JANUARY 1, 1991: Pre-empted for Hall of Fame Bowl.

JANUARY 2, 1991 (EP. #6740)
Jenna agrees to stay with Felicia. Felicia brings Jenna to Tops, and introduces her to everyone. Jenna slips away during the party. Felicia finds Jenna, who's still reeling over the loss of her mother. Iris and Paulina continue their catfight in the ladies' room. Paulina and Iris laughingly put themselves together and return to the New Year's celebration. Iris gets upset with Grant for being preoccupied with Sharlene. Amanda and Sam lock eyes, and then she quickly runs out of the room. Amanda dreams that Sam forgives her and they kiss. Sam and Olivia come to check in on Amanda. Amanda and Iris drink champagne and resolve to stop relying on men. Iris sees that Spencer Harrison called for her, and immediately rushes to call him back. John and Sharlene kiss as Grant looks on. Sharlene gives Grant the brush-off when he tries to speak to her. Taylor warns Sharlene about dealing with Grant, and Sharlene decides to speak to him. Grant tells Sharlene that he's not giving up on her, but Sharlene blasts Grant and says she loves John. Sharlene tells John about her talk with Grant, and they head home. John and Sharlene reaffirm their love for each other, and they share a romantic dance.

JANUARY 3, 1991 (EP. #6741)
Frankie meets up with Donna, Paulina and Iris to question them about Jake. Donna gets upset and leaves when Frankie questions Jake's motives for testifying on Donna's behalf in Mikey's custody case. Frankie asks Iris why she withdrew $250,000 on the day Jake was shot. Iris blasts Frankie, and explains that she purchased artwork. Iris mentions Paulina's affair with Jake. Iris visits Jake, and wonders if he can hear her when she sees his hand move. Sharlene tries to dote on John. Taylor confronts Sharlene about canceling her appointment. Taylor tells Sharlene that she needs therapy, but Sharlene says she's done. Taylor voices her concerns when Sharlene says she's going to the courthouse, reminding her of the incident that triggered Sharly's return. Taylor tells John that Sharlene's quitting therapy. Vicky talks to Ryan about her plans to impersonate Marley in court. Ryan urges Vicky to come clean about impersonating Marley. Morgan makes her opening statement, painting Marley as the guilty party. Cass makes his opening statement, depicting Jake as a violent brute with many enemies who had motive to shoot him. Vicky slips Ryan a note. Ryan gives his testimony about the night Jake was shot. Morgan asks Ryan, point blank, if Marley is in the courtroom.

JANUARY 4, 1991 (EP. #6742)
Jenna tells Felicia that she can't stay with her. Jenna gets upset when Felicia gives her new clothes, and says that the clothes Gloria picked out for her are just fine. Jenna apologizes to Felicia for getting upset with her. Matthew offers Jenna advice on dealing with the loss of a parent, and asks her out. Dean has flowers delivered for Felicia, with his demo tape inside. Dean tells Josie that Matthew's his backer, and she's shocked. Matthew tells Rachel that he wants to invest his trust fund in Dean's music. Josie tells Dean that he should ask Cass and Matthew to help him get on Felicia's talk show. Lucas intercepts Dean's flowers to Felicia, and has the demo tape sent back. Dean's upset when the flower delivery man returns his demo tape to him. Sharlene asks John if he wants a son or a daughter. John says he doesn't care, but Sharlene doesn't believe him. Sharlene and Josie have an emotional farewell as she heads out to L.A. Sharlene gets a call from Grant. Jamie brings Marley back, and they make plans for her to trade places with Vicky. Morgan asks Ryan if Marley is present in the courtroom, as Vicky, impersonating Marley, collapses. Morgan thinks Cass is up to something, and is determined to get him thrown off the case. Vicky overhears Morgan threaten Ryan. Morgan grills Vicky, posing as Marley, about her quick recovery, and she says she's ready to resume the trial. Cass explodes when Morgan says Marley's willing to continue the trial. Marley makes her way into the courtroom. Morgan asks Ryan to identify Marley, right as Vicky enters.

JANUARY 7, 1991 (EP. #6743)
Taylor tries to plant seeds of doubt in John's head when Sharlene's late for Lamaze. Sharlene gets waylaid on her way to class by Grant. Sharlene insists to Grant that John's the man she wants to be with. Sharlene admits to John that she was late because Grant came over. Sharlene is pleased to see that John's acting so calm about Grant's visit. Taylor looks on as John and Sharlene kiss. Vicky enters the courtroom, dressed as Marley, and is stunned when she sees that Marley is there. Cass tries to cover, claiming he had Vicky arrive dressed as Marley in order to create reasonable doubt. The judge tells Cass that he's in contempt of court, and sends him to jail. Frankie comforts Cass before he gets booked. Vicky tries to apologize to Frankie, who's livid. Marley tells Michael that she left the country before the trial started. Michael wants to know what Marley's hiding. Ryan tells Vicky that they have to end things. Marley tells Michael that Vicky went to Jake's the night he was shot, and came back with blood on her coat. Michael is stunned to hear that Marley thinks Vicky shot Jake.

JANUARY 8, 1991 (EP. #6744)
Felicia plans a shopping spree trip to Chicago with Jenna, who says she just wants to go back to the convent. Lucas tells Jenna about the daughter Felicia gave up. Matthew and Jenna go for a walk, but Jenna thinks Felicia put Matthew up to asking her out. Matthew makes plans to see Jenna again. Jenna and Felicia apologize to each other, and Jenna agrees to go on the trip to Chicago. Frankie tells Cass that Morgan is moving to have him disbarred. Dean pays Cass a visit and gives him a "survival kit" for jail. Frankie asks Ryan to help her help Cass, and tries to get info from Ryan on Morgan's past. Frankie, disguised as the cleaning lady, slips into Morgan's office and snoops around. Ryan enters, and lets Frankie do her thing. Frankie roots through Morgan's files and digs up some dirt. Dean asks Cass about Felicia. Dean goes to Tops and plays his demo tape over the PA system, causing chaos. Felicia confronts Dean and throws him out. Matthew praises Dean's bold move, and the two cement their partnership. Michael confronts Morgan about getting Cass thrown in jail. Michael talks to Stacey about Iris as a possible suspect. Iris accuses Lucas of selling her out to Frankie. Michael and Stacey follow Iris as she picks up Wade and takes him to Sassy's. Michael confesses to Stacey that he once had a thing with Iris. Iris tells Michael she knows he's following her, and Michael warns Iris to watch her back.

JANUARY 9, 1991 (EP. #6745)
Michael explodes at Iris when she says one of his daughters shot Jake. Michael warns Iris that he's going to keep an eye on her. Iris tells Paulina off for trying to cast suspicion on her during Frankie's breakfast, and warns her that Jake had proof that she's a fraud. Paulina worries when Iris says Jake's showing signs of improvement. Iris asks Grant to help her get Michael to back off. Olivia has a tense lunch with Liz, who tells her to end things with Sam. Amanda asks Sam if he's resigning from Cory now that he's sold his paintings. Amanda helps build Sam up when he has trouble finishing his painting. Olivia argues with Liz about her relationship with Sam, and storms off. Amanda tells Liz off when she suggests that she break up Sam and Olivia. Sam accuses Amanda of teaming up with Liz to break him and Olivia up. Amanda blows up at Sam for thinking she'd try to break up him and Olivia. Marley tells Vicky that she's gone too far and needs to leave town. Vicky asks Marley why she lied about the rape. Michael asks Vicky if she shot Jake. Vicky gets upset and collapses. Jamie stops Vicky from trying to leave the hospital. Vicky tells Jamie that she accepts his relationship with Marley and says she's happy for them. Ryan pays Vicky a visit. Vicky thinks she sees Jake enter her hospital room.

JANUARY 10, 1991 (EP. #6746)
Cass freaks out when Dean gives him a note from Frankie, saying she'll take care of things. Cass tells Michael that Stacey should take over the case if he gets suspended. Michael asks Marley if she's okay with Stacey taking over the case. Felicia promises to look after Jenna, but Jenna wonders if Felicia's doing this because of the daughter she lost. Stacey tells Felicia that there's no record anywhere of Gloria's will. Dean breaks into Felicia's apartment to drop off his tape, and Jenna spots him. Dean takes off as Felicia returns. Jenna tells Felicia that someone was there, and shows her Dean's tape. Taylor arrives as Sharlene and John kiss. Taylor is unsure about John and Sharlene's attempt to fix her up with Glen. Taylor plays subtle mind games with Sharlene when she realizes she's forgotten to cook the roast. Taylor agrees to join Glen for a drink, but once they leave John and Sharlene's, Taylor snaps at him to leave her alone. Vicky is tormented by visions of Jake. Vicky accuses Jake of faking his coma, and has a meltdown. Vicky goes into Jake's room, and tries to strangle an unconscious Jake before Ryan and Jamie restrain her. Vicky tries to convince Ryan and Jamie that Jake's faking his coma. Vicky looks into Jake's room, and sees a mysterious figure watching over him.

JANUARY 11, 1991: Pre-empted for News Coverage of Persian Gulf War.

JANUARY 14, 1991 (EP. #6747)
Paulina overhears Ryan and Jamie telling Cass about Vicky's hallucinations of Jake. Paulina tells Ryan and Jamie that she saw a woman in Jake's room. Paulina tells Ken that Vicky thought she saw Jake, and warns him that they could be close to bringing Jake out of his coma. Ken asks Rachel to marry him right away, and she says yes. Stacey tells Donna that she won't take over Marley's case if she can't reveal Donna's affair with Jake. Donna voices her reservations to Michael about Stacey taking over the case. Stacey suggests that they convince the press that Jamie and her are a couple, to deflect any suspicions about Jamie and Marley's relationship. Michael tells Donna that Marley's been lying to protect Vicky, and Donna insists that neither of them shot Jake. Felicia tries to comfort Jenna about the break in. Dean is busted by security, and Jenna identifies him as the burglar. Felicia goes off on Dean, who asks Jenna to help him out. Felicia throws Dean's tape out, and Jenna pulls it out of the trash after she leaves the room. Felicia and Jenna bond after having a heart-to-heart talk. Frankie threatens to tell the tabloid press about Morgan's questionable past if she doesn't back off of Cass. Frankie tells Cass how she got Morgan to agree to drop the petition to have him disbarred, and the two have a huge argument. Ryan tells Frankie that some of the hair found on Jake hasn't been tested. Frankie realizes this could lead to another suspect, and she excitedly kisses Ryan.

JANUARY 15, 1991 (EP. #6748)
Paulina wonders where Ken and Rachel are, and is handed a subpoena to testify at Marley's trial. Ken and Rachel try to get the justice of the peace to marry them, but he says he's booked and sends them on their way. Rachel realizes that they should have a real wedding with family and friends. Paulina tells Ken about her subpoena, and breaks down because everybody's coming after her for Jake's shooting. Ken covers when Rachel sees Paulina crying. Taylor tells Donna that the surprise shower for Sharlene may be a bad idea, and says she'll tell Sharlene about it. Glen tells John that Taylor gave him the brush-off, contradicting Taylor's version of the story. Taylor tells Sharlene about the baby shower, but gives her the wrong time. Cass searches for Frankie, upset over their big blowout. Frankie tells John that all the hair found on Jake hasn't been tested. Frankie has a confrontation with Paulina, and manages to get a sample of Paulina's hair. Paulina panics when she sees Laurie from the adoption agency looking for Jake, and pulls her away before Frankie can question her. John tells Frankie that the untested hairs are still in the lab. Cass tries to find out who bought the flowers for Jake, but has no luck. Cass and Frankie argue when he sees her at the flower shop. Cass kisses Frankie, and apologizes for their fight. Frankie tells Cass about the untested hairs, and the two make up and kiss passionately.

JANUARY 16, 1991 (EP. #6749)
Felicia dotes on Jenna, who just wants her space. Felicia wonders if she did the right thing by bringing Jenna back. Felicia panics when she discovers that Jenna's gone. Felicia finds Jenna at Gloria's apartment. Jenna has an emotional outburst about Gloria keeping her out of her life. Dean admits to Cass that he broke into Felicia's apartment to drop his demo tape off. Dean tells Matthew about breaking into Felicia's. Matthew gives Dean a hard time for his tactics, and the two almost come to blows. Matthew apologizes to Jenna about Dean, and asks her out. Dean is surprised to see that Matthew's with Jenna. Taylor keeps Sharlene at bay when looks for John at the hospital. Taylor reminds Sharlene that she has to take it easy at her shower. Dean tells Sharlene that her baby shower is today, not tomorrow. Sharlene asks Taylor why she told her the shower was tomorrow, but Taylor denies.

JANUARY 17, 1991 (EP. #6750)
Sharlene insists that Taylor told her the shower was tomorrow. Taylor learns that Dean told Sharlene about the shower, and gives Sharlene a hard time for going to Sassy's. Sharlene asks Taylor to keep an eye on John. Olivia arrives at Sharlene's shower as Amanda tells stories about her life with Sam. Olivia complains to Sharlene about having to compete with memories of Amanda and Sam's "perfect marriage." Amanda tries to pump Dave for info about Jake at Sassy's, and Dave puts the moves on Amanda. Sam spots Amanda dancing with Dave and tells him to stay away from her. Olivia gets upset when she finds out that Sam ran into Amanda at Sassy's. Sam and Olivia argue, and she storms out. Ryan wants one last night with Vicky, knowing the trial starts tomorrow, but Donna shows up and interrupts. Donna tells Vicky she knows she went to the loft the night Jake was shot. Vicky tells Donna that Jake had already been shot when she got to the loft. Vicky almost admits that Jake raped Marley, and says she thinks Marley shot Jake. Vicky insists to Ryan that she saw a woman in Jake's hospital room, and wonders if she has info that could exonerate Marley. Jamie and Stacey pose as a couple to throw the press off. Jamie has trouble ignoring Marley when she arrives. Marley tells Michael that it's not easy to see Jamie with Stacey. Jamie and Marley slip away to be with each other, and kiss passionately. Michael protects Marley when the reporters hound her.

JANUARY 18, 1991: Pre-empted for News Coverage of Persian Gulf War.

JANUARY 21, 1991 (EP. #6751)
Cass and Frankie suspected Morgan was hellbent on nailing Marley for Jake's shooting. Vicky did not share Donna's optimism over the trial being over soon. Iris was unsuccessful in convincing Rachel not to marry Ken or believe her claim that Ken and Paulina are in cahoots to defraud the Cory family. Jamie worried that Morgan planned to use his testimony to send Marley to prison. Judge Woods laid into Cass and Morgan's conduct during the trial. Michael decided to call Cass and Stacey for legal advice after Ryan told Vicky she's been barred from court unless she appears as a witness. Marley tried to assure Vicky she can handle herself. Jamie noted to Rachel the irony of being honored for his work with Marley at the clinic while they're still apart. Morgan linked evidence found at the scene of the crime to Marley during Ryan's testimony. Paulina accused Grant of using her as an assistant and got defensive when Grant brought up Marley's trial. Cass successfully casted doubt on Morgan's evidence and made speculations on the reason Marley's statement was incomplete. Rachel assured Ken they will have more than just a companionship once they get married. Frankie asked Ryan to expedite the testing of the hair samples. Michael accused Grant of assisting Morgan and demanded he leave the courtroom. Donna became perturbed by Iris making insinuations about Michael and Stacey growing closer. Morgan's skeptical remarks about Marley not reciprocating Jamie's feelings succeeded in causing Marley to blow a fuse.

