JULY 2, 1990 (EP. #6612)
Jake and Donna succeed in getting the right tape in the machine and gathering the extras. Donna announces that she and Jake are going to dissolve their partnership. Donna and Jake burn the rest of the tapes while Reuben watches, unseen. Lucas tells Iris that he has a copy of the tape, and he'll look at it to see what he missed at the presentation. Marley tells Jake that she has never felt closer to him, but Jake wants to be alone. Josie asks Lucas to speak to Matt about the real crazy fan being after her, but Lucas tells her to talk to Matt herself. Matt turns down Josie's attempt to make up with him. Sean comes up behind Josie and says he's going to take her away. Josie calls to Matt, and he and Sean fight. Josie thinks that Matt wants to get back together with her because of Sean, but he doesn't. Grant decides not to take Sharly out of the hospital. Sharly is furious with John for being locked up. Grant said that he is going to get another psychologist, Dr. Greenberg, to see Sharly. Grant and John decide that Sharlene/Sharly will have to choose between them.

JULY 3, 1990 (EP. #6613)
Marley asks Donna why she dissolved the partnership with Jake. Frankie tells Cass that the P.I. said that Eve left Mikey to go to a bar. Stacey questions Vicky about Donna's relationship with Jake. Reuben tells Stacey that he saw Donna and Jake destroying videotapes. Jake asks Jamie about what he and Marley talked about in France. Jamie tells Marley that sometimes he wishes they never left France. Jamie invites Marley and Vicky to a party. Marley calls Jake and asks him to come with her. Jake tells Donna that he's going to do everything to get Marley back. Ken meets Rachel at The Red Swan Tavern. Rachel tells Ken that she is meeting a woman who knew Maria. Rosa, who already knows Ken, enters. Rosa tells Rachel and Ken that she isn't sure if Maria's baby was a boy or a girl. Rachel learns that a baby was born to Maria eight months after Mac and Ken left. Ken asks Rachel to just take off and travel around the world together.

JULY 4, 1990: Pre-empted for coverage of the Wimbledon Tennis Quarterfinals.

JULY 5, 1990 (EP. #6614)
Angel tells Rachel to follow him because Maria is alive. Rachel struggles with Miguel as he tries to rob her. Ken frees Rachel. Rachel tells Ken that she's going to go home and read the codicil, and she wants him to be there. Marley tells Jake that she is his new partner. Marley tries to get Jake to take the check, but he won't. Jamie tells Marley that he wants to be with her and that he thinks she feels the same way, but Marley pulls away from him. Sharlene watches a videotape of Sharly. Grant tells John that he can't leave for France because he loves Sharly. Dr. Benson tells Sharlene that she might be able to go home and be treated. Later, Sharly emerges, and another patient gives Sharly an idea on how to escape. Sharly pretends to be Sharlene and tells Dr. Benson that she would like to be treated at home. Cass tells Michael and Donna that Stacey was asking Vicky questions about them. Reuben tells Stacey what he found out from the clerk at the video duplication. Lucas tells Stacey that he has a copy of the tape he got from the board meeting.

JULY 6, 1990: Pre-empted for coverage of the Wimbledon Tennis Semifinals.

JULY 9, 1990 (EP. #6615)
Rachel calls Hilda and asks her to get everyone together for the reading of the codicil. Paulina catches Ken as he tries to break into Cass's briefcase. Ken tells Paulina that he's afraid that Rachel won't want to see him anymore if she finds out about what he did. Cass reads the codicil, which says that Mac might have fathered a daughter by Maria, and if she comes forward and Rachel believes she's Mac's daughter, she'll get part of the estate. Iris is furious when Rachel says she'll give Paulina time to prove that she's Mac's daughter. At a party by the Cory pool, Felicia tells Cass that she went through his little black book and thought that it would be fun to bring girls from his past in. Frankie is a really good sport about Felicia bringing the girls in. Frankie is happy that Cass played the field for so long, but now wants her. Stacey and Reuben try to get Lucas to leave the videotape with them. A Federal Marshall enters, before Lucas can give Stacey the tape, and places Lucas under arrest. Meanwhile, Jake tells Marley that he doesn't think that it will work for them. Lucas tells Stacey that he had a messenger deliver the tape to his hotel suite so it wouldn't be confiscated. Jake is given a subpoena to testify at the Miller vs. Hudson trial.

JULY 10, 1990 (EP. #6616)
Iris tells Rachel that she doesn't agree with her about how she's handling the codicil. Rachel tells the family that she is going to let Cass handle Paulina legally. Meanwhile, Derek tells Paulina that he's leaving Bay City, and says goodbye. Iris and Amanda try to persuade Rachel that Paulina is lying. Rachel shows Paulina the Milagro and tells her that if she can prove that she's Mac's daughter, she can have it and much more. Taylor visits John, and says that she's there if he needs a friend. John tells Taylor that he's afraid that Sharlene won't be the same woman he married even if the treatment is a success. Taylor says that Sharlene could change. Stacey asks Reuben to try and gain access to Lucas's hotel room. Cass briefs Donna and Michael before the trial. Stacey and Cass wish each other good luck. Donna and Michael arrive at the courtroom. Reuben tells Stacey that he found out where Lucas keeps the videotape. Michael shows Cass the front page of the paper and says that Stacey really did them in.

JULY 11, 1990 (EP. #6617)
Jake asks Iris to be his new business partner. Marley asks Iris to find out who printed the newspaper headline. Iris tells Marley that Stacey gave the interview to the paper. Iris says that she will think about going in with Jake. Josie asks Evan if Amanda hates her. Josie asks Amanda to talk to Matt about her. Josie asks Iris when she's going to work again. Iris tells Josie that she doesn't want anything to do with her. The custody hearing begins. Stacey questions Eve about the day Mikey was kidnapped. Stacey asks Vicky why Donna and Jake dissolved their partnership. Stacey calls Donna to the stand and asks her if she tried to bribe Eve Miller. Donna tips off the police that something is going on at Sassy's tonight. Later, Donna, Michael and Marley watch on TV that Eve has been arrested at Sassy's for prostitution.

JULY 12, 1990 (EP. #6618)
Jamie tells John that he's in danger of losing his license because of the way he handled Grant's case. Grant asks Emma about Sharlene's childhood. Taylor puts Sharlene under hypnosis, where she tells Taylor about her childhood. Lucas threatens to give the photo of Grant and the redheaded woman to the papers. Lucas gets the photo enlarged, and realizes that the woman in the photo is Sharlene. The court comes to order. Reuben has to tell the court that Eve was arrested for suspicion of prostitution. Stacey and Eve finally enter and Eve explains to the court why she was arrested. Cass calls Michael to the stand and questions him about his divorce. Cass is furious when he finds that Donna called the police about a raid. Meanwhile, Reuben distracts Lucas as Stacey gets the tape from him. Reuben and Stacey watch the tape. Stacey says this could destroy any chance that Donna had of keeping Mikey.

JULY 13, 1990 (EP. #6619)
Rachel and Amanda discuss Paulina. Meanwhile, Ken preps Paulina for her meeting with the Corys. Iris tries to hire Jake to spy on Paulina, but he refuses. Rachel asks Paulina to move back in with the Corys. Ken tells Paulina to keep her inheritance, if she gets it, because he realized that Mac didn't betray him. Ken tells Rachel that he might be leaving Bay City. Rachel tells him to stick around. Jamie and Marley wait for Dr. Hiver. Jamie talks about how wonderful it is to be a parent. Marley tells Jamie that she could never have a child. Dr. Hiver tells Jamie and Marley that the drug could become legal in the states. Stacey and Reuben finish watching the tape. Stacey says that the tape will not only win her case, but also devastate the Hudson family. Stacey tells Donna that she will play the tape in court if she doesn't give Mikey to the Millers.

JULY 16, 1990 (EP. #6620)
Grant tells John and Sharlene that the specialist he brought is here to see Sharlene. Sharlene meets Grant's specialist, Dr. McGuire. While Taylor and Dr. McGuire try to put Sharlene under hypnosis, Sharly emerges. Josie arrives and is shocked when Sharly is rude to her. Sharlene tells Josie about her disorder. Meanwhile, Lucas shows Ted the enlarged photo and says he knows the woman with Grant. Lucas says that unless the charges are dropped, he will give the story to the papers. As Sharlene tries to leave the hospital, Sharly emerges and orderlies have to control her. Donna pleads with Stacey not to show the tape. As Stacey starts to admit the videotape as evidence, Donna shouts out that Mikey belongs with the Millers. Donna tells Michael that she decided that Mikey would be better off with the Millers. Michael demands to know what Stacey said to her. Donna tells the judge that she doesn't wish to pursue the case. Everyone wonders why Donna changed her mind. Michael and Donna return home to a joyful Mikey greeting them. Donna tries to explain to Mikey that Eve is his real mother. Eve comes for Mikey.

JULY 17, 1990 (EP. #6621)
Sharly tells John that she loves Grant and wants out. Grant says that they're holding Sharly illegally and that he's going to do something about it. Ted tells Grant that Lucas will go public with the photo of him and a married woman unless Grant drops the charges. Grant tells Ted that as soon as Sharly gets better, he's going to ask her to marry him. Sharly has Amy cause a diversion, and pretends to be Sharlene as she rushes into John's arms. Sharly calls Grant and tells him that she will be at the wedding. Ted overhears this, and calls someone to tell him to be at the wedding. Ken and Rachel have a romantic dinner at an inn. Ken suggests to Rachel that they get a room upstairs. Rachel agrees to go upstairs with Ken. Rachel is nervous about being with Ken. Ken and Rachel start to get romantic, when Ken says that it's not working and leaves. Eve tells Mikey that she is his other mother. Mikey doesn't understand about going with his new parents. Donna is furious at Jake because Stacey got the tape and cost Donna her child. Donna says goodbye to Mikey and begins to cry. Vicky wonders how long Donna can keep her secret.

JULY 18, 1990 (EP. #6622)
Sharly, posing as Sharlene, pumps Frankie for information about a back entrance to her house. While Sharly writes down all of the information that she got from Frankie, Grant enters her room. Meanwhile, Taylor tells John that it's going to get worse for him and Sharlene. Sharly tells Grant to meet her at Frankie's back door. Sharly pretends to be Sharlene as she talks to John about the wedding. While Frankie fantasizes about the wedding, Cass enters with flowers. Frankie and Cass prepare for the wedding. Cass tells Stacey that he can't hold a grudge on his wedding day. Paulina tells Iris that Rachel asked her to move back in at the Cory Mansion. Iris is fuming because Paulina is moving back in with the Corys. Iris offers Jake a check to spy on Paulina. Jake asks Paulina to be his assistant at Visions. Donna tries to explain to Vicky why she gave Mikey up. Donna tells Vicky that no one will ever find out about her and Jake. Donna goes to Stacey's and wants the tape back. At the stable, Vicky and her friends plan the ride. Vicky's horse goes wild as she holds on for her life. Ryan appears and tries to grab the reins.

JULY 19, 1990 (EP. #6623)
Vicky's horse is out of control, and Ryan rescues her. Ryan soothes Vicky's sore ankle in the stable. Vicky asks Ryan why he's wearing a tux, and he tells her he's going to a wedding. Ryan kisses Vicky and then leaves. Marley goes to Stacey's office to find out what she said to Donna. Reuben enters with a man who was hit by a car. Jamie and Marley frantically try to save the hurt man. Jamie and Marley save him, and the paramedics arrive. Sharly pretends to be Sharlene while talking to John about the wedding. Taylor enters and isn't fooled. Taylor hypnotizes Sharly. Sharlene and Sharly confront each other in limbo. Taylor brings Sharly out of hypnosis. Grant calls someone and tells him that it must be kept secret that he's joining Dr. Hiver's program. Grant tells Ted that he's leaving the country with Sharly. After Grant leaves the room, Ted says he's not going to let Grant screw up everything they've worked for. Ted makes plans to kidnap Sharly.

JULY 20, 1990 (EP. #6624)
Jake tells Iris that he hired Paulina so he can spy on her. Paulina says that she won't work for Jake if he doesn't believe that she's Mac's daughter. Ken tells Rachel that he doesn't want to see her anymore unless they start sleeping together. Paulina tells Ken that she's glad that he and Rachel have broken up. Jamie and Marley decide to start a clinic in the poor section of town. Marley tells Jamie that she's trying to make things work for her and Jake. Marley asks Jake out to dinner. Frankie and Cass get ready for their wedding. Meanwhile, Ted is on the phone, saying that Sharly has to be removed from Grant's life today. Sharly, pretending to be Sharlene, arrives at Frankie's. Ryan and Eddie prepare to kidnap Sharly. Sharly gives Frankie the brooch to wear for the wedding. Grant and Sharly make plans to meet her out back. Eddie sees Frankie wearing the brooch, and thinks that's who he's supposed to kidnap. Sharly grabs Lucas's gun and tells John that she'll kill him if he doesn't let her go.

JULY 23, 1990 (EP. #6625)
Sharly has John at gunpoint and tells John that if he doesn't let her leave to meet Grant, she will kill him. John advances toward Sharly, trying to get Sharlene to appear. Sharly screams and starts to pull the trigger. Sharlene emerges and doesn't remember what happened. John tells Grant to get the hell out of there. John takes Sharlene back to the hospital. John tells Grant that Sharly tried to kill him. Sharlene tells John that the nightmare they have been having might finally be coming to an end. Frankie is dressed for the wedding. Eddie tells Ryan that he will grab the lady wearing the brooch -- Frankie. Eddie tells Frankie that she's needed out in the yard. Josie goes to see what's keeping Frankie, and tells Evan that Frankie wasn't in her room. Eddie and Ryan kidnap Frankie.

JULY 24, 1990 (EP. #6626)
Evan pays Amanda a visit in her cabin. Evan tells Amanda that he's leaving town for a while, but when he gets back, he wants to start taking her out. Ryan tells Ted that they have the girl and are heading for the hideout. Ted tells Ryan to keep her for 24 hours and then give her $50,000. Grant tells Ted that he just came from the hospital where he saw Sharly, and Ted realizes that he kidnapped the wrong girl. Ryan realizes that Frankie is the wrong girl. Frankie pleads with Ryan to let her go, but he says she has to spend the night. Cass tells the crowd that Frankie felt that it just wasn't right to get married today. The police tell Cass that Frankie just got cold feet and walked out. Cass is sure Frankie was kidnapped and is determined to find her. Later, after Frankie blows a kiss out the window, Cass feels a kiss on his cheek.

JULY 25, 1990 (EP. #6627)
Sharlene tells John that she has to see Grant. Taylor tells John that she thinks Sharlene could go home and be treated on an outpatient basis. Grant asks Sharlene if he could see her again and she says he can. John tells Sharlene not to get involved with Grant, but she says she already is. Taylor hypnotizes Sharlene, and she says that Jason has something shiny in his hand. Taylor asks her what it is and Sharlene screams. Vicky places an ad in the paper to try to get Ryan to call her. Donna spots Vicky's ad in the paper, and Vicky explains that Ryan saved her life and she wants to thank him. Vicky says that once Ryan reads the ad, he is hers. Donna tells Vicky that she shouldn't chase after a guy that she doesn't even know. Vicky asks Marley a hypothetical question about Ryan and Marley thinks she's talking about Jamie. Frankie wakes up in the barn and tries to make an escape. Ryan catches her and says that he's going to have to tie her up. Meanwhile, Cass tells Felicia that the catering truck was stolen and that there were six caterers instead of four. Felicia says that she can identify Eddie. Cass is "feeling" Frankie calling him, and pictures a horse's bridle and hay. Ryan looks at the paper and sees Vicky's ad. Frankie sees the ad and tells Ryan that she can introduce him to Vicky. Ted tells Grant that he has to do something about Lucas. Ted calls Ryan and tells him to get rid of Frankie.

JULY 26, 1990 (EP. #6628)
Ken warns Paulina to watch her step with Jake. Paulina tells Ken not to go on the diving expedition because she doesn't want to be left alone with the Corys. Paulina tells Ken that she needs him. Meanwhile, Rachel tells Iris that she's going to start working at Cory again. Iris tells Rachel that she should look after her family instead. Iris talks to Ken about Rachel. Paulina tells Rachel that she hopes she hasn't caused problems between her and Ken. Lucas shows Ted a mock newspaper of Grant and Sharly that he'll have published if Grant doesn't drop the investigation. Lucas wants Ted to show Grant the headline, but Ted says he can't until tomorrow. Lucas thinks he knows what happened to Frankie, and tells Felicia that he thinks that it was Sharlene that they tried to kidnap. Lucas says he'll handle it. Jake takes Marley out for a special evening. Jamie goes to Vicky's with flowers for Marley. Vicky tells Jamie that Marley is out on a date with Jake. Jamie and Marley fantasize about each other in France. Marley tells Jake that she's tired and wants to go home. Jake escorts Marley to the door. Marley tells Jake that they have to take it slow. Marley sees Jamie and Vicky embrace.

JULY 27, 1990 (EP. #6629)
Sharlene comes home. Sharlene goes outside for some fresh air and hears voices. Sharlene tells John that she hears voices. John and Sharlene have a picnic by a pond. Sharlene looks into the water and hears voices. Sharlene then sees something and lets out a gasp. Sharlene tells John that she's starting to remember what happened. Someone sends Olivia flowers but she can't read the name. Olivia explains to Josie that she and Matt are just friends. Amanda and Olivia fight about what Evan did to Sam. Olivia calls the flower shop and learns that Sam sent the flowers to her. Ted calls Ryan and demands that he get rid of Frankie. Meanwhile, Lucas tells Cass that he thinks that Ted Briar took Frankie. Cass, Lucas and Felicia go to see Ted, and the place is deserted. Frankie pretends to be sick and gets the phone from Ryan. Frankie attempts to leave a message for Cass, telling her where she is, and Ryan rips the phone from her hand. Cass checks his messages and hears that Frankie is okay. Cass and Felicia decide to check Huntly Estates for Frankie. As Ted arrives at the barn, Ryan hides Frankie. Ted pulls out a gun and looks for Frankie.

