DECEMBER 30, 1991 - JANUARY 3, 1992
Rachel was overjoyed when she learned Sam and Amanda were remarried in a ceremony at the old mill. During their wedding rehearsal, Marley and Jamie argued over Vicky's surrogate mother offer and Marley stomped off after saying the wedding wouldn't take place. Later, Marley went to cry on Dennis's shoulder and fell asleep on his sofa after she drank too much. When Jamie arrived at Dennis's pad, he was upset to find Marley. While Grant hinted to Vicky that Ryan isn't the right man for her, Spencer warned Grant not to come between Vicky and Ryan. Grant was surprised when Spencer told him Paulina had split up with Jake. Later, Grant seemed pleased to see Paulina. Rick put pressure on Lucas, who broke into a warehouse and stole the Libra file. Lucas was upset to find the file empty. Michael understood when Rachel decided not to go to Hawaii.

JANUARY 6-10, 1992
Donna and Michael had a heart-to-heart talk about the demise of their relationship before he moved to Hawaii. On the way to the airport, Michael met a lady cab driver who accepted his offer to go to Hawaii with him after Rachel declined the offer. Vicky and Marley were upset to see Michael go. Vicky vowed to see that Paulina pays for keeping quiet that she had shot Jake because of what she put Marley through over the shooting. Olivia was shocked when Sam told her that he and Amanda had remarried. Olivia warned Amanda that she is going to cause big trouble for her and Sam. After finding the empty Libra file, Lucas warned Rick that he had better not be pulling a fast one on him. Jamie was furious when Dennis said Marley and Jamie's break up is for the best. Grant told Paulina that they have a future together after she confessed that she shot Jake, who then blackmailed her into marrying him.

JANUARY 13-17, 1992
A stunned Paulina learned that Marley asked the police to reopen the investigation into Jake's shooting. Spencer seemed to be supportive of Paulina, who told him how she shot Jake. Iris warned Paulina that she had better keep Grant on a short leash after Vicky's constant phone calls to Grant interrupted their dinner party. When Aunt Liz learned Olivia isn't carrying Sam's baby, she threatened to tell Sam the truth if Olivia doesn't. In the meantime, Sam and Amanda discussed whether Olivia would consider letting them raise the baby. Sally was angry with Rick, who admitted that he has had the Libra file Lucas is looking for. Jenna felt insecure when she realized Dean could become a big singing star. During a personal appearance, an unwitting Jenna went to Dean's hotel room and was unaware that he was with another woman. Rick told a mystery person that he is gaining Jenna's trust.

JANUARY 20-24, 1992
Dean jumped up from his bed when Jenna walked into the room. He had believed that she was already in bed with him. The mystery woman in Dean's bed turned out to be a fan, Eve, who wanted to "surprise" him. Rick became angry when Sally told him someone had stolen the Libra file from their apartment. Jenna told Dean that she wants to find out who her father is. Frankie and John rushed Gregory to the hospital when the child suddenly became ill. Cass, who was rushing to the hospital with medication for Gregory, was hit by a car during a snowstorm. After the accident, Mr. Lydecker took an unconscious Cass to his home. Frankie and John shared a kiss after Mr. Lydecker arrived at the hospital with the medication, which saved Gregory's life. Vicky urged Jake to help her break up Grant and Paulina. A mystery person tried to buy Amanda's share of Matt and Dean's music company.

JANUARY 27-31, 1992
Vicky, who purposely let Paulina see her in what appeared to be a cozy moment with Grant, knew the incident would ruin Grant and Paulina's evening. After Paulina complained to Ryan that Vicky is much too involved in Grant's life Ryan told Vicky that she has to decide if she wants him or Grant. Jake warned Vicky that she is going to lose Ryan if she continues trying to break up Grant and Paulina, who told Jake that she wants a divorce. Paulina insisted that she didn't want Grant involved in her court case, but they were both relieved to learn the state was dropping the charges against her. Lucas was shocked when Sally told him the Libra file was stolen from Rick. A man with a Libra tattoo on his arm looked at a photo of Jenna. Jenna jumped to the wrong conclusion when she saw Lucas hugging Sally. Olivia told Sam she wants him to be a part of her baby's life. Frankie is torn over her feelings for Cass and John.

FEBRUARY 3-7, 1992
Jake pleaded with Marley not to press harassment charges against Paulina. Paulina warned Jake that Kevin and Grant are determined to ruin him. Marley flew to the island of St. Victoire with Dennis on art-gallery business, but she ran off when they found themselves in the midst of a wedding. Cass was upset when Frankie wondered what her life would be like if she was with John. Lucas patched things up with Felicia, who wrongly thought he was having an affair with Sally. Lucas fired Rick and then asked Ryan to help find Jenna's father. Dean left the birthday bash that Lorna threw for him so he could be with Jenna, who planned a private party for him. Kevin and Jake confronted each other in Lassiter, Jake's home town. Ryan and Vicky's plans to elope went awry. Iris confided in Spencer about how close she was to her father, Mac Cory. Liz almost told Sam that Olivia isn't carrying his baby.

FEBRUARY 10-14, 1992
An ailing Cass passed out and he later dreamed that he was in the 1940s searching for Frankie's stolen heart. After he recovered, Cass went to the Cory Valentine's Day ball and asked Frankie to marry him. At the ball, Jamie saw a mystery woman. Paulina and Jake went to his home town of Lassiter, and during a confrontation with Kevin, a stunned Jake learned that Kevin is his half-brother. Kevin was angry that his and Jake's deceased father never acknowledged him. Kevin told Paulina that he thinks Jake used D & M Music to launder counterfeit money for Carl. After Vicky taunted Grant about Paulina being in Lassiter with Jake, Grant savagely kissed Vicky and warned her not to play any games with him. Vicky was angry when she learned that Marley decided to drop her harassment suit against Paulina. Donna was upset that Rachel received a letter from Michael. Olivia decided to tell Sam that she is not carrying his baby.