JANUARY 22, 1991 (EP. #6752)
Sam asks Olivia to move in with him, and she agrees. Amanda tells Paulina that she is meeting her source at the cabin. Paulina gets nervous when Amanda mentions that her source told her Jake was expecting to come into money the night he was shot. Paulina tells Sam to stop Amanda from meeting her contact at the cabin. Sam scares off Gary, Amanda's source. Sam gets stuck at the cabin after Gary steals his car. Amanda and Sam angrily throw snow at each other, and end up on the ground in each other's arms. Vicky gets subpoenaed to testify at Marley's trial. Morgan grills Jamie on the witness stand about Marley. Cass cross-examines Jamie, who says he's not having an affair with Marley. Morgan calls Jake's neighbor Chris to the stand, and he places Marley at the scene of the crime. Cass gets Chris to admit that he can't tell Vicky and Marley apart. Morgan calls Vicky to the witness stand. Morgan badgers Vicky, and gets her to admit that she hated Marley for stealing Jake and Jamie away from her. Ryan and Frankie go to the lab and beg a technician named Nat to expedite the tests on the hair samples. Ryan raced to the courtroom when he learns that Vicky was subpoenaed, and tells Carlos to bring the results there as soon as possible. Frankie grabs the test results when Nat refuses to turn them over. Frankie and Carlos race to the courthouse with the test results.

JANUARY 23, 1991 (EP. #6753)
Sam and Amanda argued over being in each other's lives. Vicky blamed herself for losing Jake and Jamie and defended Marley's character during her testimony. Olivia became upset that Paulina had Sam follow Amanda and accused Paulina of being involved in the shooting. Sam called Amanda spoiled and self-centered. Morgan got Vicky to admit that Marley may have been wearing her coat with Jake's blood on it. Ken and Rachel were shocked to find Sam and Amanda at the cabin. Caroline advised Olivia to act less desperate and give Sam space or risk losing him. Morgan fumed when Cass presented test results on the hairs showing some were not Marley's. Judge Woods adjourned to consider admitting the evidence. Cass informed Michael, Donna, and Marley that he plans to prove another woman may have been at Jake's loft. Amanda tried to downplay her feelings for Sam to Rachel but was bothered by Olivia living with him. Amanda told Sam she has no regrets towards their marriage and having Alli. Ryan gave Vicky hope and encouragement in looking for the good qualities in herself. Cass, Stacey, and Frankie were undeterred by Morgan's legal threats. Ken and Rachel discussed their wedding's guest list. Sam enjoyed Olivia's pampering and was impressed that she was not bothered by him seeing Amanda. Jamie and Marley spent time alone. Frankie told Cass she no longer feels like second fiddle to Kathleen's memory. Cass and Frankie reminded Donna, Paulina, and Iris of their court appearances.

JANUARY 24, 1991: Pre-empted for News Coverage of Persian Gulf War.

JANUARY 25, 1991 (EP. #6754)
Taylor acted dubious towards John's certainty that Sharlene's mental disorder will no longer affect her. Iris requested Grant's help in learning whether Paulina's hairs were on Jake's clothes to avoid a possible scandal. Rachel urged Paulina to trust her and accept being a Cory. Jenna confided her feelings about her mother to Felicia. Matthew and Dean struck a deal to secure Jake's loft for their record label. Paulina told Grant she is unconcerned with being subpoenaed since she has a solid alibi. Michael was surprised to learn Grant ordered Iris's personal files be sealed. Taylor was furious over John and Sharlene's attendance at the hospital award ceremony. Rachel related to Paulina's insecurities but hoped they will find happiness with Ken and their family. Stacey warned Donna to tell Cass the truth or Michael will learn about her affair with Jake. Donna tried to explain her blonde wig to a suspicious Michael. Jenna assumed Lucas and Felicia would be unburdened by her once she returns to the convent. Lucas and Felicia clashed over her attempts to get through to Jenna. Iris found out Jake's tapes, which uncovered Ken and Paulina's scam, were seized by court order. Felicia was not impressed by Dean's certainty in becoming famous. Paulina feared the worst when Ken planned to reveal their plot to Rachel. Dean urged Jenna to stop running away from life. Sharlene was shocked when Taylor pointed out she gave her number to a married man named Roger Frank instead of a department store's address.

JANUARY 28, 1991 (EP. #6755)
Stacey convinced Jamie to put on a brave facade during the awards ceremony despite his concerns for Marley. John told Sharlene he is not embarrassed by her past with Grant. Taylor hinted to Sharlene her absent-minded incidents may indicate Sharly is resurfacing. Donna felt sick and went home rather than remain at the ceremony. Ken made conjectures on Paulina's motive for shooting Jake and refused to continue protecting her. Jamie gave veiled praise to Marley for her clinical work and restoring his faith in medicine during his acceptance speech. Lucas threatened to reveal Iris's involvement with Jake against Paulina unless she is honest during her testimony. Paulina told Ken she argued with Jake at Tops while trying to pay him off and that Jake was aware of Marley's plan to break their engagement. Ken remained steadfast in telling Rachel the truth despite Paulina pointing out the consequences. Iris caused a scene because Michael and Jamie insinuated she is acting guilty and is concealing knowledge of the shooting. Grant expressed appreciation to John for saving his life and announced the donation of a research wing for the hospital. Iris was angered by Rachel's lecture and accused her of being blind towards Ken and Paulina. John assured Sharlene their problems are behind them. Jamie and Marley longed to be together.

JANUARY 29, 1991 (EP. #6756)
Cass thanked Frankie for his happy, relaxed mood and optimism towards proving Marley's innocence. Sharlene was relieved when Al called John wanting to return a childcare book she left at Sassy's. Ken squirmed in response to Rachel's compliments about making her happy. Vicky and Marley expressed gratitude to Ryan for helping them. Cass and Ryan refused to divulge any new developments in Marley's case. John blamed himself for reacting badly towards Grant and Sharlene's involvement and promised not to be judgmental. Taylor called her mother and claimed she was seeing John but his ex-wife is causing trouble between them. Ryan testified for the defense that at least one of the hairs didn't match Marley's. Taylor assured Sharlene she resolved the incident with the married man to whom she gave her number. John urged Taylor not to focus so much time on Sharlene and start living her own life. Morgan was overruled when she objected to the method by which the hair sample tests were obtained, then got Ryan to admit most of them were Marley's. Ken warned Paulina to be truthful on the witness stand. Cass showed Paulina her signed statement after she evaded his questions. John and Sharlene felt assured that they will be happy together with the baby. Ken confessed to Rachel that they are involved in Paulina's testimony. Cass got Paulina to admit she was at Jake's loft the night he was shot.

JANUARY 30, 1991 (EP. #6757)
Paulina insisted she wanted to talk to Jake about Marley and he was fine when she left the loft. Jenna mused to Matthew she knew nothing about her mother. Matthew told Jenna he was conceived from an affair between Rachel and Mitch, who married Felicia. Frankie decided to find the woman who visited Jake after talking to John. Paulina told Cass she lied to Marley about her and Jake having an affair. Matthew flattered Jenna with compliments and promised they'll keep in touch. Rachel was shocked over the revelation Ken passed Paulina off as Mac's daughter and forged Maria's letter Paulina had. Cass was suspicious over Paulina's claims she accepted Jake's treatment of her and knew Iris gave Jake money. Iris and Donna grew upset because Paulina revealed their involvement with Jake. Ryan and Vicky reminisced about their lives together since their first meeting. Ryan was thrilled when Vicky admitted her love to him. Rachel was devastated to realize that she had started over with Ken based on lies. Felicia seemed to reach Jenna while telling her Lucas helps deal with the pain of losing their daughter. Paulina told Morgan that Marley answered the phone at Jake's loft but didn't identify herself before hanging up. Felicia asked Jenna to live with her. Ken insisted to Rachel he gave her courage to live life and love again. Michael, Donna, Cass, and Marley were dismayed by Paulina's testimony. Kathleen wore a disguise while visiting Jake.

JANUARY 31, 1991 (EP. #6758)
Grant wanted to celebrate Paulina's brilliant performance on the witness stand. Dean agreed to question Cass on who signed the papers to take Jake's equipment from the loft. Matthew denied it when Dean joked he was taking a letter from Mitch to Felicia's as an excuse to see Jenna. Cass was discouraged by Paulina's testimony but refused to give up proving Marley's innocence. Felicia was thrilled Jenna accepted her offer to stay. Lucas and Jenna got Felicia to stop rushing into making plans for Jenna and cancelling a promotional book tour. Rachel told Iris she ended her relationship with Ken but refused to elaborate any further. Cass and Frankie hoped Jake would respond to medical treatment and suspected Jake knows what Paulina and Marley are concealing. Paulina related to Grant, who once thought his life was over and had nothing to lose. Lucas understood Jenna feeling uncomfortable around him. Grant was pleased he and Paulina have a casual affair with no secrets or allusions. Cass and Frankie learned a family member of Jake's signed for his equipment but postponed investigating it further. Matthew invited Jenna to stay at the Cory residence while Felicia is out of town. Lucas warned Felicia to be careful searching for Jenna's real father. Rachel confessed she no longer trusts her own judgement to Iris. Cass and Frankie talked of turning each other's lives around while he reminisced about Kathleen. Dean was hostile towards Matthew and Jenna because of her presence at D&M. Rachel refused to forgive Ken.

FEBRUARY 1, 1991 (EP. #6759)
Jamie suspected Paulina's involvement when Rachel told him and Amanda she broke her engagement to Ken. Cass wanted proof when Frankie felt the woman who visited Jake could salvage his case. Olivia called Caroline for advice after messing up at the loft with Sam. Grant surprised Paulina by suggesting she travel to Washington with him. Jamie and Amanda were suspicious of the circumstances that caused Ken and Rachel's break up. Ryan grew tired of Morgan's smug attitude and threats despite apologizing for committing insubordination. Ryan promised Vicky they'll soon have time together. Marley told Cass she would rather go to prison than reveal Jake's rape on the witness stand. Captain Drake informed Ryan he's suspended until the Internal Affairs Division has a hearing. Amanda urged Ken to attempt a reconciliation with Rachel. Sam and Amanda agreed that the kiss they shared meant nothing. Grant supported Ryan in his pursuit of Vicky and spared him a lecture on his suspension. Paulina admitted her lies to Rachel but insisted Ken stopped her from revealing the truth. Caroline advised Olivia to quit trying so hard to please Sam. Frankie sympathized with Cass, who must decide on forcing Marley to talk about the rape or risk her being found guilty. Vicky happily accepted Ryan's offer to court her. Frankie was shocked to recognize Jake's mystery woman on a surveillance tape as Kathleen.

FEBRUARY 4, 1991 (EP. #6760)
Taylor listened to a recording of Sharlene talking about her first date with John at the Snowflake Ball. Frankie was evasive with Dean when she requested he bring a photo album of Cass's former girlfriends. Cass gave Dean money to go out so he and Frankie could spend the night alone. Sharlene taught Taylor how to bake as she reminisced about John and living at the Frame farm. Rachel refused to believe Ken's declarations of love or consider the good things they shared together. Michael and Donna were grateful to John for fooling the press so Jamie and Marley could be alone at the Cory cabin. Paulina was unapologetic towards Ken for lying to Rachel so he'd take the fall for their scheme. Marley reminded Jamie that going to jail is a possibility they must face. Dean noted Frankie was bothered as she dodged his questions about the woman in the surveillance tape. Frankie felt conflicted about whether to tell Cass about Kathleen. Rachel called Paulina out on making excuses for dishonesty and sought to prove or disprove her claim that she is Mac's daughter. Kathleen began searching through Jake's loft. John told Michael he is getting an operation on his leg and encouraged Michael and Donna to be optimistic about the trial. Cass and Frankie discussed whether he should get Marley to admit the rape during questioning. Michael suggested to Donna they forget their troubles for the night.

FEBRUARY 5, 1991 (EP. #6761)
Vicky and Marley talked of growing close again, love, and getting through the trial together. Cass realized that Frankie finding the woman in the hospital surveillance tape may be his only chance at getting Marley acquitted. Sharlene became agitated after Taylor deduced that she is having memory lapses and they need to discuss psychiatric treatment with John. Cass assured Michael and Donna he will fight to prove Marley's innocence, but refused to consider Stacey's advice not to force Marley into revealing the rape. Taylor was resolute over Sharlene seeking therapy, despite Sharlene's insistence that she and Sharly have been successfully integrated. Frankie frantically asked Ryan to have an autopsy report found on Kathleen. Kathleen sadly snooped around Cass and Frankie's house. Marley testified that she returned to reconcile with Jake, they had become engaged, but Marley broke off their engagement because of Jake's affair with Paulina. Judge Woods allowed Cass to resume his line of questioning despite Morgan's objections. Marley said that Jake became enraged and blamed her for believing lies about him. Sharlene went to the department store and learned that the night gown was purchased under Sharly's account. Taylor arranged for an apartment be leased under Sharly's name. Frankie broke down in tears while telling Ryan that she's certain Kathleen is alive. Cass badgered Marley into revealing that Jake had raped her.

FEBRUARY 6, 1991 (EP. #6762)
Ryan helped Frankie obtain a medical report to discover if Kathleen survived the plane crash. Iris ridiculed Paulina, asserting Rachel will reject her and Ken won't be there for protection. Morgan raised the question of perjury to discredit Marley's claim that Jake raped her the night he was shot. Iris played up to Ken's concerns for Rachel and suggested they work together on Rachel and Paulina. Ryan and Frankie were shocked to learn an autopsy was not done on Kathleen. Morgan poked holes in Marley's police statement and cited a lack of evidence in proving Jake raped her. Iris propositioned Ken to help discredit Paulina's claim of being Mac's daughter in exchange for reconciling with Rachel. Frankie decided to leave for Alaska to see Officer Cunningham to verify whether Kathleen survived the plane crash. Morgan made statements that Marley shot Jake to free herself so she could be with Jamie. Frankie feared losing Cass by telling him about Kathleen despite Ryan's urging. Ryan tried to convince Frankie that Cass does not love Kathleen because of his memories with her. Frankie wondered why Kathleen let Cass assume she's dead. Donna stopped Morgan from badgering Marley and surprised everyone when she stated she shot Jake.

FEBRUARY 7, 1991 (EP. #6763)
Frankie told Ryan she is determined to find out about Kathleen. John tried to calm Michael down as Morgan accused Cass of engineering Donna's outburst. Judge Woods begrudgingly permitted Cass and Morgan to put Donna on the stand. Lindsey came to see D&M and wasn't pleased when Dean told her Jenna is staying with the Corys. Paulina insisted to Rachel she move out and nixed using her inheritance despite her certainty of being Mac's daughter. Ryan tried to console Frankie, who recounted how Cass mistook her for Kathleen while he was delirious during a storm. Rachel helped Jenna get settled into the guest room. Donna revealed her past hatred of Jake and affair they had the night she signed her divorce papers. An officer told Dr. Cunningham he's concerned over Kathleen after he told Frankie that the doctor is difficult to track down. Donna testified Jake blackmailed her because she dissolved their business and ridiculed him over his engagement falling apart. Lindsey admitted she is attracted to Dean but believes she'll have stability with Matthew. Jenna appreciated Matthew's defense of her against Dean and agreed to confide in him about her mother. Donna made a false confession to shooting Jake. Judge Woods dismissed the trial and had Donna arrested. Frankie questioned a florist about a woman resembling Kathleen who was staying at a hotel in Chicago.