JULY 30, 1990 (EP. #6630)
Sharlene starts to remember about what Jason did to her as a little girl. Sharlene has a flashback from her childhood and learns that Jason had sold her to Tom, and that's why she created Sharly. Taylor tells Sharlene that soon, Sharlene will have all of Sharly's memories. Sharlene is worried about more memories that Sharly has. Rachel tells Iris to move out of her office. The attorney who drew the codicil to Mac's will tells Rachel and Iris that the codicil is authentic. Paulina and Jake enter. The attorney tells them that Mac felt that he couldn't wait any longer to make the codicil. Iris tells Jake to find out who Paulina is working with. Iris invites Rachel to dinner and then calls Ken and invites him. Cass tries to get to the Huntly Estate. Meanwhile, Ted looks for Frankie, who comes out of hiding. Ryan distracts Ted as Frankie escapes, but Ted sees her and shoots. Ryan and Ted struggle for the gun. Cass bursts in and jumps on Ted just as the gun goes off. Cass fights with Ted, and then punches Ryan in the jaw as Ted runs out. Ryan catches Ted and gets him to admit that he had been stealing funds from Grant. Two FBI agents arrest Ted. One of the FBI agents tells Ryan that the chief wants his hide. Cass and Frankie decide to elope.

JULY 31, 1990 (EP. #6631)
Matt asks Rachel what happened between her and Ken. Matt tells Rachel to be careful around Iris. Iris tells Lucas that she is going to try to get Ken and Rachel back together. Ken arrives at Iris's with a two-hour slide presentation about his latest expedition. Rachel comes in and asks Ken what he's doing at Iris's. Ken is furious with Iris for using him. Ryan calls Vicky. Vicky answers the phone just as Ryan hangs up. Rachel tells Vicky to write an article about Grant. Ryan calls Vicky again, but Bridget answers. Vicky goes to Grant's campaign headquarters and finds the newspaper headline that Lucas gave to Ted about Grant's affair. Ryan leaves a message on Grant's answering machine that Ted was arrested. Bridget tells Vicky that Ryan called. The captain tells Ryan that he should go to prison for kidnapping, and says that he's grounded. Vicky calls Ryan, who tells her that he's really busy. Vicky is left very intrigued. Frankie gives the police officer her statement. Cass says to hurry up so they can go get married. Frankie and Cass are escorted back to Bay City to get married. Reuben has a rap band do a rap for Cass and Frankie. Stacey helps Cass and Frankie find a minister. Cass and Frankie are married.

AUGUST 1, 1990 (EP. #6632)
Jamie asks Paulina what she's doing with Jake. Iris tells Jake that he has to cancel his date with Marley to follow Paulina. Paulina tells Jake she heard he's bad news, and Jake demands who told her that. Paulina tells him it was Ken. Meanwhile, Jamie runs into Marley while she waits for Jake at Tops. Marley tells Jamie that she saw him embrace Vicky, and she knows he's still in love with her. Jamie says that he and Vicky are just friends. Marley agrees to open the clinic with Jamie. Marley tells Jake about opening the clinic with Jamie, and Jake says he doesn't want her to do it because it would take up all of her time. Cass and Frankie are pronounced man and wife. Felicia makes a toast, then Cass. Cass and Frankie have everyone leave so they can go on their honeymoon. Cass carries Frankie into the bedroom, and they begin to make love. Ken tells Rachel that he'll be leaving for the dive sooner than he thought. Rachel tells Iris that she's upset with her for trying to set her and Ken up. Iris and Rachel decide to call Paulina's foster mother. Paulina begs Ken to stay in Bay City a while longer. Jamie tells Iris that he thinks Paulina's accomplice might be Ken.

AUGUST 2, 1990 (EP. #6633)
Cass gets into an argument when Frankie says she's still Frankie Frame. They decide to discuss the marriage problems as they come up. Cass and Frankie finish making love, talk a little and make love again. Cass and Frankie leave for their honeymoon. Grant learns that Ted has been arrested. Grant is furious with Ryan for arresting Ted, and asks why he didn't just tell him that Ted was stealing funds. Ryan asks Grant how he can still like Ted more than his own brother. Ryan tells Grant that he was helping Ted steal the money so he could get evidence. Sharlene starts to feel more like Sharly. Sharlene tells John and Taylor that she wants to see Grant. Sharlene tells John that she won't choose Grant over him. Grant goes to see Sharlene, and when she tosses her hair, he says it was just like Sharly used to do. Vicky bribes Grant's maid to let her in. Vicky tells Ann that she's a reporter, and gets the info she needs to write a red-hot scoop on Grant. Vicky writes her story and fantasizes about Ryan. Ryan shows up at Vicky's.

AUGUST 3, 1990 (EP. #6634)
Jake tells Donna that he doesn't want her to mess up the chances he and Marley have of getting back together. Marley tells Jamie that she doesn't want to work on the clinic after all. Jake enters and sees them together. Donna tells Michael to help her stop Jake and Marley from getting back together. Michael says no. Jake and Jamie argue about Marley working at the clinic. Marley tells them she can make her own decisions. Jake tells Jamie that he and Marley will be getting back together, but Jamie says that Marley can make her own decisions. Sharlene tells Grant that he has to fight to live. John sees her take Grant's hand. As John watches, Sharlene asks Grant to tell her more about his relationship with Sharly. Sharlene asks John what he thought about she and Grant being together. Sharlene suddenly starts to act like Sharly and races off, but tells John that she'll be right back. John goes upstairs and sees that the bedroom is lit with candles and Sharlene is in a negligee. Grant is alone, fantasizing about Sharly. Ryan asks Vicky to go to Tops for dinner. Vicky meets Ryan at the restaurant, and asks him to tell her about himself Vicky is insulted when Ryan calls her needy. Vicky tells him that the article she wrote will blow a major political figure's career out of the water. Vicky pours cognac all over Ryan's head. Ryan throws Vicky over his shoulder and heads for the terrace.

AUGUST 6, 1990 (EP. #6635)
Grant tells Lucas and Felicia that Ted kidnapped Frankie because Lucas was threatening to publish that Grant was in love with Sharlene. Grant says that Lucas is going to jail for a long time. Lucas tries to explain to Felicia, but Felicia tells him to get out of her life. Ryan starts to hold Vicky over the edge of the terrace. Vicky finally learns Ryan's name and he puts her down. Ryan asks to take Vicky home but she says that she never wants to see him again. Vicky agrees to let Ryan take her home. Ryan asks for an apology, and Vicky says that he'll never get anything from her and slams the door. Later, Grant tells Ryan that he got him his job back. Grant tells Ryan that he's dying. Marley tells Jamie that she'll work with him at the clinic, but says that the clinic has to be strictly business. Marley tells Vicky about the fight she, Jake and Jamie had. Vicky tells Marley that she wishes two guys would fight over her. Sharlene and John start to make love, but John stops it. Sharlene tells John that she's only wearing Sharly's negligee; she's still Sharlene. John tells Sharlene that he is going for a walk. Sharlene wants to know why they can't make love. John asks Sharly how he could ever make love to Sharly when she tried to kill him.

AUGUST 7, 1990 (EP. #6636)
Marley tells Jake that she is going to work with Jamie at the clinic. Jake and Marley discuss Marley working at the clinic. Stacey and Jamie talk about Marley and Jake getting back together. Jamie and Marley talk about possible sites for the clinic and go out for ice cream. Meanwhile, Jake buys a necklace from Ken, and asks why he's been saying bad things about him. Ken tells Jake that he doesn't like him. Jake tells Marley he has something for her and asks her for a date. As they kiss, Jamie enters and sees them. Lucas tells Stacey that he was sort of responsible for Frankie's kidnapping. Lucas suggests to Stacey that he wear a wire and bust the big drug cartel. Lucas asks Stacey to tell Grant about the idea. Iris and Rachel tell Paulina that they have invited her foster mother over, and Paulina's nervous. Paulina tells Ken that she didn't get along with her foster mother and she's worried that she'll tell Rachel she's lying. Marsha asks if Paulina is going to get some money and then says they were very close. Paulina enters and blurts out that Marsha is lying. Marsha tells Rachel and Iris that Paulina was a liar. Paulina gets flustered and runs out. Rachel says that it's not over yet.

AUGUST 8, 1990 (EP. #6637)
Vicky tells Ryan over the phone that she doesn't want to see him again. The newspaper rejected Vicky's article. Ryan asks Vicky out again. She agrees. Vicky sees Ryan's gun. Ryan tells Vicky that he's not a cop. Vicky and Ryan argue again. Vicky leaves. Ryan reads the headlines in the paper and sees Vicky's story about Grant. Sharlene tells John that he hates who she's become. John says that he doesn't hate her, it's just that she has changed. Sharlene remembers a moment with Grant and tells John. Taylor tells Sharlene that John is going through some changes also. Sharlene says that she wants John to love her and Sharly. Sharlene looks at the afternoon paper and can't believe what she sees. Rachel defends Paulina to Marsha and asks her to leave. Paulina tells Rachel that no one has ever defended her before. Iris tells Jake that she will pay him more money than he ever dreamed of if he can prove that Paulina is lying. Jake follows Paulina. Paulina wants Ken to tell Rachel the truth. Ken tells Paulina that she can't tell Rachel about him. As Paulina and Ken embrace, Jake peers through the window and says "jackpot."

AUGUST 9, 1990 (EP. #6638)
Ken warns Paulina not to get involved with Jake. Rachel tells Amanda that she's not sure if Paulina is Mac's daughter yet. Jake asks Marsha about Ken, but she says if the Corys want info, they'll have to pay for it. Rachel tells Ken that her gut instinct is that Paulina might be Mac's daughter. Paulina asks Jake if he's jealous because of Ken. Jake tells Iris that Paulina is seeing Ken. Rachel continues to ask Ken for his opinion about Paulina, but Ken refuses. Evan tells Rachel that he loves Amanda and wants to start seeing her. Rachel says she doesn't approve, but she'll let Amanda decide. Amanda asks Evan if he's going to move back to New York, and says she'd miss him if he moved. Evan asks her to dinner. Grant reads the headlines about himself and a married woman. Josie tells Sharlene that Lucas asked her to find out who's the bimbo that Grant's seeing. Sharlene tells Josie that Sharly was seeing Grant. John says that Sharlene is going to stay away from Grant. Grant comes over and tells John that he won't see Sharlene again until the whole press thing dies down. John asks Grant if he slept with Sharlene. Grant tells John that he spent the night with Sharly. John tells Sharlene that he wants her to remember that night. Later, Sharlene meets with Grant and tells him that she had to see him.

AUGUST 10, 1990 (EP. #6639)
Ryan is furious with Vicky for publishing the story about Grant. Ryan reveals that he's Grant's brother. Ryan tells Grant that he should leave Sharlene alone. Marley tells Jake that she can't go to dinner with him because she and Jamie have to work on the fundraiser for the new clinic. Jake gives Marley a necklace and says that his next gift may be a ring. Donna gets coaxed into working on the fundraiser so that Jake can take Marley out. Jamie tells Marley that Donna wants him to look after her. Jake has something to say to Marley. Sharlene looks around Grant's apartment and says that it doesn't seem familiar. John tells Jamie to tell Grant the good news that he's responded to the treatment immediately. Sharlene reminds Grant that Sharly doesn't exist anymore. Grant says that he's more attracted to her than ever. Later, Sharlene tells John that she's pregnant. John isn't sure whether the baby is his.

AUGUST 13, 1990 (EP. #6640)
Evan and Amanda have dinner together. Amanda says that she thinks he should be seeing someone other than her. Evan talks to Caroline to make Amanda jealous. Amanda says that she is going to go home but Evan grabs her arm. Amanda is mad at Evan for trying to make her jealous. Marley asks Jake if he had an affair. Jake is about to tell Marley about himself and Donna, but Paulina enters and tells him that Iris needs him to rewrite the promo video script. Iris borrows a phone tap, and asks Jake to bug Paulina's bedroom. Paulina returns to Jake's and Jake offers her some champagne. Vicky asks Jamie if he slept with Marley. Jamie tells Marley that Vicky was asking him a lot of questions about the two of them. Jamie tells Marley that he's not after her anymore and they should forget about what happened in France. Sharlene tells John that she will prove that the baby is his and not Grant's. Grant tells Ryan that he's going to beat his disease and start fighting for Sharlene. Sharlene tells Grant that she's pregnant and demands to know if they slept together. Grant says that they didn't make love. Sharlene says that she's going to have a paternity test to prove that the baby is John's.

AUGUST 14, 1990 (EP. #6641)
Iris tells Rachel she wants more time to check out Paulina's story, and Rachel gives it to her. Ken tells Rachel that Paulina was impressed by the way Rachel treated her, and Rachel wants to know why he's been talking to Paulina. Iris listens at the door as Ken says he knows Rachel has already made up her mind. Donna sees Jake having lunch with Paulina, and tells him that she's worried about him hurting Marley. Jake tells Donna that she's jealous. Iris tells Jake that he has to plant the bug in Paulina's room. Jake tells Paulina that he wants to be involved with someone else. Jake kisses Paulina. Ada interrupts and asks Jake if he's getting back together with Marley. Jake tells Paulina that he doesn't want to get back together with Marley. Paulina tells Jake that she doesn't want to get serious with him in the Cory house. John tells Donna and Michael that Sharlene is pregnant. Donna and Michael wonder if the baby is Grant's. John tells Michael that Sharlene is going to have a paternity test. Donna tells Sharlene, Michael and John that people make mistakes and have to get on with their lives. Michael asks her why she said that. Evan visits Amanda to see if she's still mad at him, and she's still upset because of the way he acted last night. Olivia and Amanda argue about why Sam left town. Sam calls the Cory house looking for Alli, and talks to Olivia. Amanda and Evan kiss.

AUGUST 15, 1990 (EP. #6642)
Sharlene tells Vicky that she's the married woman that Grant has been seeing. Meanwhile, Grant calls Shana Barr, a gossip columnist, and tells her that he's seeing Sharlene Hudson. Vicky apologizes to Sharlene about the article. Sharlene asks Vicky to apologize to Grant. Later, Shana tries to badger Sharlene and Josie for the scoop until Vicky throws her off the property. Ryan enters and asks if they called the police and shows his badge. Lucas explains to Iris why Felicia is mad at him. Stacey tells Lucas that it's too dangerous for him to wear a wire. Stacey asks Michael how much information Lucas needs to get from the cartel to get the charges dropped. Michael says that he'll tell her if she tells him what she said to Donna in court, but Stacey says she can't. Iris tells Felicia that Lucas is in danger because he's trying to clear his name. Felicia asks Lucas what he's going to do to clear his name. Ryan is furious with Grant for tipping the media about Sharlene. Ryan tells Grant that he quit the Feds. Vicky apologizes to Grant for writing the column. John tells Grant that he's going to beat the disease. Grant says that he owes that to him, and John says that if he really wants to show his gratitude, he will leave Bay City and forget about Sharlene.

AUGUST 16, 1990 (EP. #6643)
Ryan tells Vicky that he's a cop, and shows up to help keep the reporters away from Sharlene. Vicky becomes angry when Ryan won't arrest the reporters. After threatening to write an article about Ryan, Vicky gets him to keep them away from Sharlene. Ryan tells Vicky that he was an FBI agent, but now he's a cop. Vicky says that she doesn't like cops, and Ryan says that he doesn't like Vicky. John tells Grant to get away from Sharlene, but Grant says he's running for re-election and that he intends to wait around for Sharlene. Grant calls Sharlene and tells her that John asked him to leave town. Grant asks Sharlene if that's what she wants, and she says she doesn't know. John goes to Taylor's house to talk about Sharlene and Grant. Evan wants to help Amanda with the Sophisticate financials. Rachel and Iris walk in as Evan does computer work for Amanda, who puts her arm around his shoulder in a "friendly" way. Rachel and Iris are mad at Amanda for letting Evan help her with the budget. Evan pleads with them to let him help. Amanda has a flashback of making love to Evan. Iris is angry with Jake because he didn't plant the bug in Paulina's room yet. Paulina asks Jamie about Jake and Marley's relationship. Jake buys Paulina a VCR for her bedroom. As Jake goes to take the VCR into Paulina's bedroom, Marley and Jamie enter and interrupt. Paulina asks Jake if he is just using her to get back at Marley. Paulina and Jake get romantic as Jamie watches.

AUGUST 17, 1990 (EP. #6644)
Frankie and Cass discuss their monetary winnings and are disappointed when they must leave. Frankie panicked over leaving, starts to fight with Cass over packing. Cass changes their flight out. They skip the candlelight dinner and fall into bed. Iris tells Ken she'll finance his expedition for story rights and information about Paulina. Ken declines. Amanda tells Rachel that she needs to get out more, and suggests that Rachel call Ken. Rachel goes to see Ken. Evan tells Amanda that he wants to make love to her. Later, Evan approaches Amanda and they kiss. Jake seduces Paulina when Jamie enters. Jamie tells Stacey about Jake and Paulina. Jake leans in to kiss Paulina. Paulina gives in to Jake's advances. Stacey advises Jamie not to tell Marley about Paulina and Jake. Marley tells Donna that she and Jake are a fact of life. When Paulina steps away, Jake unsuccessfully tries to put the bug in the phone. Jamie enters the Cory home. Paulina caresses Jake and Jake tries to find a place to stash the bug.

