loved her too.

MAY 23, 1990 (EP. #6584)
Paulina tells Ken of that she wants the Cory family to be happy that she is Mac's daughter. Ken asks Paulina to wait a while before telling the Corys her identity. As Sam hovers over Amanda's bedside, Evan calls and demands to talk to Amanda. Sam goes to a meeting with Caroline, and tells her to give him one more week for his show and his problems will be over. Evan shows up looking for Amanda. Amanda is shocked to see an insurance policy on her life, delivered by Evan. Cass finds out that Frankie made a bid on the house. Cass forgives Frankie for not telling him about the bid on the house. Frankie finds out that Cass put in a higher bid and bought the house for her. An angry Jake wants to find Marley. Meanwhile, Jamie arrives at the hotel in the south of France where Marley is staying, and they just miss one another. Donna tells Jake to let Marley get over him as he boards a plane to Paris. Jamie sees Marley dancing with a man on the terrace and thinks that it's Vicky.

MAY 24, 1990 (EP. #6585)
Jamie is shocked to see Marley in France. Jamie spots Marley at a party, but she disappears before he can get her. Jamie sees Marley getting kissed on the neck from Phillipe. Marley rejects Phillipe and goes back into the hotel, upset. Sharlene calls a bus station, and then writes John a farewell letter. Sharlene is on the bus, reminiscing about her good times with John. John reads the last lines of Sharlene's letter when Sharlene returns, saying that she loves John and will never leave him. Sam tells Matt that he has a big surprise for Amanda. Amanda tells Evan about the insurance policy. Evan plays dumb and says he will protect her from Sam. Evan pays an insurance man for saying that Sam took out the policy on Amanda. Amanda pleads with Matt to tell her about Sam's surprise. Matt tells Amanda that Sam is planning a tour of Lake Michigan for her on Jamie's boat. Vicky asks Donna if she changed Jake's feelings about seeing Marley. Vicky asks Donna if she's sleeping with Jake, and Donna says she hasn't. Jake watches the tape that Donna wanted. Vicky sees Donna on the tape.

MAY 25, 1990 (EP. #6586)
Ken tells Paulina that she should tell Rachel that she's Mac's daughter, but that the Corys must not know that he brought her to Bay City. Rachel sees Paulina in her bedroom, looking at Mac's photo, and angrily demands to know why she's there. John gives Sharlene a sleeping pill and leaves to visit Grant, not realizing that Sharly has emerged. Sharly calls Grant and tells him that she's coming to see him. John comes home to find that Sharlene has left. Sharly looks at Grant's bottle of medicine and sees that John is his doctor. Vicky watches the tape on which Donna and Jake admit to their affair, and starts to hit Jake. While Jake and Vicky talk about his feelings for Donna, Michael and Donna spend the evening together. Michael and Donna kiss. Vicky arrives, wanting to talk to Donna. Michael wants to know what Vicky has to say.

MAY 28, 1990 (EP. #6587)
Jamie sees Marley arguing with Phillipe. Marley and Jamie decide to go sightseeing. Jamie and Marley discuss the reasons that they are in France. Michael and Donna share a passionate night together. Vicky tells Donna that she knows of the affair. Donna begs Vicky not to tell anyone. Vicky tells Donna that she will regret what she has done. Rachel accuses Paulina of trying to steal from her bedroom, and wants to know what she's doing there. Ken tries to dissuade Paulina from telling the Corys that she's one of them. Rachel tells Paulina that she's on probation. Grant collapses and is taken to the emergency room. John tells Taylor that Grant's condition doesn't look good. Sharly comforts Grant, telling him they'll fight his illness together. Sharly leaves Grant's room as John calls to her.

MAY 29, 1990 (EP. #6588)
Frankie shows Cass how much he loves her through cards. Frankie and Cass discuss a July fourth wedding. Frankie wants to live separately until the wedding. John sees Sharly coming out of Grant's room and convinces her to have a session with Taylor. During the session, Sharlene emerges, frightened. Later, John wants to know why Sharly was at the hospital. Amanda tells Evan that Sam wants to take her out on a boat on Lake Michigan. After Evan speaks to a detective, he convinces Amanda to stay with Sam until a P.I. can get evidence that Sam is trying to hurt her. Amanda asks Cass what would happen if she got a divorce. Amanda is upset when Sam tells her that he cancelled all of the week's appointments. Sam finds the pamphlet on divorce.