FEBRUARY 8, 1991 (EP. #6764)
Taylor found a frantic Sharlene searching for a store card opened in Sharly's name, where a peignoir was purchased. Vicky deduced that Donna made a false confession and insisted Marley admit she shot Jake. Stacey visited Donna in jail and accused her of letting Marley take the blame for the shooting. Vicky and Marley realized they lied to each other for protection. Marley asked Vicky if she knew Donna slept with Jake. Michael demanded to be alone rather than let John comfort him or defend Donna. Stacey decided to negotiate a plea bargain when Donna wouldn't give her any evidence useful for a defense strategy. Caroline gave Sam a tip on getting one of his paintings sold. Marley was unsympathetic towards Vicky, who admitted she kept Jake and Donna's tryst secret because of jealousy towards Jamie and Marley's relationship. Taylor was upset over Sharlene's decision to concentrate on her marriage instead of resuming therapy. Michael felt betrayed by Stacey because of her tactics in Mikey's custody hearing and allowing Marley to stand trial. Donna didn't defend herself against Vicky's wrath and rejection. Amanda overheard Caroline urging Olivia to keep Sam's attention through manipulation. Taylor plotted an intervention for Sharlene. Olivia told Amanda she isn't threatened by her since Sam no longer loves or trusts Amanda. Jamie agreed to give Marley some space.

FEBRUARY 11, 1991 (EP. #6765)
Sharlene recalled Taylor insisting she tell John that Sharly has returned and she's resuming therapy. Cass and Frankie lamented over Donna's confession and its impact on Michael. Joe urged Kathleen to leave town. Cass told Frankie he thought Michael had helped change Donna into a more honest and faithful, loving person. Paulina had a nightmare that Rachel and Marsha took everything from her while they accused her of being a liar. Donna told Michael and Stacey that the affair with Jake happened because she needed someone after Michael left her. John and Sharlene discussed her pregnancy and decided to name the baby Gregory. Iris tried to solicit Ken's help. Sharlene informed Taylor she deserves John and Josie, a healthy baby, and happy family despite Sharly's presence. Paulina learned she received calls from Rachel once Grant left to make preparations for their trip to Washington. Cass gave Rachel legal advice on Ken and Paulina and discussed ways to conclusively prove whether Paulina is Mac's daughter. Donna told Michael and Stacey that Jake threatened to expose her if Marley broke off their engagement. Ken refused to make a pact with Iris and insisted Paulina's claim is between her and Rachel now. Paulina told Grant she needs to provide moral support to Rachel rather than travel to Washington. Frankie wondered what Kathleen's intentions are for returning to Bay City.

FEBRUARY 12, 1991 (EP. #6766)
Iris gloated to Paulina that Rachel consulted with Cass about disinheriting her. Joe warned Kathleen that Frankie is looking for an autopsy report on her death. Jamie blamed Vicky for betraying Marley because she knew of Jake and Donna's affair. Frankie let Cass assume she was planning a romantic getaway for them in Chicago. Kathleen was worried about Frankie finding her but insisted she's in Bay City because of Jake. Rachel refused Ada and Amanda's suggestion they talk to Paulina about the reasons she moved away. Jamie worried about Marley being alone and asked Amanda for help. Cass was suspicious over Ken's claims he and Mac had known and once loved Paulina's mother, Maria. Iris warned Paulina to leave town claiming Rachel will seek revenge for being frauded. Vicky berated herself for being like Donna and feared Ryan would grow to loathe her. Rachel assured Jamie he and Marley will get over everything together. Amanda urged Marley to stop trying to please everyone and forgive herself for the mistakes she has made. Cass suggested Iris discuss Mac's will with Rachel instead of him. Ryan promised Vicky he will always give her love and support. Frankie made a reservation to Chicago after an unsuccessful psychic consultation. Amanda told Jamie that Rachel will tell them about Ken and Paulina when she's ready.

FEBRUARY 13, 1991 (EP. #6767)
Taylor decided to have Sharlene undergo a forced separation from John as part of her therapy. John expressed to Sharlene how grateful he is for surviving Vietnam and having everything he ever wanted in life now. Jamie mentioned the trauma Marley has endured to Taylor and inquired about her seeking treatment. Michael was at a loss when Marley said he can't help ease her pain. Marley thought if she had known about Jake and Donna everything wouldn't have happened. Donna was touched when Sharlene was understanding and sympathetic while visiting her in jail. Frankie was mistaken for a participant in a murder mystery game in Chicago. Michael was hostile towards Stacey for her machinations. Stacey agreed to help clear Donna since Michael was certain she made a false confession. Marley broke down after remembering her conversations with Jake, Donna, and Jamie leading up to Jake's shooting. Frankie was surprised when Cass arrived in Chicago to see her. Taylor had Judy trick Sharlene into coming to an old warehouse promising to prove Donna's innocence. Frankie tried to talk Cass out of attending a banquet at the hotel. Marley called Jamie and asked that he make love to her.

FEBRUARY 14, 1991 (EP. #6768)
Frankie lied that an envelope she has is a poem she is writing for him as a Valentine's Day gift. John was alarmed when Ronnie mentioned Sharlene left his hospital room in a hurry while he was sedated. Sharlene tried to gain Judy's trust in hopes of being freed from the warehouse. Marley ranted about being foolish in keeping her distance from Jamie to protect Donna and Vicky. Cass booked the honeymoon suite at the hotel for himself and Frankie as a surprise for their first Valentine's Day as a married couple. Joe suspected Kathleen still loves Cass and worried that their cover has been blown. Jamie advised Marley they can't make love until Marley is certain it is not out of spite. Kathleen insisted on taking her dress to be cleaned. Ronnie helped John search for Sharlene. Michael admitted to John that his love for Donna has changed. John told Michael he is grateful to Sharlene because her love encouraged him to have leg surgery. Cass assured Frankie he doesn't compare her to Kathleen. Jamie tried to convince Marley to forgive Vicky for keeping Donna's affair with Jake secret. Taylor was pleased that Judy has kept Sharlene captive. Jamie urged Marley to confront Donna. The cops scared a man from helping Sharlene escape. Taylor ignored John voicing concerns over Sharlene while he recovered from surgery. Frankie was caught off guard by a man who knocked her out with chlorophyll.

FEBRUARY 15, 1991 (EP. #6769)
Cass was stunned when a woman mentioned seeing his wife last night. Matthew assured a nervous Jenna she will fit in at school and gave his watch as a good luck charm. Cass found Frankie unconscious in a hotel room. Dr. Garvey told John his surgery was successful and he'll start physical therapy in a couple days. Taylor told John that Sharlene refused to tell him that Sharly has re-emerged. Rachel informed Paulina that a thorough background check will be conducted before she's accepted into the family and gains access to her inheritance. Frankie told Cass that Mrs. Collins didn't provide leads in her investigation and a man knocked her out with chlorophyll. Taylor fantasized about spending Christmas with John while Sharlene tried to keep calm in the warehouse. Frankie guessed rightly that Kathleen is traveling with the man who knocked her out. Matthew refused when Paulina asked him for help in resolving the conflicts she has with Rachel. Ronnie gave John a note Taylor had addressed to him. Taylor insisted to John that it was Sharly who came to the waterfront and tried to get her admitted into a mental hospital. Joe Barren and Kathleen were certain that Frankie won't tell Cass about seeing them. Frankie secretly reserved a plane flight to San Antonio. Jenna was touched by how welcoming the Cory family has been to her. John found Sharlene just as she started to go into labor.

FEBRUARY 18, 1991 (EP. #6770)
Ryan told Vicky he has been reinstated and wants them to spend time together out of town. Stacey suggested Michael ask Donna for her whereabouts the night Jake was shot rather than question a salesperson who may've seen Donna at the store. Marley accused Donna of being selfish, caring about keeping up appearances, and ruining her life. Marley wouldn't listen to Donna's reasons for sleeping with Jake and shooting him. Ryan reminded Vicky that they have not had time together alone and she deserves to get away for a couple days. Sharlene was comforted by John's successful surgery and his compliments on her being a strong woman. Vicky asked a despondent Marley if she'll always keep a grudge against her. Taylor wasn't helpful in finding transportation to get John and Sharlene to the hospital. Michael demanded Donna leave after he ridiculed and blamed her for destroying their marriage. Marley didn't sympathize with Vicky, who said she felt responsible for the family and that they've been hurt by everything equally. John had Taylor help Sharlene deliver the baby. Stacey admitted she'd prefer romance over being alone to Michael, who opined she was too wise to let herself endure heartbreak. Donna prepared to be sent to jail. Ryan warned Vicky she risks ending up alone by continuing to shut him out of her life. Taylor watched as John and Sharlene greeted their newborn baby boy they named Gregory.

FEBRUARY 19, 1991 (EP. #6771)
Sam had doubts towards Amanda's assertion that his Brava cover improved the magazine's sales. Bridget convinced a frustrated Vicky to continue her efforts in reconciling with Ryan. Jenna fibbed to Matthew that she was writing a Valentine's Day card for her boyfriend. Lucas agreed to give Jenna advice on boys. Carlos chastised Ryan for risking his police career because of Vicky. Ryan was upset that Vicky made false robbery reports and security checks so she could see him. Lucas encouraged Jenna to join Matthew at Tops and admit her feelings for him. Amanda pressed Paulina on her involvement in causing Rachel and Ken's breakup and the reasons she moved away. Ryan accused Vicky of being manipulative to get what she wants rather than be an honest person. Caroline enjoyed introducing Olivia to handsome men while they attended a party. Grant told a disappointed Paulina that he'd be too busy with work for them to spend time together in Washington. Jenna felt awkward when Matthew protested Lindsey's idea that they go to a bar that books local bands because Jenna is a minor. Olivia realized she'd prefer spending Valentine's Day with Sam at the loft and not by getting his attention through jealousy. Lucas tried to cheer up Amanda as they enjoyed dinner together. Dean offered to help Jenna become more social and gain Matthew's affections. Ryan and Vicky made love.

FEBRUARY 20, 1991 (EP. #6772)
Sharlene sensed distrust from John, who suggested she remain in the hospital another day as they fussed over Gregory. Cass was suspicious over Frankie's claims she is traveling to San Antonio to see Emma. Michael and Stacey decided to check out Sharlene's story of going to the warehouse after receiving an anonymous call regarding Jake's shooting. Cass tried to convince Frankie to cancel her trip to no avail. John became worried when Sharlene confessed that an inquiry into an apartment and a nightgown was purchased by a woman calling herself Sharly Watts. Ryan and Vicky professed their love for each other. Michael urged Donna to admit that she didn't shoot Jake. John brushed off Taylor's concerns over Sharlene being released from the hospital too soon. Vicky told Ryan she's scared of ruining their relationship and insisted they quit dating. Cass was stunned when he discovered the phone number for Emma that Frankie left was out of service and that none of the Frames live in San Antonio. Donna called a reporter to ensure his silence over the night of the shooting. Cass and Stacey disagreed on her tactics in Mikey's hearing and working with Michael to prove Donna's innocence. Taylor referred to herself as Gregory's mother while holding the baby. Frankie returned Kathleen's dress and tailed the store clerk, who led Frankie to come face-to-face with Kathleen.

FEBRUARY 21, 1991 (EP. #6773)
Ken noticed that Jake opened his eyes at the hospital. Taylor doubted Sharlene's ability to raise Gregory. Rachel informed Grant that Paulina posed as Mac's daughter to claim the inheritance and warned him against trusting Paulina. Sharlene expressed gratitude to Taylor for helping her integrate Sharly and gain independence, but insisted that she no longer needs therapy. Rachel was unmoved by Paulina, who swore she does not care about money, knows she's Mac's daughter, and misses Rachel's advice. Cass was touched when John asked if Frankie could be Gregory's godmother. Kathleen was evasive towards Frankie's questions on allowing Cass and her family to believe she's dead. Sharlene stood firm by telling Taylor she and John can take care of themselves. Cass and Stacey decided to review the videotape that captured a woman visiting Jake. Paulina charmed Grant to avoid telling him about the problems she's having with Rachel. Kathleen described her painful recovery from the plane crash and bitterness towards Cass for not attempting to find her. Taylor intervened in keeping John and Sharlene from hiring a baby nurse. Paulina was resolute about handling Jake and repairing her relationship with Rachel, despite Ken's warnings. Kathleen warned Frankie that Cass learning she's alive will cause everyone problems. Joe Barren reminded Kathleen that she took an oath to hide her true identity.

FEBRUARY 22, 1991 (EP. #6774)
Felicia arrived unexpectedly just as Matthew was about to take Jenna out to celebrate her first day at public school. Vicky told Marley that she ruined her relationship with Ryan. Donna taunted Jake over destroying people's lives and being shot. Olivia came to the loft just in time for Sam to avoid discussing Amanda with Jamie. Lucas and Felicia discussed whether Jenna should come home or enjoy a night with Matthew. Marley tried to assure Vicky that Ryan loves her, but Vicky maintained that their failed marriages have made her disillusioned. Michael brusquely confronted Donna, who grew distraught as she contradicted her testimony while describing her involvement in Jake's shooting. Jenna became jealous of Lindsey, who flirted with Matthew while convincing him to be her biology tutor. Amanda felt awkward when Vicky came to Sassy's and accused Ryan of starting over with Amanda. Lucas comforted Felicia, who fretted that she made Jenna feel abandoned by going on the book tour. Olivia told Sam that he taught her how to open her heart and fall in love. Lucas informed Felicia that Jenna has a crush on Matthew. Jamie promised to support Marley as they talked of starting their life together. Jenna lamented to Felicia that she isn't Matthew's type and can't compete with someone like Lindsey. Donna imagined Jake talking to her about the two of them being sent to prison. Felicia invited Matthew to have dinner with her.

FEBRUARY 25, 1991 (EP. #6775)
Cass and Stacey weighed the benefits and complications to spotting a new suspect in Jake's shooting on the surveillance videos. Frankie worried she may lose Cass while telling Ryan that Kathleen survived the plane crash, changed her surname, and was with an unpleasant man. Ryan and Frankie considered that Kathleen is presumed dead because she is in trouble. Jamie begrudgingly let Paulina work at his clinic with Ronnie on a trial basis. John and Sharlene graciously accepted Grant's gift for Gregory and well wishes for the family. Cass sympathized with Stacey, who risks Donna being charged with perjury by Morgan should she be found innocent of shooting Jake. Ryan urged Frankie to tell Cass the truth about Kathleen. Iris gloated that the Corys will decide on a course of action towards Paulina. Michael, Donna, Josie, Cass, Stacey, and Taylor celebrated Gregory's baptism with John and Sharlene. Donna urged Ryan to reconcile with Vicky. Frankie refused to answer Cass and Sharlene's questions concerning her trip to San Antonio. Ryan dismissed Grant's belief that they will find love again. Josie apologized to Taylor for misjudging her. Stacey consoled Michael and urged him to make a fresh start. Sharlene hoped that Jamie and Marley will find happiness together. Taylor was pleased that Sharlene didn't believe Grant's warnings over trusting her. Cass was shocked when he recognized Kathleen while watching one of the surveillance videos.