AUGUST 20, 1990 (EP. #6645)
Evan is angered when Amanda pulls from his embrace. Amanda gives in to Evan. After they're interrupted by a phone call, Evan invites Amanda to his house. Amanda goes to Evan's apartment and they embrace. Rachel and Ken discuss their relationship. The two make up, and toast to each other. While dancing with Ken, a drunken Rachel passes out in his arms. Ken brings Rachel home. Rachel tells Ada she had a wonderful evening with Ken as Ada helps Rachel upstairs. Marley tells Ada about Jake. Donna and Marley have a heated argument about Jake. Jamie enters, and suggests that he and Marley go for a swim at his house. Marley and Jamie play around in the pool. Jamie and Marley fight about Jake, and Marley leaves. Jake tries to get rid of the bug as he kisses Paulina. Paulina and Jake head to the pool for a swim. Meanwhile, Jamie sees drinks on the table and looks around for the drinkers. Jake tries to convince Paulina to come back upstairs, but Paulina pushes him in the pool. Jake tries to put a bug in Paulina's phone when Paulina enters. Paulina tells Jake she wants to make love with him. Jake slips the bug under the pillow. The bug clatters to the floor and Jake realizes he must make love to Paulina. Later, Jake puts the bug in Paulina's phone as she sleeps. Paulina tells Jake that he's wonderful.

AUGUST 21, 1990 (EP. #6646)
Evan and Amanda realize they must get to the office so Rachel will think they were there all night. Rachel praises Amanda and Evan's work. Rachel tells Ken that something happened between Evan and Amanda. Rachel asks Evan not to hurt Amanda, and to give Amanda space. Amanda receives a message for Alli from Sam, and wonders if it means Sam will return soon. Felicia and Lucas fight over his journey to South America and wiretapping the cartel, so Felicia decides to join him. Lucas tells Felicia he's leaving so that she can finally let go of him. Jake and Paulina are kissing when Rachel knocks on the door, asking Paulina for a ride to work. Jake tries to sneak downstairs when Marley arrives, looking for him. Paulina covers for Jake, then ushers Ken, Rachel and Marley out. Ken tells Paulina that he doesn't trust Jake. Paulina tells Ken that she likes Jake. Jake listens to the bug back in his loft. Marley overhears, and asks about Paulina's voice. Paulina accuses Jake of using her, after he is visually sweet to Marley. Marley asks Rachel to tell Iris to give Jake less work. Paulina says that if Jake doesn't tell Marley about them, she will.

AUGUST 22, 1990 (EP. #6647)
Sharlene gets upset with John for not telling her that she was the one that was supposed to be kidnapped. John goes to see Taylor and is upset about his and Sharlene's problems. Sharlene tells Grant that she and John are going to have their baby and get on with their life, but Grant gives her his suite key anyway. John shows Taylor how he fixed her rail, and when they get awkwardly close, he goes in to wash up. Sharlene walks in to see Taylor, right as John walks out with his shirt unbuttoned. Paulina says she wants to tell Marley about her and Jake, but Jake convinces Paulina to keep their relationship secret. Ken tells Rachel that Iris accused him of being involved with Paulina. Rachel tells Iris that she's gone too far with her accusation. Iris listens to the recording from the bug Jake planted in Paulina's room. Jake squirms when the recording gets intimate. Iris and Jake hear Paulina call Ken to speak to him about something.

AUGUST 23, 1990 (EP. #6648)
Cass asks Stacey if the people who kidnapped Frankie are in jail. Stacey tells Cass that one of the kidnappers, Ryan, has disappeared and Cass becomes enraged. Frankie is shocked to see Ryan and Vicky on the terrace. Cass spots, approaches, and punches Ryan. Cass wants to arrest Ryan, and Ryan admits he's a cop. Later, Ryan sends dinner to Frankie and Cass. Sharlene wants to know what's going on when she sees John and Taylor together. John and Taylor try to explain that they weren't trying to be secretive. Sharlene tells Taylor that Grant gave her his suite key. Sharlene asks Taylor to go with her to Grant's suite when Grant's not in. Sharlene apologizes to John, who tells her he loves her, and then she feels guilty about the key. Vicky warns Marley about sleeping with Jake. Jake and Iris listen to the tape and hear Paulina and Ken discuss Rachel letting her into the family. Jake tells Paulina that he's going to tell Marley that it's over between them. After Paulina leaves, Jake takes Marley in his arms for a night to remember. Marley and Jake share a glass of champagne and he vows to spend more time with her. They kiss. Jake wants things to be perfect before he makes love to Marley. He tells Marley he loves her. Jake tries to back out of his deal with Iris, but she gives him a hefty check.

AUGUST 24, 1990 (EP. #6649)
Amanda asks Olivia what Sam said, but Olivia won't tell. Matt warns Olivia about Sam, then asks her out on a fun date. Vicky asks Marley what she and Jamie did in Nice. Vicky badgers Marley more about her trip to France. Vicky dresses up like Marley. Sharlene leaves John a vague note that she's gone out. John tells Michael he's upset that Sharlene still sees Grant. Meanwhile, in Grant's apartment, Taylor tells Sharlene to tell John about Grant. John's upset when Sharlene tells him about Grant. The hospital calls; they have the paternity test results. Rachel tells Ken she's going to announce her decision about Paulina. Iris tells Rachel she's crazy to let Paulina in the family. Rachel tells Paulina that she's in. Rachel formally announces Paulina as Mac's daughter. Paulina calls Ken and tells him she's in. Jake listens to Paulina thanking Ken for uniting her with the Corys.

AUGUST 27, 1990 (EP. #6650)
Sharlene asks John to let her fight Sharly alone. The baby is John's, but John is still angry and leery of Grant. John tells Sharlene he doesn't think they are emotionally ready for a baby. Dr. Daley tells John that the rumors are flying. Sharlene goes to the hospital, and she and John embrace. Iris accuses Paulina of only wanting Cory money. Rachel tells Paulina it will take time to divide up the Cory inheritance. Rachel prepares to tell Ken her decision. Convinced she did the right thing, Rachel takes Ken's hand. Rachel and Ken kiss. Iris tells her lawyer to find a loophole in Mac's will. Marley and Jake go shopping for artwork together. Jake buys two expensive paintings, and tells Marley he now has money and power. Outside the shop, Paulina is waiting for Jake, who tells him she's a Cory and reminds him to break up with Marley. Jake tells Marley that Iris needs him and he must go. Jake leaves with Paulina. Caroline tells Marley that Jake left with Paulina. Vicky, as Marley, calls Jamie and asks to see him. Fooling Jamie into thinking she's Marley, Vicky wants to discuss everything that happened to them in France. Jamie tells Vicky that the night at the inn was very special for him. Vicky, as Marley, asks Jamie if he's in love with Marley. Jamie kisses her hand.

AUGUST 28, 1990 (EP. #6651)
Paulina has Jake take her to Sassy's to celebrate. Paulina tells Jake she wants to be an involved member of the Cory family. Jake and Paulina dance. Paulina wants to spend the night with Jake, but he wants to take her home. Jamie knows that Vicky is pretending to be Marley. Vicky tells Jamie that he's only after Marley because he's not over Vicky. Meanwhile, Ryan mistakes Marley for Vicky and makes a pass at her. Ryan asks Marley about Vicky, and she fills him in on Vicky's past. Vicky accuses Marley of having an affair with Jamie. Jamie wants to explain things to Marley, but Marley realizes that something isn't quite right. Ryan tells Vicky he wants to see her soft side and she storms off. Jamie tells Marley he wants to be with her and kisses her. Jake calls Marley and says things will be back to normal soon. Evan tells Amanda that he'd never treat her like Sam did, then invites her to his place. Evan and Amanda admit they're right for each other in a romantic setting. Later, Sam checks into the Bay City Hotel.

AUGUST 29, 1990 (EP. #6652)
Grant realizes Sharlene visited his apartment. Grant tells Ryan he can't live without Sharly. Sharlene tells Ryan and Grant that the baby is John's, so she won't see Grant anymore. Grant disagrees, telling Sharlene she still cares for him. Sharlene tells John she'll never see Grant again and they kiss. Grant donates money to Dr. Aaron Tribe and asks him for a favor in John's name. Michael reviews Evan's resume, and asks him about his shady deals. Meanwhile, Amanda tells Cass she wants to divorce Sam. Evan tells Amanda he might have a job with Michael. Amanda tells Evan that she's filing for divorce. Evan tells Amanda that things are perfect and they kiss. Olivia gets ready for her date with Matt. Sam calls Liz, who hangs up on his request to talk to Olivia. Olivia and Matt discuss what a good team they make, underlining the fact that they could be a good couple. Matt and Olivia share a tender moment at her front door. Olivia gets flowers from Sam. Olivia calls Sam, who wants to see her.

AUGUST 30, 1990 (EP. #6653)
Ken warns Paulina that if she's not careful about her relationship with Jake, she may lose everything. Paulina asks Rachel to teach her how to be a Cory. Ken and Rachel decide it's time to work on their future. Marley asks Jake what he's hiding from her about Paulina. Jake tells Marley as soon as he finishes the project for Iris, he will devote all his time and love to her. Jake asks Iris for more money. Iris tells Jake she needs proof that Paulina is not Mac's daughter, and she's stopping payment on Jake's check until he finds the truth. Paulina tells Marley to get on with her life without Jake. Marley suggests she and Paulina take a walk. She leaves Jake a note. Iris wants Sharlene to ask Grant to drop the charges against Lucas. A nervous Sharlene asks for Grant's help. Grant tells Ryan and Stacey that he's trying to help Lucas and capture Marius. Vicky eavesdrops on the conversation.

AUGUST 31, 1990 (EP. #6654)
Grant verifies John's trip with Dr. Tribe. John tells Sharlene about the convention and asks her to go. Grant accuses Taylor of shutting him out of Sharlene's recovery and says Sharlene might come back to him. Grant reminds Dr. Tribe not to tell John he was involved with the convention. John accuses Grant of setting up the convention when Grant arrives at Sharlene's door. They fight, and Sharlene walks in. Sam makes a date with Olivia. Sam watches Evan and Amanda play with Alli. Sam tells Olivia that Evan is trying to steal Amanda and Alli away from him, but he won't let him. Evan tells Amanda that he wants her to live with him, but Amanda says it's too early. Olivia tells Sam she has the evidence to prove Sam innocent and Evan guilty. Sam hugs her. Ken and Rachel share a bottle of wine and grow closer. Rachel and Ken make love. Ken tells Rachel he loves her. Iris tells Jake to go to an adoption agency in Chicago. Paulina tells Jake that she played dumb on her walk with Marley. Jake asks Lori if she recognizes the man in the photo - Ken. Lori tells Jake she was in love with Ken. Lori finds the file that proves Ken picked Paulina at random to be Mac's daughter. Jake asks Lori to testify in court and she agrees.

SEPTEMBER 3, 1990 (EP. #6655)
Vicky tells Marley to forget about Jamie and Jake and find a new man. Marley tells Taylor she's attracted to another man. Taylor says to forget him, because it's easy to be attracted to something forbidden. Marley calls Jake and tells him she wants a commitment. Sharlene sees John beating Grant up. John accuses Grant of trying to see Sharlene. Grant admits he suggested John for the convention, but as thanks for saving his life. John accuses Sharlene of enjoying two men fighting over her when she tells him about her visit to Grant. John declines the convention. Grant tells Sharlene that he'll leave her alone. John asks Taylor what's happening to his marriage. Amanda asks Evan if he really wants to get involved with her and her daughter. Meanwhile, Sam explains to Olivia that if he can prove the signatures were forged, he can clear his name. Olivia asks Sam if he still loves Amanda. Sam tells Olivia his marriage to Amanda is over, and it hurts. He then tells Olivia not to fall in love with him. Ryan tells Stacey that Marius is a bad character and they should try to get his date on their side. The date is Vicky. Ryan gets Vicky away from Marius in the middle of her date, and asks what she thinks she's doing. Vicky says she's getting the story of the year. Ryan tries to warn Vicky about Marius. When they leave, Ryan follows them. Vicky blows Marius off, and suggests that her and Ryan work as a team to get Marius. They almost kiss.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1990 (EP. #6656)
Sam tells Olivia that Amanda is in his way. Olivia takes Alli to the park. Sam interrupts Alli and Olivia, hugs Alli, and thanks Olivia for bringing his daughter to him. Sam hopes that Alli won't tell Amanda she saw him. Amanda tells Olivia never to take Alli out again, and Alli says she saw daddy. Olivia covers and says Alli saw someone who looks like Sam. Matt asks Olivia to the fundraiser ball. Matt and Amanda realize that Rachel never came home from her date with Ken. Paulina overhears that Rachel and Ken spent the night together and assumes it went well. Rachel tells Ken that it finally felt right and she won't hide it from her children. Ken and Rachel return, and Rachel explains her feelings for Ken to Matt and Amanda. Jake tells Iris that he doesn't think Paulina is Mac's daughter. Before Jake tells Iris what he discovered at the adoption agency, he demands to be paid - twice what Iris offered in cash. Iris threatens to tell Marley about Jake and Paulina. Iris offers Paulina money to leave town but Paulina refuses. Donna says she wants to tell Marley about their affair so Marley will dump him. Jake accuses Donna of seducing him, and then moves menacingly towards her.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1990 (EP. #6657)
John's about to hit Grant, but Michael stops John so he can hit Grant. Michael tells Grant to leave town. John and Sharlene make up. Grant decides to show up at Tops when he overhears John and Sharlene making reservations. Grant convinces Caroline, already on a date, to join him. John sees Grant at Tops, but decides to stay to show Sharlene he can be civilized. Caroline asks Sharlene about Grant, and tells her that maybe she's not over Grant. Marley tells Jamie she has feelings for him, but her feelings for Jake are stronger. Ryan wants to wire Vicky for her date with Marius. Ryan and Vicky fumble over the chest mike, and he tells Vicky he doesn't want her hurt. Jamie asks Vicky why she didn't give Marley his calls, and tells Vicky to stay out of his and Marley's life. Marius cancels the date. Ryan tells Vicky he heard the spat with Jamie, and Vicky tells Ryan to get out of her life. Jake tells Donna she wants him to stay away from Marley so that she can have him herself. Jake moves in to kiss Donna, and then says he wants Marley, not her. Donna blames Jake for losing Mikey, and tells him he can't love. Marley enters, and Jake jokes that Donna was trying to seduce him. Jake tells Marley that Donna still doesn't think he's good enough for Marley. Donna and Michael walk by the river. Donna wishes upon a star, and when Michael says he loves her, Donna says she got her wish.