FEBRUARY 17-21, 1992
Olivia couldn't bring herself to tell Sam that she is not having his baby. Jamie was unable to find the mystery woman that he had danced with at the Valentine's Day ball, and he fears she might be Spencer's mistress. Spencer was upset the mystery woman hadn't told him she was attending the ball. While dancing with Spencer, Iris flashbacked to a time when she danced with her father, Mac. Grant announced his plans to marry Paulina, but he and Paulina argued after he received a fax photo of her kissing Jake. Vicky refused when Jake wanted her to help him prevent Paulina from marrying Grant. Dean confronted Matthew and Lorna after he learned that D & M Music is in financial trouble. Jake told Kevin that he was never involved in Carl's counterfeit-money ring. Cass was upset when Frankie left town.

FEBRUARY 24-28, 1992
Paulina broke up with Grant and realized that her past won't go away when he asked whether she would shoot him (like she did Jake) if she was ever angry with him. Kevin comforted Paulina, but she told him off when he made nasty remarks about Grant. The mystery woman continued eluding Jamie, who found out that she is a new intern at the hospital. Amanda and Marley caught up to Olivia, who had an appointment at an abortion clinic, and persuaded her to have her baby. Rick tried to get in good with Jenna by becoming her confidant and offering her a job. Jenna accepted a job in Rick's video project because of Dean and Matt's money problems at D & M Music. Rachel urged Paulina to confront her feelings about Jake. Spencer asked Ryan not tell Grant that Ryan will be testifying against Spencer at his upcoming trial. Lorna warned Felicia to stay out of her and Matt's lives. Lucas is still searching for Jenna's Father.

MARCH 2-6, 1992
Marley insisted that she didn't talk Olivia out of having an abortion because she wanted to adopt the baby. Olivia insisted that Marley would be the right mother for the baby and they signed the preliminary adoption papers. When Jenna started rehearsals for Rick's video, she didn't realize that it was to be a porno flick. As part of a publicity stunt, Lorna arranged a date for Dean, and encouraged him to stay out all night. Kevin and Paulina went out on a date. Felicia kept an eye on Cass, who is desperately trying to keep his promise to Frankie that he won't see other women while she is out of town. Lucas was stunned when he received information that indicated that Cass could be Jenna's birth father. Iris accused Spencer of being romantically interested in Jamie's mystery woman, Kelsey, until she learned Kelsey Harrison is Spencer's niece. Kelsey realized that Jamie won't go easy on her during her internship at the hospital.

MARCH 9-13, 1992
Kelsey asked Jamie not to show her favouritism after taking a lot of flak from her fellow interns. Spencer vetoed Grant's plan to get Ryan out of town so that he can't testify against Spencer at his upcoming trial. Vicky ignored Grant's warning that he would fire her if she attended the hearings with Ryan. After Cass talked about the possibility of his fathering a child during his wilder days, Lucas told Ryan that he has more proof that Cass could be Jenna's father. Rick secretly set up a video camera in Jenna's dressing room and taped her while she dressed for the video rehearsal. Later, Rick slipped something in Jenna's drink so that she would "perform" the way he wanted her to in the video. Jake fumed when he learned Kevin and Paulina are dating. Dean refused Lorna's request that they dump Jenna from the new D & M music video. At Olivia's insistence, Marley agreed not to reveal that she is adopting Olivia's baby.

MARCH 16-20, 1992
After Rick drugged Jenna, she performed her dance routine for the video and then passed out. Rick kissed Jenna while she was out cold. Rick sent Jenna home after she came to. Rick's partner, Chris, watched while Rick combined the tape of Jenna's dance routine with the secret tape that he had made of Jenna changing clothes in her dressing room. Rick contemplated keeping the video a secret, until Jenna refused a gift that he sent her. Dean and Jenna talked about having a future together. Remembering her promise to Olivia, Marley couldn't tell Jamie about her plan to adopt Olivia's baby. Kelsey overheard Jamie call things off with Marley. Lorna found out about the Rick and Jenna video. Grant is attempting to split up Ryan and Vicky. Jake told Paulina that he still loves her. Iris urged Dennis to go after Marley despite her relationship with Jamie.

MARCH 23-27, 1992
When Sam said he didn't intend to fight for the custody of Olivia's baby, she told him that the baby won't be living in Bay City after it's born. Later, Olivia signed papers agreeing to let Marley adopt the baby. Jamie confided to Sam that he is mixed up about his feelings for Marley. Lucas told a stunned Felicia that he was moving out after they argued over her friendship with Cass. Jake and Paulina were planning to spend a romantic evening together, but Jamie burst into the room and accused Jake of trying to rape Paulina. Lorna, who was jealous of Matt's feelings toward Jenna, arranged for Jenna's X-rated video to be shown during an interview on Felicia's talk show. After making up with Matt, Lorna was desperate to exchange the X-rated video for the Ladykiller video. Kelsey is attracted to Jamie. Dennis is determined to have Marley.