MAY 30, 1990 (EP. #6589)
Ken apologizes to Rachel for interfering about Paulina. Ken wants to take Rachel out and surprise her. Paulina tells Ken that she's frustrated and wants to tell Rachel the entire story. Vicky sees Donna crying in Jake's arms, and confronts her. Meanwhile, Eve finds out that Donna wasn't telling the truth about Mikey being ill. Michael speaks to Donna about lying to Eve, and she apologizes. Vicky warns Jake not to get in the way of her parents' marriage. Jamie sees Phillipe bothering Marley and tells him to leave her alone. Marley tells Jamie that she can take care of herself. When Jamie and Marley discuss Jake, Marley gets upset and leaves.

MAY 31, 1990 (EP. #6590)
Sam tells Amanda that he he's packed all her things, and they should move back to the loft. At the loft, Amanda tries to call Evan. Sam asks Amanda about the divorce brochure, and she admits that she thinks it's the only way to deal with their situation. Ken has a special dinner for Rachel in the Victorian parlor. Rachel asks Ken if he's after her. Ken kisses Rachel and Rachel pulls away. Rachel tells Ken she needs to be alone, and leaves. Iris walks in as Josie and Lucas run her lines for her screen. Iris tells Josie that once she and Lucas get married, Josie won't be welcome to come over anytime she wants. Iris tells Lucas that Josie is coming on to him. Sharlene tells John that she's going to get rid of Sharly. Sharlene wants to take everything away from Sharly, and quits her job at The Pelican. After refusing to let Josie have Sharly's old clothes, Sharlene asks John how she's going to tell Josie about the situation. Later, Sharlene asks John if he could take it if Sharly turned out to be a whore.

JUNE 1, 1990 (EP. #6591)
Ken asks Rachel if she has romantic feelings for him. Rachel tells Ken that she isn't ready for a relationship. Paulina tries to comfort Rachel, who feels it's not her concern. Paulina reveals that she is Mac's daughter. Evan realizes that his plan is working. Amanda faints after seeing the gun, and Sam realizes that she thinks he's trying to kill her. Evan bursts in, and he and Sam fight. Jamie invites Marley to dinner as she receives a phone call from Jake. Marley asks Jake to meet her in France, but Jake says he can't leave Visions. A drunk Marley heads toward the sea. Jamie sees that Marley is having trouble in the water, and runs toward the beach.

JUNE 4, 1990 (EP. #6592)
Rachel doesn't believe Paulina when she tells her she's Mac's daughter. Paulina shows Rachel half of a torn photo, saying believes Rachel has the other half. Paulina tells Ken that she has just told Rachel, and Ken pretends he doesn't know anything about Paulina's claims. During Evan and Sam's struggle, Evan gets pushed down the elevator shaft. Evan is taken to the emergency room, and Amanda rushes to his side. Sam gives the police the details of the accident, but Amanda interrupts and wants to tell everyone exactly what had happened. Jamie desperately tries to save a struggling Marley in the ocean. Jamie pulls Marley to the shore. Marley tells Jamie that she ran into the water to be impulsive. Marley and Jamie kiss. Jamie pulls back from the kiss and they walk away. Later, Jamie returns to the beach to recover Marley's champagne bottle. Jamie looks toward Marley's window.

JUNE 5, 1990 (EP. #6593)
Al tells Grant that Sharly and her husband came to tell him that she's quitting her job at The Pelican. Meanwhile, John finds out that his job is on the line because he has put his family before his career. Grant asks Ted to track down Sharly for him. Paulina accuses Ken of fixing it so that her own family can't stand her. Paulina wants to give Mac's will to Rachel, but Ken says no. After Rachel acts coldly to her, Paulina runs out of the house. Amanda tells the detective that Sam and Evan were fighting over her. Amanda tells Courtney that she was afraid of Sam because he never forgave her for her affair with Evan. Sam tells Courtney that Evan accidentally fell. Evan goes into a coma.