SEPTEMBER 6, 1990 (EP. #6658)
Sharlene tells Frankie that she still loves John, but she also has some feelings left for Grant. Frankie takes Sharlene to Sassy's and she meets two of her friends that she knew from The Pelican Club. She tells Frankie not to say anything to John. Sharlene tells Frankie she misses Sharly's energy and freedom, and questions who she really is. Rachel tells Paulina she's going to have a party for her. Paulina tells Rachel that she doesn't want the party, and Rachel finds out it's because Iris said something to Paulina. Iris realizes that Paulina told Rachel about the bribe when Rachel asks Iris to co-host Paulina's party. Iris accuses Rachel of helping Paulina because they both grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Jake goes to see Paulina because he found a note under his door saying that she wanted to see him, but she says she didn't leave him a note. Two men break into the video loft, and one of them calls Iris to say they got in. Jake sees that the loft is trashed, and goes to confront Iris, realizing she must have been behind the break-in. Iris denies trashing the loft. Later, Paulina arrives at Jake's to go to the party, but Jake convinces her to stay put with a passionate kiss. Marley tells Jamie that she's going to move back in with Jake. Jamie is upset and argues with Marley. Jamie tells Paulina she should come to the party, and Paulina accepts the invitation. Jamie approaches Marley at the party and tells her he's in love with her.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1990 (EP. #6659)
Grant ignores Ryan when he tells Grant not to call Sharlene. Sharlene tells John about seeing Sharly's friends, and says she can't live this way anymore. Sharlene tells John she needs some time alone to sort out her feelings. John tells Sharlene he'll stay on his boat. Grant calls and discovers Sharlene's alone. John goes to talk to Taylor. Grant arrives at Sharlene's, and tells her he didn't want her to be alone. Vicky complains to Donna about her blind date, Josh, and meets up with Ryan. Meanwhile, Jamie demands that Marley face her feelings for him. Jamie tells Marley she's made the wrong choice and storms out. Vicky pretends to like Josh when Stacey is Ryan's date. Vicky tells Ryan to meet her at the clinic. Ryan warns Vicky about Marius. Jamie and Marley share an uncomfortable dance. Vicky sees them and pulls Ryan to dance. Jamie and Marley fail to notice when things heat up with Vicky and Ryan. Evan and Amanda stay home to tend to a sick Alli. Olivia lies to Matt in order to tell Sam that Alli's sick. Amanda tells Evan to go to the ball, but Evan wants to stay with Alli and Amanda. Evan kisses Amanda. Amanda and Evan exit the terrace as Sam climbs on and tries to get inside. Evan catches Sam in the living room.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1990 (EP. #6660)
John starts to blame Taylor over Sharlene's desire to separate, but then realizes it's not her fault. Taylor asks John to stay for a beer. Sharlene tries to explain to Grant that she needs to concentrate on herself, but Grant tries to convince her that he can help her better than John can. Taylor says that she thinks Sharlene should live with her decision to separate. Sam threatens to reveal Evan as a liar and con man as Amanda walks in, surprised to see Sam. Amanda won't let Sam see Alli. Amanda says she wants a divorce and is surprised when Sam agrees. Matt and Evan stop Sam from going upstairs to see Alli. Amanda, afraid Sam will try to steal Alli, contemplates going away with her for a while. Later, Olivia tells Sam that he's the good guy amidst all the confusion. Jamie tells Marley that he loves her, but she's distracted by Vicky and Ryan dirty dancing. Marley tells Jamie that Vicky will always be between them. Marley goes to see Jake, and says she's no longer confused as she leads him to bed. Jamie comes to Jake's, and Marley tells him she wants to be with Jake. Marley and Jake both go to sleep, but Marley recalls her dance with Jamie.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1990 (EP. #6661)
John runs into Sharlene at the house. The conversation is awkward, and John grabs and kisses Sharlene. Sharlene tells John that their separation is temporary. John tells Michael about the separation. Sharlene tells Taylor she's relieved with John gone, but she's afraid he won't come back. Grant goes to see Sharlene. An old trunk is delivered to the house, but Sharlene doesn't want it. After seeing Jason's trunk, Sharlene decides to tell Grant about Jason, but doesn't tell him about the rape. Grant says he'll be there for her when she's ready to talk, and kisses her cheek. Marley thanks Jake for holding her through the night. Jamie arrives and tells Jake not to hurt Marley. Marley tells Jamie that there's nothing between her and Jamie. Marley lies when Jamie asks if she made love to Jake. Marley tells Donna she's going to marry Jake. Donna tells Michael she won't let Marley marry Jake. Marius sets up a date with Vicky. Behind Marius is Lucas. Marius tells Lucas he's holding him to see if the police search for him, which means he's a traitor and must be killed. Lucas asks to make a phone call. Vicky tells Ryan she has another date with Marius, which Ryan tries to talk her out of. Later, Ryan's transmitter goes dead just as Marius tells Vicky he knows what she's up to.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1990 (EP. #6662)
Rachel tells Sam that Amanda and Alli have left town. Sam tells Rachel he was set up by Evan, but she doesn't believe him. Sam tells Olivia that he wants to show Amanda the documents as soon as she's back. Ryan worries that Marius found Vicky's transmitter, and decides to go in and save Vicky. Don poses as a cable man, but Marius has to leave. Ryan tells Vicky that was her last undercover operation. Vicky won't tell Ryan where Marius's meeting is unless he lets her go. Ryan agrees. Vicky locks herself and Ryan on the roof. Ryan loses his walkie-talkie, and they're caught in a downpour. Ryan makes shelter out of his coat. Vicky grumbles, and then joins him. Felicia tells Cass that Mitch wants her to join him in Africa, but Bay City's her home. Iris asks a lone Felicia to help her find Lucas. Stacey tells Felicia and Iris that Lucas can't make direct contact with others, but he's okay. Paulina makes a sexual offer to Jake, and goes upstairs. Marley arrives at Jake's with a suitcase. Jake covers when Marley asks why the shower's running. After Marley leaves, Paulina's at the steps in a towel. Paulina tries to cover when Jamie asks her if Jake was her "date" for the ball. Iris contacts all of Jake's creditors, and tells Jake to take her first offer or suffer the consequences. Jake pulls a gun on Iris, but she's unmoved and walks out.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1990 (EP. #6663)
Evan tells Amanda that Sam's back in town, and Sam's a mess. Meanwhile, Olivia convinces Sam to let her go to the insurance man. Saying Evan sent her, Olivia gets Bill, the insurance man, to write her some phoney insurance. Bill tells Evan about Olivia's deal. Evan's enraged. Evan tells Olivia if she gets rid of him, Sam will go right back to Amanda. Sam asks Olivia if she got the insurance, but she lies. Grant hears Sharlene scream, and bursts into her house to find Sharlene looking in the trunk. Grant holds her and says he's here. Sharlene has Grant read the letter from Jason, and tells him she was raped. Grant says he won't leave her. Later, Caroline asks Grant if she can join his table. Grant's lobbyist cancels. He kisses Caroline's hand just as Sharlene walks in. Vicky, snuggled close to Ryan, wakes up and asks him if they're dead. Bridget tells Donna that Vicky never came home. Marius stops by, looking for Vicky. Ryan tries to pry the door open, but Don appears and tells him that Courtney wants to see him right away. Courtney puts Ryan on probation. Marius arrives at Vicky's and drags her on a date. Ryan reads a file about Marius, the murderer. Bridget tells Ryan that Marius picked up Vicky. Marius takes Vicky to his house.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1990 (EP. #6664)
Taylor visits John at the marina. Taylor leaves when she and John come close to crossing the line of friendship. Meanwhile, Sharlene admits that she was jealous when she saw Grant with Caroline, and that she's accepting her feelings for him. Grant tells Sharlene that Caroline means nothing to him, and kisses Sharlene. Ryan, worried about Vicky being involved with Marius, tries to find her. Meanwhile, Marius asks Vicky if she's working for her father's club, which she denies. Lucas enters the room and after Marius leaves the room, gets a message to Vicky that she's in danger. Marius tells Vicky he doesn't trust her, so he's keeping her at the house. Vicky asks the police operator to hunt down Ryan. Vicky gives Ryan a description of the house before Marius disconnects the phone, telling Vicky that was her fatal mistake. Michael calls a realtor friend to try and locate Marius's home. Paulina gets upset when she finds Marley's suitcase in Jake's closet. Jamie listens outside the door as they argue. Jake tells Paulina he's seeing Marley so that his feelings for Paulina won't overpower him. They kiss as Jamie enters. Paulina tells Jamie that Jake is searching for a way to gently break up with Marley. Jamie tells Marley that Jake is having an affair with Paulina.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1990 (EP. #6665)
Sharlene wants Grant to leave because she's afraid to face her feelings for him, but Grant says he's not backing out ask quickly as John. Meanwhile, John tells Taylor that he's attracted to her, but he wants to work things out with Sharlene. Josie storms in when she hears Grant talking to Sharlene. Grant explains to Josie that he wants to be with Sharlene, but he'll do what's best for her. Josie tells Sharlene she'll love her, no matter who she chooses. Marley hears Jamie out about Jake's affair. Jake tells Marley that Paulina has a crush on him, and kissed him when he told her he didn't feel the same. Jamie blows up at Jake for lying, but Marley says she believes him. Jake and Marley work things out and kiss. Marley tells Jake he'll be sorry if he lied to her. Michael and Ryan try to find the right house that Vicky's in. Meanwhile, Vicky butts heads with Marius, who then pulls a gun on Lucas. Marius plans to kill Vicky and Lucas by throwing their car into a swamp. Ryan goes into Marius's house alone, claiming that he's there to arrest Vicky. Vicky plays along with Ryan, and pulls Lucas, but Marius pulls out a gun. Ryan pushes Vicky out of shot range as the shots ring out.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1990 (EP. #6666)
Evan thinks Olivia hasn't told Sam about the phony insurance because she's afraid to lose Sam. Evan convinces Olivia that the only way to make Sam fall in love with her is to hold back the phony insurance. Amanda calls Sam and he makes plans to see her. Olivia tells Sam that Bill skipped town before giving her the phony insurance. Jake tells Marley to call Paulina and ask if they are having an affair, but she doesn't make the call. Jake tells Marley she's the only woman he ever loved. Jake calls his old friend, Patrick, and asks him to get Marley out of town for a while. Patrick asks Marley to come out to San Francisco to raise money for the clinic. Jake lies and tells Paulina that he told Marley it's over, and she's leaving town. Felicia tells Sam that Mitch is staying in Africa and she can't join him. Lucas tells Felicia that he's leaving town for good. Lucas says he never loved Iris, only Felicia, and kisses her passionately goodbye. Felicia and Lucas kiss and begin to make love. Ryan and Marius exchange shots, and Marius gets hit in the side. Vicky lies on the ground, unconscious. Ryan takes her in his arms. Michael runs in and asks Marius for Vicky. Ryan holds Vicky and they share a long look. Michael decides to send Vicky away for her protection. Ryan goes to see Vicky at the airport, and tells her he'll miss her. Vicky boards the plane and says she'll be back.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1990 (EP. #6667)
Amanda tells Evan that she's seeing Sam in the morning. Olivia initially acts jealous when Sam tells her he's going to see Amanda, but then has a change of heart. Sam says that he won't let Evan bother him because he has nothing over him. Felicia tells Lucas that she doesn't want him to leave. Lucas says he has to go, but can't tell her where he's going. Ryan tells Felicia and Lucas that evidence from the tapes is putting Marius in jail for a long time. After hearing the good news, Lucas tells Felicia he's finally free. Jake tells Iris that he lied about getting information from the adoption agency and she becomes furious. Paulina apologizes to Jake for checking up on his story about Marley leaving town. Grant runs into Sharlene at Tops. Grant tells Sharlene that John is going to tell him whether his treatment is working or not. Sharlene offers to go with Grant to get his test results.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1990 (EP. #6668)
Sharlene prays that Grant will live. John tells Grant that he is basically cured. Grant finds Sharlene at his headquarters and she's elated to hear he's cured. Grant kisses Sharlene. Ryan invites Grant out to celebrate, and he wants Sharlene to join them. Donna and Michael tell John to call Sharlene to join their celebration. Sharlene gets off the elevator with Grant and Ryan. Rachel suggests to Amanda that Sam was possibly set up. Sam tells Olivia to return the tickets to Europe. Liz is furious when Olivia confesses that she sold her heirloom necklace to buy the tickets. Sam and Amanda are flooded with memories as they go through the things they jointly own. Jake and Donna lock horns about Jake marrying Marley. Evan tells Paulina that he saw Jake buying an engagement ring and she thinks it's for her. Donna wants Jamie to do something about Marley and Jake. After Paulina finds the dress for the party, she says she will be accompanied by a very special man. Jake calls Lori at the adoption agency to verify that Paulina is a fake. Paulina tells Rachel that Jake bought her an engagement ring, unaware it's really for Marley.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1990 (EP. #6669)
Michael stops John from attacking Grant. Sharlene notices John. Ryan gets Grant to invite John, Michael and Donna to join them, but things become awkward. John says he can't do it, and hits the table. Frankie, Cass and Felicia join them and Felicia re-offers Sharlene a job. Sharlene and John. Sharlene decides to go back to the farm with John. Grant tells Sharlene he loves her, and she tells him never to say that again. John accuses Sharlene of wanting to see Grant, not him. Grant calls and Sharlene hangs up on him, and then throws John out of the house. Evan goes to pick up Amanda for their date, and he and Sam start to argue. Liz scolds Olivia for her behavior. Sam buys back Olivia's necklace and gives it to her. Olivia tells Sam she can't go home. Evan accuses Amanda of still being in love with Sam, and gives her diamond earrings to apologize. Meanwhile, Olivia asks Sam if she can crash on his floor, and he hesitantly agrees. Olivia comes out in a robe, and lets it slip to the floor. Jake asks the menacing man for one more night to get the money, and he gives Jake one more week. Jake asks Paulina for money. Paulina says she'll give Jake money because he loves her, and Jake tells her he doesn't love her. Rachel tells Ken that Paulina thinks Jake is going to propose to her. Ken abruptly leaves for a meeting. Paulina says she'll destroy Jake, but Jake says he has proof that she's not a Cory.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1990 (EP. #6670)
Olivia slips off her robe, propositions Sam and kisses him. Sam responds at first, but breaks the kiss and tells Olivia that they can't get involved. Olivia tells Sam she's through waiting for him, and leaves. Later, Sam can't get his mind off of Olivia, and begins to draw her. Matt tells Olivia off, and she tells him she could use a friend right now. Evan tells Amanda it's time to forget Sam and move in with him. Amanda tells Rachel she'll be spending a few nights at Evan's, and Rachel warns her that it might affect custody of Alli. Evan assures Amanda that their relationship will be different than her marriage to Sam. Sharlene throws a vase at John and tells him to get out. John and Sharlene argue about her feelings for Grant. Meanwhile, Michael Grant that it could be scandalous if he's seen chasing after Sharlene. Sharlene tells Grant that they can't be together, and Grant tells Sharlene that he loves her. Jake accuses Paulina of faking her way into the Cory family, but soon realizes it was entirely Ken's idea. Jake tells Paulina Ken that lied about the whole thing just so he can get half of her inheritance, but she doesn't believe him. Ken explains that he wanted revenge on Mac by bringing home Mac's illegitimate child and to avenge his love Maria, Paulina's alleged mother. Ken wants Paulina to go with him to Rachel and tell her the truth.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1990 (EP. #6671)
Frankie wants to set Sharlene straight about Grant. Meanwhile, Grant tells Sharlene that he loves her for who she is now. Dr. Hiver's son asks John to speak at a conference in France. Frankie and Cass walk in on Grant and Sharlene, and Frankie tells Grant to leave. Sharlene and Frankie argue about Grant knowing her better than John. John tells Sharlene about his trip to France. They both become sentimental when they part. Later, John stares out of the plane window into the night. Jake tells Ken and Paulina that he wants a reward for not going to Iris with the info, and suggests they all split the inheritance. Jake, Paulina and Ken agree that they have to keep quiet about Paulina possibly not being Mac's daughter. Ken and Paulina are disgusted with Jake's greed for money. Ken tells Rachel he's going to Nova Scotia for his job. Rachel tells Ken she'll miss him, and he feels guilty for deceiving her. An elated Jake stares at a photo of Marley.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1990 (EP. #6672)
Vicky thinks Ryan met her at the airport because he likes her, but he says he's still assigned to her case. Ryan says he must drive Vicky home and stay with her. After Jamie calls Vicky out for being an unfit mother, Vicky tells Ryan she won't ever put her son's life in danger again. Vicky throws Ryan out when he suggests she be sensitive more often. Olivia begs Matt to forgive her, and he does. Sam tells Olivia that he can't be involved with her because he's not over Amanda. Olivia kisses Matt and asks him to sleep with her tonight. Lucas tells Felicia he's free from the charges and Iris, then kisses her. Felicia tells him that as long as she's married to Mitch, they can't be together. Lucas insists that Felicia loves him. Lucas tells Felicia her relationship with Mitch is over since Mitch's staying in Africa, and kisses her. Paulina threatens to spill the beans on Jake, but instead tells Marley that she had a one-sided crush on Jake, and must quit her job. Jamie asks Marley to quit the clinic. Paulina tells Jamie her affair with Jake was in her head. Jamie offers to take her out, but she declines. Jake asks Marley to marry him.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1990 (EP. #6673)
Olivia tells Evan that she knows forged the insurance policy on Amanda's life. Amanda notices that something is bothering Evan and asks him about it. Meanwhile, Sam tells Jamie his side of the story, and he believes him. Evan is shaken up when Sam tells him he's going to the store that sold the gun registered in his name. Despite everyone's opinions, Matt and Olivia spend the rest of the day together. Matt and Olivia are about to make love. Matt stops Olivia and says that they are together for the wrong reasons. He thinks Olivia still has feelings for Sam. Vicky is startled by a man at her doorstep, and is relieved that it's Ryan. Ryan tells Vicky that he requested his assignment involving her. Vicky is pleased when Ryan plans to spend the night on her couch. Iris is upset that Lucas is leaving, but tries to hide it by pretending she doesn't care. Iris gives her engagement ring back to Lucas. Lucas leaves. Marley accepts the marriage proposal from Jake, but is still filled with mixed emotions about everything. Jamie is shocked to hear about the engagement, and tells Marley how displeased he is. Jake tells Marley that he wants to spend the night with her, the way it used to be. Marley tries to fight off her doubts about marrying Jake, but she keeps thinking of Jamie.

SEPTEMBER 28, 1990 (EP. #6674)
Evan asks Sam to forget about everything and move on, but Sam says no. Evan gives Amanda the first papers about her divorce. Olivia tells Sam off. Olivia goes to Sassy's, and starts to have fun with Greg. Greg starts kissing Olivia, and she tries to stop him. Grant asks Sharlene to go for a ride, and she relaxes and lets loose. Sharlene is having so much fun that she loses track of the time. Sharlene tells Frankie that Grant is giving her what she needs right now. Marley shows Donna her engagement ring. Donna tells Marley that she doesn't think she should marry Jake. Meanwhile, Jake tells Paulina that she better get the money for him that night. Vicky acts cold towards Marley when she sees her and Jamie with Steven. Jake tells Vicky about his engagement, and she's not pleased. Vicky tells Ryan that if Jake hurts her family again, she'll kill him.

OCTOBER 1, 1990 (EP. #6675)
Greg forces himself on Olivia, who tries to fight him off. Sam bursts in and rescues Olivia. Sam takes Olivia home, where he tells her that she made the cut and will get to audition for the Manhattan Ballet Conservatory. Sam tries to comfort Olivia, who's still rattled by her ordeal. Sam tells Olivia that he can't be with her. Vicky tells Ryan how much she hates Jake. Vicky keeps putting up her defenses when Ryan tries to get through to her. Vicky starts to open up to Ryan about her history with Jake, Jamie and Marley. Jake tells Paulina to come up with the money, or he'll bust her. Jamie accuses Jake of having an affair with Paulina. Marley asks Caroline for a job at the gallery. Jamie tells Marley that Jake was with Paulina. Marley asks Jake where he was, and Jake gets angry when he realizes that Marley already knew he was with Paulina, courtesy of Jamie. Paulina calls Ken and tells him that they have to stop Jake.