MARCH 30 - APRIL 3, 1992
Marley was shocked when Olivia confessed that Sam isn't the father of her baby, but decided not to reveal the real father's name. Everyone, especially Jenna, was shocked when Jenna's X-rated video was shown to the viewers of Felicia's talk show. Dean was upset even though Jenna said she hadn't known about the content of the video. Matt later learned Rick used a hidden camera to get the sexy shots of Jenna disrobing. Lucas confronted Rick over the video and Rick pulled a gun on him. Jake was furious when Jamie had him arrested for attempting to rape Paulina. A furious Paulina thought Jake had been secretly videotaping her before Jamie interrupted. Paulina later went out of town on business. Marley told Jamie about her plans to adopt a baby. Grant is worried that Spencer will tell Ryan about the illegal campaign funds he once received from Carl. Jake realized Kelsey is interested in Jamie.

APRIL 6-10, 1992
Cass told Felicia that he was leaving town, but changed his mind after Frankie returned to Bay City and they reconciled their romance. Dennis survived surgery after crashing his race car. Iris accused Olivia of being a gold-digger after Olivia told Dennis that he is the real father of her baby. Sam, and later Marley, were stunned when Olivia confessed Dennis fathered her baby. Olivia assured Marley that she intends to go through with their adoption agreement. Marley tried to convince Dennis that he wouldn't want to be a father, but Dennis told Iris he would accept the responsibility of being a father to his and Olivia's child. Cass insisted that it was impossible when Lucas said he thinks Cass is Jenna's birth father. Ryan accused Vicky and Grant of being attracted to each other. Spencer decided to tell Ryan that Grant had accepted campaign money from Carl. Dean can't stop thinking about Jenna's X-rated video.

APRIL 13-17, 1992
Dennis insisted that he wants a say in the future of their child. Olivia nixed telling Dennis who arranged to adopt their baby. After Amanda confronted Olivia about her lie that she was carrying Sam's baby, Olivia told Jamie that Marley is planning to adopt the child. Kelsey is attracted to Jamie, but reminded herself that he is off-limits. Felicia was devastated when Lucas walked out on her after their argument. Felicia reacted with shock when she found the ring made from a mercury dime that Lorna had given to Matt before they split up. Ryan was stunned when Spencer admitted that it was Grant who took money from Carl Hutchins and not Spencer. Ryan learned Vicky went to Hawaii to visit Michael. Grant was relieved the grand jury decided not to prosecute Spencer for his involvement with Carl. Dean learned that Rick is president of Sunburst, the company that bought up shares of Dean and Matt's music company.

APRIL 20-24, 1992
After seeing the ring, Felicia is worried that Lorna could be her long-lost daughter. Felicia told Cass about her suspicion Lorna is her child. Marley was furious when Dennis said her speech about fatherhood made him realize he wants his child and has no intention of giving up his right to his child. Dennis made an effort to get to know Olivia. Dennis was about to tell Marley that he has fallen for her when she said she still loves Jamie. Jamie walked out on Marley after accusing her of reconciling with him because she needed a father for Olivia and Dennis's child after she adopted it. John suspected that Jamie is paying more attention to Kelsey than the other interns he is in charge of. Ryan fumed when Paulina said Vicky admitted that she shared a kiss with Grant. Ace Holdings president Roger Jackson offered to buy Ada's restaurant. Frankie told Cass that she is not ready to sleep with him.

APRIL 27 - MAY 1, 1992
Roger Jackson demanded that Dean work with Mara, a dancer, on his next video or he said it wouldn't be made. Dean later agreed when Jenna said that she didn't want to be in the video, and encouraged him to work with Mara. Ryan, who has been on the outs with Vicky, became angry with her when she decided to postpone their marriage plans. Vicky then went to Washington to see Grant. Cass and Frankie investigated Lorna's past, but told Felicia that Lorna's birth records have been sealed, so she would have to quiz Lorna to get any information. Jenna was upset when a guy came on to her after he saw the X-rated video Rick made of her. Marley tried to dissuade Olivia from marrying Dennis just for the sake of their baby. Olivia accused Marley of not only wanting to adopt her baby, but of having feelings for Dennis. Lorna was unable to prevent Ada from selling her restaurant to Roger.

MAY 4-8, 1992
Everyone was stunned when Carl Hutchins returned to Bay City after his conviction was overturned. Ryan disappeared after Carl said he wanted to talk to him. Lorna told Felicia something about her terrible childhood, and Felicia stunned Lorna with the news that they may be mother and daughter. Dean comforted Jenna, who was hospitalized after being attacked on the street and rescued by Rick. Jenna told Dean that Rick is ruining her life. John told Cass and Frankie that he doesn't think their relationship will survive. Grant told Vicky that he wouldn't forget the kiss they shared, and after Ryan's disappearance, Vicky turned to Grant. Kelsey and Jamie shared a kiss despite her efforts to keep him at a distance. Ryan agreed to help Dean infiltrate the music-business underworld to get the goods on Rick. Carl thanked Rick for taking care of his business interests in D & M Music and Sunburst.

MAY 11-15, 1992
Right after Grant and Vicky spent the night together, Ryan showed up in Washington and apologized for walking out on Vicky. Ryan and Vicky patched up their differences, but she feels guilty about sleeping with Grant. Felicia told Lorna that if she is her daughter, she wants to get to know her better. Lorna told Felicia that she was abused by the man (Carl) who took her in when she was a child. Lucas was stunned when Felicia told him that Lorna could be their daughter. Lorna went to see her grandmother to get answers about her parentage. Kelsey and Jamie agreed that they can handle their budding relationship and work together at the same time. Olivia decided not to let Marley adopt her baby. John reluctantly accepted Donna's offer to let him and Gregory live with her so Carl can't harm them. Dean, who is trying to get the goods on Rick, was arrested in a drug bust along with Mara.