FEBRUARY 26, 1991 (EP. #6776)
Paulina received a court order to cease and desist representing herself as a legal heir of Mac's. Felicia assured Jenna that she had good intentions for having Matthew over to dinner at the penthouse. Dean protested when Matthew rejected Arnie's offer to sell them recording equipment. Lindsey was deflated that she and Dean were invited to Rachel's party, but pleased when Matthew asked her on a date. Cass kept quiet about Kathleen as Frankie made plans for a romantic evening. Amanda and Matthew told Paulina that Rachel won't tolerate lies and is adamant about cutting Ken out of her life. Jamie grilled Paulina on the reasons she's bothered by Ryan's questions about Jake. Cass and Felicia hypothesized that he may have hallucinated seeing Kathleen out of guilt. Frankie felt comforted by a hug from Dean. Paulina tried to assure Jamie that her job at the clinic is important to her. Kathleen was blunt in reminding Frankie that she is Cass's wife and they should be living in the house together. Felicia accepted Dean's apology for breaking into her home. Dean was struck by how beautiful Jenna looked in her dress. Cass resolved to tell Frankie he believes Kathleen was on the surveillance tape. Jamie told Marley that they have the rest of their lives to be together. Paulina panicked when Ronnie mentioned that Jake may come out of his coma soon.

FEBRUARY 27, 1991 (EP. #6777)
Joe berated Kathleen over Frankie finding them and returning to Bay City. Ryan unwittingly interrupted Cass revealing the truth about Kathleen to Frankie, who agreed to meet him to discuss their investigation on Kathleen's death. Marley told Jamie that she needs to straighten her life out alone. Rachel informed Paulina that she hasn't made a decision about her inheritance. Ada urged Rachel to make rational decisions once she learned about Ken's scheme of passing Paulina off as Mac's daughter. Bridget gave Vicky sage advice on getting her life together, taking a chance with Ryan, and not relying on money to keep her content. Rachel admitted to Ken that she missed the relationship she thought they had built on trust. Ryan and Frankie suspected that the police in Alaska lied to them to cover for Kathleen. Marley freaked when a man named Ron made physical advances towards her at Tops. Ken was upset when Rachel mentioned she is protecting Paulina from him. Cass called Dr. Cunningham and demanded to have the file on Kathleen's death sent to him. Vicky was grateful to Ryan for coming over to console Marley. Joe and Kathleen assumed their cover has been blown after Dr. Cunningham warned them about Cass's call. Ken begged Rachel to find strength and compassion to forgive him for his treachery. Paulina grew ill and passed out from taking pills.

FEBRUARY 28, 1991 (EP. #6778)
Felicia was skeptical when Cass couldn't give reasons for Kathleen allowing everyone to presume she died. Lucas and Matthew objected to Dean's plan to play his demo tape on Tops' P.A. system during Felicia's surprise birthday party. Iris, Rachel, and Ada found Paulina unconscious from an overdose. Vicky told Ryan he shouldn't care about her family since they've separated. Cass called Vince and Mary to persuade them into visiting Jake. Joe grew upset with Kathleen's reluctance to leave for New Orleans and assumed it's because of Cass. Iris was incredulous towards Rachel's recollection that Paulina and Mac share an allergy to the sleeping pills. Jamie rushed to treat Paulina, who developed an abnormal and severe medical condition from the pills. Frankie was shocked over Ryan's suspicions that Donna's confession was to shield Marley. Iris suspected that Paulina had written Rachel a letter and downed pills to get back in Rachel's good graces. Lucas made a toast to Felicia with Cass, Frankie, Dean, Jenna, Matthew, and Lindsey in attendance. Marley fretted over Jake waking up from the coma. Cass barked at Frankie for keeping secrets and accused her of mentioning Kathleen during disagreements. Vicky informed Ryan that she plans to move to Chicago with Steven. Ken told Rachel he regrets filling Paulina's head with dreams of having a family.

MARCH 1, 1991 (EP. #6779)
Michael was convinced by Stacey to move into her apartment complex. Paulina regained consciousness after having nightmares of Jake taunting her. Rachel told Paulina she has been angry with her deception but wants to believe she is Mac's daughter. Vicky told Marley that she is leaving town, certain that Marley and Donna would benefit greatly from her absence. Jamie apologized to Paulina for treating her harshly while Ken, Amanda, and Rachel visited her in the hospital. Vicky ridiculed Michael and Donna for giving advice on love when their own marriage failed. Ryan told John and Jamie he suspects Jake's condition has caused former suspects in the shooting to get nervous and may have been Paulina's reason for taking pills. Jamie informed John he is recusing himself from Jake's medical case. Iris accused Paulina of getting herself hospitalized to regain Rachel's sympathy. Ryan and Vicky put on airs about their breakup and moving on with their lives apart. Amanda lectured Paulina on harming herself by taking sedatives. Ken boarded a flight to San Francisco after Rachel assured Ken that he helped her accept Mac's death, find her inner strength and learned to love once more. Michael ranted to Stacey about the injustice of Jake getting healthy again despite ruining his life and his family's. Jamie consoled Marley as she recounted the night she was raped. Iris, Donna, and Paulina fretted over the consequences they may face as Jake recovers.

MARCH 4, 1991 (EP. #6780)
Marley realized she will struggle over feeling violated and her hatred towards Jake while being with Jamie. John dismissed Jake's seemingly agitated state as he was regaining consciousness. Frankie apologized to Cass, claiming she aroused his jealousy by meeting Ryan at Tops. Vicky thought it pointless to hear anything Jake might say as he recovers. Frankie snapped at Sharlene, who joked about Frankie reconsidering having children. Dean sought Cass for help in buying recording equipment for D&M. Bridget reminisced about Vicky as a baby and was reticent towards moving to Chicago with her. John explained he can't predict Jake's mental capacities to Ryan, who had security guards stationed at Jake's hospital room. Frankie confessed to Sharlene the reasons she went to San Antonio and feared Cass's love for Kathleen will resurface once he learns she is alive. Cass reached Mr. Lanning, who was the liaison for the buyer of the equipment that claimed to be one of Jake's relatives. Taylor made veiled remarks to John about Sharlene coping with his busy work schedule and the strain of caring for Gregory alone. Bridget urged Ryan to keep Vicky from leaving. Sharlene was floored that Judy planned a meeting for them. Marley enthused over the room Jamie had decorated to resemble the room they shared in Nice. Jake mumbled about recognizing someone pulling a gun on him.

MARCH 5, 1991 (EP. #6781)
Iris proclaimed to Rachel that Paulina's identity cannot be proven until Jake wakes from his coma. Frankie told Sharlene that her marriage is failing and Cass left her without notice. Cass phoned Frankie to say he made a sudden business trip for a client. Donna refused to sign power of attorney papers and called Stacey cold and manipulative and not a self-righteous, caring person. Sharlene reminded Frankie that Cass will be hurt to discover that Kathleen is alive, but to trust in Cass's love. Kathleen worried that she caused Jake's shooting. Joe realized he pushed Kathleen too far by accusing her of pining for Cass. Iris went on an angry tirade at Rachel over Paulina and said that Jake has incriminating evidence against several people. Grant countered Taylor citing the Hippocratic Oath to not discuss Sharlene's treatment by hinting she can now pursue John. Sharlene couldn't fathom Judy's extensive knowledge of her or the claims that she and Judy are old acquaintances. Stacey rebuffed Donna's accusations of ruining everything for her family and pursuing Michael. Paulina admitted to Grant that she overdosed on pills and came to town under some false pretenses. Donna declined Stacey's offer to find her another attorney. Sharlene confided in Judy about her past as a prostitute and mental illness. Judge Woods sentenced Donna to a 5-10 year prison sentence. Morgan vowed to uncover Jake's shooter. Paulina called security when Iris tried to enter Jake's room. Judy severed ties with Taylor after her visit with Sharlene left her guilt-ridden. Donna asked Michael to care for their daughters.

MARCH 6, 1991 (EP. #6782)
Stacey let Morgan warn Donna she will face perjury charges and Marley will be convicted unless she retracts her confession. Sam scoffed at Amanda for attending Ryan's party to celebrate his freedom. Donna ridiculed herself for having foolish thoughts as she talked to Michael about ruining their marriage and family. Cass berated Kathleen for allowing everyone to grieve over her presumed death in the plane crash. Amanda told Sam she is tired of hearing about Olivia, but thankful to friends for support since their marriage ended. Grant made Paulina promise to lean on him for support. Kathleen told Cass that she was hospitalized in Juneau, regained her memory, but started a new life because Cass hadn't searched for her. Donna was devastated that Michael can't forgive her lies and has filed for divorce. Caroline thought it a pity that Ryan has yet to claim his inheritance because of her taste in rich men. Ryan chose to drink and arm wrestle with Grant to avoid thinking about Vicky. Cass told Kathleen that he blames himself for the plane crash and regrets that they did not purchase a house and settle down. Olivia convinced Sam to go with her to New York for her ballet performance. Kathleen told Cass that she is in a steady relationship and ordered him to leave. Carlos defied Morgan's orders and brought Ryan to the hospital since Jake had regained consciousness. Grant forced Morgan to allow Ryan to be present for questioning by hinting that her objectivity is compromised. Iris and Paulina grew nervous as Morgan began to question Jake.

MARCH 7, 1991 (EP. #6783)
Michael and Frankie were shocked when Stacey stated that Donna demands to see Jake immediately. Ryan and Morgan begrudgingly took John's advice to postpone interrogating Jake, who was too disoriented to talk. Felicia admitted the anguish that her sympathies towards Jenna over losing her mother and not knowing her father has caused writer's block. Matthew told Dean and Lindsey that their new fax machines will help them exchange contracts, lyrics, and production notes for prospective record companies. John agreed to cooperate with Ryan under the condition that the guidelines that he sets be followed. Ryan considered Donna coming to see Jake a way to help his efforts in questioning Jake. Frankie resolved to tell Cass that Kathleen is alive. Lucas felt rejected when Felicia accused him of getting involved in shady people from his past upon learning that Lucas is looking for the whereabouts of Jenna's father. Grant warned Ryan that Morgan may fire him for pursuing his investigation into Jake's shooting. Iris claimed she was doing a story for Brava while Paulina claimed she was having a follow up appointment as excuses to be at the hospital. Jake told Ryan that he had made plans to leave town the night of the shooting but struggled to remember details. Dean offered to help Jenna change her attitude and style. John forced the interrogation to end before Ryan could get an agitated Jake to elaborate on speaking Marley's name. Michael promised to make Jake pay for everything he did to his family.

MARCH 8, 1991 (EP. #6784)
Michael told Stacey that Ryan allowed Iris, Paulina, and Donna to be present in hopes Jake will implicate one of them. Iris, Paulina, and Donna objected when John and Ryan requested to be alone with Jake during questioning. Amanda arrived to get an exclusive for Sophisticate on Jake. Michael told Stacey that he spotted a man arguing with Donna at the courthouse and ordered for him to be tailed. Cass was angered by Frankie, who explained that she did not want to burden him until she was certain Kathleen was alive. Kathleen grew defensive when Joe accused her of shutting him out and potentially blowing their cover because of Cass. Ryan pressed for specifics as Jake mused about his life falling apart, making mistakes, and getting a second chance. Jake remembered Paulina shooting a gun. Frankie pointed out that neither she nor Cass were honest about their separate meetings with Kathleen. Grant convinced Paulina to leave the hospital with him. John told Michael, Iris, and Stacey that Jake may have repressed memories of the shooting to deal with trauma. Jake did not believe Donna's claim that she shot him because he raped Marley and their affair caused her to lose Mikey. Kathleen resolved to visit Jake despite Joe's protests. Frankie consoled Cass as he talked about his meeting with Kathleen, then agreed to uncover Kathleen's reasons for lying to them. Michael asked Stacey to settle his divorce from Donna quickly and scoffed at Donna's suspicions that he and Stacey are romantically involved. Jake told a reported named Connie Kaminsky that he is not pressing charges against Donna and wants to redeem himself. Ryan told Amanda that he must find the true perpetrator because Morgan refuses to drop the charges against Donna.

MARCH 11, 1991 (EP. #6785)
Cass and Frankie questioned the reasons Kathleen risked exposure by visiting Jake while anticipating Vince's arrival. Jenna was gracious towards Lucas and Felicia buying her a new dress and roses. Lucas failed to quell Felicia's anger over hiring Angelo to uncover information on Jenna's father, who may have underworld connections. Cass tolerated Vince's acerbic comments about him getting married again and not caring about the McKinnons. Frankie visited Jake so that Cass could speak to Vince privately. Joe accused Kathleen of coming to Bay City as excuses to see Cass. John urged Sharlene not to be nervous over leaving Gregory with a babysitter. Taylor arranged a session with Sharlene, who cannot remember Judy or being at Ruby's. Iris jogged Jake's memory about doing a sales presentation for Sophisticate but nothing about proving that Paulina is a fraud. Paulina could not get Jake to recall that they had been lovers and he had treated her poorly. Cass told Felicia about Kathleen and that he's uncertain how it will affect his marriage. Frankie told Sharlene that Cass is determined to uncover Kathleen's reasons for allowing herself to be presumed dead. Paulina advised Jake he has no choice but to change his life. Frankie called Cass to come to the hospital after spotting Joe and Kathleen at the hospital. Lucas informed Felicia that Gloria left strict instructions not to release any information about Jenna. Grant assured Paulina that they have a relationship and understood when Paulina explained she tells lies to protect herself. John advised Jake that he will never reconcile with Marley. Taylor downplayed Sharlene's concerns until she could speak privately with John.

MARCH 12, 1991 (EP. #6786)
Rachel and Amanda helped Matthew and Dean prepare D&M's grand opening party. Joe's temper flared as Kathleen insisted on visiting Jake and he evaded Cass and Frankie's probes. Jamie refused to let Jake talk to Marley when he called Nice. Marley blamed herself for everything that had happened and realized she must reconcile with recent events. Matthew was impressed by Jenna's new look, but Dean was exasperated over Jenna acting awkward. Amanda saw through Ryan's act of being in a celebratory mood at the Cory household. Lucas complimented Matthew for taking risks while Felicia accepted Matthew and Dean going into business together. Felicia was awe struck to see Jenna in her new ensemble. Bridget didn't share Vicky's raves about Chicago or confidence that Steven will get a better education there than Bay City. Michael told Stacey that the man who was seen arguing with Donna is a mechanic who worked on Donna's car and provided her with an alibi. Michael refused Stacey's suggestions that he give the information to Morgan because he feared she would press charges against Vicky or Marley. Sam and Amanda acted brave while discussing Olivia, the creativity involved in owning a record company, and today being their anniversary. Michael begged Ryan to clear Vicky and Marley of shooting Jake. Kathleen requested Jake keep in touch if he regains his memories of the night he was shot. Cass chastised Frankie for keeping Kathleen a secret and insisted on speaking with her alone. Marley hoped her nightmares won't stop until she visits Jake. Felicia told Lucas that she wishes to adopt Jenna. Frankie advised Kathleen to leave town and not return.

MARCH 13, 1991 (EP. #6787)
Ryan told Vicky and Bridget that the mechanic who repaired Donna's car stepped forward and gave Donna a iron-clad alibi. Vicky fretted that Michael hasn't presented Donna's alibi to Morgan to stop Donna from potentially being charged with obstruction of justice. Joe downplayed his relationship with Kathleen when Cass questioned him. Ryan compared Vicky to her family for making noble sacrifices and of having trust issues. Lindsey and Jenna enthused over Matthew and Dean's dreams of becoming successful. Kathleen told Frankie she knows that Cass still loves her. Cass couldn't give details on Marley when Jake pumped him for information. Dean intervened when Lindsey suggested that Matthew meet her in Los Angeles. Lucas encouraged Felicia to adopt Jenna. Jake told Cass that Kathleen told him about surviving the plane crash, came because he's family, and is leaving town. Vicky rejected Ryan's efforts to reconcile and chastised Bridget for giving Ryan her whereabouts. Frankie berated Kathleen for letting Cass believe she had died and returning to tell Cass that she has moved on. Felicia accepted Lucas' marriage proposal. Jenna told Lucas and Felicia that she will consider being adopted. Dean urged Lindsey to stop pursuing Matthew. Kathleen caused Cass to worry when she thought she heard a gunshot. Jenna was flattered when Matthew invited her on a business trip once he and Dean become famous. Cass decided to go to New Orleans when Jake revealed that Kathleen is concerned for other people's safety because she's alive.