JUNE 6, 1990 (EP. #6594)
Mitch prepares to leave for Africa to photograph endangered species. Felicia and Mitch tell Rachel that he will be leaving for Africa. Matt tells Mitch that he'll miss him and that he still misses Mac. Vicky interviews Grant, trying to get info on the new woman in his life. Sharly enters as Vicky leaves and gets jealous, wanting to know why Grant was with Vicky. Grant tells Sharly that he didn't think she that she was married. Sharly wants Grant to take her away. Grant wants to leave tonight. Marley apologizes to Jamie for her drunken behavior the night before. Jamie invites Marley for an afternoon out. Jamie and Marley enjoy the day in France, and their attraction for each other grows. Paulina reads Derek the letter written by her mother. Meanwhile, Ken tells Rachel that the woman in the photo is Maria. Paulina refuses to give Mac's will to Ken, thinking he just wants it to prevent her from proving her identity. Later, Ken sneaks into Rachel's closet and puts the will back in Mac's suit pocket.

JUNE 7, 1990 (EP. #6595)
Jamie and Marley decide to see Dr. Hiver in person about the drug. Jamie and Marley get lost, and when they find Dr. Hiver's home, he's not there. Later, Jamie and Marley look for a place to sleep when the car won't start. Jamie and Marley arrive at the inn, but there's only one room left with one bed. Donna is furious that Stacey let Eve see Mikey, and threatens to take action against Stacey if they lose Mikey. Cass and Stacey fight because she is jeopardizing his case. Stacey goes to meet Eve Miller, who asks her for help finding a lawyer. Mitch says goodbye to Sam, Matt and Felicia. Amanda tells Courtney about the fight between Evan and Sam. Amanda confronts Sam about the gun, the insurance policy and the ripped painting. Sam denies it all. After Courtney interrogates Sam, she arrests him.

JUNE 8, 1990 (EP. #6596)
Marley and Jamie discuss who's going to sleep in the one bed. Marley and Jamie talk, and then have dinner in the hotel room. Later, Marley and Jamie dance on the balcony. Rachel and Ken talk about Paulina. Rachel tells Ken she thinks that Paulina is a fake. Vicky hires Paulina to take care of her son. Ken is furious that Paulina is moving in with Vicky, and Rachel is livid with Vicky. Rachel thinks that someone is helping Paulina with her plan. John finds out from Dr. Benson that Sharlene is still missing. Meanwhile, Grant and Sharly leave on a trip to New Orleans. Sharlene emerges while Grant is making a call, and returns to John. Grant finds out that Sharly left the airport. Courtney reads Sam his rights, and charges him with assault with a deadly weapon. Amanda finds out that Sam was arrested, and arrives at the detective's office as Sam is being taken away. Amanda reads the power of attorney papers and is sceptical when she sees two different signatures from Sam. Meanwhile, the alarm on Evan's heart monitor goes off.

JUNE 11, 1990 (EP. #6597)
Jamie and Marley dance closer. Marley and Jamie start to kiss again but Jamie has to go help an injured child. Marley and Jamie get in the bed together. Jamie can't take it and decides to sleep on the chair. Meanwhile, Vicky and Jake try to call Marley in France. Both Jamie and Marley feign sleep. Grant tries to find Sharly as John and Sharlene enter the airport to find who Sharly was meeting. Sharlene and John find Sharly's flight bag, containing keys with an address on them. Grant looks for Sharly at her apartment, and Pearl says she hasn't seen her. Later, Sharlene and John go into Sharly's apartment and look around. Amanda tells Sam that she has evidence to prove that he tried to kill her. Meanwhile, Evan has a heart attack, but the doctors get his heartbeat back. Olivia visits Sam in jail. Afterwards, Olivia tries to get Amanda's evidence at Sam's loft as Sam comes in. Sam finds out that Olivia posted bail for him. Later, Evan comes out of the coma.

JUNE 12, 1990 (EP. #6598)
Matt finds Josie's scrapbook. Josie sends another package from the crazy fan to herself. Josie goes to see Lucas, and the package that she mailed earlier from the fan arrives. Later, Matt finds Josie's things that she uses to make the phoney fan mail. Josie shows Matt the photo she received from the sick fan. Cass coaches Vicky, Michael and Donna about how to act while the Millers' attorney questions them. Stacey tells Cass that she is quitting the firm to represent Eve Miller. Donna, Vicky and Michael are upset with Stacey when they hear the news. Stacey tells Eve Miller that she will represent her. Vicky and Donna decide to get incriminating photos of Eve. Marley and Jamie are in the hotel room. The car is fixed and Jamie has a flight back to the states. Jamie and Marley decide to take one last sightseeing trip before Jamie goes back. Jamie and Marley look at a waterfall, and the two play together in it.