MAY 18-22, 1992
Olivia was upset to find Marley with Dennis when she went to tell Dennis she was leaving town. Dennis was upset that he didn't get to talk to Olivia, who went to Europe with David. Vicky got nervous when Ryan said he didn't know why Frankie should marry Cass, because he cheated on her. Grant planted another newspaper item about himself and Vicky. Grant warned his assistant, Stefanie, to keep quiet that she knows about his affair with Vicky. Felicia followed Lorna to the nursing home to talk to Lorna's grandmother, Helen D'Angelo, about Lorna's parentage. Lucas told Lorna that he is convinced that she isn't his and Felicia's daughter. Paulina and Jake made love after she admitted that she cares for him. Kelsey was pleased when Jamie made her a special assistant in the hospital haematology department. After a party to honour Kelsey's new job, Jamie asked if he could spend the night with her.

MAY 25-29, 1992
Felicia and Lorna were stunned when Lorna's grandmother, Helen, admitted Lorna is Felicia's daughter. Lorna later refused to have anything to do with Felicia, who became upset when Lucas told her to forget about Lorna. Lorna warned Carl to keep quiet about their past. Rick lured an unsuspecting Jenna to the Tuxedo Club by letting her think she would meet Dean. Carl obtained the mysterious Libra File from Rick. A furious Spencer learned Grant betrayed Ryan by sleeping with Vicky. Spencer threatened to reveal more secrets about Grant's past. A devastated Ryan confronted Vicky after Stefanie admitted that she knows Vicky spent a night with Grant. Jamie convinced Kelsey that he no longer has feelings for Marley. Jake and Paulina reconciled, then made love, but didn't look forward to the reaction their friends and family will have to the news.

JUNE 1-5, 1992
A terrified Jenna realized that she was Rick's prisoner, but Dean broke down the door to rescue her. Ryan arrived at the club just before a mystery person shot and killed Rick. Ryan was arrested for shooting Rick. Dean and Jenna thought Rick had a gun at the time he was killed, but the police determined that he was unarmed. After Jenna received a threatening letter, Dean wondered whether a crazed fan was after her and mistakenly killed Rick. Ryan walked out on Vicky after she admitted that she had slept with Grant. Kelsey was upset when she saw Jamie comforting Vicky, who she mistook for Marley. Lorna told Felicia that Carl took her in, but insisted that he never sexually abused her. Felicia urged Lorna to tell the police what she knows about Carl's business. Frankie agreed to marry Cass. Kevin warned Paulina that she made a big mistake reconciling with Jake.

JUNE 8-12, 1992
Kelsey was relieved when Jamie said that he wasn't comforting Marley, but he was comforting Vicky over her split with Ryan. Kelsey and Jamie shared a kiss after he said that he loves her, not Marley. Kelsey and Jamie were unaware that Dr. O'Neill saw them kissing. Jake hired a photographer, who took photos of Jamie and Kelsey kissing. Ryan told Donna to tell Vicky that he wasn't going to marry her, but Vicky is determined to get Ryan back. Ryan (not Dean) remembered firing a shot just before Rick was killed. Dennis realized Marley impersonated Vicky to persuade the attorney-general to release Ryan from jail. Jake was surprised when Paulina said that she wants to live with him. Lorna went on a dinner date with Kevin and later told him about her past. Carl kissed Vicky, who was unaware that he suspects she had been snooping in his apartment. Lorna was shocked when Felicia confessed that she once had an affair with Carl.

JUNE 15-19, 1992
A furious Matthew learned Lorna knew that Carl had secretly bought stock in D & M Music. Matthew wanted nothing to do with Lorna after he learned that she had a long-term affair with Carl. Jenna was surprised when Carl transferred his D & M stock to her because of all the trouble Rick had caused her. Jenna became worried when she received another threatening letter. An angry Marley learned Dennis had bet Jake that he could break up her romance with Jamie. Lucas wasn't receptive when Felicia asked him to accept Lorna as their daughter so they can be a family. Lorna told Kevin about the connection between Carl and Rick. Frankie was thrown in jail after she created a diversion at the police station, allowing Ryan to escape. Dean was crushed when Ace Records demoted him to writing jingles for commercials. Hannah confessed to Rachel that she won't be graduating with her class.

JUNE 22-26, 1992
Kevin's violent temper flared when Carl ordered him to stay away from Lorna. Kevin tended to Lorna, who was slightly injured when a stage light fell on her. Ryan, who is on the run from the police, agreed to meet Carl the night of Dean's concert. Ryan looked through a box of old letters that belonged to his mother. Carl later sneaked into Vicky's place and stole the box that belonged to Ryan's mother. Felicia comforted Lorna, who was afraid that Carl will show nude photos of her to her grandmother. Sally told Lucas that she suspects Rick was killed by someone who was close to him. Marley confronted Dennis about his bet with Jake to break up her and Jamie. Marley ran off when Dennis accused her of being afraid of rejection. Jamie and Kelsey broke up to avoid gossip at the hospital. When Hannah moved in with Jake and Paulina, she put a crimp in their romance.

JUNE 29 - JULY 3, 1992
Carl took Jenna hostage when her arrival foiled his meeting with Ryan. Dean ran off-stage before his concert began when he heard of Jenna's abduction. Ryan came to Jenna's rescue, and Carl eventually let her go. Ryan grabbed Carl when he fell off scaffolding at a construction site, and while he dangled in the air, Carl said that he's Ryan's father. Vicky learned that Carl is Ryan's father when she read the truth in a letter she found in a box of things that belonged to Ryan's mother. Cass comforted Frankie, who was reminded of a previous brush with death when a firecracker went off near her while Lorna was trying to stall the fans waiting for Dean's concert. Jamie punched Jake after Dennis a dmitted that he bet Jake that he could break up Jamie and Marley's relationship. Byron was upset that he lost a lucrative business deal because he is handicapped. Iris decided to turn herself into a "do-gooder" to attract Spencer's eye.