MARCH 14, 1991 (EP. #6788)
Cass ridiculed Joe and Kathleen's relationship and the terrible disguise she donned while visiting Jake. Cass was undeterred when Kathleen insisted that Cass forget about her and to quit inquiring into her reasons for letting everyone believe she had died. Taylor swore to Sharlene that she confided in John because she believes Sharlene's integration is fragile and she is resisting treatment. Sharlene informed Taylor that she has accepted her past, feels centered, and asked Taylor to share the faith that she has discovered in herself. Jamie berated Jake for everything Marley has endured since the night he was shot and demanded that he accept his relationship with Marley. Kathleen confessed to Cass that she uncovered information on a prominent crime boss while trying to establish a writing career, testified to help get him incarcerated, was given a new identity by the FBI, and was presumed dead to ensure everyone's safety. Marley assured Jamie that she is strong enough to face Jake. Frankie was thrilled that Felicia has accepted Lucas's marriage proposal. Felicia agreed with Frankie that none of Kathleen's actions make sense. Marley bravely forced Jake to face the facts that he was having an affair with Paulina, would not accept that Marley broke their engagement, raped her, and had a cavalier attitude towards her afterwards.

MARCH 15, 1991 (EP. #6789)
Marley sadly told Jamie that Jake was once a caring, loving man and that they had made plans for a life together. Marley flew into a rage at two men who were making snide remarks about seducing women. Jake was shocked when Paulina confessed that she cannot give him a loan because she is nearly broke and is living in a hotel. Cass was reticent despite Kathleen's insistence that she has been legally declared dead and that their marriage was dissolved. Bridget was unrepentant once Vicky realized that she is helping Ryan keep tabs on her. Vicky prepared to return home after receiving a call about Donna's release from jail. Michael and Stacey informed Marley that Donna paid the mechanic to purposely eliminate Donna's alibi to prevent Marley from being convicted of Jake's shooting. Donna quit denying her innocence when Michael revealed his knowledge of her alibi, that neither Vicky nor Marley shot Jake, and Stacey is arranging her release. Cass felt conflicted over his love for Frankie and wishes to protect Kathleen, who fears for everyone's safety should it become known that she is alive. Joe tried unsuccessfully to convince Kathleen to leave town with him since the crime boss she helped to get imprisoned has been released. Marley was noncommittal towards Donna's wishes for them to rebuild their relationship. Jamie suggested that Marley press charges against Jake in hopes she will send him to prison for years. Cass urged Kathleen to take a risk and quit running despite her fears for everyone's lives being endangered.

MARCH 18, 1991 (EP. #6790)
Jake hinted that Paulina should request a loan from Spencer to help him pay his bills. Stacey confessed her feelings for Michael to Frankie. Donna asked Michael to let her prove she deserves a fresh start but could not persuade Michael into halting divorce proceedings. Cass suggested to Joe and Kathleen that she surface publicly and hold a press conference to reveal her knowledge of the crime boss. Sharlene was alarmed when Grant revealed that Taylor has been pursuing John. Jake considered selling the story of his shooting to Brava and file a lawsuit once he remembers the culprit. Grant told Sharlene that a client of Taylor's in Philadelphia committed suicide when Taylor rejected his love and she became wealthy after the man appointed her to be the sole beneficiary of his estate. Kathleen had Joe contact the authorities so that she and the FBI can consider carrying out Cass's plan. Frankie gave Stacey advice on dating and was thrilled when Stacey remembered she has a date with Fred Donlin. John assured Sharlene that Taylor will not stand in the way of their marriage. Rachel informed Iris that Paulina's background and medical history are being investigated in Central America. Taylor claimed to John that Sharlene desperately needs therapy because she is creating scenarios in which Taylor appears unprofessional and manipulative. Stacey described the ideal qualities she seeks in men to Michael, who invited Stacey to Tops after Fred cancelled their date. Grant and Paulina decided to travel to Washington together.

MARCH 19, 1991 (EP. #6791)
Lindsey was annoyed with Dean for offering her some vintage wine and his company. Frankie was shocked when Cass revealed everything that had happened to Kathleen since the plane crash and the reasons she was placed into the Witness Protection program. Michael told Stacey he plans to start a new life without Donna while they had dinner together. Donna vowed to win Michael back while visiting with Sharlene. Dean grew defensive over Jenna's assumptions that he would have higher standards in women that are nothing like Lindsey. Stacey was pleased that Michael confided in her about his past relationships and marriage to Donna. Cass admitted to Frankie that he convinced Kathleen to come out of hiding and follow him to Bay City. Dean danced with Jenna while giving advice on building confidence so she could ask Matthew to a school dance. Cass and Frankie argued over the possible repercussions on their marriage by getting involved with Kathleen's troubles. Sharlene told Donna that Taylor is smothering her with concern and that she plans to take a direct approach in handling Taylor. Michael asked Stacey on a their first official date. Frankie questioned whether Cass would return to Kathleen if he were not married to her, despite Cass insisting that he only wants to help Kathleen resume her former life. Cass was stunned once Kathleen revealed the crime boss she exposed is Carl Hutchins, then explained Carl's past dirty deeds in Bay City years ago. Sharlene accused John of being brainwashed by Taylor and not trusting her judgement in discontinuing therapy.

MARCH 20, 1991 (EP. #6792)
Frankie admitted to Cass that she is struggling to accept Kathleen's presence and being involved in helping her. Marley told Jamie she has decided to press charges against Jake. Sam and Amanda ruminated over Ken and Rachel's break up and whether it was ever based on love. Jake told Olivia that he is responsible for Marley's trial, but insisted that they have different memories of the night he was shot. Cass told Felicia the reasons Kathleen allowed herself to be presumed dead. Kathleen told Felicia that she wants Cass to be happy with Frankie but confessed she still loves him. Ryan told Vicky he has lost hope in reconciling due to her refusal to accept his love and make a commitment. Olivia advised Jake to focus on healing and accept that he has lost Marley for good. Felicia pointed out that Kathleen and Frankie are both stubborn, but Frankie is unique and a different person compared to Kathleen. Bridget made Vicky face the fact that she is to blame for losing Ryan. Jake told Sam that Marley's statement that he raped her is worse than any sentence a court could hand down against him. Cass told Felicia that he is confused about his marriage to Frankie and Kathleen being alive. Sam resented Olivia interceding in his argument with Amanda about staying friendly with Jake. Kathleen told Frankie that she has decided to remain in Bay City.

MARCH 21, 1991 (EP. #6793)
Vicky promised Ryan that she would redeem herself for the last time they were at a lodge. Cass eased Kathleen's trepidation over going public by reassuring her that people will be elated to learn she is alive. Joe expressed doubts to Kathleen that she can truly reclaim her name and former life again. Frankie admitted she dislikes taking part in Cass's plans while being unable to make her own stance on the matter. Jenna was upset that Dean took a poem of hers from Felicia's penthouse and turned it into lyrics to a song he is composing. Jenna pointed out to Dean that he is a sensitive song writer with a genuine passion for music, which belies his cocky attitude and determination to become rich. Lucas and Felicia worried that Lucas's search for Jenna's father caused someone to break into Felicia's place. Joe and Kathleen decided to check into a hotel room that had adequate surveillance. Vicky toasted to Ryan's persistence, honesty, and unconditional love for her. Kathleen lamented to Cass that her predicament is difficult because she likes Frankie as a person. Cass and Kathleen tried to make small talk during dinner. Jenna confided in Dean about feeling pressured by Felicia to be adopted and speculated on the characteristics of her father. Ryan was thrilled that Vicky finally realized that they belong together during a romantic evening at a lodge. Jenna became bothered by Felicia's questions about her father. Cass and Frankie promised not to lie to each other again.

MARCH 22, 1991 (EP. #6794)
Cass had Kathleen take a shocked Vince into the study so that she could carefully explain everything that happened after the plane crash. Frankie asked Dean to watch Felicia's live broadcast without telling him it will feature Cass and Kathleen. Joe was doubtful that anyone besides himself and the FBI could keep Kathleen safe from Carl. Jamie ridiculed Jake over losing his friends, home, a job, and Marley's intentions to file rape charges against him. Donna warmly accepted Vicky's apologies for believing she allowed Marley to stand trial for shooting Jake. Michael was perplexed when Stacey showed him a letter she addressed to Donna refusing to represent her in the divorce suit due to objectivity. Donna could not impede Vicky's resolve to confront Michael about dating Stacey. Ryan warned Marley that it will be problematic to prove Jake guilty of rape because Marley kept it a secret, it occurred months ago, and there is a lack of physical and medical evidence. Dean was unsympathetic and cold when Jake arrived to visit his former loft and working space. Kathleen asked Joe for breathing space when he tried to pressure her into leaving town and not going public. Joe and Frankie watched in anger and dismay as Kathleen met Lucas and Felicia and Cass prepared Kathleen for the live broadcast. Vicky quit harping on Michael over dating Stacey, but warned Stacey that Donna will win him back. Michael urged Stacey not to worry about his family objecting to them becoming an item. Ryan disapproved of Vicky's tactics against Stacey. Kathleen explained everything that happened and publicly declared that she refuses to hide from Carl, who mocked Cass's televised threat.

MARCH 25, 1991 (EP. #6795)
Sharlene jumped to the conclusion that John was implying that she purposely concealed knowledge of Kathleen being alive. Joe assured Grant that his priority is ensuring that Kathleen is safe and promised to keep Grant's involvement a secret. Cass and Frankie assured Vince that Kathleen will find a place to live while government agents and a special task force maintain surveillance. Vince hoped Kathleen would come to Minneapolis to see the family and that she would be reunited with Cass. Marley felt contempt and terror towards Jake, who pleaded for sympathy and forgiveness. Joe relented in taking Kathleen to see Rachel once Lucas explained that the Corys were a target of Carl's in the past. Frankie was touched when Dean expressed worries over Kathleen compromising her marriage to Cass. Sharlene vowed to prove to John that she does not need therapy and that nothing will jeopardize their happiness. Jamie demanded that Jake stay away from Marley. Taylor fussed over Gregory while talking to John about the reasons Sharlene should resume therapy. Grant sadly admitted to a relieved Sharlene that he has not seen signs of Sharly recently. Rachel convinced Joe to let Kathleen live at the Cory Mansion. Frankie was disappointed when Felicia was impartial about Cass choosing between her and Kathleen, then refused Felicia's request that she keep Dean away from Jenna. John appreciated Taylor's offer to find a nurse for Gregory and to continue being Sharlene's therapist. Kathleen told Frankie that she is going to offer Cass a divorce. Dean softened towards Jake and allowed him to stay at the loft for the night. Jake vowed to regain everything that he has lost.

MARCH 26, 1991 (EP. #6796)
Frankie accused Kathleen of making noble gestures to become ensconced in her marriage and friends' lives. Cass didn't appreciate Kathleen cracking jokes as they discussed terms for a divorce petition. Ryan arrived to tell Cass, Kathleen, Rachel, and Frankie that Carl went into hiding after being released from prison and the federal government is attempting to locate him. John and Sharlene disagreed on Grant's honesty about not seeing Sharly and Taylor's motives in wanting her to resume therapy. Jake regained his memories of the night Paulina shot him, kept Paulina in the dark, and smiled with satisfaction when she decided to help him financially. Kathleen agreed to Ryan's requests that she vary her daily schedule and provide statements and testimony that she has given on Carl. John tried to reassure Sharlene that he called off work so he could spend the evening with her and Gregory. Sharlene suspected that Taylor called the baby-sitting agency posing as Sharlene and had their appointment cancelled. Paulina advised Rachel not to expect her to feel relieved over being unable to prove that she is an impostor. Cass put Frankie at ease when he jokingly promised their next wedding won't be interrupted by another wife being resurrected or Frankie being kidnapped. Rachel informed Paulina that legal papers have been drawn up which reinstate her as a Cory heiress. Frankie grew despondent while telling Ryan that Kathleen still loves Cass despite her consenting to a divorce. Kathleen mused bitterly about Cass becoming a dedicated lawyer while he began to draw a divorce petition. Sharlene arranged a meeting with Taylor. Ryan learned that the authorities have spotted Carl.

MARCH 27, 1991 (EP. #6797)
Jamie informed Sharlene that he noticed a picture of John among files Taylor was carrying that she dropped on the hospital floor. Vicky told Ryan that Carl was once married to Donna, swindled the Love fortune, kidnapped Marley, and made several shady deals. Vicky surmised that Carl might interpret Cass's televised threat as a challenge of wits. Donna warned Stacey not to be certain that she can replace her in Michael's life. John was pleased that Sharlene is handling her problems and is meeting Taylor to resolve misunderstandings with her. Jamie was thrilled when Vicky happily gave her blessing to Jamie's desire to marry Marley and offered to give Vicky joint custody of Steven. Sharlene became flummoxed when Taylor contradicted her account of the agency being contacted to cancel getting a nurse for Gregory. Morgan urged Judge Woods to sentence Donna to serve two years in prison while Stacey asked for the sentences to be suspended. Michael told John that his marriage to Donna is through but promised he would take things slowly with Stacey. Judge Woods suspended jail sentences for time served and ordered Donna to complete 500 hours of community service at Jamie's clinic. Michael accepted when Jamie asked him for Marley's hand in marriage. Taylor told John that she and Sharlene worked out their differences. Taylor vowed to malign Sharlene's judgment. Michael was pleased with the outcome of Donna's sentence hearing and told Stacey he can now concentrate on making a new life. Ryan was notified that Carl is in Chicago. Sharlene recalled learning of Taylor's affair with a former patient named Brian James, who died in a car accident and left her a fortune.

MARCH 28, 1991 (EP. #6798)
Marley accused Donna of forcing herself into her life by getting assigned to the clinic for community service. Jamie warned Donna that she will need to make other arrangements if Marley cannot handle working with her. Cass appreciated Frankie for being understanding about Kathleen. Frankie was touched as Cass admitted losing Kathleen was the most painful thing he had ever endured but that she helped him to love again. Ryan informed Cass, Frankie, Kathleen, and Joe that Carl will be watched closely but cannot be arrested because there are no outstanding warrants against him. Sam and Olivia planned to have dinner at Tops and see an exhibit at the art museum. Kathleen gave Jake the name of the storage company where he can retrieve his belongings from his former loft. Jake assured Kathleen that Carl was not involved in his shooting and swore that Marley's claim of rape is mistaken. Marley tried to get Donna to quit working at the clinic and ordered her to stay out of Michael and Stacey's business. Sam was upset when Amanda made him cancel his plans with Olivia because she wanted the new "Sophisticate" magazine cover redone. Kathleen begrudgingly agreed to Jake's request that she talk to Marley on his behalf. Cass pondered Carl's intended plans in Bay City. Joe felt that Cass is playing Kathleen and Frankie against each other by not signing the divorce petition. Ada refused to hire Jake at Paradise. Jake told Olivia he plans to turn his life around and urged Olivia not to push Sam into a serious relationship. Sam and Amanda's attraction towards each other resurfaced. Jamie planned a formal night for him and Marley. Donna was shocked when Carl arrived at her suite.