JUNE 13, 1990 (EP. #6599)
Vicky questions Evan in the hospital room, and tells him that she is going to have a party. Amanda asks Evan if Sam pushed him into the elevator shaft. Evan covers up when Amanda asks him about Sam's signature on the insurance policy. Amanda wants to know why Evan apologized while he was unconscious. Rachel tells Cass about Paulina claiming to be Mac Cory's daughter, and they decide to check on her background. Meanwhile, Ken preps Paulina by asking her questions in order for her to handle to Corys. Later, Paulina goes to Mac Cory's grave, and cries because she found out who her father was when it was too late. Matt confronts Josie with the evidence that he found. Josie tries to explain why she sent the fake fan mail, but Matt leaves her. Reuben tells Josie that she was really stupid to choose her career over her life. Jamie and Marley are in each other's arms in the waterfall. Jamie says that he can stay one more day. Later, Vicky calls and wants to know where Marley has been. Jamie tells Marley to meet him in the lobby so they can go out on the town for the last time.

JUNE 14, 1990 (EP. #6600)
Sharlene tells Emma about her multiple personality disorder, but is interrupted by Josie. Sharlene looks at a picture of Josie and Sharly emerges. Sharly storms out the door. Sharly goes to her apartment and is shocked to find that her things are gone. Pearl tells Sharly that Grant was looking for her, and Sharly vows not to let Sharlene win. Iris has the family over because it has been one year since Mac died. Ken calls Paulina and tells her to drop by Iris's penthouse. Paulina announces at Iris's that Mac Cory was her father, and nobody believes her. Later, Rachel and Ken discover that all of Mac's things are gone. Jamie telephones Marley from the lobby. Marley does not answer. Marley exits the hotel without Jamie seeing her. Jamie walks down the beach, thinking of Marley. Meanwhile, Marley enters a church and begins to write. Jamie gets Marley's note that says for him to go back without her.

JUNE 15, 1990 (EP. #6601)
Ada tells Ken and Rachel that she put Mac's things in the garage. Ken wants Rachel to go through them but Rachel doesn't want to. Cass tells Rachel that Ken might be Paulina's middleman. Rachel remembers a document Mac had, but doesn't know what it was. Meanwhile, Ken tells Paulina that Rachel didn't find the codicil to Mac's will. Ken and Paulina are out in the garage going through Mac's things when Rachel and Matt arrive. Rachel finds the codicil. Cass says that they are going to charge Sam with attempted murder. Sam asks Evan what he is going to tell the police. The insurance man tells Evan that he is not going to lie to the police. After the insurance man hides from Amanda, Evan gives him a check and tells him to lie for him. Amanda and Sam go to talk to Evan to get everything settled. Evan says that he has something to say in front of everyone. Grant is the first to arrive at Vicky's party. Ted tells Sharly that Grant is no longer interested in her. Sharly finds out that Grant is over at Vicky's. Grant leaves Vicky's party. Sharly is outside waiting for him. Grant does not want to talk to her. Grant wants to know the whole truth from Sharly. Sharlene emerges and realizes that she had been with someone.

JUNE 18, 1990 (EP. #6602)
Vicky asks Jamie about his time spent with Marley in Nice. Meanwhile, Marley receives flowers from Jamie. Jake asks Marley to come home. Jake tells Jamie and Vicky that Marley is coming home. Evan tells the D.A. that Sam is innocent, and that he was not pushed. Sam tells Amanda that Evan is trying to cover himself. Evan tells Amanda that he told the truth for her. Olivia tells Evan that she is onto him. Later, Sam tells Olivia that he's leaving town. Ken and Paulina hide as Rachel looks at the codicil. Cass comes over to look at it. Rachel gathers everyone to hear Cass read the codicil. Rachel tells everyone that she's going to have the codicil investigated further before reading. Rachel tells Ken that she is leaving for a few days. Rachel leaves for Central America.