JULY 6-10, 1992
Sam considered Lorna's suggestion that he launch a singing career with Ace Records, which dumped Dean because he hasn't lived up to his contract. Ryan pulled Carl back up on the scaffolding after he fell, and didn't want to believe Carl's admission that he had an affair with Ryan's mother, Justine, the summer before he was born. While they argued, Ryan slipped and fell off the scaffolding, but was saved by Carl, who split when he heard police sirens. Rachel found Carl hiding in her barn, and he was arrested. Ryan, who had escaped from jail, was arrested. Grant said that he would consider helping Amanda, who wants to write a book about his family. Vicky fumed when Donna said Ryan probably has a dark side, just like Carl. Ryan confronted Vicky. Jake received more romantic photos of Jamie and Kelsey. Jenna accepted Dean's marriage proposal. Jenna received flowers from a mystery fan. Hannah has a crush on Jake.

JULY 13-17, 1992
Vicky hired Ryan as a bodyguard after Carl threatened to use her to get to Ryan. Carl secretly plotted to use Vicky's son to help him get to Ryan if necessary. Vicky was upset when Ryan refused to be seduced by her and said their relationship is over. Carl was curious when he learned Spencer secretly went out of town. Felicia, who can't swim, fell off a dock while arguing with Lorna. Jamie warned Jake that he will eventually pay for his part in breaking up his romance with Marley. Marley and Bryon shared a kiss. Jenna decided against moving in with Dean. Matthew noted Hannah's interest in Jake. Jake arranged for Kelsey and Jamie to see each other at the hospital after Rachel warned Jamie to cool it with Kelsey while they're working together. Jamie and Kelsey couldn't resist sharing a kiss. Dean was angry when he saw Matthew and Lorna working with Sam, who is slated to be the next Ace Records star.

JULY 20-24, 1992
Lorna, who can't swim, threw a life raft to a drowning Felicia and was pulled into the water herself. Both survived. Lucas agreed to talk to Lorna after Felicia warned that they wouldn't have a marriage if he continued to reject Lorna as their daughter. When Lorna went to talk to Felicia and Lucas, she interrupted a party celebrating the day Lucas and Felicia adopted Jenna. Cass and Frankie were stunned when they found a strange woman living at John's house. Jamie and Kelsey made love after they decided not to keep their romance on hold any longer. Jake secretly made a video tape of Jamie and Kelsey. Carl was spying on Ryan, who assured Vicky's son, Steven, that they are best pals and he will protect Steven from Carl. Grant was injured trying to save Amanda from a gas explosion during the dedication of a new education building. Jamie performed life-saving surgery on Grant. Dennis is upset that Byron is friendly with Marley.

JULY 27-31, 1992
John quizzed his uninvited house guest, Lily Tran. Lily said she is the daughter of his buddy from Vietnam and that she came to Bay City to meet John. She said she had no place to go when John wasn't home, so she crawled through a window to get into his house. John told Lily that he made arrangements for her to live with her father's aunt. Carl told Ryan that he was leaving town. Ryan wasn't thrilled when Carl said they would have made a great team. Carl hinted that Vicky was helping him try to get into Ryan's good graces. Ryan and Vicky argued over Carl and she said their relationship is over unless Ryan forgives her. Kevin saved Sally, who tried to commit suicide. Lorna found Lucas, who had been shot. At the hospital, Lorna signed papers as next of kin so that Lucas could undergo surgery. Jake sent Iris an edited version of the videotape he made of Kelsey and Jamie in romantic situations.

AUGUST 3-7, 1992
Dean and Frankie learned the fan who has been stalking Jenna is named Alan, and suspected he might be the person who shot Lucas. Dean, Cass, and Matthew looked for clues to disprove Alan's alibi for the time of the shooting. Felicia wanted Lucas to make up with Lorna, then told her that she must reconcile with Lucas before he dies. John decided not to let Lily live with her Aunt Mary, who is prejudiced. John doesn't want Lily staying in Bay City because she is a reminder of what happened to him in Vietnam. Donna later offered Lily a job. Amanda encouraged Sam, who made his singing debut at Sassy's Bar. Kevin and Lorna got closer after she told him Lucas is her father, and Kevin told Lorna a little about his past. Kevin later looked at a piece of paper with the names "Lucas" and "Rick" written on it. When confronted by Paulina, Jake lied that he didn't send Iris the incriminating Jamie/Kelsey tape.

AUGUST 10-14, 1992
Jenna was stunned when Felicia told her that Lorna is Lucas's and her long-lost daughter. Lorna reconciled with Lucas just before he died. According to Lucas's wishes, everyone, including Felicia, Jenna, and Lorna celebrated his life with an up-beat memorial service at TOPS. Alan was arrested when he broke into Jenna's home and terrorized her. As he was being dragged away by the police, Alan insisted that he didn't shoot Lucas. Kevin consoled Lorna over Lucas's death. During dinner, Kelsey's mom, Ruth, accused Jamie of causing Kelsey to lose her concentration on her medical career and to lose the Mentor Program award. John hesitantly agreed to let Lily work for him. While the Cory clan searched for the maker of the Kelsey/Jamie video, Kevin warned Jake to come clean if he made the tape, or else he'll lose Paulina for good. Paulina agreed to meet her former foster mother Marsha.