OCTOBER 2, 1990 (EP. #6676)
Vicky denies it when Donna suggests she's falling for Ryan. Vicky tries to console Ryan when his partner is shot. Ryan accuses Vicky of portraying him as a fool in her article. Vicky angrily shows Ryan her article, which praises Ryan as a hero. Grant tries to get Lucas to get Josie some work, in order to get him in good with Sharlene. Josie tells Sharlene that Grant enlisted Lucas to get her more work. Sharlene confronts Grant for getting involved with her family. Grant tells Sharlene that he wants to help raise her baby. Jake catches Paulina trying to steal her file. Paulina threatens to tell Marley that Jake slept with her, but Jake calls her bluff. Iris realizes that Jake must have cut a deal with Paulina. Iris says it's Paulina's fault that her relationship with Lucas failed, and threatens to expose Paulina at the party.

OCTOBER 3, 1990 (EP. #6677)
Evan argues with Amanda when he sees that she hasn't signed her divorce papers. Amanda and Sam tell Alli that Sam's no longer going to be living with her Amanda. Evan asks Amanda if she and Sam talked about the divorce. Grant tells Sharlene that he'll be there for her if things go wrong with her and John. Donna tells Grant to stay away from Sharlene. Sharlene tells Donna to back off after hearing that she and Michael warned Grant to stay away from her. Grant begs Sharlene not to shut him out. Sharlene feels the baby kick while speaking to Grant. Iris warns Paulina that she's going to bust her and Ken. Iris taunts Rachel about Ken, and her plan to prove Paulina's a fake. Donna offers Jake money to stay away from Marley, which Jake rebuffs. Jake catches Iris trying to steal the tape of Paulina and Ken's conversation, and erases it. Iris comes at Jake, holding his gun. Iris points Jake's gun at him, and Jake takes it from her. Iris warns Jake to start wearing his gun. Jake reveals that the gun was loaded.

OCTOBER 4, 1990 (EP. #6678)
Paulina asks Cass how long it would take for her to get a large sum of money, and Cass wonders why. Paulina has a nightmare that Jake reveals the truth about her to Rachel. Paulina looks at a letter she's written, telling Rachel that she's not Mac's daughter. Marley gets upset with Donna for not making an effort with Jake. Marley tells Jake she doesn't want to go to the party because of Jamie. Jake convinces Marley to go to the party. Vicky asks Ryan to come to the party with her. Ryan toys with Vicky before accepting her invite, and the two flirt. Vicky and Ryan arrive at the party, and Vicky overhears Donna telling Jamie that he belongs with Marley instead of Jake.

OCTOBER 5, 1990 (EP. #6679)
Sam shows up and supports Olivia before her audition. Amanda tries to track down Sam. Evan finds out that Olivia's in New York, and learns that Sam is staying at the same hotel as her. Sam goes to the hotel to celebrate with Olivia after her successful audition. Olivia tells Sam that she's been lying to him. Evan tells Amanda that Sam is in New York with Olivia. Paulina looks at her letter to Rachel, confessing that she's not Mac's daughter. Rachel tries to convince Paulina to stay when Paulina says she doesn't belong there. Jake comes upstairs and confronts Paulina about the money. Rachel introduces Paulina as her daughter. As Paulina comes downstairs, she locks eyes with Jake. Vicky confronts Donna when she overhears her trying to push Jamie and Marley together. Vicky storms inside, and is about to reveal Donna's affair with Jake to the party guests. Ryan carries Vicky away from the party, and takes her under the bridge. Ryan gets Vicky to let her feelings out.

OCTOBER 8, 1990 (EP. #6680)
Olivia tells Sam the truth about Evan's insurance fraud. Sam is livid that Olivia kept the evidence from him. Olivia tries to explain how Evan manipulated her, but Sam takes off. Sam shows up at the party, and says he has something to tell Amanda. Ryan gets Vicky to let her feelings out, and the two kiss passionately. Vicky tries to fight her feelings for Ryan, but they start kissing again. Things start to heat up between Vicky and Ryan back at her place when Ryan says he has to go home. Jake stirs up trouble at the party when he asks Paulina to dance, and Jamie throws him out. Paulina tells Matt that she has "debts," and he gets Rachel to write her a check. Jake returns, takes Paulina's check, and demands more money. Ken finally arrives at the party, and asks to speak to Paulina in private. Iris overhears Paulina tell Ken that she, Ken and Jake are the only ones who know the truth.

OCTOBER 9, 1990 (EP. #6681)
Felicia and Sharlene talk about their marriages to Mitch and John. Frankie starts to give Lucas advice about Felicia. Cass starts to question Felicia about her marriage to Mitch. Felicia tries to call Africa, but is unable to get hold of Mitch. Sam tells Amanda and Evan that he knows Evan set him up. Sam threatens to expose Evan as he takes off. Sam tells Felicia about Evan's set-up, and Felicia offers to help him nail Evan. Evan asks Amanda to marry him. Evan notices that Amanda is preoccupied with Sam, and she admits that she's not free of him yet. Iris busts Paulina saying to Ken that she can't tell Rachel the truth. Iris insists to Rachel that Ken and Paulina have been plotting together for some time. Ken plays along when Rachel thinks he took off because he was afraid to commit, and he breaks things off with Rachel. Ken tells Paulina that he's leaving Bay City, tired of living a lie. Ken watches Rachel from outside the window, then walks away.

OCTOBER 10, 1990 (EP. #6682)
Frankie tricks Felicia into coming to her place, where Lucas is waiting for her. Lucas tells Felicia how he feels for her, and then grabs Felicia and kisses her. Felicia tells Lucas that she has to figure out her marriage to Mitch. Felicia calls Mitch and says she's coming to Africa to see him, unaware that another woman is sitting on Mitch's bed. Jamie is curious by Stacey's harsh comments about Jake, and asks Stacey if something happened between her and Jake. Jamie asks Paulina why she danced with Jake at the party, and she covers. Paulina tells Jamie that she thinks he still loves Marley. Vicky balks when Donna asks her to help her stop Marley and Jake's marriage. Marley and Donna argue when Donna tries to talk Marley out of marrying Jake. Vicky tells Marley that she'd rather see Marley with Jamie than trapped in a bad marriage to Jake. Marley asks Vicky to be her maid of honor. Marley announces that she's picked a wedding date, and Donna looks on in disgust as Jake and Marley kiss.

OCTOBER 11, 1990 (EP. #6683)
John returns home to Sharlene, and says he's moving back in. John pleads with Sharlene not to lose what they have, and says he wants to share his life with her. John tells Sharlene that there's only one way to find out if they're ready to be together, and they head to the bedroom. Rachel comes to see Ken, asking why he left. Rachel thinks Ken still cares about her, and the two begin to kiss. Ken admits his feelings for Rachel, and decides to stay after all. Josie, Reuben and Matt visit Olivia to wish her luck for her call-back. Olivia starts to get cold feet, but Matt gives her a pep talk. Olivia learns that she got the part. Reuben tries to comfort Josie, who's having a tough time seeing Matt getting close with Olivia. Felicia helps Sam get a signed confession from Levin about Evan's insurance fraud. Evan talks Amanda into a quick getaway weekend, and while she packs, he confirms his flight reservation to the Dominican Republic, and pulls out a wedding ring. Sam and Felicia learn that Evan took Amanda and Alli to the Dominican Republic, in order to expedite her divorce and get married right away. On the plane, Evan promises more surprises for Amanda.

OCTOBER 12, 1990 (EP. #6684)
Grant arrives just as John and Sharlene start to head to the bedroom. As John throws Grant out, Sharlene sees that John walked without his cane. Sharlene feels the baby kick, and mentions it to John, mistakenly thinking that he was with her, not Grant, when it kicked the other day. John realizes he never should have left, and promises to be with Sharlene from now on. Marley goes to the clinic to see Jamie, and finds out from Rachel that Paulina thought Jake was going to marry her. Marley interrupts Ryan and Vicky's date to find out about Jake's relationship with Paulina. Jake flips out when he hears Marley postponing the wedding, and takes off when Marley tells him she went to see Vicky. Jake barges in on Vicky's date with Ryan and warns her about messing up his life. Sam asks Olivia to come with him to Santo Domingo to help prove to Amanda that Evan framed him. In Santo Domingo, Evan and Amanda make love. Evan shows Amanda the wedding ring, and convinces her to put it on. Sam and Olivia arrive, saying they have proof that Evan set Sam up.

OCTOBER 15, 1990 (EP. #6685)
Vicky taunts Jake about Marley postponing the wedding, and gets into a huge fight with him. Marley gives Paulina the third degree about Jake, as Jake spies on the two of them. Marley finds out that Jake's and Paulina's stories don't match up. Jake warns Paulina that if Marley learns the truth and breaks the engagement, he'll expose her as a fraud. Marley tells Vicky that she thinks Jake's having an affair with Paulina, and Vicky says they need to find hard evidence. Sam shows Amanda the written confession from Levin, and when he calls the police to verify, Evan disconnects the call. Amanda reads the confession, and goes off on Evan, slapping him across the face. Sam argues with Amanda for not believing him, and says he's taking Alli home. Olivia apologizes for lying to Sam, and they agree to start over. Evan tries to stop Amanda from leaving. Amanda tells Evan it's over, and walks out on him.

OCTOBER 16, 1990 (EP. #6686)
Grant tells Taylor that John and Sharlene are back together, and confronts Taylor about her feelings for John. John tells Taylor about his decision to move back in, and Taylor warns John about Sharlene. Grant tells Sharlene that he realizes he needs to let go of her. Sharlene overhears Grant planning a press conference to announce his withdrawal from the race. Felicia tells Lucas that she's going to Africa to see Mitch. Lucas begs Felicia not to go to Africa, fearing he'll lose her to Mitch. Lucas talks to Frankie about Felicia's trip to Africa. Frankie thinks she's been hearing a ghost at the house. Cass and Frankie argue when Cass tells her that he won't be using her as a P.I. on his next case. Cass and Frankie kiss passionately. Cass leaves, and Frankie notices that some of the cookies she made have mysteriously vanished. Amanda returns home, devastated, and tells Paulina that Evan ruined her life. Evan barges in, demanding to see Amanda, but Paulina sends him away. Amanda tries to call Sam, determined to make Sam forgive her. Sam tells Evan that he won't press charges if Evan leaves town. Evan tells Amanda that he's leaving town, and says that he'll always be there in her dreams.

OCTOBER 17, 1990 (EP. #6687)
Sam brings Jake to Ryan's poker game. Vicky asks Michael to talk her out of tracking Ryan down, but Donna tells her to go find Ryan. Vicky crashes Ryan's poker game. Jake cleans everybody out, so Vicky offers to win everyone's money back. Vicky stuns Jake when she draws the winning hand. Reuben tries to help Josie get discovered by a major Hollywood producer, who's having dinner at Tops. Reuben slips Josie's photos to the producer while posing as a waiter. A grateful Josie tells Reuben he's an important part of her life. Sharlene tells Felicia that Grant is pulling out of the race. Ann tells Grant not to pull out of the race. Grant asks Ann for another chance as Sharlene looks on. Ann tells Sharlene to stay away from Grant. Sharlene confronts Grant about Ann. Marley tells Jamie that she thinks Jake and Paulina had an affair, but Jamie says he doesn't want to get involved. Jamie warns Donna and Michael about Jake's relationship with Paulina. Marley snoops around Visions to find evidence of Jake's affair, and sees Patrick Sullivan's number. Pat calls back, and leaves an incriminating message on the answering machine.

OCTOBER 18, 1990 (EP. #6688)
Rachel locks horns with Iris about work. Rachel and Iris argue about Paulina and Ken. Iris tells Jamie that Rachel's neglecting her job and family. Iris asks Jamie to help prove that Paulina's a fraud. Paulina won't take Marley's call, and Jamie wants to know why. Marley turns to Bridget for advice about Jake. Bridget tells Marley to face Jake with her doubts. Jamie presses Paulina for answers about Jake. Iris arouses Marley's suspicions about Jake. Sam, Olivia and Felicia have dinner together, when Amanda asks to speak to Sam alone. Amanda tries to apologize to Sam. Sam tells Amanda that he can't forgive her, and that it's over. Sam asks Olivia to spend the rest of the evening with him. Ken tries to console Amanda about Evan. Amanda gets so upset about Sam that she loses control of her car.

OCTOBER 19, 1990 (EP. #6689)
Frankie's convinced that there's a ghost in the house when the wine goes missing. Cass and Frankie are confused when a photo album of Kathleen turns up, and Frankie says she's never seen it before. Cass and Frankie decide to forget about the ghosts and make love. Frankie comes downstairs when she hears a noise, and is shocked when she turns on the lights. Ryan arrives for his date with Vicky, who's got her hands full with Steven. Jake barges in, looking for Marley. Vicky finds out that Marley's with Jamie. Jake takes off when Vicky tells him that Marley was talking to Iris. Marley goes with Jamie to check on Amanda when they learn about her accident. Amanda decides to lay low at the cabin, and Marley wants to join Amanda and Jamie. Marley tells Jamie that she learned the truth about Patrick Sullivan. Iris threatens to expose Jake to Marley unless he tells her what's going on with him and Paulina. Marley tells Jamie that she can't sleep, because she's been thinking about him.

OCTOBER 22, 1990 (EP. #6690)
Frankie is stunned to the intruder in her living room is her cousin Dean, who's been hiding out in the basement. Cass is skeptical of Dean. Frankie finds out that Dean ran away from home and stole a car, and confronts him. Dean begs Frankie not to turn him in. Frankie decides to give Dean a chance, and lets him stay at the house. Iris tells Jake to give her the proof about Paulina or she calls Marley. Marley calls Iris, to finish their earlier talk about Jake, and Iris tells her to call back later. Jake tells Iris that he wants a quarter million in cash for the info, in order for him to get out of town. Iris brushes Marley off when she calls back. Iris makes a veiled threat to Jake. Marley and Jamie talk about their feelings for each other. Jamie and Marley grow closer at the cabin, and are about to kiss when a police officer interrupts. Marley tells Jamie that she has feelings for him, and says she can't marry Jake. Marley removes Jake's engagement ring. Ryan talks to Sharlene about Grant pulling out of the race. Ann tries to stop Sharlene when she comes to see Grant. Sharlene tells Grant not to give up his career, just because he can't have her. Grant begins his press conference, and announces that he's staying in the race after all. In the scuffle, Sharlene is knocked to the ground.

OCTOBER 23, 1990 (EP. #6691)
Amanda talks to Rachel about Sam. Sam and Olivia arrive to take Alli to the park. Rachel urges Sam to talk to Amanda. Sam is impressed when he sees Olivia with Alli. Grant tells John about Sharlene's accident. John learns that Sharlene fell down at Grant's press conference. The doctor tells them that there's a possibility that Sharlene could lose the baby. John accuses Grant of wanting the baby gone so Sharlene can be free. The doctor enters, about to tell Sharlene and John the test results. Paulina runs into Ken at the bank as she gets a cashier's check for a large sum. Ken wants answers from Paulina about her cashier's check. Paulina gives Jake his check. Jake warns Paulina that he'll expose her if he loses Marley. Ken gets suspicious when Rachel mentions that she loaned Paulina money. Paulina starts to panic when Amanda tells her that Marley's leaving Jake.

OCTOBER 24, 1990 (EP. #6692)
Felicia surprises Mitch when she arrives in Africa. Felicia is devastated when Mitch admits that he's having an affair with Dominique, his partner. Iris tells Lucas that she wants him back, but Lucas says he wants to be with Felicia. Mitch argues with Felicia about her feelings for Lucas, and Felicia admits she's been with Lucas since Mitch left for Africa. The doctor tells Sharlene and John that Sharlene's blood pressure is high, putting her and the baby at risk. John gives Sharlene a hard time for going to Grant's press conference. John apologizes for arguing with Sharlene, and kisses her. After John leaves, Sharlene decides this has to stop. Paulina panics after hearing that Marley plans to end things with Jake. Jamie urges Marley not to avoid Jake, and to get the break-up over with. Iris calls Jake, and says she'll his money in an hour. Paulina admits to Ken that Jake's blackmailing her, and tells him that once Marley breaks things off, Jake will expose her. Ken vows to take care of things. Paulina calls Jake, who tells her to stay away from him. Jake asks Marley to run off to Europe with him and get married.

OCTOBER 25, 1990 (EP. #6693)
Frankie convinces Cass to let Dean stay with them. Cass catches Dean trying to hotwire the car. Dean confesses to Frankie that he was trying to steal the car. Cass tells Frankie that he's made a deal with Dean to stay with them, provided he gets his act together. Mitch and Felicia have an emotional heart-to-heart. Mitch reminisces with Felicia about their life together, and Felicia asks if it's over for them. Mitch and Felicia embrace, accepting the end of their relationship. Paulina gets upset when Jamie tells her that Marley's breaking off the engagement to Jake. Paulina says she's upset when she loses her earring, and runs out. Ken tells Rachel that he's going to look for Paulina. Marley picks up the phone when Paulina calls for Jake, and Marley confronts Jake about Paulina. Marley gives Jake back his ring, and says it's over. Jake tries to force himself on Marley. Marley tells Vicky that Jake tried to rape her, and Vicky promises to take care of things once and for all. Jake is out cold, as blood drips onto the ground.

OCTOBER 26, 1990 (EP. #6694)
Michael doesn't understand Donna's reaction to Marley's break-up with Jake, and wants to know what's going on. Michael and Donna watch the news and see that Jake's been shot. Grant overhears John and Sharlene argue about leaving the hospital. Grant tells Sharlene how much he loves her. Sharlene tells Grant that she wants to be with John. Sharlene admits to Taylor that her feelings for Grant haven't disappeared, and voices her concerns about losing the baby. Jake is out cold, blood dripping from his body, and Vicky's there with blood on her hands. Vicky leaves, as Jake's neighbor discovers Jake, bloody and unconscious. Ryan gets the call to Jake's loft, and Jake's neighbor tells him that he saw Marley leaving the building. Ryan tells Vicky that Marley was spotted leaving Jake's, and he needs to speak to her. Vicky covers and says Marley's asleep, and Marley walks in the front door.