MARCH 29, 1991 (EP. #6799)
Carl informed Donna that he reflected on his life while in jail, was a model prisoner, and has returned to make amends. Cass, Frankie, and Joe agreed to accompany Kathleen to visit Felicia at Tops to cure Kathleen of feeling stir crazy. Felicia convinced Sam to be honest with Olivia about their relationship and conflicted feelings for her and Amanda. Paulina cleared the air with Rachel over her negative opinion of Grant and agreed that Paulina will be safe at a hotel. Donna suspected ulterior motives when Carl gifted $100,000.00 as an installment payment for his past schemes against the Love family and balked at Carl's suggestion they team up to redeem themselves. Amanda told Paulina about Carl's vendetta against the Corys while Rachel tried unsuccessfully to rearrange business meetings so she could remain in town. Carl was evasive towards Ryan's questions about his ties to Bay City. Carl made acerbic remarks about Donna seeking younger men for solace and Ryan being overly protective. Michael decided to visit Donna after learning that Carl visited her but promised Stacey he would return to resume their date. Paulina tried to convince Amanda that Ken manipulated her into believing she could lose her family and end up homeless if she went against his wishes. Donna accepted Michael's offer to hire a security company for her, Vicky, and Marley. Joe asked Kathleen to move on with her life. Olivia agreed to move out once Sam admitted that he needs space but still wants to be with her. Cass admitted to Felicia that he still loves Kathleen and is confused on the right action to take. Amanda and Paulina worried that Alli went into the Cory studio, where a fire had started.

APRIL 1, 1991 (EP. #6800)
Vicky was stunned over Bridget's news that Ryan helped Donna get Carl to leave when he came for an unexpected visit. Ada was relieved that Ryan found Alli unharmed while Paulina pulled Amanda out of the art studio in the nick of time. Dean and Jenna were incredulous that Matthew loved Jenna's surprise at D&M for Matthew as it reminded him of the annual Easter egg hunts his family hosted. Jamie had the Waterford clinic decorated so that he and Marley could have a formal, romantic evening together. Ryan and Ada tended to Amanda, Paulina, and Alli while the firemen began putting out the fire. Vicky was relieved to find Ryan unharmed and voiced suspicions that Carl had committed arson to warn Kathleen. Marley accepted Jamie's marriage proposal. Lindsey's hopes of getting Matthew alone by giving Dean and Jenna her Sting tickets were dashed after Matthew complained about feeling jet lagged. Matthew told Jenna that he has been presenting Dean as a hot commodity to find a music promoter. Ryan ordered Joe to keep everyone at Tops while the police determine the cause of the fire. Vicky poured on the charm to diffuse Ryan's frustrations towards her questioning the Fire Marshal. Paulina told Amanda that she rescued her because they are sisters. Matthew talked to Jenna about finding his calling, sharpening his business skills, and not being excited about anything else in life until he met Dean. Marley was touched by Jamie asking Michael for her hand in marriage and felt right about their commitment to each other. Olivia understood Sam's reasons for having Amanda and Alli stay at the loft. Vicky pondered ways to deal with Ryan putting his life on the line as a cop.

APRIL 2, 1991 (EP. #6801)
Cass confessed that he put aside his love for Kathleen years ago and tried to assure Frankie that he is focused on their marriage. Matthew tried to keep Kathleen from believing that she has endangered the lives of the Cory family. Sam bitterly told Amanda that the fire caused his feelings of love, betrayal, and hurt towards her to resurface. Jamie and Marley told Matthew and Kathleen that they are engaged. Vicky told Ryan that she knows being with him and accepting his work in law enforcement are a package deal. Vicky reminded Jake that everyone hates him, Jamie and Marley are happy together, and ordered him to stay out of her life. Ryan informed Kathleen that Carl plans to remain in town and has rented a suite. Kathleen was shocked when Marley revealed that Jake admitted to raping her. Frankie warned Cass that he may destroy their marriage while trying to sort his feelings for Kathleen. Carl belittled Michael's threats against him and stated the police and federal government are wasting money by putting him under surveillance since he has returned to redeem himself. Michael was stunned to learn that Carl hired Lucas to be his public relations manager. Vicky told Ryan that she was frightened by Jake's determination to reconcile with Marley. Kathleen laid into Jake for manipulating her into talking to Marley on his behalf. Olivia moved out of Sam's loft and agreed to start over with Sam once he is ready. Michael pondered Lucas' intentions for being under Carl's employ. Stacey advised Michael to decide whether he wants her in his life as an attorney or love interest. Cass blew a fuse over Kathleen and Joe excluding him from plans they have made.

APRIL 3, 1991 (EP. #6802)
Jamie was hopeful towards Marley beginning therapy and said he doesn't suspect that Paulina shot Jake and let Marley stand trial for the crime because she saved Amanda's life. Jake countered Paulina's request that she not mention their past affair to the press by making insinuations of Paulina rescuing Amanda to regain her inheritance. Cass lost his temper with Kathleen, who swore that she thought she was doing the right thing by allowing everyone to believe that she had died. Taylor feigned acceptance towards Sharlene's wishes to spend time with Gregory while John goes to a medical conference. Joe was upset that Cass insisted on accompanying Kathleen to their new apartment. Jake was appreciative towards Paulina's desire to help him financially, then claimed that he has accepted losing Marley and likened his tumultuous past relationships to Jamie's marriages. Sharlene gave Frankie sage advice on handling Kathleen's presence and its effects on her marriage to Cass. Taylor asked to be appointed to the panel at the medical conference John is attending. Cass made snide remarks to Kathleen about suffering without him, her relationship with Joe, and being unable to let go of their past. Frankie decided to investigate Taylor after Sharlene expressed suspicions of Taylor pursuing John and her attempts to undermine Sharlene's mental health. Frankie was surprised to find Taylor's files had been sealed and suspected that Taylor's affair with a patient had been covered up. Marley was troubled as she reflected on the ways in which Jake has changed over the years. Jake became unglued after having a flashback of raping Marley and demanded Paulina leave.

APRIL 4, 1991 (EP. #6803)
Jenna met Carl while seating patrons at Tops. Felicia was in a foul mood because Dean encouraged Jenna to visit D&M so she could have time alone with Matthew. Paulina had Grant's limousine driver drop her off without revealing that Jake called and begged her to see him. Matthew was annoyed with Lindsey for calling him excessively while waiting for some business calls to be returned. John was unnerved by Taylor's claims that Sharlene purposely scheduled a therapy session during the medical conference and is putting on a ruse for his benefit. Carl enjoyed making Felicia squirm as he brought up their past romance, said Lucas reminds him of himself, and suspects that he has been used as a scapegoat and wants to improve his image. Jenna expressed confidence in Matthew's professionalism after Matthew said that Dean should concentrate on his music while leaving business affairs to him. Paulina promised to help Jake financially instead of asking Grant to give him a job. Judy recognized Taylor in a picture Sharlene showed her and described Taylor as a woman who won't hesitate to manipulate people for personal gains. John noticed Taylor's strange reaction to the tune that played from Gregory's toy box. Jenna was thrilled when Matthew agreed to take her to a high school dance but surprised by Dean's unenthusiastic reaction to the news. Felicia grew angry with Lucas over working for Carl. Iris advised Grant that he should refrain from dating married women and phony heiresses if he wants to succeed in politics. Sharlene was upset over Gregory's music box being broken.

APRIL 5, 1991 (EP. #6804)
Dean saw through Lindsey's act as she praised Matthew for taking Jenna to a school dance and talked him into having a study date at Tops. Kathleen told Cass that she quit journalism because the expose she wrote on Carl cost her everything she once had. Grant and Paulina cringed when state party chairman, Kevin Atherton brought Iris as his date to discuss Grant running for the Senate. Felicia was excited for Jenna as she gushed over attending her first dance with Matthew. Matthew admitted to Dean that Lindsey believes they are in an exclusive relationship. Grant and Kevin joked that Paulina should pursue a career as a political analyst after she reflected on politicians surviving scandals. Iris failed to expose Paulina's lack of sophistication when she quickly changed the subject of Paulina's career aspirations to that of travel and eating delicacies. Felicia decided to accept Lucas working for Carl under the condition that he remain honest about extracting information from Carl that may put him in prison. Cass consented to Kathleen's request that they quit seeing each other because it stirs many memories. Jenna was defiant against Lindsey's claims that she cannot compete with her for Matthew's attentions. Matthew and Dean argued over hiring Kathleen as their studio manager. Cass and Kathleen vowed to have one last celebration together. Grant informed Joe that Carl hired Lucas as his public relations manager. Grant ordered Paulina to sever ties with Jake. Frankie told Cass that Dean's contempt for Kathleen stems from family loyalty and berated Cass for putting Kathleen's welfare ahead of everyone else. Kathleen was terrified when she came face-to-face with Carl.

APRIL 8, 1991 (EP. #6805)
Bridget diverted the process server from delivering divorce papers to Donna. Michael apologized to Stacey for asking her to compromise Lucas's confidentiality to protect the Hudsons from Carl while expecting her to fulfill his personal needs. Ada brought champagne while Michael and Stacey enthused over Jamie's marriage proposal to Marley and her engagement ring. Michael informed Marley that he hired security guards to protect Donna from Carl and is going through with the divorce. Kathleen scoffed at Carl for perceiving her television appearance as painting him in an unsavory light. Ryan informed Vicky that they are hosting a poker night with his cop buddies and she does not need to present herself differently to gain their acceptance. Vicky enjoyed beating Ryan and his friends at poker while they chatted about sports and cop cases. Cass, Kathleen, Frankie, Felicia, Lucas, and Joe were puzzled by Carl's smug, defiant demeanor towards their suspicions of his motives. Everyone was incredulous of Carl's claims that Kathleen was used by the FBI to orchestrate getting him incarcerated to continue the agency's vendetta against him. Marley assured Stacey that she doesn't have qualms about her relationship with Michael. Joe sheepishly confessed that he timed the elevator so Carl had an opportunity to attack Kathleen and be vulnerable to an arrest. Donna told Marley that her marriage to Jamie will give her the happiness she has always wanted Marley to have. Vicky, Kathleen, Donna, Felicia, and Rachel received flowers from Carl with a note about starting over. Frankie tearfully told Cass that she is struggling with the realization that he still loves Kathleen as his wife.

APRIL 9, 1991 (EP. #6806)
Jenna resented Felicia's concerns over Dean having too much influence on her and getting hurt if things don't work out with Matthew. Rachel feared Carl's true purposes despite Amanda's assertion that Carl hasn't harmed Kathleen or done anything to get arrested and didn't commit arson. Cass apologized to Frankie for hurting her and promised that they can resume their lives once the divorce is official. Dean opposed Matthew wanting to hire Kathleen at D&M. Olivia got to know Jenna and helped her choose a dress for the high school dance. Frankie grew disturbed while Sharlene revealed Taylor's efforts to make her think she's still mentally ill, but was against Sharlene attending a therapy session to find evidence against Taylor. Lucas assured Felicia that he will protect Jenna. Cass knew he had hit a nerve while promising Dean he won't abandon him and heeded Dean's warning not to let Frankie walk out of his life. Sharlene saw a letter of commendation from Dr. William Jefferson while Taylor briefly left her office, then rushed out when Taylor proposed hypnosis to verify if Sharly has returned. Carl joked about needing guards in reaction to Rachel's threats to stay away from the Corys. Olivia and Jenna bonded over leading sheltered lives before striking out on their own. Amanda agreed to write an article on Carl much to Rachel's chagrin. Olivia gave Lucas the description of another dress to buy Jenna while Matthew came for a visit. Sharlene and Frankie planned to go to Philadelphia to question Dr. Jefferson. Frankie expressed appreciation for Dean's moral support. Cass deduced that Carl has returned to extract from Kathleen her sources she used to write her expose.

APRIL 10, 1991 (EP. #6807)
Rachel accused Amanda of being self-destructive for wanting to write an article on Carl. Lucas accused Carl of undoing his strategy for redeeming his image by sending flowers and consenting to be interviewed by Amanda. Kathleen balked towards Cass's demands since the signed divorce papers forfeited Cass's right to be involved in her personal affairs. Frankie ranted to Dean about the house becoming a construction site and a war zone. Lucas was upset with Carl for being uncooperative and making vague remarks about paying restitution and debts. Kathleen accepted Dean's offer to work at D&M. Sam decided to take Olivia to Tops to celebrate the opening of his art exhibit, "An Exhibition of the Dance," in Italy. Frankie berated herself in front of Cass for denying her feelings, and lying to Cass and suggested she give him the freedom to choose between her and Kathleen. Amanda said she had a good angle for the story and planned to interview Kathleen despite that Iris felt Carl's interview was full of insinuations and innuendos. Carl was impressed by Amanda, who pointed out that Carl did not have his condition of reading the finished article put in writing. Kathleen told Stacey about the difficulties of living in anonymity. Dean was thrilled for Sam while pouring over the D&M logo Sam had designed. Frankie accepted Cass's offer for them to get remarried. Amanda was flattered with compliments on handling Carl by photographer, Mark Allen. Lucas thanked Iris for accompanying Amanda to interview Carl. Mark was resentful towards Sam, who questioned his intentions for asking Amanda out on a date. Kathleen admitted to Stacey that she intends to win Cass back.

APRIL 11, 1991 (EP. #6808)
Paulina persuaded Grant into contacting lobbyists so she could secretly visit Jake. Ryan and Vicky argued when she downplayed Carl sending her flowers while she expressed fears about Ryan being involved in investigating Carl. Rachel and Ada searched for places modeled after castles as part of Jamie and Marley's ideas to have a fairy tale themed wedding in a medieval setting. Jenna snapped at Lucas and Felicia for making a big deal out of her date with Matthew by gifting her with earrings and an expensive dress. Ryan asked Vicky to refuse any unexpected packages, strange phone calls, or visits from unknown males. Matthew dismissed Ada's concerns he has been spreading himself thin with a full college course schedule and running D&M. Rachel tried unsuccessfully to convince Marley to get Donna involved in the wedding plans. Paulina reminded Jake that their affair and his relationship with Marley are in the past and they need to live their separate lives. Jake vowed that Paulina would help him get Marley back after promising not to tell Grant that Paulina helped him financially. Grant objected to Vicky's attempts to interfere in Ryan's police work. Jenna apologized after Lucas made her realize she was being self-righteous and judgmental towards their efforts to make her happy out of love. Lindsey conned Matthew into visiting her by acting stressed about her grades, then got him to take a short nap. Ryan cautioned Lucas about working for Carl. Ryan blew up at Vicky after Paulina accidentally revealed that Vicky asked Grant to pull strings to get Ryan taken off the police investigation on Carl. Lucas and Felicia happily accepted Jenna's proposal that they start fresh.