AUGUST 17-21, 1992
Paulina was shocked when Jake said that he had done some checking around and that he suspects Kevin might have killed Lucas. Frankie, Ryan, and Cass speculated that Lucas's shooting might have something to do with his search for Jenna's biological father. Iris met Hank Kent, the father of a young hospital patient she has befriended. Iris was puzzled when Hank said that they knew each other. Ada planned a party to announce that Lorna is Felicia and Lucas's daughter. Dean was furious when he heard Sam being touted as the next D & M Music recording star. Iris warned Dennis not to pressure Marley or he will lose her to Byron. Marley and Byron debated whether to sleep together. Paulina refused to be blackmailed by her former foster mother Marsha Cantrell. Marsha warned Paulina that Hannah will come on to Jake sooner or later.

AUGUST 24-28, 1992
Dean ran his sports car into a tree after Roger asked him to turn the keys over to Sam now that he's Roger's latest singing star. Dean sabotaged Sam's musical session with Roger. Dean got angry with Jenna when he learned she had been pitching him to a talent agent. Ryan didn't tell Cass and Frankie that he suspects Kevin is behind Lucas's death. Paulina didn't believe Jake, who said he thinks Kevin killed Lucas. Ryan checked out Kevin's alibi for the night Lucas died. Jake tried to tell Lorna his suspicions about Kevin, but she ignored the phone because she and Kevin were kissing. Jake assured Hannah that she won't be sent back to her foster mother, Marsha Cantrell. Lily told John she doesn't want to make close friends in Bay City because she must return to Vietnam soon. Kelsey confronted Dr. Hunter, who seduced her when she was a medical student, then dumped her. Hank reminded Iris that she fired him from Brava.

Vicky got drunk after Ryan said he is trying to put his life together without her. Grant later found a drunken Vicky in an alley after she was nearly hit by a car. Grant suggested Ryan would be jealous if he thought Vicky and Grant were planning to get married. Lorna defended Kevin when Jake said he thinks Kevin killed Lucas and Rita. Lorna was afraid of Kevin, who was livid when she told him about Jake's suspicion. Kevin confronted Jake and accused him of coming up with the murder story to cover the fact Jake made the Kelsey/Jamie video tape. Paulina was stunned when she found some of the Jamie/Kelsey video among Jake's tapes. Kelsey agreed to spend the Labour Day holiday with Jamie. Frankie offered to help Kelsey do research for an article on sexual discrimination. Amanda is worried the music business will keep Sam from spending time with her. Iris offered to give Hank his old job back.

SEPTEMBER 7-11, 1992
Kevin got nervous when he learned his past was being investigated, then told Lorna that he had to leave town for a few days. Paulina confronted Jake about the Jamie/Kelsey tape, and didn't believe Jake, who said he's trying to protect Kelsey from Jamie. After Paulina left Jake, Hannah accused her of breaking her promise to provide Hannah with a home so she wouldn't have to return to a foster home. Frankie gave Kelsey information about sexual discrimination that goes on at Bay City General Hospital, but warned the information could cause a rift between Kelsey and Jamie. Grant assured Donna that he plans to marry Vicky even though she is using him and her job with him to make Ryan jealous. Byron sabotaged Dennis's plan to spend time with Marley. Dean told a stunned Jenna and Matthew that he was quitting D & M Music and going back to his singing and song-writing.

SEPTEMBER 14-18, 1992
Paulina couldn't bring herself to tell Jamie that Jake had made the Jamie/Kelsey videotape. In an effort to win Paulina back, Jake confessed to Jamie that he had made the videotape. Jake warned that he will blab his suspicion that Kevin is a killer if he doesn't prevent Rachel and Iris from pressing charges against him for making the videotape. Ryan was stunned but happy when the charges that he killed Rick were dropped by a grand jury. Spencer celebrated with Ryan, who was pleased when Vicky came to see him. Felicia and Jenna were upset when they learned the police aren't making a concentrated effort to find out who murdered Lucas. Marley was surprised by the intensity with which Byron practiced for a tennis match with Dennis. Iris saw the gentler side of Hank's personality when they took Tommy bowling. Amanda is worried about Sam, who spends all of his time on his singing career. Dean planned a street concert.

SEPTEMBER 21-25, 1992
An upset Marley learned Donna led Dennis to believe Marley is romantically involved with Byron. After his tennis match with Dennis, Byron tried to get Marley and Dennis together. John was upset when Lily refused to talk about her past. Rachel was not pleased when she learned Amanda is going to publish Kelsey's article on sexual discrimination in the medical field because she feels the article could cause trouble for Jamie. Paulina reconciled with Jake and then asked Rachel not to press charges against him for making the Jamie/Kelsey video. Later, Jake learned Jamie plans to sue him for defamation of character. Officer Billy suggested Kevin take a leave of absence after learning he has an audio tape that was stolen from Jake's studio. Vicky insisted she knows her romance with Ryan is over. Ryan was upset when Carl contacted him via computer.

As Tommy's medical condition deteriorated, Iris and Hank leaned on each other for emotional support. John didn't catch on that Lily isn't thrilled about having to return to Vietnam to get married. After patching things up between them, Marley and Dennis went to St. Victoire together. Kevin blamed Jake when he was suspended as district attorney. Kevin told Lorna that he intends to stay in Bay City and clear his name. Felicia was unable to prevent Lorna from spending time with Kevin. Kevin denied killing Lucas when confronted by Felicia, who also ordered Kevin to stay away from Lorna. Vicky told Grant that she isn't using him to help her get over Ryan. Vicky panicked while out on a date with Grant. Vicky asked Jamie to take care of Steven until she gets her life back on track. Kelsey gave Jamie a copy of her sexual discrimination article.