OCTOBER 29, 1990 (EP. #6695)
John and Sharlene argue when she wants to leave the hospital. Grant helps Sharlene slip out of the hospital. Josie gives Sharlene a hard time when she sees her home with Grant. Sharlene tells Josie that she has to get away from Grant and John. Sharlene and Josie have a tearful farewell. Rachel tells Paulina and Ken that Jake's been shot. Ken asks Paulina if she was involved with Jake's shooting, but she insists she never went to see Jake. Paulina tells Ken to stay out of her life. Marley calls Jamie to find out Jake's condition. Jamie tells Marley that Jake's in critical condition. Jake starts to slip into a coma. Vicky lies and says Marley's upstairs, as Marley walks in the front door. Vicky calls Cass to meet them at the station house. Vicky tells Marley that a witness saw Marley leave the loft. Vicky tells Marley to deny being in Jake's loft. Chris, Jake's neighbor, says he saw Marley leave the loft before he discovered an unconscious Jake. Vicky asks Chris if he saw Marley or her leave the loft.

OCTOBER 30, 1990 (EP. #6696)
Sam flashes back to when Olivia disrobed for him. Olivia arrives and tells Sam about Jake. Olivia asks Sam if she can stay at the loft tonight. Sam doesn't think Olivia should stay, admitting that he might be tempted. Olivia heads out, and kisses Sam on the cheek, satisfied with herself. Jake lay comatose. Frankie tells Jamie that Marley was spotted leaving the loft. Jamie tells Frankie that he, a nurse and a cop all were present when Jake said "Marley." After grilling Marley, Cass tells Frankie that he suspects Marley's holding something back. Chris isn't sure who he saw leave the loft, Vicky or Marley. Vicky tells Marley not to tell anyone that Jake tried to rape her, in order to keep people from suspecting Marley. Ryan warns Vicky not to withhold information from him, and asks Vicky to trust him. Vicky tells Ryan not to make her choose between him and Marley, and takes off. Jamie comforts Marley, and she goes in to see Jake.

OCTOBER 31, 1990 (EP. #6697)
Josie tells John that Sharlene left, and tells John to read Sharlene's letter. Grant is devastated when he reads Sharlene's letter, telling him that she's left Bay City to focus on the baby. John confronts Grant, demanding to know where Sharlene is, and threatens to destroy Grant's heirloom vase. John breaks down after reading Sharlene's letter. Grant makes arrangements to locate Sharlene. Amanda begs Sam for forgiveness, but Sam says it's too late. Olivia thinks Sam is still in love with Amanda. Sam tells Olivia that he has no feelings for Amanda, and grabs Olivia and kisses her. Amanda is upset that Sam and Olivia are getting close, and tells Rachel that her life is spinning out of control. Ryan takes Donna to Jake's loft to help him with questions about Visions' inventory. Ryan spots Marley's busted ring, and wonders if Marley's been lying about Jake's reaction to the break-up. Jake's editing equipment helps Ryan determine the time of Jake's shooting, and it matches up with the time Marley said she was at the loft.

NOVEMBER 1, 1990 (EP. #6698)
Josie and Reuben meet Dean, and invite him to go out to Sassy's with them. Matt gets protective when Dean hits on Paulina. Dean flips out when he hears a song on the jukebox that he says he wrote. Sam assures Olivia that he has no feelings for Amanda. Sam brings Olivia back to the loft, and the two dance. Sam and Olivia kiss passionately. Olivia and Sam decide not to rush things. Marley tells Jamie to forget about her, but Jamie says he'll stand by Marley no matter what. Ryan asks Vicky about the opera, and Vicky thinks Ryan's just trying to get information from her about the shooting. Marley blurts out to Jamie that Vicky told her not to say anything. Vicky's remark to Jamie makes him wonder if Marley did shoot Jake. After Ryan gets Marley's statement, he says she's not telling the truth and asks what really happened.

NOVEMBER 2, 1990 (EP. #6699)
Ryan calls Iris and asks about her relationship with Jake. Ryan grills Paulina about her feelings for Jake. Iris calls the hospital for information on Jake. Ryan asks Paulina about Iris, and about Jake's money situation. Dean starts smashing the jukebox, claiming his song was stolen, and gets arrested. Josie calls Cass, who comes down and tells the officer to lock Dean up for the night. Frankie gets upset with Cass for not trying to get Dean out of jail, and they argue. Ryan asks Marley if she shot Jake, and she says she didn't. Ryan tells Marley that Vicky lied about Marley's whereabouts when Jake was shot. Vicky and Jamie argue about whether Marley shot Jake. Michael thinks that Vicky, Marley and Donna are hiding something. Donna tells off a comatose Jake and starts to eye his IV drip. Jamie tries to convince Marley to tell him what happened with Jake. Jake goes into cardiac arrest as Iris skulks around the hospital.

NOVEMBER 5, 1990 (EP. #6700)
Sam bumps into Amanda as he and Olivia pick up dinner. Amanda talks to Ada about seeing Sam with Olivia. Sam asks Amanda if he could have Alli for Thanksgiving, and Amanda tries to get Sam to come to her house for Thanksgiving. Olivia admits to Sam that she was hoping to surprise him with a Thanksgiving dinner for the two of them. Donna and Michael panic when Jake goes into cardiac arrest. Iris tries to slip away when Donna spots her. Iris tries to avoid being questioned by Ryan. Iris asks Lucas to buy some art for her, and give her a backdated receipt. Lucas wonders what Iris is up to, but agrees to help her out. Marley starts to admit to Jamie what Jake did, right as Jamie is called in to deal with Jake. Ryan hears Vicky telling Marley to keep her mouth shut, and wants answers. Jamie determines that Jake's cardiac arrest was from natural causes. Ryan's captain, Billy, comes down hard on Ryan, demanding results by tomorrow. Jamie asks Marley what she was going to tell him, but she says she can't. Marley walks away and says "I love you."

NOVEMBER 6, 1990 (EP. #6701)
John laments to Taylor about Sharlene's departure. Donna invites John over for cocktails, and then invites Taylor to join them. Grant and Taylor argue about John. Grant intercepts Sharlene's message for John, and stuffs it in his pocket. John confronts Grant, and asks if he's heard from Sharlene. Lucas delivers the art to Iris, but won't hand over the predated receipt until Iris gives him an explanation. Ryan interrogates Iris about her relationship with Jake. Lucas tells Iris that he thinks her art purchase has something to do with Jake. Jessica, the assistant D.A., gives Grant a hard time about Ryan's inability to make an arrest in Jake's shooting. Ryan questions a defensive Paulina about Jake. Dean asks Paulina to come with him to Chicago, and Rachel gives them the limo. Jessica pressures Ryan about making an arrest, and they argue. Frankie fills Stacey in on the case. Frankie tells Stacey that Donna asked her to investigate Jake, and they voice their suspicions about Donna. Donna gets emotional after calling Mikey. Stacey tells Donna that her and Jake's affair could change the focus of the investigation, and asks Donna if she shot Jake.

NOVEMBER 7, 1990 (EP. #6702)
Grant gets the election results, which aren't looking good for him. John and Taylor have cocktails with Michael and Donna. John wants Taylor to join him at Grant's campaign headquarters, but Taylor talks John out of it and they decide to go for a drive instead. Grant refuses to concede the election. Paulina takes Dean to a recording studio, and then decides to pay Marsha a visit. Paulina goes off on Marsha for her abusive ways. Marsha blurts out that Jake offered her money to prove Paulina was a fraud. Paulina spots one of Marsha's foster children, and slips her some money. Paulina tells Dean that you can't trust anyone. Donna blasts Stacey for accusing her of shooting Jake, and the two have a heated argument. Michael enters, and wants answers from Donna. Stacey tells Reuben that Michael deserves better than this. Michael looks over Donna's Visions records, determined to find out who shot Jake. Vicky asks Marley to move in with her. Marley is tormented by a nightmare about Jake. Grant tells Ryan that arresting Marley could help his career, and Vicky goes off on them. Vicky tells Marley that they need Ryan, and she's got a plan to use him to help Marley.

NOVEMBER 8, 1990 (EP. #6703)
Sam tells Olivia that he wants to spend Thanksgiving with her, not the Corys'. Sam tells Amanda that he's not coming to the Thanksgiving dinner, and he's having dinner with Olivia instead. Amanda confronts Olivia about having Thanksgiving dinner with Sam, and the two women go at it. Olivia doesn't tell Sam about her run-in with Amanda. Amanda tells Matt that she still loves Sam. Paulina tells Ken that Jake was working for Iris, and theorizes that Iris shot Jake. Paulina tries to find a way to link Iris to Jake, without implicating herself. Ada thanks Ken for everything he's done for Rachel. Jamie tries to get Marley to tell him what happened with Jake. Ryan waits for a report from the forensics department, and Vicky convinces him to come with her for a picnic lunch. Captain Cooper arrives with a subpoena to seize the clothes Marley was wearing when Jake was shot. Ryan arrives with Vicky, who thinks Ryan set her up by sending Cooper to go after Marley while they were on their picnic.

NOVEMBER 9, 1990 (EP. #6704)
Sam takes Olivia to dinner, but keeps getting interrupted every time he tries to get be alone with her. Stacey tries to console Amanda about Sam. Amanda slips into Sam's place, and is flooded with memories. Amanda dozes off on Sam's couch, and tries to hide when she hears Sam and Olivia come back. Amanda looks on as Sam and Olivia kiss. Donna tells Stacey about Michael's investigation of Jake, and asks her to keep her mouth shut about her affair with Jake if Michael comes sniffing around. Stacey says she can't, and she and Donna argue. Michael and Cass question Caroline about Jake's art purchases. Caroline tells Cass, Michael and Donna that Paulina came by when Jake tried to buy the painting, and he took off with her. Michael asks Donna to go over Visions' books with him. Cooper warns Ryan that he's on thin ice, and tells him to bring Marley downtown for questioning. Cass gets word from Vicky that Marley's been brought to the station for questioning. Marley tells Cass that Jake struggled with her, and Cass asks if she shot him. Ryan badgers Marley that the evidence is mounting against her, and demands to know that truth. Cooper enters with the "smoking gun": blood on Marley's coat. Marley says that she'll tell the truth.

NOVEMBER 12, 1990 (EP. #6705)
Amanda reveals herself to Sam and Olivia as they kiss. Sam argues with Amanda and defends Olivia when Amanda tells him she wants to speak to him alone. Amanda tells Ken about her run-in with Sam and Olivia. Paulina is tormented by nightmares about Jake and Rachel telling her that she's a liar. Rachel goes to comfort Paulina when she hears her screaming from upstairs. Rachel and Paulina have a talk about being a Cory, and how honesty and integrity are a part of Mac's legacy. . Marley confesses that Jake tried to rape her, and Ryan has her put under arrest. Vicky explodes when she learns that Marley's been arrested, and Ryan lets her visit Marley in her cell. Marley admits to Vicky that she told Ryan about Jake's attempted rape. Jamie visits Marley, and she tells him that Jake tried to rape her. Vicky tells Ryan off for arresting Marley and storms out. Carlos tells Ryan that the usher at the opera called, and he has info about Vicky.

NOVEMBER 13, 1990 (EP. #6706)
Jamie arranges Marley's bail and gets her released from jail. Cass presses Marley to tell him everything that happened the night of the shooting. Marley tells Cass about Jake's attempted rape, but lies that she didn't tell anyone that night. Vicky voices her concerns to Marley about the trial. Marley tells Vicky that she won't reveal that Vicky went to Jake's the night of the shooting. At Josie's photo shoot, Leo Gascone, a movie producer, arrives, and Reuben tries to sell him on casting Josie. Leo agrees to give Josie a small part, and Reuben tells her the news. Josie is stunned to hear that she'll have to go to L.A. to shoot the movie, and says she can't leave Bay City. Frankie tells Ryan that he owes her after kidnapping her on her wedding day, and asks for information about the evidence on the case. Ryan says that "hypothetically" speaking, there could be another clue that could lead to another suspect. Ryan goes to speak to the usher from the opera house, who tells him that on the night of Jake's shooting, Vicky left her seat after the first act and didn't return. At the hospital, Jake remains in critical condition.

NOVEMBER 14, 1990 (EP. #6707)
Felicia returns from Africa, and tells Gloria that she finally finished the book that she could never find the ending for. Felicia gives Gloria a necklace from Africa, and they talk about their dear friendship. After Felicia leaves, Gloria makes a mysterious phone call. Felicia tells Cass that she found Mitch with another woman. Felicia says it's time for her to start a new life. Cass asks Felicia if she loves Lucas. John tells Taylor that he can't get Sharlene out of his mind. Taylor says she can no longer be Sharlene's therapist, because she's become too personally involved. Grant tells Donna that he'll help her with Marley, if she gives him any info about Sharlene, instead of telling John, but Donna refuses. Grant gets the recount tally, and announces to John that he's won the election. Donna worries when Michael wants to investigate whether Jake was having an affair. Paulina tells Iris that Marsha told her that Jake was working for Iris, in order to prove she wasn't a Cory. Paulina and Iris accuse each other of shooting Jake. Paulina threatens to go to the police about Iris and Jake if she keeps trying to get her out of the family. Michael tells Iris that they found blond hair on Jake's clothes the night he was shot, and she grows uneasy.

NOVEMBER 15, 1990 (EP. #6708)
Olivia tells Josie that Sam is completely over Amanda. Sam runs into Amanda, who apologizes for everything she's done, and gives him and Olivia her blessing. Sam tells Olivia that he ran into Amanda, and she's slowly accepting Sam and Olivia's relationship. Sam and Olivia kiss. Felicia tells Sam that she's divorcing Mitch. Lucas asks Felicia why she's been avoiding him. Felicia tells Lucas that she's divorcing Mitch, but says she's not jumping into a serious relationship. Lucas grabs Felicia and they start kissing. Josie tells Olivia that she's been cast in a movie, and admits that she doesn't want to leave town while Sharlene's away. Reuben asks Josie to head with him to L.A. right away, but she says she can't. Reuben blasts Josie for using Sharlene as an excuse not to go. Reuben says he understands, and the two make up. Vicky and Marley see Ryan being interviewed on the news about Marley. Ryan searches Visions and discovers a watch. Jamie brings Marley to the courthouse, and warns her what will happen at her trial if she's withholding the truth. Ryan interrupts Vicky's date with Darryl and confronts her about the watch she won from Jake that he found in the loft. Jamie asks Marley if she's lying to protect Vicky. Vicky tells an unconscious Jake that they should have stayed in Lassiter.

NOVEMBER 16, 1990 (EP. #6709)
Olivia takes Sam on a picnic. Amanda goes to get her things from Evan's apartment, and starts to get drunk. Paulina calls Sam and says Amanda won't be able to attend their meeting with Alli's teacher because she's been drinking. Ryan asks Jamie to help him find out what Vicky and Marley are hiding. Jamie accuses Vicky of shooting Jake and having Marley cover for her. Ryan enters as Jamie demands Vicky tell the cops that she shot Jake. Grant tries to cut a deal with Morgan, and pushes her into going after a conviction for Marley. Michael and John lock horns with Grant about Marley. Grant and Ryan argue about Marley, and Ryan tells Grant to lay off Marley's case. Grant's contact gives Grant some dirt on Taylor. Michael busts Iris trying to find the lab report, and wants answers. Iris tells Michael that Jake and Paulina were having an affair. Michael warns Iris not to hold back any info that could clear Marley. Iris slips into Jake's room and issues a warning. After Iris leaves, Jake's eyes suddenly open.

NOVEMBER 19, 1990 (EP. #6710)
Sam shows up as Amanda trashes Evan's apartment. Amanda tells Sam that she needs him as a friend. Matt, upset about Mitch and Felicia's divorce, starts to plant doubts in Olivia's mind about her relationship with Sam. Olivia goes home with Matt after Sam doesn't return to their picnic, and gets angry when she sees Sam with Amanda. Ken asks Paulina what she'll do if the test results implicate someone other than Marley. Jamie tells Paulina that Jake's showing signs of regaining consciousness. Paulina tells Ken that Jake might be coming out of his coma, and he warns her that Jake could expose her as a fraud when he comes to. Ken urges Paulina to confess to Rachel. Grant asks Brad to get something to blackmail Taylor with so she'll help him find Sharlene before John does. Grant asks Josie to call Sharlene, and Josie says she wouldn't tell Grant where Sharlene is even if she knew. Grant tells Josie how much he believes in her, and how much he cares for Sharlene. Marley goes in to see Jake, and lets out a scream when his eyes open. Ryan asks Vicky if she shot Jake, and tells her about the mounting evidence against her. Vicky tells Ryan that it's over for them. Jamie tells Vicky that Jake's showing signs of movement. Ryan sees the test results, which implicate Marley, and asks Cooper to take him off the case. Cooper says it's in the D.A.'s hands now, and grills Ryan about Vicky. Cooper asks Ryan if he thinks Vicky shot Jake.