APRIL 12, 1991 (EP. #6809)
John complimented Taylor on presenting a brilliant research paper on sexuality at the convention. Taylor told John that she appreciates that he treats her as a person with feelings rather than a cold, robotic doctor like their colleagues do. Sharlene and Frankie discussed Taylor attending the medical convention with John, Taylor being persuasive towards the opposite sex, and hopes that they can prove Taylor's machinations. Cass saw through Kathleen, who feigned happiness towards Cass and Frankie's plans to get remarried. Jenna decided to attend the dance alone despite sharing Felicia, Lucas, and Dean's disappointment that Matthew hadn't arrived. Kathleen confessed to Joe that their relationship is based on feelings of loneliness and despair from living in hiding. Joe left once he faced the fact that Kathleen will never return his love. John went to take a nap after thanking Taylor for getting Sharlene back into therapy. Jenna was touched that Dean came as her date and had a good time. Lucas advised Felicia that they can't always protect Jenna from getting hurt. Matthew didn't realize Lindsey orchestrated him standing up Jenna by letting him sleep and not setting the alarm clock. Kathleen confessed to Cass that she wants her former life back. Dr. Jefferson wouldn't elaborate further when Sharlene learned that Taylor's reasons for departing the hospital were personal, that she was brought before an ethics committee, and had her files sealed. Sharlene was stunned when Frankie mentioned the staff referred to Taylor as a black widow. John was startled to wake up and find Taylor in his hotel room wearing lingerie.

APRIL 15, 1991 (EP. #6810)
Frankie was optimistic that the notes Sharlene took from their visit to Philadelphia will convince John to start his own investigation into Taylor. Kathleen admitted to Cass that she lied about wanting to marry Joe because she didn't want to confess to still loving him. Jake resented Carl drawing comparisons to both of them being the recipients of scorn. John apologized for jumping to conclusions when Taylor swore she came to take a shower because of a leak in her bathroom. Jenna was pleased once Matthew arrived at the dance but made Dean bashful when she thanked him for making the evening unforgettable. Carl tried unsuccessfully to convince Jake to work for him rather than remain in debt, homeless, and unemployed. Cass was upset after Kathleen changed her mind about marrying Joe and swore that their marriage was doomed since the plane crash. Taylor scoffed at John's concerns over her loving him. Sharlene told Frankie that she is worried that Taylor will manipulate John into believing that she is sick. Frankie advised Sharlene not to blame John for denying Taylor's intentions like she blamed Cass for having feelings for Kathleen. Taylor flattered John with compliments about his brilliance while John mused about starting a private practice from home because he finds conferences and speeches boring. Jenna was thrilled to be invited to attend a party at a diner by her classmate Natalie. Cass promised Sharlene that he is certain about staying with Frankie. Taylor ransacked her room while in a rage over being rejected by John, then had room service restore it. Kathleen feared for Joe's life upon hearing that no one in headquarters has heard from him.

APRIL 16, 1991 (EP. #6811)
Matthew enthused over Jenna being the belle of the ball at the school dance as they walked through the park and watched the sun rise. Mark goaded Amanda into being more spontaneous and relaxed while he took photos for the Sophisticate's editor page. Sharlene informed John that Taylor isn't welcome in their home because of her machinations against them. Sharlene vowed to prove that Taylor lied about having feelings for John. Lindsey was incredulous as Dean described Matthew redeeming himself for being late to pick up Jenna, marveled at Jenna's appearance in her dress, and turning heads at the dance. Sharlene told John that Taylor was involved each time she thought Sharly was resurfacing then revealed the information she and learned from Dr. Jefferson in Philadelphia. Mark brought out a defiant attitude in Amanda by mentioning her affair with Evan and the end of her marriage to Sam. Lindsey put on airs to Matthew about being attracted to him for doing nice things like taking Jenna to the dance. John promised to help Sharlene fight Taylor and decided to discuss Taylor's unprofessional conduct with the head of psychiatry. Taylor planned to have Sharlene committed after pumping Judy for information on her encounter with Sharlene at Ruby's. Jenna was deflated after Lindsey explained that Matthew was late because he was asleep in her room. Mark promised to surprise Amanda after she agreed to go on a date with him. Matthew asked to drop the subject after Dean scoffed at Matthew's idea of dating both Lindsey and Jenna. John requested to speak with Taylor's former sister-in-law while Taylor learned that Sharlene is at home alone.

APRIL 17, 1991 (EP. #6812)
Kathleen admitted to Cass that she fears Carl had Joe killed. Vicky couldn't convince Donna to give Michael breathing space, concentrate on Carl's presence, or remedy her relationship with Marley. Michael recalled Taylor telling him that John needed to let go of Sharlene and move on with his life. Alice Benson, Taylor's former sister-in-law, agreed to meet John in a park to discuss Taylor's past in Philadelphia. Donna failed to remind Michael of their love while admiring their wine collection and reminiscing about their marriage. Taylor made Sharlene edgy when she paid an unexpected visit and suggested they have a therapy session. Ryan vowed to question Carl after Kathleen mentioned that Joe has been missing since they had a lover's quarrel. Sharlene accused Taylor of conspiring with Judy to make her believe Sharly had resurfaced and pursuing John. Alice informed John that Taylor was devoted to her brother Jerry, became nasty once they married, and forced him to cut ties with Alice. Alice remembered that Jerry died of cardiac arrest three days after telling her he planned to divorce Taylor. Kathleen told Cass that Joe was a friend, lover, and link to her former life who could never replace Cass in her heart. Cass tried to alleviate Kathleen's guilt over endangering everyone's lives by returning and suggested she call Vince and Mary. Ryan was incredulous over Carl's claim of not knowing Joe's whereabouts. John supported banning Taylor from visiting the farm and vowed to protect Sharlene and Gregory. Ryan laid into Vicky for trying to provoke Carl by threatening to help send him to prison.

APRIL 18, 1991 (EP. #6813)
Frankie took her frustration over receiving the wrong wedding dress out on Dean, who was trying to find a power cord for his synthesizer. Donna complained about Stacey taking Michael away from her and bonding with Marley at the wedding registry while she is being excluded. Marley declined Stacey's suggestion of getting Donna involved with the wedding plans and asked for legal advice on pressing charges against Jake. Stacey conceded that convicting Jake will be difficult due to the lack of witnesses and physical evidence but reasoned he will remain a social pariah. Frankie was concerned when Cass made immediate wedding plans for them after visiting with Kathleen. Jake offered to help Kathleen win Cass from Frankie on the condition that she convince Matthew and Dean to hire him at D&M. Matthew and Jenna tried to ease Dean's writer's block. Cass assured Frankie that he became certain about getting remarried after consoling Kathleen over Joe's departure. Jake stormed out after Kathleen balked at being involved in his schemes and confirmed that she believes Marley's claim of rape. Cass and Frankie frantically made calls to invite family and friends to their wedding. Michael was touched that Marley gifted Stacey with a bouquet of flowers. Dean joked about Jenna being his muse after D&M secured the advertising campaign. Marley was appalled that Jake begged her not to press charges and is in denial about the rape. Stacey fretted that her relationship with Michael will be doomed unless he settles the past with Donna. Kathleen screamed at the sight of Carl in her house.

APRIL 19, 1991 (EP. #6814)
Cass and Frankie made final wedding preparations. Jake begged Marley not to press charges against him and asked for a second chance. Marley tearfully told Jake that she can never be free of him and that he has caused her irreparable harm. Carl told Kathleen that he plans to repair the personal image that she ruined. Ryan resented Grant's insinuations that he was foolishly carrying out a vendetta against Carl and endangering people's lives. Grant and Ryan were alarmed that Carl spirited Kathleen away in a limousine. Dean was touched that Cass appointed him to be his best man. Lucas, Felicia, and Rachel mused about Cass's newfound kinship with Dean. Stacey tried to dissuade Jamie's concerns over Marley's tardiness. Marley informed Jake that she wants him to feel violated. Kathleen was suspicious when Carl offered her a job. Carl warned Ryan against making threats against him. Marley informed Jake that he killed their love and he can suffer watching her begin a life with Jamie. Jamie and Ryan put a despondent Kathleen into bed. Paulina was thrilled that Charles Acton asked Grant to run for his Senate seat. Grant reassured Paulina that their relationship has potential. Dean was miffed that everyone was fussing over Kathleen. Paulina was stunned that Matthew requested that she come to D&M. Lucas berated Carl for compromising his efforts in rehabilitating his image and ordered Carl to let him take the reins. Grant agreed to consider giving Ryan the Committee on Crime and Racketeering's files on Carl. Kathleen fainted in the middle of Cass and Frankie reciting their vows. Jake jumped after mistaking a door slamming for a gunshot and thought of Paulina.

APRIL 22, 1991 (EP. #6815)
Paulina squirmed upon learning that Jake had lured her to D&M. Jake had Paulina mess up the studio in hopes that recreating the night he was shot would trigger memories. Jake mused that Vicky would shoot someone who threatened her or a loved one in response to Paulina's suggestion that Vicky is a possible suspect. Jake told Paulina that he recalls arguing with Vicky over Marley's whereabouts at Tops, that Vicky came to his loft after seeing Marley hysterical, and had called the paramedics for him. Jake deduced that Vicky planned to confront him over raping Marley and was not a suspect because she would never allow Marley to go on trial or let Donna go to prison for a crime she committed. Jake remembered threatening to keep the footage of their affair, then promptly rejected Paulina's theory that Donna provided a false confession and created a fake alibi. Jake recounted for Paulina that Donna threatened to reveal their tryst should he marry Marley. Paulina recalled Iris swearing that she would reveal her and Ken's schemes to the Corys. Jake told Paulina that he ran into Iris at a travel agency, then questioned Paulina once she explained that Iris was blackmailing someone. Jake recounted gasping for breath after being shot and seeing Iris search his pockets for information that disproved Paulina's claim that she is Mac's daughter. Jake revealed his knowledge that Paulina shot him because he had gathered evidence for Iris that exposed her as a fraud. Jake and Paulina ridiculed each other for their plots and desperate acts of self-preservation. Paulina warned Jake that their game is just starting when Jake hinted that she must pay him for his silence.

APRIL 23, 1991 (EP. #6816)
Taylor asked her mother to remain silent should someone call to check her background. Frankie insisted that Kathleen did not intentionally interrupt her wedding ceremony. Sharlene urged Frankie to express her feelings openly to Cass and Kathleen. Michael was nonplussed when Sharlene voiced suspicions that Kathleen fainted to stop Cass and Frankie from getting married. Sharlene asked Michael to go with her to buy a replacement music box for Gregory. John accused Taylor of engineering Sharlene's supposed memory lapses to convince her that Sharly has re-emerged and pursuing him romantically. Taylor retaliated against John by claiming that Sharly has become more shrewd in making him believe that Sharlene is well. John was stunned when Taylor asserted that Sharlene must be hospitalized. Paulina lied to Grant that Matthew never came to D&M for their meeting. Grant reassured Paulina that he is committed to her. Jake told a waiter that he is dining as Paulina's guest. Stacey taunted Jake over Marley putting her life back together with Jamie's support. Taylor told John that she has filed a complaint with the ethics committee on Sharlene's case. Kathleen lamented to Felicia that she feels isolated despite reclaiming her old life. Kathleen told Felicia that Cass must consider his feelings for her. Cass told Frankie that he needs her. Lucas refused to give Grant information on Carl. Michael agreed to initiate a board inquiry on Sharlene's suspicions of Taylor. Sharlene warned Taylor to stay away from her. Paulina assured Grant that she is over Jake. John and Sharlene were perplexed by Taylor's odd reaction to a music box playing. Kathleen vowed to win Cass back.

APRIL 24, 1991 (EP. #6817)
Olivia told Amanda that Sam sent a letter addressed to Alli, which states that he is staying in Italy. Kathleen admitted to Cass that seeing him almost marry Frankie made her sick because she was forced to acknowledge her fears. Amanda resented that Sam and Olivia had discussed his job at Cory Publishing and Alli's future without consulting her. Olivia informed Amanda that Sam is thriving in Italy and that she hopes to join him soon. Amanda tersely told Olivia that she needs to talk things over with Alli. Olivia fretted to Matthew that she upset Amanda with the news on Sam. Frankie was pleased that Dean is spending time with Jenna. Dean balked at trusting Kathleen, despite Frankie defending Kathleen. Frankie swore to Dean that she and Cass will get married. Kathleen refused to believe Cass's concern that Carl may be poisoning her food. Cass failed to persuade Kathleen into revealing her source for the article she was writing on Carl. Paulina was touched and intrigued to meet Gerard Manly, the Harrison gardener who acted as a father figure to Grant and Ryan. Matthew realized that he is hurting Lindsey and Jenna by refusing to commit to either of them while Olivia realized that she may not have allowed Sam to settle things with Amanda properly before they got together. Jenna decided to be more aggressive with Matthew after talking to Dean. Lindsey appreciated Matthew's honesty in not wanting to date anyone exclusively right now. Amanda told Carl that she will consult Cass since he is Cory Publishing's attorney about his offer to conduct a second interview. Grant professed his love to Paulina. Kathleen begged Cass to examine his feelings before marrying Frankie.

APRIL 25, 1991 (EP. #6818)
Stacey, Michael, and Amanda discussed wedding preparations with Jamie and Marley, who were chagrined to see Jake at the bar. Marley insisted on confronting Jake alone. Paulina confided to Grant that she is embarrassed because of their vastly different backgrounds and fears that she could be a detriment to his political career. Grant reminded Paulina that they must leave the Harrison cottage because he is meeting with Charles to discuss his Senate campaign. Carl informed Lucas that he agreed to do another interview with Amanda because the Cory family wields significant influence in Bay City. Lucas reminded Carl that he is in a good position to request favors from the Corys for him. Jake tried to goad Marley by pointing out that Jamie has a long list of failed relationships. Marley deplored Jake for refusing to accompany her to a support group for rape victims. Jenna excitedly told Dean that Matthew mentioned to Olivia that he enjoyed himself at Jenna's school dance. Dean realized that he is falling for Jenna. Lindsey patronized Jenna by referring to her personal problems as earth-shattering. Donna confronted Stacey on pursuing Michael and ingratiating herself into Marley's life. Lucas warned Amanda that Carl is a formidable enemy. Michael refused to help Donna reconcile with Marley. Marley felt better after attending the support group with Jamie. Matthew admitted to Jenna that he reciprocates her feelings. Lorna Devon told Dean that she is with Galaxy Records, listened to his demo tape, and wants to make him a star. Jake asked Paulina to be his informant on Jamie and Marley's wedding plans. Michael was displeased to find Carl attempting to join Donna for dinner.

APRIL 26, 1991 (EP. #6819)
Sharlene asked Frankie for help in reviewing Taylor's papers to find patterns or personal references. Cass was skeptical when Kathleen mentioned that she received a letter from Joe. Michael noted that Taylor covered herself thoroughly by writing the ethics board to advise them of Sharlene's suspicions and promised John that he would initiate a board inquiry into the situation. John regained Taylor's trust by apologizing for questioning her professionalism and offering himself as a confidante. Kathleen admitted to Cass that she was wrong to turn him away in San Antonio and urged him to accept that he still loves her. Taylor reflected to John that she became a psychiatrist because she recognized the hurt in people and wished to help them, then recalled that Brian James was responding to treatment and that she was blamed for his death. Taylor asked Dr. Ben Turner to observe Sharlene and help her ensure that she seeks therapy. Michael and Lucas warned Donna that she is being self-destructive by spending time with Carl. Cass admitted that he loves Kathleen, but insisted that he also loves Frankie and intends to marry her. Sharlene and Frankie agreed that Taylor seems fascinated by the seedy side of life and that Judy may be their link to Taylor. Carl evaded Donna's inquiry into his purposes for returning to Bay City. Carl suggested to Donna that they spend time together to improve his image. Michael and Stacey agreed not to dwell on the past. Judy alerted Taylor that Sharlene is asking too many questions. Frankie was despondent upon realizing that Cass was hesitant on resuming wedding plans because of Kathleen. Carl received notification that Joe had been killed.