OCTOBER 5-9, 1992
Lorna wondered if Kevin was involved in Rick's death after she learned Kevin had spoken to Rick the night he was killed. Kevin walked out on Lorna after he told her to get in touch when she's ready to trust him. Amanda stood by Sam, whose first concert was a smashing success. After he learned Dean was going through with his concert, Roger ordered one of his henchman to sabotage the event, but was angry when he learned Dean was nearly killed after receiving an electrical shock. Dennis even surprised himself when he blurted out to Marley that he loves her. Spencer asked Ryan to investigate Jamie because he feels Jamie was biased when he didn't choose Kelsey for the Mentor Program. Ryan asked Kelsey if she wants him to investigate Jamie's Mentor Program decision. Rachel told Paulina and Jake that she will back Jamie, who is suing Jake for defamation. Grant insisted to Vicky that she is a wonderful person.

OCTOBER 12-16, 1992
Believing she represents all women who are sexually discriminated against on the job, Kelsey decided to file a complaint against Jamie since she thinks he passed her up for the Mentor Program because she's a woman. Felicia wasn't thrilled when Jenna said she wanted to move in with Dean, but she covered her real feelings. Jenna and Dean later moved into an apartment. Meanwhile, Marley told Dennis that she is not ready to share living space with him. Lorna woke up to find Kevin bending over June's body after she overdosed. Kevin told Lorna they had to stop seeing each other because he's going to be in trouble after he reports June's death to the police. A surprised Kevin learned that he has low blood sugar, which could cause him to have blackouts and memory lapses without realizing it. Sam and Amanda argued when she pointed out the time he spends working on his singing career.

OCTOBER 19-23, 1992
Kevin punched a reporter, who badgered him right after he learned that a special prosecutor would be handling his case. Lorna ran off crying after Felicia suggested they could get along better if she would talk about herself. Kelsey and Jamie argued over the complaint she lodged against him, and he refused to accept partial responsibility for the situation. Darryl, who was named to the Mentor Program that Kelsey felt she should have got, wondered if he really deserved the position of Jamie's special assistant. Donna, who is nearly broke, considered going to Europe with Roger, but later told John that she decided against the trip. Grant asked Vicky to go to Washington with him. Iris told Tommy that she will never leave him when the boy got upset because he saw her and his father, Hank, hugging. The Mother Superior agreed that Dean could perform a concert at the convent where Jenna grew up.

OCTOBER 26-30, 1992
Cass was intrigued by a mystery woman, Mrs. Christy Carson, who came to pick up a living will for her husband. Frankie told Cass that Christy's perfume reminded her of someone. Vicky went on a trip to Washington, D.C., with Grant, who was impressed with how she handled the newspaper and television reporters. Later, Grant blurted out a marriage proposal to a surprised Vicky. Spencer told Iris not to flirt with him because he won't try to persuade Kelsey to call off Jamie's hearing. Tommy, who didn't like it that Iris went on a date with Hank, urged Spencer to fight for Iris or he will lose her. Even though Kelsey and Jamie realized their romance is ruined, he asked her to run away with him before his hearing date. Kelsey was frightened when she received a threatening note and had a rock thrown through her window. Jenna and Dean threw a party for their friends and new neighbours at Bay View Court.

NOVEMBER 2-6, 1992
Felicia insisted Rachel was wrong when she suspected her of drinking too much lately. Frankie was surprised when she ran into her childhood friend, Christy Carson, and then learned Christy is a client of Cass's. Frankie, who's working for Kelsey, dug into Jamie's past, but Jamie refused to let Cass launch a search for information about Kelsey. Lorna spent the night with Kevin, even though he could possibly be the person who killed her father, Lucas. Later, Kevin hurt Lorna when he said they can't be together again until the killer of Lucas is captured. Jake and Russ Matthews testified at Jamie's hearing. Ryan saw Vicky trying on a wedding gown while wearing the engagement ring Grant gave her even though she hasn't said that she will marry him. Donna tried to hide her financial woes from John. Felicia agreed to be the "best man" to Cass when he marries Frankie.

NOVEMBER 9-13, 1992
Frankie and Christy got reacquainted and talked over old times. Cass didn't give Frankie an answer when she quizzed him about Christy's husband, Douglas. At Jamie's hospital hearing, Kelsey was hurt and angry when Cass questioned her former instructor, Professor Hunter, who accused Kelsey of trying to ruin his career with harassment allegations several years ago. The decision was made to suspended Jamie from his hospital duties. Russ told Liz that Olivia had a baby girl, but doesn't want Dennis to know about the child. Later, Liz blabbed to Dennis about the baby. Jake saw Kevin give a strange man an envelope and some money. Later, the same man phoned Felicia, who offered a reward for information on who killed Lucas and Rick. After Vicky had a confrontation with Ryan, she accepted Grant's marriage proposal. Ryan rejected Carl's offer to help him out. Dean's concert at the convent was a success.

NOVEMBER 16-20, 1992
Felicia is worried about Lorna's safety after Fred Bateman told Felicia about a gun that would prove Kevin killed Lucas and Rick. After Billy took the gun from Kevin's apartment and wanted to question him further, Kevin split town. Jake tailed Kevin, then the two had a confrontation with the person they think killed Lucas and Rick. Rick's sister, Sally, panicked when she answered the phone and heard Rick's voice. Felicia's drinking caused her to have a minor car accident. A stunned Kelsey learned Jamie was temporarily suspended from his hospital duties because of the charges she lodged against him. Hank and Iris shared a kiss while they worried about Tommy's condition. Frankie was suspicious when Cass didn't comment on her suspicion that Christy is hiding something. Carl warned Ryan that there was no way he will stay out of Ryan's life. Iris and Rachel plotted to break up Jake and Paulina.