JUNE 19, 1990 (EP. #6603)
Emma asks Sharlene if she has been cheating on John. Sharlene says that she remembers a little of what Sharly did, and rushes out. Dr. Benson tells Sharlene that she shouldn't fight Sharly. After Sharly emerges, she intercepts a letter for John with Grant's name on it. Sharly runs into Grant and says that they're going to go to France, cure his disease, and never come back. Iris and Felicia clash over Felicia's new book. Iris asks Lucas to break into Cass's safe and get the codicil to Mac's will. A furious Lucas says no. Lucas asks Felicia why Iris can't be more like her. Sam tells Amanda that he's leaving town, she broke his heart, and that he wants a divorce. Sam tells Evan that he'll get him back for setting him up. Emma asks Evan if he really set Sam up. Later, Evan tells Amanda that he loves her. Olivia catches Sam at the airport and tells him that she'll wait for him. Sam leaves.

JUNE 20, 1990 (EP. #6604)
Emma tells Cass and Frankie that they have to postpone their wedding because Sharlene could be hospitalized because of her nerves. Cass finds a photo of a couple from 1890 in a loose floorboard at their house-to-be. Frankie tells Cass that the photo is a sign that they should get married as planned and in the house. Donna tells Vicky not to tell anyone about she and Jake. Donna and Vicky discuss the private eye that they hired to watch Eve Miller. Eve Miller tells Stacey about being visited by Jake. Later, Donna receives a photo from the private eye revealing Eve Miller in a sexy outfit. It says she works at Sassy's. Jamie races to meet Marley at the airport. Jake greets Marley at the airport with flowers. Jake says that he's glad that Marley is back. Jamie watches them unseen in the airport. Jake tells Donna that he doesn't care what she thinks about he and Marley, and asks Marley to dinner in front of Donna. Marley arrives at Vicky's. Marley and Jamie both have flashbacks of their time spent together.

JUNE 21, 1990 (EP. #6605)
Iris demands that Cass read the codicil, but Cass says he won't. Ken tells Paulina to let him take care of the plan because she keeps screwing it up. Ken and Paulina talk about what to do about the codicil. Meanwhile, Iris asks Derek about Paulina. Cass and Frankie enter Sassy's as Ken talks to Paulina. Cass notices the glass with lipstick on it at Ken's table, and thinks that it's pretty coincidental that Paulina and Ken are in the same place at the same time. Donna shows Cass the picture of Eve Miller in the skimpy outfit. Donna tells Michael that she hired a P.I. to follow Eve, and shows him the picture. Michael tells Donna that the picture might not mean anything. Donna is worried about what might be revealed if Eve were to hire a P.I. Sharly is trying to leave to meet Grant. John catches her, and brings Sharlene back. Grant asks to see John, and they discuss Dr. Hiver's treatment. Sharly emerges while Emma keeps an eye on Sharlene. Sharly tricks Emma and leaves. John returns and finds Sharly has gone. Grant and Sharly decide to leave for France.

JUNE 22, 1990 (EP. #6606)
Marley asks Vicky if she could go back with Jamie. Vicky asks Marley what she and Jamie did in France. Vicky wonders what changed Marley. Jake goes to Vicky's to meet Marley. Jamie arrives and needs to see Marley also. Jamie tells Marley that he just had to see her to talk about their feelings for each other. Olivia has evidence that will clear Sam Fowler. Jamie tells Amanda not to get involved with Evan. Evan goes to Sam and Amanda's loft to get the evidence, and gets caught by the super. Evan calls Amanda, asking her to tell her super that it's okay for him to be there. Amanda catches Evan searching for the evidence, and discovers that it's gone. Olivia locks the evidence in a locker. Emma tells John that she thinks Sharly has gone to another man. Grant books two seats to Paris for Sharly and himself. John searches for Sharlene/Sharly. Jamie asks Marley to translate Dr. Hiver's telegram, which says Grant's been accepted into his program. Jamie gets hold of John and tells him that he gave the forms that Grant needs to Sharlene. John heads out to Grant's, and sees Grant and Sharly in bed.