NOVEMBER 20, 1990 (EP. #6711)
Sam tries to explain to Olivia that he didn't stand her up to be with Amanda, and arranges a special getaway for them. Sam takes Olivia to a cozy inn, and Olivia says she wants to spend the night there with him. Sam and Olivia make love. Cass has a run-in with Morgan, who tells him the grand jury has returned an indictment against Marley for attempted murder. Cass goes off on Morgan, accusing her of railroading Marley because she has a vendetta against him. Cass and Morgan argue, and Frankie's surprise anniversary cake is served to them as Frankie looks on. Cass apologizes for ruining Frankie's anniversary surprise. Felicia is stunned when Gloria wants to have another agent promote Felicia's book. Felicia tells Lucas that Gloria's hiding something. Felicia talks to Lucas about her history with Gloria, and mentions that she really doesn't know anything about her after all these years. Lucas and Felicia enjoy a romantic evening together, and she invites him to Thanksgiving with Cass and Frankie. Paulina asks Jamie about Jake coming out of his coma, and Jamie wonders why Paulina's so concerned with Jake. Stacey goes off on Ryan for giving up so easily on Marley's case. Ryan continues his own investigation, and Jamie overhears Ryan questioning Paulina about Jake's surveillance equipment. Jamie accuses Paulina of hiding something. Jamie snoops around Paulina's room, and finds the bug in Paulina's phone.

NOVEMBER 21, 1990 (EP. #6712)
Olivia wakes up and sees rose and a note from Sam, telling her that he went to see Alli. Liz warns Olivia that Sam will get back together with Amanda. After Sam's visit, Amanda tells Ada that Sam can't stay away from her. Amanda gets hopeful when she overhears Liz telling Matt that Olivia's seen the light about Sam. Sam shows up late for dinner with Olivia, and gives her a stray kitten that he picked up. Sam assures Olivia that he's not leaving her, and they kiss. Jamie shows Rachel the bug he found in Paulina's room, and says he thinks Jake planted it. Rachel urges Jamie not to go to the police. Paulina asks Rachel if Jamie was talking about her, but Rachel won't say. Rachel asks Ken if he would give the traditional Thanksgiving toast. Paulina tells Ken that she thinks Jamie was talking to Rachel about her. Ken proposes a toast to the Cory family. Paulina steps in and makes a heartfelt toast about family and Thanksgiving. Paulina asks Ken to get info from Rachel about what Jamie knows. Josie makes Thanksgiving dinner for John, and is stunned when Taylor joins them. Josie snaps at Taylor when she offers to help, and tells Taylor off about Sharlene. John and Taylor step out for a walk, and Sharlene calls. Sharlene says to tell John she loves him, and to tell Grant that she asked about him. Josie looks on as John walks Taylor to her car. Brad tells Grant that Taylor was involved with a bit of a scandal at her last position. Michael tells Marley and Vicky that the grand jury handed down an indictment for attempted murder. Vicky slips out to meet with Grant. Vicky asks Grant what it will take to get the charges against Marley dropped. Grant says he can't help her, and Vicky warns him that Sharlene won't approve of what he's done. Jamie tries to tell Marley about the bug, but she tells him she wants to do this alone. Jamie looks at the bug, and gives Ryan a call.

NOVEMBER 22, 1990: Pre-empted for NFL Football Game.

NOVEMBER 23, 1990 (EP. #6713)
Rachel asks Paulina about the bug in her room, and Ken tries to come up with a plausible cover story. Paulina tells Ryan that she thinks Jake planted the bug in her room, saying it had to do with Jake's strange sexual fetishes. Paulina tells Dean that she fears she may lose everything. Ryan asks Vicky to help him with the case, and Michael and Donna tell Ryan to leave Vicky alone. Someone breaks into Vicky's and plants a bug in the phone. Vicky tells Cass and Michael that the only way to save Marley is to convince the jury that she was the one who shot Jake, not Marley. Marley overhears Jamie say that he may have a new piece of evidence in her case, and asks him about it. Jamie asks Marley who she thinks shot Jake, and she says she has no idea. Jamie helps tend to a man who gets shot outside the clinic, and the blood reminds Marley of Jake. Jamie comforts Marley, and they kiss.

NOVEMBER 26, 1990 (EP. #6714)
Bridget starts to enter as Ken plants a bug in Vicky's phone. Dean tries to get Paulina to open up to him. Paulina tells Rachel about her conversation with Ryan. Ken tells Paulina that he planted a bug in Vicky's phone, and some others. Paulina blasts Ken for his "help," saying it could make things worse. Ken slips away before Rachel sees him. Cass and Frankie discuss Marley's case. Stacey voices her suspicions about Donna. Frankie asks Cass if he thinks Marley is innocent, and he's not sure. Frankie tries to cheer Cass up with a romantic evening. Vicky says they can use her to establish reasonable doubt that Marley shot Jake. Cass agrees with Vicky, but Michael and Donna worry that it could backfire. Jamie asks Marley to stay with him tonight and make love, but they're interrupted by Ryan. Jamie tells Ryan about the bug, and Ryan says Paulina already told him. Vicky sees Jamie and Marley kissing, and interrupts to talk about her plan to establish reasonable doubt. Marley tells Jamie that she has to leave, and Jamie thinks it's because she feels guilty about Vicky seeing them together. Vicky tells Ryan that she did leave the opera early after all. Ryan asks Vicky if she shot Jake.

NOVEMBER 27, 1990 (EP. #6715)
Josie admits to John that she didn't go find him when Sharlene called. Grant tries to blackmail Taylor into telling him where Sharlene is by using the rumors about her from her last job against her. Taylor tells John about Grant, and opens up to John about her patient who fell in love with her. Josie gives Grant a message from Sharlene. Josie asks John if he's giving up on Sharlene. Sam gets uncomfortable when Olivia starts moving her things to his place, and Olivia asks Sam if he's tired of her. Sam explains that they need to take things slowly, and the two kiss passionately. Sam and Olivia begin to make love. Ryan asks Vicky if she shot Jake. Vicky tries to paint herself as "the bad sister" to Ryan, but he doesn't buy it. Ryan warns Vicky that she's getting in over her head by trying to protect Marley. Marley sees Vicky burning Marley's letters from Jake, and Vicky explains that the letters could be used against Marley in court. Marley discovers that Vicky destroyed any evidence that connected Vicky with Jake.

NOVEMBER 28, 1990 (EP. #6716)
Olivia tries to dote on Sam, who tells her he has to head to Chicago for a meeting. Sam goes to Tops, and tells Felicia that Olivia's smothering him. Sam runs into Olivia at Tops, and admits that he lied about his meeting in Chicago. Sam tries to stop Olivia as she packs her things from the loft, and he apologizes for lying. Sam embraces Olivia. Frankie tells Cass that she's found another witness to Jake's shooting, and speculates whether this could lead to another suspect. Frankie and Cass Iris as a possible suspect, and reenact what they think could have happened with Jake and Iris the night of the shooting. Donna learns about Jake's bug from Bridget, and starts to look in her phone. Donna explains to Michael that she feared Jake was bugging them too. Michael is shocked when he finds a blond wig in the closet. Iris balks when Rachel asks her if she tapped Paulina's phone. Lucas remembers that Iris had asked her for a bug, and goes off on her. Ryan uncovers a bug in Iris's phone, and asks if Jake was trying to blackmail her. Lucas begins to put two-and-two together, and accuses Iris of shooting Jake. Iris confesses to Lucas that she was at Jake's loft the night he was shot.

NOVEMBER 29, 1990 (EP. #6717)
Iris tells Lucas that she was in Jake's loft after he was shot, and ran out in fear that he was dead. Iris covers and says she hired Jake to spy on Sophisticate's competition, and that she was paying Jake off for his silence. Iris begs Lucas not to tell Cass, fearing she'll lose everything. Carlos asks Iris to come down and listen to some tapes from the bugging devices. John tries to convince Josie to go to L.A. to do the film, and gives her an open-ended plane ticket. Matt urges Josie to follow her dream. Josie and Matt reminisce about their relationship, and kiss. Taylor opens up to John about the scandal at her last job. John comforts Taylor when she tells him about her patient who fell in love with her, and how he was killed in a car accident after she withdrew as his therapist. Taylor tells John that the patient's parents had her dismissed from the hospital. Donna tells Michael that the blond wig was for the Halloween party that they had to miss. Michael grabs Donna and kisses her passionately after she gets upset about his suspicions of her. Cass tells Michael that the trial date has been set. Vicky tells Marley that the only chance to clear her is to use Vicky to create reasonable doubt. Vicky asks Jamie to help her convince Marley to go along with her idea. Marley freaks out when she gets a package that Jake had sent to her.

NOVEMBER 30, 1990 (EP. #6718)
John tells Taylor how she's been there for him. Taylor and John talk about the Snowflake Ball. Taylor tells her mother that things went well with John. John thinks about Sharlene. Vicky runs into Ryan having dinner with Paulina, and crashes their date. Vicky confronts Paulina in the ladies' room and tells her to stay away from Ryan, or else. Vicky warns Paulina that Ryan only asked her to dinner because he thinks she shot Jake. Ryan and Carlos make sure Paulina overhears them talking about the tapes, and Paulina cuts the date short. Ryan starts to walk out on Vicky, and Vicky tells him to wait. Michael is livid when Cass tells him that Marley should plead guilty. Jamie tells Marley that he thinks she's lying to protect Vicky. Stacey urges Michael to trust Cass's judgment about Marley's defense, but Michael says he refuses to lose another one of his children. Cass tells Marley to plead guilty in self-defense, and she breaks down when he starts to grill her. Marley explodes and admits to Cass that she's lying.

DECEMBER 3, 1990 (EP. #6719)
Vicky admits to Ryan that she has feelings for him, and it scares her. Ryan tells Vicky he won't hurt her, but Vicky says Marley's case makes it impossible. Iris demands Ryan return any tapes of her telephone conversations. Billy comes down on Ryan for bluffing about the tapes. Vicky tells Grant to get Morgan to drop Marley's case, and she'll give him Sharlene's address. Paulina tells Ken that the police have tapes. Jamie overhears Ken tell Paulina that the tapes must be of her, since he planted the bugs in the other phones. Rachel intervenes when Jamie grills Paulina. Iris starts to give Paulina the third degree about the tapes. Paulina insists to Rachel that she didn't shoot Jake. Stacey makes a remark to Michael that Donna wouldn't protect her children, and Michael wants to know why. Cass asks Stacey to come back to the firm and work on Marley's case. Donna slams Stacey to Michael. Michael asks Donna what happened between the two of them. John talks to Jamie about Marley's trial. John tells Jamie to consider removing himself from Jake's case. Jamie learns that Jake's having abnormal spastic movements. Marley tells Cass that Jake raped her, and describes her confrontation with Jake to Cass. Cass warns Marley that Morgan will give her a tough time on the witness stand, and Cass gives Marley instructions for the trial. Marley starts to have trouble breathing in front of Michael and Donna. John looks at Marley, and suggests Marley speak to a therapist. Marley's hunch worries her.

DECEMBER 4, 1990 (EP. #6720)
Olivia tells Matt that she went to New York to get her mind off of Sam, but that he probably doesn't realize she's gone. Sam tries to track down Olivia. Amanda comes to see Sam, and invites him to go with her to Alli's school pageant. Amanda offers Sam a job at Sophisticate, which Sam turns down. Matt brings Olivia to the loft, and Sam tells Olivia how worried he was about her. Sam and Olivia plan a romantic evening and they kiss. Iris blasts Felicia after reading her latest manuscript. Iris accuses Felicia of writing about her. Gloria assures Felicia that the book will be a hit, despite Iris's objections. Felicia thinks something's going on with Gloria. Grant tells Ryan that he's willing to delay the trial. Grant taunts John and Taylor and asks about the rumors about them. Grant tells John and Taylor that he may be able to help Marley. Grant badgers Taylor for Sharlene's whereabouts. Jamie tells John that Jake's bullet has shifted, and if it moves any more, Jake's dead. Jamie says they have no choice but to operate on Jake. Paulina comes to see Jake, and Jamie questions her motives for being there. Paulina threatens to tell Rachel that Iris hired Jake to spy on her. Paulina complains to Dean that Ryan and Jamie think she shot Jake. Jamie has to perform Jake's surgery because the specialist is snowed in.

DECEMBER 5, 1990 (EP. #6721)
Michael gets upset with Cass when thinks he's withholding information from him, and tries to get answers from Stacey. Michael has to wait out the snowstorm at Stacey's when his car won't start. Donna waits for Michael at Tops, and gets stuck in the elevator with Grant when it breaks down. Marley attempts to take a home pregnancy test. Cass interrupts her, and she drops the vial. Marley tells Cass that she thinks she may be pregnant with Jake's baby as a result of the rape. Cass takes Marley to the hospital for a pregnancy test. Olivia tries to get out of going to the Snowflake Ball with Liz. Olivia calls Sam and tells him she'll come over soon, but he tells her that Amanda and Alli are snowbound at the loft. Liz tells Olivia that they're snowed in at Tops. Olivia asks Stacey to invite Amanda to stay at her place. Sam glances at Amanda as she changes into her nightclothes. Jamie and John perform surgery on Jake as a snowbound Dr. Nelson gives them instructions from a remote link. Jamie and John have to perform a difficult maneuver when a blackout hits, and they lose the hookup with Dr. Nelson. As Jamie and John perform the maneuver, Jake dreams he's at a poker party with Vicky, Iris and Paulina, who tell him he isn't going to make it. Jamie successfully removes the bullet. Jake dreams that Marley and Donna join in the game, and he draws the losing hand. John and Jamie desperately try to revive Jake as he goes into cardiac arrest. Jake dreams that Marley tells him he's lost, and she pulls the sheet over him.

DECEMBER 6, 1990 (EP. #6722)
Olivia is upset that Amanda is snowbound with Sam. Sam comforts Amanda when she has a nightmare. Stacey invites Amanda and Alli to camp out at her place. Olivia shows up at the loft, and Sam kisses her passionately. Amanda tells Stacey that she and Sam are history. Donna is furious about being trapped in the elevator with Grant. Donna tries to climb out of the trap door. Donna and Grant free themselves from the elevator, and she's not pleased to hear that she's snowbound at Tops. Vicky tells Ryan that she refuses to go to the Snowflake Ball with him. Vicky puts on some music, changes into her dress, and Ryan and her dance together. Vicky gets info from Ryan about how evidence disappears, and swipes his card key when he steps away. Ryan and Vicky kiss passionately. Jamie and John try to revive Jake as he flatlines. Jake, hovering between life and death, dreams of Donna, Iris, Paulina, Vicky and Marley taunting him. Jake challenges the women to draw cards, in order to determine whether he gets a second chance, and he pulls out an ace. Jamie revives Jake. Jamie approaches Marley as she reads her pregnancy test results. Jamie asks Marley to tell him what's really going on.

DECEMBER 7, 1990 (EP. #6723)
Marley tells Jamie that she took a pregnancy test, and says she's not pregnant. Marley confesses to Jamie that Jake did rape her. Jamie and Marley break into an antique store to keep warm after the car won't start. Marley and Jamie wake up in each other's arms. Marley tells Jamie that she loves him, and they kiss. Matt tells Dean about some of Cass's crazier exploits. Dean starts to taunt Cass about his past when Cass gives him a hard time for breaking his curfew. Cass touches a nerve when he asks Dean about his father, and the two get their anger out by smashing some dishes. John dreams about Sharlene. John tells Taylor that he has a feeling that Sharlene will return, and Taylor tells him her doubts. John tells Taylor to stop being negative about Sharlene. Taylor overhears as Sharlene calls the hospital for John. Vicky pulls back when Ryan wants to make love, fearing he'll discover that she swiped his card key. Vicky tells Ryan to leave, saying that if he stays, it could destroy them. Vicky sneaks into the evidence room and takes the gun. Vicky sees Ryan standing in the hallway as she tries to slip out.

DECEMBER 10, 1990 (EP. #6724)
Taylor looks on as John gets the message that Sharlene called. Taylor tells John not to get his hopes up about Sharlene. Taylor offers to help John with his rehabilitation. John tells Grant to stop badgering Taylor, and mentions that Sharlene has tried to call him. Grant fills John in on Taylor's patient, saying the man left Taylor his entire estate. Marley pulls back from Jamie's kiss, saying she needs time. Jamie suggests Marley speak to Taylor about the rape. Marley admits to Taylor that Jake raped her. Morgan gives Jamie a subpoena, and warns him that he's going to have to testify against Marley. Vicky slips out of the evidence room before being caught by Ryan, Cass and Morgan. Ryan sees that the gun is missing, and Cass gloats that without it, Morgan doesn't have a case. Carlos sees that according the computer records, Ryan was the last one to open the evidence room cage. Cass tells Vicky that the missing gun will torpedo Morgan's case. Vicky is torn when she hears that Ryan will most likely lose his job because of the missing gun. Vicky looks at the gun, unsure what to do.

DECEMBER 11, 1990 (EP. #6725)
Grant accuses Ryan of taking Jake's gun from the evidence room, and Ryan tells him off. Vicky stuffs the gun and starts to head out, but Michael stops her, wanting to talk. Vicky contemplates throwing the gun in the water. Vicky comes home to find Ryan, who tells her he's been blamed for the stolen evidence. Ryan grabs Vicky and demands to know where the gun is. Ryan gets word that the gun and his key have both been located at the station. Ryan knowingly thanks Vicky, and kisses her. Amanda tells Rachel that she'd like to hire Sam as art director for Sophisticate. Sam tells Olivia about Amanda's job offer, and she urges him to take it. Olivia gets upset when she overhears Liz telling Sam that he only wants Olivia because she's a stand-in for Amanda. Sam tells Olivia to ignore Liz's remarks, and they go to the private office to make love. Grant tries to enlist Dean to help locate Sharlene, who was staying with Dean's father. Dean refuses to contact his father. Grant sweet-talks Paulina, who melts. Dean gets upset when Paulina starts putting on airs about Grant. Paulina tells Dean that she needs him as a friend. Jamie tells Marley that he's being called to testify against her, and tries to console her when she fears the worst. Marley has a heart-to-heart with Rachel, who says she knows Marley's innocent. Jamie tells Rachel that Marley finally said she loves him. Marley goes to liquidate some of her assets.