NOVEMBER 23-27, 1992
Jake realized that Kevin was innocent of murdering Lucas and Rick and offered brotherly support. Kevin and Jake saved Lorna from becoming a target in Sally's murderous rampage. Paulina stood vigil at Jake's bedside while he recovered from being shot by Sally. Jamie made a date with Kelsey once he was reinstated at the hospital. Felicia celebrated Thanksgiving with Dean and Jenna, then decided to get drunk. Donna was disappointed with a new job. Vicky agreed to marry Grant and returned Ryan's engagement ring to him. Ryan warned Spencer that Carl will make Vicky a widow should she marry Grant. Felicia was relieved that Sally was arrested for murdering Rick and Lucas and that Jenna escaped unharmed. Kevin and Lorna took a trip to rekindle their romance. Marley warned Dennis that he must deal with seeing Olivia and the daughter they share. Frankie pressured Christy into being introduced to her ill husband, Douglas. Ryan valiantly toasted to Grant and Vicky's engagement and wished them happiness. Hank and Iris grew closer while spending the holiday with Tommy, who was released from the hospital for the day. Darryl worked himself to death to prove that he deserves to be appointed as Jamie's assistant.

Felicia can't accept Lucas's death. Felicia confronted a terrified Sally in her jail cell. After her encounter with Sally, Felicia began drinking, then passed out and accidently started a fire with a lit cigarette. Cass told Frankie that Christy's husband, Douglas, is very ill. After having dinner with Christy and Douglas, Frankie mentioned that she didn't notice anything wrong between them. In a TV interview with Felicia, Jake made it appear that he almost single-handedly was responsible for Sally's arrest. Grant asked Ryan for help after he received a threatening note he suspected might have been Carl's work. Vicky later learned about the note, but she and Grant aren't aware that someone is spying on them. Hank is reluctant to become more involved with Iris. Matthew assured Donna that he will keep quiet about her financial woes.

DECEMBER 7-11, 1992
Christy acted strangely while telling Frankie how she met Douglas. While looking for Frankie's Christmas gift, Cass and Christy were accidentally locked in a toy shop. Frankie spent time with Douglas and realized he is in pain. Dean and Jenna smelled smoke from Felicia's TV-studio dressing room. Cass and Frankie performed CPR on Felicia, who regained consciousness. Felicia cried when she heard John ask Jenna if Felicia had a drinking problem. Later, Felicia admitted to Cass that she has been drinking too much since Lucas's death. Grant found another threatening note after Ryan said he wasn't able to locate Carl. Ryan accidentally hit Brett, one of his tenants at Bay View Court, in the face with a snowball. Brett was already furious with Ryan because the heat had been off in her apartment. Amanda was angry when one of Sam's fans interrupted their shopping trip. Matt helped Donna with her finances.

DECEMBER 14-18, 1992
Ryan was intrigued with Brett, who amazed him by fixing the furnace in his Bay View Apartment building by herself. Brett got acquainted with Matt. Felicia was introduced to Sloan Wallace, the new producer whom Rachel hired at the TV station. Sloan liked Jake's work, but he was not pleased with Paulina, who was hired with no TV experience. Hank and Iris listened while Tommy, whose condition has worsened, was talking to a friend about death. Hank and Iris were made aware of the differences in their lifestyles when he showed up unexpectedly at her black-tie Christmas party. While locked in the toy store together, Cass and Christy realized how much they have in common. In the meantime, Douglas and Frankie were getting to know each other better. Vicky told Grant about her history, then asked if he still wanted to marry her. Roger told Sam he can make him a star.

DECEMBER 21-25, 1992
Frankie was reduced to tears when Cass proposed by giving her an invitation to their February 14 wedding. Ryan and Brett decided to take in a movie together, but argued over what they wanted to see. After returning to Bay City, an upset Vicky learned that Grant lied when he said he hadn't received any more threatening letters. Vicky returned Grant's engagement ring, but later he spent Christmas with her, Steven, and Bridget. Douglas said he understood Christy has "needs" when she admitted to dancing with a man she met at Sassy's. Kelsey got drunk after she and Jamie broke off their relationship. Kelsey was embarrassed when she woke up the next morning at John's home. Jake surprised Rachel with a videotape that he put together of her family, including footage of Mac. Although he doesn't like Lorna, Dean realized that she is the only one who can get him a deal with agent Andrew Stark.

DECEMBER 28-31, 1992
Felicia is worried that she would be ousted from her TV talk show after Sloan and Rachel tried to persuade her to take an extended leave. Felicia was upset when she heard second-hand that Sloan suggested Jenna take over Felicia's TV show for a while. After a confrontation with Jenna, Felicia started drinking during Cass and Frankie's New Year's Eve party. After deciding she could deal with the threats Grant has been receiving, Vicky put on her engagement ring again. While attending a New Year's Eve ball, Grant and Vicky realized that they were in danger. Spencer fumed after he had arrived in Jamaica for a meeting with Carl, because Carl was not there. Spencer told Ryan about his aborted meeting with Carl, and later, Ryan received a cryptic message from Carl. Lorna was not sure she could work with Dean, who asked her to be his manager. Tommy, Hank, and Iris were together on New Year's Eve.