APRIL 29, 1991 (EP. #6820)
Taylor ordered Judy to stall Sharlene because she needs psychiatric help. Carl chided Donna for eavesdropping on his calls. Jake opined to Kathleen that she belongs with Cass. Cass advised Frankie that he wants to postpone their wedding because he must sort out his feelings for Kathleen. Donna decided against sharing a nightcap with Carl. Marley was appalled to see Donna with Carl. Michael and Stacey made love. Judy ruefully told Sharlene that Taylor is endangering lives by questioning prostitutes and is self-absorbed. Ben expressed pity for John and informed Sharlene that she is acting exactly like Sharly when she made sexual advances at him. Jake asked Kathleen to convince Matthew to hire him at D&M. Kathleen resented it when Jake compared her hurting Cass and Frankie to his hurtful actions against Marley. Frankie remonstrated Cass for delivering a beautiful love affirmation, disregarding her offers to free him to settle things with Kathleen, and vacillating over marrying her. Michael confessed to Stacey that he needs time to sort through his feelings. Marley mocked Donna for keeping company with Carl. Jake hedged on accepting Carl's job offer. Judy balked at Sharlene's efforts to bribe her for more information. Taylor secretly had Sharlene arrested for solicitation. Donna begged Marley for forgiveness to no avail. Jamie and Donna accused Jake of feigning remorse for hurting Marley. Jamie warned Marley that Jake is obsessed with winning her back. Michael denied Donna's assertions that he is worried about her welfare. Taylor informed an irate Sharlene that Ben witnessed her arrest. Frankie accused Kathleen of disrupting people's lives and pursuing Cass at all costs.

APRIL 30, 1991 (EP. #6821)
Sharlene told John that Taylor had her arrested for prostitution while she tried to question Judy at the docks. Frankie laid into Kathleen for endangering Cass's life and causing Carl to return to Bay City. Vicky had a nightmare in which Carl was holding Ryan at gunpoint as she watched helplessly. Frankie accused Kathleen of refusing to let Cass figure out the difference between love and obligation. Kathleen warned Frankie that her relationship with Cass will never be the same. Cass hedged on observing Carl's second interview with Amanda. Lorna advised Dean that she will listen to his demo tape in her limousine. Dean excitedly told Jenna that Lorna is courting him for a record deal. Jenna told Dean that Matthew reciprocates her feelings. Sharlene surmised to John that Ben and Judy are conspiring with Taylor against her. Sharlene acted grateful to Taylor for getting her released from jail. Jenna assured Matthew that she does not resent Lindsey's presence. Frankie sadly told Cass that they should separate. Ryan informed Kathleen that Joe checked into a lodge by paying cash and that his car was found at the airport. Kathleen realized that the note she ostensibly received from Joe was forged and deduced that Joe was killed. Lorna backed off once Matthew lied that he and Dean are considering other offers. Dean accused Matthew of ruining his career prospects while Jenna suspected that Matthew disliked that Lorna seemed overly impressed that he is a member of the Cory family. John and Sharlene plotted to gather evidence against Taylor to present to the hospital Ethics committee. Ryan promised Vicky that he will not compromise his safety. Kathleen left a message for Cass.

MAY 1, 1991 (EP. #6822)
John told Sharlene that they must enjoy life with Gregory and free themselves from thoughts of Taylor. Jake threatened to expose Paulina as his shooter to Rachel and Grant should she choose to be uncooperative with him. Dean jumped to the conclusion that Cass left Frankie. Mark tried to cheer up a distracted Amanda, who lamented that Sam will be difficult to replace as Art Director and that she ruined her marriage. Rachel fumed that Amanda plans to conduct her second interview with Carl at the Cory Mansion. Ada and Rachel noticed that the bank approved and postdated a check written on Paulina's account. Jake pressured Paulina to acquiesce to his demands by hinting that he could ruin Grant's Senate candidacy by revealing her crime. Paulina relished providing details to Jake on Jamie and Marley's wedding plans and smugly boasted that he ruined any future he could have shared with Marley. Cass told Kathleen that he moved out of the house and into his law office. Kathleen told Ryan and Cass that she blames herself for Joe's disappearance. Ryan, Cass, and Kathleen discussed the investigation into Joe's whereabouts and thwarting Carl's efforts to obtain Kathleen's source for the expose that she wrote on him. Cass suspected that Kathleen is withholding vital information from him and Ryan. Dean encouraged Frankie to aggressively fight Kathleen for Cass. Frankie emphasized to a furious Dean that she and Cass must reconcile for the right reasons. Ryan warned Kathleen that she can protect others by being forthright with the authorities. Mark was impressed when Amanda valiantly defended herself against Rachel's objections towards interviewing Carl again.

MAY 2, 1991 (EP. #6823)
Paulina told Grant that Jake is causing trouble for her family. Rachel interrogated an evasive Jake about Paulina giving money to him. John and Sharlene were dubious towards Taylor's excuse that she was walking to her consulting job at a mental health clinic through the park while Sharlene was there with Gregory. John demanded that Taylor stay away from Sharlene as she asserted that Sharlene becomes paranoid in her presence. Matt insisted to a frustrated Dean that he must make D&M successful without using the Cory name. Matt, Dean, and Jenna were thrilled that Walter Hall of National Records wishes to hear Dean's demo tape. Grant schemed to get Jake a job in Utah as a favor to Paulina. Amanda confided her troubles to Mark. Matt advised Dean that they must be open to negotiations with record labels. Roger Frank requested to interview John on Grant's treatment. Grant and Paulina hoped to mend fences with Rachel. Jake lied to Rachel that Paulina is helping him to restart his life. Matt dismissed Walter because his boss, Nat Lipman, summoned him to D&M since Nat is friends with Rachel. John and Sharlene asked Roger to tell the Ethics committee about the incident at the department store. Taylor brought a gift for Gregory while Jenna babysat for John and Sharlene. Amanda sympathized with Jake, who reflected that he and Sam struggled to rise above their poor backgrounds while being involved with rich women. Matt told Rachel that he does not want special treatment because his surname is Cory. Sharlene was upset that Taylor came to see Gregory while Jenna was babysitting him. Mark resigned so that Amanda would not have qualms over dating a co-worker.

MAY 3, 1991 (EP. #6824)
Donna was chagrined when Carl wished for them to dine at his suite instead of Tops. Ryan warned a lieutenant that Cass and Frankie's lives are in danger because the mayor cancelled police protection for everyone except Kathleen. Frankie accused Cass of acting as his wife by hiring a private security firm for them. Jake hinted to Rachel that he offered Paulina an investment opportunity. Carl patronized Donna for flaunting herself in front of Michael and being intimidated by his romance with Stacey. Stacey persuaded Michael into spending the night with her. Kathleen told Felicia that she and Ryan believe that Carl orchestrated Joe's disappearance. Felicia was nonplussed to learn from Kathleen that Cass moved into his office. Kathleen fretted to Felicia that Cass has been distant towards her and she suspects that he still loves Frankie. Frankie told Cass that she is struggling to cope while he figures things out and suggested that they quit working together. Ryan fumed that he is being removed from Carl and Kathleen's cases and reassigned to night patrol with Carlos. Cass feared that Carl will go after Frankie to get to him. Donna notified Felicia that she is entertaining Carl alone at his suite so that Felicia would inform Michael. Kathleen was honest with Frankie about her intentions to win Cass back. Michael had Cass check on Donna for him. Paulina tried to talk Rachel out of telling Jamie that she is helping Jake. Iris warned Grant that Paulina is using him. Rachel acted doubtful to Iris over Grant being in love with Paulina. Jake told Paulina that Grant will not succeed in sending him out of town. Ryan was shot while he and Carlos were investigating a prowler they spotted in Cass's office.

MAY 6, 1991 (EP. #6825)
Cass hinted to Donna that Carl hired someone to break into his office. Carlos called an ambulance for Ryan, who was shot by an unknown assailant. Donna was crestfallen that Michael had Cass check on her instead of coming to Carl's suite himself. Carl insulted Donna for keeping up machinations while she is performing community service at a clinic. Cass agreed to take Donna home. John advised Sharlene that they should not obtain a restraining order against Taylor because the action could make her appear to be the victim in the situation. Taylor deflected blame onto Sharlene for relapsing mentally and accused her and John of making Gregory suffer by ignoring her psychological issues. Jamie was pleased when Marley enthused over finding the perfect house for them to live. Frankie, Kathleen, and Vicky were despondent upon learning that Ryan had been shot. Cass surmised to Carlos that Carl caused Ryan's shooting. An informant mistakenly told Carl that Ryan had been killed. Jamie and Marley told Vicky that Ryan will recover quickly and that the bullet did not hit any vital organs. John and Sharlene discovered that Taylor has many credit cards and pays mortgages on two properties. Taylor recalled being at a carnival as a child. Cass refused when Carlos advised him not to mess with Carl. Frankie professed her love to Cass. Donna was touched by Marley's concerns for her safety because of Carl's presence. Vicky agreed to let Ryan lend her love and emotional support. Bridget grew flustered when Donna and Vicky vowed revenge against Carl. Cass was unaware that Kathleen secretly met Carl at his suite. Sharlene panicked upon discovering that Gregory was missing.

MAY 7, 1991 (EP. #6826)
Cass deduced that Kathleen had escaped the notice of her security guard. John told Ryan that Jamie recommended that he stay at the hospital for observation and to ensure that the bullet wound does not get infected. Ryan and Vicky were moved when Donna brought flowers, expressed concern for his welfare, and mused that true love is a precious gift. Taylor lied to a nurse named Peg that she took a fussy Gregory for a walk while Sharlene wrote a note for John, but asked Peg to keep quiet about the episode due to Sharlene's fragile mental state. Kathleen explained to Carl that she cannot identify her source because the person used a voice distorter and their meetings were held in dark, shadowy places. Carl told Kathleen that he is not leaving town since Kathleen's informant most likely lives in Bay City. Ryan and Michael chastised Donna for trying to extract information from Carl. Ryan asked for Michael's help in uncovering Kathleen's source. Vicky suggested to Stacey that she quit pursuing Michael because she is no match for Donna. Ryan and Michael compared notes on being in relationships with Donna and Vicky. Stacey promised Michael that she is undaunted by Donna and Vicky's objections to their romance. Sharlene lambasted Taylor for stealing Gregory and manipulating her in front of the hospital staff. Kathleen admitted to Cass that she confronted Carl out of desperation to protect him. A fire alarm at Michael's complex ruined his romantic moments with Stacey. John planned to keep Taylor away from his family. Taylor persuaded Peg into testifying on Sharlene's outburst to protect John and Gregory. Kathleen asked Cass to consider resuming their married life.

MAY 8, 1991 (EP. #6827)
Dean complained to Frankie that Matt is rejecting record executives like Lorna while D&M is nearly broke. Donna boasted to Vicky that she wrecked Michael's night with Stacey by setting off the fire alarm at his complex. Donna was served with divorce papers. Amanda rebuffed Rachel's ideas on celebrating her birthday. Rachel apologized to Matt for asking Nat Lipman to listen to Dean's music. Dean groused to Frankie that Cass is ruining her life while Cass examines his feelings for Kathleen. Frankie told Dean that she should have the same faith that Cass once had in their love for each other. Felicia understood Cass's reasons for not mentioning that Frankie asked him to move out of their house. Cass fretted to Felicia that he faces the unenviable task of choosing between Kathleen and Frankie. Matt told Olivia that he is thinking of changing his surname to Blake and moving into his own place. Felicia offered to visit Frankie for Cass. Stacey declined Michael's offer that they leave town for a week because he is still coping with his separation from Donna. Amanda and Matt tried to ease Liz's angst towards Olivia's relationship with Sam. Frankie griped to Felicia that she regrets locating Kathleen. Olivia hinted to Amanda that Sam should know that she is dating Mark. Cass warned Stacey that her romance with Michael is doomed due to Donna's tenacity in wanting Michael back. Donna accused Michael of dating Stacey to spite her. Mark invited Amanda to accompany him on freelance fashion gigs in Eastern Europe. Frankie urged Cass to spend time with Kathleen to sort out his feelings. Donna vowed to contest the divorce on grounds that Michael is committing adultery with Stacey.

MAY 9, 1991 (EP. #6828)
Ryan begrudgingly accepted Vicky's pampering and surrendered his gun to Vicky. Vicky asked Grant to keep Ryan company while she ran an errand. Grant warned Ryan that he is putting lives in jeopardy by trying to uncover the name of Kathleen's informant. Frankie suggested to Cass that they temporarily sever ties so that Cass can determine whether he loves Kathleen or her memory. Dean lambasted Kathleen for wrecking Cass and Frankie's lives and sacrificing her marriage to Cass for sending Carl to prison and winning a Pulitzer for the expose she wrote on him. Kathleen wailed to Dean that she had once convinced herself that she was protecting Cass by hiding her journalism work on Carl. Jamie and Marley enthused over Steven being the ringbearer for their wedding. Felicia admitted to Lucas that she will be relieved once he quits working for Carl. Jake feigned ignorance when Iris speculated that Paulina shot him and that Jake had obtained proof that Paulina is a fraud. Jenna encouraged Dean not to abandon hopes that Cass and Frankie will reconcile. Vicky told Marley that she must distance herself from her and Jamie's upcoming nuptials because she is still coming to terms with her past with Jamie. Grant failed to stop Ryan from confronting Carl. Dean rejected Cass's familial overtures. Cass agreed to hire Kathleen as his secretary. Grant warned Jake to steer clear of Paulina. Felicia was thrilled that Jenna consented to the adoption. Paulina called Jake's bluff in blackmailing her with the fact that she shot him. Vicky panicked upon realizing that Ryan had left her house. Carl cryptically warned Ryan that he stands to lose more than his life by waging a vendetta against him.

MAY 10, 1991 (EP. #6829)
Vicky harangued Ryan for ignoring the fact that he took a bullet likely meant for Cass and putting her through grief by provoking Carl. Jenna asked that Lucas and Felicia start proceedings to adopt her after they get married. Ryan told Vicky that he briefly cracked Carl's charming, unassuming veneer and caught a glimpse of his deadly, diabolical nature. Ryan and Vicky made a pact to be more cautious due to Carl's presence in Bay City. John and Sharlene groused that Taylor has the power against them in preparation for the hospital committee's review of her treatment for Sharlene. Cass conceded to Kathleen that he is disorganized at the office. Cass and Kathleen reminisced about the adventures, fights, and romantic times they shared years ago. Ryan went to take a nap so that Donna could talk to Vicky. Donna informed Vicky that Carl is attempting to locate Kathleen's source. Lucas and Felicia made impromptu wedding plans. Iris witnessed Sharlene accuse Taylor of terrorizing her family in a threatening manner. Donna and Vicky hoped to put Carl behind bars, help Donna to reconcile with Michael, and get Stacey out of their lives. Lucas tried to reassure Felicia that his past will not impede them from adopting Jenna. Iris resented Sharlene implying that she will not be objective at the committee hearing. Taylor convinced Iris that she is trying to spare John and the hospital from a scandal. John arranged a date with Judy while assuming a Southern accent. Iris ridiculed Felicia for desperately trying to hold onto Lucas by adopting Jenna. Donna and Vicky snooped on Lucas in hopes of uncovering things about his past. Cass admitted to Kathleen that they share more than memories together.