JUNE 25, 1990 (EP. #6607)
Frankie looks at the wedding photo of the couple from 1890 and wants to get married in period costumes. Frankie tells Felicia that she can't marry Cass. Cass accidentally breaks a bottle and exclaims that it's a sign that he can't marry Frankie. Felicia sits Frankie and Cass down and makes them admit that they want to marry each other. Jake tells Vicky that he wants to get back together with Marley. Vicky asks Jake what he's going to do when Marley finds out that he slept with Donna. Donna tells Jake to destroy the tape tonight. Marley tells Jamie that she doesn't want to be with him. Jamie asks Marley if she feels this way only because of what Vicky would think. Jake invites Marley to dinner. Marley asks Vicky if she's still in love with Jamie. John tells Grant that Sharlene/Sharly is his wife. Sharlene emerges and goes into shock. John takes her to see Dr. Benson. John tries to explain to Grant about Sharlene's disorder. John tells Grant that he has to fly to France tonight to be considered for Dr. Hiver's program. Grant gives the consent forms to John to give to the courier.

JUNE 26, 1990 (EP. #6608)
Amanda tells Evan that she feels really strange about the whole Sam ordeal. Evan tells Emma that he wants to bring Amanda to the wedding. Olivia defends Sam to Amanda. Amanda says that since Sam took the evidence, he must be guilty. Josie comes back from an all night party. Olivia tells Josie that the people that she's hanging around with are not good for her. Matt and Olivia enter Tops as Sean is kissing Josie. Josie finds a note on her plate that says someone is watching her. Emma takes Josie to see Sharlene. Someone watches Josie. Paulina wants to take a blood test to prove that she's Mac's daughter. Iris gets Rachel's number from Cass, and gives it to Ken so he can try to get her back to Bay City. Paulina takes the blood test and learns she is the same blood type as Mac. Jamie tells Paulina she'll have to take more tests to prove that she's Mac's daughter. Ken tells Paulina that Rachel went to San Cristobal to check out Paulina's story.

JUNE 27, 1990 (EP. #6609)
Vicky asks Marley to baby-sit for Steven at the Cory Mansion. Vicky asks Tucker about himself. Jamie sees Marley in the pool, and Marley explains why she's there. Vicky tells Tucker to leave. Marley tells Jamie that Vicky isn't over him yet. Lucas accuses Grant of running around with a bimbo. Lucas shows Ted the picture of Grant and Sharly together. Lucas calls to get the photo enlarged. Josie and Emma go to see Sharlene. Someone watches Josie. The stalker grabs Josie. Dr. Benson tells John that Sharlene is awake and can see her. Sharlene tells John that she can't be with him. John tells Sharlene that Grant is in love with Sharly. Grant wants to see Sharlene but Dr. Benson doesn't think it's a good idea. Grant tells John that he is in love with Sharly. Sharlene asks Dr. Benson to commit her.

JUNE 28, 1990 (EP. #6610)
Iris asks Jake for the promotional tape. Marley accidentally switches tapes and gives her the tape of Jake and Donna. Iris says that she's going to have to promotional tape copied. Marley tells Jake that she gave Iris the wrong tape. Sean grabs Josie and says he's not going to hurt her. Josie trips him and escapes. Josie tells Matt about the fan but he doesn't believe her. Josie returns to her apartment and finds Sean there, who tells her he's going to take her away. Josie breaks free and runs into Lucas at the door. After Seas runs past Lucas, Josie tells Lucas what happened. Sharlene asks to see Grant. Sharlene asks Grant if they made love. Grant tells Sharlene all about the times he spent with her, and tells her that he loves her. Sharlene tells John that she cannot go back home. Grant asks Dr. Benson to see Sharlene again but she won't let him. Grant watches John and Sharlene leave for the institution.

JUNE 29, 1990 (EP. #6611)
Jake rushes out to get the tape back from Iris. Donna and Jake have to wait for the tape to be duplicated before they can get it back. Meanwhile, Michael arrives for the tape screening. Jake and Donna find the master tape but the clerk says that 20 duplicates already went out. As Iris reaches to push the play button, Jake and Donna burst into the room. Sharlene is admitted at the institution. Sharly emerges and says that she is going to escape. Sharly calls Grant and asks him to break her out. Grant arrives, and Sharly tries to talk him into helping her leave.