DECEMBER 12, 1990 (EP. #6726)
Taylor tells Grant to stop threatening her. Taylor is devastated when her research funding is denied, and she and John think Grant is responsible. John consoles a distraught Taylor, and tries to get Taylor's mind off of work by going to get a Christmas tree. Dean tells Paulina that Grant's asked him to help find Sharlene. Dean asks Paulina to dinner, but she says she'll only go if Dean helps Grant, hoping to score points. Paulina urges Dean to call his father, but Dean hangs up when he hears his father's voice. Paulina is mortified when Dean asks her to join him for their date in front of Grant. Paulina's upset with Dean for ruining things with her and Grant. Dean warns Paulina not to get too hung up on Grant. Michael plans a trip to Utah to see Patrick Sullivan. Donna is not pleased that Stacey is going on the trip with Michael in Cass's place. On the plane, Stacey reveals to Michael that she's afraid of flying, and Michael holds her hand as they take off. Stacey is taken aback to hear that the trip is going to be longer than she thought. Frankie searches Jake's loft, and is startled when Morgan arrives with Cass. Cass isn't pleased when Morgan tells him they found the gun, and Marley's trial will go on as planned. Frankie tells Cass that the door to the loft was unlocked, and that Donna's the only person with access. Frankie starts to strongly suspect Donna after Cass slips up and mentions that Jake raped Marley. Frankie goes to question Donna, and discovers her blonde wig in the closet. Frankie tells Cass about Donna's wig, but he can't believe that Donna would sacrifice Marley. Donna looks at Marley and Vicky's photos and breaks down crying.

DECEMBER 13, 1990 (EP. #6727)
Amanda sees Sam buying a necklace for Olivia, and reminds Sam of her job offer when his credit card is declined. Olivia tells Caroline that she and Sam are going to get an apartment together. Sam admits to Caroline that he lost his temper with her customers, and Amanda urges him to work for Sophisticate. Sam refuses to work for Amanda. Olivia tells Sam about the larger apartment, but he puts the brakes on her plan to move in together. Sam assures Olivia he wants to be with her, and they kiss. Frankie asks Donna about her blonde wig, and Donna says she rented it for a Halloween costume. Frankie tells Donna she thinks she could have shot Jake. Frankie asks Donna to testify that Jake had many enemies. Donna asks Stacey to help convince Cass not to make her testify at the trial. Stacey tells Donna to tell Cass the truth about her affair with Jake. Marley and Vicky are both tormented by a nightmare that Vicky is found guilty and Steven is taken away from her. Cass warns Jamie to stay away from Marley for the trial. Jamie and Marley are secretly caught on tape together by the tabloid press. Vicky gives Marley a package from the bank. Marley stashes the bundles of cash away, and makes a phone call, using a fake name.

DECEMBER 14, 1990 (EP. #6728)
Felicia nervously preps for her book party. Gloria gets antsy when Felicia gets a gift from someone named Jenna. Gloria tells Barbara that Felicia's not ready to find out about Jenna. Barbara tells Gloria to tell Felicia about Jenna before it's too late. Taylor has a run-in with Ray while at a sleazy bar when John steps in. Taylor explains to John that she's there doing research. John takes Taylor for a walk in the woods to get a Christmas tree. Jamie sees a tabloid hit piece on Vicky and Marley, showing footage of him with Marley. Vicky stages a press conference as a diversion so Marley can slip out and have a private dinner with Jamie. Jamie and Marley enjoy their romantic evening together. Vicky returns home with Ryan, and sees a note from Marley saying she's leaving town. Ryan wants to know what's going on.

DECEMBER 17, 1990 (EP. #6729)
Cass, Frankie and Felicia talk about Iris's involvement with Jake. Cass can't locate Iris, and wonder if she's covering something. Lucas stonewalls when Cass asks Lucas about Iris's involvement with Jake. Felicia asks Lucas if he's protecting Iris because of his feelings for her. Felicia apologizes for giving Lucas a hard time. Frankie gives Cass a crystal to deflect negative energy, and to help him with the trial. Stacey meets Michael at the airport, asking if he got any info from Patrick. Michael says he's got nothing new, but suspects Jake was juggling several women. Michael decides to go back and see Patrick, and asks Stacey to join him. Vicky covers about Marley's letter to Ryan, and goes out looking for her. Marley says goodbye to Jamie, and they kiss passionately. Vicky gets worried when Jamie tells her that Marley wanted to be alone. Jamie wants to know why Vicky's looking for Marley, and Vicky tells him that Cass needed to meet with her. Marley gets ready to board her plane to New York. Vicky and Bridget realize that Marley's gone, and Bridget balks when Vicky plans to impersonate Marley at the trial tomorrow.

DECEMBER 18, 1990 (EP. #6730)
Paulina takes Dean out shopping for Christmas gifts, and goes overboard with her gifts to the Corys. Paulina tells Dean that for his gift, she wants to back his demo. Amanda tells Paulina that they don't give each other extravagant gifts; Mac preferred to have them give money to charity every Christmas. Dean tells Paulina that he can't let her pay for his demo. Olivia questions Sam's motives for turning down Amanda's job offer. Olivia assures Sam that Amanda won't come between them, and urges him to take the job. Amanda agrees to all of Sam's demands, and he accepts the job. Vicky decides she has to impersonate Marley at the trial in Marley's absence. Jamie comes to take Marley to the courthouse, and wants to know why she's not home. Vicky covers in order to get Jamie to meet Marley at the courthouse. Donna begs Stacey to convince Cass not to make her testify. Cass wants to know why Stacey doesn't want him putting Donna on the witness stand. Morgan tries to convince Cass to enter a guilty plea, and she'll recommend the minimum sentence for Marley. Cass tries to move for an adjournment when Marley doesn't show up, and the judge denies his motion. Vicky arrives, disguised as Marley.

DECEMBER 19, 1990 (EP. #6731)
Olivia tells Felicia that she's having second thoughts about pushing Sam to take the job. Sam steps in to help with a work emergency right away. Olivia isn't happy to see Sam working with Amanda. Olivia tells Sam that she's gotten a job offer to understudy with the ballet, but she'd have to spend Christmas in New York. Olivia gets upset when Sam doesn't tell her to turn the job down. Olivia apologizes to Sam for her behavior, and decides to take the job. Barbara tells Felicia that Gloria had to go to the hospital. Felicia goes to see Gloria, who won't tell her why she's in the hospital. Felicia stays put as John gives Gloria bad news about her condition. Felicia realizes how sick Gloria really is. Gloria says she's not coming back to work, and Felicia breaks down. Vicky impersonates Marley, and assures Jamie that nothing's going on when he thinks something's up. Donna and Michael wonder why Vicky isn't at Marley's trial. Ryan asks Marley (aka Vicky) where Vicky is, and says to tell Vicky that he misses her. Jamie asks Marley (aka Vicky) why she's not wearing the bracelet he gave her. The judge calls a recess on the trial until after Christmas. Cass tells Jamie that he has to stay away from Marley, or it will hurt her and her case. Jamie gets upset when he recalls that Marley promised to keep his bracelet on at all times.

DECEMBER 20, 1990 (EP. #6732)
Cass gets suspicious when he sees Paulina leave a gift for Jake, but she says she was giving gifts to all the patients. Paulina reminds Cass about his connection to the McKinnon family, and her remarks get to him. Cass and Frankie surprise Iris when they serve her with the subpoena. Iris warns Cass that her testimony could hurt Marley's case. Vivien offers to come up with an alibi for Iris. John blasts Grant for hurting his family, and tells him that Marley's the one who convinced Dr. Hiver that Grant was the perfect candidate for the treatment. Grant runs into Paulina and takes her out to Tops. Grant calls Brad and tells him that the search for Sharlene is cancelled. Paulina fends off Gordon's advances as Grant looks on. Grant tells Paulina that she reminds him of Sharlene. Taylor fantasizes about a romantic evening with John, and is disappointed when he says he says he can't come over tonight. Taylor calls John and tells him that someone's trying to break into her place. John arrives, and Taylor tells John that nobody tried to break in - it was just a branch hitting a window. Taylor tells John that Ray the pimp followed her home and demanded that she stop speaking to his girls for her project. John decides to spend the night on Taylor's couch, not wanting to leave her alone. Sharlene tells her doctor she's going back to Bay City, and says she knows who she wants to go home to.

DECEMBER 21, 1990 (EP. #6733)
Taylor wakes John up after his night on her couch. John learns that the hospital has been trying to reach him, and Taylor sees that the battery in his beeper has been knocked out. Taylor is skeptical when John hopes for Sharlene's return. John invites Taylor to join them for Christmas. John tells Felicia that Gloria's dying, and has been fighting the disease for years. Felicia breaks down, upset that Gloria never told her. Felicia has an emotional visit with Gloria. Gloria gives Felicia a key, and tells her to take care of her life. Gloria closes her eyes and passes away. Felicia goes to Gloria's, and sees a scrapbook chronicling the life of a girl named Jenna. Felicia wonders if she's the same girl who sent her the book of poetry. Donna gets upset when Michael has to leave to meet with Stacey. Michael finds himself helping out Stacey on a case. Michael and Donna look at Mikey's homemade Christmas ornaments, and the two deal with the fact that they'll have to spend Christmas without Mikey. Stacey gets flowers from Michael. Ryan shows up at Donna and Michael's, looking for Vicky. Vicky has Bridget look over flight information in order to locate Marley. Vicky's act as Marley fools Ryan as he opens up about his feelings for Vicky. Jamie arrives, looking for Vicky, and wants to know why Marley (aka Vicky) is trying to get rid of him. Jamie sees that Marley (aka Vicky) isn't wearing the bracelet he gave her. Jamie trips Vicky up with a trick question about the bracelet, and then confronts her about Marley's whereabouts.

DECEMBER 24, 1990 (EP. #6734)
The Cory family decorates the Christmas tree. Ken shows Paulina the ring he's going to give Rachel. Paulina warns Ken about proposing to Rachel. Ken keeps getting interrupted when he tries to propose to Rachel. Ken leaves, and tells Rachel his present to her can wait. Olivia calls Sam from New York, and is surprised when Sam shows up at her hotel wearing a Santa suit. Sam plans a magical evening for Olivia, to make her a "believer" in Christmas. Sam builds a makeshift Christmas tree for Olivia. Olivia tells Sam she loves him, but Sam says he's not ready to tell her he loves her yet. Sam gives Olivia her gift, and says one day he'll be ready to tell her he loves her. Dean takes Paulina and Matt out for Christmas caroling, and they end up at Sassy's. Paulina sees Grant, and joins him. Dean asks Paulina to head out with him, but she brushes him off to be with Grant. Grant and Paulina dance together, and they kiss. Grant invites Paulina to his place. Vicky tells Jamie that Marley took off, and has to stop Jamie from calling Cass. Jamie wants to know why Marley left, and Vicky shows Jamie the farewell note Marley gave her. Vicky and Jamie go to the airport for info about Marley. One of the airline workers thinks Vicky is Marley, and tips them off to Marley's whereabouts in Marquesa. Jamie makes plans to head to Marquesa to find Marley. Marley fends off the advances of the hotel manager. Vicky brings Ryan some novelty Christmas gifts, and Ryan gives Vicky a riding crop. Ryan and Vicky kiss. Alone on Christmas EVE, Marley sits in her hotel room, staring at a photo of Jamie.

DECEMBER 25, 1990 (EP. #6735)
Jamie arrives in Marquesa, looking for Marley. Marley gets comforting words from a priest at a chapel. Marley tells Jamie that he has to leave when he finally finds her. Jamie promises Marley that they'll get through this, and they kiss passionately. Josie surprises John with a Christmas visit. Taylor arrives with some holiday treats. John's disappointed when Donna calls instead of Sharlene. Sharlene flies back to Bay City. Donna and Michael arrive at John's for Christmas, followed by Dean, Frankie and Cass. Taylor asks Donna to help get John accept that Sharlene's not coming back. Ken celebrates Christmas with the Corys. Rachel asks Ken about the gift he planned to give her. Ken says he has to take Rachel to the Odyssey to give it to her, and tells her to pack an overnight bag. Ken looks at the ring. Grant wants Paulina to stay, but she doesn't want to miss Christmas with the Cory family. Paulina is stunned when Iris brings Grant to the Cory Christmas celebration. Grant and Paulina plan to meet back at his place. Paulina goes to see Grant, and the two kiss passionately. Sharlene starts to head up to Grant's apartment.

DECEMBER 26, 1990 (EP. #6736)
Felicia and Lucas meet with Barbara in order to track down Jenna. Felicia decides to tell Jenna the news about Gloria. Felicia and Lucas go to Jenna's boarding school, and come face-to-face with Jenna. Sharlene knocks on Grant's door as he begins to make love to Paulina. Sharlene slides an envelope under the door and leaves. After making love to Paulina, Grant reads Sharlene's letter, which says it's over between them. Paulina leaves, upset about Grant's feelings for Sharlene. Taylor tries to convince Donna that John should move on from Sharlene. John offers to check in on Taylor when she mentions she's having trouble sleeping. John laments Sharlene's absence, and is stunned to see her standing in the kitchen. John and Sharlene have an emotional reunion. Sharlene tells John she wants to be with him. John tells Sharlene that he has to go see Taylor, and she offers to join him. Taylor is stunned when John brings Sharlene with him. In Marquesa, Marley tries to convince Jamie that he has to leave, but he refuses. Jamie tells Marley that Vicky's been impersonating her in court, and urges her to come back to Bay City before the trial reconvenes. Marley begs Jamie to stop Vicky from continuing her ruse. Marley is surprised when Jamie finds her in the chapel, thinking he left. Jamie tells Marley how much he wants to be with her, and pledges his love.

DECEMBER 27, 1990 (EP. #6737)
Ken brings Rachel to The Odyssey to give his gift to her. Ken has Rachel close her eyes, and pulls out the ring. Ken puts the ring back, and gives Rachel a suit of armor instead. Rachel and Ken recall the events of the past year, and kiss. Ken admits that the armor isn't her real present, and shows Rachel the ring. Ken proposes, and Rachel kisses him. Jenna is devastated when Felicia tells her that Gloria died. Felicia learns that Jenna never knew her father. Felicia wants Cass to help her get Jenna out of the boarding school. Lucas wonders if Felicia has plans to be Jenna's guardian, and Felicia is unsure. Taylor is stunned when John brings Sharlene to her place. Sharlene apologizes for accusing Taylor of wanting John for herself. Sharlene says she no longer needs therapy, but Taylor says she'd like to see Sharlene one more time. Sharlene and Josie have a heart-to-heart. Sharlene asks John to coach her through childbirth. Taylor is upset when Joe, Michael's security man, shows up to look after her instead of John. Taylor goes through Sharlene's file. John kisses Sharlene passionately as they head upstairs.

DECEMBER 28, 1990 (EP. #6738)
Dean brings Matt and Paulina to Jake's loft. Dean tells them that Jake's assets have to be sold, and he wants to turn Jake's loft into a music studio. Paulina gets increasingly antsy when Dean goes behind the police line at Jake's loft. Dean plays his demo, and his song about being used and thrown away reminds Paulina about Jake. Dean tries to talk Matt into taking over the loft and investing in the music studio. Ken asks Rachel for her answer to his proposal. Rachel says she didn't think it was an actual proposal. Ken explains that the ring is his way of telling her that he'd like to marry her someday. Rachel agrees to wear the ring, as a token of the adventure they've started. Paulina spots the ring on Rachel's finger, and gives Ken a hard time about proposing. Ken tells Paulina that he'll have to live with the lies about their past, in order to have a future with Rachel. Jamie calls Vicky from Marquesa and says he found Marley. Vicky asks when he's bringing Marley back, and he tells her that Marley refuses to come home. Jamie tells Vicky that Marley wants her to stop impersonating her at her trial. Cass tells Marley (aka Vicky) he wants to put her on the stand so she can testify Jake raped her. Vicky has a meltdown after Cass, believing Vicky to be Marley, reveals to her that Jake raped Marley. Marley tells Jamie that he can't stay here, and she can't go back to Bay City. Ryan comes looking for Vicky. Vicky slips up, and Ryan realizes that she's impersonating Marley.

DECEMBER 31, 1990 (EP. #6739)
Lucas overhears Amanda stand up to Iris, who demands Amanda fire Sam. Lucas tells Sam that Amanda threatened to leave if Sam was fired, and asks him to think about how far Amanda's willing to go to keep him at Sophisticate. Sam and Amanda work late together. At midnight, Sam and Amanda wish each other a Happy New Year as they look into each other's eyes. Cass and Felicia argue when Felicia says she's going to ask Jenna to stay with her. Felicia and Lucas go to the boarding school. Jenna sees them and asks why they came back. Iris arrives at the benefit with Grant, and warns Paulina to stop giving Grant the eye. Iris and Paulina lock horns about Grant, and the two exchange words. Paulina taunts Iris about Lucas being with Felicia, and Iris slaps her. Paulina hits Iris back, and the two women get into an all-out brawl. Taylor warns John that Sharlene should take it easy, or Sharly could reemerge. John assures Taylor that Sharlene will be fine at the benefit, and asks her to meet them at Tops and see for herself. Grant and Taylor look on as John and Sharlene arrive at the benefit. Ryan blasts Vicky for impersonating Marley. Vicky tells him that Marley took off, and begs him not to say anything. Ryan covers when Billy calls for him, and tells Vicky he won't say anything to the D.A. until the trial. Ryan goes off on Vicky. Vicky tearfully tells Ryan that she doesn't want to lose him, and he walks out. Ryan returns and tells Vicky that he loves her. Ryan and Vicky kiss passionately.